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Twenty-four hours ending 6   a, m.,
x-^vm Le��islatlvo A*7. "��� ���
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
'l''oii South
Bjjniiu   ... Wsdnudsy a m.
      r.iv ���   North
PriTii'eHs Huyn,  ������>      Thursday p. m.
VOL. 11. NO. 137
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, June 20, 1911.
Price Five Cents
His Boat the Just-It Sank During the Night at the
Wharf While He Was  on   Board���Had to Jump
Ashore for Safety in His Sleeping Costume.
Tin- spectacle <>f a man, clad
only in hi* underclothes niiuiing
up Centre street in the early hours
(,[ thi- morning, and the Inter
spectacle "f the gasoline boat
jU!.t It, lying sunk at the float,
raw tin in Miiiu- exciting rumors
aiunn the waterfront  today.    It
kul .ill thc elements of a thrilling
vreck story.
Later Investigation shower! that
lhi- thinly chid man, Captain
Harry Koliri of the Just It, did
lave an escape from a watery bed,
though it rolitx-tl the story of
nae of its dramatic possibilities.
Aunriling to the story of Kohrt
The ai a late hour this morning
���a-, -till unable  to give a very'
clear account of the matter, bis
boat's bow was by some means
driven up on the rocks at the
railway grade. As the tide fell,
so did thc stern. Finally the
stern got so far under water that
she started to fill. As she filled
she fell oil the rocks stern first, antl
dived tinder the water. Kohrt
who was sleeping on the boat
just had time to make a hurried
exit before the Ixjat practically
disappeared. Only a few inches
of her nose is to be seen.
The Just It and her captain
arc well known round the waterfront, lieing in fretpient demand
to convey prospecting and survey
parties up and down the coast.
Seattle Cracker and Candy Co.
Building is Gutted Damage
is Estimated at $50,000.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, Jiiiu- 20.���A serious lire
this morning gutted the third
and fourth Hours of ilu- fmir-
story building at Occidental and
Jackson BtreetB, occupied by the
Seattle Cracker and Candy Co.,
causing a loss estimated ;'i $50,000.
Northewstern League
Vancouver 8, Victoria 1,
Portland 4, Tacoina 2.
Seattle 11, Spokane I.
National League
Pittsburg :i, Brooklyn 0,
American League
Boston (i, New York 3.
Chicago 6, Detroit 8.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon 4, Portland 2.
Engineers Kelliher and Scrie-
ber Will Inspect 100 Miles of
G. T. P.
To look over that portion of
the (i. T. P. main line east of
here now in operation, Mr. B. B.
Kelliher, chief engineer of the
G. T. P., arrived in the city yes-
lenlay afternoon on tl.e S.S. Princess May.
Mr. Kelliher is up the line today
with General Superintendent Mehan.
Council Passed Large Grant Despite Aid.  Newton's
Fight to Make it as Small  as Possible���City Will
Get Two Members of the Hospital Board.
A cram oi S5000 was voted by
!. round] last night for the
Inpital. Alderman Newton with
gnat protestation of regard for
the ran*- iried hard to get the
grant reduced if even only by a
thousiiml dollars. It grieved him
t" mt tin good dollars going out
n lavishly to help hurt citizens
then healthy citizens need so
nan.v civic improvements.
Newton Would Reduce It
Tin- Mayor assured him that
a* Hospital   Board  would  now
allow iwo members of council to
Wl "ii ihcir body thus seeing
tint the cash was properly spent,
I'M Alderman Newton slid the
nutter . I the grant had never
"Ol properly brought ln-fore him,
wo hi tvould rather not discuss
it in .ii,n council.   He was sure.
however, that if it had come
before him in committee he would
have got the grant reduced.
Hilditch Heartily Supports
In striking contrast to this
attitude was that of Alderman
Hilditch who is a strong believer
in the civic support of the hospital.
It  was tOO bad, he thought, that
the biggest |>art of the burden
of supporting a hospital for the
sick and hurt in Prince Rupert
should be borne only by the
liberal minded members of the
community. He expressed himself enthusiastically in support of
the S'iOOO grant, and said if it
had been $8000 he would have as
enthusiastically supported it. The
motion to make the grant 16000
was carried, everybody except Alderman Newton in favor of it.
B'8 Area Near Hoquim is Ablaze
LogRinij Camps and Hoquim
w��ter Supply are Threatened
( W��tdia,i Press Despatch)
T����ma, June 20.���Heavy dam-
a-;' i- threatened by forest fires
Wiidi have Uni raging near Ho-
juim for the past forty-two hours.
An increasing wjnti j8 causing lhe
'"'"- i" spread rapidly, and the
J* u Within half a mile of the
Bum�� Which furnisn the water
"PP'y for Hoquim,. Several big
JOing '.mips in the vicinity are
' :'''" "1 and the burning leaves
art,,lr"IM'ing into thc Hoquim.
8 n�� Intention of Succeeding
*?"*   Strathcona   as   High
Radian Press Despatch)
Had a Great Reception from
the Conservatives in Winnipeg.
Aid. Newton Brought in His Promised Reconstruction Scheme---
Col. Davis and Mr. A. W. Agnew Are to be Dropped and
Department Will Jog Along With Assistance  From the
Seattle Engiieer---Whole Matter  to be  Debated
on Wednesday Evening
June 20.���A rumor CUT"
"'  the.   capital,   that  Lord
*��lhcona will shortly retire from
c "'(.'li Commissionership, and
at s'f Wilfrid Laurier will suc-
"m, has been given an cm-
*at" denial by Sir Wilfrid him-
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, June 20.���Mr. R. L.
Borden opened his western tour
here last night, addressing a tremendous meeting. He declaretl
himself Unalterably opposed to
the reciprocity agreement. He-
was given a great reception and
cheered lo the echo. He advocated B permanent tariff commission to deal with all trade and
tariff matters. He said the Conservatives if returned to power
would put into effect the government ownership of a terminal
elevator, and the government own-
scrhip and operation of the Hudson
Bay Railway.
Remanded Again
The two Chinamen who were
arrested on a charge of procuring
two young white girls, were remanded again today. They will
come up for preliminary trial on
Thursday. A large quantity of
opium, cocaine and other poisons
which was in their possession .is
being held by the police.
Reorganisation of the city engineering staff to effect a saving
of 19819.92 per annum in till
staff pay roll,and fabulous sums
in expenditure on city work is
recommended by the special committee   to   look   into   the  matter
of the department. The committee
reported last night, Alderman Newton alone signing the report as
In the reorganised staff Colonel
Davis has no place, and A. W.
Agnew's name is also missing from
the list of the select seven who
with a stenographer are to compose
tile ideal engineering department
for the city for the present. Sweeping allegations of blundering were
made in the report.
After remarking that since the
work on existing contracts must
soon end, and as it is impossible
to do any more for the city except
thc Hydro-Electric sthenic, the
city will shortly have no use for
the present engineering department, Alderman Newton's report
goes on to condemn in sweeping
milliner the work of the engineering
department. Congratulating the
city on the fact that by the employment of Engineer Thompson
of Seattle, they have the promise
iif his advice as consulting engineer
without further fee during the
progress of  the   Hydro-Electric
scheme, Alderman Newton winds
ii]i his report with a general
accusation of discourtesy on tin-
pan of the engineering department
towards the aldermen athirst for
information in the past.
Caused a Scrap
From Alderman Morrissey came
the motion to adopt the report.
Alderman Newton posed as seconder.   Instantly AldennaH Hilditch
rose to the defence of the department. Before the battle was terminated temporarily by lhe calling
of a truce until Wednesday night,
he had earned for himself honorable
scars. Called "higgerunt" or "two-
faced" or both, by his foes, he still
smilingly returned the compliment
and challenged Alderman Newton
to produce a more efficient engineering department in the length
and breadth of the Province of
Blamed Unjustly
"The engineering department."
he said, "has been blamed in this
report for many things for which
they are not gtiilty." He offered
to prove his words with the single
exception of the retaining wall
allegation. As for the cost of
the department he believed it was
only two per cent of the cost of
the works. Vancouver and Seattle
he was pretty sure paid their
engineering departments at least
live per cent. He gave Colonel
Davis crtilit for having prepared
the Woodwortil Waterworks scheme which Engineer Thompson only
approved with ��� few suggestions
afterwartls, the main change being
a reduction in the extent of the
scheme to suit a population half
that estimated by the City Engineer (which is what you might
expect from a Seattle man). He
showed how tremendous had been
the task tackled by Colonel Davis
who had come here an absolute
stranger with an absolutely new
staff to organise, unique problems
to combat, and a new council to
work  with.    Without  wishing  to
blame the first council, Alderman
Hilditch pointed out thai the
City Engineer had acted in fulfilment of his instructions. The
first council went to work with
the understanding that each property holder would construct his
own retaining wall portion, therefore provision was not made in
thc estimates at first. The light
plant was intended only as a temporary street lighting expedient
at first. It was lighting the
streets antl many business premises loo. Alderman Hilditch was
ready to refute every single one
of the accusations made against
the department in the report signed
by Alderman Newton with the
single  exception   of  the  retaining
wall item.
Morrissey  Regrets
Very courteously Alderman Morrissey "regretted to have to take
exception to his friend Alderman
Hilditch's remarks on this matter."
He begged to point out to the
Aid. mi.m certain Irregular things
done by the engineering department, notably the retaining wall
incident. He hinted thai a council
of laymen had been left to wrestle
with the problem without sufficient    advice    from    the    experts
employed to attend to these things.
He believed the retaining walls
had cost already 840,000 and they
(Continued on page 4.)
This is the Plea  Earl  Crewe Made This Morning in
Discussing Hindu  Immigration  Before   Colonial
Conference- -Wants Better Feeling With India
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London,  June 20.���The vexed
question of the admission of Hindu
British subjects to the dominions
occupied   the   attention   of  the
Imperial Conference this morning.
It was brought up by Earl Crewe,
Lord of the privy Seal in the
Cabinet, who suggested that it
was |M)ssiblc for the Dominion
governments, working within the
limits laid down for the admission
of immigrants, to make it more
easy and pleasant to admit Hindu
subjects of the British Crown to
their countries.
He saitl that when it became
known within those limits that
loyal Indian subjects would receive
a genuine welcome, and would not
Im- looked upon with dislike or
suspicion, a great ileal would lie
done 11 bring about better relations between India and the
overseas dominions. Until plejis-
anter relations were brought about
between the dominions and India,
the British Empire was far from
being a  United   Empire, said  the
The matter is still under discussion. It is expected that some
of the colonial representatives will
take up the subject.
There will be a Baptist Brotherhood Picnic to Metlakatla on
Vice President Wm. Whyte of the C.P.R. is Now "Sir
William"���Dr. Osier Becomes a Baronet���Judge
Routhier, President Falconer,  Senator
Mel.vin Jones and Mr. C. C.
James are Honored.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June 20.���The list of
Coronation honors were made public today, and comprise distinctions
fro many personages throughout
thc Empire. Many of thc Colonial
premiers receive honors, along with
eminent members of their dominions.
Honors for Canadians
Thc following distinguished Canadians figure on the list: Sir
Charles Fitzpalrick, Chief Justin-
of the Supreme Court of Canada,
to be a K.C.M.G. Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael
and St. George; President Robert
Falconer  of   Toronto  Ynivcrsiiy,
and Mr. C. c. James,  Deputy
Minister of Agriculture for Ontario
to be Companions of the Order
of St. Michael ami St. George.
Dr. William Osier, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford, and
a < '.ni.iili.iii by birth is made a
Baronet. Ivnighted-hotxl is also
conferred upon Senator L. Melvin
Jones of Toronto, President of
the Massey-Harris Company.
Mr. William Whyte, Vice-president of the C. P. R., is also kjiight-
ed, along with his Honor Judge
Routhier of QucIk-c.
Coronation Day Picnic
There will be a Baptist Brotherhood Picnic to Metlakatl? on
the 22nd. Ladies free ; gentlemen 75c.
Authorities at Victoria Refused Signature Until Premier Has Seen Documents
But Developments are to go Ahead���Chief Engineer Kelliher of G. T. P. Here
Chamberlin were, however, read to consult with the City Engineer
at the council board slating that on the points raised during Mr.
thc   works   proposed   would    be Chamberlin's visit.   These include
At last night's council meeting
thc Mayor reported that his visit
to Victoria to meet thc Government Authorities regarding thc
signing of thc G. T. P. Assessment
Agreement had not resulted in
thc immediate achievement of his
desire regarding it, but that the
plan and agreement had been
sent to Premier McBride in London, and he would probably wire-
back a "yes" or "no" to it. Meantime the submission of the terms
of agreement for the approval of
the citizens must be delayed until
about the first week in July.
Letters from Mr. Hays, and Mr.
started as soon as possible on the
assumption that the necessary sanction would be forthcoming both
from the citizens and the Government. Mr. Chamberlin's letter
referred to various particular matters of engineering which had been
mentioned to him while he was
here, and which will be looked
into by Mr. Kelliher, G. T. P.'
chief engineer, who is now in thc
Mr.   Kelliher   arrived   by   the
Princess  May  yesterday,  and  is
the question of Centre street planking, certain sewer outlets through
Hays Creek, thc entrance to the
city through G. T. P. property
of the Woodwortil watermain,
etc. Mr. Kelliher has instructions
from the president of the G. T. P.
to meet the city as liberally as
possible consistent with die conservation of G. T. P. interests,
and lo consider not only the
present necessities oft the community but the advantages of
.the city for thc future.
Declares the Mayor. Minutes
Must be Adopted all thc Same
Record of Blunders Stands.
At the opening of the council
meeting last night On the reading
of the minutes Alderman Morrisey
objected CO the record in the
minutes of the vole on the Prudhomme Appeal grant. He declared the vote Wis illegal according lo the New Procedure By-law,
because the Acting Mayor took
a casting vote. He wanted the
minutes corrected.
The Mayor took lhe position
first that the council was not yet
actually working tinder the New
Procedure By-law, and second that
the record in lhe minutes Was
correct as a record of what had
occurred, and could not be altered.
"The council may make as many
errors as il likes," he declaretl,
"if the Clerk gives an exact
record of what really took place
there is nothing for the council
to do but adopt: the minutes."
Well Known Member of Old
Yukon Council Paid Hurried
Visit to Friends in City.
Frederick  T.  Congdon,   Liberal
member of Pariaiment from Vic-
member of Parliament from Yukon,
was a   passenger on   the   Princess
May yesterday afternoon and while
here made calls upon Fred Peters,
city solicitor, an oltl lime Ottawa
friend who has on several notable
occasions been   his opponent   at
the bar.    Mr. Congdon also called
upon   Alex   Prudhomme,   Mortc
Craig,   Thomas   Trotier,   Weston
Coyney, Dan II. McKinnon and
other  former   Klondikcrs.     He  is
making a hurried trip to  Dawson
in order to be present al  thc reassembling  of   Parliament  next
Where to Go
Where It's Done
Wc  make   suits  to   suit  your
satisfaction.    Call and  sec us.���
Rudnick  &  Sweder,  llelgerson
Block Basement, Sixtli street.
Pictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
PHEN1X THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
AUDITORIUM, Sixth Avenue; Roller
Skating, 8 p.m. T H.'E    DAILY   .NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by tha Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
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New YoRK-National Newspaper Bureau, 21�� East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Pug.-t Sound News Co.
London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Toronto Sightseers in a Bad Accident at Orillia- Many Were
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, June 20
Now that the railway has opened up the Skeena district to the
setthr, an excellent chance is given the Provincial Government to
evolve some hind clearing scheme OH a large scale, to bring the lands
into early settlement.
It is estimated that it will cost the settler 8100 an acre to clear
the land by such means as arc now possible to him. With the great
areas that are now opened up, it would be possible for the Government
to put large gangs of men at work, properly equipped with the best
machinery and methods, to clear the land by the most economical
means. The lumber thus removed might lie sawn, and from it a sufficient revenue be obtained to pay for the work of clearing. With a large
variety of ways in which the work could be financed, so as to fall
easily on the resources of the settlers, statesmanship should not find
any great difficulties in arranging the details of a land clearing scheme.
In the State of Washington where conditions are somewhat
similar to British Columbia a movement is on foot to induce the
government to take up this matter nf land clearing, using the liest
attainable system, the cost of the process being made a charge Upon
the land, but repayable over a period of from ten to twenty years at
a reasonable rate of tinterest. It is estimated that if this were done
die country' would Ire put forward at least twenty-five years in the
matter of development.
It is pointed "tit by those who favor this scheme that lhe work
if undertaken by the government on an extensive scale, could be
done at a much cheaper rate than could la- thc case where only a
small amount of clearing is required. This clearing Would not only
be a great advantage to the particular district where the oinrations
are carried on, but would be an object lesson for the whole country;
anil as exact accounts of the expense would lie kept the figures would
be very instructive.
In thc United States large sums of government money have
been used for reclaiming arid lands with very good results. Here in
British Columbia there are hundreds of thousands of acres of lands
which might be cleared of timlxr or stumps and which would make
splendid farms. Large areas of British Columbia lands are useful
for little except fruit farms, but all are more or less productive. These
should all in some way lx- brought under cultivation.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto,   June    20.���-An   auto
with seven persons was desc nding
;i steep hill near Orillia today
when the brakes failed and Dr.
Braidwood and Miss Crawford
were killed. All the others were
seriously injured, The entire parry
were from Tornoto una sightseeing trip.
Collision on C. P. R. Between
Freight Trains��� Brakeman's
Back is Broken.
(Canadian Frcss Despatch)
Indian   Head,  June  20.���In   a
head-on collision  between  two C.
P.    R.   freight    trains   at   Win TO
today Engineer Pratt was killed
and Brakeman Bradley hail bis
back broken.
Messrs. Wm. Godson J. S.
Gray and W. L. Barker Initiate Movement and Arrange
for Twelve Instruments.
James Bratt of Vancouver Committed Suicide at Kitsilano.
Had Lost His Money.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 10.���Brooding
over ihe Iosm-.s of money which he
had recently experienced, James
Brett of Vancouver, committed
suicide this morning at his home
in Kitsilano. He had swallowed a
Luge quantity of poison, and was
beyond help when deiscovered.
Sir Daniel McMillan May Become  High  Commissioner
Section 9
Township 1
Range 4
This is an excellent section and was one of thc first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co,
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, June 10.���In lhe absence of Sir Wilfrid Laurier no
confirmation is to be had of the
well defined rumor th it Sir Daniel
McMillan, Lieutenant Governor
of Manitoba will be Strethcona'a
Heavy Loss of Life Reported
All Communication Cut Off
Tokio, June 19.���A severe storm
is raging throughout Japan today
and communication inland is cut
'off. It is reported that heavy loss
I of life and heavy damages has
' Urn done.
Instead of a city Hand Prince
Rupert will go one better and
have a City Orchestra. Thanks to
lhe enterprise und energy of Messrs
J. S. Gray, W. L. Barker, and Wm,
Ciodsou, an orchestra of twelve
instruments has been organised,
and will commence i" practise in
full strength regularly this week.
There can be no doubt thai the
citizens will more than appreciate
the presence in the city of a"
orchestra of accomplished instrumentalists, It has been frequnctly
suggested that a city band should
be formed, and every support
should certainly be given those
who have worked m arrange the
Hon. Wm. Templeman will Introduce it on Reassembling of
OFFICE    :     j
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dlshwashars, hotel por
tors, till kinils of laborers or me
chunk's, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
: I
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Phone 116
...Whites Portland Cement..
Phone 125      Naden Block      Second Ave
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
A bill establishing a new Dominion mining law will be introduced in the Commons by Hon-
William Templeman, Minister of
Mines, where Parliament reassembles next month. The bill will be
a codification, simplification and
general improvement of the existing laws and regulations. It
has been largely drafted by Mr. F.
T. Congdon, M. P. for the Yukon,
and Mr. Reginald Brock, Direct or
of the Geological Survey, in consultation with Dr. Eugene Haanel,
Director of Mines, the Mining
Institute of Canada and the Mines
Departments of the various Provincial Ciovernmcnts.
It is hoped that the bill will
provide a basis for uniform mining
laws and regulations throughout
the Dominion applicable both to
Federally control ltd and to Pro-
vinci.dly controlled mineral lands.
, , Carries complete stock of Druira.   Special
, , attention paid lo filling prescriptions.
'.! Theatre Block phone no. 79 Second Are.
', Rochester o,
r.p   ' Monroe
l      '���* Coal
'��� t)       .    -VrV-
-....   Phone 115
Canadian Cadets Beat Australians in Shooting Contest
With Rifles.
H ~.���-Baas.
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
H~ SB. ~^.^	
London, June III.-   The real Coronation   week   In-glin   unlay  with
the arrival of most of the Royalties.   I < jml.iit is a city of boards
and th. number ol stands eclipses
all previous Corona I ions.
The Canadian  Cadets won   thc
in Id riile contest against the Aus>
I tralian Cadets today. The Canadian  Boy Scouts reached  London
'and arc now encamped at Roth-
anipton House.
The Daily News
Skeena Land Districts District of Uueen Charlotte
Take notice that Hubert O. Crew of I'rinca
Rupert, H C, occupation agent, Intenda to apply
for parmiaaion to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted about 6 1-2
miea weat and half a mile aouth of the mnuth of
Stanley Crawl, what* It emptlea Into Naden
Harbor, Ore ham laland, thence eaat 40 chaina,
thenca north 40 ehalna, thence west 40 chaina,
thence aouth 40 chaina to point of commancement
and containing 160 acrea more or leaa.
Dated March 17, 1911. HUBERT O. CREW
Pub. April 7. Numa L>emara. Agent
Skeena Und Dirt/let���Diatrict of Coaat lunge V
Take notice that Jack Medford of Kelghley,
Vorkahire, England, occupation over-looker, Intenda to apply for permiaaion to purchase the
following deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at a point In the
eaaterly boundary of timber limit 38,129 and In
the eoulherly limit of lot 3989, flange 5 Coaat
DUtrict, where the aaid limit*. Interject, thenc**
along the eoulherly limit of lol 3989 aforesaid
and the protection thereof In an easterly direction
80 chaina more or leaa to the westerly Mr. It uf
timber limit 32601, (hence In a eoulherly dire.tlnn
along the laat mentioned limit 11 chaina more
or leaa to the northerly limit or timber limit 36776,
thence in a westerly direction along the laat men-
tloned limit 80 chains more or leas to the eaaterly
limit of timber limit 383211, thence In a northerly
direction 11 chaina more or leaa to the point of
DatedMarchB, 1D11. JACK BEDFORD
Pub. March 26,
Skeena Und District���District of Coaat
Take  notice that Hume  H shins, ton of  I'rince
Rupert. I). C, occupation master mariner, intenda
to  apply  for  permiaaion   to  lease  tha  following
��� i.-<ril..-| landa:
Commencing at a post planted about 100 chaina
armth of tha Indian Itejserve on tha eaat side of
t .i"��� Hay on the eaat *ide of tbe Peninsula thence
north 100 chain* along shore tn the Heaerve line,
thenee weat 60 chains more or leaa to (loose Hay,
ihence 100 chains along ahore, thence eaat 60
chaina mora or lean to poat, conlalnlni 640 acrea
more or leaa.
Deled March 8, 1911. HUME BAUINQTON
I Pub. AprO 11,
Lots B hiu! 6, Block 28,
Section 1.
$3000, 25 por Cent cash,
balance 1, 2, 3 yearn,
7 per cunt.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
and POOL
4 Alleys. 7 Tablca.     A Rood exercise.   A clean sport.   Ladies every
Afternoon.     Newman  Block, between tith nnd 7th Sta.
ui' mokrihon.     Proprietor and Manager
=~E.   EBY   ca   Co.==
Kitaumkalum Land For Sale
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range ���
Tuke nutlet) thai Alexundur Mcintosh ol Vim
oouver.  ii   0.. oooupatlon  real aetata  broker
Intends to apply lur pwmlaaton to purchase the
(ollowing deacribed landji        , ,_  , .        ,,,
Commencing at a post planted io chains south
from thu aoUtAWeat corner uf Lol 085, Uuncu M0
cliuina aouth, thunco -ID chaina west, lluuice 80
chaina north, thuncu 40 chaina eut lo point ol
coinmunceniunl con mini nil -J-0 ucrea moro or luaa.
Dated April 17, 1811.  .���,...,,
Pub. May 6
Skeena Lund Diatrict -District of Caaalar
Tuku notice, that 1,  1'orcy  Francis Uudunrath
of Stewart, li. 0., occupation journalist Intend to
apply (or pt.rmtas.ion to purcliaau lliu following
duacribud land*:
Coiiimenein,- at n post planted on Iho right
bunk of thu Naas rivur uhoui auvun miloa uhovu
thu forka o( thu Naaa rivur, thuncu south 80 cliuina,
thencu wuat 80 cliuina, iheneo north 80 cliuina,
thuncu eaat ��0 chuiua to point of communcumunt,
containing 010 acrua mora or lusa.
Datod Man 85,1811. Fruiik.Sidney Wright, Agt
I'ub. Muy 17.
Skeona Lund DUtrfOt    District ot Ctualur
Taku noticu lhat  I,  Perry QlaMnan ol  Prince
Rupert, 11. t'., occupation priwpeeuir, intend to
upply  for  permission  to purchuau  thu following
ili'iHTil'O 1 Inn I.;
Commencing ut n poat planted in Iho vicinity
ol Qooaa Hay, about three-eight a ol u niilo aouth
uf ihu in.naii of the llonuiiaMi t'ruuk, and buiug
un thu uuaterly boundary of Timber Limit No.
:i.'L.M or No. .i.i.'Mi, thuncu aoulh -10 chaina along
thu easterly limit of auitl Timber Limit No. 86x84
or No. .lo-fctO 40 chains, thencu uuai lo ihu ahoro ol
liootiu Hay, u disiuucu of 40 chuina moro or luaa,
ihuiicu northurly along thu ahoro of Goose lluy
40 chains more or luaa, thuncu westerly 40 chaina
more or leas to point of commencement, containing
100 in'n��������� im>ii- or luaa.
Dated March 7, mil. PKRKY QUHUNAN
Pub. April 7.
Skeunu Lund District���DUlrict of Coual Hungo 6
Tuku notice that 1, lauuchlan John Shunuhun uf I
Victoria, li. ('., occuputlon luuchor, inivnd to J
apply (or permittBion to purchuau iho following i
doscrilied landa:
Commencing al a post planted (>!i chains aoulh ,
from thu southeast coruur uf Lot 3000, thonco 40 :
chains south, thuncu 40 chaina  woat,  thuncu 40
chuina north, thuncu 40 chains oust lo point of
communcumuni, containing 100 acrua moro or les*��
Datml April 17, 1011.
Pub. Muy 0.
Sit< I'lm Und District���DUlrict of Caaalar
Tako nutico that 1, John L. Mitchell of Prlnco I
Rupert, II. C, occupation bookkeeper, Intend tu '
apply  for  permiaaion  to  purchaso  thu   following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about (6) live
n.ill-.-, aouth and (1) ono milo west of tho forks of
the Whito and Flat rivers, thencu nurth bo chains
t ill-mi- east 80 chaina, thenco south 80 chaina,
thuncu west 80 rhalna.
Dated April lo, 1911. JOHN L. MITCHELL (
Pub. May 13 Francia S. Proston, Agent
Skoena Und District���District of Caasiar
Taku notice that 1 Francis S. Proston of Prince
lluperl, H. C, occupation prospector, intend to
upply   fur  (tcrmiaaion  to  purchaso  tho  [ollowing
duacribud landa:
Commencing at a post planted about three
mi!. . south and two miloa weal uf tho forka ol
Ihu While and Flat rivers. Ihence aouth hO chaina
ihence eaal tio chains, itiunco nurth 611 chaina,
thunce wuat 80 chaina.
Dated April 20. 1011.     FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub ,\f ay 13
Skoena Land Dlatriet���Diatrlet of Coast R,.���,.   r
Tuku notico thut L Cluru Muy Little of   ��� ���
Rupert.   B.   C.,   occuputlon spiiiator,  liuSt*
apply for  pur mission  to  purchuau thu f.,i     i.
doscributl luudu; '"uowiiis,
Corumunclng ut u pOft planted at the north
wuat corner of Lot 1735, Itungu 5, Count DlitriJI
thonco our>t 40 cliulna.  tliuncu north 8fi alialJ
Lhuiico  woat 31   t: I nt in' thonco  nortii  20 utr
thunco wuat 10 chuina, thuncu aoulh 40 ohaJi!'V
point   of   oummoncumunt,   contuining   ip��  1.
moro or luaa. "  urr,'��
Dated ApriM, 1811. CLARA MAY UTTLW
Pub. April 16. lut'
Skeuna Und District���District o( Cousi Ran
Tuku notice that Mury  Uuutou QUdenknv
Victoria,  11. C., occupation buuaeltovper, InU
to upply (or purmiaaion to purchuau tin.' full,,
duacribud lunda:
Comiuoncing ut u poat planted ut tin. MKU|
corner of Lot 09li, Range o, Cuuat Diutriu. U
80 chaina aouth thonce 40 chuina   oust, tin'....
cliulna north, thunco 40 chuina weal iu i
ommencumunt, contuining ;i.:o ucrus moru nt i
Dated April 17, 1811. *'
Pub. May li.
i ut
Skoena Und District���District of Coast,
Taku notice that  Frud   W.  Iiuhlur ol  KJtau
kalum, occuputlon furmur, iutuudi lo uppu
twruiiaaloii  io   purchaso   thu  following  Qm&it
Couimoncing ut a pust pluntuj ui Ut.. (, ,--
east curnor ot A. McLoJd'a pro-u npiioii, thaj
...i chuina aouth, tnuncu iu chaiiu oust, theoaa
chuina nortii, tliunuo 10 chains wan to poat
commuiicomuut conuining 20 acros moru or lo,,
Dated April 10, lull. FiUUDlUCll W. Iloili.i
Pub. April H2. Fred llumpton, Agsj
Skuunu Und District���District of Cuaal RmiKl. j
Tauu nutice tlut I, Fruuk Hielu of I ,,, ,,,.
ainglun, occupatiun murchanl, Intend to anphj
for purmiaaion. o purcliaau the lollowing duacntiiM
Commencing ut a post planted on the -,,,.- t
bank of tho E&chunuiks Kiver and about four
milea from its cuulluuncu with the Skeuna River
thuncu 80 chuina west, thonce 80 chains lurtn'
thunce 80 chaina oust, thunce south ou ehalns
tu point u( cummuuceiuenl, coulaiulug 010 ucrus
more or luas,
Dated April 21. 1811. FRANK UlCkS
Pub. April 28.
Skeuna Und District���District of Coast
Take notice that \Mlliam McTaviab o( \aucou>
ver, 11. C. uccupatiun phyaiclan. imenda to apply
fur prriiu-wiiin lu purchase the lulluwing Uiwcrhed
Commencing at a poat planted at the suuthm-a
corner, 40 chaina north and 40 chaina vast uf me
nortbuaat coruur of Lot illti, Harvey'a Survey,
Coaat Duinci, Range 6, thuncu ou chaiiu e��<i
Ihence 00 chains nurth, ihuuce 60 ciiains ���ajL
tbence bO cbaina aoulh tu posl of ivum..:,..-, ���.
contHlnlng 300 acrua more or luaa.
Dated May 2, lull. WILLIAM A. McTAY.SH
Pub. M.ty ti. Fred W. Rohli-r, Aget.t
Skoena Uud Dislrict���DUtrict of Coaat Range |
i .in.' nulioe that Utile McTavish ul Vancouur,
H. ''.. occupation married woman, latenus to
ji i > fur purmiaaion to purcUase ibe tolluamg
duscritMHl landa:
Commuuciug at a poat planted at tbe nurili-
W.-..1 comer luu chaiiu eaal and 20 chains nortii
from the nurtheaat corner uf Ul IHO, IUr��<\.
Survey, Cuast District,Itango 5,1 hence 20 cUsiqi
auuib, tbence bO cbaina eaal, thenca 00 cbaina
north, ihence 40 chains weal, thenca bo cbains
suuth, tbence 40 chains weal lo pust uf cumruen*
cement, containing 400 acrea mure ur leaa.
Dated May 2, r.-l l. LUTTIL UtTAVUU
Pub. M.I-, ti. Fred W. Uohler, Afe*
Skeena Und District���District of Cuaal Rangu 6
Take uot ce thai 1, J..- Jack of Pnrca U. p. it.
It. C.. occupation carpenter, Intend to apply for
iwrmbasiun to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted about thiee.and
"I,.- I..ill milea distant In a aouth westerly directum
(rom a blind slough from Obaurvatory Inlet whur*
the aamo louchua tho Indian Ruaervo thence east
8U cha ns. thence ���nith 80 chains, thence wustbO
chains, thence aouth 80 chaina to point of cum*
niencumunt, containing bio acres mure or luaa.
Dated April 14, 1811. Jul. JACK
Pub. May 13.
Skeuna Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Itange 6
Take notice ibal I, Hell Hall Kenney of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman,
intend to apply (or pormtaaion lo purchaae tht
following duacribud landa:
Commencing al a itoat planted al north oast
corner of 1 L Ut 38j2o, thence running west 40
chaina, thenca north -���> cbaina, ihence east 40
chains, thence aouth 80 chains lu place of cum*
mencumenl containing 320 acrua mora or leaa.
.My post la on euulh east corner uf land applied
fur, marked letters S. K., about one mile weal of
Uke Ukclee, aoulh aide of Skeena liver District
uf Coaat lUtige 6.
I >��i, .1 AprU 28, 1811.      HKIsl. HALL KENNKY
Pub. May 13. John Havcrly, Agenl
Skeona Und DUlrict���DUtrict of Caaalar
Taka notice that 1, Jamea  Dunlop of  Prince
Rupert,   11.   C.,  occupation   teamster.   Intend  to
apply  for permiaaion to purchaae tho following
doacribod lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two mllea
aoulh ot the forks of tha While and Flat riven,
i hence north bO chains, thenoa west 60 chaina,
ihenco south 00 chains, thence east mi chains.
Dated AprU 18, 1811. JAMES DUNLUF
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Praton. Agent
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
Hotel Central ��j 7Fti,"s*:;(
European nnd American plan, steam
heated, modern conveniences. Knt"i
fl.mo$2.,Vl per day.        :        .
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, Proprlslsr
Lunch anil Mt-ala ntall houra; Lunch ir,c,
Meals 2Sc uu-Como and 8es
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.   63
M.i-ts in the llt'lfrereon Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members of  the  order in thc city
are requested to visit the lodge.
II. MORTON. Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
Tho   PHnoe  Rupert Lodire,  No. 318, Sons of
EnKland. meets the first and third Tuesdays  In
��ach month In the Carpenters Hnll, at $ p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec,
P. O. Box 812, I'Hnce Rupert
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
^^^^^^   STORAGE
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly filled.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-II. B. Rochester. Centre 81.    Phons fR
English and American B.lliarda
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
Coaat itange 6 Land DUlrict
Taka  notice  that  1,  John   Hepburn   "I   Kit*
sumkalum,   occupation  farmer.  Intend  to applv
(or IKrmission to purchaae the (ollowng doacrtbel
Commencing at a post planted al tha noriheart
corner o( Lot J'JbJ, thence eaal 20 chaina, thenca
aouth  40 chaina,  thance wast 20 chana,  thence
north 40 chaina to place oi commencement.
Dated March 18, IHU. JUlIN  Hi.Pin UN
Pub April 1&.
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUlrict of Coaat Range 6
Take notice that Henry Macartney of  Prince
Rupert, 11. C't occupation miner. Intends to apply
(or ncrmUsion to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted on the south
aide of Exchumaikj River, about ~ 1-J mllea Irom
Its confluence with the Skeena River and about
I-- mllea woat from Eichumaiks raptda, thence no
chaina north, Ihence 40 chaina eaal, thence go
chaina aouth, ihence 40 chaina weat lo point o.
commencement, containing 320 acms mora or
lesa. Post marked "H.M. S.W. cor."
Pub. Atinl 29.
Skeona land Dutrtct -Dutricl of Coast Range |
Take Dotne that Grace Mel avuh, ol Vancou.t-r,
U. C., occupauon marriud woman, inlands to apply
lor pcnnUston lo purchase tbe following dsacnued
Commencing al a poat planted at the aouiti*-.*.
corner 100 chaina eaal and 20 chaina north ol
the nurthoasi corner ol Lot 11 lo. Harvey's HtfVSfi
Coaat District, Range 6, thenca 40 ctiains e-aat,
ihence bO chains north, thence 40 chains ��e��i,
\ (bunco ht) chains aouth lo poat of commencement
' containing 220 acrea more or leaa.
Dated May 2, IVU. GRACE McTAVl.MI
j Pub. Mas u. Fred VV. llohUr. Ageat
hkeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Caaalar
Take   notice   that   1.   Char lea   M.   Knuuse  u
Prince Rupert, ll. C., occupation larmer, tnieod
tu apply lur iK^niiaawn lu purchaaa ibe mOwi a
deacribt-d landa:
Corntnaflctng al a posl planted about it/ ti.t.-
miles south and (2 ) iwo milea weat of the Mfal I ���
White river and Hat river, ihence south ao chains,
ibence weal nu chains, thenca north SO cbaioa,
ibence eaal 50 chains.
Dated April 20, IHU.     CHARLES M. KNUl Be.
j Pub. May it. FrancU S. Praaton, Ageat
I Skeena Land Dislrict���DUtrict o  Coaat Range 4
Take not co thai Murdoch McRae ol Vancouvc*
It.   i .,  occupation real estate broker, intends to
' apply for peraiUslen l: purchaae the fvlloaina
dexrtbed lands:
j    i uiiimvncing at a ocst itlantej on ibe sou.b
: bank of harhumatks river about Ova miles hem
its conduvneo with the Skeena river, theoce 40
j chains west, ibence 20 chains north, theoce <0
chaina ������t. thence 40 cbains north, Ihence 10
cbains eaal, tbence 20 chains aoulh, tbence 40
chains eaat, thenca 40 chains suuth lo point ul
commencement, containing 320 acrea more or leas
Deled April 21. IHU. Ml lll���� k  .Mel. ti.
Pub. May U.
Skeena Und I )UirKt   -DUtrict of CaaaUr
Take notice that I,  Isaac U'Urtea  Forbes ot
Prince Uupert, II. C.. occupation carpenter, intend
to apply fur iwmijeuon lo purchaae the (ollueing
dead Hied lands:
( ummenclng at a poat pUnled about flv miles*
suuth and one mile weal ol lhe forks ot thetthite
aud Flal rivers, thenca north bO chaina, tbence
aesl bO chaina, thenre aouth at) chains, ibence
eaal Ml chains.
Pub. May IS. FrancU S. Praaton. .\geol
skeena Land DUtrict-DUlrict of Cat
Take notice that  I,  Mary  Carin of  Stawart,
11. C., occupation irurrted eraman. Intend lo apply
for wmUalon lo purchaae tbe following deacribed
Commencing at a post pUnled two (2) miles
south and <2) two miles west of tbe forks of lbs
White and Flat rusrs, tbence bO chains north,
tlienoe h0 chains west, Ihence 80 chains aouth
Ihence ko chaina east.
Dated April 20, IHU. MARY i AlUS
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeens Land DUtrict���District of Coast
Take  notice that   1.   William   Melvilla  Corley
of   Toronto,   Ontario,   iriccupatlon   clerk.   Intend
lo apply for permission to purchase the following
'b-i i I lamU:
Commencing at a post planted at tha northwest
corner of Lot 30dS Hang b. Coast Dislrict, thence
fast GO chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west
.u chains to Halls Gala alnugb, thenoa along
slough southerly to polnl of commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
Dated April \ IHU.
Pub. April 2B.
Skeena Land DUtrict    DUlrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that J. II. Murphy.of Vancouver,
B. i"., occupation commercial traveller, Intends
to apply for permlasion to purchase the following
described Isnds:
Commencing at a post plantH about seven
mllea west and one mile south from the mouth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thence north HO
chains, thence wast 40 chains, Ihence south 80
chsins, thence east 40 e in*.
Dated March 17, PHI. J. II.  MUHPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeena Land District���DUtrlct of Caaalar
^ Take   notice   that   I,   Thomas   Macgovern  of
Stewart, H. C, occupation mlner.lnlend to apply
fn- permission to purchase the following de-cribed
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Naaa river about four miles above the
forks of the Naas river, thence sooth HO chains,
thence west HO chains, thence north 80 chains'
thence east 80 chains to point of commencempnt'
containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated March 26, 1011. Sidney Frank Wright, Ait
Pub. May 17.
Skaana Und District���District of Casslar
Taka notice that  William   Frederick  Cameron
of  Prince  Itupert,   11.  C,  occupation  earpentrr
ntenda lo apply for permlasion to purchase the
following described landsi
Commencing at a post planted about three
miles south of the forks of the White and Fist
river��, thence south 80 chains, thence went 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence eut 80
Pub. May II. Francis 8. Proton, A,.nt
-skas-iB Und Dlsiiirt-Dlsirte. ol Coaat
Tsks n.��Uc�� ll.st t,|,,,,n MeArthur .4 Vsnn.ii.er.
li. U, ocnipslioa rsssl .ast.l. sfenl Intends l��
al.iily  lor   I.-!...i.uun   io  |,urcrau��  IBs lia-losnna
lU-CMl.al   IsiHls:
Commencni st s pssst plsnlsd 40 chains wis!
snd so chains south ol tha soulhamst corosr ol
la* .>ii l.-i.i markaaj Linn, McAnhor. Berth.
��Bsl nirner. thencs south 4U chslns, Ihsacs ss-t
��U ch.nn, thence niath lu chaiB% theoce wssl
ju chains to pon ol cummsnesment, conisimrn
���l.o arms more or leas.
I.ale.1 March Jii, l;.|l.        I.1.KNS  McAlll III ll
1-ub. AprU IB. T. ti. Laird. A��eot
Sheens Und District - District of Coast Karate 1
__. t'.aisl lh.i,,  i
Take n.,11.*. that Wm. I^lie of Happerton. U r
"ccu,.at��4iii��>rrnmenttiuanl. Inl��n.l. to apply
lor perm,..,,,,, ,��� ,,������ |,<M, ,b, fuilBwina deKnu-
nl l.n.ia
C.��nnHncin�� nl a i.hI pIsntH in chains wesl
sial IJ i chaina ...���!, ���r the ��n,U,a^.l ,a��roer of H
��� _~_~*ir * ���in ilinim s-wb-sbI *is.ie.hs.
n.w. cm.,. Ihi-nce �����,th Hi chslna thence east
�����icl,.���,a. ihcnicn.a-lhpi ehalni, thence wesl -
nam- i., ,���,.t  ,,( commcncemenl. ronu.mna ��'
sere, more or less.
li..   i u     L�� . T- "��� l^rd. Agent
llst.al Mar. I, iMlh. IHU
Pub. Apitt aru,, 1,11
Skeens Und Ifistrict-llutrict ol (Jueen Cbarlotle
T.B. w*n*
��� ',*** fK,,'��- 'hsl tiea II. Uu> of Prince Hupert.
.Li'' SmVm* "artier. Intends to spply lot
ESl l""rhase  the  followinf   deseribed
Commencin�� st a post plsnted sbout ssten
mite. �������� ,���,| mK ^^ m||| lfam lhs mmllll
ol Stanly Creek, Nadsn Harbor, thenca soulh So
X. a"-'h"na! ������ 4U chains, tbenos north 80
sralns, i h.nc�� east io chsins.
I ub. Aord 22. Nwm. lHmm, iwl
Skeena Und Ili.lrir! -District ol Cswlsr
p.i���".,h""w .,h*1  '��� "ronton Joroon Moore ol
,'  ?" ""I-"'. I' (' . occupauon conlrsctor. Intend
mmXkfugF6"��� '�� PW-S B ,0",""n,
milea sooth snd (2) two m,|M wmi ���, lh, ,otkJ
tU!"��it9 ^*l "���"����� Baa* 80 chsins soulh
h.��� .?," u���h"lr" ,B". lh��ho�� 80 chain, north,
thence 80 chslns east.
�����. .���.., ���, UllKNTON JORDON MOOHB
I'ub  May 13   ' ,,n-      rnn"t "' P-to*. If"*
fj"WM,,U"''''aWrlrt-Dlstrkt of Casslsr
saVaaS WT ,h*1 '��� )"mm WebMer Ksplln nl
.,,,,11 ' "rcpslion    suctloneer. Intend lo
BWSNHSi    lo pu"h"" lhe ,ol,0*lnf
tSUL 3.ta?8. ri"' "houl nlM "lie. shots
hence ������r t'h.*""- ,h"��* mmh '<> �����"""���
rim?lTnh^\T~ ch*tn" "��� P��lnl ������ eommenosmenl,
conlsinin, 640 acres mnre or less
[Qsavarn. mntr Wri,hl'A"
T.f i1?''.* ''"t'1 ,!i,""rt -"Irtrici of Caaslar
Take notice lhat I, N.dney PiltfersM ol StewsH,
BSJi ';",ch��" the f,.|l���.i���, described Isnds
.���,ia .^r01"" '! ' P""1 Planlc-J sbout live mile
""i,:;;1 y* m|i�� a the tork. ot whit.
mm   an    ESS1 'a1"""" ""'���'*> ��0 rhBlns. Ihence
5S sochirr- ,h'nn '"m,'80 "���""������ """���*
KafaAffa'*' m1' SYDNEY FITZtlKRALD
I ub. Msy 18. rnB1i, g PretWBi Afw, THE f DAILY    NEWS
, .s.lDl.trtat -Ulatrict ot Quuon Chariot".
W2 ,',;����� ihat Cailiorliio IlurrUon, of Caliiary
W  vSsuDitlOB   spinster,   Intends   to   apply,
/.W* ; 2 !.'  , iiurcliuao tlm lollowlroj described
|1, rajBlsaWI      I
l*n 1. -mi: at ��� P08t t'li'ito1! about ll 1-2
tl""" i i.,'i hull a inllo suuth from tho mouth
.liW *������ cmsIi wiiero it emiitlus Into Naden
ol .*"?.,ilium Island, thenco 40 chaina aouth
ll��i|l0,.,Ji .|uuw ,.aal, thonce 40 clmina nortii.
ibeni' .�� lvl,4t tu |���,||,t i,| commencement
lb,."",���..lata   160 acros more or less.
���j Biiiiaiiii. i.     .,,.,
UiiialM"'���1 '        OATHKlllNB HARlltSON
, . - Numa Demon., Agent
Pub Apr..,
.,.,,, und District- Diatrict of Const
��� ? nolice that I, airs. John Corloy of Prince
. 111'
n,union ...... "'.' woman, intends
rmlaatotl lo purcliuae tile I'nliiiwiiia-
I. .
.;'"11'"'l  a.   ii post planleil 411 i-huins eaat
1 :!l'l'1      ..mill from the smttliweat comer of
ii. iiii-l. RniiKori. thenco aouth so
,   sast III chains, thi'iiru nurth W)
i    ,\,.-t ill cliilllis more or leaa  to the
a^mmsnefmant, contiiining ;'.::,. ucrea
I ������'.
Data Sal
p,b AW. 1.�����"
MRS, JOHN (Lottie) COllLEY
-District of Caaalar
,.�������� Und District
I-., nollca ihat I. Altred Kyle of I'rince Ilu-
'   ,,   ,,    ,.,,,.1111.11   electrician.   Intend   to
bsu ttU iHTiiiiasion lo purchsso  tho  [ollowinii
"SSJuJna'at a post planted about 13) throe
.m eiulll M '"*  ,urk�� ��  l",   W,,ltB  ���nd   Kl,t
mi cliuina suuth, thenco 80 chains
no chsins  north, thonco  Ml  chains
Mil, I''''
FrancU S. Preston, Agent
0 m til ���
Sot  i-ri.r     I
VK.t.ii Un.l District���DUtrict of Caaalar
riga ��Ua> l!"tl U Jan.ua Millar JuhnsUin uf
suMfL 11  Co, oia-cupaliun slurekevper, Intend to
'*     |,,r |K;i;u.'oton to purchaaa  thu  tolluwlng
���Berthed laii'U;
,;,; al ��� post pluniod ubuut one mile
minii Iran the Ness river aud abuut nine mllea
41k,,,. ii.. lorka ol Uu Naas river, llionco north tit)
Juui*. lh��0��i **-'1 oU chains, thuuoo aouth B0
tutu*! thaiW ��-*��t ��0 chaina tu point of commence-
.iu ..; t>10 acrua moru or loss.
lHu-4 March 2\. lull. Prank Sldnoy Wlight. Agt
psk.Ua) >'���
ftgaal Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Caaslar
Tiki im"*' thai 1,  liurue  Hdwin  Badger   ol
<ita*irt. ll- t'., occupation plumber,  Intend  lo
n-;.,, lur psjfnWMI to purchaso  ihu  following
tmativi Uudi; .... ���
log at ��� post plantod abuut ono mile
Mih ul 5a t *��* rivor ��nt* sbout seven muss
siM.v tu lurks ul thu Naaa River upstruam,
tt.��,:..v north mi ciiains, thenco cast 80 cbaina,
lib aftO chains, thenco wesl 80 chaina lo
[Mia, ul ivi ii men cement containing Old acrva
aan or baa.
r.i lii'li. HDWIN BADUHR
Diiid Marvli IS. It'll. Prank Sidney Wright, Agl
Pub. M*; ll.
m.->-��i-*.1 District���DUtrict of Coast Range b
Xsir hifuce ihal 1, Liunul Kitigaluy of Vaucuu-
nr, li C, occuuatioii  miner,  intend  to  apply
I* j��fla..��..'n to purchase the following dosenbed
CwcwK-.'eCing al a post planted near the eoulh-
nsi curtier ol Lot tra-i, lUnga ii, Cuast Dutnct
Usee* *��i l��' chslna, thuncu south GO chains,
Ujssoi east tu chains, liiunce north 00 cbains io
Mdt '���! conimencumunl,
MelMaicn:i, mi. LIONEL K1NOSLKY
|\b. Awil at
Statu Land Dislrict���DUtrlct ol Coast lUngv 6
Un notice lhat Hldon a, DaiwHar of Berlin,
, jajsji doctor, inlands iu  apply  for
asiUHsuti to  purchase tha following  duscribod
; at a post plantad at tbo aouth*
Lot lVlitt, ibenoa aasi 30 chains
km ur toa, tbence south 46 cbaina mora or loss,
lat&ce aest jo chaina mora or leas, Ihanos north
Uetaituj mure or leaa to point of commencement
uuiutsg Uo acrea mora or loss.
Utel March j|, 1911 HLDON S. DHTW1LKR
rab. Apn) li' John CarnptielJ, Agent
��asau Ul: District���DUlrict ol Coaat Range 6
laist ts.iics. that Mf*. L. C.  Putnam   ol St
rasL,   Uiniaevta,   occupation   married   woman
uuut lu apply for permission to purchaaa ths
lia-t.-si: j .:.srt,riu��d landa;
i b n >;.��itig al i post planted al lhe southwest
Ni> 1 VaJ marked Mra. L. C. Putnam's
etcUatri C"jrttvt, thenca weal 40 chaina,  thence
���seta etf chains   thenca east 40 chaina, thence
fc-ru, &u chaina to posl of comm��ncement, con
Utit-c *lo acres mora or less.
baled Uarih 20 1911.      MRS. U C. PUTNAM
rab. April U Imto. ic Putnam  Agan
Assaraa Und IH^rirt���District ol Coast Rangs b
luf bvice thai I, John Ivan Paters of Prince
'��������� '   . nfupatuti rbrk.  ititrnd  lo appl>
U isrmiiajun to pur fill mi the toik>wn,g doscr��bed
. ..
ifAiMtKing al a poat planted about three an
..1,1 i. * south eealcrly d reel on
sea a uti.d atu-ujh (rum Observatory Inlet when
the It.iiian lUipurve, Ihence
ibence north bO cbaina, thence
N *o tun*, thenca south Ml cbaina lo point o
cemawiHiioernt, euniainlng 640 acrea more or leas
p**-AH.iU.mi. lolIN IVAN PHTHRS
���sseat Und District-DUtrlct ol Coaat lUnge b
������*�� iwuce ihat 1, Charlea A. Vaughan of
l^tes flu|arrt, B. C. occupation merchant. Inland
Ua*l*> lor pemission lo purchaso lbs following
���scrtwl lands:
t��a,fa��r��nng at a post planted on lhe aouth
UUel ul r.tchuriuaka River and about lour mllos
- cv *itli tt).. Skeens River, ihence
j****** eaat, thence 50 chaina north, thence 80
<***>��est, thenca no chains soulh to point of
������asseaceestol, containing bio acrea more or less
I'��>1 \trd.l. lull ClLAHlaOCS A. VAUOIIAN
nk April ,y.
bkceoa Und DUtrlct--District of Caaslar
its* notice thai 1. Swan  Halkra ol SUwart,
��� i-siiun  carpenter.   Intend   lo  apply
��� ��� MM) io purchase the following described
le*nsjacing at ��� post planted about lb) milea
��� *r,a '��*��. I) mile weal ol the forks ol the While
���� *��t ti.ita, ibence 80 chaina south, tbencebu
***"* <**t, thence r0 chains north, Ibence 80
���  ���       .-. mi.
I��b-Ma�� H.
Prancis S. Preston. Agenl
^*����sa Ut. I IhsUiet - District of Queen CharlotU
.Tabs toriie, uiat tievrge W. Arnotl of Prince
**��  U.  c,  occupation   real   estate   broker,
���to w tvyfy jg, pasejMon to purchaaa  the
**���*��>��� sHsmued Unds
Skeona Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Coaat Range
Toko notice that Annio MussuUem of Prince
Rupert, ll. C, occuputlon married woman, intenda
to apply for purmiaaion to purchaso tho following
described lands:
Commeucng at a poat plantod at a pout at tho
southwest corner, GO chains oast trim N. H. curnor
of Lot 1110, llnrvey'M Survey, Coast DUtrlct,
Rungo 5, thonco oust 20 chains, thonco nurth -to
chains, thunco wost 40 chains, thonco south 20
chuina, thonoo oaat 20 chains, thonco tiouth 20
���jlmlns to point of commencement, containing 120
acros inoro or loos.
Datod May o, 1911. AN NIK MUSSALLHM
Pub. May 111.
Skoena Land DUtrlct���District of Caaalar
Take   notice   that   I,   Thomas   McMookln   of
Prlnco Rupert. H. C, occupation clerk, intond to
apply  for permiaalon  to  purchase tbe  following
described hinds:
Commencing at a post planted about two mllea
south of tho forks of thu White and Flat rivers,
llionco north 80 chaina. thonce east bO chains,
thencu aouth 80 chains, thenco weat HO chains.
Dated April 18, 1911. THOMAS McMHHKIN
Pub. Mm- 13. FrancU S. Preston. Agent
Skoona Land DUtrlct���DUtrict of Caaalar
Tuku notice that I, Charloa L. Delgrove of Stewart B. Oj, occupation prospector, Intond to apply
for i.criiiwsinii to purchase the (ollowing described
Communclng at a poat plantod about six mllea
south and one mile wost of tho forks of the White
and. Flat rivers, thonco aouth HO chaina, thenco
east HO chains, thenco nurth 80 chains, thonce wost
h0 chains.
Dated April 20, 1911.     CHAULHS DHLGROVH
Pub. May IU. FrancU S. Preaton, Agont
Skeona Und DUtrict���Dislrict of Coast Rango 6
Take notico that 1, J. Harold Mckean of Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupat un blacksm th, Intond to
apply for porrn anion lo purchase the following
doacr bed lands:
Commencing at a poat plantod about throe and
ono-half miles d atant in a aouth westerly direction
from a blind slough (rom Observatory Inlut where
the same touches the Ind an Reserve, thenco weat
80 chains, thonce south HO cha na, thenco eaat 80
chuina, thence north 80 cha na to po nt of com
mencomonl, containing ti li acres moro or leaa.
Datod Apr 1 14, 1911.       J. HAROLD McKHA
Skoena Und Dislrict   -DUtrict of Caaalar
Take notice that I, John Robert Pacey of Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupation cook, inland to apply
for permaalon to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a pust planted (2) two miles
south and 2) two miios woat of the forks of tho
While and Flat rivers, thence aouth 80 chains
thunco oaat 80 chaina, thonco north 80 chaina,
thonce weat 80 chu ns.
Dated Apr I 20, 1911    JOHN ROBKRT PACKY
Pub. Mai' 13. Franc a S. Proston, Agon
Skoena Und DUtrict -DUtrlct of Coast Rsnge 6
Take not os that I, Martha Look, of Frlnco
Rupert, B. C, occupat on marr -d woman i.iien i
lo apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing Mt a poat plantod about throe and
one-half miloa dUtant In a aouthwoatoriy direction
from a blind alough from Observatory Inlet, whom
tbe aamo touches the lnd an Reserve, thonco oast
HO chains, thenco suuth 80 cha ns, tbence west H
cbaina, thenca north 80 cha na to pulnt ot commencement, conta n ng ti io acros more or leaa.
Dated Apr 1 14, 1911. MARTHA LHHK
Pub. Mav 13.
Skeena Und DUtrict���District of Caaslar
Take  notion  that   I,   John   Unwin  of   Prince
Rupert B, C, occupation lal   rur. intend to apply
for uvrmlasion to purchaae iho following described
Commencing at a post planted about (2) two
miles aoulh of tho forks of tho White and Flat
river*, thenoa south HO chains, thenca oaat 80
chaina, ihence north Hi) chains, thenco west 80
Dated April 1H, 1911. JOHN UNWIN
fob. May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeens Und DUtrict���District of Coast Range V
Taka notice that I, J. Lome MacUron of
Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation real catatc agent
Intenda lo apply for permission tu purchaso the
following* described lands:
Commenclnit al a post planted 40 chains west
and bO chains south ol the southwest corner of
lot 1*33, vicinity of Ukelac Lake, and marked J.
L. MacUren'a norlwcat corner, ihence eaat 80
chaina, thence south 40 chains, thence west (SO
chains, thence north 4b chains lo point of commencement, containing .120 acrea more or less.
Ceo. K. Putnam, Agent
Date May 31.1911
Pub. June 16.1911
Skoena Und DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Coast Range V
Take notico lhat Hdith Alien Crowthcr of
Iklag, Yorkshire, England, occupation spinster,
intends to apply for permission to purchaso the
following itawcribcd lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tho south east
corner of surveyed lot 3991, Range 6, Coaat DUtrlct, thonce north along the easterly limit of the
said lot 3b chains more or lesa to tho aouiherly
limit ot l.t-i -i-'������>-��. Range 6, coast dUtricu thonce
���sal along the southerly limit of the last mentioned
lot 60 chains lo a point, thonce In a aouiherly direction -i-> chains parallel to tha aaid
eaaterly limit ol lot 3991, thence In a westerly direction 60 chains mors or lesa to
the point of commencement containing 210 acres
Dated March B, 1911.
Pub. March 26.
-  ��t a post pUnled   about  seven
1 �������� ��� ^ halt miU west and one mile south
��� ���h ol Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor,
*       "^ rhaint, thenoa sti-iib   ltd  ehalna,
*>'<��. t hence nurth no c.isins.
""��� I'. 1911. OEO. W. AKNOTT
�����> Apn, a, MM Detuers. Agent
��� ��' l District ��� Dislrict ol Casslar
i    " -' I, Altos M. Krtouee ot Prince
���antfigtlM married womsn, intend
' l"-rmisjston lo purchase lhe following
m I ���* | post planted about two'mile*
' ���     loth* Hi-jrt  ot  the forks ot  While
"���. tUnce north  mi chains, tbence
- ' *. th.-nce south  M  chains,  thence
��H \,n, i0. mi. ALICE M. KNOU3E
i m Mm U. prtneia H. Praaton. Ag.nt
Stikt^UndlHrtrict-Dairlctol Casslar
frail i r,,K,c,1lh*t Sydney Hodgkinson ol Tela-
W ^rees, it  ( ., occupation clerk, Intenda to
a^^^JJJjn'Mon to purchaae the lollowing
���  si a ;-t-t planted aboul a quartet
������ 'mm Ulacier Kittle and on the east
ttaM. .    .L   .?   Rlm*  lh*a��   east   80  chains
<ae2i;ihhii��I!h-'iBt'ibenw H8 20 chain-
���TT" w.uth \o chsins to point ol commencement
Mv April
'���and Kistrtci -btetrict ol Casslar
'!-,... '.   n' !hM '< th.tlea Freilerick Melcsl
"��� t .. occupstion ireighler, Intend to
*arril��!i I,1*,",'""''0" lo ISaSaaiBi th. followini
oi'r.k"'���! 7i""f *l " **** Plsnled on the right
ES ol ,a !i"" nm ,bout bU miles shovs ths
IBese.T.JI? .,*** "*��'��� Ihenea soulh M chslns,
lra>��ce..Ta. l**'"'. ""P* nerlh W rhslna,
���snlBlso-alv; ' ,ln* lo P"1"1 ��l commencemenl,
I'lled JH. tU,"C'" """�� "' ���"������
' "*�� ���'���     Frank Sidney Wriaht, A|ent
T,^.!!|,!!,n, Ur"1 Distrlct-Uistriet of Coast
'"BpplvIm,' l-,0,-. occupstlon rsneher, Inund
*��riiw<l Isn.fT purchMe the followinj
Corrmn.Ti"Iinf !' ��� iwst plsnted Bt the southwest
���oath ��, .? .'"6��. lu"ire 5, Coast District, thsnee
���Wth 2o ak""- ,,,*M��� Bsart 40 chains, thence
ol com.,'.' "*��� """"�� "ast 40 chains to point
^"..Miieement, containing SO .�����,, morV or
C.A. Tervo, Agent
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned
snd endorsed .Tender,for l'iil,licJlioilding. Cran-
brook, II. fi -arlll tie received until 4 p.m., on
Monday, June 12, latta, for Iho conatrucllon
of a I'ubllc lluildlng. Cranhrook, B. C.
I'lai,a. aperihcatlnn and form ol contract can
lie aeen anil forms of lendvr obtained al the oftlces
ol Mr. Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect.
Victoria. II. C, al ths post office, Cranbrook.and
at this depsrtment.
reraons tendering are notlhed that lenders
will not bo conildored unleaa made nn the printed
forms supplied, snd signed with their sclual
signatures, staling Iheir occupations and plsces
of resilience. In Ihe case of firms, lira actual
signature, the nature ol the occupation and place
of residence ot esch memlscr ol the firm must
b. given. ,   .   a,
Ksch lender must be sccompsnled by sn
cccpled che.!ue .In a charter.,! bank, psyslil..
to the order ol Ihe llonourslile the Minister ot
I'ubllc Works equsl to ten pel��� cent 110 p c.j o
lhe amount oi the tender, which will lie forfelte.1
If lh. person tendering decline lo enter Into a
cntract when called upon to do ao. or fall to
cmiplete Ihe work contracle.1 lor. II the lender
be not Bcrcpted lhe cheque will be relurned.   	
Tha Department does not bind lts.ll lo accept
the lowest or any lender,
lly nrdi-r,
.Secret ary.
Department of Tuhllc Worka,
i,nam. May 13, ''ill.   ,
Nnrspapcn. will not bo paid lor thi. advertisement il they Insert it without .uthorlly Irom lhe
Skaana Und District-District of Coast
Tske notice thst Willism  Muntord la.HMg
llu,��.rt,   U.   C.   occupsllon   prospector    intemta
lo Vpply tor ri-rmlssfon to lease the folowing
dTommencrnf.t . poat pl.nted *MJJ0 rt.1-
Kiuth^l th. lndisn Reserve on 9��JKJSLS
Ooci��*lay snd on the eaat aide of the P���"���'*
thence south 80 chain, along SW^BftgJg
40 chain, to Ooom Usy, thence nortii aWStt��N
80 chaina. thence west 40 chains more or less to
Eost, containing 320 acres more or lffmlimj-ri-��n
lated March 8. 1911.      WILLIAM MUNFOKU
Pub. April lf>.
Ts&TaSlfll "Istrkt-Dlstrlct ot Cssslsr
<* l'������  i,��� ,"*1 E A1|r��1 Rerryman Wllllsms
i.,..Bd ?��� '""r". 1- C-. ooeupstion  merchsnt
laloa.n.  <"'!/, '"* permission to purchsso Ihe
IW* lrwril"*l lands:
mile.iTm/h ���f A ". P"* Plsnted sbout (2) two
rims. ihlJ   '.ln" ,ofk" �� lhe whlto and Fist
���, in-ncs Ro ehslns south, thenco 80 chslns
-tt"   n""x ����� rhalns north, tbence 80 chslns
h��. MaV ll.8, ""���      fnat* 8' I"'-'0'1. ���*���"
This is a little section ol the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the lailit's of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is upraised that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
A panel back effect with thc
modish Bailor collar is illustrated
in the sketch shown today, and
presents the rather unusual feature
of a dainty design in embroidery,
011111111111; the |Kinel and collar.
The effect is exceedingly attractive
on cream batiste, with the dainty
design in blue and pink Bowers
and pale green leaves. The embroidery is also carried about the
cuffs and the deep side border of
the skirt.
Draping of the All Important
Item of Bridal Array
A wedding veil of tulle will cost
from 110 to SI") to begin with. The
price depends somewhat upon the
height of the wearer, for the veil
must fall quite to the end of the
long train. After the lengths of
tulle have been dra|K(l on tin
head and spread out over tin?
skirt the lower edge should be
shaped so that it falls gracefully
just over the train. The veil
which falls over the face is the
easier to arrange, for it has only
to be thrown over the head, a
coronet of ornage buds holding it
in place on top. White pearl
headed pins should be used for
fastening it to the bride's hair.
Season's Styles Reviewed,   The
Note of Simplicity
A note of simplicity reigns in
the world of hats. There are
many simple sailor shapes with
round or box crowns and evenly
rolled-up brims. One novel shape
in a small hat suggests .1 military
helmet, being simply nothing more
than ;i hifrJ1' round crown flattened
down ;it the sides, with a tiny
narrow brim turning up close to
the crown. Black and white combinations seem to be lhe ultra-
smart choice though black hats
relieved with B touch of cerise,
magenta, or rose are also popular.
���A great deai of velvet foliage
as well as velvet and silk Bowen
is used this season; in fact, velvet
figures quite prominently among
the trimmings. Most of the new
hiits roll off lhe face, either at the
front or side. Many of the large
dress hats are ornamented limply
with a single large plume.
jgk. an.1 ..����" In detail the Cent of rep. r.
he will undertake for thst srno, nt. All I lie
must be power driven. Ten, era w II M gtBJJJJ
at Ibe Indian Office. MellakMla. BaOaWV ����"
Snth. ItU and ahin.1.1 be acr..ir,p.n Ic, wll ha car
tilled cheo.uo for one hundred dollars wnirn
amount will I- forfeited In tbo WjJML.} ���*
drswsl of tender. No tender received will noce.
ssrllr be accepted. CHAKLE8 c. PERRY. .
Indian Agent.
Metlakatla, B.C., June 5th, 1211.
Happiness Strays into Hospital
Wards This Way
One way of cheering a convalescent friend is to send to llic
hospital a scries of daily notes
dated consecutively and containing
merely a loving message as a
supplement lo a newspaper clipping   of   mutual   interest,   an   il-
expensive gift like a dainty handkerchief, ;i l>e<l cop or :i sachet.
If one has not lhe lime to pit-
pare a series of daily notes, a nice
attention is to bci-.iI .i surprise bag
into which the patient shall be
permitted to dip bui once each
day. The bag in.iy l��. o| cretonne,
embroidered crash or fancy silk,
and into it mny k" n Blender
volume of poetry, o pack of
patience cards, n pad of correspondence paper, .1 fountain pen, 8
vinaigrette or any ol the innumerable small articles likely to
please or amuse nn invalid.
They   Work   Unostentatiously
but Get There All the Same
Through the work of the Countess of Aberdeen it is said that
all of Ireland from one end to tin
other, has been stimulated Into
an active and aggressive lighi
against the ravages of ttibi cu-
Frau Cosima Wagner was tin-
only woman to receive an honorary doctor's degree at the recent
celebration of the centenary of
Berlin university. It was bestowed
upon her by the philosophical
Mrs. Willamin.i Fleming of the
Harvard observatory recently discovered an tineataloguid star. Professor Edward C. Pickering of the
same obscrvatorx siys thai only
sixteen stars have been discovered
in the past twenty-five years, and
of these thirteen have been discovered by women assistants of
that observatory.
Spaghetti Croquettes
Break a quarter of a pound of
spaghetti into inch lengths, cook
in boiling salt water, drain, lay in
cold water until chilled, then drain
again in a collander. Cook together two tablcspoonfuls of butter
and flour, and when llu-y arc
blended .1.1.1 a cupful of milk.
When you have a smooth sauce
stir Into it the cold spaghetti, a
pinch of salt, two tablcspoonfuls
of American cheese (grated) and a
beaten egg. Remove at once
from the lire, set the mixture to
cool and harden. With flotini
hands form the paste into round
balls, roll in beaten egg, then in
fine bread crumbs, and set  in a
cool place for two hours before
Pumpkin Pie
Equal quantities of pumpkin or
Squash pulp and milk. To each
cupful of thc 1'.ixltire allow one
egg, sweeten. Three cupfuls maki-
filling for an ordinary pie.
Take three cupfuls of (lour, one
teaspoonful of salt, two teaspoon-
fills of cream of tartar, two table,
spoonfuls ol lard or butter. Add
the lieatcii yolks of ihrec eggs and
tWO cupfuls of milk or water. Mix
into a smooth batter, add the
stiffly beaten whites and one lea-
spoonful   of  soda  dissolved   in   a
little wiiter.  Bake in well buttered
Make  as  above,  only  a   little
thinner and less shortening, when
eggs are scarce substitute  a   ti.i-
poonful of cornstarch for one egg.
Strawberries, Cherries
All kinds of Vegetables just received
Groceries Fruits Provisions
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dealer Has It
The Digby Rooms jlj
Located on SimiK Av��., near Fulton
Tlirt'.'tolivoniliiiitOH fromcrn-
tn> of DUilnMa dlitriot Nitw*
ti'i-n   newly  furatUM  nnnris.
lint ami OoU wm*t,  luiU. ami
Ultphont.     Ni-wly furnishwl.
I!mler new mutintrt'mpnt.
a-��-��>-s>-4>-�� - ���
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves  t
Grsnltewsxe     Tinware       +
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glnases. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
antl   Aneroid  Barometers.
�� R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Do You
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
aend us full particular!.
We have buyers and w��
want listings.    :   :   :    :
Second Ave. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Coaat Und District District of Skeena
Takf noli.'.- that I, Paul Brendler, of
Porrh.-r Island, occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to lease
the following foreshore: Commencing
al a post planted nUnit 11! feet from the
location 1 .-1 of lot 11)01 on Porcher Island, thence in a southerly direction
following high water mark 1J"" fed;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following 'ow water mark
1200 feet: thence cast to point of commencement
Dated March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
Jack Wilson, the pitcher released
by Calgary, has gone to Grand
View, Manitoba, where he received
a good offer to pitch for die
��� + +
Hill Carney's Rock Island team
is hovering around sixth place
and wo can all imagine how Hill is
crabbing thesedays. Babe Chines
is playing left field for Carney and
putting up a swell game
also ii twilighter, is pitching winning ball for Carney.
+ + +
Rowland, last year's Winnipeg
manager, this year managing the
I hlbuque ol  tho  III.  league,  is in
third place,   Rowland's team was
in fust place for some time but has
lately taken a slump. Paddock
is playing a swill game al short
slop for Dubuque and hitting tin-
ball haul.
��� + ���
Pen- Standridgt. will no doubt
be bought by one of the big league
clubs ill the close of lhe season as
already three or four clubs are
dickering with President Savage
for his purchase. The St. Louis
Sporting News gave Pete a very
nt. t little boost in which they
termed  him,  the Waller Johnson
of the Midnight League.
+ + +
llughey Kellackey's Boise club
is in fourth place with a |ht-
tentagc of .500. Salt Like is
leading the league with .1 |K-r-
ccntage of 7:..l. Over 5000 [H-ople
witnessed a Sunday game at Salt
Lake City, which is some crowd.
��� + +
A dispatch from New York announces that the Corinthians, ol
England, would lour Canada and
the United Slates this fall.   Wonder if il is really true this time;  it
has Iki-ii stated so often that ilu
fatuous amateurs would come  to
this side that now it is like tie.
fable of the wolf antl the sheep.
None will  believe  it.    The  latest
English papers to hand make no
mention  of  such  a  trip.    Then
again it is stated thai they will
arrive in New York in September,
and   at   that   time   the   football
clubs in this |url of the Dominion
have disliandcd for the season, and
being out  of training would  not
Im- ea|iable of putting up a good
game against the English ex|x-ris.
However, if it were known for sure
that an eleven would come west,
players could In- kept at work and
a game In-twecn a picked Winni|K-g
team and  the Corinthians would
not only draw a big crowd, but
would do all kinds of good for the
���.nicer game.
��� ��� ���
Jack Johnson has accepted Weber's challenge for a freak match iu
Australia.    Weber, who  is   the
\iistr.ili;ui wrestling champion, offers to meet Johnson in a finish
fight. Johnson lo go against him
with boadflg gloves and fight
straight Iwixing rules, while Weber
is to follow straight wrestling rules
With lure hands. If both parties
sign, the match will come off in
Sydney, Australia next December.
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince   George   sails   Sundays   K   a. in.
Reduced faro |9.6D Including meal
snd berth.
Dollar,]**. Prince Albert sails fur Port   Simp
son,   Nans   ltiver,   Musset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays', l.uo p.m.
ami fir:
QueN Charlotte Island   points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixt-il trains from Prince Kupert Wednesdays ami BstUrdsyi,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and    Sundays
5.80 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
Connecting With trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frciiui'tit*and convenient scrviie of luxurious trains over its
double trnt'k route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal. Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Huston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service        *l
Famous Princess  Linncr
S.S. Princess Beatrice it
June 22nd. al 9 a. m. "<
S.S. Princess May, Jnne 23rd al 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab ��� General Agenl
Ideal Provision House
luitratOd joke or some small, in-1 Third Ave., near Sixth St.   Phone 190
Taka notice that rutins I' otter of I'rinr*
Rupert, H ('.. occupation surveyor. Intends to
apply for perrnlmtnn to purchaae the following
ileacriberl landa:
Commencing at a peel planted at the north eaat
corner of surveyed lot 99114, Hang? .*���. Coast Die*
trict, thence in an easterly direction along the
southerly limit of surveyed lot .1991 and the projection ihereof 40 chains to a point, thence south
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed lot .19(14
aforesaid 60 chains more or leas to the northerly
limit of a timber limit (No. 42.tB.ll, thence weat
40 chains more or leaa to a point In the pro eetion
southetly of the easterly limit of surveyed lot
898-4, thence In   a  northerly direction  along the
firojection  of  the said  limit and  along the said
imll Go chains more or lees to point of commencement, containing 240 acrea more or lee*.
Dated March 8, 1911.        CHARLES I\ OTTER
Pub. March 25.
Skeena Land Datrict��� Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that (ieorge Krizaell of I'rince
Rupert, It. C, occupation butcher. Intend* to apply
tor permiaaion to purchaae tht following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted about aevan
mllea weat and two mllea south of the mouth of
Stanley Creek where it empties into Naden
Harbor, (iraham Island, thenre HO chains aouth,
thence 80 chaina weal, thence 80 chaina north,
thence 80 chans eaat lo point ot c^mmenoe'nent
and containing 640 acrra more orleas
Dated March 17, 1911 OEORtiK FiU/./KU.
Pub. April 7. Numa Demevv, Afftot
Skeena Land DUtrlct -District of queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Prank Levick ot VYoodatock,
itni.. occupation bookkeeper, Intenda to apply
lor permiaaion to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted about aeven
mllea west and two mllea aoulh <���! the mouth ot
Stanley Creek where It empties Into Naden
Harbor, (iraham Island, thenca 80 chaina aouth,
thence 80 ehalna east, thence 80 chaina north,
thenee 80 chains weat to point ot commencement
and contanlng r>40 acrea more or leaa.
��� Dated March 17, 1911. FRANK LEV1CK
I Pub. AprU 7. Numa Denwra, Agan
Transferred   from   Hospital   to
Cell.   Will be Charged Soon
Homer Woods lias recovered in
hospital from the ie!f Inflicted
i-iiiii t wound in in- head* lit* has
been reinoved from the hospital
ward when he lias been under
guanl continually, and occupies a
crll in the Provincial Government
Information.* have been made
out'aRainst him first for deliberate^
ly attempting to take the lift- of
Alex Mathieeon* and second for
attempting suicide He will probably face the charges tomorrow.
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
... r OK...
Take the fa��t light-draught m -ii
cr lnlnndor for Hnzvlton.
H. B. Rochester
. 'lire
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Broa." Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
I'rince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Hi tush Columbia
ami Manllulss liars.
v. BBNNBTT, b.a.
.1IIC Ontario. Saa-
..... ..... in,   and   Al-
l-r n llara.
Harristkks, Notahiks, Etc.
OIHw - EarhanKr Itl.a-K. nirrsr-r Third avsnus and
Slxlh slr^el. I'rlrtrr Rutarrl. fl
WM. S.
HAI.I.. I.. U.S.,
1). D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All .).'��� in' orapratfona -kilf.ilK ir.-nl.al ,las and
loral snaslhr-tirs admlnlstprral for Ihr i-iiinl.-ss rails, i... ..f asaslh. Cnsullatlon fn-p. OlRcas:
II..I.-..,-.... Block. Prnr�� RutM-rt. Il-U
A1.I.M Manson B.A.,     \v l: Wilh.ma.i, ��., 1..1..1,
Barrister*. Solicitor*, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
V. o. nox ���
ruril. or WM. FOXON, ESQ., A.R.A.BI..tl'ON.. ��NO
Fined His Chicken Feed
Pletro,  tlic  sonj;si(-i   who  sing
m> iwotrjy at twilight last night,
was today fined $5 anil costs for
Ik-iiir drunk and disorderly.    He
was lei down light as it was hislgrjQfl] STREET
first appsannOG before Magistrate
Caret, bui Chiei Vickers knows
the bird and his sung very well, he|Fruit
:   Produce   :
lH. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. r
The Insurance People
The Mack Really and Insurance Co.
PhOH 15ii Thiol Avenue and Fulton St
We have just received a
shipment uf the newest
styl.-s and latest designs
in laili.'s' V.-lvet and leather Hand Bag*. We es-
ptelslly invite you to call
and let us show you our
new  good*	
Discussion Held Over Mysterious Appointment to the
Public Works Department -Aid. Hilditch Reminds
Mayor Sharply  to  Call  to  Order Councillors
With Awkward Enquiries.
Rather expecting that jobs are
being handed out to particular
people on cit> work without the
Fort George
For information, frei
map* u-.d literature
call and see me.
Formality ol bringing the appointments tip for approval of Mayor
and council. Alderman Douglas
last night enquired how it had
happened that a certain timekeeper had been appointed on the
public works department with.mi
even the mention ol the matter in
committee. He suggested ihat
Alderman Hilditch had made the
appointment himself on the strict
q. t.
Alderman Hilditch, however, declared most emphatically that he
did not know the first thing about
it, and Alderman Kerr suggested
ih.it perhaps the man was ap-
pointed by the superintendent of
public works. "No, said Alderman Douglas, "I have reason to
believe that the committee appointed him. And we have enough
men already appointed employed,
and paid who have nothing to do."
Hilditch Attack* Mayor
This brought Alderman Hilditch
to Ins feet annoyed.   He was not
annoyed   .11   Alderman    Douglas.
He was annoyed at the Mayor,
"Mr.  Mayor," he complained,
"I want to tell yotl that there .ire
some members of thi-- council
board who talk wildly. They
open their mouths and talk wildly,
that is all I can say about it, and
you simply sit there and overlook
the    fact.      You    sit    there   and
don't call these members to order.
1 must a-k you lo attend to this."
Kirkpatrick as Buffer
There was no reply from the
Mayor, but Alderman Kirkpatrick
suddenly remembered vaguely having given some instruction or approval to the superintendent of
works about the appointment of
someone recently.
This diverted the squall from
ilu Mayor for a moment, and
gave him time to suggest suavely
in reply to Alderman Hilditch that
possibly Alderman Hilditch would
now appreciate the need for a
stringent system of rules in regard
to enquiries, though they were
not yet working under the New
Procedure By-law that portion of
which he had not approved.
"The News" Classified Adg.
==0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
Nelson Board of Trade is Uneasy
at the Tedious Work of Conciliation.
Lost and Found
Open Evening.) Pattullo Block
A Mirror
That may be safely
"packed" on a trip
i- much in demand.
Wc have them in different - .-��� -        :     :
The Pioneer Drugght
PHONE   .-   ;   ,-   67
For  Sale
New 6-ronm Houae. Sth and McBride.
-J-room Shack on reserve, section i!.
'i Lots in section 7, %'SU each.
'i Lots on -Hi Av.... section 6.
Lot.- on Sunm.it Ave.
Low Cash Payments Easy Term-
��� o
John Dybh
Sksans land  I'..inn    l.islrtcl ol Coast
Tsks  notice  thst   Uillism  Munlort!  .     Prince
Ruriert,   II.   Ca,   irt-vipstiun   Prospector    Intarrils
to   .|.|.ly   lur   permission   tu  feass  the  folowlne,
described lamia:
lunimeneins at a post plsnted about I (Hi rhalna
south is* th. Indian llessrvs on th. sast aide ol
Gooar Ilsy sn.l on th- sast Bids of ths psntnsuls
thenee south so clisiris slung shore, thenee west
40 chslns to i,...�������� Ilsy. thsht-s north aloha shors
80 chslns, thenee west 40 chslns mors ur leaa to
East, containing lllfO acres more or leaa.
Isted Msrch 0, 1911.       WILLIAM MI.'NPOKI)
Pub. April IS.
Seeled tenders addressed lo ths undersigned
snd endorsed .'lender lor I'uhlic^Uuilding, Crsn-
brook, 11. C will In? received until 4 p.m.. on
Mondsy, June 12, Hill, lor the construction
ol s I'ui.iir llullding. 'Jrsnbrook, 11. C.
- - I'lans, specification and lorm ol contract can
la, seen and lorma ol tender obtained at the offices
ol Mr. Wm. Henderson, Itesi.lenl Architect,
victoria, 11. 0., st the post olllcs, Crsnbrook.snd
at this d.panmsnt.
���lll'IST- 'Bartering sre notified thst tenders
lorm.0l.,r?���,'Sn1'1'1,,r''1 ""'"�� made on the printed
agLggS-ltgffsfl ��Hh the,,'actual
ol SbbssbSIlW .L1""  """"anon, and  place.
of r��.l,v,���o;*,,?*^r-h''' ">��� oeciip.llon and place
"a alv.a. **���'��� ���">>���� ol lbs Arm  must
S&a*��"   ">����  bet��e���mp.���W  b,      .
���BJVbbS hank,  i',
had no retaining walls after all.
Alderman Smith's Contract
How much should the walls
have cost? How much should
have l/een done? Alderman Morrissey believed Alderman Smith
was responsible for the carrying
out of a contract for the railway
company for about a mile of
coursed masonry right here in
Rii|K-rt. Hi- would like lo know-
why the city couldn't have soli<|
retaining Walls too.
Alderman Hilditch interrupting
exrlaimcd, "There aren't .500 yards
of Alderman Smith's wall."
Alderman Morrissey: "I'm open
to bet there's 51MI yards at least
and a good deal more."
Alderman Hilditch to Alderman
Smith: "I fancy that wall was
built by force account, wasn't it,
Alderman Smith?"
Alderman Smith was silent, and
Alderman Morrissey went on to
point out the SOOOO retrenchment
included in the report on the
ngineering department.
The  Retrenching They  Didn't
"()n our election we were pledged
to retrenchment." siid Alderman
Morrissey. "We have yet to show
some signs of retrenching any.
This is our first opportunity to
retrench, and we are ImhiikI to
do it. Alderman Hilditch may
think this is a huge joke but it is a
serious matter."
'This is far too important a
question to vote on in a hurry,"
said Alderman Smith, "I should
lik<- to move an amendment ihat
it lie over until Wednesday night."
Hear,   Hear.     Says   Hilditch
"Well," said Alderman Newton
resentfully.   "Ii was suggested not
long ago lhat il I did not get a
gait on as the saying goes, I should
find   thc   matter  done  over   my
"Hi ar.    Ilea: ' '    shoUtl d    Aldi r-
m.iii Hilditch gaily.
With a scornful glare in the
direi lion of the noise. Alderman
Newton went on solemnly.    He
was only trying to do what he had
been sent to the council to do.
Hut if Alderman Morrissey was
willing lie would allow Alderman
Smith's amendment to come in
as a motion. He wanted the
matter fully considered. He had
seconded the motion simply to
bring the matter before the council.     Alderman   Newton   reproved
Alderman Hilditch for his unseemly levity.
Hilditch  Hits Back
No sooner   was Alderman New-
him. It is the proper thing to
do to show the whole council that
these men don't know what they
arc trying to talk about."
Who's Two Faced?
This got Alderman Newton going. "I'd jtisi like to siy this,"
he siid. "Until just lately Alderman Hilditch has taken the at-
liltule of objection to the engineering department. Well, I may be
ignorant, and Alderman Hilditch
may lu- ignorant, but all I can siy
is this, that there arc some members of this council who are either
ignorant or two-faced. Alderman
Hilditch can take his choice, or
Alderman Hilditch's reply to
this was to tell Alderman Newton
to his face lhat whoever might lie
ignorant on the council the engineering dc|Mrtmiiit is certainly
the best in B. C.
Douglas   Gets   in   His
In it at the finish came Alderman  Douglas saying gleefully:
"Well, I think Alderman Newton
is the ignorant one in this case
but Alderman Hilditch had his
chance to show his ignorance when
he couldn't read my writing the
ther night. (Huge mirth over
Cttuncil board and audience. Even
Alderman Newton smiled).
Finally with still more perilous
politeness than he had yet shown
Alderman Morrissey rang down the
curtain: "1 have the highest opinion possible of Alderman Hilditch's
Intelligence," he siid, "and I must
really  thank  him  for his opinion
of mine."
The Reorganised Staff
According to the report the reorganized staff would be made up
as follows: Rnginccr pro tern,
I.in as al $2.1(1 per month; Estimator and Inspector, Oakley $160;
Assistant Inspector, Parker, 1100;
Local Overseer of waterworks, sewers, etc., Hcward, 11215; Overseer
of Grading, etc., Miller, $125;
Overseer of Retraining walls, cul-
w it-, etc., Newcombe, SI 10; Draughtsman, Simpson, $110; and
Accountant and Stenographer
Hratt, Sl(M) ;mt month. A total
pay roll iter month of $1070, and
per annum of $12040,
Mrs.   !���:.   A.   Woods.   Borden
street, will not receive tomorrow,
Nelson, June 20.���The Nelson
Board of Trade at a special meeting last night passed a resolution
asking that the attention of thc
government l>e at once called to
the seriousness of the situation in
connection with thc coal strike,
with a view of preventing any
further loss of time by the Board of
Conciliation. They asked that
should there be any further delay
the government would cause ilu
opening of the mines under a
guarantee to workers, so that any
loss or danger may not be incurred.
Make Position Clear
Prince Rupert city council having had its attention called to the
issue by "The Prince Ruperl Hydro Electric Co." of advertisements
in Eastern papers setting forth
that they have rights to valuable
water powers for the supply to
Prince Rupert of electrical power,
and apparently indicating that
they are also sure of the street car
franchises, etc., instructed the clerk
last night to communicate with
these papers making the position
dear. The company is evidently
the Tsimpscan Co. with which R.
Brulincl is associated.
Alderman Newton on the Electric Light Plant His Energy
Gets the Better of His Vocabulary.
"Fifty thousand dollars of thc
citizens' money has been thrown
into the jiink heap, It is too bad
to see city money squandered and
city business mismanaged like this.
Let us spend a little more money
now and get to rock bottom, and
have expert opinion on the light
plant. Someone in authority on
rungled, and now withe whirlwind," (Alderman Newton called it the
"worldwind," bui he mi ant the
other kind.)
The famous sentence was intend after Alderman Smith had
tritd to explain to the Editor
Alderman how hard it had been lo
put together the temporary light
plant from odd machinery bought
on short notice. In reply lo the
siid Bonorous sentence Alderman
Smith, in business-like manner,
explained that probably not even
thirty per cent of the $50,000
would be found in material which
cannot be used In good purpose in
ihe HyPro-electric scheme.
last council
ire reaping
Made Timely Rescue
The prompt action of Charles
Smith, mate of the S.S. Hazelton, saved an Indian woman
from drowninp; last night. The
woman was standing on the
edge of the wharf when she lost
her balance and fell into the
water. Mr. Smith threw a rope
to the woman and dragged her
Try the special lunch at the
right price at the Royal Hotel
LOST Time booll nrul Bank book. Finder plMM
Itturn tO J. C Wo" ton, 6th Ave. and Tat low
St., and reoeive reward. 135-13S
KOl'NI>-Eureka Cleaning and Preiilnu Com-
HlUf, Men's aui'.a cleaned and prested 11.00.
Uulies' suiti prttUtd and cleaned. Dry clean-
idk �� specialty. Room 13 Weitenhaver Block,
phone red ��9. 121-147
FOUND-Eleuant rooma; newly furnlahed. The
Bulklev Block, tfth Ave., near Fulton.    l<W-lm
LOST���Oil Sixth ��tre��?t, between Third Avenue
and (Jueen's Hotel. $184. two chequei In roll.
one for $17, other for 15, rest In bill*. Rewnrd
Billy Pollll Candy Store, Sixth St.. one door
fromC.r.K.Ofl.ce. 182-13:.
For Rent
Grand Rehearsal of Coronation
Song Festival in School Tomorrow Afternoon-Come.
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Comm.slious house, corner 6th Ave. anil Thump-
son St., furnlahed or unfurnished. Phone -'.-���
or CO. Box S88.
Four-roomed Houae. partly furnished, with bathroom: close in on Summit Ave., back of Honlen
street.   Apply at Plrehall or P.O. Box 269.
2 Furnished Rooma in apartment house, opposite
Clapp Building, 2nd Ave., near McBride.    Apply on premiaea between one and three p.m.
Two-roomed Cabin on Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Apply J. Young, Maple Boarding Houie. 3rd
Ave. 1211-134
Furniture of three-room flat.    Apply Room 15
Westenhsver Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth   '
Street. 12s. 134
Nit-sly furnished Front Room in new house.   Ap- :
ply Mrs. Savllle, Fourth Ave., near Mcllride.
Stores and offices for rent. Applv Dr. Mclntyre,
Third Ave., phone green 59. 125-tf
Neatly Furnished Rooms; gentlemen preferred.!
Apply Mra. Mullin. over MajeatlcTheatre.
Phone 2% if you want to rent a house,  furnished
or unfurnished, corner lith Ave. and Thompson .
Street.   All modern conveniences.
Cosy furnished rooms.      Mrs.    Bower. Somerset |
Rooms, Third Avenue, between Seventh  snd
Eighth. HMf
Nice Furni.hed Rooma. Apply Mrs. Kirliy. Alder
Block, upstairs entrance. Tim.I Ave.       117-124 j
Ostermoor Mattresses
Every Description of
House     Furnishings.
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
11 will be worth while visiting
I'rince Rupert Public School to.
morrow afternoon. The children
have   been   preparing   themselves
for  their Coronation   Day Sung
Festival, and tomorrow nftcrmn
between two and three o'clock u
full dress rehearsal is to be held
at the school. All parents and
friends are invited, and the Mayor
and members of the city council,
and of the clergy will lie there too.
Mr. I). ('.. Stewart, Chairman
of the School Board, has taken a
personal internet in this along
with the energetic teachers who
one and all have gone heart and
soul Into the training of the youngsters to do fitting honor to King,
Canada, and credit to their own
dty and school. Addresses to
the children explaining to tin-
little ones the importance and
significance of the Coronation crc-
emony will be given by the best
| speakers,   and    the   rehearsal   is
sure to be an enjoyable gathering.
Nice, clean, bright outside rooms,
tith Ave., near Fulton.
Hull I. . Block
Nice furni.hed rooma aingle or for housekeeping, i .,    ������.������ ���Iff, .Ui,       I'-il r.u-i -,- n white
Apply Urexel Rooming Houae, 2nd Ave., near I DO away Wltn "*�����      ' airOIUZi  a Willie
McBride. May :i-imo laundry.   Wliito labor only at
Help Wanted
Nineteen younvr men to take cosy rooma in the
Bulkley Block, near Fulton. l09-lm
Wanted-Hut trootl men to join the Order of OwU.
Call room 2<+,  Empreai.   Hotel.    I.   F.  Marllrm.
Boarders Wanted
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
A   few   cmy   homelike   rooma  cheap   to steady
roomers.    Km,- George Hotel, 2nd Avenue.
Real Estate
Nineteen young men wanted to rent coty furnlth-
ed in the Bulkley Room*. 6th Ave., near Fulton.
For Sale
Two roomi of New Furniture at bargain.     Nlc*
cabin, clofe in. can be rented.   1'hone 323 black.
Before buying your Stove or limine nee A, J.
(���ullatid, McBride and Fifth Ave. Cook stovea
from $14. 129-lm
All kindnof nt?conil hand goods bought and told.
F. M. Crosby, Third Ave., between 7th and Sth
streets. H7-tf
Situations Wanted
< ."���l reliable woman desires position, Thoroughly experienced in hotel work or would like small
rooming house work. Not afraid of work.
Apply Box A. Newt Office. 13.1-1.14
Business   Chances
(.������"-I money in Moving Pictures. Wanted ���A
piirty to start moving picture show In I'rince
itupert. Write me for particulars. H. Davis,
Watertewn, Wis. 137-wl
*fj��� ��� ��� ���  ���    ���-  ��� ���  ���   ��� i ���   ni I*
| Fire Insurance
THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
Company of Londun, Enxlaml, with capital
of |U00,0a0.0O. See ua for rales. The Mack
llealtv in,,I Insurance Company. 70-tf
.U!T��VL.^ '"��� '��'    M-lellM-H.    S lil-1,1- 1
th. smount ol sS ten. -r IKl"?,, S10 ��5 ��U , ��� ,
tttbTtmrnm wmm\^w2&&M*W&\,*n�� up.    "Alderman   Morrissey,"
contrsct ��h.n  i-all.,1  UTf [Jgfi*   "- -l
complete lh. work contracted lot   "| 9L SLa,
SPSr^WW^ril^i"   Iota.    Alderman   New.,,,,
th.lowc,.or.nyr.een,.���. -"U.ya, ho too.    I ���m only going t
R. c. DBSBOORIBS, Uay   that  when   a  man   comes  to
Dspsrtment of Public w���,k��, this council antl ulks about some
Ottawa, May  M, lyn. 1,1-        ��      ,
Newspapers will not be psld lor this s,lvsrllse-   Ullllg lie  VuioWH  notllilie  whatever
man! If thsy Insert It without suthorlty Iron, th.   ...    ,���    , , , .        ,
Department. *   I annul,  1  am bound  lo  laugh  at
Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Townsite Massett Townsite
Local Office:
Alder  Block
Sixth Street
The Plumbing and Sheet Metal huaineaa lately
conducted by H Wood, successor to Mstheson s\
Wood, 2nd Ave., has Issen taken over by Smith A
Mnllett, to whom all outstanding nccounts are
payable and who will pay all clalma against the
Bids will lie received up to June 22nd for the
construction of a temporary sewer between nth
nnd <lth Avenues. Plans and specifications to be
hnd from Dr. .1. O. Reddle, Tith Avenue and Tat-
low street. i,ii;-i:m
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave,, next to old office of Optimist, sell only
Best made in Seattle. Fruit and Candy, wholesale and Retail. Look for flash sign at night.
SAM COWEN, Proprietor Phone MO
I.-.STA1.I.1IIHKI.  llJUt
Undertakers,   corner Second
Avenue   and   Sixth   Street.
George Barrie, Licensed Embalmer,
Phone 62 night or day Manager
Read The Daily News
No Great Encouragement Offered by Mayor to Suggestion
that Attorney General Should
be Approached.
KlTorts on the |>art of Alderman
Kerr, support.il by Alderman Newton and kicked by Alderman
Douglas to have the city take
steps to get the Attorney General
to establish a Small Debts Court
in Prince Rupert fell rather flat
at last night's council owing to
the discouraging attitude of ilu
Mr. Manson said lhat he had
spoken several times to the Attorney General about this, but
Mr. Bowser had pointed out various difficulties in lhe way. The
question of salary of the magistrate who would preside over lhe
court was an obstacle.* The court
would require all one man's attention, and it would not Ik-
worth a Iwayer's while to take the
work at a sl.iary, or words lo this
Alderman Douglas said lhe mailer had been suggested by 1 lit
Hoard of Trade two years ago,
bui nothing had come of il.    A
small debts court was badly needed
In the city.    To him it looked as
if the Attorney General were try
ing to protect the   legal   fraternity
in   I'rince   Rupert   and   afraid   to
take work out of ihi-ir hands,
"Oh   no,   no,   it's   not   that,
replied the Mayor hastily.
Thc motion was allowed to
stand over meantime.
Alaska Sends $66,000 to Seattle
$15,000,000 Expected     ��
Seattle, June 20.���The first ship
menl of gold from Alaska wai
received here today amounting to
$66,000. Consignments this season
arc expected to amount to flfi,-
United States Officially Recognised   Its   Sister   Republic
Lisbon, June 20.-���The United
States (iovcnnnenl today officially
recognized thc new republic of
Portugal. It is expected that
other nations will now follow the
Wanderers Club again Showed
Prince Rupert Club the Way
The other day the Wanderer-.
Club beat the Prince Rupert Club
at a Bridge Tourney. List night
the return match was played iu
the Prince Rupert Club room-.
and after a capital game the
Wanderers are again winners. Following are the players and scores:
Wanderers Club���
St. Clair, Wart on 1092
Pettigrew, Howe     1080
Bratl, Allen     1048
Raymond, Simpson 10.16
Ileniiiiigton, Morgan Sal
Prince Rupert Club���
Vickcrs, Mcl.cod  	
McMordie. Pillsbury
Cans, McLennan	
Clancy, Wallace	
Henry Nickson Found Dead in
His   Cabin   at   Nelson
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson, June 20.���This morning
Henry Nickson, an old timer in
lhe Kootcnay, was found dead in
his cabin on Cottonwood street
He had been dead for twenty-four
hours. He was one of the In-st
known characters in the district.
Famous Bowlers Vanquished by
Picked   Team   Last   Night
Il has come at last. List night
die G. T. P. team of bowlcn
were defeated in Morrison's Alleys
after a hard fight. The "Mi-
Star" rj��grfegatlt3n put ii over the
erstwhile champions.
Tile game brought out a crowd
of bowling enthlisiasists. Both
teams matle remarkable scores and
bowled over 1,50 pins more than
they ever did 1-cforc:
All Stars'
Sten strom          .     .141
181)    188
Franks                     25.1
McMillan                  1711
214 2.14
157    102
Morrison      IIH)    186    170
Akcrburg          167   225   108
Total 2864, Team average 101.
G. T. P. -
Crandell  ion
Mellville          138
Holtby                 183
118 167
106 227
194   211
Mader 191
21.5   101
Idy   205   207    168
Total 2804. Team average. 187.
Money By-law Through
The by-law authorising the trans
f�� of the loan of $30,000 for
telephone purposes in this city
from ihe Bank of Commerce (0
the Bank of Montreal was passed
through by tha cj,y council last
night. Alderman Kirkpatrick,
chairman of the finance committee,
piloted it along.
Committee Meeting
The 1st of July Committee will
meet in the Police Station tonight at 8 o'clock. A full attendance is requested.


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