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Twenty-four hours
Aug. *���-;
uaX.TKMI*.    MIN.TKMI-.
tiit.O           48.6
lull         IN
The Dailt News
For south
Sunday, a.m.
ay p. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
 . JL%m	
^���TrTT' %\
"'���'I9n    ���>)
fOL. II, NO. 108
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, August 25, 1911.
.** %RfcE,FTVE Cent?
ea ca
**? **7
$10,000,000 WORTH OF FISH
Ir. Howard Smith of Halifax Member of Largest Fish
Exporting Firm in the World and  Brother-in-Law
of Prince Rupert Pastor Gives Convincing Evidence in Support of Reciprocity
liefore i'.n audience thai filled
ie largest hall in Halifax, Mr.
sward Smith of the firm of N.
Ii'tl M. Smith, Ltd., the largest
sh exporting firm in the world.
few evenings ago explained tin
vantages of reciprocity would
lean to Nova Scotia and all
ong the east coast of Canada.
li lideuii'.lly, Mr. Smith is broth-
, Mrs. VV. H. McLeod of this
', wife of the pastor of the
Baptist Church. In his
mill Mr. Smith gave some s*art-
ng evidence to substantiate the
���nefits of reciprocity and so im-
.rtant did the Halifax Chronicle
ink ii that the whole front
ige w;is given to featuring the
ui eh and the meeting. ilu tariff barrier removed
Canada will export to the I'l-iled
Slates 910,000,000 worth of fish
annually," si'id Mr. Smith. "Under .he new order of things Halifax
and the cast coast will come into
the ir own." All the advantages of
reciprocity would bring were* fully
explained.   Opposition arguments
were overthrown by this man who
is a member of the largest fish
exporting linn in the world and
knew whereof he spoke.
The Canadian east coasl like
the Canadian west coast has far
more lish than can be found it
ihe waters along the United States
eoi'.si. The result of the adoption
of reciprocity is obvious. No
argument is necessary. Print
Rupert has even more- lo gain by
reciprocity than Halifax.
Sam  Nedich  Suffered  Painful
Injury Last Night
Nipped olY almost as if with a
blunt pair of scissors the forefinger
of a workman named Sam Nedich
engaged on Nick Gurvich's contract on Third avenue, hung by
a shred of flesh hist night. Dr. had io complete ilu- amputation.   The linger was useless.
The painful accident occurred
at five p.m. hist night. Nedich
was working wiih the derrick
which is worked by a wire cable
drawn by a horse in the usual
manner. Just as the horse was
going to move Nedich caught
sight of a kink in the cable which
was going to jam in the pulley.
He- tried to straighten the wire.
The horse started up at the same
moment, and ilu- linger caught
in the worn wire just like a pair
of scissors, chopped through flesh
and snapped the bone before the
horse could be slopped. Dressed
speedily by Dr. Cade* the wound
will heal ill! right.
George Parkes, City Workman,
Now in Hospital
While ergaged on tlu heavy,
.-.nd rather risky work of building
retaining walls on first avenue
between Seventh and Eighth streets
George Parkes, a city workman,
had his foot severely crushed by
ihe movement of one of the hirge
stones used for the retaining wi lis.
lie was conveyed to the General
Hospital, and is detained then*
meantime, though it is expected
lhat the injury will not result
in any serious complication or
permanent disablement.
Mayflower   Has   Arrived
You know the word Mayflower
means the first and something
good. Mayflower creamery butter
is the* first in the butter world. It
is the real pure goods New shipment al Ideal Provision House.
Phone 190.
First Quarter of Fiscal Year is
A Hummer
For the first quarter of thc
present fiscal year, Canada's total
foreign trade was ��180,880,500, an
increase of 19,706,708 as compared with April, May and June
of last year. The increase was
entirely in imports, which totalled
8121,353,584, or nearly $12,000,000
more than for the corresponding
period of last year.
Exports for domestic products
aggregated 164,484,400, a falling
off of nearly 18,000,000, of which
$2,000,000 was in exports of foreign
The trade for Juno totalled
��08.710,309, an increase of $2,-
098,445. Imports for the month
totalled $42,930,881, an increase
of a little over 18,000,000.
Customs revenue for the three
months was $18,926,758, an increase of $2,358,437.
Jncertainty of British Reception at Present
it weather inactivity has con-
fnucd in the bond market, though
join.* f.iily important purchases
|f municipals were made by East-
rn institutions early in ilu* month,
fin* .Inline in ihe stock market
RS il..ub,less made investors Itss
hthusiastic a* lo industrial boi ds;
l any ra c, such .- itention r.s has
en given to the Montreal bond
flarkct during .he early pari of
uigusl showed .-' relative gain for
Municipal and public utilities.
flu- bread merger securities were
in..1 io ilu* public last week
11,250,000 0 per eel.,   bonds at
Is-1-'J with bonus >.f 25 p. c. com*
lion siock.   1, will be interesting
watch    the   out come   of   the
��� liar's heralded intention t<> both
crease ihe price of bread and
pay dividends on newly created
Westell, municipalities may nou '
with interest tin- fad that St.
Catharines, Ont., which two
months ago turned down i'.n offer
of 101 1-2 for some .��225,000, 4 1-2!
p. c debentures, a fortnight ago
accepted an offer of about IQQ 1-2.
The financial press generally hr.s
pointed ma for some months that,
for the rear future, there is no
indication of a ri ing market for
nun icipl 1 issin s. ()f course, where
ii is feasible for a municipality
... wail several months, there is
more to be Baid for the policy
of deferring an intended issue,
bui any day-to-day attempt a;
securing a better price is shortsighted.���Canadian Finance.
Ranchers Rallying to Keep in Line With Other Live Communities
in Rupert Neighborhood���Will Stand Firm for Duncan Ross
and   Reciprocity���-Right  Policy   for   Development   of
District���Roads and Wharves Needed for Porcher
Island's  Prosperity
Porcher Island Liberals are lo
establish a Liberal Association
there, as a good proportion of the
Isettlers there are anxious to lend
iheir whole hearted support to
the Dominion Government in its
work for lhe district, anel the
irce.    Many of the  Porcher
Island settlers have had considerable experience of conditions in
ihis Province ar.d oilier places,
and realise the undoubted advantage to British Columbia, Prince Rupen, and the districts adjacent to Prince Ruperl of Reciprocity with the United States.
)ne Seed Tuber Planted in Three  Pieces Produces' These set iters are staunch sup-
Mr. anel Mrs. E. Shaughnessy
left   for   ii   holiday   ihis  morning j.,
on  ;i visit   iii some of  lhe  coast
Twenty Pounds of New Potatoes When Dug���Frank
Lundy's Garden Sown in April More Than
Makes Good This  Fall
iii e of the early pioneers of the
��t side of Porcher Island, in
���act, ilu* oldest established rancher
were, Mr. Frank Lundy has jus,
I'Hiieul in bis ranch after having
��� ���������en Up river ;t work during the
summer,    lb* is much gratified
"'  lii'd   liis  garden   planted   wi.h
:ll  kinds of  vegetables on   April
20th  lii-.s  flourished  exceedingly
pvcll.   LcttUCC, cabbage, peas, rhu-
��� 'I', nlsc potatoes and other root
Kcgetablcs have done splendidly
Ken with the slight attention/that
could be given them in Mr.
Lundy's absence.
Potatoes Particularly
Regarding potatoes in particular
Mr. Lundy draws attention to the
IPhcnomenal  fertility  of  the  soil
'���   Porcher  Island.     In  April  he
 ���* ��ne extra large potato with
IJ-yes well distributed upon it.
This seed tuber Mr. I.undy cut
l! -hree, and planted die three
pieces in ;i spot on his potato
I1'1"'' where he could identify
'������������' remits again. He just xhiy,
"P ������������' Cop of that one potato.
I'1-*' "ingle tuber has multiplied
���' hundred fold. No less than
twenty pounds of new potatoes
'������ *v*- been taken by Mr. Lundy
from the hill where he pul in die
three pieces.
Mail Service Soon
Strawberries, too, says Mr. Lundy are a phenomenally good crop
on Porcher Island. Berries grown
on his own ranch are larger than
those of the tamed Fraser Valley.
All   the   neighboring   settlers   arc
doing well,  and  amongst  other
signs of progress upon which they
are counting for the grater prosperity of Porcher Island is the
Institution   of  thc  regular  mail
service promised when the Government Superintendent of Post
Offices was here lasi. This mail
service is confidently expected next
Bud Corky of ihe Royal Hotel,
has gone south op a well deserved
holiday. He has been here three
years witluuil a trip south and
now he is going lo have about six
weeks of recreation in Portland,
Seattle anil other lilies. Hc is
taking his mother, who has been
visiting here for some time RS far
as Vancouver, when after a week's
slay there she will visit friends
in Calgary and then return lo her
home in thceasi near Collingwood,
poriers of Duncan Ross, anil are*
arranging to get together now to
form a Liberal Association which
will  help along the candidate's
cause,   llu*   cause   of   reciprocity,
and incidentally most certainly
the development <>f Porcher Island.
A meeting of settlers to from tin-
Liberal Association is called for
Saturday evening, September 2nd,
in the schoolhouse at Sandy Beach,
Goose Bay. -.The settlers are-
spreading the announcement am*
ong their friends.
Provincial Work Stopped
Progrees with the wagon roads
under construction on Porcher Island wits being made very steadily
and to the great satifsaction of
the settlers there until recently
when the gangs of road builders
have been taken off, with ihe
appropriation from the Provincial
Government exhausted, antl the
wagon road between Refuge Hay
and Spilh-r River siill Unfinished.
There is a gap of several miles
in the middle of it and setllers
are saying wiih knowing little
smiles thai the filling of lhat
gap is the Conservative sprat lo
be dangled before the mackerel
of the Porcher Island settlers'
vote. Whether that be ho or nol,
then- are other Improvements coming lo Porcher Island not less
important than this wagon road
which will open up much valuable
land for settlers and which ought
to be completed in the interests
of the Province and of Prince-
Rupert let alone those of Provincial Government politicirrs.
Wharf at Refuge Bay
Recently the Dominion Government Post Office Inspector paid
a visit lo Porcher Island, ard as
mentioned in another part of this
paper made arrai gementa for postal facilities t��. be Increased, and
a regular mail service established
RS soon is possible io meet the
needs of lhe growing community
of set tiers there. Another improvement very much io be desired
actoss tit   Porcher is ;.  whurf at
Reiterates Advice of Horace Greeley After Visit   to
Canadian West���Specializes This Province in Big
Story in Boston Post���Tells of Opportunities
and Possibilities
"Go west, young man," was the
advice of thiit pinnacle of journalism, Horace (ireely. "do west,
young man," is the advice of Tom
Law son, of Boston, financial magnate, one of the best known men
in the financial world, who gives
the advice with double emphasis
after a visit to the west. He has
just returned to Boston and in a
big front page story in a recent
issue of the Boston Post he says
go to the Canadian West ard of
all places go to British Coulnibia.
He was responsible for some
optimistic utterances a few weeks
ago in Vancouver when he was
there after he had crossed the
Canadian veldt, after he had pierced into the fertile valleys of B. C,
and after he had probed into the
nooks and crevices holding untold mineral wealth ir .his pro\ ince
"Here is a country of illimitable
possibilities���a young man's country," he says. Then he goes on
io tell of these possibilities of
these opportui iiies, in the article-
in ihe Post. Ard Tin Lawson's
utterances carry weight. He tells
of Prince Ruperl if what it is
going to be at ,he elawn of tomorrow. He has got some of
those prosy people back there in
ihe medieval east all attention
and mi-1 y of iheiii are bound to
take the advice of the old sage,
Horace (ireely when reiterateel by
Tom I.awson and go west.
Pantorium Pioneer  Cleaners,
Phone 4.
Financial Statement of Dominion ii> Good
Refuge Bay.    In this connection
too,   the   Dominion   Government
haa  been  early on   lhc job,  for
ihe department's engineer has only
recently completed his survey of
., ii.:.      f���, $1,152,538.    With over fifty nn -
lhe   waters   and   shore   sites   lorl ' '
, .      , ���     ,*     * .    .   i ,i     lions of supply voice   bv  Per hc-
wharves in  tins district, and the ,.     ,    .
mi-ill   before   dissolution   ard   an
The financial siatenie-rt of the
Dominion for tin- first four months
of the fiscal year shows a steadily
growing revenue with expenditures remaining practically stationary. Income for the four
months was $40,309,171, an increase* of $4,753,732, as compared
with last year. For July the
increase was $1,748,939. Ex|>ci>-
diture on consolidated fund account for the four months was
$23,002,086, an increase of $958,
609 compared with lasi year.
Expenditure on capital account
was   $4,044,799,   a   decrease   of
hi's siill about twenty-five millloi s
available to carry on tlu- administration until tin* new Parliament
metis in October.
The public debt on the 31si of
July was $327,181,427, a decrease
of a million a: d a hill as compared
with the same dr.te lasi year.���
Ensign   Johnstone   Did   Good
Work  at   Essington
Are you, or are you
not, in favor of adopting the G. T. P. assessment agreement?
Do you, or do you not,
approve of the plan proposed by the city to supply Prince Rupert with
water, electric power
and electric light all in
one scheme at a cost of
$550,000 to be owned
and operated by the
To satisfy yourself on
these very important
questions it is up to
you to read the two bylaws on another page of
this issue of the News.
The city council can
not ask you to vote on
these bylaws without
giving you an opportunity to know all about
On September 2nd
when the vote on both
issues will be taken,
you will be the arbiter.
appropriations are announced.
Goods   Landed   on   Beach
At present when the G. T. P.
S.S. Prince John calls with consignments of goods for Porcher Island
io be landed ai  Refuge Bay, she-
hi's io land them by means of her
own boats. This is a bush-ess
taking up a gooil deal of time in
steamer work, and naturally the
officers and crew of the Prince
John with the steamer's schedule
to adhere to, and all sorts of little
delays liable to occur on the
Island irip have lo land the stuff
as hurriedly as possible.
The  gooels are  landed  by  lhe
boats and placed on the Ikv.-Ii
mn  of course carried up above
high   Wilier   mark.      Unless   the
setihrs   are   there   to   meet   the
boat   they must  take  the chance
of their stuff being Spoiled by the
rising   of   the   tide.     A   suitable
wharf, not  necessarily an expensive- one. nor an elaborate structure, would obviate this difficulty.
Island Conditions  Fine
All  this summer  the  beautiful
weather which has prevailed has
done wonders for Porcher Island
gardens   ard   farms.     Haying   is
now being carried on in the best
of conditions, and valuable crops
will   be  secured.     Green   stuff  in
gardens   flourishes,   second   crops
being   raised   in   some   cases   by
sowing  of  late  lettuce,  radishes,
ard other garden stuffs.    In  tin
warm weather which hi's been almost   continuous  for  weeks  now
the children of the ranchers have
been bathing, paddling, and playing on the sandy sea beach every
expenditure so far of about twenty-
eight   millions   the   Government
List Sunday Ensign Johnstone
of ihe Salvation Army went to
Pori Essington ami had an immensely successful lime. The
workers in the canneries were
about lo disband, as tile* season
had ended, so he figureel on
farewell services. At each of the
outdoor services he had over forty
helpers and his work I here was
much appreciated.
Pen Pushers Put it All Over  the  Blue Ribbon  Boys
on the Indoor Diamond  Last  Night   Score 33-20
For Quills���Surprise of the League
Radiantly Royals fluitcre-el their
Blue Ribbon badges as they step-
e-d otil on the lime lit diamond
lasi night. Flamboyantly Quill-
drivers flourished their feather
plumes, shorn even as they were
by ihe severe- clipping administered
by  ihe  Crescents on  Tuesday,
Expectantly the crowd waited lo
sec Royals dlltt the diamond, so
lo speak, with the tail fealllcrs
of  their  foes.    So  much  for  the
start of the most sensational match
yet  played  in  lhe-  League series.
What  happened?    Well,  Quills
dusted lhc diamond with Royal
Blue Ribbons. Score 33-20 in
favor of the fcalhcrbrcd flock.,
Now, what do you know about
Most Exciting Game
Considering the poor form
shown by he Quills at their last
tussle with the Crcscenls tin* result
came as a surprise to the athletic
circle of the cily. Everybody
was   talking   about   it   late   last
night. Not until the first glimmer-1 pert.   But tiiere
ing rays of dawn began to appearlirrepressiblc   Bud
.over the mountains did the echoeslfoi ihe row, defunct "Ail-
Development <>f ihis kind I of that great big exclamation of I Printers" team, tin- doyen of Iris going far to place Poreheil surprise that smote- the city, dieldoor Baseball in Prine-e Rupert
Island's prospects of prosperity I away. Quills deserved their win. I alone can claim the title "Ur-
in the front rank. I They   played   magnificently.     In-vanquished."
every inning except the secord,
and lhe last two when Royals
made c frantic rally, Quills hid
the advantage.
Bert Blake Hurt
In   tin*  seventh  inning  yuills
suffered disaster which makes their
performance all the more i reditable
They lost the skillful services .for
iheir side of Berl Blake, who
had to limp off with a badly
sprained ankle.   He met with the
injury while sliding into Third
base, and lhe doctor's verdict
is "several days in bed" for Bert.
But he did nobly before the
accident.   Rooters for both sides
went nearly frantic as lhe game
progressed. They could be heard
on Pulton Street, and Bt tin- school-
house. "Bud" Corley was tilt-re
rooting himself hoarse for lhe
Ribbons. After the mulch his
voice dwindled tO a husky whisper
as he remarked that tin- Royal
Blues had up till last night been
the only undefeated team in Ru-
we fancy, the
WM   mistaken THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Princa Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
From Hotxl River to Lethbridge, where the former rate was SI.12 1-2
it is now 80 cents, and from Hood River to Regina and Winnipeg,
| where tile rate used to be SI.25, the new schedule has it at SO cents.
People who know the West, and who are aware of the almost
1 prohibitive prices which are asked there for fruit, will see in the foregoing announcement a real boon for Western Canada.   At present,
whatever fruit is shipped to the newer Provinces from Eastern Canada
is subject to a great loss by dete-oirai'ion; most varieties are nol shipped
SUBSCR1PTIO.N' RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance,   at all.    In the far West, therefore, the consumer must pay duty on
Weekly, $2.00 per year.   Octside Canada-Daily, $5.00 peryear; Weekly,, (Jn*ted States fruit from Eastern  Canada, the latter often in  poor
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance. condition.    Eastern growers will be more than  compensated for the
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-BO cents per inch.    Contract rates  -0M "'  ,his questionable market by the advantages  offered by an
"    The Wesc will get its fruit dutyfree
on application.
Daily News Balding, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sound News Co.
If there is one- thing more certain than any other aboul the effect
of reciprocity on the Dominion of Canada it is that the reciprocity
London-. ENGLAND -The Clougher Syndicate. Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar ! policy will result in a more extensive and prosperity-Spreading de-
American market near at hand,
fri'in the nearby States.
Ar.d reduction of freight rau-s is not such an ominous ' ing as
Opposition papers appear to think. When American railways reduce
rates Canadian roads will have to follow suit in order to i .mpete.
MM i H���-
->���"*���*���*������ -^������"^���-������-��-���-��. "fc..^_^^,.
Daily Edition.
Friday. Aug. 25
velopment of British Columbia than has ever happened yet,, r i- ever
likely to happen under retrograde Conservatism which aim- to "Conserve" the country's resources for the few, rather than to develop
tin in Liberally for the many. As if we didn't need to encourage the
many to settle in the Province and help on the good work!
A ~*
This is a little section ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women.   Any and all of the ladiw of I'rince Rupert | pionshlp of C anaela last week,
what Mr. Balfour never doubted, that freedom  sre invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its  discussions.  Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor.   The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
A tariff on foodstuffs means a tax on food. Britain learned that
primary economic fact through sore experience. For this reason no
British Government will dare tax the UkkI of the British people. Sue-h
a proposal was made under the guise of a preference on Canadian
wheat. Its purpose, Mr. Chamberlain saitl, was to build up the Empire
But three times over the* people of Britain refused it. Every Liber. !
and every Radical fought it. Today inside thc L'nionist party itself
it is being strongly opposed and openly abandoned. The younger
men are coming to
to iiii|-K>ri foodstuffs from the widest, the best, and the most convenient
markets is absolutely necessary not only to Britain's commercial
Stability, but also to the very life of the British people. Britain will
not tax her people's food, anel therefore she cannot give* a preference
on Canadian wheat.
An Empire bound together by a tax on the food of the people,
with its millionaires on great estates and its inevitable hungry paupers
in city slum-. i�� an Empire doomed to speedy disruption and hojx-less
decay. And just because the Government and people of Britain
reject that policy of tariff union, and the overseas Prime Mii isten
refuse it. the Briiish Empire t.xlay is a living thing, wiih promise of
life and power and glory more splendid and more enduring than ever
these food-tax jingoes dreamed.
And in Canada of all places this food-tax policy is of all ihings
the most inexcusable. There is for it not even ihe poor excuse of
"protecting and infant industry." Agriculture and dairying and
lumbering and the fisheries are no-, puny infants whining to be- spoonfed. They can protect themselves by the robustness of iheir own
superiority. All they ask is that lhe Government see to it that the
canals .ire adequate, that the railways are efficient and just, and that
tariff obstructions art* taken out of the way. The farmers -corn the
notion that they cannot protect themselves. They mock the at idea
that a tariff can protect the-m. If any Canadian workingman can
buy meat or tlour or cheese or fruit at cheaper prices or of better
quality in the l'nited State?s than he can in Canada the- farmer- will!
not stand in his way. They are quite willing to take their chances
with their products in a market open to thc world.
The food-tax folly is even more foolish -till. L'nde-r the reciprocity
agreement not only would the consumers have all the advanalges
of the choice and quality and price provided by the wide range and
variety of soil and season and climate given by Cod to this American
continent, but there would also Ik- <.|K-retl to the farmers and fishermen
and lumber dealers of Canada Bt their vrry doord thc enormous ard
profitable markets <>f the United States. The almost prohibitive
duties along 3.700 mile-s of bound.iry would be removed. .Anything
the Canadian producer ha- t>. -, || would find readiest market without
tax or loss. The same agreemeni that would give freedom to she
consumers in the city would open wide- the door* to the* men on the
But no! We are* told it must not be. The city man must roi be
free to buy; the farm man must not Ik- free to sell, and all this ii* tin
��.icred name of   Empire!   Yes. the name is Empire, but the real thing
is the protected monopoly and tin political necessity of those whose
cr.ifi is in dnager. Tlu-y call loudly -..�� the common people ... -. \,
tin- Empire, but their chief concern i�� for the class privileges that
create the ft w millionaires whose easy money pays for this ]..ud Imperial
But the call i�� hollow and mu>i prove vain. Neither lhe .on-
suming million- nor the producing millions will be longer deceived
b) ihi- sham patriotism >>f tin* few thi I pr..ii,�� from the burdens of
the many. The f<>o<| of Canadians "iighi to la- fre*e*. The farmers
ought ;���> be fr.e.   A free Canada mato ��� for .t loyal Empire.
The refereeing in last Saturday's
lacrosse match between Vancouver
and New Westminster is tiie subject of much adverse comment in
the terminal city. The- executive
of the Vancouver Lacrosse Club
is dissatisfied, to say the least,!
and unless an equal line* is drawn ;
between it and the New Westminster Club in the matter "f
appointing officials for the games,
it is probable that no match will
take place next Labor Day, September  4,  at   New  Westminster.
Mr. Con Jones of the Vancouver
Lacrosse Club has issued the following   statement:    "1   consider
that the game was handed to New
Westminster by the referees and
I the goal umpire, and  that  there
��� will be r.o game on September 4
.unless   Vancouver  has  some  s.'.\
' in the selection of referees for that
I day. of which they have not had
I so far this year."
Miss  Florence Sutton  of California defeated Miss Lois Move-,
of Toronto  for the  tennis chain-1
General Merchandise
Largest Siod
Lowest Prices  in  Northern B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
Opposition papers ar.* publishing tin* following paragraph as ���
proof of the <lis.i��;r>.,is results which will.... nn from redprodiy:
How the Western American railways view tin* prospect ol Increased fr.-ijatht traffic iii fruit SI a prospective result of reciprocity is
ver) strikingly revealed in Information which reached tin* Parliament
Buildings.    The  office  of   the  Ontario   Pruii   Growers'   Association
received word that tin Oklahoma-Washington Railway and Navigation Company has already CUt rait- by Over 2.*> per Cent from |M.ints
in the Western State**- to |��>ints in the Canadian West. This reduction
applies to fruit alone. From Walla Walla, I... Grande, and North
Yakima 10 Lethbridge th.  former rate of SI per hundred weight has
bun reduced to "���) cents, and from the tame points to Winnipeg,
where the former rate was |1,12, il has lieen reduced  to Co cents, land the girls who don't.    Here's
some advice for the former .lass.
The Coming  Industry for th
Women of B. C.
Although less than a month
distant, the approaching ten-round
bout in Milwaukee. Wis., between
Ad   Wolgast,  champion   of   tin
world,   and   Packey   McFarland,
scheduled   for  Friday.  September
15, is the one bout  that ev.n Ih
considered worth while.   The fact
Women   fruitgrowers are  -up- that the* match is scheduled for
porting themselves in a ni"st satis- no more than ten rounds has b . i
factory wr.y by means of the small I lost sight of in the  East, and.
fruits and early vegetables which strange-  to say,  there are many
they plant between the rows of willing  to predict   thai   Wolgast
BlldWeiSer Beer, W* are sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company,
tsm Hi  i
po b��i sn
charge of
pple   tries,
the   lards
Those has made a bad bargain and will
of   the   be whipped by lhe stock\.irds 1m.\ ,
Byanes lake district have provided writes Harry B. Smith.
a skilled expert, whi se ��"le busines
is to assist and advise- thc newcomer.
"Is ar.y necessary
for fruit-growing?" remarks thi-
exp rt. "I would frankly say that
t xperierce  of  loc-.l  conditions  is
the well*
ring   au
known   San
Con Walsh, giant weight to--.r
of the New York Athletic Club
ar.d one of the greatest performers
on  earth  in  the  hammer throw
worth much more than general, and 5G poutul Wligh, ,.Vl.mi j.
agricultural theoretical knowledge. now ;n Seattle and a member oi
More than 80 per cent of the men tlu. Seattle Athletic Club. The big
. nd women who make up fmi, New Yorke*r will accompany thi
growii g in British Columbia start s. A. C. track team to the Pacifii
absolutely without experience of
any sort of farming. My idea is
thai a woman of education and
application will do far better th. r
a -"-.-all'.I 'practical fruit-grower'
Coast championship g. nies at Astoria on August 2o. but he will U
compelled lo compete unattached,
as his six months' residence i-
required  by  lhe  A.   A.   I',   rules
who is illiterate.  If your'educated before hc c'an rcpreeeni 8 town in
gentlewoman' is not afraid of ret.l which hc. has no, prt.vjously lived
work in the open, she will fird
h.r brain a greater asset than her
hands; no line of agriculture
pi >s better for the intelligence
devoted to it than fruit-farming
Black stripe*d whitt cotton voile
was used in the mi king "f this
daintv frock.   The tunic or over*
Variety of Material Now Used
For It
Ottawa, Aug. 2.3.���Frank Pat
rick, promoter of the new Western
Hockey League, arrived in Ottawa
today in search of players. He has
lines out for Taylor of Renfrew,
Lake,   Kerr.   Walsh   aid   othtrs
of Ottawa and had conferences
with all of tiiem. None, however,
consei'tetl to do any until
the new league is a certainty.
Senator Jim Scott of Wyoming
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Suwart, Thursdays and Sundays
at 8 a.m. Special Tare on Sunday
boat. $9.50 return including meals
and berth.
... Prince John sails for Port Simp-
ton, Naas River, Masset, Naden
Harbor. Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and t it
Queen Charlotte Island points.  Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Srr.-ic* lo Copper Rivar
Mixed IraUns from Prince Kupert Wed-
neselays and Saturdays,  1  p.m.,  returning   Thursdays    and    Sundays
6.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Sjr.irm
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxunous trains over iu
double track route between Chicago.
Toronto. Montreal, Quebec, Halifax.
Portland, Boston. New Y'ork and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and UckeU obtained from the
office of
-General Hardware -
Builders' Hanlwar*.*
Valves & I'i|.es      Oxford Stovei *
Graniti-ware      Tit-war.;      ��
��� ��� ��� ��� - ���-���-��-���- *-*-*
OFFICE    :   :
For all kinds of help, cooki.
waiters, difhwa-1. rj. Dotal porters, all kind*. <>f luborvr* or m��-
chanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call al ���
Grand Hotel Free Emplovmrnl Oict
Headquarters for -
.,���. A .ia;.:-
Plumbing. Heating, Sts is " *������������*-
Sheet Mstal Wl ra GIvmi
Phon* 1T4 -
Canadian Pacific Railway ::
B.C. Coast  Srr.ic*
Famous   Princess   Line
Male-rials  now   lieing  used   for
dress i- particularly pretty and '���"' 1,-',,<I ^'m *** ���**���������"��� **B*t*. .
extend. <r'������ ride to side Ground nd   rajah   silk,   the   satin   l���i,*g  J" been qujhjed  to members.,,,
back only.' Bias folds of cerise Rrstcholce.  When not of, he skin Ln    h"  ^  (,,l<' / >''
satin   -rim   and   run   up   10   lhe ��"��eri. I. however, tiicrc is always Tamir8' handing 1 he* I >e,roit ag-
bodice ui-d.r a girdle and on to ��� " ri.iin unsuitability in appear*
kimonoslecve.  The latter is finish- ���in,('  ������������������  ������* r;itlu'r undesirable.
id with a turned frill of white
lawn, edged wiih ��� narrow band of
cerise utin .tnti matches the frill. .1
collar.     The   buttons   are   black
Good Story Tellers as Well as
Good Candy Makers
Vacation girls are divided Into
two classes,  the   girls who camp
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM  T. KFRCIN. M D, President DAVID H HAYS, IH Vlee-Pres.
.*.* .... M I  HOBIN. 2nd VicePret. and Manager
IAY KUGU:R. Secretmni-Treasurer C. B. PETERSON. Aul.-Manager
E"��uhw sr,<l AJminliliatar
' Ei!'"�� "nd Insurant.
RereLei ar Assignee Fam Ixsnds and Mines
Agent Foi Care of Real Estate      /',..-... Agents
,,   .*""." Registrar and Transfer Agenl
���W* !>.>**�� yn��� Sntm,*6 M"it��" ajD"'' o/ *���
m .. ColUtthnt
���H-m*. x bWMTMKNT. 4 *.,������, m0vhM
The  Continenlal  Trutl  Company,,   Limited,
Take along a good supply of
stories to tell. Arnurd the camp
fire at night a good story teller i~
an acquisition. Not only is a
supply of jokes good: hut weird
stories, ghost stories,animal siories,
Frequently a substitute is foundI
in the use "i a sash, either of ribbon j
or of wide silk basket, it
being tied at the back and the-
wide ends falling down the skirt
nearly to the hem.
Raisin Drop Cookies
Ore cup sugar, 2 eggs, 2-3 cup
shortening 1-2 cup milk, a lit tie
sidi, I teaspoon vanilla, 2 tea-
spoons level of cream tartar, 1
level teaspoonful of soda, flour to
make a soft  dough,    Drop on
buttered tins, place a spoonful of
filling on the top, and bake a
delicate brown. Have your dough
stiff   enough   so   filling   will   nor
fall to the bottom.
Filling for raisin drop cookies:
One cup chopped raisins, 1-2 cup
| will all be listened tow ith vividity. |suBar-   *'2 CIIP waU'r-   *  dessert-
poonful flour.    Cook till thick as
cream.   Stir tO prevent burning.
Not all evenings will lie spent
around the camp fire, but some
will, and the good talker will add
much tO the evening's pleasure.
When n iKittle of Ollvi s hits lieen
[opened and not all tin- olives used.
put  a  teaspoonful  of olive oil,
or enough to t over the ion of the
When making a cover for a sofa
pillow, it is well to have it ay least
an inch smaller each way than lhe
pillow itself.
Wi|H* off the wootlwork of shelves
[|liquid   remaining   in   the   bottle,  and  floors of closets or wherever
lives   will   not   become  danger of moth lies, with a solution
flat  or stale.
I of carbolic nciel.
gregation a 0 to 1 defeat.
May be Ty Cobb isn't the whole
Worka among the Tigers, but they
haven't won a game since the
Georgia peach dropped from the
This Boston aggregation is going
to be fine at coming from behind
when a game seems hopeless and
either winning or lying the score.
Chicago, Aug. 23.���Tom Jones,
manager of Ad Wolgast, professes
to believe there is a possibility
that thc Wolgast-McFralard fight
schedule for Milwaukee, September
15, will not come off. He declared tin re WOUld be no hitch in
the Wolgast camp, but that McFarland was likely to "crawl."
McFarland indignantly denies the
New York, Aug. 23.���Young
Corbctt, who tra\ellcel over the
White Way faster than any oilier
champion, wants to come back.
Not for gold, but simply for revenge on Jimmy Biitt, whom he
thinks he can trounce now. He is
now in active training at a road
house near here, but admit! it
may be several months belore he-
can get into condition.
w. j. McCutcheon .*���  <Dl  I '  I
atunUon paid to III1IM Bmcns*mm.   *
TbestreBlodi'Mos-s.*    L>xwid����j
! ��������������������������-���������������+++���������*�����������**
Monday, August 28th, 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
Pre emptions * Purchs����
I/icated  in   LakslM
River Valleys.    *.'��� Ir -   *****
tors," Box No. '
a  a  ���  FOR ...
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. S3
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the cit>
are requested to visit the lodge.
G. T. P. Transffr A��en��
Order, promptlir 111W*   MUSI**"
OFTICK-H.B. Raeae.Xer.i-
For Sale:
Lot it
J. P. CADE. N. G.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
He: MfwfrostjLr
n.   Close m I   '    srff
Wanted to Track
Improved property In =*-���"
resident property.
For Rent: BfU**
$20 a month.
Fire, Life and Accident \^>ltt
i t or t""0 ^
NOW is the time to W ' !',    |'ld"
Fort George i>" SSIJ I .'    , m����.
call for information SIW ������     ^
One more lot on Summit SVt����
Good terms.
Money to LOSS. .
Pattullo Hloc**- THE DAILY NF.WS
TO $550,000.00.
WHEREAS, by tho Municipal Clauses Act and Amending Acts, the City
ot Prince Kupert Is authorized to construct, operate and maintain works for sup-
���lying for any "r sll purposes, water, water power, electric light, and electric
inner to the inhabitants of the said city and localities adjacent thereto, and for
emulating rules, conditions, and terms under which bucIi works are to be completed
ind used.
AND, WHEREAS, it has been considered expedient for tho City of Prince
lunert Ui construct and maintain works to obtain a permanent supply of water
ur the use of lhe inhabitants of the said city, anil any persons, who may be adjutant to the pipe lines, constructed hereunder, Buch water to be used for all purposes
[ur which the said City muy legally supply water, such works to be so constructed
is in furnish electric power, to be used by tho said City for all purposes for which
���In* suiil City is authorized by statute to upply the same.
AND, WHEREAS, the water from Woodworth Luke, situated on the Tsimp-
iciin Peninsula, can bo utilized for the purpose of obtaining a good and sufficient
upply of water for the said City, and uluo for the purpose of supplying electric
lower  for the use of the said City.
AND, WHEREAS*-, instead of constructing two separate systems, one for
he supply of water, and the othei for producing electric power, the Council have
-uneludcd lhal a combination of the two systems in one will be much more cco-
iiiiniiiil and equally as efficient.
AND, WHEREAS, in order to effect such a combination, it will be necessary
|to install mains from the point of diversion to the point, where the power plunt
i to be constructed, of sufficient diameter to carry water for both purposes, which
���,'ill be much more than would be required for either the w liter supply or the electric
kystem alone.
AND, WHEREAS, considering the above recited fucts, ihe Council have
etermined to treat the whole scheme as u joint undertaking and to provide for
{the construction of tho same us such.
AND, WHEREAS, the general description of the proposed Hydro-Electric
System is as follows:���
A dum lo be erected as a suitable point near the outlet of Woodworth Lake;
Ifroin thut point the water to be piped down to a point at or near the heud of Sha-
���vutliius Luke, the suid pipe to be of u capucity large enough to carry sufficient
Jhlter for the supply of the City of Prince Rupert, and also to operate at or neur
|thu head of Shawatlans Lake, a plant for the purpose of generating electricity;
id after leaving the head of Shawatlans Lake the water to be piped into the
City of I'rince Rupert, and there be distributed by a proper distribution system,
Wnii the electric power will be brought into the said City by transmission lines
Irom the head of Shawatlans Lake.
AND, WHEREAS, the amount of the debt necessary to be incurred by the
"ity of Prince Rupert for thc construction of the suid Hydro-Electric Plant, and
lhe necessary distribution system connected therewilh, is the sum of $560,000.00.
AND, WHEREAS, the total amount which will have to be raised unnuully
|or tin* purpose of puying thc suid debt und interest will be $28,1148.54.
AND, WHEREAS, the said Hydro-Electric System cannot be completed
before the first day of September A. D. 1912, and, therefore, the amount of rates,
eliurges, und rentals for the use of water or electric power will during this present
year be nil.
AND, WHEREAS, no money is idready charged ugainst the rentals, rates
|��r charges to be derived from the said Hydro-Electric System.
AM), WHEREAS, the estimated amount of rentals, rates, and charges thut
kill be derived from the said Hydro-Electric System after the same is completed
lhe sum of $72,500.00.
AND, WHEREAS, the sum necessary for the payment of interest during
Jilt* currency of the debentures to be issued hereunder is $24,750.00 per annum.
AND, WHEREAS, the sum to be set aside annually to discharge the debt,
Authorized to be created by this bylaw, is the sum of $4,198.54 per annum, antl
i* proposed to set aside such annual sum by depositing the same annually ut
Interest in a chartered bunk or trust company in Cunudu or by the purchase of
llu* debentures of lhe said Cily al a price not above pur or by both such modes of
Itivi'sinicul, or by investing the sume in uny manner which u Municipal corporation
in*,' legally adopt.
AND, WHEREAS, thc umounl to be raised annually for the payment of the
kaid debt is arrived at by estimating the interest to be derived from the annual
|nvi.aiuH<iilof such sum al the rate of three and a half per cent. (3 1-2  per cent.
tr annum.
AND, WHEREAS, thc total amount of rateable land and improvements in
lhc City of Prince Rupert, according lo lhe last revised assessment roll is as follows:
Lund, $12,22.1,041.00;   improvements, $497,965.
AND, WHEREAS, it is eslimuted thut after the suid Hydro-Electric System
completed, lhe rentals, rates, and charges to be collected therefrom will be
kullicient lo pay lhe annual umounts required lo pay lhe interest and sinking fund
required to be raised under ihis Uyluw, and lhat there will be no deliciency to be,
made up under the guarantee to be given by tho City as hereinafter provided.
AND, WHEREAS, thc Cily intends lo issue debentures for the amount of
lhc suid debt, being $650,000, by the side of which to reulize the moneys nccessury
lor the said piirpi.M*.-. lhe suid debentures to extend for a period of lifty (50) years
>nd to be secured upon the rentals, rales, und churges to be derived from the suid
Hydro-Elect ric System for the supply of water and electric light and power, and
Uo to be secured by the guarantee of the City at large.
AND, WHEREAS, this Bylaw cannot be altered save with the consent of thc
Lk-ulciiiinl-Governor in Council.
NOW, THEREFORE, the Municpiul Council of thc City of Prince Rupert
pnacla us follows: ���
1. This Bylaw shall Hike effect on the 12lh day of September, A. D. 1911.
2. So .~mi.ii as conveniently may be after the coming into force of this Bylaw,
llie Corporation of the City of Prince Rupert shall construct the works mentioned
In the recitals hereinbefore contained according to plans and specifications to be
prepared, und signed by the City Engineer, und approved by the Municipal Council
bf the City of Prince Rupert, under the seal of the said City, and duly filed with
lhe Clerk of the City; which plans may be from time to time altered and amended,
pr added to during the construction of the suid work, if the Municipul Council
Shall see til; in uny of which cases, plans of such alterations, amendments, or
addition shall be approved, signed, sealed and filed as above provided for the
briginal plans, the intent of this By-law being that the City in constructing the
pork hereby authorized shall have full authority to do everything to make the
Suid Hydro-Electric System complete in every particular and detail.
I ;). For the purpose of paying for the construction of the works hereby uu-
fchnrize.l, the City of Prince Rupert is hereby empowered to create a debt of $560,-
puu.UO, which debt shall be payable in lifty t50) years from the date when this
Bylaw comes in force; namely, the 12th day of September, A. D. 1911, for which
debt debenturi-s shall be issued lo be secured in manner hereinafter appearing.
4. The sum of $24,750.00 is necessary for the payment of interest each year
���luring tha currency of said debentures,'and the sum of $4,198.64 is necessary to
i>t* set aside annually during the currency of thc said debentures for the purpose
of forming a sinking fund, with which to pay lhc said debt and debentures al
���maturity, the suid sum of 1^4,198.64 to be ruisetl annually as a sinking fund, being
���Uch ihat logeiher with the prolits accrued from the investment thereof at the
Bnterest rale of three und a half (3 1-2) per cent, per annum, during thc currency
sol saiil debentures, will be sufficient to discharge thc said debt when due.
I 6. Thc said sum of $24,760.00 is necessary for the puyment of in*crest during
lllii* currency of the debentures, and the sum of $4,198.54 necessary to be raised
Manually us a sinking fund shall be raised as follows:-From thc annual rates
���accruing from the Hydro-Electric System and estimated ut $72,500.00 shall be
���withdrawn and set apurt from tho general revenue of the City, the sum of $28,-
I94S.54, und the suid sum ahull be pluced in a separate account by thc City Treasurer,
lkiuiwii us the "Hydro-Electric System Account," und in cuse the annual receipts
I from saiil churges shall be less than the suid sum of $28,948.54 thc diti'crence shall
I be raised und levied in cuch year, during the said period of lifty (60; years, and
I currency (>f the debentures by speeiul rate sufficient therefor on all the rateable
���lend in the City of Prince Rupert, und shall be collected by the suid City as inun-
|lcipal taxes, und placed in the said "Hydro-Electric System Account."
(i.   The said sum of $4,198.54, to be raised unnuully us sinking fund, shall
I..* invested annually by the City Trensurar upon  the recommendation of the
��� Council in such securities, or iu such manner as is permitted by law, including
| tnosa hereinbefore recited investments.   '
7. There shall be issued any number of debentures to be mude for such sums
���>-���< muy be required for the raising of said sum of $550,000.00 and said debentures
may be either for currency or sterling money, payable in gold coin for not less
than $100.00 currency and 20 pounds sterling each, and not exceeding the whole
sum of $550,000.00 and the said debentures shall be duly prepared, executed,
sad snlil f���r the purposes aforesaid. ,
8. The said debentures shall be deemed to have been properly executed
by being signed by the Mayor and thc Treasurer of the said City, and shall be
sealed with its corporate seal. ,      .   _
9. The said debentures shall bear the dute of 12th duy of September A. D.
| '������11. being thc dute on which this Bylaw takes effect, and shall contain u promise
W pay the principal of the said debentures and also the interest thereon at the
rats of four and a half I 1-2) percentage per unnum, puyablc half-yearly on the
l-i day of January and the 1st day of July in each year, and mny be with or without
.ouiHins attached thereto for the payment of said interest, and in cuse coupons
I s"all be attached to said debentures, suid coupons shall be equivalent lo one-hall
Mars interest at the said rate of four und a half (4 1-2) percent, per annum,
"pun lhe amount of the debenture to w.iich they shall be respectively attached,
"lie coupon being mude payable each six months from und nfter the date ol tne
said debentures.
IU. Thc suid coupons shall be deemed to have been properly executed by
"ai-h one having written, stamped, printed or lithographed thereon, the mimes
<<[ lhe Mayor und Treasurer of the said City. Euch coupon shall be numbered
'Hill the number of the debenture to which it in attached.
... II. The suid debentures shall be made payable at any place in England, the
l nite.l States, or Canada therein set out. ,   ��� ,        ��� ,,
12. The amount of the said coupons, namely: the interest, shall be payable
"t any of the places in England, the United States, or Canadu therein set out.
. ����. The said debentures when issued und Bold, und any coupons attached tliere-
W WhSB the debentures aforesaid have been issued and sold, shall be deemed a valid
'."'I binding charge upon thc rates and charges accruing from the suid Myoro-
SlBCtrio System, und upon the said City of Prince Rupert severally us ��'�����-���-
11 debt authorized by this Bylaw is subject to con
"mount of such debt.   This section shall apply only in
by .aw io no so. , .,,��� ,���,.,*,,,
. IS* H Shall be lawful for the Council, during ,the construelion o the works,
���'���reinbefore provided for, to borrow money from uny bank, at interest to1 e ngreul
' >' billing to advance tne same for thc purposes of paying tor toe said works,
any pan thereof, and for such loans to hypothecate the dcbentures to b issue
���reun.ler provided that such loans with the interest agreed to bt paid toRucn
'"ink, shall be prepaid out of the Bum of money to be realized upon the sale ol the
������i'lll   l|l'l,,.|,l,,r..u
IB. The Council may sell the Bald debentures at less than par, ,f it is found
ndvisnble to do so.
!7. Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained it shall be lawful
for the City in uny yeur to expend out of the net revenue of the Buid Hydro-Electric
System for the purpose of betterments of, or additions to, such system, a sum up
to twenty (20) per cent, of such net revenue, net revenue to menu for the purpose
of this section, the gross receipts less running expenseB and ordinary repairs, but
nothing herein contained shall in any way do away with the liability of the City
in each year either out of the profits or by rate to provide the full amount necessary
to pay interest und sinking fund us before provided. __.,
Muy or.
W.  D.  VANCE,
Acting City Clerk.
THE  ...DAY OF  A. D. 191..
���aid debentures.
TAKE NOTICE thut the ubove is a true copy of thc proposed Bylaw upon
which the Vote of the Municipality will be taken at the Police ( ourt Room, Third
Avenue, in the City of Prince Rupert on the second day of September A. I). 1911
between the hours of 9 A. M. nnd 7 P. M.
Dated 22nd day of August A. D. 1911.
Acting City Clerk.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
the City of Prince Rupert, that the presence of the snid electors is required at
the Police Court Room, Third Avenue, on Saturday, the 2nd day of September
A. D. 1911, between the hours of 9 A. M. nnd 7 P. M. for the purpose of voting
upon the Bylaw ubove set forth, being n Bylaw to provide for ihe construction
of a Hydro-Electric System to supply the City of Prince Rupert with water, electric
light and power, antl to create und Bccure a debt for the purpose of constructing the
said system amounting to $550,000.00.
Returning Officer.
WHEREAS, on the 8th day of June, 1911, an agreement WM entered into
between the parties therein mentioned, which agreement was and is in the words
and tigures following:���
MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT made in quadruplicate thia 8th day ot
June, in the yeur of Our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and eleven,
called the "City," of the first part),
the "Railway Company," of thc second part),
(hereinafter called the "Townsite Company," of the third part),
HIS MAJESTY THE KING, in his right of his Province of British Columbia,
herein represented and acting by tlie Honorable William R. Ross, Minister
of Lands of the said Province (hereinafter referred to as "The Province,"
of the fourth part).
WHEREAS, differences have arisen regarding the taxation by the Cily of
the lands belonging to the Railway Company situated within the limits of the
City of Prince Rupert, and certain other matters as hereinafter appearing, and this
ugreement is mude for thc purpose of settling such differences.
AND, WHEREAS, the Townsite Company is the owner of an undivided three-
quarters interest and the Province of an undivided one-quarter interest in the
lands referred to in paragraphs one (1), four (4) and five (6) hereof, and are severally
interested in securing an adjustment of the said difference, and as part of such
adjustment have severally agreed to transfer and lease such lands as hereinafter
consideration of the covenants nnd agreements on the part of the several parlies
herein contained, the parties hereto have agreed with each other as follows:
!��� Thc Townsite Company will, with the joint concurrence of the Province,
as testified by the Province joining in this agreement and the conveyance to be
made hereunder, convey lo the City in fee simple all those certains parcel of lands
indicated on thc plan hereto annexed as numbers three (3), eleven (11), thirteen
(18), fourteen (14), eighteen (18), twenty (20), twenty-two (22), twenty-three (23),
twenty-nine (29), thirty-eight (38). forty (40), forty-one (41), fifty-six (56), fifty-
eight (58), fifty-nine (69) and sixty-two (62).
2. The Railway Company will convey to the City in fee simple the westerly
one hundred (100) feet of Waterfront Block E, as shown in pink on attached plan
on condition that the said waterfront shall not unless upon the consent of the Company given under iu Corporate Seal be used for other than strictly municipal
3. The Province will convey to the City in fee simple the easterly one hundred
(100) feet of Waterfront Block D, as shown in pink on the attached plan, on condition that the said waterfront shall nol unless upon the consent of the Province
be used for other than strictly municipal purposes.
4. Thc Townsite Company will, with the concurrence of the Province testified as aforesaid, grant to the City a lease for the term of. nine hundred and ninety-
nine (999) years of the several parcels of land indicated on the plan hereto annexed
us numbers five (6), fifteen (16), seventeen (17), twenty-one (21), twenty-four (24),
twenty-five (26), twenty-six (26), twenty-seven (27), thirty-one (81), thirty-two
32), thirty-three (33), thirty-four (34), thirty-five (35), thirty-seven (37), thirty-nine
t39;, forty-two (42), forty-three (43), forty-four (44), forty-five (45), forty-six (46),
forty-seven (47), forty-eight (48), forty-nine (49), fifty (50), fifty-one (61), fifty-two
(62), fifty-three (63), fifty-five (66), sixty (60), and sixty-one (61). The said lease
to be at a nominal rental of one dollar ($1.00) per annum and upon the following
conditions, lhat is to say:
(a) The lease is not to be assigned or sublet without leave of the Townsite
Company and the Province;
(b) The lands are not to be used for any other than park, boulevard, or
other purposes having for their object the beautifying of the City, without the
consent of thc Townsite Company and thc Province;
(c) No buildings or structures other than statues or monuments are to be
erected upon the said parcels of any or them without the like consent.
5. The Townsite Company will, with the concurrence of thc Province testified
as aforesaid, grant to the City a lease for the term of nine hundred and ninety-nine
(999) years of the several parcels of land indicated on the plan hereto annexed
ns numbers two (2), four (4), six (6), seven (7), eight (8), nine (9), ten (10), twelve
(12), sixteen (16), twenty-eight (28), thirty-six (36) and fifty-four (64). The said
lease to be at a nominal rental of one dollar ($1.00) per annum, and not to be assigned
or sublet without leave of the Townsite Company and the Province, except as
hereinafter provided with respect to Parcel two (2):���
(a) Parcel two (2) This land shall be UBed for cemetery purposes only, and
shall be laid out and developed accordingly, maintaining a purklike effect throughout It is understood thut the City may assign or sublet individual plots in this
area to persons desiring to use the same for burial purposes without obtaining
the leave hereinbefore provided;
(b) Parcel four (4)���This land shall be used only for lhe establishment of a
reservoir and waterworks connected therewith; the erection of buildings of a public
character nnd possessing architectural merit; and in other respects for general par
(c) Parcels six (6), seven (7), eight (8), nine (9), and ten (10)���These lands
shall be used only for the purpose of public buildings, having a grouped effect
urchitecturully with purklike surroundings;
(d) Parcel twelve (12)���This land shall be used only for public park purposes
or for the erection of school, college, seminary or other public buildings;
(e) Parcel sixteen (16)��� This land shall be used ns a public recreation ground
and for the erection of public buildings of real architectural merit, the entire development to be Buch as shall produce a parklike effect. In addition to the above
it shall be lawful for the City to construct and maintain u|*on this parcel one or
more reservoirs in connection with the City waterworks system, to making for
this purpose the necessary connections therewith upon the said parcel:
(0 Parcel twenty-eight (28)���This land shall be used for a general public
park and is to be developed to that end. Without in any way lessening thc duty
of the City to preserve the parklike features of this parcel, it is understood that
for a distance of one thousand (1,000) feet to thc north of a road connecting McBride Street and the Prince Rupert Boulevard, thc natural parklike features of
the land are to be retained;
(g) Parcel thirty-six (36) ���This land shall only be used for buildings of a
public character possessing real architectural merit, the grounds surrounding same
to be suitably graded and piunted;
(h) Parcel fifty-four (54)���This land shall only be used for public buildings of
architectural merit, provided, however, that the City may construct, and maintain
a reservoir thereon. In the development of this parcel.the general parklike features
shall be adhered to.
Pending the development of nny of thc snid parcels as in this clause provided,
tho City shall not do or permit anything to be done which will detract from the
existing parklike features.
6. The conveyances provided for in thc preceding clauses shall be executed
by the parties hereto of the first, third and fourth parts, and shall contain ant
clauBCB embodying the conditions hereinbefore set forth, so as to ensure that the
lands mentioned in clauses two (2) and three (3) hereof shall be used only for the
purposes defined in this agreement.
7. ���The Railway Company will, at thc request of the City, grant such
casements over its property within the city limits as may be necessary for sewers,
water mains, gas mains, electric light, telegraph wires, telephone wires, or other
similar civic utilities, Bubject always to the approval of thc Railway Company's
engineer, whose opinion in all cases must be treated as final, without prejudice
to the right, if any, which the City muy by law possess to expropriate an casement
for any of the above purposes.
8. The Railway Company will, within a period of three months from the
date of the ratification of thiB agreement by the Legislature, commence thc erection
of its works within the city limits, consisting of permanent station, roundhouse,
engine works, machine shops and other structures and accessories incidental to the
establishment nt Prince Rupert of thc Pacific Terminus of thc Rnilwny Company,
and complete the snme with all reasonable dispatch, retaining within the City the
pay rolls in connection with Buch works, bo far as it may be feaiiblc to do so.
9. The Townsite Company will, within a period of two years from the date
of the ratification of this agreement by the Legislature, commence the erection of
a first-claBs hotel of modern design and appointments, and prosecute the construction thereof with due diligence.
10. The Ruilway Company will commence the construction of u dry dock
ut Prince Rupert in conformity with the agreement respecting the same between
the Railwuy Company und the Government of the Dominion of Cunudu.
I 11. Thc Ruilwuy Compuny will pay to the City unnuully on or before the
. 1st duy of November in cuch year for and during the period in the succeeding
clause mentioned, by way of taxation, a total fixed Bum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000), in respect of all its property, real or personal, within the City limits;
provided, however, that the said sum shall not include local improvement taxes,
which muy be imposed by the city for the improvement of public streets upon
which the Railway Company's land abuts in Sections One (1), Six i(i), Seven (7)
und Eight (8), and which streets or portions of streets may be enumerated as
Water Street
Eleventh Street
First Avenue, opposite blocks 13 und 14
First and Second Avenues from Eighth to Second Street All in Section
One (1)
Fourth Avenue, opposite blocks 6 and 7, in Section Six (6)
Overlook Street, opposite Block 4
Seal Cove Circle, opposite Block 7
Kelliher Street, opposite blocka 25 and 50
All in Section Seven (7)
KelUher Street, opposite Block 12
Morse Loop, opposite Blocks 14, 13 and 41
Eleventh Avenue, opposite Block 31
Edward Avenue, opposite Block 1
All in Section Eight (8)
Provided, however, that the Railway Company's share of such local improvement tuxes, shall not exceed one-halt of the total cost of any such local improvement.
12. Tho City agrees with the Railway Company to accept thc suid sum
of Fifteen Thousund Dollars ($16,000) per annum, together with thc said local
improvement tuxes mentioned in Clause 11 hereof, in lieu of all municiupl tuxes,
rates and assessments of every kind whatsoever to be levied by the City against
the Railway Company and upon or in respect of the lands of the Railway Company,
and all buildings, structures or other improvements thereon or therein, and all
the personal property of the Company within the City limits, for a period of ten
years from the 1st day of January, 1911.
13. The City will accept the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000
in full of ull tuxes due by the Railway Company to the City for the year 1910.
14. It ia understood by and between the parties hereto that this agreement
shall not become operative or binding unless and until the same shall have been
approved by the ratepayers of the City and ratified hy the Legislature of the
Province of British Columbia; the parties hereto severally agreeing to co-operate
in taking all steps and doing all things necessary to obtain such ratification at
the next session of said the Legislature.
15. This agreement shall extend to and be binding upon the successors and
assigns of the parties hereto respectively.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF thiB agreement has been duly executed by the
parties hereto.
(Seal.) By
Wm. Manson, Mayor,
Ernest A. Woods, City Clerk.
In presence of:
Chas M. .Hays, President.
Henry Philips, Secretary.
Chas. M. Hays, President.
Henry Philips, Secretary.
Henry Esson Young, Provincial Secretary for the Province of
British Columbia.
AND, WHEREAS, it is desirable to pass a Bylaw ratifying and confirming
the said recited agreement so that the same may be submitted for the approval
of the ratepayers of the City of Prince Rupert pursuant to Clause 14, of said Agreement:
NOW, THEREFORE, the Council of the Municipal Corporation of the City
of Prince Rupert enacts as follows:���
1. The said hereinbefore recited agreement is hereby confirmed and ratified
in every particular.
2. The said Council shall take ull necessary steps to have this Blyaw submitted to the ratepayers of thie City of Prince Rupert for their approval.
3. The said Council shall, it this Bylaw is approved by the ratepayers of
the City of Prince Rupert, take all necessary steps to obtain ratification of said
recited agreement by the Legislature of the Province of British Columbia, and
for that purpose, are hereby authorized to spend any money lhat may be necessary
and proper in obtaining the passage of said Legislation.
4. The plan referred to in the said recited agreement shall be kept on file
as a record in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Prince Rupert.
6. The Council of the City of Prince Rupert shall endeavor to have inserted
in the Statute confirming this agreement a clause authorizing the filing of the
said recited agreement, and the plan therein referred to, in the office of the Registrar
ot Deeds at the City of Prince Rupert.
6.   This Bylaw shall take effect immediately the passing thereof.
W.  D.  VANCE.
Acting City Clerk.
THE DAY OF    A. D. 191..
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon
which the Vote of the Municipality will be take at the Police Court Room. Third
Avenue, in the City of Prince Rupert on the second day of September A. D. 1911
between the hours of 9 A. M. and 7. P. M.
Dated 22nd day of August A. D. 1911.
Acting City Clerk.
NOTICE is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of the City of
Prince Rupert, that the presence of the said electors is required at the Police Court
Room, Third Avenue, in thc City of Prince Rupert, on Saturday the 2nd day of
September A. D. 1911, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 7 P. M. for the purpose
of voting on the above Bylaw, being a Bylaw to confirm the agreement made between thc Municipality of the City of Prince Runert, of the First part, the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway Company of the Second part, the Grand Trunk Pacific
Development Company, Limited, of the Third part, and His Majesty the King
in his right of his Province of British Columbia of the Fourt hpart.
Returning Officer.
Prince Rupert, B. C, August 22nd, 1911.
Manuel's Fair Siren Coming to
New  York at Star Salary
Paris, Aug. 24.���Gaby Deslys,
who so occupied tin- attentions
of King Manuel that he lost the
Portuguese throne* sails for New
York on September 9 for a three
months' theatrical engagement.
She will receive $4,000 a week for
a daily performance lasting thirty
minutes. Her chief concern is
to safeguard her jewels whUejabroad
She has engaged a detective to
accompany her.
$50,000,000 BILL
Cost   of   Old   Country   Strike
Reaches   Eight   Figures
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Liverpool, Aug. 24.���The city-
is still tied up owing to delay ill
settling the tramway men's strike
A Personal Commission to investigate   the   railway   strike   is
announced, Parliament Isad-journ
ed   till   October.     The   strike*   is
estimated to have cost $50,000,000
Big Shipment from Dawson to
Taking  gold   bullion   valued  at
1120,000 ashlpment of 10,000
Cases of salmon and a large passenger list, the Humboldt of tin*
Humboldt    Steamship   Company,
Captain E. (l. Baughman, arrived
at Seattle at 12.30 on Saturday
from Skagway and way ports.
The gold came from the Dawson
district and was taken aboard iit
Skagway. It was in charge of
the wells Fargo Express Company
for shpinieiil lo the mint  al  San
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenlmver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phono No. 280
Prince Kunert P.O. Box 351
of Brlll.h Columbia
and Manitoba iliira.
of II C, Oi.i.irln, Saa-
katchewim und Alberta lllir;
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Ofllce-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. I'rince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, akilf ully treated, tins and
local ana.thelic. administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Office.:
Helgerson Block. Prince Ruoert. H-12
Alex.M.Manson n.A.,    W.K.Willlams.B.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. BOX 23
rem. of wu. foxon, esq.. a.r.a.m.,*i.on.. eno
Third Avenue aUo Water Street,
Public Stenographer
Stenography and Typewriting promptly
attended to.
Phone 318.
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11 in Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Fran. Wilciek. Pari, and Berlin.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
=e=E.   EBY   CB,   Co.3==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prince Ruperl Lodge. No. ills. Son. of
England. m.**t* the drat and thlnl Tuesday. In
each month In the Sons of England Hall, 2nd Ave.
at a p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Box MI2. I'rlnce Rupert
ERNEST A. WOODS. President, Box 2S
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave,
Between "th & Hth Sts.
Prince Rupert
Canada's  fire  waste  from  January  1st to July 31st,  1911, was
114,401,826,  In other words, Can-
ida h.ts thrown .-.way forty dollars
every   minute  since   New   Year's
Day.   Stop the fire waste.
STOCK r.iMl'i III:                        PHONIC 62
Funeral   Director.
3rd Ave. near 6th St. Phono No. S6
Canada's immigration figures for
June last announced show an
influx Of 40,000, as against 34,482
for June of last year, a sixteen
per cent increase. Of this number
,,,,,..., ,        27,074  came   in  at   ocean   ports,
New York finally managed to , ,     ,, .   ,
stop the Senators'mad but rather whUe  i'10*1'1,   from   the   l,,uml
belated "dash" for the American States moved across ihe boundary
League rag. *      I to the number of 12,095.
..Grand Hotel..
Worklnftmsn's Home
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
ooooooo OOOO ooo
0 o
0      ALL THE WORLD S      o
o o
O What the Powers Obtain- o
O ed for $25,000,000,000 o
sin. It will be seen that when
the time comes for DreadnougKs
to stand alone as the gauge of
naval power, the complexion of
the   maritime   world   will   have
been considerably altered,
iire some who can see
grace and beauty in the siiper-
Dreadnought  of today.    A  few
years hence the first-class fighting
ship will be just a gnat swiftly,
locomotive, level-decked barge with
a few gun-houses that will appear
to sight an instant before tin* guns
are   tiled
W.J.Raymond, Pioneer Newspaperman, Describes Our
After all's said and done, it is
very largely through her newspapermen that a city impresses
thc outside world, and to have
booster, rather than knocker news-
nd disappear with thelpapermen In her midst is en ad-
recoil, . vantage to any city, but espet ially
Another feature that will attract to a growing city of the Canadian
attention is thi growing practice West like Prince Rupert,
of giving ships funnels of uneqiii'l Prince Rupert owes a lot to
height, The object iii doing so the* newspapermen who have stay-
is to carry the smoke from the, eel with the- city longest, and
foremost funnel well away from helped with brain and power or
the navigating bridge just beneath, expression to tell the world the
Vessels are built in this fashion good about the place. Prince
in Great Britain arc the twenty Rupert owes a gooel slice to W.
destroyers of the 1009-10 pro- J. Raymond of the staff of "our
gramme and the battle cruiser esteemed coniteniporarv" for an
Indefatigable; while several other,excellent article on the city which
ships, including those* of tin- In- appears in the B. C. Magazine
vincible anel Warrior classes, have now on sale. Mr. Raymond has
had their fore-funnel lengthened a right to write about Rupert.
after e-omple-iion. Needless to add. He is the newspaperman mo-;
the effect is not beautiful, es- entitled to the title "Pioneer''
penally as later ships have funnels; left in the city since John Houston
of unequal thicknesses as well. departed to elie in harness on the
Two new fashions appear to be I way to Fort George,
taking linn hold on the navies of
the  world.    The  first  is  that   of
putting all the gun-ferrets on the j 	
middle line of the ship, and tin* Standing of the League to Date
second,   of   putting   three   guns,! 	
instead of two, into each turret. Following figures show the stand-
The United Suites led the way ing of the teams in the Prince
in the first of these, and in all her Rupert Indoor Baseball League to
Dreadnoughts, although the mini-, date:
ber of big guns has increased from- Won Lost P.C.
light   lo   twelve,   the   centre-line  Royal Blues 4    1
Crescents 3   2
Quilldrivers 3   3
principle   has   been   adhered   to.
Its great   advantage is that it
give- a  free  lire  for all  guns on   Empress 0    3
either beam���the sacrifice of ahead Comets 0   1
and  astern   fire  is not   regarded!
as serioii-, in view of lhe tactical
ideas now generally held. At tin*
amc lime. ;t ship that finds itself
Good Man Laid Up
In the sixth inning Bert III,ike
in  making a sensational slide to
bow on to an enemy is like-lv to third   base   sprained   his   ankle.
This will keep him out of the
game for two weeks. He is a
tower of strength to the Quill-
drivers and they will feel the loss.
Tobey or Not ToBey
The whole team played a very
strong game last night anel had the
game on ice from the -tart. Fred
Helming and Johnson played ex-
find the new arrangement rather
uncomfortable, and tactics will
for this reason play a very large
part in tin* next naval war.
The Other nations which have
adopted the centre-line arrangement for idl iluir Dreadnoughts
are Italy. Austria, and. probably,
Russia.     In   Britain's case,  however, the development was gradual. ''��� I" ioiidly swell and for Tobey
The fir-t seven Dreadnought bat-(well, "niilT led."
tleships had three turrcs on tin*' Capable Umpires
middle line and two abreast of the -^s umpires in the great game
beam-. Then came tin* Neptune,]****��� night, Messrs. Dunn and
Hercules, and Collossus, in which Devitt gave every satisfaction,
the turrets not on ihe middle I They upheld the onerous duty of
line are placed diagonally, so that Iseeing fair, and deciding points
both can fire on each broadside, with absolute impartiality.
though only through .��� small angle., Gone to Hide His Tears
In the t Irion. Lion, and the ships      "Bud" Corley, after nobly en*
of tin- Thunderer class   Bri.ain
has u last copied   the American
during   the   sad   damper   to   his
ardor   which  always  bubbles  up
system.    How   tin��� and  other iirepressibly, has gone below to-
differences affect thi lighting power ������'���>'��� sonu' "ay to hide his uars.
of ship- may In* seen in the fact  H'" W>H ���������"������������' again*    So will tin*
thai tin* American Michigan, the Royal Blues.
British Dreadnought, and theGer- Blues Feel Blue
man Thurgingen  all fin* the same     After idl it was the Royal Blues
number of guns (eight) on the
broadside, although tin* numbers
mounted iire* eight, ten, and twelve
There are some startling changes
lo be noted in lhe distribution
of naval strength. Reckoning in
completed   Dreadnoughts  alone,
Great Brii dn, is. of course, first
with 13. followed by Germany's
(0;, the  United States (4), and
Brazil {2).    The rest of the world
lhal    were   off   color   last   right.
Today   they   are   known   as   the
"Pale   Blues."    (This   is   not   an
Advt. for "Diamond" Dyes.)
Mr.  Ellis will  Rest Tonight -
Plans Tomorrow
After selling goods by auction
i-.t Schrieber'a store every night
is nowhere, since these nations ] tin's week, Mr. Frank Ellis, tht-
alone ha vt- completed Dreadnought local auctioneer who ran sell goods
alone    have    completed     Dread- anil get the money from a man anc'
noughts .n  sea.    If we include
"The News" Classified Ads.
=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
I\S.��� Houses and Rental;".
���ft ��� ***.* *-**.*��� -**. || s^., ,-������*., i<^ii-^n'^ii'^�� ****** **** ***r**r
(        Money to Loan        i
Money to Loan on  Prince RuMll  **���'*���* BfttU.
Agreements of rale bouirht.   I'll. BOX yw.
s*j*'*m **r*m*m*J*t
Help Wanted
On S.S. Prince George, tomorrow morning
WantMl-Servont girl, npply Mr,. J. K. Ijrnch.
Summit avenue. l.-***-ll
Wante-l-Goo-l slid boy to help In WMll*? ��������������� ,
make himself gem-rally useful.    Ail1'.'  Jam.**"
Hotel. 3111 Ave., corner of Mil Stri-.'t. ��
Scotchwoman w.nts washing anil fmi.-y ironing.
Oarttlni laundered by hand. Third Av.*.. M9CI
to News office US-tf    |
Till Sept. 23,1911
During the progress of ths Reciprocity Csium
and the General Election, we will malMrP
DAILY NEWS to any address In Caiiadi nut
side the City of Prince Rupert for 25 cents'
The Daily News will give full and fair reports of the progresa of tl
campaign i" the Dominion.���In our editorial columns we willdevM.
special attention to tha great question.   Take advantage of this .'.'���.'��� 1
occasion to let your friends in the east see your local paper,
The Daily News by mail for six weeks for 25 cents,
**,**���>*,* 1*^.1. -w. *m*m*l
For Rent
Do away with this.     Patronize a white
| laundry.   White labor only at
I Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118 j
Extraordinary Predicament of
Young Couple in Seattle
Through Ignorance of Marriage Law.
A Seattle couple who have lieen
keeping house on a marriage license
since  July   ll   last   visited   the
Marriage License Clerk yesterday
and asked him to "finish tilling
in" the license by attesting to the
"But I did not marry you,"
said the official, "ard I have no
rigl t to till it in. Is ii possible
that you have failed t<> get married after I grin-ted you the
"No foolin', young filler." said
the* he-ad of the family. "You
married us, ard you know you
did, ard I want 11;i- filled in, and
tilled in quick. We hi ve beer
keeping house since J lily 11. when
thc license was issued, and I
suppose you an- making a bluff
to get another fee out of us."
The clerk explained several limes
that   a   marriage  license  means
nothing, except that it authorizes
the proper authority to perform
a weddirg ceremony, ur.d thp.t
without the ceremony ; i- t..
wedding, and finally ii dawned
on the "husband." Dejected and
disgusted, the newly married couple
departed in search of a clergyman.
Furnished rooms with bath.
the week.   Talbot House.
*ial rate, by
Neatly Furnished rooms, natbtnm preferred.- |
Apply Mrs. Mullin. over Miui-alu Theatre.     tf
Mclntyre Hall, for concert., entertainment.,
dances, etc.   Apply J, H. lingers, phone Uti.
Nice Furnished Rooms, Mrs..  QrMDWOOd. Alder'
Block; Third Ave. "����� !
For Rent-Son. of England Hall. 2nd Ave., for
Dance*. Fraternal Socletie.. & vials, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis. Box S69or ph..:.e .'-���*. 1**-"
For Rent���2 or 4 nice housekeeping rooms furnished for men or .mall family in .portment
house. 2nd  Ave., near M.llri.l.*.   Opposite the
Clapp Building   Call between 1 and 3 p.m.
Members and those interested
in the Prince Rupert Choral Society will please meet in the Methodist Church on Tuesday, Aug.
29th at 8:30 a.m.. to select music
for the coming season.
For Sale
stMf^t****** ' +
Mr. I". M. Sylvester, vice president of the Granby Mining Company, returned south this morning
on the Prince Ruperl after a vi--i>
to the* company's mines ;���! Goose
For Sale-On. kitchen Range. DM oak buffet, on. j
���ewing machine; all new.   Call al Wark'a Jewelry Store. 192-tf
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. I Storey house, household goods.   N..r Prince Kupert.   A  snap If ;
taken at once.   Addms Bex 'Ma. tf 1
For Sale-New Caroline Launch 2.1 ft. by 0 ft. 2
In. S h.p. engine. 1550 if taken at once. Apply i
P.O. Box 621. l-.'.l*.'l
Twas a Pretty Sight This Morning
Dreadnought!  In   all   stages  of
Construction, the* position of lier-
then  send him away smiling,  is
going to rest tonight.
Tomorrow afternoon he will sell
man) , is much better, although, oft the fixtures In the store by auction
coursi, she remains in the second
place.    For the  llriiish  Empire
the total  i- 82,  for Cerni'iy 21.
and   for   the   United   S ;Mis    12.
Japan cornea nex #l*h seven ship-,
then Italy, Ausirir., Knssi. , and bargains may be realised,
Prance,   with   (our   o ch.     BrRtil	
without reserve. The sale commences at tWO o'clock. At eight
..'clock the remaining stock of
clothing will be sold and as it
h.'s ;iii gut te, in- cleared out some
and Spain In vr three Drer.dnough-|
ubuilt and building,, Ithough thel
Local photographers missed thc
Lest   picture   on   the   waterfront
up to date if ihey did noi see thc
C. T. P. liner S.S. Prince Rupen
leave ilu* wharf this morning. Il
was a picture to go into rhaposdics
Her decks wen* lined happy
looking p.'s-e, ners ,ui(| crowds ol
friends on   lhe deck  lo see  them
off.   The water was shimmering
with l.right golden sunlight which
Irridlated on the -.'il- of a Heel
of little boats at the <'.. T. P.
float   and   dancing   around   the
decks and  funnels of the  Rupert
made all kinds of fantastic shadows.
For'ard lay the hig steel boat
the liars IL, astern lay the S.S.
Prince John. Anchored mil in the
harbor were some liig hulks, once
trim sailing vessels. The background   was  a   stretch   of  jp.gged
hills with a countless army of
evergreen pines silently on guard,
ll was a beautiful picture which
can not lie equalled in any other
port in lhe seven seas.
Five  of   a   Kind
Five cases of "I), and 1)." lined I
s-,...,.,sn ves-ita. ,n- much less leech the customary fivetpot frilled,
|H.wer u than ,i. BnwIllMv, Chill formed ihe hill of Lire before
ana th.  ArfsnUw*  are building Magistrate  Carss   this  morning.
ZZtZU        l,"k'> '""^''l.n'n-  names of  ,1���*  celebrities  in-
.r   '    2? """��� volved are MeKinl.y, l)���nn, D.lf,
in* nexi power to complete lu\Rowntrae,andW����m.  None were
first Droughtshouldb^Haly.lnotaworthy.   They make up In
and   .hen  Austria,  followed by number what  they lack in di
Argentine, Japan, France and Rus- tlnctlon,
Mr?. Martin O'Reilly lefi for
a few weeks visit lo her home
in Vancouver this morning, Shell I'i with her mother Mrs. Lee
who has been visiiing here for tlie-
p.'st week,
Iii   succession   of   Charles   II.
I'yler, who resigned, the Rev. A.
H. Rhodes, M. A., head master
t Ardlngler College) Hayward's
Heath, has been appointed head
master of CranMgh school, Guildford,
Grand Finale
I will sell the balance of the stock
of Messrs. C. B. Schreiber & Co.,
      Centre Street    	
OUR i '��� m nan it - are noted for prompt and ju*t
settlement*. We write every known class uf
Inaurance. The Mack Realty ami Insurance Co
1        DU1
*|. ���-������**��� -a-*. ���"���*���..
Business   Chances
Good money in Moving Pictures.    Wanted-A
fiarty to start movinir pirlura .how in Prince
lupert. Writ ��� me for particulars. H. Davis.
Watertown. Wis. 137-wl
Tenders Wanted
Tenders for moving house from lot 7 to lol 10,
Block 12. Section .*.. will be received up to Auk.
loth .1 P. O. Box 2.16. 193-194
3 and 4
7 antl 8
Come in ami see our list of buys in
other parts of tlie city
Second Ave.,
Princa Rupert, B.C.
Two Five Dollar bills to
lie given away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News office.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Healed Room.
P.O. BOX 37
H you want money apply p. o.
iBox 953. tf
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlott
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, aaddler. Intenda lo apply to the I hid
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a licence
lo prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following descnl��ed lands on the W��.i
Coast of Graham Island.
Commencing at a post planted two miles east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4178 thencs*
mi chains east, thence 80 chains soulh, thence N
chaina west, thence 80 chains north to puint of
Date of Location 31st July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Queen Charlotte
Take nollea that Austin M. Hrown of Prince
Rupert, saddler, Intends to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Works for a licence
lo prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
umfer lne followinK described lands on the West
Coaat of Graham Taiand:
Commencing at a post planted two miles ea��t
of lhe northeast comer of C. L. No. 447h thenee
Miuth SO chains, ihence weat KU chains, ihenee
north HO chains, ihenee east M chains lo point of
com mencement.
AL'STIN It HROWN, l*��calor
Uicaled 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict -District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M* Hrown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, inlenda lo appl>
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka
for a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and ualer the fullowlng described lands on the
Weat Cout of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post plsaled two miles ��� .< ���
of lha southeast corner of C. l- No. 41*7 thrncr
oo chains north, thence M chains cast, thence Mi
chaina aouth. thence HO chains weit to point of
At STIN M. HROWN, Locator
Located 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Land DUUict���DUtrict ol Quetn Charlott
Take notica tbat Austin M. Hrown of Prince
Rupert, aaddler, inlenda to apply lo the Chief
Commiasioner of Lands and Works for a licence
to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tne following deacrihed lands on the Weat
Coast of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted two miles caM
of ihe aouthea t corner of C. L. No. 4477 tnence
HO chains woat, thence 80 chains north, thence HO
chaina east, ihenee HO chains south to point of
Located 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skc-ena Land District    In-tnet of Queen Charlott
Take notice that Austin M Hmwn of 1'rmr.
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intends lo apply to
the chid CommUaioner of Lands and Works (or
a licence lo prospect (nr coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following descrilied lands on lhe
W'twt Coast of Graham Island:
Beginning at a posl planted three miles eaat nl
lhe northeast corner o( C. L. No. 4474 thencs- N
chains east, thenee HO chains south thence HO
chains weat, Ihence HO chains north io point of
laocated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUlricl-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
j Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddlrr, intenda tu apply
to the Chief Commiasioner of Unds and Works
for a licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tno (ollowing described lands on lhe
Wesl Coast of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted three milea eant
of the northeast corner ol C. 1*. No. 4474 thence
W) chains south, ihence HO chains weat, thenee HO
chaina north, Ihence HO chains east to point of
AUSTIN  M. BROWN, I*ocator
Ucated August Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUlrict���District of Coast Range V
Take notice that I, George Klme o( Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, Intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following descrilwd
Commencing at a post ptanted at the southwest corner o( Ut 2287, thence eaat HO chains,
thence south 40 chains, thenoe wnt 40 chains
thence south 40 chains, thence wnt 40 chain*,
thence north 80 chalm to point of commencement
containing 4H0 acrea more or leas.
listed July 15, 1911 GEORGE KIME
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agenl
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Kange V
Take notice that I, Peter Ursen of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, intend to apply
(or permUsion to purchase the follom-ing descrilied
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast corner of Ut 1729, thenee south 80 chains,
thenco weet  40 chains,  thence north  80 chains,
thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 16, 1911. PETER LARSEN
Pub July 26, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agenl
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range V
Tako notice that I. Adolph If. Christianson of
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at*law. intend to apply for permiasion to purchaaa
lhe following dcacriued lands:
Commencing at a post planled about one and
one-half miles (1 1-2) northeast o( the head o(
Trout River on the weat side of Ukelse Uke,
and about 6 chains (rom the Iske-front, thence
aouth 80 chains, thenee weat 80 chains, ihence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated June 30, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 25. *
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Caaslar
Talta notice that I, Jamea Millar Johnston of
Stewart, B. C, occupation storekeeper, Intend to
apply (or permiaalon to purchase the (ollowing
described landa:
Commencing at a post ptanted sbout one mile
north from the Naaa river and about nine miles
above the (orks of tha Naas river, thence north 80
chslns, thence west 80 chains, thonoe aouth 80
chains, thenco eaat 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acra more or Ions.
p��i m     n Ut Vtmnk 8Wney Wrl��ht�� A��l
The fixtures and fittings will be solil at 2 p.m., Counters, Show Cases, Cash Registers, Shelving and
Tables, etc.   The Gent's Furnishings
at 8 o'clock
There will be some bargains
--�� ***
: a
*x*n*   tM
I Successful -:- Buyers I
?j| *���***���                                                                                                                fi
:) s��
4 8
*Xi Make their purchases in the markets which jriv* them thi il ��� ������   ��
[���1 iiuiilitv and the RMtast raiiRe of choice.   THs U[whyJ*ousw   g
H alwav's satisfied when you buv at BIRKS VANOU \ Ll! >\"M~   -
K Wc lire Canada's larRest jewellery firm, and since our SfflliStM
Bl with the KYKIE establishment of Toronto, our Vancouver boMJ
RJ commands the jewellery trade in the west.     Our csUlogU* WWM
BE illustrates the finest lines at moderate prices,  Bivel you full m-
tt{ structions how to Ret in touch with us.   if this shopper a ..>���;���������
SI has not reached you a card will bring it to your������*-. wmj
};; today.   Try us for wedding gifts, wedding rings, wattl���
H and silvcrwear.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
When in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay aMjw
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates -?!.������ I" I
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
���^*^mm.****x^***m^**ms^t***m******m,**mmm* Wt***!****
Is a Persistent "Influence" Exerted   in Your Behalf!
Every bit of printing that goes out to serve vou msk. -  ' jm.
Kind of an Impression."     Poor printing will ISSW :l I""    mt
pression of its user as Burely as would poor Clothes- 01 i
store or shop or olllce.    "Good " printing will IsSWOP01-
mind an impression wholly favorable of its user. ^���,
Even if but one in a thoaaand of these "Impressions     "jwu    ..
the scales for business, for orders, for you " Good I I'"1'
will have thus paid for itself I
Daily News Building phone 98
Read The Daily Ne*��


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