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���ji-.n-to-fnur hours ending5 a.in.,
i��a 11 __ *
The daily News
w* 7* mi
I'rince Rupert Friday, 8 a.m.
Foil NuliTll
Princess May Thursday p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 249
Prince Rupert, B.C., Wednesday, Novemher 1, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Live Effort on Foot to Organise a
Proper Braaa and Reed Inatrument
Band of Muaiciana to Form Regular Prince Rupert's Own Band.
Determined to organise if possible
this winter a city bund, a number of
the players of bund instruments both
brass und reed, got together the other
evening und discussed thc proposition.
As a result of enquiry it is found that
l here are already over a score of residents
of I'rince Rupert who not only can
play bund instruments, bu who are
willing to join thc city band, and nre
working now to have the band organised.
It is considered by many residents
uf I'rince Rupert rather a reproach
to thc city that the band music at
public open air gatherings on Dominion
holidays should have to be supplied
by Indians when the morc educated
vliitc residents might so easily have
I band of their own. The excellence
nf the Indian bands available is only
the more pointedly a hint to I'rince
Rupert's while population to have a
city band and not let the Indians show
Ihem thc way.
Many local business men have promised financial support if the band is
got going this winter, and the fund for
lhc supply of instruments if once started
will rapidly grow. Thc idea is to have
the city furnish a substantial nnclcus
subscription, when the busines en
will help out, and the bands men you
may be certain will play up.
Meanwhile   all   interested   especially
those who can p'ay band instruments
might kindly communicate wiih William
I Godson at the Provincial Government
I C.irda,
Women,   and   Race   Track
Wreck Fin* Career
Chatham, Ont., Nov. 1.���With an
international reputation as an accountant
nnd mathematician, and having established a system of bookkeeping in Sing Sing
prison still in exsitencc there, and after
having come to Canada to start life
over again and rising from menial
employment to that of expert accountant
in the Bent Goods company, Richard
R. Canning fell again when he forged
$-',000 in checks. Hc blames cards,
fascinating wom.'n and thc race truck
for downfalls. He was sent lo prison
for seven years.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone i.
Archduke of Austria Weds Princeat
Zita of Parma    Bride Most Beauti-
Iffiil Woman.
Vienna, Nov. 1.���In thc presence of
Emperor Frunz Joseph, thc Archduke
Eurl Frunz Josef, heir to the throne of
Area Seventy Miles by Thirty at the Head of the Naas, Skeena
and Stikine Rivers is a Great Bed of the Finest Anthracite
Coal Seams, Unbroken by Volcanic Rocks---Great
Find by Mr. R. Campbell Johnstone
The Coal is Hard, Smokeles   Carbon, Showing 84  Per Cent.  Burning  Quality-
Rivals the Quality of Welsh and Pennsylvania Coals���Five  Railroads Will
be Used to Develop the District���Stewart is  the  Nearest  Port  of
Shipment, But Prince Rupert Will Benefit by Shipments Via
Hazelton   Company Will Build Bunker Ports on Coast
Austria, and the Princess Zita, of
Parma, one of the most beautiful
women of Europe, were murr ed the
other day. The king of Saxony and
other members of the royal family were
Thc bridegroom is a nephew of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir presemptive
to the throne who renounced all righls
of succession because his marriage was
(Canadian Press Despatch I
Pekin, Nov. 1. Fighting between the
rebels and the Imperialists continues,
the former making a ili'terminetl resistance. Late atlvires indicate that
Hankow was not re-tuken by the imperialists although the ruilwuy station
was ruptured.
Thc people have little faith in lhe
promises of a constitution mude by
the throne being curried mil.    A des
patch lo Ihe Chinese in San Francisco
stales that lhe Emperor has (led from
Pekin and his whereabouts are unknown.
Hundreds were killed on both sides
in Sunday's light ng. Churches, olficcs
und storerooms are being utilized by
t he Red Cross Society.
Special clearance prices on ladies' embroidered waists. Wallace's.
(Canadian Press Desputch)
Toronto, Nov. 1. Following the resignation of Hon. A. 0. McKay Bt the
meeting of the Ontario Reform Association yesterday Mr. N. W. Rowell, K. 0.,
a well known Toronto lawyer, was
offered nnd accepted the leadership of
the Ontario Liberals in the Legislature.
A platform will be drafted tomorrow.
Prohibition will be one of the planks.
Hon. Mackenzie King was chosen president of thc association.
Blind   Man  Pray, and  Hia Sight  ia
Lapeer, Mich., Nov. 1. -While lying
in bed at his home and praying ***>**
he might once again MS thi light of day
Harmon Nix, a Lnpere resident who
for the past four weeks has been hopelessly b ind from in apoplectic stroke,
opened his eyes to find that he was no
longer blind. He says that the restoration of his eyesight was due to
prayer, aa the physicians had told linn
ho would never see ngain.
S.S. Iroquois Cuts Two Other Bonta
Clean Through Within a Few Daya
of Each Other.
The steamer Iroquois running from
Seattle to Vancouver which yesterday
ran down and cut clean in two the
freighter Multolimnh has evidently been
having the time of her life lately. Only
u day or two before she ran down the
Mullonmah according to the. Seattle
I'ost-Intelligencer the Iroquois in I
fog ran down and cut in two the tug
Nonumc of Vancouver.
The Noname which was lowing n
barge went down in sight "--nutes
after thc crash. When the Iroquois
loomed out of the fog and the Nonnmc s
crew saw that a collision wus inevitable
the men rushed into the tug's bow o
escape the flying timbers. Nobody
was hurt nnd it wus a great show for
the passi-ngcrs.
Another lot of ladies'cashmere
hose at 25c.   Wallace's.
Round aboul lhe headwuters of the
Skeena, the Naas, the Stikine, nnd the
Klappun rivers is situuted a coul field
seventy miles long by thirty miles wide,
contuining wide deep, rich seams nf
fine anthracite non-coking and smokeless
coa the coal most suitable of all for
naval purposes, for the mercantile,
marine nnd for domestic use in cities.
The seams of this huge coul field are
unbroken by volcanic rock, laid in the
most perfect geological formation for
cheap mining known to mining engineers
as "Synclines" which give frequent
out-cropping, and make the seams easy
of access for working without need for
deep shaft-sinking. Th analysis of
the coal is between **' untl i*5 per cent
fixed carbon giving from 6 to S per
cent of ash.
Second to None in America
Thc magnificent coal field is known
by its discoverer R. Campbell Johnson,
the best known mining engineer in
Northern British Columbia to be second
to none ever yet discovered on the
American continent and in fact, the only
coul   field  in  the  world  equal   to  the
Great Commercial Location
From its position the new coal field
can command and control the whole
coal market of the Pacific Ocean including the markets of the Orient
where the Hankow and Japanese coal
is soft and smoky unsuitable for naval
use. The marvellously cheap mining
possible owing to the formation will
place this coal in a position to compete
to gootl purpose wild both the Welsh
nnd Pennsylvania coal.
Will Build a Railway
Means of communication with the
coal fields are ut present lacking, but
completed this summer iu a lantl where
such big journeys are not unusual.
How Coal Waa Hardened
The geological reason for the splendid
quality of the eoal is that hundreds of
thousand) Of years ago, after the coal
fo ming era. the soft eoal measures
became carbonised by the terrific heat
of superheated iteam generated during
the tertiary period.
To Build Coaat Bunkers
The tremendous value untl possibilities of the discovery muy be exli-
maled by the far-reaching plan under
contenplation to have bunkers erected
along  the  enlire   Pacific  Coast  list    of
the Mackenzie &  Mann short line for  purls fo    the supply of shipping both
Stewart to the interior is one of the naval >***'* mercantile.
quickest    means    of    development    ut Will Build up thc North
present under construction. SteSart j Mr. Campbell Johnstone confidently
and the Porllund Canal form the nearest believes that owing to the splendid
means of easy access, but five railways quality of the anthracite, its ease of
are completing charter arrangements access by mining, and Ihe fact that
into that district���one of them being, the seams are unbroken by volcanic
R. Campbell Johnstone s own concern. | rock these coal beds will completely
He himself went into the district from out do those of Alatks which nre badly
Hazelton to Ihe Ground Hog Mountain, I impaired by volcanic rock. Develop-
Pennsylvnnia coal fields and the British I two hundred miles beyond, with a big! ment of the new great coul mining
Welsh coul country from which the coul; puck train. His wife und son accom-1 district is now striding towards the stage
supplies of the navies of the world are j panietl him on one of the most extensive,! of commercial activity as fast al railway
today supplied. interesting, and arduous journeys ever    onttructlon can go.
Notice of Reduction of Wage Scale from Fifty to Forty Cents an Hour Precipitates
a Conflict���May be Trouble When the Prince Rupert Arrives Today
G.  T.   P.   ia   Not  Likely   to  Require
Them for Several  Yean  Yet Says
gCen. Supt.  Mehan, but C.  N.   R.
',[ l.ieets Plant to Make Them.        __
While General Superintendent Mehan
(lot* not believe that creosoted ties will
be needed on the G. T. P. for some years
yet, a creosoting plant for the treating
of ties for the Canadian Northern Railway is being established at Fort Francis
by a Scottish firm. It is the intention
of the compuny to have idl their ties
creosoted in future in order lo prolong
Iheir life. Il is also probable lhat experiments will be made with creosoted
poplar ties owing the the growing
scarcity and consequently increased cosl
of harder wood now used.
Sir William Mackenzie haa been considering Ihe adoption of poplur si.. |,.*rs
hund as hud tests with creosote treatment under observation.
Railway men have been growing quite
coneerned ubout this mutter of tie
supply. Yeur by yeur ties are becoming
more costly antl something will havo
lo be done before the price becomes
prohibitive. A great fortune awaits
the man who will find usubstitute combining cheapness and durability for thc
present wooden ties the supply of which
will not last many more yean ul the
present rule of consumption.
B. C. Electric Railway Employee
Cut to Piecei in Fog
Principal Subjects for Council Dis-
cuaaion According to the Mayor
Thia Morning.
"Tonight the city council will meet
to discuss and perhaps settle the waterworks clearing contract," says the Mayor.
"The other principal item of discussion is the ipoolntment of the
waterworks engineer which will probably
be made."
And Members of the May Roberts
Company Were Much Upset by
It is a well accepted truism that the
conscientious actor or Speaker or preacher knows no critic so severe as himself.
This morning several members of the
May Roberts Company were very much
perturbed lest their performance ot
"La Belle Rune" last night might have
been considered as below their standard
of acting. Some indeed used harder
In fairness to the public and lo llie
company alike, they wished it understood that the play which is one of the
best the company presents fell last
night much below their standard. The
explanation is made lhat one of the
actors cast for an important purt, arrived
at the theatre in a rather unwell condition. Not wishing to disappoint
the audience, they decided to go on,
but the mental anxiety uf the situation.
preyed on the minds of the company j While  walking  on   llu*   ir.uk
and prevented the play from being as j llu-    II.    ('.    l-.li-rir.i-    r.ulw.v
convincing is wns desired. IClovcrdale, Philip McDonald
The   compuny   have   always   prided I employee   <>l    llu-   c.iup.      .   I
themselves on their good faith in   pri-!ovcri.'kcii in llu* f��� ��j; by ;i C i
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New Westminster, Oct. .ll.���
As a result of the action of the Grand
Trunk Pacific, and Pacific Coast Steve
doring Company's posting a notice
reducing lhe wages paid longshoremen
on the wharf here from 60 cent per
hour to JO cents, lhe men are said to
have (truck.
W. Dinny, secretary of thc Longshoremen's Union here, a branch of
lhc I. L. A., positively refund this
morning to make any definite slatement
lo the News of the men's attitude or
demands, not even admitting that there
is any strike. "All I can say is that
the notice posted at the wharf covers
Mr. A.W. McLean Demonstrates
That Giant Tubers Can be
Produced There.
Just in satisfy himself whether
nr no good potatoes could be
grown (in Digby Island, Mr. A. W.
McLean who is assisting Engineer
Jennings In the supervision ol the
Murine  Depot,  In  his spare lime
this summer planted a few potatoes
outside his shack. In due course
the plants appeared. They grew
to the ordinary size of potato
plants, but refused to slop there.
Like the beanstalk In tne fable
ihey kept on growing.   Noi until
they were as high as a man's head
did those plants quit growing.
The fear was freely expressed that
the plants had run all to top, and
that no luhers would he found
al lhe roots.
Yesterday, Mr. McLean dug
Up his plants. What he saw so
surprised him that in order to
���ave himself from lhe charge of
exaggeration he sent some 01 the
potatoes to lhe News oflice as
proof. The poiatoes were big
enough tO match the plants. Scarcely one was less than six inches
long, and some of them touched
close to eight inches.   Fine, full
bodied,   lliin   skinned   and   dry,
the situation," he said. The notice
simply announces that after the first
of November the wages paid longshoremen by the G. T. P. and Pacific Coast
Stevedoring Company will be 40 cents
per hour.
From Mr. A. B, McMaster confirmation wus obtained of a wharMds rumor
that  the longshoremen are demanding
"Forty cents an hour," IS d Mr
McMaster, "was formerly paid here.
The men struck for, and obtained fifty
cents. Now it becomes impossible
for the G. T. P. to pay this rate and do
a reasonably profit able business, and the
company is in I position lo go buck
to the old rate. The trouble hus, of
course,   u   bearing  on  the  wage  rates
ii Ihe city, and is Important uccording
50 cents per hour for general freight ;lls jt j��� |���'oke.l at in that light, hut no
handling, 60 cenis an hour for handling serious difficulty is anticipated over il."
coal either by day nr by night, and 75 j Some idea existed on the waterfront
cents per hour for overtime and Sunday  thia  morning  that   there   might   be  a
seining Iheir very best to the public.
and wish thc public lo be assured
that no accidents will mar lhe performance for tonight and for the remainder
of their engagement.
Church of St. Irene is Total Lou���
Building waa Valued at 190,000
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal,  Nov.  1.   The Church  of
St.  Irene, a  Romun  Catholic church,
was totally destroyed hy fire tide afternoon.   The loss is $90,000.
oii to pieces.
���Italy* Experience Said to be
An Unsatisfactory One
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Oct. 81.���From un-
censorcd sources u Triixdi reaching
England via Malta ll is apparent
lhal  Italy's campaign for Tripoli
has already cosl more lives than
was anticipated while the financial
outlay greatly exceeds the csti-
mates.    So far the  Italians have
COnte off -second |m*sI.
work.    W.  Dinny
or allirm this.
did not contradict,
disturbance on the arrival of the I'rince
Kupert at four p.m. Ihis afternoon.
ihey are choice enough to have
lieen entered for theStlllwcll trophy
for prize potatoes.
If thc rest of Digby Island can
produce potatoes like that, Digby
ought to become the potato field
of liiitish Columbia.
British Strike Commisaion of Investigation Reporta Propounding a
New Induatrial Plan.
London,  Kng.,  Oct.  .'II.   -(Special)
The  report   of  the commissioners  who
recently enquired Into the working of
the Ruilwuy Conciliation Hoard has
been issued. The Commission recommends the atloption of u new scheme
to be operative until November G, 1914,
by which all question* affecting hours,
wages anil condition of service arc not
to   be   settled   by   negotiation   but   be
referred to the Conciliation Hoard.
The Commissioners think lhat with
Iheir greal rcsponsiliililies the companies
cannot  and should nol  bl expected In
permit any Intervention between them
and the men on thi subject of discipline
and management,
Fifty Steers Killed at Winnipeg.
Stockman Injured
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Trieste, Nov. 1. Italy has idled and
orcupied the Turkish islands of Rhode*
and LllbM according In Milan despatches. This is part of a naval demon-
Itntlon threatened against Turkey in
retaliation for Turkey's recert Tripoli
Tin* action is viewed  with alarm in
Triests, as it is known lo be offensive
demand for i xp.iliiiiation-. by the
trian government.
Washington, |1. C. illlinals of the
Turkish Kmbii����y look fur thi recapture
of Tri|Hili in the light of the advice*
rece-ived from ConMiiutit-oplc. The
Turks have taken more fi.n�� and been
-li,-Iluii,' ihe (own. The Italian losses
are suiel to Im- i-normou" while lhal of
to Austria, and may be followed by n  the Turks i- light by compurison.
(Canadian Press Desputchi
Monlreul,   Nov.   1.- Hon   Rudolphs'
Lemieux speaking before the St LeOUbl
Liberal   Club  last   night,   ��iiid  it  was
prejudice nol reason that wmi Ihe day
for the  Conservnlives  nnd  gave Ihem
I an overwhelming majority in  Ontario.!
The   presence  of   Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier
at   the   Kucharistic   Congress,   he said,
had done much to SOON religious an-'   .
tagonism, i.ui he aiirii.uieii the Ontario DrW' "' ��� "'-��� ( "'1S' Lumber
vote in n large measure lo the indiscreet. AsSOClatlWI, strongly opposed lo-
unwise, and impudent sermons nf Father j day al the annual in.t ling ol llu*
Vaughan. whose arraignment of pro- Association,, tin formation of lhc
testiintism   as   a  soulless  religion   hud   proposed lumliir Irusl of the North"
west wiih ., capital ol one bundled
million.    He  claimed   ihis  would
noi in* ,i panacea for the troubles
President Griggs, of West Coait
Lumber Association, Die-
proves Combine.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle,    Oct    81.   President
been peculiarlyill-liined.
But a Few Daya Old and She ia Worth
Who is about to visit Canada
Oh, You Montreal!
Montreal, Oct. 31.   (Special)���
Smallpox has broken 0_ii1 here again
(Canadian Press Dcspa
Winnipeg, Oct. 31.- Thomas
Chapman, itockman, Medicine
Hal, ard several Others were seriously Injured when a ('. P. K.
sioek train was telescoped by a
freight train near lure. Fifty
cattle were killed.
the trade is suffering from. Rooent
curtailment of the cut at Washing-
ion Mills has resulted in lessening
the market supply by 334,000,000
New   York    Nov.   1.   The   richest j
infant in the world is the daughter of
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Anthony   Drexel,  Jr.,
born  at the end of  October  nt   10151
Fifth avenue. With her inheritances | GoldWt B. ('.. Ocl. Bl.���(Spc-
Irinii the Could and Drexel estates, ltlci.il) Three men wen- liadly litis estimated she will have at least jurcd here bv an explosion of
IWO,000,000, This is the first grandchild dynamite which was thawing near
| born to thu George J. Goulds. I g stove. THE DAILY NEWS
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Daily Edition.
Wednesday, Nov. 1
Ho   waa   a   quiet, unsociable chap,
though  Jones,    a
who kept tho "Pilchard a   ;    ��� mi,
now,   wouldn't    hear
about  him,    and  always  called   him
"I'ap'n."   A pretty sort of a captain I
Hut  then, thoy all know what  an old
slow-coach  Jones  was.        Tliey did:
Ponei'l pints wore retailed on tho pre
mlsei for money down.
Then there was Spence. lame Jlm,
who lived at Mansion; he told a Una
tale about a tight with a hark befor
"Oh, yes, Ben," agreed Enid. "Some-
Trluliy pensioner, 1 thing has gone wrong on the rock It-
I   Seine'' J uolf.    1 am  quite sure  there  waa  no
:i  v rong  word | ship near enough to be ln trouble already,"
"liy gum we'm zee what's the matter," growled Hon. "Steady it Ib, Miss
llrand. Ef we'm lu trouble I'd as soon
ha' you two gelll aboard as any two
men ln Penzance."
At another time the compliment
would have earned him a torrent of
Bran dreaohed the boat In which was KroM,_t' ..Now " pn88ed unheeded,
the blessed baby-that very girl, Kuitl.!,'h" 8't1uat,��I- was bewildering, alarm-
they had just seen. Was It true? ?%*.vTllw' *Z*I* three keepers In the
How could he Bay?   There was a lot "������tlttOU;o.    lhe signal foreboded 111-
1 pell, sudden and lerloui illnesB.  Who
Skoens Luntl District���District ol Coast llango 5
Tako notice that LcKoy 1>\ Grant ol I'rinco
llupert, II. C , occupation civil emginooi, Intonda
to upply (or permission to purchasu the lollowln*!
described lands:
CommuncinK ut. u post planteel abuut 3 1-2 miles
in a northerly direction Irom tho northeust comer
post of Lot L880, Hunt*'* a, Coust District, thence
eust HO chains, thonco north 00 chuins, thonco
wost to bank ol rivur, thonco south lollowlng
bank ol rivur to point ol commoncoiuont; cou-
iniiiinr* Kit) ucres, moro or loss.
Datod Supt. !), 11111. LEUOY   V.  GRANT
I'ub, Oct. 14, Gordon C. Emmurson, Agont
about lt at the time In the l<><-ril pallors, but Just thou his own mind was
given to the thoughts of enlisting, as
.ould It be?
Tn such  a crisis  Charity  Iirglns  at
home.    Constance,  With set face and
The News has always been careful In criticising public men and
public affairs to avoid any attack on public servants. There are two
reasons for this. A public servant has little opportunity to reply to
attacks, and his actions are invariably the result of obeying the orders
of his official head.
But there are times, when a public servant should not be screened;
when he should prove his Integrity by handing in his resignation rather
than consent to obey orders that constitute a breach of good faith
to the general public.
An occasion sobh as this has arisen in regard to the City Engineer's
action over the Woodworth Lake clearing contracts. No one knows
better than the City Engineer the impropriety of opening the contractors' and station-gangs' tenders before putting in his own price.
That he should have been a party to Alderman Hilditch's scheme,it-
more than a matter of departmental discipline.   It Is a public issue.
The News is nol at .ill concerned with any disciplinary relations
that Colonel Davis may have with the Chairma/i ol the Public Winks
Committee. Colonel Davis is free to eat out of Alderman Hilditch's
hand if he so please. But his duty is not personal t<> Alderman Hilditch. His duty is to the city ai large. Hi> fidelity is dm- to every
citizen, including the contractors and citizens who composed the
station gangs.
Colonel Davis would have enhanced his professional standing,
by refusing to be a party to such a contemptible trick as that which)
Alderman Hilditch and his colleagues played on the contractors and
lhe men of the .-talion gangs.
Cap. Robinson off to Vancouver
in Cap. Jardine's Launch
Masset   Case   Against    Prince
John   Waiter   ii   Dropped
Chief Owen, of the Provincial
his   return   from
In Captain Jardine's big whiu
gasoline launch, Captain H. Robin-1 Police, on  his return  trom  on
son of the Rupert  Marine Iron-1 official visit  to Masset and thc
works,  left  on  Sunday  afternoon   Islands,   states that    the   charge
for   Vancouver.    The   trip  was
taken as an experience and for
business purposes. Captain Robinson will do some hunt ing on lhe
way south.
nf assault against a waiter on the
I'rince John in which a little
Masset girl was concerned hoi
been dropped owing to Insufficient
and her company
"Fritz the Chauffeur"
Don't Fail to See L. Victor Gillard
The Heidelburg Student
PIUCES-50c., 75c.  and $1.00.    Seat sale at Empress
Theatre ofllce
To produce good printing y��u must "first catch your
good printer. . . You can't get good printing from a
poor printer, even if he work with never M good an
equipment If he lucks lhe "knack," the trained
taste, the tingle-minded fondness for bis work which
real printers nave, he will do poor printing for you.
If lie hits all of these, anil in addition to them ade-
ijiiiitf tiiiulerti equipment, your printing will have
diatinctioti, Httb'stiinnship,  lhe lure of typi-beauty.
An this office proiliici-H good printing yon may infer
the preaeneo of | K,���.il printer-who is "tatchable."
j      Daily News Building
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"This Is a nl.'e ththg," he cried,
,\lien he came within speaking dis*
tanoe of the girl in ths boat, "i
mannpe to bamboozle the admiral out
of threo days' leave and 1 rush lo
I'onzanco to be told itint Constance
and vou are off to the CJulf Hock for
lhe day. It Is too bad of you, Knld."
ByebrOWS were raised aud silent
winks exchanged among the human
sparrows Mntnn the rails.
"So Master Jack came to see Mill
I'rcvilllon, eh? What would lur lady
���hit) say If Bhe beard thai?"
"Why not conic with us���" The audacity Of I   r.
"ii;.   i :\ !," be agreed. "That would
be Jolly.    Look here.   Walt Iwo min-1
utra until I s Tibbie a line to lhe ma-
"NothltiR of the sort. Jack," interposed the other girl quietly, taking
from his arm the waterproof clonks
he was carrying tor her. "You know;
Lady Margaret would be very angry,
and with very good reason. Moreover, ilml would be annoyed, too."
"The old uirl Is going oul this afternoon," he  protested.
"And she expects you to ro with
her.    Now. Jack, don't lei us iiuarrel
before we have met for Ave minutes. |
We will see you tomorrow."
He helped her dowu the stone
"Knld," ho murmured. "Connie and
you must promise to drive with mo
to Monuli iu the morning. I will call
for you al eleven sharp."
"What a pity you can't sail out lo
lhe rock With us in-day. Toinorvah
is so distant."
The minx lifted her blue eyes to his
with sm li liiRonuous regret In them
that Stai.l.i'pe laughed and pipes wero
shifted to permit the listeners nbovo
their heads io sulRKcr approval of
her ,|i:ip
"Had  will  wig  us enough at  It   Is.
Enid." said the other girl.    "We aro
bringing him a p. tce-ogerlng of fruits
of the varlh. Jack."
"Will you Ik., able lo land?"
"Ono can never tell,   ll all depends'
on thc state of the sea near tho ruck.
Anyhow, we can havo a chat. > in. send
up the vegetables by the derrick."
"Wo'm never get thero thlccy tide
If we'm stop here much longer," Interrupted Hen.
"Hello, old grumpus!   How are you?
Mind you keep then* young ladles oil
l the stones."
"And mind you keep your tin-pot
off lho stones," growled I'ollrd. "They
waa a-sayln* larst night her were
aground at I'ortme."
"They said rlRln. Father Hen. That
ll why I am here."
Knld glaii. ttl al him with ready
anxiety. There was nothing of the
flirt In her manner now
"I hop.* you had no mishap," the
said, snd i on-lame mutely echoed
ilu- Inquiry. limit girls knew well
what a si-rloua thing Ii waa for a
youngster iei.niu his tlrsi boat ashore.
"Don't look ao glum." ho chuckled.
"I am all right. Got a bit of kudos
out of It really. Wo fouled the Vol*
.*nnli- and strained our tlcerlng gear.
That la all."
It wai not all. He did not mention
that, during a torpedo attack on a
foggy night, he ran up lo three bat
tloshlpt undefended by net! and iten-
ciled his Initials within a white equara
on Ave dlRerent parts of their sleek
hulls, thus signifying lo an Indignant
admiral and three confounded captains Idlctlonary meaning of "con-
founded"! lhal these leviathans had
been Inglorious!)- sunk at their moor
lugs by lorpedoee.
"It sounds unconvincing," said Constance. "You must supply details tomorrow. Knld. that horrid pun ol
yours ruins tho word."
"Arc we also lo supply luncheon?"
chimed In Knld.
"Perish thc thought. 1 havo lived
on sandwiches and bottled beer for a
week.   There!    Off you go."
He gave the boll a vlgnroua push
and stood for allnle while at tho fool
of the steps, ostensibly lo light a
cigar. He wan lied Constance shipping the rudder whilst Knld hoisted
tho sail and old Hen piled a pair ot
oars to carry the boat Into iho fair
way of the channel.
They in ami lhe harbor llRhlhouse.
Tho brown sail lllleel and the Daisy
got way on tier. Then she sped
round thc end of the solid pier and
vanished, WheiWUMH l.leiiienanl Stanhope walked slowly to the Promenade,
whence he could sec the diminishing
speck of canvas ou the shining sea
until It was hidden by Clement's Island.
At tail, the devotees of twist ar.d
shag resting (heir tired arms on the
ratling, were able io exchange comments.
"Uractt o' nne gells, them.- observ
nd the acknowledged leader, a broken-
down "captain" of a mine abandoned
soon after his  birth.
"fine." agreed his nearest henchman. Then catching lhe glOOM of the
treating ngure. he added*
"Hut    what docs lhal  yoiitia spnrk
want, turning  tin lr pretty  henels  lor
them, 1 should like to snow V
"They didn't   seem   p-iri! ��� lar Mu.'-t
1 on 'lm," ventured another.
"The ways of women is cnrlo-ia."
pronounced thc oracle. "I MUM kii"��
a gell���"
Hut   his   personal   mnlolaconcca
wero  not  of  value. More   to  the
point waa the garbled, bui. in the
main, accurate account bl gave of the
rescue of en unknown child by one of
I the keepers of the Gulf Hock lighthouse on a June morning eighteen
years earlier.
Stephen llrand was Ihe name of lho
man, and there was a bit of a myslery
about htm, loo. They all knew that
a light keeper earned a mn", i of 070
to   ��80 a year���not enough  10 nialii*
I lain a daughter and an adopt, tl child
In slap-up style, was It? A small villa
Ihey lived In, and a IPTeniSSS Hi< y
had, and ponies to ride when Hi, y
Wore big enough. Tlio thing wn�� rltll
cutout), wasn't It?
Everybody agreed that il wag.
People said llrand waa a twell  u ill,
that might or might not be trm     I * ���
sneaker did not think nu,. i-  ,.r him
^Stfa^fe""'^ !*** of .ears, feared les,  their own
No;   llrand  and   the  two girl
| beloved one Bhould be the sufferer.
,   ,    .... ,,     ���   ,,      ., . "a'*\     To each of them Stephen llrand was
rl im, ii Le�� lm, ''!, ���'���n""'2'', equally n klml and devoted father. He
uim.i ,n \ n'TB Wul" 0,ue��� V1," neve,* allowed Enid to feel that Bhe
kingdom you know, but he had hit W ���..pendl.nt on hl8 bounlv. 0nly
upon  some   sort  of   fog-algnal   lad -
Skoona Lantl Diatrict**-District of Coast Rango 0
Take nollco that 1, Christopher Junius ilriu'iiiin
ol I'rinco Hup rt, 11. C, occupation locomutivu
cnKinciT, intone] to apply lor permission tn purchuso
tlio following eloscribotl hum..,.
Commencing at a post pluntoel at tho southwest corner ol Lot No. llo'l vicinity ol Lake
Lakelse unel murked Christopher J. liruliiim
N. B, Corner, thenco west -III chains, thencu soulh
SU chuins, thence oust -lu chains, tlience north HU
chains to post ol commencement; contuining
311U ucies, innl,- ,.r lass.
Duteel Sopt.:!:.'. 11111. 11.66 A.M.���Wilnesaoel T. D
I'ub. Sepl. UQ.
llrand was always a man of fads; he
once told the speaker that all tho
Polwens Mine wanted was work -and
the Quit Hock was lho best place for
Irving It. At his own request the
.Trinity people sent him book there
two years ago. Some folk had queer
tastes, hadn't they? And talking so
much lind made htm dry.
Then the conversation latiRulshed,
as the only obvious remark of any
Importance was not forthcoming.
Meanwhile, tho Daisy sped buoyantly toward! the southwest. Al-
Ihe was broad In beam and staunch
(rom thwart to keel. 'It was no light
undertaking to run fourteen miles out
and home lu such a craft.
But old Hen Pollard knew* what he
was about. Not until the granite pillar of the distant Gulf Hock opened
up beyond earn du was It necessary
to turn the boat's head seawards.
Even then, by steering close to the
Hunnelstone. they need not, during
two-thirds of the lime ,be more than
a mile or so distant from one of the
many creeks in which they could secure shelter ln case of a sudden
change In the weather.
Thenceforward there was nothing
for ll but a strnlRht run of six miles
lo lhe rock, behind which lay the
Bellly Isles, forty miles away, and
well below the boat's horizon.
So when the moment came for the
tliial decision to be made. Pollard cast
en anxious eye ni a Rreat bank of
cloud mounting high In the north.
There was an ominous drop In the
temperature, loo. The rain he anticipated mlRlii turn to snow, aud snow
Is own hrmIter to fog at sea, though
both are generally absent from the
Cornish littoral In winter.
] the other day, when she hinted at tho [
adoption of Sn art career as a future!
| means of earning a livelihood, he ap*'
, proved of the necessary study butj
'laughed at the reason.
"With your pretty face and saucy
woyi, Knld," he said, "I shall have
trouble enough to keep you ln the nest
without worrying as to the manner of
your leaving it. Work at your draw-j
Ing, by all means. Avoid color as the
bane nf true arl. But where Connie
and I live you shall live, until you
choose to forsake ub."
No wonder these girls thought there
wus no other  man ln the world like
"dad."      Their   delightful   home   wbb
Idyllic   ln   Its   happiness*,     their  only
sorrow    that  Brand 3hould be away
two months out of three on account
if the pursuit In which ho passed his
j hours of leisure during recent years,
Neither dared to look at the other.
, They could not trust themselves oven
' to   Bpenk.    There   was   relief   In   00-
��� Hon. for thought was torture.
The    docile   Daisy   steadily   forged
i through  the waves.      The spasmodlo
Olsng of  tho  bell  came  more  dearly
each minute. Pollard, kneeling in tha
bows, peered Into lhe Rloom of the
' swIrlliiR snow. He listened eagerly
to the bell. With right bond or left
he niollouttl to Constance to bring the
hint's head nearer to the wind or per-
; mil the sail to till oul u little more.
Enid, ready to cast the canvas
I oose at the iirst hint of danger, con.
: suited her watch frequently. At last
I .he cried:
"Twenty minutes, Pen."
What a relief It was to hear her own
; volte.   The tension was becoming unbearable.
"ltlglit y' nre. missy.    No need to
slnck   off   yet.    'Tea   clearln'   a   bit.
i We'm heave to alongside lho rock ln
'Ben, cried Knld, breaking off a! less'n no lime.'
ihlil if merciless description of a new I The fisherman was rlpht. Hts train-
disciple who had Joined tho artistic ' ^d senses perceived a distinct dnnluii-
coterie at Newlyn, "what are you nlon In thc volume of snow. Soon
looking ot?" ,-they could see  lifty, a  hundred,  two
lb" scratched hts head and gazed hundred yards ahead. On the star-
fixedly al the white buttallans sweep- 'board quarter they caught a confused
liiR iii aerial eoqiiest over the land.       'rushing noise, like the subdued mur-
"She do loo*, like tnaw," he admit- j mur of a mil I race. The tide had cov-
ted. eretl the rock.
"Well, what docs ihat matter?" "Luff et Is!" roared lien, suddenly.
WlutOUt  .'.iltlng for orders.    Con-""Steady now."
Ktnnce hatl tased the helm a trifle. The      Out of thc blurred vista a ghostly
Daisy was now fairly headed for the .column  rose In  front.    Smooth  nnd
rock.   With Hits breeze the would be 'sheer  were  lis  granite  walls,    with
Un re Is less than an hour. |<lark  Utile  easements  showing  black
li lie a hit risky." grumbled Hen.      Ui the weird light.   The boat rushed
"We will be alongside the UrM- past the Trinity moorlng-buoy. She
house before there can be any serious .held on until they heard ihe sea break-
snowfall."    ..--id   practical  Constance,   ing.
"Surely wc con make lhe land again ' "i/>wcr owoyl" cried Hen. and the
no mailer how thick Hie weather may yard fell with" a sharp rattle that
*"���'���' showed  how   thoroughly    Enid    had
Hen   allowed   himself   to   be   per  'laid to heart Pollnrd's tuition,
suaded.   In alter life he would never      Constance brought the Daisy round
admit  thai they Were free agents at   In a wide curve, and Hen got out the
that moment. p_rB  t0 _Mp *,t.r  from being dashed,
"It had to be." he would ssy.    "It   against  the reef,
wur hi mc mind to argy wl* she. but       Enlt,.g   eyel   w,.re  turned   towards,
Jus   could., t . An' how often do ut   ,,lt. Rn||Crv beneath the lantern,
set-snaw In Carnwoll?   Not once In a   "\,k .house   abov!"  she  Bcrenmed,1
hue moon      And who would dispute   ,n n v0|.-c- high -pitched with emotion.!
ilm?   No Uesltouniry man. certain-      Thcr(. ra  ���,,' wawerlng clang of|
. __     , ��� the door leading from the room on a
i    distance   of live  miles one   jpvel with Uie balcony.   Not ofteli had
���   ���*    MipV
mlgbl expect or tueir arrival   btlng
noted If Uk re ware no watchers pac-
Skoena Land DUtrict���District of Cassiar
Taku noticu that 11. H. Stewart of Vancouvor,
1).   i'.,   occupution  truckman,  intonda  tu  apply
for permission to purchaao thu following described
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains south
of Pre-emption No. :i.'V and 62 chains oast from
thu Naas Kiver (S. \V. C), thencu 40 chuins east,
thence 40 chains north, thenco 40 chains wust,
thonce 40 chuins south to the point of commencement to contain 100 acros more or less.
Dated Aug, 1011. James T. Fullorton, Agont
1'uU Sept. 23.
Skeona Land District���DUtrlct of Coast IUngo 5
Take notico that Harold fc. Smith of Moruly,
Alia., occupution station agunt, intends tu upply
for permission to purchuso tho following duscribud
Commencing at a post piunted at tho aouthweat corner 100 chains east and 20 cbains north
from N. K. vomer of Lot 1116, Harvey's Survey
Coust District Uunge b, thonce 40 chains cast,
thencu (40 chains north, thonco 40 chains wost,
thenco 80 chains suuth to post of commencement
containing 320 ucrc_, mure ur less.
Datud Sept. 18, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
I'ub. Sept. 23. Frod W. Uohlor, Agen
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Kange 5
Tako notica that I, Gordon C. Emmerson of
Princu Kuport, l>. C, occupatiun real estate
broker, intend to upply fur permission to purchasu thu fulluwing in  I'-iU'.l lauds:
Commencing at a post planted about 2 ������-1
miles in a northerly direction from the northeast
curner pust uf Lut 1380, Kunge o, Cuast District,
thence nurth 40 chain*, thenco west to river
bunk, thence suuth folluwim; riv.r bunk to point
of commencement; cuntaining ItiO ucrus, more or
Dsted Sopt. 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMKKSON
Pub. Oct. It.
Skoena Land DUtrict���District of Cout Rangu V
Tuke nutico that 1, Kunjamin A. FUh of Tuwnor,
N. 1'., occupation merchant, intond to apply
for permiasiun to purchaso tho following doscribod
Cummenelng at a post planted on tho cast
boundary and about tivu chains frum thu southeast curner of Lot 4184, thonce nurth tiO chains,
thunce east 30 chains, thencu south 60 chains,
thuncu wust 30 chains to point of eommencoment
Dated June 21, 1911. KENJAMIN A. 1 ImI
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
sm... Bohtaj ,-raf, ��� .. ���ke .nolhci-   g~JHT &",��' the'***   bm"
ter    ?n a  !",'r ""n I," "l" e>'e ��.f G,"M-   ******* ' ��*** "'", ***a* *��� ,iTSl "">"
*��.; mmlm\   .'.:'' '���""���de acquaintance   ,������._������  vS,���.,, of  their arrival    I
and nearness to dutingulsh ihem.
A. li happened, Stephen Hrand did ffiftJ -K,__de."
happen to note the Daley ami the a,,l, uslen"., -led (
course thc wai shaping! Hm. daring
the short Inicrtal when his lelescop,
might hate rertoled lo him the Identity of her oeeiipauls. he was sudden
ly called by telephone from the oil-
room lo lhe kitchen. When next he
ran  aloft  In a  wild  hurry tu slgnnl
��tr"J__Kil?iJ'.1'. fo:'-n!l',0 hlr"';'������
M,.xx.TL    ",  ?"',   ;"d *M nlr"n<1'' sloriu. the signal, the Mating rush of
���id     hn  ur n, * '*lrl'�� V"��W'IT'; ***** *****   <hr* *>****  '""   *****  "tf   """
limn J ,,F_ ,   """' "   *bl"r, *""  *'.**������ * siiell  of  Indefinite  horror,  bit   her
shrunk to a l.-n.l-n pat.-h  whom'  ilm ������ '   ,. ,....���,��� ,���,r ,,.���r8
be limits ii���.,i.. it ���.r i.w.k i  i... "I1 '" ".*"1""1 nir uara.      	
Help us. Ben," cried Constanc ���. and
Iheir milled h.ijiils might be heard u
mile away In the prevailing stillness.
A window huh way up the lower was
opened.   A man's lnud and shoulders
n mis Bti  iheu llrand.
"Think lind!" murmiirtd Constance.
Enid, on   whose  sensitive  soul   the
btoUniwnads Uw smC look        lv
with ihe mechanical praditon oi
htbll he ��el il.e big bell In motion.
lie heavy boom ,nine fitfully through
tho pelting .now Hnkea lo tjie ��ars of
lhc two girl, nml old Hen. The latter,
master  of  the    nittiailon     now,     mi
ni Ihe three uplifted in ��� ���-.    Hm  litis
was no time for surprise or question.
"I am coming down," he shouted.i
"Providence mutl have tent you at
ihit moment."
He vanished.
���   "What  inn  II  bo?" said Coiislnnee,
l01" I  nls  liiteiiiloii   to  'bout    ship   outwardly cnlm now In the assurance
Btlll     (It,>!-..     4..r     UhhhsMsi     ll.... - -
ond moke for Moaaft "ny.
" 'Ee ele.m,' ketch me Iryln' to tall
close lo IJulf Kock when 'ee can't ice
a boat's length ahead," he saitl, em-
thai tier father was safe
"Mutt ha' bin a' accident." said II. n.
"That siRiinl means 'HriiiR a doctor.'
An' theiv ain't n blessed lug in bar-
phatltally.     "I lie sorry, ladlet tn.Ui,   bor, nor wont lie llll the tide makes."
, but "ee knaw how the tide runs over
I the reef, an'   tes easy to drive lo the
! wrong  side of  the   light.    We in   iry
again to-morrow.   On'y tho flowers '11
spile.    All the rest���"
Crash! A loud explosion burst forth
, from the deOSS heights of the storm.
The Daisy, sturdy as she was, seemed
lo shiver. The very air trembled wltU
the din. I'ollard had his hand on the
sail lo Bwiiig it te (larboard when
Constance put thc tiller over lo bring
the boat's head up against the wind,
lor an instant he hesitated. Even he,
versed lu the ways of the tea, wat
startled. Doth girls positively jumped, lhc sudden bang of the rocket waa
BO    Ul,.'\|i. > lid.
"Mister  llrand must  ba'  teed us,"
pronounced  Ben.    "That'a a warnln' j
to we lo go back."
lhe Words had scarce left his lips
whin another report smote the great
slli .i.e. otherwise unbroken save by
(he quiet plash nf the sen against the
bows and Hit' faint reverberations of
Ihe distant bell,
That  Is too urgent to be Intended
'That will mean delay," cried Knld.
'Five or six hours at least, missy."
The main door at tho head of the
Iron ladder clamped to thc stones
swung b.o-k. and Brand Issued out.
He had no greeting for them, nor
words of astonishment.
"When will the tug reach here,
Hen?" he asked.
; The fisherman told him lhe opinion he had formed.
' "Then you girls must come and help
me. Jackson Bt-nldcd hia hands and
arms in lhe kitchen, and Hales was
hurrying lo tho store-room for oil and
whitening when he Slipped on the
stairs and broke his leg. Wc must
get them both ashore. Hen, you can
take them?"
"Ay, ay, sir."
"Now, Constance, you first. Hold
(tight and Btsnd In the skip. Your boat
.cannot come near the rock."
' He swung thc derrick Into place and
began to work tho windlass. Con.
Btance, cool as her father, whispered
to the excited Enid:
'Let us divide the parcels and taks
for us." saitl  fniislanco.    "We were r half each.'
Just   half way when the snow com-       "Oh,  t should  havo  forgotten   all
inciHcil." .about   them,"  said  Enid  stooping ta
"I did not notice any vessel near the   .empty tho lockers,
rock." oris 'I  Knld. Iremulouily.    "Did'      Constance,    without    ill, li.-il...-   mt
you,  lien
Pollard's slow utterance wat not
qulok enough. BofOfO ho could answer, n  third  ro 'lot    thundered    Its
over powering lummoos,
"That  Is  UM   Help wanted' signal,"
tri.ii  Oontionoe.   "Hen, there is no
question iiiiii of g'llnu Imck. We must
keep our pn si'til course for twenty
minutes at least, and then take to tbe
oars.   The bell will guide us."
cyelld, stepped Into the strong baBkel
jw-lth Kb Iron hoops, and. having ar-
rnnged some of thi plclliorlc papel
bags al her feel, told her father to
"hoist away."
."���l-.s-im Lanel District���District of Cuist It.nuo .'.
Taku i,nil,*,- ii.ui Hirium Keiy McTavish uf
\Ylnnip--tf, Man., ejccu'ialit-n burrisuir, intends
lu apply lur i���*r;,;i -r rr, to purcharau lliu fulluwins
elestcnlMHl lanels:
Comiiiunciitg at a posl plantoj at tho Mtllhwc-sl
curnor -111 chains past anel -111 cliaina north Irom
N. K. curner ul l.ut 111'-, llarvuy'a Survey Cuaat
District llange ���>. '.honco till chains east, thunco
till chaina nurlh, Ihence till chain, west, tbence Gil
cliain. south to post ol commencement containing
���ii,** ucru. moru ur less.
Daled Sopt. 18, 1��U llllllAM HOY McTAVlSH
l-ub. Sepl. i!3. I r.-l W. Uohler, Agent
Skeena Laml District���District ul Coast llange V
Take nutico tbat Juaso M. Tallman ol Cedar
Raped., Iowa, uccupation lawyer, Intends to
apply for permission lo purchaso the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post plantod on tbo aoutherly
shorn ot Kutxymateon inlet on tbe right bank
ol a small stream tluwing into aaid inlet Juat east
ul Cruw Lake. Tbence wuih 2X1 chain., thence
woat 2X1 chaina moru or leaa to the ihore line ol
Crow 1 ....... thonce northerly and easterly lollowlng tho shore linos ol Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and KuUeymaleen Inlet to tho
place ol commencement, containing forty acre,
mure or leaa. Located August 7, it'll.
Dated Aug. 9, 11)11. JESSE M. TALLMAN
I'ub. Aug. 12.
Skoena Land District���DUtrict ol Coaat llango 6
Take notica thai E. II. O. Miller of Falmouth
Eng., occupation .urvoyor, intenela to apply fo
iiermlaslon to purchase the lollowing deacrlbod
Commonclng at a poat plantod at tho N. W. Corner of Lot 44(11!, tbence west SU chlana, thonco aouth
'JO chaina, thonce eaat SU chain., thence norlh 20
chaina to tbe point uf commencement containing
ItiO acrus more ur lesa.
Dated August 15, ISII. E. It. O, MILLER
I'ub. Aug. ga I'. KI. Mill. r. Agant
Skeena Lanel DUtricl���District ol Coast Range 6
Take nolle that It. 1'. Miller ol Tipton, England,  occupation   larmer,    ntonda  to   apply   lor
permission  lu  purchase  the lulluwing deacribed
Cummenelng at a post planted about 60 chains
weat Irom the N. Vi. Corner of Lot 4406, thence
north 40 chaina, lhance west 2U chaina, thence
aoulh l,i chaina, thenca oaat 20 chaina to the
point ot commencement containing eighty acre,
moro or leaa.
Dated Auguat 111  1011. It. K. MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 2S. I'. M. Miller, Ag.nt
Skeena Land DUtricl���DUtrict of Coast Range li
Taka nollco that trunk S. Miller of London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer, intends to apply
for lierniiasion lo purchas." the lulluwing described
Cummenelng at a poal planted at tba N. E.
Curner ul Lol 2S, thence north 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains, Ibence aouth 20 chains, tbenc,
aast 20 chains lo puint uf cummencemenl, containing 40 acroa more or leaa.
Dalad Auguat 16, lull. FRANK S. MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 26. I'. M. Miller, Agant
Skeena Lanel DUtrict���Di-trict uf Coast Range 6
Tako notice that Lottie McTavUh ol Vancouvor.
occupation married woman. Intends to apply
lor permission tu purchase the folluwing described
Commencing at a post plantod at the northwest corner 1U0 chaina east anel 20 chaina north
Irorfl N. E. corner ot I^it 1116, llarvey'a Survey
Coast DUtrlct Range 5, thence 20 chains aoulh,
thence hO chains eaat, thence SO chaina north,
thenco 40 cbaina west, thenco 60 chains soulh,
thence IU chains west to post ol commencemenl
dontaining 4UU acres more or leaa.
Dated Sept. 18. I'Jll. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Uohler, Agent
Hella Coola Land DUtrict���District of Coasl Range
Take notice lhat II. If. CHIT ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
for permission lo tease the following described
Commencing at a poat planled on the shore
ot   N,���<���!<<, Isrrriii.iiy    IliviT   about    10   clmills   west
of Indian Hi-serve Line .theaco west 60 chains
following the channel ol Necleclaconnay River,
thence south 80 chaina more or leaa to channel
ul llella Coola River, thence lollowlng channel
uf Holla Ci.nla Itiver easterly mi chains, north
80 chains more or loaa to point of commencement;
containing 480 acree, more or loaa.
Daled August 28, llll. H.  M. CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Skeena Land District���District ol Coaat Range 5
Tako notice that Herbert J. Mackle of Pembroke, Ont., occupation lumberman, Intend, to
apply lor permission to purchaae the lollowlng
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planteel on the lelt hank
of lhe Zymoiioltl or Zlm-a-gol-lt�� River, at southwest corner of Lol 1706, tbence northerly, following
the westerly boundary of Lot 170(1, 80 chains
more o** Ins., to tho northweat corner ol sal,] Lot
1706. thenco westerly and southerly, following
tho lett bank of said river, 80 chains more or less lo
point of commencement containing 160 acrea
more or leas.
Located Augu.t 19, 1911.
Daled Augu.t 21, 1911.    HERHERT J. MACKIE
I'ub. Aug. 26. Frederick 8. Clementa, Agent
Rkcenn Land District-District of Cnsslar
1'nke notice that I, Thomas Carter, of Prince
Rupert, occupation carpenter.  Intend to npuly
for permission to purchaso lhe following eloscrlb-
eel lanel.
Ceimmeneilns* at n post pluntoel nlsiut one mllo
south from tho month of Fn 11 a creek nnd about
Mo feet Imck frum the lioncli, thence nn chnins
north, thence 40 e-hnlns west, tbence SU riinlns
south, thence east 40 chains to polntof commencement, containing 320 acres more or less.
Ilnle-d July 7th, 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun.
I'ub. Aug. 6th. Agent.
Skoena Land DUtrlct-Di'slrict,.[ tZZ ...   ,
T���t,n     ���      ,      ********       **""*L���'������������-Hto
luko notico that Ausiii, m   ii
Kuport,  li.  C, SSoUMUon addlTV.' Ww
sDpTy to the ciu���r ru, , ��� ,   k ;  -"-'"U iu
Work, for a licence to pr���,,,!,!!",," , **!*; '* nii,l
potroloum on und under tl,. fa   ' **t *"��� mi-l
lands on the Wost Coust ���( l Vu      .''i,' ,   '
Commune ng ot n ,.,���, ���.���,,,,TV        '"
of the norlheul WrnWo. I. N /"V ''   '      ' '
80 chains south, thtlOM HI oh_n,Tea'  "     ;
chains north, tlience BU cliai,    ",.",' L: ��� W
commoncoiuont. ' lu Mint ol
Duto of Location i-flluul? llfl'lBROT ***> '
I'ub. Aug. 17. /...mi.
Skoona Und DUtr.ctTDiS(,ricio,qUK,���(,,lrloll<
Tako notico tiiut Austin  M. ||.���wn ,. ,
l,i"��(r-hl,r,'*P"li0" ���****'*���'"��� "*������""����� I' ii,i'-'T
tha   thiol   Commissioner   ol   [_n_  _ ,"
or a liconco to prospect f���r coul Kd Oil ',   i ""'U
loum on and under tl,��� (���||���W1���J" , U ;' I
un the Woat Const ol liruhiini i��|,,,���i
Commencing ut u poat pltntad th'r_e ������i
ol the southwest corner ol r   |.''""..'
80 chains oust, thence 8U chain, north ti   ; '  "
chain, west, ,l,������co 8U chain, s,",'    ,''.    '
commencement. *u l""'1 M
Date ol Locution, frffl 1^'11,",nv*s" ******
i'ub. Aug. 17.
Skoona Land D*����(*-^trltrt ol Quwo (������lgU���
Tako notice thut Austin M   llr�����n ���l i-
tbe Chiel ComnilHiianur of Until uml \\^Lt
UonottO prwpuct (ur cual, oil ami vntolvm i\t utl���
under the folfuwiiiK Uu-erilwd lai.a o�� th�� "ff..
Coast ol Graham laland: '
Commenfing at a pout planted three aOm Hit
of the southcut corner o IC. J_. N0. 4-lT' th,.*^_
north 8U chaina, thence Mil BO chain-, tiu-mv ..,,,,7
60 chaina, thence west BU chain- Sm ^ ufZ"'
mencement. ' WKn*
i J * AUSTIN M. BROWN, Ucator
Located Augiut Iat, 1DU, ��� M,c,lor
Pub. AUit. VJ.
Skoena Land Diatrict -District of QuttQ CharioUa
lake notice that thirty day* from dau I ,
Uainter of l'nnce Kupert li. C, by MMwiJon
bookkeeper, intond io upply to ihe ChiW \ ,,,...
miaaioner of Land, for u licence to linmoMi ��
coal and petroleum on and under -lu Emm 2
lund on Cruhuni lalund deacribed ua fulluw**)-
Communcinie at u poat planted live milt,* w��t
of Coul Leaau No. 4167, murked C. li. II. Coal
Leaae No. 1. N. E. corner, thonco ne-t tm chuiu*
thonco aouth 60 chuina, llionco eust a. chuins'
thonce north 60 chuina to place of commeuci-mei
Dated Bttt ll, lyll 0. K. BAINTBR, Uttux
Tub. Sept '22.
Skeena Land Diatrict-Diatrict of gueen Charluiu
Tako notico that thirty daya from date, I, i . r;
Uainter of I'rinco Hupurt, li. C, by occ-p_u.n
bookkeeper, intend lo upply to the Chief Com-
miuxionor of Landa (or u licence tu prost-m for
coal and petroleum on und under blu *cre�� ui
Und un Gruhum Islund doacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poal planted livu union v-u\
of Coal Lease No. 4107, marked C. K. H. N. w.
corner No. _, thence south 00 chains, thence e***t
60 chaina, thencu north 60 chains, thence ***t
60 chains lo pluce of commencemenl.
Daiod Sept. 11, 1011s C. & UAlNTLH, Locator
Tub. SepL Bt,
Skoena Land Disuict���Diatrict of tjueen Charlotte
Take notico thul thirty duys from date, i. C. K.
Uainter of Prince Huport, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inU'nd to apply to the Chief Cocft*
miaaioner of Lunda for a licenco to proiptct for
coal und petroloum on and under btO ucrea ul
lund on Graham laland described us followa.
Commencing ul a post piunted live mile. va��t
of Coal Loaae No. 4476, marked C. E. li. .-*. w.
corner of Coai Leuao No. 2, thence oast 60 chaim,
thencu north 60 chains, thunco wusi bu chains,
thence aouth 60 chaina to place of eommencement.
Dated SepL 11, lull. C. L. UAlNTl.lt. Locator
Pub. Sepl. 2*1.
Skeena Land Dislrict���Diatrict of (juoen Chari.m
Take notice thai thirty daya from dale. 1, t . t..
Hainter of Prince Huport, ii. C, by occupaUon
bookkeeper, intend to apply to tho Chief Co��
miaaioner of Landa for a licence to prospect fur
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres ol
land on Graham Island doscribod aa follow*.
Commencing al a poal planted tivo milos cart
of Coul Leuse No. 4476, marked tt 1- U. S, L
Corner Coul Lease No. 4, thenoe woat fcO chains,
ibence norih 60 chain*, ihenco eaat 60 chains,
thence aoulh 60 chains to place of commrnevnunt.
Dated Sept. 11,1011. C f, UAINTKH. Locator
Pub. Sept. '22.
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict of yuren Charlotte
Take noUco thai thirty days from date, 1. tt L.
Uainter of Prince Kupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to upply to tba Chief < M
miaaioner of Lands for a licence lo prospect fur
coal and (i-eiroleum on and under blu acres of
land on Graham lalaud described aa folio*
Commencing at a post planted two miles tiotrb
of atake marked C. K. U. Coal Loast No. 1, marked
N. E. corner C. fc. U. Coal Louse No. !t, thence
aouth M0 chains, thenoe west 60 chains, thence
north 60 chains, thence ousl 60 chains to place of
Dated Sepl. 11, 1911.    C. B, K UM I.K. Localot
I'ub. let. tt.
Skeena Land DUtrict -Dittrict of Queen Chraloita
Taka notlc* thai thirty daya from date, 1. C K.
Uainter of Princu Kuport, U. C, by occupation
bookkevper, intend to apply to tbe Chief Commiaaioner of Lands for a licence lo prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and under bid acrea of
land on Graham Island descrilied as followa;
Commencing at a poat planted two milea north
of C. K. H. Coal Lease No- J. marked C. fc. Haintef
N. W. cornar Coal Laaaa No. 6, tnn.ee south 60
chuins, thenco aast 60 chain), thence north 60
chaina, thenca west 60 chains to place of com-
men cement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. UAINTEK .Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land DMrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tuke notice thul thirty duys from dute, 1, C. E.
Hainter of I'rince Hupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inund to apply to tho Chief Commiaaioner of Lands for a lie nee to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 ucrea ol
land on Graham Island described ** follows;
Commencing at a port planted two miles north
of Oi E. H Coal Low* No. :i, stake S VY. corner
Coal Laaaa No. 7, thence north 60 chains, thenre
eut 60 chaina, thenca aouth 60 chains, ihencv
west HO chains to pUca of commencment.
Dated .Sept. 11, 1911. tt E. UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. _ i
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tak* notico that thirty days from date, 1. t . ���
Uainter of Princ* Huport, U. tt. by occupuiion
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Con*
miaaioner of Lands for a licence to pMspect fur
coal and petroleum on and under o4u acne of
land on Graham lalund described aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted two rim* north
of C. E. U. Coal Leaa* No, 4, marked S. I., corner
tt E. U. Coal Leaae No. 6, thenc* north ���*���> chain*.
thenc* west bo chaina, thenc* aouth M -
thence east bO chains to plac* of commencenH-ni.
DaU-d Sept. 11, 1911. tt E. UAlNTfclt, Locator
I'ub . Sept. _.l
Skeena Land DUtrict -DUtrict of QMH ��� ' I
Tak* notie* that thirty days from -Ut*, 1, '
Uainter of I'rince Hupert, II. C, by occupa-iuu
boukkw|>er, intend to apply lo tho t'hitl  I
miaaioner of 1-anda for a licence to prufptTi lur
coal und pelroleum on and under bio acr>--   <l
land on Graham laland do*cril>ed aa follow*:
Commencing at a post planted five mile-* IM
of Coal Lease No. 4474, marked tt fc. U���
N. E. corner Coal Lease No. 9, thenco souin Jj
chaina, thence west HO chaina, ihenca north *0
chaina, thonco east HO chaina to placo ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 22.
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nolice that thirty da/s from date, I, I . ������
Uainter of Princ* Kupert, 11. 0- by occupat i n
bookkeeper, Intnd to apply to thc Chief I OJ
miwioner of Landa for a licence to prospect fcr
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acre* of
land on Graham Island deacribed aa follows:
Commendng at a pott ptanted one mile north
of C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 9, marked N. �����
corner C. E. I*. No. 10, Ihence south HO chain*,
thence weat HO chair,*, thence north 60 chains,
thence eaat 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1911. tt E. UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty days fronm date. 1, tt r-
Hainter of I'rince Kupert, H. C, occupation boon,
keeper, intend to apply to tbe Chief ComiBWtoDaf
of Lands for a licence to prospect for coal and
petroleum on und under b-40 acrea o( land on
Graham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
of C, E. U. Coal Leaae.No H, marked N. E. corner
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. II, thence south PJ
chains, thence west HO chains, thence north *0
chuins, thence eust HO chuins to placo of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. UAlNTfcK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 2H.
Skeena Land Dlstrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice lhat thirty dava from 'late, I, * ��� 1-
Uainter of Prince Kupert, 0. C, i-y occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to the Chief t om-
mlaaloner of Land for a licence to prospect for
coal and pelroleum on and under 640 acrei ol
land on (iraham laland deacrilied aa follows;
Commencing at a poat plsnted two mile* north
of tt E. U. Coal Leaae No. 7, marked C. fc. ***
Coal Uaao No. 12. Ihence south HO chains, UMMI
eaat SO chains, tnence north 80 chains, thenco
west 80 chaina to place of com mn nee ment.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. UAlNTfcK, Locator
Pub. SepL 23.
Skoena Land DUtrict -Dlalrlct nf Queen Charlotta
Taka notice that thirty days from date, 1, < ��������
Hainter of Prince Hupert, II. tt. by occupation
bookkeeper, iniond to apply to tho Chief ( ora*
mltaloner of Unda for a licence to prosper! for
coal and petroleum on und under 610 acres of
land on Graham laland doacribed aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
of C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
tt E. B. Coal Uaa* No. 1.1, thenco north bo
chaina, thenca eaat 80 chaina, thenre south ho
chains, thenco west HO chaina to place of com-
DatedSept. II, 1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Pub. SepL 28.
Wwifflrnmwi THE DAILY NEWS
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Pri-1" R*>Pert> s-s' Prlnce George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
i\,r Port Simpson  Nuns mid Stewart,
Wednesdays ��t *��� f- M-
I for MaSMt ****** ***'****'*' Hurbor every
alternate   Tliursiiuy   ut   10
I rcommencing November 8th,
' For  Bkldegate,   Jewday,   etc
alternate Thursday  ut   10
, riunii'iii'inK Novi-mber 2nd.
P.   M.
P.   M.
| Railway service to Vunarsdol, mixed
���mins from Prince Rupert Wednes-
dayi nnd Saturdays l P. IL, returning
Thundayi ind Sundays 4 P. M.
On yuiir Chrietmae vltit Eatt travel
| vm the' Grand Trunk Railway System
lr.im ChieiiKO. The Bneit nnd best
lervlCI OVST Double Track Route.
i onnectionl with Iill ronds Fast und
West. Atlnntit- Steumsliip bookings
arranged.. Full Information und
ticked obtained from the oflice of
The Worlds
Greatest Highway :
Let us plnti
��� tn Europe.   We like lo answer enquiries.   Agent for oll Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
J. a McNsb
General Agenl
BESNER f�� BESNER,  Proprietors
The Ne** Kn,,< Hotel 1. run on the European
els- I rrat-claa. Mrvlc*. All the Lan-sl M-.lcrn
In.,.,   rinenta. ���:-:��� nil'-* SOe UP
TlllltO AVE.
Plumbing, Heating, Steamtltlingand
Sheet Metal Work
Oilier: tr>l Ave. Workshop:
I'h .nn 174 2nd Ave. bet. 7th an,| -III Su.
Savoy Hotel
'   I  Iraser and Mh.        Choice Wine, and Clgara
Cat. list Av.
an-l -lh  SI.
The James
Nle-Hy furnished rooms   li.nl Wide board
Board 14.71 Reran, and Board 17.00
-,' m in ni'.ii ran i�� i��'��
���   *   *
Dominion Fish Market
:   FULTON AND sixth avenue   :
Dealers In Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game ln
season. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter and
Eggs    ....
phone 117 p.o. nox in
Townsite of
(Registtred as Soulh Hazelton)
Double Front Lot with  7-Room
on 8th Ave., Sec. fi	
Two Huy-view Lots on Ith  Ave.,
Lot on 5th Ave., See. 6	
Lot on 9th Ave., See. 7	
$50 cush und $25 a month.
Two Double Lune Comers on 11 th Ave
Sec. 8, $650 each.    Easy Terms.
Lot 19, Block 2G, Sec. 5 $2200
. |1H76
Fire, Life, Accident and Liability Insurance
Puttullo Block.
This Is a little aection of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of apecial interest to women. Any and all of tho ladies of Trinco Hupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its dllQUiiIonfl. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope ia expressed thut "The
Coay Corner" will fill a social need.
1 BImmi tand Dlitrict���DUtrlot uf coast Ranga u
Tuko   nolico   thut   I,   Thorn**   Mci'lymunt   ul
I'rinco   Ku.|H-rt,   H.   (.*.,   OOOUpatiOQ   Nt!   tututo
bralur, Inwoa to apply u.r Hrmlnlon *���*��� purciitwo
tho (ollowinu .L*M*rili!til lunda:
Cumrmmciiiu ut u pbot plunu-d at tlio 8. W.l
corntT ol prt-'-tunjiiiim noora 4l_, thttiM oust SO
ctmiiiH, thihoi koiuIi 40 ehuiiiN, thenoe wont mj .
ciniiim to -hum oi lake, thenoa toUowtni inow
ot luko in u northerly durootlon to (mint of com*
menoamenti eonutnlnn B8Q teree, more or h****. '
Datod Bept, &. 1811, THOMAS MoCLYMONT
I'ul). Bept, 8, Krom-bt CoU. Agenl
Toronto Girl Had Great Honor
Paid Her on Liner
Second aveiue anil Third Btreet
Over Weitenhaver Uros.' Office.
sturk Uml,in,i'., Becond Avenue,
;t  change  without  extra
lli-lli, CooU Untl District   lli.trict ol Coast llango
Luw-HutliT Building     Phone No. 280
Prinoe Ruoert P.O. Bos 881
. >.^.*.^.**.
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest antl quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply  ut
THK     NEWS     0 V11C B
A unique honor not long ago
was paid Miss Dorothy Langmuir,
a well known Toronto BOclety
gir. Miss Langmuir was returning
from Europe on the palatial Royal
Edward of ihe Canadian Northern
The passengers on the boat
were filled with coronation spirit.
Nothing would satisfy some of the
gallant gentlemen on board but
that they should crown an ocean
queen liefore they reached Canada.
Miss Langmuir was crowned. The
ceremony was rendered particularly
interesting in that Premier Sifton
of Alberta, and Premier Scoti of
Saskatchewan participated ��� the
tirst time Canadian Premiers ever
officiated on such an occasion.
Miss Marjory W'ilks of Brantford,
was a maid of honor.
Popular  S.   A.  Officer  Transferred to Moosejaw
Ensign Johnstone lias lieen notified at S. A. headquarters In the
east where lie was during the
great S. A. Conference at Toronto
recently that he will be transferred
in a fortnight or sn to Moosejaw.
The Ensign regrets leaving Rupert, but throat trouble compels
him io do so under medical advice,
He is one ot those few to whom thc
mild climate of the coast is tin-
Captain and Mrs. Jackson, of
the S. A. Citadel at Nanaimo, with
their two daughters Will take
Ensign Johnstone's place here.
Tun noUoa thai n. IS, CUB *,l Dundalk, In-
lunil, uccupulinii i:< i.il.-inuu, intends to aiijily lor
li,-rmls.si���ii t>< i,-.i..,- it,,, following dseerlbed lun,l��;
Commencing ut it post |ilutiii-,| al Um shore
nuur tin- N. I;, corner ol Ut No. :l, thence minli
4(1 chains, il���<iii*.- v.i��i su chuins moro or loss io
cssi boundary ���l cwmury l.-u.,-. thenco following
lho sunl gait boundary south III chains more ur
Im.  to shore  line,   Ihenco  following  sui.l   shore
of llrrli.lr Columbia pl HC OnUiiio. Sa.-
anil Manitoba liars. kati-hewiin   ami  Al-
Is'rtn Iturs.
Hahiustkiis, Nutahiks, Etc.
Menu  tfeff-S ���S.i0 SS! :I   Omce-E,.*h,���,,f...l.,ck mur Third avenue nnd
Udliil Aurust
Pub. Bept, B0.
11, 1911
ll.  If, CLIFF
Williurn McNuir, ,\**vn\
Delia Coola l.uml I>.h.rtct--lJU.rw** < i ' oi ' lUtitfo
Sixth itnati I'ritH'fltuDcrt.
s. hall, l. d. s.. d. d.s.
Take* notice- thul ll. M. CDS ol Uumlallt, in-     Crown nnd Bridge Work a Specialty,
land, oooupatlon laotlMaa,  intenda io apply ]   aim. ,:, ,i.,.. - .-. .-   ..: ,n ,:i, treated   r.asand
lor  iHTiniasion   to  leas,  ihu  lollowln*-  diwili-iHl , kiral annsihctics iidtiiiiiist.-ml for the palnlessa ex-
land.; traction of teeth.       Consultation free.      Offices:
Commendng at a post plantad ul tho N. I. ! HelKuraun lilock. I'rinco lluperl. 11-12
corner eil Ui BS, thoncu north 20 chains, thence i
wust 1(1 chuins, thuncu south '20 chuins miiro or   	
luaa to .lioru line, thunco lollowln*; the .horo linu   ,,     M Mn���.������ ��� ,       w v .V|.,,���_,. ��� .   , , .,
oast 4tlcln.iaa more or less lo poinl ol commune.-   AI'****MM uns.li.A..L.L.D
mont; contuinitiit Ml caros, moro or leess.
Daiod Auxiui.il, lull. II. It. CUFF ,
I'ul.. Sup!. 111. William McNuir, .\i;,-i.i
Cucumber Relish
Two quarts of chopped cucumbers, two quarts of chopped while
onions. Put in a colander and
sprinkle with a quarter of a
cup of sail. Let it stand one
hour. Wash and drain. Stir a
tablespoonful of mustard and one-
half tablespoonful of tumeric Into
a cup of sugar; add to it one
quart of vinegar and bring il to
a boil. Put in the cucumbers and
onions and boil up once.
*-*-*-*-*-* -���-
The N'aliural Resources Security
Company, Limited, begs to announce to the public lhal the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
has just signed an agreement
whereby the official and only
railroad townsite at IIAZI-'.L-
TON will Ih- located on Lot
851 ns per above plan.
There will be no siaiion at Ellison,
one mile west.
Purchasers of lots at Ellison will
U.* fully protected.
Surveys are completed and plans
will be published jusi as soon
as the government and railroad
make selection of lots.
The Lind Commissioner of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
will issue all agreement! and
deeds and the Nationa. Resources Security Company, Limited, will have full charge of all
Yours inily,
President Natural Resource*
Security Company, Limited
Bower Block, Vancouver, B. C.
225 Sixth Street, Prince Rupert.
-General Hardware��� I
��� Buildera' Hardware
.   Valves e_ Pipes      Oxford Stoves  *
Graniteware       Tinware a.
* * * *���*- * * *- *-*-*-<���
If table silver is placed in hoi
soapsuds immediately after being
used,, and dried With a soft, clean
cloth, much of the work of polishing will be saved.
To make a lough ste;ik tender
rub il on both sides with vinegar
and olive oil, thoroughly mixed,
and allow it to stand for two
hours before cooking.
G. T. P. Tran.fer Agenla
Order, promptly filled.   Price, reasonable.
OFFICE-ll. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phone SB.
Skeena Und District -Dlalrlct of Queon Charlotte
Tak. nollco lhal thirty elay. Irom dale, I, C E.
Huinter ol Princu lluperl, B. C, hy occupation
bookkeeper. Intend to apply to tho Chiol Com-
missioner ol l_nds for a licence lo prospect lor
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acrea of land
on liraham Island described aa lollowa:
Commencln, at a psist planted two mllos north
ol C. K. II. Coal Leaae No. 14, markod S. W.
rorner C. E. II. Coal laoaao No. 20, thence north
-11 chains, thunce west 80 chains, thenco south B0
chains, thence east 80 chains to placo ol commencement. ��� .,,-_���, ,
DaludScpl. II, tlill. C. E. BAINTEH. Locator
I'uh. Sept, llll.
Idea of It is to Satisfy All Tastes
at Once
A good may to satisfy the
members of a family who do not
care for lhe same kind of cake is
this: Make a batch of cake
batter which will make six layers
From ihis put in two layer tins
the plain white dough, then what
is left divide and put half in
another dish. To one part can
be added lemon, orange, or spices
to flavor. To another can be
added some bitter chocolate melted
in hot welter, making a nice
chocolate cake, or one can add
either currants which have been
Washed, dried and put in Hour
or a half cupful of cocoanui, thereby giving enough varieties of cake
to List a week through, besides
Mr. C. T. Heward, of Engineering Staff, to Meet His Fiancee
A little bird flitting about lhe
("iiy Hall this morning whispers
thai ('. T. Heward, of the City
Engineer's staff, will be made a
glad man on the arrival of
the   C.   T.   P.   Bteamer   Prince
Ruperl. He Will meet lhe boat In
particularly spruce attire to meet
the one girl iu the world.
Mr. W. VV. Foster Book for Victoria Monday
VY. W. Foster, Deputy Minister
of Public Works, iiii mi Monday
by the Prince George for Victoria
armed with particulars for his
report on the running of the
Provincial Government wharf here.
Mr. C. McNlchol went smith by
the Prince George on Monday.
David II. Hays was a passenger
for Vancouver by the Prince
George on Monday.
Ball. Coulu Und Dislrict���District ol Coast Kan,
Tako notice lliul II. M. Cllll ot Dundalk. Ireland, occupation uentlcman, Intends to apply
lor permission lo luasu Ihu (ulluwin, described
Commencini: ul a post plunlcd at tho N. W.
corner ol lain No. 4, Ihenco north 40 chains, thuncu
east 40 chaina, Ihuncu aoulh 40 chains moro or
li-ss to ehoro line, thunco follow-in, .horo lino
wnilerly 40 chain, mora or luaa to point ot com*
mencement; conlulnin, BO acrus. moru ur luaa.
Dated August UN, 1U1I. II.   M. CLIFF
Pub. Sepl. 110. William McNair, Agent
Hi-Ma Coola Und District���District ol Coaat llanga
Tuke notice thai II. M. CliS ol Dundslk, (rotund, occupation gentleman, intends tu apply
lor permission lo lease iho lollowing duscnoud
Commencing at a post planted at th. N. W
corner ot Ut 2-1*1, thunce south 40 chains moro
or I, as to nurthurn boundary ol leaaa No. 1 applied
for ny II. <M. t'liit, UMBOS lollowing said boundary
east 2X1 chains, thencu nurth 40 chains, thuncu
snt 20 chains lu puint of commencement; containing BO acr.*.. moro or le...
Datud Augu.t 2H, lull. II.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Supt. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und Diili-lcl���District ol Coasl llango
Taku i��� ii,*,* that II. M. t'lnl of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gunlleman, intenda lo apply
for lie-mission lo luaae lhe following doacr.t>--tl
Commencing al a pool planted at the S. 1.
eorner ol Ul 251, thenca aoulh 40 chain, moro
or t"M to northern boundary ot I., ���*��������� No. 1
ultplksl feir by II. M. Cllll, thonce east 20 chain,
alung aald boundary, thenco north 40 chaiiu,
thence west 20 ch.ln. to point ol commencement'
containing Mi acn��, mere or loaa.
Ilsl.al August 2B, lull. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. WUliam McNair, Agent
Skeuna Und District-District ol quean Charlott
Tako notico that Auatin M. Ilrown ol Prince
Itupert, aaddler. Intend, to apply lo the Chid
t iiiMinaair,,,, r ot Uod. and Worka lor a licence
lo prostM-ct for coal, ml and i-.-lrul.-um on and
under the lullowtng deacribed land, on lho Woat
i < .t-i ol Uraham laland:
Commencing al a poat plantod threo milaa oast
ol the northeaat corner of C. tu No. 4IGU th.nce
south B0 chaina, Ihence BO chain, west, thence B0
chain, north, thence B0 chaina east to point ol
AUSTIN M. uiaiw .*.'. Locator
Located Auguat Iat, lull.
I'ul . Aug. IS.
Alox.M.Manaon H.A.,
ISarriBter.s, Solicitors, etc.
llox 285
Prince Hupert, 11. C
P. O. BOX :si
1,1 11   OF WM.   I ���" ��� ���*..  1~U.. A.II A.M.. ION.. I *..:
Third Avenue ulso Wuter Street,
. KcpairiiiK a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
��� Lit -;-!.* Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sta
Kni-ii-.il and American Uilliard*
Twelve Tsblei SECOND AVE.
li w. j. McCutcheon
Skeena Uod Dislrict���District of Quoon Charlott.   \ ',
*r-l.-      ������-���  ,..,   2?'*.?d-.s   ss .... . i   Carrie*, complete slock of Drugs.   Special
_j��_?   ^m..i������    .a ,, "  V . "?"* *���'  ���'���*""**   ��� .      attention paid lo i.ll.n. pmrrtptuma.
Itutieri, oceopation aaddler. Inlenda to apply lo
th. Chiel i omniissmner of Unda and Works lor   ' '   Dirilre Rlnrl l*,,,.-..  No ��� Wnnrl Are
a licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum an      '   ' 9t**"t D"K* S*C00C * '*
,   rand under lhe following described Isnds on thai' '__	
launch   WM Coaat ol Uraham Island: I *************************
Commencing at a poat pl.nlod thre* mllo. .	
ol th. northeast corner of C. L. No. 4473 thenc* I
In.  ...... I.    >!>..._���  an
For Ili'Kinii. r- and Advanced I'upila
Prince Rupert Lodge, IMF.
NO.  63
Meet* in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members ot the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CAOK. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
All Cash
14. 16, ir.
H and 34
14, IS, 16, 17
17 and 18
40 and 41
BLOCK   section
*e*X*x% SS.
���und pr,
$2W1 en.
|800 pr,
Call at our offlce and see other bargains
Second Ave, P���" RuPert' BC'
Indian Had Accident While
Start'ng up Launch. Out of
Hospital Today.
Henry Colllnson, an Indian who
recently  had  the sinews of his
left   leg  badly wrenched  by  the
flywheel  of his gasolln
came out of the hospital today,
The accident happened Mllile Col- j"? rhaina wo.t, thenc*;iBO chains north, th.nc. M
,, ... .    chains east, Ihence B0 chains .oulh lo polot of
llllSOIl Wiis start ice llisenglllea   out   coinmencoment.
.    .,.,,nil,    *.���,,    ,,wI   il    ��  i��   mil     il AUSTIN M. BROWN. Locator
.1   nllilllll   .Igo   ana   ll   Wai   HOI   Ul ' Located Auguat Irt, ISII.
tirst realised  that  the htttr was j pub. Aug. i��.
serious enough for hospital treatment.    After a fortnight al home *���*""** **">���* '"^"7^" ��' *"""��� ch"*��*x*;
where  efforts Wer    made   tO  CUre      T,k" nolle* that Austin XI. Brown ol I'rlne*
the limb,  Collison wa> taken  t" S?tS__s^n_LSrar-si!-i$WeSMr. R��om 28-  Alder Block Upitairi
Pil.,,.,.     Rtienmrl      l.>     tin-     ('.i-IH-t* ll   ******** *�� proapoct lor eoalLoll and pelroleum on   ______________________________
I I "HC     Kuperi     in     III"      > ani Ll'. ,���,| u���d,r ihe lollownlg di-acrlhed land, on lh*
llosllile'l.   Uld   is   HOW   I'llll*   lo   get    ***'*** Cuaalol Uraham Island:
> -       .   *���      . Commencing at a poat planted thre* milos east
ol the southeast cornar ul i . I* No. 4470 thenc*
north   Ml  chains,   thenca east   Ml  chaina,   thencs*
south BO chains, thenca weat SO chain, to point el
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Locator
Urst.-I Augeisl Ist, ISII.
I'ub. Aug. I*.
Miss Vera Greenwood
I'upll of limi.* Wil.v.-k. Paris and Berlin.
about  on  crutches.    He Icil   m
his launch for Mctlak Ua today,
The Paper
Your Home!
EBY   CBl.   Co.
Kitsumkalum Lw I For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
Skeena Und lllslriet    D..lricl ,4 gueen CharloUe
lake notice thai thirty dais from dale, I, C. E.
Balnter ol I'riiice Itupert, il. I.'., l.y oceopation I _. ��� ,
bookkeeper, intend to a|.|.l> lo the ChM Com- a.���* Intf** ll il-rt I,.I,.*. Ni !|., Sons of
mlsslon.r ol Units lor a bretiee lo proap*��t lor '-na'and. meet, the nr.| an I third r i.*.la��. In
coal and petroleum on and under MU arm ol *J*"*-ii month in lh.-S.ai. ..f Knalaiel Hall, am Snd
land on liraham lslsnd elewrele*.! aa lollows. , *��� ** " M*m*
Comni.-iiiiiir- at . p.e.1 pUnled two mil,* north F. V   CLARK. See,
nt C tl II. C*al l.e��e No. a, markod S. E. corn* !��� il  II .. ��|i prince Itui-rri
C.   E.   II.  Coal   lA-mm  t.a.   II,  thenn.  north  SO   ERNEST A. WOOIM. I'mident. Box ^1
chain., thence west  Ml chains. Ih.nen aouth SO	
chains, thence last BO chains tu placo ol com-   " "~~������������������-^
Dated Sept  11.1911.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. hpCM
It gives you all the news of your own city and district as well as the principal happenings
in all parts of the world. The news is well edited, its news columns are clean and whoje-
some. It is a paper you need in your home. The advertising columns of the News bring
youln touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money. : :      :      :
Bill Headi
Price Lists
Memorandum Formi
Commercial Cardi
��� .-a..--..
In  Commercial Printing
we have a large stock of
$ tjl (j. a*rl US\t*i it li. J*H y'fxtjl t*t
We handle Blank Ledger
Forma   for    loose
Leaf .System
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlet!
^���x-i'-fct T****-.��'***^ll****^a <
,������*...���...���*.. 4>
For society printing, we ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations Slid I lance ProgMMngfc_J___ any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
t��� the highestgrades of multi-color printing consult the  "News Job"      : |__j :
. Skeens Ur.d I U.lncl -DUtricl of Queen (hsrh.lt
Take notie*.* that t! irt> els-.s trom dale, I, c. I
Ilainler e,( I'rince Rupert, ft. C. by occup.llun
bookk��s't>.-r. inlend lo apply lo lh* Chief Commissioner ul Unds tor a licence to proepect tor
coal ami petroleum on and under 1140 acrea ut
land on (iraham Isalnd deserilie.1 as loUow.:
Cdiiiinencing at a port planted two milea north
of C.  I..  II   Coal  Loaae No.  IS, n.srk.-l  N. W.
, corner C. E. II. Coal Uase No. 21, thenco south
80 chains, Ihenco eaal SO chains, thenco north
SO chains, thencu weat SO chaina to place ol commencement.
Uateel Sept. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
pR! Skeena Land DUtrict���District ol i; i , Charlott
i.y Tako nolice that thirty days Irom dale, I, A. T
Kil llroderick ���f Prince Unfurl, B. C, hy ostapetiofl
111 bsnk manager, Intend to apply to tl���- Chlet t ���ni-
',.vi missioner of Unds tor a licence lo proa|r.>rt f���r
',** c���sl and pelroleum nn and under "10 acres of
l I   | land on (iraham laland deserilH*-! as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two mile,, north
f'.ot C. E. II. Coal Uaae No. IT. marln.l S. Vi.
corner A. T. II. Coal l,oa��e No. II th.nce north
SO chain., thence east SO chains, thene.* south SO
(tv chains, ihenee weal SO chains to place of com-
SV   menwment.
A. T. Iilioin in. h. I^ator
|.-I   ��� t.i   12, 1I11I. C. E. Balnter, Agent
n I Pub. Sept. 23.
T Skeena Und Distrirt -District of Queen Charlotte
g: Take notice that thirty days Imm date. I, A. T.
J1 llroderick ol Prince llu-ielt, ll. I'., by e-K-cupsti.rn
V I,sirk manaepr. Intend to apply te, the Chh-f Coni-
I, missioner ol Unds lor a licence to proeiiect for
L co.l and pelruleuni on and under HO cares ul
land on (Iraham Island dewrribed as l���ll,,**-.:
Commencing .1 a t->*-' pln.ted two mile, north '
ol C.  E. II. (oal  lasaac No. 20, marked S.  K
cirner A. T   II. Cosl !������� N���. H, ihenn. north
B0 chains, thence west  hi) chains, Ihenc south I
-11 chains, thence east mi chains to place ol Com-1
���Ik;   DatedSept. U.imi. t. E. Ilainler, Agent
HEI    I'ub. Sept. 23. |
Teaeber of Plana Violin ami
Votes ('uliim.-.
2ml Ave.
Between Tih a sth Su.
Prineo Ituperl
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
tntontTAxm wo ���UsUim
Funeral   Directors
.Inl Ave. near i.lh 81. I'hone No. *
Daily News Building
Third Ave
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Rurrau in Connection
PhotM ITS 1st Av.'. and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. Proprietor
PHONE   98
. mm*-
. Sept.
Skeena Unel lllslriet    District nt Queer, Charlotto I
Tske notice that thirty days Irom dale, I, A. T.
Ilriiiierick ut Prince Itupert, 11. C, by occupation I
l,snk manager, intend to apply to the Chiel Com- '
rtf     nilsslotee-r ot Unds tor a lie, nre lo prospect lor
l*H    cosl snd petroleum  on and  under (lid  acres ol
���j    land on liraham Island described aj follows:
gS '     Commencing at a post planted two miles norlh , -
��Ji    ol C.  E.  II   Coal   la-use No. 21, marked S.  E
RV   corner ol A. T.  II, Coal law- No.  27, thenee   ..
HpI  _*?1? r,'"ln". ��h*-ico north *," chain., tirenr..  Maeazines :: reritxlicals :: Newspapers
'_y I ****��� m chain., thenco louth BO chaina to place
ol commencement.
t, . iu- . ,��� ...,.A- T- HHODEiucK, Looaior CIGARS   ::  TORACCOS  -.:
llate.ISe.pl. 12,1911. C. E. Uainter, Agent.
Pub.sept.23. g.t.I>. WHARF
Little's NEWS Agency
Wild and Mysterious Doings at
Dead of Night Householders
Horrified by Hordes of Unearthly Visitants.
Last night was the weird and
world famous Hallowe'en, and
there wasn't a boy hi I'rince
Ruperl who didn't know It, Today there isn'i a householder In
some dark districts where thc civic
illiiiiiin.iiit lias 'mi yet filtered,
who doesn't know it too, by the
general earthquake appearance ol
his luck premises.
Towards midnight, just aboul
the witching hour In fact, sundry
terrific crashes, followed liy unearthly yells broke oul on the
stilly air. and the wild scampering
of an army of feci along the
plankways was all that the Irate
householder  could   hear  iis  clue
lo the cause of his wrecked prop!
to lhc cause of his wrecked clothes
props or coal shed.
Ninth   avenue   was   visited   by
a party of unearthly marauders
who performed the miracle of
swinging a huge pole like a mere
broomstick so ihat when the*,
dropped it, it fell on to tin* nearest
roof with dire effect. They did
not Wiiit fur the owner of the
roof to come out and tell them
where the rain would come through
next storm, but vanished into
thin air with a sound of demoniac
Teamsters this morning are scour
ing the streets iii search of essential
pans of wagons and rigs. Stables
Iiave been festooned with the
chains of the rigs, and wheels
skilfully detached have been sent
on  voyages of discovery  down
long slopes to finish up Igno-
ininieiiisly in muskeg.
One celestial visitor to Prince
Ruperl without wing-, but with
a long and glistening tail was
wending his Oriental way .along
the dark plankways towards midnight. Suddenly out of the
shadows around him there bunt
a fiendish chorus, like the chanting
of  iill   lite   little   devils   he   u-ttl
to exorcise witli pink paper prayers
in dear old Hong Kong, lie
hadn't any pink paper prayers
around with him so he tried
lung power to exorcise the demons
Willi.    They nut-yelled  llilll, ho.v-
ever, and the spell wouldn't work.
He took to his heels with more
effect and escaped, Inu alas too
much like Tain ()' Shunter's mare
for lusting satisfaction.
���*****���>** **^**^*��*m*****tmt
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
sir Tiios. McNamara, m. p.
Financial   Secretary to  British
Mclntyre Hall Again the Scene
of a  Bright  and   Successful
Assembly.    Exclusive  Func
tion   for   Masons  Only  and
Their Ladies.
i'udi-r lhe allspices of the Prince
Rupen branch of the Masonic
Fraternity, tin* Tsimpsean Lodgt
A. F. .Hid A. M.. there was held
in ihe Mclntyre 11.ill last night
a most successful dance. Invitations had been sent out to
the members of the Masonic fraternity in Prince Kuperi requesting
their presence with ladles at the
assembly. The Invitations were
very largely taken advantage "I.
and tin* Mclntyre Hall presented
a brilliant appearance, iill the licst
known ladies and gentlemen of
Prince Rupert being present. I )ec-
nratiniis in which the emblems ti
the Masonic Order predominated
were very effectively arranged
full advantage being taken o
tin* possibilities of the hull in
hi is way. Tlie dance pri-gramim
Included all tin* popular dances
and also a Highland Schottlschc,
one of the prettiest  of Scotland'
as-,, mlily  dances,   whirl-   is,   how-
evi i. noi too well known iii
Canada. Like most essentia] Scottish dances it requires just a llttlt
more energy than the averagi
waltz or nvo sitp. Refreshment
service at the Masonic dance was
excellent, and the music by KaufT-
in.m's orchestra gave satwfiction
also. The assembly dispersed Inwards   lhe   small   hours   of
morning, and thc general comment
is    lhal    (he    Masons   of    Prince
Rupert excel as entertainers.
Fishing   Schooner  Wrecked.
_ Nameless   but   Numbered
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, Oct. 31.���The l'nited
States steamer Snohomish has picked tip ;i derelict fishing schooner.
The report reaches here through
the Empress of Japan. There
was no name but the wreck bore
the number S. M. 1403. No sign
f life was seen. The wreck was
drifting near I'ort Townsend.
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plats Qlass
Employer's Liability
Contractor!  nml 1'ert-onal Ronils
Policial Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. -Hotm-i and Rcntala.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of ymvn Charlott
Taka notice thit Auitin M. Hrown of Prince
Kupert, aaddler, intonda to apply to tho Chid
Com minioner of Landa and Worka for a licence
lo proapect for coal, oil and petroloum on and
ui:.,- the following deacribed landi on the Weat
Coait of Craham liland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea eait
nf the northfiut curner of C. 1* No. 446U thance
���outh Mt chaini. thence 80 chaini weit, ihence 80
chiini north, tbence 80 cbaina eait to point of
AUSTIN M. 11KOWK, Locator
j For Rent
T**-""   '   *      "1 n~�� *0t* tt****** ~* n~i
tti-^-t***** h-^ii^si-^ii-s^ii -m,**
Niw Finnlsheil  li.anus,
Block: Third Ave.
Mr., lln
onwo-osj. Aider
For lle-ni I in rri.h, ,i roomi. Hot and cold water
with bath. UlKby Roomi. ith Ave. Bnd Fulton
Street. tt
For Rent-Son. of England Hall, Ul 2nd'Avc��� for
Dance.. Fraternal Societies. Socials, etc. Apply
Frank A  Kills. Box 869 or plume 118. 188-tf
OUR Companlea are noted for prompt and juat
aettlementa. We write every known clan of
Inaurance. The Mack Really and Inaurance Co.
Wanted a bricklayer.
Plant, Seal Cove.
Apply at Cold Storage
Wanted���Two young* men to board and room In
private boarding houae.   Apply at box S., Dally
Nominations   November  4th
Polling November 11th
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, Oct. 81.���Premier Whll
my announced today the date of
Ontario elections. Nominations
will In* on November 4th and
polling on November llth.
Farquhar McRae Who Shot
Shaw Owing to Ne Temere
Decree Goei to Gaol for Life.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Cornwall, Oct. 31.��� In the case
of the man McRae charged With
the murder of George Shaw the
jury have returned a verdict of
manslaughter. The shooting followed a dispute over an attempt
by Dr. Magee to secure the return
of his wife who was ihe niece of
McRae and who separated from
her hcusband as the result of the
Nf Temere decree.
Cornwall, Oci. 31.���(Later)-���
Farquhar McRae, "4 years old,
who shut a drug clerk named
Shaw as a result of ihe issuance
of ihe Ne Temere decree, was
sentenced to life Imprisonment for
No Train Till Saturday
Owing in a heavy blast at Mile
44, which blocks the track there
will be no train out of Prince Rupert until Saturday.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf I
Located Auguit Iat, I'Jll.
| Pub. Aug, 19.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrict of Queen Cbarlotti
Take notice that Auitin M. Urown of Prince
Kupert. occupation aaddler. intendi to apply to
the Chief Cum minioner of Land* and Worki for
a licence io proapect for cual, oil and jMJtraleum en
and under tbe following deecribed landi on the
Weit Coaat of Graham liland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea eaal
of the northoaat cornar of C. L. No. 4472 thence
SO chaini wait, thence 60 chalm north, thence SU
chaina east, thence mj chaini south to point of
AL'STIN M. UROWN*, Locator
Located Auguit 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
| Ske*na Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Ilrown of Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
the Chief CommUaioner of Landa and Worka for m *
licence lo proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum on J {������ ���<���__-.--^.i
and under the (ollownig deacribed Unda ou tbe
Weal Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea eait
of the aoutheaat curner of C. L. No. 4470 thence
north bO chaina, thence eaal 80 chaina. ihence
aouth *���**> chaini, thence wnat SO cbaina to point of
AL'STIN  M   UKOWN, Locator
I.ocated Auguat lit, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
���MM Land DUtrict-DUtrict uf Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty da>a from dale, I, C. K.
Rainier of Prince Rupert. H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Com*
mWloner of Landa for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acraa of
land un (iraham Island deacrilied aa fnlloara:
Commencing at a post planted two miles r.ertb
of C. K. li Coal Ia *������** No. .��, market) S. K. corn*
C. K. H. Coal Leaae No. 14, thenre north W
chain*, tbence weet -HO chaina, thence aouth 80
chaina, thenca last mi chaina to place of cum-
Hated Sept  11,1911.    C. E. HAINTER, Locator
Puh. Sept. Z%
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlott
Take no lie- thai iMity dava from dale, 1, C. K
Rainier of Prince Rupert, II. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, inlend to apj-Jy lo the Chiaf Com*
miMtoner nf I_andi for a "
coal and petroleum on
Wanted. ��� Cleaning and pressing, alterationa
and repairing for men and women. Drcaamaking
railed fur and delivered. Mra Charlea Percher,
O'Tlnid Aviv    ph.Mi.-_.t4 Red. tf
LIVE AGENTS to iell atock in Company incorporating fur Patent Brick which will revolutionise modern building construction. Approved
and highly recommended by leading architects
and bulldera In Vancouver. Will realize big
dividends. Liberal commisiion. Only responsible parties need apply. Smith ft Roger a. 312
Pender St. Weat, Vancouver, B.C. 2t
Lost and Found
FOUND-2 Small Keys.   Inquire at News Office.
One lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price $2100, $1000 cash
balance 6-12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
fcFirst Avenue. Price $2500,
_, $1000 cash, balance 6, 12, and
118 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
jfcPark Avenue. Price $5000, one-
a* fourth cash, balance G-12-18
One, lot, Block 20, Section 5, fine
fl^view with two fronts, Sixth
tX\ Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
(.Price S13G5, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 9, Scclion 5, Sixth
Avenue.   Price $1525, S7C5 casli,
balance 6-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 6, Section 5, Fifth
Avenue.   Price $1500, ��300 cash,
balance 3-6-12 months.
Two  lots,   Block  22,  Section   7,
!    Sixth Avenue,   Price $000, one-
t:*ichan*re-.l   liy   mistake���" Currl,"   Waterproof!      i,..if, ,.   __i_     _oit              *l
cai I...* on. exactly similar but with plumb      hall cash, balance S2o per month.
. ��
*   Regular $2.00 Values for     -      -      .      $J 2- |
^   Better qualities at $2 up to $16 for fine eiderdown
& We are headquarters for E"*u��a. carpets and
4*  "���" ���    Linoleums, Kitchen Uton-
h   BUB,  Stoves,  Bedding:,  Ostermoor Matrasses,  Blankets
��,   Cutlery,  Chinaware,    Glassware,   Mirrors  and   Mirrot
xj,   riate, L-amps, Baskets, etc. ���
U See us for everything for housekeeping J
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
************* j ***********$!
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
WORK ***"*
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH ��"*"**���'�����'
  Boa 974
Hunt MS
I-l' In th. pocket,
eel at New* OITic-?.
Re-exchamtc can ba air-jet-1 One lot, Block 15, Section 7, two
fronts, Sixtli Avenue and 1 lays
L"~ j      Cove,   with   house   32   x   20.
{j    Price $2625.
L<|One   half  of  lot   13,   Block   40
Real Estate
Will buy Iris In I'rine-r Rupert at banraln prirea
fur caah. Apply P.O. Box H60 autltiK location,
price, etc. 231-tf
Commenelns Monday, November 6th. train No.
tt frum I't iii.-i* Rupert Uondaya. and No. 57 from
Vanaradol Tueada>*a
See regular ailvertiaement fur achedule.
24K-2&3 Asenl G.T.P. Ry.
Notice to Orangemen
AM Orangemen are Invited to attend a meetlnir
i lifrnre io prwpect lor ! m tKeSona of tnalnnd Hall, Second Avenue, on
and  undrr 640 arrra ot ! f,'rW��>' eveninir. Nov. 3rd. at 8 p.m
Hella Coda Und l>i��trict    I >i��t rirt of Coast Rang*
Take notice that II. M   Cliff of Dundalk. Ire*
land, occupation gentleman, intenda to enply fur '
|h rmuwiiin io l**t*ttm lha following deacrihnl landa:
i iiiiimm tinr.it at a poat planted at the ahora
nmr the N. K. rorner of Lot No ���*, thenee north ;
10 chains, thenee wevt (M) ehaina more or leaa to
cast Inmndary nf cannery leaae, thence following
lite Mid east l>oundary aoulh 40 chaina more or
\t*m to ahore line, tl.ence following aaid ahore
line (��*-������-: ���*<> chaina mure or l**m te point of
cnrnmcncrnirnt, containing 320 acraa, more or
I>ated Auguat 31,1911. H.  M. CLIFF
I'ul.. fcpt 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land I >Wtnct I *��* rict of Coast Range
Take nolice that II. M Cliff of Dundalk, Ire-
land, occupal ion gentleman, Intenda lo apply
for prrmiiwion to lease Ihe following d��*rril>e��f
Commencing at a j.o��i plante<l at the N. E I
corner of Lot 33, th��nc* north 20 chaina, thence
weat 40 chaina, tlience aouth 20 chaina more or
'������* leaa lo shore line, thenee following the ihore line
eaat 40 ehaiaa more or leaa to point of commence-
ment; containing Ml cam, more or leaa.
Dated Auguat 31, 1911. II.  M. CLIFF i
Rub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent '
land on Graham Isadnd daacribed u follow*
Commendnf at a poat ptanted two miloa north ]
of C. K. H Coal Leaaa) No. It*, marked N. W. I
r-.-rr.i'T l". K. It. ( <._J Leaae No. 24, tnence soulh
AO ch��m��, thence east M> chaina, thenca nortb
no chain*, thenc* waat 90 chaina to place cf corn-
Dated Sept. 12,1911. C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict ��� Diatrict of Queen Charlott
Taka notice that thirty daya from dau, 1, A. T
Rrodefick of Prince Rupert, D. C, by occupation
bank manager, Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
miwdoner of Unda for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on Graham laland deacribed aa folio*/*;
Commencing al a poal planted two milea north
of C. E. R. Coal Leaae No. 17, marked & W.
corner A. T. H, Coal Leaae No. 25, ihence north
KO chaina, tbence eaat 90 chaina, thence eouth HO
chaina, thenca araat 80 chaina to plaee of com-
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
DatedSept. 12, 1911. C. E. Balnter, Agent
Pub. SepL 23.
Skeena Und District DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that ihirty daya from date, I, A. T.
llroderick of Prince Rupert, H. C, by occupation
bank manager, Inlend to apply lo the Chief Com-
miaaioner m Unda for a licvnea lo proepect for
cnal and petroleum oo and under 640 carea of
land on Graham laland dnacribad aa folloe/a:
Commencing st a (taat plnaied two milea north
of C. E. n ('oal Leave No. 20, marked S. E.
corner A. T. B. Levi Leaae No. 26, thenoe north
W) chaina, thence wort 90 chaina, thence aouth
90 chains, thence aaat 90 chaina to place of com-
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
I>au.i *-�����,.,  12. nil. C. **:. Ham.rr. Agent
Pub. Svpi.23.
Rusiness-To take atepa to organize a lodtre.
Mr. Gillard Will be at Home in
a German Part Tonight at
the Empress.
Educated In St. Gallen, Swltzer-
andi under a German professor
rom   Heldelburg,   and   spending
i.iri   of   his   early   business   life
y, .
iiii,nd, director <>f the May Rob-
its Company, haa special quail*
ciii'ins Inr playing the pari of
in- German aristocrat In "Frits
lu- t'liaffiiir" tonight.
Frits, whose uncle wants him
o  become ���  brewer, and  who
ends him round the world to
;i-t experience i- a moat amusing
���liar.uii-r, having been as he says,
some times everything, but  all
In* times nothing.
Miss   May   Roberts,   who   in
irlvate life is Mrs. Victor Gillard,
Bella i ���.,la Unel District���District ol Coast Rang
Take notice lhat II. lit Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation aentleman, intend, to apply
fur permiasion to leaa. the following desertl*ed
Commencing at a port planled at the N*. W. ,
corner ot l*ot No. 4, thence north <0 chain., thence
east 40 chains, Ihence south 40 chains more or -
less to shore line, ihenco following shore line i
we-.tfrly 40 chain, more or ten to point ol com* [
mencement; ctntajning 80 acres, more or leaa
luted August 2H, mil. II. M. CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Hella Coola Land lUatrict ���Dialrlcl ol Coart Hang*
Take notice that II. M   Cliff ol Dundalk, tre
for  permiasion  to lease  the  following dearrilieel
i ,,,11,11, ni-iiin at a post planted at the N. W
corner of I.ot 2.12, Ihence aouth 40 chains more
nr less lo northern Ifiundary of leaae No. 1 applied
lor ny II. M. Cliff, tlience following said lioundary
east 20 chains, ihence north 40 ehains. Ihence
tem *-{* chain, to point of eot imeneement; con.
(Billing 8(1 acre., more or lea..
Il.te.1 August 28, ID1I. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'uh. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Hella Coola l.mirl lllslriet���Diatrict ol Coaat llange
Take nr.tlre thai II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk. Ire- ,
land, occupation gentlomati, Intenda lo apply |
Inr permlasion to leaae tha following deacrihe.1
I lands:
Commencing at a poat planted  at lhe R.  B
riirne-r eit Lot 2f,l, thenee aoulh 40 chains more
I e.r  l-sea  lo  northern  lioundary   ol   l,��>s.*>  No.   1
, applied lor l.y II. M. Cliff, thence eeuet 20 ehslns
along   said   boundary,   "
Blue Print Papers
Drawing Papers
Drawing Instruments
Tapes and Chains
,, thence north 40 chalnn,
fill ;ilsfi irivi- -in 111 +.��<-��.*-i<B* I.... . , | ���hPri*;'* *��t 20 rhalns to point of commencement;
\ill   -1BU   M.lVl    .ill   ItllrrchliliK   P<*ft   containing 80 acrea, new or leaa.
o play in this clever comedy.        | {.'r^W.28'm  w������.m EbXrfgS
We have a large
���tock and can
make immediati-
delivery of the
al.nvi*. together
with every other
item of interest
in the ci|iiipment
of the engineer
and draughtsmen
Send for Catalogue
McRae Bros., Ltd.
..vkb-ytiiin'1 rem tiik orpira
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   phonp!W4   Chandlery
We carry everything in the feed line, alao gar-
den aecdaat the loweat market pricea, atCollart'a
���]*r F��ed Store, Market Placa
1'n.mpt Delivery
Phono. 41 or 301
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Auction   Sal*
NOTICE Is hereby given that Jamea Haggerty.
haa retaken posse���Ion of Lot Seventeen (17),
Hlock Twenty-four (24). Sen inn One (li, Townsite
of I'm -*- Kupert, under and by virtu, ot powers
contained In lease Irom him to Jame, Donahue,
Arthur Murray and John Arrnitrong.
aaid Jamea Haggerty will sell by public auction
the buildings erecte-d by the Leaseoa upon the
s.id premises, said sale to be held at Princ* Ruperl,
II. !'.. on the first day ol November, A. I)., 1911,
at thne o'clock In the afternoon upon the aforesaid
For row boata and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
The use of suitable glasses save
the eyes from strain and all the
evils which follow. Profit by the
experience of others. The benefits of properly fitted glasses are
ti'siiiii-,1 in by the thousands who
nse them. Our Mr. Stevens will
examine y-ir eyes free of charge
and guarantee satisfaction.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T.P. Official   Watch   Intpector.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
PHONE fffi
Section 7, fronting Ninth Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section S,
corner Ninth .Avenue. Price
S800, one-fourth cash, balance
0-12-18 month.
Lots 0-10, Block 10, Section 8,
Tenth .Avenue. Price $260 each,
one-third cash, balance 3-0
V. F. 0. hamuli:
Samuel Harrison & Co.
(Real Eatate and Stock Broken
Prince Rupert
n ~ -
n -
75 x  100 feet on Third Avenue.
Level.   Good lease.
Stores on Second Avenue.
$10  down   and   $!0   per   month
buys a lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
On and after October 27th I will again :havc
charge of tho Shoe Repairing Shop on Second
avenue between Seventh and Eighth atreeta.
occupied for aoma lima by Ludwlc Strublc. 1
will be pleaaed to aee all my old cuatomcra and
frienda, or any now onea that feel like giving
my work a trial.
I will aa In the paat three and a half yeara I
have been In bualncM In Prince Itupert, try to
give satisfaction-
Nothing but the beat materials will be uaod and
reaaonable pricea charged.
Bangage. Storage and  FnrwarrllnK Agents
Kiir. or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton
-..^..a.l.a*..."-..,-..,'...-'..^! .^l.-a,. i^e.'�� ^,  . I w 11 % 11 <>i , ���-a. .. ^.,. ^ .JJ
:   |
ft******** ******t**J***p**-m****
General Merchandise        - -       Largest Slock
Lowest Prices  in Northern B. C.
..-^ ��
Phone 301
The Graham Island Oil Fields. Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stork at 25c per share;
par value $l.iK). TIh'hp shares are going
quickly antl will soon be off the market    :   :
���*-,.-,, fius-:'��^:'-��''4i-',,,"-,"-"v-


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