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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a.m.,
Aug. i2
MAX. WMI*.     MIN.-ri--l.il'.     HAR;���     IN. KA.N
TOliDAiLY News
For south
Princess Beatrice. .Thursday, a.m.
TOR North
Princess Royal,..Thursday p. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
IVOL. II,  NO. 190
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, August 22, 1911.
Price Five Cents
"barged   With   Flagrant Violation   of   International
Etiquette During Banquet to U. S.  Officers on
Recent Naval Visit���Lt.-Commander James
Faces Court Martial
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Bremerton, Wash., Aug. 22.���
hargcd with having grossly vio-
itcd the principles of International
etiquette demanding rigid ob-ser
fiiiu-i- from a naval officer while
foreign country, Lieutenant
Jornmander James of the United
tes Cruiser West Virginia  is
Dtiay  facing  Court   M;irti;>l  al
remerton, Washington.   His case
Ii the time looks Bcrious, but his
pfencc will be fully considered.
Speech at Vancouver
In difficulty is the outcome of
ll   visit ;it the end of last week
tin- I'. S. ('. West Virginia to
Etncouver.   A banquet was given
in* United Suites Officers by the
ty of Vancouver >m July 27th,
In.I Lieutenant Commander James
(tended. After the banquet he
said to have made a wild and
���lily worded speech in which
txxrx- were remarks which seriously
jivnlvi'il   the   friendly   spirit   ex
isting between the United States
and Canada,
In His Cups
The young officer's defence is
that In- was slightly Intoxicated
at the time, and allowed hiafspread-
eagle spirit to get the better of
his sense of the courtesy due
the country extending its hospitality t<> him. While this defence
may be entertained as fully as
possible in order the more to
reduce tin possible rt sent ment that
may have been aroused in the
Dominion by the ill-chosen expressions, the officer's position is
sufficiently serious, cs|x*eially at
the present political juncture.
permanent pipe I j BASEBALL SCORES
Morse Creek Pumping System
Needs $8,000 Worth of Pipe
to be Used for Woodworth
Water Later.
A. Cuthbert, secretary of the
Prince Rupert Civilian Rille Association, has written to the city
council on behalf ol the association
suggesting that the council might
offer ii trophy for the association.
Referred lo finance committee.
1ayor Consults Engineer Thompson of Seattle, Regarding
Them.     Seattle   Engineer
Does not Approve.
While in Victoria attending to
fix- matter of the G. T. P. asess-
i*iii   the   Mayor  took  occasion
visit City Engineer Thompson
Ii Seattle in order 10 consult
im regarding the Tsimpsean Com-
niy's offers to the city.
Engineer Thompson was by no
..'.ns inclined to regard the pro-
isals favorably,   lie would not
itve his reasons hurriedly, but
romised them after consideration.
li. R. Brutinel was in Seattle
consultation with Engineer
tompson to try and secure the
iproval of the proposals.
Laundry By-law Places Exacting  Conditions  on  Them
Some altcratior i designed to
make it Still more difficult for the
Chinese laurdi ynicti to s.art up
or extend iheir business in this
city, were made last night in the
by-law to regulate laundries.
Alderman Newion would like
to have enforced a clause on
them milking them employ only
white labor***-*-* fatal clause for
the Chinese laundry industry���but
City Solicitor Peters declared this
impossible. The by-law is still
under consideration.
In  view of the urgent need  in
the city for increased water supply
both for domestic purposes and
fire protection the council last
night carried a motnion authorising
the expenditure of 18,000 or so
on permanent water piping to be
laid in connection with the Morse
Creek pumping plant to be installed and afterwards to be used
for the permanent water supply
from Woodworth Lake.
Alderman Douglas Was most
anxious lhat this motion should
carry "we fellows," he siid, "rushed
it over the trail among all that
devil's club while some others
stayed at home with their cold
feet on the stove. We want to
-i e some good of it."
Alderman Newton, who wint by
proxy on that memorable occasion,
supported Aldennan Douglas on
the ground that the need for lire
protection was most urgent. "We
have diddle daddlcd over it too
long already," he said with some
Welcome Home
Tanned   by  the  southern   sun
and zephyrs, Mr. J. H. Kugler,
"Uncle Jerry," relumed from the
���.outh yesterday afternoon on the
Princess May with his wife. He
has Ihtii away on a business trip.
Returning with Mr. Kugler were
his son Jay and his wife.
Mayor is Home
Mayor Manson, Alderman Newton and Clayton returned home
yesterday on the Princess May
from the south.
Northwestern League
Spokane 9, Tacoma 0; forfeited
in the fifth.
Seattle 8, Vancouver I.
Victoria 1, Portland li.
American League
New York 4WDetroit 5.
Chicago -1, Washington 7.
National League
Chicago 2, New York 3.
St. Louis li, Brooklyn 1.
Pittsburg 10, Philadelphia 7.
Boston 8, Cincinnati 7.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon 3, Oakland :.;  called to
end in twelfth.
o o
o                   NOMINATION o
o                    o
o (Canadian Press Despatch) o
O       Vancouver, Aug. 22. o
O The nomination of Con- o
O servative  candidate will o
O take   place   on   Tuesday o
O night.      Primaries    are o
O being held tonight.  Am- o
O ong   the   names   before o
O the  convention   will  be o
O those of Alderman Ste- o
O vens,   Sir  Hibbert  Tup- o
O per, and Mr. James Fin- o
O dlay who are hot favorit- o
O ea with supporters. O
Mayor Purchased Fiery Chrag-
ers for the Civic Chariot.
They'll be Here Wednesday.
On Wednesday witness the arrival at the wharf of Mayor Man-
son's noble nags purchased for
the city by the Mayor himself
while he was down below. T. H.
Jaeger, veterinary surgeon advised
Mr. Manson and the horses are
guaranteed in good shape.
Aldctman   Clayton   suggested
that they should be insured.   This
was referred to thc finance committee.
City Solicitor Peters doesn't
think much of livestock insurance.
"Did you ever collect a claim
for a lost horse?" he asked Alderman Kerr.
"Yes, five times," replied Alderman Kerr.
"You're lucky," returned Mr.
"Well, you sec," remarked Alderman Kerr with an innocent air,
"1 didn't -employ a solicitor to
collect for me."
And Alderman Douglas tee���
Inspector of Works McNeil is
authorised to set about building
;i civic stable at once.
Busy Board
The  city  engineer's  report   on
sewer  schemes  has  been   referred
to the board of works for consideration.
r^^m^^m^m^mm^m^^m^m^m^m^m^     So,d Lot on Fifth
P. R. Indoor Baseball League.,    11.  F. McRae & Co. sold Lot
  18,   Block   o,   on   Fifth   avenue
Brotherhood Crescents vs. Quill
Drivers at the Auditorium, Tuesday, August 22nd. Game
called at 8.45 sharp. Admission
25 cents.
yesterday to Solomon Mussallem
for SI.470.
If you want money apply P. O.
Box 953. tf
Premier   and   Chancellor of the Exchequer   Receive
Royal Message of Appreciation  on Peaceful Termination of Old  Country  Industrial Strife-
Work Being Resumed all Over
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, August 22.���King George has sent a special message of
congratulation to Premier Asquith,
and to Mr. Lloyd George, Cnahcel-
lor of the Exchequer, as an expression of his royal appreciation of
their efforts towards the settlement of the great industrial dis-
puu- in the United Kingdom,
Thanks to the unstinted energy
of those in authority, and the
tactful handling of a very strained
situation, the strike trouble looks
practically over now. Violence
is ;it an end. The men are return
ing to work.
Truce on Railways
Business is kept going with
comparative smoothness owing to
the truce ;'t present on the various
railways affected by the strike.
All the railway lines except ihe,
London and Nortii Western .'re
running as before the trouble, and
an early settlement of the diffi
culties with the latter corporation
is expected confidently. For the
liis, time in three weeks ,\ork in
the London docks i*. in lull swing.
Machinery is running, end the
yards resound again i<> the sound
of gargs of nun hi-r.l ;.l work.
Still a Little Strife
Although undoubted commendation is due io the high authorities
for llu ir tr.Ct.fu] intervention, there
is s.ill a slight unrest apparent
through.u.. industrial centres, as
might In expectetj after so serious
a disturbance. Here and there
������light outbreaks are occurring
when less tact has been displayed
by lesser controlling agencies, and
on.* or two inst.'in.s of violence
occasionally tiller through the news
sources.   In general, however, all
over   the   United   Kingdom,   the
tendency is towards industrial
peace after the worst war of the
Hasn't Got a  Hurt  Leg    but
Wants a Fruit Stand
Beach Place Water
Colonel Davis has reported on
ilu- extension of water mains to
Beach Place.    Referred t<> water
Vashington Department of Agriculture Issues Worst
Report Since 1901- Owing to the Crop Failure
Southern Pacific Railway has 160,000 Cars
Idle and Has to Fire 6000 Hands
Final Stages Reached in Council With By-Laws to Ratify the G.
T.P. Assessment Settlement and to Raise $500,000 For the
Woodworth Hydro Electric Scheme���Both Pass  Third
Reading Late Last Night���Citizens to Give Their
Decision by Ballot Saturday, September 2nd.
Washington, Aug. 21.���A   tre-
i id'.us decline in lhe condition
crops throughout the country
i.l traceable to drought and heat
'in. d  during   the  last   month
��� indicated by official figures and
-iiiuates  made   in   the   monthly
'"l> report of the Department of
|A> unhurt*.     The   report   is   the
"f��t  ;is  to  general  crop  con-
"ins that any department has
'"1 for any single month sinei
I lie area mosi seriously afTcctcd
��� 'tends from New York and Penn-
rlvanla westward to the Rocky
I"���'iiiii.-iins, embracing all >>f the
si u corn, wheat snd hay-produc*
-: states in the country.   In the
"'I'hern   States,   with   the   ex-
l';i"ii   .>f   Virginia   and   Nortii
I< ttrnllna,  ample  rains  served   to
maintain generally favorable eon-
fjhlons throughout the past month.
j I licse conditions thus far continue
|tol*c favorable.
Conditions in the Pacific North
western states are regiirded as
. xcellenl although during July that
territory suffered from a brief,
but excessively hot spell.
Later advices, however, show-
thai the damage to crops from
this spell of drought has been more
serious than was calculated upon
and the effect Upon trade in general   is   bad.     A   despatch   from
Portland this morning states thai
owing to poor times and lhe failure
of the main crops in the district
generally,    the   Southern    Pacific
Railway Company has decided to
dismiss six thousand of its employees. Officials of tin company
state that ihey have not seen
so little doing for tlu in al this
season for many a year. The
Company has no fewer than 160,*
000 empty ears lying idle on hands.
Canadian transportation companies on the other hand iire wondering
if tiny will have CMS enough to
handle the bumper harvest expected.
On Saturday, September 2,
the By-law to Ratify the Grand
Trunk Assessment Settlement
will be submitted to the vote
of the citizens of Prince Rupert
together with the Hydro Electric By-law to sanction the
borrowing of $500,000 for the
purpose of constructing the
Woodworth Lake Waterworks
and Electric power system. The
hours r-d modes of procedure
in connection with the ballot
will be in accordance with the
Municipal Clauses Act.
M. M. Stephens is appointed
Returning Officer, and Polling
will be in the City Hall or other
convenient place appointed later. The By-laws will be printed in all the city papers at least
four times to give the citizens
every chance to make themselves thoroughly acquainted
with the purport of them.
Both By-laws passed their third
reading in council last night,
and will come into effect If
favorably regarded by the citizens, on September 12. Mayor Manson conducted the final
stages of the business in council last night with an air of
considerable relief at having
steered these two matters so
far towards the final decision
of the people regarding them.
Reporting to the city council
last night on the visit to Victoria
the Mayor stated lhat on the main
matter of his mission there, viz.,
the gaining <.f the Government
sanction   and   signature   to   lhe
G. T.  P. assessment agreement
had caused him rather more trouble
than he had expected.
Government Objection
The Government objected rather
emphatically to the transfer of
so much property to the city
in    fee   simple    which   does    the
Government out of iis quarter
share of the properly also to the
handing over of  100 ft. of Water
[rentage to the dty.
Mayor's  Memo
Mayor Manson had a terribly
hard   time of  it   10  convince  the
Government lhat the points in
question should be favorably regarded,   lb* pleaded mid argued
but all in vain. The Powers ai
Victoria demanded thai hi- prepare ii memorandum setting forth
in   black  and   white  his  reasons
for so arguing for the sanction
of the Government to the agreement.   This the Mayor did at
great length selling forth the
advantages to  the city  involved,
and  finally on  Wednesday*last
ilu* grcat guns of the Government
made ii noise like an approval
of  the affair and  agreed   lo sign
the agreement in form its approved
by city and G. T. P. and to effect
lhe conveyance of the Provincial
lands to be transferred.
Govt. Withdraws Offer
The Government gave ihe Mayor no trouble at all in regard to the
!)!)!! year leased park sites, etc.
But in view of the transfer of the
WiUerfronlage and the fee simple
lands the Provincial Powers have
withdrawn the offer made some
lime iigo lo sell five lots at Market
Place suitable for a city hall site,
for 15000, The Mayor remarked
that while he had considered this
offer an advantageous one, still
ill view of the greater advantages
of the assessment settlement sane*
lion   he Was  ready  to  relinquish
the idea of purchasing these Market Placi lots al the terms mentioned.
Solomon Mussallem is sore thai
.i fruit stand should have been
allowed to go up and do business
at the comer of McBride street
and Fifth avenue. The stand is
owned by Andrew Hansen who got
permanently disabled on the work
of clearing the townsite and instead of going away to becoms a
charge   elsewhere   or   live   on   Ilis
relatives stayed with the city ar.d
is eking a living out of  the  stand.
A kind hearted alderman allowed
him io go ahead with the stand
and the council sanctioned
the matter later. Now Mussalli m
who has a big s;ore farther out
on Fifth wants leave to put up a
fruit   stand   beside   lhe   cripple's
aid threatens i<> cm up nasty
unltss he gets permission to do so.
Aid. Hilditch Thinks Them a
Serious Expense to the Water
Dept. Committee will Consider.
"Stand pi|K*s" says Alderman
Hilditch, "are an expensive to
th.* water department. They are
frequently left running by children
and it is absolutely impossible for
ilu- tax collector ,<> get money
from the users of them. I would
suggest lhat the water committee
go again  into  ihe   muter of  the
advisability   of  cutting  out   all
Stand pipes wherever lhe water
Can be given into the houses or
close up lo them."
Thc mit'er will be considered
by the water committee.
Cuban Market Can Take  Quantities  of Cured  Fish
Prospects Ever Brightening For Thriving Fish
Curing Industry in Prince Rupert   How
Scotland Can Help
A Cuban firm Interviewed by
a Dom.Govt, commissioner stated
that  they imported   codfish   from
Canada;   but  "the lish was so
poorly  sidled  and   cured   thai   it
would not  stand  the humidity of
the Cuban climate.   If, however,
codfish can be prepared in the same
manner iis that from Norway and
Scotland, .here Is no limi   to thc I scale
possibilities of the market."
Romantic   Reciprocity
Not long i'go Canada attracted
or imported from Scotland a battalion of ROnsy fisher lassies to
teach the apt Canadian the art
of lish curing, particularly haddock
and herring curing. A new im
puliation  of  the  same  Variety  is
the Canadian exported  product
of salt fish, is practice.under ihe
guidance <>f those win. have had
the art at thiir fingers' ends for
generations.    Here in  Prince  Ru-
pirt, once reciprocity passes and
the railway geis through, we shall
have the besi possible field for a
fishcurirg Irductry on ilu* largist
Rupert Will Benefit
To Prince Rupert Canada will
probably attract ilu* Scotch fisher
I.isst-s.      In    Prince    Rupert    lish
curing planls will be erected el a
dozen points along tin* waterfront,
and from Prince Rupen the finest
lishirg Heel on the Pacific will
s.'il  lo the finest  fishing grounds
required   by   this   time  since   the I in the world right at our doorstep.
Scotch girls wen* eagi rlv wooed 1 Incidentally perhaps Princa Ru-
and wed l.y young Canadian stal* *H'n *'���" m\^ ,,u' ,Mst ,,r"',J."f
, ,       ,., ,       men    for   the   coming   Canadian
warts, and now they   have other I,., , *,.     , ,, t. ,
I Navy and Naval  Reserve.    Scottish 10 fry" in the shape ol  iheir  ,.ltu,   hllR  (1���,u,   ,,s  nuK.h   ((ir   lhc
chubby cheeked children. 1 Imperial Navy from her fisher lads
All that is required to improve'as all the world knows. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Nenxspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $5.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTIS1NG-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Tliird Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YoRK-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
SEATTLE~ Puget Sound News Co.
London, BNOLAND���The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
them, and in those cases, in ortler to reach that common rate, we
have had to make reductions. But as our tariff is a modest one, while
tluirs, in the main, is a high tariff, the result has been that, in order
LAND  PURCHASE NOTICE       I A*4***xr��*r**********srsr>>^^
Skeens Land District���District ot Queen Charlotte
Tske notice lhat Austin M. Brown ol Princ
In addition to reducing the est of living, opening up great markets
for our lumber, our fish ard our minerals, reciprocity will double the
present population of Prince Rupert. This statement is made on the
authority of J. P. Todd of Seattle, whom the Seattle Daily TimesIHi-^inwj^g^^J^
tied..res is "the best postetl min on fishing matters in the Northwest. '
ot the southeast corner of C L. No. 44.5 thencs
north SO chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south
SO chsins, thence west BO chaina lo poinl ot com-
mencement. ^^ M   BRQWN   ^^
Located August 1st. 1911.
Puh. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin  M. Brown ol Prince
Itupert. occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works tor
We*. Coast ol Graham Island:
Commencini at a post planted three mllea east
ot lhe southeast corner of C. L. No. 4475 thenc
,. , i 80 chains we*t, thence 80 chains north. 80 chains
'lied east, thence 80 chains aouth to point ol com-
|wn | mencement. ^.^ y   ^^  ^^
Located Auriat 1st. 1911.
Till Sept. 23,1911
During the progress of the Reciprocity CaniDi
and  the  General  Election,   we  will  mail >rt"
DAILY NEWS to any address in Cai ads ml
side the City of Prince Rupert for 25 cents!
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, Aug. 22
That the Conservative party were favorable to reciprocity under
the leadership of Sir John A. Macdonald and his successors, Sir John
Abbott and Sir John Thompson, is a matter of record.
Reciprocity was part of the "National Policy" which Conservative
, irators take such pride in dwelling upon and is still a part of ir, although
the present leader of the party, it bitter opponent of Sir John A. Macdonald, has seen fit to repudiate it. The following was the clause
referred to, a policy which Sir John A. Macdonald was devoted to
up to the very hour of death, for it must be remembered the veteran
statesman "died in the harness."
"Any or all of the following articles, that is to say: animals
of all kinds, green fruit, hay, straw, bran, seeds of all lands,
vegetables, including potatoes and other roots, plants, trees,
and shrubs, coal antl coke, salt, hops, wheat, peas and beans,
barley, ry.-. oats. Indian corn, buckwheat, and all flour of rye,
Indian meal, and oat, other grains, flour of wheat and meal, and
flour meal of an) other grain, butter, tallow, meats, fresh, salt
or smoked, and lumber, may be imported into Canada free of
or at a less rate of duty than is provided by this Act upon proclamation of the Governor-in-Council. which may be issued whenever it appears to his satisfaction that similar articles from Canada
may be imported into the l'nited States free of duty not exceeding
that payable and the same under such proclamation when imported into Canada."
If anything, that is a wider policy of reciprocity than the Fielding
pact and it looks as if Sir John A. Macdonald was not afraid of annexation. The only mar who is really afraid of annexation is the tariff
fed trust magnate who is afraid that with a competing bidder the
farmer will annex more of the morey now going into the pockets of
the high tariff gentry. Thai's about all the annexation there will be
under reciprocity.
Nol that J. P. Ttxld is a friend of reciprocity. J. P. T.'tl.l Is
to those "interests" who prosper under a tariff. His men have
accustomed to go in their boats out to the Canadian hahbul banksi pub. Aug. 19,
and load Up.    The Canadian fishermen Could not come into the l"'ir'   skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol queen Charlotte
kit.   There was a duty of a cent a pound on the fish caught by a     Take nmict (h��� a'^'m. Brown ot Princ*
Ca.u.li.111 fisherman.   This corralled the market for J. P. Todd and &mU"nd*r''oi Und?'.nd -^ftralSjjj  =
the Seattle fishermen, leaving tlu Canadian fishermen out in the cold.' {j;j,'-Xil.in|rd^bed,ni^ c"alt i       H
ol Graham laland: .    1      *
  . ...... nianted three milea east |
The Daily News will give full and fair reports .,f the progreu of th
campaign in the Dominion.���In our editorial columns we w -.'���������''.'"
special attention to the great question. Take advantagi of this SDediS
occasion to let your friends in the east see your local paper,
The Daily News by mail for six weeks for -Jj cents.
' fti'ii'iliWMlMMf^S^S-MMSMASMAASAAaaaas^i.Y^^
This is what J. P. Ttxld says
Commencing at a poat planted three milea east
'_ ���    ^        * *        ,      .- ,     1 ,     I.     ..( the northeast corner ol C. L. No. 4469 thenc
in an interview in the Seattle I>.ul>   ^fy-gggj ui.nc south so chaina. th.nc*
��.at 80 chains, Ihence north 80 chains to point ol |
.p.          , west oo cnains, laenct- nurau mi ��>*..>��� .�� a-a-...- ... i
limes. commencement.                          ������������...   ,
Under the reciprocity bill fish are admitted free of ^^          ���*��� m. brown. u��.or|
duty.   If this measure carries, the halibut fleet that makes >*"��������� Au�� ���*�����
Seattle  its headquarters will  move to Prince  Rupert as skeena Und DUtrict-Dueriet oi Queen charlott.;
soon as the Grand Trunk Pacific is completed to the Coast." Take notie. that Austin m. Brown jIMs
_,                        *....,..                                                      . Rupert, saddler, intends to apply to th. Chn*l
The loss to Seattle will be whatever money or business commiaaioner oi Laads and work* tor a trntm
���to prospect lor coal, oU and petroleum on and
6,000   fishermen   involve. ' under th. lollowing deacribed Unds on thc West
Coast ol Graham laland:
Commencini at a poal planted three mile* east
ol the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence '
What monev and business do six thousand fishermen involve?    ' aouth bo fiaLthenc. so chaina mm, thence so
,       , , , ,  ,         .    ,    chaina north, thenc 80 chaina east to point ol
In the first place there are the wives and families ol the married I commencement.    ,.._... ��� BR0WS- Locator
fishermen.    Six thousand fishermen will have at least six thousand Located Aurist 1st. 1911.
dependents; probably twice that amount.
Six thousand fishermen will need between them severs
homes.    Those homes will have to be built by Prince Rupen car-i,   - ��� ,      ,^!;>,  ���,���,,,, .��� ���.,.;.
have to lie built on lots at present held by lot|ga*l*����SKSC2EffiJ25��r.**!
Pub. Aug.
thOUSand ' sk*nL ***** DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlott.
Tak. nolle, that Austin M. Brown ol Princ.
���It I
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
! licence lo prospect lor eoal. oil and petroleum on
and under the follownig described Unds on lh.
Wast Coast ol Graham Island:
Comm.ncing at a post planted three milea east
ol th. aoulheaat comer ol C. L. No. 4470 thence
penters.   They wil
owners in this city-
Six thousand fishermen and iheir families will need food, they
will need clothes, they will bring abundant wants with them, all ofIgggjL^te!^l��fra��P5
Which the merchants of Prince Rupert will have to Satisfy. j commencement.  AUST,S M   BR0WS. Locator
Six thousand fishermen will need boats and repairs.   The trade! Jf"1*1 **jp* ***> *���*���*���
of a fleet of six thousand fishermen in Prince Rupert w ill keep a ship-1 _.
, . , . ,      , ' Skeena Und Dletriet-DUtrict ot Queen Charlott.
yard and several engine works busv. iaian**u , _
* * Take notica that Austin M. Brown ol Princ
*���-���-������������- Rupert,   occupation   saddler,   intends   to   apply
t    n   i-    i i .. i      , j n L- ���       l     v       t     , ��o th. Chit* CommUaioner ol Landa and Worka
I. P. Ttxld   the Ixst posted man on fishing matters in the North- |or a licnc to proapect lor eoal, oil and petroleum
,, ,        ., . ... ,   -  , ,     ,, ' on and under the lollowing described lands on the
west   states that if rcciproeitv carries six thousand fishermen and all west coast ot Graham island:
,   ,       . ,       ,       .  ,      , .,, _ ,    I     Commencing at a post planted three mile* east
the monev ar.d business involved with than will move tr..111 Seattle oi the *outh*e*t corner ofc. l so. 41:0 thence
r, .        ' *, wrest 80 ehaina. Ounce north 80 ehalna, thenc*
tO  Prince   Ku|>ert. m�� 80 chaina. thenc aouth 80 chains to point ol
Every voter in Prince Rupert without regard to the usual considerations of party should vote for the reciprocity candidate wht.i
the time coniis.
Six thousand fishermen with all the money and business they I
involve is just what Prince Rupert needs.
.NOTARY I'll,1.11*1
V. P. G. (UMliLE
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
At Guelph. Mr. Henry Arkill. one of the largest breeders of sheep
in Canada, said: "Remove the tariff against Canadian sheep and
watch the Canadian ihetp industry grow. I have voted Conservative
for years, but I am for the reciprocity trade agreement."
At Halifax, Mr. Howard Smith, head of N. & M. Smith. Limited,
the largest exporters of dried fish in the world, declared that reciprocuy
meant a new era of prosperity for Canada. Nova Scotia would come
into her own, and her fi-hing fleet be doubled in from three to five
years. Although hitherto a Conservative, Mr. Smith is supporting
Laurier and larger markets.
Steel Steamer "Hans B." is a
New   Boat   Finely   Fitted
There was a Birth on Board to
Mascot the Trip.
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Locator
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Take noUe that Austin M. Brown ol Princ
Rupert,   occupation   aaddler.   intends   to   apply
to the t l.i. f Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka
(or a linnc to proapect (or eoal. oil and petroleum
on and under the lollowing described landa on the
i Weat Coaat ol Graham IsUnd:
, Coramenctng at a poat planted three miles eaat
steamer   as   s"Oll   as   Sht   en- I ol the northeast corner ol C L. No. 44TI. thenc
d,      ,      ,               ,/i *>0 chain, eaat, thenc 80 chains aouth, thenc 80
tilt* harlKir and Inund eVi TV- j cbaina aaat, thenca 80 chains north to point ol
-rt. i i   commencement.
There had
At Napanee, Mr. Charles Anderson, a prominent Conservative
farmer, stated that reciprocity was of far more importance to Canadian
farmers lhan abject party allegiance. He declaretl he was not a traitor
to his party, but that the par y was traitor to the old policy for which
Sir John Macdonald and all other Conservative leaders had stood up
to the time it became possible through the Fielding-Taft agreement.
At Brockville, Mr. John Gill, President and General Manager of
one of the- large hardware and edged-tool manufactories in Eastern
Ontario. s:iid that the reciprocity agreement "is purely a sound business one. and Canadian- will do well to avail themselves of its advan-
tagi - altogether apart from polities. I am gird, as a manufacturer, to
have this opportunity of heartily approving nf the sound business-like
agreement secured by Mr. Fielding."
The S.S. Hans B. which arrived
here Sunday night, left Sydney on
May 31st coming here bj way of
Cape Horn and her m.i-:e-r, Captain Christiansen, say- the had ..
splendid trip. Incidentally tt-i- Is
her maiden voyage. >hc i*- ..
Norwegian boat built in Great
Britain and is an up to date cargo
boat in every way.
Dr. Tremayne, as quarantine
officer for this port went out to
thing aboard O. K.
been, however, one birth on the
voyage in the shape of one ewe
lamb which made her debut when
the vessel was several days out
from Sydney.
The Hans B. carries thirty-three
of a crew. She is unloading her
i rgo near the Foley, Welch &
Stewart dock.
Pub. Aug.
Skeena Und Diatrict
laocated August 1st, 1911.
-DUtrict ol Quen Charlotte
Tak* notie that Austin M. Brown ot Princ
Rupert, saddler by occupation, intenda to apply
to tb* Chiel CommUaioner o( Unda and Works
(or a licnc to proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tne (ollowing deecribed landa on the
Weat Coast o( Grabam IaUnd:
Commencing at a poat pUnled three miles east
ol the northeaat corner ol C. I.. No. 4471 thenc
aouth 80 chaina, thenc weat 80 cbaina, thenc
nonh 80 chaina, thenn eaat 80 chaina to point
ol commencment
AUSTIN   M.  BROWN.  Locator
laocated Auguat Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
100 Went South
Aliout one hundred passengers
went   south  on   the  S.S.   Prince!
Cieorge    yesterday,
of whom were first class.   Premier:
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotu
Taka nolic that Auatin M. Brown ol Princ
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
tbe Cl.irf eTommiaaioner of Unds and Worka (or a j
-.ivl v-lh r.e   licr.ee to proapect (or eoal. oil and petroleum on and !
i-*   *'"*���*���    under the (ollowing deecribed landa on the Weat
Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea eaat
Mn   ��� ,   * , "1 the aoulheaat corner of C L. No. 4472 thenc
. llrnle -   party   returned   tO  \ IC-   north SO chaina, thenc eaal 80 chains, thenc aouth
SO chaina, thenn weat 80 chaina to point o( com-
toria after ., very interesting visit  ���-������t-      AIJSTIN M BR0WN ^^
Lonted Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
to here .'lid Stewart.
V Brockville, alio, Mr. William C. MacLaren, General Manager
of Halls, Limited, manufacturers of gloves, suspenders, etc.. said:
I have given the matter of thi- agreement a great deal of thought.
and I have found nothing in ii except benefit to the people of Canada..
I cannot understand how manufacturers can take any other posiiion.
This agreement in no sense injures any of us, snd cannot fail io be a
big thing to the farmers and artisans. I desire to put myself on record
a- a manufacturer in complete accord with the reciprocity agreement,
and am glad indeed that the farmers iire to have this opportunity to
secure bitter returns for th. ir lalxir.-."
"A v.-ry common criticism on the part of the gentlemen who
have not viewed this matter as favorably as we would have wished
has been: 'If the United Siiites want (o make a tariff arrangement
with you, let them come down to your rates of duty.' It seemed to
be taken for granted that that was what the l'nited States would not
do. But that is exactly What We asked them to do, and what they have
iigreed to do respecting a large number of art it Its. They have not
only come down to our rates, but in some cases they have come below
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Change of Ownership.
Thia (a to Klve notice- lh.t 1, Jftfi^ffttS
aold mv IniafnPM at the Urand II* WJI
HrorfPriui. All peraona hnl.Hn* JgGHfigg'X
the (.rami Hot* ��re requested to send MMW
it once u! me. for psyment AU rents due t�� he
Grand Hotel are to be paid *jgfifl$gffi
Skoona Und AHitrict��� Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
m , lalanda
Take notice that Geo. li. Laux of Prinoe Huport,
U. C, occuputlon harbor, Intenda to apply for
u-urmitulun to purchaao the following deacrlbod
Commencing at a poat planted about seven
mlloH woat and ono mllo aouth from the mouth
of Stanly Crook, Nudtm Harbor, thenco south 80
chains, thonco west Ul chains, thonoe north 80
chains, thonco oast 40 chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. H. LAUX
Pub. AorU 112. Numa Demers, Agent
Skeena Land District���DUtrlct of CusUr
Take notioe that 1,  Mary Carlo  of  Stewart,
1). C, occupation married woman. Intend to apply
for permission to purchase tho lollowlng deecribed
Commencing at a post planted two (2) milea
south and (2) two mllos west of the forka of the
White and Flat rivers, thence HO chains north,
thence 80 chains wost, thence 80 chains aouth
thencu NO chains east.
Dated April 20, 19U. MARY CABIN
Pub. May IU. FrancU 8. Prealon, Agent
Skoena Land District-Diatrict of Coast
Take notice thut I. Mrs. Juhn Corley of Prince
Hupert, B.C., occuputlon married woman, intends
to apply for portniBBlun to purchase the followim*
dt-scrlbod lands:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains east
i*i**l 12l> chains south from the southwest corner of
lot 1733, Coast District, lUnitu G. thence south 80
chains, thence east 40 chuins. thenco north 80
chains, thenco west 40 chuins more or less to tho
point of commencement, containing 320 acres
more or less.
Date Mar. 20, 1011
Pub. Apr. 4. 1011
Skeena Und Detrlct���DUtrlct of Quoon Charlotu
Take   notice   that   George   FrtamU   ol   I'rince
Rupert, U. C, occupation butcher, InUnda to apply
for permission to purchsse the following deecribed
Commencing at a post planted about aeven
miles west and two milus south of the mouth of
Stanley Creek where It empties into Naden
Harbor, Graham Island, tbence 80 chaina south,
thence 80 chaina weat, thenoe 80 ehaina north,
thence 80 chans east to point of commence mo nt
and containing 040 acres more orleae.
Dated March 17, 1911 GEORGE FRIZZELL
Pub. April 7. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout Range 6
Take not ce tbat I, Joe Jack of Prinoe IUp��rt,
11. C, occupation carpenter, Intend to apply for
Fmrinlauioit  to  purchase  tbe  following  deecribed
Commencing at a poet planted about thrce.and
one-half mllee dUtant In a aouth westerly direction
from a blind slough from Obeervatory Inlet where
the same touehea tho Indian Reserve Ibence east
80 cba na. tbenee >nith 80 chains, thence west80
chaina, thenco aouth 80 cbains to point of com-
menooment, conUining 640 acrea more or less.
Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout Range G
Take notice that UttU McTavUh of Vancouver,
D. C*. occupat ion married woman, inUnds to
spply for permUsion lo purchase the following
described Unds:
Commencing at a post planted al lhe north*
west corner 100 chains east and 20 chains north
from tbe northeast corner of Ut 1116, Harvey's
Survey, Cout DUlrict,Rango 6,thence 20 chains
soulb, thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
north, thence 40 cbaiu weet, thenc* 60 cbaiu
soulh, ihence 40 chalu west lo post of commencement, conUining 400 acres more or leas.
Dsted May 2, 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Caaalar
Take notice lhat I FrancU S. Preeun of Prinoe
' Rupert, B. t'-, occupation proapecUr, Inund to
, apply  for permUsion to purchase  the  following
lescribed landa:
Commencing  at  a  poet  planted   about   three
1 miles aoulh and two milea weat of the forka o>
ths While and FUl rivers, ibence aouth 80 chslu
thence eut  80 chains, ibence  north  80 chains,
thence weat 80 chains,
i Dated April 20, 1911.    FRANCIS S. PRESTON
, Pub May U
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Cout Range 6
I Taka aoiiee thu I, Frank Ulelca of Port Ea-
1 slngton,  occupation  merchant,   Intend  to  apply
for permiasion. o purchase the following described
I    Commencing at a post planud on the south
bank of the Eschumslka Rivtr and about (our
I miles from IU confluence with tbe Skeena River,
tbence 80 chalu weat, thence 80 cbains north,
1 thence 80 chalu eut, Ihence aouth 80 chalu
! to point of commencement, containing 640 acres
L more or leea.
Dsted April 21, 1911. FRANK HICKS
I'uh. April 29.
'���kecna Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Quun Charlotte
Take notice that George W. Arnolt of Prlnco
Hupvt,   it.   C,   occupation   real  wiaU   broker,
intends u apply for permission to purchaM  the
following deecribed lands:
j    Commencing at  a post  planud   about  seven
mllea and one-half mile west and one mile aoutb
Irom Ibe moutb of Stanly   Creek* Naden Harbor,
thenoe weat  80 chains, thenoe eouth  80 chalu,
thenfte eut 80 chains, thenoe north 80 chalu.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. W. ARNOTT
i'uh. April 22. Numa Demera. Agent
Skeena Und District���Diatrict of Caaaiar
Tak* nolle* that I, Alice M. Knou** of Prinoe
Rupert, B. t'-, occupation married woman,InUnd
to apply for permission to purchaa* lb* (ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a poet pUnUd about two miles
soulh and two mllee west ot lh* forka of Whlu
and Flat rivera, thence norlh 80 chalu, tbence
east HO chaina, thence eoulh 80 cbaiu, thence
weat 80 chains.
Dsted April 20, 1911. ALICE M. KNOUSE
1 Puh. Mav 13. FrancU & Preaton, Agent
.���krena Und DUlrict District of Cout Rang* 6
; Taka notlc* that I, Clara May Little of Princ*
, Hupert- H. C, occupation snineUr. Inund to
' apply for permlasion to purchae* tho following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planud at the north
wesl corner of Ut 1735, lUnge 6, Cout Disuict
thence eut 40 chalu. thenc* north 26 chains
thence weat 31 chain1 thence north 20 chains
tbenc* weat 10 chalu, thenoe south 46 chains to
point   of   commencement,   cuntaining   112   acrea
Pub. April 15.
Cout Range 6 Land DUtrict
Tak*   notice  that  1,  John   Hepburn   of   Kitsumkalum,   occupation  farmer.  Intend  to  applv
(or permlsaion to purchsse th. (ollowng deecribed
lands: . .
Commencing at a post plsnted at to* norths**
corner of Lot 39H3, thenoe eut 20 chalu, thenca
eoutb  40 chains, thenc* erast 20 chans,  ihence
north 40 chalu lo place o1 commencement-     	
Dated March IB, 1911. JOHN HEPBURN
I'ub April 15.
Sksens Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Caaalar
Take   notioe  tbat   1,  Thomu   Macgovorn   of
Stewart, B. 0L occupallon mlner.lnUnd to apply
for permission to purchaa* tb* (ollowing deacribed
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Nau river about four n,llee above the
forks of lb* Nau river, thenee eouth bO chains,
thenc* west HO chains, thence north 80 chslns,
thenc east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 seres more or leu.
Dated March 26, 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
8k*ena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Caular
Tak* notice that 1, Isaac O'Brien Forbw
Prince Rupert, B. C-. occupation carpenter. InUo
to apply for permission to purchase tbe follow! n*
; deecribed lande:
,     Commencing al a poet planted about Av mlleee
eouth and one mile west of tbe forks of theWhlt*
i aud Flat rivera, thence north HO chains, tbence
weet 80 chalu, ihenc* eoulh  80 chaina,  thsnee
eaat HO chains.
Dsted AprU 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 18. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout Range 6
Take notioe tbat I, Bell Hall Kenney of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, occupstlon married woman.
InUnd to apply (or permUsion to purchaa* tbe
following deecribed lands:
Commencing at a post pUnted at north eut
oorner of T. L Lot 38628, thenoe running wett 40
chains, thence north 80 chalu, thence eut 40
chains, thence aouth 80 chalu to place of commencement containing 320 acne more or leu.
My post U on south east corner of land applied
lor, msrked letters S. E., about on* mile wert of
Uke UkeUe, eoutb aide of Skuna river District
ol ('out   Range fi,
llatMl April 2��. 1911.      DELL HALL KENNEY
Pub. May IS. ioan BUM, Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Caaalar
Take notice that I, Thnmaa Carter, of Prince
Kupert, occupallon carpenter,  intend to apply
for permission lo purchase the following descrlb-
"l land. ....     . _.i_
Commencing at a post planted aliout one mile
south from the mouth of Falls creek and about
ir��-i feet back from the beach, thence HO chains
north, thence 40 chains west, thence 80 chains
south thence oast 40 chains lopolntof commence-
menu'conlalnln, 320 *-���"������'���'^EK.
Dated July 7th. 1911. Charles Webaler Calhoun,
Pub. Aug. 6th. Altcnt.
Skeena Land District���District ol Coast Range V
Take   notica  that   I,   1'aul   llaien   ol   I'rince
Hupert, laborer, Intend to apply lor permlsaion
to puirhaae the followinK described landa:
Commencini at a post planted on the north
bank o( Williams Creek about Mi chaina southeast Irom It. It., thenoe aouth 40 chains, thence
eaat 40 chaina, thence north 40 ehaina, thence
west 40 chaina to point of commencement.
Hated July 7, llll. PAUL HAOEN
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
This to a little section ol the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Delicately Designed in Embroidered Veiling
Embroidered Veiling in a deep
tablier falls over the latest gown
of soft white chiffon, which is
adorned with a band ..I flowered
chiffon in one of the new pompadour patterns. A Imrdi r formed
by a serpentine adjustment of
fringe finishes the skirt. On lhe
waist the veiling it adjusted over
the shoulder at one side and to
give a bib effect in the front.
Flowered chiffon over silk forms
ihe foundation of the bodice.
The veiling is eul long to form a
train in the back, and a sash is
adjusted about the high waist
and falls in long ends almost lo
the ground.
Picture hats come in with gowns
of floral fabrics. Some are of
fine straw adorned with plumes.
The floral toque may be the piece
of millinery chosen to wear with
the new gowns because there seems
a strong prejudice against the
revival of large hats, but it is
probable a moderate hat will be
brought out which is heaped with
flowers and has streamers from
each side which fall over the
brim and tie in a flat bow at the
nape of the neck, with ends toward
the waist.
Many overskirts come within
a few inches of the bottom of the
skirt and arc edged with a trimming which does not catch in the
>kin,  but  merely  gives a  finish
io the tunic.
o o o
The touch of red so dominant
ill the winter's fashions has spread
to the artificial flower, and the
deep tone of the old fashioned
fuschia now adds warmth to a
corsage bouquet of violets.
The Bathing Girl Tells How
She Grows Happier and Better Every Day.
I keep my skin in perfect condition, and have found it affect
my whole health and vitality.
Every morning 1 get a tepid
bath, and sponge myself all over
with perfectly cold water. I squeeze the water down my spine, and
this, I find, has a tonic effect upon
my nervous system and gerenal
The absolutely cold bath never
agreed with me, as I did not like
the shock and could not get
sufficient reaction afterwards. So
I began by standing in warm water
and sponging myself with tepid
w;iter, which I gradually made
coltler and colder, until I could
quite comfortably enjoy a cold
After a week or two I ceased
to be troubled with perpetual
colds, which I had always suffered
from, ard begun to sleep belter
I found that my constant slight
headache became much less common, and that I gradually improved in health all round.
The daily sponge and cold water
applications to the spine seemed
lo keep me fit as nothing else had
done, and in hot weather especially I found the treatment
made me almost immune from heat
fag and depression.
So I keep up my tepid bath and
cold sponge. It is a very simple
measure, and I am sponge. It
is a very simple measure, and I
am sure it has kept me fit since
I started it.
��� SPORT j
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhuver Bros.' Ofllce.
Handerkchiefs of thc finest linen
are edged with black chant illy
Ingenious Idea Put in Practice
by   Unprincipled  Coons
In the garb of Sisters of Charity,
two negro women caused a deal
of attention recently in the street
cars at Denver. Posing as nuns,
they secured free rides on nearly
every line in the city. But their
ruse has been discovered, and investigation has proven them to be
imposters. As has always been tht
custom of the tramway company,
fares are never requested from the
Sisters of Charity, but when reports were taken to headquarters,
and an Investigation was made, ii
was found that there were no
negro nuns in the cily.
Moosejaw Man's  Home  Made
Desolate   by   Drowning
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Moosejaw, Aug. 21.���While Fred
Staples was away his three small
children   wandered   into   a   pond
near by.   All three were drowned.
Beattie Murder Case Looks Like
Being Another Harry Thaw
Trial for Newspapers Over
the Line.
Swarm in Church Ousted Whole
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, Aug. 21.���Swarm of
bees at Grosse Point Church held
the Lutheran congregation al bay
yesterday and compelled them to
hold out door service.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chesterfield, West Virginia, Aug.
21.���The trial of Henry Clay
Ileal tie indicted for the murder
of his wife while driving out in an
auto, both being members of wealthy families of the state, opened
despite the fact that it was thought
there would be another adjournment. The murder was committed a month ago. Beulali
Blnford, a young girl the mistress
of Beattie is held in jail as a
material witness and Paul Beattie,
the prisoner's brother, alleged to
have bought the gun used is also
in custody. The court was crowded
with special writers from papers
.ill over the stales.
Sam McVey has challenged S.*ni
Langford to Imx for $5,000 a side,
the bout to take place In London,
o  o  o
Digger Stanley, England's champion bantam, has changed his mind
about coming to America next
month to nu 11 Johnny Coulon,
O   O   0
Pill Powers, the New York
promoter, has declared against
no-decision limits.    Pat wants a
referee to give a decision after
every tangle,
0 0 0
Dan McKittrick, manager <>f
Willie Lewis, announces that Lewis
is the welterweight champion. Too
bad about Mac, but he will be
himself again in a day or two,
O   O   0
The acquisition of Kmil Fisk
from Spokane and Catcher Bradley
from Portland, the release of Jimmy
Adams shows that Bob Brown of
Vancouver, is preparing his line-up
for next season.
o o o
Tampa, Fla., Aug. 20.���Positive
announcement was made today by
the track owners iit Tampa, Pen-
sacola, and Jacksonville that these
tracks will remain closed this
winter. This ends renting in the
far South.
0   0   0
San Francisco, Aug. 20.���Jack
Britton, the Chicago lightweight,
is the latest possibility for the light
promoters here. Britton some
months ago went eight rounds with
Packy McFarland to a draw. Now
he is in Sail Francisco looking for a
O   O   0
Marty OToole, the 132,500
pitcher, has been beaten three
times since Pittsburg paid the
record price for him. The Pirates
paid the price too. Reproductions
of photographs of the check for
122,500 have been going the rounds
of the sporting pages,
o o o
Montreal, August 19. --Frank
Patrick, who is here signing hockey
players for the new Coast League,
has closed with Harry Hyland, lhe
former Wanderer star, antl is now
dickering with Smaill anil Jimmy
Gardiner. He has left for Ottawa
to attempt to get some of the
Capital stars to sign up. Hc said
that among the players to be
seen in the new Western league
would be Skinner, Poulin, Joe Hall
and Tom Phillips.
o o o
Toronto, Out.. Aug. 18.���(Long
Branch Rille Ranges).���Sonic remarkable shooting was done at
the opening of the Ontario Rille
Association meet. Captain Sclaler
of the Sixth D. C. 0. R-. Vancouver, missed the bullseye only in
one shot all through the day, and
his record stands at 138 points
out of a possible 140. He was one
of the eleven to make possibles
in the Coronation match; lu- made
a possible with three bulls added
in the 200-yard extra series, and
got a possible in the Cily of
Toronto match al 5(H) yards, and
made six bulls mil of seven in the
same match ;il 600 yards.
MUNRO   &   I.A1I.EY
Stork Building, Second Av��nue,
I.aw-Butler Building      Phons No. 2H0
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C.. 0ntar1n.Su.
and Manitoba llara. katchewan   und  Al
berta llara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Offlce-Enchanire block, corner Third avenui* sod
Sixth atroet. I'rlnce Ruuert. ��
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated.   Gaa and
local anaatheltca administered for the painleaa extraction of teeth.       Consultation free.      Offices:
lleliterson Block. I'rince Kupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson B.A..     W.K.Wilhums.ii ��... 1..1..1,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. BOX a
I'itii. or wu. roxoN, Esq.. a.h.a.u.'ion.. Ma
Thirtl Avi-nut- also Water Street,
Public Stenographer
Stenography and Typewriting promptly
attended to.
Phone 318.
Preposterously Padded Petition
Prepared in Seattle
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Curried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11 th Stt
Chicago   Meet   Declared    Unprofitable by Promoters
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, Aug. 21.���It is doubtful
if a recall election will take place
here as on Investigation only six
thousand Of eleven thousand signatures asking for action against
Mayor Dilling were found to be
BudWeiSef Beer, We are sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, Aug. 21.���The promoters of the aviation meet which
ended on Saturday declared ihey
lost fifty thousand dollars despite
tin fact that three million people
witnessed the flights.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 680
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of I -ran i Wllcaek. Pari, and Berlin.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
���==E.   EBY   CSk   Co.==s
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prince Ruperl Laidae. No. M Son* of
Enxland. meet* the first and third Tuesday* In
each month In the Sons of Enfflan.1 Hall. 2nd Ava.
al 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Box alt Princa Rupert
ERNEST A. WOODS. President. Box tt
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
Bi'tweenn7thA4H,hSts.    Tince Rupert
Inlander Left Yesterday
Yesterday morning the S.S. In-
tnder, left for Haselton with
several passengers and a lot of
freight. Among those who were
id.oard was Mr. C. L. Monroe,
secretary-treasurer of the Skeeni'
Transportation Company who '.*-
going on a holiday trip tip river.
He will be back in about ten days'
KTOCK   ' "MCI t It PfinNK ��3
Funeral   Directors
.Ird Ave. near Mh St. Phnoe Na SS
..Grand Hotel..
Wnrklnilman's Home
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
GEO. WM.tlF.mtlS. F,op,l*lor
Northern B.C. Liquor Company*,
Pita.   Nl.
P.O. Roi S77
Advertise City by Postcard
Every berth of the S.S. City ot
Seattle was filled on Saturday when
she came in here from lhe south
Crowds of tourists looked over the
city and bought inmfmcr-'blc postcards to send to friends. ������
"li is Bacrilege, --ir," the crew
of ihe' Inlander didn't Bay these
words with their mouths, but
literally speaking, they did with
their eyes, when Captain 11..user
gave orders to attach the cable
to ii l>ig Totem pole in the Indian
village of Kitsenkla so thai ilu*
boal could bi pulled through the
rapids, on her lasi trip up river.
There was no tree or anything
else in sight strong enough on which
lo fasten the cable.
The eriw hesitated 1" fore obeying the orders from the bridge.
"Tie up i" ill.' Totem pole, it will
be all righl!" shouted the captain.
With visions of a war dance in
the oiling tin- cable was fastened
to the genealogical tree. The
steel girdle fitted about the waist
line of one of the mosi famous
of the tribe at Kitsenkla: a forefather who it i> claimed scalped
fifteen whin* women in one day
and made a rope with iheir hair
ti. hang fifteen whin nun on the
next day. His picture hang- in
one of the historic homes of old
fashioned Victoria.
Slowly the Inlander crawled up
the river and when she got up
to the village the Indians were
holding a conference. Some of
the fearsome aboard talked of
another rebellion. An old bent
Indian was walking round and
round, muttering something unintelligible  to  himself.    Caption
II..user went ashore first,   Walking
up io the old muttering fellow
he hollered: "Hello, grandpa, how
are you?" Out shot the old man's
hand in welcome to the captain,
Then gurgling in delight he hurried
to tell the rest of the tribe that
their old friend Captain Bonser
had dropped in to see them. It
was several years since he had
failed. They killed the fatted
calf and said: "This is our old
friend who came to u.< twenty
years ago, we thought he was lost,
but he is found."
Later the Inlander was given a
great send off and the captain wii>
told any time he wants to use the
forefather's waist to pull his boal
up stream, well, to just go ahead
and use it.
it wasn't sacrilege    \ j ��jL,e News^lassified_Ads.
==One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
 B K���*-*������"*-*���"���
The Insurance People
Plata Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' snd Personal Bonds
Policial Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
[\S. ���Houars nnd Rental*.
j Money to Loan
..Whites Portland Cement...
Money  to  Loan on  Princ.- Rttport It
Agreements ut sale bought,    P.O. >������
Floor Space for Rent
In the Hurt liuilillng, corner of
Second Ave. antl Sixth Street
The Best Business Comer in Prince Rupen.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd,
Wanted ��� A boy tx.   loan.
Api.ly Now* olllce.
Want.*.l-Scrvant irlrl. apply Mr-. .1   M. Lynch.
Summit avenue.
Wanted-(innl alze.1 l��,y to Ml* m Utchon and j .
mnk<* himself Kenerally u����f .       *>'. I >>' Jan..**
Do away with this.     Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Motel, :tnl Ave., curner of Mh Sin
Wiinted-A man lo act aa jan!t.-r and orderty;
I    wanes 15(1 a month with la-apl and room. Apply
Pfaont 125      Nsdtn Block      Second Ave
Prince Rupert Ocncrul Hot)
Captain of Hans B.. the Big
Steel Boat Victim of Malarial
Fever Now Resting in Central Hotel.
Ju*-i .i- the Hans B., ihe bitf
steamer form Sydney, C. B., with
6,800 tons of steel for theG. T. P.,
was docking at the wharf yesterday, the master, Captain t'hri>-
li.ui-eii, fell over on the bridge
unconscious, a victim "f the after
effects of malarial fever and aci-
tated l.y the long watches <>n the
three months' voyage.
In falling tlie captain eul hi*-
head on lome >>f the brass work
around the lirid^.*. lie was hurried to thc Centra] Hotel and there
he ir. now resting quietly. Dr.
Tremayne, who i- in attendanci.
says the captain will U- well again
in ;i few days' time.
It i*- learned thai C.ipl.'in Christiansen has had malarial fever on
three or four occasions when in
tropical countries.
Under the supervision >.f Captain Kennedy of tin* Pacific Coast
Stevedoring and Contracting Company the cargo i- !���> ing unloaded.
Contractor Tom Mazlum Asks
Contractor Tom Maclum has
appealed against the infliction upon
him of the ?2.*i per day fine for
non completion of his grading
contract. He claims delays were
caused by thi <ity engineering
department ..v.r grade changes,
etc., and pleads thai a strioui
accident killii't: one "f his men also
delayed him, Referred to public
works di partment.
Frank  Ellis  is a Top  Notcher
Made Trip to Stewart on S.S.
Prince George Weather was
Beautiful Hundreds of Pictures Taken.
| For Rent ���
Newly furnished larire OQtl '���' WOOIf. Good
location, near business a..,-n u. Everything
himielike. Hot and cold wi.'-r. lailh and telephone. Call and a** them. I'hone I'.n. The
Dlitby Rooms. UUSO
Furnished rooms wllh tinth.
the week.   Talbot House.
Special late- by
For fully <ii;ht hours mi Saturday i
Mr. Frank Ellis walked up and
down an Improvised rostrum in I
C.  B. Shreiber's Btore and sold,
Click, click, click, then more
clicks and i\.ry ili.k meant another picture taken of thi beautiful scenery along the route between
practically all the rem-.inim;-.tocklhere  and   Stewart.     Every   turn
of clothing, hoot*., shoes, etc., by. round
public  auction.     The  Muck   wa*. Ii"<
-old  absolutely  without   reserve piece
and  some  great   bargains  went large number of tourists on the
under the little hammer. G.  T.   P.   S.S.   Princi   <'....r^.**
Mr.   Eillis   was   courteous   toISuch scenery made them m i\-l
everybody and by sprinkling a and hasten to get pictures of it.
little humor occasionally k.pt the    Being such a beautiful >' y thc
crowd in goorl >,piriis.   He is an!scenery ..lonii the POrtlard Canal
experienced auctioneer and proved wasneverseen to better advantage.
it on Saturday.
Neatly Furnished rooms. nentV'nen preferred.-
Apply Mrs. Mullin. our Mi-li' Theatre.      tf
Mclntyre Hall, for con.-en. entertainments.
dance*, etc.   Apply J. II  li . tn, phone 116.
Nice Furni.hed Rooms, Mr- lireenwood. Alder
Block; Third Ave. 178-tf
I'or Rent -Sona of England Hall. 2nd km. for
Dance*. Fraternal Societies. S.ielal.. etc. Apply
Frank A  Ellla. BoxSSSor Ph--ne*>. UMf
Wanted - Three or four ���*.���in furnished eottaireor
apartments.   Apply I'. It   Harris. Dally News
oiiic**. tf
ded  along  the  nigged  coast  t '��� -' ->-��-���"��->���"��-���'"-'--*-1*"1 ������"-"���,���"""?
opened up d more wonderful It For Sale \
���  of   scenic   gr.irdiur   ,..   ihe  aj^.^,^^^.^.^..^,^,.^.,^^...*.^
O-.klnaT Itanire and Kil.-hen Furnltura.
Cr. ath and Cotton Streets.
Tsimpsean Company are Harvesting  Their  Waterpower
Mr. R. Brutinel, general man-
Changing Inu-. -"ii shadows, thc
Mm irradiating on .1 hundred "<ld
snow capped hill- made a tableau
of Incomparable beauty.
Among those who ci>i>������..<! thi   I
trip were W. Molson M.. Phi 1
F..r Sal*-Chicken Ranch. .'Storey housa. household a* .al.. Near I'nn -*��� ll.it.erl. A anap if
uken alone*.   Addras. H . a *���'.���. tf
For S. . - New Gasoline launch 23 ft. by �� ft. 2
in. - h.p. enrln*. IM0 if taken al one*. Apply
P.O. Box SSI. l-.'.-l
For Sale-Owner will nil hot*a -al Iota Nos. ��.
i      and :N. Block 2T. Beetloa '.. Taylor streat.
a.-- il a .** x li". al IT ���> ea.h. on reasonable
term..   Apply Boa tn. P.O.. I'rlnce Rupert.
Steam Tug "Nagasaki."
Length 50 ft., beam 9 ft., draft 4 ft. j
ti in., B H.P. engine. Boiler used three i
seasons, now in use as Cannery tender,
May be seen at Port Nelson Ginnery,
Naas river. For further particulars
apply to W. Lord, Port Nelson, or H.
Bell-Irving & Co., Vancouver, B.C.
b Pioneer Umnhy. Phone 118 j [ AUCTION   SALE
ager of the Tsimpsean Light and'the Granby .Mining Compan)
Power Company, arrived here yesterday on the Princess May. He
left later with Mr. Clark Durant,
the company's electrical engineer,
for Kh.it,id.t Falls up the Skeena
River, to look over the work on
the watersheds there, which is
already iu progress.    Ten men are
gitiing things in shape and many
more will u* pm on Immediately.
trii. .
. , . . /*,,        .     OUR Cwmpaniea ar* noted for prompt and Just
ol Montreal, pri-Mili lit '.( MolMtn -      settlements.   W* writ* every known class <>f
n     ,      ,     ,,    . ��� .�� In.aranc*. The Maci. Realty and Insurance Co
Bank. J. P. Graves, president of
Business   Chances
Mr. James >>f the T>*ce Mining
Company, Premier McBride's m >���
ther, si��it-r> .mil daughters;   Mr.|_  .___���... u .__ ���..        *.  . .  .
Goon money In Mm ma* Pictures. Wanted-A
A K McMa-IlT and wife ���������I'll1 party to slart movinit plclura show In Princ*
n. I.. ���'.'���'.'.��' .I'" will, .ill fiutwr|_ Write m. f.r particulars. H.Davis.
OthelS. Waterlown. Wis. U7-��l
Next Sunday i> the last mi. k i nd
trip of the -a.a---.iii the Pri
will in.'k- .
-; si i k. nd *--~*^������������>���~-~.-~-~.-~~���������������
' " '" "rK'  j       Lost and Found       J
T-"*> i���i ������ i ���m ~s*ni~> >i-n ii m, ,| -m ,,-*, ,|-, n i, .am
New Feed Stable
Tin* Pony Express Compan)
have extended iluir business t>>
include a full line <>f feed. They
jh.nidi.* everything Including ...its,
hay. wheat, linseed meal, bran,
shorts, crushed oats, cracked corn,
chicken f.-.d. rolled ...ii-. pastry
(lour, garden m edsof all kind-.
11 will pay you to give them a
i rial, I hey promise prompt delivery.
Prices are  riKln*    Call  up  ilu
Pony Express, phone II or 301,
Grade Changes O. K.'d
Various, changes >.i grade rec-
Glad You Liked Rupert        Jommendwl by CoIoimI  D.-vis foi
After expressing themselves as]some of the im|*oti. venues
lieing   pleased   with   iluir   visit land streets of Prino Rupert have
here .'.nd prophesying great things lieen approved by the LicUtcnant-
for Prime Rupert, the Railway Governor and Counril, and tht
Commissioners left yesterday after* ��c rk already done and in progn n
I..**t ��� A bunch of ke, ��� taatween the Royal Hotel
and Karhamre Orlll Finder phase leave al
Royal Hotel 21-lkU
For Sale
noon on the S.S. Princess May for
Slcagway, from when* they will go
to Whitchorse, where they will
hold ii sitting.
Togo Will Drink It
Winn  in   Vancouver  Admiral
Tog., will likel)  drink  Ridgway's
lea and coffee because il is the best,
h.*- been ranctioncd.  Colonel Davis li.-- been notified i<> ihi- eiTn-i
h\  letter re.-d at llu   curcil I..-I
nigh I.
It a Good to See It Thus
Never dill lhe tl. T.  P. wharf
pr< sent i> more active scene than
in present.  Three boats of lumbi i
3 antl 4
7 anil H
('������nn* iu and see our list of buys in
other purls of the city
You can get Ridgway's tea and|are l>eiug unloaded in addition ;<>
uilfe. .-I ihe Ideal Provision House,
Third ..venue, phone 190. We'll
have ii shipment of fresh fruit
Brought Lumber
The  S.S.   Prince  John   arrived
from Queen Charlotte Islands this
morning with .Vl.OOO feet of |*miln r
for this city. She leaves .it noon
tomorrow for the Islands.
nearly   seven   thousand    tons   of
-1. .1 rails and tin freight brought in
by ilu- regular Im..hs th.u call here
and the longshoremen are kepi
SkMna Land Dutrict -DUlrict of Coait Rang* V \
Taka noticu tbat J. --��� M. Tallman of Cedar i
Rapida, Iowa, occupation lawyer, Intenda to '
apply for pt-rmUaion to purchaav the following '
.!.-��*nl.,-.i tinda:
Commencing at a post planted on the southerly ;
shoHSuf   KuiaymatMn  Inlet on  the right  bank
of a amall stream tto��ing into aald Inlet juat eaat
->I Crow  1 Vi.*-.    Thence aouth 20 chains, thence i
waat 2U chaina more or ]���-��� to the -!.,.*-������ linn of ;
Crow  Lake,  thance  northerly  and  easterly   'ol* '
lowing the ahort linaa of Crow Lake, ihe Inlet '
to Crow  Laka and  Kutxeymateen   Inlet to the
place uf  commencement,  containing  furty  acrm
more or leaa.    Located .\ugust 7,  l:*il.
Dated Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
l'ul.. Aug. 12.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 5   I
Taka  notie*  that  Sarah   E.   Alton  of   Princ-o ]
Rupert, occupation nurae. Intenda to apply fur j
permission  to  purchaae  the  following deacribed i
Commencing at a post planted at the North-
weat corner   U0 chaina eaaterly -.slightly  north)
from the northeaat corner of I*ot   lllti (Harvey
Survey) Coast DUlrict, Range V, thence HU chaina |
eaat, thence 80 chaina aouth,  ihence 40 chaina ,
weat, thence 40 chaina north, thence 40 chains
waat,  thance  40  chaina  north  to  poat  of  com- i
mencement containing 4N) acre* more or leas.
Dated June 14, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON     !
I'ub. J ..:.* 15. Fred Uohler, Agent >
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 5
Take notce that Llnford Sawell Bell of I'rince '
Rupert,   U.  C. occupation  locomotive engineer,
Intends to apply (or permiaaion to purchaae the j
following dtsicribed landa:
Commencing at a post planled on thc north {
bank  of  lhe  Zimogotlu  Itiver  about  threa (3)
mllea dUtant (upotraamt in a westerly direction
from the junction of the LttUc Zimogotiu River ���
and the main Zlmogotiu River, ihence north 40
chsins, thence waat 40 chaina, ihenco aouth 40
chains,  ibence eaat 40 chaina to post of com-1
mencement containing 160 acrea more or leas.
Dated June 7, 1911.    UNPURD SEYYALL BELL I
Pub. July 8. Geo. It. I*utnam, Agant ]
Caaaiar  Land   DUtrict-DUtrict  of Skeana
Take notie* that I, Lemuel Freer of Vancouver, '
occupation broker. Inlend lo apply for permission
to purchaao the following dtwnbedr landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the ahoro
In a northerly direction from I'ort Nolaon Cannery I
marked I. F.'a S. E. Corner, thance 20 chaina
north, tbence 20 chaina west, thenee 20 chaina
aouth to ahore line, thence along the shorn to
point of commencement, containing 40 acrea more
Dated Jun* 1". 1911 LEMUEL FREER
1'uli. July ft. J. M. Collison. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coast Range V
Taka notice lhat I, Peter Erlckaon ot Prince
Rupen, laborer, intend to apply for permission
io purcnaae the following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on the north
bank of Williams Creek where the railway right-
of-way crosses and 3 chains back from the creek
bank, thenoa aoulh 30 chains, thence eaat 40
chains, thenca north 30 chains, thenca waat 40
chains to poinl of eommencemant.
Dated July 7, 1911. PETER ER1CKSON
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowall, Agenl
.Skeena Land District-District of Ccast Ranire 5
Take notica that I, Alexander Clacher, of Dear-
horn, Manitoba, occupation fanner. Intend to
apply for permiaaion to purchaaa the following
described lands:
Commenrin* at a poat planted at the aouth
west corner of lot .DMA. district of Cuaal, Kir,.- %,
* fueled about U 1-2 milea In a aouth eaaterly direction from Hreckcnridire Landing, markt-d A.
C . north west corner; thence aouth Hi chaina,
thence east iat chains, theace north nt chains
mora or leaa to aoulh east eomer of lot .t-i*��2.
thence west 40 chains more or leaa to south weat
corner of lot .1062, thence north 20 chains more
or leaa to aouth east corner of lot .*>*V,, thence
west 40 chaina mora or leaa to point of commencement, ountainlnir !Vt��o acres more or less.
Donald Clacher, Agent
Dale June 2nd, 1911
Pub. June 24th. 1911
BkMoa Land Dintrict
District of Coaat, Kange 5.
Take notice that Wm. Francis Nicholson, of Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation
Gents' Furnishings
Clothing, Boots & Shoes, Rubber Goods, Underwear, Fixtures and Fittings, Travelling Bags, etc.
The Balance of Stock of C. B. SelireiluT & Co.,
who arc relinquishing business, to be   :-:     :���:
Sold Without Reserve by PUBLIC
AUCTION at ���
Schreiber's Store
Centre Street, Prince Kupert, commencing
Sacnnd A....
Mi. George l.iik, r.,-1 estate
agont ami Insurance agent, has
ii|K-m.l a ti*in|n,ri.r\ ulli.*.- >.i. Sixth
street, corner of Third avenue next
t�� C, l>. Newton's office.
permisition to purcliaae  the  following
Limited. ilescribcd lan.la:
p.   . b.,.,.*, n r I   Commencing at a pout planted on tlie
Princ. Rupert. B.C.]north 1)ank ���f ���u, fim.0.frot.xXt ,jver
' | about two milea up stream in a wester-
I ly direction from the junction of the
little Zim-o-got-itz river and thc main
Zim-o-got-itz river, and marked Wm.
Francis Nicholson's south-east corner,
thence north 40 chains, thence West 40
chains, thence south 40 < hains more or
less to shore line of river, thence east
40 chains more or lesa along shore line
of river to post of commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
Wm. Frani-ih Nicholson,
~ ��� + Geo. R. Putman, agent.
* Dated July 17, 1911.
Two Five Dollar bills to
lx- given away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News offlce.
��  ..aaa,ia^,,a^,,aa, ,��*,,,���� ���*fc.,^.
poor im*
Is a Persistent "Influence" Exert
ed  in  Your Behalf!
Every bit of printing that goes out to serve vou mak>*
Kind of an Impression."     Poor printing will leave i. |
preasion of its user as surely as would poor clothe*, ot poor
store or shop or offlce.    "Good" printing trill leave upon ��WIJ
mind an impression wholly favorable of its user.
Even if but one in a tlioasand of these "Impressions " really lip*
the scales for business, for orders, for you "Good Printing
will have thus paid for itself !
��� m wa j [J |
Third .Ucnut
Daily News Building
i'hone 98 1 htrd .ucnuc
.�� T^rmT-***
.^a-~-^.��^.^.^.~~^ ���~""'
Do You Want j
Value for
Your Money ?
Why not  eat   luncheon   Sn I
ut the
Exchange : Grill
The   Prico  35   cenla       IS   RK.HT
nnd the cuis'<ie and servio
well established Standard
BOWNESS    ���   PR0PS.J
)   MILNER & B
Read The Daily News
He sells Building!       He sells Contrncts
He has Houses to Kent
He buys Lots He builils Homes
Special  Bargains  in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
lln*..il,,i, IiiFtrict Lands       ttulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands       Porcher Island Lands
KiUumkaliim Lands, Sand, Crave! and Marble Deposits
List Your  Properti..  with  Jeremiah H. Kugler
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
������������������������,,��.,        mi     ��� ���.-���..   -;Sg|a;; ^


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