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Twenty-four houre ending 5   a. m.,
J mn' 26.
...v  TEMP MIN. TUMP. BAR.        IN. RAIN
"ill 50.0      29.789       .00
The Daily New
ttfjj ^miatj^Q
I-'tii! South/,
r/Htaic' of California Ifdui-s.luv, u.m.
--. r^fylA   B,F��s Noivrii
""PrlncK^ii JViuy. '        T '��'��yi.
I \urf**-U*^    ..t,\���
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II. NO. 142
Prince Rupert, B.C., Monday, June 26, 1911.
Price Five Cents
"Tired and Worn Out���That's AH" He Said in a Farewell Letter
���--Old Alaskan Pioneer and General Manager of the North
Western Fisheries Company, Was Well Known Here.
Captain 1>. H. Jarvis, general
nunaiicr nf the Northwestern Fish-
eries Companyi committal suicide
mi Coronation night at Seattle.
Captain Jarvis was very well
known in the whole of this district,
and had many friends in Prince
Rupert, lh-visited this city sbout
this time last summer with the
Jacob Sliifi parly of financiers,
and the news of his tragic death
coma ,t- .i shock to his business
friends .mil the old timers here.
Shot Himself at Club
Tin- captain coiiimiitcd suicide
liy (hooting. He was staying in
,i room .it the Seattle Athletic
Club over night on the 22nd. On
Friday morning the hall-boy could
gel im answer when he knocked to
arouse the captain. At noon
thedooi was broken open and the
body found. Captain Jarvis lay
on the bed fully clothed. A gaping
wound, just over the left ear, a
32-ciilibre revolver with one empty
chamber, and a brief note on the
bureau told the story.
"Tired and worn out���that's
all," was the penciled farewell
message written by Captain Jarvis
on a scrap of paper.
Has Been Notable Figure
The first custom house in Alaska
was established for the United
States government by Captain
This was when he was a captain
in the revenue service. For his
pioneer work in the frozen north,
Congress voted him a gold medal,
and when he quit thc government
service, scores of important posts
wt-re offered him.
When the Guggenheim syndi
catc financed the great Norih-
western Fisheries Company, Cap
tain Jarvis was appointed general
manager, a position lie held at
the time of his death.
Friend of Roosevelt's
Captain Jarvis was a close friend
of Colonel Roosevelt. Some years
ago, while in thc revenue service,
Captain Jarvis was active in protecting lhe vast interests of the
Guggcnhcims. He was invest.*
gated by Congress for his |>ari in
this 1 rouble, but was vindicated
Captain Jarvis was about (ii)
years old and is survived by a
widow snd several children. The
Jarvis home is at 1122 Harvard
Ave. N., Seattle.
Mrs. Jarvis is a niece of Hetty
Green, America's richest woman.
Fire Chief Campbell is Among the Victims���Union Oil
Co.'s Plant Caught Fire This Morning and
Gasoline Tank Blew Up
ll .ui.iiliaii Press Despatch)
.'"Miami, June 20.���Fire Chief
Campbell and two of his men are
believed to be lying dead in the
nitna ol a fire at thc Union Oil
Company's plant. They have not
lain Miii since lhe collapse of
a bi(t brick wall early this morning,
anil their fate is looked upon as
Were Cloae By
When last seen  the three men
landing   close   to  n   big
| K-i-w.lii.i- lank which exploded with
I l'<" heal .mil flame.   In lhe excite-
|Bent .,( lh,- explosion they were
v< tight of.    Immediately afar
a big brick wall fell in close to the
gasoline tank, and it is supposed
the unfortunate men arc underneath.
Flame* Still Raging
It has Imtii impossible to get
close to the wreckage, as thc fire
started up again with a second
explosion at eight o'clock. Thc
whole of the plant is on fire and
nothing can save it. Thc whole
of the Portland Fire Brigade,
assisted by a nrclxwt arc busy
irying to combat the spreading of
lhe flames.
Lot 24. Block 27, Section 7,
for $287 cash.   Ask Uncle Jerry.
Misses Cassie Hiller and Grace Lindsay Making Novel
Tour of the Coast Cities -May Give Recital Here
On their way north on a tour
tlir.'iiu], lhe coast cities of Alaska,
'��" young ladies Miss Cassie
���ti,,<r ��nd Miss Grace Lindsay
'""�� Portland and Seattle rcs-
jWlVely, arrived on the State of
alifornla yesterday.
Hi. young ladies who are lioth
"'"iplisli.il musicians have just
:Mii.,t,,| fa,,,, r-ollegs log.-thir,
""' 'lit, r siH'iiiliiig | brief vacation
J Wcats of Captain Klliiott on
. 8.   government   steamer
" '��� -ire now on sight-sccing
"',' Under   ihe  diaptTOflSfll  of
J* Hiller.
I *>11" > have lellers of introduction
' "'^"���I'-.r Clarke, ami are highly
,'""" -'"""Mhi ir musical prow-
,,'". "'"i-c their slay-over in
JJJ Rupert  they will arrange
' "''���'l - musical recital for lhe
.       Here You Arc
k ��' u'c" made suit Rudnick
Mpi   '     Bro8' are the People.
person Block Basement, 6th
Santa   Monica   Flyer  Collided
with a Crowded Street Car
(Canadian Press Dsspstcll)
Los Agnelcs, June 26���More
than a score of passengers were
Injured when lhe Smta Monica
Flyer collided with an Arlington
Heights car this morning. All
the ambulances in the city were
rushed to thc scene and are now
removing the injured to the hos-
piials.   Thc police any several will
Today     Princess     Royal   and
City of Seattle Left Together
Just five hundred yards ahead
of the City of Seattle, the Pri> I ess
Royal left the wharf this morning
southbound. The City of Seattle
���vvaii.-il till her fleet footed rival
had gor clear before she cast off.
Some of thc folk on the wharf
drink there would lie a race
lietween the boats.
Celebrated King's Coronation
by Decoration* and by Firing
a Royal Salute.
Taku Glacier, Alaska, June 24.���
While steaming along early on
Thursday morning in American
waters opposite the Taku Glaciir,
the C. P. R. steamer Princess
May recognized the Coronation
of King George V. by decorating
every- part of masts with flags.
Then lhe |>assciigers assembled on
the main deck and seven men of
the ship's crew fired B Royal
salute with Winchester rifles. Following this passengers and crew
gave three cheers and a tiger for
thc King.
Thc C. P. R. arranged a similar
demonstration on their vessels all
over the world.
Probable Plan Adopted in Formation of French Cabinet
Thousand Dockers at Hull
Quit Their Work
Hull, Eng., June 26.- Five thousand dockmen struck here today
and quit work disorganising all
thc work in the port.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Paris, June 26.���President Fal-
lieries has asked Joseph Callentix,
Minister of Finance in recent
Mollis government, to form a
cabinet. It is likely that he will
form a combination government
lhat will have the MppOfl of llic
majority favoring electoral reform.
I-a.*��.~~~~~~ a-^-w..}
Northwestern League
Vancouver 6, Victoria 4.
Seattle 3, Spokane 2.
Portland 5, Taconia 4.
Pacific Coast League
Oakland 4, Portland 1.
Sa.n Francisco 8, Vernon 4.
Sacramento 4, Los Angeles 2,
American League
St.   Louis-Chicago   game   postponed on account of rain.
New York 3, Washington 2.
Detroit 4, Cleveland 2.
Boston 7, 6; Philadelphia 3, 4.
National League
Pittsburg 4, Chicago 3.
Philadelphia 1, Huston I).
Brooklyn 1, New York 0.
Cincinnati C, St. Louis 7.
Railway Commission Stops
Work on Mountain Section
Close to the G. T. P. Line.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, June 26.���The Railway Commission have held up the
C. N. R. construction work in
the mountains on a section neat
the McLeod river where the company has been building dose i<>
the G. T. P. line. Hundreds of
men arc idle in the camps and
many contractors are licing put
tO great ex|H-nse.
Pictures of First Passenger Train Pulling out Appear in the
Canadian and American Press
Live Member of the Daily
News Staff Saw to It.
Prince Rupert grows hourly in
Importance in the eyes of die
world. The important stride taken
by thc city towards its goal as
One of the great railway and
seaport cities of the world when
the first regular passenger train
pulled QUI for Copper City has
lieen appreciated to the full by
the outside press.
Photographs, and special articles descriptive "f the occasion
were forwarded at once to leading
newspapers   in   Canada   and   the
United States, by a wide-awake
number of ihe Daily News staff,
and in Wcdnisdav 's Seattle Post-
Intelligencer an enlarged cut of
lhe first train Steaming out, with
a full size reproduction of the first
passenger ticket issued at Prince
Rupert, is given the most prominent position on the front page.
Canadian newspapers arc not
behind their American rivals in
power to appreciate the importance of this great epoch in the
life of Prince Rupert, and the
advantage to the city of having
ive   newspspennen    sending   out
Important   local   "boosts"  is of
course obvious.     I.cl   Prince   Ru-
ix-rt proper!
Colonial and Indian Troops Were  Prominent  In  It---Canadians
Were Cheered All Along the Line���N. W. Mounted Police
Were Most PopuIar---Naval Review at Spithead
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June 26.���Their Majesties made another triumphant
progress through the slreets of
the capital today and were given
B wonderful reception by lhe great
masses of people. A cavalcade
more brilliant even than on Coronation Day, composed of colonial
and Indian contingents led the
way over the seven miles route.
Heavy Rainfall
Heavy rain which began at
sunset brought bitter disappointment on the previous day to
hordes of people bent upon celebrating the day as the climax to
the royal progress of King George
and Queen Mary. Despite the
weather, however, a great and
constantly changing throng remained around Buckingham Paha
all the afternoon. The King and
Queen and Prime of Wales several
times appeared on the balcony
and waved their hands.
Cheered by Crowds
The enthusiasum of the people
each time was given vent to in
a great roar of cheers. There
was a great dinner at the Foreign
Offices at night. Sir Edward
Grey, foreign minister, eiitertainttl
in state ihe King and members
of the Royal family, all visiting
royal personages and special representatives to the Coronation.
The Great Naval Review
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Portsmouth, Eng., June 24.���
Notwithstanding the dismal rain
which fell tonight the scene along
the waterfront at Spithead was
a galaxy of brilliance and beauty.
In addition to the British men of
war there were foreign vessels
representi'ig seventeen nations here
to do honor the to newly envoned
King. All were hrillinaily il-
luminated and decorated.
Fireworks at  Night
Never before has Spithead, where
the vessels anchored seen such a
beautiful and wonderful spectacle.
Thousands of visitors came to set
the ships. With fireworks hissing
from every vessel and every |)art
of the eiiy the scene was a never
to Ik- forgot ten one.
Indoor Baseball
Printers vs. Tin Royal Blue
Ribbons, at the Auditorium Tuesday evening, June 87th. Game
called at s..Ki sharp. Admission
25c. Skating after thc game.      2i
Premier Monis Defeated After a
Three  Months' Tenure of
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Paris, June 26.���.^ftcr a tenure
of office of a Utile more than three
months and a half, the Cabinet
of Premier Monis was defeated on
a vote of confidence in the chamber .of deputies today. Shortly
afterwards the ministers tendered
their resignations to the House.
$5,000 a Seat is Being Paid
Calgary Woman Gets a Special Reserved Seat.
(Canadian Press I >< spateh)
London, June 26.    As high as
five   thousand   dollars   has   been
paid for the state performance at
Convent Garden Theatre tonight
which   will   begin   lhe   week   of
lesser Coronation festivities,
The King and Queen spent
yesterday resting. A special seat
is reserved for a woman from
Calgary who by mistake was cheated out of a seat she purchased for
the gala performance in 1902.
Shareholedrs of Steamboat  Gold  Mines Ltd.  Call  a
Meeting to Discuss the Situation    Original
Discoveries Have Disappeared
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 26.���A report
has been received here to the
effect that ihe Steamboal mining
camp has |K-tered out, and thai
the Steamboat Gold Mines, Ltd.,
will call a meeting of shareholders
to discuss the situation. The
meeting is called for tonight, when
some disclosures as to thc failure
of the camp are expected to In-
Vein Disappeara
The discovery of high gold
values last July led to the supposition ihat a bonanza vein had
been discovered on the eoiii|iaiiy's
property. Work has been done
on the vein unit lhe result thai
the vein has been found luted
beneath the surface. The original
discoveries at the Steamboat camp
are said to have disappeared months ago.
Sale of Stock Stopped
Recent  Unfavorable rc|nirls led
to the shareholders being oiled
together.   Suspicions being aroused
thai the company was not meeting
with success in its property, the
sales of stock stopped. The shareholders will meet tonight,snd lull.
discuss lhe situation.
Vancouver Leads
Vancouver, June 20 Spokane
and Tacoma have both dropjicd
games and the Beavers did not
play. Vancouver is now three
games lead in Northwestern league.
Stewart Man Hurt
While Jim Hrennan was mounting his horse oiiiside the Northern
hotel,   on   Wednesday   afternoon,
his foot dipped through the stimip
frightening the animal which ran
away dragging him with  il   for a
distance <>f aboul 50 yeards,   He
was picked up unconscious and
taken to the General Hospital
where he now lies suffering from
n broken rib and internal injuries.���Portland Canal Miner.
George M. Shirley went north
on the Stale of California to
Atlin, on business and pleasure
State of California Landed a Bevy of Lively Excursionists Who Besieged the City
All   Those   in   Alaska  Ordered
Cancelled Today
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Washington, June 26.    Cancellation   of all  Cunningham  coal
Claims in Alaska was ordered
today by Commissioner Fred Dennett. This is a victory for Gifford
Pint-hot    who   retired   from   the
forestry department because no
action was taken some months ago
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
Besides her consignment of American Youth and beauty en route
north, the State of California
landed over a thousand bales of
hay tUld twenty tons of vegetables
and fruil from Seattle.
When   the  State  of  California
came in last night and berthed
at the wharf a parly of some sixty
to eighty American excursionists
came ashore for a little sightseeing tour of ihe town. Centre
street and the business section
presented a lively appearance as
lhe parly besieged the cily, and
the  drug  stores  which   happened
io in- open benefited considerably
by the transient trade in picture
post cards, souvenirs, and refreshments.
Charmed with City
At the close of a lrralitiful day
Prime   Ruperl   was  looking   her
very best for the visitors, and ilu-1
sunset over tin mountains was one
of those magnlficeni ones to which
residents   here   have   grown   pos-
Itively accustomed.   Bui all was
new and strange and lovely it.
the ladies of the American pat I v.
They wrote numerous P. P. c.'s
the sunset glow on the mountains
ami the harbor.
Tell Friends to Come
Certainly Steamers landing tourist   parties   here   in   the   summer
evenings give ihein an extra bsfl*
QUet of beauty which our friends
from the south evidently appreciate. "Don't miss coming here
this summer,"  was  ihe sentence
most frequently used in P. C.'s
sent to friends in the southern
Where to Go
Picture* and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Picture* snd song*, 7.30 p.m.
t'HENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Picture* and music, 7.30 p.m.
RASEHALL, Printer* v*. Royal Hotel
Team at   Auditorium,   Sixth   Ave.,
tomorrow 8.30 p.m.
in enthusiastic praise of the prelti-  CiTY COUNCIL, City Hall, tonight
ness of Prince Rupert- and com-1   a p m<
pared   notes  with   each   other   lol ATHLETIC  MEETING in old Preaby-
find terms rich enough to describe'    terian Church, tonight, 8 p.m. THE    DAILY   NE W..S
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty snd Insurance Co.
Phone 15G Third Avenue and Fulton St
We have just received a
shipment of the newest
styles and latest designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hand Bags. We especially invite you to call
and let u* show you our
new  goods	
Case Has Prolonged Hearing
before Magistrate Carss Yesterday Afternoon. Did Dr.
Lew Compel Girl to Write to
Fort George
For information,  free
maps and literature
call and *ee me.
Open Evenings Pattullo Block
-2000 SHARES IN-
Mining Stock
Will  sell  in  part  or  as  a  whole
Make  an offer
P. O. Box 844   -   Prince Rupert
Police Notice
Tenders will be received by the underslsjned up
to 5 p.m. June 26, 1911. for the stippl-zinff of Police
Uniforms, helmets and caps. Samples of cloth
to be submitted to the Chief of Police at once and
full particulars obtained from him.
June 20. 1911 Clerk of Police Board
For a considerable part of yesterday afternoon the hearing of
the unsavory case against Dr.
Z. P. Lew and M.ili Hong, the two
Chinamen charged with procuring,
was continued in the police court.
A few men besides those engaged
in the case were present in court.
A. Manson who is appearing for
thc defence, suggested to the Magia
trate that it might be advisable
to have the public and the press
excluded, but City Solldtsr Peters,
for the prosecution, contended that
die press in Prince Rupert might
be confidently trusted to use dis-
ctretion. Mr. Manson's contention was that in public court the
girl witnesses might be inclined
to with-hoid evidence of moment.
The case was not heard in camera,
Chief Yickers, who kept a quiei
and close watch on the two Chinamen from the day of their arrival
in   Rupert   with   the   girls   until
their arrest believes that the case
against   them   is   strong  enough
to secure conviction.   The follow-
' ing letter purporting to have been
jsent by one of the girls to Dr.
j Lew  while  in   Vancouver  is entered as evidence.    Chief Yickers
says    he   has   reason   to believe
this   letttr   was   written   by   thc
girl quite recently in  Prime Rupert,   under   compulsion   of   thc
Chinaman.      Chief   Yickers   can
produce witnesses to prove thi-.
Vancouver June 1st. 1911
Dr. Z. P. Lew.
Vancouver, B. C.
Dear Friend.
As you are going to Prince
Rupert, and 1 would like very
much to leave Vancouver. I
thought I would write you a
few lines to ask you to take
me, because 1 want to leave
Vancouver to gel away from all
the bad company I am in with
here. 1 have had enough of it.
and I want to go to Rupert
to go to work and settle down
and be good.
The letter i- written in copying
! ink   pencil   on   a   sheet   of   blue
ruled essay paper, in the younger
Iof the girl's achool-girl hand.   The
i paper   is  creased,   but   does   not
1 look as if it had ever come through
the  mail.     "Winnie"   is not   the
"The News" Classified Ads.
==0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
If your il��>
you a bo*
J. U MATHIEU Co.. Propi..Sh.rbrook��. P.Q.
13 CL
Take a Kodak
With You...
and receive FREE instructions in Expoiing, Developing and Printing. We will
put you right and keep you
right Good picture* guaranteed. Developing, Printing and Enlarging done for
amateur*.     :     - :
McRae Bros., Ltd.
Sixth Street and Second Avenue
T i
Lost and Found ! SUN STARTED
-��� ���* TO SHINE
liU'SIi K.iri'U denning and Pressing Com-]
pany. Men's suits cleaned and pressed SI.W.
Ladles' suits pressed and cleaned. Dry clean-
injj * .specialty. Room 13 Westenhaver Block,
phone red ���������.' 121-147
Continued from page 1.
"British Empire"
Here'* the worlds
beat gun--a Greener Hammerless���
at a price within
the reach of all
sportsmen; its got
all the Greener
features, hurd
hitting, far shooting, lasting wear;
there's nothing bet- aJCO
LOST-50 price coupon. Issued by the 1' rrless
Studio. These coupons will be accepted I
presented before July 3rd at the Peerles
Studio. Aide- Block. 141-147
For Rent
Do away with this.
Patronize a white ; Small  house,  furnished or   partly
, , nss,sa    ,   ,       _   . . ���, Suit- terms Ic Box R, Daily News.
laundry.    White labor onlv at '
Commodious house, corner 6th Ave. .ml Thompson St.. furnished or unfurnished. Phone .1.
or P.O. Bon MS,
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Healed Room.
PO. BOX 37
mr-roomed House, partly furnished, with hath-    y .Hnnn]    AlltlU'I.,
room; close in on Summit Ave., back of Horden : ���,��l"
street.   Apply at Flrehall or P.O. Box -<���..
. r.irnished Rooms In apartment house, opposite
Clapp Building. 2nd Ave., near McBride.    Ap*
pl>' on :������ .'M.: ����� * between one and three p.m.
Furniture of thrae-room flat. Apply Room 15
Westenhaver Block, corner Snd Ave. and Sixth
Street. \> I i
Nicety furnished Front Room In new house.   Apply Mra Savitle, Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Stores and office* for rant- Applv Dr. Mclntyre.
Third Ave., phone rreen 59. 125-tf
Neatly Furnished Rooms;  gentlemen preferred.
Apply Mrs. Mullin, over Majestic Theatre.
Phone 2f*3 if you want to rent a house, furnished
or unfurnished, corner 6th Ave. and Thompson
l    Street.   All modem convenience*.
Co*r furnished roomt. Mrs. Bower. Somerset
Rc*oms. Third Avenue, between Seventh and
Elffhth. 117-tf
Nice Furnished Rooms.   Apply Mrs. Kirby. Aider
|    Block. i*..*tairs entrance. Third Ave.       U7-1.M
Full Paaaenger Liata, Heavy
Cargoei, and Numeroua Book
yesterday evening.
Stole Half Box of Cigara from
Little a Newa Stand
Prominent Roman Catholic Divine Paaaea Away in Toronto
Skeena Und Dunriet���District ol Cosst llsnfs ���
Tsks notice thst Alsisnder Mcintosh of Vsn
eouver,   11    C,   occupstlon   real   estate   broker
intends to spply for permission to purchase ths J Bjr| s    rt.a|    name.       Two    ( omoX
li 11,,mi.,! deeerlbed is.-, is �� .
Commsncins st s post pUnled 40 cbsins south   aVt.,l)c.    WomeIl    arc    Wltllt �����-"-    II!
Irom ths southwest corner ol Lot 9��5. thsnee B0
chains south, thence 40 ehalni west, tbenee BO   j)u. (.;ist. chilli   Was  not  concluded
chains north, thsnf-e 40 chslna east to point ol
commencement containing 320 scros more or less.
Dsted April IT, 1911.
Pub. Msy 6
Skeens Lsnd District���District of Csatiar
Tske notice that 1, Percy Francis Godsnrslh
of Steaart, B. C. occupstlon JournBlist Intend to
spply lur permission to purchaee tbe IolU,*inr.
deacribed lsnd.1
Commandite st s post plsntsd on ths right
bank of ths Nsas nver sbout ssvsn mils. .bov.
the lorka of tb. N.as hvsr, thencs south BO chsins,
tbence west B0 chsins, thence north BO ctisina,
thence .est -0 chains lo poinl of commencement,
containing 640 scree mor* or lass.
Dated Mare Its Mil. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
I'ub. Mai IT,
Skeens Lsnd District���District ol Cssslsr
Tsks  notice   thai   1,   John   Inaln   ol   Princ*
Rupert 11. Ca, occupslloD laborer, intend to apply
for permission lo purchaaa the (ollowing dsaertbed   < ' I gars
"emrnencini .1 . port pUnled .bout .2) two , WBS   busy   prying   Opell    UlC   front
mils* south ol the lorks of the While sad list i    r    .1,
rivers,  thence  south   80 chslns,  thence  east   801"'    UIL
chsins, thence north  90 cbsins, tbence  west bo, (ur|H(|   i|%.   yir     j.     g     Rochester. Ilj1    IHe    tlirilCll    Irom   ll    promising
Dated'April is. 1911.    _     .__tqm OlfSTO | wrin ,���.,.,;,������_  rfknmc in  his office ' ��*ular  CSteST   to   the   service  of
|the   Church.     At   one   time   lu
Both the Camosun last night
and the Prince George this morning brought full p. ,v,.; (.t-r li��ts,
snd heavy cargoes. Waterfront
business continues steady though
the absence of the Prince RujH-rt
on Wednesdays tends to make
things a little quieter at mid-week.
The Camosun pulled out early f< r
Stewart, ar.d the Prii.c. I in -
makes her usual weekend trip <.n
Sunday. Today at 1 p.m. the
ir. in for Copper City pulls ..ut.
This train running in connection
with the Prince George from tlu
south is well filled every time.
Bookings this morning kept th-
G. T. P. office busv.
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheet* 25c
Rooms 50c
J. COODMAN   Prepn.le*
FOUND-Elegant rooms; nswly furnished.   The ' |,t.ft   of  SclllcSWig-Holstcill,   all   Oil
Bulklev Block. Clh Ave., near Fulton.   109-lm
Scenes at Night
Ai night the throngs of people
converged in front of Buckingham
Palace until the throng reached
such dimensions that it was impossible to move.
Acknowledged by King
A group of boys struck up the
Instantly the
strains were taken up by thousands. As the singing ceased,
cheering again broke forth, the
sound reaching the interior of
the Palace, anil bis Majesty came
out on the balcony to acknowledge
the tribute.
The Prince of Wales also ap-
peared at the window and waved
his hand at the assemblage. They
responded by singing "Rule Britannia."
A Quiet Evening
After luncheon, all the members
of the Royal suites remained.
Their Majesties spent thc hours
very quietly. In the evening they
dined en famille, the only guests
living   Royal   representatives   re-
�� I phone message from Downing Si.
gave die signal to the Crystal
Palace to fire a gigantic rocket
at 10 o'clock at night, whereupon
S ring of bonfires around London
burst into flames.
Crowds Retired Early
All the illuminations were extinguished by order of the police
St about midnight, and the tired
crowds retired early.
The actual hour of the Coronation was 12.27. The Queen
was crowned half an hour later.
Nice, clean, bright oulalde rooms.
I    ,th Ave, near Fulton.
Bulkley Block
Nice furni.hed rooms single or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming House, Snd Ave., near
May 3-lmo
SJS*I ua*....
Help Wanted
���siding in the Palace.   The younger
son of Premier Asquith by a tele-
Youna girl to do light hous. work. May llv* at
hom* if desired. Apply Mrs. Kugler. start-
ment No !,. Clapp Building. 2nd Ave. and McBride. or shone'.'.! red. 140-tf
Flret class woman cook, at one*, for mess of 10
men. Apply Mr. Ilsrper al Martin O Rellly's
Sloe*. u   il
Wsilress Wsnted. Apply French Jce'i Reslau-
tant, Third An. '. .- 1 II
Ninrtren rpune men to lake cosy rooms In the
Bulkley Block, near Fulton. i ��������� l ��� .
Wanted--SB8s-ood men to join the Order of Owl.
Call roen 2s. Empress   Hotel.   I. F. MaHlem.
 ., . *>
Boarders Wanted       \
.   homelike rooms cheap to steady
King George Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
Some im an sneak thief brow
into Arthur Little's cigar stand
at the wharf on Thursday midnight   and   stole   half   a   box   of
The light weight burglar had b��,n ill for n.arh two wars.
Tin- death is ai - otutced at
Toronto in his 02id yesr of Rev.
Or. John Read Tcely, former
rector ��.f St. Michaels Collegi .u.l
one of the more prominent Roman
Catholic divines In Canada.   He
Dr.  Teefy  came  from  an old
Richmond Hill family, and early
I ..IS I r ... in *ll secern,
HOUSES tot rant la beet lecalllle.
HOTEL, furnltbed. te ietse
LOTS ib Fort C-orge. easy terms
LOTS in Ma.set Townsll*
Bl-YERS for pror-erty in all tvecttoas
.1 MrM Mice.
List your tor, part* with us for quick
result.    Honest treatment
Best service
Nineteen young men wsnted to rent cosy furnished in the Bulkley Hoorn.. 6!h Ave., near Fulton.
j For Sale (
t O. Bo. tv:
P.ltulln BkKk
A Dining-room T.ble. good as new.
**l fur particular..
Phone Red
' -.Ma ran a-
Ceo Barne. U
: Ait. and Sixth St.
���*-i Embaslmer. Man gt.
. ���.    -llT OR DAT
Two MMM of New Furniture at barffttln. Nle��
cabin, close in. ran be rented.   Phone S23 black.
Before bu>in* your Stove or Ran ire tee A, J.
GallatM. Mrtlrtdeand Fifth Ave. Cook tlovtt
from 114. llSMrn
All klndtof tmmd hand tftjodt bnutihl and told.
F. M.Crotbv, Third Ave., between Tlh and 8th
���Tf-fi 117-tf
Pub. Msy 13.
Are Suffering from Shock after
Explosion at Clapp Block
if   the   Maid   when   he   was  di
Rochester Iw '��������� ttinied from
maati s'TiSiat"��laiii 1 "'*'" occupies r.roms in
in xt door to Little's news stand.
The thief took to his hiels.
He was evidently a Strang) r here,
for nobody who knows Mr. Little
WOUld dream of stealing his gn'��ls.
was Asai-tant Master in the Hamilton Collegia! Institute. After
entering the church he devoted
himai li l.'U-1> to educational work.
II. was noted ss a preacher and
platform speaker.
Situations Wanted
Good reliable woman desires i-.-ni- n. Thor��iU(tb*
ly eaperienred in hotel work or would like small
rootnins? house work. Not afraid of work.
Apfily Box A. News Office. U1-1M
j     Busi
Read The Daily News
As a result of the explosion
yesterday which shook the entire
Clapp Building, and endangered
the life of Mrs. J. Kugler's baby.
Mrs.   Kugler,   with   Mrs.   Hanky
Thc 1911 model cork pill has
got to go, according to experts���
and the pitchers. A circular letter
has been sent to all the directors
and officials of the American and
and Miss Helen Haulev are today! National   leagues,   asking   for   an
Buffering from the effects of the
shock to their nerves. The ladies
were   very    much   alarmed,   and
thought for a moment or two
that   the  baby had  been killed.
Naturally when it was all over
they (iU the re-artion.
expression of opinion on the new
pill and it is said that more than
half are opposed to it. They want
it made just a little less lively.
+ + +
('.corgi' Walker of the Vancouver
Athletic Club, the wrestler Canada
sent to the Festival ol Kmpirc
ports in England, weighs 157
He   holds   the   British
Business   Chances
I Good money In Moving Pictures. W.nted-A
pert, to start moving t Ictur* show In Prince
Rupert. Write me for particulars. H. Davis,
Wslertown. Wl,. 137-wl
Day in Vancouver
Vancouver.���Never before in lhe
history of the town did such
crowds gather on any occasion
as they did to celebrate lhe Coronation of lhe King and Queen.
A civic celebration took place
at the Recreation Park where
after prayers and the singing of
patriotic songs, George H. Cowan,
M. P., delivered an oration, as
did Mayor Taylor also.
Flags and bunting floated every
where, and a general holiday was
observed, In many churches, ser
vices were held in the morning
while a salute of twenty-one guns
In... at ").28 a.m. announced to
the sleeping citizens that the great
event in the Empire's history
which had Ik en eagerly awaited,
had passed into history. The
weather was all that could be
di sired.
Fire Insurance
THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
CVrninany of London. England, with capital
of tt.5aTio.nnn.rBi. See ut for rate*. The Mack
Realtv and Insurance Comoanv. 7n-tf
The Plumbing snd Sheet Melal business lately
conducted by II Wood, successor to Mslheson *
V" Baa, 2nd Ave . has be*n taken over by Smith *
M.ll.lt. to whom all nulslsnding accounta are
& arable and who will pay all claims against the
I   i III
Axi.H Hayes, ;, [ullblood UpWai
���n<V..ir,, atandlng six feet tall snd I pounds
wcmVuny; about 181) pounds, will  Columbia middle and heavyweight
port te, Spokane ami he Kivcn ,   ti,u,Si  ������]   through   the  disquali-
��� i   '     i   V   WW��   Position,  fieation  of  Crawford of  Frisco  a
i.ayes naa w��� ,all.,lin|f Hl,.(.mUd ���    ��� ^ ^ ^   ^^
v '; \?VT Uim l" *��� Padftc Coast  championship.    He
Nes Perce Valley Ljague.  Hewaali, ^ t,���. pivrific and N-,)r���nv,.M
signed up by President I'ohn early  title
ill    the    spring,   but   asked
-orrsii for sm
Farm and Fruit Landa
holder,     Walker   says   that
| McDonald,    the    Inter-collegiate
privilege   of   staying   through   theichamp',,,,,, Kiive him mor(. trouble
greater  part  of  his own  league's I In  the  elimination  Contests  than
season. I did Aike i, tbe Manitoba champion.
Fort George Towmite Maaiett Townaite
Aid., Biotd. Sixth Street
Bid. will be received up to June Hnd for the
construction of a temt���<rsry sewer between 6th
and r.th Avenues. Plana snd .peclnration. to be
had from I>r J. O. Keddie. Sth Avenue and Tat-
low .treat. I3A.139
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
I Ave., next tooVd nffir* of Optimist, tell only
Real made In Seattle. Fruit and Candy, wholesale and Retail. I,->1. for fluh algr, at night.
SAM GOWEN, Proprietor Phone HBO
Royal  Blue  Ribbona  are  Pre
paring  Their  War-paint  for
Tueaday Night.
Valiant as ever the brave and
brilliant band of Typographical
exponents of indoor baseball in
the city, have leapt forward with
an answer to the challenge of the
Royal Blue Ribbon team newly
organist-d. The contest will take
place at the Auditorium on Tuesday night. In their fortress th
Royal Hotel, the Bhre Rlbbonlte
are industriously applying themselves to the preparation of war-
psint and atlire calculated to
strike terror into the hearts of
their Opponents.    The  Typos arc
ready for them.
ter;   price
Catalog Pti
63-65 Bc.vrr Hill Hill
Montreal. I'll
In preparation for the boat race
on July first, the Longshoremen's
sexlette were out practising last
night in their boat. The sextette
represent the Longshoremen's I'n-
ion and will meet half a dozen
picked men from the crew of the
S.S. Lillooet.
The course will be a half mile
along the harbor and back.
Betting is in favor of the local
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, and nil
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on th.
Rates: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
I   Tl
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
The Finest Roomt.
Tha beat eaulpt>ed
and steam heated.
Hot and cold baths.
Dtnltic room and
. Corley & Burgess, Props
BESNER  &  BESNER.   PropkiktuR^
The New Knot Hotel la run on the Humi-aa
plan, plrst-claaa service. All lhe Lsle��t ��'",*.'r|
Improvements. -:���:- IIKI.S f��v I I
Quarter Section at $8 per acre
Quarter Section at $10 per acre.
Quarter Section at $12 per acre.
Quarter Section, improved, at 115 per
acre on good term*. .
Half Section at *16 per acre; term* of
1-3 cash and balance in 1 and 2 years
For Rent
Furnished 4 room Home with bath, ���*!
per month.
4-room House with bath, $25 month.
3-rootn Flat, down town, with all modern conveniences, $25 per month.
Two Store* on Third Av*.
Homes on Easy Terms
The Prince Rupert Building anil Investment Company, Limited, hav.-
several houses in cour*e of conitnir-
tion that can be purchased with sninll
cash payment* antl balance in fSBt
Call at our office for prospectus and
McCaffery & Gibbons
Princ. Rup.rl
...Whites Portland Cement...
Pboae 125      Nadea Black      Secand A"
..   DAVIS
General Machine Shop and Ship'"
Carpetiti ring. AI��o agents for Fair-
bank*-Morse and Knox Gasoline
EngineB. Gasoline Engine* and Accessories carried in stock.
Uu��h��. and Beat, foe Hie*
NX ***���.�� W.*rl THE   DAILY    NEWS
Her Majesty, Queen Ena of Spain, Washing the Feet of
Twelve Old Women on Holy Thursday
Cosst Hani* 6 Land Dislrict
Tak. Botice that 1, John   tLplmrn  ol   Kit-
Bvinkalum,  uccutislloB  farmer,  Inlend  to  apply
lor uetruistoa lo purchas* th* tutlowrui described
..ummrrictri*. at a post planted al th* Dorthaaat
terra* ol Lot alOall, lb*nc* Mat HO chains, thanes
soulh III chaina, th.BC* wast 20 Chans,  thsnes
Dortb lu cliaina lo [ilac* ol cotnin*nc*m*nl.
Dalsvl March IB, 1911. JOHN   IIKl'lll UN
1'uli Apnl la.
Sk.*na Lsu I UUlrlsl - Dislrict ol Casslsr
Tak. Botice thai I. Parry t��*u**na& ol Prinoa
llupari, o. Ce occupaUoo prospactor, InUnd lo
ills)' (or prtntlsalon  lo purchas*  lb*  (oUowtBf
aa**nM isn la;
Cunnirt.eint st . post planted In the vicinity
of Goose Ha>, at. ul lhr**-*tghl. ol a mil* soulh
vs* ids r, .u, ot the llortanis Cr***., and tasta*.
.a the esstcrl) boundary ol Timber limit No.
..-i ur No. adliBO. Iheoo* south 40 chain. alone,
lbs laib-rly limn of said Timber limit No. B&3S1
.t No BB*va 40 chains, thenoe eaat to tb* shor* ol
ttrsss, Us)-, a (list.nee ot 40 chsins mors or lew.,
tUoos northerly along lb* shor* ol Uooss llay
li' chsins more or l.aa, thsnes srsslerly 40 chains
mors ur less to point ol commencement, containing
Italacrva mm. ul less.
luted Msrch?, 1*11. PEUKV QUKLNAN
1Mb. April I.
���vhaens Land I .strict -District ol Queen Charlotte
Tske notice lhal Ueorfs Kruuetl ot Princ.
Hulert, ll. C. occupation butcher, inlend. lo apply
l�� 1-rmusion lo purchase th. Mluamg dreenbed
Comm*ncitig st a post planted aboul hih
buh* B*st sad two mils, south ot lh* mouth ol
���';* -.. Creek whet* ll *mpti��B into Nad.n
li��:i. r, tirshsm lslsnd, thence BO chains aoutb.
tunc* su chains weat, thftoe* B0 chain, north,
tienc* so chute east to point ot eommeneement
and rontainmn bin acres more orless.
listed Msrch 17, 1*11 (Jr.OIKiE FKIZZELL
ral>. April 7. Numa Danwra, Assnt
M*>na Laad DUlrict-District est Queen Cbtriotie
Ibis notice thsl Frank Uelek ot Woodstock,
'��.,  ia-cu,,ation   Isuokkseper,   loleods   lo  apply
���> pwiiilaaion lo purchBM lh. loUoartng desolbed
i uiiimrodng at a post plsolad about *svsn
"IBs a,,l .nil two miles soulb ol lbs mouth ol
Mai.,, I r**k when It empties lata Nsdsn
llari-e. Mai,am lslsnd, thsne* BO chslns south,
iter.!.- ao chains east, ihsnc* HO chains north,
thetav su chslns woat lo polBl ol comm.ncem.ot
>'H| big seres more or lea*.
U* I March 17, mil. FKANK I.I.VH'k
��� ���*. April 7. Numa IHam*-*, Ag.B
skssiis Und District���Disuict ot Cout
ia... i ���-.i.-a, thst lilsnn McAnhur ol Vaacouvar.
I., xcupslion rsal  satsu sgsnl Inlsnds to
���I'll, Ii.r |a,ntitssaoo to purchas* ths lollowlng
d-cnlaai |,nds; ^
'      l lencng st s post nlsnled 40 chains w7st
aw su ciiains soulh ul lbs southwest comer ol
"���i .N". ITU marked l.lsnti McArthur's north-
**>'��� nt*. tlatnce aouth 40 chains, thenc. net
J < ana. Usance norlh 40 chaina, throe* wast
w cl.ains lo post ol comm.nc.ment, containing
tm acres mors or less.
"���lei March Ml. lllll.       OLENN McAUTHUK
rub. April 1 a, T. D. Laird, Agrot
wis Und I ii.triri    Dwirirt ol queen Charlotu
lake notice tbat Hubert O. Crew ol  Prince
ll��l��st, 11. c
 occupation .genl. inlend. lo apply
liUr""'*'0" l0 pu*h*** l0* '-"lowing d*serib*d
I'.n,i,���ncing .1 ��� post pltnted about 6 1*1
st , **v ,r"l bBll ��� mile Muth ol th* mouth ol
ll... ' Srr*k wner* " ���n.PU*. Into Nadan
"Slliw, t,raham  laland,  Ihence east  40 chsins,
llT�� """J1.'�� .eh"lM- lh��n�� *���** ** chain.,
>' *iulh 40 ch.in. lo point ot commencement
I .     ';'��""rig IHO arraa mor* or less.
MM March 17,1011,
1 ��b. Avnl 7.
Num. Daman, Ag.nl
?.,* U".'1 Oiitrict -Uutrict ol Queen Chariot
aks ,Mm ln,t Catherine Harrison, ol Cslgsr
"Jierla. occupstlon spinster. Intends to spply,
g mmmm to purchsss ths lollowina describe,!
^Iisnm.nclng it . port plenum ,boul 6 IS
ul m.T, *.. """ ' ���""���' Boulh Irom lhe mouth
Mart . ������ .""'"' wh"" " ""Piles Into Naden
U.is.-i!." ,.       ISaa*. Ihence 40 chain, aoutb
l'l     r   lain.     ___.        al In s .
(Detroit Free Press)
The green is back in thc trees once
And the blue is back in thc sky,
And the sunbeams dance at the
open door.
And the vines arc climbing high,
A perfume sweet On the breeze is
As il amies from the field and
Antl the song birds sing at  the
break of morn,
And I knuw- that the world is
The children play as they love to do
Barc-licadcd, out of doors,
They romp the fields and the meadows ihrough-sf-
They're weary of hardwood floors
And over the grass their little feet
Now scamper in childish glee,
Their  laughter  rings  like  music
And thc world looks good to me.
Yen, the world looks good lo me
In the bloom is the apple tree,
And sweet indeed is the breath of
As il whi��|H rs a song to mc,
And glad am I that the children
Out there where the sun is bright,
And I smile at the close of a wondrous ilay,
And whisiH-r, "The world's all
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in Ita discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Center" will fill a social need.
Mrs. Alex M. Manson entertained at Bridge on Friday afternoon at her home on Fifth avenue.
The rooms were prctl ily decorated
with carnations and asparagus
fern. The hostess received in a
smart costume of gray foulard,
was assisted by Miss Pinder, Miss
MacDonald and Miss Mat-Master.
Six tables of players were made
up and a number of ladies came
in later to tea. Mrs. Mclntyre
was the winner of the first prize
and Mrs. Alfred H. Morris of
the second. The guests included:
Mrs. VV. E. Burritt, Mrs. Craig,
Mrs. H. L. Johnston, Mrs. Naden,
Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. Pillsbury, Mrs.
Tremayne, Mrs. Spain, Mrs. J. C.
McLennan, Mrs. Lamont, Mrs.
Helmers, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. "
Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Bordeaux,
Mrs. Mclntyre, Mrs. Brandt, Mrs.
Hays, Mrs. D. G. Stewart, Mrs.
James, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Eggert.
Mrs. Mortimer, Mrs. Kirkpatrick,
Mrs. Bullock-Webster, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Ford,
Mrs. Mehan, Mrs. McMaster, Mrs.
Law, Mrs. McCIymoni, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. MacMaster, Miss Mac-
Master, Mrs. Hobben, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Dawson, Miss Pinder,
Miss MacDonald.
Dr. and Mrs. Ewing are in town
en route to Hazelton and are for
a few days the guests of Bishop
anil Mrs. DuVernet.
Miss Farrcn of Vancouver, is
spending a few days as the guest
of Miss Tapley liefore proceeding
to Hazelton, where she will spend
the summer, the guest tif Dr. and
Mra. Ewing.
Mrs. P. I. Palmer and children
left this morning to spend several
months at their summer cottage
at the north arm of Burrard Inlet.
Mrs. Neil MacNeill entertained
at a jolly launch party on Coronation Day.
ttnll-a.     ll.        La '     M ���"�����������     ""TlUjav    It/    ...latin*.     ���IM|I|1
li,/,  i,l   a ���""" ",t-  lhlmm *�� ch��lM  n��rth,
"���'"������ In chains west ��� ���- -. ���
�� emi alnlM 160 scr
"��'"! March 17, l��ll
ll,. .       , ���WW,       ,���������-,,,*-       iv      l   <l*��ll|1        I "ll , ll.
��Ml'*V.,, ,*"'." wm to P0'"1 4 commencem.nl
,.,.'. I.*1""'" i��0 .eras more or Isss.
fas Apt.'
Numa Damon, Ag.nl
J* Und District- District of Coast
I        .' "��JS* that I, Mr.. John Corley of Prince
u,��,   "., ' - 'Kcui.atlon married woman, Intend.
* trloadUnSsi^ " **���*���"��������'th* following
��vii*"!.7"',""' "' * l���11 Pl��n'��l ��� rh*ln�� ��a��t
���aiiis soulh from the soiilhwi-st corner of
thalBs? i District, Itange B. Ihence soulh 80
chain.' ,V "'" ''"", 40 chains, thence north Mi
Point ���//""''"west in chains more or lesa to the
""f',i I, v',' "rnc"nent- containing 880 acres
lhi,.\,,,r WM��S. JOHN (Utile) CORLKY
���'"I'. Apr. 4. 'lull
Taka"!,!,',?,'"!'1 OUlrlct-DtolrUt ol Casslsr
U C   -"",""' ��*���*i A- Ter��o ol stikine,
'w VnSt1.   SSf omcOT, Ihl.ml. to spply
gy 'iiiisaiiin lo purchsss tha lollowlng described
{aSSSWfl fll * PMt issa *t��u< as*
���n'l Baths ���ml!* "orth east Irom Olsclar ilime
""lh lid. ,i*.'. b,l>l. "' Rtlklrw Ilivw .nd on tho
,ul in ,CL",e.n,ou'h of a IHU. creak, throe.
*"* 10 ASS .la",nM oortb 40 chains, thsne.
01 M'ni,,,: a, ""��� l1"""* ,oulh *0 chain* lo point
rr   isncemsni .nd contsining 160 ao*. mors
���*WtMl l'JU'    C����I8TIAN A. TERVO
"June Bride'a" Anawers
A Bride-to-be: (I) The bride, of
course, removes her gloves at the
Wedding breakfast and throws
back her veil or parts it and
pushes it aside. (2) The maid of
honor should wear any pretty,
light colored gown which harmonises with the other gowns of
the bridal parly. Her duties are
rather indefinite. She usually precedes the bride into the church
or room, stands at her left, and is
ready DO be useful in holding the
bride's bouquet or removing her
glove at the important part of
the ceremony. (5) The groom's
man in the same way is useful
to the groom, even looking after
thc minister's fee and making
arrangements for the traveling,
lie and the maid of honor should
help to make things pass olf
smoothly and pleasantly. (<>) Yes,
the groom usually presents his
gifts to the assistants at the
ceremony the night before.
Read The Daily News
Many Suggestions which Busy
Women  May  Find  Useful
A little soap or black lead rubbed
on the hinge of a squeaking door
will often remedy matters.
Brown boots may Ik- blackened
by rubbing the blacking well into
thc shoes with a raw potato and
then polishing.
A nut pick kept on the kitchen
table is a most convenient article
for removing the paper cover from
the milk bottles.
Soak mw brooms in strong hot
salt water liefore using. This
toughens the bristles and makes
thc brooms last longer.
A rusty grate can lx- cleaned
with little trouble if it is black-
leaded and then left for twenty-
four hours or even for a couple of
days. The black lead will absorb
the rust, and the steel can then
be polished in the ordinary way.
For most delicious Bread,
l)alntu Biscuits, Ele., use
Robin Hood Flour
Vour Dealer Has ll
woman having her hair arranged
unbecomingly in these days, for
so many different styles of hair-
dressing are in vogue that no
matter what her features some one
style may be found which will set
them off to the best advantage.
Very few women realise the important place that the arrangement of the hair plays in one's
whole appearance. Hair unbecomingly worn, or in a disorderly,
untidy, condition will ruin the
effect of the most stylish costume.
Perhaps the best way to do is to
choose thc style of hairdressing
most suited to the face and then
adhere to it. Even if one's profile
be naturally poor it can be improved if the hair is arranged
There are certain general rules
in regard to the arrangement of
one's hair that every woman should
know. A round, full face invariably looks best if the hair
is worn closely fluffed about it, with
the coils placed high, or directly
on top of the head. Some thin
faces look well in this, but the
majority appear at their best
with the hair worn rather flat
oh top, but pulled loosely at the
sides. This lends breadth to the
face, and seems to soften the
sharp lines. A parting in the
centre or at one side, with the
sides softly rolhd, and the coils
or bfalids worn low at the back of
the head is nearly always becoming
to a thin face. For such a one
the hair must never be worn high,
but always at or below the crown
of the head.
In combs, barret les, bandeaux
and other accessories there is a
wide range from which to choose
this season, but it should be
remembered that the fewer of
such ornaments used the more
refined and becoming is usually
the effect. Such additions when
too ornate or too numerous are
in extremely bad taste, and will
spoil the beauty of an otherwise
attractive coiffure. The Grecian
bands are still worn, though they
are not suited to every face. The
once oppular sidecomb is quite
out of date. Jet is being very
much used but is only beautiful
on certain shades of hair. Puffs
and curls are still very much in
evidence, though less so than
some time ago. Thc tendency
seems toward simpler styles, which
reveal the true outline and shape
of the head.
Some very charming looking
parasols arc of flounced white
chiffon hemstitched with gold
thread. These arc more easily
evolved by thc amateur than are
lhe veiled effects, as to put -n
the two or three flounces evenly
it is only necessary to measure
the distances between the top anil
etlge of spreas and mark them with
dark bastings. The veiled or
flounced idea is equally good in
thc case of dark blue or brown,
with or without n touch of silver
or gold thread, and if a girl is
inclined to freshen her grandmother's black sunshade she may
veil it with black, white or magpie
striped marquisette.
Hints on Hairdressing
There   is   no   excuse   for   any
Prince Rupert s Coronation Representative   on   the   Trip
S.S. Empress of Ireland
June 9th, 1011
Now that wc are within sight
of land, and will soon lx- ashore.
Our voyage across the ocean has
Ix-en a pleasanl one, but we will
lx- glad to get ashore again.
During the voyage, the officers
kept us all pretty busy drilling and
training on   the lower deck each
Fruit & New Groceries
A big shipment cam. to ub today
Musk   Melons
Strawberries, Cherries
Vegetables of all Kinds
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St.   Phone 190
The Digby Rooms
Located on Sixth Ave., near Fulton
Three to five minutea from centre of buslnest) district. Nino-
teen newly furnished rooms.
Hot and cold water, bath and
telephone. Newly furnished.
Under new manoKement.
-General Hardware-
day. On June 3rd, the King's
birthday, wc paraded in his honor
and gave three lusty cheers.
Last night  we had  a concert
Oil board, in which many of the
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware      Tinware
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glasses. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
and   Aneroid  Barometers.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
' s0rtrnnns^knrkrktntm^snr^rtnmn*�����Otartrtof****!
Do You
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
send us full particulars.
We have buyers and we
want listings,     i    :    :    i
Second A������ Prince Rupert, B.C.
men took part. The weather for
thc first four days out was very
cold, but since then has been
most enjoyable, though a few
of the men have had a hard time
in overcoming the effects of the
sea. My wife and child who
BR on board, have enjoyed themselves. Mr. Griffin, an employee
of the Daily News is also travelling on the same vessel.
Some copies of the Daily News
that found their wa> on board the
ship at Quebec have Ik-cii passed
round the ship, and a lot of people
have asked me about the city,
learning lhat  I came from Prince
I enclose two photographs, one
taken outside my tent at Quebec,
and the other a Map shot of the
detachment on the main deck of
the Empress of Ireland.
Hoping the boys arc all well, and
expecting soon to be in London
Yours truly,
Householder   Now   in   Second
Place- Netzel Going Down.
While Northwestern Leaguerers
are no! slinging the ball iii any
such outrageous fashion as they
Were for ihe first few weeks of the
season, there are still many comfortably above the .300 mark.
Mundorf, Portland, is the real
leader with .347, and Householder,
Victoria, second with .342, for
although Charley Swain has .304,
he has not taken part in half the
games the other two have.
The   averages   compiled   up   to
and   including  last  Thursday's
game  of  those over   .200 arc as
A.B.   H.
Swain, Vancouver., 88   32
Mundorff, Portland.190   08
Householder, Victoria 184   03
Bues, Seattle  181   01
Netzel, Spokane... 220   73
Braslu-ar, Vancouver 171   56
Cruickshank, Seattlel85   69
Frish, Spokane 190   59
Zimmerman,  Spokane 183   57
j James, Vancouver .183    57
Seaton, Seattle  31     9
Bradley, Portland.. 03 18
Bennett, Vancouver.197 50
Burns, Tacoma.. . . 101 45
Nordyke,Spokane.. 190 53
Goodman, Victoria 205 57
Bloomfield, Portland  41    11
Clark, Vancouver... 15 4
Higgins,Tacoma... 34 9
Klppert, Spokane. .180 49
Ostdiek, Spokane... 40 12
Lynch, Tacoma... , 142 37
Mensor, l'i'i tl.iiitl . 100 43
Harrison, Vancouv-
ver 174   45
Cooncy, S|x.kane .209 54
Wtitl, Seattle     ...102   41
Shea, Seattle 139   35
Willis, Spokane. . 36 ��
Brin kcr, Vancou ver. 197 48
Abbott,Tacoma.... 126 29
CattS, Vancouver. . 29 7
Spcas, Portland... .154   37
Skccls, Seattle  30    9
Scharnweber,  Vancouver 185   44
Million,Victoria...206   49
McCamment.  Tacoma   17     4
St<i\.ill,Porthmd...200 47
Basscy, Tacoma ... 209 49
Miller,Portland.... 107   25
Davidson,Seattle.    161 37
Cocash, Seattle.        170 38
Raymcr, Victoria    211 46
Fisher, Tacoma.... 171 36
Casey, Portland     .183 38
Coleman, Tacoma . .204 42
Kennedy, Tacoma . 69 14
Harris, Portland.  .119 24
S.S. Prince George
The Fortunate Finaliata
In the statements presented at
the annual meeting of the English
Football Association, the amounts
divisible among the clubs which
figure in the semi-finals and final
of the Cup competition were reported as follows:
P. A. Cup-  Bradford City, 4.570
pounds;   Newcastle United 4,504
pounds;    Blackburn   Rovers   963
pounds  Chelsea 897 pounds,
F. A. Amateur Cup -Bishop
Auckland 50 pounds; llford 25
pounds; Bromley 60 pounds; 2nd
Coldstream Guards 25 pounds.
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince  George   Bails   Sundays  8   a. in.
Reduced  fare |9.60  includiiiK meals
and berth.
... Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson,   Naas   Kiver,   Masset,    Naden
Hurbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and fir:
Quean Charlotte Island  points,  Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays und Saturdays,   1  p.m.,  returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connectiiiR with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, BoBton, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coa.t Service
Famous  Princess  Line
Monday, June 26th, 9 a.m.
J. a McN.b
General Agenl
Famous Soccentes
The famous Corinthian soccer
team will be at full strength for
their great tour of the Dominion
Sthil fall . England's finest amateur talent have been sccun-d
for this occasion. The following
will comprise the aggregation, including seven well known internationals.
Open at Toronto
The schedule of games follow:
Aug.   5���Al Toronto.
Aug.   7���At Hamilton.
Aug.   9���At Toronto.
Aug. 12���At Montreal.
Aug. 14���At Cobalt
Aug. 17���At Fort William.
Aug. 19���At Winnipeg,
Aug. 21���At Regina.
Aug. 24���At Kdmonton.
Aug. 20���At Calgary.
Aug. 29���At Vancouver, B. C.
Aug. 31   At Ladysmith, B. C,
Sept.   2���At Victoria. B. C.
Sept.    4���At Vancouver, B. C,
Sept.   9���At Chicago.
Sept, IS   \t St. Louis.
Sept.  16    At  PhiUlilphia.
Sept.  IS-   At l'awtuckct, R. I,
Sept. 19   Ai New York.
Corinthians will sail home from
New YmkSeptember 20.
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
.  . a FOR a . a
Take tha fast light-draught ateam-
er Inlander for Haaclton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second avenjc and Third street
Over Weslenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Buiktirax, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Hrtllah Columbia
and ManlUvh. liars
c. V. in sm tr. B.A.
of II C. OaUrVn, Savs-
i and Al-
bsrta l'.i.
Barristers. Notaries, Etc.
Ornr*   Earhanae Meek, eonier Third avenue and
Sialh.lreet. I'nne*Rut-en. a
WM. 8. HALL, L.D.S., U.U.S.
Crown and Mridge Work a Specialty.
All dental eeeeratlon* akllfullr trealssrl.   (las and
eai anaattiellr* salmlhf.leeed Im- IK* palnle** ea-
���,��-������ nl '���-��'���        i    ,..,-at       r.,-       OrT,ne*:
ll.leer**, Hloek. IVinre Runert. II-IS
AI��x.a.M.nMn a * .    WE tt .-i..-,...n ..... i.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o Box ��
rrrti. nr �����. ......... r��y , ft f 1 ft ftltf i ��-��i
For row boats and
telephone 320 green.
Boat House.
Davis'| has
Arthur Cuthbert Gazetted  as I
Clerk of Peace
Mr.IM.ArlT1.ar.    AORNCt
Victoria, B. C,   June 20.���Arthur Cuthbert  ol  I'rince  Rupert,
been   gazetted   as   Clerk   of
Fruit   t  Produce   i   Feed
the Peace lor the County ol Atlin. \ H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. THE    DAILY    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The Vrince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publiahing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, BOe per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.60 per year, strictly In advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News UuilJin.r, Third Ave., Prince Kupert, R. C.   Telephone 98.
New York ���National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 28rd St., Now York City.
Seattle���Pug.t Sound Newa Co,
London, ISNQLAND���The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
"The newspaper, with the law, should assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience. " ��� Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Monday. June 26
There is nothing quite so helpful as to know what others are
tloing. This applies to cities as much as to individuals, The results
of municipal electric lighting projects iii British cities have already
been referred to here. Municipal street railways arc quite as
At the annual conference of the British Munici|>al Tramways'
Association, held at Bradford last month, B highly interesting paper
was read by Alderman Flint, chairman of the Leicester Corporation
Tramway's Committee, on Ten Years of Municipal Tramway Working. The assertion has been made by opponents of public ownership
that this principle is falling into disfavor in I'.reat Britain. It is entirely
without foundation; indeed, the exact contrary is the truth. This
is strikingly shown by the remarkable expansion in municipal street
railways during the period from 1899 to 190SI. The number of municipal undertakings increased from ti to 82, the track mileage from 53
to 2422 anil the number of passengers carried from 38,432,470 to
1,933,118,206. The capital invested rose from about S3.o00.000
to .T200.00o.iHH>. the annual income from 1895,000 i<> 148,000,000,
and the net profits from $160,000 to S4,S00,000.
During the same decade the amount placed in the reserve fund
totaled S-1.0110,000 and the sum at credit of the sinking fund $33.-
000.000. In addition $12,000,000 was handed over In relief of rates.
Not only this, but the wages of all classes of employes were substan-
tailly increased and from 11 to lo hours taken off the week's labor.
The hours are now 54 for drivers and conductors and 48 for cleaners.
These remarkable results were effected, too, from rates averaging
less than two cents |xt passenger.
Continually Growing. British
Empire is Latest Addition to
Boats Calling.
The Northern Steamship Com*
pany'a new steamer British l-'.m-
pire which came off the Wallace
Norih Vanvoucer ways the other
day after completing her lung
voyage from Grangemouth, is now
on her lirsi voyage In the service
of the company.
The British Empire is on a
special trip to the West coast of
Vancouver Island. Upon her return she will be placed on the
Prince Rupert route, alternating
with the steamer Cetriana. Captain Kerr previously pilot of the
Cetriana is in command of the new
�����.^a Haa**S**aV.
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Olfice j
Headquarters for cooks & waiters   l
Skeuna Und District-District 0. Cout gf��l|8
Tuku mUn that I. Frank Hicks of Port Ht-
ilutooa OMUpaUoa mwohtnt, intend to upiy
lorpi-rmUstoii ��� �� purchuau the following doBcnboii |
'"coitinioiicN "t * PJ3t P������'l��d ���� ^bo south I
hunk ol tlio T-.xclm.iu.iki. River und about tour
iiuIm Irom if. cuiilluenco with iho bkuom. River, |
, hn.ee pu chains west, theuce CO chains norlh, i
Lbooot BO chuins oust, thence south 80 chains
to point ul coiumi'iicciiu'iit, eonUining U-10 acres ,
moru or lisw. ���*��*����  mnva
Datod April 21. itm. FRANK fflGKS
Pub. April 20.
BttMU Und District -District ot Const
Tako notico thut Wilhum McTuvish o| Vuocou- 1
v,t, It   C. occupation plijaicmn, iniends to apply
lur permission lu purchaso iho lollowinit duscrbed
Commencim. ut u post pUntod at the ttouthwea
corner, 4U ctiuins north und 4U chuins Dual ot ibt-
 ���  northeast  corner  ol  Lot   lllti,  Hurvoy's Survey,
___,,., _     Coast  DUtrict,  lunge ��>. ihenco tiu chains oubt
MkUl       U/CI I IMn'AM      fftAl     thence  till chaini  north,  thenco  UU chuins  wost.
11C If        TTEaLLinill I till      LuHL   thence GO chums south tu pirn ui communcemeut
��� ���raiuuiHui w*��       v- conuintin. Hull acres more or loan,
  Datod May:;, Mil.     WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Pub. May li. Fred W. Uohler, Agent
Skoena Und District���District o( Cout Hungo 5
t     Take nutico thai Lcttio McTuvish ot Vnncouvor,
PI      i  11fi' *������   0 ���   uccupatiun   married   woman,   intends   lu
I Ilu 111   111)    (ill>   rur  pcrmuiaion  to  purchase  the  lollowing
' ;. tcrlbod landa:
Commencing ut u post planted at the uurth-
wttt-i corner 100 chains nasi and 2u chains north
Irum lhe northeusi corner of Lot lllti, llarvuy's
Survey, Coaat Dislrict,Itange 6,thenco 20 chains
i- n ti.' thencu bit chains ease, thenco mi chains
north, thence 40 chuins wost, tbence bU cbains
���.outh, thence in chains west to poat of common-
.*. .in-lit. contuining -4UU acrea more or loss.
Hated May 2, RU1. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
I'ub. .May 6. Fred \V. Uohler, Agent
Take notice lhat Mary BaaWn UUOsrsi.
Victoria, 11. C, occupation lii..i-i.'lv.-.-1'r. iii.....
U, apply lor permission to purchase the lollovviiii.
described landa:  ,_ ,, tll0 B���ut|iwoat
Skoena Land Diatrict���District ,>( Claala.
Tuko nollco thut 1, Allied Kylu ���| pJS"  ,.
port,   U.   C.,   occupation   electrician,  Inland ,
apply  lor   permiaaion  to  purchase  the (���[|!,L.
deacribed lands: "">��
I'uminuncing at u post piunted alimit rai ,i
ilea south ol tlio (orka ol Ilu, \\ |,
rivers, thonco 61) chains aoulii, than
C��,cm7��t a |..��l pUnW It to MUgWW ,�������� aouth oT tho (irks ol ^TfSSSnt rii
corner ol Lot Olio, llaime 6, I past '"""Y; ,���, SU rlvera, thenco 81) chains aoulh, thonce so cha 5!
STiluiollttffi^ eaat.  Ihence B0  chain, nurlh,  lh.no, Jo Sffi
chaina north, thencu  111 cl.u.i.s �� '��t   op. nl
oinnioncoinent. attftfjajSN fflggBBRu j?""^'
Dated April 17. H��-L
Tub. May ti.
_       , ALFRED KVTF
1-ranciaS. l'r,-i0���, Asi.���;
Skwiuu Lund Dialricl -Dlslrii-l ol I a������,���
Tuko nolice lliat 1, Janioa .Miliar JoBuatnn   I
Siowiirt, ii. 0*i occupation liorakBaper, it uj i
apply   lor  perinlaslotl   lo   purchusa   Hie  loUowi  ���
tleacrlhed Lauds:
Cuiiiiiienciii){ al a posl  plumed iilniut ���n,, ilu|���
norlh (rom Ihu   Naaa river and ahum pins n,,���
Meeting   Tonight-Challenge
From Scotchmen
There is (joing to be a meeting
tonight in the old Presbyterian
Church to ilisi-uss the formation
of an athletic dub in the city.
All ilinse who are interested in
sports, whether they are athletes
themselves or not, are asked to
A challenge has been thrown out
by some of ihe Scotchmen ol the
city t" play a team ol Canadians
at football at Metlakatla, It is
untlerstiKHl that the challenge has
been accepted.
Ersaer .nil Fifth Stmt The only hot*)
In town with hot and col.i vvnti-r in r.a,ms.
lli-st furnished house north of Vancouver.
Rooms 60c up. Phone :t7; P.O. Boa Ita.
I'HIilillOatatK S FI8IIRR     -      I'r���|iri,'ti-rs
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box .r>s0
��� *************************
, i   OtttlM complete stock I f Dru��rs.   Sp.vial
i i      attention paid lo AW.'it prrscrlpliuns.
'> '> Theatre Block Paomi Ko, n Second Ave.
' '��������� ^���������������������������+��'HMt.4.4M��*fra>.a>^
Skoena laAntI District-District of Ccnst Hnntro B
Take notice thut I, Alexander Clacher. of Dear-
hurn, Muniiolxi, occupation   farmer,   intend   to
apply for permission to purchase the followim-:
i .U-nerilH'tl hinds:
I     CommencitiK at a post planted nt the ttoulh
I wttt corner ot lot IkKJS, district of Coast, Kanne 5,
, Miuntiil about S 1-li miles in u south easterly di*
! raetton from Hreckenridge LanditiK. UirkM A-
i*., north west corner; thence south w> chuins,
tlience east Ki chains,  theace north BO chains
mure or less to south east corner of lot  806S,
thttice west 4u eiiains moreor less to south Wtat
| corner of lol BOat,  thence north 20 chains mora
i or less to south east corner of lot sKit>5. thence
| west -It) chains more or leas to point of commence-
1 tnont, containlnK 560 acres more or less.
Donald Clacher, &ttnt
Date June 2nd. li'll
ruh. June 24th, mi
���rtSSS^P ^ Mcl't.i'^pro-o.npuou, llionco I ^ovo "thui forks ofiho Nil. rTvor.
20 elmina south, ihence 10 ObtllU �������t���2   of    ���H"'  Lhu,M!0  "ft8?  i0hliOi'   Uu-'',Cu -,,J'"
ehunri nurili   tlwnco  10 tthalttl  w��..i  W post  ui    chains, thuncu oasi ao clmms to point g| Cuni������.u
vii -t. ii f iiccunutioti leiicli.T, Inlend lo
apply" l��r %M> f P-�������� U�� loltowlM
Irom lhe aoutlieasl corner of Lot -1000, Ih.nw.  10
Dated April 17, 1D11.
Tub. May ti-
BkoSlia Land District -District ol C.*.l��
'lake nolice lhat I, John L. Mitchell ol l-rlnc��
UuiH-rl, II. C, occupation bookkeeper, Intend lo
upply lor permission to purchase tlio lollowlnij
described landa: ,    .  .    .     . Im.  _���_
I'oiiim ucin.' at a post plantod about IB) live
miles soulh and ll) one mile west ol the lorks ol
the White and Flat rivera, thenco norlh 80 chaina
ihence Mat .v0 chains, thenco south 60 chains.
Ihence west 80 chaini. ,������;,, ...wllrfftl
Dat.-d April 18, lull. JOHN L. MllCHLLL
I'ub. May 13 Francia S. 1'roaton, Asent
Skeenu Land Diatrict��� Dislrict ol Cassiar
Tuko notice thai I Francia S. I'roston ol l'rlneo
Kupert, 11. Oa, occupation proapeclor. intend to
upply lor permiaaion lo purchase tho following
dosi-rlbed lands: ,     ,
I'oiiuiiencinj at . poat planted about three
milea soulh and two miloa weat ot the (orka ol
tin- \\ liitc and Flat rivera. thenco soulh 80 chains
thane* east ��0 chains, llionco north 80 chains,
thence vveat 80 chaina. _   fc.
Data*) April 20, 1911. FRANCIS S. l'RESTON
I'ub .Way ID
Ita All Right to Go Picnicing
In   a   thoughtful   sermon   last
niglu on "Sabbath Disregard"
Rev. F. VV. Kerr expalined that if
people who went picnicing and <>n
excursions could do so and still'
realise ihe spirit of the day then
in  the city of Liverpool, some quite startling results followed I it is all right for them i" do so. I
the taking over of the old street car company in 1897, and tile insti-j"But,"  he  said,  "they  must  be
union of .1 municipal system.    Not only have thc hours of the nun very -irong Christians n> In- able
been reduced from about 17 per day to about half that amount, the to do these things and still observe
service quickened, modernised and cheapened, but the service has
become a revenue maker for the city.
The recently published annual report shows that the gross profits
for last year were in excess of 1963,000.   Of this amount. tJoaO.OOO
was used for the sinking fund, and repayment of loans and interest,
leaving a net profit of 8412.000.   Of this amount S2t)").tKH) was placed   DC Al   FST ATF
to reserve account anil 1187,000 went directly to reduction of taxes.      AL/il* tj Ol i\ Il    _ __ _
Since the city took over the street railway system in 1S.17. $2.-'        MAN IN TROUBLE
500,000 has gone to reserve, renewal and depreciation account:  $3,-1
580,000 has been set aside for sinking fund and redemption of debt,
while the city has received 11,174,852 for reduction of taxes.
It will be observed that the sinking fund will take care of the
Indebtedness and in time wijK- it out, giving Liverpool her street
car system free from incumberaiii-c. while the ample sum charged
to the reserve, renewal and ilreprtciation account will give a continually improved system -a property of ever-growing value.
Municipal ownership has certainly paid in the city of Liverpool.
}, Rochester ox
[,:r      Monroe
l      ''Coal
Phone iis
the spirit."
He spoke largely on th. commandment "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy."
Lota .*��� ami 6. Block 2��,
Section 1.
$300U. 25 |>iT crnt. ca��h,
balance 1, 2, 3 .wars,
7 p.-r cent.
R. E. Glass of Seattle, ia under
Arrest���Sold $396 000 of Wor-
thleaa Lota.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Section 9
This is an excellent section antl was one of tha first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
(Canadian I'r. as Despatch)
Seattle, June 26.���R. E. Glass,
manager of the Joviia Heights
Lund Company which took in
.<3.iti.ooo by ihe s.ile of lots alleged
to lie almost wotrhless. in the
townsite Of Jovlta 1 Lights situated on a hilltop several mil.-
from Tacoma, surrci.il. red to the
ixilitv today. The president sad
advertising manager have already
been held for ihe federal grand
jury on charges nf fraud.
t 4 Allrys. 7 Talilfs.     A  ffoo-d t>xa?r-
I rtsa?.    Acl**anst>��rt*    La.|to��.-,rry
t afta-rni��.n.     S.-wman  Hluck,  bi>
i twrrn 'Uh and Tth 8ta.
1 ti i> v-'iiui-'.s,     I'loprirt-ir and Manairpr
Skuooa Land DUtrlct���LHatrict uf Cout K..i.i ��� 6
Taka ooiica lhat Kldun S. Detwllur uf tierlin,
Ont.* occupation  doctor,  intends to  appl)   tor
perniiaaion to purchaM lh�� (ollov\ing doscribod
ConunancinK at a pott planted at tho aouth*
woat corner of Lot lt+2c>, thenca out lit) chaina
more or lesa, thencu south ... chain* more or lusa,
tbence weat *>U chaina mora or leas, thuncu north
i.i chaini mora or leaa to point of commence i no nt
contaiiiing UU aura more or Ipsa.
Dated March 31, lyil KI.KUN S. DUTWILKU
! I'ub. April 16' John Campbell. At', nt
Skeena Land District^District of Cout l ..u , ��� 5
Take none* that Mra. i.. C. 1'utnam of St
Paul, Mlnnttauta, occupaUon marruHl woman
intenda to apply fur perniiuion to jiurchaau ihu
following deacribed landa:
Commancimj alt post planted at the southwest
cornvr uf Lot No. i;.,.i marked Mrs. 1.. C. Putnam's
northeast corner, thunca west ���>' cn*uns, thenca
south bO chains thenca eaat 4U chains, thunce
north bO chains to post of commonex'tnent, con
uinlnii .iJu .i.i. > mora or lusa.
Datod March'20 lull. MUS. L. C. PUTNAal
1'uli.. Anril 16* ������.���'��� U. I'utnam  Auun
Skeana Land Dutrict���District of Coast lUnge b
Taka nolice lhai 1, Clara May Litllu of I'rince
Kupert. It. C, occupation -.->��� ��������� '���. inland to
apply for p'Tmiaalon to purchase thu followinK
H-vnti .i lands:
ComniencinK at a pi*st planted at tho north
w��al corner of Lot 17*15, lUnga b, Cotut District
thence east 4U chaina. thuncu north 2b chains
Ibence *,-���: 31 chain thencu north 20 chains
thenca w��*i It) chains, thence south \-> chains tu
point of conununcement, containlnK H** acros
more or leaa.
Dated April 4, UU. CLAKA MAY UTTLK
Tub. April l...
Skeena Land District ���District ot Ci
Taka notice thai 1,  Isaac O'lirivn Korbua nl
t'nnce llui>ert. U. C, occupatiun carpenter, intund
tu apply for permission to purchase the lollowinit
dMcribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted aboul bv miles.-
south and one mile >.usi uf thu forks ul tneVthiie
aud Flat rivera, thencu north oil chains, ihuncv
wast bu chains, thunce south bU chaiin>, thencu
east -" chains.
Dated April lb, UU.  ISAAC ii'HUH.s \ tiKliKS
Hub. Mav ii. Francia S. Pruston. Agent
BMM Land District���District of Coast Range b
lake notice that liracu McTavuh, ol Vancouver,
B, C, occupation married wuman, intends to apply
for pernilaaiun to purchaae the (ollowing dusenbud ���
Commencing at a post planted at thc southwrn.
mtmt IUU chaini eaat and '*!0 chains north of
tbe northeast cornvr of Lot lllo, Harvey's Survey   |
Coast District,  Range o. thencu A0 chains uasi
theace M) chains  north,  thonce   w chains  west, >
thunce 60 chains south to post uf conimuncumvnt
containing HO acrua moru ur Ions.
Dated May 2. I'll ..KM"!. McTAVlSH '
Pub. May ��.. Fred W. Uohkr. Agent
Skoena Land District���District of Cout Rango 5
Tako not Co that 1. Joo Jack of Pnrco U. pert,
B. G*. occupation carpontur, intund to apply tor
piTiiiissiuii to purchase thu following doscribod
Commencing at a post planted about ihrce.and
.���t.. i.ali milea distant in a aouth wvsiorly direction
Irum a blind slough from Observatory Inlut where
the samu touches the Indian Huservo thenco uut
^U cha ns. thenc 'nitl, bU chains, thunce wost8U
chains, thence soulh mi chains to point of com-
mvneument, containing ti ui acrea more or luaa.
Dsted April 14, 1.H1. JoK JACK
I'uh. May 13.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District ot Cout Range 5
Taku notice thai 1, Uell Hall Kcnnuy of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, occupation mairiud wotuun.
intend to apply lor purmiaaion to purchaaa thu
following described landa:
Commencing at a post plantud at north out
corner of T. L Lot UH528, thenco running west 4U
chains, thunce north KU chains, thencu cut 4U
chains, thunco south bt) cnains to place of com-
mvneumunt containing .t-u acros more or luaa.
My I'D;-: ia on south uut corner of land applied
for, marked letters S. K., aboul one mile woat of
Lake lakelse, aouth aide of Skounu liver Di'iricl
ut Cout Range .>.
Dated April 20, 1'JU.      HKLL HALL KKNNEY
Pub. Mav l.i. John llaverty. Agent
Skeuna Land District���DUtrict ot Caular
Taku  notice thai  1, Jamas  Dunlop of  Prince
l.i.;.. n.   H    C,  occupation   teamster,   intund   to
apply   (or  permlasion  to   purchaso  thu  following
duacrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two miloa
south of the (orka of tho Whito and Flat riven,
thencu  north oil chains, ihenco wusl bl> chaintt,
tlience south bO chains, thence uasi ISU chains.
I'..:..: April 18, IHU. JAMES DUNLOP
I'ub. Mav 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agunt
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Cout Range b
Taku notice that Henry Macartney of Pnnco
Ru|*ert, U. Ci occupation miner, intenda tu apply
tor i'rnu.-v-i..i; to purchaae thu following doaenbud
Commencing at a post planted on the south
atJu ol Lxchunuiki River, about 2 \-2 milea from
its confluence with the Skeena River and about
!���*. milea wost from Exchumsiks rapids, thencu bU
chains north, thencu 40 chains oast, thencu SO
chaina aouth, thuncu 40 chains woat lo point o
commancument, containing 3'J0 acrua moru or
leas. Poat markud 11.M. S.W. cor."
Pub. April M.
s=E.   EBY   C&   Co.h^
KiUumkalum I.anil For Salt-
KITSl MKAl.lM ��� Ii. C.
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c. Sundaes 15c and 20c, Prince Rlipeil Lodge, l.O.O.r.
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart.��� no. 63
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Drug-gist, j      Meeu in tba HaJssraori Block
Phone 82.
Skeuna Land DUtrict���DUtrict ot Caasiar
Take   uoticu  that   1,   Charles   M.   Knuuse  o
I'r.. I-   Rupert, ll. Ottj occupatiun tanner, intend
to B[>ply (ur [" nnw-iyii to purchase tho lollowlng
:. -*. r is -..i lands:
Cummenang at a post planted about (3) three
miles south and ('.. 1 two miles weat ol the forks ot
White rivar and Flat river, thence soulb hO chains,
t.i*mce wast >u chaina, thenca north bt) chaina,
thenoe vut bO chaina.
Dated April UO, 11*11.     CHARLES M. KNOUSE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Prcatun, Agent
Skeena Land DIsVcl -District o  Cout Range & '
Tske not ca tha* Murdoch McRae ol Vancouver
II.   C,   occupatiun real ustate broker, Intends to
apply  tor  permission  l:  purchase  ths  followim, I
��� i<>. ii- a lands*.
Commencing al a DM planted un the sou.h !
hank ot Karhumsiks river about Iht mll���� (torn
its coniluunce with  the  Skeena  river, Ihenco   lit 1
chains west,  thence 20  chains  north,  Ihence  40
chains  ��.eat,  thunce   in  chains  north,  thunce  4U
chains east,  thence 20 chains  south,  thencu  40
chains out, thencu 40 chains soulh to point  ul
cuinmencement, containing 3'Jo acrea mure or less ���
i mi. .1 April 21, I'M 1. MlIKDOCat McRAK
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District-DUtrict ol Cout Range o
Take notice that 1, Churles A. Vaughan ot
Prince Rupert, U. C, occupation merchant, inlend
to apply tor |>ermiuiun to purchase tha following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a twitt planled on tho aoulh
hank ol Exchumsiks River and about tour milea
Irom its coniluence with tM Skoena River, thenco
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Cassiar
Take notico that  1,  Mary  Carin ot  Stewart,
li. C., occupation married woman, intend to apply
(or perniiuion to purchaae tbe (ollowing dtacribed
Commencing at a post plantud two (2) milea
���outh and U) two milos west o( the forks of tbo
White and Flat rivers, thence bO chains north,
thence bO chains west, thunco bO chains south-
thenco bO chains east.
Dated April 20, 1UU. MARY CARIN
Pub. Mav 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeuna Land District���DUlrict of Cout
Take  nutice that   1,   William  Melville  Corley
nf   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clurk,   intund
to apply (or pcrmUiion to purchuu the following
deacriued lands:
Commencing at a post planted at thu northwest
corner of Lul 3065 Rang 5, Cout District, thence
tut 60 chains, thence north 40 chaini, thence wesl
'Ji chaina to Hull's Gate slough, thencu along
slough southerly to point of comniencumunt, containing 1(30 acres moru or leu.
Dated April ti. mil
Pub. April 29.
Every Tuesday Evening
All   m**mhppR   of   ihp   nnlnr III tlii> oitv   9 ?h>l,w ��,**t- thencu HO chains north, IhoncobO
rtii   ITlHiTlOtrn   oi    me   oraer in wm Clt>    chains west, thence bO chains south to point ol
are NqttMtftd to visit thc lodgt.
Gasoline Launches,
Row   Boata
and Canoes
For Hire by Hour or Day
��� BOATA Bt'll.T AND m:rAim.l>-
H. Joamlon Ctw Creek P.O. Ba, 187
rMONR 2Mt MassW
commencement. cuntniniiiK tilO acres moro or lea
, Dated April 21, IHU    CHARLES A. VAUUHAN
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct ot Queen Cbarlotta
Tako notice that J. H. Murphy,uf Vancouver,
11. C, occupstlon commorciai travellur, intonds
to apply for (lermiuion to purchaao tho following
deacriocd lands:
Cotnmoncing at a poat planted about sevon
mllos weat and one mile eouth (rom the mouth
of stm,ly Crook, Naden Hatbor, thencu north HO
chains, thonco wast 40 chains, Ihenco south HO
chaina, thunco out 40 o ins.
Dated March 17, 1911. J. II. MURPHV
Pub. April 22. Numa Domers, Agunt
Skeena Land District���District ot Cuslar
Take   notico   that   1,   Thomu   M acgovern   ot
Stewart, ll. C, occupation miner.intend to apply
tor permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on tho right
bank ot tho Nau rfvor about (our miles above iho
forks of tho Nau river, thonco aouth bO chains,
thenco west HO chains, thonco north 80 chain-.,
thence east HO chains to point of com mencement,
containing 610 acros more or lean.
Dated March 25, 1011.  Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Da\ted March 24, 1UU.  Frank Sidney Wuau'i   u.
Pub. Muy 17
Skounu Land DUtrict���DUtrict ot Qujjti
TuUo notice thut 1,   liortio   Edwin   Bid|t| vi
Sluwurt,   li.  C,  occuputlon   plumber,  Intent,  u>
apply  lor permission to purchuau tiiu iuliuv.-.Ura
duacribud lands:
Commencing ut a post plantod ubotu oos m.lt
north of the Ntius river and about nvu nliM
ubuvu the lurk.t uf tho Nii.n River Uji.-ir.^ni
thonco north 80 chaiiu, thonco vaai mj cinu.-'
thenco suuiii 80 chains, ibunco west .-'i ehtlnj u)
point of commonoumont. contuining tilu ucrus
muro or luaa.
Dated Murch 23. 19U. Frank Sidney Wright wt
Pub. May 17. k
Skounu Land DUtrict ���DUtrict ot Qoait lUnne 5
Take nutice that 1, Liunoi ivm,; -.[.-y of Vaucoj.
ver,  li. C, occupauon   minor,  imutid  to ^(1|iiy
fur purmiasiun to purchaae thu loiluwing ili'.cnuoj
Cuminuncing al u post piunted noar thu *i>uth>
wuat coruur ul Lot 002, Rango o, Coatst   Uut not
thuncu wost 40 chuina, thunco south 00 clianu,
thenco out 40 chains, thonce nurtii tiO chuim to
poinl ot commencomoni.
haled March 24, lull.       LIONEL KINQ8LKV
I'ub. AprU 22.
Skeuna Land DUtrict���DUlrict ot Coast itange %
Tuko not ce that 1, John Ivan Petursol fnuca
Ruporl, li. C, occupat un clerk, iutund to apply
for permission to purchaso the following di^it**)
Commencing ut a post planted about ii.tw iq
uno-half milea dUtaot n a south westurly d lect ud
Irom a blind slough (rum Observatory Inlet whers
the aamo touches the Indian Ruservu, thencs
weat 80 chains, thence norlh bO chains, tkmm
out HO chains, thence soulh 80 cbaiu lo point o
cummuucuineiit, containing ti40 acrus more or iua
Dated April 14,1911. JOHN  IVAN i; ;     .
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Cout Range V
Tuku notice that 1, J, Lome MMLafta uf
Pnncu Ruperl, U.C., oucupalion real estate |gi tit
Intends tu upply for permission to pQMhMt the
followinK described landa:
CommuncinK at a pust planted 40 chains west
und Ht> chains suuth of thu southwest curt.eruf
lot 1733, vicinity of Lakelse l*ake, and marke.l J.
L. Mucia-nrcn's nortwest corner, thence ea>t M
chains, thencu aouth 40 chains,  thence west >>
chuins, thence north 40 chains tu point ul cun.*
muncement, conUinin��r 320 acres BUN or ItsM.
Ouu. R. Putnam, Agent
Date Muy 31. 1911
Puli. June Hi. 1911
Skeuna Land District-District of Cuast Hunge j
Coast DUirici
Take notioo that Wm. Leslie of Sapperton, U.C.
occuputlon Government Ouard, intends to apply
for permission lo purchaao thu followim*: dMtna>
ed lands:
Commvncinir nt u post plan leal 4n chain* MM
and 120 chains suuth of the southwest corner of lut
Nu 1733, rantfe Ti coust district,tnurhed Win.L* -..'.
N.W. coiner, thencu south CO chains, then..- mm
HO chains, thence nurth 4u chains, ihence m
chains to post ul' commencement* cuntainnut .*.���'
acre, moru or less.
T. D. Laird, Agent
Datod March 2uth. 1911
Pub. April 29th, 1911
Skeuna Land ..fUlrlct���DUtrict uf Queen Chariotts
Taku tiui ic lhat Geo. 11 Laun ot Prince Rupert,
13. C, occupatiun barbor, intends lo .���,���.>��� lor
permission to purchaae t&e following duscriuel
Commencing at a pout plantod abiut se.cn
miles wesl and one nulo aouth fro.n thu m mia
ot Stanly Creek, Nalen Harhjr, thonce tmtk "'
chains, ihence wont 40 chains, thonoi) nurth H
chains, thencu uut 40 chaina.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. il   LACX
Pub. Auril 22. Numa Demera, \.   ���
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrlct of Cout Range
Take nuiice that Annie Mtisaallem of l I J
Rupert, H. C., occupation married woman, inienJt
lo apply (cr permlssiun to purchase the following
duacrioed lands:
Commencng at a post planted at a post at lbs
southwest corner, 60 chains cut Ir. n N. E. corner
ot Lol lllti, Harvey's Survey, Cout Dutnct,
Range .'>, thunce east 20 chains, Ihence north 4U
chains, thonce weal 40 chains, thenca south 20
chaini, thence eut 20 chaina, thence soulh 2u
���ihaini to point ol commencement, containing 120)
acres more or leu. .   ,,���
hated May H. 1911. ANNIE Ml       ...    "
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District -District of Cassiar
Take   notice   lhat   1,   Thomu   McMerkin   o!
Prince Rupert, Ii. C, occupation clerk, Intend to
apply  (or  permission  to  purchase the  lollowing
doacril>ed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about tao mum
south of thu forks of the White and Fla* river*,
thenco nurth HO chains, thence eut 80 chsina,
tliuncu south bO chains, thenco west bU chsin-.
Dated April 18, 1911. THOMAS McMEt.klN
Pub. Mav 13. Francis S. Preaton. At,...,
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict ot Caasiar
Taku nuiice that 1, Charles L. Delgrove ul |W��
srt II. C, occupation prosportor, Intend to apply
tor jierniisslon to purchase the following dtecribed
Commencing at a post planted about six mu**1
rtouth and uno mile weat ot the forks ol thu tt hits
anil Fist rivers, thence south HO chains, tivncv
out 80 chains, thunce north 80 chains, thence west
bO chains.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest  Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
Skccn. Urn,I District���District ol Casslar
Tako in,in,, that  I, Swan  Hall��� ol Stewsrt,
li.   C,   occupation   curiicntcr,   Intund   lo   apply
lor pwmlsslun to purcliss* tlio (ollowlni dv-scrlbwl
. imiii.t'iiriiiK at s pust plsini.,1 sbnut [Si mllos
south snd one, 1) mllo west ul the lorka ol tho Wblto
and Flat rivera, lliunc B0 chaina aouth, thence BO
chaina eaat, thenoe  mi  cliaina north, thence B0
Krsncls S. Praaton, Agent
I al.lr Cutlery
Baby Buggie.
Tho   I'rlni-   taper! lasl��-p. No. ,11��. Sons of   chains Best.
j Kna-laml. tnr*ts tlm llrst ani third   lul,.  In    i ,Bi, ,i April IB, 1911
"Srh motith in Hi,- l\ir|i,'nt,'r. Hail, at a p.m. ; 1'uli. May I I.
K. v. CI.AHK. See.,
I-. O. Hit HI, l-rlnce Hupert j ��������������� L,_1(1 Dlit.ict _uuirict ���, Quoo|> ch,rlott.
1    Take notice that Gi-orgn W. Arnott of Prince
Rupert,   B,   C,   occuputlon   roal   mtato   hrokor,
intends to apply tor  patmlaaloo to purchuso   lhe
lollowing described lamls:
Commencing  al   a   post   plantod   about   sovon
miles and one-halt milo weit and ono mile aouth
Mnffftzim'B :*. Ptriodtetli:: Niwip&pfn 32tho EP^a li fSfiKa. ('^t!,,k��� Nr,lon. W2��
R '    r thenco wesl  80 chains, thonco suulh  80  chuins,
pin.riti    ..    mf\t>m./W\e     .    1*1)1 Tin *: I thence eut 80 clinim,, thonco norlh 80 chains.
CIGARS   ::  TOBACCOS   ::   I* Run l*   Dated March n, mn.        oeo. w. arnoti
Little's NEWS Agency
I'ub. April Ti.
Nums Demors. Agent
O.termoor Mattresses
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
The Big
Skeena Land District���District ot Casslar
Take notice thut I, Alice M. Knouae  of Prince
Rupert, II. C., occupation marrloil woman, Intend
fc am . ..... . ��� _, i   to apply tor pnrmlulon lo purchuo tho following
>C CARTAGE and MRM umts:
I Commencing at a post planted abuut two mllea
���outh and two miles west of tho (orki of While
! and Flat rivers, thenco north 80 chains, thence
| eut HO chains,  thenco south 80 chains,  Ihence
I west 80 chains.
! Datod April 20, 1911. ALICE M. KNOUSE
Puh. May 13. FrancU S. Pruton, Agent
G. T. P. Transfer Agenla
Orders promptly 1111,-1.   l-rlces reaaonalilo.
OFT1CE-11. U. llo<-lie.u.r. Ontr* Ht.     riions 6a.
Read The Daily Newsiw furniture sterelTHE l?S,?uols
w I CsBB.-Ma.aui -lul. 1 rUUL
And Get M the News
Cor. 8th St. and 2nd Ave.
Rtlklnn Und Diatrict���Dstrlct ol Casslsr
Tske nolice thst Sydney Hodskinaon ol Tela-
vraph Creek. U. C, occupstlon elerk, Inlands to
spply   lor  permlasion  to  purcliss.  ths  lollowinit
described lsnd:
Commsnclng st s post plsnted sbout a quarter
mile north eaat Irom tllarler Klrlle and on the east
bank ol Stikine lllver, thenc* east JO chslns
thenc* north 40 ehslns, thsnee ml 20 chslns.
ihence soui i, lo ehslns lo point nl eommsnc*m*nt
Bn.l ermialnini HO acres mors or las*.
Ilaie.1 F��b. 11. lllll.
Twelve Table. Second Ave. I Puk ,���,, Sydney uodokinhon
a-��o. April c.A. Tervo, Aisnt
Bngllah and American Billlardt
Skeens Und District���District ol Cssslsr
Tak* notice that  William Frederick Csmeron
nf Prince  Kup��rt,  13.  C, occup.tion  crpenter,
ntenda to apply for permiaalon to purchaae tho
followinR described land.:
Commencing .1 a poat planted about thri-e
miles south of the forka of tho Whlto snd Flat
rivera, thence .outh HO chslns, thence west mi
chslns, thonce north 80 chslns, thenco east KU
Dsted April 18, 1011.
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agpnt
Skeona Und District���Dlslrlrt nl Casslar
Take notice lhat I. Ilrenton Jnrdnn Moore nl
Prince Kupert, II. C, occupsllon conlrsclnr, inlend
to spply for pormlaalon to purchase the fulliiwinK
described Isnds:
Commencing st a post planted alaiut <.n three
mile* aouth and (21 two miles west ol Mm forks
nf Whlto and Flat rivers, thence HO cliaina south
thonco KO chaina weat, Ihence 80 chaina north,
thenco 80 chains oast.
Dsted April 20, 1011. Francis S. Preston, Agent
I'ub. May 13.
Skeena Und District���District of Csaainr
Tako notice that I, Jsmes Wehslor Esplln nl
Stownrt, H.C., occupation    auctioneer, intend to
spply (or permission to   purchsso   the   (ollowing
descrilied lands:
Commencing st a post planted on tho right
bank ol the Nnss river sbout nine mllos ntiovt-
tho (orks of the Nsas river, thenco south mi chslns,
thenco west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chslns,
thenco esst 80 chslns lo point of commencement,
contsining 640 scroa moro or loni.
Dated March 24, 1011. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 11.
ISkoena Land District���Dislrict of Caaslar
Take notice lhat I. Sydney I'ittgnrnlil nl Slowsrt,
D. C, occupsllon cook, Intend tn apply (or permission to purchsso the (ollowing dpacrllietl lands
Cnmmsnclng st a post planted about live mile
south snd ono mllo o( lhe forks of White
and Flat rivers, thonce south 80 chslns, llionco
wast 80 chains, th.nco north 80 chains, thence
.ut 80 chains.
Dsted April 18, 1011. SYDNEY FITZOEIIALD
Pub. May 18. FrancU 8. Praaton, Agent
Hated April 21). 1011.
I'ub. May 13.
Frsncis S. Preston, A;.'it
Skoena Land Dislrict -District of Cossl Itsnf* a
Tske nutice thst I, J. Ilsrold McKesn ol I'm.cs
Kuiiert, II. C., occupst on blscksm th. Inteu-l '���'
spply lor perm salon lo purchsss ths I**bV***|
di-acr lied Und.: .
Commencing .1 . poll plsnted slinul thns-ai, l
one hall miles il slant in a aoulh wealerli dim"'
from a blind alough from Ubaerv.lory Inlet *''"���
lhe ssmo louche* lh. Ind sn lleserv*. thenc* *����*
HO chslns, thencs south 80 chs na, thencs esst so
chslns, thenco norlh 80 chs ns to po nt ol com
menceinenl, containing 610 sere* mor* or less
Dsled Apr I 14. IHU.        J. HAROLD Meat***
Skeen. Und District -Dlstricl ol Casslsr
Take notloa that 1, John Robert I'scoy ol I nn<*
Rupert, II. C, occupatiun cook, Intend to s|i|">
(or ucrineslun lo purchsae tho lollowlng dwcru*"
landa: ,.-
Commencing at a post planted (SI two yiiw
aouth and 2) two miloa weal ol the (orks ol in*
Whlto and Flat rivers, Ihenc* wulh ��0 chsin.
Ihenco raal 80 chslna, thencs norlh 80 chslna
thenco wost 80 chans. _ _.,.,.,
Dated Apr I 20, 1011 JOHN ROBERT PA' '���!
Pub. Mat' 13. Franc s ��. Preston, ta'ii
Skeena Land District -Dislrict ol Cosst lt;n��-r 5
Tske nol ce thsl I, Martha Lo*k, ol run"
Itui-iTt, II. C., occupat on marr-d woman I"""!
to apply for permlasion lo purchase tbe lollo*"1.
described lands: ,
Common**,, at s post plsnted sbout thn'**'"'
one-hall mllea distant In a aouthweaterll' dlret'l.ij
Irom a blind alough from Observatory law JJJJ
Iho same louche, lhe Ind an ltteerve, tbence ea..
80 chains, thence eouth 80 cha ns, thence west '
chains, thenco north 80 cha na to point ol rom-
mencement, com. n ng 640 .ere. more or leaf;...
Dated Apr I 14, mil. MARTHA l.l-l-K
I'ub. Mav 13.
Skoena Und District -District ol Csssiar
Tako notice that  I, Charles Fredrrlck Meicau
ol Stewsrt, II. C., occupsllon (rsllhler, lnl.nl '.
spply (or permission to purchas* the loll"*"1.
described Isnds: ..
Cunimonclng  at  n post pUnled on the ri.lii
bank ol tho Naas river about sit miles above in.
lorks of the Nana river, thence south 80 chain*.
thenco weal 80 chains,  Ihenco north  80 chain.,
thencs oast 80 chains to poinl ol commenecini'n'.
containing 610 acros more or loss. ,,,,,,.
Doled March 26, nil 1. CHARLES F. MEH Al.r
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wrighl, Agent
.     Skei.ns Und District���District ol Cp.sl
Tske  nollco thst   I,  Wllllsm  John  Corley "
Prince Rupert, 11. C, occupsllon rancher, IWJ";
lo apply f���r permiaalon lo purchsss the lollowlng
described Isnds:
Commencing st a iiost planted st the *nulh��>"i
���mm ol Lot :I0II8, R.ngn 5, Cout Dislrict, I;""
south  20 chains,   thenc*   east   40 chains, th.- P
nnrlh 20 chains, thonce wost 40 chslns to l>"'n'
of commencement, contsining 80 acres, moro or
Dated April 8,1011.    WILLIAM JOHN COIUX'
I'ub. April 20.
Skeena Lsnd District���Dislrict ol Cssalar
Take notice that I, Allred llerryman Wllllsm'
ol  Prince   llunorl,   11.  On  occupsllon  'nerclianl
Intend io apply f���r permission to purchsso me
following described Isnds:
Commencing st a post pUnled sbout (2) i����
miles aouth of tho forka ol ths Whit* snd I Is'
rivers,  "
���', thencs 80 chslns soulh, thencs 80 chsin.
, Ihenco 80 chslns north, thsnee 80 chain'
J* "I April IB. nn. Francis S. Preston, Age"'
Pub, Msy ID.


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