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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
* p *f,1AY 2  1911       J
C'/OHIA, *'.
VOL. II,  NO. 91
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, April 25, 1911.
Price Five Cents
ecretary A. O. Morse and P. Macdonald Discharged
by Magistrate Carss by Consent of Crown
Prosecutor���Thirteen Others Have
Been Sent For Trial
Iv consent of  the prosecution'ing   on   the   organisation   in   his
-unlay    afternoon A.O. Morse
d P. Macdonald of the P. R. I. A.
lin were detained charged with
letting to riot tho strikers, were
ischarged.   It is understood there
- no case against theni.   A. 0.
arse is secretary of the P. R. I. A.
il has lieen in custody since the
mIi of April.    Me was welcomed
���k by the members of the
i-nciation who have been carry-
absence with F. Scadden as secretary.
The Unlucky Thirteen
The strikers committed for trial
number thirteen, most of whom
are out on hail. So far the venue
of the trial of these men has not
been definitely fixed, but as soon
as the deposition sare ready this
matter will be settled by the
lapector Dew is out Trailing
the Newspapers Now
(Special to the Optimist)
London. April 26.��� Inspector
ew  who  is  well   know  as   the
���tective who arrested Dr. Crippen
il  Miss  l.e.ieve,  has recovered
1,000 damages  from   the   Daily
tronicle, which printed a state-
em that Dew had admitted to
s   reporter   that   Crippen   had
mfened to him while in custody.
I'lii- statement appeared in eight
ther papers, and was a serious
flection on Dew's discretion as
police officer.    He retired from
Ur l.iiiiilon Police antl instituted
nl actions against the papers, of
hiih the Chronicle's is the lirst.
The |M|R*r offered DO defence,
hi >.iid it had published the
nicle in good faith. It was a
liked story" sent in by an
mcrican reporter.
Weather and Shipping
Pair generally, with light winds
Joiilh and southwesterly and smo-
ki'n teas to moderate or light
���well iv places is today's morning
lrirdcsH report of the weather
flung ihe coast.
Triangle reports the S. S. Prince
ieorge .u 0.30 p.m. passing north
aland southbound, and Tatoosh
'IHiris the Alameda out at 7.10
i m. today, and the S. S. Watson
In .ii 5.50 a.m.
Conservative M. P. says Tactics
Will Continue
(Special to the Optimist)
Hamilton, April 24.���T. J.
Stewart, Conservative M. P. for
West Hamilton, said last night
lhat the Conservatives will debate
the 300 odd clauses in the reciprocity pact in the House until the
government was forced to go to Unpeople.
Wins Welter Plate
Kunplon Park, Kngland, April
���' Special)- The Rothcshild wc-
fier plate of 103 sovereigns, dis-
lancc on" mile, was run here
lay and won by August Belmonti
n ...|- of tin- Orient.   Hou irk was
' ��� "ml .md Blackstone third. Theft were four starters.
Two   Cobalters.    Kadleck   and
Crane Charged with Fraud
(Special to the < )ptimisfl
Cobalt, April 25.���A sensation
was caused in mining circles hereby the news that warrants are out
for the arrest of E. P. Kadleck and
M. W. Crane, two local brokers,
who arc charged by clients with
defrauding them of sums totalling
Kadleck left hurriedly for Buffalo on Good Friday and has not
since been heard from. Crane was
last heard of in Montreal.
Engineer on the Job
A very few minutes after he
stepped off the S. S. City of Seattle-
last night at nine o'clock, Mr.
R. 11. Thonpson, Cily Kngineer of
Seattle commenced work on plans
and specifications of the waterworks. Mr. Thompson is here to
consult with City Engineer Davis.
This morning he was out bright
and early with Colonel Davis
going over the ground. In about
two days' time he will be in a
position to make a statement, he
John    Moska   Sentenced   For
Shooting His Friend
John Moska, who shot at and
wounded Angela Gregoria, has
been sentenced to one year's imprisonment by J udge Young. Moska begged for a light sentence, and
Judge Young gave the matter
careful consideration before giving
out the sentence.
Scaffold Accident Takes Place
at Vancouver
Harry Oben Had His Skull Fractured and is in a Critical
Condition ���Fell Twenty Feet
to Sidewalk.
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 25.���As the
result of the collapse of a scaflold
at the Robertson Godsen building
this morning, Harry Oben, a carpenter is in the hospital with a
fractured skull, and likely to die.
Two other carpenters who were
working with him are also seriously
but not fatally injured.
The   scaffold   broke  without
warning, the men falling a distance
of   twenty  feet   to  the  sidewalk.
The frequency of scaffold accidents
has aroused a lot of criticism.
Five  Firemen   are   Injured  at
Seattle Fire
The Ll). t). p. will attend divine
j "\in in the Presbyterian church
|n<rxi Sunday morning.
Seattle, April 25.���While fighiing a fire at the Lyres storage
warehouse this morning, five re-
men were badly injured by the
collapse of an 85-foot aerial ladder.
The men were on the ladder
at the time engaged in a battle
with the flames. Under the weight
of the men and the hosepipes, the
ladder broke and fell with a crash.
The unfortunate men were thrown
onto the railroad tracks and all
are badly hurt. It is feared
The fire is still raging.
j      (Special to the Optimist)
j      The following are the  re-
I  suits   of   principal    baseball
matches   yesterday   in    the
North Western League:���
At Vancouver���
Tacoma 1     3     2
Vancouver    -      4     5     1
Batteries���McCainment and
Devogt; Eilgle, Spiesman.
At Seattle���
^Portland      -    10     li     2
I Seattle -077
Batteries���Lainlin & Harris;
Furchmer and Shea.
At Spokane���
Victoria       -     8   12      1
Spokane       -    10   11     2
Batteries ��� McCrcery and
Hcmenway; Bonner. Williams and Hastv.
Court House Site at Vancouver
Going  Begging
(Special to tin-Optimist)
Victoria, April 25.���Today was
the day set by the Government
to open the tenders for the purchase
of the site of the old Court House
at Vancouver. To the surprise
of all, there was not a single offer
Father's Heoric Efforts to Save
His Daughters Failed
Overloaded Boat Swamped with
Party. Fred Lepard Swam
for Shore with Two Little
Girls. Drowned within Three
Feet of Safety.
(Special to the Optimist)
Belle Ewart, thu., April 25.
After heroic efforts to save his
Iwo little daughters from drowning
in ake Simcoe today, Fred Lepard lost his life along with them
when only three feet from shore.
Tempted out by the fine weather
a little party of friends took a
boat on the lake. The boat was
quite a small craft not intended
to carry more than two or three,
(Special to the Optimist) |,ul Ulcking the children into the
Victoria, April 25.���It has been corners, the whole parly started
decided that the Indiars of British out for a row.
Columbia are to be represented I Not very far from the shore
at the coronation of King George the boat began to lurch dangerotis-
by seven of tlie leading chiefs. |y imt\ the water lapped over the
Arrangements are lieing made to gunwale frightening the children
select them. They will leave here ^h,, started up. In a second or
on May 15th, going first to Ottawa, i tWo the party were all struggling
and thence to London. iu t|le water.   By clinging to the
C.   Indians   to Attend  the
Arrangements to Select the
Red Men are in Progress.
Mathias Capilano Will Act
as Head Chief.
The little band will be under
the leadership of Head Chief Matthias Capilano, son of Joe Capilano
the head of the Capilano Indians.
After the  Rats
The town council of Grimsby,
like our own council is facing a
rat problem. They are offering
a penny apiece for all the rats
killed, and the boys of Grimsby
are buying cages and traps and
are setting up as hunters and
boat all were saved except Fred
Lepard and his two little girls.
The little ones got away from
thc boat, their father swam to
them, ar.d strove to reach the
shore with them. .But the frightful
chill affected his heart and he
tank in only seven feet of water
just within three feet of safety.
The others managed to reach
the shore. Later the bodies of
the three drowned were recovered.
The little girls were only eight and
ten years old respectively.
Mr. McNeil Superintendent of Street Work���Other
Appointments Made at Council Meeting Last
Night   Late Sitting, But Nothing of
Importance Put Through
Getting Better
Alderman   Hilditch   is  on   the
road to improvement today in the
General Hospital.
Will Locate on Fourth Avenue, One Block East of McBride Street
Will Build Handsome Edifice There---Church Has Had
Rapid Growth in Membership Since Start
Before long, probably this summer,  the new  First  Presbyterian
Church of Prince Kupert will be
building on a line central site on
j Fourth avenue near McBride street
j which  has just  been  secured by
the   congregation   through   their
Arrest of J. J. McNamara and McNigle on Charge of office--bearers.
Complicity  in  Recent Dynamite Outrage Building to Cost $25,00.)
Has Aroused the Union Men
of the City
(Special to the Optimist) I to defend him if necessary.   Both
1 W Angeles, April 25.���Before | he and McNigle are due to arrive | to attain their ;
'I'i' week is over a general strike
" likely lo occur in  this city, as
A building pcrmaincntly constructed of stone is what the
congregation have set their hearts
1 consequence of ihe arrest of
I I McNamara and T. McNigle
"ii a charge of being concerned in
,,,c dynamite outrage which wreck-
'' lhe Times building.
McNamara is the Secretary of
d* Structural Iron Workers' Union
is very  popular among  the
"",l   ""'u.    The  Western   Fer-
'���"'"ii   of   Miners   has   pledged
" (,,f to raise a fund of S2,r><),000
ind Ihey will spare no e:Torl
unbition. Already
... the city lonil hi, mid their; in the purchase of the site a
arrival, it is feared will be made'laid out, but more is forthcoming
the occasion to proclaim a general for the building,
strike. This has long been threat- j The site is on Lots 23 and 24,
ened. A s.rong editorial in the: Block 1, Section 0. This season,
Times calling on the authorities it is hoped, a substantial place-
to take rigorous means to handle of worship costing about $25,000
the situation has rather helped will be creeled there. Later on
to irritate the situation. | something  slather,   and   as  soon
as  possible  a   temporary  church
up   to  $10,000,   if   it   is
lnn������ ,,,,���������,  ������   .,,,.  ,���,.������, ar-'not feasible to put up the larger
The   police   are   taking   special
precautions to guard against any cosl ing
Thriving Congregation
Beginning with a small wooden
structure on the Reserve near
Centre  street,   the   Presbyterians
have Increased in number so much
of late that now the Rev. F. W.
Kerr conducts the services in the
Empress Theatre which is well
filled. Rev. Mr. Kerr has proved
himself an energetic and popular
pastor and a fearless preacher,
Ambitious for the welfare of his
charge, he tirelessly exerts himself
along with  the office-bearers of
the church who are all as keenly
alive as their pastor. So the
church is forging ahead splendidly.
A glance at lhe map of the town-
site shows that the Presbyterian
Church has taken a stride, as il
were, in the step wilh gathering
population of the city, that is,
towards   McBride  street.     There
Aid. Clayton Wants Oil Cloth
on City Hall Floor
"New business." slid the Mayor
glancing down his agenda. Alderman Clayton pushed up his
coat collar, after returning from
stirring up the big fire in the big
BtOVe, and said: "I should like
to have some oil cloth put on the
floor under the table along this
side which is the west side. The
draught that comes through the
Hour is enough to give us rolds."
Mayor Manson opined that it
would never do to allow any of
his colleagues to catch cold through
a faulty city hall floor and there
be some oil cloth there.
building this season.
Owing   to   the   fact   thai   thc
Boscowitz Company's steamer Vac
so is disabled the S. S. Leebro is I left
can be no question of its progress taking the Vadso's place, carrying and water committee will look into
there as in its old position. | freight only. I the matter.
In addition to doing duty as
Fire Chief, Mr. Neil Mclnnes, will,
in future, be the city building
Mr. J. M. McNeil, who has been
building Inspector, will now devote
his whole time to superintending
street work.
Mr. Ralph Walker, erstwhile
assistant water works foreman is
now city plumbing inspector al
$100 a month, a SK) increase over
his former salary.
This was the chief business done
last night by the city comic
The recommendations of these
appointments came up from the
lire and water committee antl wen-
Can Do It Himself
Mr. Angell asked lo have sewer
connection with his place. II
he complies with the requirements
of the City Engineer, Mr. Angell
may build the connection himself.
The cost will be S1.400. The
finance committee recommended
that the city could not afford to
do this work at present.
Reduce Water Charges
If the dwellers in cabins have
water put inside their places, the
city will i educe the charge for
water from S12 to SO a year per
cabin. This is done to prevent
so much water being wasted which
is the case with the stand pipes
now outside the cabins.
Water on Ninth
Alderman Morrissey wauled water connection for the householders
on Ninth avenue. He argued
lengthily on the need of water
in thc houses there. Thc City
Engineer will investigate and report.
Still Unsettled
A letter from S. P. McMordie,
city contractor, Stating that he
was pushing work as speedily as
possible and asking about the
enforcement of the penalty clause.
The matter was dropped when the
following   motion   moved   by   Al-
lennan Alorrisscy, seconded by
Alderman Clayton, was carried:
"That the Cily Clerk be instructed
to acknowledge receipt of letter
and to slate that the council has
nol agreed to any understanding
that no penalty will be demanded
for delay in work."
Rat Catcher
Thomas Reed applied for the
position of official rat catcher. His
application may be considered later.
The streets committee will report
back on the application of the
Salcation Army for the construction of a good sidewalk from Third
avenue to theS. A. barracks.
Want Original
A copy of the new specifications
of the new motor fire engine
was presented to the council, which
arrived from the makers of the
engine, but as il was not the
original signed copy, the council
decided to wait until the original
arrived   before   the   engine   was
Various Matters
Tenders will be called for BOO
piles for use in sewer construction.
Paul KaiifTinan wrote registering a complaint about thc waste
paper, etc., left outside the Empire
office.   Alderman Newton said his
establishment was kept satisfactory
to the sanitary inspector, but as
Mr. Kauffman, thc music master
also   complained   about    gasoline
around   the   place,   the   fire
Sure Will Scare 'Em
Mayor Manson and his eight
assistants or civic papas will test
the new fire engine. That means
they will have a ride round on
the "red devil" .some sunny day
soon, under the care of Fire Chief
T. Dunn and 34 Others
Thomas Dunn and 34 others
want that piece of road running
from Sixth avenue to the B. C.
Tie and Timber Co., taken over
by the city. Al present it i> owned
privately. The streets committee
will report back.
Nothing Doing
There will be no compensation
granted to G. W. Nickerson for
the lo boxes of oranges destroyed
by order of Medical Health Officer
Dr. Reddie. The oranges were
found to be all bad. Mr. Nickerson claimed S17.25 as compensation, but he won't get it. The
finance committee advised the refusal of the application and the
council upheld the advice.
Empire Got It
The Empire Publishing Cl . was
awarded the tender to print the
balance sheets for the city at a
price of $56.
Total $7,832
Accounts  totalling  S7.S32  sent
up for payment from the finance
committee   were   ordered   to   be
Clear the Reserve
Dr. J. (). Reddie, medical health
officer, sent in a report, advised
very strongly to have the G. T, P.
reserve cleared of shacks, etc., and
the district bwteen First avenue
and Wayne Place, also to at once
pul sewers in alleys in the up town
district. The doctor explained
sewer connection in the alleys was
absolutely necessary for the prevention of disease. The health
Committee will look into the subjects referred to by Dr. Reddie.
Want 200,000 Gallons
This summer the ('.. T. P. mechanical department will need 200,-
00(1 gallons of water every 21 hours
and the other departments of the
company will need more water
this year than ever before.
Alderman Newton wanted to
know in the event of a shortagt-
of water, where would the city
be.    It was explained thai by an
agreement the G. T. I', have first
right    to   lhe   first   -1(1   inches   of
finally it was decided to ask
City Engineer Davis to co-operate
with the ('.. T. P. to sec that there
was no water wasted.
Will Supply Pipes
The Thompson  Hardware Co.
will   supply   1,000   feet   of   piping
for carrying water.
Home for New Fire Engine
To house the new fire engine, a
temporary shed will be built near
the Baaik of B. N. A. on Fulton
street. The work will lie done
by the city under the supervision
lof Fire Chief Mclnnes.
lt was half past eleven before
the council was through. The
by-law governing thc duty of
city officials passed the committee.
lt gets its third reading next week.
Branching Out
Arthur Little, the proprietor
of Little's news stand, intends
opening a branch stands at Kitselas and Hazelton. He will go
up on the boat tomorrow to both
I places to complete arrangements.
���~rx~*_____ T H E
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ttlllg   Up   nights,   anil   when   tlie   nnd on thn ���� bsnk ol Stikine Rlvar and on thi
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Hilled March 8, IUll.         J- 0.  McNAS
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Daily Edition. >   *- ��<��� Ttesday, APRIL 2.'
I tion
We-   late'   -. !.l! >.'   share's  III  tile' m���
At a priee that will malt* you money
overboard on the way?
The news that tlie men had decided to 'leeLire the strik
end ��.i- received with satisfaction al    *-f.  town yesterdaj
it was better t" make a formal declaration, rather than let tlu- matter
fizzle out t" a casual ending, i> certainly the better wa)
 It clear?
the air ait misconceptions, .unl frees every man who returns i** work
from the suspicion "1 disloyalty t" his fellows, lu addition it gives
i foundai for the establishment "i new relations. The issuing ol
the statement by ihe men i> quite iu harrnony with their expressed
intention to make a win or lose fight without ..���.;- compromise.
Closel) following tin- news of the men's letter came the news
that it had been decided to release Messrs. Morse ain! Macdo
from custodj on charges of inciting thi  men to <ii>aar.Ur.   The coincidents form an effective interchangi  ������: .iesire-. whieh will go
long way t.i smoothing out ruffled feeli igs
Happily the tears that the man \ k Pavich who was shot durini
the melee .it Kelly'.- eut. might -���..��� I t" i.i- injuries, are now removed. Thi.- would have been t k ������; and hard t" forgive, how-
everampl) the deed might have beet justified b> lawori i essit;
for self-defence.   Probably no one is glad of the .-��� tha
the man wiil recover, than the unki own i itizen who liraii tin -
It is impossible that the memory ol the strike will beeverobliter-
iteal. The citizens, the contractors and the strikers havi - fti ed ti
much !'\ it tf feel that thej ���        rgive those whom publii   >pini<
i- agreed are at the bottom "'  ::.a  trouble.    Hut the;, are ."Ment :
abide their time, and in; ���-���   . ..i.i exemplary punishment
in the fullness nt' time.
In the meantime.ihe council has given no intimation as to lowthej
will act iu regard to the 4."i cent ;" licy they inaugurated, l'l...
policy, taken \�� promises made by individual members '���:' I
council, 'li'! more than anything else t" keep alive the hopes of the
strike:- 11     e flames ol d strifi it :!.. i ity.
There i- no condition of misfortune hi bad thai -.me scam co
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Rupert goes to the Queen Charlotti
l>lant!s for a few weeks."
Slte.no 1-.: : Dlltriet -Dietnet of i'::.,.n Chsrlotte
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Harl'.r.  tiralai.i  Island, thenar eant  40 chains.
  , thenca"  north   lo chains,  thence" well  10 chains.
;:i.t to point of comme'nce>rm>nl
an   inere.i-e  of   ��4 000  ��' I seres mors or leem,
'' '    rt,uw I Dsted Msrrt 17,19U.        HUBEBT 0. CREW
Numa Dsmsrs, Aara'tu
l'osl martiail M. M. I
Deled Fob. ll, lull.
Pub. March 1,
N  K. CornaT.
What does it mean? Why h.ir-
this staggering information been
allowed thus surrepdtiously t"
-lip out.'' When i> '.he stupend it -
vi-it nr visitation to take place?
How,  in  the naiv..   of .til  that's
possible, is I'rinee  Ruperl  goinj  Eighth avenue, Section 5, $600
to get over to the Queen t harlotte
Ske HI I.an.1 District��� District ol Coaai Kae^
Take  nonce  lhat   Itenjamin   ittieasl    Kiei
I'nttce Hii!*rt. B, O.. occupation waiter. init.-
t-i apply f-.r permission u* purchase the foi!   ,:
.ie-cril��l lands:
. .       .��� . jj . at a post p!ant��ad 66 chai:.
from the south eaat corne  of Uji HUGO, thenee
chains wa-s'., theoiee aS5 chaina north, tn,-..-.
__m_______m__m _________________________ -surna taeaaie-e. chains oast,  the-nce  '  >  Chan..- to
lerilllts   tills  \veek|,u' Al'r" " ' " comnu'neotnent;    containing   166  acres, m,.r,.
.,., , , ,,.,,, ...   i ..     less    Post marked I). K. It. S. K. tor.
lie  tola    ludav   Sksens Und Detriet���DUtrlot oTQueen ChsriptU   Dst��d Feb, 18,1��11,
' I thsl   i.e..rkv  Irizull   ol   I rince  ,.ub Mareh 4 HKNJAM1N RUSSBL Rll
1 cupation LutchiT. intends to appla
i purchsss the following descnha.l
��� a:- , i Skwna Und llislrict -DUtrict of Coaet Rare,
.r.cir.a!  ol   a  paast   planted  alaiut   seven       Tllk���    nu,ic>, llia,  pay(d Mci,.nnu., 0, ,.".
��� llei nuth ol the nouthi 01   uu.,crI> n  c . occupation clerk, intemls to mi
.,..-.   It eraptlay    int..  Naden   f���r .���.,.,,,���..��������� ,��� purchase the followini; ,i,.���-"-
  ...���:. tbsne. 10 ehsini -..uth,   |En,|,. *
________ ______m , thence SO chains wwt. thence 60 ehalm nurth.      comiawncing at a paast plan-.o.l 10 chain. -.
Mlam Bros., house on seventh    ��� ������ ���     ��� ��� ��� -' '" iH"<" <f comnenca-ma-nt   lnm thl. W)U,h ��.���, ���,��� 0| __. ^..^ ���	
.      ..,,, ���'���.'';'���* "'���""'i",r'i'.V-'a.- eeivveil chain,  eaat,  thence 111  chains  nortli.  thenr,.
.'.ilie. Section .). MilHI. ���������> '������ 1;'n        OEOROK H.1//1.L1. chnm, wwl  0l<,,,_.. ,��� chain, 8,m,h ���.           ,
, .     ,             ,.                         , Pub, April ..                         Numa Memer.. Agent ���������;na.n(vment:    conual'iing   160 acres,  n, ,-.-   ���
Herbert    Hampton,    house !.-   Pott marksd D.M..S.W. Cot
. Und I'i-mct -ih-t.-ict of Queen Charlotte , Dat.-I l'eh. 11. l'Jll DAVID MeLKN'N \-
  that Frank Le-aick of Woodstock.   I'uh. Man-h I,
,....,. .--a,     a ��� m aiOnt..   occupation   InHaka.-1 ;��� r.   I'-.-.j-   to   ap;l>
,   ,       ,_______m___m        ________ U llll.llll Mlibakl. Store on N. ��� ��� ; ;rcha.e the following descrilia-d    ., ,      . ,���    .       ,���    .
Islands without  endangering                       ...   .,,������. l^SS* u".d *���*_������*��� i_Z__V*\_o1 Cou!���*.**���"������'
,.          .   ,     ,.           ..,,.���            avenue, Section l.Sl.HliO. . it ��� post plantesl ahout mm     T^BottasthstAtosandstBsalBBol Vuces.
ItVCS ail   tile  liet;e>.  ItS   II lal II HUS,                           ,     ,              ,                     ,   .   . ������ :.���   ......   .f ������,-...���   ������    a,-r. n. i  . o.-cupatiun carpomer, intendi to app...
...            .....                         Ueorge Ambrose, hOUSe On high- -..- .     Cre*k   thm   it   empties    into   Na.i..-.   '���* IwrraUion to purchase the Mloedng desi-r, -I
my  tellow  citizens-    Surelv   some    ,                           .           _....������, Hsroor, Grshsi   I  and, thene. SO ehslna eouth. Isms;
.                                ���             ,    ,'                  th avenue, Section 6, $2,000. ...n- east,  thene..  .-u chains nonh, |     Commencing at a poat planted 80 chains mute
ilirtller Collinient   IS n��   led    Some-        , .    ,,   .         ,                                       ,..., .. ���, p,,mi .I co. :..,,���. :e.,-.t . Irom tha south aa��t corner ol Lot 3Dai'.
ta.   Uaill.  three COttaueS oil  I'll 111 andeol   .     . ��� :    .cr.-j more or las..                          marked A.  U., N.  W. Cornor, thence 110 cla;a
PRAKK LEt'lCK   eouth, thenc hO chain, eaat,  thence 30 -k-!-
There i
in the I uilding
over last week,
is $9,9 0,
Hen i- the list:
\\. !���'.. Morrison, house on Se\
enth avenue, Section 6, cost $800.
calm   t
li'.in.i;   ti    ^^^^^
children,   something
the real estate men,
own lots in thi
there is nothing.    Merely  the in-|
significant announcement.   Wearc ada  1
left in awful suspense. | settlers  with   their  effe
Iavenue, Section 5, $4,000.
' assure     ,., ,  u .
,    ,,     , i Mat   Hanson,  house on
who .     .     ,.    or_.
^_     .        ,,     avenue, Section 8, $800.
rising city.   But j 	
The American invasion "i Can-
in  lull  swing  now,
Numa Dsnsfa, Acett
t-  from
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    the land of l'ncle Sam. ��� p.iitriiu |
Kven while you read thesewords over the border.   During the pasi
jySni .���- 333,000 Americans have
the  appal i ^   i itai
Lots 33,'34. Ulock 2. section S; $350jperha| .,._ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a.ch-   ....... -   of  nature is  imnrnrlinc    the  \ ���-���   taken    up    liuir    homes    ill    th
^^^ ^^ LoU 18, 14, 15, block -.  .-e-ction  .. ��*  nature i.   impenaing, tut  \.. . ���
jlea ed bv the reminder that "it might have bei    price $426 each. upheaval   in.ire   terrible   b\   far t-anaoian West, and i isyeariti*
' Lots7,8. block86. section 7. price than t!u.-Fri:.co t,ar:h(,l.akl.;uhid, estimated   that  at  least   150.000
will hurl Prince Rupert at one fell)"'" establish themselves here be-
worse."   With the exception of the one unpremeditate       asii n o
April tith. the conduct of the ?triker- has Lien inn-i
in accord with the pledgi si ej . ive in the c.iriy day- ol the striki
I:..- pity ������: il ir- that the trouble ever originated in the wa> it did, i r
that having reached ,t poinl where thi ontrol the
situati'in they created, that arbitration was not resorted I
The news that the men h.t\e- officially declared tin- ,-trikc ..- ar
eiial i- the mosi reassuring pit i news in Prince Rupert in seves
Mr. Thos. Deasy, Indian Agent at Massett, Writes Alluringly of the Beauties of the Inlet���Is  Destined to Be Favorite Spot for Campers
Within j-i\ty miles of Prim.- Inlet, the camper can enjoy a
Kuperi indenting Graham Island walk "r ride on the hundreds ol
for over fort) miles, i- a bod) "f miles ol sand) Leach along the
water which compares favorablj seashore or on the Inlet but a mile
with any known inlet on the North away. The quaint Indian villages
American coast. Rivers ami >m- with their totem poles and other
ams, teeming with lish. enter thej curiosities,   marking   the   former
$1,500 pair.
32o acre* of choice land in the
Bulkley Valley.
swoop across the seas to the Queei   fore the fall this year.
Charlotte  Islands.    Think of it     Mr. Theodore M. Knappen. Sec
Iretary of die Western Canadiai
have wit-
Second Ave.,
old timers, you wh
nessed coyote blasts in Prince
Rupert's early tl..\>. picture to
yourselves the dread import ol
Limited. the news, that the city you helped
Prince Rupert. B.C.   tn  ta mini   i-   to  be  .'.tUiJlt   11 [ a   like
 a  storm-tossed  slicker hat,  and
north, thencv SO chaini waast to poinl oi <-
maancamanti containing J00 acreas, mow or 1,-,
Ia.it.-1 Feb. IS, 1911. ALK1ANDEK BBA 1
I'ub. March I.
Sk.e-n-a I.nta.l Distriet-District ot Cas.iia-
TfaKe n.liav that I Aniira��w Cumminars . :   \
couver, B.C.. >ice'uiaati..n e*eK.k.  inteneis t
f..r l.ertau.si.in t. tmrchasc the-follou-init .1--
e.1 lands:
Commencinir ai a t��..t plantsd ihrre ntvi
half niila-s in an a-aaslerly tlirmi..n fraim th.
..n Naas itiaer avhera- the Ijava Lala* trail  t-
n*ar the tnul. thenee we.t -ale-hairs, ihenr.  -
BD chains, thsnes Mst So chains, tha-nce n.rth-
chains to point of ,'ommetnclient, .-..nlam
Colonization Company, in an In-|J*som��>����$"������
1        ��� ' Hale.1 March T, 1911
terview recently contended thai
British Columbia w< uld benefii
as a rt-uli of the immigration. IK
mentioned that 9.000 carloads ol
settlers' effects would pa��� through
Dated Mart    I?. MU.
��� Land I listrict -District of Ca - ,.r
Take nutirc lhat Chriatian A. Tervo of Stikine
li. C . .srcJI-ation customs ofl'cer. intend, to sppl)
:.. purchaa the lollowinc de��cri!^-l
' i - rial at a post planted aleo.lt Is chains
' tne c'J.to-ns aarehouw at  Stikina-.
i    ..... .:h   -0
chains, thonea' eaat 2u chains, thanes  north  -''
' point of commenca-ment and camuinintf
-    -norv or leaa*.
. i'.'ll.      CHRISTUM A. TERVO
I .    Iprl 1
sk.*na Land IHstriat-District otCasriai
Tak- r.t>tic��. lhal   I.  I'e.-ra   gua--n��n ..f Prince
Kufiert. It   C. a-ccupation pro-t^ctor. intend to
apply  fi-r  permission  to purcha-e  tbe following
:.-cti:e I lands:
1   ' - tndai at a post ptania-l in tie vicinity
���  it-... ahout three-eights ol - mi... .uuth          	
.lh ��� the  llaarjar.a i 'fa. ^    and  bsln|   pert.   oesapatSon laborer,  intends   to appl
or. the . .���������- ll lar]   ���' Tlmbtt Limit Na   pa ���    purchase the folloaelnir de
SSI or N  1th 10 chains alonff | lands:
raher Umli No. Sildi      Comnienelntatapoot plantcl three an.l
er Ni theno    , '   naif tnile. in an easterly direction from the |
'  10 ehsml Nia- Ktaer where the Lnva Lain trail   '-
th..nce Dortherl)   alor.u the shore aif liaaajH'  Ha>    an.i or.e anile in a northerly attractionfI
to chains mor. .��� Icm them meter!)  10 thalM   nld Ia,**, Lake trail, thence north -���
Imora'aar lesaato point of commenca-nM.nt. ceir.ui-irv   then..   ...II  -��� .' ,m��. lhcm-e south   10  eh�����.
      thenee w.-��t -.> chains to point aif caammene. ���
^^^^^___ PERRY QIEENAN   containing- ��40 acres
I-ub. Apr.l ^^^^^^^^
Data Fob. a, It'll
I-ub Mar. I".
Jusa'ph belway, A^>r-
Skeena Land District-District of Caasiar
Take notice that I Huirh D. Gillla of Princ. 1: -
Inlet on both sides ami wild fowl
teen at the mouth of the
vsaterwa) - The difficulty en-coun
tered in "tiu'r plai es on river- and
lakes in pi iceeding from one ; ��� ir���
of the country- to the other, i-
obviated hen I y the i urrent which
���.'   tlji and  down  the
li .  . tide at thi rate  ���
-i\      lea  .ui  hour.    Along  thc
shut" .   pingplaces
when-        ���.' ild -������ *������������    ������������  -��� '������������ ���
in abundance.    Wild beasts, insect-, and other dangei    s pesi
are noticeabh   b)
The only  animals found on the
island  ar.-   black   bears,  n
and land "'tar.    None ol  these
are dangerous and are vei
The   summer   climate   compares
with thai ol Vam ouver I-: ind with
the difference  that   the da; lig
lasts until 11 p.m., in midsummer
and il i- dark lor but  two hours
Wild flowers and other beauties
of nature, with the bathing places
and sandy beat he- afford an ideal
spot for camping and amusement,
rhere are no mountains along thi
east i oasi ������! ' iraham Island and
the int.Tin-  I .- been prospci ted
only by a lev adventurous men,
Summer gardens ��
and flowers will grow   profusely,
are now iu the experimental -
lt mu-i be remembend d il theri
are only a few hundreds ol pi oplc
"i   ('raham | innumeral
homes of the once powerful Haid.i
nation, i- well worth a visit, without speaking '���: the Ashing and
shooting that can be found in tin-
rivers and streams. In the course
if a few years the resident of
Prince Rupert will havi their
summer hoi es tl Ma���.-tt where
the children will obtain the edu-
in the si hools,
tnd the family the recreation that
luntry and climate
ii   iffoi       I  ��� timl er. coal and
other resources that are now  at-
tti ..tinn of business
��� ilth rn' Massett
Inlet   i .;-. ing   facilitii -
must, evei tuallj. attract the thousands w ho desin to spi nd thc summer mont! - within reach of the
business world. M isseti Inlel
and the whole of i iraham Island,
will be the garden spot for I'rince
Ruperl with the thousand acres
o| agricultural lar.d in the neighborhood. When it i- understood
thai one woman preserved three
hundred pounds of wild straw-
berrles pii ke.l on the shores ol
the Inlet, the fruit possibilities of
the Island will attraci attention.
Thc wooded shores on both Mile-
of the Inlel afford protection from
storms during the winter season
and the clearing ol the timber
tr.im the thousands ol ai res now
held as timber limits will place
homesteads  al   tin
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
deposited who knows which end I Minneapolis  hound   for  Canada
uppermost on the Queen Charlotte 'ilirii,K *e next two months.  This
Islands of all places! would   mean   45,000   newcomers
  representing   a   total   capital   ol
Are we to
bits or all in
any    chance   of
and  there  in  little
t chunk?   I- then
u>  missing   the
Islands and dropping into the wide
salt sea with a cold, wet, sloppy,
splash? Couldn't we contrive
somehow to keep steam up while
we are doing the aeroplane stunt.
and head her for Honolulu "for
i total
aliout 820,000,000. It was his
conviction that land values ir
Canada would increase considerably. Mr. Knappen believes that
reciprocity   will   tend   toward-   a
Skeer.a Unl District -DUtrict of Queen Chart 'ta
Take r.o'.ic.- that Catharine Harrt.eir.. of Calgary,
\.i.r..   .*cupa:ion   iplaiter,   Intends   to  at-pla.
' to i.urctuMsj the IsUowiai ii.^a"ii^-i
Commer.cirg  at   a  po-t   planted   ���
| . ��� - eve-t and
Daw Feb     IMI
I'ub. Mar. 10.
Joseph Belway. A..
-.. ������. Laml Di.trict    Di.trict ail .
Take n. ttce. ihat Glenn McArthur a4 Vane.
It.   C .  sesupaUon  real   a.tale agent   int.'
k.n ��� *_.��. _..������. I������, .v   _...,, i apply I"f |.mu.u..n  to purchase the taUoals)
h**J lnl l,-*ril-.l lia-il.
ef star.:.    ��� -..,    .here II mptta Into Ni .   . ,.,���,,��� ., ,      ,    ,,nl^ lu ch���n. - ��
SSKLSsfi^S^J^-l?---*" I ��...��SaT��. ��hTn�� M.u,h';.i c^VheU!
. 1 -,<- ��cn*n niore or \**u.
DftU I March IT. 1911
��>' cl.tiitj. ihrnrr  m-rth   *u chminn. tbencr +**>-
CATHERINE HARRISONISoISS?��Sra3 fr,*"""""'���"'** ��"*���**���*"*
Numa Dem^, .-.gent   p.twi March So. Isll.'      QLENN UsARTHIR
Pub. Acr. T      	
Skasaa Und DUtrict-District ol Cout Ran,. J I ** *** lV T' U" U"d* *��"
Take noliee that  William  Franklin Carpenter
of  I'rince Rupert.  II. C. occupatloa r. staurant t'nast Kank-e i Ur.l Daslrict
keeper, inte- all to apply lair permiaaaon taa purchase       T,ke   noun-   ihaai   1,   John   Hepburn   ot   Kit-
thel.alloaaiig leserit*! lanal : .un kalum.   occupation   farmer,  intend   ta
Commencins at a paast planted at the saauth east : tor permisaion lea purchase the foilowng dai
; corner of suraryed  I^at   171'J, Iherce sal chains   lan.l.
. south, thence alaout 3*. chains weat to l/at 2ei6, :     Commencinf at a po-t planteal al ihe i
, thence '2t> chaini north, thence 44 chains  ��a-l    comer ail L.I   io^i, thence MM IM chain-,
-witter    deVeloDiilelll    of    t'miil i   1 '-her.ee about ss chains r.. rth to Lot 3ai����. thence   ��"uth io rhains, ihence sast Su cbans. thi
1 .aaa.aaa.a.   ltKW1 3() $___, ru. ,0 .���u.h ���,, nrn��� ol (_���,    north tn chains lo place e.l commencement
He   SaVSI "11   Wa-   a   reali/aliaall   aal ! ,0*"' "T"** ���bou: ss eh��'n' "��"h <��� Lot ITU.   tlala-i March IS. 1911. JollN  IILI'HI ..'���
'I"'lu   "   '" I   hence about M chain, ea.t to point of commence-   I'ub April IS.
th<   fact that the Dominion had gJSKSu^il0*���.**���*I
not lieen treated fairly in thc past
I'ub March 1.
few weeks?"   I don't see""the uie|*'hWlLn,�� doubt pn��"V)l0,l Frwi-
of us being at all stuck  up or d.ent raft to use all his efforts to
.   ���   ��� ,   , c give Canadians a decent bargain,
provincial about "tir spring out-
ing. If we could make Honolulu
we might cut oul the "few weeks"
business, make a bonfire of m:r
Skaena Uml District
.    Uaick aal I'rince Kuperi    ilescrllwai lands:
itiaan dert,    irt nets   to apply for i    Commencing at a |a.��t  ptanlea
i purchase the lo'.lcwir.g rjescrilwd | *** corner of L..I lnl. Range S.
District ol Coaat Itai e*
'' iy lit:.,   e.l I ���
inster, Intand
the tail
lake notice that I, Clara May Little ol I':
Ku|.rt.   II.   I   ,   oc.-upati.n  spl
Skeena Und Dliuict -Dutnct of Coa��t Range S  apply lor p-Tmimor  i.. purch.
Take nolice that  ' ^*���**������***-��� ���������aa���  ......
il. C, occupation
permiuion to
ted at the- ���
___________________________ . ^age I Coast Hi-'
thence east   10  ciiair.s.   thence  north
Commencing at  a  uast   planted  on  ahore  ol ; thence  ��eeat   ill   chain'' thence north 20 cha
UkelwUkeabaauttWchainsnortheastfromoullet   thsSM ��..t lu chains, thenca-south 45 ch.n ���
English ami American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave
.  18, Block :>,
Section 1.
-���" i er cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 3 y
T pur cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
I Northern Produce Co
on   the  north   end
******* ?23-tp?i5r��-: i"""	
iiil for our Weekly Price   List   j
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
irnone is>i    .
Is Still Going on
t  said  lake .Lakelae   Riaer, thenca.  N chains point   A   commencement,   caanialnins   II-   ��'' *
narth,  thence about  CO chains ea.t   to  UkeUe mora  .r l.ss.                                              .._,.,,
Lake.theticmear..lettrg��al.ll��ke.h,e��ina��net- l'��t"l April 1, IMI.         CI.AI1A *.t.\1   I.IT1I-
aria iline-iion to point ol cearpmenciment:   con- t*b. %**tll lb.
Report of Discovery Leads Pros- TO'SST' """���:��rl"*- tm ***" '' ''
iaei lore in Mt   Dlivirap Diatr        BaMdpSTl,ltU.              OEOROE LKVICK skeana Und IHatriei    Ihsirict of Coaat Kane, i
pectors to ivit. unvine uistr      ,,u(, MlIt(i, Ttll, nmlw ,h��� ���..[,,������ g, |a,t,n,, oi i.
  io: ' occupalion   iloctair.  Intends to  appl
IISillslSBlua   lai   purchase   tha'   lailloaing   deecro <-i
Thp    r,.aai,rt     ,.l'     lie,.    ( .,: al, a-i,- , I    Skaena Und Itlntrict���District ol Coaat llan.e S lands
lilt     rtport    oi     mt    a an illicit ,u       Take notice that Angu. Ilesilon of l-rince ltti|��rt. Commencing al  a |h.i  pl.nt.-l >t  tlie s.   ���
Sliraaa   a .1"  llaa. Caii.l-i   lla il  ilmnn      II. C. oceupation miner. Intends to app|> lor par- seest  ca'tner ol   la.I   l'.al>. Ihence eaal m Chan.
iir\a> iii  int t aii.ii i.i nun million-   minlnn In putsliass iha fidlmrlnt iloai l ll���l lilnli more or le��. thence souih I.', chains more   I
t,iie.. .11 ,-,,,, i,lfc   .r..  ,.. I... l',.,,,-.l  ita       Commencing at  a posl   plant*-',  at  the south tha-nce .ml :ln rhaite more or leaa, Ihenee n> ���:'���
1'lira   Ml.1.no.Ills an   lo  in   mill ll  111   w, cortl,r 0f Lot at,,;, tbence |o chains a��wl. -IS ch.ins m..re orla�� to ,H.int aif commenca-n.
tti..   \l,.iiail    I Ilia .���   rliateiVl    ..a'    tlaa^   thence 4U chaina aaiuth. thence al--ut  all' chains csintairir.g ltu acre* nia-n- a.r leaa.
int   mount   Wliw   ui-irii I   Ol   llll-  M_tf to Ukf4i, uk,, lt���.������ ,,.,. ...... ��� (,,k, patsd March SI, ttll    ELPON & DETWIU K
nrnvinrn la laatimnlntprl \ art   i.-n"\ .    ih""- ln ,n northerly direction ta point ot com- I'ub. April li'                     John Campbell. A*
[iroMIltl Il.l- Stimulated Very acm I    mencement;   aontalnlM                    ���:,������. ���r leaas.
interest in the districl in question ^T'Tu.mu  ' ' "Brow beaton      - um ���c  t>_p*-C**m
^^^                                                                     I'ub. March 4. Take notice that   Mrs   I.   C.   iMtnam   sl
l*aul.   Minnesota,   sosvpatloa   n.arrii-i   .������*���
��� .___m..._   ,   .          ,,,-.., inlenals to appl>  lor larmijsaia.n lo purcha..   '
Skeena Un.l ln.tr   .   I'���tr..l of l. ���,t. |���;��������,c dajfitrt |.,',���
lake notice that  I. J- l.n  Mlllea. of Vancoot  it g all  lha.t pUnta-d at the s.  .'
ll.C.  occupation batcher, Intends lo appl) f ��� -i   , s,,    ,    -n��rs. I Mrs I. a. 1'a.tna-  ���
Demission to purchaae the huowlBg deaeribe lonheaui corner, tha-nce ��e��i  iu thalM
lands: south   10 chairs   ttVrce-  east   IU chairs,  ths
c. mmenclmr al a post planta.l abnat 1 chair nonh SU chains lo |��-at  ad comnii-ncemat.t.  ���
from tidewater nt the heiul .-t I.-.-, .nilae iln>-. an.l tsir.ir.g SS0 acree mora- e-r lei
marked J.M*'s N.E. eomor. thence weat sochalna, |iai.-i Marc   "
thonCO  South  -."  ������hains,   thet..c   .,i-t   **<  chAifi.
Ihence north *-'chains,  to po-nt ..f   eoaunOIMO1
.tnd mrny prospectors hove gone
in from Princeton nnd are staking
claims in an endeavor lo secure
precious -tone- large enough to
be of commercial value, several of
these having lately been discovered
in the conglomerate.   In a letter
. - ^       .larch Su l'a||
I'ub. April IS
Miti   U c. PUTNAM
��� leo   R   I'ulnani    t.
Pol  Pob.lt,
nt. containing a'4d acres m.-te   r lost.
to a frieiiil at Princeton heading nate.ii.iKeh..i��n ~J,-,H- ��"^EK-
the Ottawa date of ten days ago,
Mr. Charles Camsell of the Dominion geological staff of experts
says of the original discovery thai
"the   sample   of   cliromiie   from
S-eena Und lli.tri.l-llistril of CsSal
  Takanotl.-elhat I ll.le.tei M.Iional.1 of  l*rtl
Charlc. R. Stark, Agent   Rupert, I I    ������   ipatlon laborer. Intandi c  ,;
t.ly for w.inii.��i.iti to puavhnse the followina-
SkeenaUnd lilstrict-Iiistiictof C.sisi tat a poal planteal three at id
i... ���    lotlce   that    I. Ale.under   lluehan, of   half mile- , b on en.t.ala direction from lhe. P"jnl
Vancn....e li r   _._.....*��� i ^
cornel and P.R/iTs.E
��� chain., thence n. rth -.
.ils- yielded platinum and gold. ;-!':J'-'~:^:':^*^r,e.,;
.ppirforpr^irr^h^^'^''' 2?-""Kiir��^th;v;^aUk';";'���ii"h;;-i'i
'l".r,le,ll��m|.: f-n-'ha-e the MklWlna SJd ''tie Mio la  a notthealv du.vli..,, fr..m '
Cmm-ncineanoat rlinle.1 ��^,i _,..b_, a ... ii, . 1k'" '"*"���  'hence north   Ml  chut.
s,E. -^.^aysfus s��& .:H:*\ ���       ���:*��'��� ***********��**
iM *���. di.amond8���-"'--' SSS3^gS3��5S EK?^ --om^oxa,,.
t" point of wmnwnrcn."''
'   ��� i >i \.   ��� ,    \
large number
abkimg and progressive Indians. .��� excursionists durin�� th,
Ihe wnter ,��� thismicle is not a summer     I,  hasTJL    C ?  g
, ,,'"" 'r -���- ��� v '-er iand f! 'ir" "u
'" *" lf ���""'  r half ,., spend ., week or tw'  ���  ���
n century in  the province     A- -   ,J-      ^^^^* '   ""'
"land booster
I As I
slimmer   re-��ir|   where   the   we,ir\
man of business .m<l his family
require real and recreation, then-
is not a more ideal spot in thi-
beautiiiil province.  Along the pen
iasula near the entrance to Ma
^^^^^^ Mileni-
i week or twi
-i-i.l. camping in tents and houses along the shores, Thc business
men ol Prince kupert have a
summer resori ���. their doors on
Massett Inlet, that
.Whites Portland Cement...
Ph��n�� 125       Naden Block       Second Ave
__________________ ��<�� afford a l���,etn^ tu'uro'  "lilk"' Massett
more varied and delightful resori :,,    ,        '  "''   nature   B'ways
for  the  thousands  that will   inll"?     ,f?r " t0 be* *e home
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. 8. Lockhai t, Assignee
llns is the first tune I have been B*H__$****'���
able tO see the platinum ill
rock.   .   .   .   Practicallj ,il
diamonds obtained are
1911        thane, H   Allen. Aeent
dear and
^^^^^^^^^^ |e-..MC..,K-cU|.a��� ��� J"J'  ����"'?>��� lhal   Hume   ll.l.in.ton  of   Prar...
white, apparently cxcelleni stones. SsS^*""^*"^*^ f '.V.V',!������ ;%?���� ^SmT-TtJ
'I   we  cm   only  find   the.,,   lain -.S.?Z___?_.*L���*������� t!���*i_��tr�� ud,      ^""^ l,",,,:
  .IB. Alt, aaie.
____________ , ____M
er\   in  the   I nl.imeen  -ei tlam inn-   pub. Mar. in
ti.ines.    Actual   prospecting   for
jL"W;:s Moi:ia>   !>atedM��3ll 1911
Josefh Bel,.,., A������,    l������!,. A|���(| ,.,
raffo fi thenca east sn chaini ,.,  -. en
ft ��� i.mencement.
notica tlmt I.   Free! tiartun,  nf  m f"1   '���������
Rupert, H.C., oceupation hr   ����&'
i���iT, mtt-mis to apply for permission tn
purchsss the following described lamls:      ,ki
Commencina at a tm��t aaioa.a��j .. .*���
chains  |     JSTSSlirS.*   *" ���-*���""���  "I""* "hole,  thence  ***
"���'"   ,n .i...' "''"'���"* ��">. ihence north alone *on
JtWIPII  aaa , ��� _,Ji   XT.' MtHI V*   *" chaln" m""' of lr"  '"
/&&   "IOWA'S
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Canned Meats, Etc.
A Choice Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Always on Hand.
2nd Ave. and McBride    ASK    PRICES        Hal�� C��Ve C'rcle
Phone 187
3hone 311
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
ss, Prince George
Saila for Stewart, Sundaya, S.00 a in.*
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladlea of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
Friend,   though  thy  bouI  should
burn   thee, yet he still.
Thoughts  wert-   not   meant   fur
strife, nor tongues for swords
lie thut sees clear is gentlest of his
And that's not truth that hath the
heart to kill.
The whole world's  thought  shall
not one truth fulfil,
Dull in our age and passionate in
No mind of man hath found the
perfect truth,
Nor shalt thou find it;   therefore,
friend, lie still.
The  babbler of consistency  and
Wisest   is   lie,   who,   never  quite
Changes his thoughts for better,
day by day;
Tomorrow,   some   new   light   will
shine, be sure,
And  thou shalt see thy  thought
another way.
���Archibald l.ainpniau
Suggestions of Summer in the
Spring Fabrics
Department Stores Prince Rupert, B.C.   ,
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in  Northern  B. C.
Many of the new cotton materials brought out this spring
have borders in Persian and other
designs and colorings.
Black and whits designs are
relieved by a dash of vivid red,
Chinese blue, emerald green or
sonic other bright color, veiled
uniler chiffon.
Some of the new skirts are made
with plaits in sections, but these
are held down so as to keep the
straight lines.
Large hats are not considered
so smart for street wear as the
Bnug-fitting turbans antl small hats.
Foulard is likely to be popular
again among next summer's silks,
and the bordered foulards will be
a good choice.
Suit coats for the spring are to be
shorter than last year. There is
a movement towards reviving the
bolero jacket.
Directoire fashions are coming
in again in Paris, the waist of such
models being short antl the skirl
without fulness and hanging as
straight as possible.
Made   Good,   It   Makes   Good
Every Time
__\**^***_t**��t*m1,mj\j.m^h gd|f>ESl/^��yl|yr*tl^^��f��l|y����l|yW^S��^Fs|  I
'"���n Chi rlotlr 'idandia Unit Illmrlcl    Itiatrict ol
lake nutica. that I, John tloLaod ail Vancaauvir,
'���"apfttliiii limkiT. inta-nil lai apply lair pa'rinlMiiin
t"*l"Tt t,,r rami anil iivtrtila-uiia tan iha' faillnwins
��� wtted l>mU:
I iiinannielng al a punt plinlral at the mouth ol
'   Hal Itiver anal m��rka>al   J.   Mcl.. N. B. COP
��� f. Nu. BO, thencaa miuth HO chaini, thence went
�� churn, thonce nurth 811 chaini, thence eaaat 80
��"��������� is poinl ail conima-neeinent;  containing 640
*"'. more air Hum.
'tali'  Keh. 21, uu j(,||N  McLEOI)
"'' "li.iB. I.. .I,,. K. Walter, Agent.
���If an Charlotte Inlands Und Diitrict -District ot
,,  . Skeena
lake nutice that 1. John Mclarad ol Vancouver,
1     ������ hr.iker, intenil lo apply lur permi'alon
,  ' ""l��-ct lor coal anil iielroleum on the lollowing
oMcnbed landi:
t ��tnnii.ncing at a |ia>��t planted aliout two milea
*'-t '.I lie mouth ol the Tl-el Kiver and marked
',:'"��� , tt. W. Corner, No. 29, thence .uuth 80
utn.  tlence eait  80  chaim,  thence  north   80
���"   ��� Hence weit 80 ehaltaa to point ol com-
1,".","'"' I;  conuining BIO acrea, more or leiaa.
1 leh. 21, 1911 JOHN McLKOD
Clarence McDowell, Agent
���   la-la. M. '
Skivna 1-vid Dlitrlct-Dlitrlct of ('.Mil Itnniro r.
Take notice that I Sevealn A. Tiallamla-r uf I'or-
a-her Island, laci-upntiun ihip mniter. Intend to apply fur pormiision bo lease the fnlluwing ale-
��� rrilaeal foreshaire:
Cnmmencilui nt n post pliantatl nt the N.W. corner aaf hat UPJ, thence weit to low wnter mnrk.
thanea. imilh aluiiir low water mnrk 25 chain*
more or leu. thenre enit lo S.W. corner of lot
1:102, thence north nlong hlath water mafk (being
the weiterly boundary of lot 1:UI2> 2* rhnim more
or lesi to point of commencement nnd containing
nil foreshore in front of hit IS 12.
Date.1 March 9, 1911.
I'ub. Match 18.
" i harlotie Islanda Und Dlitrict-DUtrict ol
, Skeena
���'��� notice that I, John McUoal ol Vancouver,
" ���alion brnker, intend to apply lor permlialon
' ~iw lor coal and pelroleum on the lollowing
rr.eed landi:
ommencing at a poit planted about taaia mllea
.,"',""' mt'tllh of the Tl-el Kivor and marked
i��� .', * l'��'ncr. No. 49, thencc aouth 80
' *��� hence weit 80 chalna, thencaa north 80
rae, thenee eait 811 chaina to point ol com-
t'.i ,'"';,:���t*""alnlng OKI acrea, more or lew
'i1' 1��H JOHN McLOKI)
i-eli. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
'""���"ti I harloite l.landi Und Dlalrict -Dlatricl ol
���>��� , Skeena
!��� '' "" thai I, John Mcl-oaaal ol Vancouver,
lo ,l,_���, '"^".Intend to apply lor permlsilon
-.rain"' (.VS ""' ""' aWWWIB am the lollowing
,'. ::f .","i'IPin�� at a poat planted at the mouth ol
, l-el idver ,n,i markeil J. Moi.. S. K. Corner,
,i���,' :!"""*** north 8(1 chalna, thence weit 80
1 ai,,i' SVS, ,"��"!h   *��  ch,i""'   thenee eaat  80
*Sm*m\ SSSn,afi__Tumtmm~~ conuln"*
t"H n. Clarence McDowell. Agent
""" Clairlou, M,���,|, !,������,, ,mtlcl .Otitriot of
ooaSSh?1!! ��*�� '��� John^lel^ad ol Vm-.auv or
"' I''** l ClT'l ""i"'"' S I* *. 'ermhali
,|'"-nl��"l ali"|,        *'"1    *lrol"um I" "I" follow ng
""'tlTami"';"^'���"_ '""" "'""���"l ��'""" 9r* mllai
TM III,,., "1"', mile weal   ol  the  mouth  ol  the
"'���"".' 1*23? aSPa!? lh,ln"' """"* ���"l ft
���I'itbIi T. ,"rth *" ch,in"' "��'""��� "eat 80
Jun  m,,L      ,"' enmntencementi  catntalnlng 1140
m���m���__Ll-j ur ., -, *
Skeenn Land Dlitrlct-Dlitrlct of Coaat
Take notice that I. Mn. John Corley of Prinee
Kupert. K.C. oactipntlon marrieil woman, intendi
In npply fur perniiision to purchaae the fnlluwing
described Inndi:
Commencing at a tiont planted III chains eait
and 12U chalna south from the southwest curner uf
lot 17M, Ooaot District, Kange !., theme anuth 811
chaina, thence eait 40 chaini. thence nnrth WI
chaini, thenee west 40 chnins more or leaa to the
point of commencement, containing 320 acrei
more or leu.
Dale Mar. 20. 1911
Pub. Apr. 4, 1911
Skeena Uad District���Dlstrlel ol Coast Kange I
Take notiee that Mary Hell Keataan of Vancou
ver, It   C, occupalion aplnaler, Intendi to apply
I lor nermlealon lo purchaae the lulluwing aleacrlbeil
Caimmancing at a poal planted at thn north
eaat corner of Ut :l!180, thence alaout 30 chalna
nnrth to Lot 1723, thence 80 chaini weat t Lot
3982, thence ahout 30 chalna aouth to Ut 3981,
thence 40 chains eaat, thenee 20 chnina aouth to
Ixit 682. thence 20 chaina eaat, thence 20 chaina
north, thenee 20 chalna eaat to point of commeneement: containing 2s0 acrw rnt.re or leaa.
Poit marked M. II. It, S.K. Corner.
Dated Feb. 14, 1011.       MARY KKLL BEATON
Pub. March 4
Put in ii clean agate saucepan
I cup of granulated sugar ;ind I 1-2
cups of molasses. Hnil until il
becomes hard when dropped in
cold water. Add buller the size
of a walnut and 8 tcaspoonfuls of
vinegar.    Let boll a minute or
two.    Remove from lire and add I
teaspoonful of soda dissolved in
a very little water.    As it foams
pour over tin plates well greased
and partially filled with nutmeata,
Skeenn Land District -Dintrict of Canlar
Take notice thnt I.  John  McDonald nf  Prince
Kupert, K.C, occupation hotelkeeper. intends to
apply for permission  to purchase the following
ilescrilaeal lands:
Commencing at a pnat plntiteal three and one-
half miles In an eaaterly direction from the point
on Naas Kiver where the Lavn Uke trail begins
nntl one mile In a northerly illreclinn frnrn the
said Lnva Lnke trail, thencc snuth eighty ,-hnliis,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 811 chains,
thenco east 811 chalna to point of commencement.
Two newsboys stood where warehouse shade
Fell on the sidewalk chill and dun
And   left   the  long  antl   splendid
One half in shadow, half in sun.
They saw the belt of color wide
Then hied them to the sunny side.
Ah, what a change!    They left behind
The chill of winter, dark  and
To stantl <i moment after where
Tho iiir is thrilling with a thaw.
They glance where shadows chill
Then laugh upon the sunny side.
I And   soon   adown   thc   sounding
With little feet equipped with
They cry their wans with music
And those who like lo hear such
And ever through the cily wide
They always keep the sunny side.
All!  llfl-  ia; lilri.  lla.�� cta-iw.l   _________
And of the roatl that points thc
One half is wrong,  the other
Be wise, my boy, and e'er abide
Upon lhe golden sunny side.
Rotgen Rays Revealed Remarkable Rapacity
Pillowed and wrapped in blankets and bandages, a little fox
terrier puppy, Caesar by name,
is lying at Our Dumb Friends'
League Animals' Hospital in London, the hero of one of the most
remarkable experiences ever brought to the notice of surgeons.
Some time ago, says the London
"Daily Telegraph," Caesar's master and mistress, a couple in very
humble circumstances, took the
tlog to the hospital for treatment
They were in despair, for he
hatl been suffering from sonic
mysterious ailment for several
weeks. The dog seemed to be in
acute pain antl howled when lunched. With head and neck stretched
out almost rigid, Caesar took his
food with difficulty, and a swelling
itt the neck was taken to show
the pressure of an abscess in the
On being minutely examined no
wounds or abscesses coultl be
found. Hot compresses were Iried.
without avail. Finally Caesar was
put under the Rontgen rays and
lhe truth was revealed. Embedded
horizontally along the dog's body
was a hat pin over twelve inches
long. The point was just outside
the gullet, the knob at the extremity of the stomach.
So extraordinary was the case
considered that it was decided,
contrary lo the usual practice of
the hospital, to operate. Caesar
was given clilorofroni antl the
hat pin removed successfully.
Carefully tended, hc i*- now rapidly
recovering his health ami spirits
and is being visited by eminent
surgeons, who declare his case to
be quite without precedent
With Care You Can Recurl an
Ostrich   Feather
To recurl an ostrich feather
have a teakettle full of boiling
water antl shake the feather vigorously through the escaping steam
being careful not to get it too
damp. Next, take a silver fruit
knife and, beginning with the
feathers nearest the quill, take a
small bunch between lhe thumb
and forefinger and draw it gently
over the blade of th'- knife.
A Little Sun, A Little Rain
A little sun, a little rain,
A soft  wind blowing from  the
And  woods ami  fields are sweet
Antl warmth within  the mountain's breast.
So simple is the earth wc Iread.
So quick wilh love and life her
Ten thousand years have dawned
and iii'i.
Antl still her magic is the Same.
A little love, a little trust,
A soft impulse, a sudden dream
And life as dry as tleserl dust
Is   fresher   than   a   mountain
Saila for
Mondays, at 8.00 a.m.
���a. Prince Albert suils for I'ort Simpson, Naas River Points, Masset,
Natli-n Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
anil for:
Refuge Hay, Skidegate, Queen
Charlotte City, Loekeport, Pa-
COfl, .k-ilwav,   Ikeda Bay,   Hose
Harbor  and   return   via   Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track  route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information   and  tickets  obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
CwadiiD Pacific Railway  -   B.C. Cusl Steamship Strain
ftMjwfrPrincess May
y^^^^^J      Northbound April 27
���HfTJN'jrw      Southbound  May  l��t
*^P________W     Train fan Wiiittilirtr anil Tiiraan-
V    V tai i.....    Vancituvar at
^R^^T 9 a.m. aiaily
^^^ lllllirrltll I.illtila-al fair Chia-iuio,
Montreal anal New York. Ha��at train iicraaaa tha
runtinent. leavra Vana*aiuna>r daily at 3.15 p.m.
Carriea compartment ntaKrvatinn cara. tha- tlna-at
car on any road anywha>ra>.
Aa.-1-tii fur all Atlantic Sla<ainahlp linra. Tlclacta
l,i an,I from European pointa.
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of lltili.li Columbia of 11 C a lnl.irlo. Baa.
and Manitoha Bara, Itatctaawan  and  Al-
'berta Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
ilfflca-Exehanav block, corner Third avvnue and
Sluth atreet. 1'rlncc Ruaaert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., I). D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operatlaina aktlfully treated, laaa and
local anaatheUca admfnlatered for the painleaa __.
traction of teelh. Caanaullatlaan free. Otnrca:
llrlaeraaon Block. Prince Rupert. IM!
a,.i si     i ,,ii   mi rt.   ***' iil-aa.iia
...ami  cnNTKacroM   aurriJRa...
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd and Fulton
P. O. BOX ��
ri I II   ���t WM.   I mmi-..  I -.,.. a i    a V   _l .-. . KM).
rf Rochester 6*
. ,.,)*      Monroe
l'     ''Coal
:      ,)      >V
Phone ii s
Mr. Asshi-tiiii-Sniitli, who had
on paper the must powerful steeple-
chasing stable in England this
season, has had a discouraging
experience, Jerry M. top-weight
in the Grand National, went wrong,
and Cackler, nixt to him in the
list, Btruck himself a wt-t-k before
the race, Holy War, fur which
In- paid $20,000, died, ami hi- i*
left with Indian Runner which
litsii cost $20,000, Imt does nm
look to lit- worth that many cents,
Summer aviation in the United
States will begin with a cmahpion-
ship race over the 2f>0 mile course
between Washington and New
York, with a big prize to hi'
offered by the Aero Club of
America. The advertising features
are not to be overlooked, inasmuch
as the lasl leg of the course will
afford a spectacular view from the
summer resorts, along the coast.
A letter from 11111111)' Fitzgerald,
the Calgary runner, who was in
England with ilu- Canadian Olympic team, reveals ihe link- fellow
in New Zealand. He says he won
the New calami one and five-mile
championships this winter, anil
that he has several matches ahead.
lie says he will return 10 Canada
shortly to liiet'i meadows, HolMer,
Selhn, and others at 10 ami 15
Building   Material,   Cement,    Lime,
Ilair-libr.  Plaster, Coke, Blackamith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shinglea, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See I's for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 5H0
Not to be outdone, Milwaukee
has produced a "white hope."
The latest candidate is Ray Hums,
a South Mend, Ind., boilcrmakcr,
who weighs 220 pound.'-. Hums
participated in  two battles, but
both of these ended in his favor,
and his manager is trying lo get
a match with Carl Morris.
The  Virginia   league  schedule
calls for 1211 games, lhe season to
open April 20 antl close Sept ti.
Work is being rushed tlay antl
night to have the Washington
stands   ready   for   lhe   American
league opening.
The Montgomery team of the
Southern league has dropped its
oltl nickname Climbers," and will
bc known this season as the
The Appalachian Hascball league
has been originated with teams in
Knoxville, Bristol, Johnson ("ity,
Morristown and Cleveland, Tenn.,
ami Ashville, N. ('.
Manager Jimmy Harrctt, of the
Milwaukee learn, has his thirsty
Brewers not thirsty, but thirty���
training iu Champaign, Illinois.
Don't forget the Illinois and causi
a libel suit.
In his new ball park at Newark.
N. J., Manager Joe McCainnity
will lit up a cosy retiring room for
women, wilh a ma iron in charge.
There is still some class lo (lie oltl
"Iron Boy."
Salvation   Army    Lassies   and
Lads are Planning a Junket
On Thursday nighl lhe Salvation
Army plan lo have a social evening
for which an excellent programme
is in  preparalioii.    There will   be
songs, recitations, and ouches! m
���elections  by  Cray's Orchestra,
The S. A. lasses are arranging for
the refiesiunet i department, as
well as preparing to lake pari in
the musical programme. They
arc going to make ibis a "l.einon
Pie Social" and lots of good things
are being provided lor those who
.,-.. ai... ( :.���.i���t .. ..:..:. .... 11���   1  -���
I! You Are Even Hall-ready
To Buy Property, Study
The Real Estate Ads!
A�� sunn as Ihs property-
owning purpose K,',,,��footl old
with you    begin to roml nml
���nswor   nml   investiiMli'   Unreal tStStS ails!
Ami  by  the  titna-  you   arc
half ready to buy a home,
liiirn   all   Hint    Hit'   ails   ran
(���Sell you  of  prii|ii-rly-valiii's
all   Dial   ail-answering ran
teach ynu of ih-siralilt- places
to live.
Your interest in real estate
advertisements may be responsible for your securing a
B better home than yon can
imagine you can afTonl - anil
for your securing it sooner
than you hail hopetl to tin.
Dainty Supper Stunt
Make small, dainly suidwiclies,
spread wiih butter and a layer ol
manual.idr or thinly sliced cheese.
I'ul them on pie tins antl lhe.'
under your gits broiler, and when
lightly toasted on one side turn
and toasl the other. These will
just melt enough ami the marmalade jusi warm  enough   lo  be
deliciously appetising.
But   It  Saves   Quite a   Lot  of
Thin while oiled  paper spread
under   lhe   chilli's   plait-   at    the
table and extending a liule way
beyond, will  protect  ihe  table*
cloth. This will nol be very
noticeable, especially if it is bought
in sheets, and the pieces are cut
and laid smoothly on the cloth,
When ii piece of paper is soiled, il
may be thrown away or burned,
and a fresh piece substituted.
I w. j. McCutcheon |
Carries complete Htm*k uf Dt-uk*   special   X
ettention paid to lillinK pretorlptioni,     X
Theatre Block phonh no. 79 Second Ave. I
G. T. P. Transfer Agenta
Oi-iUtb promptly ftllfld.  Prices rtMonable.
OKFICE-H. B. Hochostw. Centre St.     I'hont- 6e
Reilly's Bakery Lurch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Swift's Premium Hams anal Bacon with
Cowii'han Kfrirs :i5t-. at
J. W. Williams
===E.   EBY   C&   Co.
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue
Telephone 186
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Ht-lgerson Hlock
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in tlie city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MOKTON, Secretary.
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Gund Hotel Free  Employ menl  Office
Headquarters for cooks A waiter!
Little s NEWS Agency
U__*t_l lies :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
First Aar. Nesr McBaads
ForwardinKi   Distributing  and
Shipping Agents.
Storage of Baggage and Household Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
, k��*>****>������>*m>����>>��h**w*t>*-
* BOWLING, *������.
4 Alleyta. 7 Titli't'i*. A atiwal a��xer-
(tip-. A clfata tapurt, Litiltpupva-ry
aflrrntaaan. Na-winnn HIiH'la, lw-
twoa'ti 0th nml "th Sin.
Tlu* Coronation will, ol course,
liriiiK mil ;ill the lil-aiiliful old liiti'
which I'cliniKs tt) tlu- wardrobe ����f
sn in,my women in London,   l-'loim-
ot-s will Ik* laid flatly on skins,
showing up the exquisite designs,
ami  tin- lace can be arranged,
TKIi MoHlttsiiN.     l'niprii'tiir ntnl Miaiiuiti
..Easter Flowers..!
Freih Cut Blooms from Victoria THE    PRINCE
This is a question on which
many people differ. But
all   who  know  uj��ree   that
the beitvaluesobtainabla In
Boots, Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Topshirts,   Underwear, Etc.
will help      Classified
-  Advertisements
Sknna Land OUtrlot-jJUglrtolQuwa Chariotta
One ot the bast services
the modern newspaper gives tl
m tha classified sdvertlsement columns
Government Institutes Scheme
of Market Reporting
'ni;:,.   :;,:i:;nd;;^, employer end worker, landlord and tenant, an       '~;;;mi;t ;,ll reduce its
1" , ���, g^und.    To put this modern y-^^'^'V"  '        i,   ^Minimum charge of 28 cents.
rBte to a nominal price of a cent a wordIperin"���'0"'.'      watch  it  grow.
He-re'  is our Classified  Advertising Column   toi   today.
��� landn
banon the hobble and the harmer
skirt.   Miss Frances Walters, dau-
hterol prominent parents, threat
Lost and Found
ar.-   being  given  at
Grossman & Soskin
Agents   in   Prairie   Fruit   Dis- g
tributing Centres will  Wire ens  to sue  the  town
constable arrested her,
Miss Walters tripped on
the postoffice owing to the
fitting skirt.   In her
������.��� feet, she frightenet
A dualled advtrtlHmant will Introduce >'"",,'"
lho loser of the article you've fouml-an introduction of mutual Important.-*.
FOUND-A bunch uf Keys on Ring,   Appli "
because a    optimist utiice.
Water Notice
is ln-r��'hv given that an appli*
be made under Part V. or
Daily Reports to be Bulletined at Victoria for Province.
truggles rn
Help Wanted
Special totheOptimisl
Victoria,   Cpril  25.   Steps aro regain^   ^ ^^ ^ ^ q{
<u aa'HMl
Try Tin'
Second Ave.
Bet. 7th and Sth St.
beieu   i.iken   b\   the   Provincial
*                 .    ���               ��� the building.   The animals stam-
Govenunent  to institute a com- ll1( """ ""���-             ,                  ,
'                               ,   ,  , neded mad} down the street and
prehensive system ol market re- peaea mi    .
,,,-.���  ,    .���   ���. i,,-,,l, thr nun iiw--"l three stores.
DordiiK for thc benefit of the frun i,|l,k' llu                  ,      .
h      ,,.-,,-,    ,-     ti \ call was sen   out lur the con-
ndustry of British Columbia.   I he x '���"    "                      .        ,,
���    .         ,         ,           , Utahc    nit  he \\a> nsning.    ne
intention is i<> have the agents staoic, uu
centre8 on arrested the girl later.
t.i l.iiv.   or   s��'ll.  ur hire,   or
Optimiat Condeneed A.I. r. iti
BOV WANTBD-To deliver parcel; and malie
himself generally useful.    ��  *;" �� ""
tosinrt with.   H. 8. Willie ft Co. Ltd,
Help Wantad-Apply Pantorinm.
WANTKD-4 Uo.k1 Hoys fur Bowling  Alley.   II
,',.r��k.   Ana 14 to IT,. Apply with parent"
cat on will I
���,, "Water Act,    909,
license In   the   skeena
Skeena District
The name, address and occupat	
of the applicant is S. K. McClintoi.
Estate agent, Vancouver, B.C.
(If for mining purposes)  Free Miner's certificate No	
The name of the lake, stream or
to obtain
I Princ
Intendi to **__
lollaiwinil doss'ril'
milaa ind one-!
Irom the mouth o ���"'."""���-' ;.;,',;;,uli, su cimins.
Deted Mareh 1., ISM. *gm   |,,,������.���, Agenl
Pub. April ���-
Dlstricl   Dlitrlelol Queen Charlotta
I, ii. Murphy ol vaaeouvor,
"'"' ..hi  Planted aboul >even
$_& mllS"W '*"'l kftX'r
uth ��* Study. Creek. Naden Harbor
Bkeeni Land I
^���^.tt'imm^:^^ '���""
11. C
apply la.r peri\ i lion to purol
shue the lollowlnii
doacribed landi!
Commeneing '*'
u noil  planted about
Quean Charlotte tetandf Land Uintrict -DUtrici ul
t-""' Bkeena
Tialau notloe Unit I. Jsshn McUotl ol Vaneouvu
,���,',i..iii.'ii broker, ����<""' m apply 'ur pormUi|0,
",, prupeel loj cual ami petroleuni on the. [ollo��tn|
.l.'si-nht'.l lands: ,     .   .    ,
B cohimenolni al a pott ijianuad about two mil.
wtiat ol  tho
T'i-olttiva-r und inarlu'd J.
No  71   thenoe eouth HO chalna, thonco wu,,
chains, thenoe north BO chaine, thenoe oa i    _
oIiiiiih to point "I oommenoamenti   eontalnini
PS^ftOf' I'lira-llCO McDuwell. A,;,";
Oueen Charlotte lalanda Uad Diatriet���Diitrict ui
* SkaHiita
Take nutn'" that la 1*_* McLeod ol Vancouver,
ooeunaUon broker. Intend to apply lw parmWoii
prospect Inr e'uiil ansl pa'trada-aiaaa on tin. lull.e,,, s
. sn'uii. fnitn  tlat- mouth   described lansla:
������"'*'- *f* ''""[ T.      ihu>.r thenoe north SO * Comrnewios �� �� f*_ g^*H ul""'1 "��  ���,.
of Stan) Creek, Naden iiw '"���      '       th m,     ,,,, ,������i two mta  _**** ol the mou i the
, ������ ��   ',:'"'    Ti'ul Itiver and mark...l    J .Mc.L. B, Iv e.��� .,,,
ehaliu, thene   .-; oenune, virui'liv \k_  is, thenoe north so ohaina, thanee won so
Dated March IT, 1BU. ; iii.nurs, Aui-m I cliains, iln-nci. aoulh so chalna, thanea eaal  lo
I'ul,. April --��� .-.iiiiii" | 0jIJii��� i��� iioini ail eominoneenienti  oontalnlng S(o
,��� ,r,c ol Queu, Charlotta    ,���. moro w js* j������N mc,,,,,,
Bkeena Land Ulitriet
���r ,i.. miUa ,1 a' Geo H, Lam "' PrlMO Rupejft;
(If unnamed the description ^^SrSTTureha^'ibe'"'!!  ���
tu Morrleon'i Bowling All.-
Wed., April 26
lUnJaar Na-w Management'
Laleit Muiic Latest Picture!
in all the distributing
the prairies.    They will wire tol
Victoria daily reports of the state
of   the  markets  for  the  various
fruits in their seasons, prices, and
special particulars of demand,
These telegraphic reports are
to In- compiled in the form "
bulletins at Victoria, and im-
mediately wired out again to thc
affiliated associations of fruil growers throughout the province. This
system will cut at least live days
nit the time at present required
to net information from the originating puiiits in the producers
and will keep the associations
p.i-ie-il up in within twenty-four
hours of die actual market.
Houses Wanted
BOUSES   WANTED-Fumi-h-sl   or   unfurnished. 2 to li ruoms.    If location and Price mit I
mo I will runt them myself an.l nay rent in n.i- |
vnnce. no wal tins, nu listim:.    Phone me today.
Black 59-Une-le Jerry. .-"tr
A tiny woman in Oriental dress, wanted-houm,t ur * r.*,msand bath, fur
. ',      ,             .a          t     ;     u.e nishe.1 ur unfurnlihed, in once.
with titles longer than she IS, has optlmletBoaX.
been   -nemline  several   weeks   on WANTED-Thraa, four or Ave room honie. fur-
1            B         ..        .,     .   ., nlihad, modern eonvenlenoee, eloea (n.    Call
tliis -i'l<- nf tli^ Pacific.   She is Ur.    -,,hon��i5i. -*���*"
Pantoritun Pioneer Cleai en, Thou,
We carry ��� complete line of
Sues to auit.   Styles to satisfy
I'ri.'i's tn please
Briefly, that's our argument.
Don't Forget Big Ben
Finest alarm dock ever sold.
II.-'t in our window.
Heintzman Pianos
Yamei Kin, a native of China,
graduate of the Woman's Medical
Sshool of the New York Infirmary,
. unversati'ona'list
head of the Imperial Peiyang
Women's Medical School and Hospital. Dr. Kin directs within that
hospital ai training school for niir-
ese; it is (or the purpose ol ti.r-
thering this work especiallj thai
she has been in our country.
Sanitation is greatly needet
i China's congested cities, and it is
Imped that the work of these nurses
will be largely educational. The
[problem of infant mortality is far
more serious in China than with
n>. the death-rate lieing about
fifty per cent which is not by any
Board Wanted
isi Kitsiinikaliini Kiver.
ic) The point of diversion il near the
intersection of the east lyunaarj ol
lot M05.
(d) The quantity ��f wnter applied for
(in cubic feel per second) is 140.
I, i The character of the proposed
works is a general plant for the production of heiit, litiht and power, and
the manufacturing of wood pulp,
lumbers nnd timbers generally.
(f) The premises on which the wat.r
Is to be used (describe same) Mill site
about .1-1 of B mill- below intake;
w  frame and concrete buildings
in   i.cilitiian   to   the   masonry, iliini-.
flumes and penstocks necessary.
((.'I    The purposes for which the water
Numii 1 lemurs, Aala'iit
pply   Inr
! Mrl i
n,iit.,i tv
uu. Pab, M.
l-.J-lla- D. Waller,   \
, to be used  is   power development. | [;';},";""",u"'" '
chalai, thenw out 40 chalar
Uitasl Mareh 17,1B11.
Pub  Apnl "���
^k.-a-ni Ijitaal lii-ltict-   IMstriel .,( Caul
���m,.tmttav tl...i  Bed tt> Bohler ol Klteura
kulum. oecupatlon larmea, lat"��� ���"
urnWon >��� purehiae the lollowina
Tommendtti it ��� P��t l>l"��t��l *** .""' *____*
,.,.,  vrter .'I     A   Mcl.a��r�� pn-onipllon, tlie-nev
"���in. -...nl,, thenr.. 10 chnins eaat, ihenee N
north,   '>���,"��� is' ftalM wert W port "I
i'ul. \|.r,l'.'J. ""I Hampton, Alien!
Skeena Land Hisint't  -District ot Coaat Ransa ���'���
'���V,,;  .;,.������. il,.i 1. Lionel Kiin.-sle.vnl Vancou
ver.   II.   I'.,   nccuputinn   lniner,_ Inlenal   lo  a|i|ll,'
Hirer, anil tl C   WANTEU-Raaum and board  in private family.
X.M.. Optimist Ollice.
Fire Insurance
OUR SI'KCIALTY-Kire Insurance.    Werepre-
sent eleven slrunir Fire I,-tinance ('..mpnnt.
We vaunt  yuur   buiines-     Iti'ire   und   imall.
Let us .mote you rates.  The Muck Realty ind
Insurance Ca.mpany, cor:,,>l A,e. and FllltonSt
ill   THE BrltJeh Union and KaUoaal Fire Iniurance
.   i   Compuny of London, England,   with   capital
of K.50tl,000.l��i.     See us f.ir rates.     The  Mack
Realty land Insurance Company. TO-tf
(hi If for irrigation, describe the land
intended to he irrigated, giving
lil If tha- water is to he used for pov. ���
er or mining purposes, describe the
place where the water is to !����� returned to some natural channel, and
tin- difference in ultitude betwei n
i .aint of diversion and point of return.
Power plant ahout H-4 of a mile down
stream from the intake.    Difference
in ultitude HI feet.
ljl    Area of Crown land intended to be
the  proposed  works is
lurchaiae the (ollowinu descrtl.ssl
Commencini! al i p.-al planted near Ilia- aoulli-
..t cirner ul Lot im'J, Kanile 5. I "asl   Distriet
. ������..-.__ it. lilt Al	
Real Estate
A elutlflad iiilvfrtispnient i
man. unil *U>c* nut ofti-
count"  in the net mull
n r*al estate wije
count  t^noutrli   '*l
House Entered on Sunday. New means  all  accounted   for by   the  WAN^-��?��rd����l��. ****j����Z
Comers Rob ed
monthly terms.   Apply P.I��. Box 680.      SMI
Chinese custom ol drowning gir
babies.   Dr. Kin investigated our
progress in civic hygiene, household sanitation, and the conserva-
: Police are Investigating Matter lion of child  life.    She believes
and  Several   Arrests  of Sua- that  it  will  be  the district  nurse stenwn
pects Were Made Today.   Gu- who will reform and make sanitary , ________
ilty Persons are Netted. , the homes of overcrowded China. Boarders Wanted
Situations Wanted
A   elaailAed   advertisement   ia a tireless worl ���
htmter-anii eelu..m fails.
and Ollice A--istant.   .'. years c\-
Ihenoe le-st la chains, thence louth ��0 chain
,",.,���. cast   I" ehaltu. thenca- norlh SO chains lo
point ol cornmcucinietit.
luted March HI, 1811.
I'uL.. Apr,! --���
swawia Un.i in.,���   otstrict oi Coaat Run V
Tai," nunc lhal Jlck Uanllord ul Kel��hley.
lerkshln.. Kncland, occupetion uver-looki-r, Intendi to upply lor |��-niiia��lon to purchase, the
lollowini ala-scrilN-al lends: .
Ceimmi'iicinii at a post plantesl at a point in the
eanerlv bounden a,l limber limit ISSSS and in
the southerly limit ol lot :I9K��, Itenaa- 5, toast
Dlitrict, ao,,". the said limits interaect, thenee
alune lhe  -.ulh.rly  limil   ol  lol  HUSH  olora-said   m���rt. ,��� l,
occupied by
100 a.-r.-s.
(k)   This notice was posted on the 6th
day of March, 1911, and spplication
will he made to the Commissioner i n
the 25th day of April, 1911.
(1)    Give the names and nddre-sses a f direction
any riparian proprietors or
who or whose lands are likely   to  le , i'ul.. March 25.
affejted by the proposed works, either 	
above or below the outlet.     None,       I Ska-en. Und l,U,r,cl-l>l.tr.cl ol I oa,. lUna- \
and lhe projection thawi! in an easterly alir.-oti.it,
^u chains mura- or la-s. to the westerly limit o!
limber limit 1U01, thenca. In a southerly dira-ction
alone the lasl memlloneal limit 11 chains more
,,. lea ... the northerly limit ol timba.r limit no.,.a,
, meteria/ dlraeUoo alonu tbe last men-
tii.msl limit nil chalna maara- or le��w to il,e- eaaterly
limit ������! iiiiiIht limit MStS, ihence- In a northerly
1) chains more or leas to the- paiint o!
Oueea Charlotte lslunds Und Diatriet���Htstri t ���|
' Skel-na
Take notloe tlmt ta J.'hn Mclxsid ul Viiiifi.i.i,r,
uecupulion hroker, inlend lo apply lor |i.-n. >;i
to prospeet lor coul anal pelroleum on the loll,. rin|
dese'ril'esi lunda:
Commencini ata poet planted almut two mila
south and I.e. mil��� wa��l ol tho mouth ad ll��
Tl-ad Itiver and markesl J. Mc.L. N. IS, Corner,
\��� l. thenca. aoulll HU chaina, thonce Warn -.,
chains thanee north *u ehaina tlience .���,.-, -,l
chains to point id entnnieticemunl: contiiiinni; t.lo
���e,���   inore or leus.
RfftSftr Clercnce McDowell. A ;,,.l
Oown Charlotte MandeLend Diatriet���Dial rl I
H    ' Skeona
Take notico that 1, John .Mc.a'oiI o( Vanco, ver.
occupation hroker. intend to apply lor perm, doe
tu prospeet lor cal and petroleum on the loll ,(
deaerlbed lands: ,   .   ,    .
Commeneini at a post planted abuui i��o
mUa suuili and iwu milaa. we��t ol the mumn ut
the Tl-ad Uiver, tiraham Island, anil inu.h.al
' .Me' L N. W. Corner, No. ai, thonca' suut i -o
ciuiiiu, thenco east lid chaine, thonco nunli -j
chains, thonce  west  Kll choline to  point oi ,-om.
menoinMol i eontalnini: mo aerea, more or lee,
llal.sl l'eli. 22. IUll. JOalN Mcl.l.nli
i'ul,. Feb. 24. Clarenee McDowell, tee
Oue*n Charlotte Islanda Und Dlitrict���Diitrict o
Take nutica- lliul I, John MeLeod ol Vancouver
occoiaetion hroke-r, Inoutd to apply lor'parmiadoi
lo prospect lor coal und petnHttm on the !oHowla|
ala'-scnhe^i lanela: ,   .
Commencina- ol a post planted about tw-o mi�����
south and two milw west ol the mouth ol the I lal
Knur and marked J. McL. S. W. Corner, No. S3,
thenca- nsirth SU chains, thenco east BU ciia.n.,
thence saiulh 811 chains, thence wait 8U Chan,- n,
l���i���it  til  commencincnt;   conlainlna  lilU a.r...
ut.VK.daTs!   I'.'ll. JOHN Mcl.llull
i'uh. Keh. 24. ' Clarence McDowell, .\_.tn
James Cross. Asent.
P.O. Box2K5, i'rinee Rupert, B.C.
NoTK -One cuhit- foot per second  is
equivalent to ,'15.71 miner's inches.
Puh. Mareh 16. 1911.
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict���District el
Take iiollce that 1, John McLeod ol Vanc..,n...
ax-cupaiiuii broker, inlend to apply lor wrnusMoe
lo prwpecl lor coal and petfOIOUnl on the billowing
deacrilaasi lands:
Commencing al a post planted abtiut twu mla
souih ol the  l'1-a-l Itiver and marked John Mcl..
N.  K. Corner,  No. 112,  Ihonco aouth  BU clu,,.,.
thenca. wa��t  BO chains, thonce  north SU chains,
, llience east 80 chaina lo point ol commoncvmi.nl;
Take  notica- that  Charltas  I*, niter ol  I'rince I eontainini! till) irn*. mora- or levaa
. , commenca-ma.nl.
licensees  ,,,.,,IM,rch,, lsn.
Runrat. U. C, occopalion surveyor, intensis to
apply !or permisaion to purchase, the ledlowing
da-scrihcal lands:
Cummencint; al a post planttsi at the north ea-t
curner o! ralrvayod lot ISM, Itaniru .'.. Coast Disirict, tha-nce in an a-asla-rly aliraTtton aloni: lhe
southerly limit aa! surveyed lot dSHI an.l the pna-
Dated Kel, 22. 1911.
I'uh. Keh.
JOHN Mel.Kuli
l^-alio B. Waller. AfM
yuven Charlotto lalanda Und District -Diilncl ul
Take miner that I, John McUwl ol Vnncuua
broker, intend to apply for pernu-
|,��ti..n (hereof 10 cheins lo e lioint. ihe.nra. south   .wupetion broker, intend lo apply lor. PermnHOB
parallel lu lhe ea.terlv limit o( survey.il lol :l'.i.M i to praaspa^t lor coal and petroleum on the lOUowt ��
alun-said IW chain, nu.r,. or lis-�� to the naariha-rlv , dcscriliail lands: 	
UmUo a timl-r limit No. I2M.I . thencc we., Caimmcncuul al a post planteal ebou a .���...,
iwlni in the pro mi ion north and one mile was.! ol tho mou.hu .,,
limil   ad  surv.veal  lol, l-l-ad Itiver end marke.1 J. McL., N. B, < o.u.r
A Natural Cathartic
50c The Bottle I
Park*. Devil 41        -v . It, Unl.
' ...       MX  MV
C.   Ii. ORME
Tht /"tortftr U-ag-yt
PHONE   i   ;
A case nf theft involving tin-
-mn n| slllll j-. lieing invi-stigattHl
by tlu- police who have already I
arrested several persons againsl
whom Mrniin suspicions exist. The
money belonged to ;i lady who
arrived hero with lu-r husband
only a day or two ago, and t"nk
.i liouM.- mi Kiulitli avenue, li is
their in ten don i" make their home
in Prince Kupert.
Evidently the knowledge of the
fact that they had come here
prepared to invest, and had withdrawn Mini:- of money (rom the
bank for immediate purchases ln--
tanie known to certain of the
dishonest Fraternity. The house
was evidendy watched, for die
theft took place on Sunday morning when husband and wife were
Up lo the present, while the
police have certain information
which must not bc divulged, tin-
,n tn,illy guilty person ha> yet lo
Ke made i ertain of,
For Sale
Lot, (i. block 16, section 7, Gth
Av... $400. Lot 11, block 26,
Bection 7. price (326a Phone 222
nr ���*������!��� M. M. Stephens & Company, Limited. 89-92
Ready for the Wild and Woolly
A female second cabin* paa-
icngcr arrived at St. John the'
other daj who gave her name as
"Miss Jack May'' was detained
by tlie < anadian Immigration officials, -hi' lieing attired in mate
costume, sh,. readily admitted
tint >he was of the opposite r-ex
, and Bald thai she and her male
l   till',"   I, |01      '..r     ;,,.     ...   :,,..,v     |1,    f,,,,,  ,
mtii by il,..   ' r..  . .a., ����y cheap companion hatl worked on a farm
1426 to 1886; euy terms.    v���-.v from  :,    i ,, ,i ,,,,i      0,,.  t,,,i   i,,���.   hn:r
thsantn ��� ot the hhrbor almost  to  n   l',l*;l""11'    Nl"   HM   '"'   ha,r
tucks Inlet    lili ill llttli ihelteretl eov�� cropped shun, wore li'^uinj.'.- audi
���^2J}t^w��"��tt��r������.aiid taslly tan boota ,,nil a sll,���, ,kin ,,,.,,
BUY AN ACRE AT DEI.KATLAH       'v'ls   "",    visible    lil'lnw    a    man's!
teraratr��telys l"v':":",' Hcr -^ ^ "1",,"30-
tho sol) ptrtwt and th�� boiieh ,i"iiKiit- 'l"(' s''t' was rather nood looking.
f,ii.   Tin,,., on thi spot hava marly   Thev hud aboul eleven nieces of
bmiKhl nml it in tin. .inly tiiwnait,   (.v,.r   . . .        '-van   |natts  in
twaa tliirils MM L.f.ire   the-  aurvi-y wiij*   ''''KKiW Including a rille ami were
W"'"*- bound for thc Canadian wesl
C. M. Wilson. It., .-,, 1 1. Ai.l. a Block
ri, ���Bttse, I- 'I BetaVoentOentrtlHotal
A Little Different Isn't It, from
the West you Know
Iu the Far West "Hamlet" was
one evening given by a Btrolling
company, and this is the criticism
th.it appeared next day in the
local paper, written by the local
dramatic editor:
"There is too much chinning in
this piece. The author is behind
the times, and seems to forget thai
what we want nowadays is hair-
raisins; situations and detectives.
"In the hands of a skillful
playwright a detective would have
lieen put on the track of Hamlet's
uncle, and the old man would
have been hunted down in a manner that would have lifted its
audience out of llu-ir cowhides.
"The moral of the piece is not
bad. The scene where Hamlet
sasses his mother is a very bad
example to the rising generation,
"Our advice lo the author i>
more action, more love-making
and plenty of specialties. The
crazy yirl scene should be eut
om altogether, and a rattling K(M|d
I A classifies! nilverliseme'M a"II lirlnirluyini applicants for that vacant ree..,,,, ear fair LMtVacnnl
l��l.aca. at yenr lalile'.
Ua.mi-coa.ka^i meals nn.l nt.'e'ly furnishtsl raomi
��� forthraH- persons. Aial'ly Mrs. Jam.-.. Beotl
1    111,1k.. :inl Ave-., between Sth and tth Ste.   -���������!
rival.. Ilnanl l,y the week or month. Home
ctaokinir a specialty. Miss K. M. 111.*.-.,,,, i-.l
Ave., ba'taveen Tth ami Mh Sil., phone ITI. Ki-tf
For Sale
A classilieal aslverlisema.nl. pa-nistcnlly primes!,
will sell anythir.ar of value.
Household Gee,iels. R.s.ms taa !����� let. Apply Mra.
Bvjen, Tth Ave. ami Taylor St. rS-l).',
Ilowlinar Alley an.l I'.s.l Room comliinntiun ; cash
proposition only conetdered, Sea Morrison's
personally, 2nd Ave., ba't ween nth ami Tth St..
Water Notice
Notice is hereby riven that an appli-1 mi'm. ni
cation will be inaili- uiiila'r I'nrt V. of ']'*',���'',N,
the "Water Act,  1909," to obtain t ^h-M��'
lii'i'llSt- in till' Qlli'a'll CharlotU' blvisltll I Skavna Und Histrlct    llislrict ol Coast Uatittc V
nf Rlrpsna llislrict !     Take   notice,   that   Kalith   Alice'   I rami her   ol
DI rshiillB ui. iiin. ]IU_.   Vork.hir...   Kntlenal.  oceupetlon  spmst.r.
*t) chains mora- or leel i.�� i
southerly   ol  lhe cast.-rh   ,,.
.i'.iM.   Ilienc..  11.   a   niarllirrl)   alir.-s-lia.la   alonK  the; No. 14, thenca- south JaU chaina.    thenre aa. -
protection  ol the Mid  limit  and  alont the odd ehains.  thence  north  ft) cliains.  thWOO W JJ
imll tin cheins mora, or lew to point of oommonce- chiin. lo point ol cummenca'tnenl:  conuinu,,! eie
���nten.ii.i! 210 acrasa mora- or I  ucn��. more or less.
archM'.'ll.        CHARLES I'. ilTTKIt Hated leh. M, l'Jll.
I'uh. March -.'-.
Uh. Keh. 2s.
JOHN Met 1.01
Clarence Mcllowell, At;.,.
guas-n Charlaitte lalands ljind Diitrict���llislr,,-: at
Take nutica- that I. John Ms'l.isial ei( Vancou.
limit   .,!  U,l .l?f.'i. llance .:. caas, ihslricl. Ihence     h| ��� h     ,    hj fc        w,   .���
���"'���.!on?,,h,!"?ul,*ri��.���." "[.'^���J**'..'""" "'::',"1    i   SS ihenc aoulh SU ehelna lo paiint o! en-
caalitamine t'.IU acres, maara- or lis...
(Cl    The Mint Of diversion St   or   m-lir|erly    'dlr.*llon   CO   ehaina mora-j    or    leaa   to | """ ""' "���
Ain Uke. ' _._^t\__[ ��""m��"rn" "* ��>�����*>�����''* 2" "*���"> : yuw��� ch��lotte Wend, Und DUtrict-Dlitrict ol
(ill   Thi- quantity nf water npplii'tl fnr WITH AI.ICK CROWTHXR I -skl' ��� ���
Source   (if   unnnmi-tl, the doncription f l�� 60 cheins to  a  point,   thenn. in   11 south- i ���,,.������.���������.���,. ������,������
:.,   a;.. I ,,b.. ...a  IIm la;.. _. , *'~l) .lira-etiea 3.1    clieits    parallel   to  the   saisl : t,.,,���i a.-,4, ���".  eall
IS) Ain Lake and AUI River. easterly   limit   ol   lot   ��l.   ihence  Ir. a ��o.l- ,   ,*h k..|,   ..V-
_..     .    ���   .    .  ....   . ...   ...   ...   ..     ���   _...      _, -a���    et.   -B-:..  ���    ..    ,_���   ..I *ao. reo. ...
(in cubic feet per seeonil) 1000.
(e)   The  character  of  the   proposi-il
works, ilum, llume,   pipe-line, |>owcr
enxines, plant, etc
Del.d March -. lull.
Puh. March U,
1'ake ii..-. . ihat I, Jo n McU d o! Va cou..
Money to Loan
A classitiasi a.lvcrllsen.ent will lind you the money with which to put your plan int.. erTee-t.
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
sunt; and dance substituted."
Mrs. Thomas McClymont wil
five wilh Mrs. W.
'in Thursday 'JTth April.
Read the Daily Optimist
Uee curtalni lauiliii-d   by   han.l
rates,    i'honellol.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prlnoa Rupert IxbIko, No. :ii��. Sons of
Knurlatt'l. rn.-el* the Rrit and  thir.l Tuesdays in
a-ach month in the Carpenters Hull, ut - t> in.
V. V. CLARK, Bee.,
P. 0. Box i*I2. I'rince- Rupert
is to he tisa-il (describe same) at or
near (nouth Ain River,Mussel Inlet.
(g) The purposes for which the wuter
is to be iisetl is for power development uml mill operations.
(h) If for irrigation, describe the
Innti to he Irrigated, Kivu'it screage.
(i) If the water is to be iisetl for power nr mining purposes, describe tbe
place where the wnter  is  to  b.
u cueelion broker, inlen I   o u;.p.y lor pa-ran;.
lo pj-j i ol lor c al end pvinalaa .tn aa   the- UttmTttmi
Sk.sa.iM Und lllslri.l   District of C.aast.        I de cnbed landi:
Tuke notice that I. J  II.  M.-Auirhev ���f I'rina-e      Comn encinil at a n sl plant.-d about four m   -
Kuoa-rl. aH-cupatlon miner, intends to apply for I .-out. ami lw., miles we l ol tho m.uih 0
permission 1.1 purchase the followinir descritaeal   'i'l-e-l    Itiver aaiaal merkv.1 J. Mci* N. K- Coffer,
| If)     The premises on Which  the   Wlltar   lands; , So. V: thenc-   outh HO ctialni, thi'ice w.aat M
Oammeneimr nt n posl planta-d nt the soiiltiwesl   chain.-, tha>nc  north ia.i cnaim,  thenee Mat   ���
corner ..f lot mill, thenca" east in chains, thenae   chains to poi t ol romtncm-a-incnl:    ontel,,iiiil
��� 'it), tl chains, lha-nce west |,��  chain*,   then,,- , acra'-, morr or liaaa.
north a. chains lo point of commencement, con-I Dale . Keh. 2.1, lilll. UN MT.Ktdl
talnlne ^i acres more or la-ss. ! I'ub  Kcli. 2.S. Clarane* Meliowell, Afl  l
Date Keb. IS, l'.Hl J. II. HeAUOHKY .
Pub. Keb. Ho. lull. Andrew Kennealy. AKent   yuestn Cherlotte Islan Is Und District��� Diatr c- ���
Sk ena
Take notice that i. John Mel.i-od el Vnncooarei
oceuielio . broker, intend in .appl.  for perm mc*
to pri*|iecl lor coal and pet roleum on the (oll.wi'.tf
elescr b d lends:
CommencinR at a post planteal to r mi es
tnd Iwo wasat ol lhe in .ulh ol I o   Tl-el 11,-,'t ���'  1
iiienoal ti, aaaara.. aanliarnl ,-l.,..,.,,.I ' ���V"S"iS "*"" "' " ,'] ,""."V '���""","���""- ��� ��� | mark.sl J. McL. S. B. Corner. No. 48, thenw n rm
t II nil   to some na Jural l llinnel,   anil , K. , s.W. .-orner-ami Imnmliatelr a, hnminii:jK��ts   ��� . c, .,���., ������.���c.. vml w rhal      ln;. w ,���������, |,
the ihtlerence III ultlttltle between the | mnrkeal J.M. s N.K. coiner anil A.II. iM. caar- \ c ���n,   ,  Pnci) ,.JV|    0 chai      t    point ol ss.m
point of diversion nml (mint of return    M1";i;l!,,��r.?1';h"ir,t!,h",'���"".h11""..^'^.^'''^1 Xn!?.'".'' ' m,'n '""'nl   ">"'"""n�� '���**) aerei. more or le ���
', ,      ,    i.     ,, , tnence saiulh Sal chains, thenee west 4.1 chants, to    .i-o.i l.',.i,   ���.   igaa laaiiv;   M'l I-, a I a
At Or near mouth of Am KlVer.ubolIt   point ���f   eommeneement.  caantalnlna :��u  acre. , ,.*!,  y',, o-r '     "'      ,-,._���_,tf.rSaaslI A* ,
morenrless. I'KTKII KKIO. * i-larence Mcuoan n, a.
Daleal 1st Keb. IUll Cherles il. Allen. Aalao,! ' _,���___,        ,,,.,��� ... ,
Puli la b. 24. I ****** Charlotte Man.ls Unsl Diitriit���Distr ci "'
1 k.sn.i
'i'.ik   aiottce lhat 1, John M.-1-.s..l ol Vanav a r,
Skea-na Und Diitrict - Dlitrict a,f Coal*. i ocupaliun ..,oker, intend lo apply lor pe.-in,--  b
Take notice thai  I. William Anderson, aif Van- j '." ���' '*���"*} '"I c ���' m<* l��'lroleum on th   lolloe   |
lii.n ea-iil lo, mn.l.. t��� II,., rVsmmlsaa    ..... ! ea-uva-r,   B.C..  iK-cupatloti  clerk, tnla-nds to apply    'ies;r'tMsl lamls:
    '"  '       SSiOner ���,,���,,���,��� ntOPU^lhwthaloUoirtnedalwItJ      I "mm. nem�� ..I a |wil ,,'anted ahoul I ur m   ���
ad landai aaiuih .. -i two mil.w v.,. i ot the mouth ol '"���
Coimenclim nl a |n*l plnnle-al nn.l marked W.   ST- __*__ **'"' marked J.  McL. N. W. Corn��
A. northwest corner, nnd als.ut I mil,, from Alex-1 "!"'. '"'   ""'nc   ��ouih ��il ehaina,    ihen,-.
Skeenn Un.l Dlstrlct-Dlitrict of Cout
Take notice that  I. l-a-ler Ite-id, of Vancouver.
B.C., occupation ta-nmsu-r, Intenda to applv for
teernaielfaen lo purchase the folliiwiliti ilescribed
160 feet below lake level,
(j)    Area of Crown Innil intended to be
Occupied by the proposed works....
(ki This notice wns posted on the
first day of March, 1911, an.i application will be miuia' to the commit
on the fifth llay of April, l'.ill.
(I)   Give the names anil  ntlilresses nf
., :   ...   ooreow.'se n.oio. .,,���, noon,   .   >,<.,< ���,,.���,,   /.,!���..
any riparian proprietors or licensees I ander  lluehan   northern boondarr line: tbenc
who or whose lantls nre likely to be
alfecla-d by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet.    None.
H. Ktli'tisliaw, Audit
; P.O. Box 185, I'rince Kuperi, B.C,
NoTK - One cubic foot per   secoiul   is
equivalent to 86.71 miner's inches.
chain, lh. ii.-,-  norlh  S    chaim,  thence
ham- t�� po.nl . I comm..,u- urate1   conta tutu:
Liquor Act, 1910
(Section :ii"i)
Notice is hereby  given  that on  the
2-ith day of May next, application will
he made to tin- Superintendent of Provincial Police for lhe Krunt of u license  ' �����>��� Murch lb. lilll.
for the sale of lii|nour hy retail   in   anil
,     ,,   ... upon the promises known ns Kitsinnkii-
���   ���   'nn  >l,     -a   I >.. Williams la^ Hotel, situate at'Kltsumkalum, B.
C, Skeena ilistrict, upon the lantls de-
| scrihetl as lot IWifi.
Dated this 24th day of April, l'.ill.
Apr. 25-lmo.      IIARHY HKKKYMAN
-.,,tl,  so ehains,  thenc.. east M. a-hnins   Ihene.
north su chains, thence we.t -si chains, to poinl of *���"""��� ".'""' ,"r "'"
commencement, a-a.nlnininaraa.. aces more or les. ' ',      ,. ,'   ��� ***' I'll.
WII.I.IAM ANDKItSON. . ' "''��� *'*'��� - '���
Dat.sl 1st Keb. IUll           Charles 11. Slark. Aara-nt
ub. Keb. 26. gueonlChailutle lileti s l.,n��� District���Dlsltln
JOHN  M'l I'
Clara c   McDowell. A,
Thir.1 A ,e . between Tth an.l Slh Sts
O .r III'   llakrrv PRINCE lltll'KHT   ill
To Boat and Gasoline Launch Owners
.. ���   in new  16
House of Good Values
We have just receivutl a shipment of
New Tailor Made Waists,     Irish Linen Waists
"Royal Purple" Shoes for the Ladies
"Traveller" and "Palace" Shoes for the Men
We ,'iirry a lar^c stock of Ladies' antl Men's Km it wear of ull tlesciiptinns.
Stikine I-an.l Diatrict  - llislrict ol Cassiar
Take noliee that Christian A. Tervo ol Slikine.
II. C., occupation customs oltlcer, Intemls to apply
for iHTtniasion to purchase the [ollowinu ilescrilssl
Commencinu at a post plantisl alaiul three--
��� luarters of a mile north easl from (llacier llillle
anil on the easl bank ol Stikine Kiver ami on the
' south ,'!.��� "' the moulh ot a little creek, tlipi.ee
easl  40  chains,  thencc  north   ill chains,  Ihenea,
. wesl 10 chains, thence south ll) chains to |H.lrit
ol commencement anil contnininu IliO acres mairai j ���
���i .-..., I   ���..' Il,.lri.t    District aaf Coast.
Take notice that I. Uelle K. Walter, of Vana-a,,,.
V��r, B.C.. aaccuiaution |.r.M.| lor, intemls to n|-
ply for permissinn to loirchnse the followiinr daa*
cilssl lanals:
CaitnttietictnK nt a posl plnnt.sl nml mnrki<el I..
K. W.'s S.K. corner aim) immislintely a.ljoiniiiir
post markisl W.A.'s N.W. c, ,,er. thenc. north in
chains, ths-nee wesl .so chain-. IheBea south In
ehains. thence enst so chains, to (mint of commeneement, cnnlielnitiK-112,, acres, more or la-ss
Datad 1st Keb., lull Charles II. Allen. Auent
I'llli. Keb. 2ii.
Taka notiee Ua I.John *i L,  dotVenoai -
occupation i,roker. Inten.l taa apply lor ihtiiii-
t   prt.p.ct   or roal a il'.elroleum on   tea folios. I .'
d .rrtls-l I  i a|e:
Commencnj ai a p st | lent d alao I 'o t*t**t*
..ui. an.l two mile, wet of th ��� mouth I we
T-,. liver ani narkal J. M 1. . W. Co mt.
No I.'., titenc n .rth .��� c'laina, .himc- a-as I*
rhaina. thence toUtB -0 cl.n , s, the M we.t ���'
��� aina ut. |j,i of romuienceineiit e ntainlnii l'l
I re��, m re or lea .
li i. I I'.b. j:i. 1 u J ilIN M'l.ln"
PUD. leh. tl, i   .,ra,. e M   liowi'll.   '*. '���
guwn Charlotle tslamls Und Dlalrict��� Dbalrcl al
I Skeena
Take nolice lhat l.John McLeod o! X'aneouai'.
..crupation broker, intend to apply for pe-nnlas.."
Dated Keb. III. lilll.
I'uh. April 7.
Skeena ljind Djatriot- Dietrlet of Cassiar
Tnke notice that I Charlea Mori i. of i'rince Itti-
perl. ll.C..,��-c,ipallon lals.ior.  intends to npply.  ,	
for permisaion to purchase the followinir des, rib-   lo prospect for Coal and petroleum on the follow   .
"1 lands: t>- .-arl.. I lanal:
Commeneini! at a post plnnta-,1 three nn.l one-       Commencinu   nt a pais  planted about tw<mil'1
half miles In an a>astcrly direction from the poinl ! north ol the mouth ol th.- T -el r ver an    marl." I
I on Nans Hiver where thc Lava Lake trail  la'arlns   J-  McL., S. W. Corner   Nn.  t. thence nortli "''
northerljf direction from the   chains, thenca. east nil chaina ' thenc ��� ioul'
,     .  ... I eni.l   l.ava  Lake taail.  Ihenee
tllltlSilAN  A.   II.IIVO   ,|���.m.r e������ ���, ,,h.,n!
Stikine Und District    llatrlcln! Caasiar
Take notice that Sydney lioditkin.on of Tele-
Rrtph Creek, H. C., occupation clerk. Intends lo
apply   lor   Iiermission   to  purchase  Ihe  followina
described land:
CommencinK at a post planteal about a ,matter
mile norlh easl Irom lilacia-r llillle and nn lhe eaat
hank ol Stikine Itiver, thenca. east 21} chains
thenco north 40 cliains. thence west 20 chains,
thence snuth 40 chains to pnint ol commencement
and containinK all acres more or lesa.
Dated Keb. 11. lull.
��� ,    ,    ������ SYDNKY   IIODliKINSON
I'ul,  April 7. c.A, Tervo, AKenl
Skeena ljind llislrict  -District ol Oueen Charlolte
'lake   notice  that   llula'rl   O.   Crow   ol   I'rince
Rupart, 11. ('., occupation auent. Intends to applv
for permission to purchase the followinK 'I rll���..'l
.uth so cbains. chains, tlence w.st 80 cha ni to point ol
thenee  north  sal chains, mencemenl j   eontalnini 640 acrasa, more or loss
, thenre west Ni ilmln. 1., point of commencement. Dated Feb. 25, lilt                      JOHN McLK.HI1
contatlnleiK MO ai-ros. |'���h. pp|, _f                               T  E aa/allor. All''"1
Date Fab. J, IMI.               CHARLM Moitms "
; I'ub. Mar. 111.                        Joseph Helwny. Airoiit ' ���
gueen Charlolte Islands Unal District���District
I    lJI!?Sifa!Lf^8te%ffi!li9H" T��l<enotleethall,J���^nMcIJeo,lol Vancoua.r.'
lake naitia-u that 1 Joseph lleUay of V.miooiiv, r uccupation broker, intend to apply lor pormbs,"!1
H.C. oceupation proepeetor, Intandi t.. ������piy f���r to proapeel lor e���ai aad patnlauBOS the loBowW
permission to purchnse the  followina:,lesc,IIh.,1 descrilavl lan It          *m*���mmmmm
,',                               .   , Cnmmencing a   a posl planted about two mile"
C.,mn,.ncinK at a post planled tw., iinslono.half north and t  o DIM weat ol the mout    ol It*
mile, ,,, ,.n easterly abrecllon from ,|���, ,���)inl ������ -|'|.e| lliv,,r ,n,| markedT McL, N   W. Cornel.
Naas lliver where the Uva Uke trail l,.K|���,. No. 27, Ihence ssi.thHU chalna   thence easl  H
Iheni-eanat wi ehuins. thenee north tan ebnl
point of turnmeneeiiMnt, contalnina- SH aera
more or less.
Hale Kel.. :l. 1011
I'ub. Mar. lo
chains lo poin' of commencement;  containinK ''"
acrea, more or less
Dated Ke .25,11111. JOHN Mcl.!:"
J08LP1I BELWAY   I'ub. Kob. 27. T. K. Walter. Ait.
Skconn l,it,,l District-Dlslrlct of Casslnr
Take notice thai I Arthur James Welsh of Van
couver. oseupnilon broker. Intends to npplv fo
guoen Charlolle Islanda Uml Diatrict��� Dlitrict n!
n. , Skea-na
lake rathe that I Joh    MeUod of Vancouver,
iH-nipatl,,,, broker, intend to apply lor perml*' '
Skea-na Land Iliat'icl   -I>,.tra-i ot ', i.-.i' 'hirl.itu   Town Council Hag Girl \rri-steil
Take notlc Iha' Catherine llsrr,-".,. nl CalKary, (       U/earinn H��UUI_ Cl ���   .
Alis.na, occupation .pinster,  Intendi le apply. 'or wearing Hobble skirt
lor panoWOI la purchase the followinn ,,.���������, I
.DSwSSyaAW^SS ��ki" had caused a disastrous run-
&4l?^J^t.^S-0^SSS��S2S< away, for whidi she was arreted,
and containinK 1B0 acrea mnre or leas. i t|���. (,,\vn lionnl of UlH-lnili.in, Miili.
Datesl March 17, IUll
lor liiilii's
The House of Good Values
Third Ave.
CommencinK al   a  post   plantd   aliout   fl   1-2
ml��� west and hall a mile south ol I In. mouth ol
Stanley   Creek   where   ,1   empties     Into   Naalon   permlielon  lo purchnse the VoiiowlneTlew'rlhM . l." *SS**f* *'" *"<*linsVpetroieuin on'the'lollo��it��
Harbor,  Oraham   Island,  ihence east   40 chains.   "J��� descrilied lands:
\\ZZ^  '",'o'ih ,o" i'h,,in.' '''V'"' ,""'  !�� rh"'""' ������ a. (.:;'m o""?1'"' "l " ***** ^'""t"'1 three nn.l ene-      '"""nne .eini! ll a posl planted about two mil"*
l"""1'    _,&*__* '" ,'"1"1 ",' commencement , half milesI In an easfrly SlreeUon f,o,��� o"   point BR��� *"���* l��" ****** ***** of the mouth of '111'
and cnnlniniM I'.O acres more or Im J on N::as Rlvar when the  Lnva  Uk�� tSall tm_. Illv"r "n'l niell<"d J. McL.   S. W. Comer, No -'"
I la lid March I,, HIU. IIUUKKT (). CUKW   nienee, ,,..,��� ,|���. trol|. thene. mil "U 1   ,'hnl !,,"'n"' "or<h  SO chnins   thenre  eaat  HO  chaiK.
lull. April 7. NumaDemen, Agent jjhener aoulh mi ehalns.   then,-   west   Si cha na ""'Ure south HO ehalns, thenre weat 80 chain" I"
| ihenc no, th �� chnins t ���, ,,f eommeiieement pounl at eommencemenl:    conUlning HO *****
_ ,      ,., ' contnininK r,|o nrrea maare aar less mnre nr la-as.
tB! m\%\_y$__**m_\\_t*mml* __**. ***���"���" \    .>"!'' ia"1' '',' "'"       ARTHUR IAMBI) Wl'l ON   J'"."''1 5* 2r'. ,a"l JOHN Mcl.K.tiH
rake  notice, that  Wil lam  Kranklln Carpenler , >"l' Mar. Ill j,,,,,,.,, ] ,V". ���\������,      I'uh. Keb. 27. T  E Waltor. Agen'
til  i'rinco Ituport, 11. C. occupitlon re.l.urant I " ��"lway. Agent a c. wata
tKoll'owIng d,oacr*l��!|V|aml''"rn'l"''0n l" *""'*"""��� ,        i''""''m *���"'"' ,,l"'rl'-'    W��ri�� of C,,���,i. ' ^"���n Char'otto islands Uml Dlatriet-DHtrlOl ��
I    Commencing nt a post planled at the anuth easl ' VMeolieSjffc "'occ���!'���,AI"v;""l",r   H"ehan, of ,    Take notice lhat I Snfftlol end ol Vancouver.
nHMu #mB3H m^^^
ment: |0ntiffnroM��!i,_��*Vl*^******   ��ha^rtenee WU th Mehaln       ',   ���   '    /''���,"   |fe 51- ,"""���- "��uth HO    halna. Ihence west  Hj
| Dated Keh. in, ipii. "������ memiajnant, eontalnliw tun ..i,...���.1. g_eom-1 opajaa, thenc   b.���,S ��n oh.in.. itei,..,. ..,'


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