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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-04-20

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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL, II,  NO. 87
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, April 20, ion.
Price Fivk Cents
to cm
Mail Steamer Lusitania Wrecked in Bright Moonlight
on Bellows Rock���Eight Passengers Lost
in Boiling Surf���Bluejackets
Did Noble Work
(Special to the Optimist)
Capetown, April 20.���Dramatic
scenes took place at the wreck
lasl night, on tlie Bellows Rock,
ni ihe Portuguese mail steamer
I usitania. Eight passengers lost
iheir lives in the heavy surf that
,.iji��iA'il ilu1 boats. The British
battleship Forte arrived just in
ilu' nick of time in Bave the rest
,���: thc crew and passengers.
Bright Moonlight Night
li was a beautiful moonlight
night when the vessel struck. A
fresh breeze was blowing and the
vessel was swinging t<> the seas
which broke in white surf ashore.
I'lie Lusitania was only two miles
��� '"in Cape Town when she ran
������a ihe rock whieh has claimed
more than one steamer and many
nailing ships. Steaming at full
speed she piled herself up completely driving far up on the reef j
ind sticking firm.
Signals for Aid Seen
Rockets were sent up and guns
fired for aid. Heavy surf dashing
mi the rocks swepi right over the
wreck. Women and children who
li.ul rushed up, scanlilv clad, from
below when the vessel struck,
suffered greatly from cold and
exposure. Efforts were made to
lower the boats and take the
passengers off, but the first boats
launched swamped and capsized
in the heavy surf and eight passengers were lost in spile of
heroic efforts to save them. Only
the grip the wreck had of the rock
prevented her from foundering.
Then the sound of an answering
gun was heard and the British
battleship Forte came steaming
up at full speed.
Bluejackets to the Rescue
Standing by the rock as near
as possible with safely the Forte
lowered lifeboats, and the bluejackets at tremendous risk got
the crew and passengers of the
Lusitania transferred without loss
of life. 1,'hey were conveyed to
Cape Town where they were landed. No effects could be saved, and
as the wreck occurred at night the
passengers have lost all iheir valuables. Efforts will be made to
save the mails, but il is feared
that the I usilauia will he a total
His   Opponent   Seymour   Can
Count on 800 Majority
(Special to the Optimist)
Tacoma, April 19.- Indications
point to the probability that at
the election due lo the recall of
Mayor Fawcett, liis opponent Seymour, the Welfare League Candidate may have a majority of over
G. T, P. Going to Increase Equipment at This End
Prince Rupert to Have a Dozen
Engines and Big Mechanical
Equipment   This  Summer
Three   Engines    will   Arrive
Next Week.
Ilie mechanical equipment ol
the (.. T. P. here is to iie in-
1 reused by six engines, a number of
curs and several other things,
rhrcc of the engines are already
"ii (heir way and will arrive next
(lateral Superintendent W. C.
Mehan sent for the additional
1 T'lipnictii  some  time ago  to  thc
head ollice of lhe company in
Winnipeg and has received notice
of a shipment.
The three engines now on the
way came over the C. P. R. tracks
acio>s the continent under iheir
own power with their own engineer
and firemen aboard. These men
will run lhe engines here. Will)
lhe arrival of lhe six engines
Prince Rupert will have a round
ido/en locomotives.
Tne S. S. Slate of California
arrived from Seattle last night
with a few passengers and a big
consignment of freight.
S. S. Camosun of the U. S. S.
Co., will arrive here tomorrow
night with mail and passengers
from Vancouver. She will leave
shortly after for Stewart and he
hack lo g<> south on Sunday
Executive Committee Will Take Matter Up at Once-
Convalescent Men May be Provided With a
Smoking Room���Sick Men Smoke as
Soon as They Leave Bed
\l   present    there   an'   no   lire
Snipes ai the General Hospital.
When lhe Hospital Board met
yesterday afternoon Mr. 1'- ���<���
Stewart called the attention <>f
''in colleagues to this matter.   "In
'lie event of a lire al the hospital
���lie results might he very serious,"
'"���' said. "1 propose ihe Executive
1 "ininittce he appointed lo look
inin lhe matter with power lo
"'I," and the Board carried lhe
motion, Mr. J. G. Scott was
rliosen as chairman <>f tl"' com-
'ii lee.   The services of Fire Chief
Mclnnes will he Invited t<> help
!n the matter.
11 is proposed lo put the iron
'"e escape ladders leading from
'lie puhlic wards and other rooms
"i the building, a.ul attention
will he given to ihe water pressure
itt ihe lire hydrants.
Sick Men Like Smoking
Ahout the first thing a in."1
Wants   lo   do   after   he   is   strong
enough to net out of bed following
���in illness is io have a good long
smoke. Dr. J. O. Reddie, medical
health officer, has noticed this
noticed al (he hospital convalescent
men slip into a convenient corner
and court "My Lady Nicotine."
For the convenience of these
weed lovers a little smoking room
may he rigged up. The House
Committee will look into lhe matter.
Several Improvements are badly
needed and will receive attention
in due lime.
Other Items
E. J. Hicks, contractor, wrote
asking for 120.98 balance of his
contract price on (lie hospital
building, extra work, etc. The
lei ler was sent on to the Finance
There   are   lit   patients   in   the
There were present: Presidenl
D O. Stewart, 1'. I. Palmer,
fohn Kirkpatrick, J. IL Thompson, O. H. Nelson and Secretary
\V. M. Wright.
Well Over Half a Million Over
the Border Already
(Special to the Optimist)
Winnipeg, April 19. The Immigration Department announces
that since the season opened this
year SliOd.tlOO in I'nitcd States
effects and outside money has
entered  Canada  by  North   Portal
and Manitoba ports.
A general meeting of the members of the Kaien lsiand Club will
hi' held in the chili rooms tonight.
(Special to lhe I Iptimist)
The following are the   re
suits  of principal    baseball
matches yestcrd.iv :
Vancouver 5,  Seattle 1.
Tacoma 8, Victoria 1. ���
Spokane 2,   Poi Uand    I ���
11 innings. ;
Get Information
Mayor Manson has instructed
City Clerk Woods lo write to
lhe eity clerks of all the principal
Canadian cities to get information
about lighting, power and street
car matters so thai the council
will hi' in a position to answer
Mr. R. Brutiiiell of ihe Tsimpsean
Light and Power Company when
he comes before ihe council again.
Still  Proceeding
The case against lhe Hi sirikers
is still proceeding before Magistrate Carss.
City Council Wants the Speed
By-law Enforced
Prince Rupert's black automobile is cnarged with gross im-
proprietry, li is aliened that it
did one nighi last week tear in
a very undignified gait way along
lhe streets and, no so near a lady
as to brush her skirls, then luislli
Mr. Alex Douglas saw this
piece of discourtesy and wrote
to the cily council ahout it. He
complained about the reckless driving of ihe "black automobile." I le
wanted the law governing ihe
speed of these modern Juggcr-
naimts enforced.
Alderman Newton avowed he
has heard that "black automobile"
career past his house at all hours
of the night. "It is high time
something was dune. Someone
will he injured one of ihese days,"
he said.
The Ciiy Clerk will write to
Chief of Police Vickcrs to ask
liim to enforce the speed by-law.
Change of Venue Decided Upon  by  Attorney-General
Bowser Owing to Improbability of  Being
Able to Secure Impartial Jury
in This City
Will Sell Gas for $1.75 and $1.25 per Thousand, and Power for
$30 Per Horse Power--Also Want Permission to Start
a Street Railway When the City Has 15,000
People---Submit Proposal in Writing
A proposition to supply Prince
Rupert with gas, electric power
and streel cars, was outlined to
the city council last night by Mr.
Raymond Bruiinell, of ihe Tsimpsean Light and Power Company,
also an application was made to
ihe council to enter into an agreement wilh lhe company for the
supply ol the ihree things. The
company is prepared lo spend
about .$3,000,000 on the sinning
of agreements, to supply gas within
six months alter agreement with
city is signed, to supply power up
lo about 5,000 horse power al
ahout StfO a year per horse power
nine months after agreement  is
signed and lo supply street cats
when Prince Rupert has a population of 15,000. Further, ihe
city to have lhe right to purchase
all the interests of the company
at the expiration ol It) years,
according to the law governing
ihe purchasing of company's interests and  paying  fair competi-
jsation. The mailer was laid over
for consideration and Mr. Bruiinell
will submit his proposition in
Mr. Bruiinell reminded lhe council thai lhe company has a franchise granted hy lhe Provincial
Government to operate in this
city, hill the company would
rather come in and do business
on an agreement with ihe council
than otherwise. Ile said there
may he some dispute arise over
tne franchise which ihe Privy
Council of England would have
to decide, but the company had
co intention <>f coming in here
against lhe wishes ol lhe people.
About the Project
The company is prepared t<>
Install a gas plant on being given
permission t<�� lay pipes on the
streets, where streets are graded,
Work on the plant would siart
the day after the agreement was
signed and the price of gas per
thousand would he 11.25 for cooking and 81."") lor lighting.
As regards lhe street cars thc
proposal is to build lirst one line
from one e id of lhe cily lo the
Other as soon as lucre are 16,000
people here.
The company will pave lhe road
between the tracks, and for sonic
ditt&nce each side and will pay
the cily from 3 to It) per cenl of
lhe gross earnings of the cars.
Electric power would he hroughl
from a point up the Skeena
River 12 miles distant and work
from there up lo the city limits
will he none on wilh shortly.
Mr. Bruiinell emphasized the
advantages his company was offering. In answer lo Alderman
Morrissey Mr.  Bruiinell said lhe
agreements could he dealt with
hy the council separately.
Alderman  Newton  wanted  to
see street cars when the cily nas
S.llllll people.
The propositions will he sub-
inilieil in writing today to each
member of ine council.
S. P. McMordie, S. II. Watson
and  J.   R.  Morgan,  contractors
for city grading work wrote to
thc council lasl night asking for
an extension of lime on their
contracts. Mr. McMordie stated
hc had heard the council intended
lo enforce lhe penally of 8'2.r) a
day on all coitraetors who do
.ml finish llieir work within the
epccilicd  time.
The matter was nol discussed al
any length for Alderman Morrissey moved the following niolio i,
seco ided hy Alderman New Km.
and carried unanimously:
"That the Cily Clerk he instructed   to   acknowledge   receipt
of  the  communications  and   to
stale  that   Ihe  reasons  given  by
the contractors for the extension
of time is only now receiving the
consideration of the council. As
soon as a conclusion has hcen
reached lhe contractors will he
"In   the   meantime   the  con
tractors he urged to prosecute the
work with all possible speed."
Alderman Pattullo's Resignation
"We very much regret ihe resignation of Alderman Pattullo,' said
the Mayor when the matter came
up. "There is not very much we
can do under the circumstances,
ll   might   he  left   over  Until   the
Settlement Soon
Mayor Manson received
word this morning bv wire
from Mr. D'Arcy Tate the
G.T.P. solicitor in Winnipeg
stating that the assessment
question is now before the
directors of the company in
Winnipeg, nnd it is expected  a  settlement   will   be
l agreed upon  inside of ten
j  days.
next meeting of lhe council when
il will be decided to fix a day for
lhe by-election."
Alderman Morrissey paid a tribute to Mr. Pattullo, "even though
he   disagreed   wilh   some   of   us
sometimes," added Mr. Morrissey.
ll may he arranged lo vote
on one of the by-laws on lhe day
of the by-election.
Magistrate Wants Raise
If the council refuse lo recommend the Government ro taisc
the salary of Magistrate Carss
from SI.'ilKI lo 8'2.()()() a year
or if lhe Government fails t,,
come through wilh the extra SHOO
Mr. Carss will resign, lie feels
lhe position is worth more than
81.'200 bec&tise it takes up so
much of his lime and interferes
wilh his private practice seriously.
The finance commit lee will report
(Special lo lhc I Iptimist)
Victoria, April '20.    Strikers under   arrest,   and   now   in   Prince
Rupert jail awaiting trial, will  he
tried at Victoria,
High Tension of Opinion
\llorncy-( iineral Bowser has decided on this course owing to the
probable difficulty of obtaining an
absolutely impartial and disinterested jury in Prince Rupert. The
high tension of puhlic opinion
after the disturbance which would
naturally affect, and possibly prejudice all having inleseris in the
city is given as a reason.
Appear at Assizes
Accordingly the venue of the
trial of those sirikers committed,
has been altered. Their cases
will come up ai the Assizes in
Victoria. All those strikers who
have to stand trial will he taken
down below, and held there until
their turn to apprae arrives.   Mean
Will  Transfer   Passengers   and
Cargo and Leave for Repairs
Towed in hy the tug William
Joliffe, the S. S. Vadso of the
Boscowitch line, came into port
litis morning wilh her propeller
gone, her rudder missing and her
shoe torn off, the result of hilling
a reel' in Rivers Inlet last week
iust as she was leaving Beaver
Captain LeBlanc says that his
vessel is not badly damaged.
She will transfer her cargo and
passengers for Naas River pons
on the arrival of the S. S. Venture
today and will then proceed form
here to Esquimalt lor repairs.
Are   vou   interested  in   Prince
Rupert and its future prosperity?
Then  come  and  hear   Duncan
while lhe process of investigating ; Ross,    Esq.,   speak   on   lhe   Keltic various cases before lhc prison-;ciprocily  Agreement at  the  Km-
ers are actually committeed pro
press Theatre
tomorrow   evening.
ceeds, hut will he completed in a
Admission free
and seals reserved
few days.
for ladies.
Police Raid Ran Opium Smokers  to  Earth
Suspected Regular Traffic in
Oriental Drug by Chinamen.
Rigorous Measures Being Taken to Stamp It Out.
For some lime the police have
had strong suspicions dial ,i regular
traffic in opium has been going
on in the restricted district. Chinamen are believed to have been
supplying the siulT which was
Consumed  in one or other of  the
resorts on Comox avenue.
In the small hours this morning
the district was raided hy Sergeant
Phillipson, Constable McArthur,
and Special Constables Miller and
Jackson, ln one of the houses
they found a irio immersed in an
Oriental pipe dream with the
opium smoking apparatus in full
blast beside them. The pipe and
druk were seized, and tomorrow
Gipsy Hamilton will appear in
the police court charged wiih
running a hop joint.    Others are
summoned in connection with the
A number of other resorts were
visited, and several persons war icd.
It is the intention of the police
under Chief Vickcrs to rid the
ciiy of those found frequenting,
and the opium traffic will he
rigorously stamped out.
City Council Decides  to  Urge  the  G. T. P.  to Expel
All Squatters from the Reserve���First
Move in Campaign Against
the Sturdy Rat
Some one mentioned rats last
night at the council meeting and
lhe aldermen began to "sic 'cin"
ight away.
Alderman Clayton wanted to
.tan on the plan of extermination
here and then. "Clear lhe ('.. T.
I*. Reserve." he said. "Clear
���veryhody olT il."
Alderman   Kirkpalrick   smelt   a
at and queried, "Can we?"    He
>aid   the  clearing  of   the  reserve
vas a matter between  the company a .d the tenants.
"Clear all the reserves," in -
terjected Alderman Kerr.
Then Mr. Woods read a report
from Dr. Reddie which first slated
thai before the garbge and sewer
system was instituted rats did
good by eating up the refuse. The
doctor advised against hoys as
rat catchers.
Appoint an official rat catcher,
give him a salary and pro rata
and use Dany/'s Virus was the
remedy advocated in the report.
The matter was juggled for a
long lime then a motion By Alder-
Several aldermen chipped ln:jman Clayton got through asking
But if the health of the cily is  t|H. (',. T. P. lo remove squatters
in danger or being interfered with." 1 at once from the reserve.   This
Thai was tlie point Alderman jis lhe first move to move the
Clayton had brougnt up when I Prince Rupert ral from life unto
he said:   eul  off the food supply  death.
of   the  rats  on   the  reserve   first      |i,, Reddie also put in a copy
and then exit Mr. Rat." |(,(   ihe   Vancouver   City   By-law-
Then City Clerk Woods re-'' govt ruing ships entering the port
minded thc council that Medical and rats. The discussion closed
Health Officer Dr. Reddie and his by the City Clerk ejaculating:
assistants were making a plan ofj"()h, Rats!"
the  reserve  and  a  report   of  the       The nealln committee will furtli-
COndl tion of every place on it, ler consider the subject. THE   PRINCE   RUPEliT..O.PTlMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THK OPTIMIST is tin' leading newspaper ��f Northern British Columbia,   It
has grown up with the eity.
Reading Noticbs ami Lboal advertisinc are I0o per lino,
ADVKKTlSINli RATES are une price l" all '-'���'��' per inch each issue fur Jlsplaj
matter. This rati' applies tu all advertising without distinction nf quantity
or time nf contract,     1'ninsienl advertising will he charged at 10e. per line
SUBSCRIPTION RATES DAILY, BOc per month, nr $6.00 (jit yeur, i��� advance
Weekly, 12.00 per year. Outside Canada Dally. $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
til.EO peryear, strictly in advance,
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Details of the New Issue for the
Daily Edition. ";.",fj;;)"'' Thursday, April 20
j Rochester a
*��. v Monroe
���*' Ladysmith
���"V*    .- 1 .Vita-
;very effort is now being made
the new King George V.
in   time   for   the
says the London Daily
"Ginger," observed a worthy
and ever watchful alderman "l
I'rince Rupert to me last night,
"Ginger is what makes the world
go round, Season your musings
with ginger, and the win ile eity
council of I'rince Rupert will devour them with avidity, Aldermen thrive <>n ginger, Warmed 1 are making arrangements to
up hy iis exhilarating influence onc t))j||ion stamps per hour.
Ill  I8SW
postage stamps
Express, _
To accomplish   il"s a  heavy
ies before the printers, who,
iUre the success of the new
and cope with the demand,
... trail beglni,
Ha.aatli BQ ohains,
north  W) chains   C-
ontalnlng 040  acrm
10 .'
No good purpose is served b) attempting to conceal the fact lhat
the conditions ol land settlement all over Northern British Columbia =���
and on Graham Island in particular are in an outrageous condition, +.^..~
I'liis in spiie ui the fact that the press of the northern province seems| j
to have entered into ,1 conspiracy to suppress an) information about
it,    The time has come when iu our own interests, irrespective of all
party preferences, the people of Northern British Columbia should \
bring pressure t" bear and end the present insufferable conditions. /
Already,  large numbers <>l  would-be settlers who have been  \
decoyed Ime   some even from the shore.-- oi Europe���have written
to their friends urging them nol to follow until the laws are changed,
Some have frankly stated to tlie Optimist their conviction that they
were brought to the Province by false pretences.
It i> not thai the land is not here, li is not thai the land i> nol
of ilu- rich fertility it i> represented to be. li is not that there i-- nol
a good market for all the produce thai tlie land.- may grow. Thc
lands are here, ihey are rich, .md a market is waiting, 'hi man)
tea-tables in Prince Rupert ilu- week ore 10 bc found radishes and garden produce imported Irom Seattle,    Anon1.1l> ol anomalies.
The trouble is thai would-be settlers, are not allowed lo settle
on the lands, Tlie one necessary class the only class who can effectively conquer the land are driven hitliei and thither to please the coal
grabbers and land sharks.
Though the whole of thc cast side of Graham Island irom Skidegate Inlet to Masset Inlet was declared a reserve on July 80, 1908
and i> -till advertised ,i> such thc would-be settlers on it are unabh
to obtain possession of lands, Some have lain driven irom their
pre-emptions two and three times. Some after being granted records
hy the i'rovinical Government have had them recalled, 0.1 the plea
that ii had since been disco\ crcd that 1 roal companies had prior claim-.
To their inquiries no satisfaction is given.
On September ,'ird last, Hon. Mr, Taylor and thc local member
paid a vi-ii to Masset. "They were received quietly, and iu a manner
befitting public sentiment up ami down ihe Inlet." said ihe local
paper.  Hoili gentlemen promised to have tho grievances of the settlers
A se���ion of the Legislature has -ime been held. Imt the grievances
have mn lieen remedied. Instead, an amendment to the Coal Act
waa brought in limiting the coal licensees' rights to the amount
of ihe surface of the land required for mining operations. But the
law waa not made retroactive. And the reserve i- already blanketed.
Writing at thc time from Victoria to an elector about thc matter
Mr. M.111-011 said: "I think that the best course to pursue is not to
give the matter of the amendment to the Act undue publicity."
A- it happens ihe best Interests of I'rince Rupert, of ('.raham
Island, of the would-be settlers even of Mr. Man-on himself demand
thai the mailer be i;i\eii due publicity. If the Islands are nol settled,
what i- to become of our trade, (lur storekeepers will lack customers.
We will have to continue importing vegetables, and thc would-be
sillier- will return 10 their homes in lhe prairie provinces and in
Europe disgruntled with thc country. This is ,1 question all electors
anxious for thc progress >>i the districl should unite upon.
Leave politics for the poliiici.it -, ami hi us do something to develop
Northern British Columbia.
OFFICE    :     :
For all I mds nf help, cooks,
waiters, liohwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, ..ill up
ihey arise at th
and perforin prodigies of municipal
activity. An ounce of ginger is
worth a ton of soothing syrup."
Phone No. 178
.,r eall lit the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks ~ waiters
Prince Rupert Young Liberal Association
****^^���m-_^______________m ������^^������������>arar>*>>aMr^r>ap
win Im- in-ill in ti,,- Bmprass Thoatrt uu
at 8 p.m.
Duncan Ross, Esq. Ex.-M.P.
Is Still Going on
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and Sth
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
Soothing syrup, I have noticed
i.-, supplied at the city hall, Some
ol ii has come my own way in
the course of my quest for news.
It's line stulT, finely manufactured,
and very dextrously administered,
Imi ii isn't altogether satisfying,
li comes in a bottle labelled
"M, M.'s Fail .Me Never���Il
Keeps inquisitive people quiet.
None Genuine Without the Initials on the Label." The iirsi
dose is pleasant. The second a
liiile stale. The third makes you
Syrup, and ginger, and dough
make ginger-bread (of a kind), and
when the city hall syrup falls
in beautiful globular chunks on
the head of a half-baked alderman,
the result is (generally) .1 gingerbread alderman, if the baking
process is carried to completion.
It was the intention, I believe, to
have gilded a couple and sent
them to the coronation, which
would have been a noble sclieine.
Mow well they'd have looked until
the gilt came off the gingerbread.
will address the meeting on
"The Reciprocity   Agreement   and
What it Means to Prince Rupert"
MMIC Mrsl(.
All Interested In the future of Princ* Rupert cordially invited.
The Optimist
Windsor Hotel
I ihst v\i:mIB vt KiiaiTH BTRKBT
Newly Kurniihrd and
Steam Heated Roomi
P.O. BOX .-17
While in the doughy stage aldermen are easily impressed and can
be moulded into various useful
and highly ornamental styles and
shapes. The addition of the syrup
is apt to make them slippery,
though it also makes them stick
together when jammed into a
tight corner. This is not such a
disadvantage as might appear.
Hut ihey can generally be remoulded as good as new, and lhe
ones that seem to have come out
in good shape can be picked oul
lor  gilding.     Unlike  doughnuts
they  don't   look   so  well   with   a
twist in them.
Best Method of Removing Ink
St ains on Wash Goods
To remove ink Bpots from wash
goods, melt a piece of tallow and
plunge the ink spot in the hot fat,
then wash the piece at mice and
the ink will disappear unless it i>
a colored garment which will not
wash, then drop melted wax on
the gpot, hi ii become hard and
remove wilh a sharp knife. The
ink will be soaked by by lhe wax,
and if any stain remains from it,
place a clean piece of blotting
paper over il, and press wilh a hot
iron 10 draw it out.
Hoo!!    Hoo!!
There will be
and dance given
Owls in ilu- K.
Thursday,  April
1 grand concert
iy the order of
of   P.   Mall   on
20th,   when   .1
public Installation of officers will
be made. Tickets are now on
-ile. A splendid evening's Inn
assured. Come and help the Owl-,
build their nest.
For Sale
Lots 14, 16, Hi,  hluck 28, lection B
price $600 each, terma half cash,
l.ut 7, block 18, sections, price S2.-
100, terms half eush.
Lots 18, 11, I.',,  liiuek x. gectlon 7
pn'' 1600 each, terma half eush.
Lots ii. 7. B, with houae, Mnek 86, see.
r, price |8,660 all, terms |1,800 cash.
Luis 7, x, block :iii.  lection
11,760 pair, tsrma imlf eush.
Hie only exclusive tea room in
town   is   run   by   Reilly   in   the
Empress basement.
I'anturiuni Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
..Whites Portland Cement...
G. C.
������'ur Fire Insurance in Reliable
Companies, call on
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Second Av
Phone 125      Naden Block      Seonrl Are.
Fruit   :   Produce   :    Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
-Easter Flowers.
ft*** Caal Bloom, *_m_ Vleto,!,
,,,11-e about 20(1 hands, 2000
rciiii-.'i paper, and one ton ol gum
..\�� i: is ihe intention of the post-
office to distribute the stamps
siiniiii r.eously all over the lliitish
Isle., su that ihey may be on sale
even where mi a determined day,
1,000,1 iKi.dllO stamps will be necessary 10 -upply ihe 25,000 poBt-
oilicesni ihe United Kingdom.
The new design was approved
quite recently by the King, the
postmaster-general and the board
of inland revenue, and the royal
mini is already busily engaged on
tin- work of engraving the plates
for the printing of the new stamps.
A keen philatelist, lhe King has
shown a personal interest in lhe
new issue, and has kept inconstant
touch with every phase of the
wink of printing the stamps. He
personally examined and criticised
the designs and sample engravings
lhat were submitted to him.
Material alterations will be made
ill the design of the new stamps.
As in the case of ihe King Edward
stamps, (he bust will remain unchanged, but the laurel and oak
leaves have been replaced by some
oilier appropriate symbol. The
border and lettering have also been
Swiss Women Wear Real Trousers
There is at le.ist one place iu
Europe where trousers lor women
are lhe fashion, and ihey are rea
trousers, loo, made of nooil wearing
material, not the modern jupe-
culotte, with its veilings of choice
Thu women of Camphery, ihe
health resort in Switzerland, have
from lime immemorial worn honest
masculine trousers. They wear
them not to attract attention to
themselves, but simply for the
sake of convenience, for they have
to perform tasks which require
freedom of lhe nether limbs.
They nol only perform all a
woman's usual tasks, including lhe
brinKinj! up of very large families,
but lo a ureal extent the cue of
the cattle is left to them. In
summer ihey labor in the fields
and in winter they (oil about the
sleep hillsides through deep snow.
��� lien 011 skis, feeding and lookinj;
afler lhe slableil cows and j-oats.
The late Tom I.. Johnson, ex-
Mayor of Cleveland, who died
last week, was bulled ill New
York near the grave ol his old
friend Henry George, the great
single tax advocate.
Five hundred miles of carpet
was shipped from New York lo
San Francisco last week by a
special train of sixty cars. Tin
shipment weighs 1,600,000 pounds
and is worth 11,000,000, and is
the largest and most valuable
single shipment ever made. Its
manufacture required the work of
8,000 workers for eight days, eqtli-
valent lo one day's work for
64,000 operatives. It would cover
a single width strip from New
York to Buffalo, thence to Niagara
lails and lap well over into
Mrs.   B.  Curtain  and  children
also Mr. J. L. Curtain of Saskatoon,
have arrived in I'rince Rupert and
will buy, build and set lie here.
Ihey   are   al   present   residing
wiih Mrs. Curtain's daughter, Mrs,
J. Lome MacLaren.
For fradulently using the mails,
J. IL Miller of Aberdeen, Miss.,
was sentenced  to seven years in
prison and fined $11,(MX).
Since  the Mexican  revolution
Commenced, about 2,000 men have
inirtHitiii  lt> l>Ui
N,,,.,. ilia... whor. Hi.' Uva Lak
th.-iaa-a-   WMt   I*"  ''lul'"".   '"''"'
tlii'iu'i-eait80oh��lni, il"'"''
point of oommoi ment,
Pub, Mm, i"
T���k,. notica that 1 Arthur Jamoi w elih of Van-
couvor. onupation broker, Intandi i" annl��.,'"
pormlialon to purohaio ii"' following aaaorlbaa
Commencinir at a poit planted three and ona-
half milei in an aaitarl* dlreotlon from the i'"'"(
in Naaa K ' where Iha Uva Uke trail own-
mancei near il"' trail, thenoa cost eighty chalna,
thonce aouth W ohalm, thenoa wail ao cnaina,
thencc north !0 chaini i" polnl of oommem "'"i
contalnina MOncrei more or laaa. ,���..,,���,,
Data Feb, S, IMI       Aid 111 IH JAMES W'l-.I.i 1
Pub, Mur. 1" JoMph Belway, Agent
Skeana Uad Diatrict Dbtrlol "l Coaat Range f>
Take noUce thut Murv Maragret OIUu ��' Victoria 11. C��� oceupation bouaokeoper, Intanda to
apply l"r pormlMlon to puteheae tl"' lollowing
Uecrlbed lands:
Commencing at a paost plantad ut tin' uoriii oust
corner ol Lot B98T, tlionav 10 cliuins waat, thonce
2H chains smith, thenre 111) a-li��in�� Woel  to   I'.  Ia,
8MB", tlia-na-a- ubout NU ehaina north to LakwM
Rlvar, thenci meandering laid rlv.-r up itraam in
a southa'uslerh direction to Lnkolso Uke, thenco
meandering .u'iil Uk.- to point ol commencement
eontajnlng 180 idee, mon- or haw.
Poat markad M, M. d., N. E. Corner,
Dated Pea. 14, lilll.
**���-*-*���*���    MARY MAIHJARKT GILLIS
Ske na Lan.l llwlriot -DUlrict ol Cout lUng 6
Taka noUea iliut Benjamin Kuesul 'lice ol
I'rince Rupert, a. C occuiiation waiter, Intenali
to appli' lol pa'rini.i.lon to purchaie tbe lollowing
deeta-ibB landai ,       , , .,
Commencini; al a post planted I,.', chains sooth
Irom the ."Uth oast carreer ol Lot 311(10, thenee 10
chains wart, tla-nce 88 chaini north, thence 7il
rhains Mat, thenco (iii chains louth lo point ,.(
commencement; eonlaining 1.15 acres, moro air
laeaa 1'aasl mirka-l II. It. It.. S. K. (nr.
Dated Pab. IS, I'.'ll.
Skeenu ljanil Diatrict -Dlitrict ol Coaat Itange 8
Take nolica- lhal Davlal Mclennan of I'rinee
lluperl, II. C. occupation cla-rk, intends to apply
(or itt-rmisMioti to purchase tha- following aluserilreal
faiitmioncihg at n |ro.l plinle.l 40 chains san'.lh
Irom the sooth weal corner art l.aal *.l!ll, thencaa 40
chaini ���.. ', thenca- l" cbains north, thenca- 40
chains w>aat, Ihenc- 41) chains aaiuth tar point ol
commenea-mi.nl; eonlaining 160 aero*, mora- aar
law. 1'o.t marka-d D. M.. S. W. Cor
Datisl lei.. IS, l'Jll DAVID MoLKNNAN
I'ub. March 4.
Skeenu Und District-District ol Coaat Range i
Take nolice thlt Alewnala-r lla-alnii of Vanea'U*
ver, H. C. aaeeupition ear|aenia-r. intends taa apply
for permission to purchaaa- tha- following ala-scribaad
Commenring at a post planteal SO chains south
from Iha south avosl corner of I^at 30ta.'r I'oat
rn..r... .1 A II., N. VV. CornaT, thencv 30 chains
���outh, thencv 1*0 chalna east, thenca- 111) chaina
norlh. thenct- rati chaini wa-at lo |aoint of cona-
tnenea-meni; containing '200 acra-s, mora' or la-as.
I'ub. Mareh I.
Ski^-nn l/inil District-Ulitriet of Cassiar
Take notii-a- thai I Analaa-w Cuinminn- aif Vnn-
etiuaer. ll.C. aaeclllautlon   eaatk.   Intends   t��� U|i|'l\
for permission l,r purchaaa- lhe Mloavinir da-serilr-
ed landa:
C.rmmenrlnar at a irost planted three and arm*-
half miles in an easterly dln-eltnn fnun tbe parint
on Naus Uiver where the l^aa.t l.al.,< trail l-earn..
near the trail, thenca- west sal chair.. Ihene.* Math
so chains, thence a-aut n) ehaln-. thence north -
ehains to point of comiitcni-enaa-n!. containinu '���!"
Hat,-Keh  1. I'.'ll. ANDREW CCMMINCS
I'ub. Mar. pi. .)....,.i, Uvlway, Agenl
Skeena Und llislrict-Dlitrict afOaaahu
Take nolice thai I Hugh I) llilh. of 1'rince Ilu-
|M-rt,   aaeeupaliaan  lalrraa-r,   intends   l���  apply   l,,r
K-rmissiunto purchase the following  deacribad
Commencing al a (anil ialnnta.il IhrM nnd ���ne.
half mile, in nn easterly .1,-. ti .,, fn,m lhe polnl
on Naas River where Ihe Lave Uke trail l-gins
and one mile In a northerly altrvctaon fn.m the
said Uva Lnke trail. Ihenee north S" ehaina,
theme ea.t Sil chains. Ihenee south s��i chains,
(hence west HI chaini to poi.it ���f commencement,
containing ailil acres.
Dale Keh. *. l��n. IU'C.11 ll (111.I.IS
Pub. Mar. In. J.��enh llelwar. Aarr-nt
Slikine Und Di.lrlel    Di.trict ol Caaasiar
Take naatlee thai Chn.ilan A. Tervo aaf >:tiklne,
11. I .. aeeupation rn,turns olllra-r. Inlenals na appla
tor |��rmi��.ion to purchaae lhl> lollowing ilaaerrilaeal
Commenring al a post planteal etaaut ihra---
���luarlea-l ag a mile narth ea>l Iraim (.lacier Rl.lle
and on lhe a-a-l lank ol Slikllu- Itlaa-r and ain lhe
aanulh si'le aaf Ihe moulh of a III I la- creek. Ihenc
east 40 chains, thene.. north HI chains, thenn-
west 10 chains. Ihenee ..oil, lo chains to |.,in>
ot cummencemenl and containing lui acra-s mop.
or la-as.
Dati-d Mareh 10. llll, CHRISTIAN A.   KRVO
Puh. April ".
Slikine Uml District -Dslrict o( Ceaaslar
Tike notice thlt Sydney ll.slgkin.on  ,.l Telegraph ( ra-ak. II. C, uccupidain ela-rk. Intends to
apply   lor  iiermiasion to purchaae the lollowing
described lend:
Commencinf at a paaat planled alaiut a nuarter
mile nnrth easl from lllarier llillle and on the ,-s.t
bank ol Stikine Itiver, (laence easl -Jo chains
thenca. north 40 chains, thence wa-sl 2H chain-
Ihenra- south 40 chains 10 point ag caimmencanaant
and csinlainlng su acr... main- or leaaa.
Dated March 11. 1911.
Pub. April 7. c.A. i>fvo. Aga-n(
Skeena Und Dislrici Dislrici aal Oua^-n Charlotle
Take naatlee lhal llula-n O. Crew ol PrlnM
llupa-rt, n. ( .. aicrupallon agenl. Intends in apply
air |ierniis.iiiii lo purchase Ihe Mlowmg desenlssl
Commeneing al a post |danled elaout 6 1-2
ma,.* w,s,t and half a mile saauth of tha- moulh H
Stanley Creek where it empties into \.,.|. .
llarlior, I,raham Island, thenee easl |i| chains
thenca- naanh 10 chains, thence ��,-.! |u chains!
Ihence aoulh III chains lo |s,int ag . iaiuii.tica.ment
and containing Hill acraa mora, aar h-..
I aati,I March IT. I'll |. Ill IIKItT (l   ( IlKW
I'ub. A|arU 7. Noma Ihoiers, Agent
Skeen. Und Dstrict DMrirl g Qm Chiriaate
lake nmlee thai lieaarea. Kriiull ag l-rinco
Kupert, II. ('.. aarrupallon l.ulcher. i,,i,.��� |. i���,p���|,
air peraMaa lo purchav lhe r.dla.��ia.^ ,|, .cril��sl
Commencing al a pn.i plani.sl alaiul mi
milea Wa-at  anal l��ai miles MM A lIh- muulh  ag
Sl.nle,    ( ra^k   where   ,,    , .��� ,      ,,������   N.,|(.���
I arl.ir. (.raham Island. Ihenre M d,.,,,, ��,ulh.
thenee   WI  chains  wastl.   thence   su  chains   norlh
thence ml ch ans ensl to ,��������, ,g ciiinmi-ncenwnl'
and containing 1140 acras, nion- ���rl.-..
pala-d March 17, l'Jll UEOHtlK KHI/.ZKI.l
Oua*n Clmrlotte Ialunda Lund Dlitrict���Diatrict of
H Skeena
Tuke notico llaut I, John McU-od of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to npply lor porminaion
tai prospect for coal uml petroleum on tho following
dMOlibed lunds:
Commonolng at u post plunted about thriiai mile,,
west of  tl"'  mouth  ot the Tl-el     Rivor  iimil.nl
j ' Mcl,.  N. E. Corner, No. 70, thenoe aouth no
cimins, thenw weat 80 chalna, thonco north no
chains, thenco eust ��0 chnltm to point of com.
menoemantl contuining (140 ucrou, numi or leas.
Dated fa-la. 11, nm. JOHN MoLBOD
Pub. I'a'la. 'iU. Clurence McDaiwell, Agent
Queen Churlotie lslunds l.unal District -District ol
Taka- nolice Ihut I, John Mcleod of Vuncouver,
ocrupiitioii hroker, intend to upply for permisaion
lo proapeet for eoul uml petroleum on the following
ala-acrilied lamls: ...
Commi'iieing nt n post plunteal thras- mlhw west
of the mouth of the '1'1-el Rtver an,I murketl J.
McL. S. E. (-orner, No. 'Jll, tha-nco north K0
a-huiiiH, tlience weat KO .chuins, tha-ncu am lb Kll
chains, Ihenee a-ast K0 chuins to point ol com.
meneementi contuining (HO ucra-s, moro or less.
Duted Keb. Bl, IUll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. l-'i'b. 'i'i. Clun'nee McDowell, Agant
(Juaa-ii Charlolte Islunds l.unal District - District of
Take notici- tluil I. John McLeod of Vuncouva r,
occuputinn broker, InUnd to upply for permission
tai prospect for a-oul und petroleum on the following
lunds: ,   .
t'omnii'licing nl n iioat plunted about two niil.-a
west of the moulh of Ihe 'l'l-el River and marked
J. McL. X. S. Cornar, No. 80, thvnev north 80
chains, thenoe Waal KO chains, thenco aaiuth K0
chains, thenca- a-ast KO chains to point of coni-
maneaniantl containing B40 acres, mora- or leaaa.
Daltsl l'eh. Sl, HUI. JOHN  M'LEOD
I'uh. Keh. 'j:l, ('larence McDowa'll, Aga-nt
QuiH-n Charlotte Islunds Unal Disirict���Diitrict of
Take nolice thul I, John McU-od ofVaneouver
occupation hroker, intend to npply for pa-rmiualon
to prosepcl for caial and iH-troleum o-i the following
da-scribiHl lnnds:
Cummencing ut a post planted til.out two mil s
south and two miles wesl of the mouth ot tlio
Tl-el River and murkeal J. Mc.L. S. E. Comer,
No. 71, thenca' norlh KO chuins, thenco woat K0
chains, thenco south K0 chaina, thenco eaat K0
cliains to point of commencement,; containing (110
awes, main- or leas.
lilted Keb. 22, 1911 JOHN  MeLEOD
I'ub. Keb. 24, U'alia K. Wulter, Agent
Qua-cti Charlotte Islanda Und District-Diatrict of
Take notica. ihut I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupution broker, intend to upply tor permiaaion
lo pru.|iect for coal und petroleum on thv following
.;.  .r.l . .1 lands:
Commencing ut a post pluntc.1 about four miles
aouth and thnv milea weat of the mouth ot the
1'Ih'I Itiver and markasl J. Mc.L. S. E. Curner.
No. 7:1. Ihenc north KO chaina, llience weat K0
chaina, thenca- aaiuth Kll chaini, thenca- east 80
chaina te |uilnt of caimmenca-mvnl; containing
(1 111 acta*, ri.. :������ or leaa*.
Datisl Keh. 22. li"ll. JOHN McLKOD
I'uh. Keb. 21. Clan'nco McDowell, Agenl
Queen Charlolle lalands Und District D.strict of
Take nolica- that I, Juhn Mcljaod of Vancouva-r,
.iccupalion it..1.,.. intend to apply lor pa-rmiisalon
to prm-pa-ct lor coal an . petroleum on lh ��� following
daMrlha < land:
Commencing al a , aaaat plant d eb *, t ight miloa
south antl tour ������".: ot the mouth of 1'1-a-l River
and mark d J. McL.. N. E. Cornvr, o. 70, thenco
VV. Ktl chains, f.e ice south KO chaina, thence nonh
Ko chains, thence a-a-l so chains io Point ol com-
nienci'in. nt containing tJ 10 ,icra-a, ��� ora' or less.
Dal.sl Keb 24, 1 ill. JOHN   McLKOD
I'uh. Keh. 2,'. C MCDaiwa-ll, Agent
iju.. n Charlotte lalandi Und Dualrict -Diatrict of
Taku notiee lhat 1, John Mclasad ol Vancoua-aar,
occu|iatluli hrukaT, intend taa apply for jH-rini���n.n
lo praasiaect for rami und petruleum on the following
dasacrilHsl lamia:
Commencing at a post plantisl alaout three
mila-s nonh anal aim- mile wawl ol the mouth ol the
Tl-el Rivvr and markisl J. MeL., S. W. Cormr,
No. IK. thenca- north Ml chains, thenca' eaat HO
ehalns. thenee saiuth KU chuins. thenee avaat KO
chains to point of ciinimcnccmcnt; containing (140
acia-a. mun- or lasaa
Dated Fab.SS Hill JOHN McLKOD
Pllb, I ���'. 20. Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlolte lalamla Und DUtrict- Diatrict ol
Take notice lhal I, John McU-od ol Vancouver,
occupation broker. Intend to apply for pa-rmiaaaion
to prospect for roal and |*-lrol..,,, on the following
dejMribod land:
foinmcucitig at a post planted ahout eight
miles north and threa- mile* wa-sl ot the mouth of
the Tl-a-l Riaa-r and mnrked J. Mrl.. S.W. Cornor,
No 81, thenre north KO chains, tha-ncr eaat 80
chains, tbence aouth 80 chaina, thence .aest 80
chalna to point ol commenement: containing
tilu acres, morv or la-m
Data-d Keb. 28.1S11. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub March S. Clara-ncv McDowell. Agent
Quean Charlotte lalands Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ol
Take nonce that I, John Mrl.��� I of Vancouver,
ocrupalaon broker. Intend to appljtor permbaion
lo pr-. i-o-t for coal anal petroleum on the lollowing
tlcscftheal lend:
Commenring al a poat pi n.i, " aliout nine milaai
north and three milee weat of ihe mouth ol the
Tl-el lllver and marked J. MrU, S. VV. Corner,
No. 62, thenre nonh 80 chains, thenee eaat 80
chains, tha-nce aoulh 80 chains, thenca- wa-at 80
chains lu point of cotiimn.c.-n, -1. containing
610 ncn*. more or leaa.
Dateal Keb. 28. IUll. JOHN McLEOI)
I'ub. Mareh J. . ft McDowdl. Agont
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District ���Diatrict of
Take nolice that I, John \lcl.,���| of Vancouver,
occupalion Ir.... - Intend to apply lor pvrmlaaalon
to pnaaperl lor roal and petroleum on the following
dcaenhrd land:
Caammrnrlng at a paasl planled anoul nine mllaaa
",,",.h ""d lhnT mil" ��l"l "' (he mouth of the
Tl-el River and ���,.-,.t J. McL.. S. E. Corner,
Naa 6J, (hence norlh 80 chains, tha-nce west 80
chain., ihence aoulh KO cha na, thence eaat 80
chain- to point a,f caammenremenl: containing
610 acres, more or lose.
DatedI Keb 28. 11.11. JOHN McLEOI)
I ub. March 3. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Dlalrict���Diatrict ot
��.. L Skaaena
��� Vf*. ""���"* ,h,( I. Jnhn Mrl.,.|  a,f Vancouver.
H. I .. orroimtion broker, inlend lo apply f���r per-
swjsaES un,r." ",d "���"n"*,ura ��� ,h��
3. (ommenring at a |aoat planteal one mile
north ..(lhe northwat corn., ���t Ut 171. marked
t. mci. N.W. t orner, being ihenurth we t corner
thencu east an chaina, thence aouth 80 chalna
(hence waast 80 rhains. thenre north 80 chalna to
point ol raammeneeinent.
W. Daas, Agen
Dated Dec  J|. |.,|ii.
Pab. Jan. Sl.
I'uh. April :
���auma Da-nu-r��, Agent
C sii .tt,. Island   Und I
��� Skn-na
, JESS Sffestt? '��� J"h.n **��* "t Vancouver
Mtm-i-i        ""'' ""';n'' t*__9l ' permiaaion
d^i !d^..;,",,      ''I""'���""   ���'.. (ollowinf
Commencing   e_   .   poal   plrnied   ���l��,ut   ���i,ht
V,", :,"'": " '' '"ur _*_*, "['H    ml,   ,J ,h���
I,-.1 ..ver a ,1 mark d J.  Md., s   K. Cor i
No    n. then-,    onh no rh���
hills,  theme 1.1,11,  Ki chain
.nal.i   ���    |���>i-at  .1 ,-. inme.i
a r s  mor   or I -ss
p.*   '."_-���" '���> IN MeL OL,
I    MeDoavel,   Afe,|
Ih.trlct    District aaf
Ihe c    wa��l   mi
tlumce  eaat   80
ic riia-pii    containin     40
Skeena lar,.I District    Disirict ..I Qua..,, Charlolle
Take noliee thlt Prank Lraick ol Waadat����
ool.   occupalion   hookkc,,.,.   ,,,,.,',1.   ,"   .,"��'
{*g"""1 1" purchase the l���n ���< ________]
Stanley   Cra-k   where   it   empti,,     Tnlo   Naden   noith  ZZ"._ '   " f"1 I',1"'""! about two mile.
Harbor, llraham Island. Ihenc  chain. .,_        11   I   if1    moutn  o(  Ihe  Tl-.l   River  and
Ihence KO chain, easl. Ihenee M chain, no, h i ___h a���,____? t. _ ''���""��'��� ���*�� 2- thenee
(hence JO chain, .ran ,��� polM ol c.mimerie. n,eni Tor h SO atS? ,'h""C" """' ! ��� cl"""�� ��5S5
ami contaning lilo acrea more ���r I���,. ""       ,,i ���"������!""��� ,"""1a' '"" "" iha na to point
Dateal March 17, lilll. rRANK LKV1CK IS SS.    """'    ""'"inlnf   SI0   acre,    m re
��� un. Apm 7. Non.a llemer>. Aga-n
"ea n Chulotte l,|.,���,|, l.^,, |,||lr,cl     |,toU|cl ���,
��� . Skis-na
Take nntiee thai I, John McUsail ol Vanav,aav��
occupalion broker, intend to apply fr ,*rmU.mn
Dateal Peli. 2t. 1911
Pub. Keb 27.
m10_H  Mcl.EOD
T. E. Walter Agent
Stikine Land Disirict   -lll.triel of Cajasi,,
Take notice lhal Chrhalian A. Tervo ���( n.Mnr
II. ( , oecupatlon custom, officer. ini,.���,i. ,���  "'���..
laaUr"" l�� "ur,h**�� lh' '"""��ln�� alescrilS.1
n,!iif^c,.7,-hi ug^asLSsy ������us.
l chain..   ,he���c"'.o!;!;"^,   H^^"l:\*L;.Dl,IH;lrf��>.,K.w��
chain,,   Ihenee  m_..  20 SB*,   USS  MKh J^Lm-** U"t' *��*fa K^Xiffi^SFKr!
ss^^m!i::':tr��� ��J3S.S SSSsmmmr
t\'[<*> March IS, mil.   ( llltLSTTAN A   TK
I oh  A pn  "
Skeena Und Diitrlal - Disirict ol fas.iar
Take notice lhal  I. 1-erry ((ueen.n
ltu|��rt.   II.  I .,  orrupation  prospector
apply  for   iiermission  to purchi
deacrilied lands:
���nils,I f.,rn.h,,re
n^zr^',tVB7iiiirT,h-Nw- cr
-hence ru,h���l������rio7w.,;rl';:���rr r03n;
��� ���rlr... ,_-.,.,. .... ... .IT"*** m chains
English and A
mericim Hi||i���rrl,i
been killeii
L)r-   "nviil   Walki
in the battlei
C��si.r !",'"," 91*".  'beaii-e  ���,t   ,o"vv""c,,rn���      ,,.
Caammene.ng al a |mst pl.ntcl |n the rMaatla nt-ui-iaiM  .a ...       .
a a�� ��ci -    ?rffi *���     K TA,',-KN,,KK
on (l��. ea��(erly  houndarv  of  Tlmla-r'    hi T' h ''���
Uml m No. gSStk Ihenee south id che-- -'  - :
UN ea-terly limit of said Timlier Limit '
or No. iir.28(l 40 chains, thenee ea.t toll,
(.ooaae llay, a distance ol 411 chain, mail
""�� thencp wiuth  \u rh��m* mt..
iImm of
morp ii- Um
(���       (if        t  '...l���m. Il '
40 chalna more m lata thenee ,,���,,���'  Ti, "��-v   _,
Kc^'moi: i:;",!'" ���"-. ZZ*. ���sk""��-' Und District ��� District ���f Cout
!���,urA!;,���*.,?!''' "*n-       nM" QUMNAN    - ��� Ul,"��c 5
SkcctlR ]Mt\'\ !)i<Hct
l.ik.-itntit-i-tlt.ul,   Kn-il (lan,,,,, 0f
nn.',.���   llui.,.rt.  B.C.,   ���,.,������.,���,(���., '___"
___^mm_,t^^^^Hi^*o���m,  "jyjjj* tofppj, f���r permission to
tli^rtm.  oMUDatlea  ..".".., I"���' "��� t'��l��.ry,   MiircliiiBi' the rollowlng dsSClibsd lands'
Allierta.   occupation   spinster,   ,, , ��� ������   ���
for^rmi.iontopurch^ihe,,,,,,,.!^^}'^.   ,,,^���c^��i'> J>"��t p),���,..,| ;ll   ������:
(*ommi��nnn(��   hi
��� Si t,Un""' n i ��; li tUnnSi
A  till P    a.ii.l.   I     .. '���*���."*
rorm-r of nurveyed lot lii,')7
Dowt district, thrnee north fin
ii   returnee
mile, west and halt . SR iu ,"' ���
rt Hl.nle^  Cn,.k, when. |,Tm,,,':r';,V:'?���'!' C!"��)����   t��   ��    ��l(l,lKli;   then,-;
""���' ���������     ��'���.!, "   '��    WO
ii_\miliii_**,i"*J_J*"'""'" (..^""""���""'"'etii mencement
llarhiir, Oraham 'island.
"- �� Wm^mmTmtffrS& "-"I*       <*'",!"-:     ,h""<,;'
thenea- 10 ehalns west ���- -      -    -    c,""n,
west   2H
sonti, fin chsins; thonc,.
r:1.'; :���aol.2i...,:,."m,R ,o *��� wnt of ,,,m-
Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Thin ia a little section of the paper, whicli from day to day will be devoted
to aubjectB of special interest to women. Any and all of tlie Indies uf Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discuaslonB. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed thai "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock in Northern B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenti for Stewait Land Company,  Limited
Give it
of finding the
For it is Important
Perhaps more Important than anything   "on  hsnd"   for   todsy.
Jlnd when you find him, and are sure of it;
and when you "annex" him lo your interest*
you Will have done Ihe best day's vork in
"a   month   of  Sundays."
For printing that I, different,
excluth'e design, and tatle-
Jul effeels ,ee the     .    ���    .
Optimist Job
ShotM Uml Diatrict   -Diatriet ol (oasl  ltan(aa 6
lake naiice lhal  William  Franklin Carpenter
"I   I'rince  Rupert,  11.  ('., aaccupatliin  ra-ataurant
aaapar, intenda to apply lor pormiaainn to purchaae
tin- iiil.'wmi: deacrilieil lanal I
l ommencinK at a pint planteal at the aaiuth oaat
corner ol aurveyed Lot 171;!, thenci- SO chalna
aouth, thence alaout SS chaina weal to Lot ''(ifid,
ihi'iica- 20 chalna north, thencv II chalna weal
llience about 25 chaini north lo l,ot 1106K. thenee
aliout 30 chaini a-ait lo loulh a'aal cornor ol Lot
:1IIGH, thencc about 115 chaini north lo Lot 1711,
llience alwut fi5 chaina eaat to poinl ol commence-
ment; containinK ISO acre*, more or lasaa.
Dated Keb 15. lull.
Skivna Land Diatrict -Dlalrict ol Coait llanitc 6
'I'ake nolice lhat Ueuritii Uvlck ol I'rinco lluport
II. C��� occupation clerk, int nala to apply lor
permiaaion to purchaae tha. lollaiwlnll dcMTlbi-d
lanali: .
Commonclnx at n puat planteal on ahore ol
I jakelao La'.ie almut (11) chalna north eaal Irom outlet
"I aulil lake (iJikeliv lllver', thenca- 20 chaina
nnrth, thenca- aliout SO chalna eaat to Laki'lw
Uka, thenr* meanilerlnit aaid lake ahore In a weai-
erlv dlrecUon lo point ol commencement; eonlaining 80 ncrea, moretor leaa. Poat matked Ui L.
s. W. Corner. ,.-,....,._. a annrw
liate.l Feb. 14,1911. QBOROK LKV1CK
I'ub. March 4.
Skeena Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coaat ltanKn|6
Tako nolice that Angus Uealon ol I'rinco llii|H'rt,
II. C, occupation miner, Intenda lo apply for por-
mlaalon tn purchlao the lollowing dcicrll-eal landa:
Commencing at a poal planted at the aoutn
eaal corner ol Lot 39.17, thence 40 chalna went,
thenco 40 chaini muth, thonco aboul liO chalna
enat to Lakrlao Lake, thenco meandering aalil lake
ahnte In nn northerly direction to point ol commencement; containing 170 ncrea, more or loaa.
I'oat marked A. 11., N. R, Corner. Mamma
Datval Fob. 11, 1911. ANOUS HEAION
I'ub. March 4.
Skeena Lnnd Diatrict-Dlatrlit of Cuuat
Tnke   notice   tlmt   la  Alexander   llilehan. of
Vnna-ouver, B.C.,' occupntion laaili-ha-r. Inlenila lo
npply for permiaaion to purchaae th'' followlnit
ili'srrilapd Innda: . ,    , . ., ������
Cnmmoni'lnu n poat plantnl nml markeil A.M. i
S.K. corner, and ndjolnlmt poata niarkwl J.M. a
N.K. corner and I'.K.'i S.K. corner; tha-nce weat
Hi vhalna, thence north SII chnina. thencv cnal wi
ihnlna, thence aouth m chalna to point ft ran"
mencement, cimtnliilni! 840 na-ii-a nMffiJL'fu'
Dated laat Feb.. llll I Charlea II. Allen. Aaenl
I'ub. Fvb. 25.
SkaiMin Lanal Dlatllct-Dlatrlet of OoMt,
1'nke notloa that I, John Millvr. of Vancouver,
B.C.,   occupation  butcher,  Intenda W WWiS
perinlaalian to purehaae tho followini; dcicntwi
Innda: .   .
CommencinR nt n poat plnntiil about 1 *���>**_]
from tidewater nt tho head of LUMombl BW, ��m
...���...,....,i Hiichnlna.
uu.vn Charlottv 'alamla Und Dulricl    Dlalrict o
Take notice lhat I. John Mclwl ol Vancouver.
occupation broker, intend lo apply lor ��������"
to proapect lor conl and petroleum on lhe lollowing
'"commeidngat a poll planted at Hi.' mouth ol
the Tl-el Itiver and marked J. McL. N. K. I orner, No. 30, thoncv aouth 80 chaina. thenco ��val
80 chaini, thence north 80 chaina, Ihencv eaat 80
chair... .o point of commonevmi'iil; eonlaining 040
KBiF*En.Mii john. mclkod
i'ul,  Feb. 211. ' lae-lie * W��l��r. Agvnt.
Oueen Charlotte lalanda Und Di.trict -Dlitrict ol
Take notico that 1, John Mcl��od ol Vancouver
occupation broker, inlend to apply lor perml-. on
to proapect lor coal and petroleum on the lollowing
"SSSSBuf'st. pm &%i&M\\z8a
weat ol the mouth of thv Tl-el lllver and marked
j McL. N. W. Corner, No. 29, thence aouth 80
chalna, thence eaat 80 chaina, thencti north 80
chaina thence weat 80 chaina to puint of commencement; conuining 040 acrva, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911
Pub. Feb. 23.
*.,     a -      **���     .���������-
Clarence McDowoll, Agent
Queen Charlotte Wand. Und Dlalrict -Dtatrict ol
Take nolice that 1, John McUod ol Vancouver,
Juttion' broker, intend m^J��J*fS_*
to proapect lor coal and petroleum on lhc lollowing
"SSSbHm M a po-t Planteal .boat two mile.
w^tToie mouth J\h. J^J^OT
i M���i M V f nrni>r Nu. 49, Int'tice souin nu
'chaini%Sm~*m*X ��" ch.ln,, Ihence north 80
chalna hence ea.t 80 ch.ln. to ,.oInIS com-
mencement; containing 040 acre, more ��tag.
RBSSK ' CtaWB.1 KSSA Agent
Oueen Charlolte lalanda Und Dialrici- -Diatrict ol
^ Skn-na
Takv notice that I, John McUod pi Vancouver,
occupationftX intend to apply �� PWtatoJ
to proepect lor co.l and petroleum on tho lollowing
chain., thence aoulh 80 chalna, throw v.. "0
chalna to point ol commenwmont' conuining
040 acrei. moro or leaa. iriilN Mcl Fill)
Dale.1 Fell. 21. 1911.     ,��� ffi8**11   A��. n
Pub. Fvb. 23. Clarance McDowell, Agi nt
Queen Charlotte laland. Und Dtatrict -Dlalrict ol
Takv noliw that 1, John McLeod ail Vanwuver.
occupation  broker,  Intvnd to apply lor perimaa-io
uVproapvct for coal and pelroleum on thc lollow ng
"^SSS'st a P.M PL"**!���*��"'����-������
north and one mile woat ol the mouth o the
Tl-ol lllver and marked J. Mcl.., N. w. . orner
if* a "Thence aouth 80 chalna, Ihence eaual 80
We count the broken lyres thai res!
Where the sweet waiting singers
Bui o'er their silent sister's breast
The wild llovvers who will sloop
to number?
A few can touch the magic siring,
Ami noisy Fame is proud u> win
Alas for those who never sing,
But die with all their music in
Nay, grieve nol for the dead alone
Whose sonu has told their heart's
sad story-
Weep for the voiceless, who have
The cross without the crown of
Not where l.eueadian breezes sweep
O'er Sappho's memory-haunted
But  where  the  glistening  niuht-
dews weep
On nameless
lain, wood am
be  easily   reino\c(
and a soft rag,
mil >tains on puree-
window panes can i
with  coal   oil
Much Appreciated by Boys Who
Have Good Appetites
Thre pounds of beef cheap
cut of round- one-half pound of
beef suet, one (plan ol (lour, two
leaspoonfuls ol baking powder,
one-half teaspoonful of salt, one
and three-fourths cups of milk and
water. Cut the meal in ieces
aboul one inch square. I'm the
meai through the food chopper
and mix il with the Hour, with
which the baking powder and salt
has been sifted; add lhe liquids,
roll lhe dounh to aboul one inch
in thickness, having it round in
shape. Lay il on the pudding
cloth, which has been wrung from
boiling   waler   and   dredged   wilh
ss. Prince Rupert
Sails for Stewart, Thuradaya, 8.00 a m.
Saila for
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
bi. Prince Albert anils for I'ort Simpson, Naas Kiver l'oints, Miissct,
Nnilcn Harbor, svery Wadnss-
iluy, l.oo p.m. ���
mid for:
ltrfune Bay, SkitU'ttati', Qui'i-n
Charlotte City, Lockeport, Pa-
cui'i, Jed way, Ikeda Bay, Rose
Harbor ana return via Queen
Charlotte City every Saturday,
1.00 |..m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
Connecting With trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient eervlce of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
arrow's churchyard HoUr to prevent the pudding from
sticking.    Spread over  the  meal
and  a  little sail (the meat  hus
0 hearts that break and give no little fat in il); dust with salt and
Save whitening lips and fading
Till death pours out  his cordial
Slow-dropped from Misery'scruu
Slow   dropped   from    Misery's
crushing presses
If singing breath or echoing chord
a little pepper. Roll the dough as
for a roly poly, plunge into boiling
water and boil three hours, keeping the pudding floating dining
the entire time of conking, ll
necessary to add extra water, be
sure that it is boiling. On removing from the water open the b.ig
immediately and turn the pudding
^^���^^ B. C. Coatt S.S. Service
For Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle
Friday, April 21st at 9 a.m.
ITEMS   O F . . j
N.W. L. C. Going East
At a meeting lasi week of the
Westminster Lacrosse Club it was
decided to make the trip east in
view of the Nationals having
secured May 'JO and 24 as playing
dates. There was not a dissenting
voice and lhe players will gel
out lo practice right away.
After the games in Montreal the
team will visit New Vork, and
before returning home will play
the Tecumscha in Toronto on
June 'A. Games with Ottawa,
I'elerboro antl Winnipeg will also
be arranged if possible.
The game with the Maple Leafs
of North Vancouver May 18, will
be played on the day lhe team
leave Westminster.
William Oueal of Alexandria
Bay, N. Y., defeated Alfred Srubb
of England, Holder of the world's
running record for ten miles, in a
lasl indoor race at the West
Regiment Armory, New York,
lasl Saturday. No record were
broken. The lime was ol.53. The
record is 50.50.
To every hidden pang were given I on a hot platter.  Cut a slii in thc
What endless melodies were poured pudding, and if it docs not seem to
As sad as death,  as sweet  as
���Oliver Wendell Holmes
Beautiful Shades of Color Are
Blooming in This Season
have sufficient mositure, pour into
il a little stock or drawn butter.
Half of the material called for in
lhe above recipe makes a pudding
large enough to serve six hungry
persons. 11 forms an excellent
substitute for a roast and is much
less expensive.
Some of the new silks are
wonderful, and lhe border design-,
are exceedingly rich ami beautiful.
The colors are weirdly unlike the
ordinary, familiar reds, blues, brow -
ns, and greens, bin as ribbons and
trimmings are designed to match
ihein by the kind forethought
of the manufacturers, nobody will
be put to any trouble. The pinks
have a luscious, fruity suggestion,
inclining lo purple. The purple-,
on the contrary, incline to blue,
lhe blues to gray. The brown
shades are most wonderful of all.
and range from palest biscuit and
ecru to a rich nut brown. Green
is a particularly chic color, bill
il is too strong (or a full coslumc.
and its use will be confined chiefly
io trimmings and hats.
They Were Discovered to Help
Housewives Here
Whiting, mixed lo a creani wilh
tepid water, is excellcni for dirty
painted work.
ln preparing mayonnaise for
a fruil salad some cooks substitute
sugar f r  he mustard
Olive oil w II retain ils rich
flavor much longer if kept tightlv
corked and in a cool, dark place.
Butt r that is watery and not
well worked should never be us d
for cake, as t will make it heavy.
Batter puddings of any kind,
especially when made with fruit,
are more tasty steamed than baked
Before pouring hot fruit into a
glass jar put it n a wet cloth.
This will keep the glass from
Copper may be cleaned by
rubbing wilh lemon peel and salt.
Wipe <>tT quickly and polish with
dry I'hamoi
To prevent milk from curdling
add a g od pinch of carbonate of
soda W each quart before pulling
t on 0 b   I.
In corin apples w ch are also
o be pee etl core them first        d
there is nunh less dai ger of their
Cranberries if all are sound
will keep well in a pall of water
The water should be changed (i ce
a week.
In preparing chestnuts for a
vegetal) e boil  in   the shells and
Forget each kindness lhat you may-
As soon as \ OU have done il;
Forget the praise thai (alls lo you
The moment you nave won it;
Forget the slander that you hear
Before you can repeat it;
Forget each slight, each spite, each
Whenever you may meet it.
Remember every kindness done
To you, whate'er its measure;
Remember praise by others won,
And pass il on with pleasure;
Remember every promise made
And keepil lo lhe letter;
Remember those who lend you aid,
And be a graleful debtor.
They Make Good Wearing Chair
After linen window shades become tOO Sailed for use they may.
after being Washed, bleached and
ironed, be utilised as a covering
(or an invalid's armchair, lhe linen
being always cool and refreshing.
The cover should be cut in  iwo
pieces���one for the seat and one
for the back of the chair, and lhe
edges feather stitched in white or
a dainty color. Such a cover will
wear and launder well for years.
Gets Right Results with White
Fur Cloth
To clean white fur cloth, first
brush the garment to get all the
dust OUt; then dip a perfectK
dean sponge in alcohol and WBSn
lhe nap thoroughly. While it is
still wet sift into it all the powdered
Starch it will hold. Mix line borax
with the starch in the propcrtion
of one part borax tO three of starch.
Put lhe garment away in a box.
free from dust and leave three
days; then take it out and beat
and brush out all the starch.
J. G. McN.b
General Agenl
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
We an- si-lling sluiros in the
At u price tlmt will niaka' you money
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Baalianca- 3. 6 aand 9 Monttai
Assays of the ore run from $25.00 to
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at once.
Jack Laviolelte, the star lacrosse
and hockey player, and Gauthier,
"the little dare devil" lacrosse
player, are on the point of joinging
Newsy l.alonde and Don Phelan
on iheir way to the Pacific Coast
lo join the Vancouver Lacrosse
Club. They have received telegrams from Con Jones, president
of the Vancouver Club, which
said: "1 depend upon you to come
West as you agreed lasl fall and
expect you to keep your word."
Both I.avioleite and Gauthier
have told their friends that they
intended to go, but would return
in time to play hockey with the
Canadians next winter. The departure of Laviolelte will make
things easier for President Murphy of the National Lacrosse
Union, as several clubs had a claim
in for the player's services and had
appealed to the head of the Union.
Building   Material,   Cement,    Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Conl
Ste Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Fir.t Ave. N.-na McRridaa
Forwarding,   Distributing anil
Shipping Agents.
Storage of Baggage uml Housr-
liold Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
* w. j. McCutcheon f
Ciirrii'B eomplt'te Htui-la aaf DruirH.   BpMlal
utii'iitiiin paiil to lillinif prewniptions.
Theatre Block phomi nu. n Second Ave.
G. T. P. Traratfer Agents
Orders promptly lilla-al.   l'ricru n-n- nuM,'
Ol'KICE-H. H. RoebOtar, Ontri' St.     Phone (v.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
- por ntosracTtra apply -
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
Second aveiuc and Third street
Over Wt'nta-nhaver Bros.' Oflice.
MUNRO  *   1.AU.EY
Stork UuildinK. Second Avenue.
Law-Butler BulMlng     Phone No. in
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
��� ���( Kiili-h C..liiiiil.i��
��� aaai Mianit >tm llaana.
ft ll.C OaaUrin. Km-
I :I. I.retail   hiuI   Al
lltaTtaa llnr��.
Ifllce-Kxchamre lilaark, pnrnrr Thlnl avaanue ana'
Sixth utaraat. Prlncaa Ruaaaart. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. I). S., I). 0. S.
Crown and Hridge Work a Specialty.
All ala-nlal a,|iaTfltli'nn ftkllflllly tr.'al.sl t,;,. aaai'
local anastliplir" flalniiaiinta-rpal fa>r tha- palnla-fH a-x
U action aaf ta-a-th. Caineultalion free. OITirc.
Ilela-eriaain Hlock. Prince lluoa-rt. 11.12
Eddie McGoorty, the Oahkoali
middleweight, now in Knuland, lm*
not been alile so far, to induce Jim
Sullivan, the English champion, to
meet him.
J. Neilson, a 122-pound Pennsylvania boxer, is out with a challenge to any L22-pound boy in
Canada, Tommy Sturch preferred.
Jack Dillon has signed to box
Tony Caponi in Winnpieg the latter
part of the month.
John Willie and Young Peter
Jackson have signed to bo.x in
Saskatoon, Sask., April 20.
Rev. P. R. Miller, agent of the
New York Civic League, is no
"piker." He told the Tory Methodist Conference yesterday that
the professional baseball interests
had raised 1260,000 to railroad
through the New York .Legislature
a bill to permit Sunday baseball.
And now il is reponed lhal
Arthur   Irwin   has   been   offered
126,000 lo coach baseball teams ir
Japan.      Waul    any    more    dope
like that?   No'  Giddapl
The Pacific Coast League, whose
season   opened    March   2.S,    docs
not close until October 12.   This
is the longest season in basebal.1.
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 5S0
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firat Avenue Telephone 186
Swift's Premium Hams and Bat-on with
Cowii-han E^lfs '���*���**'. at
. W. Williams -: Proprietor
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Mt?et8 in the HelRersaon Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members of  the order in the city
are requested to vinit ths lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
==E.   EBY   <&   Co.
KilKumkulum Land For Sale
KnwJMRALtnt ���      B-("
a-.i-.i      POB   BTKFI..    MACIIINKHY
...AHn    a-ONTHAI-TiaRH    HIirl'I.IKX...
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd avid Fulton
There are now 160 members of
the National Baseball Writ its '
Association,    representing    mow
than  sixty   papers  in   the   clever
major league cities.
..Grand Hotel..
Beds, clean White Sheets   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Praapri��la>a-
I'lllNCK. IllU'EKT
ri'i-n in wm. pesoNa eettn a.r.a.m.. ���.*,���*., ��no.
(irand  concert  al   the   Baptist
church) Thursday April 20th, at
8 p.m., music, tableaux, etc.- Admission BO cents, children 26 cents.
SIXTH STREET i-rinck rupkrt
I *��� tint   aaiv,,   Kl'ilU's  lutkcrV   'A
4 Mlnyd. 7 Tnblrs.     A  (rnotl rxpr-
ciwv   Aclpnn nport.   Iifttlleupviry
nflrrnnnn.     NflWfBM Hlock, be-
twrenfith nml 7th 8U.
<-t. M.iniiiu.v      Proprietor and Manager
Try a Potato to Help in Pa ttern
ln cutting out dress patterns, it
is often difficult to find a piece? of
paper large enough, and one may]
not happen to have, any paste al
hand with which to join the pieces.
ln such an emergency, if you have
a piece  of  cold boiled  potato il
will answer lhe purpose  fully   as
well   as  paste.    Rub  the  potato
over the edges lo be joined  and
press them firmly together.
SF.ALEU TKNW.US tulalra-aaiwal taa thr unala-r-
���I'tnnl, .nil a-nalaamral "Trnalrr fair l-'.��iiiiiit,ii.��
WWlv "!*.'. Vftiai-aauvpr.  ll.C."  will br rwrivrai
until 4.1XI ta.na. nn Mnnilay,  April 24th, ISU. taar
,Vaa  caanttructlaan of an ExMnininic  Wurrhiaaiaar.
VKM-iitiver, 11. C.
I'lmav . aaiii-i-lftcntlim anal fairin aaf camlract can br
���*. **tvl (mm** aaf trnalrr iibUaineai at thr nftVrai oi
u     J E, Car. Hmarrlntriailrnt of Public Build-
i L    far Mn'nitiabn. Pint OWcr BulliUnn. Wlnnl-
,        ***-*.. Mr. Wna. llrnilrmaan. Hrnlalrnt Archl
,'���t'    Vtotairia, ll.C... at thr Prat Oilier. Vancmiarr
nnil at
nail bl
fairma *U|
natural*, t
turr, thr n.
rralairncr aaf
F.aa-h trnilrr
cental! cha-iilia-
thr nrala-r til th.
About  the only way to  fix *w
oven that won't bake is to trade
Virtairia, ll.C... at thr Prat oilier, vancmivrr
thai ili-linrlmenl.
na trnilrrlnn arr notlllral lhat trndrra will
���onaitlerral unlraia maalr am thr  printed
pila*l, anal alttna-al with thrir actual aig-
atltiK tbrlr nrrutiatluna and place* nf
In thr raair nf linn,, thr actual tlitna-
\turr uf thr ncciiiiatlon and place aaf
each memlarr of thr hrm muat be
���nn''  lar nrcnmpaniea! by aaa ac-
* a chartcra-d banla.  payable to
,   taannurablr the Minister aaf   Pub-
a",'"ai-""i' '" '.'."ii   a tarn per cent. (Ill P.c.l of thr
SrS���,   m. ��hlch will br forfeited If
r.     llwl   xifcarllne to enter int.. a ron-
l���. prr��.,n leniilrrin ,���,,��� ,���, ���r f���| ,��� rom.
tract when called i |a ��Jj f ��� ,������ ,     ,���
Plrte the work c���. Ia���   ��     ��� ^ ���.,���,.������,
nut nrcritaal the chiiii. ,.    .   ,.   ... ,     -...���.
Thr tla'paumcnt ilnen   ****** ��H M arcrpt
tha> Inwrait or any trnalrr.    _A^.r
** '���     I'..' IlKSUOCIIERR.
DepailmenlaifrnbllcWorl    _. ....       *~~iUil
Ottawa| March 22   'S/lr  ill- advrrtl.e-
NrwupaiM'ra will not lie��� pa,   "^^..rny from th.
_____m______________m r.
p b i n c e: ,
Asior has purchased
Observer," a leading
British ��� nionist journal published
in London.
Mr. W, \\
the "Sundaj
Wa- carry a complete line of
Siiei tn suit.   Stylet to satisfy
Pricea to please
Briefly, that'i our argument
Don't Forget Big Ben
Finest alarm clock ever lold,
11�����" -; In our window.
Heintzman Pianos
Search is being made in Great
Britain to ascertain tlie fate of the
missing brother of the Earl ol
Lei trim,
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
0    ���, ���,, I,,,,; .ervices tha modern newspaper gives the public is Inwb^bibs. . ()       ,.
""Vi, ,,. i���1V(.,. and seller, employer and worker, landlord and ten nt, and < fed     ������
,������ gt id.    To put this modern convenience In reach of.everyone hku 2fi _mU
?afe to a nominal price o   a centa wori\j*timettio .��-�� ��� grow
rnesl E. Wilson, a pioneer
radiograph) >n the London
hospital, has died ;ii his residence
,ii Bisliop's Stortford, Essex. A
martyr foi the benefil of humanity,
Mr. Wilson endured terrible suffering with heroic courage, I'wo
years ago he retired from the
staff of the hospital, being incapacitated owing to the loss ol
several fingers .1- .1 result of the
action ol the X-raya during its
experimental stages, .  ���
Here is our Classified Advertising Column I'or today.
Lost and Found
Want a Roadway
A petition from  .1 number
residents   in   lhc   districl
thai  .1  10-fool  roadwaj   I
atructed  on  Seventh
tween Pulton ai 1
li Ma- senl on ti
A aluilflad wIvii'tiBcmcnt will Introduce you i"
tin- loiaa'i nf Hie article you've found an Intro-
.lu,.lion uf iniiiiat ImporUnoo,
���OUND-A bunoh of Kry�� on llinit. Apple m
Opttmlil oilii-c.
nvenuc be-
lunsmuir street,
the streets com-
If you nre requiring nny kind   of
PiK��    or    Dairy    Produce
Wrilr   direct   to
363 Cordovn .Street. Enst
VANCOUVER,      -      B.C.
Thr 1 ui-.-.l  Denier in Live Poul*
-    Iry in Writern   Canada	
Inspectoi  Dew, who beat   Dr. |
Crippen and Ethel  L,encvc in a
race across die Atlantic last sum-
mer, and arrested them at Father
Point, i- Miinc the London Daily
Chronicle lor libel in connection
with statements made in die pa-
per concerning tlie officer's professional conduct at Quebec.   The
paper admits publication, the onlyl"?"* ",l'"f *e vvork
question remaining being tlie .1
mount of damages,
|,   11.   Rogers and   the  ( onti-
ni'iii.il rrusi 1 pany were given
permission   io  construct   a  sidewalk on Second avenue at their
own expensi
Engineer   Thompson   Engaged
Alderman Clayton moved dial
Mr. K. II. Thompson, city engineer
nt'Senile, he engaged at a sum of
82,500 to come here and consull
Citj Engineer Davis on tne plans
for the waterworks and act as
consulting engineer during tlie car-
Help Wanted
AUK VOU IN NlOKIKH-'HKI.I'V I'" >'�������� ��,"'"
ti, buy, or ra-ll. nr litre, or lotnT Try me
(ll.tilliisl (VnilenHail All. route.
A good Qoneral Bervmb Appl) tn Mr��. C.V.
Bennett, .iili Ave. 18-6
Houses Wanted
HOUSES WANTKIl-Kurnlsliiil or uiiliiriii-li-
aal,  2 to 6 rimmai.      If liia.-ilti.iii  iin.l   I'll.'"' lid'
inr I will rent them myitlf and pay rent In advance, im waiting, nn liHtiiut. Phone me today.
Black M- Uncle Jerry, 7^-tf
WANTED-Houie, 4 or fl raomiand bath, fur-
nlihed ni unfurnished, ut once. Apply al
Optimiat Bos ,\. 67-if
WANTED-Three, four or live room li""-''. tat*
nlihed, modern convenlencoa, elaeo In, Call
phone 161. .-''-if
j Arrived ir the City Last Night
Council Insist on Comparing It
With  the Original  Specification*  before Accepting   It
Drivtr to be Chosen.
Board Wanted
WANTED- Ui-lu "nil lioiiril
X.M.. OiililiiM Ollice.
I'UUilla'      is
A vessel of 5000 ions gross, wiih
internal combusdon engines, is
being constructed on the
The vesse
large   motor
: being workei
I kind ol oil.
ir. nodiing more than i
lio.it,   the   engines
with  the cheapest
li i> estimated thai
A Natural Cathartic
I 50c The Bottle
mi,i.a: I'lsiittiii roe
. Davl.i ('.... W.lkrnilli'. Ont,
The Pioneer Druggist
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
.      A. L. WATKINS
Plumbing   :  Steamfitting
Third Aaa'.. between Tib nml -ih SU.
Oarr ll.C. H.,k. rv PRINCE 11111.1:1.
i IUll ion* ol oil will take lhe vessel
a? far as HUH tons of t'oal.
Sentence of eighteen months'
imprisonment has lieen passed in
Glasgow on Alexander Mcintosh,
who pleaded guilty to a series ol
immigration frauds. He formed
,i scheme for defrauding the public
on thc pretence thai he was the
general secretary of a fictitious
association failed die "Scottish
Gardeners' Association." More
than Hit) men were engaged, and
the prisoner defrauded some ol
the men oul of small sums.
The rate of pay for laborers
on government works in the Columbia districl has ihi- year been
increased to $3 per daya
Thc business office and headquarters of ilu- Mountain Lumbermen's association has lieen re-
moved from Nelson to Calgary.
To Boat and Gasoline Launch Owners
I have 'i lota fur tale on new I'i fool
riunl I'.v Hayi Creek, all very cheap
$|j"a to 1826; easy terms,    View from
the entrain f the harbor .iiin"-t  to
Tuck* Inli-t. Ideal little sheltered cove
fur boati outside the grade, and easily
fur your summer reiori where the nti-i-
fnll is inn- thiril that of Prince Rupert,
tha' nil perfect Mid the beach delightful. Those on the spot have eagerly
bo ight and it Is the only townaite ever
two thiriis -ul'l in-dire tlie survey was
C. M. WiUon. Room 14, AH  i Block
I"' * li le, I' ii h .   '.   r ����� 0i ntral Hotel
Rogers ,\   Black  Will  Go  Into
New Quarters, Second Ave.
Grade Won't be Altered
A large petition of ratepayers
in ilu- district of I-'irst and Second
avenues, asked thai die grade
between the two avenues be raised
City Engineer Davis advised thai
ihe application be refused for the
reason thai the railway grade
ai the waterfront was correct and
the street was graded according
io the railroad. The council supported Colonel Davis' rccommenda
Empire Got   It
The tender for printing the
specifications for the pipe line
from Woodworth Lake was au.mini in the Empire Printing Co. for
Want Assizes Here
ll   is   lime   Prince   Kupert   had
.ui assi/e court submitted Alder-
main Newton, who mentioned die
number   of   men   lure   awaiting!
trial, the expense of Bending them
and witnesses to Vancouver, ihej
advantage it would mean to tribu-l
tary country, etc.   He introduced
a motion asking the Government
io arrange for the required court,
and the motion was carried.
Mayor Manson said he had
approached the Attorney-General
on the subject and argued thai
it would lie a piod tiling for lhe
council to net after Mr. Bowser.
Fire Insurance
ul'll .si'KciAl.TV-l-'in- Inaurance. Werepra-
..���nt I'la-ai'ii lb-one Fin' InauMUica Companlaa.
Wi- wiiiit yuur Inifliiii'm*. larva and until
1.I-I us quote you rates, The Ifaeh Realty and
Inaurance OHnpanya a-tiriinl Ave, and FultonSt
THE BriUah Union anal Nuiiunn! Kit,- Inaurance
Company nl London, England, with capital
.if ��1.(00,000.00. Six- un fur rnii-- The Hack
Realty and Inaurance C anpany. ""-tf
Real Estate
A claaalfted advertisement l. �� real eatatoaalea-
lunn.   nml iIih'��   Unl often a-uiitit  ,'iii.iikrli   "In
Count "  in tin- 11,-1 result.
WANTKII- T'llHlialllliia- lull, In SVul Cun- Uu-
iii,-! m-i-i1.hi 7 ,,r s. Mnnll imymi'iit iluaa-n lanal
monthly terma.   Apply P.O. Box tw.     BS4B
Situations Wanted
A claaatfied adverUaement i. n Urelesa iwn-k-
hunter���and seldom i ml-.
Stenographer snd oilla-a- Assistant tftta***.
parlence.  Mi��ia c... r-n Oiititui.t oillc.
young miln wishes nosldon, iany kinii; itano>
grapber, book-keeper; espabla, -"Nt. Aiuily
Optlmlit Office. -'���-���
\ $200,000 plain lor the manufacture of nuts, I ml i<. fishplates
.md oilier railroad materials, will
shortly be erected al Port Mann
by an English and Scotch syndicate. Al the outset the plant will
employ out- hundred men.
Vote on Reciprocity Agreement
the Main Question
They Declare Measure will Pass
Within a Fortnight. Caucus Being Held Today on
Season s Programme.
Boarders Wanted
A classified advertisement wHlbrloa to yon sopU*
>-;iail�� fnr thnt Vactllt mm.iii.  nr f.ir that Vacant
place nl yuur tiilila'.
It'inr a'.-.k,-,! iiu'iili, uml nici-ly fin-,i.[nil nviii.
fur three persons, Apply Mm. James, Bcotl
iiIiIk.. :i"l Aia\, between -Hi uml ��th Sta,   -  ti
For Sale
A elasalned advertisement pa-minta-nily printa-d.
will Moll enythlng of valua
Money to Loan
A classified adverUsami nt will find you tba money with av Inch lu put your pluai intn effcot
Weather and Shipping
Weather conditions gcni rallj are
improved according to reports from
all tne wireless stations this niori-
ing.   Light breezes and moderate
Mas.    Fair but cloudy.    Some foj;
to thc south.
Shipping movements reported
Irom Tatoosh: Oul steamer Atl;i>
.u 5.46 a.m. In tun Lorne 5.31
am. Oul schooner Bee al 0.20
.im. In schooner \. S. Plant 7.50
a.m, S, S. Empress of Japan
passed out .it noon.
Vancouver   Boys  Sang  Hymns
but Rushed Cattle
S. O. E. B. S.
Tha- Prince Rupert bodge, No, IIS, Sun. ���f
England, meeta the Aral and third Tuaedayi in
each in.null In theOarpontera n.,.'. .-n -1. a,,
K. V. CLARK, Bee
P.O. BoxSK, Prinee Rupert
+ --^.-��-���--������������-^..r^. -. ,"^ aa-ahii^an. ��m.t*
| Northern Produce Co'y.
j  Send for our Weekly Price List  j
)   Phone 151    -   Phone 151   j
i he new motoi' fire
lore thc city council
will not accept it until die arrival
0f the specifications a id form ol
contract properly Bigned arrive
from tl'' offices of W. Seagrave
S i I.., W'alkcrville, Ont, the makers. Therefore the engine will not
be used for at least two weeks
as ii will lake that time for the
papers to .net here.
This was decided last ninht I is
lhc cily council, ll was mentioned
that the new machine had arrived
.md Fire Chief Mclnnes wrote
saying there was no place to Store
it. The lire and water committee
were given power to e,ct a Bui table
Then Alderman Morrissey wanted to know if thi- $7,850 tin l'l >.B.
I'rince Rupert was according to
specifications of lasl sear's council
and if not then die council should
not accept it.
City Clerk Woods said thc
specifications had been sent and
a form of contract had been sent
to Seagrave it Co., to be signed
and had not been returned. These
specifications aid contract called
for certain siied engines which
the makers refused to instal. Alterations were then made and a
contract drawn up.
Alderman Morrissej moved that
the council refuse to accept the
machine until the required papers
Hire here and his motion was
Mr. William Lee. the agent and
company's expert, said he had
��ircd for the papers but was
prepared to leave a deposit lhal
the engine was (I. Iv, Inn lie
could not Id ii mil of his hands
until ii had been officially accepted.
The Mayor said it could not bc
accepted without the signed contract, etc.
The lire and water committee
will appoint a driver, who will
be thoroughly instructed by Mr.
Washington Cafe
j Range, Dishes, Chairs, Tables, Count-
... ers, Cooking Utensils,  Etc. Etc. ...
Store Room, 2-story addition and Cabin to Rent
Ask Uncle Jerry
Store Room Corner
Second Ave. and Seventh Sl.
Just  vacated  by  Optir ist Office.
Ask Uncle Jerry
Four-masted Schooner Helene
Crippled Makes Harbor
Prince Rupert Social and Moral
Reform Council
Efforts to Preserve Temperance.
Educated Addresses Against
the Social Evil. Sabbath Observance. New Officers and
Executive Committee Appoin
Lots fa nml li, Block '.X,
Section l.
18000, 25 per cent cash,
balance l. 2, ;i years,
7 |iit cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Its a sign "i progress when a
linn move- Into larger quarters,
J    II.   Rogers  and   Peter  Black
trnliii.. under lhc name of Rogers
S   Black,  steamship agents  and
coal  merchants  will   leave  dieir
little  office  near  thc  G.   T.   P,
���hi   Centre   Btrcct   todaj
and take up quartern in a brand
spankin iccond
���    '     lie i'i. ni ill} "I ni le |er
ry'   will  nccup)   lhc office next
K������-*'   ,\ 111.I. k started in busi-
here in February 1009, and
since then they have sold ticket!
to people whohav me and goncl
to ilu thousand and one corners!
across the gtota and they ha.ve
| snlil omi frt.in ilu. old stand that
has  warmed   .ill   wrts and   con
Special to diet Iptimist)
��� M i.iu.i. \|uil 20. i ao\eminent
leader- today predict dial the
Reciprocitj Agreement will bc ratified liy Parliament al Ottawa
within a fortnight. The Easter
\<i, v��� has ((included, a nl the
main question i.i the discussion of
plans now i* thc question ol
securing thc vole for the Reciprocity Agreement, Senate and
' nmmons both met today, and
i'i inged to hold a caucus to
��� li i a-- Un-1 rogrammc for ilu rest
1 "i ihe season,
Special to die Optimist) Last night Mr-. J. ('. McLennan
Vancouvor, April 20. I'or rust- held a Bridge pans in honor of
i'-1- cattle from a Lulu Island Mrs. T. D. Pattullo who is leaving
ranch two broUier named Allman, thc city on Friday for Victoria. A
cnurch members and leaders of number of friends present were
the choir in their place of worship, pleasantly entertained. The bridge
one of ihe well-known city church- prizewaswon by Mrs. I). McLeod
(���-, were today sentenced to two and Mrs. V. \V. Smith carried off
yeara in the prnitentiary, They die booby prize. Regret is ex-
pleaded guilty at their trial. Both pressed among Mrs. Pattullo's
were recently engaged in the butch- many hriends Ihu- at her
er business in the suburbs, I parture,
(Special to tne I Ipiimisi)
Hoquiam, Wash., April 2(1.
The four-masted schooner Helene
from Honolulu io Gray's Harbor
reached here today with only
thc foremast standing. When two
days out from Honolulu and 1 -KMl
miles northwest from (Iran's llar-
boi -he encountered
which   crippled   her
plctely.   Making what speed she
Intemperance, gambling, thc social vice, and lhe while slate
traffic, there are the main evils
which ihe Prince Rupert Social
and Moral Reform Council announce- itself out to combat.
Lasl night in the St. Andrew's
Hall, ihe members mel  to hear
lhe annual report of die work,
and appoint office-bearers for the
coming year. The following are
die office-bearers:
President, Bishop Du Vernet,
ire-elected by acclamation); Vice-
Presidenl, I). McLeod; Secretary-
Treasurer, Dr. Cade. Nine members were appointed to form thc
Executive Committee, 1 hesc were
Dr. McNeill, J. Davidson. I.. \\.
Patmore, \V. Kennaugh, Dr. Kergin, A. J. Galland, A. Douglas,
Arthur Ellison and T. ('. Mimic.
Bishop Du Vernet read a report
on lhe year's work.    Regret  was
ictiiiic galeIexpressed that the council had not
ilmosi com* I succeeded in carrying  the local
ipiion issue, and lhal  the extra
hatl  not  helped   lhe work  of  lh
Revs. Charles Sinn, W. II. McLeod and F. DesBarres contributed
addressed and Rev. I'. \V. Kerr
moved a vote of appreciation
of the efforts of Alderman Newton
who made a .solitary stand in
council against the hue lu ur elusive, ol ihe liars. Mr. D. .McLeod
referring   to   that   affair  in   the
council remarked that lie had
never seen so poor au exhibition
as ihe council made. They merely
showed hands when they knew
it would not do any n"(,d to
hinder the carrying of ihe late-
closing clause.
could with the single mast standing I hour at nighl had been granted
the vessel
delayed, I
icached this poll much
ul without further inis-
Thc S. S. Prince George will
arrive from Vancouver with passengers and mail on Saturday
morning and will leave for the
soiitn again on Monday morning.
the  bars,  in  spile  of   the  efforts
pin up against this.
Retiring secretarj -treasurer
('.  Bean staled   lhat   the council
owed s|S.Ill and had in hand Iff.
Members   subscriptions,  81
yrae, were now due.
In an address ��iipplcmcutary lo
the  report,   Bishop   Du   Vernet
de- She does not start on the run  to .commented upon lhe fact lhal die
Stewart until June. Oolitical   aspect  of  tlie city's  life
S. S. Prince Rupert will Leave
for South on Time
Owing to a siinlu trouble with
her boilers thcS. S. Prince Rupert,
of  the C. T.   P.  Heel,  was unable
to leave for Stewart this morning.
lhe boilers have now lieen repaired and ihe Prince Ruperl will
leave for Vancouver at eight o'clock
in ilu- morni.ig. Thc S. s. Prince
Allien will lake passengers for
Stewart at eight o'clock tomorrow
morning and will be back iu time
lo leave foi Oueen Charlolte Island
ai noon Saturday,
Anring**'0���' "**n ('"'linR r' "��� m--
MAX. TKMI-.        MIN, TUP,
48.0 89.0
���'III. Ill
I Ask Uncle Jerry ""OW
at  s
A  public mooting is called by
the Young Liberal Association o
the liiy to be held in the E
rheatrc tomorrow night
diiion- "i hearts and toes,    \n,\ o'clock.
they're   going   to  do   the   ��amc     Duncan Ross, Esq., ,.vm
business at thc new stand. | for   Yale-Cariboo   will   give   an
Before coming here Mr. Rogers address on the reciprocity question
spent several years in the Yukon, and what ii means to Prince
He was passenger antl traffic man- Rupert,
he While Pass iV Yukon Mr, Rom is a splendid speaker Y
and his address is being looked ~
forward to very eagerly
will lie oilier prominent
_  please take notice nml list your property with a good live hroker, if from  tin'
above you think our equipment should
On January 16th and 22nd, Eastern produce the best results, you should
papers on Jan, 15th, Western papers come in at once.
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Ruperl Op- We advise everyone to Ket in the
portunlty advertisement appeared In market this spring and summer Sell
papers In New York.  Boston, Provi- when you have a profit;  buy'anln
dence, Kansas City, Denver, San Fran-  That's the way to make money.      You
Cisco, I,���s  Angeles,  St.   Paul  and  117 cun make many times  as  much motley
P.pm i'nT "   T htt^* BT* " P" wi" buy """ ���� ��*��� '��>l ""���' -
i'ii'> rs i��� un.   on Feb. 26th our Prince so ong to property     All of vou mil
Ui.H'rtiKlvi.rUs,,,,,.,..,   m ,,.,,   ,���  ���   ,���������,������,,,,
1 aiiiiilinti Ouiiy
Prince Rupert
UNCLE JERRY As|j unc]e Jerrv
Has  a  Kroo  Information Department * 1
for strangers in the City ami  for n
residents hy correspondence.
He win build you a dwell!
payment plan.
ng on easy
He Will lease or sell you B lot tm emcy
r.nv. I.. .1..-      He Buys Buildings terms for you to build a dwelling or
Ha Huys Lota        He Buys Contracts Mon- on.
He  has  Stores  to  Rent,
Huys  Lands  in  Skeena and Naas
Uiver  Valleys.
lie will
ager nn
Peter Black wat a miner.
The <i. T. P. is driving every
body "if the  reservt   as fast at
>eakcrs and musical Items,
aaill he reserved for lad 1(
\ ^sk Uncle Jerry
ler to the wheel and hoost
keep on boosting���that's the way we
will make a lii^ city.
W1IKN Yllll  WANT TO  HUY, Hl'.l.l, (ill
Uncle Jerry
Ile wants 50 Mouses to Rent
He Sells Lsases       lie Sells Build
He Sells Lota He Belli Contracts
He wants Stores to Kent
Lands  up  the Skeena Kiver
e will sell you a l,���usc and   lot  und
���v< "" l,a.v on monthly payment plan.
He will take a lease on your lots and
your investment   pay  you   eight
per cent
Ask Uncle Jerry |
ifuw^. ���.


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