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Prince Rupert Optimist
OL. II, NO. 40
Prince Rupert, B.C., Saturday. February 18. 1911.
Price, jp'ive Cents
retnier Will Make Statement in House Early Next
Week Which Will Forever Put Away Idea
of Annexation by the States
It is understood that early nexl week,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will make a statement on the question, which will for
ever put away any idea of the annexation
of Canada by the United States.
The strong support which the reciprocity treaty is receiving throughout
the country is a matter of satisfaction
to the Government. It is accepted as
an evidence that the country is looking
to the Government to prosecute the
matter and achieve results.
Special to the Optimist)
(ttawa, Feb. IS.���The continued talk
annexation which is being fostered
i the Conservative   press   in  their
[ortj to cause a resentment to the
leaty in Canada, is making itself felt.
the Liberal   accept   President   Tuft's
mage as a  true  statement  of the
JelinRsof Washington, but at the same
|mi; they recognise the danger of an
ml I" ignorance and passion.
'ill Now Toke Time to "Tune Up"
Ihe Plant Before it Will Be in a
Position to Give Regular Service -
Evtrythini; Worked.
Everything at the electric light station
Has in readiness for turning on the
htcam l:i-t night, and as permission
|ias rto�� irrived from the Government
Boiler tmpector to run the plant, Mr.
Burns took the opportunity of running
latest with the current on over the whole
I lira*.
Though newly erected and not yet
llunwl up to their task, engine and
I dynamo are running very smoothly,
land as soon as the engineer in charge
1 has all the electrical portion of the plant
I thoroughly tuned up, the full strength
j ol the light cun he given.
The tuning up process will not take
I long, and the better it is attended to
I now the more satisfactory will be the
I result. Meanwhile the energies of the
| engineers are being unsparingly exerted
j to have the plant perfect for the start
To Instal Masonic Officer*
On Wednesday night the installation
|of ollinrs ;,t Kaien Chapter of Royal
���web Manna will take place.   Excellent
''���'-' Principal, Judge F. McB. Young
���nil be the installing officer.
Big Industrial Feature* Will Be
Used to Show Vancouver's Progress
During Twenty-five Yeara. Will
Run Big Excuraiom.
iSpecial to the Optimisti
Vancouver, Feb. 18. The city council have just decided upon a great
celebration next June of the progress
made in the city during the past twenty-
five years. It will take the form of
a big "Made in Canada" exposition
to be held from June 14 to li'.. It will
open on the twenty-fifth anniversary
of the big fire, and end on Coronation
Arrangements are being made for
big industrial features, and excursions
will be run from all points to Vancouver.
From the Dominion Government Wire-
lea* Station*
(At S A. M.)
Ikeda - Uriz-ding, calm. Bar. 'Ml.40,
ther. 42.   Heavy swell.
Triangle -Fog, east  wind,  16
Bar.   29.82,   ther.   36.     Heavy-
Spoke   steamer   North   Western
Triangle midnight north hound.
Estevan    Foggy,   west   wind.
30.12, iher. 40.   Heavy swell.
Tatoosh   Cloudy, north east, 12
Bar. 30.50, ther. 10.   Sea smooth
steamer  Watson  7  p.m.    Out;
schooner during night
Pachena    Bain,   south   east.
30.10, ther. 88.   Heavy swell.
I'oint   Grey   Cloudy,   calm.
30.50, ther. 50.
I'oint   Grey-Cloudy,   calm.
30.50, ther. 50.
Cape Lazo-Cloudy, north west.
30.55. ther. 33.   Sea smooth.
(At Noon I
Dead Tree Point Misty, south west
wind.   Light swell.
Ikeda Misty, west. Bur. 30.46, ther.
46.   Light swell.
Triangle -Cloudy, easl 18 miles. Bar.
29.96, ther. 89.   Light swell.
Eslevun Overcast, west 6miles. Bar.
30.10, ther. 45.   Light swell.
Pachena Clear, south east. Bar.
30.18, ther. 45.   Sea smooth.
Tatoosh Clear, north east 13 miles.
Bar. 30.53, ther. 45.   Sea smooth.
Point Grey - Clear, north west. Bar.
30.54, ther. 45. S|-oke Prince George
at 11 a.m.
Cape Lazo -Cloudy, south east. Bar.
30.60, ther. 43.  Sea moderate.
,   left
. In:
Sensational Charges Brought in the Manitoba Legislature by Molloy, New Member for Laverandrye
���Frustrated a Ballot Box Conspiracy
Special to the Optimist.
Winnipeg, Feb. 18. A sensation was
sprung on the Legislature today by W.
Molloy, the new member for Laver-
andryo, who charged the Conservatives
with having tried to steal every seat
in the province of Manitoba. He
declared that in his own constituency,
his election was only made possible
hy lhe discovery of a widespread conspiracy to tamper wilh the ballot boxes,
which he discovered and frustrated.
A statement of his that he did not
care whether the boundaries of Manitoba
were ever extended, "as the country to
the north is practically valueless," called
forth government protests.
Newton, the new member for Russell,
had counter charges of a serious character to make. He declared that the
Dominion Land Inspectors had tried
to interfere wilh the election in his
New Boata Will Make Yokohama Hnve* Nine Square Milea of Coal on
Trip in Ten Daya -Old Boata to Be Graham Uland Will Build Siowa
Placed on Bermuda Run in the and Ship to Princo Rupert Direct���
Spring of 1912. Propoaition Look* Good.
Manchurian Viceroy Reporta Plague
Kills Sixty-five Thousand
Pekin, Feb. 18.--The terrific ravages
wrought by bubonic plague during
thc recent outbreak in Manchuria can
bc judged by the viceroy's estimate
of deaths there due to the scourge, ln
his report he puts the total for .Manchuria
at no fewer than 65,000. Besides this
huge total, foreign officers in the district
declare that over 1000 more have died
in the territory inside lhe great wall.
I Action of Agent General at London  i�� Violently Attacked in Legislature���Boy Scouts and Salvation
Army Are Also Criticised by Members
General Baden-l'owell "the butcher of
Mafeking" and saying that the movement had for its object the training of
the boys of Canada in the art of murdering their fellow men.
The Salvation Army also came in
for criticism at thc hands of Jardine,
who opposed the vote of $50,000 for
immigration. Hc claimed that the
Salvation Army tended to disrupt the
labor market Baying hc had seen an
advertisement in a Vancouver paper
to the efTect that the Army could "supply
any kind of labor" at what he called
their "bed bug ranch on Homer street."
special to the Optimist)
Victoria, Feb. 18.-Because the Lon-
'""  A��W (ieneral of the Province of
1 A subscribed two  pounds of
-jy  to   the   Anti-Socialistic
""ine, Hawthornthwaite in the Legis-
<��� '"st night made a slashing attack
B. c.
public n...!,i-y
uP"n ihe
agent-general's estimates for
He spoke strongly of the at-
nisk I. Government in  passing
���*""��������� in the agent-general's ex-
������'������ount, and opposed the entire
J" [he course of the speech he at-
lh�� hoy scout movement calling
Government    Announces    Increased
and More Effective Meaaurea
(Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, Feb. 18.-Hon. Mr. Brodeur,
Minister of Fisheries and Marine, announced in the House today, in reply
to a question by Mr. J. 1). Taylor of
New Westminster, that thc Government
were arranging increased and more
effective measures to put a stop to fish
poaaching on the banks off Vancouve
Russia Is Contemplating an Ultimatum    May Cause Trouble
(Special to the Optimisti
St. Petersburg, Feb. 18. -It is semiofficially announced hew that unless
China yields to Russian demands before
March 1st, lhat an ultimatum will be
sent to Pekin. The European powers
who are watching the Eastern situation
are said to have warned Russia that any
aggressive action will be sure to he
followed by an outbreak of hostilities
on the part of the Chinese.
'Special to the Optimist.
Victoria, Feb. 18.   Arrangements have
been completed for the withdrawal of
the C. P. R. steamers, Empress of China
and Empress of India, from the Pacific
i service in the spring of 1912. Their
places will be taken by two new und
modern liners, fast enough to make the
: Yokohama trip within ten days.
The two Empresses are to be taken
1 round Cape Horn, and placed on the
���un from St. John, N. B.. to Bermuda,
via Boston and Jamaica. Later on the
Empress of Japan will be superseded
and placed on the Wesl Indian run.
', Supposed  Attempt at Suicide After
One Month's Wedded I.ifr
Vancouver, Feb. 18. Only a month
ago a young man named Jack I.iddell
residing   at   1251    Harris   street   was
1 married. Yesterday it is alleged that
he tried to l-nnimil suicide by drinking
! acetic acid.    His bride, it is said, left
1 him shortly after the marriage, and
worry over  this  is sup|iosed  to  have
', depressed the husband.
Vancouver, Feb. 17. A company is
now in course of promotion to supply
coal to the Prince Rupert murkit.
The name of lhe company is ihe Ctn-
adian North Pacific Corri any. Lid.,
with an authorised capital of *1,000.CU0,
with head office at 85 Hastings street
west. The company controls nine
square miles of coal  land on  Graham
Island,   Immediately   "i podU   Prince
Rupert City, und will be but 60 n.iles
distant by bont or ferry-
It is the intention nf the management of the company to open up the
six-foot warn of coal which outcrops nt
the upper end of the property and sea
front. The fact that the property has
four miles fronting on deep sea removes
any hindrance to development work
through absence of a railroad, since it
is possible to dump roal direct from
this coal seam into the boats.
There is an abundance of thi* finest
timber on the property, which will
prove most useful in the development
of the property within lhe mine itself
and in building piers, wharves and
James   Tuft   in   Tow   of   the   U.   S.
"Snohomish" Off Cape Flattery
(Special to the Optimist)
Seattle, Feb. 18���Forced to return
because of the great storms that are
sweeping the coasts of Northern Culi-
fornia, the bnrquenline James Tuft
was sighted off Cape Flattery last night
Hying signals of distress. The U. S.
revenue cutter Snohomish went to her
assistance and is towing her in. The
J nines Tuft left Tacoma on February
2nd with a cargo of lumber for Australia.
Important Announcement is Made in Montreal���Influential British Capitalists Behind It���Will
Go Northerly to Yezzo and Lian Chou
'Special to the Optimisti
Montreal,   Feb.   18.    Following   the
news of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's motion in
that H. Wentworth Clayton, a well
known British capitalist is behind the
promotion,   and   is   acting   on   behalf
the House of Commons lo vote an annual jof   ��   syndicate   of   British   financiers.
Arrangements are being made [or the
building of a fleet of modern freight
and passenger steamers.
It is intendid to have the ve-iels
start from I'rince Rupert and take in
the most northerly and direct route
to thc East. They will call at Yerao,
the most northerly of the large islands
in the Japanese group, and make Liuu
Chnu in Northern China their terminus,
Connecting there with distributing lines.
subsidy of $75,000 a year for ten years
to any steamship company thai will
open up a trade between ports on the
coast of British Columbia and China
and Japan, comes the announcement
of the promotion of a steamship line
which is to have Prince Rupert as its
So far, the promotion has been kept
very secret.   It is now known, however, f II E   P R 1 N C E    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
���    {%-j***m***mm*t*1*$0*m*��mVmf0m0*^**
have received Two Carloads of Canned
Fruits and Vegetables.  They are of the
highest   grade   and   quality,   every   can   1910
pack.    They were bought at a price which cannot  be duplicated  this year.
Corn, Peas and Beans 2 cars 25c
Tomatoes, 2 lb. cans 2-cans 25c
Tomatoes. 3 lb. cans   15c
Spinnage * * ��� ��� ��� l��c
Corn on Cob gallons COc
. . . CANNED FRUITS . . .
Strawberries,   Raspberries,   Peaches,   Pears and
Plums. 2 lb. can  20c
Blueberries, 2 lb. can  15c
Blueberries, gallons  50c
Apples, gnlluns  40c
Plums, gallons  50c
All Profits of Lever Bros. Over Five Per Cent. Are   Divided With
the   Workers���Profits  Show   an    Increase   Under  New   System
Lever Brothers, Ltd., the well known An Incentive to All
makers of Sunlight Soap, are looked If this scheme were to fail, as time
upon as pioneers in the field of indUB- advanced it would be quoted as a fail-
trial reform In addition to their well ure, and there would be less liklihood
known model lown al Port Sunlight, of serious attempts to solve this in-
they have now evolved a co-partnership dustrial question. Limited companies
���heme which is attracting considerable and combinations would go on growing
atemion from advanced political econ- bigger than ever; the rigid relation-
omists. ship of the wages system  would  con-
The first dividend paid to the workers unue.   It was for the workers to make
was 7 1-2 per cent.   The second year's it a success;   and one great advantage
dividend of 10 per cent has just been in the extension of the system was that
announced. it was applicable to limited companies
Not a Profit Sharing Device large or small.
In a speech to the workers at Port      The   Port   Sunlight   co-partnership
Sunlight, Mr. W. H. Lever outlined his ^vme- when adoPtpd m 1909- d,d not
co-partner scheme historically and eco- disturb   lhe   Prosperity- l,,r���t!:   system
nomically.    It is a scheme that he has" bJ
Sails for
Thursdays, at
which    Messers.    Lever   regularly
, been studying for twenty-four years.
After discussing the right of the
workers to their agreed upon wages
in   an   ordinary   industrial   enterprise,
spent a share of the profits on the improved housing of the workers.
We have been appointed agents for ;
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and  Bar Supplies
Shelf  and   Heavy    Hardware
Paints. Oil and Glass
irrespective of the profits or losses of|the Canada-West Fire Insurance Co.,
the employing capitalist, and the equal a fr��-*8 progressive broad company,
right of the employer to any extra and are therefore M. to handle a
profits he can make after paying wages i reasonable line in the congested district
'Which   have   first   legal   claim;,   Mr,:-Law-Butler Co. 32-U
Lever said   he  could   find  no  logical j ���*******���********-       ^���******
reason   for   any   of   the   profit-sharing |
schemes he had examined.   Such schem
es. Prince Albert for Stewart ����-,��
I oays.arter arrival ol PrinceGwrm FW
Port Simpson. Naaa, Mfusel and Mori
(by Island pointa, Ineludii i*Qtie��na9
jlotte City,   Pacni,!-  ffiM
: Reran Bay, every alten ste Friday ������
: 12 o'clock  noon, commencing Ive.jft,
The   Grand Trunk Railway Syilem
connecting with trains frorn tl.e Pacific
i coast operates a frequent and .���..r.ven-
| ient service of luxurious trains over hi
j double track roate between Chicago,
i Toronto, Montreal. Quebec, Halifax,
i Portland, Boston, New York ar.d Phili,
: delphia. Information and tickets ok*
(tainable from the office iit-reundeoiata.
! tioned.   Trans-Atlantic booking! ifi
lines arranged.
es lasted only a very short time, five i ���->���*"* --*""1 Diatxic^���queen Chsrlotte islands
years on the average.   They had never     Take notin thst no days alter date, I, Chsrlas
.    .      ... .... i u    .i Helmer,  Isrmer,  ol  Skideeate,  B.  C,  Intend  to
prevented    Strikes.      \\ h>    Should    the I ,pp|y u, the Chief Commissioner ol Lsnds, lor a
workers take less in wages than under I .^���d3erP[ne^o^nrd!^'bSl.^10Um ��n
any   Other   system?     A   man   who   got '     Commencing at a post planted two m.lea south
��� .   , __       __.   ���   _�� ___. ot the southeast corner of Lot 501, Graham Island,
led away by profit-sharing into accepting I thenw south 80 chains, thence wset SO chains,
loan than the highest nav fnr his class   'hence north 80 chains, thence as�� 80 chaina to
Hun   I l.i   nui.i.i   pay  mr  ins cms-*-       . t of ������,���,,������,���������,._ lnd eonlaining B40 acre..
Dated Nov. IS, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 10.
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
Jobber oj High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
of work would be underselling his labor,
and no profit-sharing could  make up
for his loss in wages. Queen Chsrlotte Islands Land District���District ol
Industrial Co-partnership j    T>ke nol|w th,t , ^_\\ R  Diwy o|  QfHm
The only safe and sure basis of i*\<$&% <gg__\_\ TS*,^lor '"ec^.nl
dustrial    CO-partnership     was     for    the   petroleum on the lollowini described lsnd:
r . . ,      , ��     I     Commencing st s post planted  thirteen  muss
worker to receive the Standard rate for ; north and seven miles eaat ol Section 13. Town.hip
I IA���   .*.���.   .t   ....*.     ..A   ..   ���.,..!.   .v.���   7, Graham Island and marked No. 54, T. R. D. N.
his class  of  work,  and  to  work  the Id .���,������. _.mct ������. g0 chains .thence aouth so
'ordinary hours worked in the industry. I ehaina. thence east SO chsina, thence north 80
,    . , . t chains to point ol commencement, conUlning 640
Then, if there was any margin���above i acna more or leas.
; ordinary wages and ordinary profits-1 ^&* I9,��* wgSfc^AiS
it could go to  co-partnership dividends.
But while crude profit-sharing failed,   ���.*"*"��� Chsrlotte Islsnd. Lsnd Dictrlet-DIstrict ol
on   the  Other   hand,   the   wages   system       .'ske notice that I, Thoa. It. Davey of Queen
, .    .��    _ _   .  __     rnu...' Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend  to
alone was not in itself complete.   There ,pp*y (or pennon to prospect lor coal and
was something between employer and petroleum on the loUowing decribed land:
iB                          2     . Commennng at a post plantcl thirteen miles
'   employed   that   COUld   not   be   included north and eleven miles east nl SecUon 13, Township
.,             ,.                  . _,__,     _. 7, Graham Island and marked No. 65. T. D. It., N.
in    the   ordinary    wages    agreement���a w. corner, thence east SO chains, thence west 80
spirit and sentiment of loyalty and de-1 ch��!n*. lh,,nc-* no,r'h ���� 'h"ln'. ***** .�����,'"b���?S
F .    ****** . ........        I chains to point ol commencement, containing 640
Canadian Pacific Railway
B. C. Co..i S.S. Set-rite
ss. Princess Beatrice
Northbound Feb. 20*Southbnund Ok.25
Train for Chicago, Whnipeg. Toronto
leaves Vancouver 9.00 a.m. daily.
Train  for   Montreal   New,  York and
points East leaves  Vancouver 3.15
p.m.   daily.
Through tickets to Euro|wan Points
in connection with the finest  Atlantic
J. a McNab
General Aicst
Canadian Grneral Electric Co. 111.
Canada Foundry Co., Lid.
votion that did not start wilh thc blow : screa more or l<
ing of the whistle and stop at the tick j \ffi2tl **'1910'       w, _"%_*& ft���
of the clock.   The question was, there-1
fore, whether an employer could bo on < <-*uwr- Charlotte isiands^Land Dirtrict-Diatrict oi
accepting this loyalty and devotion and       Take notice that 1. Thos. R. Davey ol Queen
��� ���  ���.:.u���...   �����!.:..���  ....   ���_  ! Charlolte,  occupation  notary  public, intend  to
extra service without makiiiK any ac-:,Ppiy i���r permiasion to prospect for coal and
All   classes of Electrical ADtaMSta
Railway Supplies. Pumps. Em*���"
Bollen. Concrete Mixer*, o-.n-r.
al    Iron    snd    Iln.n:*    W ���������
wv ::t
Must Pay Fair Wages
( petniletitn on the following described lsnd:
I    Commencing ot s pes
| north snd five miles esst of Section 13, Townshii
(-ommencing ot s post plinted thirteen mil.
irth snd five miles esst of Section 13, Township
7, Grahsm Islsnd snd msrked No. 52, T. 11. I) . N.
THE OPTIMIST will furnish correct information to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city      :      -.      :      :      :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail      :       ::::::
To  justify  that   acceptance  he  felt  Ii; f,rnP,r',thenoe wt"J<���so ch******** thence south so
, ,' *, ,      ,, , , ,      chains,  thence oast  h0 chains,  thence  north  80
that the employer should put his work- i chains to point ol commsneement. containing 640 ;
��� . * *       , ... acres more or leas
man on a fairer working basis.   Wages  riated Nov. 8i mo, TH0S ���  DAVeY
must bc paid at the full rate;   capital1 Pub' L"H'- ** Wilton Gowtntr. Agent
'must  take  its  fair  interest  of  profit I Qum Chlrto|U .���.,nd. Und DUlrlct_I)Utrict o(!
��� isay  five  per cent'  if  the success of Skeens
I,, j  _   i ��� .j  j     / i_       Take notice thst I, Thos. R. Dsvey n! Queen
I the    undertaking    provided    for    such : Chsrlotte,  oecupstion  notsry  public,   intend  to I
: profit.    In  the  Port  Sunlight  scheme ] X^'on the'ii'n, ESQ JSaI***   nd i
! they provided  for this live per cent  on1     Commencing st  a post planted  thirteen  milas
���        .,  .        ���       .. . ,..,       . north slid five miles east of Section 13, Township
i preferential and ordinary shares.   Then ' 7 Graham tuad snd msrked No. 53. f. n. I), n!
by working together by economic HUD,\ti\\Tmm*l*lTm^^ S
I agement and preventing waste, they de-   chsins to point of commencement, containing 64l)
i     j       .....  __  i    ���   _  . ... i aerea more or less
rived   additional   benefits,   which  were < Dated Nov. e, 1910. thos. R. davey
devoted to the co-partnership scheme.    |''ub-D��*--* WUson Gowing. Agent
Put. Worker on Mettl. ; SVmt u���d  Dtatrlct_Que,n ch���,otu w���di
If, by co-partnership, they were mere-1    Take nolin lhll 30-JJ���7i'���rur daU . Ferilln.ni)
ly  paying  out   more  wages  than   Other | G* Tapert. larmer of Skidegate, B   C. Intend to
.......,,,,-.L-,....    . I., ,. ...... a  :      .u ���    i_    . ' aPP'y tu the Chief Commissioner ol Land... for a
soapmakers, they were doing their best; license to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
to   ruin   the   business.     No   business *"?. m,]" '!"' loll��w*no. deecribed lands:
..,,,_,, mieiHBSB :     Commencing at s poat plsnted 20 chains narth
COUld   Stand   It.      Ihey   would   not   SUC- '"'the southwest corner ot lxit 544. Graham Island,
���m| i,��� ������,,!������ _���.��� ,k  _ . * .   thence  north  80 chains,  thence east   80  chains.
cecd by paying more than was fair and  thenre south 80 chsins. thence west sn chsins to
just   for   a   Eiven   OUantifV   of   servirp    P"irt nf ""mmencement, snd contsining 640 seres.
' , B 4      lu'}    OI   servlce-I DatedNov. 14,1910. FltHDINANDG. TAPERT
But   there  was   not   a  single  worker,  rub* Dm- ln
ROOM 4. MdNTYRE BLOf K ��� P 0
Cowichan h-
Every Egg liuarantced
Stewart & Mobley ��� Agent
Application For Hotel    Liquor  U
cense For the Savoy Hotel
��� <:"
Optimist Information Bureau
uorsunilertherrovisionsi.il..' ���
behalf and the by-laws of the Cltr
ert and any amendments tlief |f.      ,,,
. In *
IM '
P.O. BOX 1545
from the youngest office boy to himself, who  had  not  in  his or her power    Skeena   Land   District���Qusen  Chsrlotte  Islsnds
many times over during the day or1   Take notice that Do'ds'ls"sfter dste l. Cheri���
week,  to  prevent   waste or    expedite  -SS!*. __T_*J5 ���S?*W- n' ?,' '"}*"? *"
.v.     u rm. l mm-i���m^m   apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands, for a
I the business.    Thus they became bet-  ''C(-'1,M* la prosiiect for coal, oil and petroleum on
Ssm    ...,.',w.~.A      mom.      tr  ��� ms.       i snd under the Inllowing descrilied Isnds:
| ter equipped, more efficient. They' Commencing at a post plsnted three mllea
; Were -reltine* hark tn tin, ���l,l rnl...in�� south ami en-mi e west of the southeast corner of
I were guimg  nncK  IO tne old relation-   ,������ -,0i, c,r.ham Island, thence west 80 chaina,
Ship   of   the   hand   industries   of   two   th"n<-*- "ou"' 80 chains, thenco east 80 chaina,
1 poniiiricn ...   ���.!,������,1���. _ ,    ,   thence north 80 ehsin. to point ol commencement
��� centuries ago, when the master worked and conuining eio acres
i side by side with the man l_'t"ls'"'- ""'���l!M0'       CHARLES helmer
Puh. Dec. 10.
ertand any amenilmrnisiiii'i*
known and described a. the   Sal   I H
I ate on lots 13 and 14. block sa, -
city of Prince Rupert, to cur
day of March. 1911.        ,      ,      ���.,.
And I hereby agree that in esse s      __ A
grsnted pursusnt to this apllu ������   ���������       ���up
latic shall be employed or Iw P-rn.'
said premises other than In lhe s
or customer, nor shall __*__***�� ii.e,l in *
said premises to do sny work to he
any way connected with sal.I P.-��}"J2p, ��M
And I hereby auree that I ���*���*" ��jy,M, ,
cense subject to this ����'T,;!",'!J:me ll't-'
breach of this aureement shall r ��� -,;,
the penalties provided for in me
Liquor License Hy-lnw.
My post office mlilress is r,:... I
The names anil ^dresses of the ���*_��� A>���ni
My post office nildress i
The nsmea snil address.--*���
premises proposed to be   lg��J*J. "��� t-. anJ
lame, Prudhomme. Prince I   ,1 crl-
V. Fisher. Prince Rupert. It        ,  , . ,f Fi
Dated st Prince Rupert this 3rd
rusry. 1911. ..���_��� . .��i*q I'M'!'"0-**'
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pncilic Railway on
tlie American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
strain heat, electric light, and all
jern convenlencMi being absolutely first-class In every respect.
II,,. n|i|iiiintnients and service
are equal to any hotel on thc
Rales: $1 lo $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished nnd
Stesm Hrntrcl Rooms
A lilt.**I   i I ASS BAR   AND   DINING
P.O. BOX 37
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
< I    * ������ Rooms.
11n- brat cutilpped
������"1 ���trum hrtlcd.
Hot antl cold baths.
i'-i inr room and
MMi-iimnt     :      :
Corley & Burgess, Props
*\/h*mmf**0**^***��*>t0*mym%*4 S*m
Prof. R. G. Aitken of Tick University, Says There May Be Vegetation, But No Intelligent Life���Some Interesting Facts  About Planet
"There  ma.   be some of  the lower I
forms of life and vegetation on Mars,'
but ut present there is pretty certainly i
no  astronomical  evidence  in  favor of
intelligent life in the solar system outside of the earth.   This is the conclusion
Of Prof. R. 0. Aitkin of Lick Observa-
io.*y, om, of thi> most eminent of present
day   astronomers,  in  a  recent  lecture
before ih" Astronomical Society.
Prof. Aitkin points out that the* con-;
elusion is not necessarily ihat there isi
no other life in the universe.   If asked
were there life nowhere else in the uni-!
verse,  the    could  only  resort  to  the,
mathematical   theory   of   probabilities.
If 1,000,000 grains of corn were gathered i
in a head, wiih one red grain among
tin in. and a blind man tried to chooso|
a grain on pain of death if he took the
lion to one. If the 1,500 millions of lhe
eanh stepped up one by one, choosing
a grain nnd dropped it again, 1,500 out
of ihe millions would get the red grain.
In the 200 or 2,00(1 millio s of stars
there were just 200 or 2,000 chancer of
uny pr. Minting any viabh conditions.
"Hut the production and maintenance
of life is one of nature's chief ends and]
aims.    Life appeared on thu earth all
soon  us co ditions were nndy for it,:
and. all hough we may never b. able io
tax- it    r prove it, we have no re..s n
for saying or thinking that  ihere are.
not Othtf suns surrounde    by planets
peopled by intelligent beings."
Turnin to the terrestrial planets,.
Prof. Ail ken said that H ihi one side |
of Mercury was seven i'mes as ho^ as
thc nrth and t e other side immeasurably cold, this "world" w- ��� certainly
nol habitable.
"The time which it takes Venus to
rotate is as yel an open question," said
he speaker;    'and upon that problem
depends the possibility of this planet's
sustaining life, if Venus rotates once
within 23 hours and 50 minutes, us sonk-
authorities claim, it i* probably r.uit-
ablo fo ihe sustenance of life. Bui as
I have said, this question is still unsettled."
Ther upon   Prof.   Aitkin   turned   to
what  he called  "ihe  Planet  of  Mys-1
ury"    Mars.   The* question of the pos-]
sibiliiy of sustaining life on Mais was j
noi a que'uio   of axial rotation.   In its
time of rotation, succession of seasons
and axial inclination,    Mars was very
similar to ihe earth.   The crucial ques-j
tiona were:   Dois Mars show signs of j
waier?   And are wa io regard its 'canals I
as   artificially   constructed���lho   work I
of intelligent beings?   The markings on I
Mars pn-s. nted very much the appear-1
anct that one might expect to ski on j
the earth if it were possible to go up in
B balloon and observe it from a sufficient
distance.     The   impression   given   by
teles opic   photographs   of   Mars   was
not of a Outwork of artificial canals, but
0      series of irregular markings.   The |
marking   on Mar   undoubtedly altered I
with   sea oncd   changes,   which   might
indicate,   the   pre* net   of   vegetation.
Vegetation   could   not   exist,   however,
without   water-vapor.     From   ������*   series
of observations mddc last y'-ar (mm
the highest point in lhe United States,
Mount    Whitr.i-y,    14,000   feet    above
thc sea level, Dr. Campbell had conu
to  thc  conclusion  thut   astronomically
Mars showed no more definite sign of
ihe* existence of wanr-vapor lhan did
the moon."
Pantorium,   Exclusive   French   Dry
Cleaners.     Phon   4
Western Branch ol CM. I. Now in
Session at Nanaimo
(Special to the Optimist)
Nanaimo, Feb. 17. -The ninth annual meeting of the Western Branch
of the Canadian Mining Institute ia
now meeting here. The meeting opened
last night.
Just in From Stewart, Where Weather Is Still Severe
The C. P. R. steamer Princess Ena
is in from Stewart to discharge two
hundred tons of coul here for Messrs.
Rogers & Black. The Ena has come
from Stewart where she landed a hundred
tons of coal for the same firm's branch
there, and also 10,000 ties which she
loaded at Swanson Bay on her way
north for the Pacific & North Western
Railway. Weather conditions at Stewart are reported still severe. Hard
frost prevailed during the Ena's stay
there. Her decks were sheathed three
inches thick in ice while at the wharf,
und she had to force her way out of
the harbor through two and a half
inches of ice on the surface of the water.
These conditions are, however, considered most unusual. About four feet
of snow still remains crisp and hard
upon the townsite, and there was little
sign of thawing when thc Princess Ena
When  Steamer  Prince  George  Left |
Thursday Night for South
It looked as if half the population of
Prince Rup.ert were down seeing the
othir half oil Thursday when the "George" left sharp on time Quite a number
of poularu members of the community
were going below, and the various
methods of leavetaking affectionate and
jocular proved quite an entertainment
in themselves When the boat left
she took most of the light with her,
and seme of il was badly needed by
the left behinda who hud to mush it
up Centre street However, chtet up
Prince Rupert's own juice will be on
Work performed by experts only.
A lirst class job is guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of Chandeliers  and
Fittings carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.
Near Sixth
Owning Heal Estate in Prince
Rupert, B.C., may find a ready
purchaser, if the price is reasonable, hy addressing
P.  O.   Lock   Box 43,    East Live-pool,
Columbia  County, Ohio, U.S.A.
Good Buys and Easy Terms
Prime residence lots  in  section 7, W50
fSO.cash, balance monthlj
l.ot in section 5, |460- $100 cash,
Balance monthly
Lot on 3rd Ave., section 1, $4250
Lot on 2nd Ave., section 1, $M!*.tKl
Second Ave.
and Eighth Street
****m***^^.l-***m*-*m_,*l Iss. i _**___ i ***** I ***ta I I *m%_ I %
|l"Tu.' II. ' . clean White Sheet*. 25c
Rooms 50c
Labour  Bureau in connection
A11 -duds of positions
faisbtd FREE
J. I'OODMAN. Proprlslor
p-.��nr 178. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Guilder and Contractor
fans and specifications prepared
I ff^.'-'-   Corner Sth Ave. A Green St
|Phonc No. 228 Green
Its sale in many lands is due entirely and solely
because of its surpassing Quality and Purity. Its
nutritious properties come from the choicest Northern
Barley and its tonic properties from select Saazer
Bohemia Hops-its in a class by itself.
Bottled only at the
Anheuser-Busch Brewery        Clarke Bros.
St Louis, Mo., U. S. A. Distributors Prince Rupert, B. C.
���-. \
7"wert\*V. sttrmu *T*\
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE 0PTIMI8T is the leading newt-paper of Northern British Columbia,
has grown up with the city.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Uailv, 60c per month, or $5.00 per yenr, in advance.
Weekly, &.(*) per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Readinc. Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING KATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This n\U* applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.   Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
Daily Edition.
Saturday. Feb. 18
Five Questions for Aid. Smith
Certain members of the City Council are very much in tbe public eye at
present owing to to the era of patronage the Council has inaugurated. A defence is now being offered. Last night the Conservative organ came out with
a defence of the incident where Aid. Smith voted to pay Aid. Newton's printing account, in the face of legal advice that the city was not liable for the bill,
and which was followed by Aid. Newton moving to reduce the license fee of
Aid. Smith's playhouse from $200 to SCO.
[f tbe Journal's defence la an attempt to make the matter one of party
politics it is a reprehensible move. If the Council ure paying bills to some of
their number which are not legal, or contemplating rebates to companies in
which some of them are interested, it is with the public money. Conservative
ratepayers money ns well as Liberal ratepayers money. There is no place for
party politics in municipal affairs; certainly there should be none in a question
of safeguarding the public money. The public will probably be in no way deceived by Hi * Journal's attempt. It is an indication of where that organ's
loyalty lies, when the interests of the public and the party clash.
J'ut the theatre license question  is  not  the  only  one  people  are  talking
ahout.   There is the question of the electric light plant appointments.     People
are wondering why Aid. Smith as chairman of the  Electric  Light Committee
took away from the City Engineer the authority vested  in  him   by   last  years
Council to appoint his own staff.    Perhaps to clear  up a lot  of  questioning  in
the minds of many citizen's, Conservative as  well as  Liberal,   Aid.   Smith as
chairman of the Electric Light Committee will answer the following questions:
(1) ���Whether it is true that the man Allison whom he recommended for
appoinment  as  assistant  enginer  is  a  cousin  or  other relation of
the alderman?
(2)���Whether it is true that Mr. Allison has only been a resident of  the
city for a few weeks, and has no vote?
(3)-Whether it is true in recommending  the  appointment  to  the  committee he urged that Allison be given the job "because he  is  worth
$20,000,   and  would  therefore  be  a  desirable citizen," or words to
that effect?
(4)-Whether it is true that on the night of the  13th  of  February,   this
same man Allison was sent to pump water from Hays Creek into the
city's mains, and knew so little about the machinery that he did not
close the release valve, with the result that he  merely  pumped  the
water out of the creek and back into the creek again?
(5)-Whether the appointment of Mr. Allison will result in the discharge
of any of the other city employes at the electric light plant,   especially some man who may happen to be  a qualified  and  experienced
engineer, with a home, a vote and  a  permanent interest  in   Prince
Which One is Wrong?
The Journal has evidently had its head turned by that $225,000 appropriation to Skeena. It assured the public last night that the McBride government
had "provided liberal means for developing the resources of this part of the
country" and that Skeena is "coming into its own."
We have already pointed out that the amount for the whole of Skeena district
is only one-eighth of the amount the Federal Government is spending on a dry
dock for Prince Kupert. Now Mr. Wm. Manson comes forward to confute the
Journal. In his speech on the Budget, as reported in the Empire, the report
reads'. "Touching on public works appropriations, Mr. Manson said while there
was |825,000 for the Skeena district, this was insufficient ... he hoped much
larger appropriations would be provided next year . . . Skeena district was one
the largest contributors to the revenue of the province, and its area was the
largest of any district in thu province."
This Is Record for Province and Over
Quarter of Whole Dominion Production���Copper Shows Decrease
but Improvement Is Looked For.
A bulletin just issued by the Provincial
Bureau of Mines, which includes a preliminary estimate of the mineral production of British Columbia for the
year 1!)10, shows thc output of mines
to have exceeded that of any year in
the history of the province.
The approximate production for the
year was $20,183,505, the best previous
record having been that of 1907, when
the total was $25,882,560.
The  total  estimate  for  all   Canada
last year is $95,000,000.
The following table shows thc value
of the various minerals produced during
the year:
Gold, placer     $482,000
Gold, lode '.     5,198,505
Total gold $5,680,505
Silver     1,282,500
Lead     1,480,000
Copper    4,972,500
Zinc       184,000
Total metalliferous  13,599,509
Coal  9,800,000
Coke  1,284,000
Building materials, etc  1,500,000
Total production  26,183,505
The production of gold shows an
increase of $280,000 over that of 1909.
There was a decrease in production of
silver, lead, and copper, largely accounted for, in the case of the two first-
mentioned minerals, by the disastrous
effects of the forest fires in the Slocan
district.    Various causes were respon-
Condensed Advertisements.
to buy, or sell, or hire, or loan?   Tn' In"
Optimist Condensed Ad. route.
AGENTS WANTED-Men or women to sell
Men's Patented OsrUT. Best thing yet.
This is not a fake. Samples free to live ones.
Send a dime to cover postal.'!' and puckinir. Common Sense Garter Co.. Ottawa, Ont. 119-42
FOR   RENT - Store in rear of our liulldinu.
Suitable for I'lumliiiik-. Tinsmith, Contractor
or Bottlinit Works.   Law Butler Co. 32-tf    -
FOR SALE-Soattle Lunch at Windsor Hotel.
For particulars write P. O. Box t>91.        39-12
FOR SALE-A SNAP-Lots 11 and 12, Mock 4
section 11. $*��Ki: for four days only.     Lav..
Butler Company 32-tf
WANTED-Room and hoard in private family
X.M.. Optimist Otllre. 11
WANTED-Good   live   hoy  to assist in store.
Apply Sloan & Company. 39-11
WANTED -Studio camera.   Apply M.S.. P.O.
Bon 59. -10-41
Kaien Chapter, Royal Arch Masons
A meeting will be held nt the Masonic Hall on
Wednesday evening. February 22. 1911. at** p.m.
All companions are earnestly nsiuested  to be
Business-Constitution of the chapter and ofli-
cers tu Ih. installed.
Acting Scrilie E.
Prince Rupert. B.C.. Feb. IS. IHU
The public arc warno-d t<> k**p|�� away from the
works while blnst** are beinit tired. Per��t>n�� persist.nir in atmroachinK after bring warned do M
at their own risk. *
S. P. McMOKDlK&Co.
BOl-tf Contractors
You can get Soups, Baked Beans,
Cold Meats, Etc., to take home
with you  at  B. C.  Quick  Lunch.
B. C. Bakery   -   Third Ave.
Twenty-four hours ending 5   a. m ,
February 18.
MAX. TEMP.    MIN. TEMP.     BAR.      IN. RAIN    SNOW
45.8 40.5       30.477      ...
Skeena Land Diatrict���Queen Charlotte Inlands
I Take notice that DO day* after date I, Charlw '
| Helmer, (armer, of Ski<U*Kale, U C, (i.tend to 1
! apply to the Chiel Comm i rutin ner of 1 Amis, for a '���
\ license to pruspect (or conl. oil and petroleum o .
I and under the fullowiiif* described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one m��1e south
��� of the southeast corner of l.nt ..Ml. Craham Island, |
; tnence south  SO chains,  thence  west  80 chains, <
thence north M) chains, thence east 80 chains to \
point of commencement, and containing 610 acree ;
dated Nov. Ifi, 1910. CHARLKS HKLMKK. '
! Puh. Dec 10.
Queen Charlotte IsUnds Land District��� Diatret of
I     Take notice that 1, Thoi.  U.  Davey of Queen \
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to ,
1 apply   fur   permission  to   prospect  (or  coal   and
i petroleum on the fullowing described land:
|     Commencing  at  a   post   planted  eleven   milea j
north and seven mites east of Section IU, Township ;
7, Graham lsiand ��nd marked No. 68, T. K. D. B.
I \V. corner, theneo east 80 chains, thenee north 80 ,
chains, thence  west  80 chains,  thence south  80
i'1 ..in - to point of commencement, containing 640 i
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. 9, HMO. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
, Queen Charlotte Islands Ijtnd District���District of
Take notice that I, Thomaa R. Davey of Queen
| Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
' apply (or permission to prospect for coal and petru-
' leum on tne following described land: M
Commencing at a post planted thirteen milea !
north and seven miles east nf Section 13, Township
7, Graham It lund and marked No. 76, T. R. !>������ S. ,
K. corner, theneo wesl 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of rommencement and containing
6U> acres more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEV
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent |
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Count
Take notice that  Donald Clacher, of Hrerken-
ridge  landing   Prinn*   Rupert,   It.  C,  occupation
i farmer, intends to applv fur jx-rmiration to purchase
! the following diwcfitied lands-
Commencing at a ���"���-��� pUnted about Ave miles
I in     a    south     easterly  direction   from   Hreckert-
! ridge   landing,  and   at   the  southwest  corner  of
I Lot :-*���������'���*. thence south 80 chains, thenee east 80
��� chains, ihence north 60 chains more or leas to the
: south east corner of Wti 3062, (hence west 40 chains
! more or leas, along the lot line 3062 thence north
I 20 chains, more or leaf, alt.ng   lot    line 3062 tn
the south east corner of Ix-t -Um'.:.. thence went
40 chains more or less, along lot line 3065 to tha
place of commencement, containing 560 acres
more or less.
Dited Oct. 20, 1910 DONALD CLACHER
Pub. Nov 17.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Take  notice  lhal   Lionel   Dineen  of  Urandon,
* Man-, occupation teacher,   ntends to   apply for
{ permission   to   purchase  ike   following  described
Commencing at a post planled at the south-
wont corner, 40 chains nnrth and 40 cbains eaat
of the nsrtheaat corner of Lot 1116 (Uarvey Survey), thence 60 chains north, thence 60 chains east,
thence 60 chains south, thenca 60 chains went to
post of commencement, containing 360 acrea, mors
K. of  P.  Hall Dance Club
Every Thursday Eveninv from 9 to 12
IN   THE    K.    UP    P.    IIALL   *Hclft*crSOn    Hii���Mini*)
A Rood time for everybody assured.    Instruction
in dancing free of charge from 8 to 9.
Date.) Nov. 14, 1910.
Pub  Dec. 17.
Fred llohlcr. Agent
Skeena   Land   Dstrict���Oueen  Charlotte
Di union
Take notice that 30 days after date I. Chs lea
Helmer,  farmer,  of  Skidegste,   B.  C.,  intend   to
apply to the Chief CommUsiuner of Land", for a
I license in pros|��cct for coa), oil and pftroleum on
and under the following <.1*-rn* *.-l lands:
Commencing at a post planteil three n.il ��
south and one mile west of the southeast corner of
Lot 501, Graham Island, thence east 80 C'laina,
thence soulh KO chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains lo point of commencement,
and containing 610 acres. ���
Pub. Dec. 10.
Admusien $1.00
Ladies Free
BtMCa  land  District���Queen Churlott*** Island
Take nolice that 30 days after dale I, Ferdinand
G. Tapert, farmer, ol Skid"\tatc, M  C, Intend to
apply to the Chief Commbwioner of lands, for ft
I license to prospect for coal, oil and petrnteum on
and under thc following dt*��rrlhcd lands:
Commeneing at a |kwI planted at the southwest
corner of Lot 285, Graham Island, thence south 80
chains, thenre east 80 ehains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of commenca
ment. and containing 610 acres.
Dale! Nov. 14, 1910. FERDINANDG.TAPERT
Pub. I i.e. 10
We always currv
a large itock nf
When you buy a
watch with the
iiHim* Howard on
it. ymi obtain inst
a littli. better
value thim in any
other waul,.
rhone No. 200 P. 0. Bin *-?|
You are using clinlirr* and
clogs the urate*, try
Centre  Stre.1
. ,++++*+t++**M-+++-l"l"l"��"l">*>*
il w. j. McCutcheon
��� ���   Cflrrlc. comp'rlc sI.h-V
, ,      stlcntlon psid l�� Mil >
:: Theatre Block i""M N'^-"*1*"
! :+++++++++++++++++*>++-''
sible for tin* fuilu-o of tho copper mines
to increase their production. New-
sources of production nre expected to
briiiK thc output of copper up to a much
higher total in 1911.
Skeens Lsnd DUtrict-District ol Cout Range 6
lske notice thst Harry Lever ol I'rince Rupert.
B.C.,  oceupstlon  plasterer,  Intends to  spply  lor
Gdil! purcn8-'">  "������'  lollowing  described
��iM?r,m-?������*���.,t a ���""} p*���-*** io *��������������������������� ���****
ol the northeast corner ol /ohn Furlong �� surveyed
pre-emption (lllsck's recent survey Aueust 2" l'l In
on the oast side ol Lakelse U&*t$8E.l&"&
��2m^SS��?  r*lhenco ""���"��� ��> <*hains, thence
Pub. Nov. B. Cb^SLrfiS
Skeena Lnnd District-District of Coast Ranire r,
Take notice that sixty davs fmmdlfi��&!�� V
HuKh Patrick HHey./lIaJl",,,  'n(,,t^|'0hr",���
Intend to apply tu the OommlulonSr if la","' f,
permission to purchase the followini _____%
CnmmoncinK at n post planted 40 chains south
from the south-east eorn.r of lot 17:l;l. t" met smil
411 chains thence south 40 chains, then" west 11
chains, thence north 40 chains t��� point ,7 con
mencement, containing Mams, more or lis.
Date Nov. 1st, 19lo. HUGH PATRICK fllVv
Pub. Nov. 2nd. RobiH Ja'B.U*Vkd*l*lK,o.
The Tall Man's
style, showing the
gracefully designed coat, the latest
two or three button sack with the
new type and model system, we can
fit from stock men
of almost every
height and weight.
Spring patterns
are very pretty
and appeal to particular dressers.
-Clothing Sp.cl.IUt.-
Alder Block Sixih Street
*+><***>*r*<t****lt**w**>*>+****+t^*m^^ THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
����� Chsrlotts Islsnds Und District-District ol
*" Skeena
T,k.. Mlies that 1. Th**** K* D��vey o 1.UT
wi.tt ncciipstion noury public, Intend to
*"���(.; oiTinission to prospoct lor cosl snd
J5_ on the lollowing described lsnd:
1Z ���.*in�� iii a post nlanted nine milos
iKSESSm miles east ol Section 13, Township
"SiiS'm ����d ��" murkisl No. 63. T. It. D rf
���''" ��� thsnS west HO chsinB, thence Bouth 80
i .��, liienci. east HO chains, thence north 80
1,'m'io point "1 commoncement, conuining 640
..,* man- or has.
End Nov. io, mio.
Wilson Gowing, Agent
__. Chsrlotts Islands Und District���Dtatrict ol
1 Skeena
T.I. not ui* 'hut 1, Thos. K. Dsvey of Queen
'hirloiie. DCCUDStlon notsry public, intend to
mlv (or iierinission to prosr��:t for coal and
Bjjmm on Ihs (ollowing describ��I land;
iCsmnsiielni st a post planteil nino miles north
���L seven mil- east ol Section 13, Township 7,
Enhstri 1-luiid und marked No. 64, T. U. D., N.
i rorriT l hence esst 80 chains, thence south 80
... snsl ��0 chains, tlience north 80
n'.'l.i polnl ol commencement, containing 640
Put |i,s* :i. Wilson Cowing, Agont
era Chsriotts islands Und District���Diatrict ol
TaW notics that 1, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
XasTs-tts,  orriniatinn   noury   public.   Intend   to
Ch for isTinissinn  to pi\*s|iect for coal  and
' n on the tollowing described land:
Commsndni at a |u>st iilnnteil thirteen miles
lonh sn.l thru miles �����**, nl Section is. Township
Minium Islsnd and marked No. TS, Thos. It. IX,
i. I'., sonisr, thence easl 80 chains, thence north 90
��i-.. Ihsnea SNJS1 80 chains, thonco south 80
��ir. Is I���' n 1 "( commencement, conuining 610
M ll*ss.
_,. lire. I Wilson Gowing, Agent
lsVri.1 Unl   Disirict -Queen   Charlotte  Islsnds
Tike nut in* Ihst 30 days alter date I, Ferdinand
. Ti[st:. larmer, of Skidegste, U. C, intend to
_,*;.!> !o tin- Chin Contmiscioner ol Unds, for s
fiiprt.'*. to k���reel lor coal, oil snd petroleum on
[siil sate tie following described lsnds:
ConlBflKtnf at u post nlanted at the northesst
' ot La .'.(Hi, Graham Island, thence north 80
- .   rv wi-st  80 chsins. thonce south 80
Awns, thence m���t hO chains to point of eommenee-
Isttit. aivi containing 610 scr��*s.
|ln..-IVov 11.1910.   FERDINAND G. TAPERT
���rati. Dec. 10
Irkmu Und IiL-trict   Queen Chsrlotts Islsnd
Tsk. noliee that 30 day. sfter dste I, Ferdinand
IG. Tspert. larmer. ol Skidegate. B. C-. Intend to
��� spply lu the Chief Commissioner ol Unds, for s
Ibrnisr to prospeet Inr coal, oil end petroloum on
I. -: ahta il>.- following deecribed lsnds:
I   Commencing st s post plsnted st tho northeast
Isomer ul Ut 506, Grshsm Islsnd. thence north 80
leH!!*��. ihenre ea.t 80 chsins,  thenee south 80
I etji. *. ihenn* mest 80 ehslns to point ol commcnco-
Ireenl. sn.) containing 640 acres.
lli.te.lSnv. 14, 1910. FERDINAND G.TAPERT
THE G. T. P.
Will Give Them a Sum of Money
and New Reserve Deal is approved
by Governments at Ottawa nd
Vancouver, Feb. 18.���After negotiation* extending over two years, the
Grand Trunk Piicitie has at last been
successful in securing the Indian reserve
at North Fort Gcorce for townsite
Difficulty was experienced in gcttinK
the Indians to abandon their reserve,
as they held out for terms which the
railway company regarded ns excessive,
but wh'ch, it is understood, have been
acceded to. The Indians, in addition to
the payment of a money consideration
for every member of the tribe, will be
placed on a new 750 acre reserve on the
Fraser river, fifteen miles east of Fort
George. They will be transferred there
during the coming spring.
The deal between the railway company
and the Indians has been approvetl by
the Indian department at Ottawa, and it
is said the provincial government has
consented to the arrangement.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will undertake the work of subdividing the town-
site this summer. It is situated on the
south bank of the Nechaco river, near
its conlluenee with the Fraser. The railway company also owns an addition in
the same vicinity, and the two parcels
will be embraced in one townsite.
i Prince Rupert Warehousing and Forwarding Company |
On and after Saturday, February 11,
our Turkish Baths will be in operation
and offer   ihe  public   all   the comfons
and scientific   results  obtainable   in   a
well appointed bath.    We are in a po
sil ion to give  Turkish,  vapor,   steam,
dry heat, Russian, shower or plain   tub
baths. The attendant having a thorough
training and long experience in Battle
Creek Sanitarium and  various  Turkish
Bath parlors.     Special   t run ment    for
i colds and other  ills that   succumb   to
I steam or dry heat  and proper cooling
I rooms.    We  invite  inspection. -Doni-
! inion Baths, Second Aventii- antl Seventh
First Avenue
Nesr McBride SI.
Sixth Avenue       -        -        $3,300.00
Lot 24, Block 30, Sec. 1   -   $4,500
Second Ave. and First St.
Prince Rupert
Forwarding, Distributing and Shipping Agents
|        Storage of Baggage and Household Goods a Specialty        {
���i -������--"-****-*"--���****���I,i���|���iiT-*^ir-air*^ir>w>ii~> ir~* n~i ii~��ii^n-n_n **__.A\
I Douglas Sutherland,   -   Manager
P. O. Bos 907
Phone 262
+ .-
Grand Trunk Pacific Development Company,
On Thursday, 23rd inst.
At 8 o'clock p.m., David H. Hays, agent,
will auction off
Lot 8 - Block 10 - Section 1
At the rooms of  the Prince  Kupert Real
Estate Exchange, (Exchange Block)
Advertise in The Optimist
***__* ifarfatfarfa
���* J|U    *Jf*   JJ*   Jf*   tmft    .,-   */��*   tJf*   ****$*   tij*   ffg*   **f*   **f*    **f*   fjm    JJU    JJ-* s
Smoker and Boxing Tournament
K. I. C.
2 On Monday, February 20th, 1911
j    K. I. C.    j
--��=E==��~ PROGRAMME
Billy Kentzell vs. Battling Swede, -1 rounds  j    THE SMOKER    I
Lntc of thc U. 8. Nsvy
j Gunboat Jack
[      Latu of the U. S. Navy
AT (
The Donaldson Kids
Splotas from Dawson will entertain with
Songs and Banjo Selections. j   Q
J i  Perry Queenan        vs. Jack Dempsey
.      Knockout Murphy       $ .30    ( LOK ^"^wiu. box rout ,��%����?"**���**
of New Brunswick I '
General Admission $1.00 - **$_*��.*" - Ringside Tickets^.!*)
llA^CpCl*^*^'^**P^^^^^*l*^*^^^^T^^VV���V�� '1 h E    I' I' 1 N C E    I: I  I* t. K I    Ui'TIMIS'l
Queen hsrlottclslsnds I-snd District���District ot
Tske notice that 1, John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
B. C��� oecupstion lirokor. Intend to spply lor permission to prospect lor cosl snd petroleum on the
lollowini; descrilied lsnds:
1.���Commencing st s post plsnted st the northwest corner Lot 171 beiwf. the northwest corner
msrked J. Mel.. N. W. Corner, thence esst 80
ehsins, thence south 80 chsins, thence west 80
ehsins. thence north 80 chsins to point ol commencement. ,..,_, .... _.,\t\
Dstod Dec. 23,1910. JOHN M LKOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islsnds I .snd District���District ol
Take notice that 1, John Mcleod ot Vsncouver,
B. C occupation broker, intend to spply lor permission to prospect Inr coal and petroleum on the
following descrilied landB*
2.���Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner Lot 171 being the northeast corner
marked J. McL. N. E. Corner, thenco west bO
chsins, thence south 80 chains, thence east SO
ehsins, thence north 80 chains to point ol commencement. .���..*, usmhi
Dsted Dec. 23, 1110. JOHN M LKOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Lsnd District���District ol
Take notice thst I, John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission to prospect lor cosl snd petroleum on thc
(ollowing di*scr.li*d Isnds:
3.���Commencing at a post plsnted one mile
norlh ol the northwest corner ol Lol 171, marked
J. McL. N.W. Corner, beingthenorth-w-e t corner,
thence esst 80 chains, thence south 80 chsina,
thence  west  80 chains,  thence north 80 chains to
Biint ol commencement. ,������.. ,.��� .-nr,
stcd Dec. 24, 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islands Lfnd District���District ot
Tske notico thst I, John I-.1cI.eod ol Vsncouver,
B. C, oecupstion broker, intend to spply lor iier-
mission lo prospect for coal and jietroleum on the
following described lands:
4.���Commencing at a post plsnted ons mile
north ot the northwest corner ol 1-ot 171 being lhe
northesst corner msrked J. McL. N. E. Corner,
thence west 80 chsins, thence south 80 chsins
thence essl 80 chsins, thenc north 80 chsins to
Kint ol commencement. 	
ltadDM.S4.U10. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte Islands land Disirict���District of
Tske notice thst I, John Mclx-od ol Vsncouver,
B. C, occupalion broker, intend lo spply lor permission to prospect for cosl snd |>et roleum on the
following descriluMl lsnds:
6.���Commencing st s post plsnted one mile
north ol lhe nortnwost corner ol Lot 171 being
the southwest corner msrked J. McL. S. W. Curner, Ihence north 80 chsins, thence esst 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenc* wost 80 chains to
point ol commencement.
Bated Dec. 24. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn 21. w   Dsss. Agen
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds land District    District of
Tske notice thst 1, John MeLrod ol Vsncouver,
tl. C . oecupstion broker, intend to spply for permission to prospect tor cosl snd petroleum on the
following di*acritH*d lsnds:
6.���Commencing st s liost plsnled one mile
north ol the northwest corner 04* Lol 171 being lhe
southesst corner msrked J. McL. S. P.. Corner,
tlience nurth 80 chsins. tbence west 80 chsins
tnence south 80 chsins, thence esst 80 chains f
point of commencement.
Dsted Dec. 24. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss. Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Lsnd District Disirict of
Tske noliee thst 1, John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
B. C. oecupstion broker, Intend to spply (or | er-
mlssion In pros'iect for eosl and pelroleum on the
following deseril ed lands:
7.���Commencing st s post plsnted 30 chsins
sreat ol the northi-ssl corner of Lot 4& being the
northwest corner snd msrked J. McL. N. \V
Cor., thence essl 80 chsins, thence south 80
chsins, thence west 80 chsins, thence north 80
attains to point of commencement contsining 640
Dsted Dec. 26, 1910.
Pub. Jsn. 21
W. Dsss, Agsnt
Queen Chsrlolte Islsnds land District���Disirict of
Tske notice thst I, John Mcleod of Vsncouver.
B. C -, oceupstlon broker, Intend lo spply for permission to prospect for eosl snd petroleum nn the
following decrilted Isnds:
8 -Commoncing sl s post plsnted 30 chsins
wsst ol lho northesst corner nt IaiI 4fi lieing ths
northeast corner msrkisl J. McL. N*. E. Cor.,
thence west 80 chsins, thenee south 80 chsins,
thenci* esst so chsins, thence north 80 chsins to
pt.nl ol commencement contsining 640 scrss.
Dsted Dec. 26, 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Queen Chsrlolte Islsnds Land District -District ol
Tske notiee thst 1, John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
P. C��� occupation broker, inlend lo spply for permission to prospect for cosl nnd petroleum on the
following described lands:
12.���Commendng st u post planted 30 chains
west of the northeast eorner of Lot 473 being lhe
southeast corner msrked J. McL. S. E. Cor., thonce
west 80 chains, thunce north 80 chsins, thence
osst 80 chains, thence south 80 chsins to point of
commencement conuining 640 sen*. ..._���_
Dsted Dec. 26, 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
I'ub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Quoen Chsrlotto Islsnds Und Disirict - District of
Tske noliee thst 1. John McLeod of Vsncouver,
II. ('., oecupstion broker, intend to spply for permission to prospect tor coal snd pelroleum onthe
following described lsnds:
13.���Commencing st s post plsntiil st the northeast corner of lx>t 42 lieing the northwest corner
msrked J. McL. N. \V. Cor., thence esst 80 chsins,
thence south 80 ehsins, tnence west 80 chsins,
thence north 80 chsins to point of commencement
contsining 640 seres. ... ���
Dsted Dec. 28. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und DUtrict���District ot
Tske notlc.. thst I, John Mcl*od ol Vsncouver
I). Ci occupation broker, intend to spply for permission to prospect lor cosl snd petroleum on the
following descrilied lsnds:
14.���Commencing st s post plsntiil st the northeast corner ol Ut 42 being the northesst corner
msrked J. McL. N. E. Cor., thence west 80 chsins,
thence south 80 chsins, thence essl 80 chsins,
thence north 80 chsins to point ol commencement
contsining 640 seres. . . ���__
Dtttd Dec. 28. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds land District    District ol
Tske notice thst I, John Mcl.ood ol Vsncouver.
B. C occupation broker, intend to spply for per
mission to prospect lor cosl snd fiet-ileum on the
following dcscril>cd Isnds:
16.���Commencing st s post plsntod sl the
northesst corner of Ut 41 being the northwest
corner msrked J. McL. N. W. Cor., thenee esst
80 chsins, thenc- south 80 chsins, thence west 80
chsins, thence north 80 chains to point of eom-
menci*menl conUlning 640 scrss.
Dsted Dee. 28. 1910. JOHN M'l.EOI)
Puh. Jsn. SI. W. Da... Agent
Queen Chsrlolte Islsnds land District    District of
Tske notic* thst I. John Mel-rod ol Vsneouver.
B. C, oecupstion broker, Intend to spply lor pcf
raissinn to prospect for cosl snd |*etniU*um on the
following described lsnds:
16. Commencing st s post 'planted sl ths
northesst corner of Ut 41 being the northosst
corner msrked J. McL. H. E. Cor., thenee west
80 chsins, thence soulh 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains lo point of cum-
n.i i-wnt������ i eonlaining 610 sens.
Dsted Dec. 28, 1910. JOHN  M-LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. tt   Dsss, Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds land Dlstricl- Distrieto
Tske notlc* thst I. John Mcleod nf Vsnouver,
It. Cm oecupstion broker, interd to spply fnr permission to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the
fnllnwtrg deserllid Isnds:
17.���{ommencing st s post plsnted st the
northesst corner ot Ut 41 being the southeast
corner marked J. MeL. S. K Cor., thence west
80 chsins. thenc* north 80 ehslns, thenee east
80 ehslns, thence south HO ehslns to point ol
enmmencement containing 640 seres.
Dsted Dee. 28, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. SI. W. Dsss. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islands land District-District ol
Tske notioe that I, John MeUod ol Vsneouver,
B. C, occufiation broker, intend to apply lor |ier-
mission to prospect lor cosl snd |>etroleum on the
following descrilnil lands:
2.1.-Commencing nl a past plsnted at the
northwest eorner of Lot -10 lioing the southwest
corner, marked J. McL. S. W. Cor., thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thenw west
80 chsins, ther.ce south 80 chains to point ol
commencement containing 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dass. Agent
Quwn Chariotte Islands Und District- Disirict of
Tske notice thst 1, John M cI*od ol Vsncouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to spply lor permission to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
24.���Commencing at s poat plsnted st the
northwest corner Ut 10 lieing the southeast
corner msrkel J. McL. S. K. Cor., thence west 80
chsins, thence north 80 chsins, thence esst 80
chsins, thence south 80 chsins to point ol commencement conUining 640 sen's.
Dsted Dec. 30. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
I'uh. Jsn. 21 W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Chsrlolte Islsnds Und District - District ol
Tske notice thst 1, John Mrl >���."! of Vsncouver,
B. C. oecupstion, broker, Intend to apply lor |ier-
mlsslon to prospect lor cosl snd petroleum on the
following described Isnds:
25.���Commencing sl n posl planted ono mile
north of the northwest corner ol Ut 39 being the
northeast comer msrkel J. McL. N. E. dr.,
thence west SO chsins, thence south 80 chsins,
thenc* esst Sd chsins, thence north 80 chsins to
point of eommencemenl conuining 640 scree.
I...i- ��� I Dec. 31. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands land District���District cf
Tske notic that I, John Mcl-ood of Vsrciuver,
B. C, oecupstion broker, intend to spply lor per*
mission to prospect lor cosl snd petroleum on the
following descrilied lsnds:
26. ���Commencing at s post plsnted one mile
north of the northwest corner ot Ut 39 being the
southeast corner msrked J. McL. S. E. Cor.,
thenee west 80 chsins, thence north 80 chsins,
Ihenee esst 80 chsins, thenee south 80 chsins to
point ol commencement contsining 610 seres,
listed Dec. 31, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
I'uh. Jan. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
VV   Dsss. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District���Distriet of
Tske notice thst I, John Mrl ��,.| ,.| Vsneouver,
B. C, oecupstion broker, intend lo spply for permission to proapeet for eosl snd petroleum on the
following desrrilied lsnds:
18 Commencing st s post plsntesl st the northeast corner of Ut 41 lieing the eouthw-ct curner
msrked J. McL. S. \V. Cor., thence esst 80 chsins,
thence north 80 chairs, thence west 80 chsins.
thence snuth 80 chsins to polnl of commencement
contsinirg 640 seres.
Dsled Dec   .���.. rm. JOHN   M'LEOD
Puh. Jsn. 21. VV. Dsss. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds land District    Di.trict of
Tske notice thst I. John Mel ,.��l of Vsncouver.!
B. C. occupation hroker, Intend to apply for per-1
mission to prospect for cial snd lietroleum on the
following di-scrihed lsnds:
IS.���Commencing st  s  post  plsnted  st  ths I
northwest corner of Ut 40 being the northwest
corner snd marked J. McL. N. w. Cor., thenc*
gist 80 ehslns, thenee south  80 chsins, thenes i
west 80 chsins. thence north SO ehslns to point I
nl commencement contsining 610 seres,
listed Dee. 30, 1910.   fe JOHN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss. Agent
Skeens land District-District of Coast
Take notice that  Henry* Macartney uf Prince
Kupert, Hi. occupation miner, intends te appiy
for permission *.�� purchsse the following deserts**
. .1 Isnds:
Commenclnir ut u p.i.1 plsnlcl >.n left bank uf
Ex-chum-.ik Kiver al-.ui two and a half miles
ip ru its moulh and shout one hslf mllesbove
rapids, thence north tsi ehslns. thence east 40
chains, tlience south 80 rhsins more less to river
Un ... thence west 4u chsins more or less slung
river bank to point of cmimenceutenl. conUtnlnu*
.t2ti acres, mon* or less.
Dsle Dee. 10. 1910.
Puh. Jsn. 7. 1911. Ill Nl; V MACARTNEY
Skeena Und District���District ul Coast
Take notice that Edward Thomas of Vsncouver,
B. C, occupation timber msn. intends to spply
tor permission to purchase the following described
Commencing st s post plsnted on thc west shure
of lakclso Uke shout 60 rhsins in s nonh-es.terty
direction (rom the nutlet st ths lske (U Kelse
Hiveri thenee norlh So chnr. thence west 40 chsins,
thence south 20 chsin. to the take shore, thenc*
following the lake shore to point of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or less.
Csled Nov. 7, 1910, EDWAHD THOMAS
I'ub. Dse. 10
Qui-cn Chsrlotte Islsnds land District- District ol
Tske notic thst I, John Mrl,..,I ol Vsnciuver,
B. C, occupation broker Intend tn apply lor i>. r
mission lo priis'N'rt for eosl and lietroleum on the
following descriliisl lands:
B.���Commencing ut a post plantcl 30 chains
west ol Ilie northi-ssl corner ol Lot 473 being the
noniuses! corner markisl J. McL. N. VV. Cor.,
thenc enst Ml chains, thence south 80 chsins
thenc* west 80 chsins, th"nc* north 80 chsins
to poinl of commenement containing 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 26. 1910. JnllN  M'LEOD
I'uh. Jan.21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands land District- Dlstrct nl
Take notic. that I, John McLcid ol Vancouver,
B. C., occupation broker, intend to spply fnr tier-
mission to iirospeet for cosl and petroleum un the
following ilcsrrihod lands:
10.���(.ommencing at a posl plsnted 30 chsins
west of the northeast corner of Ut 473 being
the northeast corner msrked J. McL. N. E. Cor.,
thonc. wi*st 80 chsins. Ihence south 80 ehslns,
thenco esst 80 chsins, thenre north 80 chsins to
point of commencement conuining 640 seres.
Dsted Dec. 26. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Chsrlolte Islsnds land District���District of
Tsko notice thai I, John Mrl..i..l of Vancouver,
B. C., occupation hroker, Intend to apply for permission to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on ths
following described lsnds:
11.���Commencing et s post plsnled 30 chsins
west of (he northesst corner of Ut 473 being thc
southwest corner market) J. McL. S. W. Cor.,
thence oast 80 chains, thence north 80 chsins,
thence west 80 chnins, thence south 80 chsjns
to point ol commenement contsining 640 seres'
Dsted Dec. 26, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Puh. Jan. 21. W. Dnss, Agen
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds land District    DUtrict ol
Tske nolle Ihst I, John Mrl... I of Vsncouver,
1 11. ('..oecupstion broker, Interd Instpl> tor permission to i.i..s|MTt for eoal and petroleum on ths
| lolluwing oe.crllcl lsnds:
I SO.���(ommencing st s post plsnted st ths
southwest c.rner ..( Lot (0 lieing the nortleast
corner snd msrkel J. McL. N. K. ("or., thencs
west 80 chsins, thence south 80 chsins, thenes
j eaat 80 ehains, t hence north 80 ehains to point
I ol commencement eintainlng 610 seres.
! Dsted Dee. 30. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. Jsn .21. VV. Dsss, Agent
Quen Chsrlotte Islsnds land District    Disirict nl
Tsko notice thst I, John Mcleod ol Vsncouver,
II. (.., occupation broker, intend lo apply lor permission to prospect for eosl and petrTiloum on the
lollowing .l.-rril e*l lands:
21. (ommencing at a post plsntd st the
northwest eorner ol Ul 40 being the north wmt
corner and marked J, McL. N. VV. Cor., thence
esst 60 chnins, thence south 80 ehsins. thence
west 80 chsins, thenee north 80 chsins to point
ol commencement contsining 610 seres.
Dsled Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
I'uh. Jsn. 21. W. Dsss, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds land District -District of
Tske nolle thst I, John Mrl .oil of Vsntouver,-
II. ('., oecupstion hroker, Intend to spply for |ier
mission lo prospect lor eosl snd petroleum on ths
following descrilied Isnds:
22.- Commencing nt s post plsnted st the
northwest corner of Ut 40 being the northeast
corner and market J. McL. N. E. Cor., thence
west 80 chain., thene south 80 chsins, thence
esst 80 chsins, thene north 80 chsins to point
ol commenement contsining 640 seres,
listed Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
I-ub. Jsn. 21. VV. Dass, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District-District
of Skeena
Take notice that 1. John M.-1 .*��� -I. of Vancouver.
B.C.. occupation broker, intend Ui apply for permission Ui prospect for ctal and petroleum on ths
follnwing .1. .. i ils.l lands,
1. Commencing at a post planled at the southesst cirner of ciel licenoe No. 3829. msrked J.M .
N.W. orner. ihence south 80 chains, thene east
so chsins. thence north no chains, thence west HO
chsin. t<> point of ertrimenrcmcnt.
listen- Feb. I. 1911 WUwn Cowing, Agenl.
Pub. Fab. II
Qussn Chsrlotte Islsnds Und Diatrict���Disirict of
Take notice thst I. John McLsod. of Vsnciuver,
B.C., oecupstion broker. Intend to spply for permission to i>i..-i..*,t for eosl snd lietroleum on the
following descrilied lsnds,
2. Commencing st s post plsnled st the southeast enner of nasi Hence No. :t*8��. market J.M.,
S.W. cirner; thence n.irlh Ml chains, thene essl
m ehsins. Ihene south 80 chsins. thence wet 80
chsins In point of commencement.
I'sled Feb. I. 1911 Wilson Uowing. Agent.
Pub. Feb. II.
Quern Chsrlotte Islands land District���District of
Tak*nolle lhat I. John M. I ...|.of Vancouver,
It.i occupation broker, intend to apply for per-
mL.inn tn pnispect f<* . ...il nnd petroleum on the
folkiwlng descrilied lands.
S. Commenring at a po.1 plantcl nt ihe northeaat cornel uf roal llcene No. 3s2��. marked J.M.,
S.W. corner, thenre north ni ehalns, Ihenre esst
80 ehslns, thenee south wi ehslns, thene west 80
ehsins to i��.nit of cummem-ement.
Ilalel Feb. I. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. II. Wilson (lowing, Agent
Qusen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District -District ol
Tske notice thst I, John MrUsl. uf Vnncouver.
B.C., oceupstlon broker, intend to apply for permission to nonet for coal nnd petroleum on lhe
folluwing iles. i iln-,1 lands,
4. Commencing at a post plantcl two miles
west of the northwest comer of oal lienee Nn.
3473. msrkel J.M.. S.E. rorner, thenee north 80
chsin.. thenee wet 80 chsins. thenee soulh Hi
chain., theme east 80 ehains. to point of commencement. JOHN MeLEOD
Datcl rob I. 1911 Wilson Oowlng. Agent.
Pub. Feb. 11.
Quesn Chsrlotts Islsnds Und District���Diatrict of
Tnke noliee that I. John HcLood, uf Vancouver
ll.C. ocriipntl.in broker, intend tu applv for permission to prospoct for cosl snd petroleum on Ihe
following describe! land..
ti. Ommencing st s mat plenlel two miles
west of the south-west corner of nml licence No
3474. markel J.M., N. E. corner, then.-e south 80
rhaln.. Ihenee we.t HI rhains. thence north 8tl
chain.. Ihi ne esst 80 chsins lo point of com-
iii*nremenl. JOHN MeLEOD
l.atel l.L 1911 Wilson (...win. Agent,
rul.. Nflh II.
Says Tariff Wall is Illogical and Useless. Some Straight Talk to the
Legislature of Illinois Upon Question of the Hour
j    Sprint-field,  111.,  Feb.   16.-President
Tail defended the proposed reciprocity
, agreement  with Canada in an address
I before   the    Illinois    Legislature   here
; today,  as  the  "logical  conclusion"  of
' thc  protection  plank  in  the  last  Republican   national   platform.     He   de-
lined   the   protection   theory   as   one
that   should   impose  a   tariff   not   exceeding the difference in cost of production  in   this  country  and   abroad,
[ antl  allowing  a  fair  margin  of  profit
for  the   home  producer.    He  argued,
i therefore,  that  inasmuch  as  the  con-
j ditions   of   production   in   the   United
! States and Canada "were substantially
the same, the widest latitude was given
Secretary Knox antl the commissioners
i who   represented   the    United   States
in ottering Canada a reduction of duties
in   goods   and   products   coming   into
this country from ('a nail a in consideration of thp same duty or freedom from
duty, on similar goods going to Canada."
Theories ot Protection
The President explained that it was
thought   wiser  on  behalf of the  governments not to make a formal treaty,
"but  to  make an  agreement  between
the executives by  which each  should
] submit  the  agreement  in  the  form  of
a statute to be enacted, and lo go into
force on condition that a similar statute
; was proposed by the legislature of the
I other country."   He said in part:
"This  form  of  agreement  makes  it
] one   from   which   each   country   can
withdraw   at   will  by simply changing
ithe statute  by  new  legislation.    The
President  said  he was  a  protectionist,
i and  there   were  certain   industries   in
| the  United  States  which   needed   the
encouraging   effect   of   a   tariff   upon
imports from foreign countries to enable the payment of good wages, and
give a reasonable profit to those who
engage in such industries.
"Hut there was always a temptation to combine, and by that the price
could be controlled, and thus the excessive tariff was taken advantage of.
This led to a modification of the protection theory, and to a declaration
that the protection of any industry
ought not to exceed more than the
difference between the cost of the
production abroad and the cost of
production at home. This would give
u fair profit to the domestic producer.
Wages in Canada
"This limitation necessarily took away
any grounds for a tariff between thia
country and uny country in which thc
conditions of production were substantially the same. The conditions of
production of manufacture in the United
Slates and in Canada are substantially
the same.
"Wages may differ in one part of
Canada from another part just us
wages differ in different stutes in this
country, but the price paid per unit
of work is not substantially less in
Canada than in (his country.
"In many cases where the agreement has been criticized for not milking better reductions, wc could not
secure them becuuse in the judgment
of our Cnnudinn friends the trade or
industry which they desired to foster
would suffer by a grenter reduction.
Thus, with respect to meats, we would
huve been glad to put them on the
free list. Canada objected und we
obtuined the best figures wc could.
The President said the criticism
that reductions hud been avoided purposely on manufactured articles wus
wholly unfounded ond thot a reciprocity agreement between the United
States und Canada must of necessity
relate more to agricultural products
than to manufactures.
Unnecessary Tariff Will
'lhe Presidenl furtl.c-r imtuAtA
in removing th,. artificial barrier, ll
tween the northwestern pan J ��1
United States and Canadian m��|
the agreement would bring Uveal
to feed on the corn ol th. *.���, * I
farmer.    The Presidenl sii;, ��*f
���tap could be taken more in thc intol
of a reasonable policy of protectiS
than the approval of the treaty andtS
insistence would arouse an opprjwl
in the country that will knou no mod*
at ion.
He said that thnt wan hia raJ
for favoring the creation nf "u, -J
pert tariff commission.
"We   have   taken   up  these ihij-l
that  are involved in a ( ansdittil
procity treaty because opportunity^
fered." declartd Presidenl Tad into,.
elusion.    Now   is  ilu- accepter] .ju,.
Canada is at the parting ol the ��m
Shall  she   be  an   isolated eotinrty B
much separated from us as if -hewn
across  the  ocean,  or shall her teoopie
and our people profit hy the proximhy i
that our geography furnishes and ������__.
ulate the trade Bcross the border tut
nothing but a useless, illogical and ta* I
necessary tariff wall now hinders."
Salvation A-m;  ""er'ices
There will  be another Mng **nW
at the Citadel this evening nimrarnrinl
at 8 o'clock.   Everyone welcome. To
morrow's services will In- conducted n |
11 a.m.- -Public holiness lervice, En* [
sign Johnstone will preach.
1.80 p.m.    Sunday School,
3 p.m. - Praise service.   Ai this �������� I
vice  the  lady  Officers  will Mng that
beautiful   duet,   "My  father KnonV
and Lieut. Wright will sine  "In a Distant Western City."
7.30 p.m.- Big Salval ion rally, -inginf
led by Lieut. Wright. Ensign Johnstone will preach subject "Thi* Prisoner
and the Preacher."
Presbyterian Services
In the Empress theatre on Sundiy
Rev. W. Ci. James will preach in tbe
morning, nnd Mr. Clifton C. l'my
of Metlakatla in the evening.
Rev. F.W.Kerr nt Stewsrt
Rev. F. W. Kerr left f��r Stewart lut
night on the Camosun, in preach at
the Presbyterian Church. Hh visits
there ore made at six month interval*.
During his absence thi -i-rvices sill
lie taken by Rev. W. G, James of th
Angelican church, and Mr. CUftOB C.
Perry of Metlakatla.
ATTENTION !-0ld fashioned Bern
Supper at Baptist Church on Tue^lsy.
February 21st, from �� to "30 P��>
Admission 35 cents.
Want Corte. Reasseml.l- -I To Consider Urgent Business" Sp��l��
Wonderi What It Is nnd FearsMf
Royal Quarrels.
Madrid, via Heiidaye, Feb, 16. Tbe
marital troubles of Spain's king "����
queen threaten to becomi the ?"hlen
for official discussion of the CortSS.
Preceding Alfonso's departure ��
spect the fleet of Alicante- tl
, r,.|,uMicaii
lenders  desparately  dcmuii'
convening  of  the Cortes  "to f"n*i*w
urgent  business."    The *ruspertflO*i
he re-
., ennsi
tile session was due to the nwnarc ^
determination to prevent   D*^L"j
iano from insisting upon a '..vim��
Ferrer's condemnation.   Now IMS'
interpellation   concerning   the   ����
quarrels of the royal pair* .
The  constitution   permits  tneJ��*
arbitrarily   to  suspend  the Con"��.
definitely and he is evident It ��� d. term"
to exercise his prerogiiliv   ��* "'������
,i���. that I. *1<-I'i> Mcl-ood of ys\ncouver,
" .,fi,raker, Intond w spply for per-
'Sipeci to eosltnd petroleum on the
Llfis""iM ***_** ��b<"11 on*;
-_. \o   l'80 marked  J.  M.   N.  W.
,,.south !*0 cimins, tlience oast 80
;���('; ��8? BO S thence west 80
pjj,,,, commmoemmlj        M.LEQD
fc JOT, l����" F c E*ilott. Agent
.nolle IsUnds Und District-District ol
,licv th,! 1, John McLood ol Vsncouver,
��Mt!on broksr, Intend to spply for per-
, ���*p.*rt to cosl nnd petroloum on the
iltucril'isl lands: . . _ . .
mm., >���>.' ut s post Plsnted sbout one-
?mili* MMth o the northwest corner ot
te! n ,. 1U0 markod J.M.8.W. Corner,
M��� 80 chains, thence esst 80 chsins.
win BO chains, Ihence west 80 chsins
, "Ir,!  1*110. JOHN M LLOD
��..JM. inn-       F. c. Elliott, Agent
mloile Ulumls Und District���DUtrict of
,etice ih��t 1, J"hn McLeod of Vsncouver,
-runation broker, intend to spply for per-
tJptospecl to cosl snd petroleum on
stag .li-M-iilied lands:
mmimini.- st �� Post planted sbout one-
a mile "'"th ��' 'he northwest corner ol
.nt,- No. '--r':l11 markod J. M. S. E. Corner,
north M chains, thenco west 80 chsins
miitli BO chains, thence esst 80 chsins to
commencement. _���. ,,,. -nr,
,��� _*_ 1110. JOHN M I.LOl)
Ull. F.C. Elliott. Agent
Chsrlolte Wanda Und District���DUtrict o
notice lhat 1, John McLeod of Vsncouver,
jccu|i��tii.n hroker, intend to spply lor per-
to |>ms|>uct to cnal snd petroleum on tthe
K iiii.ml.isl lands:
������eusencing ut s post plsnted sbout one-
��� a mile south sl the northwest corner of
(SMS No. 8580 marked J. M. N. E. Corner,
south 80 chains, thence west BC ehslns,
norlh BO chains, thence esat 80 chsins to
H* commencement. _      __   _
Dec. Bard, IU10. JOHN M'LEOD
in.21. F.C. Elliott, Agent
Ch.rloi.il' Mamls Und Diatrict���DUtrlctol
I notice i:    l.John McUod of Vsncouver,
occupation l.rokcr, Intend to spply for per**
i lu |t> i ��� ' lor cosl snd potroleum on tho
nc ilnsjrmissi lsnds:
rommencinit al a post plantsd on the Dsns
sl.oui 1 l-'J mili-s Irom its mouth msrked
I, W, CornsT, ilionco south 80 chsins, thence
0 chain., ihence north 80 chsins, thsnee
0 rhsins lo imint of commencement.
Dec. 2Jr,i, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
in. 21. P. (*. Elliott, Agent
Charlotte islands Und District���DUtrict of
t nunc* that 1, John McLeod of Vsncouver,
xu'iation broker, inlend to spply fur peril to tiroi'ted lor cosl snd petroleuic on the
ine <]. icrilrtst lands.
ommi'iicinic sl a post plsntsd on the Dens
about 1 1*2 miles from Its mouth msrked
'- K. Ci.rniT, ihi'iict* south 80 chsins, thsnee
0 chain., thenco north 80 chsins, thence .*sst
iu totmini ot commencement.
Dse.Hrd, 1110. JOHN M'LEOD
an.21. F.C. Elliott. Agent
Chariotu- IsUnds Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
IDMfettbM I, John M.-l.-...I ot Vsncouver,
oorjintiun brokor, intend lo spply lor peril to "s-BSMI I'.r eosl snd petroleum on tho
iii: ut.cril**sl lunds:
CsBjuadH at s i.usi plsntsd on ths Dens
il-.ui ; 1-2 milis from its mouth msrked
^S. B. Cora*, th.-nce north 80 chsins, thence
o chain., thiTic.. south 80 chstns, thence osst
tins to poinl ot commeneement.
|li��.2:ir.l, lino. JOHN M'LEOD
F. C. Elliott. Agent
|CKirloua Islands Und DUtriet���DUtrict ol
m Skeona
f r none thai I.John MeUod of Vsncouver,
\ occupst'im broker, intend to spply for perls to |im<|s*ci lor cosl snd potroleum on tho
Jir.c diwribisl lands
���a "minrnni ��� at u post plsnted sbout S
J mm ��l i l.i northesst comer of Timber
IN" M i92 marksd J. M .S. W. Cornsr, thence
iwchain:.. 11., get sut 80 chsins, thence south
pr,.. tl,,.,,,, �����,, M, chain. (^ p���|nt ���| com.
I Iter 14,1910,
[Jsn. 21
F. C. EUlott, Agent
kCbsriotU Ulamls Und District���DUtrict of
<""' .��� thsl I, John McUod of Vsncouvsr,
���.OKHpstlen broker, Intond to spply for pei*-
oti to prapecl t���r cnsl and petroleum on tho
f   ���    iwribcd lamls:
I "    ''  >���>   s  post  plsnted  sbout  6
* .*'      I **��  '"'rlhi��t corner of Timber
marknl J. M. N. W. Corner,
��"ii|, *n rhsins. thenco esst 80 chsins,
I j'       hslM, thence west 80 chsins to
P"l f,ii,i,..,,,.,,���.���,,
i"'1"' JOHN M'LEOD
' F.C. Elliolt, Agsnt
1   " .1-1-snd Disirict���DUlrict ol
l Skoens
I. J.'bn Mel ,.,���i ol Vsncouver,
"is.r, intend to spply for per-
,'  I '���     " Inr rnul nml petroloum on the
'"I lands:
"!���� ��l   s  post  plsntiil   slmut  .',
.'���',"'   he nurihessl Corner  ot Timlier
���ntrttsd J. M. N. E. Corner,
chsins, thence west 80 cUlns,
chsins, thenc.. east 80 chsins lo
F. ('.. Elliott, Agent
**C*i- 'luml. Land DUirict-Dlstr.ct o
��� .��*'-,i',' ','','..':.'."}"} *)tel*oft of Vsncouver,
_**.!.  I..
-MO chili
_* halns ,��� ,.
, 1 Ills* ',,
Man. 21.
"nikir, Intend lo spply for per-
'���" lot coal and petroleum on the
"md lnnds:
Mini at , pn,t plsnte.1 st tho
' "I I oal Licence No. 8482 marked
"'. thenco north 80 chsins, thenco
thoncs wrath 80 chsins, thenco esst
��� ol commencement.
F.C. Elllott,Agant
*'' harl,,,,,. MMfeUnt* ljurtrlet���District ol
��^,wcu'i'.''.V,,,,','!l|I- l'"'"\ McL��"1 ��' Vsncouver,
>���*"��� to J ',"'"'������ inXen't to -PPly for per-
S*1"!! tCJfbS lind? "n<l ���"!tro-"-"n ol1'ho
J^SmVISAJS Panted  st ths
I"- s. i;   ���,' .' Vi""' ������"���ence No. 3481 msrked
.       <-hr.il,,    ���[l~*S_*M8* "0 chsins, thonce
���        .to 3*12*1! ������'���">. thsnee eut
K. C. KlU-iit. Agent
i" tr, mui . ******* *** mm
Queen Chirlotti: UUndl l*a .: l>iiirici- Oi'-.trirtof
K oenn
Take notico tint I, John MrLi*od of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permisaion to proapect for coal anil pttrolwm on the
following dcftcrlbcd lundii:
13.���CommencinK at a po��t plani*���*I at t In*
northeast orner ot Coai Llconcn No. :.i\-\ marked
J. M.S. W. Corner, thence nortli 80 chains tt enc��
mist 80 chaint-.thehce no t > K0 chuins, thence went
80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dw. 26. 1U10. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect (or coal and petroleum un the
following described lands:
14 ������-Commencln at a post panto at the
northeast corner of Coal Licence No. 3481 nmrked
J. M* N. W. Corner, thencesouth 80 chains, thei.ee
east SO chains, thenc north 80 chains, thence went
80chai s to point of c > men.' nent
Date )oc.26.1910. tOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F- C . Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Lund District���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vuncouver
B. ('.. occupation broker, intend to apply for [�����
mission to prospect for coul and petroleum on the
following described lands:
15.���Commencing at a poat planted ahout one
milt' oast of the aoutheaat corner of Cual Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. S. E. Corner, ihence north
BO chains, thence west 80 chaina, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 29, 1910. JO        M* POD
Pub. Jan. 21 F. C. Elliott Agent,
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District o(
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vanvoucer
B. ('., occupation broker, Intend lo apply for per '
misaion to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
fgllowing described lands:
16.���Commencing at a post planted about ono
mite east of thc southeast corner of Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thence
north 80 chains, thence east mi chaina, thence soulh
80 chains, thence w��*st 80 chains to poinl of commencement.
Dated Dec. 29th, 1910. JOHN    M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Dlitrict���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C. occupation broker. Intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following descrilied landa:
17.���Commencing at a post planted about one
mile east of the southeast corner of Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. N. W. Corner, thence aouth
80 chains, thonce cast 80 chaina, thence north 80
chains, thence weat 80 chains to poin tofcommrncement.
Dated Dec. 29th, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land District���District ot
Take notlcc lhal I, John McLeod ot Vancouve
B. ('., occupation broker, Intend to apply for per"
mission to proipecl for coal and petroleum on the
following dMcribed landa:
18.���Commencing at a poal planled ahout one
mile cast of the soulheast corner of Coal Licence
No.S477 marked J.M.N. E. Corner, thence soulh
B0 chaini, thence west 80 chalna, Ihence north 80
chaini, thence cant 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 29th, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Distriet���District o
Take notice thai I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. ('., occupalion broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following draenbed landi:
19.���Commencing at a poat planted one mm
north ot the northeast comer of Coal Licence No
3477 marked J. M . S. W . Corner, thence north 8
chaim, thence easl 80 chain*., thence south 8
chaim, tbence west 80 chalna to point of com
Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliolt, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Dlitrict--District of
Take notice lhal I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C.. occupation broker, intend to apply (or permiaaion to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following deecribed landa:
20.���Commencing at a post planled one mile
north of the northeast corner ot Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. S. E. Corner, thence north
80 chains, ihenee weat 80 chains, thence aoulh 80
chalna, thence eaat 80 chains to point ot commencement.
Dated Dec. 80, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21. F. C. Klliolt, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalandi Land Diatrict���Dtatrict of
Take notice lhal 1, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver
B. C. occupalion broker, intend to apply for permiaaion to prospect tor coal and petroleum on the
following descrihed landi:
21.��� Commencing at a post planted one mile
north of tho northeast corner of ''oal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. N. VV. Corner, thence
���auth 80 chains, thence east HO chains, Ihence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to point of
commencement. . .	
Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LLOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. 0. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands I un.l District Diatrict ot
Take notice that I, John Mcl*m| of Vancouver.
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for p-er-
mission to iirospect (or coal and petroleum on the
following ((pM-nt-ed lands: |
���l'l. Commencing at a |n>st planled one mile
north ol the northeast corner ot Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M . N . I. < orner, thence nout h
HO chalna, thence west 80 chalna, thence mirth 80
chains, thence east 80 chains lo point M commencement. ,���.,��, .... u,��ri
Dated Dec. 30,1910. JOHN M'LhOD
Pub. Jan. 21.                             ***** Elliott. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District-District o ]
Take notice that 1. John McLeod of Vancouver I
B. C., occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following flescrilwd lands:
23.-Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north and two miles east of the northeast
corner ef coal   Licence No. 3477 marked J.  M.
8. E. Corner, thence north 80 chains, thence wwit
80 chains, thenee south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point ol commencement.
Dated Jan. 1, 1*11 _ JpW g "fig
Pub. Jan. 21. *��� <������ Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Un.l District-District of
Take notice that I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. Qi occupation broker, Intend lo apply tor permission to prospect tot coal and pelroleum on the
following described lands:
24.~<"ommenclng at a poal;planted tbOtttflM
mile north and two miles ^^JSUTtM
comer of Coa   L eence No. 3477 mirked J. M.
9. W. Corner, thence north 80 rhsins, hence
cast 80 chains,  thenre south  80 chsins. thence
PSnS?^' r.C. Elliott, Agent
Quoen Charlotte Islands Land District--District oi
Tuke notice that l.John McLeod of Vancouver,
1*. G ���. occupulion broker, intend in apply for per-
rnitwion to prospect for coal and pertoleum on the
following described lands:
25.���Commencing at a post planted ubout one
mile north and two miles eust ol the northeast
corner of Coul Licence No. 3477 murked J. M
N. W. Corner, thence south 80 chsins, thence east
HO chnina, thence north 80 chains, thenoe weat 80
chnina to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD 1
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda land Diatrict    District ot
Take notice that I, John McUod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply (or per-
million to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
tollowing described landa:
36.���Commencing at a post plunted about two
miles north of tho northeast corner ot Coal Licence
No. 347& marked J. M. S. E. Corner, thence north
80 chains, thence weat 80 chaini, thence aouth 80
chains, thence eait 80 chaini to point ot commencement.
Dated Jan. 4, 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District���District ol   rt ���   nt.   i ���   , _    _*   ,     _* r�� ��    s    -., ..j .   .
Skwna Queon C harlotte Islands Und DUtrict��� District of
Take notice that I.John McLeod ol Vancouver, -     - - Skeena
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for per
mission to prospr "
Skeena Land District��� Dialrici of Oomlt
Take notice thut Mary Hull of Port BlmpMQ, B.
C. occupation nurse, intends to apply fur pormlt-
aion to purchase the following dMOlibod landa:
Commaneing at a pout planteil at tha louthwaat
corner Um chains east and 2t> chains north  of the
northaatt corner of Lot 1116 (Harvay Survey).
thence Hi) chains north,  thence M> chains enat,
thence 80 chaina south, thence HO chains  weat to
post   of   commencement,   containing   MO   aerea
more or leas.
Dated Nov. 14. 1910. MAItY HALL.
Pub. Dec. 17. t-red Bohler, AKent
Skuena Und District���District ot Queen Chariott
lalands \__i
Tako notice  that  Catherine  Powmun  of  Van*
couver, B. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following ii'-smbed
Take notice that I, John McUod  of Vancouver, ; lands:
,oct for coul und petroleum on the ; H:C," occupation broker, Intend to apply for per- j     Commencing at a post planted
>ed lands- mission to proapect for coal and petroleum on the   tho mouth of Juskatala Bay, at
following dewribod lands
26 ���Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north and two mileu eust ot the northeast
corner ot Coal Licence No. 3477 marked J. M. N.
E. Corner, thence aouth 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence oast 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1. 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Ageru
on tho shoro near
apect for coal and petroleum on the I tho mouth of Juskatala Bay, at about the north-
following deaenbed landa: west eorner of Timber License No. 30895, thence
37.���Commencing at a poat planted atmut two | east 80 chains, thence north 20 chains mon* or lesa
. to the shore, thence westerly following the ahore
back  to the place of commencement, containing
I 160 acroa more or less.
I Dated Oct. 7, 1910. CATHERINE BOWMAN
I Pub. Nov. ���>. A. E. Jeaaup, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District--Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission to proepect for coal and petroleum on the
following described landa:
27.���Commencing at a poat planted about two \
milen eaat ot the aouth east corner of Coal Licence
NO. 3477 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thence north ,
80 chaina, thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chalna, thence weat  80 chaim to point of commencement.
Datad Jan. 1. int JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
nuli't. north of tho northeut corner ot Coal Licence
NO* 3476 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chaim, thence aouth 80 {
chains, thence west 80 chaim to point of com
Dated Jan. 4, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott. Agent | Skecrm Und District���District of Queen Charlotta
Tako notice that C. VV. StanclifTe of Vancouver,
B. <'., occupation consulting engineer, intends to
apply  for  permisaion   to  purchaso the  following
deacribed lands*
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast
corner of Timber License No. 30895 about one
mile south and one mile cast ol the entrance to
Juskatala Bay, thence north 20 chains, thenco east
80 chaina, thence south 20 chaina, thence west 80
chaina to the place of commencement, containing
160 acres.
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und Diatrict���District of
Take notice that I, Joha McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, inlend to apply for permiasion to proapect for coal and petroleum oa the   ^t*^Oct. 7  1910.
following descrilied landa
|     38.���Commencing at a poat planted about three
miles north ol the northweat corner ot Coal Licence
I No. 3475 marked J.M.N. E. ('orner, thence aouth
j 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chains, tnence north 80
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict    District ol   chains, thence east 80 chaim to point of com-
Skeena i mencement.
Take notiee that I. John HOL-MM of Vancouver,   Dited Jan. 4, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
B. C, occupalion broker, intend to apply for per-; pub. j��n. 21. F. C. Elliolt. Agent
miwion to prospect (nr coal and petroleum on the
following described landi:
28. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles eaat o( the southeast corner ol Coul Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. N W. Corner, thenee
south 80 chains, thence east 80 ehaina, thence
nortli 80 chalna, thence w-est 80 chains to |>o)nt
ol commencement.
Dated Jan. 1,1911
Pub. Nov 6.
A. E. Jeaaup, Agent
Skeena   Und   Diatrict���Queen  Charlotte  Islands
Tske nutice that 30 days after dato 1, Suaan
U*ary, married woman, of Skidegate, B. C, intend
to apply lo tho Chief Commisaioner ol Lands, tor
JOHN M'LEOD I ��� license tn prospect for coal, oil and pelroleum
F. C. Elliott, Agent; "-1 ���*������ under the following dencrit>ed landa:
Commencing nt a post planted at the southeast
corner of Ut f>0l, tiraham Island, thence north 80
chains, thenct* wast HO chains, thence south 80
chaim. thenct* east 80 chains lo point of commencement and conlalaing 640 acroi.
Dated Nov  16. 1910. SUSAN LEARY
Pub. Dec 10
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District-District of
Take notice that 1, John Md < ������*. of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission to proapeet (or coal and petroleum on the
follnwing described landa:
29.���Commencing at a posl planted alwut three
miles east and one mile aouth ol the southeast j **"��* Chariotte IaUnda
cornerof Coal Licence No. 3177 marked J. M.S. W
Corner, ihenee north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chaim to point ot commencement.
Dated Jan. 1, 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
nd DUtrict���District of
Take notica lhat 1, Thoa. H. Davey of Queen
Charlotte,  occupation   notary  public,  intend  to
apply   tor   permUsion   to   prospect   for   coal  and
petruleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing  at  a   post   planted   eleven   milea
north and aeven milea eaat of Section 13, Township Skeenn Und District-DUtrict of Const.
I 7, Graham Island and marked T.  R. D. N. E. I    Take notice thnt L. W. Sloan of Prince Kupert
| eomer, thenca waat 80 chains, thenca aouth 80 ' occupntion housewife, intends to apply  for per-
Quoen Charlotte Islanda Und DUlrict -DUtrict ol , ejutna, thenca eaat  80 chaim,  thence north  80   mission   to  purchase   the    following    described
Skcen-i .... I chalna to point ol commencement, containing 640   landa:
Skeena Und District���District ot Coast Range 5
Take notice that Charlen M. Wilson ot Prnce
Rupert, II. C, occupation real estate agent, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the fullowing
deacrihed lands:
Commencing at a post plant ft at thu northeast
comer of Johnson's surveyed lot No. 681, thence
west 30 chains more or leaa to 10 chains oast of
Pete DeBoor's surveyed pre-emption (Hluck'i
recent survey August 25, 1910) on thc east side
ot Ukelse Lake, thence north 80 chains to the
aouth line ol William Gainuy's lol surveyed August
20, 1910, thence east 30 chaina, thence aouth 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 240
acres more or leas.
Pub. Nov. 6
Skeena Und DUtrict���District et Coast
Take notice that Surah E. Alton ot Port Simpson,
B. ... occupation aurw, intends t�� apply for
i ��� nn .-inti to purchaa** the following doacribed
Commencing-at a post minted at the northwoat
corner 140 chaina oust and L!0 chaina nouth of the
northeast corner of Ut 1116 (Harvey Survey,
tut i.iv 80 chains eaat, thenca 80 chaina south,
thenco 80 chaina west, thunce nocth 80 chains to
poat of commencement, contuining 640 acrea, more
or lees.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler. Agent
Take notice lhat I, John McUod ol Vancouver, ] BCnv m.,n, or \9m
B. C.. occupation broker, Intend to apply tor pw- , Dated Nov. 9, 1910
miaaion to prospect for coal and petroleum on lhe   yKi\.  ��� h.c 3,
following dcftrrilrcd landa:
30. Commencing al a post planted alwut
three miles east and one mile south of the sourt-
east corner ol Coal Licence Nu. 3477 market) J. M
N. W. Comer, thence aouth 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence weat 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1,1911. JOHN MLEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliolt. Agent
Qucm Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict -DUtrict of
Take notica that I, John Mcleod of Vancouver,
B. C occupation broker. Intend to apply for permisaion to proapect for coal and patroleum on the
following descrilttd landa:
31. -Commencing at a post nlanted about three
miles eaat and one mile aoutn^of the southr-ut
corner ot Coal Licence No. 3477 marked J. M.
N. E. Corner. Ihence aouth 80 chains, thence west
80 chain*, thenee nnrth 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point ot eommecnetnent.
Dated Jan. 1, 1911. JOHN  MLEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agen
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict -DUtrict of
Take notice that 1, John McUod ot Vancouver,
Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotle Islands Und District���District of
Take notioe that Thoa. It Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupalion notary publie, Intand lo
apply for permiaaion to prospect for coal and
potroleum on the following doacribed land:
Commeneing at a poat planted eleven rnllai
north and seven mllea east ot Section 13, Township
7. Graham Island and marked No. BT, T. H. D., S
E, corner, thence north 80 chaina, thence west 80
chaim, thence south 80 ehains, thenca east 80
chaini te point ol commencement, containing 610
('..nun.-m���in,' nt a poat plnnted ut S. W. cornor
l��t 1707 marked L. W. S. south east corner nnd
runnlnir north Ni chalna, thence west 2(1 chains,
thence south 80 ehaina, thence enst 20 chaina to
point of commencement, contnininn ltK> acres.
Date Dec. 22, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 31. 1910. LUIIECTIA  W. SLOAN
Skeena Und District���DUtrict ot Coast
Take notice that May Dineea of Port Simpson,
B. C, occupation atenographer. intenda to aaply
for twrmiasion lo purchaae UM following described
Commencing al a poat planted at the northweat
cornrr 100 chaina eaat and 20 chaina narth ef the
northeast rorner ol Ut 1116 (Harvey Surviy),
thence 80 chains east, thence 40 chaina aouth,
thence 80 chains west, thence 40 chains north to
the post of commencement, containing 320 acres,
mere or leas.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. MAY DINEEN
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler, Agent
Quwn Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
Qomn Chsrlott, laland,a*nd District-DlstrW ol I    ^ no(iM ^ ,����-�� ���   ,)(lv,y ., Qu���n
T... nolle, thst irThS. R. U.��y of Homo ' Cta-HoWjJ*. ^P",'��� Cl'rm^tor \m**tS.
amp* o��,p..io��� g*sr��^**sr3 80m*ffS5ialMS^��&L
sppl>   lor iwrmlssion  to prosjsMt lor eosJ Md l****gSniSsJl  ��t  s  pit  plsntiil   thrw. milss
pstrnli-um on ths lollowini twrfejd lsnd: mffSmtm mll�� ssst ol Ssetlon IH. Township
Commsncm, st . |��si iilsnusl 'f'""" """�� 7, firshsm Islsnd sn.l msrk.il No. 70, T. It. U., *f.
north snd fiv*. milss ssst ol hsetlun It*. '**'*r��**'P ���!,. ���,,,���,,, th,.n��. south H ch.lns. thenc. wsst HO
7. Grshsm Islsnd snu msrksd No. 7... T. I). II..S.     h,.       th(.������. nortll __ ch���ni, ln),,lc,. out ho
seres mors or Isss.
Dsled Nov. 8, 1910.
Puh. Dse. 3.
WUwn (lowing, Agont
B.C-��eUp.UonVroker. intend t��� .pp,*, lo, -me-1 %^J*���^^_^_\^��& 8 I "���''-"''" "��**. ���*'""'"""������"������ ��� ���*""������"�����������< '^
mission to prospect lor cosl snd petrolsum on the   ch,(B1 to ������.���, 0( commencement, conlslnlng 640
lollonlnu descrilied Isnds: Krm mnrr or |^,
H2.���Commencini- st s post plsnted slxiut ons' ,(     , j*J_ ,j ,���,��� THOS. R. DAVEY
mile nnrth ol the northwest corner ol Cosl Ucencs
No. .147'J msrki .1 J. M. S. E. Corner, thence north
hll ohslns. thsnee west HO chsins. thenee south HO
chsina, Ihence essl HO chsins 10 imlnt ol com-
mi.n��-ment. .._, ___
listed Jsn. 4. 1911. JOHN MO-SOD
I'uh. Jsn. 21- f- C. Elllott. Agent
scrss mnre or less.
Dsted Nov. II, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson (lowing, Agsnt
Puh. Dse. 3.
WUson (iowing, Agent
-DUtrict ol
Queen Chsrlolte l-l.nj.Ur.il Dirtrict-, llstrlcl ol | ggj- ffgXZJg, ZSSmtt .and
Quesn Chsrlotts Isl.nds Und District -
T.ke notics thst I, Thos   It. Dsvey ol Qussn
I Chsrlotts,  oecupslion  notsry  public,  Intend  to
Quesn Chsrlotte Islsnd. I jind District-Dirtrict ol !,p,,|y  |0r  permission  to prospect lor cnsl  snd
Skens petroleum nn the following ilistcrllied lsnd:
Tske nolice thst I, Tbos. 11. Dsv.y ol Quern '     1 ,,,,,������, ,���,,,,* st  a post  plsnled thirteen miles
ChsrlotU',  oceupstlon   noUry   puhlic,  Intsnd  to
lor cnal and
It nl
north snd live mill*, ensl ol
Tske notice thst I. John Mcleod ol Vsncouver.
Section IS, Township
., Grshsm Islsnd snd nisrked No. 77, T. It. D-, S.
W. corner, thenee i*sst Hll ehains, thence north HO
listed Jsn. 4, 1911.
Pub. Jsn. 21.
|F. c. Klliott. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und Disirict Distrieto!
Tske notiee thst I, John Mol..���l ol Vsncouver.
tl. ('.. oecupstion broker. Intsnd to spply tor permission to prospect lor eosl snd lietroleum on ths
following described Isnds:
34.���Commsncing st s post plsnted shout ons
mile north ol the northwest corner ol Cosl Ueenee
No. 347P msrksd J. M. N. E. Corner, thencesouth
HO chsins, thencs wsst HO chsins, thence north HO
chsins, thencs ssst 80 chsins to polnl ol com-
Pub. Jsn. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agsnt
Quesn Chsrlotts Islsnds Und District -District ot
Tsks notics thst I. John Mci.eoil ol Vsncouvsr,
II. C��� oceupstlon broksr, intsnd to spply lor permission to prospsct for eosl snd petroleum on ths
following describsd lsnds:
36.���Commoncing st s post plsnted sbout ons
mile north ol the northwest eornsr ol Cosl Ueenee
No. 347H msrked J. M. N. W. ('orner, thenee south
HO chsina, thsnes ssst HO chsins, thsnos north HO
chsins, thsnes wsst 80 chsins to point of eommeneement. _
listed Jsn. 4, Kill JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21.                            r. C. Elllott. Agsnt
spply  lor  permission  ts prospect  lor cosl snd
lietroleum nn tho lollowing described lsnd:
Qussn ChsrlotU Islsnds Und llletrict  -District ol       Commencing sl s post nlsnleil thirteen miles
Ske��ns 1 north snd live miles esst of Section 1.1, Township
Tske notice thst I. Thos. It. Dsvsy of Qusen 7, Grshsm Islsnd snd msrked No. 7H, T. II. D., S.
Chsrlotte oecupslion notsry public. Intend to E. corner, thence wesl HO chsins, thence ninth HO
sl-ply for pcrmtss.on to prospect (or cosl snd , chsins. thenee esst HO rhsins. thence south 80
������etrolriim on lhe lollowing descrilied lsnd: chsins to point nf eommencemenl, conlolnlng 840
Commencing st s post plsnt.il thirtoen miles | seres more or Jess. ,,.��pv
north snd eight miles esst of Section 1.1, Township    Dsted Nov. 13, 1910. ���,T""Hi 3       a     X
7. Grshsm Stud snd msrked No. Ml, T. II. D.. __ ' I'ub. I>ec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agsnt
W. comer, thence esst HO chsins, thence south BO   _________________________________________
chsins,  thenee west  HO cbains, thence norlh  80
chsins lo point of commencement, contsining 640 i LAND   LEASE   NOTICE
seres mora or less.
listed Nov. 9, 1910. TIIOS. II. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Skews  Und  District���Qussn  Chsrlotte   Island.
Tske nolle* thst 30 days sftor dste I, Ferdinsnd
0. Tspert, fsrmsr, ot Skldegsle, 11. C InUnd to
spply to ths Chief Commissioner ol Unds, for s
lleenso to prospect lor eosl, oil snd petroloum on
snd under ths following described lsnds:
Cnmmsnelng st s post plsnted st the northesst
corner el Ut Ml, Grshsm Islsnd, thsnes south HO
chsins, thenee esat 80 chsins, thence north HO
chsins, thsnee weet 80 ehslns to point of commencement, snd conuining 640 scrss. ���.__.,
Datnl Nov. 14.1910. FREDINAND O. TAPERT
Pub. Due. 10.
Skssns Und District���DUtrict of Cosst
Tsks notics thst Hume   Bsblngton ol Prinos
Rupert,   msstor   msriner,   inUnds   to  spply  for
permiasion to lease tho following described land:
A smsll Islsnd In the Skeens River about tour
miles abovs Telegraph   Point conuining sbout 50
Dsted Dec. 14. 1916.
Skeens Und District���District ol Cosst
Tske notics thst Hums Usbington ol Princ.
Rupert,   mssUr   msriner,   InUnds   to   spply  for
permiasion  Ui lesss the lollowing described lore-
Commsncing  st s  pust  plsntod  on   s  smsll
Islsnd In ths Skeens lllver shout three miles shove
Ti>letrrn|ih Point thonce southerly 2000 leet.
DsUd Dec. 14. 1910. HUME UAIIIGNTON THE   PRINCE   Kurr.ni    v r i i a* t -
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
rtl_jy���lll/ssj ��� JV* V" ���l-" I **l *������*������**��� I     s* tssHss.1    P* *mn
Writer in World's  Work Who is Touring Through  British Columbia
Describes Meeting  Men on a Thousand Mile Mush  to Prince Rupert
*CtiV*si_r\t I' J*l **   l'       j*\  m t*,x  m,m*m-*t*mtmmm.
"While we were Staying at Mount I there was a general sigh of relief when
Robson three sturdy young fellows I the limits of the bad land were at last
passed us westward bound. They had! gained. Pushing ahead the bank of
no baggage- merely a blanket strapped �� beautiful crystul lake was gained
to their backs which served as their the outfall of which poured into Grand |
protection at night.   They stopped and  Fork.    A raft was hurriedly made up
Royal Bank of Canada
Head Office: MONTREAL. Established 1869.
Capital, $6,700,000
Surplus, $7,200,000
Total Assets, $92,500,000
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an Mi-count.
Brani-hcf throughout Canada and Banking Connections with all parts of the
United States.
Agents throughout the world.
EL P. WILSON, Manager, PrineeJRupert Branch.
passed   the   usual   salutations.     They
1 quickly kindled the camp fire and sat
down to B meagre repast  which they I lake.
, had carried in their pockets, carefully j water,
���dividing  their stinted  supplies to en-1 a signboard among the trees compelled
of logs and on this fragile barque a start
was made for the opposite end of the i
While  poling  up  the Bheet  ofj
what   looked   uncommonly  like
......nu,.     ,,1^-n      ���>.,'.* *���     um_,r������.     ***    *���������    |        ������> ���           ���  I
i sure a matutinal meal before resuming I attention.     Wondering   who   had   the
.  o���
Perfection Oil Heaters
Rayo Lamps
Power Plants
Steam and Gasoline Supplies i
and Repairs
NOTICK IS HEKKRY CilVKN thnt application
u ill if niudc tti the Parliament of Canada at the ;
pMMBt ��c��iion tbVKi (Of an Act tu incorporate
a mllwaj company undt-r the name of "Hudson'*
Bay, IVace River ami Pacific Railway Company'
with oower to lay out, construct and operate a
line ur lines of iailway from Port Nelson on Hudson's Ray; thenee in a northwesterly direction to
Kort Churchill on Hudson's Bay; thence westerly
between the tifty-eiuhth anil sixtieth parallels of
latitude to. at ur near Kort Vermillion on the
Peace River; thenre in a southwesterly direction1
i to, at nr near Kort St. John; thence westerly and !
northwesterly to  l.a.inri Pass; thence westerly '
< but slifrhtly south thouj/h keeping north of the '
lifty-si\th parallel to a point at or near where the
Naas River crosses the fifty-sixth pnrallel; thence <
down either the east or west side of the Naas Kiver to a point at or near when* it enters the Paci- '
Ac Ocean and from thence to the Pacific Ocean at
or near Port Simpson, also from a Dolr.t un the ,
aforementioned course at or near Kurt St. John j
southeasterly to the city of Edmonton in the Pro- |
vlnee uf Alberta, and from a point on the said line
of railway at or near where it touches Cochrane .
river, southerly and southwesterly to the city of
Print c Albert in thc province of Saskatchewan;
with power to construct and operate teletrraph
and telephone and cable lines fur general public
purposes; to carry* 00* construct,  maintain and
operate boats and  ferries  for the purposes uf the
railway and other purposes; to acquire and make
use of   lands, waterlots,  wharves, docks, dockyard*, slips, warehouses, elevaturs and other conveniences; and with power to enter into agreements with other companies.
Kor the Applicant.
Dated at Winnipeg this twenty-second day uf
December. 1910.
d.tl Sw Smith a Johnson. Ottawa. Airent*
Rupert Marine Ironworks&
Supply Company, Limited
Blo.li. 2nd Ass.
WORKS   Al Hsrs Crssa.
Roger's Steamship Agency
Through tickets Ui all |-ointn in
United States and Canada by thc
Northern Pacific Railway. The
Finest Train across the Continent,
hy White .Star, Rod Star, American, Dominion, White Star, Dominion, Cnnaril, French Line.
North (iernian Lloyd, MninliurK
Americiin ami Canadian Nnrlhern
Steamship*. For all information
write mc or cull at olllre.
Call 'Phone 18
Orders Promptly
Attended   to.
Section 1
Block 7. lot 14, $1840; $.*40  caah,   $550
in f> Miiinilii-. $550  10  months, $400
in 12 months.
Block IR, lot 30, $4,000; cash $1,000
Block 20, lot 18, $5500; cash $3800.
Block 2ti, lot 23, $3,750; cash $2,000
B<ock 28, Int- 3 and 4, $1,600 ea; terms
Block '�����, lot 9, $1,300; terms
Block 41. lots 17 and   18,   $7000;   $3000
balance fi, 12,   18 months,   with  8
room house.
Block 31. lot 27  with  three  buildings,
$7,1100; cash $4,000
Section S
Block 27, lot 32, $750; terms
Block 28, lot 24. $700; terms
Block 3'.). lots 10, 20. $1,350 pr
Block 42, lots 5 and 0, $650 ea;
Section 6
Block 3. lots 3 and 4. $2,500 puir
Block 4, lots 21 and 22, $1,.'-00 earl
Block 7, lots 30 and 31, $1300 each.-rood
Block 17, lot 21, $1,200
Block 21. lot 20, $1,000
Block 28, lot 20, $1,025
Block 28, lot 33, $625; cash $.'125.
Block 31. lot I.' with house, $850
Section 7
I ...i    on   KiKhth  Ave.   $375.
Several good linys on Fifth and Sixth.
Section 8
Double corners  on   the Plan at $550
per pair.
Furnished house in good location $25
fier     month.        Several     unfurnished
louses in all parts of the city.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate and Insurance ���   Third A*
���'.������nil.i, 1, Lot 21,
Sr.li.,1,  fi,  Lot .1,
Mock 14,
Mock 19.
OffiCe:   6tll   AVe.   and   FUltOn   St.  R.G.Hulbert Vancouver. B.C.
I >, Aii-DO
I their journey.    They  bought  or were
' presented with a small supply of food
' from   every  camp  or  fellow  traveller
! they passed    If the day drew a blank,
well  they  went  without,  unless they
succeeded in landing a fish, satisfying
the demands of little Mary with berries.
"Where have you come from?" we
"Wolf Creek."
"What's the game'.'"
"Hiking to I'rince Rupert."
Phew This was something like a
walk. They had already covered about
180 miles and had something like
another thousand and odd miles in
front of them.
They observed our looks with incredulity.
"It's a fact," they went on. "We've
heard so much about the place that we
are going there to get a job."
"But how are you going to get down
the Fraser?"
"That's just what's puzzling us.
We're told there's no trail along the
river to Fort George. But we guess
by the time we reach Tete Jaune Cache
that we'll find some means of getting
down, and once we get to Fort George
why the rest's dead easy."
That is a graphic instance of the
wonderful faith which I'rince Rupert
has inspired in the breasts of many a
young man who had little or no actual
knowledge of the place that was filling
his mind with hallowed opportunities
It is related by Frederick A. Talbot
in the Worlds Wor magazine in an
entrancing article of his experiences
while on the trail through the Rockies.
He closes the incident with these pregnant words: "And away they went
buoyed up with red hot enthusiasm."
That simple paragraph of human interest put reams of real estate advertising to shame. It expresses the
appealing spirit of the west and particularly of this northern burg in terse
and impressive tones. It draws a picture
for the mind to gloat and wonder over.
It breathes the sentiment of the soulful
that neither the fires can consume nor
tl I waters quench.
Another rather amusing incident n
related by Mr. Talbot in connection
with Mount Robson. It reads as
follows: "From our camp the sides of
Mount Robson appeared to drop precipitously into apparent nothingness.
Though the Rev. It. Kinney (who had
just previously astounded the camp by
declaring lhat he hud compiered thc
peak) has waxed enthusiastic in his
description of the beauties around its
feet we set oil to investigate these
scenic attractions. But the going was
heavy. The country was piled eight
and ten feet high with deud trees which
hud fallen crosswise in an impenetrable
maze. It was a case of climb, hack and
chop the way foor by foot. Then we
tumbled into an extensive bog through
which progress was painfully slow and
difficult. A cedar grove then opened
before us and many of these mammoth trees, more than six feet in diameter proved formidable barriers. These
had to be climbed by dint of great
effort and with a sharp eye for "shags"���
sharp pointed deud branches���which
have greater ripping and tearing power
than a bayonet.
Not the sign of a (rail was to be
seci through this dense broken mass
of  tangled   frost  and  loose  rock  and
temerity to wander into the iso ate
inaccessible corner the raft was poled
into the bank and there was revealed
the startling announcement: "SITE
FOR MACKENZIE'S HOTEL." Another instance of the irrespressible
Scot. Traces of his enterprise in a most
out of the way nook He hud taken
time by the forelock with u vengeance;
had got in on the ground floor before
the structure was' even thought of, and
his claim wus carefully staked out and
every necessary compliance with the law
faithfully observed
Universal Favorite
Represents   thc  hist   wonl   u|
Range cunstruction
The Thompson Hardware Ca I
limber Cruisers   and Mining Engi
Can Hin* From Th*
Rover Boat Hou
Read the Daily Optimist
Nolle bat sober I
mpeti'iit tn.
Georgetown     ROGERS & BLA
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Baal
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St and First Ave.
Electric Wiring
A. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
Western Fuel Co.'J
The new steel I'a-- I ROT Stearr.r!
Prince Rupert every Sundi
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monthly afternoon.
For Stewart City on ani.il
from Vancouver Frnuj
Northbound, leaves Vanct*
ver Wednesdays at 9 p.��
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
75 Yrsn In Isslnrss.
Capital and  Reserve Over $7,300,000
Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is tl ������-.'   :\'fi
on tha run having ������ ���>"' "*-;"*
heads and donbi. i-.ti-m.��'���*�����
miring saf.-ly ul i
of collision or wrack,
IJ. H. Rogers, Ticket Affl
u Ml
nu hub
A Complete
Banking Service
Collections made iu any part
of Canada. Negotiable paper discounted. Money advanced at
reasonable terms to finance your
business. Local aud foreign
Drafts bought aud sold. Money
transmitted by Money Order or
Telegraph Transfer. Letters of
Credit issued payable in all the
leading cities of the world.
We invite your account.
Prince Rupert Branch
���      F. S. LONG, Manger.
General Ma.hin.- Shop   * '! %'
Carpentering. Al*-..;     *****
banks-Mors.*  and  Km��  t}m*m
Engines.   Gasoline Engine--
ceBHork'H carried in itOCR.
Uu-Khe. snd Bosl. for Mirr   MA ** *
The Light that Rlvali �����*?*���.
Local husineaH men rcci>mn..n.ii ���
Phis well-known giwl
exclusively by
line llnM * **
1   ���������-* sol*)**     I HUMORISTS I
���fs i ***** t*t*-**--<>*^.*-****<*i__rm_t_% ***** ********** *j~*t-*r*****-**.***y
Professional Cards
0,>/- co^
Distributing Agents for Northern B. C.
Client -So you think that If I take the
ma" ter I've stated to court I shall win.
Lawyer (scenting a bin fee: 'Unquestionably, I am preparetl to guarantee
to get a verdict in your favor.
Client -H'm Then I don't think
I'll no to law this time. You see the
side of the case I Rave you is my op-
' pnnents.
He���You are the only woman I ever
| loved.
She-Do you expect me to believe
', that?
He���I do,   I swear it is true.
She -Then I believe you.   Any man
who would expect a woman to believe
that  cannot  have been   much  in  the
company of women.
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' OHice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Lane Store and Kasement
on  Second  Ave.
Lot* 13, 14, Block 16, Sec. 5,
! 100,  Cash $1000,
Employer's Liability
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
i.-Mil-division of Soc. 9) about ��00 yanls from waterfront
Thi    SulKlivision   is   thc   only   inside   subdivision   not  owned
by  the  Kuilrond Company.
Lots from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
|The Optimist
"I think I'll be an explorer antl take
up mountain-climbing," said the sardonic
"Have you any training for that sort
of thing?"
"I think so. I worked on the thirty-
lift h story of a building whose elevator
gets out of order."
The Tiger���What's the matter with
the girafl?   He doesn't look well.
The Lion ���No, he says he feels sick
all over.
The Tiger ���Has a sore throat, I suppose.
Young Man���So Miss Ethel is your
oldest sister.   Who comes after her?
Small Brother���Nobody ain't come
yet; but pa says the first fellow that
comes can have her.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia nf ll.C. Ontario. Stt��-
iind Muiiitotm Burs. knlchewiin  anil Al-
Urta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
ORlct*��� Exchange block, corner Third avenue nml
Sixth street. I'rince Ruuert. 8
Overheard by Club Waiter
"Look here, old man, I want your
advice. I've been thinking seriously
of marrying lately, and���I may as well
make a clean breast of it; there are
two girls simply chucking themselves
at my head, and I can't make up my
mind. The one I prefer, really, hasn't
a penny of her own; the other is simply rolling in money, but I don't seem
to care a button for her somehow.
What would you do in the circumstances?"
"Good heavens, man Do you mean
to say you hesitate for a moment?
What is life without love? It embellishes one's whole existence. It���it���
why, I could go on for hi.urs about it."
"You mean you'd give the shekels
thc go-by?"
"Give them the go-by I should
just think I would unless you want to
be miserable for the rest of your life."
(After a pause.) "I say, though, you
might give me thc name and address
of that girl you tlon't care about."
P.te Glomltch Will Stand Trial To.
day In Provincial Court
Pete Glomitch, charged with having
unlawfully converted to his own use a
wagon said lo e the property ol Jim
Petroff, and whose cose was remitted
t the higher c urt by Magistrate Carss
yesterday, appeared before Judge
Young. Accused ele ted to have speedy
trial, and will be tried today.
Week's Lodging for John
For being drunk and disorderly yesterday,   John   Boyd   was  today   fined
five dollars and costs or seven days.
He had no money, so will put in the time
Very Substantial Jag
Eric Johnson charged with being
drunk and disorderly seems to have
had a lovely jag on yesterday. Hc
was still jagged up to the eyes at ten
u.m. today when he should have appeared before the magistrate, but will
appear agtin.
City Engineer Gees South
When he went below Thursday Colonel
Davis could not soy very definitely
how long ho might require to stay away.
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Cas and
local snasthetics administered for the painless extraction nf teeth. Consultation free. Ollices: 19
snd 21) Alder Block. I'rince Ruiiert. il-12
Civil and Mininir Entrineers and Surveyors.
Reports.   Flans.   Specifications,   estimates.
Wharf Construction. Etc
Office:   2nd Ave., near First Street
Alex.M.Manson.ll. A.       W. E. Willisms, n. a.. 1..1..11,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C.
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly tillisl.   Prices reasonable,
OFFICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre SU     Phone SH.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.0.0.F
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue
Telephone 186
Property Owners
and Tenants
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aves.
Between Fulton and 8lh Sts.
Wo hsvn lieen Instructed by Hesd Oflice lo sccoiit
Additional Fire Insurance
Liverpool & London and Glohe, Phoenix Assurance Company, British America Company.
Second Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
The city engiiecr'H visit to the south
is mittle in order thut he may see in
operation various municipal methods
which may shortly be applicable to
Prince Rupert. About two weeks is
the probable duration of his stay.
stock oatuutv*
-���E.   EBY   CBt,   Co.===
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
A  new  line  of   Ladies'   Underwear,
Natural wool.
Flannelettes and Outing Flannel.
Ladies'  Fancy Waists.
Boots,  Shoes  and  Men's Clothes.
Third Avenue   -   Between 7th snd Sth
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
Scientific Electric Facisl Massage
Electric Treatments a Specialty
Room. No. 4,   Exchange Block
FEED . . .
Plumbing, Heating
and General Steam   Fitting
HHOI'-llssementof llelxerson Rlock
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave. THE   PRINCE   KUPERT   OPTIMIST
���        s> -^..*
��� ���������SSSI
��� **�����.*. i
|     |      | ^-~+-*t-*****-.**** ���********_ tt���*..*���*-* j*******}!
I I       I    ���.'���,-:;v,";v.'-.'Vvm;v    j
Damasks 77
A wide range of these, imported from the best linen
mills in the old country,
comprising of bleached and
unbleached damasks    :    :
Price from 40c lo $1.25 per yd.
Napkins in 5-8 and 3-4 size
hemmed end unhemmed in
nice even woven linens   :   :
Price $2.50 to $4.00 per dcz.
Magistrate     Gives     Delinquents     a
Chance to Clear Out
A man named Joe Flied was warned
by Magistrate Carss to get out of town
today. He had been in a quarrel with
Frank Reda, displayed a razor. It was
not established that he actually meant
mischief, and he was charged with
carrying a concealed weapon.
Charged with vagrancy, Harry Desmond is released on suspended sentence.
He must leave the town within a week,
or face up to what will mean his being
taken down below.
D. B. Schontz charged with frequenting, pleaded guilty in today's police
court. He was released on suspended
sentence on condition that he leaves
town at once.
L. M. Hanassey charged with being
an inmate of a disorderly house was
fined $10 and costs, and ordered to leave
Workers Were Anxious for a Speedy
Decision[.One Way or the Other
and Committee Debated Matter in
Liberal Association!
A rally of the Prince Rupert Liberal Association
will be held in
at 8 o'clock sharp
Questions of the hour will be discussed, and business transacted -
Also items of entertainment���A big Rally is
te^ns^nsms^^u^^ nsn^^nsn^m^^^H
j [���
H. S. Wallace Co. 77      Pure, Fresh, Clean Groceries
Phon. 9 UMITKl)
Fulton St. snd 3rd A.s.
We have the best stock of the choicest Groceries in the city
A trial order will convince you of the quality goods we stock.
Qussn ChsrlotU Islsnds Land Distriet���District ol
Tsks notice thst I, Thos. It. Dsvsy ol Qusen
Chsrlotte. oecupstion notsry public, intsnd to
spply (or permission to prospect for cos] snd
petroleum on the followinK described lsnd:
Commencing st s post plsnted nine miles north
snd two miles ssst of Section 13, Township 7,
Grshsm Islsnd snd msrked No. II. T. II. I)., S. K.
eorner, thence west SO chsins, tnence north 80
ehslns, thonce esst 80 chsins, thence south 80
ehsins to point of commsneement, containing 610
seres more or less.
Dsled Nov. 5. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowini-. Agent
The Acme
of quality
in Hams,
Bacon and
Lard.   .   .
"In the matter ol the demand of the
Prince Rupert Industrial Association
for a wage arte of 45 cents per hour, the
committee report that it will recommend
to the council at next council meeting,
that a plebiscite be taken at us early a
date as possible."
This is the result of the session yesterday  afternoon,  of thc (committee  appointed by the city council to look into
the matter of the wage rate*.    When
the committee met yesterduy at three
p.m. a  number of the representatives
of the P.  R. I. A. were present, and
Alderman   Hilditch   mentioned  that   if
they  desired  to add  anything  to  the
evidence they had already given an opportunity  would  he Riven them  then.
The workers had nothing further to add.
On their behalf, however, Mr. Fraser
! said  that   they  were anxious to  have
i a decision one way or the other as soon
; as possible and  did  not  care to wait
until information sent for by Alderman
, Hilditch from Vancouver, arrived.
It was accordingly agreed that thc
I council's committee should sit at once.
| Alderman Hilditch promised that the
| result of the deliberation should be
1 posted on the City Rail Notice Hoard
as soon as the committee roue, and this
I was done.
An impression existed among the
I workers that it was the intention of
the committee to turn their demand
right down, and had this been done
it was planned that a meeting of workers
should at once be called to consider
the advisability of a resort to stronger
measures, in any case the decision of
the committee will be the subject of
discussion at next meeting of the P. R.
I. A.
Baptist Services
Tomorrow evening al the na.,*-|
Church Rev. W. H. McLeod-JSj
on "The Church and the Social Oil
tion." This ahould be a ���������'�� 1
absorbing interest to every <___M
Regular morning service al 11 a.m -*J
Bible School at 2.80 p.m. Yuu J
cordially invited to these service,,
The Ladies' Aid Invite the Method*!
people* and their friends to their mil
thly Social to be held on Thursdnl
night next, at 8 o'clock, in the MetlJ
dist Church. Luncheon and musia||
program and games.   Admission 25c.
Skeens Und  Diitnci -Qussn Chsrlott, ____
Division ,
Tske nolice thst .illi day. itler dais |, tm1__M
G. Tspert. farmer, nf BUdsnls, U. (', _____
apply lo thc Chiel Commistionur of Urdi l��,|
license to propsoct for coul, oil sn.l DKnJuas
snd under the following ilescritnsl landi: ���
Commencing st s posl planted at the' cotthsst I
comer ol Lst 611, (Irshsm lsiand. ISSMMnsMl
chsins, thence west so chains, tlisr.n sn*, Sl
chains, thence esst 80 chains to point ol Mrr.a��ss I
ment, snd conuining 6 III urn*. [
Dstwl Nov. 14, 1910. FKItl>iN-.\M)t;.TtFEitl
Pub.  Dec.   10 "' '
Tske notice thst I, Thos. It. I >av��>- of q__ _
Chsrlotte, occupsUon notur> [iuIiIic, inteod 11
spply for permission to pros|.��t (or nt] ssl I
lietroleum on the following .lescTltssl land: I
Commencing sl s post plsnled five mile* tt* I
snd eleven miles east ot Section 11 Tonsil
7, Grshsm Islsnd snd marked So. lis. T. It lull
rt. corner, thence south 80 chsin., thenn mil
chsins, thenoe north 80 chains, thenc. mtll
ehslns to point of commencement, conuiEiattel
scrss more or less. I
Dstesl Nov. 11, linn Till'-  It. UtVItl
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson ('oeint, Asa* I
CALL AT 11. C. yril'K 1.1'SrH ���
B. C. Bakery ��� Third Ave.
2nd Ave. snd McBride
Prince Rupert Skuting Club
Any desirous of joining the above
Club can place their name with thc
manager of the rink on or before Feb.
28th. L. J. Marrcn, owner and manager; H. M. Lever, instructor.      3!M1
The ladies of the Kaien Island Athletic Club will entertain at Five Hundred on Tuesday evening at 8.30 sharp.
All members ore invited. 40-42.
a specialty
Drug Store
The Pioneer Drug/hi
(   PHONE   :   ;   .   ml
Prince Rupert
"Ask Uncle Jerry'*
Lots in the Main Line Towns along the Grand Trunk Pacific
Correspondence  Invited  ahout-Farm  Lands  in  British  Columbia.
Farm Lands in Skeena River District-Farm Lands in Naas River District.
We want to Lease lots on Water Street. Wc want Leasee* on Borden Street.
We want Options on property on Park Ave.    Wc want Options on property in sec. 1.
We want to Lease lots on Uth Street. We have Clients with cash for bargains.
We will pay cash for Options.
We have Clients seeking property on 2nd Ave.
We want Options on property around Bigger Place.
He buys Leases.    He pays for Options.    He buys G.T.P. Contracts.    He loans Money.
Our advertisement on "Prince Rupert Opportunities" appears in the big Sunday
issues of the U. S. daily papers. Copies of papers on file in our office. We advertise
in 26 leading Canadian papers. We are therefore in a position to render hotter Bcrvice
to both buyer and seller. We publish u hook on Prince Rupert giving over 50 questions
and answers. Local people list their properties with ub because we have the buyers.
Out of town people write us for information. We supply buyers for home people and
free information to non residents. Take advantage of our service today. Don't wait.
Do it today. 	
Co-Operative Real Estate Co.,
3rd Ave. at 7th
P.O. Box 906
������Ask Uncle Jerry*
Prince Rupert
Partial List
of Offerings
We offer for Sale a live room cottage.
We offer for Lease, for long term, 16 x 100 feet, corner Fulton St. and Sth Av.
We offer for Sale on easy terms, 2 lots on 3rd Ave.
We offer for Sale, buildings on cor. Fulton ht. anil 3rd Ave. (subject to W allw ' |l'"'1'
We offer for lease, for long term of years, 50x100 feet, corner  Unl   Ave.   anil  run
St., lease to daie from thc expiration of Wallace lease.
Wc offer for Sale, lease for .1 years on 2nd floor, Buckley Block.
We offer for Sale all the furniture in Claremont Rooms, Buckley Block
ine; to be erected on cm I...
For plans of building ami term.-a.��
We offer for Rent, stores and offices in new building to be erected 00.corner ol
Ave.  ono  61
Uncle Jerry.
Ave.  ana  6th  Street  (north  corner).
We offer 3 lots in Section 8, near Boulevard, very, very cheap; owner leaving city*
We offer lease on 3 lots, 75 x 100, on Borden Street.
We offer, cheap for quick cash, (unusual bargain) 2 lots o.i Park Ave.
We offer lots near Seal Cove, cheap.
We offer for Sale property in every section (of sold lots) in Prince Rupert.
Wc offer for Sale store building in Kitselas. tMUf*
We offer several parcels of ground for lease  to put up  cheap 2, 3 or 4 room i
These houses will bring in 20 to 50 per cent, on investment.
To show my confidence in Prince  Rupert  I  have Teased  several  pr'',IH'^lj(,.lsi,,([
involve  the  payment of over seven hundred thouaand dollars, $700,000.
more     What have you to offer.-UNCLE JERRY.
I am I
Prince Rupert Opportunities-Co-Operative Real Estate Company


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