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 Tkr Prince Rupert Qbttmist
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Friday, February 3. 1911.
Price, five Cents
Town'of Juneau Is All Excited���Believed That a Love
Story is at the Bottom of the Death of the
Mother of Selina Dowling
Special lo tie Optimist)
Junf��u. Feb. 3.-Tho town is all
(icfiirmi'iii over an alleged murdir.
Sdira Pirn ling, reputed to be the most
bwutiful ball Im-ed maiden in Alaska,
Lmested today following an in vest-
,pi ,ii. inn. ilie cause of the death of
let moih.r. The old woman died in
umbk* Igony after curing three candle
���sh trough, in her hy John Harris, the
U:an suit >r f��r the beautiful Selina's
fthil' partaking ol (he fish the old
Dtiher pm a small portion of the
iDrj.il dainty t'. ihe don. The effect
spoil ill* animal was instantaneous.
It thn-w Itself into paroxysms of agony,
j-rlpcd ind di -.1 iii a f. w minutes.
SunW hy thu Bight the old woman
Itmrr ilsnrcd for hertall but before
aV could do anything ihe poison grip
ped her. With terrifying grimaces and
physical contortions she paspo'l i>ut of
Selina has been anestid because it
is believed that the murder, crude as
i\ was, was a frame up between her and
her lover to get rid of the old woman
who would not hear of them coming
together. Harrs will also be arrested
in all probability.
Sa.katchewan    Agriculturist.    View
Treaty With Favor
Regina, Feb. 8, -iSpeciai)- A crowded
meeting of the Saskatchewan agricultural soii.'tics unanimously passed a
resolution vi.wing with (n\or the reciprocal arrangements mad. by Canada
with the United Stales.
|M).trtiout Affair   Shock.   People
May be Wm. Bull   a Nel.on Com-
n-.-rciil Traveller Who Haa  Been
MiMins Some Time.
Siwiu' to the Opt-mist)
XeJwri. Feb I The Provincial police
��� rw>iv,d ��ur.l today to tho efT- that
liar body ol -t man had be���** fi lying
l<> thr ihn-e-. nl Arrow Lake aooul four
jwlniboM Renata The body was well
lowwi an.l daesaaad was apparently
lwi�� ��i||.m.,ln business man who
lk��d wm. by hh deal h in some mysttriouu
]��V He tj ..,i,j t��� ,���. purtially bald and
|**�� P>y lair
The only iH-rMin known to b.> missing
yt-tt, this dbtricl i" William Bull, a
1 coointvr. i-tl traveller, who disappeared
|**y*i.-ri.*u*.',\ .���.,��� |iU|,. timc ag0 Tne
|M��-,u,, ���( Bull have been communi-
Iw-il will, [or the purpose of having the
IHi'l'-imt,,!,! possible
I *����t Sto.���, in Ten Year.    Bu.inea.
I'' moraliaed
���������"Mr..;.!.   K.*h    a.    Speciali   The
�� ���*m ihat has b,*cn experienced
lw�� totaj the last lpn years is now
I**-"*-   It H-t in at whirlwind  pare
,bout ���'������������" O'doelc in the morning and
"JW--IU.-I in unabated fashion all day
*'   T,u' '.'in-n-rature is below zero
| ������Ua- wind at blowing at thirty milea
" "our.   i-usinp!(8 aH Qvcr the  c.
JFS^ ***** **m not leave
��� hom" ����� work. Everything is
11 �� standstill.
***** Th�� ��."WUI Not Attend
Udon    '*,,,   {Zimm-IX   has
^'Wy-JscidH. that th, D��wWr
Ss^7ri'l^ ^t attend the
nM,on'��*'vt��es in the summer
Briti.h Unioniat. to Sidetrack Great
Conatitutional laaue to Prate about
the Evila of Reciprocity���Will
Dieintegrate the Empire.
From Dominion Govt. Wireless Stations
(At 8 A. M.)
Triangle -Foggy, south west. Strong
squalls.   Bar. 29.91, iher. 30.   Dense.
Ikeda���Raining, calm. Bar. 29.60,
ther. 38.   Light swell.
Estevan���Drizzling, south east. Bar.
29.62, ther. 44.   Light swell.
Pachena- Raining, soulh east, strong.
Bar. 29.65, ther. 38.   Sea rough.
Tn'.oosh -Light rain, south east, 30
miles.   Bar. 30.2, ther. 36.   Sea smooth.
(.'ape Lazo���Blowing, south west,
thick. Bar. 29.98. ther. 32. Sea moderate.
Spoke steamer Ilineda at 8 a.m. She
reports that she wenl aground at 5.55
a.m. but tloated again at 8.10 a.m., undamaged and is proceeding north.
I'oint   Grey -Snowing,   south   east,
thick.   Bar 30.00, ther. 32.
' <1 P. M.)
Triangle Foggy, south wist wind.
Strong squalls. Bar. 29.83, ther 33.
Spoke I'rince George in Millbank Sound
at 8.25 a.m. southbound) also Jefferson
in Queen Charlotto Sound al 8.3", a.m.
Ikeda���Hazy, south east wind. Bar.
29.48, i her 40.   Light swell.
Eslevnn Foggy, south east wind.
Har. 29.52, tin r 45.   Light swell
Pachena Raining, south eaat wind,
light.  Bar. 29.72, ther. 86. Sea rough.
Tatoosh���Light rain, soulh east wind
blowing 21 milm. Bar. 30, iher. 48.
Sea moderate. In; U. S. Columbine
at 8.15 a.m., li. S. Heather ai 11 a.m.
Out; U. S. revenue cutter Snomohish
at 9.15 a.m.
I'oint Grey--Hail and south east i
wind. Bar. 29.98, ther. 81, Haze on!
There is a String to It However���Premier Will
the Matter up to Ottawa���Railway Bill
Passes Its Second Reading
Victoria, Feb. 3.���In the House y.s-
terday Dr. McGuire's resolution regarding the price of coal was passed unanimously, The Premier took the
Opportunity of intimating, how*_v..r,
that before the Provinc. instituted the
inquiry they would put the matter up
to Ottawa oncu more. If the Federal
Govtrnment would do nothing then
the Provincial government would act.
Dr. McGuire in moving the adoption
of his resolution quoted the cost of
mining in other provinces and statue.
He thought ihat $2 per ton was a good
allowance foi- the cost of mining in
British Columbia. The average wage
of the coal miner 'n the province he
thought was about $60. HowovoT, ihul
was a matter thai should also In- Investigated. Public bodies had many
time.: protts ed against the high cost
of coal.
For thu resolution there spoke Carter
Cotton, Watson, Brewster, and Manson
iSkeena), while Mai: on of Comox
spoke against it.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite criticised the
resolution from the ���octaliatata point
of view. Mr. Williams held that the
only solution of the difficulty was for
the government totako ov. r and operate
the mines for the people.
The Hon. Mr. Bow.vr moved the
I eond r. uding of the Bill to consolidate
the railway act of the Province. The
bill provides for almost froo trad.* in
railways. It provid. s thai any live
or mori who are ach agreeable and
respou ible lo; ��10,0t)0 worth of slock,
and who pay regular f. eg, can get a
Certificate of incorporation from the
registrar of companies. The work of
construction must start, however, within
twelve months aft. r seeming the certificate. The main lir.es of the railways
timler this, bill must be compbted within
li\.' yean and the branch lines within
two yea:.*,.
iSpecial to the Optimist,)
London, Feb 3 ���Tha Unionists of
Gr.ut Britain are losing tin mivlv.s in
a maw of words owr th.- reciprocity
proposal.. I., i w.-. n Canada und ihe
I'nn 'I Slates Th. y hail it us the
quistion of the hour and are using it
to sidetrack thu quistion of thy veto
and the supremacy of tht House of
Unionist editorials all over the country
make the statement with greater unanimity than originality ihat tariff
reform and imperial prefer -nee are now
mor* urgent than ever     Tbey see in
the a-loption of the reciprocity treat)
thi finn steps toward the disintegration
of the Empire, and they think thay can
save it at fifty cents a bushel
A. J. Ferguaon Did Not Have a Vacation for Five Year. -Strain Wrought upon Hi. Mind Leave. Young
Wife Behind.
Program of Mu.ic, Song, and Recitation Proved Popular, Miaa Gray'a
Service. Were Much Appreciated
by Audience.
Three Called Upon Old Celtpp.* Who
Did not Love Them They Burat
in on Him and Got Warm Reception.
P. R.  I. A. Membera With Them in
Demand for Raiae
Prince Rupert Industrial Association
haa gone on record as in support, of the
telephone girls in their effort to secure
an increase in wages owing to eost of
living in the city at present.
This resolution was carried at last
night's meeting of the association when
various minor matters concerning the
organisation were discussed and arranged.
Satisfaction is felt at thc excellent
response of the Scandinavian workers
in joining the association which shows
an increased membership of twenty-five
since Wednesday.
A very successful concert, was held
; in  thc   Salvation   Army   Citadel  last
night.   Thc attendance considering the
I weather  was good.    On the  program
', were many favorites.   Mrs. Johnson and
Lieut. Wright sang a duet "EVtrybody
Has Work to Do," Mrs. Hoyt recited
, "Peter at thc Gate," and Captain Kerr
'gave the recitation "Work und Pray."
Musical items were cornel solos by
I Mr. Miller and by Miss Mabel Gray
who came voluntarily and contributed
a particularly pleasing performance.
A mouth organ medly by the Johnson
family including guitar, bunjo and
triangle puns was excellent.
Other   recitations   an.l   songs   were
"A   Boy's   Belief,"   by   Fred   Leggat.
(Spei Jti to the Optimist)
Hanky, Susk., Feb. 3.- Death in
most sinister shape overtook B young
bank manager named A. J. Ferguson.
His body wus discovered ubout two
o'clock yesterday afternoon  in  a  coal ,,    ,        ,     ,
shed.   1Kb,ing examined it was fouud  -Solo "Me Join   l-.m!    .���>  I.i.t.i. U righi.
thut he hud a bullet wound in his left
temple. Lying near him wus the revolver with which he hud committed thc
desperate deed,    He had been missing
Albert In and Out
The Prince Albert returned to Prince
Rupert last night and left again about
noon today on her trip round the Islands.
She reports rough weather all round
the coast. She encountered some heavy
from thc house for several hours. When
found there was still a dicker of life in
him but he never becume conscious.
Ferguson was one of the most popular
young men in the district and no reason ,,
.       .      .-.    .    ���     �� t-,1.. ~.ir.H ooii��..rl  Army s popular representatives in Prince
other than the strain on his mind caused ��    <   ��� ��
u       ft. a i���r ��i,o dp(   Rupert,  and  a  big  entertainment  for
by overwork can be assigned for the act. |4 J ^^   ._  ^   ^^   ^   _
Though   only   twenty-seven   years   ol
ag>; hf was manager of the Dominion
"Little Jim," by Johnnie Law, "Keeping
His Word." by Georgie Shaw, "The
Last Hymn," by Mrs. Derry." "The
New Church Orgnn," by Mrs. Johnstone. A reading "The Widow ut
Nairn" by Knsign Johnstone compl* tod
the evoning's progrum.
Well  deserved  success  continues  to
attend   the   efforts   of   the   Salvution
tSpi i-iul to the Optimist)
Vnncouver, Feb. 3. -On Thu.sday
morning throe Italian1 of the quicksilver temperament endeavored io force
their friendship upon another of their
countrymen who rciiihs ..n Chirk Drive.
The iri'iiil did not muke good He
would not udmi: then to ihe house so
with th.* accustomed impetuosity of
their race they bunt in ihe door und
created a greut disturbance. Th.- one
thing they did not count upon *\iu* thai
th.y did not have a monopoly of the
old man Cdoppe- who owned ihe
house, failing to Convince his unwelcome
guests thut their absence wus pref. (libit!
to their company thought he would
i mpha.ise the imint with some shooting. He fired a couple of shots, one
of which took effect in the shoulder
of the irun named Natale. The .lis
turbance ceased immediately. Natale
was   a riot.sly   injured   an.l   hatl   to   be
.akin to thu hospital.
the children is being planned for a
month hence. Those who desire to help
should get in early. *
Houaehold  Burned   to the
Ground in Snow
Bank.   It was thought lirst that some
discrepancy  had  caused  him  to take
the  desperate  remedy  for  all  human
ills but an examination of the books
proved them to be in good shape.   He Lamont
had bem in the service of the bank
fiv > years but in all that period had not
been able to obtain leave of absence for *.   Alta ,   Feb    3-(Special)-
even  a limited  period.    The tragedy | Wit.,  the  mercury standing  at forty
is rendered all the more   touching   by.below zero ihe home of Mr   Heistand
the knowledge that Ferguson has only I and family was burned to the ground
been  married  a year.    Last  January j this morning    Everything in the house
he and Miss Gessel, a young lady of | was destroyed     Happily no one was
this town entered into matrimony. i injured
Edmonton. Feb 3 SiK'ii.i'i After
a strenuous trip lusting over forly daya
on the northern winter trails .he mail
from as fur n-.i-ih us Fort Providence
hus arrived hare The muil was brought
from Chipp.wayn by George Loutii, lhe
mail carrier for the Hudson's Bay com
pany Owing to the increasing population in the north country the mail
was the largest on record
William Garaon Dead
Calgery, Feb 3 ���(Speciali - The death
occurred here from pneumonia of William Gars. >n, ex-City Controller of
Winnipeg At one time deceased was
a member of the Ontario governement. fHE   PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
H   *Mj*M   *m.tt-*m.l��m___,im*_^**^mm-*m-m**
have received Two Carloads of Canned
Fruits and Vegetables. They are of the
highest   grade   and   quality,   every   can   1910
pack.   They were bought at a price which cannot be duplicated this year.
Com, Peas and Beans 2 cars 25c
Tomatoes, 2 lb. cans 2 cans 25c
Tomatoes, 3 lb. cans   15c
Spinnage  16'-'
Corn on Cob gallons 60c
. . . CANNED FRUITS .. -     .
Strawberries,   Raspberries,   Peaches,   Pears and
Plums, 2 lb. can  20c
Blueberries, 2 lb. can  15c
Blueberries, gallons  50c
Apples, gallons  40c
Plums, gallons  50c
| = THE COSY CORNER ���*. -
1 *~
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to Uke part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Shelf  and   Heavy   Hardware
Paints, Oil and Glass
Brave Women of Rusiia 'sad, it ne-di but a kiss which they re-
In thi face of the dreadful possibili-1 oe've or giv, to turn  all  their  tiara
ties that may arse through any move-1 into stars in the depth? of iheir **y��
ment   point'ng   towards   freedom   of ������*.- >���
e-ther thought or uction in Russia, it Wear Glove, for Du.t.ng
str.kes one as not only rash, but pos- The wearing of gloves a n ght, al-
itivtly dangerous, for���in the first! though much ndvocated in the daya
place���Russian women to jo'n a "So-' of our grandmothers, is nol advisable,
ciety for the protection of women's | and unless the hands have been allowed
rights," and worst yet to attend its i to get into a very bud state will not
meetings Perfect obscurity sc*ms to i be found necessary When, however,
bt the only safe thing in Russia Yet; the hands are very red and rough, it
there is not only this society, bui in j may be better to wear them, but they
April an open mtct-ng was held in St .should be vtry soft and loose-fitting,
Petersburg Tha aim of thc society \ for if th- gloves are tight al th.- fasten-
m to uphold the rights of women with , ing and tho skm pliable thoy arc apt
regard to questions of heritage; t2) j to make wrinkles, and nothing is uglier
tht right of protest ugainst thc sale than a shrivelled hand
(by the husband) of family land, hcus.'S i A large hole should bj cu in h:
or   other   possessions   (this   especially ] palm  of each   glov.   and  thi   lingers
Sail, for
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
aa. BRUNO for Stewart Woanetdaw
aftor arrival of  Princ.
"orgs.  Fol
Port Simpson. Naas, Masset nml More
by Island potnca, including Oueen charl
lotto City, Pacpfi, lt..s.. ilarbor, .J
Refujre Bay, every alternate Friday 3
12 o'clock noon, commencing Det jtij
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syilem
sonnecting with trains ir.nn the 1'acilil
coast operates a frequent end convenl
icnt service of luxurious trains nvrritj
double track roate between Chicago!
Toronto,   Montreal,  Quebec,  Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Phil*
delphia.    Information  ami tickets obi
tainable from the oflice hereundeo menl
tioned.   Trans-Atlantic booking! by |
lines arranged.
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
in the case of thr poorer classes); (.3)
educational rights; [*) professional und
other "labor" rights
Of what effect can such movements
be in Russia? The true spirit of "ta
pol'ce waa exh'b-tcd when in lust December the first Russiun congress to
deal with "The struggle against alcohol," Russia's next greatest curse
after its tryanny, met to discuss 'he
present situation Naturally, the gov-
.���riiini nt spirit of monopoly came up for
discussion The BVeT present chief of
police would have chosen lo forbid
any allusion .�� this, but was overborn?, but the natural result of the
reflections on the government was sn
intimal'on that if the qu.-ston was
not dropped th congress would be
clostd However, a paper on the
growth of alcoholism among the young
schcolboys and working luds from 15
to 20, and students from 20 to 23 was
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
The Great Joya and Happineaa
Mauric." Maeterlinck's symbolical
play "The Blu. Bird," which is now
b -ng played both in England and America, has been given un additionul chapcer
which hus already been added to thc
version as acted in England Among
the now groups introduced are: Thc
Luxurts; The Happin��Hscs of thc
Home; Th- (ireat Joys
Of the group of  "The  Happiness**
snipped off at the tips to admit of proper ventilation The hands should besmeared over with a good cr. am or a
mixture of glycerine and rose water,
and th.. gloves worn for a week or
more As soon as the hands have regained ther original slate they should
lie discarded
l.rmon Cheese Cake.
To 1-2 lb of good butler add 1 3-4
lbs of sugar, broken small, the yolks
of eight eggs and th. whites of six, the
grated rinds of four lemons and the juice
of s'x Put all :nto a cLati, well-t!nncd
saucepan or double l.ml -r simmer over
the fire, stirring all thc time until it
'a aa thick as honey Pour into small
jnra and cover Whin required, line
patty pans with puff paste, fill with the
mixture and bake This is very good
and will keep for years
Oranie Salad
Peel two oranges, i.-nmv pipe and
white, divide into quarters, lay in a
small dish with a little chopped onion;
mix a d.anertspoonful of salad o-l and
one of brandy, and a U>as|>oonful of
r.mter sugar and pour over the orange*
I ������' it stand a little, then scrv >
Canadian Pacific Railway
E. C. Coaat S.S. Servkt
ss. Princess Beatrice
Northbound Jan. 23-Soulhbuund J.n.2f
Train for Winnipeg and Toronto Wave
Vancouver 9.00 a.m. daily.
Train  for  Montreal and  polntl Eul
leaves Vancouver 8.45 p.m. ilailyl
Through tickets to European I'ointf
in connection with the finest  Atlanta!
J. G. McNab
Central Aie
Builder and Contract*)!
Plans and specifications prepared
OFFICE:-Corner 5th Ave. & Gr����S
Phone No. 228 Green
on Earth," we are to'd lhat than arc]
more of thoee than people think, "but | Sm**n   Portion   of   Sewer   Muat   Be
the generality of men do nol discov.r1 Completed by City
thorn"   There ar.- the llappir,. -s. ���* r.-: ���-������
presented in thc  play,    Happ-ncrs of;    The government, gift  for  funds for
Being  Well;   llnppin-ss of Pure Air;|��pwer  construction  in   Prince   Rupert
Happiness   of   Loving   One's   Parents; I has at last come to an end.   A few yards
Huppincw of thc Blur Sky;  Happiness j 0f __,*��� whirh it was thought could bc
of  tht   Forest;    llapp new  of  Sunny | completed out of the funds still remain
Hours;   Happiness of Spring:   Happi-110 be _0***>.   Thn job was in the hands
n.ss of the Sunsets;   Ilappin.ss of See- |0f S.   P.   McMordie who sucec-ifully
*������**, Chejtotti* Ialand�� Und DMtfct- '�����'""���"
Skwna , f_J
T��k. notie. that I. Thn,   II. Dm *_m
Ch.rlotu,   occupation   notar)   i '*"'
apply   lor   pennta-Mon   lo  prnai**-*"'   ���"'**���
petroleum on th. lolIo��i.iit data       ***���__ ^
Comm*nein��* at a poat plant. ��� ���-^11
north and a*v��n mil., eaat Of 8erl ���'��� '!"****
7. Craham laland .nd markwl N> '��� '��� **_t'i
W. eomar. thene* eaal SO ch.il.- I ���wf***}?i
eh��ln.. thence wait SO .ham.. - ��� ""'",,
chain, to polnl ol commencement, ���.���ntaua*.
acre* mora or leaa. ��� .,.*_*
DaledNov. ��. 1910. Till*   ������'",��
l*ub. Dec.!. *mmt<m*m***t*M
THE OPTIMIST will furnish correct information to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city      :       :       ;       :
There is no time like tbe present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail ::::::
Optimist Information Bureau
ing thi Stars Rise; Happiness of the
Rain; Happiness of the Winter Fire.
Happiness of Innocent Thoughts; Happiness of Running Barefoot in the
Then ther* are "thc Great Joys"-
"tn.ll and beautiful angel c figures clad
in shimmering dresser-" The names
are; Joy of #Bc:ng Just; Joy of Being Good; Joy of Fame; Joy of Thinking; Joy of Undemanding; Joy of Seeing What is Beautiful; Joy of Loving;
Joy of Maternal Love And them is
also a group of "Joys whom men do
not yi t know "
Of all these joys, it is to th,. Great
Joy of Maternal I.ovo that Maeterlinck
gives most prominence "Mat.-rnal
Love" explains to Tyltyl that her dress
"is made of kisses and caress�� and
loving looks Each kiss you give me
adds a ray of moonlight or sunsh'ne to
it . . . All mothers are rich when
they love their chi.drn . . . Their
love is always the most beautiful of
the JoyB, and when  th?y 9e^m Inost
carried out the other portions of the
work in the business section. In the
lane between Third and Second avenues,
and Sixth and Seventh streets is the
little bit left to be finished���probably
at the cif's expense.
llu-mi CharlotU lalanda Uml I'
Skeona ,.
Tak. nolle, that I. Thoma. II l'*-*>*_*rt
Charlotte,  occupation  notary publw
apply lor permieaion to proapect .-���'
rd land
.,-1 ��
Committee Waa Buiy
Up till nearly midnight on Tuesday
the light and telephone and fire and
water committee sat discussing matters
connected with the light plant, the fire
protection and alarm system, and other
business. The fact that the coty council
meets only once a week doee not mean
that the city fathers are idle the other
six days.
His Co.tly Vocabulary
Dan Gillies for using improper language in the Royal Hotel yesterday was
today fined $5 and costs.
le (ollowtn. .lc��ni"-i ia��" aU
netna at a poa�� P1""" .   7,.,-M
K.v-.nmUcra.lolS.Tl. T'".7J
i Island and rn.rk.-l V ' 'VYj
m on th* fol1o*artnir Htwcnl-
north and l
7, Graham 1    ..
E. corner, thanea wwt 80 ch.in��. um*
���h.lna,  thorn*  aaat  SO chalna,  ll"'
ehain. to point ol comm.n����nent ��..
0*0 aer*. mora or laaa. _������,.   n  iiAlf
|..t~l Nov. IS. 1S10. TM"';. frj*jJS
Pub. Deal wn-"""*.*"'."*^
.  Itftitll I
I ronUHS.
Skr��na  Und  Dkrtrict-Quwn ( hartod. I*""
DiviMnn , ,. I fiaai
T.k. noUa. that .IO daya ������� SB" * 11���l
U.ry. roarrtad woman, ol Skidntai'. .'��� *jr��. |,
lo apply to th. Chlrf Comrniaw'";-'' ** '��_&*
a tSSs (o prtainart for c��d. ml f*S^
on .nd under lh. (ollowin.; ***_?**S_Z_*t0
Commencing .1 . port p'.nted M **JSSt
eornw ol Lot lot, Graham Wsad. IH���""JJJ ,
chalna. tlwne* w��t SO ch.ina, \*VJ��0
eh.ina, thene. e-n SO eh.lna to p*" nl **
m��il and eont.l.ing 6*10 acrw. ^....u iS'K
Hated Not IS. 1910. SI ***
Puh. Dee 10.
Quean CharlotU laland. Und pialrlcl   ***���
T.k* notie. th.t I, Tho.. B- '������""intand
Ch.rlotl*,   occupation   noUry  PJ" **   ^ n
appty lor permkatlon to g**���fg. !*-*���
prtmle..m oVth. lollowini rf<**7''7',"Jiw ��l
Commenelnt at ��� P"*"** R'*. r 13 To��r��*
north and a*T.n mil*, eaal ol SJ��'"" '^ B p,
T, Oraham lal.nd .nd m.rked No *������ ��wt
ti corner, th.nc* north 80 eh.ln-. t*** ,_,.
chain., tUnc* wuth 80 eh.inr.. tne jn|,
eh.ln. lo point ot eommaneemeni. en
m����� mora ��r lea.. tiio** R. "*-
I>.l*l Nov. 11,1��I0. .  "  '..(..im, U>
���av.rh.rt 1-l.n-laUndl^ukrl-Dbartet-
R. Davey ot Quwn
it... t Thru, R* Davoy ol Queen
'ft-f^eetta 'oary public. Intend bo
hariottr. OOaipSIJOn   notmttm.
111'U.iJf    h***"***��   * , j
hi prospect lor  oosl and
K ,or -KtafeMil'leSbidTandT
���srSariai at . Bo3 Plantad nine mllea north
Commencini. ��i. 1 (      ...   Town8hio 7,
���j, mnre of 'ML TH0S   R   DAVEY
|MNot. s. w��. wi,     Gowin(,, Agent
Pub. D�� *'���
LaCbariott. W��n<U Und District-District ol
fm Sk.*cna
TibwUc. that I. Thos. B. Davoy ol Qu��n
KSt* Scup��Uon notary public, intend to
"Tte pmSdon io prospect lor coal and
Sjium on Hie following described land:
���raeaMHanf at a post planted eleven mllea
JTffS, mil., e'st Of ����tlon 13. Township
���Gnhim Wand add marked No. ��. 1. K. D. N.
IctM SnS w��t BO chaina, thence aouth 80
ECSm "** M ch,li""' th*""* north 80
auci u l-oinl ol cmmenccmcnt, containing 640
E&��"fchSlO. TH08. R. DAVEY
KOwi- ,v'l8on (iowin*��' A**-11'
ta charlutu- lalanda Und Dlalrict���Dlrtrict ol
*.*** Skit'in
Tike nolice th.t I. Thoa. R. D.vey, ol Queen
Curlotte. oawpsUoa Noury Public intend to
a-;, lor |H-rmi*ulon to prospoct lor coal and
"Srjeimoii Ihe lollowing deacribed l.nd.:
Commencini! at a poat planted eleven mile.
,.*,:,i time miles cut ol Section 13, Townahip
I .nktm Island and marked No. *Vi, T. R. D., N.
t mrner, Ihence weat 80 chain., thance aouth 80
auu. thenc*' east 80 chaina, thance north SO
aari to point ol commencement, containing 640
���ate mon* or leas.
M, u��c. 3. Wilaon Gowing, Agont
Dam Charlotle Islanda Land Diatrict -Dlalrict ol
Tike none lhal I, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
Cbviut*.., occupation notary public, Intend to
-a**,, lor pertiission to proapect lor coal and
f. ������ ..   on tn.* lolluwing deacribed Und:
Commencin,* ut a poat planted eleven mile,
ana sad live miles ��� .1.1 ul Section IS, Townahip
tUnism Wind and marked No. 44, T. R. D., N.
I. rorirr. thv:,c.. wart Ml chaina, thenoe wuth SO
aiuu. thenc*. east M) chaina, Ihence north 80
taut to point of eoniinencement. containing 640
low more or l.*ss.
laid Nov.:.. l-ipi. THOS. R. DAVEY
Ft. Im. I. Wilaon, Uowing, Agent
laser Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrtct ol
Ii.r r.'.u.v that 1. Thoa It- D.vey ol Queen
Ctanotia, occu|ution notary public, intend lo
t|el* Im pirate-fun to prospect for co.l .nd
aan.lM.rn on the lollowinK described land:
Commer.rmi: a1 _ |kM planted eleven mile.
arti and h. Banal '-as! ol secliun IS, Townahip
..CtiUm Island uml marked No. 4f>, T. R. D., N.
I. career, thence east 80 rhaina, Ihence south 80
Sua. item.* a.-st 811 chains, Ihence north SO
daaa to point of commencement, containing 640
term nor. or law.
DuaaKov..-,. mio. TUOS. R. DAVEY
Wilaon Uowing. Afent
it.-: i ������ i*. Islands Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
T��ke aoiKr that I. Thoa. It. Davey ol Queen
I rt**1!* ""paiHin  notary  public,  intend   to
V *^r>. * permission to proapect (or ��oal and
a the lollowing doacribed land
' ssaa'Siiai al a  posl  planted  eleven   mile.
?��lksa4ilia,aiil��� Mat ot Section 13, Township
.. -.rati*, IttKi ,,������ marked No. 46, T. R. D. S.
I *?��"*_'I*** �������. 80 chaina, Ihenc. north 80
"*** "mm aw no chain.. Ihence aouth  80
. J** * ***�� ol commencement, conUining 640
I !?".���***- w l��sa.
tS*\t\ ������ ""-��� THOS. R. DAVEY
!���* Dec. I wu���n Uowing. Agent
I a*��� rharteti, |,|,nd. Land DMriet���Diatrict ol
I   T. Skeen.
ICalat.1***" ,h*1 '��� Tn0*- R* a*"*y o' -.���"-���������
I 1��!j I ��ecu''"1'on noUry public, intend to
12EL. """n^-ion to prospect lor co��l .nd
I wntem on ihe I..liu��in�� dweribed l��nd:
I amrB?c;ni! * �� Post planted eleven rail*.
I "nnd is,, mllea east ol Section 13, Townahip
I _*_** *_** tot marked No. 47, T. R. D., 4
I o-ZV; **** ""��� *> *-h-*iru, thence north 80
IS J*?? *!* "�� 'halna, th.nce aouth SO
ISTJU""",0| wmmenceraent. conUlning 640
I *** mo*, nr \_m ^^
^T'l.l*'���;:'m,��� THOS. R. DAVEY
I -a*. t>*. 3. WIlaon Uowing, Agent
I *���"*" (:il"i*"ie Islan.U Land Dtatrlct-Diatrlct ol
I   Tu. . Skeena
I r.Lrt, ,h"' ���" Thoa. "���. Davey ot Queen
ISC "29*k*" -,"'*ry public, intend to
1 iia-.En",*!*1"" ,0 Proapect lor eoal .nd peiro-
. T��rJr '"""-"n* d����ribed lands:
a��i?Sa"rn-! *"  '  I*0*1  planted  eleven   mile.
tyaaC.l2 m.''"" ""' ol Section IS, Townahip
l��^22?.*^Un*1 ���**��� *narked No. 48. T. 11. I). S.
1     m*t, thence ����,i hij chllw lbmM ^^ w
��7i�� "?*' 80 ch��llu' ���*����������� ">u'h  80
.m!.J""",'   "'"imeneement, conuining 640
i tjui-T""',**-
RtlSl'' '*"U' ���.THOS, B, DAVEY
Wllaon Gowing, Agant
-MO-a-lMt. M.���.l, Una Dkitrlet-DkTlrlct ol
���   Tu. . Skeena
lchln^?,vtr,U','; ' Tb<"*- ���** D����*V ���* �����
l-Wr t..' 2252*?  **-*>  HaWi,  inlend  to
I   CaauZ.!       '""���"���Ing dcocrlb-ed l.nd:
WIT7';'* "-1; * !��",PU��ud elevwi  mUw
I ;*<il'.n        Uf* ?"' ol !**��l->** 13, Township
I *s��r__Ib. ���"< ��0 ��h.l����' thenoe north SO
I aafitT;'",,*" *�� ch,,M- ****** -outh 80
I sm. more ,!, i^l c"mm-,n��'n.'nt. conuining ��40
IfinSEV.1 '",b' THOS. R  DAVEY
I Wilson Uowing, Agent
I tsw.Ch.noIU UUSfl. Land Dlatrlct-Dl.trlct ol
I   tit. . . Skeona
bSStm Z"M *' ���* '������ **"">y ot Quwn
l-wTw 2SE& r^'*-  Public,   Intend"0
I "ni.an.it?,., 'I,,," 22 ylanlcd a,lrtwn m'*��
I &Mm WrdL'r,""*?*.s?ll��'- IS. Townahip
I ' eorr..^ ,k.     *n' m.rke.1 No. 50, T. R. D N
_m%mm*mlm__%JS-a** ,h,!n<�� "O""1 ft
S S ��. ���**��� ^"chains, ih.no. north 80
!"*����� rnoni nrV��      "*um,*"ti conUlning (40
KM-tV'1"1" .TIIOS. R. DAVK
Wilson Oowlng, Agent
<^t����'o���M���.n,j,Unn DI��rla��t-W��HW��l
SSti^-iai Tho,. r. ���.v.y ���, e^���
**t Inr S'"""" nol.fy  Public,  InUnUlS
Jl-Jnmencini, ,  ,�����^L11. *,""lh*d land-.
tC'*l��in l,|,���,|���'y^'��'Section 1^ Township
I; eomer, ihm�� il ."I"'"""* No. 61, T. R D   N
SB *2^*.*sT,U,<,e^,,ln*' i*--s5k m
BL"��; n, ^"'""'"W'em.nt, conuiatag 640
U^V't'" tt,THOS.R.DAm
W.laon Qewlng, Agent
Skeena Land Dtatrict- Queen Charlotte Island.
Tako notice th.t !10 days after date, 1, Charlea
Helmer, (armer, ot Skiilevate, II. C., intend to
apply to the Chief Commiaaioner of Lands, lor a
Icensc* to prospect tor cbal, oil and petroleum on
and under the (ollowing described lands:
Commencing at . post planteil two m.les soutli
ot the southeast corner ol Lot 501, liraham Island,
thenee aouth 80 ch.ins, thenee west 80 chains,
thenee north 80 chains, thenc. east 80 ehains to
point of commencement, nnd containing 640 acn-n.
D��ted Nov. IK, 1910. CHARLKS HELMER
Pub. Dec. 10.
Queen Charlotte Islands Lund District���District ol
Take notice that I Thos. R. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary puhlic, intend to
apply (or permisaion to prospect (or coa) and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at . poat plantesl thirteen mile,
north .nd aevon mile, east of Section 1:1, Township
7, Graham laland and marked No 54, T It. D. N.
V.. corner, tbence west-1:0 chains, thence smith 80
chain., thenee eut 80 chains, thence north 80
chains tn point ol commencement, contuining 640
acre, more or leas.
Dated Nov 8, 1910 THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson (iowing, Agont
Queen Ch.rlotu lalands Land Dictrict���District ol
.'ake notice that I, The R. D.vey ol Queen
Charlotto, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply lor permission to prospect, (or coal .nd
petroleum on the (ollowing described land:
Commencing .1 a poat pUnted thirteen mile,
north and eleven mile, east ol Section 13, Township
7, Graham Island ami marked No. 55, T. D. It., N.
W. corner, thenee east SO chains, th.nce west HO
chains, thence north *i) chains, thence south 80
chaina to point ol commencement, conuining 640
acres more or less,
D.tod Nov. 8, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub Dec 3. Wilson Uowing, Agont
Queen Charlotte Inland. Land Diatriet���Diatrict ol
Take notice th.t 1. Thos. It. D.vey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intend to
apply (or permission to proapect for coul and
petroleum on the lollowing dijs-cribed l.nd:
Commencing at . po-i iilsnUd thirteen miles
north .nd flv. milee east ol Section 13, Township
7, Craham Island .nd marked No. 52, T. R. 1... N.
K. eorner, thence west R0 ehsins. thence aoulh 80
ehaina, thence eaat K0 chaina. thence nnrth HO
chain, to point ot commencement, conuining 610
urea more or leas.
Dated Nov..��., 1910. THOS. II. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. I. Wilaon Uowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land Diatriet���District ol
Take notice th.t 1, Thoa. R. D.vey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupalion notary public, intend to
.pply (or p 1 ion to prospect to.- coal ml
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing ut . poat plantcl thirteen milea
north .nd Ave miles eut of Section 13, Township
7 Graham lsiand and marked Nn. 53, T. It. D. N.
W comer, thence eaat 80 chaina, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenoe north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or leas
D.ted Nov. 8, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon (iowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District -District ol
Take notire th.t I, Thoa. R. D.vey nl gu~.ii
(-harlotte. occupation notary public, intend to
apply (or permiaion lo proapect lor eoal and petroleum on the following deacribed l.nd:
Commencing .1 . poat planted thirteen milea
north end eight mllea east nt Sectinn 13, Township
7. Graham Island .nd marked No. 74, T. R. I)., S.
W . eorner, thene. eaat SO rhains, thence north 80
cbalna. thence weet SO ch.ins, thence aoulh 80
chains to point ol commencement, cnnUining S40
serve more or leas.
D.ted Not. 12.1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3.  | Wilson Gowing. Agent
Queen CharlotU Island. Land District���Diatrict of
Take notice that 1, Tho. R. Davey ot Queen
Ch.rlotte, occupation notary' puhlic, Intend to
apply lor permiaaion to proapect lor reel .nd
petroleum on the following das-rrll.e.1 land:
Commancing at a port pUnted two milea north
and Ave miles eut ol Section 13, Townahip 7,
Graham laland and marked No. 13, T.K I... N. W.
eomer, thence eut SO chnins, ihenee aoulh HO chain.
tbence wut 80 chalna, thence north HO chains to
point of commencement, conuining 640 .ere. mors
DateTbct. 29, 1910. TIIOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. WiUon Gowing, Agent
Skeen. Lend DUlrict- Queen Ch.rlotu Island.
T.ke notice lh.t 30 daya .(Ur date I. Kerdinand
G. Tapert. larmer, of Skidegate, U. C. intond to
apply to the Chief Commissioner al Lands, for .
licenae to prospect for co.1. oil .nd peUoleum on
and under tho following described l.nds:
Commencing at n poet pl.nted one-hall mil.
east of the southeast comer ol Lot 503, Graham
Island, thonc* north SO chains, thance can SO
chsins. thenco nuth 80 chains, thene* wesl SO
ch.ina to point ol commencement, and containing
640 .crop.
Puh. Dee. 10.
Skean. Land DUtrict Queen Charlotte I��l��nd.
T.ke notice that 80 d.ya .lur d.le I. Terdln.nd
O. T.part. (Miner, o( SkldegeU, 11. ('.. Int.nd to
apply to th. Chiel Commiaaioner o( I^nds. lor .
license to prospect lor co.1, oil .nd petroleum on
and under the lollowing doacrelb*d l.nds:
Commencing at . port pl.nte.1 .1 th* northrest
eorner o( Lot 506, Grahnm Isl.nd. thence south 80
chain., thenc* wut 80 ch.ins, thenee north 80
ch.ina. thence eut 80 ch.ins lo point of commence
ment, .nd conUlning 640 .cms. ���������_
Dated Nov. 14.1910. FERDINAND O.TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10
Recognized aa One of Britain's Brightest Parliamentarian. -Mighthave
Held Highest Office of State but
for Old Divorce Scandal.
London, Feb 1 Sir Onirics Wont-
worth Dilkp is d^atl The immediate
eaus.. of death was heart trouble, though
he had been in an enfeebled rondition
tf'nce the recent election, the strain of
the campaign having atlectul him
severely He went lo the south of
France to r.-cupertiU', returning to
London last Saturday Soon utter
reaching homo ha took to hid bed
S'r Charles had represented tho Forest of Dean division of Gloucester in
Parliament since 1892 He was re-
cogn'zed as one of the most brilliant
minds in Parliament, particularly in
the domain of foreign affairs, and but
for an old divorce scandal probably
would have held the highest offices in
the gift ol the coiui'ry He was born
in 1834: was educated at Cambridge
and admitted to the bar in 18G5 He
was under secretary of state foi foreign affa'rs ;n 1880-82 and president of
the local government board in 1882-85
Subsequently he was a nvmbcr of several royal commiss'ons and wrote extensively of national and im.-rnulional
political affairs
His first wife, Katheryn, daughter ol
Captain Arthur Gore Shell, died in
1873 and in 1885 Sir Charles married
Em.ilia Francs, daughter of Maior
Henry Strong, and widow of Mark
Pattison, rector of Lincoln college.
It was during their engag.^mont thai
the scandal resulting in h;> separation
of Donald Crawford and his wife occurred. Mrs. Pattison, who was a
b. iiuiifti! and talented woman, remained loyal to Sir Charles throughout thi."
trouble. Sh.- died as the result of a
rupture of a blood vessel on October
24, 1904.
I Young Sailorman Won't Wear Hia
Nice New Uniform
When a young man disdains thc aid
i of an attractive uniform to enhance his
charms  for  thc  fair sex  he  must  be
either an Adonis or a woman-hater
I you'd think. W. R. Greer isn't any
I Adonis though he's not just hsrd to
I look at either, but he won't wear the
uniform of the Canadian Government
Coast Service.
Brought to book ubout it yesterday
by Captain Newcombe of the Kestrel,
Wa. Within Ten \ ilea of Cuban
Coaat When Lubricating Oil Became Exhausted Picked Up by
the Accompanying Destroyer Pau-
��� ling.
Havana, Feb. 1.- Within ten miles
of the Cuban coast and out a shoK
distance further fron. his goal, thu
Columbia aviation field, J. A. D. McCurdy, the Canadian aviator, ran out
of lubricating oil and was compelled
to abandon a magnificent tlighi from
Key West, Fla. When he saw he could
not quite reach this port, McCurdy
alighted on the waters, and the pontoons, with which it was .quip-.d,
ll.ated the aeroplane until the destioyer
Pauling, splashing ulong in its wake,
hud overtaken the aerial cralt. McCurdy
and his biplane were taken on board.
President Taft Actively Support, the
Project���3000 Persons in the District Will Benefit- Anticipated the
Proposition Will Carry.
Washington. Feb. 1.���The secretary
of war today sent to Congress recom-
mcndaliors thai $50,000 be appropriated for the construction of u military road from Seward lo the new
Iditarod district in Alaska.
It is .-stimated that 3000 persons
are now in the district and would bo
benefited by such a road. The secretary of war was at first disinclined
to favor the project on the grounds
of the necessity for economy in departmental matters, but upon presentation of the matter to President Taft
the latter gave his active support lo
the project and it is anticipated that the
appropriations will be made.
Ten Million Dollars for Two White
Star Liners
Vancouver. Feb. 1.���Insurance of
$5,000,000 each has been written for
ihe two new White Star liners, Olympic
and Titanic, now in course of construction a. the Belfast yards of Messrs.
Harland & Wolff. With Ihe exception
of the Cunarders Lusitania and Mauretania. which when new', were valued
al the same figure, no other steamships
have ever been insured for thai sum.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast Ranire r,
Tako notice that sixty days from dale that I.
Hugh Patrick Riley of Harelton. B. C, miner, dn
Intend to apply to the commissioner of �����'������"'
permission to purchaae the following descrilied
CommencinK ��t a post pUnted *�� chain, south
from the south-e��.t corner of lot 17W. theme enst
40 chaina. thence -multi 40 chain., thence west 40
chains, thence north 40 chains to point or commencement, conulnimr 100 acres WOS .7"-..v
D.U Nov. l.t, 1910. HUGH PATRICK RILEY.
Pub. Nov. 2nd. Robert J.s. nriekd.le.Aitent
Skeen. Und Dlatrirt-Diatrlct ol CoMt |lUntte
Take notice th.t U.n McUou,.llol Prince Rupert, B. O, occup.tion cwpenter nlends tosnply
lor permtalon to pureh.ee the lollowinn described
'*Commencini st s port _mV��m*UH**fyS&
ot tbe south .art comer ol 'Alillaro Mcrheej
surveyed purch-we (Bl.cka recent mirvcy .bout
August 20 1910) on th. east .ule ol *-*�����* JJJ'i
thanea want 40 ch.ins moro or leas In 8 WW'
p^n^*I��k*riurY.y August 20. 1910) henc.
Math 80 ch.hu, thence esat 40 chsin.. thenc.
north 80 chsin. to point ol commoncement, con
mining 820 acre, more or ta*^ ^novOHM.
Pub. Nov. 6 WlllUm McPhee. Agent
Greer  was given the chance to  wear
the uniform or quit the service.   He used !Th*  P0''^- ����� w"llen  *���*���
bad language and caused a scene in thc
captain's cabin  for   which    he    later
Owned and operated by the
(J rand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, beinj' absolutely first-class in every respect.
The appointments anil service
are equal to any hotel on tht
Rales: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Windsor Hotel
Newly  Furnished and
Steam Heated Room.
A I ll.vr   CLASS HAH   AND  DININti
r.o. box j.
ARTAUD &   I1KSNKK.  I'h.u'hiki.iks
The New Kno. Hotel Is run on the European
plan.   Ftret-ela.. service.   All the Latest M.alem
l"i|'.' '.ru nt. ..���:- Ill US SBC UP
ap|ieared Ircfore Magistrate ("ants charged with the offence.
Captain Newcombe whose authority
over his crew empowers him to have
conditions, which provide lhat the
underwriters shalt not be liable for any
damage amounting lo l.-ss than $750,000.
T"Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth SI.
The Wandering, of Wallace
A   colored   man  named   I    Wallace
a man imprisoned for a month for this | appeared Wore Magistrate Cai-a* today
offence wanted Greer treated leniently
and  Magistrate  Cams let  him  go on
suspended sentence.
The Magistrate emphasized the need
charged wilh being a vagrant. He said
that he hailed from New York City, had
travelled to Vancouver, Juneau, Alarka.
and now lo I'rince Rupert in search of
The Finest Rooms.
The beat e��|Ul|iped
.ml steam heated,
lint am! ".I.I baths.
Dlnir**- r.*.*m .nd
for a week.
for strict preservation of thc discipline! work without success.   H. was remanded
on all boats, government or other and
warned Greer sharply.    It seems that
other members of the crew have aW
objections to  wearing their uniforms^
and Captain Newcombe promises them  Dont Throw Dead Cat  Into Your
all tttfct is coming to them if they persist. Neighbor'. Lot
Mr Mscfarlance, the city sanitary
inspector, is busy impressing on owner.-i
of horses, cows, or pet animals that in
the event of an animal's dying in the
city its carcase must be got rid of sanitarily.
In compliance with the Health By-law
a dead animal must be either buried,
cremated, or weighted and sunk in
the sea at least 200 yards from shore.
The penalty for non-compliance is 160.
Corley & Burgess, Props
***m_0*m_M0^ *******]  *
Nearly Lost Hi. Finger
R. A. McMordie is congratulating
himself thst he did not lose s finger j
when a yard and a half of rock came
down on his hand recently. The little
finger was ripped to thc bone, but is
now doing nicely, thank you. It won't
have to come off.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
Spring Beds, clean White Sheet*  25c
Rooms 50c
Labour   Bureau  in connection
All kinds of positions
J. GOODMAN. Ptepe'ela*.
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C. The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.   It
has grown up with the city.
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Friday. Feb. 3
The Manufacturers Appeal to Ignorance
One of the most Significant tributes to lhe proposed reciprocity treaty is the
fact that so many of the alleged "Chambers of Commerce" are protesting against i
it.   The chambers of commerce are for the most part trades unions of manufac I W
turers and middlemen who have made big fortunes under the present system of
protection    They know that they are doing a large volume of trade at ir.ilated
prices under artificial conditions and that lhe consumer pt'ys the bill    They know
that if irade were fre. to develop along natural lints   they   would    lose   their
artificial marke's. and  the    cos-   of   commodities would shrink    They seem to
lack knowledge to know thai for an iii. .a! markets they i* ny lot-e. they w.l! gain
the natural marietta which are al present withheld from tlnm.nnd that tha reward
for their labor, and profit for their outlay will Still remain in an era of lessened
prices   Ii i" only ihe transportn*ion companies and ihe monopolis-s who will suil.rj
Selfishness and Ignorant, nre the twin obstacle? io the world's progress    They
belong to every country    It is a curious condition, and one which answer* itself,
thai while in Canada we have the corporations, tin* chambers of commerce, and
the Legislature of Hritish Columbia trying to apin-ai to tie i>eoplc's ignorance by
crying that the treaty means ruin to our country, across the border, lhe corporations,
thi chamber! of commerce and the corporation in.crests In the Senate are appealing
to thc ignorance of ihe masses with lhe same cry    As if any nation can be ruined
by being able io get the things it warns without voluntarily taxing itself for getting |
them or paying heavy tolls lo railways for bringing for a dislar.ee al great cost, i
the commodities it coul.1 get close al hand at a low cost    Some day, when the
people of Canada get thinking about economies, there will be as Mr Chesterton
remarks of ihe English people, "something doing "
It is cnmfort'ng to find in some quarter, ihal some of the manufacturers
realize thai it will be belter for themselves lo have natural trade instead of artificial
trade Senator Edwards, the millionaire lumlterman, has declared that .very
lumberman from the Atlantic to he Pacific will be benefited The same will be
true oi every head of a family to benefit by the nba'ing of $7,000,000 in laxes on
food It will m.an not $7,000,000 taken out ol circulation, but $7,000,000 more
lo he expended on commod't:es, at present unattainable
In this connection lhe experience of England since the passing of the old age
pensions is ilium native Every one knows the fondness of old peopL for tea
One consequence of the in-nsions is thai the importation of Indian lea jumped
1,077,20!) pounds last November over thi November of the previous year Thc
increase for the eleven months up to the end of November was 2.06G.&I2 pounds
over (lie corresponding |ieriod of lhe p evi0US year
Nor does Un. matter end tie-ore The boom has made lhe whole of the Ind'an
tea*planting Industry nourish, with the r.-sult that tea shares siand higher than
ever on the mirk is, and tbe gen-nil prosperity of the country is aided There
is nothing which is more likely to enhance the general prosperity both of Canada
antl ih>. United States than tho pro|*os-'i lo extend a large measure of free trado
to .mr Inter-commerce
Investigate the Coal Combine
'Vancouver Nt ws* Advertiser;
The high price of coal is a matter of vital concern lo the |K*ople on this coast
In the httl lew weeks lhe burden of lhe co.l of fuel has borne heavily on thoss-
I aat able- io endure it ll is generally b loved that high price is unnecessary,
and it ;** no relet; to the still.r.*r lhat he cannot s.ty who *S to blame The legislator* can command th* -ia.-hin.-ry fo; ;r.v-��tiga i,m If the necei-sary cost of
produci'on and d'stribution justifies ths otistlng prices the fact ought to be established, ihus r.'licviiii! ih.* producers, carr. n and radon from undeserved censure
lo buy, or sell, or hire, or lo.nl   Try The
Optlml.t Condensed Ad. route.
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** Mrs. P. 1. Palmer, 4th Ave, and Hays Cove
Circle.   I'honc 2ny (or appointments.       i!4*tf
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' ��    Clifton's Bakery. Ilox 194. 18-tf
ANTED-ltoom and lamrd in piivale family
X.M.. Optimist Office, '      It
The i>ul>1U* urv wium-il t�� km*, uwuy from tho
work* while til. m - aro lnin : liivii. IVmt-ita |ier��
���i-Mpii- in auiimiichinK uftor i .'in, wurtutl do w>
nt their tiwu ritk.
S. 1\ McMORDIE A Co.
��ti-if Oontr-Mtora
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby iriven that the partnership
heret'ifoie ������* i-ini i ��� i ���. ��� ��� os. thc und.-rsiirned,
a. fruit, veiretalile and ll.h merchants in the city
of Prince Rupert, and known n. the I'rince Rupert Fish Market, has ben dissulved hy mutual
All debts .win,, to the Mid partnership nre to
lie paid to Thc I'rince Rupert Fish Market of
Prinee Rupert nforesaid. and nil claims against
the Mild partne-fthip arc lo In' presented tn thc
said I'rince Rupert Fish Market of whom tho continuing: partners If. J. llacnn and F. S. Evans constitute the linn and by whom same will la* settled.
i     Dated al Prince Rupert this uth day of Jnn*
! uai-y. I9U*
11-1 mo F. S. EVANS.
Take nolice th.t the .nnunl meeting of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital Association will
be held .1 lhe Court House. I'rince Rupert, It. C,
at the hour of eight o'elock in (lie evening on the
Hit day of January, It'll.
All members .re ro��iue*.tcd to attend.
12-tt A. CUTHBERT. Sec.
Took Snow Plough up -with Them to
Clear Paa.age- Storm Clogged the
Track Behind Them���Can't Reverie Plough.
A party of prominent G. T. P.
officials a"-c at p-esent in the unique
position of being snowed up on t.hoi-
own line. It seems like poetic justice
with a vengeance. Mr. Mehan, the
general superintendent, desired to make
one of his pn'od'cul trips of inspection
at the end of last week -o he departed
in company with Mr. McNichol, the
district superintendent and Mr. Van
Arsdoll, one of the company's engineers.
In o.tler to ensure themselves a passage, they took the rotary snow plough
with them.    This  plough  did   not  fa!'
I hem. It e'eared the tracks of its encumbering snow and swirled it overhead in guttering droits of silver spray
II defied the ravages of the storm and
i look them safely to their destination
Uiifortunautly, however, ths snow
��� i torm tl d not see lit to cea.se. Il snowed
on an on antl the track they had traversed
on the.r upward journey became clogged
again. Then tin difficulty loomed up.
The line is single and the rotary snow-
plough was of coumo attached io the
front of the engine. They could not
reverse it with the somewhat humorous
result that they were snow bound on
their own line and in sole possession
of t he means of remedy
K is understood at the head office in
Princ Rupert today that they are now
at Ka Yex about thirty miles up and
ihat they have rigged up an improvised
plough and are anticipating leaching
home tonight ot tpmorrow
We always carry
a  large stock of
When yen buy a
watch   with    tl !���
name Howard on
it, you obtain jub!
a little better
value than in any
other watch.
Phone No. 200 P. 0. box 5-0|
A mo-rtiht-r of lh*�� Special Committee* Appoint**.! .
by the City Council to invi����tiirnlo thi* ttpmand of j
tin' Prinot Rupart tndtntrta) Anno-riAim*,. thnt a i
wm:r ftcaleuf V*v per hour In* lulfintnl by tin* City
will lie held al 2 p.m. Satutiluy,  February 4th, '
lull. In the City Hall.   All partlrt, inti*ri>**u-J am1
invitiil l<> atleml. especially I Hum*- for antl a.-am-1
lh�� adoption of *atU wiikp - ��� air.
K-ff! City Clark
You are using clinken and
clogs the grates, try
] Centre   Street
' PHONE 115
For Sale
4-room llouce.  furni*he��l, nn -tth Ave., lotlfl
4, block ". pe��;ti<��n ���*.   One nf the l***t view** in tin*
city.   W"**". caiih flUto. I ml., her tninn.   Open for |
intpcctlnn for H week* only.   Capt. Alcock. Mm. -
rnuir Street. 1MB
Only   One   Gap   Between   Proposed
Fort George Site and Vancouver
Two Survey Purlin in Field Worli-
ini> Toward Each Other.
Vancouver, Feb. 1. -Survey parties
ot lhe ('rum! Trunk l'ac'lic Railway
have virtually completed the local inn
of the proposed branch between Fort
George antl Vancouver. The only
Unfinished gaps are thOM between Fort
George and Big liar, on tho Upper
Fraser River, now well advanced, antl
the abort stretch from Harrison Lake
to Burrard Inlet. It is not probable
that this last mentioned work will be
undertaken until next spring. Chief
Engineer Van Arsdall is figuring on
sending out a parly lo determine whether
a short route can be secured from the
Lillooet district to lho Fraser Ri\er,
via Stave rVvoT and Slave Lake.
The route has now been surveyed
from Harrison Lake lo a point north
of Big  Bar on the Upper Fraser.    ll
billows the lake and Lillooet River lo
Peiiiberiott Meadows and .hence swings
east via Seaton and Anderson lakes
ui where the Fraser is lirst struck. A
grade of half of one Dor cent was obtained for most of lhe 170 miles from
Harrison Lake to tho Prater. In the
vicinity fit ths lakes referred io the
maximum gradi.nis will Ih- haunt on.*
|ier c<nl. From Lillicool the line
will run up the West bank of the Fraser,
seventy miles to Big Bur, where ii will
cross to lhe east side of the river which
will be followed to Fort George. Two
survey parties are now in the Bald.
working in opposite directions, between
Fort George and Big Bar, nnd the
work is no far advanced lhat next
month will see the closing of the 150-
mile gap.
A Is.'k is kapl in Hi. l-itv fieri. . Illlli-e in
which toe liter the names i.li'l mlilleNSi-p. .'I''.. "I
��� in.'n* ������! l'i im. ' Itiilieit do.iring cmiilityment an
City work. All dcslrinir taptoptntflt should reg-
later at ..lire.
I'll. Clerk
A   pleasant  time  f,.r Wf-iybody.
From ll to 12 a levriilar .Innce programme
intermfni'li.l with radiation., songs, etc.
I'roiii I to 9 instruction In 'lancinii fr.*e.
Red Rubber Water Bottle.
2 Quart, $1.75
3 Quart, $2.00
l C  H ORME |
The PhnW Druggist
Admission $1.00
Ladie. Free
Fir.t Prize for Waltzing Ever Offered
in Prince Rupert
T o ll li e s,    Transformations,
t.   I'omtmilours. Oofflbtnsi made j
        *   Into    Switches    and     I'utts. I
I.eav���> your orders hy appointment tn
AKent H.C. Hair ll.ssls. P. tl. Uox 1546.
Last night's usual "Thursday Night''
Dance" held in the K. of P. hall was a
great success. The waltz contest which
has been running was opened again
and the honors of the evening were
awarded to Miss Blanche Lefcard and
Mr. Joe K.'ller.    Thc committee com-
mittee previously appointed, viz., Messrs.  	
Corley,    Loaning   and   Sticknoy   then I judges met with heart y approval.
decided to have the contest finally
decidetl last night. Accordingly the
three bailing couples. Mrs. Embleton,
Miss Cliff and Miss Legard with Messrs.
Mill, Lawloy and Keller danced out
the final contest. After chang'ng of
partners the prize which is the first
prize   offered   for   wall zing   in   Prince
Rupert  wau awarded to Mr. Erabelton
antl Mr. Lnwlcy.   The tlecision of the
gueeu Charlotte Islands Land Diatrict���Diatriet ol
Take notico lhat 1, Thos. It. Davey ol Queen
Charlotle, occupalion notary public, intend to
apply tor permiasion to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on th. lollowinK described l.nd:
CommencinK .t . post planted thirteen mile.
north and live miles east ol Section 13, Township
7, Uraham Island and markod No. 75, T. D. R., S.
W. corner, thence eaat 80 chain., thence north 80
chains, thenco went 80 chains, thence south 80
ch.ina to point ol commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Haled Nov. 12, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Sheen.  Linn,   District  - Queon Ch.rlotte Inland.
Take notice that 30 daya .Iter date I, Charles
Helmer, larmer, ol Skidegate,  M   C., intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands, lor a
license to prospect for conl. oil and petroleum o
anil under the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one m.te south
of the southeast corner of Lot Ml, Oraham Island,
thence south SO chnins, thence wost 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenco cast 80 chains to
Point ol commencement, and containing Rio aeron
dnleil Nov. tr,, 1910. CHARLKS HELMER.
Pub. Dec. 10.
There are  eggs-fresh eg**",
strictly fresh  0Ki*a.  "i"1 -���.",,'
teed strictly fresll egfffl,     ' ���""
(ruaraiiteed strictly   rr����n ****
that concerns us    end you
w-.-ll as us.   For we give ourir*
clad  warrant that the eg*1
sell are the
Guaranteed  Strictly *__��
kind.     We  keep  Biddl*[bMT
yes, several   hundred "'"'',;���,*
supplying our demands.       ;
winter and summer. Hie n       '
1ms a standing order for��
guaranteed-J-trictly fresh eggs
can produce.
Ideal Provision House
Phone 190 Third A��n��
* w. j. McCutcheon *
LThea.reBWp.-K no. .Seconav   J
[������������������������������������+++++++++ IHE   H R 1 N C h)   R U f E K T   OPTIMIST
Dutnct ol C'uecn Chariott
Islands ���
���v.i Cathsrlni llowman ol van-
T.k�� "��>.'"'  ���',,,' piaster, intend, to apply
ff^rp��i7tE following d~crVb0d
LAND l'l'"1
ml DWrid
x . . hhI plinlad on the shore near
Commfiici "*.�����'! ahuut lhe north.
������-tf.-iSfi"' Nu' :wm- thc,rM
l���� '���'*."' * ...*,.,,,,rth '.IU chains mon* or leu
^S&SSS *''!>��� loUowttlS the shore
"rt ,��� lie ��������� >���' .'I'"""''""'1'""1'" c*"l'��lnln��
I* ���*f^m^i?io1���*' CATHERINE BOWMAN
pjKOlict. .. i*"". .   ).;, josaup, Agent
Pub. Nov '���
ha. Und Otatrtet���Dtatrict ol Queen Chariott.
**** Islands
_ .   ������,, i,ni C. W. Sianclilh* of \ ancouver,
r,?'^ . M^tlii "**>�����.��� in,,",,,,d",l0
Ji^M-*���  lo pi.rcl.ase  th.'  lollowing
*^"!*;'!*;',i at ��� iinsl planted at the southeast I
,:,;,'.   ,.1,,.,!..! No. :iU80r, about one
(Ofl.t.    '' �����- a     ��� (     ll...     ...   lr-1.   ....     tn
3"lh'." ion- mi'r ei^o. the entrance to
,..,������.:��� ehains. the'in.. east
��,���",..',.,. .!.,'���.  .1 .-"ii'".encmenl. containing I
1W irn*.
Daled.lct. ". I'lU'*
pub.So* '���
A. E. Jus-nip, Agont
fca�� Und Dlrtrict   Dlitriet et Coul oUnrnJ
M.   WUson ol  I'rnee
iBpnt. B. C . i M i| .don raal attata agent, intend. ,
ytv lor i��r nl ion lo ptiichaa. 0�� following ,
**Snm��iefn��'.l �� 1����" ptan*****l ��' ���*��� northeaat
irveyed lot No. bill, thence,
L'-J) rlun.s mon or k*i lo 10 chains eut of
as. lielliar* sur.evcl pre emptlon Illlack s
S��l jur.i'v -lUfUst ���-'.'', 1910) on the cast side
aJUW** Uke. lh��on north 80 chains to th.
La Bm ..I �� Wm I l-dM-r-a lot urvayad Augu��t
E 1910. thenre east :11s chains, thence soulh 80
gam* io poinl nl riininicnci'iiient, containing 240
aramorsorta. CHAS. M. WILSON
Tab, Not. li.
Ouem t'hsrlolli' Mudl Und District-District ol
Tikr Minx* mat I, Thos. II. Davey of Queen
CUrlotU... occui'iui'in notary public, Inlend lo
apply for t-iTm:-.*io'i to prospect lor coal and
wotnim un l he following described land:
Commencins ut a post planted throo mile.
tonk uil uven miles east of Section IS. Township
i,Cnh��m 1-lnr.il nnd mark.il No. 70. T. R. D��� N.
E. wrrer. tiwi.ee >"iuh Ml cliains, tlience weat 80
chains, thei.e** north >*0 chains, thence east BO
cUuui to point of coniniencement. containing 640
am mon* or less.
fatal Nov. II. I9IU. TIIOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. IM. .1. Wilson (iowing, Agent
Qum 1'b.rlnttp bunds Und District -Disirict ol
Til. r.uiire th.t I, Thoa. 11. D.vey ol Queen '
Clarion*, umi|>.iiim notary   public,  intend  to
.pply for |MlilfaB-'l'n  to prnajiect lor coal  and
prtrolwim en the lollnwiiig descrilied l.nd:
."omrnencinc .1 a port  planus)  thirteen  mllea
north and live mil.*-* east ol Section 13, Township I
., Gnihur, l��!.n)l sn.l marked No. 77, T. II. D., S. |
V. con**-, ihenc i-ast -10 chain.. Ihence north 80 i
daiu, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
tbtlni lo point ot commencement, containing M0
tern mot. or Im.
tiuai Nov.11,1910, THOR. 11. DAVEY
full. Is*. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent !
Queen Ch.rlotte Islands Und District   District ol
Take notice th.t I, John Mrl end ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply lor permiaaion to proapect for coal .nd petroleum on tho
lollowing deacrihed lands:
36.���Commencing .t . post pl.ntod aliout two
miles north ol the northeut comer of Coal Licence
No. 3475 marked J. M. S. E. Corner, thence north
80 chain., thenco west 80 ch.ins, thence south 80
chain., tbence eaat K0 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 4,1��11 JOHN M'l.EOI)
Tub. J.n. 21. r*. C. Elliolt, Agent
Queen Ch.rlotte lalanda Und District    District of
T.ko notiee th.t 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver.
It. ('., occupation hroker, intend to upply for permiaaion to prospect for coal anil |*elr.ili*um on the
fullowing deacril*ed laiius:
37.���Commencing al a posl plantcl aliout two
milea north ot the northeast corner of Coal Licnce
No. 3175 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thenee nortli
80 ch.ina, tlence eaat 80 chains. 11 lire ninth 1*0
chains, Ihence west 80 chains to point ol com
Dated Jan. -1. 11.11. JOHN M'LKOD
Pllb, Jan. 21. P. C. Elliolt, Agent
Quoen Charlotte Islands Und District District ol
Take notice that I.John Mrl,ood ol Vancouver,
II. Cm occupation broker, intend tu apply lor |,"r
mission to proopect lor coal and petroleum on t he
following descrlb.*.! lands:
UK. Commencing at a post planted nl��mtt three
milea north ol the northwest corner of Coal Licence
No. MT6 marked J, M . N. K. Corner, thenee south
80 chains, thenco west 80 chains, tl.ence north **0
ch.ina, tnence east 80 ch.ins lo point ol commencement.
Dated Jan. I, Hill. JOHN M'l.EOI)
I'ub. Jan.21. V.I'. Elliolt. Agent
^te-MiChu'Mte Inlands Und DUlrict���DUtrict of
Tito Ml., that 1. Thos. It. Davey of Queen
I Ch.rlotte. omtatinn   notary   public,   intend   to ,
If-Kv lor r-ntusrion la prospect for co.1 and
If'Wfiiiiio'-.trr following described l.nd:
J   lomnif.nrx ai i, post  planted thirteen milns
lyono and tin mil.*, east ol Section 13, Township
I '��� **'���*���������'�� DIar.,1 ami marked No. 78, T. II. I)., S. j
I L corner, iher.ce viest nn chaina, Ihence north 80 ;
12".'"'��� '"ai"  "u mmm**i  thence south  80 1
I oijni to point of enminencement. containing 610
I icrw mere or less.
IS?!HtNol"',''") THOS. It. DAVEY,
I P"h I*- ' Wilson Cowing. Agont
Notice la hereby given that an appll-
t��ion will be made to the Legislative,
taembly o[ the Province of  British
*olutnl.ia at iis next session for an act,
to Incorporate a company under the j
MM ol the ''Naas and  Peace  River
Rai��,iy  Company"   with   power   tol
WH, construct, maintain and operate,
���'���'..l...r. in i andard or narrow gauge!
'"I* operated by steam, electricity or I
��';'' motlvo power from the head of j
' In the Province of British
Ului>'i����. up the Naas Kiver to its
���th the   Kitmancool  River,
WBce following the Kitmancool River
.' towards  the   Babtne   Riwr,
' terty up and along ihe Ha-
'"���' ''���'���'��� to it point sit or ihoul its
''���'''���'���' ���''' the N..vlkitkwa River,
,.""��� northerly and easterly to the
v ,' '��� '������ hence easterly alon-- the
���N;'''"'| River to the Pine River, thence
�����wiy along the Pine River and
���wuiih the Pi,,,, Uivcr Pass l0 lhc
��'������? boundary of th- Province of
��ra��b Columbut. wHh power to build
���W line, and with power to con-
^i. acquire, own and maintain
JWvm and docks in connection there-
Ph"; "'"' " "ftnict, acquire, own
' w, equip and maintain steam and
, ����� vobbI. and boats and l0 opentie
1 ���,   ?m,! ,n navigatiblB waters and with
Shis i'!;rrs uiv,'n i,y ihe "mo<i"'
on Zi    ��� ���nd *��������* other such pow-
��� ��nj WW lege, usual or incidental
.   "���'yoftheafor^uitlpurposoH.
DJWSM    S"lil''tor ,or the Applicants
Ske>*na l..n.l Dislrici-DUtriet of Coast
Tnke aotJoa tliat  Henry  Mueartney of rime..
Kupert. 11.C.. occupation miner, intends ta applj
for permission to iiui'ebase the 1*.iUowing tlcKrib-
��h1 land*.:
Commencing nl a post planted on left bank of
I-a-Wuihi-mI. Itiver ahout two antl n half miles
from its moulh nnd alsmt one half nolilabcnaj
rapids,   then.-.'  north Sn chnins, then. .i.t lo
chains, thenee south Ml chains more less to river
l.:itil. thru,-.* \"-*t in chains more or less along
river Itank to poinl of commencement, containing
320 .ere., more of lew.
Date Dec. 10. l'JIO.
I'ub. J.n. 7. 1911. HENIIY MACATNKY
Skwna land DUlrict���Distrirt ol Coasl
T.ke notice that Kdward Thomas ot Vancou.er.
B. C, occupattnii timber man. intends to anply
lor permiaaion to purchase the following deacribed
Commencing at a post pl.nted on the wost shore
of Lakelae Lake about <10 chains In a north-en.teriy
direction Irom thn ouUet at the lake (L. Kebe
Ittvori tbence norlh 2o chns, thence wesl 10 chnins,
tnence soulh 20 chains to the take shore, thence
following the lake .horn tn poinl ol commencement,
containing SO acrea more or leas.
Cated Nov. 7. 1810. KDWAHD THOMAS
Puh. Doe. 10
Skectra Land DUlrict���DUlrict ol Coast
Take nolice thai Donald flachrr, ol  llrveken-
ridge landing  I'rince  Hupcrt, B.  C. occupation
(armer, intends to apply for permbat'on lo purchase
the lollowing described Un.l.
Commencing at a ihmu planted about Ave milea
In a aouth rutcrly qiraclion Irom llrecken-
ridge landing, and at the aouthweat corner of
Lot 3065. thence aoulh HO ch.ina, thenc* ea.t SO
chaina, thonce north 60 chains more or lea. to the
south owrt corner ol Lot 30*-!-', thence west 10 chains
mon* or leas, along Ihe lot line 3IH.2 thence north
20 chain., more or lees, along Int line 3062 to
the south easl enrner ol l.ot 306.*,, ihenee weal
10 chains more or less, along lot lino 306.1 to the
hiar-c ol commencement, containing *>60 acre*
more or lesa.
Date-I Oct. 10, 1010 DONALD CLACHKIl
Pub. Nov IT.
Skeena Land District-DUtrict of C.slst.
T.ke notiee that L. \V. Sloan of I'ri'ice Kupert.
occupation housewife, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following deserllied
Commencing ill u posl planted at S. W. .orner
lnt 1"H7 marked L. W. S. south Mil eoiii.i ami
runtiitiK north SO clinine. tbeine ....t L*o chains,
lit. toe ."iltli 80 Chaini. thence easl '*" ihniti. to
point of cointuencement. eontainini* 160 ncres.
Date Hoc. it. 1U10.
Pub Dec *'U. 1010. LUHKCTIA W. SLOAN
Skt��n. Land Disirict    District nl Cnaal
T.ke   notico th.t   Unn.l   Dineen  ol  Brandon.
Man., occupation teacher,   ntends to    .pply for
���termisaion   lo   purrhaM-  tke   lollowing  draerilanl
Commencing .1 . post planted al the southwest corner. 10 chains nsrlh and 10 chains east
ol the n.rthea.t corner 01 l/it 111" iHarvey Survey. Ihence 60 chains north, thenee 60 chain, ea.t.
tbence 60 chnins soutli, tlience 60 chain, west lo
post ol commencement, containing 360 actes. more
'i'lated'Sov. 14, 1010. I.IIINKL DINKKN
I'ub. Dee. 17. Kreil Bohler. Agent
Skeenn land Dislrnt    District 'I Coaat
Taka nolice thai Sarah K   Mum ol I'ort Simpson.
II.  C,  occupaliun  ��ur**e,  inten U t. apply  lor
t>erttiission   to   purrha-s*  the   lollowing   dnscrilie.1
Commencing at a poat planted at the norviww
cirner 110 chain, oast and 20 chain. ��ntlh nl the
northeast corner ol Isit Ull Himcv Survey ,
theneo Htl chains aast, thenc* .0 chains wiulh,
thence 80 ci.ains ml, thenc. north SO chains to
post ol commencemei.t. cintniiiing 6111 acres, more
VhltedNov. 14, 1010. SMIAH K. ALTON
Pub. Dec. 17. Kml Bohler, Agent
Skeena land District    DUtrict of Coasl
T.ko nolle th.t May Dineen ol I'ort Simpson,
B. C, occupation stenographer, intends to arply
for permisaion lo purchase the lollowing de��crli*ci
Commencing at a post planted at the ���i"��h��'-t.
corner 108 chains east and 20 chains narth .1 the
northeaat corner ol Lot 11 IB (Harvey *_*[)���
thenco ��0 ch.ins east, thence 40 chains smith,
thenco 80 chains west, thence 40 chains north to
the post nf commencement, containing 3-tl acres,
mora or leas. ,,... ,.,vt't*M
D.ted Nov. 14, 1910. _V$   PJ*\*S2{
Pub. Dec. 17. Frwl ****** A|<''n-
Skeen. land DUtrict -District of Coast INFjl
Take notice that Harry Lever o   I'rince Itupert.
B.C.,  occup.tion pltuterer,  Inlends tn a iptj   lor
iiermlsaion   In  purch.se   the   lollowing   dweribed
"commencing at a post planted 10 chaina -art
nl tho northeiMt corner ol John turlong s sun w
preM-mpCon (Black's recent survey .Vigusi Wjl ��>
Sn the ewtt side ol lakelae lake thence ***_
chains moro or lesa, thence north 40. eh.'"*-'�� ������""J
east 30 ch.ins, thence south 40 chains to^poin tol
commencement, conUlning ���M*KB^^[SvEr
Pub. Nov. 5. Chra. M. WiUon'. Agent
Queon Ch.rlotte Islands land DUtrict- Distrieto
Sk.en. (
Take notice tl at I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
11. C. occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission to pruapecl for coa l.nd petroleum on tho
following described I. mis:
1 -Commancing .1 . poat plantod .bout one-
third of a mile snuth ol the tiortbviest corner ol
Co.l Licnce No. 2'iilo marked J. M. N, Vi.
Corner, thenc south SO ch.ins, thence east 80
chains, thenc nortli HO chains, thenc west 80
chains to point ol cimmencmenl.
D.ted Dec. 23rd, mill. JOHN M'LKOD
I'ub. Jan. 21, r*. C. Klliolt, Agenl
Qu.-en Charlotte Inlands land Disirict- District ol
Tako notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation bruker, intend to apply lor par-
misaion to prospect (or cool and polrulcum on the
(ollifwing described lands:
2.- Commenring ot a post planted ubout um-
third ol u mile south ol the nort)iwcvi cirner ol
Coal Licenc No. aoSO marked J. M . S. \V . I orner,
thenc north 80 chains, thenc easl Ml chains,
th.-nc south 80 chains, thenee went BQ chaina
to iioini ol ciniin.tic-ment.
Dated Uae. 23rd. 1S10. JOHN  M'l.KOD
Tub. Jan. 21. K. C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda land District - DUlrict of
Take not in- that 1. John v. il."..i ol Vanciuvt-i,
11. C, occupation broker, Inland to .pply tor permission to prospect for eoal antl petroleum on
the lollov.llig uescrilasl liiiids:
3.--Cotnmencing at a po.t plantcl about unc-
tblrd ol a mile south t,l tie rortt.wost crt.er ol
Coal l.iiviic No. SS80 murkcl J. M ��� B. B. I orner,
thenc north 80 chains, tLeece u. t 80 cbains
tlieuc snuth 80 chain., tliet.te east 80 chain, to
point ol .���.-intii'-i... :.1....i
Dated Dec, 23nl. 1!'I0. JOHN Mi.KOD
I'ub. Jul,. 21. P.C. K Hit tl. Agent
Quen l'liarlotte Islands l^itul District DUtrict o
Take notice that 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. Cm occupation broker, intend to uppl> (or par.
mission to prospect for coal and petroleum on ttbe
lollowii.g <!t'M.Tlti.*d lands:
4. t oinmeiu-ing .1 a post planted about oni*-
third of a mile south .! tl.e t.< rtl west crr-cr uf
Coal Licnce No. 21*30 marked J.M.N. K. I orner,
thence south 80 chains, tl.ence west 80 cl .ins,
thenc norlh 80 chalna, thence east 8l> chains lu
I mint of cimmencmenl.
>..i..i 11.1- ...i .. '.���''," JOHN M'LKOD
I'ub. J.n. 21. P. C. Klliolt. Agent
Queen Charlotle Island** land District���DUtrictoI
Take nolle lhal 1, John Mel 'nil ol Vancouver,
H C, occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permisaion to prospect (or coal antl petroleum on the
lollowing described landa:
&.���Commencing .1 . post pl.nted on the Den.
Kiver altout 1 1-2 milea Irom lu mouth markod
! J. M. N. W. Corner, thenc south 80 ch.ins, ihence
eaat 80 rhains. thenc north 80 chain., thence
weal 80 ch.ins to poinl ol commeiicment.
Datod lice. ''3rd. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
I'uh. J.n. 21. F. C. Elliolt, Agent
Qucin Ch.rlotte lal.nds land Dislrici DUlrict of
T.ke notlc that 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. Cm occup.tion broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect lor co.1 .nd peiruluum on thu
(ollowing described lands:
B.���Commencing .1 . po.t pLnled on lho Den.
River .bout 1 1-2 mile. Irom iu moulh m.rked
J. M. N. E. Corner, thence south 80 ch.ina, thenc
���uu 80 chiins. thence north 80 ch��in>, thence east
80 eh.ln. lo puu.i ol commencement.
Dated l>. r   - fl.   I'll' JOHN   M'LEOD
Pub. J.n. 21. P. 0. Elliott, Agent
Quen charlotte lalands Land Dlalrict���DUtrict oi
T.ke nolice th.t I, John Mcleod ol V.ncouver,
' B. Cm occupation broker, intend lo apply lor pcr-
miaaion to prospect lor cu.1 .nd petroleum on the
following described l.nds:
7.���Commencing .1 . I��st pl.nted on lhe Den.
itiver about 1 1-2 mile. Irom Iu mouth market
J. M S B* Corner, thence north 80 chaina, thenc*
wmt 811 chains, tlience south 80 chains, thenc eaat
80 chains in point ol commeneement.
Dated Dec. tttd, IHIO. JOHN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. J.n. 21 t. 0. Elliott. Agenl
Quen Charlolte Islands land District Disirict ol
Take notico ihat I. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
II. Cm occupation broker. Intend to .pply lor permission to pros|��*ci lor co.l .nd petroleum on thc
following doacribcl lands
8.���Commencing ��l . po.t planus! about I
chain, west ol the northeaat cirner ol limber
Limit No. Il'.'.i-' marked J. M . B. W . I orner, thenc
north 80 chains, thenc oust 8(1 chains, thenc south
80 chains, thenc* wesl 80 ch.iiis lo point ol commenement. ,..,,., .... .*rv,.
Dated Dec. 21. HMO. ��� JOHN M LKOD
I'ub. J.n. 21.                            Fl   Klliott. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands land DUtrtci DUlrict of
Take notic that I. John Mclasxl ol Vancouver.
II. ('.. occupation brokci. Inland lo apply lor permission In pruspect (or coal and in'troleum on the
following described lands: ....
Ii Commencing at . post plantcl about ..
chalna west ol the nonheast corner Ol I iiiiI-t
Limit S". llV-rJ ii>��ik*"l J ���*������ N- **���,' V'T'''
tbence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
Ihenc. north 80 chains, thene weet SU chains lo
rolnl nl romtiieticeinenl. ��� ,,,   unvnn
isl.-il Dec. 21. ISI0, JOH*v  MI.KOD
|.ul,.Ja,..2L P.C. Klliott. Agent
t*������..t l harlnttc Islands Land Di.trict    DUlrict ol
Take nolle thai I. Join MeUod ol Vatcciiver,
it. t , ocup.tton brokor. Intand m ���npi* for i"'r-
inission lo pnsitieet lor coal ami petroleum on the
lollm.it I described lands: ,   ...   ,
10. Commercing at a po.t planted .laiut o
ch.ina west ol the northeast corner ol I .-"'"���*
Limit No. 43f.!�� marked J. M. N. >������*"'<'"
thene south SO chains, thence west sn chains,
thenc norlh 8(1 chains, thene east 80 chains lu
point o( eommenem.nl. ,,,.,.,.,,
latclDi'C.21. 1.110. .J(J ,'VV'   ,
I'uh. J��n2l. ���'��� I .Klliott. Agenl
Quen Charlolte Islands Land District    DUlrict o
Take nolle that I. John McLeod nl Vancouver,
I B. C, occupation broker. Intend   to apply lor permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
lollowing descrilied l.nds: ,    .   ,     .   ,,
11. Commencing ��t . post pin",1,1"1, ��' *"'
northeast corner ol Coal Licence No. IISJ marked
J. M. S.K. Corner, thenco north 80 chants, thene
west SO chains, thenco south SO chains, thence east
; 80 chains to Point ol commencement.
1 D.lcl Dee. 26, 1910. JOHN  M UtOD
| I'ub. Jan.21. F.C. Klliott, Agont
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und District-District ol
Take notice lhat I, John M��Uod ot Vancouver,
B. Cm occup.tion broker, Intend to apply lor l";r
mission to pri*spet lor coal and pelroleum on lite
lollowing ilcarrtttcd land.:  ,
12. -Commencing at a post pUtlMd ��t ��''
northeast corner ol Coal Um** So. MM m.rkcl
J M S. K. Corner, thenre north 80 chains, tlience
weal HO ch.ins, thonco south SO chains, ihence oast
80 chains lo point ol commencmetii.
Qui-en C harlott - lslunds U d Dintrict-DiHtrirtot
S cviki
Take noticu that 1, John McLeod at Vancouver,
B. Gtf occupation broker, intend to apply (or permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
(ollowing described  lands:
13.���CoiTimiMicir.B at a post planted at the
northeast oner o( Coai Licence NO. 8481 marked
J. M. S. W. (Corner, thence north HO chuins tlence
east 80 chains,thtmco so t- HO chains, thenw west
K0 chains to [mint of commencement.
Dated Dec. 26, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Puh Jan. 21. P, C. Elliott, ARent
QUMfl Charlotte Islands Land District - District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. I*., occupation broker, intend to apply tor permission to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
U ��� C'ommericih at a post panto at the
northeut corner o( Coal Licence No. 848] market!
J. M* N. W. J ��r \*f. th.>nceitiuth SO chains, the. ce
east SO chains, thenc north K0 chains, tlience west
BOttbtl s to pot it of c i me u* i'*nt
Dat- )>e. i*. lho. rOHN ii'L :od
Pub. Jan. 21. K c. Elliott, Agont
Queen Charlotte Island** Land District - District of
Take notice that 1, John McI��eod i>f Vancouver
H. Ci uceupation broker, intend to applv (nr ��� er-
muilon to protpoet (or ooal nnd i otrolouo. on the
followini dooerlbod Iwidii
.".. i ommonotng ui a pool plantod abuui ono
mile east of the touthMUrf I'on.er ol Coal LtoonOO
Ko. :I4T7 iiiurke-l J. M. S. E. < orner, ihence north
BO ehaina. thoneo wort so chuins, t hence sou.h 80
chains, thoneo east sn chains to point ol commencement .
Dated Dee.29, 1910. Jn       M*  VOD
I'ub. .Ian. 21 K. C. Klliott Agent,
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District- DUtriof of
Take nolice that 1. John McLeod of \un\oiicer
B. Cm, occupalion broker, it,tend to apply (or per
muolon to prospecl (or dial and petroleum on the
lollowinK ooaenbod lands:
18, Conunenetni at a posl planted about one
mile east ut the southeast corner of Coal Licence
No. ;1I77 murked J. M. S. \\. Corner, thence
north hO chains, thence east SO chains, ihence bouth
fit chains, thenee west 80 chains to point ol com-
Datod Dec. 29th, 1910. JOHN    M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. O. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlutte Inlands Land Diatriet��� District ol
Take nolice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver.
B�� C, occupation broker, intend lo apply (or i��ur-
ntawn to pnoneet for coal ai d petroleum on the
(ollowing deacribed landa:
17, CommencinK at a post planted al>out one
mile east . f the houtheast conur o( Coal Licence
No. 3177 marked J. M. N.W. Corner, thence aoulh
80 chains, thonce east 80 chalna. thence north bO
chains, t hence west SO chains lo pt in tol common cement.
Dated Dec. 89th, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub, Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott. AKent
Queen Charlolte Islanda Land Diatrict��� Diatrict of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouve
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for per"
miaiion to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
followinK descnLed landa:
18.���CommencinK at a post planted about one
mile east of thc southeast corner of ('oal Licence
No.:il77 marked J.M.N. K. Corner, thence aouth
80 chains, tbence west fcO chains, thence north 80
chains, ihence east 80 chains to poinl of commencement.
Dated Doc. 29th, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliolt, Agent
Queen (harlotte Islanda I an.l District���District ol
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C*, occupalion broker, intend tu apply for per-
mlarfon lo proapect for coul and petroleum on the
foUowtni described landa:
19.-CommencinK X ���* post planud one mle
north of the in.nl ��� n i corner of (eal Lirn.ee Ko
:>177 marked J. M . S. W. Corner, tlence north 8
chains, tbence east 80 chains, theice u.uth 8
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of com
Dated Doc. HO, 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F.C . Llliott. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District- District of
Take notice that I.John McLeod of Vancouver.
B. C, occupalion broker, intend to a*, ply for per*
mission to pFOapeet (��r coal and petroleum on the
followii:K urn-riled lands:
20. CommencinK at a post planted one mile
north o( the nt,rtl easl corner o( (oal Licence
Nn. .1177 market) J. M S. K. Corner, tbence north
80 chains, tbence west 80 cbains, thence smith 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to point of com-
Dated Dee.80,1910, JOHN M'LKOD
Puh. Jan.21. F.C. Klliott, AKent
Queen < harlotte Islands I u u District���District ot
Take notice that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver
H. C, occupation broker, intend to apply ft.r t f-r-
mission to praapCOt for coal and petroleum on the
followinK aeeenbed lands:
21. ConimeiiciiK at a post planteil out- mile
north of the northeast corner of Coal Licence
No. :il77 marked J. M. N. W, Corner, tbence
Mouth *��0 chnitis, thenee east 80 chains, tlence
north 80 ehaina, thenre wo*t 80 clains to point of
commence?!."i t.
Dated Dec. .Ml, 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F.C. Klliott, Agant
t-ueen Charlotle Uandl IjuhI Disirict    District of
Take m��t hi* Hint l.John McLeod of Vateuiivir,
|i. Cm itcetipallon broker. Intend to apply   (or per-
01   to \'i* nm* tot 0001 and pi-tri-li um on the
followini deoenbed lands:
gg,    <  neneini ��'  a poal  planted    one mile
rmrth oi the northeaat corner of Coal Licence
Nn. :M."7 marked ,1. U.N.R. ( orm r. tl enct south
so chains, thOHM west HO chains, thenre north 80
chaina, thence east 80 ehaii.s l" point of torn-
reel ci'tnent.
Dated Dec. M0, 1910. JOHN   M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F*C. Klliott, A^nt
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District     District o
Take notire that l.John Mcl.eod of Vancouver
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum <m the
following described lands:
23.- CommencinK at a post planted about one
mile north and two miles east of the northeast
corner of coal Licence No. 8477 marked J. M.
S. K. Corner, ihence north 80 chains, tbence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to poll t of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1. 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Puh. Jan.21. F.C. Elliott, AROnt
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District-District of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. 0*i occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for eoal and pelroleum on the
followinK deaenbed lands:
24.���Commencini at a post planted ahout one
mile north and two miles east of the rorthesht
corner of Coal Licence No. 3477 marked J. M.
S. W. Correr, tletre nOftjl 80 clnlts, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan  1,1911 m JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F.C. Klliott, ARent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���District of
Take notice that I.John MoLood  of Vancouver,
| B, C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permiasion to prospect for coal and pertoleum on the
1 followinK described lands:
I 25.��� CommencinK at a post planted about one
i mile north and two miles east of the northeast
| corner of Coal Licence No. 8477 marked J. M
! N. W. Corner, thence south SO chains, tlence eaat
| 80 chainB, ther.ce north 80 chains, thence weat 80
' chains to point uf commencement.
Dated Jan. 1,1911, john M'LKOD
; Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, ARent
; Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B< C*i occupation broker, intend to apply (or per
mission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
followinK descrlbinl lands:
26 ���Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north antl two mltea east of the northeaat
corner of Coal Licence No. 8477 marked J. M. N.
E. Corner, thence HUth SO Chalna. tl.ence west 80
chains, thence nnrth 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21. F. C. Klliolt, Agen
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Diatriet  -District of
Take notice that 1, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver,
B. C. occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
followini; descrihed lands:
27.-CommencinK al a post planted about two
miles east ol the MUt-h east corner of Coal Licence
No. 8477 marked J. M. B. W. Corner, thence north
SO chains, thence east SO chains, therce south 80
chains, thence west SO chains to puii.t of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1. 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, Agant
Queen Charlotte Islands ljind District    District of
Take notice thai 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation hroker, interd to apply (or per*
mission to prospect for c����al and petroleum on tho
following described lands:
28. -CommencinK at a post planted about two
miles east of the southeast corner of Coal Licence
No. 8477 marked J. M. N. \V. Corner, thonce
south 80 cbains, thence eaat 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Datesl Jan. 1, 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Jan. 21. F, C. Klliott. ARent
Queen Charlotte Islanda l.imu District���District of
Take notice that I, John IfeLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
tollowlnR deacribed lands:
29.���CommencinK at a post planted about three
milea east and one mile south of the southeast
corner of Coal Licence No. 8477 marked J, M . f . W
Corner, thence north SO chains, thence eost 80
chains, thence snuth 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1, 1911 JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Land District��� Dlalrict of
Take nntice that I. John McI^eod of Vancouvor,
It. Cm occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to pros(����cl (or coal and petroleum on the
followinK described lands:
.'10.��� CommencinK at a post planted ahout
three mil��*a east and one mile soutli of the sourt-
eait corner of Conl Licence No. 3177 marked J. M
N. W. Corner, thence south 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thenco north 80 chains, thene** west 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1,1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott. ARent
Queen Charlotte Islands I,and District    District of
Take notice that I, Jnhn McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C*, occupation hroker, intend to apply (or permission lo prospect for coal and petroleum nn the
fnlh.wini; described lands:
81,- CommencitiR nt a post planted ahout ihree
miles aaat anil one mile south of tho southeast
corner nf Coal Licence No. :D77 marketl J. M.
N. B, Corner, thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chnins, thence north 80 chain**, thence east SO
chains to point of commecnement.
Dated Jan. 1.1911. JOHN  M'LKOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Lend District���District of
Take notic.- tl at 1, John Mcl-ood "f Vancouver,
B, Cm occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for cual ami petroleum on tbe
following described lands:
88, CommencinK at a post planted ahout ona
mile north nf tie northwest corner of Coal Licenca
No. 8479 marked J. M. S. R. Corner, thence north
80 ohains. thet.ee wt*st 80 chains, thence south 80
chiins, thanea east SO chains to point of commencement. , .
l-at.ilJan. I, 11.11. JOHN* M'LKOD
I'ul.. Jan.21.                              P. C. Klllotl, Asint
Ouisn Charlutte Islanils Land llislrict    District ol
Tak.' miticr tl at I, .liilin Mel. I nl Vaicimver,
li. ( ., oetrupatkin l.ruk.r. Intand to.ppl) Inr pcr-
inissliin to pros|M*ct (nr cual ami pi-tmlciiiii on Ilia
lollowini ilisrill'i.l lard.i
i8. ('onimi'iiriiiit at a post plnntisl aliout on.
mil. nortli ol tin* nortliueat curner ol Coal Licenc.
So. MT9 marliiil ,1. M. S. \V. i orniT. tlivnci* nnrth
so chains, thence east K0 chains, thnnci* snuth 80
chali i*. thence west Ho chains to point ol commence
Datad Jan. 4, UU. JOHS M'UCOD
I'uh. Jan. 21. F. ('. Klliott, AfMt
tjuwn ('harlotte Islands l.an.1 District    District ot
'laid, notice that 1, John MaLMd ot Vancouver,
It. C, occupation hroker, Intonil to apply lor por-
mission to prospoct (or coal anil petroleum on tho
lollowinK descrihed lands:
34.���CommencliiK at . post planteil ahout on.
mil.* north ol thc northwest corner ol Coal l.iconr.
No. .1171' marked J. M.N. B. Corner, thence aouth
HO chain., thenco wet HO ch.ins, thenco north HO
ch.ina, thonco oaat 80 ch.ina to point o( eommoncoment.
Dated Jan. 4, 1911 JOHN M'l.KOD
I'ub. J.n. 21. f. C. Elliott, Asont
Queen Charlotto laland. iJlnd District -District ol
T.ko notli-eth.t I, John Mcleod ot Vancouver,
B. C, occupation hroker, intond to apply lor permission to prospect (or coal and petroleum on tho
following descrihed land.:
'If,.���Commenclnn at . po��t pl.nted ahout on.
' miie north ot tie northwoat corner nl Cnal Licence
No. :lt79 markod J. M.N. W. ("orner, tlence south
HO chains, tnence cat 80 chains, thenco north HO
chains, tnence west 80 chain, to puint ot commencement.
Dated Jan. 4,1!111| JOHN M'l.KOD
1 I'ub. Jan. 21. P. C. Klliott, Agent 6
T 11 i:   PRINCE   HUI' I* K I   U r T I M 1 S 1
Queen Charlotlelalanda Land Di.trict���District ?(
T.ke notice th.t I, John Mcl.eod ol Vancouver,
B.C., occupation brokor, intend to apply (or permiaaion to prospect lor coal and petroloum on the
(ollowing described land.-.
L���Commencing at . po��t pl.nted ul the north-
weat corner Lol 171 being the northwest eorner
marked J. McL. N. W. Corner, thonce e.st HO
eh.lns, thence wuth 80 ch��lna, thence we.- HO
eh.ins, thence north HO eh.ln. to polnl ol commencement.
Dated Dec. 23. 1910.
Pub. Jan. tl.
Queen Charlotte Inland. Lund District-District ot
Queen Charlotte Island. Land District -District oil Skeona
Skeena ,     Take notice that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
Take notice lhat I, John McLeod ol Vancouver, *.. q occupation broker, intend to apply lor peril. C, occupation brokor. Intend lo apply lor per- | mission to prospoct lor coal and |>etroleum on tho
mission to prospect lor coal and lietroleum on the I (ollowing dencriled lalidB:
lollowing doacribed landa: I     23.���Commencing  at   a   post  planted   at   the
12.���Commencing at a poal planted 30 chain. | northwest corner ol Ut  10 being the aouthweat
weat ol tho northeaat corner ol Lot 473 being thc | corner. marked J. McL. S. W.   ( or., thenco cast
aouthea.t corner marked J. McL. S*. E. Cor., thenco, 80 ch.ins, thence north  80 chains, thence west
weat HO ch.ina, thonce  north  80 chains, thenco , so  chains,  thence south  HO chains to point ot
, nut 80 chalna, thenco aouth 80 chain, to point ol   commencement containing 640 acres.
JOHN M'LEOD . commenement containing 610 acres. Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN  M LKOD
W. Daaa, Agent i D��|���| Dec. 26. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD \fx��. Jan. Sl, W. Dass, Agont
Pub. Jan. 21. W. D.ea, Agent
COAL notice
Queen Charlotte lsl.nd. Und Di.trict���Diatrict ol
T.ko notice th.t I, John Mel ssid ol V.ncouver.
B. C, occupotion broker, Intend to .pply lor por-
miasion to prospect lor coal .nd petroleum on the
follow u g dracriled l.nd.:
I.��� Commencing at . post pl.nted ��t the nortli
weat corner Ut  171 being the northoMt corner ,
m.rked J. McL. N. E. Comer, thenco weat so
ehaina. Ihenee aouth  60 chain.,  Ihence eaat
_.    .        ,._,_,.,. a-    nt..rtr.n(i Queen Charlotte Islands Und District-Di.trict ol
Quoen Charlotte I.lands Und DUlrict���Di.trict ol   "��� skeena
,      .     . V_*\.        i   ,��..��.-,       T.ke notice th.t I.John McLeod ol Vancouver,
Take notice that I, John Mcleod ol Vancouver, , _ (.   occupation broker, intend to apply lor peril. ('., occupation broker, intend to apply lor per-, miwion JJ ��r0,pMt (0r coal and petroleum on the
mia.lon to proapect tor co.l and  petroleum onthe ! foIlllwiM diwrlbod l.nda:
(ollcwlng doacribed l.nd.:
13.���Commencing .1 . poat pl.nted .1 the north
lolluwing doacribed l.nda:
24.-Commencing   ��t   a   post   planted   at   the
,  .,,,���!         -     , ��� ,       ,  ,   , ��� 1 northwest   corner   Ut   40   being  tho  southeast
,,,, ,ij ' e��.t corner ol Ut 42 Ix-ing the northwest corner |        _. -Mltad J. McL. S. E. Cor., thenco west 80
n,l hUi m.rked J. McL. N.W. Cor., thenco east 80 ch.lns,, chains,  thence north  80  choins,  thence east  80
Ihence south 80 chaina. thence west 80 chaina, I gjg-J litontv MUth 80 ch.ins to point of com-
**5��!ti*��**�� n��"-h M '���'*���"��� *�� *MlM ��* ��""��� I thenco north 80 ch.ns to ....in. o( eon,,,., ..icenient | ^co^t conUining 640 acre.
Daud Dec. 23, 1910.
Puh. Jan. II.
W. Dass, Agent
Qu.**n Ch.rl.iit' Islands Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Take notice th.t 1. John McLeod ol V.ncouver,
containing 640 ncrea.
D.ted Dec. 28, 1910.
Pub. J.n. 21.
JOHN M'LEOD ! ftft.-ft,1*0' "^
W. Daa.. Agent j 'ub.Jan.il.
W  Dass, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Dietrict-Dlatriet ol   Queon Ch.rlotu W��n* Und Distrlct-DUtrict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver
11 C "occupation broker, intend to .pply tor per-1 B. ('., occupation broker, intend to ai ply lor permiaaion to prospect (or coal .nd petroleum on the miaaion to proapect lor coal ��nd petnleum on the
lollowing deacrtbed Und.: ��� " '    ' ''
3.    Commencing >t  .  poot pl.nted  on.  mile
north ol the northwest corner ol Lot 171, marked   eut corner ol Ut 42 being the northest co���"
J. McL. N.V.. Corner, bating ih.north-we t corner,
thence eut 80 ch.ina, thenee south' mi chaina.
thenee weal 80 chaina, thence north 80 chain, to
Kinl ol commencement.
it.IDec.24, 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daa., Agent
lollowing decribed l.nda:
It. Commencing at a po.t pl.nted ��t the north-
42 being the northeaat corner
m.rked J. MeL. N. E. Cor., thence wot 80 chaini,
thence aouth 80 chain., thence eut 80 ch.ins,
thence north 80 chain, to point ol commencement
conUlning 640 .ere.. . .    ^
Dated Doe. 28, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. J.n. 21. W. Daaa, Agont
Take notice that I, John Mcl-ood ot V.ncouver,
B. C*i occupation, broker, intend to apply (or permiasion to proapect (or coal and petroleum on the
lollowing deaenbed l.nda:
28.���Commeneing at a post plunted one mile
north ol tho northwest corner ol Ut 39 lieing the
northeast corner marked J. McL. N. E. Cor.,
thence west 80 chains, thonce south 80 chains,
thence oast 80 chains, thence north 80 Ch.ins to
point ol commencement containing 610 acrea.
Dated Dec. 31, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21.
Queen CharlotU Uland. Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol
Take notico that I, Tho.. R. D.voy ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, InUnd to
apply tor pormUaion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the (ollowing described land:
Commencing at . poot planted nine mile, north
and seven mile, eut ol Section 13, Township 7,
Oraham Island and marked No. 61, T. R. D., S. W
corner, thence eaat 80 eh.ln., thence north 80
chains, thence weat 80 chains, thenoe nuth 80
ch.ina to point ol commencement, conUlning 640
acres more or loaa.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. THOS. U. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Gowing. Agont
Queen Ch.rlotu Islands Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
Take notioe that I, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
Ch.rlotu, occup.tion notary public, InUnd to
apply for permission to proopeet for eoal and petroleum on tho following described l.nd: ,
Commencing at . peat plonted nine mileo north
���nd .even mile, eaat of Section 13. Township 7 ;
.Iraham island .nd morked No. 61, T. R. D. S. E.
corner, thenc. north 80 china thenc. weat 80
ch��iiu, th.nce .outh 80 chaina, thenc eaat 80
chain, to point ol commancamant, eontaininf 640
acre, mora or Uaa. fc   ���
D.ted Nov. 10, 1910 THOS R. DAVEY
Puh. Doc. 3. Wilson (.owing, Ag*nt
.... ,..,     I** (���-. occup.tion brokor. Intend to .pply for permUsion to prospect lor coal .nd petroleum on the   miuton to~pro.peet for co.l .nd petroleum on the   *_*_***** to *���*���***< ("foal and petroleum on tho
Qua. Chorlolti* Uland. Und DUtrict���DUtrict uf
Take notiee th.t I. John Mcl.eod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker. Inund to apply lor per
mUakin to pruepect (or coal and petroloum on UM
lollowing dewnhed Unds: (ollowing described l.nd.:
4.���Commencing .1 a poal planted on. mile 16.���Commencing .t . po��t pl.nted ��t tho
north ol the northwest corner ol Ut 171 being the northeut corner ol Ut 41 being th. northweal
northeut earner m.rked J. MeL. N. E. Corner, corner m.rked J. McL. N. W. Cor., ihence tut
thence weet 80 ch.ina, thenee aouth 80 chain. , s,i ch.ina, thence south 80 eh.ln., thence wesl 80
thonce Mil Ml ch.ins. ihence north Hll chains to   cnolns. thence north 80 chain, to point ot coin-
Queen Charlotte Islsnds Und District- DUtrict ol   Queen Ch.rlotte Islanda Land District -DUtrict ot
Take notice that I, John McI*od ol Vancouver,
Quoen Charlotle lalanda Und DUtrict���DUtriet ol
Take notice th.t I. Thoa. R. D.vey ol Quoen '
Charlotte, occupation  notary  public, inund  to
apply for permiasion to pros|n*ct  for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described Und:
Commencing   >t  .   \*o*X   pl.nted   throe   mile.'
north .nd seven mllea eut ol Section 13, Township
7, Graham laland and marked No. 71, T. R. D.. S.
W. corner, thenco eut 80 chains, th.no. north 80
. ,   ,,,,.,.���. ch.ins, thenee weat 80 chains, thane, south 80
W. Dsss, Agent   chains to point of eomm.noMn.nt, containing 640
1 acros   more   or   leaa.
D.ted Nov. 12, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agenl
Queon Ch.rlotte UtaglUttd Disinct-,,Utritt J
T.ko notico that I, The* It. 1>��V... ���, - I
Charlotte, occupation notary pubb?',_J_T*_\
apply tor pennUsion to pros,;,., ,���. __\* *_\
potroleum on tho following ,|cscril,.,| ll,"'1 "*_
Commoncing ut a post plantesl ,���*, ���n_l
north and seven miles east ol s.,.,|, ��� ,,? """.I
7, Graham laland and marked N,! Vt |u?**��l
S CP'JlS"-"** *ve** 80 "Jal���. Hii-nwiiuhl
ch.n.   Ihence oast HO chains. i',,,,���  3
chains U point ot commcnc*ii��.ni, r,,,,,,,.",",1
���ores mure or loss. "",'
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. T ll luviv
Pub. Dee. 3. \V,I Jii^.J
Queen Charlotte IsUnds Und li|slr,f,   By^l
T.ko notice th.t I, Thos  It. t**v�� *,( (
Ch.rlotte,  occup.tion  notary public  ,m
.pply tor permiaaion to pm��|.:i (dr ,
petroleum on lho lollowing dianib.d land'
Commencing at a post plani.sl nine milaa i
,nd soven mllea east ol Section 13, I'o.iuH
Graham Island and msrked No. til T 11 li'
W. eorner. thenoe eut 80 chains, ihenc- ___ I
choina, tbonce woat HO chsins. ihenre tiorth |
chaina to point ol commencement, aattaaaal (
acre, more or loss. *���
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. THOS  It DAV
Pub- EUc* 3* mm* l*o��i���,.
Quwn CharlolU Island. Und Dlnrlet-
Take notice that  I, Thoa. It. Dsvey ol I
CharlotU,  occupalion  notary  public  mtsu
apply for  permission to prospect lor eoal ,
petroleum on the tollowing ilcsrrthed itr.,,
Commoncing .1 . post til.in.sl thutern i
north .nd throe milo, eut ol -section 13, Tow
7, Graham Islsnd .nd m.rked No. || Tho. I
8. E. eorner. thonce out 80 chain*, it,, r.o t*.,
drain., th.nce west 80 ch.ins. thenre aoutti
ehaina to point ot eommencemenl. eonmnlr, I
���cres more or leu.
D.ud Nov. 13, 1910. THUS. R _
Pab. Dm. 3. *r___ ' iming, Up
point ol eonimoneemenl.
Date.) I '��� c 24, 1910.
Pub. J.n. 21.
W. Dws, Agent
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver
B. C, occupation broker, intend to aijplytor pej
lollowing deocribed lands
26. Commencing .1 . post pUnted one mile
north ol the northwest corner of Ut 39 being the
southeast corner markisl J. McL. S. E. Cor.,
thence woat 80 chains, thenco north 80 chain.,
thence eul 80 chains, tlience south 80 ch.ins to
foint ol commencement containing 640 acn*a.
        )at.*d Dec 31, 1910. JOIINMI.KOD
W. Dm, Agent   ��� ub- J"n* 21* *' V**. Agent
mencemenl conUlning 640 .ere.
I......1 Dec. 28. 1910.
Puh. J.n. 21.
Queen Charlotte laland. Und DUlrict - DUtrict ol   ���*������� <-��"��"" 1'J"^e^.d DUUiCl" 'L)���'t^iC, "'
Tak. nolle, that I. JonTMcI.eod ot V.ncouver. ���    T.ke nolle,* Ih.t 1. John MeU*od ol y.nyouver.
Quwn Charlotte laland. Land Dislrici     District ot
Tak. nolice that I. Thoa. R. D.vey ol Queaa
CharlotU, occupalion notary public, Inund ta
.pply tor permiaaion to prosrjoct lor coal and
petroleum on the tollowing deacribed lsnd:
Commencing .t . poat pUnted thre. mlU.
north .nd aeven mile, out ol Section 13, Townahip
7, Graham island .nd marked No. 72, T. R. 1 >.. N.
E. comer, tnence out 80 chalna, thonco wuth 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenc north 80
chains to point of eommoncoment, conulnin, 640
.era. more or leaa.
Queen Ch.rlotu lalands Und District- DUtrict o i Daud Nov. 12,1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Skwns Pub. Dec. 3. WiUon Cowing. Ag��lt
T.ke notice th.t I, Thus. R. D.vey ol Quoen
Charlotte,  occupation   notary  public.  inUnd   to\r__-_.~L____t*_r_t.-*t.^t-l..,..   ij-^____-
.... ,������,,,  I I..,., id-   i,ir par* I B. C, occupation broker. Intend toapply lor per.  ,pp.y  ,ot  permi-a-lon  to  prospect  lor ��mU  ��nd I
iUM^mMtltTatfiS pj.ral'eun, on'oTe I *m**��___*3_*! **��* *nA P*rt5uB on tho   prtroleum on lh. lollowing decribed. Und
Queen Charlotte lalands Und DUtrict-
following deaertl*ed Unds:
5.���Commencing .1 . (Kan pl.nted on. mite
aorth ot the northweRt eomer ol Ul 171 being
lb. twulhwct earner mnrketl J. MeL. S. W. Cor*
ner. Ihenee north 80 ch.ins. thence eut 80 chains,
thenc* south 80 chaina, thence west 80 chain, to
poinl ol eommencemenl.
bsted D.M.24.1,10. JOHN M'l.KOD
I'ub. J.n 11. W .Dua. Agon
lollowing d.*a��lbed Und.
I,.���Commoncing  -'
corner mark
80 chalna, tl	
chain., thence north 80 chain, to point ol com-
mencement containing 640 acre..
D.ted Dec. 28, 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. J.n. 21. W. D.s., Agont
Commencing   .1   .   poat   planted   aeven
rnmenelng  al   .  po.t   planted  at lhe ���orth ,nrt Mven mile. ea�� ol Section 13, Townahip ; 2S!nB  ******* *****
corner of Ut 41  being lho northeut . ,;n���_m ,iUml ,���d mark.nl No. 66, T. R. D.. s" ', t_tli._Z mfSXSmtS. $ZZ*
rked J. McL. H. E. Cor., ihence west K. corner, tho.ee west 80 ch.ins. thtmce north 80 : **-*******_*********_**
thenc. aouth 80 ch.ins. theneo eul 80 ehmlns,  thenw eut 80 ch.ins.  thence aouth  80 L___*L*T��__ SL! J_*T\, E
chains,  thenco eut 80 chalna,  tbence soulh
ehaina to point ol commencement, conuining 640
���ere* more or leas.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. 'OUaon Gowing, Agent
Quwn Ch.rloiu IsUnds Und DUtriet    DUtrict ul   -*"��n Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict    District o
--keens Skeena
Tak. nolle, that I. John McUod ol Vancouver.   ��� T.k. notice th.t I. John Melasod ol V.ncouver.
il. C. oerupeii'in broker. Inlend lo .pply lor par-1 B. C. occupotion broker, intend to .pply lor per-
.    I     Taka notico that I, Thoa. R. Dsvey ol Quean
 "   ChsrlotU,  occup.tion   nolary  public,  InUnd   to
prcapMt (or t-oal and
deacriticd Und:
. I.tit.sl three milea
north and seven mile, est of Section 13, Townahip
7, Graham Island .nd marked No. 73, T. It. I).. S.
W. comer, thonce north 80 chains, thane* wat 80
chalna, Ihence aouth 80 chain., thence wut 80
chaina to point ol commeneement. containing 640
here, mora or leas.
D��t*d Nov. II, 1910. TIIOS. R DAVEY
Pub. Dec 3. Wilaon Oowlng. Agent
Skeeni   Und   DUtrict   Queen Ch.rl.4ir I,
T.ke notice th.t 30 days atl-r .1.1. I Freila-
Q. Taper!, farmer, ot Skid, (ale, II (', wie-sli
npply to the Chlet Commit.tow ut Und*. tar|
llunae to proapect lor eoal. oil snd rooas-oail
and under the lollowing described l.n.U
Commencing .1 . pn��t nlsnt***) at thr n
eomer of Lot o06, Graham M.nil, throe, n
chains, thence weet 80 rh.ii.*. thene. i
chnins, thenr. east 80 chain, to ,-.i-.t "' eo
menl. .nd containing 610 srre.
Datnl Nov. 14.1910 FERDINAND0.T4
Pub. Dk. 10
Skeen. Und  DUtrict - Quern Chalk*!, laat
T.k. notlc* lh.t 30 d.y. mm tm*t I. ivir
G. T.pwt, turner, ol Skldigate. II. t'. latea-i
.pply to the Chiel Commuuinnrr of IjuAt, I*. I
licenae to pro.|*eci lor coal, oil tnd |ieu��aaai r
and under the tollowing deanM-ed Und.
north ol th. northweal eomer of Ut 171 bwing the
ooutheaat comer m.rked J. McL. S. E. Corner,
thanee north 80 chains, thenc. araat 80 chains
thenc* soulh ho chains, thence east 80 chains I
point ol commeneement.
Dsled IMC. 21. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
I-ub J.n Jl W.Dus. Agent
Quwn Ch.rlotte lalanda Und DUlrict - DUtrict ol
T.ke notice that I, Thos. R Davey ot Queon
Charlotte,  occupation   noury  public,  InUnd  to I _        ���,    ,       ....     ,,-.
.pply lor permkalon to proapect tor co.1 ��nd   Q*-*��� CharlolU Islsnd. Und DUtrict���DUlrict ol
mtaawn lo pmapeet lor cool .nd pen-oleum on lhe , n*1',*"'0? _*J__*B___ '"' ""' *���"* Pelroleum on tho   prtroicum 0n the lollowing dracrlbed land: Skeena
foUo.ing dosrnbed land.: fallowing disrrllril lands: Commoncing  at  a  post   planted  seven   mile.;    Tsk. noUc. th.1 I. Tho.. R. D.v.y of Queen
���.Commencing al  ��� post  pUniod one mile      ���'���   .ommencing  at  ai ***** planted  at   the   norlh ,nd jjjj, m|)H1 nu| o( Sjjgjf 13 Township 1 Chsrlolte,  oecupstion   noury  public,   intend  to
northeut  corner o(   Lot   41   being the southeast   7, (imham IsUnd and m.rked No. 66., T. R. D. N.   ��PP'y   I0'  permUfcon   lo   praopec.   lor  coal   and
corner m.rked J. McL. 8. *���   I_or.. th.nce weal   *.; ������������ ,|ience ��ut 80 ch.ins. thene. .outh 80 I petroloum on the lollowing descrilied Und:
... SB Vi        no .t ioi .u, 1 1*5   ch*[n*. t "������������"*��� "-* M 'l"'"". "�����.����� "orth  80 1    Commencing Ml pi*  nUnto.1 Ihlruen mllea
so ch.ins. thenee oouth  80 chsins to poinl ol   chains to point ol commeneement. conuining 640 i n��rt*. *n*l eight mile, out ot Section 13^ Township
commencement containing 610 .ere. ������, mari _Z\_Z ' 7. Graham laland and m.rked Np. M, T. R. D.. ,N
Dst.-d Dec. 28. 1910. JOHN M LLOD   [*ttm\ Nov. II   1910 THOS. R DAVEY I w* comer, thonce ust 80 chains, thence south 80
fuh. Jan. 21. W.Da... Agent   pub Doc. 8. Wilson Gowing, Afoot   eh.ln.. thence west 80 ch.lns, Ihence north 80
1 chain, to point ol commencement, eontaininf 640
Commencing al a poal pl.nt.sl si th.
corner ol Ul 006, Graham Mand. thswi
chalna, thenr* eaat 80 chains, ibeaer
ch.ina. Ihenc. went 80 chain, lu pout sl o
menl, wid conuining 610 am.
Dated Nay. 14. 1910. FKIUHSAN'HC.1
Pub. Dec. 10
Queen Charlotte Uand. Und DUtrict    DUtrlctol
Take notice that 1, John Mcleod ol Vsncouver.
B. C.. occupalion broker, Inlend to .pply lor permiaaion to |.f.-,-, t (or cool .nd petroleum on the
following  il'-ri.l ,.,   l.i .,.
- Commencing si   . poat planted 30 chaina
M  ,
Quoen (harlotte lalands Und District
Talc* notice that I, Jnhn Mcleod ol Vancouver.
. B. C, occupation broker'. Intend tn .pply tor pcr-
mlosion lo proanect for coal and lietroleum on lho
lollowing described landa:
IB.���Commencing st a post planted at tho north-
DUtrict ul   Queen Charlotte Uand. Und DUtriet-DUtrict ot
Tak. notico th.t I, Tho.. H. Davay ol Quun
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to
apply tor permission  to prospect for co.1 and
petroleum on lh. following dueribed l.nd
.cres more or leas.
D.ted Nov. 9, 1910.
Pub. Dee. 3.
Wilson Cowing, Agent
Skeen.   Und   DUtrict���Quoen   Charlolte   Islands
Tsko notice lhat 30 d.y. .Iter d.te I. Ferdinand
wmt ol the northeut rorner of l*.t   !.'��� being the   eut corner ol Ut 41 being the aouthweat corner   and seven miles eut ol Section 13, Townahip
Commencing st a put planted Bv. mllu north j G. T.pert. I.rnwr, of Skidegste, II. c". inUnd to
Rorthweat   crner  and   marked   J.   MeL.   N.   W m.rked J. McL. S. W. Cor., thence eut 80 ch.ins,
Cor.,  thenre    east  80  ch.ins.   thance  aoulh  80 thence norlh 80 chalna, Ihence weat 80 chain.,
chain.. Ihence  weal  80 ch.in.. tUnr* north 80 thene* soulh 80 ch.ins to point of commencement
ch.ins to point o( enmmencement containing 640 containing 640 acre..
Dated Dec 26. 1,10.
Pub.J.n  11
W. Daaa, Aget t
Dated Dec. 28. 1910.
I'uh. Jan. 21.
W. Daaa. Agent
Queen Chsrlutte Islanda Und DUlrict    Dutrict ol
Tske notlrelhsl l.John Mcleod
It. C.. occupolhtn hroker. Intend lo
mission in prospect lor co.1 .nd pot
follnwing decribed land..
8 Commencing .1 . pool pUnted 30 ch.ins
-��-i ol lh. northeast corner of Ut .'��� bring the
nurtheut mrner mnrked J. MeL. N. K Cor.,
Ihenee w*at 80 chsins, thene* aouth .11 chain*.
ihenee out ho chaina, Ihene* north 80 ch.ins to
rotnt ut commanartnent containing 640 acrea.
i.t.-t De.  26,1,10. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. J.n. II W Daas. Agenl
Queen i h.rl.,11. Mand. Und Diatrtct Dtatrict ot
T.ke nolice lhal I, John Mrl..��l of Vancouver.
II. C, occupation hroker, Inlend to apply lor permiaaion to pnatnert lor coal .nd petroleum on Ih*
follnwing described lands:
,. Commenring at . pool planted 30 ch.lns
weot ol the northeast comer ol Ut 473 lieing th.
northwest corner marked J. McL. N. W. Cor.,
Ihence eut   an.  ehains.  thenc* south   80 chains
Queen Chariotu Island. Und DUtrlc. - Diatrict ot
T.ke notice that 1. John Mcleod ol V.ncouver.
ol V.ncouver ���'��� '"������ occupation brokor. Inlend to .pply lor p��-   ,. ���"���>***** "" '����� SHI ���"" ".���'��,' *_*___
SnSfiriS "'I'lni ** proapect lor eo.l .nd petrrJUum on the   ��.��H*"-. '���r"1" ��' *SS______* " ,L,- i'',���n,,'
roleum on ihe tollowing dwriheri l.nd.:                                            ��^l>r *" lt" _*�� (.ommhuloner ol Und., lo
roleum on the , ommencing   .1   .   poet   plantssl   at   th. H!lKSS *** W fi *ln!* Mf'roleum
__ tor a
Cammenclng   al   .   poet   plantssl   at   th. I !g*** *g.**I**W? !��r *��__* ��,l)'1n;1 Petroleum on
norlhwe.. comer ol Ut 40 beini Ihe northwest   **- **** *4>a m*****-*f. i*m*J��j Unds:
corner and marked J.  McL. N. W. Cor., thenco     ,   ommenclnf at a post  ilanU.  20 chain, north
eut   80 chain., thonce ��,uth  80 eh.ln..  thence   &____*EX_*Q_*3f& Vj" M4' -'���h:,? KS*
thence  north  80  chains, thence eut .0 ch.ina.
In. to
,. , , , , , ,,.���.*. ���^"���"r"'!' ��' H*1* to *ti* Chie* CommUaioner ol Unda. Inr .
Grah.m IaUnd and marked No. 67. T. R. D., 8. L. ! licenae tn prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
corner, thenc. north 80 chains, thenca wut 80 , ���,���l ���,���i,.r the lollowinf deacrilssd Undo:
chains, thenc. out 80 chain., tn.no. Muth 80 ] Cnmmendnf at a post pUnted at the northeut
ch.ina to polnl ot commencement, containlnf W0 comer .1 Ul 511, Graham laland, thene* atuih 80
TVT*J"uln V. *Ht. -...���..   �� laajaaa   thene* eut   80  chain.,  thenc*  norlh  80
Lct!**i2!fti ���*��� ,910' ���.TH0S; RJ DA.VEY   ehnlns. th.nc. weat 80 chain, to point ol commenc-
Pub. Dk. 8. WiUon Gowing, Agent   moM, .nd containing 810 aero*.
| Dated Nov. II, 1910.   FHKDINAND C. TM'KHT
Skaen.  Und  DUtrict -Queen  Charlotte Island.   P"1'' ���**r' ,0
T.ke notic. thai 30 day. alter date I, Ferdinand
eul 80 chains, thonco aouth B0 chalna. thence Z' . ,,i ��, .ki. .. ' 2TT? """
wut 80 chains. Ihence north 80 ch.ina to polnl J^"" ""r,Vh J-.******.J****^_mX.#*
ol commencement containing 610 icrea. ��� SSF, ,"oulh 't0 c���ln": ,hor"** *"?, Ku .*������*"�����
Da.e.1 Dee. 3ii, 1,10, JOHN MIJMD ! lm*lg*.*!*fl*Bl*&W.**mHfl*a1 ftfJR
Pub J.n II. W. Due, Agent! ^1.   iSc   in" H(HI)INAN,)'��� TAPhH
Sheen.  Und  DUtrict -Quun Chariotu  Id.nrU
Take notlc. that 80 dsys after dat. I. Ferdinand
| G. T.pert. I.rmer, o   Skldagau, II. C, intend t,
: apply to the C'.-ief CommMoner ol Unds, lor .
! .nd under tb. following dewcihed Undo:
,     Commoncing nt . posl planud 20 chains north '.
j ol the soothr-i cornar of Ul til,Graham Iid.nd.
Uienee aouth   80 chsina,   thenre nut   80  chains '
| thence north 80 chalna, thrnee west 80 ch.ina, to
Kdn! ol commencement, nnd conUlning 640 acraa  i
���ted Nov. 14.1910. FKRDINAND (1. TAPERT. i
Puh    Dec    10.
Skuna  Und   DUtrtcl -Queen ClauWa.
T.ke noUc* thai 30 dan ilu I > -1.1*__*_*
G. T^sen. fwmer. of Skldeg.1*. II C.I��Jsa4
���pply to lh. ChloJ Commlsriorer ol Ua*.*.
licenae to propsect lor co.1. ell and (******���
and under lhe tollowing deaenbed lour
Commencing .1 . post pl.nicl .i H��
comer of Ul 111, Graham 1.1.' ���'. n* "
chain., thenc* wut HO chains ****** '
chains, Ihenc* eul 80 eh.ln. to point rt
nvjnt, nnd conuining 640 am*. _
D.icl Nov. 14.1910. FKRHINANU". TAP*
Pub.  Dee.   10
Queon Chariott* IaUnd. Und iHeuwt -lham��*j
Tab* ****** that I, Tboa. K lu***/**1!
CharlotU. occupation noun puh:.' __**
apply lor pormUaloa to pnaspert "�� "*" r
petroloum on th. following di-enbr.1 land
Comrooocing  at . poat pl.nn.1 ���*""*'
north .nd uven mllu eut ol Sorts-n I*. *****
7, (irah��m Island .nd muked N" *~. * <__"��� .
W. comu. thonce uu 80 eh.ir... i***<* **JJ
chalna,  Ihenee wut 10 chain.   MM jgj
chains to point of eommencemenl. coaiaaa��j<
acre* mora or lau   _  ...rl
Dale.1 Nov. 9. 1910. TM   "W���
Pub. Daa. -i WiUon i,n��iM.
Quun Chariot!. IsUnds Und Disinrt   t*t**r**i
ftkeeo. .,
T^a notica that 1. Thu. K l\*'*> *__
Chorion*, occupotioo noury pola*. "������
apply tor parmission W prmpect J" ���***
palroleum on tho lollowing daanii���t Is..
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict DUlrict ot
Take notice lh.I I, John \lr|..,,,| of Vancouver,
B. ('..occupation broker, Intend to apply tor permUalon to pmapeet (or coal snd potroleum on the
following described Unds:
20. Cnmmencing at . pool planted at the
southwest corner nl Ul 40 lieing the northeut
corner end marked J. McL. N. K. Cor., thenco
weat HO ehaina, thence south  80 chaini, thence
Sk*en��   Und   DUtrict    Queen   Chirlotte   Islanda
DlvUion _
Take notice th.t 30 daya .tier d.u I. Charles ' Quun CharlolU Uland. Und DUlrict
cnaina,   in.ni.   norwi   ov  ..���..^.  ���
eh.ln. to point ol e*onimencemeo'. co*��sasai
aeru mor. of loom u ...vll
Datod No*. II, 1,10. ���TIU�� K ' ,il
Pub. DM. i. �� Usee I ...ai'l.
C= ^'t Z* chain".'. ."Ee*, 7orth Z cnh":.n. ' TJ^^^JW."���^ '" ^
DV^Dee TT���"' ^'"'SoRn4 tit'  "OD    \!*\��\ ffV5 W"' -WLZHmmm
PuhJ.n.2l. W. Ilu, Agent | <*"���>��� ����������� ���*"��� W. Dus, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte I .l.nd. Ur.d DUlrict- DUtret ol   <*���'"' ******** UMgfjtMl Dlalrict - District ol
Sht**rn�� nKP-Pim
T.ke notice th.l I. John Mcl-eod ol V.ncouver. ' ������"��"�� "����?b��l. ���VJc,inl "cltT* "' \*n*m*''''
H. C. occupation broker, intend to apply lor ,��t- "'.' - '""T, "^L. ".ok."'ir'.C- ' t0.,',,',l> ,or BE
n,i-.on to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the   ^"V. .1 \'LT,iZ, UnrlT" >*etro|[,un' on lh��
lulloaing dr.rt,l.ed lands i lollowing MMm, lsnd.:
10. Commencing .1 s post pl.nted 80 eh.ln. I �����.��� < "nimoncing at a post planted at tho
wut ol th. northJui corner of Ut 473 being I l��1''*nA'<"n" ���' ,Lo'. j? I>elnl,",r nnr,.tw",t
Ihe norlheul etmier markod J. MeL. N. K. Cor . i ���rnp'J*"* ���?_'*,. J' McL;uN*a.,W t.C,0r'' .\.m<*
thenc. wiwt  80 ch.ina,  Ihene. aouth 80 chaina, I "**1. H 2       ' .u U.tJ1 .���    "582*1 lh"l'x
thence eut 80 chains, thence north 80 chain, lo   ��'""  R0 ch,ln"- �����_* .no,th.S ci>*im ����� P"1"'
ol commencement containing 640 acres.
Dated Dee. 80, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Helmer, I.rmer of Skidegate, II. C , Inlend to
apply to the Chiel Commiaaioner ol Unds, lor .
license to pro-poci lor eoal. oil and pelroleum on
���nd under tho lollowing dwcrilwl Unds:
Commencing at a post planted three mllco
���wuth .nd ��ne mile wmt nl the soulheut eorner ol
LM 501, C.r.h.m lsl.nd, thonco west 80 ch.ina,
th��ne* south 80 ch.ins, Ihence eut 80 ch.ina,
thance north 80 chains to point il commencement,
.nd conUining 640 acraa,
T.ke notica th.t I, Thoa. H. D*v.y ol Quun I
Charlotte, occupation notary puhlic. Inland u,
.pply for (lermluion to praapect for cool and I
petroleum on the following deacrihed l.nd:
<'ommencing tt . pon pl.nted thlrtaon mllu
nnrth .ml three mllu eut of Section 13. Town.hip
7. Graham Island and m.rked No. 80, T. R. I). 8. i
K. corner, thene. wut 80 eh.ln.. thenee north 80 '
ch.ina,  thence out 80 eh.ln.,  thenc  oouth  8,
DUtrict ol' Sauna   Und   Drfricl   Q��*n  Cr.srMt.
- Ig  w.u a.i^, . *..�������i    wnn.   m-i    n,<   rn.in.,    nienr*   riiui.i    nn
Dale.1 Nov. 16, 1910. CHARLKS IIKLMER   chains to point ol commencement, conuining 640
Pub. D*c. 10. ��cru mora or hu.
D.ted Nov, 13, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Doc. 8. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Kilnt ol commencement containing (140 wrea.
.led Dec. 26, 1910. JnllN   Ml.1.1 ID
Pub. J.n. II. W. D.u, Agenl
Quun Ch.rlotte Island. Und District���DUtriet ol
T.ke notiee that I. John McLeod ol V.ncouver,
11. C��� occupation broker, intend tn apply for per-
mUsinn to prospect Inr msl and petroleum on the
followini doscribed Unds:
II. Commenring st . poot planted 30 ch.lns
wut ol the northeut comer ol l-ot 473 being the
aouthweat comer marked J. MeL. S. W. ('nr.,
thenee eut 80 chain., thence north 80 ehalns,
thene* weat 80 ch.ins, thence south 80 chain.
to point of enmmencement conuining 640 .ere*.
Dated Dee. 16. 1,10. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub J.n 21 W. Uu, Af��nt
W. Diss, Agent
Queen Ch.rlotte Islsnd. Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol
T.ke nntice th.t I, John Mcleod ot Vancouver.
H (*., oceupstlon broker, intend to .pply for per
mission to pros|teet for coal end petroleum on th.
lollowing descrilied l.nds:
22. f ommencing st a pool pl.nted .t the
northwe.1 corner of Ut 40 being the northeast
eomer and markod J. Mel.. N. K. Cor., thonc.
wmt 80 chain., Ihenee south 80 ch.ina, thance
eut 80 eh.lns, thance north 80 chain, to point
ol commencement conuining 640 acre..
Dated Dw. 30, 1,10. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. J.n. 21. W. Da... Agent
Quoen CharlotU lalands Und Dlstricl -DUtrict ol
T.ke notice th.t I, Thos. R. Davey ol Quean
Ch.rlotte, occupation notary public, InUnd to
.pply lor pormUaion to prospect tor co.l and
petroleum on th. lollowing descrilied Und:
Commencing .1 a poat pl.nted eleven mllu
north and seven milu out ol Section 13, Township
7, Graham IsUnd and nmrked T. R. D. N E
com*, thence wut 80 chains, thonc. oouth 80
cha na, thenc out 80 ehaina, thance north 80
chains to point of commeneement, containing 640
.era. mora or lua.
Daud Nov. 9,1,10. TIIOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Du. 3. Wilson Oowlng, Agent
District ol
nl Quoen
Inund to
cosl and
Quun Charlotto lalands Und Dutrict
T.k* nolle, th.t Thoa. It. D.voy
Charlotte, occupation notary public,
apply for pormUaion in prospect for
petroleum on tho (ollowing described land
Commencing at a |s*��t pl.nted eleven mllea
north end uven mllea east ol Sectinn 13 Town.hln
7 Oraham IaUnd .nd rn.rke.INn 57 T ll li *-P
L. comer thence north 80 chain., thonce west'80
chnina,  thenco uuth  80 ch.lns   thenc .>������*>   an
Skeen. Und DUtrict Queen Charlotte Island.
T.ke notice th.l 80 days alter Hate I, Ferdinand
G. Tapert. farmer, of SkidegaU. B. f\, Intend to
���pply to the Chlcl Commiuionm nt Undo, lor .
license to prospect lor eoal. oil .nd potroloum on
���nd under the (ollowing described l.nd.-
('ommenclnf at . poat planted ��t the uuthwut
corner ol Ut 285, Graham laland, thenco north 80
chains, Ihenc ust 80 ch.lns, thenee aouth 80
ehalns. thrnic wet 80 chsin. to point of eommoncoment, .nd containing 640 acre..
Date.1 Nov. 14,1910. FERDINAND O. TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 1,
Skeen. Und DUtrict���Quun CharlotU IaUnd.
T.ko notice th.t 30 d.ya alter dale I, Ferdinand
<������ T.pert, larmer, ol HkidegtU, II. C, InUnd to
.pply to the Chief CommUaioner ot Unda, lor a
license to proapect lor eosl, oil .nd petroleum on
.nd under the lollowing doscribed Undo:
Commencing at a post planted at th. uuthwut
comer ol Ut 185, Graham lal.nd, thonoe oouth 80
chains, thenc Mat 80 chaina, thonoe north 80
Deted Nov. 9, 1910.
Pub. I ie- 3.
na to point ol enmmene*-
Tlln      ll   tuuev   "*��1>.'>��I ��nUlnl*i| 1140 im��.
wtm! < "wi*, XSSi  I RttSw* ",0' ,'KRD,NAND <-���TAnRr
��� ',.!���:���
T.k. notico Hut 30 d��y�� .lief d.l' I** ,
Helmer. I.rmer. ol .Skldeg.ie. H   <    ��� "^
���pply to lh* Chief Commi-asunei ������! I'T.,
lieenr* to proapact lof coal, nil and l'
and und* the following rk-enl-"! '*n��      j,
Commoncing  at  .  P"".   planie   'rZ_*i,
uuth and one mile wut ol Ihe ��~,h^,'JTr
Lot 501. Graham Inland, thenc w'
lh��nc south  80 chains, ihence wesl *.
lh��ne* north 80 chain, lo pel"' ���" "-"
.nd conuining 640 .en*. mi.Vltl
D.te.1 Nov. 16. 1910. <*IIAItl.
Pub. Doc. 10.
Skuna Und   DUlrict -Queen Ch.r*otie
Diviaion . ,,*���*���
Tske notlc thst 30 days oft". ds�� i-      . ���.
J   l��ry. tradu, of Skidegale. II   < * ��"**,,
apply u. th. chief S_m___f_9_7___~m *
hcniw t. pr.��.pect lor coal "..|rn' '".!
���I under the tollowing dun-l'"* '" ''" _^-**
ommenclnf .1 . post pl.ni-d ���< "lu*l��"*
ner ol Ian 601, Graham 1*m\__*_Zm__ *
point o< c	
ch.ln��, thence eant 80 rh.ins in I
m��lt, .nd conl.ning 610 .ere. , |J>;��IIT
Daud Nov 14, 1910. nlLLIAM
Pub. Dml 10
Skun.  Und   DW/W-quun """"'" ___
Dliirion f^Ai-iA
T^�� notie* th.t 30 d.y. sU" 'l��",    ;���,��* t��
0. T^Mri, lumor. ol  8k.def.i-. IM .^ w ,
apply W th. Chie  Commwonw '' -mWu ���
(St, t   proepect lor ft**   o*'"7'"-V .
.nd under Ihe lollowing d CJJfat* t"-**m
Commencing st ��� rsa�� pUn'**' "^c aora 5
��m.r ol Ut Ml. Grahsm l-l.nd.'>^T1>wU|f,
ehslns. th*n�� met W _** ���**��� ' Wcoeim-!**
ment, .nd conUlning fjSjSfZ ivnfl TirB��T
Dated Novl4. 1910     FERI)I^*���',,,
(Subdivision of See. 9) about 200 yards from waterfront
Tlit. Subdivision  is  the  only   inside  subdivision   not owned
by  the  Railroad Company.
Lots from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agent, for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
!'��� fa lotting properties will be sold en block, or separately
and on easy terms.
LoU Block
fi.7.9.10    1��
1 1*4*64   W
"in   ���-'"
���a   34
H4_   M
������*��� 2
Loti Block LoU
3-4    9 22-211
15-16   9 33
19-20 is 22-23
42-43     3 7-8-9-10
Knr prices, terms and particulars, apply to
atcnnrl ........ ~
_\_m*mt Avenue
Atlantic Really * Impeo.emen* Co.. Lid.
Phone 2I4
he Optimist
Wife - Darling, I want u new gown
Husband���But you had a new one
only a short time ago
Wife���Ya; but my fri.-nd Ellen is
to be married, and 1 can't wear tha
samo dress aa I won.- at her last wedding
"George," said her husband's wife
"I don't baliave you have smoked one of
those cigars I gave you on your birthday "
"That's right, my diiir," replied Irs
Wife's husband "I'm going .0 keep
thtm until our little Willie wan;8 to
learn to smoke "
Visitor���The attendants treat you
kindly and considerately, I hope
l'utient i in hospital)���Yes, tht nurses
have been viry kind, but the surgeons
have treated me in the most cutting
manner you ever heard of
WoggP���-So you are stung in that mining company? You should have known
Boggs ���How could 1? It looked like
a real thing, no fake earmarks about ;t
Why, there wasn't a single man on the
Board of Directors who was prominent
in public life
Hewitt*���What so>t of fellow >s he?
Jewett���He is always shouting "Wcl
come" to our city" But the other
fellow has to pay for the welcome
The sculptor had just finished the
Apollo Belvedere
"I am satisfied," he cried "Every
man who passes thinks it looks like himself "
Ah! What a Meeting*
|From thc Brockvillc Times)
Manager W R Travers of thc Farm
ere Bank has plead -d guilty to charges
of theft and mak'ng false sla.emetns
A fjw- weeks ago he s.ood 'n th? B.ock.
ville Police Court pressing similar charges
against a young man who had boon 'n
charge of a branch near here, with the
result that his subordinate officer wa*'
sen' to thc penitentiary for thre, years
Fate has been ironical in Ihe swiftness
with which It has deal out relrbution
to th.> older man What a meeting Iher..
w:ll be b 'tween the two at Kingstoon.
Stock   Ore   for   Spring.      Supplies
Mr Ed Anderson of Huzelton just
arrived in town from up river on his
way to Vancouver, reports great strides
made on Nine Mile Mountain during
the winter
Thc lxiad King is sacking ore and will
have a slock pile to show in the spring
He says the Silver Cup and the Angus
Stewart propertiis are both making a
good showing There is a great shortage
of supplies in tonsciiuenie of the live
mining companies greatly depleting the
grocery stocks Bacon is retailing at $1
per pound
Frank A Brown of Load King,
nvning engine.*, is on his way from
Hazelton here He is making the
journey on foot through the Bnow for
the fust stages
Notice to Our Customers
Becaus- of other parties misrepresenting themselves I will ptrsonally collect
ail accounts due thi, company during
February So do not pay accounts until
I call as we will not lecogn.ze them ���
City Scavenging Co , H L Dixon      24
Grand Masquerade Ball in the honor
of the 12th Anniversary of the Fratern
al Order of Eagles, February 6th, 1911,
in thc Kaien Uland Club Rooms. $75.00
to be given in prizes.
Read the Daily Optimist
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C., Ontario, Saa-
iiml Manitoba Bar.. katchowati  and  Al
berta Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street- Prince Ruuert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. DS., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilfully treated. Gas and
locul .nasthetics ailminiatered for the painloa. extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices: 19
and IM Alder Block. Prince Rupert. 11-12
Civil and Mining Engineers u-.u Surveyor.,
Kepurto,   Plans.   Speciflcntiuns,   e.Umaloa,
Wharf Con.tructlor, Et*.
P. O. B-
-2nd Ave., near First Street
runt, up Wot. roxoN. i s*j.. a.r.a.m.. lon.. esq.
Prince Rupert Lodge, 1.0.0.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
Property Owners
and Tenants
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aves.
Between Fulton and Sth St..
We h.vo been ln.trucl.sl hy Head Office to accept
Additional Fire Insurance
Liverpool & London und Globe, 1'hoen-
ix Assurance Company, British America Company.
Second Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Plumbing, Heating
and General Steam  Fitting
SHOP-Baaamentof Holioraon Block
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave.
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Order, promptly filled.   I'rko. reasonabl..
OFF1CE-H. B. Rod-eater. Contra St.    Phone St.
*~=E.   EBY   Cd,   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KlTSUatKALUal - B   C.
A   new  line  of   Ladies'   Underwear,
Natural wool.
Flannelettes and Outing Flannel.
Ladies'  Fancy WaiaU.
Boots,  Shoes and  Men's Clothes.
Third Avenue   -   Between 7th and 8th
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
Scientific Electric Facial Mat.age
Electric Treatment, a Specialty
Room. No. 4,   Exchange Block
FEED . . .
A y-room House with Bath and Toilet,
in best residential section Id cily;
also a few good lots in 8er. 7 and 8
Corner Fifth Avenue and Green Stroet


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