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Twenty-four hours  ending 5  a. m.,
June 14.
.._.   ti.'mi* MIS. TBMP. ���**���        IN. RAIN
M460.0 42.0      29.992       ...
^      ;UL��7����
FOR South
Princess Royal Friday u. m.
For   Nohtii
State of California, Wednesday, p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 133
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday, June 14. 1911.
Price Five Cents
Supplements His Efforts at the Conference by a Speech
at the Colonial Institute���Uniform Accident Compensation Laws Are Decided Upon.
Uniform Laws Needed
During   the  day   the   Imperial
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June 14.���A strong
plea for closer union of the parts
,i( the Empire was made by
Premier Ward of New Zealand
at the Colonial Institute last night.
He said that a meeting of the
premiers once in four years was
nm enough. The present system
excluded 15,000,000 people from
full Imperial citizenship. In the
hour iif national peril, he declared, neither Great Britain, nor
her children could stand alone.
Closer union, and especially closer
union for defence was a vital
Conference devoted itself largely
to the task of considering uniform
laws for the Empire. Resolutions
were passed favoring uniformity
in the laws relating to accident
compensation, and for reciprocal
measures regarding the deportation
of undesirables.
The Conference also adopted a
resolution favoring the principle
of Imperial naturalization urtder
an open act with the view of
securing uniformity of recognition
of British citizenship throughout
the Empire.
Will be Water Sports, Land Sports, Racing, Wrestling,
Gay Decorations and Bright Music���Energetic
Committees Have Taken Charge���
Cyril H. Orme is President.
Dominion Day sports arc to bc
thc event of the summer in tlie
athletic and out of door enter,
tainment line in Prinee Rupert.
In tin- new police court room last
m^lii .1 goodly gathering of enthu-
"i.i-N got together to discuss the
programme, and committees were
appointed to carry out tlie arrangements for a well organised
day's athletics.
Land and Water Sports
There will be land and water
f��r the even ts, as well as approaches
i" it will be brightly decorated.
I'he committees appointed consist
ol the Lind Sports Committee,
the Aquatic Committee, and Printing, Music, and Decoration Com-
nuttaCcs, A General Committee
"' many members is formed to
look alter the interests of the
holiday in the most comprehensive
waj possible.
Ai President for the whole of
*���**��� organisers Cryil H. Orme has
been appointed with William God-
���on as Secretary. Composing the
General Commit fe are, J. R.
Beatty, Rev. W. H. McLeod, Rev.
Father Hartman, W. H. Pett��
Few, II- F. Sinclair, L. W.utgh,
Dr. Tremayne, G. W. Nickerson,
J- Cargill, K. W. Keeley, L.
Wppcn,   J.   J.   Sloan, AV.
Music Committee: J. S. Gray
W. L. Barker antl William Gixlson.
Decorations:  I.. Crippen, W. N.
Lailey, A. T. Parkin, Jerry Miller,
Fire Chief Mclnnis, H. W. Blake-
ly, A. Ward antl T. Trotier.
Reception Committee
As Reception Committee will
act Government Agent J. II. McMullin, also the Mayor, and members of the city council.
Various ideas in relation tti the
day's entertainment and the convenience of thc athletes in the
various events were discussed tentatively, but the main work of
organisation lies with the energetic
committees appointed.
It was especially emphasised
that all those desiring to lake
part in any of the athletic events
in the land and water s|x>ris
shoultl give notice at once to
either J. R. Beatty at the Westholme Lumber Co.'s building or
to W. A. Pettigrew.
As Chairman at last night's
meeting Cyril II. Orme proved
himself efficient and popular as
ever. ^\
 i"".    J-    J.    Moan, /VV.    N
[-'iley.J.H. Kugler, H.B. Camp
Wl, A. J.  Prudhomnfe, S.  p
Macdonald,   R.
Black, Neil McKay, fil
'���'"'rY. J.  D. Allen/and  R
Harrup,   G.   W.
. P. mL
Special Committees
I lu- other special * committees
;i" made up as folloW^ Finance
Committee M. P. McCa<Tcry, J. JR.
""""V. W. Vickers, J.Y Mo*is
i""ll) ''-Stewart.
Water Sports: Captain Mtos-
^���'of the S.S.   Lillooet;    W. A-
V|"Ki-<iv. U.K. Sinclair, L.Wm.kh
,r   Ininayne, F. \V. KccleyHl.
"���Kuglerand H.Rogers,
Unl Sports: J. R. Beatty, Rev,
w.H. McLeod, W. H. Vickers, L.
''Whi, G. Johnson, S. D. Mac-
''"'l",1'1' '<��� H:>m.p, j. D. Allen
"**��� W.Cameron.
'''"'"idsCommittee: A.J.Prud-
njmme,   A.   E.   McMaster,   Dan
WCKInnon antl Dr. McNeill.
, Anting Committee: S.D.Mac-
J"*"   ()-   H.   Nelson.
B,��*. and Neil Maclcay.,
Picnic Tomorrow I
If the weather is good, you may
have an easy chance to go to
N.' Metlakatla tomorrow evening. The
Presbyterian young people are having several launches ready at the
wharf tomorrow evening and extend a cordial invitation to everybody who would enjoy a bonfire,
a picnic-supper, with a game of
ball on the sand, and a moonlight
trip home at ten o'clock.
Definite announcement regarding thc exact hour of leaving
will be made tomorrow. The
ladies are asked to bring the
provisions and each gentleman will
pay seventy-five cents to cover
the cost of the launches.
launch will probably leave
.p.m., and the other at 0.15.
W.   D.
Social and Personal
Mrs. J. s. Cowper will
receive   on   Thursday  nor
until further notice.'
Montreal Man May Get Infected���Scared the Cops Who
Arrested Him.
(Cai adian Press Dispatch)
Montreal, June 11.���Albert Anderson, a Montreal man, last nighl
broke into a shed at the smallpox hospital, covered himself with
blankets antl went to sleep. When
arrested antl about to be placed
in u cell the circumstances became k.' own' ar.d a panic followed.
The policeman refused to move
thc prisoner who was segregated to
a tlark room in a cellar.
Northwestern League
Tacoma 8, Seattle 3.
Vancouver 6, Victoria 4.
Spokane 4, Portland 1.
National League
Ncw York 5, Cincinnati 2.
Chicago 5, Boston 1.
Philadelphia 2, St. Louis 1(1.
Pittsburg I, Brooklyn 3.
American League
St. Louis 0, -Philadelphia B.
Cleveland 1, New York 5.
Pacific Coast League
San Francisco 0, Sacramento 2.
Los Angeles 1, Oakland 2.
Bill was Reported Today Without Recommendation. Long
Seige Expected in the Senate.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Washington, June   14.���A  long
seige, with  the battle on  closely
drawn   lines   is  clearly   the   fate
of the Canadian Rreciprocity bill
which was rcportetl in the Senate
this morning by the Finance Committee.
As was expected, it was rcportetl
without   recommendation.    Both
favorable antl adverse views have
been expressetl, and a long siege
is certain.
Were Picked up off Digby Island by The Beaver---Engine Broke
Down and For 36 Hours They Were Without Food or
Drink���Had Made Paddles Out of Driftwood
A Narrow Escape.
Carved Rough Paddles
Five prospectors going to Hazelton in a new gasoline launch which
left Prince Rupert last Friday
were towed back lo the D^vis
wharf yesterday after a miserable
and most dangerous experience.
When off the mouth of tht Skeena
iheir engine broke down. Without
airs, paddles or mast they were
left entirely at tlie mercy of wind,
wave, and tide.
They had brought only enough
provisions to take theni to Port
Fssinglon where they had in*
tended to stock up for the river
trip, antl they had not a single
drop of water to drink. For
thirty-six hours they drifted out
in the sound suffering from hunger
and thirst, and making anxious
efforts to put the engine right, or
to propel the boat otherwise. Strong titles run there, and the launch
was drifted off shore Steadily.
Out of some driftwood floating
around, antl from bits of plank
from the boat fittings, they contrived uncouth paddles chopped
into rough shape with jack knives.
A tarpaulin was nailed lo a heavy
strip of |'l.mi they found, and
raised on another beam to do
duty as a sail. But with the wind
off shore, the sail only helped
drive thc disabled bbat farther
from help. Slicking stubbornly
to iheir paddles the five men took
turns at the work, antl after
thirty-six hours' anxiety managed
to make progress. At three o'clock
yesterday morning their plight
was seen, antl they were towed
into the shelter of Digby Island
by tlie launch Beaver. From
there they were towed over to
the Davis wharf where their engine was repaired.
Lake Francis Launch
The five men are I.. B. Cook,
owner of the launch antl leader of
the party, G. C. Jordan, Jim
Burke, G. Teasdalc, and F. A.
Geddell. They left this morning
with supplies, long oars, a mast
and sail, and plenty of water
stocked in case of further mishap.
With tlie launch they are bound
for the Francis Lake district.
The boat is to be used there for
ferrying. It is a 22-ft. launch of
shallow draught for lake work,
anil has an 8 H.P. engine. Well
suited for lake or river work the
launch is not built for sen service,
antl there can be no doubt lhat hatl
the weather been at all rough
this week-end off lhe Skeena,
it would have swamped antl the
party woultl probably have drowned.
Such is the Statement Made By The Secretary of The
International Seamen's Union at That Port���Strike
Proclamation is Posted on the Antwery Docks
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Boston, June 14.���The seamen
on British ships now in the United
States will not strike in response
to the call which was issued in
England yesterday calling on all
seamen to go on strike June I Sth.
The statement that they will not
strike is given on the authority
of the Secretary of thc International Seamen's Union.
Manifesto Issue
Antwerp.���The Seamen's Union
havc posted manifestoes over the
waterfront here proclaiming a general strike of seamen calling on all
seamen to join in the great strike.
This taken with the proclamation
of the Southampton Seamen's Union is accepted as evidence that
the long talked of general strike
of sailors is to take place.
Eliza Hicks Died in Trying to
Save Her Brother
London, June 11.���In an effort
to save the life of her brother
Warren, who was overcome by
gas in a well in Westminster
township today, Fliza Hicks was
asphyxiated in the well along with
her brother.
Funeral to Garden Island Was Attended by Many Well
Known Members of the Craft   Rev. W. G. James
Chaplain of the Order Conducted the Services
In Business-like Style But With An Enthusiastic Send Off The First  Passenger
Train Pulls Out For Copper River One Hundred Miles East.
lsMgned   thier   post
Indoor Baseba**"'
Prehijer Hot^rtam vs. Bro-
therhood>����^ent8 tonight at
the Auditorium. C&mwaalled at
8.30 sharp.   Admission 25c.
Today marks an epoch in the
History of the Grand Trunk Railway and of Frince Rupert. The
first passenger train Eastbound
from ,111c Pacific Coast terminal
pulled out with clang of bell antl
hissing blast of steam at one p.m.
Al .crtjwd of the live citizens of
PJ-imf Rupert gave the train a
sdndiiff at the wharf depot, where
btforft long will be built the per-
tijanJn^ railway station. Numbers
of IM divest live ones boarded
the traiii to make the first trip,
fpr tickets were on sale on board
ifs well as at thc G. T. P. booking
Jffice.    /
Trusty Railway Men
Engine 108 had the honor of
hauling the first trainload of booked
passengers. In charge of the
(rfgbie was Driver E, Nehring,
senior engine driver on the iiioun-
lain division of the G. T. P., a
servant of the company of long
standing   and    valued   reliability
and experience.   Taking care/of
the train and passengers was ( inductor F. Chesley, senior t inductor for the mountain division,
another trusted employee of f^it
company's.     To   these   two  me
General Supertaetendent  Mehan
of honor.
No display of bunting was made
in connection with thc train, but
there was a gay antl festive air
about lhe starting all thc same.
Railway men and citizens alike
realise that this train heralds the
coming great esttlay of all when
the firsl transcontinental train is
saluted.   Today's train took for
the first 10(1 miles tip river about
200 passengers. The train was
made  up  of  two  passenger  cars,
brake van, Gem ml Superintendent
Mehan's private car, antl several
freight cars. It pulled out at one
p.m. antl was scheduled tt) reach
Copper River shortly after nine
A number of citizens went as
far as Inverness from which point
a steamer was available to take
them back to Prince Rupert this
Prince Rupert's All Star Team
Shows International Championship Form.
In a match between the G. T. P.
bowling team, antl an all-star
team of local bowlers, the all-stars,
composed of Stenstrom, Frankc,
McMillan, Morrison antl Akcn-
burt;, beat the G. T. P. team by
2730 to 2010. The G. T, P.
team was composed of Messrs*
Crendall, Melville, Holtby, Matler
antl Edy.
Ill making the score of 2730
the all-star team made a score
only beaten by one team in  the
great Canadian Bowling Tournament, In Toronto last year, when
lhe Dominions captured the cham-
End of Season Sale ptbnshlp   wilh   a   score   of   2783.
For   three   days  we   will   offer jThyy   easily   exceeded   the   score
what is left of our Spring Millinery ' if .the   Dttroit   Samaritans,   the
With Masonic honors the body
of the late Captain Tom Smith
of the city police department was
buried this afternoon. Deceasetl
was a member of the Unity Masonic Lodge of Adelaide, South
Australia. He had not been associ-
ated with the Tsimpsean Masonic Lodge, Prince Rupert, but
as soon as they were informed
that he wasa Mason, J. H. Thompson, Senior Warden, and J. Christiansen, Secretary of thc Lodge,
took charge of the funeral arrangements and cabled thc Secretary
of the Unity Lodge, Adelaide, to
communicate with any of Captain
Smith's relatives there.
Funeral Service
The funeral service was held
in the Anglican Church at 1 p.m
At  half-past  twelve  thc members
of the Tsimpsean Lodge convened
at the Masonic Hall, antl proceeded to the church where Rev.
Mr. James, Chaplain of the Lodge,
reatl the funeral services. Afterwards the coffin was taken by
launch to Garden Islaiul for interment, accompanied by members
of the Masonic fraterniity. Due
Masonic rites were observed throughout the services.
Pall   Bearers
Many of those who knew the
late Captain Smith attended his
funeral. As pall bearers acted
Messrs. J. G. Scott, J. E. Gilmore,
E. A. Morrison, A. J. Morris,
George Tite, and Dr. II. F.
Tremayne. Members of the City
Police Force who knew the deceased best arc unfortunately at
Victoria attending the strike trial,
but Chief Vickers attended mi
behalf of the Force.
License Commissioners Appeal
was Heard by the Court of
Appeals Yesterday.
(Special to the Daily News!
Victoria, June 14.���The appeal
of the License Commissioners of
the City of Prince Rupert against
the decision of Mr. Justice Clement
renewing the license of A. J.
Prudhomme for the Savoy Hotel
was argued before the Court of
Appeal yesterday afternoon. The
judges were Chief Justice Macdonald, Mr. Justice Irving. Mr.
Justice Martin antl Mr. Justice
Galliher. Mr. C. M. Craig appeared for the License Commissioners and Mr. C. M. Woodworth
opposed on behalf of Mr. Prudhomme.
Judgment was reserved, but owing to the urgency of the case il
is likely that the court will give
judgment within a few days.
Do you like g-ood Tea? If you
do, callTtT Hl'ill��i4iJjgj|kery Lunch
in the EmpresjJUJfatrebasement
This Time the British Light.
weight   Beat   Pat   Moore
Catholic Order is Now in Session in Spokane Delegates
From B. C.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Sopkane,   June    11.    The   sixth
bi-annual state convention of the
Catholic Order of Foresters opened
here   this   morning,    there   being
twenty-two officers ami delegates
present from Washington, Idaho
md British Columbia.
_      \
For a good  custom made suit
go to Rudnick & Sweder, 1 lelgerson
Block Basement, Sixth street.
goods al ridiculously small prices
to clear. We aim to have all ncw
goods for each season. For prices
sec our window.���Hamlin & Co.,
change Block.
runhers-Up in that event, who
mafic a score of 2(HW. The G.T. P.
team with their score of 2010 was
only beaten by eight teams in
llje whole lorunament.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Boston, June 14.���Before a big I
crowd of Boston sports, Mat Wells
the Champion lightweight boxer
of England, was given the decision  last  night  over Pat   Moore
f Philadelphia, at the end of the
twelfth   round.     Wells   made   a I
good   showing   all   through   the|AUDnOMU^thA^��e^Mo��
^Where to Go
PictureB and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures antl music, 7.30 p.m.
Crescents, S p.m. THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Ruperl Optimist
PublUhed by th* Prince Rupert PuMi.hing Company, Limited
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"The newspaper, with the law, ibould assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; sh.vj.j t>-> the fr:e:..:. not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not :r.< Invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character, lt should he, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience." ���Henry Watterson,
Daily Edition.
Wednesday, June 14
Tlie full significance of the council's amazing action in voting
public money in their efforts to prevent Mr. A. J. Prudhomme from
securing a renewal of his license lor the Savoy Hotel, should not be
lost upon the public.
It means thai in an attempt to prevent the members of the License
Board from receiving the natural consequences of their unlawful
act, their friends on the city council have determined to drag in the
city antl light the forlorn hope with the citizens' money.
Possibly they hope thai when the courts are called upon to state
who are responsible for tlie loss that Mr. Prudhomme has suffered,
by some meajis or .mother the bill may fall upon the citizens. It
looks suspiciously like the policy that was enunciated at the previous
secret meeting, when ii was proposed to unload all responsibility
for the strike upon the Dominion authorities hy calling in 11. M. C. S.
Rainbow, li is to be hoped that die present policy may meet with
like success. Iii the case of the Rainbow a similar disregard was
shown as t" tlie financial consequences to the city.
Many people were prepared for unusual action when it became
noised about town that a secret meeting of several members of the
council had been held on Saturday night, followed by Mayor Manson's
departure from town before the council met, for Mr. Manson has
a surprising habit of disappearing when important things are to bc
done. He kept away on private business until the council had got
the liquor law altered to permit the hotels to keep open till midnight
He was away during the Rainbow incident. He was nowhere to be
seen on the day of the riot. It is not charged that the Mayor was
actually hiding under the bed, but his absence on that occasion was
so noticeable lhat it was a general jest round town thai the Mayor
had handed authority over to Chief Nickers and was seeking safe
It is nonsense to pretend that the city council are so anxious to
know the precise aspects of the law so closely that it is worth spending
a lot of money to find it all out. If they want to know what the precise
aspects of the law ��re on the matter, they can find il in Mr. Justice
Clement's judgment and mandamus.
That honorable judge, well learned in the law which he is sworn
to impartially dispense, went into the whole matter very closely, and
gave it as his opinion that "There is no doubt in my mind that the
refusal to grant the renewal was for reasons other than that claimed
on behalf of the commissioners." He followed that up by a mandamus
addressed to the commissioners by their names, saying:
"WHEREFORE,  we  being willing  thai  due and  speedy
justice should be done in tlie premises, as is reasonable, do peremptorily command you, the said Board <>f License Commissioners
.   .   .to grant said Alexander Janus Prudhomme.   .   .a license
.    .    .in   renewal   of   the   license   previously   held.    .    .without
the insertion in Mich license of any condition, lest by your default
the same complaint should br repeated to us.    .    ."
If tin- License Commissioners choose to take the risk of deciding
who shall antl who shall not have licenses, for "other than those reasons
claimed on behalf of the commissioners," that is their own risk.   Any
fool knows lhat il is a risky business to monkey with the law.   The
legal regulations upon which licenses can In: issued and refused are
clearly laid down in the statutes.    If the members of the License
Hoard care tn take the risk ot In ing a law unto themselves, they may.
Hut On ' ity council cannot plead in the face of Mr. Justit-f Clement's
decision that they are justified in voting ihe citizens' money���some
td it A. J. Prudhommc's mom y   in an effort in prevent Mr. Prudhomme
from earning a living.
11 i> no secret thai Alderman Newton is responsible for the editorial utterances of ,i certain local newspaper. The similarity in the
obtusencss of outlook ami turgidity of thought between Aldermai
Newton's speeches and the editorial articles in question .point to their
common parent. For the reason that his written articles are rarely
Bensible, we do not noticr thun. Hul an article which appeared in
Alderman Newton's paper a few hours before he voted lhe citizens'
money to fighl Mr. Justice Clement's judgmenl is worth quoting. It
is a characteristic reply to a series of articles which appeared in this
column on the economics of the (',. T. P. assessment agreement.
Says Alderman Newton editorially:
"It tloes seem a pity that a consummate ass should be permitted to make such belittling references concerning those who
strove to effect the best settlement possible rather than waste
a lot of the people's money in fighting law suits. . . A small
bunch of narrow minded politicians are prepared to even sacrifice
the city's besl interests for damnable party advantage. Politics
are all ri^ht in their place, lml when they conflict wilh lhe Welfare
of thr eily. we say away with them."
With  the exception  of  tin-  first   clause in   the  leading sentence,
wc would apply ilu-whole qui it,-it ion to lit Alderman Newton's action.
We would not call him a consummate ass, for hr is not that.    He is
merely a sinipleminded gentleman, with strong convictions, but little
exact knowledge of anything.    Nor Would we limit Alderman Newton's
freedom of ��peech���at least  nol until the city can afford to support
a permanent opera company with a funnier low comedian.    But we
do heartily endorse his stronu statement of the iniquity .,( the city
being plunged int., law suits k, suit.   .   .   some narrow-minded
politicians.   .   .   for damnable party advantage.
How .1,, the citterns feel aboul it.   That means you.
H. M. S. Shearwater Sails from
Esquimalt for the Behring
Sea This Month.
About the entl of this month
or the beginning of next, II. M. S.
Shearwater will leave Esquimalt
for the Behring Sea lo look after
British interests during the sealing
season. The sloop-of-war is now
preparing for her trip to the north.
Japan has also decided to send
a vessel acros* to look after that
nation's interests. 'Hie cruiser
Naniwa lefi Hakodate on May l
antl will proceed lirst to the Kain-
schatka coast antl Copper Islands.
She is expected to reach the scene
of the sealing activities towartls
the close of this month.
Five revenue cutters are to
protect the interests of the United
States, four already having been
sent north, and the other, the Rush,
now awaits orders at Seattle. If
pelagic sealing is not stopped as
a result of the donference being
held at Washington it is rcportetl
that the American government
will send a cruiser into Behring
Sea to assist the revenue cutters.
,m^trm^^mm*.mm. .,mm..**mm,.*^**^*'fm.****m'*i'
Rural Regiments Said to Have
Hired 300 Men to Bring "P
Their Strength.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Niagara, June 11. A sensation
is promised in the Niagara Camp
this year, owing to the discovery
today that more than ****** "f llu'
raral militia in camp here are
men recruited in Toronto from
along the docks and in the cheap
lodging houses. These are said
to be hired for two wu ks by Borne
of the commanders in order to
bring the regiments up to their
required strength for camp purposes.
Kor all kindl
waiters, dlthWI
ten, all kinils ii
chanlci, eall up
Phon^No. 17JK
ii/nill at the >y     *
Leaves for the West on Thursday for a Campaign Tour
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, June II. Mr. R. L.
Borden who returned here from
Halifax on Sunday night, is to
.leave for the West on Thursday.
Accompanying him will be a number of Conservative speakers.
C. P. R. Crews Must Handle j Negotiated Ice Fields and Man-
Cargo on Sundays According aged to Land Four Hundred
to Agreement Signed by Men. |    Passengers and Much Freight
Judge Mclnnes has dismissed
thc second test case brought against the Canadian Pacific Railway
by the tleek hands on the companya
coasting vessels, on the ground
that under written articles signed
by the men, handling cargo on
Sunday was work which they
agreed to tlo.
The lirst case brought by the
men was against the ortlers given
to deck hands to shift cargo on
Sunday on ll ��� Princess Victoria.
The action.was brought under
the Ciuiadian Act antl as the
Princess Victoria was registered
under the Imperial Shipping Act.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
None. Alas.. , June 14.���The
steamer Senator from Seattle arrived last evening with four hundred passengers and a heavy cargo
of fr.ight. The v. sst I's arrival
was welcomed, f' r supplies are
The steamer Umatilla from San
I'erancisco is outside the harbor,
working her way through lhe itt
fields to yet in. She is reported
to have four hundred passengers
on board.
'Ry ro\\>hna'ts and launches
teleybiflT^- 220  green.     Davis'
Judge Mclnnes dismissed the case. T&at House.
In ortler that there shoultl be n
misunderstanding tin- second time,
another case was brought in which
the name of C. Tucke, a deckhand
on the Amur, duly registered under |
thr Canadian laws was used.
The Amur employed on the run!
between Victoria aid Port Ss-
Bington and while at that place
and also at I'rinci. Rupert, lhe
men were ordered to move cargo
on Sunday antl when they refused
were replacetl by other men antl
upon arrival in Vancouver were
discharged from the company's
FrRM��r��nil Fifth Street* Tho only hotel
in town wlUi hot aiufreAtd water in room*.
Brut furm��h����4 h��ar��e north of Vnncouver.
KiMjmt ��'c Wf^Vhone 37; P.O. Box 129.
PKt'hiiutfint A- ii  urn
BOUGHT FIRST TICKET      BESNER & bksnbr, Proprietors
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
Arthur Little Claimant for
Unique Honor
To Arthur C. Little, proprietor
of  the  most   famous  news  stand
in Northern British Columbia,
goes the honor of buying the lirst
railroad ticket on the Grand Trunk
Pacific, to travel east on the
main line from Prince Rupert.
This morning Mr. Little was on
hand at the G. T. P. ticket ollict
and asked for a return ticket to
Copper Kiver, as far as the train
will travel, which is 100 miles easl.
"Four dollars and live cents
one way," said Mr. A. E. McMaster, the agent, who claims the
distinction of selling the first railroad ticket in this city for the
Soon after Mr. Little had gol
his ticket he was offered !$.r> above
the purchase price and later ��10
was offered. "Not for Bale," said
Mr. Little,    "I am one of the
pioneers here antl said I would
be a passenger on the first train
going easl. on the G. T. P. main
The number of the ticket is
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June 14,   The Morning
Post announces this morning thai
Sir Wilfritl Laurier has been ordered tO remain indoors for a
few days owing to his having
contracted  an   affection   of   the
; Tho Nn,' Knox Ila,t,-
' ,aUn. KirM-i-lam, t*t*ri
I Improvement..
In  run on  tho BuiOpMn
e.   All th* I ni-   a \l .i. - ���
:-:- UKl>S U-c VV
Windsor Hotel
Newly Fvrnithed snd     j
Steam Heated Room*
P.O. BOX 37
Building  M.H.-rial,   Client,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Cdke, Blackamitli
Coal,   Comnn Brick,
I'rrsat/d Brick
Shingles, Lath/New Wellington Coal
Sec Us for hires.       -       Phon* No. 116
a ,,! ..i.��� -Dlitriot ni Com! Ranga
BkMna **���*"��� *>>*''*' v,,/,   Manilla.... ol Prinot
'laku goUoo Him ���* .,, w������������i, Intandi
Rupart, 11, (-, owupsUon mjnj"��  ,   ,���Uowi���K
to upply lair purilll-a-ila'"  '���' puruiiu*.
to upply lur peri
duacriliuil landa; ntantod it a pmt at tho
Iomnwncni! ul ���' I"*' >""'���,   .���.,, -j   _���;, comer
���ojftwaat corner, ��u ;*��"�� ���� "g ,*   nutria,
ol Lot UU, H��"W,'0ffi*'Urn-si north A
urn mon or lou. ANNU.: MUSSALLEM
lluli-al Muy *, 1911, mn**,*
I'ub. Muy 13.
Ita!^pw4*^��g?tttt ol
ooeupstion clerk, iuii'iiJ to
io purehue the billowing
Tuko notloa thw
Prlnoe Kupert. u. *
spply lor parmlaaloi
JitCrlbad lamln: .        ,    ,,������, lw0 n.iiw,
MscinrtAy& JB �����tm-
thencaa  norlh   BO Chltnl.   thonoo
BkMM Land Diitrict--Ulatricl ol Coaut ii ,     .
Tuke notioe unit i, Clara May i.i   . 5T?��5
Uupert, ll. C. occuputiun ipfmte, n ���,',"'"
upply lor pnrmliiiun to purcliiine ,!,_ .5 -lg
���Jtwrlbeit lunda: * '""lowtOj
Comraenolnji ut u poat plunteil st thn ,, .,
weat comer ol Lot IT85, Attn. " i:��, ,,, ""'
thence uiiat 40 chuina. thencu north 115 it, i'
tlience woat 31 eliuili1 thonoo norU, Jo , """
thenco weat 10 chuina, thsnee louth 48 ehiSr?
point ot commencement, oontalnlni IP
.more or lesa. "  wwi
ll.ll.a.1 Apl.l   i,  mu.
I'uh. April 10.
jast  U0  chuina,
��� weal fit) chnina.
?***<**'   TUOMAS MeMBBKtN
Kruncia S. l'roalon. Auent
Datad April la. Hll
Pub. Miu- 13.
P. 0.  Box .r>S0
/itl.NCE R^ERT. B. C.
Csrriea cgrt-ipleto atdak of DruKB.   Speciul
u't-aiili'in pnaai to Illlhl^Iirracrilataaana.
Theilre Block phonk no. rf Smuid Ave.
Ski.oi'1 Unal Ilialrict -Diatrict ol Cuaaiur
Tuke Vou .vi .. I, Ohsrlei L Dalgtovaol Staw-
luke no.. . I ,      . oclu.   ;,���,.���! ,��� npply
lor pern,i.��ion li  purchuao tho following deucrlbeil
IU'i"'nmmasnalnl at u post plsntsd about aix milea
iuuihi.ie .SU "wS al the lorka ol the While
SidI Flal rivera. thonei aoulh B0 cliaina. thinoe
SLt bO chain., lli.i.cc K��h 00 chuina, thonco woat
DuieaTApril 10, mil.    0EAELBS.DBLOEOVB
I'uh. May 13.
Fruncia S. Praaalon, Ajjont
Skeenu Land Dialrici -District ol Couat ltango 6
Take n.alico that 1. J- "amid Mckean of Pr nee
Kupert, 11. C., occupalon bluckam th, intend to
���pply lor porui saion io purchuao the lollowini;
deacr bod landa: ,    .     . ._ j
Commencinii at a poat planted about throe nnd
one half mllea U atunl ill u aoulh weaterly dlroolioia
Ira.m a bliii'l alough Irum Obaervnlory Inlot whore
the aame lunches the Ind an Iteaervo, thonco wost
SO chaina, ihonco aouth SO chu na, thonco eaat SO
chalna, thanea north SO chuna tu pont ol com-
nienconicnl, contaiuini! 010 acroa more or loaa.
Uuled Apr I 11. UU.       J- 11A110LU McKI-.AN
7, Rochester ^
7 Monroe
Lady smith
k      '��' Cr al
\:     P'iO.'JEMS
Lotl S aiKl li, Block lit,
St'L'ttQll   1.
$3tKKi, 25 per cent, cash,
lialunt'u 1, 2, :< vc.ir-.
7 par cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
and POCL
ft A Alloy*. TTnMf!..    A k����"1 WXU*
t* rtMv    Aetcnti *p��rt.    L.-Hlk'K rvvry
*% nfti-rnomi.     Ncwmtin  Hlock,  U-
9* \mm_Wmmh anil Tth St*.
V TKD Mttrihi.iiin,     l'ni|irit't��>r uml Munnjr
BkMU Un.i District���District ol Cussiur
Tuku   notico   that   1,   Thomu   Maeitovern   of
SU'wurt, 11. Oh occu|mtinn minur.intenU to upply
for pLTinission to purchaau tho following duscriuud
land31 . *-���*..
Coinmcncing ut a pnst planted on tho right
bunk of tho Nuu river ubout four miles ubove the
(.irks of the Nuus nver, thenco aouth bi) chuins,
llience west  bl) chains,  tlience  north  ��U  chuins,
j thetlOt east MJ chuins to point of commencement,
��� contuininu ti 10 ucres more or less.
I Uatwl March Hi, 1911.  Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
I Tub. Muy 17.
Skeena Und District���District of Cussiur
Trikt notice  that   W illiam  Frederick  Cameron
of  I'rinco  Uupert,  11.  C, occupation  carpenter,
;'���-.:.������ to apply for .'torntusion  to purchuao the
following deacribed lands:
Cummencing at a post plantetl obout throe
piles south of the forka of the White and Flut
mtm, thence soulh bO chains, thenco west bu
'chains, thence norlh bU chuina, thenco east bU
Dated April lb, lilll.
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. 1'reston, Agent
Skifna Land District���DUtrict of Coust Kango o
Take notioe lhat 1, Lauchlan John Shanuhun of
Victoria, It. C, occupation toucher, intend to
apply for permission to purcliaae the following
deacrihed lands:
Commencing ut u ]������������< pluuted *��� > chuins south
from the southeast corner of Lot ..i��.n. thence 4U
Chaius souih, thenco '**��� ehuiiia vat, thence -IU
chains norlh, thencu -10 chuins east to point of
cut n in en cement, containing li>0 ucrw more or leas.
Duled April IT, I'.'ll
I'ub  May ti.
Skoona Und District-District of Cassiar
Take notice thut 1. John L. Mitchell of I'rince
IlUajHTt, It. C, occupation bookkeeper, inlend to
apply  for  (termission to  purchaso  the  following
described lands:
< t:ninencing at a post planted ubout (5) five
mllea nouth and il> one mile wi-st of the forks of
thu While and Flat rivers, thence north bO chains
thenci' cast bO chuins, thencu aoulh bi) cliains,
thince ui%t bo chuins.
Dated April 18, IUll. JUHN L. MITCHKLL
I'ub. May li Francis S. FresU'ii, Agent
Skoonu Lund District���District of Cussiur
Take notin thut 1 1 rancis S. 1'rosion of I'rince
Hupcrt,  ll.  C, occupaticii pnispeclor, intend  to
apply  fur  jmtihitution  to  purchase  the  fullowing
deacribed lantls:
Commencing at a post plunteil about three
mite* south and two milos wt*i uf the forks ol
the White und Flut rivers, thence south bi) chuins
thenco easl mj chuins, thenco north bO chuina,
thence west bO chains.
Dated April 20. 1011.     FRANCIS S. PRBSTON
Pub W.iy 13
Skeenu Land Dlstricl���District of Coast Kango 6
Take noi ce ihat L Joo Jack of 1'nrco U. pert.
It. Cm uccupation car|tenter, intend to apply (or
iturmlssion to purchase the futloMing deacribed
Commencing at a post planted ubout threciand
one-hull miles dMiu.t in a south we<iierty direction
from a blind stuugh from Observatory Inlet where
thc same touches tho Indian Kusvrvu thence east
bi) cha ns. ihence ><nth bO chains, thencu wost&O
chains, ihencv south bO chains to point of commencement, containing 010 ucred more or less.
Datod April 14, Hill. JUK JACK
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Lund District-District of Const li**,.,,., i
Tuko nutice thut Mary Uaaton QUdenlw t ,*i
Victoria, It. c. occupution huusukoeiit-r, Intanri.
to apply fur iiermisaioii to purchuse tnu  oUowIm
deaoribad lands: *'"*
Commencing at u posi. plunted ut the buuthwaat
corner of Lot a.Uti, liunt.u ii, Coust DUtrlol thenTa
bO chuina south thence -10 chains   out, tliflneti S
cliains norlh, thonco -10 uhuina west to point i,i
ummencoment, oontalnlng 3-0 acrea mora ur i,��u
Dated April 17, IUll. *'U.^Lb\t,
Pub. Muy 6.
Skoona Und DUtrict-District of Coast
Tuku notico tnut Frod  W. Uohler ol iviuum.
kulum, occupation farniur, intonds to uitpiy int
parmlauon to purohaaa tnu tollowliu daurlhoS
Cuinmunciug nt u post platitui ut Uu aurth-
oast corner ol A. fdoiiOOd s pru-iiiuptiun, taeou
M chains south, ihencu Id Ohaina oust, thaaot JO
chuina north, tboncu 10 cliains west to \,__\_ ur
commencomunt conuining )I0 ucres mom ur Iihs
Dutod April 10, Hill. PRU1DR10U W.BOttLfiR
Pub. April 8S. Frod Hampton; Ag��ii
Skeona Land District���District of Coast Rann 5
Tuko notico tlut 1, Frunk Hicks o( .port ._���
sington, occupaliun merchunt, intend to ippju
fur peraUaalon] o purchusu tlio tollowing dMenoai
Comuiuncing at a pust plunti>d on thu *uut!i
bunk -ii tho hUckiuuuiks Kiver und about luur
milea from its cunlluencu witb ttm Skeenu Kivt-r
tiiunco bO cliaina wost, tliunce bO cnains nurui[
ihencu 80 cliuins east, ttmncu suutli -su cu.ii'u
tu point of commencement, containing blu ucrw
moro or leas.
Dated April 81. Ull. FRANK HlCKs
Pub. April BV.
-,zhE. EBY  ca.  Co.
Kiisiiinkiiliim Land For Sale
H ISIMh U.I'M - U. ('.
i'rince Rupert Lodge, IJ).0.F.
\        NO.  63     y
Mi'i't�� Id tlie IIi'U[^son llluek
Every Tuesday Evening
mt-mb-^lt of  tin' nrdiT in the city
netted t<y visit tha IchIkc.
..Grand Hotel..
Spring H��Ur-clc*��vVVliitp Sht'otn   25c
,y RoomB 50fc~-
BEST In town for the monky
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
LaaahandMailaahH^mrai Ltmok n,,.,
Mrali, 2li^rfh-CoirwlM^8M
G. S. JolINgTONE, N.G.
II. MORTON.'tSi>crotnrv.
5. O. E. B. S.
TIip   Prince   Rlt^��Mt  Lodtrc
Bnclnndi meeti tfiwa^at and
���?ach month In the (*n
Son* of
Tunrdays  in
I, at 8 p.m.
K, Sec,
o. Ikyr ^12. Prince Rupert
KttleV.;NEWS Agency
MaKnzinoH :: PanMUull :; NaWipapan
O: T. P. TramTht Agenta
i Hal*, .a promptly mini,   I'rli-pii rrns-Mklil,>.
OFFICE- II. n. Roeh-aitar, C��ni|��flt.    PhoatM
j        Knglish and Americ^ jiilliarda
Twelve Tablee Secdlftt Avk
Skeena Land Diatrict -Dlitrict of t 'n.i t Hange &
Take notice that 1. Bell Hull Kcnnvy of \.w
mouth, NoVI Scotia, occupation married wumun.
intend to apply for permiaaion to purchaau the
folluwing described landa:
t'omnu'iicing at a pust planted ut north enal
corner of T. 1. l.nt BwS8| tbence running wctt -*>
ebaina, thence nurth hi) chaina, thencu eaat lu
chaina, thvnce nouth ���** chaina to place of com'
men cement containing ���:���> ucna* more ur leaa.
My poit is on aouth eaat cornur uf land applied
for, marked lettera S. K., about one milu wtat of
Lake Lakelm-, iouth aide of .Skeena liver District
of t'ouat Kunge 5.
Duted April W, IUll.      1JKLL HALL KKNNKY
Pub. Muy 13. Juhn Huverty, Agent
Skeena Laud Diatrtct -Diatrict of t'muiar
Tuku  notice that  1, Jamua  Dunlop of  Prince
Kupvrt,   11.   (J.,   occupation   teamaiur,   Intend   to
apply  for  iH-rmUsioii to  purchaau  the  fullowing
dtochbud landa:
(.'ummencing al a poet plutit4tl about two milea
nuuth of the furki of thu White and Flut rivera,
ih.���:,!���.���  north   .'"i  chuina,  thencu  went  ��U chuina,
thencu iouth ti) chains, thence east bt) chnina.
Dated April lb, lull. JAMKS DUNLOP
Pub. Mav 13. Francia S. Preaton. Agent
Cuait Kango b Laud District
Take   notice   that   I,   John   Hepburn   of   Kit-
lumkalum,   occupation  furmor,   intund   to   u|>ply
for pernii .iuj, to purchaw thu followtig deacnued
Cummencing at a poat plantcl at tho northeufi
curner of Lot 31163, thencu cast 2i) chains, thenca
aouth  4U chains,  thunce  weat 2U clum,  thuncu
nuiih 40 chains tu place ol commencement-
Datod March 18, lull. JOHN  EUSPBUBN
Pub April 16.
Skoena Land Diatrict ��� Diatrict of Coaat Kangu b
Tuke notice that Henry Macartney of Prince
Kupert, It. Ci occupation minor, intunds tu apply
for portnJaetOD to purchaau thu fullowing duaenbed
CommencinR at a post planted en lho suuth
aide of Kxchumaika lllver, abuut 2 1-2 milea from
ill conlluenee wilh lho Skeena Kiver and ubuut
1-2 mile* west from Kxchumaika rapids, (hence mi
chains north, thenco in chains euat, thonco it)
chains aouth, thence 40 chains west tu point o |
commoncement, con'"ining 320 acres more or
Inas. Post marked "H.M. S.W. cor."
Dated April 2J, lilll. HflNRY MACAKTNKY
Pub. Aorll 2!t.
Kkeena Land District���District uf Caular
Take  notice  that   I,   Mary  Carin  nf  Stewart,
U. Oaf occuiiation married womun, intend to apply
for permission to purchase tho fullowing described
t'ommenclng at a post planted two (2) miles
south und (2) two milus went of thu forks uf the
White and Flat rivers, thence bi) chuins nurth
thence UU chains west, thence Hi) chains south.'
thence HO chaini easl.
Duted April B0, IUll. MAKY CAK1N
Pub. May 13. Francia .S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Lnnd District���District of Coast
Tnke   notice  that   1,   Wllliurn   Melville  Corley
of   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupution   clerk,   intend
to apply for permission to purchase the toUowtni
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
oorner of Lot 806ft Hasi ft, Coaal District, thunce
fast (iU chains, thenco north 40 SfaalU, thunce west
tO  chains  to   lloll's  Uute  slough,   ihencu  along
slough southerly to point of commencement   containing KiO acres moro or lean.
Dated April 0, IUll.
Pub. April 29. viw-ma
Skaena Land District-District of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that J. II. Murphy.uf Vancouver
B. 0., occupation commercial traveller intends
to apply for permisaion to purchase the toUowlna
described lands: '
('ommencing nt A post planted uhout suven
nilhw wuat and ono milo couth frnm thn mouth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thence north HO
chalna, thnnco weat 40 chains, thunco south an
chains, thence eaat 40 o    Ina. h   *"
DatedMarch 17, 1911. J. u. MUKPHY
NumaDnmora, Agont
Skeena Land Diatrict���District uf Coaat
Taku noticu that Willium Mciuvuh of \aucou.
vur, 11. C. uccuputiuu physician, intends tu spply
fur permiaaiun tu purchaau ihu lulluwing uiaumM
Commencing al a poat plunted ut the euuth*��j
corner, 40 chuins north und 4U chains east uf ins
nurlheast corner ol Lot 11 lb, Harvey'i Survv),
Couat Dislrici. Kungu 5, thuncu 00 chains eut
thunce Hi) cuuina nurth, thence tiO chaina w��t,
thunce GO chuina aouth lo poat ol cuuuiieiiccmetit
cuntaiiiiug 3t>U ucres iiioru ur leaa.
Duled Muy 2, IUll. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Pub. Muy ii. Fred W. ItuhW, Agsnt
Skuena Lund District���Diatrict of Cuast lUnge 5
Tuke nutico that i.eiue McTavish uf Vuiicouvlt,
lt. C-, occupation murried woman, intendi tu
upply for permiaaion to purchase the fullowing
iioacnbed lunda:
Cummencing ut u post planted at the north-
wuat corner 100 chains t��aat and 20 chain* nurm
Irum thu northeaat corner of Lot 111b, llarwy'a
Survey, Coaat Distnct.Kangu j.thuuca 80 clmni
suuth, ihencu &0 chaina euat, \. ������:,*������ 60 ciiiuu
nurth, thencu 40 clmina wuat, thuncu bl) ctiainj
auutli, thencu 40 ehalni weal lu pust uf eonUMO*
cement, cuntaining 400 acrea mure ur lusd.
Duted Muy 2, IUll. LOTT1K McTAVlSH
Pub. May u'. Fred W. Uohler, Aft-nt
Skeunu Lund Dialrici���DUlrict of Coaat Kaugo I
Taku noticu taat Grace Mcl'a visit, ol VattOOttVefi
U. C, occupation murried woman, intends to apply
fur purmiaaioii to purchaau the fulluwiug di��crii>e<J
Communcing al a poat planted at the suuihwi^.
corner 100 chuins vast aud 20 chaius nortn ul
thu nurthoust comer of Lot 1110, Harvey > iatttf,
Coast District, Kaugu b, ihencu 40 ciiaim esst,
Uience 60 chains north, thenco 40 cnum* weit,
thonco b\) chains aouth to post uf comiuence.neni
cuntaiuiiig 320 ucrw moro or less.
Datod May 2, IUll. ORACH  McTAVlSH
Pub. Mav G. Fred W. Uuhler, Agent
Skeenu Land District���Dislrici uf Caaaiar
'lake   nutice   that   1,   Charlw   M.   Knuusc o
Priucu Kupurt,  i>. C, occupatiun tanner, intvnJ
lo apply lur permiaaiun tu purchusu the tottowifl|
described lunda:
Cummencing at a post planted ubout ��� >< three
miles south and l2 ) two miles west ol theforkBOl
W hue river and Hal river, thence suuth bi) ciiaiu,
thunce  west  Mt chuina,  thence north t>0 ���.
thence east hO chaina.
Dated April 20, IUll.      CHAKLKS M. KK0U8B
Pub. May 13. Krancii S. Preaton, Agent
Bkaana Land Diatrict���Diatrict o. Coast Kange &
Take not ce lhal Murdock McKue of Vancuuvi-r
II. C, occupation real estate bruker, intenda to
apply for permiaaiun t: purchaa tlie fulluwick
described landa:
Commencing at a onst planted un the avU.h
bunk of Karhumsika river ubuut live u.ile* Iiuin
Ita cuuiluuncu with the Skeena river, thvnce 40
chuina weat, thence 20 chuins nurth, thenc* i*)
chuins wust, 'thence 40 chuina north, ihence 40
chaina eaat, thuncu 20 chalna south, llienei' iJ
chaina eust, thencu 40 chuina auuth tu point ol
commencement, containing 320 acres mure or it*
Dated April 21. l'Jll. MURDOCK McKAt
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar
Tuku  nutice  that  I,  laaac  O'ltrien  Furls* of
Princu Kupert, H. C.. occupation carpenter, intend
to upply (or permission to. purchase the foUoafal
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted abuut tiv mi!e*e
aouth and ono milu west of tho forki of theUhiu
aud Flut rivera, thencu north bO chuina, tlience
wuat ho chaini, thence aouth HO chains, thence
eaal HO chains.
Datod AprU 18. IUll. ISAAC O'UKIKN FuIlBEa
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston. Agent
Skeona Land District���Diitrict t.r Coast
Tako notice that Glonn McArthur of Vancuii*tfi
11.   C,  occupation  real   aetata ugent intends tu
apply  fur  purimsaiun  tu  purchase  the following
deacrilied lands:
Comniuncng at a post planted 40 chains w.it
and HO chaini south of tlie southwest corner ��
Lot No. 1733 marked lilei.n McArthurs northwest corner, thence iouth 40 chaim, thence ��a��t
HO chuins, thencu nurth 40 chains, thenre ����'
HO chaina to po��t of cummuncument, containing
320 acrea more or 'eaa. ilt,���
Duted March 20, 191L        GLKNN McAKilUK
Pub. April 16. T. D. Uird. At**
Skeenu Lund District-District of l'..:m ���' *
Coast District
Take notiw that Wm. Leslie nf Suppei I   ���   " '
iHi-upati.in (Jovernment Cuiinl, Intandi to II i '
for parmlaelon to purchase the followini oi - : -"
ed landa:
Ojinmeneiim nt a post planted 40 el ���*
nnd Il'ii chains south of the lottthweel ��� '""���'
No 173;!, rantct* .r> const district,marked �� '" ���*���' - ���"'���
N.W. corner, thence south 40 chains, thena      '
ho chains, thence north 40 chains thenee wett ��j
chains to post of commencement, oontnlninfw
acrei more or lens.
T. D. Laird, Agent
Dated March 20th. lull
Pub. April 2Ulh. IUll
Skwna Land A/istrict���District of Queen Cnariotw
Tako notice that Geo. II. UUI of Prtuce RWh
Bi C, occupation burlwr, intends tu a|)i��>y ���<"
jK-rmisaion to purchaso tho fullowing dr.��crii>e
lands: .
Commoncing  at  a  post  planted  about m*j>
miles wost und one milu south from thu ,V'"'JM
of Stanly   Creek, Nadon Harbor, thenco lonM ��
chains,  thunco  west 10  chains,  thunco  nu.'tn
chuins, thunce oast 40 chains. ...��
Datod March 17, lull. 0B0. "��� >'v x
Pub. April 22. Numa DoOMf*
��� Puh. April 22.
, Age-it
Skeena Land District -District ol I ������ ,r    of
Tuku notice thnt  1,  Krenton JofOOD MeOTM*
Prince Kuiiert, 11. C, uccupation contrariur. nien
to apnly for permission to purchaae the follow ���
deacrihed lands: .    hrM
Commencing at a post planted about IM *>
miles suuth  and (2)  two  miles  west of WO i"?r
of White and Flat rivers, thonce HO chains sou*"
thencu  HO chains  wost,  thenco 80 chains i��""
thence 80 chains east. .    ���, unnRfl
Datod April 20, 1911. Francis S. Preston, Ar"1
Pub. May 13.
Tuke notice that I, James Webster M'"
Stewart H.C, occupation auctioneer, mt��'���
apply  for permission to   purchaso   the   lOtiow
deaenbed lands: *tW
t'ommunclng  Bt  a  post   planted  Ofl W�� pv*
hunk ol tho Nuns river nbout nine mm s'
tho forks of the Nuns river, thonce southJW cns��
Ihence west  HO chains,  thenco north ho ens    ���
thence onst SO chnina to point of commence"
contuining 040 acres more or less. .,. iu
Datad March 21, 1011. Frank Sidney Wngnw "��
Pub. Muy 17.
iSkeenuLnnd District  -Districl ''(''V^.a.rt,
Take notice thnt I, Sydney FiugornW ;��' Vg%2
H. C, occupalion cook, Inlend to Ujjn ',r ' At
'"'salon to purchase lho following d��0Tltta leo^
'ommencing at a post planled abuut "**.,.���,
lh and one milo ofthe forks of Whi
mliwiun to
"oulli nnd iiiii, mile ail I r,>   .    ���
and  VIM  rivor., tlipnci.' soulh  80 0 '"|T"'      ������,-
wiiit  80 chnlm, llionu. nortli 80 chainn, torn
(Ut 80 chnlm. _mmtt/*-*tt__D
Dntol April IH, 1911. .S.YDNEY Fll/Oh'"'' t
I'ub. May 18. Fraud. 8. Prcrton, AC" THEi'DAlLY    NEWS
~a I
General Merchandise \
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in Northern B. C
.��i^.m^.h������ i4^^im��.n��* ii mmmw**,** ��iiain��i��^ m^s��^ i*^*g     j
Section 9
Township 1
Range 4
This is un excellent sejcion and was one of the first to be
fed in the Yalley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers And Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to clay will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladles of I'rince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope iB expressed thut "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Groceriey at   City Prices	
a new  line of
kirta,  Shawls and
will sell  at cut
nly.     :     :     :
To   Residents of Seofioni S, 6,   7 and   8���W�� delivar  promptly,
our goods are fresh, at pricea not to be beaten in the city   I   I
'**���_���� MUSSALLEM & CO. ��**
eul *  Mcirifc
f    Crown Favorite Cooking Stove
\   Price from $45 to $5&>. /" Other Stoves from $16.
fOUflJBD   l
Second Avenue
T.l.ph.B. 10
REST, - $7,000,000
SIR eOMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LUt)., D.C.L, President
-ALEXANDER LAIRD, GijAral  Manaqer
CAPITAL, - ^0,000,000
Every branch of The CnnaclfboH.iii^of Commerce ia equipped lo issue drafts on
Ibe principal cities In Hie foilodynpfountrics without delav I
'*,**e* Cr��te yK Prajca Ncw /r.Un.l Siberia
I"1",     . Cha /      tLM.rA Nonrsjl s.-���l.n
-������    - a,���r K.p.aUU ha .-.mark      .' IMfnd P.naa��a s-.ailaAln..
Aaj.trdia K^pi       X InalSL _***** Spain
Aiutri.,.Hungary     I ..... I^���l, Kk ptru SlraiU MM
\\*t__m FinlanJr |ul��      %. Itiilippina UL11J.    Sweden
'��" F���nn*a Japan       >��. P.>rtn*.l SwittrrlanJ
I'lilican. VrJZT VS* A.       I;  .,��,._,. T.u'*,r��
RE" !Xh <-'*-el��<* t'hina Malta \ Hmu I'mlcJ Stala.
,-,' ifcnnaiiy Manchuria ^���fcr.ia BESffa
Tl ���t.ieat Hnlain M. .���,, JW/n Wrt lain. Hr.
I ni' amount oftjfese drafts is stated in tin- money of tlWountry where Ihey are pay-
aWcj that Is Jfcy arc drawn in sterling, francs,* inark-Otyc, kronen, florins, yen,
������"'Is, rouhlrf, etc., as the case may be. Thia cnaurcs thaf .he payee abroad will
receive tly-hclual amount intended. 233
J- M./Christie
The French model shown in
Illustration is very pleasing and is
developed in blade crin, with blue
and Mack stripes about the sharply
upturned brim. The trimming
consists solely of shaded blue and
black feathers. The same model
is shown in cerise and black, and
is strikingly handsome.
Summer Girls Who Leave Off
Their Hats are Wise
The more air and sun lhe hair
has the more it will grow and the
more healthy it will lie up to a
certain point. The hair dressers
tell us that too hot a sun will
injure and bleach lhe hair in much
tile same proportion as it will
injure the owner of the hair.
After shampooing your hair always try to dry it in the sun, or
al least in the open air, as this
is much more natural and therefore much better for the hair than
artificial heat.
The question of how often the
hair shoultl be washed is a vexed
one, and a general law cannot be
laid down. It is safe to say, however, lhat more troubles result
from the too frequent cleansing of
the hair than from too little.
Naturally greasy hair may be
Washed every fortnight, but never
of   cold   water,   w
instead of oil.
The benefit of brushing \\u* hair
is questioned by some specialists.
It cleans the head and makes the
hair glossy, bin die head may
be clean, and glossy hair may not
be desired. If tlie hair is falling,
certainly brush and comb it very
Use as little padding or false
hair as possible, and also as few
hair pins and combs. With Huffy
hair, even if not abundant, no
pads are called for by the present
Simple Style That Has Proved
Pretty Will be Revived
A new era of pouplarity seems
to be in store for lhe separate
blouse. One of the leading French
dressmakers i:i authority for the
prediction that the next year will
Bee a great revival of the separate
blouse and skirt combination, not
only so far as tlie tailored suit antl
waist are concerned, but for other
wear. Regardless of what the
future may bring, the luxurious
little blouse of*heer stuff and dainty design is a very essential part
of the wardrobe this spring, anil
each blouse model that one sees
seems more charming antl more
fascinating than the last.
As the weather grows wanner,
more antl more tub blouses of
actually washable materials appear under tailored coats. It is
quite necessary to sjH'cify "actually washable" materials, as many
of the BO-called "tub" blouses
I woultl never Stand a single washing.
The colored embroideries of the
cheaper blouses are by no means
always   fast.     The   lovely   voile
Will ba all you  cany
dcaire if you use...^
\WE A AVE   lf; ALSO
good breakfast
Ideatf Provision House
TIJhl Ave., near Sixth St.   Phone 190
I Stalker & Wells
"nr.il I
,p mM^iw^w^^^iW^^-W^^^^^
In solitaire or cluster t|i#nond act-
tinga, offers to t\iy*tt who desire
real values, _j_*S*t superb choice.
We import yhe perfect diamonds
than any>fter Canadian firm, therefore _*T_Tc in a position to give you
; stonea at lowest possible
Sec our  1911  catalogue.
BIRKS & SONS, limited
Diamond Merchants Jewellers
EO. E. TROREY, Managing Director   ' ��� Vancouver, B.C.
Ave. and McBride - Phone 187
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dealer Hat ll
To Leise
22, 23, 24,
3l!    J
���, 35   /
r i
/ \
M             1       \
Limited.       \
Second Ave., Prince Rupart, B.C.
The Digby Rooms %
I a 1 Of-aL     A �����__!��___ Sjw
Located on Sixth Ave., near Fulton
Three to five minutes from centre of buainemi district. Nineteen newly furnished rooms.
Hot and culd water, bath and
telephone. Newly furnished.
Under new munuKement.
��� I
Giperal Haj4ware���
Ganeral Harrfv
I       a7T
t Builde^ Hard
Valves &
Oxford Stoves  *
Tinware -
te line of
sses, Min-
R. W. .Came<on & Co.
Offlfa] Watch
for th
tch fnstii'ct
i- t;.T.i\
Cor. Rh St. and SM-hd Avenue.
PHONE 82 |
Double Weekly -Service
For Stewart, Sundaya, 8.00 a.m.
Advertise in The Daily News
more often   than   this, or  it  will
deprive the hair of too much of
its natural lubricant, will make the
cutis split, thc growth weak, antl
lead to an abnormal falling out.
When .shampooing use thc yolks
of two eggs, beaten in wilh a pint
of warm water. Wet the head
slightly   first,   then   nib   in   the
ihampoo until it lather*.    Rinse
several limes until the water is
Massage the heatl every night
with the finger tips all over the
ICalpi using a rotary motion. If
the hair is tlry, flip the linger tips
occasionally into olive oil, a very
simple ionic for thc hair is the use Tinil ifi I mill 11 "'II linn
antl martpiisille blouses also often
prove tlelusions, for this fabric,
as many people know, never stops
Apple Snow
Peel antl grate one large sour
apple, sprinkling over it one .small
cup of powdered sugar as you
graie it, to keep it from turning
tlark. Break into this the whiles
of two eggs antl beat constantly
until very stiff antl lighl. Heap
this in a glass iii -li antl pour a
line smooth custartl aroun<l it ant
Use Pearl Button
Instead of working a buttonhole
in the back of the neckband of
tailored waists and using a collar
button, sew on a medium sizetl
pearl button. It tloes not make the
black spot on the collar or daUM
it to bulge as the collar button
tloes, antl also holds fust antl is
perfectly satisfactory.
City Transfers Loan
On May 31st the arrangement
made wiih the Bank of Commerce
for the advance of 130,000 on the
Telephone Debentures expired.
Arrangements have been made
with  the  Bank of Montreal to
carry   this   loan   pending   further
adjustment of mir debenture loan.
Write Your Letters
The S.S. Princess Royal of the
('. P. R. line will be the first and
only boat south this week carrying
mail. She leaves here on Friday
ew Blodses
ChiffoilB, Silks
.;ancf Satins..
These /are   Hoods   just   received
fro.p thu centres nf fashion to-
J gethek with
handsome silk Presses, mus-
/ lins, whitewbar, etc.
Bob Spadek, who was trailed by
the St. Louis Browns to Newark
for Joe (,'risp, has been released.
Crisp has also been releasetl by the
+ + +
Charlie Welsh has decided to
remain at the head of the New
Westminster Club. Mr. Welsh
has been manager of the team for
the past four years and has filled
the position to thc satisfaction of
Joe Sugden handed in his resig-
castle dub in the 0. and P. League,
but the directors refused to accept
it. Joe wanted to quit because of
the poor showing his team was
making in the pennant race.
+ + ���
Tom Fisher, the old Southern
League pitcher, is now managing
thc Anniston team in the Southeastern League.
A Chicago ball team were passengers on a western railway that
was wrecked lasl week. The umpire was shot through a car
Window and rang up three strikes
on his indicator when he regained
his feet.
+ + +
Frank Cotch is one of the few
wrestlers who refuse to wager any
money on the outcome of their
own matches. Jack Curley, Hack's
manager, and Doc Roller, lhc Seal-
lie wrestler, combined to olTer
to bet Gotch $5,000 that Mack
woultl win. Cotch told them he
did not wager tin any of his
Clini Benedict, who is undoubtedly the best amateur goal tentler
in the hockey game in tlie East,
has decided to turn professional.
He was practically signed to play
lacrosse with the Capitals, antl may
play hockey next winter with the
Renfew hockey club. This will
make the New Kdinburgs' chances
for lifting the Allan cup from the
Winnipeg Vies rather slim.
+ ��� +
"JigKs" Donahue, the Cicago
American first baseman, has lieen
engaged to manage the Galveston
baseball team of the Texas league
Donahue is to receive $:{")() a
month and it is saitl thc terms
agreed on by the club manage
ment is that James Balbritlge. tin
university ball player, who ha:
.signed on thc Galveston pitching
staff, shall bc releasetl to Chicago
ai the end of the present season.
Balbridge is playing his first season
in professional ball.
+ ��� ���
Arrangements are under way to
bring together the four fasti st
yachts on the Pacific Coast in the
middle   of   July   at   the   Seal lie
Golden Potlach in the Pugel .Sound
city.    The potlach committee has
planned to hold the most interesting yachting event of the season
in bringing together the Alexandra
owned by Mr. F. B. Dcanc, Vancouver; the Spirit I, owned by
Can Bros, of this city; the Spirit
II, owned at Seattle, antl the
Gcrtiirtlc  of   Everett,    The   local
owners of the boats in question
are keenly interested in the yachting event anil have expressed their
willingness to make the trip.
��� ��� ���
The large bunch of youngsters
now playing first base in the big
leagues  arc  all  doing  nice  work.,
The list Includes: Collins, of ihv
White Sox; Hunter of the Pir.ncs;
Williams, of the Red Sox; ''.tiderus,
of the Quakers; Soinnvrlot, of the
Nationals; antl Ctainor of the
��� ��� ���
Manager McAIeer of the Washington \cam is trying to land Paul
Cobb, a brother of the famous
I'yms. Voting Cobb is playing
with the Lincion team antl is siid
tt�� be the real excitement of lhe
Western  League.
+ + ���
In a recent game in Boston Bill
Sweeney of the Rustlers made a
great record, Eleven chances with
out a bobble antl five hits in five
times up, was opposite Bill's namc|3lXTB  STREET
on the score card.
Prince Albert sails for I'orf   Simpson, Kuus Kiver I'oint*, Masset,
.Niult'B Harbor,   ever/  Wednesday, UOO p.m.
ami fir: A
RefugnBsy, BkMegate, Queen
Chariott* City, jLockeport,   l'a-
eofl, Joilw
Harbor art
kudu Hay, Kose
bturn via Queen
every  Saturday,
Railway System    '
ni from the Pacific
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Try
connecting with
coast operates vf fretjuent and convenient service of/uxunoug trains over its
double track /oute between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Uofton, New York and Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned. Trins-Atlaiitie bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coait Service
Famous  Princess  Line
'Princess Royal
���uiili for���
ViKoum, Victarii   and   Sciltlt
Fri_\*iy, June 16, at 9 a.m.
}.fi* McNab General Agent
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Ageicy
Second* Ave. Phone 116
Take the
... FOF
Ht Itght-draught steem-
/lander (or Ha:
H. B. Rochester
Si'i'oniUfv,-n.il- and Thu<! street
Ove&We��tenhaver Bros.'Office,
MUNRO   &.   I.AfT.KV
*��     Archil^U,
Stork Buil-SM. Second Avenue.
Stork Buil��M. Second ,
M*l*OI'*lmU_t*ffl ���:��� At'D
w-Butler IMJMlnr      I>|,<
i.aw- Butler imndTnir
I'rinca Ru|x>rt
Phone No. 280
"ftU. Box 351
of II'.II-1. I ���,!.,,. I .,
��� ml   -M.nt'ala.  |la%,.
lumhla     />    tit HC *
k.lal.r��.la   and
br-na Ban.
humr--" blnck. cirnv "^H avwiua and
Sixth ��tm:i. la,.. I: a am. t
WW. S.-HAU,. L.O.S., D.D.S.
i Dbntiht.
Crown antlBriltee Work a Specialty.
All ila'-itil OT, . ill-.' ��� Vfeilfatlly I r. -,i..i    i,��- and
focal nnaatll.'lc. Admini.tai-aif*! t'*t lite pnfnlwu ci-
traclioa fit teeth.       Con.ultation trvm.     nftir*.
Ilclrtr.on Illiick. Prtnr-i. Rupert. ll-l!
Ale. M Main.,,a, | A..       W. K Willium..!! A . I..1..I,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
I'rince Kupert, B.C
TliACltfcfc OK S1NCING
rtru^T t��M. rono
��.a A.M.,.ION.. UNO
MERl>l����trH    AGENCY
t'tlU��nrflt)N!t  AtJVREPORTfl
Siath Slr.ct
Phon* Black 184
Fruit   ;   Produce   :   Feed
H. R>rtrto
rton   -   3*A. Ave.
___________ THE    DAILY    NEWS
The leasee People I spends fflSTiffi in the        Classified  -   -  Advertisements
 "*"  ... newspaper irivea the public ia in the classified advertisement columns
t services the mo*��n��IWgg" fiSd��ni and tenant, and a host of others meet on com-
,���B5d STo Iu ttim ul""n, convenience in reach of, everyone, the   News   will  rsdOOS   its
md.    io pu ����j(;e if a Mnt u wor,iPer insertion.   Minimum charge or 25 cents.
EVERY ci anj; of Itfn^ANOB.   OET ouit RATES
The Mack Bwlty and -insurance Co.
I'hone 150  /     ThiiiLAvenma uiiA. Fulton St
Inspector A. M. Tyson is on His Summer Visit to the
Agencies and Reserves���Has Some Very Delicate
Missions to Perform in His Daily Work
just receive
of the
id   latest   ilerf
Velvet aml/eath-
Hans.    We   es-
nvite yo/to call
II  sho#you our
n> us." Inspector Tyson showed
one novel request from one Indian,
for .i "strong paper" to be Bent
in him. The writer was having
sunn' business troubles, and was
convinced that Borne other Indian
wiis working against him, and
warned .i "strung paper" tn be
sent in warn liis enemy away.
Many Thousands of Them
There are about twenty-three
thousand Indians ori the Northern
Pacific toast who are registered
with the department, and a great
deal of comfort and security enjoyed by them is due to the
oversight and paternalism of the
Government which stands by them
to advise and protect them. "A
great deal of the work of the
Indian's interests are very care-1Department consists in keeping
fully looked after by the Dom-lthc whites from encroaching on
inion Government," said Inspec- the Indian reserves," said the
tor Tyson, "They look to us In I Inspector. To many thousands
all their difficulties, and we have of the dusky skinned inhabitants
many delicate tasks and disputes of the Province he is counsellor,
to settle. There are family dis-1judge antl jury. To them he is
puus and business disputes. Some-1 the embodiment of the British
times even divorces are referred law which protects -them.
I On   his   annual   summer   visit
it) the  Indians oi   the  northern
rovince. Inspector A. M. Tyson,
nspector of Indian Agencies, is
in Prince Rupert today. The
Inspector is some six weeks out
from his starting point at Vancouver, having already visited the
Indian agencies and reserves between Vancouver and I'rince Rupert. He e.nn hire direct from
Bella Bella, Before his journey
ends, some four months away yet,
he will have traversed the journey
up north as far as Atlin, a few
miles from where there is a band
of Indians as yet unnumbered and
Some Delicate Tasks
"As  wards  of  the  nation   the
One of the best
There buyer i
mon ground.
Fate  He��Tour Satslfled"Advertising Column for today.
| ~ +
|       Lost and Found        j
FOUND���Euroki Gleaning urf^rtuing Company. Men'* Hiiits AwDfldfind presBetl $1.1H>.
Luilu'a' units prUMdJ iiiidrt'leuniHi. Dry cleim-
i iff n -HpiH-iulty. Hot'ti^vl Weitenhaver Blooki
phono r��d 69. 121-147
FOUND--KU'Kiint roonivHMJwIy furnittlutl. Th*
BuUUffV HI.H-k. tith kfv., near Fulton.    lOU-lm
I.ttST-Dn Sixth atrtt't, bijiwoen Third Avenue
andQuMn'i Hotel, %U_WVtto chitiuei in roll,
ona for tl?> othaa forUr r��lt in bills. Rtward
Hilly Pwua I'ltniy jirort*. Sixth St., one door
from C.IMt. Offlo^ 188-185
Watch   it   grow.
<af life
f i he whirl
.,.��� liuiulml
Tenilera are Invited for the
���ai Ma-ilvl.jalji. B.C.; the Bum ...
alailliirs lieinK uvallalile fur MMndltUM "" il"s
wharf. Ilidilera ahould rurefulK- examine the
Knmnil, and state In detail the extent of repxln
lie will undertake for thai xmount AH *****
muat la' power driven. Tenderaa will !����� (Waived
al the Indian Ollice. Metlakiitln. H.C. up I" JUM
;luth. l'.ill, and ahould be BMompinl-M willi *****
tillnl ehiiiue for ono humiritl alaallai-s which
amount will be forfeited in tlie event uf a withdrawal of lender. No tender nealved will ******
hiirily be accepted.
Indian AKent.
Metlakatla. B.C., June 5th, UU,
Fort George
For inferiiuitiotk' frce
map.i am? Uwature
cull aril^e*. me
Open KveUliigs Pattullo BVjek
Canadian Authorities Seize the
American Boat J. T. Atwood
of Boston.
A Mirror
That|tnay beiafely
"packed'1 on�� a trip
is much ia demand.
We have ii.An in different siz/s. ��� :
watch T/iE Window
/The Pioneer Druflitt
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
********   l***am   ^ H^H ^41^1 l^ll ^Jl^.t  m_m I
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Ottawa, June 11.-The Canadian fishery cruisers have seized
die American fishing boat J. T.
Atwood, which is alleged to have
been regularly fishing within the
three-mile limit for several years.
Tho Iiti.it is owned in Boston.
She will be charged with unlawful
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, June 14.���The C. N.
R. announced today an extensive
1 in igramme i if imp* irvi nun I b which
arc tn be Iniilt this summer. Altogether the list calls for an
expenditure ol 180,000,000. The
principal item in the list is the
construction of the line frnm Ed-
monton i��i Purt Mann.
| You Should
Have These
_ ^L__ I���-���- /
Your Motor
Boat * * * j ,
C��n��dian   Rand   Co^any't    Product!,
Mining Machinery a^ld Contractor'* Sup-
pli.-., Road Blinding and Concrete
Machinery,.'' Agricultural,     Farm
and    Dairy   Supplies,   Dump   Can   and
Wagoni,  Casoline   Engine!, Motor  Vehicle! and Trticki
P'O. ll... 446
Prince Rupert
OFFICE: Third and Fulton.
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
lull Ave . ne.t I.,,'- nfflaa* aaf :>ptim,,l   aell onl>
��� ** ������*���'��� i��� ... \m Fruit i'- I Candy, whole-
mill- mid K��*t��ll Look tot flait'h titti. at ni-xht,
SAMCOWEN. f'roprlrtnr I'htiiw tto
Sister Ship of the Fishmaid
Which Capsized only Recently Nearly Wrecked in Same
t|n ���_.** **���*���*-** *��*-**m*
For Rent
Faaur-ronnii'il HutistV Iiartl^^irniahpd. with bnth-
room] clone in un SummlTAve., back of Bonlon
utrwt.   Apply ill hV9"i>H ur P.O. Box 269.
l!  I 'ill l : alarai  Kaaaallk ill IipiL^fll l.-ll t    llaansa-.   alja] aa asi I a-
I'lnpp Building,\i_jt***.. near McBride.    Apply on premises !i%e#eaan one and three p.m.
Tw MfOOHWd Cablapn Fourth
Apply   I. YuuntT
to., near Mcllriile,
ioardlng House. ;lrd
aedtiiui 1, $4-175.00,
Action 1. $1975.t)0,
i,      >,   with cnbin,
Lot -IT, lilm'k   34,
liberal Urms.
Let 24,   lilpck  35,
Lot 0, block 36, aedti
$875.00.    ��� J
Two   Lota,   (ai-iiiR   both   Tatlow   and
Ninth, witl} th/ee two-roomed cabins,
Lotl 21 antl 22,'tf)lock 3'.. section  li,   all
stumps remtWed.    $t'>."ll each.
LoU 28  and /29> block   19.  section 7,
$t'.40 pair.   /     \
Lot 12, blocU 21, station 7, |600; $25.00
per monttf. ��
Lots 13 to fl, block 5% section 8,  $200
finalise selected investments at ritfht
prices, a^ch as these, iai.it make larger,
quicker And more certain profits.
;er tn
At   lur   berth   mar  Seal   Co\
the gasoline fishing schooner "I'llphone iu��
Maid, sister vessel t<> tlie famous
Flshmaid which capsized <>tT the
Alaska coast, is moored this morning after a tremendous experience
mn in the saint' place where the
Fishmaid met tlisaster.
Captain l>.m Ross ni die Old
Maid, tells of terrific weather out
there in the miilsi of which thc
olil Maid's engine broke down.
Hi imi her anxious crew working
iljeir hardest, could make rail,
the   little   eraft   was   swept   from
end to end by huge waves, and
beaten helplessly nearer ami nearer
to apparently certain wreck.
Even after sail hail Inen made
the tlanger continued for against
such rough seas the little schooner
was kept manageable only liy lhe
very lx-st of seamanship. All
hands strove tluir hardest, but
at one time they c.tmc very near
taking to the dory in a forlorn
effort to save their lives for ihey
were certain the Old Maitl was
doomed. Eventually, however, the
weather abated a Iii lie, antl the
vessel was able to m.iki headway.
It is possible that larger antl more
powerful boats will be required
to undertake the work ilu se hardy
little schooners have lieen tloing
on the liltak Alaska Coast.
2nd Ave. nnd tfrd St.
Furniture (if thre��-roomfl*?T Apply Koom 15
Westenhnver Blow^rifltt 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. ^^ y   U8.184
Klotlf fumiihed Froat Room inrtiew houno. Ap-
vily Mra. Saville, FoiAth Ay*, in'.-tr Mcllrlde.
BtOTM nnil tB_,*mmWpKWn* Applv Dr. Molntyrt',
Third Avo., phowvrcoa69. UB>tf
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
cry Dwcription of
Home    Furniihingi.
Cheechaco in Small Boat Dodges Death a Dozen Times in
Ice Jams on the River.
The Big
' m\_.   ...,.  c.    ..A O.A   A ���
Cor. 6th Sl. and 2nd Are.
, close ill-
���in U^-'i (
Nmtly Fumiihed Roornatr trentlemon preferred
Apply Mn. Mullin, m*>r Majestic Theatre.
For Kent-Modv
H. V. McRae
$2G a month.
Cosy furnifhiSj
Rooms, Thf '
Nice I'm iii-hrd K
Hlock, upBtal
Mr��.    Bower, Somerset
venue,  between Seventh   and
i li*tojfmi\   Apply
rUnirance, Tlyi
Mrs. Kirhy. Alder
Jvrd Ave.       117-124
Nice, clean, fadtrhumsidc rooms.    Hulkley Hlock
6th Ave.. nenrTulton. lPU-lnt
Nice furnished
Apply Drexel
McHride. May :i-lmo
niniiisaWffTo or for housekeeping.
I BoHung House.  2nd  Ave.,  near
Help Wanted
���t House
in store.
Hoy wantod
O'lU'llly, 2n
A Kia.nl M'n.ilili' woman yto ila
work in Rtori'.   Appbtto]
Ninotwn yountf men lo ttkt* cosy  roomi in thi
Uulkli'y Ml.aa ;.. i,___ J^rrT.n, lml-lni
Ai-i-lv Mitrtia
Imt work untl
Ni'��s Ollice.
Wanuxl-faliiiKoo,! mmi t
Call room 2s,  tCmprci
tha Ordar of Owls,
lolt'l.    1.  K.  MiuIIpiii.
Brings   Floral  Spoil   from   the
Queen Charlotte Islands
Rev. I'atlnr Hartman returned
yesterday from the Queen Charlotte Islands where he has been
officiating for >oine time. He
came burdened with many flourishing flower plants, and strawberry root* whieh he intends planting about his residence lure. By
the height of summer he expects
to have a regular little paradise
of growing flowers aliout him
Speaking of conditions out at the
Islands, Father Hartman toltl of
excellent  prospects for  the pre-
emptors who have cleared sunn
of iheir land. The weather at
the Islands lias Iii en a little cloudy
recently, and in fact, Prince Rupert seems on tho whole to have
Boarders Wanted
Little realising the danger u(
followinK the ice jams on the
Yukon a Cheechaco named pran|{
Ganley reached Dawson in a small
boat after hair raising adventures,
lie was warned by BOUrdoughs not
to attempt ii but made the risky
"Were I not a cheechaco," he
says. "I never would have made
that   run.    A  Bourdough  knows
better. I might have stopped once
I got under way, but I am nol that
kind. So it was that 1 went
through swirling water, under overhanging shelves of ice and amid
floes of dancing ice that now makei
my hair want to get on the perpendicular every time I think nf it.
"My most thrilling experience
was when thc boat was draw." to
one side, end shot quickly under a
huge shelf of ice. As she plunged
into that cavernous passage I
said to myself, 'Good-bye,' but as
luck would havc it, thc channel
was large enough for the boat, and
she ran through."
Ganley is endeavoring to get
his nerves back to their old tension,
and declares that he woultl not
make the run again for 110,000 a
mile. In some spots he would not
repeat the stunt for all the gold
that can be piled up in the Klnn-
Do away yfith this.    Patronise a ��^liite
lauaflry.   Wliitu.lubor only at >
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
A few cosy huinelikf nxiori cheap to itteady
roomer*.    Kinn Gcorfe Jfoicl. Und Avenue.
Home * ������ - *...* .1 in- aig and hut! vjtinn li> ��� 1 roomi
for three poraonL Avv\jtt***mrti. Jamew, Scott
Md*.. 3rd Ave., I* fTTth und bid SU.   f.Vtf
Private Board by the week or mrmlir. Home
cooking a npeclalty. Mbm 1. U^jleenon, 3rd
Ave., between Tth and 8^��A*n>hone 171. KMf
Real Estate
Nineteen young men wantedu^nt coiy furnished In the llulkley KooniR^Jffi Ave., near Kulton.
For Sale-Two choice ti*cuJ*Mlte Valley; right
dollari an acre.    11   F. ___WKiif 6i Co. 126-tf
For Sale-BeaatifuWldnieiite on Park; $2.10 cash.
H. F. McKaelKbT 1J- tf
CFor Sale
**mW*��***m***m ***** *****.*****.** mm.** tm** **��_.��* ���mm**'**-* tft
buyinv  ��� i-u   &*tf\<- or Hange
id. McBriA��*Ba Fifth Ave.     (
Commencement Made Today.
Men Themselves Taking Active Share in the Work.
Just Planned for New Westminster and Will Go Up Immediately.
a- a.l.aa
Ira.in (11
.ee A. J.
Cook HlOVd
''""  1     >lllill 0  II  ____**_*__     Ii.i Avp.
' 128-13
I.KASK FOR SAI.l:   Uiih' of the pnmlM on
ll'IW iaC*'n'li''1
Third Ave. now OMQM by lho Douglnn Cnfo,
chMin.   Aak Unno Jrrru' M2-lf
had more sunshine.   Father Hart- ubtaoramt roii/KLii-coiunibi. n...uu
rant on Third Av
ll'K   ,������ aaa,:    tout"
man was welcomed back iii Rupert
by many friei ds as he landed from
the Prince Albert,
rui^.'s i.i.   i a.iaiitai.iai itostau-
__*^__t_*________i laaa -iik- ���     Part-
ITwIll^ni chcan.     Auk Undo
All kindiKif   ���
F. M. I a...lay
ml Kiioda ImuKht nml  aold.
rd Avo.. I-1����� "ia 7th and Hth
A start has been made by the
Longshoremen of I'rince Rupert
upon tluir new hall. Owing to
the edict's having gone forth from
the (".. T. P. authorities that the
reserve must be vacated by all
tenants of buildings there, the
hall usctl by the Longshoremen
until row, is no longer available,
anil will be pulled tlown.
Plans for a line two storey
building With basement have been
secured by the Longshoremen, and
they intend making their new hall
one of the roomiest places of
assembly in Prince Rupert. Work
has now commenced on the preparation of the foundation, and the
erection of the structure. The
men themselves are l.iking an
active pari in the building, and
guarantee thorough workmanship
intending the hall to reflect credit
on iiuin. and on iheir union.
Bailiffsv��ale by AuctioVi
���a-���: \
J '> .   a 1 TI 1       ACt ',
Tho pnntentiVlln Tm  Kottl.    Inn.   tnblos,
fhnir��,   ranitfrrtilloiV,  .'If.,   on   tho   uromiMa
I   '     I :���.   J   ���"'���  I'atll.  lilll.   11   ���'..,..'..
Princ ftuport. Juno I'ltli. I'lll. l.'ll-UM
Latent Magazines anti
Hooks, a Victor Gram-
nplione, Pictures, nifty
Fixtures for n den.
We have all these
In stock. :    :    :
i.iTAni,i��n,:i. IMS
Untli'rtakrrn, jjofinT Second
Avenue   nnd   BuMl   .^Iroct.
GenrifM Barrie, UeSIUld Kmhulmer,
I'hone t\2 iiii,'lif nr ilny MimuRiT
 r-��� ^.
McRae Bros.
Sixth Street Phona Red 78
PAID 111' CAl'lfAl. $2W),I)IK)
t)FK��n   FOR HA1.E-
Farm and Fruit Lands
- -JOIN-J bWNKM A>,k HOI.B *0ENTB of
Fort G��wge Town.ite        NUwett Towmite
 ��� jy;	
Aid., Block Sixth Street
Generally Overhauled and with|.
Big New Ten Ton Crane Fit-j
ted to Tend Buoys.
^niin after the sleailier Ouatlta,  H=
of the marine and fisheries depart-1���
menl, i> mil of the hands of ilu
B,  ('.   Marine  Railway she will
arrive In Ruperl mi hn- way to
recharge a large number of buoys,
It is understood thai it will be
several   weeks   before   the   VOSSOl
is again ready for service as she
is having extensive repairs made
to her hull.    She is lieing given a
general overhauling and when the
work is completed will be in lhe
best possible shape.
On her forward deck a big ten-
Ion winch has been Installed which
will enable lhe steamer lo handle
lhe large buoys wilh grealer cose
than  before.    Improvements air
being made all over the Vessel
anil  sin   will be pr.icti i.illy a  ni'W
ship when  released  by  Bullen's,
She will have a busy season's
(Work    and    f,,r    this    lrason    the
tlt'parln.eni are making all net es-
Iwry alterations which  will  result IE
in her speedy dispatch ol all workl*    _=_=���
Roche and 0'Dell.wflnts to see j
everybody in i'ffnce Rupert in j
their new Cif&r Store in Kelly's *
liaseini'Uf Ipiml i-oo>hJ Helgerson
Hi.jcir:' ^^
Situations Wanted
Fire Insurance
i.ood nlla Ut woman ili'tlr.-iiu^tl. a,    Tli.ir.iuKh.   THK niitl>h llnlnn nml NetliiMl Fir,    Inmiranrr
l>-.ax|H.rl..ni-.-.l*ili,itl.|��^���rw���uTlllk,',mnll       Dimiikpy i,f Ixim|mu-^��llKliinil,   with    canlUil
��� I   VriU-arNM nfraiil  rf wark. I     nf ulKjMtui^tWfti. fur mtM,     Thr Mich
l;tl-1:i4 Itciiltv ima^m-tirnnco Cumtianv. "Il-tf
lox A.
Wc must close out this stock of Furniture in two weeks time.   A chance
to buy first class Furniture at practically your  own  prices.    :   :   :
Dining Room Chairs, onartartd nak, pollsbtd,
Icathi'i patl flt'iit, B plain rlinira nnil
1 nrm  rhair,   worth  $45.00,   now    *np
only     $&d
Dining Clmirit, goml  designs,   hardwood,   oak   Hnlsb,   rt'gulttr  $1.35,    AA
now only, each     ��fUC
Ohlffonln   with  5  drawers,   English   Hi'Vt'l
Plate Mirror, Quarter .tawed
(ioldi'ii  Oak,   regular  Value    (On   ("A
$41.25, now only     ��p^O��DU
Mahogany   Dining  Room  Suite; 1 lountl top
extensiun table, 5 plain chairs, 1 arm chair,
very handsome boffett;   regular
value   $181.60.       Will   sell   this *inr
suite fur  *p I Co
2 onlv   Brass   Beds,   regular  value    (in
$27.50, to clear at     $10
Buffet In quartered oak, Mission   finish,    regular  value   (Q7   CA
$55.00, to clear at     *p*J I .OV
Countless bargains in Beds, Bedding, Mattressess, Springs, Dressers,
Tables,  Carpets and all  kinds  of   Houae   Furnishings.    :    :   :   :
=s   No Reasonable Offer Refused
Estate of The Brin   Furniture Co.   S
THE   "NEWS"    WANT I s=
Assignee  1
A magnificent Liberal Club building will be erected at the junction
f Clarkson, Begbie and Lome
streets, New Westminster, in the
immediate future.
The building is to serve the
Westminster federal riding and
will be a steel eight storey blmk
costing about 3150,000.
On the ground floor will be
stores and offices, on the first
lloor will be a splendid club hall
and rooms, the hall seating atKI
persons, and the remaining llnoi-
will be reserved for offices.
'Ilie name of the club will be
"The Westminster District National Liberal Club," anil J. H.
Diamond is secretary pro lem.
High Pressure Boilers to be
Fitted in Fall Giving Her a
Twenty Knot Speed Unrivalled on Coast.
Extensive alterations anil improvements are soon to be made
to the (Irand Trunk Pacific steamer    I'rince    Uupert.     These   Will
include the equipping of the vcsiel
with new high pressure boilen
which will give lhe Ruperl a speed
of twenty knots, and which Will
rentier   her  one  of   the   speediest
boats on the coast.
It is not expected that these
alterations will be made uniil the
autumn, when the semi-weekly
schedule is discontinued. At present both steamers are handling
much freight and many passenger"
over the Prince Ruperl route, and
il is not likely that she will he
laid up now. The Prince Steamers
are given a three months' overhauling in turn during the winter
months, and it is expected that
during that time the Improvements will be made.
For some time the boilers "ii
the Rupert have been giving ���*
little trouble, but when the ncW
steam producers are installed she
will be the fastest steamer t>l>',,��
out of this porl. The Prince
Ceorge is not to undergo the same
change as her engines have not
given any trouble.
Organ Opening Concert
In the Baptist tyytrch, Thursday, June 15t}��/tft8.3asp.iii' S"'
los on neyorgan, vocal s"'"9-
readings, etc; excellent program.
Tickets 50c. John E. Dave}*.
Organist and Choirmaster.


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