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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-04-26

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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
/        _s   -*.\
VOL. II.  NO. 92
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday. AVtot, 2G, 1911.
 **-'^��   *	
Price Five Cents
Two Barrels of Gunpowder Were Smuggled into the Building and
Exploded at Dead of Night---Labor Troubles May be at
Bottom---Police are Investigating the Outrage
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 20.���What is
believed to be a deliberate attempt
in destroy a large building here
ituik place last night when a new
building in course of construction
.it tht- rorner of Sinythe and
Seymour streets was wrecked
li\ tin- explosion of two casks of
gunpowder, li is believed that
the powder was BlTlUggled into the
building for the purpose, and that
the outrage has some connection
with thc labor disputes now in
progress in the city.
Powder Carefully Placed
petrators of the dasratdly act.
Not a word is said hy lhe officers
oor joists.    How the charge was I in charge of lhe investigation, Imt
o    powder   had   evidently   been
carefully   placed   underneath   the
ignited is not appearent, but the
explosion wrecked the walls and
threw them out of plumb, loosened
mortar and bricks all over the
building, and was so violent that
it shattered many windows in the
neighborhood. Fortunately no
one was passing at the time, or
the wreck woultl have beer, fatal.
Police   after   Perpetrators
The residents of the neighborhood were thrown into a state
of wiltl alarm by  the concussion
Examination  of   the  wreckage and  the police arc actively en-
eveais  ilu- fact   that  two  casks I gaged  in  searching out  the per-
Looks Like a General Election
After the Census
(Special to the Optimist)
Montreal, April 25.���Hon
ne*, Fisher speaking at a
nuriing here on reciprocity was
. sketl why the government ditl
not present the question to the
Fisher replied: "As soon as
you want it you shall have the
tli.nice, but we do not propose
i'i disenfranchise a great number
"l the people, who after the census
will have voles."
Write Em Now
I )n Saturday afternoon the S. S
City of Seattle will leave here for
Seattle and  will  carry   mail   for
it is understood they have good
grounds for keeping track of more
than one person in connection
with the outrage.
Labor Trouble Begun
Because the attempt at destruction was made upon it building
just being put up, the suspicions
of the citizens are directed against
the disaffected section of labor
engaged in the building trades
in the cily. For some little time
the carpenters have been demanding $1.50 per tlay, an increase of
25 cents beyond what the contractors ;ire willing lo pay. Today
sees the commencement of a general strike of all building trade
employees, inaugurated by the
building trades unionists in the
city in sympathy wilh the carpenters.
All union men engaged in the
building trades have quit work,
and every effort will be made by
the strikers to recruit the ranks
of the unions and prevent building
work by non-union men.
Holding    Investigation
Indianapolis, April 20.���A Grand
Tokio, April 20���There is no|Jury was called here today to
news today of the fate of the start the investigation as to finding
liner Asia which struck a rock'dynamite '" the offices of the
while feeling her way cautiosuly | Structural Steel Workers'  Inion
Steamer Asia is Wrecked Near
tft'**-******.. .-*.***-****���
(Special to the Optimist)
The following   are   the   results
of   principal   baseball    matches
played yesterday  in   the    North-
Western League:���
At Vancouver��� R. II. K.
Vancouver. 4  10   0
Tacoma 0   5   3
Batteries���Jensonand Lewis; Hall
and Devogt.
Friends of J. J. McNamara Charged  With Complicity in the Los
Angeles Dynamite Outrage Retaliate���Have Defence
Fund of $250,000���Foul Plot Alleged
At Spokane
R. II. K.
(Special to the Optimist)
Indianapolis, April 20. -Follow-
Spokane VA \~   (),.
,���   _ Iing   the  discovery  ol   dynamite
',.'', , here   in   the  office  of   J.   J.   Mc-
l-.nglelirclstml v c *r t
Nainara,  Secretary   treasurer  of
and Hasty; Marshall and Dash-
wood .
At Seattle��� K. II. IC.
Seattle 4   A   A
Portland 2  A 0
Batteries���Skeels and Shea; Dur-
land, Tonneson, Harris, Shooks,
Believed Passengers and Crew
Were Taken off by Passing
Steamer���Tragedy in the Fog
(Special to the Optimist)
Going Home
Mr. W. II. Hearst leaves on the
S   S.   Cetriana   tonight   for   his
liome iu Liverpool, England.   Mr.
Hearsl  will  travel  via  the C.reat | trace of the liner.    Later it w
;ilong the coast in a fog Sunday
nighl and sunk. Wireless calls
for aid were picked up and then
suddenly stopped, lt is not known
for sure, but it is believed the
passengers antl crew are saved.
The steamer America of the Toyo
Kisen company was nearest the
scene of the wreck and went to
her assistance but  could  find no
orthern route to New York and
ke a Whin- Star boat from there
��� Liverpool.
About 200 Went
; is estimated  thai about 200
i'li- went io Hazelton ihis morn-
"ii lhe Operator and Conveyor.
lhe S. S. Distributor will leave
' tomorrow morning for Mile
' up the Skeena River.
learned that the Chinese steamer
Tang Shue had taken off the
Myheter Fron Stockholm
De senast aukomna fron Sverigc
are   Herr      and   Fru   llolintpiist
Hvilka lemnade hemlandet i Jan-
iiiiaii. Om ni viil hora nogra
myheter hemifron so go till Reilly's Kafe och Bageri hvar Fru
llolintpiist ar uppasserska.
Btnrd of Trade Was Non-Committal on Question of
Granting Permission to Start Gas and Power
Mr. Frank M. Ryan, presidenl of
the union, was subpoenaed to
give evidence.
Doing Great Work
Mr. W. II. Morrison, V. M. C. A-
secretary in the railroad construction camps in Hazelton, left
here on the bo.it today.
National League
At St. Louis:              R. II.
Pittsburg  !) 8
St. Louis  4 7
At New York:
Boston   1 S
New Vork  .'} 10
At Brooklyn:
Philadelphia  7 I    51
Brooklyn   -i 6    2'
At Cincinnati:
Chicag 5 0    1
Cincinnati  -I 0     I
American  League
At Chicago:
Chicago.    5 8    3
Cleveland  2 -I      1
At Boston:
Boston  o 7     1
New York  A 7     2
At  Detroit:
Sl. Louis  *.) 12     2
Delroii              II II       I
Ai Philadelphia:
Washington 2 A    2
Philadelpha  11 10   12
Pacific   Coast   League
At Portland:
Sacramento  1 A    A
Portland  5 8     2
Ai San Francisco:
Oakland   0 0    4
San Francisco  1 4    l
the Structural Steel Workers' Union,   and   his  subsequent  arrest
on a charge of being concerned in
the dynamit'ng of the Times Imi d-
ing at Los Angeles, a sensation
was sprung today by the arresl
of Detective Burns on a charge of
complicity in kidnapping McNamara. Willi him were three attor-
l_. iiieys, arrested on the same charge,
11 all  of  whom  spent a couple of
3,hours in jail waiting until their
i friends had secured bonds for theni.
4|  :	
Arrested the Detective
Bums was arrested while on his
way to court to surrender himself
to Judge Mantling, as soon as he
heard <>f the warrant for himself.
His ba'l, and that of his associates
has been fixed at SI0,000
This movement of lhe part
of McNamara's friends is part
of ii big movement to tight his
case through the courts, regardless of expense, lhe Western Federation of Miners having guaranteed a sum of a quarter of a million
dollars as a defence fund.
Big  Plot  Alleged
It is alleged by  the friends of
McNamara, that there is a huge
plot on foot against theni. They
declare that as part of the plot,
Hums and the three lawyers entered into a plot to effect McNamara's arrest contrary to the
Suite law, by kidnapping him
away beyond the boundary and
there arresting him.
May be Trouble
McNamara, McNigle, and the
oilier men arrested witJi theni
on the charge of dynamiting the
Times building are expected to
reach San Francisco tonight Special precautions are being taken
to prevent any attempt at rescue
or demonstrations.
Three  Well-known  Business
Men Admitted Last Night
At the close of the discussion
of the Tsimpsean Light and Power
Company's propositions by the
Board of Trade last night, the
following prominent business men
of the city were unanimously
accepted as members of the Board
of Trade.
Mr. J. J. Sloan, recommended
by President A. J. Morris, Mr
J. G. McNab, recommended by
Secretary M. M. Stephens and
Mr. George J. Frizzell, recommended also by the secretary.
Fifteen Perish in Typhoon
Manila,   April   26.���(Special)*-
Fifteen persons perished when lhe
steamer Charles Poisat went down
during a typhoon on Sunday. There were fifty people on board but
some were rescued.
X . ���**.***. ~ --��
Golden exhalations of the dawn
streamed along the tops of the
hills Io the east of the city soon
after five o'clock this morning and
chased away  the   cold   of night.
Here and there hung shimmering
rain clouds stubbornly refusing to
be dismissed by the advancing sun.
The stream of gold broadened,
lhe cloud of nighl was hurrying
out of sight, the rain clouds, idler
shedding a few tears, joined the
vapoury mists hanging like gauze
iu the fir trees across the harbor.
Along every street passed little
groups of men for the most part
shod with shoe packs antl carrying
on their backs bin t-url*,
soulh, the easl, the west. Antl
the women too, what stories might
circle round them.
First of the Season
Soon the deckhands of the Operator shouted to Captain Myers
"All clear!" The telegraph instruments of the boat chattered
from the bridge to the engine room
then the big paddle wheel at (he
stern began to revolve and churn
up the foam. A few minutes later
the Operator was clear of the
wharf. She gave three loud whistles as a parting salute antl headed
(or the Skeena Kiver and Hazel I on.
CauUiin Sli;iii"��." **t ***"*"	
 ~x .a^. a U
siari   and  tlo   something  worth
while, all sorts of conditions of
men with all sorts and conditions
of motives in milking the trip.
Every one of them has a vision of
fortune. Every one can see in the
perspective the possibilities of making money in the new field ahead
of them. Fiich is a cog in lhe
wheel of life. Fiich has an object
of some kind be it good or bad.
Two Men You Know Them
Just as the Operator was streaming out of sight two men could
be seen standing aft. One wns a
little slight man, with a rather
siid face, emulovu: ul .Ml IMM> ���������������"
Worked Wind Jammer Till they
All but Owned Her
She was a Uraguayan Ship with
a Wageless Crew. She was
Sold at Victoria to Pay Them.
Three Liners Reach Halifax After Thirty Hour Delay
iSpecial to the Optimist)
Halifax, April 28.���Three ocean
liners arrived here yesterday after
a delay of thirty hours by snowstorms. They hatl on board 27,-
000 immigrants nearly all bound
for west of Port Arthur. A report
here yesterday the the St. Mary's
river   was   free  from   ice  was  a
(Special to the Optimist) -gna,  |(>r  ���u. wh()k,  ,k.(.( wh|dl
Victoria, April 20.���Today the had been waiting loaded, lo leave
crew of the Uraguayan ship Glory with the first grain cargoes down
of the Seas have scored a triumph   ' ''"'���
over the owners. They had worked
the vesse some time with their
wages very much in arrears, always
hoping thai when the cash was
forthcoming it would come in a
handsome hand out. At last they
gol tired of wailing and working,
and sued for their money
Today by the order of the
Admiralty Court the vessel was
sold in order thai the crew's
wages niighl   be paid out  of  the
proceeds.   The Glory of the Seas
was purchased by Messrs. Johnson, Strong & Co., Seattle, for
the .-inn of 14080, and will be refitted  and  used  for  the  Alaskan
trade.      The   occasion   waa   tele- ,n  the Procession
brated with due ceremony by the Mr. John Stewart of I oley,
crew who hatl tried on tin old Welch & Stewart, and Mr. Duncan
w'ndjamme until they practically | Ross were  passengers on one of
owned her.
Success to Him
Mr. \V. E. Brown, the young
Presbyterian minister who has
been stopping with Rev. F. \V.
Kerr for the past two weeks, will
leave      today      for     Kitselas   to
tiike up  missionary work  there
for the Presbyterian Church.
Get in on First  Floor
There's going to be great things
at Hazelton Shis year say those
who know. Living accommodation is already at a premium.
the boats for I la/el toil today.
���a, ���_.*_, ���wqo.j'qiu
.      , Niior 'list is tM wa Uniojnan Movr
/ 'av.ii jn (alow  '^.,,.11!  nm ............
fi      /OD    iu- uiooumiliutio    to   illioal    a* aiu,��qo ! )o mptl oqi Ol nta\ Jo NOI0 IUBt|��        u >!������' J
li MUgm 'wi|iiip oh Ml'-iou    ouiaqi  '���a<l��qa   itl'oqwou at ti] MMM '88880 ��l��tt " 'HEL'lilSS
���qi qaJ��W 'qnj
'Ufil 'H MflulM!"""!!
(*ll|lll| ill|l uo um.,[Ml
taltUH jiij <|ililn o
.vanaiauai^ jo piM'pw
iti.mv '43���,M * x
non-law Niior
:��|iiitti DtqUMip !VMwi|l"
'mi.,.  n|.0 -aiai 11 i.i, ,    tiuiaui.-aaUHUiutoa  )aa lunoai I -tu   'JM0O|-JM0   HOpidnOOO   *piral8n9    '  ��� ' . . A
til Htiniua on laiajft oatioqi 'ampjqj 0�� Mino" oouoql ' 'itai|il*ll��}|   J"   pJOJptf)   laair   l"'!1  "EJL mi-ai'aia;
ni|itt|.i  Ulj  ,��,,, ���.1Ujm   ���untlo  OH  tllJou  .i.ni.nn   'a iiHiiii)! luaiii,) jo l3|Jlttt(|- 1��MI��!(I Pu,rI ""'   I"
> "ifi inner) tonay.    I Here were thir-
���' 'ses for the defence.  All
NVWAHH3H AHHVH      '""MB '****���
���llfit 'I'-x'V i�� A"P '01?. si'll P-WI
'998*01 B,! 1'-'(1!J-1S
-,ip biiiibi ��m noil" "WWP sussjib ".I
���il 'iimnuiiuiiKVM 1* ''l��ni!�� W��H ul"l
-iiMUinsjiV IS U*0UJ| s.iHimojtl .up "oiin
dus in imt Ha inonbfi jo t\n .iip j��j
nusot ii jo }irad -<m joj .��!i".i pm-"1���
-OJ,l    IO lll.)|.ll,>)lll.l.lllllS '"II "1 ���1P"UI *__]
iiim iinnii.iii.iii" Hzsu ,<��w J" "P "WW
ai'p no'imp iiMJB iCqwm sj sspon
oi6i *iDv Mnbn
��.or-H|vH'clJO-M^n��!-<"P'��";s!'"'".' *P *V**L *�� 'w,>-* 'n|1 J<>
_________1____]__.__ IpOAOlU   sii.W   uoiinios.u   oi|l   'SiW
,,.0/' *SUI8S ...Ml-' ��Uj  WW JOJ adu si .mill ����p .ho,.h|
S5- '-vm W ��o.��l"��PV   ���**** ,J'1(1,1>' MUW "I ���,,!AJ'1S S��qnd r
ih:k V l'���,ll,!', ���"u,r,)    s"' l!"'x
'8U|UaA8 AIM'!1.! nnii.ioii|inv *n\\ \v
WaBjl >I'M>1 J',ll">l sA-iui.is.u.)
ga\ e iheir evidence. Captain Sears
"mscll was again questioned close-
Iy.   I It-simply repeated the account
1,1 'he disaster which he gave at
' inquest,
through thc furniture store win
dow. Mr. McDonald had only
just arranged there a new consignment of crockery a good deal
of which was smashed. No other
damage to the stock or linings of
the store was done.
cut off 1>y the melting of the insulation. In a few moments the
whole interior of the store was on
lire. Mr. Wells had no time
to save even a suit of clothes. All
his effects were burn I. The cause
of the outbreak is unknown.
pap pooll v op ||i�� s.iu.) joioiu \\qp
-i|o.iii ivip pauopuaui sew 11 ipjq��
Suunp uojssnosjp apjj| o jaijv
���saioiM 'f  V )'i''l,!SOJ<l
pin rtmqsiild   II   f '"""-m "V
1 aiuoq.i, 'Riaiutioi^ Joauoij tuniJoiUBj
luiajy 'nintuon ��tunN t'jaV "t*.
-mtaal Jo ojout a.u.iii nail ,i;nuittnin., put
niniii.TOuatutuoa jo luimi oi laaaa* nuivqa ov aanatl^
���iiij.iii unatqa ot iwuoqi 'im.a suiatqa o�� "OU��m
tiltinii mtlaaqa ol laounqi 'puat|��1 uiaaqnun 'loaijaan
u.ipatN onti ...inliii.. ll ,u,iq�� 'Hobj.) .(,.|iiiiis lo
innoui .iqi tuojj qinon mtu. n \\*m pun -mm Bimtu
?.-l   ��   inoqit   pi'litnitl   mod  it   in   DuuitiJuittioo
���'cl   J
r-.\i'p atp inoi|Sno.ii|i
mnssj up ���'���"��� )n\-\ ,i.im| ajn.w
niiA auiii i.ioi|s ,u|i Suunp iiup
n_tn no.< ii puv,, 'lsiunido atp oi
.u.i,if apufj Piw
-pn   jadwls.w.ui    *v.i\\\   *tfiVt\^���
���miiiniui *A81 . ui uilnojin ind fan.,
S,l|iuuiu flWj d ��|    i p ,o,om>ulti��0 �� ������"'?��� ��i'U  O d   ��t'UI Ml """Mil
p��p -"Ll.  '0981 Jn.l U081H3 ul S'1<>11  n'oia j��piv '*\ ""oou 'uo��i!M 'W '3
DtqUSMp Jul*aii|oj oqi (lailtqaJnil an ��m�� uiii.mI Jo|
aula   MllKtl 1.1 \ 1 'at|MI   oi   ttpuuiui   'MHintl   uo(tattlnaoo   '��jikhv
' 'XJatJiair) to 'utwunii im\i��Mw:) WMl ���wnou o*\*i_,
91W1J1M;) unaantj i" laiJinitl- wuw(ll'u,rl **m*M
sjll.) jololll  U]
stock are totally milted.    Happily
there was no loss ol life and with
the prudence common to all up-
tO-date business linns Messrs. Stalker i\- Wells had insured iheir
premises and stock with a "prompt
jv laaitp itlSnoq pun UJ .utira mini v.\
'll! t^i��.i   aiiutKAiai   an in am
iday I the Emerald Isle.
'uosMvn   '.) '.'1 'suaqdajs  \,_   i\i*    ���     >      ��� ���        ��� iTO/A ^0AjnB 3ql siojsqpiosspimJ>��4
r)xrm._,   ...,������.������...a.llsildoll   l.l.MO.l lalUUUOUl   Slip    .l.ll.UO   S,.U.l.lf    8J0UQJ ,     ,���.������,���   ;��� ,,:���   ,���',!,	
who gave Suite's evidence after jas prevails at Prince Rupert to>
the Colorado dynamite outrage, is alao reported from Skidegate,!
t whose evidence the jury re-iIkeda  and   Estevan.    Triangle,!   Don't forget the Baiket Ball
fused to believe.
Besides   lhe   alleged   confession
to be featured In the campaign
to the minute settlement' company I oi the attack for the prosecution,
Tatoosh, Pachena. Point Grey and 6"^  th^.  Auditorium  tonight
, ,ii-      between the Crescents and Rol-
(ape  Lazo  report  cloudy skies, 1m R,nk ij^,,    Game called at
but no ram, light winds and calm g.80 sharp.   Admission 25 cents.
(Skating after game. THE    PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
This ia a question on which
many  people  differ,     Hut
all  who  know  agree  that
the best valuesoMiiintiulu in
Boots, Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Topshirts,   Underwear, Etc.
WILL HELP       Classified
B.C. FRUIT <"Iassinea
is iii tlie classified advertisement co
Government Institutes Scheme
of Market Reporting
Agents in Prairie Fruit Distributing Centres will Wire
Daily Reports to be Bulletined at Victoria for Province.
One of the bust servi.-es the modern newspaper.flvw ��'�� P"^1*1 Vnd%C'h\To���oThOTVmwt'on com-
Titer..' buyer and seller, em,.oyer am   worker, land In and tenant, I fa   wi��� ,,,���,, ,ts
mon ground.    To pu thw modern mwnluM I   nuI.��    veryone u     v        rf g(j Mnt8i
rate to n nominal price of a cent     wordpei I"-Sl'1,1";,...,     ��Vatch  it  Brow.
our  Classified   Advertising  Column   lur  toaay,      ����������� *
Here   is
are   being  given   St
Grossman & Soskin
ps   ;ue
i com-
Second Ave.
Bet. 7th rand Sth St.
Wed., April 26
lUnder Nfw Management!
tjttcst Music
latest Picture!
.   ���.
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, Cpril 25. Step
being taken by the Pr
Government to institute
prehensive system of market reporting for the benefit ��i tlie [mil
industry of British Columbia. The
Intention is to have the agents
in all die distributing centres on
the prairies. They will wire to
Victoria daily reports of the state
nf the markets for the various
fruits in their seasons, prices, and
special particulars of demand,
These telegraphic reports are
to bc compiled in the form ol
luilli'iiiis at Victoria, ami immediately wired out again to the
affiliated associations of fruit grow -
ers throughout the province, This
system will cut at least five days
oil the time at present required
to get information from the orig-
inating points to the producers
and will keep the associations
posted up to wilhin twenty
hours of the actual market.
ban on die hobble and tite harmer
skin. Miss Frances Wallers, daughter ol prominent parents, threatens to sue ilu' town because a
constable arrested her,
Miss Walters tripped on leaving
the postoflice owing to the tight-
fitting skirt. In her struggles to
regain her feet, she frightened a
team of oxen hitched in front "l
the building, Thc animals Btam-
peded madly 'lown the street and
broke die windows of three stores.
A call u.is sen' out for the constable, but he w.is fishing. He
arrested the girl later.
A liny woman in Oriental dress,
Lost and Found
A olulflet) advertisement wil
tile loser ot tlui article you',
ihirtinti ,>r unit imi Importan
FOUND -A litmcli
Optlmlit Office,
Introduce you ii
��� found  ti" Intro-
uf  Keys mi UiitK.   A|i|>ly ��t
Water Notice
Notice is hereby given that an app]
cation will In.- made. under ����.��.*'
the "Water Act, 1809,    to obtain
t|���.    Skeena    Division
SkceliaLand Dlitrlot
Take naai ich'
it,������.,t, n. &, '���""i"1;:;;,"
i,iu',,���i�� ,��� tppb  "' >��"'""
lollowini dcMtlbed landi
���DUtrict ot Quoen Chariot!
tlmt tiiiiritu W.
Aritutt "I Princo
...nl ant mi' broker,
,n tu purohaao the
Coinmencli.lILat ���..P^M ���,,,
i iiiiuiit  loven
mill' aouth
Crook, Nmli'ii Harbor,
aim tliu luinilli nl sunny   .,._.,
It'lH't'   Wt'Ht    Ml   I'llllillS,    llli'lll'l'   Slllltll    SU    t'llllillJl,
tenoe out nu chaini, knenee north 80 chains.
n.ii.,1 Murch I?, Itll,           OEO, W. AltNOTT
  "-���������.  Aaiaanl
Nuniii Demon, a\gonl
Help Wanted
and OCCUOatlo
R, McCIIntoi
lull  wind
Try The
tai huy,  ur   ait'll, aar hirai,   nr
Optlmlit Condenied Ad. route.
hoy WANTED-To deliver pareeli and make
himself atcneiially useful.    Wan. a NO tt lliiintll
to atari with.   II. s. Wallace 6 Co. Ltd,    faVu
Help Wanted���Apply Pantor
i Qood Boyi fnr Bowllni.Alley,
WANTED'  ._-__.
per week,   Aires 11 to it.  Appl
in Morrlion'i Bowling Alley.
l with tun am
Houses Wanted
^^ lias
weeks on
She is Dr.
of   China,
Wi- curry a complete line uf
Sizes to suit.   Styles to satisfy
Prices tu please
Briefly, that's uur argument.
Don't Forget Big Ben
Kinust alarm cluck ever sold.
He's in our window.
Heintzman Pianos
I'anturiiiln Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phoni  I
House Entered on Sunday.
Comers Rob ed
A Natural Cathartic
50c The Bottle
Parke. Devil at Oo., Walkan-tlla, Oal,
C.   H. ORME
7he M'onrrr / >     . ill
PHONE    I    ;    ;    82
Police are Investigating Matter
and Several Arrests of Suspects Were Made Today. Guilty Persons are Netted.
A r.isi- of theft involving thc
sum ol slot) is being investigated
by the poliee who have already
arrested several persons against
whom Btrong suspicions exist. The
money belonged to a lady who
arrived here with her husband
only a day or two ago, and took
;i house on Eighth avenue, It is
their intention to make their home
in Prince kuperi.
Evidently thc knowledge of the
fact that they had come here
prepared to invest, and had withdrawn sums of money from the
bank for immediate purchases became known to certain of the
dishonest fraternity. The house
was evidently watched, for the
theft took place on Sunday morning when husband and wife were
Up to the present, while thc
police have certain information
which hum not be divulged, the
actually guilty person has yet to
be m.uh- certain of.
with litles longer than
been spending several
this sida- of the Pacific.
Yamei Kin, a native
graduate of the Woman's Medical
Sshool of the New York Infirmary,
conversationalist, lecturer, and tl c
head of the Imperial Pciyang
Women's Medical School and Hospital. Dr. Kin directs within that
hospital ii training school for nur-
tse; it is for the purpose of fur-
fourl thering this work especially that
] she   has   lieen    in   our   country.
'Sanitation is greatly needed in
China's congested cities, and ii is
hoped that the work ol these nurses
will be largely educational, The
problem of infant mortality is far
more serious in China than wilh
us, the death-rate being about
fifty per cent which is not by any
means all accounted for by
Chinese custom ol drowning
babies. I>.\ Kin investigated
progress in civic hygiene, household sanitation, and the conservation of child life. She believes
that it will be the district nurse
who will reform and make siniluiv
ilu- homes of overcrowded China.
HOUSES WANTED-Ftirnlilied or unfarnlih;
ani,  2 to li  riHilaaai.      If location  uml   Pllee IUll
ma 1 will rami thfni rii.vBa-lf and pa* tent In advance, no wialtinn. nu Bating, Phone me t.*in>.
Black W-Unole Jerry. '-���<���
WANTED���Houae.4 ur * i laand bath, fur-
nishiil nr unfurolaheda m '"tea'. Apply al
Optlmlit Unx X. tHAt
WANTED-Three, four or Ave room hour* fur-
iiisha-al. modern eonvenlennee, eloaa In. < mi
'phone 161. *���>���"
Btream or
s near the
mniliiry of
Board Wanted
WANTED-Hiiun uml board
X.M., OptlmlitOffloe.
in private fami'y.
Fire Insurance
OUR SPECIALTY-Fire Insurance. Werapie-
���entelevan stronir Fin* Inaunuiea Oompanlee.
We waat yuur tauelm. larva uml email.
Let ua quota you rates. The Mack Itealty im,l
Insurance Ctunpany, eorSnl Aao. nml FtiltuttSt.
THK British Union anil Motional Kire Insurnm-e
Compuny uf Isindam, Kna'liini], with rtatiitial
nf KKAOQOAO, See un fnr rates. The Heck
Ka>altyund I nsurnneo Company. Tu-lf
Real Estate
A clnssillad ndycrtiscment i- a ra-al estate sale*.
mun. uml tliM'ia tint often rnunt amouirh "to
count" in lhe net rcMilt.
tria-i. Medea '.
monthly termn.
iichaaa loU in Sa-nl Gove Die.
air H, small pnyment tlown nml
Apply I'.o. Boxi'.'.si.       M'-'.'J
Situations Wanted
A   chasai
ii il  advertisement
-and eeldnm fall..
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
Thim Ave., between rth nml Mi sn.
ti ��� ��� HC Ilakrrv I'lllNCK RUPERT, ll.C
To Boat and Gasoline Launch Owners
I have B Iota for isle on new I'i foot I .     .
road by Hayi Creek, ill very cheap companion nai
1426 to1626; eaay terma,    View from \n   ��nnland.
the entrance of the harbor almost   to
Tucks  Italft.      lllelll little Hha'l laTa-l I i-iiVo
faar imiitu outside the grade, unit auHy
fiar ymir siimtner retaort wliere the rittn
fall Is one third that "f t'ritife Uutiert, ,    , ., ,  ,    aea
the toll perfect and the botch dellght-lttnd ���"' WM rather nood luiil<inn
fui.   Tboteontho spot hnve aagarly They bail aboul
tumuli! ami it is the unly townsite a-ver
tWO thinls a'll'l before   the   survey wsea
C. M. W.1...H. Room  14, Alder Block
PbOtM ��� III '", P. 0. II ���* l. '>r ��t Ointrnl lintel
For Sale
Lot, <i. block 16, section 7, Gth
Ave., $400. Lot 11, block 2'i,
seetioti 7, price ^I'-i"). Phone 222
or see M. M. Stephens & Company. Limited. 89-92
Ready for the Wild and Woolly
A   female   second   cabin' passenger arrived at St.  Jolm  the
'ay who gave her name a^
J.ick May" wns detained
t '.ui.iili.iii immigration of-
ihc being attired in male
She  readily  admitted
ii ilu- opposite sex
~lic and her male
worked on a farm
She  had   her   hair
cropped short, wore leggings and
tan boots and a shorl skirt that
was not  visible below  a  man's
overcoat,   Her .n-t- was aboul 30,
A Little Different Isn't It, from
the West you Know
In the Far West "Hamlet" was
one evening given by a strolling
company, and this is the criticism
that appeared next day in the
local paper, written by the local
dramatic editor:
"There is too much chinning in
this piece. The author i> behind
the times, and seems to forget thai
what we wain nowadays is hair-
raising situations and detectives.
"In the hands of a skillful
playwright a detective would have
lieen put on the track of Hamlet's
uncle, antl the old man woultl
have been hunted down in a manner that would have lifted Its
audience Out of their cowhides.
"The moral of the piece is not
bad.       The  scene  where   llanilel
sasses his mother is a very bad
example to the rising generation.
"Our advice to the author i.i
more action, mor'.- love-making
and plenty of specialties. Thc
crazy girl scene should be cm
��� mt altogether, and a rattling good
song and dance substituted."
Mrs. Thomas McClymont will
receivi with Mrs. \Y. I".. Willi.mis
on Thursday 27th April.
Read the Daily Optimist
BteiMjarapher ami Olllea. A.^intatnt.  Byeerai
liericni'e.   Mil. C. c-aa Olilimlit Ollice.
Boarders Wanted
A clnmailltil mlvritlnement aiilllirlntr tn yiau applicant! fnr lhat meant ran.in. aar fair that variict
nl ii'ent vi ur taahle.
Hume eooked niealia nn.l nirely furniahi.l rn. tn.
fnr Ihree paraillia, A a ��� l I > Mrs. .!.!'��� ���-. Sri.lt
Hlilir.. :lral Aae., taa'tavea'n Mil anil 9lh St..   s.-tf
Private [tniaral hy   the week a,r naaitith.     il     ���
ii.ikili.t :i .| ual la .    MIbC   K.   M.   liliv-iti,    1,1
Ave., taeltvren 7th anil Sth Su.. phnne lil. ��a-tf
For Sale
A rlan.ilieii aalvertiwmeaat.  t �� ran-1. fat '>   |.tinl, t.
will M'll nnylhlnff nf anlue.
llniiM'tiailil tltanal..   Rooma tn he let.
Kvjen. Tth Ave. anil Tiaylur St.
A|i|ily Mr��.
llnwllne Alley anil Pool Room rnmhinnlinn ; ria-.li
,,��� ..j. .>iTi.-n ainly enn.itiera-l. S,-, M..IM- ��� .
Iierminally, 2ml Ave., te-tavea-n ('ilh anil Tth St..
Skeena Dialrici.
lul   The name, sddren
nf the applicant is S,
Estate agenl. Viuii'i'live
(If fur mining purposes]
er's certificate No	
(li)    The name uf the hike
source (if unnamed ilu
isl Kitsnnikaliini Hiver.
(cl   Tlie pnint nf diversion i
Intersection nf tin- east h-
lnt  1405.
(ill The quantity ��f water applied for
(in cubic feet per lecond) is 140.
Tin- character nf the proposed
rks is a general plant fnr ihe production nf neat, light anil power, ami
the manufacturing uf wood  pulp,
lumbers antl timbers generally,
(f)    The premises on which  the water
is tn in-used (describe same) Mill site
about   3-4  of  ll  milt-   below intake;
wood, frame anil concrete buildings
in   addition   to   the   masonry, dams,
flumes and penstocks necessary.
(gl The purposes fnr which the water
is to he used  is   power development.
(h) If fur Irrigation, describe the lsnd
Intended to be irrigated, giving
li)    If the water is to lie used fur BOV
er nr mining purposes, describe the
place where the water   is   to  be  returned to some natural channel, ami
the difference in iiltitude between
iioint nf diversion and point of return.
rower plant ahout 8-4 of a mile down
Btream from tin- Intake.    Difference
in altitude so feet,
(j)   Area of frown land Intended to be
occupied  hy  the  proposed  works is
100 acres,
(k)    This notice was posted nn the Bth
day of March, l!UI,   uml  application
will lie made to tlie Commissioner en
the linth day of April, lilll.
(I)    Give the names  ami  addresses ��� I'
uny riparian proprietors or  license
who ur whose lamls lire likely   to  he
affected hy the proposed works, either
above nr belOW the outlet.    None.
���lames Cross, Agenl.
I'.O. Uox 285. Prince Rupert, H.C.
Notk -Om- cubic foot pa-r second is
equivalent to S5.71 miner s Inches,
I'uh. March If., 1911.
milei unit one-hall mile
frniii tin- mouth ni Stanly
lliunca1      ' ""
Dated Murcii 1
I'uh. April    '
Bkeena Land Dlalrict   Diatrtai ot quoen Charlotta
Take noUoe tlmt .). il. Murphy uf Vanoouver,
it. C,i occupation oommorotal traveller, intt'tnlH
tu apply fur perWIalon tu purchase tho fullutviiii:
deuriMd landai
CommenelaB al u poat plumed iiinuit leven
mill's weet uml one milt' aouth (mm tin- mouth
u( StanU i teeki Nu.ieai Hiu-tmr, thence nunli su
ehelna, thanco aia-nt to chaine, thenoe smith su
clitiitih. thonce eaal It* rhiiiun.
initial Match 17, lull
I'uh. April 88,
ihstriiM oi Queen Charlotta
J. II. Ml���lil'llY
Niiiiiti Demera, igenl
quean CharlotU lalands Land Dlstrlct-
l list I
niko notice tlmt l, John MoLood ot Vancouvn
occupation hroker, intend to apply lor pormtaton
to proapeel lor eoal and petroleum on thu lollowC
.l...i'rilil'd  lutldrtt . ,     ,
" cinunencini at �� P��m planted about two mil,
wiullt nml two mllee waist ol the mouth ol th,
Tl-el Uiver mid markad.J' ^?C'L'.,N' ��������� Corner,
Nn 7" thenoe smith SO chaina, tltoncia wwt _i
ohaina,'thonce norjjh ��" chainB, thenco out su
""~�����"~""��" '    "    i"K
Clarence McDowell. \i:���lt
Mc.L. N.
  __ . thonce
north  Hll  chaine,  thenco
ehaina' to~potnt of oommonoamanti   oonta
lilll aCTCe, nm"' or lean.
1 lined Fob. '--
I'uh. Feh. 21.
t.it Luiul Wa.triPt
Tako notice thai (lea II. I.uux ul Prtace lluperti
n. ('., occupation imrher, Intonds to appl) i"t
iiernibaion tu purehaae tho following deecrlbod
Conunenolng al u poal planted sbout ne.
mtlei weel uml one mile eouth from the mouth
nl Stenh   Creek, Naden llurtior, thoneo south su
chalna, thenco weel   io ohaina, thenos nurth mi
chaina, Ihoncai eaal 40 eliuuiM.
Iiuiiil March IT, mil. OBO, II. I..MX
Pub. April 22. Numu lHitners. Auent
.skeenu Land  District- Illstrirt uf Tuust
Take notiee tlmt   Kreil  \\.  lluliler ait KitMiin-
kiiluui. oecupatlon (itrmet, intanda in upply
permleilon tn purohaao the following
Commoncing  III   n   |mst   plunteil  ut   tile  nurth-
eaal oomar "(    A. MeLaut'e preemption, thonoe
2tl clliaiai- ...lllii, thenee 10 chuinn eust. thenre 'JO
nnrth. thenoe iu ehelai aaest to post ul
loncemonl contalnjag 2t) urns, mure nr leaau.
Queen Charlotto lalanda Und Dtatrict-Dial
*��� Skoona
TalK until'" lhal L John McLood ol Van,
OMUnatlon broker, Intend to upply for pen:
l���   pruspeol (ur eoul und petroleum on the lol
dneorlbed lands!
Commeneing al a pout plantod about tm. ailleo
amitli un.l tWO milea went of the mouth ut tlie
Ti'ol Uiver und murked J. Mcl, S,. _. t������, ���
Ni, IS ihence nortli SO chuina, lltonoe ��, ��� >���
rhu'ina 'thetu'e soulh HO chalna, thence eaal Si)
i-liiiiiia in pnint nf caituliiuncomont: Containing ii|0
uen..   more ur less.
bJSiPS!B.l��l .   .. JOffiMMeLEOr
puh. i*vi>. Ms
Quean Chwlotta liUn
U-hHo B. Wultt-r,
rli it i
Dited'AprU io. 1911. FSlEDRICHW. BOHLER
Pub. April--. Krinl llutnpltui, Agenl
Sktfii:i l^inil l>i*iriol     District ot OOMI  RftDgfl ���'��
Tuki' in'ii.f Uml 1, l.iurit'1 Kintlslf.v nf Vanrou-
vt*r,   H.  *'.,  iHTii|iutitm   uiintT.  imoml   to   njiply
(nr MrmiMOn to iiurclm.it' the following doMnbfld
Conunutdni ��t it i^hi planted near tin* nouth-
wi-t oorner ol UM :<:���-, liunut'
Idiiu'i*  v*t-u   lu  thaiiis.   Ihoncv
thenoa ciu*t i" ciinm>. thenee
palDl "' oomraenoementt
h.iu��l Murch 84, It'll.       UONK
Tub. April 22.
Coast    1 >i**t rict
itith   <id  rlutui--,
north (U) clmiti��* to
Ih I^nd DlHtrict���Dwiri t ul
Take notice thut 1, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
occupiUon hroker, intend lo apply for permi .m
to proapeel for coul und petroloum on the folio .m(
doacribed lumln:
Commencini ��tu poat plantetl about two milei
w.uth un.l two milea weHt ��t the mouth pi tbe
Tl-el Itiver und nmrked J. Mc.L. N, h. Corner,
No IT thencc nouth M0 chains, thenco WW mj
ahalne,'thence i����rtl> K0 chain�� thence eul sn
ehaina to pnlnt of commencement; ciintuim
iicreti, mure or lens.
Dutvd l-Vb 22, 1911.
I'ub. Keb, 21
��OHN McLii
Clarence McDowell. \
i J
Sktenu Uml I'i'irict -Dintrict of Coast Itange V
Tnke notice thut jock Badtcwd ol Kalgnleyi
^ nrkshin1, KukUiii'I, occupalion over-looker, m-
tendn tu upply (or iH-nniKtion tu purchuse thc
[oilowini deeenbed land*:
t'ummi'iicir.i; :il ii post plunted ut h point iu the
euMrrly l'imi.l,ir> of timU'r limit :t��:tU!' nml in
tin- Miutherl> limn of lot Il'.'Ky, ltanne U, CoiLtl
Dicirici, when* the ml limit* inter>ect. thencc
along the Hiutherly limit of lot BM8 iifon-*iinl
und the projeetlon thennif in un easterly direction
t*ti chain* more or lw** to the w��*-it*r|y limit of
timber limit :i'JMU, thenci- In a *outherly direction
uloiiit  the lu*t   metttkmed  limit   ll   rlmin*  more
or i*-" to th" northerly limit nf Unbar limit 3ti""">(
thence in m wcMerly allMUon alonjr the lust mentioned limit Ml chainn more or Uwt tu the easterly
limit ol timlKT limit 88839, thence iu u northerly
direction U chuin* mure or !������-< tu (he puint uf
Dit^dUarch B. mil. JACK BEDFORD
rub. UarehUi
Money to Loan
A cUnnillitl :el\ertinen ��*r��l will find you the BW*-.
ey with which to put yuur idan fnt��e(T��*t.
i,uce eurtaJna inutitHii
rute*.    PhOMlOla
IC��-'l��>fllll     <
S. O. E. B. S.
Thc Prinoa Rupert \sviu-. No, tl*. .^..rn ��.f
KnKlnii'l. nuTtn the tlmt nml  thir<( Tueedaya m
each niMnth In theCariientern Hall, at ����� i> m.
F. V. CLARK. Be. .
I��. O. It����x t*\2. I'rincr Huprrt
Water Notice
Notice is luTt'lty given that nn amplication will Ih* inntii* umU-r Purt \. nf
the "Wuter Act, 1909," io obtain a
license in the Queen Charlotle Diviaion
nf Skeena District.
(a) The name, ntiilrcH* ami occupation
of the applicant ix George Young,
Victoriu, l!.<".
(If for mining pur|H>nei*)   Pwe   Miner's lYrtiti*'ate No	
(l>) The nume of the Inke, stream or
itource (if tmnnmed, the description
is) Ain l.ake antl Ain Kiver.
(c) The |H��int of diversion al or near
Ain Lake.
(di The <|tiantity of water applied for
(in i-il'K' feet per second) HKHl.
(e) The character uf the pro|>oned
works, dam, Hume, pi|H*-line, |M��wt*r
engines, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which the water
i> to be used (describe .-ain.-i nt or
near mouth Ain River,Masset Inlet.
(gl The pariKises for which the water
is to be used is for |>ower development nnd mill operations.
(h) if fnr irrigation, describe the
land tn be irrigated, giving acreage.
in If the water is to be used fur power or mining purposes, describe tin'
place where the water  is  to be  re-
OueenCharlotte I��l��ndiLaiul District���Distri t
Take notice thut 1, John Mcaum! ol Vancoi \
DOeUpatlOD broker, inLend to apply for perml -
tu proejwet for coul und petroleum on the (olio i
deaerlbed lunda:
Coninu-ncitiK   at   u   pust   plantod   abuut
milea nouib und twu mile* wont u[ the inotltl
the   Tl-el   Kiver,   (..ruhum   laland,   and
J. Mcl..   N. W. Curner, No. 114, thonce a
chuina,  thenco euat  -*"1  chains,  thunce nunli sj
chain*,  tbence   WSM   's''  ehuins  tu  point  ul >*um*
meneementi  cuntainint: 640 ucrea, more or les .
Dated Feb. 22, ISU. JOHN MstKOO
Tub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Afnt   l
Queen Churlotte hlunda Land District��� District q
Ttke notice thut 1, John McLood ul \ .m.'. ... ���
occupution bruker, intend tu apply (or permiaioi
to pro��iK*ct for coul und petroleum on the fellnAtnt
daeeribed lunda:
Commencing ul a jK��t plnnted about two mflu
aouth nod two miles wr-i ul the muuth o( the TM
Uiver and murked J. McL, S. VV. Curner, Nn, 33,
thence north SO chsins, thenco esst Hti chain*
thence aouth 80 chuina, thence west SO ehaim to
point uf cununenceinent; containinK 010 acra*
more or less
Duted Feb. 22, 1011. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 24. Clar*nce McDuwell, A|Ht
Qoesn Churlotte laiundh Lsnd District���District ol
Tske notice thut 1. John McLeod of Vuncmm?
occupution bruker, intend tu apply for permbataa
to prtwpea ��� fur coul anil petroluum on the (ollotung
de-icrilnil lunda:
Cummeucim; st u pont plunted about twu mi'mt
south uf the Tl-el Uiver und murked Juhn McL
Na Be Corner, No. :i2, thence south hii ehatta*
thence ���*���*���������   na chuins. ttionce north so ehala*
, thence eaal SO chuins to poinl of commetuvtn.'tit;
* containing 040 sere*, mnre or luss.
Dated Feb IL UU. JOHN Mci.Kuii
Tub. Fell. 21. Lealie K. Walter. tfBM
Bkeeoa land DUtrict���District of Coast Uatiit*' V
Tske notice thst Charles I'. tMter of I'rince
Uu|K>rt, II. C, occupstiun surve>or, intends to
ui'ply for permission to purchase the following
dt->cribitl lands:
Commencing st a po>t plsnti>l ut the north esat
corner of surveyetl lot ;iysi, Usngu ���*>, Coant Dit*
trict, thence in sn ew>ierly din-ction uloni: the
suutnerly limit of surveyed lot :tl'lM und the projection thereof 40 chain* tu n iHiint, thence south. ,.���*���* *.*     - .. -
psrsllel to the easterly limit nf Mirveyed lot ItHS-l i tn prospect lur coul snd (H'troleum un the (<���
sfun'said (to chains mun* nr !*-��� to the northerly { deuenbeti l.u. I
limit of a timlMT limit    No.   ISHD, Ihence wuet |
40 chsins more or U-tv* to s iHiint in the pro action
southerly   ot   tha   cs-st.'riv   limit   of   Mirveyed   Int.
.IMSI.  thence in  u  northerly  direction  along the
iirojiTtmn of ti.-' saitl limit  and slum: the n] i
limit ���'*' chains more or U**�� iu point i>f commencement, eotitainitii; 210 urn-, more or \***&.
Dst.il Murch s, U1L       CHARLES P. oTTKK
rub. Msrch 25.
Sk.vna Und DUtrict-DUtrict nf Cosat Usn^ V
Tske   notice   thst    I'.dith   Alice   Crowthor   of
lkb-s.    Vurkshin*.   F.nRland,  urcJpution  spinster,
intends tu apply fur |M*rmissiun to purchase the
hilluwinii ih-mtiUh| lamU:
Commennna at a |m��m planted at th
**���**���*������.: Chsrlutte lslunds 1,m-l DUtrict    P. -       (
Tuke nonce that I, John McLeod of \.,- ���
>ccupstiun broker, intend to apply for pern
CommencinK st a pust planted ubout live mta
north und une mile wi>st ul tho mou:h ��� ttw
ll-el Uiver and murked J. McL., N. K. Com
No. 'Jj, thence south SO chains, thence mat ���*"
chsins, thence north so chuins, ihence aaat M
chains to point of commencement; conuinini* <>li)
aorea, men oc less*.
Dated Feb.SS, 11)11. JUHN Mel.hoD
. ub. Feb. 2k Clanmcu ICoDoweU. Kptm
corner of surveyed b>t A'JVX, Hsnge tt, Coast DU-j
trict, (hence north
saitl lot .1.r> chains more
limit   of  Lot BSSft, Hani
gueen Charlutte Islands ljind Diatrict���DUtrict of
Tske nutlet- thai 1. John McLeod ol VSMOUW,
urcupution broker, intenil to apply (or perm
, _, ' io prus|Hit for coal nnd petroleum on the foil
h lMi' .htscrilHti lands;
i�����- i%-. ���_^.i.. ii^i. ���# t**\     CommencinK a. a pust planted about t��"
l0n* TltTl��!X���_lX ' -��S 3 S n,���u,h & llJ'llA'l Riv,, aad ,
r< :<M .liatriri. ttia'tira
pillar laa.1 na.*ration*-<l
lot 60 chalna la a piani. thenc*. in a aaaaith-
rriy attraction :l'> rlian . laaralli^ tia lha> iaai.1
raatrriy limit A lot MI, Ihrntr In a aai-l-
eriy attraction (to chain, mora aar Iv* tn
the point aaf eommancemant caanlalnlnil 210 acraaa
maara* aar Ir*.
llal.-.l March a, l-.i|l.
Pub. March IS.
Bkaana 1-iaa.l Iliatrici-tNalHrlaaf Caarat.
Take notice thai I. J   II. McAuarhcy aaf l-rlna'c
itolaaTI. aaccutantlon miner.   IMI.���nil-   taa a|a|al>'   for
ItartniMiaan taa purchaae thc followinat ala*a>crilaa*l
Commcnrinar at n poal planlisl at tba tM.iithaa-c.l
caarncr <af laat '22*'J. thrnaa- cauat 40 chains, tha'n.'C
������.ith 6 chain., thencc a..'.! in chain,, thence
n*arth f> chain, to t��.mt of cairnmencettacht, contalnina '2*1 acre, more aar li-...
Date Keb. IS. lull J. II. McAI'lallKV
Pub. Feu. ii. 1*11. Analra'w Kcnneal). Auent
Skeena Lan.l Di.trict-Di.trict aaf Coaat
Take na.tice that   I, Peter Keial, of Vancouver,
B.C., aaccaiiaatton tenm.tcr. inten.l, t.i apply for
laermtwion to purchase thc foltowintt .i- -.. iIn-i!
J.  Mcl.   S. B   t'aarna'r.  No. Sl, tlacnea-
chains  thenca-  nurlh  SO  chains,  tht-iic.. eaal  II
chains, thenci. south HO chaiits to point ot
menavment:  containing 010 acres, main- or !<���-*
Detail Keb. J2, 1��11. JOHN Hct��OD
I-ub. Keb. *ii. LaaHe B, Waller An. at
Uua*n Charlotte Islanala Ijanil Diatriet-Diitrict ol
Ske ll .
Take nolica- that I, Jo n Met.c it of Va cm-.'.
��� cui.atmn i.r.ik. r. int. n I   o a p.y lor p.-rm s....n
i., |im.s|tvt tor c al an.l (admit., im o   the (uli.is.nl
.le criliasl lamls:
Comn et.cinit at a p st plant.. rtbaaut four tn i *
..ui an.l two mile, we t ol thai anauili 0 ua
T'.-al lUver und markasl J. UM. N. B ' ���'
No. ti,. ihenc.. outh "0 chain,, the ica' ereet ���'
chain.-, tha-nc- north BU cnains, thanca **** *
chain, to poi t ot commenivment: ouiui lafeS
acra's morr or laaaa.
Dale .Keb. 'il, l��ll. UN  M'LEOD
I'ub Kob. 2fa. Clarane.-Mt-i ma
.   *.   I    Caammcncinir at a l-aast lilanteal nn.l aainakant P.
tllrill'll III Siitnt' natural channel,    niitl j R.'e8.W: corner anal linme.llntely ��.|j..inina: |K��tr
the dlffortnc* iii ultitiitle betWMn tha
point nf tliveraion anil |Miint ttf return
At <ir near mouth of Ain Itivcr.ntKiiit
IM) fa-el helow lake level.
(j) Area of Crown land inteiiilnl to lie
occupied hy the ptopond worka	
(kl Thia IWtlc. waa iKiatetl on the
lirat day of March, lilll, and ���pollution will he made to the t'ominiaaioiier
on tlie fifth day of April. 1911.
Ill Give the namea and addreaaea of
any riparian proprietors or HttnSM.
who tar whoae lumla IN likely to lae
���ffsetsd hy the pro|M>��ed worka.either
sboVS or BelOW ths outlet.    None.
II.   I..|'l.-I,:ita.   Ai.-. rl
P.O. Uox &<>, I'rince Uu|.ert. B.C
NoTK - Olia- cuhic fiHit per  second   ia
[divalent to 88.71 miner's inchca.
Liquor Act, 1910
(Section nro
Notice ia hereby given that on tin
24th dsy of May next, application \vi\
he tniide to the Superintendent of I'rai
vincial Police for lhe (-runt of a licenae I'""- March Hi. lull
for the aula- of lii|iiour hy retail in anil
upon the premises known ns Kitsumkalum Hotel, situate at Kitatimkiilum, II.
C.| Skeena district, upon the lands descrihed as lot Win.
Dated this Uth day of April, l'.ill.
Apr. 26-lmo.      IIARHY HKKKVMAN
ntlicr il.
hy the
liri.ils,   -
thai >lu- w.i^ i
and said thai
Slikine Un.l District    Dlstricl of Cassiar
Tike notice that Christian A. Tervo ol Slikine.
II. C, occupation customs officer, inten.l. to apply
tor lsr.i,is.ion to purchase the faalloaainit descrilied
I'a.inmenclnft   at   a  poat   planteat   about   three-
i|uarters of a mile north east frtmt Clarier RttHl
mnrkeal J.M.'s N.K. caner nnd A.H.'s S E. eorner; Ihenee north wi chains. tha>ncc ea-t 40 chains,
thence saaulh Ho chains, thence west 4n chnins, to
point aif   cattaamencaantent.  caintairafna Tin  ncra-"
���on or laaa. l-KTKtt KKID.
Dale.11st Keb. lilll Charles II. Allen. Airent
Pub. Keb. IB.
Skeena tjand District-Dlitrict aif Caaoal
Take notice that I. William Anderson, aif Van-
......-I.   Ill*,  .HT.it.all.-ii  clerk, intends to apply
for (.einii.si..n to purchase the folloavinK ilesa'rila-
eal lands:
Caammencina at a \.ml plnnle.1 nnd annakeat W.
A. northwest corner, and atsaait t mil., from Alexander Itua'han naarthern boaadeiy line; then.-.'
saaulh HI chains, tlien.c a>nst BO a'laiains thcnra>
north -,' chains, thence wa-.t w�� rlualns, to polnl <d
eommencemenl, cintaininar',l"a.'ia's neaae or la-,.
Dateal 1,1 Keb. lull Charh-s II. Stark. Aaent
Pub. Keb. 'it,.
Sk.s-na Ijta.d lli-lr.rl    lll.lairt of C.aast.
Take notice thai 1. l^.��lia- K. Wnlla-r. of Vancou.
ver. ll.C. ocraipiati'-n pioopootor, intends loial--
ply for |.erin|.st.in I-, a.iirchnse tha- followinade.-
crilieal lanals:
('�����i.in- ...'..a' at a post plantcl nnat mnrkeal I,
K. W'.'s S.K. eorner nnd Immediately adjoining
paast markasl W. A.'s N.W. corner, litem-., north 4'i
chains, Ihence weat sal chain., thenee south 411
chains, thence eost sat chains, to point of commencement, containing :I2" BCfM, more or leaa.
Leslie b, waltkr.
I ��� .i. I Isl Kel... lull Chnrle. II. Allen, Airent
l'.ill   l-'eb. 26.
Skeena Lnnd District    Di-tn.-t of Cnssltar
Trake nolice that I Charles M..ni. of Prince Ru.
pert. ll.C. tacraipation lalsoei. intends to apply
-noaners oi n nine noran east irom a.isrier (I ur , > ,...���,..: ., . ...���\. ;;,,,, * "i'i">
and on the east laank ol Stikine lllver an.l on the ��� ,irr,m""""n '" >'urch��*<, "i" followina das.ril..
sa.uth side ol the moulh ol a lillle creek, thei.ee f .     ,
easl  4(1 chains,  thence  north   40 chains,  there i __,,"__TI'',_n*.       .""i- \    ""' 'i"'* "'"' """
nat   10 chains, thence aaiuth   10 chalna to |*.lnt
ot commencement and eontainini 160 acres mora. I
or less.
Dateal Keb. 10. lilll.     CHIHSTIAN A. TBRVO
Puh. April 7.
eleven pieces ol
UiKKiiKi- including a riiU- and were
bound (or the Canadian west,
Skeena Land Ili.'ricl   -ll.a.ri'' "I QueenChatleUa
Teke nntice the' Catherine IUrri��.m. 01 ('Kltrsry,
AllsTla,   occupation   .plnster.   Intends   to   at.|ily,
lor permission in purchase the lollo��iin�� deaenbed
'"commencinu   al   a   Mf   Ptgljad   iboul   H   14
miles west and hall a mile soulh Irom the moulh
of Stanley  Crock,   where  ii   '"M"t"
Harbor,  (iraham  Island, thenca.
thence   40  chains  east,   thence
thence 10 chains west to point
and conlalnina (WSJ
Dated March 17, 1911
10  c'laiis soith
10 chains   norlh,
jf coinrrietic.Jiii.jnt
rriore or low.
Town Council HaB Girl Arrested
for Wearing Hobble Skirt
After ii nirl wearing a hobble
skirt had caused ;i disastrous runaway, lor which she was arrested,
the town board of Buchanan, Mich
New Tailor Made Waists,     Irish Linen Waists
"Royal Purple" Shoes for thc Ladies
"Traveller" and "Palace" Shoes for the Men
We carry B large stock of I.ndiea' and Men's Footwear of all descriptions.
Slikine laand District    Dstrict of Cassiar ,-.~......
Take notice that Sydney  llo.lRkin.on ad Tele- j pub. Mar. In.
(traph Creek, II. C, occupalion clerk. Inlands to
apply   for   permission  to  purchase the  faalluwinit
tleserilieal land:
CommonrhlK al a posl planted almul a ouarler
mile north east from lilarier Kinle and on the eaat
bank ol Stikine Kiver, Ihence east 'JO chains
Ihence nnrth 10 chains, thenee west 20 chaina,
Ihence sottlh 40 chains to pnint ot commencement
anal contalnina all acres more or less.
Dated Keb. li, 1011.
Pub  April 7. CA. Tervo. A��ent
half mila s in an eaaterly direction frami the paiint
on Naas Kiver where the Law, Lake trail lupins
and one mile In a northerly tlirecti.m than the
said Lava Ijake trail. Ihcnco south -1 chain,
thence easl so chains, thtaoa north ... chains
thenre west Ml chains to point of comnienceinant'
containinK o4o aa-res.
Date Keb. 3, lull. CHARLU Mnillils
Joseph Helwny. Aaent
(Jucen Charlotte lilanda I .....l District��� Dis'.r
Sk ena
Take nntice that 1. John McLeod of Vancouver
occui alij bmker, intend tn appl. for porraaeiol
lo pr>M|Hvt for anial and lietroleum on thc loll *iA
alescr la al ta.uta:
CiimmeiicinR al a poat planted fo r mi a^ -.'.;'1
and two ��c.t ol the m.uth ol I .o   Tl-el It
ti... t. .1 J. MrL. S. B, Corner. No. 4(i, then,
a.. Cliain.. Ihenc' wasat KO chain,, the ca* MOtll ���
c am., i cneu east    0 ch.tt .    I    polnl ol *-"-���
men.a��m. nt    .oniaintng f.40 acrea, more ��.r li
Dated Keb. IS, itill. JOHN M ll 0"
Puli. Keb. 25. Clarence McDowell. AS*
IJutsn Charlolle I-lands ljinal Dlrtrict���Dl��lr ct o'
_ , Skas-n.i
Tak notice thai I, J. Im McLeod of Van." v���*.
or. ui attain .ttlkw, inten.l lo apply lor pa n 0 I
10 p taspaTI faar c al and |.i tr-il.-tim on th let... "I
.lis., rtlasl lands:
l omm ncttiR ..t a |aoal i.'anted about I ur ''. ���
south a ..I iwo miles aae t ol the mouth "I ''*
till Kvar and marked J. McL. N. W, I naj
Nai. .la, thenc. .ouih so chaim, then ;��� . ' *
chain, theneo north n chains, thenre ����� '"
ham. to point . f commenc ���m-nt: conta t.n a' '���
arras., mora- or Ira..
Dalasl Keh. IS, I 111. JtlHN  M'l KO"
Pub. Keh. It, Gtan c. McDowell, htm*
yuaaenlchailotie Ulan a l^ano DlsUict���Dtstncl ol
_ . Sleena
I .ke notice I'.a   I. John  M  L   4 of Van I
ivcupatmt, hroker. Intend to apply lor l��"
I   pro-peel   or cal a d    eir.ileum on   ut toll"* "I
d .crils.,| 1 naja;
Coranaaoai at i t ��� tant d aim t 'o t ��� *_*
MU and two mile. ��,. t ���t th mouth I '"
Is. Kiver ant ..ar el J. Ml. . W. Co raj.
No. 35. thenc   n rth  a    c'mina. "hnnc    aal   ������
rhaina.  Ihence aoufi   -0 el.a na.  the re       -
' aina o p lnt ol commencement ������ ntainiti.' '"
���a res, m ra* nr laaa .
Dated F.b. SS, l \\ j ,HN Mill'"
I'ub. Keb. It, C ,������ , M Howell.   S��al
Queen Charlolte Islands Und District-DJaU * ol
I     ��� . Skavna
Tuke notloe lhat I, John McLeod of \anc. t
"ccupallon broker, Inlend to apply lor pwnlh
lo prospwl (or coal and petroleum on the fell"
tWaSthad land:
Commencinti   nl a poa   planted about tw. 1    ,
| north ol i|���. moulh ol the T.-el r ver an    niaarkasl
���>���  Mcl,., S. W. Cornor   No. 4, thencc nort I
Chans,  thence east  80  chalna   thonc��� sout1'
chains, thence Wial  80 cha na lo point ol '
njencemcni; containing 64'i acres, more or le
>a ail Feb 25, 1S11. JOHN Mill
Pub. Keb 27. T. E. Walnr. '
Skea*na Und Distrirt     Distrirt ol ((tioa-n Charlotle ,
Take  notice that   llulter'   (I.   Crew  of   Prince I
Kuperi, II. ('., occupation agent. Inlands lo apply
lor jior.ois.ii.it to purchase the following alescritietl
Commencing  al   a  paast   planted   about   '    1-2 |
mles west and hall a anile soulh ol the mouth of
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notloe thai 1 Joaa.pl, Uelway of VanooOVoi
II.(   . ����� ��� llpetlon praopoetOT, intends to npt.lv f���r
lierrnission to purchase the faallowlnic ilescillae.1
(a.tniiienrina at a Mat plnnte.1 two nn.l one-hnlf
mile. In an easterly .lir.*ctlon f,.���, the point",
Nas. Ktver where the Ijava Lake trail  beginfc
hen.e  wesl   Hi chains,  thenre  .������th  all chlaln."
theneo eaat SO ohaina, thenoa north ��. chain, &
point  of  commencement, catnulnlnir i.| ,, '
Quasn Charlolle Islands Und District���Dlslnrl
_   , . Skeena
Take notice thai I, John McLood of Vancou"'
occupation broker, inlend to apply It.r pern
lo prospect lor cal aed petroleum on thc tot
int  of
more <.r leas.
Dale Kel.. I, mil
Pub. Mar. 10
_,____,,*__���, ��� ���..... petroleum on thc foil
alescnlied lan I:
Commencing a a post planted about two n
north and t o miles weat ol the mout pt
ll-el Rlvei antl marked J. McL., N. W. Col
JJO s., :.,,,.,. ���l(lth ho chain,, thencc enchains, thence north 80 chalna. thence w.-'
cliains to polni ol commencement- coniaininit
^^^^^^^^^^  Jcrea. more or lesa
JOSEPH BELWAY   BSttS 272r'' '""��� ,0HN Md '
Slatsoia Lnnd Disirict-Dlstricl of Caasiar
,'" " " - ��h��t 'Arthur Jamesw.. ,h . Van
.;".r".,:",.l'."il,r"kc!t I��i3a fi n���,'i,
      T.E.Walter. Agent
lueen Charlotte Islanda Und Diatrict��� Diatrict ol
-b--i . Skeena ,,
I ake notire that |  j0h    McUod ol Vancouni.
' raccupal lot. broker  Intend
The House of Good Values
JABOUR BROS.   -    Third Ave.
.  k. .".���!   J.'itnl   DfltrlCt       ni-trin   Of Colli   lUMt"   G
Tike notice tbftt William  Franklin Carpenir-r
ol   I'rlncp  Hupcft, 11.  (.'., occupation rrslaurant
kt��p[����r. Intontla to apply lor twrmifwlon to purchase
the followinK tlMcrlbetl land I
j     CommencinK nt a porn plani*) al the nouth etrnt
MIMf of lurveyed  l^it   1712,  thence 80 chainn
1 wuth, thence aliout 3"i chninn wmit to \M Zf*'^,
thence 20 chains north, ihence 4'i chainn  west
i thence about 2.^ chninn north to l/it 1068, thence
about :10 chainn east to nouth eant corner of I.<
I :i06H, thence about 15 ehainn north to Lot 1711
j thence about '���". chainn eant to point of comment1
ment; containinR 4H0 acrea, more or '
Daterl Fab, i.\ I'-M
i -A..*. *i���*��� ���
OOflUlnlnH MO acree rnnn* t.r 1
Date Feb .i. lull        ARTHUR JAMBA WKI.CH
Mar. Ul JOMpri Uelway
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        Atrent
NV��-nn Land Di.frl.-t    Dhtrirtof0oM|
Take    nntice    Hint    |.   Ale,������l,..    aa     a.
\nne,���,��er. K.C.   .kt���, ���,",,,   r   ""������""'���  "f
tl'l'lv for permission to p^&hff: *SHj l"
desrillssl lands a "rcna.e the followina-
Commencina a t.ost tdanl
mnre or leaa. ,,
l's.,,|Kel, 25,1011 JOHN Mel.l"'
Pub. Keb. 27. T E. Walter. AU' "l
<Ju<s-n (har'olte I.Ian.Is Und Dlstrlct-D.slrld ��'
.... Ska*ena ...T
1 ake nolice that I, J���hn McLeod ol Vencoua.".
"ccuimiton broker, Intond to apply for PfffiSS
'" Praamet lor coal and potroloum on tho lolli'*1���
daascribisl 'and..              **
(mum iielntr ., . ..... ., ,.., ..t,.���,i two mil" The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II.  NO. 92
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wl
BDNESDATL. ^Vfclt 26.  1911.
 ��� ". '���/t��.J'" -	
Price Five Cents
Two Barrels of Gunpowder Were Smuggled into the Building and
Exploded at Dead of Night���Labor Troubles May be at
Bottom---Police are Investigating the Outrage
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 20.���What is
believed to be a deliberate attempt
tn destroy ii large building here
took place last night when a new
building i�� course of construction
at thc corner of Smythe and
Seymour streets was wrecked
|.\ ilu- explosion of two casks of
gunpowder. It is believed that
ilu- powder was smuggled into the
building i<
thc murage has sonic connection
with ilu- lalmr disputes now in
progress in lhe city.
Powder Carefully Placed
l-A.iininaiion  of   the  wreckage
cveals  tlu1 fact   that   two  casks
0 powder h.id evidently been
carefully placed underneath the
floor joists. How the charge was
ignited is not appearent, but the
explosion wrecked the walls and
threw them out of plumb, loosened
mortar and bricks all over the
building, and was so violent that
it shattered many windows in the
neighborhood. Fortunately no
one was passing at the time, or
ir the purpose, and that {the wreck would have been fatal.
Police   after   Perpetrators
The residents of the neighborhood were thrown into a state
of wild alarm by the concussion
and the police arc actively engaged  in  searching  out  the per-
Looks Like a General Election
After the Census
.Special to lhe Optimist)
Montreal, April 25.���Hon. Sid-
nej Fisher speaking at a large
meeting here on reciprocity was
-kul why the government did
not present the question to the
Fisher replied. "As soon as
you want it you shall have the
chance, but we tlo not propose
i" disenfranchise a great number
'���I lhe people, who after the census
will have votes."
Write Em Now
"n Saturday afternoon the S. S
I ii\ ol Seattle will leave here for
iiili and will carry mail for
Steamer Asia is Wrecked Near
Believed Passengers and Crew
Were Taken off by Passing
Steamer���Tragedy in the Fog
(Special to the Optimist)
Tokio,  April  20.���There is no
news   today   of   the   fate  of   the
liner  Asia   which   struck  a
potrators of the dasratdly act.
Not a word is said by lhe officers
in charge of the investigation, but
it is understood they have good
grounds for keeping track of more
than one person in connection
wilh lhe outrage.
Labor Trouble Begun
Because the attempt at destruction was made upon a building
just being put up, the suspicions
of lhe citizens are directed against
the disaffected section of labor
engaged in the building trades
in tbe city. I'or some little lime
the carpenters have been demanding S4.5Q per day, an increase of
25 cents beyond what the contractors are willing to pay. Today
sees the commencement of a general strike of all building trade
employees, inaugurated by thc
building trades unionists in the
city in sympathy with the car-
pen I ers.
All union men engaged in Unbuilding trades have quit work,
and every effort will be made by
the sirikers to recruit the ranks
of tbt- unions and prevent building
work by non-union men.
Holding   Investigation
Indianapolis, April 20.���A (irand
Jury   was  called   here   today   to
start the investigation as to finding
rock I dynamite   in   the  offices  of   the
while feeling her way cautiosuly
along the coast in a fog Sunday
night and sunk. Wireless calls
for aid were picked up and then
suddenly stopped. 11 is nol known
for sure, but it is believed the
passengers and crew are saved.
The steamer America of the Toyo
Kisen  company  was  nearest  the
Going Home
Mr* W. II. Hearst leaves on the
8   S.   Cetriana   tonight   for   bis
'"���me in Liverpool, England.   Mr. her assistance but could find no
Hrarst will  navel  via  the Great|trace of the liner.
Northern route to New Ybrk am
lake a White Star boat from there
to Liverpool,
About 200 Went
: i�� estimated thai about 200
pie weni to Hazelton this morn-
n i   hf I Iperator and Conveyor.
Later it w
learned that the Chinese steamer
Tang Shut* had taken off the
Myheter Fron Stockholm
De seuast aukoinna ft on Sverigc
are   Herr      and    Fru   Holitiquist
llvilk.i lemnade hemlandet i Jan-
niiaii. Om ni vill hora nogra
rhe S, S. Distributor will leave myheter hemifron so go till Rett*
'"lv tomorrow morning for Milelly's Kafe och Bageri hvar I'm
'���""' Up ilie Skeena River. Holinquist ar uppasserska.
Bo^rd of Trade Was Non-Committal on  Question of
Granting Permission to Start Gas and Power
Plants���Will    Get    Report  of  Committees Before Taking Action
Structural Steel Workers' Union.
Mr. Frank M. Ryan, presidenl of
thc union, was subpoenaed to
give evidence.
Doing Great Work
Mr. W.H. Morrison, Y.M.C. A*
secretary in the railroad construction camps in lla/ellon, left
here on the boat today.
+ +
(Special to the Optimisti
The following   are   the   results
of    principal    baseball     matches
played yesterday  in   the    North-
Wesiern League:���
At Vancouver��� R. H. E.
Vancouver. . . .- 4 10   0
Tacoma 0   5   3
Hatieries���Jensonand Lewis; Hall
and DevOgt.
At Spokane��� R. II. E.
Spokane 13 1"    0
Victoria 3    0   5
Batteries���Strand,     Fnglcbrctson
and Hasty; Marshall and Dash-
At Seattle��� R. H. E.
Seattle 4
Portland 2
Friends of J. J. McNamara Charged   With Complicity in the Los
Angeles Dynamite Outrage Retaliate���Have Defence
Fund of $250,000���Foul Plot Alleged
(Special to the Optimist)
Indianapolis, April 26.���Following   the   discovery   of   dynamite
here in the office of J. J. McNamara, Secretary Treasurer of
the Structural Steel Workers' Union, and his subsequent arrest
on a charge of being concerned in
3 3 the dynamit'ng of the Times bui d-
3   Oiing  at   Los Angeles,  a sensation
Batteries   Skeels and Shea; Dur-'was sprung  today by  the arresl
laud, Touneson, Harris, Shooks. of Detective Rums on a charge of
complicity in kidnapping McNam-
National League
At Sl. Louis:              R. II.
Pittsburg         !�� 8
St. Louis  4 7
At New York:
Boston  1 8
New York  3 10
Ai Brooklyn:
Philadelphia  7 l
Brooklyn      4 5
Ai Cincinnati:
Chlcagi       5 0
Cincinnati   4 0
American  League
Al Chicago:
Chicago     5
Cleveland  2
At Boston:
Boston  5
ara. Wilh him were three atlor-
I-;. neys, arrested mi the same charge,
11 all of whom spent a couple of
;{ hours in  jail  waiting until  their
friends had secured bonds for them.
New  York
At Detroit:
St. Louis   	
Detroit ....
Ai Philadelphia:
Washington        2
Philaddph a    11
Pacific   Coast   League
Ai Portland:
Sacramento   1 3
Portland  5 8
At San Francisco:
Oakland 0 0
San Francisco   1 4
Arrested the Detective        McNamara,  that  there is a huge
Bums was arrested while on his Plot on foot a��ainst them-   Thc>'
way to court to surrender himself
to Judge Manning, as soon as he
heard of the warrant for himself.
His ba 1, and thai of his associates
has been fixed at Sl0,000
This movement of the part
of McNamara's friends is part
of a big movement to light his
case through the courts, regardless of expense, the Western Federation of Miners having guaran-
tt ed a sum of a quarter of a million
dollars as a defence fund.
Big  Plot  Alleged
It is .illcged by  the friends
declare that as part of the plot,
Burns aud the three lawyers entered into a plot to effect McNamara's arrest contrary to the
Slate law, by kidnapping him
away beyond the boundary and
there arresting him.
May be Trouble
McNamara, McNigle, and the
other men arrested with them
on the charge of dynamiting the
Times building are expected to
reach San Francisco tonight. Special precautions are being taken
to prevent any attempt at rescue
or demonstrations.
Three Well-known  Business
Men Admitted Last Night
At the close of the discussion
of the Tsimpsean Light and Power
Company's propositions by the
Board of Trade last night, tin
following prominent business men
of the city were unanimously
accepted as members of the Board
of Trade.
Mr. J. J. Sloan, recommended
by President A. J. Morris, Mr.
J. Ci. McNab, recommended by
Secretary M. M. Stephens and
Mr. George J. Frizzell, recommended also by the secretary.
Three Liners Reach Halifax After Thirty Hour Delay
Fifteen Perish in Typhoon
Manila, April 20.���(Special)���
Fifteen persons perished when the
Steamer Charles Point went down
during a typhoon on Sunday. There were fifty people on board but
some were rescued.
"ter   two  hours'  consideration
"' tlie Tsimpsean Power Company's
l""l��'sals to establish gas works,
''''"tic  power  plant,   and   street
rftilwayB   in   Prime   Rupert,   the
l!""d of Trade last night failed
1 "me to any definite conclusion
"���' the matter.   The question of
""'  gas and   power  propositions
have been sent to committees who
'will   report   later  on.    The   proposal   for   slreel   railways   is   nol
being so considered,for by mutual
agreement  il  was considered lire-
mature  tn discuss  the possibility
of street railways for Prince Rupert.
Good Thin^ for City
Undoubtedly there exists a general   feeling among   the  members
of the Board of Trade that it will
be a good thing for the city at
its present stage to have some large
company in spending money to
develop and handle power propositions. But none of the members
fe Is like giving away city franchises for any long term of years.
Expressed by Ca. R. Naden the
idea is thai it may be about
twenty years before the city can
afford to municipalise any enterprise, and in any case it will be
more profitable for I'rince Rupert
to take over such enterprises as
going concerns.
Gas   Plant   and   Power   Prices
On the subject of the gas prop-
Golden exhalations of the dawn
streamed along the tops of the
hills to the easl of lhe city soon
after live o'clock this morning and
chased away the cold  of night
Here antl there hung shimmering
rain clouds Stubbornly refusing to
be dismissed by lhe advancing sun.
The stream of gohl broadened,
the cloud of night was hurrying
out of sight, the rain clouds, after
shedding a few tears, joined die
Vapoury mists hanging like gauze
in the fir trees across thc harbor.
Along every street pasted little
groups of men for the most part
shod with shoe packs and carrying
on their backs big packs These
groups converged on Center street
near thc G. T. I'. Inn and headed
for Foley, Welch & Stewart's
wharf. Occasionally a Woman
joined the procession of men.
At the Wharf
Up at the wharf Steam hissed
impatiently Irom a couple of steamboats, the "Operator" and thc
"Conveyor" winches worked hard
taking aboard freight and baggage.
The men and women CTOSSOd
the gangplanks from the dock In
lhe boats. There were all SBftS
of men, fat and lean, men oltl and
young, men from the hill1- of
Montenegro, men from the Steppes
���of Russia, nun from lhe verdant
fields of  England, men from  lhe
(leathered moors of Scotland, men
from Kilkenny and Killarncy, men
from old Ontario and historic
yuebec, men from the north, the
south, the east, lhe west. And
lhe women too. whal siories might
circle round them.
First of the Season
Soon lhe deckhands of lhe Op-
cr.iior shouted to Captain Myers
"All clear!" The telegraph instruments of the boat chattered
from the bridge to the engine room
then lhe big paddle whirl at the
stem began to revolve antl churn
Up the foam. A few minutes later
lhe Operator was clear of lhc
wharf. She gave three loud whistles as a parting salute and headed
lor lhc Skeena River audila/.elion.
Captain Shannon of the Conveyor was soon on the heels of lhe
Operator. The paddle wheels left
pathl of furrowed water behind
A few men and one lady watched
the boats oul of sight. In very
iruth Spring had come thc rush
lo lhe Interior had begun, pioneer
men had gone on a campaign of
development) none to put in shape
another big wealth transmitting
Station  l" connect with  the great
commercial dynamos of the world.
All Sorts and Conditions"
Aboard   those   two  boats  were
railroad contractors, railroad en��
ginCerSt miners, muckers, builders
of telegraph lines, farmers, team-
-ni-. preachers, policemen, "dukes'
-(in-, cooks' sons, sons of belted
satis," men who are tiring of the
bustle and conventionality of cities
have broken away lo make a fresh
Worked Wind Jammer Till they
All but Owned Her
She was a Uraguayan Ship with
a Wageless Crew. She was
Sold at Victoria to Pay Them.
ii rtn^ii-ti.ii-mi-ir'i   i'i   -nn i���i ���i    ,*^-*Jt
siart antl do something worth
while, .ill Marts of conditions of
men wilh all sorts aud conditions
of motives in making the trip.
Every one of them has a vision of
fortune.    I-'.very one can see in the
perspective ilu- possibilities of making money in lhe new field ahead
of them, Each is a cog in lhe
wheel of life. Each has an object
of some kind be it good or bad.
Two Men You Know Them
Just as the Operator was streaming out of sight two men could
be seen standing afl. One was a
Iii tie slight man, with a rather
sad face, employer of 50,001) men,
builder of railroads that link the
commerce of thc north with the
south, of the east wilh the west,
known to some as John W. Stew-
at t, to others as "The Little White
Chief" m others as plain Jack
Stewart.   He is a man with more
grit and determination than can
bc found in a thousand ordinary
men.   A man who came out from
Scotland over twenty yens ago
without a sou and today his firm
pays out around a million dollars
a month in wages alone.
The Other man was heavy ot
build, wore a grey fedora hat, you
all know him as Duncan Ross.
The smoke from the boats drifted
in link- blotches across ihe harbor.
The sun hatl climbed over the snow
capped hills and patches of azuit
sky could be seen. A new day had
dawned. The rush into the interior had begun.
(Special to theOptimist)
Victoria, April 20.���Today thc
crew of the Uraguayan ship Glory
of the Seas have scored a triumph
over the ow iters. They had worked
the vesse some time with iheir
wages very much in arrears, always
hoping thai when the cash was
forthcoming it would come in a
handsome hand out. At last they
gol tired of waiting and working,
and sued for their money
Today by the order of the
Admiralty Court the vessel was
sold in order that thc crew's
wages might be paid out of the
proceeds. The Calory of the Seas
was purchased by Messrs. Johnson, Strong & Co., Seattle, for
the sum of 14050, and will be relit led and used for the Alaskan
trade The occasion was celebrated with due ceremony by the
crew  who  had   loi ed  on   tin   old
(Special to lhe Optimist)
Halifax, April 25.���Three ocean
liners arrived here yesterday after
a delay of thirty hours by snow
storms. They hatl on board 27,-
000 immigrants nearly all bound
for west of Port Arthur. A report
here yesterday the lhe St. Mary's
river was free from ice was a
signal for the whole licet which
had been waiting loaded, to leave
with the lirst grain cargoes down
the lakes.
Success to Him
Mi. W, F. Brown, the young
Presbyterian minister who has
been stopping with Rev. F. W.
Kerr for lhe past two weeks, will
leave today for Kitselas to
take up missionary work there
for the Presbyterian Church.
Get in on First Floor
There's going lo be great things
at Hazelton Shis year say those
who know. Living accommodation is already at a premium.
In the Procession
Mr.   John  Stewart   of   Foley,
Welch & Stewart, and Mr. Duncan
w'ndjamme until they practically Ross were  passengers on one of
owned her. the boats for Hazelton today.
Tragedy Near Powell River Last  Night   Sole Survivor
Swam Two Miles   Bodies of Three Victims,
Bryan, Perriot and Charles are Not
Recovered Yet
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 20.���Three
men lost their lives in lhe Powell
River last night by the caps zing
Ol a sinal sai ing boat. Their
names are Bryan, Perriot, and
Charles. The hitter was an ollice
employee, aud it is not clear
whether his lirst name or his
surname has been obtained.
Swam Two Miles
Firsl news of the accident was
brought in by a fourth occupant
of the boat who saved his own
life by swimming over two miles
lo the shore, and collapsed in an
exhausted state after just gasping
.   Climbed up Mast
The survivor was too weak to
give any very coherent account
of the mishap, but from his
broken story il was gathered that
BOmeth'ng had gone wrong with
lhe lack.e while the boat was off
the Pulp Mill. One of the men
climbed the mast cn.ii-avoring to
gel lhe tangle cleared. While
he was doing this the little craft
Bodies not Found
As vet it is not certain where
the  bodies  may   lie   found,   but
search was begun early this morning in  the neighborhood of  the
mil  the news that his males had I Pulp Mill where some of lhc boats'
perished. | gear was found drifting. THE
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern Brititih Columbia.   It
haa grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING HATES are one price to all-25c per inch each Issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.   Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSCRIPTION KATES-Daily, 60c per month, or $5.00 per year, In advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Duily, $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Wednesday, April 26
On Tuesday, March 2, the shopping district of Chicago had the
deserted appearance characteristic of a holiday. Business streets,
customarily thronged with buyers, were empty. Listless clerks idled
away the hours behind unfrequented counters. The street cars, that
ordinarily are crowded with women purchasers between the hours
of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., rattled on their way with a bare handful ol
passengers. Perturbed and astonished merchants, of lung years experience declared it the most disastrous day lor businesss that the
city had experienced in years���if not in its history.
And ii all came about because the daily newspapers of the Middle
Western metropolis failed to carry advertisements on the day ir
question. Kor twenty-four hours Chicago was without its daily business news. Many merchants spend liberally for street car, billboard
and circular publicity, but their campaigns were productive ol no
results. The business men of the United States again were confronted
with the undeniable fact that newspaper advertising is the very life-
blood of all modern trafficking and lhal all other agencies are insufficient
Thc demonstration in no sense was planned by the newspapers
of Chicago to create an impression upon the business public. It arose
through a disagreement between (lie printers and the management (.1
the Hearst papers. The Examiner and The American. The International Typographical Union promptly discpuntenanced the action of the
Chicago printers in striking, but in Uu- meantime all other publishers
of the city, both in tlie morning and afternoon field, had been roused
to such unfair indignation by the unfair attitude of the compositors j
that they elected to stand by the Hearst papers to the limit.
As a consequence, all Chicago daily publications on the nioniin^
and evening of March 2 appeared in a size of four pages���without I
advertisements. Il probably was the firsl instance iu modern times!
where a city of such importance has been devoid absolutely of newspaper business news. The result has been sketched, bin words are
inadequate properly to express the amazingly destructive effects of
the move.
, .Merchants who had been inclined to regard with cynicism con
elusions advanced by astute students of publicity gasped with amaze
mint as they ga/cd down empty aisles, that had been filled by interested shoppers with such regularity that they had come to reganl the!
crowds as an institution. Those who essayed to promote activity
by billboards, street car posters and circulars finally and conclusively
ascertained that ihe biggest feature in connection with such campaigns
is the bill. The strongest statement made by expert exponents of
newspaper advertising were sustained so absolutely that even the most
skeptical were convinced.
beyond any question of argument, the fact was demonstrated
that in the field of advertising, no less than in that of chronicling
the daily news of thc world, the newspaper is supreme.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
Wa' are Belling shares in the
At a price Unit will muke you money
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balanea 3. 6 and 9 Monthii
Assays  of  the  ore run from S25.IIH to
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at oni'e.
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Propraetor
At   These
Lots 33, 34. block 2, section 8 ; $350
Lots 13, 14, 15, hlock S. section 7,
price $425 each.
Lots 7, S, hlock 86, section 7, price
$1,500 pair.
32(1 acres of choice land in the
Hulkley Valley.
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
Reciprocity in thc dictionary sense means equal rights or benefits
to In- mutually yielded or enjoyed.
Reciprocity in the political sense means a "free" breakfast table
for the people of Canada antl the United States.
There are some people who don't know what reciprocity is. They
think it is a method wherein' the national wealth is to he handed
over to Bomeone. In the United States these say it is thc United
States markcl that is to he handed over to Canada In Canada they
say it is the "national heritage" that is to he handed over to the
I'nited States.
Sir Charles Tupper is one who does nol understand what reciprocity is. lie told an audience ai Vancouver iwo weeks ago, that
it was a device whereby the United States could rob the forests of
British Columbia of their timber.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Healed Room.
P.O. BOX 37
"Robbing our forests" is Sir Charles's way of saying: "Huy our
lumber." It is a form of poetic license which anti-reciprocity advocates
find convenient where-with to cloak the shivering nakedness of their
arguments, It is to \n- hoped thai under reciprocity the people of the
United States will rob US of a large quantity ol fish every year, giving
u> in ext hange for lhc stohn property a sum of mono) to he arranged.
If they roll us enough we will grow quite wealthy That was why
Sir Charles warned his hearers to beware ol the "lure of gold."
"Lure of gold" j*. a terrible menace lo loyalty, Some of the opponents of reciprocity fear thai if wc become rid' we wil, grow lo
hate our country. Therefore they would have us taxed 26 per cent
on our breakfasts, to keep us loyal. In the next revised version of
the Scriptures they will move an amendment to a well-known texi
to make it read "Whom the law lovcth, it chasteiiclli."
T.ilking of foreign gold and loyalty il is calculated that nearly
1300,000,000 of Amercan capital  is invested  in  Canada.    Much of
I is in institutions controlled by some of the spokesmen of anti- imp.
proclty.   Va t none o  them ever thought of the danger to their loyalty
on this i,i i ount.
I here i, no need or Sir Charles and his friends to worry about
our loyalty. I the worst comes to the worst, wc could always pass
���i law proh biting thi people ol I anada rom eating break asts at all
and thus make them all truly loyal again.
.ln ""' meantime, thc campaign (or a free breakfast table is meeting
w ih great succi
The Optimist
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist
Is Still Going on
��� ��� * ���
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
Just Why the Princess May Is
$��%* Improved by It
Yes; Some Good Priding Costs Too Much, Too
with other good things
or higl" class
Saving in Time, Labor, Heat,
Steam and Horse Power   Oil
Fuel   Means   Faster  Trips
Across Atlantic in Four Days.
Since the Princess May was
lilted with oil burning furnaces
a good tleal of interest has been
aroused in Prinee Rupert regarding her performance, and all tlu
indications have been in favor ol
the oil fuel system. There cm
be no doubt that she has made
belter time than ever, ami that
her   trips  have   been  also   made
much more economically than they
were with coal fuel.
The Reason Why
Why does die fuel make such
a difference you may ask. The
reasons for thc greater efficiency
of oil fuel over coal are Stated
by a Scottish engineering paper,
"lhe Steamship" as follows: Steady steam pressure; au absence of
"dirty" fires, and no necessity for
cleaning fires (which last because
of thc opening of lire doors and
cooling off of furnaces, is estimated
to cause a loss of 12 1-2 per cent
of steam on a seven-day voyage,
with a corresponding lossol speed);
reduction of bunker space to live-
eights of that required for coal,
and a great reduction of the force
of stokers.
Oil Always Makes Good
The uniformly good results obtained whenever oil fuel has been
given a properly-arranged test on
an ocean-going steamship, have
made il certain thai someday, and
not so far in the future oil will
take the place of eoal as the fuel
of thc great trails-.Atlantic steamships which may then make the
crossing in a neat four days. One
remarkable fact in favor of oil
fuel is that, in spite of the unusual
number of advantages to be derived from thc change, there is
practically no serious disadvantage.
Furthermore, thc larger thc ship,
die more marketl are the conveniences and economics attending the
change from oil, says the Scientific
Saving in Space
It is pointed out that portions
of the ship which are now useless
as coal bunkers, because of iheir
narrowness or inaccessible position,
are always available for the storage of oil fuel. The double bottom may bc used, antl lhe trim
of the ship may be preserved by
admitting sea water to thcempticd
oil tanks. The objectionable list
to lhe port or starboard, due to
using more coal from one side ol
the ship than from the other, is
avoided; a steam pump serving to
transfer oil fuel from side to tide
at a moment's call.
"Coal Age" Steamers
Now, in view of ihe many above
advantages, it may be asked whs
the   leading   Atlantic  steamship
lines have not adopted oil fuel.
The delay is due to the fact that
these ships were built in the "coal
age," and thai, coupled with the
prejudice, due largely to ignorance,
of ship owners against fuel oil,
there has been financial objection
to the cost of making the necessary
changes in the bunkers. As a
matter of fact, the advantages of
oil firing, if applied to the fast
trans-Atlantic liners would be so
great and so quickly realized, that
we may look for its early introduction.
Phe temptation to charge "stiff
is   nhvays   natural.
���i- in all urtlsanshlp
commonplace  is  pro-
,, . ���   is   not apt   to   cost
M to printing,  high ��..'!    * " .,/ ���  at Boma piacea
still,  you I'"" pt*.   tnote   ioi   "
f the  "others.        : .     .      .
It's  tht'  same ns
prices"  for High ���������" *""*,   ,���,,  6Ven  u.uat.j
But it's not always justiflsbU.no ^ ^ ^
nowadays the stsndard  It
nounced,    So Hint
you mon-  thun its  worth
Hit-    lilinll!
I   this  shop  ll
Shame on Htm.    If he Deceives You Twice, Shame on Y
|  Those Little Things You
Need For Neat Dressing
In our large catalogue yen will find, Illustrated, a line
of those Indispensibls little thingi which every neatly
dressed lady uses. Lace Pins, Safety Pins, Veilings,
Brooches and Necklets In plain gold, enamol, gem set
or silver. All orders sent Sl our risk prepaid,
and money  refunded if not satisfsctory.      :     :
'���������- ������','',
Jewellers and Silversmiths
CEO. E. TROREY, Managing Director Vancouver, B.C.
Quoen t'laiarlotlt* lslanals Und Diatrict    Ulitria^ I
Skeenu ���
Take nolice that I, J. li. McNitl* ot I'rinco [
' pert, oeaupatlon general agenta Intend io apt), i
lor pormUaion ta> prospect lair conl and ii.iroina
on III'' following descnlMsl lamlaa:
Commeneini at a po*u plume*! al tho n h
coma" til Sanction .1, Townsh p 1 (iridium laliij I
uml mirked J O. McN., S. K. Corner, thru, I
west Sl) cliuins, thonea* north SO chalna, them |
BUI SO chums, thonce south 80 chuins to point ai |
Ti    a*onimi*nca'nia*nt. I
_\    Deted Murch S, 1911. J. li   MtN.tjl
I'ub. Murch 26. Wilaon Uowing, Ana I
Skeona Und District��� District of Coast Unices I
TtUOl nolica* thut Mary Maratr, i QII1U ���| ;��. I
tairiu, U. I'., occupation housckas*|,iT uiti-mla tt |
apply fur p* rinisHiun to purchusa- the lullou^ I
deeortbed lands:
Commenoloi at a post planteal at the "orth fiat I
cnrna>r ot lsit :UI87, thonea' B0 chuins metX, thi'r,�� I
10 chuins south, thonce 20 chains worn tn T. L |
;l'-.ri!i7, thenca* alaout 80 chains nortli te Ukfj
River, tha'nea* mcanticring said riva-r ii|i itnenh I
u snutlii'iaalt'rl.v dira-ction to Ukelse Lute, item I
meandering suid laku to point ot oorfunene-HMtf
containinK  Kill ncres, more or less.
Posl niarkanl M. M. li., N. B. Corner,
limed fab. 14. 1911.
I'uli. Murch 4.
Last Eight in Jail Applied for
Bail this Morning
By the tinn.* this appears it is
likely tlmt thc eight striken win
were still in custody this morning
will have been released on bai
live nl the thirteen who arc id
slant!   trial   arc   already   on I   on
bail. The rest made application
t<> Judge Voting this morning, and
if they can furnish tha bonds, they
will probably be allowed out.
.intent to Open Free Re
ing and Writing Rooms
Skrene Lend District    District uf guivn Chariotte
Sko na Land District���District ol Coaat Kins 1
Take nuiice  that   Benjamin   Kueasl   Kin tl
i'rince Kupert, H. t'., occupation waile-, i:,te*.li I
tn ipp .a fur permissiun to purchase Die lull ��-is(
doM:rili��l lands:
CuinmenciiiK at a paast planted li.'i chain, souti
Irum tho south east corne- aaf Lot 'llliill, thence Ta)
chains west, thonce (1.1 chains north, thenci* li
chains east, thenco 1*5 chains south to point U !
conimenca*nient; contuininK 455 acres mnre v
leaa Paast in.irl.i-1 11. II. R., S. ki. Cor.
Dsled Keh. 1:1, 1911.
Ska'ena ljind District -District ol Coaat Kanni
M��� _..t  tr. Draon Free Rend-      1l,k" m"ico ���>���" I'rank Leaick'ul Woodstock,!    Tuke   nonce that David McLennan ..( Tract
Movement to upen rree i\eaa    (|||    ������������.���!,������ |,,���lkk���,|K,ri ,���,,.���,|, ,��� ..pjy Rupert, & C. occupation dark, Intendi toanb
lor is-rinissioii to purchusa* the tollm.uia: ili-.enU-.l . for is-riiussinn to purchaso tho followini; -t,*ac;.la��l
lat.it*- lanals:
I    Caaninia'ncinn at   u  i>i.-i   planted  aboul   seven I    CommencinK ut n post plantcl 40 chain. *-i-��h
| mala-*, aaa**! and two mila** souih aaf the muuth ail ' from ilia* soulh west corner of I*ot 1*114, tbtaOl I. I
Tla.ir..   la     a    illiiai'llii-nl    tan    flKlt , Stanlfy   l'ras*k   ttha-re   it   rmpliasa    into   Naden   chaina aslst,   llienca*   It) chains  norlh.  fi.-.cv 40
nun   is .t  iiio-aimt iii     ii  iuuv Hirbor, Oraham Inland, theneeSO chain eouth, 1 ehelna w^ U-*wee 40 absina with to point d
tniian alia* aalal  I'ra'sl i\ I i*l i ill (  lllirt'll i ""'""'  "u chain,  au-i.   llei.ee  Ml i-haine  north, I cnmnlenci*ma*nt:    contuininK   100  acres,  mere*
tOUSt llll "in I riMi\iin.ini mi" ii  ������.,,���. su ch,i���, ��,,, ,���.���,,���. ,l( commencement lea  Feat marked D. JlTsTwCor
ktiilrlinn   itaal a-nlliia il    l*. B srlllllll'l    *'"'"""���"���"I*'''"',lir'   m"i'   or less. Hated Kola. II  l'Jll DAVID Mci.lNMS
'illlliling anil equip n as u si.iiinin | i������o m.������ it. em. PRANK LKVtCKI Pub. Uaroh*.
I'ub. April 7. Numa Deina-n*. Agen
.,. ?*"*��>�� ?���� - - <���--   s^?x s.'Su^t^K1,^^^ ?ssi
lake notlea* that l in ii.ii, A. 1a-rv��� aif Slikine j VWt ||. n   occupation carpenter, Intenda to sppl)
'- ' . '-ccupaii.iTi cu.:��� iMnvr. Intends to appl)   |���r permWon to purchase tho followinK deeatU
l.ir liaillll���(IIP to purchusa* Mia* followinK da*scril)i*d | \,���,{,;
,!". , Commeneing at a paast planted SO chaina null
t onima-ncini: ai a |hm planiail about Is ehalni   tr0,n ,\��� MM_ ��_,. corner ot Lot : _*    I'dii
jinrtli ��.-i of Iha* cu i-  war.'hoiiM- at Slik  ! ������r|(W| A   11., N. W. Comer, thenee :m chiiM
i. i .. tbeaai mm N ehaina, ihence m.uiIi 2"  ���������hi _���,__ so chains oust, thene,* SO chum
riaino.   thenca*  eM   JU  el is.   tli.t-.ei*   nonh   W   north,  thenca*   SO   ehains   wa*st   to  point   ol wu-
efiune to |..nni ol ninimrnca*nu*ni and containinK i meneementi containinK '^00 acros. mnre oriel
,������..���,,....   ......     Datad Fab. IS, Wit     ALBSANDBR BEATON
I llltlSllAN A. TBRVO I I'uh. March 4.
n-iiding and writing room.
Already a good library ha�� been
secured and several offers have
been made to supply daily and
vM-i-klv newspapers and magazines.
This is to be a temporary arrangement to accommodate die
large number of nun who will bc
passing through the city ihis summer. It will be a place where
the visiting seamen or transient
can drop in and spend a quiet
hour oi write to friends. Writing
paper will lie supplied free and lhe
building will be fitted up com-
It is fell lhal this will till a need
until the proposed public library
or X. M. ('. A. is instituted here.
BESNER &  BESNER, II'rophiktoid
Tin* New Kmajt Hotel is run on the Kuni|u>nii
plan. Flrst'Claao service. All the latest Mi.lem
Imiinivemcnta. .:-:��� BIDS Uv VI'
Work porformsd by experts only,
A tirst class job is guaranteed in
i-vury Instance,
A Inrge stork of ChsndsllsiS ami
Kittiii(rs cnrrii-d.
41' acni. Hum' nr lex..
Ilaia.l lah. l.i. ISM.
I'uh Al ri 7
Skeana Uad Dlatrlei - District ,Jcas��iar        |      sk,H.���., ,,.,n,| Dtotrlet-Dlatrlct of Quota;
Tak** MUea UM l. Parry Qnaanaa ol Prlnea     TaKe notloe that I Androw Cnmmlntn ol la��*
i���'___���_ "ccupiation praaspector.  iiite-nl to   coin.,. ll.C. is-i'iapution coola,  intenil- toajjj
for pormlaalon t" pnrnbaaa the fdQowIng oeerrib
applv l"r laermi-sion lu purchaaa* the laillamini*
deseril e.l lan.l,:
Commeandng at a pa��t plantt.l In the vicinilv
ot t.iKe,. llay. alsaul tlim-.i|thts ol a mile saaulh
ait Um mouth i.f thc llonania t'ps'lt. nn.l ln*mn
on the aa-la-rla boundary ol Timlsr limit No.
I I-.-M or No. ItUO. thencc stiuth 40 chains almii*
tl alarlv limn ail ..ml Timlsr Ijiihi  No. :IWM
Ol No, ISttO 10 chain... thaaei a*a-t to tin* ��hon- of
 -������ ""J. a ili.lanca* o( 40 chains mora nr lam,
tbaaea aonlnny i.i.t*.- the sham* ot ai,...-.. tiav
111 chains mon- nr iVias, thenca* aaatariy in chain's
mora* or less to point ail cnmmcnca'ment. rait.iaieiiii*
IMI acra-s main* or la*ss.
Dateal March V, lull. PBRRY QOKBNAN
Pula. April i.
I lamls:
Commencing at i, imst planteal three and i
half miles in un easterly ilireetiun from the _m
on Naaa Rlvar whan the Lava Lake trail i-'*-';,a
near the trail, thenee wesl -KIchairs, them-*- *'���'���'
B0 ennlna, thenca aaat 80 ehnlns, thanee norlal
chains to puint of commencement, eonlaimna' '-'
Hale Pob, :i. 1911. ANDREW CUMMINO
I'uh. Mnr. in. Jaisoph Belway. Ag"
Ska*a*na l.an.l District -Distnct ot Caiast llanRe 5
lake notica* that lleorce Isavick ol I'rinca- Rupert
II. O, aaccupalliin clerk. Ii.t nils tta apply tor
Iiermission lo iiurchase tha* lollowini- tlaaaliIbml
l 'ommencing at a |��isl planted on shore nt
Uk.*l-�� Uke alaout 60 cliains north easl Irom oullel
ol sanl lake llakelae Itiver, thencaa 21) chains
north, thenca* alsiut fill chains past taa Ijakalse
Uko. thence meanalering said lake shore in a aaeei-
erly directiun to point of commencement: containing so acrna, more or less. Post matked li. L.
s. W. I aimer.
Date.1 leh. 14. mil. OBOROI UCV1CX
Puli. March 4. Skeeno Land District���District ol I 01
Take noliee that lllenn McArthur ol Vane
Skavna Lin.I District���Di.trict ol Ctiaat Itange 6 I "'  ('������ "ccopotion  real   a*stale atenl   iiilmlv
Take notice thai Angus lla*alon aif Prince Itiinerl  "l'l'1)'  tot iiermission  to  purchase the fi*ll''*ii|
f* ���--..-   - ss ^Sa "" t-   .      ._    .        . '    I   ti.u.*mi\-.-.t     \r.tj..tm.
Ski-cnn Uinil Dintrict- Dintrict of 1 "a- t
Take twtlei thnt 1 HiiKhD. QflUiof Primal H-
licrt, ooeopattofl lulmrcr, intentle to apply '"J
pcrminsion to purcimxc tho fotlowinc daBCnW
(%imnipnrin��r nt a poll  |il.'int��1  throo WW "n
hulf niilox in Hti onatorly direction/rotti tin- I'1
on Niuin Uivor whoro the Lnva Unkc trnil  b^S
nnd nno milo in n northerly direction frontw
t*\iit\  Lava  Lftkf trnil,  thence  north BO  ehiK*
theme oa^.t mi chains, thence nuuth   B0  ^Mw*
thonce wont Xn chainn to point of commencemmt,
contnininir 640 itcroii, ,.
Dntelvh. ;i. litil. HUGH D.0ILUS
Puh. Mar. 10. Joseph Bolwnj. Kg*-*
B, ('., ��K*cup��iii.n mlnpr, tntendfl to ��pplv for per- I d*���*l landn;
mi ������!..*.    fa.    A. .���   ***-       aa   ��� * , ."      _   _      '    . |    ..,,,,...,.,-.   ..     rs
Commencing al a paaat  plant~ed at  the aoUtK   "'"' "" chains south ol the southwa*sl eon"
easl caarner aif Lot 39S", thence 40 chains wesl     '���""  N"-   '"''''  markisl (ili*nn  McArthur�� n :>'���
Ihence to chains aouth. tlience alaout  ill) chaina i *���** curna-r. thenca* south 40 chains, thei  i,a��j
east Ua bakaM Ijake. Ih.*nea* meamliTlnr said lake ��� 9 chains, thenca* norlh 40 chaina. thenii ***
���hnraa In an northerly direction to point ail com- ' *" chains to po*i nl commencement, eoii'.*i"ir'a
mencema'a.t;   nintaining  I7(i aen-.. mora* air h��as I ;1*!tl lu'n'-' more or less. .,,.���
-'-��� '    -���rner '| Dated March''ll, lilll,       lil.ENN McAKTHI It
mencema*a,t;   containing  171
1'.** marked A. II., N. K. Ca
I'al.-I Keh. II, IUll
I'uli. March 4.
ANtil'S HKATDN I *'"���'��� A"ril 1G*
Skaana Ijamt District  Diatrict aif Ca��st.
T. D. Laird, Ag"1
H. W. Blakely ��� Electrican
Coast  [tango 5 Lanal Diatrict
-    notica*   that   I,   John   Hepburn   01   hll-
inke notice that 1. John Miller, nf Viane,iiivi*r,   sumkalum.   occupation  farmer,   Intend   l" aPPO
hi... oeetipauon batcher, intends to apply f..r   lor parnilraton to purclmsa* the followng de��rih��d
|K*rtnls.l..n to purehase  Ilie  followinir  alescrilaasl    lands:
*���*! Commencing at a post plantisl at the north*
( ..aiitneneinir at a lantod nlsnil   1 chain 'corner ol Lot BOSS, tha-nce a-iast "'I .aina. ll ������'�����
in.aai tuewaler.at lliehii���l���f Liisei.ruls* Uny, and I soulh   III  chains,  thence wwt   2U  Chans, '"""'
"'.'"...- ...":.. "..���.i.Z"""' ,"""���'" "'"I Mahalne, ! nnnh IU chnins to plane an ronnm-nci-menl
UmiM aaat SO ehaina,   Uatasl March IS, lilll. JollN IIKI'W llN
Third Ave.
Nesr Sixth
Lots 5 nml (I, Hlock 28,
Sa'ttion I,
18000, 25 per ont eush,
liiilani-t- 1, 2, ,'l yi*ars,
7 |n-r cent.
tln-in-e  south so chain
Ihaaaa north ao chalna, to point ..f 	
metit. a-'iiitamiiiaa I'Att acraa more .,r less
Pub  leh !e,    ' Chntl.-s |, N���|rki Atr,.M
ska'ciiit Lsnd District- Districtof Cosst
Hani'i- Ti
Taki- notics that I, Krcd tlurton, of
Prtncs Kiiiit-rt, H.c., occupation fur-
iiii'i-. inta'iiiis to apply for permission to
purchase ths [ollowing described lands;
Commencing a�� a post plantad at the
northeast  corner of surveyed lot 1987
Rangs 6. Coul; distriet, tin-nee north tin
chains to a sloumh; thenee west 2K
chains; thence south 80 chains; thenee
enst 2H ehains to the point of com
Dated February 86th. 191]
First insertion'Mar. 11
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
| Friendly Aaaault Ended Cheap
In the police court tliistii(>riiinK,
I Mike Smith was lined a nominal
amount, 82 to cover expenses) for
Ijliavinn ;i��saiillwl his friend Mike
Gurvlch hist night,   The magistrate found thai tbe affair wus
| only trilling.
! Northern Produce Co'y.
Semi for our Weekly Price  List
i'-llllTlNi. ORDRRH
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
Pub April 16,
Bkaana Lanal Diatriet���District of ('nasi Rajf'
lake nolice . i 1, Clara May Little ol rnnee
Ruoart, II. I ��� occupation auinatcr, Intend i��
apply lor permission to purchase the foi!.-**'"a*
daaenbed lands:
Commandni at a post planteal at tl" rl^
mat eomar ol Laat 17'lo, Range 6, Coast Oltuit*
thence aaat III chains, thenco north L'S chain!
Ihence west :il chain' thencc north IM ch��IM
thenee waat 111 ehaina, tlience south *I6 chum- 1"
poinl ol commencement, containing HI '"'"'
mora* or less.
Dated April 4,1911. CLARA MAY LIT'l'l-h
I'uh. April 15.
Skeana Land District   District of coast Bang; ���
'lake noliee that Lldon S. Dstwiler of I1"1,"1'
Ont.' occupatiun doctor, intonds to appl- '"'
iH'milssion to purchase tho following daw""���
Commoncing at a post planted at thc snul'i"
west corner nl l/at t!)28, thonco oast 311 eluM"
niora* or less, thence south 45 chains more DI h-imi
llienee west B0 chaina moro or less, thonce imrlj
���0 chains more or loss lo point of commonceii"'nt
conlainliiK MU ncrea more nr loaa. , ,.���
Haled March 111, 1911 ELDON S. DKTW11.1 ��������
I'uh. April 16' John Campbell, At''"'
Skeenu Und Dlalrict���Diatrict of Coa", ...
Taka* notica. that  Mra. L.  C.   Tutnam   ol **���
- lis- (in the ea",, sw/oTlS l'*,!'ni���';"l, "hence   lonl,.^ ^ m* m"rk"" M���' L- ��' ���-'���"��� '
..Skaana Land Dislrici    llislrict ol Coast
�� lake  nuiice that  Hume  I'ul,,,,,.,,,,,  ���f   print,
HuiM-rl, II. ( ., laeciipalinii master niarina*r, I111..1..1.
'"'    ' '���'���'     """ I'enin.ula Ihenee I northaul cnm..r,"i.hon���'wcai "40 chiins, tbel
^^^"yirr^ u"nc�� oa"t 4"""" '"' '
iliinca*   us,   enaln     along  shore,   thenre   easl   (iO
chains mnre or less to paast, eonlaining HIU ncri-a
mora* or less.
Ilalisl March S, lilll.
I'uh. April 16.
a to post ol commencement, r"n
laming .12(1 acres maim or la*sa. ���
Dated March 20 1911.      MRS.  L. C.  PUTNAM
I'ub. April IB. (|������. r. Putnam  An"
Skeenn Land Distrlct-Dlatrlct of Cassiar
Take notlie that I Holcom McDonald of Princ"
Rupert. ll.C, occupation laborer, Intemls to ��P
nly for permission to purchase tho following "'"
IQTlbad lands:
Cnmniencinir at a post plantar] three nnd one-
half miles In an easterly tliroctlon from the pone
un Naus Itiver whore lho Lava Lake trail DaVtt
anal ono mile In a northerly direction from tho
salil t,nva Lake trnil. thenco north SO chains,
hence wesl 90 chains, thenco aouth SO chnins,
theneo east ehuins to point of commencement,
'���"Hi niiiiiii* 1; In :���.,,.h.
Data gab, B, 1011. HOLCOM McDONALD
I uh. Mnr. lo. ,Io,cph Belway, Agent
Ska*ena Und Dislrici    District nl Coast
lake  nolice thai   William  Munlord t     I'rinci
Ruperi   ii   (.. ooaupatlon pnapMUq *���
to apply for laaarnnaaion lo ia.ase the'folowing
ila*a.crilieil lands:
��,!,i'i,ni2"!,iri''lf "I," l".','1 I'lanled nl.oiit 10(1 rhuinii
soulh ot the Indian llaasmvs on the oast ..1,1,. ol
Oeaaa llay and am thaa east side nl the penlnsuls,
.,,""!!���,"oulh ��0 chains alonn shnre, Ihenee wa*nt
Jll ehalns to t.oaass llay, thenee norlh alonit sliori*
ail chains, thencaa waast 40 chains more air leas 1.,
tiaisl, cainlalnlni !I20 acres more ,��� lajg "'
PSSrtSffS* ,B"'       WI1''-'AM  MDNl'-OR,,
Chan,, thenc. ,.������ ft"", . "'���'"'""' """"' ���*> -���*
ehalns, tl���.nce west M Iffl , "'���" n"r.lh *�� ! thai
m.ne,.me���t, ee���tBinl.,K so B^SfcJ""'* I fe ��", ��S>S tb point of commencement
D��ted 2911, March  llll     Ul 1H J'   "KNHON.       Bu^1&��!'nS4!.W ��-*. Orlagaj J
march, 1911 *"���*���       Duted March 17, 1911 UKOIUIR PRIZZIf/
11 ub. April 7. Num, Deraere,/'
Skeena Un.l Dstrict���District ol Quesn Charlotto
n.i , u"!'."' tlmt Heorgo Frtezoll of I'rinco
iiiipen, it. (... occupation hutchor, Intonda to apply
lanifs'"'      '"      '""ehase tho following descrilied
Commencing at   a  post   plantaad   alaout aeven
UM wesl  and two miles south of tho month of
Stanley  Creek 'wher',!
,,    ,        ,.,i,ra*   It   empties     Into   Nndon
. ,    ,         ,,.,,���   ,,, ,   i,���'''"'.1"��� Island, thonco 80 chnina south,
��5.ehalni to point oYooltl- I 'i.���.' SS c.hmr"' ***, tbonco 80 chains north,
lent    I
���J    i
: I Would Smoke
l SONS limited,      MONTREAL
Distributors for Northern British Columbia
Hams, Baco.-, Lard, Canned Meats, Etc.
A Choice Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Always on Hand.
MEAD  STORE        _ ^ww          BRANCH STORE
2nd Ave. and McBride    AQIf    PRIfTQ        Hays Cove Circle
Phone 187 nOti.   I *\l\,LO Phone 311
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
This is n little section of the paper, which from day to tiny will be devoted i
to subjects of special interest to women.   Any and all of the ladlea of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its   discussions.   Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor.   The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Social Notes
Mrs. P, I. Palmer entertained at
ti very pleasant Bridge party lust
evening. The first prises were
won by Mrs. (Dr.) Tremayne and
Mr. F, I.. Clements, ilu- booby
prizes by Miss Macdonald and
Mr. Wilson.
An enjoyable Five Hundred Party was given last night by Mr. and
Mrs. Holtby in honor of Miss
('.rant of Ottawa. Among those
who were present wen- Misses
Kergin, Keeley, Sawle, Hawley,
Brown, Wall anil Barker, anil
Messrs. Ameil, Vance, Wood,
Kearns, Woods, R. W. Froud, K.
FlOtld, Thompson, Halsey and
Keeley. When the scores were
counted at the end, the first
prizes went to Miss Sawle and Mr.
C. II. Kearns. Mr. W. tt. Wood
had the distinction of winning
the booby prize. The evening's
entertainment was a great success.
Depart-nent Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
m. ��� i.  II     ���   ���!    !   ���      I ���IM
} - -   ���
j >      We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
|y save the buyer money.
1 Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock in Northern B. C.
-*'**'********)***+���& '<Vw^Vt*V*'^/'"/lr*"V*,/^,^V'n
We were standing in lhe doorway,
My little wife and I;
The golden snn upon her hair
Fell down so silently;
A small white hand upon my arm���
What coultl I ask for mure
Than the kindly glance of loving
As she kissed ine al lhe door?
I know she loves wilh all her heart
The one who stands beside,
And the years have lieen so joyous
Since lirst I called her liride;
We've had so much of happiness
Since we met in years In-fore,
But lhe happiest of all was when
She kissed me at the door.
Who cares for wealth of land or
For fame or matchless power?
II does nol j(ive the happiness
Of just one little hour
Willi one who loves me as her life���
She says she loves nu- more���
And I thought she did this morning
When she kissed tne al the door.
Al limes it seems that till the world,
With all its wealth of gold,
Is very small antl poor indeed,
Compared wilh what I hold:
Antl when  the clouds hand grim
and dark,
1 only think the more
Of one who waits the coming step
To kiss me at the door.
If she lives till age shall scalier
Its frost upon her head,
I know she'll low tne just the same
As the morning we were wed;
But if the angels call her,
And she goes lo heaven before,
I shall know her when I meet her���
For she'll ki-**s ine al the door.
The Little    Know How" That
Ensures Them
When   you   are   making   while
petticoats for your little girl, at-
' tach tWO skirts to one bell and sew
| the belt  to a little lacc-triinnicil
I waist.    The top skirt is the lace
or   embroidered   one,   the   lower
one plain or tucked.    In this way
the  two  skirts will    always    lie
even, and you will save time in
dressing hurriedly.
Fair Lady Gave the McLean's a
Good   Time
The fair hostess al a dinner
at her London club certainly gave
a surprise to ger lluests, who were
all of the clan Maclean. There
was a big muster of the clan, and
the badge figured in ihe decora-
dons, lhe menues being tied wilh
the Maclean tartan, anil the ice
was served in the form of a Teddy
bear, a tartan ribbon around Ins
throat, and a spoon in his paw-
bearing the ice.
A special corps of girls is being
orgai izetl in Paris to carry radium
to and fro between ihe laboratories
where it is manufactured and stored, and the hospitals and consulting rooms of the physicians who
use it.
They receive good wages, 140
anil $50 a month, and the ri*-ks
attendant upon handling the mysterious mineral, aud carrying il
constantly about with them, are
considerable. They have lo In-
very careful, and lake elaborate
precautions, otherwise they are
liable to be burned by the radium
emanations, and such burns develop very quickly into nasty,
spreading ulcers, which are exceedingly difficult to heal.
Each tiny speck of radium���
worth many hundreds of dollars-
is inclosed in a sealed glass tube,
from which the air has previously
been extracted, and this again is
placed in a small leaden box before
being handed to i messenger for
conveyance anywhere.
The girls wear gloves lined inside with leatl sheeting, and iheir
waist-belt, inside which is fastened
lhe thin, flat box containing the
lube of radium, is also lead-lined.
The reason for this is that it
has been found that the liny
particles which are constantly being given off by the mineral���its
emanations���will not easily penetrate lead, although they readily
pass through glass anil most other
Still, even after taking every
precaution, lhe fact remains
an errand girl, while actually
conveying radium, is constantly
being bombarded by iis emana*
lions, the particles travelling at a
rate of several thousand miles a
second. So, perhaps, after all,
she is not over-paid.
A very simple way to remove
ink stains from linens, calicoes,
etc., is to squeese some lemori
juice on to the stains, which will
disappear when lhe article is washed.
11 chicken i-. roasted or pan nil
with the breast down instead of
up it will be more juicy and lender.    It should be turned over ten
minutes before ii is done to brown.
(lean thc soiled lace yoke of
your frock by rubbing powdered
starch into lhe lace, let it lie some
hours aad then brush il out. The
starch will absorb the grease and
[Read  The   Optimist
And Get All the News
Prince Rupert Isn't Paris but
You Can Make It Here
Cut into small pieces three cold
boiled potatoes and an equal quantity of beets and of celery. Make
a dressing of (he yolks of ihree hard
boiled eggs and one tablespoonful
of anchovy paste, which have been
pressed    through   a   puree   sieve,
three-quarters of a cupful of olive
oil, half a lablcspoonful of mixed
mustard, and a half tablespoonful
of vinegar, half a tablespoonful of
salf and a little pepper. Be sure
lo add the oil and vinegar very
slowly. When the dressing is
done chop up the whiles of lhe eggs
and mix them with the vegetables;
then put on the dressing and stir
it all through lhe salad. Serve on
A little while ago some of the
ladies on the Hospital Committee
put little collection boxes in some
of the hotels to collect spare cash.
Yesterday these were opened and
showed thai they have done good
work. The following sums totalling
.$12.02 are hereby acknowledged
by Mrs. F, (',. Dawson on behalf
of the Committee;
Post Ollice $1.15
. (it)
ss. Prince George
SaiU (or Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a.m."
Sails for
Mondays, at 8.00 a.m.
ss. Prince Albert sails fair I'ort Simpson, Nans Etlver l'oints, Masset,
Naili-n Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
anil for:
Refuge Hay, Skidegate, Queen
Charlotte ('ity, Lockeport, Pa-
i'uli. Jedway, Ikeda Bay, Rose
Harbor ami return via Queen
Charlotte City every Saturday,
1.DO p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Padflc
coast operates a frequent and oonven-
ient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information ami tickets ob-
tainnblt* from tin* office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway   ���   B.C. Coasl Steamship Service
Princess May
Northbound April 27
Southbound  May 1st
Truin fnr Winnipeg und Toronto ImvM VanrouviT at
^^^ Impcritil Limits! for Chicago,
Montreul ami New York. Heat train across the
continent, leaves Vuncouuer daily at 'AA't p.m.
Chi rieH compartment observation cars, the finest
car un any road anywhere.
Agent for ull Atlantic Steamship lines, Tickets
to nnd from Kuropean points.
J. G. McNab ��� General Agent
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Ollice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Ilritiah Columbia
.ami Mianilotaa Haars.
of B.C., Ontario, Saskatchewan und Al-
Ilaertn Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
j���Exchianirt* taliack, corna*r Thlral avenue nnat
Sixth ItrNt. Prince Ruuert. 8
WM. S. HAI.L, L. D.S., O. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental a.neratlams ttkilfully treated. Gafl nnd
local anniatheticaa atlmlniialereal for the taainletas extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offleea:
Helitcraon Rlock. I'rince Huiiert. 11-12
...ANII    CaaNTIlArTaaRS    SIHTI.IKS...
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
P. O. BOX 23
ram, a>K WM. FOXON,  I  ->(.. A.lt.A.M..tl.ON., KNU,
Rochester Ai
7     v MONROb
'���$ Coal
-.:-   Phone ns
Premier Iloti-I	
Central Hotel  	
Empress Hotel	
Knox Hotel	
('.. T. P. Inn	
Queen's Ilou-1 10
Royal Hotel 80
Savoy Hotel 66
Empress Theatre  1.31
Windsor 70
Donation from Robert Ashland, proprietor of Windsor Hotel i  6.00
Excharige drill,.,*,  1.05
\\ You Are Even Half-ready
i ii
[S P O RT]
Jack Lester, the young heavyweight pugilist of Washington Stair
sunt forth by Tommy Burns as
"a hope of the white race," did
little training -in the early pari
of his journey to Australia, according to a letter received from
Tahiti. Lester went lo the southern land to light Bill Lang. According to the writer of the letter,
the hoy took no pains to keep in
good trim. Lester has written to
friends saying that on his arrival
at Sydney lie will ask for a postponement of his match in order
to train on land. No dispatches
have been received as yet stating
that the light has been put off.
Building  Material,   Cement,    Lime,
llnir-filirt* Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
j Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
At thc race meet to be held in
King Edward park, Montreal, June
21 to July 1 next, a spec al prize
of $100 will be awarded the
jockeys winning thc greatest number of races.
New Haven, Conn.. April 25.���
Two Chinamen, Tan and Chang,
have proved themselves the star
performers on Yale's soccer football team t,his year. Chang is
especially good on offensive work,
while Tan is one of the strongest
players on the Vale defence. In a
game with Cornell last week,
Chang made a remarkable goal
for his team, one of the three
scored, while Tan stopped Cornell
from scoring on three occasions.
Denver will have a spr ng meeting opening May 15, under tlie
new Colorado law authorizing a
State racing commisson and the
A tip to young pitchers: Learn
to bat and to field your position.
Manager Clarke of Pittsburg has
sold Twirler "Bob" Couchman to
Los Angeles simply because he
can't field bunts, etc. He has
speed, control and sharp-breaking
curves, but .is an infield worker
he is a member of the awkward
I'hone Nil. 200 P. O. Box B80
| w. j. McCutcheon
X   Curries complete stuck of DfUffl*   Special
X       attention paid to lilhiiK prt-Hcriptions.
+ Theatre Block Phonb no. 79 Second Ave.
LINDSAY'S cfJ��k\t
G. T. P. Tramfer Agents
Orders promptly fillail.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.     I'hone a.**
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Swift's Prt-mium Hams anil Bacon with
Cowichan Eggs, 35c, at
J. W. Williams
===E.   EBY   CBt,   Co.ee=
KiUumkalum Land For Sale
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
The Washington Club is to do
something appropriate. At thc
suggestion of President Ban Johnson the 40 boxes in thc centre of
the ncw stand are to bc named
after the States of the Union,
instead of being designated by the
usual numbers.
When in Norfolk, Va., thc other
clay   with    the   Giants,   Christy
Mathewson   visited   the  office  of
the local bascba 1 club, where he
found   framed   on   thc   wall   the
contract he signed  ten years ago
calling for a monthly salary of S95.
Ball fans in Providence, urged
on by the newspapers, have declared a boycott on thc team
because the owners have not strengthened up.
Walter Johnson, the Washington
American league team's star pitcher, who left the team while .it
Atlanta in training, refusing to
sign for a salary less than $7,1500,
has come to terms with the club
and signed a contract for three
years at a salary said to be $21,000
for the term.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the Itxlgo.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or me-
)   chanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Fret  Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks a wait
-   neat
HTairta   a-aiMI-I.KTK
Let us have your next order.     We
handle  only   the  best.        We
save you money.      Try us
and   see   why.
Fifth  Ave., east of McBride
I'hone 228 Black
Little's NEWS Agency
.Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
First Avr.
N..a MrBaida*
Forwarding,   Distributing and
Shipping  Agents.
Storage of Baggage and Household Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
and POOL
4 Allpyaa. 7 Tntaloia.     A  Raaoal a*xa��r-
riao.   A clpun Uport,   Ln<Up*every
afternoon.     Newnmn  HI tick, between tltli nml 7th HU.
F.n MtmuiHiiN,    Proprietor ami Mannwr
English and American Milliards
Twelve TableB SkIjond Ave.
This type of skirt lias now none into
the limbo of aliscarded styles and
no up-to-date merchant would think
of showing such   to his customers.
Wed., April 26
(tinder No
Latest Music
Latest Pictures
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
**m***M.--m-**t**-***  ,_.__,___ .riuB-ttBement columm.
One of the best services the modern newspaper gives the
,mhlic is in the classified advertisement co
There-buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant. '"^'t^^im's'lTillTVlu""It.
,no��� ground.    To.put tins modern convenience In re   b o ^^eryon^tt.^ purniBi w ^ ^
Watch  it  grow.
rate to   a nominal priee of a cent a word per
Here  is  our  Classitied   Advertising  Coltimi
osition by the Tsimpsean Company
Lynch remarked that he did
for today.
Lost and Found
A claaifiod advertisement will Introduce >'!"' '"
the loser ot th* article you've founu-an introduction aif mutual iiuporlnnt'o.
FI1UND-A launch uf Keys am Ulnar. Apply at
Optimist Ollict*.
Help Wanted
A big assortment which has just
come to hand���are up-to-the-minute in style, materials and finish,
We have them in voiles, paniimas,
serges and corded brilliantines.
Colors are navy, grey, black and
brown. They come in varied styles
but mostly in plain top and pleated
flounce and in panel effect. They
are "right" in style, quality, price.
Well, don't forget our regular
Wednesday nlgnt dance In tht*
Admission $1.00 Ladies tm
Waitress wanted nt Savoy Hotel
.nu  wiiaat
Try The .
BOY WANTBD-Tn deliver parcels and make
himself generally useful, Wages HO a month
to Start With.   U.K. Walla,.' i Co. I.i.i.     ���""'
Help Wanted���Apply Pantorlum, *KI-"
WANTED���4 QoodBoys for Bowling Alley. *��'
per week, /ties 14 to 17. Apply (with parsnts
to Morrison's Bowling Alley,
Houses Wanted
H. S. Wallace Co'y., Limited
Dry Goods, Chinaware, Etc.
Fulton Street - Third Avenue
We carry a complete line of
Sizes to suit.   Stylus to satisfy
Prices tu please
Briefly, that's our argument
Don't Forget Big Ben
Finest alarm clock ever sold.
He's in our window.
Heintzman Pianos
Salvation  Army Entertaiment
1 Congregational Song No. 513
2 Prayer Lieut. Wright
3 Congregational Song	
4 Musical Selection, Gray's Orchestra
5 Recitation-'Tm Going Down
to Grandpa" Geo. Shaw
6 Cornet Solo Mr. W. Miller
7 Recitation-"I'm Only A Drum
mer"  "Wee Drummer"
8 Piano Solo Mr. A. Gr;,y
!l    Recitation-"Miss   Malainey's
Opiniam on the Chinese Question" Mrs. Hoy
Scandinavian Solo (vocal)	
 Mrs.   Davidson
Cornet Solo Miss Mabel Gray
Recitation-"How  we Hunted
a Mouse" Mr. H. Daggett
Vocal Solo Mr. J. Russell
Recitation-"The .liners"	
 Mrs. Johnstone
15 Vocal Solo Mrs. Gray
16 Musical Selection, Gray's Orchestra
Other selections or recitations
may be rendered also.
Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches and Lemon
Pie (Mrs. Johnstone's own baking)
served at the conclusion of program.
All are welcome. Admission, Adults
BOc, Children over 5, 25c. Doors open
at 7.30.
A Natural Cathartic
50c The Bottle
sail.,: itrarKiiai Ton.
Par.... Davis a\ Co,, Walkervtlla
( C   H. ORME
Tm f'ionrer Drut;ghi
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
i    ��� ���
Over ll.C.  link.
"l'l Ith St..
I'll.N' I. RUPKRT, B.C
Miniature   Famine   in   Prince
Rupert Today
Housekeepers and Wives Wandered Vainly from Store to
Store Seeking Beef. River
Boats Left Early with Every
Available Bit.
And there was a famine in thc
city of I'rince Rupert on the
twenty-sixth day of the fourth
month of the year nineteen hundred ami eleven A. I). Housewives moved almut the streets
seeking beef and finding none.
For the boats from tin- Bouth
delayed tlu-ir coming, and the
panting Btern-whcclcrs had been
up In���tiiut'.s, even before dawn, and
had betaken themselves up river
with all the available beef from
.ill thc butchers' stores in Prince
Jim because there was no beef
to be ^"i in thc i ity today cverj
single husky husband from Morse
i reck in Seal Cove demanded ��ii
his dutiful spouse at dinnertime,
Im ii and beef only. It was "Mutton, tne no niutiiiiis," and "Hence
with this halibut" until the little
wives fell like tending their hubbies
oul ox-shooting on Summit Hill.
Unl though the river steamers
have   run   off   with   all    the   I nil
today, there i- hope for the half-
starved husbands tomorrow. Bee!
is coming by thc Princes! May. A
deputation of butchers will meet
her at the wharl. and joyful
prospect, she may lie here in lime
to   let   the  dinner   menus   im hide
beef in all iis must succulent
fbrm .
HOUSES WANTED-Furnlshsd or unfurnished, -' tn ii rooms. If I."'Hi..ii and Price -aait
me I will rent tlu*ni myself und pay rant i" ao-
vanoa, no wnitlnir. ng [latins. Phone me today*
Black (8���Unole Jerry. "--������
WANTED���Houts, 4 or B rooms nml bath, fur"
iiltaliail or unfurnished, sl once. Apply al
Optimist. Box X. ���>"���"
WANTED���Three, four or Ave room house, f;ir-
nislaa*al. modern ooaventoneos, clots in.   *all
'phone 161. H-tf
Board Wanted
"'    '���>1K'"   '*  "", akk YOU INNKRDOF IIKI.1'7   II"
nail   think  It  woultl   lie B   business     to buy, or  sell, or hire,  or loan!
,       f     ,, .       I   optimist Condensed Ad. route,
proposition al any tune for I rince|
Rupert to try to make its own
gas, A company, he- thought,
could do it more cheaply. Then-
was a general concensus of opinion
that before anything can be done
in tlie matter of the nas franchise
prices of gas should be*ascertained
from the various coast cities. This
will be looked alter liy the committee appointed whieh consists
of Messrs. M. P. McCaffery, G. R*
Naden, \V. E. Williams, j. ('.. Scott
and W. Lynch.
Let 'Em All Come
11 was recalled by l>* Stussi,
that another company he knew
of had made a tentative offer
some lime ago to supply k-1* 1o
ihis city at 11 per thousand.
This is cheaper than the Tsimpsean
Company's offer, and led to the
opinion carrying with the members
present   that the Tsimpsean  pro- 0UR specialty-Kin* insurance,   Wtrepn-
,        ,        ,,a * a   .    i    ��� ...       aenl clca-rn .traina Fir.* In.urnnn. I'nmpunlcn.
posals   should   lie   considered   JUst      w,. want youi   business,    large  and   smell.
..    .. .   ���        .1     ,     .Uml    Ia.1 lisaiuott*you rata*s.    Thi* Mark  lli'ialty naa.l
as   il   it   were   certain   Mal   lite    iostuaiMeCo-npew>owMAv*.aiidFulton8t
Tsimnsi',111  ComDany   haS  nO   llall- TIIKHrltiah Union and National  Kir.'  Insuranra*
,    ,             ,                           . Caampnny of l.onalain. lii.a'lianal.   with   rnnit.-tl
clu.se, nnd that oilier corporations of rj.noo.oon.a��a.   8ee ua for raise.   Ilie Meek
,     .               ,                 . Ita-aslly ataat laisnranceCa*nip��ny.
desirous ol supplying gas or power
should In- given thc chance of
making their propositions too.
Some doubts were frequently expressed aliout the nature <>f ihe
Tsimpsean Charter and the Board
of Trade is not al all certain thai  wantkh-Topurchase w. in s.*ni Cove i>is-
. , n      a ���   t irtrl- Motion 7 or H, small payment iloaan aanil
tlu*  company   has  all   lhe   rights    monthly tarns. Apply P.O. Boxaao.
il claims.    This, however, remains
to be ascertained.
WANTED-Boom ami laaunl In prlvati
X.M.. Optimist Olllra*.
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
"athletic cut aorhES'
A rUr-Mt'ml ��ilvprtiwmrnt i- 11 rval MUtt* f*{r
mnn. nml doM not oftni ��**��uiii rnouith "i
<<ount"  in the not n-
To Boat and Gasoline Launch Owners
I hnve 6 loU tot islo on new  16 fool
rasd by H��    Creek,  all .... cheap
','-'" :       ' ' 'terms.    View  from
t!? T i:\ '" ",f '"" l,;ir""r ��lm����t to
rooks Inlet   Wesl little sheltered cove
[�� hosts outside the grsde, and Dually
eccei lib i ��
,!',������'": ' t where the rain-
,r:  f Prince K in rl
th" toil ptrfeel and the beach delight-
lul. rboieon tin- spot have ��� ;iir,*rly
JJttglitatid ii la iha: .miy townsite ever
two thirds aula! laa.f.irs   tha.   aurvuv wus
C. M   Wilson, Room 14, Alder BlocW
Phon.* 88 Sloe, 1- 0. Bast i.... at t>ntr��i Hot^i
   iwaa put iiuotinii m a t��*w minutes,IPwddent A. J. Morris
Ikaana UndDtoulei -OlstrtMotQtaaaClaulotleI     '"I'liat's    wti-tl    ���i,,x,,,��������    ...i I      Atia.r   .,  t'.ati.    II
Tike notiee that Catherine Harr8ot), ol e��i��sry,' wti.it    ui wspaper    atl-|     Alter  a  litlle UlacUMlmt   aliin
Alli'Tls.    aarctipallain    apin.l.T,    Inta.n.l.   tta   sptily,    Vl'liisinu    Ann* "
lor neronsston to purensss tna louowliia assennso |
lanJs: I tO   (lie  Opiimist.
Uncle   Jerry   Saya.   Reason   He
Ots Rcnults is Advertising
A. Manson remarked emphatically lhat in any case, before any
of the city's franchises weie|hand-
wl over for any period whatever,
it will lie most advis&blc for the
council tO have the Services "I
an expert counsel, who is a apCC-
iiilisi iu Municipal Agreements.
Several matters of detail were
mentioned, Imt these are io In-
fully investigated by thc Committee.
Electric Power Plant
On the subject of electric power
*t slightly different feeling pervaded the Board. This matter is
considered of even more importance than ihe gas proposition, li
is pretty well admitted by the
titi/etis that Prince Ku|H-ri has
only   1600 II. P. power of Woi d-
worth Witter secured, while il
is    known    that    the    Tsimpsean
Company owns a very large share
of the water powers within reasonable reath of the city.
/Vgain Mt. Naden was of opinion
that the city cannot handle a
power plant so economical I y as a
company can  handle il.     Ile  re-
frcred to the annual changing ol
the "Board of Directors" that is.
tin- dtj council, and asked how
such a system could work with a
commercial company.
Industries Look for Power
A wise reminder came Irom
M. M. Stephens who showed
thai industries seeking a profitable
location always look for plenty
of power itt moderate prices.  The
sooner I'rince Kupert can advertise
that power is available cheaply
here, the better for the city.    This
was .nost heartily agreed by all
the members. William Lynch jusl
hinted that il the *���?:{<��� per II. P.
mentioned In the Tsimpsean Company's proposals is really cheap
there can be no harm in I'rince
Rupert's keeping  herself open  to
the coming of other companies.
Competition ii was felt, would
improve thc service, and for tlu*
same eason the idea was strongly
supported by the Board that the
gas and electric franchises should
if   |mssil)le   lie   in   the   hands   of
iifereni companies,
Street Railways not Yet
Situations Wanted
A  c1n��*i0r ��l   tulvortlwitu I ll   '** a uii-.i****
hunter"-nnd ** Minn fml��.
Sti*n<wrn|.hrr Uld  OAm   \-��i��inni     Iy*
iwripm*��\   Mii" C., c-oOptltsta Oflloa,
The following Commit lee wai
we the Optimal man wan In appointed to look after the Klcctric
Uncle Jorry't office thlt morning Power Proposition details; Motm,
i man came in and bought threelM. M. Stephen*, V. G. U
louin KHwim (or IM0,   The deal!A. Manm, ]. H. PUlrtniry and
Boarders Wanted
A rlnKiiiiil mlvi rtlM-mrtit Hlllhrinn la foa au\*U-
r.-ttil* fm ihnt Mirant lt-*>m.  ur for  Hat varanl ]
i>l.ircnt   aar uMc.
H��m��* <-.-'U��t| nn-itU nn<l nlrrly fnnbhnl t<sim<>
f��sr Ihrrr |MT*mi��. Al*I*h' Mr*. Jmnc*. S��*"lt
HUtf.tni Ave., bttWMB llh Ud Ith SU.   *%*ti
Vtt\*.u* Itonnl l>y the wvrk >>r month,    Hume* ���
ti-.ltitiir �� ���.!���" i-i'iv     Mi�� K    M   i',*'*
A\r.. Iviwrrn Tth nml Ml SU.. |.h<mi-171. HS��tf J
For Rent
H. K. MrlU"& (V hn\f mtfHHl h��uM< tn rent ���
"lh A\r.    Thi> will | i��t ���mt \..u.    'I'hunr 2"'
For Sale
A rlnMtfie��| tNl\(*rtlwt> rnt. i��er��t��trnt]>  |inntc|.
will m>II nnythlnit ������(   ilm*
H<niM-h��M ikndf<   !(������ OM t<> lw let.     Apply Mr*.
Kvjeh. Tih Ave. nml Tnylor i��l. w#.��r��
llimlinir All**) ami Pool ll����nn enmhinntlnn; rush
|.i--i--iii.*n  .<nl>   .   :>��i-|erf*l     Bm   Momaon*i
H*r��-nnll). I'm' Aw    l-twi-en uh ��n.|  Tth  Sl-
Money to Loan
Athletic Cut
are the leaders in New-
York fashions for Hoys.
The Split Hipped
Peg Top
Knicker Pants
an- the rrrj aeTue of perfection. Coats cut in the
proper style and every
suit guaranteed to jive
satisfaction. We are the
Sixth St.       Alder Blk
A ehulftgd ���dmttooiMH will ii
ry w ith whlrh U* ptH > DW t-lni.
Ijire rurtjiin*  IssdfW   hjr   hnn.l
rntm.    I'ti'-ne.*"!
i the mtt***
S. O. E. B. S.
Tlir I'aiaa,.* Ki,(M*ra l,��lafa*. N*. tl*. -*t.,aa. ,.f
Kntflaaai.l. ?,t,**a. tl.r l,t*l sn.l tlaia.l T.|*>-,Ua. ia,
Perta aat.-nth aai Iha* l*as��t "t-ilrrt Hsll. aat I |. ia,
l-O. Haas ��IJ. l-ritar. It.11- at
Municipal Notice
Srsia^t iMtleis iililieewd tothtOHyGlerka *in
be leedied op UK * o'cleai ptn. Maair .th. mi
for the supply end aMIaren of u; Vmin \;w.
**,.���. ilirn....ti. nml t.ub. ..t ipnArr lo lw obtained
rmntheCiu Clerli    TiTMla*taa mint |��. seeom*
|.fini��.l I.a- e arrtifiral a*ha*.,ata*.  a,r cs.h,   l.t   _  ,...,
carat. **f thr total |.aaa^�� ta*nra��aaNl.
V2--I       ran Imrteesr
OH) Clrak
TWO Bel Bell Alters, llfM l*.aaat; Well
cam* snil r���uaata*t. ��� hnia.. raaaal t��hla*s a*tr
��<l t.kps ItiP mil ft f..r .pilrk .aala*. At l*la
H. E Ross, Kn.i ,p.�� HeM Poal hon
Third Avinua* Ptinar Raapa-tl
is nol  yet  111>s- for lhe di-m-ion
of street railway propositions for
ihii un. One or two members
even agreed that it may be ten
or more years before ihey come to
om streets, and <ui<* member put
ii ;it twent) yean. He i- ,i rati
but In- believes
estate man lot
. |tn motet eon.
Basket   Ball
Sth Aara. , Near lanaaaurl Place
*li��. (fa     lli.wn   am   a  $:||B lot
iia-nr Seal ('ova-, splendid iiivi'Miiii-nt wt*ll In.
Cor. Sth A are. and lananairl Place
<-."*i �� ii - !> liaiitlli-Htliisiloubla
ninia-r. Tlii-t'oltlSliir-
��Ka*   I'litnl   hits   mntli-
a-airna-r aim* aaf  tha* lii'aat
lattytt iii town, as nn In-
Vfttment   it   i-a tfiit-
a*al|!a*. Snd Slim lialiaw
mnrkft. 1000,
Oaan.l Muat Hair Maanry
IBOOCsan b>i nn '.ih Ave.,
��a*a*. ti.   Owner Ims ra*.
l|lil"ata*t! tie til iaa*l|.    Wf
will m.-ika-taTitiM to suit
piirrlinei-r.     I...I   level
anil on newer mail wat
ST.   A ennp JUaiKi.
Near VI. A>��. and Grant Placa
t'MHi Cn>ii handles ona or ths
l��at Iniys iii tin* city,
riuht on the hill where
nearly all of the heat
rseklencei have been
huilt, a pretty sit.* and
very cheap, $1100.
Btanaalaaw   I   14  Staaaaa
I3U00- Caah Bandies a pretty
i'i room und bath IlunK-
alow,    unobstnictlbTe
view, close ill,   one   of
the most desirable residences in the citv
I'tie.p tt.nl Butanrit Quartan
JJii Per Month will rent a
building 28x40 near 8ra
ami fith sts., suitable
for warehouse, carpenter shop, plumbing or
sk- tion I   Level lots.    wt*
have a gmnl list tai ��,..
la-rt from, 2 sspeelally
HlM ones that art* nii-
ila-r the market.
Rooms nut iiknt 7th am)
Taylor. $2n per month
will rant four rooms,
K*A*t\ view.
In Bpite ol
Canadian Princess Vhrtoita"
Shows   U.   S.     President
Rival Skippers Race Their Big
Liners Between Seattle and
Port Townsend Passengers
Thronged Decks Cheering on
to Victory.
Vou can'l beat die Canadians
either by land or by sea when onct
make up iheir minds to win.
' the fact dial the U. S.
President gol away from
Seattle fifteen minutes before, tlie
C, P. R.'s S. S. Princess Victoria
beat her on thc trip to Vmi
Townsend by nearly a mile.
[*he fact thai the two skippers
were going to tr) mc metal ol
their respective craft was apparent
before the steamships had rounded
West Point- Tlie Princess Victoria carried 300 passengers and
there were more than 200 on tlie
Although tlie America,i liner
w.is off ahbad of thc Canadian,
Skipper Jack llaggin of lhe Princess Victoria goi alter her determined to win.   Captain H. P.
homos of the President, too
Bceing the ('. P. R. boal meant
business got all he could oul ol
hi> Iiin steamer. Bui slowly and
Mtrely the Princes.-. Victoria gained
on the Presidenl, and just on tin-
Seattle side of Point no Point.
passed Iter. At thc critical moment
the passengers cheered frantically
waving triumphantly to lhc left
behind President
Queen Charlotte Wm^I��mI District -Dbtrtatej
Tata notico Hint 1. John MeLeod ol Vancoiaa..
oooupaUon broker. Intend to apply lor .,, ���,isii"
to l*r>iB|ia*ol lor coal and petroloum on tho (..llmS
desorlbod landai .,__.,
Commonolns at �� I'ost iilantod aboul two mii.
south and two miles wo��t ol the mouth ���i ,J
Tl-ol River and marked J. Mc.L. N. K. e���r *
No TO thenoe -outh ao ehaina, thonc,. ������s, ';
ehains, thenoe north 80 chaina, thonoe oust iai
chains to point ol commencement; contalnlu
lilll seres, more or loaja.
DatodFeb. 28,1911. JOHNMcLEOD
I'lll'.r.l'.ai. n.m_m.*..n..
Clurenco McDowell, ,\j,��
Quoen Charlotte Ialunda Lund District
^ ^L.H.I.II
Old Timers Take Ho d
The up-to-date cigar store (lately
known as the llulii Sixih streel,
has been Liken over l>\ I). Macpherson and Joe Peach, both well-
known old timers
They carry a splendid stock ol
tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, and
pipes and woultl weeome a call
from you. ill
Takl noiico ihut 1, John Mol.,.,.,i ol Vancouw
orraipuliiMi liraiker, inteml to apply (���r |���.,.,���ssi '
to proapeel lor ooal and petroloum on the Iolio��ia
deacribed bindsi
Commeneini at ��� poat plantad about iwo mUe
ROUtb and  two milea weal ol the  aal tt _ ^
Tl-ol River and marked J. Mc.L. s. i.. , ,���,,
No li* thenca* norO*. HO cluaina, theno wtat m)
ehslns, thanee south su chaina, thence mi a
Chains to point ol eommencemenl: cum.ilnli (.,.,,
.ares  mora or leaa.
I. I fob, IK, mil JOI^IMcLBOD
Pub, Feb, 2-1. tmi* B. Walter, Am
Oueen Charlotto lalanda Lund Distriet���UlnrltiJ I
'I'ake nntice that 1, John Ma-1 1 nf Vain
oecupstion brokor, Intend to apply lor peri
to prospoet lor coal and pelraileum on the tohowu.
deecribed Innda:
Commoncing eta poat plunted aboul lira tail* I
boiii'i  and   tWO   milea  Wl'at  all   tbe  moi.In ol tbe
T|-ol lUver and markad   J. Mc.L. N. I. Com*.
Su   I., thanoo aouth ho chuina, thence wen a(
chains, t*��� ence north so chaina  thence eul | l
chains to point ol commencement; eontalniai��u |
SSaW^.mi. ���  , ;ohnMWd
Pub, K��'l>. -t Clarnnce McDowell, t\tt& !
DuflonChMlotUlalindiLWd District -Ij
Taka noUoo that 1, John MoLood ol Vtncotmr, I
oecuptUon brokor. tntoad to opply (or pi mUa
to prwpoet for ooai and petroleum on thn (oUowiq
doicribod lands:
Commeneing at  a post plonted ultuui 1*0
miiM wuth end two mill's wtwt of tin- mouih i
du*   'IM   Kivt-r,   tiraliam   laliind,   uiul   murked
j Mc.L.   N. W. ConaTi No. ;ti, thonce
ehtlnis thenee Bert' so chains, theneo nortli si 1
ohiint. thenee weet ho chuins to point ol com- |
moncoment; eontelnlng **Aii acnw, men
Dated Feb. tt, L91L    ��� JOHN MeLEOD
Pub, Feb. 84. Clarence McDowell, .\^e�� |
Quoen Chnrlotte Islands Land Diitrict��� IHatricu
TaU notiw that 1, John McLood ul Vunrnum
occupation broker. Intend to upply f<��r ;- mi du
to prt��peCt (Of eiiiil and pKrolimm on tin- [ollocb|
deecrlbod lands: ,      ,   _. ���
Commencing ��t a post planted about two mils
snuth and two milex wi-st of the mouth uf un* li-o
Kiver and murke.1 J. McL, S. \V. Corner, Nfl _\
thencv  norlh  HI  chains,  thence east    tO |
theneo eouth BO chuins, thenci' met BQ chela
point of  commencement!    containinu till) act* I
I'uh. Kil'.-!��� Claronco MclUiimiI A^-a j
Uui-cn Chorlotte lslunds Land District -DbUktd I
Ttke notice that 1, John McUhkI of Ve
occupetion hroker, intend lo apply for pormWro
in piceped lor coul and |>etrok>um on the loQowhl |
deecribed lands:
Commencini at I post plantetl about two n
south of the  TU'I Uiver and marked John McL |
N.  K.  Corner,   So.  8S, thenco south W etiauw
thenoa weet  B0 chuins,  thenct* north hit ctnua,
thenw bob) B0 chains to point of eommebo     ;:
containing CIU ucn-s, mon* or ltws
Ditt.il Vvb gg, 191L JOHN Md.t.ob j
Puh. Keb. U. Leslie K. \\ lib  . Wtf
Queeo Churlotto Islunds Und District -Districtof1
Take nonet* thut 1, John McU-od of Vea
occupution broker, intend to upply for ;������ ���
to pnepeet lor coul und petroleum on the B .   - i
��� I.  ml it 1 lands:
Commencing at u post planted ubout Bi
north und one mile  west of  the  moutl
ri-rl Uiver und marked J. McL., H. K.
No. 84, theoee couth ht> chains,   them-  m I I
chains, thonea north  su chuins, thenes aeo N
efaelU t-' point of commenoement;   Oonl
uen*. mon or less. 	
Daied Pfcb.96, lull. JOHN MclbdU
uh. Keb. 2*. CUroooe MeDowi . tc i
G. R. Naden Co. Handles Presbyterian Church Site Deal
Today thc (i. R. Naden Co,
completed ilif transaction transferring Lota 2:t and 21, Block I,
Section ti, u> thc purchasing com'
mit tec <m behalf <>f the Presbyterian Church congregation. Thc
fin- is a very suitable one.
The same firm today ri-pori
ihai they have sold to local parties
whti Intend in build shortly Lots
11 ami 12, Block l. Section ti.
Watch for thc samp.c loaves of
Reilly's tomorrow
Ishabahsi, the Japanese charged
with murdering ,i fellow countryman at Naas Harbor two wt-t-ks
ago, will In- M,ii in Vancouver
on Sunday in stand trial at the
Asaizcs which open there on aMy
May Carry Mail
Law-Butler Co.   b
Ill-ill Knliila- mill 11   ii, :,,.,���,.
Thinl Ave.
I .'.:.��� >: I   I. ���'���'���:���.   I-'." I- I iHi.l H - -I ra.-i     ,'    '
Taka* nait,a*a* lliiat I. Jtatin McU.aa'1 .'I VsOC
eeeapatloa biolnr, Inland tn Hiaj.ly lei
Tn ;.:....,...". tr-- rrna! =--! .-.aa.alaatijii un tin11' ���  w 'i
daeeribed laan.laa:
failtillia-llcitlK ut a paast plantait alanul lere -I...*
Sliulll i.i till- liuiutll ���l tilt* TM ltlviT ai.'l " -'"���
J.   Ma'l.    S.   K    t'lirtia-r.   No.  Ill,   tin���,.������'
enalin, tlia-iia-a* na.nh .so elaainaa. tlia-iua- m* *���
cliaina,   tl.a'tira. Milltll   Ml rtlaitl,   taa   poll
m.mi in.-nr   a*ailitaliill,K HIU at*ra*s. laa.>r-
ia.i-.-i Feb. ^l-, mn. john m  '' ���
I'ub. lib. M, taaaDaK, Waller \P*
Un.��� . i..,:.,,.-1 -i.i,:.i. i ..,,i.i in-.,,..-.   Ust --��� id
.-.ke ta
Takf Ilolla-a ihat I, Jaa n Mcl* il "   I
���a rn ut,. ti iirukrr, Intern  o ai p'y 1��'
li. Ini.h, a*rt (tit c SI ell.l laotraala* .m .1    ''���  '       '
.la* . I ...  i  1... ���!-.
I'l.l.l-, a*���r,l,K ul S p at plut-.t al talaailll lottl ���>
mut . and  la.., linla-aa aaa* t ul  Ilia* ni   .
I'l-a*l    Itia-a*- .mil murka*.! J. Mcl- Ni    '      '
Nai. 15, tbaaea   uuth NO chains, lhe en �����
cha.n*,  thenc.. nutlh  Kll  chalna,  th.
chain, io poi tiitcummonca.ma.nl:    natal    *'
urn- , anaif- air liaya.
naif . Feb.St, mn. UN Ml**"
I'uh 1 eh. 85. Clarane.. Mrl kmsU. Apa
guaa*n Cbsrlulto hlan.ls Land DUtrict���D-t" '
T. k. notica. I Imt 1, Juhn Mela-oal ..t \anra��*��
a.i-cil, ull.. lirnkfr, inteml to nppl- lor |aiT*na#t��
tu |araa.|H*cl (or caaul and iielroleum on tba I..11 ��-*4
doaacr b ,i lands! .,
*    ' -j ��������� .-.-ii- al ia pcaat plsntod Iai .r Btfe -
an.l lav., w, I tha. tn. aath of tbe   Tl-el 11   -
in.rk.il J. Mrl- S. K. Cornor, No. in, I"
ia   at am**, thenci- woiat SU rhains, tha at
c ain-,  i enco a.ii.**t  ."0 chai      I    point  "' *'':
tn.-ti a-m-nt      . Man. ,,,;.. lu n,-,.-.. -.   ���        ���
SU 1 I ������.-la.   :i. .Ull. JOHN  M 1!"
Pub. Ma, 2b. Clsrenro McDuaavl1. ��*
yui��n Charlotte lalantlsLand DMtM-*Vrntt*
T.ik   aoiloa that I, John M.-I I Ol V,
oa* ui uiion . ,oker, intenil to apply ("' l
i.i p aspect fee a at and peirulfum un lb I* *****
das i i" i landa:
Comm aiiina; sl a |aiat plantad alaa.ul      -* ���
aK.iiti, and two ...,:���    wal ol the m.ititi- ��� '-
Tl-el ll-ur and marka*d J. Mrl- N. ��   '   *t
Nu. 88   Iha-nr   aaouih  *ll rbsi, -,    th.-n ���  '  ':
cIihiii .  lli.nra* norlh  K    chuina,  ll,a*n
liuin* I., point   I raimmrnr m-tit.  **.< te
arn*.  tiioaa' a,r \i. .
I'��:.-I PWl.la, 1   11. JOHN  M    I"1
la.l. K.*b. 2\ Ciena c   MclJoa-* I. I
yueen.Cbailolte  alee a I. nl l)l"lr rl-l��  I**"
'    Tabs ootla tu I.John   it.   .11'
1 orcupulio,. iroki-r, inlarnl t. applv lor I ���"'
Arrangements   arc   limit:   inani'  mpio-peat or coaled wtrJeomon
I         i      c     .      .                                            .   I d acrilaeil I nda: ta
lur tin* 3, a, ( ftriatta tti take mail      'ammaneJw ,��� ��� |. at pism d a ���
., ... I  out .  ar.,1  itto mllea vaa,-t ol th    ttlou'li    '  J
to   Vancouver,    she   leaves  for j J* ,,'>��' m,i ���j��jJ- M '- t-w     J
there tonight.
Business Is Humming
Mr. i . |. i ;ii ingham, government road superintendent at Queen
Charlotte Islands, is in the city
today.   Ilf rt-|iniis that
d nVrilrt.il I nda:
lll.til t     (*"trinii-nrin. al e p at plant d al... < '
I   out.  ai.il  tWO mllea vaa,-t ol th    in.." '
caves   for, ?!���-" h��� an<i --ar.-i j. mi.   . w,(���*
No  86   ti.ei.r.. north mi ehaina.   bene
[ a-haii.a.  thenca* aouth  >*0 che.'.a. tin-   ������   '*"'
,.-  dna aa i. i,.i of commencement   .- ntsiatti,
b reaa, mere or l,*a .
I> t.K.b. 23, I tl. JnllN ���'��� I -""
I ub. I rb. 2fi. C'aran.e M. Ilea--' ���
Wuavn Churlotie lalanda Lena! Dialrici    P
Toke nuice that l,'.Iohi, McLeaad ol V -'<*">
. ccupatlatn broker, intend to apply tor I-"""
tn proepeet lor Ooal and petroleum on UK
dasdrbed land:
1'iiminencinit   at a ihis' planled ebom i-    ",."a
is   niinunitin   Minn-   o\tr   on   thclP'r1?' ftanontholihtmiwih  r"3
aa. J-  KOLk S. W. Corner. No.  4, thenr,- nelis g
IM.I1HIS, cbalna.   Ihence a'aat  HI)  chnina   thenr
chain., thenco -v. at HO cha na to poi"1  '���' ^
nnneam'ant:  containinu 84 I acroa, mnr. . I "'    ,r
, jl)se.lK..|. 25, lull. JpHNMcLBW
Mberl left this "t>nr*n, T.��.waiw.*��"
The s. s. Priiict
afternoon for Naas River pints.
Masst-ii and Naden Harbor,   Sin
will be back on Friday and l<-av<-' ""���">'��""" ;"-a.ko"r; intVna'rt",",'ii>t.iy i. r i ������
�� ���'I'    lo proper] lor root aad petroleum en ll" ''
Quean Charlolle lalamla Land Dintrict- DW*
'     _ . Skeona
Tako notire lhal *, John Mcl-e,���l ol \ *
for Omen Charlotte Islands
Saturday afternoon.
Ten Miners Killed
l-'.lk Garden, W. Va.,   (Special)
Ten miners are reported to have
deseribad inn i
Commencinu a   a pawl p|anla*d alaoiH I*
norlh and l.-.o milen weat ol  tho mutli    .'" ��
Tl-el Itiver end marked J. Mcl... N   �� J
No. 27. thencf nouth HI) chalna   lb"   '     ��� . ..
chain*.  Ihenre norlh  Hll chalna,  then."
chainn to poinl ol commencement;  coni.n'
arrow, mora" or lew
Dated P�� ,88, mil. JOHN M
I'uli. Keh. 27. _*, E. Wall'-
Queon Charlotle Inlandn Und Diatrict-  I'
lieen ktiicii iii the anti explosion n    n*, *!�������
,,,,     ... .. ��� , lake notire thut I  Joh    Mcleod at Val
Wil    Ainu*    ,\()i    'J,    .,|,,ii|     -,    nM|(.   orrupution broker  intend to opply Inr I"
l ., ���        , In pronpect lur cnal and petroleum on thi' '
Iroill   tills   DlaCC, deacrilied Inndn:
Cnmmenrlntt It n pont planted nlniul I I
norlh nnd two milen went ot tho mouth
Bta-ynu Land Dinars    ni.aaiat oi Daaa aa v i li'^'enal markad J. t.lt-1,.  S. W. turner
. ���-
���1 _\
.. uV'
t        .i tue .lisitissi.,,, during]   Craswnttvs.RoM��R|,, ,qU<So,ti���n :tr,,19l��
saw Uncle )errylwMch It was mentioned that prob-lat the Auditorium I ri,|ilv ,.v.-.;.... I ������s^'!.i-N'1".h.c.r^ K.iv"n *"*.<>   "-
Take   notice   -jmY tj-T^S.liS'T fcSPj.  )\f***B*  no^ _m  ���!t",,""    Ihmco   Salt   M.'Sd"*
Yorkahlra*.   I'.nsland,   SSapiSm�� ������!UmRSr   Z' ' SS? "?*"������ R" ^h"lr",. Ibrnce went HO chninn to
ta.aa.le to apply  lo, pemalnaion  lo porcha..' i ���   L"1"1 "', "'mnmncfment!   conWlninit C10 arrro,
tollowlns denrrlbaMl landa 	
eaaterly taoun
.���nittK.jzuMny tfTfcjmR; sjipFwUm willIg^li?^^"**?IffS' *"���"*'���>��� I
,���,���,. *nd If you saw ably motor cars will do a good deal April 98    (,-,������
u ��� '���'        Iwcrc hcra -'"' "'���" ��� m��� ;'����� fa- h n,���. I,, .tmn l !,.���.r;;:;;,.-.    n' ��� ^&%r^K^tSm^
ns.  tin* resolution  was moved iiim iit>tt*|, sitintta* Bt Kltaamktlam, ii
C, Skopiin diatrict, u|ion tin-  atulai   da
Pinion!     Dance    \V��-t-kl\   fdance    nerviMtRMd.U lot 886.
a al a parat plant.*,! ,i ��� ������;,��� ln ..,     '��,''���'�����,'-26. ID1I
'���*!��*, ���� I ",1-r limil  :ih-|2,i ��� ","      �������� I"* 21*
Sm l  nl  be   :ii|H!l.   It,,,,-,,  t    '.' J"    __
T B, Wsltcr. Atent
amp, ���,��� Nadsn
Harbor, Graham  Inland, thanee  10 chainn noulh
thence 40 chain. ,.��.,. thenee  in rl,a,���* north,
thenr** 40 rhaina wmt to pmnl nl eommeneement
end containinu ten ��ci: ,n..r.- or b*��.
Dateil March 17, 1,11
Pub. Apr. 7 Numa DaOafl, Auent J
were here what  are
throughout the d.is ?'
Psntorium Pioneer Clasnem, 'Phi i
and carried "Thai In the
"I   the  Board  >,f   Trade  ilu*  time
iSamrtlay in the K. ol ,'. H1| ��4ta   *5^TKiBUS
,    mil. Inler-rt,  11, ���r I t,U��� " <- ''"'lotto lalanda U���d Di.trlct-Diatrlct nl
limit   of lot   :*.,,,,, ;,    ���B      .... Skan.na
"������ "mn aJuna'ti,',': T" ',''"'   ��� ���,"hn ���>*���**���""'* "' V"1"-"11^ .
ilml��*r limii'Mfioi" i'lJ" '"" "���'wly "mil  ���|   a ��� ,"',? 1 ' f��_*\ IMfnd lo apply tor permiaab
'    ���       ' 'hP"r'  '" " -"llb'Tly dire ���    SfflSTha'S .'""'l tm 1',-lroteum on tha, (ollowl
alonat   the   naaulherl
"1-    end the prniairtinn thereat I
so chain, mors ITSJi, uffSSfiSMWtloi
',���,���  daeeribed land,
alonj  Ihe laat
llmll eif titnlMT limii  ARRM
m^L�� ���SrtrTST.-A'BB'S 5!;:!;i:;,V;;:';i;; \**�� �� *��'����t
  "" '"   I"'1"'   "I   commoncem .nl    co'
I <'l limber llmll B8T7B aaSBnIKM!! "t " I"1"1 Plan'ed aboul two n
"" alone the last math TUri,  ' lw","���b*i went ol the mouth ol
���nr I-., ton,,, easterly Nn   r���   ,7 "'"' """'"** '   Met,. N. W. Ct
��� Ihenre |��� ��� ,,���r||���,Mv "."���.J'1 ��� Ihenre noulh HO    halna. thonco -a/
Dated March H.'lua
I Pub. March 26.
I Halt*! Kola. 26 lot,
I I'uh. Fob. J7 '   9U'
T. E. Wf


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