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Twenty-four hours ending 6 a. m.,
May 18.
MAX. TKMI'.        MIN. TKMI'. BAB.        IN. BAIN
510 34.0      29.529
The Daily News
FOR South
Prince Rupert Friday, s u. m.
FOR North
Princess May Thursday li i^ m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
h H,vn	
TOL H, NO. Ill
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, May 18, mil.
ypT-OHlA, g Wf
Price Five Cents
Sad Accident Mars the Opening of the Navigation Season���Men Left Steamer Skeena in
a Row Boat to go to Kitsumkalum���Upturned Boat is iomd in Little   Canyon
But no Trace of Men���Tully was well Known as Port Engineer for Messrs.
r, Welch & Stewart���Grant was Fireman  on  the  Steamer  Skeena
lir   Found   no   trace  ol
in learned that the Porl
(Special t<> the Daily News)
Kitselas, May 18. ���A sad accident has happened   near  here,
by which it is feared Mr. W. H. Tully, port engineer forFoley, I Simpson going up to Kitscla:
Welch & Stewart, and William Grant, fireman of the steamer [ met   an   up-turned   boat   coming
Skeena, have lost their lives. down.     The   boat   was   the   ono
Tully who had come up on the Skeena from Prince Rupert j tlkl" by Mf- Tully, and although
left Kitselas at noon yesterday to go to Kitsumkalum in a small I fearch is still going on for the men
row boat. As the steamer Port Simpson was entering Little
Canyon, the captain and passengers discovered their boat
turned over, and the oars floating down the river. The boat
had evidently been capsized, losing Tully and Grant in the
Canyon, which on account of the high water is now a fierce
raging torrent at that point.
Tully who is aged about forty has been indetified with
steam-boating and shipping interests on the Yukon for the
past ten years. His mother lives at Los Angeles, California.
Grant is aged thirty.   Neither of them are married.
I!\   lite   overturning   of   their I In all probability the open boat
in which they wen- making the
trip was capsized in Hankin's
Riffle, though this is not absolutely
Men Wree Missed
The men were expected oo the
Omineca, and when after delay,
they did not appear Captain Johnston set off up river to look for
boa) in the Skeena river, \V. H.
Tully, porl engineer for Messrs.
Foley, Welch & Stewart, and
William Grant, fireman, have been
drowned, The accident occurred
yesterday afternoon. Th? nun
Mm- going down river from Kitselas in Kitsumkalum, where Mr.
Tully was to join the Omineca.
it is practically certain  thai   they
have been drowned.
Tully was Old-Timer
Engineer W. II. Tully came to
Prime Ruperl with the Caledonia
three years ago, a.id was a well-
known and very pupolar old-
timer ol   Prince Kuperi.    lie was
promoted to die position of Port
Engineer for Messrs. Foley, Welch
& Stewari two years ago. While
in town he resided in the Premier
Hotel, and though very quiet and
reserved, won friends everywhere
by his unfailing cheerfulness, He
was a native of Halifax, and hi*
aged mother now resides .'i Pasadena near Los Angeles, California.
Mr.   'Tully  was  about     forty-live
years of age, ami unmarried. He
knew the coasl of Northern British
Columbia verv well, and had also'the news of Prince Kupert.
spent a number of years in the
Yukon District.
The fireman, William Grant
who accompanied him on ilu
disastrous irip had only ihis season
joined the boats, and was not
well known in Prince Kupert, bin
enquiries are being made about
A Last Letter
Strangely enough, the telegram
conveying the sail news to the
Daily News ollice reached here, at
the same time as a letter from
Mr. 'Tully himself. It had evidently   been   delayed   ill   transit,
for  it  was  dated  on   Saturday
evening, ami said; "I am leaving
on the steamer Skeena tomorrow
morning for Kitselas Canyon with
the rest of the steamer ollice staff,
where 1 expect to be stationed for
the remainder of the summer."
The   let ler   requested   thai   the
paper might be forwarded on to
him.  to keep him  in  touch with
Northwestern League
Games postponed on account ol
American League
Chicago 7, Philadelphia 5.
St. Louis ">, Cleveland 7.
National League
Huston 7, Pittsburg (i.
St. I.ouis a, New York ">.
Cincinnati 3, Philadelphia 4.
Chicago 0, Brooklyn 1.
Pacific Coast League
Yen on 2, Los Angeles 3.
Oaklard 2, San Francisco 1.
Portland 7, Sararmento '.\.
Full Programme of Juvenile Sports  Planned   for  the
24th   Four Regular Adult Events and Address
by Mayor -Scene that is Selected is
on the G. T. P. Wharf.
Not a gre.il many citizens attended last nigh1,'* meeting in the
Court Room to arrange for the
celebration of Victoria Day, but
the indefatigable score or so who
were tin re made up in energy
what they lacked in numbers.
The resuli will be a very entertaining Children's Programme of
sports, and several events for
adults which will bt  keenly con-
lien-, which will form a mos'
convenient grand stand. Mr. McMaster who gave permission for
the use of ilu- wharf, has also
most kindly offered to have the
space here cleared of all encumbrance for the occasion, so
that Children's Day may be made
;i success.
Mayor Will Give Address
An   instructive address   to   the
Two New Lighthouses to be Erected at Dixon's Entrance
Local Hotelman is Applying to the Supreme Court for
a Mandanus Compelling the License Commissioners to  Renew His Savoy Hotel
License���Interesting Action
ti resl eruws keenly  expectant | ed his bar, and  the question was
inning  case of
of liquor.   The licence commission
crest grows keenly expectant led hi
in ilu- forthcoming  ������������ '  ���*���������
Savoj Hotel Licence which somes
"l1 for decision on Monday, the
22nd inst, As will be remembered
thc ctse is apparently the outcome of the stormy meeting of the
first Licence Commission of Prince
Rupert. In the absence of Commissioner Vernor Smith the busi-
"-- "i dealing with Mr. A. J.
Prudhomme's application tor a
liquor licence for the Savoy Hotel
1,|!' ���!" ilivb with by Commission-
II ���   s,'H-k (chairman) and Com
er Merryfield. Commission
c|,Mi lylield after the meeting had
'"vu opened and preliminary busi-
done,   flatly    declined -to
The   Chairman   put   the
l""11"11 to granl the licence, voted
III favor of ii himself, and declared
ers authorised him to sell.
Renewal not Considered
After the January election Mayor   Manson   took   Commissioner
Stork's place as chairman of  the
Licensing Commission.   Mr. Prud-
hoinme appli.tl iu March for a
renewal of his former licence, aril
for a new licence. The commission
ruled that the application could
not be considered, and turned
down the application for a new
licence. Mr. Priidliomnie has appealed In the Supreme Court for
a mandamus ordering the commission to renew his licence. 1 It-
claims thai by the act of the coin-
mission iu voting on the question
of considering his tirsl renewal
application the Board admitted
the existence of a licence. The
mailer of the disposal of the
Savoy Bar stock by permission
of the commission is an Important
point also which will be brought
oul  ill  the case.
icenco granted by his casting
N"v     When upon   Commissioner
'*) field got up and walked out.
Say it is Unsanitary���Provincial  Government Should
Provide Better Accommodations for Aged and
Poor���Want Liquor Traffic Regulated
in Some Better Way
Liquor Revenue
ftldhomme obtained  his li-
nd opened his bar.
Voted on  Renewal
\' next
meeting of the Licence
��PI>lici tion
licence, and
All Un
oti that
"i the
for   renewal   of    his
ilso for a new licence.
ee commissioners were pres-
'"l Commissioner Stork mov-
ho application for renewal
Savoy   Licence   be   con-
I'his motion was voted
J"'"""1 '"st.   Commissioner Smith,
���Wovcr, suiti���K that if Mr. Prud-
J.0mm�� would put in an applica-
'"" f��r a new licence in  March
",: would vote for it.   The appll-
j.'l""n  a��   this   lime   for   a   new
".'l111' was voted down by Com-
"1,8��ioner Smith
md Commissioner
Mr. Prudhomme clos-
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, May lS.Strong
indictments of the liquor traffic
in this city and a vigorous condemnation of the. condition Of
the goal here, are contained in the
grand jury's presentment issued
today. The grand jury Hold that
it is a disgrace to a city < f this*
size and prosperity of Vancouver
that such conditions should for
a moment be tolerated.
Recommend Inspection
With the condemnation is coupled a list of recommendations by
the grand jury suggesting closer
inspection of the liquor traffic,
Police substations are also recommended, and a ncw gaol, antl lioint
for girls. It is urged upon
city also to provide proper
commodation for the oh
now ii charge upon the rates.
11 is pointed out in the recommendation of the grand jury that
Vancouver netted at last estimate,
approximately 1127.000 from the
liquor traffic and the suggestion is
made strongly that lhe victims
of the liquor traffic woultl be better
provided for by the construction
of a proper gaol where work might
be found for theni to do.
Central Garage Destroyed with
Foity Cars   Loss $210,000.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg. May 18.���l-'orty automobiles valued at $160,000 and a
building   valued   at   $(i(),(HII)  were
completely destroyed by lire hist
nighl in this city. Scarcely a
VCStige of lhe building now remains on the property once occupied by thc Central garage.
Was Spectacular
The lir,- was ihe most spectacular   ever   witnessed   in   Winnipeg.
One thousand four hundred gallons
of gasoline were stored in the
building, and when ihis caught
lire, a great pillar of flame shol
up into the sky like an immense
lurch Illuminating lhe cily.    This
iii,tde ii impossible to rescue any
of the cars or light the flames.
Millionaires  Mourning
Among the cars in the garage
were some of lhe finest in Winnipeg. It is believed that all the
owners had signed waivers of
fire risk, and none of them are
covered by insurance. The destruction of the forty cars means
a great lo.ss of money, ami much
inconvenience to the millionaries
of Winnipeg, many of whom now
are c ir-less.
Of importance to Prince Kuperi
ts another stride towards the
Iestablishment here of a greai
Pacific port is the news that the
lighthouse tentler Newington w;is
at Digby Islaiul this morning on
her way north to Langara Islaiul,
where a new lighthouse of the
first onler is to be constructed.
II. C. Killeen, district engineer,
is with the vessel and besides
surveying the site for the light
will also go over the ground at
Rose Spit, where another lighthouse is to be elected. Both
these lights arc in Dixon's Entrance
land will be of great benefit to
: mariners plying in those waters.
Captains of the large steamers
which so fiir have made lluport of Prince Kupert have all
declared that with the installation
of a few more aids to anvigation
in the shape of lighthouses and
beacons Dixon's Entrance will be
one of the easiest and safesi
approaches to a harbor In the
mile nice, a hundred yards dash,
and  the unforgettable fat  Men's
Wharf   Scene Selected
These adult   events in- children  reminding  theni  of  the
i  three mile race, a  half significance of Victoria Day, will
be given by Mayor Manson, and
the sports committee is also working in conjunction with Mr. J. S.
I Gray and his helpers who are
I organising ilu- Indian Band Corn-
Chief Vickers .is Chariman of | petition. The members of the
the Grounds Committee with the Overseas club are also co-operating
oilier members went over all the!as the Club's Concert and Tug of
likely places for a sports and race War contests are to be a feature
programme, and the decision of 1 of the day's entertainments,
the meeting was in favor of the Today Mr. J. R. Beattie, and
wharf. A with- and roomy Bpacelthe members of the Finance Corn-
well adapted lor the racing events mittee  mode  a  canvass  of  the
for the youngsters, ami tor the
shorter distance adult events exists
on the wharf between the Foley,
Welch & Stewiirt warehouses, and
the < irand Trunk premises. This
stretch is newly planked, antl
stretching along beside it arc the
terraced piles of rails lately-landed
merchants of tin- eity most of
whom have already promised prizes
for the childern. 'There is very a
desire on the pari of the merchants
lo make lhe Children's Day a
pleasing one. A list of the names
of firms contributing prizes will
be published later.
Loaded Fifty  Foot  Boring on  Watson's Cut  Found
Filled With Sand When Shot Was to Have
Been Fired This Morning
After  Terpsichore
Tonight    ;it    nine    o'clock    lhe
Kaien Island Club dance will
commence. 'The dance is open to
members and theii ladies only.
Gray's orchestra will furnish the
0. M. Helgerson. Limited, have
several houses with bath for
rent.    Phone 96. 106-tf
Workmen   on   S.   II.   Watson's
contract on Second avenue beyond
the Junction are today engaged in
the perilous task ot endeavoring
to clear a long loaded boring
which Wiis found filled with Band
this morning when the shot was
to have been Tired. 'The blast is
to be out- of ilu- biggest yet fired
on   lhe  streel   grading  work   here.
delay  caused   is
contractor much
Editor of the Springfield Union, Leading United States
Newspaper, Writes to the Daily News for Material for an Article on Prince Rupert
Which  Paper Will  Publish
The attention which Prince Ku
The Terrible Accidents in the
first avenue cut hist  Saturday
and on the G. T. P. line yesterday
and the "could be" accident in the
cut on Fifth street lasl Monday
should be a very strong suggestion
to you to tiike out an Accident
Insurance Policy at once. John
Dybhavn iu the Exchange Block
is writing them on low premiums. 2t
pt rt is receiving in the eyes of lining American cities was emphasized again today, when the Daily
News received a request from the
editor of the Springfield Union, to
forwiird copies of the Daily News
and other material to be used in
a special article which that paper
will publish dealing wilh Prince
Thit request will be well complied with, you may be sure, for
the Springfield Union is one of
the leading papers in the state
of Massachusetts,   It has editions
outcome of the peace negotiations in   the  morning,   and   editions  at
;i   general   armistice
revolutionists and the Federal tro-! the   news   field   is   not   ncglet
Tomorrow Every Man in Mexico
Will  Lay Down His Arms
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Jaurez,   May   18.���As  the  lirst
leading newspapers is the best
kind of publicity. Money cannot
buy it. It comes only by merit.
Prince Kupert has entered into the
merit class now.
'The dangerous
occasioning the
Fifty Foot Boring
All week the work of preparing
for this shot has been tnfprogress,
'The boring is over forty feet tleep,
and tin: hole is almost fully loaded.
Mr. Watson planned to have the
last stage of the loading completed
ihis morning, and ilu shol fired
early today.   Bui when the powder
man got   lo   the  place,   he  found
lh.it during   lhe  night   the  boring
had been   tilled   wilh   s.uul.      It
is  a tedious  and   dangerous   task
to remove ihis, and may delay
the shot for days.
While ii is ii Utile early yet to
attribute the trouble lo any particular person or set of persons
who may have done the mischief
with malicious intent, lhe matter
is being thoroughly investigated.
Go and See
An up-to-date ice cream parlor,
fruit   and   confectionery   store,   is
being   opened    tonight    by   Sam
Cowen    in   the premises  formerly
known   iis   the   Washington   Cafe
next   door   tu   tlie   old   Optimist
oflice   on   second   avenue.     The
Victoria Strike is Practically at  premises   have   been   transformed
End Now '"   up-to-date  style wilh   private
boxes and every appliance for thc
'The carpenters of Victoria h*velaPPetlBlnB production of delectable
come   to  an   agreement   with   the
employers    to   compromise    their,     Mr, T, D> pattuUo Is returning
-,,, a ,,   ,. i dispute 1 iv accepting an advance I to prtnce Ruoert   on Saturday on
between   the; night.     1 hen   to  make  sure  that        ' , .        rrmce tw��pw��   un imiuiubj uu
t^d  to  $4,25  a  day  for  eight   hours I the Prince   Ceorge on a business
��� ���p. h..   l.a.:,   igreed upon.   Thei outside of office hours, it has an I work.    There is still  a disputeltrip.    He   will   be   coming   on
I this morning, and edition on Sunday also. (over the question of an increaseI'behaU oi investors whom he has
order was issuetl this morning,
will Come into effect al sunrise on
Friday morning.
The publicity  which  comes  in I to 14.50
the form of news articles in  the I months.
day at the end of six|interested in Prince Kupert while
down soulh.
__** THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The T-rince Rupert Optimist
Publuhed by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, limited
SUBSCRIPTION KATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly. S'-'.iju per year. Outside Canada--Daily, $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cenu per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert. B. C.    Telephone 9-.
New YoRK-National Newspaper Bj.-vau, 21a i'..-: - ru St.. New York City.
Seattle   Paget Sound Now, Ca
LONDON, Ks.iLAND-The Cio.;gher Syndicate. Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
To Lease
22, 23, 24. if
1 .    *
General Amristice is to be Declared in Mexico
Second Ave .
Prince Rupert B.C.
Says that Armistice will Follow
Within Twenty-four Hours
Madero    Announces    Agreement Has Been Reached.
a*.. u��d D��*r8!f8ndi8S W
T.ke rao-.ice.lt.al  I,  <"'���; ��" .'*:,.;, ���������,���
Skeenu Laml District��� District a,t-i-., ,i
a-llaCt'   ruillliaaas       I'limlUC
Ihence  wut   m
corner olT. L" Lol
ch.ln.. mence  n rth M   '   ��� ���   ���' ���:,-|��e 0| com
chaini. than* -  ���'' ,         ��� or  leu.
nunc.ro.nl   ooatalaini ;..,....., applied
for, marked lotten '        ^     .          , ijjstr ct
Uke Us. -   -  ��������� '    ' **���*�� i"*-'
of Coaat fUnae 5. ..   n.n   KtNSKY
������Tt.e newspaper, with the law, should assume :r.c accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
ger.eral public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
thi ;i-.'ailant of personal character. It iboold be, as it were, a
keeper of the public comcience."-Henry Wattaraon.
Eng:..-.' a- : Arr.encan Billiards
Twelve Tat- Second Ave
Daily Edition.
Thursday, May is
The spectacle of the two unfortunate workmen who were injured
up the line on Monday morning being conveyed to the hospiuJ fr m
the train on the rocking floor (a ���������-;��� freight wagon, emphasised
the need the cily has ' r a proper ambulance.
1 hi sight of a strong mai writhing in agony, is heart-rackir..;
enough. The s-ight of the two victims���one suffering agonies with
a broken ihigh���lying on thc floor ol the wagon, with only the h ird
tailboard - I the cart for a pillow, their heads a foot below the
of their bodies as the cart climbed the steep declivity of Centre stri ��� \
was one to convict u�� all of contributory negligence in not havii ..
a pr pel tnce    r at least some proper stretchers for convi ;���    ..
the Buffering men to the hospital.
The - ��� ��� ��� is one that may be r ; eated any day.   The roa I-
of every   ra is damped with blood.    Accidents   ind fatal ii   -
are an unavoidable ^.- rii ��� on the altar of progress. Our i wn str -1
k'.:iny wirk has eant di tth : ne mai and m timing to -ever..!
other-.   With thegi : thecit>' the accident I 11 is I   und to grow-
larger.   Ai -���- are t/.und to hav-. -    ner or later, lietting
it sooner m .. ill die differeni ��� between life and death to many
of us selines;  it will certainly mean all the din.---
la.-rv-  : ... we can and not doing aii we can. to alleviati  I
-: men .ind women and children.
At pres no one seems to know where even a ^retcher m.i;.
found. After a day's inquiry, we .ire told that there is or.e at the
Provincial Office. There is none at the Police Station or on the wh irf,
the two places where they are mo��t likely to be called for. For lack
of a stretcher one of the men suffered till he screamed with pain, as
hit helpers -ought to carry him on a blanket through the narrow exit
from the l .'     -���   to the street wagon.
1 h ���   kindly  incident  marked  an  otherwise- entirely  sad
episode    II   ��� .- don of the conductor of the cal. -    V. i
no equipment to provide for the care of the wounded men. he
tended tht two unfortunates from the scene of th
city.   His bed, he had given dp to the Bulgarian with the broker, tl  .  .
When the problem of how l., move him came- up. hi | - ffl red a
When he saw how thc m.in still suffered for lack of a pro] er
he insisted on giving up the mattress from his bed to ease thi suffer   . -
of the man a- they carried him to the hospital. Then he cappe-i the
kind deed by handing over his blankets to cover the unfortunati -
their journey.
11 wi- .i kindly deed,  that deserves more praise than it may
receive.    It was the kind of thing that made an observer fed .   .
to share in a <ommon humanity ti. it ii | -.. h unselfish .   -
But k was .: poot substitute for a city ambulance. There-
no question of the city's need for that.
Windsor Hotel
Newly  Furnished and
Steam Heated Roomi
P 0. SC'\ 37
Canadian Press 11<���-; it
Juarez,  May  18.-  i   . ���   is   ���
most an assured fact ii
morning Judge Carbaj.
envi y i f the Federal i
made an announce mi
ference  with   the   Provis
President Madero had res
���.������rr:.--   i.eing   reached.     :      -���������
that barring unforseen
. general armistice -.-  ..
clared within nventy-:
Provisional   Presidenl   Maden
als   made .i statemi������ t. declaring
that  mutually ao ������;.
-'���-.  ns  had  been  r'-a
which assured pe^ce t   Mew   >���
mile fron
���. i ,, i 'i   ��� ������,*���    i ii-tnet of Cassiur
_m.tr.* 4 KSS
.. -, | a!,out two miles
Buyi i'.'*"
.,  ; Vegetable land at Kit-
He from Railway.   Fine
Buys 78 1-8 acres of Fruit
i tt  Kitselas.     Half
the Railway.
Buys Rooming House on :!nl
Ave.   Nine furnished rooms,
A ^:.ap.
Coauaoada, al ���
muih ol -.��� ���
:. the
' -      'a    ���
W ���...���*
und Flat riven,
���t mi ehsloii
SS�� ���" ���    ������'-..���   ���������-
Dait-t Aprl  It, ���
I'ub. Mu  tS.
Frar.cu S. Iri-.-t.m. Aaent
m___. Und Din !  ul MM*
,..*.   - .. ��� ..-,. I *..-imn. intend
od womon. Intondi
���     1; "           'h" t*-*0****
��� *** '���"���" \-V.."���
,< r    . ������"���'-������ LOU"t l 's,r'cl
EUafi ���    t ******
ch��in>, thooeo
Ciimiiicnciiiif at a post planteil  three Jm i
hmf mlloj in an easterly ilirecti.in frnm tl���. ,���:'.''."
on NUI Uiver where tho Lava l.uke trull I,!,""1
uinl one mile In a northerly dlaTOCtlon fro
^iiiii Lava Lako trail, thence south i-ighty ,
thence west BO chains,  thence  north
thoneo east ko chains tu point of
cainuiinlnK ti40 acres,
llnte Keb. 8, lull. JOHN McDOHAI n
I'ub. March 10. Joseph llelwai., I.     '
Skeena Land District-Dlltriet ot Coil ,
Tuke notice that I Anilrew C'ummlnns 01  v��.
couver, H.U.. oceupation cook,  intents to ,���', ','
f.ir permission to purchase the following alaa-ur I
is] lamls:
Commencing -t a post pltntid  three jtn,i , ,.
half miles in un easterly diroction from tho 1
on Nuus Kiver where the Iai* a Lake trail I.. ���',
near the trail, thenco west Ni chairs, tl,,.,,���, .    .
-o chnins. thence east sil chnins.   thonea north In
chains to point of commencement, eontalnll .
DaU Feb. :i. mil. ANDREW CUMMING8
Pllb, Mur. 10. Joseph Uelway. Agont
a'   -. ��� ��� '
, east In -n N
. . Survey, i- oast
80 chains, thence north tu
la) chains,  thence south  *2_t)
chains,  tlier.ee south
Buys store and House on the  J^;/.,;
Skeena Land Ilistrict���District ol Coast Roi   ,  \
Tuke   notice   that   Kdith   Alice   Crowthi
Iklcg,    Yorkshire,   England,   occu|iution m|h......
intends to apply for permission  to puiehlae lhe'
lullowing deacribed lamls:
Commencing at a post planted at the unutli ,���_,,
... . corner ol surveyed lot BMI, Range 5, Com Dil-
������   :;Vmw.t. containing 120 . trlet. thenw north along the easterly limit ���l ,l��
'��� ���"��� ' I said lot J5 chains more or less to the southerly
street at Kitselas.
Buys   Furniture ami  Lease
for two years of Ten Room
Toilet antl bath.
Cash -First payment on $4,-
2l��i Rooming House. 2.i.\ 100,
ud  basement.     Balance pay!
Buyi Furniture and 3 1-2 year
intend to !
Pub..NU   I
Skeona Lan I Diatrld   District ol Cussiur
...    ���   .     1.   Thomaa   McMeekin
Prinn i.. occupation clerk
apply   (01   pefffll lo   purchuse
. . ;..-. planted about two mil���
.oulh ol the fork- ol the White and Hut rivtfl,
,,,. v   .   r;j    - ,.:.-.   thence  eust  60  chains,
.    ���    ���  , ... thonoo west B0 chains.
l'u��. Mo- I Francia S. I'reston, Agi-nl
-,.. .x Lai    Dbtrfel    District ol Cassiar
1 ikl :.a lid I   .: I.' hartoi L. Delgrove ol Stew-
limit ol Lot 3985, Kange 5, coast district, thence
east along the southerly limit ol the last mentioned
lot 60 chaina to a point, thence In a southerly direction 35 chaina parallel tn the i .
easterly limit ol lot 3991, thence in a mm-
.��� , erly direction 60 chaina more or lan u,
he lollowing! the point ol commencement containing *.\n urai
more or leaa.
Doted March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
ae  of   Rooming House in   an b. C occ-pstion proepeetor. intend to apply
foe pefmilon u purehaae the lollowing deacribed
Jurymen   at   Cammorra   Trial
Treated Like Prisoners
Hotel Central c��' F",,A"
Petrr Black
E.r ;<�����- t* -. A.-'-:* * A*   ������.-
^*��-.s-: -  .   --     -..-.--���    Katae
..Grand Hotel..
Spring b*-i*. car. White Sheen 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Propneloe
L��M> md M���k mtmm howi
l*i*rk.i .'������   -;���Cot.* _,r .   * *
YOV '.'As     _.:  A  5^' KtX  Ht*      ���
Some- folk ;trc never satisfied. Vancouver newspapermen arc'
raising a fust now, because thej havi be n denied admission to the,
That story of the- United States cruiser Buffalo suffering the-
tortures ol Tantalus in Cordova harbor fur lack of coal; would have
gladdened thc hurt of Omar Khayyam To be facing a territory
conl a . .Ir.-<N of square miles ol coal lands, which the Govern
menl will not allow the Alaskans to work, to be 1,000 miles awa)
fr""j ' encan .. . tation, the railway company, refusing to hand
"'-,r - black diamonds imported .it great expense from Can
ada, h i- a merrj mix-up, which Omar mighl have immortalised in
.i *i i <ai quatrains.
'Hun isoni thing left, Thc cruiser might taki thi coal by force.
Then would thc enforcers of the nation's law, break tin- law ilu->
would be itealing the coal to enforce. The captaii ol the Buffalo
seems to bc between iln-io.il fiend and thc deep sea.
A local representative i- wanted
forati rrltory tributary to I'rince
Kuper'. ;.i ��ell the hardy rr.r.-irri-
gatci! ��� urstry stock grown by the
tiri-t." v. irsery Company, Oren-
CO,Oreg -. Liberal terras. Party
mu-t con*   well   recommended.
 . *TPffttt   . r ii l.i i-
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco . Oregon
The reluctance shown    ;��� ;-"������
::.���:.   :     ^r\e un  the tria
(.'.-.r:.r:. .T~*.:t chief- :.��� w pi
.: \.:*r.*u. in Sou:... n   Ita
.-ily  understood.    The  u��  i?
������.:*rd  to last  a  year,      i   -
which period   thev-   will  be k-: I
shut ir..
Nor  is  this all.    Thej   ������
-.vdl  that after the  tria    -
ver the)  wi I  ���:.���.:���._ a very ex-
��� ��� nt      inci ring mut
;.    ther i .-���:   ers of thi   Irea
rg .���.. iti : t< ���������      . hej risom r��
���    It    -  ���     - .      -.;:-.
���    do their duty in bringi: -
i verdici   I >.:.:>
I    - -.   fat  if - -   Ul.'-.
.. -���   :     .- -    tfter thi
i number
the Mafia    it   B    .  . .:.   1902
��� ������   ...- led     .    -    ��� ���-
: -   era! i        -    Vet   ne was
assass nated and a   ther s   ���
'.        ��� ��� *-       grati
tothi    niti   States      erasi
sett    I it Nea i irli    -
yet ��� - ed ai
The  Mafia    -    neediest   i    sa)
thi      immorra
��� ia     . I   ���   ���-. . .. :: .
yet  mother
terrible murder society,   md thil
��� - ������ ���     ���    ���     r the .--.--    .-
tii    of a juryman named Pt-;::
in Ncw York ..  ;.���-..: ap       I   ������
unhappy man was the only It i
on a jury that i - nvicted a met
hi g ing on a cl .��rge of blackmailing and irson, and was for
that reason tingled "Ut for puni>h-
He was fo .: d dead in hii shop
one Monday mot
fim tortun en barbarously
killed, -    ��� rin�� the pro
ceeding 5unda No i ne was
brought to justice for thisshoclcii.
i rime.
Rt-nt J45 per month.
Cash buys 2 story Room-
ir.e House at Kiu<.'las, -47
���Vccommodates 30 people.
Per Acre.   15.i 1-1 acres, with
buildings Included at Brecken-
Landing, in-.ile B5.1
Per Acre.    -122 acres in the
famous Lakelse Valley.
r IgS l.
farm I .:i!dir.(fs included  in acr.- ; rice.
'.-; :-.:.-��� from railway.
i   bum dag *'*��� ����� (w*1 plnnted about ill mini
wultl 4 wi t uf lhc turn* ol thv W hnv
Mfl wulh  i**i chiim, thvnev
,.t.; ���       . T.orth mi chiin��, thvnev WttX
lub. M-.   . Fmncu ^. I'rvston, AgWtt
Skttna Land District ���liutrict of Cawinr
Ttkt Dotka that I Krincis S. I'rt^ion of i'rincv
.  Bi v   . oecuptttoB prtwpfctor, intvnd to
tppb   -'������' ptHnhitoa to  purchu��  thv  following
:   .j: :���
CommvBCin|   ��t   i   po��t  plantvd   ahout   thrvv
-< uth and two milm wt��t of thv fork* ot
.  Wf.;:v ar.d Flat rtvtlB. thvnev Miuth 60 chains
Mat   Ml  chaiiii,  tl.ir.i-.   north   -u chuinn,
et ��v��t 50 chairj.
_      . T    .   n     .      H#tl mi.    PRANC18 S. PRESTON
Per .Acre.   Just  a met* little p^Jfar 11
farm of BO acres.    Huuse and t
C1 7 ^flfl ^uy*Iive'(fuin* hote1'
JJI/jDUU   | lease. Ca*h
|7,l   . balance in one ar.��i two
$o  r A A  Buy* ?> room House in
L o U U Buy terms
of payment can br arranged.
jgAAA   Boys  Double  Apartment
��pDUUU   ���: .   Terms
car. \*r arranged.
pDDUU ment, hot and
colw water,  and m**iern conv��
Time payments arr.^
a Land lJutrict-   l)t>tnct uf Caviar
Takl   t.utiiv that  I, lirvntun Junior. Uoori Ol
ri ��� ��� Ruptrti B< t .. uccupatiun contractor, intttd
��� MflBlMHOn tu purchaav Um fulluwinK
. landat
BUBCiag at a post plantvd about vi) thrw
..   :   -   tw        ���-  timX of thv forka
J Wl tta and Flat riwrs, thvnev ti) chains suuth
ftiM wait,  thencv  ***0  chains north.
aina aaat.
Itatvd April 10, IS11.      1 ranei�� S. 1 ivston, Ai;vnt
' I'uh. May U.
SkvcnaLand DUtriot-Diatrict of Caviar
Tako notice that I, Ferry Qunuui ol  rrir.ee
Kupert,  Bi  C, occupalion pro^iivctor, iint-r.1 t.i
apply   for  pvrmi."��ion  to  purchaw  the folluftir.it
deseril* Han.ls: fc
Commencing at a post planted in thr vicinitv
Of tlooae Hay, about thre��M'ighta of a m;V ��� --ui,
of thv mouth of the Honan/a Crtak, and buag
on thv aaatariy boundary of Timlwr Ltmll Ko
y:>2til or No. SSSStL thence south 40 chains alnr.tt
the easterly limit of said Timber Limit No 35281
or No 85280 41) chains, thencv Hit to the -11 n (4
"���'������������ Hay, a distance of 40 chains morv oi 1MB,
thonce northerly along the shore of Uonse Hav
40 chains mon' or lew, thvnce westerly 4D clan's
more or leas to point of commencement, ctmtairinu
160 acre* mote or leas.
Hated March 7. 1911. PERRY QUEBNAN
Pub. April 7.
bkeena Land District���District of Coast Kangv 5
Take notica that William Franklin CatpuM
ol Prince Kupert, B. C, occupation restaurant
keeper, intendi to apply for permiasion to purchase
the following deacribed land :
Commencing at a post planted at the south ea.it
corner of surveyed Lot 1712, thence f0 chains
south, thance about 35 chains wvst to Lot 2'.>i,
thvnce 20 chains north, thence 45 chiins wm
thence about 25 chains north to Lot 306S. thvnev
alwut 30 chains vast to aouth eaat cornvr of Lot
���"'���������. thence about 35 chains north to I ��� 1711,
ihence about 66 chains cast to point of commence
ment: containing 4S0 acres, more or less.
Mated Feh. 15. 1911.
Pub March 4.
mu Land District   District oICi
Take r.otici- that 1. Cbariai M. Knuusv of
1 r.f.c- Kupvri, li. C, occupation farmer, inlend
to apply for Mra purchaaa the following
ducnbsd bum
t at a post planted alwut (S) thrw
muth a      2 !U aaai of thi forks vt
��� ri.rT and Mai m*r, thence south >u chains.
thrhc* wwt   SO chain*, thencv north so chains,
Koom    House   thence vast mj chain*.
DiudAprilM. Ull.    CHARLES M. RKOU8E
I'ub. Ma> IS. Francis 8. Frestun, Agvnt
SlneatLud Di.iriet    liinrici ..M'awlar
Tan.'       . -   ���*���   1. >a*ati  llall.-n of Buertft.
BUV5   elf pant   fight rotttn   B.   C.   .. --u|*-un   carj>i-n-.��.   intenil   lu   ap|al>
m       . lor twrrr.iM. n to purchM. the (olIuKinK iliacnlied 1
Bung.. .r.d..
I ..r.twi alaout   .1   miloa <
' -.-.. (a.rka a.f tho .Vhlt* 1
0 ., .-.J Flat n..rv t-.-i.c.  -.. ehalm eaatbttlieaeaM
.���use   un   etiair., rtat.  tinn-  ru cl.aua.  north. th.nw Ml
bath, ai' rr.ciifiT. ��
19 7 n n     'room ^��u*e *n *ec*
%p L I U U Modern  cunven-
(joAAA   I     17 room Hou*<-in?ec-
^JUUU Modern conven-
1'atr.i .\tr��l 1?. I
Fub. Ma. I
>\\ \\  HALLBN
Francis S. i'n**ton, Amnj
>k��*r.a I-sr.i Dutrict    District of Caviar
Takr notice t'.at l. J.il.n L. Mitchell of I'rince
iiupert It Ca, uccj;��ation bookki��epvr. intvnd to
��ppl> for permisaion to purcha-v tl.t followmc
���:��*CfiU-d lands:
Commencinf at a po*t plantvl about t&j five,
rt.iles south and   1   une mile ant ut the forks of'no***-* lf0 chains   thenre east   40 chains, ther.ce
���  Whiti ar.<i Flat n..r��. tnence nonn Ml chains   nwtb bO chains to post of commencement. c��n
Ska na Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coast Kang   5
Take  notice  that  Uenjamin   Kueasl   Kice of
i r.'.re Kupert, B. C, occupation waiter, intendi
to apply for parmission to purchaae the toUewbq
e* cr;:-v* lands:
Commanctnf at a post plantsd 65 chains south
from tha south east corne of Lot 3060, thvnev 70
chaina west, thence 65 chaina north, thencv 70
chains east, thvnce 65 chains south to point fal
commencement; containing 4 55 acres, mure or
1ms Poat marked It K. H , S. E. Cor.
Dated Feb. 13, 1911.
l��ub  March 4. BENJAMIN Rt'SSKL RICK
Skeena Land District-District of Coait
Take notice that 1, Leslie f    Walter, of Vancou*
ver, H.C. occupation prospector, intvnds to apply fnr permission lu purchase thv followingde��>
,-nbed lands:
OoUBMMlnS at a post planted and mnrked L.
K. W.'s S.E. corner and immediately ndjoinintr
putt markwl W.A.'s N.W. eorner; thenc Mftfa i *
��� hains. thvnce wvst H* chains, thence south i-t
chains, thence east Ni chau.s. to jtoint of oom-
mencement. containing BO arres. mora Of less.
Dated 1st Feb., 1911 Charles H. Allen. A��r*nt
Fub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Uml District���DUtrict of CoBst
Take notice that Mra.  I .  C.  Futnam  of St
Faul,    Minnesota,   occupation   married   aonan
intends to apply for permisaion to purchase the
following deacribed landa:
Commencing at I post planted at thvSouth��ivt
eorner of Lot No. 1733 marked Mm, L. C. Putnam's
northeast corner, thence west 40 chains, thenre
Buyi two jtory Houae, 7
-. in trction om-.
i th will rent a .V).foot
SMOnd Avenuv.
-. ��� T.c.- nut *o eh.in,.
- > chain,.
1'atr.i April lh, If 11.
I ub. May l.t.
thrncr  wuth  30 ehaina.
JnllN I.. U1TCBBU.
Krancta S. |-fr,ti-n, Agent
.--keen. Land Dlatriel    Dlatriel ��� I Caaaiar
Ta��. nolle, that   William   I ratatt  I wnrron
-I l-rii.ct�� Rupert. B, t .. imi|.iiun carpenter.
[BMada tu apply lur \. rniu#i- n tu |iurchwt> the
-1 -ieacritK-d landa:
'        ��� ���������   ���  I .-   at   a   |K��t   plantnl   ml.,  at   thr**
mile, natt ������! ii.i  I While j.l Flat
I      th.    W, ar, Offering   235. mZZ Cu. ���;:, ��& X\e% *^! S
Store on Sec-  ****���    jjraUAM PBtDEMCK CAMBRON
I'ki.l Apr.) I., lull.
I'uh. Ma> 11. Francia S. I'mton, A|.nl
tatning :120 acrea mnre or le
Datnl March 20 1911.      MKS.  I.
I'ub. April lb. Ueo. It.
Tuina-n Asco
; Ararat, 25x47.
tinnn   l:"-v* "ne  Storehome on
PIUUU   Tf.inl Avenue.
eor   I'.r  month   renU  Store and
W*m*m  Uviog Room on Pulton Bt
��� r Root In tbt Banking Diatrict
Skeena Land Diatrict���Dlalrict ol roam '..< ���
Take notice that -imorte Levtclt of I'rinc.' Kil^rt
II. C. oceupation clerk, int-nda tu api'i> '"r
permiaaion to purchaae the lollowing tii^-nhcl
Cemmencin,  at  a poat   planted   on  ll
I jiIk'N- Lake aliout 60 chain' north ������ i ��� '-        ll
ul  Mid   lake  lLakelae   River,   thence '.'O  etajM
north,  thf-nce about  >..i chaini.  ra<t   to  i I
Lake, thvne. m.andwinB aaid lak. -'.' ra     I *****
*rly dtrartion to point ol comni.nc.m.-a'
taming HO acra., mor. or laaa.    Poat matk.1 0. L.
S. W. Connr.
Dalai F.h. II, 1911. GEORGE LKVK h
Pub. Mareh t.
Skn-na Land Di.irict    District ul Ca��lar
T.ke nutice th.l  I, Allred  Kyle ol I'nnce Ru-
l-ert.   II    l   .   uccupallun   rlpcirtclan,   inlund   lo
appl.   t..r  prrmlaakin  lo  purehaae Ihe  hallooing I .
I ummrncing al a popt plantrd about   :li three   "";;���
itt, al tta l,,rk. ul the tthilr and  Flat       ' ""^Ti'TX *���**** l'l*"'"* **,._.,
tcv*   hm/m r    tv-frt-tet,       "���"���""���*   �� ��t��toa atMk, tkaae. Fl**��_   eiirmrul Luimh.. R.ngeM oaat Di.tr,...
ASK UNCLE JERRY      *""��� ,h*,"w ����� 'h*"" ***** ****** *���> mm**
Skcn. IJind Dlalrict-Diatrict ol t i-Mt Itan.   '
T.ke nntlre lhat Mary lleatiu. llililir
tlcturi., H. I'., occupation houaakatpet
, to apply fur |H>rmlaaiun to purehaae IM '
daMrifaad landa:
Hi.;.- lnt it, a-.cticiii 1.
ti-rma  for  l.iilanrt.
Dat.-I  \|til \r.
I'ul.   Mai   I.I.
FraneU .^. I'naton. Agent
Election of Office Bearers Tuesday Night
Brpfld  ^a^e at '^e Qua^y ^ahw
5 Centa a Loaf	
Bring the onl�� baktr In Princ, Rupart Importing
H-.ur iiir-vct from ti���. funoua Ogillva'i Mill,,
quality pt bread antl w��iKt,t __,__ \���, r���]M ���.������
ami  not..   u���.   prife   -Twenty   for  One   Dollar
Call our Wagon or 'Pfione 65 or 294 green
Trimmed    the   Wanderers
Bowling Match
Office bearer, were elected Tuesday night by the Soda of England
Society <>f Prince Rupert (S.O.E,
in M.S. Lodge Prince Kupert No. :ilSj
at a meeting of the lf*lKe held in
the Carpenters'  Hall.    The foi-
That (.. T. P. bowling aggrega- lowing were the officers appointed,
don can't be beaten.   Lasl night President,   B.   A.   Woods;    I'.im
they put it all over the quartette President, W. T. Barnes;   Vice-
from the Wanderers'Club in Mor- President; A. E. Clark; Chaplain,
Buys lot in aection 6.
it> a n.u*. for caah.
Huya two  lots  in  aectinn .'..
Kaay termK.
Huvk lot in sertion 6.    Priee
|10n,   'i.KHl term, nn bat.
Huy* lul in section fl.     PriCt
Price 1880,
Sk.��na Und Dl.trl. t- Dlalrict uf Can
Takr n..|ii-.. that  I. William Andrra.m. ..f V.n-
���' IV"-   I"' u|.ali.,n  .-Irrk. Intrnda t.i apply
���a a..i.,ii to pareaaat Um r>ali<iwinvdiaM-rib-
ml lanal.
'     nrm.at  a P<��t plantnl an<l marknl W.
\   ���    iti.fa.i eoemr.aad al-.ut 1 mile fr.��n Alea-
anal...    Hi. han    nurth.-tn l>,und.iy lm��. thenrr
-, ihenc* eaal 10 chain,   thencc   ..
Iuna-, thenrr ��c��t Oi rhaina. tu puint nf | c immencvmunt rnnt.lnlni 1120 acn. mure nr
.���.immenrcim-nl. cunialnlnirMu arrea m..rr..r loaa.    Daied April 17. lull
pat..| l-t I el, mil Charlea II. Stark. Airent
I'uli. reh. 2a.
Ml ehaina .uuth thrnee Itl cbalna aaat, t
ch.ina north, thence 40 chair.a vast 10 |
ru.nn.rnci-mi-nl, cunt.lnln. .'I'.'o .en-- naa��� ���
MARY  IIKATON till.DFIt-l.' I w
Datnl April 17, lltll.
I'uli. May 6.
skerna Uml Diatrict    DUtrict ul CoaK ���
Take noticv thai Aleiander Mcliiii��l
couxer,   II    t'.,   uccup.tlun   re.1   retail1
intend* lo appb fnr prrmtaaloti tu pufcl
lullumlna dnu-riU'd landa:
Commencing at a poat planteil 40 chali
Irom the auutharrt comer nl Iaii '.*'���''-.
chalna aouth,  thrnee 40 ehaina wept, thi
ehaina mirth, thenee 40 chaina ea.t   In I"'''
.-���keena Und ll.lrirt    Di.irict nl Quern Chariott.
T.ke notic th.t Fr.nk Uilck of Wood.toek.
tint, oecup.lion hookkwper, Intend, tn apply
lir laermiaaion to purchue the following dearrilieal
Cummenein, .1 a traat planted about aeven
mile. ��e��t and two mllea aui.ih ol Ihe mi ml of
Stanley Creek where ll emptlea Into Naden
llarlmr, t.raham laland, Ihenee no chalna anuth
Read The Daily News
risons'   Alleys.    The  Wanderert
led in the first Kame liy 17 pins, but
in tin- second round the G. T. P,
led by 101 pins.
The scores were:
G.T. P.���
I Beak.., "
A.  Kllis;   .Secretary,  F.  V.
irk; Treasurer, A. W. Silver-
sides; First Committee Man, S.
Kuik;   Second Committee Man,
E. Unwin; Inner Guard, A. W.
The society now iitimbcrs o%-er
twenty members, and is in a
thriving condition, New members
areal all dmoswelcomod, Englishmen, and ihe descendants of Englishmen are eligible for membership, also Welshmen.  The sodet)
is social,  and  fr.tiernal antl aims
it iiuititiK Englishman for nnitu.ii
THERE Is an Inertaring dtmsnd for
*    tlwellinK  bottStl   ami   apartment-.
Anyone having hotifea ami  apartmentt>
for rent to he vacant at any time in the   HT""' a.*,? Jh?'n" "*���'������"���������� "'> ehalni north
,      ,     . ' thenee m chalna w��t to |adnt nl commencement
r.l-ar future allOtllll list them  With U�� at    ""* enntaninit r.(0 acrea more nr lew.
once aa we have many tleman.la by mail   i^tSSt ^ ,!"' NuTi^mr1;"^
from partiea whotleaire to secure quarters by the time they arrive here skeen. Und Dia'iict-Diatrict ol Coast
Take notiee thai   lml  W.  Uohler ol  Imi,,,,,,
I AM ilailv naknil mv ftnlnlnn ������ i��� .,. ""I*****, occupation laimer, Intenda to apply f���r
I-.*, ttailj BSKItl m> Opinion IS tO the permiaaion lo purch.-* the lullnwin( nW'til,, I
permanent values of real   estate   in   ���*___
,,.:_ d ..     . e -        .       ' ommendnn .1  . poat pl.ntnl at  the nnrth-
1 rince Kupert for investment.     To all  eaat onmer of    a. UtUocfr pre-emptinn thenre
M,.l, snqnlrlei I honestly state that any SUa?affile2W����J?�� 9
I'rince   Kupert   properties,    at   liresent   eommeneement mntalnln. 30 arn>- mnr,. a.r |r.
valuations,   are  a  gootl    investment,   i'uh April 33 '
but 1 a<lvi.��e my clients who  are  tleair-
ous of takinir advantage of "snaps" to
invest only where offerings are mnile nt
much below present market limitations.
UfE nre tilile to pick up forotirclienta
"     who have renily cash   for  investments good properiie, al from 20 to .III   CL, MaTrT/l"T^"'
per cent, below thc market by   careful   Puh' Aw" 22'
watching  of  fluctuations  anil chances
by our staff.    If you have cash for  in-
: vestment ami are looking for real bar-
J gains eall in ami talk   il   over      I   can
I show you how to make (rail k pr���,���.
rrnl llaniplnn, Afent
I'ub. May 6
Skeena Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Cnaat I
T.ke notice lhat 1, Uuchlan Jnhn Mil
| Victoria.   11.   C.   occupatiun   teacher.   "'���'
apply  fnr  permiaaion  to  purchaae lhe fOaWiai
.1-*rrila<-a| landai
Commencini at a poat planted 65 cl.oli' "
from the aoutneaat corner ol lxit 1060, llll
chaina  aouth,  thenc. 40  chalna  weat, ll.i***   *'
ehaina north, thence 40 chalna eaat  to point  ���
eummrncemenl. contalnina 160 acree mort ol'I**:
Datnl April 17. 1911.
I'uh. May 6.
Skeena Land Dlatrlft-DMrlrt of CoMj '
Take notiee that Uttle McTnlah nl Vii .
II.   C.   occupation   main..I   woman.   Inu-i
arialv   fnr  permiaaion  to purchsae the lolle.me
deacrihnl landa: ,
Cnmmencln, at  a poat  planteil at lhe nt'
M corner 100 chalna eaat and 30 chai.
Irom the northeaat rorner ol Ixit  IttS, H
Survey, Coait Dlalrict,Rente 5,thrnci. -'
aoulh, thence 80 chalna eaat, thence Ml ra��
nnrth, thence 40 chalna weat, thenn  ehan"
<outh. tlience 40 chaina weat to poat ol commencement, cmuainln, 400 acrea more or lw. , . .
Haled Mav 3. IB1I. I.OTTIK  Mcl >( !
I'uh. May 6. Kml W. It.lal"   ' '
Skeena Land Dlalrict -Dlalrict of Coa-t I! ���'
Take notiee that Grace MeTa lah. ot VlMt
II.  C .
Skeena Und Diatriet  -Di.trict  of COM   H.hae -,    .
Take notice that I. Lionel Klmt.lev ,,f {������,���..  ' �� ' ������ occupation married woman, inlenila  ������
���     ..rrupation   mlnrr.  inlrnal   tttaDDb    '"r P****** ** I'urchM. the Mlowln, dearMN'i
Commencina al a pt��l plantnl at U�� "jj*jj"
crner  loo chalna eaal and 20 chalna nnrth "'
llaenonhraat corner nl Ut 1116, llariey I
I na��t   Diatrict,  Karaite 6, thenee 40 ch.it- '
thenee SO chalna nnrlh, thence  10 chn'i.a ��' '���
thenee **u chalna aouth to poal ol commrncin""'
coniaininit aso acrea more or leaa. ,.isll
Dalnl May 3, I'll 1. tlltACK  Mfl .\v ,s"
Puh. May 6. Fred W. Uohler, Aif"1
������-���      ���������      -      a      ���:..,........       MII,I.T.      . ...4> ���.,      ,0     B.���J..
tor permiaaion lo purchaae Ihe followlnit 4am3
n, al . poat n|
rf IM 992, Ita
Commmrln, at a pnal plantnl near lhe anulh
weat rorner of IM 992, ltati(e 5, Co,,, |li.|rir,
thence we.1 40 chains, Ihenee anntl, mi rhaina
llaenre eaal   IO rhaina, thenoe  r.nrtl,  HO chain
Skeena Und Dlalrict -District of t)������n Chariott.
Take   nolice   that   Hubert   t)    C,e.   of   1*]___
lliipert. II  c . nrcupallon afi-nl. intenda
Skeena Land Diatrict    Dlatriel nl ( oa��t
Take notice that William McTaviah of >��""'.
pallon physician, intenda W �� ;  >.
Jeremiah   H.  Kugleri|
��� an.,.,   liraham   laland.  thenn- ea.l   in ,1,,,.
therv north   10 cha'na, thenre .eat   |0 r[JJJ|;;-
thenr. muth 40 chalna lo i��,i���, ,,f commennull.1,".'
���nd com.lnint 160 arrn. more ,��� ^"""""eement
iBSSfP^ Wmmml&aa
Coaal   lll.trlrt,   li:,!.,-,. B,  ...
thenre 60 chalna  north.  Ihence  60 chalna
thence 60 chalna aoulh to poat nl mm*********
cnntalnlna '160 arrea mnre nr leas. ., ,r,VK||
Dated May 3, lull.     WILLIAM A. M^^^i
I'uh. May 0
jrVetl W. UoIiITj *��"" THE DAILY NEW;s
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agent* for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
i* -
\ \
\ l
\ i
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
\ \
\ I
4.wm-w-_-m..-..-m.wmm aa^.^.^.~aa~+ ~~~~~~. .^.^ ^.^.+
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of I'rince Kupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Lowest Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
Sketna Uwl Dtatrict���DUtrirt of COM Run 5
Take initio- Uml Henry Macartney ol I'rince
Kupert. B. Cm oceuptUon minrr, inti'mln to npply
[or pcrnbilon tn purchase ilu- followinK dwcrilied
Commebdng at a punt planted on the Houth
�� ;,��� ot Kxcfaunulki Ki\t-r. about 2 1-2 miles from
Itj n'Mluifiv vttb tlie Skeena Kiver and about
1 .' mUff W*l 'feni Kxchunioika rapids, tbence 80
cmii.s MTili, thrnee 10 chainn eaat. thence SO
c a/* nuth. theDM 10 chuina went to point o
commencement, containinK 1120 acres more or
lc-*. pari mirked "II.M. B.W, cor."
[feted \JJ. mil. HKNKY MACARTNEY
Fub. April 89.
I Und Pirtrict���Pbtrlrt of Coast
Taka  DOtiCl  that   I.   William   Melville  Corley
Dl  'I.-nn,i.'.   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
I- r permtaton to purchase the followinK
. Itndi:
Conumodn at a poal nlanted at the northwest
Mm   i f Lol Ml A  Ka .ik  5, Coaat Diatrict, thence
list I   i������ ill t, thenca north 40 chains, tbence west
10 chainn  to   HeH'!i   Cute   slouch,   thence   along
1 <:.}  tu polnl of commencement, con-
\\ ��� |60 scras mure or \tm*
Dttl ! April ti, 1911.
1'ui. April W.
Store Uad DUtrict -Dintrict oi Coaat Rasga r>
Taki- notice that  I, Charted  A.   Vhubhan  of
Princ* Rupert, H. C. uccupation merchant, intend
ippfy (ur permisaian to purchase the followinK
1     '    ndn|  at    ,   |... i   planted on  the aouth
tm** of KxrfumiMks Kiver and about  four milee
Rtienca with the Skeena Rlvar, thence
i i t, linnet BO chains north, thence 80
-. thonea an chains south to point of
��� nt, containing ��40 acrea mon* or leaa.
I'ul'. April i'.-.
I District    District of Coast   lUnge ^
��� *���"- Wtlcc th.t  1,  Frank  Hicks of  Port  Es-
KUpatton   imtrchaiit.   uit.-n.i   to   apply
���   to purchase the folltmimr describe>l
CoAmendni  ut   a  post  planted  on  the aouth
���M ol ii..   Kvihumsiks Kivor and about  four
IU conlluenee with the Skivna Kiver,
chalu wivt, thence ao ebaina north,
chalna east,  thencv south   80  ehaina
tt point "f cimimencrnent, containinK 040 acre*
; "��� > ; '.*
',''/���;' -1. 1911. FRANK  HICKS
"ub. April 29,
kMt Und District -District of Coast IUnKe 6
lake nutice lhat Mary Maragret Cillla of Viewy, If. ( ., occupation hou��ki��per intenda to
nil*'i ''/^"'"'""Won to purchase tho followinK
���Mribod lands:
Umm.-ticu.t: at a post planted at the north eait
fwwrol u,t to��7, thvnev 20 chains west, thonce
gjnuu soutli, thvnce 20 chaina weot to T. L
��� -'������ mm alNiut hu chains north to  Lakelet
Mock   Charlotte   Made   Good,
Makes Good
Mock charlotte is a dainty
dessert) arid one very appetizing
for an invalid. To a pint of
boiling water add sufficient corn-
Btarch in make only fairly thick.
Flavor with Bugar, salt and vanilla
to taste. Beal the whites of three
eggs very Mill. Into the beaten
whites pour the cornstarch and
beat with a spoon (;.s une dues
boiled icing) Until '-early cold.
Place in a dish, and serve with a
sauce made as follows: Into one
cup of milk add die bo ,ten yolks
of the three eggs, llavorii t; with
vanilla and BUgcr to taste. Place
in a double boiler and cook,
stirring constantly. Do not allow-
to boil. Tht? result is a smooth,
yellow sauce, which may lit? poured
over the white pudding.
Pretty Plan with White Lingerie
Dame Fashion turns n> into slaves;
She makes us fetch .nitl carry,
And now she's doing all she can
To make us spinsters marry,
The bachelor girl is made to sett
She cannot live alone,
For fashion has arranged things so
lt simply can't be done.
E'en though one wants him not,
one must
A husband havi;, alack!
For all the stylish blouses now
Are buttoned up the back.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays,   8.00 a 111.
Mondays and Fridays at 8 a.m.
! I
By the victory in the final of the
English Football cup Bradford
City has the honor of being the
firsl holders of the Association
cup    the third of the series.
OFFICE    :     :
Fm- nil kinds of help, rooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or me-
l-llllllil-S,    L-llll   ll|l
Phone No. 178
or call ni tin-
Grand Hotel Free  Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks a waiters
Francisco Cordon Brown, one
of the best known fooiball players
i \i-i developed on the Yale team,
died ol diabetes at Glenhead the
other day. I le was a nephow of J,
Pterpor.1 Morgan.
Under   Twice   the   Traffic
Other Streets
,',!���""'"'", n";"",ll'fln�� "H rlnrnpitnui la I "M
Lest Any Mistake Exist About
the Situation Regarding This
Plankway, Gen. Supt. Mehan
Explains the Position of the
G. T. P.
Users of Centre street (and who
does not use Centre street iu this
city) will readily appreciate the
fact that fully a hundred per cent
more traffic passes up and down I
this much travelled plankway, than
passes along any other street in
town. Considering this Centre
street is really in pretly fair shape,
but in case the public may be under
any misapprehension regarding the
relations of the Grand Trunk
company with the city council over
this particular street, Gen. Supt.
Mehan just mentions in passing,
that his interview with Aldermen
Kerr and Morrissey on the .subject
was a very amicable one. An impression may exist, however, that
thc'G. T. P. are no longer supplying
lumber for the repair of Centre
street.   This is not so.    The city
s all  along been at   liberty  to
A new idea in embroidery is
to decorate while lingerie frocks
with colored oval disks. One very
effective dress illustrating this was
of whiit dimity, while du- disks
were of pale pink linen, and in
three sizes. They wore applied
to the hem of the skirt to form a
deep border in (line rows, the
largest tlisks being at the but loin.
The small, st si/e only was used
on the edge of the sleeves and to
form a motif on the blouse-front.
These tlisks may be easily cut
from a cardboard pattern.   Thoy
Tasty Dish for Breakfast Table
For those who like kidney, rolls
made of kidney meat are very
tasty. Mix one-half cup stale
bread crumbs, one-haif small onion,
finely chopped, ami one-half tablespoon finely-chopped parsley. Season with salt und pepper and
moisten with beaten egg. Spread
mixture on thin slices of bacon
and fasten around pieces of lamb's
kidney, using skewers. Bake in a
hot oven for twenty minutes.
���i. Prince Albert sails for Port Simpson, Naas Itiver l'oints, Masset,
Natlen Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and fori
Refuse Kay, Skidegate, Queen
Charlotle City, Lockeport, l'a-
roii, Jedway,  Ikeda Huy,  Rose
Harbor  and   return   via   Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syitem
Connecting with trains from the Paeitie
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Phila-1 ,
delphia.    Information  ard tickets  ob- W^K"' question  is the only
tainable from the ollice hereunder men-   that stands in the way.
tioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
li.uln promoters declare they
have made considerable headway
toward securing the signatures of
Packey McFarland and Matt Wells
to articles calling for a fight in
June. Wells is the champion
British lightweight.   It is said the See Us for Prices,
ling ___________________
Building   Material,    Cement,    Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick.
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
Phone No. 116
Canadian Pacific Railway
After leading by six runs at the
[ opening of the ninth Detroit lost
, the firsl game of the series with
the Boston Red Sox because Boston got to W'illet for seven runs
and seven hits in the ninth after
Detroit had tied die score in their
half of tin- ninth. Boston batted
in two runs in the first half of the
tenth while Detroit could nol gel
a man to first in the extra inning.
Phone No. 200 P. o. Box 580
w. j. McCutcheon
Who Should and Who Should
Not Wear Them
Bonnets are worn a great deal
at die present lime and prominent
milliners say that they will be in
fashion throughout the summer
ami probably in the fall. The type
of bonnet one BOC8 most often on
Winnipi-ir  JUn.im St. Paul..   J90.IIO
Turiitito DM.50 ChioaKO Uri.rill
Muntrol 1U6.00 New York..  . .1M.6H
Fur full infnrmutiun cull un or write
J. G. McNab
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave. Phone 116
Manager Jack Tight has shifted
his  batting front shoving ("ruik-
shank   to   the   top  and  dropping
General Agenl   ('oacsh   into   fifth   place.      ("ruik-
  shank delivered the hits all right,
j so he will be kept there for awhile.
*mmmmmmmmmmmt   This quiet   young  man   seems   in
be quite a ball player no matter
where he is placed.
X  Carrta complete Hook of Drtw,   BpmUI  +
4-      attention i>aiil t�� Milns im-si-rii.tions.      J
X Theatre Block phomi ko. -.*> Second Ave. +
G. T. P. Transfer Agenta
Orders promptly filled.   Prices reu��onable.
OFFICE- H. U. Rochester. Centre Sl.     Phone ��(.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
James Jarvis, the national amateur champion lightweight boxer,
has been suspended for six months j
by  the registration committee of | Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
the  Amateur  Athletic   I'nion   for
lirh   tliri-Ction  taa   Ukelse   Inka.    llaralCC I Hi I II.
-        -.1 lut,,. i i���t ,,t c?,n,m..nccm.���r I <'lk1, ****  th<; lumber needed from
"twimiiH I'lii scrm, mure ur less L.I      r*   t*   *a i       .  11 r*
i��."ii"T,: u' a "��� K��%m�� Itl,c ('- T- I ��� >'iiri,s al Hi,>'s Covt>-
IN*.Mirth4.' J"' (Of late the broad planks have been
MAHY MAKCAKET OII.U8     \ ,,,���,  ���,,    ,,���,   lW() ()f  ,,,,. |lum,wi.r
'"X, gss?j>anih^i:;,,iH;s make ,lu-��"����bwadth M
'������" occupation butcher. Intends to apply ' ,1... uiiurli. I.rotfl one
 '��� '" purchaw the lulluwing descrilied   "''   *'"������"   ,,nM" '""-
Im st s n,.i _*.___,   u. . Gen.   Supt.    Mehan   wishes
s   punt   plsnted   aliout   seven
1 wrtrW 'tTTKW>��'��"' ,hl' ���,rrival ,,f *,r- Chamber-
:.:;- 'SfrJSr $ SS_ _*_�� Wn before  arranging for tl.e re-
'"��� ����t, Ihenn. HU chsins north,
��� ������ i-.iaii tu iKiinl ul ciimmenei.inent
a' ' .'��� tu-ri-ii iiiiar.. urli-w.
17. mn     oboroi nuauxion
Nun.s 1 i.iia.r.. aient
iberlain   wished   to   defer   the   re
planking of Centre  street because
lis previous visit, Mr. Cham-
We huve just received a
large t.lii|uiK'nt
2nd and McBride
Telephone No 187
Over 10(1 different kinds
retiring from the final round of the
Metropolitan boxing ch . lonship
recently after a disagreem nt.
arc then basted in position, machine-stitched twice close to the
edge to prevent fraying, the material beneath cut away and the
machine-stitching then covered by
two rows of fancy chain stitch. On
the gown described, one row of
the chain stitch was in pink, tint
other in black.
Live  Baby  Figures  in  College
Clan Now
| l��luinli Uml Diatriet���llislrict ol building of llll
P|-i I. J. 0  McNab ol Prince Itu- I if   the Stalioll
.1   (racial sm.nt, inteml io apply	
"'I't"-p'-ct lur cnsl snd pelrc.leum bill fhugs   huve   been    seltletl   tin
'I. .'.  'IWIIanl la.n,la.. n
sir rt until the sitiM
intl other G. T. I*.
. I .IiwiImhI Unali:
' ��7:J>��Tpisnied .1 tho��,. h-eut |This may alter the position of thc
IM ';"' ���'.''''uwiiih pA  Orsham lsiand.
1   ';,  McN., S   E. Curner, tha.nc.
si,,,        V    "* n"rlh m c,,���ln������  thence
-*���*��,,.���'.,';,    *"'* *""*' m ch,ln" to point ol
;''-'". J. a. McNAB
rc" - ' WUson (lowing, Auent
.."        ;V1rT1,1"-lrlctolCo��IUnp,V
"���**   Jack   llclfonl   ���|   Kel,nley,
<*''l�� ii, .,   "    "'���  ""upsllon  ovor-looker,   In-
iThSSli     to purch""'th"
�� "t �� POM planled ul s point In the
'"���   "(.timber limit .IH;l2�� and In
.  (beuce
".   ""    .-sa  sfotessid
1 I .-reul In sn cterly d.-ctlun
'���' tgm In tho westerly  III, It ol
"��� 'mt*I In I southerly direction
-��-aa|,        ' ���     I'.'aaaaaa  ..   .  |���nni   in   1
"I I iml��.r limit ttmm snd
'"���ttlcl, a a..'"'     u'  'ut WD,  Itentce  6   Co;
'��� ""id limits interact,  Ihei
'" , limit ol lot  ;IH8U  slutes
"   .''",",",'."'l Hndl  11   cbains  more
''"'Hy limn ul timber limi
 - -��� ..������"-���' Umlt 116776,
"i> dlnftlon iil.ua,. ihe last men-
ImliaSc? ___** V> m* MM)
ill -IM21I, thence In a northerly
��M�� more ur Ion to the point ol
���'   I. Hsra Msv Mule ol PrTnc.
^cupatliin  .nfniter,  Intsnd   to
purchase the lollowini
-.1 .... s
llislrict ol Cnsst llanee 6
,-        * fi*   plsnled st the north
-     ''       i*   *ll __"' ,l"n���� ��- <;����"t lliitrlct
II ��K&   t'"nM norlh 25 IHH
��� ' ��� 10 tfflS ,ihw,w  B0'lh  20 chsins
' I  -rm-____*> thenc. .nuth 4f. chain, m
'���'Cu ��
..r |,
I An..
Aptll I
!        ii. m,
>,  cuntslnini   112   acres
9? Uml lu
I.. ,'.'," "'''rict
���"' thai El
ItMi PUrthni lhe Inllnwini,  ,T,
strict, and meanwhile the (i. T. P.
are supplying lumber to keep the
street in repair. The transfer
men had offered to haul the lumber
free for the repair of the street,
but they seem to have backed
down, and the city does this
Mehan remarked that considering
Our schools are turning out
thotUUlds Ol girls every year thai
are in no essential lilted for matrimony, livery woman should know
about the care "f babies, whether
their own or those of some one
In the English school they have
added to the curriculum a cl.iss
which may be called "mothering.
practical and theoretical." A real.
Mr | live baby has been engaged as the
"subject,"  while a  trained  nurse
the amount of traffic passing along J '��*�� ��� ** *��� hospitals explains
Centre street, its state of repair, to the pupils the best way o
Md   the   fact   thai   not  a   single b��the and clothe it and generally
serious accident has ever yet befallen a team upon it, is evidence
of the efficiency of the city employee  looking  after  the  planks,
and shows that he is supported as
regards lumber supply by the
G. T. P.
Yukon Now Open
Dawson, May  HI.���The Yukon
river is now open at Dawson.    It
is expected that all jams between
here and   Lake  Labarge will  be
gone  in   ten   days,   so   that   the
how to be a good mother.
(iirls must be seventeen or over
to enter this class. Each girl
takes her turn in looking after the
baby, a plump little girl a^cd
thirteen weeks, livery little duty
which  the careful mother has to
attend to in the home is taught
the girls by the trained nurse.
How to bathe the baby, how to
cut out and make clothes for it,
how to mix foods, scientific fettling
and hygiene.cooking for the home
and how to detect illness.    They
are taught to distinguish the "teeth
the street is built up ill rough
straw, has ji round crown quite
covering ihe head down to the
neck in the back and a slightly
projecting poke brim, and is trimmed with .i big bow set low in the
back, antl perhaps by some little
prim nosegay or single liowcr
posed near the edge of the brim
in front.    The brim may be lined
with contrasting color or with self
Hut. it iiiusi not be imagined
that all bonnotsara built upon the
simc simple and conservative lines.
Some ol them are extremely audacious ami m.iiin of them, tin-
fortunately, unspeakably vulgar
antl ugly, l-'.vi-n die conservative
ami really pretty models arc not
suitable for all women, They are
becoming and BVOt) attractive on
a young and slender girl, but look
perfectly hitlt I and absurd upon
short fai women who have passed
the period of Iheir youth.
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125       Naden Block       Second Ave
St'oontl avenue nml Third street
liver WVsteiiliaver Hros.' Ollice.
Hislrlot ol 00Mt U��mk.-6
w.jBtSufcSjl^lsteameri  can   start   for   Dawson
tanks   antl   Iditarod.     Eight  ing" cry from (he "stomach" cry
ml tons of freight and.several'lhc   "pin"   cry   from   just   plaii
The baby obligingly (Inn
I, ���*   """iwinK   iinsCTinw , i ���   ���   ,
hi si ��� rairl
���, '  ,," !''���� I>lant��l st tbo south-1,	
' '��� <l*���>'..���,,,,.,;    '"""i ������l 30 chsina   hunt
,        ""'la U> shalni mora or loss,   i
,;,   ���'';�����ratWOJ lo,., thonc. north, lllllli
Take the fast liglit-tlrnught steamer Inlander for Hnzelton,
H. B. Rochester
Stork I lu 11, linn, St'i'otnl Avenue.
I.aw-1'.utler Building       I'hone No. 280
Prinos Kupert P.O. Box 351
at Mr ii i.la l '..liiinl .ii. uf ll.C.. Ontario. Sas-
and Manilla,ki |lnrs. kntrhewsn   nnd   Al
berta Ilsrs.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Olfleo��� Exrhnnirr block, corner Thlnl avenue snil
Sixth street. I'rince Ruuert.
Prominent among the many claimants for the premier honors of
the division which Abe Audi has
dominated so long will be Pal
Moore. Digger Stanley, Billy Allen, the great Canadian boxer, and
Al. Delmont. Jem Driscoll may
also try to lay a claim to recognition, but it is now taken for
granted that the Englishman has
graduated into the lightweight
Class. A sliuly of the records
show that Billy Allen has as gootl
it claim as anyone to the title.
t, Rochester &
I���7   ^ Monroe
Joe Acton, tlie clever English
wrestler, who now makes his home
in Everett, must not be confused
with old Joe Acton, also an Englishman, who wiis once -,i champion,
but has now retired. The Everett
man is right in his prime, while
the veteran of the same name has
passed out.
^=E.   EBY   tl.   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Laml Kor Sale
WM. S. BALL, I.. D. S.. U. U.S.
Crown anil Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental liberations skilfully trentnl. tin. nnd
local nnnsthetlr. Administered for the pninlcM extraction of teeth. Consultation trpp. Offices:
llolirerpon lllis-k. I'rince Runert. 11-12
...ANII    t'ONTHAimiHH    lUPRJaW...
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
1\ O. ItOX 2.1
j POnt OF WM. I'llXIIN,  K��H.. A.It.A.M.,"MIN., F.NU.
Lumber   Combine   Afraid   We
are Getting too Much
Mills Catering to Retail Trade
to Stop on Saturdays Others
to Stop Work on Four Days
Each Month.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, May 17. -The lumber
manufacturers of Oregon and Wash
ington have entered into an agreement to curtail the ptilput of
lumber by 800,000,000 feel per
The plan involves the suspension
of those mills catering to the retail
trade every Saturday,   Those mill-.
which deal with the cargo shipping
trade will shut down for four days
each, every month.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in tlie Helgerson Hlock
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members  of   the   order in the city
are reipiestt-il to visit the lodge.
MORTON, Secretary.
stuck   i-oMl-l.KTi:
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: I'erinilicals :: Newspapers
*'''- Muti'i  i        ,""rt' ���
ub- April l.v'  '""1    KUilIN S. I1ETWILEK      , ,
Mil CampboU. Agent I(J'   eight SCOWS,
Iretl head of live stock will be
IfOUghl by the licet with the aid
the   "pin"
onstratos all varieties of yel
staled intervals.
Fruit   :   Produce   :
,H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Election of Officers
The following officers were elected yesterday by Prince Rupert
Typo. Union No. 413, for tin-
ensuing year: President, S. I).
Macdonald; Vice-President, Edgar Cho&tCj  Executive Committee,
F, Storck, 11. K. Potts, E. J.
Waterman; Secretary-Treasurer,
W. D. Black.
Lots 5 and 6, Itlnck 2k,
Section 1.
18000, 86 per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, it years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Read The Daily News
4 AUryn. 7 TftbU'n.     A  K'mhI MM*
clni\    AcW*ftn*tmrt,   LtdlMOVCfy
kftcrnooii,    Newman Blook( hi* '
tweon 8tn and vth st��. '
tid mohiuson.   Proprietor nn<i UAnim   E
(44444444444444444444444 THE    D AI L Y    N E W 9
Contract Calls for 23 Knots on
Their Trial
Grand   Trunk   May   Put   Line
Into Boston
One of thi- bast service! the
There buyer and seller, employer snd worker, landlord snd tenant, ""-.''.. m reduce its
mon ground.    To put tnii modern convenience in reach of everyoni '��� '   ��� ,   ?, 0f 95 cents.
rate to  a nominal price of a cent a word per insertion.    M         '"* "  "
Here  is  our  Classified  Advertising  Column   for  today.      "a.... �����      ���	
Advertisements Ouijpecials
Stikine Laml District -Dlitriot a,l a ,
Tuke notice thut Christian A. 'tvr-
the modern newspaper gives the public is in the
.... Rdvertleement columns.
'" of ..tilers meet on com -
Devotes  Much     .
To-Morrow at 8.15 P.M
It is stated that the two new
Empresses which the C, P. R, art
having built foi the Pacific trade
will be ol 16,000 tons, making them
the largest boats in'the tr.ui- Big Newspaper
P.f in. trade, The contract calls Space to Interview with-Pres
for a speed of 23 knots on their Hays and Vlce-Pres, Fitzhugh Chairn,;
run  at
This is
ki. ��� in hour faster than the record
made In   the  Empn ss ol Japan      Prii 11
elevei  yea      -     vhen she crossed  ton,   by
Lost and Found
Elegant rwms; r.a.a l| ��� in ****l.   Th*
Hulkley Block. Sth Ave., r....: F ill  '     1 v-lr.
trial.   Lin   they will  1
sea speed "!  Is ki
Great    Significance    to   Prince   \
LOST-A bunch of keys,     i ���       '
to News Office.
Mn;.. a."Man si HI    found - A C��r.��r>- Bird.   0.-.-..
UiSS E. A. FrOUd     b����PW��t��oJ.ll.X��ochl   lAvt
leans   j
Leaf  ���-
Opei   . i         Ei -.������������ Johnstone
Recital   n Shelling Beans
Rupert linked with Bn-  , Gla'iys ^'''t," \w, i
Recitation ..                 The Maple
continuous  line  ol Msble Viereck
in ten days, ten hours.   If the new railway, sometime in the very near Sol��  Sell ted..              Mrs
...          ���   .     .        ,       .                '              Recitation I Must .Not le
future,   i-  n    tin-  horoscope,  ac- Us Kelly
cording i   the information obtain- Co��?et,s Selected..    ..Mr. Miller
i.< ....'.' ���* l.'V!'   f
For Rent
were speeded  they coul
cross ii, i ight days,
.    ��� m hau��e. partly furalafced,
ase Mother   .\>w T-rajom houae on Ambra-.   =. , '     ,,       ,. ���    �����   ... ,,, <-.i.illin>.ss
m.h��i for rem. Ia**vi--.-i-   ��� '   Clesnliness is Next to boaiiness.
. l n
v^^iwss? ST
e"par��disi of America, at prices
within   your   reach.
New Spring Rhurbarb     Bkaene land di
The most healthful and appetising table    TltonoUoa,
dish Bt this tune ol tin year. ���   c    ^^j
presh Vegetables of all kinds and everything in Groceries at
Ideal Provision House
- ITVn (i| sail-;.,
H C, occupation customs officer, Intoi I i, , ',*
lor permiaaiun to purchase tho fullowiia.- *v___>'H
"il tlMcrifij
Commencing at n post planteal ���!���,���, .,
.garters o( a milo north oast from i,[.���������.. ,,
und on tho oast bunk ol Slikine River unal ������ ,i*
south side ol tho mouth o( u little crook tha
oast 40 choins, thenco norlh 40 chains' Ik, ���
west -10 choins, thonce south lu ohalni to ___���,
ol commoncement and containing li.u -__;,,_ ,.,_,!_
ur leas. 10���
Hated Fob. 10, 1911.     CHRISTIAN
i I'ub. April 7.
A l'l uvu
Thir.l Ave., near
Sixth St.   Phone 190
tith Ave. near Fulton.
. 14 jjirll anti boyi
ted    Mr. J.   Russell   Hou*** furni��h*d for hoottk* ; ' ���"
P��t month; b*ck of rink.    A;; I
...THE ...
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared lo answer il
The occasion may be what
it will; it is our duty to be
ready to lupply you, and we
can do it too.
With pleasure to you he-
cause of the else of display:
with protit to you because of
our ability to sell close.
When the gift question pre-
-��� nti II ell ��� ��� .- -i.'.w you
how easily we can match your
Heintzman Pianos
I      1   rEBHS
If      . would like a new hou*. el
H. P. McHae & Co.
nl by the Boston "American," a sash lir
powerful daily newspaper in  the y~,jl"   S'
,' .   '..       ,.     ,      ,     ,. Recitation    HerName  . Beatrice Killen
largest City tn ��ew England.    Kep-   Recitation    There Were Two Squirrels
resentatives   ol   the   "American*. Glenore Donaldson
,  ,,     . ,       ...     ,     ..    Solo   Selected Mr. Brown
interviewed President Charles M.  pi^ Drill 12 boys and rirls Nic furnlahed room te mi    '��
Hays ai .1 Vice-President McHuuh Recitation -When Hulda ExpectoTJer    Rooab*Hoea*,iBda��. ������, u I
Ethel Gray [Beau Ma> s-imo
i'* Cornet Solo Selected.. Miss Mabel Gray Two niceiv furnished room-
t   dun   the  v.,oal Solo-Selected Mr. Milliar    >��tta.  The Roland. Th,i  ......
, Recitation���Selected Miss Grant
Grand   Irunk  are seriously con- Dumb Bell Drill lu boys and girls + + Budeet of News from the Stew-
idering building a line into Boston j ReciUtion.... ^.^.The Widdy O'SBsne | j
Volir I lollies io me .      ��� ,
pioneer Laundr,. Ph.ne 118 Indian Band concert
recently and the information
tained is to tho off.
Help Wanted
Mrs. Hoy
impete With  the Other roads Solo���Selected Mr. J. Russell
entering there Recitation���Selected....Miss McMillan
... . Indian Club Drill lo girls and I ��� . -
So eager are the Bostonians to s���., (voc,i)-Selected...    Mr. Davey "JBTCaSAtt !���&
yet this project consummated that Dialogue The Tram to Mauro
',      , ,      ,  ,    ,- Three character!
they have formed a chili "I promi- Solo |VOcali���Selected ...Mr. Fletcher
nent  business  nun   to  use  their Recitation A Mortifying Mistake
, , Rose Davidson.
influence in the matter. Daet���1 Don't  Want to I lay in Your
a/in  r* .   ur.L   d-���  r;.;.* Ethel Grav and Assistant     [Yard
Will  Connect   With   Big  Cities  Recitatjon   _$_,____* Mrs. Smith
Duet���Selected .. Mavev and Fletcher
Recitation The"Collier's Child
Mary (Jray
Remarks from the Chairman
art Camp
i The most Interesting performance ever
helrj   in   British  Columbia.        lo
be held in the Empress Theatre
Empire Day, May 24
Don't n.is- this.        Contest at 2 p.m.
on view at .1. S. Gray & Son's  Jewelry
Store, Sixth .^t.   Phone No.  78 black.
TICKETS   -   50c AND 75c
inn sale at theatre and at Gray's store
Uirtricl-DUtrlct ol quwm Chulotu
hat J. II. Murpliy.nf Vancouver
Ion  commercial   tuvollor,  li tandi
to apply (nr nrmWoo to purohua tht lollowina
deMnbed lamln: ��
Comroenelag at a i��wi piunt,.,i iboui ...,,._,
miles wi.nl  anal  onu mile noiith  Iran
ol Stanly Tri-ok, Nailnn llarlinr, thence ',,,
chuinn.  thenco  want  It)  chainn,  thonoe .,
chainn, thencu ount 10 c    Ine.
I Hit.-.1 Maira-la  IV, I'll I. J.   ||.   Ml   upuy
Tub. April 22. Numa Demera, \.-,.,,\
Tht i irand Trunk already has
.i line running into Portland, Maine, ��� :��� d the Central Vermont
railroad, operated by the t',. T. K.
rui - irmn Montreal into New
London, Conn.    Portland is  11 -~1
For Rent
Partly furnished House on
lird Ave. 7 rooms with
bath.       Electric    lighted.
G. C. Emmerson
NAIlKN   Hl.iH K
FOR '11
Today's Weather Report
miles from Boston on the Atlantic Skidegate���Clear, southeast, ^e.i
seaboard and New London i.�� smooth, Lillooet at Skidegati
about 90 miles from the Huh Triangle Overcast, easl 11 miles
City. liar. '.".'.TO. ther. 40, heavy swell.
The significance of a direct line Spoke Princess Maj s p.m. Pine
into Ho��ton from here can e.;-ily Island northbound, St.tie of ('.iiin- imagined by anybody wiih ifornia 8.40 p.m. Milbank Sound,
even half the ordinary imagination, southbound, Northwestern 11 p.m.
So much importance does the off Triangle southbound.
"American"   place  on   the   pro- Estevan   i Ivercast, west, fresh,
posal that in their issue of April 23 B.tr. 20.20, ther. 17. - a moderate,
almost two whole pages are given Ikeda   Clear,  north.   H.ir.  .< 17
to it.   Copies of these pages are ther. ',_. smooth.   Whaler Greei
pasted up in Uncle Jerry's office southbound i'< a.m.
window. Tatoosh���Cloudy, southeast,  5
What Project Means miles,    Bar. 29.56,  ther.   IV    In
There   is   also   some   talk   ol Revenue Cutter 7.40 a.m.
extending the G. T. R. line into ,J"iMt Grey���Clear, calm.   II r.
Providence,   R.   I.     If   this   is -"���,"",,i- ther- 51-
brought about Prince Rupert will Cap    Lazo���Clear,   northwest,
  I,,   iii din-, t < ���niinniiiiiaiii.il wiih M'-   Bar. 29.48, thet. 55, smooth.
..11   the   chief   ports   .'.long   the Camost
~**M Atlanta coast and midwaj between
i  the Orient, thai great commercial
l  market   of   tomorrow,   and    the
i  greai   manufacturing   centres   of
J   Eastern   Canada   and   the   New' IM   pJVF   HAYS
Party of British Shareholders
Will Come in July
Boy to aaii.t in offi�� at i ��� New Water Power Plant at Red
Fir.t Ave.
A w-aaman to do houae work; a%   ���
work.   Ajiply Pioneer La-M-> :
An Experienced *ll.n..r.
Macs Realty ami Inmranc- C impany.    10S-1HS
A  Mother'l  Help.    One wh
Other   maid   kept       A:: ���    ttrt.   I'almer.
1th Ave. and Ha> > Cov, i
Waiter wanted at Central Hotel. :���������*!
Boy Wanted.   Apply at Optim'ft Office.
Wante<i���An   A-l   eolicitor fa^- ll.r  ��� .���.���-.. r t.i ml
Fra-.-mal Ordera In the �� tt.   \>"v**'   I"-"1
Overseas Club Concert
Cliff   is   Nearly  Completed     IA. M  tf*tt"~ fc,.e"
Stewart, May 17. -Engineer Co-
wit- i- making excellent progress
'���''���tf in  the installation of the water
unl li is received ihe
Empreif Hotel.   I. F. Kadletn.
Vant��I-50ii ��ood men to join th'
Call rom iv Emprer.  II ti
: Mil
Moving Pictures at 7.80 p.m.
Concert at S.OO p.m.  Sharp
FEATURE:   Tug of War
between   police,  Fire  Department antl
Earl Grey's Kitles.
Also Amateur Competition  for Children under ll years of in*-**
Silver Cup ami Prizes on view at J.  S.
Gray's Jewelry Store,   where  tickets
:   ...  .,,      ;,,.l,i,li,i,.    i   iifiivs   .leweny   More,   wnere   ucaeu
last Ol  the shloment>, i.ulil.lm.i; a  ,���������,,,. hmi for Concert at 5��c, 75c, $1.,
war.ted-sa.ioodmentojo-1 1'uttK- water wheel for Red Clifl also from members of Club.   Cray's
Board Wanted
^.���-��,a^...^fc..^ I.^a.,^,,^,,^ a.^afc..^a,^..-afc.aa^
W'ANTF.D-R.��m and l>aird  in private family.
X.M.. Otitlm.it Office. 11
: Fire  Insurance :
In July a large number ol
English shareholders of tlu Red
Clifl Mining Co. Ltd., headed by-
Mr. Chadwick, one ol the heaviest
shareholders, whose son i> on the
English Board of l��ir.-.tir^. will
arm .��� here to inspect the property.
B) that time a Bpur from the
Canadian North Eastern Railway
the Brittah Data ud Nttkaai pir* in.uran.-^ will have bcei laid to the property,
Compar.y ..f L/.ndon. Entfland.   with   capital
tin-  mine will   undotil.tcdlv
....       s.~ u% f... r,to..
Itealtv an<l Inaurance Comt'ar.v.
Situations Wanted
The Mi.
have joined the shipping rank.-.
a~.~f Portland  Wonder
There  is  a  rumor  K��ii t;   tht
rounds thai  strong interests are
-~ ��� ^ +
quietly picking up thc stock with
a view  to securing control.   The
A  clarified  advertiaement n * llreleii work-
hunter-and wldom fail*.
Man and wife wanu poaltlon In camp or h.atel.   property  Il.l-   I'.-eH   llllller  develop-
Strictly lint claaa cooka.     Apply Box T B . -,,,,- I
i��-i��i��      ment  pra.n.-.ilK   all  winter and
By exp.ri*nc~j man and wife a�� rook an.l helper   1 he IllilH'i> Slid tO llC lookillL bcttCT
In mininu camp or country ha-t^l    Aeph   II  I.
T..optimi.t ks-s;      i|,.ul ,l( any |���-iiiii| in ii> history.
- k In family or lioardlnit
I'.n       \ |, a.
WANT $100,000
Enelai d States.
Ice Cream  with
"I-   an,."
nil  the
I  C.   //.  ORME i
I hr Piontti DfUgglt.
C. P. R. Officials on a Tour of
Victoria, Ma\ 17. Messrs. II.
\V. Brodic, general passenger agent,
and F, VV, Clendcnning, general
:������ ight agent for the C. P. R., have
ju-i r. turned after .t i.nir of the
settlements and port- on the Islands route, Thc ( . P. R. is con
side-ring putting a boat on tli<-
Islands route.
Glacier Creek
The  Directors of  the  Glacier
t'*,"*,"*M**,"M,"��"*������*>���*������*����<����������� ir.-i-k   Mining   Co.,   Ltd.,   h.i\e
Boarders Wanted       '  secured the services of W.J. Elmen-
Iit-ii ���_. t-in-ii-uii-uin. ii-lii m u .-i in il  ''"r|- ^'- ''��� ��� ,l> Consulting engineer,
, ��� _     . . ,  .     , , and development  will  bc iiinlrr-
I ll'.me ca<akcd meal^ iM  nicely furtai.ha.l r'a..ni.
[;;r,thT,T"'n."'  *w,!J/',i i,ni'"- ���"'"���" laken in tin- roiitimi.ition of tin-
Bide, lw At*, baumti tta ��ad sth it*,  -vtf
Saskatoon    Raised    $53,000   in   W at. Hoard by th, ��~k ar month,   ii.ame  present tunnel, immediately.
���., _. -T-i   ���     ., ���"* a >pec.alty.   Mi.a B.  M.  lilwa.n.    rd li,lo.i,.llna.a.l
Three Hours I his Morning      ���   a.,.. i��-twe��n rth a,���i -thst... i,h..,.- it; ���������-,��� .national
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Saskatoon, May Ik. The local
Y. M. i . A. started a whirlwind
campaign to raise 8100,000 in
five daj - ior new buildings. Within thn. hours of the opening ol
ilu campaign ihi- morning iln-y
had   raised   153,233,    Thej   will
try   and   rai-e   the   whole   -um   ill
short order now.
Real Estate
An iiddiiionai contract for tun-
( Clothier, who h,i> during the past
Minimi winter driven  over 2(H) feet  on
The Insurance People
The Mack Really and Insurance Co.
l'l.."." IM Third Avenue an.l Pulton Sl
Twill Be a Dandy (Canadian Press Despatch)
The   Salvation   Army   officials     Los Angeles, May 18,   Aviator
Ba)   ilu-  concert   in   the  Citadel|Hartlc, an amateur, wm- instantly
falling    7."i    feel    thi-
.  ,    ,  , Mils property.
A ClAMMd MVtTUMUMUt   la a  real e*ute ��air*.
man.   lad   1���   i. .t  Cm, count  en..uKh     t.. _\\_r    Casino
"aunt     in the net re.ult **    '*"""***'
NlH t~-ny..un�� men ..anted to r��nt e.��. furni.h-        V* "f\    ha>    lieell    P-t'eived    from
H,n,i,....j,Me>K..,...j,hAve.,���.ri,1,,.,n  Vancouver thai William Irwin i>
want.-i i      mum   a.w talk fa.t -1..1. ,,  -m.-��fiillv  engaged   iii   a   rcor-
l.i.��,*.. t .:...,.-,   ..ii,,,,ij bfoeks In. ll,|| ,     , . ,
IT. I-��,,.| 1.. ..-,i������, ...rlnan)- an-tionlf pr,.-..   salll/atloll    III     ||||>   I'lillipailV    Willi
��r|l',^,    Oj �����������! |.ri.e. anil   l.rm.  in  lii.l ,        , '.      ,
'��������fr  rn it. i,r..ii..     a vi.-w to secure funher capital so
t'-ri*'!*-  i...f. i.i.-i. :ii. .rrii..n ... it.... ,��.h  th.it   the   property    mav   lie  de-
PW.MI ���la.antha.     Ia.I_' block II '       ' ' ���
������;'";" ������-'���m,  *****,-.*��� tut  II   veloped on .1 proper stale.
f.iaanti,-     j\|.|.|, ta, Owner, IM). IP..  .|a,
WV have a ,.,..| l������|,|inK |���t within a lilork ..f Mr.
II. r. M. Uae �� ('.,.
Brid��8tra*l forIM ana,.
S<aa,,���|  A\l'.
��i\'.-n  ihi-
ninht will be the besl
year.   Thc others were
killed   by
morning,   Hc had planned a tour
of Canada ^ivin^ exhibitions,
For Sale
a   ���'-��k.+
nl  Hnrdv
:l| Opens To-Night ��
Vnlv.'H fi Pipe
���    ���at
A Tiraat-rale |.raara,.��nia,n wlilrh will givo a t.tr*.\y
���    ina.iithly inci n,e.   ������. caah handlea It.    II  K
.Ma Una-4 Oa. Si ml Ave. I..I.If
| ll'aiiwhi.l.l Ooadt,   lloanm to Ik. let.     Apply Mm
Kvjiii. Tth Ave. anal Taylor .St. ni-ar Summit, tt,
*9*mm*mA **������-.���_..���..���__w*_.���__m..���_,_^.l^
J ORce Wanted (
tjXaa^.^.,XaaXaa^a^,l��,a^���%||K,^, A,
WnrilMl l��� Mr*, ��m���|| ,,,���rr |n ,lffll,���     Apply to
i    r.o. !i.n7r,7. n,|nj
Oxford Slav..
i H PALACE ICE CREAM PARLOR B [.. M��-"v'��^n    j
-���. ��� ��� *���*-* ss
Next door to the old Optimist Office on Second Avenue
Come an.l nro tlie largest Ice ('ream Parlor in the eity.
Former cafe l.as been transformed into a
lin.. Candy, Kruit ami Ice Cream I'arlor
Cream is Supplied by Stokes of Seattle
Lsrgeit ami i.ust manufactur
A .���lnia.llir.1 adverUMMIII will fln.l you thn mnn-
|     i'y with which to mil yuur titan Into elTeit.
S. O. E. B. S.
Wi- have leveral good buys In
���ecttons 6, ���'., 7 snd 8,
Private Boxes
Everything A-l
r nf the delicacy In Beattie
Music        New Fountain
Fruit wholesale and retail
Tin. I'rin.... ICail.
Knttlnnil, mnnta. Hi,,
i-ai-h ini.nth in the I
ss   Sam Gowen
For OukU Sale Lilt Your Properly  Wilh U��      ���j
Proprietor    s=
Open IvsnlngB KxihuiiK''
i i^-iue. No. :im. Roni of
rtl mid third   1'iier.ilayn in
rpentera Hall, at H p.m.
f. V. II.AHK. B�� -..
I'. I). Itox ��12. I'rince Kupert
Advertise in
I The Daily News
Bitter Creek
Manager George Brown who h.i-
l.t-t-n ill in California for some
weeks is reported to be on the road
in recovery, and l.y thc end of
ilu- month is expected here to
resume charge al the mine.
Iron Chief
Roy Clothii i has been instructed
to take charge >>f the development
of this property l.y those who
have the claims undet bond.
To Resume' Operations
Major R, G. Edward-Leckie is
expected in camp ut the end ��f
die ino:ith to resume development
on several properties in which litis interested, Thc partnership
heretofore cpdsdng between tin-
Major and II. B. Williams, mining
engineer, Ims been dissolved, Mr.
Willi.mis having accepted a year's
contract to no to Soudan. Major
Let-kir will lie accompanied liy
another engineer who will have
charge o( his local mining interests,
Thc old original Royal 15-cent
Lunch, whieh was formerly on
the Rupert Road has re-opened
in the Royal Hotel. Entrance
off 0th street. 111-113
I'antorium IMonwr CtMnSIB, 'Phono 4
phone 78 black.
What better way to close the day than
by going n. the Dance given hy J.  S.
ifrav at M.lntvrt-  Hall  afti-r Concert.
10.":t0 to 2 a.n..
Tickets, dents $1.00. I.nilies Free
Usnufacturing Watchmakers, Jewel
er��. Opticians ami Einvravers.
Dealers In Musical Instruments.
Soli agents for the Stanley Piano
and Players.
Sole agents  for  Hewitt's   Rubber
Agents for the Victor Gramophones
ami records, of which we carry a full
Headquarters for enamel souvenirs.
What yon don't see in our windows
please ask for.
We have been repeatedly asked for
Anti-Rheumatic tings,   we have now
a lat-L'i- stock on lianil, goltl tilled, $1.50
any size.
Warning:   To Preserve Your Eyesight
Don't Miss this Chance
Conaulting Eye Specialiat
of Vancouver, is now at our store. He
tits glasses for all complicated cases of
defective vision. This is his specialty;
dun t fail to see him while he is here.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Consultation
lf you want to save money huy  your
Furniture of
who is lolling out hll full stock regard*
less of COttt
SkwMiH Lund District-���Districl of ClttUi
Tftkt  notiw thut  I,   Mury  Carta u( StewtM
U. C*i occupution marrifd woman. Intsnd tq iphiv
for niTinission to purchusi- tho tollowlni described
t'oniinoncinn ut a post planted two 2 mila
south und iii) two miltat weirt of the forki of thu
While and Flat rivt-n*, thenw BO chains north
thenw 80 chains west, thencu ao chains ..uth'
thenw 81) chuins east.
Dated April 20, 1911, MARY CARIN
I'ub. May IU. Francis S. Pmton, A^-nt
Bkaana Land District ���District of CftttUr
Take   notiw   that   1,   John   Unwin   uf   PrtnM
Kupert B. C. occupation laborer, intend to apply
for |HTinisaion to purchasu thu followinn dooion
Commencin�� ut a post planted abuut [g] t*o
miles south of the forks of the Whiu- ami Flat
rivers, thenct* south 80 chuins, thenc- . .w SO
chuins, thenw north 80 chains, thence WMt M
Duted April 18, IUll. JOHN  I NWIN
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. PnttQOi Afant
Skeena Land District -District otCudar
Take notiw that 1, Alfred L'err.vman VVtUIanu
of  I'rinw Kupert,  IJ. C, occupatinn merchant
intend  tu apply  for permission to purehau tha
following described lands*
CommencinK at a post planted about 2) Uo
miles south of tho forks of the White and rial
rivers, thence 80 chains south, thence 80 chums
west, thence 8U chuins north, thence i>u chains
Duted April 18, 1911.       Francis S. Preston. Auent
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District���District of Cantar
Take notiw ihat 1,  Isuuc O'Brien Portal ol
Prinoa Kupert, B< C, occupation earpenter, intn I
to upply for permission to purchu.se the (uHiming
described lands:
CommencinK ut a post planted ubout liv mOfiH
south and one mile west of the forks of tleWhiie
aud Flat rivera, thence north hO ehait>. llienw
west SO chains, tlience south bO chuins. tl.ence
east  80 chains.
Datad April 18,1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agmt
Bkaana l-and District���District of Coust Rann J
Tuke not w lhat 1, John Ivan Peters of Prince
Kupert, M. C, occiput on clerk, intend to upj>l>
for permission to purchase the followinK doect|Hd
Commencinu at a post plunted ubout three un
one-halt miles tlistant n a south westerly d reel un
from a blind slough from Observatory inlet where
the same tourin ��� thc Indian RaterVS, thencv
wait SO chains, thenw north 80 ehalni, thence
east 80 chains, thenw south 80 chains to polnl u
commenwment', contuininK ti-10 acres more nr _m
Duie.l April 11, 1011. JOHN  IVAN  PETERS
Pub. May 13.
Skeenu Lund District District oi Coast Rangs J
Tuke not ce thut Murdock McKueof VancotlVSTi
H. C, occupation real estate broker, Intendi to
apply for permission l* purchase the follouini.
dsetnbed lands:
CommencinK al a onst planted on lhe Killth
bank of BxchumaOcs river about Ave milei frnm
i-t oonfluanca with tba skeena river, thanee to
chains west, thenw 20 chuins norlh, thenci 10
chuins west, thenw -10 chains north, thenes 10
chains east, thence 'JO chuins south, thenre -IU
chains east, thenc 40 chains south io polnl uf
commencement, containinR 880 l��SS mon M ls��
Dated April 21. 1911. MURDOCK McRAE
Pub. May 13.
Red   Cliff   Mining   Co.   Floats
Stock in London
I iDiii
News has been reccivct
Vanouvccr that the !<<���'
Mining Co. ol Stewart has been
���-urn M-aiully floating tm the London
market the company's Mork,
tlnmuli the control has been left
entirely in the hands of the Canadian shareholders. The importance nf this announcement lies
in thc fact that London capital
interested in mining ventures has
.ii last entered the camp in a|most
substantial manner. The direct
for securing this interest is due
io the excellent work of Mr. A. I).
Tennanl in placing the property
before English Investors. A. Ers-
kine-Smith, president of the company, has developed the Red Cliff
mine largely on western capital,
and it is satisfactory u> recall the
splendid achievements of the past
two years when an undeveloped'
prospect has been successfully
brought to its present stage through
his untiring efforts. Mr. Smith,
who is the largest individual shareholder, will remain at the head of
lIk- company.
Skuena Lund District ��� Diatrii-t of l oast
Kange 5
Take notice that I,   Fretl Garton, of
Prince  Rupert,  B.C.,   occupation farmer, Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lamls:
I'ommencing at a post planteil at the
north east corner of surveyed lot l\*H~.
Kange .5, Coast district, thence nortli ii'1
chains to a slough; tlience west 28
chains; thence r.outh 60 chains; thence
east 28 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated February 25th, 1911
First insertion Mar, 11
Skeeni Land Di.trict���Di.irict ol port
Take notice that Glenn McArthur of VUtcoUMT,
B.   C,  uccupation  real   estate agent  IntMdflM
apply  for  jiermiasion   to  purchase the ttl_o*)n-t
ila   -,'rilaa al    [;itla|j.
t'ommencnu at a post nlanteil to chaa:- ���- Itt
anil bl) chainn soulh of the southwest totem *'l
Iai*. No. 17^;l marked l.lenn McArtliur* n.".:'-
wesl corner, thencc south 40 chains, thanM ***
fl) chains, thenee north 40 chains, thoiici' v..A
NU chains to post of commencement, continual
a'-lu acres more or leas. _,. ..,,
Ilatcil March 20, lull.        QLENN Mc.MH III It
I'uh. April 16. T. D. UW.APOI
Sk.-a-nu Land llislrict     District uf t'oa��l It-;"*:"- ''
Take notloa thai 1, J. Harold McKiui. ol WW*
Uuiierl.  lt. C . occupat un  lilacksni th, I
apply   for  perm ssion   to  purchase  the  wllowtal
daaa bad lands:
I'liiniiH'iicimt at a post planted about u.-'- ���"'
i ne Imlf miles d slant in a south araaterh     ���*'*
from a blind slouch from tlliserviiliirv  1
Ilu- same touches the lml an Raaarva, tl I' "  '"M
so ehains, llience south 80 cha ns, thenci  I
iliJiins. thenci. nnrlh Ml chans lo pu
llielieenia a '    ciintllinlnK lilll acres maara- a 11
limed Aprl II. IUll.        J. IIAIiiil.M  M'KI ,N
Skwna Land District     DUlrict oft  I
'lake noliee that 1, Aliee M. Kn.
Kupert, II. ('., occuputiun innrriv.l woman.,
lo apply fur iiermission lo purchuse the loliewiH
descrilied lantls:
CommencinK at a poal  planted ahout t'*'���''j1'1'*
south und two miles west of Ihe fork- ���'  ��   ''
uml   Klal   rivers,  thence  north  no chain-. ' "  "
east   Kll   ehuins,   thence   south   SO  chalna..   WOO"
west  hi) chuins. .   .... ,,-,..���
I d April *_t>, lull. ALICE M. KNO' J��
Pub, May IS, Francis S. Pfaatoa, AP��
Skivna Land District-District o    Bl ��
Take noliee lhat I, Sydney FKagarald 01 mm ���>  ���
11. C, occupation cook, Intend to apply '"',':,,
mission to purchase the followlnfl **�����"����   iiail.'
CommencinK at a posl planted about  I'**'
muth and one mile ol the fork- - I ""'"
and   Flat  rivers,  thenco south NO Oha na,       ��'
vtnl   HI) chains,  thence  north  NU chum-,  i  '
east HO chains.  ...Li'tll)
Hated April 18, IUll.    SYDNKY WBPjIr��nl
Pub, May IS. Francis B. PlOatOIl, **
I Dlstrict-Dislrlrl ol Caijl *[
at l.John Robert I'acey ������ "���C
aeeiiiinllnn   COIlk.   Illtellll     "  "   ' j
The price of Reilly's homemade
ifead lias not and will not drop
I it'll
three loaves for a nuartor  jnMatiinl
I --aa,.      fp,,m    ���   1 II,
Skeena Lnnd I
Take notice that 1. _	
lluport, 11. 1'., occupntion cook, inleli.. ������ _w,n_
lur permsslun lu purchaso the followinK u*
lands:   n ||a
CommencinR  at  a  post   planled Ul  i*     , l(l.
south and   2) two miles west of ""''"', ���i,.,j���.
While nnd  Flat rivera, thence south M   "."tt,.
thence east  80  chains,   thence  north  no
llienei' west  80 chans. HtsnfF  p\( IY
Haled Aprl 20, IUll     JOHN  ROBEM     \
I'uli. Mav IS. Franc s S. l'resloii. nt
Skeena Land District -District of Coaat I tan.
Take  nol co    that   1.   Martha   Leek,  01   '.',���,,
Ituperl, II. 0. occupat on marred ��-oin.��.   -]]lf
to applv lor iiermission to purchase the n
descrllieil lands: .     . ,),��.,��� unil
CommencinK at a poat planted about in^
one '
HO  iMiiuri   ,   idi-riLT  nuuiii   ww   *������*���*��� ������-*   -   .
chains, tlience north HO cha ns to poin
mencemenl, eiintn It HI MO acre* '"","'.,".' , i.:|.;K
Dated Apr I 11, l'Jll. MAUI HA
I'uh. May 111.
Sk,a.nn Land District  -District nl CjK'ft'JJl,
Take not ce that I, Joe Jack of I?t rci l��jl ,���,
II. C�� oeeupatlon carpenter, Inlend w '   'il;r||,i���|
namtlanon let purchase the wuowira
lands: ,    ,  ,., (incia'anal
���ncltiu at a poat planled alio     '       ���������
nlles distant In a sniilti weslir >   I��   |||ir<,
from a blind alouKh from Observatory
Inlet '
Reilly's Bakery Lunch is putting teVMtWAbWffi","*
NO chans. thence   -nif.h hO
chains, thence south  80 chains lo poi
St of <���'""'
or W
imt a seventeen ounce nomcmadcl-  ....
,      .      , ,, .. "   "l,l'M    mencement, containinK B40 acres mure or ��       ,K
loal OleXCCllent qualitV Dated Apifl 14, lull.
1 * ' I'ub, May 13.


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