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The Paystreak Jul 21, 1900

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 ytw*^*/ ��^_
ii ���
SANDON, JULY 21 1900.
\\ul Vawkej i*- spending a tew days
jays in town.
Dudley Blackwood came in irom
Selson vesterday.
\\ ll Lilly In building a residence
ol, Codj avenue.
Bern picking is now in full blast.
Bridge .'���! i*- still intact.
K. k. Atherton returned on Monday
from the Coast, where he made some
heavy purchases.
Mr,  .mil   Mrs.   Chas.    McLaughlin
spent a holida)   in  Slocan   City
week, returning yesterday.
lolin L. McPherson of the Jackson
hotel, Whitewater, paid Sandon an
abbreviated visit on Thursday.
|) | Robertson has the contract for
furnishing the Keco hotel. He will
receive two carloads of furniture  from
lh. ejisl today.
Charles Gales will move his barber
shop into the bin ���������'��������� iunv occupied by
the Filbert as soon as Walmsley &
Henncl move across into their new
Robt. l'oll'uU and wife left on Wed-
nesda\ for Winnipeg. Mr. Pollick has
been with IV Burns & Co. for several
months. He goes \o Winnipeg to take
i place with Kohold & Co.
s. I., de Rackin, who ran the l>. *..
Sews in Kaslo and then went to Porto
Rico, is now in the Philippines. He
lias iust written a pamphlet on the
"embroglia," as he calls it.
The Kootenaian has it -.hat operations will be resumed on the Jackson
properties in a few davs. The Florida
property, adjoining, is tk\l up. The
company tailed to take up the option.
R F. Green went thru on Thursday
on his way to the Coast, visiting New
Denver, Silverton and Slocan on the
Wily. He was not present at the
opening on Thursday, but will lake his
scat on Monday.
Scott Fleming, who has heen for
several months in Newport, Idaho, was
in town lor a short visit Tuesday. He
will spend a few weeks on his claims
in the Duncan country and put in the
remainder of the   summer  in Sandon.
George Roger and John  C. Winter
lell on Tuesdav for the Lardeau country. They will spend the summer in
search of that alluring but elusive fortune, the hope of which fills the hills
with prospectors and the sucker with
mining stock.
\ patent medicine fakir with a loud
"Mice and a poor education is grammar
li i been separating the credulous from
''i1-''! collateral during the last few
i''gs. Tape worms is his particu-
Une. He holds forth in front of
klev's hotel.
The Anaconda Company and
mines controlled by Marcus Daly at
Butte have definitely refused to grant
the request of the miners for an eight-
hour day, a request which was acceeded
to by the other great Butte companies.
It now looks as if a great labor war
might uipervene.
A hard trail often ends in easy street,
but it is a rocky road that leads the
Kay and reckless youths of Sandon to
the confines of African Avenue where
the festive dance and impartial mercenary love furnish a continual round ol
pleasure, undisturbed by the rude hand
in the policeman and unalloyed by the
restraint of an early closing by-law.
Fisher & Rebel have laid the foundation for their new hotel on the lot
opposite Mrs. Mclntyre's boarding
house. They intend to build atwo-storv
building 50 foot front hy 24 feet deep.
The building will be ready for occupancy in three weeks. Albert Rebel is
an old time prospector and miner in
this district and J. B. Fisher is well
known in connection with the Central
The Hartney party of New York
capitalists, known as the McMasters
Syndicate, visited Sandon on Monday
and Tuesday. The members of the
party were: H. A. Hegbie and 11. W.
Brekenrige ol Wellsville, and J. 1).
McMasters, I*. P. Michol and F. M.
Thresher of Rochester N. Y. Frank
Kelly oi Spokane and II. A. Blumen-
eaur of New Denver accompanied the
John Rockney returned on Tuesday
from a visit to the Halcyon springs.
He reports that while there he met a
trance medium by the name of Joe
Diatcher, who was giving seances
willi the uncontrollable spirits of John
DeWdT and Hiram Walker. Mr.
Rockney reports lhat unless it was that
his overwrot imagination was slightly
affected bv the vigor of the application,
the seances were perfectly successful.
Al least, there were spirits there in
several  days in
_    up   business
����� J. Perry is in town for a few days.
He will return to the coast early next
week, li. J. is something of an expert
011 the political situation and he is
authority for the statement that the
session will be a short one at which no
'''mentions legislation will be introduced.
Charlie Kapp  spen
town this week, tak
where he left off two months ago to go
on a tour of Europe. Charlie saw-
Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Ostend and
many other oi the great cities on the
other side of the world. He took in
the world's fair and saw many wonderful sights there. He says he felt quite
proud of the Canadian exhibit and felt
quite at home when he found among
the mineral exhibit the names of J. M.
Harris, John A. Whittier, Geo. W.
Hughes and many others identified
with every step in the progress of the
camp in which he lived, ten thousand
miles awav.
Last Chance Meeting.
'The annual meeting of the Last
Chance Mining Company was held at
the Company's offices on Friday, at
which the following officers were elected: President, Dr. Hendrvx; Vice-
President, B. Wilson; Secretary, D.
Heap; Superintendent, John O. Regan.
The board of directors consists of the
officers named.
Last Chance Ore House Burned.
About 4 o'clock yesterday morning
the ore house at the lower terminal of
the Last Chance tramway look lire and
burned to the ground, totally destroying the building, ore-crusher and al'
the lower end machinery, and putting
the ariel Uamway out of commission.
When interviewed yesterday morning Treasurer Stinson of the Last
Chance company stated that the cause
of the lire was a complete mystery.
There had been no lire in the building
for several months and they were al a
complete loss to explain tbe origination
of the blaze. Mr. Stinson also stated
lhat the loss to the company was unknown. B. C. Ribbet was wired for
at Nelson to commence reconstruction
of the tramway immediately. Folliott
<!*�����: McMillan have already commenced
the re-construction of the building.
Just at this time the lire was particularly unfortunate both for the company
and lor the city of Sandon. The com-*
pany had just completed their bunk
houses at the mine and were preparing
to increase their force to 150 men during the next few days. A big strike
was made in the No. 3 tunnel this week
and the condition of the mine could
hardly be more favorable than at the
present moment.
At last reports the management was
not certain whether they could keep
the present crew of 80 men at work.
There is considerable timber at the
mine but it is questionable whether this
will last until the tram is repaired.
The Relief Committee.
The sub committee of the relief committee appointed to see the Sunnyside
road thru took the work off the contractor's hands. E. A. Cameron had
the contract at Shoo. Extras were
charged for ihe   approaches amounting
to $75.
A complete new outfit amounting to
$1500 has been ordered from Toronto
for the tire brigade.
E. A- Brown has been commissioned
bv the committee to furnish figures and
specifications as to the cost of repairing
the Hume. He estimates that at an
expense of $2000 tbe Hume can be
thoroly repaired. Acting on bis advice, the committee has ordered the
necessary lumber and the repair of the
flume will bo commenced as early as
possible. Arthur Cawley will have
charge of the work.
The relief committee has a balance
on hand of $2000 which will be devoted
to relieving the few remaining cases of
distress and to the replacement of the
city's improvements destroyed by the
Sandon Will Haoe a Rink
Altho there is no suspicion of winter
in the gentle zephyrs thai toy with the
curlers' lilacs these salubrious days, a
movement is already under way lo
provide a curling and skating rink in
lime for next  winter.
Col. Bray ton, the energetic real
estate agent, has a group of six lots
adjoining the site of Ihe present curling
rink which he has offered to the club at
a very modest figure. The Colonel's
offer will be taken up, and it will then
be in order lo proceed with the formation of ;i joint slock company lo undertake the construction of a building
large enough to accomodate both the
curling club and the skating and
hockey-playing public. The scheme
as iit present outlined is to form a
company with a capital of $2000 or
$2500 in $10 shares and ask the public
to purchase stock. The rink can la-
made a dividend-paying concern from
Ihe tumloose. The curlers would have
plenty of room, the skaters would be
satisfied, and ;is for the youthful hopefuls who indulge in the swift and fan-
tasli<* game of hockey -oh mumma but
wl      times thev would have.
Atherton Co. Will Build on the Mete
The Wood's building, on the K. iS: S.
ground has been declared off, As a
consequence E. R. Atherton has commenced work on a new store building
on his present site, Corner of Slocan
Star street and the Flume street. The
new building will be 36 x (10 feet, one
story and will have accomodation for
the post office and telephone exchange.
The store will occupy 22 feet of the
frontage and the telephone office and
post office the remainder. The lire
proof warehouse, which now laces on
the street will be moved lo the back
end of the store. Work was commenced removing the building which
the Atherton Co. has been occupying
since the lire, and as soon as the site-
is cleared the new building will \fe
commenced. ._
The Minnesota Mill.
Machinery for the Minnesota mill
has commenced to arrive in Sandon.
The big rock crusher and ore pulverizer were received over the C. P. R.
last week and this week some of the
Wolfley tables came in over the K. & S.
Great progress is being made on the
construction of the mill. The frame
work is almost completed and the carpenters are at work on the siding.
The work of installing the machinery
will be commenced in a few days.
* :
The following is a complete list of the
mining trunaactionH recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve * wei e
aa follows:���
July D���Head Unlit, Glacier ck, Q T Eves.
Northern Li��iit, tame, L D Watford, H  K
6���Wonderful, Trout ck, L A Thurston.
Balmoral, Carpenter ek,N Macdonald.
star Bpangtod Banner, same, J J Grant.
Belmont. Payne Mountain, J M Donnelly.
!��   June Flower. Kltflit Mile, P F Lleli-K-her, J
C Miitler.
Grace, Four Mile, F F Llebeoher, D Sulk.
10���Sunlight, near Duwn Centre, .1 E-itcrlirook.
13 - Lincoln, Carpenter ck. A 0 Van Moerkerkc.
Expert, Carpenter ok, H Qlegerleh,
16���Troy, Four Mile, M Ifanley.
St Helena, Four Mile, L M Knowles.
Nellie Fr. near Dolly Var den, II Nlven.
17���.Jennie C, nr Queen Bess, T Gordon.
July ft���Cuba,Sarah Jane. 6���Aurora, Minnehaha. Black Grouse. Champion, International,
Excelsior, Fourth of July, C J, Gertrude. 6���
Sampson, I XL Fr, Wonderful Fr, Revelstoke,
Sylvanite. Hartney, Minnehaha, Jennie, Evening, Violet, Violet Fr, K P, Nob Hill, Crystal
Gem, Trio Fraction. 7���Little Joint, Freddy
Lee Fr, Baby, Little Daisy, Golden, Etnu Fr,
Dalkeith. 9���Satisfaction, Lone Star No 3,
Sandow, Shareholder. 10���Mazeppa, Denmark
No 2. 11��� Key west, Bell Fr, Bio Fr, ConCa.il-
ken. Oyp-ty Queen, Minnie. Clark, Admiral.
12���Bonnie Jean, Highlander, Perseverance,
Buhy, Ruby Fr, May, Rosedale, Corning. 18���
Bell Smith No2 Fr, Morning Sun, Shofi*<>. Shan-
don Bells. Old Tom Moore, Ida, Maria. 11-
Furness. 16��� Boulder. I X L. Bnowbird, 17���
St Lawrence, Arden.
years, Republic two years. go-Independence,
Venture. 80���Gertie R fraction, July 3 Silver
Bell, Get There Ell, V ��t M, Black Cloud, Truro.
Fourth July No ti. Jennie Long, Me.-sie, Vancouver. 4���Dewdney, Golden Wedge, Free Gold,
Governor Altgeld, Lexington, For Sale. 6���
Empress fr, Summit fr, Kda fr, Mineral Mountain, Charleston two years, Smuggler, Bligo. 8-
Elk, Homestead, Little Giant two years, Victor.
7-Lucky Boy, Alberta, Killarney, Great Britain
June 86��� Bison, W McGregor to A Rotheruiel.
30-Gertie B '. P LIndquUt to W C Adams.
July 8���Aberdeen J, W E Bole to J Cadden,
5���Ethel K and Hamilton } each, A A Webb to
N F MoNaught.
6���Portland, R Sloan to J V Collom,
Morning Star |, Evening star i-<>, T Mulvey
to J 0 Shook, iSOO.
7-Little GiantJ. L K Larsen to J Radcliff.
July 6���Nob Hill, I, M L Nicholson to \VG
Grady. May 14.
9-Big Timber, ���}. A J Hay word to M R W
Rathborne, May .so.
10��� Action against Dolly Varden, Ensign,
Arclde, Black Fox dismissed. March ft.
11���Bis Timber, _, W B Steele to F Steele.
June -U.
Silver Leiif.-f, A Eiskini to E 0 Britten, May 31
t'iuto and Ideal Fr, \ each, C S Ra di tall to T
Avison, H Clever. G H Crawford. H Sheran,
July 11.
17���Sunrise, bond, M Kirlin and A Waddell to
E M Sandilands, June 81.
July 13 -Anchor, Bessie. Number One, Number
Two. Black Colt.
Jnno86���Liverpool,Snd nf Lemon. J Nathan
27~Inde|iendence. Ten Mile. Wm Brasch.
Blawlng, 1st u f Lemon, N McDonald.
Arctic, same. R M'-Donald.
88��� Morning Star, same, E il Dunlop.
\ oodstock, same, A Weutzel.
June Bug, same, same.
3n-Bend Or. Ten Mile, C Nicholson.
July 3���Manilla fr. n f Lemon, J tin Bulko.
Eli fr. Twelve Mile. 0 W Harrington.
Champion, same. W E Lees.
Chance,  between   Ten   aud   Twelve   Mile, J
4���Alberta, Cameronian ck, W Kerr.
Lost Treasure, 1st n f Lemon, N McKlan.
Stormcloud, Twelve Mile, R Kurtzhnls.
Dominion, same, A Wonlzel.
Don. giid n i Lemon, VV B George.
6���K S. Springer ck, M Domineo.
Silver 1) illtir, ""nine, !���' Jnek.
Mazie A, same. R W Miilloy.
Pontiac, Ten Mile, J Aylwin.
Emerald, same, G Aylwin.
No 20,1st s f Lemon, J Horde
No 21, same. ��ame,
7���Sapphire Twelve Mile, W E Leo,
White Cloud. Ten Mile. D Kennedy.
Minnie, same. D D McPherson.
Gamebrldg .   same.   I) ('  McOuaig and D C
Bird, Sprlnner ck, I) Gllohrlst.
M T, Lemon ck, M Radcliff.
June 86-Carnduff, Argo. 86���C P R, B"ue Jay.
Silver Tip, White Rose, Brooklyn. 27-Q;iih_r-
onian. Truro, Tin Plate, Gladstone two years
Pacific tivo years, Blwablk, 88���Victcrla, Allendale, alma, Bell two years. American Eagle two
At achaml erof commeice meeting1
in New York lately, William Barclay
Parsons repeated an incident of his
recent experience in China, at which
his listeners laughed long. He thus
describes it:
"Sir Thomas Jackson spoke about
the need of teaching the Chinese to
build r. il roads. I found that they
need no teaching on this subject. A
magistrate who was detailed to go
everywhere with me, to see that I
had every opportunity to conduct my
business, was very anxious to know-
about railroads. He probably had
never seen one in his lite. One day
he asked me where the station would
be located in his capital town. I
looked at him awhile, anxious to
know if he understood what he wns
talking about. He would like very
much to know, I told him that little
matter would not be of the slightest
importance. But he said he had an
earnest desire to find that out, nnd he
should like to have the knowlrdsre
for himself alone. I told him I did
not know.
"He expressed deep sorrow, nnd
told me that it would help me also.
I enquired how. 'Why,' he said,
'I, like the other magistrates, can
fix the price, of land. 1 thought th it
all the business of the town would
center about your railroad station,
and th a property there would become
valuable. You nnd I can buy tho
land at our own price, and after having the station built in the center of
it we could sell it back to the people
we bought it from, charging our own
Evidently human nature is not essentially different in Chinn to what it
is in **.he United States.-New Earth.
Tlie Blessings of Monarchy.
"That's right, K>rl 1 wish she
came to Dublin every year, every
month, every day, sor! Think of
what she's done for the counthry;
think of all the good she does to
people. Why, look at me; here am
I as drunk as hell, and never paid B
penny for it."
Three smart young men and three nice
All lovers true ns steel.
Decided, in a friendly way,
To spend the day e-wheel.
They started in the early morn
And nothing seemed amiss,
And when thev reached the leafy lanes
They in like
rude twos this!
They wandered by the verdant dale,
Beside the rippling rill;
The sun shone brightly all the while.
They heard the Kong-bird'a trill.
Thev sped  through  manv a woodland
'   -lade.
And when thev rented iu the shade   ���
Theysat intwus likethisl
The -aiin went down and eveningeauie,
.\ lot ton soon, thev said;
Too long they tarried OH they way,
The clouds grow black o'uihwid
Down dii-died the rain;  thev homeward
Till uiu> unlucky ini-s
Slipped sidowise���Crash!   Great Scot I '
The unconscious humor of the Irish
man still lives.    Lately a  friend of
mine wns sitting in  Phoenix   Park,
when to him app ared a ragged old
chap, most, gloriously intoxicated.
"God savo the Queen, sor!" said he
to my friend.
"Certainly," wns the reply,
"Cod  snve Queen  Victoria!'   reiterated the old fellow.
"By all means.   Send her victorious, happy and glorious!"
Sense in yonr ads will bring dollars.
An advertisement does not  improve
with age
Advertising "ill not injure Ihu line-t
Ads, like bread, are easily spoiled   in
the making
An   ad   should   he   the   concentrated
essense of sense.
It is more hnpnrtnnt  to watch yonr
ilds thai! your clerk.
li you hnve anything to tell the public,
tin it in n telling manner
Make your ml sn pointed that  it   will
piei-ei! through the -..ye into the mind.
Vou must have 'interest' in ymir ad
verli-in- ii you want to make  'capital'
out nf it.
It is our duty to make ourselves acquainted, so far tie wn (.iU1< wit|| t*1(.
universe around it-, and every part of
it; io know what is known of sun,moon,
sta ,planet.eomel and nebula; of boast,
���>hdand tl h, tree, herb aud fungus; of
human origins and human life; of institutions and laws, the right and wrong
of them. It Is our duty to search and
Probe into all those things; taking noth-
ing for granted, accepting nothing on
���-"thorny, testing all we are told |,v
'*'���������*������"���-������ nrpreneher, by priest or savant
h.v   moralist  or schoolmaster.-Grant
A bill providing for compulsniv In-
surance against accident and  illness
to the necessity of compulsory insill,
a nee. The Swiss people voted tlm'
times before they dec-dod to buy thi'
railroads. In Switzerland the pe,),,]!
rale. In Canada the cortwration!
rule. s
Wives, in Egypt's upper circles, an-
private property. The women cannot
go beyond the limits of their own i|He
of the house and garden. And thev
poor things, cannot complain,   in the
lirst plaee, it would not do them anv
good to protest, and iu the second thev
are brought up to live in just that wiry
and the idea of mingling freelv with
their fellows is inexpressibly s|mr|<in<r
to them and never to be thought of for
a moment.   Of course, the p  cannot
afford to l.eep their wives thus secluded
and in such luxury. Thus then Wiv,.,
must have recourse to the impenetrable
veil. And. as in every country, the
rich man has other advantages the
poorer brother cannot hope to enjoy,
The rich man can have four wives, (he
full legal number. The poor man (������������-
have four wives, too, if he can support
'hem, init two is usually the limit of the
poor man's household. He cannot
afford tour wive- all at once, bul if lie is
industrious and utilizes his opportunities for divorce he can have more than
our before he dies Indeed, the work*
;n_r man of E}/ypl usually rinds one wife
is much of a burden as he can manage,
bill when that one wife begins to pn||
he can divorce her at a moment's notice
and hunt up another. rbis is tho reaaon
why the __gypt.au wife has v,, strong a
nrejudiee against tin- at'cumulation nf
���ropeity by her husliaud. She will not
let him lay l��\ -tuytliiut* if she can help
if. shudd ho get snmothinn ahead, she
argues, the temptation tn enj >\ the
units of ]\[. Industry and econ him with
-nine other woman will be ton strong I i
be resisted She knows the weakness
of the race.    Anil she  looks  to  it   that
there is nothing left at the end of tin-
week or whenever the wage should he
spent ���Alexander Harvey, in the Cos*
No;   the  two kinds of people on en th I
Are tbe people who lift and  the  people
who lean
Wherever   vou   _���<>.   vou   will   find  the
worlds masses
\re alwa\ s divided  iu just  these two
was submitted by the 8\v
ment to a  referendum
people on Mav 20th.   Th
ss   l'nrlhi-
voto ol the
0   vote   n>
And oddly onough, you wi
There is only one lifter to tweuts   who
In which class are you? Are you easing
the load
I 'I overtaxed lifters who toil down tho
road ?
< Ir are vou a leaner who lets othei - bear
^ our portion of labor and worn  and
care If
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
ulted in 320,030 against and 150 (XX)
m favor. According to the bill the
Government was to pnv a portion the
?fi?*>y*r. "nothjp, and the wko?
^^'iniinderofthe amount of he
premium. Although the bill wns
featcd i v a lartre miiim-i.-.,   , '
cussion of the question 2   7' <lls   Hnd   ���nv,-;l1-   the   hawse,   and don't
educational value to tl . iuL8freat -Wet to look at the Hah."   And the
and the public will soi h��  !. n'lHl\ v,ca|,8a.V8- "Ifowah gracious sovor*
'win soon be educated I Ing lady wur-ah to die!"
An English journal recently won
dered whether the pronunciation of
���*ouie ot the ignorant classes or of
Borne ot the cultivated clisses is the
worse. Fop Instance, the groom says:
'"Arry, old my 'oss " But 'he curate
says: "He that hath yaws to vaw, let
him yaw." And t' e doctor's wife
says: "Yawgo, please go to Awthah
awdah   the   hawse,   and THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. c, JULY _,
A Word to the Citij Council.
The citizens' committee appointed ti
I reorganize the lire department ha*
recommended the formation of three
brigades, each with headquarters in
different parts of the city, and, altho ii
is n0| specifically slated, it is understood that the business, men of the city
will be depended on for active service
1S firemen. As the report does not
,1;,ic otherwise, the inference is that no
provision is to be made to furnish sleep-
jno Hccomodations for firemen.
It will be well for the city council to
Cilrefull\ analyze these reconimenda-
jinns before adopting them. There are
,erious doubts as to whether three
hriiTiides would be more efficient than
0ne. The advantage urged is that
being placed in different parts of the
,ii\ one or the other would be nearer
to the fire. The old brigade could
make either Byers" stone or the Kootenai from Athertqn's within one minute
of starting, which means that the three-
hall system would have an advantage
efonh one minute in either end of the
lown. I>\ using the city team as a fire
team this advantage would disappear
on long runs. Th's is the li^ht in
which the three-hall proposition should
present itself lo the lily council.
The idea of a business-man fire brigade is also open to well-founded objection. The experience oi tho last
four years has not been such as to lead
anyone t < believe that the business
men ol Sandon are liUeU to turn out
regularlj to drill and practise. Even
at the reorganization meeting many of
ihe business men showed their disinter.
estedness hy failing to appear. Without systematic drill a fire brigade is not
worth the name.
The part of ihe committee's recommendation which advises that the
mayor be made chief is a fallac) on the
face of it. The fuel of a man being
elected mayor of Sandon is no guarantee thai he could handle n fire department.
What   the   citv COUlVcil   should   do is
i" furnish one lire hall with sleeping
iicci uunoJations tor eight or ten men
mid stabling lor the city team. They
should see that the affairs of the brigade
'ire in the hands ol" nun acquainted
with the work of lighting lire and capable ot" commanding men. Thc\
should open the membership list to
nnyone win*, cares to volunteer his services and they should see that the volunteers are properly trained. They
should make no distinction between
fool runners and business men so long
as both are willing io do their duty.
And the business men, property holders,
council and everyone else should
e an interest in tbe lire brigade,
otherwise there will- be no success in
the reorganization of the brigade.
\n exchange says: "Mineral specimen dealers thruout ihe country are
looking for fine specimens of roodochi-
rosile, rhodonite, stibnite in fine crystals, and pyromorphite. Specimens
arc in fair supply, but particularly
choice specimens are scarce."
If these searchers for long-named
specimens will call at this office, we
will gladly inform them where they
l'an secure some pterodactyl lie or ich-
���yosauric curios.
The Business heretofore conducted
by Hunter Bros, will betaken over
Next month by
The Xew Firm will carry a larger
Stock than liver and hope to receive
the same liberal Patronage that has
been extended to the old firm of	
Just    Below  the   Hire-Swept
A Laore Stock of Cloths will
Be Received in a
Few Days.
Leave Your Order Early and
Avoid the Rush.
Special Attention Given to Fine Work.
Cleaned. Dyed, Pressed and
Sandon Bottling Co.
: Manufacturer of:
Carbonated Drinks
of nil  kinds.
Com  Avk.
When You Need Furniture
Figure the Cost in the East
Add the Freight, Teaming, Loss
of Time, etc., and Compare with
You Can't Afford to Deal Elsewhere
Our Prices are the Lowest
i Mat
I i
Published Every Saturday in the heart of the Blohett White Metal Ciunp on Kuril.
Subscription    -   -    -   -   $2.00 a year.
Strictly in H-tv-iiice.
William Mac Adams,   ���   -
Publisher and Proprietor.
SANDON, B.C., JULY 21,  igoo.
In the matter of exclusion the Chinese are much
more thoro than the Canadians. We say that the Chinese
must go, and try to exclude them by means of a poll tax.
The Chinese say that the foreigners must go, and without
the formality of legislation proceed to put them not only
out of China but off the earth altogether. Barring the
possibility of a military stampede to Pekin, the Chinese
method of restricting foreign immigration should be
"CANADA should own the C. P. R." says the Lardeau
Eagle. It certainly should. Canada built the C. P. R.
The cost of construction was disbursed from the treasury
at Ottawa. Then in aberration she gave it away. Now
the C. P. R. owns Canada, and our national administration
emanates from the company's head offices at Montreal.
To metamorphose matters to such an extent that Canada
will again become the possessor of what she has foolishly
given away is the live question which confronts Canadian
statesmanship today. The Canadian Pacific has two
hundred and fifty millions of vested rights for which Canada
will have to pay. The Canadian Pacific also has a few
hundred millions of vested wrongs for which the grafters
will try to make Canada pay. The people of Canada are
suddenly awakening to the fact that Canada should own
the C. P. R., and every other transportation line within
her boundaries. Between vested rights and wrongs which
will present themselves for settlement in the process of
nationalization the political battles of the future will be
fought. But Canada will some day own the C. P. R.;
and that day will come much earlier than the great majority
of Canadians expect.
How circumstances alter cases. Previous to the 9th
of June the opponents of Joe Martin said that it was
absolutely impossible to build a road from the Coast to
Kootenay. Now the Coast papers which opposed Joe
come unblushingly forward with the statement that the
C. P. R. has found a feasible route thru the Similkameen.
It is easy to see why the road was impracticable as a government project. The C. P. R. wants to build it themselves.
The old gentleman who runs the paper down beside
the bear has struck a new lead. He now wants the government to grubstake prospectors who have meritorious
claims and are too poor to work them. This is an inspiration of genius, but the Mining Review man had better
pause a moment and consider what he is agitating for.
First thing he knows someone will call him a socialist and
the shock will kill him.
The fact of the matter is that it is not really a lack of
ability to develop his property that usually separates the
prospector from success. It is that his efforts are not
properly directed. Any claim in the Slocan camp that has
a good showing opened up to any reasonable extent can be
sold at a good cash price right now, and the day never has
been since the camp was opened   up that  such was not the
case. But the majority of prospectors do not make an
effort to open their properties up. I hey prefer to re-stake
and spend their otherwise unoccupied time in searching f0r
more claims to stake, spending more time and money in
the effort than would in many cases make them rich on
property thev already possess. There are prospectors in
this camp who have more claims on record than the\
could possibly represent in a year if they worked steady
all the time. ' There are claims within a mile of this town
that have half a dozen sets of stakes on them. More tha,,
one claim in the hands of a man of small means is super-
fluous. One claim is sufficient to make a man rich. .\
dozen of them will keep a prospector poor all   his life,
It is not a government grubstake that is wanted, but a
title in usufruct, or something close to it. It should be
imperative that the locator of a mineral claim do a certain
amount of work on it before recording his location, and it
should also be imperative that he do a reasonable amount
of work each year. Within a limited number of years he
should be compelled to take out his patent and all unworked
crown-granted claims should be assessed on their assumed
value and taxed to the limit. No man should have privilege to with-hold from others resources which he will not
develop himself. There are supposed to be laws to similar
effect on the statute books of B. C., but they are dodged
and avoided at every turn. These laws are full of loopholes and should be wiped off and replaced by an enact-
ment that would be effective. Such a law would compel
prospectors to confine their attentions to one or two claims,
and it would also prevent psuedo capitalists from holding
unworked claims while others proved them valuable b\
developing adjacent property.
If the government is to go into the grubstaking business it might as well go for the whole amount and take
over the mining industry altogether. It would look like
the height of generosity for a government to give it>
mineral resources away to private individuals and then lend
them the capital to develop these resources. When the
government has the land and money in the first place, win
should not the peop'e as a whole gain from the development of the country's resources ? At some future date.
after the government has taken o\ex the transportation
business and the smelting and refining industries, there is
no doubt that it will nationalize the mining industry, as
has been done in Sweden, Japan, parts of Russia, and,
with certain classes of mining, in Chili and Peru. There
is already an agitation in Ontario to make the mining and
smelting of iron and nickel in that Province a national
industry, and there is no good reason why it should not
be done.
At a recent meeting of the Rossland liberal association a letter was read from Hewitt Bostock, M. P., i'1
which he stated that the pressure of his private business
was such that he would probably be unable to contest the
riding again. This looks as tho Bostock were going to
make his escape from Dominion politics. It is about time
he did. Hewitt is a nice man, but as a Dominion representative his effeminacy mars his usefulness. His term oi
office at Ottawa has been largely taken up with framing
excuses for the Laurier government's railway steals and its
refusal to exclude Chinamen. If Hewitt is wise he will
stay by his verdict and quit politics. The liberals in
Kootenay are tired of him, and while they don't wish to do
anything ungentlemanly they would have to turn him
down at the nomination or sacrifice all chances of success*
If Bostock were drawing to a lumber yard he wouldnI
catch a knot hole in the B. C. political jackpot.
Thk Bryan Democrats have declared for direct legislation. This is the most radical advance in United States
politics since the days of Jeff Davis and Abe Lincoln. mm
���E PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B, ...July _,
Limited Liability,
719 *.\
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\��/ \V *.'* ���.���> ���.���> *.*> ���.*"���> _____*_____!____1_
'.�� 'rt '��V ���*_*�� a',* ��-.v '��>�� ���/-,-* a**** afj** ���*���,-���
All Ye Who are Looking For
Black and Brown
Stiff I lats
I A)\\ and Fedora Shapes
All Kinds of I lats
them in our  Windows
>*.*���> ��*���*��� **''> -/Iw*wlvvl*-. -/_V
ViWiVViVVlvViC ���/A**
*f4** ���*.*��� ��*_*���
Limited   LiahilitN
'Iw.w.w.wlw.wlw** ���/���> ������,������ ���-.* ���*���_*��� -r-i--, <.����� �����*-> ��-_���* ��-.-* �����_** <,> �����_> *_>��� �����_> ��*���_���*��
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I lit ihe   Iron Trail  For
CHAS. QALES   mw Dcnoer
On Saturday
Has re-opened the Barber
Shop in the big tent
next to Byer5.
The Denver.
Cody Ave.
Comfortable Rooms
Good Dining Room Service
Where, on the Placid Bosom of
the Cool, Saluhrious Lake, or
in the Fragrant Recessesol the
Primeval Forests, You may
Spend the Sabbath in Sweet
Communion with Nature.
You will find all the Comforts
i<t" a Home at the
Newmarket Hotel.
If vou care for Fishing \ ii .an
Secure Boats, Fishing lackle,
etc., from the Management.
(inkles who will Pilot you to
the Besl Fishing Grounds always on Hand. Bait in Flasks,
Bottles or Kegs furnished ;.t
Regulation Kales by the Proprietor.
Reasonably Rates Henri,   Stege.
^ Quiet, Orderly, Homelike Hole-   SatldOll     Cartage     CO.
Lodging House.        Eipress,
Nice Comfortable   Beds* Baggage
To Let by  the Day, Week and
Wonth or Year.    Get One
W. J. Armstrong & Co.
Have   Moved   into    their    New  Store,   Next     o
Folliott &   McMillans   Factory and Will
Execute All  Orders Promtly
A Fine Line   of ...  .
Worsteds, Tweeds and Serges
On   Hand.
Pit Guaranteed.
Folliott 8c McMillan,
Contractors and Builders.
|-; .;��� :. jrS -__."-__:-"__r-r__r ~~~*T-rT;1-r���_>^__--'__"__; :���.  r-�� ^as i~r?' ^__^:__?-^__S-:__r���;-i_r-'S1]
Jj  ~f
|        Dealers in Dressed and Rough Lumber. iii
ii, 00000000000* (,'ji
I  Sash,   Doors, Blinds, etc.. Made to Order at Lowest Possible Prices,   k
f'       .a.  a   rai .!A- TImIiam   4alaA.Aa.aa    laa tft^Adtlff Dions       Callm��i#Aa     ��a_��J      if-
Before they are all Taken
Delivered to all parts of the
Mine and Dimension Timber always in Stock.     Plans, Estimates and
Specifications furnished for all Classes of Building. (j.
Factory Opposite C.  P.  R.  Freight Shed.
Railroad Avenue       -        Sandon.
In The
i -
i-.i ���
* ilpt ���
: !i:J!
IM 'V,
���   ���      'I     -atl
���ill I,''
i .
I ���
Hobos Must Go.
At a meeting of the Police Commissioners was held yesterday afternoon at
which it was decided that the hobos,
toughs, plug-uglies, grafters, sand-
baggers, pimps and all others of the
undesirable element infesting ibis community must move on. ll" they arc
wise they will take tbe hint and pull
their freight for other parts.
There was no business of importance
transacted at the City Council meeting
last Monday night. Mayor Pitts presented bis resignation but it was shelved
by the council. The reports of police
magistrate and tbe fire department
committee were read. A large bunch
of accounts totalling $740.09 were approved and ordered paid. Tbe Board
of Works were CO nmissioned to look
into tbe matter of building a sidewalk
on Reco avenue.
Last Night's Council Meeting.
At a special meeting last night the
council authorized tbe board of works
to call lor tenders for an eight-foot sidewalk from Cunnings to the Central hotel
corner, on Reco avenue.
Mayor Pitts announced bis intention
of leaving for tbe east on Tuesday and
appointed John Buckley to act in bis
Tbe lire committee's report was accepted and the council decided to follow
its suggestions.
The Fire Committee.
The committee of business men appointed at a public meeting on Wednesday of last week to reorganize the
lire brigade, reported to tbe city council on Monday evening last. They
recommended that three different brigades be formed and lire apparatus be
supplied for each. They expressed it
as their belief that the greatest protection would be afforded by building
three stations, one central station near
Atberton's store another sub-station
near Byers' and tbe third below the
Kootenay hotel ; a sub-chief to be
appointed for each and the mayor to be
chief of the whole brigade.
The New School.
Plans and specifications for the new-
school have been prepared by J. W.
Balmain and will be submitted to the
department of education at Victoria for
approval. Tbe plans call for a building 32 x 54, two stories and basement.
There will be a class room on each of
the two flats with accomodation for 42
pupils  each.     The  basement  will  be
used as a play-room. The will be an
air space of 254 cubic feet for each
pupil. There is ample provision for
thoro ventilation, and altogether tbe
plans seem calculated to fetch out the
best effect considering tbe difficulties of
the site.
Great Excitement in Dateson.
Miners recently arrived in Victoria tell
of great excitement in Dawson over tbe
Indian   River   finds   of conglomerate.
Assays give all the way from $8 to $^S
to the ton. There is said to be thousands of miles in the extent of tbe ore.
Miners think that it will surpass the
Johannesburg mines. A mix-up has
arisen from the fact that the miners'do
not know whether to consider the conglomerate quartz or placer. Some
staked it as epiartz claims and others
as placer. There is a big difference in
the size of the two classes of claims.
The Population of China.
It is generally asserted and believed
that.China has 400,000,000 people.
But the number may easily be exaggerated by a hundred millions or even
more, for little credence can be given
to Oriental assertions, so imaginative
and apt to exaggerate are tbe Asiatics,
and no westerner really knows anything worth mentioning of tne vast interior ol* the Celestial Empire. Those
regions which have been visited and in
part explored by tbe western traveller
and missionary  are  certainly  crowded
Cioil Engineer,
Architect, Etc.
P. O. BOX 170 SANDON, B. C.
A. R. He
Engineer and
Provincial Land
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notan Public.
L. L. B.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public, Etc.
SANDON,      ' -"       - B. C.
E_tnbli_hed 1895.
Slocan Mines.
Mining Stocks bought iiinl Sold. General
Agent for slocan Properties. Promising
Prospects For Sale.
Whitewater    Hotel.
I have taken over and re-opened I be
Whitewater Hotel. This bouse is
nicely furnished and comfortably equipped and will he conducted along lirst-
class lines. When in Whitewater stop
at the Whitewater Hotel.
William Walmsley,
enough, but there is more than a little
evidence to show that there are tracts
in China where the people are by <u>
means so congested together. ll
should really surprise nobody to learn,
when the facts are fully ascertained.it
ever thus they be, that China's populating immense, is by no means bo immense as 400,000,oo"-
Bstate of s<ott McDonald, Deceased-.
���Ml persons having any claim-* or demand,
against the e-rtateof SeoM McDonald, late of
apokane in the State ot Washington, deceas-
,1, are required to Ble the same clearly certi.
fied with the undersigned, on or hefore the
isth dav of August WOO
the said date the executor* will pr ted to
listribute the estate amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to tbe
���luiins of which thev shall then have had
Dated al  Rossland, It C . the IBth day "f
July, A. 1�� . 1900
MneNF.ll.I. S; DEACON,
Solicitors for Execntow
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining li\ i -i<>i> of Wesl
Kootenay  District.    V. uere  located: On
the North Fork of Carpenter Creek, ahout
:i mile ��� trom Three Forks
Take Notice that 1 FraukL.Christie, set-
tiiR for m\-e!f. Fiee Miner's Certificate No
hSHlCU.  unit a*- agent  lot C. D   Hunter, Free
Mirer1!* Ceitific-ate.No, IHRflfiT. F Sautor,Free
Miner'nCt-rtific No. lUJWi 8, and Geo ll. W Inter
intend sixty days from date hereof, to apply to
the  Mining Record'rfor aCertificate of Improvements, foT tl"   pnrp t  obtaining a
Crown (irant of tlu above claim 1,
And further take notice thai action under
Section 37, must   lie commenced   hefore  the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this nineteenth day of -Ini.e. A l�� 10 to
Application For Liquor License.
N<(TICK i< hereby given that :; 1 da\ a fn m
date hereof lintend to apply to the licence
commissioners of the city of Sandon for a
license to sell all spirit nuns and fermented
liquors on the premises formerly occupied by
Mrs Melnt \ re's boarding house
Dated at Sandon July - ith, 1000,
Transfer of Liqnor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that 80 days from
date hereof we will apply to the license com-
missioners of iheeiu of Sandon for permit*-
ion tn transfer the lieens,. held  hy Fischer &
Collins. Central  Hotel, to the Brewer)   Hotel.
Sandon, B C, July 19th.
Application   for Transfer of Liquor  License.
NOTICE is herehy given that we Intend to
apply to the license commissioners of the Cil y
of Sandon for transfer of Reco hotel liquor
license to the building on lots 11 and l_,block6,
Dated at Sandon this -.'sth day of June, 1900,
"Land Registry Act."
In the mutter of an application ford nidi
cates of the Certificates of Title to Lot
Two    il',   Block   One (I) (Mftp  BOH)   Town   of
NOTICE is hereby given thai it Is my intent ion at the expiration of one month from
the tir.sf publication hereof to issue duplicates of the Certificates of title of Hugh Mo-
Gee to the ahove lands dated _7th August
l!l!i7 aud -.'1st July 1898 and numbered IIimw
and lniH k respectively.
haul Segigtry Office Victoria,B.C.
nth June, 1900
Meets InCrmwford'i Bail evi t\ VVednenJ,*
Evening. Visiting Brethern cordisll-y [nvit-M
to uttend.
.1   D. Mt I.VrV-III.AN.  (\ C.
���1 un     i
Private 1
���ut ients ci.no
I" 1
<ll|sl\ e    ul   ���   \|i
���Use Ol   |
��� la a
I III l,
ml d
1 ll|,'<
I'll    \V.   K   OoUM, Attendant  I'll-,
Mi-- g m   t nisiiii.M. Matron
I     I"    Ml  I.All.III.IV   1*1.-1 ll i  ���
\V  l, II inLKR,Secretary
Wm  DoxAllUK, J   V  M \itiin  II   i Mcl.ru*
\st;i s.l   Mt DnNAM*, Miki  RltM'Y, Dili I
SILVER CITY l.t'i ��.l  N"
Meetings ever] Friday   Eveniuw st !J
Claw lurd's    Hull \ i-itiui*    ' n 111**
eurdialis iu\ ite I to attend
REV, A M SAXFORD, V k-i tlraiid
i   F. I.Yo.Ns, AI.HFUT HAN l"
Seeretary, v      Urnml
A. F. & A. M.
Al.T.v LO] OS NO *i
Regular Communication held Hr��l niur��
���lay in en'b month in Mason! Hell it.')* -'
Soiounning brethern arc cordi    s invitci i
TllnM \- Hi:, u \
Service for the year 19W
will    be   commenced -H���"
loth.   The " Imperinl Un-'
ted"  takes >on   across the
Oentinent in lour ti-i.v-"l,h'
li     la   ||    ><lH('
out cnange. " |S "
vestlbuled train, luxurious-?
equipped with every i��<��sSI,,lt'
essentia] lor tho comfort an
convenience of Possenffefl-
Ask your friends who l"'v''
travelled on it, ornddrew
J. R. Orndjre,
A^ciit. Sandon.
W. Y- *******
T. P* A;
E. J. Ooyle,
a. a. i\ a., ,*1' ���"������.(
Vancouver, B.C.     Nelson.' j.;,
I   I  U'.fii'
\ ! if* i.!B
 H__ PAYSTliKAK, SANDON, B.C., JULY 21. 1900.
\ letter lias been received from Geo.
Watson, who is now iu the White Horse
country, In which be says that he has
been fortunate enough to open np a
coli| |e nf line copper properties, and
thai they are favorably located within
three miles of Ihe railroad.
Mi. Pollen, of Fort Steele, has an
option above the falls, formerly operated
In Charlie Edwards, Qui Theisi and
Jack Thompson, and is prospecting the
ground with a view to ascertaining1
whether there is sufficient pay there to
warrant hvdraulicing.  Should his hopes
be realised, there may once more be
extensive placer operations on historic
Perry creek.
I he Estella ffTOUp Of mines on Tracy
creek has over 800 feet of tunnels ami
drifts.   The Dibble mine, owned by  an
Ottawa syndicate, has over 700 feet of
tunnels and shafts    The Big Chief has
several hundred feet of tunnels, also the
Dupont group, Chickamon Stone. Old
Abe, Colossal, Bald Mountain, Golden
Five group, Minnie M., Tiger, John I..
and many others have from 100 to 600
feel "f tunnels, shafts and drifts.
i. I; Sherwood recently arrived from
Great Tall-, Montana, to work on the
Pelican, < ml I t-omiuioti and other claims
in which he is interested Those propel lies are located two miles south of
the Perry Creek and Kootenay company'*, and ha-'e had considerable work
done on them up to the present time.
The showing on the surface "f these
claims is snid to be remarkable, pan
niiigs of free gold running up to as high
a- $150 per too, which has open heen
obtained, ihe gold hoing quite coarsest
tLit. It remains to be demonstrated,
however,-whether nr nnl the gold will
nut he in a base form at depth.
The Perry Creek nnd Kootenav Mining
Company, Limited, i>> prosecuting work
mosl vigorously, and on the Pearl Is
now in 800 feet <>n a crosscut tunnel for
a large ledge which makes a very line
Bliowing on the surface. On the Ran
ning Wolf the same companv has a
tunnel In 10 I feet; tins is also in a very
large ledge,which,so far ns now known.
will makes good eynniding proposition.
Opposite the Running Wolf is the Elk
horn, also being worked, where there IS
n'1'l-fnol  tunnel  on  a   lead,  giving n
depth of about 150 feet, the conditions
regarding ore. are much the same as in
the others.
���I P. Rniley made, a find a few days
Run thnt makes an excellent start for
something good. It is located near
Swansea, and he has named it the
Pretoria, On the claim there appears
to lie three quartz veins, one in the
center, and one live feet from that on
���'���I'll side, and from appearance so far
i'1 n Kolld formation. A hole a few feet
i" depth has been sunk on the middle
vein, which was very narrow at the
R"i'face, but at the bottom of the hole
shows 15 inches of quartz, showing
������'op er pyrites and carbonates through-
"ul more or loss, and a 5-inch si\- r*,k of
galena said to assay $12 in sllvei and
v| "I gold,percentage of lend unknown,
��ul appearau -es would indicate from 10
to 25 per cent. The ore in many respects resembles thatof the Union .Jack
One hundred and thirty carloads of
��re were shipped during June from the
North Star and Sullivan mines, 20 miles
northwest of Cranbrook, all clean ore���
not concentrates-just as it comes from
the mines. The amount coming from
each mine is not known, but the major
portion is from the North Star. It is
not unlikely that the Sullivan's output
in three months' time will equal the
present output Of tbe North Star, and
the shipments will be no less than 200
cars per month from both mines, which
will average net to them, at a moderate
estimate. $14 per ton. At that rate the
shipment of the past month, allowing
180 cars, 22 tons to the car, must ha**e
netted returns of not less than $10,000,
aud this is believed to be a very moderate estimate, under rather than over
The St Eugene, at Moyie, 20 miles west
of Cranbrook, shipped 1800 tons of concentrates, or about 82 car loads���value
Unknown���but it is believed that $11
net returns would be a large underestimate, which would at this rate produce
$25,200 net. Added to the mines of
Kimherley camp, a grand total of $65,-
240 net returns would be given for the
mouth of June.
The Bnowshoe will have a To-horse
power boiler, pumps, drills, pipes, etc.
The Knob Hill shipment occupies the
space of IU cars, and the Snowshoe
takes up the balance. The cars left
Sherbrooke June 27, ahd are due now
at any time.
Last week additional sidetracks were
started on at no less than four different
mines by the C. P. R. near Phu-nix. A
track 2,600 feet long, or half a mile, was
run to the Winnipeg mine from the
Golden Crown spur; the Crown itself
has  an additional  side-track  50") feet
cured, and into which haven of unsound
mind many think he should never hava
been committed, has heen telling on
him greatly. Since his release he has
been endeavoring to raise funds for the
purpose of publishing a book entitled :
"The Most Infamous Fraud Ever Perpetrated by the Brain of Man,the Lunacy
Asylums of America," the proceeds to
be used in instituting against the state
a damage suit to the tune of $5,000,000.
Rut the one time prince of the London
stock brokers, editor of the London
Bulletin and honorary member of the
The shaft on the. Rambler, east of
Eholt, is now down 110 feet, most of the
way in ore. At 150 feet depth it is the
intention to crosscut. Six men are employed.
Harry McLaren has a claim on which
he has run a cut for 20 feet without
finding either wall of the lead The ore
i> red oxide of copper carrying stringers of quartz with copper sulphurets.
He calls tlii> claim the Alpha.
Work aggregating nearly 4,000 feet
has been done on the B. C. mine. Summit camp, ard the deepest workings
are down 272 feet About one-sixth of
Mio development has Ween sinking and
raising, the balance b i��*g drifting and
crosscutting Over 4,000 tons of ore
have I ecu sent to the Trail smelter
since shipments began last fall.
Alex Omon and Alex. Dorias have
just returned from a prospecting trip
up the east fork of the North Fork, and
reports what looks like the biggest
strike of the season in the way of
cooper. Thev brought down samples
from a group of live claims, the Poland.
Surprise, Wilbur, San Francisco ami
Wilfred, which they have located on
the west bank of the east fork of North
Fork, ahout 65 miles from this city. The
lead is said to be one nf the biggest ever
found in that section, and that the ore
is rich no one can doubt who sees the
specimens thev brought down, for they
show any amount of copper and some
Other mineral, which looks suspiciously
like telluride
I,, a few days a shipment of four
Straight carloads of machinery will
arrive in Phoenix camp for the mines
here. The shipment comes direct from
Sherbrooke, Quebec, from the shops of
the Jenckes MachineCo., which concern
has supplied the major part of the machinery in use in the Boundary. The
shipment consists of goods intended for
use on M��e Knob Hill, Grey Fagle and
Snowshoe mines In the Knob lli.l
and (.rev Fagle shipment is the new
10-drill Kami duplex air compressor,
with two so-horse power boilers, receivers, drills and other fittings, the
house for which is ready at the property.
discontinued March 1st. The object of
all this extra track-laying���8,600 feet-
is to facilitate ore shipments. In fact
I he Miner-Craves syndicate people flatly
refuse to commence shipping until
adequate facilities for handling empty
and loaded cars were furnished. As
they expect to initiate shipments by
sending out at least 12 or 15 cars of ore
daily, the handling must be reduced to
the minimum.
long; the Old Ironsides and Victoria Johannesburg Stock Exchange has
will have one Poo feet long, and the failed to raise the pittance necessary to
Knob Hill an additional track 5oo feet carry ont his project. Kenneth (faring-
In length. The steel for the side-tracks -^n Bellairs Is in want. He is doing
was taken up on the switchback over | nothing to earn a livelihood in Spokane,
the Bull Dog tunnel, use of which was | Th�� little belongings of value which he
had at one time he fell out of the window, resulting in his being declared of
unsound mind and sent to the insane
asylum, have been all sold at a sacri
fice, and judging from the following
note which he left in the Chronicle
office he is in had straits. "Please print.
Having had all my cash stolen from me
and my goods, by tbe officials of this
state or others, and having sold all I
could find at five per cent, of cost to me,
I am now living (literally) on dry bread,
and my next course is suicide."
Is this, then, to be the end of the one
time brilliant financier and journalist,
that made London startle 30 years ago
with his manipulations of the stock
market, and in a pamphlet that cost the
writer thousands of pounds to produce,
proving that the bible contained many
descrepencies?���Rossland Miner.
On the Alpine, a group of claims adjacent to the Golden Gate, a shaft has
been sunk for L8feet,which has resulted
in exposing a streak of mixed ore running ��12 gold, five ounces silver and
seven per cent. lead.
Jack Nelson obtained an option on
Thursday last on the Kootenays, a
group of claims adjoining the Nettie L.
The deal is for $18,000, to be paid within
a year. The group consists of two
full-sized claims and a fraction.
Work will be commenced on the
Lucky Jim, near the Mabel group, during the course of a couple of weeks. It
is the intention of the owners of this
property to sink a shaft and make a
test of the ore body, which has given
returns of over $150 in gold to the ton.
The chances are that this property will
change ban.Is before long.
R. Leckie-Ewing came down from the
Empire group, on the head of Cariboo
and Gainer creeks, a few days ago. A
force of men has been put to work on a
crosscut turnel, and are now in about
20 feet. The snow is going fast. Mr.
Ewihg has taken some excellent views
of the property and surrounding country It gives one a good idea of the lay
of the country. Work will be vigorously prosecuted from now on, and
supplies for the coming winter will be
taken as soon as a few repairs are made
to the Empire trail.
Kenneth   ffarlngton   Bellairs
Straits '����� Spokane.
in    I In id
'���Bellairs is Starving!" This startling
headline to an article appeared in last
Saturday's issue of the Spokane Chronicle and was the subject of discussion
among many of Mr. Bellairs' old acquaintances in this city. Since he left
Rossland nearly a year ago K ff. B. has
tasted much of the bitterness of lite in
the City of the Fails. His long stay in
the Medical Lake Insane Asylum, from
which he  was  recently  discharged  as
The following are the texts of letters,
bearing a recent date, exchanged between an aggrieved husband and his
delightful successor, both of Azuma-
Mura, Ashikaga district, Tockigi prefecture:
Mr. Sakichi Yamomoto.
Sir,���You have been guilty of improper flirtation with my wife, Tsune,
and the affair has greatly grieved me.
For this reason I have made varioiiB
complaints against you for your offensive
conduct, through the members of our
communal body, and you have sent me
endless apologies, but ��.s I find them
unsatisfactory, I have, like a man, decided to get rid of my wife, and do
hereby give and transfer her to you.
Henceforth I will not entertain any
lingering affections for the woman, and
in proof thereof witness my signature.
Kamerichi Fujikawa.
Mr. Kamerichi Fujikawa.
Sir,���It is undisputably true that I
have been guilty of intimacy with your
beloved wife,and on that account I have
sent you apologies through the members
of our communal body. You, however,
steadfastly refuse, to forgive and have
instead forwarded your wife to me. I
beg herewith to acknowledge receipt of
said wife, etc.
All hough the true end of all knowledge is action, and it is only for the
sake of action that knowledge is sought
by the human race, yet, in order that it
may be gained in sufficient breadth and
depth, it is necessary that the individual
should seek knowledge for its own sake.
���W. K. Clifford.
* f
If it
;, I-*
���   k\\\ r-f
5' ifll
�����. .i
1.1 ,v
i.i; <[
United they stand, divided they  fall
-business and advertising. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, JULY ->���
A Good Place to Stay Aicaq From.
Bill Dunn  returned on  Sunday last
from Cape  Nome.     According  to his
description the  much-advertised Arctic
gold field is a great place to keep away
from.    There  are between   thirty and
forty thousand  victims   of gold   fever
camped on a sand beach about 150 feet
wide.    On one side lies the  Arctic  sea
stretching away to the North Pole and
on   the   other is   the   tundra, or bog,
stretching, as Hill describes it, "to hell
and beyant."    There  is  only  this narrow stretch of sand   beach on which to
live.    Thousands of  unfortunates  are
huddled   together  here   in   tents   and
shacks of the telephone type.    There is
no drainage or  water  system  and   no
attempt whatever at sanitation.    When
a storm comes up the water  rises  and
runs right over the  beach, flooding the
town, but the   inhabitants   must   stand
and take it*���there is no place else to go
10.    There is no timber in   the vicinity.
Coal is so dear one can hardly afford to
look at it.    Kerosene is about the same
price as champagne and as for lumber,
it costs two  or three  fortunes to think
about   it   at all.    The   town   is under
martial law.    Gun   plays   are frequent
and toughs and plug-uglies more numerous than tinhorns in Sandon.    Gambl-
ers, gin dealers and the sporting element
have lots of money and bet their dust
in shovel-fulls. With few exceptions
the claims are no good. There are a
few rich streaks of pay gravel but there
are miles and miles of claims staked
thai are not worth the staking.
Hill met nearly all the Sandon crowd
while up there. Hob and Charlie Hammond have an outfit of six mules on
the beach and did good business while
the rush was on. Ed Mathews had
several tons of useless machinery on the
beach and was figuring on returning to
Seattle. Tom Tighe and Hilly Donahue were forty miles farther up the
beach working on some ground located
by Hilly Donahue's brother. Jimmy
Latham got married to a young lady
who was in the Reco hotel last summer
and is still in Nome. L. C. Lane is
back in Seattle looking for another
I will be Sandon from
July 25to to Aug. 6th.
We have just received a
large stock of Millinery at
our New Store and wish to
invite the Ladies of Sandon
to call and give it their careful inspection. Call early and
get the advantage of first
Choice. No trouble to show
Misses A. & M. flcKinnon
In a Small Shack But   Ready
To do a Large Business.
Wagons, Sleight, Ayarnjoes,
Harness and  Camp  Outfits.
Apply to
Albert Canyon.
We have tlu* finest line of Prospecting Supplies
that can be found in the Country. Do nol overlook our -atock when Outfitting for your Summer**'-*;
work in tlu- hill*.
R. H. Truemaii & Cos. views
of tlie Sandon Fire for sale at
Win. Parhams, Reco Avenue,
Sandon, IL C.
The New Clifton
m         "���" m*
This house has recently been
Completed and Kitted up. It
is one of the Nicest Hotels in
the Kootenay. If you have
an hour or a clay to spend in
town do not   fail to  call upon
John Buckley.
Arc   on    Hand.     We   have for Them
Wedding Kin^s
Of The Very  Finest Quality.
Brilliant Cut Glass
Sparkling and Bright,
The Most Beautiful, Useful and Durable of
^���In  Hollow   and   Flat   Ware __<^
Cut Glass and Silverware are
The  Favorite Wedding  Presents.
Jeweler and Optician.
Wall  Paper.
All  Kinds,
Shades-! Colors,
$���$ Heavy Stock on the +fc
��_���? way from  Montreal. ���$&
Shelf and Heavy
Plmn.>ini_v, Tin liin
Shoot Iron Work.
Mine and Mill
Blacksmith 'Pools,
Powder, Caps and Fuse
Don't  Order
?�� �� IT WILL BE IN *>�� *4
���$_*-? �� $fc   IN A   FEW    DAYS.   ���&
Thomas Milne & Co.
P. BURNS & Co.
Wholesale and Retail   Dealers  in
Fresh   and    )  Fish  and )  Dressed   ami
Cured   Meats >  Oysters.   S Live   Poultry
I    Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood
Crockery    -    Crockery:
We Have Just Received
A Large Shipment of
Finest Grocer}
We Garry Many Grades  and   Can  Quote Prices
to Suit Your Circumstances.
Call and See our Stock.
LJLBj-JJI^SJUU-j*^^ Bj-j-jUJUUl^


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