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The Paystreak Nov 26, 1898

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In th��-
1 rouble 0 oo ths green snd nothing
on ii.
Turn and Jerry wilt he in lows all
next month.
Tiiere waa a aiaaquerade hall in
Nakusp last Bight.
The Nelson Miner changes hands
on ii..* 1st ot the month.
A force ol men wss not to erork on
the Convention yesterday.
Captain Pltatahhe. of Kelson, Is
nc-vcring Iron, hia late Illness
W. 0. Cloepel ia acting Hold Com
tnissMier In pises af O. O. Dennis.
TrailWasile haa been dlseoversd
on *ilver mountsla, near New Den
The only thing  thst to
around fendon ts the   wood
novel. ^^^^^
Mr. and Mrs. Stirrett ere iroprov
in* rapidly and sre now past all
Another rteh strike  was made in
the No. 1  tonne! of the. Bona on
Mr. Sutherland and Mrs Vender*
berg were married In Naku-p on
Sv White, theasndoopngulua. hs*
s wrap oo with Bill)* Hawkins at
There are IS hotels w Cascade
City, and no ens foes dry If they
hsve the price.
Watch this paper nest week lor
the sds of all oar leading snd enter
prising merchants.
The miners will held a meeting
ri>is evening to rarther ll* organize-
tion of their anion.
Hugh Sutherland has rrcrntly
purchaaed some mining properties in
the Netam Dtvtoloo.
iv.as.--_n Bandon. ��n  Monday.
-1stin*., ths wife* X   J   Cava
��*>igh of a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Dodiey Blackwood
are occupy ing Jim Williamsons
residence on Ssnnyslde.
It is reported that Uie Bank  of
< xnmeres haa pnlled out of ����� reen
wood and gene la Midway.
C. K. Hamn-wr* took �� band A
���utiles to Vernon last week, where
they will spend the winter.
Work haa keen resound on the
Wonderrul. Pate Lai** commenced
work on a tunnel eootrset this week.
It is rumored that there is trouble
in store lor Larry tt-oUn. He to
aeeused of shooting st Cariboo out A
II there ehanld ha aynother Provin
eisl election Mia iworted thst BUI
Hunter wttltje la the Held against
Bob Green.
W. J. Twtoe, oT Kaslo, fa msklng
���oma elegant rustles for business in
Ssndon. He ia representing the
Mutual Ufa.
D. H Yoong waa through the Mo-
can thia week. He to ���^f^l
making ahoat #500 a day out ol his
Nelson paper.
Bandon to s little quiet this week *,
the lull before the storm. X'inss is
due next month, and everything
will bum then.
J. C. Harris, of New Denver, will
"���*?rti,le winter in Kngland. He
will put in s system of water works
nest summer.
Nakusp ukes the medsl for petitions snd subscriptions. It to a chilly
dsy when some kind of a miit is not
held <mt to its citizens.
Scott McDonald will spend the
���Inter in California in search of bet
t*r health. Carl Hand, of Butte,
will manage tire Payne.
The firewood now sold In Sandon
is an green that this office hss engsg-
ed soother man to keep the office
stove from freezing to death.
R. J Broddy is looking after affairs
st the Mollis Gibson landing while
Bruce White t�� attending to aome
Important business in Maine.
Mrs. Yates, formerly of Helena,
Monu. sn accomplished musician, is
organizing classes for instruction on
the banjo, guiur snd mandolin.
Charles K. Hammond will spend a
month iu Denver, Colorado. As his
best girt lives in that city Charles
will no doubt be in clover during
X'uu*. week
There is �� hot time in Kossland.
Rsee i* the Miner has hsd Kber
Smith of the Record arrested on a
charge of criminal libel. Smith Is
���mr on W,��tM bail.
F_caf>ing gas from coal stoves has
caused the death of many people by
ssphy-tstkHi. There is* no danger
from this complaint in Sandon. The
hnildings are too well ventilated.
The Ruth Mines will build a con
ccntrator in Sandon. Tlie mine will
be connected with bv a tram. Sev
ersl houses on the hill will have to
be moved to make room for the mill
"Chndlatiek Dan" Murphy goo
to Spokane ro day In search of a new
reputation to replace the one which
in the maleairom of Sandon sporting
life has got all shot to 'fVi-% m}**
Charley Walmsley's horse ran
a way on Monday and broke its leg.
The animal hsd to be shot as its in-
furies were considered incurable.
Charley imported another horse from
SI.nan City.
Jim Wigglngton and Conrad Bill
gazed on tlie sights of Sandon on
t-UredSV evening. It is said thst
thev captured the elephant and took
hint away on the train the next
The impromptu hop held in Virginia N***1 on Thursday evening wa>
an unqualified success. About forty
couples were in attendance and th��
music was furnished by the Sandor
In Nakusp on Tuesday night,
shack occupied by two Frenchmer
burned down. The occupants save,
nothing hut the shirts they had on.
and the community had to ��tak��
them to fresh clothes.
The Thanksgiving dinner at tin
Palace was simply np to date, and
every epicure  who sampled it was
1 satisfied that John and Charley are
well acquainted with the way to
please the inner anatomy of man.
Mrs. Brown entertained a number
ef her friends with a dancing party
in Crawford's hall on Tuesday evening. Quite a large number of guests
were present and the pleasure of the
occasion was a tribute to tbe hospitality of the hostess.
R. H. Trueman has leased part of
E. M. Sandilands building and will
open a photograph gallery. Mr.
1 rueman will be here only a month
and as he to one of the best artists in
the Dominion be will no doubt have
a busy success.
The St Leon hot springs on Arrow
Lake are making a bid for the miners'trade. The rate for board to
11.25 cents a day and baths free.
The water is said to be equal to that
at Halcyon. The whiskey we have
heard nothing about.
For some time past outside gamblers have been in the habit of slip*
ping into the Slocan and asperating
the citizens from their legal tender
by the latest and most approved
methods. The boys should confine
themselves to local talent and keep
the money around borne,
Many of tbe recent appointments
in Kootenay by the Provincial government do not -seem to satisfy tbe
general public Care should be taken to aupaist only competent men.
If this to done the public service will
not be injured. Otherwise there will
be trouble In many a camp before
the century closes.
David W. King, representing tbe
Great Falls smelter, has been in town
during the past few days on an ore
purchasing expedition. D. W. will
no longer be actively engaged in tbe
sterile field of journalism as he has
found an occupation for which In
will receive something more substantial than glory for remuneration.
The time of year draws near when
a new council will have to be provided for Sandon. What is the
matter with Cliffe for mayor? He
has more brains, it is said, than any
.Hirer man in the camp, and a position of this kind would satiate his
.imhition, and prevent bim standing
all the time on such a stiff as his
paper has been sines it first made its
weakly appearance.
��� It is reported that the C. P. R
��� will straighten the curves on the N.
A S. railway. If they could depress
the grade faster time could be made,
but then tho expense would be tre
mendous and it can hardly be ex
nected that such on improvement
will be made.   The C. P, R. is giv
ng a good service and improving it
ts fast as possible.
Some day it might change the boundaries of the Dead Line in silvery,
snowy Sandon.
In many parts of the United States
when a hero of the late unpleasant-
ness with Spain comes home the
young girls of the town meet him at
the station and kiss him until his
lips are weary. Some of ths soldier
boys bave resisted and get away
without being osculated, which in
every case waa a disappointment to
the gentle hero worshipper.. If
these girls want to he kissed tbey
should come to Sandon. Thia town
is full of heroes who have not been
kissed for veato, and we will guarantee that tbey will please the girls
even if they dih not smell powder in
Cuba last summer all ragged ont in
The shipments of ore from July
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sandon.
Slocan Star,
Last Chance,
Wonderful Bird
C M Wilson
Treasure VssH
Miller Creek
7,410 tons.
The girls of Che red curtain society
in Nelson will likely have to remove
-.o amie more secluded  part of the
arrg. Tbe neighbors complain about
he thumping of the   pianos and
alter sounds that mar their slumbers.
The business men say that that end
if Baker street is needed for other
I ourposes than the illegal retailing oi
I iquorand easy virtue.   Thus will
Ihe advance of civilization sweep
away the Whitcohapel of Nelson.
Prom Concentrator Siding
Idaho 8941
Alamo 471
Cumberland :       56
Queen Bess, :      707
Prom New Denoer.
Bosun :      2441
California :         60
Prom Whitewater.
Whitewater 150
Jackson 36
Whitewater Deep 19
Prom McGuigan.
Rambler 65
Antoine :         75
14,262   tons
Total,    __:   ^H	
Shipments over the K. A S. for tbe
week: Payne 50, Slocan Star 60,
Over the C. P. R. for the third
week In the month: Payne 12Q,
Total for the week from Sandon:
307 tons.
From Three Forks for the week :
Idaho 6a
From Whitewater: Whitewater 45
Jackson 35, Whitewater Deep 19.
Lady ZettsandtheHewett Musette
at Spencer's to-night
Mr. Meeke���The paper says the
judge reserved hie decision. I don't
see why It to judges invariable pot
off deciding a point until next day.
Mrs. Meeke���Huh! Judgee have
sense enough to want to consult their
A Railway Wanted.
John J. Langstaff gets off the following in the Trout Lake Topic:
As a general thing this community
is not of a more philanthropic temper-
ment than any other section of its
heft, but circumstances, recently,
have to a great extent broadened its
views and softened its heart towards
struggling humanity and made it
long with a deep and intense longing
to help Jew and Gentile alike, regardless as to whether they be sincere followers of the precepts of Moses
or hard .shell Baptists.
We have come to this, the turning
point of our moral and intellectual
career because we have an abundance snd to spare of the luxuries of
life in the shape of gold, silver, copper and lead. The first two are for
the convenience of adults in all walks
of life, the third may be minted and
serve to purchase unbounded bliss,
on holidays, for the rising generation
of eastern Canada, and the last may
be made up into neat, conical pills
and administered io judicious quantities to the French and Russians, to
.My the a��*ute biliousness from which
they are at present suffering.
Then ion't let ns forget the C.P.R.
with its weaitb of starving, shivering
shareholders, many of whom have
not tasted a $10 meal in the past ten
years. Poor unfortunate fellows!
And we have the wherewithal lying
around loose among onr hills and
valleys to buy them anything from a
red cotton handkerchief to a stab* of
chronic obesity and which we would
he willing to distribute among these
thousands of deserving poor if we
H'*only had a box car or two and something more firm than a streak of dun
colored mud to push them over.
Then, look at the many thousands
of needy Americans who are depending on the supply of Canadian lead
to keep the wind from whisteling
graveyard melodies through their
skeletons; bow fat they would grow
on a reinforced diet of pumpkin p>
and corn dodgers, all bought with
our surplus silver and lead. How
the struggling, drown tug- smelter
man would find within his reach the
means to buy a pretty little blanket
trimmed with red and ornamented
with silver bangles, to cover the
nakedness of his shivering little
poodle dog, with, perhaps enough
over to make a crazy quilt to warm
the chilly little limbs of an employes
child. And all that prevents his
wife and child from supping on
pearls, a la Cleopatra, is the lack of
a two-railed thoroughfare somewhere
in the neighborhood of Trout creek
Our editorial soul is titled with
gloom of tire rich, dusky color ot
lampblack when we think these
thoughts, and as we scan the ore-
laden shelves of our cshinet we
would pawn our pup If we could All
some or those poor and needy out-
aiders with our lead, taking in exchange hardtack and a Blake crusher (to digest it.) When we consider
��� that we hsye at least one half the
silver and lead of West Kootenay,
gold to beat the Klondike, copper
enough to change half the population
of Canada into noble red men. porcupines and fool hens enough to provide
a square meal for Uncle Sam's stand
ing army, but no jack rabbits, hardtack or railroads, our heart taints
with despair and we would fain be
once more browsing among the quiet
homesteids and quieter graveyard*
ot Brace, where the wind is tuned to
the 100th psalm and the price of beer
to 5 cents _ bootleg.
Up-to-date Pishing.
New York Journal���For the past
few days testa have been made of the
big new guns at Fort Wadsworth
and Fort Hamilton. Yesterday the
big guns boomed almost incessantly.
Every time ihey boomed all the fish
I within a radius of a mile were stunned. These fish floated out to sea
with the tide in the afternoon, and
when the tide came in again the fish
came too. Within a halt an hour
after the discovery of the r-tystreak
of fish was made hundreds of persons
were on the spot. They had buckets,
bags, baskets, wagons, hand harrows
and pushcarts. It was an easy matter to rill any sort of a vehicle or
recepticle, As fast as the fish were
picked up other fish were washed tn
to take their places. Boats also were
utilized, and when Fulton market
opened to the public the glut was so
great that tish could be had at sny
Possible Combinations at Poker.
In a deck of fittv-two cards there
are 2 598.960 poker hand*, or that
manv different combinations of five
cards each. There are l.COisMO
possible combinations embracing ism*
pair, although there art; of course
only Itt different pair* in a deck.
There are 123.552 possible combine
tiorts of five cards including two
pairs; 54,-12 possible combinations
including three of s kind, lOriu)
straights, 5,108 flti��hes, 3.714 full
hands, i'24 hands of five cards, including four of a kind, (although
there are only thirteen different
f>mr*)*, 40 straight fiu*hc*. 4 royal
flushes and one hand ��*_" l'����ur ace*.
Hoyle used to contend that four ace*
comprised the last hand in poker,
because if four aces were out in one
hand there could be no royal Hu*h
out agaiust it. But the introduction
of the j >ker in a royal flush w.trlil
till it out against four aces hence
Hoyle's rrrle is not regarded safe by
modern player's of the game.
Never judge a man by the clothe*
he wears. The man with the hair
protruding from a hole in his hat.
with his coat tattered and torn, and
with airholes in his pants where th��*y
are subject to most wear, may be the
editor of your local paper, while the
man with the patent leather shoe-*.
tine clothes snd silk hat may be only
a delinquent subscriber.���Silverton
Harriman Hattan So you Button
people are talking ot annexing a few
hundred square miles to the city ?
You want a "Greater Boston" do
Mrs Back bay -No; that would lie
an impossibility. Wc want a larger
There is some serious charges
ag'in this candidate for  town clerk.
Yes; but bo's in favor of annex in'
the Philippines.
Bobbv���Popper, what Is a hostile
Indian ?
Mr. Ferry���One with some good,
arable land.
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
NOTICK ts hereby iftvaii thnt at tha ttxplrn.
tion of thirty days from ilu'���� I will M|��|*lv to
tha Livens* Commissioner* of tha City ot
Sandon for a renewal of my IlcansaTorthc
Waldorf Hotel, situate on Kaon Jtvanaala tha
City of Sandon,
I .!.��. Kit iumimon.
Bandon,Novatnber l*th, ldiw.
W��ek In. week out. from morn till ni*bt.
Yon ran hoar the ham mar- _<��
And a* they to they tall the ilusbt
From their pedaatnl al) In a row.
But tha strika shall ��������������* with prke* rtfht
And tha chorus raduee to solo.
liar* ar* style. In�� lo. k�� to suit each Wtata,
From plain da��l��n to rich and <rhasta;
And what will wake you up at mom
A >lock with loud and *um alarm
No house need have uncertain tim��
But hourly may enjoy the chime,
11 yuu should sea I bam lor ��.mr����lf
Tbay will not loot adorn tin- shelf.
So much for cloak* : now for your ey����,
Should w**kn��o��� prematura ari-r.
Think what a world of baaul��"* lo*l
N��HCi����ritnt such a trtJlfn* cost
Kara yon may have SpOclan'* skill ;
No random tit -ha Sil* th.. lit!
Ohjact* unknown i-mtor* you'll Snd.
**4*ht   ��ir��nftb*ned tuna*   aod   .tranathe&a
In brooch*., rimr�� and tr��-m��, th* ratr
May Snd variety rich and ran*
Home lovina .wain aisy .how his l��v*
It- pit-to*, like -Mil** nhu*��
KmMi-m. of lava constant proclaim
lu accent. swaet tb* ti��M'�� name
In ��rtt��-l��M> of .ilt*rw����rw
Hip ha. a ��toek that t�� compare
for rlcsnt.!-, bright u**��, ware a t ����k
And taty (n.-lerate prt<-* ��IM a��k
r*��>r chain, and .tn I. and pin* aod rharm*
r-astt \o��r aa.tha*!*' ta����a to arm*
r*>.o*> artkd** ytm'lt Snd oa *i��w
And ot bar* uf Uka m-rii too,
When* pandaat watch tha * i.*������ tffwef *.
��� Hi B����o, <hi-? ot **����j��.l..n �����������������. >
Jeweller and Optician.
Ntrrw r ���:. hereby aiven that   applicationa��lt
v.-* ma I* to ih�� I -ji .i-m. Amamhty of Bni
Iditvdnmlda at it. n*��tt w��t���� lor an act tm
in-orpnrat��a rompeuy un W the mid* o! th.
linti.l. ColumbiaTels-dione. Limit-1" fur the
pnrpiMa^d rsmWlui tb# e<��-tnmnt so to Ins i��
corporate �������� acqulra and takr over all rtcht*
powar*. pri%ita#a��, fraochi��a�� and a��*>*4 bald
hy tba"New Wa.tmiu.ter* Borrwrd Inlet Tel*
ephone Company, Umi����d " aod TVw V.m.m
A Nelson Telapbona Company." and ve**i���a
the ��sm��in th*company ��>l- tm im nrporutad
��ml i��> itoutii* tha liabtliti*. entarad into by
th<-afoiaioil .otnp-nta* nnd for lbs confer?
in* upon the ��-..! Company mo to be Incorporated tbe pnw��-r�� to SSnhaat, l��a��a, take o.er
or oiharai m a<- |uira tha riaht., pei.llaaea
fraaoktsas, i-.w^r* and #.��*(�� of any compaor
in any par* <d tha I'n.vlnr* or Rftttsb ���'���dain
hia bavina similar (lk)��fate tha rompsny -n
���ol* tyaffiaratad,ami tm amaUtama*awith
��uch other oomissov or toSlpSStSe and U��
op��rat�� and carry on tha htidoa.��of th# aforw.
all rompativ m mt(|iiiraI or to ha acquired
and fcr th��' coofcrrina upon the .ahl com-
pany mo to I* Incorporated of all sach i����,����r.
a.ouivU nac-����ary to fully aadaomplataly
uarr>-on and o|-.rate tha works af..r-*nl>l....
lhit.nl ihl. nth day of Nnvamhar. A. 1�� ISM
At* I'Hit.t.ilaS Wu.iiaus
Hidioit'irs for Appli anU
Cart if tests of Impravamsnta
tituate In fhe Hl����can   Minkiift   l��.��i.lr,��i   ���i
Wa��t    Koot*nay   Id.trint    Vi'hara l��a*at.
��.!:   Jolnio*  M.c    iHilulh   ��talm   In Mc-
(Inlaan Basin.
Take SSllat that I. A H Parwcll.actluc a,-
aacntforW A, Hendrys, rW Miner*. iVr
nScnta No. am> a. and K. II. Tomlinson. rra.
Miner-�� Cartirkat*. No. nam. Satand, sl*ti*
layMfroai t<l��d��l��. Umrmol, to apply to tha
Mlninn Banordar for a C��rtiilint�� of Im
lirovcmcnt., for the purposa of ohtainina i<
Orown (Irnnt ��.f the ��h..vc clelm.
And further ink* notic* thnt action, nndet
#eti��ti .17, Usual he rommancad tod ora tbe
Ue-atutasf ��iuhr��rtirUtate sflstfwsvtaasats
A s Vanwki.i.
Daiad thi. mil day of Bapttatbar, r��*
NOTICX U bataby al***n ths�� .1 ih* ����
plratlon of thirty days from tbe fir.t Wb|_
alloo baraof the under%����n^t will ��w,iv ,0
tb* Ukwuce Commisaioncr- of lbt( Itj f MI^
don for a Ileum* to sail iiq_���f by r��utl *t
their pramiwr. sltoata on IWm Av,nu, ,n ,b.
City uf Sandua.
Warasuss a Wimmkum
Hand on. Orto)����r rrnd. isms
CsrttflOSta af Improvamantt
TismiriiK riucrios
Hlluata  In the MTwran    ||inli>��  |Svh_ea ..��
We��l Kootatiay Ihmlgmtt.   Wh#r- i<*-*��w|. jhj
TaSSn-tlew that I Arthur B r"sr��.l! u,nt
for A. W HaOtwt, No tiry; w |. h,^^ s,
SfcSa, tt. V He4Nma.No atom, and iauts* Or*.
ham, No iwaak, r��t��ts.|. ��*my day. fi u. %���*
batwof, lo apply to tb�� Mis.h _ K��> erd, i
CWtihcataof Improtam.nu for it., pmrpmm
of <>>��tadnlu�� a Crown Umnt ��f tw . ..
a (aim
Aral fnrtbar tuka notira that action, aadsr
mmttotk St. must ha tamtoMw*!  >-'-,��� ik.
t��.uao<-* ul M*<-h tlartilkalu ol Imprwi srasau
Ilafed tbb l|th 4mt ot mwtamhmt, ;nm
A S, r*.ttucn.
('prtillrat�� of ImprotrtnonU.
tian* liA% MOntRAi.��i MM
BltliatUla thajyoranlllnin* l*io ���,..;>   ' VV..I
K<-"���'*��.*e   |H.-��irt*'-t    \Vh����*   I   ��������
I'sro* Ifoatktaio
T.*�� i.'.ia- ihs* I A   H rarwall  �� I
mgmttt tot  John Bouuh,   r*~* titamf* l
f.tr No Mills intend, slsit >i��m  ti> ���    !>���--
hSSMi,��- a|>plt to I ha Minii-r* It.
CartUlcat*��� wf Improt^maot.. }������* '
of ot-taii.ti.* a OSaaa Otrsat of th��**��*i,��
AM furtbar take n��i i> * that a* ���
tm\AAma At   must h* tuaaawnesnl  ���.'.(���'���--���
Uoutiiv of .uf hiVf.tn. -i* of Impraiaiaaal.
|tute.l tbt. pub day ��.��f *vi
At* r_aa*.n
Cert I Urn te of Iwprovsrornla.
OnCH* l��AV   ritAtTIttN   MINKBAI.   �� I CM
Hitaate   In   tha   Htoean   Uloiog  I'"'-
Wo.t bootcnav dl.irkt    Whsr.  <    ��"��'
On rwyna Mountain
Ttaaaulkatbat I. A B rbrwall. . ���   < ��'
*C��nt for John lw��u��h, r*��-�� Miaar*.��-f
No ltH4A.intaad.sUty amy* ftwmdst.
of. to applr to tba Minina Bae��rd��r L t *��"
tilicat��.of Improsament*. r��t th. pan**** ��'
obtalninaa Cmwn tIrani of ��>>.   -
And furtbar take notic*  thst ��
asrtion W. mart W  commciw**!   ���*'< '
i_.ua n.* of suah tVrtittcal* of li.i ����������-��-'"'*
I*ulad thisPth dat of  Beptamt* r !**
AH r��������
Csrtlfieats el *-~ot*o- mante
CHICAtIO ANI�� iiWI M!NH��M  I I *'u'
Hiluata in   ths  Sl.��>an   Mlaina   I" '
Wa.t Kaetaaay Hksrtci   When
In tha Nohl* Flva .Hdc. ivlna   ����� �������� ' '    "
Nohla ri%saroup.
T4aKNim.*thail.J   H   Oraj ��� ' ��'
*��ci.l for Byron N   VVhit-.  In" Nn;���' ���'
IrtentoNo 4.-WH.W.II    Kranklu,    If.-*'"
��� r-   fcrtim-at-    No     !.�������*���*.    �����*���   T,,'^i"
llctlowan.Kraa Miner's Cartlfl.��'- >" ���"
intend aidays fwm   ��he data hereof ������������������_
���o tha Minina border f.-r arVrtUl.��'��� �����'
itrovsuians for the above elalm..
Aa| rurthsr take notice thai <��� '| '    ���"^
��cilon  fTf.must I* SOBUBantwi  '"'""
issuanoa of su��h OatMltUta ����>*''��*r ""
l>atodtbl-��hdayof Bomber.  1**
J. II    U��A��
mAM'va. BAlUftOA*   BfflMrlNO.
\,l,eat mi ihm *-**���* Wartbara tat* tha
Ths contrast hss boon lot for the son-
iiruction of tho Netseo k Bedll_iru><i
railway, which Is Jlta HHlectrt off from
bi, irana-i��nttn��d*l Una at Bonner*
rcrrvUiKooseaajr Wrtco aod its neigh-
boring territory. Polsy Bros ft Guthrie
have received the contra-t. ktid their
, r . meutiaiohavetbe roadcomputed
and oi running order by May 1 It is io
u ol aiaodard guago, .so as lo enable
rmr�� to bo traosoerio* from the mala
IBM without breafctttg of hoik. The In-
t*r national Steaiahost Co s ttccS ol
tmaeXa and scows will handle Um* btiai
,lc*a on Kuoteaay lake, with head
Nelson is to hsve s public library.
Csscade City is how the home of two
Cascade City is infested with sneak
The Thistle Hotel, Silverton, has reopened.
Work on the Doncan River railwav
will also be poshed, the contract colling
l..r (be o-oaintctifMS Of So snlles of road
I--1 It is to he rsady for bu*due*a by
September 1. 100*. them two road's
mess much lo Kaalo aod the M<*an
nmntrv.as a Host active competing
hue will bo tntrodoosd lor a ahare of
Ihe growing feoaltiee* ef the arreral
mining ramps. 10 the ljtr*r��i l��unr*.n
rouutry artt scores. A Bin* proprrtte-,
only a trailing the arrival ��la rail a.n
io -, ul rheta on a penaaoeat shipni-^
ha��t* Thia wilt he guaranteed them
bv thcrtHietrOCtion of the Ihtnran Ki\��r
railway, It can he extended mo a�� ro
up tlte Trout take snd lib-iiiewari
. npe, reat-taltignjrttt luto tbe heart oi
< i ll. ti*rrilorr. M��rwvv��i. K elite-,
Tramway Act Will he lakeu ad* auta^r
of. snd tOnnasllOg tramway* will it*
baiH whorrver dtseotrd necew-trv.
v.��urhasftMgte tho camp every (arilii.
.����� ><mhu ue\-h ptoeot
A < ..all* t- wtu aha* be (ufor-tad am the
K A - ai u It*, -jroagt* witl be��t�� t*(.o
. ��t-i.idaid ntesu.e*me i,.-._h,ii,'.s.i
5 < ����e brought rtjjhl intn the country.
simI direct tranupnrtalKM. ���wt>vt<ted imta
u* mines t�� ** A ��� series n sjimMera.
' .rraterttaimrt as the pe..|4r .nth.*
vanity is tt* direst .totewot thai lb.*
h a ,V silt be extended !������ de fdorati
take << utilry-.thrtlraat^orthcru mean
><*K I** .Met into sttBQg c-mipetitam lot
i'n-��\iaMieo irujUiSSS Sa...,..,-,,_ on
( o* ���udwoTia. steOO.   h ts pretty cwr
un io horjrfMttf Oown to the iieiighhur
�� **d uf Two Mile anyway.   One ol the
leading ateo in   the ramp elate* thai
��� .to ��irrles si  K<***iai��l are aware m
*->''isc4tli*i|lw��Bfci��r|oi*.* mine will
*hi.rtl�� pass Into tht�� rontr-4 of the Hrit
i--i AuuTtrnCTp ration    It is pointed
a that three ol la. oirectors ol the
l��lt��r ittafiiit|iaoarvsttiieiv inter****!
with Jim lltll IB the msn-ysnient Athe
'-n-si Northern. H��t**e ll i* the stou-
�����ent carries so WMi cortsini v, as the
��� uetiaiee ere reserves of Ten Mile's
i����nattsa woold furnish considerable
tonnage to the new road New [VnvtM
*��*��mo be tapped hv a ��wiubl-t< k, and
��������������� lown and ether* tm tlte l��ke will
euaiy rtaioced ratea atal a rhsis-c'-t*
���***lwt Hiatorv Is ��|tticklv made in
Kiartenay ���The Ledge
 ~1r4V*~ -4>-~   '       ���    '   -
STIttrOK   THB   B|��   OftS   CNi'TR.
Revehrtoks is again sgltsting for in-
Ntsfsra, Boundary's new town, is enjoying s boom.
The teamsters and packers in Ymir'srs
busy ss bearers.
F-sighting from Brooklyn to Cascade
coate one cent per pound.
The work on the new C.P.R. shops st
Kcvelstoke is almost completed.
Tlte Bsnk of B. N. A. is figuring on
opening a branch ar Cascade City.
Three large steamers wilt ply between
Fort Steele and Jennings next year.
C St. Berbe. of Nelson, is the agent
lor Crow's Nest coal in this district.
So*ne ��*��, ��>) l*�� to b? spent in protection work*on the Oluiubis, at Uevel
Fifty coke ovens havs lieen completed
at Fernle. Tbe product i* s very superior article.
John Bogere, o( Brooklyn, has been
given six months, for |��ating a worth-
teas cheque.
The Ktchange 4 Safe Depoait Co., of
Bast Kootenay, will opera a branch st
lira fid Forks.
Jaa. Brereron, a cartienter, formerly of
Btoosa Citr. died of fei-er on Thursday
ml I a-i.-i'le I "HV.
h- rbtiik al British Columbia is to
_,*u a branch at lioortaod, making ive
|tiattk�� iu thai cit>
Navigation on the Kootenay river to
Fort Steele it to b�� improve*! by the Dominion authori '
Friday night the workmen In the No.
I tunnel ofthe Bosun broke inie the
���������g onf chute showing io the foot �� the
No, i .haft, This Ht over 80 feel from
the line of tha shaft and is evidence
that the ehota dips towards Ihe lake
There it*mr4eet lo the breaat of the
����innet iiMBlBlBlllg golens, csrhotiatea.
xino and awague, hot it will **>" he ai
��roi loSolakM In the No.tnnrt
ore has again come in, msklng the
g-'neral appearance of the prooertv UJ
h r cent. batt# than last wet* * ��_
��<ithe^�� �� ahsd hsa Iteeo sto|tpj*d
t. n.|mrir?r oad the men pm InsWr
l UlTwos! Mslaovr Sandiford rt<ceft��d
rrinrnrfroCnros ckr losds of ore sent
h�� the Chicago 4 Aorora and tlie Belbj
works, giving a net profR ovar)snnt
penses of |4?16 08. TfStertlsy the Hr*t
"hliaaam from tho No. r tunnel wa>
���natla. It carries consldershle sine, n it
'���re returns aro oonaidered highly satis-
rims hundred and fifty Nova Scotian
miners ami their fsodliss have been im-
l*orr����1 in in remit*
Karl Neil-el, one time an aeaarer in
Kaalo. a a* married recently to Miss L
Burmaeier in Spokane
The wife of Dr. Gomin. Sandon, died
at San Francisco recenily, after a short
marriage of ail months.
Wood at Nelson ts sold at ���'< ;ier losd,
and the dealers refuse to sell to any man
who insist*on me_��orin��� it.
W. Krbftloh purpiM*a building s
���Reamer to ply outhotVlambia betOeen
K��*ver��(��lte snd the Big Bend.
The aurvey of rhe V. V. _ KB R.
has made connertkmi from the west
��11 h I he i   A W  at M id way.
Titers is talk of ihe (ireut Northern
putting on a summer to run bom North-
port north ou the Columbia river.
Creditors of theC. A K. Steam Navigation Co. must send in their claims to
l> M. Rogera,  Victoria, by December 7.
It is reported Hugh Sutherland has
purchased tbe Nelson Miner. D. J.
Beaton, lata of Winnipeg, is the editor.
A "didn't know it was loaded" rifle
in the hands of 0. j. Vail killed a man
named I> McKenxie, at Vernon, recently
Tbe Hall Mines smelter has acquired
tbe right to 150 incites of water from
Sand creek, lelow Nelson. It is to be
Homed to the works.
S Harklerode was sssaulted by A.
I jamb, last wet*, at Cascade City, and
itltd from the efforts of his injuries. His
asaailant was let off with two months
for common assault.
It is again rumored that the C. 1'. K.
will commence work on ��be rock bluff,
on   ths   -**m  -tout  four  miles  from
Arm   sbout
Arrowhead   nestJ-^-JJT-J^|ie'hwd
ejgn to building ths rsu����J w
oi Kootsosy Iske.
Work Is'to be resumed on the Noble
rour, on Lemon creek.
The miners around Sandon sre organising a Miners' Union.
More men hsve been added to the
Kambler force, increasing it to 80.
The Dardanelles keeps steadily at it,
sod their assays are showing 200 os. ore.
The new xtrike on the Fisher Maiden
runs 295 oz. in silver and 50 per cent,
John G. Devlin has the contract from
eastern parties to run 150 feet of tunnel
on the Boston, a claim on Morphy
Msnsger Rimmetmeyer, of the Emilv
Edith, endeavored to obtain F. �����
Byron's third interest in the Fidelitv
during the week.
Two men sre working on the Mollie
Hughes putting- things insbspe for the
winter. No word has yet been heard
from parties holding the option.
New bun-houses, to hold 48 men, hsve
just been completed st the Idaho. The
old ones were swept sway by s slide.
There is four feet of snow st th* mine.
The White Spsrrow group, on Lemon
creek, owned by Slocan City parties,
promises to torn out s fine property.
Tlie surface assays go ss high ss |50 in
J. Provost will develop the Lome
group, on the Nelson slope this winter.
Two tunnels sre in on the vein 75 snd
49 feet respectively, snd tbe showing is
Work on the Palmito, adjoining the
Queen Bess snd owned in London.Ont ,
is steadily advancing. Two hundred
feet more in the No. 3 will tap the ore
The long raice between Nos. 2 snd 3
tunnels hi tbe Vancouver is completed.
Ore is being broken down in Isrge
quantities sad it maintains its high
Ssturday night the owners of the
Anglo-Saxon group were in 20 feet
under gound, hsving msde 13 feet in 10
shifts. Thev had 20 feet more to go to
tap the ore chute.
J. Pilon snd A. Tunks sre working
on the Csbin fractional claim, ad joining
the Pinto of the Mollie Hughes group.
A csbin is being erected snd the claim
will be developed during the winter.
A esr load of ore will be shipped from
the Black Grouse ss soon as it can be
token out. A recent assay shows 146
ounces of silver. This is one of the
properties owned by Major Furlong on
the north fork of Carpenter.
Stock in the Viking Gold Mining Co.
is to be placed on the market.   The
Sroperty is on Springer creek, close to
locsn City, snd is owned princ-pslly in
Slocan City snd hers. Several thousand
dollars worth of work has been done.
Assays give 1412.50 per ton in gold sod
Fourteen men sre st present working
at tbe Washington, pushmg forward the
tunnels into the Slocan Boy ground.
These properties being now under the
London A B.C. Goldtlelds msnsgement,
the winter's operstioas will result in
large bodies of ore being blocked out.
The force will be largely increased in ths
Connection hss been msde during ths
week by the Csnsds Western Telephone
A Telegrsph Co. snd the Inland Telephone A Telegraph Co., snd messages
can now be telephoned direct from Koot-
ensy to Spokane, or for that mstter to
Mexico. .
Machinery for the Dundee concentrator, near Ymir, has srriyed from Milwaukee, snd is being rapidly Installed.
The building is completed and it will
not be long before the machinery is
THINK   MUX   AGAIN   0��   __.
Dark sot-row** wings brood otar ory soul,
And'oeatb their banaWiwer
My hopes have w-Bered iu5lb*_rwi
Naaronrf      _________
From pangs of anguish
Thy tove moat ne'er, ne'e
Think una aaaia of ma
When lathe haft* of revelry,
Of music and of mirth, _^
Oh. I woalS have tSse in O���par'
That e'er we met on earth!
And waste H not on me.
Tbe shell that* by ceean east
Upon tbe sandy shore       .
Keeps echoing t_*S_r;
So in my heart, which fata hi
Upon love's hidden reef. d _^
Stltfechoes my lest to*t��one*, tones
Amid my tears of grief.
���Naw Tor% Issdgar.
Is the Pioneer House of the City
a m m - a - -.���
Summer Time Card effective June SO, 1898.
Subject to change without notice.
Sooth Bound worth Bound
Bead down. Bead up.
Train Its Dally, 1.00pm   Train ar dally sxao am
*��� ar ** S._pm Tramlv "8.00 am
HBoattvSJOam -Ksalo��� Boat ar sjo pena
��     ������    4 JO am   Ainsworth        "     7_Opmg
5 00 am   Pilot Birr
��      "    5 90 am     Bat/oar ���*     6.K>pm"-
gBoat ar 6.40 am.five ItllaPt      "    S-SpotS
"    7.1&am     Nelson "It 4.45 pm��
r-talnar lo.oft sm Northport Train IV1A5 p_
3 US)am RoatJand **   19.66i>m=2
�����     ���'      310pm   Spokane        "     8J0a_��
Bead down.
_^^^^h^_^_. Sandon      ^^^^^^^^_
Dafry train It l.oopm      Dsfiy train arlSAO am
^ Karfo
-        ar S.45pm '���       lv SXD-m
_,   Boat It 5.00 pm MofcT Boatar TuOO pm
?���_     "  SJOpm Ainsworth BoatariMDpnu,
|_      "  7.00 pm PUot Bar       *'    -LSSdoiS
u        " lo.oopm Koskonook '   n
" is.oopm Goat RItw     "
A        "   1.00 am Boandarv      "
fg   ���' ar8.00am Bonner's__ry '   IV-
*** 3 m*i���_ �����  l.. a a  an -_��a ���* a\___J__l mm
Is Train lv U-*o"am    ^ - *
**        . _ ax S.45 pm Spokane
iM^vtSf ram
leacing June ��,
inrsdty and
On Monday, Th
wtllle*-e KasloSp. m
and Nelson.  Leaving	
day, Friday and Saturday, _,
Ainsworth and Kaslo, and aU
P. O. Box 10. Kaalo, B.C.
I   ���   I
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. m.
Sept. 1, 1896, Phclflc or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
Leave 8 SO A.M
������  S 56    '*
" S45 "
" 10 00 ������
������ 10 0B **
" 10 SO
'��� 10S4
ArT. 10 4ft
Kaslo Arrive, $ So PJI
Sooth Pork     "     S06   "
��_S_ : 18 ������
BaurLaks       **     1 80 '���
McGuigan       ������     1 SS' ������
Oody JoneHon "     l 9 ������
__ndon Leave i 15 ������
Leave, 11.00 a.m -.Sandon - Arri-e, 11.50 a.m
M     11.10 " Cedy Junction Leave, 11.80 a.m
Arrive, U.S5 "    - Cody   -        ��*    llMm.ax
R0BT. ffiVING,
For cheap railroad and steamshlv" tickets to
and from all points, apply to
a CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER '36, 1888.
The following is s complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Thoss of New Dsnvs- were
as follows:���
Nov lft-Bed Moantain Fractional, south of
SUverton, Jno Tiallng.
Nov IS-Storm, Galena Farm. Charias Me-
NOV tl-Mareo Palo, sane. E B Frassr.
Saanyslde Fractional, Four MBtcrssk, V H
Tip-Ttji 1/lf, IS EU and Rlgo ��.��! Sangalo lo J
Nov 7-AaSaataa-t of isorjnaa, Artlnatoa No
t and Bnrtlngton No t. �� Watson to Ross
EIk.TT Beaacheme to H Clever, SOS.
Nov ll-TTp-Top, Martha, Wanda, Blga. P��
Ell. I, otdonTJ Kowalaaki to J Michael.
8am. J 8aacak> to aune.
Kootenay Paas ., Gun��, W H Crawford to C
Kootenay Pass k HCteynr to H Stage
Rocky Fraction i,
Nov lS-Essssm.
Nov 17-Edn
csBTiriCATB or no-ovs-sara.
Nov lT-Noonday, Gray E-fta, Oh of Jaly. to
Byron NWhBe.
Novlft-P>ovInceS/l_,JI)Ryaa ta B Taylor,
NorW-lwokaoL_s*kl^t>mckarJack', PL
Byron to P t Ftaacane, Nov U.
ESfabargB. P D Abler to Soottfsh Coloalai Gold
Fields, Ltd, Aug St.        .    _ _ __
High Ore No 1 |, Charles Paas to George W
Haabes. Fab IA
Sam US, aame to} BooOOh Colonial Gold
Nov 17-CoBtlaentaI 1/8,0 W Hughes toatate
Nov lS-Phoanlx. Alhambrs aad L-tty B, \
aeh, E G Schmidt io F Soular. Ot IS
Emma Fractiooal J, N D Mchilll-o to A Tonka,
JkfmtVm? T
O-skss f Oreanfca to E L Beer, pawerof
i Fractional, A Erlcksoo to A 0 Van-
jfov tl���Prims Ala-andar and Two Dutch-
mea.JMAconlllaa aad JFC-rroB to the Fto-
aaefal aadM-_sg Trast, of Canada. Ltd, Oct
Copy of
W H Crawford to H Clever,
t 8taadaa_ Mo ft aad Irla
vor of Erie.
Oor lS-MMMght aad BtarBght, C
Ocr SMHeadak, P L^rantasoo- Plat Hand. W
Braach; NU Fraetloo. D B Orta-IL J M Mc-
Gragor. J B-dcHB-, M Merritt and PtfoUn; Morgan, DArnot,NF McNaaght aad OMUlar.
Ocrfl-Toaa*. V C BtmetUt.
Oct B-Hlgb Blaff. W Cloagh aad J Gtohrlc.
Oct H-Chapleaa Fraettoa No I, D Arm*.
Oct Id-Golden Kay, M MoUaa.
Oct 17-Laanai-, JTTipping, J Law aad i P
OcTSft-Saow Flake, J W Kyle.
Nov 1-Pe EU. i KowalaaU, and J Sangalo;
Wanda, i Gremecoa; Riga. J Sangalo.
Nov S-KiloNot, HP McNaaght; Fairborn,
W Braach.
Nov S-Ctyde,G Millar.
NovS-RalpbFraction,MrsTSloan aadBA
Nov U-Aiann, J Smith, Baow BWd, J T
Nov ll���Ranger Fraettoa, H J Rohertm.
Nov Si-Legal Tender Not, JMMcLaaghBn
Oct iS-Bt Lawrence, Anson.
Oct S0-8prtng VaBey,
Oct Sft-Black Home, Bonaasa.
Oct SS-Bstter SOU.
Nov 4���Denver Fraettoa. *
Nov S-Portland.
Nov M-MoonBr-t.
Great Northern ),At Htmaaato W Btahta.
Oct 8�� Bsmsfin .. R BradOww to PB Andrews, HO.
Ocrsf-Rotde 6/lft, J E Rotde to i FMsch-
Roble ft. 4 FhOabmaaa to A Radsky.
Oct M-Kllo 1/8, Rather Fraettoa ft. W Harris
to H J Rohertsoa.
Rooky Fraction |, W H Crawford to M M Heck-
^&|.HJRobartsonsndJ Wotf toNFand
J McNaaght.
OCT 88-Power of Attorney, Chas Oartl��<t-�� J B
McParlane. cancelled.
OCT SS-Hoodoo 1. Detective J, Esrl |, l�� Schon-
bety to G T Gormley
loodoo t, 0 TGormlay to D Stoait.
Oct SS-Great Wasernaad Northern ParlSe
MM. Grand Trunk sad Northern l/��, W stabhs to
Oct Sl-SUgo am, M s McDoweH to Mrs T W
Nov S-Berdan ft, H CThomllnana to M C
Fram I, W Tboinlbiei'U to same.
Nov 4-Ch_ka41/8, B B Shan' to O V White.
Delphian IM, C Culvar to aame.
Bandowa Fraction 1/S. H Bontiag lo J R Htlit.
Wanda, T Orrinscon to J K����wsJsski
Maaagav Haatlaga Makaa hia ItmpmH le
tha Sharahaldara.
At the recent meeting of tho shareholders iirvthe War Eagle, one of
'tosslands biggest properties, J. B.
Hastings, general manager, submitted
his annual report. Be stated that
100,000 tons ef shipping ore are now in
sight In the War Eagle.and ths value is
estimated at 11.700,000. The value of
shipments of the year have amounted
to nearly 1700,000.
During the period between Oct. I,
I8B7, and Oct. 1,1898, 8,480 feet of tunneling, at aa average cost per foot of
131.15 has been done; 451 feet of raising st 929.78; 185 feet of sinking at
186.25, making a total of 4,116 feet. In
driving these headings, 2,316 tons of ore
wss produced snd shipped. The work
done during the year added to the foregoing is represented In the following,
 , 8,805
Tunneling, feet.
Raising, feet....
Sinking, feet...
Total    9320
This does not include 250 feet of the
main work shaft timbered through the
���topes from the 250-foot level to the
There eras produced and shipped from
the stopes 26,560 dry tons at an average
cost of �� 24, the total shipments for the
veer aggrogacing 28.875.
rich places oisrovanv.
Late arrivals from the Atlin lake
countty report an Important discovery
on McRee creek, some 10 miles to the
south of Pine, which stream the now
contributor promises to more then rival
in richness.  The discoverer of the new
Sround was Robert McKee, sn old
risona minor, for whom the creek is
named, and his And wss made fully two
months ago. hot kept secret until
friends could reach the scene. The discovery claim was formally recorded on
October 29th and a stanioede at once
followed with the staking of 120 claims.
The discovery or iperty prospected
coarse gold on tbe bedrock at Ave feet,
snd sn expert from California, Mr. Loy,
was introduced as adviser At his
suggestion work was commenced about
200 Teet from the original location oo a
projecting dyke, and at three feat from
the surface Ave pans of dirt were washed, returning 85 in dust and a 17.
dwt nugget, worth vnry close to 117.
Bedrock was got st from sis to seven
feet, and even richer returns were ob*
mined from test imn After the stampede the ground was prospected for a
full mile along the creek, and colors
were every whore obtained that could
be heard as tbey dropped Into the pan
The richest ground st present known is
about two and a half miles from the
mouth of the creek, and here upwards
of a dozen Victorians are among the
owners of claims.
Tha   Whitewater  Laaha  Wall.
London advices under date of the
27th ult, state that the Superintendent
of the Whitewater reports the resumption of shipments. A foot ofclesnore
was showing-in the breast of the main
level, and the whole property was in
splendid shape.
At the present time tho C.P.R., to
addition to 800 box ears, Is building 60
ore ears in its shops at Perth, Ont.
These cars aro of 60,000 lbs. capacity
and are especially designed for the
mineral traffic of British Columbia.
They will weigh 21,000 pounds, with
frames 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, aod 8
feet 7 inches high above the rails. All
the cars will have steel axles, rigM
trucks, common sense holsters, West-
inghouse oir brakes. Halo cooptare,
Thornburgb draft rigging, M. C. B.
standard hrakeshoes, brasses, journal
boxes and lids and Canadian Pacific
standard apringa. The cars will have
National Hollow brake'
It would appear that tho London k
B. C. GoMAelds was again bargaining
for the Enterprise mine, on Ten Mile,
in opposition to the British America
Corporation. Tbe latter has made two
inspections, and the former has had (la
manager, J. Roderick Rohertsnn, Nef*
son, here as well as It* chief engineer,
8. 8, Fowler. Mr. Fowler came In on
Saturday and it Is deemed more than
probable that these ha*ty visit* portend
a change in management It wa* reported at Rossland that the R. A C
ha 1 secured the control, lint thia new
element has suddenly cropped out.
Either corporation would la* acceptable,
ss Ten Mile would then cmne to the
front. The present holders sre the
closest jn the district
Too situation at Roasfsnd during the
week bss been a lively one. terminating
in the Le Koi mine definitely wusin-
Into the hands of the British' C"J
SS^i*011' Sf ���������^yinierrJTo]
mm shares held by the Turner ,*n
has boon purchased st 107 25 p,.r Krt
This purchase gives the h|K' BoSS
company the entire control eu^i,,*
tho scattering pomsesion of &<rf
shares. At breeent the I*, Roj u u
better shape than ever before, and'ihr
ojrw voto crosscut In several of th��
levels Is of high grade, and g\vn
a__---aroto pay dividends toAm*
k o-viarr wkouino.
Monday evening C. W Avlwi,, *M
married to Miss L O'Neill, hv the Rev
0. F Yates, at the latter a 'resMeocsi
The oews came as a great surprise tn
evervooo, hot their numerous friends
��0 In wishing the newlv mar mil pair
n longest of hapnv lives Mr and
Mrs. Aylwln left ny ihe earlv train
Toesdav Riornlng ec route for Spokane
where ther purpose remaiuitiK soon*
tlme.~N. D Ledge.
F. L. Byron has disposed of his entire
interests to the Ffdefffv gmttp to F r
liuiirane The hitter, with Scoti Mr
fhwiald, of the Pavne. n����w i��*>l.i rha
property and thev iu future will work a
The nowltkasthHt of tbe neJe was failv
np to that of tho Holts and Williamson
Cltw   Ifcstarwa.
A telt gram to the home office A the
Northweat Mining Hyndirste (rotti M_-
Sandiford, of the Boson mine, sdviara
**8moltor returns for aerond f' ton*.
ktjtfn pmu quantity shipfaai np la
"Vittoinher Both, 1*10 t**n��; qiiaitritr
shipped durlnar rrtoHer. r��i r��ms
Just received--
a complete Hoe of
ForMEN9    .
When in need of Gent o Furnfathinga,
Ready made Clothing,  Hats, Cap*,      ^ 1��ny uJuri-*.
ElootB and Shoes, ciUl at��� ��"* ���* min���r>'
Ooods In tho country
Postoffice Store, sandon.
Hunter Bros.
Oeneral Merchants.
We carry a complete line of Groceries���Crockery���Bar
tmw^^K^^mwm^mmwimmmmgm^mtmmmmWMammmMmt^mmmmmmmmm^  *** �������!��� & ��� -a* -wwnim nw**��a i *m*m ****** 11 iM<aa �������� awpa-a^-a^s^*^-* t^mmmmmim'
G<x>ld���Tin ware���Gntn ite ware���Hani ware���Men ��
Furnighings���Boots and Hhoes���Dry Goods
LeOlaa* Wawloa Vadararaar. ChllOraa'a Weelee OaOevwear. BBAOV-MAnR
WnAffBM. Wa ��aa anpmtf yam wWh avarjrtlilaa al rtaht prtam-
-��_��-HSsa-hs<iii   hwsmm
new dbnveh; e a
Provides ample and pleasant aoeommodarion for tho trnfallng poblio.
Telograms tor hioms promptly attended to,
8TB0B k AV180N,  o      PropHeh��rs. MIMINO   OOCBD   BANDON.
Am   KaflUk   PeesrlpHoa mi  (Oa  Uraat
vat r-*ftrna__ -qao^aa. ���--������_ a.
In tbe last number of ths British Co
lambia Review, published in Londoo,
England, occurs tho following eicellent
article ilascriptivo of Sandon sod the
great mines adjacent:
The ideal mining towa of the Koot
f,,_ys ts Ssndoo.   Hqueessd la by tower.
ing mountains, SJS0O feet above the level
of the ave, it presents lo the stranger the
correct ebsracteristko of a mining gulch
town, often beard of out rarely seen.
Yet a u> unfsir ia writing of the pises to
inlet that the town ot tendon, by reason
of iu situation, Is simply small Car.
tainlr it has little room to grow, unless
iu.-Ussbs go higher aad higher up the
mooorain aide, aa tbey have already
���urted to do, or, OO the other hand,
boshl up to Oody aod down to Three
Forks. Severtlmlsss, Bandon ia the
centre of the gisotoat and richest silver-
Wad camp known to the work! to-day,
heralded near hocno SB the "jnlvery
jiiocao." Ssodon's situation as the
tcrmi.-i-sof the Katlti A hlocan iCailwar
ami the i-amionSaliu*p branch of the
Canadian Pactftc Hatlwav five* It ample
ttoi.otud iasTibUra, and atari) n* wtuuii
the limits of ths townsite. spreading out
for ��� radios of sssny miles around, sre
lUmtnea-rkh mines, dividend pa ye re,
ai.ij-t-rr-a. and prospects tbst go cm ia*
erasing in value in mora of develop-
���tent and as depth is attained. At u.eee
daiuM pour out their we��|th it sil |*��#ea
ih*..��i<h *>an��Jon to the amelbsr* and
rrrl -verh-a. These UHlw* liatre paid OKire
���i��ii>letelaand ahimatd more ore Uian
s i .. !.rr ���niton iw the favored Kowt
a*����es an���} In-day. while aileer taat a l��e*r
tprr and a heavy dnty tt|*ort ah.pmeet*
J h-a-i in ��i lite I itttssl MateS h��* lu ***
*������, _v*.rfd u,sm*. lit*-) arc t>nm.u \ug a
- .**���' atuuuin A Use ami )*a ���>*���<�� n<u����
i">'_u than ever kn the ht��u*r> ol the
Modi of the bolMtngup of Sandon ami
the starting of many of Us lead -ng . tiler
yr-.rn.-m. i.m.J, aa ihe eiantri. Hglit ph-B��.
attain oils, ami 8 fSOSOt S.��.|��iie��l**i,. the
Hotel Uoc& m to ho placed to the credit
A a Virgtntan. ioHn m. rla*ri��. Fortune
hs�� iaeored him IvoOi tha time lie
��'4'iif*-lan interest in lite Keco until
sow, ai��rn his many carefully planned
���t.vattiienta am returning to him a com-
�������'*-Mr Urraome as a reward lor hia en-
r��-*|.r:*��e ami buainaaa sagacity -
1 �����* ita ���!��<���. Bamkat luesta tif as tine a
*���>��� A menaattle. hotel, ami public
imiMioga aa any lown of twice tu site in
��w wmiberu sectkm of ths twines.
li�� main eireet, trptcnl of s gulch roan,
ha�� Urely riattti eteMtgh for two learns (k��
laa* each other. There ia little tear of a
fire spreading, however, as there is a
���urh��'tancy of water, good prssauie, *��n��l
���t>��*i~llent dm department Thet*mu
lasi war waa inrort*��reied, and since it
has )����a*t| int0 |he rare of a B-Syor **n''
-i*irriuen tbey have continued bettering
i<> appearance in ths wsy of levelling
"wis and building sidewslks.
Itefore going inio a description of the
���nrrwindina mines It b of intertwt to
��**�� tlte following figures ss bains the
���I'prosimste amount of profits or divid*
���������'is pai<| by soom of lbs mines near
Ruth   .
���, ......
Xi.��.l�� ltU8**V
i >na of lbs Isadlng properties of the
^��*P. nod noted fortha fact ef its being
the first location in the Slocan. is ths
wm��ms Payne Nina, sltuste on l"syne
mountain. Tills propsrty hss psid in
proilts st a moat oonssrvstivs ftgure, for
Jhs eiact amount la unknown, not mm
g'*1'* tl,*IOfO0O to Its fortunate owners,
f/wn Sandon to tha mine, a disUnce of
"����*s and a half miles, s good wsgon
2*1 ����� built, but ths ore sfter being
crushed at the mine is brought down by
2��m directly to tho ore bins on ths line
concentrator, ���_�����   ��-���*-  ~vh  mm hv a
1*-������*! f^BSS^r- *
liilanea of 6,000 feet.   Tlie mine is de-  hourly oapscriy oi
jftfU*! Sffi? ��f __"-"* ����nected
oy raises and hss sn immense ore chute
osy. The lower tunnel is in sdisUnoe
of not lees tha. 1,400 feer. The prowrrtv
psopls, who a tittle over 18 months n_o
botarht out tbe hall interest owned byS
B*W%, of Seattle, for 187,000.      *
Tbe St. Keverne group, com prising* six
claims, lies south of and sdjoining the
Psyne mine. The oroperty is owned by
the Hi. Keverne Mining Company of
Hpokans, of which John A. Fincn U
nrestdeat sod Sidnev Norman secretary
poring the peat two rears shout 15,000
has been spent io development. The
property is said to have a continuation
of the Payne vein, discovered last fail,
snd upon which as yet very little work
lias been done. Another vein crosses
the ground WO feet further south of the
Pavne vein, and has been developed for
saonaidersbleeitent. This vein shows
an average width of from three to four
feet, and tbe ore taken out so far has a
value of 170 oa. silver and 75 per cent,
On the north slope of the same mountain is the Washington mine that in the
early ���lav* of its development, 1802-4,
���hipped a large quantity of ore, and has
paM in pmhl* t_ii.<UU.
This mine has tne distinction of erecting Uie _m conventraior in Uie Slocan,
having a capacity ol HI tons per day.
Ths cotaoentmtes yielded 05 ox. silver
ami io per cent, lead per ton. The property is shortly to he operated again.
Tbe Slocan Boy, near hy, has recently
Issen hooded for f&O.OOO, and is considered one ol the coming mines. Ten cars
of ore have heen shipped.
The Sapphire and Jem claims, owned
hy tlie Ramsdell Mining and Milling
Company, of T-SOSSS, he beyond tbe
Pavne and Slorsn Boy A small force oi
men is now taking nut ore from the raise
ami 1 tee of rhe tunnel, which is in 104
hit. Thae <.ars ����i ore have heen sbtp-
l**l. rviuiuitig %VM ptt ton net.
Tbe K. K. 1-e is owned hy Lorenao
Alexaader, who is running Hit 800-foot
crosscut tunnel. Tlte propsrty is s
shipper, and rhe ore runs UW os. silver
sn<( 71 per cenr. Ii -��i BSt Ion.
Tlie Last Clisnce Mining Company,
composed mainly of California people,
own* rhe Last Chano* mine. The prop-
em ha* been esU nsivclv developed by
limners, snd hss not only paid iu own
era hendeome dividends, approiimately
auD.CW. but has also ptlA for its own
development from the start���amine that
is aptlv termed "a gram root propost-
lion."' Recentlv a fine body of ore was
encountered in the lower level that adds
greatlv to its value as a producer. The
company proposes putting in immediately a tramway to bring tlio ore directly
from rhe mine rothe rail war track.
Directly below the Last Chance mine,
and haviPg the nm lead. ������ tlte American Bov, owned hv a Spokane company
of a eitntlar name. Tins propsrty has
���hipped abOBt 110.000 worth of ore and
is undergoing svsiematic development
aork for the opening up of a new ore
ohots to be tapped by a crosscut at a
depth of Sr* feet from the upper tunnel.
The tupping of this ledge. Uie name one
�����which th* lost Chance rsosutty made
iU strike, will give a depth of st
Unist 1.000 feet, below the work.ngs of
Sat mine, and will make the American
Ikiv a permanent producer. It is ex-
nertetl u> g��t into this chute within s
Grtefifs. steady work hss been done
^TTeTM-tv^thc Nob����Kiv.Oon-
nUdotsd  Mining Company  bss sbou
throe and s hilt *n**���� ,nortbf*?t ��i
JuSm 00 ths southern slope of Payne
hsntion, on mm  ��--- 0(  both
mtmnlain.    The ore consists
While the
���niid��sl..nssmlcsrhonstss. wniie we
^nertvliM been extensively worked.
PSF! mMrvaTto hsve yieldsd over
fmiwThaVbssn found necessary to
e_oOnda iinitdsrsble sum to place it on
Xung Sr steady s��d **�����***$&
menta snd recently s sum of I100.0U0
wmmiiI sside for such s purpose. At
rJ5v on Cotly creek, the compsny hss s
UM,>'^__..,!.   and  Uie ore  Is brought
TSa Vartnra Oronp has a Fin. Showing
or  Ore.
There is one Vancouver company at
least doing business in the Slocan, that
w going about its business in s
thorough way and is meeting with suc-
cess-the Financial _ Mining Trust of
Canada, Limited. This compsny
scquired during the summer the Vult
snd Vulture claims, situated on tbe
south fork of Carpenter creek, one and
one-half miles above Sandon. They
hsd s small stringer of galena and csr-
bonstes showing on the surface and a
number of cuts traced the vein up the
mountain, almost through both claims
A tunnel was started in st one of the
showings, snd s few days ago 14 inches
of solid ore was struck, assaying 150 oz.
silver snd 60 per cent. lead. F. H.
Lantx, s practical snd experienced
miner, has charge of the property, with
seven men working. Development will
be pushed sil winter snd in the spring
shipments will be msde. The new
strike sdds another to the shipping
properties of the camp, aod it will be
steady aa the vein is pronounced to be
a true fissure.
This company also owns two properties on the north fork. They have
had a representative here all summer
sizing up the country, and their operations will be extensive. Tbe claim*)
Isat mentioned sre shout three miles
from Three Forks snd will be extensively worked next season. They are
now prospects land nothing has so fsr
been done beyond s little surface
scratching. Both claims have galena
mixed with carbonates showing, and
they will readily bear further exploiting.
But it is in the Duncan district,
where the company hopes^to make a decided name for the'mselves.as they have
one of the biggest propositions in thst
camp. There are seven claims in all
in the group, situsted not more than
one anus quarter miles from navigable
waters on Kootenay lake. This is
known as tbe Giant group and joins the
Lavinia combination. There are no
less than four veins on the group, two
of which sre exposed across the full
length of five claims. One of these they
stale to be 80 feet in width and is a
huge concentrating proposition. On
the others there is from six to 10 inches
of galena mixed with carbonates, which
has given most satisfactory returns.
During the summer surface work was
done sufficient to warrant a general
development, and this will be done so
soon ss the snow goes off by a force of
10 men, which will be further increased
to 25.
Besides these properties, thecompsny
owns three copper prospects on tbe
mainland of British Columbia, rust
above Vsldes Island, in the Gulf of
Georgia. However, the operations of
the Financial & Mining Trust will be
confined mostly to this section, where
the returns sre more certain, and where
they seem to be assured of success.
The hoisting plant on the Tsmsrac,
Ymir, is finished.
Geological   Survey   or  Sloeaa.
R. W. Brock snd W. W. Leach, of the
Geological Survey, have returned to
Ottawa from the Slocan district, sfter s
season -of topographical snd geological
work. Mr. Brock says ths season wss a
bsd one for their work. Considerable
development hss besn going on hi sil
the camps and mining is being placed
on s business basis. Msny new proper-
lies sre being opened, snd the showings
on the whole sre fine. The raise in the
price of silver snd lead bss caused erest
activity in the Slocan district, where the
ores sre principally silver and land. Mr.
Brock considers the general condition of
mining in British Columbia is very good,
snd the prospects bright. The camps
sre growing steadily.
Wine & Liquor Merchants
���      ofSANDON	
Carry the finest Stock of Liquors in
the Kootenay Corintry.
_f-f _f
Orders by mail or wire promptly
 attended to	
���Manuf-turers of 1
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Saraaparilla, Etc., Etc
JSat-icion,, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
If yoa are���
Call at the 1
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Dealer irj MEATS
The Paystreak.
la issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of tbe greatest White Metal camp on earth.
cated the people lo the DoinintoB to
���he advantages of competition in nail-
fray business,  Corbin la oat of the
Suhacrlpdon ������...*    St-OOayesr
Strictly In ad-aaee.
AddreSR Tea Pars-raSAa. Baadoe. B.C
S AlttX)ft B.O, NOVfillBKR 36, My*
A sevkbjb Wow to the Inventing
public has been riven by the expose
in Vancouver last week of theOoWen
Cache fake in the Lillooet. For two
years this property baa held public
attention by B system of sharp peso-
tioes. At one time the stock sold fur
$i.90i bat now It is not worth tbe
paper it is printed on. Several tem-
dred thooBand shares ore held In
Gri!<t Brttht-. the poor anCkera having been Med in tho most approved
fashion. This is a sorry blow to Brit
ish Columbia. 	
tending interests ia British Ooioat
He witt have aaore Influence, a*
Ottawa,- sad It Is beyond question that
tbe C.P.R. s ant*gttf-to will not pre*
vail at ne�� sessions combat .Slocan
lake can ivnipatbi> with the Bound-
ary in tbeir desire Jfor > Cpmpeflng
line, and both distriots will In all
probability gain relief from tbe same
ioaree-^the Great Northern Railway.
Big wrporaMoos arc often a cures,
hat in this instance the olevea beef la
sorely hidden beneath a thick pad of
history. With an staple
sufficiency of gold snd silver coinage,
stamped by her own peculiar emblem
Oobbib's battle before the Geund'an
Parliament a year ago for a charter
for his road into the boundary country, trtairb resulting in defeat, edu
last   summer   the'' fire
wardens of this town issued a circular
letter' t& -a number of the cWiens,
requesting theSO to replace tbeir tin
flues by the more solid, safe aod lasting brksk chimney.   There the master rested and no further attention
was given -tsrwaitifr enforcing tbe request .The fire wardens havs the
law to go by and they should see that
their demands are carried out.   An
expensive aonfiagratica one of these
odd days will bring the leassn sharply to then.    _______
Canada is growing more wicked
each year; at least so says the report
of the criminal statistics for the year
ending September 30, 1898, which,
has been lashed. During tne period
dealt with, the number of charges
preferred were 8.0-7, against that af
1395 tor tl^e previous year. The coo
vie��k��B were 5,721, against 5,204.
Tbe figures snow a decrease in Nova
Scotia and New Brunswick, and an
increase ia eH the *otber. Provinces.
Of the ootvfctftiSi #.8 per cent, were
The UhilalGsVSrtiment haa prota
iaed a relbfribatfud, bill at the new
seaskm of Federal Parliament.
Count* lines wHl b_J��dhered to acridly In iftrriagSlw coastitiiencies, bat
tbe fear is expressed that the Senate,'
whidria overwbclintof\y\ Cods^vs-
w It oau.ihns placing the
Government in a nasty bole.   It ia
believed the Yale CarHhrjo ��nstitr>
ency will be soUt up, giving tho
Kootenays a member to themselves.
Thia would he boMomaioo justice to
tnts infnrtajtt sects* of] thi Isrjreht
and most unwieldy riding tn the Dominion.   Mr. Bostock will not figure _/  """77���"   IT  "".   ���"-""��
here, and the battle royal will ��*fe- f��~-w��^f *��tod Canada did pot
tween two local men,  with the odds h*ve "lw2?_B0ta ���_* ���"������*���r*
10 favor cf^he nmst influence. jttoith^eBfcBls^nt of a allot was
the only remedy. When the conservative banking Interests Admit the
necessity, It is proof positive that
events are rapidly developing .towards a  memorable epoch in Can!
running now, hot hia place has teen and motto, the Dominion could take
taken by 41m Hill, woe deejree jtbe to acknowledged position among tha
same eoMWfl-kms tor his rapidly ex-\ nations of the earth wltb oanidenca
andpride. rkcb year that goes by
marks the advancement In mineral
development, aad who can be blind
to advantages resulting from tha por
chase and rnaaataoture of oar own
precious metals. As It ts now, wa
nave no gold, and not half cooagb
silver, and we are forced to the
hnmlliattng position of trusting lo tlie
good will of tbe neighboring republte
for supplying oar wants.
Geo R Maxwell, HP. for Van*
ooaver, baa Just returned from
Ottawa, and he states tbe mint quae*
tion Is growing la Importance nnd
legislation will soon be taken oo tbe
matter. Thb la encouraging Hrw>
lab Oolnrubla abouU not miss the
opportunity of torwardtng her claims
to the right of tbe Institution. llWt
is where the storelfose of tire lb
minion's riches b locat��-d and here Is
where the tuii��t should be. It w.aild
be n pleasant feelin* hi pftrltftie Can
adiaastobe able to haraile a gold
fiver or a ailver enrtwh��*el nnd to be
able to state, ������My Cuantrv tie of
Thee -���Tbe bedgr.
It is often rather amusing to read
tbe news of Kootenay la the ��astern
papers. A recent special from Vancouver to the Toronto World say a that
60 China men were recently driven
out of Silverton, and tbst all Chinamen entering,the Slocan are met end
turned back by the miner* who gay
they cannot compete against Celestials who live on 10 cents* worth of
rice a day and pick np tbe best
claims. A correspondent who would
send such sniff to a paper Is worthy
of prominent place among tbe bow
Liars of this Agt. Chinamen nave
never worked aa minora or owned a
claim in the Slocan. Hot a single
yellow boy baa aver lived ia Silver
ton, nor Is there any likelihood of
one aettliog in that burg.  Toronto
Japan should get tbeir Slocan news
Ireet, and cut down the stock of
laughing caused by tbe Idiotic lies of
coast scribblers.
Thk agitation Inaugarated vears
sgo by The Ledge, looking towards
tbe establishment of a national mint
<n Canada, ia certaipjy, bearing trait,
and the cntj is wltblo reasoaaUs
distance. Everywhere the papers
are writing up the eubject andgretu
pie np to; the- desired standard.
KJondvke'g en IU Mi of gold, backed
up by> tha ever ineraasing streams
from West -^rrtcna^Caribou, Ontario
andJiovaSoptia, io say aotblag of
tbe millions produced by tbe Sfooan
to weigh heavily open the public,
and tbe conviction is naturally im
pressed, thai it is better to cob
f>oadUn proelons metals into Can
Bdl-rn beavers than to have thftO
exported and,made 'into American
eagles. t
At the recent meeting of the fitter's Association,   held  In  Tororto,
AW��   Arrr.lt.
?���i*-' '���wnu^^ma^wW ^wp% gfg QKd** agtutXa^rvai p m
i__tnsnsswl room i-h*ii tin ,UII ,flint
a ^Qn|^B___^_y^__Y^^***M_**
WWW 5.       '
VmUx. tt.'l'4*!)in��
W0A iler r��aH. u,
B'^^w ^a mm**  A^^aWm UPt^B Bs s
the sa4C_B___ha atutm a��.i,
AMSMSSllaM- rhe hi IIm n> -r:, t; i fc-
rasiV- hi^rtt i.*
' ~ an   <ruirSiy
la ih* ��.. _.
���jn Jaas^ad arSaa ii\* tun tr��
- atmm la aain dtsin����,
L their ��iu4 ih.\t < I <h��.
N IvMdiri
aaaar M nam ^w-,,
W> e~l ai>��i s - a.)i f * ih,
Mrs only Stattwaairn
,' * ���������V.nll; |-,lr
Wtataa Im Cap* nr-t_��
The Cbetaleamp4Salena Minln. (V
has Just ataisedupits new coocenirauug
plant in Cape Breton Oalrna inining
IS B new departure in Neva Scotia mm
lufr. The nnnpany la iiimi��*-^l rhiagv
��4 Halifax men.   ii. II   Hr*a��kri.-M i��
which 1* I'Ui U
tnt*c��! ftr . i-nc
1.00-feet The ore varies is uuaiitv:
avera-e asm pie sent to Swansea. i��
said to have arrers^*d in g>M. * ,,r
and IjsSd SO��f��t HO Jter inn I rt��ro
l4��> lo i^M tuna are now on �����><��� .i.tk
really f**r ��(M��centratb>n. Th. i ..miany
itttetsl to Ship the ore |.�� K'tflsmi Th,-
prescut plsnt snd opening of tt>*   , *<���
The veiiif
has been
Farm Produce, Fruits.
Oaaaagan lake
m t.miiii'iuw
nww w ���smOiiiisiui ii) sis i��i iiMansma>l--*iiaiwii.ssa
For the eonvenlenc** of the trade a stock Is always kept no hat*! in the
Jutland BuiMing. SANDON. Mloaasupplied at whoinaaie rat ���- ChiS
leaded with Prndutv, l-Vnlsg and Vegeasbles are ran Into tbe ftbTsn i-x��ry
TEN DAYfiv arid tM-dcra i-in bo drll"eiwd trn route.
T^e Palace Cafe,
i    I. .'���'.. .    . .. ..     J.Mj
Raetem Oysters,  Tender
Chickens nnd   evervfhtag
���     Ii ��������������mmmmm*mmmm i      Ii        I
the Market affords tn the
������     .11    M      Hi  l-l
ISS-f^'^^f ^7-- y.
a palatable (nod can, he found
W i��� , ,.-. ���.. __--.
t ���> TSa
Strangers and others sre
I ns when
a *��-'n   -��� <*m i-s-ssBT
halBimtomy    If John Is not
V* *hHt vrtq >rc m1* to ���m1
Charley ..... 7777.
.. Bcst-cqalp;cd
.. Restaurant
. lo the Slocan
It never Closes
and the proprietors aim
to pienae their patrons
lit every way powlble.
0 Big Michlplcoton Deal.
Katlran K. iiconofd, of Chleaao, re
evilly sent seven men from ll-ugh-
ton, illcb., to Mkhlptooton Island,
oo the iiurtli shore ol Lake 8npcrlor.
B�����i within a month will have luu
���utiicm tborrj ro opening the old cop
per mines. lAsopold naa re-opened
tbe Isln Koyale and Arcadian mines
near ll-'Ugbtoti, now valued atabout
fix millions, within tlie past two
year*. Standard OH people, who
w \n the Arcadian mine, arc also in
���i,. Michiplouiion reutnre.
In i be vicinity of I loughton, Mich,
on ih. ��.nib side of l*akt* Hu|N-rior,
lira th*' greatest group of c*��p|a-r pro-
daeerg in the world.   The group in
eindes the < alrrmet  ami liecis, the
Me Koyale, the Arcadian and sever
al other great mine*.   Seven of iln-se
j-r,.). rt..-s havi! pnldf70.tUMJfidrvi.
dend*.   It has fur a   long time been
tiRrturiii bv iiiiniug men that the c*.o
per bell on  Superior s ������uth shore
.iij�� under the lake and re-appeara
lit ihe   v|u ii��|��icu*��ui  country on the
north klmre.   Tlie pt^ifwrty o�� M ichi
pktAon Ularid whiclv l>eopold to uk
:!,_ op for the Standard Oil people
oatsiata <��f the old Cttft'ns  holdings,
perth j-naptct**! by Saolti*H*-~ Man*
turn aome nfuvu years ago,
The \orthern Placers.
The m*pnrta received from week t>*
week from the   Atlin   lake country
Ira i e no dual* that Into that t!i��tr kt
lite great ruah of next year will urtr
place    The latest r��*|*��rv�� would to
dkate lhat the country, while nut t-
nch   a*   sutiw   of  tile creek* in tti
Klondike, Is still remarkablv rich,
ami *��� far as kocwn   it   t*  uf much
larger extent   than   the   UOUBU \ A
which liawaon la tlie center.   One
^rca! advatitage of Atlin is its prox
imiiy  to  the  sea  cxmat.   With the
Skagway    Railway     completed    tu
\ske  Itenitett early nest spring, u
will br nothing slum uf s plcaaurv
triptojoerifey to Atlin lake there-
alVr. and mi   o|��rn   ia   tbe country
Ihere, ����rasv to get abnat in. lhat it
will be tin* ideal |��sir man's eounti >
Nor I.-* than AO.UIl people, it to esli
Burled, and probably msny In scees*
��f that number, will gu into the Atlin
euuniry   nest spring and summer
People an* even now going in freely.
���aw Haaaiisii-ww-������������.���> n,.��t ,_,���-*��.->
The Rich Republic
Tbt Spokesman Review say* ; The
kVpuMic mine abowtrd ore. of higher
Jultic  yesterdav than  ever Wbre
Mcket *uiiripleislrom the win*** which
U Mug  tmjmtg   (rmn   thc   gQO level
avaraged during 24 hours So ounces
par ton  in  gold, showing  a  value
tr..r,��,)r, ���.���ffl.OuOpei ton
11'is i��re was ancountored .nt a
���Spth o! 40 fort in the wlnse which to
now being sunk from the -00-level lo
ennneci with the dQo-level in which
the ledge was recently cruascut.
A (khhI Strike at Cancadc Citt|.
W'��rd has just been recelvod of a
JUe made in the Klmore mine,
ajght mUea from Casoade City, on
ht'��n��r.��k mountain. While cn*��
cu"***g the lead twelve feet of wild
��* *ss encountered. The Klmore nt
owmtl by the Belcher (jold Mining
A printer does not rush to tire doc
tat when he la out of ,'mort��n; nor to
the baker when he wants "pi"; nor
*> Ml when he wants Uie "devil";
���*���* to the bible when  he  wants a
si'bSfon,>r * t,,e *�� *_��
when he wants  a "shooting gttelrt
n��'toa cabinet shop when Be wanti
MUuitia ; nor to a lawyer when he
ft" i^y��M^i nor to a butcher
when   he   wM|IU|   "phal". nor   to a
pump when he is dry -and   has  a
short bit a limit his clothes.
Advertise in the Pnyatrenk.
The Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Is now prepared to receive orders
*<MMl per ton.
911.00 per ton.
TSTSM: Cash with Order.
H. Byera & Co.
Charles St. Barhe,
(ieneral Agent.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Can*
ad ran aod American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. 8. S. Agt.,
Miners and Prospectors.
If yon want to save your
iikiii *%   leave your   order
Sleighs, Cutters. Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johnston.
Plain and F-oc> Sewing ol all Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suit* to Order.
Cody rVft.  * >  SANDON-
Setting and Mending
of all binds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this when you
want a good suit
of clothes.
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tb. Part aad S*p��rior S*rcic Rout*
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
nnd Through Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul,
Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Canadian and U. S. Point-.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
7:45 k    lve. SANDON ar.     16:55 k
Ascertain RATES and full information by
_,l.lrt>��sinit ntarest l��c��l -gent, or
Agent, Sandon.
Dfc%. Pass. A*t��� Trav. Pass. Agt
Vancouver, Nelson.
Be sure   that your ticket  rwd. via the
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
**-*7 4*rjjr**ff3i "U1 ���*!' S & *-������J? "i
KASLO, a. 0.
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once . month.
n. l. GRinriETT
Notary Public,
SANDON.        - -        B. C.
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by the
lay or week.
CODY, B. 0.
BONGARD k PIECKART. Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:  t-.OO per day.
Special Rates by the Week.
sasssasHMMssstenMitssaissss^*^ THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., NOVEMBER 2fi, IBS.
An Important Cnee.
More than three years ago George
M. Spencer came into Sandon, and
gave Mike McKelvie $25 for a lot
which he was holding as a squatter.
Upon this ground ne erected his
opera house. Later, Spencer says,
J, M. Harris represented that he had
a Crown grant to the land as a town-
site and Spencer signed a lease argee
ing to pav Harris so much a month
ground rent. Some six months ago
Spencer came to the conclusion that
the ground upon which his building
stands was Crown granted as a mis*
eral claim and not as a townsite, and
he quit paying rent claiming that
Harris bad no right to make money
out of the property except by mining.
Harris asked for the rent and Spencer refused to pay and has entered
an action against Harris to recover
all the rent he has already paid in,
claiming that Harris has no legal
right. Harris has put in a defence
claiming $150 rent now due and the
case will be heard in Nelson on the
5th of next month. The case is an
important one as many others in Sandon are in the same position as Spencer, and the decision in the matter
will be awaited with much interest.
At Skawhegan, Maine, on November 16tb, Miss Mary Elsie Fellows of
that city and Bruce Miller White of
Sandon, 8. C.
The announcement of the wedding,
which came as something of a surprise to his many Sandon friends, is
the culmination of a happy romance
extending over several Years. Miss
Fellows was a member of the Rebecca
Mackenzie company wbieb nude a
tour of Kootenay three years ago.
At that time an attachment was
termed of which the event oi the ltith
inst. was the outcome.
Miss Fellows is an accomplished
musician and possesses a charming
personality intellectually and socially. Her already numerous friends
will be glad to welcome her back to
Bruce White is too well known to
require any eulogy. It is sufficient
to say that Bruce is as much one of
the boys to-day as when be packed
his blankets into the Slocan in the
pioneer days of '91. Many years of
prosperity have not served to estrange him from his friends of yore,
and his popularity is exceeded only
by bis modesty and bis good-natured
gentlemanly manner. Everyone In
the Slocan will have the gtad hand
for Bruce on his return. The happy
couple will reside in Nelson.
Take a Tumble.
evenings ever passed  in Sandon.
Mons. Walther's rendering of favorite selections on the violin was a rev
elation to aome of those who have
spent many years In the west .
Madam Walther's faultless annun
ciation and perfect intonation in the
singing ot English ballads carried
many of the audience in memory
back to other days and other scenes
in lands beyond the sea, touching a
tender chord as only the true artist
Although laboring under great
difficulties caused by a faulty Instru
raent, the accompaniments of Miss
E-chelman were such as to call forth
admiratiod from the audience who
represented the musical portion of the
A Deluge.   A Great Inpouring
City Council.
At the meeting of the city council
on Tuesday evening a communication was read from Harris A Kelly
regarding a destitute man. The
communication waa laid upon the
A communication was also read
from F. W. Peters inviting the city
council to be present as guests of the
C. 1*. R. on a trip through East
Kootenay. The City Clerk was instructed to write thanking the company for their offer.
Aid. Switxer introduced a bylaw
regulating the shoveling of the snow
off the sidewalkst The bill passed
through the three readings.
Council adjourned.
Presby terian church ���Regular ser
vices in Virginia hail morning and
evening at 11  a. in. and 7:30 p. ru.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. ami 1#0
p. oi.   Rev A. ML Sanford,   A.   B.
Catholic Church.--Rev. Father
Ferland will hold mass In Virginia
Hall at 9 o'clock to-morrow morning.
The most successful men in tbe
world are those who advertise in the
papers. It Is a sign of enterprise tb
have your ad in the papers no matter whether a direct benefit is notifiable or not. Indirectly it isbenelic
ial, as it helps to build up the papers
and without the cress the Slocan
would not be as widely known as It
is to-day. Think of this you people
who are in business in this wonderful section of Canada and act accordingly.
The Beriihard Walther Concert.
The Bernhaqd Walther Company
in tbeir concert on Monday evening
afforded tbe musically inclined of
Sandou one of tbe most enjoyable
Mrs. Yates will give Instruction on
the Guitar, also the Banjo and Man*
dolin* Anight class will betaken
up during the winter months. Par
ticulars on application at
Mrs. L. C. Lase*�� Copt Avk.
jFilbert Cigar Store.
Just opened.
Rleto Goods,
Fresh Stock,
% Eoertjthing |
I Reliable.
���       ���       *
:igars,    Cigarettes,    Tobacco,
iPlpea, and Smokers' Supplies
ill kinds.
Drop in and  see us.
Jas. Williamson.
(Filbert Block     Sandon, II. C.
TWO THOUSAND CASES (a train load J of nioo,   clean, fnnh
packed groceries received during th��t)���� two weeks: beside*, ar-veral
carloads of fine tresh vegeubles, rt*prea>ntli(;:  uusonly  a cataract but a*
perfect  avalanche British Colombia
parts of tbe world   ^m^f^^^t *~Mgmf   *-��*��� ���>*'" n_v�� Iti,,
pouring down upon   j^flfffi      P%j^mA    to eM and   l' : k
when we have the pjJlJP^i^SSfcy _TZi        describe itirii,
best Miners and the .Mw #   vVwtlrnSfflmB    *" to m     "ul "
inspect our warehouses and cellars.   Bring  your  "sisters, eoasliti   .   t
aunts.*   All will be welcome.
Ha Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
Seasonable   Goods.
We are now show, n-a line of HOCKEY SKATES
the strongest and best.
SPRING SKATES, various styles and patterns
SLEIGH BELLS, nickel and gilt bells on straps
Also the celebrated JONES ALL STEEL SNOW
A   full line of LAMPS and  LANTERNS In stock.
H. BYERS & Co.
1 hisVe Just received another
let of
Which I can eonfldently
reeomtnead to Intending par*
Geo. B. Knotole8,
Pioneer Jeweler of tha Slocan.
Ill .   . Ill II Mill
Two Dour. IWIow   VltilllNlA   -look.
RECO AVE.   -    .   .   SANDON.
Serv-Mi tha   beat 29 cerd meal
In ton.
Sit nt   Order*   tcrved   as -c
Comfortable roorm by the Dv
Week or Month.
Everything Neat,  Clear  -wd
Call and Give it a Trial.


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