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The Paystreak Aug 13, 1898

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Array o^v-t^j^c^ui
The n�� w sidewalk to the K. & S.
,l,,��,i is being laid.
postal notes are now Issued at tin-
Ssudon |**�� oflbfii
.} A. Whiltler and wife wen- in
from Ka*lo yesterday.
Mrs. V II. Htirrett and children
.trc visiting friend* in Nelson
Dr. Hendry* ha* gone toCatl-
lorn is.   He will  return   in October.
s. K. DeRaekin, nl the II C New*,
paid Sandon a farewell vi*it Wednesday.
II. ft Ceperley, of
*jrnt  several  day*   in
town   thi*
wi'kj ^^^^^	
IV Hum* ha* ��*5 sheep pr>Mprrting
for v. gv ��� union on the Noble Five
Allen Stubb* has U��en doing at
-n *��ment on Ida (jenvm creek ����-*��|��
Harry Pvman is now advance
ascent f��w the Silvertonian. book
out for htin.
A   s. Williamson, of BHvertdn,
was  in   town  Thursday   rein
Mr*. Klla II llavi*. reinventing
the Art league, of New fork, wa^
iit lown Thumdav
John Hlaney, a Nel*ou hook
agent, did the town thi* we��*k with a
work on the war in Cuba.
Harold Hokw, of the Kootcnninn.
w;��- in town in the early part ��4 the
week to meet hit wife from  Victoria,
Geo. Ltovdwaain town from Slo
Ian City Thursday. He intend* tak
'���ug  up  hi*  residence   in    Handed
J. G. Melvin ha* moved hi* jewel
<i y . -mhiithincut from th<
The Ajax ha* 17 men at work.
The Surprise has lieen started up
with a small force.
Goo. Petty has 12 men at work on
the Bachelor, in the Idaho ba*m.
ThcMollie Hughe* will ship 20
ton* of ore to the Trail smelter next
M. It W. Uaihl>outnc will do some
work on hi* Poor Mile properties in
the near future.
TheSoverlgn will ship over the
Noble Five tram. The projierty now
ha* a great showing of ore.
Six of seven ear* of machinery for
the Whitewater concentrator i* ex
Meted in a few days over tin*  C. P.
working a
1'iid   of   tile
��-�� the  premises  opposite the  Reco
The Meamluat tarviee from Ar-
rowhead to Thompson* tainting will
'-��� dincontlnuad after tla> I AM of
Whlttier a Moore are
couple of men   ����u  tin
Fraction, on the north
The new ore bin* an- lieing put in
at the Alamo ctancentrator. Murdoch
McLean, ����f New Denver, ha* the
The St. Kevcnic, which ha* been
ing abut   down  for  a   couple of week*,
returned yesterday with Prof. Lkldy
in charge.
\V. \V. \Varn��r ha* six men driving tunnel on the Treasure Vault
llraden Broa property, adjoining
the Ajax Fraction.
A trail is to be cut from the Bosun,
mar New Denver, to the lake. A
*hipmettt will be made In a few day*
to the Trail smelter.
Fortv live   ton*  of pipe   for   the
Whitewater Deep arrived   over the
C. P. It Thur*dav and   WM trail*
ferred to the K. it S. yesterday.
The eooipreseor plant is working
ti^ . . **��� |��crfecti��*n on the Noble Five.
Denver ivodrillaaiv working in  the mini
Silcer in India.
Information has been received at
Washington, from London through
private channel* to the effect that
the Indian mint* are to be reopened
to free coinage, and the assertion is
made that this will occur at an unexpectedly early date. The report
of the Indian commissioner is to be
nublished before the 1st of September, and this is expected to throw
some light on the details of the roat-
There is a *trong effort to have the
ratio changed horn lf�� to 1, to22 to 1,
and it is asserted that a willingness
to assent to  this  change  has  been
evinced by both the United States
and France.   The establishment of a
ratio of 22 to 1 would have the effect
of increasing  the  present  price of
silver,   but  it  would, on  the other
band, probably prevent foreyer the
restoration of 'the ratio of 1*5 to 1.
A ratio of 22 to 1 would make sil-
Whitewater is at present one of the
busiest camps in B. C.
Three concentrators are in course
of construction, tbe Whitewater,
Whitewater Deep and Jackson.
One hundred men are on the payroll at the Whitewater. The Whitewater Deep has tiQ. The Jackson is
working about 30. The Charleston,
on which a great strike was recently
made, is employing a good force.
The Hillside and other properties
are also working.
The Sawmill, which now belongs
to the Whitewater Deep company, is
working full blast to supply timber
for the work under way.
A flume is being built from near
Bear lake to furnish power for the
compressor and electric plant for the
Whitewater deep. The compressor
is at the depot awaiting the complet-
of the foundation.
m Tom Mitchell is building thecou-
ver worth '*> cents, a price thatjeentrator for the Whitewater and no
would be very pleasing and profit-1 time is being  lost.   The machinery
is expected next week.
The C. P. R. surveyors are working out of Whitewater  on  the pro-
able to the owners of Slocan  mines.
Whet About that Celebration ?
The foree   ^   being  gradually  in-
II. F, Butcher, late of Transvaal.
I* the new superintendent at the
Uaeen Bets, Forty men ar�� working
in   live  tunnels  on  the   property
The Washington Marine  Band of mostly dead work.
ihe Salvation Army spent Sataroay
nnd Sunday exhorting Sandoniies to
join the elect.
W. W. Webster and W.   Itowncs*.
mining men  from the  Kami,   have
The reeent both firea on the Noble
Fixe hill have blocked the Keen and
|.a.*i < hance tin I*. Supplies for the
\j;in. U*t ��"hance. Ajax rracuon,
etc . ha veto be peeked via Oody inn
������������en investigating the mining Indus   ,j,f. ,,>,| \0ble Five trail.
">   around
Sand*at   for   ihe    pa*
The water main ha* been extended
to ByeiV store.   It  will be carried
aereea the K. 4 K. track when morj	
pipe arrives. A couple of lengths ol H|if|>|��t| IfO ton* Unco
hose will bo kept in Byera" *tore is ���m,,Hl on ihe propert)
an additional safeguard again*! H
B, ( . HibUt ha* token the con-
tract for the constfttction of the u��st
t hance train, bunk hou*es. ore
house*, eic. ;i��'l will start work im-
medMtaly.    The   Ust Chance
The lllbert (Igar Store, which
was opened this week, ha* a novel
"iid attractive feature in window
,|eooration, Alternating ineainles-
��'"t lighta of various colors. The
1 ffeet is very pretty.   ���
Dick   Borden,  one of  the    best
known characters In Western Can
;'<la. la in 'own advertising   White
^tar  baking   powder,   ihe    Boston
0lg��r, etc.
Mr. John It Gates, of New Denver,
B. <\, one ol the snecessful ptonecfl
uftheStneau mining rettion, is visiting hi* rehttlvea in BarnJe Township.
Mr. lotto** will spend the summer in
Ontario and will return to British
Columbia in tbe fall. He intends to
Operate this winter in the new mining legion on Kettle Rivrr, known
a* the 'Boundary Country,' of which
great things are expected.���Sal
When a movement was made to
celebrate Dominion Day in Sandon i
it was deemed advisable to postpone |
the event until- some more auspicious
occasion, lj��bor Day being generally
coiiskteiv<l the projer date, Labor
Day comes on Sept. 5th, just three
weeks from Monday next. No move
has yet been made to celebrate, in
a couple of hour* over 1603 was
subscribed for the Dominion Day
celebration. There is no doubt that
twice that amount could now be
raisitl to celebrate Labor Day.
There is a larger payroll now than
there has been for over a year, and
halt the population is just sailing
for a celebration. All that is lacking is a little public spirit and en
Accident on the Ruth Road.
George Daphenhaker, wlw drivesI
a Ruth ore team, met with an'
accident on Wednesday. Just above
the switchback to the Star road the
brake broke and the wagon loaded
with five tons of ore started down
the hill. George tried to turn the
leaders up the bank but the wagon
struck and instantly killed the off
wheeler, turned over, and threw the
ore and driver into a promiscuous
heap on the roadside. Daphenhaker
was badly bruised but not seriously
injured. He will be around again
in a few days.
Back from Glenora.
Jack McCrae and Kri Thompson
returned Sunday from Teal in Lake,
where they have been prospecting.
They have little love tor the Stickine
route and report that no valuable
discoveries have yet been made in
the Teslin Lake country, although
live or six hundred prospectors are
scouring the country in all direc-
of the discoveries of
been  made   in   the
tions.    Most
mineral   have
Coast newspaper oftlces.
posed line from Three Forks.
Mrs. I. M. Wright has rented her
premises to Durney & Haley for an
R. F. Clancey has just completed a
commodious bath house and barber
shop close to the Whitewater hotel.
Recent improvements put on the
Whitewater hotel make it a very
comfortable hostelry.
Bell Bros returned this week from
the South Fork of Kaslo creek,
where they have been doing some
work on their mining property.
The Bachelor has joined the list of
At Boston, Mas*..
the wife *��f J as.
Aug 12th.   To
Williaioson,   a
The shipments of
1st, 18l��8 to dato.
from July
Prom Sandon.
Sloean Star,
Last Chance*
Wonderful Bird
2,210 tons.
From Concentrator Siding
Idaho Mines,
Queen Bess,
Total,        :       :
3,7151 tons
Shipments over the K. & S. for the
second week in August Pavne
310,Slocan Star f>0, Ruth 20, Last
Chance CO, Coin q.
Over the C. P. R. for the first week
in August;   Pavne,   CO,   Soverign
Total 37t^
���m 1
The Comique
It seems a pity to throttle such a
thriving: industry, but the Comique
must go. It is obnoxious, demoralizing and detrimental to the best interests of the community. Its use
fulness, if it ever had any., is departed. Its evil influences, moral and
financial, are patent to all. The
city council has decided to take a
plebiscite on the question. The vote
will probably be taken within thirty
days. There are 137 property own-
in the city who will be asked to express an opinion on the subject.
There is no doubt that the ancient
damsels with the six-inch skirts and
the Death Valley thirst will shortly
find their occupation gone. The
building might conveniently lie turn
ed into a livery stable after the show
is shut np.
Unrecorded Stakes.
There is an abuse prevalent among
prospectors in this province which is
the occasion of a great deal of harm
i.i many of the mining districts. A
prospector starts off on his hunt for
claims, providing often tor two or
three months' stay in the mountains.
The first showing of mineral he
c ��mes across he stakes out, and proceeds to hunt for more, which when
found is also staked by him. In this
manner during his sojourn in tbe
hills, he may put his posts up on
many claims, scattered possibly over
a large range of country. By the
time he gets back to a recording
office the time during which numbers of these claims should have
been recorded has run out, or possibly he has concluded that they are
not worth recording, and at all
events, for one reason or another,
they remain unrecorded, while the
stakes are still left standing.
Of course, this prospector has only
skimmed over tbe ground, doing no
genuine prospecting work, and it is
therefore probable, and the case
often happens, that other more conscientious prospectors, following him
over the same ground, have discovered on these unrecorded claims
good showings of ore which would
warrant the record being made, and
the assessment work lading proceeded with. But here are tbe claims
already staked, and the prospectors
that follow the original stakcr almost
invariably pass over the ground,
paying little or no attention to it,
and move further on to seek "virgin
In this manner and for this reason
large areas of promising ground
have been dc'serted. The Injury inflicted is a substantial one, and some
method of abating it should be adopted.   Critic
Big SoaU os the Great: Lakes.
Lake vessels arc nearing the
8,000-ton mark for cargoes. The
John T. Fritz, the latest addition to
the Bessemer or Rockefeller fleet,
loads 7,794 net tons of iron ore on a
mean draft of 17 feet 1| inches. This
excels all previous cargoes and will
be the record until the next addition
to the Rockefeller fleet comes out.
The largest ship that ever entered
the port of Montreal is ;he steamship
Monmouth, of the Dominion line,
now tied up there. Her earning
capacity is 12,000 tons. She is a
four-masted vessel, with four steel
decks, and on the main deck there is
room tor COO horses. She is 504 feet
long. iW feet beam and 48 feet depth
of hold.
Morning Mill Completed.
The Morning mill, at Mullen,
Idaho, is now practically completed,
aud is probably the best equipped
concentrator in the Ceeur d'Alenes.
It has a capacity of 800 tons of crude
ore daily, which is abmnt 250 tons
more titan any other silver-lead concentrator now in operation in tbe
world. Ail the latest and best improvements in machinery, connections, jigs, cut-offs, etc., have been
used and the mill will be running
full shift by the lath.
Tbe great coal bearing area of the
Crow's N'est district in Kast Koote-
nay, comprises between 300,(1)0 and
400,000 acres. There are seams of
coal overlying one another to the
thickness of 140 feet more or leas,
capable of yielding 50,000,030 tons
of coal to the square mile. This
wlndeproperty. with the exception
of 50.00) acres to be transferred to
the Dominion government, will
accrue on completion of tbe Crow'a
Nest Hail way, to tbe Crows Nest
Coal Company. The chief owners
iu the company are Hon. Col. Baker,
Senator Cox, Robert J affray, and
Wm. Fernie.
Henry Callaghan. m
miner,  whose
at toreae
ss address  U|
f,,r t>...  Colli* I
pa ay
The time of etlstence of theCotnpMiu U fffty
The obfecte for which the Company h*�� l>een
established are :-
1. To purchase, locale. ������. operate and
work winiiin claim* in the state* of Washing-
ton and Idaho, and in the Province of lit it Lit
(\,lu mi Ma, and e.pecially to purchase, ������,
operate and work the two mil ins claim*
known a- the American B��v and Rtacahawk.
in tbe West Kootenay lHstrh t. II C
T���� purchase, own, locate, construct, operate
and use all *uch water ri��ht*. ditebe* Hmbim.
tramway*, railroad*. stanip-mllL. e*��nce��-
trators. ��m*lt��r*. nnluetioh work* and other
enterprise* and appliance*.** *hell ������� nee*'*
sery or convenient l* the mining, reduction,
treatment or shipment of ����r��*. or in the oner-
at ion of snch mining claim* or mine* I
J.   To bny, sell.mine* and treat ore*.
4 To sell and eenvey all wining claim*,
mine* and other property whk-b ��*W Company may acquire:
A. To borrow money forth* pcry*.-* gf th.
Company, and toeaecute note*therefor*", and
toewMte morlgase* on tbe property *>f tit*
Company to **- tire payment theteof. to such
amonnt. and upon *nen term*, a* tbe Honed
of tdrector* mar think prop**:
a   To receive from  th*  attM-kbnlder*   *ueb
share* of the capital *to��k a* ��*) I *to, ahold
er> may donate or convey to the corporation,
to *#U ��u��-h stock  so donate*!  or  ���������* eyed
which *ball be known a*  ~Tr*asorjr *�����*����� a/"
for the pnrpoo* of raUiog ami n�� ������li>�� caps*
tal for the purpose, and  etin*n*e<�� <��f In* Cor*
poratton. said *toi-k to ����c *oid ��n *wr b term*
and at anrh pile*. u��   the  Hoard of Tru*te*
may direct
I, To purrha*e ft<um the snb��rrtl>er* of the
��� ���pitat ,iwk *o��-b mining and other property
a* ihe Board ol Trn*tee* near deem proper.and
to receive ��nrh mining eta.m* and other property in payment of ��u<<w riptbm Io tberapstal
���tock in *nch amonnt*a*tiw Board of Ttro ��������-**
mav think proper, and to U*ne fully paM up
���fork ��� hen-fore.
Given under ray Sand >M *eal sf *��#**������ at
Victoria. Province of British C.dnmhta. thu
twenty-eighth day of I **���*���*her, owe thou*��nd
right bandied and ninety *e>y*u.
�� v woomr,
nWistrarof Joint Sweet CeSSSnyaJs*
KoTtCl i* hereby given that state day* after
date I intend to apply to th** Honorable the
Chief Comnilwiou�� of Land* and Work* for
uermU-ion to purchase the nuenrreyed or tbe
agricultural Crown land* within Ihe follow-
in* described  area :
Commencing at the nor��h-we*t corner of
l<ot W.O 1. Kootenay Dutrict, thence south
to chain*, thence we*t gichaiua, thence north
id chain*, thence west *) chains, thence north
in chain*, thenee we*t *�� chains, thence north
���o a pre-emption, thenee lollowing the ��outh
andea*t honndarie* of said preemption to
Kootenay river, thence alone river front to
point of commencement, and rontaining ����>
acres more or le��*.
k Me&tmat,
Hated stoh .f nlv. tar*.
Certificate ef Imsyeeeemerita.
Situate in  the ��h*-an  Mining   IHi.t.n   *l
West Kootsnav    Whore locate*! :    In M��
Ouhtan Basin
Take notice that I. A S. Farwell. e**at fee
K H. Totnlta*on. Free Miner** CertihVat* So
M1.K. intend ��i��ty dare from date hereof. to
apply to tbe Mining Re> ��rdsr for a ***rvtn>et��
of improvement* for the purpose of obtaining
��� Crown  Orent of the shove elaltc
And farther take notiee that action under
Her'ton *! mn*t he comm*>nce-d Iwfore tbe I*.
*nance of *u*h tort Ideate of Improvement <
A S   Ptawtxi
Pete of Sr��t pnblt.<.tn>u  Jnly. SUh   l*e>
SnTM'KU hereby given Haul tblrtv day.
after the Sr*t pohlheiion l������i����d tbe Minnesota Ml vcr (Yirnpau*. I.lu.iie-I. will rhaMS>
its offoee or principal place ��>f i.n*in������ from
tbe town of New I inner rn the Pro* lore of
Britl��b Columbia to tha> City of Mamlnn In
��eld  Province.
lasted thi* *��b lay of inn*, tana
w h Yavsan
Pre*ldent of ��aM Compnn*
Sticbine Boats Tied Up.
The Canadian  Pacific    Railway
Company has decided to close out its
steamboat business on tbe Stickine
river  altogether.     Of tbe twelve
boats originally   intended for business on the Stick ine there are now
four at Wrangel���the Ogilvie,   Mc-
Connell,   Hamlin and   Duchesnay.
The Ogilvie has beeh making weekly trips to Glenora, but the others
have been laid up.   All four will be
sent up the river to guard against attack by teredos and tbe ancient town
of Wrangel will be left once more to
Its accustomed quiet from which it
was disturbed so rudely by the ill-
timed ruth of the spring of 98.
--('������MTAMKft Aer. taw *
HEREBY CERTIFY that   I  have thU day
i*tered   the "American   Roy   Mi..ink
���American Hey Mining and Milling Company.'
Registered the fMh day of lJ*< ember, lac
and Milting Company" as an Evtra-Provincul
Company under the ''Cnmpenie* Act. mr?" to
carry ont or effect all or any  or tbe obiecte
he!??n5!t*r,*f.t fo,rtM? w,��^,�� Ihe lecidative
authority of the Uai*Utureof Brlli*h Columbia extend*.
The head ofrlce of the companv (a sitnate in
the City of Spokane. Urate of Washington
v��H. A*
Tbaatnountof the capital of the Company
Is one million dollar*, divided Into one million shares of one dollar each.
Tbe head office of the Company in thi* Province I* situate on American Hoy. Cody, and
Sotice i* beret.r given that ihirtv day*
after Set publication hereof the Hoi,.bine
Mining (>>ropany. I.lmliel will change it*
office or principal plae* ��f l>u��iiie��* from tbe
Town of Throe Fork*. In th* Province of Brit
Ish tVdnmbla to the City of Xan.lon in *aid
Hate��l thi- *ah day of J.m*. \*m
W.H Yswam.
Pre.ldcnt of said Company.
Is feeling the benefit of the improvement in trade.   Orders art
becoming more libera! and kis
seldom, payments are more
prompt and less eicrucutms.
a genera) improvement in business is tbe result of the revival.
H*e< not advanced one c��nt    Now it tbt
lime to make the twcesMrr purchsKi
Wccen tarn eatt envthrng vou hippen
in require with nesteesa and scteatch
An order
Will verily tbt Statement
The standard of our work ia
Xoiiie ia hereby given that thirty day* after
theflrst publication hereof tbe Cumberland
Mining Company, Limited, will change Iu
office or principal plaee of business from Ihe
Town of Three Forks, In the Province of Brit-
ish Columbia Io tbe City of Hamlon. In said
Hated thU **th day of June. lauS.
T W.H YAwastf.
FtSeident of said Company. ���l?AVOTRRAKf SANDON, B.C., AUGUST 13, 1898.
Ten thousand aeeas el the Manitoba
Cntveraity Land grant Will be placed on
the market this year.
A small cyclone mabed through an
on-hard in Kingsvllte.Qnt., belonging; to
Kli Scratch, one night recently, Mowing
down some 800 peach trees.
Miss Margaret AngJin, one of the
talented Canadian aetraasse, has aeeept-
ed an ��ngsfeo��eat as leading lady with
Richard Mansfield <or neat season.
Aid. McDonald Allan, formerly editor
of the Huron fiigoat, Goderich, Ont.. has
Ut-ii i��i>|*>inted Fruit Commtawiontr for
Canada at the Paris Exposition to be
heM in lWk
Two hundred and twenty mors Bar-
nardo boya arrived in Canada thi* week.
one hundred were left in Toronto and
the remainder went to the Peterboro
I.oid lleracbell, who is one of the International Arbitration Commissioners.
Arrival at Montreal this week, and bad
* ��� -..1,i.-reoot�� at the Wlndaor hotel with
Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
The Spanish Cooaul at Toronto, Mr.
J Knock Thompaun, baa received word
fnan the Itatt of Alaaodovardet Hi��, that
llrr Majesty, the Queen Regent of
Kpain, has been pleated to confer upon
him the rank Chevalier of the Ko%aland
iviftingruiahed Order of Carlo* 111, for
hi* valuable services aa her Consul at
Ttw�� latest
Ijho Napanee
lunk robbery ease ia the refwaal of Pen-
urn. the ex-tetter, to accept bail, although
man v friends are ready to give bail to
the amount of 110,000. Ponton declared
that h�� would leave the prison only
�� hen lie could do SO without theahedow
-.1 crime resting upon him. The lank
has severed the etrvieea of ft. B. Oiler,
Q.C., (or the prelimiuary trial.
A collision oocorred on Monday morn-
ing. July i4th. hotween two C. P. R.
{eaacnger train*, about a mile and a half
rati A IVnbroke, Ont Providentially,
the r*l was straight, and the engineers
o( ����oth trains bod time to reverter their
"ritfitHw, and apple the air-brakes, before
jumping for tMtrlivea. The two engine*
and express and baggage ear* were tele-
*>��i*d togs tier, but not a passanger car J
If (i the track and no one was seriou*ly
hurt Tbe damage to stock amount* to
���nine 11300.
While hunting for his ball a young
Tomnto hoy, who was visiting Mr. Walter
lialloway, near Moontaio View  llonl,
Hamilton, discovered a number of silver
������one under the floor of a pig-pen. Theae
corns  turned  out   to  be   eountetfeit
TImt* were about 40 of them, all silver
of Canadian and United State* 60 and 35
��� tit denominations.   Many counterfeit
coins have been  paused oil on people j
during the latt  year, and   tbe police I
think they will now be able to run the
visliy one* down.
Duke of Argyle, M* Patrick Robertson,
and other prominent men, who procured
for him a good position in the cuatoma
at Liverpool. Later he came to Canada
for his health and was prevailed upon to
settle here.
John (irimahaw, of Toronto, received
a great surprise one morning thia week.
tie was carrying a hag of flour across the
tracks at tbe Union Station and atepped
directly in front of the C. P. R. express
from Buffalo. The engineer and the onlookers were horrified, and two women
feinted, (irimahaw was ahot into tbe
air like a rocket and deceoding alighted
on the cowcatcher in a very daaed condition. Tbe bag of flour was split in twain
and for some momenta it looked as if
snow was falling thick and fast, and
everything was obscured bv the fine
fktur. (inrosbew was soon all right and
set to work to clear up the flour.
Surgeon Captain Scott, the brave Canadian, who was severely wounded three
limes in the chest, ankle and thigh, during a recent action in Sierra Leone, yet
s ill went on tending tbe wounded, although suffering awful jpain, is a graduate of Trinity College. Toronto, and a
grand-nephew of Dr. Covington of that
city. The Canadian Medical Review
pays a great tribute to Dr. Scott, and
says: "May we not hope lie, too, will
receive the greatest earthly r*ward possible to a British soldier, the Victoria
Cross, which, as it lies ujton the breast
of a brave man causes the heart*
of his countrymen to flow with delight
because they can claim him."
Miss May Robertson end her sister
Marian, who had been working at Banian's Point, Toronto, went out in *
canoe one evening thi* week, and were
upset by tbe ��� wells from an incoming
steamer. The girls screamed for help.
bet for sometime no one attempted to go
near them, although many pleasure
boats were dose st hand. At last a
young actor named Herbert Stewart,
who was a passenger on the steamer
Primrose, seeing that those io the boats
refused to help gallantly jumped in and
swam to tbe rescue. He was just io
time to save Marian aa she was sinking
for the third time. May. however, was
dead. The girls were from Peterboroegh
and are daugbte s of Mr. McAllister
Robertson, a carpenter.
The commissioner of wrecks, Mr. W.
>l smith, of Halifax, who was appoint
*d to inquire Into the wreck of La
Hoitrgogne, has hi* report prepared. It
�����oneratss lb* master and crew of the
�� r<>tii*rty��hire from all blame, aa they
implicitly obeyed all the international
rule* governing steamship travel, ocean
<mir��e��, etc. Mr. Smith ascertained
(hat the dilated vessel was 100 mile*
out of its course and running through
[������gat a high rate of spaed. Many deed
'���"die* have been seen floating about the
wnvkage, off Sable Island, and a boat is
wing lltted op to go and pick up tbe
bad tig,
Kvan MeOoll, the veteran  Scottish-
< anadian bard, died on July 04th, at hi*
remdenes In Toronto.   For (ft years he,
had been before the public aa an author. ���
Be wrote in Kngiish and Gaelic and his
*ork�� have always sold well.   Mr. Me-
[,��ll was born in 1800 in the village of.
Kenmore, la Argyleehire, near Inverary, I
'"-hfyneeide, where he early became
known as the "Bard of Laehlyne."   His
first volume of poetry was published in ,
>��<����� .and attracted  the notice of the
Duluih, Minn.���Iron ore shipments
from Minnesota have so far been 270,000
tons greater than last year to this date,
ami from all the lake region they are
more than a million tons in excess of any
preceding year, to a corresponding time.
There is not the slightest doubt that the
total for the year from Lake Superior
will amount to 15.000.000 tons and this
great increase over all prior year* will
result in an increase in the prices of lake
ores another season, if not later thia year.
While the price* for which most one are
selling is better by from 10 to 25 cents
than in 1*07, the Mesabas are bringing
as little ami, in many cases, even leas
than last year. An additional price for
labor make* the situation almost unbearable for these miners, and they will
make a strong effort to get into the general ore pool, or trust, next season.
Two new mines began mining on the
Meeaha Uiia week, the Klha, a Minnesota
Iron Company property, and Pillsbury,
belonging to the Jtockfeller combination.
The former is an underground mine, ami
of very high grade, ami the latter ia bales] operated by the open pit milling process. It is stated that an average product of 60 tons per day par man can be
made at thia latter mine, which will lie
a record-breaking output for anything
except the steam shovel mines. At the
Pillshurv an area of 250 feet square baa
been strtp|��d of earth, and the working
shaft sunk under the bottom of the ore
beside the stripping.   Prom the foot of
been stripi**! of earth, and the working
shaft sunk nV""*~-
beside the stri
this shaft a drift has been run
the stripping  with   branches to
*u~  stripped area
at the top of the raises. These men
loosen the ore around the, tops of the
raises and it falls down into the cars
stationed at the drifts, numerous small
craters like those oi a volcano, appearing
where the men are at work, until in time
the ere is all cleaned out and the mine
abandoned. This is a new process for
mining ore sod one that gives remarkable results. It is destined to revolutionise mining operation wherever it is
practicable. It is a development 'of
the peculiar conditions arising on the
Mesaha range.
Want   Dividend   Properties.
Q. A. Stimpson, a Toronto mining
operator, who put the War Eagle deal
through for the Gooderham-Blackstock
syndicate, and who was in England last
summer, says the great demand there
among investors is for dividend-paying
properties, and he is satisfied that with
tbe advent of a few more dividend-paying properties among the companies
now handled in the old cottutrv, there
would be a tremendous rush of capital
for investment in these fields. Mr.
Stimpson, who besides being a heavy
shareholder in the War Eagle company,
also is interested in the Crows Neat
Pass coalfields, and he says that with
the coining cheap coke to tbe smelters,
the freight and treatment rate for this
district will be reduced to some of the
mines at least to the extent of f 1 50 per
ton. Thus a mine that is now getting
a rate of 07.50 per ton, will get a rate
of 05. 	
HowripuR   Philosophy.
The devil is a good deal more watchful at a picnic than the chaperon.
A homelv man becomes good-looking
after vou have become accustomed to
him, but a homely women never does
We have noticed that if the croquet
ground is bidden behind thick shrub-
oerv in the back yard the parents are
not'so inclined to think that playing
the game on Sunday adds to hell's
It is unfortunately true that a girl
will look bored when her father takes
her to a dollar show, and laugh every
minute when a young thing in high
collar and pants takes her to a ten-cent
(Mary Downing In Minneapolis Journal.)
to guard end to gride
Were I but hie own wife.
Tie little of sorrow should fall on my de	
I'd chant him my low lore verses, steeling- be-
8o faint and so tender Ida heart would bat
I'd pull the wild blossoms from valley and highland.
And mere at his feet would I lay them all
Id slug him the sonic of oar nor stricken Island
TUI hia heart was on are with love like my own.
There's a roar by hia dwelling; M sand the lone
That he might have Sowers when the summer
would come.
There'a a harp ir hia hall; I would wake Its
sweet measure,
For  be must have  music Io  brighten  his
Were I but hia own wife, to guide and to guard
Tie little of eorrow should fall on ay dear;
For every kind glance my whole life would
award him,
In sickness I'd soothe and In aadneaa I'd cheer.
My heart la a fount welling upward forever.
When I think of my true love by night or by
That heart keeps its faith like a fast flowing
Which gushes forever and alnga on Us way.
1 have tlioughts full of peace for his soul to re-
nose in.
Were I hut hia own wife to win and to woo:
Oh. sweet, if the night of misfortune were closing,
To rise like the morning star, darling, for you.
(By an Unknown Poet.)
[t ia aa ahe wMied: I have married the maiden.
Who wrote tbe above In such delicate rhyme.
She cotojs to me now with her heart deeply
With the love mat she says will exist for all
The glow of the honeymoon slow baa departed;
The problems of life now themselves do assert.
And one question that for me can never be
Is. "Where is the button that was once on my
Alaa! in the rudimentary knowledge of cooking-,
>   Of mending snd darning, she never was taught.
But to f**p, (towns, gadding and gush she Is
1 looking    ^^^^^
.    her
The "ha
Aa ber contribution to our common support.
*- -ban. In tbe hair' and -the rose by a
r��. in tbe hall" and "the rose by our
And "love verses chanted" are aU well in their
But the girl who's a housekeeper, mind what I'm
Is what young men are seeking to-day.
r Brother Udell.'1
W. F. Thompson will move his print*
ing office from Glenora to Dawson City
when the snow will permit. Thompson
is having a run of hard luck.
Can save money
by buying your,
from us.    We are making a special
offer of Light Underwear and Outing
Now is your only    Shirts"-^asas^pjsasase-
From now until Aug. 31st we are selling our Ready Made
Clothing at actual cost.      Postoffice Store, Sandon.
varlo is portions of the  stripped area.
r'rom these drifts raises are driven up to
the surface,  where the ore has been,
stripped of earth, and men are stationed '
Provides ample and pleasant accommodation for tbe traveling public.
Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
STEGE ft AVISON,  *      Proprietors. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., AUGUST 18, I8B8.
  , i  i  i     ���-���    i.       - - -          ' ���"**
The Paystreak.
Ia Issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription ���';������*' ���'������     aa.ooayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: The Patstbrak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B. C, AUGUST 13, 1898
the silver production erf Kootenay for
ten years as follows;
, s
lesr a i..��i
1S88  W,lM��
UtfB  ��.S7S
IS��  ��,5U8
1W1  4W��
189*  ��8,{W5
^        .       .     19&,0OO
last'.'."  mjtu
iss&  vnjm
ISM ,.ta��*M��w
we? Wt.m
The British Columbia Review,
pnblisbed in London, Eng, is a journal that aspires to the dignified position of an authority on B. C. mining
matters. It is usually correct on
matters of any importance, and It is
surprising that it should have made
such a ridiculous blunder as we find
in its editorial notes in tho issue ol
July 23, when, speaking of the progress of Kootenay, it said:
1 Neither the decline
Total.".'.'.' T. S1,SW,i��i��
Thus it is seen the value of Kootenay s silver production was more than
$7,000,000; not $1,000,000, as the
Review attempts to show. And it
should also be taken into considers
tion that the price of silver has fallen
to such a degree that It now requires
almost double the quantity to bring
tbe price of ten years ago, and that,
while in 1887 17,670 ounces brought
$17,331, in 1897 it required 5,572,971
ounces to yield $3,272,836.
A mild comparison is made by the
Review uf the value of Kootenay'*
silver production with the gold output of South Africa. Such a com
parison Is unjust to Kootena y Sil ver
is not the only value found in the ores
TH K   A Jv'i.Ls>' ASISiSICAW -: -AM.1 AM ��Mt
1��MM    674*3
1S3H-5    8<jor��
1��*6  MM**.
iam-7..: 54��,W*
  in silver nor.   ., ._   ���
the disciwaginiT conditions exercise ��f Kootenav.   It is always found with
inv mnmssiva mflnsnA*  ns   tho mu. I * .     ���
gold, copper or lead, and if the
mineral wealth of Kootenay is to be
compared with that of South Africa,
the value of the gold, copper and
lead taken from the lode mines must
be added to that of silver. In the
past ten years 89,106,1142 pounds of
lead were extracted from the galena
ores, valued at $2,971,618. Not until
18934 were gold and copper taken
from our lode mines In pay ing quantities. Since then the value of these
metals has been: Gold, $4,30^689;
copper, $521,060. These values added to that of silver will give a correct idea of the .Magnitude of Kootena vs lode mines, and give a grand
total of the value of these metals extracted from the ground In ten years
of $15,094,427.
We believe this will compare
favorably with any of the boasted
lode mining countries in the world,
conditions and amount of capital in
vested cottsiderett And yet It is but
the outcroppings when Obtuiwred with
what will be the output for the next
anv repressive influence on the output of silver in the Kootena ys. W bat
might have paralysed anv other in
dustry seems to stimulate' the output
in these regions. From a government document we take these figures,
showing the yearly increase for ten
1SS7-S 9SM25
lass*  vat*
isswai  is^si
1SSO-1    4341*5
Vmt    CT.S6
I***    ��.��.�� Total SWtO.Ml
"A total output of $t,000,t(XV as
shown above, may be small when
compared with South Africa, but we
would have tbe public to clearlv
recognise that even British Columbia
must walk ere she can run, and that
Kootenay has progressed in spite of
indifferent development and lack ot
interest in centres where capital is
abundant for industrial expansion.
We repeat that to extract $1,000,000
worth of sil ver from the ground in
ten years under primitive conditions
is an achievement proving the vast
weslth of the district."
This is a remarkable statement
to come from a paper usually as reliable as the Review, and no time
should be lost in rectifying the serious blunder. The effect of such a
statement cannot be treated lightly.
It cannot be passed off as an error of
ignorance, but rather is one of blind
recklessness in tbe use of figures that
have no bearing whatever on the
matter discussed. The figures reproduced by the Review have not
the slightest relativeness to the silver
production of the Kotensy*. They
were taken from a government docu*
racnt showing the increase in revenue
received by the government from
Kootenay in the past ten years, and
give no idea of the metal production
of the district; simply indicate the
progress made in the development of
the district by showing the increase
in government revenue year after
We would suggest thtt n copy of
the report of the Minister of Mines be
mailed annually to the several London miring jonrnals. As u matter of
self preservation it
The report for the yeat
decade. ���The Ig��dge
I oik* knew sil the Mrd* that came
And nested In our orchard trees;
/orevvrv g ��w, r I had a name-
. "y ''"WU were woodtliucka, hauls and bees
I kticw where thrived In r-HiibTsdin
�� hst leant* would soothe a stonr-brulsed toe-
O. I was very learned then,
Hut that was very long ago.
1 'JP!*'l,,e *��** "f*0" *�� ��������"���
i *^3��E$?3F" *Umnd ���
i ^^OSSLMr^^ ��� ��**!
*.%,.il,v"4 aT ^^WtNi.iaieey orow,
K,i2?I!,b" **���** *����1 ��r.'W�� knew im*-
Hut that was very long a*.,.
And iilnliitf he- (hi- >.ya of v silh.
1 tr^ the old fandiar siit.    '
Only to le.iru this silemn troth .
1(haveforir-juen. am form*.
Yet nert a the yooiiKiSer at my knee
o ..1.k !onw' **��� wl"�����he-
Hut that waa *nry Iouk aim.
Of whafsosVr tin- gate. d.*rc*.
Yet were not wl*he*��|| (w Vll,���'
I'd wiah I) be a bny auslii '
rS^^&F"\l "��*to ��"��* i
���I .I?"/' ���" *����a��:��y then- '
Bni that waa very Inn* *K<..
Lady Frances Cook (nee Tennessee
C. Claflln) has a very interesting letter
in Public Opinion on the Anglo-Araeri-
eaan Alliance. Her ladyship draws a
comparison between the Gotten Age aa
sung by the ancient poets and the present day, and wonders when the prophecy of Isaiah will be fulfilled, and
*'they shall beat their sword* into
ploughshare* and their spears in pruning hooks: neither shall they learn war
any more." She points to the fact that:
At the present moment Kurope in an
armed camp ready for slaughter. Of
her sixty million men twelve million
are trained soldiers. And th* New
World has recently entered on the fatal
career ot the old Hut a remote and
comparatively insignificant content ia
sufficient to dislocate the delicate social
machinery of every civilised State, and
a dilatory contest carries (amine to the
hearths of the poor, thousands of miles
from the conflict In various countries
in both hemispheres, starving men and
women are rioting (or heard: wh��<
thev really want ia peace "
Pursuing- the subject her tadytlrip
asks; "v an nothing be d me. thi it. to
make war more ditticuit ? Is the Ooldeo
Age to he tttci��ly a poetic dream, never
to be in anv degree realised/ Wefm#t
not. For, if we mistake not, tho finl
(aint streak o( the brig hi dawn is breaking. In Inith the IHtl and the Ham
\N orld men of clear heads and generous
hearts are looking forward to a con-
((���deration of the English-speaking pe��*-
pie. And tbe slightest considers! t��o *h
the matter must convince ev.>rv uu^e
judiced mind that the speedv" a*.r'.<ni-
plishment ol an Anglo American
Alliance, based Upon sound, equitable,
and permanent principles, will lav Ote
foundation ol a new era, one w*hich.
rewchance, may be crowntrd bv nnivers
al perennlnl peace
AIt Is always unsafe to prophesy,
nevertheless we may venture to forecast the probable outcome ot an Anglo-
American Alltance.institutedfoi mutual
defence, and to keep the world * peace
In the first place, every country wfcos��
intelligence enable* it perceive that it*
interests also are best promoted bv
repressing warfare, will de*ire to share
in the advantages of such an alliance
r ranee and Germany would bury tWMr
animosities, and compete with each
Other, and with wMieetvwS, in friend
ly rivalrle*! only. Austria. Italv.
and the miner state* would follow
< Ine power alone would have cause to
regard this international policy with
hatred, siuce it would arrest her career
Of conquest and destroy her hope of
nui versa I domination Since the dava
of Peter the Great she has set eiample
of those vast armaments which are
ruining almost all the nations, and
which keep Kuasia Itself In tterpetual
poverty."              v        ^
TO   THK   ��!OMM.
Urtl*M*s raw-iilate tff4'jpurih- .m^.. .
are alregjy broache4 ��� nPST
time the promoting NaJL ,,n('4"
Inlormer, mounta *���**- !lr?0' .****
popular here.
tne pedestal
tiSSff erery tim�� he ^
dramaticfepisode*, es^isiiv ^^
to |tre|tultee himseK bv wulMlra.;,,!
the Ma^rneait* he made at.heKs?
aminatioita The effort* drew |n��.�� ��
registrar the remark -.. i, a'i
scandalous thing.' Th, u,,,,,^
given lmpllcate.1 many well k.'ue,
Umdoners, who**, nam.*, would n.41*.
recogniaed in America. wHt, Jl^
hitherto been untaruialicd h\ sostacioa
"ibie of the gravest rharges ��V, ^
siory of Ute dealings with UovUsbsnk
where was depoaited **��.������.'^jari-* i
the Singer company The d��, rUiw
went bankrupt the*- shan-. sm tr��n��
(erred. He *w��re iliU sfternooti ih��-
lie never transferr.4 then, ami Uw
certitkat*'* used were signed in l.but
for another transaction.
"Among hi* allegeddi��aling�� vitbike
rkrl of Delaware, !Ur. Rooltn ssaerted
that tbe Karl trieil *o ssdl loin ����, ***>,
at llamington. itlb^rimr that it cwnuia-
ed 4,��ss�� acre* H-wdcv ��.i A I nrosthr
��d to take It, but wheu t **'ut im sgrut
to see tho properly, he found th are acre
only l,S��*f acres 1 bad t-. ;����* Uu
wart* l.taaishares, of the Treat ��>
company to get htm to let lueoflthe
"When replying to an inteirugatnai,
hedenouiiced the speaker, v\< Uinaing,
'lleau Harrison, Davt* mid It.*! .,-,-
three of the grtutlest btarktnaiien ia
l��ndon ' He waa tremendoaslt *|>
pUuded for this retort "
���onantlemnl    Rt await lam    of   Cwrrwnaiwei
Anawaig Kngtteb rinnnelere.
A recent dns|iatch from l^ondon sat*:
' Kriiest stosmspg revchttior.a of the rot-
tenness of l/mdma financiering has
thrown into a panic million* of Kngliah
men, who have invested their saving*
in tbe stocks ol rotnimnies. It waa a
matter of common notoriety that the
kniruallat* fattened on company operation, but the gigantic fabric of bribery
and blackmailing by which boards of
directors are organised of purchased
name* and hacked by a subsidised
press, some birds even being paid to
quit the. companies when no longer
needed, was swpcctcd
Mirih*..only W^to" ����k��d is,
���,������ m    VVbn
-Buitene FieU.  j "M** ������ Wtrend'thn Portia'of the
ammo,**. -e,fc vaTaoor.mo^^^
The newest woieler In Ainerlraac*-
gineeriog has ju*t been inaugtiratcd ia
Haugbtoa, Mich . via: The Ited Jsdct
���jhaft of the Camntet and li��<cU~tbr
greateat  mining shaft  of  the rntJr*
world    It 1* i,fli��i feet deep, twin*
pared with it, the deep ailvej tuinei M
tbe Cosjswtock lode in Nevada, or taa
wooderfttl mines in Austria, worked(ar
many centurea past, are  bui *u.%<.���>��
pit*    There are si*   compartment*.
say* the Hew York Sun. each e��>ual in
aise to an ordinary shad, four <���* taeM
being tins*! for h^tUting rtKk ami k����w>
ing timber: one la tt*��*��l (or the UdoVf
wave, and the sixth and \**i >����Hip*rt-
menl carries the   wire* and pipe* I,r
telephones,  light, power.   a��i^ ��'���"]
t^miiremaed   air     The   umlcrgroww
working* of  shaft  are   laid   "*n ��'!t>
mathetnatnai accuracv. the uiidrviat-
ing course of the copper bearing i��w
allowing work to be plann��-��i thousands
of feet ahead ol the mineral pi�� k<   I be
great pump* which free the mines frnsi
wafer an* operated InteTehatigtwWy*?
compresMul air  and  electri* in    '^p
power drill* which e*t ih�� holes is iw
dynamite cartridge* are   mn by o*a-
preened air alone, and then in  man
than *W of those dHlla. each <loing Jjj
work of a dogen men. ���r,,rk,,,jr,S:
night and day iu UteOslttmH and ���������
Swnao   MJwre   IVeameeytag.
His months ago the lloaslnwl *""
propheaitvl that there w..ui.l lie * IT"
eral prosperity and that busim*" *������"
be rushing in KosaUud thin����""��" "
is now only midsummer and il><- ��*
tton reinrred to is already upon u*
late there has Imwu a marked ncresj    ���
in the volume of busine** of all k>"
Everyone  la making  tnone.,    m**
are moro opportunities (or em|����">l" .
than there^are men to fill  h�� PJ���
tions. Prom now on the camp >�� < "V
to go ahead by leaps and Iwunda.   "
venture another prophiny aiidtn
that within the next twel..; inoiiW* "J
it population of Kossliml *��'
Iiwrwased by (H�� per cent 15*   AMi�� smSM��*Jrf��.-* fil  SMJCAICv -
More vork is being put on the Turns,
The Surprise resumed operations hist
An addi'lou Is to be built to the quarters st tho Queen Bee*.
More men were put en tbe California
this week. The property la showing up
exceptionally well.
Two good strikes were recently mad*
<.ii the Idaho. One Is three feet wide,
and the other 10 inches.
i has. Rossiter and Dan Grant have
Untiled a Woodbwrry creek prospect to
It  K. Brown for $46,000.
Jo* lletheriugton sod Cbas. Roaaiter
have bonded two claim* near lite Monte
turn* to K. K Brown for 112,000.
Andrew Murphv ha* teased the west
half o( the Corinth group for three years.
The east half will be worked by the com-
A strike of three inches of galena wa>
mad* last week on Cory and Wards
claim, tbe Eclipse, situated above the
California on Silver mountain.
Franklin and Moran have a force at
work on the Smuggler and Mogul,
near the Mollis -tiiMon, on Kokanec
creek. The supplies were packed from
New I-cover, a distance of 35 mile*.
Thirty inches of ore is showing at the
bottom ol the Bosun shall, and much
galena is being taken from the tunnel.
On the Mollie Hughes th* shoutngs in
alt the a or kings v* Improving. A payment will be made thi* month on the
Jim Mitchell, who teooe of tbe tewt
teamsters in the mountains, had an
accident last s.uo<t*y white hauling ore
i ������in the Queen Heas. Tlie leader* be
��� ante (righieoekl at something and ran
aaay. breaking Ihe wagon into pteees,
falling tlteore along the IA mr cent,
grade, and bruising one of Jim'* lego.
llie wheeler* remain** I on tbe ruad
��h ile the leaders plunged down the hill
ami were severely injured.
rrusut is uismisski).
Melaaeo    Mae
Victoria, B. C , Aug. ft.���Ueutenant
fiovernor Mclnnes to-day called upon
lbs Hon. Robert Beaven to form a new
I'rovineial guvernanent and Mr. Beaven
baa undertaken the task. It is under
flood that the lieutenant-! Jovernor act-
���**! upon his own responsibility In the
matter. Mr. Beaven has not been u
member of the legislature since li'.H.
when he waa defeated In Victoria, where
he atood a* an independent.  Mr. Beaven
was minister of lawte and work* (rom
1*71 to I87fl, finance minister from IH7S
to 1HS2, and premier from 1HH2 to 1HHJ.
v�� lien hi* ministry resigned.
Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes ha* Intimated in an interview his reasons (or
liia course of action with reepect to the
government. He say* that it appeared
Io him that the result o( tlie elections
'lid not show suffleient confidence on
tbe |mrt of tbe people to Justify tbe
government in making further expend!
tores or appointments, and that on tbe
I Itli of July he notified the Premier to
that effect. The government, however.
kept on it* usual course, so this morning
Ins lienor asked for the resignation of
the ministry. Since the opposition did
not appear to be united on anv leader,
behadaent tor Mr. Beaven. It is understood that Mr. Beaven will ask for,
and Iwgranted an Immediate dissolution.
A despatch from Vancouver says:
I render Turner has resigned, and Lieu-
"'uanKtovernor Mclnnes has called
upon the Hon, Robert Beaven to form a
ministry. Great indignation was ex-
��M>ree*ed in Vancouver on the receipt
J* -be news, it being evidently an St-
"���mpt on the part of the Turner govern-
uiooi   to
The red fish are running
nets are in order.
Mrs. H. 8 her ran, who has been seriously ill for the past week or two, will
leave for Spokane for treatment this
New Denver merchants have taken
kindly to tbe early closing movement
and all tbe general stores close at 7 p.m.
and none open on Sunday*
Henry Stage returned Saturday from
G tenors, satisfied with bis business venture in that old mining camp, but happy
to get back to the queen city of Slocan
The best entertainment that has been
iriven in New Denver (or some days was
that of tlie Salvation Army band Mou
day  night.    They  received  a rousing
reception and most liberal patronage.
Tbe B. A. C. people have put S84.000
into tbe Halycon Hot Spring*. The
* ��ter o( these springs is six times
si.anger in lithia than any other American water. Already large orders have
been received (torn London for this excitant water.
If you are-
nmjiy       \vu*e<v< l
there is plenty
Assay* as high
Tne Srst locomotive that ever moved
a wheel in Alaska pulled out from Skag-
Wf>y last Wednesday with a string of flat
cars. Tbe moving marked another epoch
of improvement in the great Northern
territory. For several mile- the pioneer
locomotive found rail*? stretching out
before it, and as soon as a bridge is completed the distance that can lie covered
will be materially increased.
There was no ceremony over the event.
A few of Skagway's business men gathered to see the engine start out. and as
she puffed up the grade on Broadway and
out into the valley there was a rush to
see tbe novelty, and that was all. Skag-
way people have not been so It-ng away
from civilisation that the workings of a
locomotive excite them. The engine
1 row two fiat cars loaded with railroad
iron. In a few days others will be added
and with their assistance the work of
road building will progress rapidly.
Seven miles of road-bed have been
graded, and over five miles of this track
nave been laid. Fifteen hundred men
are working as fast as possible to push
tbe road along. Winter, with iu blix-
sards, is fast approaching, snd then
work will be evon more difficult.
Call at the
keep   the   premiership   for
It t* state*I that the leading
opposition  members were  approached
���T      .VM8W  ��*  formfng  a   coalition
cabinet, but they declined, announcing
their intention to stood or (all together
From tts* Miner.
Despite the sudden appointment of a
receiver. jr the Le ttoi which effectually
shut 08 shipments Irora that property,
the total tonnage sent to tbe smelters
from the mine*../ the camp during the
week just i��ss**l read .-��J the comfortable total ol 2.MH1 tons, wlS'ch, with tbe
notation of the itnfnet.** product of last
week (.'t,0ty�� , surpassed any shipment in
tbe history f the csmp. The tonnage
was divided as follows: War Kagle,
1,400; Le Itoi, 1.271; Iron Mask/flO;
Centre Star, 300; Giant 36; Sunset So
It has been decided to put a five or
seven-drill or'u pressor and steam hoist
and pump on ^flie Giant. The management expects to get tlie plant installed
iu the next IK) days. Meantime tlie development b lieiug pushed night and
day. The shaft on No. 2 ledge is dow n
35 feet and is nil iu ore, The high jer-
.village of eoppur is maintained and the
gold value is eligbUy increasing. Tlie
tuunel on No. ' ledge is going in a'noui
one foot in 26 hu-urs, and should b�� under the shaft in "> days or less. The
Tlie shipments we is increased to two
cars this week, win "h gave an average of
116 per ton.
On the Ivsnlllg, ownstl by the Kureku
Consolidate! Company, on which epi
lions have i��vn proceed.!���* ��wd:ly .01
several days ,'��>t, tbe new shaP. is now
down ��6 leet, and it is coming into
some very good ore. The abaft, which
a vertical one, being sunk in the hang
ing wall, has just tapped tlie vein, and
tbu* far the mineral hod) haa been ex
poeed for a width ol about 18 inches,
although It Is us pertain a* yet lam-
wide ihe ledge �� II BtWrs to bo Tlie
ore is a black u��is -tt, carrying copper in
very con*iden,bh* j��ro|��ortion*, while
" " * w fhas grained pyrrbotite.
a* $24nuve been secured.
On the Virginia two machines kie
engaged in drilling ftom the ore botlv
recently found on tbe900 fool level south
toward* tbe second ore body which is
120 feet sway Iruin the first. The drift
has U-en run a distance of 30 feet, ami *
second machine was started to drift
along tbe ledge toward the end line* of
the Iron Mask, nearly Ml (eel away.
The ore from tne nine foot payatn ak is
heing Uken out and it is foiiad that it
gives hiirh shipping fUlUSf It carries a
great ileal of eopptr. Oue rouud of
shots fins I yestc.iis.j knocked down 40
The developi astd on tlie Monte Christo
continue* with a sAod force, and the
mine is being put Ul a condition so that
when tbe spur o�� uie Columbia * Western Railway Is completed in October
next, large quani.oe 0*1. I#eent to the      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
T&tJV&^****^\u*���,   bossland. nklson, kasi-o,
the ore of the Moms Christo will lie paiJ j
a bonus of f�� per U n. because of the ex-'
The easiest part of the read bssnow
been graded. From the point to which
the road-bed is completed to Shallow
Lake, on tbe other side of the Summit*
almost every foot of tbe work will be
through rock. Tile distance is 25 miles,
as the road curves with the narrow
valleys to save heavy cuts. As it is, two
small tunnels will be necessary.
For tbe past three months the cry has
come from Skagway just at regularly aa
the steamer* arrived from Lynn Canal
that more meu were needed. The Railroad Company now has 1,600 men at
work, and says it will give employment
to as many.more if it can find them.
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Is the Pioneer House of the City
������Manufaturet* of all-   ���
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc.
Seuadoxi, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
Dealer in, MEATS
 : AT
CSSI of iron in it. This, with the present
cost o( hauling to ihutraiu removed, will
make a differenct i ( *.'> per ton in favor
of tbe Monte Chroto Company
Although the aBoi ��.s in tbe bands
of a receiver, pending tbe settlement ol
tlie dittkultle* between tbe Turner interests and the l.A.C. which owim a
control in the Bine, yet tlie development
of tlie property is going actively ahead,
with a* large a force of men as can be
utilised in exploring tbe mine. Owing
to the fret that th* Le Hoi smelter is
outside of the l'u , u> v. and bence out-
��� aide of lb* juriau: Hiou of tbe judge who
[appointed a receiver for tlie mine, no
shipments are being made at present,
Parke���I haven', been home since
yesterday morning, .md I am afraid my
Wife is beginuingto worry about me.
I.Atie���I should think you -"**iM
begin to worry about yourself.
Neil Macdonalo
MACLX)NALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Kites tl.l50 to 12.50 per day.	
Headqaarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists,
Ave., - - Sandon, B.0 THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, AUGUST 13, ISM.
The following is a complete list of the
saining transactions recorded during the
week m the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denver were
m follows:���
Ace 9-Alps Fractional, north fork Carpenter,
ThefJoMOtayon Qold hSUverOo.
Auo S���Brooklyn, Glacier creek, 8 N Loaf.
Doalder.mneTMartinMarehtaon.   '
roxdall, Poor Mile, Bardo Anderson and DoV
Auo 4���Homejoy, Mowteh tttde, F Pymaa.
Brow Fractional, Oody   townaSs, was Cat-
Kelvin, lekteaMoa of Abbotsford. Jaa Campbell.
DeJorame Fraettoa. Cody creek. P Barns.
Silver Tip Fraction, same, W 0 Clark.
Auo 5-Admiral, soath fork Carpenter, M Me*
ACQ_S-Mapte Leaf,  Wilson creek,  W  D
Majgajst Fractional and Gibbons Fractional.
Cody creek, A B Ooekstsader.
Fortotwm Fractional, north fork Carpenter, Fat
Maria, atma. J S Forlonge.
.   Jnmbo, Twiu Lathe creak, J R Cameron.
Auo S-8tau**y Mo t. Sttvor inowntaln, Norman McMUlsn.
L H C, Fennel creak, L H Chhan.
Maine, adj. While Moose, Thoa Gordon.
Blood, finnan*, lake. Jaa hVflan.
Wfatts Moos*, same. A C Masker.
OmdStoae, CobaaStar, Cabaa Star FraeUon,
sat fork Carpanter, Chas French.
AnaS-SAve* Sesnnitt, third east fork Wlhon,
JeaaoyHay. Wilson. J DKweU.
BsdJaeksi,satw��, ArtharPseL
Top. Stag Tea. ���_.
Auo 4-Moradon, Maryland, Iron Cap, Happy
Jerry.  ..      	
July ��-Monntotn Balk, H Bwmeehor, Victoria. Carl Nakoau Coaaat, C A Sawyer: Sonrkw
Qoarta, Indian Chief, Geo Wooater; Mammoth
Victoria QaaiU. C Loner. Blue Point
Wrem Sweat U rover, Jaa Haaaun;
;,CRCameron; Clipper,  A  A Mc-
Ktnnon, New Weatmlnater, Jaa uathun.
Auo l-Qesea LIU, Bd Beaaaan; Brown Hill,
Black Hawk, H B Slovak Phoenix, GoodHops.
M Anderson: Bare, A David; Hobaon. J H Wol.
-arton: GoMen Katie, Wm B Haarrman; Robin
Black Bird, Geo Hagarmaa. R Blllou: Jumbo, E
H mppeto. W WsiW; Amdtn. K H RlpuMo
Great Scott, R A Oaaaeron; Brttlsh Kmpttr, K
Roberta; PeBean FraeUon, R Sbkll; Raymond.
A McLean.
AOO 8-Ertn. M J OrBcm: Standard. J R
Seymour; Mammoth. C ff DavMaon; Ck��td Hill.
Sr Montraual; Carajro.SJ Wllley; Second Be-
, Kemps, Vulcan. J W Peacock: Centre Star.
Moatgomety, Mike Jobnaon; ItUnoL*. L Hrr-
asaan; Clarence, 8 Beater.
', A vendue, 1
later, Ofct Tom Moore,
eaJUIaa Fraction, Delta
Akroma, Potter
Fraction, La Moat,
GOOS-GOP, Qraoe, Feaou, Ontario, Alps,
Aire S-Xthel Fraction, Croaafen, Bawdoa.
Coming. 8Srer Joe, 811 ver Creek .Carrent. Tramway Oeuar, Sun. Central.
Ado SrCamp Lodge, KSaMrn Township, Tre-
saont, Oaborae, Nicola.
Suvertoalan, Humming
Auo 1-Amaaon \, B J Tracy to P Lao Peat
~  ���      to Band Mining Com-
Farlnirton.LF Hedges
^'ngtoa, Kdward B Marrin to
Croydon Fraettoa, A A Hedges to
AUO *- Algoaaa |, John Knight to W J McMillan. March as.
Sams |. same W J McMillan, R J McMillan
aad R J Hamilton, March M.
Anns-Clara Moor J. D A Vsa Dora to Mrs
Mary MoCknmata, Aug A
Aoos-Hyak \, OMDarts to F B DeMara,
ACQ S-OlUe Martin J. Chas A Martin to Wm
Hunter, Jane 1A
AOO S-Jumbo. W K Bsattte to Reginald
Btrangewar. March IS.
Stanley No a I, Horaan McMillan to H T
, AognetO OsJby toChaa French, Nov H
Same |,
Julv a��-Graphlc FraeUon, Archie M Johnson
and W A MclWld; Bahum. same; TaU Hott
Fraction'Gold H1U. Joe Stolen-, Green, Andrew
July ar>-8ommlt Fraetluoal, R I Klrkwood;
Central Fractional. Wm Harris, J D Refd.
AOO 1-Pnicton, M B aferrttt, Sunbeam; Isaac
M Orchard.
AUO a-Edlaon, Angas McOUlevray, J O Todd.
A Jaeobsoa. J H Carrie.
AUO a���Apes. Jos B Thompson, B B Donlaps
Hardop, WF Dutiola; Klondike. Pater Oranf;
Signal, L Alexander.
Aeot-Bmsaa B. Jno F Smith: Msry Alice,
same; Loot Treasure, E Taylor. W Karr, 8 J
Carry, A Karr.
wAfjo 6���tforway, Bordo Andaraon,   Dolph'a
faero; DaobUa|
July as-Josls, Hoodoo, San Diego. Copper
Qaren, Copper King.
July rs-Carabrlnc, Ranger. Skylark. .
July aMSmorado. Premier, Majnwt. Bdkon,
Glad Tldinga, TaU Holt, Black Beauty, White
AUO 1-Orejron Cty, Edmonton,
Natural, GarlbaJdl. Borne. MMuigi
tavtlve, V and I, B H, Rawhide.
AUO ��-Oauerrv, Silver Diltar. Granite Flat
M mutate Vkrw.tSlrar Bw, Charming Widow.
AOO *-Water Town, Borne, Ogilsuliorir, Tip
JULraV-Lost Bannock, IS to 1. Gold Bur.
Morning. SUver Star, Tipton, Kananons. Gant,
Chtcaao, Lost Cabin. Kaafo, Purmtgan Whistler, Snow Ball, Sunday San, Nooth V. lacier XUl��y,
Allan. Fleming, Trophy. Crown Point.
Ac�� 1-Mamm*ah. Dondaa Fr. Humboldt.
Splaaher, Primrose, HassL Eureka. Butte, Jose.
-WrOiwu, Dexter, Red Rock. Uwmn. Silver
Alp* Needles, SpleaiUd, Alma. Sanllght, Eebo.
AUO S-Purccll Ft, Yellow Bird, Diamond B.
Great Britain. Dominion, Ontario. Ladle Mar,
Vera Crua. Baena Vista No 1, Afton. Luck*
Three. Vera Crux No I, Little Giant, Mavi >wef
Warrior, Parria Hah*. Boodler SyraJBleot Friend
Syra.Twilight Not, TwIUgbt/yrs. Uaevtew.
Annie, Morning Star, AUsa, Solomon.
Auo 1-HootaUnka |, Fred Nlvtn and J Warren to JB J SeovU.
AUO l-Clevelaadi. J A A Otto and W White
loCRosaheandM A Stevenson.
Gold Drop (.Fred Baker to John Heaolgar.
Golden Eagle i, Bessie Hagerman lot"
Caatoaa Cwnapata Th*
���f Then
i to Hlafee Freehs
In sn illustrated Interview which
appears in the Young Woman for August, Mrs. Bishop tells us that "In
Cores yon never see girls out of doors
In the daytime, except some of the
tower classes going to the wells, and
thev are tied up so that no one can see
them. Women only go out in the
Capital of Corea when a great bell
sounds in the evening. When this is
heard, all men must retire to their
houses. The only men who tnsy go
out are those who are blind, and those
who are going to a druggist's with a
prescription. And as men are deceivers the world over, it is not surprising that a great many men are
'blind,' and that many have to go to
the ���druggist's' when evening comes
Indeed, toe number of hypocrite* who
go about tapping with a stick is rather
ludicrous. On these evening journeys
the Corean women generally visit
their friends. But a wife must not go
out of the house without her husband's
permission. He requires, or may require, proof that a visit has actually
been paid.
"When a Corean women is married,"
says Mrs. Bishop, "she i* allotted a
room or rooms in the seclusion of the
women's apartments. The name be
stowed upon her by her parents soon
after her birth is dropped, and she is
known thereafter only as 'the wife of
so-and-so,' or 'the mother of so-and-so.'
Her husband addresses her by the
words 'ya bu,' signifying 'look here,'
which is significant of Tier relations
to him. Silence is regarded as a wife's
flr��t duty. During the whole of the
mar iage day the bride must b.��. s
mute as a statute; if she says a word,
or even make* a sign, she become*
an object of ridicule, and her silent e
must remain unbroken even in h.r
own room, though her husband may
attempt to break It by taunts, Jeers,
or coaxing, for the female servants are
all oti the qui vive for such a breach
of etiquette as speech, hanging about
the dm r and chinks to catch up and
gossip over a single utterance which
would cause her to lose caste for ever in
her circle.     , ,    ..:.*,.:. #A
"The wife has recognised duties to
her husband, but he lias few, if any,
to her. It is correct for a man to treat
his wife with external mark* of respect,
but he would be an object of scorn and
ridicule If he showed her ejection or
treated her as a companion. Among
the upper classes a brid^ropm, after
passing three or four days with his wile,
leavesherfor a considerable timet��
show his indifference. To act otherwise
would be 'bad form.' *'
A western paper tells a story of sn
epoch in the history of tbe Montana
raining camps, when there was no
money or lawful imrreucy of any kind
in the camps, nor *ny credit to base
a private circulation on, but when
the extremelv high pricdof eatable*
suggested and at the same time supplied the want of a circulating ttted'nut.
< me man who continue* to live in that
region tell* of the time when he
bought a box of matches with a water
melon, anu received as change two
muskmelons. Another paid for a pair
of suspenders in turnips, and got back
a couple carrots with his purchase.
At one time the first man accepted
an invitation to visit a friend and go
to a party with him. After seeing his
friend go through the unusual preparation of blacking his boots and putting
on a collar���for It was to be a verv
'���huTh-toned*' affair���he waa surprised
to see him go to the potato bin and
carefully select a doseu nice potatoes
and put them into his pocket
No sooner had the two men arrived
at tbe hall where the party was to take
place than his beet handed over h����
potatoes for an entrance ticket; and
what was still more surprising, the
donr keeper, after the close of the party,
gave him two onions as "change'" to
take home!���Ex.
Tall   Advertising.
"I was running a paper down in Ten-
ne���ce.then," prefaced the ex-newspaper
man, whose only work now ia to collect
what other people owe him in the way
d rents and interest. "One of tbe new
fine looking women you And in the
mount sins of that region walked into the
office one afternoon and ssid:
" 'Be vouins tlie editor V
"Upon being informed that I enjoyed
that distinction she looked me over a*
though greatly disappointed, and then
told a long etory of petty donaeatie dinV
culties that hud led to the ^iawpnearmnce
of her husband about two weeks before.
Sow she wanted to put in a nice adver-
tiaernent telling that he was forgiven and
that she longed to have him home sgain.
How much would 1 charge her ?
" 'Two dollars an inch/ I answered.
"Taking a pencil and sheet of copy
paper ahe figured laboriously for pretty
nearly an hour. At length ah* tor* tbe
paper into shred* ami was deliberately
walking out of the ofnee, when I asked
'��������� dahe thought tbe charge was too
- 'I -don't reckon I know anything
���bout your buaineaa, sub. But I never
���ee that much money, let 'lone handlin'
of it. Joe's wuth it, but I couldn't never
buy him back at them flggers. He's six
foot three In hi* bare feet, suh, Joe is.
At S2 an inch I make it tlftQ. I'll just
have to go out au' git his trail an' toiler
"1 didn't even smile, gentlemen.
There was something noble In her
resignation, I advertised 'Joe,' got other
papers to copy, and we rounded him up.
(hie morning there was a ten-gallon keg
of moonshine whiskey at my kitchen
door, and I did not advertise for the
owner."~Cedar Rapids Herald.
Mr.  Kidder���Johnny,   the   ant-els
brought vou a baby brother last night.
UttleJohnny (whoae nose Is out of
Id hsve pounded the stufhV out of
them angels.
wbamv rom HER,
i asornln' to the nlstln;
*n sal *ln��
'any smarts
|"rom tn* asorela' to the nbrbt \
say omnia
lata sttesoVr taw biam;
"~~'"*"~ mtudnw*
Aa* the ��ssr* ceaw bwhV bom*
J. iMttoasiry
or an? dearie
ifar away from horns ���
tkehearabatea* sir a* o i*vm ;
Drwa fall Hun v
Aa' th* hothiwa hold the n tajhl
Qi. I'm weary
For my dosrt*
Aa' her hlaeh eyas hraasiii' uw*��' i
We? yea. east to���-
An* yoate hAtdsw from my sts-to
An'Urn earner wlnsahaatt
~*JA*msa*Mnasi sM^aaMaVsaSh  -**-���-
s�� wey�� year re am
An* ran wwrt***
from the aa��smm'm ta��-uUrte
���F. �� Htant.��i
try whit*.
Is it true tlafst tUgiey has met mth
husineaw rewersea*
Couldnl aaiv, hot hi* wife I* ruling a
last year* wheej.w
Snt^jeet to change without notiee
TrmbB) nut on hMUteStondard Tiiue.
haavw 8 a* AM
���   SSI    "
�� saa   -
,    ��  SM    ���*
-M��*S    -
" to IS    ��
4rr. to to   -
.   tUsto
Baar tsihs
OODT   U**
. i at
t r
i r
l *>
i it
i ������'
r m
Arrive. 11 JO ��
��� awaatea ���
- Obdy
ii Ba ��
notrr. ikvino.
san iisBrirad sad ataas��ml(> o��-����*'�� *c
swdfeanalf sadato, ansa/ S*
a CAMPBELL        Agent, Sandon.
Tteas Card eeWtiva Ja������ �����. �������
toehange without >��� ����� ��
ji*>��*h l*',n,,
H��.*"l ��J��
math Bend
Band down. fs^SmTsamTsamamamal
Train Iv. Itotfy, l*S��*eas%raln ar .UU, v v .at
- .. i*L_fc. i. ���/����� *m
5     -    aotasa    FltotBsf *    *���*;��*!
J     -    5 so am _n*K*r*      ^^^^
BB. ALBERTA. u<kt{^
HasSo |v   . ,. ,m
"       sr S as ass ..   , ,, ���. |.m
W-**.1 ,*-^^al---Ju^li Jt ����� 11 I" I"**
a��J      "  aJSasa Alnsworla ��������*',��� ,. ,,..,���.
J|  -ariaS-hww^^
. sin*
P.O. Bnim. Kasln.JC.
13 im.
In Datcson snd Clod of it-Letter
from Jim Kuan.
Jim Kyan, who la well known in
Saml ���' writing fr**1-- lMws.ni, .Jum-
tilt, t   Sell M salons Id, id* the Hotel
Balm-rsl.-tyt;]t-    ��
I fniind niysFM in l)a arson on Jane
2nd, in*' three months to a tiny IVoai
\, i have already written von
ghnii ihe trio from VY'raug.d to Tt���
lin Uke I will pass over that. Tip*
|in I.tke is 75 miles long. I cum.
(town it <>n the ice with a ruuidsUsJ.
H...; uiihjua Kiuer iaafxiut 175 inuYe
long. I came d ��wn tt fa> the Lewes
in two and A hslf days, and tttade
jhtw- i City from Teslin l*ake in
icvfit days And a half. If you have
any h lend* heading f��r Dawson tell
Uieui to sksBr clear of the Stiekluc
ruitu.   I*yea to shorter ami cheaper,
Tl. untry is nil tiglii. 1 iin i
several :teqnAiniauce�� on their �����>
.4ii itud they all put the output at
.-: [in.OOX I ssw thirioeii men
losdoi with gidd for Alex Mel> ������! I,
midj t*i the man 1 worked
last iii^ht h.dptiij; a eAfpotter and
got i . nice of gold far nAvy. Wages
arvrl.Mor 10 boars. There Is JI
hour*.Iivlightjust n ��w.
lit-, are Borne Djws mi City ph set]
Buiut^.50 a piuml. eggs clo s
A :   loin itoes CfoOacan, milk It a
can, r-U.\l itjtUfl a pOOtld. totmVBBQ
$Ns prund, fresh meat of anv kind
Si We potttut, srhisstey 50 eenfi u>
tl .t Ii aik acoui'tliiu t*�� the scarcity.
1 aaw a man from l*��i tlsnd Bell ten
casi - i eggs at #10 a d����ni. I"l<��ur,
beans and bacon are plentiful and
r<ms nebte. It cost tne ItJSO fbt
breakfast on the European plan. A
man sitting next BM paid ��1 fur his.
\i> ju.it* meals are i'2 80. Two saw
iuill* are i-.t\ ing iUi j����t M  for log*.
I have seen plenty ����f t��*��� *tn towns
hut this l*?At�� thcmnll. There ar��-��
Rvod many Ui.��u*u.d people here
t��o* and it seen it a* though there
wen1 more coming In every dry than
l!�� re is in Sandon all together.
Mike Itartlett I* here. Kd is com.
injf d-.wn the river with 40 males,
AI has cone to Ottawa to get the
mail > >iitract to DaWwOM. Dave Mc
lK>tittld is up the creek working on a
riic weather is hot and llictv is a
Cr.-al ileal ot sickliese. The Sitter**
Hospital is crowded, t am feeling
n K . and glad I came.
Trail Smelter
Trail. Aug 8.-Tlie Trail smelter
�� in ycftterday fur the lirst tiaaa**
under the management of thoC. 1*
I'    tt has been idle since   the   rail
�� ��> company bought the plant and
j1" tune has 'been spent In atldlng t ���
> id making it ready for the lArge-
ly increased business Which it hi e*>
I will lollow the adoption of the
plan of tho now owners, of smelting
"it- Htouat
Tlie aecond ftirnaeo will lie started
witltin ten days. The furnace in
running a low * blast ami Is putting
1'ii'ougi shunt li*l tons per day with
matte m higher grade than usual.
A'xnit IH.iuo urns of ore are ronntiiiir
The foundation has been started
w the lead furnace ami a portion of
t!" machinery is now iu transit. As
H' '�� as the furnace is In ore will be
"I'.j'ped from the Hloran. Tho smelt-
jjr ��an now treat AoO tons per day.
""' hthe lead furnace in operation
ll>*! ou|micUv can be  swelled  to 5w
This is the first time the smelter
has been run by electric power alone,
Tin* n over is supplied by the company's plant, which al*. furnishes
light for the town. Additional power
wilt s��'s��si U- furnished from Bonning-
ton Falls, Foundations for the hie
motors are about to be completed
and shipments of electrical machinery will be made from the east in a
few days. The brick transformer
boast; for the UranlngLm K.iiu pnv-
sr will be started iu s few days.
A Famous Mine Once.
echoes had died awav Julia spoke
her next line, "Twas Clifford's voice
if ever Clifford spoice.' The play
ended right there, and I went into
low comedy the next week.'*
"That little three-line item in the
Bpakesman Review    from    Helena
an ait the burning of the Jay Goo d
staini' mill  Bliithf  have been  more
complete and thewfbre   more inter-
Bsting," said Uugh McQuadc yest<r-
day.   "The Jay iJouid  mine was a
famons property in its dayi although
it has aot been  worked for several
years    li is in tbe Btcmple district,
about .10 miles  from Helena,   hi*
by no means worked out and ooold
probably lw worked to large proit
tor years t*��e.��mi% but there   is dis-
semi m in the company and little
pfvisjavtot ivsUiUptiou."  1   think it
was eight years ago. possibly nine,
that the mine was in ororailon and
paid dividends of (80,00) to^isO.OJO
a month.    1 think it paid   a  total "f
ahont half a million beforeilie stoek<
holders got t���� t|uarreting and ektsed
the mine and null    The estimate of
the c MfJ of the mill at HX),0 0 Is nrob-
allv excessive.    I   dollU   if   it  cost
halt that sunt."
Mo Deal for Centre Star.
Oliver Parent, general manager
ami one of ihe owners of the Centre
Star mine, as Io island, ctnphntieally
dentoa that the property was or ever
had Iren under option to the War
Kjijrle, the B. A. C. or any other
HemuJii **I have never given an
option on the Centre Star to anv corporation orjptttwOn, and 1 am certain
I never will. The mine can laj pur-
ehasefl, but whoever wishes u> huy
it must pay my price, an I it cannot
be krught for a song either."
Iron Ore from Texada.
W. I). Ktsskefeller means lairiness
on Texada Island. The foreman of
the Kverett Reduction Co, is now on
the island and a party of men i> ex
pocted to begin the work nf getting
out Iron ore this week. There is bo
doubt as to the quantity of ore. and
all that is wanted is capital to bring
it :o the surface. This the Koeke
fellers have ami shipments will soon
One of the most interesting problems before the Imperial Government
is the protection of the West Indian
sugar industry from utter destruction I
by the European bounty system. J
Mr. Chamberlain announces that he
cannot pledge the government to establish countervailing duties. Canada has already given West Indian
sugar n preferential rate. But this
is not sufficient. "I have proposed,"
raid Mr. Chamberhin, "that conjointly with Canada wc subsidize a
line of steamships between the West
Indies and Halifax and other Canadian porta."
The United States, by reason of
the capture of Cuba and the annex
atiou of Hawaii, is now very much
interested in the construction of the
Xiciiraguan Canal. The Hawaiian
Commission pronounces that a sure
result of the. annexation. Senawr
Morgan has also said that a ship
canal will connect taike Michigan
with the .Missis-4ppl, and New York
with Albvruiaiie bound.
Montreal trade has realized $1,120,-
OlX) in import duties for the month
���1 July. That is the largest amount
OB record, excepting only August.
'VfO. when the tarifl was appreciably
higher than at present. July of last
year was fj6OOO0j Jess.
They were discussing the eastern
swindler who claimed to get gold out
.fsea water, and the lawyer said :
"Could \ou e;rll that a salted mine ?"
"Why not?" aaked the Cheerful
Hoarder. "Just think ti all the
qttartt in it."
The Fxliti.r We could get big
prices for liquor adveitisments if we
would publish litem in the Cold water
Gesctte. Of course, we wouldn't
think of such a thing!
His Wife--And ye:, surely, there
is no publication in which they
would (io less harm.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets,
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to  any  C.   P.   Ry
agnte  or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
| WM. STITT, Gen. S. 8. Agt.,
Said Milton Nobles tlm other day i
"Winn I first went into the profess-
ion 1 had inanv funny experiences,
fine night we were doing * Pile
Hunchback.' A society' notrcea the
manager had picked tip was the
Jul'ia and 1 was wrestlliig with Sir
Thomas Clifford. We got along
very nicely until the last act, where
Sir Thomas enters as my lord's sec
rotary, she belched oat her ���Cliff-
ord, why ilon't you speak to me ?'
in the old time si vie. 1 handed her
a letter, saying, 'A letter Inan my
lord.' At that nioinent one Of! the
mules we used for hauling hagirage,
and which was tied to the wagon
near by, let a series of unearthly
brays out of himself that fairly
shook the  tent   poles.     When   the
ansnaaaaaajmnnmnjjaBsnsa^ ,,,,
JFilbert Cigar Storc.5
S Just opened.
Xcto Goods,
Fresh Stoch,
Eoerything |
(aHBrnaB Reliable.^
JCigsrs, Cigarettes, Tobacco,*,
JPipcs, snd Smokers' Supplies ofj
Sail kinds
Drop  in and   sec us.
8     Jas. Williamson.     8
{Filbert Bleek     Snndon, B. C.w
��� -xrf, iEfj"vlTtj J!&'*
Will I.,- at the Hot*l Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
SANDON, - -        B. C.
Hindquarters for Miners.
Wei! stocked l����r in connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by the
'ay or week.
BONGARD & PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:   fS.UOper day.
Special Rates by the Week. THE PAYSTREAK, PAXDO.V. B.C., AUGUST 18 (899
True, No Doubt.
Al Bartleit's veracity has evident-
ly suffered nothing; from a sojourn in
northern climes, although he seems
still to retain that passion for romance for which he was so justly
famous in Sandon. The following: is
from the Seattle P-I:
Twenty-eight;, days from New
York to Dawson and return represents the actual travelling time of
Al Harriett' who arrived here Monday night on the treasure steamer
VBosatte with ?JO,O00in dust.
Tonight he leaves again fur the
Klondike Capital, having transacted
the business that brought him out in
less thau 21 boars. He goes in this
time for the ��400.00J clean-up that
will be made on tlie eleven csaims in
which he is inrerested. He expects
tocat dinner in the Kith Avenue
hotel. New York, on September 10
at the latest.
Mr. Bartlett was asked by a Post-
Intelligencer reporter to tell the
story of his remarkably last trip. He
said :
"It was simply a case if lucky
connections. 1 came across the continent as though on a special train.
Arriving in Seattle in the morning 1
had my outfit ready by 'J o'clock
and a few minutes iater the Kosalie
was knocking hok*s in the waves to
get me to Skagway. To cross the
pass on a pack horse with my light
outfit was very short work* and l
found the steamer Ora just ready to
start down on her first trip. We
went through White Horse and Kink
rapids without a hitch, only to bring
up on an insignificant sand bar after
all the  dangerous water had been
eassed. I paid $ 100 for a small row
oat and floated the rest of the way
to Dawson, a distance of about 10J
miles. I was just away from New
York fourteen days, fourteen hours,
ten minutes and 17| seconds.
"Two weeks I remained In Dawson City, closing up deals and visiting the 19 mining claims in which I
am interested with my two brothers.
On July 24th I started out on the
steamer Ora. On the trip up the
river we had to eut wood to keep
moving. Passengers turned t��ut in s
body to help the crew. I came back
on board all covered with pitch and
dirt, and started to wash my hands.
Several Jiamond rings which I had
on ray fingers slipped off into tbe
Fan. When I got through washing
had forgotten all about the rings
and threw them overboard with the
water. It dazed mc for a minute,
for they were worth ��2,000 at least.
Some salmon has them by this time.
I made close connections at Skagway
and got out in just 14 days.
"Eleven of the 19 claims in which
I am interested were worked during
the winter. They are on Bonanza,
Eldorado, Hunker and Sulphur. I
estimate the clean-up when complete
will aggregate $400,000."
Considering that Al has never been
past Lake Bennett the above is not
so bad.
an undivided half Interest in
1,000 acres of land adjoining the
lownaite on the east side of the
North Fork. Tlie Water & Light
company gives ..it option OB ihelr
water power privileges. The town-
site company gives a three in ���nth*'
option on its property. The syndicate puts up��;J00asa guarantee that
the smelter will.be built as agreed.
The smelter "will draw its coal
supply from ��n Immense deposit near
White's lake in the Smilkameen d***
triet. ���
"Is this  hot  enough   for
The man fell dead   and  the
arrested the fiend for murder.
Furni-hed room with use of store.
Will   he permanent   if satisfactory,
r . * i.
The Goodenough,
II. C.
Furnished Rcoma
Strictltj First Class.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
A Full Lin? of Cigars* Tobnceos,
PIp?s and Smoker*' Sundries
In Stock.
Headquarters lor Plaving Cards and
Poker Chips.
Model HandLaundry
A Smelter for Grand Porta.
It is announced that a deal has been
closed which insures the erection of
a 500-ton custom smelter in Grand
Forks by an English syndicate represented in West Kootenay by Alfred
Woodnouse of Kossland. To secure
the industry which will make Grand
Forks the smelting center of the
Boundary district some valuable con-
concessions were made by the citizens.   John A,  Manley agrees to
(Baft Rooms.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The only cxclnaice Wholesale and Retail Groceru. House in Sandon
Dealing in Fine, Fresh anal Clean table sup-
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel *ind MinJng trade,
Special brands of Par* Teas and Coffees.
Sole Agents for
Slant Pemfder Co.,
The famous Goodwill Candles.
St. Charles Sterilized Cream.
i   ��    iMiiii*s*sss��ssssssssssssssssssssSsassaSasssSasas>
Stores at KASl/i ami AINSWORTH.
First Class LAONDRY Service
At Reasonable Prices.
BATty HOUSE in Connection.
Plain Baths 25 cents.
Ladies Hours on  Tuesdays and  Fridays
(rom 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Lady in Attendance.
An inspection of the Premises invited.
Franklin S. Tremain.
In the Bear of the POST OFFICE.
British Columbia.
Camp Stove.
Most   suitable
stove manufac
tured for camp
use.    Can  be
readily   taken
apart for pack #
We also manu
facture oven
drums to suit
this stove. All
kinds of camp
goods made to
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
The Faat aaS ftafwrtar iarrka x<-��t*
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast tfc Far East
To Rich and Active Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
Yukon.* ���
llajrifaire Cheeked to Pentlnstlsn
and ThroiiRfi Ticket* lasticd.
Tourist Cars
Pass Kovelstoke i
Dftily to St. Psul.
Dslly Except WfjdMtday    l -
cm Canadian snd V. 8. !'��� �����������*���
To Main Lifts Points, and, excepts Sunday,
To and From Nelson.
Leave        Hnitdon        Arrive
7:45 n. in.      ��� 4:.V. i��. �������
Asrsnatn   present HIWTB'R^O'J
'till Information hy��4ilr*sslna<i>��"��'       w
A. C. McARTIirH,
Agent, Sandon.
K. jmYLR. W. F ASI'KI^'N.
IHst.PSaa.A��t., *���<   '
Vancouver. s'u !
tfesnre   that yen.   ticket  re*��l��  \' ,h*


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