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The Paystreak Jul 30, 1898

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Array /
That C. IVR. depot seems to be a
K .J. Broddy is going to Halcyon
Hot .Springs.
lira. H. B. Knowles is risking in
\t .v Denver.
Dr. Ilendryx bas gone to Spokane
for a few days.
The t iiMNUfiiougli dining room will
elm* to-morrow.
Conductor McKay has made a
record as a slturi'-sltooter.
L. c. Kane haspuichaw-d ten (Mick
in idea to add to his outfit.
The Bank ol B. N. A. closes up
buiiness in Sandon to-day.
Tbe rain has dampened the ardor
of the tVtrett tire this summer.
The Fire Brigade turned out for
practice on Monday evening.
Hunter Bros, are figuring on build
a warehouse at the C\ P. K. yard.
Neil Meliini*aaw| Billy Walmsh y
.im ��taring diamond* in Brooklyn.
Jack Gates, tit New Denver, i��
iwu-k aiiK-ng the old tidks iu Ontario.
��� ik-d" Franklin has warned t.
tu*Slocan, where he iaalw��y*wci
J>��hu Millard and George MclHm-
;tid are running tbe Palace Tab* in
K, Pitair,  of Nelson, has bead ap*
printed tii-tnager  of the   tialcayoii
Hot Springs.
Frank Se*��ll la going to build a
l>uu*��:ou Suniiysid* Another tandem, thev sav.
tr *?
If Sandon is dull there is mnw
MtUiactioti in kuowing that other
camps arc still quieter.
t^uite a number tjf .Sandon people
enjoyed the salubrious breezes trf"
Slocan lake last 8tiinlay.
Hidden ia giving phonographic
concerts by nlgm? In Brooklyn and
painting signs iu the day.
Percy Oodenratb, of the  S|*>kes
man Review stafT, S)jciU severalda>��
this week visiting mines ntljacetit to
Lord Aberdeen and his most excellent wife did not visit Sainton.
The) may never realize what they
have miaied.
Several Bandog and .New Denver
people are rusticating amid the
���"Tries and the beans at the head of
Slocan lake.
Tin* corporation la doing a great
stroke of business in gravelling Reeo
���ye. and fixing up the approach to
L. P. K. station
The K. & a has lately got into the
'iii.it <tf getting  in ahead of time,
i robabty to get even Ibr the times
'��� was late during the winter.
Cuiley Robinson is cooking In
greenwood,. He baa abandoned the
"ea of going to Cuba until the yel-
���ow jack dies out.   He can stand
The Spokesman-Review has raised
ibi prices on account of its war news.
What  should   the  special   liars
creek properties  are
^^^^^^^I^l^l^[^l^[^��]   The Miller vicck piw-jt-iu
Madrid get according  to the  same improving with development.
I~. Superintendent Rathbourne ot the
Fo!liott k McMillan have the e*>n* Queen Bess has handed in his resig-
tractof M. L. < J rim melt's residence nation and will quit the company on
According to the plans it promises to; the first of the month. ���
be  a   very  creditable addition   to     Thc  Canadlan  Grt,ap  ha9   com.
.sunn) side, menced shipping.   A car is being
Bv the rates now in  force on the i loaded at the C.   P.  R.   yard with
C. I1, K. the round trip to Uoseberv some good-looking ore.
costs TO cents  and   to  Hateyon Hot!    j*raniy Sheran, who has the ore-
Springs and return $3.85 instead of hHulin/ ^tract from  the Queen
(6 as heretofore. j^ Uliue   has a gang of men at
Jim Williamson was over to Nel- work repairing the Idaho road,
son this week.   He will soon open
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1, 1897, to July 30th
1898, inclusive, were as follows:
The Scottish Colonial people are
expending considerable work on repairing their flume to the Alamo
concentrator, which has got into a
bad state of repair.
Ceo. Clark has three men at work
on the Deloraine, driving in on the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    lead.   The showing is very satisfact
Miners should beware of scabs of ory and it is intended to run  in 75
any kind.   It depends greatly upon feet to open up the ledge.
them whether scab  institutions of!    ���,.     ��� , *      .,
any kind can flourish in  this slight-!   The Compressoi   plant   for   the
iv ^pressed but silvers* Slocan. P'/.^T P"* ^/fiTn over
J     ' * the C. P. R. from the James Cooper
E. E. N. Seale, of the Exchange: works at Montreal on Thursdav, and
National Bank. Spokand, was visit- was transferred yesterday to the K.
his cigar sior* in the Filbert amf be
prepared to do business from sun to
���un, if necessary.
w m-
II. Cook, of the C. P. R. staff here,
i-eturncd from Trail yesterday with
his wife and family. They will take
up their residence in Sandon.
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
R-wo,      \
American Boy,
Slocan Bov,
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
La-it Chance,
iioodenough, ���
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Queen Bess,
h ountain .Fraction,
Ajax Fraction
Wonderful Bird
Total,       :       :
tug with his brother-in-law, W. W.
Fallow** tor s tew day* this week. It
was his first trip into the district
Mrs. Fallows entertained a number
of friends at
day evening. ^^^^^^^^^^^
in tumor of Miss Jones, of Winnipeg,
aud Mrs. Fallows'brother, Mr. Seale,
of Spokane.
Miss Wilson   was unfortunate   in
losing i very tine lace handkerchief
& S. for shipment to Whitewater
Although the survey has been com
plcted, grading  has* not yet been
commenced on the Queen Bess wagon
her residence on Moo- road.   This is due, it is said, to Hie
The party was given  unwillingness of the Scottish Colonial
management to put up any share of
the cost. It is rumored that thc
C. P. R. is making promises of a
tram into the Idaho basin.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 The Last Chance is going to build
00 Reeo Ave.. Sunday evening last. ;new bunk houses, ore houses, dining
3,957* tons.
5,049 -
.    20
-   15
,   5
,     2
27.352J tons
Shipments over the K. & S. for the
week ending July 29th : Ruth CO
Last Chance 40, Payne 450.
Over thc C. P. R. for tlie week
ending  JuJy  29th: Slocan Star 1*0.
The Idaho shipped 150 tons of concentrates last week over the C. P. R.
Total 700 tons.
The Under would confer a great
&ror by returning it to the owner as
the article is valued bcyoud its intrinsic worth.
If. W. Walker as chief engineer
has ten men at work surveying for
the C. I\ R. spur to Whitewater.
The survey will be a longer job than
is generally supposed ami it is doubtful if actual construction will hc
eommenced before two months.
The   MXHter   the   (.overnment   o
room. etc. The new buildings will
be situated lower down the hill and
out of reach of the slid--. Drift
ing has not been commenced in the
Xo. 4 level where the strike was
made last week, as there is no place
yet to store the ore. Work will be
commenced on the tramway in a
short while. It is calculated that it
will be running in two months.
There are very few idle miners iu
town just  at  present.   Most of the
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11   a. m. and 7:30 p.m.
Cleland, pastor.
Rev. Mr.
already in place. Two pieces, from
tho Reco and Goodenough, weighing
186and IU) pounds respectively aggregate-t-oO in value.
The Salvation Army has put in an
appearance. A Salvation Army
marine hand from the suite of Washington is going to hold sacred conceits, with street parade attachments,
on Saturday evening and Sunday
morning, afternoon and evening.
Spencer's hall has been reserved for
���-lack sViniTk". T*"" *** vc*" ���-����� ithe occasion. This is an opposition
follow would *"a  lhC  yeI,0W lwhl?h    lhe  .#*!��!    8,mrks   a,ul
Canada runt the railwav, express mtoeeate working tull-handed now
and telegraph business of the coun j M��<l #>*��* ar�� adding to their forces,
trv the sooner will we cease to Ik? The Payne and the Star have 100
the slaves of great corporations. In ��icn each, the Ruth 40, Queen Bess
the Interest of the masses this should ^ Last Chance 20, Reco 15, Ivan
be done or the dav will come when hoe 15, Soverign 15, Noble rive 15,
Canada will be fb.ll of white slaves. *"<* ��evera others which are not at
present  shipping   extensively    are
Joe Thatcher is making a collect | WOrklngfrom ten to fifteen men. he-
ion ot ore specimens f-r the window side8 the numerous prospects which
at the   Filbert     Some magnificent, (.���,p|ov smaller forces of from two to
samples from the L*i>t Chance, Hon   hall a'dozenmen. ^m*m*m*m*m
derful, Whitewater ami others are
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Rev A. M. Sanford, A. B.
Subject for the morning sermon,
"Patriotism and Religion," and for
the evening "The Laws and Influence of Thought."
Catholic Church.���Rev. Father
Ferland will hold mass in Virginia
Hall to-morrow at 9 a. in.
comlquers had not figured on.
The Noble Fice.
James Dunsrauir arrived on
Thursdav from Victoria and went
to the Nbble Five yesterday to inspect the work being done at the
mine. The compressor and air
drills will be started on Monday and
the force of miners increased. All
work is on development and no ore is
being shipped. The Noble Five has
the best water power In the district.
Over 300 h. p. is available, although
UW h. p. will be sufficient to drive
the compressor.
Rev. Father F*erland will give a
public lecture in Virginia hall this
evening at 8 o'clock on "The Divin-
ity of Christ, as viewed in the light
of ancient andtmodern history." The
public are invited.
Great preparations are under way
by the ladies of the Presbyterian
church for thc entertainment' to be
given in Virginia hall on Tuesday
evening, August 2nd. Miss Bennett,
elocutionist, and Mrs. Linton, vocalist and mandolin player, are down
for several numbers on the program,
as are also the Misses Hammond,
who will render several plantation
melodies with tbe bone accompanie-
mentsand all the conventionalities
of darky music. R. J. Broddy is
supplying the ice cream so that
there will be no discount on the
quality of the chill flirnished.
Business is improving rapidly on
theK. &S.
The Comique is essentially a western institution, and is rarely found
in Canada. It is generally a dirty-
dive, with a bar in front, boxes
around the walls, and a stage upon
which fine art is murdered every
evening. The principal business f
a Comique is to sell beer, wine and
whiskey. If a miner drops in to see
the performance snd takes a seat in
the pit he is continually annoyed by
a floor walker who never lets up his
song about "Beer, Whiskey and
Cigars!" If he goes into a private
box four or five ancient damsels will
buzz around him with great thirst
stories. If they can get him started
to buy drinks they will never let up
on tbe poor miner until his money is
exhausted or be becomes too full for
utterance. A man who goes against
their game always quite loser.
There is nothing beneficial in a
Comique. It ia an institution which
should not be allowed to exist in any
community, and it does not reflect
credit upon snv bitv that it will
allow such dives to exist. They
breed trouble, snd tend to demorai
ize a community. There is reason
in  all  things,' and  an  institution
whose chief industry is the coaxing
of men to fill up with boozerino
should be turned down  by the iron
hand of tbe law.
Placer Gold in Boundry.
Blanco. The Spaniards have a habit
of stealing tbe appropriations for
naval and military purposes, neglecting the defences, and failing to Keep
the war ships in repair, or supplied
with guns and ammunition. At
Manilla, Montojo had only bulks, a
few poor guns, and little ammunition ; he failed, and ia to be court*
martialed. Cervera bad good ships,
but no heavy guns; he expects to be
put to death because he could not
make a fight with the poor supplies
given him by those who stole the
money appropriated for his fleet.
And now trie aame thing is threatened to Total.
Klondike Gold.
A correspondent writes to the
Boundary Creek times that coarse
free gokC yielding 10 to 15 cents to
tbe pan, has just been discovered on
Baker creek, about one mile across
the international boundary line from
Sidley P. 0. The discovery caused
considerable excitement in that
vicinity, and Baker creek has been
staked up to the line.
The descovery   was   made   by-
Henry Vinson* an old timer in these
parts.   He is making sluice boxes to
-start washing.   The gold was seen
by the correspondent, and he states
that tbe indications for good diggirgs
are the best lie has ever seen.   The
gold is found in a very peculiar position.   It is in the bed ot  the creek.
There is first a stratum if gravel,
then a foot of clay, and underneath
the clay is more gravel.   On the top
of this, under the stratum of clay,
the gold has been found.   How far
it goes down has not yet been determined owing to the water.    Ten
years ago two men named Ruppert
and McPhee took ont 110 a day for
about two months on this same creek
where it empties into Rock Creek,
but, when they csme to the clay and
found nothing In   it   they never
thought of going below.   It appears
that there roust have   been  two
washes.    At  the time ot writing
only three locations were made on
tbe American side.   There is about
four miles of the Baker creek in Canadian territory.   It has been worked
over here and there for surface diggings, but going below the clay is a
new departure.    The creek goes
nearly dry in the fell, but at present
there Is plenty of water.
*��� -  '   ���  ������**���  Mill  III  ���
Spain's Heroes.
The bravery of the home guard is
proverbial in history. Now in Spain,
a cabinet council has condemned
Captain-General Torsi's surrender
of the military division of Santiago,
and intends to court-martial him aa
toon as the details of the surrender
can   be   obtained   from   General
Several men have recently arrived
in camp at Lake Bennett, direct from
Dawson City, and they all speak In
terms that sound almost extravagant
of the probable output of gold  this
year and the splendip promise of the
newer discoveries.   The other day
one such enthusiast���a certain Peter
Calvin   came to Lake Bcnnet with
a pack full of nuggets, which be proceeded to give away aa keepsakes to
friends, and even canal acquaintances, as if they  were things of liitle
value.   He   gave  Major   Steele  a
handsome nugget worth fully 945,
and in doing so spoke as though he
were merely giving him a match to
light his pipe.   He is, of course, one
of the  lucky ones,   and no doubt
thousands might have made nothing
where he has made a  fortune; but,
still, such incidents show that certainly very rich ground is there.
This Mr. Calvin stated that the nuggets lie was bestowing so carelessly
were picked up out of s shovelful ol
earth that yielded over 91500 in gold.
He cautioned  his  hearers against
supposing thst there wss much soil
as rich  as this ? but the fact that
even  a  few such shovelfuls can be
picked  up is regarded ss a very
hopeful Indication.
H*nnr Gallaa-han, mtamr, who** addroe* U
Cod*/ afor**ard, u tb* attorn*)- far the Company.
Th* Um* of *il��t*oce of t ho Company 1�� At*y
|���IS i
Tb* obfoeU for which tho Company ho* boon
e*tabli*h*d ar* p-
1. Topureba**, total**, own. operate pod
work min in* claim* io tho ���tat��.��f *ft oahina*
too ond Idaho, and in torn Pro-riot-* of Hrttlah
Colombia, and eapoeiaUy lo put-cba**, own,
opvrat* ond work tho two miring claim*
known a* tho American hoy and Markka wk.
in th* WmI Kootnnuy OUlrM. B t\
Tt> pun-haw. own. locat*. eoo��trwt. ooarat*
ond om oU earth wolor right*, ditch** Manto*.
tramway*, railroad*, ���tauTO-mHI.. noneoa-
trator*. amotion*. rodactloh work* and other
enterprl*** and appllatt-co*. a* ���holt b* not***
���arr or convenient in Ih* minina. redaction,
troatmont or ahipmaat of or**, or in th* op*r*
���tion of ��ttcb mining elaim* ot mino*:
I.  To buy, mil, mdac* and trvat ore*.
4. To mil ond convey oil minina claim*-
mino* and other property which **M Company may acqn.ro:
5. To borrow monoy for th* porpo*** of tho
Company, aad to execute not** therefore, aad
to ever ot* mort*-***�� on tho property of th*
Company to **cur* payment thereof, tn **ttk
amount, and upon *ach term*, a* th* Hoard
of Director* may think proper:
��, To receive from th* ��torkkold*r* each
���bam* of th* capital etoek a* aaid etoekbokt*
*r�� may donat* or convoy to th* evaporation,
to noli *ueb *tork mi douatod or eo*v*yod,
which ���.hall bo known a* *-*Tveo*aty i-Nock."
for tb* ourpo.* of raUipa and apemttna cant*
ana m%*****�� ol th* I*o**
tat for th* parpow and **.p��n^���	
pomtion. mbi vtoek lo b* m\4 mm moth form*,
and at *orh price*, a* tb* Board ol Truetee*
may direct:
I. To pnrrha** from tb* *olM��>rib*r* of th*
capital ��tork ��ach minimi aad oth*r prop****
a* tb* Boaid of Tra*too* mar d**m prop**.and
to r*c*i* * ���orb mining claim* and nth** prop-
���rty In paymant of ���oh-arriot bm to th* capital
���took in *n��h amount* a* th* Board ot Trn*i��o*
mav think prop*r. and to l*��o* folly poM op
���lock therefor*.
Qivea under my bond and ���**! of oSV* at
Victoria. Province of Brit Lb ("olnmlda. thi*
tw*aty**tahtb day of Ikctwlm. oa* tboo��*od
eight hnndrod and ninoty �����*. �����.
a y. woo-ton.
BooUttar o* Joint Stock Compooloo.
The Sandon Hand Laundrv and
Bath House has recently added a
set of steam fixtures, giving it the
complete equipment of s steam (sundry. Work cslled for and delivered
promptly as promised. Best bath
| rooms in thc city.
CsrtlftSsM* sf I
Situate in tb* Slocan Mining  IH,Ui��n of
Weal Kootenav   Wboro lo atoi     la Mo-
Onigoa Ha��ln
Tak* aotko tb*t I. A  n. r*rw*il, aaont for
K. H Tomtin*on, ft** Minor** Cartlffeat* Ho
mtAt.k. intend ���laty 4av* from dat* hereof.!��
apply to tba Mintn�� H*rord*r for a certIScat*
ot improvement* for tb* porno** of obtaining
a Crown Orant of tb* above claim
And farther tak* notk*o that action nmAmt
Hec'ioit 17 mast b* comm#>n***d twfor* tb* I*-
���nance of ��teh IVrttScat* of Improvement*
A. S. V* an mt.
Hat*of SrM nobllcation. Jaly. Sfth   torn.
la feeling the benciit ol the im*
movement in trade.   Orders art
becoming more liberal and lew
seldom, payments arc more
prompt and less excruciating;
a general improvement in business is the result ol thc revival
Atlantic Steamship Tickets.
to and from European points vis Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets snd
full information to any C. I\ Ky
agnle  or
A. C. McAKTHl R,
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Oen. S. 8. Agt.,
NOTK*F. i*. h*r*hy ��(*/*n tb*t tblrtv 'lay*
after the Sr*��t pnbliratk<n hereof Ih* Mian**
���ota SiUer (oropony. I.imit*-!. wUI chaaa**
it* iifSc* or principal place of baelnmo from
tb* town of X*w Ivi ver in tb* rrovlnr* ef
RrttUh ColnmHia to th* City of Sandon In
���aid  Pro-rince.
Hated thi* SMh dar of Jttn*. IAS
HB \V   ||  Vvaar.
I'rM.ident of ��aid Company,
"(*4>Mr*iiin Act, IW.*
AaMrkaa Boy Mlotag aad MUNaf Company.'
Have oot advanced met c��m    Nc�� ����� th*
liflM to ***** IN mtctumry trntibttt*
Wcon ittrs em* ��vihln�� vou htpptn
lo rtqetrt with mjimh ��nd dc��p4"*��
An order
WW ocrtfv the Suicment
The ���taatfsfd ol oor work ii
Regiitered the nth day of Dwtmlicr, WW
Nntire U b*mby uiven that thirty day*
after Sr*t pabllcation hereof th* Mon��hin*
Minina C-ompnny. I.lmlt*d. wilt cbatwr It*
onV* or principal plac* of haetnem from th*
Town of Three Pork*. In th* Prmlnc* of Brit
iah Colnmltia to tb* Citv of daadon in wild
1-ntwl ttil* SUb day of Jnne. MM.
W. H  YsWtmv.
Pr��.M*at of *altl Company,
���*armrmm*r**S     ���**������>-* -*���**�����      ����������        V"*H pne ������ **i <��   rn>,   tr**Tf . A/AM
carry out or offw-t all or any ol th* obloeUl
horeinafter net forth to whirl, the leaUlativ*
authority of the Ii*ffi*lature of Brituh Oolum*
hia oitendii.
The head office of th* company U itituat* In
tb*aty of Spokane, State of Wa.hington,
Tho amount of th* capital of th* Company
U on* million dollar*, divide,! into one million ��hfir*H of one dollar *ach.
Th* bead office of the Company In thi* Pro*
t/inc* i* situate on Amarican Boy. Cody, and
Notice 1* h*r*by ��lv*n tbat thirty day* *ft*r
th*flr��t publication hereof the Cnmbarlaod
Miuln* Company, Limited.|f III chat** It*
office or principal plac* of bualnom from tb*
Town of Three Pork*, In the Province of Brit*
Uh Columbia to th* City of Sandon. io aaid
I����t*-I thi* uith day of June, 1*��.
Pi*��ldi'itt of ��aid Cnieipony. n
THK   HOl.l.lK   OIHSON.
Kiifu*    I""!*-*    Toll*    About   tho    Oreat
Mining   Proporty.
The U'g** proceedings in connection
with ttit> Mollit* (iihHou lutva made that
,nin�� one of the best known in British
Columbia Mr. Kufua Pope, M.P., for
Compton, Quebec, is one of th�� princip-
;,l owners In tho mine Me vinitcd
1! i recently and hat* just return-;**!
,.a��t At Winnipeg he wa* Intarvlewtd
ni*,t.�� mining roatteif He aaid to a
Tfit*gram raportori
"Mining |>r<��*|w*els are tnm-li l*rt^t*i**r
than thev wrn* a ��h��rt time *#*��. Pel*
lowin-; tl��- mining boom of about ��
,,*.K.nula itnlf ago tht*re wa** a t����m
miran dopftwulen* Uittt'rly the in
cn-aM**] HUtpmenta from the standard
mine*, tttf t��| *mimg up oi new ��liippt*r*
with tbe c��iH*iruetion of the < row*.
N,-{ I**** 'Utlwity and iiu-rt-a-H* iu
mn-'ller fsdlitkp have infuwtf now life
into mining and I believe thi* ittdttstrv
i�� well utMit ths turn tjtal always tot-
.    i denre^-stoii     rndoubtwlly Unt-
olumbia will to ana of the Heeeaf
j.r iviucet In i annda in a few year**, i��-
��iml >a.- .��. the jfr**at<-��i miningeetitr**
i�� th.- world.*
"Y*-*, I am inffre*��t��tl iu> *-ell in *����v
rml |,r��>M*fiH-*s,oiHt��f whithat le.fi-4.tht"
M.iUv Gibson, will become an imraedi
ate >lti|��|H<r. Several Wiunipt-irjrer*
an- -tSwi int��*re**t��*.t with me. About
two scar* *g** Meaani W It Brook,
�� II 'i'nipprn, \V. J ChrtalW*awl Col
ond Itae. of Port Arthur, ami *eme
other*, jfrub *isked a prempAjdtJor He
located a in<Mt valuable group of tUttm.
kin.n n a* the Mollie Gihetm gmxin. on
Knkan��w Oeakt near Wewoo, Tin*
WuiiijMV' |*arllt?a rlaitn thedlseoftry
Hi* um rich for ihi* i-r^wx-tor** iu
H��* located the claim** In tbe
H.OTC offriend*, who tht*n irantferrvl
lh��* most <��l thetn to him Not know-in/?
of an*, trouble I m-rured an option on
He property for |,7,'*���� Ileveiopmenl
i.hitw<*d tha property waa OM of tin*
it. lust ,'\er located iu llrttish Columbia,
and then ihe fun began. Tbe claims
-��cr<- ;tini|M-tl several times over, fraction* Htalosi out, Ihe Winnipfgeer*
commenced litigation to enforce their
eriih-*.iak(f elaim, and the Jumper* -ohm!
io haw their priority declared. The
{-unpen' action waa tried a short lime
a*r���� and ibev mmre defeated. The other
suit was io have been tried on Ihe .Mb
of June, but 1 am plesaed to say ha*
hem Milled *af iofmiorlly to all partte*
Tins will enable us to work the proper
tit** at once and 1 believe In a short time
w��* will have one of the largest shipper*
iia tho Pro-tinea."
"Have yon done any development?"
"Oh, yes,  we went atmijrht ahead
until stopped  by an Injunction    Wo
h'��'i sIhj.jhhI over ISo tons of ore, ifiv-
���n* <�� un *melter return of over flow
per t..ii    Thi* Is a very high average.
We are at present mnniiur two tunnel**
under Una tlir��*etiou of Mr Hruce White,
the mniiAjfor of tbe Slm-an Star mine.
Mr White purehaaed one of the orijriii-
"il l-H-ator't) int{��r��<-t*i ami thews his faith
in the property   hy   taking   ���.bare** in
-'���������ii .��f eaah. (hi our enuinoer*-. report
**'����� have alxMit tK#��.0��>ore in alghl
\n vou farming a com nun v ?"
Yea, tha Hon   Fred. Peter**, of Vic
'';'"��� Mr K.  IV DaSvSj Vnm-oitvpr, Col
Hon Mr Ive��, Hon  H   J  Macdmiald.
1   H  I'hipjHMt, \V .1 rbriHtlfand-*oine
oilier*,, with myself, arsapplvlng for ��
charter. No, we have no xtot k for -sale.*'
nUHlHT   riTt'KK    AIIKAU.
U'"0     th*   H. C.   Review    of    London
V.��ro*o��*a for Ih* Province.
Aa (or Weatralia, aayn the R C, lit ���
V"H', London, the mi nea will have le
n����"in|��liMb much more In the way of
Nd producthm lM��fore tbey can agnin
becomn attractive si a term ot Invest-
mm Tha Hitleal dlaqulet in tha
Country mimI the (utility of trying to
regenerate Mr. Krugei is a disagreeable combination which must have its
reflex in the restriction of Imtfnstt in
Kaffirs. For the South African mag*
laStSf to expert by the. nubile devict* of
branding tbeinsielvest aa psrverten of
tin- truth to restore eoaflaeaen is fatuous iu the extreme In fine, the mining
market cannot In* moulded to suit the
intereotitof -rertain jfrouiw exmeialne
palpable away over it The investor
7��arns for a change. His affection* for
well known mining countries has faded
with ihe dlssppesranes of the real
���neeulstlve element It is a change of
diet he now require*, and  in  British
olombia  and ihe  North West Terri
t.��riesof i'auada he sees the pOflribUUv
4 grj-tiiving the netnl    From time im
memorial it   haa  Invsrhthlv occurred
tbatrthe bum ����f a letUedand |��erminent
nining Industry U>��* its charm aa a
medium of investment. So it is with
Sntith Africa and Westralia Wbere-
ftira, British Columbia is nowdeatinod
to supply the principle incentive to
iclivitv iii themining market AI read v
il><��ut pjo com|Mtnii-s have been formetl
-W exploit the natural re-*ources of this*
sn.rtion  of  K��rth Am**rica     But the
��rove*| richne-*** of the fields Is a adbjert
which i�� widely oeeupvlng tbe atten-
- *��i if capitalisis, !Ul,\ there are not
wanlitiif indicnttous of coming brisk
>-tndne*ts In the B C market Rerause
dealingKona large-stale in tluanede*
���ncripiinn* are highly prnhableJnveetora
must not rwklesslv Htitiscribe for Of buy
���sharcui in timb-rt.iking*: of wiiirh they
are wholiv ignorant Th*��ir failure t ���
u��o discrtminat!'ii ran only l��*ad te
ultimate dlSSpppointmtmt and I <���*** Wi-
have before utt**r<-.| a warning to this
effect, and it* r<��|��etiti.��n is rendered
urgent In view- of the hroadt- ting out
and po��stbilitles of the B.C market
The Uutb Mines are a��|vise��l Hv rnbb'
that tbe ore shippe��t for Jmmwaa'MT
tons, with an estimated profit ol S'-.to.i
RICH   RKITISII   0��LI Mltl.t.
Iniet Fact* ToM   Itefore  tbe V.tuea.uver
H��.ar<l of Trade.
From a re|��ort submittal ?t - the Van*
couver Boanf of Trade allowing the
progress of British t'olumbla we glean
the following, respecting her mining
interests, particularly in West K����ot
e-wy :
"Notwithstanding the excitement
cauoed bv the discovery of placer gold
in tbe Kfondike region", mining in Biit-
iah Columbia has not In-en neglerted.
snd the output of l**>7 exceetlM that Of
the previous year by 10 per cent
'���The following table, prepare I hy the
firovlneial minernlogi>t ihowri the jTssr
y output of all the mines in the pro
tinea since UXKfc
AitHiunt.   IVrt'.ut
     S-VW.I13 ��l
***** .   .
i*H     4^tV.71T IS
t-e.s       X.rtl.i.i>U ��
l.*w.  lAVtMA W
UM nVrntm ��>
"Wln-ti it  i** consiilentl that in ls;>.��
the total output of  li*<le mines was only
ItOO.UOO. against  $7.o;ii��.i-'��' in  l**��7. a
better idea can   be formed of the pro
gress made ill  sllver-leail and copper
^,.,1,} mining    Slnee   the   foregoing
tigun-s were   prepared   a  steadjj.v  in
creasing monthly output h.i> been mam
lained    British Oolumbls mines now
rank higher lu ths London market than
ever before, andforeirn capital formin-
in>>- purpooei ta easily avilawe for the
purchase ami development of properties
Upon Which   sufficient   work   has been
done to enable mining experts to determine their values and report favor
ably.     The   wild   speculation   in   tlte
formation of  mining  companies, coin
plain, d ol a vear ISO, has disappeared.
Many of the propertlea arc uowln the
limnlaofcomiianies having the nocea
sarv capital to work them    I be SON by
which  previouslv   existed  toward the
smelting of ores in British Columbia is
smelter returns being' 33,57ft tons,
against 1*1,300 tons in tne previous year
and 9,511 tons in 1895 The average
valued these ores in 1897 was 197.70
per ton. They were smelted in the
United States at a cost, adding freight,
ef $22 a ton, to which must be added
the United States duty on the lead, cost
of mining, sacking and delivering to
shipping port; the profit was from $50
to -S55 per ton. It is worthy of notelthat
some Slocan silver-lead mines have
lately been transferred to British companies, whilst others are being examined witb the same object. Claims upon
which little development work haa been
done aud held at high figures can now
be bought at prices likely to be more
attractive to capitalists.
fast disappearing, with the certainty
that they can be treated profitably. In
this connection tbe following Hjuresare
interesting: 68,804 tons of ttossland
copper-gold ore averaging $80,48 per
ton returned a profit of $1*2 to $l'i per
ton; 83,57'> tons of Slocan ore assaying
108.5 silver per ton, and 45.7 percent,
lead, gross value $97.70 per ton, returned a profit of |j0 to $35 per ton.
"The district of West Kootenay contributed over 95 per cent, of the output
Of bide mines in 1897. This is accounted for as much bv the natural waterways and short lines of railway whicii
open it up and facilitate tbe shipment
of ores as by the richness or extent of
ths ores themselves.
"In the Trail Creek division, of which
llosslaud is the centre, developments of
the past year have tended to confirm
tbe belief in the permanency of the lode
veins Although the number of shipping mines has not iargelv increased,
tne output nearly doubled that of tbe
previous 12 months. It is well-known
that many claims in this division are
unworked at present on account of the
lode veins. The bright future of these,
nines is found in the following figures:
lu lttftt the average value of the ore
treated from the ttosslaud camp wa-*
���$kJ.-i���� per ton: in 1895 it was $85 -'7; in
189 i it was $&2.H5; and in 1897 only
���*.W.4y per ion, nevertheless in tbe year
last mentioned the profit was from $12
to $1 i i��er ton in 189'" tbe average
smelting charge was $11  per ton, but
witb cheaper fuel, combined with the ..Av wh,ltart0i:kt what a stuni,-nm*.
improved facilities aud larger plant vvhauiK'.ti i*cii;oofOwM-tin*���.!���������*:;���������
o>��w being completed there isa possihtl- .   ���. _^
it *.* nt lt,w.l*iiil .,����* ��u.in<r tr.* itUrl at ��7   Ttt*" Kvcn-year -old by the bullet tu l>��rd
its ot lu>**dami ores being treated at *t   1IeJura llol|e of all ^^^hearing, iym***
|N*r ton    Add to thes- conditions a reduction tu tbe cost of mining.and trans-   But went rlaht on with hi* tale of *rffe~
portation- expenses   reduced   to   the j  ^ h,ltte,ry ��">��<������������� r������ n**eh��* bfet
lowest j��oint, there is a pros|>ect of Boss-1 -De battery Hme it; ah.d.n-tf<*��>rt
land copper  ore  valued at $12 being | Otttwoery was onto lis j>h. you bet.
mined at a prefit.   At present this ore, ���^aM.xCfkViaXn WmS^^flear t>ro(>
iveraging under $li will not pay.
Considerable development work bas
been done throughout the Nelson district. The output was mainly from one
mine, which yielded 47.5**> tons of ore
:it an a verge value of $1�� 8t per ton as
follows: 20 7 ounces of silver, .4 Of I Ami he bent his head and he pmudly smiled
gold, and 8.B8 percent of copper perl At the epic *u��g by �� Hole child.
-\-����> pound> of ore. A dividend of
1188,790 was paid to the owners of tbe
mine. On another prepertv a 10 stamp
mill has-been operated. The value of
1.251 tons of ore was $9.-25 per ton, of
which $7 70 was saved in the crushing**,
aud ItJBA left in the concentrates
* The -diver-lead mines of the Slocan
paid about   a million> dollars in diva-1 ^J^j^^,^^^.^
���tends in   l��9t; the net production per J -^iwax> Record.
Above tlie sound of the tr.ifflee that reared
In the ueifdiborbood of the bulletin Itoard
Came the Ito.ilnir t'>nes of a *eviti-v ear-old
Anil the m.ni gave ln-ed to the t lie he told ;
K ir the man waa a man of m-.rtiil air,
rh��u-^l* white a* tbe drift *�� his snowy hair;
And hM eves grew bright and he smiled for Joy
-Vt the wurUhe words of the HtUe l��>.
Who spoke to bis comrade, small, freckle faced,
With a Cuban dug on his tattered waist.
"What stock," said the vet, "when grim war's
Break out in the s;*.th >,t the. tialies in arms:,
"When the- discourse of childrim Is talk of guns.
And heroes ftiv ��� nUsed by Uie tilth- om*.
Bui he was '(raid ��' dem cannon balls, too.
"He cheered up his irang, you know���but nit;
Dey tried their best, but dey c >ut in't hit
'���An 'd��*n " aud tbe old man's eyes grew moist.
And deep lu his loyal heirt he rejoiced.
And his pulses throbbed and his being tb-illed���
Then he tcravely Ihiaigbt of tbe maimed and
killed ;
For he had fouirht, and he knew no fun's
Provoked by a charge on tbe enemy's guns.
Ite fancied tbe carnage, tbe death and smoke
Of the battery chare- -then tbe wee boy spoke;
Great Clearance
for 30 days
500 pairs of
Ladies' Shoes ��& Slippers
Including Black, Chocolate and Tan, Lace and Button
Shoes, Oxford Ties, Strap and Bow Slippers; also white
Pink and Red Sandals.     At cost price; for Cash only.
Postoffice Store, Sandon.
The Newmarket Hotel,
Provides ample nnd pleasant accommodation for the traveling public.
Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
STHQB It AVIS0N,  *      PropHetors.
. .'Bl-l
f',-. "lit ���
��� i.
.*! THE PAY8TREAK, SANDON, B.C., JULY 80, t***��.
issued every Saturday In Sandon, in the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     t��.00ayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: The Patbtrkak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B. C. JULY 30, 1898
tatlons on the duty of the Ll��twi*nt^-��t*nor
hi the alleged crisis now pending.    There does
8ot happen to be any crisis. Every tm-inber of
ie cabinet bas been declared elected with one
exceptioiifand be received moie vote* than hi*
onponsnt and doubtlesi- wUl be seated on the trial
ofthe protest Meanwhile affairs are being ad-
tninlstered according to Oie wishes of ttwlaaia-
latiure as expressed by tbe statutes uassed Inst
sewion. The crisis exists chlelly hi the mind of
the Oitposltion.
However, tbe World is about as
rabid a Government organ as
ought to be permitted in any law-
abiding community, and it sees
danger ahead, for it says:
We cannot bat admit disappointment at the
manner in which two or thrae ronstitunictas nt
least havt gone, nor ean the fact be -l-mie-l tbat
we have to meet tbe gravest political lasts* yet
known In the history of British Columbia. Both
Government and Opposition arc so evenly divide!
tbat it were folly to claim that canplete victory
perches upon tbe banner of either. But, as already stated. In the coarse of a fe** weeks there
will be a decided change in tha attitude which
the contending parties assume toward* each
Just what this "decided change"
has reference to is a question of
doubt. It is said an effort will Ik-
made by the Government leaders to
might be other corners, io Spain or
Klondike, tbat are as seriously afflicted, but the returns are slow coming
in ami at tbe present writing our
province is in the van What the
Government part? hasn't got in the
way of political tricksters the Opposition can supply, and if the Simon
Pure article is required, it might be
found in the ranks of the ''independents." This we infer from reading
the political utterances of the party
press of the province.
Here's what the Nelson Economist
says of the Opposition:
Already the Opposition party, who are claiming a complete victory, are setting their bouse in
order in anticipation of taking over the establishment. At a meetiuK held In Vancouver the
other day, behind closed doors of course. It is
said that Joe Martin was named as Premier and
Attorney-General, with a salary of .�����.<->�� per
annum: F. C. Cotton. Provincial Secretary and
Minister ..f Education, SS/ttte J. 1). Prentice.
Provincial Treasurer and Minister of Finance,
i&fXHK James Martin, Roadand, Minister of
Mines. 1-5,0.0; Thomas Foi-ster, President of the
Council, with a portfolio to be created, and a
salary of $6,000 a year: Robert McPherson.
Speaker. tr,0 �� a/ear and the sessional indemnity of * 1,000. T. W. Patterson was turned as
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
shook] he maasge to gain a seat for North Vic*
toria, but In the event of hi* being unable to upset the election in that riding, then F. J. De tne
takes tbe plum. Ex Sp aker Biggins is endeavoring to onset the election of Hon. Mr.
This is a funny world, and there
are some corrupt people in it. The
province of British Columbia is not a
very large corner of it, but it seems
to be the corner that has received the
sweepings of the political world, and
as all people who stay in politics
must constantly undergo corrupting
influences, British Columbia bas an
����r'mpply ol corrupts people in imlna the Opposition bv divide
offlee end wanting office.    There them m 0aM^"tuV Unet_ tat
such a movement is too absurd to be
considered probable. More likeh
the World had in contemplation the
sure-thing dodge that has been thrust
upon the voters of Cassia r, referred to
by the News-Advertiser thnalv:
The Caastar outrage is the topic of etmvaOtS
tion w. erever men congregate, and the general
feeling is that tbe Turner g>v<-rnin<iit is dying
up to its reputation. This is the second Cassiar
outrage ii hss tried to perpetrate; the rir��t �� ��.
dclcaled by tbe Opposition, tbe second will avail
it nothing. Ths Government U defeated. Tint
fact is enough. Very shortly the Province will
see at the bead of affairs a Government wurthy of
h, a government that It can trust, a government
tbat wUl scorn tricks and all pettv ���<���{��� like that
of which the Turner government Is cajable.
And   by    the   New   Westminster
Columbian in this'manner:
The editor of the Vancouver World e-ridenth
"knew whereof he spoke* wb n. as noted elsewhere in then columns, be innocentlv remarked
In effect, that thc Casaiai nominations might
hive been held already, for all any one could
tell. Sure enough, to was disclosed by intellixeno-
whk-h arrived by steamer from the north, ton-
Sesierday. the (k��veriiineut did Ju*t wha their
[ainlaad mouthpiece was a.nld to sajr pUb. ,
that they Would do��� took advantage ���i tiuii
position and stole a march on the c untrv l>
rushing through tlie Ca*siar nominati -n< with tit
notice, so that it would he tui->->u.t-t.- lur Ih- u -
position even to get candidate in tin- Said.
And   by   The Province  more in
derail, thus:
Look at the facts.   Tlie writ*, for duutimt wrr��-
issued at tbe same time that the other writs wen
but thev were Issued  In ld.uk.  the  returning
Ponfev of Mr  Sullen at F*i��imfliitt   >nii win ! otAvmr being instructed to Sli In thc dates f**r
*\vmml*J*\m^^ I !���K��ftr4W22^22i Jf fcSSS
our owuT. Fred Hume does not aW��ar .hi the j JOT*?:",*%*�� ����*   *Z'TT '-    1,iL,s aw,ms
lUt for snfthlng.    Then It Is propSid tomlnce ! gj ^^F^^S^S,, IV*'*
the number of representative* to' ftt, trfviug the . ^-a^rZ.^^ZlltSElli ���!' it &!��& i'.'.
lalflnri hut 1 &tuf Aw Vninlu-iil Id nunnhetn I ���***--���** m-sSSeilger IS UCSpatClVU to (   t ,��mr to ll >l't
island but l ana tlie Malnlaud 14 members. ^ lloailllotiulM hefort. lht oWnmiu ,��� ^ H.|,���,
The Victoria Times says this sort of it ����������� ****** ��t has time to ..rn�� ,*>��� ior |giuin��
, , ,     , .     .   .*.     ~       i OpsKsrtUoii  candidates In nomination.    If th.-
of news is purely faked by tbe Gov-, people of British Columbia ����� .mi nTm **t
thing tliey are fools,
s<i and
eminent organs, and says of it:
Excepting tbe bare statement that an Op-post
tion caucus wss held at ""
Vancouver, a. I Uie (lis-
ring in respect to
j wopw in   diiiibii v/oiuuima Bi.inn mis sort ol
thing they are fools.   It i�� a rank, i*i -iiitir. bare
faced and Iran iuk-tit atti-in-4, to rnvrttt tbe <-��-
predion of the |woi��Vs will at tlie poll* anil tu
"  t of       "
corni|<t tlie spirit of g.*od ,-rovemineut.
etcnes and editorials appearing
tt meeting hav��* been uutru--���aiHolutetv fata
The questions of tbe number ;t iiiiiil--t��'rs, salaries, sessional  indemnity   k��d��-r-bi|�� of the
Opposition, constitution of Uie i-exi Kuveriinlunt,
or anything appertaining In the slightest degice I
to any of these questions were not discussed or .
referred to directly or indirectly at the Vancou ver
meeting. Tlie Colonist and the World are -.Imply ,
a brace of professional "faker.,."
The Government organs scoff at the '
idea of Premier Turner and his cabinet resigning, but the Vancouver
Province claims to know something
about It and puts the question direct
to the Premier:
Home people are questioning Uie accuracy ol
lie ITjvlnce'ji btatiment that Premier Turin
bad made up bis mind to resign on Saiurda
At a recent speech in Kosshnd
General Charles Warren said that tin*
Americans bUzed the trails in Knot
enay. The General is mistaken in
this, although the boys from actios
the line were in middling parly and
have done much to bring the name of
Kootenay before the world. Mostnf
the trails were blazed by Canadians,
the flower ol the human race.
William  J.  Brvan  writes The
Ledge from Lincoln,  Nebraska, that
The l*rjylnee's btatfment tiiat" Premier Turner
There is no doubt about the mitter at all    Mr. j u^ ���,ji| -��* i^,. ii���.. ,
Turner had deSnltely determined on this course I he Will not be able to Speak lllion the
but was dissuaded at the last moment by some   ai|VAP   miMatimi    In   *b*   ttt^..      .i ���
friendly  ward-heelers and  po iHcal gvmnasts.   �����,ver   queSHOll   In   the  Slocan   this
Vliljlfr. Turner himself d.ny Uwl this was tbe [ yCftr, 88 tllC regiment   he !l8S j||8t Or
The Victoria G-lonist looks calmly I K*��*���A ^kca up all lib time. We
at the situation. It sees no cause for!arc 8orr.v Bl,,i'�� but perha-js when
aljirin: !the war ,s over .Vo�� will find time to
Welinvcbeeri In,vlng some remarkabledlsser-   Call Upon US.
hat*  many
Travi*lling in Kootenay
pleasures and not much misery
editor of this paper goes away from
home occasionally just to vary th.*
monotony and get a change of water.
Some of these trips are tame affairs, btn
occasionally we catch a trip that is out
of the ordinary Hiding in the palalial
coach of the Pi. k S railway one day
last week we felt sure for a few minute*
that we had tapped a gang of road
agents The train was humming along
atMiut two miles from Nakusp, when it
suddenly stopped and two ritle shot*
split tlie noonday air with a MMtlM more
impressive thau'musical Wa thought
that the train waa held up because we
were aboard. A report haa been ����n-
erallv circulated receittlv in the 1 r����
Viace stating that we luid taken Ihe
gold euro, and an idea struck u* that
some Innocent road agent** had believed
the Story and were utter the pile we
were snppoasd to have. Wi* drop|a*>l
our wallet aud the $1 It c.��tiiain����l in
the coal ln��x. slip|ted our dtamonds into
the water comer, and then wttha frox-nii
smile on our wc*>tcn�� compietion, we
pulled two machine guns and Started
lur tne front of tie- tram tully detenuiu
ed to make the robbers bitfl the hentiti
Ial scenery. Ut.t we were not Ittckv
enougb to make �� strike of that ktu.i.
Tlie racket wa��nil over a mi **m*Jt
bear. wh.�� had cautpe.l e��wr NaVusp (er
aevera) we*-k*., unieh t*i the alarm >i
hetrv pickers. Cou��tuet��ir McKay,wh*
is a dead shot, ��v��n U �������� dues ballfroiu
Nova Scotia, w nu.��b--l bruin with tin*
first shot froti hia mmlerit rill*?, and
then pliin-e.il int ��� the ��>ush after him
Iu a miiinte or two a aeeond shot
vibrated the atin��w��|��h.'i'.- and the bear
died from heart failure It is seldom
that paaaettgers on a railway hav�� a
chance to witness smh exciting HSfWt,
and i-rohaMv. imw tbat we have calmly
eonsitlereil the matter, it I* a safer and
nleaantiter pastime thin lighting a
leaden duel with tin* industrious road
agent Mac took the Iwar to Thru*
Forks and we took the l�� >at to Hrooklvu
It is fashionable to visit Brooklyn this
summer, especially whi',1 you can do ��o
on such a palatial steamer a* the II����ss-
land We have iqmken <���( this camp
tH'fore As we Inuded oil the Hoatiug
wharf a man whose front name was (tie
fell into the drink and was quite wet
when rescued Geargn Mclbinald evl-
dentlv diil not think that iHe was wet,
for he immediately asked him for a
Brooklyn is a h��t town, but its principal boulevards are to full of stumps
that navigation after dark haa to l��e
done with a chart. The scheme for
lighting the burg with electricity and
putting in water works has become defunct. The principal industry tn tbe
place is keeping hotel In 40 days 16
gin mills have sprung into existence
and you can get anything to drink iu
the camp you may desire, from an
absinthe frappe to auita para B huw*
rino is ki��-*\ altouxh 21 and the woman
in red can be plainly seen with the
telescope. A* the saintar,, regulations
ue low grade we would not Im* surprised to see typhoid fever capture several
���d the inhabitants before many moOfti
get lull and fadeaway. The'town is
quiet in a pugilistic sense, and it is im
jMtHsible t<��get a man f<��r breakfast.
rwo policemen -guard the cituens and
Major Cooper deals out justice The
major is an old time newsjiaper man
and saw much service in the east.
-The Ledge.
West of Central park, near Ninety-
fourth street, work'iugmeii are drilling
and blasting the old rock of Manhattan
Early In the morning these men come
to their work, when the aim has harelv
risen.   All through the foreaoon thev
l-twing huge,  heavy fledge hammers,
1 straining the lungs, Mm heart, the brain
and every muscle, making of the will,
ing man a wilting machine
At noon they drop to the groumi ^|���,i
to lie for an hour beside the tlethn* i��,���i
works with tbem Kacb eats a m u���,',.
thick sandwich of bread, withalittln
cold collet*, or tea brought in a tin ran
Kachasth* whistle blows lifts ,n. his
tired body and begins again the swing,
ing of the heavy sledge
Each receive* fl for the long <|nv
and each takes his inonev homeUi'a
wife who works and slaves and ��aves
and starves to make the ll fust the
working machine, clothe herst>lf mul
him and half feed herself and n fatnilv
of children. From this dollar ti���, rr���t
must he paid; from this dollar the .I.*-
tor must bo paid, and from It the child
���itust Im buried.
The work of this man with the ��*i.slge
and of bit fellows is the basis of society
Civilisation would im Impossible with
mt  his  patient   subtnt��si<m  ami  -.If
lenial    What is d'ute for him bv ll
society that he make*, nnaaible *
If he strikes for a little moretimmv.
a-e organise at once tOSJmot hut If he
drinks to forget his lid* for awhile, we
lock him up and 4aev�� bis famiU <'i,
Sunday we tell him ihnt he must ��t_iv
indtaurs or walk the hart*street*-, sin)..
����lher*�� ride bjcycl**si or drive be*t ' ,
or sail alwmt in vaebt*. We leave him
to nlwd-rve lin-rallv the I'nritan ^ i'<'.e>i
aud mi' how be like-* it.
Free concerts orSuielay Invr ganlms
��r htm, or miinlciiNt) ttionev ��|w����it to
take him and bis family Kappv on the
���tie free day? < i*rtainly n*d���ranl.
inarchy? iJni him sit smudI until
londav corneal and sends him back io
hia sledge and the thick bread sand-
All very nice, dear, selfish *ocic! \ '
lint what a day ol rerltntdng **������� have
shead' What* a scurrying ami srram-
Ming when the heavy sledge cm-
tering at yotir front door* It \w +
happened, ami It can happen again
Take an interest in this aledge * *
iug, de��ir aociety, for just as sure ���� yon
nro selHth ami unworthy you an* i-oimd
to hear sooner or later from the heavy
ll is very heavy. Give the man who
swings it something to live for. '���������������
him an interest In the world that he
keeps going Remember that he ha- a
bad habit of r-ending bis cbildren ��� ���
���school. They wBl bother you some fine
day, and once started vou will not ���**
able to buy them off.
"If slavery ia not wrong,"* said Abra
ham Uncoln, "nothing is wrong "-
New York Kvetting Journal.
Olllt   tfOkOIKH   DKAI>.
A fair yowaa tiMrtbsf aalmly rmmi.
WhUe on* bana mclowt the rradb be-l
Whwebt km M-tnm ��I#|S sway
Tbe twilight of a aaaunsr Amy,
Hbr- emrrbmAy tha M|��r lamed
Till   Idlest War l-iW" abr di��t*s*rn<d ���
"tier leas wss ssasil,-* (taanalrbes ���*!<��
" A ��k irmtsb, aad ana soMtoir ttiad *
Thrv lr<��i.bt| ��>S lo slve bis asme,
Or r '��n thr ��r.��.j. frwtn abl.-b Is- esmr:
r����r who, rvj aVina in saemesa.
t'.rwa If iIhy�� lie ���too tstvat*> lass '
'.'"'if * ***Mer h*o$ Ot-s-is.
WNh M����] aj��ai his asnny lialr.
Witb it�� kind friend to raise bis l��- ���������
Or traasnia ttw inat wuttts be sabl
ft. ha wo m-sbrr. do */���� IrnnW
That ot* Sai nuniy ***** ***>
That s-dilfar wss s b.by, t*m,
W Mb far�� m ****** Ami ���*** m�� blw
As tb(��j��i within y<m rnnib- ib��rv!
And hlMW a mntiMPt's omb*r csnr.
Wh<�� n..sr mnat 4t ��l hm* ".nd we.-i<
IbraatM, b*> wafci** ihS lean h ����le��-|��'
And ��sber tlKMsaaadi ssia saM:
' '��tity * private subtler desil."
Witbout a pa*4tiir tb aiabt that he
MlKbl onr ��l iialwn*'* nebb** lie.
��� >r tbat tha wtads thai line rentaiixsl
W��atld wrack a his that yr�� rfmslned.
Hia hi 4ii.-r wails fir him In vain,
ror h��\ brr tatly rhlld, Is slain.
J-ai, Paul Wayn-
Canon Knox-Llule told a go��.d stt��r.*
once at a church congress. He said ���*'
remembered a latch gate in front ���-('>
beautiful church, which bail bt��*n re
stonsl and made verv nice There �� "s
itainted over the door, ���'This in th��
I tale of Heaven," aud underneath ��'�����*
the large notice, 4,<lo Bound the i >th.'��
wav THE PAY8TBKAK, mtm. B.C., JULY 30, uw.
(>   ami   OHIUT   THE   SLOCAN.
or�� |i:��- been "truck in tbe funnel on
A third tunnel is to be commenced on
the I'alutits-
The Egypt snd Comiuctor are to be
The Idaho shipped ISO tons last week
to the Kveretl smelter.
V tin i of aluminum is reported from
lhcsni>url��s of Brooklyn.
Oper*tton* am to tie resumed on tbe
11,11*. I.-, near Whitewater.
Bankhmtses ami other buildings an*
ui I* rns-te I at the California.
The Wakefield will wait for snow !*���
fore mski'M *ny more shipments.
Hm* Alamo and Cumberland will again
oioim'-i) v shipping next month.
The Kaslo Btocau Development Oo,
Km * tine showing on their White
,,���. m claims.
Tl��e Pilot Bay smelter will he blown In
-*in wb'-n tbe t*row*i Neet  ttailcay
nnches K-��*t��*tt*y lake.
The survey for the wagon road fAwn
San-l-J-i to i��e�� *|ueen lies* has tieen com-
iaVte��i.   Ths n��*l adl cost fa.tkM.
Another ��hs(t is to be sunk on the
Wonderful in seanit uf the kblge that
mint I** somewham oo the property.
v-> i; a -huea tuen are working at the
Monte turns, en Kaaio creek. Tbe air
ct>mi'(T��*����r will souo la* put towmrk.
Tlie itxe-entrator at the Whitewater
��� hen running ean crush 100 tons of ore
daily.   Fifty men are employed at this
Tl -- - ��� iI to tlte Atbahaaca goUl mine.
near Nelson, hss been completed and
���tdrioery is lieing drawn to the prop
There is ,-nns.deraht* activity along
Ltmoa rreek, and several strikes are
reported  by   parties  doing aasesament
vreral mile* of the wagon roed from
Car-bo- t'uyto the Silver Queen bate
hero coaii��u>ted.  The Uovernmeat con-
tnhousl f^.ooo,
Tlw spukane pa pen report thc prioe
fanl lor the Slocan Bov. tlOO.000. Tbe
pro'-crtv ��ijoins the Washington and
�������� 1-urehaacd by J. L. Retallack for the
lyadkaie he represent*.
The mining interests of D. A. Van
������am hive ����*,, levied upon by thc
"i-enff and enough will be cold Augusttt,
losatisfv �� judgment in favor of Thos.
���-lord, of Vancouver, for 9IM.-40.
Tne r^rent strike on the Last Chance
UHMihi make that property a million
7lw """����� The strike chows two feet
�� Mil on* in No. 4 tunnel, ata depth ot
�����Iwt     V tram is to be put in st this
u"'k m the lower tunnel of thc Kven-
"���vNarha* shown a live foot body el
r"'-l"lin grub, ,w<
. '���'���'������ ^J����te ltear ���h��|t It rapidly near-
"��the i*tl0.foot level, and some excellent
****** ore �����ixc,| wi���, u,,, -f nm
The development on the Josic is of
���" ^..^imgly satisfaetorr character,
{Ms tine ehuto of high grade ore bss
jjjnwt in the drifts at the .KKMoot
ar^,c '"'rtrude and Ooaey properties
" ""dergmng a complete mining sur-
. r ihelwttoni of thc (iertrude absft
J'win* very well, and no little ore is
timid      lo**y ����wwcut is being eon-
niv"!- l''m*1 *%h*ih which is down
ersi 2 * ,<H5t- ** sioellcnt body of min
msi rTx' ***��� ^e showing there is
Aihinl e UTel >��helngpushcd ahead.
��'M..ent of 15 tons off0ro was made
lr,�� during thai mat week.
The Great Western and Sickle Plate
the two properties, which ate to be floated as the Kast Lc Hoi Mining Company
are being continuously developed but
the B.A.C. carefully refrains from making public any information about tbe
showing. Tlie new compteseor is nearly
complete. "
On the Copper Wonder on Sophie
mountain, six men are engaged in running a tunnel. Superintendent A. (��.
Whits annnnces tbat the intention of
himself and associate* is to develop this
property on a large scale during the next
six months. As the necessity requires
the force will be increased.
The War Eagle main shaft is now
down about H10 feet and operations tim-
herina the shaft to the surface and get
tiuie it in sbat-e to be the main working
shaft of tbe property, continue Some
ore is met iu the 500 foot level, although
not in unusual quantities. The new
i-oerdittg house is nearly completed, and
preparations are now" under wav for
building a new office just north of the
present one. The addition in office room
i* in answer to a need that has been felt
for some time past.
A telegram was received last night by
Fired, Mulhtdland, the matuutcr of the
iVer Park, fmm ihe head oflkta of tbe
compear in Toronto anttoondog that
*U thc teSaanry ����t��*-k new offered has
��s��cn cold to a ��yndtcate ���*. easier!! -diaro*
holders for 20 cents per share. The sale
places the company ��n excellent finam i:il
position, and it will he in *hape now to
install at once a compressor an-1 a boisi
on tbe propertv. U**.��i."* carrying on all
the necessary development work.
The ore shipments b��r tlte past week
surpass ail record* in the ramp, The
output reached the enormous total of
2.rt*5 tons, which is equal to a dally pro.
duct of nearly 40*1 tot.*. The Iv Le K*����.
witli "its* tons daily to its cnesiit. M the
list with an output of I,-MO tons daring
the week. The War Kagle came next in
order, and accounted for ftM) tons, while
tbe Centre Star, producing 275 tons,
came third in the list. The Iron Mask
produced So tons and the Giant 15.
On Ute fVer Park tbe shaft is down
about 3*�� feet, and the ore Is^ly, whieh
bad dipped out of the working f<> several
feet peat, is again being encountered in
one side ol the shaft. Tlie showing is
much thc same aa bas been sim-e the
SRfcMoot level war reached. Tbe tenders
for the new compreeeor and hoist will he
forwarded this week to Toronto, where
the contract will be let. The company
is io good shape financially as all the
treasury stock offered bas been bought
by the* shareholders at 20 cents |ier
Tbe L* Roi ore shipments for tbe
week amounted to 1,400 tons which came
from all over the mine, although the
new Ridpalh sb��pc in Ute west end of
the aOO-foot level fnrniehed its full
quota. Tlie skips are now working suo
cewdully to the *rtMoot level, and operations are actively under way at that
point in the mine. It is announced that
the B.A.C, which is now in control of
tbe proper!v. intemls to reduce the output to WO too* daily in order to cai ry 00
the development of the mine with tbe
utmost s|H*e*l.
The development of the Iron Mask
mine is Iteing concentrated in the drift
extending east from the bottom of the
winse and in the raise to the west end "f
tbe property. IkUh places an* producing good ore, and shipments are betim
ma��le without interruption to the Trail
smelter. Tbe application mads by the
Centre SUr to be released from the injunction secured bv the ln��n Mask, restraining the former from continuing the
winse in the hitter's ground will Ih*
betid tbi�� week in Nictoria. before
Justice Walkem, and thc roiuutors for
both parties are now there awaiting the
0a the Mascot tunnel, where a crosscut is in progress to cut the ledge run-
nine nearlv i-arallel with tunnel, tl e
tod&hc* bicn ,s-netrate,l, **/**��***
contain about ��inches of solid orr.cou
taiuiim white iron, chaloopynts and
linmSphides.   Tim white Iron returned
SalfTii? %�� !n g0ld' whli* the **>?V*r\ Although the output of the Centre
KJ* ***** ^^The crosscut Star mine is restricted by want of wagons
miK��r.i th/ou8huth�� ^Ke.anditisjto get the ore to the railway, yet the
\uZTu that.wor.k **���� be suspended mine produced 275 tons last week, which
mere soon, and revived at the face of the came largely from the development work
tunnel which is to be pushed steadity j under way in the oropertv.   As soon as
ahead.   In the upper shaft which is nov
down about 32 feet,   the  bottom of the |
workings is in quartz and a stringer of
high grade copper ore about two inches
wide is met.   New ore bius are being
const rust noted.
The Velvet has been successfully floated in London by the New Gold Fields of
British Columbia, as Velvet Mines, limited. The new company bas a capital of
fit00,000. of which the New Gold Fields
retains a large holding. James Morrish
will remain tn charge of the property,
and his son, John Morrish, is now en
route fr< m London to take tbe assistant
managership of the property. The development of the Velvet continues very
satisfactorily. In tbe north drift, at tbe
100-foot level, some excellent malachite
is being met, which is not often found in
thi* camp. Much aood copper ore is also
being encountered, mixed witb .white
quarts ami black speculiar iron. There
are 24 men at work now and the force is
to be lightly increased. Captain Morrish
is now getting together a shipment of
about a ton of representative rock from
tbe property, which will be shipped to
the Gold Extraction A; Bromine Recovery Company, limited, of London, to be
tested as to its susceptibility to tbe treatment of that company, which has lieen
unusually successful iu reducing t-melt-
ing ores carrying cop|ier, such as are
found in the Velvet, and in fact all over
the cam ft. It is claimed for Uie new
process that it is far cheaper than anything previously invented.
A Kean Anecdote.���In playing Richard III, Charles Kean indulged in a
series of dreadful grimaces which the
convention of the  times  regarded as
appropriate accessories of the role. He
was playing the piece in a prominent
town, and had occasion to take on a
man to act the part of the Sentinel, who
awakes Richard and announces: '* Tis
I, mv lord, the village clock hath twice
proclaimed the hour of morn.'' I'nfor-
tumttci.v Kean made such dreadful
irruuaces that the*Sentinel forgot his
line** and stammered: "Tis I. mv
lord j the village cock ! Tis I, my lord,
the���village cock!" By this time there
was a decided titter all* over the house,
sod Kean then aaid i "Then why the
mischief don t you crow?'' which, needless to say, brought down the house
the new shaft on the upper end of the
ground is completed and in working
order, it will be possible to handle
almost any amount of ore, as the railway track'will be but a few feet from the
shaft house and the cars can be loaded
right from tbe ore bins.
If you are���
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
'"��' V m* ���*<*��**���
Is the Pioneer House of the City
 Maiiufatarer*. of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc
Sct-adoxi, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
Dealer iq MEATS
: AT:
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rites SI.50 to f2.S0 por day.	
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave.,
Sandon, B.C G
The following is a complete list of thc
mining transactions recorded during the
week in tbe several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve ��� were
as follows:���-
,       LOCATtOKS.
Jm.r 19-Flossie Fractional. Cody creek, Elizabeth Ann Cameron.
Jui.T -JO���Little Dora, relocation of Little Joe,
Spina, weat fork Cody creek, W C Adams.
Jult M���Lancaster, south fork Carpenter, Robt
U S, Seaton creek, Jno N Pickani.
Jcly tt���Syndicate, east fork Fennel creek, C
H Brtndle.
Jclt tt���Bird Fractional, relocation of La
Paloma, Surprise basin, Norman McMillan.
Princess, between Wilson and Carpenter
creeks, Martin Clair and John Lowes.
Jolt as-Shaddy, south fork Carpenter, E M
Jilt IS���Bessie No 4, Commander, Tyro, Boatswain Fraction, Black Horse.
JOLT iO-Waterhw, Black Hawk. Bell Smith.
Arctic, Fountain Fraction, Mocking Bin!.
Jolt -n���Majestic, Unexpected, Roshford
Sheridan, Phoenix. Kelso.
Jolt it���Carrie B Fraction. Omega .Fraction.
Coin Fraction.
Jolt tt���Mountain View, Dnoderberg.Calirary
Boy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Glen wood .New
Jolt tt---Clipper. Santana. Lily, Liurler,
Tiptop, Mac B. Philadelphia, cmipt.ore. Prickly
Homet, Snow Bird.
Jolt tt���Ava Fraction.
Jolt SO-Monitor No 3,), Jas McKiernan and C
H Lourson, July li.
Jolt tt-Ir. ii Mountain, Silver Cup go 2.
Mountain Chief No 3, Ssrnla. mitice of Intended
sale by Sheriff Aug 8, to satisfy ju.linii--.it for
��>ltt.40 entered by Thomas Lloyd against D A
Van Dorn.
Will of Chas L Arnold in favor of Wm A
Arnold, father, covt-rlnir all mining and ottier
Jolt tt-Apia |, Robt Jones to E M Sandilands.
Jan ��,*���*��.   .	
Jolt 15���Toronto Fractional, Sprliuter. Angus
Jolt IS���Texas. Jack creek, J A Foley; Mountain Home Fractional, Lemon, J D Read.
JOLT IS���Pacific Fractional, Lemon, E B Dun
lopt Francis M. same, Ja*> B Thompson.
Jolt IS-Progress, Slocan lakv, Blair Carter,
Reco, Lemon, J hn Sullivan.
Jolt W-Sllver Cliff. Ten Mile, Harry Low;
Myrtle, same, sime and Michael Powers; Sam-
sen, Lemon, R Badsbaw; (1 Shafter, Jack cn*k,
Jolt lft-Thne. Stratford, Missing Link, Mil*
rlllo Fraction, Maggie, Iowa Boy, Young Bear,
Bright Light
Jolt IS���Conundrum 1, Conundrum t, Alta,
Huh. Alexander No t, Delley, Aztec No*;.
Jolt lS-Snowstorm. St Paul, Comntock, Em
met, Flagstaff. Great Britain Fraction.
-   Jui.T 19-Eagle Wing, B.-rtha, Gn*at Britain,
Harden, Lad, Quint*, Ratln-i. Baltic.
JoltJIO-XLCR, M.pl.- Leaf, Potcu|iIih:.
Union, Free Gold Fraction. Earl.
Jolt tt-Tlme i, Herbert W Kent to Frank
Oakland \. Thomas R mis- to E M Sandilands
Jolt 10���Little Dol|ihiu i, I F Nauit to C F
Jot.v IS���Free Gold Fraction '.GcoTGonn.-rlv
to James F Reilly.
Jilt W-OlymiHa. R Williams. Wm Ryan. R
MlU-hWI; Iceberg, H Roy Mlovt-i; Snow llde. J
Aiidertuu; snowdrift, H K Stovel; Coujcr Kin?.
Win Braiiuaii: Jack Pot. J Mi-Cue; First Choice.
V�� in Martin; Belw.tod, o��o Martin; t Jacks. J
JOLr is Bes,ie. H Clever; Oregon, R M
Keuoin: Ben Lomond. Oscar Anderson.
Jilv Hi���Gold Cup, Pan Cameron: flolden
Jem A Mr-inner; Grand I>.--��o.|t. 0 L lin-inner:
Dau it.t-<s. Mr* E B Harding; Brooklyn, E B
H-trdiiig; Alpha Fraction, Elsie Fraction, W K
JOLT IS-Bonuer Kractlon. Surprise, Empire
Tioga. Alexander Fraction, Inez UFractl.ni. Ital
Prince, Mollie Wor��ls, Overman. MiMiknue Kaslo
Spokane No-f Tiger, Big Four. C ,pj��r King
Mrimm th. Wisconsin. Loeky Strike, Hub, Maple
Leal. Rosucih*. Bjstock, ll.iftun.uiii. Or,-at Bend
Motrose, Little ��.
JOLT lS-8llv��,r fll.iiice.Mum-nit Queen, A��|rift.
Orifliinuie, Gold i��r .;*
Jl.LV 19���Mai,M<ioth. P 'rrhotite, Woodstock.
Horn -stake, Pay*insak, Fa rhavi-n. I'nrrot. Scot*
tlsli Chief. Eur. kit., Homest-ilo-. Echo.
Mrs. Judge Bosse, of Quebec, while
driving with her daughter at Uivcr
du Loup, waa killed by her horse-*
running awav and causing the carriage
to collide with a telephone pole
General Gaacolgne and  Mrs.  (la*
coigneleft Canada on Wednesday on
the Parisian en route for England.   All
the leading military men of Ottawa
were at the depot to bid them farewell.
The gold output of the mines in the
Lake of the Woods district is reported
to be about $30,000 per month, and it la
expected that it will reach HOO.O0O per
month before the termination of thc
present year.
I'ostmaster-Geueral Mulock is receiving manv congeatulations in England
for his untiring energy in pushing: along
his scheme for an Imperial penny postage. Canada as a pioneer of the empire
is again the principal topic of converse*
Bishop Prancais Lafieche, of Three
Rivers, Quebec, died this week at the
age of 80 years. He was ordained a
priest in Quebec in 1814, and IS>t wa*
made Coadjutor Bishop of Three River*
and in 1870 he succeeded to tbe bishopric.
John ("inlanders Turiff, of Carlyle,
Assiniboia, North-West Territories, has
been appointed Dominion Lands Coin
inissioner. to fill the vacancy made by
the death of Mr. A. M Burgess. Mr.
Turiff is a merchant and notarv public,
who settled in the North-West in 1878.
P. H. Carter, aged 81 years, one of
the oldest employees of the Grand
Trunk Railway,"was stricken with
paralysis on Sunday last, at his home in
Toronto. He has sine*, died, leaving H
widow and several children Mr
Carter's father was chief magistrate of
St. John's, N.F., and his brother ia Sir
Fred B.Carter, Chief J ust ice of Newfoundland.
The Muskoka express from the north
while travelling at a gre-it Speed on
Wednesday night last struck a rig con*
tabling three persons/near Dnwusview,
about live miles north of Toronto The
three occupants of the wagon, ,lac ��h
Strong, an old man nearly 70 years cf
age, and his two daughter*. Mr* Peter
bough, of Emslie, and Mis* Mclimh
Strong, were burled some 50 fed along
the station platform Mr Strong and
Mrs. Peteroough were both killed
Mbs Strong is now in the Toronto horn
pital progressing very favorably.
At Sir Wilfrid LauTier's request, the
Spaniards Senor du Bosc and Lieut
Carranza, who have been carrying on
a apv service at Montreal, left C anada
on Wednesday last on a freight ship.
The Premiers note ran thus- " Ih,.
action of Senor Carranza is in violation
of the law* of -.he land, and I haw
therefore, to request Senor Carranza t��i
leave thi* country. I have to make tin-
same request of Senor Bosc, who from
evidence in our hands is an accomplice
iu the establishment of the apv service,
whicii waa organized by Senor Carranza " Senor Bosc in reply threatens
to be heard from again, when tin* pre-.,
ent difficulty with the (Jolted States Is
The women in the case of the
Napauee Dominion Bank robbery
which occurred last fall, turns out to be
a sister of a professional safe-burglar
also an expert carpenter and machinist,
named Edward Hare, who has -.ailed
under different aliases at different times
and has served terms in prison both in
Canada and the United States The
woman. Caroline Saucier, who has been
keeping a cigar store in Montreal, is
cbanred with putting in circulation hills
hearing the cleverly-forged signature
of Mr. Baines. When Edward Hare
was arrested the other dav,at his l�� ni*<*
in Manchester, N H., he denied being
connected witli the robbqry .-mi declared he would not go to Montreal without
requisition papers. Upon searching hi*
home a large number of the missing
bills were found in an innocent looking
tool chest.   More  were discovered in i Mahon,    preeident;   J. \v. <_���,
some posts, stuffed into holes made with   acc.-treaanrer,   and J.   g.  MtcT?
* a       * i     . __       _ I-.���   - -��� - ������*     as aa A     -   aaa *-afft Am**AA* I m*mm      tl,..,,      a^._
than u., uiunuw
an  auger  and  then  l>'��^> ��M��    A : mana^.   Lwts
friend of Hares, Wm ll Ho den, has i Manager Macfarl
been arretted in  Boston.   The laU*at  ot��n|*a��y. and J   t��. Rorban, ���i si!
of one of   l*ranclaco, took lib place. ���1
ane *i��hdr.HfnMHX
arrest is Robert  Mackle, son
Napanee'l hotolkeepera
rBOM   TKLK����ttAP��   CBBtK.
Sam Brown in u letter to A. B. Fauquier sava:
After a very interesting trip of four
days up the Stickino river I reached
Glenora. where 1 found everything quiet
W.fejMhls. r.41 In HUimi��--*M.>,(|sWfd
W<**1^'��*"**** *** ***** .,���!, A,aMK|
he had t **���''*
"i'Mloml atumpkln Hum klu* -
M *vi|(Wj
Glenora, wnere i ***** wTBrjmmf m��**��   w.��i7^.��rt��.* ��,*�����_   ^
and hanlly any  bnsin-   being dow.   ^tf2T*^MW ^-n^^����
Many peook then are selling their ont-  'iMtit***** ****** "**>*���   t*o miy tmb* m
Is <a��lv 9*4 t.-����� *w mmims
��� ���niUj.^.l-.n,,
y pCOf
fits an��l trying tlie Skagway route. At
IVIegraph Crock bundr����ls are trying to
get tlmtugh to Teslin lake, and on**! of
them are bung up QQ MKOOnt oi the
expenac, as it en-a*. f*k�� a ion to pick
supplies P-ifl miles from hem to Ti**di��
Ijtkc. The route is practically a failure
owing to the deepness of the Brack
(iver StXI animals are packing over luth
Deese and Teslin trails.  Witft -W i*-��tn��lt I Col,��wrta, awwwalt. m.j����. *>, i ra-sUi-M i
of ��� pack on my back 1 started i.��r lv-*ee   ^^JJ,
bike.   Half *a\   I met <��m*nlee and BWf��,
llamlield coming tuck. 1 found out
from them th:*.! there was no use of s**��.nrf
in until "wiisi. and ss living In Store   ^-l^***"* **��* *** MMci
-MaW*Oe*ddjr r<aUf ���*   X,. haiiH. m*t hlM
m o*e* i '
K-tuhtlhr-tuHt t*�� Afn��si.-.li..v   ��������� tm*nk*tt
"^SSs*1 ***** *" ****��''     "������ imttkm*
\ Uen����ltt�� ��alli���� mm*mm. ��M b*M tut,
thr "-Mills," '*""
ataAm'���"*%, *h| tt*lm .i...
tm��ri* and m r. -
r.mlm.vt��.xta^f* -����-si,ti i    ���. s    >,   ��.#n
��lth mom.
costs M a minute I estnroed whence I
came. I htave ihi** wrek {���** Det-ea.abc ������ i
I will join Frank Culler'* party    ll - i*>!
eMBped at die head of in* ice hute, bull I \
n\\ta i-oat and  h-idin' ti   the head*
watered Laird nwr**.������*�������� he !��� i heard
d a   very iicb tfol-l   quirt*.   Gft'Cnlce j
Iims^oiic t-> (Heneca fo- *��m��plie�� an I adl v
travel a abort diefMnce wft��������**.   kfa *i
with a i-civof live an I eg"*** get in
make recorof, I'm- t\r+i this vear iu
OCeriar. It is amtudiM i" nee the varkrai
meaea of Iranaporting giairl*  in thi*
country I p,t��<*<*! s-vrd pick tnlocefl
dogs. i��ne uf II dojtK all |KM'k<*l 40
pottmtl to the Aoj. >����ue moo *****
peCtllng a!ii-eihtirrii-4s ..nd bud Ix-eti a
month on the trail Tin- seasoa has pi��!
openetl for prospectm* and parties who
have gone in have not had tJMBC tOjpHI
out and report sirik��*s. except Orveahie,
and lie ia swifter than tn*��*t |<eople. Tbe
mnaqnitOeC are sim|��|y f - --It on the trail.
If von atari a fin- tnev will ��ikk their
Mlki in the piI hot **XXm\  Hy to water to
put a teiri|>,-r on them, *������ that tbey can
���Irill th rough huckfkin -.dov<*a or thick
shoes. Thev are more industrious and
tiersevcriiiK than ��� B. C. candhlate for
legislative   honors "
tu mkn | .   . iural*.
THK   RA��t��IPIC��   AUK   THKKK.   YfMl.
The lira* fmvmktpe ever maib* * in I w>
'���owressiooorihe lit itch Mu*��uim
.Subject to change wflhout notice
Trains run ou l*��cifleSumhnl Time.
**���>*���> AtTlvai, ��� * V m
**mib f<*k ii!    -
H.#--uk'�� '       �� I'    "
HrmftmA* ' ���   '���
MrOutmnn l��    '
l*����lr JanrCsi M       1 It
MandiNi l***t I ���������
odot un
Hasidtai -  mtrO*>. II tfaJi
ttatji        taava, ii-rtaia
Traafc- Hi��kt,
for t-mrmp railroad aad so-am��KI|* u, *-���'�� ��
snd fr ���� .11 potmtm. mm4y b>
a CAMPBELL        Agent* Sandon
tm*** iw �� M
**  S as
������    �� M
��� ��
" ��9
��� io m
���* IO t��
** tote
Art. ta ta
1 <*�����-��. ii ���*��
* m
A*n**. u.m
Horn am TiawfTard rffartiw J.n- W, i**-
Hul>J>et l��iU>at����T�� srMhovit m4w��.
A letter has been riH-etved by a friend
iu New Denver from (has \V Orefp*
h*e, who  has  been s-une time in the
northern country, dateil at Telegraph
creek, July 4, in which he says;   "l
Have been  out  to  Dense Lake for a
month    Made three I-.. ations and had ���
to comet�� Telegraph to nviml. ther^ ! *V**J? 0,',',
there being no officer un the lake--a    H""t*"
round trip of alKiut '3m mites to record I
Chen is it big celebration  here lnda��\
'tnd a big dance is on to-night, hut  |
think it will Ih* a failure as it has he.-n
raining to-day and the Taht tan squaws | *
wOe Unable to gel here,     i be  h^htmi , ?ft*t .ra4..��i Fo, Mi * l-
price tar the aporta waa a amokH sal !:,    "   *u��
mon Brown an I I went into a dining
room wig evening mid ��� half-breed
squaw was waiting on the table, She
asked u* what we would like to fill up
on: dried apples or prunes. Whiskey
is -/ftc a drink aud thev charge vou for
smacking your lips after you take a
drink. 1 go to D.vtse lake to morrow
The 'cusid* baxpiput are passing bv
just now ho I will quit."
B. <-*.   tr-oi   Works   la   I>I*Hi>mII*/.
Kro<J ii|'-
Train Ir* Hail*/. |.m imi   Ttsli ar dsll| i   -1 ���*������
ar      *      3*4 ism   Train Iv ' ��� ��,n
K4*aV��       ll.>alsr >> > i-t>.��
Un*m ��rth ' *>
M      -    ft ii. am    r.M H-r "       'if/
<*      -    ft JO am     II. If our -     kV\**
\ /.-
N-U.ll ������tvM'HM1
***ll>Mt l�� 3 Si am
S. l>iam
/Train arl'ita
I ll����
q      '���       11�� |��m
sin ***..��Oii��.rt Trstn I*' i '���
am   It'isslanrl "    <
eps-kana       ���    ******
Krwldriwn. It. s.l ���'!'
I tail-/ train Iv XMfM       l��stly ��r���� ��� " '      *'
-rn-)��m ��    1- "���;,"::
-   B.Ml|vftui|aw H,*T ll   i"'"  '"
Tr:    - iisnmi ain����*>��nn n���� ����� " ,,,m*
If.       '   7-.i im   Hh.tll.i-r        '     �� "'""j
H *��� t��i��i|an gtmwBsaok     "
- intnian
" |f.��.
,.i,l l..��l Itlvir     ������       J �����' v***
lO'am  ll-uiel-irv       " !" 4*
i ���      sr s.*��i am II aiii.-r's f*ry '   i* * ������'''   I
The B.C. Iron   Work,, of Vm*etnv*�� \ ^^{jJ^^^K li'lIM
has shut down tem(Hirarily.   A winding ,
up order ban been applied for and mam      ��fK*s7tAtu KfatTKVAV I.AKF ��*RVI< ���*
tbe old company will U, n tbinK of the j   On M.m,i?W2l* J."m Wsr -ah-J
pMt, and a new company will la* onjan* Jfl fc^t^i,.? N^ m ?*'     ";i;
ize��l.   Tbe buHtneas bas latin carried ou   'biy. Frldsy and Hnturday. ��*allhi��r ����� ��� ""' '**'
with  var*ing sm-ceas   till   the   nresent   Alnawstband Kaslo,anil sll ��vs> l��***'*"'��� u .
1       "' tlRiimiK ALBIANDBR,*������,Mkr
F.O. lint m. Kasln.llf
time.    Tlie officers for  IHU7
were   K. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., JULY 30 1898.
Mnts t�� ** Diecuwed  at the In
tt i national Conference.
<j*l���. iinniiiiion government hat
not vet given out ofWciallv the -pies-
,it)���; tu I���. discussed at the coming
,>nfereuce at QiieU*c. but they are
un.dlkinllv -*n*tu-��I to be aaiolbwa:
Kur scuiiitit? In Ik*rlng mm and the
Sortli rnoiHc ocean, Atlantic and
I'Hcifii ��.*������*�����* llsheileaand Habcries in
inland water** contagious to the fion
tjer, delimitation of the Alaska
Canada b nindary, alien laUa* laws,
lrx���,p.iufitdi of nierehandlas in
loud through tbe ('tilted States and
Canad;i, nival vessels on the lakes,
niinin;,'rights of one eoautry within
the ten story of the other, nciprucity
Jtrade, ihe conveyance of penrons
in cu-s-slv id officers ot one country
(hruiigh the territory -of the other.
A Big Ditch.
Sutnany inu*r***allng things have
ben hsppeuing lately lu the Aineii
can tropica that the world haa lost
sight nf the great Mexican canal.
This canal haa jus* U**n e����ui|>leU-d
bv �� Ann -4 Kugllah engineer**. It
was eight \ cans til building and e��*t
f.M.UiiMii) it atarla frwii tlie San
Uzaru ikation un tlte Hklalgo
Railway, and encircl��*a tlie east
oi' the i ...minima* Mountain*,
ti wiiii* thnaigb Luke Textxtco iiiu* a
lumi'-i i-j milea long, Irom which it
runs into the Mexican (suit. TIh*
entire It-iigth ia about 40 ipilt-s and
it drain* the whole valley of Mexico.
Thec.'tnil is 70 ft*** dwp and along-
iu call's.* tb,*/,* tkfe five a-jtH*dut*ta
f.H- the rivers in the valley, fUir iron
brkljrc* and fourteen * vehicular
iM*ii|��r<-*> tV-fure the week was la-gun
the City of Mexico waa omttauih
���juhjivi u> the tla tiger ��.| fl aating by
the Iskf-s in the nelghlwrlh**!. Tin*
canal will remove thi* evil, and will
iiupr-ivc the health of tbe region and
be of iinineuee c-annit-rvial value t��*
Us- c-untry nt large. It is curiuu-, .��>
note that thia project of this canal
waa first matted by the AJ��*csat
least ha If a century bt'fbre t'siluinbon
dboovered America, but that it has
remained Um* British rtiterprfoe t*>
carry the scheme Ut fulfllmeiii.
The truth la liegiiiuing to leik OR*
���t Wnshington. Krccltt dcanak*he����
���JcscriU* McKinb v aa dia*|*{a4iited
in tin-(ultima, lie i*convinced that
'hei'uhanalmve not rendeml thc
Auicrican* any assistance, ami that
the ('titan people will never la* able
la carry on a republican govern
mem To thia la added tbe naive
announcement that eevernl tif the
jreat intcreeta re|HV��*iiu*d by United
*���***���* caniul In Cube are at'work ti��
prevent the aesutti|*ioii of Um* gov
emmem by the Cutjana. ThS b
just wliat everybody exposed.
witliin thirty day* annexation will
|w tin-avowed poky of tbe Tiiited
Mates i,, ('aba.
In (orea, it  fa Germany that Is
*��K��nff news.   The tflnlater there
invite-si the Corean Miniater of For
��'��fn Affaire lo wait upon him at the
Legation.    Up,,,,    |lto mrr\VH\  the
l����rman Minister administered to
n i�� ��severe tliraablng on account of
** ivluaal to grant certain mining
;[lv'l��lfes to German aubjecta in the
JWrlct of KoUgu. The Corean gov*
wnment is greatly incenw-d at this
"jwnipt ^ reduce the noble art of
pip omacy to the level ot a common
"'"i At the same time It haa ar-
Jjnfiretl with the United State* Min
���*[ to have eoine experts from the
I"r sU,,vev *���** ������ntry and build
ro��d8 ami bridgea.
(ieiieral Bradley T. Johnson, who
visited Cuba uonie time ago, says the
population of the island will double
within two years alter the Spanish
are expelled and an American pro*
tcctorate mat.tree order. "The vel-
low fever," hesaya, "will be alsd'-sh
ed ; the great mountain ranges will
be cleared and cultivated; silver,
gold and iron will be dug out of
them, and Americans will go to the
Island aa tliey flocked to California
and Texas. Annexation will tollow
aa a natural result.
In the. department of international
tstlitic-a there is friction between
France ami the Haytien Republic,
on account of the expulsion fivni tlie
island or a French subject. Tlie
Parisian j .urual*. have la-en stirring
up bad feeling, ami the French Minister has alsM*uu-il himself from a
diplomatic dinner given bv the Presi-
dentil Hawi. Tlie Havtiena will
need to have a care, or t'nele Ham
may interfere for philanthropic
reastai*. glory, and the Sugar Trust.
G.   Simpson.
Clothes   Cleaned,   Pressed
and Repaired
In  First Class   Style.
Reco Ave.
Opposite Clifton House.
The Trade and Commerce Department is Informed that the totals
of tbe Canada shipping trade fir the
prt-aent season beat all previous record*. All the Montreal liners are
busy, both witli passengers and
freight* Tbe .Maritime Province
port* are doing an Immense bnsiuess,
of whicii the Wt-st Indian trade i��
this year one of the most important
feature*. Su heavy have been the
shipment* in that direction that, in
addition to tlic regular fort-nightly
service to the UlamK a new- steamer
was put, on recently.
At the end of the present month
the privilege ��f entering paal* to
Canada at tlie raw** of tlie preferential tariff will lie withdrawn front
all but British countries. Accordingly tin- rush -4 foreign goods through
the Canadian custom** has la-en s��uiu-
thing exceptional. It began at the
first of the Health and will goon
every day until tlte end. For the
dial twenty one davs of thc month,
the eoatoma receipts at Torontoalone
totalled 131't^tkNi. which is C52.<>21 in
exceaa of the to'sl collections during
the arbole month of July last year.
The Imperial two cent postage will
go into effeut on the first of January,
and simultam-ouslv there will be a
reduction in Canadian inland po-*t
age to two cent-, an otma?. It ha*
been calculated that the lott to Can
ada In revenue will be -j'7J<),(XX)
every year.
Somebody wants to know why .Mr
Slfton ha-* appointed Mr. Orccnaray s
son u> an oHice. The reason is given
by an Ontario pai��ei\ Mr. Baton *
own stock -cf relatives has bean ex
Fighting Is an expensive luxury.
An oltieer on thc Brooklyn says thai
tbe ammunition shot away by hit*
ship In the few minutes re��*uired to
disable the Vizeaya o>**t Wl.W
An old truth is well put by the
CltV of Mexico Herald : Naval Con-
structot- Holeon rememl-eied Ix>ro
Wolslev'a advice: if you want to
get on iu war, do your best to get
killed."  j.
The New York Journal has start
ed to publish  an  txlitlon  In Cmba
What a mixture of yellow fever and
vellow K>��>��*��*��l,is,n win woonpuan it
U difficult to conjecture.
The Goodenough,
American Plan, (\��M par day.
European Plan, t2.ro per day.
Strictly first claim.
For Sale.
The Bookcases, Counters,
Desks, and Office Furnitare
of the Bank of British North
America, Sandon.
Apply at the Bank.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
ROOMS   lti  It   12,  VIRGINIA   BLOCK
HrAtlqiarftr*, for lt*-t?r*.
W^ll ��*��wke��l l��ar in ��-,��niiwtt����n.
Kir��t iU*- �����������������iinn.<��<Uti.��n��.   H-^��rl l.y the
lay or week.
B0N6AR0 k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Cln����
Hotel of Cody.
Will lie at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. GRinriETT
Notary Public,
SANDON,        - -        B. C.
Him-*:    Suiprr .lay.
Spe-ial Rate-* l��y the Week.
And You Will
Smoke No
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tha Faat aid Superior Scrckc Route
To Eastern St
European Points.
To Pacific Coast St  Far East
To   Rich   and   Active  Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
end Through Tickets Issued.
New Tourist Car Service.
Daily to St. Paul,
Daily Except Tuesday to Eastern
Canadian   and U.   S.   Points.
To Main Line Points, and, excepting Sunday,
To and From Nelson.
Leave        Sandon Arrive
7:45 a. in. 4:55 p. in.
Ascertain present REDUCED RATES and
full information hy addressingi ueare-st local
agent, or
Agent, Sandon.
Dint. Pas*. A��t., Trav. Pas*. Agt
Vancouver, Nelson.
Be ��ure   that yoni  ticket read* via tha
A Reoietc of Sandon'a Output for
the Year.
Sre-wed himself as much surprised to
nd such comfortable facilities afforded travellers in a new country. No
doubt Sandon will receive prominent
mention In his new book.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
tor the year ending July 31st is,
according to tbe table kept by the
Paystreak, 27,352* tons. While
these figures may not represent the
exact amount of ore shipped from
Sandon during the year, they are an
approximately correct statement.
The Payne �� the banner shipper
with over 12,000 tons to its credit.
The Ruth takes second place with
about 6000 tons shipped. In both instances this is clean ore. The Star,
although not on the shipping list for
several months last winter, Is third
with 4000 tons or thereabouts. A
large proportion of this is concentrates which, generally speaking,
represents 5 or 7 tons of crude ore to
one of the concentrated. The Idaho
shipped 3386 tons, of which also a
large part was concentrates. The
Last Chance follows with 1-444 tons.
This property, which is destaiued to
take a place right near the head of
tlie list, was shut down, except for
development, most of the winter on
account oi the danger of snow-slides.
The Reco, which ships the highest
grade ore in the camp, sent down
1128 tons. Very little ore is shipped
from the Reco during the summer
as packing is considered too expensive a method of transportation.
When the projected tramway is
built the property will be a much
heavier shipper. Among the smaller
shippers there are many that will
greatly increase their output during
the coming year. The 204 tons
credited to the Queen Bess does not
by any means represent the shipments from that property, as much
of their ore was-sent via Concentrator Siding, of which we had no record. This now valuable mine is
looked to for heavy shipments during
the coming-year. *
It is a safe prediction that the
shipments for the last six months of
the fiscal year, from July 1st to Dec
3lst, 1898, will be 60 per cent, greater than tor any corresponding period
in the history ot the Slocan district.
It is the intention to make the records of shipments in the Payctreak
more comprehensive and thoroughly
reliable. Commencing with next
week, but dating from July 1st we
will endeavor to give all the shipments for the district from New
Denver to Whitewater. We would
consider it a favor on the part of the
mining* men if they would make corrections when necessary.
A Distinguished Visitor.
Sandon had the honor of a vbit
this week from a gentleman who in
his own country is recognized as a
man of parts. J. W. C. Haldane, of
Liverpool, England, who registered
at the Reco on Wednesday,is an
author lecturer and scientist,- and is
a recognized authority on railroad,
civil and mechanical engineering
and steamship machinery, on each of
which be haa written some valuable
He Is now travelling across Canada at a guest of the C. P. R., carrying credentials from Van Home, fbr
the purpose of writing up the country
In a work which he is to call "3,800
Miles Across Canada."
Mr. Haldane was much taken up
with the unique location and general
characteristics of Sandon, and ex-
Was not Appreciated.
Guy Thompson, who was born on a
prairie schooner, raised on the hurricane deck of a kiuse, and can ride
anything tbat wears hair, undertook
to give an equestrian exhibition on
Reco Avenue on Wednesday evening. Chief Doolan, while admitting
that the young gentleman waa an
accomplished bronco rider, did not
think that hippodrome exhibitions or
public trials of speed were exactly
the thing on the city's crowded
thoroughfare, so the young vaquero
slept in the embrace of the law.
Judge Lilly was of the same opinion.
Mr. Thompson paid 18.75 Into the
citv treasury, just a little over *K�� a
minute for his ride. The Judge says
this idea of using Reco Avenue for a
race track hat got to be dropped.'
A harmless drunk appeared before
the beak on Thursday. He was advised to go up the mil and find a
A Long Tunnel.
The ground was broken Monday
morning on the Whitewater D.t-p
long tunnel, preparation for which
has been under way for several
The site is almost on a level with
the K. & S, track, just below Whitewater, affording a fine dump and at
the same time accomodation fbr a
spur which will be put In soon.
When completed the tunnel will lap
the lead 500 feet below the present
workings and 1500 feet below the
-surface. It will require the greater
part ot a year in running and will
bj 1800 feet in length. The compressor plant, whicii will be put in
position shortly, will run machines
in the upper works as well as the
new tunnel.   .
It is said tbat English capital Is
being interested on the North Fork.
A deal is reported on tapis for the
Black Grouse and the Alps and Al-
turns properties.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
A Full Lino o? Cigars, Tobacco*,
Pipes snd Smokers' Sundries
In Stock.
Headquarters (or Plating Cards and
Polur Chips.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.   \
The onlq sxclnaloe Wholesale and Reteli Oroceru House In Sandon
Dealing in Fine, Freah and Olaan table tup*.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel ind Min'ng trade.
Special brands of Para Taaa aad Oaff aa*.
Sole Agents for
Slant Paar dar Oa.,
The famaaa Goodwin Oaadlaa,
St. Ofcariaa StarlMiad Oraam.
* i
Stiit^at KASIjO and AfN8WORTH.
The Strongest Blast With the Least Power off any Blower msd**
We can also supph|
Galoanised Air  Pipe
Of sum slie required
H. Byers & Co.
Bf 00 AVI
Closing Sandon Branch,*
Notice is hereby given that the Bank of British North
America intends closing its Branch at Sandon on thc 30th
of July      Depositors will confer a favor by calling at the
|Bank and withdrawing their deposits.


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