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The Paystreak May 27, 1899

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 (p^/>f7n*^^��*<��*4>^      <rCf>��v*i^ey|
SANDON, MAY 27 1899.
>mas Brown visited  Nelson on
SandUanda returned
>m Spokane.
I Vanetoue of Rosebery went to
Lake thia week.
��gon   George" Went worth   is
\g a few daya in town.
Mickey returned yesterday
brief visit to Spokane.
Orando la buying out Johnny
tm injereetin the Ivanhoe hotel.
lud alide at Ten Mile delayed
A 8. for eight hours on Thurs-
Cameron took in   the sight*
daring the early pai-tot
f, Godenraili, travelling curie*,
nt for the Spokesuiaii-ifoview,
Bittner Company played the
Slave" to a good  audience
I   McDonald,   Mciudg   A
expert,   spent tne _iut iu
���bell-Johnson, who ia doing
fperi|ng around Whitewater,
louday )n town.
Eaton, who haa been in town
>ral day* on the Madirtoudeal,
" to Kaalo yesterday.
Fallows is able tu be out
and ia uiaxiug a good rw-
after ilia recent lilnea**.
Tributary  creek  alide <_uie
tt edtteaday   and   did **ue
to tho waterworks flume.
Daly returned on Thursday1
trip to Uie cuaat and is again
affair* at the Payne office
iter creek ia ou   it* annua
fo.  Tlie water is riaing every
lid aauie damage b appreheti--
Noble Five alide came down
lueaday aud depuaited several
' tons of Hie beautiful in Car*
Ion, like London and Chicago,
epartiucni stores. The B. It.
mi Co, opened their l**A and
��panuicut this week.
Fitzgerald, who ha** had
of development work on the
group in the Lardeau, re
to Sandon yesterday.
George Gordon, who formerly had
charged the Noble Five mill and
more recently of the Whitewater
mill, haa moved bis family from
Whitewater to Codv and will take
charge of the Noble Five mill when
it starto up.
The Mowich slide, near New Denver, eame down on Wednesday and
cut off the retreat of about 20 Sandon
equestrians who went down to the
lake to celebrate the 24tb, They returned Thursday making a perilous
ride over the Sandon-New Denver
road which is now in a very bad
All Haoe Good Crowds and
re waa no quorum of the citv
on Monday evening.   Au au
' meeting called lor yeatesday
'ii did UpH uke place I ��i the
A shipment of 15 tons is being
made from the Madison to-day.
The Payne force will be cut down
to about 50 men on Monday. Only
one tunnel can be worked on account
of the seepage.
The Slocau Star now baa plenty oi
water and tlie mill is running mil
blast. There is two year's ore in
sight in the mine.
There is some local enquiry for
Palmita stock. The recent strike on
the property ia creating a demand
for the stock. It is owned by London, Ont people.
The Noble Five mill be started on
the 15th of June. There ia now
enough ore in sight to run the mill
for many months and the mine will
soon uke its place among the heavy
shippers of the camp.
The Slocan Soverign Hinging Co,
has opened an office in the Grimmett
building, Sandon, W. W. Fallows
has been appointed Sandon agent.
The mine is closed down at present
fin account of surface water.
The whole force at the Laat Chance
wi| tie laid off to day and the mine
shu down. No more work will be
domain til the middle oi July or tbe
flrst o August. Water in the mine
has m*e it impossible to .continue
The i��Htinp of the Payne mine
company *��dthe Payne mining company will S held at the company's
office Son thi 2jth inst. Clareiice * J.
McCuaig of \j0ntreal .^expected to
arrive in towrUKirtV and will rt*re-
���sent the pitrclM^r8'at the meeting.
Sixteen men a^ at work clearing
the site for the \ath concentrator.
The old buildings are being torn
down and dynimite * being liberally
used to clear away Ws stumps. Excavation for the f��>un��laion has been
started and the work of instruction
will be commence as soonnspossible.
They Want a Game
. Clark and A. W. Wright
visit to the Coast, returning
ly. Frank Wright, who went
fwith the party, ���'���turned to his
in Seattle,
>Uaiid!llcMill.��u have been
to remove tin   water wheel
y put Into the flume as the
mcii haa revised its notion on
ject and now considers  the
[dangerous to the Hume.
Silverton football kickerscUllcnge
Sandon to play a game of foofcall in
their town on Sunday June kh for
*100 a side. The following k the
personnel of the Silverton team:
Forwards; Walker, Lade, Matte-1
ion. Brett, Llghtall; Half Backs:
Bar-lay, McXaught, Smith; Backs:
Malloy, Jacks; Goal: Bowes.
I Sandon can furnish a team that
can easily beat Silverton and the
', ffer wllfundoubtedly be accepted.
The clerk of the weater did the
square thing by Victoria and her 80th
anniversary was a gilt edged one in
the Slocan from a metrological point
of view. Everyone was abroad at an
early hour anxious to get a place inside, on top or underneath the palatial side door Pullmans that trans*
ferred the Miners' Union excursion
to the lakr. Three hundred excursion tickets were sold, besides which
the regular train took another good
crowd while many people roJe down
on horse back. Silverton got by far
tbe greater part of the Sandon contingent. New Denver coming second. Kaslo fared badly and their
excursion train was almost deserted.
The programme was opened in
Silverton with a foot ball match between Sandon and their home team
Silverton s playing was very poor
but Sandon played so much worse
that the lake town won by 5 to 0.
After the Nelson boat arrived the
the Caledonian games were brought
off. Gusty of Sandon took six firsts
out of nine events, capturing the
sold medal. These were the standing jump, standing high jump, running hop step and jump, running
long jump, 100 yards hurdle race
and 220 yard race. Wilson of Kossland took the 103 yard race and McLeod of Sandon the pole vaulting
and putting tire shot.
Burns and Boss of Kossland took
first place in the drilling contest,
putting down a 38 inch hole in the 15
minutes. Anson and McDonald of
Sandon came second with 36* inches.
The single-handed drilling contest
went to Mike Burns against Olaf
Kingwood of Sandon.
George Went worth's horse, Raiso,
took the quarter mile free for all. A
Rossland pony called 55 won in the
pony class.
New Denver, although badly sidetracked  by  Sandon,  got   a large
I ci ��wd from *Hson. The programme
openttt with a pmtxr excuse for a boat
race, wniu. WM bi^ht 0ff in the
mrt^L^a,b^ventsdid not
take place until au -noon.
The  hub and hub . ^
event of the day and tn lac, .flg ��ne
event of any of the celebration*,. *st
oooiestants were the two crack team.
n? Kootenav     The  Rossland team
ww X ground a day in advance;
to Mm.team arriving with the
excursionists.   There was some time
lost in arranging, the .preliniluaries.
than Nelson and was weighted accordingly.   The teams lined up at
the starting point and -got off on the
second attempt.     Kosslands   team
ran Allen and McBride iu the lead.
while  Nelson- had  Joe Thornpso t
alone as leader.   Behind Allen and
McBride were Ross, Atkins, Devlin
Wilson   and   Mcllmoyl.      Behind
Thompson were Nunn .and Lillie,
Jeffs and Chambers, Campbell and
Houston.   Each of  tbe teams had
two    ''boosters"    to    help    start.
The harness used  by Nelson  was
about three feet longer than Rosa-
land's aod big Joe Thompson was in
the lead from the start but it was
bub and hub all the way down the
course and at the finish Nelson was
just far enough ahead to win.   The
time was 23jj seconds.   It was tbe
best and fastest race ever run in the
in the base ball game Sandon
showed lack of practise and Nelson
had a walk over. The score stood
14 to 3 The lacrosse match only
lasted 20 minutes when a rain storm
interfered. In this game also lack of
practise was evident in  the Slocan
fjapiin Collins of th? kossland cam
maintaining that the race should be
ran without hose, Captain Steele of
^Nelson team holding out tor hose.
-"'T^ x *u** ,...l..hi*at on com-
The ohairtnMoljjbBoel^wn ��^
the race
mit^-_all7decided that as Ross*
land had no hose along
shouldI be run without, but that the
weighed  in
snoum ue iuip ����������.- - .   .      The that the star wui
playing.   Nelson had tbe best of it
by 4 to 0. \
After supper a drilling contest was
brought off. Anson and McDjnald,
who got second money in Silverton
tookthe first prize.
kaslo's 24th.
Only about a dozen Sandonitea attended rhe Kaslo celebration. The
hose reel team was not represented
and no Silver City athletes took part
in tlie sports.
The Nelson hose reel team No. 2
and the Kaslo team raced, the result
being in favor of Kaslo
Bonuers' Ferry and Nelson played
ball bnt the Nelson team was so far
superior as to make the game uninteresting. The Caledonian sports '
were well contested, Dill of Kaslo
getting the biggest share of the prize
Quite a large crowd was it attendance from Nelson, Bonners' Ferry
and other points. Tbe Kaslo people
feel slighted at Sandon's treatment,
and promise to remember it when a
celebration is advertised for this
The  Eiohr.  Hour Question.
The situation regarding the eight
hour law is much tbe same as last
week.   The mine owners indicate
that tbey will not retreat from their
position, and will offer to re engage
their men on the 1st of June att&OO   -
for an eight hour shift.   Tbe miners
have little to say, but it is generally
understood that  they will  demand
$-.50 and will refuse to work at a
ton* rate.   The Payne will cut its
and ttaa-n to 50  men on  Monday
completer.^ Chance closes down
ha825.;��en_"^*1   The Noble Five
Idaho 22.   All *��*-��yrol|  an(j the
with the exception oV*���' *���� Jf*
and Slocan Star are wmJ^Pe���?
forces.   The Star is .ncres^*w
force and will work about a hunall
men.   As they have not committed
themselves regarding the wages tbey
will pay it is not known what aland
they will take, but it is cpmnion talk
that the Star will pay 13.50 for the
4 m.��������
t The Paystreak.
Tha New Combine���What Marcus
Daly Saus ol it.
Just now when the price of copper
is ao high and the mine combine lias
been formed all that relates to this
metal is of interest. Mr. Marcus
Daly, President of the new Amalgamated Copper Company, has given
an important interview relative to
the scope of the new company. Mr.
Daly says it takes in the Anaconda,
covered by $75,000,000 capitalization.
No Michigan companies are included,
but arrangements are going on for
taking in more Montana properties,
presumably the Boston A Montana
and the Butte & Boston, and for the
increase of the capitalization.
Mr. Daly says the output of the
mines will be increased and mnch
money and labor expended in development. He also gives assurance, to
quiet fears and rumors in business
and labor circles, that he expects to
remain to the end of his life connected
with the management of Butte prop*
cities, and as long as he is there will
be no agitation over miners' wages
and no reduction from the present
The above refi-rence to tlie Boston
A Montana lends interest to the subjoined paragraphs:
The litigation now on font In Men
tana regarding the Boston A Montana receivership has been partially
settled, and when the affairs ot that
company are wound np there will
be commenced Immediately ucgniia
tions for the transfer of all the companies into one control.
The Standard Oil Company'* interests received a set-back when President Heinze of the  Montana Orel
Purchasing Company,   who owned\ Montana,
waa ��7210s.. a month ago, when the
supply was only 25,883 tons, the quotation stood no higher than ��67. A
year ago, when ths visible supply
was only about 1400 ions more than
at the present, the quotation waa but
��80l7s 9d. per ton A feature of
the month was the large advance in
the supplies from North America,
which amounted to 11,463 tons, as
against 6,206 tons in February, and
there was also a considerable Increase
in tbe Spanish shipments.
Some strange phases of Investing
in copper stocks are dealt with by
the New fork Commercla', which
says: "It does seem a very strange
thing that the greatest development
of copper mining should have been in
such states as Michigan and Montana.
Everyone knows thst in tbe early
davs ot American discovery, copper
in highly manufactured forms
abounded in Mexico and the adjacent
territories. Indeed the secrets of
Aztec treatment are yet unknown aa
to the process by which they gave u��
copper a temper eq ua I to steel. That
warlike weapons and domestic implements are found made oat of this
metal by tbe aborigines should, one
would suppose, have directed the
search for tbe metal toward our
southern rather than our northern
boundaries. And it is true that the
oldest copper mine today to in North
The fact that capital to amazingly
conservative and onlv movea In well
recognized channels seem  the sole
reason for the abnormal develop
Professor Agaasiz's son discovered
the Calumet A Hecta mine by sheer
accident, and being a Boston man he
interested those capitalists and started
the flow ot capital amounting tu
hundreds of millions ot dollars into
the rocky wastes of Michigan. The
next discoveries were made In Butte,
and there tbe enormous
200shares of Boston -Montana stock,
filed a remonstrance against the reincorporation of the mining company
in New York. Mr. Heinze petitioned
tor a receiver for the company, which
was granted. The Supreme Court of
Montana, however, recently reversed
the decision and steps are now being
taken to reincorporate the company
under New York or New Jersey
A London, England, report says:
The rise in the price ot copper is
seriously affecting the Midland industries. Tbe Kynoch Company, of
Birmingham, manufacturers of arms,
munitions, etc., have discharged
over 1,000 hands, and the remainder
of the employees of the factory are
working half time. The govern-
ment has ceaaed placing orders for
copper, and the electrical firms are
greatly handicapped in Ailing
for which contracts were
time ago, based on a low
stocks or coppekm, dated
Another report frorlC��0Jrd*na* k>
April 22nd, 8f������ mid monthly
..r      .. ..    ^kaofcoppershowa
output has astonished the world.
It is true some shrewd men had the
courage to put their money into Art*
zona, but what Boston thought ot it is
shown by the well-known fact that
the late Irving A. Evane, about six
vears ago, waa offered the great
United Verde mlnea, near Jerome,
at 10 cents per share, and could not
raise the money in that great copper
share market.
Senator Clark, of Montana, did boy
the mine a little later, paying 1260,-
000 tor the 300,000 shares, and could
easily sell It to day for 150000,000;
indeed, he haa refused that price.
His annual income from this mine Is
said to be $13,000,000 M Clifton,
Arizona, the Detroit Copper Coin
panv, owned by ��n*lps* Dot**}* A
Company, of N-" York. "* long
!__./_-;;.��. -ere to .-* *he great
y.stch to near Mor
been known
Longfellow-ilne, wf^n �� near Mor*
��nel    '������entlcr * H,*�� directed here
ling ordera J"^ Ms-*'*" Copper Company,
made somelrfiich �� funded on the west by the
>w price ���ivfe^W*'' K tag mines, and on the
r        J-outh by the Great Western
Henry R. Hef^"1 copper show a
staiisiW'^[J^ *\\** ihc ��"��'
d��ft"''Bntrthe month, the total
__amH^SJ th,e 15tn lntt- **.ng
i-,5J2it?na.���whl,e l,,e Price ����������� ad*
J .SS1.!? th***m* J*riod from ��70
fo ��72 10s. per ton. It is worth pointing out. however, thst the co-rehulon
between stocks and quotations luia
become somewhat uncertain. For
example, the price on the 15th Inst
wh"" -- wpply was 26,640 tuns',
reports state that a streak' "of rtelfox
Ida, running 86 per cent, of cop^r
when the
Coy Arteon*. _^tts?__?R
ores of gold and copper.
E.R. Atherton Go., Ltd.
Boot & Shoe Dep't.
We haoe just opened our
Boot and Shoe Department and
haoe on the Sheloes the finest
Stock in the Slocan. We Fit
the Feet Calf and see for
yourself. A feu? lines to be
Sold at Cc-t
E. ft. Atherton Co., Ltd. THE i'AYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, MAY  -27,   1899,
Urst Held Under Laat Seaataa'a Amend-
meat to tka Aet*
The first examination of candidates to
t as assayers, as provided for under
lfl act to amend the Bureau of Minos
ct, pnsaed at the last session of tbe
legislature, commenced last week at
he bureau of mines, Victoria There
,,. a number of candidates, one writ-
Uj, tho entire course, and the other*
jnrtial courses, the lattei already bavin* certificates from other portions of
ho empire. The examiners are: Mr
Robertson, provincial mineralogist, nc
llinirman: Mr. Carmichael, provincial
mnver. ptecretarv-treasurer: and W.
j. I lew-Harvey. The examination cov-
rs the following subject*;���
(s) Sampling���
Sampling of on* or furnace products
Bid the reduction and  nu'pration of
imple for asaav, including also the
Belting of gold dust and sampling of
ir for assay.
(h) Qualitative determination���
In ores or furnace products of the fol-
kwlog: Cooper, iron, nickel,antimony,
rsenlc and sulphur.
(r) Quantitative determination���As
kvlntr��� .
Bullion���Gold bullion, for gold and
Copper bullion, for copper, gold and
Ijrad-ropner bullion, for lead, copper,
jold and silver,
Determination of moisture, volatile
Inmhustihle mailer, fixed carbon, ash
lii'i Hulpbur.
i ���res and iurnac* product*���
Kin* assays���Gold,silver and lead, bv
rurlble method
Gold and silver, by eeorilication
Wet s*nay*-rChopper, by electrolitic.
ravimetric, colormetrlc and volume-
cyanide or other Improved) me-
Imn, by volumetric or gravitnetri*
Nickel, lime, xinc, sulphur and silica.
iv any approved methods.
Under the act. person* satisfying M��e
txaminers that  they  have  pasted s
mr*n in practical, analytical or *���**>
prk in anv schotd of mine* in Canada.
real Britain or Ireland, equivalent to
jp- p'xamiuation required here, will be
pumpt from the examination, but mmn
\k\ n tee, which th* government ba*>
Liend at ll.*, lor % certificate    Other
oididete*) sre required to pay a fee of
0 when entering their name* for ex
niuntion snd 115 upon the issuance ot
p certificate
After March i, 1901. onlv those hold-
��K certificates will be allowed to prar-
re as assayer* In the province.
frosramaM) tmttbym Ximmtmrn Vtalt oiAbw
Caaadloa last It ��u*.
The secretary of the Canadian Min-
iK Institute, B. T. A Bell, has lamed
provisional programme of the excur
on ot the institute to-British Columbia
���ring September.
Mp'tubers will leave Montreal nn the
I'. R train on Fridav.September IM;
ing joined the 'ollowW day by mem-
rs (rom Ottawa, Toronto and eastern
he party will' proceed by way of
��**n Sound and the great lakes to
rt William, leaving there on Mon
y, September 4, whence train will be
sen for Kevnlstoke. it Is proposed
spend Thursday, September 7, at the
nm Hot Springs, arriving at Revel-
'keen Friday, September 8. Mem
r* of tho institute residing west of
ivelsteke, will Join the partv at that
Int. r^ *
From thnt point the partv will pro*
Jjd direct to Nelson, arriving thereon
Iturday, September 0.   It I* proposed
to spend three days at Nelson and vicinity, leaving there on Tuesdav, September 12. for Rowland, and arriving the
same day.
Two days-the 18th and 14th -will be
spent in KossUnd and vicinity. Friday,
September 16th. will be devoted to an
inspection of the Canadian Smelting
works at Trait; the same dav the partv
will leave for the Slocan, arriving at
Sandon the following dav���Saturday.
September liitb It i�� proposed to spend
one day at Sandon, leaving on Monday,
September 18th, via Slocan lake and
Slocan City for Nelson.
On Tuesday, the 19th, the party will
leave Nelson on the return trip, via
Kootenay Landing and theCrow's Nest
Pans, arriving at Fernie on the 20th.
One day will be spent in tbe mines of
theCrow's Nest Pass Coal Companv.
whence the journey will be continued
easterly by rail, arriving at Rat Portage ��n Saturdav, Septemlper 28rd.
Continuing, the circular says: "If a
sufficient number n( members should
desire to visit the Dike of the Woods
district, arrangements will l��e made at
Kat Portage The party will arrive in
Montreal on Tuesday, September 2Hth,
tit tt-26 p m Negotiations are pending
for a Kpecia! rate for members coming
(rom tne Maritime provinces and points
east of Montreal, and him for member*
coming from wcM of Revelstoke. The
i all ways are ahowing every disposition
to make then* rates satisfactory, and a
further announcement regarding them
will be made in a second circular. Arrangements are also being made for
special rates in points west of itevel-
Aloke, should anv of the easteJP member* desire to visit mines and mineral
centres while out there. We are not
in a position to state these special rates
definitely, but we bave every assurance
that they will not exceed oue half the
regular rates."
Tka Spotted can* Potftey.
The New York Tribune's London correspondent say*:*���The Times returns
to the subject of the Anglo-American
negotiations in a good-tempered, almost optimistic, article, but confesses
that Uie. functions of the BrP'sh Government, are advisory, and that the Canadian interest** must be dealt wi h nri-
���isrily and Imperial interests second��r
        *       ���     meaning *    *'
The obvious
is thst
���Vashington must settle old scores at
ittawa rather than with London. In
rtthsTj portions of theempire, the British
foreign office exercises supreme influent***, and retains direct control of diplomat io questions, but Canada is the
���.polled child of the family, and must
have first place, on the plea that she
knows her own interests and thst the
Imperial Government cannot fully understand them; and yet Mr Chamber
lain is generally wide awake, and
thinks that he knows everything what
is going ou in every part of the empire,
and is always ready to coach Lord Sal-
tabu ry       __	
Klondike Oo'd Ow.pwt.
The largest estimate of Klondike gold
vield this season ranges from twelve to
twenty millions. The Klondike Nugget of April 8th, says:
"The output now haa been more than
doubled It ts probable that the royalty
this vear will be paid on over ���KOUO.OOO.
Exemptions and evasions will give
about double that amount ss the pro
duction of the Yukon for the year end
ing in the summer, 1899. The primitive
methods used in working the claims
make it verv unlikely that the wash-up
wilt give more than twelve to fifteen
millions on the outside."
As compiled by ihe Midnight Sun this
seasons vlold will bo nearly twenty
millions, as follows: Eldorado. 95,000,'
000; Bonansa, 95,000.000; Hunker. 98,
(Xio.dOO; Dominion, 98,500,000; Gold Run,
9ft*>,iHft); Sulphur, 9500,000; Quarts*.
9250,000; Eureka, 9230,000 All other
creeks, including Stewarts, over 91,-
Hush!   Let me hide my hai
A little while let ariel hofa away,
And sweetness blend with btttfcneaa,
Before I jrlve myself aweyT^
Soon, soon, must paas for evermore ,
The snenes of oW; new paths IcboosR
Ob, let me count my rreanreao'er.
That, winning love's da-gtta, I lose.
Dekr Hornet  How all ite nooks and troea
Secmll mychiMhodpTs joys and teara,
Hiked with Immortal memories
Of twenty tranquil, transient years!
Familiar sounds of birda and bate
On summer evenlnm fair and affll,
SettoUie muahoftt-breeSe,
Or twilight UnkHngpi the rill.   .
Ob, babbling brook; oh, darling glade,
OW church beside thine ancient yew,
When oft my childish feat have atrayed,
My father smilea. and chides In vain
The tears my* mother's love Ma fall;
My sister's heart to wrung with pain���
Oood-byet I aooa muat leavsyoa atU
This lUUe boor I give to grief,
With tender thoughts mine eye* are wet;
I aJm.ist seem to find relief
Iu retnlniacSnc aud regret!
One little bourt  Mine woman's eyea
With waning childhood*sd��wa are dim.
Sway!   Love calls!  Imastarieo.
Aiid hasten forth and. follow him.
Was Saflteteatly Faalakskl.
Judge Forin returned to Nelson on
Thursday evening from Fort 8teele:
where he disponed of a large number of
county court canes.' The mdst serious
i-n��e that came l>efore the court wan
oue in which a man namedQuinn Libe~
was charged with attempting to commit
suicide. The evidence weot to show
that Liben had heen coming off a drunk
and made a bluff at drinking the contents of a bottle of catholic acid. Several witnesses of Linen's attempt at suicide then grabbed, htm, and trwaitin,
the arrival of the doctor, filled the
would-be suicide with bacon grease and
Hweet oil, When they suspended operations, two doctors manned a stomach
pump and pumped out the grease and
oil, but could find no trace of the acid.
���Judge Forin held that the prisoner had
been anfficientlvpunished by his would-
be rescuers and discharged him.
Not Quite Clear.
A Victoria report says -The main portion of the city of Dawson was destroy*d ��,
by fire on April 2ft, causing a loss of 94,-
000,000.  i> all, ill buildings^ including ,
the Bank of British North America,ware
The new* was brought down by LwS.
Hum*, son of Mayor Hume, of Seattle,
J.Toklae, and a third party, who left
Dawson City on April 27, and made their
way out by canoe to take Laoarge and
Speaking to a woman's convention,
(iov. Adams of Colorado remarked:*-*
When the Israelites were broken with
diaeension God gave a woman to judge
them���Deborah ruled them for forty*
vears���and, the Bible adds. "Then they
had a rest " I have never been clear
whether the rest came as a result of hei
rule or because her reign was ended.
centra of the city, commencing near the
opera Bods* on the water front* and,
���presiding with great rapidity, driven by
a strong north wiud, destroying everything on ita wav on that street4ow�� to
and including Donohu* A Smith'��� esub-
Hshment, end taking all the water front
building* abreast of the same ,bt
The .fire crossed the street, be
through and spread over to Second i
covering the principal business po
of Dawson, leaving it all in aahea, with .
the firemen hopeless.
The fire consumed everything {rem
Timmins' Royal cafe down to the bupd*
ingoppositetheFairview hotel.      *,
The fire wss the moat disastrous that
has ever visited Dawson* Among the
most prominent firms burned out were
the Royal cafe, Donohue A Smith, Mc-
Lellan A McFeeley,Parsons Produce Co.,
Aurora saloon, Bodega, Madden house,
Hotel Victoria, McDonald .block. Bank
of British North America, and score* of
smaller firms.
The town is paralysed, because nothing can be done until the opening of
navigation, which will not be for several
weeks. As was th* esse with all fir** in
Dawson, this one was caused by a drunken woman unsetting a lamp,.
Karl's Cosu-t Exhibition.
In stating, as we did a fortnight ago,
that Canada would not be represented
at the forthcoming mining exhibition at
Earl's Court, we are glad to find that
we were a little premature. Colonel
Hillyer, of Mine Centre,. Ontario, baa-
recently taken space and.will exhibit
ores, etc , from the Lake of the Woods
and Seine River districts.. Included
will be a large display of ore from the
Alice A. mine, recently bought over by
an English syndicate. To the energy
and spirit thus displayed we may ex*-
pect the.happiest results, though it
saems a pity that the onus of representing the wealth of a province should fall
on the shoulders of practically one person.���-London B. C. Review.
The pioneer house of the City
First-Class to every particular
Re Cunning j proprietor.   Sandon
��� ���$
the following to a couplets Ik* ot the
���ining transactions rsootded during ths
weak in tha several mining div-aonsot
thaSVoc-n. Those of New Danvsr were
as follows:���
May ia-0*Mto,ouSlooaB Lake, oppoalte Naw
Deavar, A TtKNapeoa.
Mat is-Wqnote, Carpenter awk. C W Oa��
Hat is-MaUy Fmetlon, Goal mountain, W
aUTU-HoaotamFmcUoaJHlMM Farm, re*
loeatloaflfeataea Fraettoa, HC-wr.
Mai 11 Ototaa S Kootenay. roar MBa, ma*
cation of Mea-obe.PBSnwart.^^^
Wl__as%M prrMttoa, Paym moaah-a,r H
Bartktt aad W Boaahoo.
Olivette, earns, D �� Fort*.      ^^
Mat IS OonMtortoB, aame, J -akaa.
Mat to-Booaev. Ooat aeoantato, J
Mas IS 0-datimv aod PaclSe ), A Stewart to
JlfeXianon.MMssM*- .   -^ to- ��
Chebonaa FtacUoo ��, W L Potter to - ���
Dw-tS> Not IB.    . - :i ___ .
Aran. 4-Ltule Gtant I, Jaekaoo Badell- to L
EL-nea.Fe-S. _-_._.�� ���*.���*.
Aran. M---la*kPrlaee4 aadDo-daa I, Freak
ghorey to Joeeph Dotan, April 1-
ghorey to Joaepa uotan,-pro ���- ��_,*��--.��.--- .	
.^^dmmTTtlmt^amtmm "fe**ftSM5�� *.*��.
Af-ttlS-Btoek Pitocal. DStoaa
fnaeSor-Mj,Apdl it. _.-.���
Aran. i��-*Piemler |, A MeDaaaM to W Wall.
Mat ll-H*w Oolaaa-a.
Mat iS-Mianekaha, Violet, Violet FraeUon,
arming, Jennie, Floeeoee.
Mat lS-Boatwk Mo 1, Manitoba.
MATIS-War Tax, Plan*, Evelyn, Bodfe
Mat ^-Bmtter Fraettoa.
Mat aV-Moatlor Fraction, Attterta.
Mat ss-Fremort, Ttaaarlek-
c-rnricvra or SA"nar*cnoa
__TS(Mirork daws oaYakUaa fer Ow*~a aad
Work co Bo-mine for Kam FraettoB aad Mow
day Fraettoa
cnnrieArft or
Mat --Gladstone.
Mat 17-Rk-maad, Star View, Kraptrm.
MAT��-Kola,Bmael Thusswua toP W-.
MATto-nranawlekr4.W B
H Wllaoa.M-reh IS.
_AT_--_m__Kol,. J C
Hobeo, Feb S _^
Polo,T M Baottas to B^Wtntojr^Paa-
more aad A M Baattaff, Horeemar m. ^m. mw
WrKn_y*.JAA^toMk_aal Morrta.AprU
���_ aim
Kama Wot \, J 0 Melay lo J C Boteadw.May
Mat V-Bewtt Fraettoa. C MeRleta! to
Mabcb IS-Frederlc, Leawa creek, ky
Aran. s-Oraroa, atfleawewe-, B Gai
to TH
_- ���     -   *** |   |WH    J_|Ult��Mi*        W����*-WPW w* wmm      f-*-J-      ���~~mf
Arsa.so-BarUa.ioa Fraettoa, W B Craw- lhe t^ Koi mine and a number ot others
�����*\^l*��?m*-n ^ ^ .�� that ar* being enveloped at Rosala-d.
___QTgor��n.v, Aprft*         and a rough ��jrgregata of th* amount
pSm***9'*-'wSy_*wtoJa_��.A.derm. of ^ M -^de out by tbe R*>
lcaa_*irFMi FjaeUoal.1 B Daakp to J B ^ w|.. ^^ mj0)t divided SS fo��*
*��ffl-itotaa*n K Pan* toC8 Moaa. Hank
si, sua.
Arai-t��--emoa Star aad Lanky Boy.T W
B-rtto��toa to J J Wakfc. Oct 1.
MATS-TwoFriaatte ltt.JCraa to F SAb*
drew*, Mar 1. tol-
Mat S-Skxaa, B Baebattff to M-a-gs-a.N��r
MoUab t. aaaaa to aaaee, aaaaa.
MATA-BaidNataad Baftto |. J A Foley to i
... m . V AraM(nac, May A
Mat S-BtoekPriataL Frank Showy aad OT
(kpnolayaadCMarpkyto John BtttoU, aa 8af��
MATU-BettorTUaarsPaalBaaektoi Wakk
rowaa or ATToassT.
Mat S-Fraak Skawry to P Btt-S-St,
Mat H��� Waa B Crawford to Joka MaKtaaoa.
TaaauraeNol FaHaVlawNa S aadTaatorae
Fraettoa Not. C Pfcldlaf. B O lliaderaa aad
I? MGatatae to B DCartk for tt*J_o.oa May A
90S  *
Aran.tT-Gray Basrla, Haadryt
AranuW Lake View,
Boaa-an, IS M_s ��aak* F
No 1. Oaayoa enak. CJfoai.
Prl1eo# tie Laka. M Bartu
rjorawatt, Ut MUe attda. B
Mat v-Iron Omp.
Mat ��-WeleoaM. Oaayoa
Arai-T-Farlat FTiettoa,
Anru. 11-Bettar
AI--.W BUeaPrlaea Frmelto-, oa
AraiL lS-Nor-a, auae. Paal Baaek.
Aran, to Friday
Friday Morato*. ___, J t Wai*.
T Beatoa
Oreea MoantoU, Twelve MUe. J
etaak, Paal
Ooldea Nagett, Waudbary
WDIard i FrartC?_wae. i P Waaiby
:M Fraettoa. mm
sas, J F
,J Artow.
, ACPaar
T floboon
Keny Fraettoa
V��8Mm9* HIM
ArslL l-Sflvar BttL
Aran a-Bui���km
Ai-ilu little
AntLlS-Barty Bird.
Aran. tl-NoMa Foar, P D.
Aran. *t Medio  Praetto .
Fraction. Brlcktoa. Taiaa. Paiateaak.
Ann. BV-Ua-ed
Aran. ��-Boekaway.
Aran. se-Brttola Fraettoa,
Ottawa No A
Mat lr-Caaadlaa Bear, Bod Wlas. Mlaa-f
Liak.Roaad O Fraettoa. Lafal Taader tta f,
Wblta aporrow, Baattaadon, Atfaa.
Mat 4-Vtelal. Ootaa* Ooydoa, Laa Fw-Uob
' Mat 8-Latt Jack*
Mat S-Vh-ftotat ttoly -Baon. ttypr Ua,
Mat iv-DwIsM, Daw Pro*.
c-rmrioATB or wranv-n-rrs
Aran. tS-Boi-Bftoo, Ottawa No A Cattaa.
, a D Wattby.
Cariboo creek, W Nelaoa.
Mat U^Merr-aaa. Barat ktS. 1S HWto.
Fkher Mafctoa. Naadrra ramp. J MeLallaa
BBsa, Jjaekaoa eiaek, J B Jaekaoa.
Aran. Ss-Daky. Hartford, Jottstta. Flytoy
Datekawa, Bat Fraettoa.
Arai-tS-Uara M, War Xae-, Albtoa,
Aran. r��-Hope.
Mat 1-1
M-rn-Tke PaetAcA MeDona-1 to A Stow-
"-lack Prtaea ,,C Murphy to W_B Bote, Feb
Mats-at Antboay Fraettoa,
s-f-set ean-ru-iB:
tea. Batta. Bit- Ota, Mabto, Nora. Matilda P.
MATS Scraotoa.
-ATS--BBBd.Oaartto FiboUob, Hoaattaka
. MATto-Trall. Dexter, London Bot. My Hope,
iroa Daka.
Mat U-Poaonek, Tras Bf��t��, Hereelee.
Mat ts-Iroa Daka, Gold Dollar, Batter alas
Aran. fT~Oarbonate No t, Claarwator. Ooa
Bat l-B���� Fraettoa. Mre B Ooy to F Bora.
^-Gokkn B*ato|,A J MeAltof to B
TOMt*#V_i*alBei.B 0 Ttoattla-ai to Wm
T\r^r\MVx^ot*m. i D SUmtar to W H Yoaa-f.
ItATtiSorw-aStorl.C MM to WSUaa.
Last Monday week was pay day at
Le Roi	
War Eagle	
Columbia A Kootenay..
Centre Star...
Iron Mask...
Iron Horse .
Nickel Plate.
No One	
< t o t a t a a -
Salaries for managers, superiateed
eiita. and other empioyess at these
mine* will easily swell tbe amount to
There are about SO other properties
workin- in tbe samp that are employ
in* prubably 900 mm. wakb, with tbeir
nuu-un-rs aad other etaployeea will,
ronaer-atively aKinutted* pay out �����,-
The wsgea ot clerka,carpaatsraJBOoks,
oricklavers, teamater*. aad printera.
with other tab<>rera, will not assoant to
leaa than fKjOOO. thns giving Hosalaad
a payroll ol fiao.aw a taoatb.
���arMly Ob.
As a result of the lainaetiotis grantod
restrslning the Ksslo k Uurdo-Daacaa
and tin Arrowhead A Kootenay tailway*
from eonatrnetinf their lines of milr-on-l
throoah the Dnncaa pass, tbe riral
roads hare kept oatnkie the aelghber
hood of tbs pass.bat In sil ether rasped*
tbs flght between tbew ia still oo, and
there ia plenty of work otferisa lor men
at |t BO per day. It to grnersily ander
stooil that nothing farther will be dene
hy the rival roads until after tha injhtse
ttnn reatrainiaa the Arrowhead k Root-
enay Railway Company espire*. bet la
the meantime both roads are bney nib*
**ring evldenos iwady for tbe legal ugh t
in the court, and a mass of conflicting
evident* from different engine**s may be
expected. The constrnction headquarter* of the Arrowhead k Kootenay, or
Canadian Padle people, to at Urdo,and
that of the Kaalo A Lardo Duncaa to at
Argenta. Lola In each of the towns sr*
selling well, sad ao oW time Kootena*/
townsite boom to on in both piaers. At
Dttitean City another illustration to being given of the bad feeling between the
rival railway ootnpantoe, where it to laid
the Kaalo k Lardo Duncan company to
building a trestle across the Arrowhead
A Kootenay company's grade, completely blocking Uie
Ktpttwg aad  tka  Detak  Bvll.
Kudyard Kipling has much to hi*
credit, bot there to s Utile Mt ia his
'American Notes'8 tbst should pises
shtoasmsnlgk np among ths aaintaof
tereptranoa, ssys tbs Universsltot Laati-
���f* T-dlwg bow In a concert hall in
Buffalo, N.Y.. he saw two young man
got two girls drunk snd then toad them
railing down a dark street, he says:
"Tbwi, recanting prsrious opinions, 1
became a prohibitionist. Better it to
thai g man should go without his beer
in places aod content himself v. ith swearing st tbs narrow-mindedness of the
msjority; better it to to poison the inside
with vary vlls temperance drinkn, tnd _
_f yrlSLV ____2_LM_^k J00* ***
to bring temptation to the h>4 0j ^
young fools sash sa the four I had am
I understand now why the pn-Achera
rage agaieat drink. 1 have said: ��� There
to no barm In it, taken modrrmieiT --T^
��t mv own dssssnd for \**>t baltad
Jrsetly to **ad them two gtrla m[\r*
down tbs da*k atreet u> in*\ ^
know* what sad. If liuuor i�� VOftk
drinking It to worth uku.* �� \lUk
Uonble toeoaae st���each as a man ��iu
undergo to eompam bis own deeiim. u
to not food that ws should Wt it tie before tbs eyes ol children, and 1 ban
beta a tool la writing to the amirart."
aa tho W-r *U-i��.
A horrible seeident hai��*��-n^ at the
War Eagle mine, K-*ata*id. on Satir
day morning. H. A. Honey lord. J��sms
o. Palmer, Thomas Ne-ville. w. y.
Scbol-eM had Mike Cook got on tlie
skip la the mala abaft to be u ansirrrel
from one level to another. At lUrtai*
level the skip got away from the inatftt
of tbe engineer aad fell to th** *,*>in*
level. Tbs three men Area namnl w��re
killed ootrigbt aad the others *. Udir
injured thai tbey ttiay die. ThrMssdi
waa as complete tbst it wa* un {potable
to get the victim*from the shaft Ttwv
were parked on ladder* to th* mats
drift of the Iron Mask aod ukeo oat
through its working*. Th* accidna ���
tbe most ssftou* that has tak<*n r>Urr In
Hiimlssd since) the etplp**��p>u ���.�� IM��.'ee���
tr* Star la li*l, when ihiw mm \m
tbeir lives. Ktactly what happened ia
the esfrtaa room that the skip _ >.. a��ir
tonotknown.bat the ��crid��rtt tsstid
to be do* to a toss* nut aHo-taj* tbe
gesriag to slip.	
An aat-rto Bas*l<**'
TheC-nada Copper Com ran, tsmak
Ing prvppsratlona tor the bolldlng <*t a
large smelter aad reflnerr In tha tows*
��ibip of Deatooa, about�� m��fo�� Ima tka
town of Sadoary. The cm-pan* i�� ta-
tidpating actkm to he u.��<n ht im
I tominton aovernmeni. Hut ��rh����twr .*
not aa emnargn la ptocd nn ������������� ^j
this rednerr, It to mid, will br tmilt and
all Urn wnrk will be Aihw* in t'anada.
Taa *pnt which to shown Is t�� br ornrn
NkkedCHy It to not a cty or*ay-
thing vet bat a aaam. Hui i*����th* ft*
daily of protmhly the m.-t t��Io��Ws
wstor privilege In nonlvr.�� "���un<*.
which mean* one of the m.����t �������������*
in the world. The prop^n* ���*��� '***
imrcbassd and wnrtt mav i*> cottmtm-
ed aeon. Till* will greatly �����>t*0
nkksl miatag.
Taa Metbodlet eoafereace m* h\ >������
nalmo toil weak, aad the following ***
polntmoata were mad* for th** rnmias
year lor Kootenay district .-Hoed***.
fieorge H. Mordon, snd D. D. m**
ss sBperaamerary; Trail, J (*l��_j
NstssMoaa Robmn, B A . fln_*fiai
aeeretarv of Kootenay district; \ mir. j
Ukk*; Kaalo, Jams* sj '-���.��� ^J9***
ot tbs Kootaaay district, siafoa. *���
M Sanford. B.A.: Kew to���**J*{.
il*Bahi-r��loa.'B.A t Oraml K��rka.g
to be eantt Cascade City, to nn ��PPjf
Cranbrook sad rortStc*eln.<..-rj2J:
Smith, B T U�� Fernie, R. fori*- ^
Charles H. Mscktntoah. ItwwsrJ
lleutenantiroYenior of the N.��rth*����
Territories, who to raturnlng w < **��*
from finglsnd, has retired from th����
rectorship of tbs Brittoh AiiwrUa^i
poratfon He eontemi��Ui��^',,r,,'n;n(i
company In Canada for the m ' ��J
rtviatr^tionof tbe London *ti�� Glog
Brittoh America Oorporetlor, ��*�� w
and ether share*. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, MAY   27,  Sflto
The Morrison tunnel 1* in over 800
fm,t, and ���team driUe are used.
A 80-foot *haft I* to be sunk on the
Big Windy, Providence camp.
The 80 boras power holler and air
compressor for the Winnipeg atlne,have
August Rleochl haa aa gang of men
working on the Mabel and Beesle claim*
in the Burnt Basin.
The Cariboo, the Camp McKinney
dividend payer, la putting In aaeven-
drill air compressor.
The Kamloop*, tn Camp McKinney,Is
to lie subdivided Into town lota, which
will be placed on the market In a abort
On the City of Paris sad Lincoln, In
Central campJheeroosrattunndI la now
iniswfeet. fhe entire face of the drift
i* in ore.
The Highland Queen aad Thunder
Hill, two Canyon creek properties of
merit, have bean bonded ban D Stew-
art by S. M. Johnson.
Over s buwlred prospectors are In the
country round the new town of Beaver-
ton, on the West Pork. The new town
is in the centre of numerous promising
On the Golden Crowe, la Wellington
camp, tbe shaft la now down ISO feet,
and will be driven to the MO foot level.
A new flvoHirill compressor haa been In
A second payment has been made on
the bond on the Nellie Cotton claim, in
(irei'it wood camp. There are two shift*
at work an4 a fine showing is reported
in the workings.
A large hoisting aad pumping plant
has heen ordered from the Ja* Cooper
Manufacturing Co. for the Snowshoe.by
A J McMillan Tea property la to be
extensively developed.
Winnipeg stock l�� steadily rising s*
development prognoses   The installs
tion ol the new eompresaor ptaitt will
doubtless noon have the effect of show-
in* up even greater ore reserve*.
The Rambler, In PaaaCreek cam p.has
a to foot tunnel, alt in ore. Tho Golden
tJiant. in the aame camp, haa a 90 foot
tunnel. Considerable development is
to be done In the camp thia season.
rhe Kitshugh claim, tn West Copper
camp, ha* been bonded by C. Collins,
who will start development work at
once The Dominion, In the aame camp
has been taken over by J. A. Finch*of
The main abaft oa the Pathfinder, on
the north fork of Kettle river, la now
down 100 feet Two sad one half feet
of solid pvrrhotite ore wss encountered
and the work Is progreesing In s aatin-
The *phm 1ld strike recently mode on
the Iron Cap. near Okanagan Landing,
l�� the talk of that locality- The ledge
is sis feet wide, the rock being a free
milling quarts. Experts are quite enthusiastic about it.
Another contract of considerable
length haa been lot on the Silver Cuo.
Jimmy Paton haa struck some very
nice rock on the lona, a couple of miles
up Lardeau creek.
Work hss been temporarily suspend
ed on the St El mo,but will be continued
ho soon aa the sesson opens up more
fully. -^
Owing to the ettremely backward
f I'ring, It will be s month yet before the
hill* *re sufficiently clear of snow to al-
(low of prospecting.
Messrs. Nix snd Verschoyle are driving a crosscut on their property, the
!*��**, situated about a mile anda"half
from Trout lake. They are now In 8ft
feet and expect to tap the vein in a few
feet more'
The Empire group, adjoining the
Wagner group, at the headwaters of
Cariboo creek, has heen sold to English
capitalists for the handsome sum of **>,-
Joe Kirkpatrick recently- staked a
group of claims on the Nettie L lead,
which he has named the Glooscap. He
say* he ha* ore in several places on the
The ore now being taken down in the
north drift of the Nettie L will not be
shipped for the present. Work on the
wlnse has been discontinued, owing to
the water.
Work ts being prosecuted on the
Nettie L with invariably good results
Ths vein still remains as strong as ever
aad the character of the ore continues
the same.
The boys have come down from the
Sliver Queen. This was in response to
a letter from Mr Hammerslev, ol Vancouver, who is acting for the cmuoany
holding the bond on the property. An
inspection of the vein where it is crosscut will be msde by an engineer and
the natnre of further development will
depend on hia report.���Topic
aSHBaa- mixing float.
On the nth in*t. a fatal accident occurred at the Jewel mine, in the Long
Lake camp, wherebv a miner named <T.
Spargo lost his life
W. H. Aldridge, superintendent at
tbe Trail smelter, Is making a trip
through the Slocan. Two hundred and
fifty ton* of ore per day is being put
through the copper furnaces, and the
lead stacks will be started up in a couple of weeks.
A gold brick from the Ymir mine was
entered at the cur-toms house at Nelson
last week for export to the tbe United
States aasay office ot Helena. It was
valued at WJNO, aod represents the first
shipment of what would have been a
record month at the Ymir hut for a mishap to the machinery.
At tho adjourned annual meeting of
tho Dardanelte* company, hold in Victoria recently, it waa unanimously de
cided to authorise aa Increase in the
capital by the tsouaaeoof 800,000 new
share*. The flrst lam* ot 800,000*112
cent* wss taken on at ones. Four-fifth*
of the total eapitallaetion waa represent
Tbe snow Is going verv rapidly these
The Bell mine, ia the Jackson basin,is
reported to he a good property.
Mr. Lorillard, who took a lease on the
Soap, ha* made a shipment ot ore to the
May 24 will rob us for a day or two of
maoy of our citiseu*. some to Kaalo and
other* to N*w Denver. A Jolly time
await* thorn. v
Alt the mine* in th* Immediate vicinity aro working good forces. The Deep,
on the coming of R. E. L. Brown, tm-
mediately started tn with a good number of handa. It ia worthy of notice that
It Is not among those signing tho 83 rate
of wag**.	
Ufa Ib Hawaii.
Living in Hawaii is not without It*
dlaadvantage*. The natives have little
idea of respectful deference and Insist
on calling their employers by their
Christian names. One lady who, upon
her arrival, waa at once addressed by
the meo servanta aa Jenny, expostulated with her sister for allowing them to
become so familiar. She ami> assured
that every effort had been imade to Ja-
dure them to eay Mr. and Mrs , but this
thev steadily refused to do.
*>*o; nor they **ld; "too   many
Smiths, too much Jones. You, John and
One English woman was determined
that her servants should never address
her in the familiar fashion that other
white people had allowed to become
common. She, therefore, instructed
her husband to address her by name in
their presence.
One day this lady had sums visitors,
snd to their great delectation the cook
put his head Inside the door and asked
"My love, what vegetables do you
want today?''
After that the English woman was
content to be called simply Mary.
The experimental working ot the
eight-hour system has not been a success in the Rossland camp, from the
mine-owners' point of view. Expense*
have largely Increased in proportion to
the amount of work done. This is reported on the authority ot W. A. Car
lyle, general superintendent of the B.A.
C. mines It is practically settled that
combined action will he taken by the
mine owners of Rossland to adjust the
���rale of wagea to the eight-hour law
The Miner* Union has always been re
cognised as a factor In Rossland Industry, and baa the respect of the mine
owners and the community, while the
greatest harmony haa always existed.
It is most likely that the matter will be
arranged, as the owners have shown
every disposition to bo reasonable in
their dealings with the men employed
by them.
The Bank of Montreal has issued a
most satisfactory statement for the year.
Tbe profits tor the twelve months ending April 80, sfter deducting charges of
management, and making full provision
for bad and doubtful debts, amounted
to 11350,682.66. The bank baa thua
earned for the financial year about 11.26
per cent, on its capital of 818,000,000,
agi inat rather over 10*_ per cent, for
the financial year ending oa April 80,
1888.        _______
On sn average no fewer than 200 people are killed each year by lightning.
Tims CBrd sffsetlvs June SO, USS.
Subject to ��ha_ge without notic**.
SrathSoand North Bow*
Train IvsDaJty. ISA pat  TralaardaSy WJOaa.
sr     -'     SAftn.  Tratalv  "     S.Maa
Ivssnam   ���Kaalo--   Boat ar SJ0par��
t-oaaa   Ateewonh        "    1-0pm_
$     "    VOfttaa    PUot Bay -     __p_p =
��     -    ASA am     Batfoar -    SlSpaa*
M-ostsrS.4orua.Piv* Mils Pt      "    AMpmi
������    7.15 ssa     Me���oa "lv4.4Ar*B*
gTrainaxlo.'esm Northport Train IviAt pa��_.
? ** 11 SO am -oaalaad ������ l-CSp-rr
? S1*|nb   Spoksos        "    SJosaa-
Bead dowa. Bead a;
DaUylratatv-flOpaB      .Pally trslaarM-O sat
sr AAA pat
Boat lv AW pat
tv AOO mm
MoST Boat ar 1.00 pir.
_      BUM |*> *<w urn* *w ���    iw*. a*. �����v ��������
��_ *' SJOpm Ainaworth Boat ar 1M0 pau.
II " l.topm Pilot Bar *��� noopm*
��        - 10.00 pm Kaakonook S-Sp_#
" It.opppra Goat River
a        **  lOOaan Bosmdar
���flg   " srSOOsmBoanert]
���j^Trsto Iv 11.40 sart
���**     >���    art.sspm Spokane
500 pm,,
lv ��.oo
ar 1.U
Iv f JO
Ooauaeaciac Jaas W, ISM.
On Monday .Thursday sad Friday aa Afcem
wfll teav* Rsrto 5 p. at. for Alaaww-u PUot Bsy,
sa* ttefeoa.  Leavtna- Nelson at S a. m., Taes-
play. Friday and Saturday, eaWag at Pilot Bay
Ainaworth and Kaalo, and aH way poteia.
P. O. Box US. Kaalo. aC
Taking e_ect 1.00 o'clock a. in
Jan. 8, 18W, Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Sabjoet to change without notice
Laav* �� 0* A.M.  Kaalo Anrlva, IUP.M
������ IM ������ Sooth Fork " SIO -
������!��    "     Spraalav IM   "
������ ��4S ������ Vr_n*w*tar " t io "
������ SSS *' BaarLaka '* too '���
������10 11 " MeOulfaB " I* M
-WSS    -     Balky> *'     1 At    ��
�� 10 SS   ������     Oody Jaarttoa ������     1 M   ��
Arr. WtO   ������     Saw** Lasvs I U   -
l-awt, 11.00 sjs ��� Saadoa - Arrlva, ll.Ma.ai
��     tl.�� " Osdylaaetkm Lssts,UAOa.u
Arrlva, U_ft "   - Oody -       "   UJ6a.ni
root, irving,
1w"mTf. oopelanix
For caeap railroad and atsaa-hlp tfc-sta ta
snd from sil polnta, apply to
a CAMPBELL,       Agent, Sandon.
Is now prepared lo bay all
Also *U clsssef ot metallurgical pro-
duets. Prompt settlement made on
day ot arrival al the sampler.
Lowest rates regarding treatment.
The careful attention given to the
Isrgest consignments will be extended
to the smallest shipper. Commttnioa-
tfons will reoelve prompt attention.
o. m. Mcdowell,
i. Manager.
Address���P. (X Drawer D.
a M Roaenaale, Purchasing Agt.
Lstea aed w_l Ughtad Sample
Hourly Strest Oar between hotsl
StaMoa. Fraa haa aweta all trains
If. W. DAT.
Syphons, Gingei Ale,
-anaparilla, Eto*. Etc
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
.. ii
*' i THE
The   Paystreak
Is Issued every Saturday la Sandon, la tha heart
of the treateet White Metal camp oa earth.
Subscription    ��� ...    *t.00ayear
StrlcUy in advance.
Addreaa: Taa P_rsTa_U, Sandon, B.C.
-  Wh. iucAiM-a.
SANDON. B.O, MAY 27, 1899.
Hard to Gat a Deetrable Olaaa to Leave
tha Old Country.
A report has been received by the In*
terior Department at Ottawa from Lord
Strathcona, on the immigration -work
done in Britain for the past year. While
there are no reliable figure* to be had,
the emigration to Canada for the year
was srreat|y ia excess of that of past
"At the present time* says Lord
Strathcona, "we are in commnaiearion
with from 2,600 to 8,600 school misteis
Several thousand of our large maps o*
Canada are hung upon the walls ol the
schools. TheJe mspi are used In co i
nection with the lessons. A large number of your pamphlets are also being
used as ordinarv readers in the schools,
and as th* children take th* books home
Canada is thus introduced into many
houses in which it migh otherwise not
become known. I find that many school
masters have a practical as well as a
theoretical knowledge of Canada, and
our lantern' slides of Canadian scenery
are much asked tor and desired hy such
About 1,500 lectures on Canada were
delivered during the autumn, winter
and spring. The Canadian Pacific
Railway had initiated a series of animated photographs of Canada, Its scenery and It* industries.
In referring to the limited field in the
United Kingdom from which to draw
immigrant*, Lord Strathcona says:
"We only encourage persons with capital, farmers, farm laborers, and domestic servants. I have explained the difficulties that tend to prevent the immigration of this class ou as large a scale
as we would like, and a good deal of
our efforts is now directed to preventing
undesirable immigration."
''Although our Inquiry is very large
both personally and % correspondence,
the greater part of it comes from people who have no means to emigrate.
Capitalists and farmer* are slow to
emigrate in any case, and the other
classes are doing better thah at any
previous time, and except among some
of the younger members of ihe families,
there I* not enough enterprise and that
disposition to tlook ahead whish often
leads to Immigration Still we are getting good results from our work, and I
am very hopeful that our immigration
will continue to grow in the future."
Some of tbe colonies offer free passages, yet it Is admitted In steamship
circles that Canada gets a large proportion and the cream of the immigration
which leaves the United Kingdom.
'���Our immigration work,*^ savs the
high commissioner, -'would be greatly
assisted by more help from Canada.
Personally I would like to see immi-
jrratioo on-tmittees formed In alL��he|
electoral districts of Canada. Not only
would they **sist the government
agents m receiving aad looking after
new arrival*, hut they, would assist the
progress of new settlers snd persuade
them to keep in communication with
their friends in the United Kingdom,
and to write to districts whence thev
came, relating (heir experience and offering to correspond with-tbose contemplating emigration."
lake svpaaioa osi moving.
The flrst era cargoes were loaded at
the western end of Lake Superior early
last month, and the year was fairly
opened that is destined to be a record
breaker in wore ways than one. Up to
May last year there had r*s*s*d out of
Lake Superior, not Including shipments
from J_jc*na_e,252,000 gross tons of ore,
and for the aame period of the preceding year, 2,500 tons, while for April,
1806, the shipments were 75,000 tons
So an opening at May 1, this year, Is
not so far behind the average of recent
years, excluding 1898, snd when the
added facilities lor rapid work at both
ends of the line and in the middle are
considered, the present situation is not
at all desperate. Mav's movements from
all upper lake ports was nearly 54,000,-
000 tons.
It has been reported the last few days
that J J. Hill, of the Great Northern
road, had decided to enter the Vermillion rpnge and had prospectors and sur-
vevors In the field to this end Nothing
could be farther from the truth Mr
Hill is considering two routes for his
time to the Eastern Msnaba, one requiring but 22 miles of construction and
the other twice as much, but shortening
the haul verv considerably It is probable le will huild the twenty-two miles
at retell.
Ths Lake Superior Iron Companv,
now in the possession of the Carnegie
interest*,'for a r^Tce aggregating |*tr
780,0(1) for the entire mine, was the
second in Ishpeminj to engage iu mining, and tbe third in Michigan, and Its
initial operations were in 185U, two
years after which it began shipping. In
the 40 years it has beeu shipping ore.
it has sent to market a total of 8*2a5,OC i
tons, nineteen per cent, bavin* been in
the last three years. That in the tins
ing of a forty year period the company
has been easily able to send forward
more than in any other preceding yea**
by -230,000 tons, and expec.s to ��*qual
that record the present season, is evidence of careful and masterly handling of the property and its importance
It* output last year was about 40 per
I cent, bessemer, and it is shipping now
rom five deposits the hard ore. old j
mine hematite, new deposit, section 1����
and section 21, alt of which except the
last are within the corporate limits of
the city of lshpeming. The companv
employs about LO**) men, owns I7"\
buildings and *ome 1��,000 acre*, of land
Ths price at which the propertv ha*
been sold indicates a value double that
given in the statement to the stock
holders about a vear ago, and there
���roes to each share of stock, besides the
���45, nearly 920 io quick asset*. Par
value of this stock is 925
Hale mine, Mesaba range, has been
put into posit! ra for shipping and has
���old its output for the year at about
92.40. It is a aon-besaemer, about ��ixt.
iron. The range is employing U���� Move
|men than at any time in lu history
never bothered my head al*>ut anything
outside the local roum In fad. 1 hard-
lv knew who owned tbe paper. One
day the city editor asked me to go out
and get some opinions from old citiaea*
about a certain gas franchise, and in
wandering round hai<pened to encounter a benevolent looking old gentleman
in the bookstore ol Jnnsen A McClurg,
afterward A.C Mcllurg & Co. He
substantial citisen, so I
Tai*L MB. VB W1KGBU wiMst.
T��U aw* ya **ims**i tapmx
mm ktp.*~ ans-s
mat r��.ur>4 my pathway romr,
oytmm know **_* spot
What* aaxtrtab} wa*p oo avw**
***** mm and Ammnt dtti.
Wbrtw free ********and pala.
Tm wmty mmglmmyjaanf
Ttmbi*mwloAAwta*lhAmom'.il*ot, \���.
And nigh**! tm pity as U amwttti,   y
T��U am. thm oxxarbiy Aamp,
\\b*m MUppwsroundom*A*y.
Kr*��*rsi mm mm* tatofd **-*,
Soma Mtsad tar aaray.
WHtmMwmry *��*" y*T ***
Whom amtxawm*** llwja.
And |rk**��*shlp mxtrtt Ahm*
*l*h* it��a4 tntmm, edltna tajppt-rwt-si fl
moxmp'dtxjr a while, mud
In**lt farm.
seemed like 1 	
tackled him about tbe rrancntse. aim
he gave tne a very mealy talk, right In
line with the paper's policy.
When 1 *��ked hint his name. 1 understood him to say McOili. He added that
he ass in the "paper business," so I put
him down as "Mr Met sill the well-
known wall paper man * A* 1 was about
to go out he remarked pleasantly that
be was thinking about writing some-
thing himself on the subject for tlie Tribune, and. being young and fresh, 1
laughed merrily "Pent you do it, mv
fr.euuY said l.'"for it wont get in. We
are loaded down now with (fid Subscriber and More Anott communications." He chuckled, and I hade him
smnd day Much to my chagrin, the
ei'.y editor declared there wa* no such
a wall paper dealer in t hira_>> as Mr
Gill, and blue pencilled every line of* w1_*_T7L'!!'g'J1'.*--
the interview, strongly intlutaiU.. that aW��rt��?aW�� ""���
it wa* a fake 1 Vahb. H*n* ami L��v��.
About a month later I  was sitting in  wa*a ��*?_**��� _*��.- ***** *.
. me day .when in walked |    '^mlmAAmJ^
*��-��*, **.��.*
Tfeat. ���ilhsuot
tkst t>s��* ��{���-> IW ssrtf
Aatmt*- ht nkh**s *m*lx*m***r,
1mA is*, in all thy rm -A
Hat thm mm amm *>*_
*t*fb*m oaimrtmtmt mat* -J
Um, turn ps WtPUhsr Urn ���
tktfci >4 ��� tbxad dmm-*>-.�� psltMf*- i   -.��,
As*! * VtSr*.mwtmi b*at ssd. r**i*���*.*. ���:!    V-
T��a aw, syr a*mem wwrt
p*V   TM WW, II��|spi and *�����*��
PtmP atmrtow, tm and itssltt*
I* Ham* no trip* *t��4
Wbttr- m -tfsli assy mm U*m,
U-���� t>> mm**h
fctspsrij. Am,
{Many Italian workmen are coming lnt<
(Hits and other lake ranges and driving
opt the better men
Orders were received at the Franklin,
threat shaft*, to resume st once, and
mining #11! be under way so soon.as
the properties can be put into shape
Several hundred men will he tanployad
Superintendent Parmelee Is tn charv-e
ana has appointed Koliert Powell min
ing captain at the Victoria propertv
Powell has boon mining captain at the
The new shaft on the Commodore
mine has cut through tbe ore and at a
depth of 290 feet is Tn the rock. A new
engine for No 2 shaft has arrived and
will he set at once. The shaft is being
pumped out. ..Ore is coming out of No
8, and shipments for this year bave begun , Thomas Trevarthau, of the Palms, has been made mining captain at
this property.
MsStll's Staff Gat la.
The death of Jame* MedlllI of the Chicago Tribune recall* a quaint little ad-
ventuse, remarked a local scribbler on
the New Orleans Times*Democrat. I
got a Job on the ������Trib,'' as we called It,
back In to), and, like many reporters,
the local room -^^^^^^^^^^
mv friend of Jnnsen A MeClunr*.. and
the instantaneous grovel ol the etn
ployeN pfSVS mm a sudden doe to the
truth, hroaaaUv the old man *aw me
and st once walked over to m% desk
Mvbltwto ran cold "Well, my boy/
he ssW kindly, It seems I was luckier
than yon* my stuff get In '*
As the result A a conference held i��>
the foreign office in I^ottdon. betweer
Lord Salisbury and Sir Julian Paunce
fote. and Amba***ador �� hoate. It is pr��*
dieted that the High Joint Commiorrfon
to afljust the isanes between the United
State* ami Canada, will ba* t*ea*��emhl<r*l
during the coming summer or early fall
This outcome is not post lively sssnretl
but Mr ChoaU* s report of tire etchan*t***
at the foreign oftite rertatnly eoavey
great encouragement to the nfhriat* st
Washington, and warrants the etperta
tion that  negotiation* may  again   he
taken up wiih some pn*peet of reach
ing an arrangement    It can he stated
that If the commission re -convenes, ��t
. will onlv do so on a complete abandon
{meat of the old basis, which proved to
be unsuitable to the construction nf a
compiled agraenioati and the United
State* will have some sort of assurance
In advance of the nature and dmgrem of
the < p��re**ions that may he expected
from the other side, the lack of whieb.lt
i*. said, mused the failure of the first
UeamtUflria*    The iiefotlations have
taken a new turn by the suggestion
thst the Al isknn boundarv question be
���nhmitted to arbitration, independetit
of tha other issues involve*!, thos leaving the commission free to resume its
work en many other pending and important quest ions
���QMB*BS UsPtfcs*.
roiavaup rARA��.Htrtis.
It's easier In *W upon ions* tha* to
-land Upon frremoni***
ll men had the courage of th��*ir con
vtctiom, there would be no m>nt> eoa
The man who is afraid to fare im
light will never get ah�� -1 of his ews
A cheap coat doea not msk** s . ���-.- a;-
*nan. b��i H makes hint l**ei thst way at
A )aHtren��rkci*t (aayslarge bamps o* a
nan �� head oftest iodic at<* a nm* alar
Men and women nay get U** Ad lo
��ve. but tbey m��vcr gti Ion Id to ������!
o be loved.
his snc��T#i��*r��.
- s *sM
A ts*n msy he fon��l of
���ul the rhan-eaare his ane^
m% hay proud of him.
Onadro-giat does i��oi ��'��kfA,HJ;
mer. but bH w��da foontain enahk* �����������
to turn out a great many swnllo* i
The heal wav for a spinster to "�����r_?��
her Irtl la Ut huild a hon��e ��* �� *,kJ ,0
put *o��ne good man In the boas*
A man may ahat hi* eves to a s*ls��
irutb.hut he aridom *ho�� hia ���*����
ihe ahrreaatd truth shouhl bajq-en to ��*
about hi* aelgfihor.
The Persian., in 916 It C . ta_JJ"J
a tranaparent al**�� varnish. *hu��� h thr>
laid over *cuf|itttred WMksto prevent
them from weathering The
ha* lasted to our day. *rhtie
beneath are honeycombed
Ihe rock*
These are ill New Stick. New Patterns and New Price*.
Hunter Bros.
SANDON��� -=---rROSSLANl> The Paystreak.
Specimens from tha old Spokane
Exchange Skipped at a
The old collection of ores bequeath
ed by the defunct Spokane Mining
Exchange���crop of 1890���to the Spokane chamber of commerce, haa
passed through the smelter and hss
ridded s pretty little profit to the
^lieculstors who porchased It from
chamber several  weeks ago for
K. A. Alexander and A. D. Coplen
yanj tbe speculators. They aent the
lures to tlie Puget Sound Reduction
(works at Everett and their returns
[have been received. Tbe silver con-
t* ui** were 27.6 ounces, and lead,
f�� 11. per cent to each ton Tbe gross
]ip turns were 1320,69, whidi left s
hi* c return slter paying for the ores
nnd all expenses, of $137, or ftftaO
I fur each of the two speculators.
The old mining exchange was or
Ionised in iHUOby Randall Ii Kemp
snd others. John C. Fisher hsd
11targe <d the ores collected by the
ixchange about two year*, then
Hymn Lamaon continued with the
���-xchange until two years ago when
the chamber of commerce waa organ-
i/A-d and the collection turned over to
it. The ores were chiefly finom the
Sloesn, Caurd'Aleneand'Okanagan,
tin Trail district and the new Keser
vstion country being practically un-
heard ol when tbe collection wa*
-t.-11-tetI. Galena ore* were In the
majority. Belore tbe collection waa
turned over to the chamber of emu-
inerce *}**viutei>s were taken away.
and later it waa again deplete J by
the owners, upon solicitation of the
pmuer authorities, taking away
choice sainplea. A great many of the
U-st pieces were distributed among
|s*ople from tbe east who showed
tlieiu to their friend*, who, In nutner
<��us instances have Invested in min
ing cpiiuptnie* organised In this
p ity.
the rocks were left In the bane-
tnent of the city liall for many
uioiitlisand finally it waa decided
���*�� vera I week* ago to get rid of them
An advertlsment was published calling for bids, but the hovers after
!��>kitig at the dust covered pile were
iiotatixloaatobur. Finally Messrs.
Alexander and Coplen gave (40 for
tin* lot. After sorting over tlie pile
snd inking out about a ton of Iron,
���I'I*! and qnartx, they had seven
tons of galena left. These seven tons
wire sscked and sent to Kvereti and
from them the returns given above
were received.
The Transportation Problem.
I-W all practical pnrposia, there
��� re two, and only two, great trans
l*nrtatttm nndei titking which are just
now imperative. One uf these is the
improvement of the St. Lawrence for
ocean vessels at and below Montreal;
the other Is the construction of an independent line ol railway to serve as
an outlet trom Winnipeg u> Lake
Superior. These are national in
their scope, and, in nor humble opinion, they should be dealt with directly by the Government, so that they
might counteract, the monopolistic
tendencies of the great railway cor-
ixjrntlons.- Hrantford Expusltor.
T<> a young man who stood smoking a cigar on a downtown corner
the other day there approached the
elderly impertinent reformer of im
memorial legend, says the Chicago
'How many cigars do you smoke
a day ?" asked the licensed meddler
In other people's affairs.
"Three," replied the youth, sa
patiently as he could.
Then tho inquisition continued.
"How much do you psy for them?"
'Tencents each," confessed the
young man.
"Don't you know, sir," continued
tbe sage, "that if vou would save
that money that hy the time you are
as old ss 1 am you might own that
building on the corner ?"
"Doyou own it?" inquired tbe
"No," replied the old man.
"Well, I do." said the young man.
Frank Buckland, the natualist,
was collecting information about
White of Selboane, and met with an
old lady who professed to have seen
him, "a white-haired old gent who
used to walk about bis garden with
a crocodile.''
"Wasn't it a tortoise?" suggested
The old lady admitted it might
have been "one of them rarren
Jinks What's a post graduate
course anvhow?
Filkins-Oh ! its where a fellow
takes a tumble to himself, before it'a
everlastingly too late, and goes and
gets posted, even if he hss graduated.
i won't have you," said the lead
ing lady tragically to the low com
edian. ' "Never approach me again
on the subject.   My  mind  ia made
"So It everything else about yon."
and then be fell through a garden
scene to dodge the withering glance
she shot at bim.
-���What beautiful hens you have,
Mrs, Stocknp."
���'Yes, they are sil Imported fowls,"
"You don't tell me so! I suppose
thev lay eggs every dsy ?"
���'They could do so if they thought
proper, but our circumatancea are
such that they are not required to
lay everyday."
Methodist Church :-*���
Kev. A.M. Sanford, B. A., Pastor.
Regular services to-morrow at 11
a. in. and 7:30. p m.
Divine service will be held in Virginia Hall at 7:80 p. m. Rev. J. A.
Cleland, Minister.
Certificate of Improvements.
Mltnsts tn  tlio Sloesn Mlnlnc   Division oi
West Kootenay District.   Where located I
On tbs East Pork of Carpenter Creek, ed-
Joining ths WoSMtarTL Mineral Claim on
the north.
Tabs Notics that I, Joseph Frederick
Ritp-hle, sctins as scant for J. O. C. Frsser, of
Roftslaml, B. C Fres Minor's Certirlcote No.
;8,��ip, inlenpl aiders from ths date hereof to
apply to ths Mininc Rseordsr for s Certificate
of Improvemsna for ths abovs claim.
Anpl further tabs notlos that action, undsr
Motion St, must bs commenced before ths
iMUsnce of such Certiorate of Improvemenss
listed this nth day of Juns. w��:
Lm l�� b��
Barrister. Solicitor,
Notary PnMio, Etc
I. C.
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Noun Public.
Saddle Horses for Hire*
Miners and Prospectors.
Will be st tbs Hotel Bslmoral
ones a month.
A. M!IUy, L. D. 8.
If you want to save your
money leave yonr order
Sandon,    B. C.
A. F. & A. M.
Regular Communication of ALTA
LODGE, U. D., held first Thursday
In each Month, in Masonic Hall.
Sandon, at 8 p. u. Sojourning breth-
ern cordially invited.
W. H. Lilly,
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Applv
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. 8. 8. Agt.,
Headquart* rs fsr Minors. v
Wall stocks*! bsr la con use tion.
First class acco���mods*ion*.   Board bv tha
dsy or ���oak.
Plain sewinQ
,^y*.W*W *  *.  *>  WW   V V   t
���r* p
Canadian Pac!fic Railway
Soo-Pacific Line.
Ths Faot.aed Sspsrior Ssrsica Boats
To Eastern Si
European Points,
To   Pacific   Coast,   Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St Paul.
Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Boston.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
sd vis Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
7:45 k
Ive. SANDON ar.
Thro* Forks
Denvt* Sidlac
Rosabsry ���
16:55 k
Naw Denvsr
9:00              NELSON              14:20
13-50             NAKUSP             11:15
Ascertain RATES and fall information by
addrssat-s asanas local Sfent, m
Agent, Sandon.
Dist. Pass. Act., Trav. Pasa. Agt
Vsnoonvsr, Nelson.
Bs sura  that yonr tickst reads via tbs
1 The Paystreak.
McCuaig, Rukert & Co. the purchasers���A Cash Transaction.
Price not Gioen.
A deal was consummated yesterday
by which tho Madison group of three
claims, tbe properly of J. C. Eaton
was sold to McCuaig, Rykert and Co.
of Montreal.
The Madison is considered one of
the best prospects in the district and
recent development has shown up
some extensive bodies of high grade
ore. Only three weeks Ago W. W.
Warner, who has been working the
proerty tinder a lease struck an ore
chute in the No 3 tunnel on the Argenta claim whieh showed 10 inches
of grey copper giving an aggregate
assay Value of over $300 to the ton.
A contract was let to Mr Warner
5'esterday to run 100 feet on No 4,
which is'now in 25 teet and for 400
feet on No 5, which will be started
to-morrow. All these tunnels sre being driven in on the ledge. Sixteen
men will be put to work immediately
working three shifts.
W. w. Warner engineered the
deal for Mr Eaton, and Bernard McDonald experted'for the purchasers.
It was a cash transaction, of which
the price is not made public.
Doc (ileason, an old timer in this
district, made an ineffectual attempt
to quit this world on Thursday morning. Doc, who has been working
with Jim Sproles at the Sproles' siding hotel, came to town early in the
week and put up at The Denver.
He has been in poor health and somewhat reduced circainstauc**s lately
and, deciding that life was a harden,
attempted to shuttle iff by severing
an artery in his arm. Homer De-
puis, one of the staff at The Denver,
who found him a few moments after,
a mass of blood and animation, reported to the police that they had a
suicide up at their house who was
not dead yet. Medical aid was summoned and the man sent to the hos
pital. Gleason has seen better days
and does not readily reconcile himself to his reduced circumstances.
Engineer Maxwell of the K. * si.
arrived from Kaslo Thursday and
left over the C, P. R. yesterday
morning for Trout Lake accompanied
by E. C. Balmaine and a party of
surveyors. They will, commence
the survey of the Kaslo A Lardo-
Duncan Ry. right-of-way from the
Trout Lake end and will continue
until they meet the surveyors from
Kootenay lake. The C.P.R. already
has a large party of surveyors at
work in tbe Trout Lake district.
.Robt L. Patterson, representative
of tbe Miller and Richards Type
Foundry Co., one of the largest institutions of tbe kind in the world, was
in Sandon this week, accompanied
by hia wife on a trip of business and
pleasure. Mr. Patterson is one of
ths most widely known/travellers in
Hauling Contract.
Tenders are invited for the hauling
for one year of the entire output of
ore from tbe Whitewater Mines and
Jackson Mines to Whitewater Station, and for up-freight to the aame
mines. Tenders for each mine to be
made separately.
For full particulars apply to
Box 1.2,Kaslo, B.C.
We the underslcnei hereby attt notic* trial
'we wilt not he responsible for anv debts her*'
after contracted by Joe Hobiiierd ia too-
heetlon with ths i*-��e of ths Hasp Mineral
Jas. Collins. Theo. Beribsan
Donald McDonald
Sandon. _-v*��b.l*x��.
Hamilton  Watches
Are tbe best for Herd Service, being
the lev-trite Railroad Wsirh of Korth
America. Unrslr takln* tbe place of
other watches where ascnurate time Is
required. Th* Jr**U in thsee Wet*-he*
are Jewels, not imitation, snd set in
(.old The Hither <trades havs Sapphire Pellet*. Everything thst poos t��
make the finest Timeksspsr is to �����
found in these Wotebse.
Seventeen Jewel tirades from f�� to
���W Tw?nt v-one Jew������ from '����lo Ml
Call snd see them.
I aU> handle tbe famous Hampden
Watch. I stste only facts and can
ho��*k op every sa*ertlon made
:M_*a_H_p._fe _S43MOM_. CM-Q
Has the Finest
In tne Slocan.
Everything New, Complete snd
Up'to-date. The Comfort snd
Convenience ol Patrons will receive
the most Cartful attention Cal1
and sec usgt the New Stand.
Two Door* Above  the Po.t  (Mire
^^�� U
Fine Seasonable Groceries
���   IM    ��� ���������������      I llll -*"  ���-   ���
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Hotels. Mines ami Families will find it to their*
vantage to see these new foods in all lines befa,
purchasing else where. Mall Orders w||| receive 4
usual our prompt attention and forwarded a* suit*
H. GIEGERICH, Sandon, B.C.
TN output of the SLOCAN
in *98 waa nearly $3,000,000.
Ninety per cent of thb
wealth was handled with
ter recommendation could he had.
H. BYERS & Co.     j
50LE AGENTS.     j
Wc-have just received a   full car of CANTON
STEEL, ail  sizes, for  hand and  power  drills
J. R. & D. CAMERON   '
Kootenay Tailors. j
0000000000000000 %
Carry the fittest line ol Canadian and Im t
ported  cloths to be  found in Kootena s S
Inapretthe latest additions to oar Mock *
ol  spring enitings.   Pertert  Satisfaction }
Guaranteed. }
000000000000000000000000000000 }
|     RECO AVENUE,                           SANDON. |
Corporation of the City of
UOTIC- is hereby given that the first sitting
*�� of the Court of Revision appointed by the
Council of the City of Sun.Ion for hearing all
complaints against the assessment for the
current year, as made by th<* Atsessor of the
said City, will be b��M in the Council CJiumher-
at Sandon, on Monday, tbe *Wth day of Jaae
at t o'clock p. m.
FaAKK C. Siewtai., City Clerk.
Sandon, B. C, Hoy aith, l��f.��.
In the Net* Store You Wilt Find
Oas of ths Largsst Stacks af Drugs la ths Slocaa.
DRUGGIST  SUNDRIES.  Perfume* Soap, all Toiltt *���*��*�����
Try  Donaldson's   RHtumitic Cars.   It  Never laid  to Cere.
, Peracnptioni a Specialty.   We uie only the beat Medion** 'hj?
un be Obtained.
Jas. Williamson
Salle the Beat    and        la the Camp
���tteff BsM.


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