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The Paystreak Oct 8, 1898

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Array ^m^y^ry
- ".'"'.'"""" ���"������'"_       ~*. ��*���    ���'_ 	
SANDON, OCTOBER   8,   1898.
Irvinif ' Is   ill Spokane
with    tirest  Northern
jolm Keen -4 Kaslo eras lu town
���|,t* week.
oi, Ik mil* waa in Sew Denver
on Sunday.
otto Johnston has opened the 16
������ i n >iaursnt.
Dealer* Iu wood nave commenced
io enjoy |��xa��|ierlty.
Fred living, of Nelson, Is sick
aithh vir iu that town.
Walter Waterlaod   Is looking at
ihf M-: I it* of SpokatH*.
A strike ta report, d from the i��ls,
a claim above the Lucky dim.
V < \te Arthur returned from ��
short visit to Nelson yesterday.
.1 11 Campbell 1�� opening a fruit
4.s-r* opposite the Ivanlioe ttotel.
Ye*u*rdsy was tbe birthday ot th.
Skvan Star,   It is seven year* old
Th �� Trerrary will open a restaur
ait in ihe llalniorsl Hotel in a day
or two,
Qui  Kobfc
Murray Brers will return to Ksalo
torn Trow to take his old place in
the Kaslo store.
Trvrv wore 317 ticket* for the Spo
kaii.- r'mil Kair sold al Uie K 4 S
depot ud* week.
There wan a small eonnargaU<>n st
*'��* < P, K. depot on Wednendwv.
It as-, got out without mneh trouble.
John Millard snd Charles Tbouip-
-i) liavs Insight lb** Palace* Cnfc
mm, Sam Lloyd. They aro in
Srareh of a Urge btminena.
V'lmnan funning who recently
���not* his brother ll.e to s hospital in
New York, will visit bis relative* in
\. a hi unawick .a4br* returning u��
"Due" Aikens died in Sandon on
Wednsaiay. He was buried lit the
aVs lamvvr ccinettrv on Friday.
"Ihre' w���� sn old tinier In Sandon
Ami wis known to nearly everybody In the camp.
There are 6,000 |ieople hevkv in
1^��mmi City bet thev will not work
����!'���* rhey get from 110 to *H�� a
nay. There are inane chair warmers
���""���"id Sandon who are also holding
"ui bar - miliar prices.
Karl of A vs. a ton of Marquis Duff*
'Tin. iiiaiM*cu>.l sotoo of the Slocan
thin week. He visited the Knur
prist <�� Ten Mile, but as he only
went into on- tunnel It la not likely
ni�� vi*|t w^  tlly niore than one isT
The most costly machine ever
mail,- in the vorld wss s tvpe setter.
u ost ��.000,0oa It Is now in a
luuseum. The inventor only made
th*"��e machine as he found the
country papers would not Imv It,
***n on the lien contract plan.
th inks tn Dawson Citv have fallen
��the two bit level, and the cream la
��ff the boaineaa tn the eity of all
n*K.H.   h la not so many moona ago
price in the Slocan. It is now quot-
ed steady at one bit, while black
jacks sre firm at two bits, with an
upward tendency.
Didn't Make it
Torn French evidently was weary
of lite Inst Saturday. He mixed up
the Coolants of a small bottle of
morphine in a glass of whiskey and
retin-d to his room in the Exchange
where lie took tin? dose. Someone
entered the room snd noticed a note
stating what lie had done. Medical
ahI wns procured nnd French after
consider.*ble difficulty was roused
from what nearly wss his last sleep,
snd iu a few days was able to lerve
Early Closing.
C.anincncing next Monday, II. (lie-
gerich, R K. Atherton, II. II. Pitts,
II. Byera, Hunter Bn*. and Crawford k McMillan will close their
-ttorcsate* o'clock p, in. This tag-
greeinent is until tire 1st of next
April and will be s source of joy to
all employed in the leading mercan
tile institutions of the silver metro-
Tbe Comique.
On lire 20th uf this ronth a vote
will be taken to decide whether tbe
loruaque ia m is, or not to be in
Sandon. Tliere are only two place**
in Canada where such institutions
are in existence. It is against the
statutes of the Dominion to allow
such places to exist, snd why the
officers of the (p*  in  this province
Cimil it is a question. Is the law to
j continually Isughed al in Sandon?
Can we n<< have a camp without
such tcaturee? II not. we had better
defy every law iir the land and let
bell reign supreme.
Not Excited. _T
the press, while the rest imagine that
' editors live on ozone and water.   If
A regular meeting ot the city coun-1 the. &**** P*��Vte were  to become
cit was held Monday evening/Mayor lmbued WIth. �� m0Te &eneron8 "P1���
Atherton in the chair; present, Hunter. Broddy, Mighton and Crawford.
The following  accounts were ordered paid:
Salaries..... S359.16
towards their local press the outside
world could be touched for untold
thousands in the way of investments.
A country is judged on the outside
by its papers.   It they are fat  and
 , well-dressed with live ads tbe folks
Fire Dep't Maintenance      13.801 at a distance naturally infer that the
Pay sheet (Sept street imp]    12��i.25 people supporting them  are enter-
II livers       3.25 prising and  up-to-date.   If, on the
Rubber Stamps       1.57 other hand, they are Jean and mark
R C. Gazette       2.50 ed with the stain of poverty,  a cor-
H .). McQueen         1.00 | responding effect goes with tbem.
Mining Review       5.00[ It would be better for s community
II. C. llolden      11.501 to kill all its half-starved rags than
F. J. Donaldson       7.15 j to have them go out to the world
3.00} looking as though their editors lived
7.001 on the sweat ot cookhouse windows
, and slept in ash barrels.
34.151 -*  Lssssw
P. 0. Box rent ^^^^^^
L. Doolan	
F. C. Sewell Supplies tor gaol
and street improvements.
The public Works committee re-1
ported completion ot the gaol.
from July
Tlie shipments of ore
1st, 18J8 to date.
A petition asking tor an approprl- ��� Prom Sandon
ation to open up a street on Nob Hill (
was laid over pending a survey.        i p*\{!C'
Meeting adjourned till Tuesday.    1 Slocan Star,
Tuesday. Oct, 5th i  Present, Hun-! _-** Chance,
ter,  Crawford,   Broddy,    Mighton. j Sapphire :
Mavor Atherton in tlie chair. ; \��m .   _ . ���._. :
i Wonderful Bird
A petition was presented, signed j Soverign
by at least one tenth of tlie assessed j Wonderful
ewners of real property in the muni- if) M Wilson :
clpality,   praying  thnt the council Treasure Vault
introduce a bylaw fir the purpose Of!
raising the sum of $15,000 tor the Prom Concentrator Siding
purpose of making certain improve- i,, . ... _
merits in Carpenter Creek, and p:ry- g*���> gj1��
ing for same. Sfueenotss,
Nell nettling struck s<*v^n inches
of clean ore in the Mow itch the other
day and there isn't s   man   in the
en nip but is glad of it    It is rumored
that Neil was excited  when he made
the strike, Imt there is  no truth in
tiiai  remark.    Neil  would  not  get
evnied if the earth split in two and
he   was left   in   New   Denver.   As
everylnnly   tint    underfed   know,
Neil  and  his old  partner, George
Henderson, kept hotel In New   Denver when It  was caHarJ   Kl dorado
City and drinks* were two bits.   After
a while   they   built   a   large hotel,
which was cremated in the spring of
H.H'>.   There   was  mi  editor  In the
bouse during the cremation ceremonies who plax ��il circus   by jumping
out of a window, leaving behind him
the earnings of 20 \ ears, *3J0    Neil
escaped  from   the raging  element
with one shirt and a countenance
scorched to a rich golden brown.   In
an adjoining store lie met the editor
who had just got  inside  a  pair of
overalls, ami without a quiver in his
voice or the slighti-st  surface  show-
excitement he  simply  said,
o have a |>nir of pants "
Aid. Mighton thereupon introduced a "Creek Improvements'" bylaw,
which purposes raising .115,000 for
creek improvements. The bylaw
was read a first, second and third
Moved bv Aid. Crawford, seconded
by Aid. hunter: That a vote of
those qualified to vote on "Creek
Improvements" bylaw In* taken at
the citv oftioes on Thursday, Oct.
20th.   Carried.
The City Clerk  was appointed re- ���
turning officer.
Moved by Aid. Broddy, seconded !
by Aid. Mighton,   That a   vote of
those persons qualified to vote tor the
election of Mayor and councillors be
taken at the city  offices on Thurs-
day, Oct.  lOtb. on   the   question!
whether or not a "Theatre Comique" \ .
license be granted by the municipal: 1.328.
council; and that the city clerk be'
returning ofticer.
Prom Whitetoater.
Prom McGuigan.
Total,       :
��.��,702| tons
Shipments over the K. & S. for the
week ending October 7: Payne 50,
Ruth 62, Last Chance 6a
Over the C. P. R. for the week
ending October 7: Payne, 360.
Total tor the week 530.
Complete returns from Three Forks
for the past three months: July,
Queen Bess 79. Alamo 440]; Aug.
Queen Bess 5l>i Alamo 231; Sept
Queen Bess 3841, Alamo 2241.  Total
"I've got I
A Hard Place.
Where Would We Be?
A load of dynamite has just been
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hauled past our office to the raaguz-
The Slocan is a hard place upon j ine up the gulch. It has been going
newspaper men. The climate causes past, at short intervals, all day, and,
such a keen appetite that it is dim-! although it is comparatively harmless
cult to keep it in subjection. There j when handled in a respectful man-
arc  no fanners  in  the country to ���* --1- ���~^-1 u-*
bring in turnips, pork, squash  and
other agricultural luxuries tor sub
seriptions. The dealer in wood has
no conscience, and everything plays
the limit in price. The people are
indifferent to local papers. Most of
them do not care whether they have
���^oterlno   bo*ught the aame'ore would
������������s _v. ���- ������__________���        .i ., .. ifiw.in no ilia care wiii-��m-i   *>><-.��� �������������*��
This If how the writer knows that a ^n "��in^heh. niidst or not. A few
little thing like seven iinches ol olean I^Sblte-apirited enough to assist
ore would not excite Nell. r
ner, we cannot help thinking what
the result would be it a ton of it took
a notion to make a few remarks
[while passing our editorial parlor.
If such a thing should occur The
Paystrbak office would be moved,
and no doubt the paper would not
come out this week. This would be
a doublo calamity and we will not
ponder on the subject any further.
The editor ot the B. C. news has
undertaken to run a ''moral" weekly
in Kaslo. He will probably get his
reward in heaven.
Notwithstanding that no move has
been made to construct the Crows
Nest road from Kuskonook to Nelson,
the C. P. R. is tryiug to collect the
bonus and land grant for this proposed piece of road as well as ior that
which has been built; and if former
experiences of the Dominion government's dealings with this corporation are any criterion the C, P. R.
will get all it asks.
It was not only glory that detained
the Khalifa at* Omdurman. His
treasure, buried in tbe sands of the
neighboring desert has been dug up.
The tourvaille amounts to ��10,000,
000. On top of this comes the announcement thst Gen. Sir Herbert Kitch-
ner will retire on an extraordinary
pension. The Sirdar's eyesight is
said to be affected. No wonder.
Ten million pounds would dazzle
The Spaniard cannot sympathize
with the indignant citizens of the
United States demanding an investigation. He has troublds of his own.
The war, it is reckuned, has cost
Spain four thousand million pesetas.
And Cubi, in the words of Senor
Romero Giron, "has been an immense
abyss, in which hundreds of millions
have vanished. ��� Twenty-two thousand sick are coming home from Cuba
and Porto Rico, snd tbe government
has only 10,000 beds. Tbe Spaniards
from these islands desiring repatriation will be shipped back to Spain
free of cost. Altogether, it is a sorry
outlook for the Spaniard.
Locomotives for Russian railways
are in brisk demand, and it is stated
that an order for 550 locomotives ot
American types has been placed
with the Putlov works, at St. Petersburg. Fifty of these will be express
and the remainder freight engines.
The long distances to be run and the
relatively slow speed of Russian service requires an exceptionally large
number of locomotives. About the
latter part of August seventy-seven
complete American locomotives were
received for the Russo-Chlnese road;
fifty of these came from the Baldwin
works and the balance from other
American builders. A large number
of freight engines is* still required
for the Siberian roads, together with
railway supplies of sil kinds, and
large orders are expected to be placed in United States during November.
When D. C. Corbin offered to build
a road into the Boundary country
without asking a cent of bonus, Mr.
Van Home said that it would not be
loyal to give tbe chatter to a foreign-
er, and set a glorious example of
loyalty by bringing twenty-Ave
French-Canadian members, at a
stated sum per head, np to Ottawa in
his private car to vote Corbin off the
earth. In order to somewhat pacify
the people of the West Mr. Van
Home pledged his company to build
the road without a bonus. The C.
P. R. it now redeeming that pledge.
The provincial treasury haa been
tapped for 1400,000 to help build tbe
Robsoo Penticton road. ������BUI" Par-
ker had to give up half hia townsite
at Brooklyn to the contractors before
a drill was struck. L. A Hamilton,
Land Commissioner for the C. P. R.,
recently made a trip through the
Boundary country. His visit cost
the owners of Cascade City half their
townsite. Greenwood's owners were
taxed the same amount for the privilege of. having the railroad built
through their town as surveyed. The
Grand Forks townsite company had
to put up 15,000 for a right of way
and a one-third interest in sil the
unsold lots, which means several
hundred acres of very valuable land.
There are several other towns springing up in the district which Mr.
Hamilton will take care of for his
company just as soon as the real
estate begins to have a value. Loyalty cornea  high, but  it seems  we
must have it at any price.
���" ���   *'	
Territorial Journalism.
There aeems to be a popular idea
that the editor of a country rag
should praise up everything indis-
criminstely. He is expected to use
the word "prosperous" in reference
to the country, (especially after a
frost that has killed everything
deader than a string of maekerelh
he must always apply the worn
"genial" to the storekeepers, (who
advertise and pot up tbe cigars once
in a while) -, call the hotel proprietor
(to whom he owes a heart breaking
board bill) a jovial booifaee ; refer
semi facetiously to a young store
elerk friend (whose sister is distract
ingly pretty) as the rising young
man ol tbe town; tire postmaster of
course must always be "genisl" snd
the preichers, if not referred to
occasionally as "worthy divines,"
will wax 'so wrsthy thst they sre
liable to get back at you from the
pulpit some Sunday and ahow you
up in your proper light, which would
be highly inconvenient. And as for
the C. P. R. (O, bury me on the lone
prairie!), although they sre the
alpha and omega, the first and the
last, the middle snd sil the sides, the
inside snd outside, the life, tbe
breath, the nostrils, the tentacles, the
tendrils, tbe bovalupis, tbe Injgey
and the barbed wire fence of thia
ot this country, we are expected to
eall them ��� -genisl" slso. And vet
people wonder why we go otTon
those awful toota.���Wetaakiwln Free
. Only Marked It.
A lovelorn youth had quarreled
with his ladylove, and with bitter,
angry words they parted. Deciding
that life was not worth living, he
turned abruptly into a barberNhop,
took a seat in a vacant chair and
calmly requested the tonsoria! artist
to cut hia throat.
Tbe barber acquiesced with a nod,
and tucking the cloth round his
neck, fixed the head rest so that the
customers chin wss well elevated.
Then, drawing a stout pin from the
corner of his waistcoat and holding
it firmly between his linger and
thumb, Ire drew the point quickly
across the man's neck.
With a scream worthy of a Comanche Indian the despairing one leaped
from tbe chair, shouting:
"Surely, surely you have not done
"Oh, no sir!" said the barber.
"Sit down again, sir. I've only just
marked it out"
The railways of India, on March
31, 1898, aggregated 25,454 miles
open and sanctioned, of which 21,15b*
miles were open for traffic, leaving
4,208 miles under construction or
authorized. Thia was a neat increase of 766 miles over the length ofj
line in operation in March, til
Ore Hauling Tenders Wanted.
TKNI.KRS ar* Invited SM hauling SIW*
Ions of or* .tail* from lit* yueen Bnas Mines
to tne A!*tno concentrator .luring tlie .Ulan
in* season. Add****, bjr letter In the Htst
THK Ql'iU-LV B��HM PROPRIETORY *>��,...��..
Three Pork*.
S. C.
Application for Liouor Licence.
NOTICE U hereby given th*t al tb* el
ptration of thirty <t*y* from the Srea nahlir
���tion hereof the uu<t*r��ignad will nasty tn
th* Lleenre t"..��imt��*loner�� id the tit v of Sao
���f��>n for * lk**nc to sell liquor by retail st his
{.reini*** sltttatnon Reeo Avenue In th* City
ot Sait.h.n
W.J.  Fa asks.
H��n.Ion, Ana-oat fftth. MS\
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
SOTtrK is hereby given that *t th* nest
meeting of th. Lie**** CommUaionera ol the
rity of Sandon I shall appl; for . r***��al of
mv license for the Aryan Hotel, altnate on
Reco Avenue In the Cits* ��f H*i��l��n.
R  at. ObVSSBttal
s*tt*t��n. **4��u*i rah, tan*.
h'.*rw n l* hereby cite* that slaty day. after
���Iftte I Intend to applr to tlmO��l*f C��.mmt*
���loo** of Land* and Work* for permission to
parch*** two bnadrvd nnd Sf���� S*e *rrs~,
more or ie��s. of amr***rved fm*n Land. .it*.
in th* follow iu* dsMerihssI ore* ���
Commencing at the *onth-��c.i corner of lot
7*1. then.-* *> rbatn* north, I hence 4* chains
**e��t. thence ����� eh.lns s��oih, more ��r le*���. to
Kootenay lake, than** folio* tug *h��n> fin* I*.
**>f��th.-se*t *n*l* of lot ��**��. th.no* north
following lor* tion If a* of snld lot enchains
more or lea* to norths**** ancle of lot 1*1"
thenc* *>chain* w**t along son!horn ho��ndL
nry of a*M lot tn pt*o of beginning alto-
ated on Kootenay Riv.r about ten anile* from
gslacs, X��l*o�� Miuinc Division. West
Kooteney Itidrict.
Rt*<*�� a ���msar*
tasted HsptemWr 171 h. Wat,
Csrtinssts sf lmsrs.nmar.ts.
Hit net. in th* Hlocan Mining Pit Lion of
W��at Kootenay Where locat**! In Mr-
ftuigau II..in
Take not.-* thst I. A. S. Parwell. agent for
K. H. Tomlinson. Pre. Miner's C.rtiScat* Xo
JAXih. inten��l eitty dny* Irom -late hereof, to
apply to th* Mining Recorder for ��� <**rtlrV*t*
or Improvements for th* purpose of obtaining
* ("roaii   OraM of the .hove claim
Ami farther tsk�� nolle* th*t actio* nn.ler
H*r* ion J7 Mii.��f Ik> roMDianret Wfnr* the ia-
.nam-e of audi OrtiSc*!* of lmprov.m.nts.
A.M. PsHtrnu..
Imi. olflr.l inblieallou. Jult.  SMh   ISM
Csrtlflssts sf I mpes** ms fits-
KcrvHC is h*r*hy given that ���, ��,,, ,
tion of thirty dny* from <U��* hereof ib* I10l���
signed will applr to the Ueeuos CotamlanW
era of the C4y of Hnndon for s lh*��m* ,������.���'
Honor by retail at his hotel im..*,, ��� ,ht
"Thietl*" sltnnted on Reco Avene* in
rdty of Snndon,
Tn��si Ouins
H*t*dun.ttepteniber AM, i**.
Csrtinssts sf Improvement,
Minittc   Divide* ol
Whcl* l.wst**!    Ot,
Sltaat* la tb* Stor*n
W**t Kootenay Dt.ir.ct
CodyCrweh 1
Tass ***** that I Anbor S Par*����ll sgtmt
far A W MeCatm.No in*;. W i. Hoys, So.
tSSSS, at. V. M**C*a*.N�� matt, an 1 J,m��, (,���!
h.m. So Ipanu. infaii'l. *ui> fay. from eats
h*rs*��f, to applr to the tftatng Rsorosi (<>.��
t.**t.lS***t. of Impro.efoai>t. lor ii>* *">*!*>��.
of obtstning a Crown (tram ef ik* eWvt
And farther take Btntia* thnt ectloa s��4m
soetiem at. mast Is. taaaaasnam i befen ih*
laSaaWsfS of a*eh taSfatsaSSs of Iwt<**..*n>��oi*
tatted thistithd*�� of gsstsuitai its
a.a pss.n'
Certlfleate of laVipreremem*.
tlOOli HAY MINr.HM  ��� I MM
nttnateifl tb.nior.nMlr.ln.1.I**i. rWed
Kootenat   tM.trKt     Who*.   '.- si*d   Os
Pavne Mowntnln
T*naissStfSthat 1 A  M Parwwll . -tne*.
*t**)t for John Roogl.   Pr**> Miner". ihrUS
SSStaWS lllUa. lnt*M��d. stst)  ���>������� ^>n.<iei*
h*r**f. to eppf�� lo th* Mining tWsndw foa *
l'��niSVale of  lmpros.m*M*. f��r O.. ������!>�����
of obtaining a   tTrown Oram   �����*  n���� absw
Andf.rth.rt.be nottre ihsi settee   *r*a*T
sesttlrtn  SJ.   most   be  �����*���.��B*er*"��.I   !*��..~ tb��
U*aamr*��f sarht'.rtitVsta of Impr ��so*
lasted tbt* SMh dar of !*��!*������"��>'�����' ���*���
a I r.swtu
CertMeate ef Improvemeni��.
Hltoate in tb* Sloean   Mining  IHvUion  of
West   Kootenny  [Mstrict.   Wlstre lor.t
tvi:   Joining  the    Ihilulh   claim   In Mi*.
Ouigan Rasln.
Tahenoibe Ihal I, AH Psrweli. arllng ��
agent for W. A. Hwndrya. Pre. Miner's Certificate N<> asm A, nnd K. II. Tomlinson. Pre*
Miner's OrtiSraie No. tSita, inten.l. slaty
dnys from tn* dnt* hereof, lo npplv lo the
Mining Recorder for * Certtfienl* of Im.
prtivements, for tbe pnirpos* of obl��liiing n
Crown Ornnt of tbe abovi. Helm.
And further t��ke not Irs thnt Mellon, nn<ler
mm-I (on ST, must h* romineiu-e.1 Ispfor. the
issuance of snch ('.rtlfteat* of Improvements'
A H. Paswkm.
Ihited this Iflh .lay of Hentmube*. la*
aaaaSel   In   tb*  ��loc*n  aOnin*  ^' ''4
W**t Hoot*a*y 4U*tU* ** her* l^si***
On Payn* Moant��(u
Taan notb** thnt I. A S Fsf.i ��� ���������< '*
agent for John P����*h. P-- Minor ��� I *""^��"
No itiru. Int*n.l. slttv dar. from 4at. ranw
of. to *pply I* ��bn Mining R~ ��**���" ������* " ".
ttne*t**ftmpeov*me*t.. f..f lbs i   <l��� '
<d*t*lning * Otowa tlr*i��i ��' "" ���' ",";
And farther ink. nol b-e the' an       -ajar
���erlion  It. mnat h*  romroa... **l    '*���"����� '
(awsfssf sanbtVrtlncs.eof In-i-������������"'���" '
Dated Ibis snh 4nr of fn**.*.**- ,**
I h p�� | W WJ
si' nm
Csrtlflssts sf ImtweMmntTt*.
Sitnnte tn   the  lUSSa   M.nins   ^\"^J.
W..t K.K.tena�� lM*lrH    ��'"'";"     ^
In the Noble Pl%e allle. I> '���-
Nohl* Pit e group
Tasait.misisaii.i- M "~\j/;:;>r.
���wnlfornyron N   Whiu. r-- "���; ',���,���.
tiac*t*No.4an��A.W.H.  Pm.����"" /n
er*.   Certtarnl.   N��.    !'*�����'     ",',t...   ���....
MKIow*n.Pt*. Miner". CrlW" | u
inl.n.l ��..!.,. fn.m   tbe date h---   (|m.
lo the Mining Recort��.rf��r .   .rtn.��
pr����v.metts for th* above clelm-            ^^
And further take noli, e �������������   '   ' ( ^ .1,*
^tion ��.mn-i  bf nnm��a.����-i    ^
i..lianre of SSSS OSTrtttoatS A '""
Hsl*dlbWMb<lnyof Hep   r
J, It ������*'
��4/.��/Hm. THE PAY8TREAR, 8AND0M. B.C., OCJOWSB s, i��*.
L��nl Minto, our mw Govenivr Gears! will will ('* Cai��ada\ with�� unte.*.*
'J,,!,iii.l >i*1. ��n November 3rd.
jj,,,, Mfrod E A. Evantiirrl, M.I' V ,
cJ^luT ��f the Ontario House. isdsu-
J.r0ii* ill ��'����� innamation of the lungs.
ttonso I.in an. for In yssrs bridfr��-
naster (i lbs <�� fit. and for au years
hate einylor ��. the road, died at bis
h ,ui.- in Urates en Sept istn
\|r Tboiass .lamas, forrnwly s*w��sMir
��� Bra ul ford, died after s pslitful rllu��**.s.
j'. 'j'ii,. home ��d his son,  llr   W.  I) .
jgme*.  Thediweaaen was in tils ttnd j
u-nr I
Tb,, I).itniulon Bridsre Company ha*.|
smro") i'* contract i����r las anneffatrae
lure nhitii la required ro permit the re*
m,Ali\ of the obstruction al the See
Mr lanx" llsrt, es-H.P.P for Prince
|��is:ir! ( ouniy, died at Pielon on Sun
fas last, n^'ed W years.   Mr. Hart was
oni. <>< tbe   >ld Itelorroers of 1��S7 and
irt<��d stj-onglf  the   Baldwin I .a
fontaiite administration.
The International Cr*mmi��sion ha*
rewatned ils siltlugs al ts-tteber I h��-
ancient <apttal I* in irala Sttlrs. A
mad monument was unvt*ii��*d ea
W'ediwsdar, vlnt Inat , in memory A
laaoiplain, who, 2!** year* ago* founded
yuclsx* ,
A Pin.tmrjr man. It. 0. Wehb.wa* in
\\ tod* t. �� nt . .��ne day ihia week, and
there csshed nt one of tht* hanks
al'o ihi*.|tie, boarinj? Ihe forced en
e*r*ttii'iii A Arrh Meftee, editor el the
Record. Mr Webb is uow wanted by
ibe ashes
Th.- oftVinla of the CP.lt al ntootrsal
hare d<*r Hied to re��lu��*elb��* raleautt hay
ated ����fv* it. New \ ork and Bt-astoa, Iti
* - tnir��-i <<��� >'ii Its*, "Jt'lh A S*��{ teioiier
Tim* amount o| the reditttioii will Im*
im. Io tin M rent* \ter 100 pOWttds
or la car.
Tt��.' I ieuleaSMl tiovprttor of tbt
S       \��.t Terrltiriies.   Hon    M    <
<si.-i.-n. who ban been vtaitour hi*.
���"iiiu.s*. >t.i\or Wilson, of Loudon.
< ul. Un- Inst two attdf. Is suRVrtUj*
ln<m an attack of ariilo pneumonia and
!- arc entertained as to hia reeov
Mr 11 ;-h Sutherland, e*-H P.. Win
! i-v * ho ha* been enjraa��*d In mining
in British Columbia for Ihe r*a��t �����-
��car��. *a* in fltlawa this week. Il��
sarithat mi 11 lug* o*teratinn�� ere solas
���icsdily on. nirhotigii there in no boom
��i Sutheilnnd -redid* a areal futun-
mr British Columbia
�� W ! h<*o.j��n..i. of the <>jrMvh�� Mill-
!"ir' ��ni|*nv, Winnipeg, say* thnt r!>��
total t-rrm of wheat In Manitoba for th>
><-��r will I*, nearly doubltt thai of In*'
Var. ni,.| tin. ^rrnl��*M In Ihe history <���
Ihe West Mr Thom|.��4.n thinks "th��
*h'*at rr.j- ���f Manitoba and the North
errttor.OS may eseetil 4o.is*U����'
Th�����">"> -I M. Gibson, Minister of
' r"*�� l^iiuls. waninterviewttd reeentl*
bJ Mr ,\rth���r Whin*, Ton nlrt, dl��iri. I
'Nirhl ntrmt for thi* (J T.H . on the
jaojerf ui n. o inning theft TH ����rso. I
oio* fr..in M,u|,���. {,, Hastinjr...-ii account
" Uie iliscovpries of hematlio ore la Ihe
����.dor dlatriet. This branch line ha*
""Hi into <ii*u<w siiiro the Wallbrtd<re
���ins became exhauated.
A ilrt>A(|fn| storm visited  Montreal,
airiprainii  M)d Hastiiijrs  last  Sunday
Jwaonn.   In Montreal the hailstones
'70 as larg-o ss walnuts and an manv
''" that t!u> Htreets were eovered with
, "\   The wind did a��"eat dsutajre
"'_��� '��� ["wlii'r down shutters, trtwa ami
JJJ^hlnif expoSSd to Its force    The
tr oir"  ll-r!,t '���ervice  and   street car
munc vv.n. interferetl with,   t hit�� of the
H "aapsny s men was kill.-.I hv touching
J "ve wim, while flxirrip aninelh'iif that
�������� Ifoi.e wrun-r with one of the wires
wl('01. DnmvUls, M.P. for Klnjr's. N.H..
1,0 ^h jnm returned from a trip In rlie
��� ukon. states that affairs are ra a de.
plorsble condition at Dawson l itv, ow-
liijf to the rascality of ..UicialH He
Hunks that the Government should at
onee aopolm a n.val comiubslon to
enquire Into the serious charges which
have been uuoie, and power should he
irivfu nai.j r.-mniKsimi to deal with all
csass and see that justice is meted out
to those who have been cheated aud
swindled   The Colonel Intends laying
the full fsctS hefore the HoQSS.
Hon f larke IVsIlses, late controller
of daatoma, in in Qaebec, m delegate
frmu ihef anadian Manufnctiireis Ahso
elation to the liiteroational Commission
now sittinj; Ut^usbec Hi.- inauufac-
turers nre anxhms thai the British eom*
mhsafamen ahmild ande/iitand how
eitoriuou* the manufacturing industries
A this countrv nre In a letter of In
���.trmiioi.-. Mr VVtUlsee i>* advised a*
follows: "The members of this Association and Canadian rhanufactnreri<
gsaerally balieve thai a certain amount
M tariff }o*oteetion i���� vitally essential
in the successful carry Ins on of rl����*ii
respective luduatrles, and bseanse they
realize, iudginx' from tho piwvious
actions of your public life, that you ar.
thoroughly in accord with 'hem in thi.��
belief, they --o confidently confide in
you this delicate sad Important task *'
A To-ronSoViy. narne.1 Will iMdhury,
wa��   killed   iu   thd   rt^-.*nt   battle   td
* iiuduruian. Th.- dseesoed young soid-
it*r, wss the only son of Mr. Win. Old-
hury, who for tnauv year* ban held
the 'position ol ArmWrer Befgesnt at
thftdd Fort. Toronto The young fed-
|.��w wa* handsuiau in llu '.M*t Lancrs
H'hen ir was doclded ma to talks the
hand tn th.* front young oldlmry. who
'V'��hf*<| to   see   ��-live ��t��rvice, besrjred
rh->r be mlfrnt an a* begjer, and his
Colontd aueedntt ro his*renaest ��t i^
shoal six yearssgo thst hetadongedto
Queens I *wt. Rtftea. Toronto, which he
I r1 to _m to England lo enter the regU
tar service
Two hut.ter*. one of whom was Geo
HuntMHfer.an American trapper, and
Ida  ...in-am. ii,   whose  name  is  un
known, went out ls**t  satumu to the
wild countrv north of the C.P 'I track
Thev   travelled  a*, far a* Osoaborg,
where they sol up tttetreaiau Intending
to hunt and   imp  during the   winter
About  Christina*,  lime   they went IS
Dinorwic to pun haw supplies.   Bines
lOSVing there  aS  white man has  seen
litem.   A *r��>o and packsack belonging
to Huntnteiter has been found hy an
Indian on the l.��auks ol a stream nesi
Oaasburg    Foul play ts rmapected, u
settlers ar liinorwic *ay thai the Indian-
it Dlnorwh have threalenetl that Other
hunters, who Intended to go tots this
ttortheru refisnlo hunt, would sever
The skeleton "f three white men wen
found a snOrl time nir<�� under a lixht
iitnerlnjtof soil onfJrimih'shland. near
��*,.n Sound The finding of them
recall- the mysterious di-*a,.j.eHrance ol
four men. who left Crwen Bound In a
Mil i. it nmmd for OtHnoys Bay. rtie
unfortunate men were < aPr. IMg,
n^iniaster Oeorgn Brown, Mr John
Hohinson.froni the southern Mates ami
?hailea Kennedy, a sailor. Nunc days
isterlhehoal waa found on the mam
hud beach and nioiijPjideof it waathe
Kh A Kennedy The other \��Au*
eouiduotbetound. *^**&*
thai the skeletons are the wngjoaX re
��������� '**--ta?��^ast
TKKltmiK   WIM>   SIOKM.
several   V'.,a.c.   nTim.srlo   r��nm*,.*��l
and M*n> tlvc* lo��*.
^.^..rhfr.m.Nixara  Falls. On ..
��  Taemostapi^��n*Tttormin^e
m;���;rv  of  Niagara  poninsula passed
M.,Hf,-in  of land between lakes
A despal
a'lel with the Wetland canal, cutting a
swath 800 teet wide through the peninsula and cutting off a oortinn of it, went
almost at right angels  with  the main
path of the cyclone and took in Ton-
awanda   It struck Menit.m, Grantham
andM Catharine's, Ont., the hardest
At an early hour this morning the Hamper Of  lives  lost is  estimated  at six-
however, at least six more are fatally
injured.    Ihe death lint mav reach 15
_-*__** aH known the dead are:   Ina
Moffait,   11   years,   Me-rrittou;  Clara
O Neilt. 27 years of age, Merriton: Mrs.
John liu kicy, Merriton;  Aiken, a
young ifirl, kille.1 at Grantham*	
Aiken, her sister, a young woman, at
Stamford. Fatallv injured: Kennis
Nestcr, Mary Welch, James McCaithv,
Mary O'Neill, Itohert Barclay, all crush*
ed hy the (all of the Lincoln mill
Among the seriousiv injured: H. J.
Boyle, Merriton: James Hurry, Merriton; a>. B. Jenkins, Grantham. Besides
there are a score of children who were
hurt by the fall of the school house at
Merriton A baby named Post was also
seriously injured. Others injured: Mrs
Augusta tinman, Mrs Charles Peters,
Mrs Henry Peters and baby, Emma
Bberle, Mrs Emms* Lyons, George
F"0*t, Mrs. Fred Kuse. Carrie Post and
Charies Arense.
Talk happiness.   The world ia sad enough
Without your woes.   No path is wholly rough ;
Lx.b for the places that are smooth and clear,
A ud 8|��eak to those to rest the weary ear
Hi earth,*, hurl by one continuous strain
Of human discontent and grief and fain.
Talk faith.   Tlie world is better off without
Vour uttered iirimraHce md morbid dou>;t.
If yon have faith in Ood, or man. or self.
Say su ; if not, push back upon Ihe shelf
Or aSBnee all vour thoughts till faith shall come;
Xo one will grieve beeause, your Hps are dumb.
Talk li.alth.   The dreary never-chsnging tale
of mortal maladies is worn and stale.
You eantiot harm, or Interest, or please.
By harping on that min.ir cud, disease.
Say you arc wait, or all to well with you.
Ami Ood shall h.'ar your word* sua make them
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
The fact thnt the United States Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided,
in the case ot a "crooked vein," that if
the apex of a vein or part of it crosses
the end line A a claim and then passes
out through a side line, but curves back
ajrain into the claim and crosses its
other end line, thus giving the owners
of the claim no right to any part of the
apex which is outside of their lines,
m-ikes the Arizona Republican think
that it was possibly with a view to
j avoiding the consequences of such a
decision that a prospector pasted on a
At the recent meeting of the Lone
Star and Blue Orouse Mining Compauv
the  following   officers   were   elected:
President, James 1). Sword; viet-presi- ��� <*ei',s'on "���,it a l>ro��pecior pastett on a
dent. John S.t lute, jr.: directors, Bvron i round l:nln,nev ?* W_t�� * location
N. White. James Cooper and the above 1 R*^r. -Jv,n", no.t,cef rhat ,hef c,a,���?d
nsmttd Officers. ! 'th,s 1<>df ��\ 'ead.of qaartz for a dis-
; tance of LJ500 feet in a wobbling direc-
'       ,                          ,          .,           j tion from this notice."
Tlie largest room  in the world under  !	
one roof and unbroken by pillars is at |    The only two animals whose brains
St. Petersburg. It i�� 680 feet long by 120 ; are heavier than that of man are the
feet in breadth. whale and the elephant.
ass      QUILTS
ltaj*er. 0ER/1AN SOX
lJoots anr. Shoes, and all necessaries for comfort during
cold weather can be had at the���
PoStofflCe Store, Sandon.
Farm Produce, Fruits,
and Vegetables.
Okanagan Lake.
For the convenience of the trade a stock is always kept on hand in the
Jelland Building, SANDON, Mines supplied at wholesale rates. Csra
loaded with Produce, Fruits and Vegetables are run into the Slocan every
TEN DAYS, and orders can bo delivered en route.
The NewmarketHotel,
Provides ample nnd pleasant accommodation for the traveling public
telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
STEC.E k AVISON,  ���      Proprietors. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 3, 1808.
Is Issued ererr Saturday in Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal eajnp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     few a year
Strictly In advance.
Address: Ths Pavkvhkak, Sandon, B.C.
8ANDON. B. C, OCTOBER 8, 18118
The U. S. Government is feeding
the hundreds of destitute men who
ventured too far into the Copper River
country in the wild hunt for gold.
Many thousands have learned, and
are learning, since the ravages of the
gold craze began, that common sense
is a commodity more to be sought
after even than gold. It is a sadly
positive fact that many human beings
are as destitute of one as the other.
Speaking of tombstone epitaphr. we
are reminded of one S3en in an old
cemetery some years ago. The
grave waa situated in a shady corner
and the headstone was moss covered
and water-streaked by the storms ot
many winters, all of which added
solemnity to tbe wording of the epitaph. It ran: "Sacred to the memory of Richard Roe. Erected by hia
wife. He waa a printer���pray for
New York is a city of fads and
pads. Tbe newest fsd is in the photograph line. The fancy originated
in Cairo, Egypt, and was brought to
New York by one of the society belles.
It is to have your picture token while
in a mummy ease. Tbe subject steps
into the case, the lid is then closed,
leaving an opening just lsrge enough
for the lace. Our local photographer
disclaims any idea of laying in a
stock of mummy cases.
Despatches from Buffalo, N. Y.,
tell of a novel suit for damages that
has been taken into court. Two
women quarreled. One accused the
other oi wearing pads, and the other
claims to have been slandered to the
tune of $101000. One tact is demons-rated by the action brought, and
that is, that while pads may have
been promiscuously worn by tho
accused there is one point on her
anatomy that does not need boosting.
The nerve centre Is well developed.
Fast and surely the United States
is becoming a land of monopoly.
There Js the lead trust, iron trust,
transportation trust; the coal trust,
licht trust, machine trust; the oil
trust, sugar trust, money trust; the
whiskey trust, beer trust, paper trust;
the lumber trust, wire trust,glass trust
���and now follows the floor trust. All
the big flour mills of the country are
belnn bought up. If the weather
clerk would join hands with these
tremendous powers of evil they
would have the immortal cinch on
our much abuse cousins.
The Ancient Order of Forresters of
America  and it officers arc being
sued by Hugo Heidom of Tacoma,
Waah., for damages in the snm of
$15,000 for injuries alleged to have
been inflicted upon him whilst being
initiated intu the order. He claims
that he waa treated to an electrical
current so strong as to paralyze him
and produce lasting injuries. Such
complaints are beoomrng of frequent
occurrence. While the initiatory
work of most secret orders is elevating
and tending to build up and strengthen the moral fiber of man. there is
so much nonsense drawn into the
ceremony tint the good effect is lost
in the superabundance of boy's play.
Speaking of the proposed $500
duty on Chinamen that British
Columbia would impose, the Toronto
Telegram says: "In the east the al
mondeyed celestials sre looked on
more or less as curiosities. They
run laundries, and are carefully
looked after by people with missionary instincts. In the west it isdiff
erent The celestial has crowded
himself into various branches of work,
till he has become a positive menace
to white labor. He Is a keen competitor In the labor race, his ability
to subsist on anything or nothing
giving bis white opponent a heavy
handicap. In tbe cities of British
Columbia are the Chinese quarters
where thousands of them, crowded
together tn filth, breed pestilence or
serve aa a roosting spot for any disease that may be passing. The proposition to put a $500 duty on esch
Chinaman entering the country
comes from these cities. It comes
from the people who know the China
men best''	
The law governing the issuance of
expired miner's certificates so as to
date from the day of expiration is ma
so well understood as it ought to be.
Under the old law if one's miner's
certificate expired for a single dsy,
all title to uncrown granted claims
lapsed, and the only thing for the
prospector to do was to get a new
license and relocate such ground aa
waa open to location. The statutes
psssed last winter changed this snd
mm if one's license inadvertently expires relief is possible. All that Is
necessary is to prat in the office of the
mining recorder notice of intentlor. to
adjust the matter, and at the same
time to lorward to the minister of
minea a statement of the facts in the
case, accompanied by a fee of $5
The minister of mines thereupon
issues a new certificate dited hack
to the time thst the first certificate
expired. If, between the time that
the first certificate expired and the
time that notice of intention to apply,
for relief U posted, any of the applicants property has been relocated,
no remedy is possible. On the other
hand, relocations of the applicant's
ground made by oiier people after
he haa posted his notice of Intent to
apply for relief, are not valid.
Another part of the law that is
little understood is Section 24 ss
amended. This provides that If the
assessment work is done on a claim
within the year and the work is not
recorded during such period because
of oversight or otherwise, the holders
of sach property shall be allowed a
further extension of 80 days In which
to record the work, provided a fee ot
$10 is paid. This ��>day extension
la not allowed tn which to do the
work, as some suppose, but simply to
record, and the work mn-t be done
within the year a* provided in the
section before amended.
rtrasY fruiHoa.
Tom Dildal���When Jack Haggard gol
off the train this afternoon, Clara Hweet-
man went right up and Junaed hint be*
fore evtsrytaidy. Vkm't you think she
was bold?
Fanny aTsidSJS tlldofil 1 do. t
should think she would baVS waited
until she got him in a nice seeloded *�������<
like this
Ikrrtor���Tronbbil with insomnia. S)Sa ?
Eat something before going to i***|.
l'nrieut���Why. doator, you oo��e r����td
me, iM-ver to eat anything beb'te going
to bed.
Doctor (with dignity�����That ma* Lou,
was sway baek in l��**s. Hciem* baa
made great strides since then.
"Here's always bound to he kiekern."
eiclaimed Meandering Mike, "bid ton
ever know a time wbende people agrees
unanimously dat dey had tlte right man
iu de right placef" "
"<ln'y once," replied llodding Pefe.
"I was bets' pui into dw Jail on d��* ocean-
That's a mean advantage to take of a
What ?
Why, this paper says that when Ihey
were married be wan lying helpless on
hi* conch,
A somewhat pathetic letter crimes f'run
an old colored citicen.    It an as follow* !
"He run has done beat dans my rot-
ton, an* wont er my co*n is done mint.
My son win a sojer in de war wld de
Spaniels. He lost iwo leg* in It |K>
you reckon de guv'ment wd| gits him 13
a leg fer 'urn ?"
A   PUN It?   IN   THK   WOODS.
I tne atarninr* pa g>.��\ up an *��M
It looked right pimaattt ���**.-,ii. ���.t
An* UtvU> fc���� I lir<irJ ,���., say.,
"This Is a iwsjlar pii-nTr <U\."
An" pa says '">���<���*. wrM IsHtrr i*->
Out Bkwn>a_iHNWiMNi l��> Ti*-���..��!���..,.
Au'.i*H.dUl<< ���)��.��. I STIHMM. doil't v��r
An*aw w*dni  sn'tnk>,tuu.
Ws took nmne Inner. *���<*����� t ���������� **,
W<* ju��* iIW ha*�� tr* iiirrs* dsy
t-.sa ***** tanrd sl*mn, 1 gmm.
An' tan gut Jrtly <** r*rr ��Jr> ���** -.
An* pa b* totad. aa* I Ml in
Au go* mi ranitr* net tu ths ��stn ���
An' aita fesufced rnsn sod said tint 1
Mus sS nut In in* ana b> dry.
An's* 1did,*n" ��*id��. ton,
An*tn*fnla I'd<*nb c -mi.*t��- ��i��.��
A��" pa h* r*ns*ttnl and Ita-n s* *. m*-
<*| a*s*r saw * m*n like |<* *
An' pa Jaaat Sstwd, *n' in* ��.w stsysd
My klta.an' mm an' ��*Mo j>u����*t,
Au' l��y and t���� I l-����a*��l an* as*
I** baa b��a oinrr *rra "tmwt nta.
An' amy tot*g tn ta* nbrm��*m
Ms **��*, - Wa- arias* tt* ��**��' ���***��.
1 (kink we a tatter ��*rt. d s>1 }u V
An's>st daf. an* ffHa*. ���*��>
An* *���*#** t ��*lt*H| ����* eonld m* . ���
An**ttsf* li*m ����� Vernal**,
an* ***! **a *������*�� **r.i*�� ����* uvn
Sm��** day Sara *�����' t* ��*> oaS as*l��.
���   B  I*  IS *'-"��  Vari tlerstd
Ths City tittl���WUal are those queer
red things.
Tbe Knruter - Toinai.**.
Tbe CHy (iirl��� Why de >o�� try to fool
oie; don'l you think   I know that
toe* omi�� in caras?
Wayworn Wataea-**-Ih*y **v
rerMakstneg��n"�� gmas vm t,?.t
<i*l a graft f
iVrry Pater rie���lawn the tree* have to
be clim****! ?
(V��ron��*r ��� I artended n cartl parly tbe
other night, Tbe man on my rigbi h<*ld
four are* ami a king. The man ����>. mv
let! ttehl IVwir king* nod an *c����
tender inker���What dbl y����t hold
(.Wooer -I held tbe impieai,
Yonkern Hmtenmntt: Hill I ��� v��mi
rssstaKant tbat inllow wmimg �� ixs-m
on ,i %Tn) bill.
Jill���No; tbnedit'ir k��pt ir. *d c��
N����; be i**io*ne��t it,
W|mii! an .oltlfw retonwl a f.v��
Yen; he didn't know what jl wa*
Kagnby���W'ot! me work?   Ms-Urn. t
may hev nothin* else tn de world,
sliti hev me honor left.
Mr*. t>ntley~-|ii, Rsnbsn,  bring rhe
gun.    Ilyar'a a J*panyaH.
It ia reported there ar��* more than * ���
fever esse* in atwl at*>ut Brookl. n
Dealer h\ MEATS
���: AT:
HLOCAN   <l',v
Nwi. MACnoKAin
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietor.
Uatea tl.fiO to 12.50 |��er day.	
Headquarters for MlnlnK Speculators and Capltalirds.
Reco Ave.. - - Sandon. I*c THE PAYSTUKAK, SANDON, B.C.
OCTQBEB 8, 1898.
n   .|*l��   AtHlUT   THE  aWKAJt.
Tito Mollis Hug-hen will IAj worked
(l,i, mil and wtster.
Before snow flies It ts reported IO men
will be employed on tbe Bo*.in
The Anglo-Saxon group, on the Mo*
wiHi slide, in deve.opf.ijr nicely
S, ii iv all of the properties on Four
M,!r will or have Increased their forees
I hiring' September the Bosun shipped
h�� tous irom New Denver to Aurora, III
I .,mirie* about the MoIHe Hughes are
being made by vnrioun milling men.
Fnir men are employed on the
Ki hp*e. and the showing is improving
with work
Substantial winter quarter* are to tie
erected on We California. Work will
begin at once,
Hill Bros will supply 11*0,000 feet ol
luiulM-r for the ^oneentrslor which will
be built at the tomato* k this (all
Fifteen men sre etnptoved  on Ihe
M    ,����� 'Jtlnton, the big Kokanes creek
��� -rty
fire will  be shipped  thia
t<��uadorable work will is* done en
ihe March Itird grown tbt* Inil Thi*
pn.jw-rtv adHaathe afollle Hughe* to
�� uthnaat
The Karl of Ava, a non of l^ord Dal
f.rnt, im��k a took al tbe Kuterpri**' <m
Monday.   He left tbe Slocan lor ito**���
land on Tuesday
In Sejdember the Alamo shipped 210
Ion* since July l��t the Alamo has
*dnpt*d l*)tour. the Idaho, *���� tons;
ihe < imiWrlsrid. 5�� ion*.
���   B. Taylor reports a foot  of  sdkl
is <��n ins Butte. Ten Mile, and pre-
> fo   lid* properly a gnat future    tl
uie*! aUtui lo to ilea  from tbe lake
.   MS
^     "n Imm r*ri*nnli-�� taken   frwm
Ihe Summit letlge, gtasW1 the Noble Rft��.
gsv*   2��*1 oas.  Silver  lo the  Ion.    The
i raw  taken  frvtm  Ibia ledge goe*
**> oss, silver and ��S per cent, lead.
^..-ti inches of clean ore came into
the lace of lite tunnel on ths Mowfch,
Tuesday. The tunnel is below the
�� aggon road Thin elsba Is owned bv
' A Finch, Neil Getbing and t on
i o-iilmg.
A chute of ore rich inarev enppef hn��
t*een traeet. for nearly *jl�� feel on the
( nvnntlsn snd llerrfmac claim*, on
Silver mountain. The Merritnac I*
owned bv Nac Tucker and tieo. l*mg,
ami :he(oi,veniion by A Behue and A
I   lauquier.
Saw IVnver mining properties arc
hi'Ving belter with e*erv strnke nf the
steel that {* put n�� them AH that wa*
ever needed to bring this section into
I * uunence wss work, and close niton
lion i* now being jfiren to thi* import
�����t producwr of wealth.
About three yearn ago(��eorge Long
and N��t* Tucker discovered a lead on
[he Marion, Last week thev sold the
" ud mil m ion to | wo of tho owner**, Mc-
[J'tiea nnd Marino, for tiflo. Wlien the
Marion i* oimned up it will no doubt
prove to be s valuable property.
About 150 feet of tunnel will bed riven
on the Lost Trgar this slater The
pM|��erty is on Silvor mountain and i��
nwiud by H Clever. In digging a
l>i,t(.. for ihe cabin a new lead wns uncovered, which is not surprising as tho
ow��erof the claim Is one of the most
���'���rttinatsj men in the district. ���
���'ho Congo grotto, on Red mountain,
*""itheast of New Denver, is Improving;
jfi-catly with work. Hero Is where the
k'roat gohl strike waa made some weeks
M-" The ledge has widened with
Wa and the ore body la improving.
" ��orri��*a principally copper and gold
J pities returning to New Denver from
j"*1 prnriertw. who are lu a position to
,, *Y< Mate that It verv much resembles
�������' rii heat ore 0f the Rossland camp.
Mr and Mrs Wm Glynn will spend
the winter in Honolulu *
Mr Brljrgs, of Silverton, will leave
this week Tor California, where be owns
at orange i-ru**-
Geo. Ay lard is adding a small addi
tion to his home, for cellar and lauudrv
a�� rommodatiou*.
The family of the superintendent of
lh�� Queen lien* mine will take up their
abode in New Denver They will move
down next week.
Berber! Tsstslinsori will I** joined by
hi** site in a few days, who comes direct
from Knrland They will occupy the
Bourne house. Seventh street.
Andrew Wallace wille enmenee work
ou tin* renovation <��f his store building,
Sixth st ret, next weak. It will proh-
atde be occupied by Glee. Crawford, tbe
Harry f'yrnan will leave next week
for Los Angeles, Cat, to regain hi*,
health. It is Ihe sincere hope of his
friends here that ihe change will be
beneficial in the extreme.
James Mc'ntosh aud Ague* Barclay.
both of Silverton,  were united in mar
riage on   Monday   morning   by  R -v
I Well    The happy  couple are sjMMid-
iug their honeymoon tu Spokane
Now that the cold weather is setting
in there is an Incresasd demand for
small bouses There are none vacant
in New Denver and very few in Silver-
ton Many of the men emphyed on
Four Mile" mine* have hroughi their
families to SUverton this fall
TUe work .d finishing rbe opera honse
is Mug: rapidly pushed It is a slrong
limit structure and will Bake as hand
some a theatre, on the Interior, a*, there
is in K<H'teii*y The coiling Is very
high and there are none of those awk-
���rani corners that obstruct vibration
and make -peaking so difficult.
About 2,00) feet from the Molly Mack,
Surprise creek, is situated the J AHA
property, on which a great showing has
been developed. The lead is eight feet
wide and the ore assays 55 per cent,
copper, 40 ozs. silver and a trace of gold
Speaking of the purchase of the Ethel
{.'roup, Trout  Lake district, of which
mention was made, last week, a Vancouver paper says:   "Another mining'
deal* partly put through in Vancouver,
was cosumated to-day    J    M. Robinson, president of theCanadian-American Gold Mining Company, of Fairview
and owners of the townsite of Peach-
land,   R. C.,    with    head   offices   in
Vancouver,   ie  also  manager  of  the
Commonwealth group of claims in the
Trout Lake  district,  near  the Silver
Cup, which latter mine is owned in this
city.   Negotiations have for some time
been going on for the acquiring bv the
Commonwealth Company of tbe Ethel,
a prominent group of properties near
by and which could be developed with
ease in accordance with the work that
is Brains on   on   the  Commonwealth
The Ethel has been shipping for some
time aud. though the charges for transportation are very high in that vicinity,
the net proceeds of the shipments have
been over $10 to the ton."
One to be   Errrted  at Say ward,  on tbe
Columbia  RlTer.
Quire a few of our people wilt attend
the Spokane fruit fair
Whitewater hel|��ed to swell rhe ma
j ��nty for the enactment of a prohibitory
law    The vote wan small bul decisive
Tbe Whitewater Deep gives employ-
menr to a large force of men who are
steadily at Week, Much ore has been
shipped lately.
The Charleston, on which 12 men are
at work, ami a large number of other
properties close al hand are steadifv
goiojf un with development work
The Whitewater concentrator should
be in operation bv the last oi the  present month.    No ore has been shipped ______________________________
h��r some time, but   there  is a large J riving there, it is said, they hid their
Plans are in process of formation for
the construction of another large smelter
in this district, and the indications are
that work on tiie construction will be
commenced before winter sets in.   The
works will iu all probability be located
at Savward, on the Columbia river,
near the international boundary, says
the Iios>laud Miner.
At present it cannot be stated positively whoare at the back of the scheme,
but taste are fairlv good grounds for
the belief that friends of the Great
Northern railway are promoting it
The final indication that a smelter
would be built at Savward was revealed
last Saturday, when James Breen, manager, and H. C. Bellinger, superinrend
ant < f tlu* Northnort smelter, made a
erwful.survey of the country in that
vi nity On the morning of that��� day
Messes Breen and Bellinger arrived at
Waneta OS the early train from North-
port, and si*curint.' a boat proceeded to
Fort Slieppard Their investigation was
evidently without satisfactory results
for they shortly afterwards returned to
Waneta, and, engag-ing horses, posted
off to Savward. a few milesdistanr.!  Ar-H
I five, when the pangs of hunger drove
us to desperation, we shot a horse and
lived on horse flesh, and uo meat ever
tasted nicer. In one place for five miles
I counted 100 dead horses, and Indians
told of men who had laid down and
died, starved to death rather than eat
the halt famished beasts of burden who
had helpe*'. them patiently to wallow
wearily through mud and mire until
death was longed for as a release from
their trials. In one case we passed
through a forest of soggy moss, with
not a vestige of underbrush. We had
no feed and tied the horses to trees,
where they choked down great wsds of
moss aud dirt and small tree branches.
"The do miles of moss was the scene
of a thousand horrors. Coming out of
the soggy forest, we struck poison
plains, so named on account of devil
weed covering the ground. The stench
is awful, for horses lie heaped in hundreds, who have died fr >m eating the
poisonous vegetable here growing in
rank profusion. The weed contains a
thorn which sticks in the horses'
stomachs and kills them.
"Further on we arrived st quicksands with dense iorests on each side
that we could not penetrate Then
there wore quagmires with hones in
rows dead with the packs still on their
backs.   It is the solemn truth that our
Karty of 20 led our horses over the
acks of the poor buried brutes. Beyond- this we came to a tree on which
was blazed: 'Eat here and turn back ;
just beyond is the slough of despond.'
For two awful, weary miles we trudged
wearily ou. our horses actually at
times up to their backs in mud, with
their noses stuck in the awful omnipresent ooze. One after the other we
dragged them out and put a bullet
through their beads To make matters
worse", it rained for 10 days and nights.
Along the road were strewn hardware,
blankets, rifles, cartridges���every conceivable part of a Klondiker's outfit
thrown aside by heart-broken, half-distracted wayfarers.
WANTED.���A First-CIaes pant and
vest maker, at once. H. J. Roble, The
Tailor, New Denver.
If you are-
Call at the
evening. < K't 2nd. It is strange thnt so
many eastern Canadians, who were at
home smh althful churchgoers, should
in thW western province very seldom
think ot attending the services of the
different church   representatives   who
come here 	
raoirr   LAKE.
Tlie Coinage - showingupagood body
of ore
Work on the school house ia about
Napoleon Wells is about le give a
bond on the Black Diamood and Big
Five, properties of great promise situated near '1 rout LakeCltj
Tenders sre called for for the erection of ore sheds, bunk house, etc , on the
Fthel. Active operations are soon to
commence 00 this promising property.
Messrs. .lohnato" ami JtcCord have a
fine showing on the l.X.b.. Eight Mils
,n���.k. A tunnel of nine feet shows ...��
from M to 28 inches of line galena, and
0n&sf0tJtwi.llan8.inch streak of ear
ths magnificent water pow
creek was candidly prospected. Ifeasn
Breen and Bellinger fhen dispatched
the horses to Waneta and made their
way across the Columbia and thence to
Kossland, where Mr. Breen had a conference with C. Shields and J. D. Far-
rell, officials of the Red Mountain
railway, the ownership of which has
lately been transferred to the Great
Northern Railway company.
Tlie Fat* of Hundreds That Have Saerl-
rlod Their Lives for Gold.
Almost daily steamers are arriving At
Victoria and the sound cities laden with
hundreds of heartsick passengers, returning from the Klondike. Their tales
of suffering are sad, indeed. One of the
late arrivals tells of his party'strip over
tho Ashcroft trail.
"For 10 days," ho said, "we lived on
a few ounces of porridge daily, and for
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Is the Pioneer House of the City
 Manufaturers of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsapariila, Etc, Etc
Seuadoxi, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
:'   '!.?
BSi 6
The following is a complete list of the
wining transactions recorded curing the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve- were
as follows :���
Seit tl-Protection, Three forks. Oeo Petty.
Kitcheuer Fraetloiial. Sandon, P J Hiekejr.
Sliver Pick Fraction,  Alamo Concentrator,
Tolinrold Pracdon,Twtn Lake MounUln ^��roe.
Skpt tS-Carnpore Fractional, Psyne mountain, Erneet Harrop.
Golden Wonder, Codf, J M w inter.
Oct 1-Twilight, Galena Faun, Charles Mc-
Slocan Yet, Granite creek, Wm Anderson.
Oct S-Bomola, Four Mile. Edward St*����rt.
Zoroaater, aame, Chas S Undid ill.
Vancouver, same, A E Fauquier.
Royal Arthur, aouth fork Carpenter, Arthur
Ocr 4-Day Dawn, Carpenter, P A H*Kt*rg.
Sarr tt���Egypt.
Sept as-Daybreak, Hertiert. Medium.
SsFTtS-Llttle Kinsr.Tnotliplfk Fr.ieOon.Night
Owl, Drum Lnmmon, Dauntless. Constant.
Ocrl-Iron Maak, Sultena, BalUmore Fraction. Northern Belle.
Oct a-Iron Monnttln. Major Fraction. Charlotte, Franklin Fraction, IC Ptermisan.
CBKTtriCATB Of mi*no\TOI��*T8
-   Sbct ��  Convention Fraction.
Swrtt-Ruudoii, St Clair. Henry Brow* to
John E Manaire, Sept S3. *fl25.        *     _
Good Hope h ��*oCJar* to H H Pitta,Sept lrt.
Sept ��-Thursday FraeUon !, L W Parklaon
to Payne Mining Co., Set* ST. ��,' m.
Hood Fraction. E H Thonilius >n to F Farrel,
Sept tt.
Sarr ��-Mouut Royal, E O Warren; Ewr-
creen. M J Eraser; MeullitTrou*. C C Pointz:
Annie. J Hendrlx. M P McNeill. BMc-x-an,
Cbria Krueger.
Skpt tt���Wingham, Wm Anderson -, Black
Bear, Geo Carney.
Sept IS���Paul, F PanUon; Sunshine* First
Chauce. T H waring; Montana. L Johnson;
Midday FraeUon. C 0 Wee*; Columbia, A
Sept 14- R E Adams, W J Adams; Otie Knot.
F TosTii*e*d: Ivigtut. L Christenson; Cryolite. 1
Sept SS���Basin Fraction, J D Moore; Flora, W
S Murphy, John M�� Half.
Sspt -n-Lady of the Lake, H Cody.
SEPT Xl���Gem, Vigilant, Crown for Shears.
SETT SS���Ksalu. Glory, H'-ro^rrrteri. Ir*>n
King, Monte Christo. Kitty Burk, Kaalo Peak,
Sett ss-Zephyr, CorVwoe, Alto, Grant. General for S year*, Granite, Aims- for 4 years. Olaun.
Harrison. Canadian Boy. Mormon.
Sept *4��� Paragon, Criterion .Soowt-ape.G.irnel.
Sept It���First Choice '. M L Martin to C H
Belwood, G Martin to aame.
Agnes Fraction l.ML Martin to same.
Monte Carlo, International. Fr .cti ��u Frrctloii.
North Slot*, N 8 Fraction. Hnath Slope. Cairi-
hou, EveningStar, Korthern Litht \, A Johnson
to CF Caldwell.
Sept it-Dead Medicine \, Oswald Stein to F
Knott, tfft,
Sept Kt-E!la M*y .Wandering Goat i, H Nlten
gale to W J Adams
Bridget McCne appoint* Pat McCuc her agent
to condoet aale of the Utica, Alio? snd Andrew-
8EPTl7-CBTrye*h, J.dtit I/��ve and T A H
Kelliler appoint J H Love agent to Crmrn grant
Certiflcate >4 satisfaction (.old Commissioner n
work ou President.
Art-ointnodation   *t   New   Westminster
Parties attend ing the New Westminster
Exhibition if unable to get accommodation at New Westminster can do so with
little difficulty in Vancouver.
In order to facilitate the movement to
snd from the Exhiiiition Uie Canadian
Pacific Kail way will run seven fast trains
in each direction between Vancouver
snd New Westminster, the run to occupy
less than one hour in each direction,
with a 50-cent. fare for the round trip,
this rate being available from Vancouver, and from New Westminster.
A carrier pbreon service was established bv the Turks AD. 5 >7.
A   SON   Or   FOWTtTNK.
Shortly before the steamer Amur
sailed southward one of tho Klondike
millionaires reached Skagway. The
new-comer was a Pole named M. W.
Danijlovich, and he is said to own wine
very good mines ou Bonanxsaud Eldorado, and says he has 38 men at work
tor him. paying his men $10 per day
He is a young man, only 27 years old.
and landed in Alaska six years ago
penniless; now he has no idea of how
much he is worth. He owns a flue
house in San Diego, which he bought
two years ago. paying #25,000 therefor,
that is now occupied by his aged father
aud mother who came from Poland to
share their son's prosperity. The story
he tells of his experience reads more like
a tale from the Arabian Knights than a
nineteenth century possibility.
Six years ago in Poland the young
man grew restless for new scene*, and
finding a man who was coming across
the country iu a dog team he induced
him to permit him to accompany him
The man and the bo? crossed Sitieria in
the dog team, landing finally on the
shores of Behring sea, the trip occupying about four moo tin). They made
their way across Behring straits iu a
native Esquimaux boat and travelled
down the coast until they tame to the
Yukon river. Here Danijlovich poled np
the river until he reached Obese City,
which he made his headquarters When
he arrived there he had only a few cents
in coin and a handful of beans aud a
little bacon. He was on the point of
despair when an old miner gave him a
sack of flour. In a short time he found
work, and since then his experiences in
and about the new gold fields has been
a marvellous one from a money making
point of view. He was among tbe first
to rush to the new gold fields of the
Klondike, and secured some very fine
properties. Two years ago he came our
of the country with about *"*>.<�� *>, with
his holdings not even properly o'icned
up. Last year he paid the Canadian
government in royalties 8i"��,<����i go that
he must have taken out about fib >,U0u
in gold.
Twovearsago Danijlovich sent for
his old father and mother and told rhem
to come to America. He sent them |0tai
to pay their fare to San Francisco
When the old couple arrived loCsH-
fornia they were taken to San Diego
snd found there u home for which their
son had paid $.'*>.U00, and which WSS
being cared for hy a competent corp*
of servants It would probable be an
impossible rask to truthfully describe
tbe eonfiirtinir emotions of the old couple
at hnilin/ themselves thus suddenly
surrounded by such princetv evidence*!
of wealth.
"I have had six years of experience
in Alaska nnd now' I think I have had
enough." said the young man at skay
way. "I will remain inside this winter
and work my claims and then I will sell
and occupy the rest of mv davs in
leisure nnd following the bent of mv inclinations "
Danijlovich���and he pronounces his
name ns thoutrh it were spelled "Dan
eills'���had his eye-teeth cut in Alaska
among the old miners long before be
came out from tbe interior. Althnutrh
he arrived al Circle Citv a greet! Polish
boy just from the fields of a Russian
.arm. he was not lorn/ iu loarn'ng the
American ways and American manners.'
When he came out with his first big
batch of yrold he was very cautious and
careful of hfs conduct and was not nm
hinted, except once and then he was in
Portland while on hia way to San Francisco He and his companion were held
up by footpads, but they put Up a fight
and footpads and victims were arrested
The footpads were sent to the penitentiary and after that the Klondiker was
more cautious than ever
"When I was in San  Francisco that
time after my experience in Portland."
said Danijlovich. "I saw an old man in
��� a hotel.   I know I had seen him before
and finally 1 remembered who he was.
I walked up to him and asked him:
"Do vou know me?"
**\o   bo said.
"Dont vou remember a boy you gave
a sack of Hour to at Circle City, Alaska,
several years ago? ....
** Then he remembered and we had a
long talk The old man was not In
verv good circumstances and 1 wrote
him out a check for $**��, but he would
not take it"
a cAVKttK or aoi.it.
The full fruition of the hopes of Christopher Columbus when he wents *eking
lor the mythical mountain of (..olden
Ciobo among the hills of Cuba and
Puerto itito, in Ut*S. seems lo have
been realized by a part* of Seattle men
in this year ot grace It***. A tall, lank
Swede, named Anderson, baa discover
ed a mountain cave which appears to
be filled with golden lrea>uru A party
t��f Seattle men, ��*�� iu number, are now,
scooping it up with shovels aud nendiu^r
the rich ore out to the smeller.
Bereft of all rom.tme.tho Hud i*quite
a wonder. On a rnoiininiu side in the
v Sscade range and not far from the
(.real Northern railway track ha* bsan
found a natural cave. TO fee! deep and
having an arched overhanging wall +>��
feet from the How of thec��wro Hick
in the tnnerm st uertfss ��.t tints, flees i*
a dOLOmnoaod Isdga of rich gdd ore,
j:$ fast wide, ll is | ��� rolleo that il CSM
lv* crumbled iu a mortar ;*nd the g'dd
washed out Seventv 'aanttva have
abends been made and the leant showing so far is |W lo the tou and up to
���Ji ��� i
The cave is one of the natural w<m
der* of the Cascade* and what is somewhat strange is the fact that it i* si
dry an a powder house without any calcine or *4ahuiiic furawttotss whUhare
so ntien characteristics A deep caverns
The mouth ot Cie eaiern ��* sbcnjl a
mile up the mountainside (rout the l nine,
the angle of the in uiutain side beiru
near 4T�� degrees A WOOdes tram ha��
already been built down the mountain
side and a roadway built nut to tin* rail
road Twenty five horses are tretii^
gnlhered here to-day to fake our to the
mountain to be used for transport ing thi*
ore to the rnilr.md The first ton ��d ihe
ore will reach tbe smelter at Kveretl or
I aroma next week.
Tbfl men iu posmssaion of the cavern
arc naturally much elated and are **ay
ing very little.   They confidently ex*
pea their first ton ol ore to yield 'them
fcwo. __	
K. Mahon, of the firm of Matron, Me
r'ariand k   Mahon. has just returned
from a visit to the interior. In particular
the Slocan, says the Vancouver World,
To a reporter he said:   "I  visited the
Vancouver group, on  Four Mile creek,
aud from there  we expect  to ship n
good deal of ore this winter    Last year
we shipped H*�� tons, which netted us
*to,'��>��Hruiu   the  smeller, and the re
turns of flu* la��l carload were iiH �����/.*
iu silver   to  the ton   aud   ��.*i per cent
lead    From the Wakciield mine, also
on Four Mile. reek,  we expect lo ship
1,000 tons   this winter    Development
work is now turning out very satisfactorily
"D H Dawson, of Vancouver, in now
developing two i laims, the Essex aud
tho Kdinhurg He has six Inches A
i lean ore in one tunnel, snd besides the
indications nre verv jrood for several
hundred feet My brother, G. Mahon,
has just returned from London where
he made arrangement for capital to
continue work ou the Jewel, In tjong
Lake Camp, Greenwood district. We
recently received smelter returns from
trial shipment of uiue tons from the
Jewel, amounting to f!��7 in gold and
810 Ho in silver to the ton
"Another Slocan property that I saw
was the Comstnck, Operated by the
Messrs   Bell-Irving, of this cily.   lie-
ports show It to be in a very favorable
condition and a contract has hist been
let for the erection of a concentrator
On other properties where they are d...
veloped good results are showing '
Matrimonial   sr��*t*.
Widowers sre more inclined to marry
than bachelors. Whlown are more u,
dined to marry than spinsters. Roth
facts aw eloquent in favor ot the com-
parative advantages ot matrimony. Vat
one bachelor that marries Mneen the
age* of ,Vi and 57, seven widower* remarry between these sfea. These are
marriage* out of equal numbers of each
A***; the actual number id bachelo ��
married will be greater only in proper-
turn as they oaosfd by ssvss to one u��<��
actual number of widower* living at
these ages. Coder th* same oofldithVos,
for every spinster marries I betaeen $>
and 66 two widows are remarried. Ii.a��
much n# tbe total number ot spinsters
tat exceed* thst of widows, and Ihe
figure* given refer to marring*** out <>i
equal numbers, this diapamy is not so
notkealde; il* exiatamre, however, t��
beyond dispute. Similarity, out A an
-qua! number A widowers *nd bachelors
iietweeii 25 and it*) years of age,'��) �� rdow
em remarry for Svaff 13 bsahilurs who
enter tlte Umd* of llyusen lor tin ?;���*:
**H*ram��-r Tin** i*M .��**%������ J��i,t *>. .��*
s ��ih 11 <t id X:���. ��.h II      I
Its id flnWS. _^_ M����'t ��!���
Train I** !��*('*. l-��i fr*i   t'risl* *r 4*tt| ��>'��������
i **S_
-   ��r      *     i *<��� ssa   rrwt.i ?��'   ���     *.*���.��
-llj.*t���� as*mm     -tt*4*--    S��iU���� '
*.    "   isi*m .\i��.-��'-����fin
-j*    *���   *uit*M r*��i>.�� h*> "   *.��'���
,            Asis>* S��!����m�� *���    ��i
- n .*�� ft *v i > .*�� ro* sh�� i*i **   a..�� .. *
������    11* im ,v��-r**i * hr am *.��
3 tr.lusr l> K'.iii a ��tr��j..ft Tist��i* i v
�����   at < **>c
*    ��
11 ���"��� am   ili>wlswd
SA   tl.UI.KT.
H*-*d down. Ur*4 ��,.
HttftsJ xs
.s_Us- Wain is l no tstrt        1 tally train ar |��S�� at*
��r aa��i*n ���*      l* isnant
-    Is-t I* Ml I im M.��ST rwi sr i <*> |*sn
T - " s*��i*n A0��.*����tb H*�� s�� 11 *> p*im
if " :��������*** I'lW Hjj ���' ll ������;�����*
C - H<*>|����* aanfcn.*..**       **        l��i��rf
���   It *��|��n i."*t Hoirt      "       Si*****
S **   IWiara ftand^ry       **       S*-M��r*^
iJ ** sra.r��s��w H*iif��*r*s Yrj ��� tt |.i����rs��*|
Z t Teat* iv r i m **���    -     Train sr 11* m 3
w      **    sr f A\ ;.r�� *tfs>��*n��     -    IV t^.tnt
t" Msrwrnctn* Jnne *��. insa.
ir* taV>n.l*v T��.sr*d*r and 1*1*1**/ as AUs*ris
*ata*��r* fl*si. \ ?. m '��* ..tnsw-^iJi. Pll a Its.*.
*t>d l_Maa. tjf .vtas *���***�� st * s m T�� *
���tsjr. frnt**/ and stsinrdsy, ^-iHlwnf *! I'M���� B��r.
Alnsw, rth **d K*sk��. *<.A air w��y r**nt.
or."tt<'K  AUtXAXDaR o,-,'issT
FO.H..I r*f. K**i�� Itt*.
Tshlng effect 1 00 o'clock a m
Sept I, 1*.H Pselflc or l-v*h Mend
isn time.
Subjtajt to change without notice
bnav* IS
���* a if,
������ r ��v
* 10 ��>
������ w ��*
���* ro tt
������ 10 at
Arr. 10 tft
Arrlv*. I SS VM
��     j./.    "
���>      1 |0    "
.1    , or   ������
������      I fo
Hrwth r<H*
SVar t��nxa
0-drJwn.-0.Mi"     Ijs
OTJtX  i.ixe.
Ijswv*. II.oiinm - Hnieton - 4rrlra, llJWain
II.l��  " 0*tv Jnnrtiriit boar*'. II ��' �� '"
4fi-tvn.ii.flt *���   - ��at>   -       "   11 ����������������
itoirr. irvino,
TnmfSS'r. 00W5LANIX
for rhran rallmnd and an*amshlp ilraat*> tc
snd loan all isiliit*. ai-piy !������
a CAMPBRU4,        Agont, Sandon. Tin; I'AYSTKKAK, SANDON, B.C.,OCTOBBS
8 18118
^mr Marhod Changes In W13 pj��t
Tteelee Months.
The annua! me���*Jlnff of the Noble
fixe Mining and Milling Qtmipaiiy,
opcr.uinjf tire mined* that namo in
ilie Slocan, wai held nt the OfBoe of
the �� tipiiry on Tuesday, .1. I).
j'mi vice president of the com*
���anv, was in the chair aril there
were iepn**ented eitla-r bv proxy or
in person, rtti.&O fllinren idit ��.f a
,4,!   I l.lMUOJ
r ,-��� direst m prassiitud a report
*!nwin�� that the uilm* Is one of the
u.i j nipped In British Columbia,
nnd that the treaawry contains Hiui.de
fund-1 ��� carry <ait the extetMlee plan
A d- velojanerit inaugurated by the
pres-nl management. 'Of this plan
the in ���������! important tafttares nre two
\g runnels, eon ol which* now in
lt��iif.-et ia a ert*��n?ttt tttnneltobe
ron right dtruOjrtl the bill, a distance
- o.m  -,, t m all, ami  the   i*tle*r  is
As In on the main lead J83 fag
ami b iving driven l>�� the .Surprise
t��*in. a distance ����f 1^50 R*et Tin*
iiDiin I* will g�� 1 a depili of from 8 0
loistiilcettna tin? two main (ends,
>nl   in   the  meantime  the    Opjiei
,i* sre bdojr di*veh��pt*d by *dV*ri
i r tunnel*.   Tlie rvj����rt ol ihe direct
���n> was ipproved aud adopt**) nml a
special rv����{iitMi wss pas-ted ratify
ing ami continuing lire .icta of the
���Id bntrd   in   raising the in ��n��*v t����
���1 rclinrgc ihe inner Habilitie* 1 f the
nwipinv ami tor ib'Velopinrnt.
Tip I il ����iuj* ����fti>��r* were ebews!
for tin c ���ininjf year: sVeskient,
Janies Imusniuir. ��d Vicunri* : ?ta
pnsrdent. J. I��. Porter ��f Spokane;
dinvi.it>, J. ii, Mcftubron. A S|*��
kane. V. K. IVmley and It .1 IWrv.
of Victoria : aavm-tary, r" I II ��l
man 4 spokgne,
Tern r If Kxpcriencea on   the   Aah-
croft Route
'Yi u can't sav anything ti��)*>'t ��trg
alaart th�� terrible cuuditiui u* tin*
AshcMh trail, 'nald .fames WsIters n
Yonmto boy ti a Province reporter
!,��- other day. "| travelled from
��� ii* ��� ud of tr to the other nnd nearly
'���** mv life on it so should be hi .��
l��lti.m ������ km*.
"Four A us from Toronto started
tjatbi reach t|ic Klondike over the
Ashcnst trail fsflffiy In the present
year. w�� did not" stop travel I in;
until al.mt a week sgu. We man
��Jfd to reach tilcnora but were in a
���wu plight when we got there, f >tn
oattit* wen* gone and we had vet v
hWh -money. Our |snrtv split up at
'den.m nnd ntane of the boy* arc
now on t|u. Ted In trail.
"of the Ashcroft trail I can only
���J that n man who g��*.��. over it
_���*�� hi* life In bis hands. It is
.imply terrible, We travelled br
JJJks through marshes and swamps
WDich threntened to engulf us at
2J��. When we did follow the
Mmi wo���neouutered manv obstscies
'"tlH" nhnpe of falleu limber and
"fwone hundred ami fifty miles
����' lived ou horseflesh to keep our-
swvea f,x���n ��i,irvi,ng. Tit King the
wa I all through it is simply tui|ws
mi 1 At l"6 prcserrt time there
uosthe several hundred people on
^ trail betwesfl llasolton arrd tilen
"?:, Many of them aro In a bad
Wioii.    They will  have u> have
���P ^��sm or some t f the | oor fellows
Will starve, 1 know for u fact that
several rm-n calling themselves the
If.-so party   have   been   Just  en   the
trail. 1 hey have not been seen fof
some mouths now, and when last
aeen were almost 001 of provisions."
A Merc Line to Russia. ���
It has bean definately anitoanSed
by tho Vancooneragents ����t the ('.
I'. H that after several luontbs of
idleness the steamer. Tarter and Athenian are atrain to ls> put in commission. There i> evei > pn��*.|s-et, too,
that a new and |a-nuaneiu line mav
la* eatsbtlahed hy ths stesmers.
They are to run between Vaneottvcr
and VbHtivofltoek, the eastern ter-
initiu-of the trans-Siberian railway.
Tie- Alhenian will In- the tli*st to
leave, dbott the Itah of the morrtli,
ami she will be followed very shortly
ilieiv.fter by the r.niar. Besides
the freight, Including lumber and
rail* f ��r the Siberian line, that thev
will tiihe from VsneoQVsr, they will
call at I'u^.t s..uud porta and hut
land. Ore., t> Irebrht, and on the
ivituu voyage will (Ottcll at Yoknha-
ni.i. Thev will aiseprubsbly handle
the execs* of 1 Mental freight for the
past being taken by the Kuiprvss
liners Toe dm cargoes of the
boats are likely to i*�� ntnatly grain
fr.iru Pngbl Buond tor SiUria'
For Ditcson Citq.
DuiTvrin I'.iuutl >, who ��,t< private
fSMffltary t-i lalsjor Walsh, i-, iu the
citv ��" route for Dawson where he
will ��*ccupy the *4inre |��<��sitl'jn for
Adniiutstrauir Ojfitvje. Ho is ac
compsnled by his brother, .1. H. I'ai-
tuliir, bvirTisUT. of Tororit-r, who i* t<>
astfllallSal a MSYtdBea in Dawson If
Aral iuieudcd that they should SC*
oompsny .lostice Duga**, Mrt that
_>*ititcuran left nit the Auiui lust
fue-slay evening. Dufferiir Pattullo
carries with him the dirisiorr ot the
t'abiioi ftMiiting clemency lo the
yoonf Indian, Frniik Xautitek. and
allowing the htsi p�� rake its rMmrse
iu lite cav ��if the thive Indians ind
Uendersoft, rin* white, who are to la-
hanged at Dawsnnon the H\ prox.
On the Qucanclle.
The A-hci*. ft Mluing.Iotirn.il states
th.it hydras ie mining on the Quea-
nellc river i-�� proving hbthly rmccess-
fni this year. The Btatton dredge
w>rkiiu*' ou that stn-.un is bringing
up gravel averaging 7o oentatofl.50
,�� .-utaic yard. It is expected that
dnttglng' operations ��'ill asanrne
large proportions on the atream next
V.-m if these  tavonible  vnluei coii-
timit io appear.
The Onhj Time.
V Polish Jew was arreasad in Tor
o��u�� the other day, and when taken
to the ehv lockup his condition was
a> uncleanly thai ho was told by the
em-poral in ��barge to strip and take
atuth "Vat! (Jo Ul the yater.^
bo asked 'Tea, take a bath; yoa
|U.,.(J ir. How long is it since you
Kdabattr Witl.hi> '����J*��;f"
odupward, he answered! l neva
vas aiTHMod belbre.
Smith-.bMi.ssi.vs theiv is SiH.u;-
tbtng suspicious about his wife s
iii-owii   Is that so." t
i.nith Ves; he says she insists on
n^Mawhiffof his breath every
SSSSbtMliMd down town late
at Bight
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this tohen you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets,
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Applv
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C* P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent. Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. S. Agt.,
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
*a_sf "sag. ���ysmiir eL-Br-giuer
B. C,
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Will W st rht' Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Ths Fast aod Superior Strcicc Rout*
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
ItasTgnffe Checked to Destination
nnd Throiitf Ii Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
��� Pass Kcvclstoke :
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wednesday to Kast
ern Canadian and 17. S* Points
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Dally Train.
7:4.'.k     Ivc. SANDON ar.     lesllk
\�����rtsii��  RATES ami tall information l��y
Rddnaataf n-S-Sal local aRent,or
Agent, Sandon.
B. C.
HY��<lo.u��rters for Miners.
Well >t��H-ko��l bar in connection.
Fir^t class nccommoilations.   Boanl l>v the
day <>r week.
BONGARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
Trav. Pass. A��t
DUt, I'ass. A��ft.,
lk,*��re   -hatyonr ticket  read^ vta, thn
The First Clans
Hotel of Cody.
Hates:   9S.U0 per dny.
Special Rates by the Week. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., OCTOBER   8 1898
Full of Deception.
The world is full of deception.   It
is found .everywhere,  and seems to
be Inseparable from   human  existence.    When we are young and innocent we take everything for granted,
but as age advances we learn that
things are not always as they seem.
We find out that often a woman who
looks like an angel is only made up
with paint, cotton and  other trifles.
We also find that some fellows deal
from tlie bottom when they appear
to slide the cards from the top of the
deck.   Booze often travels under in
alias and has its spirit dampened to
a whisper by aqua pure. The parson
tells about a hell where ice water has
never been located, and we bave to
croak to prove the truth of his assertion.   The doctor looks wise, says
you have cxpendicetis, or something
else with a hugh name, gives you a
a piece of paper with some Latin on
it, pockets a fee, and you do the rest.
The lawyer tells you  you  are  all-
right * You .ire sure to win tbe case,
if you will only retain his services.
The editor assures you that his paper
has the largest circulation on earth,
when he  knows deep down in his
heart that he lies.   Thus it Is all
along the line, but the greatest deception of all is to fool a man on his
grub;   that  is,  the  material   with
which he feeds the inner roan,  the
hungry cuss who  always chews the
lining of your stomach if you do not
satisfy him.   We once, in this great
and silvery  Slocan  country,   sasr
those welcome words, "Lanib with
Mint Sauce," on an elaborate menu
in a fine restaurant.   We had trav
clled for many miles to  once more
feast on  such  a  dish.    When the
polite waiter set it down in front o fus
and we discovered that it was mutton,
43 years of age, can you feel surprised when we  mention  the  fact that
oar last hope in the truthfulness  of
hnman nature went up the flume.
Mutton,  so old,   and  yet  we had
thought it was the nice, gentle gentle J
spring Iamb we were fed upon before
t're Slocan hills  had hardened  our
teet, and���well that is all.   Decep
tion and Slccau lamb are brothers.
A position by a First Class Waj
Cook and her son, 22 years of a
weere they can work together either
as first and second cooks or as first
cook and waiter; or, wonld rather
go to a camp where
and he help her or
around the mine.
Address V.
she can cook
work   in and
A   T
Post Office Box 148.
Sandon, E V.
The Goodenough,
Furnished Rooms
Strictly First Class.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
And Other Investments.
Every  Representation (.uarantcod.
SFilbert Cigar Store!
Just opened.
Xew Goods,
Fresh Stock,
Farming Did Not Pay.
J. N. McDonald,
paper man, was in
a Nelson news-
town this, week.
Mac has had a varied career since
he taught school awap back in Lfsto-
well. He made a small fortune out
of a newspaper when the booin was
on in the Territories, and put his
money into farming. We have heard
of fanners^tarting newspapers, but
it is seldom that an editor meets the
melancholy fate of becoming a
farmer. Mac procured a fine, healthy
ranch near Moose Jaw, hired some
men and started in to make a fortune
in wheat. He la laired in Regina to
keep down expenses on the farm.
For a time all looked well. The
wheat In the early days of summer
oromiscd to reach a * ripe old age,
and Mac could see thousands ahead
dfhim. But the hot winds blew
across the land, the wheat grew ill,
died, and Mac's dream of wealth
pinched to a mere recollection.�� He
was compelled to allow the ranch to
wear weeds while he wandered into
Kootenay, satisfied to raise nothing
but his salary, arrd wonder why he
ever tried farming.
Ecenjthing S
igars.    Cigarettes,    Tobacco,}
Pipes, and Smokers' Supplies
11 hinds.
Drop  in and  see us.
|     Jas. Williamson.
{filbert Block      Hand on. B.-C.8
Geo. B. Knotoles,
as '
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
The gentleman who stole our wood
last winter will please return it, as
owing to the condition of tho atmosphere it is needed to carbonize the
interior of our vast establishment.
Now opened in the New Store
with a larger and better stock of
Something New  and Novel for
the Ladies.
REPAIRING    will   receive    the
same   careful   attention
SEND YOUR WORK In by mall, express, freight, pack train, tramway, trolley car or baloon.
Drop in and see the New Store
Tw., l>��w,r* Below   VIRGINIA   btbok,
RECO AVE.   -    -   -   SANDON.
Ii. Giegerich, Sandon. B. C.
The only exclnsice Wholesale and Retail Grocery House in Sandon
Dealing in Flaa, Freeh mmi Oleaa table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel ind Mining trade.
Special brands of fmrm Teae mmi Coffees.
Sole Agents for
Slant Powder Go*.
The ffaaieae Goedwla Oaatflee,
St. Oharlee Sterilized Cream.
stores at KASLO and AINSWORTH.
A Pull Line of Clprnrs, Tobwreon,
Pipes nnd Smoker* Htmdrien
In Stork.
Headquarters tor Planing Card-* and
Poker Chips
ateo avt
Model Hand Laundry
Bath Rooms.
A Pirst CUss LAUNDRY Service.
Ar Reasonable Prices.
BAXH HOUSE in Connection
Plain Baths 25 cents.
Lad iea Hour a on   Tuesday* nnd  Fridays
from 8 a. m io 6 p. m
Lady in Attendance
An inspecrloii ot rhc Premises invited.
Franklin S. Tremain.
lit Mm Roar of Mm POfsT 0Ffl6&
H. Byers & Co.
At* **��'���   ,%4f��t*t* fo��
Truax Patent
Improoed  Automatic
Ore Car.
We Cnrry ��� Full Line of
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron.
Caps and Fuse,
And all kind* ft
Mine   Hardware,


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