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The Paystreak Feb 13, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY February 13,1891
A Few of Ihe  Properties Which Have
Made   Sandon trie   Bustling
Town of Today.
Wnii perhaps two exceptions
i here is im "tlier town iii British
Columbia that has made such
rapid strides towaids wealth ami
importauc ���. in so short a time as
lias the town of Sandon. Two
years sgo only one hotel stood to
mark tin* site ..f the town, tod.r.
ii has a population of 1,500 souls
with adaih increase,beside* being
ack uowledged as the commercial
mid mining center of the rich Slo-
. an,
Th��  a |\ ,Ui'iiir*-��    *i   Sandon  are
in,uiv and manifold, Two railroads,
the lv. vV 3. and th.. N ,v s. -jive
ingress snd egress to and from
i .������ very heart of the Slocan, and
after reaching Handou a short ride
.i" thirty minutes will land tiie
vi-ii'.r at th.- dumps <��f moat of
iati principal mines
Two bank*., the Bank *��f British
<' ilombis aud tin- Bank of British
\ >rin America feci 1 iates the trans*
a tion of business,  both  commer.
not < ommenced on  this property
until the spring of is'.i:}, and since
then an Immense amount of on*
has been taken our and shipped to
the smelter, Siuee August, Is'.*;,.
dividends to the summit of S300,.
Oho have been declared. This is
in addition to paying for the mine
and uther expenses sinew incurred
by the company. Th* mine h
highly developed, over -.--'> feet
of tunnel having been run 1,110 oi*
which is on the vein. The out put
from this mine per day i- estimated at 32 tons of ..re, which will
run all ihe way from 85 to liK��
ounces in silver to the ton ami
about 75 per cent. lead. The
number of rn,.n employed in this
mine is about III. It is therefore
safe to say that, up to the present
time, the Star is tin- largest mine,
not only in tie* Slocan, but in the
whole ofBritith Columbia.
The Ruth
South from tin* Star and slightly
higher ii situated the Kuth grdup
nf claims. This property, slthough
Stake 1 in ':���_'. w(ia not worked to
any extent until about a year ago.
but since then over 2.500 tons "t
ore has been wnt t*�� the smelters
eta) and miuing. and make thing-. The ..re on tin** property Ia a mixt
i-;   for  'be invent r   in  miuiug
Besides   i bese  the   town  i** in
possession of a  tine waterworks
���.tn and in a few more days the
electric light plant will be  iu run*
.ung order and OOtll the stl t��
and business ;��� i��� ����������� will be it!nmi>
n.it*��l by rtiis process. Then. too.
the material want*. ..f the traveller has not been overlooked and
five first-lass hotels catvi to hit"
wants, and lie i*�� liar.! to pi- -
indeed who tin!- fauli with their
ii;en tor toe men who wish to
oa-s a quiet evening In reading or
indulge in a  o\i,\t   witli   a   fri��*u 1
ilore is no place  m ��a* fitted for il
than the Sandon Clutf    It is oom*
fortably and  elegantly  furnished
an.I stringers are always welcome
I! tsides ull these we have a well
Attended Bcho >1; for the religious!)
inclined, a place ot  worship, and
iu-   the   frivol <usi v  incline '���    an
opera boose.    AH these ami many
imue   advantage*,    dues    Sandon
(,,l>> ..,��� and now it  is  |u order   to
inqure;      How   ��-   It.   \.ith   tits
natural dined* anlages nf I he place,
thai this has become possible? The
answer lie**, uu  the slopes of the
surrouuding   mountains    in    the
-hape ofthe dumps and ore build
IttgS of the mint's,   and   as   rhis  is
the reason for the rapid and almost
phenomenal  growth   of   Sandon,
and as a bare assertion, Is  not   of
much weight, a  short   synopsis of
tin* progress and   production   of  a
few of  the   principal   ones   might
not come amiss:
The Slocan Star
Discovered in 1801.   Work was
are of galena ami carbonates
assaying, 'he galena U~>
ounces silver per ton ami 70 per
cent, lead and tin* carbonates 70
ounces silver and from .">'��� to pi
per cent. lead. The output from
this propertj per day  i- ah .tit 1.*.
:���- -and the number of men employe I both in-ide and outside the
mine is about 55. Two thirds of
iliis property aras - ild sbout three
mouths as*!) for $166,000 and  the
��� >t her    .'lie-; iir 1    al'oitt    ;l   IDOtlt i
ag hut the figures canuot lie as*
eerl lined.
The Wonderful.
This property has been successfully worked only since June last
and is one ' the m ist ituuioue iu
t in* history of the Slocan, from the
fact that tIn- 'inire amount nfore
taken out during the pa**, season
\\ i> the product uf gr mud pIu icing.
Some 8tf0 tons   of  oi������ lian been
.���.hippo 1   from    I iii**   property   net
ting the owners about 825,0 I I
Tin* ore is galena plentifully mixed
with gray c ipper and averages
aboul 125ounces in silver and To
percent, lead.    About 15   men are
1 at t!
i- mine
The Reco.
Tne ore taken from this, proper*
iv is the richest iu British Columbia, running all the way from 800
to 730 outii'es in silver to the ton
with ��'>7 percent, load, This prop
���*rt\ previous t ��incorporation paid
137,000 in dividends exclusive of
the amount of money expended in
opening up and developing the
property. Since incorporation
the eompauy  who own and oper
ate this property have declared al    Try   the  chicken   and   turkey
dividend of 1100,000 which will he|dinners at the Clifton Cafe.
paid on Monday next, \bout 100
men are engaged in miring and
other operations at this mine.
The Goodenough.
This property is situated just below the Keen and is on the &am��
vein. This property has shipped
a large amount of ore snd still
continues to do so. The returns
from *>\ tons shipped to the smel-
ter gave 708 ounces silver per. ton
and 64.1 percent lead. About 1")
men are employed on this property.
Noble Five.
The vein on thi< property is one
ofthe largest in the country being
about 14 feet in width. The lead
is mostly composed of concentre*
ing ore, still a large amount of
clean ore has been mined and up
till recently over 2,500 tons of ore
has been taken out which netted
the owners of this property over
$150,000. A concentrator of 160
tons capacity has been built and i<
now in full running order. It is
connected with the mine by means
<��f an aerial tramway. Over 60
men are employed on this property, both iu the mill' ami mill.
The Last Chance-
Alt Lough the work mi this
property has been mostly ondcvel-
ojiinent lines still a considerable
amount of ore has been taken out
and .-*eut to the etoeltor. Since
I8H5, nver ,i,M> tons of ore has been
mined the retains from which gave
l**i' unces iii silver to the ton and
��� '���j per cent, leud, and during the
past year a dividend of 120,000
wras declared. This property em*
ploy* ab 'tit 12 men
The  Payne
This fine property  has  the ttis
tinction of being the oldest mine in
the Slocan.    A   large  amount  of
development    lias    been   done   Oil
tni-a property and an immense
smount of ore b<lipped. The vein
averages about three feet in width
of high grade ore averaging the
carbonates 80 to 100 ounces silver,
85 to 4" per cent, lead, and the
galena. 175 ounces  silver.   7'>  per
���������lit.  lead to the   ton       l"p   to   the
beginning of the seaaon it is estimated that $100,000 worth of .��re
has beau mined from this proper'
ty and at present a daily shipment
OJf from .>o to-pi tons of ore is being
made.   Over oi�� men are at present
employed at this mine.
Plic above are only S tew of the
principal shippers, directly tribu
tary to Sandon, and the list could,
if space permitted, be oonsideraoly
angmellted. 1 ��ut the ones already
given are surtieient to demonstrate
beyond a doubt the importance of
Sandon as a mining canter and
give s slight conception of the
rosy future which is lying before
our busy little city.
The Star Invaded-
A party of young people from
Sandon paid the Slocan Star mine
a visit last evening. The party
consisted of Mesdames Williams.
Haves, andSuarpe: Misses Gibbon
and McRac;  aud   Messrs. Martin,
Hammond, and I.angstaff. Under
the guidance of Bruce White the
party explored the drifts and
stopes and posed in several parts
of the mine while Oscar White
took photographs of the group.
Emerging to to the surface at Xo.
2 level, the party had a rather
lively trip, fraught with many
funny accidents, down the road to
No. 5 level, where the air-compressor plant is in operation, \fter
inspecting this, the remainder of
the trip to the concentrator was
made in *, sleigh, the whole party
arriving iu a rather bedraggled
condition at the office where
coffee and cake awaited them.
After which the party returned to
Sandon deep in their praises of
the hospitality of the Star people
and warm in their thanks to Bruce
White, to whose planning the fun
and jollity of tiie trip was due.
Sandon    Victorious.
'Die curling match between the
Kaslo and Sandon teams was most
exciting and afcer a series of hotly
contested game*, Sandon was declared victorious by a score of 2'>
toll. The following is the score
ami the nanus of the players.
Afternoon   (lame    Sandon.     A.
E. Hall. Geo. Taylor, W. Hood.
M. L Giimmett, Skip���18. Kaslo.
A. McKinnon, A. Fletcher, ?.
Moore.   F.  W.   Peters,  Skip    12.
Kveuing Game���Sandon. K.
MacDouahl. W. W. Fallows, D.
Campbell. H. Mann, Skip���14.
Kaslo. D. MePhail. <i. H. Winter. S. Benzie, G. 0. Buchanan,
Skip   -lo.
Saturday Horning���Sandon, H.
Maun, W.Hood. D. Campbell, M.
L. trrimmett,   Skip���20.     Kaslo.
F. Moue. S. Ben/.ie. F. W. Peters,
G. 0. Buchanan, Skip    ll.
The Clifton Oafe keeps a full
line of cakes ami pastry of all
The bachelors uf Sandon had an
oyster .-upper and dance, at the
residence of Mr. Kerr, on Sunny
side, uu Thursday last. A meet
enjoyable evening was spent.
Wanted��� By man and wife, work
of any kind, enquire at Queen
Lodging House.
Wm. F. Newell, "re buyer for
the San Francisco Smelter, is in
Sandon. He is looking about hint
with a view to making contracts
for lead ores for his smelter.
Everything first-class at the
Clifton Cafe    night or day. THE  PAYSTREAK
[������sued siiuultiuioousiy every Saturdaj nt
Sandon ami Cody, In the* besrt oftheSlocsn
the treats**! whit* rafts' camp on earth.
Transient advertising SB oenta a line Bwl
Insertion and 10 cent* ;i Una to? each subae-
iiu.-iit Insertion.
Subscription,   three   dollar     u   yesf   In
Sandon, B, c Kdttorand Mj*t
The B. 0. Ltegtslatureassembled
for business tn Vancouver this
week. Mining men nre now taking nerve bracers.
Thk snowslide reason i.- about
due. and the plot thickens around
the    rawhiders     and     puck-train
riders of the Slocan.
The   alien   labor   question   has
become a hot one, and we advise
Uncle Sam to take down the red
flag In* has raised against God'*
own people -the Canadians.
Act/oKD I xo to the Toronto
World   the   Payne   is   producing
100,000 tons of ore a month. This
shows how much a Toronto re*
porter km>w> about mining.
Ik more hotels are not imme*
diatelv built in tin* Slocan many a
pilgrim will have to look at the
stars as he reclines upon the green
sward in search of nature's sweet
Saxoon or burst*is the   watch
word   on many    an    agricultural
ranch of the far east at the present
lu>ur. We would say to all the
farmer boys who are bent upon
coming west that it is not necea*
sary to bring hoe- aud other agii
cultural implements to Sandon.
If they do they will be out the
Thk eastern papers in their
eagerness to print mining news.
without giving the Kootenay press
credit, make so many mistakes
that mining men pay no attention
to their news ami merely look
upon their attempts to give Kootenay news, as an effort to procure
more wild cat ads fur their adver
tising columns. ��
Thk Hank of Montreal is open,
ing a branch in New Denver
which makes the third chartered
bank for the Slocan within three
months. In addition to these, two
banks have been opened at Kaslo,
a city almost entirely depending
upon the Slocan tor its existence.
These are facts, coupled with the
constant shipments of ore. (hat
speak louder than anything else
for  the richness ofthe Slocan.
A GREAT stampede has now com
menoed from all quarters of the
world to the Slocan. and as our
senile legislators will not provide
us with proper police protection it
devolves Upon every citizen to  see
that lawless people are immediate*
ly ordered to depart a- soon as
thev basin to breath  the osone ol
a r*��
this district of nil very  greatness
Mr. Andrews, of Winnipeg, was
in town for a few days lhi>   week
Win.  Taylor,  of New   Denver,
paid   Saudi.n   a   Vigil   on  Tue-day
A special bargain in  (Sreeiiland
seal    fur   cipc-   at   tlltf   Postoffict
Geo. Aylatd. mauager ><( the
Enterprise mine, was in Sandon
last week.
Wm. Glynn and Jaa, Moron of
the Queen   Bess   mine   avre  in
Sandon this week.
Jas. Bnrridge, a prominent Wm
uipeg hardware merchant, was in
town. Mr. Bnrridge is one of tbe
directors of the Phoenix.
Tlie Kuth people have purchu-.
ed a gasoline engine which they
have put in at the untie and
which will oe ti-'*i! for hoisting
and other purposes.
The syndicate,  represented  h
George Alexander, ha-  Keen led an
option on the townsite of Si I verton.
and are already having  plaint pre
pared for a first*class hotel at thai
Tin- demi monde of Sandon will
appear before the Beak next week
and answer to the charge of keeping bawdy houses. This ia one
way of collecting taxes from the
soiled doves ol the community
A. grand wrestling pontes! will
take place i" the billiard room in
Black's Hotel, on Saturda*) next.
between Paddy   Siahar. champion
of the Pacific coast, and (, B.
White all around Stheiete of Brit*
iabColumbia and the Northwest
The ladies nf Sandon will noon
have, an opportunity uf viewing a
first-class stock of spring miHimo \
and also a complete assortment of
ladies', mis-es" and children S
underwear, trimmings, et<*. Mi-s
Wilson, late ol Spencer's Arcade,
Victoria, has f ecu red rooms at the
residence of Mrs. Floyd. ( \n!y Ave
and will open up there on or about
March 1st. Due notice <��| the day
will be given.
The   development    work   on I he
Cameronian, a   property located
two and one half miles Up from
the mouth of Lemon Creek, is
giving most satisfactory results.
Several   assay     t6StS     have     heen
made, showing a very pronounced
increase in the value of theipuirl/
Tlie surface test showed $47.84
gold value per ton, and It! 2-0
ounces silver, with a rapid up.
preoiation to $212 gold value ami
S4.*i4 ounces silver at the 60 fool
tunnel point reached.
Morning I������ ,v' *���������'' ��� K.*rk��;C. >..'.-\<��-k
I..nre* > im\   a H o'clock.
Afternoon l**n* This* K-rW- M i
o'.l.H'k    I...O- -' *><l*> i��i i o*cloefc
Slocan Bakery!!
,i opposite Clifl ���> House,
Carries a Full Line of	
Coufectiouery. Biscuits. Bnai Pies.
i!M.! lll.Ul
to Ortler. Etc.
Patronege  Solicited
SUNN & 1.0
The Goodenough
The Finest. Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
I   the Entire Northwest.
$2 per Day. Ng Bar in Ct
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
An- Iteingeni  <<l bj deal
em purchasing  their
Grain and Feed
- From i be
Mm k
South Edmonton.  Alta
"Rolled I ��at-a a Specialty."
Write or Wire for Prh at
J  J. Godfrey. W  J   Sownr, L L B
F. L. Chrifaiie, L LB
Bow, Godfrey k Cteli
Sandon   B.  C
Vancouver, 8   C.
First    Bank Established   m the
|i,.-���..,..r:ii"t l��J   I'.       I   ���      lrt��l !����� .
1     M   �����
i:. -> ?..
Heia OOice -,v-*" ��� **'      ���    ���-
11 ami
\ \       .       A
\ , K . ** I  ' .***" * N
K  \ - I    *%M'*N
-�� .
ll) tl,.'   I   I.II.-I   *a|4l.a
han I ���  ����>> 5   l*ottaS*ad
Agent* snd Co''eeoondent��
i   \ S \ !   V ���-
M. r.    Milt*      li��l>W    <>l �� *< sl
���I luuk ��� *** �� a>����.|a rami 11
\..,:.     ���*, !N       i   SITF.Ii     *l  I < �� -
IU���� ������' �� .....mcr.a     \���*<    -.       ,��-
I ..rfc,        |UM.��i     .���(    N.��*.��     **a>-aSI -a
!    ..>.' .'--'��� ii llai.k    I '
I    -
1 \   .������   MMl IU'   * -:.���
al  -II. \     l\VM'M����   />\MM*      IS.
���   \    ��� u* '\. 'I I 1 I      I   ���
Locsl  Mimgo,
Ssndon Brsncs
M HARDWARE.               M
m coal,              .;
1 iron,            ti
m and                  h
h POWDER,                    h
t: cms            :;
H '��"��!                   1
F] Fl BE. m
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
\ ������ ����
In ' H *���
Pad Uo  Cso'ts .      Ss.86e.686
RtM*.(   Fund. 1 338.333
l...i��.i ���   < iifli ���
-I.v.!       t       >
Court of   Oi'*rlo'��
I   ll   |tr.��li< . J'.|i-> ' I
uir. Kk-lmnt ��l Ol/n,  U�� ��n   H   I
H il   t h K. ���(���!.;.   i    '   k
f ,,,|     I   .   i, i >    IoiMkvS,    n.H.fij.    l��     \��
\   ���.   M  UO"
II    kUH9**** lulu -.    \t
It  HTIKBatSS. ���    Kl *���
��� .. ii. ml Mstrap I
Drinch��i  in Csnsds
I^.M.I.    i.  i'.i ...It..i 1    |*a)l ���      I In
I... K li.i��l."-   ' ���" ���  ��� M  'iilr. ..i     U
i .f.i   \  H   Brnnil >ti  v. I|     i-. N' ���       '
��� ii. S   11    ir.illi.a     s   -      \ ���
iiiiin-1   ltiw��lan,|   **��.�� i.(.-|i, K . I   nil ���
II    l
Aosntr. in the United Sistr*
HpnlmiM     11 i \ e   ��� . .   ii.: ..   i
Nfttluii.:  Uunta     n.     ^   ���������. .. ���
\a    |^n-. ...i, iii..|    I   <     \\ . |.|.      -.,1
IU **  -ai... Ill   M   !   Ml Ml* ���>"
I        It.     \t)|l"v
London   Banksrs
TIm  Rsnkis?KntSMiSsnd Mfsrsn '���!"
Foraign   Agents
l.i*.. ii��~.i. lUmk ..i   I.e.. i
Nutt..in.i   lu.iii, ..r Hootlsnn, i Im
linuii In ��     tr.lin.il    l'm\ iix-iul   Hank  ���
Inn.I,    laMt.,   iimi    l.ruii.'li. -     NslSilM*'
I.I.I . uii.l i.mm Ii. .    \.iair.��llu. I nl"" ���' "
Aictrult... I.i.l     S. ..  /.-,.i,��i,.t. I  in."' '���'
all   Itullu.    I.I.I.      111.III.     I SUM,      U'1'1
M. i. .nun- lunk ..�� in.n.i  i.i.i     \urs i
I.l.i      \\ . .i   In.li... t nloiilsl    lUini*      '      t
\l.��ai��    Usmisnl,   k rin����.ai .�� i i>     '
I   1.    Ill   l,J ii||ili>|.
GEORGE   KYDO.   Msnsge*
Ssndon,   B   C THE   PAYSTKEAK.
German Mining and Milling Co.,
Taeoum; capital |6of000 in fiO.oo >
shares of fl each, To aerry on tne
boslness of miners.
Aoldeu Iktll Mining Co   ltossland ;
capital, si.ouu.miin 1,00X000 shares
ot *1 each. Trustees, Ferry Smith,
GeonSfl M Nuxon, Harold ilaiulil,
W D McKaddcn and Charles S Car-
(���enter. To carry on tlte business of
Qolden Eagle Mountain Gold Mining
<v>, Vancouver: capital, 9600,000in
COMIX) shares of ?l inch. Trustees.
CrifBth GrltBth, J Doff Stuart, Oeo L
Allen, Hobs J Ralph and A Allayne
.lotus. l\j purchase the Hlue Pete
and Eagle's Nest claims lying contiguous to ti,** Golden Cache mines and
carry on the businessd miner*..
Imperial Mining and Investment
Oo, Vancouver; capital, 18^000^003
in :.,.����i.in) shares of 11 each.    Trust
eea M Neelln Garland, \V .1 Kid<l.
N s Garland. 1> Opuennclmer and
Tbos  II Tracy.    To tarry on tbe
business of miner-.
Bamsdeil Mining and Milling Co..
Tacoma, capita), 11,000,000 in l.-
000^000 shares off] each. To carry
on the 1 usiness of miners.
Royal Victoria (.oi<i Mining Oo,
Koaalaod; capital. 11*000,000 ;.i 1,-
UOQ,000 shares offl each. Trustees,
.1 F McCrae, John GloynandWA
Campbell. To purehase the Violet
and Maggie claim-. Trail mining
division, ami carry on the busineM 1
Victoria and Kootenay Mining and
Development Co.. Victoria ; capital,
-.j tHMi in IO0.O0Q shares of tl each.
Trustees,    George   Riley,  Stephen
,ones and Richard   Hall.    T" carr>
on the business of miners
tVeUbtgton Sonars Gold Mining
and Smelting Oo.,   Grand  Forks;
capital,      ���>��,(���) Mill     in      2,000.000
shares oi ��1 each.   Trustees, Robert
(lark, F.lla Clark, I A Dinamore and
Arthur C Sutton. To purchase the
SnowUrd, Wellington sptare, silver
Knot and  .Mayflower claim*..   Kettle
River Mining division and carry oo
lite business of miners.
Aaboroftand Kootenay Mining Co.,
Vancouver: Capital fooO^OOO lufiOO,*
<������� shines pi ��l each; trusties, C
McLnch, .lames 7. Hnll and G Martin.
To purchase the Fish Lake, Christiana, Shamix>ck,   Mayflower,   .John
son nnd Vauoouver claims in Vale
district and the American Eagle
claim in l.illooet district and to carry
on tho business of miners
Christina Mining and Milling Oo,
Tacoma: capital 11,000,0 <i in l.UK).-
000shares0, j?1 each. To canyon
the business of brokers and miners.
The Campbell-MoCrae Co., Ross*
land:    eapiial   $18(X.O00   in   80,000
-hares of |Q each;   (riistecs,   \V   A
Campbell, .1 F MeCrae, and T Ander
son.    To carry 00   UlC   business   "t
brokers and miliars,
Carbonate silver Mining Oo, Ross-
land ; capital $1,000,000 tn 1,050,000
shares ot *?1   each.    Trustees,    A   11
McNeil, A FOorbinard WG Johnson.    To purchaae tbe Carbonate
mineral elaim on opting creek, Ains
worth mining division, and carry on
the business of miners.
iKillnrocraey Mining and Smelting
Co., Trail Lanblng; capital |l,O0Q
(Kit) in 1,000.000 shares  of  ��1   each.
Trustees F iMJntelius, .1 W Kimball
and   Fee   Davenport.   To  pnrchase
the Pete and Lulu claims. Fend
D'Oreille River, Trail mining division, and carry on the business of
Erie Mining and Milling Co., San*
don; capital, 12(3^000 in l,O0C,OUO
Buareso? 30 cents each. Trustees,
Henry P Jackson, Marshall Jackson,
Colin McArthur and John McNlven.
To purchase the Frie and Minneapolis
claims, Slocan mining division, and
carry on the business of miners,
Qmmmm         g^
|   1
* iiiiil.-tlaiiil
i   "*ti
Ml. i
1   ..
S*u4enaj C Itmil.ia ...
1   .
I: .:,!���.,. 1'  Coll
H.v.i                              i
M    S��,
Sim-lilm-                              ].i
tt   i-llIIHfl.ll!    ,,.....,..                                  1
Wonderful                                  >      i
Ddlk    . .
����� it* not..
Old tassSdaa
1  a.Ml'   M KISX 1 \
. if
1 ���
Hall   Min.-
il \ Kurrusi
I It A II.  ' liMK
1% < hi. r
Hi... Three
��� i
Hrii Gas. OoMSehU
II. c. RoW Kiiii;-
. 10
1   .
��� 'aledonb Coo
1   .
'   k C ...
1   .
' ��� I:., yii.vn
1   .
< . ntrv Star .
C.I .till*                       . .                                 I
�� ..!iiii��.,nil.r             .    .                          1
Cnsra I'-int                                      1 ..*
I��vr Park                                                1
UraSfKS*                                           1
Kaat.rn "Mar                                           1
**��   1
Kill. riirK'                                                1
���f   t
Erit                                               t
H\. lOiiur Si.it                                           1
Oia.ririi                                                     1
ImtIhiiI.*                                                1
I...M. ii Drip                                           1
j ���
Uoldwi (jluewi                                   l
On it  W Mb rn                                     t
11   ::     1'.-   v                                                1
H.i-n                                                               1    .
��� >7
Illk*h or.*                                                 1
. n|
llotnarSss*                                    i
Idah ���                                                 1 ..
In ���- rial
1    .
. nM
Iron 11..*
. n
Iron Mae*                                    l   .
1 \ l.                                              i
Jarsc                                                t
Jlllllla.                                                                                 1
Kn:��lit Tein|*lar                               i
K...v. nay 1. mdon                              l
. m
Ia- K..1
; :���'
l.llv M��v                                               1 ..'
M.n Sower                                       1 ..
. l'H
M march ....                       l
Uoatta                               l   .
HouteCrnrto                                   i
. 1*
X.aJ    Kgg                                                                              1   .
. i"
N-mlhiii It. II.                                   l   .
\..\rll*.                                         1
OK   ���                                                   1   .
Palo A It-                                                 ���
1    .
1    .
K.al Mountain View
1    .
R  K. l���>.
Hia li..��i.r
1    .
Komland. K..I Mi                               ���
KnaWaiHt Star          ...                      l
St. Kim..                     ..                         1
St    l'.iiil                                                                   1
.   IS'.
Rih-erine                                           1
sunn Oram & w  Oon                     i
Trail Miiiiiik. Oo                           i""
t ..
,   IT
\\ ill h^iKlf	
��� 1 ..
Whit.. Hear                         1 ..
\.niiik' Itrit. Aim                                   1
. m;
DIvUfHSaspald to il.it.* nn* �����> toUows Slocan
stur, >,ioo,.k*o; 1^* Koi. t!7fi ����<��'; War Stunt*, m*-;.
,>.��������. I' II 111.Ml,  sll*,o��o'.    AfaunO,   Milllo.  Cuilllh'l
land. Race :iii't Xoiili- Five ram obo psM ilhl
Piiinoa, OnrtnS, Short MurSr,
MiialralSu|>|'ll��*. Sswlng M.nliiii��*-��
illlll Sinnillr''-
ir- m nl ..nl.'!'. rwirfrf i lotnpl ftttwttton.
sink wi, w \*n,
The Clifton House,
-���������-���- Sandon,
Hiisntni'le flfconini xlntioiu fur a lartre iiiiiiiImt of |x*<.|��lt*. TIh* rpODM an* larjsv
ami airy, and Bw Diiiin*.' Boom Is jirioidiil with everything hi the market.
Simple Roomi f..r Cotmnerela] Tnvekst*.
John Buckley, Prop.
Spices, Teas, Coffees,
(>ur*a are all ��.f the purest and best quality.
From India, China and Japan at any  price from 40c to H.50per ]X)und.
Our No.  1 blend ��������� *** J  wUrrCC is the correct blend
and makes a delicious and satisfying cup.
Fresh Groceries every day
Goods delivered promptly.
If. Gie^erich, Sandon.
Agent for Giant Powder Co.
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo, Sar.don
We have jost received a large invoice of
Hardware, Miners' Shovels,
Gaps and Fuse, Builders' Supplies,
Ironware and Graniteware
of the kitchen
W,   ate    iny I  lull   line ot Qr0CCrjeS U& FUmiSllingS
Sandon and Rosaland.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Saqdor|, K.C.
Dealers in
New Goods constantly arriving.
Commercial Hotel,
G. THOMAS, Proprietor
for. HiKtlin* & t'aniliio, Sta.
RsteBti p�� o&     Vancouver,B.C.
All Kodera iin|ir.>v.*iiHiit-.
s... i:\l :i.comni..liiil.'ii (���"��� MlBhn Men.
���j*.. h. ^ ��� ���
One of the oldest and best known
hotels in the City.
The ouly Bowling Alley in the
Mountains is attached to this
Tie Dropt,
Drugs, Stationery, Druggist
Sundries. Notions and Toilet
iv-fuines and  imported Cigars a
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore from
and packing supplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
lapaim iii
N'l  1.*". Stilllol). IA .
I'onf.'cti.iitrrv, Butler, Eirx*1
I'ln-.-   liny, lirniii. Flour
Grand Opening
Ball and Supper,
At Black's Hall
The best music will l>c tarnished.
All are cordially invited.
saddle and Pack Horse
to all i'oinu
in tin* Mountains,   	
Pays special attention to ail
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
New York Tailor
Largest tailoring establish
ment in II. CL, now open a
branch at   :       :       :       :
with a  full line nt     :        :
Cloths, Gent's
Clothing, c*-     ���
Travelers will call frequently at
the various towns with samples.
WhiV taking stork we found a few line*including
Overalls, Jumpers, Shoes, Rubbers,
Gloves, Etc., which we will now
Close Out at Reduced Price* to make
room for new tfoods now on the road
A few pair of soiled White l.lankct> at 25    Discount.
8AND0N, B.C.
*P' S1LMj��S
' S *���* .     *<
I )ealer in \l HAT:
Till, l.i:   H��HKS
RMK3AN   <fi\
KonRRi M \< i* m vi.n
Nm   Ibu.'Mii'
MACDONALD  BR08., Proprietors,
Bales Il.fil > to I2.S0 per O.w
Ih the Pioneer House <��f the City,
K. (TSmno.
Dealer in
(iood Silver-Lead
Propertiesf,,r ,:","��'>-"i-����'i"'-'
CowR-ill & Pugsley,
Hotel  Kootenay
Switzer & McGluskey,
HflmliMi HnoluiM Mi:
T hniif... K|Mik:ni<'
Headqoaiten Iv Mining BpeeQlntor* mm) (aniuilifU
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, IM1
R088LAN0    -    -    -    -
Civil iV Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public
Agents for Railway Addition to Kosslaml
������   *   J 'I"'" "f W'H I..4I..I   ttlllMTal .III;,.     fof Mil
Brandon  and   N'*w   Denver
Get your Fresh Meal
���moii xim
t Ma But
.ANTXW, iir ' I"
HiiikImv  lll��i.niini e
brron I'avktkkak
Dear Sir
Some niontiiH sgo the writer
lot ii letter to tbe Gold Oommialoner
it Nelson asking what the Govern-
lent he represented proposed doing
Warding  the  enforcement of tbe
unlay Obsarvance law, which up to
ie present Im*. been k> ppssly dls*
jgunled in must placis.
Afterealilngattention to the well*
nown facts regarding this nun obser*
line and iiuii enforcement and suj?-
itlngtbat in the opinion uf many
ii* time had come for an Improve*
lent in tin***' conditions, he asked as
the intention of the Government in
u* matter.   To this letter the follow.
$!���: reply was received,
i Nelson, ft Oct, 1896
, A. Love, Bsq.
New Denver, B, C
I have the honor to Acknowledge
ke receipt of your letter of 19th Inst,
ferrlng to the ontoroejnentof the
today Law,
In  reply   I '*����� to say that from
peons! observation, official repot ts
��1 the general tnsttraony ol visitors
nn other countries and parts o. tbe
fltisli  Empire,   the   "Sunday"  in
-it i--!. Columbia and notably In Wi pi
'���.ciiay, b  obssrved   In  ao hw as
tssible, by eeiWailioii from labor and
i-iiKm juiMiits, sad generally n>
rded eHth exceptional respect.
I am. Sir,
Yours obediently,
N. Pltastabbs,
��,. M
Al tl 'is WSJ n<>t properly I reply to
enquiries of his letter, the writer
It the nsoststty of making the f<>i-
/Ing rejoinder.
The t-'I'l (.'"inr.
Nelson. R C
Honorable sir.
1 bep to thank yon for-yoftr reply
Smv letter enquiring as to the en
���cement ot the '*Snnday Law."
EThe   reply,    however,   which \<>u
:5��iB\f Ihth pleased t"  ni.ike, while il
ipav 'h* a very i*-.��!it*' statement bear
jig apon the  subject in qaestion, il
���t. I mii-t submit, an answer \o the
Sqoiry I made.
Alter carefully   ascertaining   the
���cts regeitlliag the bob observsnoe
Sunday in this part ofthe Kooten-
iy. I took the liberty of enquiring as
n the attitude   and  purpose  of the
ivemmenl  regarding the proper
bforcement of the law involved, and
In reply ant told that in VYeM K��h��umi
\ the Sunday 'IsobservSd in solar
possible  by  cessation fmni  labor
���lfcn'l basiness pursuit*.."
With All respect Ibr the "personal
���(stimony.oiiU'ial reports and general
����� .tummy" which forms the basil of
III. statements made, I am Utiind to
���y that so far M this part of the
���(Strict is concerned they are IKH
statements of faet.
There is but one town in the Slocan
m here there is any DtOpereflbrt made
At dosing even the front doors of the
���tores and saloons and WO have yet to
���earn ofa single working mine which
makes anv pretence at 'cessation
Ni"'uu lalmr" on the hail's Day.
After anont eighteen months rest*
RonOC in these caui|*s and a personal
Knowledge of the   way in   which the
Sunday Is observed in every town in
Ithis part of West Kootenay, I had not
���ie remotest Idea of making any en*
Ipiiry, even of a Oovcrittncnt official,
as to the way in which the. day was
actually observed; hut rather, to
learn If possible on behalf of those
who are interested in the proper
legal observarce ol the dav if the
Government purposed enforcing the
law at an early date.
We are quite well aware that the
action of the Government you so honorably represent b not easily to be
effected by any Miiall concensus ui
jiublic opinion, even when that opinion is entirely in accord with a righteous law, the enforcement of which
has not for some reason been found
convenient, yet we judge it to lie
��� piite fitting that the reason should be
made apparent to all parties interested, rather than the plain facts involved should be so palpably misstated.
I am, therefore. Sir, under the ne
OBssity of once more requesting the
favor of a reply to my question:
''What is the attitude end purpose of
the government you represent touching the enforcement of   the   Sunday
Law* in this pan of the province;"
and I Int: to assure you that the
AttSWer Will receive the   most careful
attention as a statement Of policy .Hid
1 am, sir,
fours respectfully,
(i. A Love.
One brief, cum deliverance, in lieu
Ofa proper answer, was considered
sufficient condecension by th.* alxive
official and so no further communication has been received.
Now, Mr. Editor,.! is not ourput*-
pose to inflict upon yen a lengthy
dissertation upon the subject of Sunday observance, but would make
brief observations upon two points;
A sacred 8unday has come to be
one of the established institutions of
our llritish  law, and  unlejs there is
some exceptional reason to be given
for its non-enforcement we naturally
expect to see it enforced. We know
of no such exceptional reason holding
here. On the contrary we believe
that in a mining country, with its
rush ot business and iis excessive
toil, there is every reason from a
purely physical as well as religious
BUndpo.nl why the day of rest should
be observed. One of the first principles of' OUT I Yeator's law s-viiis to
be the law of rest, one seventh ot the
We believe that law to be written
plainly in every physical constitution
as well as definitely stated in the
Mosaic Decalogue; and we as (Irmly
believe that in the record of each
lite in the future unfolded, it will be
found that th*' law has been directly
or indirectly. It not in health, then
in sickness as some of our miners
knowby exj��erieiicc after months of
unbroken labor: If not in life then
by the Cutting Off Of life.
Nature's laws must  and shall   QC
observed no matter what man's laws
may be
is it no! time  we  roCOgnute  these
things, if we wish to establish con
ditions favorable to the building up
of good communities in this country.
There is a God in all life and the
sooner we invoke his blessing in this
way the better for us as individuals
and for our country.
2nd. A word to this government
and its officials:
The Province   in   which   we  live
seems to have earned the proud dis
tinctiou of being easily the most cor
rapt and weakest in  provincial gov
eminent, of any In our Confederation. I
Certainly, if its utter disregard tor1
the letter or the   spirit of the law we
have referred to be any criterion it
has honestly earned this reputation.
Not simply in this, however. Almost
every law formed upon righteous,
moral principles has been ignored or
its violation winked at.
In spite of executive inefficiency
the "laws touching life and property
have been, partly by the force of
overwhelming public sentiment,fairly
well enforced bun most other things
have been le4.t to take care ot themselves. Saloons stand open day and
night, tree of access by some door.
Sunday and all.
Brothels and gambling dives reap
contiuuous harvests with almost
equal publicity.
If an occasional check is put on
these thing-, it is generally through
the energy nf trie local Magistracy
rather than by the authority ofthe
government offic'als.
Shame on those iu authoritv who
are well understood to wink at all
these forms of corruption, and to
direct their constabulary to do the
It speaks well for the purity and
rectitude ot our British laws, when
even among such conditions, and
when placed so largely at the mercy
ol such unprincipled men, these laws
olaim a measure of respect.
Of this our official called Gold
Commissioner- a most anomalous title,
it might as well be Saloon Commissioner we have little to say. In our
letter we referred to his "honorably"
representing his government. It is
better to l>e courteous where you can,
yet sjter our description of that government it will not seem so burdensome with courtesy. Personally we
do not know much against this man,
Some who know his work better
think that it is the spirit of lib fossilized autocracy which has helped to
bring his government into such disgusting repute. It is probable how
ever that he is simply a part ofa bad
machine and mav be personally inclined Ui be considered a fine official.
We sincerely hope t'��at his successor may be a better man and attend
to the enforcement of the laws so
flagrantly and openly disregarded. I
am, Dear Sir,
Tour? faithfully,
<i. A. l.ov*F.:
R    \   Ml 1.1.' iY
Office : Blacks Hotel,
 Mamifnturrrs of all���
Syphons, (linger Ale.
Barsaparilla, Etc, Etc.
Sandon, B.C
Patronize home industry
when vou want the best
To Eat
At the B.C. Restaurant
in Sandon
Is one ofthe
Attractions of
In tin* Moraii.
Tak-- a bond "ii one of tli*. btef*
-teaks in that irastro iiomii-al
rvsortthe next time you visit
tli.ii. luitv. ami you will iifvi-r
njrn*t readim* thi* ail.
C. E. Stauffer. \
McQueen & Gore havt
just opened in the Harris
building with a full line of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
We !c id in First-Class work.
.'�� fine Hath Rooms in connection.
Sea Salt Baths without extra charge.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
l< rituatod on ih'' i>ank.*of tlu* ix'autifiil Stoma Lake, and truest* ean ill apon
Um- baa-eon** and nM upon tin* irnuuU**t -aeenery in Atneiiea without extra ehar*.-e
Tin* Bra (Wain *��ysteni !*��� exeelleut. Tin* rooms an* airy and decorated ��ith tin*
I.Ue-4 rosulU of the wall pipr* art. Tin* exterior of tin- hotel 1* |>alntcd in color-*
that harm.iiii/.c vvith tlu-idealirtle stviicry. Tin* Dining Koom b always pro
\ ideal wiili fo.nl that Is tasty, diirvstilik* and siitLsfyinjr to the Inner economy ..f
man. The Bar i* replete with the most modern, as well as anelent hraudsot
nerve prodOttTO.
(ioldhui's. Silver lVtnormts, Canadian OanftaHstfa, l'riv-|vetora. Miners,
Tenderfeet, Ten Mile Millionaires ami Plla-rims of .very shade in ix.lith <. iv-
lisjloit or wealth are weleoineat this ho*..-.-.
make for the Newmarket when you reaeh the Sloean metropolis and do not for
U'et ihe | .a ltd lord'-- llilll\i*f.    il  1*-
Heny Stege. THE   1'WSTIUvVK.
Boulders and Peaks That run
Rich in Golden Ores
lVadwoud, S. I). -Inside the city
limits, within sight of tlte F.Ik horn
roandbostse. there has been made an
interesting discovery, being ore of
the same character as so much found
of late in the limestone belt, and run-
ing 1132 to the ton. Myrick and Anderson while looking over an immense
boulder in that part ot the town, conceived the idea that it might Ik* rich
in gold, and took specimens to an as-
sayer, which returned gold to the
amount given above. The boulder
weighs about ;'*-) tons. Samples have
l>een sent to smelters heiv'J and to
Aurora. 111., and Argentine. Kan. In
the immediate vicinity an Immense
limestone peak towers high into the
air hundreds of feet above the stir
rounding country, and this on assays
is looked for to be ot the same character. The section has been alive for
a day or two with prospectors seeking
claims. Two men, in developing
their claims, found what appears to
he a fissure ve;n. the ledge matter
lieing identical with of Cripple Creek.
Float rock from the surface of the
claims, outside ot the original discovery, assays from &*��� to 38.'* to tlie ton
in gold.
In the new discoveries in the viein
ity ol this city for the past few weeks
there has been so much conflicting
claim locating that owners are obliged to patrol their claims with guns.
There has been very little claim
jumping so far. but probably only because of this patrol and the wholesome
fear of trouble. Men ignorant ol
mining laws from regions where tnin-
tag locations have never been beard
of go in and stake oft' ground "vithout
looking for other stakes, and there is
sure to be the utmost trouble in finding adjusting lines.
On the north of Oak Flat gulch
there is an immense limestone ledge
that has bulged up from below, and
several ore crevices are traceable
across it by huge Ixxilders that look
like mere limestone, but prove, on be*
ing broken open to be a fair grade of
ore. (>n the south side the formation
is abruptly broken away, leaving a
20-foot cliff that essays from 119.*U a
tOO up. It is beside a road that has
Wen in use tor 20 years.
A i*eculiar find Was made a ten
days ago at Redtern station on the is.
-v. M. road, and it is i\ puzzle to all
mining men who have seen it Ic is
a piece ot metallic iron highly Indrnst*
��"1 with g<��ld on one side. It seems
to be a piece of oaktised iron, but on
exaininatii.il is -a-und tn be pure iron,
and the gold is bright and clean,
with probably fS north in Bight "ii
the surface.
A number of eaves have been met
in tin* Bagged Top district, among
the latest being one found In a Mast
at the liallarat group, where a* the
bottom ol a 25 foot shaft a cave was
opened which has beet) explored for
Bo feet iu length sndSOfeet in width.
Its floor was covered with a white,
-now-like dust. Further examination
lias not yet Wen made, but bv the
light of a candle the sides an- seen to
he broken by numerous small crevices
that seem to open into other large
caverns. The air is -**ond but without
any spparent ventilation, snd the
owners are preparing to make exten
Bive explorations.
Development at Ragged Top arc
stopped neither by cold nor the greed
of town lot Bpecnfators. The wee!c I y
shipments from the camp arc s'eadilv
irrowing and tbe value ofthe ore sent
ootit estimated at about WO to the
ton, of which B dooen cat load*, are
now shipped weekly. EkMM ore has
been found at the bottom ot a shaft on
the Dacy that is said to run Up to
160,000 to the ton It is a close-
grained, dark rock, and undoubtedly
very rich though not the exact forma
tiou is at hand.
The capacity ofthe Kildoiianchl >i-
ination null Is to be enlarged and by
spring it will bfl able to handle nearly twice as much ore as now. A
Brown Horseshoe roaster is to be put
in as well as new rolls and crasher*
The Borseshoe mines can supply ore
eUOQgb to keey three such   plants   m
the Kildonan bnsy stead!!v.
MIMMi   REt'OttDP.
Be.-.��nl.-.l   at   Xe��    l��itv.r
THIWflH�� .-��imI l.a-.lll mis
ll*.     AaaaSaiuenta
V-��K��-VI> \ (V
February 8
Silver Wave No '���'<
Sam Dischantps
.. \ii..\-
Fotir Mile,  .la- A   Mc
Fnd Beaton)
FD Phillips
1  1*
Februarv 1
Sun* Shot
Februarv J
Mascott- -Slit an City.
February :'.
Piedmont   Ten Mile
February I
Miller Fraction   Sk-candty, Chas
T Millet-
February '���>
Hoods- < Jtrjeiiter, I  ( hanil* r-
Big 0edaT-*-Oarpenter, .1 s Parker.
m UUrt/tOM
January 30
Geo Blanc u�� .1 .1 Godfrey
Smnirgler, .Ian 1 ; *1
.las A Baker w .] J Godfrey
Smuggler, Dec 29; *?1
Februarv 1
GCCUrke to I) McWUlIsm
in Bonnie Boon, Jan 28: ��1
J C Butler to J II Strickland
Joint Hye and Summit, Feh I
JG Butler to J M l.ind- i in Join'
Hye and Summit, Feb 1 ; *?l
February 2
G I/jng to B Anderson -The Robin,
Jan SO* H200
(i Ixng to m R W Ratbborne   , In
Telcplione, Jan 26: *?7.'*ti
J Knight to W J McMillan    | Rob
Rov, Jan 21 : **!
L Mootgofnery, R  L Clarke. Q  A
she|��atd, A EJeflera I BJenetaon
and J L Ketallaek f..The Washington
Mining Co foreign IC,Washington
Fraction Charlotte and Herbert Jan
9; *1
J Lawsoo to D8 Wallbridgi
Para, Feb \ ��� *?i
T RoJsigertoDSWaUbrtdgi
Para, Jan ���_'���*,: t?l
P Aspinwall toG J Atkins
and | Alton.*, March V2. 'ill
T Ilulsizer to J J Godfrey
Jan I ; |J
J IaHwson to J J (iodfrey i
Jan 2: si
C M'trchison to J W livan
Standard, Jane 28, l*'.*.".; ffljQ,
Fehruarv 1
Wm stubin to The Carndoff Mining
it Development Ci, J.td -| Rnby May
Feb.!; Ml)
CbasT Miller to Arthur W Ogilvie
I Miller Fraction: |-Vi. ���_'. s|
���i in
i in
I Idaho
t.0,0 0
I Para.
I Para,
Tne illlli.' IMS diM'.'Velh-a .ill Kokan-t I
i n ck hd 10 tlie formation of the
Canadian Mining. Milling & Smelling Co., Ltd
which   has  taken  over   lie   full, w ��� -
choice claim*
Glacier 1,
Two Snowbirds,
Full Sized
Clara G.
CAPITA!*, ���?>'.'��������.'������� -tWOWSH ��K1 -
im nn ehares for devetoteoent son n traasary;
150,000 shares,,..,., ���. ,���.rk���
selling at 7icents
i -.. ,-       ind t.i g"  up,   -��-   nt> pr**.j*.eU*r oi
Um d-iKtw < been on tbe pKnpef.1 can u ti
vou that thecropplngt'on the ll ��un--atr* tch laeeed
almost anything ><t disco vend in th** K"**f.ett*\
Tin- orljl ' ii v: . r. fotin :! .- c .'rijtUi. .' I -Oi-k -
-* 11 Ing ������:. it- OWn tint ���-
Call 00 or mite to tin   *>< retarv f.t IV*��j��-i tu*" -
t >r. can be seen atoflbs
LHGUTOIS a wn.i.i.vM> MtatifigOpscasoial Br niton
iv,x in, Sandoo, b\(
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry ����� o .I- (lets' - Kntnishlng
Opnosits Too CUteo Hoas
presided over b) UVtVi tAMI: I
MINIM,    P!a����|'r.BrV    BOUOHT
I��. S. Wai.i.iiuh* !
Mining and Stock  Broken,
aXotaries Public and (oiiveyaiHM-rs.
s^nsriDON, b. o.
Mlna booghl ami mid r^i.-k-. fa mis in all K �� . mlw -
omeial brokers lot Woodortnl Qroop Mining ( ��
Kootenay agentn tor Bondholder Mining Oo.. 8t   Keveroc Mining '
Phuinx Oonsolldated Mining On, and Two Friends Mine Co '��� stock*.
Oom  axtues  Stooacecl  a.ncl  Promote!
Qireeo Biros
���a    I'KM.I'.liS   IX %
* GS-en.era.1   Meroh.and.ise
KASLO       and       CODY.
j Concentrates.
RoSS "f Montreal   was in San-
Kn tlii*- wei'k.
IB  11  Broddy has retornen from
trip to the Hot Bprlngs.
iHt)r. Wliter's temporary  office at
(iuet'ii ��v loir-* *. Dnig Store.
Mr. and Mrs.   Dr. p.��i.t, of N.*,*.
Bt'iivi-r. were  i"  Uiwh yesterday
1; The  new edition   ������!   Thomlin.
nil11'- map i- for sale   at 11�� i ��� office.
.\i il  Gething, of  New Denver,
***-*H- in town   foi'   ���< short lime st-s
IA. S. Farwell, ot Ni-Immi, is
j|peitdiii}4 i few .lay- ill the Hull
tbV wek.
��Mts.   Matlle   lu*> mil.Is. i>| Three
wi k-. e*. in towh > i-iting her sister
||.-   M t.lw
��� Th'- :i''<v '-ditioii of Tli.'inliti-
Rn's tnap *tf the Slocati for -.tie at
���u;- oflice
i|| \.   0,   R '*i��*r-.  "I    I lie   8 ii 'l.ii
-.���tn-- Light  ('������.   lefi foi Laki
lit -   \ '-ler'l.l; .
Plie 15. 0.   reslauraiil ha- oioeed
M n and tlo-   inl��in.i   ftimi tilling*
.- n ��w for sale
Ihe building  for tlie furniture
brines* of D .1   Robertson & Co
�����- been completed.
Ii   Bvers lias erected .i huildttij*
u Ids store.  In order t���� accoin-
������late   In-   -t'M-k   of ii* m \   Itttrri
\[ . a     ); 'oi.- in.    merchant   oi
Mllt'.'IIVet.   WM-   ill      S.l   id'ltl. His
v in tii*'  >!"��� i-i   ui tv   lie null*���
<��e C t.i it.ifa. of the I w i ��� r ri* mis.
la-i. <mi Ids it-turn from n trip
T   \V.   I.i.ies.   ..(    tin* l*,ra* kiuan
l\. i   Milling   I So.   ��� f   lvlniin'.'ii.
in s.ui'h'ii oti business couneoi
I with In- tii in.
I'm- Mi--..��� rv*.j-.- end Mrs
��ifliaii.ui. of Ka-1.��. were specie*
ors of the enrling  match bctwce
tnd in ami  Kasl,,.
Arnold ��v rtartutah nave.reei.il
u   building,    next    I.,    ll.ix.s'   tin
phop, which will be imstl for store
md office purpose*.
I he      ilain-e    ^iven     in     B! <��� k'-
II del on NF-ml.IV    la-t U.ts    I; 11 ji ��� 1 y
ittendod ami s Rrsurate tim ��� \mw*
spent   by   th'*  yoUllg   people.
l-aae   Cunning   is    -*ii<m,-I\    ill
kii Bering ir-'in heart -ii- use    h Is
-im*i*r.*lv   to   In*    ho|H'd   thai    Mr.
Cunning will soon be wound again
���l Barnes, the well-known freight
igenl on tlte   N    6V   "J.   l.\ l�� im*
proving, ami the   elianees are llt.it
in* will  poll through  nliimatel)
II Eiughes, who   was injiiieil in
the recent enowslide. was hroughl
down from Oody <>n Thursday last
and is now at Ilia. kV Hotel. He
i- now improving rapidly.
.1. C. (Jwiiiiin, of Blocan City,
passed   through   Sandon   <>n hi>
way  to   Kasl i   Thursday   hxt
lie returned yesterday aud will
spend u few days In town.
Chas.  McNlchol,   of Silverton,
passed through Samlon on his way
to Kelson on Monday last.
���J s Beeder has sold hi- latin*
���Iry lo Mr.-. A. Kl-insmi'lt. late of
Wallace, Idaho, Mr. Seeder ami
bit a if.- will enjoy ,t well-eartiHtl
rest before embarking in another
F. Cf. Schmidt, manager ofthe
Phoenix, reports tilings as look*
ing very nicely on that property.
The lead continue* to average 18
inche* on the hanging wall and 4
inches on tl e footwall, nf hi^ii
grade ore.
A   Narrow Escape.
Al. |.\ neli. ofthe K- E !.��������� mine,
\n.i- caught in t'ne Last Chance
slide the ntiter day and came very
nearly l"-inn id-, life. 11. - was
almost completely buried in the
-How   which   wi-    pack'd   a roti ml
him -" Rrmly that lie had  to lie
dun out.     H.i 1 hi-   rii.-s for a--isf.
>ne ��� n"t been heard and promptly
answered, lie tfoultl unnouhtedly
made another addition to ihe li-t
.-I Victims to I he t r. a el nt mi- s 11.1 w-
M    D . C   M ,
Former^ of ths Wtnnipe-g (i.-ner-
al   Ii������-pr.al.
��� MV.e- over ralaee Saloon. I.o.nti 3.
> \ s DOS,   B.   c
1 anadian I'aniic
S00    PACIFIC    IcE
The Quickest and Cheapest Route
\i.d  all   Fisteiii  Points,
I nexcelled Sit������ ping Cars on fill
Ti alus. Tourist I '.us to St. Pan!
Daily; Boston, .very Thursday*
Toronto, every Monday from
K v*elstoke
Steamer iraves Nakusp every Sun
il.iv. W duesda*)  and   Friday
morning, making clone conuec*
ttoti at Revelstoke with trains
'..*��� all point- Bast nr \\'��� -t.
So. *5
Before you travel get   In for unit ion
from 0.   P.   R.   ��gei ts as to
t line- and rates. Il w ill nave
\ on tUOUej . A pplj tu lie,li est
Kail way Agtsiit or lo
A.   C.   McARTHUR,   Agent,
District Passenger Agent.
VntlCOU v er.
"Companies Act," Pari IV., mid Amending
"Ramsdeli Mining and Milling Com
p��ny"  Foreign I
It.;.- ist ��r.*l tlte :inl .la> of K.-lniinry, ls'.tT.
HEUEBV CERTIFY thai 1  Iwv.- Mtih .lay
r.*��i-i.r(-.i i in---itaiiiail.il  Mining and Mill-
Kon-ignl u'lil.-r Uu* "'i'iiiii-
' trail.>ii <>f I'.if-
in-* e.iiniianv" iKon-lgnl 11
nili-s Art.'' I'iiri  IV..  "R.-ir
elan Otmpanli
.-leu > ��� in11mi i. -.   an.i amending Acta.
The bead office ol tbeiald company la lit-
it:<t.*.i at ihi* citv nt Tacoma, in Hie Slate "i
w 'aablngton. i. s. a.
I'm. ..i.|.et�� im wlii.-h in.- company la eatab-
llnhed are: -
To acquire, hold, bay, aetl, leaae. wort and
operate mlnea an.I  mineral clatma In  the
I tilted Stat. ��u: \ ri.-a and In the Province
>.f l'.nti-.li in, in ui. in: to bay, tell, mill, -melt.
unit, -tanti', ami concentrate mineral" of
every kln.l ami deacrlpUod in tbe United
Htatea of   mik-ri.it ami  in  the  Province of
It-..  1.1.     .'..I UI  !_. 1     .... ...  1
autiii. hi > m.-ri.it ami iii tne er.i\ in.-.- ��'t
Hniif.li Columbia; to actialre, buy, -.'il, and
i��-)i��a. waterpowi r, trateralte* and water-righta
in th.- iiiiii-.i staii* "i America and m tbe
Province of lsnti-h rol mbla; t>t procure,
bold, bay, neli, conatrttct, operate and main"
tain, electric, (team aud waterptiwer plants,
for Hie pnr|..a<- ol fumlahlng power ana u^lit
for all and ever) kind of purpoae and ubjeel
in tbe In it.-, i stat.-- ot Ain.-ri.-;. and tbe Province ol HrltMi onlumbla
Tin- nipiiiii at��K-h ol the said company la one
million dollars, dlvld**d Into one million
-it.m ����� of tbe par value of one dollar eacb.
��� iiv. ii under my hand and i*eal .it office al
Victoria. Province of Britlab eolumbia, thi>
: ri day >��f Pebrnary, i^*4'.
... -. s. y. WCw >TT> ��N,
Registrar of Joint Stock (vmpa  i< a
I'. i>. i Uh. is���:.
Certificate of Improvements.
Pacific Minrral i um.
sttuiin-   in tbe   Ktoeen  Mining   l��i>l-l.��n ��t
Weal K.kiTi nay District, on n��yne Moun-
tabi. North <u and adj��ilntng lite Wi^him.'
Take noUce that I, \.s   i-arwell. agent for
Frederick rtte* le, Pree Miner's i a*rtlfj -ate Nn.
.:.:-��.. and Samuel   B.   *-t.��-..-. free Miner's
i , rt :t\.-a!a N'.i. 7 ;.'.i|.;. int mi. sixty days tntsa
th. date hereof lo apply to the   Mining Helm a certificate >.i  improvements. f<>-
lh< (rtirpose ofobttilnlng a   rown gnuitoftht
ata)\ !��� claim.
And further take notice thai action, andei
aectioaS.. mnat be commenced before the i>-
soance of such certificate ..i Improvementa
Dated this dob day of Sovember. ISBtt.
I >���. . .Mit. ";��>. \. s i--;1 wi ii ,
Loo* Ol i   .NOQot.trRBCsMlXRRAi.CI tniv
Sit tin ti Iii tlie slocan Mining l"vi-j,>u..f \\'.-t
Kootrnay ��� (strict, adjoining tbe \\"onder-
nil mineralcl%lm l.. KIO. i.  on tYtrpen-
ti r . reek and about one ana a one4hlKl
, - u. -t nf the toarn ofKandon.
l.i... iiotlci 11 .ia t I. \. si   parwelt, agent fur
tl.<- Wouderful tirouu Mining Company, Prae
Miner's fertlficate N      *������* '���'  ���*���
������ .  Intend
vini. i a  . i riiiii-an-  .>. .   .......   iiu.-iiii   siTiy
days from tbe.date bereof, i.. apply t.i tin-
^! . ng Recorner for a certificate .���! Improve
mente, for ti.'- purpose of obtaining a
i i..-.-. n kiuiiI ������: th. sbi.ve claim.
Vnd fUrtbcr take notice thai action, under
���cciloi 35, must be commenced before ihi-i>-
suance of such eertlfleate of Improvementa
Dated this >th da> >>t N..\. in-...:r, ISUtt.
Dec.Mh,   ��� A.s. Farwrix.
California mineral claim.
Situate in tin- Slocan mining division <>f W< -i
Kootenay district, aboul three miles east
..; ti.. town "i Sew Denver,
i.iki not tee I bat I, A.H. KarweU, acting as
agenl for James Marin. >, free miner's certtfl
cmti N.i.:i.:"": Vlfred J. Mark-., free miner**
certlfleati So, 7.;.!.-: James .\. .aeDotuild free
piluer's certtflcate So. 87.087, and Byron C.
X".ait Honten freemlder's certificate So, dl, .*.'.
Intend,sixtj days from th. date hereof, to
apply to the mining recorder Sir a eertiflcau
of Improvements, for tbe purpose ol obtaining a cmwn grant >>f the abov i claim.
And further take notice thai action, under
section IT. must be commenced beftare the i>-
suanee of such cerl Ulcate <>t Improvemei ts
Oat.-11 hia tin. nth .ia\ of January. iv,7.
Jan.  .'th :-"7 a. s. K \'l.w KI.I..
I...in- star nnd Blue Orouse Mite ml I'iaims
Situate in He* Slocan Mining Division of \Vesl
Iv. ��� ���!��� n:i> District, tbree-tourtlis of a  mill
snutb   <ii   sandon,  weal  nl Slocan star
. .:  tup
fake notice lhaU I. John Kleldlng. as a^. m
for J antes D.b word, Kree Miner's CertiOcaU*
So. 7K..VW, intend, sixty ibiys froin the dab
hereof, to apply Us the Mining Recorder lot
..- icatesofimpruvemcnt.i lor tin purpose
of obtaining > powii grant* of the above claims,
\   l further take notice, that action under
nectton   ^7, Mineral   lei  WW, nnist be com-
���  before th. Issuanceof said certificates
of linia'.iv .-lit. nl-.
lt.it. a ihi* Ttii .ia\ ol January, ls-o
Jan. "th  ''>'��� JOHN I- li-a.l'lM..
snow��ti.nn Mineral Claim,
sittuitt- tu the Slocan Mining Division of Wi-st
Kootena) District, adjoluing the Slocan
ii..  en ra> in mountain
'I'liU. notice thaU 1. A. S. Karwell, acting as
agi ut for Kdward Rabon, Pree Mluer'a Uertifi*
irate So.5t.981, Intend, sixty days from tbe
date hereof, to aipplj lo Hi.- Mining Recorder
fora certificate .*t Improvemeuta, lor the  pur-
poM? ofobtalnUig a Orowu granl "f tbe above
Ind further tak< notice thai action, under
section St, musl bi eommenced Is fore the Issu-
iiiii-i- of such certlflcnu "i lmpro> ementa.
I'nt. .1 tin- liih .l;t\ ofUctober. lssni.
Jan.Wh   !'T. \. s. i-AKWia.l..
Phoenix Mlnera! Claim,
Situate in tbe Hlocan Mining DIvUion ol Weal
Kootenay District, three and three-foarths
itiiu-r. ap Sorth Fort oi Carpenter Creek,
Take notice that, I.Jobn Pieldlng.as agent
for the Pboenlx Consolidated Mining and
Milling Co.. Limited LUvblllty. Pree Miner's
Certificate No. 74,419, Intend, sixty daya n-.nii
the date berecX to apply to the Mining Record*
cr for a certificate <ti improvementa, for tin-
pnrpose of obtaining a crown granl ot tn.-
gbove claim.
Ami further take notiee. that a.-tion tinder
lection 97. moat be commenced before ihe la-
-nun.*.- ofaach eertifloate of improvements.
Dated thia latday of Jannary, W7.
Jan. !Hli. '!I7. .I.iIIN I'll-1.MS.;.
Noble    Klv��*.    Knoxvllle.    Bonanza    King,
World's Pair and Maud E Mineral t laima.
Sltuah; In tbe Mlocun Mining Division of West
kootenay Distinct, on Noble Five Moan,
lain, one mils north ofCody.
Take notlocthat, I.Jobn Field Inc. aa agent
for the Noble Five Consolidated Mining aud
Milium i'itm(iiin\. Free Miner's CertTflcats
No. T7.'i7!i, itHsna, sixty days from tbe date
bereof, to apply To the Mining Recorder for
cf ri ' ��� ttes oilrnproi ementa for the purpose, ol
chta     ag Crown grants of tbe above claims.
An. rurtber take notice, that action under
fi-ftii ������ 87, inu-t be commenced before the la
s>uant     fsucli certificates of Improvements.
. it.     !n- ith day of January, 1.--7.
Jau H.. '.'7. .loHN' KlKl.lUNU.
sitiiat. m the Slocan Mining Division of W< -i
Kootenay l)i>tti.-t. on Carpenter Creek.
ail..ut two mites easterly fr..;u tbe town oi
Take notice that I. A. K. Farwell, agenl
fur f.>iiti MeNeiii. Free Miner's Certificate So.
M -:.���.'. mid Hani.-l McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate Nn. MCiT:i Intend, sixty days from the
lint.- hereof, tonpplv to tbe Mining Recorder
for a *-. rtlfioate oi Improvements, for the par*
pose *>f obtaining a Crown -T.Mt ofthe above
And further take notice tbat action, under
section 37, mast be commeneed before theis-
saance of such eertlfleate of Improvements.
l at.-.t thia 12th day ..f November, ISH
Jan. 2nd. '���>'. A. 8. Farwrlu
Yik*. is Mineral i i.aim.
Situate In tbeBlocan Mining Dtvhrton of West
Kootenay   iti>tri.-t. >m Carpenter  creek,
near tbe Glreenhorn mineral claim.
Take notiee that, I. A. s. Farwell, agent mr
Frederick J. l�� naldson, Free Mluer'a .���.rtirt-
i at.-  No.    oftjOSO.: John   ��V   >��-it/.t-r.    Fl	
Miner**- Certificate So.61.lUB; Charles B Mc-
Cluskey, Free Mineria Certificate So BI.iUS,
mul William ll. Todd. Free Miner's iVrntl-
.ai.Ni. 'd.s.". Intend, >.ixt> day- Drum tbe
date hi r.-.u. t>. apply to tin- Mining Recorder
t..t a certificate "i Improvements, tor the par-
pose of obtain tog a Crown i-'runt of tbe above
.vini further take notice that action under
tM.-tiun c. inu��,i be commenced before the i--
siiaiu-,-..: Barb >���< rtlficul   til Improvements,
Dated this nth day >>f November, I8BU,
Jan. tod. "81. A S.FAKWKLL
Willi (i.H.M' mineral claim,
situat. in th. si.M-au mining dlvtslou of Wesl
Koo tenay district, un Noble Flvemoun-
Take notice that I, \.s. Farwell   acting as
agent for the Noble Ften, t.'onaoUdated  Mbi-
lug   and  RllRng in..   (forvlgU).  free miner's
certificate No.77aTB, Intend, sixty .lays from
tbe date hereof, t>> apply to ih��- Mining il. -
corder for a certificate of  Improvemente, f��>r
the parpose of abhttntag a Crosrn grant of
the above claim.
And further take'notiee tbat action, under
section n.mtist be commenced before tbe teso-
ai .-. of such certificate ol Improvements.
Pate.i tin- tbe IStth day <>t Januarr, l-!'7.
.Ian. 1Mb, 1- f7. A. B,  FARWELL.
c-iite mineral claim,
Situate m the -ii��hu mining division of Wesl
Kootenav   district, about one-qaarter >.i
one mil.- nortbeast ofthe town of Cody.
Tak* notice thai I, A. 8, Farwell, acting as
ageut !<ir I'luur.a-Marks, fl-.-.- mluer'a eertlfleate No. 70,'JSh, Intend, sixty days from tbe
date hereof, to apply to tin- Mining .���i-.it-.t.i
for a .. rtiflcate of Improvements, for lbs pur-
poae cf obtaintnc a Crrosrn grant of the above
And further take notice thai action, under
section ST, must be cotnmeueed btfore the Issuance of such certificate ol Improvement*.
Dated 1  isvtb day of Jauuary, l*)i7.
Ian. 1Mb. lv'7. \.  S. F v It WELL.
mineral claim.
Starttgbt   No.  ����� mioen-.i   .-iitiiit.
Situate m the si, wan mining division of Weal
Ko >u na> dlstrlcl north of, .ml lolnlng the
Lasl ' "hance mineral claim.
Take notlc ti.at  1.   \.*s. Farwell, acting as
Hgenl for tiie l.,-t Clmnce Rlnlug and Millnn:
..... fr. ���  in in. r's .-. rtitieiit.   So, 7)1 WI, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply n>
.i\ii  .;a\^ iii.iu in,   .ii,i.    ii. ,,....   ,.-   ����,-,-.,,   ...
tbe Mining Recorder tor a certificate ol Improvements, for the purpoae of obtaining u
crown granl ol the above claim.
.\i,u limit, t akenotice that uctlon, under
retion 87. must becomroencetl betore in. i--
uata- ..I -in-ii certificate "i Iniproveuienta.
I'ai.-.i tin- 7th day oi Januar*.. Is87.
an. ltttb.lWff,       \ s. i- \it>\ ELL.
im  mux Fraction Mink.uai. claim,
Situate in the --1.1.-an Mluiug Division of Wesl
Kooteua>    District,    In   the      cOnlgan
Take notice that, 1, A. s Farwell, acting ti-
agi n; for Michael C Monagbau, Free M uer'a
Certtfivate .n<>. 7i,iu, luleuo, -ixt> days from
tii. date bereof, wi apply to tbe Mining Recorder for a eertifloate of improvements, i>'i-
tin- purpose of obtaining a Croa n granl of tit.-
above claim
A.nd further take notice thai action, undei
section S7, must be commenced before tbe la
manoe of such eertifloate ��>t improvements.
Dated titis '-"Mb dav of December. UWI.
Jan. tod, W A.s Fai-.\vk.i,i., Escaped  With   Injuries.
The Bin-bin! -slide broke on
Saturday last ami Harry Hughes
who was crossing it at the time
was caught ami carried about a
mile ami a half ai at oat to tlie town
of Cody, lie sustained some internal iujtiri**** besides receiving
an ugly scalp wound, but is, getting along nicely and will be
around again shortly.
J. Wilson, win) was <i'...--ing the
slide with liiiu at the time, escaped
an.l proceeded immediately to the
Goodenungfj mine, tie* in-ansi
point to the scene of th ��� accident,
where a sea re i party was or��jan-
iz**.l. The men in this party show
ed tiie greatest courage, courage
indeed which almost amounted to
foolhardinesa. iu going down the
ravin- through which the slide
had passed, in their search for
Hughes, f'.r ;.t any moment the
balance of the slide might have
b*eu precipitated to the bottom
and they would not have had ;i
H i .-t of a show of escaping its
- Tote, Cipttes aid Pipes,
- Piayiag Cards and Poker Chips.
(In Rear of 15.ilmoral Hotel.)
Tha Hockey Match.
Tii* hockey match between the
Fat- and t'ue Leans of Ban l<n> on
Monday la,st was tme of the most
exciting and laughable ever wit
messed by tlie citizen- ����f this
town, ir  resulted   in   the th-f-at of
the Fats bv a score "i 2 to 1
From start to finish the game was
a lively one, and the tmecessive
accidents aud eata-trophes to the
pla\ers. kept the spectators in
high "food humor. Some of tiie
players positively distinguished
themselves in the use ofthe inn-key
stick, but the tendencies they exhibited of sitting down in places
and at times most inopportune,
marred greatly the effectiveness
f their play.
Still in the Ring.
S. S. Bailey, well known in thin
section,   as   until    recently    part
owner of the   Payne   mine,   hau
bonded tlie Great   Northern.   Del
Norte, Argentaand another claim,
situated on Hell Roaring (.'reek, a
tributary of the St. Mary's, in tin-
Fort Steele country. The eonsid
eration was $35,0oo, a substantial
percentage being paid down
in Connection.
Salt    Bath"    Without    F.xtr:.
Baths   Without
Call at  the
To WHOM IT MAY conckkn: Thai
we. D. & McVay and   W. H. Mc
\ ay. from and after tnis d te. will
not be responsible for any and all
accounts that may be contracted
for by the Ruth Mines or Ruth
Mining Co.. of Sandon, B. C.
Januarv 2nd, 1897.
For Sale-
One pool table with cues,   ivory
ballst. etc. (by Balke,  Collouder A.
Co., Chicago).    Inquire of
VV. J. Sully,
Dr. F. P. Witter  can   be  found
at McQueen & Gore's Drug Store.
Hotel Ivaotnii'.
Is line of the best pbues in
Sandon to obtain
Beverages u*��   Delicious
A. D.   Wiiiia
slocan mining Stocks bonghl  and sold    W��* knave monev ���
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out for cash
11. us's   for   Sale   or   t->   Let   in   0c4)   and   Sandon
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McMartin & Currie
(g��dy graolf
M AMJFACTURERS   OF-C^   *a*f- -
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EtOa.    Etc.
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A in** WrroS ��.ii Bawl wtoa** ���*.  ��.<n l ���   \ r-     i��,   ���
Nf* Morr l.{|  It.a-.. �����*.. .-..ril )������ ior.1 l.f  I' I ItiUJ
I'l.ite Mm ror--tock. Com in..!! Mirror*.  Plain Qlasv
t'nitain   Poles,  Window   Bhadea,   Refrigerators
Oorolen Trimmings. Boons Moulding ���
Picture Frames. Both Mad* l'p to Order or in Stock. Oil Painting* '' ���
I). J. I^c >l xmI s< hi & < /< >.
Kuriultiie   Dealt*!!  and   I  iMbttrtker*.
a c
DR P. H. POWER.     Fine Watch Repairing
i.ii-. nil       Koj-at t"����ii�� w��   Ptajratclan*,
��� " *.iirsi-tin��, ^
Mkiwta^y, R STRATHERN  <t  C<0
Dublin, Ireland.
PHYSICIAN   AND SURGEON     Wntcbtttstkoi d   Jeweler*
OH'ice:    Kooins.   Nos. I and I,     ��i��i.i..-  Ckmm mmi   favatr)    |,m'""
mt*      ti .. a��elm i*artiln#i
( litton House.
SANDON - - BC     W. Um i iii. Mut. Sand"'-
:.   a   ���*���.*�������� ii.


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