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The New Westminster News Dec 19, 1913

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News Cists!'.     �����*.��.-.
Have  proven  t<      ,;>6rih  by  tbe
results   tbey   p?  ,s.i*.     They    All
liu-gi!   or    Bt]>''      ���'.,'ants    at    small
cost. '  ������>*''
Weather Today.
New  Westminster and  the lower
|malnland:  Light to moderate winds,
cloudy, with occasional rain tonight
ur on Saturday.
Returns Verdict After live STIAyP  ll/AIT
Hours'   Deliberation-     UlUuAIIUNj WAI I
��*���<**#*   ;   ON GOVERNMENT
Sentence    Reserved���Court
Sums   Up   Against
Net Profits for Year Total Two Bombs Explode in (_ar- Ernest Morris, Age 17 Years
Engineers  Will  Look  into
Matter   of   Increasing
Height of Bridge.
All   but  three    of  the    ten    South |
Wililngton  miners arraigned  cn  live 	
different counts   were    acquitted    t�� 'Deputation   Alto Asks    that
$2,142,100   or   Slightly
Over W/t Per Cent.
Maintained Strong  Financial  Position
During  Unusual Conditions���
Satisfactory Year.
den Adjoining Southeast
llie jury In the assize court yesterday
afternoon. The Ihree found guilty
wire  Ixjule   Neunthal,   John   l>.   Items
and Herbert Robinson,   bottle Neun
thai -alio wuh the aliened ringleader
In all the troubles, was found guilt)
on two counts rioting and unlawful
assembly. The other two man were
ei uvlrti d  otl   tin.   charge  of  unlawful
Seven were acquitted on ull llv
Out  Five Hours.
The jurj deliberated llv.* bourn and
returned  to the court  room  OO  three
different occasions.
Ills lordship, Hon. Mr. Justice Mor
rtson, concluded hi. ramming up
Shortly hefore l'J o'clock noon. The
jury retired then and returned again
al  1 o'clock for enlightenment on the
evidanoe   given   by   Superintendent
Itoaf, of the Pacific Coaat conl mines,
Again   Returned.
At A'.Vi Ihe jury again returne-d nnd
rendered a verdict on th��' flrsl four
counts on the Indictment which In-
eluded Uie con ue uon of tiie three
men found guilty
It wu* dlticpyere-d. however, that the
iifth count had lstit* overlooked and
tho jury was Instructed to retire
Thin they did and at T, 10 o'clock re
turned wilh n verdict of not guilty on
the fifth count coviiIhk all the ac-
ruped. The live counts were two ol
riotous destruction of property, riot,
unlawful assembly and a combined'
count of assault and Inlimidatleu
Creek Be Dyked to Prevent
Frequent Overflow.
Part Attacked  Was    Near    Cells
Which Militants Are Usually
Accused of Attempted
Case for Crown Complete and
May Bs Reached Today in
Assize Court.
verdict | ^a^r of U.S. House Criticizes   Republicans   for
Gloomy Outlook.
| Cabinet of Opinion Not Sufficient   Benefit   Would
Accrue Investors.
Rise in National Expenditure���Germany's Refusal
Another Reason.
Montreal, Dee. 18.���The Itoyal Hank London, Dec. 18.-An attempt, at- The trial of Ernest Morris, a hand-
of Canada, which has forwarded to tributed to suffragettes, was made to-1 some looking youth of 17 years, ar
shareholders lis annual statement for I night to blow up part of Ihe south-1 raigned on tbe serious charges of at
victoria. Dee. IS.���This   afternoon
Mayor    Cray,    of    New Westminster,
waited upon the premier and minister j
of public  works to ask that  the Pitt
river bridge be   built   twenty   teet
higher in order that small boats may
pas* under it. It was promised that
the matter would be looked into by
tlle engineer.
From the Fru.cr valley came a
deputation which urged the government to dyke Mission creek so that
the frequent overflows which injure
the rich agrlcullural laudB In the
vicinity jnay be stopped. This matter
also Is to be looked into by the public works department engineers.
Soulh Vancouver and North Van
couver districts walled upon the government jointly, the former requesting that it be permitted te use 450
Inches of the SOO inches of the water
In Scjmour creek allowed lo North
Vancouver. North Vancouver insisted
lhat while Soulh Vancouver was welcome to thut water for the present,
when North Vancouver's growth was
so great that it needid th,. water for
its own use tbe water shculd be
lurned over entirely to that municipality. At present North Vancouver
district buys from tbe city of North
tins year ending November 29, 1918,
bas had a most satisfactory year. Of
speclul interest to shareholders, in
nddltlon to the attractive profits that
have been made, will be the strong
linancial position in which the bank
lias maintained itself under the conditions which have prevailed, which
were unusually heavy. This was the
lirst full year tlie Itoyal bank has
completed since itB absorption of tho
Traders bank.
The net profits fur the year amounted    to    $2.142,1011.22,    equivalent    to
east wall of Holloway jail by the explosion of two bombs.
The bombs are believed to have
been secreted In the garden of a
house adjoining the jail. The part
of the wall attacked was near the
cells In which the suffragettes are
usually confined.
Miss  Rschel   Peace,  sentenced    to
��� tempted murder of Percy and John
Johns and shooting with intent to do
igrevious bodily harm to the same
men opened in the assize court yesterday afternoon.
Vigorously Defends New Tariff Law-
No Signs of Falling Prices
Merely Prudence
London, Dec. IS.���The cabinet decided tonight against official representation of Great Britain at tho
Panama-Pacific exposition.
Apparently the board of trade has
not changed its belief that only small
benefit would accrue to British exhibitors  and  the   ministers  took  the
  -view that because of the rapid rise Jn
Wa-shineton     Dee.    is ��.���_���'****- national expenditure it would  be
Washington,    Dec.    18. - Speaker inadvisable to devote any considerable
Uark left his chair in the house to-'sum of money to tbis purpose, especi-
The   offences  are  alleged   to   have I da>' to challenge  the    patriotism    cf ally in view of Germany's refusal to
been committed at Extension, the riot'."calamity howling" Republicans, after ;participate officially in the exposition,
eommitles Minority Leader Mann  had made    a i    ���e ^bineta decision was not gen-
speech picturing the countrv in    the eT*-n-' kl">wn tonight, but it is certain
slightly over l��Wi per cent, on capital ence��  were  made l0 her treatment,
stock.     At   the   end   of   the   previous coupled with threats of revenge
18 months Imprisonment for arson, Is |centre     of    the .,���   ��� ....   ,..,.,.,���,,.   ,���    ,���. .__..
the only suffragette at present   in ibejof Vancouver island, on    August   18 throes of business and industrial de-.10 be received with great disappoint-
Jall.   It is alleged that she has been 'last, during the height of the troubles, pression as   a result    of Democratic iraent-
subjected for forcible feeding, and at The prisoner    is    charged    on    four,tariff legislation. .   The Daily Chronicle attributes   the
recent militant meetings angry refer-1 counts, two of attempted murder, one |    ".\s the  greatest calamity  howlers  Anglo-German parsimony to the enor-
for each  man, and  two  of  she.oting in America," the speaker    presented mou8 armament bills, which it    con-
with intent to    do    grievous    bodily   Senator Root, of New York:   Former  sul-ers a  great  pity and  hopes    that
this   in-  Speaker Cannon, Chairman  Hilles   ofiwiaer  influences  may  prevail    when
parliament reassembles.
vear there stood a  balance of profit I   T1,e ��P��oston did not damage   the harm, one for each man in
and loss M10,21��J_.   and this   added!1*11'  Dllt  the  surrounding  high  wall stance also. ;the   Republican  national   committee,
to the profits of  lbe yenr   made    an  where It abuts ou the garden was so j    The case for the crown which was former Governor Hadley, of Missouri,'
amount available for distribution    ot badly damaged that lt must be rebuilt, concluded before the court adjourned and Representative Mann.
$2 75" '19 68 I    No   arrefU   have   b<*>'))   made,   and iyeaterday ts that between 3:30 and 4 1 Simply Prudence.
Ot thla  amount  dividends  at    the apparently there are no clues to the o'clock    Ernest    Morris   crawled   Ini    vigorously defending the' new tariff I  -
rate of 12 per cent per annum took culprits, but it ls said that the house amongst a growth of shrubs ln the iaw> Mr. Clark asserted that if there; Somewhat of a sensation has been
81-k'JIGO- $100 000 vvas applied tc i*>���*��� becn occupied recently by Mrs. .yard ol the Canadian Collieries com- had been any hold up in business it ;caused in provincial police circles and
pension funds 8250 000 written off'Patri. an ardent militant, and has pany at Extension and took two pot wa8 amply because prudence was be-iin Nanaimo over the sudden dlsap-
bunk premises' leaving an amount of bwn utilised as a rendexvous for suf- ehots st the Johns brothers who lng e_erciged. He said the wish was pearance of George Hannay. provincial
8101:, 11. to be carried forward to tragettes to signal to the Inmates ofiwere standing on the tipple of the tbe father of the thought with the g?1 ce constable, with, it is alleged.
he balance of profit nnd loss account ,**-��� V*i*c*. j start  of  one of  the  mines.     Neither  Republican  leaders  and   suggested   It "^r   from  Nanaimo^Hannav U^
l.'uuid assets at the end of the year ' 1 'man was Injured, but they were suffi   waa gtrange no   oue   el8e   had grapher, from Nanaimo. Hannay Is a
8STtRjKlS,��SHlfl? ALBERTA LOAN. {**** scared to cause them to seek aigng oI falling price, .married man and his wife is In Na-
equivalent to 46 886 percent, of   the ���   jrtieUer at once *���    _..-���.     ������     *  naimo.
*    It  was charged by    Percy
Sentence on   the   three   convicted, , . ,....*. ,,,
Z  reserved     The  others   with  a��l>����*OT��r and '" "ot "*'"* |U n*hl"
option of  Rice,  who    Is    charged !ln &T*W���*��
them to seek aigng oI t���ning prices.
1 "These men," continued n-iT-anr, p.,,,,,i-!,,��� ,r_ h,,*n, ���.,. ,,, ,- . -,,���.,��
total liabilities and tl.e proportion of Premier tifton Announce, that ���a���\J^__u?^J_*^ ������ �����* "V��-*��? ,0 ��* Jnto,u-,t' f^ ',bun'o3���� a. to hta whSSabouu tal
actual   cash   reserve, reached   their. l**. Ha. Soured $3,000,000. _��^*_T*Z%2__7 ,��� 'tit"  h!m ***** ^ery day. statements that the    H been dtocoTered.   M ��� lhought h9
binnest total of 13.811 per   cent.    De-     Edmoaton. Dec. IR-Premier Sifton  ����*_! ^,!^,?����� ,a�� ,wn h._i ��� COuntfy i8,��ol'U8 l? *��� dogs **?* buT" i�� with the girl in Portland, Ore.
posits not bearing    interest    $83,726. announced tbis   afternoon   that   the during an ^ercation the two had on neM is golng ^ the deuce and people j    Hannay  ���. _e 6tar witne8g in the
871.80. !sum ot J3.600.0C0 had been placed to * Sunday about two months previous^ that never thought of a panic will be-lNanaimo  riot  cagefi yet to  be  tried
The total deposits   were   $138.177,-' the credit of the provincial   govern   Several pen who were JfltaMse. tf I^ t0 atudy a bit.    By all thinking j,t the assizes in this city.
68*47 Went in Uie Imperial bank at    ***t)\*f ����eged shooting tesUfied agairwt ������.��� ^g wm be considered a mons-     ��e was one of the principal wit-
as the proceeds of a    loan , Morris. ^ ^   ^ trous and napardonaMo performance." nesses for the �����|rown in
th another olf-snc* were -given their
r\. C, McCandless, of the Vancouver board of trade, and T. C Hedley.
iof the chamber of mlues. asked the
government to lend financial assistance to the establishment cf an exhibit of liritish Columbia ore'! al the
chaiiiLer of mines in Vancouver and
the premier promised au early answer to  this renuest.
freedom Immediately the verdict
The summing up of his lordship
was inclined against the prisoners.
His Charge was somewhat similar to
thai delivered when the -fourteen
Ladysmlth  men   were  on  trial.
\iter minutely reviewing the   evi-
iliiice. bin lordship dwell em the effort of the defence to prove an alibi
in   the  caso  of thn  majority  of    the
lie quoted tlie authorities extern
rtvely on this and pointed out lhat
an alibi must show thu^iitier impossibility of the accused being at the
scene of the crime wben it actually
look place.
The jury must leave completely out
cl consideration all questions of
union, starving children and 3trlke
conditions on Vancouver Island
I'nions were perfectly legal, but. like
other orKaiii7.ntionB, such as churches
nnd societies, had blacklegs on thoir
membership rolls. The court was
i|Ulte sure that the untons did uot
countenance the acts of violence per
pretrated on Vancouver Island bv ite-*e
union men any  "O^ttay church I    ^^ ^ ^^ Qn ^ con
mon ton,
Ring Out the Old.  " sold to th*"1lrm ot Spencer, Trask &
Washington. Dec. 19. -The natal Co. and some New Vork sssoclatts.
observatory has arranged to send a The price is given as IM.15 net.
^Ime signal to mark the death of thel "This loan was provided for at the
old year and thc birth of the new. It ,a8t sitting of the legislature,"
^���ill be spread broadcast over both th^'p-j,-,,^- gifton said tonight. "Al-
! Atlantic  and  the continent    by    the though we have received   this large
navy's great radio station at Arllng
amount  It does not mean   that
Recent Appointments Published in Current Issue of Canada Gaiette���
Eight Companies.
Official ratification cf the recent
changes In the 104th regiment is given
In the current issue of the Canada da-
would   countenance
Its own elders.
version of the regiment from a five
to an eight company establishment,
the appointments given below are
To be provisional majors, Charles
Edward Doherty and Capt. A. L. Coote.
Capt. 1. W. Dowdlng ls transferred
Open Line In January.
Ottawa,  Dec.   18.    K.   A.   Mountain,
chli f cngine-er of the railway commls-
flnn. rrturnrd  today  from  an Inspection rf the C. ?.'. R. Ontario railway
from OtUwa to Napanee,  which has 110 the Ilth regiment Irish EusillerB of
recently been completed and wlilch Is I Canada.
a continuation of the Toronto-Napanee      To hc provisional captains. Provision.    Mr. Mountain found the line t'i  tonal  Lieutenant  D.  E. Carleton  and
lie In good condition generally and It \ Lieutenant  T.   K.  Caskey.
will be open for freight and local pas- j    To be captain, Lieut. 0, H. Corbould,
senger  traffic  by  Jan.    5.    Through   from the Corps Kererve, 8th regiment
service will begin in the spring.
The Duke of Cnnnaught's Own lllfles
To be provisional captains: Francis
Henry    Cunningham.     Leslie    Earls
To Withdraw Deposits.
Indianapolis. Ind.. Dec. 18.���As an 1 Haines,
aftermath of the recent labor trouble | To bo provisional lieutenants: John
and strikes here It wsa announced to-.William Carmichael. John Herbert Dla-
day that officers of International (mond. Sergt. Geoffrey Hornby, Mat-
unions having offices In thli city at aithew John Knight. John William Clif-
meetlng last night decided to with
drew from Indianapolis banks on Jan.
1, all the funds of ths International
organizations It Ig possible to withdraw at that time. The deposits total
between $4,000,000 and $8,000,000.
ford l-ord, James Alfred Motherwell,
William Oeorge Swan and Thomas
Dockrill Trapp.
To bo paymaster with the honorary
rank of lieutenant, Thomas Henry
Smith, gentleman.
Announce Winners*
ot Essay Competition
in The News Monday
ton and all ships and shore stations j;a7e" money "to" burn so to speak. It
equipped   with  radio  apparatus    and h   government in the position
even ainateurB are asked to listen for * ~~  . " k re   of   its
signal will  begin nt  11.45 p.m.. 75th I financial    problems    are    now    >er>
.  .   ...   ���     the ��Ma! of
Also an Alibi. a Gloomy Picture. ; Cowler. et al, for assault upon another
"We will prove conclusively that Representative Menu had painted a provincial constable. He has been
| the accused was not ln the neighbor- 'gloomy pict.re of the country under, with tbe provincial police three years
hood of the mine between the hours the Democratic tariff and the threat and before that was a miner and waa
of 3 aud 5 o'clock," declared J. E. and political control of banking and .popular on Vancouver island. He ren-
Bird, who is acting with Mr. Leighton currency. - Idered   splendid   service  towards   tha
in  lhe  behalf ot the  accused,  while I    "Throughout the country today." he Quelling  of  the  riots  during  August
outlining the defence. said, "wherever men are congregated !ast'
The youthful defendant appears to. there is that quiet  discussion   going j
be little worried over the gravity of
now,, that    when    cold weather
meridian  time.  Dec.  31.
f.ivot able."
Approve Reply to Throne.
the charges which tang over his igl'rikea.the country will end in a Rome, Dec. 18���The chamber of
head. He frequently conferred with ro(rr and a howi that wlll even pene- [deputies by a vote of 362 to 90 approv-
bis counsel while in the dock yester-' trate the ear8 of ,lle deaf statesmen jed today the reply to the speech froni
day. always wearing a smile. He has on _e Democratic side of the a!ale.lthe thro,ne* Th?se *ho vo"d ^f1"8*
had considerable experience in the ^eQ ,.,th wives and chiidren. willing ^fPf0^1 were for the most part Sto-
, mines and Is a member of the U. M. t0 work  who were   at   work    thiSs ftt!lJ*U*teen depU"eS absUuned
j W. of  A.    He  walked  out  with  the months ago, are now seeking the op-  lrom TOtm8_	
'other union men when the strike was       tunRv     The president   could    do B.-ort Mlah* n.,--.... {
ftrst declared. ;much  toward reviving confidence  if     otUwa  Dec  18-A slight decrease
I    The feature of the evidence yester   ��,e   WOuld.   Tbe   Democratic   side of: ln tb? cgjiootion ot exclge    tax   on
AT* *x A __-__. _-.._.�����_�����*%._���*������#�� !day  was the free admUsl��" on  tne this house could do much, but they ttlxllh. malt. U"a0r and tobacco ls bj-
���\_**artase Arramietnems.^ <* *�����- *^**��, ^ the crown m    iu. t> famous poiides.tf,CBtedinthefB^BareTeBUeretunn
**-***��� a **�����, ���**���    ***** ��� e who are mostly working miners, thfit * wWch they have talked about on the tor November.   For the month the Col
in two conflict* between   the   union'gtujj-p-^ many year8    we are   not lections  totalled  $1,968,583,   aa com-
������������������ men and the stokers on August 13'juaufled In keeping   silence   on   the pared with $2,037,850 tor November,
'mm I. mmarn. tt. a*** ***#��� \*2'?��,S2?S'_ *��S"ni*l *****: i"'!
C. P. R. Will Continue
Accede to Request   of   Merchants���
Expected Other Lines Will
Fall in Line.
tn * ..��._,- _.���.i#_.��    iand a bystander injured during   one
arrangements until further notice.      i  .        fugiudes
A similar ���taUtnmt �����*���*- out em fw. to C_VB WM
by MMM P^S^J^SJ I***** **�����   He stated that for   15
Uruud Trunk, sutlng that the repre-,       ^ .resident of
entatlve. of the **��**>��* ha�� ��>ee�� ExteMlo|L   He   had   kBOwn   Morri8
Ir.igcnt and that In view of their wil- . Extension and
Montreal. Dec, 18,-An offlolal state-i ���..,���... to p.,  the coat,   the rail- /^eSTlong^de him ^Tbfmines
ment issued   by Vice-President   Bos; way would continue the service , December 17 laat yeaK  He quit
worth of tbe C. P. R. today, in con- ���* */��tS5��2SS?S ?.H In work when the atrlke was declared,
red on with th. ntl.w.y cartage \^J* We^etl'V^u ,ff^^JSM'wSJ'St
piestlen here .Ute. tbat "In view of Tombs and R. ��*_W.��t general JW^ l^^X^^Zts
the uigent demanda of the merchants | freight agents of the C. N. R. and I. _oMt- pre\jous when the   ac-
In  olflerent section, ot the country |C. R. respective y, statements could ^^ u,re4tened t0 .w�� h|tn.
and  tbelr voluntary    offer    through not he obtained beyond the fact tnat ���,���_. ,_ u___
tr nidi of trade, to pay the exact cost  Ihesj lines were not considering   the
oi the cartage, the C. P. R. haa de- matter.
Below is given the order in council
as It appears ln the Canada Gaiette
prohibiting tbe entry of foreign laborers Into BrltlBh Columbia which
bas caused such commotion here recently:
"His royal highness the governor
general In council under and in virtue ttoj,'of"the miiitan'nnd a quarter dol
Special  Meetlm of Burnaby Council
thia Mor'm W templet.
Whether Burnaby will secure a por-
Rifl. in Hand.
Morris and a friend named Sydney
Gordon had followed witness one day
and when he refused to accede to th.
requests for a flght, Morris tad aaM*'
"Never mind, we will get yon ymV ���
As to the actual shooting wltnega
Will It Be a Tale
of Want or Plenty ?
It Is Up To You
What would Charles Dickens write asked Mrs. Cratchit.
lt on Christmas day he visited many "As good as gold." wld Bob, "*m&
ot the home* In New Westminster . ! better. Somehow he gets thoughtful.
Would It be a story of a dreary, cheer- sitting by himself so undi' And think*
less day, just oae nor. in the long the strangest things you ever heard,
row ot days ot want, or would It ta'H. told me coming home \ that hn
on. ot tho-se tales that warms the hoped th. people saw hlm la church-.
stated "that he and his brother John heart of the reader and put. Itt lt the becauae h. waa a cripple andXt.mlgW
and some others  were standing on love ot all mankind? be pleaaant lo them to remember m*t,
the tippl. when they noticed young It the great author cam. to our city on Chrlatma. Day who tmhUm Imm
Morrin approach through ' th. mine and wrote a sequel to bis Christmas tagsars to wnlk and blind tA*nJ*��
yard, rifle in hand, aud attor getting Carrol wonld it be a Tiny Tlm or, a aee." ...y
within about 100 yards distance aim- 8crooge story T   Thn flramea'a 3aata|   Th* ��non* was hrought k-"H��\
ed  directly  at himself aad  brother,Claus tend ia going to aate It th. twn Cratchlm **t  ohatra IW ovary. \
and flred twice.   The second hnlh* totmmt and yonr aid wlllM�� a wboUbody. aot torgMUaig tkiwail^ao, aa*   \
. , .**tWt-\
Immediately   .ought "-safety   in   thej   By the way are you one mt too many ��ed apooaa toto tb* montha,   taa|
wituess felt whia by his ear and he let
.tnonatiag gmarn oa
After waiting patiently for nearly
two weeks all the boya and girls In
the city of twelve year, of age and
under wlll gladly remember that the
result, ot The New. essay competition
will ba announced in thl. paper on
Monday morning.
r HU honor Judge Howay .toted yesterday that he had about completed
Judging the composition, and that tbe
resulta would be obtainable In plenty
of Um* tor Monday'. Issue.
Tbe prise, wlll be obtainable at The
News office on Monday so don't forget
to took for The New. on Monday
morning and see If your nam. I.
among the winner.. There ar* three
prise., the tlrst being flO. second
prise $5 and third prise $8.60.
Th. three winning essays and probably a tew other, will bo published
along with the results. During toe
week also * number of essays, although not pris* winner, and considered worthy ot special mention will
also be jmbllihed.
ot the provisions of subsection 3 of
section thirty-eight of the Immigration
Act, 9-10 Bdward VII; and In view of
the present over-crowded condition of
the labor market In tbe Province ot
British Columbia, Is pleased to make
the following order;
"From and after date hereof, and
until the 31st day of March, 1914, the
landing at any port ot entry tn British
Columbia hereinafter specified ot any
immigrant ot any ot the following
classes or occupation., vil, artisans,
laborers, skilled or unskilled, ahall be,
and tho same is hereby prohibited.
Among the many porta ot entry at
which the order shall apply are mentioned New Westminster, Vancouver,
r.hltllwack, Nanalmo. Ladner and
White Rock.
power bouse.   Iiii brother also dock- who road th* Christmas Carrol every they nhMdd ahrlek. for fooaa m***M
cd.   Witneea admitted tbat he had a Christmas T   Yon tav.nt time T Thu thoir ton mm to b* hriged. AHM.
rovoivw in his pocket, but d'd not Ar. tar. ar* two -axttocta (rm to* woo- th. dh*M w*r* MAfim ar" ~-
tt that day. dortnl book.   Ton can mah* either �������.   tt wga amciaded
Ona cent Portal Rat*.
Washlngtcn, D��c 18.���Postmaater
General Burleson has Informed President Wilson that a surplus exists In
ht. department and th. tlm. will aoon
ba rip* for the on. ent postal rate.
lara from tta Issuing of treasury certificates, before to* Chlrstmaa holidays, will be decided this morning at
Kdmonds when a apeclal meeting ot
the council wtll be held to confer
with the personal representative ot
the Toledo tlnn ot Spltaer. Rorlck ft
Although very few donbt th. municipality will aecure to. finances neces-
tary to Md* thing, over, the meeting
at 10:30 tola morning wUl decide It
th* neo-Maary arrangements caa b*
completed tn tlm* tor approval by tk*
provincial cabin*, before It adjourn,
tor toe holiday season. /
Lmvm fsr ���hanghal.
Ottawa. D*c 11.���La Ping Tloa.
who, tor th* paat aU month, has bow
acting Chlnoss ocm.nl general la Canada, left this afternoon acoompamled
by bl. family for ���baagbnl. Attor a
two montha holPtoy la hi. nntlts land
he will go to Aaatratla. whero ho wttl
till tho Important off lco of eonial gssr
eral la that emikry.
Toa ean mako either said,   tt wag sascisdod by a
Oun Fight    . apply to boms* right ta Now Wsst- Isss pans*, as Mra. Cratokit.
That thsr. were gOO or TOO union' minster according to   wkothsr   yoa slowly all iM| ths carving knlte,= (,
men ln town and only ** rtrikebroak- giro or withhold yonr support tram pant to ginsg* tt lato tk* bmrt; .1
ers wss th* assertion mado by Per^y too flromen'. f _ ' . . 	
John, while under reexamination by    Hero la too flrat oao: 'gass_ ol Stoffagtowsd fortk. mm *m-
A. D. Taylor,   ft. also told ot a gun I   "Itnat tho feUta* ot lta nba It awr et dtfUM aioas ynad tfto board.
flght between th. union awn and the brought two ehUdrsa.   wrotohed.  ��b- aad ovrnT^by Tha. sasttod by   tk*
"soab*" sarltsr tost day. Tho strtkers jeet.   trighttni   bldooaa.   adawMa. yoagf 0p|MMl4 bnt  ea
occupied too tipple while to* "aoaba'Mkoy wen a boy aad a girt.  TtteWi
wore collMtad at the offleo below. A awegro, ttxumtX scowlla*.
fro. exchange   ot   bnlleta   oeeamd    "Hat* they *�� ********* I
unUI tta Striker. Anally tuft. 'ertsi lernoc*.
Witness  testatad tont to*  sam.l   -An tksn a* pttoeaam_,
moralag ke kai ant ht. mottar aad Spirit,  toralag   osHato to* tr* ���
slaters to toe woota tor safety. Perey itoas wt* bla awa wests. ��J_to thsn I
Johas admitted to Mr. Bird that Mm wortdwaMif
MM art dssertba Morria* etatoaa.       (tereego bat ban *mmt tnami
Joha Johns, aged It. told a ebaUar.wbo .-******J*0m***.-,**,:��. m*\
ory to that of hla brother. o< tortoss tosstontoWy. , ���_
William   Moor,   and   a   wwftlai ' Itow road tta tosoad^d m tt yn j
.Jaar named Bsna, who ��W* aee*-. wttl hali.       ' ". ^--i.r _-Ja
J. Campbrtl,   a boy,
  m*mmi**i***m*mm**mmamm***ma***    _
. (Cnttoaat ea *m�� ttm.y      |
OntoMML hMi   mi   ___����� t^o
__________________   _____a^____h_k tto
Ofjir lm -it
tm*-*** ���
tr-a***h'' i
*    * * "**'���      �� PAGE TWO
FRIDAY, DECEMBER  19,  1913.
_ln inA��p*ndt nt mornll.g paper denoted to the inter sts of New IC.stminster *nd
IS* frassr Vsllsil- PatUshSi every moTtiino cirrpt Sunday by the National Printing
*.A Vublithi'ig Company, Llmifeit, ��i c,?, II. Hemic Blrsst, -Vtu> Westminster, British
Columb,* BOBS fit TBBRLAND, Hanaijiny .lit-ecler.
All commtllHoat'lOM should t>�� addressed to The New Westmtnstsr News, nnd not
to individual StsmiW* Of the stttTl. Chet-ues. droits, and money orders should lie mads
payable tn 1 I.e National Printing and rutliihino Cnmptiiiii. Limited.
Th'l.i: 1'IIOSlis��� Ilusiness Oiriee and Manager. DOS),- Kdilnnu! Rooms iall cieiiurt-
���Mm.ii. ..I.
BOBBORIPTION RATBB��� By carrier. ��4 jicr year. II /or thrre months, 40c prr
atonth     Hit mini, n P'*r i>e��r, Hoc per month.
ADTBRTIBINO BATBB on tvplitcitiun.
Tho defeat of the French cabinet on the question of
whether the proposed issue of government bonds should
be taxed has produced such a crisis in France as has not
been known in that country of crises for years. The true
meaning of the loan is financial preparation by France
for war, and the proposal to tax the government bonds has
dealt a blow to French prestige that is stupendous,"while
the forced postponement of the loan lessens the republic's
readiness for trouble.
As a lesson to other nations the affair in Paris teaches"
the enormous cost, not only of war. but of arrfled peace.
The command of money has become in international politics a factor equally as great as the control of men and today the situation bears the aspect of being altogether in j
the hands of the people who pull or loosen the purse strings
of the nations.
Every year sees greater numbers added to the inter-,
national party striving for universal peace and every year
sees public sentiment Veering a little more in the direction j
of curtailing the tremendous, useless expense involved in
keeping super-dreadnoughts afloat and regiments armed
for battle.   The war men of the different nations are do- \
ing their best to keep up their cry, but they do not seem
to realize that in increasing the yearly expenditures they
are gradually making strife too costly and thus forcing on the world the adoption of the peacemakers' idea
that war is an unnecessary evil.
Somebody suggests raising rabbits to cut down the
high cost of living." If it's easier to raise rabbits than to
raise money, why let's go to it.
English capitalists are going to breed silk worms on
Long Island, but it all rests with the worms whether
there'll be any silk manufactured or not.
One bright ray in the gloom of the h.c.o.l. sky is the
fact that the Japanese have this season reaped the biggest
peanut crop in the history of the country.
The emperor of Germany says that every real man
wears a moustache. That doesn't leave the great German
general Von Moltke much chance for a place.
A campaign has been launched in England to encourage the speaking and writing of pure English. They've]
started the movement in the right place, all right.
A Belgian automobile racer was shot the other da\
near Brussells.  No, a relative of a victim of the scorcher'. |
speed did not get him with a gun; he was simply mistaken j
for a deer anel plunked by a common editor.
There are forty thousand people in Montreal who can't
read or write. That mav be a handicap to them, but then
they don't get pestered with the alleged comic supple j
avenue, lost a valuable auto robe from
his machine yesterday afternoon, anil
'lvfore he hart reported Ills loss to the
police Ui.' .brief and robe were at po-
llec headquarters. Krank Davis, In
wh Be possession the robe was found,
waa arresied by Patrolman James
O'llrl-ii and is held at the city jail on
an i.pen charge.
Awev  Will   "--���'   Loot���
Thl ves in Seattle  Having
3 Busy Time.
���Seattle, Dec, 1!.- Henry Balling r,
after i ���     t several blocks and a
hand i ' I light with two robbi ra
he had surprised al work in the home
of I: . .-: .-. 3817 Thirtieth avenue
���Wi::. I LBt night, succeeded In r, cov
erln \ ur coal from I ie thieves'
loot, but failed tO capture the intruder.-'.
Ballinger -surprised iii" men al work
anu ran grappli d �� Ith tbe one
carrying the li ot The num surren
dend n ur coat, but at once Bta ti
to run w th the n malnder of the property ami waa pursued by Ballinger.
Two blocks away lhey clinched and
the i. bbi r landed a punch on i: ill'n
ger's jawj effecting his escape while
the vlctifn wa*. dazed, Fun. valued
��t $236 wee stolen,
'p. ��� ertaln hi   lefl  ���
Identifying marks on the robber'B
fai ���   .
O-.car Carlson. 1934 Sev: nth avi nui .
v. ., ni-ar Thomas street and
Howard Itvenu-a late last night and
robbed of u gold watch and Bome
small i hi ngi .
. Mrs. I- Hansen, 3406 Si ��� m
avi nn tt uth, reported to t-ae police
that u man claiming to be a real estate agent, attempted to force bis way
Into her residence yesterday after
noun. But Mrs. Hansen had heard
(,r the pf mln telephone Inspector wbo
has committed a numher of burglaries
recently and declined to admit the
Btrange.'. . ��� ,
A borrower of small sums visit il
the  Larson   Furnftura  company  and
���Singer Bawlng  Machine C impany  ami
th" United Transfer company, 2208
Firsi avenue, yesterday and sneeed-
pil in raising V.. He explained thai
he wanted to telegraph his wife hut
before harrowing th * money placed
orders for goods and labor with the
different establishments.
burglars entered the rea di nee ol
J. W. Mel-wan, 1802 University Btreel
last, night through a window and lefl
with $12, stolen from the serva::' ,'
John  C.   McMillan,   1707   Sixteenth
Seattle, nee. 18.���Fears that American peanlrt l,hits wouid be l'er*..]
��� , pay an exorbitant price [or their
,,',-.' tbla Christinas was _et at rest
I**, an announc nent by First Officer
:- i.:.. Aral, i:' lhe Osali I 8no_h m
Kaisha liner, Canada Maru. that the
vcbsbI had broughl yesterday from i
tin. tar east the first Bhipment of the
: i rvesl ot the p dun< ulate
plan; i . ��� r known in the history of
.r :   Officer   Ami   s iid   that   hun
rtj ol -��� nare mllei In the Btate of
Mikowa on the Island or Nippon were
a ,i*i d with an almost unlimited har-
the  gn ni' r  portion  of   which
*, . , ,! i. | ilppi (I In the I'aeifie COS ll
on \ bsi Is following the Canada Maru
With the harvest thousands of Nip-
poneae. farmers were making more
money than they had ever known In*
fi re and th" people of Mikowa were
'.. tenlng en the food whicli ls ronsid-
ered a luxury In Bome parts of Japan.
Celebrations in honor of Ihe nnus-
mil plentltuda of peanuts were being
held at various centers where the
Canada Maru left and among the functions were huge bonfires being burned
on Ihe mountains iti honor of former
I'l'inie Ito, who lirsi brought peanut
need io Japan from china thirty years
i.'o     i:,   gome  of  the  villages  huge
���' ��� with lit like outer husks like
glorified   peanuts   were   being   drawn
   the streets in jinrikshas while
Shinto   priests   burnt   incense  at    the
oi the rabraceoua food.
Though the Canada Maru landed
i uiy seventy-flvo boxea of peanuts at
I1,--- ti they an- nothing to what will
be brought by succeeding vessels from
Japan, according to Aral. The Japan-
iie Iin r also brought 40 Oboxes of
oranges. Tils, fruit also is being har-
vgsted in Japan Just now.
Restore   Author's  Siflht.
Philadelphia,  Deo.  17.���Qeorge  W.
Cabli. Hie author, who came to this
cty several weeka ago to undergo an
Operation on one of his eyes, left Iho
hospital today for bis home at Northampton,  Mass.    It  was said that  Mr.
Cable's   light  bad   been   completely
Seattle, Dec. is. -World-wide search
by Attorney Henry Loeffler, of Vlen,
] nil, Austria, and n small a: my of as-
Boclati * for ii ilrs to tha v\ ebber estate of Holland, estimated al $1,000,-
000,000, maj be ended In Seattle, at
leasl so far as American is concerned
Armed with whal she ci nslders sufficient proof to ital lish b r claim to
a large portii n ol thi vaal wealth, Mrs.
Jessie E. Marlin, 826 Blast Eighty-
second Btreet, secretary if the North
'������ End Progressive club, and a proml-
, enl phll irithroplc vi orker lasl nighl
wired to San Franelsi i In an i fforl to
conn it with Lceffler before he proceeds from San Francisco to Java on
in.  mission,
i'ii to t'i" present time Loefflor's efforts In this country bave met with
little success. After nearly a year of
constant   Investigation   from   Omaha
���  hi a Iquarl i b. be li fl recently and
 ii Ci nlral Amerli a. There he was
still unsuccessful, according to news
, ; :, recen d In this city De-
il i ��� *.*. iu ii he i ai hed Ban Francisco .'.t thai time he declared be
i ulil i , to Ja a, :���'.' indonlng all ex
pectatli ���' of loc itlng h< irs tn Aiuer-
i  i
Mrs Martln'B attention was first attracted to Loeffler's Bearch by a n ws
��� : published In a paper on December ". At the same time she received
���I letter from a relative In Ohio, setting fi rth the .-une matter and urging
Mrs. Martin t i interest herBolf Bt once
���nnl establish her clalmB. Through
the assistance of this and other relatives In middle western and eastern
Btates, Mrs, Martin was able to trace
h<r connection wfth the wealth
through her paternal side. One minor
link alone is missing and it is believed
that l.oeffl.r himself will he able to
furnish it, completing the line ot direct descent.
The Late Pauline Jo'-.ns-   Wa. . Fas
cinating Figure.
Pnuline Johnson, the well-known
Canadian Indian poetess, who died
in Vancouver, B.C., recently, was a
picturesque and ipter.ftmg personality. She was a princess ol llie Mohawk tribe ol North American Indians, lier native name bi'in^ Teka-
hionwake. She was a daughter of an
Indian chief anil was born near
Ilrantford, Ont., March 10. 1.62. Inheriting the love of outdoor life and
the beauties of nature from her father's people, she received literary tendencies largely from her mother's
Through tier English mother, Emily
Howells, she was related to the well-
known writer, William Dean Howells.
There was real romance in the mar-
riase of the Indian chief and the
white girl, who visited the Mohawk
reserve with her sister, the wife ol a
Church-of England clergyman. The
meeting between the handsome young
chief and the young Kngiish u'irl eiid-d
in their falling in love. Tliey wer*
married and the little roughcast liouse, ]
where Pauline was born, still stands.
The young girl was earetully educated, and early in lite began to writ-!
verse, hut she first came Into proml- J
nence as b poet-entertainer in H9'2,
when she appeared in Toronto and
read selections from her own works.
Her dramatic power and the s'ri'-'ular
fore and beauty of her lines made an .
instant literary sensation. Some years
thereafter she traveled, giving public
entertainments until ill health c<,m
pelled h-r to retire. She visited England in lf!'J4, and while there publisn-
ed a volume ol poems called The
White Wampum. She again visited
England in I'JOG as an entertainer and
wns well received wherever she appeared. In 1:111 her Legends of Van-
couver appeared, a volume of short
sketches and local stories, which had
been told to the gifted Indian girl
by the celebrated chief, Joe Capilano
This is the only proifi work whicli
Miss Johnson has published Flint
ind Feather. Mis-* Johnson's last vol-
jme, was published only a lew week;
Socially, Pauline Johnson was a ile- I
lightful woman, possessed of a gracious dignity, charming cordiality and
simplicity of manner und was a vt na.
tile conversationalist. Sh: was equal
ly at home i.i the realms ol politics,
literature or urt. Hit campaign son,',
written (or the Dominion election ol
1��9G. entitled the Good Old M. P .
wa- the best of the kind that appeared.
Most of all she loved to write about
the history and legends of her own
people and her poems 'in Indian subjects are full of life and lire. Nothing
Stronger than As Red Men Die win
*ver published in Canada and nothing
more jynjpatbitl-5 with nature ir more
artistic than In April.
Recently when His Royal Highness,
the Duke of Connaught, who is a Mohawk chief by adoption, was in the
west, he visiU-d Miss Johnson an I
talked with her familiarly of tormei
days, During the visit the poetess
wore about lier throat a line gold
chain, from which was suspended a
unique gold star | resented to her by
admirer* in the west on her final
visit to Vancouver as the premier lady
canoeist ol Canada. To her love of
canoeing we owe the beautiful poem.
The Song My Paddle Sings, which
We*t  wind,  blow  from  your  prairie
Blow Irom the mountains, blow from
the  west.
The sail is idle, the sailor too;
O! wind of Uie west; we wail for you.
Blow!  Wow!
I have wooed you so,
Itut never a favor you bestow.
Vou rock your cradle the hills between
Hut scorn' to notice my white lateen.
I stow  the  sail,  udbIiip  the  mast;
I wooed you long, but , j wooing'i
My paddle will lull you into rest
(I! drowsy wind ol the drowsy west.
Sleep! Sleep!
Uy your mountain steep
ir  down   where  tbe   prairie  grasses
Kow   fold   iu   slumber   your   laggard
For snlt  is the long my paddle sin,!-
Miss Johnson's legsey ol v rse is un
fortunately slight In quantity, the col
lected volume numbering le-- ihan i>*
poems,    it w.ll be treasured, however
'or generations for its individuality
Its virility and for lta couiph t' cxpro-
��� ���,n  ol   love Ior  the  i> I   men  in
lhelr  Iree life, the gr.indeui  ol  Cir, .
��� Iian  scenery   and  lor   Vsruiui   no!,
dements in our early i u_;,/.;'  ���
[The following poem taken from To-
roato Sat iu duy Night, is said to be the
lasl written by the late E. Pauline
Johnson, the Indian poetess, who died
in Vancouver a little over a yenr ago.j
There nre fires on l.ulu Island, and tas
sky Is opalescent
With the pearl and purple tinting from
the smouldering of pent.
And the Dream Hills lift tlieir summits
in a sweeping, ha/.y orescent,
With the e'upiltnio canyon nt their feot.
There are (ires on l.ulu Island, and the
smoke, iiiilit'ting lingers
In   a   faded   senrf   < f   fragrance   ns   it
creeps across the day,
And the Inlet  and  tne Narrows blur
b.'i.eiiih ils silent lingers.
And the canyon is enfolded in ils grey.
Hut thfl sun its face is veiling 1:1. n
cloistered nun ��t vespers;
As towards tbe aitar candles of the
night n conser swings,
And the echo of tradition 'wakes frum
slumbering nnd whispers,
Where   the   Capilano   Kiver sobs und!
It wns Yaada, lovely Yaada, who lirst*
taught the stream its sighing.
For   'twas   silent   till   her   coming,   aud
'tuns voiceless aa the shore,
But throughout the grent forever it will
sin : the song undying
That the lips of [overs sing for ever
more. .
Individuality   the   Slogan of Juvenile Styles.
TWO P11BTT-   rHOORS loll illllI.S.
The craze for originality that Is ram;
,, _,_,_,,... . I't'ut in grown up modes lias Invaded
He hus chief of nil the Squamish, r.a.I   ,h., rt...;
Two   Beautifully   Framed
Fine Art Pictures
To  Bs  D.-artii  for  cn   New   Ye.-ir's  Cve  at
We havo picked oul two of our Picture Calendars and had them
artistically framed by the Burnaby Pine Art Picture Framing Co.
The subjects are "Falla of Ni itb," a lovelj scene in Wales, England;
ihe other is entitled "Betty," n study In art This we call Bret prize,
Byery customer making purchases trom now on to New Viar's eve
hus a chance getting one o [these fine trained ploturea by getting a
numbered card when making iheir purchase, one number for ever)
pair of shoes or slippers.   The winning numbers will be drawn at s
p.in   New   Year's eve.    Sec cur window fer eame.
We hava also as a further Inducement, pul on a clearing out sale
in quits a lol it lines in our well known good quality goods, \\ ������
bave made the prices so easj Lhal the gift ol a good pair of shoes or
slippers is within ihe reach ol mosl al
661   Columbia  Street. New  WeatrninsUr,  B.C.
J   STEWART. Proprietor.
he ruled the coastal ��   ters
And he warred upon her peoplo in lhl
distant   f'hnrlottle   Isles,
She, n   winsome basket  weaver, ili.ieti
.st 0- Balds' daughters,
Made him  captive  lo  her singing  and   nud   adoptin:
her smiles.
Till his hands forgot to havoc, and his
weapons loat tnelr lusting,
Till his stormy eyes allured her from
the land of "Totem Poles,
Till she followed ffbera he culled her,
followed with n woman's trusting,
To the canyon where the Capilano rolls
\nd .he women of the Ilnidns plied ir,
vain their magic power,
iVaited   for   mnny   moons   her   absence,
wailed    lor   mnny    moons   tbcii
in of children's clothes to such
an extent tbls season that many mothers who have> insisted upon lhelr children wearing nothing save "sensible"
garments ure departing from this rule
"Parisian fashions for
the kiddie:
The frocks pictured arc two French
models tbnt even tbe conservative
mother will not hesitate to copy.
To Renew Curl In Feathers.
The present fashionable ostrich
feather, although it ls not so tightly
curled as tbe old fashioned plume,
looks even more bedraggled and forlorn when it is out of curl than the
old one did. Vet fogs and mi-ts or
ruins nre ns recipient 08 ever, and os
(rich   feathers  are   now   worn   at   all
'Bring her burl;, (i! Squamish focm-tn,   times of tlie day and night regardless
bring tu us our Ynndii rlnwer.'
Of   lhe   weather.       Plutnctls   feathers
But  the  sihnee  only   answered   their  were pul forwnrd to fill tbe role of a
despair, feather   which   moisture   would   not
change, but they du not lake llle place
of tbe regulation ostrich feather.
Tbere is only one thing lo do if jon
wear ostrich feathers, nnd thai is to
3ut tliTc men wcre swifl tn battle, siiift
to iross the coastal wnter,
Swift to war nnd sw.ft of weapon, sm ifl
to paddle trackless miles,
Crept   with   st.'nlth   along  the  uanym    h'nrn bow to curl tbem    It Is as good
stole    her    from    her    love   and   "s   Impossible   to   send   a   feather   lo
brought her
lbe  |irosessional   cleaner  to  be curled
Once nngia unto tl.e distant Charlottle every time tliere Is n summer shower.
l3lci*' When   the   moist   lint   with   feather
.,,,,,, .  ,  .       , , trimming   Is  removed   put   It.   If   pos-
But she faded, over fsdod, and ber e/ei ���Ul|,  ,���..,. ��� |ire.     ���,,���, ofteu rest���ri,u
were ever turninc .   .    .    , ,,      ,    .        ,      ,,.,
Southward  toward  the Lapilaun   whil. "/""     *""*     ��� 1��, ,       ,
her voice had hushed it- Hong, ,his ls ""' PO-*��llll<�� ���*- the feather dry
And  her   riven   henrl   repeater1  irords "mrougbly   nnd   then   recurl   It   with
that on her lips were burning. a  nail  file,  the  blunt  wlge of n   knife
".Vot to friend���but uutu foenian I be* or   some   other   steel   or  silver   blade
l"n3' which Is not sharp.
Work wllh one or two of the fronds
Give  me   back   my   Squamish  lover, ���f ,*,t. feather nt a time.   Catch thom
though you hat., I still must love i���,,lv(.ell lhl. tbautb and the blade near
stem   of   the   feather  and   slowly
Qlva me bulk  the  rugged ennvoii uheri? . ,       , , ,   .
ny heart must ever be- al"1   -****-*  <lnnv "'<-'  ,h"ml>  nni1   llle
Where his lodge awaits n     coming, nnd ***-**-e  "'""��   the fromls   ,0   tlle  ,''1"'-'-
the Bream Hills Iift above aim "  necessary   go over   some   of   llie
\iii the Cnpihuio learned its song Iroin feathers twice.
.,  .      .         .     ,        _ Afternoon   Gowns   Have   Transparent
i,.it    through     I -rig forgotten    seasons, Waists
moonsi too ma-ir 'o be numbered- Afternoon  gowns  are  following   In
lie vet  waited by the canyon���shl   vet .....                        ,
called across the vears,            ' ""'   fotsteps  of  smart   evening  erea
And   tho   soul    wi.hin   "the   river   that ,lona    '"    ""'lr    "'"W    developments
through centuries had slumbered N',T>' 1,!lle (,||iffntl cloth ls used for Ibe
'Woke  to sob  a  song of  woman's  love
and tears.
Fol   her iittl", lonely spirit, sought tho:
Capilano canyon,
.-.'hen she died among the Hindus in the
land  of Totem   Poles,
\nd yi. i yet  may  hear her singing to
her  lover like companion,
f you listen tu ihe river as it r-jlls.
Hut  'tis only when the penri and purple
- i.  Ice is oil- sw inging
From  iio-  fires on   Lulu  Islnne!  to  tho
hazy Mountain crest.
That  the  undertone  of sobbing  echoes
through the riv.r's singing
In the Capilano canyon of lhe West.
Looking  Ahead.
���   you   take   a  deep   per
il;   i terest in the education ol your
* *:.' i
o'i. yea     I  nm doing my  best to
i .���   h r  Lite j  to  bo  the  wife ol  a
* **   lh   a   t:tl��.    You   See.   mv   Ims. I
*.  patented nn  iovention   thnt
i    ire to make us immensely
A Hugs Beal.
'*'��� h ' n ported to be the largesi
���;l cvei i-night on the Cupe Breton
nasi has j ,-: bei n taken nt Mali i
' * hy u father and sou. It weighed
The skin measured 7 foot, 10
i ' ��� in length bv 4 f-fect I inches in
Veterans All.
Pbe " A " Company Oonnaughl 's Own
tifto_ Vsncouve/j claim.' tho proud
listinction of being the onl.' company
a tli" Hritish Kmpire corapoied entire
y ' ; men wearing -uedals bestowed for
ictlvi sen ice,
1 till the Votorans Apply.
There is nn let up t > the applications
'or Fenian Raid veteran bounty grunts
it Ottawa. Up to date 1(1,.SOU have been
mid the grant i f | 100 and fifteen tlinu
nnd are under consideration.
Well   Used  to   It.
Doctor    What you need i* a ohnnge
if scene     Patient���Get awav'   I'm ��
icene  shift, r!
I IIII I'llN ILliTIl   AN I'   I.ACS.
skirl drapery of lids model, with the
under portion of silk In Ituinnn stripes
uf dull led nnd black.
Tbe transparent wnlsl is of nnvj
I blue bice dyed to match the clolh nml
! ipplled over white chiffon. The deep
1 girdle Is of the It', inn ll silk.
More io Come.
"The tool*  are not sll ui.td." "Thtt
sn't the worst of it.    Tbey uren''. all
>orii yet."
Women aud FlowerB.
A beautiful worn ad without bruins is
ike a flower without perfume.
Epigrams About Women.
Man uiiiioiit woman is bend without
hotly;   woman   without   mini   Is   body
wli bout houd.���German Proverb
Wrinkles disllgiire n woman leaf than
III tin turu.���Antolne luipuy.
I mn sure I du not menn It nn Injury
to women when I say there Is a Hurt of
I SO* In SOUlS���Sir Itlchsrd Steele.
A Woman when she Ipis passed forty
beeomen nn Illegible scrawl    Only nn
; od  wnmnn Is enpnlil* of divining ob'
women.    Itulsno.
Head of Alpine Club.
Victoria.   Dec.   18.���W,   W.   Foster.
Christmas Bonuses.
New   York,   Dee.   IS.    The  director!
M.   L.   A -elect   for  the   Islands,   waa  ���f ti,P Guaranty Trust company bave
last night  re-elected  presl��l,.,i,  of tho      t^ (l|���|stmas presenl  to em
Vancouver   island   section   of   the
Canadian Alpine club   nl   the annual Payees u cash bomiH of 10 per cent.
meeting. of their Nalarles.
(Subject to Changs without notice)
Sunday schedule- Trains leave New Wesiminster at 6, 7, 7:110, 8.
8: no and i) a.m., and every :'o minutes   thereafter   until    8:30   p.m
After S 110 ��ervice every .0  mlnuteB   with   last  car   leaving  at   midnight.
Week day schedule Trains pave New Westminster at 5, 5:4B, C,
8.15, G:30. 11:45, 7. 7:15, 7:110, 7:45 and 8 am. anil every 20 mlnutea
until 4 p.m.. From 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. a 15 minute service will be
given After 8:30 pin a 110 minute service wilh last car at midnight
Saturday service Karly morning schedule Ihe same as on weekdays, but lifter 8 a.m., a 15 minute service will be given until midnight.
Through   trains  for  Chllllwack  leave  Ni-w  Wesiminster daily  at
9*30 a m. and 1: in, 3 ::j and 5:46 p in .    Trains leave Chllllwack dallv
for return trip at 8:10  , and 9:80   am    and   1:10   and   6 45   p ni.
Dally   Express  sonice   lo  Chllllwack  from  New Westminster at  9:50
Are Making Christmas Suits at Reduced  Prices     Older  Now.
Collister  Block, Corner Clarkson and McKenzie Streets.
Phons* IS snd U (02 Columbls Street W.
Wholesale and retail dealers in the famous Comox steam and
furnace coal. A ton of this coal wlll, without doubt, boll more waler
than any other coal on  llie market.
We also have a limited supply of Old Wellington (Ladysmlth)
coal for stove and Br.ii'*.
We carry a good stock of building material, Including Vancouver
brand of Portland Cement. This cement is being used bj tie* Dominion and l'rovlncial (lovernments and all lbe large corporations
and contractors in the province, lt Is ground very fine an.l Is very
uniform. Hard wall plaster, lime, sand, gravel, crushed rock, ���,.trilled
sewi r pipe, drain llle, common and pressed brick, flre da; and flre
(lur Interior Finish Is manufactured from Umber specially select-
ed for Plat drain.
We are also specializing In Fir Doors wllh Veneered Panels,
which are better In construction, more beautiful and no moro expensive than  Ihe old solid  raised  panel doors.
Get our prices before placing  your orders
Local Sales Department, I'hone 890.
For the Christmas Holidays
Will tell tickets to points In Washington, Oregon,  Idaho and  British
Columbia at one fare and one-third for the round trip.
ON SALE DEC. 18th to 24th
Low Round Tr'p Fares to Florida
Tickets on sale Doc. 9,16, 23, 30; and Jan. 6,13,
20 and 27.   Return limit, April 30th, 1914.
Wn book through via Great Northern and popular Steamship
lines from New York, Huston or I'ortland. Secure tickets and
berths  of
F.  C.   MEYERS,   Aflent.
New Westminster, B.C. Phonee 263, 341, 1290.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes
 BURIN OIL     ���
P.  O.  BOX  44?
TR1DAY,  DECEMBER  19. 1818.
..��������. .-.rrxaziatK���.'-i���***  ��� i��� ---usmxxvi
Cr^j'.   Poeslblfitlts  in   Hudson  ""raits
��� May   Rival  This  Province  in
Salmon   Industry.
Ottawa, Deo. Ik. a new and virgin
fishing ii. ,i, i iii, in iin- posslbllltli ���
nol only of tin- millions It may product*, bn' ai .ii nl tbfl employment It
��ni afford the uatlvo population 11
tbi sum i adlng country, has been
found lu ih" waters of the Hudson
sirs is, according to ,i  ruort  whieh
his  been  made    to  lhe    marine    and
. i. i ���.; i<.-. department by Dominion
1 icnea i in oi i Tanni r its salmon
*."ili particular!) may }i.*i rival that
ot Di -ii' h i'* lumbia.
Mr. Tanner made an i H clal patrol
of the region from the fall ol 1918 to
that ol tin- iii'eisi nt year    lo  report*.
��� i in waters of the Hudson straits
to far as fisheries Bn aoucerned, ma;
be regarded as a virgin area, ami
thorough Investigations i-how there
in" supplies of valuable lisb which
i iid be made > f great market value
and .in* well worth development. The
difficulties ii bi encountered are the
sparse   population ami  the lack    of
tiidieiii'Oii.   and     ihe     short     BOasOl
i.lilcli  woudl mti -m .lat" nil the  work
In lng dona In a short lime.
"These difficulties    can    easily    be
ovtroome," Bays Mr   Tanner, and he
proi' s tbi*   by eitiuK   the   eaaa   of
British Columbia, which, In spite  _fj
a i inner Umt tod population and short \
season,   could  uow   boast   of  a  i-ual
balmon  ealeh of over  $10,1 ,0 10,
Plenty  Codfish.
���< 11 th  a commercial    standpoint,"
lo- i b ��� ryud, "the <-i d is the    n *
imp. rlanl flsh and no re;,*,ibir ci dflsb
Ing ih ie ii.. carried on,   Tie re Is n
Lum   io tin- ifuantlty or codfish,    a
ii ,i   bad    if whli b ai" garni n d  by
v n foutiul-.ind vessels, wblch oome up
eve^  year,    The weather ls   perl ot
i ,i   ti. 'i'i,'/, but nol  so favorable for
dry ,hn 11 em >.:i the spot. The cotcbi
bov,. \er. can    be    ealti I    down    and
Ink- ii. home to the curing plaoOS, Juat
i*..,  li the  iraet.ic   oi  the Luttenberg
ii. i'     a- Uus Is deep sea fishing, no
doubt a bount)  could be authoriied
during Uu   fin ��� fi ��  years whi n ihe
l'i dustry  Is  In  tbe  tirsl  slanes of de
\  li pni.Ti:     The
on 500 FIT-RITE SUITS and 200 OVERCOATS. From $7.50 to $10.00 off all
Suits. From $7.50 tc $17.50 eff ail Overcoats. $7.50 off any Suit from $20 to $25.
$10 off any Suit from $27.50 to $37.50.     	
Look!    Tyrolean Overcoats,  the  new cloth
called Tyrolean
They are 100 per cent pure wool and made in tlie very latest
styles; all the very newest shades. The.se Overcoats are sold all
over Canada at $411.00
Christmas Special $27.50
Look!    Triwoola English Raincoats
Part lined with silk, and with wrist protector.-. All nice new
Stock and made with regular and raglan sleeve and military collars.  Values from $2-', to $35.
Christmas Special $17.50
$20.00 Suits for  $12.50
$22.50 Suits for  15.00
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$10.00 Smoking Jackets for      6.50
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$27.50 Suits fur  $17.50
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$3,100 Suits for   25.00
$37.50 Suits for  27.50
$16.50 Overcoats for $ 9.00
$18.00 Overcoats for  10.50        I
$20.00 Overcoats for   12.50
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it is a pleasure for us to show the goods and give you every chance to compare with others
We feel sure we
THE FIT-RITE STOCK is well arranged, and
will serve you, as our prices are right. ___________________________________  	
WE ARE OVERSTOCKED and must turn the stock into money.   So we are making this tremendous sacrifice which will mean a great saving to those
need of Clothing.   These are genuine reduced prices and a visit to lhe store will convince you that we are doing honest advertising.
$10.00 Off All Full Dress Suits, Tuxedos and Prince Alberts
Fit-Rite - - - RICHARDSON & HUMPHRIES - - - Fit-Rite
709 Columbia Street Westminster Trust Block New Westminster, B. C.
  boas'.    \\bt'i.'.,i   vhk'os an-
mini nf 11(0,000 per  thry arc found    to   tn
brst  centre  for  tbe  all Voltaire's and Kenan's works were
fishing     Industry    which dragged inu the cast-, it would- never
it     J  .m���. u.  conducted meetly by baited lbe  fluinhed,  whereupon   Mr.   Desaul-
f '     trawls duritjg a period ol from eight nlers said they could leave the case
-.'.��� bent and  l0  twelve   weeks,    lie  then  goes  on jas a legacy to their children and the
woiiii u   would   DU   far   more  reli-' ill,-..,
than tin   Indians ol tb'- Pacific propoi
annuo,  in available
*��� I ',,��� n   an   probably about r,im v.n
who be US """   _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
practiced Oahen i If the proled ot a'''1  " ���-'"'���i''-  In territory  belonging
utilising these cm; Bsheries were car- to ti.i   Dominion, tbey would be   en-
rled out ami white men appointed to ntli<i    to tbe    benefits   cf the    lish
.. nil  -.-liablr"workers to be obtained  to poiut    cm    that thwe    are    three  court
most  .���-HabW- worwr ,ablect8   kinds   of  Salmon   in   Hudson   straits.,
nml nti they aro ail nnti��n Miujecm
.vas adjourned.
i.i.ii, rlnU ml the opi ration
the uplulon  thai   Bsklmi
l am of bounty ai I
fishermen     Ur.    Tenn.
5 More Genuine Bargain I
Days at the
Western Home furnishers
including lhi ir;;<* sea salmon, and a
salmon trout superior to the beart
Pacific salmon. During the summer
months thi se Bah are plentiful alons
tbi shores on the coast of Haft;n is*
1 land us (fell ai the south shorn;.
*****     ' rUen  Is a greal future for   a pro-
^_^   blabl    Industry    If the enterprise    is
pusiiid  forward  by  praotlcal    men,"
tin- i..'|".i I cunt lines. "The cost, cf
tho rtah Is really nominal, and the
I iie-. retailed in Iiie market for thes1
(���:'k'';l salmon weald be more than
double tbo cost. Tbe supply la un
limited and the price, if the fish wen-
pit inptly bitbdlad would, without
auasl on, equal that Of the best frozen
salmon imw* retailed al IB to 20 cents
per pound."
tt Is ;.lso pointed out 'hat the -seal
at* 1 white whale industries are capable i.f br>inr better nUUted.
!      f All INTO DECAY
Figures   for   1313   Show   That   Labor
Troubles   Have   Caused   Only
Small  Decrease in Output.
.  425
.  5.00
. .   1.90
.   1.90
Jinr.'i Oenulne l.lnen 'ruble Cloths and 1 do*. Napkins
% i 50 Scotch   Wool  Illanki-ts. ��ixM,  per   pair	
>_..r, Ohlld'S Table anil chair sets, rod. green or gold
$ B.50 'lied Spring and Mattress	
$ 7.00 Couch In Oreen Velour 	
J '_ 00 Comforters  	
t :t ~n Small Hugs, only a few  left   	
j...?. White l.lnen Bedspreads, full size	
Kvery  purchaser Rets a chance on our handsome solid ouk reading
lump nml pedestal to bu Klven away   Dec. 31.
403 Columbia Street
Sepulchres   of   Portu-juese   Bragamas
Are Now in a Sad
Court Objects to Reading of Books Involved In Libel Action���Case
It  Adjourned.
Victoria. Dec. IS.���No 'official figures have yet beni given out concerning the coal anil coke production
of British Columbia for the year now
drawing swiftly to its close, but It l_
istated on good authority that the coal
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_      yield nf the province
  jwell up to that of last year, despite
_,   ,       . the labor troubles on Vancouver Isl-
Ilerlin, Dec. 18.���Under the caption and wh)ch tip(| up the coner|es tlle-e
Of "Modern Harbarians" the Cologne If dr a pood portion of the twelve
(iazette prints a communication from  months.
a   Lisbon   correspondent  who  writes: ���    ���p 'hp >'��*ar l9}- **�� *�����    <ota'
,        , .   , production   rf  coal  and  enke  was  in
"As one  approaches  the capital by.thp   nei-_'ihorhoo<l   of   8,100,000     tons.
sea the  eye  is attracted  by  a great  while that for 1513 has been estimat-
. church of two towers which stand out ed  to be  somewhere about 2.70O.OO0
church of MWM��W stand om  ����- ^ or but m.
clear cut to th*    ;>��UnK ^����J5g 000  ons gg0rt of that of last year.
against the bine of the sky, ^ech'ircb .����       v-m.ol,V(,r W-M production for
iof St. Vincnitd? Fora. Taec.iircli in      #u whi)e   __
Itself has no features that should claim IH-   waa    ���     ; ������ per cent. of
our attention, but It happens tobe f/;^,,., lh(>re belng ��� ratting off
Ithehon.eof royal tombs. These words, nils a ^^   .fj  ppr
-have a solemn, Imposing ring, caUlM W gj^tafl, lMt year's gro.s total
up visions of mighty cypresses stand-1 n��� ��*"�� . ,0 -Qn and this year
| lag guard over a holy sepulchre.   The ",,i^Ul^(��,,, the same.   In thc
actual rtallty ls wretched. ___**_ crow's Nest there will an increase of
"A CoW Pwh' ,C   lo!lop' ;  bT. 10C000 ton, over the production
setts  on   which   the   J0^tB'ep*     ,'hi!'of 1 261,000 tons of 1912, it is claimed.
harshly lead to an oak door. On lh s oi i -el'    ,     ,       f ��iW t��� ton ;0r
18 ?,n,USly ^?befo?eeihe "epulch�� th.coal, and $7 for the coke,  it is
us that we stand before the sepuicnre ^ ^ _^ ^^ ^_ fQf m���
of the Braganzas. ... , about 110.700,000 for last
Montreal. Dec. lS.-An amusing ac ��Wlthout ascending a single ��'2 vear These flares are pross In both
tlon. of obscure origin and apparent, we walkMW to M��fln��ttSTSS ��������� ��verin�� b0,h eoal ind^ke.
ly without prospect of an early end. oc- In UM��I��* 8U���ds a row of The grand total of $32.440 800 for
copied the attention cf the practice �����- �� J- - SSJ&*^Lff ft "Jj- g B^SWSS
court hefore Mr. Justice Charbonneau ]^over;d w|th shabby, moth-eaten vel-, the province ror_i��i- win u    ����� ,
The common, every day kind; you'll need it this year when you
think of Christmas gifts. We have been fortunate In getting a line
of goods for the times. This is a wet climate, with a lot of moisture
in the air. Vou want to be warm inside and dry outside. But listen
How are your poor feet?. What do you think of a pair of cosy slippers or a pair of our wet  resisting  boots?
For the kiddies, Felt 1 Strap Slippers, composition soles	
For misses' and youths, the same, sizes to 2s 	
For ladies, sizes to 7s, the same  	
For the man, warm felt slippers,, leather soles     	
Other lines at proportionately  low  prices. ^^^^^_
To every customer, not a picture, but a 25c. carton of Combination Shoe Polish, a tin, a bottle, a box.
You get it it you buy 10 cents worth of laces, but shop early so
that you may have tbe best service. i __________________ J-.!
i mi. ju-.iv-. - _,_...��� --icoverira wiui _ii��in,,. _..-... ^ .��� .-
yesterday.    Thc suit is ono in which i vet, while others are draped In a shab-1aprpoached  In 1913.    metals    having
the   Journal    "l_e Pays" claims    the | by black cloth .    | this year made a fine showing, even
i sum   of  $10,000   from   "1/Actlon   So-
Christmas Brew
This Is a special, creamy, amber brew, prepared for tho Christmas trade. We h��vt made special efforts lo get something which
should pleate the public. Send yonr order early as this particular
Btock Is llmllid. .Price aame as "Premier."
For sale at all dealers.
Westminster Brewery
PAone 75 L
dale." the Quebec clerical organ, on
the grounds of an alleged libel published In the latter, consisting chiefly of the statement that "l_e Pays"
war. an nntlrcllglous paper.
"I.e Pays." having brought    action,
Ithe defendants not only claimed prlv-
1 llcge,  but  reiterated    their    general
statements.   The plaintiffs asked for
^     ��� | HUB    jca,     utmrnm    ���   .._._    ....
The atmosphere Is damp and ; as compared with the banner year of
heavy, No smell of withered flowers 1t-2. ThiB year's coal and metal total
overpowers  the  senses;   InBtead   the | will be over ^32,000.000.
air  Is  impregnated  with  a  horrible,   ���
musty cdor.    The wreaths that hang Protest from Labor Unions,
on thc walls are of artificial flowers, Regina. Dec. ii��� Representatives of
coven 1 with dust, and like the pres- ��� labor nnKing In Saskatchewan watted
t'ge if Portuguese royalty, falling in-Ion thc government today to protest
t, de.ay iagainst the amendments to the Me-
"Each  of  these  coffins  holds  the'chanles'  l.len act. asked for by Jhe
-: THE :-
statements.   The plaintiffs asked for,.   _���"���" ���;  ���   ���rr      ������ .--���-���
details and particulars of each amt,bod>; ?' * ro*f***l*ii ,Th? ��uld,^c��me8
every one of thc allegations made by ���"?, br'nS,n? n ���teplaudE.r with him.
the defendants Tl1'8 Vo pl H a8alnst the wall and mo-
Amongst the charges laid nKa|���,i tl��ns you with a wave of hls hand to
"Le Pays" by "I.Actlon S:��clal��." arsi3���* �����*�������� an�� **���** bac���k ,h.e <?v'
the following: ridiculing Christian vir-i"lnS cloth. Dom Fernando lies be-
tuo; favoring Mormon doctrines; '0/0 "9 ln the uniform of a general,
championing, the love affairs and Th? wax-colored face has fallen In
drunken outbursts of Verlalno; ^'"''overcd with small patches of
championing    thc    nndo     lu     nrt; iu ,.���   '      .,    ,   ���      ,   ,   .*. _,
upholding (he licentious romances ofl. "Next to him Is Doni I.niz. the grand
Halr.ac: preaching free love; favoring 11***-* ��' ,he u?luc_k>'_v?0���  Mano*1'
C. A. BOOERT, Oeneral Manager. ,
Trmil Funds Should Be Deposited
In a Savings Account In The Dominion Bank,   Such funds sr*
safely protected, and earn Interest st highest current rates.
When payments sre made, particulars ol each transaction may
be noted on th* cheque Issued, which In turn Incomes a receipt
er voucher when cancelled by ths bank.
anti-reltglcus view a regarding tho
orlrln of man; villlfylng religious ed-
us Hon. upholding anti-religious writers Hiirh ns Flaubert, Anatole France,
Diderot, Oabrlel d'Annunzlo. Mlchelet,
Victor Hugo. Kenan, Tolstoi, Bebel.
Marvel Pf-evokt and others, and.
worst of till, claiming that theatres
nnd moving picture shows should be
k pt open on Sundays.
These, snld Gonzalve Dcsaulnlers,
, K. C foi t'ie plaintiffs, wcre some of
I t'ie charges laid by the defendant paper In Its articles, and tbe plaintiffs
required that before a claim of privilege could be entered and upheld, the
defendants should give particulars and
dates of the allfeged articles.
'Mr. Justice Charbonneau remarked
that the whole court houae would be
tilled with books, but Mr. Deaaulnlers
said lhat they must have the details.
(iitstave l.amothe, K. C, for the defendants, said that tt would be unfor-
 ���* ���.   -.  **.-  **lu..
Aud so we go down the row; Dom
Pedro II., the laBt emperor of Braill,
and so on. The guide rattles cut name
after name, and the English girl In the
company which has entered with ua
plays with hev walking stick and ejaculates, 'How pretty he is.'
"In the middle of tbe hall are two
baldachlnos. The stepladder Is planted against the first and Dom Luis
ITlippe, eldest son of Dom Carlos,
murdered on February 1, 1908, ls ei-
posed to view. That once handsome
snd prepossessing face Is disfigured,
blackened, twisted and ruined by the
bullet of the assassin, and the art of
thn physician haa not been able to
arrest the progress ot decay    ���������",
mortgage and loan companies. The
principal change propoaed is to make
liens upou unimproved property is*
Whole Orchard Destroyed.
Portland, Ore., Doc. 18.���Every apple tre* in the Torty-flve-acre orchard
of Herman Metsger���X800 in all-
was cut down this morning by the
state fruit Inspector and a force of
men. Me tiger stood by protesting,
but was unabl. to stop the destruction cf his ordchard
Popular Shoe Store
641  front street
corner Mckenzie street
(Just below the Northern Crown Bank)
$30,000 Stock to Select From.
The Tanana Output
Fairbanks, Alaska, Dec 18.���The
gold output of the Tanana valley for
tha year 1912. according to figures
computed by the banks here, amounted to |3f-M.i'O'i. Of this amount
more than $860,008 was produced from
quartz mines, ti arly twice aa much
as was the yhitl from this source last
Dom Carlos.
"Outside the mausoleum, the cries
and laughter ot the market fill the
air, for we are In Lisbon's rag fair and
______   the clatter serves atlll further to H*
i:z?"torZw*i**��oi&M&sff'jj-gs* whwe^�����
nal to have to read- books which he lne,r '*"* ""���
conscientiously believed ahould not
read' whereat the Judge remarked
that he wonld refuse to sit. tf the ease
happened to com? btforo him again,
on the grounds that he did not wish to
Incur excommunication or Interdiction fer reading these books.
Finally Mr. Umethe stated that tf
Trail Proves False.
Chicago. 111.,   Dec. 17.���The   trail
^^^^^^^^^^ b w which  the police expected  to lead
arrest the progress oi oecay.    Still them to Mlsa Jeesle Evelyn McCann.
more gruesome ls the countenance ot the missing Brooklyn social worker.
���������-   * *****   ��������   tontcht   The
proved a false one tonight Th*
young woman resembling Miss Me-
Csnn's photograph   proved   to he s
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The Daily News
Suffering Humanity Finds \
���die ���offering if prolonged and tbareii dugerthatgravtr
trouUewfflfolkw.  Mort wriooB gklty n ttatt tn diior-
deraof thoorgueof digwtkn and eHmittttoa. Thebwteor*
I rectWe tnd pwwnthr��fa aoch can* fa >cknowkdgod tob*
TWe etaodard bona lauiadf tome tha atomaeh, gttano-
Utes the dogghh liver, regolatee tht inaativa bawahk
Tjdcen whenever titere ia need, Beadtam't HDa wll
��________���        ���s_____ka______i        ______>       ___kaJB_____tl____s .     _a__ft______t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
yoo noon oz ���unenng ano
__      tt health and  ���&���*�����-.
resist diaeaat.   Tartad bf ^*f*i
- - -���^Jt' T__I_.
Bertted to Death.
Mew York. Dee. Vt���A mother ud
her two emll children were bane*
to death sad three other persons was*
slight* Injured te s tire whieh de-
stroyed sn seat stde tenement I
tonight   Twenty   turn,   womn
tren. trho hsd see* est ott	
-were esrrted ont hy Ow ����%���
���______!    ,_^*_^^^~limmm^^^m
___J  "'��. "n* i'^W	
���   , Till,i ,t ii'J^     H
I      _'. ^_,,_^_^^-^^^^^ iiiM^^'T;Jri____ii___t;'���
..*.-**.'_::..~-U<;**i*���*- -*-.-��-7.*'-"*^--^^
*'*'������''"*':.,- "'v*,k;_r*:iSi'
, i*xM im&MMmk r      PACE FOUR
FRIDAY,  DECEMBER  19,  1913
Do Your Christinas
Shopping Now
Tm re are many advantages by
doing so. chief among which is
the facl that the selection Is
greater, Bervlce in better ami
you won't be rushed at the laat
Xinns Crackers, a large assort-
in, nl to choose from.
Xmas Stockings, l1 sizes 5c. to
Christinas Novelties,   5c���    10c,
and   15c.
Pancy Boxes Chocolates, 10c. to
Tinsel, Xmas tree decorations,
Xmas snow, Candles and Candle
Holders In Btock.
St. iv.��� i l'lum Pudding, nil ready
fur usi   40c. and 65c.
Table Raisins,  large and tasty,
Ib. 25c. 35c and 40c
Jap Oranges, bos 45c. and 50c.
Mixed Nut*-, per Ib 25c
Mixed  Candles,  lb  12'_c,  15c,
20c and 25c.
Min,' un a!,  lb.   121 _c   and   20c
Cape I',"! Cranberries, late va-
rirty,   Hi.   17'_c.
Leave your order for Xmas
Turkey or Goose with us.
Model Grocery
308 Sixth St. Phone 10012.
Burnaby  Branch:
2nd St. and 15th Ave.
1 and Personal
Among   llie   guests   ut   tlle   Hussell j
[hotel yeserday were John W. Fletcher,
Lillooet   anil   Qeorge   W.   (Irecti   and
wile ei' Lethbridge.
During tin- noon recess on Wednesday t'ie teachers of West Hurnaby
school entertained to luncheon MIbs
i Viola M. While, one <>f the'members I
nf the staff, who is leaving the school
at Christmas, The teachers' room
was prettily decorated for the occasion  hy  Miss   Mabel   Umlge,  a   former!
member of the staff, with white rlb-
1 bons ami a centrepiece of white ohry-l
santheniunis.    After lunch Miss Whit* I
was pn sented   with  a handsome  cut
glass  bowl  and  stand  as  a token  ofl
friendship and as a memento of ber
oomlng marriage.
Owing to the serious illness of his
father, chief of provincial police for
Nanalmo county, Senior Constable]
Stephenson of this city has gone to |
Nanalmo, Chief Stephenson was a
witness nt the trials of the Cumberland miners at the special assizes
John Shannon, late of the city engineer's department here, nnd now on
ithe staff of Strathcona park, Vancou?
Iver Island, is In N'ew Westminster for
Christmas vacation.
DAWK Yesterday afternoon the lu-
'neral service of the lale Mrs. Millcent
, Dawe was held from the home to St.
| Barnabas church. Kev. B, R. Bartlett
| officiated.
pHUDLEY���Last night Ihe remains
of the late Mary Jane Chudley were
sent from Bowell's undertaking establishment to Victoria where on Saturday from the residence of the deceased's brother, A. V. Chudley, the funeral will be held.
We Have
Money to
Loan on
Property must be well
improved and worth at
least double the amount
of the loan.
For full payliclilara
call at our office and let
us know what you require.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
raid   Up Capital   and
Sui plus $ 2,800,000
Assets   4,973,988.95
T r u a toesbips  Under
""Administration over    0,000,000
Trustee     for     nnnd-
C. 8. KEITH, Manager.
Offices ��� Vancouver, victoria,
New   Wesiminster,   Nanai	
, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, Charlottetown, London, Bug.;  Antwerp. Belgium.
New Westminster
���SOB  Columbia   Street.
Open    Saturday    Evening*    from
7  to  9
Claiming that there was no guard
on the trip of the machine, that his
working space was cramped and that
he had no helper. William J. C. Munsey commenced an action for $10.00 i
damages against Cliff A Sons, of East
Burnaby, In the Vancouver supreme
could yesterday liefore Hon. Justice
Macdonald and a jury.
Plaintiff suffered the less of three
fingers on cne of his hands while
working at the can factory at Kast
Burnaby on February 11 of this year.
S. ;-���. Taylor; K.C, and It. P. Stockton are appearing for Munsey, while
W. II. D. I.adner is representing Cliff
_.- Sons.
t A. Welsh
The People's Grocer
City  Store    193  and  443
Sapperton   Branch    373
West End Branch 650
as a Cold Weather Remedy.
Immediately on getting up
take one cup of steaming hot
beef tea, then one at each meal
and again just before retiring.
Don't be afraid of it. lt will do
you good. We carry all the stan-
dard makes.
Oxo Cubes, per tin 10c. and 25c
Johnston's Fluid Beef,   iti   os.
bottles. $1.00.
Bovril. L' oz.. 4 OS., S oz. ut 35=.,
..65c. $1.15.
Nutri Ox. 18 oz. 75c.
Apples-- Jonathans   and   York
Imp rial r.t $2.50 per box.
Spitzenburg   Apples at  $2.25
pc:* box.
Maple in 50c, 90c. and $1.75.
Tins and bottles.
Cane in 25c. 50c and 90c tins.
Corn in 15;., 20c, 35... 65c,
and $1.25 tins.
* i
Give Cabinet  Dinner.
V ashlngton, Dec. 18���The first oabl-1
net dinner under the present administration   was   given   tonight    by     thei
President  and   Mrs.  Wilson    at    the
i White  limne.     Besides  the  members
of the cabinet and thoir wives or I
|daughters, the Vice-president and Mrs.
| Marshall. Secretary Tumulty aud Bome
close friend., of th�� Wilson family
I were invited.   Covers were laiti for 50
and the lable decorations were cama-
, tlons and  maiden hair ferns.
At this   morning's cltj
ket ii is probable that:
The  supply  of    poultry    for
holiday consumption    wlll    be
larger ihan I'or some weeks.
Turkeys will sell at 'iii cents
per lb. live weight, with ducks
and  geese  at  26 cents  per Ib.
dressed,   and   chickens   about
the same price.
Kggs will go al 55 cents per
Butter at 10 cents per Ib,
Winter    vegetables    will    be
offered In quantity.
Many flowi is and some holly
will be brought in.
Jt,   .���,    .".    .".   Jfc    _'.   ."     .".    -".    ."-    v.    -���'-    J_    .'I
:.-    :.-    -.���    -,.-    *,f    -.,-    '..        ���-    '..-    '..-    -W    -ri-    *.C    -.1
10  have  your
right  these long evenings.     We
can  suit you  from 50 cents up
Inst gold   filled   for ? I   to  $5.
Harry Toy Indicted.
Tacoma, Dec. is. Two Indictments
for violation of th" Manu White Slave
act wi re returned by the federal grand
jury In session here today. Harry
Toy, a Seattle Chinaman, is charged
with having brought Goldie Goodfell,
the 'i'i year old daughter of a Portland
minister to Seattle for immoral purposes. Henri Dachet, Bald to be wi-li
known in several cities cf the PSclflC
coasi. Ig cbarged with having transported Fannie Boubert, a French Canadian girl, from Portland to Tacoma
Bail in each case was set by-Judge
Cushman al {5000,
Ladner, Dec 18.���Th ��� four Hindus
aocusi ii i f assaulting and robbing Padagan and Sundar Singh were commit!.-d I i- trial by Magistrate McKee
today. They will be taken to Ne
WeBtmh Bter   ti morrow.
Evidi nee In di fence of the nc msed
was submitted by L. J, Ladner, their
i our.*---' I,     A:
A v.iiii,   man named
that arc different
25c. to $1.50.
and Silk Neckscarfs
50c. to $1.00.
suitable and comfortable
$3.50 tc $16.00.
and LoUnging Robes
$5.0 Ole $24.00;
cotton, lisle or silk
35c. to $2.50.
Fashion's latest shades
$1.00 to $5.00.
a magnificent line
15c. to $1.25.
all styles and colors
$2.25 to $7.50.
handsome new designs.
$1.25 taS 1.50.
make acceptable gifts .
$2.50 tc $5.09.
The things that men appreciate above everything
else are the practical gifts of things for every day
use���things that the recipient would buy for himself.
And then, too, you raise his opinion of you just
another bit higher when you present him with something practical and sensible-something he would
buy for himself.
Every time he wears the Scarf, the Shirt or the
Cravat or House Coat, or the Bathrobe, or the Hose,
or the Suspenders, or the Gloves which you gave him,
he thinks of you. Every time some friend speaks a
word of admiration for the gift you made him, it
brings a happy recollection of you.
Every time he sees the ornamental, perhaps, but
unuseful gift of someone else, he unconsciously remembers you for your practical, useful gift of something to wear.
So, when you select a present for "him,"remember
men are practical. They cherish the memory of a
practical, useful gift, bat soon forget the opposite
And make your gift to "him" something he will
really like better than all the present he receives���let
it be something he can wear.
And don't lose sight of the fact that most men instinctively  know  that anything which bears this store's label is absolutely rijfht in style and dependable
in quality.
King employed on the ranch on wblcb
the Hindus work, testifiid thut the ae-
'tis'd were at. home between 7 .ind
10:30 o'clock on th&night of the as-
.ault. The prosecution charged th_.t
ile iver was made to the assault took place at li o'clock. A
Hindu mav. similar evidence to th.t
of King's. I.. J. I.adner Intimated he
would apply lor bail f.r lhe in eased
at New Westminster tomorrow,
George I.. Cassady, New- Westmins
ter, conducted the prosecution.
C**_Mnff&'-^ ������T
--V ie. '.<���  ���  I
r"^^T Jjlj
Only for a few days
Cans of corn, peas and Beam
10c. per can.
25C jar. of  finest jam 20;.
Robson Grocery
Corner 6th St. and 5th Ave.
Phone 404.
mm* ____$
AH kinds of groceries for
Christmas use in stock at thc
store of
(Successor to Ayling A Swain.)
(HI Columbls St Phons 98.
Meeting the Demand of
the Times at Gifford's
An invitation Is extended to all to come iu ami let us show you
cur barbalns. They are real bargains. We are giving a big r due
tlon of everything ln stock, so If you want Bome ol these you will
havc to hurry.
Our Pearl Handled Knives and Forks, oak cabinet, reg (12, tor    . J3.75
i'r ti:,. office desk, sets in brass; reg (14 for $10; reg. (18 for $1200
l: v ' Watchi s; regular Jl 00 now  75.,
Boys'Watches; regular (1,50, now    $1.00
r. ys' ir, jewel Oun Metal Watches; regular (0.00, cow  $3.50
Oirls' WrlstU'i Watches, Just the thing for scliool; reg (4.60 ...$3.00
Ladles'  Vanity Cases, In Oerman -Silver al    $2 3.
Ladies' Cold and Silver Umbrellas,    beauties,    all    detachable
bandl      reg (1 50, now $5 __
Ladles' Gold Killed Watches, fitted with reliable movement; r"L-.
 $10 00
with reliable movement;  r; k.
 $12 00
big reduction.
Crdorsu Surrey Candidates.
At,". ne ��� ting .:f Surrey electors held
In the lniyeiniere hall last evening,
il. T, Thrltt was endorsed for tho
rebveshlp. Oeorge Radford received
the endorratton of the meeting in his
raee for ( unclllor for ward five. T.
S. Miller, a candidate for municipal
honors from ward two, was on? of the
Adrift  cn   Ice  rloe
Winnipeg,   Dec.   18.���For  two  days
it.d   th ���     nights  "French  Tom"  Leila i"   and   .laek   Pioldtng,   two   gold
mini rs "f Nevada f ime, on their way
to tie* Ulce lake gold country with a
couple  ol   other    prospector.-;,    were
1 -.drift    11   l.i k    Winnipeg on a large
: lee fi"     1 hey were   attempting   io
1 cross the h _ and when a bun. ten miles
I nut  a  bilge  like  broke  loose.    That
w-as lust Sail rday evening. They were
rescued  Tuesday   morning  by  n  set
tl  i* and thi *.* arrived hack In the city
toda;. I
Christmas! Christmas!
Special holiday Prices that will save you manv dollars    .    .   ..  ,.
and give you satisfaction.
Mahogany Parlor Chairs .
Oak Rocker, leather scat
Children's Sets  	
$16.00  m ���'���
bodies' Gold  .'tiled Watch, fitted
(18.00, now
Ladies' Sti rllng Card Casi s, nil at
l'i-;. $76,00 for   $50.00 Reg. $6  f, r 511111
Reg $86.00 for ...1 45.09 Reg   $60,00 foi    35.00
FREE       -     $150 DIAMOND RING     .      FRtE
Chances   for  thin  beautiful $150 Diamond Ring given wltb everv
$3.00 ptircfcase. stoke open evening:.
(Continued Iron* page one)
to   tlie
Ladies' Desks  $6.76
Music Cabinets   7.50
Parlor Tables    3.50
Card Tables, Smokers Stands, Cel-lerettes, China Cabinets, Morris Chairs
and Cane Cosy Arm Chairs at prices within the reach of all.
The Big Furniture Store Sixth and Carnarvon Sis.
ri_ until aliiiut I o'clock in tbe ufter- j
: noon  In question,    She saw  hlm  at
'the   peat    office   that   hour  aud   nut
j him again at 6 o'clock.   The offence
ior Offences nre alleged  In have  been1
committed ubout 3:30 and 4 o'clock.!
MIbh   Qulgley   wua   placed In   n
rather   embarrassing   position   when,
during cross-examination  Mr. Taylor!
"Get The Habit"
���K���mrmtm x ,* ,
Porcy Johns' t-.iory In  regard
threat Issui d  by  Morris.
M:s. .Lite   Cowan tcstillid that thc
accused came Into her bousp without
.permission  tho    day    fallowing    the
shooting Incident    ile bad n r.fle in naked her If she was not more popu
hls band,   Quite a number of other lar with Morris than any other y
'men  entered   the   botMe   without  In haly In town.   "No, I dout   think
vitatlon. Anii" replied the witneea hesitatingly |
!    Itobert Tall testified to seeing the tu that query,
accused crawl, cun In h md. through Miss Qulgley admitted to Mr. lay-,
lhe bushes between 8:80 and 4 d'elbolt l<>r that the post office was only��� ;i
on the day    In    question.    Ihia   cun- few hundred yard*   uv.uy    from    the j
loludtd the case for thu crown. mine yard,   She had net heard nf any
,   Ths om   and nnly witness ffcr tbe disturbances occurring previously thai
defence whose  Icitlmony   waa  taken day.
last evening was Miss Agnes Qulgly, The eaae    will    continue    nt    10
a pretty school teacher, an Intimata o'clock  thia morning and  will  prob.
fr'j ml of tho iu i used and his family, ubly be concluded today.
Miss Qulglcy's    father,    who   la   a!    The   jury    la   cojnposed
miner, lfi awaiting trial on the charge Oreen    (foreman),    William
of participating In the riots at Extern Abraham   L,   Gale,   Stanley   Orantj
Slon,    She  gave  In r evidence on  be- Stafford    Graham,    W.    A.    (iraftiin.
half  of  young   Morris   With   team   Iii (ieorge  florrni.  A.  H.  (loaland,  A.  K.
h -r eyea. Oledhlll,  John    Oo-odwln    and    A    K.
She Btated that she was with Mor (inlanders.
10 a.m.
OUDgl-Q'**' Vases, Colored:   renular 23c. to
1 I     35_. ea:h.    Special   	
3Sd. each.
Fowlc,   each
of T. VV,
Q roves,
7.30 p.m.
Xmas Note Paper, box   15c.
The Fair
Christmas Cheer
Sunklst Oranges, ut per dozen. SOc..
35c. and 25c.   Smaller sizes 20 for 25c.
Jap oranges, per box 40c; larger
boxer, 45c.
Table Pigs, per lb.   20c.
New Bulk Dates. These aro nice,
bright, fresh atoeli, per Ib. 10c. or S
lbs. for 25c.
Dates iu Packets, at per packet 10c
Table Raisins, In fnncy boxes, per
hex 25c. and 35c.
Dean's Special Mixed Candy���Speeial  value at 2 Ibs. for 25c.
Cream Cindy, HiimbiigH, Cnrosnut
Bon Bons, Curl Cntuly, per Ib. 25c.
Xiiuib Crackors, stockings, Novol-
Kanry Boxes Chocolatca at prices
frnm  5c. to 11.50.
Mixi'd  Nuts,  per  lh. 25c.
Walnuts, BrnzilB, Filberts, Almonds,
all  Treati stock.
Dean's Grocery
Phone SBS.
inrr Slock -.lumbia Street TRIDAY. DECEMBER 1��, 1913.
page riva
JFor 3port l^aders^
Vancouver and Westminster Clash on
_   ,       *, . !��ut ahead.   None ol the scores mad
Local    Ic.-Pculm    Referee- by Westminster were cf hlgb order,
B:a Crowd Aesured. *'   McOill taking blgb total with 558,
be l.v 'I up to, in the latter,
Clifford Spring's application for reinstatement aa an amateur waa re-
i" r ,i advi i ii ly by lhe registration
cominil . but on a nv tlon made by
ii i Sovereign H '.uia n fi rred to tbs
provincial executive for at-' a.
Pour basketball playera at iin*K nt
nml : the Inti. Messrs. Decker, Hem,
l.i'. ke .iml Miinii. were n fused ad
mlttance Into tbe slmon pure ranks
Owing to Heir having mixed in sum-
mi r ha* balL ii ii likely that mare
will be heard of thos ��� <��� iki >s ,in the
i ��� m full re,
um io swim
���i'iii. best gama of lbe Pacific coasl
, ,,������.,��� is in bi staged at the Queen's
I'arlt rink this i veiling when ths Mil
,,,,,,,,   ol    Vanoouver make tbeli
. i sppearam s on local Ice    Despite
��� .. i���;,,,*. i'u', made by Hugh Lehman's
.��� i��� io far this season, the  ituyais
11 bave tO I xhlhlt tin lr In Ht ape.*,I,
n.uiblnstlon snd gray matter if they
,,|���.  iii   gel   ,iv,*iy   wllh   both   points
,.,,1  thus  prevenl    Vancouver   from
lng ini i ihe lead'
III, re is t'li'iiK In be a big crowd al
��� uk  tonlfbl     New  Weatmlnster
oplo   are   k' 111 ri j_-   enthusiastic   and
i ie a int; crowd coming over from
u . OUVI .".
All of which goes to show thai It will
tome rs * ������
New  Westminster will presenl tbe
me lineup thru ban won two of the
��� . games played so far Bvery man
In  the beat of shape and barring
rtes In lhe opening stansaa, sbould
ihan give  Vanoouver a leeson
On lhe  Vancouver a.'iiteti" wtll be
in i   two   players   who  bav,-   yet   to
,;,.    lhelr   di but  ill   llie  local   rlnk,
i   ink Nlgbbor anid Didier Pltre  Both
b   nami��  for themselves  in  th"
against Victoria on Tneeday eve-
:.. former 'or hi�� all-round etiek
irk  while the "Plying frenchman"
.. ...i ine net oa two occasions with
��� ,::���'! spaed ahota
.iii in r Poulin, of Victoria, regard-
i ���::.��� moi I capable referee on tbe
���  will handle the game, bin ing ��e-
, !.,! Walter Smaill as hla partner In
��� '   work
I   ,   face-Off  *ill tHke place at I itn
irp in that everyone intending lo
pr :i*m   should be tliere  In  plenty
���      *    !���'
Tonighfi  Lineup.
v ... tmlnater Vanoouver
i .-.
"'���bin   ..
Cover I'llllU
,...    I'arr
,..,   (Iriffis
i'  Patrick
'' iini.ui       I'iir��
��� ' en    Taylor
flight Wing
U nald         Harris
Left Wing
ii nn*)     Nlgbbor
Again  on  Top.
rwo more giiiiKs wen- corralled by
��� ,. New  Westminster bowling (jute-
letta     playing     Ott     the     Vancouver
drives   last   evening   although   In   ag-
its  points  the  Terminals  came
Fraser   Mill,   A.   C.   Got   a  Gcod   Oni
O.er cecretary of 1   C. A. A. U.
���Tcok  Some  Urging.
Tin* pn ue t' rs i r the r< cenl mi 11
win' :��� look place al KYaser m.-iih hi;p
ped - '.'��� ovi r iin* ..i cretary of the
ini al amati ur branch, a< cording I i
testlmi ny glv< n at ti:,' me< ting bi Id
in tbe Mi 'se club laat nigh;.
It   waa   not   until   afier   much   pur-
suasion that Becretary v. rt would
cond icend to answer questions level
led a! blm, prefi rrlng to be protect! d
i>\ a closed meeting when tbe represents! " i ei tbe pr< ss would be ab
Bt Tl t.
On two occasions Mr Vert wan
;iaki-<i rot an explanation, bm be pn
(erred to proteel himself behind the
eloak of th" provincial executive,
When bis position wnn no longer tenable I" w'"* f< reed practically to give
the details if giving two suspended
amah an permlsi lon to mix In a
smoker al tne Mills, althougb othtri
suspended for plav in*', baeeball during
ihe summer, bad previously been im
nied scoees to Uu  amateur ranks
Th" secrotafi stated that prior to*
llin tearing for, Mi alreal be was approached Oj a representative of the
Praser Mills Hockey club for psrmls*
slon to stags several bouts and for
four regtatratlon cards. Two of thetp_
wire for amateurs, but the other Iwn
bad played baseball, which under district Interpretation ef the local body
was In a nature of professionalism.
Mi. Vert explained that be was under the Impression that the -smoker
was lo be a closed one, that the
Kraser   Mills  Athletic club  was i ,  be
organised and affiliated with tin local
body and that no decisions, priziB or
entrance  money   was   to  be   indulged
He therefore gave the required per
mission to the club lhat v.a:; to be
but which was   not   th<n   affiliated
with the amateur union
All of these requests granted wire
111 direct  violation nf the II. C   A   A
r. cenBtitiition and after ibe explanation had bfen r�� iflyed and accepted,
it was theutloned at the gathering
that  In future the constitution should
1   * * .   i ,'������  should  know bow to
swim.   Can yeu'.'
Realizing the great number Of boy
(bo cansol swim, tha V  M C, A. are
planning to t���'���' Instruction to every
luy ovi ;  11  sears of age who do int
know  i; i .*.
iiiii ag ibe Christmas holidays the
V.   M    C    A.   will  hold     olassaa   when
every boy, whether a member of the
;*.- octatlon or not, can oome,
The   classes   will   be   h'ld   on   Mon
daj   Wi dnesday and Priday at 10 8i
for juniors and 11 o'clock for Intermedia t< *
It  will not cost anything.    All yon ,
have to do iB lo com" on  Monday at.
10 o'elock when yen will be assigned]
lo one of the classes.   BritiK your own ���
Come on  in  boys, ths  water's  fine
Come prepared to learn, wc will do:
tie rest,
Classes for seniors will lie held on I
Monday, Tuesday and Priday nlgbt at'
9 o'clock. !
Entire   Change  cf   Program
Special Attraction Today.
A  sensuti' , al animal   picture
in twe  n "la.
will need to mak" plenty of noise if
the Koyals play up to the mark. Any
way a little real cheering stuff from
the supporters of the orange and
black would not be amlBS. Let's do j
somi thIn,;.
(By the Potter!
Owing to the number of hockey
i*iu,i.- I.eini; played at the arena each
week, the managemenit has seen fit.
to dispense with the band ou three
evenings each week. Music will be!
pro. i'i .1 ai the Wednesday, Krlday and '
Baturday evening sessions.
Itonan end Darragh were forced
t" submit to t'.ie Inevitable when lhey
signed contracts with the ottawas
y sterday. This is the first occasion
where the national hockey commission
has been worked out. Lalonde will
also be forced to accept tlle price of-
-rend by Qeorge Kennedy If he hoys'
to lay aside a few more dollars to the *
first one he ever earned.
Manager Grant will trot out his old
llne un in tie shape of Samphor.
Lord. McNaughton, Melklejohn, Hayes
McMillan. Leslie, ('arlnduff, Shaw-
cross, Mcl.eod and Caydzlen.
The city team play-ins; in th" Iro-
(ju.jIb finals against the Rovers at
Moody park on Baturday will be Be-
lected from the following: Gostiek.
McAllister. Lees, Barnes, I'aul. Dickinson, Gough, Lewis. Mel.aren. Craig.
Robertson, Cbtel, turns, Hint'olis.
Walker and Barclay.
The B. C. K. R, will turn cut in the
following crder in Its game against
the Hankers at Sapperton park: Matt
Palmer, Kirby. Lelth, Bodley, Donald,
Allard, Plaxton, Thompson, Kirby,
O'Malley. Drown, Kidd: spares, Rennie,  McKenzie.    Kiik-off at 2:30.
An    English   Comedy   In
Four  Acts.
Starting    Monday,    Dec.    22
Frank Rich
Comedy Co.
of   Twenty   Artists.
Wc have some Rood, modern houses
listed for rental at moderate rates
-: Also :-
Modern Five-roomed Suites, steam
heated, Gas range, Elevator, etc.
Stores and Offices to Rent.
Safe-Deposit Boxes for Rent.
Apply Rental Department
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
J. A. RENNIE, Secretary-Treasurer.
ft   -�����!����
Harpagus Came to  Fraser Mills Yesterday for 2,000 COO Feet of Lumber fer South Africa.
Friday Evening, December 19
Scat Sale Wednesday Morning at Hill's Drug Store.
Admission: 50c. and $1.00.
Cincinnati, rite. 18���Charles 4
Hanog, recently purchased -.i
frum thu Ni-w Vork National ������:..
league cluh. was today selected S
bh manaser qt the Cincinnati ii
team tot the season of 1914,       tt
* * ft ft * * ** �� ft ft * * * 3 *
N'. -,v Westminster hookey fans had
I'tfr net their throats well oiled for
thi-s evening's Came. A crowd of 100
hocsUTR from Vancouver Is Coming all
read] to support the Mflllonalrea. Th >
Must Replace Dredge Bucket.
The hlK bucket of the dredge John
A. I.ee has beet) condemned and must
ti" replaced before tho harbor improvement uork can Continue as it should.
The Seattle firm which manufactured
this bucket has failed to rectify il and
:i new one must he built. This will be
a thr<e yard instead of the two-yard
bucket which has been  used.
At noon yesterday the big English I
; tramp Bteamer Harpagus docked at
the Kraser Mills to take on 2,000,000:
feet of lumber for delivery in South
i Africa. Capt. Ford, the Fraser river
I pilot, rc-ptrts a clear passage over the
i "Herakles" bar.
The vessel drew 18 feet 8 Inches
jand had on beard about l.SOO.OOO feet
��� of lumber, 600,000 of which was red-
iwood, loaded at San Francisco and the
j remainder B. ('. lumber taken at the
j Hastings Mills. After clearing here
the Harpagus will go to Cheraaiuus
I whero she wlll complete her cargo of
over 5,000,000 feet.
The Harpagus is the biggest vessel
Steam or sail, that has ever entered
the Fraser. She is 440 or 450 feet;
long and yesterday with all her cargo
her propellors were two and a half
(eat out of water. It is expected she
i will complete taking on the Fraser
1 Mills shipment in tv.-o weeks' time.
Permission to Change Name.
Public notice has been given that
the minister of marine and fisheries
has granted permission to change the
name of the steamer Rustler, which
has been purchased from an American
firm, to that of B.  C.  Maid.
Seeks Early Hearing.
Israel  1.   Ruhuowitz  of Vanooavec-
applied to Hen.  Mr. Justice Moms-eta
in the assize court yesterday  for ��o
early  hearing  of  the charge  acainvL
John Place, M.L.A., in connection witti
the Nanaimo riots, stating   that   lii-R
, client wished to have thtni over nili;
I Before the  provincial legislature oan
venes on Jan. 15.   As there are three
.different   charges  against   Mr.   nsce.
A. D. Taylor thought it woalci be difficult to hear them before the itui*
Mentioned as three separate trials wilJ
Have  to be arranged.    He agreed *��
confer   with   Mr.   Rubnowitz   on   the
(Subject, however.    His    lordship   at.-
i sented  to  this  arrangement.
Useful Houmtgifts
Only Five More Shopping Days
\ 1-.
In Which to Select Them
Useful Gifts in a larger assortment than -ve have ever
Mufflers, Silk or Knitted  ��� ��� $!���<�� * S8-00
Gloves, Dents'  ..$1.25 to $3.00
Auto Gauntlet ! $2.00 to $3.00
Bath Robes $6.50 and up
Garter and Belt Sets $1.00 and up
Smoking Jackets s $8.00 to $15.00
Any $30.00 Suit or Overcoat in the Shop
From now until Christmas this means
your unrestricted choice of our entire
h\HJM to %tM
****** **������*'
Knitted Vests (Jaeger)
Dressing Robes ���
House Coats ..
Fur Gloves ... *_^_^_W_^_WM*-X*k ��� ���]	
Gloves i\:.i1$iM and note
Collar Bags  .*..... ..'. &\. XHu* and Mn
CuffUnks.... .....;....ii|..   $\M*aA
ttft an*
���n a i at******
Shopping early in the day has advantages which seem unnecessary to enumerate.   Even i| j��|^busiest
-________________________________________________________���____________��� __________��� _____________��� ____p^k. *_\^m^^^^^^^^a9mm^mm^~m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Si** M ILLS &
��� '
:-"'i'!' bi
fAHH   ai>
: 1
Classified Advertising
CLA^SiriHii    .'.l'a    WILL    BB    Ht.     ~s~s~-.~	
eeluu  :,,.*,,  .-���>.�����s at the follow    i()i;   s.M.i:    MILK   FllOM  PRIVATE
jnr , i. i. r. Hiii'a drug t.t.,1"..   Ui_��� ���_ 20s Kleveuth street   (2645)
CM    Columbia    Btreet;    A-   Sprice. i	
Qaeeaaborou  li,    Lulu lsl��r.��;    Mrs,   j.-t)i; s.vi.i; CHEAP-  SHOE REPAIR-
BL Lardon, ll   bland l'ark;  Mrs. V.      ing  shop;  vers   gi   .1  looality;   ren
mm DAY uABEL7S mm k��� �� bee fmii
Rid the House  of  Clutter
Cheer It.
to The Woman Who's Determined to
Please Too Much.
i'i:m iraiili: i:\ i:i;v dav.
bawls, mu
| - ;   month.    Apply Bi .-, 26.6 Si >���
i   Pico. (261 8)
C��<j04/��-*��a����***��*   POU Nil E       AKilK,      $22
�� kTEB ��� |    I ind bi di    m  [ui nltun :   nl
#�������������* ��������*���������������������]    aoa few laying; hens cheap.   Applj
,   ..__ mm.A   am* i    Hot, '. ������'.  The News (2837)
���V:   I    P :   '"'r   AfKk;  I"c D'r  1 nn    a ,i ;���
���.���- ,,     :, '.. to be u"C.i as l-fl*   ' '
t**m**Am*t  wltl '   vriir from   datei of ]
MBlracI   |2l
A    PAIR    OF    BAY
i   r ies,    rl sing    seven    and * l
j-i  .:        n      'hi     _     0     liis.     Will   1.
i on i'u' markel on Dec, 1! th   .1
i    K, Davis, Tj nehi ad, B. C.     (25681
FOIl    SALE-SELL     YOl'R     PROP ���
j    erty through an ad. in this column
,hn,:.* I  *       farm    in    the F*��er
,1 location.   *W��1  -�����-
.-. ,uth   Wcatmmster.
I'hone   1245K 1. t2*��9)
FOR BALE���$1.00 DOWN, 11.00 PEU
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed Mar
i.* ; square. (2619
Royal Intelligence. Bureau
415 Westminster Trust Building.
J. M. GAWA. Mar,
���ANAD1AN    HOME    ixvK.-n'Mr.N 1" ,    i: .' - ���*,..  agent   for  11,  Obashl   ��
,'(l,..   ia wanted.   B. K. Psar*. Car- Co.,    New    Vork,    manufacturers    nl
(erci'-iiHi  Bldg.,  Vancouver.  (2S99)   Typewrll r  Backing  Sheets.    Carl n
' _  ���.  Papers,  Ribbons,  etc.    Mail  Rddresi
"                _ ���.._.. ** un d         Drawer   11"   Nnv   Westminster
daily $5.00 extra by KrowniR mush-	
rooma torus    Free   booklet    hov,      _   L   M.���.|,...,,.,.,   Saiesbury  Ave
���-a-, mushrooms in ceB"*^���������  Wmonds, will    be   open   lo recelvi
���.beds   aud    boxes.      ^"^Sf gifts  of  rood,   clothing   and   to.     to
Mushroom Company,   185    Empire  make u    fof cbH_tma8 Uttmpesl   , .
banding, Vancouver, B.C.      l��". L^ needy.
house on  Rochester  road;    twenty
��� mlButes trom car. 1'. Baker. llur
.luiilam P. O. t��802)
ii.il  i:,  Ihr  M iti r ol   .*!   M cl ii*. Ic '   I i *
f.,r   I :.". '     i *; , . md   by   John    K ' '
'*,!:* Oll     Ilil:.,.:      *'.','     '     *::.    .     '     *
Iron   iVorks."
i ml   i-i S' ctlon  37 of Raid   ri cU< ���*
_��,i>  riu-vr    IP vni:  HAVE BOOKS   ";    uti   l   John  Reid, ol tho Pit:   ol   N
BOR RENT���11    YUU ""���***"'        Westminster. Province or BrltM   C.lui
to rent try an nd. in this column.
keeping rooms, }10 ami $15 per
nioiilh at 'i'H Seventh stroet. (ttM)
ered towel, letter enclosed a-ldrois
, d Mr.--, .). Jameson. Pleaae return
to "The  Pair.'' ~**t.
months old; two black ears snd
hlack -spot on hack. Notify Phene
739 (_S.9>
terrier; answers to the name Ot
Dennis; no collar; abort tail.
Finder notify Kdward Hassall. Bnr-
nuitlam,   B.C.,   Golf  club.        (2610)
nrtntsanroBE, .store stocks ano
"irm aalea conducted. Furniture
����sbt tor caah. P. B. Brown, 17
X-fible street. New Westminster.
wbe.re. No collection, no eka-TRe.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 37.6 Ila.tiiigs street west. Vas
couver. (251*)
I'.-i-..   Mi cl ante,   Proprli tor   of   th     Wi nt
ii .     ��� i*   Iron   Works,   h' n by  glvi   n - lc
 h  as  thc  sum  nf   $178.P0   is
nnv  iiu" and  unpaid  me  for  over  ���   i
I , i  \, ml lis ii * -- r '.  ���  Bame ought i" hav>
In ��� *. paid me, to wit. on the  I Ith dny ol
A'::;ns,. 1913, for the repair, alti rntion nii'i
Imnrov, mi nl ot n c irtnui cl ntti I to wil
,*,,- fore and .ii'i compound marine allde
valve engine 6^x13x8 Inch stroke, with
tHi nd   coniv '���* 'I   iir circ tlattns and   feed
pi    : :-..   r.'.r.i :i    l'i ,.*      low    |*;   BSUn     Cl ops
-head,  Rli - In! i  II ti   -' ifl    I   ilirnst
, silt: ���- , !*;.*,    li built.1    *i hla ' ng ne is In
!��������� ,ii  *,\ ,.*    *:  condll oh  *���*, Ith  i, w  ci ank
: ���''    *   '   h   , ��� 'li .-  nnd   link   motion   re
ii- w ' .i     **i dei elopi R ahoul   I'. I  *���
i . i   ���* ol an l ir.'iin whli h    dd c   il
1*1 I hnve a lien for money, skill and mn
i ��� ri.i!  in si..-.\ - il  iiv   i��, - - upon   nald
in ii-, alterntion. repair and Improvemenl
thereby increasing lhe value of said cl il
tei,  which s Ud  chattel  wn; li fl  vv itli   me
by Walt��r .\   Gilley, nf New, Weatmlnsler
B.C.. contntctor. claiming to he tho ownoi
thereof, on or ;'!,.*ui i"<  flrsl day of April
1913. for repairs, alterations and Improvi
menl   and that I u-i:i at the i-xplratlon of
two <-' weeks from the first publication
��� if this advertisement t" wit, "ii Saturday.
the  20tli  day  of  December,   1813,  sell  hy
publlc auction s.ii.i engine fm* ihi- amount
ii? aaid indebtedness iluo me thereon and
tl sts of this advertisement anil r ist.s
of   said   sale.
Thn time and place nf said auction snle
will be at the limn- of ���...If) o'clock In Hn
afternoon na Saturday, the 20th dav of
Oecember. IDIH. at my business offlc
Westminster Iron Works, NV,. t'.i'.. inth
Ptri ���. N,*\v Westminster, B.C., of which
ill '* rtles concerned are requlrod to take
notice ..nl govern themselves accordingly
Tiated Oils Bth day nf December, A.D.
By his Solicitor, ���!.  P   Hampton   B *'���    2S
lAine Ptroot. New Wostmlnster, B.C.
T.,   said   Waller   A.   Gilley,   Esq.,   and   1"
Wh.'in H mav Concern.
iw   publication nr this notice,  6th   Decs mber. 1913. (25071
Throw Out All Furniture. Pictures and
Odds and Ends That Aie Unnecessary and You Will Make Home More
Kvery one���certainly, nt least every
woman-sometimes undergoes n revulsion agnlust "things." particularly
things Hint clutter up the houae, und
she longs for the simple life,
To pul lhis new system of simple
Ur{ng iii effect begin with n destruction duy. I'lx In .vour mind Unit it ts
the clutter of civilization that really
bothers you and determine Unit you
will rid yourself of mucb of this dm
Itepiu in ymir living room. Tliiul;
uf ilu' beauty of Japanese bouses, the
furniture of whicli consists of a few
screens, n few pieces of good pottery
and sump embroidered wall pauels.
Get n picture of n Pomp-flan house nnd
study tho effect gained therein by Imre
spaces and roomy airiness.
When you have once filled your
Ullnd wilh a desire for Bpace nnd simplicity begin the process of destruction, Take dowu all but the best of
your pictures If you don't wnnt lo
throw tbem awny give tbem away,
nnd If you don't want to do that pul
them In the nili.- uuiil vmi hnve for
gotten ynu like tbem.
If you have many really valuable
nnd Interesting ornumcuts put tbem in
n cabinet with glass doors, wbere they
will seem what tli.y really nre���a col
lection uf i urios.
Afier you bnve rigorously thinned
out I'm ornameuts nnd pleturea tackle
the fiiriiluire llemove ni y of it ili.H
is rickety nud broken und either have
it mended or else Ihrow ii away. Al
any rate, liuve every piece of furniture left in the room in usable eondl
It's the Custom Nowadays to Serve
Callers With Li_lit Refreshments.
Afteruoon teas are tbe fashionable
fml of today and without doubt will
become even mure popular ns ilmi
-.���'ies on, This custom of serving tea
lo guests In Ibe nfternooii Is such a
simple affair, eouducted "iiii su lilil,
ceremony, thai it cannot fall to In-iu:
hostess and guest nearer together In n
spirit   of  congenial   hospitality,   sn.-.-
Msa-eer Hunks on B.C and CnHto-ml-a n.v
m. *-'.',rt.. i Canadian Camp Life. 2ml edl-
linn; Among the Peoples of H. C; In 'im
*^��.thl*..s�� wvst . Nan, ur riomfr Women
una Unix. The sets nf flvs tur ll.O'i or
T5c P*T oopy till Jan. lllll. AnMrt^sH I*'.
.__ I.e.Tin.-.;, llli Hamilton Sf-. N'*w
W-aatmli-Hteur. B.C., ur any nf tlt-i book
tsxitlta.    lili.:ijiiii!  In lie- trailc.
S. 9, Id snd )_    uf
4, Section 18, Town
Re Blocks l. .'). '
pan of li. VV,
ship K.
A Certificate Ol Indefeasible Till'.' to
���'he ahinu  property   will  be Issue,!   in
'.(..Ii-i Louisa I'liyfair on die JIm d<_
at Deceniiu���-, 191 I, unless in the ni'iiin
time tx w.lni objection bc made t<_ ne
in smting h.   ..   person   or   iwsoiii
-dahnlng an estate or interest therein,
or in any part thereof,
.1  0. QWTMS,
llisti"'  Kegislrar i,f Title*..
t-ar,d Registry Office,
New  Weatmlnster,  It.t;., November
tmlm, 1313.
Tbe peraOB or    persons    lil \ .irr.   i't)
their custiidy oi* possession tke Zotlosi
tn-g Title; I>e< Js relating in Hie es il
���pHljnrtJ arc requested to deliver    Um
��ihii< u> the undersigned.
17th January, lg79. Crown btshI lo
���Gordon Parmer Dafoe of s. Vt. ',��.
Section is. Township 8.
!7th January, 1879, Oordoo Parmer
Dafoe lo Oeorge Marshall, ��-onvey)uic e
'in fee or tho S W. 10 acres or S.'A".',;
-���Sf-rtiim IS, Township n.
31st December, 1908. Cordon Barter
Tlafoe In lack Miller, conveyanfte in
���See of S. part ol S.W.'4, Section iH,
Township ll.
21th September, 11)04. Oordon Par
���ier Dafop io Jack Miller, conveyance
in fee part nf S. W. '4, Section 18,
Towiishln fi.
llih February, 1906. Jack Miller to
sii.nid Wright, conveyance in fee "f
th" smith portion of S. VV. '/4 Of Sur
tion 1*   Township fi, except I�� aercn
.)   C. CVVVNN.
-<'.'47fi)        Dlstrlcl   ll'-nitlrar of Ti��l,-��i
Made to measure,  -guaranti**** ono
vear    Ition" J78 for appointment.
MUS   TWISS, City Manager.
���HSU)        217 Six'-h Street
Sealed    separate    trnderu,    superscribed "Tenders tor School, Sperling
..Avonue," also "Tenders for Tent, Gil-
nu .,1 Avonue," addressed to the undersigned, will in* received up to the
hour cf 7 p.m., Tuesday, December 23
Plans and Specifications can be
seen al the office of the Architect,
116 Crown liuililiiis. Pender Streel
\v.. Vancouver, or at the Bi hool
I'iimiiI Office, Kingsway, West Burna
i Kach tender musl be accompanied
.tiy a duly certified cheque for a sum
equal to ���"> per cent ol 'hn tender,
which will be forfeited if Uie party
tendering declines to enter Into con
ti-aci if called upon to di    o
| ��� lii ques ol uni ui ceei nil ti ndei i i **
will be ri'iiiriiid io ilu in on siKiiini--
i.f contra -
The Bi ard do nol bind Ihemsi Ives
in accopi the lowesl ot any tender,
A   .1   BARHAM.
r *, ."7   McKs;     (2648)     Been tary
| Tacoma, Dec ly Thai they wtro
gulll ��� ���'. an ei empted h iid up I i e
Mond iy evi ning ���* as admltti I to thi
pulli e toda . I/1, Ray Baki ��� and Albi 11
Bpledsl' 11 Portland hoys, eai li 17
j ��� am   Id   ind n embers ol n spectable
In tin   Itoi    City
the Modern Prlsellla. The slifl'ness and
furmulity of the call are relieved by
this pleasant Invention, and everybody
Is sure to feel more at home after tea
Is served. When n ten (nine nnd lis
equipments nre not a pari of lbe
drawing room It Is quite good form In
hnve the maid brtug In tbe tea service
un a prettily ur ranged tray Japan, ns
usual. Is tn be depended upon iu sup
ply the housewife with artistic wicker
trays for thin use.
The tea sets seen In the Illustration
ure also from the mikado's realm Onu
Is decorated with a cherry blossom de
sign, and Uie other set depends for Its
charm upos the oddity of the spouts
used mi teapot and cream pitcher
An  Afternoon   Tea   Apron.
Iiniiiin st bi long ufternoon ten aprons
Is the one inudu ut n half yard, hull
width, uf r.insi butlMto or orjniltdle, im
lllled :il the lOWer ami side odgOH Wltll
Cotton laee plcol bordering thnl i-
scurcely mure limn u nerles uf long
loose loops uud ul the top KllghtlJ
gulbeied Intu n wulHlbuild of nnrro'.v
i ibon. decorated :.i both ends wltli
hn iv Idiots fr.uii which full n llulfUoZeli
ni more ends in quarter Inch wide rib
liin. linwkiiolteil midway of IheleiiKtb
Tbe t enter of the upruu Is orunuielited
with I'.vu Insets nf embroidered Bllel
hue. One nf these, placed sir-i inches
below  llie  wnlsiliatid,   is a  four luell
squnru, nml il ther. plnced sh Inches
above the lower edge, Is n . by I Inch
eblong. 'if course luce "f nny oilier
substantial sort could lip employed,
slid while net, soiitnelic embroidered
Is equally ns pretty lis fllcl
MatUir.rj the Garbage C_n.
if ih.. giirbii * in becomes shabb)
treal it In u i nt i I nl innl til ti iti pnlnl
.mil sjiT tin* ] i nf a new mu' 'iii
inn rli n garbage enn print lhe Inlllnls
mi it uiili mi'i.'ii fining ni'ld. Ihen com
wiih iiini'ii palm nvw the lellors one
housekeeper, HlidliiR Hint palls u"ii mli
i"l up uu lhe iliimliivnllcr In un n pn rl
ment house, lind her husband pnlnl
different iiiunli'i's of nil hands all the
wny iirnnnd the pulls belonging tn Ole
neighbor* u lint tin, dumbwaiter une
'. ud f ir I'm ground floor, t��,i f��r (lie
second  floor, three for the third, nnn
Sn nil
Cliafiny Cish Get In Crash Toweling Is
Just the Gift For Histess Who Is
Fond of Entertaining Inlormally at
Supp.r or Luncheon,
Deur r.isa-I hnve just come back to
New Vork from n week end -pent with
Margaret VV., and I nev r leave her
charmlug country  bome  without  tits
iiiii'iiml'm inlilc feeling ttint I bnve bei n
extremely rude. Margaret Is one of the
few remaining specimens of pnltteiieas
left to us in this rude, busy age In
deed, she is so anxious to be ulce and
to huve her t'.iesis enjoy themselves
thnl she defeats hor own good object
l.y belug too solicitous of their well l"1*
lng. In olher words, she Is one of those
"pressing" people who make the aver
age woman feel like "saying things"
nt times,
Here Is an example of wbnt I menu:
"W.in'i you have une of these enkes,
di'iir';" she cried one afteruoon at tea,
ber bright eyes falling ou ray empty
'Tbuuk yon very much, but I've
quite liuishod."
"Ob, but you must try oue of these
They're homemade."
"I'm sure they are delicious, but
"Just one. now; just tn please llle."
Hu I wns obliged lo meekly dispose
of lhe e;iI.e. and .is anon lis I bud enme
tn lhe List crumb Margaret begau
������Now I'm sure you will hnve another,
wnnt ynu."
"No, ('innl; yen. really. Murgnret *
������(ih. do; 1 have uot nearly finished
yel. Iio keep me company. Or per
hi us j t li did i* it 111 t* my cuke':"
������It wus splei fllil!" I managed to reply, quite honestly, fur Mnrgaret is a
Hoe * * i*    "I'.ui. truly"���
Weil, it was ull off, Margaret smiled
A sail, wistful smile, which said as
plain Ds words, "I'm so sorry ynu
didn't rare for it. for if yon bad yuu
would have taken another one."
She doesn't seem lo realize that, bow-
ever nice n enke mny be. lhere exists
to the vulgar mind stich n thing as-
well, repletion is the prettlesl lerm I
can call it. though very small people
line expressed Ibe same meaning by
announcing tbnt they are "full now."
Then one day Margaret began talking of new spring frocks, and I was
foolish enough to sny tii.it I wns thinking of changing my dressmaker.
"The very chance for ynu to try the
lirtle fan-null) who mnde my green
guwu she's so smart and so cheap
She lives nt��� Tliere. I've forgotten.
I ut I'll look It up iu my address bonk
and let you know."
Now. ns n matter of fnct, I don't admire Margaret's gre*n gown In tbe
lenst, nml Hick said It was a "shriek
of fashion."
Trying lo he tactful, I appreciatively
keil at Margarel and replied: "Don't
bother, deal'    I lliink perhaps after ull
I'll give Mme  Blank another chance."
"Yes. but yuu mny as well have the
address, mayn't yuu'' And I'm going
tn her this week, anil if she says she
��� cannot take any mo-e orders Just now
I'll mention that you nre a friend of
mine or���or maybe It would be better fur you to come wltll tne."
Murgnret Is alwuys rull of plans, nnd.
knowing that to raise her hopes to lei
| them fall again wlll hurt her reclinns.
I temporized by saying, "I'll think u
And so we went on every minute i I
1 lhe time I spent, with ber, I feeling lln
must ungracious creature on tbe eir li
fur   Margaret   never  con  see  (hul   she
i has  said  enough      Yet   s ie  Is  a  ileal
ami does mean so well.
Why don'l I go to Perncilffp nexl sum
lner7 Why don'l 1 take her remedy
for sore thronti Why don'l I lake a
ticket for the i urrcnl event talus': Why
don't I gu to her ilclltlgl'.'
And Indeed I don'l kqnw why I don'l
do many of these Ihiiigs. except that I
don'l particularly want, to
Dirk nml I never [holt forwnrd lo
nur v Ih In M n let, simply hei ause
ue ti ul ii su li.ii-1 I" gel iiw iy '���'.������
plead Ciai u .* li in engagements In
lown    ��� w on i th.*..' hold uvt>r."
lm ynu ren en ber >'ai.i Weller'* re
ply in hi- fuilier when (Iml dpur nhl
iu iiCem.iii mggested (hal hi- leiter to
.Mary, the housemaid, wns rather short.
"Nol n  bit i f It," said Sam    "She'll
i ish   there   i o*  moro,  and  that's  the
] greul mt n' letter wrltln',"
j    Somehow tlrise words always pome
Into my bend ns I  travel homo from
I wonder. Kl��a, how you will like :he
dollies nml ee'iierplece I mn making
for a friend who dues n Int nf iiil'iiiiu.il
entertaining cliulliig dish parties und
lhe like The sei is nf hlue nml white
linrreil tea toweling A ynrd nnd live
eighths nf eighteen Inch wide lowellmi
lllllkes the twelve floWe*, will h nie
nine Inches square, ���*��� square "f Hie
tnwPlltig -".ii ton narrow In innke u
good looking ei'iilt'i-piere, sn I emnpri,
mi-nil nn nn nblnlig lahle runner
The edges nf Iuil li dollies nnd comer
piece nre lliiislied wilh Ileal Ily padded
lillttonlliilltig dune with iiiercerl'/.i'd cot
ton Ihe shade of lhe bine bur In the
crash Aernut the center of each dully
nml nl both ends of lbe runner renter
pice will lie placed the Initials of thr
owner In cross Mitch, carried mil It'
two shade* of blue. On n polished ma
bogany tnble the ��el Is stunning.
Time's up, so nut wlederschcn.
Musl Marry for Love.
Cadillac,   Mich.,   Dec.   18,    Challatla
Hall, 19, a stenographer, '.'.ill Inherit
Many Men Dave Now (lone Into Hie
Rxctuslve Production of Hone,-,���
Workers Live only u Few Months
llut   the   Vl.eons   Sun ive   I'or   n
Number ol Years���.Vilillcial Comb
lias Revolutionised Industry.
Apiculture, ns the science nml practice of bee-keeping is called, has of
late years become a very profitable
occupation. Il may seem strange to
talk of a "hue farm," yet lhere are
many sueh farms in this country, devoted almost exclusively to tba rearing of bees. There are two ways of
making a profit out of hces, either hy
IN sale ol the honey they produce,
cr by the rearing and sale ot the
I,ees themselves.
in order io run a bee farm successfully It Is necessary, of course, to
lecome acquainted with tbe ways and
! ablts of tho bees themselves. A hive
consists of a queen, drones, and workers. Only one queen lo a hive; she
will brook no rival, her nil" must be
absolute. She lakes her consort from
i mong the drones, and produces both
drones and workers. Al (lie end of
the busy season the drones are either
I 'lied or turned OUt to perish us useless encumberances. An average hive
contains about 25,000, a large one as
many as 50,000.   Five ihousand bees
weigh  aliotil   a pound  when they are
charged with boney, The weight ot
starved bees is hardly perceptible, it
sometimes happens, In dispatching
them by rail for a journey ol several
(i*i.s, they will arrive at iheir destination either dead or In a very poor
condltlou, This is due to carelessness
or Inexperience. In buying bees by
weight from any distance, allowance
* 'soli Ui always be made for deterioration In transit, as they con: ume
tin '.   own homy.
A farm may, of course, consist c.f
sny number of hive.. A queen is
ready for fertilization fyom three to
1 ve days after birth. The worser be *
live only two or (hree months, but
li. ��� queens will exl I for bi v, ml years.
If a queen should die permaturely, or
I e lost isi Ii ��> lng the hive, which
sometltn ' bapp * . the colony Insist
upon ba> In \ anotl r qu en, and set
ab :��� nourlshli ; lhe brood li 11 be
hi-il. ll mnr. tlnn one queen h
ia sd, then tbere is trouble among
tm- myai belrs, and they llgbt amon
i maelves nil all hut one an* exterminated.
,\t one time beea made tbelr own
combs: now tbey are r ved Cut trouble, for lie coml b ire made for ibem.
Tbe process Is v ir; Interesting. l>ir-
wax Is melted In a metal receptacle
cml kepi hot. Immediately above Hi s,
suspended from the celling, Is a contrivance like a wooden comb, the
teeth hem: strips of wooden board.
Tbe latter are o.unged Hire" or iour
times into the molton wax, wblc,
���... en it sels, can l>" p- ded off In
p' eels. Having become stiiT. it In
dipped In warm water to make lr
limp, and then passed ^between two
metal rollers, which stamp il wld
tlm pattern whicb the bees work upon
and draw out, thus forming Hi" cells.
I arger a Id thicker slieeis are required for c,e breeding franits than for
the honey frames, 'lhe wan sheets
are fitted in the Ives for the h.-es to
���������ork upon. It says much fo their
Intelligence that they readily accepted thh substitute for iheir own liandl-
\; i k.
lf there should he more than one
queen In a blve un" of tbe queens wlll
have It wilh a  following.   They will
"swarm"  upo.i   a   neighboring   tree,
'and must be hived. Tbls Is comettmes
a ticklish Job,   The straw arrangement called a   ': iiep" musl  '��������� taken
uti  tin.' iree  an.   bold  beneath   tbe
Ibranch   upon   wblcb   tbe   beeB   are
swarmln; and lhe latter shaken Into
It.   Tie y  must then he thrown down
In  fronl   of Ihe  hive, wbeu   Jie)   Rill
crawl Inside    Gloves itud _ rail nun
'boused wh.." baudll  ���, bees, although
those engagod on a boe fa.*,.i rarely
use either.      Either tbey  are  proof
agalnsl stings, or lhe bees are used
I . them and do not filing.   A bee dims
no' sting unless ll ls altackei. or annoyed.       Had   or   careless   handling
mlcht he rewarded wllh B few stings,
Swarming is principally for breeding, and should be prevented aa much
ss poistble In  th" Interests of honey
l production.   The prices of beea differ
; a, cording   lo   Ihe   Ume  of  lhe   yea-.
: Kar Instance. In May and .lune a I.I
giirlan queen would cost about $_; In
July a Irllle less, in August and Sep-
1 letnher   lens   still,   while   In   October
: ami November she mlgh   be got for
i fl.nii.   Horn" bred queens are cheap-
er.  and  could   be  imd  lor 75  cen
A  t.lRurihn swarm, quoen Included,
Would  COSl  elose  on   $10,
ii la ourlous lo note lbs different
; shades of wax. which is caused bv the
dlfferont nationality of lho tees,   in*
directly Is lbe  esull of the different
imis of  flora.   The blossom  which
j renders mosl boney la while rlover.
Others ar" apple, peer, cherry, raspberry, v. blie'i'u n, sainfoin, lime and
buckwheat, When the bses llghl upon
��� u patch ol favorite flowers they work
Steadfastly at il until Ibey have ex.
haii-ied Ihs kupp*'/ of honey. Tiny
link" iitraiKlii I'u il from lhelr lm is
In a (rue bee-line. The neighborhood
wblch Is best adapted for beea Is
where there are several kinds ot
honey-producing plnnls or trees sn
that, when one noes off another cornea
nn. Some places have only one or
Iwo kinds, so lbat Ihe supply of
ho.ioy Is limited.
The two disease which most affect
beea are dysentery and foul  brood.
Of enemies lhey have many.   The wax
moth, who layn eggB In ihe hives and
demolishes   wax,   pollen,  and   brood;
iraspR,  who lake advautago or ihelr
'< superiority of Btrength and activity;
, ji Ice, who cul wa�� am' honey; spiders,
i who calch bees lu lhelr webs;  birds,
who  eat  bees,   particularly   Ihe  blue
tit,   who  In   winter settles  upon   the
: entrance board ol the klve and laps
; with hls beak;   Ihls bring Die bee to
I ihe entrance, and the bird promptly
snaps it up.    Itnis wlll also eat Mores,
and loads In Ihe windy weather wlll
I wBlt  near  Hie    hives   for   reluruln;
! bees,  on   Ihe  chanie  ot   lhelr   being
blown lo Ihe ground, when Mr. Toad
i ''inn gobbles tbou up.
Branches  Tlircuub'.ut  the   Province  of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposit! of Ono Hollar and
upwards received and Interest ut tho blghcut current rate paid or
credited lutir yearly.
Dr.tts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable lu all paria  of  tbe
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A.  W.  BLACK, Manager.
Grand Trunk Pacific Steamships
Prince Rupert and  Prince
Mnn.in- and Thursda t* al  midnight   for   Pl-lnec   Rupert
Tui st.. | s   anii   B iturdai     al   i *-
midnight   mt*  Victoria and  Seattle.
Thuis.i ns   ;n    12   midnight   for
iii .ni,.'.   Hay.
Friday,   D c.   Uth,   nl   13   midnight foi Quia n i'ii., loll    1    indi
���I  nd ���      Die    I'.tli.   at   1        iid
Ighi  for Su-.vait an.I Mai    '
trains connect at Prlncs n u�� rt
with Mi.ii��i.i\  i Thursday steamers  from   Vanoouver   fur   Terraoe,
Ha/., itun. Su.in,, is, tiitv.-t trains
to Ross I -il.���   i mils 800 >
it.iins connect  sl  Chicago with all
lm. a Hum the  W'.si.
Tickets   tu   and   from
any sti in. nip Lie  >"a w i ih. We
have Ua in all.
Ill   i     gl ,.i   i .
tn   Itinerary for your approval.
W,  E.   Duperow.  G.A.P.D.     H. G. Smith, C.P.  &. T.A.
5;,'   Granville   St.,   Vancouver. Phone   Scy.  8134.
Pit.   tni lis*:
VV. t. II. Bill 1.. 1
U��c   snd 1 i'��
Pir, Cedar  and   Spruce
phenes fla. I snd ��77.
llppon   Yusen   Kaisha   Will   Probably
Co Ordered by Jap Government
to  Start  Line.
Thera la Ktrons probability that tbo
; Nippon Yusen Kaisha v. ill be Mit.'.si-
idized by thc Japanese governmenl to
operate a fleel ol steamships \ i.i the
Panama canal lt'pnris from Toklo
Intimate thai this Btsp v- ill be taken
For inn* time Interesl has osnterad
on Jttpan as to lur Inti itlon 1   I
\ Inn the 1 illi -> 1' thai ���  ��� :������ *   Ia regard   to that  trade     The  Nipponese
situated  pr ictli   liy on  1 is other
: Ida  ot   tho  1 1 rom   the   DtiTted
Klngdi s id II Is s ml that Mi" Sue/.
1 inal ,. 11 ���. ��� to the t.hl country from
Japan Is shorter than would In* tho
run rla (he greal water ditch In Central America. An a result tbe Mikado's governmenl haa nui piayed any
conspicuous pan in regard to steamship developments by way ol Use ca-
. nal.
Baron Kondo, chairman ol the Nip
pun YiiKcn Kaisha. In preticiitinK the
semi-annual statement of tha company at Toklo, said that he expected
la reaction In Bhlpplng was certain to
leniiic. Advices frnm Japan quote ihe
chairman In pan aa follows:
"The administration reforms carried
oul by th" government affected busl-
ni 1 nlgciu ral unfavoral ly and Its
1 ftecti will be felt in the coasting
trad" At pn sent the shipping trade
Is at the busiest owing to the inertia
pf the pasi lint reaction Is certain
to come, Moreover, Japanese ship
owners Imported 86 vessels with sn
aggregate  tonnage    of    230,000     Of
111. BO    4n    VI BSelB,     140,000    Inns.    :ne
[registered al KwanLung and the rent
in Japan.    (If lale there ban* been In
dlcatlons 1 f a glul of shipping, and we
mini be watchful aa to Ita effects
"Bul t'.'i future of the shipping tradi
'of the world  In general deserves  no
pessimistic   views.    The  communications among different c luntrles are b
coming busier ami the opening of the
Panama   canal  wlll  give  rife  to  freah
activity Inthe world's shipping. In
anticipation if Ihls event, foreign
shipowners are busily constructing
now vessels and Increasing their cap
Hal, The mosl progressive of foreign
steamship companies is the Hamburg
American llne, Our company's fleel
consisting of 83 1 ss '�� has a total
displacement if 340,000 tons. When
in *..* vessels unw under construction
;r, 1 ompleti ���!. the total 1 innnge �� 111
he 449,000, Btlll, il Is 11 ii moro than
1 tie fi urtii 1 I the total lonnago of thn
Hamburg-Ami rica llm
"If Hi" I'liverniie nl ordni Oil
company to open a Panama lii:". when
the canal la constructed, or If II be
comes necessary to open su li n line
in consideration of the gen ral Hit
nation of the shipping world, the com
���/will have to Increat * 1 acpltaL
1 he cxpeni 1 a of vessi 11 under con
��� ���, tlon can bi defrayi A from the
1 ervi 1. and we have no Ini ntion to
Increase the capital But wa are tik-
ing suitable measured to keep up with
the progress ol the Bhlpjilng mule of
th ��� world "
Burned   to   Death.
Seattle, Dec 18, While trying to
save her fix children from death by
!iire Mrs, Henry Williams WM burned to deal'.i Tuesday night on a house-
boal at the foot of Kllbornne street
on I-ake Onion, The chlblr n escaped Injury, bul Ihe husban dniul lather
was severely burned ahout the hands
ami face while cm. \iv irlnr to extinguish the flames thr enveloped his
New Wellington
Office,  554   Front  Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phone I0S.
N.'hat with the harbor improvements, tbe further
the fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
her own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
IN     THE     SUPREME     COURT    OF
Thief Left Eggs. Uv*d  in Subway Trains.
Minneapolis,    Dec.     IS. - Chicken I    New Yorh, Dro, IS.    David H'.iiplri,
thieves  Hich*   16   hens  from   Andrew |��, lived a v...ek    In    subway    trains
a fortune of 1600,000  if she  marries   m,.lander, 3004    .6th    avenua   south,  niter Mcal'ii* his father's  watch.  He
early today, but left, three egBs.   Nol told   the  police   "ll   aa-.ed   mo from
for love within  n  year,  by  provl&l;
of her grcut uncle'a will.
In Probate.
m lb"  Hotter ,,' Uu* R��lnte nf Theinaa
J.ileis .11. Inte i.r the City uf New Weiil-
nut,* ter, I " eiit.'i. it
Mill'-I''. is IIKHi.liv OrVKN lbat all
ei'iilltiil-H niul ullii r piirsiitis h.i\*ln�� any
**l ilms nr demands ukuIiisi lne estate ���f
the above nnmed 'I'h,mias Juhnson, Hte
*.r lhe City uf New Westmlnstnr, In ihn
County nf New Westminster, In the Pro-
la r  HiiMsii Columbia, dreamed, who
11..1 on ii," si ....ini day nf September, Ifll,
mil whose will was proved iii the Bupreme
Courl ..r I'.-iiisii Culumbla oil lbe thirtieth
lav ef October, 1818, nml to whose real
md p��rwiniil estnte letters of ndmlabttra.
tlon with 'in* will nnnexnd wi re amated 10
Inmei Johneon nf Hie City uf New Wenl-
���i.e.-t. i* aforesaid, are hereby required tn
1 uartlculnra lu willing nf fielr ebilmn
ir   ileiuauilH   In   tin.   Uliileisliiin ,1,   the   llil-
1 trntor with (he win ami. ve.l, on or
is fore iin* 1 lib iL.vi.f Jnmmry, mil. at ih��
*,'i.i. 1 ne ml,ne il address, after whli-u dat*
Ilu snld administrator with tbe will sa*
v'l will I'l'n'i'.l in distribute tlie aswit
nf the said Thntnae Johnson, deoeaim
ii'iini.,:**t lie* eariiis entitled thereto, h.iv-
Ing regard only tu tho clnlms and domanfla
uf whlili be shall tlnn have hail nolicn nnd
lbe said administrator win, the will nn-
ncxed wlll mu b" liable for th- nawtn of
tlie said Thomas Johnson, decoissed, or nnv
part thereof so iiisirilmied lu nny iwrwia
in- persons or n-tum* olalms or dmnandii ho
shall   mil   Ihen   have   luul   notice.
iniied iios iiiii iinv uf Deoembor. a.iv
Ailmlnlsli-nlul* Willi Ihe Will  Almexeli. Hll
i*;iki,iii streot, New WastmlnsUr, RC
C5��l )
Oirls' classes, Tuesday 7:8* p.m.;
Adult classes, Thursday, 10:SS a.m.;
Bewlng   classes,  Thui.-tdoy.   7:1Ml   p.m.
HnardliiK and room rules rensenaMe.
Meals served to ladles and gentlamin.
Hpeclal dinner Fridays, W.M t* i'i*.
Vot piiriicii'.ars Oftll phont 1114. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1.13,
Wits.   1:1.1..  C.   IIAItHY, TEACltMH <il
rlaiinl'iu**,   :i*J   Keary   St.,   Mew   W.nt
lulu  1* 1.
Accountant, I'I. It. 12*. Room I liar
I-. 11. Smith. w. j  ui ..,.,
Welti   undertaken   in   city   an 1   uuiuid
points.   211-12   Wutnilnelor  Truel   an.
Phone sti*.    r   ti.  bui (07.
atlna   1 rs,   Loeal   141,   meets   li
l_il,ur   Temple   every   llisl     nml     thin
Tlnn- la lhe im.nili. II. M,i_.uk!,in.
in-   et* 1,1     Vi    C, Baunders,    secretara
I-   11   Dos   '.'-'H.
NBW V\ I.- , iUNBTHI. MIDI;.: Nu I
11 * I' 11 r loiks ��r ih,. 11. ,,f 0 naw
Ilu, lli-l and thlnl Thurs'luy at \ u is
K nl i* ii ill, Hlghth street '. Well
limy. Uiul , .1 lt*.i|.,r, I'. ||. Huillli. hat
ri-li, rv
I. " 11 M . NO. 114.���MBBTS 01
flrat, �������� ini, third and fourth Wadnee
day tn em 11 niunlh ul K |, m
In Ihe Mi isi, lloinv. II. J, Leaml
dictator; W j. iir.mi ���ecretan
11. idnuurt, ,. .,[ lodn In Bee Rou��
oorner i.f I mirth and Darnarvoa straeu
t-*-m tEvtio
Tfee iEvenircfg Luxury
IIP If ^W\im
** \x*wm*_ml^k**%i __!*& via if#j
Anticipated with delight by all who use ii
Hit-Ill s|   AtVAHU-S'l. LOt 1_.   |gol.
mmm pun
1 O O I A MITT LODOB Nil 17���Th
h-icuIhi iiii.iii.k of Ainliy lodaie Ni
11. I 1) O r In held every Monde
nlKlit in I e.l.s.k In (MU fellows' Hul
curlier   Carnarvon   end   Right li   -street.
Visiting    bretbern    cordiniiv    imtw
It   A    M'i'  ll.w.   Nil  ;   II.   \v   Maintain
V. Q.i K C i-uiitham. P. 1;., raSori
Inn wcretaiv j. w. MacDonald, fin��o
���lul eocretarf
w k PALES -pioneer runcrni Dtreou
nml Bnbalroer, (1:111 Akiph ���tr<n-
u|i|iumI... ' iiiTeati- Library.
B     BOWBf.L    (Hl.tCC.'ERHOH    TO    CKN
ter A Hanna, Lta.)���Funeral dliector
nml embslnwra. Parlora 106 Columtri
Street,    New   VVpatmlnater.    I'hone   811
���1,-r Uounl of Trail* im-i'n In the hoar.
rooen. City Hall, aa follows: Third Frl
(luy uf ein-h month; quarterly tm*.��lo,
ou lbe ililnl Friday or February, Ma)
A'jku.i aoi] November at H p.m. Aa
nual meetings on tho thlnl Friday o
Feliruary. C H. Btuart Wade. seers
Hale. Deads, lluelneee l^-it.-rn, etc.; dr
culai work e|s I'lallat. All work atrlctl)
nunfldeniiiii II Barry, room 111 Weat
mlnater Trust nik.   Phon* Til,
rlatere. .-villellora. elc. 40 l*irne ritreai
New Wefltiolonter. II E I'urtiould, B
a     I    K.  1 Irani.     A.  K   McColL
ADAM KMIll! JilllNSl'ON II .1 lt It 1 HT K It
at law. S,,lienor, etc. Sullellnr for th.
Hunk .if Vancouver. Ottia m M<*r
��� li.uiis Ilu,k llullillnK. New WiKlmliui
I.r B.C Telephone No I0T1) Oshll
adnreas ' Johnston." Coos Wsaten
l'i ���������'. ton, 11  ''. Di *   18.   Tn .1
nu vi Mi ttl   ! :. tltuted   1 v   thi    board
1 :": * 01  1 .  tern Canada, .  king
b 11      1 1*11111.* tion of I     dry 1
i tltul 'l to Invi    1 ������.ie the al ��� ,* tl
n i'h *.   sgalm     E)   C    (r ill
':"1 *'���  n*l thi   ������.:���:.* dati 1,  More Wings to Ba t.iiei to Ley
��'sb thi    ubstance nf s li   er n   *���:>��� 'l
ti '' tbi umlssli ;u r of tha Baslta
' *     board 1 . trade, by 1-:.!   tr Dyni
bi past w.ek.
111 ��� commissioner statad that evi 	
1 is   being   gathi red   rnr  pn
��� ��� ��� in-11 to the commission, when an- Vlctsrla, Dec. Ig. 1 . ��� | ��� non
polnud. that at the present time both bten completed for ths construction
tn consume! and grower ware get of the new printing office and museum
ting a dishonest deal, additions I 1 the 13. C. parllameni I ulld
] lb" commissioner referred to the Ings In tliis city. The new muscui
im.1 prices i���*iii) iur i'r.uit In Vancou- addition Is to run along the Oovern
ver   and tbe low prices avatlahlo In  im red   side  of  the   pari imenl
ths Okanagan, pftmlslng that    very   block 1,-ormhe present museum wing
thing possible ". mid be di ne to ahn    aim .    '. 11 k to
���  thi conditions which were at the will
t've Buildings st Victoria���
Nev;   MuseuTi.
Novelties  In Surrrrer  Liners   For  tht
Beveral nttructlve novelties In summer linens for the cuuulry bouse nre
being show tv.   Our old friend, lbe
willow |i*itiiM*ii. wblcb bus become its
, stu llllil rd 11 tiling In ehiii.i n . bread nml
butter un; in food, has been adopted
ns un embroider) ilesi*_ii fm* linen
RllUgaluw ivlllliw sels. ns these
liiiiiheiiii niiiiits ure called, nre In white
linen with tbe traditional Chinese design embroidered In two shades uf
blue. The price Is $10.00 for e rot
consisting of 11 twenty-seven luch ecu
terplece uiul three dozen doilies���oue
iiuz'ii iii I'.ieh of the three customary
sizes Bmall napklus to mutch ut ?_* 0
Willow ehlii.i enn he used with I bil
corre*|K>iidliig linen with strtkitig ef-
' ft"l. Tun slriiiiiiij. In fact, fnr anything except country bouse entertain'
lug.   Even Ibers U will seem to many
j women lo be "too much ur s nuic-b
iie:<��" :n,.I Hip) will prefer to use a
pluiucr liiin.1 wllb ibe willow linen,
Auslrhin linens ure another novelty
Thei i nine in while, n pale grayish
hlue mul 11 iinii creamy yellow The
color is not solid, however, ns mnny
pri    nl  time Imlltatlng against _
1 ���  sful marketing.
Superior street,    Ii
1. -  new   1103 0   ���  hi ai a
Will Examine Thaw.
1 m o d, :>' 11 , Dec 17 A commission t:i examine Harry K. Thaw to
ih ii rmino wbether bis Libert) under
I ball wonld be dangerous to public
safety, wss announced in the resci pt
is:mi ii 1 j Judge A'drich in thi ;��� d-
eral 11 art today.   The
to consist  of  Kranh   s
cotd, Dr   Merton  Prime, Huston. Dr.
<i   a.  ilium r, superintendent of the
; Butler hospital fnr th" Insane. Providence, H I., and Dr  Charles P, Han
1 croft, superintendent of ths New
Hampshire Btate hospital for Insan.,
Ct ncord,
commission Is has done sarvlc
Str tier, Cou-
W     K
tte, 1
r   HIiKk,
renter   UO]
anu M
Keftsle etr-*, is
r     B.C
O    llos
Frcm Vancouver for Victoria.
10 00 ara Daily
'   I.OO   pin Daily
! ll 15   p 111 Uail)
From Vencouver for Seattle.
10 00 am Daily
, 11.Oil am Daily
From  Vancouver for  Nanalmo.
ids -- Itarrlstera and ftollcltor*. Wewt
minuter Truet Blk., Columbia streel
New '.Vealmlnater. B. C. Cable a,l,1rs��
���TVhlteald*." Western Ufilon. P. O
Iirii��.-.r ion Telephone ����� W. J
Wblt.-sMs. K.C.;H.I_. Clmonds. t
pl ml which li ivll .iu 1 Ight ur coin
, '��� on on G ���-. * rnmeni Btrei 1 1�� hind
the presenl museum winB. The new
museum addition, according to thc
plans will coM nol less than 11,000,-
000 and will bave room for many more
���1' .'liin,�� nt i.ffict'8.
The in w printing offi'':; win bo lo-
co ��� li in the Menzles Btreet side of
parliament ciiuare. and ib to occupy
ii." . Ite ur the present drill hull which
for no many yeai
will also provide for additional government Offices, and in r*_und figures
will cost Jl,000,000,
lt in claimed tiiat If the linanrla
situation Is Improved with in tits next
Iwo or three months appropriations
will be passed at the next session of
the legislature for ono or both of
these proposed additions. In that
event, contract, will be awarded later
in the spring in order to have the work
well under way before the eud ot aex'
year.     .'..   the  present moment,  how-
1 ,11, there Is nothing di finite In sighi
with respect to the actual passage oi
appropriations, and a commencement
on r.i" v.orit. It is understsod that
;h" plans for hoih of the hulhlinEB
wh .li will he of a type similar to ihr
existing Etnicturs, have been up
proved c.
Good progress has been made b)
Contractor McDonald os the new aii
ditlons a. pre. int under way. These
include tie new east winR. the w:st
wluR and th? library addition, all at
lhe rear of th" present parlianv lit
buildings facing Jam-as hay. The west
wing in to be nady for _)c:upniicy ir
) .ieial    Credentials    Keccss&ry    'i':*
Cross [frontiers.
Tl " passport will disappear as a
"c-.ndition of International travel onlj
��ith the coming of the millennium, 11
would be easier to drive a camel
through the eye of a needle than to
I smu��:le a foreigner Into Russia without a passport. V.l, ther he cross
the Csar's frontier f/om the aea. hy
! tbe galeway of Iialoum, or hy land,
where tbe Nord Express riini through
1 Wlrballen, the traveler will be calle 1
upon to Hand attd deliver his paai
po it aliiio before he haa lllled hla
luugs with Russian air. It is a case
of passport inst and customs after,
for if the traveler's credentials am
nol in order his luggage need not be
opened. It might be thought that inflection at the former would suffice;
b.it there is another examination to
undergo at Tl tl i s or St. Petersburg.
as tin- cose may be; and. indeed, during a Btay of some weeks in the capital the documec' la unuaiiy retained
by the manaser of he hotel, and
must be endorsed again by the polhe
befors ihe holder leavea the country.
The on- redeeming feature of tbls
otlierwi.i. irritating surveillance la
that it costs nothing, since the Hu&-
lian authorities undertake all the ne-
cessary fonnalit.es without enacting
so much as a rouble for their trouble.
It ls the fashion to resent, aa well
as ridicule, this attitude of the I us-
slan pollce; but tourists wbo are Impatient of such ncrutlny are free to
slay away, and he method.-* of Muscovy are, after all, not mc.-e prying
or Impertinent than tbose of Montreal. The Canadian immigration Iai-
reau demands froru each arrival an
���assurance that lie is not in Anarchist,
x r i-lygamist, cripple, or hereditary
Imbecile. Ii inais's on knowing whether he has paid his own passage. It
asks Questions about his parents and
grandparents, and in faot displays an
Inautstlveness ot which Russian officials would never dream.
The trouhle in Turkey, where the
ordinary passport of other countries
is replaced by the taskere, is, on the
other hand, that of continual petty
exactions of a few piasters here and
a few piaslera there, not only (In the
days of Abd-ui-liamld) on entering,
but actually on leaving the country ea
well.    Nowadays,  however,  this
1 00   pin Dally
Nanaimo,  Union Bay snd Comox.
��� 00 a.m Wednesday and Friday   Junuary and the east wiug In  Ktbru
���/ani-ouver,  Union  Bay,  Powell  River   ary.    The   library   additions    will   be
U In am Kvery other Saturday   ready fnr uhp in the spring, although
J BTIl.WKi.l. CI.UTB. Barrtater-al-la��
aollclinr. etc ; oorner Columbia an
MiK.ii/.',. atreeta. New Wsatmlnstai
B   0     >'   O,   Bot  111.     Telephone   711
J     V    IIAMl'I'iiN    BOI.B.    BARIUSTEI,
HoMi'llur nnd Notary. OrfloM Har
blocs. .. 1-oiTie street. Nsw Weslmlr
sier. II   O
M s-II'Alllllk.. MARTIN A CA8HAD1
Harriet, rs nnd HoUellora. tot to Sit
Weatmlnater Truet Block. O. E. Mar
Un. V.'. il McQuame and doorae I
For Prince Rupert and Alaska.
;11 00 p.m Kvery other Saturday
: ��nnce Rupert, Granby Bay and Skeena
River Points.
(11:00 p.m Wednesday!
For Gulf Island Points.
i ':00 a n . Tuesdays for Victoria.    Call
li>'< at points In the Gulf Islands.
���I   '
OOIM.RT.   * sent.   Nsw   Weslmlnslsr
��    llHiil'IK   i)    P   ��..   v.oeoiiver
fiiAI. MININO rUhts of tha Domlnlei
In   Miii.n.iiia.  Haakalcbewan and Altmrta
��� he ViAmn Territory, tha Northweet Ter
��� u.i'Je and In a portion of the Provlno
of rrriiieh Columbia, may be leaaed for >
term of tweniy-on* yeara at an annua
rental of II an acre. Not mora than til'
acree will i.,* irnaed ta one apptleanL
Application for a lease must ba mad
t,y Hi" i,|,t,iir-an> In patara tn the A��"��
or Hub .A ren i of tha dlstrlot In which tk
rlrbia nii|.lt. .1 for ara eltuatad.
In eurvrve<i territory the land mual b
described by sections, ar leeal aub-dlvt
alnns of aecllnna, Mid la unsurveyed tat
11n,rv Ihe Irr.n apMlad for shall b
aiukeii om by ths applloant hlmaelf.
Kneii niiiilc-iitlon muat ba accnmpanla,
�������� a r.-e nf |r. wblnh will ba refunded I
the Tt.liia anplleil fnr ara nol svallabh
but nol otherwise A royaltv ahall b
Imlil on Ihe merrbantable output of th
mine nl lhe rate nf flv* centa per Um.
The |,eta��n i'1-eratlns. the mine sluti
fiirtilab nu* Aimnl with sworn return
ai-eneiiiina for ih�� full quantity nf mar
cbanioi',. coal mined and pay tha ray
��iiy tc. teen If iks. ooal mining right
are nol beinf operated suoh Nturnsshoul'
be  fuiiiialw.il  al  lenst ooo* a yaar.
The i,.ni.- wlll InMuds the e*el minim
rlKlits onlv. hut th* IISSBI will h* VU
milled to purchase whatever avallabl
aurfi,ee ilahla mar ba oonaldared neoss
���an- for the working of the mlaa at th
rate of 110 an Ser*
For full Information application shool.
Iw made to the -Secretary ef the Mns
ment  nf the Interior, Ottawa, or to an-
Agenl or flilh-Agetit of Dominion I_udi
Deputy Minister ef ths Intertss
N. It - ITnatithorlasd Mblloatloa of thl
ndveiHsemenl will nol M paid for.
When you take your
may  as  well  travel  In  comfort
at minimum cost.
Tickets will bn on sale December Sll
to January 1 at single fare and one
third for tho round trip. Good to re-
turn January 6.
B. QOUUrr, Afeut
Vew   Wnetmlnale
II   IV   HIIOIIIR  O   P   A..  Vannmiter
It is not to be required under the con
tract until November. These three
buildtaJS, toother with the heating
plant referred to, which will take up
a corner in thc basement of the addition tO the museum, will cost well
ever $1,000,000.
Tlie original parliament buildings
cost we'] on to that sum, so it can be
seen that When the structures now
under way a-e finished and the two
new proposed buHOlngS are realities,
the provincial government will bave
upended almost $4,000,000 on Its
When this work Is done B. C. will
possess one of the most commodious
as well as one of the most beautlfnl
nrovlnclal parliament buildings ln
Canada. The new contemplated addl-
llons will, wfth thoso already under
say, Increase the size of the block to
twice whal it used to be.
P.O. Box Ss Dsily Ntws Bid*
of all kinds.
Prinee riaht    Sslislsctlon guarantees
s�� McKensle BL
I..R.A.M.. A.n.C.M.
I.eiHoiis in Pianoforte, Violin, Slat
ing. Volet* Produetlnn, Theory On
class ur pruwtsly), Harmony, Counterpoint, Musica. form and History,
Pupils prepsN'd for tho ���ismlM-
tlons i.i the AssMntsd Bow4 of tba
novel \iiulmny ot' Muslo_W* |��r��
COU**** nf Muslo. ***�� fW��S��lflOSl
Dlplonun. Teachot Or ��*''��*'������_'?��� ,
Por terms, etc. spply ��T' Ouftrlii
���treot,   Pbons ���ill B.
Residence Y. W. C. A.       Phone UM
Transfer Co.
mice phom iss.     Barn Phene Uf
Beg Ma street
Hassase Dalltered Promptly to
aay part of Uia elty.
light and Heavy Haolbf
Telephones: Olllce SS, Resldsnee 4M
JOHN MID. Propr^'jr.
Agents     Palmer    Broa.'   Oasolloe
���engines.  Msrlns  Hnglnes ssd  Auto
mobile Repairs.
Offlc* **m Works: Tenth BL
�� O. Boa 474.   Now Westminster. B.C
Read - The - News
St. riithcrlnea, Ont.. Dec. 18.���"I do
not believe yon when yon say t.al a
"ininter of the gospel frequently vis
lted yonr bome and never remonstrai
cd with jon on the life yon were lead
Ing," said Magistrate Campbell this
afternoon to Mary Bowman, aged ���)���'
who admitted living "6 years wllh
Wesley Canghell, who is now 83, without th? formality nf a marriage.
"It's true." declared the woman.
"lf an. the gentleman had better
chimge his vocation." was the rejoinder from the bench, as ha msde an
crdcr turning over three girls nged
12. 8 nnd 4 years, to the Children's
Aid society.
The children were taken from a
small, one-roomtd log cabin, 18 by 14
fret. In the township of Calstnr
A cen t Royla. of this city, who, with
Constable Swayre of Grimsby, took
them from the place, declared their
condition  to  have been  wretclud.
The officers were met by Caughell
at the dnor with an old style ancient
loaded shot pun, which he attempted
to discharge before It was taken from
him. A eon of the woman was also
an Inmate (if the little hnt. He bears
another name.
The mother retained counsel In an
unsuccessful attempt to keep the children from the control of the society.
No Riotous Ragtime.
Spokane, Dec. 18.���Because tbe
dancers violated the city ordinance
and Indulged (n ragging, the city authorities Monday night stopped a
dance given ln an Episcopalian
church hall here by a dancing club
composed of high school boys. The
luvrnl'p officer who stopped the danct
cbsracterla-d It "a rlotoua ragtime
ball" and In his report to the city council recommended that no more danc
lng permits be granted to the club.
' ���<     ���
Alaaka Brewer Dead.
Fairbanks. Alaaka, Dec. 18.���Herman Bnrtnel, owner ot the loeal brewery nnd 'a pioneer pf this section of
the territory, who dlgd hero Monday,
of parnlysls, waa burled yesterday.
The funeral was held tinder the au-
splcss of th? Fraternal Ord��r_ of
Ragles, the Arctic Brotherhood, tho
Pioneers of Alaska, and tha Benevolent and Protective Order ot Bike. Tho
tsdy will bo taksn to San Francisco.
��� white threads are woven In wltb tbe
tinted ones. The allover designs are
very simple geometrical ones, scarcely perceptible at u dlslouce. Tbe fabric Itself Is rather heavy but much
closer and tinner than some of tbe
Herman linens used fur summer luncheons und teas. Tbe .Austrian sets are
a little more expensive tban tbose la
thc willow pattern.
White Irish linen, embroidered ln
Japau iu a deep border of small white
knots with an occasional small floral
spray iu shaded blue silk. Is tbe material for other sets, wblcb cost |25
Very Inexpensive sets, but at the same
time very attractive ones, are tn beavy
natural color grass linen wltb scal-
loiKtl edges embroidered Ln blue. Tbese
will be extremely serviceable and will
mnke n novel and picturesque effecL
Aud tbeir price. $4.50 u set (including
centerpiece and three sets of dollies},
will uppfiil to tbe woman wbo cannot
uir.ii] to buy expensive table tineas
for ber simple couutry bouse. Tor the
summer home nothing Is more convenient for informal entertaining tbsn tbe
cosy little tea wagon seen lu the Ulna-
trillion. It may be wheeled out on
tbe lawn, aud as It Is mude from wicker tbe transit Is a i mpurutlvely easy
one for the peraou who pushes the
Fee Fancy Work.
A new notion lu painting or la fancy
work, as you wtll. comes from England. It Is called "peu painting" because of tbe process Involved. By tbls
process a special kind of all |uilut la
applied to fabrics, aud on gowns pro-
duces nn entirely different -effect from
tbe hitherto seen steudl work.
Ou fnun. particularly of guuze. tbe
result la very pretty. Tbis eeeuts the
be* uf the Migvstlons given for IL
though picture frames and bonk i-ov
era ure done by llie ssine method Hook
covers of shUii might be Kucctmsfully
decorated lo thia way fur aiwlul oe-
ciinIiiiis: tbut is. lireaeutiilioii books,
hooks for the bride, etc.
lu applying the pultit a |��n point la
used to pick up Ihe small, previously
divided particles of prepsred pnlnl and
lo place them ou tbe sutln. A complete outfit for the work costs S3.BO.
tbe colors sre S3 a down, and tbe
neceaaary Ingredients for mixing are
13 a doxen each Patterns for tbo
��������rt nre also to he bad If oue Is oot
���lever st drawing one's own.
mm iim... i mum i ii im Lb
jWf-mrFfif *r*
That Persistent,
Hacking Cough
ia not only wearing, disagreeable and dangerous��� it is
unnecessary, too, for you can
qoicVly   stop it ty  taking
Syrup of
Linseed, Licorice and Chlorodyne
This remarkatls coinhination cf tbese three standard co'.fjh and
c-.'.i r��rr.edi��3 l.__ens the phlegm, pr-.nr.otea expectoration, relieves
that exasperating tickling in t'-e lliroat, and ihe cough disappears.
0! course It 1. better tt .1 to take Ni DrnCo Syrup of Linseed.
Licorice ir.d Chlorodyne when you lint feel the cold coming on, and
check it at once. Get a 25_. or 50c. l-ottle from your Druggict and
keep it oi. hand, ready.
nriiJiaiiiiiinuiHimimimiin mni
teat, and that in tin sc days of paternal
KovcniKient is it not the duty of Uws*--
lu   power in  the  feilcml  and  provin
ui   ic.pit.ala   to   take
tnci Should  Ds Psrmanentl/ Inv.s'.-
Ra'.her  Th-,i   Sorrowed
such   F.ti.p3   -as
ay  ht* necessary  not  alone to eav��-
credit of th? country 'rom further
injury, tut to raise il to a lev"! cqiL-t
lo that of the re_it of th _ *-or!d?
("nfo-rship is applied almost daily
to millions of bushels of ."anadira.
prafri, while ohcesa and fruit are being ...-_.llarly protected. Are tti'-sf-
eommediL'-ca of greater value thia Canadian uecnritieB and Canada's crfd
Orappie with  this Question  of censorship in the right    way ���   boldly.
���JiiitiRbifuIly and with detPrniination
snd yoo will find It child's play com-
lhe following interesting letter on
the subject of financing Canada's upbuilding appears in th.  last issue of pared  with  such  prob i em a a8~an~to-
Ihe   Monetary  Times  over the signa-1 come tax. a bank act or a custjniK
and yet we are told that it is toc��
complicated to be put into execution.
The one great force upon which th��-
future progress of Canada will depend
fa the magnetism for gold from other
y ] countries which she may be capable
of generating. On the other hand-
there ia nothing that will so surely
divist h_r hoi~-.cs-._oc of its power as;
the knowledge abroad that she makese
no attempt to restrain the wild-catter-s
and tbe bad grabbers in their unholy
work of deceiving the unwary.
If in thua giving vent to my feelings
I shall have suoceeded in setting your
cons tractive mind and trenchant pea
at work. 1 shall regard myself as hav
Ing beea amply repaid, even at th*-
rink of converting some feould-be
friends into enemies.
Monetary Times over the signature of H. K. S. Hemming, of London,
"Canadian I-oans in 1-ondon." from
rule one of your r_cent issues, has been
of Inspecting thc tesker'J of on-'" reproduced and commented upon hy
quitting Ottoman territory, which the financial press on this side or the of
were merely an excuse for a last water, and the statements made,
backsheesh, has wisely been done therein give food for thought to oth-
awav with. ���*=rs than those on the street.
The object of the passport bas al-      A   feeling   has   been     growing     in
tered during the past two centuries.  (Ireat  Britain of late  that borrowers
The "license to travel" of Eliiabetb- of the Dominion  have  been  learning
an   times   represented   In   effect   an how to make a little money go a long
export duty on tourists, and was ln- way,   and   that  appeals   trom   Canada
listed on in the hope of discouraging would not be heard in the near future
foreign travel, which the authorities along   with   those   from   other   coun-
regarded,   in   pos'.-reformation days, tries. I feel that your article has rath-
as subversive   of   Protestantism and er dispelled this happy vision.    That,
likely also to undermine the patrlo- however,   13  but   a   temporary   aspect
tic sentiment of F.nglisb youth.    Ed- of   the  case.    The   real    outstanding,
ward   VI.   and   Elizabeth   both    gave  '.bought of the  whole  dissertation  is*
letters,  which   ttiay virtually   be re-  .he manner in which yeu take it for
garded  as  passports,  to  commercial  granted  that  the future development
adventurers trading   ln   Hussia and of Canada Is to b: financed upon bor ,
Persia. Nowadays, on the other hand, rowed rather t;.an permanently invest-1
a passport is simply a certificate of ed  capital.  Seine  of us are not  too i
citizenship. In which the foreign sec- old to look forward to tbe time, 30 orj
retary for the time being cal'* upon 50 years hence, when bonds now be-1
all those   "whom It may concern" to ing disposed of will mature; nor can J
pass  the  bearer   "freely,   without  let we rid our minds of the possibility of j
or hindrance," -nd to alTord all no-money   in   tho*se   days    being    even
cessardy assistance and protec'ion.      more difficult to obtain  than  in this
Tbe modern passport is a coldly lm- so-called   unprecedented     stringency.
personal and  official document,  with lt   may   be   that  our  successor^  will
none of the glamor of these old let-  say things of this? who have gone be-
ters  from   princes;    but   something fore them that might not be regarded
analogous to them survived until re- as affectionate or even respectful.        I
cently in Morocco,  where the grand j Cultivated Berrowing Habit Ottawa. Dae.  17��� A   federal  act  ire
vliier used to give his sign manual | Canadians of late years engendered reapect to mining is under consider-
to favored travelers In the atlas oi the borrowing habit, partly, no doabt, aUoa ot tb* government aud will
other wild regions of the Shereeflan because they have been more or less likely be brought in in the fortltcotn-
Neva Bill  May  Be  Brought  Down  ��r
rorthceming  Session  cf   Da-
minion House.
empire, whereby  they wen sure of encouraged into it by the lenders, but
the assistance tf country kalds and; mainly   because   outsiders  have  trot
of Immunity from attack or impoei- cared to do otherwise than lend tlieir
tlon. Tbe priceless letter used to cost money   to Canada,
nothing beyond thanks   at   an audi-i    it would call for but little thought.
ence    and     the    only    obligation   however,  to make  it Evident that r
which it entailed on the holder was change in this respect must come, an
that he should at his own erpens'   before   long.     Moreover,    it
include a couple of Moorish soldier-   seem to be quite In order for thos�� in
In his retinue.   The armory of these Canada   who  I>r3   leading  in   matters
warriors was somewhat   obsolete, bu-jof finance and commerce, ns vreTT as
they were bandy men ln pitching a j for those who. like yourself, are study-
tent or lighting a camp fire and were | ing these questions from an academic
generally worth more tban their yer) | standpoint, to endeavor to select tbe
modest keep and wage.
ing aeaaioB. Under the evisting system aiming ia a matter of provincial
jurisdiction except in the prairie
province aad ia tbe Yukon.
In the latter there la special act
witiraut regard to placer mining. Tbe
former legislation lacks uniformity
w-onld ad ��eil aa permanency and this in
c. ns'dcrpd adverse to the encour-
a.-.r.-.cul cf British investors aadf
ei'itt*-?. A federal act embodying alt.
the best features cf the different pro
vincial enactments was suggested a
Worth Knowing.
A few minced datsa added to fudge
is It comes from tbo store wlll make
i novel nnd dainty confection.
In cooking i>eas and beans tho wator
���dnmlil be allowed to boll' away to al-
must nothing. Whoa tba seasoning la
mil In this makes s delicious julca.
If the ckithsa boiler leaks wbllo la
um�� th* hols may bo temporarily atop-
imd op by putting a handful of eora
meal Into tho watar. It will All tha
Rtsls msrsrooaa. wblch caa ba
hnngbt cheap at tha baker's, mak* th*
moat delicious addition to podding and
���iwtsrds If pulTsrtaod and sprlnklej
���ver in* top. -V
Na, Navar.
I,ot* may ba blind. Rnt yoa iwvw
saw a brida wbo couldn't Ml man*
bloMoma from *aa0owera.-t.inHnn��tt
KiHinirar.  ���
No rlrmmMaacaa ran porinanen'
morisim a drtinalaad win
channels through wbtoii the new'craft few 3,��ar�� �����.__��   th.e ,mil*s   ""*
.will be steered, rather than allow- oth-.mfnarala committee of the house of
Very Untidy. . ier courses to be followed, which nra*y rom-moBB and  was approved  by  th��
The great   baseball   player's wlfanot be to the Rdvtuitage c.f the Do-, Canadian mining institute,
had never seen a game, bot he Anally minion or of those most largely- te-i    The  legislation now  receiving  thft*'
persuaded her to view one In which terestrd in Its progress. attention o* Hon. McCordie. minister
he was to play. He was doing his j Possibly this way of expressing the ef mlnea, aad his officers would, it i��
best, of course. One strike bad been thought may appear to some enigmatic imiTi isswid. be somewhat similar tcs
called on him, and. as osual in base- but lt will at least be evident tbat by the Uatarto mining act.
ball anecdotes, two men were out and j making the permanent Investment fn  ��� .
the bases full.   Our hero was gather- Canadian undertakings tit evwry way ���_��.,���__ ���.��.���,. _-. , ��� ���_.
lng his strength for the swat he wai desirable to those ln other countries jOEOUMD hinPU tell*-S_m_���
going to give the ball.   And the ball)who have a supply of surplus moBBy-.Ij ���"��� D.SAPPOINTMEMT
came.   Ile knew It was his as the ball Canada will place herself ln a better i _. 	
started, and with a mighty crack he position to control her own develop-1 T*? ������*,'��� ���u�� ��- ,he recent dif-
'If ted It Into space   Dropping his bat.! ment and the disposal of her owtr nat-:���***' ~-*k Emigration offlcera at
he sped for flrst, and ere the roar ol
applause burst out a"/alight woman
In the grand stand rose and called:
"Will, come back bers and put tbat
bat wbere It belongs!"
ural resources than If. when tbe ITmlt I "leaoste snn recently told to a local
of her borrowing    shall  have  bee^lB,*,, *���* MM ��' the Hindus bold in
reached,  she shall  be compelled to Onamatinw at the capital, and  fi
go a-begging for money at almost any tt ��""
price. �� iw
What Canada Offora; *--*���
It would not be an exaggeration to �����"
say that no other country In the I *���*
world today ls In a position to offer!    **���
bo led to thick the Hindis
dawn-trodden person but am*
ill-usage, was too Wa*
to bold any Ill-will againat.
Tallow subject."
ow tbo Vancouver-Vlctofiar
such splendid opportunities tor safe 6o,lt **"* *���*��� bJeal man, In Hindustani,
and profitable lnvestmeat aa lir Can-i ***���*������* -** ***tmt arrival from la
ada, and yet In London and Parts and jat Wa tiwabla wtth the Immlgradaar
elsewhere, financial noses are turned' offlcera. _ Tka Hindu, In  reply.
The Sneealng Prayer.
The custom of following a sneeu
wtth a prayer goes so far back Into
the past it is next to Impossible to say
when it actually began. According to
Btrada the custom originated among
tbe Assyrians, who, through an opln- elsewher*. financial noses aro turned ��.     _ __ ._
lon of tha danger that attended It, up at almost everything Canadian: mm- __" _f brathora la B. C. bad adrtaa*
after the act of sneeslng mado a short cepttng only thoae of the leaat ftata^,"" **.*~f* *"* ���"* brta��- aaaHi
prayer to tbe gods.   The Romans af- est yield. ]"���*!* 2J***1**-   "n* Insaatthg
ter sneeslng cried out, "Jupiter, help     To Anglo-Canadians this Is tbs ono'i80*. Wmf*> *" boebad hte
mc!"   The custom Is mentioned by moving picture that ts kept constantly ier. ���*** aajlsalant aad i
Homer, tho "rty Jewish writers ai.d,before   tholr   oyoa, and I doabt tT\-******__ ���,���_?I*,*,*   -
others, and Is found among many sav- j there are many who do not at Um��sl���*"���**. ������ atebail. ta Mb
ago trlbea. at least wish that ��h��y had tha .op- St""*"*-   *5���� brlgbl
��� I portunlty to re-group tba figures and '_**". *��* ***,ul* ��"�����*���
It Was His Own. bave the klnematUt one* more cover *_** J���***9   ��P    In other
"What's tbe baby crying foi "��o scene with bis camera. Tbe "amart ZJ_^_*____*_i *|�� ""f *��* **���*-���
aow?" asked tbe haa' of tbe house young men who aaw apgarsat Indus- *��f_ ***���**}��� ba.���" &_***. t*****.
from the depth of bU paper. Wai salvation In amalgamations nad. >��������* �����?*****   A oordbU rao*��-
"He want* hia own way." answer- toeldsntally. fat promotions tor than* Hf5_^__"________* ������_���!_�������*_* ����������� ��������
ad tho mother. faltrae," ao ably deacrllMd In yonr ctoe-
And with bU mind on tbo latest tag remarks, would e	
stock   quotations   hubby   replied: ,ar*d off tho stag*, w
"Wall, It It'a bla. why don't you tot .ar wbo aaw vUlioaa .   .._._
blm hava It?" mountain timber aad pooriy-Oqatpiad
  aaw mills, wbea attMbad to the ��
Motberiy AdaonltbMt. of th* Dominion. wonM ba glvsa
Lists, too. la oat or _**_},
ibtraetl_ia_____�� haa Mb ���Bl
VNow. Anne, how often haro I told ?,?��??��* ^l.���
you alwaya to cast your oyoa down f". donnrtnra.   *__*t,    .  ���   	
wban you aro In tho str**t? It make*, ^w��^^n.5��t__r^!St*^_*^5^_9_!r ^S_?��
a good impression, and. bosldoa. yoo !����� ���*>����� '���,,?fto^��t������-��4wSi��. ��������
mm*** lad a poeh.ti��.h  tha. J- ^^^^^^Si^
talnly b* WA tbat thoy *mtm aot
clothed ta a garb whicb hanaontead
wltb the rant of tbo pietnra.
Wbat fools wa Caaadtaa* ara,
wa should bs willing   mouth   ,
���Mrnth aad yaar after ywur to aaa
Iron. Oold nad Water.
Iroa to aaran tlmaa aa baart ai
watar, talk ter bulk, and gold ita
taaa tlmaa aa heavy.
Tha Mayor Realanad.
Wainwright. Attn., Doc. It.���Mayor
UHy reslgno* yesterday ntbar tba��
alga a oboqoo te laymant for a pool
tabl* tor tha tr�� brtgad*  of
���waoatboMtob; l__
i alaek. bte tt*m**mtm-
.. .. ^.._.
gama ot spoltettea
aaa* wide
nad______i _B_a
wa sninmuu*
abhiml aa
t& jS^^IH
_w ���5?.at_E  EIGHT
FRIDAY,  DECEMBER   19   1911
Local News
Lcgsr Daylght.
major Hart M. liar*, will sural ��
���.Ms- tdM"! ... ti'nil" i"H'.��Iit <���" th" lonR"
ar.Iavli/l quesl on which is thit th"
___b,*i_".,i* set bai k one lunn- to permit
assa-kma :*'-"' '��� r ���'" '���'"���������i"" !"
���tojilis)"     Th" !,,:nl "���' ll""1'' "'"''"'
___���-.-���  t-ity hi"' al 8 o'clock.
Xothinn . ��� uld l"* mora Apprecfat-
art .hun :i pslr i i "Jaeger" Bllppsrs,
���H sale :i' \V. E. Sinclair's.       18838)
ftafk-S' 17.50 gold and -silver um-
irj-lUs ii'*  -    0 al Giflord's.    (8649)
����<3' gun metal watches, 16 Jeweled
Mmaoaent. reguls r 16.00, now |8.60 al
mmmaxTm. WAV
To Inaugurate Rural Delivery.
It es probable thai the long sought
Sir rural mail delivery service will I"'
mmtt_VB*a*\mi i" Burqultlam early In
in**, new year -ins', lately a postoplce
taaaaetor Inspected the proposed route
suit rt ik expected that as tlie resull
of bis visit, tenders tor the carrying
���rst tta mull will be called for shortly.
-than i-i "f the residents hava agreed
**������__ pJace latter boxes at their places if
"He government  acts favorably.
Tiria. ul '-' P. ia. P. '*��� Brown
v*Al sell ui Moreton Hall, Ed-
��-ncri)s. (removed ror ccnvOnlcnce ol
���_��!�����-), a quantity ot furniture and
ItHsmiTinlil i fleets, including - rioges,
il'minj; room ami bedroom furniture
.i.od carpets. All in good condition,
aad will be Bold wlthoul reserve. Full
particulars at 17 Begble street. Phone
3M (2611)
p-retiy ornainenls for the hatr, fancy
���aiKon and lace scarfs at Mrs. Agrot's
./j Siilh slreet. (26-47)
Will Adjourn AsEi.cs.
After   the   Morris   ease   now   being
ti ard Is finish d, the special assises
will  be  adjourned   Until  Jan.   5.   The
[petit Jurymen nol serving on the Mor-
: ris trial  were i. I lased  rrom  further
ijm j  yesti rdaj   until  thai  date.'   Thi
[irand jury will sll on Monday next
! Genuine Dr, Jaeger Slippers si Id
only by W. E. Sinclair. 12638.
if It is a diamond yeu want see the
'oui' big speoials Clifford i.i offering.
Coqultlam Conservatives.
, Col. Taylor, .M.i'.. ami W. .1. Manson.
.M. I.. A..'will be the principal .peak-
ors at the annual meeting and ban-
quel  of  the  Coqultlam  Conservatlvi
I association to be held ihls ovening in
the Burqultlam Agricultural hall.
Other guests will bo Robert Abernethy,
president of the Dewdney Conservative association; Mayor Mars. Port
Coqultlam, Iteeve Peter Harth and all
the members of the    council.    The
.business  meeting   will  be held    lit    7
o'clock when the election of officers
will lake place. Qeorge Alderson is
tiie present president of the association and il is probable that he will
be re-elected.
The mosl exquisite odors known It I
pcilunies and  toilet waters are  made
ill  Moscow, Hussia,  by   Kallel.     Hill'**
drug slcre. (21)29)
VV.II Select Candidate.
The regular meeting of the Edmonds i
Disirict   Ratepayers'   association   will
be held In Moreton ball, Edmonds this]
(veiling.    It  is probable that a selee-1
Cun will be made of the two candidates
oui .for councillor in ward two.
Insure with Alfred W. Mcl.eod, the
Insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds ot millions to pay losses.
To   Build   Eungalcw.
At the building    inspector's    office {
vrstrrday a  permit was  issued to  A.
\V.   Yeomans  to  build  a   five-roomed
int.-iRalow on Keary street, Sapperton.
Why buy imitations when you can ;
\iuy the genuine Jaeger "Pure" Wool:
Slippers at W. E. Sinclair's.       (2638) j
Child's sii knives, fork and spoon.'
"p._it1 handle), regular $2.00, now.
"Sl.OO at Gifford's. (2649)
Money to loan on first mortgages.
fas-proved city nml farm propertv. 9
;_��-r cent.    Alfred \V. MeLeod.    (2524)
Jobs for Women.
Once again a job awaits a woman at
rs,vR civic employment bureau. This
���nn' it is a competent cook that is
.v-antral. No women have applied al-
tthamgh dozens of men are on the waiting list for jobs.
We -will have thousands of diffi r-
*=��t kinds of cm flowers for ChriBl
tssam. Also large quantities of (lotted
���towers, and flowers in fancy baskets. Walt for the opening of our
..iFw store. Tidy, tbe Flonlst, phone
1ML (2632)
Huiarl trimmed hat.; for $2.1/5 at
3&S. Agret's, 51) Sixth street.      (2C4C)
J. II. Todd's Music House. 413 Co-
*.umliiii street, will be open every eve-
ning from now until Christmas.(2641)
B. P. O. E. Elect Officers.
At the annual mer ting of lodge No. _
N.w Westmlnstel1 B. P. O. E. held las',
night the following were elected officers fer the coming year: Exalted
ruler. A. W, Gray; esteemed leading
knight, A, (I. Beatty: esteemed lecturing knight, (ieorge Adams; esteemed |
loyal knight, J. P. McMurphy; esquire
J. A. Dadds; secretary, P. II. Smith;
treasurer, ('.. II. Matheson; trustee,
II. ('. Brlce; inner guard. .1. A. Lewis;
;>ii*.*. E. P. Julian.
On Saturday. December 20, a sale
of home cooking in aid of the V. W
C. A. wlll be held al Reid & McDonald's old stand, corni i* of Sixth and
Columbia street.
Closing Exercises.
Primary pupils in the public schools!
of  New  Westminster were yesterday;
dismissed for the Christmas vacation.
In  some of  the  classes  closing exer-
ctscs  were  held.    Today   the  higher,
grades will commence vacation.
The   Koyal   Cafe,   Dominion   Tins; .
block, has re-opened,    Best ot meals
at reasonable ft'ifi B. (2534)
For  plumbing,  beating    and    sheel
metal work consult Merrlthew & Ram
'say, Elgllttl    and    Carnarvon  streets.
Phone 58ii. (2520)
Examine Petition.
Assessment Commissioner Broad;
pctbsrflay said he would start his ex-1
���a*tB*ti*tS_m ot the gas bylaw petition on ;
^tonday. The petition w-as presented I
to the cltj council al its last meeting.!
���Frt-d  Davis will sill  by  public auc-1
��� on  (absolutely  without reserve)  the!
jousofcrild furniture and effects of the
vvf-H appoiiiicd    S-room    residence  of
Mra Jane Baker, on lhe premises, 51
Coimnbla  street,  on    Monday    next, j
December   _"2tid.   at   1:80   p.m.   sharp.
This sale  is  of  great   importance  to
-"hri-CLmas shoppers, as all the furnl-
n.re is exceptionally  good, and  prac-
-veally  new.    Every  article   must  be
_jitd   regardless    of    pricp.    fis   Mrs.
���i-lskrr.-   is   leaving   New   Westminster
���lot: the Kast. (26114)
The Dominion Express office will
:.c oji-n till 10 o'clock every evening
"i��sw now until Chris-mas for thn eon-
n_s3enee of the public. ($640)
Boys' regular $1.00 Iliu-ersol watch
tfoi- <5c al (ii fiord's. (2849)
Fonni] On Columbia street, one
xiaor",,1 people v.lm buy Hill's "Sat
-lrday S|n rial" chocolates, ..5c BYI-
ilays and Saturday- i2G43i
Opens Branch Store.
A. Hardman has opened a branch
I store at 716 Columbia street where
I during the Christmas season he wlll
i offer for sale his own special makes
Iof cakes and pastry.
Willi every t'i purchase you get a
chance on the $150 diamond ring. T.
Clifford, the jeweler. ('.'579)
Seek  Cemetery  Site.
The  Port Coiiuitlam  council  intend I
milking  application   to  tha   Dominion ':
government   for  a   free  grant  to  the |
title of  lot  21.  Coqultlam  subdivision \
for cemetery purposes    The lot com-j
prises l'i acres and is located about a'
mile north of the C, I'. R. depot   At
present   a   large   tract  of   government
land  between  the  Mtiinekahda ranch
and  Port  .Moody  Is being staked out'
.by surveyors,    lt is expected  lhat it,
will  In* placed  on  the market In  five
and  ten  acre  blocks shortly.
j    Get  your skates sharpened at Oeo
i Speck's, G2G Columbia street.    (2626)
Our Dairy Company.
Nine   i|iiarts   of  fresh   boltled   milk j
for $1.00, delivered daily.    Phone 166
(2443) |
Appointment  Gazetted.
In  the current  Issue of the Canada;
Gazette notice i.s given of the appoint
ment   as   harbor commissioners for -
New   Westminster     of     Kred'Tick   .1
Coulthard and George S. Blakely,
Christmas  Bargains in China  and
��� Cut  Glass =
Anatrlai   China   Dinner  Set,  gold    and    white,    H7    pieces.
Extra  Specls  $35.00
Aufitr.-ui  i bins   Dinner  Sets, 97  pieces,   figured   d Blgn     A
Bargain   $21.50
Beml-Porcelaln   Dtnner Sets,  si7  pieces;   for ordinary  ware  is
extra good   valua   $15.00
Porcelain   Dinner  Seta,  Ii7  pieces;   flowered  designs.    While
they  last          $9.95
rANCY HAND DECORATED CHINA���Uur assortment Includes
Chocolate Sits. Berry Sets, Plat's etc.
���CUT GLASS���Cilery Trays, Water Sets. Berry Howls, Vas. t, etc.
New   Westminster Phone  59.
W^ C^ilifoin^
Agents for Pacific Coast Steamship Co.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established IMI.
��*e write Flre   Life, Accident, Employers'   LlaMltty.   AMtefneMIO   snd
Marin*  Insursneo.
Special deduced Prices oil Umbrellas
I.miles' Umbrellas are al! marked down ni a lii;.
reduced priee. All art made with a strong steel
frame and rod, with handles of wood mounted
with gold and silver; covers In splendid quality
silk and gloria. We have a limited number only
every one worth from $7.00 to as high as $9.60,
Pralday  Bargain Day priee is S4.95
Also a stook of children's Offibrellas. To clear at,
each    50C   anti   75C
Mnke the  kiddies a present  nf an  umbrella  this
Christmas.     They   Will   le  delighted   to  have  one.
See these valuta at, each  50c snd 75c
he New Westminster
Department   Store
Tiiday, 25c Will Buy 8 of tlte following
Boxed Hair l'lns in assorted sizes.
Hooks .*ind  Bars on cards.
Darning Wool In all Bhadss.
Tains, ThlmbloB and Bone Btlllettos,
Bafet)   Pins,  ii.iniliiK  Needles und  Bodkins.
fancy Dress Pins with black ami pearl heads,
Collar Sup|ior!s. Hair iNis and Knitting Needles,
Stlktne  Spools   in   all   shades.
The  above  articles  ean  be  bought   In  separate
or mixed lots.
Friday, Market  Day  Specials
For Xmas shopping on Friday we are offerirjj very special attractions. Counters and show cases are full of pretty and useful gifts.
The lowest prices we can possibly sell at, is the rule of this store. A pleasant hour can be spent visiting the various departments and
looking over our Xmas stock. Our Toyland is one of the busy centres of New Westminster. Both young and old are hard at work
choosing and deciding the various gifts. The very Xmas spirit is evident in the business of this store these uays. Join the crowd of
eager shoppers at McAllisters' on Friday.
Basement Specials Tcday
Wlsard Oil Mops, with l year's
supply  of oil    $2.00
Mrs. Polta' Sad Irons; regular
$1.26;  per set  95 C
50-foot Wire Clothes Lints;
eaoh    25e
Llnoleo   P   lcor   Wax;   per
box    25c
Magic   Furniture  Polish;   regu-
ular    .Tie    per bottle;    now ���_'
for    25C
Victor Flour Siiter  iSc
Dover Egg Heaters; regularise;
now    IOC
Nickeled Copper Tea    Kettles;
each  $1.15, $1.30. $1.50
and       *17.S
The Model Slide I.id Nickel Tea
Kettle;  each    52-25
(lem  Food  Choppers;   the best
made;    each   $1.50,   $1.75.
and    $2.25
Coppered Coat Hangers; regular loo:   per dozen IOC
12-lnch Maple Chopping Bowls;
each    25c
lil-inch  Woo.!   .Mixhip    Spoon8;
each     ICC
Wood  Handle  Pancake  Turners
at    IOC
Ccld   Handle   Steel   Fry   Pans;
each   ��� 10e  15e  -"c  25
each. .10c, 15c, 20c and 25c
Seamless Cover1 d Iron Roasting  Pans;  each    50c
I'niversal   Bread   Mlvers;   reeu-
lar    $;!.iM    and    $3.60    each,
for $2.25 and S2.75
Folding   Lunch   Boxes;   regular
;i.*ic;   each    25c
Nickel   Alarm   Clocks;     regular
$1.00;    each     C"c
Scrubbing   Brushes;    each   10c.
15r   and     2f*t
Bannister   Brushes;   each    25c.
50c   and    756
Long  Handled    Hair    Brooms;
each $1.50. $1.75 and $2.25
Poll.hed  Handle Corn  Brooms;
regular   60c;   each 50C
German Oil Stoves;  1. " and 3
burner;  regular,   til a.   $-'._.
and   $3.00.     Now   each.  $1.25,
$1.75 and   $2.25
Handled  Shoe  Brushes;   reglllar
35c. for   2SC
Big Values for Bargain
Bay, Today, on Main floor
Friday    wlll    be  the  day   on
which yon can purchase a great
many   articles   at  a   recognized
bargain  price
Vanity Lace Veils; regulur
values to $1.50. In fine silk
and Brussels net. Spelcal for.
each     95C
Ladies' Silk Mufflers; a good
variety of colors, with silk
fringe; regular values to $1.26.
Special today for, each..75e
Ladies' Coat oCUars and Frills;
come in silks, satin, brocade
and velvet, in all shad's: reg.
values to $1.75. Spi-ial for.
each     S5-C
Kancy Stock Collars of dainty
shadow net, applique, fine
lace, with touches oT various
colors; regular values to t'i.ni).
Special today, each   .  $1.9$
Fancy Boxed Handkerchiefs,
with 3 handkerchiefs to a box;
of Irish linen, nice hand embroidered; otlu-rs with Maltese and dainty lace edges;
regular values to $l.on. Special today for, per box..*0*t
Ladies' Kid (Moves; regular value: i . $2.60, Speclul. per
pair    $1.25
An odd line t" cl nr at the iery
low price of $1.26 pair. In a
fine kid with fingers lined
( .nits ,n all allies; a very pli-
able glove, and will give satisfactory v.",ii: regulur \,il
ties to ti "in Bpeclal today
for,  p r pair $J .2*
Woolli ii and Fleece L/ined
Gloves; In all sizes: regular
i.ilm n to 60c, Special for. per
P��lr    25e
Ladici'   Fine   Silk   Boot   Hose;
Reg.   tn   75c.     Special   50c   Pair.
This i.s ih" celebrated "Onyx"
line of silk hose, with good
ltslo topa spliced heelB and
toes: full fashioned and in all
colors and nil sizes. Spenlnl,
todaj onlj  for, per p:ilr.$Oc
Ladles' 2 and 1 Bibbed Hose;
iu black only, with spliced
lniii and toes; in all sizes;
r< I* 05c, Special for per
pair    St***
Sprcial   3  Pair for $1X0.
Lxi'i'lii n; .'.curing ((iiality stock
lng; also spliced heels and
Iocs; liill fashioned, good
pai di- inns, In black only. A
hose well wirth 40o pnlr. Spe-
clal today II pairs for.4tt.OA
Only a limited number of these
watches In gun metal and
plat'il covers; rfigular values
to $1 50,   Special today.  7$*
Pe.arl Bead Strings,  with  fancy
clasps,   in   rhlneatone,    coral,
silver,  etc.,  regular  valiieH  to
$1.60,    Special today, per
atrlng     75*
Study ihese fur economies carefu'.y and decide
to purchase now. What lady would not appreciate
a nice fur set for a Christmas gift'.' At the reductions we are oftsrlng at this early date you will
immediately recognize that these are exceptional
A 20 .per cent, deposit will be accepted on all
fur purchases kept here for customers until Christmas eve.
Handsome large Natural Alaska Mink Stole. Fancy
style  with  natural  heads and  tails  Tor trimming;
regular $lT6.0il.  Sale- price $175.00
Larg0 Pillow 'Muff, beautifully lined and baring
trimmlneof heads and tails to match stole; regular  $150.00.     Now    $110.00
Persian   Lamb   Set,   with   fancy   stole   and   shaped
muff i) match;  regular $40.00. Now    . $34.50
Natural   ftaecoon Set,  large    shawl    stole,    bolster
muff;  reglllar $37.60.    Special   $32.00
Hudson   Seal   Sca.f.   s   Olnches  loan,   satin    lined;
regular   $20.no.    Sale   price    $16.85
Hudson Seal  Muff,  to  match  scarf;   regular $5o!00.
Bale   price    $16.50
Mink Marmot Si irf. satin lined, 72 inches long.
finished in front with heads; regular $.V.r>i>    Sale
P"ca  $6.50
Mink   Marmot   Muff   to   match   scarf.     Special   sale
Price  $7.50
Persian  I-tuiib St.    fancy    collar,    with    muff    to
match) Itegular $lU.no. Sale price $34.00
Fancy Bear Cloth Sets, In white, satin lined, long
scarf, with fancy rug muff. Bpeclal, per
wt  $15.00
Black Opossum Stol"s, plain shawl style stole with
tailr.     trimming     front;     regular     $10.00.     Bale
Price     - $7.50
Large Opossum Bin:  Muff to match,    itegular $ltl.tli>
for  $7.50
Near Seal Set, finished with Imitation Chinchilla
trimming al edge of stole and muff; regular $20.00
for  $15.on
MIsscb White Thibet Sets, inrne fancy stolo, with
long lab mils and extra large pillow muff Kith
shirred   satin   lining   at   opening;   regular   $'."'."
Sale price    $17.l<n
satin lined;  regular $9.00.    Sale price   $6./5
Muff to match  scarf,  In  pillow style;   regular $5.00.
Now     $3-75
French Coney Sets, extra large shawl collar and
large   rug   muff   to   match;   regular   pri^e   $26.00
Sale   price    $16.50
Children's Fur Sets In a good assortment; Angora White Imitation. Chinchilla. While Hare. Imitation Thibet. Imitation Brains, at remarkably
low pries for Ihe Christmas trade.
Oirls' Imitation Ermine Set, fancy collar with pillow muff, trimmed with fancy braid ornament
and tassels.    Speeial  price   $5.95
This Store Will be Open till 9 p.m. Today
For the Convenience of Those Who wish to Shop after Supper
Friday Night Specials from 7 to 9 p.m.
Regular Values to $2.50.
A limited uiimler of these Ladies' Louth r Hani
bags  to clear at lir.c each.    In various shapes
and styles, and assorted skin leathers.    Friday
evening onlv ior each   95C
Regular Value, to $1.00. Special at 45c Box.
In l.rish Limn with hand embroidery, others with
Maltese lace edges; good wearers.    Special Friday evening only for, per box 45C
A big line of side combs, bnck combs and sets consisting of back and side combs, and barette.
These come in plain, fancy, carved and rhlne-
stone settings; regular values to 65c. Special
Friday evening for   25C
Strong Willow Doll Buggies, with adj.ntable
shade:,. Sold everywhere for J2 'in. Only a I'm-
ited quantity    Special    $1.45
Boy's Tool Box, containing a full kit of serviceable tools in oak finished, hinged tool box; rig-
ulnr value $3iB0 for $1.S5
Large 16-inch Noah's Arks, filled with animals;
good value at $1.50.    Special   7$c
10-lnch eKttle Drums with real parchment heads;,��
$1.26   value  for    65c
.2-Inch Stained Wood Boxes of Wood Building
Blocks;   75c  value   for    50C
Ilors"   and   Wagon;   leather   harness,   removable
wagon filled with toys; rugi'lar $1.75 for,  95C
Special, for Friday Night.
Regular $30.00, 1 only. Table Lamp.   Friday night
for    $20-00
Regular $26.00, 1 only, Table Lamp. Friday night
for $18.50
Regular $20.00, 1 onlv. Table Lamp.    Friday night
for $17.00
Hegular JIS.OO, 1 only, Table Lamp. Friday nlitht
for     $10.95
Regular $15 00. 1 only, Table Lamp. Frida*. alght
for- $8.00
Hegular $7 00, 1 only, Table Lump. Friday night
for   $4.00
12 only fine futon Linen Afternoon Ti a Cloths,
having deep hemstitched border and nicely
drawn; size ..0x30: regular 75c each. Bpeclal,
ench   SOC
Fine Japanese Hand Drawn Centre Pieces, round,
size  30x80;   regular   value   -��5c.     Friday   night
special,   each    SOC
$4.00 WAIST SALE  FOR $2.65.
Ladies' Wnisls;   a big assortment to seb-ct from;
fancy nets, heavily embroidered, silk llu��d, also
some fine Ceylon  and   French  Flannel   Waists
Ml the season's styles.    Any lady would appi
elate one of tiu^e ns a Christmas gitt; valu .. i"
$4.00.     Special   fur   Friday   night     .       .$2.56
26 dozen blgb-cliss Neckwear, In plain silk, fancy
silk and 'iilk crocheted In narrow, flowing end.
or reversihl ��� Btyles.    All classy patterns. These
a:e r gular ratuea up to 75c.    Klduv nighl spe-
<:���:        35C
Men's fine I doves In mocha, kid and cape, with or
witliout silk iitiRlnn. All sizes from 714 lo ;,M;i
regular   $1.60,   $175   and   $K0fl   values.     Friday
night at  the  extraordinary  price of 95C
All gloves put in boxes if requested.
Wo are offering for Friday night only a lot of
Mixed Tweed Coatings and Reversible Coat
Ings; values up to $2.60. The lot Includes grays,
tans, browns, greens, cic ; each 54 Inches. For
Friday night only, per yard $1.80
\. f have si 'ei-led 20 pieces of
Wool Dress or Suiting cloths
that r gularly sell up to 06c
per yard. One sale for pit-
yard  55c
This lot Includes a variety of
cloths, us serges, tweeds, taf-
fetaa, im Itoim,. cashmeres, de*
lalne, etc., eta, In B wide
rangi of colors, as browns,
mixed tweeds, grays, greens,
nsw, black and other shades.
We shall Bel lthem nl Itoday
lor.  per  yard    55t
A suit length of this useful Velvet!" n will make a useful and
si rvlcoal 1" gift. They are
mt st fashionable and uro of a
gu.d. soft i;llk finish. You
baie lie choice of brown,
black, navy, cardinal, reseda,
���sky, hello, maroon, pink, etc..
���Pte; 'i'i inches wide; regular
value to 75c; today for, per
yard   55C
We believe We have the largest und best assorted Btock of
Blankets In iSis city, nnd WS
also believe lhal we can Have
you money whether you buy one
pit lr or a do/en pairs The following Hues are specially priced
and are some of the best values
The wed known "I'oint Illati-
ki ts" ill red. green, brown and
while, of different weights,
Our price, any size, any col-
or, and any weight $1.00
;���.  pound.
Ilevy (Iray Army Blankets;
large size, 84x64; a splendid
blanket     for    ihe     money.
I'rice   $5.95
Heavy     Dark    Oray   Blanket,
weight 7 lbs; size 7X-.5H. Price
per pair   $4 F*1-
Soft nnd warm Kumfy Brand
B1an'tC.s; size 81x04; regulsr
price  $6.60,    Today..$4,98
Same quality; sire SOx60j reg.
price, (boo.   Today..$4,28
Hudson Bay I'oint Blankets;
white with yelolw, green,
black and red stripes; full 10
Ib. weight; per 1 i     $10.00
Five Special Money
Saving Bargains from
the Linen and Staple
Department Today
A line of Fancy Linen thai ouglil
to appiai to those requiring an
imxpinslvo article for a
Chrlstipas gift. Irish Fnlon
Linen; hemstitched, and embroidered Ten Cloth; size 10
X30; regular 7!ic. Today spe
clal, each    45*
Fine plain linen, liemstiiti-heil.
Afti moon Tea Cloth;  size ,'lfl
x:i0; regular $1.85. Special today    85C
Don't miss Peeing tills line of
Cambric; fine weave, Kngllsli
Cambria, rull BS inches wide;
husoIntel;,* pure. The very
thing for ladies' and children's
underwear. Today, special,
per  yatd    17C
Double bed size Grecian    Bed
Spreads;   regular $1,60, Today
special   $1.25
Our regular $2.00 Bed Sheets.
Today, per pair ..... .SLPH
As a special Inducement to today's shoppers we have 60
pairs of these strong, durablo
Kngiish manufactured sh-eota.
Thpso are the finest possible
value obtainable, Hemmed
ri ndy   for   use.     Today,     per
Pa'''   Sl.SO
_\     �� Z imt/ft
A nice assortment of serges and
tweeds, perfectly tailored, In
all the season's styles and In
shades of tan, gray, navy,
brown, plum. Copenhagen,
green and black; values to $8.
Ourp   rice   for     the     holiday
trade,   special     $5.75
Evening Coats of fine broad
cloth and serge, beautifuly made,
lined with satin anid having
largo mandarin sleeves, Tha
collars are trimmed with fancy
silk braids, and the front of the
COa1 is finished wllh silk frogs.
The shades are apricot. Nell
rose, pale blue and saxe. These
ar,- reduced as follows:
Regular   $*l<U>0   values.     Special
for    $26.00
Regular  $86.00  values.    Special
for   $23.50
Regular   $-5 00   values.     Special
for    $17.50
Regular   $-0 00   values.     Special
for    $13.75
Kvening Dresses lu niarqulR-
< tic. nlnon, voile. albatrosa,
Swiss and embroidery, In shades
Of cream, pale blue, sky and
itray     Reduced  as  follows*
Regular $60.0 Ovalues,    Special
r..r    $29.00
Regular $;io.o Ovalnei    special
for    $19.50
Regular  $S6.00   values.    Special
for    $18.50
Regular  $30.00   valui s     Special
for    $13.80
Regular  $15.0 'lvalues,    Bpeclal
for  $9.80
Regular   $10.00   values      Special
for   $6.50
Wo have Increased our Mock
of Tapestry and Angora Table
fevers In nil tlzes and colors
ii  meet the holiday demands,
Thess   always   appropriate   and
>' iiitlful gifts we can now supply    at     prices    ranging   from
lt$1.50   to   $15.01).   in   sizes   4x4,
8x8, and SxK feet.
In Tapestry Covers we have   s
splendid assortment of rrd and
gold, green and gold, also red
and  green  combinations.  The
prices  are  ��1.50, $2.25.  $2.50.
$3.05, $4.50 to $7.00
I'laln red. green or grown Angora Covers; the most serviceable covers known; heavy
weight  and  nicely  fringed:
Size  4x4   at $4.80
Size  Ovi'.  at $8.50
Size   8xK   at.    $18.00
LOOM Couch Covers In red. blue
and green combinations; largo
size. Theso make an Ideal
gift ror tho home. Prices
at $3.00 to $6.00
In Neckwear for today we are
offering fifty dozen higlK-lass
values. Tbey come In plain
silk and silk knit. All beau-
tlful patterns. Special for today  only    35C
.lust received, onr Christmas
shipment of 76e Neckwear. A
splendid assortment Of patterns In opi ti style ends. Derby and reverBlble. The best
to be obtained anywhere at
the popular  priee     75C
Any Tie Packed In a Fancy Bos
If   Requested.
Linen Initial Handkerchiefs;
quarter-Inch hem, nicely boxed
In half dozens. Specials for
today,,  per hox 81.00
Turn l.lnen Initial Handkerchiefs ai   28C. SBC. SOC
iIltl Suspenders, suitably boxed   t    50C. 7SC. 81-28
Combination Sets of tlood Wnb-
blng, nicely  boxed
at     7SC. 81.00. 81.28
Silk Arm 'Hands, in Christmas
boxes at ��� ...35C *nd 78C
There Is nothing more suitable
ns a gift for a man than a pair
of gloves. We huve al Islies
In mocha, cape and kid, with
or with out silk lining. Nicely
boxed.  Today  special.81.80
liert' am a few prlceg on our
uneiinnlled and beautiful supply of Table Lamps:
White      Mushroom     Shades
Art Glass  wltb artistically designed stand, from . $4.78
Splendidly  Handpalnted Shades
with   bronzed   stands
from    810.00
Also a  selection  of  Desk  and
l'lano Lamps, frrm     $3.50
We (hall be p'eased  to show
ynu  thn    exceptionally    pretty
stock at yonr convenience.


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