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The Daily News Mar 30, 1912

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Buy West End pro gjr .y on tho B. C.
Electric Cut-Off. ��" rk has started.
Lots from $450 '.��
In District Lot 171,    Right   on the
new Cut-Off Line.
VOLUME 7, NUM      It 22.
Bylaw for $250,000 Ensures Westminister Being Up-to-
Date City-Paving for Heart of City-Macadamized Roads
for Main Arteries-ThrougH C\r Cornectiois Everywhere
Double Tracks Will  be Laid.
hundred   and   fifty   tbousand   The macadamizing of Tenth street is
are resulted by   tbo bourd of   already begun and some good work ls
the by-law now  being pub-   going on."
Sixth avenue us a through thoroughfare will receive special attention.
"Our plant," said Mr. Kellington, "are
to macadamize this avenue to the city
limits. Kroin that point across D. L.
172 to the North Arm and Burnaby
rosds the provincial government will
do the sume. Superintendent of Roads
McHilile has assured mc that lu accordance with the request made by
Alderman Gray and myself a sum of
$10,000 for this purpose actually appears In his estimates. The wort
then will be done, this year and this
street will thus run from end to end
of the city and through to Burnaby
uud Vancouver."
New Flood Gate.
For a long time Queensborough
ratepayers have been asking for better drainage. The present flood gate,
they have always maintained, is too
small to carry away the water between tides, and dirty ditches have
lie en their bugbear for tnacy months.
All thia is to be changed by the new
board of works, if the present by-law
goes through. A new (loo I gate will
be put ln and all the ditches will be
cleaned out.
"With regard to the roads on the
Island," said the alderman, "we have
adopted the policy   of   laying   plank
works  in
lished in the daily papers. This is n
large sum and it is to be spent on u
large work.
A most complete system of street
paving and macadamising to cover
every i on Ion of the city, West Knd
anl Sapperton and Queensborough
Just as much aB the central and upper sections has been planned. Alderman Kellington, chairman of the
Hoard of Works, and City Knglneer
Blackman assisted by the other members of the board and Koad Superintendent Furness, have been working
ou these plans untiringly since the
election of the new council. The
chulrm.in of the board has supervised
every step and the final plan ls based
ou h's deslro to "link the whole city
up with first-class main arteries connected  b.v good Btreets."
Talking over the new plans yesterday Aldemnn Kellington led a representative of the Dally News over the
photo of the city at the end of his
pencil, tracing enthusiastically the
work planned for the future. He began in the centre of the city, an 1 with
permanent Improvements.
"Front street. Here we are. The
plan Is to pave this street from the
foot of Peghle street east to the fat
end nf tho Schaake* Machine works, j
For sever.'11 reasons the paving will
onlv be Laid on the side of the street
north of tbe B. C. K. R. tracks.
"On all the etreets from First to
Sixth, and as far north as Sixth ave
nue. a;i engineer has been h'ird at
wor'c thto tear taking the grades for
pavlti;-. laying storm sewers, etc. This
part o* tie work is nearly finished and
It. is planned to put In all these improvements if the bylaw passes
"T.ve'rih street is next In order. We
Intend to pave this street from Fourth
or Fifth menue to Tentli and Btorm
sewers and water mains, etc., will be
laid from end to end of this street.
The B. C. K. K. have promised to dou.
b!e-t rack the street as far as Sixth
Columbia    Street.
"Now let's go hack to Columbia
etree' again," he said, and the pencil
j|rc;;ed dr'>-n the hill, V'e mean to
pave (his street west to Tenth street,
and east to Brunette. Double tracks
will be laid all along this stretch and
this will enable the street car company to handle all the trafTic of the
MIl'Kido, Buinaby and Sapperton lines
whi h meet at this point easily from
there west through the city. Of course
part if the raving work in dependent
on the Domftilon Government consent
ing to be.ir Its share of the local Improvement tax, but any way wc wlll
,*et on with as much of the worl; as
Sapperton will bo glad to hear that
the work on Columbia street does not
stop here. This main thoroughfare
will be macadamised right through to
the city limits ss soon as the sewer ls
Highwayman   Breaks   Up   Automobile
Party with Buckshot���Kills Two,
Wounds One.
Blk Rook, Wash., March 39,���A horrible shooting occurred here tonight
which resulted in two deaths und oue
other man badly wounded. An unknown robber tried to hold up an automobile a few miles out of town.
"Stop and hands up," he ordered,
but the car sped on.
Whereupon he opened flre with a
gun loaded with buckshot. One charge
entere.l Donald Stewart's, of Portland,
head, and now he lies at the point of
death. A traveling man who was in
the car was mortally wounded and
died within a few minutes. Yoiui.t
Lupton, a student, wan shot in tho
arm. His injury is not very serious.
The highwuvman escaped.
Royal Assent Received-Miners Taking Ballot.
Is Advice of Thomas Ashton���Not
Walt   for   District    Boards
for Wage.
So   Says   New   York   Senator   Before
Inter-oceanic Canal Commission���
Treaty na Bar.
Washington, March 29.���An unqualified assertion that the treaty between
Great Britain and the United States
gives the latter a right to fix different tolls for American ship3 passing
London, Murch 29.���The governments minimum wage bill bocn.ue la.n
loiiuy when at noou lt leceived the
royal aBsent.
bimuituneously     tiie    coal    miners
throughout the uritisli Isies were voting   to   decide   wnether   the   strikers
should return to worn pending a decision by tbe district boards, provided
for in the  bill,  fixing wages in    ttie
various coal   mine   districts.    While
the  result   will   not   be   Known   utti.
next  Thursday,  there  waB  prevalent
everywhere a feeling of optimism thai
the vote would favor resumption and
tbat in the  meantime' thousands    of
miners  would  return  in  anticipation
of such a decision.    Thomas Ashton,
j secretary of the    Miners' Federation,
[.Issued a statement tonight counsel.lug
. the  miners  to resume  work   without
waiting for the district boards to <id
I just the minimum wage and  his ad
| vice probably  will  have greater    in-
j finance on the ballot than tbat of any
other leader. The only stumbling bl03k
in the way of a speedy termination of
j the strike, seems to be  the attitude
of the surface men,   who   stili   have
some   grievances    unsatisfied.    Their
national federation isBiied a manifesto
today that there must be no revjmp
tion until the owners have conceded
accorded to other nations, was made
by Senator O'Gorman, of New York,
today before the senate Inter-oc^anlc
canal commission.
Senator Bristow said it would    ba
preposterous   to  require  the    United
roaJs for the present.   These will be  through the Panama canal "than those  their demands.   It is believed this dis
put   down    wherever   industries   or
dwellings have been built and warrant
their construction."
Before the interviewer left i.Mr.
Kellington pointed out that all these
Improvements were absolutely depend
ent on the passing of the by-law. Only   States to pay tolls on Its own battle
in this way can tills tremendous work
of organized imrrovement be carried
on. "In fact, if the people don't vote
in favor of tho by-law, we shall have
to take ott the men on ihf roadjftBOW.
But I feel sure," he added, "that they
���von't turn down a mejsure of such
lament?* Importance to the city."
shlj;s using thc canal,
Xo action wns
pule will be settled soon
There were further additions today
to the ranks of the miners resuming
work in Scotland, hut an increase of
i'0.000 In the uneinpl-jyed in the other
trades due to the shortage of coal.
There w.ib no recurrenee of disorders.
Rollicking  Norse Airs Resound in St.
Patrick's Hall.
A nno musical treat wns given last
et enlng   in   St.   Patrick's   hall   under
Rumor States that   This    Change    Is
Coming���Officials Will  Not
Confirm It.
Wliile local officials on the subject
will uot Bay that a half hour service
will shortly be Inaugurated on the
Burnaby Lake branch of the B. C. E.
R., they admit that trafTic on thi*
line has increased rapidly during
the pasl lew months. With bright
prospects of a building boom, which
has ulrcady Btarted ln the districts
tupped by the branch,- the present
hourly service I" becoming Inadequat3
to meet the demands of the traveling
When asked yesterday afternoon
whether the company contemplated
running two car lralii3 on the Qentral
Park line, Interurban Manager Franklin stated that a ten-minute service of
single cars would at first be used, fo'-
Union Officials Order  170,-
000 Men to Quit.
Bacis  Satisfactory  to  Both   Sides  Is
Reached���Anthracite Production
Cleveland, Ohio, March 29.���Settlement of the bituminous rout miners.*
wage dispute on a basis satisfactory
to both tides was announced late tonight us having been virtually ar-
Anthracite Strike Ordered.
Cleveland, Ohio, March 29.���The
first step toward a stoppage ln coal
production in'the United States as*
tesult of wage disputes wus taken today when the miners' union ordered
lowing the completion of the new cut-   _.    , ,
off. In event of this not being suffi- \,U'000. mlnf8 in ,the anthracite
eient. then It is probable that the gi��ns. ,0 qult work next Sunday
two-car trains would be placed on the   m ~" g t-
run. The new order for interurban ' The suspension was ordered bo-
cars placed this week by the company cauBe ��f th,e ��P��nitors' refusal to
calls for a tye of car suitable to bo Erant th* un.lon d��"��ands for a. 20 per
used in unit. . cent- ralse of Pfty-   The shutting down
���'. ! of the mines, the union officials say,
will cause a Ious in the coal production of the country of 7.013,000 bushels,
of anthracite a month and will entail
a loss in pay to the miners of not
less thin 1350,000 a day.
Measures to Induce miners and'
operators to renew negotiations-
broken off tn New York several weeks
ago, are talked of.
Federals Lose 450 in Six Days Fierce
Fighting���General Orozco
Is Wary.
Jiminez, Mexico, March 29.���Tbe
rumor that General Trucy Aubert was
killed  in  yesterday's   battle   between
the federals whom he commanded and  Charles K. Hamilton In Curtis Bi-plarw
the rebels un.ler Generals Salaza.- ani
Travels Hundred and Thirty-six
Miles Per Hour.
Frie! Al.cn Caught���Sidna Allen
Edwards Only Two Still at
Large.     , .
IUllEvlIle, March 29.���Frlel Allen,
j oungest of the band that shot up the
cDUIt bouse, was captured today.
i>riel was found asleep in a shed quite
c.oso to his fatner's bouse. He wus
worn out with the excitement and
hardships of the long hunt and was
loo weary to show any resistance. He
laid wbl.'h should be very shortly now. iwas locked up in the little Jail with
"Back in the centre of the city," resumed the alderman, "we plan to pave
and put in all the usual permanent Improvements on Alexander, Blackie,
McNeely and Mclnnis streets. That
may bare the effect of improving that
portion of the town," added the alderman significantly.
"But I must not forget Carnarvon
street. The ratepayers on this street
have petitioned to have it paved, and
improved from Kighth to Sixth streets
but others east of that are also anxious for the Improvements to be carried out and we shall likely take the
work as far as Fourth street.
Now for Sapperton.
Sapperton looks like petting her
due this year, to Judge from the work
contemplated there In addition to the
macadamising of Columbia street.
First of all, said the alderman, came
Cumberland Btreet. This they would
macadamise from Sixth avenue to Columbia street, in this way giving a
good through driveway from the city
limits In the west to Sapperton. Connecting with this would be Richmond
Btr��-et. which would   be macadamised
Fernandez, was unfounded.
Benjamin Vasquez, correspondent of
Kl OoirnQ, a daily ne.vppanejf of Chi-!
hudhua City, lost his life as he wns I
about to enter an udobe house.   Four
federals were hidden inside, and they '    Stockton, .CalL, March 29.���Charles
Lftred SMS be entered the door.   A   mo   K. Hamilton, ln a Curtis bt-��\��n�� tfc\��
\ment,.UUer all were ktttei    when    a aSternoon new  trom Sacramento    to*
\ rebel  detachment came  u;> and    de- thta ��**. a. dlatance ot 52.1 miles,   to
evening   ��n   ��i.   wncx ��   nan   unner ^ \ moUstiea U\e tilace wltb a bomb hurt- 23 minutes, averaging a speed ot 136-
���be p. slices ot the lecal Nor we6lan I Chairman ot  Public Service Commis-1 jjjf'""^^ p,w *"v" a ����=">, nw��    ^^ ^ h<wr     Hamilton    says   th*
society!     fh��   attendance     however, \ Accused of Havlnn Very I    To all appearances Oeneral Aubert  world's record was mado laat we��Sb sol
a    tew ���">* ��*��������      w����no very i hM��� ade gocd big ^        No  Pan, France, by J alee Vedrlnea. wb��
trace of him could be   found   today, averaged loa mllea an honr^
29.���A    sensational
General Pascual Orozco, the rebel
commander-in-chief. Issued an order to
General Campa to occupy Parrelel.
There may be fighting at that place,
JK'berc tonight against
hairinun of the public [as It is rumored that General Pancho
was not of the hest,   Quits
vacant chairs being noticed,
Thc program being lo the natlv��
Norwegian totigiio the humble Cana
dian could do nothing bnt appreciate
the music, which was of the best. Mr.
C. J. BJorke, in charge of a male
chorus of fourteen voices from Vancouver, was in tine trim and earned
tho applause and demands for encores
be necelved. The national airs of
Norway sung by the chorus reminded.
one of the days of the Norsemen, the
rovers of the sea, the deep voices   of
the bassos being tinged with the solicitor, in that year Reid went into j are proceeding deliberately. General
rollicking spirit of the sea songs of la newspaper deal in which Morine ' Orozco ls calm and wary In the midst
Miss C.  Hoffard  was  af | was appointed trustee. Instead of this,  of victory and will not move until he
Hamilton flew   at   an   altitudd
ahout 1500 feet, the wind bavin?
estimated velocity    ol    40 miles
bour in his favor.
years ago.
her  best  with  two pianoforte
and also as accompanist.
the other captures.
Only two members of the gang still
remain at large. These are Sidna
Allen, the ringleader, and Wentley
Edwards. Members of the posse believe that the capture or surrender of
these two is also only a matter of
time. They do not think that they
can have made gcod their escape and
lack of food ls bound to force them
into tho open soon, they say.
A Presbyterian "Damn.-'
Winnipeg, March 29���An epi.lemlc
af the word "damn" struck the pro-
.lnclal house this evening. Colin H.
Campbell, minister of public works,
started it. He is a Presbyterian elder
of Westminster church, once the example was aet the air became blue
with oaths and mlniUers and ordinary
members d-^d each other right and
Reduced  Freight  Rates.
Commencing April (I, reduced C. P.
R. freight rates will go into effect between Toronto and   points west   of
that whereby a reduction of from two appointed Morine.
SA"  Si" *�� SS^.E^Ito repi/the prem.efsta.ed that he
Ottawa, Maro
charge was matl
A. B. Morine, c���~. -. ���~ ,_-���   .
service commission, by Frank B. Bur .Villa now holds the town,
velle, member of parliament. Mr. Bar-      General  Orozco estimated  that the
velle charge Mortne with having been   federal loss in the six days fight was   Father Donnelly Explains Justiflcawow
paid 110,000 by Mr. Reid to keep out' ��o killed, wounded and Uken prison-j of Confetsionai.
of Newfoundland. I ers.    His own loss was about half of J    pegpite a severe cold   and    failing:
The scandal joes back to 1898 when   that.    Preparations to  march on the ' V0Jce   Father Donnelly in St. Petefa
Morine is alleged to have been Reid's  government military base at Torreon  clluI.cjj IaBt njgj,t preached a powerful-
' "   '"'     '   " '   sermon on tbe Confessional, taking aa
bis text the    words   of Christ, "Th��-
sins are forgiven thee."
People, be eald, would tell you outside the Roman Catholic church that
there was a fixed schedule of ta*e��.
you had to pay tor absolution; that
you paid four dollars for a murder and
one dollar    for    missing   .Mass.    He
the charge states, Marine represented
himself as absolute owner. Reid
brought the matter Into court and it
was finally settled by Morine taking
$10,000 to leave Newfoundland and
stay away for ever.
Mr. Barveile, in making the charge,
asserted  that  Premier Borden  knew
will be mado.    The figures affecting
British Columbia are as follows: From i
class one to class eight and ten    re-,
ducUons are made; no change Is made  would ^ ghow ,t ^ Mop|ne he had
feels assured that affairs are certain.
He said tonight that additional recruits fro��,:.-^urango an.l Coahrdla
were oh tl��lr iaay to this *lty.
received a letter on the subject.
TO WORK ELECTRIC PUMPS  hoped be need not say that it was"
��� tlrely false.   Sooner would the priest:
Coqirttjaiiv March 9.���The Western say���"Thy money perish with thee,"
Canada Power company has obtained j    Father Donnelly dealt exhaustively
the contract from the provincial gov- with the power which Christ gave tor
As  trnment to Supply power to all elec-  forgiving sin.   There was, he said, one
in class.nine.
/      Dean's Hearing Adjourned.
Los Angeles, Call., March 29.���lust
before court adjourned today counsel
for the Canadian authorities announced they still had several witnesses to
the writer    of the    letter,    however. I trlc pump8   [n the   dyking   districts. , distinctive    thing    that    Christ    vvas
paid no further attention to it.
WILL IMPROVE CONDITIONS , productive value of the lands involved
"" '   " j In the scheme will be lncteasel   at
Very little sickness is reported    in! ieast 25 per cent, and that the pros
Two 200 horse power motors will he found doing throughout His life; that
installed at the Matsqui pumping sta-!
tion and at Maple Ridge two 100 horse
power motors.   It is thought that the
was receiving the halt, the lame a��J
the blind and healing them; Pe looked through the sickness of the bod} -
and saw the soul's illness.  'His whole'
mission had been to forgive sins.
The preacher went on to say   that
ed they still had several witnesses to  the clly> accor(i|ng to Health Officer j perjty of "the whole district   will*   be  the teaching of the Roman   Catholic
call, and Commissioner Van Dyke said  Dr  joneB.    Measles of a light form affected. ��� i church in regard to redemption   wis
he would resume the
hearing   next
is prevalent in some districts, but the
total number cannot be figured out as
many of tho parents do not think it
necessary to call fpr medical attendance.   The new system for collecting
Nothing to Ssy.
"Honest" John Oliver, late Liberal
candidate for the Delta and also reeve garbage wlll, according to Dr. Jones,
of that municipality, was a visitor in aid materially In stamping out any
the city yesterday. "I cannot add any- dangerous epidemics should they ap-
thlng to what the morning papers say pear in the hot season. The health
on the contest," said the reeve when laws will have to be compiled with to
queried, and he was equally reticent the letter this summer and any In-
regarding tho new transsortatloh prob- fraction will be immediately reported
The removal of the old pumpa wlll  that the Master had appointed a spe.
mean taking down   the   old    quaint
water wheel at Lillooet station which
has a circumference of about thirty
feet and is fitted with broad-fashioned
paddles which raised the water into
a box. j-
'cial means whereby sin was forgiven;-
and this lay ln the   three   forma   oi
from Cumbcrlan I   to   Kighth   avenue   - ���r ,, ,. ,. ,.,,,,    ,,.,,.
and Eighth avenue Itself would be ��� . 'w�� "* ASSSififw
treated In the same wav to its June- ��� c,ty off*ra ����pporl ^ If! ���i���7���
tlon wltl. Columbia street. To pro- ��� ���' ftjPJJFfiK tt&*J��52
vide another good cross street to al- ��� bitherto 1MB," ^gita V*
low teamsters to get In everywhere (��� *���*�����? ^^"wbo
to deliver their ^oods Keary street al- '**
so, would, he said, be macadamized.
Last but not least similar work
was designed for Brunette stre��t to
the cltv limits. Sidewalks will he
laid all over the upper part of the district to rive connection with the public school. *.
Upper and West End.
.^    Throntrh highways and good Internl
came west ugain.    "In tho upper ro<"-
lion of the town. abo-�� Sixth avenue,
we     plan   msicadamMnc   all   thosf
Btreets that  wd"> graded  Inst year."
he evrlnined.   "That 1�� tn stv all the
streets from ^Irst to Sixth and as fur
out a" f'e city limits.    In    the we"t
end all t>o   frndod   ���Ftrelts   between
Si-Hi  givi  Tentb  ave>"iei  on-1  Tenth
and Twelfth streets will b" t.rpated 'n
the  parr,  win-,  it*  nl��o HU  h<*    the
etreets between Third pnd Sixth avenues and Eighth and   Tenth   streets.
���. lem for the people of the Delta.
to the police for action.
the Pelton Garter Co., who
with the secretary were over
here yesterday looking over the
city for a factory site. "We believe," they added, "that Westminster is the most convenient
place for industries on coast,
and we are much impressed
with the harmony and unity
prevailing among the local
The machinery for this company has already heen ordered
from tho east and operations
wlll begin Immediately. The
factory location has heen
chosen. The factory will he
the onlv one of its cbss In
Cnnada and Its many branches
will afford wor'.t to a variety
of male and female omployeis.
Enthusiastic supporters of progress i The rreliminsry meeting will proba-
,��� Westminster are getting together ^ ^CotCor Lee's return
seriously. The way for some orsan-1 {TQm ottawa probably with some an-
lzed club for furthering the city's ln-; nouncements of great Importance to
terests in every respect, bas been the city may form a fitting occasion
paved   hy   the   informal   'boosters' for the first assembling of tbe new or-
*>*y*)*y*y***********i*minster Progress Club
Club," which became prominent a
short while ago. It Is now intended to
organize the progressive spirit that
was unearthed at that time.
Arrangements are beint? made   for f
a preliminary meeting of enthusiasts . men. .
���w nt which It will be decided to summon      Work   for Westminster, the fresn-
* a miss meeting for the nurpose of or- "-ate- l;��rhor an.l in^trial centre of
��� rrsnlsing some definite form of West-jthe PacMc coast!    That is   the cry
Every live citizen is preparing to
take part In this movement
Westminster has "struck her gait,"
and she Is going to keep It. Nature
Is behind her prosperity.   So are the
Building permits Increased
about 20 per cent, this week.
Un to last night permits for
buildings valued at (40,000 had
been   Uken   out   During the
Penance: contrition, confession andf
satisfaction. A man had to be sorry
for his sin otherwise there was no
pardon. Confession of itself availeA
nothing without determination of the
heart to sin no more.   The preacher
* I affirmed that tbere was nothing ex-
: | Inordinary about confession, quite the
* 'reverse; lt was the Impulse of sorrow-
* Ing nature.   He had   seen   Salvation
* I Army people get so worked up in the
* j street'that they would proclaim wrong.
* doing ln public. He recollected ��.
^ | Welsh revival at which he was pree-
A ent ten years ago when   a man   had
stood up and confessed every sin   ha
whole of last week tbe flgure   ���: ila(j ever committed, showing that h��-
roached was $33,580. Today the ���
Increase will total over $7000. ���
Tha most Important of tbls ���
week's buildings ls an apart- ���
ment and stores block for UA. ���
Savory on Twelfth street, estimated to cost $10,000. Another
is a concrete block to be elected by J. Carter Smith at a cost
was leading a double life.
Business men connected with   tto*
��� local Y. M. C. yi. werajiosts last even-
��� ing at a banquet given lii honor   ot
��� i some   twenty-five   business   men oT
��� Vancouver.     Tearfm   from   tft*   tWO>��
of $5000, and a dwelling house   ��� ] organizations battled for supremacy H
for D. S. Curtis worth $4000.       ��� I volley ball and basketball befohs tlw
The permit for the People's ���. banquet. Vancouver won In vofler
Trust Building company's eight ��� j ball, while the locals trimmed the vfsf-'
storey modern block will prob- ��� tors in the bnakefbairgamc. S"eeclr��r
ably be granted next wceX ���Iwere the order after the tahles hswT
This will mean an expenditure ���ibeen cleared, each cementing t*"> tj->T
of over $100,000. * ' feeling whl"b e^J'stt hetTei t"-v> tw��,
��� bodies of the leatiaiprcKi-js  eti   tftfc��
���a *y ************** ** lower msinlentr.. PAOJCTWO
work on ranch; woman must be
good cook. Apply Box 149, Daily-
New s.
restaurant, 8(io Columbia street.
'1 hero \>us a fair turnout of ranch-
eis   al   market   yesteiday   morning,
I though tho good weather kept many
away.   The barn was, however, tinea
���with hoi ses to overflowing, and there
\ waa  the  usual    good    ulteu.lance of
j Vanoouver buyers, who came here to
| get into touch with the farmers.   Tho
A WAITRESS.   APPL\ |ijs0 in potatoes    noticeable last Kri-
cafe,   opposite C. P. R-iduy was maintained, owing to the de-
 H   tOS.vA    tor    Eeed    potatoes.      Prices
'l   ������������������������ : throughout ruled very steady, though.
WANTED���A JAPANESE WOMAN poultry was a little light and hardly
wants to do washing.   Apply P. O. j up to demand.   Tnere was a good of-
Box 438.   Phone COO.  I ferlng    of  pure-bred   birds    fetching
 -"""������������������ ' from $2.50 to $5.   Vegetables were to
MONEY TO LOAN ON CITY RESI- ] be nao ln the usuaI iines ln abundance
dential property, repayable in flve|an.d the 8uppiy 0f eggs was equal to
years with  privilege of  repayment, the demand> thoi|gh tllat fe��� of{ con.
j siderably from last week's standard
in three, at 8 per   cent., or   easy
monthly    payment   plan. National
Finance   Co.,   Ltd.,   621 Columbia
Bale of townsite lots in divisional
and jtictional points along line of
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway ln
Western Canada. Whole or part
time. Write to authorized agent
O. T. P. R��� International Securities
Co., Ltd., Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg,
Mann.,   for   particulars,   maps,   etc.
tage in New Westminster���Ten
acres choice land, easy to clear, adjoining High scliool and Municipal
hall at Murray vllle, between Chilliwack tram and Great Northern.
High school, church and stores in
Immediate vicinity. Price $200 per
acre.   Apply Box 21 Daily News.
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
451 Columbia Street. Phon? 639
DOUBLE CORNER on Seventh avenue, close to Queens pari:, $2200;
one-third cash, balance (i, 12 and 18.
.   No. 3B9.
52x150; beautiful lot on Fourth street,
all cleared. $1200; one-quarter
cash, balance 6- 12 and 18.   No. 228.
ON FIFTH STREET, widest street in
clty. Price $1100; one-third cash,
balance 6 and 12. This is a snap.
No. 42.
ANOTHER SNAP. On Tenth, close to
Agnes street; snap at $11,000; one-
third cash, balance (>, 12 and 18.
No. 83.
The flsh market openej and closed
very briskly and was the best, hitherto this year. Fresh 3-lb. trout appeared, for the first time this season,
fetching 20c a lh. There was the
usual run on meats, and fortunately
veal was plentiful, though pork was
only medium. Butchers could not
meet the demand for oxtails.   .
Tho flower and young tree market
showed great activity; carnations, daf
fodils and hyacinths being In great demand as woll as wall flowers and pan-
sies for bedding. Two-year-old apple
and cherry trees found many buyers.
The Easter market wlll be held next
Following are the quotations:
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack    $1.0<'
Carrots, per sack    75c
Parsnips, per sack   $1.0fi
Turnips, per sack   tiOc to 75c
Potatoes, per ton $30
Onions, per crate   $1.75 to $2
Vegetables, Retail.
Beets, per bunch  ' it
Onions, per lb Sj
Potatoes, per sack    $1.35 to $1.40
Carrots, per bunc-h  sc
Cabbage, per lb ' 3c
Turnips, each    5c
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, wholesale, per dozen. .25c to 27
Eggs, retail, per do-.-.en   30c
Butter, retail, per lb   . ...3."c to 4dc
Honey, per comb    25:
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 20(
White    Spring    Salmon,  per  lb.  15<
(2 lbs. for 25c).
Flounders,  per lb 10c
Sturgeon, per lb 15-
Blue cod, per lb 10c
Halibut, per lb 10c
Steelhead, per lb 15c
Smelts  2 lbs. for
Retail Meats
en's Suits
kUR Spring Models in Young Men's Suits have a
smartness, dash and vim about them that is very
pleasing to smart dressers. Every little kink
and curve has a meaning of its own. We are showing
some \ ery stunning new fabrics and colorings. Exclusive models.
$12, $15, $18, $20 to $30
Pay no attention to advertised Suit prices until you see
the sort of suit the price stands for. That tells the
whole story.
You Will Be Surprised at the Values We
Can Show You
jBeef. best rib roasts  15c to lu,.
DOUBLE CORNER, Fifth   street   and . Beef, loin    ISc to 22c
Eighth avenue,    all    cleared,    good | Beef, round stoak  is
buy.    $3150; one-third cash, balance   Boiling beef     ".lOe 'to 14c
6, 12 and IS.    No. 324. j Veal    / l5c   to  20c
451 Columbia Street. Phone 669. | Dressed chicken, per lb. ...25c to 30c
' ' " ' "     ''   ''"   ���      ���'     / Wholesale Meats."
 Veal, large   9C to 10c
CITY  OF  NEW  WESTMINSER, B.C.   Veal,  small    v*e (o  1Cc
  Beef, front quarter
Board of Health Department. I Beef, hind
Columbia and Sixth Streets
New Westminster
      9 to 10c
^^^^^^^^^���       ._ luarter  lie to 12c
The Board of Health Department is I Spring lamb   y>c to j^
about   to  start   a  campaign   for  the j Mutton '...'. !li)c to lie
cleaning up of all back yards and va-1 Per;; 12o to x2'Ac
���cant lots in the city, and the hearty | Poultry.
-co-operation of the citizens in general | Geese, live, each   $1.50 to $2
liens, .-mall, dozen $u to $7.5..
Hens, small, retail  $7 to $9
liens, large, retail $10 to $12
Broilers, dozen    $5  to  $ii
is asked in this regard.
A clean city is one of the best ad3.
wc can have, and we feel sure that
the citizens appreciate this to the full- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
est extent.     The binning up   of all j Chickens, dozen   $7 to $0
waste paper, etc., the cleaning away  Chickens, dressed per lb. .... ��5c
of ashes and other refuse, and a thor-  Ducks, dozen  . "$]'���> to J1S
ough cleaning up will go a long way!  ���'��� 11111'
toward! giving ub a city beautiful.      IA!D T0 THOROUGHBRED STUDS.
rHt   ..O.UiD   Oi-'  HEALTH   DEP. 	
8. . PEARCE,      Stimulus Given to Good Stock of Sad-
Health Inspector. die and Harness Horses.
���"���                                             I    Tfic policy initiated in 1911 by the
Department of Agriculture with "refer-
 eneo lu the granting of aid, under cer-
  |lal" conditions, to the owner of thor-
ihe Municipal Council of the Cor- ouphbred stallions is generally meet-
poratlon ot the City of New Westmin- !'n, with approval and is accomplish-
Mer having b.v Resolution determined | lnK. In part at least, the objects so uht
and specified that it Is desirable to I when the policy was unilertafcten
carry out the folowlng works, that is i Amongst other things, owing to the 8 ' on
l�� say: | "Kil conditions imposed, it. ig encour   ""M"",~
(a) To pave Front street from j again, those maintaining really high
Eighth street to the northerly end ot   claB�� horses ancl is serving t4 organ- ^^^^^^_
the Schaake -Machine Works lor a I ize the system of breeding followed in scrve(1 during the season, be entitled
width of Hi feet; lay water mains, the different communities where thor t0 leceive !lt the close of each such
gutters, instal electric street lighting | ouglibied stallions are located The seaaon 'he sum of $250 from the funds
system, and any other works contin* stimulus given, in this manner to tha   "* "'" """ *"""'" * ""     ""   "    '"
gent thereto. ''��� ~" "     ....
lb)   To   construct    sanitary    and
storm sewers fiom Hot i to Lot 15,1 llSM   horse   stock   of   the   countrv
City Block seven (7) Thoroughbred stallions, if really good
And that the said works shall be 1 Individuals, may be expected to exert
caried out in acocrdance with the such an, Influence, in the development
provisions of the "Local Improvement of Canadian horses for saddle and
General By-law 1909." harness use, as is greatly needed and   ,m""ione(1-
And tbe City Engineer and the City  Bfeatly to be desired.     The premium '    T,,e ne<pasai'v
Assessor having reported to the Coun- J>lacod upon quality, sounlness    and   "'"'""' ""
���ell in aro:dance with the provisions P'elotency, through the grants award
of  the  said   by-law    upon  tbe   Bald   'll ':��� the   department Is serving   to
works, giving    statements , Bhowing  .clloelt the use of unsuitable sires and I
tlie amounts to be chargeable agalnsl ;ii; tending to conserve a type of thor "^  ^^m
tbe various portions of real propeity " '���*���  "'��!, the uthlty of which is he- '   T0 CURE A cold in one day.
io  be  benefited   by   the  Bald   works j yond question. Take LAXATIVE BROMO   Qnlnin -
While, as nerhana nlm ,1,1 >.~  ., 'Tablets.    Druggists  refund   money   if
E. W. GROVE'S Big.
quality and conform ation, and shall
be free from all hereditaiy unsoundness; these conditions to be ensured
by submission annually to a thorough
careful examination either at the
hands of the Veterinary Director General or such other members jf the
veterinary ptaff of the aepar'ment, or
other persons a3 the minister may
irom time to time appoint for this
8. Horses so approved shall be duly
and properly advertised t> stand for
service of ma pes, under the ordinary
and general conditions uiual ln the
districts in which ihey are to be kept,
at an annual service fee (except in the
case of thoroughbred mares) of uot
more than $10 to insure, such service
fee to become due and payable only
when mares prove to be in foal.
Any person, Am. oc corporation
owning or controlling any Thoroughbred Stallion in regard to which all
of the conditions above set forth shall
have been duly and properly fulfilled,
_ reduction of satisfactory
evidence thereof, and of the fact that
a reasonable number of mares, other
than  thoroughbred  mares,  have  been
to receive at the close of cach such
season the sum of $250 fro
of the Live Stock Branch.    If, in the !
use of thorough  blood  will, it Is ^ . event of a horse dyin5 or bpcomlng in-
lieved, lead to an Improvement in the ' <*V��*tt*t*& for ser.-.ce during the sea.
^��� " son. an approved  substitute Is Imme
diately placed in the same district.
thfl minister may, after due consideration of the circumstances, authorize
the payment    of the    subsidy above
forms will he fir-
nished on application to the Veterin,
ary  Director General  and  Live Stock
Commissioner,   Department   of Agrl<
, culture, Ottawa.
Waste Paper or Rags.
Phone 475 and we will collect, free of
Applications will be received bv the
j undersigned up till noon on Saturday.
��� the 6th day of April, 1912, for the position  of LIBRARIAN at the Public
Library in this city.
Applicants must state qualifications
salary required, and give good refer
City Clerk.
City  Hall,  New  Westminster,  March
12. 1912.
Furnished for atlractlve enterprises
in all substantial lines of business.
Kailicuds, Tractions, Water and
Electric Powers, Irrigations, Timber,
Alining, Agricultural and Industrial.
Bond, Debenture and Stock Issues
Underwritten, Purchased or Sold.
Properties purchased for European
exploitation and investment.
Financial Undertakings of all sdtts
Miscellaneous commissions and
orders of all characters accepted for
execution in any European country.
Correspondence enclosing full details at flrst writing invited.
The International Bankers Alliance
14-16-18 Bloomsbury St., London, Eng.
tween Columbia street and Clarkson on McKenzie street, between
2:30 and 3 p. m. Monday, March 18.
Reward given by returning same to
Royal Pool Rooms.
Our Sale of the
and  other particulars, and the said;    wnue, as perhaps should be state-1 i
reports of the said City Engineer and,'1 ls not tiie intention of the depart-'!11 f""R ,0 c"^r'���   E- w- G,t<
city  Assessor  bavlng  been  adopted ftnont to encourage the   breedm      r ��� n:ilm'e is on each %��ox.   25c
!>,-   tt,,.   r*n���-*~u I llifimiii.lii.,.., i   i : _   .       :        .'���'    ul I
thorougbbre.l horses or to develop a
1(1 ! type in   llfehi   horses   approximating
by  the Council       ^^^^^^^
Notice Is hereby given that the       -
reports are open for inspection to tHr>; closely to that or the    tuuro.r ibreu
office of the City Assessor, Citv Hall, i,her'* 's no question but that a'strong
infusion of thoroughbred blood In the
light-legged mares of the country will
Columbia   street*   New   Westminster)
B.  C,    and    that    unless a petition
against   the   proposed   ^vorkfl   above
���nicniioiied   si-ned   by   a   majority   of
the owners of the bnd or real prop-
city to be assessed or charged in re-
ppect of such works representing at
iJeast one-half in  value thereof is pre-
[sented to the  Council  within  fifteen
lays  from  tlle  date of the first   pub-
icatlon   of   this   notice,  the   Councll
pill   proceed   with   the  proposed  lm-
irovements   under   such   terms   and
pollutions as to payment, of the cost
be of inestimable value in improving
tho   quality of the stock got    from
them by stallions of the various light
j harness breeds.
Believing himself to be justified,
therefore, In further prosecuting the
policy begun last year, the Hon. Martin Burrell, Minister of Agriculture,
has authorized the continuance of the
grant, to be available for all thor-
oughbred stallions, standing for public service during the season of 1012,
f such improvements as the Council   which comply witb the conditions Im-
ay by  By-law  in  that behalf  regit-  Posed by tbe department,
jafc and determine and also to make I    The conditions under which asoist-
Burnaby Homes for Saie :
3-UOO.M HOU8B ON LOT 33x122;
near Royal Oak station; $li.r,u, terim.
$2r< cash und $25 monthly.
near lOdmonds station; $'.i00; term;
$26 cash and $25 monthly. Readj
to move Into today.
Coming as it does just before Easter, is a big help to
those who wish to make a little money go a long way.
class; on Armstrong road, nen
New Westminster, 5 cent faro
$2500;  $250 cash and $.'10 montblj
Ladies' Gloves
Qordon's 81,26 Kid Gloves;  colors grey, brown, tan
anl red; pair 75c
Gordon's $1.50 Black Suede Gloves;  pair  85c
Cordon's $1.50 Black Dressed Kl 1 Gloves; pair ..95c
Gordon's $2.50 Long Kid Gloves;
black and colors;
Gordon's $3.00 Long White Kid Gloves;    Ki button
length;   pair   $1-75
Ladies' Pure filk Hose;  light evening shades;  Gordon's $1.25 quality.    Sale price, pair ,70c
Gordon's 75c Silk Lisle Hose, blacks and tans;  per
paid 45C
Gordon's 50c Fine Lisle Hose, blacks only; pair ��� -35c
Gordon's 35c Black Lisle Hose; per pair  25c
Men's  Fine  Luster Half Hose, black and tnns; Gordon's price 45c.   Sale price, puir 30c
ance will he given are as follows:
1.   All horses cn account  of which
aid is fi'.e"i by the department mils'-
Pip  said  assessment.
Dated this twentieth day of March
. D. 1912.
City Cle-'-. ^^^^^^^
Date of first publication twenty-fir.;..' Live ��ton,t Records
by nf March A. D, 1912.
Westminster, $3000: $300 cai.h snd
$35 monthly; vvill exchange for Bur
naby acreage.
^^^^_     *,    appoint ment  over long    dls
re��lstered   In   the   Thoroughbred t 'ance  telephone.  Key.  Kf|(!5,
Stud Book of the Canadian  Nntiona
__ ^^ On��n   '
.. .   ,, .ro- HOS Dominion Trust Bldg., Van
uorBoo shall be of ;;md size,   couver, B   C,
The Man Who Saves ^'ou Money
Cliff Block Sixth Street near Columbia
m SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1912.
IM���fa VrVtfltft "��� -i
i-lH,i l'*%l::--#>:.
Selections of New
- ������'���^Jm'j-'^saaBHBBsswsftsMaajiaiBB
ear In
I'.;-.- *���-* "Sfc
yrV.^ ���<  -'" -/' '7
1 Wl/fVd     '���',
Men's Wear
Important    and    beneficial    to    all
lovers of the  beautiful  in  Bed    ?.nd
Table Linens, comprising of the beat
Irish, Scotch an 1 French productions.
Rare lot of Hemstitched Cotton
Sheets: 2x2'^ and 2%*2% ya:ds $3-0'J
and $3.50.
Splendid lino of curiously lino Plain
Cotton Sheets; 2)4x2%; $3.00.
Also a tempting bargain in Twilled
Cotton Sheets;  2x2%] $2.25 per pair.
2000 yards of 72-Inch Sheeting, 25c
per yard.
Ten belts of Wipan Sheeting; 2,
2U and 2'i yards wi^e; 30c to 50c. ..
��� ON ���
8-4 Oilcloth; special, per yar.T"...
8-4 Linoleum; special, per ja;d .
16-4 Liuoleum; special, per yard
"VnxZ; extra good quality; special $3.25
Axminster Door Mats; special  50c
Axminster; 36x63; special, each $4-50
Special on Wilton and Axminster Carpets; $2.00 and $2.25 qualities. Made
and laid for, per yard  $1.50
Ladies' Kid Gloves
Ladies' Easter Kid Gloves
Founey's Celebrated  Make
White   Pongee, light and dark   greys,   brown   and
black (suede or glace;        $1.25 to $2.00
Navy Blue, Green, Tan Grey and Black Gloves in our
famous   $1.00 line.
Silk Gloves, black and while, In the long lengths.
New hand embroidered Dutch Collars and hand cm-
hioidered    Linen Collars.
Beautiful styles lace aud embroidery Collar and Cuff
sets   for  coats and  blouse  at  50c,  75c, $1.00,  $1.50
and $2.00.     -
Turnover   Collars, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Lace   Stock  Collars, ��5c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
The  popular side Frills ar.d Jabots in dainty styles
at 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Bed Spreads
Hundreds to choose from, in honeycomb. Grecian,
patent eat in toilet, and Mareeda; from $1.25, $1.50,
$1.75, $2.25, $3.00 to $10.00.
Best Manchester Weaves.
Thirty hand Embroidered    Bedspreads   direct   from
Irish   peasantry; size 00x100; beautiful embroidered
anl drawn thread work; for $6.50; regular $9.00.
Easter Specials in Ready-
Misses' and Small Women's Suits in tweed, serge,
panama and fancy weaves; $15.00 and up.
Ladies' White Marquisette Dresses; all sizes from
34 to 40, Bet ln sleeves; tegular $15.00 values. Special $10.00.
Ladies' Black and Colored Silk Waist3 in Messaline
and Taffeta; values $5.00, $(i.00 and $6.50. Special
The American Lady Corset Models are the best produced In corsetry, and it is with pleasure we present
to you a large variety of styles of different heights
and lengths, for slender, medium and stout figures,
insuring exactly the right model for every type of
Ladies'  low and high neck   em'oroiderv   an.l   lace
trimmed   Lingerie Waists.   Special $1.00.
Indies' plain   white    and    colored    stilpe    Tailored
Waists.    Speciil *1.00.
Bath Towels
100 dozen white II. C. Towels, from 5c to 15e.
200 dozen white and cold Bath Towels, 10c to 63:
Ginghams, Prints, Zephyrs
and Dress Hollands
The finest and most up-to-date stock   in    B. C.    in
Choice  and   lovely blended hues of color.    Reliable
makes of And'erson,   Cram,    White-law    &,    G.'een-
Dainty Check Zephyrs from 12'/2c, 15c   tc23c.
Plain   Cl'ambiy in pink, blue, grey, fawn and navy,
12'/2c to 20c.
Charming Striped Suitings iu blue, helio, brown and
navy, 25c.
Chic lot of Self Reptapd Shantung make, delightful
seaside  dresses, 30c to 60c.
���MoEt useful for the children; wear well and wash
well, 25c.
Bewildering variety of smart Prints; full width, ia
stripes and spots, in almost every color, from 12'/ic
to 20c.
Print   Remnants cleared at Half Price every Friday
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Face Towels, Special Value
200 dozen hemmed Huek Towels suitable for hotel,
etc., 13c each. ,
73 dozen R. B. Kuck end self border Towels 20: cch.
CO heavy H. S. Hack Towels. 30c esch, and a bis
variety of  Damask border Towels from 45c to 75s.
72 only handsome Knotted Fringe Guesc Towels, 0c
and  $1.00  cach.
Table Cloths, Table Napkins and Damask Tabling
300 2x2 Pure Linen Table Cloths; slightly imperfect
in weaving; worth $3.50; now $2.25. Better quality,
2x2% yards wide, for $3.00; regular $4.00.
A huge stock of the finest Irish Linen Table Cloths
irom 2 to 3 yards wide, in the latest creation of
designs ��� pansy, chrysanthemum, fleur de li" passion fio,ver, shamrock-thistle, from $4.00 to $12.00;
also napkins to match.
^Ae^autifULBSis of H- s- cloths an<i Napkins; from
$15-00 to $17.00.
Tabic Napkins from $1.00 to $5.00 per dozen.
Men's Furnishings
This department has been enlarged, giving more display room to our splendid stock.
Today we place on sale our spring assortment
of Men's Hats, showing the newest shapes in soft
and hard hats. We thing we have the best $3.00 hat
in tlia city.     Will you let us show it to ycu ?
Crush Hats at $1.00 and $1.25. Soft and Felt Hats,
$2.00, $2.50 and S3.00.
Full assortment of Men's Furnishings, Ties, Collars,
Underwear, Fancy Shirts, Hosiery, Trunks and
We Furnish Your Home Complete "
Furniture--Dry Goods
Dry Goods-Furniture
��� '
in tne matter.      Instances ot the nature of organized opposition in antag-
Seeded Raisins, 1 lb. packages, each      - -       15c
Pumpkin, 3 lb. tins         -         -         - 2 for 25c
Quaker Rolled.Oats, large packages, each -       30c
Peacock Buckwheat Flour, packages, each -      30c
Olympic Pancake Flour, packages, each .-      -   30c
Olympic Wheat Hearts, packages, each   - -      30c
Quaker Corn Flakes                       3 packages for 25c
L. of W. Breakfast Food, sacks, each      - -      30c
Carnation Wheat Flakes         -            - 2 for 95c
Canadian Wheat Flakes         - 3 for 95c
Delicatessen Department
_____ 1 British Actor Managers Not Afraid of   ouiauc lnteriun.iou.1 oi a. yerioruiuncfe
l Hisses. : suoulii, in my 01 inion, be irt.ii.tiu oy ai
Mrs. F. B. Lyle of ChWU-waclt. and'    The    extraordinary    scenes    which   manager as a not."
her little daughter, are the guests of   marued the tlrst night of Sir Arthur \  no one wouni be    surprised It the
Mrs. Henderson, Une street.
Dill Pickles, per dozen
Sweet Mixed Pickles, per quart
Pigs Feet
Chipped Beef, per pound
2 lbs. for 25c
The Public Supply Stores
33 Sth Street      "THE WHITE FRONT"
R. Q. 8MITH.
Phone 2
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Corbould have
gone down to Victoria,^ and will not
return until Tuesday morning.
The Browning Club met on Tuesday
afternoon at the home of Miss De
Wolf Smith. Those attending were
Mrs. Rant, Mlss Rickman, Miss Josephine Martin, Miss Elenor Martin and
Miss E. Homer.
��� ���   ���
Mr. and Mrs. W. Moncrieff, of
Buffalo, arrived in Vancouver oa Sunday, and on Tuesday were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Corbould.
��� a    a
Mlss Drew entertained informally at
cards on Tuesday evening in honor of
the Misses Cruickshank. Among those
present were Miss M. Watson, Miss
Strong, Mr. Frank   Major, Mr. Elmer
Meredith, Mr. Laurie Johnson.
��� ���   ��
Mrs. H. P. Collins of Vancouver,
.vas a visitor ln the city on Wednesday.
��� *   ���
Dr. John English of Rossland, arrived in tho city on Sunday, and ls
the guest of his mother, Mrs. M. M.
English. Dr. English hag just returned from a six months' trip to Europe.
��� ���   ���
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Darling of Steveston, have just returned from the
east, where they have spent the winter months.
��� ���   ���
Mrs. Hardie, 212 Ninth street, entertained on Saturday evening In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Cook, who
leave shortly for their new home in
Chilliwack. The evening was spent
in niu��lc and songs after which refreshments were served. Among those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer,
Mr. and Mrs. Hardlhger, Mr. and Mn.
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe, Mr. and
Mrs. McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. Hardie,
Mrs. Blackburn, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs.
Spring, Miss Smith, Miss Slater, Miss
Baker, Miss LItltewood, Mlss McDougall, Miss Edith Cook, Mlss Stratton,
Mlss Eutllla Smith, Mr. Marshall, Mr.
Baker and Mr. Howard Cook.
a    a    a     \
Mrs. W. H. Mathewson of Mission
City, and her son Francis, are the
guests of Mrs. Gaynor tor a few days.
���   ���   ���
Mrs. G. E. Corbould entertained nt
dinner  on   Friday  evening.    Covers
1 mere s new piay, "The 'Mind the ' play censor and tne advisory commit-
Paint' Girl," at the Duke of Boris's Uee, wlicb gives tne counsel when his
theatre,  added to other similar inei-! juagment is in suspense, were to re-
dents of a milder character, have
giien rise to the belief that the oil
Bystem of "booing" is being revived in
l.ritish actor-managers, however,
are not in the least alarmed at the
new symptoms, Kir Herbert Tree was
sufficiently indifferent.
"I can enly say that in former
years I used to be shouted down regu-
sigu. Their lixi-mi. exploit is making
liierary and ineatric.il circiej toe*
with laughter, an.t what makes the
jone to tutxii all the more enjoyable
is tne fact that it is cne of their victims who hut so held tuein up to public ridicule.
Mr. Lawrence Cohen recently, submitted a play entitled "Tricked,"
wbich was refused a license by tbe
years i u��ea to oe snuuiea down rwgu-1 *am.ma. �������������� iciueeu a uccuw; oy tot
larly," remarked Sir Herbert to a Her- censor, with the remark that no al
aid correspondent, "but I have been terations would make it fit tor public
immune from lt lately.   You know the ! representation
old adage /that one tool sees more
than a thousand wise men, and perhaps this meets the circumstances.
After ail, it is for the audience to
say whether they like a play, but I
think the suys of riotous disapproval
are fast dying out In the case wbich
occurred the other day there was, 1
suppose, some reason for this resentment of what those in the audience
apparently considered to be   an   in-
The dramatist was shrewd enough
to understand where tbe trouble Jay.
One of the characters was a civil servant of high rank, who did not figure-
very pleasantly in the play.     So Mr.
Cohen sat down and rewrote the play,
merely altering  the    names    of the
characters   and   the   setting,   but   retaining every vital deed and act in,
the banned play.
With a flne stroke   of humor Mr..
sui't upon'theirp) Ivate torm of amuse-  Cohen rechristened  the altered play
ment." i "Quits," sent it in ;r,uir> to the cen-
Slr Herbert further expressed him-' sor' and after a F��rsonal interview
self in favor of the censorship in with s,r Douglas Lawson, who. Is *t
Enpland .once controller and a member of the
"Looking   at the International  as-. a<lvisory board.the piece was licensed.
pect of the censorship," he said, "sup-1   ,,
posing there was to arise a very fine;    CANAD|AN  BANK  CLEARINGS-
Jingo spirit and unfriendly or sneer- ( _____
ing references were made in plays to, ���,���.���_, ���__ , ���o ^��� ji .. u
other nations. That would be an ex-1 . To��nto'frtM"cb J__^_25dtanJWB��
ceedingly dangerous thing. Who ls to &"l5Ri�� llhT S^S! M^U
abjudicate upon it? The police? A \^9&^S*.:*W*W��"*
censorship of some sort would be set 1w _. . .. .
up at once." !   Cltlet��� 1912.
Mr.   Robert   Loralne,  whose   new Montreal    .... 144,071,433
comedy "98,9," has achieved success Toronto       35,534,:!93
at the Criterion, said: .Winnipeg      ..2B,1BB,601
"I think    the audience    has every Vanoouver     .. 11,240,060
right to the frankest   expression of Ottawa           4,669,910
opinion at the conclusion   of a new 5a'8a*f    * ���' *     ���1.667,768
piay.    The producer naturally hopes Qu��bec         2,187,128
that this    expression  will take   tho Victoria        2,849.600
form   of enthusiastic cheers    of ap- Hamilton       ..   2,693,596
proval, but If instead of these marks Halifax         1,476,393
of approbation hts offering earns the ��*��� j0"n       1,249,397
disapproval of his audience, he has no ^monton      ..    3,886,562
right to shrink from or resent their Lonfon        1,224,328
voicing their sentiments. .Regina     .....   2,043,994
1 91S.72S
 ^^^^^^ J by eonio outrageous characteristic In
were laid for twelve. The Invited j the Play- For instance, Cyrano de
guests being Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Mar- Bergerac's intcruption of tho piay In
tin. Mr. and Mrs. Worsley (Vancou-1 the first act of Rostand's grent rover), Major and Mrs. Swinford (Van-! mantle comedy is amply Justified by
couver). Mrs. Yuenjrling, Mr. O. Bruce the hero's subsequent explanation of
Corbould and Mr. R. B. Brow*. his reasons and defence of his attitude
The manner In which these sentl-' Brandon
ments are voiced entirely depends 'up- Lethbrldge
on the manners and tong of members Saskatoon
of the audience.   The least pleasant  Brantford
and most cultivated way of expressing 5*ooseJaw.
disapproval Is that adopted by the Am- Fort William,
erican playgoers, and consists of silently leaving the theatre.
"On the other hand, one gets a
touch of the hooligan element occasionally, who simply boo for the tun
of the thing. Violent expressions of
opinion of this sort are only Justified TO LET���HOUSEKEEPING ROOM8
$146,997,123 $130,057,55;;
furnished or unfurnished. 613 Liverpool street.
rooms; English famllfr; all bome
comforts; references e^ohanged "la
Agnes street, ctfcy_
2F"f mmm W
> ^>m*amSmst
'   -
Ttie Daily New*
Published by The Dally News Pubilsn
Ork Company, Limited, at their oitlce^,
ir of McKenzie and Victoria
O   And    Irresponsible
by an Onlooker.
A glance through the news of tho
day is convincing of the spirit of progress abroad in the city of Westminster. Building returns are advancing
by leaps i,and bounds, new industries
are locating here, new car lines and
double tracUs are promised, a progress
club is being formed, and lastly the
people are bsing asked to sanction
perhaps the flrst comprehensive aud
systematic schetne of street Improve-
ment ever submitted to them.
For the present this scheme calls
ior an expenditure of $250,000. This
*um it is proposed to ratso by the
��ale of debentures. The money bylaw for this purpose has to be passed
by the people. Thus the advance
movement depends, as It should, on
the people. As it is in the interests
or the people that the by-law should
be carried, it seems almost certain
that this work will be carried out.
The voters are not asked to vote
this money In the dark. The method
of its expenditure ls presented to
Ihem beforehand In detail. Opposition
to rlans that carry with them such
-widespread and far-reaching benefits
���would react against the individual interests of every citizen of Westminster,   it would be unreasonable.
As we have said, the plans are not
sectional. They embrace the whole
of the city. Sapperton has long complained of neglect. In the scheme explained in another column of thia issue Sapperton receives equal attention with every other part of the city
Queensborough may have not
ways been content in the past. Neglect of ber drainage system was a
.jrenuine grievance. The board of works
Intends to remove tbis reproach from
ihe city's administration. Plank roads
are the only possible roads on the Island at the present moment. Queensborough will be given as many of
J.hetrc as she requires.
System is the prevailing- note of the
Well, the Conservatives had it all
their own way this time, aud several
of the Liberals lost their deposits. It'
seems rather hard luck that if you
get beaten very badly you have to
stump up $100 as well, lt is rather
like making a beaten piize lighter pay
lor the gloves ot the man that knocked hlm out. Also It seems rather
senEelcss. The sum is surely too
small to act ae a deterrent to any
prospective candidate, lf hls supporters weren't worth $100, nobody would
think of going in for an election at
all. lf he did, he certainly wouldn't
worry anybody very much. So where
is the need for. the $100? As a source
of revenue, I am afraid, it is too intermittent to be valuable.
I   No anxiety on   j
The only remaining question now is.
which party is going to be the gainer
by such a sweeping Conservative victory, This may appear to be a ridiculous question. But everybody has
heard qt the danger of uncontrolled
sower, if it wasn't for our friends
the Socialists, the government would
be facing that danger in its most exaggerated form. As it Is they will
have a barl Job not to quarrel among
themselves. And If an ambitious man
has crept In a mont; them, the only
way he can get recognition is by kicking.
Un the other hand the Liberal party
has had such a knockout that it is
likely to take a look at itself and ask
itself a few pointed questions. Self-
examination is the first ste)) to reform,
and if Conservatives don't look out
they will find a very different party
facing them at the next, election. Some
of the old heads may have fallen
away. But younger ones will probably have grown up in their places.
akmg-day it you use
Baking Powder
I Insures licrkt,
s.ures ng
L':No Alum >*
Lime Phosphate
rood  I
A purejCream of Tartar i
Powder I
what will you have to pay for property along its route ? There Is no
doubt that it ls the best buying, for the small Investor, to be had
around Westminster today.
We have exclusive sale of a number of the choicest lots in District
Lot 172.
Buy before the tram Is running nnd get thc benefit of the rise that
WILL come.
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths    and   Shingles
The British coal strike seems rather
a long way off in this province, but if
it goes on very much longer It may
make itself felt even here. Already
wholesalers are Baying that their supply of whisky is running out. Stocks
of bottled beer are getting low too,
and hotelkeepers are becoming anxious. But the Old Country does not
only supply us with potables. She also sends us pickles and jams. Xo
al. | shipments of these decorations for
dry bread and cold meat have been received. 1 believe, for some time, and
even the supply of Worcester sauce
may be running low. When it's ali
gone we shall feel the pinch, too!
hotel. Three other witnesses tcstifie.l
that they knew where this particular
Indian got the supplies, but on cross-
examination they could not come to
any delinite decision in their own
minds as to whether the liquor was
supplied by the accused or not.
For the defence the accused absolutely denied that he had ever soi I
liquor to this or any other Indian, and
negative evidence of the same nat no
was given by H. B. Coates, who swore
that he had been in the barroom practically the entire evening and hud
not seen anyone resembling an Indian there. There seemed to be some
doubt as to the nature of the Intoxicants in the various vessels, the Indians declaring some of it to be rum
although the label was distinctly
marked "Seagram's Star," and the
rest contained brandy, while Chief of
Police Bradshaw thought it was Siwash whisky, and one of the witnesses who consented to sample the
exhibited, stated that in his opinion,
although not an expert, it was an in-
tlie course of his judgment stated that
some doubt had been raised as ta
whether or not the liquor was supplied
by the accused, but after carefully
weighing the evidence the case was
dismissed and George White discharged.
The theatre public is a curious crea- j
ture. Last week "The Girl From Rector's" visited us, making as much of
its slightly gamey reputation as possible on the way; and everybody went
to see itj This week "The Chorus
Lady" comes modestly amongst us,
plans.    The chairman of the board of  and  very,  very few of us pay her a j toxicant
-arorke and the city engineer, witn all   visit.   "Tbe Girl From Hector's" fall-1    Magistrate Edmonds   reserved fleet.
others who are entitled to a share in  ^ hopelessly to be indecent, and de-   sion until yesterday morning, and iii
I veloped rift other claim to pur.atten-l
tion. "ThdfChorus Lady" proved to be
a fairly iiteresting play with a good
actress in the title role. Perhaps
that is oae of the compensations of
the dnm;iitic critic. He is doomed to
attend <*.,\ry show. Most plays fall
below exi dictation. If he did not have
I io go to ifee theatre, he would probably miss the few others.      As it is,
objects sought by his board. That is I ITT' *"* some���tinl,e8 fln<��s hlra3elf
ine onlv way to build up a citv Bin 11 ''hi "''..* g��fd pJay whca every-
U together with a network of   good i ^I t'f f8 *tayed away'     That's
*treet�� and  it  will  progress!    Leave! ''   6����reS-	
-t wi-'.,uut t. aiii.m, .at on facilities and
It will Btagnate,   It is for the   rat��-
*.Jie credit, must be congratulated ou
naving grasped the problem of development firmly. They have looked
ahead. They have planned for the
future as well as lor the present. Further development wlll follow naturally
on the work proposed.
Through highways and ?ood lan rial
���connections, as the chairman told the
representative of this paper, were the
Oxford   Should   Win.
The annual  boat race between Oxfords aud   Cambridge   will be   rowed
this    afternoon     over    the     famous
Putney  course on  the river  Thames.
From   recent   reports   from   Kngland.
the dark Blues will have an easy victory over the Cantabs, the latter In
their final trials making a very disappointing showing.    This  will  be  the
seventieth  time   that    these   famous
colleges have met in their annual contest.     The   thousands   of  spectators
that annually line   the  banks  of the
I Thames to witness the event will be
Ismail in number this year owing, no
doubt,  to  the  disorganized   train  eer-
l vice caused  by the coal strike.    Oxford haB won thirty-seven tinies, while
I Cambridge    has   been   successful    ln
j thirty-one races.   On one occasion. In
1877,  the race    resulted  in   a   dead
From $325 to $475 Each.   Very
Easy Terms of Payment.
Walker Bros. & Wilkie
Rooms 5 and 6, B. C. Electric Railway  Depot.
Phone  1105.
payors to choose progress or sta-na
tion.   With such an alternative befcr-
��� ��� "��n there he any doubt of tbcl
choice ?
The   '���boosting"  spirit ls    develop-
l in Westminster.   In the past this city
TU ji, our pleasant task to con,;, atu-
'ate   tu.   ihoraas   Gifford, Westmin-
biers elected representative
toria.    he has been chosen
voters of this citv in    110
way.   May he pro
'heir trust.
JlJtauV^   "e   a"mved   t0�����-
cr.it i ate Mr. George Kennedy on the
���wrung ^ay in which he took w.X
feat  He received a knock-down blow
���od he came up to the Conserv      '
committee rooms smiling
Thr work hefore the new, if |,
be called new, leglslatu
;ni  important one.
at   Vie-
by    the
Jve himself worthy of
has possessed a very solid reputation.
, The ' i.oi.-:'ers," however, it appears,
J do not wait to change that into a
j fllRhty onel They just want every-
| body to kiikfw, how solid it really le,
.and also t-, make jt just a little more
solid still. They want to create an
! industrial lioora rather than a real
estate one, and that is good. Booming land i.s all very well for the buyers and sellers and the agents, particularly the agents, but it's simply the
de.il tor tho man who wants to live
upon It or lo grow something else upon it. ,
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.	
Now is the time to build for sale of rent while prices are low
Westminster   is   watching   the   up-
growing of its first big steel and concrete block with affectionate pride. I
I would    like  to  be    the Westminster
can i Trust. Company  and  feel that I  was
re at Victoria itlie    first creature to put   sufficient
We  are  still   trual in the ctty to erect cne of those
t���ry ���,   . ���   *lil,;c's of the his- enormous masses, which Is a modern
province,    Wh��t .,��� ..,. |building,   within
! would feel Hide
1 ''<K In the early
cr1   :   ;"^u
her   boundaries,
benefactor,   like
��*hi all the mop- Important
rae world Is full of problems t���i,v
to prevent   the reproduction   .,
,a^ of the evil conditions of !ho '
be ta\o,
-nat id
ol !
of  Sell ing    Liquor to
Fails in  Police Court.
,;'i    Wednesday    morning     George
White,  bartender at the    Merchant's
l!'",���1 I" 'bis city, appeared before Police Magistrate henry I,. Edmonds, on
the charge of supplying liquor to Indians In contravention of the "Indian
Act."    Tbe case wns adjourned until
Thursday  morning.    When Mr.  Adam
S. Johnston represented the accused,
ami  Mr. Gcor;;e  L. Cassady appeared
, Scouts:   jior tbe prosecution,
hall  on   \v   ,       ,',1"'afl" at 1he    drill!    This
'���><i on  Wednesday
Scout Orders.
Scout orders by Seoul Master it   P
commanding first .w Westmin
"1 troop liadni-iw.il Boy ,
next. April 2
P.m. prompt.    Dress, drill order
WatPWto parade with bicycle
Orderly bugler for   the   week
April 2, flu-lev Gordon Rowley
A class of Instruction for'' patrol
Headers an.l corporals will be held al
the drill hall everv Satui'daj evening
until further orders, commencing on
Saturday, the 30th inst. at "
was q  case  wliich    attracted
considerable attention. Mr, White
was accused of supplying liquor to an
ndian, who in turn was convicted a
jew days ago of bavin? supplied this
liquor to two other Indians. The ense
rested mninlj on the assertion of the
ndian in question, who ststml that he
bought two flaskn and a bottle con-
Intoxicants from the accused.
Ooclock   Another Indian  corroba'ted this St'tte-
ment to the extent of saying that he
osborn nowkor is appointed to  nad accompanied tbo first witness to
a asrlsfcuu scout master from this , the hotel, although he hafl not gone In"
hut it was stated   by the Indian wit-
nesses that it  was a well-known fact
thai this particular Indian could jet
Adjutant,   supplies of liquor at thc Merchant's
The Man Who
Wears 20th
Century Brand
Has the satisfaction of knowing that
he is stylishly and correctly dress-d,
that he has not paid too much fcr the
style and quality in his Clothes and
that they were made in clean, sini-
tary tailor shops, and not In a filthy
sweat shop. He Is comfortable In
body and mind.
We are exclusive agents for    these
$20 to
By order,
M. J. Phillips
691 Columbia St.     New Westminster.
Exhibition of furniture
Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30
Orchestra Each Evening from 8 to 10
Ice Cream Served
You are respectfully invited with
your friends to attend the Opening
of our New Store, and see the latest
designs in fine Furniture and Carpets
Denny & Ross
Corner Sixth and Carnarvon Streets
New Westminster SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1912.
.Westminster    Takes    Their    Fancy-
Jimmy Gardner and Lehman Go
East on Business.
the presentation to the following:
Quarter-Master Mahoney, Pioneer-
Sergeant Kelly, Sergeant Slmson,
Bugler Little. The other winners
were Privates Jeffries and Churnside,
who were not present.
It became known yesterday that flve
members of the victorious hockey
ii'iim, Westminster, have taken such a
.likijijj Lo tho Royal City that they
have decided to remain hero during
the summer if suitable arrangements
can be made. Jimmy Gardner and
Hugh Lehman are thc only two who
mean to go back east, business reasons being responsible for them to
take this step. They, however, will
be on the Job when the call for practice is mado before next season's
games begin.
At the baiuiuei held at the Russell
last week Big Moose Johnson, in a
neat little speech, made it known that
the reason why tho team succeeded in
winning the cup was that they had all
pulled together, tliere being no friction Mumm-, the men. Arrangements
were practically completed yesterday
whereby positions for the remaining ' pick of the
five were secured. These are Harry
Hyland, Ken Mailen, McDonald, McLean and Johnson. Treherne is also
considered a possible new resident.
Mullen wns over here himself the
other day and there is no doubt that
thoy ure all wishing to come over
here io be ready for that rink when it
is built.
The Senior Amateur game for this
afternoon Iiiik heen changed. Instead
of bein;; played against St. Andrews
ou Cambie street grounds It will he
agalnat Weat End on Powell stieot
grounds. Apart Irani this the arrangements will he the same.
This will leave the St. Andrews
match still to piny. Po:-sll>ly It will
come off next Saturday, but this will
have to be decided at a meeting of
the executive.
��a<*E FTVft
Berlin. March 29.���Walter Rutt and
Johann Stoi, the German-Dutch team,
finished first ln the Blx-day bicycle
race which ended last night. They covered 2668 miles. The German1 team,
Loren and Duldow, waB second with
the American team, Root and Moran,
The Maple Leaf baseball team will
be out for practise this afternoon. A
meeting will be called later.
Tickets for the great hockey game
in Vancouver next Tuesday evening
between the Eastern StarB and the
Pacific league, will arrive
ln this city this morning. The demand for seals at the Vancouver
office has exceeded all expectations
and it behoves every sport who Intends lo take ln the game to secure
bis seat early. The usual arrangements have been made regarding
transportation, b ticket to the game
being goo 1 for the trip on the Bpeclal
Read These and Speak Quick
One acre, all cleared and In mixed fruit; six roomed house; fruit
trees; chicken houses.    $4200; $1200 cash.   Terms.
Keep your eye on NORTH VANCOUVER���Here's a bargain- Slxty-
slx-foot lot, double corner, North Vancouver, near car line.   $2000.
Office Over Curtis' Drug Store.
NO SLUMP���Just in a
Hurry to Sell
The modern home we advertised for sale a few days ago at $5250
ls now fui ther reduced to $5tioo.
Al locality, and on car line. Attractive-looking house, seven
roomn, furnace, hardwood floors, etc.
All you need is $1800 cash, and $25 per month afterwards. Must
be sold within a week.
I. J. JONES. Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
P. O. BOX 777.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.
Sec. {.id Treas.
Manufacturers  and  Wholestlo dealers In
Fir, Cedar and   Spruce Lumber
Phones Na. 7 and 677.   Shingles,  Sash, Doors,  Mouldings, Etc.
Captain Pike's Rubes spilt 2467 pins
last night in their nulcii    with    the
DtnkelspeRers, and aiso took two out.
ol  three games, wliich puts them on
even terms with the 'Spellers for the I
championship.   The tie   will   be   de- I
tided some night no a week, and If a j
going  to   be  some  battle,  the  Dutch- !
men promising   a full    team ln   the j
iK'Xt   event.    Tommy   Williams  again |
.surprised himself with a    2',','.l    score, '
which  was  high for the night.    The
1       t       3     Ttl.
Walsh  179   212   16?"���643
Watson 156    129   122���406
Haigler 179    128   17*���479
O'Connor  190    110   131���470
A. N. Other  125   130   140���401
Pike 148
Ayerst    y.u
Williams 125
Currle mo
Willette ..lCi;
713    724 2304
3 Ttl.
7C3 807 837 2457
Two Vancouver teams will roll here
nexl week, one from the Pender alleys
and March Hodge's tonrnamen- team,
Next week a $5 prize wl'l he given
to the bowler putting np the hert average for three gamer, bowled in competition.
Westminster Athletes Win.
Victoria, Marcli 29.���Some of the
boxing und wrestling bouts en .led as!
follows tonight. Fred Hceson, Westminster, beat T. Groves, J. B. A. A��� In
thc 146 pound boxing class. Cyclone
Scotty, of Vancouver, beat Lee. G.
O'Connor, Westminster, beat B. McKay in the 125 *<ound wrestling bom.
Oxygen for Marathoners.
In a letter to the London Times,
Sir Edwin Ray Lankester, the noted
English medical man, asks an interesting question. He writes: "The competitors in the Marathon race at
Stockholm will presumably ba allawed
to consume refreshments as they run.
Such was the case when the race took
place In London. Will you allow me
to ask the authorities of the Olympian
games to be held in Stockholm to
.state in your columns whether a competitor will be allowed to breathe, as
he runs, oxygen gas from a bag carried by him? It would be extiemely
Interesting to see whether such
breathing ls of material assistance to
thc runner, and, as oxygen gas i3 not
a dnie, bur as natural sn article of
consumption as water, there seems to I
be no reason why the runner should
be disqualified for refreshing himself
with lt, as lie may with water or
soup." ____^_
HARRY TIDY, Manager.
One of thc brightest and most tuneful
plays of the year.   Smart and fast.
60t/2 People, 75 Per Cent. Girls.
Coming to tickle you with the eamt
splendid company that has delighted
every "Grouch" in the East.
To the public���We guarantee this
attraction to be one of the finest
traveling nnd will gladly refun.l your
money, at the box office, In the event
of you finding it otberwite. This guarantee is offered so that you will not
put this excellent attraction In the
same class with other slap, stick cartoon shows.
Seats on sale at Tidy, the Florist's,
47 Sixth street, Saturday morning.
All'V,     iV
Broke World's Bowling Record.
Patterson, N. J., March 28.��� Mor-
timore Lindsy. of New Haven, broke
ii world's record here tonight In the
Notional Bowling Association tournament, when he made 2031 for nine
games. The previous record score
was 1961, made by Thomas Haley of
Detroit, ln 1910 at Detroit.
���Rifle Association Formed by   104th���
Season Opens.
An organization  to  be  known    as
the 104th Headquarters Ritle association was formed last evening at   tlie
Armoury, the following officers being
elected:    President, Lleut.-Colonel W.
A. Johnson; vice-president, Captain T.
Cunningham; treasurer, Captain P. II.
Smith;    secretary, Lieutenant E. M.
Meridith.   Tho   purpose   of the   new
organization ls to improve the standing of the memberB of the local militl i
In  small arms practice and also    to
create more Interest ln this line   by
ii warding   medals and   prizes  to  tho
best shots.
The season wlll open on Good Friday on the Soutli Westminster ranges
and will continue until Thanksgiving
The ancient rivalry which exists between this city   and    Vancouver   de-
\eloied  when it lecamn known that
the    Sixth    regiment    of   Vancouver
holds the recor.l for markBmanship in
the province for the simple    reason
that, the rllle association of that body
is a live oue and devotes a good deal
of time during the summer months to
musketry  practice,  thus taking    the
cream of the   prizes   at the   annual i
shoot of   the B. C. Rifle   association.'
This summer they will have to con-
��� ml with strong opposition If the remarks passed at last evening's meeting amount to anything.   It Is planned
to select a team composed of the best
shots of the local regiment nnd enter
them  In  the annual    contest   which
takes place ln July.
OrderB for the annual encampment
are expected nny dav and from now
on the work of get.tlno: thi locil contingent In ��ha;-e will be pcshel to the
limit. There are still several vacancies in the rnn'-a nni hi-'"mi�� wlshlnf
to loin should hand their tajvaa In
i't the enrlii^t voss'b'e moniont so
that the will be "hie H receive pro-
per Instruction before camp.
Last evening t>e rrlzcs, silver
RrnnTis for the pallerv shoit he'd ''ast
winter, wore nwnrled to t'm hish^st
scorers. , Llent.-Cclonol Johnson ma'e
Change    of    program   every
Monday and Thursday.
10c-  -ADMISSION���20c.
Friday afternoon and evening at the
Edison will mark the first appearance
in Canada of
Mr. James W. Hammock
One of the most favorite baritones on
the Paciflc coast; opening with a popular classic of broad technical scope
entitled the
"Pirate Chief
Also Introducing a
song entitled "Vou
Kisses from Me,
new  telephone
Can't    Expect
Both songs are hits.
Fred Davis will sell by
Saturday, Mar. 30, at 2 p.m. Sharp
The House Furnishings at 216 llth Street
Saturday at 7 p.m. at Fred Davis' Auction*
Rooms, 6th and Columbia streets. Everything to be cleared out without reserve.
Sale comprises in part as follows: Dining
Tables, Dining Chairs, Buffets, Iron and
Brass Beds, Restmore Mattresses, Rugs,
Carpets ana Linoleums.
Lest You Forget
��� *+������
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pleasant things ox lire Clothes occupy a noteworthy position. Young Men enjoy dressing
well fully as much as they do sprinkling life's
pathway with the thoughtful actions that make
for happiness. Make it a point to see our
Clothes, especially the New Brown Tweeds
Prices   $18,   $20,   $22   to $35
SmdiMS . ui.iiWP."
i     PAGK Sli.
��\Ex*ub.ition    Building   Loan    By-La*
By-La.v   No	
A By-law to  enable  the   Municipal j
Council of tao Corporation of the
City of New Westminster to raise
bv Loan the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars  lJ20.000.00)  faLtbe
pun ose of etxeuding and Improving   the Exhibition Buildings   at
Q iei ib l'-irk In the City of New
WHEREAS n  is   necessary to   extend   and    Improve   the    Exhibition
Buildings al Queens Park in tho City
Of New Westminster, and the cost of
stub   exten ion    aud    impiuv-emenu,
will    be Twenty Thousand    Dollars j A
AND WHEREAS it appears that if
tlie said sum oi juo.ouu.ou be appropriated from the general revertue of
the City tor the current ye;ir the rate
oi taxation will bo excessive, and it
is expedient tbat sucb excessive taxation sno.il.l be avoided, and the said
Bum be raised on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
shouid be Issued for thut amount.
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of Interest on the debentures pro-
posed tu be Issued under this By-law,
������:.*���, lor creating a sinking fund ior
tbe payment o. tlie f��ald debentures
\.....i uue it ��:.i be i.icts.iaiy tu raise
b.i ti-oclal rale in addition to n.l oilier rates each yesr during ihd current.) of tue Baid debentures the sum
oi uixtien huiwrea and t'Oi-iy-iour
;.r, I ,.: 100 Dollara ($1644.32):
.a.m) WHEREAS iii or.ier to ralso
tho tfiid yearly sum ol $itit4.;!^ an
�����:!:: special rate ou the dollar wi".l
be roquued lo be levied on thewholu
ratuable property of tlie city of New
\\ t.-minister.
AND V.'lil-;,iKAS the whole rateable
property bf the said City according to
tho last revised Assessment itoll
tnereol is Nino Million Fhe Hundred
and Ninety-two Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-two Do.Iarj ($8,592,-
a.mj WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing debenture debt of the
said City is Two Million Four Hundred and Fifty-two Thousand Nine
Hundred Dollars (92,462,900.00) irrespective of the sums proposed to be
raised under this by-law and the
"Street Improvement Debentuie Bylaw 1912" Electric Light Extension
Debenture By-law 191gi'' "Water Extension Debenture By-Law 1912,"
"Parks Purchase Debenture By-Daw
1912," "Cemetery Purchase Debentuie By-law 1912," "Flre Appartus
Purchase Debenture By-law 1912" and
the "Bunkers Debenture By-law 191
ity will be taken on the 10th Jay of
April 1912, between the hours of Nino
o'clock a. m. aud Seven o'clock p.m.,
at the following places, viz.:
The Councll Chamber, City Hall.
No. 4 Flrehall, Bapperton.
No. o Fiiehall, 13th Street.
And Crane's Building. Queensborough.
City Clerk.
City  Hall,  New  Westminster,  March
27th, l'Jl-.
Eur.kerj   Debenture   By-law,   1912.'
By-la ai l^o.���.
���By-law lo    enable    the    Municipal
Council of Tiio Corporation of tho
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the siim of tjlx Thousand
Dollars (16000.00) to erect.Bunkers
for the Storage of Crushed   Rack
Sand  and  oilier   materials   in   the
City of New Westminster:
WHEREAS it is necessary to erect
hunkers lor thc  storage    Oi' crushed
rock, sand and other materials .u the
City  of New     Westminster,  and  tho
cost of such bunkers Wlll be six thou
sand dollars  (SGO00.OO).
AND u'liEKEAij ii appears that II
tiio said sum oi jiiui)./..,o ue appio'
,.naied from the general revenue u-
..io city ior the current >e<u' ine iai*
j. taxation will be excfeosive, una .i
.��� expedient taut oucii exueuoiv'e ui.va
.oi. should be avoided, add tho jsaia
-...ii "snouid be raised ou tue croUn
a ihe corporation and th.it debenture,,
nouid be issued for that amount,
a.\d WHE HE AS loitbe payment of
.uieiest on the debentures proposed
lu ne issued under this By-law, and
ior dealing a Sinking fund for the
payment oi the said debent urea when
duo it will be necessary to ia:se by
special rate iu addition to ail othe.'
.aies eaci^ year during the currency
of the said debt nt tires the sain of Four
hundred and Ninety-three and 'M-lln)
���jo,u.s  tif-iyo.oii;.
AND u'liKiti.AS iti o;der to raise
the said yearly sum ol |4li3.dU an
C'.|tial special rate on lhe debar will
be rt'iiuiied to bo levied on the whole
rateable property of lhe City of New
AND WHEREAS the whote rateable property of tbe said City according to uie lust revise.l Assessment
Rol] thereof is Nine Million Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thirty-two Dollars
A.NU WHEREAS the .total amount
Saturday, march so, 191?.
sent of the Electors of tfce said City
in the manner retiuired by law.
RECEIVED the assent of the Electors on the ��� day of , 1'J12.
DONE AND PASSED ln open Coun
cil the ��� day of -, VOX
RECONSIDERED and finally passed the ��� day of , 1812.
Cily Clerk. Mayor.
TAKE NOTICE that the above i3 n
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which the Vo.e of the Municipality
.viil be taken on tho lull day of April,
L1U2, between the bonis 'of Nine
o'Cloek a. ni. and Ssvcu o'Clock p. m.
at the following places, vi/..:
The Council Chamber, City Hall.
No. i Fireball, Sapperton.
No. 5 Fireball, l.ith Street.
And Crime's Building, Queensborough.
City Clerk.
City   Hsll, New Westminster,  March
27th; 1612.
"Cemetery   Purchase    Debenture   By-
Law 1912."
By-law  No.
A  By-law  to    enable
the  Municipal
Council of Tlie Corporation of th.
City of New Westminster to raise
by Loan the sum of Nineteen Thousand Dollars ijiH.OMi.oii) to purchase Site for a Cemetery Within
the City of New Westminster, and
to Clear, Grade, Improve and Survey tlie same:
WHEREAS it is desirable to purchase site tor a Cemetery within the
City ot New Westminster anu to
clear, grade, Improve and survey the
same, and the cost of such Site and
Improvement's will be the sum of |19,-
follows and not otherwise: Towards
paying the cost of the passing of this
lA-Jaw and the issue and saie of Un.
uebeniures therein reierrea io ana
all expenses connected with the issuance of the said loan, ancl the balance
snail be paid over trom time to time
as required by the City Treasurer to
the several persons to whom moneys
are payable.
7. This By-law shall take effect on
the lst day of May. 1M.2, and may be
cited as the "QEMETER* POU-
8. This By-law before the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent of the Electors of the said City
in the manner required by law.
RECEIVED tiie assent of the Electors on ��� day of , 1912,
DONE     AND     PASSED     In
Council the ��� day of	
ed the ��� day of 	
City  Clerk.
 , 1913.
Ilnallv   pass-
 , 1912,
TAKE NOTICE that, the above is U
True Copy of the proposed By-law upon which the Vote of the Municipality
will be taken on the 10th day of Anrll
1912, between the hours of Nin"
o'Clock a, in. and Seven o'Clock p, va
nt tlie following places, viz.:
The Council Chamber, City Hall,
No. 4 Fireball, Bapperton.
No. 5 Flrehall. 13th Btreet.
Clinic's Building, Queensborough.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Now    Westminster. Marco
271b, 1912.
Water  Extension   Debenture   Cy-Lav.
bentures 6hall have attached to them
coupons lor the payment or interest,
which said coupons snail be signed hy
the said Mayor.
���i. A bpociui rate on the dollur
shall be levied and raised in eacu
year, in addition to all other rates, ou
.nl ihe rateutiie properly oi the ciiy,
Stuficient to pay Uie nueicvt ui>-
un tlie ucbtniuiej and io create u
Sinking fund for the pay num t or the
pnncipal tnercof waeu Uue, subject
to any Act or enactment respecting
ihe samo.
5. Bubject as aforesaid there shall
bo raised annually by special rate at,
aforesaid during ths currency of the
Haid debntures the Bum of fldUty.Uu
for the payment of Interest thereon,
and tbe sum of (854.62 to provide for
the repayment of the principal.
ti. The' .proceeds ot the sale of tho
said debentures shull bd applied as
follows and pot otherwise: Towards
paying tbe fost of the passing of this
By-law und tho issue and sale of the
debentures therein referred to and
all expenses connected With the issuance of the said loan, an.1 the balance shall lie paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to tlie several persons to whom
moneys are payable.
7. Tbis By-law shall take effect OU
tho tlrst dav of May, 1912, and ma)
tv cited as the "WATl-M EXTENSION   DEBENTURE   BY-LAW   1912."
K. ThiB By-law befoie tho final
passing thereof iball receive the assent of the Electors of tbo s^ld City
In thc manner required by law.
RECEIVED the assent of tho Bloc
tors on ��� duv of , 1012,
DONE AND PASSIM) In open Council the ��� day of 1912.
RECONSIDERED an.l finally passed thc ��� day of , 1912.
city ~r-** Mayor.
of the existing debenture debt of the j rates each year during the currency
said  City is Two  Million  Four Hun-1 the B-''d ue Dentines ue
dred    and Fifty-two Thousand    Nine
oi which none of the principal or in-  Hundred    Dollars  (J2.462.900.O0) irre-
tercst is in arrears. spect|ve of the sums proposed to be
**,OW, THEREFORE, the Municipal raised "iider this By-iaw and the
Council of The Corporation of tbe City "Street lnii-ioveineni UeoentUie by-
-���'  New   Westminster   enacts   as   foj- p"  HUS." "Kiectric Light   Extension
Debenture By-law 191S," "Water Ex-
It shall be lawful for the Mayo.- ft-iifioii Debenture By-law 1012,"
^^^^^^ raise by w-iv of   "Parks Purchase    Debenture    Bv-law i
of the said City to
By-law No. ���.
AND WHEREAS it appears that li A I,y-]aw ly enab,Ia the Mun,clPa'
the saii sum of ��10.0ui).uu be app.o- "-ouncil of Tne Corporation oi the
phatoj irom tue general revenue o. p^y of New Westminster to raisi
tne Uiy iur uie current year tne tete by Loan the sum of Forty Thousana
oi luxation will be excecSlve, and it 1,0,lare lMO.000.00) lor the pu
is expeoient that such excessive iaxa of extending the Water Woriwi
uon snou.u be avoided ancl the said System in the City of New West;
jam   snou.d   ue  raised  o,i   ihe   Cieul        minster:
ol  ti.e  corporation and  that deben-     WHEREAS applications   are mad
tures   should    be   issued    ior    that   from ume to time to ihe Corporation
amount, of the city ot .sev,  Westminster toi
A.NU WHEREAS for the payment tbo extension of the Water \.oii^
of Interest on the debenture's iiopos- s.\ stein in the City and the laying o.
ed to be issued Unuer ibis .>.i-..i" new water mains along streets when
and. for creating a sinking fund for residents are being erected, ahd ll I.
the payment ot the said debentures ' impossible to pay the cost of such ex-
when due it will be necessarv to raise j tension out. of the general revenue o
by special rute in addition to all other tbe City for the current year, and It
^^^ of' Is expedienl to ralje by loan the sum
suui Oi .o... ��* Forty Thousand Dollars ($4U,00u.
Tnousand Four Hundred and Thirty- 00) for tbe extension of the Eald
tluee and Bu-xvU Do.lars U?i43.;.i,u.        Water Works System.
AND WHEREAS in order to raiee AND WHEREAS It appears thai I
the said yearly sum oi H43J.6u Su the said sui.i oi HMUU.uu bo appro-
bquai special uite on tlto dollar win pnatea fiom uie guuerm revenue o
be required to be levied on the wholo the City for the current yo..r the raw-
rateable Jiroperty of the City ot New .'of taxation will be .excessive, and it
Westminster. lis expedient thai sueh excessive iaxu
.WU   WHEREAS   the  whole
^^^^^      NOTICK!      ^^^^^
TAKE NOTICK that the :ibove Is i1
true copy of the proposed Bv-l,r,v up
on which the Vote of the Municipality
Will  be'    taken  on  the  KM Ii    day  ol
April,  -11112.  between   tbe   Ito.lW   oi
, Nino o'Cloek n. tu. nnd Seven o'Clock
h"POSe)pr m  Ht t|le following pi ices viz.:
The Council Chamherl Pity Hall,
No.  4   Fiiehall.  Sapperton.
No. .-, Fireha'l. 13th Street.
Crane's   Building,  Queensborough.
City, Clo-i-
Citv  Hall. New   Westminster, March
27th, 1912.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid   up $6,200,000
Reserve  7.200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending In Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacmc,
in Cuba throughout tbe island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts issued without delay
on all tho principal towns and
cities in tlie world. These ex-
celent connections afford every
banking facility.
New Westminster Branch,
Lawford   Richardson,  Mgr.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL   (Pald-Up)   ...$15,413,000.00
RESERVE    $15,000,000.01
Branches tbroii|flout Canada and
Newfoundland, ami ln London, Eu?;>
la-cd, Nsw York, Ch'cago and Bpohane.
U.S.A.. and Mexico City. A general.
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of tbe
Savings Bank DtFartment���-neponlta
received ln sums of |1 and upward.
���nd Interest allowel at 8 per cent, por
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over 1186.000,000,00
Q. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
Sole agent for]
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Teleohone R  113   Office:  Prlnceee 8t
tr.    l.iO
I   '  .It.i,
loan noin any person or ver.ons^oa^ 11-^," "Ceme^y Pur^TsTBeben^ Ubta'pWe'^Ttte said ^itv'lcc^rd'   s2 "sffl t "r^M \m "h,1'"3 S"
iT.VtiCZl'��!'iate wl"> '����>��� be will-   HJ-'aw    1912,"   the  -Fire    Apparatus   ���������  to  tbe   last    ^S    A   e    ,, e,' ''o ^ he   Corp, ^a, 0     uu    tl^ " T"',
to advance tue same on the creditIP��rchase Debenture By-law 1012" ancl   Koll thereof Is Nine Million Five Hun    turea    c^n, *     ,        "   '
-Ueoenni.es    hereinafter men-1 ������Exhibition,  Building   .Loan     liy-hA-   dred  and   Ninety-twoiThousaflS' "in-"������ amount ��d      ��''    ""'
lo- r.,lr,��r BUT    ,ot  money U--,' o<  which none 0f the principal   Hundred and Thirty- two Do lars (?) - '    A' U   WHF1P vc   ,���    i,
i.e. c.\cccding in tne wnole the sum of !'J" interest i3 in arrears Stt-'yS'OO) "ounra K*m,**\    n.vii   WHEREAS  for  tbe  payment
und'io ,��T.Un,Hl  U0Uar!l   (*-��'OU-OIJ) LN0VX' T5ERBPORI5, the Municipal!     AND  WHEREAS  th-  ���..,, I��f,   "'^ ����_the debentures propos-
T, ,il=    -T        �� ?mue l0 be PuW ��n-  Council of The Coi poratlon of the City
to  the   lreaaury of the aald city  for  ^   Now   Westminster   enacts   as   toi-'
tne purposes mentioned herein. lows!
2*    It shall be lawful for the Mayor!     '���    It shall be lawful for the Mayor
o   cause   any   number  of   debentures j of  Uie  t-ald  City   to  rulee bv   way' of
to he made not exceeding in the whole   'O.v.i from any person or persons bodv
tho  sum   of  $20,000.00  for  such  sum K bodies corporate who mav be will-
oi   money   as   may   be   rectulred,   not   'nf, to advance the same on the credit
ess than $ioo.oo each or an equlva-iot the debentures he
lem   expresed   In   pounds   Sterling  of'etJ' any sum
thc  Cinicd Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, at a value of 4.866 to the
pound   Sterling;   and  all such  debentures  shall  be  sealed  with  the  Seal
���   tbe    Corporation,   signed    by   tbei	
Mayo* and countersigned by tbe I -- It shall be lawful for (he Mnvm.
Ircasurer thereof, or by such' other to oau. e any number of deblmu"" m
personfor persons as may be thereun- be made not exceeding in the who e
to lawfully authored. tne sum of ��6000.00 ?or SJhfffS
,lflv���hi ,fd ,debent,,res   shall   bs  "���""t.y as may  be requited   not   ess
Payable on the first day of May, 1932jtban *10u.oo each or an eQulrXntVI
at such place or places as the Council Pressed in pounds    stern,-   of the
I cecums
treinafter mention-
or sums oi money not ex-
in tlie wnole the sum of six
Thousand   Dollars   (fCOOO.00)   and
pause  tiie same  io  be pam into
treasury ot the said Cit
i-osts mentioned he.elu.
         in-      l!
'Parks   Purchase   Debenture   By-law
L.,   11)12," "Fire Apparatus Pun-base' De-
tU0  benture By-law 1912,"   "Bunkers   De-
tor the pur-1 benture By-law 1012," and "Exhibition
| Building Loan By-law 1912," of which
none Of the principal or interest is in
n i-ve.**��...
NOW THEREFORE  the   Municipal
Council   of   the  Corporation    or   the
City of New   Westminster enacts  as
follows;     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1.    It thall bo lawful for the Mayor
to  raise  by  way  of
tiie said yearly sum of $2164.62 an
equal special rate on the dollar Wfll
be required to be levied on the .vhole
rateable propeity of the City of Now
U estminster.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable property of the said City accord
tug to the last revised Assessmenl
Roll thereof, ls Nine Mil.ion Five
Hundred and Ninety-two Thousand
Nine Hundred and Thiry-two Dollars
(} 9,502.932.00).
AND WHEREAS the total amount
of the existing dehenture debt of for
 ^^^^^^^^ 'our   Hun-
and   Fifty-two   Thousand   Nine
. on the first oay of
January and lhe first day of July in
each and every year, and the deDen-
1 tires sliall have attached to them coupons    for  tbe  payment    of  interest,
of  tlte said  City      -- ���
loan   from    any  person    or  persons, | said City is Two Million  F>
body or bodies corporate who may be   dred
willing to advance the sa
-"   "  inuiie
 , any sum or sums of money
by  euch  other %erson or ! ""t exceeding in tne whole the sum oi
---   ��� Nineteen  Thousand   Doiiars   f$19,000.-
d countersigned
thereof, or _^_^_^^^
jicrsons as may be thereunto lawfully
oredn  ol   the  S*bi__hr5Sn*^-���'?-Uttdred   D��"aVs   W<����^00.00)   irre
easurer  mentioned,
'ihe said  debentures
shall   be
spectlve of the sums projiosed to be
raised under this By-law and ..ie
"Street Improvement Debenture Bylaw 1912,
Ui^iftr""3 BUaU be Si8nt;d byjPfyable on the first day of ll��"i��8|
4.    " .S  ,,���. _   a-^h ^u?l^���� P^esas ,he Couu-
^ ����     it*Ki     vuuit-
special rate on tbe dollar ll;il ��r tlle B!ll(1 Corporation may from
shall be levied and raised in each !,imt' t0 ,lme nI)olnt with the approval
year in addition to all other rates on !o- 'be holders thereof, and sliall bear
all the rateable property, of the City Interest at the rate of four and one-
surticient to pay the inteiest upon tbe1:,lf ���"-''' Centum
debentures and to create a sinking i ball-yearly
^^^ ^^���       'ary an.l
fund for the payment of the principal
thereof when due, subject to any Act
or enactment respecting the same.
5. Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of tbe
said debentuies tho sum ot $!i')U.uu for
tho payment of Interest thereon, and
the sum of $741.8*
a iid
per annum, payable
on the first day of Janu-
the first day of July in euch
every year, and the debentures
Sball have attached to Ihem coupons
ior the payment of Interest, which
said ooupons Bhall be Binned by the
said   Ma) 01.
4. A special rate on tho dollar
shall be le-vle>J and raised In each
>ear In addition to all other rates on
00) and to cause the saraVto be'paid |Debentu% B^""10 Usht ExteDslon
. law 1912," "Parks Pur-
lor | chase Debenture Bv-law 1912." "Cem
it��.ial,belawfu.->or^"Mayorll^'  ^^    ^ture     By-la,-
into the Treasury of the said Citv
the purposes  mentioned  herein. "
to provide lor tbe
repayment of the principal.
ii.   The proceeds of the sale of the
Baid debentures shall be applied as fol- ____________________________*���  ���
lows an.I not otherwise: Towards flmd lor lhe payment ol the principal
paying the cost of the passing of this thereof When due, subject, to any Act
By-lav/ unit  tt**** !"<"���- **-**
the lateuble  porperty of the Ci'y
ifflolent to pay the interest upon the
res  and   to  create  a  sinking
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City ot New West minster having by Resolution determined
and specified that it is desirable tu
cany out the following works, that io
io say:
lo pave Alexander Street from Coi
iimiiia   Street    to  i arnarwm     street
with stone setts, and that said works
I shall    be carried out in   accordabco
I with the provisions of the "Local lm-
[provement General Bylaw 1909."
And the City Knglneer und City A;
sessor having reported to tbe voun
'cil in accordance with the provisions
of the said bylaw upon the said wo. I:-,
giving statements showing Itie
amounts estimated to be char."' "
against the various portions oi real
property to be benefited by the sail
works and other particulars, and the
said reports of tbo said City Engineer
and City Assessor having been adopted by the Council.
Notice Is hereby given that the sale
reports are open for inspection at the
office of tbe City Assessor. City Hall,
Columbia Street, New Westminster,
B. C, and that unless a petition
against the proposed works above
mentioned, signed by a majority of th*
owners of the Iand or real property
to be assessed or charged In respect
of such works representing at least
one-half In value thereof is presented
to the Council within fifteen days
from tlie date of the first publication
of this notice the Council will proceed with tbe proposed Improvements
uhder such terms and conditions as to
the payment, of the cost of such im-
���irovenirnfR P" the Council may bv by
law in that behalf regulate and determine and also to make the said assess
Dated this 27th day of March A. D.
City Clerk.
Date of first publication March 28th,
Phone 388.
P. O. Box 557.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description ��� Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster.
We have no hot air to peddle;
Just legitimate tailoring.
38 Begbie Street.
J. IVewsome & Sons
Painters, Paperharfgers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
,i.v    ..] ihe issue und sale "of'the or enactment respecting the same.
 ��� ������ ,__*^*****^^^ r,    Bubject as aforesaid, the��� ��
^^^^-   ...a, * --      -���     -*-	
of the said loan, and the balance sbail alorsesaid during the currency of the
debentures therein referred to and nil      u-   subject as aforesaid, there shall
expenses connected with the issuance   'te raised annually by special rate
be paid over from
quired by
several pei
tnue ui lime as re- sai(l debentures the sum of Two Hun-
the City Treasurer to the dre(' and Seventy Dollars ($l'70.00) for
���sons to whom moneys aro  lI'o payment of Interest thereon, and
7    -i.���i. ���, ,        ,   , m I:the sli'n ol Two Hundred and Twentv.
thl'thltS    ��� ^ Sha" take effec' on   three and SO-lllO  (fSSMOIto Movida
the first day ot May, 1912, and may be   for the repayment of the nrinc oal
^N "bSi��A Vil!^��N W>V    I   ����� P<���-ds V^Sfof'tho
L08A���s^iUw S&. the Una, pass-' SSL*^*^*" be W�� as fol
insr thereof  shall  receive the aBsent
of tbo Electors of the said City in tho
manner required by law,
DONE AND PASSED in open Coun-
jell the���day of . 1912.
BECEIVED the assent of the Electors on the��� day of , 1912,
RECONSIDERED  and   finally puss-
ed  tho ��� day of ,  1912.
City Clerk. Mayor.
,TAVK NOTICR that" the above is a
|ruo Copy of the proposed By-law up-
wbich the Vote of Hiq Municipal-
vs and not otherwise: Towards pay-
in? the cost, of tbe passing of this By-
iaw and the Issue and sale of the debentures therein referred to and all
expenses coqnected with the Issuance
of llie said loan, and the balance shall
be raid over from time to time as rectulred b.v the City Treasurer to the
several persons to whom moneys are
7. This By-law shall take effect
on tbo 1st dav of May, 1012. and may
be ei��ed as the "Bf'NKERS DEBENTURE  BY-LAW.   1P12."
8. This By-law before tlie final
pas:lnp thereof shall receive thc as-
Ot, or by such other person or persons
as may thereunto lawfully autboilzed.
u. The said debentures Eh.ill be
payable on the first day of May, mi"
at such place or places as the Council
of the said Corporation may from
time to time appoint with the approv-
al of tho holders thereof and shall
bear interest at the rate of four and
one-half per centum per annum payable half-yearly on the first day of January and the first day of July in eacu
and every year and the debentures
shall have attached to them coupons
for the payment of Inteiest Which
said coupons shall be signed by the
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised in each
year in addition to all otber rates on
all the rateable property of the City
sufficient to pay tho Interest upon the
debentures and to create a sinking
fiincl for the payment of the principal
thereof when due. subject to any Act
or enactment  respecting the same
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on the ered
it of the debentures hereinafter men
tloned any sum or sums of monev
not exceeding in the whole the sum
of $40.0(10.00 and to cause the same
to be paid into the Tresury of the
said City for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayo--
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding In the whole
the sum of $40,000.00 for such sums
of money as may be required, not
less than $100.00 each or an equivalent expressed in pounds Sterling o."
the l'nited Kingdom of Great Bt itain
ancl Ireland at a value of 4.8CG to
the pound sterling; and all such debentures sball be sealed with the Sea'
of tho Corporation signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by thf
Treasurer thereof, or by such other
persons as may be thereunto lawfully
8,   The  said   debentures   sli.ill   be
payable on th
NOTICE is  hereby given that the
first meeting of the Court of Revision
Iof the Assessment Boll of tho City of
! New Westminster will be held in the
City Hall, New Westminster, on Wednesday, April 21, 1912, at lo a. m.
All appeals against the Assessment must be in writing, and deliver
ed to the Assessor at least ten day*
previous to the sitting of the Court of
Hi.vision. I
Dated at New Westminster, B. C
this 12th day of March. 1912.
City Clerk.
Board of Health Department.
Notice is herein given tIlat the tag(.
jn connection with the Garbage System are now on sale at the Coliec
tors office ln the City Hall. Thif
system will be put in operation on oi
before the 1st of April.
Sanitary   Inspector.
sate-��^iw^ ra s^j&S z 8?'<8K
flll Of the said Corporation mav from
1 oVni,   T n ,IOln' v"t" the approv.
oneV,U l ^  th��  r'tn  0f  f0'lr nn''
able  half-yearly  on   the  first  dav
January end  the fl-st  ,]
each  and   every  year,   (tti
e rnlsed annually by special rate as
aloresaid during the currency of the
said debentures the sum of 1865.00for
the payment of Interesl thereon, and
the sum of 13578.66 to provide for the
repayment of the principal.
it. Tbe proceeds <>f the rn\o nr ib->
said   debenturea  shall   bo  apj lied  a;
^_      of
Of   July   ji,'.'
the   de-  2G, 1912
No person may make connection
with the new West End sewer without first obtaining a permit from the
office of the City Engineer, and the
work to be carried out under the Inspection and sanction of thG Plumb
ing Inspector.
Any person making such connection
without flrst having the work approve:! by the Plumbing Inspector   is
able to a  fine  under the Plumblna
Plumbing Inspector.
City Hall, New Wesjtmlii3ter, March
The Continuous
Growth of a Bank
Bank of Toronto
REST ....
��� ..$4,600,000
1. O. O. K. AMITY LODGE NO. 17���
The regular meeting of Amity lodge
No. 27,1. O. O. F��� ls held eiery Monday night at S o'clock ln Odd Fellows hall, corner Carnarvon und
Eighth   street.     Visiting   brethern
. cordially invited. 11. W. Harrison,
N. G.; C. B. Bryson, V. G.; James
Ferguson, P. G., recording secretary; It. B. Purdy, financial secretary.
Miss M. BROTEN, public stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Phone 415. Renr of Major and
Savage's ofllce. Columbia St.
Accountant. Tel.
Trapp block.
R 128.    Room
JOHNSTON & JACKSON, barrister*
at-law, solicitois, etc. Offices, Rooms
(i and 7 Kills block, Columbia street
Cable Address- "Stonack." Code:
Western Union. Telephone, 1070.
Adam Smith Johnston an.i Frank
Alexander Jackson.
WHITESIDE a. KDMONDS���Barristers and Sollcltora, Westminster
Trust block, Columbia street, New
Westminster, B.C. Cable address
'Whiteside," Western 1,'nlon. P.O.
Drawer 200. Teloplione 69. W. J.
Whiteside, II. L. Kdmonds.
solicitor and notary, C10 Columbia
street.   Over 0. P. It. Telegraph.
MARTIN���Barristers und Solicitors.
Westminster offlces, Rooms 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia und
McKenzie streets; Vancouver at
'.'���.-.i, Williams building, 41 Gran
Tllle street. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. G. McQuarrie, G. E
Martin, Geo. Cassady.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrister-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
1 nnd McKenzie streets, New West-
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
riiinstcr Board of Trade meets in the
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Friday of each montli; quarterly meeting on the third Friday of
February, May, August and November at 8 p.m. Annual meetings on
the third Friday of February. New
members may be proposed and
elected at any monthly or quarterly
meeting. S. H. Stuart Wade, secretary.
Re part (10 acres) of lot 38, Group
1, formerly in Yale Division of Yale
District, In the District of New Westminster.
Whereas, proof of tho loss of certificate of title No/l0955F, Issued in
the name of Francis W. Ford, has
been filed In this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from I
the date of the first publication hereof, in a dally newspaper published in
tho City of New Westmlns'er, issue a
duplicate of the said certilicale. unless
ln the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
.  C. S. KKITH.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry office,  New  Westminster, B. C��� March 9. 1912.
Hee Chung
Merchant Tailor
has moved to
701 Front Street
New stock of fancy Woollen Suitings.    Prices low;  fit guaranteed.
D. McAulay
Tel. 761. Cor. Gth and Columbia
Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Pork and Veil
Central Meat Market
Corner  Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue
PHONE 370.
f. Q. GARDINER.       A. L. MERCER
Gardiner & Mercer
M. S. A.
Phone  661. Box 772
D. V. Lewthwaite
New Westminster, B. C.
Workshop 611  Victoria  Street.
(Over Dally News.)
(Changes for this column must be
left at, or telephoned to. this offlce by
9 a.m. on Fridays. The omission oi
any church notice from Uils column
Indicates that no details have been
Rev. Okell pastor. Morning service "t
11; Sunday.schogj, 2::\o: evening service at 7 o'clock"1. Rev, R. W. Collins
will preach in the morning and the
1 astor in the evening, At night the
subject will be "Chinch Union." A
bai'of on tbe subject will be taken
alter the service.
Baker, pastor. Services 11 a.m. and
7 p.m.; Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.
ST. MARY'S, SAPPERTON���Evensong with sermon at 7 p.m. On Cool
Friday service wlll be at 7 p.m.
corner Fourteenth street and Seventh
avenue���Rev. ll. Wallace Collins, B.A,
pustor. Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m..
Sunday   school,  2:1)0.
Services will he conducted iu the
municipal hall at 7 p.m. hy Rev. Reid
McCuIlough, B.A. Sunday scliool and
idlile clasi In the eame hall ut 2j3l)
QUEENSBOROUGH BAPTIST ��� Service will be held at 3 p.m. by Rev. Mc-
t'ttliough, B.A. Sunday -school and
Bible clns3 at 2 p.m.
Ch'lRCH���Corner Eighth street and
Third avenue, Burnaby. Rev. W. C-
Frank, pastor. Services at 11 a.m.
and 7 p.m.;Sunday school and Bible
class at 2.30 p.m. Rev. L. D. Braden
of Sapr erton, wi'l preach In the morning and the pastor in the evening.
ST.   ANDREW'S   PRESBYTERIAN   ERAN    CHURCH ��� Divine    service
-Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor.   t*t*\f^EL ****** *l 3 ,pnV ���* St Paul's
vices 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath I R?formed   RP|BC��Pal  <*��roh.   Sunday
���MH^M**************** <
Could Not Remove Stone From The Bladder.
Gin PUls Enabled Him To Paw It
school and Bible class at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer ineeting Wednesday at 8 p.m.
Morning subject, "Mistaken Desires";
school following the service. O. Borge.
'A Suggestive Bit of Ancient
j pastor, residence 1654
I nue east, Vancouver.
Eleventh ave-
'    , , JotlKTTK, P. rv
"During August last, I went to Montreal to consult a specialist r.s I had
boca suffering terribly with Stone In Thc Bladder., Ho decided on an operation
end was assi. tc-d by another doctor. Tbey seid the calculus was larger than a
bean and tjo hard to crush, and tbnt they could not tahc it out.
:t to clo, but wa
SJ. D. Braden, pastor. Services at
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Rev. VV. C. Frank
wlll ireach In the morning and the
I astor In the evening.
TRINITY���Rev. Canon G. C. d'Easum,
M. A., rector; Rev. Qeorge A. Ray, M.
A., assistant, curate. S a.m. ho y, communion; 11 a.m., matin, litany and
sermon; 2:30 p.m., Sunday school and
Liable class; ; p.m., evensong and sermon by Kev. C. C. Hoyle. Holy Week:
Celebrations of the Holy Communion
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at
8 a.m. an.l on Thursday at 8 and 9.30
a.m. Evensong and sermon on the
same days at 7.30 p.m. Confirmation
Saturday at 7.30 p.m. Good Friday:
���f-- onimunion at 8 a.m., matins and
litany at 10. Three hours service, 12
noon to 3 p.m., with address on "Seven
Last Words" by Rev. F. A. P. Cbad-
wic!;. Can tat ta "Olivet to Calva.-v at
7.30 p.m.
Pleaching at 11
by    the pastor.
30 p.m.
S. McKinley pastor,
a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday school at 2
SALVATION ARMY, Captain McLean and Lieut. Reld���Services at 11
a. m., 3 p.m. and 7.30 p.m., in the citi-
del, Eighth street. Oi-en air services
as usual. On Wednesday at 8 p. m.
Col. and Mrs. Gaston, of Winnipeg.
GOSPEL HALlr���Corner of Sixth
avenue and Ninth street.
CHURCH, St. Andrews and Eleventn
streets.���George N. Anderson, pastor.
Services every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
He told me the cr.lculus was reduced in
size, still he could not relieve me of it,
ali.hoi.-h he tried fcr two and a hclf hours.
.1 rctumtd 1:d:uc and continued to take
OiN PILLS;M Ciey rcc'.i-.cd the paiu very
much, but I u 1 i:;.t enpect t'.u-y would relieve
ne cf t!te sto::c, Ut to my .rrcct jcy, I rassCll
t.ie rtor.e o:i October -0n\, a..d a::i nov- - well
tuan '������--:<i very happy. ��
I :.::i sei-.c2i:i.'f the stone to ycu <o tl.^t you
cr.:i see for yot.rsc'.f what a great work GIN
PILLS did for me.    GIN PILLS are
tbc bet medicine in  the  world a::il
because tliey did so much for me, I v. ill
recommend them all the rest of my life".
Isn't it wonderful ?    J;.-1 think cf these
simple pills, that even  children  can  take,
bci:i"*  able   to   perform   whet  thc   flrcalcst
5pech!Lts in Canada could not clo.   Brady.
the aaya of the miracle have not passed away,
as 1o.it a wc have Ciii Pi:is.  These wonderful
pills dissolve stone in the bl
because they are a natural solvent for uric acid, which cat
..er or ��:idlicvs
-.ei calculus. If Cl:i
PILLb are not sold in your neighborhood, BCSa its 50c. for a Inx cr f2.r0 fcr 6
lioxes. Sample free if you write us mentloninrjt':: 1 paper, National Droa t -U
Chemical Co. cf Canada Limited, Dept B O     Toronto".
women and girls to make tliem well and stron ; and tuoy,   50c. b^x.
Round trin tckets for one fare and
one-third will be on sale Aprll 4th to
8th.   Good to return up to Aprll 10th.
Week-end tckets, sold on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to local
points at single fare for round trip.
Services at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Epworth League
Tuesday at 8 p.m. Dundonald school
house; Service nt 2 p.m. and Sunday
achool at 3 p.m. Rev. W. Ewart Jones,
and Royal avenue, "The Low Church."
Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school at 2.30 r.1.1. Morning,
Palm Sunday. Evening, "Experiences
in Africa."
corner of Fourth Ave. and Seventh St
j Rev. M. G. Meivin, B. A., minister.
Services    at    11 a.m.    and    7    p.m.
j Sunday school and Bible class 2:30
p.m.   Guild meets Monday at 8 p.m.
G.   Thompson,  M.A..    pastor.    Public
worship at 11 a.m. and 7 p.n.
Phone R672. 619 Hamilton 8t
d. Mcelroy
-Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting.
Cesspools. Septic Tanks, Etc.
Or H. W.
New Westminster
Brodie, G.P.A., Vancouver
On Chong Co.
Merchant Tailors
Phone 106.     P. O. Box 846.
Offlce. Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suit Made-
to-Order at reasonable prices. Spring
Goods just arrived. First-Class
and Work Guaranteed,
Merchant Tailors
24 Mclnnis St.. City.
Tenth Btreet���Rev. E. R. Bartlett,
M.A., rector. Sunday: Holy communion 8 a.m.; matins and sermon 11
a.m.; evensong and sermon 7 p.m.
Holy Week: Monday morning, prayer
10 a.m., Confirmation service. 8 p.m.
Tuesday, Holy Communion 10 a.m.
Wednesday, Litany at 10 a.m.; evensong and sermon at 8 p.m. Tnursday,
Mornin; Prayer 10 a.m. Gocd Friday,
Holy Communion 8 a. m.; morning
Prayer and sermon IJ a.m. Archdeacon Pentreath will preach.
Hospital street���O. B. Anderson, pastor. Morning service 11 a.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class 12 to 1 p.m.;
evening service 7 p.m.; people's meeting Thursday at 7:45 p.m.; B. Y. P. U.
Monday nt 8 p.m.
Ships on Clipper.
To satisfy his ambition to round
the Horn in a square-rigged Yankee
clipper, Jack London, the novelist,
with his wife and Japanese man servant, has signed as one of the crew
of the uirigo, which left icceutiy from
Baltimore lor Seattle with a cargo of
Five months hence Captain Omar E.
Chapman expects to have the Dirigo
in tne Bremerton navy yard, near
Seattle, and then she will go into dry
dock to be fitted with auxiliary po.ver
in anticipation 01 the opening of too
Panama canal. What few of the old-
time Yankee clippers are arioat are
looking forward to the same destiny.
So. Mr. London, who follows the ways
of the sea for adventure and copy,
forsaw that within a few months the
opportunity for the grand adxenture
of rounding the Cape would te a
thing of the past.
He came here in January frcm his
ranch at Glen Ellen, Cal., in search of
a berth aboard a clipper ship booked
for a long voyage around the outskirts of the western hemisphere. He
fell In with Captain Chapman of the
Although   shlnving    as mate, stewardess   and   galley   boy,   respectively,
Mr. and Mrs. London and their Japan-
I ese attendant wlll bunk tn comtorta-
..     ble quarters above deck, and are putting aboard rather more luggage than
ordinary seagoers.   As keeper of the
log, Mr. London will have two type
writers and  a trunkful   of copy  papers.
Engineering  Department.
To Building Contractors.
Tenders are invited and will be re
ceived by the undersigned up till 5
p.m., Thursday, April 11, 1912. for.
Complete construction of Stores,
Workshops and Stables, etc. (frame),
at Municipal Hall Grounds, Edmonds,
B. C.
Plans and specifications mny be obtained at the Engineer's Office. Municipal Hallj^Edmonds, B.C., on deposit
ing $5.00." which will be returned to
all bona tide tenderers.
Tenders will not be consi lered unless submitted on official forms anl
accompanied by certified cheque for i>
per cent, of amount of tender.
Competition for new University
buildings to be erected at Point Grey,
near Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Government of British Colum-
bia invite competitive plans  for the
general  scheme  and design   for tbe
proposed   new    University,    together
with more detailed plans for the build-
1 ings to be   erected   first   at an esti-
; mated cost of $1,500,000.
j    Prizes of $10,000 will be given for
the most successful designs submitted.
^BI    Particulars of the competition   and
Westminster Junk Qf^^^^gg** �� f
The designs to be sent in by July 31,
1912. addressed to
Parliament  Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
Will give you a square   deal   on all
junk, and highest price.
207 and 203 Front Street. [
Phone R619.
Herr Baron (finding a friend's cigarette case in his coat pocket)���
There! I must have put this in my
pocket hy mistake the other night.
John, didn't you notice a strange case
in this coat?
John���Oh, yes, sir; but I didn't say
anything to anybody about it.���Flia-
gende Blaetter.
"I was getting measured for a suit
of clothes this morning," said young
Sissy to his pretty cousin, "and Just
for a Joke, you know, I asked Snlppen
if it really took nine tailors to make
a man. He said it would take more
than nine tailors to make a man of
some people. I thought 'it was quite
cievah."���Montreal Star.
Here are the new
Soring Overcoats
Transfer Co.
Office  Phone  185.      Barn  Phone  137
flegbie Street.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
B.C. Coast Service
SH  to 25 H.  P.
2 and < Cycle. \
Local Agents
Westminster iron Works
St.,  New
For   Victoria.
10:00 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00 P. M Oally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For Nanaimo.
2 p.m Dully except Sunday
For Seattle.
10:00 A. M Dally
11:00 P. M Daily
For  Prince Rupert and Alaska
11 p.M March Dth, 19th, and 29th
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11 p.M March 2nd. lfith and 30th
For Hardy Bay.
8.00 A. M Thursday
For Upper Fraser  River Points.
Steamer Beaver.
Loaves New Westminster, 8:00 a.m..
.Monday, Wednesday and Fridny.
Leaves   Chilliwaclt,  7:00  a.m.,   Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7 00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganges Hr.. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Pulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster
Q. P  A.. Vancouver
Be the first to wear
Fit-Reform tailors
have created some
stunning styles for
particular men.
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, (or It la the stuff that th* foundations of wealth and happiness ar* built or.
Money may be need in two ways; to   spend   ror   what   la
needed now and to Invest for what ahall be needed In th* future.   Money cannot b* invested natil lt ia flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, 12,000,000.     Columbia, corn.r Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager O. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
Prince Rupert
Connecting fortnighfly with
S.S. "Prince John" for Port
Simpson, Port Nelson, Stewart.
Masdett, Skidegate, Pacofl,
Lockport, Jeifway, etc.
3500 Tons, 7090 Horsepower.
Foot of Main Street.
At Twelve o'Clock
Grand8 T^nHaYcKaU8senger trains leave  Prince Rupert Wednes-
days and Saturdays for po nts east.
Ti-n..n', T'rketa issued to Eastern Destinations Ma Chicago.
C tl Offices:  527 Granv lie street, Vancouver, B. O*  Telephones:
pSSsS Sey. So; Freight   gg S06J:  *P��-^^m Harry
^^'ti^^ffifi-.* pL .n*-ad of 9:30 p.m.
We have them all���the novelties and
the exclusive patterns. Come in and
let us show you these new styles in
spring Overcoats. 53?
C M. GREEN. Manager.-
I    GO TO
Jt Pays to Advertise in the Daily News I
t*~ *sti* mm
See Our Stock of
and Garden Tools
��" "Colonievl"
1'a.wiV Mower
IUII B��.��r!ng '
All Sizes and Prices
$5.00 to $18.50
Every One
IOty News
Mr. A. W. McLeod left for Seattle
yesterday on business aud is expected
to return this morning.
Eighth street Bakery, fresh crump
lets daily.   A. Hardman, Puone L156.
Mrs. F. F. Crcr.u, late of 410 Third i
stieet, no.v of "iii Seventh avenue. |
will not receive again   until tha fall.
The Royal Hunk announces that It I
lias  Beoured  tempxnar/   premises  at '
Sapperton,  and   v. 11!    open  a branch
theie in tlie eu'ly part oi next week.
Mrs. Hill,    wife    o," J. S. 11.11,    of j
Burnaby, was buiied at the Cnurch of :
England   cemetery.     Rev.   George
Kay officiated.
Every   user  of  "SALADA"  Tea.  is
absolutely guaranteed tea o." t'ie lines!
quality, purity  and  flavor,    S.i.d    ly
ealed lead packets only.
Alfred W. McLeod
657 Columbia St.,
New  Westminster.
Tlie funeral service of Major llenn
Octavius Brown will  be held in    the
athedral this afternoon at 2:3u
o'clock.'   Canon d'Easum wi.l officiate.
The Knights of Colnmb.is will hold
a communion on Sunday at S a.m. a'
St. Peter's church at which Father
Donnelly, who is a brother of the
order, will speak to the Knights.
Dr. II. K. Hope, D, O. Eye Specialist,
has his offices now at room 2 Collis
ter h|ock (entrance McKenzie street).
Hours: !):;>0 to 12 noon and 1 to C
p.m.   Phone 1121. ���*
The funeral services over the late
Robert Ross Harris will be held this
afternoon at 4 o'clock, Rev. G. A. Kay
Officiating. The body will be b irletl
in the Church of England cemetery.
You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the present opportunity of
making money in Port Mann. See the
Britisli Canadian Securities, Ltd., for
lots in the official townsite. Remember this is bucked up by the Canadian
Northern Railway company. **
The McKay-Brown Lumber company, Cociuitlam's first industry, is
expected to be ln operation at the beginning of next week. The capacity
of the mill at the present time is 30,-
000 feet of lumber per day. The plant
will be operated by electric power supplied by the Western Cana.la Power
Today Messrs. Denny & Ross will
throw open their magnificent new
furniture warehouse and stock at the
corner of Carnarvon and Sixth streets
for public inspection, in the evening
an excellent ��rcliestra will give musical selection^ and ice cream will be
sei \ ed to tho visitors free. **
A Kcnera! meeting of all interested
in the May Day ceremony ha�� bee'i
e.til'.ei  fnr Tueaday.     April     A,  In  the
CTJft.SMllH Co?
^^     ljQ//V//ri-:0    r^m      m*+^
��� *
The Smith Store brings for your benefit the latest
from abroad and the best materials from every market to prepare for the Easter rehabilitation of your
wardrobe. Use its help now before the final rush
when choosing is more difficult.
New atyle models now ready. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the smartest, cleanest tailored and best fitting
Clothes ever shown here.
We are exclusive agents.
If. J. Phillips
671 Columbia St.     New Westminster.
Miss Cave-Browne-Cave
L. R. A. M
1 Member  ot   the
A. R. C. M
Incorporated   Society
Authoritative Models
In the Mantle Section
Never before has the ability of this department to
choose styles and materials been more forcibly demonstrated than in the lovely Suits, Coats and
Skirt.s shown for Easter. Notable examples of pricing.
Tailored Suits, An Assembly
Of Splendid Values
Made from splendid imported Tweed* Worsteds rnd
Broadcloths; coats aie 25 inches long, silk Unci
throughout, showing many new creations in bath
coat and Bkirt: good selection of new shades: all
Sizes;   values to $30.00.   Easter special  $22.00
Women's Spring Coats
Exceptional Value at $9.50
We are giving the sort of values that are (itioted
afterwards with pride by us and pleasure by our customers; women's coats shown in Worsteds and
Tweeds; also fine coatings; in shades of fawn, grey
and navy; sizes '.',2 to 40; values regular to $18.50.
Special  for Saturday, each $9.50
Stirring Values in Gloves and
Hosiery for Saturday Selling
Womtn's "Lily" quality Fine Kid Gloves, English
make; soft pliable skin; with two dome fasteners:
In shades of grey, tan nnd black;  fully guaranteed.
Smith's Special, per pair 75c
Women's Kine Hlack Cotton Hose; lisle finish;
double sole and heel; full fashioned; all sizes:
values  regular 25c.   Special Saturday, per pair ..15c
Corset Special
Beautiful quality D. & A. and Royal Worcester Model
Corsets; in extra quality strong white cOUtille; new
low bust; very long and graceful from the waist line;
finishei rust-proof boning; strong elastic garters.
size3 18 to 25 inches; values regular to $2.25. Saturday special, per pair $1-50
Clearance of Children's
Reefer Coats at $1.50
Charming little Reefer Coats of nice grade Navy
Serge: trimmed with brass buttons and emblem on
sleeves; sizes fitting ti to 12 years; values regular
$3.00 and $3.50.   Saturday special, cach $1-50
Remnant Sale from 7 to 8 O'Clock Saturday Evening
Half Remnant Price
���.''v .'/!�����.'������.}�����.*>���'��� -,:\V. ;'?.���. :.'*,X****i-.--;
board ot trade room at 8 U.m.    It "la 1 ' of  Musicians   (Kngland).
Intended  to  make  these  celebrations I   I Successor to MrB. Reginald Dodd.)
much more elaborate than ever Wore   -p        hw    ( Pianoforte, Violin,
this year and it ts confidently hoped    "���."-'���"���'.wi" �� ��
that everyone who take? ra interest \ Singing,   Theory,   Harmony,
In the occasion will make an effort to
be present.
and    Musical
IF you are going
to build, want to
pay off a mortgage, wish to buy
a lot or have payments to meet, see
For Our
Tt explains our methods.
i/Otter Bill, give ub a call or
have oue of our representation call on yon. Our offlee
is in the People'! True'
W.  A.   Elects   Officers.
At the annual meeting of the WA.
of Bt, Barnabas' held on Thursday,
March 28, die following officers were
elected  for the ensuing year:
President, Mrs. Geo. Wolfenden;
lion, '.resident, Mrs. Hartlett: first
vice-president, Mrs. Feh ner: second
vice-president, Mrs. Abbott; secretary
treasury and co-respondent secretary,
.Mrs. Bartlett; leaflet secretary, Mrs.
Wolfenden; dorcas secretary. Mra.
Abbott: secretary of babies' branch,
Mrs. Schmidt; delegates to the
Hoard meetings, Mrs. Schmidt and
Mrs. liartlett. Xlne new members
were also welcomed.
For terms, etc., apply    51    Dufferin
Street, New Westminster. Phone Kill.
We  Have Everything In
Shaving Necessities
Brushes, Razors, Strops, After-
Bliave   Creams,  powders, eet.
See our window display.
muirTIug store
Dispensing Chemists, Etc.
Deane Block,   441 Columbia St
New Westmlnsi-er. F C.
Crowds of Guests Throng New Furniture Store.
Sixtli street as a business proposi-
tion was shown at Its host lubt e��en-
iiib when tlie tirm or Iiinny Ai Koa-s
held open house in their new f,iinltJrt
sioie situated at the corner o> thii
street and Carnarvon. The occasion,
furthermore, illustrated the giowtn
this city lias been experiencing during
the last tow months iu tile business
section, Mr. Denny enmarkc i In the
furniture business fo:;r yeara ano la
a Email store sixteen leet square. Hi*
am.ity In tins Hue was BOOU shown
aud it was not long before he was
forced to suek more commodious <|uur
teis. bilgbteen months ayo the linn
of Denny Ai Koss was formed, tbe location at that time being ou sixth
���treat below tiie present new building
Crowds of people took advantage of
invitation lasi evening und taw
for themselves the flne stock of good*
tills live tirm have on hand. From
the entrance on Sixth street a spaclo.id
aisle leads to the ollice, while on
each tide are placed all tho latest de
u���iis which man and machinery can
produce iu the way of furniture, The
lirst Hour Is "devoted to carpets, beds
nnd linoleums, and Is reached by a
��ale stairway leading from tho mail
entrance,   The second (loo,- is used
for storage purposes.
.Mr. Denny will handle the salo department In the new  bulldln;-,,  while
the office and  financial  end  will   be
loo! ed after hy Mr.  Ross.
An orchestra discoursed thus!; d.n-
ini: the evening, and the ; lest.n wer?
refreshed with ho crenm.    The smnc
hosritallty will be oxtendul this even
B. &. M.  FISH
Smoked Salmon, per lb 10c
Smoked Col, per lb. 10c
Loggles Finnan Haddie..2 lbs. for 25c
Kippers and Bloaters, per lb 10c
Kippered Salmon, per Tb 15c
Also  a  large  variety  of  Fresh  Fish.
637 Front St   -   Phone 301
Bought and Sold.
Highest i'rice Given.
Auction Sales
Conducted on Commission.
Joseph Travers
Auctioneer and Real Estate Agent.
421 Columbia St.
Sixtk  A
(1090) Seven-room modern two-story house, well built on Etone foundation. Price $3500. Terms $700 cash, balance to be arranged.
Sixth avenue Is one of the moBt promising streets ln New Westminster. It is looked upon as a future up-town business street. A car-
line has already been promised for this street. With the cars will
come permanent pavement. It ls the first uptown street having direct connection with the east end of the city (Sapperton). Westward It
extends to Kburne. Few Btreets tap as large an area, city and subur.
ban. -       ' I
Gold Souvenir Jewelry
Sec   Window Display
Official Time Inspector for C. P. R. and B. C. Electric Railway.
Tree Sprays
Lime and Sulphur      Quassia Chips
Whale Oil Soap, Arsenate of Lead, Etc.
Rny on Sixth avenue for sate Investment,
balf sold.
Property well bought la
W. R. QILLEY, Phone 122.
Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.'
Phones, Office 15 and ii.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
Established   1891,   incorporated   1905.
Winnipeg Team  Lost.
Bocton, .March 28.���Tha Boston Athletic Club Hockey Team defeated the
VVlnrfpea Victoria team here tonight,
N to <>.   The Vlr'orlis a~e Claimant* nf
c " world's anutier hockey charorlon-
F.J. Hart& Co., Ltd.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.      Branches at Vancouver
Chilliwack and A'derprove. B.C..
Westminster Branch. ��� Cars
leave B. C. E. R. Co. station for
Vancouver at 6:00, 5:45 and
6:46 a.m. and every 16 minutes
thereafter until 10:00 p.m. After 10:00 p.m. half hourly service until midnight.
Sunday Service.���Cars leavo
for Vancouver at 6:00, 7:00,
8:00, 8:30, 0:00 and 9:30 a.m.
Regular week day service prevailing thereafter.
Freight Service.���Cars leave
New Westminster for Vancouver at 7:20, 11:20, 12:20 and
Burnaby Branch���Cars leave
D .C. K. H. Co. station for Vancouver at 5:45, 6:45 and 8:00
a.m., with hourly service thereafter until 10 p. m. and late car
at 11:30 p. m.
after and late car at 11:30 p.m.
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Vancouver at
Lulu Island Branch.���(To
Vancouver via Eburne)���Cars
leave B, C. E. R. Co. station at
7:60 a.m. and hourly thereafter
until 11:00 p.m.
Sunday Service.���First car
leaves at 8:00 a.m. Regular
week day service thereafter.
Freight Service.���Leave New
Westminster for Van. at 10:00.
Fraser Valley Branch.��� Cars
leavo B. C. E. R. Co. station
for Chilliwack and way points
st 9:30 a.m., 1:20 and 8:10. For
Huntingdon and way points at
4:05 p.m.


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