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The Daily News Oct 30, 1911

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 Improved property on River road
���nd new cut-off line. House and
chicken houses: grand view of
Gulf, etc.    $10,000,    on easy terms.
Sl li
I j Forty tou on new cut-off line
(west end); $500 and up. Very
easy terijM.
i. q-^    ���
Supposed Safe in Hospital at
Viceroy ef Bceehuen   Reported Killed
���Is Said   That  Canton Haa Not
Vet Fallen.
Ante-E lection    Promises     tt   Government to Be Adhered to According
to  Pelletler,
San Francisco, Oct. 29.���A cable
from Shanghai says a rumor la correal tbere to the effect that tbe child
emperor, Pu YI, and his mother have
been secretly con wye .1 from Peking
to Tientsin, where they have ���ought
refuge la a hospital.
Cantos has not fallen Into the han&s
of the revolutionists as reported, ac
cording to a despatch received by the
San Francisco Chinese Free Press
trom its Hoagkong correspondent
but ttie rebel sentiment ts becoming
so strong ln the city that the .heads
of all business and educational organizations ana urging tne officials ot
the Manchu government voluntarily
to withdraw and avoid Imminent
bloodshed by surrendering the city to
.thc   revolutionists.
Gates of City Closed.
The  gates of the    city  have  been
closed   and  carefully    guarded   since
(the  assassination    of    General   Tung
A flood of despatches received by
the local Chinese papers today indicate that the rebellion is sweeping
everything ln front of it. The people
���of Chiklang province arc about to declare independence and the governor
Chan Wan Is trying to have the government accept  his resignation.
Practicaly every town along tbe
Yangste Kiang, the cables report, lias
fallen into the hands of the rebels
The province of Szechuen has fallen,
and Viceroy Cbew Yee Sun is report
ed killed, but whether be was asas-
slnated or killed in battle is not stated.
Take Town After Town.
Revolutionary  troops    in the province <of Honan and ilupch are marching  northward  occupying town jUiei
town   without   resistance.    The   cap!
tal  of Ngan  Unit province has been
captured   and    a   provisional   government   established     by   , the     peopla.
Aside   fiom   the   reported    killing  ol
Governor Gar  Bo.    the revolution at
this point .was  without bloodshed
The   cities   ot   Jlnnmit.   *-*���""*
Fuchow  arc  reported    to
hands of tlte rebels.     B^^^^^^^
Obtain Foreign Loan.
Peking, Oct.  SS.-^-The re.-ort  of an
Imperialist victory in the vicinity of
Hankow,   which   bas     be.-n   received
from   the   minister   of     war,   General
Yin Tcbang, has revived tlie drooping
spirits  of  the   administration.     Addi
tional comfort  has been found in the
conclusion of a loan agreement which
CtaksS* officials say has Just been ar-
TRiiaed with a Belgian syndicate hav-
Zeeon   ��nd
be iif the
Quebec, Oct. 29.���According to the
Hon. L. P. Pelletler,, Postmaster-Gen
eral in tbe Borden /Government, who
was re-elected by reclamation In Quebec County on Friday, the pre-election stand taken by the Quebec cabinet Ministers with regard to the navy
question will be carried out. The
Postmaster-General, ln making this
statement, has the backing of Mr. Armand Lavergn. Tbis means that the
question will be submitted to a referendum and Use Canadian people
left *> decide what the national naval
policy will be. Mr. Pelletler male
some Important, declarations at the
meeting held Immediately after the
nomination at Lorette.
"When I was ��� called to Mr. Borden's cabinet," he said, "I was not
asked to withdraw a single Une off the
programme that I have submitted to
my electors and my efforts will tend
��j complete the carrying out of this
programme. We shall have a referendum. Tnat we ask. and we shall
���stand by the decision of the majority
of the Canadian people on that question. Moreover, we may be offered
more than a referendum, and we wlll
be still more glad to accept  tt."
Mr. Armand Lavergne commenting
upon the declaration made by the
Postmaster-General, went .further,
"I know," he said, "that Mr.. Pelletier
will carry out his promise about tlie
referendum. But I am in a position
to say more. I assure yea that you
shall have this referendum. White
Mr. Borden was forming his cabinet 1
went to Ottawa to see him, and I said
to him. 'Here is the Province of
Quebec, regenerated, do you want
"Mr. Borden tendered me a loyal
hand, and I can assure yon that he is
not the 'fanatic that he was calle.I in
Quebec. English-speaking people from
the sister provinces have at last understood us. They have understood
that it we want this Canadian confederation to live, there must not be anymore question of victors and vanquished in this country. We want an
idea of complete equality between the
great races who live together in Canada.
"We are confident thnt the present
Government will protect sufficiently
the rights of tbe FiwmShCatUMlan.
They   *r* In good hswOs."
Phil McDonald Meets Death Near Cloverdale; Head Smashed and Legs Broken���Inquest Begun Yesterday���Adjourned for Lack of Evidence.
News was brought Into the ctty held an Inquiry at Cloverdale Into the
yesterday that on Saturday evening a accident. Tbe jurors were: C. Cam-
man named Phil McDonald, brother eron, L. Carncross, A. Augustine,
of Jack McDonald, an employe In George Clark and Henry Watt.
Cuningbam's hardware store, was - lt Is said tbat the deceased narrow-
killed on tbe B. C. E. R. Cloverdale Iy escaped being run down by car No.
line. The deceased lived at Had- tl on its way here, and the Jury addlngton for a time, and waa well Journed the Inquiry to obtain the evi-
, ,.- ,_ M ���, ._,_�������� ������j dence of tbe motorman and the con-
known both in New Westminster and ���uctor  of th,g car     The  teitlmony
throughout the Fraser valley"    The 0f tbe  motorman of car No.  8, the
brother. Jack, ls at present on a han!- vtkT that struck  the    deceased,  was
ing trip and at the time of writing also waiting,
he has not been communicated with, j Yesterday afternoon friends of the
It appears that Phil left New West-1 brothers    McDonald    were    eagerly
minster early on  Saturday  evening, esarching for the brother, Jack.    It
and was walking to Cloverdale.   The appears that he ls shooting on an Isl-
accident  happened at a curve In a and up the river, and at this time of
cut about five mlleu west of Clover-. writing had not been found,
dale    station,    the    deceased    betng | All day yesterday the body lav In
struck  by car    No.    8,  leaving New the warehouse at Cloverdale station.
Westminster fer    Chilliwack at 6:10 awaiting instructions for its removal,
o'clock In the evening. McDonald was Dr.  McEwen, spoken to last night.
Instantly   killed.       Both   lej|;   "were after bis return from Cloverdale, said
broken and tbe body was badly cut McDonald, when struck,    was facing
up.                                                              ' the car. though it is Impossible to say
The scene of the accident is near whether   he     had     suddenly   turned
Sullivan  station.    It  was  very foggy around or had been walking towards
at the time, and rounding the curve It at the time.    Both legs were brok-
in the cut lt was practically impossl- en,   the   jawbone    waa    broken   and
ble for the motorman to see the man there was a fracture at the base of
on the line In front.   Mr. George, the the skull.    Death would be lnstante-
station agent at Cloverdale, went out neous.
on a handcar and brought the body The  acc.Jent  occurred    in  a  very
in. <��9ep  cut   adds  the  doctor,  and   the
Dr.  McEwen of New Westmtnster. motorman had no chance to see the
empannelled  a coroner's    Jury    and man  on the line.
Wll(   Be   Conferred   at   New   Year-
Some of the Naval  Policy
Rodgers Covers 2 ���" Miles in 72$ Minutes���Fowler   Expected   to  Re-
sumo  Sunday.
Two Carloads From U. 8. A. Refused
Admittance, by   Fruit
New York, Oct. 29.���In connection
with the visit here of Canada's new
Premier. Hon. Robert L. Borden, It
was declared today that before long
Mr. Borden will become Sir Robert
Borden. .
H. R. H. the Duke of Connaught,
the new Governor-General, ls said to
have brought with him an offer ot
knlgnthood and it will be granted
among the New Year's Day honors If
not before.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���The correspond-
en of tbe Western press understands that lf the Borden government
decides to go on with the building
of the Canadian navy new tenders
will be asked for. The naval department received half a dozen tenders
last May. No action has been taken
on these tenders except that the three
or four highest were put aside and
tbe deposits amounting In the aggregate to some three-quarters of a million have been returned. In tbe mean
time a year and a' half has elapsed
since the Navy BUI passed parliament. The bill provided for the construction of cruisers of the improved
"Bristol" class. This type is rapidly
becoming obsolete and plans already
are being made on this by the designers of the admiralty. The result ls
that if the government accepts any
of last May's tenders, which were
based in the naval service bill, it
would be spending an enormous
amount of money, on sni.n u'reidy
out of date.
The tenders cover the construction
of the hulls alone, while the guns
and the armorplatc for the protected
deck are to be brought from Kngland.
The Duke of Connaught has abandoned his intention of going to Halifax and while there Inspecting the
naval  college.
Shannon of Bank of Montreal Shot in Leg.
His Own Gun    Carled    at   Full Cock-
Goes Off���Charges Skim Surface
of Thigh.
While out hunting with a party. o��>
Sunday afternoon E. 8. Shannon of
the staff of the Bank of Montreal waa
severely injured in the leg by the accidental discharge of bia gun.
The   shooting   party   were   ln. the.
heavy growth off the Johnson road,
near Sullivan station when the accident occurred.    It appears from    the
account of  Mr.  A.    R.  Sellery,  who-
was one of the party that Shannon
forgot that his gun was at full cock,
and that while    handling    lt rather
carelessly the trigger got caught im
some  brush  and    the gun  was discharged.   Both charges passed across
the front of the  injured  man's  leg
/ust above tbe    knee    and    carried
away some of the flesh.
Amateur flrat aid was rendered by
nis companion'*, Sellery and Harry
Graham, Who then shouldered the Injured man and carried him out of the
brush to the road. Sellery then went,
in search of a rig which conveyed
all three part of the way to tiie city.
A change was later made to: an automobile in which tbe Journey to the
hospital was completed.
It  Is  not  thought  by  his  companions that Shannon was very seriously
hurt although one of them states that
he  vTill  probably  be confined to the
hospital for some time.
Dr. Kenney is the attendant surgeon and on enquiry being made of
him last night as to the seriousness
or otherwise of the injury, he refused
to give any Information whatsoever,,
so that the many friends of Mr. Shannon cannot be assured by The Daily
News as to his condition, that it la-
_ satisfactory or  the reverse.
The Vulcan Iron Works of this city I    The   authorities   at  the   Royal  Co-
are at present hard at work on the 1 lumbian Hospital stated that it is was
construction of 560 feet of steel pen-1 not thought    that    Mr. Shannon wan
stock for the dam of the Powell River I very seriously hurt.
Power Company at Powell river.   Thel    In   that   portion  ot  tbe  tea  above,
***aw**f*n  *��*.. V* i iV v:.r*^.z!i*J?!? i
- M ��N
ash ����������*���'   ***** tt*7**'
ator C.  P. Rodgers yesterday covered 1 United Statea were contemned >>�� th���\?!���l^,��� OI^  r."^^.T"J*~*~ ,t- ���.      ri.' - -a.     	
231 mile, from Sanderaou. Texas, to   provincial fruit Inspectors durtn| V?e\*��� -Emitted the successful tender.\$����^;^1��nnMKw_^
Sierra Blanca in 229 minutes' flying! past week.  The fruit was confiscated|7*��  Penstocks  are U  teet 4 tmftultbe charges ttowMhsmis-VUt
���    ��� -.*. _.,.v. ���.u;���k u I inside diameter, and there will be 200  forated  this  artery    he  would  I
--���     **���-�� I** o inart rssRf. Indeed.
time    It was the lodgest days flight i because of codlln moth with which it
n .*���.-*  Rn���nH    for    ancVouver She I Kodiiers has made on his transconti- , was found to be Infected.
Outward  Bound    for^ncvouver ��       koum* respects      Mr. Lyne. assistant fruit inspector
n^sh | "he   most   spectacular.     Rodgers   left   stated   yesterday  that on  account of
in'a fog so dense  Sanderson at 11:41 a.m. Attaining an  the high reputation
^ ^^^^^��� *._���  x���   I,., .Hurl   fnr  Rl-    cnlnvnl    hv   British   v.,.-���-���
to  take
Seattle, Oct. 29.-
thaTnoCev^en'the outline .of the piers I altitude of 2500 (ent be headed for El-, enjoyed by British Columbia fruit, Jt
., .72r   frontcould   be   seen   PascKlviugfrom  Klplne  to  Marfia.   was   considered     necessary     to  taKe
^mht-esses  on    the     b"y   and   the   Rogers  crossed    Pisano  Pass,  6.0��2   stringent  measures  to  maintain  that
trom   vessels  ou    iue  _*> j      _a   ������|���_ ^,_  _,���,,���,,���   H���  ,ftn  faet     Ag  he   high standard .
hshts  mJ^tggt^SnUSf'^!!**Lfi2SE "/he^pasTa  superb   "��l do not    think."    said Mr. Lyne.
large   and   email
lng'French   and     British connection
ing   Frencn   auu     ���,.___ ,
The loan ls for $18,000,000. the prlc.->
betng 96, with six per cent Interest.
Tive syndicate receives four i��er cent.
The financial groups representing
the tour nations interested in the
railway loan, the United StateB. Great
Britain, Germany and France, took
under advisement a proposition fnr a
loan of $8,000,000, but the United
States financiers decided that tho j
present was an inopportune moment
Sound lost tn the maae,
wheel steamboat Multnomah was tun
down and sunk by the steamship Iroquois while attempting to make her
berth at pier 3 at an early hour yesterday morning.
The  Iroquois,    outbound    for Van
couver, was. picking her way througb
the tog on  the bay, whBe the Multnomah,   on   her   waj
had rounded Duwamlsh head
craft   plying   the I -woop^ac���-^ h-jj -gr-j   ..^^V 0ther district on the Amer-
the stern I stag
unnatural     bird
and     dashed lean  continent Is  as  free from  trutt
Ui'rouglTthe brush In panic.   After a pests  as British  Columbfa     ����� ,andB
bre    stop  at   Marfia  Rodgers  again, vantage  of this    P��sit'��V"  ^aUo
took the air and landed here at 6:37 with   other   countries   that ,��r��   a
n��cinnk  last niKht    Rodgers plans to free from these pests is not perhaps
^���Z. Ms flight today for El Paso sufficiently   understood.     In   Austra-
A report from Yuia   Arizona, states Ua,  for  example,  there Is a  stlpula
cross country  flight  wus again
������  from  Yuma,  Anzwim., ����^��   u��,   �������   ��,��.����������������.       ���    ..__- ,-j
lhat svS^ss^Syss a�� affa^^ncs*
5 his ! miles of a district    In w
had rounded uuwam.sa ���-%���"��" �� j L"^" tomorrow;"  He plane to make   moth exists.   Now we have ��
steaming  for pier 3.    Tne  Hg*>��  "���   V**m*f "w����^ '     * n d    with Au8tralla.    In
the Multnomah was m��t visibly until | a short %ston_nt_Gl.a ^Z^J^ �����}����� had the varietleB there a
noma,,   on . her   ^fe^SlS^^
.^ht.   nil;*! .~m��,r^w    H�� iJane lo make   moth exists.    Now we nave in vhsy* <*
are brok-
Oefence Is Disgruntled With Present
Judge���Request Oenled
Once. ,   .
Los Angeles, Cal., Cot. 29.���Strong
possibility of an appeal for change
of Judges marked the close ot tbe
third week of the McNamara murder
trial, which enJed today In a general
snarl. One such demand has .already
been refused by Judge Walter Bord
well, tbe refusal being based on an
affidavit from Judge George H. Hutton, presiding Judge of the twelfth
department of the Superior Court ot
Los Angeles Couny. certifying to the
Impartiality of Judge Bordwell
A further appeal, if made, would
be- based, to   a great   extent, lt ls
known, upon two rulings made Saturday  by Judge Bordwell, ln whicb
he denied challenges offered by the
defence against    two   Jurors,  A. C.
Winter and    Walter    N.  Frumpton.
Both were challenged for bias.   Their,
examination covers a score ot pages
of the record In the trial of James
B. McNamara for the murder of Chas.
J. Haggerty, one of the victims of the
explosion which wrecked the Los Angeles Times building a year ago. Both
toen are still under challenge, tt having occurred   to   Attorney Lecompte
Davis, for the defence   after the ad
verse ruling ot tha court, that neither
had been Interrogated as to whether
he  would   vote  tor conviction  ln  a
capital case    on   circumstantial evidence alone.   Each said he would not
toe  niumiuiuii..   ���..^   .
the Iroquois was within a few feet of
her. No lives were lost and tbe Iroquois escaped without damage.
Rheims, France, Oct. 29.���Aviator
Despartnet was Instantly killed here
today by falling with his machln?
while engaged in army aerial tests.
Tlie machine, somersaulting from a
height of several hundred feet, turned over a number of times before
landing. Desparnet's body was picked up ,60 feet from the machine.
Men of   Illinois   Central, and Sympathizers Gather in Anticipation of
Soldiers Coming.
Toulon. France, Oct. 29.-An alarm-
5* rn^VeLrba��tUesMpdjyu^o, ���,._._ .... _ _.     _ .    _
FJtfiJR*^Vberte.which lt0 ���� the company of ��**��$��*
Paducah. Ky., Oct 29.���A telephone
message from Fulton early this morning says Illinois Central strikers and
sympathizers are gathering prepared
was uiu wn U|I ������ _._,
flre ls believed to have been due to
a short circuited wire.   A shower of
sparks fell close  to the   magazines
and the commander of the battleship
Immediately  ordered   forward   magazines flooded.   No great damage resulted. ^^^^^^^*^^M
Quests of the City.
At  the police station    last night
were two lodgers very different ln
character-   One was a subject ot the
Mikado, who has a friend leaving for
the land ot th* ' chrysanthemum and
the cherry blossom' by   the   next
steamer, and who, ln celebrating the
approaching departure,   Imbibed too
freely ot sakl, or something .equally
potent.   Him two ot hls countrymen
accompanied his little bof f rom Sapperton to ball out, but his physical
condition forbade, and they will be
on hand In the morning.   Tbe pther
guest was a Swiss, whom Chief ot Police Bradshaw had found 'sleeping in
a shed near the Great Northern terminus and he was provljed with a
bed at the pollce station,   this man
had come   from   Portland. Ore.   to
and as this Is ground for challenge. I had come'   ."T����   fXfrom Van'cou-
fmder the law. they were challenged^British ^^gtJET He was
The prosecution objected stating that ver ^ New   wesmw-wr      *
the  challenges    should    have  been  without mowy ��d wu loowng to
offered sooner or not at all. For^v. , '
ordered here to quell strike troubles.
Excitement prevails, and tbe whole
town. Is awake waiting the arrival of
the soldiers. It ls not believed the
troops will get here before daylight,
even under the best of conditions.
Chicago, Oct. 29.���With the shop
employes on the Rock Island Railroad voting overwhelmingly ln favor
of a strike and an ultimatum aerved
on the Texas Pacific, labor conditions
on the railroads assumed a more ser
rious aspect today.
It ia known that a majority of the
crafts on the Rock Island, have voted
for a strike.
A vote of Hhe blacksmiths wu returned today, but J. W. Kline, presl*
dent of the International Brotherhood
of Blacksmiths and Helpers, said he
would not make known the result un
tit he had hear! from the allied
tU* Rock Island system already
has recognized the federation o(
Craftsmen. The men are asking tor
an increase in wages that will average 10 per cent.
Acquitted of Serious Charge.
Prtnseville,  Of*., Oct.  89.���Braest
er8 wuu **i*,.*. ���������� -._
of apples this season, and considering
the fact that of the area planted under fruit ln British Columbia, not
more than 25 per cent has yet come
into bearing, the importance of preserving to ourselves this future market can well be understood."
Mr. Lyne stated that fall nursery
stock was Just beginning to come In
and he was pleased to say that the
quality was quite superior to that Imported in former seasons. It was evident that nurserymen in otber countries were realizing that British Columbia was a dangerous country to
which to send diseased or infected
tons of steel used. ' Some 50 men
working double shifts, will be employed cn the work for a monttb to
After tantalizing delays the Western Paper Mills, Ltd., are now ready
for machinery in their works at Sap
perton. Mr. P. N. Smith is president
of tho company. Mr. A. E. White,
president of the New Westminster
Board of Trade, Is vice-president, and
the directors are: Messrs. Barclay
Bonthrone, S. R. MacClinton, A. S.
Drake, Ed F. Allen, all of Vancouver;
Mr. H. Neville Smith, of New Westminster: Messrrb. John L. McNaughton and John J. George, both
of Scotland. The motive power will
be supplied from Stave Lake by the
Westren  Canada  Power Company.
been In a bad case Indeed.
Fishery Questions and Others to Be
Taken Up by Premier and Attorney-General.
Wages Raised.
During the past week anothsr Cardiff firm has raised the pay of Its officers. In this they have followed
the example of Messrs. Evan Thomas
Radcllffe & Co., who raised the pay
to ��10 per month for second officers
and ��12 per month for chfef officers.
The firm ln question is the Cardiff
Hall Line. A substantial increase in
the pav of their officers has been
made in the firm of Messrs. Alfred
Holt & Co., who own the Blue Funnel
line. In this case\the advance ln pay
has been ��2 per month, the lowe3t
paid officers ln the company being
thirds, who are receiving ��10 per
Fire Destroys Everything.
In South Vancouver, on Friday
night, the residence of Mr. John S.
Ovens, Wales Road, waa entirely consumed by tire. Tbe building was a
log structure, and the fire lasted but
a few minutes. Mr. OVdns wu away
at the time. Mrs. Ovens had gone
out fjr a minute, leaving two small
children ln the house.   The children
Meeting   at End   of  the Week   Willi
Bring  Together Interesting.
New Westminster, B. C, Oct.- 29.���
One of the most interesting men who
will attend the Good Roads convention to be held in this city on Nov.
3 and 4 is P. E. Sands, manager of
the E-M-F Northwest Automobile
company of Seattle. Mr. Sands is -
that intrepid Jautolst who recently'
achieved fame by driving a Fla'ndere-
car from Seattle to Hazelton, blazing
a trail along a route never before attempted by a motorist. Of course ���
Mr. Sands under took this arduous
Journey as an advertising stunt for'
the company he represents in ther
Sound city, but the Journey was Invaluable tn the lessons It taught.
Having travelled for nearly three
weeks over what are probably tho
worst roads in North America, Mr.
Sands is ln a position to give valuable advice on road construction and
the overcoming of difficulties.   .
Mr. Sands will give an interesting
resume of his northern trip on the
first day of the convention, illustrating his remarks with a fine collection of photographs taken in the
northern wilds.
W. J. Kerr, vice-president of tha
Westmlnater Automobile Club, recently wrote asking Mr. Sands tabling his pathfinding car to this city.
In a reply received yesterday Mr..
Kerr is informed that it ia Impossible-
K bring $�� car north, u lt now be-
g  shipped  to  Portland   and   San
Francisco, where lt will be the fea-
Hon. W. J. Bowser. Attorney-General, returned from Victoria' Saturday
and on Wednesday next will proceed
with Premier McBride to Ottawa to
confer with the Dominion Govern
ment on certain mattery outstanding
Province, lt is the intention of the
Province, tl Is the Intention of the
ministers to go south and travel by
the Great Northern, the' Attorney-
General Joining Premier McBride in
As foreshadowed by Mr. C. E. Tisdall, M. p, P., on Thursday evening
one matter they will Uke up win
be the possibility ot the province talk
lng over the PUce river block,
known u the Dominion reserve In
Northern British Columbia, and also
escaped without harm. , The    roads
were Impassable to the flre-flghtlng
apparatua In South Vancouver. The tv^^T* Mg'idvertjsins campaign-
?����� ��hie.rH^t?h!b*MEIn^UL�� 0M o* ^ ��o��t important speak-
fore he arrived the blaze wu over .__ -t the convention will he A War-
The damage wu placed at $1300.        .?��fo%,TKS TtEe  Seame
Automobile Club, who hu consented
j Prlnsevllle,  Of*-,  oct.  a��.���mub��. | nomwru *>���������������� ���^...5.. .	
Robinson charged with the murder ot, the lands ot the C. P. It. bait, and ad
Lewis McAllister, wu acquitted ^at-' ministering them under provincial
urday by a jury la tbe Clretilt Court/ laws.   Another matter to ga could
���  Canada's New Coins.
London, Oct. 88.���In the House ot
Commons today, Mr. McKinnon Wood
on behalf ol the treasury. Informed
Lord   Evelyn Cecil. that  the  words
Del Gratia" or their abbreviation
"D. G." had b*��n omitted Inadvertently from the new Canadian coinage
and fresh dies had. therefore, been
sent to the Canadian mint
to speak on "Profits Derived From
Good Roads." Mr. Gould is acknowledged th be oue ot the best publlc
speakers in the state of Washington.
and u lie hu long been Identified:
with the Good Roads movement Mer
remarks ahould be brimful of inter-
Councillor McGregor, of Burnaby..
will represent that municipality at
the meetings, the ether coast mu-
nicipalltlu will In nearly all cases %��
represented hy the reeves, and included among those who have signified their Intention of taking mot*
than a guslve part In the session ar*
B^sm^B^i^��^i��^B^^^-_^^_P- NlchotootL reave of Saanich. A. W.
may be Joined ln Ottawa hy Hon. W.: pound, Neva at South Vaneouver:
R. Ross; Minister of Lands, who Is at |R. W. D*ek, reeuu of Mission, aad %*���
present ln the east. >   . J. Sullivan, reeve ot Surrey,
ered will be the granting of foreshore
leasee and fishery licenser Questions ot Indian reserves and "better
terms" will also be touched.upon
among other matters.
The Premier agd Attorney-General
.'/;-   ���-**-ii*^
MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1911.)
14 year* to assist With light housework and care of two small children.    Apply 307 Carnarvon street
contract; blasting, excavating, concreting, etc. F. Webb & Co., 102
Tenth street, city,
bungalow iu Burnaby, close to cat
line. We have buyer. Kellington
& Hendry.
liable domestic help requires position in New Westminster. Miss
Hoscovle, l>;i2 Burrard street, Vancouver.
niation on divorce laws of Nevada
and other states sent on receipt
of ::."c sub.   Western Information
Bureau Goldfleld,  Nev.
live rooms, cement foundation andj
basement, bath, etc. Piped fori
furnace. Two blocks from car I
line. Price $2500; one-half cash,
balance easy. Sherriff, Rose &. |
Co., 0-18 Columbia street.
$1 down and ;] a week; no interest: four styles: old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone 996.
nue, two blocks from Twelfth
stieet car, i-'.iti.t each; one-tliir.l
cash; balance f>, l- and is; best
buy in the Weet Knd. National
Finance Co., Ltd., 521 Colombia St.
phone oi5.
��� .>,.*���' -r-Kf'.: ��� Tf ���', '   hwcm   ;,*���'����:
correct sour stomach and heartburn���cure indigestion and dyspepsia���set your stomach right again.    50 cents
a box at all druggists'.
National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited
modern house; lot ��2x124 ou easy
terms.    Apply 1009 Keith St.
from Colombia street; fine view.
Lots only $:'.7.ri each. Terms easy.
National Finance Co.. Ltd., 621 Columbia street    Phone 515.
know that 1 am now operating tlie |
only pasteurised bottled milk planl
in the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk.
D quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c a
pint. Phone your order to R 873
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro, Lulu Island.
modern 7-room dwelling on Seventh
avenue, near Lord Kel-.in scliool-.
$2900 balance on easy installments.
National Finance Co., Ltd., 621 Columbia   street.    Plione   515.
Turns Down  Great  Britain's  Offer to
Contribute   Annual   Sum   Towards
Upkeep   of   Fleet.
by the hour or day, by single man,
not using liquor or tobacco. Uox
100 this office.
to clear, landscape gardening. Apply J. S. McKinley   Edmonds.
est lots in the west end. on Eighth
avenue, bavlng a southwest view
facing the river and gulf. Lots
56x110 and 118. Very liberal tenm.
Phone 1,179, or call 1303 Klght h
ers. Apply Sixth avenue, Buinaby
water all the time, bath. Phone. 51
Columbia street.
Cjqcn takes a high grade $fiOO
ijlOuU Vose piano, at Vldal's Warehouse,  Market  Square.
FOR RENT.���Seven room cottage;
modern, at 108 Queen's avenue. Apply G. L. Brown, Daily News office,
TO RENT.���Furnished   housekeeping
rooms at 224 Seventh street.
706   Columbia   Street.
QUARTER ACRE at Edmonds, with
fiO fed on main road; a remarkable
speculation at $1000.00.
TWO LOTS cleared on Sykes road,
Edmonds, close to municipal hall,
just north of Vancouver road; $375,
$75 cash, balance $10 per month.
THREE LOTS with light alder bush,
fi6x!32, close to Edmonds station,
in D.L. 53; $475, $50 cash, balance
$10 per month.
TO RENT   SEVEN-ROOM   MODERN   LULU   |8LAND> 50x,60 foot |ot, ju,t
^lU?e,Jj'.l;nlsi!ed\0n 7h,,rd   iven"e      off  Ewen  avenue.    In  city;     $550,
near  Fifth   street.
Daily News office
Apply    M.   D.,
rooms; modern, heated. 37 Agnes
street.    Phone L 38.
room tor young gentleman in refined home,   rent tlO.    Write  Box
$100 cash, balance ln 24 months.
room house, bath, toilet, etc. Apply
1412 Fifth avenue.
LULU ISLAND, 44x185 foot lots, on
Ewen avenue: $i!50, $l"!25 cash, balance 24 months.
Specialists in acreage and small lm-
l proved ranches. Farm land to trade
\ for  clty   property.
706 Columbia Street.
to rent, 319 Regina Btreet, $22 a
with sitting room to let to gentlemen only. Breakfast If desired.
Telephone and modern conveniences. Five minutes from the
post office. Terms moderate. Enquire Phone R 414.
Meet every Monday in Labor hall,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 608, Residence phone 601.
A Spiritual meeting will be held at
Mr. 3. Clark's residence, Inman avenue. Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. All are
welcome.    Literature  for   sale.       ���*
Mr. Holroyd Paull, violin virtuoso
and teacher, pupil of Prof. Sevcik,
Prague  M.  Cesar Thomson, Brussels
���now receives pupils. Terms and full
particulars    from    Mr.    C.  W.  Open-
���sliaw, Room S Kllis Block, 552 Columbia street.
Titles    Examined,   Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
lish setter dog. Owners name and
address engraved on collar. Finder
return to W. Thompson, care Leafs'
store, East Burnaby. Reward. Anyone found having dog after this
date will be prosecuted.
Water consumers not using meters
are reminded that the time for savins
the rebate for the three months ending 31st December next expires on
the 31st inst.
City Treasurer.
Varden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
meet in Eagles hall the first and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Waters,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
Telephone R 113  Office:  Princess St,
;Jpr B. C. Coast Service
For   Victoria.
10:00 A ,M Dally except Tuesdav
1:00  P.   M Daily
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
For  Seattle.
10:00  A.  M Daily
11:00   P.   M Daily
For  Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M...Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
For Queen Charlotte  Islands.
11:00 P. M...Oct. 31, Nov. 11th, 25th
For  Hardy  Bay.
8:30  A.   M Wednesdays
For   Upper  Fraser   River   Points.
Leave  New  Westminster,  8:00 A.M.,
Monday,  Wednesday and Friday.
Leave  Cliilliwack. 7:00  A.  M., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7:00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Galiano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Ganes Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Westminster.
G. P. A.. Yancouver
Melbourne, Aust., Oct. 2? ���Prime
Minister PlShftr today delivered the
Budget speech in the Obinuionwcaltii
Parliament, The figures presented
by him revealed a wonderful expansion of revenue. In spite of a greal
increase (n expenditure there remains a surplus of two millions. The
principal feature of expenditure is
the construction of the first section
of the naval fleet at a cost of four
millions out of revenue, while large
votes are provided to build new forts
equipped with heavy guns, and to
place the harbor defences and land
forces on practically a war footing.
The government lias rejected the
Offer of Great Britain to contribute a
quarter of a million annually towards
the upkeep of the fleet.
An issue of Federal debentures is
forecasted, the proceeds of which
will go towards the building of the
new capital, national railways and
the redeeming cf state debts.
It is not the intention of the government to renew the Vancouver
mail service at. present. It is announced that tlie postoffice department prefers to 'jay poundage.
A Fortune in Stamps.
A lady living in Sydney for many
years has hoarded a collection of
postal stamps left by her father, who
had pursued his hobby of collecting
for fifty years. The daughter Was ignorant of any knowledge of philately
and threw the stamps into an ol 1
trunk. Last week she visited a stamp
exhibition and for the first time
awoke to the value of the stamps in
her possession. She secured the assistance of experts, who estimate the
value of the collection at twenty
thousand pounds.
Rejected  Lover's Revenge.
A man  named   Lawless, employed
at a station in Quirindi, fell in love
with a governess in the employ of the
family  of the  proprietor of the station.    The girl left and went to stay
at   a  neighbor's.     Her   affection    for
Lawless waned and she left the district.    Lawless went to the home of
her  friends   and   shot  the    man,  his
wife and daughter  and then set fire
to   the  house,   following   which    he
took hiB own life by plunging a knife
into  his  heart.
Geographical   Society of   South   Australia, Takes Up 60-Year-Old
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Phone 661. Box 772
The Geographical Society of South
Australia, has Just sent an expedition into the desert region of the
State of Western Australia to seek
the remains of an exploring expedi
tion that disappeared from view more
than 60 years ago.
C. E. Gee sent word to the society
that he believed he had found the relics of the expedition which Dr. Lud-
wig Lelchardt led into the wilds of
the continent. He also sent a map
on which he marked a district in the
desert not far from Sturt Creek ln
the northwestern part of Australia,
where he had found these relics. Mr.
Gee ts a member of ihe society, and
it was decided to investigate his report.
Young Dr. Lelchardt was an enthusiastic German naturalist who
went to Australia to have a share ln
its exploration. His first great Journey brought him world-wide fame,
for he and his seven comrades tramped over 2500 miles of unknown Australia. Pushing northward through
the heart of what is now Queensland, he discovered many a mountain
range, unheard of river and savage
tribe, and all he saw was a revelation of the unknown.
Lelchardt never saw the book he
wrote, which still has many readers
for while it was being printed in
London the restless explorer set off
on his second great undertaking,
from which he never returned. The
mystery of it was the talk of Australia for years. He was swallowed
up somewhere in the thirst lands,
leaving no trace that search parties
were ever able to find.
Several   of   the    Colonial   Governments offered large rewards to those
who should relieve Lelchardt or learn
his  fate.    Every  exploring   party in
Austrailia since that time has bad In
view   the   possibility   of  solving  the
mystery, but no relicB   of the party
were ever produced, and the rewarus
offered   for  tidings  of  the   explorer
have never been paid. As late as 1890)
a small  party  investigated   a report
that Lelchardt relics had been found i
among  one   of   the  tribes  of  north-1
western Australia.    Nothing was dls-1
covered. !
The expedition that has now left
Adelaide haB been Instructed to make
a thorough investigation and if convinced that it has solved the mystery
of Lelchardt's fate to mark the scene
of his final Bufferings with a stone
Continuous  and    Monotonous   Excitation of Senses Is Sufficient.
In I he present age of overwork and
artificial excitement there are numerous people who Iind it very difficult to get sufficient sleep.
Included in tiiis category are those
who suffer from sick headache, hysterical and neurasthenic persons,
those under the influence of seme obsession, and melancholic and neurop-
pathic subjects of all kinds.
It is futile to increase the doses.
They have no further effect. Bui
tbey are noxious and poisonous to the
system, so that the remedy becomes
worse than the disease.
Sleep may be obtained by simple
means. It Is enough to act upon the
brain by means of physical agents.
The patient, may be induced to fall
asleep by some continuous monoto
nous excitation, a prolonged use of
the sense of sight as, for instance, bv
the fixation of some brilliant object,
or of tbe sense of hearing by means
cf the ticking of a pendulum.
When the doctor has succeeded in
making the patient fall asleep he endeavors to cause him to sleep as long
as possible. This is a difficult mat
ter in cities where noises are too intense and too varied. They do not
cease even during the night, and unceasingly they recall to tbe nervous
patient his business, his occupations
and social obligations.
The physical and moral overstrains
which are the inevitable consequence
of our Intense civilization must be
counteracted hy sleep, which while
repairing the nervous waste will also strengthen and temper the nervous
For this purpose scientific methods ure being devised and applied In
the establishment of home3 for treatment by means of a sleep "cure" remote from towns. Dr. Felix Reg-
nault in an excellent article on this
subject, from which the Information
here given is extracted, speaks ln tho
highest terms of a sanitarium founded for this purpose by Dr. Lemesle
of London.
His establishment ls situated ln
Touraine, a country with a mild ancl
equable climate and light atmosphere. He causes his patients to
sleep by the means indicated above,
and it these are insufficient he has
recourse to a still more efficacious
remedy���namely, blue light.
As Dr. Windt, the celebrated German physiologist, first pointed out,
the .different rays of the solar spectrum have a varied action on the
nervous system. Mons. Lumlere of
Lyons observed that those of his employees who worked ln rooms illuminated by red light became nervous
and rapidly fatigued.
This effect disappeared when he
replaced the red light by means of
green. Red is, In fact, for men as
well as for animals, the most exciting part of the spectrum. Green gives
tranquility,' while violet. Indigo and
blue are soothing. Patients are therefore treated by phototherapy. The
walls and ceilings of the rooms are
all papered or painted blue, and the
windows have blue glass. All the
furniture ls lacquered in white or
blue in order that no other color may
combat the influence ot the blue
When night falls light ls supplied
by electric lamps with BTtie bulbs. In
order to effect a gradual transition
between tbe sedative blue and the ordinary white light the corridors and
halls are Illuminated with green light.
After a short sojourn in the blue
light the incessant flow of ideas diminish. Calm comes little by little and
presently refreshing sleep.
Amid such surroundings tho patient has no other sensation than
that of a longing to sleep. Care is
taken not to disturb him. The mora
the sleep can be prolonged���for days
or even weeks���tbe more the subject will benefit from its efficacy.
The patient takes bis food and attends lo his own wants in a quasi-
automatic manner, immediately afterward resuming hls interrupted sleep.
Many overworked and nervous people
from the cities, who complain of a
thousand different ills, would bu
rapidly restored to health by such a
sleep "cure."
An English Chemist Has
Discovered How to
Grow Hair
In England the ladles have entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which ls
due entirely to this ne.w discovery.
It has been proven that Henna
leaves contain the ingredients that
will positively grow hair. That they
contain this long-looked-for article is
proven every day.
The Americans are now placing on
the market a preparation containing
the extract from Henna leaves, which
is having a phenomenal sale.
This preparation Is called SALVIA,
and is being sold with a guarantee
to cure Dandruff and to grow hair ln
abundance. Being daintily perfumed,
SALVIA makes a most pleasant hair
dressing. Ryall, your druggist. Is the
flrst to import this preparation Into
New Westminster, and a large, generous bottle can bo purchased for 50:.
L.i *i
A Gureey-Oxford is as
prompt as young Appetites
There is no  delay,   tha  children never have to wait lor meals when
you havo a CurnevOxford in the kitchen.    With thi�� rcngc dinner is on
lhe dot.    Yi/ur f.re  is
absolutely reliable, tho beat regulated and controlled by an exclusive device, tho won-
t'erful little OXFORD ECONOMIZER. This
patent camper enables you to forget the fire
untiltho hourtoktart
dinner. Andthetnv- ;^.\l
ind c I coal will HBton- 11
iihpni;  20% reiiuc-
ea<y   rec
;eord  ior  this 1S��^RJPT^
tion   ci your   fc-'.ls   is   an
littls regulator.
Another advoatp;.?  is  in  its  eplen
did over, iaeililies.    No  inore  m>��&y  or
ov?r-.!one'  baking.     Tho   oven   heat   is
controlled    and    guided    equally    over   [J
front,  buck  und   bides  by means of the     |
Th? HcverslMe Grate, thc Urnilcr Top, the p.teui
Lifl-up ltcurth a,e more r. iv.'u* iur u*..m��a Gurney-
Oxfurd, u:id to these a lv.- ��� lias are r.dii.-J a .hinini
njpttfflJIIHi artiltio tla^'t , i anil perfect CCfci i.f operation.
You ere inviud to OQOfl m-l sq* thie and oilier, ol lh* Curucy iaiia.
T. J. TRAPP & CO. Ltd.,
B.C. Mills
limber  and Trading  Co.
Manufacturers and Dealsrs tn All Kinds ol
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone  12 New Westminster Box   i
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, ror It ts the stuff tbat the foundations of wealth and happiness are built of.
Money may be used In two ways; to   spend   for   what   ls
needed now aad to Invest for what shall be needed ln the future.  Money cannot be invested until It is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorised Capital, 92,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street.
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart ank be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
Who Said
*T*ur Generation* of Ono Family WeHc
Together In Field.
Tbst health and long life are found
en   the  fsrm   Ous  lonti   beeu   known.
Ute In the open nlr. with sound sleep ' absoHite u*-ws'tv
Mr. Widened. G.ntl. Littlo Lady Isabel Ha* Many Blue Ribbon*.
Llttlu Lady Ibubel. whos�� picture ls
eli>jv.-ii here, la oue of tbe must beautiful and best produciu.,' Jerxeys on
this Hide of the water, sad she Is the
pride of ber owner, I*. A. B. Widener.
et bis show farm. Eikins Park.
Sbe Inm wou enough blue ribbons te
decorate ber stall ail round its top
falliuK, aud tbe fancier wboue money
could take ber away from the Widener
Stables bas not yet com* into public
Sbe ls aa xentle as she la pretty, and
her butter average Is more than Ufteea
pounds per week.
Tbe Jersey cow Is a highly specialised product of centuries of breeding
for tbe primary purpose uf the economical production of batter, says the
Breeder's Gazette. The intelligent
breeder will bope to produce butter-
making function by reproduclnc tbis
form. Tbere is a fascination io watching a lot of beautiful. fawnNke Jersey
heifers as tbey are developing Into
cows, especially If tbeir breeding Is
sneb ae to give promise of unusual excellence. There is enough of ctaaoce la
It to satisfy In some degree the gambling spirit tbat we mortals are cursed
Tbe science (or lottery) of breeding
has sucb a cbsrm for tbe amateur tbat
many formulas of inbreeding nave
been experimented wltb to the detriment of some famine* of Jerseys. To
toe mire, a few remarkable freaks have
resulted, bet these are of questionable
value, since they never reproduce
themselves The phenomenal results
���f mating the SL Lambert herd with
Btoke I'ogls id. bnve been the Inspiration thnt has resulted In Inbreeding.
There Is no place for a dog on the
same farm   with a  Jersey  cow.     Ite-
ride  which   you   prefer  to   keep  aud
then  either  kill   the dne  or  sell   tbe  j
cow.    I once sold two fresh heifers to |
��� friend nt a modest price," suys U.  j
B. Chapman.
"They   were   gentle   pets,   kind   to
���Dilk snd giving eleven |K>unds ot buc-
antl wholesome food, means health, and
a busy hody ueans a contented mind I farm a
and little wear nnd tear ou nerves.
The   nft-ouipnnyliig    picture   shows
four generations of oue family at work
North   Texan   Farmer   Find*    That
A4oo  Speedily   Pays  For   It.elt.
1 can tell  vou seven reasons in sev-
en seconds way ttie automobile is an
to tiie farmer, says
a cuutnbuior from Nhrtti less* In tiie
nd   Itanrti.     iic.re  tliey  are all
neatly Joiletl down tor your peruaall
Flrst.-My automobile put mo on the
�����eene at critical time, when an bour
taeant profit ot loss
Second.-My automobile tea great fnotor
In estaliltahlnB good will and cu-operanon
between my reniers and me
Third. ���It has made possible the development on my fHrin of a social center,
from which It haa resulted that I hav*
secured my pick of farm renters fot my
land. It haa enabled me to so In fer (scientific agriculture, long sighted methods
and prizes which wlll mean a still higher
reputation for my acreage.
Fourth.-Day and night errands and tho
delivery of products bn schedule time have
resulted from the possession of a machine.
j Fifth.���My family, my renters and I now
j -enjoy the advantage* of both ctty and
I country life, with ver> tew'disadvantages
I -of either.
Sixth.���My nutomoblle has brought about
j Creat Improvement In our roads, which Is
j an asset to our �� hole community.
Seventh ���It enables us lo car* for our
sick and wounded safely and promptly
with surgeons and physicians when the
emergency demands.
I-Sefore I bought my automobile nobody loved a horse better than I did.
Mince  without  prejudice   1  had   been
la * field o* a Long Island farm. All
are sturdy md happy. It Is seldom
Meed that Cutir generations will be
(����mhJ eugaged Jn a gainful occupation
in a ctty.
Ceuntry School Spoils Good Farmsrs.
Vocational   training   Is   enlisting   as
never before tbe interest snd effort of
business men and educators ln several
western  states.    For  two years  cer-
talo   bankers lo  Minnesota  bare promoted It very actively, tbeir commercial   loterest  In   farm   properties  and
people leading  them to do so.    Tbey
have found tbut of 435.UU0 school children, eduealed at a coat of $14,000.(100
annually, fewer than I.N00 attend agricultural schools.   In a state whli-b bas
only   oue-1bird   of   the   tillable   land
wlihln  Its 84.000 square miles  under
cultivation  orer  oo   per  cent  of  the
children are being trained to be con-
Somen and only  tour tenuis of 1  peri
cent   to   be   producers,     i he  present'
I school   system,   even   Id   lhe  couutry. j
| was (bus found to De educating chil- j
i dren away from the farms, ���spoiling |
��� good   farmers  and   not   makiug  good
city men."
'J'be bankers offeree prises for the
Meet answer te tee i��tueets��> Va* a��
1 Coins >e leave tb* tenet Vbe boy
wbo woe Srnt prise law astaam oa the
fact tbat "moat of the na-Suolmarma'
are tows gjris or girls from town
schools snd don't like ctaiotry life.
Tlieir attitude belps to sow dtssatls
fuctiuu among the pupils."���Survey.
Many Styles
to  Choeee from
Every one
Bench   Tailored
Ready fer your
New Styles,
new cloths,
new tailoring
See them
before- you buy.
As   Tailored   In   20tk  CENTURY BRAND Exclusively
$10.00 to $30.00
ter eacb pei" vveek. .My friend took
tbem home nnd turned them Into n
Woods pasture At milking time the
big hlnrk dog wus sent to the woods
to drive up Ihe heifers. When Ihe
heifers saw that dog coining nt them
they went up nil right us high as they
could go without Climbing the trees.
Tbey did climb ihe fences. The dog
was a 'good' dog and kept on In line
srlth his Instincts, chasing the frightened heifers till finally ihe two together, my friend and the <I<>b. got tbe
poor tittle cows Into a fence corner,
where my friend milked Ihem. Ihe nig
black dog watching the while to keep
the heifers In Unit quiet, peaceful condition of mind so Imperii tl vely necessary to n uorinnl flow of inillt.
"A few weeks under I Ills system
Snd the heifers were nearly dry. when
my friend wished me to take Ihem
buck,   which   I   did.    The   next  year
TH* Food That Plants Warn.
Tbere are len essential elements of
plant food. Five of these are pro-
vlded hy nature In abundance��� ru, j
carbon and oiygen, secured by the |
growing plant directly from the air.
hydrogen from wnier absorbed by the
earth, iron uud sulphur supplied by
tbe soil.
The remaining fire elements are
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, mat;
uesliim nnd calcium. The supply and
Uberatlou of these five constitute the
foundation nf permanent agriculture
on all cuitlratubie soils in humid sections. Nitrogen exists lu tbe air tn
absolutely Inexhaustible amount, and
for general farming enn be secured
from the air most economically by the
growing of legume crops.
If ihcse crops nre plowed under,
nitrogen Is thus incrcnsed and additional organic matter supplied, which,
as It decays In lhe soil, helps to liberate nr  make available tbe otber tour
they   made   recorded   churn   tests   of elements,
over  fourteen  and  a   half  pounds ot |
butter each In seven days, nnd at live
years old lhe two were sold to satisfied purchasers for $400,"
>     General Farm Notes.
No man who thinks anything of a
tree wlll ever make u hitching post
ot It.
There Is n little mint of money snred
In buying feed In the fall ot ihe year
and holding It till spring need comes.
Une of tbe best tools a farmer can
have ts a good riveter for mending
leather straps of All kinds. Une of
these will save a good many trips to
town uud muybe more than oue runaway.
Keep a blank book snd Jot down the
mistakes you make this year ns things
to he avoided next year. It Is easy to
remember what you mnde money on.
hut li makes a pretty smart man to
Hee his own failures.
A good many farmers are getting so
they would rather sell their potatoes In
the fall right from the field and not
bnve to bother with storing them nnd
running the risk of low prices next
spring. The shrinkage, too, is a big
Item io be figured on.
To get Hie best results from tbe agricultural paper It should be read and
discussed by every member of the
tamlly. A discussion upon subjects
relating to the farm and the home
wlll Interest the younger members ot
the family and give incentive for
thoughtful reading. i^is^s!
tet Wif* Hav* Own Monty.
It is a deplorable fact thnt many a
wife his w beg ner li'ishnnd for monej llflel she lllit. heipeU to d'uke it.
To have to ask for money, even when
It Is given willingly, Is it disagreeable
thing. ,1110 ynii ever hear ihe story of
the commiiiee of women who pledged
themselves lo contribute tl each to a
worthy cause? The dollar was to be
earned by hard work. Tbe night of
the collection some tunny slortes were
loid about now the money bad been
earned "How did you earn your dollar?" the chairman nsked a handsome
woman. "I got It from my husband,"
was ihe reply. "There was no bard
work about that." some one snld. The
woman smiled snd answered, "Von
don t Know my husband."
Keeping Rats From Chicks.
In one night rats will destroy enough
chicks to pay for many a rod of llrst
class line meshed wire.
[By  courtesy   Kansas   But*   Agricultural
col leg*. J
kicked and bitten by favorite horses,
had gone through runaways and discussed situations with balky animais
1 was quite sure that nothing could
break my attachment for a good driving horse.
When It came to tbe automobile I
did not bave much faith in my experiment I find made up my mind that it
was liable to breng down at auy time:
tbnt all my neighbors would be set
agalnsl me because tbeir horses would
be afraid ot the machine.; thnt aitov
���ether the outcome cvuie ecaruety tie
Here's my experience.
Tbe automobile uever complains nor
fulls to respond, except when abused
by reckless driving over rough places,
while tt delights In going at. nlgh
speed where tne roads are good.
Mauy farmers suppose thst the automobile Is for tbe wealthy man. wben
It is really the friend of the poor man-
much cheaper than horses and good
vehicles It managed with tbe same
care. I believe that It is a valuable
Investment, Just as la tbe plow or
i.et me Illustrate how auto owning
works. Une day I wns In Sherman
when a phone message came tbat
something hud gone wrong wltn the
cattle and no one knew what to oo. It
wus up to me to be on the ground uu-
medately. With n horse this wouid
have required st least an hour, and
1 probably would bnve had to hire a
rig in the city and pay $5 for It. Instead of Ihat I answered "Coming."!
clapped the receiver up. rnn out. crung-
ed tbe machine, Jumped In and well
within bait su hour wus working with
tbe cattle.
That one Instance wns worth a
great many dollars, and I could cite
twenty like It ot quick trips ahout
the farm. That is one rensou wny I
any that lo three months inst winter
my machine earned enough to pay tor
Itself In ways oot expected by uie
When I bought It.
Tbe average landlord sets down his
renters In their in tie shacks on this
nnd thnt hilltop, sees thera one* a
month and allows a spirit ot misunderstanding, envy, distrust nud ignorant funning to "take" his farm.
Although I use the greatest care In
choosing my renters, this would hare
been my fate but for my automobile.
671 Columbia Street
New Westminster
��� \1
;  I 1 11111 I I I 1 111 I 11111111 I
A man whe works a sweat pad '
en hie herse ought to hsve one \
en his own neek.   It is cumber* ���
some, hot, filthy and it breeds ;
scabs.   Ths up te date man ha* ,
long  age discarded  the eetton <
pad and usee a leather collar��� ;
smooth, ne lumps, ner knots, ner .
eweat ��lets���that Is, if hs sleans t
It aad ells It efts* enough.
Oreomlng the horse every dey
net only eleans the skin, but prevents parasitie diseases es well.
The modern herse Is sn artificial
product living under artificial
conditions. In order te de hi*
beet he needs the oars ef men.
iii Hit in nut ni i um m
Kill the Dandruff Germs���Stop -Hair Falling
Thousands ot mothers are looking younger.���Their gray hairs are gone. The natural
color has coma back, and with lt a new growth ot soft, glossy. luxuriant hair. Why should
yoa look old before your Ume, when you cau look years yoaaaer by using
Dandruff Cured
Three applications removed
all the dandruff and left my
scalp clean, white and smooth.
Wm. Croak, Rochester If. Y.
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
It ether "ao-called" Restorers hava failed, dont five up hope, but (ire WYETH'S
SAGE AND SULPHUR HAIR REMEDY a_ trial. You run no rlak. U il la not exactly
as represented, year money will be refunded.
A Reekefeller Rotation.
The more corn the more stock, tbe
more stock the richer tbe land, the
richer the land tbe more corn, and
there yoa have tbe secret of a rotauha
tbat Is sors to bring success.
Cellar a tushel er Werdt
Moat formers are content to raise
corn at $1 a bushel, bat tbere area tew
who would rather write about how to
raise two san where one grew Delta*
at |1 a
Gray Half Restored
Mt kair was letting quits gray and falling Wt rapidly
Sad I was tiouMed with a terrible itching et the scalp.
My head was full of dandruff, which feU upon my clothes
aad kept me continually brushing lt off. While ea a
visit to Rechastsr I heard of your fikge aad Sulphnr
far ths hair. I got a bottls and used it A fsw applications "itated ths Itehlag, lay hair stopped fall-
tat out aad gradually came back to its natural color.  It
Sharon, Mercer Co* Pa.
Grew Hair on a Bald Haad
For two or three yssrs my hair had beta
falling out and getting quite thin until the top
Of my head was entirely bald. About four
months ago I commenced using Sage and Sulphur. Tha first bottle seemed to do some good
sad I kept using lt regularly until new I have
used four bottles. Ths whole top of my head
Is fairly covered aad keeps coming la thicker.
I shall keep oa using it a while longer, as X
aottee a constant improvement
50c and $1.00 a Bottle���At all Drujjgfcts
��� Vour Brvsjlst Does Hot Keep It, Send Vs the Price In Stamps, and We Wffl
��� inrHW    ^ YwuUrtc Bottle* Express Prepaid
Wyeth Chemical Company " S?3��&flSE?-t
mrr   A SOe Cake eA toyef*a Base ***** �������������� TeOct Sea* **ee to anyone who will . _.^,
iKtfc   ua thla advertisement with 10c In stamps to cover coat of wrapplnajai mailing the i|��
,,.,.7. ,���; sWBBi
MONOAV, OCTOBER 30, 1911.)
The Daily News
Published by The Dally News Publishes Company. Limited, at their offices,
earner   ot    McKensle   aad   Victoria
E. A. Paige Managing Director
league, Mr. A. pr^lcR��>. in a conference at ni IKI (Tate when Port
Mann lots are to eb pus up (or sale
wlll be settled.. je*.       J
Meanwhile tfcr Ural '. real estate
market i llvely^and city dealers report that last week waa one ot the
best of the year.    A.
The activity la ���Sirne real estate
continues. The Hopper-Phillips Co.
it is announced, contemplate the erec
tlon of a large business block on thc
property  tliey bought recently.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1911.)
Today ls the day set apart in the
Dominion of Canada for the giving
of national thanks for the many
blessings which have been showered
on its citizens throughout the past
Tliere is possibly no nation on
���earth from which thanks are due to
such an extent as from Canada at
this juncture. A munificent harvest,
peace at borne und abroad and every
promise of continued prosperity are
among the many tilings for which all
wlll Join in rendering thanks. Por
many years past tlie Dominion lias
��njoycd such peace and plenty, and
the^e blessings bave had tbeir culmination in the benefits which have
acrued in tlie last twelve months.
Therefore tbere can be no doubt as
to the unanimity with which the day
will  be celebrated.
It ls an old and splendid custom
this of marking time for one day in
���each year on which to reflect upon
the acquisitions of the past, and ono
which should be treated with far
greater reverence tban ^merely to ob-
London, Oct. 29.���Mary Macarthur,
tho English working woman's champion, secretary to the Women's Trade
Union League, who has spent many
years In strenuous efforts to in luce
women to form unions for themselves, has Just set them an example
by uniting herself In matrimony to
William C. Anderson, Chairman of the
Labor Party, at the City Temple,
their mutual friend, the Rev. 11. J.
Campbell, tying the knot for them.
Mlss Macarthur became editor of
the Woman Worker 'when quite a
young girl, and ln a short time worked up lt3 circulation from nothing to
50,000. Among many other successful undertakings she took up the
cause of the women chain workers at
Cradley Heath, near Birmingham,
last year and in the end procured
double wages for them all.
"What made yOu' take up this
work?" the writer aSked her yesterday.
"It. happened hy accident," she answered. "I went 'In for Journalism
some years ago more as a'hobby than
anything else, and was aske 1 to go
one evening and write a report in. a
humor fashion of a meeting which
some working girls were going to
hold for the purpose of forming a
union among themselves. I went, but
that humorous report never was written. I was converted and came away
wilh a strong desire to espouse the
Home Baking,
Better every way
than the ready
made foods
Baking Powder
Apure,Cream of Tartar
| Made from. Grapes
serve it as one of the, many national , cailge  of   the   working   WQman   from
holidays.    Tbere is much time given j that moment.   1 was met immediately
over to mere enjoyment In each year,
but it is only the more serious-minded of us who consider Thanksgiving
Day in the proper and more correct
-spirit.   Such  prosperity  as  has  been
vouchsafed to us should nevertheless
be productive of a more serlphs vein
of thought and one Bhould^glve pause
for a moment to the consideration of
tho meaning of the festival.
by strong opposition from'my father,
who was a wealthy manufacturer. He
would not give in, so I had to leave
him, and he refused tq.ay.ow me any
money, I went to "London, bent on
earning my own living. Here fortune favored me. The position of secretary to the Women's Trade Union
League was vacant and Lady Dilke
offered It to .me. I accepted it and
have held it ever sincfe."
Speaking   of   her*-' work   for   the
chainmakers, Mrs. Anderson said:
got his degree from the Vienna Oni-
! versity  and  eventually  settled  down
i in St. Louis as a dental surgeon. It
was after all these years, when pay-
; ing a short visit to Austria, that liis
I ex-employer sought him out and demanded compensation for the loss of
, his horses, alleging that Wield   had
spent the money in dissipation at different country fairs.
Wield thereupon brought an action
The origin of the day has been ��n waB a cage of the worm that
<traced back to that tffyie 'yrtien the turned at Cradley Heath. The con-
Pilgrim   fathers   with   all   due   rever-  ditions  under  which  these; poor  wo
of slander. Kruda denied he had
directly accused Wield of embezzlement. He had. be said, merely reminded Wcild of the fact that he still
owed him for tlie horses he haJ entrusted him with to sell. Mrs. Wield
deposed that Kruda had made use of
slanderous expressions, and so the ex-
ex-employer with the long memory
was sentenced to five days' imprisonment.   He said he would appeal.
The Old Folks
find advancing years bring an increasing tendency
to constipaiion.    The corrective they need is
��nce knelt to give thanks-for the
first harvest which they ever reaped,
T>ut it was the great Lincoln, who, In
the year 18C4, for the "first time established the day as a red letter one
in the national calendar of North
America, and as such a day it ls now
men had been making chains had ex
isted for generations, and aft last education and the knowledge $hat other
workers had bettered themselves,
braced them to an effort. | Nothing
could have been worse thai the state
1 found them in. To begin with
their surroundings were tiie dreariest   possible description.     Everybody
** NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Entirely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly. Increasing
doses never needed. Compounded, like all the 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemists. Money back if not satisfactory.
25c. a box.   If your druggist has not yet stocked them,
send 25c. snd we will mail them.
parauons,  d
New six room modern house; large basement, well finished In every
way, on corner lot, only 200 feet from Columbia street car line.
Price $2750, $650 cash, balance to arrange.
House for sale or rent on McDonald street, off Eighth avenue east.
Small house on extra large lot. Price $1375, one-third cash, balance
6, 12 and 18 months.
One lot on Belmont street, 60x132, close to Sixth street carline.
Price $1575, onethlrd cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. This ls
$300 below market value.
Double corner on Eighth avenue and Fourteenth street; 132x132;
nearly all cleared. Price $30.10; terms to arrange. This is a good
McGill & Coon
Phone 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building.
George Adams, late proprietor ot
the Publlc Supply Stores, Columbia street, New Westminster, hereby
requests that all accounts owing to
him be paid as early as possible, at
bis new offices In the Odd Fellows'
hlock, 716   Carnarvon    street,   New
observed equally on this Bide ol \he 1 Uvln8   in   the   most   abject    poverty. :
line and on the other. \ ^ny cessation trom work tar even an
  I hour    meant    worae_lJ��an  (Starvation
���-���'    ���     .     g" "Tthah   they   enured  ofJTnarfly.       T&��
*a%*a********^a*a*_.^^_^^^_\ women   used  to  go   their  employer's
^^^^***** J yard.    Every home had a lorge, and
��� REAL ESTATE JI here they worked for anything from
4> " twelve to fourteen hours a Bay, mak
The real  estate market was brisk
last  week, and local  mediants generally report good business.   Mr. J. J.
Johnston reports that lot 7, block 7
was put through at a good price to
ing the smaller kinds' of cliains, such
| as horse traces, gate chains, etc. By
working incessantly each''.wretched
woman could make ILiiS.-a, week, out
of which had to crime money for
fuel. '"
At   first  it   was   difficult-  to   per
wards the c1oe�� of the week.     The  suade the women into open rebellion,
lot   measures   06x132,   fronting   on   for tI]ey were afraid that their em-
Front street and Columbia street,
Among the transactions of'tlfe week
���was a warehouse site or Royal avenue, wrst cf Tenth street A house
and lot ln the West End were also
items in a good week's business.
"We have eiery reason to be satisfied with the husiness we have transacted as the result of the recent activity in business and West End property." remarked W. J. Kerr on Saturday, "but the deals we have put
through are not all closed, and therefore names and figures cannot he
given out just yet." The- property
eold by W. J. Kerr, Ltd., includes a
warehouse building lot close to Chinatown and a parcel of tt** lots west
of Twelfth street, the price paid being a marked advance of the Agure
at which the property W^b Bsted
three weeks ago. Three houses In
the residential part of the city and
several five and ten-acre blocks in
Langley, round out the week's business for this firm.
Capital is coming in from the
prairies nnd it is seeking investment
in good realty in territories abutting
-on the Fraser. There Is a disposi-
"lion in some quarters to regard the
irrrlces of business lotB in the neighboring city as prohibitive. For ex
ample, one prospective purchaser informed the Daily News last week that
a property fronting on Hastings
atreet, Vancouver, between Currall
street and Westminster avenue���
though the district can hardly lie re
plovers would refuse to take thera
back again afterwards. But by dint
of showing them that lf they only
would aet together they could improve their condition, and that their
employers were practically dependent on them, the momentous step
was taken, and one day, they all
struck work and marched down the
village beaded by an old woman of
70, who had spent her life al a forge.
The employers did not. bold .out long,
for up to now it has be.en impossible
to discover any maehfhery ithat can
do the work these .women do, and
few or no chains of this description
are imported. In the end we gained
the victory. The poor ijffljjnen were
overwhelmed, and thought themselves millionaires on $2 50 a week.
Yet for this small sum, each woman
must make 5000 links, and strike 50,-
000 blows with her hammeit. to say
nothing of blowing the bellows, attending to the forge, lifting the iron
rods, and fetching and 'taking back
the work.
"An amusing Incldei.'" occurred one
day during the strike. When the
women came up for tlieir strike pay
we decided we would tdve it to those
with babies first. They soon 'got
wise' to this, and w$. .began ..to recognize the same baby appealing in different mothers' arms. ' Th��y were
borrowing each others' babies so as
to get served first."
Mrs. Anderson is not beautiful, hut
there is something about her so radiant, so alert, that no one could call
Rarded as forming as yet part of fhaker homeIv.   she ,B btR aml falr, ,ikp
principal   business   section-Sold   for | many  Scotswomen,  with bright blue
15000 per front foot. It seems plain
���that in such circumstances investors
-and operators are looking farther
rafield. rr ���
Lulu Island came into prominence
last week, and the week closed with
a sharp rise in prices.
TSdmonds  is  the scene   of   consld- j
arable activity  in real   estate   these
days.    Agents seem to be devoting a
large amount of attention to big sub- j
divisions,   several    of   which    Have |
Tieen    sold   to   home   builders,   the
maker of a home being in favor with
reputable merchants in Edmonds as
elsewhere. i
Almost coincident with the taking
sip of options on properties here and
rumored important purchases mado
t>y or on behalf of the Canadian
���Northern Railway Company, comes a
report from Vancouver that one eastern capitalist is prepared to put a
million dollars Into Port. Mann as
eoen as the lots are placed on the j
market is lively and city dealers re-
tiommissianer of the Canadian North
eyes  that   are  both    humorous    and
Curious Experience of St. Louis Doctor   on   Revisiting' His   Native
Austria.  ���
London, Oct. 29.���Dr. Franz Wield,
of St. Louis, Mo., who came over last
August to visit the country of his
birth, Austria, had.u, curious encounter with the law on his vacation
trip. \
Dr. Wield, a middle-aged man was
once a groom in the employ ,of Michael Kruda, an Innkeeper of Jpoysdorf,
who sent him with a team Of horses
to Serayevo to sell them tj the remount department the^S That was
thirty-three years ago, during Aus-'
tria's campaign of occupation In Bosnia. Wield returned without money
and without horses, explaining that
the latter had been <stricken' with an
roA^v "left"last"week"for"To I Infectious disease aqd(had been shot
Company, ��?rt last ween ior io- .      f ,.    .^uMm
ronto,   where  he  will
loin  his  eol.' ' by order of the authorities.  1
join  uib coi       He afterward went t0 Vienna, and
took up thc study. oLflifidUJjie.     He
We have
To Purchase
of Sale
And Here We Are With
All Sorts of Cough and
Cold Cures. We Also
Have a Fine Display of
opposite   Royal    City    Mills.
317-321 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BI.
C. S. Davies
Cliff  Block phone 40
New  Westminster,  B.C.
Only $120 per toot.  Good terms.
LULU ISLAND���10.32 ACRES, ln city limits; 350 feet waterfront on
North Arm. Only $1800 per acre. One-third cash, balance to ar
range. '.
BEAUTIFUL XEW MODERN HOUSE, full-sized basement, �� rooms,
Turnace; - owner leaving city. Price $5450, $1950 cash, balance over
two and one-halt years at 6 per cent.
Corner Columbia and Eighth Streets.
oinco the Ingredients Entering Peruna
Are liuown, Its Power as a Catarrh.
Remedy and Tonio is
tive ingredients entering the most
popular household remedy In the
world have been made known to*
tho public. This means a new era
in thc advertising-of popular family medicines���Peruna leads.
Peruna   contains  among other
tilings, goldenseal, powerful in Ks
effect  upon   the   mucous   mem-  \
branes.    Cedron   seed,   a   rar�� g
rr.edicino and unsurpassed tonic 5
Cubebs, valuable in nasal catarrh *
and affections of tho kidneys and
bladder.   Stone root, valuable for  '
the nerves,   mucous  membranes
BS  well   as  in   dropsy and   Indl- I
Sestion. ' '
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Don't  You  Think
This is a Bargain ?
IN/ WEST END���11 Roomed
House, full sized lot. <Two
suites rented for $40 a month
Price $4,000, $1,000 cash,
balance $50 a month.
P. O. BOX 140.
PHONE 646 ANO 669.
*   ���
till he reached Maidstone, wbere he
was forced to descend owing to fog
After a brief delay he rose again
and (lew to London, hts progress over
the Thames to Ealing 'teing witness-
��t*8 JsjuThousarids- of Reoplp. Ev��qtual
ly he was compelled to alight ln a
field at Alperton owing to the density
of tbe fog.
In an Interview Mr. Hamel descrlb
ed his flight graphically.
"ft was a wonderful experience," he
said "It was good sport trying to
dodge the thick banks of fog, which
seemed to be travelling everywhere.
"Practically all the way from
France to Canterbury I travelled at
an altitude of between 8,000 and 0,000
feet���the hightest I have ever been.
I did it ]ust for the fun ot the thln��.
"When In the middle of the Chan-
, nel,   I   could  not  see    the  coast  on
The    pro    game  at Queen s  Park,  eltner glde   g0 it    can    be lmag|ned
on   Saturday   afternoon,  was  notable i what the foR wa8 ���ke,   t had t0 mako
in   several   respects.    In    the     flrat ] several detours ln order to avoid It
place. U was. a great game, iu which i And the wind!   It^was awful.   When 1
honors   were   almost  equally   dlvld-  started  lt  was  against  me;   then  it
ed,  both  teams   playing  up  to   form  came sideways and when 1 was flying
and  reputation.    The Rovers'  centre | over the Eimllsh side of the Channel
Rovers Beat Thistles for First Time
in  Many Seasons���Good Crowd
forward, Fraser, was hurt early in
the game, and lt ls unlikely that he
will be able to play for his team
a^ainSt the Hibernians today. The
score, 1���0, ln favor of the Hovers, is
a fair reflection of the run of the
play, though there are those who con.
niiliT that the Hovers should have
scored in the first half as well as in
the last few mlnutos of the second
half.    Donald put on the one point.
The other respects ln which the
game was notable were two. First,
it was the first time In years that
the Hovers beat the doughty team
of the Thrstles. Also the gate receipts were away ahead of those In
other ordinary Saturday afternoon
games In the history of football in
New Westminster.
The teams were: Rovers���Jack,
Lyons and Macmlllan; Hruce and
Eraser. Donald, Held', Fraser, Bor
land and Walker.
Thistles ��� Horn, Christian and
Teed; Chippendale, Irving and Har-
ley; Hutchard, Sommen, Mathews,
Nicol and Bell.
lt was behind me.
"When at Canterbury I started
coming down, until 1 was at an alii-
tude of about 5,000 feet. On my way
to Maidstone 1 gradually c:ime lower
and lower and at a favorable opportunity made a descent.
"After half an hour's rest I again
ascended, und made straight for the
Thames. 1 could hardly see St. Paul's
although I only flew at a height of
about thirty feet above Tower
The game between the Vancouver
Hibernians and the New Westminster
Hovers at Queen's Park today, should
prove eminently worth witnessing.
The Vancouver Celtics Just managed
to beat the Hibernians at Recreation
Park on Saturday, so that the visitors
today are likely to prove foemen
worthy of the best efforts of the Rovers. Saturday's game ls described
as the best the Hibs have played this
season. Till near the close of the
game the champions were unable to
do more than hold the score even, lt
ended;    Celtics 4, Hibs 3.
Cmiuithtnv and Cedar Cottage
teams played to a draw at Cedar Cottage on Saturday, in the game for
first place in the Senior Amateur
League. Play was excellent, and
both goalkeepers were called upon to
save some hard shots. The final
score was 2���2.
Among the games to be playe.1 In
New Westminster to;lay ls a league
fixture between the Vancouver 7^nd
Highlanders and the New Westminster! senior amateurs. The New
Westminster team will be selected
froi.i among the folowlng players:
Sanr her.       McAllister, Peterson,
Spe - Jie, King, Smith, Alsbury, Chlel,
tSriL.i. Petrle. McLaren, Coller, Fergus' n, (adzean. Hayes. The game
star's at MoodyvlUe Square at 3
p. in.
At Sapperton, on Saturday, the
Sapperton team and the team of the
104th BeBimeiit met ln a 'eague fixture. The regimental team had to
play with ten men. The game resulted in a win for Sapperton, the Bcore
being 4���0.
Westminster senior amateurs had
an easy win at Moody Square on Saturday, when their opponents were
the Vaneouver St. Andrew's. Once
more, however, the referee did not
turn up. and the game waa merely
a friendly.
Montreal. Oct. 29.���Newsy Lalonde,
of thi] Vancouver lacrosse team,
means to rejoin the players iiv the
Terminal City. He Is Mre on what
he describes as a farewell trip, and
he declares that unless something
startling, like a tremendous salary of
fer, comes in the way, he will be back
in Vancouver by
will  get  at least
League Second Division.
The High School team will meet
the Nomads, of Vancouver, at Moody
Square tomorrow, the game starting
at 1:15. This is the game ln the secon division of the league, and should
be well worth seeing. It wlll be a
fight for first place or the maintenance of first place in the one case
and the winning of first place in the
other. The High School team will
be made up from the following play:
ers: Roy Gilley, goal; E. R. Gilley
and Home, backs; Allison, McKay
(captain), and Logan, halves; Wilson, Feeney, Locheed, Lewis, MacAI-
llster, forwards.
E are ready to show you
all the new winter Overcoats*
Here are the big, roomy, cozy
kind���that mske Iriendi with you at once.
Styles   are   distinctively   new���
pattern! are beautiful���and the tailoring u right
np to the Fit-Reform standard.
C M. GREEN, Manager.
2 5 & On Your Money
...... Wo are offering for sale at ��3600 a business property   that   produces the above yearly Income ln rentals.
This ls situated In a growtag town close to this city, and Is an
.^1 investment which wlll soon be snapped up.
The Westminster Trust and Safe Deposit Co.,ltd.
J. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dlr.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
Coming! Coming!
Monday, 0130, Edison Theatre
Minister of Militia Sends Two to New
York  Army   Manoeuvres  Who
May  Buy  Planes.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���Colonel Fiset,
deputy minister of militia, accompanied by Lleut.-Col. Maunsell of the
headquarters staff, left yesterday for
Atlantic City to attend the aviation
trials being conducted by the United
States war department. They were
selected for this mission by Hon.
Sam Hughes, minister of militia.
It Is said tbat the new minister ot
militia may adopt a forward- policy
in regard to tbe use of Hying machine* ln connection with the training of the Canadian forces and lf the
trials are successful from a military
standpoint may be tempted to go ln
for an aeorplane or two for the Canadian militia department, with the
Idea of developing a number of Cana
dlan military airmen.
In Spite of Settlement of Strike Situation   Looks   Bad���Mines   Open
i Too' Late. .
Regina, Oct. 29.���Despite the settlement of the coal strike and the
consequent opening of the western
mines, it ls expected that there will
be considerable hardship in the outlying districts this winter.    Opening
_    at this late date, the western mines
December 1st.    "I' can not be expected to afford any con-
11,800 tor playing I slderable  measure ot  reliif, partlcu-
hockey there this winter," says Newsy. "I like it very much; they are a
fine people, and while I am able to
play I must make as much money ar
1 can. One never knows���an accidental blow or fall, wlll put a man
out of the game foi good. So lt Is
making hay while the siin shines foi
me." ��.
Rig game hunters, returning from
thc interior of the province, report
heavy bags during the present season. Practicaly all the big game
hunters who came to British Columbia at the opening of the season have
signified their intention of return-,
ing. Mr. Bryan WlHlams. provincial game warden, says that practically every kind of big game has
been plentiful, and huntera have taken away some splendid trophies of
the chase.
The plentlfulness ot big game in
the Casslar district Is attested by
all the sportsmen who are coming
out. Messrs. Home & Shepherd," two
Kngiish nlmrods, state that they
.went as far north as Teslln Lake, and
ln an absence ot forty-two .days had
seen BOO head of game. The largest
Items of this was moose, of which
they had seen 240 head, and the rest
was composed ot Caribou, mountain
sheep and smaller animals. They succeeded ln bagging some flne specimens.
larly to the farmers. The government sent out notices Instructing
farmers to purchase coal early ln the
season. Unfortunately, however, the
large majority of the farmers have
not ready money until after the
threshing. They were consequently
unable to purchase coal and as most
of the threshing still remains to be
done, many have not yet laid ln a
supply. Among these people, the situation wlll likely be serious.
8ays  Professor   Jordan   Is Cause  of
Chinese Uprising���Football Takes
War's Place Now.
ruin some are adopting the Russian
Special officials will be sent
through the province to control registration and any laxity in the matter will be punished by the dismissal
of the guilty ones.
San Francisco, Oct. 29.���That    the
reign of the Manchus is ended was
the opinion expressed by t avid Starr
Jordan, lecturer   ivca.e ad ocate ahd
president of Leland Stanfo:! University,  upon  his  arri al  tror.i  a  seven
weeks' tour of tht  Orient     ir   Jordan  visited Japin  in I Ko aa lu the
Interests of the "world peace foundation." "There ls no >tK* t \ . it thai
the Manchu must ?u." U*i ���:.��! I.    "Although, no trouble lus i>r/>j,,ed during my stay ln tho Orlcut, it wjt.ld
appear that the peoila a e (tyautaaMsA,
with   the   Imperial   r*. -cr.imcnt   aud
are disposal to ov*rtfii*w Jtll lu  !*���
pan I found ttie parti.-) in  much thu
���ame frame ot mind ns i>c>;>'ie ln other civllUed nation.     l'li��e Ib liu'.e
ot the spirit of war tor war's sake any
where  among   clvlll.ed  peop'e.   *tp
love of strife is satisfied with baseball and football,    in  Hpv'i ;her�� le
less danger of war than In most n*
tlons.   She still feels kn. n'y and must
feel  for  years  to  come  tho  lus*  In
manhood .and   mon?y   which  a   s'reat
war brings and rue present  htmun
on the working peoil-s    who  mostly
pay for wars.    Japan nen in America her best   .customs-  aud 'nearest
friend.   Her own Intrss's lie In Asia,
In the costly task of pj meation, :u.d
absorption of Korea and in the safeguarding of her Investments In South
Manchuria.    Finally she needa every
yen she can get by taxation or otherwise for her own projects df development.   She baa nothing to spend on
International war."      ,    '
Meeting of Lumbermen.
Se attle, Oct. 28.���The first meeting of the West Coast Lumber Manufacturers in the Puget Sound district
was held today in Seattle. The meeting is expected to be one'of the most
important held ln many months.
Lumbermen are present from Oregon.
Washington and British Columbia. A
large number of questions of interest
to the lumber industry of the Paciflc
Northwest will be discussed.
Warning to Young Girls
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind,   Bleeding   or
Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days. 50c.
Upper Side
Number Thirteen.
Italians never use the number thirteen dn making up the numbers ln
their lotteries���the superstition cf
the people ls against lt. The Turks
are so prejudiced against the word
"thirteen" that lt has virtually been
expunged from their, vocabulary. No
house ln Paris bears the number "18,"
and persons called "quartortlennea"
or "fourteens" are held in reserve
there to make a fourteenth guest at
dinner parties. The Norwegians
never allow thirteen persons at table
because Lokl, the god of malice, In
the Norse mythology, once made the
thirteenth guest at a celestial banquet and occasioned confusion.
Frenchman Touring   Eastern   Canada
��� '������������
on Queer Mission���Descendant of
Toronto, Oct. 29.���Vlcomte Jean de
Brecy, of Parts, who has been ln Toronto for some days past, stopping at
the Walker House, says he has no
less a mission ln visiting Canada
than the gathering of information
about all the people of Norman ancestry ln tbe country. He Is connected with the "8ouvenlr Normand,"
a Royalistic organization ln France,
and has comhe here after several
months spent ln collecting data In
India and Ceylon: be la now on bis
way to Quebec, ln which province he
says there are several tbouaand Normans, many of whom can be Identified only by their names and speaking accent, as they have forgotten
their genealogy. The Vlcomte's own
ancestry dates back to U��e Viking
forbears of the early Normans.
for Sale
Ten Room
Modem Bungalow
Concrete basement, furnace, on lot
52x164. situated on Fifth atreet, near
Sixth avenue, one block from car.
This ls one of the best finished houses
In town. The owner leavea for tbe
east ln a few days, and ia prepared to
sell this furplshed (whicb ls the
best money can buy), or unfurnished
Price 1(5,450
With furniture, $6000
On Easy Terms;
balance spread over
three years
648 Columbia Street New Westminster
The Price ef a Baton.
A story la told of Marshal J^efeyre,
Duke of DanUtc, that favorite ot Napoleon, which Illustrates his own consciousness of the qualities that  had
Be wiu ve*
Jews Must Oo.
Yusovka. Russia. Oct. 29.���Br ��n
order of the governor, all Jews, in the
province of Yekaterlnoslav are subject to expulsion with the following
exceptions: , v
1. Those living W the province
since May 16. 1*��*. <    ,
2. Artisans ahd others having permits of residence from the sovernor's
chancery. .
a.   Thoseresident arte* An*. 14.
New Westmlnater
622 Columbia street
Brunette Saw Milk Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
;:   A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
''Now is the time to build for tale or rent while prices are low
Three acres ln city limits, with 250 feet waterfrontage.   $25,000;
.-one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 939. Room 16, Collister Block.
,. v. ��� ^.        '	
made him what he was.
ed af the tone of envy and unkind-!     ���   - - ._��������*
nes. with which a companion of hi. 1906. ����� <g^*2*^Jg��D&-
����, n.tr**- childhood, who met him Ip his pros. ^JSLSTSL*^ **��� M,de bT
ndon aero- perlty, spok�� of his riches, titles.and the.��osW��rt chancery,
to take a  luxury, and aald In   reoly:    "Well.     4.   Those who ��"**���"* to.*
two-seated now, you shall have R all, but at the ratal   NI��t��M   *��?���������   ***   16'
London, Oct. 29���Mr.    Hamel haa
Just made a daring flight across the
Channel   from    France  to  England.
His starting point waa Hardelot, near
Boulogne and his landing place Alperton, five miles from the Hendon
drome.    Hls IntenKon was
new 70 horsepower Bleriot nn������.���  u*i**, ..��>��� ���>����������� >��������� ��� ������>���- -- --,-  -----   ..-,      .,  1aa,
monoplane from M. Blerlofs country I jrlce which 1 havo paid tor It.   We 18M. and ftfrU. ��** ai*n\atr.n hud
residence at Hardelot to the Bleriot fwlll go Into the garden, and I wlll     Many ot those subject to _&����������� (lmC
school at Hendon.    H�� crossed the]flre a musket at yon slxt;
A Boarding and bay Bchool for Youni
t you sixty times, ana ate in a ww
Channel to tbe Kentish coast and con- then lt you are not kitted everything den evpulat
tlnued In a northwesterly direction shall be y&urs."
times, aad at* la a critical poaltlon. as ��%sud  touch ^P^wrtUiMk
den enmlsloa piavants a HquMathm For JEffl^,."*.
of their affairs aad to avoid financial tha BMTtR BUPfRIOft,
Ths eurrlcuhun   Includes   preparatory,   intermediate,    grammar    aad
aeaoemlo.   or  high  hchool - grades.
Pupils prepared tor high ^school entrance and provincial teachers eiam-
insttaM.   The  Cwnittctal   Dtfsti.
meat ombiaooe   bookkeeping,  short-
(Isaac  PttSp. fystsss)   aa*
a specialty
address to
. W. B. GILLEY, Phons 122. Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
'^���� Phonea, Office 15 and 16.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
6*��t^' S
i ._    Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
A New Lumber Yard
Laths   and   Shlngtss
bumbar,   MonMlngs,
ut) ,*j~-
-I i.iiir.i
U riji.tr
^fwqnt to*.        (OM JOiass works g^tonr.
��� Silll
^^-^j**f.>^ir ���������/'--/ -j *^r**am*
MONDAY, OCTOBER 30. 1911.)
I'd Like to Lock You in my Heart
Sung by ELSIE JAMS in uharles Dillingham's production
Lyric bv
���       Aniiiintlno con dSHtmtiSM
Music by
i. A       fel - low
i. The    fcl - lew
who'd   been    mro' loves  clov - cr      lit   -   tie      mill,    A      fcl - lew    Who      well      knew    love's
who       re   - veals   the     girl     be   wooed    and    kissV, But  care - W   -  Iy        con  - cesls      the
!�����* s
gen - tie    lit - tie thrill, Wrote out, and    long
girl     he lov'd, but miss'd, Will nev - er    find
���*��� 8rn         -t*.
re - hears'd a    tale   cf
his    mate, and sure - ly
.**.      +.       .*>.   8ra	
deep, He  tried   it
day That hc    eii
on   girls,      All    sorts and kinds of  girls,   And     muni ��� bled      it      in
make lore,���   The   real - ly  kind  of   love,���This     good    old    fash - ion'd
gr-- a*
Copyright, MCMVi,, by JEROME 11. REMICK & Co.
All Tignu tot Canada secured. \\ Successors to Tlie Whitney Warner Pub. Co., Detroit���New York. J   Performing ri^b's rcser-<- ';
VuUUfoed. bv HUKKM MUSIC t����� Sew York.    Uae4b�� ptrmUsion. '    :*r-
You're      the sweet - heart    I'd        be      woo - ing,    \?hen    your    locks    were     gray;
 *.p**y*.*f-*-** -**���
-ft-; .y.T
You're      the   girl
I     want     for   -   ev   -   er,      not        lor   just
Uke   to   lock you     in    my heart, and  throw the   key       a - way.
I'd Like to Lock You in my Heart.
m -mi st��"
Vept 'parliament sitting longer than
usual, and the letter writers spent all
thtlr energy  defending   cr   attacking
FAN  lftMRftN  PHPFR1  the "��ritlsl1  constitution." Then the
lull   LUllUUll   1 nl LUU   Franco-German   war  scare  broke  out
and the editors were inundate 1 with
- epistles    from    amateur    strategists
. ,   _ - , and now  we have the   Italo-Turklsh
Annual   Summer   Correspondence   on   embroglio to absorb public attention.
Trivial   Topics   Crowded   Out   by       All cf the big news has been Interest-
0    .   oi     w . ing.  of  course,  but one  must admit
Kcai   big   News. (hat the  slimmer  has   iac]<ed   savour
  I without  Its  silly  seasons.
London, Oct. 27.���Constant visitors
to London have missed something
during last summer and most of tliem
couldn't make up their mind what it
was, except that London wasn't quite
the same. What they missed was the
"Billy stason" in the big London papers.
The "silly season"'has been an institution in London jouralism lor
many years. It. always began as soon
as parliament rose for the autumn recess, and it lasted until people got
back to town in October and November, ani it furnished innocent joy to
folk who like to see their names in
print, no matter how the publicity is
obtained. The rising of parliament,
of course, released a lot of space ln
the lxmdon papers, which usually
published practically unabridged reports of its proceedings, and that
space had to be filled somehow, (he
editors started a discussion on some
"silly'' topic and Invited readers to
write tlieir views on it. Il was customary to ask some such leader of
thought as Hall Caine, or .Marie Corelll, or ,Iohn Strange Winter to start
off with a column article on a carefully chosen silly topic and if the
letters didn't come freely enough the
office staff was called on to supply
1hem . Provocative letters over sucn
signatures as "Father of Seven,"
"Watchdog," and so on, written by
the sporting editor and the religious
reporter usually started the stream
flowing and in a few days the empty
space was filled.
"Should Girls He Spanked?" was a
silly season topic which achieved a
record success a couple of years ago.
"Should Lovers Kiss?" in another
paper ran it a close second, while
"Are Sermons Too Long" in one of
the more seriouB journals drew thousands of letters from country ministers and earnest young curates, "ls
Mixed Bathing Immoral?" was also a
popular subject. "Do We Marry Too
Old?" brought thousand of letters to
the paper which hit on this happy
idea and its success probably inspired a rival to propound the query,
"Ought We to Marry at All?"
Associated with the silly season
letter wilting were the sea serpent
and the big gooseberry. The sea serpent always timed his arrival on the
English coast to coincide with the
opening of the silly season an' record size gooseberries began to apnear
on the bushes about the same time.
Both have been missing this year.
The reason that there has been no
silly season is that there was no
space to spare in the papers this
year.      The  House  of   Lords   crisis
Is made by some excellent work ln
South Africa with the Cape mounted
At   last   an    English    author   ha3
found   a    way to circumvent the absurd  Hritish libel law.  which  makes
a   writer  of  fiction   liable   for  damages if he happens on the name of a
real person for one of his characters.
i John K.  Prothero, who, by the way, 1
! ls a woman, is publishing her novel
"Motley  and   Tinsel"   in   a   week   or
two.    It started to run serially in a
weekly  paper some months  ago,  but
I an actor whose name had been used
j unwittingly   sued   the   publishers    for
; libel and got $11)00.    That ended the
I serial publication, of course, but Joha
K. Prothero wasn't to be beaten.   She
wrote to a lot of leading authors and
asked them to lend their names and
they  all  consented instantly.   George
Bernard  Shaw appears in  the Iwoka
Stage door keeper, George K. Sims is
a   cab   driver,   Uobei t   Harr    a  stage
manager,  Pett Ridge  a  (tallboy ani
! Harry  Pain divides his name between
I an   eld   man   of  weak   intellect   and
his  dead   son.   -In   reply    to  the   author's request George It. Sims wrote.
!    "By all means use my name in the
��� way    you   suggest,   bul    be   careful
about   the cabman.      I   have  not   the
slightest doubt that theie are several
'of  them  who  bear   the   aristocratic
' name of Sims.    1  know that  a  Sims
was very nearly hanged a few years
' ago, and one was a famous thief. Hut
I if a cabman  named  Sims brings   an
action against you call  me as a witness to prove tliat the name has long
been associated with crime and other
amusements of the period."
i    Cecil Chesterton wrote:    "You can
i rely on  me to bring no libel action.
1 You may depict me as a burglar, or a
j blackmailer, or a man who steals pennies from blind beggars, or even as a
An encounter between the church
and the stage on rather novel lines
has Just occurred at a little hamlet
near the famous racing centre, Newmarket. The heroine is Lady de
Bathe, better known as Mrs. Langtry.
"I positively ruined the appearance
of my garden," she confide.) to me,
"In order to' send some nice flowers
to the vicar for decorating the altar.
Next Sunday I went to church. None
of my flowers to be seen! Other people's���yes. But none of mine. I
need only one guess to tell the
reason. The vicar's wife disapproves
of me.   Voila!"
Percival Gibbon, who has just had
a new novel published and Is looked
upon as one of the coming front rani;
producers of fiction, had a somewhat
unpromising early career. One of his
old school mates has just been telling me that Gibbon had a most unfortunate habit of walking in his
sleep���ii habit which, it has been
hinted, mav not have been so involuntary as it was made out to be. in
view of the fact that tacked on to the
sleep walking there was always some
mischievous onslaught on his more
soundly sleeping school fellows. ' The
ultimate result, say6 his friend, was
an invitation to Gibbon fiom th��
headmaster to sten outside the school
boundaries and stay out. The boy
complied and not long after ampiy
testitied to the fine stuff of which he
Female   Magistrates.
Women lawyers in France are permitted to act as magistrates in case"
of children under   thirteen yeara   of
Tablets. Druggists refund money if
it fails to cure. E. W. GROVfe'S signature is on each box. 25c.
Royal Mail Steamers
Montreal - Quebec   -   Liverpoo
"Canada"    , Saturday, Nov. 4
"Teutonic."    Saturday,   Nov. 18
"Laurentic"    Wednesday.  Nov. 22
Christmas Sailings
Portland, Me., Halifax, Liverpoo
"Canada"    Saturday,   Dec.   2
"Megantic"    Saturday,   Dec.   9
"Teutonic" Thursday, Dec. 14
White Star S.S. "Laurentic" and
"Megantic." are the largest, finest
and most modern from Canada.
Elevators, lounges, string orchestra, etc. First, second and third
class passengers carrie.l.
White Star S.S. "Teutonic" and
Dominion Line S.S. "Canada" car
ry one class cabin (11) and third
class passengers only.
For reservations and tickets apply to
ED. GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. R.
Company's office, G19 2nd Ave.,
Important to Grocers and Consumers!
The absolute purity and healthfulness of
are guaranteed under the pure food laws of
Canada.     Made   by   a   perfect   mechanical
process, they are unequaled for delicacy of
&&!fi2k       flavor and food value.
The New Mills at Montreal are now in operation and for the convenience of the:
Canadian trade we have established Distributing Points at
Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
Canadian Mills at 1000 ALBERT STREET, MONTREAL MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1911.)
PAGE SEVEN.      1
I. O. O. F. AMITY LODOE NO. 27 ���
The regular meetings of this lodgo
are held ln Odd Fellows' Hull, corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.    C. J.  Purvis, NG.;   W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary;   It.  Purdy, financial secretary
MISS M. BROTBN, public stenographer; ���pedOflattOBa, business let
ters, etc.; circular work taken
Pbcne 41R. Rear of Major and
Savaee'l otlice.  Columbia St.
Game. Vegetables, etc. Dean Block,
next to Rank ot MontreaL
Accountant. Tel. R 128. Room
Trapp block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlsterat-
law, solicitor, etc; coraer Columbia
and McKenzie streeta, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Telephone 710.
"Parks   Improvement   By-Law,   1911."
(No. )
A Bylaw to enable the Council of
the Corporation of the City of New
West minster to raise by loan the
sum or thirty-five thousand dollars
($25,0(10.00)   to  provide    for  improve
"Isolation Hoipltal  Bylaw, 1911."
(No )
A   Ry-law to enable the Council of
the  Corporation  of the  City  of  New
Westminster  to    raise   by     loan  the
sum  of rlx thousand  dollars  ($.i.r>oii.-
ment of parks "in" the"   city of New j (l0> to provide   for   an Isolation Hos-
1 Ital In the City of Xew Westminster.
MARTIN���Uarrlsters and Solicitors.
Westminster ollices, Rooma 7 and 8
Gulchon block, corner Columbia und
McKenzie streets; Vuncouver of
flees, Williams building, 41 Gran-
Tills stieet. F. C Wade, K. U.;
A. Whealler, W. G. MeQuarrle, G. E
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
> ���
ikjalxu     ui;      .l.i.uIlj���.\n,vv    M.ta0l
niluBter Board of Trade metis in to*
board room, City Hall, as follows:
Third Thursday of each montn,
quarterly meeting ou ttie tnira
Tii'.iiuiiay of February, May, August
and Novemb-dr, at e p.m. Annual
meetings ou the third Thursday ol
February. New members may be
proposed and elected at any month
ly or quarterly meetuia. O. H
Stuart-Wad*, secretary
(Time Time
of of
Arrival: Closing
80:0u���United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:15
12:00- Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
7:40���Victoria  via  B.  C.  E.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:45
12:00���Victoria  via   B.  C.  B.   R.
Cdally except Bunday) .11:15
7:3c -United States via O. I*. R.
(dally except Sunday).. 9.45
15:15���United States via Q. N. K
idaily except Sunday)..16:00
10:IS���All   points eaat  and  Europe   (daily)  8:30
22:30���All peints east and Europe   (dally)    14:09
10:18���Sapperton and Fraser
Mills     (daily     except
Sunday)       8:30
tO .00���Sapperton and Fraaer
milla      (dally     except
Sunday)      14:0.0
10:18���Coquitlam   (dally  except
Sunday)  8:30
12:��*���Central Part and Edmonds    (dally    except
Sunday)       11-16
1400���East Burnaby (dally ex-
Sunday)  1��:����
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday aad
Friday)    1��:3��
10:30���Barnston Islands arrlvea
Tuesday, Thursday aad
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and Friday    14:00
j0:00���Ladner, Port Gulchon,
Westham   Island, Bun
Villa 13:30
410:00���Annieville.  Sunbury (dally
except Sunday)    13:30
40;00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:60���Vancouver,   Piper's   Biding    via    G.    N.     R.
(dally except Sunday).. 14:80
iJU: 30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via G.  N.  R,   (dally ex-
(daily except Sunday). 14:00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesday, Thursday.   Friday   and   Sat-
day   ..14:00
11:30���Tynehead (Tuesday and
Friday)       ...14:00
��: 30���Burnaby Lake idaUy except Sunday i W:00
40:00���Abbotsford, Matsqui, Hun-
tlngton, etc.  (dally ex*
cept Sunday)    23:00
16:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine    (dally   except
Sunday)  ��:��
15:15���Hall'a Prairie, Fern Rldga
and Haxlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  ... ��:��
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehman, Aldergroro, Otter. Shortreed, Upper
Sumaa, Surrey Centre,
Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Mnrrayville,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sardis, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C. E. R. (daUf - aa
except Sunday)    9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday   and\   BVl-
day        ��:00
20:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally oxcept Sunday). 17:30
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
11:20���Abbotsford   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally exeept Sunday). 17:30
15:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:iO
West minster.
Whereas it ls necesr.ary to provide
for improvement of parks In the City
of New Westminster and tho cost of
sucb Improvement wiU be thirty-five
thousand dollars  ($:if>,0ii<i.u(i.)
And whereas it appears that If the
eald sum of 135,000,00 be appropriated
from tlie general revenue of the city
for the current year the rate of taxation will be SXeesalve and it is expedient that hii��1i excessive taxation
should be avoided anl the said sum
i'lould be rahed on the credit of the
Corporation and that debentures
should be Issued for that amount.
And whereas In order to raise the
teretit on the debentures proposed ta
be Issued under this By-law and for
creating a sinking fund for the payment of the said debentuies when due
it will be necessary to rairo by special rale In addition to all other rates
each year during the currency of the
said debentures Lhe sum of one thousand clcht hundred and eighty-five
and HO-inn dollars ($1,885.30).
And whears in order to raise tho
said yearly sum of 81,886.80 an equal
Special rate on the dnl'sr wlll be required to be levied on the whole
rateable property of the City of New
And whereat the whole rateable
property of the said city according to
the lust revised assessment roll there
of Is nine million five hundred aud
trinety-two-thousand nine hundred
and thirty-two dollars (10,692,938.00).
And whereas the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city Is two million one hundred
and one thousand three hundred dollars |(J2,101,800.00) Irrespective of the
sum of sixty-four thousand dollars
(64,000.00) proposed to be raised under this By-law and the "Health and
Garbage llv-law 1911"; "Isolation
Hospital By-law 1911"; "Public Lavatory By-law 1911"; and Horse Show
Building By-law 1911," of which none
of the principal or interest Is in arrears.
Now therefore, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the Citv
of New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons,
body or bodies corporate who may be
willing to advance the same on the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned any sum or sums of money
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of 135,000.00 and to cause the same
to be paid Into the treasury of the
aaid city for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures
to be made not exceeding In the
whole the sum of $35 000.00 for such
sums of money as may be required
not less than $100.00 each or an equivalent expressed ln pounds sterling of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland at a value ot 4.866 to the
pound sterling; and all such debentures shall be sealed with the aeal ot
the corporation, signed by the Mayor
and countersigned by the Treasurer
thereof, or by such other person or
persons as may be thereunto lawfully
3. The said debentures shall be
payable on the first day of January
1962, at such place or places as the
Council of tbe said Corporation may
from time to tlnle appoint with the
approval of the holders thereof, and
shall bear Interest at the rate of four
and one-half per, centum per annum,
payable half-yearly on the first day of
January and the first day of July ln
each and every year, and the debentures shall have attached te them
coupons for the payment of interest,
which said coupons shall be signed by
the sail Mayor. ,
4. A special rate on the dollar
shsll be levied and raised ln each
year, In addition to all other rates,
on all the rateable property of the
city, sufficient to pay the interest
upon the debentures and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
principal thereof when due, subject to
any Act or enactment respecting the
same. . .  ���
5.���Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid during the currency of the
said debentures the sum of one thousand five hundre i and seventy-five
dollars ($1,575.00) for the payment of
interest thereon, and the sum of
three hundred and ten and 30-100 dollars ($31.30) to provide for the repayment ot the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as
follows and not otherwise: Towards
paying the cost of the passing of this
By-law and the issue and sale of the
When as It Is necessary to provide
an Isolation Hospital in tbe i ity or
New Westminster aid the cost of
such Isolation Hospital will be Six
Thousand  Dollars  ($6,000.00).
And whereas It appears that if the
paid sum of $6,000.00 le appropriated
from the general revenue of the city
for the current year the rate of taxn*
tlon will be excessive and it is <-xje-
dlent thai such exoesslve ta>ation
should be avoided and the sail sum
should be raised on the credit of the
Corporation, and thai debentures
should  be issue:!  for that amount.
And whereas for the payment of interest on tbe debentures proposed to
be Issued under this By-law and for
creating a sinking fund for tba payment of the said debentures when duel
It  will  be  necessary  to  raise  by  h;ic-
cial rate In addition to all o her rales :
New Westminster Land District, District of  New  Westminster.
Take notice that 1. Walter S. Rose,
of New Westminster, B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for per
mission to lease the following de
scribed land.
Commencing at a post planted one
nnd a half miles from Lillooet river
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running K0 chains north, tbenc ���
Kd chains east, uience SO chulns
south, thence Sn chains west to poinl
of commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
Hate, September isth. inn.
Name of Applicant  (in full).
Canadian Nortnern Steamships, Ltd.
Shortest  Route to London on 12,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Ue lots g, .!, 4 and 0, block 2, lots 1, I
-', 8, 4, 5. fi, 7 and 12, block '*',. Iota '
1. 2, '.',, 4, 5, 7. 8 aud 10. block 4, of .
section 80, Mock B north, range 2
west, in the District of New West- ,
minster, Map 464.
Whereas proof of the loss of certlfl- i
each  vear during lhe currency of the-  cate  or  title   number  1725 F.,  Issued ;
.ail debenture! the sum o' tour hun-lln the name of Aulav Morrison, has'
dred and  ninety-three and  30-100 dol- ; been  filed  in  this office.
lars $( !!i:i.30). Notice is hereby given that I shall, !
Ancl whereas In order to raise the "' ,he expiration of one month from
said yearly sum of $498.80 an eiual tbe date of the first publication here-,
special  rate on the dollar will bo re- of. In a daily newspaper published Inquired to be levied on the whole rate-  the City of New Westminster, iBsue a j
able  property of    the    City    of New \ duplicate of the said  certificate,    un
Next   Sailings  from   Montreal:
Xmas Sailing from Halifax.
Rates of Passage:
1st Class, $92.50, and  upwards.
2nd Class, $53.75, and upwards.
3rd  Class.  Bristol  or London,  $32.50.
Further information from Ed Goulet, C. P. H. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
And whereas the whole rateable
property of the said city according to
the last revised assessment roll
thereof, ls nine million five hundred
and ninety-two thousand nine hundred and thirty-two dollars ($U,5!)2,-
And whereaB the total amount of
the existing debenture debt of the
said city Is two million one hundred
nnd one thousand three hundred dollars $(2,101,300.00) Irrespective of the
sum of sixty-four 'thousand dollars
$64,000.00) proposed to be raised under this By-law and the "Health and
Oarbage By-law 1911 ; "Public Lava-
torv Bv-law 1911"; "I'lorso Show
Building By-law 1911," and the
"Parks Improvement By-law 1911," of
which none of the principal or interest is in arrears.
Now therefore the Municipal Council of the Croporatlon of the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate who may be willing to advance the same on the credit
of the debentures herelna ter mentioned any sum or sums of money
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of $6,000.00 and to cause the same to
eh paid into tbe treasury of the said
city for the purposes mentioned
2. It shall be lawful for t'ie Mayor
to cause any number of 6 ;bentures
to be made not exceed! g in the
whole the sum of $6,000.00 for such
sums of  money as may be  required
less tn the meantime valld objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 7, 1911.
Re  the  fractional  northwest  quarter
of  section    7,  township    11     (121
acres). Langley Farm, part of lot 3,
subdivision of lots 21 and 22, group
2, New Westminster district.
Whereas  proof of the  loss of certificate of title number 7721F, issue!
In the name of Colon    McLeod,   has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the city of New Westminster!! Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land  Registry  Office,   New  Westminster. B:C, July 11. 1911.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 345.
Office, Front St., Foot of Sixth.
Transfer Co.
Ptone II.
'Phone IU.     Barn
Begbie Street.
Xsggige   aeiuerea    promptly
any part of the city
Light and Heavy Hauling
not less than $100.00 each or an equivalent expressed ln pounds sterllns ot
and Ireland et a valu�� or 4.��b�� to tue \n   t_fc_   .!.��������,  _���^��._w  tntw.��.
pound  sterling;   Md
TRICT-Dlstrict  of  New  Westminster.���Take notice that John Gould, of j
Vancouver,   B.C.,  occupation   broker,
Intends to apply   for   permission   to
purchase    the     following    described:
landB:    Commencing at a post'planted at a point on the westerly shore of
Green   lake,   which   point   ls   situate
about  60  chains  southwesterly  trom
the northerly end ot tbe said Qreen
lake:  thence west 40 ohalaa. thenee
���outh   40   abates,   tbence   eaat
all auch debentures shall be'sealed with the seal of
the Corporation, signed by the Mayor
and countersigned by tbe Treasurer
thereof, or by such other person or
persons as may be thereunte lawfuly
3. The said debentures shall be
pavable on the first day pf January,
1932, at such place or places as the
Council of the said Corporation may
from time to time appoint with the
approval of the holders thereof, and
shall bear interest at the rate of four
and one-half per centum per annum,
payable half-yearly on , the first day
of January and the first day of July
In each and every year, and the debentures shall have attached to them
coupons for the payment of Interest,
which said coupons shall be signed by
the said Mayor.
4. A special rate on the dollar
shall be levied and raised ln each
year, In addition to all other rates,
on all the rateable property of the
city, sufficient to pay the Interest
upon the debentures and to create a
sinking fund for the payment of the
principal thereof when due, subject to
any Act or enactment respecting the
6 Subject as aforesaid, there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures the sum of two hundred and seventy dollars $270.00) foi
the payment of Interest thereon, and
the sum of two hundred and twenty-
three and 30-100 dollars ($223.30) to
provide for the repayment of the
principal ;
6 The proceeds of the sale of the
said debentures shall be applied as
follows and not otherwise:    Towards
debentures   therein referred to   and, **���~- ^-gy ^ ^ paMlng of thlB
all expenses connected with the lw��-.|*Sa* and the "issue and sale of the
Oreen lake,  thence northerly follow
lng the share of Oreen lake to the
point  of   commencement,   containing
160 acres more or less.
Agent for John Gould.
Dated August 28, 1911.
Save the Cost of
Your Winter Outfit
By having dresses, etc., dry cleaned
or dyed the dark shades now fashionable. We will be glad to show you
how well this work can be done.
Gents' Bolts Pressed .....75e
Genu'.Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
BALDWIN, Proprietor.
354 Columbia Street.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending in Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic.
in Cuba throughout the Island;
also ln Porto Rico, Bahamas.
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London. Bag.
Draft*  laaued  without  delay
on aU th* principal towna and
elUea ln tbe world,   theee ex-
oelent connections altord everr
banklns facility.
New Westmlnater Branch,
Lawford  Richardson, Mgr.
SS. "PRINCE GEORGE" will leave
Vancouver at 12 midnight Tuesday,
October 31, for Victoria and Seattle.
SS. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Van
couver at 12 midnight every Saturday for Victoria and Seattle.
SS. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Vaiv
couver at 12 midnight every Monday for Prince Rupert.
SS. "PRINCE JOHN" leaves Prince
Rupert at 1 p.m. every Wednesday
for-Stewart; at 10 p.m. Ihuisday.
November 2, lii. 80, December 14
28, for Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate, Lockport, Rose Harbor, etc..
and at 10:00 p.m. Thursday, November 9, 21), December 7. 31, for Mas-
sett and Naden Harbor.
runs trains three times a week from
Prince Rupert to end of track (100
(The Double Track Route)
Through tickets from Vancouver to
all points east of Chicago In Canada
and the United States, also to Europe.
Make your reservations now for the
holidays. Standard and tourist sleepers���meals "Pay as you order."
H. G. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
Phone Seymour 7100.
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial Agent.
Phone Seymour 3060.
527  Granville  Street, Vancouver.
J. Newsome & Sons
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue. Phone 567
SH  to 25 H.  P.
2 and 4 Cycle
Local Apnnti
Westminster Iron Works
Phone  53.
Tenth   SU  New  We��t.n>in��t��T.
lamb, PoiU and Neil
ance of the said loan, and the bai
ance shall be paid over from time to
time as required by the City Treasurer to the several persons.to whom
moneys are payable.
7 Thla By-law shall take effect on
the first day of December. A. D. 1911.
8. This By-law before the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent of the electors of the 'said city
in the manner required by law.
9. This By-law may be cited as
the    "Parks    Improvement    By-law,
Received the assent of the electors
on the d��y of
A. D. 1911.
Reconsidered and finally passed ln
open council tbe day of
A. D. 1911.
By-law and the Issue
debentures therein referred to and all
expense" connected with tbe Issuance
of the said loan, and the balance shall
be paid over from Ume to tlma aa required by the City Treasurer to the
several persons to whom moneys are
payable. ���   k
7. This By-law shall take effect on
the first day of December. A. D. 1911.
8. This By-law before the final
passing thereof shall receive the assent ot the electors of the said city In
tbe manner required by law.
9 This By-law may be cited as tbe
"Isolation Hospital By-law. 1911."
Received the assent of the electors
on tbe day ol
A. D. 1911.
Beconslde>ed and finally passed ln
open Council tbe <>��y of
City Clerk.
Notice. .
Take notice thaat the above te a
true copy Of tbe propoted Bylaw
upon #hlch the Vote of the Municipality wUl be taken on the 3rd day of
November. 1811, between the bourn
of nine o'clock a. m.. and seven
o'clock p. m., at tbe following plvea.
 _-   ���    .       ���   ���   .via:      The   Council   Chamber, City
Th�� Council Chamber. City Hall; No. ��� n   No> 4 np# Hall, gapiierton; and
4 Pire Hall, Sapperton;  and No. 5 N   , ftro Hall, Hth ttreot
"" "^ mh ���STt. DUNCAN.       * "-ilSffgL,
Cltr Clerk. ��w Clsrk.
��� IN ���
I earn      Classes every Monday
and Wednesday night,
TO S o'clock,    318    Royal
���m avenue. Advanced
l/ance ciaH and Invitation
dance ln St. Patrick's Hall. Friday, Oct. 27, continuing ev*ry Fri*
dav. Class at 7:30. Dancing 9
to 2. C. W. Opensbaw's orchestra.
Private lessons by appointment
J. V. BARNErr, 311 loyal Avenue
Pbone L576.
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.
Phone 38S.
P. O. Box 557. | ;
Phone 699, P. O. Box SOL
Snider & Brethour
General Contractors
Weetmlneter Trust Building.
City Clerk.
Take notice tbat the above is a
true copy of tbe proposed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will be taken on Ibe 3rd day of
November, 1911. between tbe hours
ot nine o'clock a.xA. and seven o clock
p.m., at the following    places,  viz:
Round'Trip tickets for ONE
will be on tale Oct 27th
to 20th, Inc. Good to tr
torn until Nor. 1st
Now Westminster.
Or H. W. Brodls, OJPJU VSmsmmt
Bank of Toronto
Many People who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready tojopen a
bank account
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Interest it psfcl sn Ssriafv
BnlanceSghalf-jeariy.   ::
Boobcu (Accsaats   opened
���a fSTsrsMs terns.   ::
ASSETS $48,000,000
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty
Market Square, New Westminster,
WE have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
SIS Columbia Street
****** IS, Hsm WMMiNtir, B. C PAGE EIQHT
MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1911.)
tiding Stoves
We have
the most
in the city
call and
see our
stock before you
City News
The la., les of Sapperton Methw'.ist
Church will give a Thanksgiving din
ner ln the new Welsh Block (rom 6
to 8 this evening.
Mr. William Summers, of corner of
Eighth sireet and Fifth avenge, is
raising a small second crop of strawberries.
Dance Thanksgiving night, Oct. 30,
in Eagles' Hall. Ostrom's Orchestra. !ft
Today you will have the chance of
seeing the White Slave Traffic at the
Edison Theatre. You are urgently
requested to attend In the afternoon
to avoid the crush at night.     .,*���
per cent.   ,In the medical department ]
there  wero 271  and in  the  philosophical���which Includes the school for
teachers���there were 1994, while only
; forty-four heard lectures in the law
department,   where   all   doors   have
j not yet been opened for women."
Phone R672.
619 Hamilton 8t.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
8ewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Etc.
We have money to loan.
Finance    Co.,    Ltd.,    621
A doll-dressing competition, open
to all, entrance free, will be held ln
connection with St. Barnabas' Annual Christmas Sale.
Class "A"���Por competitors under
Prize���Set of Silk Sash and Hair
"B"���For   competitors   over
It is of great importance to
you���that you give this question of insurance some serious   thought.     How   often
have     you     suffered    loss,
through lack of it ?   Better
COme in and talk it over with      In the Regimental road race, wt'lch
starts from the drill hall at 10 a. m
There will be a Union Thanksgiving Service today at 11 a. m., in
the Olivet Baptist Church. All are
cordially Invited to attend.
The gentleman that borrowed a
double barrel shotgun from me on
October 8 ls requested to return the
same immediately.   Edward Falch. ���*
The end of the halibut season Ib
closely foreshadowed by the Columbia Cold Storage Company finishing
up orders preparatory to the winter
close down.
Yesterday was College Sunday., at
the Queen's Avenue Methodist
Church. Uev. Prof. Hetherington conducted the services in the morning
and Rev. W. E. Stapleford ln the evening.
fake the steamer Transfer for a
round trip Saturday afternoon. Leaves
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. ������
Magistrate Edmonds hns Issued a
bench warrant for the arrest of Jim
Valalas, who was summoned to ap*
near in the Police Court on Saturday
and answer to a charge of breaking
a window ln the Queensborough
school, but did not respond.
Lulu Island lots, all cleared, 50x1 GO
feet and larger, 6fi foot street, ).G foot
lanes, on and joining Ewen avenue,
$550.00 and up. Easy terms. Reid.
Curtis & Dorgan, 706 Cofumbia
Street, **
Priae ��� Handsome
Irish Linen Teacloth.
All entries must be legibly labelled with competitor's name, address
and class, and delivered to Mrs. Abbott, 511 Ninth street, on Dec. 1 or 2.
Clothes must.be made to take off
and on. The dolls wlll be Judged by a
special committee of ladles, and afterwards sold at the Fancy Work Stall.
Any competitor wishing to buy in
her work must enclose 60 cents with
her entry. In the event of such doll
winning a prize the 50 cents wlll be
refunded. The two prize dolls will
be exhibited during the Sale, and
subsequently given as prizes in another competition. The names and
addresses of the winners will be published on Dec. 6.
v^  i
I  aUtl^tI
It would be quite Impossible to enumerate all the attractive styles we are showing ln this display of
new  Fall  Waists.    The greater part of this collection was only opened up Saturday.   Shown are all the
new style features.   Peasant sleeve, side ruffle and many other new style touches.  Come In a wide rango
of colors, as greens, greys, browns, reds; also some pretty two-tone effects in black and white, blue and
white and maroon and black.   The new soft silks represent the greater  part  of  the showing.       i&ilsfl
Prices from $3.00 to $8.50
Alfred W. McLeod
UT Columbia at., \.
���a. Naw   V* ���atmlnalar. 1
this morning- the prizes competed for
will be gold medals. Starter. Lieut -
Col. Johnson: Judges. Capt. T. Cunningham and P. H. Smith: clerk of
course, Sergt.-Major Griffiths.
His Lordship the Bishop or New
Westminster starts this week on a
tour of the uprer country. His itinerary extends from Hope to Princeton and the return will lie made about
tt>e  middle  of   the  month   by   way   ot
MerTltt and Nicola.
Lot 66x132 feet.    Price $1000.00.
I Price $1100.00; one-third cash, bal-
��� ance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Lot 66x132 feot.    Price $1000.00*
Major & Savage
^L^*\^^.* *���*      Its .
Stylish and Extremely
Serviceable Coats
Made of Reversible Tweeds and Fancy Coatings
These popular general utility Coats have become so necessary to the
feminine wardrobe that the question with most' women is not so much
"Shall I have one," as "what shall 1 have." This showing will answer
your  question.   A  price  to  suit  every person.
$15.00 to $50.00
It would be quite a task to mention all the attractive styles we are
showing In Coats at u moderate price. Come and see these values. We
feel assured the prices marked will olease one and all.
Exquisite Creations
In New Furs
Are shown ln so many charming styles that whatever your taste may be
It is sure to be gratified by a visit to this store.
Every grade is to be found here, from the medium quality dyed Furs
to the finest natural mink.
See  the display jind  learn of the savings this Btore offers.
Is an important consideration
when purchasing clothing, and la
this regard I can give you as perfect satisfaction as anyone.
Come and inspect my lines
materials which make up into
Suits at
$25 to $50
Tbey will assuredly give you
perfect satisfaction in every respect���flt, workmanship, material;
and furthermore, remember that
every garment bears the Union
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
The t.aiMes' Aid Society ot St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church will hold
aale ot fancy and useful article*
home cooking and home made candy
in the lecture hall. Carnarvon street,
on Friday, November 3rd, in the aft
ernoon. and evening.
B. & M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 301
Fresh Salmon (half or whole) 9c lb.
Halibut (half or whole)  Sc lb.
Fresh Codfish (half or whole ) 7c Ib.
Point Grey Herring, 4 lbs. for 25c.
Crabs, 2  for 25c.
Kippered Salmon, 15c per lb.
Smoked Salmon  15c per lb.
Smoked  Halibut,  15c per Ib.
Lar^e Kippers, 10c per lb.
Bloaters, 10c per lb.
Prime Rabbits, 35c each.
Canadian   Pacific   Railway   to Trans-
p'ant   Cclony���Nucleus    Now
Invisible Cream
While is the Skin
Insures Good Cosntafcn
1-:; t
Deane Block.   441 Colombia St.
New Westminster, B.C.
London, Oct. 29.���This year will
witness the transplanting of a colony
of Swiss people to the Rocky Mountains. The nucleus of the colony, will
he the corps of Swiss guides now
taken across annually by tbe Canadian Piic-lle Railway Company to assist jjliountain climbers.
At the end of the present season
instead of returning to their native
land, they will be joined in Canada by
their families, and will make tiieir
homes permanently in a highly plf>
turescjue ready-made village which js,
now being prepared by the railway
company. The name of Edelweiss
wlll be giVen to the village, which Is
to be situated on tbe terraced slopes
of the mountain side, tbe houses having tbe high ] itched roofs an.) othfli'
features of distinctly Swiss, architecture. I'timntely " is ho;i��l tbiat
a string of these Swiss villages will
he established throughout , ,,the
As Ihe work is permanent and the
pay h(gh, it is thought that some of
the hest Swiss guides will emigrate
'with their families.
Killed in Train Wreck.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Oct. 29.���ly-o
trainmen and a Greek en route to his
natitve land, weer killed and forty
were more or less seriously injured
today when eastbound Union Pacific
passenger train No. 4 collided head-
on with a freight on a siding at Rock
I River, Wyo.
Highway Gazetted.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 27.���The Port
Moody and 'Westminster Junction
Road has been officially gazette! as
now complete and ready for use as a
provincial publlc highway.
Girl Students.
In answer to an enoulry from a
Barnard classmate, a New York ?lrl
who is a member of tbe American
student colony of Vienna writes:
"The woman student has ceased to
he an object of unusual inteiest here,
she is just a student and bas becoino
po numerous that no ono stares nt
her. The catalogues for last year
she"- that there were at the three
Austrian universities 24.S04 students,
of whom 191)3 were women;  about 8
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
Bank  of  Montreal
CAPITAL         ��14.400.000.00
RESERVE    12,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada rnd
Newfoundland, anu In London, Eng-
and, Nsw York, Ch'cago and Spokane,
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters of Credit Issued, available with
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspstment���Deposits
received In sums ot 11 and upward,
Mid Interest allowel at 3 per cent, per
annum (presett rate).
Total   Assets  over  1186.000,000.00
O. D. BRYMNER. Manager.
STERLING Silver, $25.00 to $40.00 each
GERMAN Silve-, $5.00  to $15.00 each j
Child's Purses, $1.75 and $2,00 each.
Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.E. R'y   j
(911) On St. Patrick's street, new six room modern house with
three bedrooms and full basement. This house was carefully built
by the owner of first class materials.
$800 Gash
wil! secure possession. A portion of the balance is covered by a
three year mortgage and the remaining portion may be paid semiannually or monthly.   Ask ��or  price and full particulars.
�����������������#��*************************************m****i >
j |    Is obtainable through the aid of    erfect  fitting glasses.    Our spec-   ��>
tacles and lenses are guaranteed perfect In flt and focus.
< i   tee
|| Ryall's Drug Store ||
Pres. and Qenl. Mgr.       Vice-President. Sec. and Trees.
==   LUMBER CO., LTD. j
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealera In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phones Ns. 7 and 877.  Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Ne w Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.      Branches at Vancouver    Victoria,
Chilliwack and Aldergrove, B.C.
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 5, 6:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter untll 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter.
. Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburn.a for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
eave for Chilliwack and way
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.20 and
6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon and way points,
leaves at 4.05 p.m.   -
The B. C. E. R. Co. offert reduced rates of a fare and a
third for week end trips to all
points on Its Fraser Valley
Tickets wlll be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return until Monday.
.; ' ft y


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