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The Daily News Nov 6, 1911

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Improved property on Rlvsr road
and nsw cut-off line. House and
chicken houses; grsnd view of
Gulf, etc.   $10,000,   on sasy terms.
Stilwell Trophy and $1,000
For Province.
Every State  In  Union Competes, but
Spuds from   British  Columbia
Take  First  Prize.
VICTORIA, Nov. 5.���By winning
the Stlllwell trophy and $1000 at the
Great Pan-American Exhibition al
New York Saturday British Columbia
has earned the reputation of growing the best potatoes on the North
American continent. The exhibit
which gained this award consisted
of 101 varieties drawn from all sections of the province, aggregating ln
weight about one and half tons.
The credit for the display rests entirely with the Department of Agriculture. The entire province wns
scoured to secure the finest specimens and Mr. W. B. Scott. Deputy-
Minister of Agriculture and those who
assisted him in tbe task deserve the
highest praise for the new honor
which they have won for tho province.
The exhibit was In charge of Mr.
Asahel Smith, the "Potato King," of
British Columbia, who brought wltb
him to New York as assistants ln
charge of the display Mr. Stuart
Wade, New Westminsters publlcltv
agent, and Mr. II. McClure Johnson
of Vernon. The potatoes were secured from the Okanagan, the Kootenays and the Fraser Valley through
the energies of the three gentlemen
named acting under Instructions from
the Departure of Agriculture, while
Mr. S. li. Lawrence covered the Ashcroft and Salmon Arm districts. They
were packed in the murket building
nt New West minster in boxes totalling thirty pounds each and each specimen was drapped and packed In
the same manner as apt les. so as to
Inaiue tbeir arriving at their desti-
n?"'.n   in   ihe  nest  condition.
That the potato Industry of the
province which Is admittedly carried
on tn a slipshod manner, should have
been successful in wlnnin? th? grea'
Stlllwell trophy Is a wonderful encomium on the productivity of British
Columbia's sell. The provincial exhibit was In competition with carefully selected displays from all agricultural area* o.f the continent. It
la only a few months stuce the Idea
wns first mooted that Hritish Columbia should compete, so that there
was nothing done in the way of prei>-
aration and the specimens selected
just as they are grown year ln and
year out In the province.
The value of the advertisement cannot be overestimated. Mr. W. H.
Scotl, Deputy Minister of Agriculture,
state 1 last night when asked to express an opinion on the result which
war. communicated to him by wire,
said that he believed that it was one
of the greatest advertisements whlcn
the province had ever secured. As
far as he knew practically every state
in the American Union was represented by Bn exhibit, so that the outcome
was an immense triumph for the fertility of the soil in this province.
The exact text of the telegram received bv Mr. Scott was as folows:
"British Columbia won Stlllwell trophy. Eugene Grubb, Agriculturist of
Colorado, Judge."
Mavor Lee received the fo'low'ng
teleeram frorh the cusodlans of the
exhibit: ���'     !���,
New  Yorks,  Nov.  4.���His  Worshln
Mayor Lee.  New  Westminster,  B.  C.
B   C. wins the Stlllwell trophy.
(signed)   ASH AH EL SM-TH.
Is Located In a Box Car With Companion���Latter Killed In Ensuing Battle.
Waynesborough, Georgia, Nov. 5.���
Old "BUI Miner," the notorious train
robber and outlaw, who with a fellow
convict named Tom Moore, escaped
from a Georgian convict camo some
weeks ago, has been captured snd Ib
once more In the clutches of the law.
The outlaw was arrested yesterday. The two men were located
In a box car at the town of St. Clair.
The police had been on the trail of
the fugitives for some days, but It
was not until tbis aftsinoon that the
officers were able to get In touch
with their quarry. The two men vera
located in a bo^ car ln the st it on
yard. They got wind that the officers
were close upon them, and although
"Old BUI" did not offer any serious
resistance, his ral, Moore, resisted
arrest, with the result that he was
shot and killed in the flght that ensued.
Miner will be taken back to the
penitentiary to serve out his sentence
for having been one of the principals
In a train robbery and holdup within
the borders of this state.
Man in Custody Did Not Rob Bank of Montreal But Took
$5,000 From 11 Ytear Old George Lavery Who Found
the Bills Beneath Carnarvon Street Br'dge.
Reported   Italians  Have Been  Driven
Out and That Great Slaughter of
8oldlery Took flsce".
Freight Train Runs Away on
Twelfth Street
Twohy  Brothera Of  Portland  Are
Build  One  Hundred   Miles  in
Thompson Rvrr Valley.
An agreement h5s been signed by
which the Twohy Bros, of Portland
bave been let the contract to build a
stretch of 100 miles of the Canadian
Northern Rallwny along thc Thompson river valley, starting - at a point
60 miles above Kamloops and building along the valley north. The
work which has been awarded to tha
Twohy Bros. Company entile an expenditure of $5,000,000 and will commence early next spring. No time
limit has been set fer its completion.
Mr. Robert E. Twohy, representing
the firm, signed the nec3SEary papers
on Saturday, with the Vancouver representatives of the Canadian Northern Construction Company. Sal 1 he:
"There Is probably more railroad
building going on in British Columbia right now than ln anv other part
of the Dominion, or the United States
for that matter. This province is be I that Mortorman
lng opened    up   and exploited moi e' numbed to his injuries.
Brakes   Fail     to     Hold     Wheels
Greasy Rails and Four Cart
Skid to Foot of Hill.
John Bezoyk, arrested and locked questionable safety of Vancouver
up on suspicion of being connected with his ill-gotten ga'ns. he set about
with the robbery of the Bank of making himself comfortable with tbe
Montreal, and written of and made a riches. He rented what to him must
beadllner in many newspapers as tbe have been a palatial chamber in the
robber, will never be tried for that City hotel and there surrounded him-
robbery, for he has no more connec- self with all those amenities to the
uon with It than the Emperor of softer side of life which appealed to
China. In fact It Is .doubtful If John hlm as luxuries. For Instance he
Bezoyk has ever ln all his checkered bought a manicure set. a silver cor-
career entered the bank. net, a silk night dhlrt. books and a
George Lavery, a little boy of 11 magnifying glass, and hc lived well
years old, while playing below the I When Bezoyk was arrested In the
Carnarvon street bridge, found ths alley he was briefly question d as to
money recovered from John Bezoyk, his means of subsistence. On hls tell-
and lt was little George who gave It ing the police that he ha.l plenty of
to the latter and who under threats | money be was accused of being a
from the Austrian, kept   his   secret  gambler and he was asked what he
hidden till Saturday.
George Lavery is a school boy, who
at odd times sells papers on tbe
streets.   On the morning of the bank
had in his pocket. He was hurriedly
searched and seven of the Bank of
Montreal flve dollar bills were found
in his pocketbook and   elsewhere on
On Saturday morning, Twelfth
street, with its grade of 12 per cent,
was the scene of a distressing and
disastrous street railway accident in
which oue man lost bis life. A heavy
freight train, consisting; ot four box
ears, on�� flat car nnd one shunter,
Was coming down tbe hill. The box
cars were heavily laden with grain
and merchandise and the flat car
with steel wheels, the whole train
weighing a^out 240 or UC0 tons. Afte
passing Fifth avenue, it was found
that the brakes would not hold on
the slippery rails. Rounding the
sharp curve at the foot of the hill the
train overturned. Fred Cooper, conductor, was caught between the
wheels of the shunter and a box car,
and crushed. A. J. Mercer, motor-
man, whs thrown from the car, but
escaped with comparatively slight injuries on the head and arms. J. Sin-
cock, brakesman, was also fortunate
enough to escape with slight Injuries,
while D. Gracey, who was riding on
the flat car on which the wheels were
loaded was able to save himself by
a timely leap before the car In which
he rode was Involved in the general
The train left Vancouver at 7
o'clock, In a dense fog. and did not
reach- the scene of the accident till
about 8:30. It swept down tlie hll
from Fifth avenue at a terrific speed.
At the curve it left the greasy metals
and tore up the sidewalk. The cars
tiled up in all directions alcng the
right of way. Mercer, Gracey and
Sincock made a search for Cooper
snd by. prizing away "th? debr's under
whicli he lay were able to extricate
him. It wns apparent, however, that
he had but a short time to live. The
ambulance was called and the injured
man was conveyed to the hospital.
His head was badly crushed and several ribs were broken. He died shortly after admission to the hospital.
The other members of the train crew
were also taken'to the hospital and
had their wounds dressed.
All the mebers of tbe crew were experienced men. Cooper was about 35
years of age and had been In the employ of the company since Aprll. 1909.
He was married not long ago, and
had been living at 26 Alice etreet.
His mother and father live at Prescott, Ontario, and were notified of
the occurrence.
Mercer had worked for the company since 1905, Sincock since 1906
and Gracey since 19Q8.
The freight from the wrecked train
was loaded on other cars and conveyed to the depot.
For some time the B. C. E. R. Company have been grading on the new
cut-off Une, which follows tha Eburne
Une for some distance, avoiding the
steep grade. Turning northward It
joins the present line near Edmonds.
When this is completed there will be
less danger and loss cost In operating.
An absurd rumor was circulated in
the city last   evening to   the effect
Mercer    had  sue
Enouiry at
robbery, hearing that his father was his    person    a    .38-callbte
going to Seattle, he made up his mind
that  it was  a  good  opportunity   to
play hookey.    That settled, the next
thing was to determine on a secluded
spot in which to play, where he might
run the least chance of being caught.
What better spot could there be
than that fascinating dumping place
for old Junk, with it's purling little
brook, than the vacant ground beneath the Carnarvon street bridge.
Thither then Georgie hied himself,
and there poking around among the
rubbish he suddenly uncovered a parcel containing some flve thousand dollars of Bank of Montrea) money.
The treasure was carefully wrapped
In very heavy paper and was protected as far aa possible from the elements.
The little lad's mind was scarcely
capable of grasping the magnitude of
his discovery, but some inkling cf it's
worth must iave come to him, for
he stealthily wrapped up tbe notes
once mere, and tucking th? parcel under his a:m, he left the 8. ot
to hurry to the market, where hi
hore.1 to find his father before bis
departure to Seattle.
On  the way  he ran  Into John  Be-
with a murderously long barrel.
With him was arrested a fe'-
low countryman, cf the name of
Amezuk. who also had a flve dollar
bill of the Bank of Montreal. The
pair was taken to the police station,
where questions elucidated the fact
that Bezoyk had a room at the City
hotel. His keys were taken and cno
of the detectives departed to search
the room.
The door of this room had an excellent lock as had the closet and
the two valises which were found ln
lt. One of the valises contained
$4,105 In the long-lookcd-for bills.
Numbers of these were made up ln
small bundles and placed In envelopes which latter were addressed to
parties In various parts of the country. There were over a dozen of
these envelopes. This money has
been turned over to the bank and
the thiee detectives who made the
arrest are looking for their reward.
It will at least buy tbe Christmas
Bezoyk was and is well-known to
many in New Westminster. He flrst
dawned upon the horizon of the city
in February. He had met with an ac-
zoyk his friend and fe'low ne.vs ven-lcident which made lt necessary for
tlor. His better Intentions were not i him to be taken to th�� hospital. His
proof against the seduction of un- hand, the right, one. had been blown,
burdening hlnirelf of tha poi ten'om I away by an explosion ot dynnraUe
fact that he had round a "heap of traps'as bad ills ey��. After Vie ba��
money," eo he told the older and! been discharged from the hcsphal he
craftier John Bezoyk whit his pa.ee:   was for some time a charge on the
Malta, Nov. 6.���Persistent rumors
are in circulation that the Italians
bave suffered a great reverse at Tripoli. It Is rumored that the Turks snd
Arabs have re-entered tbe town and
tbat great slaughter followed.
London. Nov. 6.��� "Ananias In his
palmiest days never wrote half as
many falsehoods and misrepresentations as have appeared In the Italian
press and In the official statements
Issued by the Italian government,"
telegraphs the correspondent of Reu-
ter's Telegram Company, Limited, at
Tripoli, Just arrived at Malta. From
Malta he was able to send an uncen-
sored message which contains a pessimistic description of the condition
of the Italian army, around what be
terms the beselged city of Tripoli. He
"To sum up the result of the campaign, tbe Italians hold, with nearly
twice as man men, half the ground
that they held time weeks igo. Tbey
have lost ln killed and wounded, not
counting tbe sick, well over 1000
men. Many Arabs bave been killed
and vast numbers shot in cold blood.
Now 25 000 soldiers find themselves
with their backs to the sea, cramped
and confined, with an active enemy
within a few yards of them, and with
the cholera raging among them, for,
despite official efforts to conceal the
truth, there have been ii any cases
among tbe troops and the civil population is Buffering ho un.cl. that whole
streets ln Tripoli have heen closed
by armed sentries. There has bean
no disgrace, On the contrary tbe
Italian troops fought with great courage and their officers set a nob'.e
The correspondent says of the engagement of October 26:
"Far from being a decisive victory
the fight nearly ended in disaster
and world have, had the enemy hid
a few thousad men at any point Instead of a few hundred. Tha Italian
line was broken in two places by less
than 200 Arabs who had reached the
cover of the residential oasis, thus
placing themselves beU-cen the to.vn
and the line of defence. The situa
tion   was  saved    only    by a  gallant
Masked Man With Gun Rob*
Hotel Keeper.
Enters Hotel at Closing Time, Line*.
Up Proprietor and Three Guests
���Bloodhounds on Trail.
An exciting chase ln which tbe beat
tracking bloodhounds to be found In
British Columbia aie engaged. Is at
present In progress, between bere and
tbe American boundary line, for on*
of the most daring hold-up men who
has been heard of In these parts for a.
long time. The keeper of the Bodega Hotel, Sumas, was on the point
of closing up hhj premises on Saturday night, when a man, masked and
armed, entered, held up the prepi fetor and three guests, and made off
with a suig^oi $700 or $800 in money,
and all the Jewel'ery which he could
find on the persons of the four.
News of tbe robbery reached tho
city and provincial police about I
o'clock yesterday morning. The police
authorities of Sumas were searching
for bloodhounds to put on tbe track
of tbe robber.
The boldness of the attack haa
caused some excitement ln the border town. The robber held up his vlo-
ttme at the' point of a revolver and
calmly took possession of tbe hotel
drawings for the day. The loss of tho
guests was chiefly confined to watches, rings and scarf pins.
Situation   Becoming  Complex,  But It
Is Evident that Desire for Genuine Reform  Is Sincere.
Peking:,   Nov.   B.���Tlie  situation   la
vigorously than any othor part of the .the Royal Columbian Hospital re-
country, not Just because It needs vealed the fact that, so far from this
opening up, but because lt promises' being the case, he fs doing very nl<je��
tbe richest returns In siedit. Tliere ia. ly, nnd although still feeling stiff and
hardly anything that cannot be found;sore, expects tb be around again in
The latter's fertile brain was qu'ck
to sei;:e the possibilities cf the occasion, and he lersuaded little George
to accompany him to his room. There
the two unwrapped the parcel of
plunder, and there it was that Bezoyk
made up his mind to get away with
the best part of it. With threats cf
police, law courts and prison, an.l the
paltry bribe of four dollars he persuaded George Lavery to hand over
the whole of the recovered money to
him, and at the same time to keep
quiet-and not to tell a soul about ths
George went off with his four dollars and bought a new pair of boots,
which afforded him a full measure of
bliss. And Bezoyk after waiting a
few days, left for Vancouver where
he began the spending of thc money
for which the police were looking.
This of course was sooner or later
bound to be his undoing* and, after
he had been watched for about a
week, the end came on Tuesday,
when Bezoyk was arrested by Inspector MsRae and Dee-tives Jark-
son and Mcleod in the alley behind
the Woods hotel In Vancouver.
Bezoyk had Just emerged from a
Chinese gambling Joint, which he
had been frequenting for some days,
and where he had been spending
the marked  Bank of Montreal   bids.
It was tbe discovery that these
bills were being passed ln this Joint
that led the Vancouver police to
watch for Bezoyk and aU credit must
be given to them for his capture. It
has at least led' to the recovery of
some of the loot, although the Pin
police. He accerted the hospitality
cf both Chief Bradshaw and cf Ciief
Wilkie and on many occasions Blept
at the police station. Upon this
fact the Vancouver pclice dwelt With
some emphasis, for they considere 1
that Bezoyk availed h'lmse'f of thes1
opportunities to get acciualnted with
the going and coming of the pollce.
Finally the men at headquarters
got tired of their guest and with
tired of their guest and with some
eleemosynary assistance he was set
up in the neswaper selling business.
and he continued in this trade unti'
10 days after the robery w.:s committed, although he was then In possession  of  some  flve  thousand  dollars.
The day after he was arrested he
had arranged to bring the deputy
chief cf Vancouver and others of h's
men, over to Westminster to show
them the cache of the rest of the
loot. When the party arrived here
they learnt of the discovery which
had been made on Fourth street and
they concluded that this was the
money which Eezoyk was to point
out. to them. As a'matter of fact the
latter knew nothing about the hiding
The police of the Terming city
state that they are mighty glad thit
the workmen made the discovery and
that they wlll get the reward. So
far the great Plnkertons have got
The purlieus of tho lower side of
the Carnarvon street bridge has now
become tbe choice prospecting
It ls to be hoped that In the final
charges   of   W9   dismounted   cavalry.
who lost heavily, but managed to kill I China  Ib  becoming  more  complex It
off a majorltv of tbe storming party,   not more serious every day.    A week
not be dislodged until the building
was blown up by mines. It they
had been several thousand strong in
stead of 200. the Arabs would bave
had Tripoli completely at their mercy."
,    . ,     i    s .   ��i .=   ������,i   ..raUnra apportionment of thc reward Geoge
^lrtTJ^.f^"^^r"C*' Lavery will not be overlooked.    Tor
are alike as far as evef from discovering the real perpetrators of the
robbery.     ,
There ls little else to tell about
George  Lavery.    He  lives  with  his
after all his first Intentions to take
the money to his father were the
right ones, and they, were only overcome by the fear that was Induced rt>
the  overpersuaalve  and   bigger  and
(n*��* ��wm.ta ��J?ity��� It ������ I** when he heard   of the robbery
Sd ftdST ho kS\ff ������ 55 thou��w **a b,nk ,n far away Mon-
Bezoyk In giving his explanation as t While the Dally News has been In
to how he came to have the bank possession of tbe facts concerning the
bills in his possession had told of arrest of Bezoyk since the early part
Lavery finding th�� money.. ot last week it has throughout kept
Then he made a clean breast.of faith with the authorities and noth-
the whole affair to his father, and on of this Information has leaked out
Saturday afternoon he had a long through Its columns. At the same
seance with George D. Brymner, the time this paper never for a. moment
manager of the local branch of the,considered the theory that Bezoyk
Bank of Montreal. -  fvaB one of the *<*****.
Of John Bezoyk the story has been! It was amusing-, .however, for the
written ln all sorts of ways, and he representative of the paper, to listen
has been vicariously connected with to tbe different theories advanced by
all the olever gangs of bank robbers the Vancouver sleuths when he visit-
throughout the continent, as well as ed their headquarters on Saturday
termed just an ordinary hobo. It ls night. He was even told how Bezoyk
true that many have doubted from irith two companion* carried off the
the first that he had any connection loot from the bank. Hon It was fled
with the robbery of the Bank of Mon- up In white canvas bags and how just
treil. las the'men got a short distance up
This, however, was not the onln- the street from the bank they turned
lon of the Vancouver police on Sat- to the left. The reporter here ang-
urdnv night.   Tfcoy contained that gested that It was to the right th��t
under the ground cr ra'3ed above it' course of a few days.- "Thirty or for-ihe had been Bak*n iwajft, whefeas had the robbers turned, but he was as-
in British Columbia, nnd ripening ui'tv people haye been up to see hlin to he been left to their skillful question- sured that It was to the left.
British Columbia   means   simply to day," remarked the   nurse who lm-! tag they would have learnt (h�� whole     "They all came out of the I
throw open the   doors   of Canada's naked the welcome Information about|story of tbe looMng In short order. i    ,        u' ,*',' ..;.;, <;, n ,, ,
warehouse to the world." bis condition. As soon as   Besoyk   reached   tht (Continued oh Page Eight)
Bank to
Wind Up Convention With
Many Resolutions.
Both Governmenta Asked to Take Action WUh a View to Securing
Trunk Roads for Province.
The Gcod Roads convention which
attracted such a large numler of outsiders to this city last %eek was
brought to a close cn Saturday afte.-
noon. after much important buslneis
had been transacted. The last two
sittings were wholly occupied with
the transaction of business, no addresses being given.
The following officers were ejected,
provision being made ln tbe by-law*
for Increasing the number of vice-
presidents until such tlms as every
district in Canada an.l every board of
trade, auto club, etc., Ib represented:
Hon. president, Hon. Thomas Taylor, mialtfar pt publlc woiks tor
British columhla.
President, W. J. Kerr, Westminster.
Vice-presidents, A. J. McCandless
Vancouver BoSrd of Trade; T. S. Baxter, Vancouver Automobile Club; A.
E. White, Westminster Board of
Trade; T. J. Armstrong, Westminster
Auto Club; Beeve F. Bowse-, Point
Grey; L. B. Mariaont. Coquitlam; .A,
E. Todd, Victoria Auto Club; Reeve
Nicholson., Saanich; Dr. Elliott Rowe,.
of Vancouver, "these appointment!
will reqolr* ratification troU the*
Boarda of Tra3#, auta clubs, et?. ;
Hon. treasurer, T. S. Baxter, Vancouver.
Secretary, P. W. Luce, Westmln-
ter.-    -** ���*��� . ��� ...,-.-,..  . ���,,'..
The constitution and by-laWe of the
association were submitted' to the
meeting by A. B. Todd, and adopted
as suggested. Wit hsome slight modifications. These by-Taws will be
printed and widely circulated.
. Nels Nelt^ft, chalrms of the membership committee, resorted that
cards had been prtnbd and were reavly
for signature. The membership fee
was fixed at $2 per annum.
P. ,W. }jte*, chairman of tha publicity eomJBjttee. brought In a Mtt*
t%eem Xnan SUI Kal and the National
Assembly. It ls now evident, however, that all elements bave up to the
present no connection whatever. Tho
whole movement is a spontaneous uprising against old corrupt methods
and the fact that foreigners have not.
been attacked indicates that the do-
sire for genuine reform is sincere.
It is reported that the National Assembly, at a  sectet session, decided
to resign in a body, owing to protests;
telegraphed to Peking by many of thet
provincial   assemblies   objecting   that
a provisional hody should assume authority to draft a constitution which
should be tbe work of a duly elected
parliament.   It is stated that General'
Lo Yuen Heng" and other rebel lead-
erds  who  do  not  recognize  the Peking government decline alto to recognize the powers of the National Assembly  in  conjunction with  tbe efforts of the throne and Yuan Shi Kal,
now   their    military     opponent   and
Premier-elect,  towards a  settlement.
About  100   members  attended  the
meeting  of   the   National   Assembly
yesterday.   The clerk read a telegram;
to  be sent to General  Chang Chao
Tueng, stating that the. whole constitution when drafted would be submitted to the people and the army, and
asking sugegstlons from him.
Hankow, via Hu Peb, Nov. 5.���Members of the Wesleyan Mission, the
hospital and the blind boys' home who
are under the care of the mission, es- -
caped death by a narrow margin lit
the fire which destroyed a large past:
of the native city of Hankow. The
inmates of the mission, numbering 300
spent the night on the lawn terrified
by whistling of shells and rattle of
rifles. They are all now housed to
the London  Mission.
Shanghai, Nov. 5.���Hang Chow, tn
Che Kiang Province, and Soo Chow.
In Kiang Su. were taken over hy tha
rebels yesterday without serious
ble. The Governor of Kiang Su
Some of tho foreign warship*-
landed marines In this city before^
the rebels took possession. Foreign
volunteers were called out and hovw
taken every precaution to proteot
the concessions. It ls reported that
tbe rebels at Kiu Kiang have
tee British tugboat Sampson.
London,   Nov.   6.���The   admiralty-
have decided to replace the armored-
cruiser Minotaur by the Indomitable..
as flagship, of tbe China fleet, whea-
the Mltotaur's commission trml-ateo .���
ln January.   Tho Indomitable jr'B bo-
a great acquisition   to the   flghtfns
streag* V tho Chia^f set. She m m
Dreadnought cruiser of 17,450 tr��*
can steam twenty-eight knots, aad U
armed with eight lMnch gun* of flfcf
most,modem tm This la regarded
aa the first step towarib carrying on*
.... ���_. ... thescMia agreed to by the Import*
ij!'. "tl"
��m Fact Ftvfc)
fie* la far eastern wafcftfc
.,-;.���*���* ������;
'"iwvwKRrr-M ��� i'i*mttmi!a*vi**mm THE DAILY NEWfc
naa bath, in private family, by
bachelor. State terms ln answering, care of Box 50 Daily News.
for general housework. Must be
good plain cook. Apply 31 Columbia street, city.
Good homo cooking,
ate.   Apply 55 Royal
terms jnoder-
and seven-room house on 45-foot
lot, cleared. In Burnaby; three
blocks from Westminster city limits, on good street and sidewalks;
One block from school, ten minutes'
walk from car, 5 cents fare; for
sale on exceptionally liberal terms,
5 per cent cash, balance like rent,
or will exchange for equity in desirable Burnaby acreage or near in
Vancouver building lot. Address
or call Llebly & Blumer Realty Co.,
1108 Dominion Trust building.
Telephone long distance Sey 8365.
Open evening until !) o'clock.
general servant by young Scotch
woman; two years' experience. Apply Box 99. Daily N*m office.
graded. Modern four-room bungalow, electric light, water; on car
line, close to Edmonds. $2800. National Finance Company, Ltd., 521
Columbia street.
malion on divorce laws of Nevada
and other states sent on receipt
of 25c each. Western information
Bureau Goldfleld,  Nev.
know that I um now operating the
only pasteurized bottled milk plant
In the city and will deliver either
pasteurized milk or cream to any
part of the city or district. Milk.
9 quarts for $1.00; cream, 30c _a
pint. Phone your order to It x":'>
or write Glen Tana Dairy, Queens-
boro. Lulu Island.
Fine view; flve minutes from Ed-
monls; $325, one-third cash, balance easy. National Finance Company, Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
Fourth avenue; desirable locality.
Good view; lot 47x147; $3800, good
terms. National Finance Company,
Ltd., 521 Columbia street.
young liens; will lay all winter.
Mrs.   Clouston,   Edmonds,   Burnaby.
by the hour or day, by single man,
not using liquor or tobacco. BOS
100 this office.
to clear, landscape gardening. Ap-
ply J. S. McKinley   Edmonds.
era. Apply Sixth avenue, Burnaby
$1 down and j; a week; no interest; four styles; old stoves taken in
exchange. Canada Malleable Range
Co.    Phone !)!)<!, Market  Square.
modern house; lot 52x124 on easy
terms.    Apply 1000 Leith St.
rooms; gas range; healed. 117 Agnes
rooms, hot and cold water night
and day.    543 Front street.
Unfurnished rooms. Apply after
Friday to Mr. Cairns 324 Tenth
street, corner Cornwall  street.
est lots in the west end. on Eighth
avenue, having a southwest viOw
facing ihe river and gulf. Lots
56x110 and 118. Very liberal terms,
Phone L179, or call 1303 Eighth
The "Stone Forest" One of California's
Natural Wonders.
Csllfornls, among many other natural
wonders, contains a "stone forest"
This ls located In Sonoma county, only
a few miles from lhe little resort of
Callstogs Springs. Tbla "forest" consists of a great many petrified trees,
all of which are prostrate.
In respect to tbe great number of
petrified trees aud their Immense size,
tbe California "stone forest" surpasses
tbat of Arizona. Strange to aay. very
little Is known sbout these wonderful Sonoma county petrifaction*���so
far as (he general publlc ls concerned.
Many of these trees nre of ennrmoiM
size. Tlle famous "Queen of the Forest" is n prehistoric redwood about
eighty feet long and nearly twelve feet
ln diameter. It hns beeu broken ln
several places, and these breaks nre as
clean un If cut off with a saw. A tree
hns grown up tbrough one of the breaks
and hns attained quite n large size.
Another giant Iree known ns the "Monarch" lies near by. which la almost
ninety feet lung uud Is without a
break. Tbis tree Is u fir, nnd averages
ten feet In diameter. Not far away Is
another giant son of the forest���a redwood tbat Is about sixty feet long aud
nine feet In diameter. This tree Is
broken Into many hundreds of pieces,
yet It retains Its shape almost perfectly. Scattered about for the area of
several seres nre many other pieces of
petrifaction. So perfect has been the
transmutation into stone tbat tbe grain
of tbe wood still remains very clear,
and tbe variety of tbe tree may be easily determined.���Scientific American.
$350 5
takes    a    high    grade    $600
ose piano, at Vldal's Warehouse,  Market  Square.
Double coiner on wett side, 132x
1112. Price $3500. One-third cash;
balance li, 12 and 18 months.
for huilding lots, nine-room house,
modern, at 338 Twelfth street;
suitable for small boarding house.
Apply on premises or write W. D.,
Dally News office.
Seventh street.
between Sixth and Seventh avenues I bell.
History of This Ratio of ths Revolutionary Patriots.
Overvlgorous ringing of the old Liberty bell many years ago on tbe occasion of tbe celebration of the Declaration of Independence was what put
tbe crack ln it and forever destroyed
Its resonant tone. It was cast by Pass
& Stow ln Philadelphia and bung tn
the belfry of tbe now historic state-
house in lower Chestnut street early ln
June, 1753. lt contains 2.080 pounds
of metal.
Near tbe top of tbe bell were cast
the words "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All tbe Land Uuto Ail the Inhabitants Thereof." Prophetic of Its destiny, this gave It tbe name Liberty
almost entirely cleared;  $1500. One-
third cash.
FIRST STREET ��� Commodious 8-
roomed house, ust brlow Queen's
Park, in heart of best resident'al
district; lot, 66x182. Price $8600.
One-thirl cash.
home, furnished, on  Third   avenue
���near  Fifth   street    Apply    M.  D.
ItaUj Newa otlice.
rooms; modern, heated. 37 Agnes
Btreet.   Phone L 38.
Wben Ibe British army marched on
Philadelphia in 1777 Ibe bell was taken down by patriots and carried off In
tbe night to Allentown in order that
it might not fall Into tbe bands of tbe
enemy,   ln 1781 It wns returned to tbe
tower of tbe statebouse.
For more thnn balf a hundred years
WEST    END ���NEW    BUNGALOW,   thereafter the bell was rung and hou-
adapted for 2 families:  aR modern I ore(i 0[) independence day every year
before the cruck appeared ln it.    An
          I effort was made to restore Its tone by
BURNA.BV���Close to SV>U�� atreot iar.V ���awins tn* crack ���wider, but thto prov-
line, new five-roomed house and lot, I *S of no avail. The bell was finally
60x120.       Price    $2,000;     one-third 1 removed trom  the tower to a lower
improvements;    six rooms
Price $275d.    Terms.
in all; I
room house, bath, toilet, etc. Apply
1412 Fifth avenue.
to rent, 319 Regina street, $22 a
with sitting room to let to gentle
men only. Breakfast lf desired.
Telephone and modern conveniences. Five minutes from the
post office Terms moderate. Enquire Phore  R 414.
bam watch with chain, genleman's.
near Windsor Hotel. Reward If
left at News office.
���with saphlre In centre, between the
market and Columbia street or In
one of the stores. Return to Daily
News.   Reward.
months; black ears, large b'ack
spot at root of tail and on side.
Please notify Dr. Hacking, fifi Sixth
street. Any person harboring
same Is liable to prosecution.
Varden No. 19, Sons of Norway,
���meet In Eagles ball tbe first and
third Wednesdays of each month at
8 p.m. Visiting brethren are cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary.
Gardiner & Mercer
M. 8. A.
Ml. Box 772
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
JGaeral Wafers,   Aerated Waters
Manufactured by
ne R 113  Office:  Princess 81
BURNABY ��� Four-acre block on
Douglas road; high, dry and level;
Close to city car.. $20(10 per acre;
one-fourth cash.
EDMONDS���A few lots Wt in our
subdivision, close to both   city and
Vaucouver car lines. Price $350 each.
Ten per cent cash; balance $10 per
story of the stntebouse and used only
on extraordinary occasions. Subsequently It was rigged up on Its original timbers ln tbe vestibule, ln 1803
It was exhibited at tbe Columbian exposition in Chicago.
CITY���Vatant building lots ln any
and all partB of the city, from $400
up.    Easy terms.
Conveyancing and Notary Public
646 Columbia Street, Phone 832.
West End Sewer (East half)
Manhole Covers, etc.
The corporation Invites tenders for
the supply of ahout 150 manhole cov
ers, also some lamphole covers. Plans
and further particulars can be
obtained from the City Engineer.
Tenders to be delivered to the
undersigned by 5 o'clock on the 13th
of November, 1911.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Nov. 8. 1911.
Mr. Holroyd Paull, violin virtuoso
and teacher, pupil of Prof. Sevcik,
Prague M. Cesar Thomson, Brussels
now receives pupils. Terms and full
particulars from Mr. C. W. Openshaw. Room 8 Ellis Hlock, 552 Columbia street.
Titles    Examined,    Land Registry
Tangles Straightened out.
Curtis Block City Box 482
Hoping  for  the   Best.
"Now that we are married," said
the pretty chorus girl, "what do you
propose to do?"
"Why." replied the sen of the mi'-
llonaire, "I think we had better keep
it secret until I can get a good chance
to break the news to the governor
when he Is in a pleasant mood."
"But how long is it likely to be before he gets into that kind of a
"It's hard to tell.    The stock  mar-i
ket is  bad. but let  us hope for the
best.   He may win a dollar or two at
poker some night before the week is
8hakespeare at an Actor.
Phnkespciire mice played the ghost
In hts own "Hamlet." A younger
brother of tbe dm unit 1st ln describing
tbe event snld I but tie wore "a long
beard and sppoared so weak and
drooping and unable to walk tbat be
was forced to be supported and carried by another person to a table, at
wbicb be was seated among some
In -As You Like It" Avon's bnrd
assumed tbe role of Adam, tbe old
servant. In whom wss represented
"the constant service of tbe antique
world" and wbo was "not for tbe
fashions of these times."
Fsmous Qrstna Green.
Gretna Green. Scotland, became famous for Its celebration of Irregular
marriages. For many years the aver
age number wns not). The ceremony
consisted only of nn admission, before
witness, by the couple that they were
husband and wife, this being sufficient
to constitute a volld marriage, After
this the officiating functionary (for
many years n blacksmith!, together
with two witnesses, slgued tbe mar
riage certificate.
What He Wanted.
The doctor stood at the bedside and
looked gravely down at (be invalid
"I cannot bide from you the fact Ihat
you are very 111," he said. "Is tbere
any one you would like to see?"
"Yes," said the sufferer faintly.
"Wbo is ttV"
"Another doctor." ')
'  '.
No Obstruction.
In the course of a trial at Water-
bury. Conn., tbe examiner was trying
to get the topography of the country
and tbe relative situation of objects.
Tbe witness was asked. "Which way
does tbe road run past your bouse?"
The reply was, "Both ways, your
honor, up and down."���Case and Comment
Touching Him.
Visitor���I saw your husband ln tbe
crowd ln town today. In fact, be was
so close tbat I could bnve toncbed
him. Hostess���That's strange. At
home he ls ao close tbat nobody can
touch him I
Acts ef Kindness.
If every one did an act of dally
kindness to bis neighbor aad refused
to do any nnklndnseo half the sorrow
of tbis world would be lifted and dto>
appear.-Jan Maclaren. jafrfr      ^
There was a crowded market on
Friday morning, but the array of products on sale was not larger than
usual. In wholesale, so far as vegetables were concerned, the position
was reversed, the supply being large
and buyers comparatively few. Savoy
cabbage made its appearance for the
flrst time this season. Eggs were
scarce and retailed at 60 cents a
dozen. Pork was plentiful; beef was
scarce, and veal and mutton were
present In fair quantity. Poultry was
also plentiful und of excellent quality.
Neither turkeys nor geese were offered.
Vegetables, Retail.
Onions,  picking,  C lbs 25c
Onions,  per sack    $1.50 to $2
Cabbage,  ner  lb 2c
Potatoes,   per   sack    $1   to   $1.25
Vegetable   marrows,   each     5c
Celery, bunch   5c to 10c
Ripe tomatoes, per lb 5c
Cauliflower,   ��.ach    10c
Parsley, per bunch   5c
Turnips,   per   sack    75c
Green tomatoes, per lb 2c
Carrots,  per  sack    $1
Citrons,  per Ib 5c
Apples, per basket 15c to 25c
Apples, per box  $1.50 to $2.25
Pears, per basket   20c
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs,   wholesale    55c
Kggs,   retail     50c
Rutter,   retail    40c
Honey, per lb 25c
Halibut, per lb 10c
Salmon, red, per lb 15o
Salmon, white, each   50c
Steelhead, per lb 15c
Sturgeon, per lb 15c
Retail Meats.
Reef  best rib roaBts  15c to Die
Beef, loin  18c to 22c
Beef, round steak 18.
Boiling beef     10c to 14o
Veal    ir.c to  2()c
Pork   18C to 20c
Sugar cured  bacon    20c to 25c
Mutton    12c to 20c
Young lamb 15c to 25c
Dressed  Chicken    25c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal,  large    12c to 13c
Veal,  small   ll%c to 12JAc
Spring  lamb    9c to 10c
Mutton  10c to lie
Pork 12%C to 13c
Hens, small, dozen   $0.50 to $7.50
Hens,  large    $7  to  $9
Hens,   large,   retail    $12
Broilers,  dozen    $5 to  $6
Chickens,   dozen    $6   to   $8
Geese, each    $1  to  $2
Ducks, dozen    $10 to  $13
George Adams, late proprietor of
the Public Supply Stores, Columbia street, New Westminster, hereby
requests that all accounts owing to
him be paid as early as possible, at
hls new offices ln the Odd Fellows'
block, 716 Carnarvon street, New
Westminster. ������
Three acres In city limits with 250 feet waterfrontage.   $25,000:
one-quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 929. Room 16, Collister Btock.
A New Lumber Yard
Lumber,   Mouldings,   Laths   and   Shingles
PHONE  904. (Old  Glass  Works  Factory. SAPPERTON.
fresh Sealshipt Oysters
are again on sale by P. Burns & Co., Limited. Try
a quart and be assured they are the best you have
ever had.
* ��
i     '
a   sn   a
a   a   a
a   a
Hew It Has Been Defined and torn
Folks Who Nsvsr Triad It
What Is Iaugbter7 An American humorist bas called It "sn undignified
widening ot the human mouth, accompanied by a noise resembling a cough
ln tha effort to avoid swallowing a
"Laughter," says Professor Sir
Charles Bell, Ts a convulsive action of
tbe diaphragm, ln this state tbe person draws a full breath and throws lt
out ln Interrupted short and nudlble
eacblunatlons. Tbis convulsion of the
diaphragm Is tbe principal part of tba
physical manifestation of laughter.
"But tbere are several accessories,
especially tbe sharp vocal utterance
arising from tbe violent tension of tbo
larynx nnd tba expression ot tbe features, this being a mors intense form
of tbt smile. In extreme casta tbs
���yes are moistened by tbe effusion
from tbe lachrymal gland*"
i Then sre some people wbo -sunot
laugh, wbo are wholly unable to euloy
either the physical or tbe mental luxury of a laugh. Tbns It was aald ot
William III. that be was utterly at a
loss to understand what could be got
out ot laughter except lost ot dignity.
There are many persons in history
who bare been, according to common
report incapable ot langbter. Queen
Mary 1.. John Enox. Uobesplerre and
If altke are examples. Tbe Iron Duks
Himself rarely, tf ever, went beyond a
grunt.-Strand Magaslns.
A Story They Tell of Strauss' Ability
as a Conductor.
"The late Tbomns Wentwortb Big-
glnuon." asld a Harvard instructor,
-loved mnslc. but no* the extremely
technical music of Klrbsrd Strauss.
Ravel and others ot that type.
"Concerning Htranss and his banging, crashing music. Colonel Biggin-,
���on ased to tell n story.
"He said that Strnuss went on* summer on a hunting trip In the mountains. It chanced that on a certain
afternoon a terrltlc thunderstorm descended on tbe bunting party. Amid
earspllttlng thunder und blinding light-
nlng. amid deluges of rain wblpped by
��� roaring wiud, the huntsman all
���ougbt shelter.
"Where, though. wa* Strauss?
Three friends set out In alarm to
look ror blm. They feared tbat In tbe
wild chaos of the storm be bad fallen
down a precipice. After a long while
tbey found blm. They found bim doing��� what do you suppose?
"8trnuss stood bareheaded on tbe
summit of a lofty crag. Tbs lightning played shout blm In vivid violet
flashes; the rain deluged blm: tbe
tbunder rolled and rumbled around
Sim; the roaring wind flapped his coat-
tails about bis bend, and the musician,
a ramrod lu his hand, wus busily engaged on his high crag In conducting
tbe thunderstorm!"���Washington Bur.
Wanted���Two Good  Murderers.
Some curious letters passed between
Sarrlcfc and a man named Stone. Th*
latter was employed to get recruits for
tbe low parts of tbe drama, nnd out
nlgbt he wrote to Garrlck. "Sir. tht
bisbop of Winchester Is getting drunk
at the Bear and swears be wlll not
plsy tonight."
At first sight this seems peculiar con
duct for a bishop, but It should be explained tbat tbe communication only
refers to the man engaged to take that
character In the ploy of "Henry VIII.''
On another occasion Garrlck wrott
toStoue: "If you can get me two good
murderers 1 wlll pay you handsomely,
particularly tbe spouting fellow whe
keeps ths' apple stall on Tower hill.
Tbe cut In his fare Is Just tbe thing
Pick me up. an alderman or two fot
'Richard' tf you can, and I bnve no oh
Jection to treat wltb you for a comely
All Broke.
"ts your father In7" the man wltb
tbe vnllse asked
"Xo." the hoy at the front door said,
"he's away somewhere breaklu' a year
Hn' colt."
*'ls your mother In?"
<   '"Xo: she's out In the barn brenkln'
an old hen of settln'."
"You bave an older brother, haven't
"Yes. but bo's Isyln' down upstairs
tryln' to break up a cold."
"Well, cunt t sell you some patent
"Me? No; I'm broke."-Chicag��Trlb-
Strangely Interesting.
"What a strangely interesting face
your mend tbe poet bus." gurgled tbs
maiden of forty. "It seems to possess
all the elements of happiness and sorrow, each struggling for supremacy."
"Yes. be looks to me like a man wbo
wns married aud dldnt know If
prowled the cynical bachelor.���Philadelphia Kecord.
"I'd gtra anything almost tf I bad
Mrs. Toner's savolr falre."
"1 tblnk It much more patriotic to
own nn American mass car."���Blr-
atlngbam Age-Herald.
Like Unto It
"Love thy neighbor as thyself* and
also stop talking about yourself now
���nd tben and say a few kind words
���bout hlm.-NorfoIk Ledger Dispatch.
Natural Class.
"Tbs man who makes snob an afle>
gatlon against ms la a reptile."
"Well, naturally ba ls an allsgator."
���Baltimore American.
An Eccentric English Earl Who Had
Some  Queer  Habits.
Esrly in the lust century thera lived In Pari* an eccentric Kngiish
nobleman. Francli Henry Egerton.
Earl of Bridgewater. who vas �����
polite as he wus queer. His great
fortune enabled him to gratify every
whim, and some of his performance*
were the talk of a c'.ty where thing*
have to be more than usually bizarre
to attract notice.
Egerton was a great reader and. .il-
though he had a Une library, frequently borrowed books fron) bis
acquaintances. The return of these
volumes was always un affair nf extraordinary pomp nnd circumstance.
Two stately steeds would be harnessed to Mn open corriogc, upon the seat
ot which would repose 'he book, attended by four coachmen, who would
solemnly leave the same at the door
of its astonished owner.
Egerton's love for dogs was hi?
most prominent characteristic. H��
possessed any number of them, and
frequently hi* carriage would be seen
on the street rilled with a yelping
pack of thoroughbreds. Although
Egerton   seldom  .entertained   any of
his friends st dinner, he Irequently
hsd a dozen or more covers laid and
gave an elaborate banquet u> his dogs.
Egerton's were so well trained that
they obeyed to the letter a set of
rules for canine table manners laid
down by the master.
Egerton was especially psrticulsr
about his boots and kept several
shoemakers busy. Hu never wore a
pair more than once, but did not discard the old ones. These were ranged
ln rows on shelves, and their owner
professed to tell the day ot tbe year
by their state of preservation.
The dogs also had boots, and' the
earl paid as much for them as be
did for his own. Every animal was
measured snd hud "lasts" of its four
feet made.
An Invisible Uniform.
"Probability ol much night fighting
In future wars gives added value to
the new gray uniform ot the German
soldiers," says tlie Army and Navy
Journal. "While this attire proved its
superior invis:biliiy at the recent manoeuvres during tne daytime, it was
in tne night Ugnting tnat its effectiveness was best demonstrated, in daylight men engaged in patrol duty and
security service were unseen by the
enemy, but those m dark blue in the
hostile forces at once drew their fire.
Numerous lights took piace al night
with seareiiiignts. ana then it was
found that ths gray wus universal.y
appreciated. Troops wearing tne old
uiuiorm were clcr-ly visible on the
ground, even whtu lying down, while
laose in atay were extremely U;lhcult
to discover, even whefi in close urder.
lt is obvious that any color harmonizing with the I aleuess ol artiiicial nignt
light will ot, inure effective as a shield
from detection, lt has been estimaleo
tnat it one oi the combatants at Port
Arthur ilur,iiB- the Manchuiiun war
bad had tha German type of grny
uniform it would huvo had a decided
advantage over its adversary ill tlle
fiuhlinued nignt lighting that occurred
���found  mat  tortiess."
Ignorance Is tbe primary ware* si
all misery, ud Ttofc-t'ousia.
A Little Too Abssntmlnded.
Jimmy Ryan was very uLsentmind-
���d, and bis trie nds loved to tell stories
vi his misadventures. You would hear
one morning tbat Ryan had gone home
the evening before, walked into the
boarding-house next his own under
the impression that he was home, had
sat down at the table and had not
aroused trom his abstraction until
some one hud called bis attention to
the mistake.
But  the  best story ot  all  was put
over   the  day   after  Ryan's   wedding
This was an evening affair.
"They drove away trom the church,"
said Uie narrator, "and over to the
new house that had been all fixed up
tor them. When they got to the door
Ryan helps her out tenderly uud lead*
her up to the door and talks to her a
minute. Then he shakes hands with
her and says, 'Well, good nignt, Lucy.'
" 'Good night?' says she inquiringly.
" 'Yes,' says he, "I guess it's time 1
was going home now.'
" 'Why, Jimmy Ryan, you big it,"
the says, 'wake up. You live here
Shorthand  Pioneer.
That the ancients were thoroughly
conversant with shorthand i> an undisputed tact. It subsequently became
a lost art until revived or rediscovered
toward the end of the sixteenth century. At this time there lived William
Lawrence, who died in 1621 and was
buried in the cloister of Westminster
Abbey. There the visitor may read hie
ep.taph, which includes the following
Shorthand   he   wrote;  his   flower   in
prime did fade,
And hasty death short hand of him
hath made.
The Mott Beautiful City.
To ask tor the name of the "most
beautiful city in the world" is to ask
a very large and difficult question.
There are a great many very beautiful
cities in the world, eaoh of which
would get its votes were the contest
to arise. Lovely places are to be found
by the score in every country ot ths
east, but if pat to ths vote ot travelers
it is probable that Palermo, Sicily,
would win out. It may be that there
is a more beautiful city In the world
than the Sicilian town, but it would
be exceedingly difficult to name it
A Felled Ambition.
"That boy of Joggins' started out
very ambitiously, when hit father
wsnted him to settle down to steady
work he said he meant to do things
in breaking records."
"Well, did he keep up a breaking
"Rather. Hs broke his father, then
he broke into a bank, and now bo's
breaking stones."	
A Different Errand.
"Mlss .Wombat accepted ms last
"1 suppose you are around to-day
receiving congratulations r"
"No; I'm around trying to bono*
$900 to buy ��� ring."
Ths Big Bull Got Quits Sociable Before He Was Cone Far.
In George Dorup's "A Tenderfoot
Wltb I'eary" appears an exciting Incident of walrus hunting. During a
raid upon a herd of fifty walrus asleep
on a pan "It was blowing some, and
the choppy waves made the shooting
look as If tbe guns hud spiral barrels."
The Ineffective target practice produced these hair raising developments a
few seconds Ister: "Suddenly s giant
bull rose out of the water just along
side of WesbarknupsL He threw bia
harpoon, but as the barb came off be
might as well have hpaved a lead pencil.
Tbe walrus gave u derisive grunt, dived, and a second later shot out of tbe
water on the otbor side, deluged us
with liquid and came down slap bang
on tbe gunwale of the boat opposite
"By this time Weshsrkoupsl was
high tn the air and oat for nn altitude
record, instead of throwing bis harpoon he threw his soul Into bis yells
and Just spst In tbe brute's face. 'Tbe
otber buskles were trying to bsck wa*
ter or bit him over the bead wltb tbe
oars, nearly sldeawtptng me and Incidentally short circuiting tbeir cussing
st Weshsrkotipst. tbe walrus and everything Is general.
"All tbis time tbe walrus wss sitting
alongside of me. asking U tbere were
any more at bome like WesbarkoopsL
it was easier to pull bis whiskers or
smash bis mug with my fist tban
shoot If 1 beld tbe gun to my shoulder tbe muzzle would stick beyond nls
bead, so, firing from tbe nip. 1 gave
blm tbe entente cordiale."
Changes In ths Partridges of the Canary Islands.
A remarkable example of the effects of environment and changed
conditions of life upon the forms ot
animals Is furnished by a srecles of
partridge living In the Canary Islands. Over 400 years ago tbe Spaniards Introduced the red-legged partridge from Europe Into these Islands,
and the bird has continued to flourish
there; but, as recent examination
proves, lt has undergone modifications clearly brought about by the
conditions under which it lives.
Its back has turned from russet
color to gray. ThiB looks like protective coloration, ince tbe bid
passes Its life among gray volcanic
Its beak has become one-fourth
longer and thicker than that of Its
ancentors and Its European relatives,
and its legs also have Increased ln
length and grown stouter.
These changes are exact'y such as
were needed to suit lt to the life that
lt Is now compelled to load amid tbe
rocks and on the mountain sides of
the Islands, where a more rigorous
physical development is required
than was needed in its former home.
���Harper's Weekly.
do their work without affecting the test of lhe
System   Nursing mothers take them safety.   25c a bos al al
National Drag A Chemical Co. of Canada. United
Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Nov.
2.���Twenty-four persons were drowned wben the French steamer Dlolll ah
sank at sea. Tbe Diollbah was tow-
lug the French steamer Liberia for
Marseilles when the latter fouled ber
The Liberia was picked up hy the
I German steamer Elmshorn and towed
in here yesterday In a damaged condition.
B.C. Mills
Timber and Trading Co.
Manufacturers aad Dealera la All Kinds al
Royal City Planing Mills Branch
Telephone 18 New Weetmlneter
Meet every Monday In Ijtbor hall,
8, p.m.
F. H. Johnson, business agent office. Blair's Cigar store. Office phone
L 608, Residence shone 601.
J. Newsome &
Painters, Paperhangers
and Decorators
Estimates Given.
214 Sixth Avenue.
His   Second   Story   Probably   Differed
From tho Firtt One. \
Long experience as a consulting at- >
torney bas given Mr. Mooney a Judi- '
cial bablt of mind. He never accepts
tbe facts at par value, but always
lends tbose facts Into tbe rear office
and drops acid In tbeir eyes. Tbe other day a friend rushed lu. warm and
"Mooney." aald the friend excitedly,
"I've been Insulted. Hlnks Just met
me and called me all sorts of names.
We've bad trouble over tbst partition
matter, you know. He said 1 was a
pettifogger and a thief and a scoundrel and a perjurer and a wire balred
"Dm!" said Mr. Mooney, sitting farther down In bis chair und looking at
tbe speaker over bis glasses. "Umi
And what do yon propose to do about
"What do I propose to do sbont it?
Why, 1 was so astounded nt tbe moment thnt 1 could make no reply at
all. Kilt, now tbat 1 bave somewbnt
recovered myself. I bare determined
to jro down to a Inks' office and knock
Ms hlock off. I'll beat blm to ��� quivering froth."
"Um!" said Mr. Mooney. slipping
down a notch. "Cm! So would 1 it
aoy one called me tbe names tbat
Hlnks called you. But before yon go
nupiiose yon sit down with me tor a
The Indignant friend took a chair.
"Now," snld Mooney, dangling his
eyeglasses, "what ure tbe facta in the
caseV"-Ciuclui:atl Times-Star.
No Caste In Snores.
Tbe cause und cure of snoring concern sli classes, says tbe Loudon
Chronicle. We bave record that both
tbe bouse of lords and tbe workbouse
have suffered from It. There was a
former Duke of Norfolk wbo fell into
the bablt of sleeping audibly in tbe
lords, and It happened tbat be was
hard at tt on one occasion when a bill
concerning the parish of Great Snoring, in Norfolk, came before the bouse.
Tbe roar of laughter with which tbe
bill's title was greeted awakened tbe
duke and relieved bis fellow peers. At
the other end of tbe social scale we
have tbe poor law commission minority's commendation of tbe Ingenious
workhouse master wbo divided tbe old
men at night so tbat the snorers and
tbe deaf men slept hi une ward aud
the rest ln another.
Johnnie Knew.
A teacher tn an uptown school was
giving her small charges a lesson lu
politeness tbe otber day.
"Now, when." said she. "should yoa
say 'Excuse me, please?'"
Tbere wns a moment's silence, tben
a very small boy put up bis hand.
"Well. Johnnie?"
���'Please, ma'am, yoa sboald say 'Excuse me. please,' when you sneeze at
th' table and don't turn away your
bead quick euough."-Cleveland Plain
Flsh and Brain.
The aaylng that flsb Is tbe beat brain
food comes ot an old long tongue
windbag years ago saying: "Tuought
la Impossible without phosphorous."
So a Swiss chemist; knowing tbat flsb
contained phosphorous, pat two and
two together, and brought forth a saying that will nerer die.
She Knew All Rl��ht
"Tou don't know wnat that's n picture of. Johnnyr said Mrs. Leaping in
a tone of reproof. "Vou ougbt to read
your ancient history more. Tbat is
tbe temple ut uinun at Kmpbaste."-
Chlcago 'lYtbune.
- i :
Usually the Case.
Tha husband may oe hose ef Ida own
house, bat bis wife usually conceals
tbe fact from bis knowledge untll be
forgets about It-St Louis fost-bla-
Q*te*- '��� '     '.
Tbe beat preparation Mr the future
is tbe present well seta to, the laat
������IJ 'W^PP ^pPlB^�� ^jt^^^^e^. ���
Baker's Cocoa
and Chocolate
53 Highest Awards in Europe
and America
fL For over 131 years these well-known preparations have been made only
at the company's mills (the largest in the world) at Dorchester, Mass.,
TJ. S. A. In order to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for its
goods in the Dominion of Canada and the British Provinces, a large mill has
been put in operation in Montreal.
Q With the finest possible equipment of modern machinery,
with thc accumulated experience of more than a century and
a quarter in the selection and blending of cocoa beans and
by the employment of a perfect mechanical process of
manufacture, consumers and dealers are assured that thet
uniformity of quality and delicacy of flavor which
have made these goods the standards of the
world wtU be maintained.
(^To facilitate tiie distribution of goods, selling offices
aw located at Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver.
We guarantee the absolute purity of these
goods under the pure food laws of Canada
The Daily News
tween black and whlte^gjglit not be gle; ride old* saddle, It you can per-
wholly satisfied. 'WMle men'are not suade your  Bedouin that it Is pos-
,i������    i��..n��,��-i,.Ki��    .h,.     ,Ko��� slble to do so without prejudice to
always    irrsproachable^rhen      hey the ^^    Rlde how yon wM,  '
have to measure the fljilt of   black when you win> but. above all���walk.
by The Dally Newt Psb|!ih- sffenders  or  to dHU^jktfsh  between Not only,la the sbelk himself glad���
.__  . .���,!�����,.  .*.*.���, >����i' Mgptclon and proof la anrivirig at de- at  your suggestion,  but" not   other-1
&i.i����.  .^ .���4vteJ\w?T ���,.,���.... ���__ wise���to mount for awlhlo. but lt is
Company, Limited, at their ofl��ee<
A. Paige Managing Director
An extraordinary step ls about to
on the occasion of King Georgs's de
parture for the Indian Durbar. This
Is to be nothing less than putting tho
crown in the hands of a commission.
which shall exercise whatever pdlltl-
cal powers belong to the Sovereign
under the Constitution. The necessity for such a transfer of autboilty
haa not arisen ln modern times, for
the reason that neither the late
Queen Victoria nor her son Kdward j
VII. left the kingdom for any consld- j
erab)e   period.    Most   of    the   royal |
cislons, and anything'thai attracts interest to the relative strength of the
two races may work disadvantageous^ in unlooked for ways. This
consideration was quite enough to
Justify Mr. Churchill's Intervention,
though ln tha end lt was the Intervention of the Metropolitan Railway
company, who are ths freeholdeis of,
the Earl's Court fcxhlblticn, which I
rendered It Impossible for the flght to I
take place there, and elicited the wei- ( Curious   Plants    That    Will
come assurance from Johnson at Bow
a lesson In graceful riding to watch
him perched up there, heaven knows
how, ln some oriental way you have
never dreamed of, and it 1s a lesson
In courtesy to mark how at every
turn of the road he offers to forego
his pipe of peace���chllbouk���and
post of comfort and descend to the
sand, leaving you to Incumber his
beast of burden."
A Snap
Travel I
Across a Desert.
"The  isolation  of  the  desert   low
street that he woul3 not flght WellB  ]andB of Lower California, combined
tie taken by the British Government, ,h the Brlt|sh Ig!ea ���r anywhere un-   with   alternations  of   long continued
der British Control. (droughts and heavy rains, has result-
  t ed In the development of the richest
��� and  most  extraordinary  desert  flora
8ECRET LIBRARY. In the world," says E. W. Nelson ln
  'the National Geographic Magazine.
Important  Papere That Were  Stored,    "Cactuses  of   many   kinds   abound,
Away by Queen Victoria.
Within the walls of Hucklngham
palace and constructed on tlie "stronu
room" principle Is a room known as
the "secret library," ahd In this are
stored documents and private totters
which were they sent forth to the
world would doubtless set the whole
universe talking.
Prom  the  very  commencement   of pion.
varying from giants standing with
massive fluted trunks flfty to sixty
feet tall to little straggling stemmed
species too weak to hold themselves
upright. The fruit of many of theBe
cactuses Is edible and much sought
for by birds and mammals. Th?y
were once one of the main crops of
the Indians who lived in this at id re-
The cactus forests often form
tours on  the Continent were limited  her reign Queen Victoria assiduously
to brief official or semiofficial visits j stored away ln nice order all family
.     . i    a\���  ������������.(��   nr   m   vacations  ��nd other Important papers, tier only
to  friendly  courts   or   to   vacations      ^^ ,n th)g duty Mng ��� BetTe.
taken incognito at Harlenbad or on taryj who enlered her servlPe within
tlie Riviera. The visit Of the King fourteen years of her accession to the
and Queen to India will occupy sev- throne and who retained his place un-
eeveral months, and In the Interval
no member of the royal family is
available for the exercise of the sovereign's functions.    The Duke of C-jb-
xiaught Is absent In Canada, and ths
Prince of Wales is too young, even
were he not on sea duty. Hence tho
commission plan.
Quite apart from the creation of a
crown commission.    The departure of
the king for India is a notable event.
Never before has a British sovereign
visited  a  remote dependency  of the
empire.    The present King has been
in India and ln other parts of his dominions, but only  as  Duke of  York.
His  father  befoie  him   visited  India
and  Canada,  wben  he,  too,  was  the
heir apparent.    Queen Victoria never
saw one of the colonies over wliich
she ruled.    Her uncle and predecessor,  William   IV.,  travelled jijnuch  at
sea in his sailor days as ttie Duke of
Clarence, but after his  accession to
the throne he stayed at home. George
IV.   found    amusement    enough    at
Windsor and Brighton to occupy his
time and George II was too busy losing colonies to go abroad in an effoit
to  bolster   up  his   rule.    George   V.,
therefore, establahaca a p:ecedent in
going to  India to  preside   over   the \
til her majesty's death, though he
himself had no access to ninetcn'hs
of the papers which are docketed, the
late queen alone retaining the keys
1 of the safes and cabinets ln which
her "secret library" was contained.
Just before t^eath her majesty
| added to the list of her' papers a
batch of letters of the most private
and confidential kind, addressed by
the late prince consert to his brother,
the Duke Ernest of Coburg, and lt 13
a well ascertained fact that when possible she acquired every scrap written by her late consort to his private
friends. It is said by those who are
qualified to surmise tKit the "secret,
thorny   jungles  through   which   It   ls
Impossible to pass.
"After months among .these thorny
plants we supposed Ve had aeen them
lu all their eocentrtc variations of
forms. One morning, however, wliile
crossing the Llano de Yrlas, In front
of Magdalena bay. I rode out from a
defence growth of bushes Into a
open urea and pulled up my horse ln
amazement at sight of the most extraordinary of them all. Before mo
was a great bed of the creeping devil
cactus, which appeared like a swarm
of gigantic caterpillars creeping ln all
directions. These plants actually
travel away from the common center
of the group, and I saw many single
sections twenty or thirty yards away
from the others. The part of the
stem resting on the ground sends
down rootlets, and the older stems
die in the rear at about the same rate
as they grow ln front, so they slowly
move  away  from  the colony  across
4-Roomed House
at corner of Cumberland Road and
j Seventh Avenue in
JBuAaby. Lot 54x
169, all cleared and
fenced and in garden.
Price $1,300
$350 Cash, balance
same as rent.
Water and light
services under construction.
library" not only tells of royal  marriages, births and deaths, but that It j the flats where they live."
is virtually the private history of Eu
rope during the last half of the nine
teenth century.���London Tit-Bits.
Mighty   Queer.
The negro on occasions displays a
flne discrimination ln toe choice of
words, says the National Monthly.
"Who's the bertt Wliltfcwasher In
town?"  Inquired  the new  resident.
"Abe Hall am a bo'nd a'tlst with a
whitewash brush, sah," answered the
colored  patriarch eloquently.
"Well, tell him to cooje and whitewash  my  chicken  house' tomorrow."
Uncle Jacob shook his head dubiously. .....        ,
"Ah don't believe, s��h, ad'd engage
Abe Hall to whitewash ~k chicked
house, sah.
Tennyson's Bird Sounds.
Perhaps the best word for the cry
of the cricket is that of Tennyscn.
"Not a cricket chlrr'd," he writes In
"In Memorlam." But Tennyson was
always curiously exact in his vocal
rendering of the songs of birds. What
could be truer' to sound than "the
moan of doves ln Immemorial elms?"
Then, too. the linnet, the robin and
the thrush "plr.e," the woodpecker
"laughs" and "mocks," the lark and
the plover "whistles," the Jay
"scrltches," the parrot "screams," tho
peacock "squalls,'*-the blackbird
"warbles." while the ocean fowl
"shriek" and the eagle "yelps."���
London Graphic.
New   Westminster   City   Specialist.
McQuarrie Bros.
Phons 696.
622 Columbia street
"Why, didn't you say tie waa a good
convocation of retty princes which isl whitewasher?"
it is a I    "Yes, sah, a  powe'ful  good  white-
I washer, sah, but mighty- queer about
���commonly called a Durbar,
precedent likely to be observed by
succeeding sovereigns so long as Britain holds sway in India. The actual
presence of the King, who is Emperor
of India, among his tributary potentates and surrounded by all the pomp
and pageantry1 which Durbar customs
demand has a tendency tp keep subject races content with alien rule by
impressing upon them the might of
.the empire of which they form a part
a chicken house, sah; mighty queer."
IThe 'Spectator,' London.)
The most sclid of the objections to
���the Johnson -WellB contest is the racial one. Throughout two continents
the relations between the white and
the black population are beaming a
matter of grave concern | alike /to
those with whom it rests to enforce
law and Justice and to those fcifdsde'
precate as one of the greatest of impending evila the seemingly growing
antagonism between two races which
Thave somehow to live side by side.
' That such an antagonism exists wo
know only too well. But anything
that needlessly calls attention to It
should be avoided with the utmost
care, and Lord Stanhope's letter in
the Times shows with unexpected
clearness that the Johnson-Wells
flght might have this effect In a very
marked degree. When a white policeman In the Fiji Islands can say that
since the BurnB-Johnson flght he has
had more trouble with the co'.orad
people than in any Eimilar period
within his experience we can readily
believe that the result of the John-
son-WTells contest was being eagerly
awaited by the black races wherever
English newspapers supply, however,
indirectly, the matter for conversation. It Is not merely that Johnson'*
past successes have taught the colored population to say, "White man
he no use; black man he knock him
���down every time.' The correspondent who has for some weeks past
*een writing to the Times from Nigeria speaks quite truly of the harm
that might be done to the native
rulers of the interior by the to them
astounding Incident of thousands of
Englishnun assisting at the public
thrashing���if bo it turned out���of an
Englishman by a negro. But even lf
toy some unexpected accident it did
not so turn out, if the spectacle offered was merely the public thrashing of a negro by an Englishman,
.those who have to keep the peace be-
A Strenuous Task That Promotes a
Love   of  Walking.
Riding a camel is by no means an
eaBy or enjoyable ihetltod of locomotion, according to tlte description
given by M. J. Randall In his book,
"Sinai in Spring." ��'"
"If asked: 'How do you ride a
camel?' I reply Invent ns'-many attitudes as you can and employ them
all in turn; adjust and feajust the
rugs and cushions on which you sit;
ride straight; ride crook��i; jride with
stirrups made of rope"; ?Ide without
them; hitch flrst your right knee
round the front pommel, I then your
left knee; stretch your self wide legged over the saddlebags regardless of
the flrmars, dates crockery, etc.,
which they contain until nature commands you to make a lew. obtuse an-
Shooting a Flsh.
A fact known by every one Is tbe
peculiar apparent beading of a stick
when thrust Into clear water. It Is
due to the refraction or bending of
light. Now, if one saw a flsh ln fresh
water and desirpd to Bhoot It the gun
must be pointed under the fish, for It
must be remembered that the fish ap
pears as did the submerged end of
the stick���too far up. If the fish was
directly under the observer, however,
the light would not be bent, and it
could be shot straight at.
Hard   Work
"An editor wo ks 365 days In a
year to get out fifty-twp issues of a
paper. That's labor. Once in awhile
a subscriber pays a year in advance
for his paper. That's capital. And
once In awhile some son of a- sea
cook of a deadbeat takes the paper
for two or three years, then skips out
without paying for it. That's an-
archy."-Pauldlng  (O.)  County Times.
And very frequently editors change
from ready print to home print
That's common sense.
sterilize  your*kitchen   things and
make them wholesome and sanitary
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes ove*- the surface, leaving a greasv
film behind it;GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ i /
portions to cleaiise \^M//y//
easily, vigorously, J^ ~* '''
and without harm to
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST  Twins
your work."
And Here We Are With
All Sorts of Cough and
Cold Cures. We Also
Have a Fine  Display of
Co S. Davies
Cliff  Block Phone 40
New  Westminster,  B.C.
A Boarding and Day School for Young
The curriculum Includes preparatory, intermediate, grammar and
academic, or high school grades.
Pupils prepared for high school entrance and provincial teachers examinations. The Commercial Department embraces bookkeeping, shorthand (Isaac Pitman system) and
touch typewriting. Music a specialty.
For prospectus and terms address to
The Western Steam
and Oil Plants Ltd.
210 Carter-Cotton Blk.
Phone Seymour 7676.
or Phone 324,
New Westminster.
Makers oi FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake,
Wonderful Praise Accorded
Peruna the Household Remedy
Mrs. Maria Ooertz, Orient*, Oklahoma ���writes:
"My husband, children and myself
hare used your medicines, and we always keep them ln the house tn case ot
necessity. I was restored to health by
this medicine, and Dr. llartman's invaluable advice and books. People ask
about mo from different places, and are
surprised that 1 can do all of my housework alone, and that I was cored hy the
doctor of chronic catarrh. My husband
was cured of asthma, my daughter of
earache and catarrh of the stomach, and
my son of catarrh of the throat. When
I wsb sick I weighed 100 pounds; now I
weigh 140.
"I have regained my health again, and
I cannot thank yon enough for your
advice. May God give you a long life
\nd blesB your work."
You'll like our Fall Models
in "Fashion-Craft" Clothes.
This Three-Button style for
Young Men is one of the
Prices $15, $20 up to $40
A Special at $25
517 Columbia St. New Westminster
Beautiful New Modern House
Ten rooms, full sized cement basement, furnace, large lot on Fifth
street; unfurnished. $5450; furnished $6000. One-third cash, balance over 3Vi years at 6 per cent. Interest
Sapperton Lots
Beautifully situated;  $500 each;  on good terms.
Block of four lots near Kelly Douglas wholesale house.  Only $35,000
New six room modern house; large basement, well finished ln every
way, on corner lot, only 200 feet from Columbia street   car    line.
Price $2750, $650 cash, balance to. arrange.
Double corner on Eighth avenue and  Fourteenth   street;    132x132;
nearly all cleared.    Price $3000; terms to arrange.   This ls a good
Corner lot on London street, $800; terms to arrange.
Lot on Columbia street east. 45x115 to 16 foot lane, $1060; one-half
cash, balance 6 and 12 months.   A snap.
Lot on Fourth street, between Third   and   Fourth   avenues.   Price
$1700 for a few days only.
Phons 1004.
Room 5, Bank of Commerce Building. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1911.
PAtiT nf a
New Westminster city's team met
the Thistle amateurs on Cambie street
grounds, Vancouver, on Saturday afternoon and repeated the perform
ance of which Powell street grounds
were the scene a week or two ago.
Then it was only a friendly, and the
Westminster men were content wltb
a win of 1���0. On Saturday the game
was an Iroquois Cup fixture and tue
score was 2���0.
In the middle ot the last half, a
bad accident happened. Paterson, the
New Westminster left back, fell anl
dislocated bis wrist. The services of
a doctor had to be called.
Next Saturday, New Westminster
plays Central Methodists at Cedar
Cottage, In the second round for thii
St. Andrew's Day.
Lord of the Isles Camn 191, 8ons
of Scotland, Is making elaborate arrangements for the celebration of St.
Andrew's Night. There will be a
grand Scottish concert and dance.
The function will take place ln the
Oddfellows' Hal), Eighth street, Tickets wlll eb Issued for the conceit and
dance, for tbe concert only, and for
the dance only.
MONTREAL, Nov. 5.���Mayor Guerln. bas perfected some of hts Ideas
which he proposes to advance for the
abolition of slum conditions in Montreal. The new proposed health department law wlll give the city the
Tight to disperse people living in
houses where conditions are not
sanitary. They wlll, for Instance,
forbid people living ln dark, untight-
ed rooms and houses which are not
lighted both from front and back
They can also order unsanitary
houses to be torn down.
At Vancouver, on Saturday, the
Hovers dropped two points to the
Celtics In the league game on Recreation Park. The score wsb 3���2 in fa
vor of the Celtics.
The game waB not first class
though lt was brightened by occasion
nl flushes of the real article, ln which
the Rovers showed up as well as their
opponents. The front rank ot the
Celtics wus strengthened by the Inclusion of Jimmy Anderson, and their
combination was better than that of
the Rovers.
The Celtics scored two goals ln the
first half. In the second half, the
Rovers, who had played a disappoint-
ing game In the earlier stages of the
conflict, came back to form In good
style. They scored a goal, but the
Celtics came with a third to their
credit. With a score of 3���1 against
them the Rovers showed no sign ot
losing heart. They put on another
goal, and strove hard to gain tbe
equalizer, but ln this they were not
The teams werp; Westminster ���
Reid, Lyon, McMillan, Lewis, Bruce,
Hyslop, Donald, Mt 'klejohn, Fraser
Fraser,  Wil ker.
Celtics���Moffat, McDougall, Ander-
���son, Roberts' n, Thorpe, McKenzie,
Arnold, Jardine, Anderson, Moffatt,
London. Nov. 5.���Earl Grey was
entertained at a banquet at Newcastle tonight, presided over by the
Duke of Northumberland.
In the course of hls speech Earl
Grey said the people of Canada were
busy laying on a firm line the foundation of a great empire, and their
work was only Just beginning.
"Now, gentlemen," went on Earl
Grey, "may I make a confession? A
few years ago I was haunted by fear
of the future of the empire in time
of danger, principally because of a
lack of a proper self-governing imperial spirit In the self-governing nations of the empire. I rejoice to say
that fear is now largely dispelled by
the full, abundant stream of evidence
that comes from Canada, New Zealand and Australia, which goes to
show that in the self-governing dominions the bell?f exists that there Is
a great and better future for them all
Inside, rather than outside the British Empire.'
Tke Qreat deaths Was Pen* ef This
Ot tbe breed sod butter that Charlotte, tbe beloved uf GuWbe, was wont
to prepare ror bis dHigbt. we bare
so often beard that It i�� quite a relief
to know tbat tbere were times wben '
she turned her hsnd to concocting pud-
dlugu aud pies. Tbe following is tbe
recipe of u pudding which abe msde
to perfection ou Sundays sod blgb
days, snd to which Goethe himself,
wbo reveled lu It gave fts uame.
Tbe Charlotte Pudding���Take s tea-
cupful of sifted dour tu. three cupfuls
3f uearly but uot quite boiling cream,
tbe yolks of six eggs, five tablespbon-
ful�� of grated clim-nlatk. eight table-
���poonfuls of powdered candy sugar,
half u pound or blanched chopped almonds, a quarter of h pound of chopped citron peel, une pound of crushed
mm-nroun*. and three quarters of a
pound of chopped ipreserved! cherries.
Rest Ihe egg yolks, add the not
cream, etlr In the Dour und Doll tive
mluutes. stirring nil the time.
To bslf this mixture add the pounded
slnioud*. citron, sugar candy, snd
flavor with vanilla. ���>
Chop the fruit nnd ndd to tbe remaining I'ustsrd nnd stir. Tbe whole
hi then gently laid between four layers
Of puff (mute snd liu Ued.
The name, which Is dellcnte and
worthy of tbe pudding, you make with
two cupfuls of powdered sugar, three
well beuten eggs, one cupful of butter,
snd one wlueglnssful of sherry or
This ls whipped for bslf an bour,
then scalded over hot water, but must
not be allowed to boll.
Beocnd String.
in the league *# une at Sapperton.
on Saturday���Nev. Westminster vs.
East Huinaby���the city men lost by
the moderate score of 3���2. Both
teams put up a good game.
Officers Elected
'  (Continued from page one)
to be'done ' by    his committee, which I
wlll  give  the  Canadian  Highway  As-
soclutlon   widespread   advertising.
The reports ot    -,i\e   commit es on
resolutions took up consl lerable time,
every    suggestion      being    carefully
weighed   before  adoption.    Following
is the text cf the resolutions passed:
Resolved, that whereas that portion
���of   the   Pacific     Highway    extending
front the  United  States boundary to
amcouver,   British   Columbia,   a  distance of about ?,2 miles, ls the main
channel  for the entrance of wealthy
tourists  Into   Hritish   Columbia;   and
whereas, excepting that on the paved
streets of  Westminster and Vancouver, almost every portion of this road
1s at present    in bad   condition for
travel;  and whereas, that portion cf
this road to the south of the Fraser
Tlver bridge passes tbrough a country
all of which ls capable of great agricultural   development,    a  portion  of
which Is the property of the Dominion government;    and   whereas   that
portion of the road north of the Fraser river bridge passes through prosperous  and   progressive    cities  and
municipalities;   and  whereas if    the
whole distance between tbe International boundary and Vancouver were
a highway of the highest excellence lt
would  produce  an  Ineffaceable    Impression upon visitors and become an
-object of world-wide talk, ln addition
to belng'of inestimable benefit to the
���communities located a'ong this const.
Now, therefore, the Canadian Highway Association petitions and prays
that the several authorities interested villi  construct  a first-class highway from the international boun.'ary
to the  commencement of the  existing paved streets of Vancouver, the
width of    the  right-of-way    of    this
highway ultimately to be 100 feet, and
no grade to exceed 5 per cent;   the
actual width of the roadbed now to
be whatever in the opinion of the authorities is now required. {
Your petitioners would further pray!
that part of tho work south of thel
Fraser river hridge be undertaken, by
the Dominion nnd    British Columbia
governments,  r.nd that    part of tbe
work north of the Fraser river bridge
be undertaken by the cities and mu
nicipalltles through   which the road
In view of the great traffic a'ready
passing over this roti*e find of the
great increase in traffic that is as-
-sured as soon as the road is improved, your petitioners pray that the sev-
-eral authorities will surface this toad
"throughout with a hard surface of an
asphalt, Hassam or otber similar nature, and provide ln every way for
the efficient accommodation of the
-enormous traffic that will undoubtedly be carrleS TJy this highway Immediately lt Is completed.
And that a copy of this resolution
1)6 fordwarded to the proper departments of file federal government and
of the provincial governments, and
to the several municipalities Interested.
A number of other resolutions were
also passed.
W. R. Gilley Introduces the vexed
question ot the "ru'e of the road"
(keeping to-the right or left), but
no action was taken at tbe meeting.
The next meetln gof tho Canadian
Highway Association wlir Tie beld In
aVncouver on a date to be fixed by
the executive.
San Francisco, Nov. 5.���A proposal
that Uncle Sam go Into the building
and loan business as a means toward
assuring the peace and prosperity of
the country was one of the suggestions placed before the subcommittee
of the Monetary Commissi! n today at
its final session lu this clty. J. A.
Kingdom-Jones, a commission agent,
volunteered this Idea. At a lull in the
regular proceedings of the committee,
Kingdom-Jones, who sat among the
spectators, made it evident that he
had a few remarks of which he wished to unburden himself. "Do you wish
to testify?" asked Chairman Vree-
land. "Do you wish to hear from victims as well as bankers?" retorted
Jones. The chairman said that the
committee wished to hear from any
citizen as long as his remarks were
directed toward the Aldrich currency
reform plan and Jones forthwith denounced the scheme. The bane of
the country, he said, was mortgages
on homes, and he proposed that he
government Issue five millions ln currency to build homes for workers,
each home to cost not more tban $2,-
500 and the government to be reimbursed at the regular rate of $20
a month. Mr. Jones was given an attentive hearing. The sub-committee
departed for Los Angeles tonight.
Toothbrush Facte.
The bacteriology ot the toothbrush
has been given attention by some
British physicians. The first using
was found to infect the brush, and
bacteria then developed rapidly on
every hair. Ordinary powders and
pastes bad little sterilizing effect.
Keeping the brush ln formalin disinfected it) but this so softened lt that
It was useless. Rinsing with one per
cent" solution of trlkresol after each
using proved most satisfactory. Another effective method of disinfection
was boiling the brush flve minutes be-
foje and after ustm, and the bacteria
can also be avoided by having a new
brush���an nlxepenslve one wlll do���
each day.
In the Art Gallery.
"Ah." exclaimed Mrs. Oldcastle,
who was again enjoying the splendors ot her new neighbor's art gallery, "a Corot, I see!"
"Where?" asked her hostess, look-.
lng doubtfully at the canvas whicb I
seemed to claim the other's attention. I
"There," answered Mrs. O'.dcastle,
pointing with her lorgnette.
"Well, now, I declare. I can't see
a single crow anywhere around. You
don't mean them little black spots ln
the left hand corner, do you? Them's
Costumes of Fifteenth Century.
' In a little town ln Bavaria there
exists one of the most curious charitable foundations in Uie world. One
of the burghers, Christopher Wanner,
died In 1451, leaving hts foi tune to
be devoted to V.-.e establishment of a
home for aged poor. He stipulated
In his will, however, that every old
man who was taken In must wear hU
beard and the same cut' of clothes
and cap as he himself used tp .wear.
Consequently, after tbe lipse ot 460
years, the ancient pensioners are still
to be seen wandering about the
streets In tbe costumes of tbe fit-
teentS century.  ^^^^^^^^^^*
B^B^HlBffK'        No"   1S-      ,^^_^_
In many London streets tbere ls no
No. 13. Even. hard-'jeaded business men seem to bave an aversion to
this number, which Is lacking from
Threadneedle street. Tokenhouse,
Yard and- London street. In one
street, however, bearing a.slngulvly
unlucky name superstlttlcn ta boldly
defied. A manufacturer haa located
his city offices at IS Friday street, an
address which seems eminent fitted
to be the headquarters bf tbe Thlr
teen Club.���Pall Mall Gazette.
Your druggist will refund money lf
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or
Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 daya.  60c.
Hew te Mssiur* Its Weight In Various Household Articles.
Housekeepers are often confused by
the mingling of weights and measures
In a recipe, therefore an accurate
schedule ls a good thing to have
around. The following quantity of tbe
most generally used articles wlll be
found correct:
An ounce of granulated sngar equals
two level tablespoonfuls.
An ounce of flour, four level table-
An ounce of butter, two level tea-
An ounce of ground coffee, flve level
An ounce of cornstarch, three level
An ounce of tbyme, eight level tables poonfuls.
An ounce of grated chocolate, three
level tablespoonfuls.
An ounce of pepper, four level tablespoonfuls.
An ounce of salt two level tablespoon rule.
An pjioce of mustard, four level ta- J
blespouh'fuls. '
An ounce of cloves, four level tablespoonfuls. }
An ounce of cinnamon, four and
balf level tablespoonfuls*
An ounce of mace, four level tablespoonfuls.
An ounce of curry, four level tablespoonfuls.
Au ounce of chopped suet a fourth
of a cupful.
An ounce of olive oil. two table-
The Sunflower Gartaiv
Have yon seen tbe new bedroom
slippers wltb sunflower garters to
match? Tbe illustration gives a good
Idea of tbla fetching novelty. To be
correct as to coloring tbe sunflower
garter should be made ot yellow sstln
ribbon with a touch of brown hs tbe
We have
To Purchase
of Sale
om thotehties
which ar.e mot
atsqui Farm
160 acres, very desirably situated.   Excellent soil snd light clearing.
Considerably below the market at
$60 Per Acre
The Westminster Trust and Stfe Deposit Co.,ltd.
I. J. JONES, Mgr.-Dir.
28 Lorne Street New Westminster
4- VE**. CEMT. IMTEtt-
Do Not Waste Money
Save a little systematically, for It Is tbe stuff that tb* foundations of wealth and happiness ar* built ot.
Money may be used In two ways; to   spend   for   what  Is
���ended now and to Invest for what ahall be needed In ths future.   Money cannot be Invested until lt Is flrst saved.
The Bank of Vancouver
Authorized Capital, $2,000,000.    Columbia, corner Eighth street
A. L. DEWAR, General Manager D. R. DONLEY, Local Manager.
317-321 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BL
Brunette Saw Mills Company, Ltd.
New Westminster, B. C.
Are well stocked up with all kinds and grades of
A specially large stock of Laths, Shingles and
No. 2 Common Boards and Dimension.
Now is the time to build for saie or rent while prices are low
W. ft. GILLEY, Phone 122.
Q. E. QILLEY, Phone 291.
Phones, Office 15 and 1��.
Gilley Bros. Ltd
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Coal
FIRE BRICK. ^"^^���
We have purchased a large shipment of extension tables that were shipped for a furniture store in
Grandview, Vancouver; but owing to financial' difficulties, tbey were unable to receive them; we bought
the whole shipment at a big reduction, and we now offer them to you. ..-:���.*
To Give Yoa an Idea of the Values We Are Offering, We Mention Below Ju$t a Few of the Many Lines
Buys a good golden finish table with
&P AA   Bo?* * S��od golden nmsn taoie wuu       (tat 4  nn   Buys a solid oak table with leavea to
JO.90   loaves to extend to six tjy^, Jl I $U j g�� to 8lx 'eet' *lth wtra heavy
Buys a genuine quartered oak mission
round pedestal table with leaves' to
extend to six feet.
CiE nr   Buys a round pedestal ''table ."Sn mis-       <t1Q flA
flJ.IJ   gion or golden finish.   ^IwF.VV
Lots of Other Tables Equally as Good Buys
center to steals ts the seeds of this
kitchen garden flower. But there are
so many variations, from type tn tbe
fashion world tbat any color may be
Tbe slippers are nothing more tban
a length or wide ribbon gathered shout
fleecy soles snd drawn op wltb elastic at the top.
���'������*H i ������������taa****t**���****************
The Servant's Review.
Vienna domestic servants have a
weekly paper, managed by themselves,
wbicb tbey call tbe Servant's Bevtsw.
All 111 treated sad oppressed servants
are Invited ta poor their woes Into Uie
ears of tbs editor, wbo offers tbem the
consolation of printing tbs names and
addressee ot bard hearted masters and
mistresses. Subscriber* to the Journal
ara allowed to advertise for situations
trsa ot charge, end notices of footmen's balls and concerts for maids at
all wsfk ars fsdttuas off tha  -----
Buys a full set   ot   diners,   golden
Buys a set of diners, nearly like tbe
picture, in mission or golden finish.
Buys a solid oak set
Buys a solid oak   set   with   leather
seats, In golden finish.
c j tim
These Bargains Are Boittdfo Be Picked tip At Once. Come Early
, rv -V;... ...lAOb  -,���*:"'      ������������������ ���
Denny & Ross
43, 4S.47SU*'St.NmrWWihSl*^;*^���;"%, PhoneSSS PAGE SIX
lilt, DAILY  NEWS.
As sung in Klaw & Erlanger's production
���)    111 be  your  King,
Hap ��� oy you'll be,
Yonll be my Queen,    v,     Beau - ti - ful   Queen     ot    my     heart..    ���
Far o'er the   sea... Queen of  mj   beau -   ti - ful     home..
���       REFRAIN.    Ttmdtrly.
Hand   in   hand    thro'    life  well   stray
Hand  in   hand   when    love    is    May,
O ��� ver   tbe   bound
Notli-ing can   part
O- ver   the    sky    ���   bine    sea;	
You'll flnd my  heart      true     blue;....
i-^���w���*���-fr���w���:w        Z
Hay - tian   Qneen,
Hay ��� tian   Queen,
Jd*  ^"
Hay -   tian   Queen,
Hay ���   tian   Queen,
From  you   I    ne'er      will    part,...
Far   from  this   land     we'll    roam,..
i���*���i��� w^-v������--
: i1    l   r
���**t��� ���* . ���'
B*   *     \
g- ���" *p*F
-J- �����-?�����
v *3   ��
Used by permission, MURRAY MUSIC Co., New York
**\o. 219. ;
Haytian Queen.
So. 219.
Moslem    Empire     Being     Gradually
Stripped of Her Possesions.
The Turkish empire holds the unique record of having won and lost
more territory ln Europe an.l Africa
than any other power. All of it waB
acquired by the sword and by the
sword It lias been taken away. For
a long time the star of Turkey was
In the ascendancy, but wh.Fi the tide
turned and the Turk began to lose his
misfortunes followed fast one upon
the other.
Spain was the first big bit of Tu k-
Ish empire to break free. The Moors.
who were subject and i:a'd tribute to
the Sultan, were driven from province after province, until at length
they were safely eooned up in the solitary Kingdom of Granada. The List
Moorish king to reign in Spain was
Boabdil-el-chaco. or Boabdil the Unlucky. In 1482 Ferdinand and Isabella
of Arragon and Castile declared war
on him and in 1492 he had to surrender all he held.
Hungary, which now forms one-half
of the dual monarchy cf Francis Joseph, was a province of the Sultan
for 160 years. Then it was torn from
him by the sword. Then came the
turn of the czars. The Russians,
whom the Turks once despised, have
been the Ottoman's worst enemies.
They cither have despoiled him themselves or encouraged others to do so.
Peter the Great set the example, but.
he was not. on the whole, very successful agalnlt the Moslem.-'. Catherine the Great tore the Crimea from
the unhappy Turk, together with
thousands of square miles of territory
along the shores of the Caspian.
In 1821 the Greeks, Who had been
subjects of the sultans for many
centuries, rose in rebellion and drove
the Turks out of the country. Wh��n
the Greek leaders began to quarrel
among themselves, civil war following, the Turk took the opportunity to
seize the country once more. But
the massacres that ensued aroused
the rest of Europe. 1<*27 the Turkish fleet was destroyeT at Navarino.
The combined squadrons of (i eat
Britain, France and Uussla partie!-
pated in the operation. In 1828
Greece was acknowledged a free and
Independent kingdom.
For nearly a century Egypt, which
the Turk conquered ln 1641, has been
part of the Sultan's empire in little
more than name, and since 1882,
when the British occupied the country of the Pharaohs, after Arabl
Pasha's rebellion, the Turk has had
practically nothing to do with Egypt.
In 18X0 France seized Algiers and
has since annexed over 300,000 square
miles of Turkish territory in Africa.
Tunis Is now a French dependency.
But the worst experience of the Tuik
came in his war with Russia in the
70's. Had the czar been left a free
band the power of the Turk would
have been broken forever. The other
great powers were not disposed, however, to see Russia take over the |
lands of the Moslem in Europa antl
the result was the calling cf tha Con
gress of Berlin. By the terms of
that treaty the Turk was almost
swept out of Europe. Bosnia and
Herzegovina were handed over to
Austria to keep in order and recently both provinces were absorbed.
Houmania, Servia and Montenegro
were declared Independent. Bulgaria was made a principality, nom-
inal'lv under the sultan's suzerainty,
but in reality free.
; Since then Turkey has been in
reality as well as in name the ' sick
man of Europe." Now Italy ls in
the act of taking Tripoli away from
her and just as soon as the great nations can agree upon a program the
Turk, bag and baggage, will be kicked out of Europe.
The Chinese Get Them WUh a Baited
Net and a Decoy Bird.
Every year, according to an o'd cus
torn, the second quarter of the September or October mocn, tbe inhabitants of the Chinese province cf Shantung go to Mongolia to bunt the
eagles which abound in that, region.
The huntsmen march in tioops sl ng
the roads carrying on their shoulders
long poles from which are suspended
their baggage and provisions and on
which are perched tame eagles to be
used as decoys.
I The hunters make use of a largo
net, spread open on the ground and
baited with small drle 1 fish, in the
midst of which is plactd a turn >
eagle. The decoy naturally begins
to devour the bait and thu�� Invites
its wild cousins to follow its exam] le
IWhen the birds have alighted and a'o
1 feeding the hunter, from his hiding
place two or three hundred yards dis
jt.ant, quickly ck es the net by means
of cords and thus captures the eagles.
Eagle hunting is very lucrative. The
feathers are used in the manufacture
of fans and are sold at a high price
even in China. There are three
sorts���Kiepei, black with white centers; Chema, white spotted with
black; Toutsing. half white and half
black. Several eagles contribute io
the making of a fan, for only a smnll
part of the plumage can be utilized;
hence these fans are very costly.
Moroccan Agreement.
Berlin. Nov. 8,���In making nub'ic
tonight a complete summary of the
treaty concerning Morocco, arranged
hetween France and Germany, the
foreign office issued the following
statement: "The German governmen'
believes both parties to he In accord
over the contents of the new treaty.
It will have a calming effect, not onlv
on conditions between Germany and
France, but also upon the political
situation. Germany stands at the
conclusion of this treaty in the same
position as does England." It is
especially emphasized that England
has not interfered in the negotlaHons 1
The text of the treaty will be signed
on Monday morning at Berlin and j
Paris. With the news of the con-1
elusion of the treaty comes the announcement that Emperor William
haa  accepted the  resignation of Ur.
Von Lindquist, secretary or state for
the colonies. This resignation is a
significant symptom of the unpopularity of the bargain within as well
as without the government. Tha
French press is jubilant and the Ger
man press is just the opposite.
Arrested for Robbing Mails.
Seattle, Nov. 3.���Nathaniel C. Lewis, janitor of the United States post-
office, was arrested today, charged
with robbing the mails. After his
arrest Lewis confessed to the post-
office inspectors that he had stolen
jewelry, clothing and small articles.
He looted a silverware package this
afternoon while he was under surveillance, and put the plunder ln his
Your advertisement in The
Daily News will bring you sat-
factory returns on investment
London, Nov. 3.���A large quantity
of inferior canned Japanese salmon
has been coming cn this market recently, labelled "Fraser Kiver Sal
mon." The high commissioner took
action today, which caused the labels
on the . consignment of a thousand
cases lo be removed. He alsr> received an undertaking that the salmon
would not be sold labelled as coming
from British Columbia.
jvps&r   f^SH*��r * 1*22*
London   First���Rest   Nowhere.        i
London,   the   largest   city    in    the
world, has a population,  as the last 1
! census shows, of 7,262,963, as against !
6,618,402 in 1901.    The  population ofi
i New York is 4.7ti().88;i. and is growing
I faster   than   any   other   city    in    the
1 worlti.    The third city in point of size
is   Paris,   whose   popula'ion   Is  about.
3,00i),ono.   Berlin   comes   somewhere
about fourth In the seal?.   Tlie popu- j
j Iation of Berlin Is well over 2,000,000. :
I Chicago  and   Tokio.  strange  to   say,
are   about  equal  as  regards   population.      The  returns  for   both   these
! cities show a little under 2,500 000.
I    St.    Petersburg,   Vienna.   Moscow,
Philadelphia,   Peking    and    Cantcn,
have all  a  population  below the  2,-
1 000,000 mark.
Enormous Birds' Nests.
There are In Australia the largest
and heaviest nests in the world. They
are built by tbe jungle fowl In great
mounds and their height averaged
about 15 feet. In clrcumferenco they
are enormous.
They are usually found in sec'ud^d
places, and are skillfully made of
twigs or leaves or whatever material
the bird may be able to procure. The
wild turkeys construct nests which
are very similar to those of the jungle fowl, but the turkey's horn'3 are:
pyramidal, while the others are in
the shape of mounds. It often requites six or seven strong trei 10
move one of these huge nests, whicli
have ln extreme cases been known to
weigh tons.
In Just Five Months
Grew a Full Growth oi Hair on a Bald Head
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any
case of Itching, Blind.    Bleeding   or
Protruding Piles ln 6 to 14 days. 50c.
Here's the Proof
H Por two or three yoare my hair hart be<-n
1 falling out and Halting quite thin, unti: t:.��
top ol my head waa entirely bald. About
four monthe ago I commenced tiilnsr
Cage and Sulphur. The first botite
seemed to do aome good and I kept uclntr
It regularly, until now 1 have used four bottles. The whole top of my head ls nnw
fairly covered with hatr and It keeps coming In thicker. I shall keep on using It a
while longer, u I notice * constant Improvement.
Kocheater. N. T.
Btate op New Toe* J _,
County of Monroe       J **���
Stephen   Iiacon,   being  du'.y   sworn,   tars
that ho has read the statement auove annexed and that the contents of said statement ara  true.
Sworn to before ae this 31st day ot July, 1903.
Usmat w. hall,
* Motarx Public.
The birthright of every man, woman and child���a full,
healthy head of hair. If your hair is falling, if it ia full of
dandruff, or lt lt la faded or turning gray. It la diseased
and should be looked after without delay.
Hair Tonic and Restorer, removes dandruff In n few days,
stops hair falling in one week, and starts a new rjrowth in
a month.
Wyeth's Sag* and Sulphur does not soil the sV.'.n nor
injure the hair: but It Is nn ideal hair dressing that wiil restore laded and gray hair to natural eolor and keep tho
hair soft and glossy.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottle���At all Druggists
Or Senf Direct. Express Prepaid, Upon Receipt of  Price
Wyeth Chemical Company, h2��&Wy.
r[>rr    A 2Se Cake ol WyeUi's Saoe and Snlphnr Toilet Soap Free to anyone who will send
TIItt   us this advertisement with 10c in stamps to cover cost of wrapping and mailing the soap. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1911.
_ O. O. F. AMITY LODOB NO. 27.���
The regular meetings of thla lodge
are held in Odd Fellows' Hall, corner Carnarvon and Eighth Btreets,
every Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.    C. J. Purvis, N.Q.;  W.
C. Coatham, P. G. recording secretary; K. Purdy, financial secretary
MISS M. BROTEN, publlc stenographer; specifications, business letters, etc.; circular work taken.
Pbone 416. Rear ot Major antf
Savaue's office. Columbia St.
Game, Vegetables, etc. Dean Block
next to Bank of MontreaL
Accountant.      Tel.    R 128.    Room
Trapp block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE, barrlstsr-at-
law, solicitor, etc; corner Columbia
and McKenzie streets, New West
minster, B. C. P. O. Box 112. Tele
phone 710.
MARTIN���Barristers and Solicitors.
Westminster offices, Rooms 7 and 8
Oulchon block, corner Columbia and
McKenzie streets; Vancouver of
Dees, VVIUIaiiis building, 41 Gran
vllle stieet. F. C. Wade, K. C;
A. Whealler, W. 0. MsQuarrle, 0. B
Odd Way ths  Plays Were  Recorded
���sek In ths Sixties.
Tbe baseball publlc of today, secna-
tomed to Ibe minute reporting of
games, wherein eacb run Is compounded and many a play analysed, ls offered tbe account ot a game played In
Syracuse in IStW. Tbs contestants
were the Central Cltys of Syracuse
snd tbe Athletics of Philadelphia, and
the score was 41 to li
The game was delayed a balf bour
by tbe difficulty In finding an umpire.
Then fhe report goes on lo stale:
"Tbe game opened loosely upon both
sides, and at the end of Ibe first Innings the score stood Atblettcs 5. Central City 4. eacb side making its tallies
promptly from the loose playing of
tbe out club. After tbe first Inning tbe
Athletics played more carefully, while
the Central Cltys grew more careless
untll the fifth Inning, wben Ibey lie-
came more demoralized tban was the
Union army nt the bsttle of Bull Run.
"Considerable dissatisfaction was
manifested and expressed, and In two
Innings rightfully so. at tbe evident
one sided decisions of tbe umpire
"Wo wlll not particularise, but suf-
flee to any that several of the players
on both -sides did well, while others,
especially the Central Clly side, were
not fully up to their standard efforts.
Tbe following Is tbe
Central City.   R U      Athletics.       O. R.
Liniments Wont
Cure Lams Back
mis wm�����s Tins
Gentleman Testifies
Cruttenden, 3b.,
Porter, If 1
solicitor and notary, 610 Columbia
street.   Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
tUAttu    or      1 i*j\U*j���JMSiW    ��"i
minster Board ot Trade meets m tn(
board room. City Hall, ae follows:
Third Thursday of eacb montn,
Quarterly meeting on the tniro
Tb'ursoay of February, May, August
and Novemtrer, at a p.m. Annual
uieeiluge on tb�� third Thursaay ot
February. New members may be
proposed aad elected at any month
ly or quarterly meetuitc. C. M
Stuart-Wad*, secretary.
Uoiwell,  cf....
Adam*,  ss	
Dodge, p	
Johnson, e....
Telford.  2b...
Yale, lb	
beOKWlck,  rf.
II Hayhurst. rf.... 1 S
1 Mrltrltle.  p I   I
S Madeline, o  I   S
2 Wilkins, ss S  S
I Klsler.  tb  1  S
4 Merry.  Jb S  i
8 cutnbert.   lb.... 6  I
t> Hensenderfer, eft 4
I bchatler, If 4   I
New Weatmlnster Land District, District of New Westminster.
Take notice that I. Walter 8. Rose,
of New Westminster, B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to lease tbe following described land
Commencing at a post planted one
and a halt miles from Lillooet river
on the east bank of Twenty Five Mile
creek, running 80 chains nortb, thence
80 chains east, uience 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west to potnt
of commencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
Date, September ISO), 1911.
Name of Applicant (In full).
Canadian Northern Steamships, Ltd.
Total*  12 27     Total 21 U
Central City 4 10 1110 1 t-lt
Athletics    6   1   t>   i 11   ��  0 0  0-41
Fly Balls Caught-Central City: Adams.
4; 1'orter, i; Johnson. 1; Cruttenden. if;
Boswell. 1-13. Atbletloa: Madeline. 4:
fisher, 1; Merry, 1; Cuthbert, 4; Hensen-
derfer, 3-11.
How Put Out-Central City: Fly. lit
flrst bnse, 7: second base, 1: foul bound.
4: home base, z���27. Athletics: Fly, Ul:
flrst base, 9; second bsse, I; third base, 1;
home base, 2; foul bound. 2���27.
L'mplre-8. K. Madeline. Union Baseball
club. Camden, N. J.
Scorers��� Porter and Browned.
How would tbat go in a sporting extra today? Tbe only familiar signs sre
tbe criticism of tbe umpire snd tbe
German names tn tbe Athletic lineup.
frime Time
of of
Arrival: Closing;
SO:00���United States via C. P. R.
(dally except Sunday).23:00
7:40���Vancouver via B. C. B. R.
(dally except Sunday) .11: IS
12:00���Vancouver via. B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .16:00
18:00���Vancouver via B. C. E. R.
(daily except Sunday) .20:30
7:40���Victoria via B. C. E.  R.
(dally except Sunday) .11:45
12:00���Victoria via B. C.  E.  R.
(dally except Sunday). 11:IB
7:30���United States via 5. U.K.
(dally exoept Sunday).. 9.46
16:15���United States via Q. N. R".
(dally except Sunday)..16:00
10:18���All  points east and  Europe   (daily) 8:30
21:30���All peints east and  Europe   (dally)    14:00
10:18���Sapperton    and    Fraser
Mills     (dally     exeept
Suaday)      ��:����
CO: 00���Sapperton    and     Fraser
mills     (dally     exeept
Sunday)      -14:00
10:18���Coquitlam   (dally   exoept
Sunday)     ...���������������*���*.* *:30
12:00���Central   Park   and   Edmonds    (dally    exeept
Sunday)       Ul*
1400���East Burnaby (dally ox-
Sunday)  1��:80
10:00���Tlmberland (Tuesday aad
Friday)   *���'��������
10:30���Barnston Islands arrives
Tuesday, Thursday aaf
Saturday, and leaves
Monday,      Wednesday
and  Friday    14:00
10:00���Ladner. Port Sutebea,
Westham   Ialand, **n
Villa 18:'0
90:00��� Annieville.  Sunbury (daily
except Sunday)    13:30
10 ;00���Woodwards (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday)    13:30
10:50���Vancouver,   Plper'e   Siding    via    O.     N.    R.
(dally except Sunday).. 14:20
tl:30���Cloverdale and Port Kells
via O.  N.  R.   (dally ex-
(daily except Sunday). 14:00
11:30���Clayton (Tuesdsy, Thursday.   Friday   and   Bat-
day       14:00
11:30���Tynehead   (Tuesday   and
Friday)       14:00
8:30���Burnaby Lake (dally except Sunday , 16:00
10:00���Abbotsford. Matsqui, Huntington, etc. (dally except Sunday)    23:00
15:16���Crescent, White Rock and
Blaine    (daily    except
Sunday) 9:46
16:16���Hall's Prairie, Fern Ridge
and Hazlemere (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ��:46
11:20���Chilliwack, Milner, Mt.
Lehman* AldergroTa, Otter, Shortreed, Upper
Sumas, Surrey Centre,
Cloverdale, Langley
Prairie, Murrayvllle,
Strawberry Hill, South
Westminster, Clover
Valley, Coghlan, Sar-
1 dls, Majuba Hill, Rand,
via B. C, F. R. (dally    ^
except Sunday)     9:00
11:20���Rand, Majuba Hill via
B. C. E. R. (Monday
Wednesday and Friday        9:00
30:30���Chilliwack via B. C. E. R.
(dally except Sunday). 17:30
(dally except Sunday) .20:30
11:20���Abbotsford   via   B.C.E.R.
(daily except Sunday).17:30
15:60���Cloverdale   via   B.C.E.R.
(dally except Sunday).17.10
Lumsden, Sask.
"I have suffered much from Lame
Back and Soreness across the Kidneys,
and u^ed to apply liniments to relieve
the pain until I was told to try GIM
?ILLS. Now, lain nevei without them,
.s soon as I feel the weakness eomins
M, I at once start to take GIN PII.l3
and a very few doses relieve tne, but I
continue to take them for sometimes
two weeks at a time that they may <'o
their work. I heartily recommend OIN
PILLS to anyone suffering from htttl*
Back or Weak Kidneys.''
A. B. Sparks.
Lame Back is simply the pain caused
by weak, s rained or sick kidneys. GIN
TILLS hed and cure Kidneys. GIN
PILLS relieve the liladder, and regulate
the Urine. That's why the pain in lhe
back disappears when you take GIN
TILLS. ��oc, a box, 6 for Ca.50 and
money refunded if GIN PILLS fail to
relieve you. Sent 011 receipt of price if
your dealer will not' supply them.
National Drug it Chemical Co. Dept. B.
C.      Toronto.
National Lazy Liver Pills keep the
bowels regular, the stoinach swett and
the skin clear.   35c. a box. t**
NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT-Dlstrict of New Westminster.���Take notice that John Could, of
Vancouver, B.C., occupation broker,
Inten .'h to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post planted at a point on tbe westerly shore of
Oreen lake, which point Is situate
about 60 chains southwesterly from
the northerly end of tbe said Green
lake; thence west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40
chains more or less, to the shore of
Green lake, thence northerly following the shore of Green lake to the
point of commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Agent for John Gould.
Dated August 28, 1911.
Shortest Route to London on 11,000
Ton Floating Palaces.
Next  Sailings  from   Montreal:
Xmas Sailing from Halifax.
Rates of Passage:
1st Clsss, $92.50, and upwards.
2nd Class, 853.75, and upwards.
3rd Class, Bristol or London, 332.60.
Further Information from Ed Goulet, C. P. R. Agent, or write
A. H. Davis, General Agent
272 Main St., Winnipeg.
Re lots 2, 3, 4 and 9, block 2, lots 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, fi, 7 and 12, block 3, lotu
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10, block 4, of
section  30, block 5 north, range 2
west, in the District of New Westminster, Map 454.
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of title  number  1725 F��� issued
ln the name of Aulay Morrison, has
been tiled In this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at the expiration of one month trom
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspoper published ln
the City of New Westminster. Issue a
duplicate of the said certificate, unless ln the meantime valid objection
be made to me In writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, B.C., October 7, 1911.
Phone 105.     P. O. Box 340.
Office, Front SL, Foot of Sixth.
88. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Van-
couver at 12 midnight every 8atur.
day for Victoria and Seattle.
88. "PRINCE RUPERT" leaves Van-
couver at 12 midnight every Monday for Prince Rupert.
88. "PRINCE JOHN" leaves Prince
Rupert at 1 p.m. every Wednesday
for Stewart; at 10 p.m. Thursday
November 2, lfi. 30, December 14
28, for Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate, Lockport, Rose Harbor, etc..
and at 10:00 p.m. Thursday, November 9, 23, December 7. 21, for Mas-
sett and Naden Harbor.
runs trains three times a week from
Prince Rupert to end of track (100
(The Double Track Route)
Through tickets from Vancouver to
all points east of Chicago ln Canada
and the United States, also to Europe.
Make your reservations now for the
holidays. Standard and tourist sleepers���meals "Pay as you order."
Mme. Songbird Paid Har Hsughty Society Pstron In Full.
Last year a prominent Ronton society
lender, In arranging a musical surprise
at an elaborate dinner given to tbe
town's elite, called on a singer of renown to engsge her serviced for that
event. It chanced tbat tbe singer wa*
naturally Independent On the other
hand, the caller was notoriously
haughty. As a result tbis was what
transpired between them:
After the visitor had announced ths
Import of her coming, the singer succinctly said she would sing oue number for $200. and tbat lt would be a
Wagnerian selection.
'The price we wlll not haggle OTer."
said tbe visitor, "bnt Instead of that
grand opera selection 1 want you to
render one of tbe light snd populsi
ditties of tbe day!"
"For tbe Wsgnerlan eong. K00; for
tbe popular ditty, $300," was tbe flrm
"But ma dame." expostulated the society leader, "your classical song is
much more exacting on your powers,
so why should you charge more for
tbe lighter and easier eong?"
"Ah." replied the Independent one.
"tbe harder song Is all fun to me; the
easier one all work!"
60 tbe price wss fixed at $300.
Just as tbe bsngbty visitor wss
about to depart sbe turned to tb*
artist and aald:
"Of course, 1 shall not expect yon te
mingle with my guests."
"Ab." was tbe biting retort, "1 shall
throw off $50."-Llfe.
Extrsmsly Polite.
The forms uf Mexican polltenees to
tbe stranger are sometimes embarrassing. Mlss Mary Barton, wbo visited
the country to paint landscapes and
tells her experience in "Impressions of
Mexico." says thnt "people seemed
suxlous to help me In all possible
ways, from the railway conductor,
who Invited me to dine wltb bim. to
tbe very smart young man that I met
in the postolllce wben I had a uumber
ef Invitations In my hand and wbo offered to lick tbe stamps for me."
A Spiritual meeting will be held at
Mr. J. Clark's residence, Inman avenue, Central Park, near station,
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. All are
welcome.    Literature  for  sale.       **
SVfc to 26 H. P.
��� and 4 Cycle.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phona 63.
]     Tenth  St,  New Weetmlneter.
Transfer Co.
'Bee 'Phone 18a.     Barn 'Pnona II'
Begbie Street.
Sacra**   deilverea   promptly    ��
say part ot tke city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
H. G. 8MITH, C. P. A T, A.
Phone Seymour 7100.
L. V. DRUCE, Commercial Agent.
Phone Seymour 3060.
527  Granville Street, Vancouver.
Re a part (10 acres) of a portion
of Lot 273, Group 2. New Westminster District:
Whereas proof of the loss of certificate of Title Number 1199F. issued
in the name of George Carter, has
been filed in this office.
Notice is hereby given that I shal',
at the expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof, In a dally newspaper published In
the City of New Westminster, Issue
a duplicate of the said Certlflcate,
unless In the meantime valid objec
Uon be mad�� to me in writing.
District Registrar ot Titles.
l^and Registry Office, New West
minster, B. C, Oct. 31, 1911.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital   paid  up $6,200,000
Reserve   7,200,000
The Bank has over 200
branches, extending ln Canada
from the Atlantic to the Pacuic,
In Cuba throughout tbe island;
also In Porto Rico, Bahamas,
Barbados, Jamaica. Trinidad,
New York and London,, Eng.
Drafts Issued without delay
on all the principal towns and
cities in the world. These ex-
oelent connections afford every
b��nklM  UcHU��. -    .   ~
Naw WaatmtnsUr Branch,
Lawford Richardson, Mgr.
Save the Cost of
Your Winter Outfit
By having dresses, etc., dry cleaned
or dyed the dark shades now fashionable. We will be glad to show you
how well this work can be done.
Gents' Suits Pressed 75c
Gents' Suits Cleaned $1.50 up
F. BALDWIN, - Proprietor.
354 Columbia Street.
llChaicft M, Mutton,
\  lamb, PwV wA Nm\
Royal Mail Steamers
Montreal - Qaebec   -   Liverpool
 Saturday, Nov. 18
...Wednesday, Nov. 22
Christmas Sailings
Portland, Me., Hslifsz, Liverpool
'Canada" ���
���Megantic" ...
'Teutonic"  ...
 Saturday,  Dec.  2
 Saturday, Dec.  9
 Thursday, Dec. 14
Shutting Him Off.
The Dad-My mm. 1 want to fell yon
that the secret of my success, as It
must be of any man's. I* hard work
I- Tbe Snn-Sh. dad! I don't core to
hear otber people's secret*, and I am
too much of n gentleman to talte ad
���rantage of Information gained In that
���way.   Say no more.���Toledo Blade.
Taity Pelsen.
Costomer-Tbe po'"on mny be excellent but tbe rats won't tnlte It. Kou'li
hare to make It more tasiy. Hror
gist-fre tried tbat already, but tbe
apprentice boys eat IL-fllegeude Blatter. ,-.__________
Than ta ennaiderasly lesa reason
why tbe plural ��;f mouse sbonid bs
mice tbnn why tne plural of ��pouwj
sbould be spice. Any blgamlat will
admit aa mocb.���I*uck.
Ths Only Mourner,
Randall-Was spratt a popular anal
"Popular!  Tba only amnrner at Sle
funeral wss VS* issuance cos>pW~
Steamers sail trom Halifax early
next day. connecting with trains from
the West. , ���       .
White Star S.S. "Laurentic and
"Megantic" are the largest, fllnest
and most modern from Canada.
Elevators, lounges, string orchestra,
etc. First, second and third class
passengers carried.
White 8tar S.S. "Teutonic" and
Dominion Line S.S. "Canada" carry
one class cabin (ID and third class
passengers only. {
f��r reservations and tickets apply to
ED GOULET, C. P. R. Depot.
W. F. BUTCHER, Agent G. N. R.
Compw'n offlcei, 619 2nd Ave.,
B.C Coast Service
For   Victoria.
1000 A .M Dally except Tuesday
1:00  P.   M .7...Dally
12:00 Midnight Saturday Only
10:00 A.  M.
11:00 P.  M.
For Seattle.
For Prince Rupert and Alaska
11:00 P. M...Nov. 4th, 12th, Dec. 8th.
For Queen Charlotte Islands.
11:00 P. II.. Oct 31, Nov. 11th, 26th
For Hardy Bay.
8:30 A.  II Wednesdays
For Upper Fraser  River Points.
Leave New Westminster, 8:00 A.M.,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Chilliwack. 7:00 A. M��� Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
For Gulf Islands Points.
7 00 A. M. Friday for Victoria, calling at Gallano, Mayne, Id., Hope Bay,
Port Washington, Oaneo Hr. Gulch-
eon Cove, Beaver Point, Fulford and
Sidney Id.
Agent, New Weatmlnster.
(V P. A.. Vancouver
Learn     Classes every Monday
MBI"      and Wednesday night,
TO 8 o'clock,   318   Royal
_ avenue. Advanced
Dance ciaas and Invitation
dance in St. Patrick's Hall, Friday, Oct. 27, continuing every Friday. Class at 7:30. Dancing 9
to 2. C. W. Openshaw's orchestra.
Private lessons by appointment
J. B. BAINETT, 318 Royal Avenue
Phone L575.
Central Meat MaiM
Corner Eighth 8t. and Fifth Avenue.
PHONE 870.
Phone 098.
P. O. Box 801.
Snider & Bretheur
General Contractors
Westminster Trust Building.
Winter Schedule
In effect at 24:01, November 6. 1911.
Trains Will leave as follows:
Toronto Express at  *:t*
Soo Express at  �� 1S:K>
Imperial Limited at  19'-40
/      ._,
For tlcketa and other particulars
apply to
Now Weatmlnster.
Or H  W. Brodie, Q7P-A., YaMoeter
��� IN ���
Many Peoplft who have
never before been in a
position to do so, may
now be ready to.open a
bank account.
The Bank of Toronto
offers to all such people
the facilities of their
large and strong banking organization.
Uteratu paid ������ Satisfi
EUU��ce*>��lf-yeirfy. ;�� ::
Baskets |AcceeaU epeaed
ea |areraMe term,   a   a
ASSETS $48,000,000
| Phone 388. P. O. Box 687.
Fine Office Stationery
Job Printing of Every
Description - - - Butter
Wrappers a Specialty'
Market Square, New Westminster. I
WE have on hand a
full line of Horse
Blankets, Buggy Rugs and
Waterfront Covers. The
Prices are Right and the
Quality is Guaranteed.
ets Colombia Street
Phone 80,New Weatminater,���. C.
-   ���*���*.���***���> ��� -  .-.    ���  ��� ���yammaaaaM*
Healing Stoves |qty nEW5
We have
the most
in the city
call and
see our
stock before you
��� Arrested Man Is Not Robber \
(Continued from page one)
Prospecting below
has already begun.
Carnarvon street
Phone R672. 819 Hamilton 8t.
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools, Septic Tanks,
About what you would do suddenly
should you be overtaken with a grave
accident or serious Illness. Make the
financial Independence of your family
an assured thing by taking out a Hfet
accident and health policy. It Is the
best investment any family man can
Alfred W. McLeod
In the Edison Theatre, last night
Rev. A. F. Baker addressed a meeting
of men.
Mrs. David Walker wl.l receive today and on the first Monday of eacli
month hereafter.
It ls feared that attendance nt the
schools may fall short daring the next
few days.   It pays to play hookey.
Mr. J. H. Cuningliam, Inspector of
fisheries, left for Ottawa last night.
He will be absent about th ee we.ks.
"David, the Shepherd Boy," Olivet
Baptist Church. Tuesday evening,
Nov.  7.    Collection. ������
Assays of pay dirt f.om Carnarvon
stieet vicinity have panned out at
about $5,000 to the three pouadB of
An Inquest on the body of Fred
Cooper will be held by Coroner Pit'
tendrlgh at Murchle's Undei tak ng
parlors this morning.
The ladles of St. Peter's Church
wll hold a card party and danco In St
Patrick's Hall on Wednesday evening,
November 8.
There Is a hole below the planking
of the sidewalk on the souih side of
Or  -'g house where something might have bean.
At the evening service In tlie Sixt
Avenue    Baptist     Church  yesteid'y
Rev.   F.   S.   O'Kell   admn'ste'ed   the
sacrament of the  Lord's Supper.
Eyes tested for glaBges; satisfaction guaranteed by W. Gifford, graduate optician. Optlc'an pallors In
T. GlfTord's jewelry store. ������
Employment bulletin: Enough
street laborers are on the city's waiting list to last for the next seven and
a half years. No more applications
wlll be receive 1.
Mrs. M. J. Melvln will receive on
Tuesdav, Nov. 7, at .420 Seventh
street, 'and on the flrst Tuesdav oi
each month throughout the season.
We loan Money���Make your vacant
property revenue producing. National Finance Company, Ltd. 521 Columbia street. **
Mrs. Joseph Dorgan will receive on
Friday, Nov. 10, at 813 Fifth st eet
for the flrst- time since coming to
New Westminster, and on the second
Friday of each month thereafter.
Don't fail to hear the chorus of
forty voices sing "When Heroes Return" in "David the Shepherd Boy."
Nov.   7,   Olivet
gether," said a prominent detective,
crarying the loot ln white canvas
sacks and they turned to the left by
the English Church. We are glad," be
added tbat we started out later than
was our Intention so that the workmen found the money, the hiding
place of which Bezoyk wag about to i
point out to us. They fully deserve
the erward and we hope that they
get It."
The pollce of Vancouver also state,
ln spite of published stories to the
contrary, that they are not at all satisfied with the story of the Chinaman
who is janitor at the bank.
Thoy cannot reconcile his story
with the facts. How, they ask, did
the man escape so easily from his
bonds, and why, If an experienced
gang was at work did they not put
him out of business more completely.
Seattle, Nov. 5.���The local police
suspect that John Bezoyk, the Westr
minster bank robber suspect, was under arrest ln Seattle on September I
25.���The reason for suspicion Is I
based on the tact that the Westminster suspect has but one arm and one
Three men were aTrested for disorderly conduct early on the morning
of September 25. When they were
brought Into pollce court the next
day one of them caused no little astonishment by drawing a $1,000 bill
out of his artificial arm and paying
the fines for .all three. He, too, had
lost an eye.
The two men were photographed
and the pictures will be sent to New
Wetminster for Identification.
657 Columbia St.,
ftS. M*w   YtattmtriBtor.
| on  Tuesday   evening,
[Baptist church.
Fifth St. near Seventh Ave.
11050; Good Terms.
*a^ma**g ~��-
Seventh Avenue
one-third caah, balance
and twelve months.
Cor. 12th St. and 5tfe Ave.
80x140; $4200;  Good Terms.
Major & Savage
If a Woman
to Invest $25.00
In a Suit
She can be reasonably certain that the money Is
well spent in our Suit Department, and the Suit
she gets In r.turn will be up-to-date, fit well and
wear well.
They are all made in the newest Fall and Winter
styles and of high class materials. In English serge,
French Venetian and imported tweeds. Some are
plainly tailored and others are novelty trimmed.
Skirts are made in nlaln, pleated and panel effect
styles, and to the woman of discernment and good
taste these  Suits wlll make a special appeal.
You should give
your order for a
46 Lorne Street, New Westminster.
Invisible Cream
Whiteis the Skin
Insures Good Complexion
TaYte  the   ��t��imer   Tranmter  itor
I round trip Baturday afternoon. Leaves.
Blackman-Ker wharf at 2 o clock. **    \
Tbe latent amusemert far the Ion?
winter evtnlnfis is the game called
"The Search for buried treasure."
Parties forYiifse affairs are quits ths
most   up-to-date   entertainment.
At the Educational Club me"tin^ i'i
the Columbian College Aesamfty
Room, on Thursday evening, at
which Professor Pray will le?tuie on
"Genetic Psychology," Mrj. Kenshaw
will sing a solo.
In tbe police c~urt, Faturd iy morning, William Papas, a Greek, who was
found carrying a revolver, was f'ned
$15 and costs for carrying concea'ed
weapons. The revolver was confiscated.
Yesterday afternoon Professor
Hetherington, of Columbian College,
adreBsed the men's meeting at the
V. M. C. A. building. M xkner'r,
orchestra rendered music. The senior business men held their first gymnasium class at 5:15 this afternoon.
Tho most popular prizes for winners tn the "Hunt the Treasure Parties" are manicure sets o- silk' n'gh-
ties. though some ultra fashionable
hostcssos prefer to give magnifying
glasses. These come In handy for
ru��t search party.
At Port Haney. on Saturday af.e'-
noon. died Mrs. Jane Spring, at th?
age of K4 years. Long resident In
the district Mrs. Spring was ���well
known iu New Westminster, wher-j
she leaves to mourn lier one son. Isaac Sprint, father or the wtll kn/\vn
members of the New Westminster
lactoss team, and one daughter, Mrs.
J. G. Tretbewey. liev. D.-W., Scott,
Port Haney officiated at the funeral,
the services being held at the home
of Mrs. Trethewey, the interment taking place in Maple HI Ige cemetery.
The funeral was latgely attended.
The pall-bearers were: G. Smith, J.
A. Maddaugh, F. DIzgs, W. Ansell, O.
Martin, George Massey. Mr. W. E
Fales, of this city, had charge of the
funeral arrangements.
B. & M.
537 Front St   -   Phone 30 L
$30.00, $35.00, $40.00 to $60.00
New Fall Suitings and Coatings
New Clay  Worsteds In  greys, navys and blacks, suitable for smart    tailored    Suits   and   separate
Skirts, 51 to GO inches w.de;  yard    $1.50 to $2.50
New Broa.lcloths ln a full range of new Fall colorings, beautiful Sedar and glove finishes, in two
-weights, for dresses, suits or coats.   Per  yard $1.25 to $2.00
Also a beautiful collection of paste lshadlngs ln Broadcloth for opera cloaks, reception gowns, etc.
All our Broadcloths are thoroughly shrunk and guaranteed spot-proof.
New Scotch Tweed Suitings ln grey, brown, green and heather mixtures.    Mannish    materials    that
tailor perfectly, 54 to 58 inches wide;  exclusive suit lengths. Per yard    $1.25 to $2.25
New navy and black English serges in medium and fine twills, made from finest botany yarns, dyed
an.l  finished  by experts, thoroughly shining and spot proof;  52 to 58 inches Wide, Per yard. .$2.00 to $3.50
Fashionable Wide Width Black Velveteen
Thirty-six Inch wide beautiful  Black Velveteen.   Finished like silk; Ideal suit weight. Price yard $2.25
Fresh Salmon  (half or whole)."ftc lb.
Fresh Halibut  (half or whole).8c lb.
Fresh Cod  (half or whole) 7c lb.
Fresh  Herring,  4  lbs.  lor 25s
Smelts         10c  lh.
Kippered and Smoked Salmon. 15c lb.   . .,,���., ....
Smoked Halibut   15c lb.! ters of Credit Issued,   available   wltb
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL        ��H, 400,000.00
RESERVE    12.000,000.00
Branches tbrougnoui    Canada   end
Newfoundland,   anu   In   London,   Eng-;
ised, Nsw York, Chicago and Spokane,
D.S.A., and Mexico City.    A general:
banking    business    transsct.ed.    Let- I
Kippers and Bloaters 10c lb
Finnan Haddie 2 lbs. for   25c
Rabbits       35c each
Opposite Brackman-Ker Wharf,
Front St.
correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Dspsrtment���Deposits
received In sums of fl and upward,
aud Interest allowet at 3 par cent, per
annum   (present  rate).
Total  Assets  over  $186,000,000.00
O. O. BRYMNER. Manager.
STERLING Silver, $25.00 to $40.00 each
GERMAN Silver $5.00 to $15.00 each
Child's Purses, $1.75 and $2,00 each.
X   Official Time Inspector for C.P.R. and   B.C.C. R'y
**************** -,
(!)(I9) Sixteen large lots fronting on a graded street and Just off
Second street, one of the widest streets in this city. These lots are
almost cleared and offer au exceptional opportunity as an Investment or for a contractor in search of cheap   sites   for   Inexpen3ive
Is obtainable through the aid of    erfect fitting glasses.    Our spectacles and lenses are guaranteed perfect in flt and .focus,
���   au
Ryall's Drug Store \
| ta\e*^^0 # ##��� #^#<iJ>��# -tt 4
441 Columbia St.
Westminster, B.C.
Building Permits.
Building Inspector W. Tu.nbull has
issued permits f:;r the first lour days
of November which total $18,150 in
value. Thev are all for residences.
The largest ls a trn-room house on
Seventh avenue, near Tenth street
for M. McAdams, at a value of
$3,500. Others aie: W. ,T. Malcolm.
Belmont street, near Sixtli street,
eight-room, twrsto'ev fr.ime billing, $2,260; M. \V. Grant & Son, Fifth
stieet, het.veen Seventh and Eighth
Avenues, storey ::nrt a half ("wll ng
J3.000; Samuel Bowel. Third ami
Brandon streets, seven-.oom S'.proy
������n-l n hilt' ��iame buTling. $',00): A.
II. Solomon, nepim sir.et. Hve-ro'tni
bungalow, $1,700; Mrs. Oattio Bur-
Mck. Farter stre"t. four-room, elngla
storey, frame building. ?70'J.
Price $500 Each
Terms: $100 Cash, balance 5, 12,
18 and 24 months.
Building is active In this district where over forty houses have
been built during the past year and every one has been- sold or.
rented.   For sale en bloc or in single lots.
Established   1891,   Incorporated   1905.
Pres. and Geni. Mgr.      VicePresldent. Sec. and Treas.
;   LUMBER CO., LTD.   ===
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers In
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce Lumber
Phonea Na. 7 and 877.- Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Etc.
New Westminster
Head Office, New Westminster.      Branches at Vancouver    Victoria,
Chilliwack and Aldergrove, B.C.
Westminster branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver at 6, 5:45
a.m. and every 15 minutes
thereafter untll 11 p.m. Last
car 12 p.m. Sunday leaves at
6, 7, 8 a.m. and every 15 minutes thereafter.
Lulu Island branch. ��� Cars
leave for Vancouver every hour
from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. connecting at Eburne for Steveston.
Burnaby line.���Cars leave for
Vancouver every hour from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fraser Valley line. ��� Cars
eave for Chilliwack and wsy
points at 9.30 a.m., 1.20 and
6.10 p.m.
Huntingdon anu way points,
leaves at 4.05 p.m.
The B. C. E. R. Co. oilers reduced rates ot a fare and a
third tor week end trips to all
points on its Fraser Valley
Tickets will be on sale on
Saturday and Sunday, good for
return untll Monday.


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