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The Daily News Jun 23, 1910

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 White Rock
voi.^,K ;
if OfflCtRS Of     	
t II PIFfTFft'* London, June 22.���The chan- *
.11    P     ! I |l l_B I III I ��� eery division of the high court ���
W    t.   \* **' *-*���*"             * has granted the application of ���
"'                                               ' ��� the   Hritish  Columbia   Electric ���
Railway company for permission to extend Iti em in
the direction ol acquiring gas
works, mining and lumber
Cunningham is Again
responding Secretary
future Work Outlined	
*'w":; gession yesterday was the
. ii**nr:..* *s_* "��������� big day at post
1.liETIl OF
s'nuuHX w p mn
Yearly and Monthly Meeting cf Hospital Are Com
and Much Business Transacted-Reports of
Secretary and Lady Superintendent.
London.  June 22.���The king
today    created    tlie    Du. e   of
Cornwall Prince of Wales and
of   .Chester.     Tomorrow
will hs
the duke's birthday.
o( time
 |Weie  electe  ^^^
K��the��e were as follows:
The  re-1
rpaldent���Mrs, ���'��� '���
r Pirtorla;   reelected  unan- Twelfth
I ********
.. Mrs.
I      '   ;    v,   m
1       Many
secretary���Mrs    M
by a large majority.
Reports   Read.
nrnlng  session  was devoted
'���   . rDrepgorts from the different
Sendents    all   of   which   were
of    July    Will    Be    Fittingly
Celebrated by Followers of King
William   of   Orange.
If nothing unforeseen occurs, construction on tlie now Royal Columbian hospital wlll be started inside of
a montli or two. At the annual meet-
in. of the board yesterday the plans
were considered and discussed, but
as the meeting did nol have time to go
very thoroughly into the matter, the
question of the final decision on some
of the minor points in the plans was
* Single Men May Have to Da
Extra Military Duty After
Certain Age.
At a meeting held In W. E. Fales'
store yesterday evening, arrangements were made for tlie holding of
the   big   Twelfth   of  July   celebration
able of furnishing accommodation for
at least one hundred patients.
Plans and specifications have been
prepared by the architects, .Messrs.
Birds & Blackmore, of .Vancouver,
Who were awarded first prize for their
Alans by F. M. Rattenbury, of Victoria.
The building committee of the board
had  several   meetings   to   which
called  in  consultation  the
Novelist and  Traveller  Decorates
loon  Man's Eye and Comes to
Court With Own Orbs Dark.
Paris, France, June 22.���A seiies of
measures   designed   to   stimulate   th&
birth  rate  in  France  was introduced
Sa-  iu paillament today.
They  include the imposition of ad-
I dltional military service on bachelors-
more than  twenty-nine years of age;
make    obligatory    the    marriage
don,   novelist
Cal., June 22.���Jack Lon-
and  traveller,  was  ar-
man., v^-.c. ...
state employees who have reached the
age  cf   twenty-five  yeais,  with  sup-
and   pension   al-
ft to a meeting of the building com- Jedlcai  Btafl  attending  the  hospital,
mittee to be held in the secretary's
ofl   e i d  Monday  at  2  p. m.    It is
i cted  that immediately afier that
mi eting tenders wi.l be called for and
as well as the lady superintendent,
and the board feels that they will,
when this building is completed, have
an up-to-date hospital in every particu-
��� nip   dm*   .wBiiLu   ...   ���...>   wcu.��. ,,���- construction of the building will   ,       capable   of   accommodating   one
22* ;:!,n!lZ���T I at Port Hammond by Om Orangemen | be rushed as soon as the contract for j hun(ll J  an���   thirty  gttnt*  but^to
UUll,     lavaat^m.
rested in Police Judge Samuel's court j
this morning on a charge of battery '
sworn to by Tim Muldowney, propri-1
etor of a cafe, who had been arrested
on a charge of battery sworn to by
London. The novelist fought with the
saloon man last night and both received  black  eyes.
London says he was attacked without cause and that he was surrounded
by   seven   men,   who   forced   him   to
'   contest.     Mul-
plementary  salaries
for   those   with   more  than
nd the repeal of the
distribution   of
The dis-
divide   their
continue   the   unequal
London   attacked   him
intimating   that  the
dbe  collected   at    as   early   a
ble  and  alBO   that   a   Bpe-
ltd be male to Increase
. lp  during  the coming
"     ,-,  ��� a good report might be
knitted to  the   Dominion   conven-
*��Som   of   Sympathy.
Un iRev i Thompson, of Nanaimo,
X u��t an   exprewion   of  sym-
Tmlghl be sent to Mrs. Andrew.
b Epworth   union,   Vancouver
tad recen.lv   loei   a   little   bo;
r.       ,���  vVaUon, of Vancouver, sug-
..., i'tl ��� etters of sympathy should
ent to Mrs.   Henry  and  Mrs.
���  whom  have been for
���-.ge   i       V  C   T. D. workers,
���   ������   debarred from
P, I). M.: W. E. Pope, p. M.; W, Porter, I). M.; \V. .1. Johnston. P. M.;
\V. S. Phipps, P. M.: E. W. Cook,
P. M.; H. Haldenger and Joseph
Dark, representing the two local
lodges, 1150 and 1593.
In addition to the usual field sports.
a dance will be held in the Hammond
hall. The Rporl fixtures have not yet
been decided upon.
On    Sunday,   July   10,   the   annual
church service of the order will take ling the ^.	
Methodist : was received and ordere.l to be published in the annual reports.
Salaries and accounts for the month
downey   says
without   reason	
writer was drunk.
Both men were released on $30 bail ...
and the cases were set for July 8     liace SUK'iae-
the   main,   at
of Vic
i'. ally
i   pari  for the future.
Mi    i   a   Halllday, of Comox, re-
orted tew   bell   department.
fc1 ���   . of the curfew had
i  ��� id thi   satisfactory result
Ijtopi it  waa  in
lol Mrs. Pickar
it'       il parlor meetings held through-
e pi 'nieil that.tbey had
1 ��� ��� ��� found i ij bi tally helpful in af-
sion of Bpeclal de-
i ��� i :' Fifteen unions reported,
Bl ���' Blxty-four  parlor  meet-
held during the year.
Rest   Ten!   for    Militia   Camp.
was recommended by the presi-
its erection is awarded. f     lhis       ,,,..._ ,,,,���,���,,. ,,
Presenution  to   Miss   Seatter. bt. m,ce9      .  t0  ralse  |160|0oo.    The
A   pleasant   eature  ol   yesterday's  cil    of New We8tmlnBter is t0 con.
meeting  was   he  presentation  of a tril)Ute $30000 and Ul. provlncia] gov.
medal  and  diploma to  Miss  1 ranees  ernmenl has kindlv I)r0,nised j20,000;
Beatter,  who  had  recently graduated   |40fiQQ ,ms ,(een promiged by friends
The committee in ehnr�� nf �������������� . ^m the institution.    President.  Ciin-  of  th    inslitution   who  are  not   rest-
ni. committee in charge of arrange- ningham, in complimenting her on the dents of the citv   so that ir will now
ments  at   this end  consists of  R. A.   successful  completion  of  her  course,!. u,e <-">���     ,      Jn ���i   f
stonrv      u    tt;   cm-      \    r-r.r.. ,-  ,   u<-^t-B l',,">'"   ,'  U1   ,'     , u ,   _   be   necessary   to   raise   $60,000   from
Stont>.    R.  W. C.   M..     A.  Garrett, | spoke   highly  of  the  work  she  had|th0Be who a"re charitably inclined to
done during her term at the hospital 'complete the construction of the new
but the nurse was too overcome with hospital, and a further $25,000 will
gratitude to reply. | be needed for furnishings.
A verbal report to the effect that J We feel sure that tl)e residents of
the local Council of Women had re- \ the citv as well as the - ��� ��� -�����
elected   Mrs.  S.   J.   Pearce  and   Mrs.   come   * ****m*mu**
A. H. Ferguson to niembeiship on the j of managevs, so as to enable tbem to
board was received. -   -
A   communication   from   the   reB'8"' building      _
trar of the supreme  court, inclosing'      ing t��� the  population of the  city, i .���...���,���_��� ������.,  ���.,,�����....��� .,..���
the finding of the grand jury regard- \ as w6ell as the district, increasing ^ 13^elers_ and outfitters are
  ^^^_^^^^^_ crowded state of the hospital
place   at   Queens   avenue          ^^^^^     ���*-
church, when Bro. Rev, C. \V. Hrown
will   address   the   Orangemen   in  the
were passed for payment,
The treasurer's report, duly audited,
three children ar
law requiring equal
estates among the children,
like of Frenchmen to J:"
properly is a frequent cause of restricted families, according to those
[ who have made a stu.ly of the subject.
!     The proposed legislation follows the;
recent publication of statistics show-
; ing that the population has been m-
; creased by only 3,000.000 since 1851.
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, during
his recent visit here, impressed Parisians
with  his well known ideas on.
..,,  . ���     district,  will
to the  assistance of tlie board
New York  June '-'-\dele Ritchie I    The Ha^ue' June 22-~In ^he New"
. ��i  r       i    . ���,    'fountiland   fisheries   arbitration   case
tress, filed a voluntarv petition        '       .      n ..   ���,    ��� Z   ���
1    ,   ex-Senator George H. Turner resumel
I complete the construction of the new
which   Is   so   sadly   neede.
the actress, meu a iwu.uu...   ,     ...
in  bankruptcy  here today, enumerat-;?,   enalul" 0TU',6<:T '"  '""r���-.   ,,
i   .   i4 v iuT- *   ���..,���',     ,.!.      his   speech   todav   on   belia f   of   the
ing    labilities   of   115,249   and   giving...  ..   V c. .      ,, a     <      .    .,
a,* ,���     ������ ,a   ���_   *.,-,,   ���. ,,,    ���,  Lnited States. Referring to the treaty
tir.r   nnlv   assets   as   $2y0   worth   of     .   ,0,0   .    . ��     ��   ... ,.  . _
t.\   ims   between   Great   Britain   and
of   1818   between
is   *'--   United   States,
he   claimed   for
e\ enmg.
her   only   assets   as
wearing      apparel;      exemption.     .0    .
claimed for this. Dry goods firms, ��� Wb ���-^^ that it conrerred aa
���^^^_^^^ lest creditors unlimited   right   to   take   fish   on   ail
leaps and bounds. i    Som(1   .,,    ',.p   dpht.   datp   hack   to , coasts, bays and harbors of the British
it will  be noticed, by referring toU6��^^^ lntl ^ofj   America,   and,
our cash statement, for the nine iud 'ent for bhotowaSta Another is furthemore the right t0 take f!Sh
months end! "' '       "   ' ^-Uuagment ior pnotograpns.^ Another is , without umitation of any kind, char-
their   income,   con
Known   as   Maharaja   Sir   Sayaji   Rao
III.. Sena Khas Khel, Sham Sher
Bahadur,  Etc., Etc.,
showing that there was a balance of | ciency. as far as thev muld do *���������.
$1,526.24 in the general account and;and in the old wooden building, which
$313   in   the   building   tund   account, - ���
was read and adopted.
Superintendent's  Monthly  Report,
The   monthly   report   of   Miss   M
tin,  lady  superintendent  of  the  hos
pital,   was   read   as   follows'
Statement   of   patients.
"    for
ding March 31 last, that the | iTjjT 6n for restaurant   ci. u-h  .... tint   has   kept   we'l    within' f ���   ,    ,. ,f acter or description whatever.
ui   naa   kc|,l    .c.i    vtiiiiui         a perloi 0f ti,ree months. '
mie.    consistent    with    efti-  , 	
^^m Three Hurt in Fire.
has now outlived its usefulness.
The  site   is   a   splendid   one.   very
commanding,   with   a  beautiful   view,
healthy    and     sanitary   in   every   respect.    We   have   seven   and   a   half
I acres of ground, all in splendid con-
Royal   Co-  (jition I
-       We'have at present, a very efficient I President Diaz Places Rival for Lead
Halleybury, Ont., June 22.���Dave
Clay, an Englishman about forty years
old, was probably fatally burned, and
Tom Bailey and John Irish were injured by pumping as the result of a
fire which destroyed the King Edward boarding house on Browning
stieet early this morning.
lumblan  hospital, ~   _ ^^^^^^^^
May 1910���Number of patientsjn hos-IsJ^ffot nurses! and a very competent
pital,   May   1,   64 J    "" ' *���    ���     -������'   <���������   -�����   .
d,   6;   admitted   d. 0    ,    	
May 31, 58;  number, are au occupying very prominent po
May, I'i-i, ; sitions   In   the   different   hospitals  of
e province.
discharged.   1"^; | medical   school   for   nurses,   and   the
uring   May,  100; ,nurses wll0 have Bra luated since 1901
   31, oS;  number |ar, ^^m  ��� . ������
of patients treated during  May, 164; \ B[-
number of hospital days, 1,981;  uum-  ti.
ership  in  Penitentiary���Elections
on  Sunday.
Toronto,  June  22.���Fines aggregat-
(ing   $1,025   were  imposed   by   Judge
Fran-, Winchester  this   morning  in   the
(Coutiuuwl on PiVije hlve ���
Plans for the en
Maharaja, bis wife and daughter and
his brother, were elaborate, but ns
his reservations for the trip east have
been made and his schedule calls for
his departure tomorrow morning, it
is probable that they will not be car-
rb'd out.
W. A. Shannon, who entertain-
^Thosfpres^S'the meeting were: ; ReTiring""members  of  the  board  are
llu-st presi m Mrs.' eligible     for     re-appointment.       The
j.   Cunningham,   in^U.e^cbagon   ^  eligible^ ^ ^ bejng   rf
Kirk, M-'polities lying wholly, or in  part   od-
11.   T.
ed   the   prince  and   his  family
| thev  were In  Seattle four years ago,
iam  Huntley   to   Give   Wife  $300 | wll, extend an Invitation to the royal
party tin ough Baba Bharatl, who will
meet them at the depot, to visit tlie
State university tomorrow morning
and take luncheon at the home of
President and Mrs. Thomas Kane. An
automobile trip to the golf
grounds had been planned for tomor-
"e8.I!; J, VKn/'T.  Cfiwdjj^t'to Nw Westminster, shall be
Sln,'��-   ii 'Kearv ex-offlcio  honorary  members  of  such
and  W.   it-   i^eai.. ~~
Th. c��rri��tarv's Report. ; board. . .
The LlUfng.ein.rt was  received;    The local  Council of Women have
Tlie spirit of rev
confir.|d   to  ithe   border   cities
sprea i to the interior, and today Mex-
Is   boiling   with   political   exeite-
Revolutlonary     preparations
given great assistance to the management, as well as the Women's Auxili-
���   . a   A.	
a Month  and Children  $1,000
a Year.
from tl*e secretary
Th1? ^fXVNew'Tes^Tter ^oftoe'bospTtai:wbo furnished the
ence in the <. ty of New w ^     y^     at0rBlt_   Cottage   which  was
since   lsti
Spokane,    June  22.���Probably    the
;;'-'->'s: amount Of  property ever dis-
I V>*-*1 ot in a divorce suit in Spokane
���W be divl led without the adjudica-
^ol the courts when the property
01 William   llunlev.   president  of  the
Otlange   National   Bank   Is  divided. |
)* '��� time  ago  Mrs.   Huntley  surd
lw 41.01 ce on  the  grounds that   hei
"Mtatii! did  not   allow  her  sufficient
'"toi.,  keep   her   family   of   seven
J**children.   She also alleged that
^ millionaire   refused   to   recogni/e
����er Ms wife or the members of his
r,5"j on the street. I
p��Ming the Bettlemont of the dl-
,orfc.an agreement has been reached
flMrnlng the property. Huntley is
'�� ��im aver to tho use of his family
eeveii-twelfths of the entire estate
Minora than $1,200,000, sharing eQUal-
" ��'hh his  wife  and  their  ten chll-
are spreading and it is believed that
the election Sunday will be the bloodiest in the history of the republic.
The liberals are openly declaring
that Madero was arrested simply because he is a candidate for the presidency. Meetings called to denounce
the   government's   action   are   being
ago. We have ^]i^^'^"5JMie police and rurales
and government troops are patrolling
the border and guarding border cities..
Every liberal leader that could be
found has been banished and the au-
Three Special Customs Officers Watch
Ships for Frauds in Spoiled Fruit
Rebates. 1
ed bv the French industrial and com-        , Bomethtng over *��,������. ���* , --   ��   - ,n    thp fall of 190L
Mai committee asking that an   n- k   n *M��J���*��^t�� with Se nutiber of nurses in training in-
sitlon be held In Paris | and  1902  It  wasamai^ ^ buiW-1 creased from four to ten
ternatlonal exposi
''n 1�� tlie division.
il<:ni, ,������,������,>, nml that ,300 'h-^|A,R8H.P 8ERV����. NOWhIJd   __cJ
./corporation has been formed for
"�� handling of the property for the
,nl twenty years. It Is provided
'" Huntley shall remain the manag-|
,,c turned over to Mrs. Huntley eac
',imh fl"' her own use, und not less
"J W.OOO yearly for the use of each
'"' minor children.
' "' Btory of tl)e  Huntley    family
llls Uke a romance.   Marrledin Mis-
" "" twenty^lght years ago, Mr. and
. j's   Huntley  had  barely  enough   to
r">8 them to tho Pnlouse country
i,.,'"' they took up a homestead.
1,','. "  falsing,    cattle  dealing    and
r8e 'lonllng  built  up  tho  basis  of
in 1'.'20 is read for presentation to u.c.  ,
government.    The committee plans to I
work  for the next  ten  years ln pre-1
paring for the fair if the government
will promise support.
York, June 22.���Frank Grlllo,
,1 "white slaver," convicted of holding young girls captive, was sentenced to ten years In Sing Sing today.
Frank  Salvatore  was sentenced to
four years for a similar offence.
1902   it  was
Ing has done
good   work,
feels   that^	
nience construction at once
New York, June 22.���Three special
customs officers from Washington are
spending the sultry month of June in.
thoritles are"searching for others con-   _uiel waterfront observations at the
nected with the partv docks   in   Manhattan   and   Brooklyn.
In Nuevo Leon, the home of Ma- at wl'!,ch Slcllian leem��ns ����� unload-
dero, excitement is most intense. Gen- fd- \he *���*�����e of their visit is to
eral Bernardo Reyes, who was named investigate reports that lemon import-
as a candidate for the vice presidency e[s *re, not, ,pi'yl.s l^e fuU dutlea oa
against Ramon Corral, administration th��_ru" whk'h they lmp01't-       ,
dldate.  was formerly  governor of   ��� ��he duty amounts to one and one-
_.   I half cents a pound, but the govern-
tbeToaVd"of'managementI?ue.v? Le��"i a!!d W�� a man ��l w"",
  I derful   popularity.     He   was   deposed
lospltal, an. 	
and  is doing a lot of i    jn   liH)4   ,,m  ���_��� 	
the   present   board I decided  to do without a  house sur-  ""','"'. r''u'"m"-Y a li.      <      . .  n
lt l8 ne"cssary oTmlZ 6r:.They at)POinted another grad- gJS?y��5Si: 5��j&rssg
(Continued  on  Page  Four). "'     ���" -���**������,���*<,���
nan   ^vTin.i   ,.   r	
ment gives a rebate for the proportion
..... f..,,i�� ^,, oa^.fl shipment that l��
of the fruit on each shipment
deemed   unfit   for   consumption
which the importers are supposed to-.
���'    --   > -.   Kaon
to-date brick and stone
building, cap-1
���ganl/.atlons.   His exile caused'great ��� ""V" '"'���1 *���.���--
ccitement throughout the state^ nnd 'destroy. The investigations have been
 ...,_���! trying
GoWen Jubilee of Oblate Fathers
To Be Celebrated Here in August
Ot'giuu/.aumiD.     .i.a ��...���
excitement throughout the State" and !S5SU''V *T  ZTZ.-i.      ,. .
his  followers flocked to  the  Madew Mn�� to  learn  whether the amounC
standard when he was nominated for of decayed fruit is overesUmated whea
the presidency.   The people of Nuevo I thf_,duttes ��?. comP"ted'    . .   .. ,
Leon   are  partlcula.lv   bitter  against  .  The Proportion ot decayed fruit has
D, ���-   -    " 11 been unusually large of late, accord-
T,mn     22.���The
^ldefftsBen'8er S-e as par.
n,st   aerial  PBBBenger��� g(U,.
of a regular airship service when m
  sary of the com-   Roman Catholic churches of Vancou-
g of the Oblate Order of Mary Im-  ver  and  this city  will  sing,  will  be
aeulate to British Columbia will be  given.
���   ���-   .Ma   nitv   on   Monday, I    On Tuesday the fathers and broth-
of  the  Oblate  congregation  will
a visit to Mission City, tlie head-
ters of the order for many years,
solemn high mass will be sung
���        -.t       tin,
U beK serious rioting when the eL \ ��*__**J��?. SSK2A2SS
tions begin.
The fiftieth anniver
ing of the
per cent of the cargoes have
ported as  unfit and  rebates  -_
extent  have  been  given  to  the
ifally comp
leted  today.
,���; ���. Dusseldorf, 280 miles
arrived saf
The trip was entin
********< Vere 1
iv successful and
' eaBed with the
in   the   nit
of   the
order, who are, with but  few excep-
for   the   deceased   members
P��The8importers say that the increase
in the proportion of the decayed tan-
  K��^ii��i��ifrom Sicily is due to unfavorabla
New York, June 22.-There was bad  ons f on Wcuy ln glclly_
news   for   smokers   of   Turkish   clga-  f��^L*gglSow, CaUtordta.tan,
rettes In the routine reports fro 1. the   ���*> ^e���   nmde    the    complain^
' 07 Price I which  were the immediate cause of
be   the present inquiry.
The California growers, It is saw.
trm^**_\^G^I_'mT*S s
^ftyast1 "^"" &��- *^**r *mm'
a souvenir to all
atlon.   The book
illustrated   with
old  missionaries,
���/ priests,    and    with
churches and homes of
past and present.
^whtfa SP*^ lr��m aU U,e U1C
tobacco markets today
nounced thnt an advance
of high grade cigarettes would
forced upon manufacturers by the Increase ln the price of tobacco. Turkish tobacco has advanced from thirty
to fifty per cent in the last year, because of the failure of the crops.
The shortage is made more noticeable by the fact that the consumption of Turkish cigarettes Is Increasing rapidly ln the United States. Last
year seven billion two hundred million cigarettes were sold ln this country as compared with less than two
billion in 1904.
le   v .1...... ...���   ....
are trying to put an end to the giving
of   rebates.    The  importers   say   iht*
Ol    lnuaicD.        - ...     ���.
California   growers   would    in     that,
event put up the price of lemons.
Provincial Horticulturist.
Victoria, June 22.���J. F. Carpenter,,
from Guelph Agricultural college, has
has been appointed provincial horticulturist for Vancouver Island an*
the lower mainland, and will enter
upon hia new duties July 1. .
MMlK^'iMHHMMi^^ ��� '
Classified Advertisements  REAL   ESTATE
Apply Premier hotel.
room located within
-of Daily News ofiice.
Dally  News  ollice.
easy distance
Address "C,"
with breakfast. Central location.
Address  P. O.  Box 796, City.
Assistant, must be capable stenographer and lune knowledge of
book-keeping. Apply by letter to
liox  20,  Daily   Nous  Ollice.
m the Condensed Milk Factory. 16
Front  sireci.    References required.
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone 646.
DOUBLE CORNER���On tixth avenue
and Eleventh street; 132x132 feet,
with small cottage. Price ?3,600;
}500 casa; balance on very easy
terms. 170-C
CITY���Third Avenue���Small house on
lot, size 54 x 12U feet. Price $1,500;
$300 cash, balance on easy terms.
STREET    IMPROVEMENT    DEBEN-.same shall have first *��f�� Wprovea
by a resolution ol ihe ( oun< ��.
7  This Bylaw shall tak<   effeel  on
the day of ';""- nnd
be cited as the "Streel Improve-
BYLAW, 1910.
male and female, for the public
schools of this city. Applications
will be received  until  noon of the
City���An 8-roomed    modern    house;
size    of lot,    132x122    feet;    price,
$5,250; $1,250    cash;    balance   arranged.
N. W. U section 8, Tp. 10���160 acres
of good land with 2,000,000 feet of
timher. No timber lease. $33 per
acie.    $2,000 cash.
Bylaw to enable the Council of the
City of New Westminster to raise
by loan the sum of One Hundred
and Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00)
dollars  for   Street   improvements.
m, nt  Debenture
Bylaw,  1910."
8, This Bylaw before thi
[ng then of, shall  receive
ol the elei oi i ol tl e mid i ��� 3  "i the
manner required bj  law.
Whereas,  certain  sums  of    money      Received the assent ol the electors
have tiiis year  been expended  oui  of on the day of
the  general   revenue of  the city   for     Reconsidered and  flnallj   pa t
the construction, Improvement and re- open council the day of
pair of streets and sidewalks* and ithyio,
is expedient thai  additional sums be 	
spenl   in  like  manner, amounting   in NOTICE.
all  (with ihe sums already spent)  to      Take  notice   thai   the   above
Regl tered Stock
���  linal pass-
the assenl
sd  in
is   a
inst.    Robert   Lennle,   Seci
house of flve or six rooms with mod
ern conveniences by July l for
three or four months. Convenienl
to ear line preferred. Apply Z,
Daily News otlice.
CITY���Modern house and large barn
on Fourth street. Rented for $30
per montli. Price $3,700; terms
$1,000 cash.
CITY���8-rc.med house and fully modern on Fourth avenue, Size of lot
is 80x146 feet. Price J-l.SOO; one-
fifth  cash, balance easy.
the sum of  (hie  Hundred and Fifty true copy of the proposed Bylaw
Thousand  ($150,000.00)  dollars; |WU1   be   taken   into   consideratl
And Whereas, it appears that If the the M inlclpal Council of the C
said sum of One Hundred and Fifty Xew Westminster one month from
Thousand ($150,000.00) dollars, be ap- tin da) ol the first publication there
propriated from the general revenue 0f In the "Dailj News" newspaper,
of the city for the current year the which flrsl publication took place on
rate of taxation will he excessive, and the 13th day of .lune. 1910, and thai
it, is expedient thai such excessive a vote of the electors of the ell
luxation should be avoided, and the
said sum should be raised, on the
credit of the corporation, and thai debentures or registered stock certificates should he issued for that
be taken on the said proposed Bylaw
lie : Ith daj of July, 1910, ) el ��� ee ,
the horns of nine o'clock a m. and five
], m. at  the follow lng  places, nam
', | e Council Chamber, Civic Building;
Fire   Hall,   Sapperton;   and   tin
And   Whereas,   for (he  payment   of  Waterworks    Storehouse,      Eleventh
interest on the debentures or register- street.
G.irl.   Apply King's hotel. C
lots  c
���ind     t ra it
terms  ��� i r
ash and $10
ins and tinsmltbing.
& McClughan.
Apply James
LANGLEY���SO acres N. l/2 of S.E.
���, of Sec. 10, Tp. 10; some clearing. Price $35 per acre; terms
$1,300 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
ed stock certificates, propose.!  to  b
issued under this Bylaw, and for ere
ating a sinking fund for the payment  citj   Hall, June 11,
of the said  debentures or registered
stock   certlflcates   when   due,   it   will
i be
City ( li
to  work  In  laundry.
20   cents   per   hour.
Laundry.   Royal
Eighth street.   B
Wages 15 to
Royal   City
avenue,   west   of
Abranis, Mgr.
house work Apply, Mrs. A. B, K�� 1-
Ilngton, 501 Queen's avenue.
Delta Fruit Fprm���Ten acres on Scott
road, close in. good house and barn,
250 bearing fruit trees. Price $4,000.
Hood   tern's. 172-A
Office:    Northern   Crown   Bank   Bldg.
Phone   646.
Open Evenings for Your Benefit.
acres of good land at Lincoln station, Langley, for Westminster city
property. Value $3000. Apply B. C.
Securities, Ltd., Dominion Trust j
Offices, Columbia street, New Westminster.
housework and plain cooking. Ap-
ply  125  Third avenue.
witli harness, logging chain and
wagon.    Apply S. S., Box I'M.
acres. South New Westminster.
Splendid view of New Westminster.
^425 per acre. Apply P. O. Box
250,  City.
ton; cleared and fenced; close to
car line. Only for sale within tin
next thirty days. Address A. 11.
Tupper, Cunningham Hall, Sixth St.
(2,800 lbs.). Sound. Also wagon and
harness mew). Apply A. N. Mac-
hay,  Uurnaby Lake P.  O., B. C.
Room 8, Thompson Block.
Phone 629.
We have a few good lots on Hospital
street. $25 casli will ban lie these;
balance $10 per month.
A Bylaw to enable the Council of the
Corporation of the City of New
Westminster to raise uy loan the
sum of Ninety-seven Thcus.md, Five
Hundred ($97,500.00) dollars for
School   Purposes.
Win reas the Board ol >< hoi I Trus
tees of the City of New Westminsti r have caused to be pre] ared and
laid before the Council a detailed esti-
te   of   the  sums  required   by   the
Watch Surrey Acreage, whern the dirt
dirt starts flying for the C. N. lt.
We have the cream of buys.
Ten acres of the best fruit land; lVg
acres cleared; 2 acres slashed, burned and logged off; 3 roomed house,
barn, poultry runs; small fruits.
Fronting on Scott road and close
to car.    Only $2,000, on terms.
Five acres on Scott road; good garden, house, well, etc.: three quarters of a mile from car. This is good
at $1300; terms. '
necessary to raise by special rate,
in addition to all other rates, each
year during the currency of the said
debentures or registered stork certificates, the sum of Seven Thousand,
Five Hundred nnd Ninety and 32-100
($7,590.32)  dollars;
And Whereas, in order to. raise
the said yearly sum of Seven thousand, Five Hundred and Ninety and
32-100 ($7,590.32) dollars, an equal
rate on the dollar wlll be required to be levied on the whole rateable property of the City of New Westminster.
And Whereas, the whole rateable Board ""' the currenl year's ordinary
property of the said city, according to I expenses oi maintaining the schools
the last revised Assessment r0u'of the said City of New Westminster;
thereof, is Seven Million,' Two Hun- and have :,lso Prepared a like detail-
dred and Forty-nine Thousand and ed estimate ol the sums required to
Ten  ($7,240 010.00) dollars; meet any special or extraordinary ex-
And Whereas, the total amount of penses legally incurrable by the Board,
the   existing   debenture   debt   of   the whlch laM i'""11"""'1 estimate Is sub-
said city is One Million. Six Hundred Ject   "'  consideration,  alteration  and
and   Seventeen   Thousand,   One  Hun-1flnal approva
dred   ($1,617,100.00)   dollars,   irrespective of the sum of One Hundred and
Seventy-four Thousand, Five  Hundred
i$174,500.00)   dollars   proposed   to   be
raised under the "Lulu Island Bridge
Debenture or Registered Stock Hylaw.
1910";   the "Fire Debenture or Registered     Stock     Bvlaw,     1910";     the
"Schools    Debenture    or    Registered
Stock      Bylaw,      1910,"      and      the
j "Parks Debenture or Registered Stock
; Hylaw,   1910,"   of   which   none   of   the
principal  or  interest  is in arrears;
finally   approve!   b)
I same   has  been
the Council.
And  Whereas, the amount required
; under the said  last  mentioned estj
'mate for schools amounts to Ninety-
seven  Thousand,  Five  Hundred   ($97,
[500.00) dollars, made up as follows:
Thirty-five Thousand ($35,000.00) dollars for the erection and equipment ol
the new Sapperton school; Two Thou-
jsand, five Hundred ($2,500.00) dollars
for the erection and equipment of a
BChool on Lulu Island, and Sixty Thou-
Room   8,   Thompson   Block.
Phone 629.
Corner Columbia  and   Begbie   Streets
Phone 680.
Agnes street.
ROOM. 204
110 full  sized  lots
at $300 each.    !
asy term*
ply 818, Milton street.
housekeeping to tent. Apply to A. H,
Ferguson, Pythian  Hall  building.
Sapperton���We have a few choice
view lots on Blair avenue very
cheap: $25 down, balance monthly.
Worth Investigating.
! South Westminster���'/. acre view
lots on car line at Brownslvlle.
Price $250 per lot; 14cash, balance
easy. If you want a home, secure
one at once, as they are the cheapest and nearest lots on the market.
rooms.    7(i3,  Thirl  avenue.    Apply
after 6 p.m. or between 9 a.m. and |
C p.  m. at  Room 14, 623 Columbia
str< et. i.,u.,i
bouse, thoroughly    modern,  corner j
Fourth   street   and   Fifth     avenue, j
Good   locality.     Will   lease   for   six
months or to suit;   $23 per month.
Apply 427 Fourth street.
store in the K. P. block; suitable
for store rooms, skating rink, or
moving pictures, etc., etc. For particulars apply to John Forrester,
.Sec. K. P. Trustees, 517 St. George
street. City.
We have a buyer for a 6-room house:
modern; not above Sixth avenue.
Terms, $500 cash, balance monthly.
Lulu Island���Lot 26; near the bridge;
conlaining one acre. Price only
Corner  Columbia  and   Begbie   Streets.
Phone 680.
on   Seventh   streel.     Apply Wilson,
Cook & Co., Northern Crown Hank   ^~.
Sale ���
one black pig. Owner can have
name by proving property and paying expenses. It' not claimed within seven days will be sold to pay
��� costs.   Apply 534 Third street.
For all kinds of
Phone 695
or leave orders at
Arrow  Press
ciear The Daily News Co., 600 Victoria
We have some real good snaps
house property. Call and see
ahout   them.
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's
House���Phone 703.
Transfer Co.
rjfllce 'Phone US.      Barn 'Phone 137
Columbia Street.
fl��*g��-ge   delivered    promptly   to
any  part ot the city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
New Westminster enacts as follows:
1. It sliall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said city to raise by way of
loan from any person or persons, body
lor bodies corporate, who may be Willing to advance the same on the credit
of the debentures or registered 1 ��� k
certificates hereinafter mentioned, anj
j sum or sums of money, not exceeding
i in the whole the sum of One Hund 1 I
and  Fifty Thousand  ($150,000.00)   dol-
I lars, and to cause thr same to be paid
near Eighth avenue j into the treasury of the said city for
the purposes mentioned In n In.
2. It, shall be lawful tor the Mayor
to cause any number of debentures 01
registered stock certiflcati a lo b
made, nol exceeding In the whole the
sum of one Hundred and Fifty Thousand   ($151 .00)   dollars,   for   bucIi
sums of money as may he required,
not less than $100.00 each, or an
equivalent expn ssed In pounds sterl-
lng of the United Kingdom of Greal
Hi itain and Ireland, at a value of 4,8Gfi
to the pound sterling; and all such
debentures or n gistered stock cei tl-
ficates shall be sealed with the seal
of the corporation, signed by the
Mayor and countersigned by the
treasurer thereof, or by such other
person or persons as may be thi re
unto lawfully authorized.
'���'���. The said debentures or registered
stock certlflcates, sliall be payahle on
the first day of July, 1000,'at such
place or places as the Council of the
said corporation may from time to
time appoint with the approval of the
holders thereof, and shall bear interest at the rate of four and one-half per
cenl urn per annum, payable half yearly on the lirst day of January and the
first, day of July in each and every
year, and the debentures shall have
attached to them coupons for the payment of Interest, which said coupons
sliall be si.nod  by the said  Mayor.
4. A special rale on the dollar sha'l
be levied and raised in each year, in
addition lo all other rales, on all tlie
rateable property of the city, Bufflcient
to pay the interest upon the debentures or registered Btock certlflcates,
and to cn ate a sinking fund for the
paymenl of the principal thereof when
due, subject to any act or enactment
res; ectlng tlie same.
5. Subject as aforesaid there shall
be raised annually by special rate as
aforesaid, during the currency of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates, (he sum of six Thousand,
Seven Hundred and Fifty ($6,750.00)
dollars for the payment of the interest thereon, and the sum of Elghl
Hundred and Forty and 32.100 ($840.-
32) dollars to provide for the payment, of the principal.
6. The proceeds of the sale of the
said  debentures or registered  stock
[ng to advance the same on the cr< Ul
of the debentures or registered stock
certificates hereinafter mi ntloned, any
sum or sun s of money not exceeding
in the whole the sum of $97,500.00, and
tn cause the same to be paid Into the
���.j 0j the said city for the p n
, . ntloned hen :';
1  ghaii be lawful for the Mayer
, ,    ,   anj   number of  debenl mes
1 en i stock certlflcates to be
made, uoi 1 ������' edlng In the whole tha
guu) ',,; $1)7,500.00 for Buch sums of
money as may be required, nol I. bs
,i, ,:, $100.10 each, or an equlvalenl
expressi d in pounds stei ling of the
United King lorn of Great Bi Itain and
Ireland al a value of 4.866 to the
pound si> 1 Hi";; and all such debentures 01 regl tered Btock ci rtiflcati s
shall be s iale I with the se .1 ol I
corporation, signed l>y the .Mayer and
counti rslgned by the treasun r there
of, ni' bj :��� ������ ���' ol liei pei son 01 pei u ��� ���
as may be 1 eunto lawfully authorized.
::, i he said debentures or registered
stock i ertlflcati s b ia.ll be paj aide on
the first daj ol July i960, al 1 1 li
place or plai < s as 1 be Council ol the
said corporation may from time to
time appoint with the approval of the
1 oldei s tin ri if, and shall be ir Intel -
est at the rate of four and one-hall
per centum per annum, payable hall
\ 1.111 on ��� flrsl dav of January
and the fli lay ol July In e tch an I
eveiy year, and thi lebei
have attai lied to them 1 ipon for I
payment of Inten which ild con
puns a lall be slgm d b) lhe said
. ir.
4. A special rati 1 the dollar shall
be h". led and raise I In each 5ear, in
addll lon to   ill otber 1 atos   on all the
1   ble 1 1 opei iv ol tne citj. 1 u Ri li ul
'.t paj   tin '   upon  :  e deben-
t ui es or regl ten 1  stock  certll   ati
and to cri ate a sinking t ind  fi
ent of 11������  pi inei;.,;': thereof when
due.   BUl   e   I    tO   anv    act   01    t I a   1 nil HI
1 espectlng the a ime
5   Subject  as aforesaid, there
Ise i annually by special rate as
es iid, during the cui rency ol    hi
sal I   debentures   oi   regl   ered     lock
cei tiflcates, the of $4,387 50  foi
the payment ol Interest tie eon. and
the sum ol $546 20 to pro> i le for the
repayment of the pi Inclpal
ts. ti e proci e.is of thi Bale of the
said debentures 01 registered Btock
certificates shall be applied as follows,
ami not otherwise; towards paying
the cost of the passing of this Bylaw
and   the   issue   and   sale   of   the   s  id
debentures or registered stock certlfl
cates therein referred to, and all expenses connected with the Issuani e
of the said loan, arid, tbe btvlajfte ���������:
he p.ild over fr
quired upon the
by the city treasurer to the severa.
persons to whom moneys are payable,
7. This Bylaw shall take effect on
the day   of 1910,   and
may be cited aa the "Schools Dei.en
ture or Reglstere 1 btock B; law, 1910.'
8   This llv law before the final passim:  then of, shall  r< celve the 1
of the electors of t;ie b il I city In the
manner required 1>> law.
Received the assent of
on  the day of
Rei oni: lered and final
open 1 ouncll the dav
Croquet Sets
Pic Nic Baskets
Pic Nic Plates
Etc., Etc.
*���   he:ir'D-  '
A I'
1       I'i >��� .1
1)0   vv I
New Westminster, B. C.
***aW*******a*a*a** BBQr
'���'"'". ,2E>^ Jl
Aerated Water!
NEW   WESI'MINbl Lr . b. (,
elephone  13. ..   Eighth mJ
Done At
-���'"���';;:; l Benson & McMenemyl
B  order  of   the   trust' es '. X / ��
***.** ***���****. *4.**t-*4*449
At   Dick    Benson's   Od Star
8th St., Next to Fashion L ra
the . ���
ly  pa      1
sand ($60, .00) dollars tor the erection ol a  High Bchool.
And Whereas, b)  Section 40 of the
the   Public Schools   Act   1905,  1
enacted   ie.   Section  30 ol   tbe  Public
5     1   ds    Ai :    1005,      Ana ndmeiit    Aci
1006, auy statute to th    1 ������   rai y not-
v Itbstanding, 1 he Council ol anv city,
town   or   rural   municipality    in   the
Province tm luding  tne City  of  V in-
couver and City of New Westnil
may  in  each  an i  et ei y - ear pass
Bylaw or Bylaws for levying aspeciai
'ate ot  uoi   more than Sfivi   1 lis   Municipal Coun Ity of New
on th       llai   01     bool purposi     and   Wei tmlna 1    one mi   th from thi
tin   1   1 m< il  may in addition  to - u b  ol      1   ftrsl  p . illcatloi      1      I  In 11
rate apply any portion of the ordlnarj   "Daily   News" ni .   fir
ret 1 n ie to si liool pi   poi
And   Whereas,  it   appi
Take notice that the al ove is a I    1
a  copy of the 1 rop'osi d Bj law which wil]
he   1,,1,1 n   into considi ration   bj   Lb<
it Will he
portion of
such   pur-
Columbia    St.,    Next    Todd's    Music
House���Phone   703.
For Sale���5-roomed cottage close in;
large lot Price $2,500; $500 cash.
Balance  on   verv  easv   terms.
5-room cottage close in.
Price $2300; $300 cash; balance to
sail purchaser.
The Beautiful St. Lawrence Route and
Canadian Pacific Empresses.
Li vr rpool.
From Quebec
and Montreal.
1..   Empress   Ireland   . ..Inly 15
7...   Lake  Manitoba  .. ..Inly 21.
15..  Empress   Britain  ...luly 21)
21..   Lake Champlatn .. Au^.   4
li   the
amounl  n quii ed to raeel  the cui rent
yeai s ordinary  expenses ol  maintaining   the   sei,,,.ds   will    exhaust     the
amount authoi ize l to be le\ ted undei
Section  -lu ol  the  Public Sc&ools   Vet
1905   as   n enacted   by   s ild   Si    lon
30  of   the   Public   Softools   Act   1915
Amendment  Act   1906, and
necessarj  also to apply a
the ordinary   revenue  for
And Whereas, it appears that if the
said s'ttii of $97 500.00 be appropi lated
from the general revenue of the citj
for the cui renl yi ar, the rate of taxa-
tion will he excessive, and it is ex
pe Uenl thai such exci ssh e tiycatlon
should be avoided, and the s iid Bum
should be laisi d on the credit of the
corporation, and thai di bentures or
registered stock certificates should he
issued for 'thai amo mt,
And Whereas, for the payment of Inten si on the debentures or registered
stock certificates proposed to be issued under this Bylaw, and for creating a sinking fund for the paymenl
of the said debentures or registered
lock certificates, when due, it will
i>e necessary to raise bj .-pedal rate,
In addition lo all other rates, each
vear   during   the   currency   of   Ihe   said
debentures or registered  .took  certificates the  sum of  rviur    Thousand,
jNlne  Hundred  and  Thirty-three  and
70-100  ($4 'a::::.7ii)  dollars;
And Whereas, in order to raise the
raid  yearly sum of $4,933.70, an equal
special raie on the dollar wlll be re
quired to be levied on the whole rateable  property of   tbe  City   of   New
i Wesl minster.
And Whereas, (he whop.' rateable
| property of the said city, according to
lhe last revised Assessmenl Rol] thereof; is Seven Million. Two Hundred and
Forty-nine Thousand and Ten ($7.
249,010.00)   dollars;
And  Whereas,  the total   amounl   of]
the  existing  debenture  debl   of   the
said city Is One Million, six Hundred
ami  Seventeen  Thousand,  one  Hundred   ($1,617,100.00)   dollars,   Irrespective of the sum of Two Hundred and 1
certlflcates   shall   be   applied   as   fol-1Twenty-seven  Thousand   ($227,000.00)
lows,   and   not   otherwise;    towards dollarB  proposed   to  be  raised   under
paying the cost of the passing of this|t!lt' "Street. Improvement Debenture or
Bylaw and the issue nnd sale of the Registered   Slock   Bylaw,   min."  the
debentures or registered stock certl- "Fire Debenture or Registered Stock
ficates  therein   referred   lo.  recouping  Bylaw, 1910;" the ."Lulu Island  Bridgi
the treasury  of  ihe city such  sums Debenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
���vi'��u    m ������. ���;��� ]   1    v. hii :.  tirsi
publication look pi       1 n   he 13th dav
of .1 ine, 1910, and thai   ���
electors of tin 111  be taken on
the s iid pro] 0 ied Bylaw on the 11 h
day of July 1910, betwi en the ho irs
"i one o'clock . :: and five p.m.. at
I e follow Ing plai 1 1, namely: The
Coum il Chamber, Civic Building; the
Fire Had. Sap] erton; and the Water-
works Storehouse,'E!e> enth Btre I
City Clerk.
City Hall, .lune 11, lfllO.
For   ticket   reservation
formation apply to
and   all   in-
C.   P.
R.   Agent.
as have heen this year expended In
street works, or may be so expended
mull the proceeds of tbe sale of the
said debentures or registered stock
certificates have become avallahle, the
making, Improving and repairing of
such'Streets and Bidewalks in the city
as mav i,e deemed expedient by the
council, but no sidewalk or street sliall
ho made or repaired out of Ihe moneys
borrowed under this Hylaw unless thu
1910," and the "Parks Improvement
Dehenture or Registered Stock Bylaw,
1910," of which none of the principal
or interest is in arrears,
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
New   Westminster  enacts  as   follows:
1. II shall he lawful for the Mayor
or 'the said City to raise by Wav' of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate, who may bo will-
The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of New Westminster
hav lng   bj   resolution   ileternilin d   and
specified that 11 Is desirable to carrj
out the following works, that ls to
To construct cement concrete sidewalks on both sides of Tenth Btreel
trom Sixth avenue to Tenth avenue.
except on the east Bide of said Btreet
hetween sixth ami Eighth avenues,
also on both sides of l.omlon, Edinburgh, Dublin and Hamilton streets,
Eighth and Seventh avenues hetween
Tenth ami Twelfth streets.
���\"d thai the said works shall he
carried out in accordance with the
provisions of the Local Improvement
Genera] Bylaw, 1909,
And the City Engineer and City As
sessor having reported to tbe Council
in accordance with the provisions of
the said hylaw upon the said
works, giving statements showing the
amounts estimated to be chargeable
against   the   various   portions   of   real
prop.-ity to be benefited by the said
woi ks  and   other  particulars  and   the
said reports of the Bald City Engineer
and City Assessor having heen adopted by the council,
Notice is hereby given thai the
said reports are open for Inspection
al the oiiiee of the City Assessor, City
Hall, Columbia street, New Westminster, B.C., and thai unless m petition
agalnsl the proposed works above
mentioned, sinned hy a majority of
the owners of the land or real property   to   he   assessed   01'  churned   In   re-
spect 0' such works representing al
least   one half in  value thereof Is pre-
Council within fifteen
date or the flrsl publl-
notice the Council will
the   proposed   Improve-
Such   terms   and   condi-
If vou deposit money 1
safety  In   The  Hank ef   .
It   wh!   be  safe  ��   Hi
It, and ready whi 1
and   1*   '���'���       he
A UT he Time
earning for you thn ��� i�� r f^'-
Interest Bmall or large "'
may he deposited at any time
In    Ontario,
REST    ...
Bank of Toronto
J. Oracey, Mgr.
B.  C,
senied to the
days from the
cal ion of I his
proceed    with
ments under
tions as  to  the payment  of  the cost
of such Improvements as the Council
may by hylaw In
and determine ai
said assessment,
haled  this   9th
that behalf regulate
lso to  make the
day   of  .Tune,
W. A.
City Clerk.
Date of  first   publication,   tho   10th
day of June, 1910.
White Star-DominioD
Canadian Service
Montreal to Liverpool
Triple   screw,   14,900  tons.
Twin screw, 14,900 tons
largest nnd most moderi
commodation equal to any
Ing the  Atlantic.
For Rates nnd Tickets Apply t0
C. P. R. Passenger Station
My property is taken off the mar
Until  further  notice.
B, Ci TH
JUNE 23,
���     '
an application has
_t��nflCto"reglBter" '--������'���.>
en m��0B "��� in fee simple, under
5i��,!f;;.'.'������' ������������>������-K- ~ wiimot,
*8i ri  ,   t ... s. to   Duncan  Bell
Vc,orri,r date the  13th  day  of
bear" .  a��� anJ singular
Ite. A- ������    '        !  or  tract of   land
i certs" ���       ���. lylnE and ���
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District,
\   McQowan,
All   rubbish   and   nai base mast
. 5 TA
.(.���111 , I
IPre?.'!fC��irf"ol N''w Westminster
, i Hritish Columbia,
JtU' ' \" known and descrlb-
ke Part ��� fio .,, iea of the Boutheasl
|asl��:. .    L8,   Townsliip   3,
Irtei    - . iS 6th Meridian.
W<- ""'. t]    .  claiming through or
11   persons  claiming
aid land by virtue
,. i instrument, and
First Touring    Party    Made    Possible
Through Philanthropist, Departs
From   Liverpool.
Washington Politicians Are Victoria Man Pleased With
Speculating as to    Opportunities - Mining
any  Intel ei     In
ent, whose title
Ul 'nnd ! - ':'-;
-6'"      ,.,-e i   i ��� er tha provisions
��� '     . i :   ...-ti v Act," are requir-
..,  q of the tax pur-
���   ���. !,.. - days from the educational i
��ser,\. ���   pu'.'.'catlon of this      The Itinerary will
nnd in default of a j larger cities of Can ida as
Liverpool, June 22,   Thi   fl   ��� touring party of universltj. men made ���
sible by the beneficence of an anony-
moui   phllanl . :.;i   today    tor
Canada nnd tlie  L'nli Thi
Btudents, ten In number   < o . ������
'   ���" bridge,  Durham,  Kdlnburi h,  Lon
don,  and  other   unlversl li i.    Oxfoi !
was the onl>  British university which
reprei i nti d   In   thi se
llis Future.
Take notice thai I,
of   Abbotsford,   B.C.,  accountant,  in removed   to   the   fool   ol   si\t<H>iiU��
tend tn appi)  to the Chief Commis- streel and Fifth avenue, where it will
Bloner ol Lands at Victoria, B.C., tor be burned bj the corporation,
a license to prospect tor coal and pi> Any person ,u  persons who dump*
troleum ou and In the following de igarbagi   or  rubbish  of anv   Kim! on
Bcrlbed lands anj othei Btreel oi avenue of on any
Commencing al  a  posi   marked J. lane,  vacant   lol   or  public  property
A. McG., s. \V. corner, planted? at thi will   be   prosecuted   under   the   pro
Include   all the
ir Wl    '   B
,���������   ot   .'.s   pendens   Winnipeg,  near  which city  the  men
in sue i i oriod, or m
i ijir.p'.lon rrfor.2 registra-
��� | (       , i ;.. a will be tor-
. and debarred from   i
to ii    in lisp, cl  I I
��� i  l  Bha:l     i ter
I dl  as owner  tl ereof
"  ... |  |   i,..;.d y   0' I '���   thl t   pub- j
I ncliro lor thirty days
* . -;   ���:  pi hUshed in New j
. . ;,   1 e  ��� ood and  BU flic
...     ���   '    '' ��� -:
.       > ti.o L. nd Registry Ofllce,
I' I ��� c ince o' Bi.
tl ir
Ith  day of  Apnl,  A.
��    S. KEITH,
l Iptrlct Registrar.
n ant nt Loan & Sav-
Oppenhelmer   Bros.,   Ltd.,
U Ishman; J. \v. n. w-
wlll devote four days to actual I
woi.   as a practical way of obti In i
an Inslghl Into the conditions ol i
nalian  agriculture.    From   Winnipeg
tlie party  will  cross the border and
Islt  M idl ���   .   Wis.,   cidea ...   Pitl
burg,   Washington,   Annapolis,   P
delphla,  N'ew  York, New  Haven    i I
Cambridge, Ma
i e travelling project is a develop-
ol the Rhodes scholarship Idea,
and after the plan had bi en woi i d
oul lasl year, an appi al for I ind to
defray the expenses Involved was issued.
to   Contractors���Tenders
Lsyirg Water   Main:
reci ived by the un-
j. for tl e laying and Jointing
I (1 li miles of 25-Inch
t. | Ipe and about   8,000
lni h and  13 In h  Lap-
y Tie-  tender  in-
j; ������ pii.es. Qxing of all
h .is,  construction  of
I i tc.   Plans, pi oflh b,
\.  ���   ���  ��� lit ions  of  contract
:    ' .atlon   may   I ������   oh
Citj   and  Watei works
�� '  W   !'.. Blackman, on re-
��� cheque, value *.'
��� u ued on recelpl of
 ,: :       a mai ked chi
:   'he  au;
y der.
ere;',.   !    up   10   O '
HO.   The ir.TfSt'
t  necessarily  ac-
W.    A.   i'lLNCNN.
City Clerk
> i ���   Westminster, June
Room   6,  Guichon  Building.
Phone  681
Architect and Eng
HOPE   &   BARKER.   A
New  Westminster ��� Tr?
Phone i:"">.
pp  Block
Washlni I  u,  June     '     ll    .:     pui
all ti . ..i. .... ,    |j..|���
taki .. a fall ou   of tin   r. yp.
ali 1   sen!,   :
natl mai liu| ortam e,   �� . i    �� ui   i . [,
 It do lo ai . ,;      no*
I   I ...���       .��� ;  i.        f   tin
free.    Thai   is whal   \\ i . poll-
ticii na   ��anl   to  Knew,  ami .���  of
would give a great dea
!' . le Infoi tnation tl al   woul I i . bl i
choice seat     a I      i; .   .
vi U   band-wi gon.  Thai   there  wlll   be
band wagon all are com Im i I, bul the
e ll  will be .rn.!  .here
omnl   lem e.
Hen an a few Bug| i ...������ as to
the future of  Ito....cell:
Con ,   i  and    pi iker  ot    the
'-"        ���    llepi esentati. i s, sue,,, cling
���  Joe Cannon.
ber of thi   I nlted Stati s Si n-
Refi ree ol  the John   in-Jeffili    pu
��� :.. ounti I .
i... do e i. i mperor ol the I nlted
Empl i   ol  Sorth an I ... th     .... . lea.
i'i. In   pi Ivate   cltl ���
K.li' ir  ol   a   daily  nev. >pa;.. r,
Fresld nl ol some univet sity,
G ivei not  ot Ni w Vm k.
Publl    li :l irer on race buIcI le.
T ��� Iff refoi mer,
These are only a few suggestions.
Convi rsatlon with u few dozen Wash-
In ������ ;i statesmen will develop many
mi : .
Neither Insurgents, near Insurgents,
moderate conservatives, nor real re-
.. i: maries in Congl i is seems to be
able to conceive of Theodore Roos
veil as being content with the position of private citizen, even though he
be allowed all tlie private citizen's
privilege of Bpeaking bis mind on
many occasions and of writing it on
It la ceitain from the Roosevelt
point of view that a man should work
while holding public offlce, and  yet
Belt May Be Best in B. G.
Victoria, June 22.���"! am Batlsfled
that   the   Bulkley   valloj   otters   verj
gri   '  . ppoi I li.r, i, a  toi   profitable  In-
nent.    li   has   sue',., bea ot  very
tl li ultural  land and  its  mineral
bell will probablj prove the rh hest ot
at In the province. With tli ��� completion of the Grand Trunk Pacific
e tapping ot the min,ml r< -
. bj branch lines a big city will
sp. lug up in the vlcinitj of Aldei m�� re
and Telkwa on the line ot the rail-
said i��. t'. Reid .ot the I
I;       i.i companj  today.
Mr.  Rei I  let in ned  ;��� esleiday   on   I he
s. W. corner ot Section 33, in Town
ship  19,   Municipality   ef  Sumas    New
Westminster District; M\, nee north
so chains, thence easl RO i bains;
thence south 80 chains; thenci west
so cliains to poini of commencement
ami containing 640 acies
Dated at   VI botsford, It C . this 9th
daj   i t .lune. A.D.. 1910.
.1. A   McOOW \N
\ Istona of the sanitary Bylaw
Bj  Order, 8   .1   PEARCBf,
Sanitary Inspector
Citj  Hall, June 13, 1910.
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
IBank of Moiitreal
Given   on   Any
Job   Printing
i        ���   Vancouver   otlice,    The    trip
taken with t he obji cl ol Invest!-
the oppot t unities ofti red, and
.! ���   two  representatlvi a  ol   the   big
11 . om) anj    w ere   bo   impt eased
with the country thai they effected
the purchase ol ovei 10,000 a> i e i ol
land bi twei n Aideru eie ami the Morris river on the line ol the G.T.P.
Leaving Victoria on May is. Mr.
Rei l Joined Mr. MclntoBli and went to
i'Mtiee Rupert, from which point a
verj slow trip up the Skeena was
made,   Outfitting al Hazelton the two
foil..wed the river south, camping in
the open and riding tor over 120 miles
from the skeena steamboat terminal.
"We found Hazelton very busy,"
said Mr. Reid. "People are going into
the Bulkley from the United States,
many of them being mining men who
have rich claims in the bell near the
Copper river. The mluii!): district
practically all lies within a radius of
150 miles fratn Hazelton, and many
very rich mines are now being proved
up.   One firm so far spent over $30,-,
000 on development work iu one mine.
1 saw  several   fine  specimens  of  ore
oil back to a day one year ago featIfrom the Copper River district, and i
November, it seems thai the man wlid think the building of a branch line to
was then President disassociated all'pr<iylde tift outlet for these mines will
thought of offlce from the work whloli' be an early consideration with the
he Intended to do when h. left the Grand Trunk,    1 heard, while In the
Take notice thai  I. Noi man Caswell.
of Ahbotsfoi d, B.C., mlnei. Intend to
apply   to   the   Chief   Commis  inner   of
Lands al Victoria, B.C., for n Hi - n ;<
to  prospect   for  coai  and  petroleum
'''     ''   Ruperl   after  making  a   long  ,,���   .,,���,   ,���   n,���   following   described
trip up i lie Ski ena rlvei to Hazelton, |;i11li .
au : from the latti r town to the ham      Commencing al a pest marked N, C
let of South Bulkley, in company with \- j_ corner plained at the N, K
clntosh, managei  ol the com-  ,.,���,���,,��� ,lf section 10, In Township 19,
Municipality  of  Sumas,    New   \v. ii
minster   District;     thence   south   su
chains, thence w< st 80 chains; them
north BO chains; thenci easl B0 ii..\n
to point  of commencement  and con
talnlng 640 acres,
Hated al  Abbotsford, B C, this 0th
day   Of   .lune.   AH .   1910,
New   Westminster   Land   District.
District of New Westminster.
Take notice    thai    Simon    Honrjr
Clowi a . I   Ynncouv er,  h   c.. occupa
Hon. building inspector. Inten I ��� to apply (or p. i misBlon to pun base the fot-
lowlng de . i Ibed lands
Commencing al  a  post  planted at
the S.  E   point  Ol  a  small island lyinc
In channel between Granite island and
Nelson I iland . limn, e t. ,i th.m i. . went
erly, southei lj and eai ti rly, along tha
shore to the place ol commencement;
containing in acn ... more or less
Vpril 20, 1910, Agent..
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District,
Thomson   Blk.
'Phone  383
CAPITAL       A<
|RESERVE         ,	
'������ oghout
I an.i   In
i   -. ida    and!
London,  Eng-
I '   A, Chicago an l Spokane,
.  M-o..' -, City.    A g neral
.  .'.ess     transacted.     Let-
j'     'Credit issiM    avallahle   with
I nts in    all    parts of   the
��� Hank D^rnrtnient���Deposits
|:' irae ol
lei   ��� allowed
'" ���  eat   rate).
Ks :u  over  (186,000,1 30
Q. ii. BRYMNER, Manager.
New Westminster Land District
Take notice tbal James Bateman,
of Vancouver, B, C, occupation, stonecutter, intends to apply for permission
to tciiehase the following describ d
Commencing  at a post planted     '
the southeast point of a small Island
Ivlng about 10 chains north of Nelson
Island;   thence    northerly,    westerly.
iti erly   and    easterly,    along   the
' $1 and upward   sll0rp '�� ,hp ���'Urp ,,f commencement;
��t% npr cent 'ner  containing 6 acres more or less.
il ., ,.er cent, per JAME8 BATEMAN,
April  20, 1010.
LS ���will be received on    or
irsday,   .lune   23,   for   the
1'; 1  completion  of  proposed
| Ne. Mai aie Temple to he erected on
k*������������   ��� ....,   New Westminster. B.C
o I Bpedtlcations can h** ob-
';���''        i  tlie architects     Messrs,
wtJincr   &    Gardiner.    Westminster
ill '.ing,  N'ew  Westminster.
est  or anv  tender will not
'        ! be accepted.
Gold Watches tor Latttes from ��12V5
White House.
It was in the fall iif 1908 that the
pn is of t'.,t; COUtttry, spurred to it by
an artu.ie written not long before by
Gro\er Cleveland, was discussing the
question,  "What   sliall   We  do  for  our
I ex-presidents?"
At  noon on a November dav" just
1 after William H. Taffa election to the
!':< -.ideiicy, a correspondent a lo il
Theodore Roosevelt what he thought
ought to be done for Presidents on
their dropping the ruins of ollice. He
i said  this:
"When the people of the country
an- asking the question, 'Whql sliall
wo do tor our ex-Presidents? tell
them that thej need do nothing for
tl.is ex-President.   He is going oul 'to
worfc and to do for himself.
"1 have had a fii si-cla;33 time as
. sldent of tl o l'nited States and I
Have enjoyed every minute thai I
have heen in tl. White House. When
1 have finished I ie last Stroke, I am
tig out contei ted and to work."
it Bcems to I ������ sufficiently evident
from these words that Mr. Roosevelt
disassociated work from ofllce holding in this Instance. He meant that
he was going to earn Ills own living
In   his  own   way   and   thai   he  fell   he
hai sufficient equipment, perhaps, to
enable blm to do it without calling
Upon the country for aid to support
him in the manner that It thought its
ex-Presidents ought  to live,   it  was
also apparent from a few winds
spoken later thai his work was to be
the work of a private citizen rather
than the work ol an otlice holder,
open face
Silver Watches
Silver  Watches,   gents'  open
17.50 up.
Agent    tor    Waltham   and
Watch repairing a specialty.
Two Doors trom Geo. Adams' Grocery
north, thai a New York ocnroin Is
preparing to build a mad along the
headwaters of tho Skeena tin ough thc
mining belt
1    "Several   strikes  of  copper,   silver,
lead and gold have been made, aud it
ia well known that, not very far from i
Aldermere, there is an Immense area
Of cold land where bituminous lignite, I
anthracite and almost every kind of
coal lias been found. Al present de
velopmenl work Ib proceeding slowly,
.as the only transportation avallahle Is
[that offered by pack mules. When the
railroad is completed, however, 1 feel
certain thai a largo output will commence almost Immediately."
"Construction work on the Q. T. P.
is proceeding rapidly as far as we
could Observe," continued Mr. Reid lu
reply to a question, "The camps are
up at   ElllBon,  near  Hazelton. and  the
Burveyora are already laying oul the
townsite.    When the line is operating
the chief business of Hazelton  will
almost certainly he removed to Kill-
son. The Q.T.P. recently purchased,
we learned considerable property at
the Junction of the Moi lee and Hulk-
ley rivers, and also in the vicinity ol
'; Aldermere and Telkwa, where I be<
Ueve the future city of the valley will
' be located.
"Agricultural conditions In the valley aro excellent, The soli and climatic conditions arc favorable to prof.
[table mixed farming and dairying,
Hay sells at $10 a ton on the Held,
and two tons to the acre can be rnlsi d.
florid farming land is selling, in some
places, as hiuh as %'M 50 an acre. I
found a lot
Take notice thai 1. J. C Hoyd, or
Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman, Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Hands at Victoria. B.C . for a license
lo prospect  for eoal and  petroleum otl
ami in the following described lands:
Commencing al a post marked .i
F, ll.. S. w. corner, planted al the
S. W. corner of Bectlon 24, In Town
ship 16, Municipality ot Sumas, New
Wi-.tminster District; thence north 80
chains,   theme east   SO chains;   tlience
smith su chains; thence west 80
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres,
Hated at Abbotsford, B C, thla Oth
day of .lutie.  ah ,  1010,
.1.   lo  BOYD,
District of  New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
New  Westmister  Land  District.
District   of   New   Westminster.
Take notice thai Alexandei  McLen
nan. of Vancouver, British Columbl*,
occupation contractor, Intends to ��l>
ply  for  permission  to  purchase  tit***
follow inc. described lands;
Commencing  at   a   po I   planted  a*
the Boutheasl polni of the island sit��-
ate aboul four < % > chains from Timber limit No. 38733, thence norther!*
and westerly and southerly and east
erly around the shore at low Hi\r*
to place of commencement, containing
four   acres,   more   or   less
.1. F. BAQQ8, Agent.
Match 17.  1D10.
Gardiner & Gardiner
if. i'i. Qardlnei)
Room   C.  Westmlnstei   Turd   ltuildint:
New Westminster, D. C.
Phone  601 Residence  Fhnne   13S
! P. O.  Dox 395
Phone  130
Take notice that I. John Beckett, of
Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman, Intend
to apply to the chief Commissioner of
Lands at Victoria. B C . for a li' ense
to prospect tor coal and petroloum on
and lo the roiiowiii.   described lands
Commencing at B post marked .1. B ,
S. H. comer, planted at   the S.  E, cor
ner ot Bectlon 31, In Township 10
Municipality of Sumas, New Westmln-
sier Distrlcl; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; tlience so.ill,
XII chains', thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement and contain
Ing 840 acres.
Hated at Abbotsford, B.C., this Oth
dav of June, A iv. 1010,
& Craig
Heating  and  Plumbing
Jobbing   Promptly   Attended
Colonial  Block
And   Upriver   Landings
Tbe  New  Sternwhreler
| S. S.  PAYS! REA
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I. T. Walters, of
Abbotsford, B.C., engineer, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Hands al Victoria, i.i'. for n li'ense
to prospect for coal and petroleum on
and In  the following desci ibed lands:
Commencing at a post mai ked T. W.,
S. W. corner, planted at the 8. W.
corner of Section 32. In Township 19.
'. Municipality of Sumas. N'ew Westminster District; thence north R0
chains; thence east SO chains, thence
Leaves Brackman-Ker Milling Company's wharf. New Westminster, with
passengers and freight as follows:
Leaves  New  Westminster Tuesday.
Thursday and Saturday at x n. m.
Leaves Chilliwack  Wednesday, ft**-
day nnd Sunday at 7 a, m.
First Class Passenger Accommodation
New  Westminster.
'One 105.      P. O. Box 345.
5ffice, Front St.. Foot of Sixth.
Teaming and Expressing.
730  FOURTH   ST.
PHONE   R527
south   Sh  rhalns;     thsrire    west     Xii
of people Including Rome',. .a|niJ to point of commencement and
from Portland, Seattle and other coast   containing  M0  acres.
Until further notice
bank will be open
from seven to nine o'clock,
New Weslminsler lo New Westminster
Steveston and Vancouver
scept Saturday, and
!' Brackman-Ker wharf at 3 P. M   dally
��n Saturday for Steveston and way points.
A Delightful Trip for $1.50
Ti^et3 K B   C. I   U. ticket office and on hoard siean - '
trl< cars leave Steveston every hour  (on the half-hour) for ^anco
See ^e Famous Fraser  River Canneries,
Ro>uid trlp tlckeu tQ Sre���it0n. Saturday afternoons, ll.
Washington, .lune 22.���The l'nited
States geological survey has reported
dining the month of May on  1,902,031
,,,:..,   ol   coal    land    withdrawals,   of
which  329,330  acres  were  olasslfled
as noncoal lands.
���| i e coal lands, valued by forty-acre
units, according to tba estimated ton-
M ye were reported as worth $68c
-,,,. i2o, Undei the minimum price
fixed bv law for coal lands which <>!>���
talned until a lew years ago. there
lands would have been valued al only
i\:..:, in.'::.'".
Temporary withdrawals were made
of 27,889 acres along Western rivers, |
designed to preserve and protect federal water-power sites. Restorations
were made covering 26,612 acres of
land withdrawn on account of Uie
power slU'S.
\n oil land withdrawal In New Mexico covered 419,901 acres, while In
I'tah 23,040 acres wene restored, held
examination having shown them to
t��e nonoll lands.
Seattle .Tun* 22.- For almost half
an hour Sunday night passengers on
��� .. jteamsMp Governor, which ar-
rlved from San Francisco yesterday
evening were treated to the unusual
ipectad* of a rainbow spanning the
tky \ceordlng to those on the crack
liner the moon on Sunday nl. ht shone
with' particular clearness whenever
the rain-char .ed clouds cleared away.
- i -.. after ten o'clock, while a
ear* shower of rain was falling north
of the Governor, the light of the moon
aft penetrating the downpour, threw
the delicate colors of the spectrum In
i riant arch against the background
of leaden sky beyond. Passengers
who happened to be on^eck tpoaiI ed-
I retiringly at the striking sight until
fresh clouds obscured the moon and
caused the bow to vanish.
towns    looking   (or   homesteads   near
Mr.  Held  said Hint he had enjoyed
the   trip   greatly.    The   weather   Was I
Splendid and the three hundred miles i
on horseback did nol At* himself and
his  companions  m  they    expected .
They   saw   several   tracks   of    grizzly |
bears    ami    heard    'hem    crashing
through the brush as they approached,
htfl   did   not   see  any.
Dated at Abbotsford. B.C.. this rith
da.   or June.  A D.,  1910
District of New Westminster.
Royal Bank oi Canada
New Westminster.
F. Shute, Mgr.
New Westminster Land District.
Take notice that I. Alexander Johnston, of Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman,
Intend  to apply  to the chief Comn ls-
tlom r of  Lands  at  Victoria.  li.C,  for
d i n license to prospect for coal and pe
Painters, Paperhanger*
ancl Decorators.
Chicago, June 22. Following predictions made lasl week, paekei-g yes-
t'erdav circulated I new list of prices
for  dressed   beef  cuts   which   showed
variations of IntewBd  to the hones
Most   expensive  cuts  of  heef were
advanced % cent a pound, while the
cheaper cuts were reduced  _ cent to
1 cent The revision favored the poor
man's pockethook. whlk' it called for
linger OUtlay lo fiirnleh the table of
the rich.
Close OH the heels of the   reduction
in beer prices oatne the report that a
consignment of 7,000 dressed hogs had
been received In San Francisco frorn
Tt*n��e hogs were snld to have been
Imported hy a St. Louis wholesaler,
who will distribute them to all parts
of the country.
214  Sixth  Avenue
troieum on and in the following <>p" I Estimates Given. Phone 56T
Bcrihed lands:
Commencing at a post marked A. J..
N. E. corner, planted at the N. E. corner of Section .10. In Township 19,
Municipality of Sumas. New Westminster District; thence south SO chains;
thence west SO chains, thence north
rU) chains; thence east So chains to
point of commencement and containing B40 acres.
f>at*d ��t Abbotsford. B.C., this Oth
day  of June   AD.,  1010.
Green Cut Bone to Make
Your  Chickens  Lay^
District of New Westminster.
New Westminster Land District.
Small Parasite on Insect Responsible
for Pellagra.
London, June 82.���Dri Louts Sum-
bon, who has been conducting researches ln Italy on behalf of the
that pellagra ls caused by a parasite
mittee, claims to have established
that Pellugra Is caused by a parasite
carried by a small gnat, the sinitlmn
vorens, which breeds ln running
Take notice that I, R. A. Tretheway,
of Abbotsford, B.C., lumberman, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of lands at Victoria, B.C., for
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on and in the following described lands:
Commencing at a post, marked R.
A. T., N. W. corner, planted rt the
N. W. corner of Section 29. in Township 10, Municipality of Sumas. New-
West minster District; thence cast 8|>
chains; thence south 80 chains: then/e
west 80 chains; thence north 80
chains to point of commencement ind
containing (540 acres.
Dated at Abbotsford, B.C.. this 9th
day of June, A.D., lf>m.
Centra! Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and Fifth Avenue.--
PHONE 370.
3% to
2 and 4
H. P.
Local Agents
Westminster Iron Works
Phone 53.
Tertth St., New Westmirtster. I1        I
23> 1510,
The Daily News
Published by The Dally Mews Publish.
-tn�� Company, Limited, at their offices,
Corner   of    McKenzie   and    Victoria
C A. Paige Managing  Director
but rag-carpet opportunities. With
versatile talents slio longs for silk
clothing, and buys cotton, while shal-
low-pated women laden with diamonds
air themselves ancl lapdogs in $5,000
automobiles. Her brain is burning
with projects to benefit mankind, but
her hotly
chains, to the rack of mechanical toil.
"Instead of offering herself for sale
privately she prefers a public auction; is not very old, but wasn't born
Steamboat Lola Sinks.
'Chicago, June 21.���The    steamboat
Lola, a pleasure boat plying between
Kensington and Riverdale Park, sank
yesterday In  the Calumet river while
cn route to the park with loo passengers.   All on board were rescued by
three or four launches that hurried to
.the disabled boat.    The vessel sprung
ii hound, wit    v, n; ���   iron | a ,Pak when  ne;n. ,ne Kensington  ��
j Eastern Railroad bridge and was run
THURSDAY,  JUNE  23,   1910.
Each day seems to bring us nearer
the time when the leviathan Dreadnoughts of tho ocean will be rendered
almost useless as a means either of
attack or defence in war, by the perfection of the airship as an engine
of destruction
<leal of what Germany and Fiance
liave been doing in this direction, and
of the keen rivalry among the inventors of aerial war craft in the flrst
name J country. But very little has
been heard of what Great Britain is
doing in the way of preparing herself wivli destructive airships, and
people gi ni rally, including some who,
from   their   official   position,   should
Reports oi Meeting
Show Great Progress
tContlnued from Page One.)
uate   nurse   to   take   charge   of   the
operating   room,   and   it.   was   found
We have heard a good  necessary to again increase the number of pupil nurses.
In   1908   a   new   Maternity   Cottage
was   built,   with   accommodation   foi I
twenty patients.    It is well furnished i
and  up-to-date in every  respect.
Two years ago tlie Nurses' Home,
was opened, providing every comfort i
lor  the  nurses in  training.
Ifa^itv^ JDOS three isolation cottages were built. These Ave build-
lngs  cost  over $30,001).
The staff at present consists of:
Lady superintendent, head nurse, sur-
have known better, have criticized and gical nurse, maternity nurse, twenty-
condemned   her   war   department   for two nurses in training, with the usual
.    i    ,���    ��� .,,.* , .���^�����(!naun���   help for kitchen and laundry purposes,
apparent slowness and procrastination       '** ,     ���  '     ���...
v* r i    At the present time the B. C. Llec-
in the matter.   But, as has happened  tric   railway   glve   a   twenty-minutes
fcefore, the croakers have cried aloud service to the hospital, but before
without good cause. With the care the new building ls completed a Aland secrecy which is wisely pursued
by the British Admiralty in all Its
undei takings, research and experiment in aerial navigation for war purposes has been carried on for a considerable time, and now we learn
that the fastest and most powerful
aerial battleship yet seen has been
perfected and will be launched in a
short time.
The  monster  is  over  500   feet  in
teen-minute service is promised.
Hospital Staff���The board wishes to
report   their  entire   satisfaction   with
the management of the institution by J
Miss  Martin, lady superintendent, ef-1
flciently and economically, as  far as |
circumstances  would  permit, as  well
as  the  nursing  staff,   which  assisted
the   lady   superintendent  in   the   discharge of her duties.
Medical Staff���The hoard wishes to
thank the members of the medical
staff for the advice and assistance
given in the preparation of the plans
length, fitted with engines of a new  for the new hospital, as well as for
National Finance Co.
H. P. LATHAM, Local Manager.
New  Westminster.
Twenty acres adjoining Cloverdale townsite on McLelland
road, nicely situated for subdivision. Price for quick sale
only |200 per acre. One-half
Commences on Friday, 24th, at 8 a.m.
Our  thriving   business  ca
walls,  but
We arc expanding our premises
Soon  the workmen  will  be  busy  tearing down   the
exposing the stock to so much  dust   and  lime,   we are  having
Will   eclipse  aiiytliin.il   Of  its
to  have
ls   for  it.  We  have
leforo   commencing   on   th
i thorough clearance Bale
more room,
'  fforl< and
���'���" that
kind.   Nol a few Items of old stock, righl bang-up-to-date
given tlie word to go, and oul they
���you'll be wise to take advantage t
time, but don't miss any of tbem   by
will go with a rush.    It's going to
in< a '
f this sale at the commencement;
Wiil      1:
the Sp<
School -
BOD "f  ""
Istitu''"^ '
,.itu���' ]
, liis "-���
,'to it to
Iind evei
No Goods Charged at Saie Prices.    Not
Sent on approval During This Sale
and powerful type, and will, it ig
expected, be able to travel at the rate
of sixty miles an hour under favorable atmospheric conditions. The
vessel will be manned by a trained
crew, carry guns of special type, and
be able  to  remain  aloft  for  several
the lectures given to the nurses during the year Just endedL
Lady Superintendent's Report.
To the President and Board of. Managers, Royal Columbian Hospital:
Ladies and Gentlemen���During the
year ending March 31, 1010, four pupil nurses, Miss Maud Sinclair, Miss
Wilson,   Miss   Gertrude   Sinclair   and
days at a stretch.    It will be capable Miss Heffernan, passed their final ex-
of  thoroughly   exploring  the   air,   of animations,  receiving certificates and
overtaking   and   destroying   the   alr medals.    Miss Gertrude Sinclair is in
... charge   of   our   operating   room,   and
ships  of  an   enemy,   or  of   dropping is     givlng     every     satisfaction���the
explosives   upon  a  cruiser  or  battle- others are all private nursing,
ship, forts and so on.   If the expecta-      since October, 1902, nineteen nurses
tions of the Admiralty engineers are haVe  graduated  from  the  school,  re-
fulfilled and success attends the
launching of this aerial Dreadnought,
others of a similar type will be at
once constructed.
Though it is gratifying to know that
Great Britain will be to the fore in
the command of the air as she is in
command of the sea, it is impossible
to avoid  the reflection that a condi-
Ceiving   certificates   and   medals.   Six |
of  these  are  married;   one  was  the
head nurse in the \einon nospital tor j
two years, and afterwards matron of i
the hospital  at Kelowna.    Miss  Mar- \
garet   Turnbull   has   been   the   head j
nurse   of  our   Maternity   Cottage   for!
over two years, and has proved most |
capable   and  efficient.    Several  have
been   on  the  staff   of  the   Kamloops
hospital; others are doing well private'
Two snap lota on Seventh avenue. Three snap lots on Sixth
avenue. Price $625 to $700
Some nicely located houses for
sale at snap prices for this
month only.
Hall's Prairie
Eighty acres, half mile from
Clayton school. Price only
$S5 per acre; a swell buy.
For full particulars see
nursing   in   California,   Victoria,   Van-
tion of existence too terrible to con-  couver  and  .New   Westminster.
template is likely to be created \f
the general adoption of these fearful
engines of war. Yet it. may be that
for this very reason this last wonderful achievement of science and Ingenuity will serve to hasten the glad
day of international peace.
National Finance Co.
H. P,
LATHAM, Local Manager.
New   Westminster.
Ladies' $28 Suits at $14.75
An astounding offer of high grade
suits; every suit a new and up-to-
date model, popular length coats;
skirts in various pleated and button
trimmed styles; and a wide variety
of stylish colorings. Many are Bilk
lined. Regular values to $28.00.
Expansion Sale Price $14.75
9 Suits to Clear at $3.50
All  we have lefl  from last Beason
Light   Tweed  and   fancy   niateri.i
stripes,  checks,  and   plain   grey.   Nine
only   in   the   lot,  and   tbey  cant   pos
Blbly  last   long.    The skirt  of any ��� ,,���
is   worth   far  more  than   this     figure
Regular prices run as high as J:: 5
Expansion   Sale   Price  $3.50
All our large stock of Wash Suits, Coats, Dresses,
Shirts, etc., specially reduced for this  Great Sale
lored   linen;    piping,  fancy
24  Ladies'   Dress
stitching,  strapping
Skirts   nrido   from   white   duck   and   also   natural
and   buttons constitute  the trimmings.    All   sires.
Expansion  Sale  Price $1.50
White   Duck
this lot that se
Coats���Dressy  garments  for  summer  wear;
Is  ro. ularly for less than $i>.
anl full length styles    Nol a cost lo
Expansion   Sale   Price  $3.25
in   charge  of  the  operating  room,  a
graduate in  charge  of the  Maternity
Cottage, twenty-two pupil nurses, and
two   probationers.
__ The present main building has ac-
It is often said, and quite truly, u���T,d;'tionf, for f��*��flJe fpatients'
,.,:,, . ��� We have often provided for over
that the acme of success in business seventy. Owing to this crowded con-
is  attained   only   by   good   advertise- (lition of the hospital it has been die-
Eighty-nine applications for admission to the Training school were received during tlie year; of these six-1
teen were admitted as probationers���|
nine were accepted as pupil nurses.
The staff consists of a lady superintendent,  a  head  nurse,  a  graduate | ****************************************************
Slightly Soiled Curtain
Ends*. 25c Each
160 Lace Curtain Ends to clear at
this great sale. Various patterns and
nets; an extensive range to choose
from. Watch our window showing
of these.
On  Sale  Friday at 8 a. m..   25c  Each.
Children's Sun Bonnets,
15c Each
Vou   will   be   able   to   take   two
three at  this  figure,    Lawn,  En
dery  and  Jap Silk   Bonne's  In
and   cream.     Most   of   these  a e
i les and BOlle l a little.   The n i
values  ran   from  50c  to  $2  each.
On  Sale  Friday.  15c  Each
ment. Certain it is that all the commodities which enjoy a large and
profitable sale and the commercial
undertakings that have met with prosperity, have achieved this end by judicious advertising. The same may
be said in regard to very many of the
best known and most popular public
performers of today. Many a story
has been told of how a comparatively
obscure and little known person has
blazed forth into notoriety and fame
by getting himself or herself advertised in the newspapers as the hero
or heroine of some incident; But it.
lias remained for a Chicago typist,
by name Elizabeth Magie, to utilize
the potency of public advertisement in
such a novel way as to rescue her
from drudgery and obscurity to the
height of succcess and, it is reported,
couraglng at times to make matters
as pleasant and agreeable as we would
wish, in the best inteiests of all con-
We are glad to know the board of
managers is shortly to commence the
construction of a new building, which I
is of so much importance, and I am
sure will be appreciated by the public.1
1 have to report for the information
Of the board, that two of the isolation \_
cottages have been occupied almost!���
continuously during tbe year with ad-]<���
vanced cases of tuberculosis, dip- ||
theria. scarlet fever, erysipelas and In
measles, and have been of very greal !�����
assistance  at  times  in   relieving
congestion in tho main building.
me Women's Auxiliary has been
kind and generous in supplying the
hospital with linen and we are most
grateful for their encouragement and
The Red Cross society of energetic
young girls has been very attentive
to the children patients of the insti-
the enjoyment of a handsome income   lu,ion> bringing them toys, books and
flowers,  which  have  been  thoroughly
Her advertisement was of an original
nnd striking character and ran as.'
"For sale to the highest bidder, a
young American slave, refined, honest, poetical, whole-souled; splendid
teeth, not beautiful, but ardent and
artistic; sometimes bubbling over
���with merriment, sometimes sedate
ancl studious, oppressed by the wrongs
of her  fellow-creatures.
"Can appreciate a good story, and
can tell a betler; is deeply religions,
but not pious; has a vivid imagination; possesses physic powers; cannot
sew a little bit, but can plan a dashing costume; doesn't know a plank
steak from a porterhouse, but can get
enjoyed and appreciated,
In conclusion, I wish to express
my grateful appreciation and thanks
to the president and board of managers for the kindly consideration and
loyal support they have so cheerfully
given me, in my best endeavors to
give satisfaction to the patients, as
well as to the board and medical
Yours   respectfully,
Lady Superintendent.
7:20, 8:00
at 8
\\ have the largest stock and most Up-to-date  facilities
for quick service.
Successors to  Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73 716718   Columbia   St.,   New   Westminster.
Ottawa, June 22.���In view of the
fact that the Manitoba elections will
be held on Monday, July 11, the meeting in Winnipeg to be addressed by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier on that day has
been   postponed   until   the   following
St. Catherines, June 22.���The present, heat wave promises to be a boom
to the general public who get their
fruit, from the Niagara district. Strawberries are ripening so fast that the
market will soon be glutted and the
lowest prices on  record  will  prevail.
.tip a swell  dinner;  can't make a loaf
���of bread, but can give character im- day.    This will not, howevei
���personations    that    can't    be    beat; j tfi�� Premier's Itinerary.
.loesn't go to church, but obeys every L, ff^ ^a���UIlepr ,wiI!. ��I>���'1 /he  sum-
-ner at llanff, returning east with Kir
divine law. WPfril   in  September.     Ilefore  going
..   '."rfJie's a lovely typewriter, but type-  west  Lady  Laurier  will  spent a few
ixrlil: z is belli lifts AxnlOBtor tastes, ttti;.s at Athubascuville, her old home.
Arrested on Serious Charge.
Toronto, June 22.���Dr. II. K. Ilawke
who was arrested last night, appeared
in  the  police  court  this   morning on
a   charge   of   performing   a   criminal
operation   on   Florence   Watson,   who
ls now in  a serious condition  In the
hospital.    Dr, Hauke is a well known
practitioner and  has been a member
of the board of education.    He denies
the charges.    The ease was fixed for
June 29, and  Dr. Iiawke release:! on
bond  for   $2,000.
4  Pieces
Special for Today
For Only 80 Cents per Set
The Fair
646 Columbia  Street.
Wc buy for cash and se.l for the Bame.
Weekday Schedule
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouver  at  5:50,  6:20,  6:60,
8:00 and every half hour thereafter until 11  p. m.
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster  at 5:50, 6:50,
and every half hour thereafter until 11:.'10 p. m.
Return  Fare:   Adults,  60c;   children   under  12, 86c.
Sunday Schedule���Cars leave   Westminster   for  Vancouver
a.  ni. and every  half  hour thereafter until   11   p. in.
Cars leav�� Vancouver for Westminster  at  8  a.   in.,  i>   '���������   **���
every half hour thereafter until 11:30  p.   in.
Sunday  Excursion  Rates:   Return fare. 50c;  children.
Freight  Schedule
at 7:20 a. ni., 11:20 a. ra. and 3; 20  p
couver for  Westminster at 9:20, 1:20 and 5:20.
City Limits Line���20 minute service from 6:15 a. m. to 11 p.
Sunday   Set vice���Half   hourly between 8 a.  in. and 11   p. '"
Sapperton  Line���20  minute service, from 6:26 a. in. to 11:1"
Sunday   Service���Half   hourly between 8:30 a. in. and 11 P- ">���
Kates:   Return tare. ui)c;  eiiiiuren, -���" ��� j
-Freight cars leave Westminster for Vancouvei ���
. in. and 3:20  p.  in.    Freight cars leave \an' I
p. ra.
******************* * ****************************
*********************aa*aa*********************** \
We carry in stock an assortmen
Prices  in  Rings $40  to  $400.
These poods are the  BEST procurable in Canada,
ure to show same.
and Is u pi
Many   Britishers  Coming.
London, June 22.���The number of
Hritish subjects who sailed for Canada during May was 18,936, of which
18,427 were English tind 4,781 Scotch.
aaaaaa*****************************************      *
yall Foot Powder |
25c per box.   Try It.
j Ryall's Drug Store j
5         __*_***********�����"
I JUNE 23,  1910.
DAY, JUNt ��i   ""- t UD    i/niUl      nLflYJi 	
*^/^x^vx\\f^  \IIh\Y/Q   !��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� *������������������������������������������������*���������������******************* 5
WU^I      ij\.   Ill    1 V_y      1    1 J t  W   K_J        \*        V.'e have for exclusive sale, lot on  Regina street, between First    ��� J. ���
^JV          ^^^^^^^^^~^*^^~*^^^-~v*. ������--vw^  J    and Becond street . only $650. One-third cash;  balance in G and 12    * * %
months at 7 per cent
Wednesday,  June  22.
Forced to Drop
.the Sport  at
Lacrosse  Instead
e oilil
' of t��lu
rural '"'���
ns are
Carlisle  Indlai
of the
dropping  baseball   and
,, the sport of lacrosse,
0f the Indian tor the
to devote
American League.
At Boston 11st game)-���     R.
Washington       0
Boston     '���'.
At Uoston (2nd  game)-���   p.
Boston     2
Washington       1
Al N'ew Vork list game)���R.
New   York
New Vork
New  Vork   . .
One-quarter section on  HJorthe road at  $200 per acre.   One-third
cash;   balance on easy terms.
Fifteen acres in  Section  16, B. 5, N.
One-third cash;   balance 6, 12 and IS mont!
We also have largi; listings
ties in  city.
2 W. at $1,200 per acre.
hs at 7 per cent.
of business and residential proper-
2nd game) ���
aiins? Coulthard & Co.
^^^^^^^^^ Limited. ^^^^
. |   . .Hop
Ol   any
the game
���his action To
D8t?r"J-ndency to devote all his
_t,b��l Elusion of his stud
few''*.thing else, and the temp-
>";.,, t0r playing profession-
[ . the reasons ror Car-
If'''   .    the situation recently
..   tbe  celebrated
ined the case thus
baseball   as
\��;��->< ..^js'sar we
!or tin) good
u. students.   1 bave found that
.    B they take to a epori
more     enthusiastic
I Average white boy.
,  Indian  players never
the   sport.    And   those
'���'       tie ability above the ave-
10     "   i play the game the en-
A.B   all   the   Indian   StU-
pose(j   W   be   under   the
die school, lt  ls  the desire
Hies   that   they   spend
learning   farming  and
Nitional   League.
At   Brooklyn��� R.
New York     fi
Brooklyn     15
At   Chicago��� It.
(Ihicago     5
Cincinnati     4
At  Philadelphia��� it.
Boston      1
Philadelphia    3
Take Your Pick!
Here are a few sample propositions of the many good opportunities for profitable Investment In City, District, and Waterfrontage
property listed with HALE BROS. &  KENNEDY, LTD.
We can insure your house, furniture and other property in the strongest and most reliable companies at
the  right  rates.
White, Shiles & Co.
Private   Money  to  Loan   on  Good   Improved City and District Security.
fi2S Columbia St.
746 Columbia St.
B.    C���
R.   11.   E.
1 ���
k ���
r ���'-'
fit wthoi
forindustrl il occupations.
i elr great
|U n wns frequently
love of base*
^^^^^^^  impossible   to
the In Han  ball  players spend
r jammers as they were expected
j :     '���.:.,-���    who   had   exceptional
ity were tempted to play  profes-
��� a professional  ball, and
. ��� ���.. Ier  and  other  Indian
ive made themselves ' Rochester ^^H
|oi league diamonds, iprovidence ' 4
id'.tii      ... ol the authorities we
iclded to abolish baseball as a spoil
substitute lacrosse."
Coast   League.
At Lo    \:. teles���
Los    All'.'eles     	
At San Francslco ���
1 Vernon  	
San    Kralleiseo    	
At Sacramento���        I	
Portland     3 5     0
! Sacramento     l F>     3
Eastern   League.
Jersey City (1stgame)���    R. Ii.   E.
Toronto      2 6     2
Jersey   City        5 13
Jersey city (2ndgame)��� R. H.  E
Toronto      7 10     i
Jersey   City      3 10      1
|     At  Newark���                        It. H.   E
Montreal        1 fi      1
Newark        2 6      !
At   Baltimore���                    R. II.   E
Buffalo    l 7     ���
Hallimore        2 4      I
At Providence���                   It. H.   E
Some City Snaps
nd   Tenth   Avenue
ir   line.    Substantial
fc-Vf. gel]     lacr SBe players are get-
L     to   great   ihape   for   the   big
(mt or, : n Day at Vancouver.
nlgl ' t thi tegular practice
.-��� .., with the exception of
k: , Gray, ������������ - ���' present In Ka.ni-
l j : irned out und did some great
| < aim;   Ol   Alder-
i       (raj  b me I ist  play   was   In-
ft, .   I In.
.as   working   fine   and
f.. . ho  was in  the nets,
Job.     Hill   Turnbull l
���    n again and did some
ie: tlDj  while the other home
ip [n great style
|:       .::..���   was on the  field and
a little : lining around with ono
In,, did not  mix In
.    players   al   all.
:��� way    George    Rennle
. Vancouver rtelders will
somi   ���   able keeping  track of
(   at tt., g une.
assisted in the coai h
remarks and free a 1-
��� |   md  unheeded by both
players turned out In
:    Gifford, T. Gifford, Gal-
I ill,  J.  Gifford,  Feeney.
plnti    iti   George Rennie. W. Turn-
Lathat     C.   Spring,   G.   Spring
N Tom Ri ante.
intermediate     team      which
!i,i here on  Saturday will
totality be chosen tonight,
sr W'lsh is In Victoria.
:     late it the great match be-
���ten the Native Sons and the For-
taers haa not been settled vet. The
At Tacoma���       I	
Vancouver      2
Tacoma      5
Batteries  ���  Clark     and
Schmltz and  Burns.
At  Seattle��� R.
Spokane     1
Seattle      0
Batteries���Klllllay and Shea
ert and Custer.
4      0
Standing   of
Snokane   .
Tacoma  ,
Won.  Lost.
.  34
Two Lots���Corner Richmond Street
ton, close to proposed Burnaby Lake (
certain.     Price  $350   each;   "cash.
Two Lots���Corner Major and Kelly Streets. Sapperton. One
block from Columbia Street car line. Lane in rear. Good level lots,
easily cleared. Situation gives beautiful view. Price $1,400 for the
two. Terms, $500 cash; balance In 6, 12 and 18 months. For residential site, or as an investment, a good thing.
Fraser River Frontage
40 Acres, 1,300 Feet���On Parsons Channel, near Port Kells, above
Port Mann. Price $275 per acre, or only about $8.50 a front foot.
Terms, one-third cash;  balance in 1, 2 and 3 years at six per cent.
Two Choice Waterfrontage Propositions���At upper end ot Lulu
Island, on main river, within city limits. Eleven hundred feet frontage in one, and fourteen hundred feet in the other, at about $100
a front  foot.    For  particulars apply.
Desirable District Deals
Lots in Westminster View���A few of these rare bargains for the
homeseeker or small investor left. It only takes $25 down to secure a $200 residential lot in a most delightful scenic location;
within ten minutes of the city by   the   New   Westminster-Chilliwack
tram line.
80 Acres in Surrey���Within half a mile of the New WestmlnsUr-
Chilllwack railway aud the Great Northern railway. This ls a snap
at only $80 an acre, with $2,400 cash, and balance spread over four
Another Eighty Acre Pick Up���At $75 an acre, only $1,500 down,
balance ln ti, 12 and 18 months, is located In Langley Municipality,
near Aldergrove, not far from the extensive Fraser Valley Nurseries.
lately removed from Burnaby. Less than a mile from the Great Northern railway and a little over a mile from the B. C. Electric railway.
Projected branch line to Nurseries will bring it closer. Would make
a fine fruit farm, or four of twenty acres. Sure thing investment to
turn over before second payment at good profit.
| **aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*
Contractors and
House Builders
full    li
We kave a full   line   of
Builders' Hardware in tkis
Before BuiUing See Us, as we
tke   Best
Also Complete   St
believe   we   can   save   you
ock   ol   PAINTS   ami   OILS
T. J.Trapp & Cc Ltd.
June Weddin
Games Today.
Vancouver   vs.   Tacoma,
park, Vancouver. 4 p. in.
Spokane at Seattle.
Hale Bros. & Kennedy
We are able to fill In your wants in the Wedding Gift line from
$1.00 and up. If lt is a Wedding Ring, or an Engagement Ring,
we  can suit the most exacting requirements.
We shall be pleased to have you call and consult us.
John B. Gray
���      -  -��� ���     ,r-,air-i   I   CD
Trust   Block.
Columbia   St.
*       uominiun     ���.---      v
l~_aaaa****************** *****��"""""���"���""���
Bank    Building,
No.  335.
corner of  Columbia  and  Begbie Streets.
lingers are waiting for the n
Smily Gray and the game will not
Pulled oil   until  some  time  after
Ntiion Day.
failed to Pay Arena  Rent.
'ii Fran Isco,  June   22.���Alio, ing
{* the '   000 rental for the site of
arena  which   was  begun   In   this
*iWt!,, Jeffries-Johnson tight has
1''  "'   ;   Id,   Ernest   Howell,  repre-
]y':' .     irew  B,  McCreary, owner
___ ground
applied   today   for   an
.. 'o  prevent   the  removal  of
"    ed structure.   Judge Van
issued   a   temporary   order
''"in.  the work of removal.
London.   June   21.���Failure   to   lift
the America cup has, it appears, put
no check  on  the  ambitions of    Sir
Thomas  Llpton  to become a conspicuous   figure   In   Hritish   sport.     Next
Beason, it all goes well  with his investments, will find his colors on the
turf.     He   has  already   placed   a  conv
mission with a prominent trainer, who I
waa at one time associated with Richard Croker, t.i find him some promising yearlings with the view of forming the beginning of a  sound racing
That  Sir Thomas  is  serious  about
his new enterprise is evidenced by the
fact that the trainer, who happens to
he a distinguished veterinary surgeon,
'  ls regarded In sporting circles ns one
of the shrewdest operators on the racing track in England and Ireland.        i
It Is not settled yet where the Llpton stables will he fixed up. but the j
impression among those ln the popular i
baronet's confidence is that the location will he Newmarket.
When the report was current ahout
five or six years ago that Sir Thomas
was going in for racing he denied it.
giving as his reason that ho could not
afford such a luxury, as Llpton stock
was not then In a flourishing state.
i    Now   matters  have  somewhat   im-1
proved.     Bul   apart   from  that   it   is  a]
matter of common  knowledge among
the hig financial houses in the city
that Sir Thomas has recently made a
million   dollars   or   more   out   of   the
rubber boom.
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Chief Officers of
W. C. T. 11. Elected
(Continued From Page One.)
Phone   714.
Juntos  Plan  to  Visit  Coast.       ,
Tor��Hto, June  22.���K  the  Torontos
.   the N   L, U. championship this |
J        ! i  If   Montreal   Is  sent  home j
.      !     blue skirts will try their
|,7 :'  ' tall.   Secretary Fred Thoinp-
I;     'the Scaraboro Beaohers, does
Itain?  eve Ulal Montreal win turn up
,'  l,lS' and   he  is   already   making
;:''" tor the Toronto's  trip  to  the
bellel that
 Bs   already
',     '"';"�����-,  barring  _���
..,,"'" Premier place In the N.L.U.,
ij :      ' land the .Minto Cup.    Ue Is
1     '""up hi this opinion.    There are
of llu
i W,,a.Cklng  those "who  consider   the
,Tn��tos  the
hest   team
11 rubber on  anv
ays ���f t|ie
'""rocks of
the Q
that   ever
field   since
a decade ago.
London,   .lune    22.���A    fashionable
Canadian  wedding  took  place  today
at    All   Saints.   St.    Margeret   street
hetween  Miss  Eva  Constance, daughter of the late Julius Miles, of Toronto, and David K. Edgar, R. E., son
of  the  late  Sir .lames   Edgar, of Toronto, former speaker of the Canadian
house of ivunnons.    Mrs. Harry Peterson  gave a  reception  at  the  Savoy
hotel which was largely attended by
Canadians.    Mr. ami  Mrs.  Edgar sail
in  October for Quetta, India, where
Mr.  Edgar is stationed.
Block 5 North, Range 2
Ten Acres, Section 32,
$500 per acre.
Eighty Acres in Section
21, .600 per acre.
16.76 acres  in  Section
27, $500 per acre.
Terms: Third Cash, balance to be arranged.
er for    East
I���!. C" A"e3iance
, ''"iiiloii   "
comes out
liis'" ,,,ulp'
St.  Pancrr.s    Re-
to Liberals.
22.���Mr. Joseph Mar-
definitely  against   the
whose influence he won
St. Pancras,
t������o 92 ���The people of
,  saskatoon, June_ 22.    ine
Saskatoon to lay. by a vote
3 to 1. decided In favor of making
he"hn!af8 in :' 1",,('1" in "io press that
��� \ir-
(itilldenee  In the gov
a adds that   It   Is the
Radical   to   speak   out
Political peace now being
"''   *-.    Messrs.   Balfour   and
1   completed and Ihe Lihm'al
���""I'l.'tely  destroyed.
contract  with  Saskatchewan    Power
company, which moans that tne j
gtchowan rlTor al th s poin       1
harnessed  in   ��,.  distant   futur*
provide cheap electrical en< ,    ��
of |1,000,000,
Rae & McLellan
Trapp Block
Phone   714.
D A I I- Y.       NEW
Owen, of St.  Pauls church, on being
introduced to the convention, made a
most stirring appeal for the inculcating of temperance principles in children and  urged that  they  might all
, be asked to sign the pledge.    In his
| opinion eighty per cent of the chlldien
would do so readily.   His suggestions
carried  such   weight  that they  were,
placed on the plan of work for further |
discussion. ',
Mrs.   (Kev.)   S. Thompson followed]
with a brief  and  comprehensive  arl-1
dress on what had been accomplished I
I by the Moral Education department.
Bouquet  for   a   Bride.
A pretty  incident  of the after loon
session was tlie presentation by Mrs.
McNaughton. the honorary [       dent,
on   behalf   of   the   convention,   ct   a
beautiful   bouquet   of   roses   tu   Ws.
Provls, of  Ladysmith, who was pies-
ent at the convention as a bride.      (
Miss McMillan contributed a sacred
solo,   which   made   a   pleasant   break
In. the work of tbe afternoon session.
Mrs. Qregson, of Victoria, sang the
beautiful sacred solo, "One By One,"
which was much appreciated.
Luncheon was served to all present
in the church parlors, which was
found very enjoyable, and tended to
the promotion of sociability. The tables were prettily decorated with (lowers anl the social function passed off
most happily.
From 4:30 o'clock to six the convention was the guests of the reception committee on a delightful Steamboat excursion on the river as far
as Coquitlam, the Paystrealt being ]
chartered   for the occasion. j
Prayer Meeting in Evening.
The evening session took the form
| of a union prayer meeting, led by Rev.
j C. \V. Brown. An address by Rev.
I Dr. Sipprell was appreciated by the
\ delegates.
A  special  feature of this morning's
I session   will  be  the  address  by   Dr.
Ernest Hall, of Victoria, and the convention hopes to see a largo attendance of local ladies.
Blaine Is Going Dry.
Blaine. Wash., June 22,���Blaine's
four saloons will closo their doors for
good and all at midnight, June 80, and
the town will be "dry"' territory. By
a vote of four to three the city council last night refused to grant licenses
for the new year, beginning July \.
Since the license was rulsed to $1,000
a year, three years ago, the town has
hail only four saloona.
Mayor Gaynor, of New York,
ishes Plain Cothes Men.
N'ew York, June 22.���Mayor Gay-
nor's latest reform became known
yesterday with the issuance of an order by the police commission wiping
out the plain clothes man.
Two hundred and three policemen,
many of whom have never worn a
uniform, must don one today and
begin patrol duty.
For years reformers have inveighed
against plain clothes men as tbe go-
between by which tribute is collected
from lawbreakers, and Mayor Gaynor,
it is known, takes a like view.
Viceroy   of   Chinese     Province     Nips
Sedition   Movement  in   Bud.
Peking, June 22.���A dispatch from
Hankow states that the viceroy of
Hunpeh and Hu-Han provinces lias
arrested and placed in close confinement four high officers of the Eighth
Division of the new army, including
the generals in charge, who are
charged with being actively engaged
in  revolutionary  propaganda.
The promptitude of the viceroy is
believed to have nipped ln the bud a
movement to create a military league
to control the army and through it
the government.
H. B. Dividends Declared.
London. June 21.���The report of the
Hudson's Bay Co. dividends have already been announced, ��111,921 having been carried forward. Farm lands
sjld averaged $12.43 an acre, against
$11.34 the previous year.
Northampton   Beats Yorkshire.
London,    June    22.���In    a    cricket
match   today   between   Northampton
and   Yorkshire,   the   former   won   by
five wickets.
Quick Settlement of Fire
June lfi, 1010.
Coquitlam, B.C.
A.  \V.  McLeod.  Esq,
Insurance Agent, City,
Dear Sir,���
1 beg to thank you most sincerely
for the prompt manner in which the
companies carrying Insurance on my
mill have adjusted and paid the losses,
the cheques for tbe amounts coming
through   much   quicker   than     I   expected.
Thanking you for same, I am.
Yours truly,
(Sgd.)   A.  11.  COLE.
1-.UT*.i.   ������'   ''��� 1
You can never fortell when your premises are going to be destroyed by fire, so protect yourself in time by Insuring In reliable
companies that pay their losses promptly, ancl whose rates are the
Telephone or call at my office and I will be pleased to give you
rates and any other Information.
"The Insurance Man'
Suite 1, Curtis-Armrtrong Blk.     Phone 62 PAGE SIX.
E 23
When It's
James A. Home Certain He
Has Solved Problem of
Flying Machine.
Henry Spencer Berkely, Attorney-
General  of  Hongkong,  Predicts
Gre.U   Future.
We have the Very Latest in
Styles and Patterns. All the
new things in plain ancl fancy
Silks. Poplins, Baratheas,
Gros Graines and Bengalines.
All at Popular Prices.
Wash Ties
Seattle, June 22.���JameB A. Home,
Inventor, is certain that he has Bolved
the problem of the mastery ot the air,
and has come to Seattle to interest
local people In his Invention. Home's
[lying machine is of the heavier-than-
air i.v i e, but its mode of propulsion
and equalizing devices are at variance
wltb machines previously constructed,
The machine is a biplane, but lacks
tho if. ular biplane's common propel-  possible   to   jump
Ier,  Which  is  replaced  by  two sets  ol   uongkong   and   . i
Winnipeg, June i .-"There Is some-
i dni    e Mian talk In the phrase
The!  awakening    ol    China.'    China
but surely,   sue is uow
of remarkable rail
Following are the boura of despatcl
and arrival of mails at the New W'ost-
mlnster postofflce and hour given in
each ea.se being the hour of closing,
which  is half an  hour, as a rule, be-
for  the actual despatch,    aii  malls,
unless otherwise staled are despatched and received dally except
Sunday. The only malls despatched
and received Sunday are the (!. N. It.
south and ('. 1'.  K. east  mails, not  in
eluding way mails. Bapperton; Praser
Mills  and  Coquitlain.
moves stew
entering on an era
ul development,   a railroad is now
nstruction trom Hongkong to
in  two or  three years  ihe
Une will  he completed  from  Canton
i,, Hankow, E uiles.   Hankow is al-
reach connected with Pekin and Pekin
tlie Trans-Siberian Bystem. Wheal'
links   aie   jellied    H|i   11    will   he
eii    llie    Haiti      at
light   through  to
Mails   Despatched.
August 15 to!
under ee
Wash Ties
Wash Ties
M. J. Phillips
The Wardrobe Clothier
Sole  Agents    for   20th    Century   Clothing   and
Deimel's Linen Mesh Underwear.
Columbia Street
New Westminster, B.C.
Hotel Butler Annex
Fourth Avenue and Marion 8treet
Room  $1   pir  day  up.
Room  and  board  $2.50 per day up.
Room  with   bath  $2.50 per  day  up.
Room with bath and board $4 per day
Al; jutside rooms, with hot and cold
waver steam heat, long distance telephone. "'Rtis meets all trains and boat*
The Dally News will be Kept on file
In our reading room.
^AHI.K^OM   OII.RCPT   *-"������
At Kirk's Hardware
You can get Hammocks and Refrigerators, Screen Doors and Screen
Windows, Lawn Mowers and Sprinklers, Sreen Wire Enamelled, Rubber
Hose and Cotton Hose.
Sherwin-Williams   Paints.
"Ladies' Aid"  Range.
Hi     ��� l\l
two  concave  hlad.es.    which    rotate pails bj   mil." was one of the into"
aboul   shafts   which,   in   tutu,  rotati , .;.;,; statements made b.  Sir Henry
about  a  central shaft.    Ity  means o eueer   Berkely,  attorney-general  of
this action of the blades which pies :  ,   clown colony ol  Hongkong, to a
downward, the machine is lined from rep0rter, who called on him this morn-
the   ground   without   necessitating   a ,;i;     m,- tienij  lias been thlrtj  years
running   start    or    anv-    Bystem    of [n the Imperial service, most of which
weights. time lias been S] enl In the Oi lent.   He
Machine Ascends  Perpendicularly. ,s ,,,, ;l  UMl  |,, |,iS nephew, Mowbray
l'he   chief   feature     which    Home Berkely,  the  well  known  real  estate
claims for his Invention   is that  the ill(| financial brokei  In this city,    He
machine can he raised from the earth L,  a   vigorous   looking,   middle   aged
in a  straight  line or  he  lowered   \- gentleman and well qualified from his
the same manner, thus making it pos- , ,ng experience te speak with author-
s a.m.���Vancouver and Victoria via
II.   C.   Electric   railway.
first   CPU.  east   taking  all   points
east Including Langley and dlsti let,
The   mail   for   Abbotsford   and   disci; i \ bui n and  dlsti iei, Hunting-!
don and district, and  Matsqui are despatched by way of Vancouver,
s   a.in.   Hlaine    ami    Seattle,    Including all l'. S. points east and south,
' and Hall's Prali le, Fei di idge and Hazelmere, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
All  Surrey mails are  received  from
Cloverdale, except  Hall's Prali le, Ho
zelmere and  Fernridge, which arrive
,,n  the  Porl  Gulchon  train en  Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
11 ;00 a in    Vancouvei, Vlctorin ami
Central Park, via  B. C. Klectric rail-
$30,000  IK   PRIZES .
Specially \-,.-.
rn. railway s ami uoi
ExhlbltB   ��� :.
10 pR��MiLMi
lines  will  p.. pel
Sui ei I'    ;:'   !
Spi edlng    Evei
Spectacular   "]
Broncho   B i tin    i
Chopping  Conti  ���
in.    Events and  Hi:
Enl : le,.   cloi
I    I
sible to make a landing on any flat
surface, such as a roof, platform or
the ground. It is nss< ited that the
machine   starts   quickly,     making   it
ity on  eastern  affairs.
"Hongkong must  fe a busy  place?"
gj >. t< d  ihe repoite!'.
"it   has  an  enormous  trade,"   said
v I
prize list  and h
Manager    and     Becrc     ���    Va��-.
Exhibition   A
much more practical than other types' S:r Henry. "Hongkong is really the
which leave the ground at a sharp ]iin ,,,��� Canton, and bo th distrlbut-
The patents which have been applied for do not cover any particular
steering device, as the inventor Bays
the machine is easily controlled hy a
sort of rudder or steering mechanism. After rising to the desired
height, the propelling planes are shifted by means of a hand lever, and the
machine can be propelled forward.
Blades Used as Parachute.
In case of accident to the motive
power of the aeroplane, the blades on
the propelling device can he turned so
that tlieir concave surfaces face the
earth, and the entire se' of wings acts
as a parachute and allows the machine
to  descend  in   safety.
Another feature of Home's invention is a double set of equalizing
planes arranged at opposite fends of
the upper plane of the biplane.   They
lng point tor a population of 60,000,	
people.    It  has a population ol  l I
whiles and 400,000 Chinese. 'I lie ton-
nage entering and having the port
lasi year by the harbor-master's re-
port was 25,000,000 ions. 1' is a common thing to see seventy or eighty
great ocean lineis In the harbor at
one time."
"Are the Chinese ef Hongkong's
population hard lo govern?" asked the
"Net in the least." was the reply.
The Chinese are a peace-loving, orderly people. Thev are great liadeis
and their Industry proverbial. China
moves slowly, hut surely. Western
Ideas aie gaining gr and ami to me
tin ie seenn, aO limit te the futUl 6 ite
velopment of China commercially and
industrially, (.'oal and iron and ali
else   necessary   to   make   China     the
cdta be swung from side to side at the greateBt   industrial    country    in  the
will  of the operator,  thus retaining WOrld are abundant.   The people love
the equilibrium of the machine.
Home intends to make a long stay
in Seattle if local men who ate interested decide to take up the matter. It
is possible that a company may he
formed and a test machine built in Seattle,
order.     China   has   a
work   ami   love
great future."
"From the point of view of Western
Canada,   China   is   particularly   Interesting.     The   people   are   now   beginning to use wheaten flour, ami vou. I
Home   is   at   the   Hotel   Key    believe. are  the  fill ure  bread   providers for much of the world.    It   Is easy
to see that there will spring up in the
| future an    enormous    trade  between
[Canada and  tlie Orient,    ExportB ��^Iq'm'
'flour  from   Portland   and     Seattle  to
Hongkong are already very largo and
Increasing rapidly.    The time is now
only fourteen davs from Vancouver to
Hongkong. As   i   said   before,   I   can
forsee  a   great   future  trade   between
the countries."
M'ils   Received.
8:30 a.m.���Vancouver ami Victoria
Including U. S. matter, ami also
(except Tm sday) via B. C. Eii ctric
9:00 to 10:00 a.m.���Strawberry Hill,
by coin ier i Tuesday ami fi Ida) 1.
9:15 a.m. -Vancouver .md Victoria,
via G.   N.  R.
8 30 a.m.���c. 1'. R. easl (flrsl train I
Sapperton.   Fiaser    Mills   and   Coquitlam.
12:00 p.m.���C. 1'. R. east.
i 00 p.m.���-Vancouver, Centra] Park
and  Eraser Arm.
1  30 p.m.���East Uurnaby by courier.
2:30 p.m.���Burquitlam, hy courier.
3:15 p.m.���Hlaine and Seattle, Including all I". S. points.
7:00  p.m.���Revel, toko  local   and   C.
p. it. Intermediate points.
1:30 p.m.���Strawberry Hill. Tim-
berland   and   South    Westminster,   by
cornier (Tuesday and Friday).
L:30 p.m.���Ladner and down rivei
points, Kast Biirnuhy, Queensboro and
Burquitlam, hy coin ier.
2:30 pin.���Vancouver ami Piper
Siding,  via Q    N.   It.   north.
.'! p.m.--Cloverdale. Nlcomekl, and
Port Kells. daily, Clayton on Tuesday,
Thui sday. Friday and Saturday; Tynehead on Tuesday ami Friday. Hon Ac.
cord. Tuesday and Friday,
4:00 p.m.���Vancouver and Buinaby
Notice is h, i, bj
; I ation win bi :
ot the "Wat, I   \ i
license   in   the   V ...   y. ".'
vision   ol    New   \Vi
la I     The    n;,;:  ,        |
Ver    Power    ('���
head  Office  at   thi
British Columbia.   T . I
one,   divided   Into ' f
?1 lach, all : .
i ime of ihe lake
unnamed i tream i
Hon 29, block 5, no I
thence   ln   a northwest
flowing   into   ih.-   i
The   point   of  dlvi l .       .. ��� j
a   southeasterly j
southeast corner ol       loo 19, :,ocd
6, north range 2, ���> ��� ..Js
tlty   of   wat. r   ap] , 1
feel   P' r  si cond ; i3
of the proposed wi  ;.   a .-:.      ijfl
and   pipe   line;   (f) premise* ou
which    the    water   i- ���. .1
two 121, three ���      nd ip [
two    (2),    New    Wi
lg I   The   pmp. !
Is    to   he    used,   i! 1'. lot I
ii i If ation  desci lb<      i il
to      be      Irrigated,     . nl
age,   no;    (i)    i:   ' ������   ��iti
he     used     for    power    or
Lake, via I'.. C.  Electric railway, Sat
utd.iv an extra mall is despatched to purposes desci
Victoria   via   Vancouver  nt   this   hour,   water  is  to   be
Blaine   and   Seattle.   Including   all   tural   channel. i   .
altitude    bet vv. ���       ; '  :i
U.  S.   points,  east   and   BOUth,  via  the
Strange Story of a Prince Albert Trial
of Seventeen Years Ago.
Prince Albert, June 22.���Seventeen
years ago the present editor of The
Fruit Magazine was storm-stayed in
Prince Albert, Sask., for nine days,
and during tHat time was indebted
to Sheiift" Hughes and the officers of
the R. N. \v. Mounted Police, unofficially, for much pleasant entertainment. The genial sheriff told many
amusing stories about lhe J.P.'s of
early days in that district, one of
which related to the arrest, trial, conviction and execution of a friendless
cow without being furnished with
counsel for her proper defence. Some
doubt being expressed as to lhe sheriff's veractity on this point, he was
permitted to copy the following from
the original records in the sheriff's
ofllce on April Pi, 1893.
Province of Saskatchewan,
To wit:
Be lt remembored that on the l-lili
Edmonton, .lune 2'.���That Edmonton's now nitration plant, purchased
at. a cost of over $20,000, is going to
be another addition to the menagerie
of white elephants which the city now
possesses, was the practical admission
of Commissioner A. V. Bouillon to the
Bulletin this morning. With the rising of the river during the past few
days the water being furnished
through the city Bystem has assumed
the muddy appearance as In the past
and   today   the   filtration     system   Is
dav of December in the vear of our Practically out of commission.
Lord, one thousand, eight hundred j Mr. Bouillon, in discussing the situ-
and eighty-nine, at the house of Rob- atIoD. s;ii(l that with the defectsHhat
ert Headrick at Hed Deer Hill, In thoj,iad been discovered It was doubtful
District of Klnistlno In the Province " a complete service would he given
of Saskatchewan, a diseased red and .this year, hut an effort would he made
white cow Is convicted before Us, It0 ^ive a partial service hy rendering
Alexander Stansfleld and A. Spence, I the water clearer than It has been,
two of Hor Majesty's justices of thel Tho commissioner stated Hint he
peace for the said district. That the I had entered i",(> forrespondei.ee wilh
said diseased rod and white cow on jtlle manufacturers ol UiO filtration
complaint  of  Robert   Headrick,  made \Plant ������*���*��� nn erfo'< "OnU\ be made to
New Arrivals in
Ladies' Blouses
under oath, that upon reasonable Inquiry, no owner could be found, that
said cow was liable to convey disease
to his cattle, and upon examination
by us, we, the said Justices of the
peace, adjudge the Bald diseased red
and white cow, viz: Large lump of
Jaw and fetid discharge, is in a very
advanced stage; therefore we order
the destruction of said diseased cow
in accorance with Form C of tho
North wesl. Ordinance; the sum of
$8.5(1 fee for examination and mileage,
$5 for destruction, total $13.50 to be
paid from the general fund of the
territories' ordinance, 1889, C. 18, Section 25.
Given   under  our
have them put it. In shape before thei
final paymenl Is made.
"Our  contention   is."   he  continued,!
"that   the   plant   as   11   stands   Is   not'
complete and until improvements are.
made it will not be satisfactory (o the
Children's Dresses
The White House
617 Columbia Street
High License In Victoria.            | Museum Gets Antiquities.
Victoria, June 22.���By the council's Boston, June  22.���What is said to
decision   Monday   night   saloon     and he one  of  the  most  valuable  collec-
hotel licenses will be increased from tions of antiquities  ever brought in-
$400   yearly   to   $050,   restaurant   11- to the country has just arrived here
censes from $250 to $050.   No change on the steamship  DloemTbntein  from
in  the wholesale liquor licenses was the burled cities and tombs of Egypt,
made, as the limit fixed by lav.   was They are consigned to the Metropolis
the day and year first above mentioned and tlie conviction shall he good
and effectual to all Intents and purposes.
I Seal)
(Sgd.) A. SPENCE, J. P.
New York, June 22.���Flowers are
one of the necessaries of life and
should be brought within reach of the
poorest, believes Joseph I.). Crimmlns,
a wealthy philanthropist.
Mr. Crimmlns is at the head of a
hands and seals I committee urging the establishment of
reached last year.
Ui Museu^a of New York.
London, June 22.���Sydney Charles
Buxton, president of the Board of
Trade, opened the International Congress of Chambers of Commerce today. Incidentally, the British cabinet
member gave a dig to Theodore
Roosevelt, recently the guest of the
city nnd nation. Referring to the
differences ln national fiscal systems,
Mr. Buxton concluded his comment on
this subject with the remark:
"But not being an ex-President of
the United States, I am not going to
tell you how to run your shows."
The congress Is attended by 450
delegates. Those from Boston have
great hope of getting tTie next meeting
for their city.
a city market under Ihe Queensboro
biidge where flowers will he sold at
low juices.
"At present persons able to buy
flowers from high-priced dealers on
Fifth avenue, can obtain all thoy desire." lie said, "but 11 Should he possible for a poor child to buy a flower
for two or three cents, or a wild
flower for a penny."
New York, June 22.���The most important event of the day In the New
York custom house, was the beginning of the appraisal of Panama hats
recently seized by the government. It
Is believed that undervaluations
reaching to more than a million dollars will be revealed by the appraisals.
More than 145 bales of hats nre now
in the public stores and their examination and appraisal will occupy ten
days. If It Is found that the hats have
been undervalued seventy-live per
cent they will  be forfeited  and held
by the government,
Coast Division.
Surveyed agricultural Dominion
Lands in the Railway Belt not reserved or withheld from entry and not
disposed of or occupied, are open to
entry under the provisions of the British Columbia Dominion Land regulations.
In the Coast Division of the Railway Bell any male person over eighteen years of nge and ot bet wise eligible, may obtain under entries as
homestead and pre-emption, a iegal
subdivision of forty acres of Bench
Land. Residence is required for at
leaBt six months In each of live years.
Total cultivation required to earn patent for a twenty acre homestead, ten
acres cleared and six cultivated, and
if the remaining twenty acres is preempted by the homesteader, an additional ten acres cleared and six cultivated either on tbo homestead or
pre-emption,, no additional residence
for the pre-emption, Price of preemption, live dollars per acie. payable 111 live Installments with Interest.
Conditional purchase entries may be
obtained for twenty acres of Bench
Land   by   a   male   over   eighteen   ami
I otherwise eligible and not. holding
homestead or pre-emption,    Residence
I required  only   for  six   months  during
Ithe fifth year hut cultivation duties
Increased. Price, ten dollars per acre,
five installments.
Bench Lands In this division are
lands below twenty-five hundred
(2,500) feet nbo\e sea level. Uplands
are lands above that, altitude and are
subject only to disposition hy quarter
sections under homestead entry or
grazing lease to settlers. Flooded
lands may be reserved for hay purposes or leased to settlers by legal ,
Entree fee for  homestead, pre-emp-1
tion  and  conditional   purchase  is  ten
dollars for each entry.   After securing
patent   in  connection   with   the   land
first entered for,  tne settler may  se-j
euro another entry and so on, but not |
for more thun a total of one hundred I
and sixty acres.
Entries under the British Columbia!
Dominion  Land   Regulations, effective  of  Abbotsford
and  point  of
CTOwn  land  Inti
by   the   prq-pofifecl
This   r.al.e   Wl '���  ' '������  '
day  of  June, i
Will  be  made to thi
the  13tb   day  of J
lhe   names   and   ad    l
.arlan   proprietors   or '
or  whose  lands are
fected by the proposed worl      ���'>
above or below tin none; IB
The pari of the Mei
Boclation  of the ���
thorl/es  the  proposi d api     '       ���';
works  leads as follows:
Jects for which the ce: ; .: .
llshed and to which objects the Ci
ire restricted are the a
p&Dy mt' ioouivivu t*. ��� |
of water and water power by ;'l
of unrecorded water or by ' I
chase of water records or waiter.  ]
lieges for.  (g) Rendering
and   water   power   available  I      ';���
application and distribution b!    "*
lng dams, increasing the bead
ter   in   any   existing   body  of ��1
or extending the area thereof,     ',
ing the waters of any stream, PO"1
lake Into any other channel 01
nels,  laving  or erecting nny n
flume, pipe or wire, constructs
raw-way,   r��Ber?dir,  a<iueducL.
wheel, building, or other ere      ;
work which may be required �� *
neetlon   with   the   Improvemen
use of the said water and warn ,
er or by altering, renewing, ��
lng,   improving,   repairing,   ��    ' ���
talnlng  any   such   -     '
thereof."   in)   The   Company
The I _
for a license to store water.
Of the  proposed  reserve!
the said  water la
>-��������������������� ,went!"!l
'29). Mock flve (5), north rnnsj .,
(2)   west;    lo)   The   means   oj     ,,
..   , .    j   ..,  ot,-,,-n  the  wiU'
of the resefi
11   Is  proposed  to store  I   ���
dam;   (p)   The  area  of
site   or   sites   at   each   foot
above the outlet. Uie depth
outlet    will    approximate!
about six or seven  feel
is proposed to acquire the i��n��
the purpose, hy purcn
11 Vi
llie I
(q)   H0��
if necessary hy expropriation^'( .,
sary for
proximately the  number or
Intended   to   be   Impounder   ���
square fort. , tp.
VANCOUVER POWER (  ^     ,,,,.
R.  H.  Sperling, General  ��'
Vancouver, B. C.
District of New Westminster-
New Weitmi^Ti-and District.
Take notice that I. r,r0'B^r11|a'en'l*
on   the   2nd  July,   1910,  may  on   nnd  to  apply   to  the  Chief Cn;n
Victoria,  P
Any lands withdrawn  rouse to prospect for COfll
nnd pe
lowing l1'
r: oi-
after that date be made for lands then  of Lands at Victoria,  B. (
open to entry.
from timher berths, ns well as newly enm on and in tin
Burveyed lands,  will  before becoming ed lands: marked1'
available for entry  require advertise-      Commencing nt a post    '|||(, \
ment   for   thirty   days.       "Surveyed"   N.   \V.  corner,  P,fl?-te,    ToWnBli>P }9
Lands for the purpose of entry means  corner of Section 21 . w'c-"
legal  subdivisions abutting, on  a sur- Municipality; of^SuniaB,^^ g() cha|
veyed   line,  or,   In   case "'"	
quarter   sections   abutting
veyed line.
For further Information apply to the point  of commencemen
Dominion Land Offlce, New Westmln-  lng f!40 ncres. _-   tli
ster, B. C. I    Dated at Abbotsford. *-*
day of June, ^.}*l?,,nC^��
ig on  a sur-  Municipality ui a ���        R0 .n.'>""
of   Uplands,  ster  District;   thence r.ist   ^e v ,<
g  on   a  sur-  thence south  80 chains. ,���,, u
80 chains;  thence north W ,,]:.���
- ��� "1 [       Kill.
9th i
P. G. "EYES.
;c?ro!. ry. THU
JUNE  23,  1910.
JTrt.*-! l-    ~*J  *  ***���-*���'
Cn��tcrtrook Milling Company,
*" HUNGARIAN JEWEL .. .$6.50 per bbl.
IMPERIAL       $6.75  per  bbl.
TtRMlNAL *5.25 per  Bbl.
HINDOO FLOUR 14.50 per Bbl-
IH1AST1H YEARS1 anE"BrB_?r3*aE
If W**^'
Department of Immigration
;it Ottawa Issues Statistical Hand Book.
Wealthy  Relatives Get Permission to
Bury     Dead     in     Consecrated
Ground, But People Object.
New  Weitmlnster
Telephone 333.
Berlin,  June   22.���Appalling  scenes
were witnessed a lew days ago in tbe
Polish country town of Graetz
This is Amount Winnipeggers Spend Yearly on Intoxicating Beverages.
Traveling Court Starts.
Juneau, Alaska, .lune 22.���The tra*
veiling court, which will go to the lao��
lated villages of Alaska to try ruses,
left here today in the revenue cutter
Hush. The cutter will pick up United
States Marshal 11. P. Bulllvan and
District Attorney C. D. Murane and
the grand and petit jury panels at
Valdez, There are twelve cases to ba
tried along the route, which extends
to the westward us far as Dutch Harbor, it is scheduled to lmve the trials
completed and the court back In Be*
ward August 17.
where a wealthy local magnate    who
had committed suicide was to be bur-,<JI11-  ���l*"*��  * ; ��� , .    ,   , i
n  coroner's jury  lefl  no over ^.000,000 each yew on tatoxlcatj
Winnipeg,  June  22.-A   corespond-|
ent   writes   that   Winnipeggers   spend
..::0XB3_______w sBBBSHEarTWEaaa rnsMsassramEE)
to our offlce i very time you
need a ton ol coal- any of our
drivers will be glad to take
your onlcr. Then, too, a postal will bring about the samp
ri . lit good coal In your cellar at Bhorl notice. Also, our
phone Is In good order, and
their  niimi'-i;, are  15 and  18.
Coal  i :ured heie Is crach a-
Jack coal, however .ecured.
WORE, BANK 17ITTIMP Q \ lllllll^l^l^li
I   lit*.       nrnrr    i       '    F       I    I     ill   TK   ��    ���   Putatl( f bein8 the '"   '   eloquent
IM\D       UrrlL.lli  *    ^  a     ������**���-��� " Jl>***~a**s***-f    ���  0f pulpit  orators in the archdiocese
''"*��� " * of  Montreal  and  is a comparatively
Ottawa, June 22.   According to stall a contained Ln a i ind-boofe being
nielli, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _.,��������� "__________________________���
Immigration to Canada durii    the last led.    Since a  coroner's jury  lefl   no drinks'and some estimates place
ten years totals I I 5 t'lu   liscal  doubl thai it was suicide and omitted     �� llKUr(iB' ,���ucli higher.
year recently closed eclipsed all other anj   reference to insanity, the    dead.    ,j,()I,      there are sixty-seven licens-
years In  thi   volum    Immigration, man could only be burled In the Blit|      nouseB in the city and the highest
the arrivals numbering  208,71)4, cldei   i irner of the churchyard.    But t .mv of uu-in take in daily is
Of the grand  total  lor the docade his family  brought influence to bear an'average, but there are ex-
aboul  605,000 came from the  British  wltb the conslstorial court. In Posen ��    tlonal  r\&ye during  fair time and
Isles, 344,000 trom the continent and  and pursuaded tlie court thai the mag- ot��er hoUdaya w|���.n gome of the hot-
107, i from the LJnll   I States,   The nate  had   been  depressed  for  weeks ^^^  )i(;(][i  )iIlown  to  receive  us
Americana coming aires; the border before liis death and might therefore mu(jh ajj ?S(|(1 in a Blngie aay over the
are therefore within 68,000 of the tot- haw   been of unsound mind when ne bfl.
al   British   Immigration.    Of  the  im- killed himself. i    T'here are a few hotels in the city
migration from the British Isles about |    The court, gave permission for '��"'-i wh(,n. ,h(. dally receipts run down as
418,1 aim from England and Wale., lai In the ordinary cemetery, but tne &g $|(| in a (I;|V  ,���,, BUCh receipts
I0g 987 trom Scotland and 34.124 from  people of Graetz were furious al the arg gcarcej as gi��(, daily can be taken
Ireland    Japanese immigration In the  idea thai  a rich man should be bur-
pasl three years totalled i 167 led  with   full  ecclesiastical    honors
Since   1902   when   the    deportation   whereas they were sure a poor man
. ttlons became effective 3,883 peo-  would   have  bee,,    ^^^^^^^
_le have bei a deported. Into   . ulcldes   corner.
Gauthler May Succe:d Duhamel. Ab   ll   sen o'clock in the evening.
\  rumor is currenl  In clerical clr-  whi i  the  body  was carried to    the
cl .  here thai Rev. Canon Gauthler, of cemeterj   the mourners found all the
..   jame8 Cathedral, Montreal, Is to  gat. i shul and the doors of the.chapel
 l   the   late   Mgr.   Duhamel   as nol ...,!>  locked l,..t boarded and n.. l-
archblshoD of Ottawa.    It   is  stated, ed  up.    When  with  great    difficulty 	
h0W(   e!   thai  no am ncemenl   may they ,.,, the coffin Into the graveyard ^'y.seven places will run well over
....       "*"���"   ������   crowd   Oil     ,. ...,���,i Anllarn -daily.
fill I .-,   car,    . . ....
las a fair average ihe year round for
        unn'''"'  Winnipeg hotels, making a total
Ignomlniously cast ot ?';'7'" '' (liiy' '"' *2-097'100 tor tlie
'313 days in the year on which the
hotels may sell intoxicating beverages.
Then there are twenty-seven wholesale liquor bouses in the clty. one of
them at least does as much as some
half dozen of the smaller ones combined,   and   the     receipts   from   these
Leave  New Westminster".
5:45���Connects with train to Sumas
and Transcontinental No. '.'7; arriving
New Westminster 7:4:!.
9:10���With No. 2 going east; also
connection for Nicola and train from
Agassi/., Kootenay, Okanagan and
Sumas;   arriving   New   Westminster
16:25���Witli train tor Agassiz, Kootenay points, Sumas and St. Paul; returning arrive Westminster IS:lli.
19:35���With No. 96 Transcontinental eastbound and trains from Mission,
Nicola and Okanagon points, and No.
1 from east; arrive New Westminster 22:02.
ED GOULET, Agent C. P.  R.
H.  C.   B.   FOSTER,  A.  G.   P.  A., Vancouver.
be  made  until  aftei
congress in Montrea'
tbe eucharlstlc
in the ai rai   e
there leaped  upon  them a
J.  BROOKES,  Proprietor                                              #
WORKS���Corner   Eleventh   and  Carline.                                  PHONE 473      *
���������������>���������**************** aaaaaa*******************
about   200   angry   peasants,   who  pro-
ceeded to belabor the pall-bearers and
the  mourners  and  the  priests    with
Sticks  and  stones.
__ The crowd drove off the half do/.en
of  Montrea]  and  is a comparatively j police, seized the coffin and rushed It
young man. across to a shallow grave which had
Gold Camp at Porcupine. I been dug in the suicide's corner. With
Ft, V.'. Brock, a director of the geo-'every  Indignity they could think of,
logical survey, has just returned from  with curses instead   of    prayers andU��w oa,.-> "���'���-, -��-	
a visit to the gold camp at Porcupine, thistles and rotten vegetables instead I say  that   they >run  the  total   for  the
-> r,nr i _.f fi,,���.c���.c thpv tbrust the earth overyear well over three million dollars.
a thousand dollars daily
Willi $2,097,100 taken in yearly by
the hotels and a large sum by the
wholesale houses, it can be seen that
on a low average Winnipeggers spend
annually over $3,000,000 on drink
alone. However, this is not all, for
there are nearly a dozen clubs in this
city who ���""" ���*-���������--���
nearly a iio/.m uuuo ,.. ......
re busiest during the hours ; 10:00 a. ni
CILV      WIH,    ��ll^     umm.m
the bars are closed, and it is safe to
New Ontario. Mr. Brock, while not; of flowers they thrust the earth over
over sanguine regarding the new j the coffin and stamped It down, leav-
camp, was not at all depreciatory In j ing men on guard to see that no at-
his remarks. To the question whether! tempt was made to dig up the casket.
Ontario would ever become a gold- It was only after the military had been
producing province, Mr, Brock re-j summoned from the nearest garrison
lied advisedly, remarking that as yet i that   the   mourners  were   able  to  re-
' cover the coffin to convey it away by
rail and to bury it with permission of
the court  in  ground  specially  consecrated, far from the scene of the out-
1 rage.
the camp is 'simply prospective.
B.C. Mills
and  Trading
United   States   Signal   Corps   to     Lay
Project  Before Congress.
Washington,   June   22.���Officers   of
| the signal corps of the United States
army   believe   that   the   recent   great
aerial flights  has prepared  the  way
for more generous recognition of the
Manufacturers  and   Dealers in  All  Kinds of
Royal City Planing Mills  Branc
Itussellville, Ala., June 22.���Alleging
^^^^^^^^��� that   he  had  been  outraged  and em-
aeroplane as a factor In war and will barraased and that his health had
lead to the establishment of an aerial, been damaged as a result of being
fleet by the United States govern- forced t0 chew up and swallow an.
ment. They are gathering informa- editorial after it had been printed in
tion with winch to convince Congress hla paper> H L Page) Jr _ a natlve of
of the utility of aeroplanes. ;U,d   Bay_  Ala>(  tutlav   instituted civil
At the next session of Congress it 8Uit for damages in the sum of .10,-
is purposed to make a plea for an Q00 against C. W. Wier and others.
aeronautic fleet lor experimental pur- ilU re8idents prominent in social and
poses and for actual service in scout- business circles of Quittman, Miss.
ing and carrying messages. The war; Page waa formerly editor and part
department has observed that In Ger-1 0.,vnei. ot ,he Quittman Globe.   He de-
New York, June 22.���Isaac Pollock,
a cloak and suit maker, of this city. I
who came over on the same steamship I
as did former President Hoosevelt, is 11:00 p.m
under   $1,000  cash   bail,  pending   ex ' TO
amlnation   before   the   United
commissioner in Hoboken, N.J., as to
why $3,000 worth of jewelry found on
his person by a customs inspector was
not declared.
His explanation is an unusual one.
He says there were exciting times on
the steamship all the way because of
Roosevelt's presence on board and be-
j ing of an excitable temperament, he
| forgot to declare the jewelry.
B.C. CoastSS. Sailings
On and after June 5.
to   Victoria.
0:00 a. ni    Daily
1:00 p.m   Daily
10:00 a. m   Daily
11:00 p.m .... Daily except Saturday
11:30 p. m  Saturday
2:00 p. m    Daily
2; 00 p. m   Mondays
8:00 a. m.. .Thursdavs and Saturdays
. ���    Every Saturday
States  11:00 p.m.  Every Thursday and Sat.
TO  STEWART  (Portland Canal).
11:00 p, m    Every Thursday
S. S.  Beaver leaves New Westminster 8 a. m.  Monday, Wednesday and
Fridays;    leaves   Chilliwack   8   a.m.
Tuesday.    Thursday    and    Saturdays.
For particulars, apply to
Agent. Xew Westminster.
C.   B.   FOSTER,
A. G. P. A., Vancouver.
Box 12;
JSWasaSSa = !SSB*B
Just a Few Left ol
West End View
In Lot 10, Sub. Block 12, between 8th.and
10th Avenues, to the east of 18th btreet
Price $350, one quarter cash, balance.6, 1Z
and IS months. These lots are close the
new cut oft", and you will be wise if you step
in now and secure them.
Two Good Buys
2nicelots on- Hamilton St..  all cleared
50x150.    Price $800 each cash, or S1000 on
Ito carry passengers and has Information that a company is at '.vork con-i
structtng an aeroplane fleet, and has
j one machine  which can curry several
! men at a speed of sixty miles an hour.
New York. June
I operation   has   just
.���A remarkable
openmui.   mw   j    been   performed
at the Post-graduate hospital by which
man has been provided with an
artificial jaw of pure kohl to replace
jawbone destroyed by disease. The
peratlon ls said to be the lirst ot
the kind ever performed in any hospital.
Michael Wood, fifty-four years old,
of Greenwich, Conn., is the patient,
llis disease had progressed so far that
Wood's family believed his death only
question ot months.
was visited by a crowd with pistols.
He had to literally eat the paper containing the editorial, which was condemnatory of a dance given by the
young people of the "four hundred."
Ile was also forced to leave thc state,
he says, deserting against his wi
his  wife and babe. ^^^
"I admitted that I wrote the editor-!
j ill" said Page, "when they were about
I to tar and feather the preacher.    To
i protect  him  1  violated  an  unwritten
��� newspaper law by giving the name of
the author of the article.   The editorial may have offended them, but my
', purpose   was   to   upbraid   the   young
! girls   and   young   men   who     danced
with their arms entwined about each
! other in vulgar fashion.    I am glad 1
i am   alive,  however,  for  at  one  time
I they  acted  like    they    were    bloodthirsty."
sterilize   your kitchen   things and
make them wholesome* and sanitary
Kiowa, Kan., June 22.���There ls an
I all-summer job waiting for a man who
can rid this town of ants.
The ant problem here is not a joke.
Lot 7 on 11th St., Block 19,
Price $750 on terms.
Sub.  block
Maple Ridge
120 acres of good land, ^*$tfE_$_
Price is $35 per acre.    . 1W>U taau
Balance on verv
The ant problem nw�� ���= .....
The little pests have really become a  Wllrd   was  espwatuu   =.->..
menace.    At   lirst  they  just bothered  disposed towards them an
the   residents   by   destroying    lawns,  dred beyond the seas, and
Then they  moved Into houses and be-   '*  "'"' >��it,,ii.    for  thl
gati   infesting   pantries     and    other
places where edibles were kept.
After that the insects began to damage clothing. Becoming braver, they
i attacked people while they slept. Several families, having given up hope of
ridding their households of the pests,
have moved from here. So far the
only sure methods found for killing
the insects is to pour boiling hot water Into the nests. Hut the trouble is
iu locating the nests.
easv terms.
Ite British Canadian Securities
Company, Limited
| \\ iiiiupes, June. 22.���Fear that a
rain or electrical storm at the present
time would cause the destruction of
a three story block that is jus; being
I erected on Jarvls avenue, by Chechlk,
k��"   I'nvced   the
London, June '22.���One of the characteristics of the London East Knd
Jew is gratitude. Rightly or wrongly,
the Jews of Last Loudon, as a body,
have adopted the idea that King Edward was especially sympathetically
nd tlieir kin-
red beyonu uie scuo, ..,,t\ as a token
of their gratitude for this sympathy
the erection of a memorial to him is
being mooted.
The  English of today, of all races,
are far more practical than their ancestors  of  half  a  century    ago.    At
that time such a memorial could have
taken but one form, that of a statue.
Now,   however,   the   suggestion   is
that the propose:! memorial should be
of a utilitarian nature, and an endeavor is being made to connect it with
the   Jewish   hospital   movement.     By
this  means  it  is hoped  to make the
i latter   fashionable,   and   consequently
a success.    It is thought that a King
Edward  Memorial  hospital  would attract support where a London Jewish
hospital would fall.
Soap only cleans; GOLD DUST cleans and
Soap washes over the surface, leaving a greasy
film behind it; GOLD DUST digs deep after germs
and impurities, and insures purity and safety.
- Soap needs muscle help (as an exerciser, it's
fine); GOLD DUST does all the hard part of the
work without your assistance, leaving you to take
your exercise in a more enjoyable manner.
GOLD DUST is a good, honest, vegetable oil
soap, to which is added other purifying materials
in just the right pro- \ 1 f-
portions to cleanse J^&>l///y_.
easily, vigorously, __��-
and without harm to ^
fabric, utensil or
"Let the GOLD
DUST Twins do
your work."
Makers of FAIRY SOAP, the oval cake.
T. R. PEARSON, Manager.
Office:    The Dominion
Sl of the adjoining houses to va iiie Qi a _	
HI.   uodgers thinks that ll is very j beau^he.Jl^^the Baptis^
^f^riA- ^ln7to|K ^n^ewT-ln   the   Hull,
SB ftWSKW?sas *?-a�� - ^ **'"
given way nnd noW.U in a dangerous|pi��v"��.   _     ���..���Hq,   ��>anolati<ni    was
Cheshire, Conn.,    June 22.���Joseph I
Hull, ninety-three years old, who lived',
the life of' a hermit and at his death |
it it  is very j bequeathe!' $100,000 to the Baptist As- j
prouauiD   c       ��� would  play  soclatlon   of   Connecticut,   has   been
hivoc with the foundations and bring, tiled in the probate court here by a|
...-    ���a     o��._o * '������'      T"   ���������<*   Hull I
"ll       WlliVll       ww       v...w       	
I u<.o.. .... . -..-  . were found two wills, 11
I one  so old that  it was    falling    to;
1 and later one
         _ association    was'
made beneficiary.
Under a floor were recently found
two bags, each containing $2,000 in j
bills and a number of mortgage notes
dating back so far that the givers in
most cases are dead. There was also
a number of savings bank books, the
deposits of which had not been figured
for fifty years or more.
and now ls in a utuitw��>�� ,,..
The building is just being I which   the   Baptist
1 "mil.   beneficiary.
condition.    . ..^ 	
creeled and is to cost $20,000.
Tlie matter has been under the eye
of tbe inspector since he discovered
.t, and the foundation is being repaired
and strengthened. The tenants of the
adjoining houses are Steve Pendik and
1 Klrke Woss, and ���despite the danger
| that was hanging over their heads,
tbey were very loth to move.
If you have Real Estate for Sale
If you want to Purchase Real Estate
If you want any kind of Insurance written
If you want to Borrow Money HH _J_\
--Consult With-
McQuarrie Bros.
609 Columbia Street
The New Westminster City Specialists
,��s.;v^Pr"     NJ PAGE EIGHT.
���i. -f
������' v..
.     ���    '
'���' \,'l-   ' '
23' "I.
Something New in
Floor Wax
The easiest way to
finish a floor is to
saturate a soft cloth
with Columbus Liquid Was and apply
lightly to the floor,
let it dry for about
fifteen minutes,
'/ and bring to a
/ polish by light
rubbing with a
soft cloth.
No brush to push ���no work ���no
backache. Resists heel-narks,
scratching, and water will not turn it
white. Goes farther and lasts longer
than any paste wax. Try it! Be
sure to ask for tho genuine
Tbe Easiest Applie3 Floor Finish
Sold by /
Anderson & Lusby
*#**#**���*���**���***#**$**."r*a- aa-,,**********&**#******$****
IClTY News!
������=:; **%***rr**s-**:..**%**z** #****** ��**#**#**#** ���:. **
The local lodge of the A. O. F. held
a social yesterday evening, a large
number   Of   members 'attending.
For spring plants or cut flowers,
phone Davies' Greenhouse. K2u8.      **
Mrs. .lames Wood is leaving on Saturday for England, where she will
spend the next  tour month & visiting
her mot her.
The management of the Bohemian
Cafe sees to it  that  the best only is
served  there. **
An ice cream and strawberry BOcial
will be held in the Salvation Army
barracks this evening, the proceeds
being devoted to the purchase of Bong
hooks for the local corps. A musical
program and a number of addresses
will add to the interest of tlie evening.
McQuarrie Hros. are now ready to
do business in the real estate and
insurance lines. Ollice, 609, Columbia
street. **
Llewyln     Williams,    districi
ranger of tlie A. 0. F., will be in this
city on July 15 to install the officers
of the local lodge.
Sons of Scotland picnic to Westminster Junction, .Inly 1. Sports,
hlghlan 1 dancing and piping. Trains
h.ues 9:10 a.m. Come and have a
good time. **
Tlie members of St. Pauls Reformed
Episcopal  church  Sunday  school  and
chief th0 callols t,f ,he ���*��� T- '" wi" ll"1'1
a basket picnic at Second beach, Stanley park. A special car will leave the
depot here at len minutes to one
tind will return in good time In the
The Westminster Modern S!
Business School
If every young man and young
woman fully realized the advantages !
of pursuing a course at this institution and then the opportunities offered
for profitable and congenial employment, he or she would not hesitate in
On     Tuesday     evening     Supreme
Grand  Master .1.  U. Hart, of Orilli.i.
om.,    accompanied     by    Provincial
Grand  Master VIck, and about  sixty
The students who are writing their   Vancouver True Hlues, paid a visit to
senior matriculation examinations al   the local lodge.   Interesting addresses
iinihian   college   will   write  on   the   were  delivered   by   the   visitors.     Thc
papers today. grand lodge meeting of the order will
!be held in Victoria on July 1.
For   Geraniums,    Dahlias   and   all
kinds of Spring Bedding Plants plione j     The  program   for  the   International
Davis' Greenhouse,  H 2US. **     , Congress  of  Chambers  of  Commerce
and Commercial and Industrial associ-
The postponed game between the atl0n, which is now going on in Lon-
Balmorals and the Maple Leafs will ' don; England, has been received here,
not take place tonight, as some of the , The delegates from New Westminster
players cannot be present. I \\\   Norman   Bole,   K.   C,   ancl   J.   It.
,, ���       in i ,��� ,    ���    Kennedy, will  probably  be represen-
McQuarrie   Bros,   are  specialists  in.  ,. , ,,       '    ,   ,, ,     ,    , _,, ..
ulanllno     fMc     ��_,nnl      'l��     in      ���lVPIlllP I ��t Ti ��� ,."        trj   .    1     .1      I        tlltlVeS   (if   t IIC    lllOSt    distant    Of    ill      t   IC
selecting   tins   Hcnoot   as   an   avenue  ^ew Westminster real v. Watch their1 ;    ,, .   , ,, ~,
fr,,- iwii-pncnmont-     \v.   crive tlie same     a .,-.'��� ��.    organizations represented there.    The
ioi  advancement.,    w e gne uie sami   advertisements Ior bargains. ** . . .
conscientious attention to placing our | program contains mention of several
students  into  positions  as  we  do  to I     The   heavy   rains   recently   dirtied  garden  parties,   river  excursions  anl
instruction.      Satisfied   students    are   some   of   the   crushed   rock   laid   on  receptions, with some business sand-
Columbia  street  and  il   will   have to   wiched here and there in between,
he   renewed   before   the   cement   is
placed on it.
our best  advertisement.
610   Columbia    St.
Crystal Theatre
KNIGHT   &   VERNER,   Proprietors.
For a pleasant cool drink, try the
Ice Cream Sodas at The Royal Cafe. **
The marriage took place last night
One of the most fashionable weldings of the season was that of Edward N. Sutherland ancl Miss Lillooet
Armstrong yesterday. The ceremony
was performed at the home of the
bride's   father,   J.   C.   Armstrong,   by
in the East Burnaby Methodist church   Rev.   Father   O'Boyle,   of   St.   Peters
Suffer Little Children for Such Is The
Kingdom of  Labor.
Whith    Was   the    Happiest   Time   in
Your  Life.���Comedy  Drama.
The  New  Leap���Comedy.
Wright     Bros.'     Aeroplane. ��� Sensational.
Mother Goose.���Comedy.
"It Looks  Like a  Big  Night Tonight,"
by W. J. Sayce Bart.
Ihe Central Hotel Cafe
Opposite  B. C. E.  R.  Depot
25c - Merchants Lunch - 25c
cathedral, in the presence of many of
the friends and relatives of both the
contracting parties. Miss Margaret
Lewis was bridesmaid, Miss Noel
Armstrong flower girl and Hugh Anderson, of Ottawa, best man. After
the ceremony the happy couple left
on the Great Northern for Seattle and
other coast cities.
I.O.O.F. Memorial Services
GIVE   Ui    A      TRIAL
Market Square
PHONE 475.
jof Walter L. Thompson and Miss Victoria   May   Burgess,  daughter  of   Mr.
iand  Mrs. J. W.  Burgess, of Burnaby.
Carloads in ancl more on the way.
See our stock. We defy competition.
For Anything in the Furniture line
come to W. E. Fales. **
The following notice is posted today in a conspicuous place in a newspapers office not more than a million
miles from here: "Yesterday was the
longest day in the year, hut we just j
worked the usual twenty-four hours."
Ho for the Ladner Races!  Steamer
Transfer will leave B. <Si  K. wharf at
10 a. ni. Saturday, June 25, for Ladner,
! returning leave Ladner at 7 p. in.
James A. McNalr ancl Thomas Ham-
I ilton. of Hillcrest, have applied for
j a water record of four cubic feet on
I an   unnamed   stream   in   section   ,'10,
the  water   to  be   used   for   hydraulic
Spring is here���how about those
plants for the garden? Tidy, the
Florist, can suit you to a T in anything in that line. **
Thomas S. Purely, of Nicomen, yes- Chicago, June 22.���The Golden Rule
terday   laid   an   information   against will be applied to intoxicated persons
Thomas  Yeomans,  of  the  same  city, in Chicago if an ordinance now in the
charging him with having struck him hands  of  the  judiciary  committee   is
on the jaw. Yeomans was summonsed passed by the city council,
jand the case will come up before the Tlie city  council  judiciary  commit-
'magistrate this morning. , tee yesterday decided that in the future all "drunks" found on the street
The members of the local Odd Fel- by policemen must be taken to their
I lows'  lodges  will observe  Decoration homes.   It did this despite an opinion
'day on Sunday next, when flowers wlll given by Assistant Corporation Coun-
be placed on  the graves of departed sel Hayes that it is illegal  for a po-
brethren.   The Odd Fellows will form Uceman to take an intoxicated person
up  at   1:30   o'clock   and   proceed   to to his home Instead of a poilce station
Sapperton,  where  all   the  cemeteries �����~* after Judge McKenzie Cleveland,
will be visited. tlie father of the proposed ordinance,
had  told the committee that he had
The annual picnic of the parishon- got  around   the  objections  raised  byers   of   St.   Peters   will   be   held   on the assistant corporation  counsel  by
Wednesday, July fi, to Bowen  island, changing   the   words   "found   on   the
You may be sure you will
get the best service If you bring
your prescription to us. No
matter what doctor gives the
prescription wo can till it nnd
give you exactly what is ordered, at fair prices. None but
competent dispensers employed.
Curtis Drug Store
Kodaks iind Supplies
Spectacles, from 50;.
Phones:     43;     Long     Distance,    7-1;
Residence, 72.
New    Westminster,    B,   C.
The trippers will leave here at eight
o'clock in the morning for Vancouver,
completing the journey to the island
on the steamer Baramha. The day
will be spent in sports of various
The members of Royal City Lodge
No. 3 and Amity Lodge No. 2~ and
all visiting brethren aie cordially requested to be present at 1:30 p. m.
on Sunday, June 26, in the I. O. O. F.
hall, for tlie purpose of conducting
the annual memorial clay service. Tho
service will be held tit the hall and
subsequently at the cemetery.
Badges will  be worn.
By order of the Committee.
street in an Intoxicated condition" to |
"found on tbe street in a condition of
physical helplessness."
The committee will report the mens-!
ure favorably to tlie council Monday j
In Our New Quarters in the
Four  Doors   East   of   Pank   of
We Have Just Received a Fresli
Stock of Popham's Chocolates
I. A. MUIR & CO.
Columbia St.   New Westminster.
^*��*****m*BmB ���'"tmy
If you want something Choice for Sunday's
Dinner, ring up Phone 101 and order a nice roast of
Spring Lamb, Veal, Spring Chicken or anything else
that is good in the meat line.   You can sure get it at
Alteration Sale
Commences Tuesday, June 21st
30 Days of Alteration  Sale  Prices-Prices thai   aie down  lower than    any    before    Offered
Westminster.    We  are  forced lo  reduce our stock  to  lhe lowesi   possible limit  Inside ot 30 Ne��
in" ihe past few weeks customers and ourselves have been Inconvenienced by the work n 1"11'
tering and enlarging our store.    In a low Weeks we must temporarily   vacate   the  portioi '" ��!���
by the llousefuriiishing and Millinery Departments.    To crowd our slock into two-third   ��� l;":|
by the Housefuriiisiiing ana aumueij   wei"""""�������     ���" ""�������� <���", niuun mio iwo-tnirds '""''
means a great  hindrance to business. "  Space
So  we  enter  this  Alteration Sale wilh a determination lo sell at   least   |1B,000   worth of  our       '
before we must crowd everything together.                                        i   ��� stock
We give hero the first list of prices,    Watch every advertisement.    Keep your eves ,���, ���,,,.  ,
windows and, what  Is better, view  the  piles and  racks  lull of goods  al   prices  which  |, ,
the  expectation  Of  profll   on Our sales.    Doors open at 8 a. m. Tuesday.       No   cjoods   cn approbraH
Cash   only.      Everything    reduced. all0��.
A   simple  list   of  prices  withoul   many   words���figures  speak   louder:
500 Pairs of Hose
25c per pair
Regular 36 and 60c per pair.
Ribbed Cashmere, Boys' Cotton,
Girls' Cotton. Embroidered
Cashmere and Cotton: Natural
Wool Feet, etc. All si/es. One
price,  per  pair,  26c.
500 Yards Colored Pongees and Foulard Jap
Silks 50c
Regular 60 to 75c. All colors
in Pongee, 34 inches wide, and
Fancy Colored Jap Silks, -7
9c   Per  Yard.
Regular values, \2_ to 20a
No room to mention prices,
but long piles Of Ihise must he
sold   before   we   must   move   the
We simply lune no place in
the Store where the Millinery
Department can find the necessary room. Come prepared for
bargains In Trimmed Hats.
Ready-to-Wear shapes, children's Qalateas, Sailors, and
Trimmings of every deseri; tli a
One Lot of Corsets
75c per pair
Cromptons, P. D., and B  & 1.
Corsets. Odd lines which we
have discontinued ordering
anew. Sizes is to 28 in., one
or more soles.
These Items are Worth
Seizing Quickly
SUITS,  $2.95   EACH.
VALUES   $1.50   TO ii..
EACH   75c.
INSERTION,   V/A   to  4 lnch���
wide   for  5c   PER   YARD.
RONS AT 25c, 55c, 95c
AND $1.35.
1000 Yards of Lace
5c per yard
Regular   values   to
long list of old
White and  Hl.c I
6 inches wide.
Head Office    -    Montreal, Que.
Capital $6,000,000
Rest Funds  4,600,000
Total Assets (over)  66,000,000
This Bank has 145 Branches in Canada.
A General Banking Business
We give Special Attention to Savings Bank Deposits
$1.00 Starts an Account
Best rates of Interest paid.   No delay in
This gives everybody, working men, merchants, etc.,
an opportunity of cashing cheques or making deposits
New Westminster Branch,
The Public
Supply Stores
We Have Just Received a shipment
of OLIVES. They
are a New Brand;
large and well packed.    All Prices. ,.
H. C. Adams, Mgr
Some Special Snaps  j
5 lots on Second street. Excellent view. Streets on three sides
of  this  property.    $350  each.   Terms.
10 lots extending from First to Second street. This property
Is especially well situated. Streets on three sides, and lane at rear.
Price $350 each.    Terms.    INVESTIGATE.
|     F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
Tempting Dishes
Of All Kinds
Some Doctors advise folks to eat lots of Vegetables in the Summer time; others say, "Eat plenty of meat all the year around."
The splendid "Royal" menu provides for both classes. Every seasonable kind of Flsh, Flesh and Fowl will be found hereon, as well
as all sorts of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Drop in for "Lunch"
or "Dinner" today.
The Royal Cafe and Grill
Which  Is at 604 Columbia Street.
PHONE  375       -    ||Domin{on Trust Block, Main Floor
__ )
are Here ! Get a
crate before they
are all gone.   .   ���


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