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Whites Shiles & Co
NL._ page four
White, Shiles & Co.
Elected at Initial  Meeting  Held  Last F  >   ng���
Show  May
poultry Building���Discussion Over Ju
Re Held   at  Fall   Exhibition,  i   s? id
e i
Tho '    ���
.., . Ing   was   lie-'
ed lasl
oms for thc
;;. ...,,,, |   cl��
...   ��� . M e 11 ' .
���: the mei t-
Q. Fi ��� anl
Dr.  Hacking   D
*   , '.   la,   Mr.    Har-
Towi  ���
I, ...ii     unanimous
Kennel club be form* d
:. N,.tt ,, '       . Mm Farranl pro-
. ,,, institution clause
���. i ckson and AV.
,   was    uu..nil.,, is'
while  (b  Far-
si r: el.iry   fur till'  meet-
, ..'������   al   ilu- lasl   bi nch   show   ii. id
I here   wenl    aroun i    pei his
i:les   wiih    m    catalogu*.
o her  statements  made    shov        - i*
nn nt   ni'  the meeting    as
in  favor ni  ihi "ii'
���   i  easl ni' i lasl cltii e   i  ���..
:.    The mi mmm   v. i    ...
till   the    nexl     mei ��� ing
.-  will bi   su mm ������     and di
i ithi .' matter whi h cam
. .'.as ilu- hoi iiii- ��� ���
-1"m.'.  n* xl fail ;n connection with the
��r_hiiii'ii n.    As    liuM'.'    will    be    no
exhibit,  tin-  bench   show wii!
abl*   mi occupy the place fi imerly
i . d Im'-' the bird fi nch i  . which, wiih
f* w alterations regarding light an.l
Twn hundi ed   gall .  . ood Jap-
iki    even Incn ;..-.     the
muddy  wate rs Frasei     rlvei
day afterne A.  Mc-
Ewens farm een th    Delta.    For some
John   McShane,   Returned   From   North,  Talks  of   Little-
Known Spot [in Flattering Terms���Country Rich
in Minerals, Timber and Grazing Lands.
"The Kispyox valley is, in my opin-   blacl; diamonds  ii  thi
inn. away ahead nf ilu' Bulkeley va -   ley."
Kispyox   val-
Viiei:.   May   30.���The   Italian   exl
gang employed by the Great Northern I
are on Btrlke,
Tie*- railway company, i; s.-,-m>, 01 -
dered the conductor to cut off th*  en-   !,'-v- or an-v (li,""���  valley in  B. C.
.in-' and leave the men at Waneta nn-  day.   There i;; absolutely no limil  I
n * '   '!';iii they could get over their Indlspo-  the fertile resources of Uu- vasl tracl
c-rtained "al  revenue offlc-  sition to work. Th,   men got wind of o{  ,������,_   ,.,<.���   ,n  pa8ture  and    ,.;
tha,   .   ...   . more Japanese this ,and resisted .1:1    the   track and, .       ,,,,...,.
��� , ,..,...,,.,,;,,,.. ,,,   .,,   . ,,��� ,���,ri��� .,..-.-,,   growing lands, abundanl In minerals, travel ing on snow shoes.   Th ��� ther-
m ,   was    ���.   -    :   mm nl.,I  mill"   i-i'aie ning ne .-Mei,-..  Hi*.- engineer it he
....  ..  .   e:ng account, polled out without their cars. The en-1and possessing some of the finest coal | morn.
,;    , m.m'   if- Sine and caboose came    1 Ymir   and mines  in  the   province.    1   know thi
fleers \'.. M. Wolf.nden and G. Allen, secured the provincial consta ele .- a-1 Kispyox valley  from end to end, am
hei    .   ..-..   invest!- tioned  here,  who took  wiih him two j T can saEely say that it is om  of   thi
���      |ntij  a,   |as.   .  ,     ;    1 matteia deputies, Messrs. Archibald and  Har-
sized  up,  and   ,-esterd  ;   morning,  in bottle.   As soon as these men reached
companj   with  J.  M.  Miller, of Van-;Waneta the Italians quieted down and
News, made the above statement y*'s- j difference of about two weeks in tli
��� ilow is ti," 1 llmate up there,"
qu* ried the rep* rt* r.
"We had : very late spring this
: .��� i"." replied M . McShane, , 1 '. up
to   ahout   three   weeks   ago,   we   were
low as 52 ii >low, but this is exceptional. At Skeena on February 18, It
wi -. thirty i'i low. The Bulkeley ...'
i ley is not so favoi I as regie: la cli-
ie. - as ,,,,. Kispyox, owing rei *.he
.John  McShane, Interviewed  by the  difference  in altitude.    There    la    ;
finest sputs on earth.'
couver, borrowed the gasoline launch "l" engine and caboose proceeded to
Zaza and descended on the old rico Northport, leaving the extra gan- at
mill op        ���    '    Me "     a's farm. .Waneta still cm strike.
The workmen report that they have
bul  thniieh the  Im  -   wp".   not in evi-   lumbia, owing to the hisrh cost of iiv-        , . ,.        ,  -   ��� ,.   ���,
uli um.i-n un. juj    .,..*  mei 1.1 111 and two ranching claims, one for hi
lem   . the whisky  ���   ������ together with   inji, preferring to work on the south
(.,VM'    which, with the exception space,  will   make  an   ideal  enclosure      <>���>  arriving   thei      iot 1   Jap  w,as
���  '"' , r      1 ���-, ��� in sleht  havlnc evidentl'  In some wav   :1  grievance.    In the first place they
, ���  ���   noi  ehanees   was adopted foi the canine competitors,    Ihismat-    " B'= '"���-    "' ��� '���' -J'"      '���    ,.
',.,.,     main , ���     wi     Iel    In the h Is ol   Me een  Inform, 1 oi proposed raided noi want to come to British Co
lin    Ing of officers, and L Jardine and A. Malins, who will in-
, . f the offices of secre- terview the executive of the R. A. and
. in .me-office under l. society on the subject immediately,
-,���  head   of   the   secretary-treasurer, and reporl a* the nexl meeting.
m n*   to  simplify matters.      The constitution and bylaws of the
Follov           ���   election  of  officers, club will be  printed, and each mem-
several               were discussed, chief ber forwarded a copy before the nexl
einj the 1    11 nning of judges in thi general meeting, which will take place
e ol   ench shows.   Ii is nol prob- on the evenig of the flrsl Monday in
4  ... th ���   any   local   judges  will  be August.
s the opinion of the meet-      The- officers elected  were as    fol-
at as long as judges were lows:   Hon. pres.,  Hon.  R.   McBride;
dnted who  were acquainted   wi* , president, A.   Malins;   vice president,
��� , exhil     '8, ihe- snow  would never Dr.   Hacking;   secretarj   treasurer,  Q.
of a success.   Vancouver Farrant;  executive committee,  D.   ).
,e .-iim. ���    is an example, one of the Stewart,  J.  II. Vidal, J.  Jardine,  K
rentlenii .     esenl   stating    thai    tne| Major, .1  Jackson,
terday,   when   asked   for   his   opinion  maturing <���:'  crops.    The  Kispyox   I
j of the Kispyox  valley, where he has I about 800 feet lower than Aldermen:
I been   locating  land,  timher and   coal      u,..  McShane was the first man tc
since February  II.    tn that time. M.\  take a map of Bulkeley  City, wide.y
McShane has secured about seventeen 1 advertised on the coast, to the Bulk-
| coal claims, immense areas of timb  1.   p.y valley, and the map made quite ���_
sensation among the    settlers,   no.i'j
self  and  the other  for  his  son.    Hi    0f whom had  yel   realized  that there
returned from  the nortii on Wednes - |
day, and came over to New Westminster for a few hours yesterday.
Where is this Kispyox  valley, Mr.
McShane,"  inquired  the  News    man.
vms a city 11 their midst. Buttle?
City is about a mile and a half from
the river, and it is a question wbetne"
the railways will go near the place.
According to  lhe  preliminary su.-
a complete disl    ��� a small scale,  end and on the Midway extension.   As
all of which    the     even e    officers,:!  compromise,  the  men  claim,    the
0 1 tiy   took   ���   -���.-.:; Over'railway company agreed to allow them
2000 gallons ol  sahl Ich  will  go   ii  hours time per day, to allow tin mi
over thirty above   1      !   1   large quan-   Sundays,  although   'hey  wer.-  no!   to
ii;y   of   rice i   sev*        bags   of   1    work   mor*    than   1"  Ir urs,   and   no
large  kind  oi    ���   n     eing in  color a  work   was to  be   performed by  them
li yellow and said I e es mti.l on Sundays, The*raen claim that
In th*   brewing oi tb*   "Japanese spi-   the   railway   company   went ba
clal" was the result       th<  haul. its promise, hence the strike.
������...��� .    , . ; heard   of  the  place   up to   now,   mil. 1
The officers. 1  satisfied them-1    Constable Fraser wired superinten-   ever C,1M  te]]  vo���  al]  abou;  the  that locality within the next couple ���.-!
selves regarding  th*   existence of the   dent   Morgan  thai  he would havt   to   Bulkel     va)]ey    Tjle Kispyox valley  J'*"8-    Mr-  McShane  remarked that
still, came hack       the city, and later   take  th*   men  out    of the    country   jhas never been advertised,'but all the | at the present  time,  a  large number
who desired to get properly posted on j veys, the Mackenzie  and  Mann roa.l
this favored spot. ; will cross the Kispyox valley, and . s
on I
"That Is exactly ihe question every-
this  will  afford  1 asy means of trans -
body asks.    No one appears to have | porbation  for th    settlers,  ther..-  will
likely   be  a  heavy  influx  of men in
In the afternoon retn ned to the scene  otherwise the Alien Labor
of forme    Industry proceeded to  he invoked.
Bmash  m;   the planl  and  Increase th*       Aboul   three weeks ago
act would
the    men
volume of th<   Fras
;.;i  ���  ���   sahl ���   In sight,
adding to
Supply fpr  Burnaby.  South  Vancouver
and  Richmond Needed.
With a view to ascertaining the
opinions of the residents of Burna! y.
���    . h Vancouver and Richmond as to
A   ci n ''in' i an :      olonged   sen u-
ade   of  steam id     locomotive
whistle e-   at  a late I ��� 1    last    night
. .    .1  1 onsid* -       il ition as to
went . strike at Beaver, claiming
that they were worked too hard. A
chann ' ' ��� -��� m ��� ac fled thei i '
a  while.
same  it   is  far  ahead of    any    other     f  People  are  heading  that   way. hut
i-laee I have ever seen In northern B j *8 the place is not advertised, com-
C. It Is situated west of the Bulkeley I I-'aratively few people are aware of
valley, just above the junction of tho its merits, and the majority of the
Skeena and the Kispyox rivers. The i settlers are going into lhe Bulkeley
.  Hey   Is   from   two  to  fifteen   miles   valley.
.ieie-. and in several places. Immense On the trip from Hazeiton to Po I
coal fields have been discovered, anl l-lsi-ington. on the steamer ttazeltou,
are even now being worked succes-i-; the captain of the steamer performed
I fully.   The coal Is equal to the Crow's j a nervy feat in Bhooting down    tho
cause, somi    --���    ing that a steam   Royal City Lodge No. 3 in Prosperous   Nest   product   for   burning   qualities,   Hazeiton  canyon  without  the  as3i3i-
aver lae ��� osse leai 1
ti lay, 11 w'i .
he . Ivisabilitj of obtaining a >n],]-b.     oal  wn   I   ... ed uj   near    n
.m.m from   Seymour creek  at  an   bridg*      The * a    was    thai
-Miriy date, a meeting was held al the   thre*   tu 1      1       ' the bridge
and   the   seams   are   in   some   places   ance  of   the  restraining   cable.     This
���  dghteen feet wide.    They have beer,   feat   had   been   performed   previously
Since  the  first    day    of     ' in 1:ii   .   worked  to a  depth of from seventy-   by  smaller craft,  but   this    was    the
time the  desceni   was male   n
tail   Richmond, on Wednesday n    a e train  ^07,    twenty-one    applications     foi   five to a hundred feet with gratifying   firsl
ching ���     matter of  membership Into the Roy.:! Cil       ig*   results,   There is unlimited wealth In   this  way by the Hazeiton.
81  '     'im,umii   -N;'''
.   -  ion a I w hich thi re v.. re present   was ap]
m  to put   a
little 1 ;- aison,   Dix in
Bj me,, b.:- . nd  I i mt, Messrs.
.tkinson,   Tilton
��� ighi   of  wa;   v 1
the   medium
1. O. O. F��� have l ��j'-n r* c* I .* 1
whistle. One   : r-'-   the  total   strength  of  the lodge      EVIDENCE  OF  DEVELOPMENT
��� .   Triti s, Councillors of Richmand,
Mr. < 'al leek con i< illor of South Vonti ���  and W. C: "'���* I Steves,
.a   h - 1. mai      1   u   on   en ��� ied,  In
���   speakers    1 xpressi I    their
i       in the course to be pursued
-  In :   supply of water as speed-
1   ible, 0   lng to the In* reas-
0 mla ii 11   ol   the  suburban  die ���
of Vancouvi 1
commltti   .    1 - mposed    0
li cre  m -   Garv* v   I ol   the    three    muni
s, and both will bei;      app* nted to obtain all ila'   In-
on how to run  _   form      a possi le . nd to report at a
iiv   th     New   W* eeting 0     he three councils m
... nmnli Ipal  ball
Satui laj. ' ine     al :.
.   :'   than  th* Ir ofl
���    ��� ���        itting   Into  1 he arrang
��� !���- game,      I Ip    to    last
��� ix r   other ol ficlal -
ointed  i"    the    match,
M'l'-iu 1     earing on thl
to   Vancouver    ov* 1
remalne : unanswered,
hoi !   to   ' e    .   .<  ���
boat  go;  ii,.' ..
tt the othi
r got ai
ay.    The   local team
: ol   ��� ���   ��� ame men
Victoria   i sl   So
ptlon ' f Mex. Tui _���
��� placed    by    Len
������ 1
Worli  on   the  Improvi mi nts  to tl
1   - .mm   .      mieti ry  was *
IS   the   first   game    , ,; , ,   ..,���
Ip series   1 hug*
al -
memiii 11
.       ��� ll   fl   e .    llth     e.   , ���      F!\
In   all* '.   a   '
pi   ;      ;���   Idod,
in    kept in trl
rch  ml       :  ban     in     1 hi   paths will    ���   pi       ' ��� laid
ii o'clock today nl thc out, ai i th iw terj much Improve i
Ri .. w.  n.    Ba 'me 11 e worknn 1
here pn ! to tho  with their lai...   The- bazai     	
i'. where n pleasant af- ! h dd In ^;���. Patrick's hall was for tl
pent    picnicking  ln'purpose of   1    aiding  fund    tor   this
'���   train,  is  now  "*'���   Three new  .... llcation
, ,;; tn] tne   were rec ived at the meeting held lasi
evening, while another applicant   was
elected.    Several   outsiders   ar*    ex-
ecti I  to join   the   lodge   within   th
ie si    '> v   weeks.
;l_est   S^-oe   Eus;ner:s   in   _.   C.
Eeen  Incorporat.c!.
Dupont  block, Columbia  street.
lhe   continued   in   business   for   _o_n/��
si-s   years, until compell* 1  to -4,j^ larger
After the regular business I id        1 Westminster and Vancouver, has been
ed  - :'  las-   night,   the  elect!   . aken over by the newly incorporated
of   offii   rs   was   proceeded   with   the company "Johnston's Big Shoe House,
.   m.   b* Ing 1 lected:  Nob!    gi   n 1, Ltd.''
'���'':'"':  vice grand, J. F. Lai        ��� The capital stock of the company is
secretary,   C    E,   Osborne;     financial $60,000,  divided  Into 500    shares
se cr* :
F. M. Sti      ��� .   re     , ���    .   '
II ot.
v. ork
cotl Celebrates
Diamond Wedding Today
.'���.���'                        thl
latl ..
this   -   ��� ning,  and
.   e  tn
. :     .
,-ho is an acci      :. ���-
-i ��� an, will
���    '   1 ha
C(ll0Ul    Scott, ,,r Porl   Moody, will banks of the Fraser, will < v*    be
"*'     nethe fiftiethannlversar5   -'-''���'��� '   b��   the  ''e9ldent9  ''   "''
1 f hi   .   M dty, Col, Scott having acted as maste,-
7            notaiiie eveu ���     (.(,,(,.,loni ,S| wilh  ,ho excepUon   if  wh0( ���.,  arrlval   will   be hurried    to
mm    ;   by   a  general   l'��'- ' one   year,   ever   sine   the   event   w is j Welliii'it.'in   to   break   ground   for   the
Island Railway Extensions.
Nanaim ��,   ���' 1:   '��� ��� " nsational
report 1        - en go -x   tl    roun Is for
asl  two 'i.i: b to th       'eel thai
C. P. R, Inten 1 com   ��� icing work
on ;i.'     land 1   In     ext*        11 forthwith,
tl is said th ei tho ci nj an;   now has
1)0 .la; s i'ii route to Brltis , Colunil mm
will be
all   the   colonel'
'   end
th*' even I   w is
numerous   [jrB( celebrated in the Royal City.
the ���
oad.   The same rumor b iya thai
;, who has the contrai 1 for the
who will assemble at hU |    The  members of  the  Newa    sia
tonighl   and   In    a    fitting  thank Col. Scott fen  hia gracious i-e-|men Is now in Manaimi   making
commemorate the event,       ! membrance of the press on the fiftieth i rangem* nts for their recej Von,
'���nee  his  advent   here,    tho aniversary of his wedding.   They on-     Then   is  nothing authentic
'     has    been    identified    with joyed the cake, and drank his health  the .eport, but if it be true  It Is pre-
;ili"^ that would pn:,iot.. public I in  the sparkling  Mams extra  whi h  suraed  that  the Introdu tion  of Jap
m.i  the prominenl  pari  he accompanied the gift.    Lang may h<   labor  Is owing  to th*'
1 in the Maj day celebration3   live and may he be spared to enj y   labor  and   the   Inability
ti""'I'm ; ii,.. |dea was sum:,mi .:. the   many  more years  of happiness. white labor.
scarcity    of
to   secure
.���.a"<"���   11111I fi move was made to
jthe public library' building, where now
The business known for many years  stands the city h.aii.    V-v'i tha lea 1
eton    shoe    store,    Xew  of  Mr.  Johnston  in   1894,    .',;*    -':'ms
' intinued   the   business.    The   '''-'���
I ���   9 fire of 189S consum* 1 the sl
and temporary quarters were seen
until   their  new  Btore   In   Armstrong
block   was   ready   for   them.      Sine*
of  then,   this business   has   grown  with
:':'" ' ae!l- ��� ���   ���  and bounds,    tn 1903 a branch
The members of the new firm are   was opened in Vancouver In the face
���'     of   the   late  William   Johnston, of the strongest hind of competition,
. William  Love, of Vancouver, as   but in spite of this, ll has grown to
��� m.'Mmm   and   treasurer,    a  meeting   b<   the largesl shoe concern In ::. <'.
an  of iii" directors was held lasl night,  and Is recognized as one of the finest
I when   tl       ifficers  wen-  elected   hi   In   the   Dominion  of  Canada.      This
��� Hows:  W, B. Johnston, presldenl ol   store has  lately   been   remodelled  at
tbe  1 eand  ms , ���   ��� ai   Nev     .-���     expense, and I       ci  till  to any
Westminsti ���;   G orge    Et,    .; hnal 1 i'i;   b  11    In Ni ..   e. ostmlr
managei   ,.;   Vancouver;    Alfred    :i    Is acknowli mmm to be oqual In every
: ,''1 '   '      il   manag ir al    . to ... -   of the Bhoe    sta In
U ' ' Commencln 1      cities    of much   1    .-.      . . ,-��� iti in,
all fi im old buslm      will   be  take 1 ovei i'1 n   a      ilread    undei   1 onstru I   a
'  1 '���''. - conl sl tho new co to enlarge the present New Westmin-
:���"     niasd  institution col.       '��� to the 1     or; t*     Btore, as   . u   I    . ase I popul 1-
the old firm will nol be one of plac*   ti a   .. ke   thl   demand.
;" ��� '��� 1  thi   i ite WH-       . ie nev, firm li sure to bi  b h bb-
liam Johnston, father of the member    ful,  if  the  progr*   1 ol   the   business
of  the   new   company,  opened   up a  of the  pasl  nineti   n  years    Is
small  Bhoe Bton   on  the sit., of the  criterion.
illlam  Turner  Caned  at  C
College Last Evenlnc
tl       nnual       ,    arltj    ���    ites;
at the Col
.','.  'I" irn* ���  ��� .
��� of the gold in m led
to  thi ��� '.;  bi iug:   K, i'.    Bn
1 m "     '  :   r. S.  Saint,   ni 0.-05);   '.
P,   Bi    leau,   11906-06);   J,  i:   Tayl 1 .
I  06-07); and las:  :;i. ht'i   BU ic*     '
it*   tant.
After the presentation of the cam
,1 ih, popular winner by Miss r, | ���
a program, consisting of a solo by :'.
C, Staph ford, a violin solo by s
Ro ai. and a Shakesperlan bur-
li iu* was r* ndered. The followin
la lies book pari In the travesl. a\ or
tl Bard of Avon's classic mi ���
pieces: Misa Wlllichamp, Miss Burns,
Niiss  Bristol,   Mrs.  T.   K.   Tears- n  an 1
Miss Dau] hinee.   speeches were nexl
Baseball Boys Want
Revenge on Blaine
The     Xew     Westmin:,:     baseball   S,   Malcolmson.   \V.   BJ,   Sinclair,   and
team held a meeting In the No, 1 fire  several  others,  which   will  doubtless
hall lasl nighl after practice for gen-  !'e ',ul im" practice, and if follow.'',
eral  discussion.    Chief   Watson,   who
given by the winning young lady anl   ;- ;,;l  "!'l   1;:i!1('  ilt   the    game,    and
up will make considerable Improvement In the playing. A strong effort
will be m.e mm to have the Blaine team
' ie  popular young man,  after  which takes a lively interest, in it. presided, come here to play a match  tor nexl
the gathering dispersed, well 1 eased The team  is highly enthusiastic and Friday.   The Blaine combination owe
i'h  the evening's entertainment. have confidence ln their ability to pul the New Westminster boys a gam*',
���,, .,  g,00d sluiwi11}, wi,h any   team Und lt is more than probable that the
On Thurs'ay <  ening, the For Igu ;i''.'  may go up against, but the fact even!   wil]  be arranged  to come off
Mission   Md  Boclety  of  the  Queen's thai  a   more  systematic  method    of her...   H ts likely that Alex. Cunning-
.venue Meth dl ��� church will holdai Ice Is needed is fully recognized, ham will manage the local team, as
ice cream festival on the grounds ai S     ���  g iod practical talk and sugges- it was decided lasi nighl to offer him
Columbian college. along these lines wax heard from the position. THE   DAILY   NEWS.
SATURDAY.  JUNE   1,  1907.
Messrs. Hardman & Co. beg to announce the completion of their building on the corner of McKenzie and
Victoria streets, opposite the Carnegie Library, with an entire and complete stock of Hardware. Stoves
and Ranges, Tinware, Screen Doors, Screen Windows, and Best Plumbing.
Seasonable Goods
Lawn Mowers
Garden Tools
Screen Doors
Screen Windows
,_M_ai�� f T.
It has been said that a malleable
and steel range could not be made as
attractive in appearance as the old-
fashioned cast-iron and steel range, with
its meaningless and inartistic superfluity of cast-iron convolutions and ornamentation. Through the adoption of
Wellsville polished steel for the body,
we have added wonderfully to the finish
of our rang". It makes the most durable, practical and beautiful finish, and
does away with the asphaltum or japan
finish formerly employed, which after a
few months' actual use became sticky
and unsightly. The occasional application of a cloth to the polished steel body
causes it to appear clean and bright, in
all the beauty of its original blue luster.
In finish, our range is a strictly
high - grade product, and that fact
should be borne in mind by all when
purchasing a new stove.
Full Line of
Kitchen Utensils.. ..
Best Lines of
Cutlery and
Silver - Plated
Goods* &c, &c.
Special This Week:   Four second-hand Ranges, in excellent condition, to be sold at a sacrifice.
TO CONTRACTORS :   It will pay you to visit our store.    We have everything you require.   Get our prices on your Plumbing and Galvanized Iron
Work.    Contracts just completed: The Tourist Hotel.  Port Moody; Scott's
Hotel, Port Moody; etc., etc.
We make a specialty of Marine Tanks for boats and have every facility for repairing.
A. Hardman & Co.
Phone 302
Corner McKenzie and Victoria Sts., opp. Carnegie Library
P. 0. Box 248
We will send to any
.address, post prepaid, a
[Ministers and others interested in
church   services   will   please   forward
ImOOcl   1 OOth   BfU^h   '''l'il' r��i'-v ,0 this office not later than
S p.m, on Friday to insure insertion.]
and a 25-cent box
tth Powder
New lot Stamp Mat Pat
terns just to hand.
f llol\ Trinity cathedral, Rev.A. Shildrick, rector. Holv Communion, 8 a.m;
.Malins, sermon and Holy Communion
ll a. in.; evensong ami sermon, 7
p. in.; S. S.. 2:30 p. in. Cathecism last
���Sunday In month In church. Evensong
and Bermon by rector, 7 p, m ; laily
service al 9:30 a.m. ami 5 [..in. except
on Friday, when Evensong is said at
7:30.    Holy Communion every Thurs-
Rushton & Speck f
p.m.; Epworth League. Monday, S p.m.
evening service.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian���Rev. .1.
S. Henderson, pastor. Sunday ser-
vices llei.mi. and 7 p.m.;Sunday school
and Bible Classes, 2:30 j*. m.
.Morning subject, "Man's ruin the resull of his own conduct;" evening
subject, "The question of redemption,"
third or a series on "deal Biblical SECOND-HAND STORE \
Questions." *
We  also  do all  kinds
of   general   repairing.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
*************************************************** *
* *
* Established 1867 Incorporated 1906 J
* _����� ���^ ���
j Gilley Bros. Ltd I
Wholesale and Retail
West. Presbyterian���m-\. T. Ward-
law Taylor, M.A., Ph.D., minister.
Services lla:m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school and Bible class. _:.f) p.m.
Knox   church,   Sapperton���Rev.    I). i
McKenzie, B.A., pastor.   Services,  lij
a.m. and 7 p.m.;  Sunday school and
Bible   class,   2:30   p.m.;   meeting  of
V.  P. S  C  E.  Immediately after the
evening service.
Gospel   Hall,  corner   Sixth   avenue
336 Hastings St. W , Vancouver.
Bookkeeping, Gregg ami Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy aud Engineering.
Seven Teachers
forty-Five   Typewriters
Students Always in Demand.
R. i. SPR(W, B. A., Principal
Westminster Iron Works
and  Ninth street���Breaking of bread
day and saint's day at 8 a.m..   Choii I every  Sunday  al  ll    a.m.;    Sunda;
practice on Friday after Evensong.       school and Bible class, 3 p.m.; gospel
Si. Barnabas   Rev, C. W. Houghton | address, 7 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesday, S p.m.'
Gospel Hall, Tenth sti eel   Se vli ������
i.in.; Sunda: il at
Drug, Spectacle
deflU Jtxll MOre rector   Morning    prayer    and    Hoi
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
* This  celebrated   Cement  is
T used by nearly all large contract-
* urs in the Province.
.  Communion ll a. in.: (".ening prayei
p, in,:  Bible class, _ p, m.: Sunday Iu a.m. and
2:30  p.m.
Lutheran Church, Rev, B, A, S md,
pastor. Sen Ice Sundaj morn In . at
il   o'clock,  Rev. Adi lstei   Ber   ���   will
Blue Mountain Sch iol  :. fuse, N rth
roa !    Si r.Ice al 3 p. m,
Salvation Army���Si r\ Icea as  us ial
; In   the Army hall,
St. Peter's Cathedral i Rom in Cath-
I ollc)    Sunday Mums al 8 and 10 a.mm;
Catechism at  _,35 p.m.;  Evening De-1
vol ion i, 7 M.m.
Bcbool, 3 p. in.: baptisms after Sundaj school; choir practice, Friday s
p. in.
St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal
church Rev. A. de B. Owen, rector conducl the servici
Divine worship Sunday, ii a.m. and
7 p.m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m,
Pray6r meeting on Thursday at 7:30
p. iu.   All are welcome.
olive; Baptlsl church���Rev. M. L,
Rugg, D.D., pastor. Preaching on
Sunday at 11 a.m., an i al 7 p.m.; Sunday school and bible classes at 2:30
p in.; Young Peoples meeting
Monday evening al 8 p.m.; Midweek
prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 8 Ji. in.
Queen's Avenue Methodist���Rev. W
11. Barraclough, B.A., pastor, Services
al il a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sunday school
and Bible Class at 2:30 p. in.
Morning Bubject, "Despised and Re-i*
GENERAL MACHINE AND tiNUINB jected."   The- s,acrameni of the Lord's!*
(supper will be administered after the ���
sermon. Evening subject, "The *
model  Layman." ^
West End Methodisi - Rev. Mr. M     ��,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113.
in the
Kenney's Restaurant
Open All IMlKl-sl
500 Cords of Tan Bark Wanted |
At the
Eraser River Tannery
FIRE     CLAY     and
Prom the Clayburn Clay Co.   *
X Telephones: Office 16,    Manager's Residence 22 *
��� *
Office, Eighth Street,    ****************************************************
Highest Cash Price Paid
** :,*y*y*:.*y*:* ::*:*:.*::* :.*y*;. *:.*y* ::* :*���:*: 1*2 *y*2*y*y*:i*:
_."i"  B ULLiT IN*��^
Great Northern Railway
Round-Trip Rates
Ornamental  Hon   v\oi-k,  including
Fences, dates. Fire hlscapes, etc.
Mail orders and correspondence In-I See, pastor.    Services,  ll  am. and  7
vlied. I 11.111.; Sunday school, 2:30 p.m.
Sapperton    Methodist. -    Rov,    I.
Thomas, pastor.   Sunday services, ill*
a.m. and 7 p.m.; Sundai  school, 2-'.-- *
and have their eyes examined
l.vn   v ��������� 'minster. f. O. <74.
0   *
���<?���  .
���t>   c   *>   *..*$>"*�����������"���
Tickets on sale June 6, 7, 8.
information call on or address
For full
C. MEYERS, Agent
Bank of Commerce Bldg.
Telephone 1:��1
'���mmtmzmmtww'b^^^ ��� SATURDAY, JUNE
This Department of our Store is full of Spring
We're proud of the pretty things we have gathered together.
Our Store has long been famous for its Children's Clothing.
Bring in the Little Fellow
Let him try on some of the Xew and handsome Styles.
Norfolk   Suits,   Sailor  Suits,    Blouse
Suits, Russian    Suits,   Rei fi .    Sull
Bloomer nr  I'.,.in  Trousers.    Di z n
eei New and  Exclusive St; les.
SU.TS at $1.25, S3, $3.50, $4 up lo $6.59
Tli'.1 best dressed Children   you'll   meet   this
Spring, will lie the Little People who are clothed here.
H. L. DeBeck
���   -The 	
TOTAL  ASSETS   OVER   45,000,000
We welcome small ace lunta an i pay interest Cour times
i year on Savings Bank deposit?.
F. B. LYLE,  Manager.
Experience   With   Escaped  Tigress   in
Snows of '.he Sierras.
WANTED     \n elderly lady to do light
h( usi .. 01   .    A,., '.'   247   Front St.
Can one apprei t* moi e frightful
experience 'le, ��� t] al which II. S.
Rowe,  of the  Morris   &   :, we circus
ssetl throuj h wl h thi ��� Bcaped tigress, "Babe," in the snows of the
Sierras last year. _ei Mr. Rowe is
alive in tell thi     tie    and h<   gives a
������������   graphic account of his, adven-
"We bought Babe from Jordans
Royal Engl sl : ais I ai ., ��� iring
India and had di; I i ide I. Sh* was
two ye n- of ag at t! e tim* and
thi se who have een er will coincide
with im th e shi :- .- i ml the finest
specimen and :, osi magnificently
marke I  of an lengi      Ign is
hat 1 evei een seen in ; country.
"J   r* ce Ivi I   hi      pi      nally  at   the
lock in San 1      icis       an I  was im- i
"i- dl itei        ipressed   with royal
beauty,    i   ti >k    ; -   great* bi    uti   ��� sl
er and we itly beci
ends.    In thi   menag* ei" sh*    ,-ould
���''   afti always  seem   to
ingl       .       im th*     ;  mai  keep-
���e. in m.    i :������-��� all - n ���
of fear      hi      nd .   ild often s    iki
������     h* id and laj   in the
m.   purring.
'    een.   I i .    la; ful    i :
fi om  tth*    .'iciousne       of  h        race,
': ough  I  well    ...  ,' that cat animi
of her iii; have absolute];    io sense ol
I fear.   Unlike lions the;   are noi  al all
afraid of fire arms ana I doubt very
much  If anything could frighten her
i :"" I   spirit.    Two   se ase ns   ago,   we
were  making  a   Sunday    ran    from
Reno, Xew, to Marysville,, Cai. When
in the very hearl  of the snow sheds
in the high Si-, rras and aboul a mile
���'��� un   the   - mmmim . rt   cage projecting
i ver the ends i ;' thi   < ai caught in Uie !
beam  of  the  tunnel  and   before the
train could be stopped an entire flat
ear containing den- and cages, were
swept   from  tin   train.    Still  ihe jar
was  not  sufficienl   to awake::  undue
alarm, as.  we  thought   thai   just   the
��� teps of the ear hi i bi * n swept away.
' Arriving at the summit, C. I. Nor-
| iis ran up ahead : ��� see the extent of
damage an i   discov* red  what   a si r-
; ious  wreck   w.   had.    The di ns  c en-
tainlng  "Babe,"  three    big    S.berian
FOUND    ' ine  black  heifer, rope tied
to h rn, owner can have sane- ir
ling al   N'ews office. dtl
**t <***********************j*************************
J.   NiELSON,   express   and   bag
ne  215, corner  Front   and
Ke m. I*   streets.
WANTED���For confectionary store
bo; al o il 15, aj i b- to R. ( . Purdy,
i' lum in  street, nexl   Tram  office
WANTED���Young man, new arrival,
��� ���.-..��� a permanenl job, any de-
s rip-ion; willing; has good references     Apply  Tyrone, Daily   News
wanted- By an old established In-
ance company an agent in New
Westminster. Splendid contract lo
right lean. Apply Room .1 McKin-
: m Block, Vancouver. Home Life
.\~ -��� ciation, * >n 16
TIMBER LANDS���We deal exclusive-
,' In 'Imbi r.   Have large an ! small
tra ��� ���  mi   wat* ".    1!'  you   wish   tn
, r -'li, eee "m     S. R. Chandler,
."7   Bastings  St.,  Vancouver. B.C.
FOR SALE���A small Island containing
a :: 15 acres, close to New Westminster city. Can be used for a mill
Bite. For particulars apply to
Gunderson & Aune's grocery.
Printer's Ink Tells���Try the Arrow
Press fMir a few hundred Dodgers or
Circulars���Silent canvassers that
r* m '.: where the merchant cannot
go. A transient customer today, e
permanent one tomorrow. .-Ml class-
es Job Printing. ARROW PRESS
Room -!. Daily News Block.
purniture Qale!
We will inaugurate on a broader scale than ever
before, a Furniture Sale that will mark a new era in
the furniture trade of New Westminster, a sale in
which every sample on the show room floors will be
reduced to such prices as will speedily clear them out.
Some articles, of course, will be more reduced than
| others, according to style, finish, condition of
article, etc.
A glance at some of the following specials will
soon convince you that what we advertise we mean
to do and live up to:
English Watchmaker
7w'o   doors   from   Geo. Adams,   Crocer
Ladies'Gold Watches  from $12.75 up.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, open
face, $6X0.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case. $7.50 up.
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman
Arctic Expedition.    All warranted.
Chains. Rings, Jewelry, etc., etc.
ank of Montreal
PITAL $14,400,000.00
ERVE       $11,000,000.00
bout Canada and Newfoundland, and  in   London,   England,
���   '���<���   , Chicago and Spokane, U.S \. and Mexico ( I ,     A Gen-
mm. iinsiness Transacted,
Lftt.rs cf Credit Issued, available will  corre pondents in ail Darts of the
Savi"yr. Bank Department.    Deposits receivi l In i n i of $1 and upwards,
���-; allowed at 3 \-or cent, per annum (present rate) added
four times
To'"i! Asset
es a year.
'��� ovor $108,000,000.00,
D, BRYMNER, Manager
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Pa'd-uP C;
-apital, $10,000,000.
'    ���   WALKER
Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
President ALEX,  LAIRD, General
Ranches throughout Canada and in the
united states and england.
' '' !l'  ' may be transacted by m all  with  anv   branch  of the
opened, ami deposits made or withdrawn by mail,
to out-of-town accoun ts.
Watch   repairing;     charges   reason-
i-ears. a den of snakes, pythons, bulls.  aD]e
etc., cage of monkeys, etc., were mis- 	
sing. We Immediately mad,.- up a felt thai the next Instant would see
wrecking crew and with . .. engine me dead, when a sound like a can-
started down the mountain side. We non hurst, into my -ears and the
soon came across evidence of the weight from my body was removed. Ii
wrecked cages The three bears seemed the experience of hours, but
were partially devoured and they the buys told me that it was only
bore the marks of thi tigress. Th* ab* it 15 seconds before Mr. Geisler
snakes were all dead from the cold .ut two bullets into the body of
and the monkeys chattered to us "Babe." She scampered downj the
from i!i" rafters of thi snow sheds, nn tntain si,ie-anel 1 believe I owe my
We knew "Babe" oould no! be very life to the fact that "Bain." was nol
far away, Herberl Rumley advanced reallj hungry, that the unusual feel
mgh an opening in th* snow sheds of th snow and cold bothered her
and came directly upon ' Da lee" sitting and Joe's bullet dazed ber for a few
upon her haunches in the snow . He v..mui.-nts. I opened my eyes languid-
continued to advance, firing his pistol, ly and as in a dream saw "Babe"
but Instead of retreating, "Babe" with the boy* in pursuit. They cap-
came forward to meet him and Rum- tared her by enticing her to th* d ior
ley promptly tore for a tree. We ..lis- Of the shifting den with a big niece
cussed the situation and decided to ol raw meat and Rumley deftly threw
bring the shifting den to the foot of the noose over her head and shoulders
the tree, pass a rope through the den and it was the work of a second to
and place the other end of the rope pull her Into the cage. She moped
In the bands of Rumley, stati in* i in around a week or ten days, evidently
the tree top. Animals ai auriousnnd digesting the bullets from Joe's gun,
will often imil ite men'E actions, but to show the wonderful strength
Babe"' calnil) surveyed is .-,'. our enn: vitality of the beast, you mmm see
preparations and when we egan how well she is today.
marching around the'fool of the tree, "Bul no more playing with wild
she followed. As I said, 1 lost all tear animals for me. I'll lake it for grant-
of the brute, thinking she wee- merely ed thai they mean no harm bul will
playful and would barm no one, if keep al a safe distance from all of
she though! thej were nol afraid. She ihem- "Babe" has a master now In
followed me siuglj with ber eye.-, ms n beautiful mate we bough last }enr
she always did In Lhe menag i e. bul she still seems to single me oui
"To ilu' others bIii   .    eean I indif-   fi mi  any  group.    At   any rate 1  im-
ferenl  and   1, thinking she  ��� is still agin*   so, and will Iel ll go a   tha
playful .^i!  knowing    sh*     was sur-      Norrls & Rowe exhibil their all bis
felted wiih bear meal ami did nol like  new  shows al New W   itniln   er, Fri-
lhe   cold  under   her  f< * t,   stai ted   I i day, June ll.
walk nearer thu tree.   I bud my back   ' ������
in ber for a  minute and  carried my
repeating rifle in my lefi hand, when
I the boy* told me afterward there was
a  streak of tawny yellow and black
flashe through  the air and Ihe next
moment "Babe" had me pinioned under her.    My arm containing tli-.- gun
was  forced unde r  my body and   tise-
less.    I   fell   her  hoi   breath  on  my
face and for the flrsl  time fell < om-
plete fear of ilu- brute.    Joe Geisler
was  nearest   to  "Babe"  and though  I \
bated to sacrifice her life, the fright-j
fit] sense of fear jusi left me breath
enough to call to Joe to shoot to kill, j
"Babe's feel sank in the snow and ;
she could not  Beem  to get the hold
she wished, which waa evidently my
neck, and I burled my face deeper In
the cool smew.   She tried to turn me
J o\er and ill so doing tore my overcoat i
to shreds.   I gave myself up for lost,
ami all th*' bum forgotten thoughts of
a lit'*' time rose' unbidden to my mind. ,
My boyhood school days, the pranks
we- played, my old borne al Decomh, j
la., the faces of fathi r an I mother an l '
things long forgotti n in the dim dls-
itanl time, flashed across my vision. I
either in solid or leather seats, 1 arm chair and 5 ordinary chairs to each set.
$17.00 Sets for $15.75
18.50 Sets for  16.25
27.00 Sets for  23.75
40.00 Sets for  34.00
with solid or impervious seats,  all in hardwood.
Regular   75c for  59c
Regular   80c for  68c
Regular $1.25 for  98c
in Imperial Oak, Elm, Golden Oak, and Quartered
t Oak, all fitted with large British Eevel Plate Mirrors.
Regular $20.00 Sideboard for $17.90
Regular  30.00 Sideboard for  26.50
Regular  33.00 Sideboard for  28.50
Regular  55.00 Sideboard for  4S.00
There will also be included in this Great Sample Sale
the following articles at equally reduced prices:
Dressers and Stands, Metal Bedsteads, Extension Tables, Hall
Racks, China Cabinets, Cheffon-
iers, Rockers, Porch Chairs and
Rockers,   Centre  Tables,  &c.
This Sale will prove an exceptional opportunity
to House Furnishers, and commenced Tuesday,
May 28th, at
tee's furniture Emporium I
__AH��      71 __.._.,._...      Dl 1, _.���      ______     ... *
Phone 73
Dupont Block, New Westminster ���
Chocolate, PinK, White, Lemon, Orange,
Almond,   Maple  and  Coconut Cream.
"Going Fishing?"
"Guess so."
Get your
217-219 Columbia St.
Shingle and Saw Mill
,"-.<'.;".."..".."..��'.."..<*_.��'.."..��,.��...w,..e,." .���-..��...'  .<*.
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.
Published by the Daily News Pub-
shing   Company   Limited,   at   their
offices,   corner   or   Sixth   and   Front
Btreets, New Westminster, B. C.
Clean, dry, fine Sail���tliat slips
from the spoon, grain by ^rain���
E.   A.   Paige Manager
Transient display advertising, 10
cent, per line (nonpareil), 12 lines .o
the inch. Five cents lier line for
subsequent Insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
cents lier line, brevier or nonpareil,
10 cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager.
Notices ' of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. No advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Day   Office    A22
Night  Office    B22
whose order was the Hon. Richard
dispatched to the "foot of the
throne"? Who advised re Kaien Island? Ia deference to whose council
was that $37,000 block of iionds given j
to the office  cat?      Which  of the
illustrious ones was stage-manager
when our own and only bounced oui
1 and banged the door?
The  organ  can  introduce  a  needed
j variety Into its diatribes by giving thc
public some details or information
upon these  points.    Might we suggest
: "Borden  and  Hoodie    as  a   nol   inap-
- proprlate headline?
Comfortable 5-room Dwelling oa large corner lot, good position, close to Vancouver
car line.
Price $1400 (terms)
Two 5-room Residences, good gardens,
two blocks from car.
$12  per month
<M��'Cic��.u?*; ���
SATURDAY,   JUNE   1,   1907.
The local organ of the- (political)
scandal-mongers must be credited
with tiie possession of a certain
amount of cunning. Some people
would i.se tiie word "low" to qualify
the word "cunning" bin we shall iim'
press that view of the case. A recent example of the display of the
quality to which we refer is the publication of an editorial an ide���one ol'
a, sporadic series of "Laurier and Loot-'
dissertations���ln which ilu- absolute
baseness ami genera] condition of
putresence���moral and intellectual, it
is io in- presumed, not physical���oi
tin1 Ottawa governmenl is deduced
from tin- fact lhal the local govern ���
menl of the province of Quebec is
said to have attempted to pall off
a shady transaction in a land sale
in this article we have first a half
column of the usual slap-dash, slang-
whang abuse- of tin- Dominion government. Everyone knows the style of
thing we mean; the spluttering nbr.se
of .an Ignorant, half-drunken "bum"
iu a Moiling rage woul I be aboul as
good :-. parallel as one could find; and
then we come to the Quebec business, Introduced as the action of "Si:1
Wilfrid's coadjutors." That is where
tin' cunning comes In���the cunning
whie h .- nn.' people would be inclined
to describe' as "low." The average
read* r would rise fr >-.-.-, the perusal of
ihe article with the impression that
here was a charge nf questionable
action with respeel to the administration ��� ������ public bin Is wbicb. ir ii were
well founded, tub] heavily againsi iho
Ottawa government���even againsi Sir
i.ill'ri.l Laurier personally. The fact
..if course is thai the Ottawa governmenl bail no more to do wiih it than
the  man  in ibe  im , ..
Of the Quebec case we '..now not:!-'
I��S 'Wpi whai we read b��� tli" or-1
-���'"���.   and   experience  has   taught   us
'h'.ii  the things i  ;���. a ! j there must
]'.' treated bargain counter fashion-
that is to say, a heavy discount must
bi' allowed. The charge, however, appears to be' that a Belgian syndicate
���whether trained in the morality of
the Congo or otherwise i; nol state i
���was io purchase a large tracl -if
lan 1 fi "tn tin' province of Quebec a'
��� a price nominally of sev nty c tm ;
per acre, bill really of one dollar, and
thai tbe difference of thirty cents an
acn   was to he sal own    for    :���::
electi m fund.
Of thi    trutl lootl     il    ihi' I
i I. mm     ��� e  know   m iti I;:.. .    Tli il   soi'l
of i'.:  .    ised to   ��� ���    ,. pj   common in
Cai ada.    Tl ���   I'm rifle    - cand el.    the '
nf  ci v.-  acts,  and  so  f il I h,
���   :>.,������  'be'.-    thinf - writ  lai ;e in the '
f  the   Te; i Ly';        Wm   do
'..   ' owover, I':; r   if  the i harge ;s
ti ue,  thi   i! . 'hi c       rem     nl     m.adi
1 - nrgain that iwn �� hich
��� ; mm> ;e large! lock of lan 1 f ir
nothing. Sevi ntj cents mm acie for
S00,(i I acres would have ieen qui"
a ni..' little win ifall for lhi | m.m In
clal '.. easurj wii;, the governmenl
mighl leave' Been lls v.a* I i abolish
lng lhe  bridge'  lolls.
Hill tb :! is by the way. We wain
io ask the organ to let in a little
light mmi the oilier side of ibe matter.
I' m : >s Sii' Wilfrid responsible I'm"
ihi' de ings of the local government of
Quebec, which happens to be Liberal.
As ii offers no proof of Its assertion,
v.*' maj be unite sure Ilnt ii has no
proof ie offer, ii musl therefore ee
arguing from analogy ��� measuring!
Liberal corn in a Conservative bushel, so :-i speak. That Implies thai II
knowe the Ottawa OpposiUott to be
resp* nsil 1" more er less for the actions of ib*' McBrlde government;
and ii Is mi ihis poinl that we should
' la i ; m little light, Who Is chief
adviser of the Victoria aggregation?
Mr, B* den, Mr, I'i iter, Mr. Fowler
or "My epYir Lefurgey"? Which of
them engineered the give-away to
which   we   referred    just   now?   By
A news item which was published
the other day emphasizes one- of the
great advantages of New Westminster
as a site for manufacturing establishments. The fact stated was that a
large amouni   of  timber, left   for    a
short  time  in a boom   in salt   wale
had been so much injured by the tor-
redo that it had become almost of no
value. Boomed here in lln- l-'rase i
the limber would remain good and of
full value for years. What applies to
timber in booms applies also, 'if
course, to piling along Ilie water front.
Here, the life of such timber is
nieasureel by a long term of years; in
Uie sail water of our coasi harbors,
it  is   measured   by   nionths.  or   weeks.
Money to Loan
in large or small amounts, on terms and conditions
to suit borrower.
A fir.-.; class farm in Chiiliwack District,   close   to   town,  all   cleared
Price  $75   per   acre;    1-2   cash.
1ul acres on Pitt river, close ti the Fraser, wiih good buildings of   .i|
kinds, all  cleared, about bb acres  iu  crop, price $7500, with easy terms
20 acres on V. W. ��fc Y. Ry., in Burnaby, only ,1 miles out, partly ch   :���.
ed, small orchard, 6-room house, good '.earn, price $2100, 1-2 cash.
S acres on main road on Lulu island,clos e to bridge, price $2000, $630
cash, balance easy terms.
30 acres on Lulu island, 300 yards  water-frontage,  only  2  miles  from
city,  price $1500,  to a  cash  buyer.
Hale &  Lane,
248 Columbia St., NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
Phone   335
P. O. Box   2<>8
���i*^*i:.*y*^*c*y*b *���:*���** * ** ******** ��� ��� ��� ���
During   ibe   luenilhs   of   June.   Jul.   ���
| and August   the  following stores  will If
close on Mondays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays,   Thursdays   and    Fridays   al     .".
| o'clock p. m.:
j T,   II.  SMITH.
\        A. .1. BIRTCH,
A.   H.  GORDON,
      W. S. COLLISTER & CO.
500 Cords of Ian Bark Wanted
At the
Fraser River Tannery
Highest Cash Price Paid   I
120 Acres
10 cleared, substantial house, orchard, 100 trees,
chicken houses and runs for 200 fowls, 5 miles
from town.
Only $25 per acre
If your house,  furniture or other property ii not insured, give
us a call.   We represent the following leading insurance companies:
HARTFORD  CO..   (Incorporated     1310
CONNECTICUT CO.,   (Incorporated)     1850
INS. CO. OF N. AMERICA   (Incorporated)     1794
PHENIX   OF   BROOKLYN (Incorporated,     1353
These old reliable companies have paid dollar for dollar in every
great fire since their incorporation.
White, Shiles & Co.
260 Columbia Street,        New Westminster. B. C.
Phone 85.
Phone 101
Wholesale & Retail Butchers l
Columbia   Street
-������ ****** >*********************** *************
***************** ��� :���, * * * * * .*��� *>
Our Refrigerators have perfect aii- spaces
surrounding- the entire refrigerator.
We have Zinc and Enameled Lined Inside
Screen Doors and Windows.
Curtain Stretchers of different kinds.
Call and see us.
..   BIG   ..
Shoe House
'&t_X3HB_l_�� ���&<
.. Acreage ie the City
�� o
W. B. JOHNSTON, Local Manager
l*i acres for $4500; part cash, easy terms.
s aci'es for $5250: will take offer for this.
I! acres for $3500: [.art cash, easy terms.
:���>[. acres for $3500: iart cash, easy terms.
li acres in East En ; a particular snap
. vG30 cash
���i ******** ********* 'i . ******* * <**** . *><"�� .-*.*.<? ��-..<..
270 Columbia St.     NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.      Phone 307
�� ���n��p a wMBsWm m(M
��� I
The Finest and Largest Stock of Fumitur ��� is to be seen at FALES.
Our clearance; sale is still on.   Over $16,000 stock still to go.
New goods arriving daily.    Latest stylos and best finishes.
W. E. F
9 th
7!5 and 713 Columbia St.      Four  Floors.      Rear Extension,   Fro ���-
*> t '* <���"*.'*.*,*���"*�� *.**.* * *>.���.��".v>> �� -��;'��� _'#���*.��� . ������ ', <i'a t-> . ��"�� ata *-���    '' SA'U
RDAY,  JUNE  1,   1907.
Cash Store
Early Closing ..
Commencing  Monday, June 3rd, this ston- will close sharp at 5
. ek every evening except Saturdy.
We- appeal to you our customers to support  us  In  this  move���
b) doing your shopping earlier in the day.
Everyone knows that the y onus  women  and girls  employed   iu
..,,..., h.ave many tiresome r.r.ys
.,   in this wa:
the hours-
during   tire   hot   weather,   anl    >ve
to make Lhe Indoor life pleasanter by   shortening
Open   Saturday   till 10 p.  m.
The regular quarterly meeting of
the Anti-tuberculosis society will be
held on Monday, June 3, at 2:30 _.
in.   in the board of trade room.
ll.   Bose,  reeve   if Surrey,  was  In     (!. S. Roddy, manager of No. l ad-
the city on a visil  yesterday. vertlsing car  in  connection   with  the
Greater Norrls and Rowe circus, was
In the city yesterday. The advertising cars precede the show by two
weeks, and it is the duty of the men
 [accompanying it to see that the towns
The  fiincr,il  of  the   late   W.  Drain.! and country within a  radius of thii- !
who  died  of consumption  on  Thurs-1 ty miles   from  th*'  place where    the
day morning, will take place this af-1 circus  is   to   be   held   are thoroughly!
ternoon in the Oddfellows' cemetery, supplied with advertising posters and
I other publicity promoters.
The  Rev.   w.  H.  Barraclough   will
preach at Sunburj    tomorrow   after- ���    An exhibition baseball game will be
in , and will have charge of services  Pulled  off this  afternoon   at  Queen's]
���ii   that poinl   every other    week    In   park, the contesting parties beingtwo
future. , local   baseball   nines.     Particular   in
terest   is   being   taken   In   the  game,
('.  M.  Averill,  of the Westminster owlng tf) the tao) that lh��� losers will
creamery, lately  Imported    a set   of nave to toot the bll)  ,-���,. a Quichon
chimes for his delivery team, and the | hotel  supper  to  be  Indulged  In  next
week.    The senior players    will    be
musical bells were heard on the street!
f<    the first  time yesterday.
righi  hen   n iw, Whal   wiser thing
M.i you do than Invest In the mat-
la] for one or more Summer Dresses
...\ have them made al a time ��h* n
i can get them made, and then en-
,  the comfort  of them  durln.   th
. nl  hoi  weather,  as  well i     thai
ijch is to follow.
: mities    were     never    m . ���
��� uidanl  than they are now for   mt-
��� . ing yourself in the choi< e   I - me-
ret }   i" wear.
Flowered  Muslins
Between    ���   enty-flve  and one
���eel   iliffi  enl   patterns   to
.   from   In   Flowered   < ir-
i; itistes,  Lawns, M ill .
.  in  large   and   small   pat-
S me   spec! ill)   daint
c  yard;   others  in a
: ange    of    |ualitti
1Cc,  '2 y.   20c,   23c,     to     GC;
.: ��� i,
Flowered Voiles
in     Voil      thai   sof .   rich
v h has   '��� ime     s i
��� -  favor   in     receni
li 're   represente I   by
pieces,   Including
rayi   and  i oses in
blue,   etc.,     dark
with  light    flowers    an i
l ������������ '    v. ith   1 iulit   flowi : s
fine ra ige  it   .Oc yard.
Embroidered Novelties
lered   Voiles,    Organ-
Linens - sp.-i lallj
ii   walsi 3;   in  pi
o .,   25c   to  .Oc   yard.
Black Cottons
\. French Batistes and
Lawi so ;ie quite sheer, with
���.'. fin'.sh othei heavj anel
i :���:-: .   - m for   in mrnlng;
27 to 30-lnch 15c, 20c. 25c, 35c
Bli ck Dimities an I Organ-
II -: crisp and fresh, fine and
sh* i suit ible ' ir di esses or
- m arate bio ises;  2~ to 51-inch
25c   35c      5Cc   75c   yard.
Black Swiss Muslins with
m hite  dots   35c. -'0c   and   45c.
Blai i Bal ste and Lawns
wil h n irrow stripe and cr iss-
b.e.r;  20c and 25c yard.
B'a.k     Mohair   Grenadines;   S
1 nil le  foi :.   Iress  goods wi Ith;
a number of pretty, new   : at-
-.    [on r    arred;   11-in.,
at  $1  yard.
Black Voiles
Eollnnes and Marquisettes
In plain and fancy weaves, 11
to 16-inch, 90c. $1.00. $1.25,
$1.50 to $2.50 yard.
Richard Hobb, of Aberdeen, who recently sold his farm there, was in the
city yesterday completing arrangements  for  the   purchase    of  an ither
lie,kling  iii /he  samo  section.
aboul equally divided between the
two nines, while the batteries will be
Malcolmson and  Lewis    and    Briggs
and Silver.
Cut flowers and Pot  Plants.     Kin
up Tiely, the florist.    'Phone A184.
Baldwin,   the   man  accused   of   in
decenl assault, appeared befor
isi rate   Corbould   yesterday   i
and  was remanded  until today, when
ii   is  expected   that    more    evidence
bearing on the case will be- produce! j
Harry Latham and W. G. McQuarrie will today launch their gasoline
boat recently purchased from Mr.
Richmond, and fitted out with new
engines by W. E. Vanstone. The
launch will I e used for pleasure parties only.
Firemen  to  be Pallbearers.
The  funeral  of  the  late  F.   Eastman   will   take  place this morning al
ten   o'clock   to   the   Roman   Catholic
: cemetery  under the  auspices of the
;   in"   Fraternal Order of Eagles.   Mr, East-
-lag"'liian.  who his been  a  resident of this
place for many years was well known
and  universally respected, having   .n-
til a few weeks ago been captain of
No. 2 fire hall, when he was obliged
to resign owing to ill health.
The   pall  bearers   have    been
Ji  208.
: *��� Idia_
ti'   :
selected from members and ex-members of the fire brigade, and will bias follows: A. .Morris. G. T. Reid. (!.
Grimstone, D. Esplen, A. Davidson
and R. C.  Mackay.
Several beautiful floral offerings
ilants, especially have been received noticeable among
T. ���' ivies ii Son, which is a wreath of exquisite design
from the F. 0. E., anel a fireman s
helmet composed of carnations, a fitting tribute from the deceased man's
former comrades in the fire brigade.
John Stenson, of the U. S. department of flsheri* s, was in the city y* s-
terday In  connection  with  his duties!	
.I   Pent   Townsend.    Mr,  Stenson  reports unusual activity at Port Town- Hotel Guests-
, .,   ,     , (iiiichon���.1.   S.   Harstalrs,   Detroit;
send,  and  expects to  see that  place
,.      ,.     , ... ,     .   E. W. Taylor, Blaine;    H.    Freeman,
exceptional!'     eusy   within     a     short,
.. Aldergrove;  M. \V. Moore, Seattle; A.
��� B. Beare. Toronto;   J.   \Y. McFarlane,
Caterpillars   and   other tree     pests  Charles   Gardner,   Vancouver:   A.   ('.
nre  reported   to    e  unusually  plenti-   Reese,  Portland.
fill this season, ind heroic efforts arc Windsor���W, Pearson. E. Todd. O.
being ni.idi' by householders to com- Flnlayson, Vancouver: R. Harris, Co-
bat tin' tree destroyers, A mass of qiUtlam; S. S. Ro*?ers, Lenrtston, Ida-
ei erplllars, one feel long ley three ho: .1. Murchie, Vancouver: .1. Haldi,
Inches  thick,  was shown  -,o _   News,.). Tltmus, Langley and twelve mem-
riirin yesterday afternoon.
The Rev. B. A, San I win leave tins
morning for Anac i, Wash., where
ni' will n :. Iu< I .- rvices in '.lie Lutheran church ee:; Sunday morning. His
������ Mil placi ':��� re wil e filled by tbe
Rev, Mr. Berege, of Wisconsin, who
arrived yesterd i . an I wh i win also
speak in the 0 I [fellows' hall this
bers of  Morris and  Rowe's advertising car N'o. 1.
Colonial���F. Baynes, Vancouver:
John Thirl. Edmonton; Mr. Mark
Reeploeg, Point Roberts: H. Hornby,
Mrs. II. Hornby, H. M. Hornby. Miss
D. Hornby, Cloverdale; I.. Golbolt.i
Montreal; A S. Lewis, Millside; Mr.
and Mrs. Dunlop, A. McDonagh, Serpentine.
Mrs.  Hat"
On May illst. to Mr. mm 1
y M. Streight, a son.
2.7-271   COLUMBIA   ST.
*fi* 5'^a^ j___fflSEa____^_______^^ wMwwmi'BK^^'v��^
Tin'  marrias      '   Russell  ll.   Purdy
o Miss Alice Si::., [e r will take pi ice
���u Jul j  _ at  the   : inn    ���' the tricl
- nts, Sixth   street.    Miss   -'..,.-
'I'SM-I'Mi. ���     (    MUM   MM.Ml   M.M''l
���b.o  local office   of   the   it.   ('.   E.   R. 	
ifter  having  be er    _   the  employ A!!   Eaglea  are   requested   to  mei
;hat corporation 'or about three years, ,; their hall al  9:30 a. m, Saturda;
She is    iccei              Mi  s Dunlop, who .,, attend   the  funeral    of    the    Iat
will be transferrwSj ���   i   F. R. Glover's Bro.   Eastman.
A Few of the CRUMBS From
Our Feast of Bargains....
Extra  super-union INGRAIN CARPET,   36  inches   wide,   reversible;
in  popular s'aades of red, green and tan;   bright, clean, new
goods:   regular price 75c per yard    4 3;
One-room  lengths of  INGRAIN CARPETS,   combining    loth all-
wools and union;   worth up to $1.23 [ier yard;  clear 60c
JAPANESE  MATTING;   jointless; :;. inch;    in red, green, blues
and natural straw color;  regular value 30c and 33c; special..2 3c
John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium
Phone 73
Just What You Want!
In Baibrjpn 3-Thread Waco, 50c the garment
In Balhriggan, Salmon Colored, 75c the garment
In Natural Merino, s s s 75c the garment
In Watson's Elastic Ribbed, $1 & $1.25 the garment
In Stanfield's " " $1.25 & $2 the garment
In Penman's "     " . >. $1.25 the garment
West End 6 Rooms
West End 6 Rooms   -
West End Cottage
West End 5 Rooms   ���
House 5 Rooms and 5 Lots
9 Splendid Lots
2 Splendid Lots i^H^^^
Call and Investigate
$ 450
"The Farm Land Specialists," New Westminster
in  half-pound  packages
The Rev, Tl i Crosby, D, D.,   n 1
drs,  * !n shy, * from 4
waek   today to I    Sunda;
heir     m-in-h a       laughter,
n i     Mr .   W. a.  Barn :l nigh.      Mr,
iy, broke d* >wn  In
i after lal r man         i  -
inion    the  ' ii      I    m      graduall;
raprovi   m    ������ ; I!   la   hoped   thai      i
11 i'm'.m tu n m iterlallj he!]
o r gain   i     I
:    llth,
^3C per
Adams & Deans
See Chamberlin's window display
of Necklets, in GOLD, SILVER,
GOLD - PLATED-   and    PEARL.
W.c. Chamherlin
The Jeweler
Mr.   :'.m ���   eleven   will
��� ome o.er from Vani ouvi r m _l
Wedni Jilaj to ; b, the N'ew VVest-
;i Inst* i rickel I e im a half el i -
match, The .��� ti ��� will comm nc ��� al
Queen's park at i"- i o'clock, and will
lusl until aboul six-thirty. In or i >r
in be i i the besl if shape when the
visitors arrive, tha New Westminster
mon  will hoi I . V ��� this afl r-
iiiion,   commenc'.i ..        li ilf-i asl   I ,\ ���
Starting i .  " I ' ���   the n   i ���'.
Ft, time able will y    In n effect, * lak-
Ing the foil iwln ration -    In  Lhe
��� postal servl* e. Malls for the easl
will' leave New Westmlnsl ir ;v. Ic
dally, nl T a. m. and _:30 p, m. - h ���
firsl ; tstei M mail will ari iv*' t0:__ a.
ui. and the sei m ' al S:l_ p, ai. D ir-
Ing tho sumi .>��� ii ii -. I here will b ���
Iwo malls dally    to    Victor a.    Mi !
fi r  ',. dn r an i  down    river    pi
i los ���: al 2:30  p.  m., excej I  on Saturda:   , whan I close at 1:11 D p.
, estnii/tstef
^"^ ~ ���"^.___!-iJ!��_k. _J_S4VM__.-^^~-~^.
mm M
__e      I       '
Do you know that I cany in stock the
best Pianos made in the Domini on?
1 have just received a shipment of New
Style Dominion���they are beauties.
Call and inspect my stock, it i.i now complete,   I can suit all pocket books.
Just received: Large shipment of Oroans,
and also VICTOR and BERLINER GRAMOPHONES and Record?, This will add tn
Columbia and Edison Phonographs,
I now have the best Talking Machines on
the market. Over six thousand Records
to select from.   Call and sec them.
N*W Wcslm'p.ster's  Mimic   House,
Burr Blk, CoVb-c St.   Phone A27S
>____h_j ������������!���
J. H. TODD, ^^^^^^
���J* Agent for Singer an 1 Wheeler & W'.U n's Sewing Machine i THE  DAILY   NEWS.
Order in Council.
The governor general in council Is
pleased, in virtue of the provisions
of section 54 of the Fisheries act,
chapter 45, of the Revised Statutes of
Canada, 1906, I 'der that the present fishery regulations for the province of British Columbia, shall be
.���end the same are herehy amended as
i    ows;
(11 Tbal Section 2 Of clause 1, of
the fisherj regulations of tbe proof British Columbia, established
i-. order in council 1st May, 1900, be
n.i - ileil by the addition of the fol-
1  .'. Ing words:
Provided thai cadi bona fide fish-
��� who held a salmon fishery
ise prior in 1st January, 1907, and
'.iia.' a British subjeci and an actual
resident along the Praser river, oast
ol or above, New Westminster bridge.
e ��������� a resldenl In the city of New West-
REAL   ESTATE   TAX  BY-LAW.   1.07.
te���]-.  shall  be entitled  to receive
A by-law to fix the rate and pro .Me
for the collection of taxes on t' e
assessable property in the city of
New  Westminster for    the
The municipal  council of the cor
I ��� ration of the city of New Westminster enacts ns  follows:
1. There shall be raise.!, levied and
collected, for the year 1907, upon the
assessed value of all the rateable real
property in the said city, as shown
on the last revised assi ssment roll
thereof, a rate of 24 mills in the dollar, for Uie following purposes:
(a) To provide for sinking fund
.and interest on debentures issued by
the corporation, and outsandlng, t"
n ills and 96-100ths of a mill in the
dollar, less 10 and 33-100ths of a mill
n ceived in general revenue.
(bi   To   provide  for   the   payment
SUBDIVISION of Lot 46, Block VI., comprising some of the finest reside*
tial sites in the city, is now offered for sale exclusively by us.   This magJ
nificent property is situated on the corners of 4th Ave., 1st St. (lacing
'Queen's Park) and Emory St., comprising in all ten 33x120 foot lots facing <,n
1st St. at $700 (excepting the corner lot facing 4th Ave. and 1st St., held at
$1000);  2 lots on 4th Ave, 421x120, at $600 per lot;   4 lots, 521x85, $450;
5 lots, $400.
Call at our office on Front St. and inspect plans.
$3,500, subject to 10 months
lease. .Fine residence for sale on
2nd Street, corner Fourth Avenue.
Splendid location, now rented fcr
$30.00 per month; lease can be extended if purchaser so desires. .A
good paying investment. .Terms to
be arranged.
a special non-transferable license to
[Ish in the waters of the Fraser river
betwei n Mission bridge and Xew
Westminster    bridge,    Such    license
all benr conspicuously across its
; ice the woi ds "This lie ense valid
��� I ween Mission bridge and New
\ ��� tminster bridge," and such license
shall be also valid and may be used
below N'ew Westminster bridge.
I; shall be a condition of any such
li nse thai the licens ��� shall strictly
i bserve the weekly close time nnd
other (lose time enforced within the
limits named, viz;���Between Mission
bridge and New Westminster bridge.
The penalty for a contravention of
this section will be' the cancellation
of the license, ancl the name of the
holder thereof shall be removed from
the list of fishermen eligible to receive suoh special license.
2. That section 9 of the fishery
regulations for the province of British Columbia, established by order of
council 1st May, 1900, as amended by
order in council llth July, 1.905, be
amended by the addition of the following  words:
Provided also that In the years
1907, 1II0S, 1910, 1911, and 191#
known as "off" or "poor" years, no
one shall fish for sockeye salmon
easi of, or above, N'ew Westminster
'ridge, Fraser river, with nets of
which the meshes are less than 5 :!-���!
inches in extension measurement (ami
commonly called sockeye net si from
ii a. in. on Saturday to 6 a. in. on the
Moiui.ay following, during th*' following period, viz: from lsl July to 25th
August, both days inclusive.
3, That section 19 of the fish* ry
regulations for the province of British Columbia, established by order In
council, 3rd March. 1894, be amended
lo read as follows:
No license shall be granted to any
i ompany, firm, or fisherman or person, unless each member of such
company, firm, or each fisherman oi
person is ,a British subject, and such
ompany, firm or fisherman or per-
t ���.: musi be the actual owner or own-
��� ' of the business, nets, boats, nnd
fishing near for which the licenses
are granted, and all salmon caughl
shall be frozen, canned, salted, cured
or smok< d In the Province eef British
( olumbla before bedim exported. Provided that salmon fresh or on Ice may
bi shipped for immediate' consump-
'   n  In Canada,
No person shall can salmon Import-
i  the Province of  British  Col-
I'riiiii  any  place outside    thai
ovlnce, and  any raw or  fresh  salmi n  so Imported for the  purpose of
1 iii.i- d iii the Province of British Columbia, shall be liable to seiz-
u ���  and confiscation.
Thai the following clause be ad-
to Bection 11 of the- Fisherj  Rej
Ions   for  the   Province   of  British
1 '   imbia.es ablished    by    Order  In
''   incll,   2nd   May,   1904,
Closing of Traps during weeklj    i
��� '.  Mil close time,
: All  salmon-traps    or    pounnd-
' '       ' hall   I e    closed    by     a     small
���"'   he l-apron,  placed across  the i n-
" ittee t i the In-art or flrsl enclosure
the trap-net or pound, such apron
��� I extend from the Biirfa r the
water to the sea-bottom, where the
���rap li  located, and shall be connecte i
��� i   urely  to the  webbing or piles, on
Ide of the entrance   to    the
heart of such trap or pound nei
as  to  effectually  exclude'  all  .salmon
and pn venl their entrance during the
legal close time or periods.
of charges   for school   purposes,
mills and 28-100ths of a mill In  the
dollar,  less  4   mills  and  S9-100ths Oi
mill  received from education    department.
(c i    To provide a  g* neral  revenue
for the use of the corporation for th ���
ar   1907,   I   mills  and   98-100ths  of
a mill In the dollar:
Every   person   who  Is   assessed
on the revised assessm* nt roll for the
current:  year  shall   cause  to   be   paid
the  collector  of  the  -���all  city,  a:
Four houses to rent. One on 12th
street; one on Fourth avenue; one
on Agnes street; one on 13th street.
Apply at once.
One lot No. 12 or, Royal Avenue,
third lot from Eighth street, $1,050,
for sale exclusively.
1 lot No, 24 on 13th. street south
Bide of -Ith avenue.    Price $200 cash.
7 lots Xos. 81 to SC and 95, 1*5 faces
on Sth avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
t lots cleared without a stump; small
house, chicken house, 175 choice
chickens; horse and rig;  $1500 cash.
1 1-2 house, i'i rooms ami flush
closet on -Ith avenue, one lot from 2nd
street on south side; fruit trees. Price
$1900; 1-2 cash, terms for balance at
7 per cent.   Size of lot 55x165.
17 lots, full size, 6th sm, Burnaby,
east  side.    100 yards  from Cliff  Can
feet; all cleared;  lane Factory; soil g i.   Price only $1020,
$1,000;   j3go cash, balance on easy te hum
2 I ms on Mb St. betwei n
Splendid Farm. 10 chains waterfront on the North Arm of the Fraser River, adjoining the well-known
Mead's estate, No. 156. Fifty
acres, ali under cultivation. One
of the best bargains to be obtained
in the district. For exclusive sale.
Price $10,500; $3,500 cash, balance
in 6, 12 and 18 months at 6 per
Small house for sale, _ac.|
ing Agnes ancl Victoria!
west of Gth St.   $1,700,1
Water  and   gas  com
tions.   Terms.
J r
t ������
Small house, Victoria
6 rooms. Water.
2nd St., between Queen's
. s< cond lot from Queen's
Lots -1 and 22, Sub.
in Block 1 I : corner o��
St.; full sized Iota
itorey House, 7 rooms, bath room up-
Lot facing
and 3rd Ave
Ave.;     52x1
alongside  and   back.     Prici
half cash,  balance easy at  7 m'.
More  exclusive   properties  just   listed
with us for sale.
Lot 5, opposite    Knox church, Sap-
A Bunch of LOTS
Lots   M   and   15 of   1   of 6    *
i, e are I.)   Price $500; for th*
md cash, balance 6 months at 7 pi
iiuri?.m8and(12nd Pert��n* ����' ��lde Columbia Street on
car line.    $.00 cash.
lots south side of Sixth Avenue;
stairs; flush closet; good stable; on Agnes  very  light clearing;   60x1]
St.near mIi St.; all modern Improvements.
Price  $3,000,  halt cash,  balance i asy ;   a
lis office,  city hall,  the   full  amount I really excellent bargain.
of the taxes for which he or she is
r; ted under this by-law. together with
all arrears (if anyl within thirty
days after demand has been made for
ihe same, and any person who refuses or neglects to ) ay such taxos
within the time hereby limited shall
be subject to the provisions of the
"Xew Westminster Act," 1888, and
amending acts, with respect to ihe
collection of taxes,
".    The collector is hereby author-
Sub.   -1   Of   Lot   iel.   Hindi  XIII.   -l-Roeai
House; imi and cold water; flush closet;
lot of fruit trees; chicken house and
barn. Price $S00; terms $400 cash, balance - eeml ei months .et 7 per cent. Ham-
i Mum  SI .  flrst  bouse- off tub  St.  betwei ii
7th and Sth Avenui s.
2-storey lieu.-.-, 7 rooms, with all modern Improvements; size of ground 100X
142; second lot from Gth St. on 4th Ave.
on south side, 100 feet on avenue. 142.
Lane on both sides.    Price $3,200; $1,000
] cash, balance on time at 7 per cent.
N.-E.  !4 of Sub. IP, Township 1": some
j timber.    Price $15 per acre; terms $1,iui0
cash, balance easy,
S.-W. Sub. Township 13; some timber;
railway runs alongside; old B-acre orchard.    Price   .I.m  per acre;  terms $1,000   with clover, re
1, 14,
Sub. Block lu.    $1050 cash
4 lots on Fifth Stree:, 11, 12, 1
Sub. 15, S. Blk. 13. $350 each,
cash, balance li,nionths at 7 '..
2 bouses corner of Merrival and
Agnes; full sized lot; city block 31,
Iot 11; one house rents for $25, the
other $10; Hush closets and all connected with sewers. Price' $3,500.
Cash $2,000, balance in 6, IJ and 18
months at 7 %.
4(1 acres V_ section 14, N. >_> of E. '._
of Tn. 2, about 3 miles from bridge off
llawonh  road,  Surrey;    house   18x26,
Cth Ave. on easl side; full sized, 66x
132; Nos. 9 and 12. Price $1000 for
both, half cash,  balance' easy.
_' j lots on corner of 5th Ave. and
01!: St., S -W. corner; cl* ared Pi Ice
feet on $1200; half cash, balance in 6 months
at 7 per cent.
i:. acre between Queen's and 3rd
Ave. on west siele of 10th; No. 5 and
6, !'.',!: Is; 132x165 feet; all cleared
and fenced. Price $1050; $550 cash.
balance In 6 months.
Fall sizeel lot em Royal avenue, letween Fourth and Rlerrivale; all cleared, $1,200, $800 cash
2 lois, Xo. 2. and 32, block 9, be-
tween Sixth avenue and Xanaimo St.,
Lot  11 mi Sher iroolc streel
::  clear* d.    Price $275;  t-2 ca
ance, 6 months al 7 ; er i enl
Imm-  i';.  17 ami 20 Ol  11  of
$500 for three or $175 each;   1   .
I al ince 6 months al 7 per cen1
\i.. storey liouse, 2 rooms finished, an
other 3 can be added upstairs; small  ��ni    between   llth   and  16th   streets
shack;   l._   acres  cleared and seeded
_E   acres <m    Mara   i oad, B .
$160 an acre   FOR   A   FEW
ONLY.   One-quarti r cash,  bal
and 2 years at 7 '"..
2 lots, full  sizeel, 132x132, coi
the Crescent;   7-roomed  house'
$10,500, 1,2 cash, balance 6, 12
Block 12 on 12th  St., east si*
full sized lots.    Price $2,500, one t
cish, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
i '.Vl
ized  to receive the  taxes  levied  wi-
casb, balance in three equal payments.
2   lots   Block   4,   Richmond   St.,   Sapper
der this by-law  in instalments ofnot|ton.    $45 per lot.
1 acre clay, house on tram line neai
fairly easily cleared.
i< ss than one-quarter of the taxes
levied on any lot, and to allow the
discounts provided for in clause 4
���I. A discount or reduction of one-
sixth of the amount paid will be allowed on all taxes levied under this
by-law if the same be paid to the collector on or before the first day nt
August, 1007. 10 per cent, of the amount paid, if paid on or before the
first day of "September, 1907; 7 1-2
per cent, of the amount paid, if paid
nn or before the first day of October,
lf'07. and 5 per cent .of the amount
I aid. if paid on or before the first
dny of November, 1.07: but no discount or reduction shall lie allow* d
on  arrears.
5. This by-law may be cited as the
"T;eal Estate Tax By-law, 1907."
Pone  and   passed   in   open   coun
the 20th day of May. A. D., 1907.
W.  II.   KEARY, .Mayor.
W. A. DUNCAN, City Clerl
One mile from shingle mill. Price
$1,200;. terms half cash, balance 12
months at 7  '. .
Joyce staiion;  partly cleared;  fenced      1  full sized lot cn St. Patrick's St.,
across fron;  facing tram line.   $1000, north side, between John  McKenzle's
Price $425 for both, cash
Block 7, Lot 6, 2 subdivisions running from 5th to feth St.. 4th and 5th
Ave.; (me lot on tram line, $800 for
one: price $1,500 for the two.
.700 cash, balance arranged.
8 - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and Tth St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,500. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
61 acres Murphy Landing, I miles
above' Mission Junction, Just at the
landing of Murphy Landing, about the
centre of lot: 25 acres cleared, under
and Glover's house. Price $475. half
cash, balance in 6 months at 7 '.',.
Full sized lot No. 12 on Royal Ave.
and Sth St. Price $.1050, half cash,
balance at 7 '; per annum.
Westerly 4, 11 of 63, Sub. Block 5,
132x132 corner 100 feet square; two
houses drawing $28 per month. Price'
$5,000, half cash, balance in 0 and 12
2 lots on Princess St., No. 11 and
12, between Cth and 7th Ave., two lots
from Oth St. on south side. Price
No. 11, $210, half cash, balance 6 mos.
at 7 '.',: No. 12, cleared. $315, half
cash, balance . mos. at. 1 '',.
Double tenement house, tth Ave.,
1st and 2nd St.; 1 lot. Price $1,700;
cash half and half in 6 months at "'',.
Id nts for $ln each tenant.
160 S.E. % of Section 20. Dist. 12,
10 acres,partly cleared:  Kanaka creek
Full-sized lot No. 8, between 6th & Tth Ave. on
4th St., west side. $300,
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9, be-l
tween 18th and 16th St,
on 8th Ave. Price $750,
1-3 cash, bal. easy.
House on    Brantford    street,
side   from   Oth   street,   painted
$15.00 per month in advance.
A   Cheap   Property.
House 0 rooms,    flush closet,    1 '-_���
storeys, on Fourth Ave., one lot  from
Si i ond    St.    on    south    side.
$1900;.  half cash,    balance al  7 per
cent.   Fruit trees; lot 55x165
House 30x42, 4th St., between 4th
and "tii Ave.; 2 single and 1 double'
bedrooms upstairs, and bath room
[own stairs; parlor, dining room, kitchen and pantry.   Full sized lot  run-
cultivation;   4-room  house,   barn  and running through; good road; one mile  ning back  in Ash St.     Pric- $3,500;
stable:  about one acre orchard, bear-
1  Ing fruit, trees.    Price $1,350, on easy
terms (or $1,250 cash).    $22 per acre,
Vf> cash, balance C and 12 months.
in acres see;i,n  32, N.-E.  corner of
N.-W.  'i.  uncleared.     Timber fir. ce-
idar, and aid* r; gi od soil; a mile fr* m
_ Yale road; sandle road and new road.
north of Webster's corner: shin, le
mill and P.O. al the wesi corm r; timber worth $7 per acre; cedar and flr;
4 miles from Putt Haney. Price
.2.100; terms $1,100 cash, balance arranged.
10 acres land Xew Westminster, Lot
���".  S.  Iiiv. 34, Surrey;    :: miles from
bridge.    Price  $400;     $200 cash, teal-
near the Turn-
in the matter of the estate of Charles
Blair, late of  New Westminster, B.
C. deceased.
i in.
St., equal to cue acre; partly cleared.
$500. half cash.     A splendid   oi ;
tunity for investment.
ts rooms, 2-storey house, bath room,
water and light; full sizeel lot, 66x100
feet, situated 6th St. between 4th and
5th Ave. on west side. Price $2,300,
suant tei the "Revised Statutes of V_ cash, balance In 6 months at 7 %.
British Columbia" 1897, Chapter 187, 24 acres in Sunbury; 6 chains water
thai   all  creditors  and others  bavin.','  front;     12  acres   cleared;     8-roomed
cl;     s againsi  the estal    of the said h.'���'*.'' h'\h ;t"" ',1:i-f'red; wood Bhei1*
,���    ,     ,,, -       .      ,. chicken barn and    lruit trees of all
Charles Blair,  who died on or about kinds,    Pr]ce $3.0CC.   Terms one-third
Lhi   20th day  of April   1907, are  re- cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
quested on or  before  the 22nd
da     of  June.   1907,   to   send  bv
5 lots corner of street between Sth ance terms nt
and 9th Ave. on 2nd St., side of 2nd ver cannery.
1 room bouse, bath room, pantry;
on llth St., between Queen's and 3rd
I .:���".-'��� upper side of Ith Ave. and 2
li ts wesl of 6th St.: large house of 8
 ms;    electric    light   connections;
shade trees and  fruit orchard.   Price
.��1,500 cash, balance al $500 per year
a'  7 j er cent.
Six and one half a. res, one acre
cleared ready for planting; 1 1-2 acres partly cleared. House, 5 rooms,
:!n2!; storey and half, small barn;
chi ken liouse; fruit trees and strawberry plants: $1,700, half casb; 1 al-
an* *   in three' months at 7 jeer oent.
This is a valuable holding, and near
to the city, call and bring this adver-
I ��� ��� ment with you for fai ther parti-
i ulars,
James Inlet, three square mile
$6.00 per acre, half cash, balanc" easl
Large lot and  two cottages on Ca
Price lumbla street, Sapperton.   Both renW|
at $1*1 each.
One and one-half storey house
full   size   lot,   situated north Bide
Koyal avenue and corner of McKinnl
street;   li rooms;   bath room, hot   11
cold  water, close:;  woodshed; you
I ��� a Ig   fruit   tree's;   streets  on   thr
sid* ���;   line  view.    Price  $1,800. }:���
i ash,
One full sized lot, 2nd lot from ci
ner,   llth  street   anel Sth  avenue.
66 xl44 feel.   $250 cash.
$4,500;.   $2,500
year at 7 %.
cash,   balance  :n  one
Look!   Look!!   Look!!!
Vancouver manufacturer needs
I 1 el ne a to repres* nl the very 1 itest
'mm Ity. Agents coining money. Gel
wine, Man working for yourself,
Everybody buys on Bight, Profits ov.ee-
e ic hundred per cent. Don't was;,
t 1 ��� , iking foolish questions, bul
send one dollar for finest samples In
Amerii a,
Tiie PliiBnix Compaw,
Space 4, 435 Granville St., Vancouver
|ir<   aid or deliver to the undersigned
solicitors for Ro lei Ic Sample and Dr.
Edwin .1. Rothwell,  executors of the
1 if'   will  and testamenl  of the said
ised    their christian    and   sur-
m   ics, addresses and descriptions, the
: liculars of their 11 tim 1, the state-
tn* nts of their accounts and the na-
lur*    of the  s cm II   3  (If  anj 1   held
'     '  Ml.
lhal   after such   last   mentl id dal ���
the said executors will proceed to dis-
ite tho s ee -is    of the    deceas* d
ng  the  parties  entitled    thereto,
having  regard only to the claims of
which   they shall   then  have   notice,
ind  that  the said exi outers will not
be  liable for the sai 1 assets or any
so pari thereof to any person or persons
of whose claims notice shall nol have
been  received  by  Ihem  at  the time of
such distribution,
Dated  this 22nd.  day of May,  1907.
Solicitors  for said    executors
Block,  Xew   Westminster,   B.   C.
160  acres,  2 miles  from citj
$40 per acre
Two   lots
(ell   ISth   stree',   1 ��� -
tween Tth .
. .     h avenues.
Corner  ol
Hamilton    Btrei t.
Xo.   11   and
12.    Price $2-15,  y
cash, balan,
e G months.
160 acie :; Surre ; si. 01
n.'m ol bi c 9, township 2. Log
house, 16x2 I, and chicken coop .
small    barn;   60   fruil    trees;    Vi
ncres clear* d, ���! acres under
cultivation and 8 acres slashed
Price- $20 per acre, V_ ca: b, I alance in 12 months at ','.',.
1 full size lot, block 0, lot 14,
st. Patrick's Square; Price
1 lot, ;,..M..\iia;, Tenth streei,
off (.aeon's avenue. Price $450.
Terms $200 cash, balance terms
to suit.
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; 4 rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped.
Barn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1. Bid. easily cleared.
ore full si: ed lot, 60x132; 2 storey
hn isi : 7 rooms: flush closet upstairs;
nil modern Improvements; new house;
$2,000. m- cash, U in (', months at 7
pei * ent. Good si:;. ,j stable and fruit
trees, Second house fi om Sth st n et
vest, on upper sid".
10 acres in si c, 32. Timber, fir, ee-
d.er and alder, Good soil; good roads.
Apply for full  particulars.
Lots 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, face on 16th
Btreel and sth avenue: 2 corner lots
52,'0; i inside lots $200 each. Price
$950, cash,    Single lots at cash,
Four and one half ai res betwei n
Seventh and Eighth avenue; south
side ol i il street,    Price $2,500.
Centrally located in a commmand
situation; Third avenue, at foot
Fifth street. Two and one half-stoi
hi ise. Ten rooms i recently papen
Ail modern conveniences; hoi am
cold water, bath, flush closet, . 1
te! ��� . electric light; nice lawn. I
66x132, with lane In rear; part * I I
set out with fruit trees, Price $2.75!.[
$1,500 cash, balance arranged,
2 lots, 20, 21 ,
No. 20, $170; No  21
(corner)   $175.
Durham   and   Sim il
2 .jj   .-���   :. .    hi  ise,   in
lern    In    ovemenl :
lam   at I a< It: part of lol
rooms, also
lol 66x132;
set out with
; nil trees and ni* e lawn. Price
$2,750. $l,5i 0 i ish, balance' 6 and 12
months al 7 per cent.
Snap in Lots,
Vacant lots for sale In all parts of
the city, rrom $25.00 to $3,��oo
Full sized lot in Sapperton. facing
Brunette street,    Price $150 cash.
'-"I 11 en Fifth avenue, sub Et, in
of sub o. $300 cash, % cleared; size
55 fee- by 132 feet,
House and three lois, corner 3r I
Ave, and llth St.; 5-room house an 1
kitchen. Price $1,500, one-third cash,
bal. i! ami 12 months at 7 jeer cent.
Cottage of   i  rooms    nnd    woodshed;
small  stable;     l   lot   44x132,  on 2nd  lot
from  4th  Avo,    on   13th  St.,    west siele;
practically  new;   papered:   sinU  anil  pan-
.     , try.    Price   .1,000;   terms $200 cash,   .16
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits  monthly at 7 pcr cent, or ren
$60  each   lot.
House corner of   7th St.   and -ith
Ave.;   !l  rooms;   2  full  sized   lots, 66x
132;    orchard    of    apples, pears  and
Trapp 'Plums.    Price $4,000, $2,000 cash,  balance on time at 7 <',,
Fuller particulars on
86 acres, half mile waterfront, G.N.
R. running through. $9,460, terms
easy,    Investigate.
at .10 per
Transfer Co.
ifflce 'Phone 18R,       Harn 'fnone 137
Columbia at.
nn nl h for one year.
2   lota  r,rr  Cumberland   SI
'-'��������� per lot.
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
o' Gilley road. $225 por acre. Acre-
ate Is selling fast at this price,
20   acre   blocks,    fruit   lauds,   n
dune'ion, $20 per acre
House,   full   sized   lot,   on   K .. |
street, Sapperton;   rents for $10
month,   Only $1,050.
House,    10   rooms,  1 \'.,   lots,   a* i'|
Fourth   avenue   and   Seventh  strei
$2,000.    Terms can be arranged.
���I  full sized  Lots   between   Seven  I
Rvei .'���   and Hamilton street, en I    1
Eighth Btreel; all cleared nnd fen* i
a large barn on one of ibe lots. % I "���'
half cash,   balance one year at 7    >l
7 Lots on   Twelfth   street, bel
Queen's and  Third  avenue;  wesl        1
of car shop;    full size,   Price %
lu acres North road,   "t of a ti
from  city limits on    Port   .Moody
anes    under    cultivation;    7-roo     |
house;   frame  barn;    chicken  house;
barn 40x80;    fenced and In good
pair south side.     Price $4,500.      .'
cash, bal. In (i months at 7 per cen'
_ lots corner of 10th and Pt. Andrew'1
Si., between  4th and  Bth  Ave.,  west siH
rn' null St.; all cleared.   Price$son. hw|-|
cash,    balance n months at  7 r>'''' cen!l
both  run   through from Btreet   to  '      .. ,
ei iMiieni bargain. !��
Baggage delivered
[tart of the city.
promptly to ��ny
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tram  Depot
Telephone   333
Real  Estate Brokers
Telephone   333
Agents for Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London. -3AY.  JUNE  1,   1907.
miles north ...  - -
', ���   |.-   x, i (re ��� ns    preemption
e.f   tl
post   planted
the  north-west
,   SO cbains
80 chains west and
. nnlng as follows
ilns .seiu,lli;..-���-.
....     | , point oi commence-
'��� ,
dns se'l.l.e
II ^^^^^^^^^^
'   ,- mmencing   ei'    a    P��Kt     -  -   -
-Comm'-n   north of the north-west
....  th-wesi
mptlon  claim
,-, ��� p . Green's preemption claim,
''',,., as follows: 160 chains west;
���_ ��_tb; 160 chains east and 40
north t" the point   of commence-
P   i . nmencing   at
post  planted
."miles north ..' the north-west cor
p   \   Green's pre-emption claim
Notice is Hereby given thai
<fer date we intend to make
ton  to the li.,;,   the Chie�� ,.,;.,.
s'onei of Lands and Works, [0       "
clal licen   ���   to   cul     ,,  carr.   : .
Umber   rom   the following   .:.���,.���*..,
lands,  situated   In  the Coast   Districl
h**We��  Bani KlttlJ   ;
about 15 miles south of Kittimat  tn
"i:ln   tillage   in   a  small bay
No.   2n.  running    as    foiiows:    30
chains west, 80 chains north, 80 chains
east, more or less to the shor,-. then
along the shore to point of commence-
""'   registered   under the  pr..visions
11 ':l" "Land Registry Act," shall be
orevi :   ' '' M ped  an :   debarred   from
setting up any claim to or in respeel
"��� 1!|" said land so sold  for taxes as
; ���':!'"1 by the "Land Registry Act."
[ running as
. north;
follows:  so chains east.
80 i'ii linn  west  anel  SO
I , north of ih" north-west cor-
I, ,.���,.- \ Green's pre-emption claim,
1 ,    follows; 160 ,���hains east;
. too   chains   wesl;    40
���II,""- ,    ..f   .,.,,������,n���,.,.m,.|lt.
tlIIB        .     planted
orth of the north-west cor-
pre-emptlon  claim.
lows: 160 chains east
[l ,      l.s no
'���.,   chains  west;     40
,slfM   to po      ol con no* ment.
��� nt   n    post     planted
��� , ,. ... tin north-west cor-
I .,,������. -i - pre-emption claim,
I i" chains wesl .
(10 ch iins easi ;     100
I    |    of i ommi ncement.
���      m it   i st    planted
thi n ir th-west cor-
;���  x Given i pre-emption claim,
SO chains west ;
i chains east;  SO ehains
���   al   .i    post    planted
irtli ol the north-west cor-
r  -, Green's pre-emption  claim,
.   -    too chains easl :
; 00 chains west ; and 40
ie point uf commemce-
al    a    pnst     planted
of tin  north-wesl cor-
i   .\ i m ��� n's pre-emption claim,
..v.-: 40 chains north
north :
wes'       '��� i   ch mis        .
ns smith ;   120 ehains
... ... . on mencement.
it   a   pnst     pi ii ted
��� ,  of the south-west
���  i ���  ni  No   26,  then   running
Id i chains west;   40 chains
halns i ast ;    and  4o  chaii s
mi t inent.
���   ��� m   al   a   pnst    plai ti d
���   . of the south-west
t Location  No.   26,   then   runnine;
.:    150  ' halns  west;  40   chains
10 chains   north
i   post    planted
the north-west cor-
��� im ,\ Green'    ; re-enrptlon  claim.
ill ..'. ';  160 chains wesl ;
160   ChalnS  eas- ;      4'i
to poinl   ol   commenci m mt,
g 640 111 I   '������  ��� i.
WM    M  " m iY,
.  \ A.NDALL
M.i re!
Loi itors
..������ ���   'r\
: y<
No. 21, Commencing at a post plant-
el on the west, bank of Kittimal Arm
about 15 miles south of Kittimat Indian village in a small bay, thence SO
chains wesi, su chains south, SO chains
east, more or less to shore, thence
along shore to point of commencement.
No. 22, c immenclng al a posl plant-
eel iii a bay given name of independent Bay situated aboul 2 miles south
east of the north en l of Constle Island on easl bank of Kittimat Arm,
thence SO chains south, 10 chains
east, 10 i bains north, 10 chains east,
I" chains north, SO chains wes; to
point of commencement.
Xei. 23. Commencing at post planted
about 20 miles i ith of Kittimal Indian \ illage on i levastal lon ch innel
on eai I bank and aboul 50 yar Is south
of the Hoi Springs, thence sn < hains
east, SO chains south, 80 cbains wesl
i mure or less to the shore then al him
the she;,, to point of commencement.
N'o. 21 C immencing al post plan ed
aboul 15 miles n u th nf Harttery Baj
on easl -bank of Kittimat Arm on
Hawkesbury Island thence 40 chains
east, 160 chains north, -lu (hain- west,
more or h ss, to shore then along shore
i i j oint  of commen< ement,
No. 25. Commencing at post planted
ah en to nib - nortii ot Hartley Bay
I on i-i-' bank nf Kir.imat Arm on
Hawkesbury Island mi a small creek,
thence 1L"I chains south. 40 chains
��� ��� st, in t Iiains no. th, In chains ''ast.
hi chains north, in chains vest. 10
chains north. 1" (iiains west, to poinl
of e ommencement
So. 26. Commencing at pos: planti i
���,.;���   one   m lie     itMl   a   e; 'ter   We-.-4
iif Kiakiata H i* Indian village, on the
north bank nf bay, thence 160 chains
north, 40 chain.- ������ ist; more or l* 3s
te> Indian Reset". line, thence 160
chains seeath , Ion : i;*'serve line to
3hore, then along shore tn point of
commeni i ment.
Located April 6th, inn?.
TAKE NOTICE that an appllcatiou
has been made to register Alice B. j
McDougall, as the owner iu Fee,
Simple, under a Tax Sale Deed from
the Mayor and 'Treasurer of the City
of New Westminster, to Alice B. McDougall, bearing date the 15th day of
January, A. I.., 1906, of all and singular
that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being
in the city of Xew Westminster, in
the province of British Columbia,
more particularly known and described as: Subdivision 30 of Lots 8
and ;i Suburban Block :;.
Vou and each of you are1 required to
contest the claim of the tax purchaser within forty-five days from the
da:*' of the first publication of this
notice, otherwise I shall register Alice
I!. McD mgall as owner thereof ln fee.
Anl : direct that publication of this
te it! ��� for thirty days in a daily newspaper published at New Westminster
will be good and sufficient service
' hereof.
Dated at the Land Registry Office
New Westminster, Province of British Columbia this 25th day of April,
A.  D.. 1907.
C. S.   KEITH,
District Registrar.
To   Wile.i.a   Edmonds,  Esq.
All persons served with this notice,!
and  those claiming through or under
them,   and  all  persons   claiming any
interest in the said land by virtue of |
any unregistered  instrument, and all i
persons  claiming  any  interest in  the
said   land   by descent,   whose title is
not registered under the provisions of!
the    'Land   Registry   Act,"   shall   be
forever   estopped   and   debarred from
setting up any claim to or in respect
of   the   said  land  so   sold   for  taxes'
is   provided   by   the  "Land   Regtsiry I
Tenders for License to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British Columbia.
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber
on Dominion La'ds in the Province
cf British  Columbia.
nlon Lands with
ll ia  British Colum
* i led by anj   pei
e ul of a family,
: ears of   age, to
1   Of      I |l|   ,;���,.;���        SeC; |0n    ,,;
��� '��� less,
��� : ei  ona Ij   al
the di -��� ri i In
Ie Ured to per-
'���   ' ti- ' innected  there
fo lowing plans:
���ix months' residence
: m ol    tl; ��� lan i In
I three .ears.
i ir mother, if the
' ������-���   I the homestead-
t farm in the vicinity
1 ! for,  tin.   require-
������ ���  maj be sat: ���: ��� |
'" I Un ;   wit*   the
NOTICE Is    hereby    given that 30
days after date, we intend to applyti
I ���   lion.    Chief    Commissi mer    of
Lands   and   Works    for    a    special
licence  : i  cul   an !   carry  awa"  timber  from    ib"    following    described
lands,  situated  in the coast  district:
Bi ginning  al   n   pnst   pi inl   i   head
���   small    .i    se ! le of Bi m rhton
t-l ind aboul one mile easl of Booker
Lagoon, thence north I" chains, west
su chains, north SO chains, east 40
(iiains. south 10 chains, east 40
chains, south 0 chains, east 40
(hains, s mth 10 chains, wesl 40
chains lo . oinl i ���:' commencemi nt.
Van ouver, B. ('.. .May ,27, 1907.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to make application to
the Chief Commissioner of I.an is and
Works for a lici use to cul an 1 carry
away timb ir fi om the following   li s-
ibed  lands:
N 11.���Commi ncing al a posl , 1 ml -
e I on the wes! si le of Twenl; -Five
Mile ('re el and mark ! Jame ��� Sh irpe,
N ). 1 posl : thi :.. e 10 chains wesl;
I hem ������ south SO i hi in ��� h nei ��� sl SO
chains; : h :.- e north SO * hains; thence
wi -��� I i chains, to point of commence-
No, 2.-4 'ommencing at a post
planted one mile south of .lames
Sharp* 's Xo. 1 pos:: theni e wesi ! i
"���Mains: theme south SO chains; then* e
e i -��� m> (hains: theni i north S *
chains: thence wes: 10 (hains, to
poini of commencement.
Staked April 29, 1907.
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe
Commissioner of Dominion Lands,
Department of the Interior, and marked on the envelope "Tender for Timber Berth No. 518," will be received
at this Department until 12 o'clock
noon on Wednesday, the 24th day of
July, 1907, for a license to cut limber
on Berth No. 51S, comprising lands
situate in the Province of British Columbia to the west of Chehalis Creek
! and described as follows:
Timber Berth  No.  518,    comprising
that portion of Section 29 lying north
of Timber Berth 2S0 and that portion .
! of  Section  32    outside  Timber  Berth
264 and  said  Berth  280,  in Township
1, Range .0, West of the 6th Meridian;
also the norlh half and the south-easl
quarter of Section _i>, the north half
and   the   south-west  quarter    Section
. 2V, lhe nasi, ball Section 2:   tb ��� north
half Section  32,    Sections  33,  31,  "~i
and those portions of Section 25 and
j 36 outside Timber Berths 280, 264 and
272, in Township  I, Range 1, West of
the 7th Meridian; also Sections 3, 4,
5, the north half anil south-east quar-.
ter Section 0, Sections 7, 8, the north
half and the south-west quarter Section 9, the south-east quarter Section
10, the south half Section 16, the south
half and the north-west quarter Section 17, tbe north half and south-east
quarter Section 18, the south half and
north-west quarter Section    19,   and
those portions of   Sections 1, 2.   the
east half Section 11, and Section 12,
west of    Timber Berths 272 and 302,
in Township .", Range 1, West of the
7th  Meridian;    also   Section  12, the
east  half Section 24, and  the southeast quarter Section 2.". Township 5,
Range 2, West of   the 7th Meridian,
containing an area of   13.025    acres,
- more or less.
The berth must be surveyed within
1 one year after the date of the notice
| awarding the berth.
The regulations  under  which  a 11-
' cense will    be   issued,    also printed
j forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
! office of the Crown Timber Agent at
N'ew Westminster, B. C.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank in favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of th Inti rior, for the amount of the ''''iiii-: which the applicant
tis prepared to pay for a license.
The highest or any tender not nec-
j essarily aci e] te I.
N'o tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Deparl menl of the Interior,
Ottawa, April 25th, 1907.
Sealed Tenders addressed to Ma-
Commissioner of Dominion Lands. Department of the Interior, and marked
ou the envelope "Tender for Timber
Berth No. 521," will be received at :his '
Department until 12 o'clock noon oa
I Wednesday, the 24th day of July, 1907,
for a license to cut timber on ber h
N'o. 521, comprising lands situate in
the Province of British Columbia, to
the East of Chehalis Creek and Lake
and comprising 5 blocks, described as
Block 1.���Comprising that portion
outside Timber Berth N'o. 44. Block 1,
and Timber Berth 254 Block 1, of Section 23, Township I, Range 30, Wesl
of the lith Meridian, containing an
area of 387 acres, more or less.
Bloc!: 2.���Bounded on the wesl bj
Chehalis Creek, on the east by Timber
Berth 298 Block Land the east boundary of same produced northerlj I
Timber Berth 298 Block 2; on thei
north by Timber Berth 2*1! Block 2,
and 298 Block 2: and on the south by
Timber Berth 254 Block 1, containing
an area of 725 acres, more or less.
Block 3.���Commencing at the south |
east corner of Timber Berth 29S
Block 2, thence north-easterly at righi
angles to the easterly boundary of!
said Berth 29S Block 2, 2 miles; thence
eighty chains and south eighty chains
tei point of commencement
5. Commencing at a posi set close
to No, l stake, thence west eighty
chains, south eighty chains, east eighty chains and north eighty chain- '���,
; olnt  of commencement.
New Westminster, B. C. 30th May,
Notice   is   hereby  given   that   thi
^^^^^^^^^ . days after date we intend to apply to
at right angles io last j the  Hon.   the  Chief Commissioner of
Works   for  permission  to
course, 54 chains; thence south west- ' , .,���,,���     ' ,
,,,.!..   _..-,. , i-*aneis  ami
erly, at right angles to last course. _
I miles to easterly boundary of said
Berth 29S Block 2: thence south-east-
' erly along said boundary to place of
beginning, excluding therefrom any
portion of Timber Berth 30S, which
might fall within the same, containing
an area of S64 acres, more or less.
Block 4.���Commencing at a point
on the easterly boundary of Timber
Berth 302 Block 1, 5 chains southeasterly from the north-east corner
thereof; thence south-easterly along
said easterly boundary SO cbains,more
or less, to the angle In said east
boundary of Timber Berth 302; thence
north-easterly, at right angles to last
course following the boundary of said
Berth 302, 40 cliains; thence north-]
westerly paralled to first course- 80
cliains, more or less, to correspond
with length of first course: thence
south-westerly parallel to second
course 40 chains, to point of com-
mence meat, containin
more or les. ^e^^^^^^^^^^
Block 5.���Commencing at a poinl i a
cut and carry away the timber from
the following described lands, situate
in the Kitsumgallum valley:
Claim No. 40���Commencing al posl
planted S. E. corner about 20 miles
up from the mouth of North Fork of
the Kitsumgallum river above Kit-
sunigalluni lake, thence running as
follows: 40 chains west, 80 chains
north, 40 chains east, 40 chains north,
40 chains east, 80 chains south, 40
chains west, 40 chains south to point
of commencement.
Claim  No.  11.���'Commencing at  post
planted at the head of Kitsumgallum
| lake on  west bank  about    20 chains
! south of the mouth of Kitshmgallum
river  where  it  enters  lake, thence 4')
obtains   west,   160 chains    south.   "40
chains east more or less to the shore,
thence along  shore  to  poin:   .1   com-
; mencement.
Claim No. 42.���Commencing  it  ���    il
an area of 320 : Wanted about 20 chains south of the
'north west  of T. L.  No. 7941, thence
! i  chains   west,  160 chains  south,   10
chains east. 160 chains north to p _
Tenders for License tr Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province of
British  Columbia.
Tenders   for   License   to   cut   Timber
cn  Dominion   Lan.s  in  the  Province of British Columbia.
.  '
ias hia perman
::i: mlng land own
1   hili   i : hia home
��� enl i   aa  to resl
I    by residence
��� i writing si, mid
' immiaslon :��� of Do
''   iv'..i of Intention
��� chased al $10
m i .mi for an-
��� ���   '-ban   320 acres
one Individual or
, ' the rate of ten
I,,' :   hounds .shall be
" 'i nil
' ;-   ''UtpUt.
*V. W. CORY,
'.' Minister of the'In-
���I'l'l )���
. ' : l     '���������������!   publication of
'-���    win not be n..!.l
Slvon that, 60 days
"���'���  to apply to  the
'"���missloner  of   Lands
Il<?aseofthe foreshore
and milling   pur.
"ie whole of a bay,
I      i
���  independent  Bay,
; ' m'les Bouth of the
'���' in<!. mi the easl
���    .    '   Al1"' and  ah.mt   two
,     .        '  Kildala  Arm.
I 5th, 1907,
'ODY,   Locator,
SDALT., Agent.
AKE NOTICE that applicatl in has
been i. to regis ter Florence Mary
Evelel !; a - : i.e m r In Eee Simple
miller a Tax S lie i leed from The I 'or-
poral lon of th Disl ricl of Bui na to
lam* ��� i' nnlngl tm, bearln ; da i I e
10th d i, ol M . . i, A. D., 1902, ol all
an l sit mm ir th i ertain pai tei or
tracl of lan l i remises sil
Ij Ing and beln \ i I he Districl of N ��� v
Westmii;..'. r, li ��� Provln e if Bi I-
tish Columbia, m ��� e i arl Iculai ly
known and di scri n -I ns Biibdii 1 -; in
23 and 24 of - ; ��� Ih Ision "A" of lol 29,
group  1.
Ymii an '. each of you are herebj n -
. quired to contest   the claims of the
! tax  purchaser �� !th! i  forty-five  daj'i
from the date cf the flrsl publication
of this notice, otherwise 1 shall regis-j
ter Florence Mary  Eveleigh as owner
lh* reof In tee.    And   I  hereby direct,
'   'i publication of ihis notice f >r thir-
.   1 iys in a dailj  newspaper published at  New Wi stminster will I e goo I
and sufficienl sen Ice thereof.
Dated al the Land Registrj  Offi*
N'ew Westminster, Province of British
Colum' ia. this 25th day of April, A   11.
C.   S.   KEITH,
Districl Regi il
To   L.   A.  Ilayne,   Esp,
All persons served with this it '
and those claiming through or under
them,   and   all   persons  i laimlng  any
interest In Ihe t il l land by virtue of
any  i .. e.i  instrument, and all
perso ���-    :       ng any interest  In the
said  ._.._  ,,,   descent, whose titi i Is
SEALED TENDERS a [dressed to
the Commisslonei : Dominion Lan is,
��� ";r of the tntoi Ior, an l mark-
��� , ea; the i nvelope "Tender for Tim-
Mi:' Berth No. 516," will be n ceivi el at
this Department until 12 o'clock noon
,'t: We. ines 11;. the 5th d iy of June,
L! "7. for m license to cul timber on
Berth No. 516, i oni] i In i lands chu-
;'.. in the Pio\Ince of British Columbia, ate.i described a sfollows: ���
Timber Berth No, 516, comprising
Si 'inns 27, 28, 33, 31, and tbe Easl
hah es ol Se* I ions 29 an 1 32 In Town-
ihlp IS, Range 23, Wi sl of the 6th
.Meridian, containing an area of
��� miles, more or 1
The b< rth mu il be a .eyed vi iihin
one year after tli i date of I li i notice
Rwar ling the her:h.
The re filiations uti i : which a u-
ci use will be Isb ie 1. also printed
:'. : ms of tender and envelope, may be
obtanled al this Department or al the,
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
New   Westminster.   !',.   C.
Each tender must be accomj anled
m,v aii aee epted cheque on a chartered
bank In favour of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Interior, fo rthe amount of the bonus which the applicant Is prepared to nay for a license.
The highest or any ten ler not necessarily  aci epte!.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of the Interior.
Ottawa.  April  6,  1907.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
f.n.'.i fiioct-.   Nt-vs Ws.tmlnat.r, Fi.c.
SEALED TENDERS addressed tothe
, Commissioner   of   Dominion    Lands.
' Department of the Interior, and marked cn the envelope "Tender for Tim-
ier  Berth  No. 519," will  be received
al   this  Departmeii:     until   12  o'clock
j noon on  Wednesday, the 24th d.y of
July, 1907, for a license to cut timber
Ion  Berth   No. 519, comprising    lands
situate ia the Province of British Columbia on the   west side of Chehalis
Lake an 1 di si rlbe I as follows:
Timber Berth No. 519, comprising
111 se portions of the following lamls
which lie to the west of Chehalls Lake
and outside of Timber Berth 302 Block
-'. namely, Sections 20, 27. the north
half of Seei; m 28, the south half of
Section 33, the south hair and the
north-easl quarter of Section 34, Section 35, Township :., and Sections I,
2, the east half of Section 3, the north
eas: quarter of Section 10, Section i
the south half of Section 12. the south
w* sl quai ter of Section 11, and the
south-east quarter of Section 15, in
Township 6, all In Range 1, Wesl of
"the 7th Meridian, containing an area
, of 1,310 acres, more or less.
The- berth mus; be surveyed within
one year after the date of the notice
1 awar ling the berth.
The regulations tinier which a license will lie issued, also printed
forms of lender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
New West minster, B. C
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
hank in favor of the Deputy of the
Minister of the Inferior, for the amount of the bonus which the applicant
is prepared to pay for a license.
The high"si or :.iiy tender not nec-
.-  ra!) accepted
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa. Apr:! 251 I, 1907,
bearing of said easterly shore of lake
within the block, containing an area
of 1,340 acres, more or less.
The berth must be surveyed within one year after the dale of the notice awarding the berth.
The regulations under which a license will be Issued, also printed
forms of tender and envelope, may be
obtained at this Department or at the
office of the Crown Timber Agent at
New Westminster. B. C.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered '
the easterly shore of Chehalis Lak.
50 chains southerly from northerly of commencement.
end of said lake: thence southerly Claim No. 43.���Commencing al post
along saiel easterly shore of lake, _'.. planted at the north west corner of
miles in direct distance, with a depth location No. 12, thence 40 chains wes',
of 67 chains on said east shore, meas- 10" chains south, lu chains east, 160
nre,1 at right angles    to the general I chains  north  to  point  of commen   ���-
Claim N'o. II.���Commencing al pi st
planted at the north west 'corner of
location No. 43, thence 10 chains west,
160 chains south, 40 chains east, 100
chains north to point of co nmence-
Claim N'o. 45.���Commencing at the
north west corner of location N'o. II,
thence 40 chains west, 100 chains
south, 40 chains east, 1G0 chains north
to point of commencement.
Claim No, I'i.���Post planted at the
bank In favour of the Deputy of the QOrth wes< corner of location No. 42,
Minister of the Interior, for the am- thence 80 chains west. 120 ehains
ount of the bonus which the appll- north, 40 chains east, sn chains south,
cant is prepared to pay for a license.     I"  chains east,   10  chains   south     t i
No lender by telegraph will be en-   P��!m  of commencement,
tertained.   The highest or any tender     claim No,   17.���Post  planted al    he
'north west  corner of location No.   II.
not  nee '��� ii arlly accepted.
Dep irtm* nl of the Interior,
Ottawa, April  L'llh,  1907,
j r    Take notice that, thirty days atfer
j thence in chains west, 160 chains
north, |u (hains east. 160 Chain's
south in point of commencement.
Claim   No,    18.���P08l    plained   a i
10 chains   north   of the   north   v
corner of T.   I..  N'o. 7943, thence 160
chains   wesi,   10   chains    south,     1   I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_| chains east. less    to
late l intenl to make application to thence along rIver ,,, poln, o( com.
tin' Chief Commissioner of Lands and mencement
w,i.:,s for a license to cut and carry Clalm Sn t9._poai planted at the
away timher from the following des-L^ we8t conu., 0r T, ,,. m3)
cribed lands, situated In New West- thence t60 chains west> 40 chains
minster district. | south,   100   ehains   east,     40    chains
1. Commencing al a post set <"ii no,.t., !(1 point nf commencement,
the' south hank of Cypress creek about; (,|aim No -0._Pnst planted .,-., B,
three and a half miles west from Bli- M chalns we8t ���,- ,,���, north oast cor.
ver creek, thence north eighty chains, ner of ,ooation X(1 4gj lhenc9 g0
easl eighty chains, south eighty chalns weSti 8o chains north, 80 chains
chains, and weal eighty chains to eaat> 80 chalng south t0 poini ot com.
point  of commencement. mencement.
2. Conimencing .at a  post  set close      c,a|m  Na  B1_p08,   p]antea  at   ttta
to  N'o.   I   slake,   thence   norih   eighty   gouU]   west  rol.m,,.  of  T<  U No,   7943,
I chains, west eighty chains. Bouth thenoe 16o chains west, 40 chains
eighty chains, and east eighty chains ,,,���.,,,, 1G0 chalns easti 4() ohalna
ii  point of commencement,
3. Commencing al a post set close
to No, 1 slake, thence west eighty
chains, south forty chains, easi one
hundred and sixty (hains, north forty
;(hains and wesl eighty chains to point
nf commencement,
t. Commencing at a post set on the
railway bell line, distant about six
miles north of the north shore of
Harrison lake, thence west eighty
chains,    nortii    eighty    chains,    east.
south to point of commencement,
Claim No. 52.���Post planted about
40 chains west of the south east corner of T. L. No, 7943, thence 160
chains west, 10 chains south, 160
chains east, lit chains north to point
of commencement.
Located Maj 3, 1907,
Agent. P. VANDALL.
Cherries,   Peaches,   Pears.
Public Supply Stores
* ���
:-*b*y*y* :.*.:* b*y*.'
Small house, large woodshed, with cellar, and
lot % x 148 1-2, good soil, thoroughly cultivated
and underdrained; the makings of a very nice
little home, and only three blocks from Sixth St.
car line.
Malins, Coulthard & Co. Ltd
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
New Wellington COAL
Blacksmiths' Coal in stock.
P. O. Box  345
'Phone   105.
(he 'Stay Satisfactory "Bamge
During the past month the demand for The Monarch
Malleable Range has exceeded all previous records.
This more than proves the satisfaction and wear this
valuable range has given to purchasers, as it is only
through recommendation that sales greatly increase.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Tel. 65
et     Agents fo:- "KLENO." "i.
I .?���:"=������: ��� .* *y*. *���:;;���*%���*%*-"!*%*%*
Seeding    operations    am!     general
spring worl; is still  keeping many of
I the  farmers  too   busy  in  spare    the
j time  to   attend   the   weekly  market,
and  this  is  accountable  for  tin- de-
j crease of visitors tine: has been noticed lately.   Notwithstanding, the many
! market  stalls  were   fairly   well   fill* d
I yesterday,   ami   many   <e!   ihe   regular
j sellers  were  there.
The produce brought in ley individual parties is increasing every week
almig certain lines, anel though there
may not have been quite as many
offering goods yesterday, yel ihe amount of produce was alniies; as greal
as ever.
A fairly good supply of meat stuffs
was in evidence', with ihe exception of
: pork, which is getting scarce, Inn ihis
is explained by the fact thai farmers'
as a rub' make me attempl te: fatten
pork during ih*' hot weather, ami the
winter's stock is almost    cleared out.
Some nice beef was imi view ye Bt<
day and as regards quantity well _p
to the mark. Considerable business
was done in thai department, ami the
meat cutters were.' kept busy till well
on io mid-day. Hindquarters were
selling at ien to eleven cents per
pound, while fronts brought as high
as nine cents.
Some really excellent veul was '���;'-
fered, ami though a genu supply was
on hand, it came quite short of filling
the demand. The carcasses were in
al! cases not too large or too small,
but just right to be classed as No, 1
veal. The price was in most cases
between 11 and ]2 cents per pound,
and was pretty well all sold out
early in the day.
What little pork that was on the
market went in most instances for
eleven  cents.
Quite a few buyers were looking
for mutton yesterday, and early comers got the pick of the stock. Mutton
-���iins tee be a very scarce article this
siiriiig. hut what has been on sale see
far has been nice temler looking
meat, anil no difficulty is experienced
in obtaining fourteen cents per pound.
Lamb was in fairly good evidence
and demand proportionately good,
and was well sold out at $5 fee $5.50
per carcass by about ten o'clock.
A good supply of eggs were brought
in mostly from local producers, The'
market for the hen produce still holds
good and considerable money is being
made by those who have invested in
good laying hens this spring. The
market opened yesterday morning at
_." cents but later in the day the price
went up im 30 cents retail.
Butter i-- coming in. in largi   qu tn-
1 tities  now.   and  it   is   probable    that
1 next   week that   this  commodity  will
; take a slight  drop, though yesterday
the articb' commanded    30    and    '���',:,
cents per j ound.
Some' fim specimens of the barnyard low! were offi red for sale and
were i agi rlj ��� ought i fter. The supply though good, hardly < ame up
ilie demand, ami by noon not a good
heavy bird could be 'nough! on th"
I square. The demand for young chickens  is inci lasing    every   week,  ami.
p. '!*',.
It dries hard over night, with
a high gloss, and
| Wears On the Floor
I      ���Not Off
Soap and water does not
mar it.
It wears as weil on Outside as Inside Floors.
Use it en your Inside
Floors, Veranda and
Porch Floors, Outside
and Inside Stairs or
Steps, and wherever you
want a durable
High Gloss Enamel Finish.
��������� i
f. ���
v. i
'fi. I
v. \
:���: i
v. ���
ft. i
WMmmmzmamwaaaam   ������_||
1075 Yards of Fine
16 inches wide
On Sale  Friday and Saturday
8 cents per yard
The  Reason:
This   large   amount   of   Crash  was   shipped   to   us     without
ordering, by a well  known  Linen   House,   with   which   we   have     ex-1
tensive dealings.
Under  ordinary circumstances we  would   not    have    accepted
goods, but upon examination we found that the shippers had <���
a wise thing for us.    We pa-.   tb<   bargain on to our CUStomi        I
this  regular 12%  Crash  for,   per yard      3c I
Friday and Saturday
247 Columbia Street, New Westminster
���:*yb.*yy+y:.*:.:* y:*:--*    *    ** ������ *:y::*yy*y *    *    *   ��
A magnificent selection of
handsome boxes containing
Just the correct present for
a young man to give his
lady friends. THEY appreciate them.
Columbia St.
* y'-*yy*^o*yy*2y::*iy:*:y.:**:,o*yy:*yy*  .*   :���  :-*b -*
Ellard Block,
New Westminster
* '" �� CltAAl-Uiini_n:.':i
'"*.., ���� a_ k w*w ___��*   /���      i ��� ��� n ii t _ ^ a *
.. ������    SESSSSB
' ��� : iij :
HEW  and  POPULAR     i
pieces coming in every   *
Musical Instruments, Strlnos,&c,   |
few days.
J. J. MACKAY y CO. |
Vancouver on Sunday
FROM 3  A. M.    TO    11   P. M. As Us.tal
By ','��� nting One of 0 ir !..   .
Safe Deposit Boxes.
We cordially invite
you tn inspect them
al anv time.    :   :   :
?3SE   ::' -';';^"]-
!he Westminster Trust
and Safe Deposit Co., iw.
:      Mani*_er     :
though bird owner, are taking advantage of the good prices prevailing,
the supply yesterday barely came up
to the demand. The price paid for
good heavy fowl yesterday was from
%l to $9 per dozi n, while the younger
lass of bird brought from $6.50 to
A few ducks were offered,   The de- I
main] for young birds was good, older
specimens, while bringing $8.50 to $!��, .
were not In as great a demand as the ,
younger birds, which sold for %' to $8.
Very  few   potatoes   are coming   in
and those  that   were    offered    were
quickly  snapped  up early in the day
���  ...mi per ton.
F.  Davis  was al   his old .-land  with
. ��� autiful  line * I   ��� arnations  which
lh posi el    of   ;.'     sixty   cents   per ;
,-��� ti,    S, G. 'I ill;,   was  selling some
potted   plants   al   i i'ii i 3  ranging
:    i      1"   im ne.-;   up   tO   $2.
_ m   Sl rid*   was   al     al  his    pii ce
��� tii ..  ��� quanl   . lowei   of all
.  .. '    an i    ha I*   ,
Whil In !  Bros,  wei e In  with a  full
��� ������  ���. m!   m .. ! luce,
:.i . McAdam   i n   I        im  Lnngh y
. le   with  a  fail       u Ignme e1     of ���
v    |  potal
Mr, nn.I Mrs,  \. D own   if Sunburry,
en   In   tvitli  soi e  nice  fresh  butter
'   *��� eral qo ��� s of newly laid eggs.
Mr. Lang, of Langley, was in with
,   '  ��� ies,
���' . Kii or ills] i sed of a nice cow
and calf by private Bale, which real-
izi d  him a good figure,
S. Grey was In from Scott's road
with a good stock of fresh eggs.
Mr, and Mrs. Golding had d nice
assortmenl of butter and eggs which
wi re all disposed of early in the day.
T, J, Trapp conducted a most successful Bale of live stock, harness,
and  several  farm  Implements,   Some
undid heavy teams were put up,
an assortmenl of three belonging to
Mr, Harrison, of Vancouver, and two
heavy icmis belonging to Mr. Skipper, commanding considerable attention,
Mr. Chiaholm, of Vancouver, offered a fine hackney, with a reserve bid
of $300. Two horses belonging to Mr.
Murchie, of Vancouver, broughl a
go* .1 price. A nice team of sorrels,
together with harness and wagon,
sold for .olio a figure emi Idered cheap.
Extra Good
House on Ash street, convenient  to car  and Fourth  avenu*',  six
rooms       $1500.CC|
Fourth avenue, modern house, six rooms, near car line.    Price $165C|
20 acre:; on North Road, unimproved,   first   class   soil.     Pr!ce,
per   acre      $55..C|
to raise good Btock Is go  .! FEED.    We keep the besl and tl
bi   ��� only    Make your eh       i    laj   by giving them good fe*
cni then your live stock  by   building up  bone  and  mu
LADIES have you tried the Pastry Flour made by lhe Ebui
Milling Company. If not Telephone ".:::: and try it; the resul
(I talned   are excellent.
Telephone 333
"Quality and  Pricev
When you get supplies for the pantry you want them
fresh.     Then when you want good
why don't you call on the man who makes a specialty
of them, and get value for your money?
Edmonds Tea Co. ��;-'"��*" *���


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