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The Daily News Apr 10, 1907

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 : -
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vM legislate
v^' L ro RIA
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(907 ���    IJ
offer/on page 2
, __ _����_�� _____	
iember for Delta Still Agitates for Free Bridge McBride
Refuses to Take Matter Seriously Oliver Shows Up
Partiality in Grants to Tory Constituencies.
Two   Prominent   Workers   Corning   to Oddfellows  Will  Tender  Reception  to
Help  on  Good Ca.se. Chief on  Friday  Evening.
���'.-.   M.   pars   is,  North  Coasl   Field .1. .1  Johnston, I1            l>    il   Grand
.. ���     .  and Organ   t    of the Young Muster,   has  received          ;   from  the
m,   ���             -         ���.. -         tion,  wil 1   ar- Urand .Master of Bi       i I      imbla, F.
ie purpose of ia !���'. Si) ipsi ii,  Cran     -  ������        '   hi    will
t in th           emeni Ins ii ute I ...������.,..   ., '    tbe Odtlfell        of i   ���
i       ul    '':,'    ; ��� gular        ���    ��� f the
���K'ti) n<
'"? Mr
to mt
-. lin Olive   . .M.P.   in
,,.    .    .   [i   '      made o    i
,-erni    n     ���      ���   '    ���
\'l    .     \\
,     ' ���   .    . ���
'    ���
','.������    ece 1 ve ���.i e ���
Mr,  i (live    ,
.   Mel said:
���   ,   ��� .    i , for Dei
inline-]       n      "tin   Go\    n
'i     \  . . .-��� -,w   hav    trie I   to
;. . . .   ��� ���  him     cure a pro-
nt I he fedei   I ti ea
kes I    :'.'   Sl   L iwi end   bridge,
.,    will  t: il   hei itt'   to  abolish
Is.    Ottawa's   reply  tee  us   has
We   cannot   subsidize   provln-
B '   If th tl   hi idge wen'
,        con   any  I   venture  to say
we  ild gel ,i grant."
eferrin     lo  the   bridge the'
er m   le   he sl  temenl:
Ireat  Northern   Railway  lens
m ovi .��� thai  bi idge, and it
ti t ' t hi   Govi rnmenl  loniorr iw
"���    ti   with tm;. othi r line."
Olivi :   latei   refei red    te.    ; he
.     ���';; ���
^    an avenu
-n .
V   orte he
��� .' ' ;;-,���" ���     et 113   �� 1,000
se  ol .tr' J.'m
ihrei ������'   ���      he Libi   lis."
��� '.MM''
" '    I '
tttable ] I Cheers.)
e the i
he  Governmeii
The  Premie ag to foot-1
ilie    tin me eettei      term; n
. '.    will isiitiitneii
resenl   go  foi ui  ?"   (Opt   ���
sition la ,
i;. plyinj   lo  Mr. Oliver's stai  men
,'itli   re'.'erenci      . pre-election
pes,  Pi ��� m       Me Bi Ide   said  lh I  .mi v
the   promt - -   of   the   Minis':;,   were
binding upon the government.
"Surre;   an I Langle ;.  and the  .-> ti
��� , n porl ion of the Praser are thankful for tie: �� i.: bridge even al the
<i!e! ferry rates," conl inue I the Premier, " Yi : the Governmenl has been
icing these   rates,   and  since  the  _:.,   rd of the movement,   Q
....   ��� ��� ���.    ������. . with      rh ,v  ���      ���������<������
V. M. C, A. in thi   city,   He will
anl   . . ne .    Se- reta
,    .   , las  been
.   . previous occ isioi   .
,   "i ,<;  iniei'i       In   the
���    , ���       i    have      ten
.      .   .-,     V      el,   ".   A.
c-tlnj in Victorl      m Friday,
��� . |       .!'���':
are in  flghtin ; trl
e thi      good   work,
li   v
���   . ���   \      |ri-   .;���;-��� ti I  In  V< ev  VVi   ���
v: people   have
... i       :��� il  inten si in  I h
ilanse are now well unci     llding of tt $100,000
.   which Is 'ei bo the headquarters
f thi   V   M. C, A, in 'iie capital city.
T.  J.  Trapp,  who  was  In  Victor!
Sund:     and  Mon lay, attentli . several
the   ��� ��� ���  ings, and  ll  was upon Irs
In ,'itati m -1! it    Mi ssrs, Pi rsons   anel
Graham decide I to c>    .v er hero. A
ng committee was appointed some
time     go for the purpose of starting
lh    Y. M. C.   \. in this city, bill  for
tst,  nothing   had    been
tl   Sllttl
F. W. Howay Lectures to Appreciative Audience On
Subject of Interest History of Legal Standing of
Wives   Traced   Back   to   Early   Days.
M   ��� Cil
ning   of
i.i Ige   N'o.
' a
s   week.     I.)
pl'l    '   :'     I'isitlll
Prl mi.'
Gi mi
be   present        the.
.''���.:.:,' .'.'������
,,!..���        ....       the un
: hi       ' ll I'   ill    Ve no   IVI
.',  committi e con     tin
:     Past G.ni       li ivi mgi
ei   ;-' i      In hand
.    Fergus    i, Cap      .  Ri g< ft   an '
���   . ���
!. an I Ah :.. A ;
"te  in I David A
No. 27.     VII vi
un te bi rs are cor lially invite ;  io
in  r 'ce iving  the gi and  i      I   '
���   ���     Gilley,
- ''I      No,
George  B. Thoniji
of Amitv Lodge,
.large      idienci    jreeted    F.    \V.
Howay in the cl nigl t, w I
o add re ..������'.   In
al   v.,mi,  : u   .    'in   thi    '    h
:.       flvikgi     "    married   wome n  In
provim       ol    British    Colum  I
M .. i low .i ������       Is sent tion   m - lie tjui
lion of the   lav   .       tttentiv   '     Isien
to by many of New vV stmin stei s
mai rons, ..    .. ell a ���       nunii.er ���
ie   mascul'.m   - ipi ortei s ol   women's
The Rev. Mr. Hendi rson \ ho ... '   I
s   chairman,   introduced   Mr.   I: iway
itt .  shorl and eomplinn ntary speech,
expressing his satisfai tion
contin h I in sole pos ���   sion. In  ������ b  ��� i
I,     ir.   Howaj   sal  .   to   ������:   ite
, .      ,       :i.  "sth"   ,\    ���   .i   I ":        ���'-
(er ilia.i his dog, and  a  little high tr
than  hi    horse."    The  law  ol  ��� q
then   i ame In  and   several   in    ���     i :
.i   ' ndments  wer,' made, an l  h
dealt in bis masti : ly waj wil h        de
tails, he then sei  forth the exti i    to
which n w .man might pledge he
I,tm l's  credit; and quote 1  sevi ral  ra-
; hi    . :. using case s   �� hich  had come
up in British courts, and the legal ���
finition as to t'i" necessary expenses
which :i wife could make her husband
le gallj  liable for, and he consldi re 1 it
election ha.     revised   the   rates,
vv ith advantage to the farmer on   i   i
el   l.e;. s.    Yet the m mbi     fo    Di Ita
would   have "thi    House   b< lieve  th
Ich ll  cosl  the government   the people   ol his t mstitueney are not
lit'  we ct te''  take hii j ,
ntain the tolls  i n  the bridge.
see-."   he   remarked,    "thai   it
ni   ���        $3,500    to  collect  the
ion. ly."
The !':��� mi< r concluded a ii ngthj
and exhaustive address, answi ring i v-
ery criticism of the member for Delia
and ;��� !\Ising him to use hi
of ��� mej has alread; been subscrib-
. , and, v Ith tb ��� n vived enthusiasm
��� ' -.. |] follow the visit of the two
" named worki rs, the work of
building and equipping the Y. M. C. A.
will  be   started  with  renewed  vigor.
K'jroki   Is  Cominr.
i Victoria, April 9.���Thi Japanese colony in this city are highly elated ov< i
news recently received from home. I'
i.e to tlh' effeel lhat (le n-ra] Kit:"':;.1,
v. li.) commanded Uie flrsl Japan se
army in Manchuria, anel who directed
th troops In the united battle ol
war when he's command crossed the
v. alu t iv, r in : be face of the Russian
fire, will pass through Victoria en
. uute ' i Lhe Jamestown exhibition. An
pfforl will he ma le to pei suade him v ���
spend al leasl a day here when ;t ban-
m ' I  will :ee, tendered him.
the ite- a credit  to the ladies of tin's countrj
teres!   which was  shown  by the'  fact Han   no   (uses  such  as   he  had  des
:;  ���   -M   many  of New Westminster's cribed had ever conic to court.    Tin
prominenl men and women had turned necessity and duly of the mun in pro
: ,!��� t'i listen to the le< ture, and the
leasure il was to him to have the
hi nor io preside al a mei ting eef this
inscription. Mr. Howay then cami
��� i the front, and in a ch ar and i incise manner, di void eel technical
phrases or legal terms, briefly oul
lined lhe manner in which the' subject   would   be   treated.    Considerin{
$7.a_l vi h:on 1; r and :���. ��� senger tolls.
If Uie i ., ;,...m finances are in
the  pros      ��� ���    the   bu Igel
would hu v. ���   '       I think the Gov
ernmeir     '��� eolisti   the se   I  lis   '
He  thai _< !   ihe   Government   with
Wnr    ���   ��� m      ,-i , romises that had
infi lenci : tl e electors of Del-
made   in exhaustive comparl-  t<   the budget address:
he gnod "But   this  Hous i ets-
;        ��� ���   >.i;li the beg-      "Thai the Govi rnmenl has not seeti
nl     misert b e      ri itment   of   li' to    ' olish the tolls col ected upon
other   than   railway   traffic   over the
���-��� ���! ''��� with a com-   provincial   bridge   at   Nev   \\',     nin
���    m   the  estimates,   of   the   sti r;
"That the i lovernment has n .1 in
traduced legislatii n reserving agricultural lands fron sale exci - I upon con-
Ill Ions of acl nal resi lence eu; i settle
���i ' nt."
Punctuation   Mistake.
Th ��� fact  that  several ol    be cit
time ago C ptain Pii ��ieM:.;'   general  stores do nol  open  for  busi-   Bubdlvlded   -.,   ,
hi,.        Squ  tnish      te) man. charged   ness until long after seven o'clock in   and  navil,g
influence   .. it .       iag liq lor to Indians,   he sum
the morning is causing some very un-
ln  securing    i       the federal  Govern ���      indred  dollars,  with costs,   favorable comment in certain quarters.
ment a substantial subsidj if he wou  I    ��� in        B rs.   .1.   ., Rus-   One man  who five- across th    ri'
have the tolls abolished." i   . In thi   Supreme Court chambers,   vv  ited  yesterdaj   morning  In fronl of
John-Oliver   presented   the   I     rw     . ..���-.   snow    ndea' .ring to u;>-   a certain store on Columbia street un-
Ing  Me.I,, iua, 0t, the first to i (Iti red gment, 1      absence  of i
���   _ iu the .sl
.   .'.
t loophole     -       '  ��� nlion.
tecting the home, was touched on.
Whi tt a man was in good financial
standing then  was the telme to make
provision; the law said that if a man
register   1 his home as homestead in
British  Columbia,  when he  was  perfectly  solvent, should  his  affairs  he-
come involved    later,   the   creditors
i ��� uld in no way attach the estate. In-
iroadesl sense, he outline I   stance was another mode of protect-
:���   general and salient points from the   '"-  tllp home.    The  subjects < t all-
time when Britons were emerging into I m011>'- desertion of the wife, or hus-
icivilization   up   to  iis   present   state,  band, and   drunken   husbands,    were
Roughly Bpeaklng, law  might  be di-  ful'Y dealt with, and the legal remedies
videel   into   two  parts,   the   unwri ten   clearly   and   definitely  set   forth.    At
and the written law, which were again
other   classificatii tis.
explained    tin     various
changes and Improvements which took
place'  as  civilization  kept  advang'ng,
he broughl bis subject up to the pres-
the close of his lecture a great many
questeii ns were asked the legal gentleman, by members of the audience,
ali of which Mr. Howay answered. The
lecturer throughout had thorough control of his subject, and the plain and
t:! 7; tr, a.m., I efore thi di t ' w is ���
ed, and - ownl ed -thirty-_
in. to get into some of the stoi   - d i
Ins  thai  time.
ere is wh I  I  '.'��� I," sal 1 Mr.
lie  three Socialist -  i inst II i
eivi   '1 1,000, , ���   an avi rage
���   ch, the tw< Ivi     Iberal ri i-
ent time. In dealing with ihe rights unassuming manner in which a diffl-
of married women. Mr. Howay made (il1' subject was handled-merited the
clear tl bject of common law. Com-  well-deserved  praise  of  hia, auditors,
mon law, was logical, and founded em and it lis r.-obable that Mr. H way
thi scriptures, which said in referring wi,! ll|J again requested to address a
:. in.en and wife, that they should be'[gathering on the same topic before
one, and as in scripture the man was long. The subject of the lecture will
always sei forth as being the' super- be one of the principal matters .d!s-
lor, the logical couclusion was that cussed at the convention of women's
the husband wns the principal, with ouncils, which meets In Vancouver In
the result' that the wife could in no July. The collection last night am-
��� .:.   make contract-', or enter in  his  ounted to eleven dollars, which will sn
business.    Her  g Is    and    chattels into the general fund of the local Wo-
were the husbands', and at her death  men's Council.
Interesting    Schedule   of   Games
Coming   Se.son   Drawn  up.
StLL   r;=!   i-DO���MARKETED   ?~"
��� M'lr.'ERALCGIST.
.  ."i
'I'1!'       ii   ��� ���    til  pla   ts of the
citj   ,i ���   - In the field, and have'
i di awn up .: sc! ������ lule of gan t - for the
son.     Three  teams   I'm ui e   in   the
' Inti ri i: tte   '.��� - ie,   the     Columbian
i Colli ���.',:'.   Roy.   City, and the High
i Se hool.   1 ���    :i,.iieh of the se rie
\   ���".��� ��� ing   '   tiie   mi-:.''
i ���,   Q teen's   ev. nue M- t ,   lisl    ; ur
held    u  the    ,:' ai    i
,vhen t! ed      xten
re discussed i
' will be plav i d on   .prl] 27, whi n thi
I in ihe |
, ('"lh ge and th<  Roj..' Cit.v ti tms will
. :   tbe Cari'e;oo and J-.il-     ,    ,
��� ash.    A  e ���!��� ndi I  c ip  has   been  of-
���. ���.    ��� <        ���      ���   intii I, ivhicl
'     . e    I   '. ,' ���'.'.'     '.M w i
I of the same
; lous   ti
',     \V.   S of     L llo  ���
ti        me stroll
j" cil v a tiuantii
..ii,;. -.
���      .��� '       '      In
, in   I  ���
n ;]]���' ,.'���
', ..'
Jo    lecision     i
novati   ���- ������'���
the archite
���; in   on   ������        '      tportaii    poin
, ���   i , I ....
ll     .   '   in
Ived   ���
.  the it- ' I-
.. ��� ha
in   ���
ere tlCi
'     ���
��� ���
,!     or il
. I  II
,     5l(| ,,.   ..
; '.i'i.I'd
'.    '
'     111
. ��� ti  until   ' n   il the
tl    e ob He   has
'   a   chi    pie  I or   the
i   ��� '',  in ounce.   Thi i Iiu 5
it ;��� ���: over to Mr. Smith for the
The  platinum    sand    is
iluab'le     Hither! i   '     dlffl. ally
ai in i he recovering of It from
[Rnmona   Men   on   Strike.
hand      of I he     e earner
\-.\  refused   I i go I     work  yes-
titiii!  tm  Increase  from  forty
t;, Hve  dollars  pi r  month   was
Sti'i'd. As Manager Cunningham
and ;he men wi re firm in their
|l ti;" Raniona stayed tied up
Iv. I ��� f until I he afti rnoon, when
���se ��� seeing thai the boai would
(M . a,i'.' unless something was
Bee.'d" i in iii" men's deman Is,
K vet se ! finally steamed up thi'
I ll  :    not officially staled that
ft'1'   e ia wages will be pn i	
_____i   as '. in   is Mr
t    School
ei  City   vt
:  City
t ���
s.  Columbian
College     vs.
.    ..
Royul '
Ai,,',    11
High Si '  ..
M   ;    Im     High
Mi .
Colle .'
Maj  25   rn'
High School.
June 1- Roya
June S    High School vs. Columbian
C'Olll  MM.
June 16���Royal City vs. High
The ruli s and regulations will be
al VV. E, Sinclair's store, where they
can be seen by any member of the
various teams,
The following official umpires were
decided on: ,). A. Cunningham, \\\ E,
Sinclair, S. Mancolmaon and I''. O,
m  V . ���  : the
een the
i   to steei   cle e   ol
���   ,  all   money musl
aval ' ' ���      Lhi   work i   com
cud, the       ��� It i
merely In a ten     I , and sev
mo lificin' a-   wil    Ion I
traduced I    on I in    a      c
The' improvemi nl i Include the build-
To ..m    : ���' - inn ;
j.   ���  epoch for Britii hi      unbia.
a Ij the i'Ktt-.   '. ���        ��� ie fi   tl     i en
.. e   with   :   I   this	
��� Me:.-   .i '., In -   ,:.-'.   .   ind 1
Mei. tiiroughotu   tin   - .mil
Accoxu ianie I ] j      brass band, wi
' |  the offie lals   n full dress,      t  >'������-
' ��� ��� leaves Victori    I   lay to see
f J real   White   Fathi r.    Chii     i      liana
.��� Ill   mei     him e,:t   the arrlva    ���    ���'���: ���
in.ai  al   V '!"i.-:   ivhen t vv iw
. II be )     I, and tl I    e
trucled t       '    roe    lure to        iin an
lien ���    ,V'.'th  hi    i    icsty.    S'o.hii
en left to chanc
��� ���. a  til     i died
large i I   co
ti i In ror    Big
i   '  ��� bl
I'll |      '      :    M ' '
|       ��� '    ';
'      ll
,    ,var,  and    ha lh      shi
Mai con   i i m, he will     ll Po
mouih, and act i   on ei     t, wl ll
Drum and  Pife band of the Duk ��� of
's  Naval  School will    play    the
M ple i.'-a;' Forever."
The King, it  is ] ;. ly rumor-
��� i.
Prospectors   Bcre   for   Natural   Supply
A.t Lethbridce and the  Hat.
Lethbridge,    Uta,     Vpril     9.���-It   is
learnerl  that   after  having   foun I   an
,;. ' ti' su] ply ol natural gas at Col- '���
' Ige,  ne ar  r- inmon . it  has been decided  io bi re  for  gas at   station- between   Vie Heine  Hat and  Lethbridge,
rhe s ���    it!        :  ilnts   ar i   Bow   Island
and Tabor.    Tin.  ol |e< I   Is  to  .ecun
i'.' mi , ov '   for sti mm pumj   a   th ise
ti .
The borings al la thbri Ige by he
Elei':: ���   ���    im iny   ar     n iw   in   full
,vini n leptb of thirl f eet being
reachi lia ' ��� fl twn laj s, The
hlstoi ��� - edicin Hat in regard to
gas  may ���   luplicated at   mai
ilnl    on I    iw's   N'est.
TAL DAMAGE $18,000.
Ve.:-'       i: J     :ili.l'._.I)_        ;;:)  (Ih   [' MM-
break ol fire occurred at Steves a
which demolished nearly a whole
: ��� ��� ��� buildings and did damage to
the . _ti :.: : atbout $4,00 >. rh fii ���
statte ... , ,; three oclock in tit"
south end ci the Feeler.!'ion met - i i
��� ���' site the bank. Tics. sn-. ngi Ij
< no -.:. . as about the tin ��� the China-
'' ' o    fln    w e-   disc vi red      Lue
'    thi     ���   mg   bre . ��� of
���. .:���; : 'h'  .laze
���       ton  ll  ,.   .        uade r
Cleeve Italian
id ���;��� .... ll-
lg ne was brought     i th
��� .e Ing a num    i.        eving to the la        I   ,-olu  I
eryware 1 all      lozen men wen    . the
Listjutc O^er Dishes.
...'!. \   'I
rom nei    ���    n a sui ight up
pi 'i i   Itting of the police court
'i     ���   ,    . '   ���
tl .vi
her.    It appears me time       . f shacks, but I
i arrangi ntered lnl i be-  sat ly,  ilthough a man named Bi       t
���   n  the  two ��        i   th ���������'���:���   Mrs.  had ., narrow esca ������ and had t<
's house      : ��� ������  re trans-   from a second-storey window.   \
ferred to M Donald for a stated   the engine was al  last   broughl  int-i
lng of an   tddi Ion    o    he no    i side
n ci e i uitable position behind the
choir seats, which will also he' moved.
Two ante rooms and the ntain entrance at preseni In use will be fitted
up with seals, and the capacity of the
church Increased to aboul 661), A
proposition to arrange the sen's in
circular form was also discussed lasi
evening,   bul   nothing   was definitely
' ��� 'ieleil   upon.
The members of the trustee bo    I
preseni at the meeting wi re: ll- v  VV,
It.   Barraclough, In   the  (hair;   D. S.
I. Fader left j'esterda. afternoon  Curtis', secretary;  T.  it.  Pear   n, D
Cunnlgham I foi  Nimpklsh river, Vancouver Island,  Drew, Dr. Holmes, li. M. .Marshall   '
will meel "Big Chief" in person, sum,  the buy< deposit   of action tl (Torts of the brigade were
he plnnts his feel on English soil, $"<, halam ���   ,   :. within  . week, directed to confining the oubbreal  and
'.rrangements have also   he' i  mad '���"<"��� the deposit bad heen paid. .Mrs. preventing it front spreading, ai I ���'
t,h a young sculpto   of great prom- Taylor called al     ���      use and claimed I     graduallly burned Itself out.
radical change In the   ,;,,., ,,, ,.i,,���>..; his bu t, while the a el        ������'" tHsb                  '���       ' belong-     Steveston it; four days has had two
!"'���   ,;��� fixtures ol tl    church, Includ-(laureate will also be. honored with a ed to her daughter.    Mrs.   eicDonald bd.  fires which have consumed abi tl
nit tiie'  removing oi  the  pulpit lo a  commission,    A special dispatchTusI '   '"'':" I to tl    t   .ckery being remov- a   million   feel   of lumber,   and   with
'i 'eivod states thai the faithful   ���:. ;." ed, and  tli" argument   which  ensued lumber al $18 a thousand, this n
are   feasting  their   --yi-y on   him  for !'''  ;''  'he police court  action,    The sonts damage to the extent of $18,000,
f"H' that h<' will be shanghaied Into ,;'-'' will again occupy (he attention  ��� _
an ambassadorship,by the borne gov- of the police magistrate this morning,]    Chief .Mcintosh iy __��_ at  his old
.rumeni. Seecretary McRae will, it is
understood, keep strictly to the "Hie-
' ind costume" and lend the color >'���
e "ss.'irv for sticli a great event.
With bated breath the people of t.hl
province will watch his progress, and
The value of the disputed articles is situation, and announced yest'erd .,
aboul $lii, and the whole affair is j thai he would keep on looking after
treated seriously only by the prlnci- the welfare of the city. The chief
pals in the case, looks   much   tWnner   than  when   he
went   away, and complains of fei  Ing
lund the matter will be attend- where he Intends to supervise
extensive logging operations.
well, J. Carter Smith, C. S. Keith,  returns to his native soil.
John Peck . Vivo, vale
The Rev. tr McGee, of Knox church, slightly under the weather, but thinks
lie  torches  which were nol  entirely Sapperton,  will  deliver a  lecture on that a vweek or two amid the comforts
msumed, on the lasi festive occasion   frlrtaj   evening,  taking  for his  Bub-ioi civilization will restore him to his
when Big Chief returned from Ottawa,   i""i:   "Seven  Weeks   In   Jerusalem." old health.   The success of the pros
will  be  resuscitated, and once  more   Vn admission fe<  of 25c will be charg- pecting trip was much'Interfered with
flare their lurid light, when nig chief  " ���'    The lecture Is said to be o. a owing to prolonged  bad  weather, it
Instructivi     and    entertaining being impossible for the party t ��� gel
. ��� ti r. to its destination.
Setond-Hand PIANOS
Rushton & Speck
We  also  do  all  kinds
of   general    repairing.
Sign   Man  on  Wheel.
Columbia St. New Westminster.
Phone 275
Toronto Parks Lawn Grass ^^
".   'Bluegrass   v<"^ ^
Flower Seeds   :... ,.MT...
Vegetable Seeds
fresh and Reliable:.
Mfe,  'Not   l)on!_.
i'l��*re is much difference in the psychological effect eef tiie two Ideas
"lit'.'" and "death." This was illus-
trated, says lite writer of "Letters
From a Surgeon," in tin; ease uf Gen-
eral Frank Bartlett, who was wounded
on the Fredericksburg pike in lS>V4.
General Bartlett was brought to tbe
surgeon bleeding profusely from a
wound in his bead. He was uncondemn and white as death. The surge in called bis name, but could not
rouse him. Passing bis finger Into the
Wound, he found the ball had not penetrated lhe boue, but had simply cut an
artery in the scalp. This the surgeon
bound with a ligature. He laid the
general on the ground ami completed
dressing the wound.
"No barm done, old boy!" bo shouted. "This is only a flesh wound. You
will lie all right when I take a stiteli
or two."
The good news seemed to bring Gen
eral rtartlott to consciousness. He
rnllieil completely.
"I thought I was done for," lie said.
"Well, If I'm till right, here goes."
Before tbe surgeon could stop hlm
he was in the saddle and riding at the
best gait of his horse back to the front
Spraying Materials
Grafting Wax, Etc.
Drug, Spectacle, andj Seed Store
336 Hastings St. W., Vancouver.
Bookkeeping. Gregg and Pitman
Shorthand, Telegraphy and Engineering.
Seven  Teachers
Forty-Five   Typewriters
Stuiients Always in  Demand.
R. !. SPMTF, B. A., Principal
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
Tin- Way* of (tie MoonMhlner.
The- ways of the moonshiner are pretty much tiie same' everywhere, A suitable' location consists nf a secluded
spot with water in abundance, It Is
Important, should he ever be called
upon to defend a case in court, for the
question of the ownership of the land
upon which the still is located, to be
involved in doubt; hence the moonshiner gets as near the line' of bi.s own
laiiil or the land he controls (IS possible.
Tbe stills are primitive affairs and are
often made complete in the' neighborhood in which they are operated. Willi
two or three square yards of shee>t copper the still maker requires but a few
hours to make the "b'iler." Homemade hogsheads are usually used as
fermenicrs, ami the only thins that the
Illicit distiller has to send "oft' yandor
arter" is the worm. Being difficult to
secure, (lie moonshiner prizes his
"worm" highly, and that part of the
distillery is usually taken away when
the operator leaves.- David A. Gates
in Metropolitan Magazine.
needs no bush; neither dees the grand offer of The Daily News need any eloquent statements to put before the
public the excellence of its offer. Just think! For $3.00 you obtain a $1.50 bunk (over one hundred of the choicest
and most carefully selected literary gems to select from) and The Daily News delivered at your home for twelve
months free.
The Daily News has now been established one year, and is already a warm favorite in the majority0f
homes in the city. Winner of the popular contest at the Bazaar, on its own merits, shows that the efforts of the
publishers to establish a local paper replete with local news is appreciated by the citizens of New Westminster,
A clean paper-not filled with nauseous advertisements-it appeals to the many; and the offer now made is worthy
of the soundest consideration. Moreover, by taking the News on this basis, it is a clear saving of $2.20 per annum,
surely a consideration in this strenuous age. Still, as we stated above, good wine needs no bush, and, the ;
scheme is purely for purposes of advertising. Advertising is the soul and life of trade. We request our merchant!
to advertise, knowing how well it pays; and we are also advertising, with splendid results.
We have several copies of each work, but already five titles have been sold out, so don't delay, bul
in your selection and have prompt delivery of the book you have wanted to read so long, and also the paper.
The following is the list of books now ir. stock:
Orisrln of "Bluestockings."
Burke, apropos of "Evelina," paid
Fanny Burney this high compliment:
"We bave had an ape for statesmen,
an age for heroes, an ago for poets, an
age for artists, but this"���with a gallant bow to Fanny���"is the age for
women." The name "bluestockings,"
given to these distinguished women,
arose, according to Fanny Burney in
her "Memoirs of Her Father," from an
apology made by Mr. Stlllingfleet in
declining tin invitation of Mrs. Vesey's
to a literary meeting at her house. "1
am not properly dressed for such a
party," he pleaded. "I'ho, pho," she
cried, taking bim and his dress all In
at a glance, "don't mind dress! Come
In your blue stockings." This be did,
and "those words ever after were
Used in playful stigma upon Mrs. Vesey's associations." ��� T. P.'s London
Abbe Constantin���Halevy.
Adam  Be.e    Georg ���   Eliot
Aesop's Fableo���
Alhatnbra���trv Ing.
Alice  in  Wonderland���('enroll
Andersen's Fairy Tales���Andersen
Arabian   Nights   Entertainments���
Cast up by The Sea���Baker
Children of Abbey���Roche
Child's History of England���Dick-
Data cf Ethics���Spencer.
David Ccpperfield���Dickens.
Deerslayer Cooper
Desceeit of Man���Dafwin,
Dombey &. Son���Die.
East Lynne���Wood,
Emerson's   Essays���Emerson.
Fifteen Decisive Battles���Creasy
First Violin���Fothergill.
Green Mountain Boys���Thompson.
Grimm's   Fairy Tales���
Grimm's    Household   Tales���
Gulliver's Travels    Svvifl
Guy Mannering��� Scott.
Handy Andy���Dover.
Heir of Redclyffe���__>nge.
Henry  Esmond     Thackery.
Heroes  and   Hero   Worship ��� Car
Hiawatha  and   Evangeline���Long
House of the Seven Gables���Haw
It's  Never too    Late    to     Mend���
John Halifax, Gentleman���Mulock
Last Days of Pompeii���Lytton.
Last of the  Mohicans���Cooper
Lorna  Doone���Blackmore.
Middlema'-ch-  Eliot.
Mill on the Floss    Eliot
Mosses    From    an    Old    Manse���
Natural     Law     in     the     Spiritual
World    ', i ummon ,
Newcomes   -Thackery.
Nicholas Nickelby���Dickens
Old Curiosity Shop���Dickens,
Oliver Twist���Dickens.
On the Heights -Auerbach
Origin  of  Species    Darwin
Our Mutual  Friend���Dickens
Pilgrim's   Progress���Bun; an.
Prince   of   the   House   cf   David-
Robinson   Crusoe     Defoe,
Rob  Roy    Scott.
Romance of Two Worlds    Corelli.
Romola     Eliot.
Scottish Chiefs���Portter
Sign of the Four���Do; le
Silas Marner    Eliot.
Silence  of  Deane   Mait  .   j
Sketch  Book���Irving
Story     of     an     African    F
Study In Scarlet    Do   ���
Swiss Family  Robinson
Tale of Two Citie = .
Talisman    Scott.
Tanglewood  Tales���llavvl
Thaddeus  of  Warsaw
Three   Men  en  a  Boat��� li
Three  Musketeers���Dun .
Tom   Brown  at  Oxford
Tom      Brown's      Schocl      Ca;s-|
Treasure   Island     Sti
Uncle Tom's Cabin    S
Under Two  Flags���it.:
Vanity   Fair    Th icl ���
Vicar of  Wakefield���tl el
Westward  Ho     Kins; ���
WHite   Company    Doj
Window in Thrums, A     H
V/cnder   Book.   A ��� Hawl
Anel all the principal business centers of
ILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
GEO.   W.  VAjX.
Assistant Gen'l  Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, III.
What  We  Stand  On.
The density of the earth as a whole
has been estimated, with close agreement among tlio scientists who have
made the determination by different
methods, to be about 5.5, eir five and a
half times as heavy as nn equivalent
sphere of water. On the other hand, the
average density of the materials forming the accessible parts of the earth's
crust is between _.."i and ",. so that the
mean density o�� the whole globe is
about twice that of Its outer part.
This Indicates that the central part of
the earth is composed of heavier mate
rials anel may even be metallic, which
condition, says the Engineering and
Mining Journal, would accord perfectly with tbe nebular hypothesis.
Fill in the following coupon, or, better still, call at the News office, have a look at the books���they
themselves���andfselect your title.
The Daily News Publishing Co.
Enclosed   please   find   Three   Dollars, amount for one year's subscription   ��
+   in  advance for the Daily  News,    Kindly send me X
Name . .
Please nam    three hooks In oi ler
Ices .-ir. ei i he sold out.
' .   in  case  the   firsl  or  sec in I   ���
������������*���#���������������������������*���������������*�����������*�����*���*�����������������������������* �����->���**���������*������
iy r,    .     -     ���    , I     - T-��..  1     I  ~
!���: t .' limned 1887
Incorporated 1906
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Water?:,
Fami'y Trad* a Specialty,
Tel'. 113. Office,  Elflhth Street,
" ' ��� 'Phone ISfi.       Harn f none 137
Columbia St.
Baggage delivered    promptly to my
part of tbe city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office���Tram   Depot
500 Cords of Ian Bark Wanted
Nature   nn,l   Broken   BnncH.
In the splicing of broken bones nature can give the best surge ��� t p (inters,
When ti bbne Is broken the splintered
ends tue' surrounded with cartilage until they are lirntly held iti position.
Then gradually a layer of boue Is
placed between them and soldered to
gether, All thu physician has to do
is to bring the two ends of the 1/ mm;
together so Hint tli ��� polul w ill be
smooth and even, Nature's little
agents do the ro3t,   New York Tribune,
I Gilley Bros. Ltd j
Wholesale and Retail
TfMtc i.nwriiH Spelling;.
Shakes] re spelled liis own name In
sixteen dlffiereul ways which have
survived, nml ii ii evident thai Elizabethan spelling "depend upon tho
taste and fancy of tho s| ell tr." n Is
lhe printing press which made spollln.
by stereotyping It, and it Is, nfter .-ti!.
on the printer's ronder more than on
the professor that tbe spelling of the
future depends.���London Shir.
celebrati i   < ��� nu nl
used   y l all 1     e contr   I
NEV/   Bfi'JNSV/ICK   PLASTER.   ���
yay    ......._l _Ai  thej(��S__B- mvm
Fraser River Tannery
���Highest Cash Price Paid
Era _"'���'.t*
~"";" ROYA'COTY '
Ken iii ey's  Resin urau 5:
Open All IN3__ht     ;__
Xapoleou'M   \niuc.
The name Napoleon written In Greek
characters will form seven different
words by dropping the final Ii-Uit of
etich In succession. When read, these
words form a complete sentence, mean
ing, "Xapoleon, the destroyer of whole
cities, was the lion of his people."
"There is tt vvoi'ei of one syllable It:
the English language thai Is always
spelled wrong, oven by the most educated people."
"Whal Is tliat?"
���The word 'wrong.'"
it .
% Telephone
��������������O-���> -��� "I �� . *"9>0'*����������<�� **&�����**�������<���< *���*������������*���������������������������������������*
Batik of Montreal j��
I_S .ABI..lSH.;i) 1S17. ,,
CAPITAL $14,400,000.00
RESERVE        511,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada a   : Newfoundland, and   In   Ivondon,   V::
New   Vol:.,'":.    tu aiitl   Spol in .  [..S.A.,   .tt .   Vli       i City.      \
eral   Bai    ln_   Bu dm -    Ti ansae:   I,
Letter, of Credit I     ie I, avail  hi    vv I tl   correal ''��� :     ts    n all   . a
W'e.r! I.
.tivincjs Bank   Department,     Depo Its receh sum :'  and
nd  Interesl  allowe'd al  3 pe    ���   ��� .-i.  , ��� ���:���    nnu      I    ���     nt rat'
four tones a year.
Total  . - ��� ���.
;\v  u i.s rMixs'i ki: urani
0.  I>.   im; l M vKR,   "
in I     .'"    ice
_     CLAY      and      MANTEL   ��
Fro i thi Cl lyburn Cla; Co.   4
Offaco 16,   Manager's Residence 22 %
nil. 11 SiV-wt ,'���.-' Il  W iJ*1
lo raise j nod . lock Is goi el I'I IHI i,    v, _ I     ;i I he ' esl an I
best niii;.     Make voir chicken    la.v   hy giving Ihein ������. .od ;'���
Strengthen your live sloe 1:   bj   building up   bono  and  mun
ml   ise CARN1.FAC,
I..Mil, S have you Lrled the Pastry Flour made by Ihe K   -
Mlllln.. Company.   If not Telephone 333 and try It; there
obtained   are exce lenl.
"Let me see," mused the sporliiig
editor.  "What is an Incubator?"
"An incubator," replied ilu- agricultural editor, "is tm egg plant."
-   i
li. Schaake Mm ^m^. \
n ew w r.s r rvu v s r e r , b . c.
hl��\li\,/J,L'i    CS-
Discouragemenl Is but disenchanted j
egotism, -Manzinl.
r. ONT STftEET. TeUp'r     1
ADV( .DNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1907.
T ll E   D A IL Y   -\ E W S.
Great Northern Railway
V. W. & Y. RY.
9:20   a in Blaine, Bellingham, Burlington, Mt. I
4:35   p tu Vernon,  Everett, Seattle, Portland ;
.|;;;.',   p in Spokane.St.Paul.and till |i<iiu:s En
9:20   a in Anacortes, VVoolley, Rockport.
3:00   ]e m Vancouver
9:53   ). m
"l';i.' Owl,"
12:1" te i.i
between Seati le,  N'i w
Westminster a Intermediate points
:;."..    i. iii
a    ;e in
3.00 p in
3:00 ]. tu
.:20 ,t '.".
4:::.". e
6:20 ti in
���   '   !
I   i   i
��� i   i
��� t   i
! : !
; i
!   !   i
t   i   t
f   '   ���
i : s
1 !
i   i   i
i    i   t
! !
! I
��� < t
! !
t   t
i   i
i    .
i   i
I   i
�� ��
* ���
��� ��
t   i
i   i
j   i
��� ���
i   i
!   ���
i   i
i ! :
1 1
! !
Leave   Xew  Westminster  for Guichon    3:50  p. nt.
Guichon C p.m., Monday, Wednesday,  Friday.
S:45 ti. in. arrive from Guicl    i; 9:1 i a.m. Lv. foi Van ouv    .
2 Dnily  Overland  Tr.i r.z 2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minne    oil . Winnipeg, Du ith, Chie igo, St,
Louis   and    :.i'    points
i-' ,;��� i tplete ini'". matlon, ral s, hei;'.-.  reservation   e  t.,
i or a I'M'. ������-���,
F. C.  MEYERS,   \m. nt,
nl   of Ci n    er   ���  13 illdin .       --       \"evv   Westmins er,  B. C.
II. M. A;. Wis.   ',       Traffic M ...
��� ���   .  L'ni ������  Sit tion-  .- attle
__________ %c ____
TOTAL  ASSETS   45,400,000
eVasl ingt  n,   '.   . Se en tarj   ol
War   Taft, an i   Govi i a Cummins,
.��� ������   the  .. I nin n's   3i lee
ions   for presi lent  , . ��� ��� . : esideni
���    lively, i :,    sevell an I
��� ���������:..,-.    '''.:.. riff revision,
rid  if i        : h      | revuil
n will hi l-.alin
��� < ;  !   ���   Thi    m    ���    n ������ ,. - cain-
1 -.      title;"      . M.'.' .���    ������,
tiatl      han an
Eighty-five  branchei
the world,
with Correspondents throughout
ONE DOLLAR opens an account.   Interest added four
times a year.    Start to-day.
F. 8. LYLE, Manager.
!learing-out Sale of Odd Lines at giving away prices.
ur Window and Door.
An analysis of the
relations between
the man, the woman and the butcher
F ��� . na   Lays in Stock  cf 20.00C Tons
for   ,'.' r.tei   Use.
-:  -        A n of lasl
'    ��� . "II     o
���    ��� :��� .
evidenced _
���     ��� I      '      Ba:
immediate :,v
Mi        .   Whi mon     Iro...    1 hi     .   ���
of a series of ordi    .   ���    .   totin
' ��� ten   thousan I tons an       t  . .rival
''    ������ : '  .' i  store  ti    .-i. i mt   th
'     '     is a reserve t      h,     ...  -. ... .
'- -''mm    M ��� ���    tin,    Broa I-
-'"'������     Greenfell,    Sintaluta,    Indian
I,   :''  isi. Gra id   O ill e,     \\
Jaw,  Davidson,   Lu'msden,  Saskatoon,
Hanley,   Rouleau,   '���!���', sl  ni     Vi 11 iw-
gn ��� i and Weyburn,
This order will ; < . -... in tne
< a :;,.��� of a few we i s ir a .winter
���' �� " for : i ints wit] in ���'��� ��������� province
- ' "���' ������'��� e above list, Wi h this stock
ol twenty thousand tons m hand at.
convenient points, there will be no
langer of the flrm finding itself in the ���
same position as a one period thi
winter when ordi - wi re many wei ks
iin l. These big r ers an for next
'���'""��� ���"' ' do ������ interfere with the
ordinary orders ol the firm at this
bi t son.
_*��*_______a_H___r_______l tS^~9S^-^KS!tWB!s^V!i%!^N4WSSBP<
Charge of the
Light Brigade
was not in it with the  charge   of  the  HOUSE
Lee's Furniture Emporium
on Saturday.   All day they stormed us with their
ready cash.
Bargains to the left of 'em,
Bargains to the right of 'em,
All all B. C. wondered.
And no 'wonder they wondered when you consider the prices the goods are being slaughtered for,
and all new goods at that; and the only reason for
this sacrifice is, we must make room for goods now
on the car tracks.
Inwardly digest a few of the following quotations and avail yourself of this opportunity, as this
Sale will positively close this week.
in Imperial Oak, with bevelled British plate
mirrors, backs beautifully carved; regular $27
value, going at
T.-pedo  Kills  Boy.
R' "��� Isto ".   April   9���A  :-��� rious   ac-
< I lent, attende I with fat u ts, oc-
��� pi :   y< sterday   afternoon    on   the
'" ���   ���   ' '   F   irth   street,   when
' " "   Italia :      ; ���:   reci ived   severe in-
��� -  "" ������   th    e xpiosion of a signal-
'           edo; one s n    tm ing almosl
in M.- liati ly.   Th    ���   | been play-
In     with   the   Me-;,, (oi -,   wl ich   ha I
i   ���'���'   lying    neai    the track,  by
throwing   .1 im s  and     ieces i f  r icl
;   '"'''I   ' '  cause  them   to  explode.
';       :   " "-" I     ��� ' tched to near
" hen   a to   edo suddei ���.- .lo ii I,
������'���'    ' ������    '���������'��� an :    s   veral
,;. ..      f rock agaii h     . kill
int   one  instantly  and  severely injuring  the   .ther.
Bedroom Suites
in Imperial Oak;   regular $19,  sacrifice price
They are snaps at this price, and if you want to
furnish that spare room do it now.
Strong and Serviceable
Dining Room Chairs
all  hard wood, with handsome carved backs;
worth $1.50, going at
Second Hand Junk Store apS__f/S&	
��������� Every article in the store is reduced proportion-
' iptain Brown, oi the tu.   boat lately.     Cheffonieres,    Extension   Tables,    Centre
Edna, wil leave m _i Sunday for Ques- | Tables, Rockers,  Morris Chairs, Parlor Sets, Rattan
nelle, where he will      i  charge  if the |   ���,    .     '    ���   ,        Z ,   n    n     , ji���������
steamship charlotte ta the passen- ��� 1 Chairs,  Baby Carriages,  and Go-Carts, in endless
between Quesm  le and 3ouri_  | variety. Remember, JUst One Wb___
(I   O   I*   li   O   (> O   o o
(I    O   I '    n   <i
Highest Price. Paid for STOVES, FURNITURE
and TOOLS of all descriptions. Also buy and
Fraser River Hotel
We also buy and sell every thing
Apply by mail,
or by
'Phone No. 214
W^SEfST" -
$nad__nPad& PggyKgK?
bnlng  Through   First-class Pul
| Totirl ��� and Dining Cure-' daily,
mtic e> m ���   b 1    . ���     il   15: 10.
and |ii Ints - iuth, 8:30,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
Hotel Guests.
Guichon���\V,  A.  Albert,  Winnipeg;
il. A.  Kennedy, il.  R   King,  V nc m-
vei;   .M.   E.  avid,  Seattle;   A.  C. ���__-
Ki nzie, Cloverda i
Windsor���H. J, Cresswell,    ad
Thomns Kirkpntrick, Vancouver; .Mrs.  ���'
Captain Reed, Haney; J, s. .-     h    ���
Vernon;    .1.    W.   Pn ���        :  Imonl m.
y.- or '������ i; ant, Vt neon ��� ��� ���;   ','.'. s. K1'-
lor,  Millside;   George   Brusky,   Alder
%J K I  grove,
m .; in!  ;    it. L, W iddeil, V
il   P. Taylo . (". land   J,  '-   F rl im
Cleveland;   John Mo. re, s.  P. Hanby
j Bpii! Block, Columbia Sf, .few fefminsfer, B. C.
pi ���'.'���; pa Lieu ii    tipply in
<i   l'. A. Agenl C.P.1
flVeitii'ie'i\ i'i',
18.01)0 fEMPIlESS OF BRITAIN ) 14,800
H. Power \ l.MPK E38 OF llil. LAN I' I      10l��b
Ri iin lion in fai������-, from the oi.i
Country. Xow is the time to secure
ti ,.e ts.
i'm. -  ."! (i's run to St. John '
connect   with   Empress,   nexl   sailinj
April  mth.
For fuither particulars apply to
Stminster iron Works
Xew  Westminster.  C.P.R. agent for all Atlantic companies
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
*.,___"H'<-"I l.'HAI.   IKON     WDKIC
^���tn���,.���,;i.   ,,.������   iM,,',,     ���,.������   for CONRAD, CARCROSS, ATLIN,
,^,W'P SMITH1Nti' !!l<lll('!'> and
..iy_B'!MV"1 'URAL IRON    WORK
l.i ii .f-ril til    I mii    Wont,   ii'cttiiiitti..
MP, Gates, Fire Escapes, etc, WHITE    HORSE,   DAWSON   and
(1 ord'jijt nnd correspondenc. In FAIRBANKS.    Daily trains  (except
Sunday)   carrying   passengers,   mail,
������''   I i/-v_j_,   ���-��__.__>, '"Mr' "    ;��ntl   freight   connect   with
.   |JUnPN   RScSO, stages nt Carcross and White Horse,:*
BEQHiE s'i'ki.i, i, maintaining a through winter service
N����l      ��� ],,..                    ,.   {)  nt ;���",! information apply to
TTT^, ������     J- H.  ROGERS, Traffic Managei
ADVEP'MSE  in tHE DAILY   NEWS. Vancouver.   B. C
t    I
I    I
i    I
*    f
! I
t  '
M,ii.��!'���!'  Siileli>r  ( rulm.
"I have coliocte . specimens of oralis
fn nil ptirts of lhc> world," s:ilj a imt-
��� nrallst, "but I shall never forget the
pleasure 1 experl 'iieed In securing a
monstrous specimen eef tiie Japanese
:-;iii|ci' crab, the largest ever found,
The combined -length of the feeding
arms of this n ster was more thtm
twelve feet,   while the tie.dy  portion
was about twenty Inches across.  When
nlivp,   It   weighed  about  seventy-flve
pounds,    due   of   the   oddest   things
nlioiit these creatures Is their ability
to nssiiine ti disguise.   This feat they
are nble to perform owing to tho flexibility  of  their  pinchers  nnd   to the
hooked hairs and spines with  which
their numerous arms are studded.   By
means of their pinchers they tear off
small fragments of sponges and sett-
woods.    After first putting these to
j , their months, which contain a glutinous
saliva, they place them  on tho sur-
face of  their  limbs and   bodies  by
I ! sticking  thein   fasl   with  n   .fibbing
j   movement.    Viy this method tho crab
. |   succeeds   In   .ompletcly changing  its
it    lit.    nppenranoe and rondorlug Itself indls-
J   j    j   }   |   j j tinguUbable from the mateilals com-
. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers end Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,    Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
| Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
mon to the bottom of the sen. While
crawling along II seems tis though ;i
portion of the ocean bed was in motion, so eie.se is the resemblance."
I Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12. New Westminster
���-��e THE   DAILY   NEWS.
:oay. ABRIL
Published by the Daily News Pub-
lis . ng   Company   Limite 1,   at    th dr
offii ��� s,   corner   of   Sixth   an 1    t'i
streets, New Westminster, 11. C.
E.   A.   Paige Manager
No lumpiness in WINDSOR
TABLE SALT. Each pure,
rich salt-grain keeps separate,
telaining ali its natural strength.
_��_____ a ___i___
d*k_-'. i
Transient display advertising, 10
cents per line (nonpareil), 12 lines o
the inch. Five cents per line for
subsequent inset tions.
Reading notices, bold face type 20
cents per line, brevier or nonpareil,
Id  cents per line.
For time contracts, special positions, apply to advertising manager,
Notices ' of births, marriages or
deaths, 50c. Wants, for sales, lost
or found, rooms to let, etc., one cent
per word. .Nei advertisement taken
for less than 25 cents.
Day   Office    A22
Night  Office    B~2
BE?   i
���'���? oi%:.~y.
tent a lesl of the pupil's knowledge.
Ai preseni they are little better than
;. ti sl of his memory and quilldriv-
in; ability, with a strong dash of the
lot ten' added,
WEDNESDAY.  APRIL   10,  1907.
'I he Government has round ii neces-
Barj to alter Its bill providing a land
endowment for a provincial linker
slty. This result was brought about
b.\ the criticisms of the Opposition,
particularly ih*��� arguments of Me'.
Macdonal I. As the bill stood In the
first place, the land might have been
given io anything ortlllng itself a university; bul now the land will be administered b) the Government for the
in nefil of the provincial university
��hich shall I"' a British Columbia institution, nol connected with any ex
tm provincial foundation.
In the debate ou the subject, Mr.
McBride lei the cai out of the bag with
respect to the' Act of last year, which
created the "Royal Institute of Learning." He said it was "an Acl to assist,
the Vancouver High School and allow
it to enter Into certain affiliations with
McGill university." That is nol quite
the whole truth; bul it is part of it.
The other part of il is thai the design of the Act was to "anchor" the provincial university In Vancouver. The
land endowment bill of the present
session was doubtless Intended to bo
read with the Royal Institute Act *��f
last session, and we should have had
Hie- whole scheme complete' and ready
for use, had it not been for the vigilante or the Liberals who are. from
conviction and principle, opposed 1 >
Ibis sorl of dark-lantern scheming,
one of our provincial contemporaries, plunged Into the darkBonie depths
eu' chill despair by the reflection thai
Canada was to be represented al the
Colonial conference In London by such
ate un-Brltish or anti-British and generally unsuitable and unqualified person as Sir Wilfrid Laurier. I rand
sweet consolation In the anuounce
ment thai the Hon. R. McBride ha 1
decided to hie hlm to "Lunnon Town"
tii this time, and so give those' Britishers an opportunit} of seeing what
a really-l ral,\. slap-bang, tip-l o-iltil;'
Canadian statesman was like. Our
gratitude Hows oul to the journal
which brings ns this glad reminder.
We can sleep In peace' now; the coun-.
try is safe'.
uie thought ni.it  maybe they are only '    CLASSIFIED   ADVERTISEMENTS
shooting a i.lank cartridge al the poor
blindfolded wretch before them." FOUND   -White     fox     terrier,     wit!
  brown sm ���  .... .��� eye.    Ap >lj   N   " -
Hnn> Breltmnnn'a PliIloBonhy. office                                                   v-
I have found that if we resolve te> be
vigorous of body and mind, calm, col wanted    Sen int    (ii:-.
lected,   cheerful,   etc.,   we  can   effect
marvels,  for it Is certainly true that
after  awhile  the  spirit  or  will  does
haunt  r.s  unconsciously  and   marvel- ~"~"                                                                     50 acres just two miles wesl of tii" Cit} on  new car line to \
ously.   I have, i believe, half changed LOST���A purse contain -        su n .     .   ,,,_  ,.liM,v|   price $210 per acre ������ terms.
my nature under this discipline. I will money, on a city car.   Finder please
continually te, be free from folly, envy, return to this office                                  50 acres, eleven miles from 1 Ity at Station and Posl Offii e; g���
Irritability and vanity, to forgive nnel       barn,  chicken  house, orchard  partly cleared, Onl)  $2,000.
forget, ami 1 have found, by willing WANTED���Saw-mill   engineer   havin            ,,., acreg c]ose ,,, Westminster Junction, fronting on River. '���
:��'"'   ">'"'"   '""M'.mm:'   ,,.   ,.,   tha..   n!,:l" ���gecond   i)1pers      Apply   prMer   ,.._     prlce $55 per acrei  ,,.,,,������,  ,,.���.,���,.,. ,.���,   ���.,,���,..     This  pr ���:'".   ,
:��� Saw Mills, Limited  Millside, B.C. i ln smaiier lots at this price. '
'���   ii:    to
M rs.   L.  McQuarrie,  Tth  si reel   at
Itii avenue, I
far from being exempt from  fault,  I
have eliminated a vast mass of It from
my mind,   It ls certainly true, as Kant   -  |;0 acreg ,(.  clover_aie,  price $21  per acre,  with terms.
wrote to Hufeland, many diseases can   wanted   Teamster te. drive a one-
be cured by resolving them away.   He      horse delivery rig.   Flour and feed.      ' 50 acres near  Westminster Junction, on    good    road, ea
thought the gout could be.-Letters of      Ann]v Mc0uarrie '& Co   ,.,.������. s-      Price $20 per acre.
Charles Godfrey Leland,
10 acres lots in Surrey, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Lulu island
Time to Change. GOOD   OPENING  for   young   man   to
It was at n table d'hoto dinner nt a study law at Martin & McQuarrie'!
bill station in India that a very young e ,w  0ffice.                                           _ |
officer just up from the plains found
himself  seateel   next   to  a   lady   whom T|MBER  LANDS���We deal  exclii
he took  for one  of tho grass  widows ���    ,    jn Umber     1|iv(, ,            :  ;   :;   _.,
common in those parts.   lie made him- ^
self agreeable, but bis neighbor seemed a  good deal ...it  of spirits, so be :"|v or sel1' see "'"    '������ R' ( ' ": : ' '
i '7   Hastings  St.,   Vane ra. ���'.  B.C
Three "Hen lers were gathered in
out of the damp Tuesday morning by
Officer McDonald, all being very wet,
both inside and outside. Two we're' allowed oul on five dollars bail each,
while the third was discharged in the
morning by the police' magistrate it
being the tirst offense.
\ water application was received
by C. C. Ftlsher yesterday, from A.
Philips of North Vancouver, asking
for fifty inches to be used within fhe
liinils of North Vancouver for domestic  purposes.
Poundkeeper Unit has announced
his intention of strictly enforcing the
pound bylaw, from now on, and dog
owners are warned to secure their license and tags, Mr. Batt will noi
l;' ''''l' ;| dog in pound for over forty-
I'l-ltt hours at th" expiration of which
lime the' canine will come to a sudden
end unless claimed and the fees paid.
The fees are ten cents pee- _ay, ani]
'; one dollar In the case of female
dogs the fee ,;s $2.00.  .
said sympathetically:
"1   suppose   yeiti   e'lin't  help   thinking
of your poor husband grilling down be-  FOR SALE   Finest* strain White  Pe
low?" kin    : a.-.   eggs, $1.00   per   doze n.  ^
But tbe lady was a real widow, ami      ,, ,.,. ,,.      Morrow,       Distilleryvll
wheu be learned that he changed bis      x-,,,.   westminstei 12d-'
scat.- London Answers.
_       _ __ ^^ sale   Convenient 6-
HALE &  LANE,  Real Estate Agents
248 Columbia St., New Westminster, B. C.
and at CALGARY. Alberta.
* >��� >,>������������������������������������������������������������ .*���*>������������������������������������������*�����������������,
I The Fishing Season I
JOB PRINTING -Saw Mill and Fac
lory Stationery a specialty. We '1 >
all other kinds of printing, ;m 1 Insure a. good job al right prices.
ARROW PRESS. Daily News Block.
Mrs. Dominy, proprietor. FOR   SALE���Seve
FOR   SALE   4-room   house,   ?S00;   7-
room liouse, close in. $1,100;  5-room      City,
house, cl ise I i Bridge, $1,700. White
& Shiles, Columbia street. LOST���A     pointer    pu
��� '
��� ,
7 ���
T   SHOOTING���Call .ind  inspect my fine stock of guns, new and second ���!
lose to Can F ictoi - and City limil     * hand' {I
si--   each.    Apply  White   &   Shiles,   ���   BICYCLES^, the latest pattern, for sale and to hire, both f< ,
era  res I h :������ e  with    largi     gai h i    +
sta ii- two   horses,   ��� tc.    Pi i< e  J
$3,10 '   (half  cash).   Applj        : 504, !���
Xew Westminster,       . ���
has now commenced. I have some
splendid new lines in FBSMSNG
TACKLE, Rods,  Lines and  Reels.
FOR SALE���A small is'.,mil containing
about 15 acres, close lo New Westminster city. Can be used for a mill
site. For particulars apply to
Gunderson &  Anne's grocery.
en   *
ind ���
months,  spotted   ,vhiti
brown;   answers   to the    name    ol
T:li<-.     Finder   please   communicate
and  gentlemen. J jj|
New   Keys  niade;   locks  fitted;   knives,  axes, stiws  scissors, etc  !���
ground   and   sharpened.
at once to Cap'. Mayers, Wellington   ���
Coal wharf, and obtain reword.
Thi ot her day we made note of the
, ��� . I lint tii" boasted ".surplus" of the
McBrlde Government had been reduced iap tltry $65,000. Al the close
of la.-: fiscal year (June 30, 1906.),
the  surplus amounted to  some' $365,-
00 '.    Therefoi ���. $300,000 has I i ex-
���:-..;������ I  since   ihe   date  above   given,
and  it   '..   n ��� ,.   state ,  I hn     his expenditure was made wlthoui a vote.   The
Victoria    Times    very    properly    denounces I.ds as au outrage,   The con-
���Irol of expen liture bj  i ai liana nl  is a
..'���    -ai'tttal principle of the com titu-
lion, an ! if the exe< ul ive is lo be al-
,��� i t.e make  large expenditures at
its  own  will,  one'  ol' the  greal   safe
r    i ;   of constitution tl  ; n   i nmei - i
��� ' and ned,    This  is m   ���   pari cul
1}   : rue ��hei   ' In     i| en I I    nm Ic
ni ti linn m ', m an elei tion : ien I
i-������- and manlfi tl} for tin tr)iose ol
Influencing   t be   eh cl   rati       Had   tin
i      iwn  Clovei in il   been       illtj     of
such   i li  act, ��� ii    vi hich
Iho McBride Gove iim nl
\\ e ill ! hav Iii!" i heir i lumns �� il h
denunciations of such coi   ipti in.
Ti> Tut tho Mitlit In  Two.
Professor Victor Hallopeau, inembOT
of the Paris Academy of Medicine,
The true see-ret of long continued,
valuable brain work is to cut the night
In two. The scholar, the Inventor, the
financier, the' literary creator, should be
asleep every night by 10 o'clock, to
wake again at, say, _ in the morning.
Three hi.urs' work, from 2 te) .". in the
absolute tranquillity of the silent hours
should mean the revealing of new powers, new possibilities, a wealth of ideas
undreamed of under the prevailing system.
From .". to S or S:"n sleep again. Taking up then the (lay's work, the brain
will be> still saturated with He mental
fruits of the midnight vigil; there will
be no effort in putting into practice
or carrying further what was planned
or begun those few hours before.
Tic habit may be hard to acquire,
but mechanical means of waking at
first will Induce the predisposition.���
New York World,
FOR  SALE    I  lens in Burnaby, close WANTED A.  ONCE    iToung man. n
to  the  Vancouver    car    line,  $185.      afraid .ef work. I . care for a horse,
Several large lots een  Eighth sireet      drive  delivery   rie,  and   make  him
and near can factory, Burnaby, $60      s"l!  generally  usi    tl.    Apply  to \\
to  $80  each,    WHITE  &   SHILES,      l:- Fales.
Columbia street.
  FOR SALE    A  Sua ,. Nil���.��� 6-room
JOB PRINTING���We work    for   tbe     tage in good condition on rie i i
best people    iif N'ew    Westminster.      of Agnes and Elliot!  streets   Faces
Vour   order   will     be    appreciated.      on " streets. Large lot. Price $2,250,
ARROW   PRESS.   Room     t.    Daily      Terms.    Apply  te,  D, J.  McQuarrie,
News  Block, MRS.  DOMINY, Prop.)    Tram office, city. 1-81
*ic��:>>:>:>;:f:��::f>;>;>:>;>:>;>:>:>;>;>;>;>;>;:f^>:^f >;:���;>:*>_��:>::���: >:>;>::���:;���_���::���::*::���:>"*_���:>:>;'.���..���-
��� ��r
���������������������-�����������>������*><����������������������>-������>'�����*���������������-<K *>��������������������������. ����������������.
The Settlers' Association of
Liberals in       i Hon      -   .in ro
ha : ���>, ���   '  Ij   have
the;    lo   keep   ;   -    Clovi'l iiliR'iil    righl
ti     nf and insli uci
i, as io tie- const ,  ��� ,    , '
li. ha. ���
eee Hie A      few
i'i'     had
nib [pal   i ommi    ���>    ol   the
��� '       , II '   . ' I      1111(1    'ne:,    Into
i   :,-Ide : il    'he  bill I   i'i tling   with
' un -.���   mi e tlitcln .-.    it  w ill in-
cmberetl       ���     hei e wei e two   .ill
icerl   dealing   ��I li   llil    subject,
' ..��� Mean Oliver ihe other by
ih.       i'i   tin "ut.
Tb '   <��� niittee  having   both   these
i ���  " ", :  thi    n  ' ning decided to
��� ; 'I i he bill lnl ro I'uced b\ M r.
Olivi r, ��� : Ich showe I better judfc
nn nl hi ��� ' lining and was better
ad ������ ' ' i ' he needs of the province
I lhe Kovernmenl   measure,    Both
".' Hi.     111   ���  ivered the same ground."
Tin-   Military  lleiKli   Sentence.
"Yeiti ktuov how a soldier traitor is
put to dentb," said the colonel. "The
traitor stands blindfolded, and half n
dozen privates shoot ai hlm simul
tanoously, Bul p trhaps you don't
know that each of those privates,
though he take the most careful aim,
may afterward say without fear of
contradiction lhat the traitor's blood
does not stain his hands. This Is the
reason: Two of the rilies for this ghnst-
ly shooting are always loaded with
blank cartridges. Then they are shuf
fled, and no one knows which the
harmless ones are. Tho execution! rs
draw, mi 1 each Is ns like as not to
draw ii In ri dc i gun. S,. wl i the}
���  ibe.v .'M. - dace then selves m  M
Provincial University.
.��i��" , <>___} H   fi  VcJP Km __JP
Front Ing 500 1 'el  on Hast Ings Ro t I,   ft un In     1,'iii i       I      .  I:
V     Road, eleven acres  ite  all,  onlj  $175 pei    ci       Prii     will not i
.1 ,- ' '"-R    tiOLL
If you want a Shoe to keep your
.eet dry and comfortable, ask for
reo. A. Slater's "Invictus Shoes."
We have them for Men and Women.
These Shoes are made with light,
pliable uppers, with specially constructed WATERPROOF SOLES.
si      iis  \i\\   Rfure
10 ai    is In lot    ��� i e.; a   '    fo . '   ���   $ao    '    ai    ���.  i:
160 mi" os, splendid soil, in lot 11, Uurna        .$170  ; -     acre.
We ha." :���,.   sale   n this beautiful fanning i   inici   illt;   SO
Phi for a fev $20 ai
���   lifetime.
\ -   eudld   election of fai m - alv :
:        , . ���     Rh er  V die; .    Call on us
���  '   Mis,
Lots through mt the cit} of X' iv \, ���   tt  In
;.       ..'"'.'        :
kvIth    a.-  t
vill     "       -,-.:���
m.i $50 :    $2 "
II. T. Thrift, Mgr. J. B. Wilson W. H. Clad
713 Colu'e-.hia  St.   (Fales Block), Tel. 331.      Branch   Office.  Hazlemen-
'��� ���'
prmg vJuitmg'p
An  Ea   ern  pa |ii r pj Inte 1  t he otli u-
day one ol jirotRsI    a ?ainst  the
annual ir semi-annu tl examination
Bcholnrship which one
;.,". Is v Ith From time to I Ime, Except on tie.' ground of expedlenc} or
con . ��� ni- n ".  fev,   peoph .   If  :,n  .   , ���
fi ml 11 xaniinal Ion I    t; fev people,
lhal is, ��� ���' have takei tl Iroiibh
i . :-' ud} the mat let II should be
] - dble i" ni ike very i on -i l-
,, ii le Improvements al a mo lernte
cosl Improvements whloh woul l
make tli<' examinations   to  some  ex-
ti   I     ii Presldenl   n   iiicc
in-.-   ol   lh     Central   Park   Pro\ Inclal
i nl, erslt)   \- "    ition will   ic held it,
. Cit}   Hull, N   .',   Ve'   tm'nstcr
i    m i i'cl eel   sharp,
All   i n steel   in   higher education,
and  Hie  |>ubll    generallj, are  Invl
I '   be   preseni   nnd   I ike   purl   in   I hi
A large attendance is requested
English Watchmaker
Two   doors   from    Geo.   Adams,   Crovir
I : dies'Gold Watches   from  512.75 up.
Genl c ."n's   Silver   Watches,   open
race, $6.00.
Gentle non'    Silvi r   VV'ati lies,   double
. $7.50 up.
A ������ nl  for the celebrated South Reml
Watei , lie I   to    Iho    Wel i
Arctic Expedition.    All warranted.
Chain m Rings, Jewelry, etc., cte\
Watch   repairing;    charges   rea    n
1 Men's, $5.00 a
.  M
j Women's $4.00
and $4.50 Pn
Jt'st Arrived one of thc  largest and ir.-j
complete stocks in 13ritisr. ColumDia
PANTS TO OT,\    R. $5.00 UP
Satisfaction guaranteed or  mone;    refunaea.    butts  k.:.t  in  r<
1   el-i-ere'e   for   u:ll.     /(.'ar. Open   L\UP,.V;-.
i ree oi charej
Ask for the
Invictus Shoe
_  |257  FRONT STR LET .
Cor.   McKcn_ic   and   Front
ed G
__>���______������ ���_���_
50c  per pound
_.it i
1 ADAMS   &
���___ 1307,
.ESDAY.  APRIL  10.  1907.
*�����������*���������������������*��� ��� .���'���.��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ::=��� *
up Tidy, Mi" florist.   'Phone A18_,
��� Col. Sc '"     ;������ veteran ��� >:' Porl Moo-
ly, '.mi.- :i visitor in 'he' city yesterday.
��� i
��� fe
Millinery Display,
with lantern siieies. Th.' lecture waa ���
given under the auspices of the Art, ���
Historical   and   Scientific association,  +
and was much appreciated.
'>'��� ���'��� TraPP returned yesterday mor-      Th(. ,,,,���.,.,, ,������ the ,.������ H   Hal,a{
ning from Victoria, where he had been   ,,���.,,. .,,.,,.,. ���.,,,.,.,.., m0rning, Ut.' Rev.   ���
for ti few el;i; s on business.
,1.   S.  Henderson   conducting   the ser-
The C.  P.  il. station is now in  the   vlce-     The body was Interred  In. t^
hands   ol   workmen,   who   tire   doing(Oddfellows' cemetery, a large num
much neede i reperations.
���    ���
���.. Some of the Advantages .
Possessed by This Workingman's Shirt
'.)'   friends  of  th.'  deceased   follow in
tin' body toils hist resting pla.'.'.   Th
Tli"  annual  vestry    ting  en'  the   pallbearers   were  .1.    W.     McDonald,   *
Queen's avenue Methodisi church will   ,,;,,, McXiven, A. Hardman, D. Adams,  ���
he held mi Tuesday, April :i". | j   s. Brvson and Mr. McKay. ���
.Mrs   Cameron,   of   Vancouver,   was      A   few   days  ag0 A|-���.,,   Knight,  of  *  Buttons Sewed Oil by hand     Can't COttie off.
-T]::':j; r ::::',," ' r,lls- !n "T; l>ar8TIn ,hi " !Seams doubl* Pitched - can't nP.
Hospital >���-'���'  ia)   iiiceinoon, .,.,,   ���_,.,,   ., ,: i  ,,]  ,,,���.  whose' deep  at-  ��� l
tachment to mother   earth  ti leasi J Button-holes extra finished--can't wear out.
Mayor   Kear    I    expi   led    i ick  t i-
holl lay tt Ip to the S iun I
les.       <��� has ' een a isen       n ei k.
bleaks     I  local records.    Mr. Knight,   J
howevi ..   was  determined   to   gel   I
the   bottom  of   the   matter   .    I
Every Shirt Guaranteed by the Brand
annual nieetlu     if the   E] ��orth   em pul ling until he had unearthed over  X
We  mima   a  lin.' dlspla)   of the mosl beautiful designs of leadin
ol   Paris tm I  New  York, cleverlj  reproduced by our own staff
'I'I:    shapes nre' th.    newest,   taking   in  almosl   ever)
ruble  kind.    The materials are rich and fashionable;  wherever
mu. whether in this city <>r others, you'll nol find mo ���        active
iK'iy  tit   such  popular prices.
���arts Pattern  Hats,   $10, $12, $18.50 and $25.
Ready-to-Wear Hats
Our  display   is one  of  excp.tional   inte ti  u icing   the   most
��� .Lite' shit pes  and  effeel.-.
These are the smarl  styles to   wear   with    tailored   suits;    and
H   iuse  designed  and   trimmed In  our own workroom  exclusiveness
Oi ���' .l-.-'M .'  i    .'...'I
H   We have a full assortment o    colors,   shapes   and   effeel      with
.fri    vim.'-  i.'    m ii tm ���-.  witms.  llo\ver3,  ribbons,  etc.,    Our  prices  are
qi)        i,, el,"mm .     Ri',riv   iei   wear,       S2.00.   $3.00  $5.00.   $6.50 t e   $3.50.
Our Stock of Taimmings
Embraces almosl  every   wanted    kind   at    over)-   wanted    price.
Flowers,  wreaths, foliage,  buds, etc.
In an .iction for judgment   for $-75,   ^
larger an I commodiou mises       tjng,   |.;   B   Ramse)   of Burnabv, v   ���
igue o|  the Queen's avenue Metho- six feel of root, which this amhltiou
list  ch  rch   will   ' ������  held   on   Mon la) vegetable   ha I   senl   Chinaward    las
!^j  evening  .   xt. se ason.
;.  .. .i'    .    - has    em      I  to
the Trap]     lock, Columbia  street,   the  Frost   &   Wood   company,  in  the  ���
* *��� I'   ""I ' "      ' 'J ��� i ��� ��� ���    ��� ~_ asm ��   sm     * _^.     - . ,        �������. m_b _*���_, _r ��� , ^��_ ___
,;,;, I ���       uivi   tisement on page four.   county  couri   yesterda)   morning,  the  %       THE    WARDROBE   CLOTHIER.
!���'.  M. rd son nui le  an   in pec
n  ol   the -        '.   the  steamers
������; in ,  an     Royal  Cit)   ;���   -'������; da; . both
of   whie : .  foun     to  be  In   first-
e lass  shape.
def tn mum   si ited   i hat   his  oc< upation
consisted of staying al home, minding
_ :
�����������������*���������������������������������**���$<?. i ������<���������������������������������������������*��������������������,���*
{ Hiihirc, and   cutting   Brewood�� % SOLE AGENTS FOR NEW WESTMINSTER
which gave him no time for anything
else.    Hon. Norman W. Bole conslder-
e i he was ;i good specimen of a dry ���
Foi   cm   ;'"'���   -. ��� trnations and fu-  nurse, bul advised him to go to work
ui ral    lesigi lone  T.   Davis   &   an earn some money and make a pay
Si ti. florists, Tel,  B20S. menl on his liabilities, before July, un
til which time the case' was adjourned
Small June Roses, sky, pink, etc	
IM---   Roses,  in   bunches of  hall   tozen ' i two dozen,
"   Vei  ' ev   Ro ���
4Cc  t'i $2.50
half dozei       bunch $1.50
ts 25c to 75c
ge '. 15c  ' .  50c
bud  Foliage 15c
���s, white in wreaths 50c
Pop eli     ��� : ���   grade $1.25
whit,   and   pink   Forget-Me-Nots 50c
\ ,!.",    25c
.1.   P.   Bilodeau,  who  has   I u  con-
fini 'I to his : un for the past couple
:. i'.j irti I to be . .;-. II) regaining strength, and is expected to
be aboul again In the com -������ of a few
The Ci. X. R, ferrj  S) Ine)   lefi yes
terday  afternoon  for down  river,  but      "in   the  footprints    of Burns    and
is tli.' weather was exi Ilngly rough   Scott," is the title of the lecture to lee'.
it   was expected  that  the boat would  given in the K. of P. hall on Tuesday,
tie   up al  Steveston for the night, April   in.   under  the  auspice's of the
Sons of Scotland. The' Rev. J, Simpson, pastor of tli.' First Congregational
church, Vancouver, will be the lecturer, and in addition to the literary
treat, there will be music and singing contributed hy well known local
talent. A specialty will be made of
Contracts Mil,.mi for tree spraying Burns' songs, and the Gaelic burr will
and for white washing buildings of prevail throughout the evening. Over
ul! descriptions. Mace, McClelland & one hundred stereoptlcon views will
Co., Colonial hotel.'Phone 39. Special be shown during the course of the
.i rms for large orchards. lecture.
The  owiu 'ship        the  Comn   rcial The breaking down of a wire near
Hotel,   Chiiliwack,    was    transferred Earl's road yesterday afternoon some-
this  week  into the  hands  of  Charles what  disarranged the B. C. E. R. ser-
I    '���                purchase w is made from vice to Vancouver, the cars being held
I'.   H.  ila','   and  the  consideration re'- ,:   on  either side of the break  fori
ceived is reported I i have been in the considerable time.    The  break occur
i ciuit)   of $8,000. red early  In the afternoon, and line-
,  men were Immedlatelv hurried to the
T.1 ������   sl .1      > Isite I the   residence ol
Mi,   and   .Mrs.   Philp it,   !'���'   Co nwal!
st.eet,   yesterday   morning,   an 1   le*i
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Paid-up^Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund,l$5,000,000
IS.  E.  WALKER, President. ALEX.   LAIRD.  General  Manager.
A general Banking business transacted.   Accounts mayjbe opened and Jcon-
ducted ley mail with all branches of this bank.
Deposits cf ,>1 and upwards received.    Interest allowed at current rates  and
added   four  times  a year.   The depositor is subject to no delay
whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
a  little dan  hi
Mr.  Philpot   Is  th.
scene, bul  it  was after seven o\ .
before the damage could be repair"!
The passengers from the first delayi
26:-27I   COLUMBIA   ST.
*.��____, .T:______23l___*^^^ _��_____.,a^-____*TKV^^T^_)
^' Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!
We are writing lots of Fire Policies
lese davs. And why? Because we
re effecting a saving for policy
elders all the way from 5 to 25 cents
n the dollar. Of course the man
'ho has to pay appreciates this, and
d we are kept busy writing ampliations.
car   were  transferred   at   Earls   road
n      eratoi tin    In    .- k ng Edward,        , .       ,   ,   .    .
___     \ .  . and continue,! their lotiriii'v on a spe-
*&?���    a   and  has    een  receiving thi   congratu-    . . , - .,   , _,,    '
i-        ' . .       .     , . cial car senl tn their rescue.   The la-
.��   i lions   of    is   ' rlen Is   on   I he happy   . , , ,        ,   ,
ii '  c it's manage 1 to run thr .ugh, but
each   was   b'l ive!   I'ur  a  considerable
Clive c Pitt   Lal e  time,
,   ie with a b .hingli     olts
ih,    ���     fori ine,    owins   I i    the      B' ';'   ''N :' " '  eler!    ':' ""' munici-
I   ,vi      - man-   ;    lt:   "''   Bun " ���  ':   '   :"11'""'1   hte
'   he,     ���      ��� river,    Havi,,,    ' ":     ' ":'    �� -"'  ''"'""���i;'  asliing l"
-, ,m      nded tl     re,    ind r here, the eleved by 1      end ol th    present
0th.      It    Is   in, lersti  ��� i    th..'    Mm.
Walker intends to enter into ,; more
live   business   in   'leis   city,   an |
r ii   ������'������ ���' ;' wn      hnl   he   '.a--   ni   I    a: rangemen s   to  *
lletl     i at the Coin      ian Co! 1 Sl     ise  go into partnership with an establish-
tny's    i'ii        ) estere        -,. n   -::       ��� i! ���--   im   flrm.    Some tint.' since.
',    ���  ���     sei was ha!   - It.an.l   Ur.   Walki ;  asked   I ie    ouncillors  I i
lefi   m      Vani i  mm   from   whence :��������� clerical helji ti   enable him tee
e   I      'lte   halibul  '-".���'���-:   I'm'     ������    through   ��i ii  his   work,  bin   this
ve --.-    Is  PNpecti ,   ' ah        April   requesl   was not  complied  with,    dn.'
-���  evith  .       -      of i',s!m ��� .��� Mucin,, ��� es  reported  i i have   hinted
m  this was ; ten l\   a veiled request
'"'     ' ' '    enl    i     mor,   money, as ,1." remuneration
" ,ini    if  I       Queen's    iven       Mel
<   ��� ���,.    m   eack    ' - ���   eavonr to rescue
:" atsai
'c-ceivi i  was not  commensurate will
'      ''     ' 'et this evenii the service!   rei  lered,    Palling I , ob
!' ' "   iei.,   the   assistance   In-   needed    Mr
' v,,   .     ie, leretl his re -una lon. nine)
;   to the.  ,.    ,    ���l   the  majority of  tl,
.iincll   n       mg effort has he n made
' ���    mince   leiiii  t .   rei on ilder  his eli -
cisi'll).     ICH     see    I'M'    With,lill     S'll R{   ....
The Farm Land Specialists,"
New  Westminster
I no ,'atei stoi    a
corn '' '.  .    . '     ;ble sl
;.^   Ut)W   :\'.' ���       Ipleted,   till I   ,  :     |
vious leasee, \\". Cumniln.;, :.: ., ������',
I acl int.. the premises )esterda). The
adjoining store has I. ra I el en lij ll.
Stevenson, the ho m lit r, ,\ It e ha 1
int' many ; 'Mrs I een loi ate I on Eront
si reel.
Professor  Burwash,  of  the   Colum-
Opera House  3ockin_..
April  la   Ward's   Minstre
April  24-  "Hello   Bill."
-Ma,\  3��� A Si ranger in Tow a.
May S���A Texas Ranger.
May  10���Old Arkansas.
May  is���Peck's Bad   Hoy.
eaff)   isn
I'ian College, lectured in th" museum  On Tuesday, April 'a. to Mr. mil Mrs.
of th<> Carnegie library, Vancouver, at      W,   Philpot,   ii'l  Cornwall  street,  .
s    o'clock    yesterday    evening,
in i    daughter,
Do you linei it difficult t > decide on a suitable article for that
mii'i sent.'.'   If so, all iw us to offer a few suggestions:
In Cut Glass Water Bottle, Salt Set, Vase, Bowl, Nappy,
B'm  !,et'.
Sterlins Silver and Silvcr-Plntcrf Goods Cabinet
Bpoons and Porks, &e.; Tea Set, Sahal Bowl, Se.np Tureen, Pudding
Bp;sh, Carvers.
Oak Tray, Biscuil  far, He tier Dish, Bronze Figures, &e.
- C. Chamberlin, ���    The Jeweler
for   ...    .
P. O. Box 248 *     "m         Telephone 302
$10, $1?, $1', .W, $20, $22, up to $25
Everything  now  blossoms wiih Spring freshness, and choosing
at   this  writing  will  be  an  easy  task,
H. L. DeBeck
Sprang Suit Thoughts I
Sunshine again!
Willi ii comes thoughts of thai new Spring Suit \nn hive promise.] yourself. With thai thought we trust tliat you will couple the
name ol' tliis store, where vour conception of all thai Is desirable in
a Suit  will  he realize' I.
The continued patronage o! well-dressed Men shows that our
Clothing can l.e depended upon to satisfy,
Sails oi' iltc New broken check ami plaid patterns in the handsome Grays���Blues and the Smarl Hrown unit olive mixtures,
J Til E   DA II. Y   N E WS.
the White House
Misses' and
Children's Dresses
in Dark .Prints, Light Prints,^ Shambrays,
Muslin, Lawn ; in all sizes from 1-2 year
to 17 years. Jack Tar Blouses in sizes up
to 14 years.
Bird*   utii]   KilcN.
No bird, so far as known records
show, has ever alighted on _Mdte or
attacked one, While a scientist was
flying a train of five kites some years
ago u large silver tipped eagle came
suddenly out of the higher air and
swooped round and round the first kite.
looking against the sunset sky like a
huge silver ball. As the train of kites
was pulled In the eagle followed, visiting oue kite and then another, seeming uncertain just what to do. In a
few minutes, when lie .scented to have
decided that they were not good to
eat and he knew nothing about tbem,
anyway, he Indignantly flew off and
was lost to view. While the scientist's
kites were high in the air one March
flocks of geese flying in the wedge flew
over. They Invariably stopped, broke
up, hovered above the queer object
and ut last slowly reformed and flew
away. While the larger birds all come
from heights above the kite, the small
birds of the air will alight on the
.'ttiiig holding the kite and sway to
and fro.
N'OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sixty eleiys after date we Intend to apply to
th" ll,,ii ih. Chief Commissioner of Lands
��� nnl Works for permission tee cul and carry away the timber from the following
described lands, situate nl Kitsumgallum
Valley, (toast  district :
_'.. -I lommenclng eet n post planted
about :'.'���, miles north of the north-west
corner of C, F. A.Green's preemption
claim, then running ees follows: SO chains
easl : v" chains south; SO cliains w.-st and
mi i-lieii:is north to point of commencement.
.!.���Commencing   at   a   post     plaril
ahoul   :'.ij   miles  north of the  north-west
corner of C.F.A.Green's preemption claim,
tin n running as follows: 160 chains west;
4"   ellilins   SOUth;    let"   ele.lills   eelst    anil   -111
chains  north to  the point   of comme no -
Ilie Ml.
_J.���Commencing   nt     a    post   planted
about 4 miles north of the north-west corner of ('. F. A. Green's pre-i mptlon claim,
iIhii  running as follows:  v" chains east;
SO chains north;    v" chains  west and SO
,   : Ins seiutii to poinl of commencement.
.3.���Commencing   at    a    pest     planted
'. >  m  .", miles ii,atli of tli.- north-west corner of   C. K A. Green's pre-emption   claim,
then running .is follows: 160 chains . eest -.
10 chains  north ;     160   chains  wi st ;     40
'chains south to point of commencement.
. ;.    Com  n ncing   at   a    post     planted
aboii   0   ..  - ������ noi He .a t!.'' north-wesl Corel  i'. I'. .\. i Ir' .-n's   pr
m   :. running as follows:  I''," chains easl
40   chi Ins  s ������.:'.:     1110   chains    west :     I"
, halns north to point of com ni nd ment.
_5. . 'oi .'!' m. Ing .; ei post planted
aho it >��� mile s north of .!"��� nori h-wt sl cor-
!,��� :��� of .'. i'. ... Gree n's pm -emptlon claim,
M ��� ��� running as follow s: 16 cliains cast
10 , M :. - north ; 160 chains we sl : 40
ns soul lo poini '���;' commence ��� i. mm
_'���;.-   ,' ,'    . ii    tt    [iost     plant d
it  ���   miles ii"-' ii .,: ' ie  noi th-w.
tie r of C. F. A, . Ire. n's  ; r. -. mpt lon  i '
tin-n  running .is follows : 40 chn Ins w st :
elm -.-  south i     10  chains "eest ;     160
i", tit to point of commei       . ��� ���
:T.���Commencing   en    .e    i>."-'t     pie i ted
t 6 miles north o     lie nortii we
of ''. i'. A. Greei      pi      I  ptlon  claim,
tli   .  running as follows : SO , halns ivest ;
vi chains nortii : v" chains . asl : SO chains
 tli ��� i ;   : ..  nf i ���  in   ncement.
.s.     Ce    imeni lng     .'    a    post     pi i titi '1
. I ,.,.;   ',   miles north of tli" north-wi sl cor-
ii' r of  I'. F. -V eti''' n's   pre-e mptlon
thru running as follows: 160 chains eas
t ' chain ���  south :  : 00 chains west
chains  north to the point of comme mce-
south;   120 chains east  to Skeena  River;
thi ii' ���     long i iver to poii t  of commence-
ni nt. containing 640 acres,  more or less,
X., . ated  Fi bruary  22,   1907.
.. '  .Ml \M   MOODY,
Reeve  and   E. M.  Carncross.  Clerk of
tin    1 listrict  i:   Surrey,   bearing  date
the  lull day of December, A.D. 1901,      NOTICE  IS  HEREBY rjIVi
of all and singular thai ertain parcel  ?��_d?T>_J_a^r��a��te ' ;'
1'. r
Notice Is hereby given thai 30 days
after date I intend to make aplicatlon
tn the Hon, the Chief Commissioner
1 of I.at,els and Works, for a special license, to cut and carry away timber
from t!ie' folh wing described lamls.
Coast District Range 5 district, No.
101, commencing  al   a  stake  planted  notice,
at  ,'   m ist  on  the Encheshese  River,
al out   t  .���.!.������ and a  half up from lis
n,i, ith, then ���   i ast   40 chains, thence
or tract of land and premisi s situat<.
lying and being In the Districl of New
Westminster, in the Province of British Columbia, more particularlj known
and described al Lol 32, subdivi m
of Section 25, Block .". North Range 2
Von and each of yon are
to contesi   the  claim
s after
i Iif Hon.Chief Cq
and  Works for spec!
and carry away timl -
lowing described lan I,
Kitsumgallum   River,
Range 5:
Claim No. 1.���Conm ,
planted 25 miles up fn
Kitsumgallum Riv
e'er, on   he,
, - .,   te(] of Kitsumgallum Lake
lows:      so chains wi se   m
of the tax  pur- S0JIth.     ,���   cha,na    vi        I
eaas,'!' within forty-five days from the n0J-th; 120 chains et
date of the  first   publication of  this south to point of co
shall register Karl Brudvlk claim No.2.���Comm
then of In fi e.    An : !  tlir-
iliis   notici
a ��� owner
eel   thai   publication   of
ne ���':   SO    e' tins     thence    west     SO
, h   - t, thence so uh SO chains, thence
���   mi chains to point of commi nc
��� 'ommen 'ing   at   a   poinl   near   the
n    ith of i'itt'.".! Creek at the east line
iiibn, 0f t] ,. [ndian Reserve, al  the head ol
I'nion  Bay, n< ar the ��� outh of v orks
'    ,   nei,   Range     5,   Coasl    District,
thenci     I"   ch  Ins   south,   thence    so
' hains  east, thence   SO  chains  north,
tl i nee    SO chain -    west,    them >    10
��� mth   to tin     ��� .'������      of c im-
t: ��� nei .
i'   nn ei ping at       i is   on the n n Ih
i\ ori      ' 'I .i inel,   Ri nf e   5,
Coast   : tistrie t,   ab n     a   mile   an I   a
' elow   Worsfi Id   Bay, then e 120
ins   north, t!   i   e   vo  cliains  cast,
,   tli   o shore,   hence wi ste
Ions   shore  to       '.:.'    if   commenci -
Commencln   at a  posl on the shore
"��� ; osite  the   mi i h  ��� t   Bear    Creek
and 40 and aboul a I ��� f   i mill   nortii on i he
north arm ol  ',' ot k's  Channel, Range
_9.'   Commencing   at   a   post    planted 5,  Coast     District,   thence    west    To
about 7 miles north of the north-west cor-  chains, thence nt rth SO cliains. thence
lalm. east  to shore, tl em e  southerly along
for  thirt,;.-
My*t��>rioiiN  Glasa   Hulls.
According to a foreign correspoudent
of tbe geological survey at Washington, among the most interesting features of the small island of Billitou.
between Sumatra and Borneo, an island lonj: famous fen- its rich tin mines,
controlled by the Dutch government,
are the "glass balls of Billitou." found
among the tin ore deposits. These natural glass balls are round, with grooved
surfaces. Similar phenomena are occasionally found In Borneo and .lava
as well as in Australia. The correspondent quoted thinks they cannot be
artificial, and there are no volcanoes
near enough to support the theory tliat
they are volcanic leemilis. Besides, it
is claimed, the glassy rocks produced
by tlee' nearest volcanoes are quite different In their nature from the material of the balls. It is suspected that
the mysterious objects were ejected
ages ago from the volcanoes of the
moon nnd afterward fell upon tbe
"Caracul"���Hn Etymology.
I leave often been asked for the etymology of "caracul," which Is n term
now largely used by furriers to denote
n variety of the fur called astrakhan.
The new English dictionary .iocs not
contain caracul, but it has caracal,
which is liable to be confused with it,
though really quite a different ween!.
The caracal Is an animal, but caracul,
like the nearly synonymous term, as
trakhan, Is the n; no 6f a i Ince Kara
Kul -i. .���.. the Black :������''.������. near Bokhara, v Me'!: has long.be -a celebr : :
I. r Its output of furs. Tli.' ear.! . tt
refercne ��� 1 can And to 11 In En tlish ie:
In    M it In .'.   "Sohrab   and
���'"i   -i '     hi id 1       tl        e p : In c ip,
I  ���        l lossj. curl ...  the it'--.,   of Kara
Any available Dominion Lands within the Railway Belt in British Columbia, may he homesteaded by any person who is the sole head of a family]
or any male over IS years of age, to
the C'.xtent of one-quarter section of
160 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office for the district in
which the land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the following plans:
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm in the vicinity
oi the land entered for, the requirements as to residence maybe satislied
b.' such person residing with the
father or mother.
(3) If the settler has bis permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to residence may be satisfied by resid tt e
upon the,said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands tit Ottawa of intention
to apply for patent.
Coal lands may be purchased at $10
per acre for soft coal and $20 for anthracite. Not more than 320 i cres
can be acquired by one individual or
company. Royalty at the rate of ten
cents per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be
collected on the gross output.
then running as follows:  I" chains north;
SO  chains  west :    40   chains    north;    -1"  SI10 ������
, Melius  wesl ;   SO chains  south;   120 chains
ensl i" poinl of i ommencement.
so.���Commencing   nt   a   post    planted      Commencing   al   a   stake    on    the
aboul   10 chains north of tie" south-west   .each   about   DO   chains   south   of the
corner e,f Location N'...  20,   then   running       ....,       ,   ,,,.,.   .... ...    ._   ,,,,,   ,,,,,.,i,
as   follows:     160 chains west;   40 chains   �����'   ' ���'."���'"  '.'    '    '     '   '   '   '"'    ""���.'
north;     100 chains east;    and  40  chains  arm   Ol    Works     >'l:   t.iu-l.   Range     ...
sceuth to poini ol commencement. (',,���-���   District, thence east  DO chains,
-Commencing   at    a    post     pi  nted   ,;.,  ... ..:,   ,,,  cnains    thence   west
th  ol   tin   soul li-wi sl   ,        ,
days m a dally newspaper
al   New   Westminster   will
nod and sufficient service thereof.
DATED a' the Land Ri glsl      t ffli ��� ,
New   Westminster,   Province  o    Brit
ish Columbia, litis  llth d lanu
a    .   _.D.  1007.
���'. S. KEITH.
Distrii I   Re; lsl ra .
To Then        .rchibaid Mclnn
All     ��� .'!"''
tice,   ind   tl     ���      aiming  t i
hem,   an I  a I   pi      n
ing ai      ���   -   ���
virtue of ai      inn
an I all pi an     i     ��� -'
:      he saltl   1   id J     di     enh
title Is no: registered
:    he  "L ind   Registi      .cl."
' ���  ���    ever estopped
settbi     n      ny claim   to e
respect i       n      ild  land  s
taxi s as pr    Ided by the "Land Rej
try Act."
point   - ���  ci mmi ncement.
ibout   4"  chains  nort
to   thi    be a, h,   then      so ttherly   and
irner of Location  No.   26,  thi n   running
'  follows:    160 chains west;  40  cliains  westerlv  along the   beach   to  poinl   of
smiili :   160  chains cist ;   4n chains  north
l ��� point  .-I' commencement.
32.���Commencing at a posl planted
about 4 miles nortii of the north-we sl corner of i'. !���". A. i tv.-'ie's pre-emption claim,
tlee'ii running as follows: le;" chains west;
40 chains south; 160 chains east: 40
cliains nortii to poinl of comme ncement,
containing eel" acres, inure or less.
i    ....,, ncjno   ; -   -    stak"     20   cl iii
i e^'  of  tin   ��� ie of  Mink  C eel;  at
the head of Woi It's Channel, R inge ������.
Coat-    Dist: ie:. thi n ���   west SO chain;
sixty -l.e. s after late ! Intei : to
mi the Honoui i i t !hie Comi ssion
er of Lands and Works for pi i mis sion
to pun !;as.' the following desi ��� I
lands, sit late I on what '.- called
M id le a-, i South Dundat Islai
Range "   Coast  District:
Commeni Ing at a post al out one-
half it,lie ��� ast eef the head of Hack Inlet on the north .-iel" of the inlet,
marke ! S, ti. !���'.; thi ni e l"" chains
:. .rth; ���'���.. in .- SO < hains i ast; :hi nei
south to sal i inlet; thence southwesterly and  westerly ali'te:   thi
pianti .I   about   23 in
mouth of tit" above i..
bank   ol    lhe    KI
l hence    So  chains  ���
south;    -I" chains v.
south, more or lei
ie mi,. ;,    ih ng the ...
i ��� ���,., ncement.
Claii i No. 3.    Com
inted I he    i  ii
T   I.. ;:.'".  then ������
hains   south;     10
;.. cl
ess,   tu   the      K ���
thi .'       conn
Ni . I     Conn
' :   .     it 10 mile
nouth t    tl     Kltsui
ic ti tk; then
' i
.   to the
ong the i
n  So. 5     I'M
.   ,e mm  .   ;   ���"   '    16 li
.   iti   ' abovi
i'iiitk:     tin nee    80  i
chains south; SO ch
. '..  the  river;
ale ng   ti'"  ;Iver to  the
��� enci ment.
Claim No. G.    Conm   i   ���
titi !   12 miles  up
, .    : he    river,    on
hat   ;'   nei    10  chains   wi
i ' chain
00  chain    .
rii     ;    lie-it. ���    :
the  [i
thenci    north   SO    hains, thence  east   '" l)6in< of commencement,
WM.   Ml
,Ae_, 'it. Frank Vandal!.
...... tors,
21. 1907.
TAKE NOTICE thai thirty da> s afte t
date we intend to apply to the Chief I lorn-
missioner of Lnnds and Works for special
timber licenses to cut and carry away
timber from tli" fe llowlng describe I lands
ate In the Kitsumgallum Valley, tn the
C      t  1 Osirict:
33,���i lommenclng at a post pi inted
about   40   chains  wo.t   of  ti."   south-wesl
V|   chains, thence south sn chains, to
point of commi ni ��� ment.
Ci mmencing at a point on Lach-
mach Rlvi r near the corner of lot 195
al the head of Work's Channel, Range
.". Coi ' District, thence 40 chains
v.-i st, thence So chains south, thence
SO chains eas-. thence SO cliains nortii.
March . '
S. 11. FORD,
1'.  !i   CRAGO,
I.e. at n s.
e lxty,da\ s after date I Intend to apply
to tin   Honourable Chief C n   nlsaion-
1 >"""" "' '�����"1' erof Lands and Works foi  :���   mission
in  pm e hase the    following  di scribed
m< n ��� mi i t.
(' ���  mi ncing
i isi i ���  the riv< r at
t - si   10   chains
���ie- north lin.' of
comer of  tin   old   Kitsumgallum  Indian the Indian  Reserve,  at   the  mouth of
' s the  End ��� 3-hese   Rivi i   on  the  nortii
sl le   i f   Work's    i lhannel,   Han'.'"  5,
ll< i Mid
Range   5,
noi; ii :   100   chains  east;   4"
to i "i'M of . on   ien 'ement.
34,���Commen  Ing    .it    n    post   planted
I 40 cha Ins wi sl of I lie north- ast ci rn. r of
Loi    tion X". 33, then 1 GO chains west;  40
ns  '.  rth;   I HO chains i asl :  40 cha
th  ��� lnl  ��� :    ommi ncement,
35. Commeni ��� ' posl     pi tnted
t      hains we st of the north-easl corn, r ol
��� lon st". 34, then  I 60 chain.'  wi st : 4..
,    iins north :   160 chains ���;" ��� :  -:" ch
m   to poinl  o1  commi ne mi nt.
36. i     ninencliii     U post     plante 'I
:   120   chains  west   of   tl e   north-e asl
corm r of Loc ition No. 35, then  I 60 ���  mil
nori    .   10 cliains east;   t 60 e ha Ins .- ml li
40 cha'���' - west to the poinl of e ommi tice -
ine nt.
37. -  Con ��� i" icl        nl    n
about   SO  chains west   ol
con    .'  of   Locatl  n   No.  35,     thenci      160
chains nortii :  40 cl ains ensl :  160  chains
wi ���   :     40 ( halns   south  to poinl   ��� '. 	
n em 'ment,
i 'ommen. Ins    at
Coast District, thenc.   Vn chains north
thi ;   ���   SO    chains    wi st,  thence    SO
i hains   south,   thei ��� ���   SO  chains   i i   I
It   point  of commeni i i u nt,
Ci  nn encinp    I .   post on the a i ith
sidi   of Forde rapi   Ri  er, about a m  ���
���  half up ft om its mouth, thence
s mth 60 chains, thence east SO chains,
'  ence  north  ^'!    hains,   thence   west
'��� i     ains, them e soul h   10 chains to
point  of ' omnn nei ment.    The above
"    ��� mplles h    '   ��� he north  arm  of
planted Work's Channell, Range 5, Coast Dls-
���  trict, about a mile and a half southwest   of  the  head   of the  nortii  arm.
comii  ���  'tt ': un thi   ea t,
y'-'    '*���'��� r,uy'i     I'-' ginning tit  a   posl   on  the  shore
:   Location  No.
lands. Situated .at what is
land  South   Dundai   I
Coasl 1 Us trict:
Ci  iimene  ng at a pest      ', nted at
Me' head   if Swan Inli ;.  tii  nee      it
100  chains ;    I hence ea -;   SO  i Mains;
em   th tn shore; thenci   wei ti
1 1 north-we sterly along the    hore
to ; oinl ol commi ncement.
' : I,  1907.
Deputy of the .Ministe
r ol tne in
N. B,���Unauthorized   publication of
this   advertisement    will not be pai i
���;: ��� .:���:::.'������;:.��� Vi���,i;r;;;.:",;:,";",i�� ������������ ���'<��� mper ������.:  ��� -.< north arm
So  chains  east;    and   '"  chains ot   Work'!   Channel!,   Range   5,   Coast
on    to point of commencement, District, a oul 20 chains south of the South  10
: a    Commencing nt a  post planted nt  mi ith   of   Snow   Ci  ek,   thence  east '.' "'   ,'
,',"' ,' -.'���""' ,:::"V'  160   chains,   tli",,-   north   10 chains, South 10 chains, more or le     ti  \. k
thence wesl   160 t lalns, thence south shore "! Turnbull Cove;  thenci   Wesl
sixty dt . - after 'late we int .t'i to
ap] Iy tn the I lonorable the i hlel
'' ���. nissl ;.".- ol Lands and Woi -
fe..' ; ermission to purchase the I .
lowing trai t of land sil        I in Coi
��� i, ���,  for a Mill Site,     t lommenc-
ing at te i"-:  , lanti I on shore of bay
S.   E.   Arm   Huaskin   Lake,      -   ���   S
W,  corni r T.   I..   No.    6913;     thei   e
chains;     We il     5 ch in -
north wi st  <',,i n.
���      -     -        I. M : i -   - ���. ���    '
i  Ins ���  ist;   ��� '���   'hain*
��� . . . ��� - -   in
',', ILI.l 'Ml   MOe iDY,
north  ���     point  ol
As. i ���
I.   1907,
"il   I;      rii
1 U lilR   tn   (tie   I.lei trie   Llatllt,
Wl Itlll    .    . id 111 the i  mill ���:; . i:
Ni w  l'ork i ���   -.,;.  ��� "i  || d In
He" electric 1 I leave ray home at
7 o'cl ��� k, after dres In: nnd taking my
i reakfti t by elec el mu. Then 1 go
to the ���-���;!.. y, ni" block distant, and
r de mi ��� itlil i ,i bloi l< of ray office,
There 1 work all day by electric llghl
an i   l ���  home again   by  the subway
and spend tii , -. lu - In the alar.' of
the Incandescent lamp. The weather
conditions make uo difference, because
my _ il and my offli e belong to the
semldark kind. Sometimes I wonder
what l would do wlthoui electric light,
and sometimes I ask myself when 1
yearn for a little sunlight, Is the new
light really a blessing?"���New York
Tiie   I illlt-r.
"Mary, has any one called while I
was out?"
"Yes. ma'am; Mr. Biggs was here."
"Mr, Biggs'/ I don't recall the
name "
"No, ma'am; he called to see me,
m.i'at'e."- Strand Magazine.
N i ��� "  '::    '        m . ���.; ���: v     GIVBN     lhal
lh!ny dir r ���:        ippl
l    the      Hoi let    I Inn  ' ���' ��� :'    llf
il   ".   ���       ���       peri        nn  to  cul
ime! ���       '       Hi    et from the foi
ih   crib.  I I        Itunti       "ie    the
laratlu  Rlvi      ''"., m   illstt    m   iv    ���
So    '.
Pommencii     nt i   po
e   on   lln     "/��� mm   !��� >  ,       11���    ���
mu   mil    ill   from eutli, on tbe casi
;tln 160  chains enf t :  40
��� n to chains
erth,   alone   the er     e  point  ol   com
riienei'inei      ��� iltiu 640 acn-.��,
.0 chains to ; oinl t f commencement,
!''.'���:,"!."aiMt;.' at a pos el rated tit
the mouth of Foi I Creek, on tile north
-:- ire of Work's i h inn< ll, Range 5,
Coasl District, thence v" chain - norih,
tl. nee SO chain i east, them e 80
chains south, more or less to *_hore,
��� hi nee westerly alone hore to point
of ��� on a" nei n. nt,
with shore line l'(> chains;
chain :   Easl   5    e hains;
chain-,   more  or     less,   to
Huaskin    Lake':    thence
Bhore iiti" 20 i halns, more
point,  of  commencement;
V   acres,  more or less,
DATED this   laili day of I
Nortii   10
Norlh    10
shi re    of
Eael    with
or li    . te
'   ,'., ning
:    FORD.
!!. CRAGO.
21, 11)07.
hirty lays afti r dab I lnb n I to
uake application    to    llu     Hon,  I In
..,,,, Chief   (''itiiniis- loin  ���   of     I   nnl -     anl
nn   No.  i I.    Comme ���, ��� i   ��� ������ ��� ,. . ,
.1    leil   on   the  J5ymn(fiitit_ Rlvi r. al I "   I ks for per  il    Ion  in - ul  and <:>.v
:��� M"':,  nouth. nn ti." rasi im   awa;   timber from    tit"    following
bank  of   river;   thence   160 chains   i    it . ...   cribetl   lands,   sltlli '-I   nl    Hotham
tins  north;     ii.'i   chnlns   west;    " ..  ,,,, ,    s.  ,.   ... ...  ,  .  ,
 in  ,     ;,,.   river    I i  point   of Sound'  ""'���   ' ���' Btmlusti r  District:
I.   Commencing al a stake 10 chains
rhi     M    . .UOHLIN    l.i
IMBER   Co.,
I'y C, R   McLaughlin, P
C    .   M,   1).
GIVEN ihai
10 .la, r date, 1  lnl
tnd to apply
tu l!'" Hon, Chief Commissioner of
!��� n'i and Works, ror special license
in cul and carry away timber from the
!' "' ��lng describe I lamls. Bituated  as
easi of small bay ti! tli" head of Hoth-
or  less.
Claim   N'o,   15.    i lommcnclnpt    at   tmst
felnnted  on   the  ZymaKatltz   River,   about ;|itt  S id;     Ihence   north   sn  cliains:.
two miles un from the i th. on the easl thence   wesl   SO chains;   thence  south
;    L0fsoruthV iS.Tha.nS wei?8tonnS^er; ^ chains;    thenc, I   SO chains ...
Hi ii.     In chains northerly along river to l"',lll!  ";   commencement.
'������'"���<   '���   ������'���'"<; 1M""b  taming 640     2.���Commencing .:   a  stake al  the
acn i,  mon   or I. ss. ., ,..,,.        ...
Claim   No.   16. -Commencing   at   posi north-east    corner   ol   Claim   No, I;
pin   ted   .,n   the  Zymagatitz   River,   about ihence   north   sn   chains;   thence west
.   follows:
Cor rP-tcdi
Teacher    What   arc  parallel   lines?
Micky Mulberry, what are you irrln-
Tiin.. nt? Micky Mulberry���Souse me,
Miss Sharjic. but any loldy might
make de same' mistake' Ver it,ems
parallel bars, don'l j;er.--ruck.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land     jf
Ellaru Block.   New Westminster, B.C.
two miles up t'r..in them outh, on the
��� i ��� bank of river; thence 100 chains
���. 10 chains north; 100 chanis west t<>
rlvi-r; Ihence 10 chains southerly along
river I,, p.'im of commenci ment, containing .; p. acres, in.ere' or less,
Claim No, IT, Commencing at posl
l '��� mb a on il." Zymaga.tltss River, about
one mile up from the mouth, em the west
I ��� il< of rlveri ili.-n.',' iO chains wi sl : 160
chains north; 40 chains e'.-ist in river:
Ihence [60 chains southerly along river
i" point or commencement, containing 040
."���!' s,  more  i.i' less,
. Halm   No.   i S,    i 'ommenclng    at     post
��� ' inted   mi   11,,    south   bank    of   Skeenn
II ��� "   nbnul   half  mile  below  the  mouth
��� I' Kit iiiiitailliiiii lti\er; tbonco 80 chains
'Uth;   RO  chnlns  i n--t ;   sn  chains  nortii
. ki "ini   River;   thenc ���  along   rivor to
ol    ' ommeiic. ment,   containing   e; in
"   ,   en   or  !
1 'l.ilm No. 19, i lomim ncing al posl
: ' "'���' a ..ii Hi" south bank ..r Skei nn
'���      ', nbout half mile up from tli" mouth
��� '    K tsnmgallum   River,   on   the     south
of   Sk ��� no River;  thence l.e; chanis
1.���Commencing al a Ktak" planted
on Hernando Island, Sayward District, ai the southwest corner of section 6; thence nortih 80 cbains; thence
east 80 cliains; thence south 80 cliains
thence wesi sn cliains lo point of commencement.
2.���Commencing nl a slake planted
Commencing al n post 40 chains or. the northwesl corner   section    5;
thence easl su cliains; thence south
SO chains; thence wesl 80 chains;
thence north sn cliains to poinl of
'���'��� Commencing tit a sl iko planted
al tho northwesl corner of section ."et
thence north 80 cliains; thence cast
so chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence wesl 80 cliains to poinl of com-
80 chains; tin nee so ith SO chains;
thence easl 80 cliains to point of commencement.
wesl of the north east corner of Claim
No. 2;  thence' norlh SO chains; Ihence
'west     80     Chains;     I In nee    south     sn
,chains; thence easl i 0 chains i
m' e ommence ment.
March 21st, 1907,
ll :
-    ���   ,
to    '   '������
thi   ri'
Im No. 7.���Comn
planti t  ii oul   10  cha
m wi      co nei   ol  tl
Galium    reserve;     them
.'    ,     10 i halns  so it!
I        tin   noi tii. ������
enn nt.
Claim N'i Commei
planti ���!  en   the north-wi .i
T.  L.  70.5;   thence
; '    ���    - th:   16i
hain tth,  to poii
Claim No, 9.��� Con mei
nted    n the    north wi  I
T.  L. ;:������! M  thence  ICO
4'.  chains  south;   161
the west  line of T   L. J ������'
along thi    Im   to ,   int
1 laii        .      '.,    Com:
;.   '       ���       on I he   ������
7015, .. ���  11   10  cha
n      1-wi        cornei
���    ���     60 chain    ���> ���   '
ICO 1 hain   e    t,
'      .  7915;   1 ii. m 1
poin    , .   ,   a.-, ' ni ei��� ���
'      .a   No    1:     Ci mu ���     :-
.11 the soul
:..    345;        ence
west;     10 1 m ..:.
,   ���   io the wesl
y-: m     tin ni e   I1'  cl aim
'   ���    line ,.,:.'
'      111     Me      12 -    111
-   79 I   .        ��� m -
-    .
chaii .   thi nee   10 cl
��� > point ol 1 omn em ��� - lent.
��� 1   Februarj   I I.  1907
Pi ; !���': ank Vandall.
March 22
Land Registry Ac;.;___
Re Subdivision 8 and 9 1
suburban Block 7, New Wi
City. Wlcreas proi f ol thi
Certificate of Title Numbei
Issued in the name of Qrace l
has been Bled In this ofi_< e,
Notice is hereby glvi te tl
at the expiration ot one mo
the date of the flrsl 1 ib
of I - :��� a duplicate 1    Ll ������
ii. ate, unless In t he   anl li
objection be made to me In 1
Districl Kimm;   r of
Land   Registry Office,  New \
.ster, 11. ('., March 13,  19
"The Miiwaukej
"The   Pionc��r  Limited"   St.  M
Chicago,   "Short   Line"   Otnai'l
Chicago,   "South     West    Lis
Kansas City to Chicago,
No  trains  in  thc   service oi
railroad   in   the   world   that  fi-'
equipment that of the Chicago
waukee o.  St.   Paul  Railway,
own  and operate their own vf'
and dining cars on all] their trai��J'4
give   their   patrons   tin   excellf'1!
service not obtainable e)sewh_*|
II. S. KOV/F.. General ��
ta Third St.. cor Abler. Portli
lo point
TAKE NOTICE lhal application has  mencement,
le". 11  11. -I" to register
as the owner In Fi 1
Tt :���. Sal" 1 1 from
Karl   Brudvlk ,1. R, AGAR,
; le, under a   John Carlson, Locater.   *
A. Carncross, , March 22, L907,
Having bought out the B 11
Ing business of It. 11. Benson
bo pleased to see till his t>lii '
era, an well as new ones
ing a specialty.
H. M
Eighth s:*��   ,
|^__.V :SD
AY. APRIL 10. 1907.
Tin-   DA ILY   X E��S.
s anel solicitorSj Blackle EU.,
,   street,   New   Westminster.
Whiteside, H. L. Edmonds.
HANS FO R D, Barrister,
SoUcItor. etc., Cresci at  hlock,
Col bin     and     McKenzie
\e,v Westminster, !i. C
in the City of New Westminster and throughout the
New Westminster District is advancing in price very
rapidly.    Property is changing hands so quickly that
prices ruling the market today are oftentimes non-existent on the morrow.
of the supreme court. Offices
Hank of Commerce build-
iinliin street, opposite post-
>W   Westminster.    Mjney  to
Lots throughout the city are doubling in value, owing to the many large
���t and new industries starting up, bringing in their train a greater population of
Tel. 333
isters, solicitors, etc. Of
iw Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
larkson and Lorne streets,
r, rooms 21 to 24, .45 Crao
it. J jseph Martin, K. C, o
t, W. tl. McQuarrie, H. A.
Mr. Martin wijl ba In th3
ter offices every Friday af
REID & BOWES, Harris-
solicitors, etc., 42 Lorne
losite Court House, New
���r.    A. Whealler, P.O. Box
; B. MARTIN, Barrister and
Itor, Guichon block, Colum
IcKenzie streets, New West-
B. C.
te .since
B.C.   Of-
Curtis Bl - k, Clark-
Barrlsl ���
irj l' tblic, in pra
s'ew Westminstei
��� e
opposite   C iit'   House.
,e.   Tele ihone '���'
OF TRADE.���Xew   Westmin-
oard of Trade meets in  the
Room, City Hall, as follows.
Wednesday or' each mouth.
.ly meetings on the  second
lay     of      February,     May,
and  November, at 8  p.  m.
meetings   on   the   second
lay     of     February.      Ne��
���;   may ' be   proposed    and
it anv monthly or quai tfrU
��,   A. E. Vi hi'e. Sec.
UNION l:oc_  no. -j. a. f. a a. m
' ���The     '   ."t ;���: ""'i:mj     im'     Hits
la hel'i 'Mi      ��� Fir.-.  '-'���' ��� I-'. '��� '"���
���ach m.'t.M., -I'  - ���>'. '������!���     ,i   '���������   '���"
the Ma-'Mt' ������   'I'M ' ���      ":;',;
brethren it.- e ���.��� m ,.' ��� ,;n''el io attend, i"'- v'- A- DeV.-jlf _...ith
HINQ SO-C'.'ON LODGE, ���'_. 17, A.
Ip, & A. M.���Regular comniunlca-
Kitlons of this lodge are he',.I ou the
ij'tecond  'l M"   ���: .'���   ...  ea 't   '��������� ''ifh  iu
ev]H_-Olii"   ".'<-.'���: '���-.   -I   ��� '���!'���     vini
^brethren   are   .-on;.. ':���������  Invited
li. W. Gilchrist, Se.-.
of l, meets fourth
each     month,    at     8
11   Orange   hall,   corner   ol
,-enue and Tth .tree'. So
Sir  Knights   cordially   in
a'ten.I.    W. E. Dunlop, V.
ood, Reg.
- __   V
ts In Orange hall fi.*st and
'it,lay in eaeli mouth al 8 p.
.-inn. hrethren are cor Hal
to  itten 1.     W. P .   '. v.'. M..
.:   :.       ' .  Rec Sec,
LO. O.r.--AMITY   LODGE.   NO.  2~-
ular meetings of this I idge
In ti Idfellews' hall, Col tm
et, e\ ��� ry Mon 1 iy evening,
ock, Visiting brethren cor
ivite i'. attend. S. Gregory-
'. s. Richmond, V, G.; W. C.
a. i:. S.; -i. W, M 11 D m ild,
Vlex. A lams, Treas.
W.��� FRVSER  LOCGE  No. 3
tings tin' lirsi and third Tues-
a    each    month.       Visiting
en cordially in vit oil to at.l��end
room, A. O. IT. W. hall, 0 Id
ms'  block,  Clarkson   Btreet,  C
rrlgan, recorder;
r workman:
Lou[s Witt
f '
Tel. 333
500.    su
.   .Fine
Splendid   location,
0 per month;
can be
tended   if pu
���chaser so
.  .7
3 to
ce a
to rent.
One en
cne on
on Agr
es street; one on 13th s'
at once.
One lot No. 12 <.;i Royal Avenue,
third lot from Eighth street. $1,050,
for  sale exclusively.
exclusive   properties   just   listed
with us for sale.
.",, opposite    Knox church, Sapperton, east  side Columbia Street on
car line.   $300 cash.
:; lots south side of Sixth .venue;
very light clearing; 60x115._ feet on
Sub. Block  10.    $1050 cash.
I lots on Fifth Street, 11, 12, 18, I I,
Sub, 15, S. iilk. 13. $350 each, half
cash, balance 6 months al  7 '!.
_��� houses corner of Merrival and
.gnes; full sized lot; city block 31,
lol i I: one house rents for $25, the
oi her 310; flush closets an I all connect 1 With sewers. Price $3,500.
(', iii $2,000, li,ilance iti G, 12 an 1 LB
:    etitlis al  7 '- .
21   lots between
1 the boulevard:
���  Full-
sized lot No.
8, be-
' tween
6th & Tth Ave. on
4th St.
, west side.
half cash, bal. in 6 mos.
One acre in block 9, between 18th and 16th St.
on Sth Ave. Price $750,
bal. easy.
1-3 cash
Sect.  II.
h and   I'
Block  ::.
til   A'.   .   ".
, in. 28,
.6, al $75;
;:,���-.   mm  , orner
Cull Blze a  lots
store y House, 7
ib. of Lots  - and   I I
of   I Mee'liMiii and   .net
ooms, batll  C eonl  up-
' -    Hush closet; - I stable; on Agnes
-   near  Sth  St.;nll modern  Improvements.
��� ��� le     $3,000,  half cash,   bal men ��� asy ;   ei
rally  excellent  bargain.
Sub -': of Lot HI, Block XIII, l-K ."in
House ; hot unrl fold ','��� a ter : Hush clos. t :
lot ol ' ruil i " ��� -; chicken hens.- and
;. irn. Pritv ! mi ; terms $400 cash, bal-
j nuil .; : , ��� tbs ul 7 per cent. I lam-
ilton   St ,   Iii off  Gth   St,   be tween
7th and   bl li  \\ enues.
_-.! ,:-��� House, 7 rooms, with -ill mod-
inn i ''��� .nu nts :   slz.    of   ground    ! OOx
._':>.       . '  lol   from  lith  St.  on  4m Ave.
��� nt   south   - i Ic,   1 10   f ��� I   on   avenue.     1 IJ.
,.i   both  sides.     lav ���  > M.J.... :  $1,000
balance on time til   It   r cent.
I I, 15, IG, 17.
1 , IH. 28, .6, :,' $75; 71, 72, 73, 71.
77, al $100.
Farm 50 acres h ittom land. Pi ii ������
$10,500; $3500 cash, halance in 6, 12
an I Is months al 6 'fr.
I aei'e 11 iy, house on I ram line near
,li .ce- station; partly cleared; fenced
re ross froii facing train line. $1000.
$700 cash,    alance arranged.
50 acres tit P irl Kell - al G.N'.R. station : IV_ store\ house, 16 x 2S fee I:
good spring; SO young fruil trees; new
harn being built; chicken house and
stable; about 12 acres cleared an i
fenced. Price $2,300. on easy terms;
ie ��� $2,000 cash.
in acres l, section I I, N*. V_ of E, %
Six an 1 one half acres, one acre
cleared ready for planting; l 1-2 acres partly cleared. House, r, rooms,
14x24; storej and half, sniail I.arn:
chicken bouse; fruit trees and straw-
' ",: plants; $1,700, half cash; b il-
; ,,     it, three months al 7 per cent.
This is ti valuable holding, and near
Me ��� hi city, call and bring this advertisement with you for further parti-
cul irs
17 lots, full sized on Cth slreet, in
Burnaby, East side 100 yards from
Cliff   Fan   factory.     Price  $1,020.
60 acres good fruit land in Surrey;
can iie bought now for $25 per acre,
only one-quarter cash ne.eded, balance
in one or two years at 7 per cent.
ISO acres, .Maple 1. idge, Sections 28,
29 and 32, Township 9, one-halt' prairie, rest brush and some small trees.
Prices: Section 32, $45 per acre; Section 29, $60 per acre: Section 28, $55
per acre. Telephone at Hammond;
telegraph   station,   Pitt River Bridge.
lot and two cottages on Co-
Sapperton.   Both rente I
lutnbia street
at  ,.lu each.
One and one-half storey house and
full size lot, situated nortii siele of
Royal avenue and corner eet' McKinnls
si re'"': 9 rooms; bath room, hot and
cold   water, closet;   woodshed; young
bearig   fruit tree.--;   streets on  ilu	
sides;   line  view.    Price $1,800. $1	
One full sized lot. 2nd in' from corner, 14th streel and Sth avenue, lot
66 xlll  feet    $250 cash,
Centrally located in a commmanding
situation; Third avenue, at foot of
Fifth street. Two and one half-storey
house. Ten rooms (recently papered)
All modern conveniences; hot and
cold water, bath, (lush closet, lava-
lory, electric light; nice lawn; lot
06x1:12, with lane in rear; part of lot
set out with fruit trees. Price $2,750.
$1,500 cash, balance arranged.
aboul :: miles front bridge off  Terms, half cash, balance one and two
'    of Sub.  :'.'. Township  I 0 : s'.in
Price $15 per acr   :  m i ms $1,00
.  :
ilu   ���     ��� ���
.-'������:.. Te " '��� -   Ip   13 I   ������ mi    timber
-.-. ,
runs    ilongsldv.     e Id   e.-t    ��� ���   oi
!   .         1
i'ii, ' $1:,  !'��� r  m rc ;  terms $1,00
ilnt c.   in  ��� n ��� ������ .-'iie-el i aynients,
'   '"
-   :::., :.   t.   Kiel mon 1   St.,  Sapper
o - roomed modern residence on 4th Av. between
6th and 7th St., with one
acre of land, containing
fruit trees, outbuildings,
stables, &c.; an exceptionally cheap bargain. Price
$4,51)0. $2,500 cash, balance
in 1 year at 7 per cent.
61   MM es Murphy  Lan ling,    I  miles
above   Mission  Junction,   -lie.-:   at  the
landing of Murphy Landing, about the
nl re of lot; 25 acres cleared, under
tltival ion:    l-room   house,   harn   and
al Ie:   n lout one acre orchai i. bear-
'...:  fruit   li ���������-.    Price $1,350. en easy
terms  (-r $1,250 cash).    $22  |i. r acre,
'    cas'.i, I a!,ne _ 6 an I  12  it: ml', -.
10 acn
-  ��� 'ctlon   '.'.  X.-K
I   M.'il"'.'   of
x.-w. y.
an '.      Tim
:.:.  i >������
lav,   - ;
liiler;     ml
mile trout
Vah   ;    e
I: sandle road i n 1
tu-,',  road.
; lots .'.' ner of -m e I etwi mi Sth
and 9th Ave, on 2u I St., sl le o 2n I
St., e i ia! e i one acre: parti) e leared.
$500.  half cash.      A splendid   oppor-
tnitj   for invi sl mem
S ; ooms, 2-storey house, I ath room,
a , ��� t  light: full sit" I lot, 66x100
feet, situate 1 6th St. betwi en Ith and
5th Ave. on wesl side. Price $2,330,
';. cu -       a   ne e- in 6 months ..   7 '  .
: I : s hi S nbr.t, : G ch ,11,,- �� al i
fi ml. 12 acres cleare I: ti roome I
ho .1.1- an I pin Here I: woo I shed,
chicken barn ana fruil 11 ees of all
kinds $3,0C0,    Terms one-third
cash. It  i'   ���   mm i   12    liontll
Haworth road, Surrey; house lv\_i;
Mo storey hous.', 3 rooms flnished, another :; can be addi 1 upstairs; small
. hack:   1 l,   acres  cleared an I s led
with clover, red; fairly easily cleared.
one mile from shingle mill. Price
$1,200;. terms half cash, balance IJ
months at 7
i iteil siz^a lot on St. Patrick's St.,
north siele. between John McKeuzie's
and (llovet's house'. Price $475, half
cash, balance in 6 months at 7 ',,.
Full sized lot Xo. 12 on Royal Ave',
and Sth St. Price $.1050. half cash,
balance at 7 ',  per annum.
Westerly I. ll of 63, Sub. Block 5,
i::_xl::_ corner 100 feel square; two
house's drawing $2S per month. Price
$5,000. half cash, balance in li and 12
. lots mi Princess SI . N'o. 11 and
li', between ''.iii and 7Mi Ave.., two lots
from 6th SM on south side. Price
Xo, ll. $210. half cash, balance 6 mos.
at 7 ',;-. Xo, 12, cleared, $315, half
cash, balance ��i mos. at 7 '.'.
Double ti'iii'tnent house. )th Ave.,
isi and 2nd St.; 1 lot. Price $1,700;
cash half and half In 6 months at ~y,.
Ri nts for $10 each tenant
160 S.E. Vi of Section 26, Dist. 12,
10 acres.partly cleared; Kanaka creek
running through; good road; one mile
north oi Webster's corner: shingle
mill and P.O. al the west corner; timher worth $7 per acre': cedar and fir:
I miles from Porl Haney. Price
$2,100; terms $l.lnu cash, balance arranged.
10 acres land Xew Westminstey, Lot
5, S. I liv, :: I. Snrrej : '���'��� miles fr im
bridge. Price' $400; $200 cash, bal-
am " terms at 7 ', : near th < Turn-
ver cannery.
i room house, bat li room, pan I ������ :
on llth St., between Queen's and 3rd
I acre ti| ���  side of Uh Ave, an I 2
lots west ol 6th St.; large house if v
rooms; electric llghl connections;
shade i rees i n I fruit orchai I. Prii e
$ ;.3C0:. $2.50 I cash, I a! nc In nt"
year at 7 ':.
years at 7 per cent.  Exclusive agency.
4 lots, wdth double corner,
on section 1, 2 lots section
2, near Richmond St., Sapperton, for sale. $600, half
cash, bal. to be arranged
at 7 per cent.
2 lots,
20, 21;   Xo. 20, $170; No. 21,
$175.    Durham  and  Second
Forbidden Oanlea.
Almost every one of England, popular games has at one time or another
been made lll.eg-1. Scotland is the
h ime of golf, yet in l-ir.7 tlu> Scottish
parliament passgd an act entailing severe penalties on any one caught playing the game.
Edward III.. Henry IV. nnd Henry
VIII. all strongly objected to football,
and Queen Elizabeth made it an offense punishable by Imprisonment te>
[day football. There' is a recocd of six
teeu people lieinjj imprisoned at once
for breaking this law,
Football is still under a ban in some'
parts of the world. Two of the Swiss
cantons refuse to allow lt, and ln Turkey It is absolutely Illegal, and thos,��
who dare to play it are punished,
Among oddities of laws about games
must be mentioned a French decree of
the thirteenth century. By the king's
command the gallants of the court
were forbidden to play tennis "iu
their shirts." Whether his majesty of
France insisted upon coats only or
whether the unfortunate players were
doomed to practice In complete suits
of armor does not appear. ��� Louel in
Agriculture in AfrieH.
Excepting perhaps some* Malayan
tribes the' African negroes are' said to
be the finest agriculturists of all the
natural races. The Bongos are said to
have a greater variety of garden plants
around their huts than are found In the
li ails and gardens of a German village. Irrigation is practiced. The Angolas, In the Kongo dlstricit, have' prac
tlcal Irrigation. The Wachangu show
wonderful skill In Irrigating their terraced hillsides by tunnels of water diverted from t'be main stream. "They
have a clear mode of irrigating equally
a given surface. As the little canals
of water are always elevated above the
cultivated plants, they will tap them
at a convenient spot above the beds to
be watered and then turn the stream
into a rough conduit made of the hoi-
low steins of bananas cut in half, tbi>
end of each stem overlapping the next.
Then as the water enters the last joint
It is freely turned rjght and left, distributing the vivifying stream In ali
directions."���Soul hern Workman.
6 Lots facing Columbia
street, Sapperton. $1,000,
half cash. bal. on easy
acres. Langley. .., under cultiva-
liouse, barn, sheds, etc. all in
repair;   a  snap  at  $3,000,  half
30N8 CF ENGLAND, B. S.���
���: , " Degi' ��� meets S - ond and
th Wedn .sday of each n o i I.
. of P. Hall, Columbia St., al
iu., White R    e i'" "��� ���   Fourth
inssdny   iti   ����� ich month, snm.
ett.1 place,    Visiting  Dr .thren
lly    ini ��� " I       K   li.  Sttm b
, Pres., H,  !'   ""., Secretai j
IT BRUNETTE,  No. 4099,  I.O.F.
i ets i la'  ' ouri h  Fi Idav  In  t In
th  at   8  o'clock,  In  lhe  small
Oddfellows'    block,     Visiting
are i ��
B,  Ri
U. S
II ;!���.
C.  K-:
ici es,
.'��� re
T ,\     1" t on   ' -' h stive
ve a  7th   tnd  Sth  avenui
and   12,
,, ,    .:
sl', ,
245,   !
i'- ' ticri -.. In s i:.'" ; ������ [�� ol
N    , i      ec 1>, I iv, nshl i 2,    Log
., . . .      and chick
,.-  all   I urn;  GO frul    ti    _;   t-
a, :k      i,- ired,   I    ; i rei    un ler
iltl ation em I 3 acres slashed
Price $20 per acre, '_��� cash, balan   'in U mor, ' s al 7'.,
A Good Special
Five acres on 10th Ave.,
right across from old reservoir, city limits. $1200.
Half cash, half in six
House 24x24; -! rooms;
framed; inside ship lapped,
ii;irn 12x16. One acre
partly cleared. Land No.
1, Bal. easily cleared.
Five cottages and two lots on First
street, opposite Queen's park. Price
10 acres in see. 32. Timber, fir, cellar and alder, flood soil; gool roads,
Apply for full particulars,
Lots 17. IS,  19, 20, 21, lace on  16th
.- :   and  Sth  avenue:   J corner  lots
$_30;   I  inside  lots $200 each.    Price
$950,   cash.     Single   lots  at   cash.
160 aces. Westminster district, 4u
acres tin.ler cultivation, 10 acres orchard, % acre strawberries plante 1
this year: alder bottom land; running
spring; house IS x 22; frame barn 'M
\ 32; 14-post frame house and co.v
stables, three in all, stable S cows and
. span horses; near Mission Station;
schools, churches near at hand;
steamer lamls twice a day; about 100
tu res timber, lir and cedar, never been
logged;  $2,    refused  for   standing
timber; carriage hints,. 16 x 24;  hen
hon   ��� made of hewed timber laid in
m r,  12 x  30.   A chance of a life-
;.. $9,000; $4,0 i0 e ash, I ilance al 6
"��� :��� cent.
six lots, 50x150, outside city limits
$00 each let. Fuller particulars on
Four and one-hall' acres between
Seventh und Eighth avenue; south
stile of li: street.    Price $2,500.
SO acres, half mile waterfront, G.X.
!,. running through. $9,460, terms
easy.    Investigate.
��� storey house, 7 rooms; I ath, flush
��� et, furnished, 1ml and col I w ater;
One hundred and sixty acres X. W.
.4 Sec. 15, Township 11, two miles
from Fort Langley, 5 acres slashed,
Xo. 1 land. Price, $10 per acre. One
third cash, balance on time, 7 per cent,
One hundred ami sixty acres, N.W.
Yi Sec. 25, Township Iti, 2V2 miles
from Abbotsford, creek running
through, 50 acres alder bottom, said
to be $00n worth of timber on the
property. Price $10 per acre, 'L, cash,
balance on time.
Ten acres in Lot 4C3, one mile east
of Westminster Junction, Al soil, easily cleared.   $30 per acre.
Double tenement house, 5 rooms in
each house, water, light, full size lot,
between First and Second street,
Fourth avenue, on norlh side. Price
$1,500, half ca=h, balance in one year
a; li per cent.
Too Cold  For Ovt-rt-outn.
"You do not Und any one wearing
overcoats In Alaska, even lu the winter," said a man from that territory.
"The principal thing to be careful
about is keeping the bead, hands and
feet warm. In that part of Alaska
where I have been tho only hind transportation Is by dog sleds, und to follow them one has to drop into a dogtrot beside the sled. An ordinary suit
Is plenty thick enough to keep you
warm, and an overcoat is dangerous In
that temperature. Trotting alongside
a sled wearing an overcoat would
make you perspire, and the 1 Itter cold
would freeze tbe perspiration. The
men there wear a fur cap that covers
every part of the heinl and face except
the eyes, and there' is only a little peephole for them. Wool lined mitts are
worn on the hands and moccasins with
woolen stockings on the feet."���Baltimore Sun.
all over the city for sale
from $50 to $3,000.
See us immediately. Tell
us where you want a lot
and we can supply^
Tmirefl.   of a Wooden I.e_.
A man who travels on a wooden leg
says: "About the worst accident we
ever heard of befalling a wooden legged man is the time one such unfortunate was going home after being to
a late supper, aloug about .'! o'clock
in the morning, when his peg leg went
through an auger hole In the grub
plank sidewalk, and he kept circling
about that hole all night thinking he
was going home'. .The editor of this
paper wants it distinctly understood
that we cannot vouch for the' truthfulness of this story."���Kansas City
feel facing
eot, li.i feet,
..it   11 on  Fl
M    ;,,   $300
fe.1   by   i:i_
Th avenue   and    3rd
Price $2.-100. ik cash
fth a\enui . sub  It. 10
cash. m.  cleared;
K.���The regular meetings
Lodge' are held on  I In' Se
i Knurl h Tne-.'ays of each in
p. m. In the Oddfellows' '
|liiig   Brethren   are  cordlab
io attend.   E, C. Firth, C. I
Maxwell, Sec.
I full size ie
if.   Patrick's
cl   0,
: tar m
lot   I I.
I '
' v Q
it, 5o._xl6G,
��� n's avenui
a S2 "i cash,
ith street,
>rlce $450.
, alance terms
Hance meet   every Wednesday
o'clock  p.   m.,  in  Oddfellows'
Columbia     street.      Visiting
.hren are cordlAlly tnvltdB to at-
Geo. Purr, S. Ci N. R. Brows.
House  corner  nf.    7th  S
Am-.;  9 rooms;  2 full sizi
132;    orchard    of   apples
plums.    Price $4,000
ance on time al 7 ',
.   and
I  lots,
, ��� i ra
'���   I cash,
11 h
. ��� _.   .tore     hou 0   ro mis,   also
mo lei ii Improvements; I ' 66xK!2;
lane ai hack; pari of 1"! ���-<���' oul b ith
n.!i in ��� an l nl e law n. Pi li e
$.,750. $1.50 i cash, balaiu e 6 and 12
months at 7 i er cent.
One I'iiM sized lot, 06x132; 2 storey
house; 7 rooms; flush closei upstairs;
all modern Improvements; new house:
$-.C00. 1_ cash, l. ia ii months al 7
im ceni. Qood sized stable and fruit
trees. Second house from Sth street
west, on upper Bide,
Snap in Lots.
Vacant lota for sale,In all parts of
the city, from $25.00 to $3,.oo
Full sized lol in Sapperton, facing
Brunette sireet.    Price $150 cash.
50  PER  ACRE.
House    and three   lots, corner 3rd
A i e. an i I! Mt SI :  5-r iom house an l
kitchen.   Price $1,500, one-third cash,
I al, 0 and 12 montha al 7 per cent.
1' ii ttige of I rooms an I woodshed :
Kin ill suable: 1 lot -I Is 132, ..11 tln.l lot
1 .ne   It'i   A\".    mi   13th  St.,    wesl   Bide;
��� , ; m iijv mi�������� : papered : sink and pan-
11. . I'ii- - $1,000 : terms $200 cash, $15
1 lont'ily ;,t 7 per cent, or rents nl .*in per
��� et :    [or 11110 your,
��� lots ,���;:' 1 Cumberland Sm, Sapperton.
.1   per lot.
I urns ivest half Section 17 In Surrey.
-.' lets punier of 10th and St. Andrew's
: !., be lv ' 11 lib ennI "ali Vvi .. wesl sl.le
,- 1 ri tli St.: .ell cleared. PvlceS800, half
, '��� .1.    lutein' ���  n  months al   7  per ��-.-t 11 ;
1  run   throug
��� 1.1 biirgnln.
allies  Inlel
b .rum streel   1.
$f,.C0 per _cre,
three square nillos, at
half < ash, balance easy.
P, 191.���Meets on the Firs' and
l Tuesday of every mouth in
of P. Hall. John McNIven
'; .1. .1. Forrester, Rec, Sec.
Iti" acres, all teneed, reaely for cultivation, good water, half mile from
school, at  Chiiliwack, $75 per acr..
Eight-roomed house , all modern
conveniences, on Carnarvon street anl
Sixth street, two storeys, $3,750.
2 lots, full sized, 132x132, corner of
the Crescent; 7-roomed house'. Price
S10.50C. yt cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Block 12 on l.ih St., east sl le; I 1
full sized lots. Price' $2,500. one-third
cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months
_u acre blocks, fruit lands, near
Junction, $20 per acre.
House, full size,i lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; rents for $10 per
month.   Only $1,050.
House, in 1 ooms, I!_ lots, near
Fourth avenue and Seventh street,
12.coo.   Terms can be arranged.
I full-sized Lots between Seventh
1 venue and Hamilton Btreet, easl of
Eighth street; all cleared and fence.I;
a large barn 011 one of the lots. $1,500,
half cash, balance one year tit 7 |iiV
7 Lota on Twelfth street, between
Queen's and Third avenue; west side
of car sho;i; full size. Price $3,500
LO acres North road, ���". of a mllo
fro a city limits on Por; Moody; 8
acres under cultivation; 7-roomed
house; frame barn; chicken house.
born 40x80; fenced and In good
pair south Bide. Price $4,500, half
cash, bal, in 0 montha tit 7 ner cent.
All   tli��k  Saint-.
At one of the large north country
churches recently a fashionably dressed lady happened to go Into one of the
private pews, The verger, who Is
known to be a very stern old chap, Immediately bustled up to her and said:
"I'm afraid, miss, you'll ha'e tei cum
out 0' that.   This is a paid pew."
"Sir," said the young lady, turning
sharply round, "do you know who I
am?   I'm one of the Fifes."
"l dlnna care." saiel the old man. "if
you are ihe big drum, You'll ha'e to
cum out"���Edinburgh Scotsman,
Dainty   If  Nol   Sub.tnntlnl.
The wife of a farmer had n Bister
come from Chicago tei make' a visit.
On.' day tbe thrashers came, and the
nuest Insisted on doing the work alone
mid sent her sister away to rest. When
twenty-seven thrashers filed in to supper that night they found a sandwich
tied with ribbon, one chicken croquette,
oue cheese ball the si/.e of a marble
aud a buttonhole bouquet at each
plate.���Emporia (Kan.) Gazette,
Long:  Slffht.
The longest distance ever compassed
by human vision is is:! miles, being
the distance between the Dncompahgre
park, In Colorado, and Mount Ellen, lu
Utah, This feat was accomplished, by
the surveyors of the United States
coast and geodetic survey, who were
engaged, In conjunction with representatives of other nations, in making
t�� u-iw measurement of the earth.
The cheerful man's thought scuitv
lures his face into one of kindliness,
touches hit: manner with grace and his
business life with friendliness toward
humanity.���Jacksbovo (Tex.) Gazette.
8Rea3  Estate Brokers
Agents fcr Employers' Liability, and Union Fire Assurance Co. of London.
��� Inth   Art-   There.
Teacher -- is there any connecting
link between the animal and the vo.?-
,'table kingdom? Bright Pupil���Yes,
mum;  there's  hash.���Philadelphia  In-
1 qulror
1 T II E   DA II. V   N I! W S.
t t
We have just received another consignment of the celebrated Empire Ceylon
Tea, in one-pound packages, at 25c.
Public Supply Stores
Journey  to   Foot  of  the  Throne  Com-   +
mences   This   Evening. T
���  ���
Victor.a. April 9.���Premier McBride IX
accompanied by his private secretary, a>
Lawrence MacRae, will leave tpmor- J
w evening for London where he will ���
ia.' before the Imperial authorities the ���
claims of the province for special \
treatment regardin
the   federal  government
subsidies   from   J
He expects ���
to sai! . n the Empress of Ireland <ui +
the  17th inst., and litis  made liis ,ie   t
parture thus early in order thai there  *    wall-finish for interior
mighl   be  no   doubl   of bis   reaching  ��-
London in time to obtain a hearing on :{
Household 1
An adhesive, porous
Rooming House
la half of  the   provinci
ll-   will   I,"   ���
tli" only  representative of  provincial   *
govi . nme nt.
work in every
description of building
% Put up in twenty-three
��� tints and white
Best location in town.
For full particulars apply to
Malins, Coulthard & Co. in
Per J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Blacksmiths' Coal
Cumberland,    Maryland ��� Guaranteed
Ready for use when
mixed with water
A Hint Pbr Young Playwrights.
The young man wrapped up his re.   J
lected play with a rather sad smile. _
"Thank vou for rending It." he said.   *
"It is the sixtii unsuccessful drama  I
have written."
Thc manager of   117  theaters  -tne
liitn an encouraging pat on the shout    J
der. ���
"Look here," be said. "I'll le'll yoi
what yuit want to'do, Vou want to he
gin less ambitious. Begin with a on,
act curtain raiser. And nfter you'vi
wrote this here curtain raiser send I
around with the sentence printed 01
the cover, 'You cnn play this for uoth
ing.' I guarantee you'll gel a henrlu
then; Ten to one, by gosh, you'll get z
played." ���
"A good idea," murmured the young  T
"That's whal   it  is."  said  the gre
manager.   "1 got it from Sidney Grun    +
���ly.    it's how lie began,    His flrsl play   J
was    a    curtain    falser,     'A     I.ittl
Change.'    lie said "it it.  Tiny it foi   . .
nothing.'   And the Haymarket theater  # ��
took him up." ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
in all weighti
��� Any person can apply it ���
'������        Serviceable, stylish coats, every one,  and moj
�� desirable during this  rainy weather.    Ei ially4
sirable throughout tiie dry season, being li   ter
weight than cloth coats.
A large range just to hand.
A  SPECIAL COAT  AT  A   LOW   PRICE���$9.75   each.
.Ma.1..' of heavy cravenette, it.   dark   shades,   trlini
and  cuffs   with  contrasting shades of broadcloth, with  11;
trimming.     The  besj  long coal .    evi 1    hown a
CRAVENETTE   COATS   ���$6.75  to   $2C.0C   each.
Und lusby I
Our stock nf ilu
sion.    We offer
-.; coal - is largi r  11 '.'.'  than mi  an.   pn
,,   ��� cho   -    ti  -'  ipes, checks, over]
',! isl 1;.   .-!.,- les of grey, all s-i_e>    1   eli $7.00
Spectacles Demoralizing.
A certain Somerset vicar made himself notorious by the vigor with which
in the seventeenth century he inveigh
ed against the use of the newly Invent-   ���      !"_��� ���
ed optic glasses, since they perverted   111 UlSpeT\Slt\g
vision nml made all things appear in
Absolute Accuracy
J. W. Creighton
P. O. Box   345
an unnatural anil therefore a false
light. Microscopes and telescopes, with
their array nf lenses, he declared to hi'
impostors, since a mun could 1 ���<>t sec
so well with two pairs of spectacles as
with one. Some asserted it tn he sinful
to assist the eyes, which were adapted
by Providence tee the capacity of the
Individual, whether good, hail or indifferent. "It was argued that society at
large would become demoralized hy the
use of spectacles. They would give
one man an unfair advantage ever his
fellow and every man an unfair advantage over every woman, who could
not l.e expected on aesthetic anel intellectual grounds to adopt the practice."
���London Spectator,
247 Columbia Street. New Westminster
is   a  special feature  here.
Your   doctor   knows   what
quantities and materials to
put   in  your   prescription.
Here you get exactly what SCa&WB^^
your doctor orders.    Every  J
drop is measured and every J
grain is weighed  by scales  J
end measures   proved ac-  J
curate by tests. J
It is in your health's interest  ;���;
to  have   your   prescriptions  5.
filled by us. ���, ;���;
'Phor.e   105.
'Phone   "e0..
When  the Bright Weather Comes
then the bare spots will show. Take advantage of the weather and
brighten up the home by doing your painting now. Use the ci ' ���
��� rated Canada Paint Co's well known
4 11 ,�� The most popular of all Wall Finishes.   Ready
AIfll nJ-STinP���"""'"1 use u'lc'n mixed wiih colli water.   Always
Sparing; ilip Sm_~__-.
"I told you," saiel the merchant, "to
mark this box 'Handle With care.'
What's this nonsense you've painted
"That." said the college graduate, "is
tin' Latin I'ur 'Handle With fare.'"
"How il'. you expect a baggageman
to understand that';''
"He won't and therefor* he won't get
mud and smash lhe box."���Philadelphia Pre ts.
T.A.Muir&Co's f
Ellard Block,          -         hew  Westminster
The Finest ami Largest Stock of Furniture is to be seen at I-
Our clearance sale is still on.   Over $15,00    to  ; still to go.
New goods arriving daily.    Latest styles and best finishes.
716 and 713 Columbia St.      Four  Floors.       Rear Extension,   F     I
^*>:i^>;>-<>i>;>;>ci-i>;>:>:>r*;>:>;>^>;>.>:��:>;*: >*>:>i4i:^^v>i>;>:>:>i>:>:>:>i>;''��:>i>'*:>>>)
Clean:  Always Tidy!  Always  Bright.     A '
I. r ci'lor cards.
Hardware, Monarch Ranges       187 Columbia St.   Te'. 65
Agi nts for "KL/ENO."   as
��� .^���^����������������������������� ������������������������������?���.*.��������< *���-��*�����������������������������������������
Z\e bportmg   Goods
!'ur Feminine .lureeree.
In breach of \ t tnise cases the pi
ence of female jurors among the ma
jurors would certainly benefil the mea
as they v.'Miihl at eiiif-o see through the
wiles of their own sex, disconnect the   r I 'A\7fi I \/~_T  T   C1
picture imi ami the pretty gown and     J. v-J I vX      !__/wJLJ_.J_)
disclose the hussy at heurl in the plead
in;:. Innocent betrayed one.���Lacl) Violet Grevllle In London opinion.
Paper 2 Envelopes
������������������������������*. ���t'**^***'**'**** ��������������������������������*�����.���***�����. ���#<"���
Dates Ahead.
.prii  '���      Board 1    Trade.
.11    J    Oddfi ��� '  ���    Ion    to
\ : Churcl   ..���     ire
ill 1 meel Ing.
-:      ..      ��� ,
'���' ���
Vprll 1?      ' .'    tin    Queen'.
.'���'.���      am
Son      f Scot
:. 1     -
Morey s
A Good Home, Cheap;!
���  tl0!
Six rooms, pantry, all nicely papered and ^tim
painted: house 2-storey; well situated on a und
corner lot on Tenth St.; lot 66 x L32 ft.;  14 ^
fruit   trees;    nice   lawn;    splendid   view, -ttoi
Price $1,750.   Terms can be arranged
217-219 Columbia St.
����� ���: ���..���..���..��� .���. $>>>>>>>>>>>>>_��;>>;._��l :oi*;>:*>i>;>i:ccei>i>:*>.i loiioiioi*:*!*!!*:
J. J. MACKAY to COS    |    ii c      C  1
       I;...Homes ror ���_��ale
MB '.'
! Electric Railway Service \
# Inter-urtan   Line.
X Cars    for, Vancouver and   way
i stations will run  every half-
��� hour from 5:50 a, ni. to 11 p
* in. excepting at 7:30 and 8:30
X a. m. Half hourly cars will
J run   from   Central     Pari;     l"
��� Vancouver only.
City Limits Line���Service from
ii.!.'; a.m. to ll p m.
20 Minute _(-ruct���No transfer.
J    ' Between 12 and 2 and li and 7.
30 Minute Service during re- ��
malnder or day. Transfer al ���
Leopold riai'i'. f
Sunday   Service- half-hourly   lie- ���
t'.vi'i'ti s a.in. and 11 p.m.        ���
Sapperton  Line. X
15 Minute Service from 6.25 11. 7
in. to 11 p.m., except bi tween ���
12 ami ., and 5 and 7, during a,
which hours the service will be J
Sunday  Service   Itair-liiiurly "oc- ���
Sunday St
tween 8,30 n m. and 11 p.ni
1   .venue      losi   lo car,  modern  I louse,    7   rooms;
en .   throughout;  -I  bedrooms upstairs,      Price
 ,    $300.00
elov   Fourth Avenue, new modern dwelling,
mi :    I    bedr 1 mis and bath upstairs.    Pi Ice $3000
Second Street, good house, 7 large rooms;    orchard and
1I1 ; lol   lln >: 290 feet; all cleared;    brick basemenl
un ler kltche n.    Price    $3,5.0
St. Qeoi ge Si,.'";. two housei
nice'  a,it.ten-.       Price,...
rooms: ii_lii: clty'wnter;
 $2,000 ��� ich
Sixth Street, below Fourth Avenue,   two modern  bun
lows, r, looms, bath, pantry etc.;   nice lots, with lane al
hack.    Price   $2,000 each
Good terms can  be arranged on the above properties.
Nanalmo Street, two cottages on full sized lot;
cleared,   For cash sale	
lol   all
.. $500
I British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
m "f	
1 ..M'ji}
as well as sanitary results ��re
obtained from the use of Alaba.tin.. Instead of deteriorating with ace, it actually
becomes harder, until at last it forms
part of the wall itself.
with its plain tints, supplies a luxurious wall-coverine for the
most handsoms rooms, leaving your walls free from the delirium of wall papers. We will be glad to tell you mora about
AL.basline, if you will ask us. Let us show you a tint card
and cutting of wood with 35 coats on.
Curtain Stretchers, with adjustibie pins.
Airkinds of BRONZES, PAINTS, OILS, &c.
T. J. TRAPP & COil
IF. J. HART & CO., Ltd. I
; 1   0��<��


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