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The Daily News Feb 17, 1908

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 White, Shiles & Co.
l-iit\ Shiles & Co
*r.(l t Alnmhia Si. Phonf 8S
XEW  WESTMIXSTEH,  B.  C.    1*0
L>   \.       I : :.:.
,'l  Ripe   Old   Age   of   Eighty-Six,   Co!. J. T. Scott   Falls
Before Scythe of Grim Reaper    Life and Experiences
of Veteran Brimful of Interest.
Chicken Thief Who Attempt* M ilions of IV.'...:-. Dar -....;���
ed to Murder Vancouver     . oik  in Afflicted Zone
Policeman Is Arrested. I le For Victims.
NOR ill Ami. I
Second  Outlet
Navif bit
a Chinaman was arrested yesterdaj
Iner, who Is 11 Heved to be UM
man ��anted by the Vancouver police
for th< attempted murder of Ooavtable
' ' !   ":    Port    W*** ���    -1"" ;     :'::;on';.l'n   Malcolm McLeod ol that city, nml toi
s ��� ������  lied at 4:U0 o'clock  masb remonieg for tbirty-se-en
, -   -, of hi. immediate ' ' Hy virtue of his   long
1 , connection with the fete, the May Day
it l-__   .       bad been s.imraomj w , ,. .    .        _ _     _
��� ��� nd <-ol. Ba ;-.  had come
tvhen it became eviflenl ;,,   .     .        associated, and without
sains awaj of t'ne pioneer the mllitar.   . ���    the old gentle-
i tattei  of minutes. . , -  tbe  pr c sslon
te colonel hail been the i'ul estiva]  will  nol   Beem
I ...   time, it being evi < om] h te,
-   ���   ul- never rally from      .\ ���. -      ,    . of agl    a1
-   which confined hint to his ,;.,.,.    ,        Scot,   ...        e- , ,,    ,,..
a month ago.
I will take place on Tu b.
-,   . ���...'.  un Ier the auspici    of
:-.".  9, A.  F.  k A.  M., of
one ol the oldest mem-
������ ���������    In  and claimed I     fi si _an< e
whom the whole di t< ctlve font al - ���
bj the Chinese of thi- Vancouver _ol
onj. have ber d s< in ning Binoi th<
-��� ":i Wednesday morning Tast
McLeod was a new man on the forci
and was detailed to watch for ami
ams; the persons responsible for the
ol   . . tmbi    ol
i   It ti ..-    he was in   I tin i lothea ;i'>d
was unarmed, lir' lo. .,:< ,i a Chinama i
-..:':        try 15���-Spies
-  - ti    - ��� '
llOOd i I
.   s tectir
its I     IS     ..-,.:. v.     t 1
:   '       . i   -   . ��� ,        ,
> - owns
i Pennsylvania
of    Fraacr   Run     ian    FaMK     Ho    Ma��ir
Al   All   limes   Fd    Vuf��   ami   Small
HoaU     .lollies  lo   V--C  l.uilt.
with two bags of Btolen bli Is,   and
with the May Queen, Mis;     mle Tidy, promptly arrested  him,  leading  him
'    ;lsU':i "f ;      M     1>a-v <���'"'��� towards the station bj a handcufl on
raUon lasl year.   As ., fitting tribute ,,���,. wrist B, a swlt( ������,,,,-���.,��� the
l" hh memory,  i sui              i-S been prlsonei   sudden!)   , ..:ll.,, a ;,,.,  n,,m
that the May Queen and    her __a pockel   with   his  free   hand   and
",ali-   '*��"�� should attend the fun ......  ������������,  lluVn ,��� lho j,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,-,
���  ' ���' '       afternoon   and tl  It face, the bullel penetrating chin, neck
^together  likely   thai   thla   will   ma- _nd shoulder.   The handcuff was latei
I       ��� aud  tor ���' ":n" '''' "'  ���Vl''"'s   terlalize.as some of the .    ing ladles found near  the  Fals-
the United  States, gradually   interested   bavi   expres          ...",.��� McLeod
��� [j way west, until be reached   sire to do bo.
ivhei   bi    ��� -tied for some
I  ..        i Dunoon   St otland, in 1822,
_ Thi : ���    8    tt in e.uly life c.'oss-
���    ' ' an and cast in his
lara  al   .Stockton.    Hearing of    the
i   ���    tl agricultural wealth of Brit-
lumbia, he decided to com.   to
I - country, arriving here  ia   1859,
Bi'.i   In    company    with a partner
I        h   ui' the Fraser river, clear
up iii'- ground   <m    which    now
i . !.,'������.- ri vi. r mills at Mill-
Some time later lie decided to
., the saloon business, building
Pioneei    B&loon,    near    Lytton
I \:tr r    conducting   this    for
e  i':- ek   . rldgi.
w is taken to   the   hi splta
' win re he Ik now doing wt 11
Col. Scott obtained the coraml_sion      The discovery, so far as hag   been
which entitled him to his military title   learned,   was   made   by   exprovlnclal '   ' ; '���' ""   ���
while Bervlng under the Stars and constable Jordan, ol Ladner, who notl-
Strlpes during the Mexican war. For Bed tht police of Vancouver, On sm
many years pasl he had been In re- urdaj night Detective Waddel] and
ceipl  ��� :   ..  pension  from the  United   two Chinamen or the Vancouver col
���'������'l l;" ';;,L UD la"'1 onthe   States :��� vernment,  being one of the on]   reach. I this city and  yesterda;
few British subjects living outside the morning, proceeded lo Ladner, where
States wim was remembered by   the Waddel] arrested the suspected  man.
Washington authorities.    He    was   a i iking him to Vancouver tor trial,
member of the Westminster rifles for 	
a considerable time, holding the rank
of lieutenant, while he also    flgured FUN[JS COMING  FAST
largely among the members of tin- old
��� ���   9_ti ���>������"   '...  fi    c.   Ura  i^ u-4_lh lush sn.i hPi< wlarow*   ;..
.       I ..j. ... <.   . .-��� Baroa ��aii.i oa_ be hr>s,,., .    ,    <hr>
>���                   ���             .....         ...-;,,.:.;., ad and   form    a 	
N-       \      la .    ,. .thai It i        ..-��:,., _ ��         . ,.      .   , .....,,.
. .   ��� .��� '���    wa*          ;,,.,,.,      ...        u
 '��� '    ���        '        ��       \ (A* ���.,-.        ofl ��.iev
���   I  I*-   Ittrt-Ott,   tm  ',c(-\   M   tfen   B-tWttl   and
111 ; district t ...    ���      . .,.'..  co_   t-hs, fHtj and A- -_or. a_
imagt expet ed, will am   ���     ��trttctto_ ol two   ettle. al ������'���������     ou��  from tihe jetty, l��fcvtn| a b-a_it    ___
.... .con.,'      ''   m  buU' >M'    ** s    :,'ni  wMtfe-etwe-tt Ut. Jettj  and - ���-.,  ol
(o fifdv-.t feet In dr ��� th��  out
.I tm closing of _��e!<
r      . -.: :\ rx wn out .    wo ..   bj    the
. ..   men a i   thi n I -  lu owa to ..  keep the ���
y d in i ..     -M-i- ' li       and    while   li
a lm sa   out     md eo_]   ��� n ���   ',-'-'' I nol  _��� navigable cle*i  ������
i ..-,- ��,,      ' ���-��� escei t at nte'i watt    ..
. .   ,   ot .-.      have    been  n"ouW bi   .' le to make barb.   t��
���  -.  ���  tot  thi   unem.loyod ettlea and watt for the Bood tide
todaj  ad I tli nal    appeals    �����  i    ' �� repori nvAr,
Sit     iim tag been geb cted by j
r < to make an oxftmlnai -
-.'������ th   Irtn ol  Un   i-'i ��� ���
,    having  ci npli twl  i tld  ����� ���
i  have ti"- honor t.i maki   the
bousi    i       oods     tn     uppi     fi li �� ng   repori i
storeys,   Thr-> go to and fro tn skiffs -    I  examined  thin   Ann.  whloh  is a
On the north Bide ol  PItl iburg   the  pass from t_�� main river, on .anuan   lattda ,,,,������,,, ,,��� ,,,,������, ,,v .,     ,  , ,,,,,
n are patrolling thi ���    eats In  -Tth, 1908, In oompanj with Alderman  ,|;1,,,   ,.,,, (.^j  ���t, (l,    ,,,,,     .,,,,,   i,iLn
.1 Wheeling. V   Pa., Steuben    Shth    ol   r-mr eommlttee,  the  ails     ���    ,,,     '|-1l(, ),-.���,,h ,,(  (;,i. ,|;,,��� ���tu
Ohio,   ..ni  other   polnta   below   boai    Samson"   having   been    kitullj   ,,   ,,   , .,,, .in,| [M i,,,jhI,,   ,    ,,,,
i     city the flood waters an -\ - cl       placed al mj  disposal b)   Mr, Keel
... as ti
,-ii   -.
rp to late :       ....... h ' ,
\ gre -.1    number   ���
Starting  Irom  ron,(  \0    point,    a
ilong the ami    l he rivet I1 ____. ������ , ,  ,  ,
.,;.��:, lev  will be PVf-mlrM  dllP   WWII
6090 fr>< i i^ a dept- of 18 a?pt Bf
water, �������� shown on plan, Titi? break.
watei ��iil be built of log cribs fllleo
with stone and will be foui (eel a-o*.
high watei -fid  :'' feei *!_�� _i th.
vr-a en>l and ,rt fer'-i ai ,i,P shore li
"ill  be  vi"''" ted  I |   an  apron    mat
. ������ __ the outside ���'>' >��� ei wide and
around and bttth WSll 'ia\i> heavy
��� one ' ' ��� i "ii the etude for BOO fppt,
each stone weighing from 8 >��i 10 tofts,
The width between th. .ad. of thp
fettle, will be 500 teet The Uh\i it d
ioiiini'i between lona and   Bee   la
in reach serious proportion!
I he leased the premises to'llv;u.k V(,lmitl,,, nre    . , , ���, _avlng
. en one of the flrsl    to   join   that
| imed  Deiter,    returning
for t. lengthy visit.
f) el im to British Columbia,
,:���   ini , ta ��� contracting
iii Ifng, among ol her placi b,
I lent e al Sapperton, which
ft.- tenanted    by    Archdeacon
he Church of England. See-
ultli - In this in w ian l tor
1 tor on a large    scale,    Col.
f lertook to liuild a number of
of which hav.' since boot lam highways and will re-
t monuments to the energy and
|i hi  in a who hewed a path-
j ii the den -e forests of this
The Scott  road, n uned  tor
.   ind part of tli" il -in
ulli   :,..   Col.  Scott.    Hi
#   r ol  >i har\"- al n
Col. Scoit is survived bj his widow,
Mrs. .). T, Scott, i    Port Moody, tout
busy    subjects   ol    thr'    Ma
...     W il  '    ...    I  ii,   :
Queen are going aboul the raising ���    tor   '  '���> ''"' 1'ioposi i Simon F ��� ���
: ind   ."��� the I trnlshlng of a childt i
ogri asive and  enter-
ti an, all the venl uri a
���   entere I did not   furn
ii    his was a    natur
daughters,  Mrs.    R,    B, K< ll;..    Ni ���'���
Westminster;  Mrs. F. A. Kelly, Kam-
loops;    Mrs.   John    Morrison,    l\>v- ward In the Royal Co  Ian hotpltn
Moody, and Mrs. I.. K. Irvine, Ooqult' In a  mo live   manner,    nnrl
lam: and three sons, J. R. S""i;  and , tie  doubt   exlsi    thw   th I    efl
L. R. Scott, of Coquitlam   and F. W. , ;] , P0Wned wit. success.
Scott,   of Port    Moody.   His    gran!-      on Saturday a meeting of thi Slmoi   -   tser, nephew of    th
children include J. T and R. A. Kelly,    .,.,,,, Vi     ,,,.,, .,. ,!h, u<tUll. B{ M
and   Misses H.  E.  .    i   M.  J.   Kelly, -,  8i0 Qouiet, at which It was decided
children of Mrs.  R.   B.   Kelly;   H.  R. . (..  :lll. wo ;   Bnould be Bproad i ���
and w". J., and Mis    Le i, Scott,   of ier nu      of country   and    gl I
Coquitlam;   W.  S. am    Georgn     and ,   ,,,   .,.,,,������,   wh,, wll]  .,, ,.,   ,
Misses Gladyi J., Maud, Jean, Dorothy     ���.,,,,,,,,   ollcl, ,-,,���,.   MiBses tldj
tnd Bessie Kelly, ol Kamloops; K. T. A..t, llt^t   .,,, visi,  Vancouver,  Ml      flrsl
and   Loftus,   and   Ml   i  Oolelit   Irvine H ,,.���     u ,, ,.,.    uill    ,,,,  ,,,   |..t,i,,
and a younger si lei   ol Coftultlam. T(    ,    lM :   K,,;,. (;,,,,;,., wii:
Ro "ii  Rioce Si i_ man canvaBs tho u,    ��bile    \i
i "a '"ia   I   .. :.   i atlon   bit     |u -
; in I.. ; ;,, her home al  i angle) afti i
.-'       !""    ' I, ' '.      "iii
an, le, !..  McQuan
Is  \i 1    HIn I,   c daughti t
io  ���
white in -a   '��� ' nn > ��� -      thi     ml   il
',',   '������: . ii. oi.
li     '   , :       i'i      111    I     i   '
i omli try In 1841        ling
a    thi    county of Jfoi l   On
wht ro hi   i emnlned  foi   i omo    tl   i
i;.  -.,;. a:  Eugtn.i ' ol the Depai imi nl
Pu ih  work
i : i I, n!������: i e iniiiii t'tvei al
\. \\ Wesi infnstei. and llowi w esterlj
and north westerly to the Oulf of
Qeorglo . Itlch li r-ni'" s t Utile ovet
seven Utlli noi th of Pol i Oai r -. u
i     i I a   mil      l"ir .  me.ism In .  I i  low
waii i In th    -nil", an i about flOfl fr-r"
oi  ivei'agi   wltlthi    ii enters lhe gull
llV        I hi,', ...   ,:l h   :.        ":l,  ll       nl'        H hli ' I
spread i   out,   at   lo��   w atoi. Into In
numerable   mall i h ulete w _h b   flnd
tin n waj ovi i  .,;ihi.".<'ini bank lo thB
II,   .|-i;    '-.a i     tl  i������. then fore, only na\ h tbl
. ni. iu ie in, high w.iii'i  in in ' mi ban
who was Injui id '   ���>���        ago
.,    tiling tree ai Port Mr ody, ind who
is still under treatment al   the Roj tl
defeat,   and   Columbian h    pi   I   I    a       ndson of
the deer   .   d    lorn        ein ��� Ide I      ...   wei urn  ol   $73   b
., i.. and    urn h  \\ In tern ut i
will   apj ���   resldeni     i     PHI
, icl
: , :.      . d tha       I
would have daunted ordln-
often  undertalti n      :  I
������ ���   i   .'.��� ii.
���iri    in   the
i ���   lar, bii    fortune
on him, and a short
Ig "ll   f dlov, in.    b
bl   city.
i      i -.'!.  Col.  Sc
'. ���   3   i   O.
ton .i' J.   R.  Scott, of Coq   tlam.
Butte, Pel).  III.
'nave    egun
���   id-
handed In h ollcltora
' ��� ,      e ol il In th    "m '
A    .    .-         ol Uni a  ha;  ;������
,  ...    ���, '  th laced  In
i   .          ��� M
' ,1     ,:
of i M
nor It
i the numbi '' !' '
at; ,   .,  yeai      hi I oi   I o ch Ing In ���'    '   " ' ,       . ..
' .    d mlan hoi i   thi drug    The sei - and ���    '        ' :;-    ��� '""I-   A
���   -       .    al   ' had       I .-��� i '    -no,an-    i w   :'" ���   ' 11 also be held for a
'       Inti      ts. I. Is the Intention ol the city offii ' ���"   ' ���       M
 mbered   to clean onl   a  scon  nl    plum dent       "������ -   ��� - '-' " <���> '"  '
hi   active   art In pub-      I ting   In   Butte'    - q "      '     "
'  l  .    city, mor   'par-   and   more a, tr    i i   ���- d.    AH the Domln
- im  tion with thi   liny but two of the china:,"-,, taken Into      '
. ch  he ha I    been   ���    to I;   adml   th i     le ol the drug.
in ��� nut of the nioBl northi t'lj outlet,
i      .  mile - i'i width',    ii i ��� ' t< '��� i
a inn i .ai lie- i ighl    i'i i, '���, h
.   ti II        ��� "    (roni W    l
,.. ���      URI '       r.     ,        I'nlnl
Th   current Is i Ughl    Thi. pas -
, he..    ', ' 'i 'ni  towing fails, wi," h
 te from lhe north pasl Gri y Polnl
and go i" the large mills al Net* Wi
.Inti        |i   im|iinved  and  deep ui d
i in the i" ��� ��������� -'"Ni i   i'.Mn   i   -. on ii...'  wiii ,    -
t ca om New Wi  tmln tei to Vflht	
Since 1 nd polnl      i the coa I toi    mail ves
Ivlngat Langl     Prali        ��� -       Tui    boai   i ap! ilna pr.fi i
,, ., in this |i!-���     rath
:.    .\[r QtJft] ,-i. . I     ", '1" '  'I     :    "     mil- -'     fill ""
;,,                    .  |                 >]               nn   ftftd ( "" hi   ID lilt          I   Ofl   li I "
ration       I      k               of thi   �� In lb    I
I. ofl
The     .' ni ������',       i - nine nl
ret/uo ted   to  I MM                   IcMlllan'
la      -oi           ��� ���.   .    .
Ion                                                     '-    '. ' ��� .  . ��� i      '      ������ -t    of
.  ton
'���   Mi o   if   Mi"
��� ,, ��� f . ' '.     if
The south roiu in,mi,i :iiuo Up ii--.�� a
in i elo. ih�� bridge ir thin cahttol
be done on aeeoutit <��r the fights td
Us n ��� ig ition of those people e_ ;,s
bank ���-. a tlfflbi r ftood g_te should be
bttlll  " hli b i an I',   i.i.j.i  ,.l,,q,-,| fl(    all
time ��� e_i 6pl dm u'�� the p tseage of
I." io. ThU luard gate wlll be bull!
Hm> :i lock gats an i with <r _tei gfetes
opened l_ the usual m&n&ei am i
the e,iI" has been opened foi the \m<>-
sage of a vesBel, the vioM t gati will
be opened ahd the guar, giftte dan
iiir'u I,, i,i,i,iii, ii iiii, ,| up iiitn place
agalnsl iii��i i ui ,,;ui. and the ������ ati i
gates i losed Thi he will never be a
in -i.i of wore than a '��� w inches   so
11 i   be ���  -ii'   "i" ati ,1       This
u "in, or thle i". k is a oui Bto ������
ii is in li.-vi-a ibal with these m���
��� .,iii|iii'ii.ii. the - ui Pen! thrbnl b    thi
fettj   ' bunnr'i ai the mouth will
uf I. strong io keep the channel  ui   ihr' mouth open  after it  has
i.ii"o lii-i-n oui out
in ruini i'i  i r the   North kra
no. 'Killiln  llll'iii_l'""l   ils   '- li"'"  I' 'i
.1   |nw   iv-il' i   te     BUI H        -   il I ���   ���' i
usr. ii, ii wouM be net essorj to
1,1'inl  some |400,   in  dredging.    II
,  irtei of the fl i  iK b-ll-ted, however, that this *__ld
noi   be   ,"  BS-ary,   for with  tb
', im,.   di    ened   to   10   feel    al   :
ni. i  tugs   villi th ti  tows ���   ���
- Imi bot  In : li   I be i'  tit    an I go up
mi Mr- last .UBJ-I      of th      Hood
: ,    '..','.        'ii ,,,, t efl      of ���"���'     ilng
��*��   Coal Laden Ship Breaks in
This Is My 47th Birthday"
Duchess of Albany.
hess of Albany, Blster-in-law of  King  Edward  VII    and
'"������ mos; popular members of England's royal family, was born
,:. 1861.   Before her marttige In   1881   to Prince Leopold,
son of the late Queen Victoria   the Duchess was Princess
ederica Augnstt
An   offer   by   the   Bin ���   Mounts!
'   a oonce: t on  'i i
r was ���-       ���  '���   and the
.     ���   > ..;r- informing them thai
: -    - reign would b i o
3  ,. a . and ax tho fund at.
, ���  i
...    ...
Id  i" la
.  on ni "i" of
i        -ii-. ���,,    la
i. "i    .all       o   ih"   ilol
home and mat ituj ikn    b it a
received    in   plte-ot 'ui*
Govei nor Holbrook is still In lh< - <>
Id rl   Wfttl      ' oi   r nt   i     at   Boo       tl h
��� .1 ���    "
ih'd  i, , .
���������; : . -������ month.
.    ,      .,"���'.. ,    I   ;���"      . I ri/
fe-1   at.  km   wfttet over    -.orgs ���-   r,�� ship  Emily  Roldj    113 days   out
tMSK, mouth of th. .Vorth Arm. r''"r"  Newcastle, N.S \V.. for Portland,
For thr improvemewt of this p*s_, r wilh oonl, went ashore hist nlghl   nl
i I','' I Coast
al X Survivors.
Portland, Ore., Feb. 16.   The Am i -
 i  nf : ,ii   i" llth mid  ' oiiMim s rrurirnrnprid th--(onsri-iir-.tion ol'ii j"Hy   the moot- of the Nehalem river,   on
��� ��� lake an flotlve lnter.si   In  ptiblli startteg from tbA ��?��_ land of lonn fa-   (h'' Ofo��ofl coast, and broke in two.
affairs. land  anrl   runriina; ia  a  general  nor: i,    Ten  j_amen  were lost while sis were
Governor   Holbrook   was   born   In west dlreeijoti near;,    parallel    with  saved, Including the captain and his
��� rune r ili'ut   Kr'hruiirv 18, 1813, bul ha the shore and ai.out owe-ajnarter n-fle   wife'
*g  ent was connned-to rho present reign,                                   ���                    ,,,,,...,��
-������            .                                     ,    .       pnrents I'turneii to lirniileiinro while distant therefrom, enrvlng westerly to-
' ",J"11 not-e ���ecepted.    i: ������   .                  , r   ,       , ,    ,      ,.    . ...               ,         "
5 .,,,,,          ,.                ns   was  nn   Irifttnt, nnd   he  has   lived wards  the sea end, as shown on map
6 next  ������ retlng will be held on Pebrnar
���    ,     the   home    of     Mbr.     O
daughter rif George Victor Prince of Wal
imont, a small German principality.   Only  two years after
ge to Prince L,eopold, her  husband  died  suddenly, leaving
' ' ��� a ward of the British nation.   She Is of a retiring dis-
d cares little for court life, but takes an active inten-- to
Ical eharittes.   The Duchess Is related  to many   of
' owes of Europe In her,own right, the queen mother of Hoi.
"r sister.   Her j-jnng eon, who inherited his father's title
f Albany, |B now the reigning prince of   Baxe-Coburg   and
' years ago her only daughter. Princ ss   Vllee "��� *��W.
, attach.
Survivors Taken  to   Portland.
here over glflce,  lie Wfts elected    by   accompanying this report.    This jetty       Portland, Ore., Feb.   15.-���The   sur-
ihe Republicans to Dip Vettnont state   is to be built over Sturgeon bank, of   vivors of the American    shin    Emily
senate Ifl 184D anil served one term. He ' mill slabs and piles the slabs to    be   Reld,  111  days  out   from   Newcastle,
was elected stiverntir of Vermont   In  used as sheet piling driven to break   X.   S.   W.,  coal-laden,    which    went
Subsidy for  Press  Service.
1161 nnd served until 1863.   As   war
!    ' Prince Alexander of Tech
awn,   Feb,   Iti.���Hon.   Mr.   Field-, governor  be floated  $1,5011,000 ��� at   a
.,'- j.oniiaeirl consideration to tTie   premium anil   equipped   many   regl-
of the representatives of t_�� ments of troops.    Governor Holarook
joints with the smooth sides facing ashore on the Oregon coast yesterday,
each other and spiked to caps on the were brought to Bay city this morn-
piles. Each pile to have a spur-shore ing and are now quartered at resi-
well driven  and bolted  to It  at  top' residents in that town. The ship will
^___��___ ?��ar.
  , i ....i'.J'-i-."��>'-�����'���
tnad an  Associate,]  press for a re-   Is one nf the three surviving war gov . and to the cap. I be a total loss as well as the cargo
newal of the federal subsidy for the   _mor_ of Northern states.   The other I    The height of the top of this bulk- of 2,110 ton of coal. The vessel   was
two are William Spragtie, of Rhode Is-1 head to be four feet above high water, consigned  to the Pacific Coast Coal
land, and  Samuel J, Crawford,    who  and to be packed wilh hay or straw Company at Portland. Owing to tlie
served as chief executive of Kansas  on  the outside.    The sand    pumped long passage of the ship .wenty-flvt
ddring the closing days of the civil  from the channel to he deposited oiit- jer cent reinsurance was offered on
wflr.                                                        j side this, bulkhead to form a foreshore, her.
purpose of continuing that service
from England The vote expires next
month, ami no .appropriation appears
in  the  estlm.te.  for  the next fiscal
* ~ - .5���
r   " l_%   4
.:    ���   "��'ii    '
.. 4.-���'���.�����-;���   <
'���r w^
vft it t    !
I ,-'.,'      '���   .'
1 v. ������*��.*:
- "������,
-'.�����-.Vx/t  :
7m :-l -i^',_i V ' '
"ll; s'f >* #^.1
" ��� .ki Till *-      '
Yy-'?j^W\ i
' mm
'*-.- i^l__��*_--_M   '
_ fr'ii; i��> Ml? tit A
' '���;'. :.{<  S-\'- ���
rfi *���'_il-_te n. t _
, ft ^
i '*
....    ,
��� '     \
��� i-l
r�� ��      -
��� ������
'���.    Si .*
__ '   ' '   .  fc
'*.        <*"n%  -* ������*_   .
i �� -    . *T<_. *M
v,.. .-   . ������' f ���
?.$ �����"*;..;' '".
���-*'�������� ���' - - ���;���������
,.   !   '    ���'-    *'J' -I  j,��
__*��������� �� ���'  .-._,* �� ��� ��V*
:v/Trig M*
i   i . *___*F8*    '"_���*    2.
��� ..;'��-4{r>-'! -"
���   1'    ������ -��
�����   '. i,-',' k,-T_f_i
B--I **������   ?''" ��� '**
Vr* I* _   . #<._J
.*':',�����     >*   ���'��� ,ul" .
*  ���i""J;.,'rf_K
_       i   ' '���,*&. vfrt.'*1.
rWK ..hi.ty
a .to.-.>Jvif  "v,/,
t_Pri*!'.'Jrxlf?VV^'^   ��
��*t'i'i: ^-i**it '' 'iv-?
,u-s't '.I      t'tll ����� i-.i>
_'�� *k* -���
Iff^r i^Sl^r'i��.'',l'
-   _.~3_t��� ' l__ ��    .I.    '       "
���  _      "     '..
'   -i.'
_.] i
^���"h; \.:_./v .
���l_*r I -3T. ,-.| " '  -   H��
.'���/   *   ft ������&  ��i.t5���i_i
-/���   -��-'1' ��� i'.!.l��.��S.*fr-.H%
.���    ' ,1    V.,i!.Lt:.   _r.,r�� ,
"   ',5..; if* :V
*:   i._W_l_r_i! *:.
_L3St   W66
i rvJWfwuBrawn:
This will positively be the last week of our Great Alteration Shoe
Sale. While we have sold hundreds of pairs of shoes during the
time of this sale, still, we find we have yet a few hundred remaining pairs. These we are bunching together and will run them out
utterly regardless of cost, as we are determined to get rid of them
this week. We will be busy to-day preparing new prices and arranging things generally, so as to make this the busiest shoe week
we have ever experienced. We would refer you to our large show
windows for new prices, etc., which we know will attract the attention of people from far and near.
The Shoes Must Go
Big Shoe House, Ltd.
Sign of the Big Electric Boot
Look For the Big Yellow Signs
New Westminster, B. C.
To Remove Grease Spots From Carpet*
and Clothing.
Spots on carpels and unwa.Labie
clothing arc not difficult to rcm&ve
First brush out any dust that may
have gathered on the soiled place.
Then rub powdered French chalk,
or, if this i.s not at hand, common
chalk or magnesia, on tho wrong
side of the fabric if you can get
at it. If not, apply a paste of the
alkali <o the right side and cover
to exclude the dust. Leave it thus
for twenty-four hours. Now lay
several thicknesses of tissue or of
blotting paper over the chalk and
set a moderately hot iron on it,
shifting the paper as the grease appears on the surface, This is best
_nno by working from the wrong
side. If all the oil is not extracted,
spongf' with household ammonia ani)
renew the alkali.
Javelie Water.
To one gallon of water add _ ont
pound can of chloride of lime and
tour pounds of common washing
Boda���sal soda. Allow if. to boil
ten minutes, When cool turn into
bottles, fruit jars or stone jugs. A
uupful in a tuli of water will : o e_
dirt in the most soiled clothing,
bleaching perfectly. Jt will c:i
grease and dirt out of cooking utensils, sinks and drain pipes. Dilute
the javelie water for all except for
washing clothes. Keep tightly corked and plainly labeled.
Horseradish  Succe,
Put into a saucepan over the fire
n tablespoon.-! of butler and a half
tabh-.^poonful of flour.  Stir and cook
.until   blinded,   then   add   one-half
-cupful rif strained soup stock, hall
-a cupful of milk, half a teaspoonfn]
nf palt, five whole peppers and a bit
���of bay leaf.    Took live minutes, remove   hav   leaf   ami   peppers,   add
''three tablespoonfuls of grated horseradish, cook a   minute longer an*
Care of the BaUy.
Don't give the baby any kino of
raw food or any kind of fruit.
Don't give the infant coffee, tea,
beer or any liquor or any kind of
food except that which is prescribed.
The infant should sleep alone in
a crib. Don't let the baby sleep
in a room near the kitchen. Don t
have unnecessary clothing in tb*
rwm where tb- baby is keptr
The cares of others do not nakt
many ot tis stoop shouldered.
A man's religiou seldom run* counter
to tats Interests.
It la much easier to get a bad rcpo
tat.on than it ia to 1oh�� it.
A sensible man can't help admirin|
a woman who has sim.se and JudgTiieni
enough to turn him down.
No k'ii-1 ever admits that ��'>�� I" i
Judge <���'. yinaeri
tt   Varies   Greatl-   Iri   Different   Person*  nnd   Condition*.
The pulse of women generally beats
at a slightly faster rate than that of
men. It may be said that when a per-
son is at rest his pulse-, that of any
adult, may be from seventy-live to
eighty times a minute. Great variation
exists in different individuals in respect of the number of beats. After
exercise the pulse riuickens because of
the stimulation of the heart, ami tho
same result applies to the affects of
taklns food. A dose of .-1100110'. will also
stimulate thf-. pulse somewhat, just as
the use of tobacco, especially In excess
will tend to have an opposite effect���
namely, that of lowering the rate of
the pulse, because of the depression of
'.he heart which results, in fuvers and
Inflammatory diseases the palse rate
tends to be \cry iniir-li Increased aud
also in respect of its character. Instead
of beating quietly the blood vessel lu
such cases exhibits a very full and
bounding movement On the othe-
liaiul, where depression exists and the
temperature: of tho body tails, the
pulse may be unnaturally slow and Its j
character weak. Physicians are accus- |
tomed to distinguish other character!-- :
tics in the pulse, such ns become valu-
able hints in the discovery aud deter j
mlnatiuu of disease. The practical les- |
son we learn here is that where the
pulse continues for any length of time
to have its beats quickened to an unnatural degree and where especially 11
rise of tin- temperature or beut of the
body accompanies these symptoms we
ought to suspect some kind of feverish
condition or other to be represented.
The pulse nlone forms a valuable
enough guide to this slate of t.'ie body,
but its value l�� very much Increased if
to tlie information given us by tbe
pulse we adil that which the use uf tlie
thermometer supplies.   Cardiff Tunes.
Board  ar.d   Ba'l  Trick.
Got tha cover of a cigar box 01
��ny other thin board about fiv#
'nches long and cut two small hole*
in it. Then arrange the strings ani
balls shown in the diagram.
The trick is how to get the large
ball off the string without untying
it or removing anv of th�� .mailer
Push the ball close up to the right
hand hob' and pull the right loop of
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Fresh Pork Sausages Daily
Best of Farmer's Pork
Pacific Meat Market
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office,  Eighth  Street
'  ''���_.'��� 1 i 1'
'/-     ���->'.���'    i      -'XL.
Phone 1921
A Barb-roam Policy-
After the I':: I) ).'. ,1 l:.,:.en the Mo
mervis from th" P-rtas.ese Hi"y l_-
troil'ii'oil the cultiva "-i if tho dov��
Into their 0 -. :���''- dons, cul lown
nil the clove ire -si rif the Moluccas nnd
pronounced death on any one who
would plain 11 single c'-ove bush or
gather or sell .-��� pound uf the product.
Expeditions were seot'frpm their other
MtBtern poss v-.ious every year to cut
tlovru any btmhes that nidit have ac-
rldeuinlly started In t.V Molucca Islands. This barbarous, policy made the
Islands a desert, for, deprived of theli
forests, thr- volcanic so-ll was washed
away, and the popul'ntjjm starved or
-���as deported.
Illn   I'.-lir   *l>.r~.
The Chinese always ti.ive understood
the great art of making the punishment
fit the crime, Man nr- joss, if he of-
fends, gets exactly his d'-sr-rts. Viceroy flhuiu. who WftB nudous to see tlie
end of the heavy rainfalls, was very
angry with the guard lau joss of Canton, who remained deai to all prayers
to bring about a llttl. sunshine. &
Welyueu was dispatched to the temple with orders to uncover the roof
over the joss' bond nnd let him have bl.
f*tr share of the rain
the string as far toward the left
hand hole as it will come. Then
pass, the loop through the hole and
over the left ball, as indicated in
the second diagram. This will cause
the two loops to separate, and then
tbe. ball will come ofl' with ease.
Reversing the operation, you can
easily put the ball back into its
original position.��� Columbus Dispatch.
A Church For Children Only.
Tlie Rev. Henry A. King of the
Oakley Avenue M. E. church, Kan-
las City, proposes to start a church
for children only. He wishes them
to take the part, of the olliciai
board, the organizers, the usr.r.
md the congregation.
Politonets to Foreigners.
From  Europe,  Asia nml Africa,
From North an! SojIIi America,
Them- names of plaues come to me
To teach  me my _wjKraphy.
And i=o It's no morn than polltn
To put my plrtythlngs out of sight
And for a moment Rive my mind
T�� vwlton who are no kln4.
���Wa_h!u_tnn .tab
William as a Matchmaker.
A curious instance o( the activ.
part the kaiser *akes in an-a.ii.ginj
the marriages of relatives an.
friends b recorded. A person*! aid
4��-camp. of hie majesty waa vera
much de-prised by the lady of hi
choice giving li.u a refusal. The
unw afternoon the kaiser drove ta
the house of the young lady, ths
���laughter of _��� wealthy Berlin banker, and pleaded the cause of his
lid-de-camp with such eloquence
that tt,e marriage took place ��
month later.
She��� 1 think we Ml.otild lie able .3
live nicely on J.,000 0 year. He���Bu(
my salary is only ?2.0pO. Sh�����I know
It, dear, but my clotiwa come to $1,000
a year, and 1 have raiougb now to lasl
to* the first twelve mrmths.
A. post '-urd of the usual *i_e ie
I exhibit cd nt the Bucharest exhibit
��� tion. Oi_ it are written the Bulgarian
! coDiititutio- in full, the opening
i speeches of various European par-
j liaments and two poems by Rudvar.
! Kipling, 12,000 words in ell. Th��
I caligraphist, Peter Paikoo of Sofia, ipent nine hour, a day during
' three  month*  to  ae-oeapligh tha
In All Business Enterprises
Is Opened  Through
The Advertising Columns of
The Morning Paper
The morning daily paper is first in the field for
sales; the information in the advertising columns
rule the purchases for the day. The thrifty housewife examines the morning paper carefully before
telephoning her1 orders, and reads the advertisements
carefully before purchasing home necessities.
I So That You
Mr Businessman should take advantage of, and ad-
11 vertise in the Morning Daily News, and secure the
orders that the heavy purchasers of stock make im*
perative to large profits and quick returns. ri.'i.1.
TH":   .   ---
' -;.v yt
�� �� * Wi V'. ���'. \ ..'��� ��� . ������*-���'���-������*'*'���'���>
-~  '.
CaC to
The Arrovt Pre 5.5
.     S..; .     :���:,
cmr.: -
So -
���'ill   _tt_Wfl
;  f  st
5 ���
��r*'.4"��-4'��v�� �����������������. �������� ���������>������>��� v��v�� w. '*'���*'���
FRONT  S"C.E_T. St a   Wfestrr    <-.;��� Twtotonc SS_
rand TrunkJy.p. CRAKE
: ������;-���.-<.--.��� :-      .;-.-"���
;-....<..        Ktt "    -' -
...... ��. .- .     ; ���
-   .-���. i
R.    H.   CLIBURN
VII Hi    -      Sl    . '���'���
rranst ontiti.-iic.il
1 r.lifi*   _">..il��
��� V  :..:.  COAST HMD ED"
Excellent Sen
Nov York. Chic age.
Toronto. 5t.  Paul
an.   _U   POINTS E \sv
Stea ..,,,.-.    o  ������
'���  ���"��� . i
Special    R��rluced    Rates    Round    Tri.
Kulr;.     t,-      -OUth.rn     C's   :..';"   -.
���'. i   . .       .: io.  .    .       .
C, I'.. 1 ANii. General Agent,
ISO Haulings ^< . Vancmni;. B, C
A    D    I'M Uil.lVN.
Portland   Ort)
Mail Service
1 Dispatch*- bj  C, P   R   ti am al  s  ;;-
a. ni . cloea 8 a. ni.
Sumas and Seattle, vi.-i Huntlugd m
Millside Nn. I, dally exeepl Sue
day; Sapperton No, i. dally excepi
Sunrlnj Malls Received al (I .... p _j
Dlipatchod by B, C, Electric rallwaj
Co., 7!4B a.  "i
Vancouver,  No,   1,  d-llyexcepl Sun
i','i\-    iji'iuin mall iecelved 10 a tn
Dispatched bj Q n.k  train, 8 IG n tn
Cloverdale,    Nlootnekl,  Porl   Kelh
Ha.elmoro,    Itnlls    Prairie,    limim
cord, Blaine mui Seattle (all  points
in  Washington  nml   south,   alto  all
point* in !��� i .i' i ii states),   iinih  i *
i'i']ii  Bunday     tt< tui n malls reci IveJ
III       II..'Ill      |i ill        lliilllliiilil    W'l'lllli'K III'
ami Saturday!)
Clayton, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tynehead,    Wednesdays and   Batu'
(days.   Return mall received Mondiyt
and Fridays,
(icago, London,
)ntreal, Quebec,
Gentlemen's silver watches, double
[leturn null 11
I V  r|   III   .!   |i in
cane, $7.50 up
Dispatched by cai i ier, i I. d< ��>
rj,      1       l    n , Agent for the celebrated South Bend     Eaet Burnaby, dally except Sun   ij
lOrtlflnd    DO$ton  I Watches, supplied   iii   Hie   W-llman I Heturn malls received v i in p  to,
Arctic Expedition,    Ml warranted
W the principal business centers of   rhillns   Rlng8 jewelry, etc.. etc.
F     0. QUEBEC and the MARL    Watch   repalrlDg:    BWrges   reaaon
GEO.   VV.  VA_X.
Jtaol Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
lent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, III.
rains & Steamers  ��m���� j___pm_so? Ban-jar im
k--��.v^*��*_wa 0 H fwm\EmtPHi:tia 0K nunjun) i
pr. main link.
* Westminster 8:35, n ':'���,
���: 4').
��� -     Westminster    1" 23
- 28, 18:35,
t: ..-    ' -    in:., af Seattle * p.m
���   <��� :"' p.n_; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
F   ''-   I P. m. and 9:56 p. m.
������   ��� IS  ..m.. dnd 4 p.m
estmioster ?..',(> p.m.,
on - p-m
a   rn . urive New
��� "-���  ���   '-���    v. rn-
(ays a a,! Fridays-
,Slr  Westmiiafjsr 5.51. d.50, 1
'���'-   ir.'. ��T.r7 hair hour there-
. "--    -T" tor  w,9Tjninat�� at
Dispatched b) cai rler 15! "fl noon
Tlmbei land, ��� ll i < -   si i , Hill,   'i in -���
ni,i i' i 'i i,      Retui a   malls   r<
' el red 'I uesd i   i and Pi Idayi
Dispatched by C P ft w>��( I  10 . m
daily  (closes daily- al  'tie  ian*
'Irrir. rl'iritiic   wlrit.'  '/ktiIiis
Ladnar,    Waatbam    Island,    Por
Onic-Os,   Staraaton,   -ontrurj     'i?iii-
ezcept Svoday.    Ratorn mails recelf
ad troa '< a n  lo ii ��  n,
(on*     -.''.:���.        v."!,-.'-'lai ni'i Saint
day.   Return man on Wtdaeadays ��'i'i
ORBAT    RBDUCTIOXa   CN   PARKS I..,,-..--.
TO THE OLD COUMTBY. Vaocc-rer    He      .   and    B -
  I.akr-;  clOMS   i           ii...     '���:
-| lir--..- cheap rates trill only Is '��� ton    ���-.- Ssn_-      R*-tirrn maiis fe��e   <-
.'i  sliort.   tirnr-.     I!--:. ;
iirxrkini;  riO-A.
S-:c sailtsg data Empm       : :   '������ '
.'- r. ri  (MS.
BurriAby    iAlre.      Return    mail    r<r
? p.m.
For etber  dai
aiiply  to
..-ni-,-1    I Dispatched by O..V. Fyler, 4 o  m.
dates  and   particnia���, *��� ' .*     .
C P. P- Ai*a��
;:?.TT3'E       "W
CR ���
-  4      '- f      NEWS
���'���    "  '    '���"   KELP.
riRfc: Ai.AK.vi SOXliS.
6��� Royal Cll   M
7���Cam.i ���    .. a '��� Teatth,
8���Royal i ������ -..     md -'��� S*
S���Fl fth aveatM and TweM
12���Sr   Mary's Bos 0 ������
I-   Cacoiid tad Part R**
14������O-tombta aad  rriffftrta
V.���Qnn>en'a  avftnne an.'.   3.;  '���
2i���...,i-rt avenue md Second.
.-���pffn  ��7*��-jft and   irourth.
2�����Flfrb smsi aad Bi��urh.
27���Third avenue and T��n:.-.
n  oi-cs nd sixth.
Tt   IWaJwatia HasWae Wa--��
IS���CW I - , i  md Mr-.K-mzla.
",r.���C   P   R.    ..v.- 0OI
To southern    polnrs,    .aiiy sijeeepl
Sun-day.    Bator- maii jl   p,   m.
Dtspait-hed   ,,' CJP K, Tain .,    I I. fi
m., OH)        '-':--;"f   i"  -:M p.m.:
C.-iisrai-y and VtapMnw,  No   1?.  ",
P. R. awe, seetsaid n_0y. Return mail
:  !.. I ^   as
��_ppftlt>__.   No.   2;   Mil!��(de.   No.   1:
' .-. .   a :-..   iii.  '   BRf-94 S'luday.    Re
tecel -'i'i ar. i p. m
Opera fftnise Bookings.
Lee W Hani   Feb. 18
Wll_B_d _, -mall (violinist) ..Feb. 20
Berry Gow    l^eb. 25
r :un City    Mar.   2
\ Royal 31ave March 24
31a In New York  April 1
me  aurgomaater    April x
.an Francisco Opero Co April 23
A College Boy May 27
Five Cents a Bar
'������:.. .--.-��� .::..:,:. . . . :-    s:.
--    _cc< ���    ���
��� :.:   V       .N>'.VN :- Wiw!v. '
���.....'... .  -,���.. -.  .   ���-.
' ��� *   " ' '-:EB.
- ������   -    ������    ���        -	
���rh- .   .   ,. .
���   '   I
  ' ''���������
Id)   ��� ��� '   . ���    i.,.     i.    i ���    .
i-n -
'���        'I'
.        -   .1   ,
������������'"   ���-    ���    '���   hla '    '     I
     '' ���'.-..
'    ..
��'" .
" ���.    -'          . - *
-   ���������         ���
v      EST ASM '     ���  v ' ��� -. ���
;'..'.��� .......    ....
:- 1 \ ���-   S         '   '   '��� '���  ������    ��� ���  . v . -. \
START KWV n -. . ;.. \\
N ������"  '" :���'-'���''��>            ���������v- r.   tJ.    t>lt,   IMIgi.
See Oi
_*ee uur Bargain Counter
Buys an. ai - cl, oti th> table - ��� - (istitig of a laivo vaHi tj
China and Oattwaf. ranging mpiirc f^fftj
SSc �����> $) OQ
liuny. Ii.:'.r\. llun\ before the b-*t snaps aiv
picked ���������'
Phone :)7.
.Vomjjl Delivery
��� in       -- ��� i-i., ���
The Canadian Bank oi Commerce
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000,    Reiarv- Fund, $8,000,000
UFA!)   orrtCF,   TOHONTO.
i   i   wa! ki'ii. Pfesidenl >i BS   I \ttlt)  tleiief.l Mnimgpi
A general Banking bunlne.s ti'atisacted    a.eouhts "n>v !������> "|ipno-l ttHtl tWH
<l,', I'll bj i"!lil Wth f'11 l'l!iri,l'i'= ,'f H'ij 1'iiril.
liepn.lln rf Jl atid upwards received littefeFl allowed a I eilffeftl t-aipo aittl
ndiirri (iiinririit. The defio.ifcpi le Biibjeet to hb _el_.y whatevei lb
the uiiinirrnvni rif the whole oi awj pot-tlon of the depoalti
WW WI'iHTMINMTtnit   BRAN8H    ti   i\   HAVII'StiN, MHtise*r
i. '.-...
���    - ���    tvI ���    -."   ��� ���
H   -11 	
I '       ���'
r;  ��� i
��� ��� ��� ���-    '	
fieri.. ..     i.   -.-. - ..
 >������     ������'���   -   to '
pr.---            ���   ��� ���������,<.   ���
arV'   foil ��������� ���     ��� ���-.���-���  	
' ��� ������������ ���   ������ -���   -      ���       '.-���������
fltli   .vi .���-,..
hfin-i<vl  t,\   it.
rrr b''-".-- ���    	
'.-',.. ...
tte s-     ni    ��� ���������
-���f.f, I  ....    . ,.. X   .  .   .
        - ���-   ���
:_..       ..
���   -..
���-���iv   on  Ut       -     -
.   . pvS    ;n   l-'r..'
ll   ;nh in,1 wi.-llh
,    | ...,..,-..,.    ���
........     ,
'-'  " *    ���
\ ...... .
. ,.  ,   ,.    ..
--    ih"   li'i,l,l.->,'i.
fc.-.u t. '-    ������ -       ��� ...
H�� Tr.����i n Hr��n..
__!_��� ��vM M'-��   <-���'���-���>..-������������ ri.-.-.u _r*JBd
.,-���,..���.',���       -.',1,1... '.  I.'.c,       ,���-..,,, ,.o,        fiftft
ti ��� -   Ito-M   B   . ���    h    i '��������� ' -<
bridge i1!-" ���-���   ��� >   i���' iM-'ii'"-    0_ ��� "������
  '  fj    |_    ��� ' "r      " , ,J-    11'.,     Iff       ..,
1,.  nl,.      ,.,   .,���,    ,-,    ,1,.    .    l,,,,',l.-   "I'.-rvlRh
,.. i i.i,    .....1 ,.��� ,-,li,,   ,.,,.,.1,,..- ,!.,,,   Pn.
I,    ..nn    ,���.>,,!, .a    ,11     lll.-i,-    ,-i\X \\    ff|>l|',t!on
h>_   ff'>"r'-a    "I'M.   >���>": nr   ���<   , .'Vt   n
,..- ,,<   , ���   ���>   n,n. _  W,.y- ..   v.,,,,,,      W, , . ..,
I,     l.ni...    Mr,.,   ,li.. I,..���-.   In,.I 1 -,-,." ,1'Wr-d,
s  ni.in   rv��<<  li.^i'',i   _ttft-._b.lli_',   nnd.
t-f-r_)esfi Ut lll<" rril.'�� prnlP<rt<r, StrV'k
Pou B,���i,|9 Vl��l!! I'.-low tir ;ra,..rrnln ,)il>
...Mian        ))!���>   l>rlls "ltlnllr-Ml   !iml   RTrMV
i..n,i..v, Imi hb flrfwrn- r-nmr' I" nil
-|fp-fl  i'HIIp  fl-"lir   ri|"'l r>     _b_  | >�������
ll-F_ie_, bbetiSd t__ rlrlb-OW-, <>nrT a
ptrllrPiM/tn. nivl br> mmlr' a HilH for tlie
IwopmrMit ilmrr A fe�� mlmit��e lutrt
tb" li'ipbeorl abbeared b^PttriS his jmnlr
Itrl.k.b  vTiro fl"r| trll.l l)p|  bi- llrtil WUiitl
tiro eonniito plnrbrB brblRp find wrfln
_ii,,_ in,.!- (be ,mv,irieftr bf n rertelji
"Pill      X "11     fr-tvl     t_8     W-ttl-     _HlSI
eirnv"'   rtSftBd Hip nlfp.
"Win, im. 1 trwrlt a bnnd mid ili-eld
prl tile libetHlbb befoW 1 realltr-d n-bprp
i nn-"   Nr-rr Vnrfc  VHbnne.
|ccilent Train Service Between        English  Watchmaker
Two   door,   from   Geo. Adam*.   CfOOSf I DlspBtC I   l-v   II.   0,   KI<"IH��-   rnllwiv.
10:30 ��. i" :
r i      .i ww* ' Ladles'OoldWatches from 112.75up.j    Vancouver No, 2;   viituri.i, No   i
Hamilton. TorOEltO.   Oen_---i!--   Bllver   Watchea.   open| ,-,.���,,.,,   ,-.,,1,   ,|���nv.   ���,,���,,,  hi.., i
" " lace, $6.'
WE   It '��� VI
I   I 111       I "'19     .III  ll'"
Rllll    l>"2    I "rii|p|l
Dog   ReiTJCQlCS
Alia FREE BOOK ON ikh;s
Ryall's Drugstore
//r^ftyilllliri'   musr Pi 't'.v
I!    r;i,., ,       I -I    Igg        (im-p     Tel     I" 0.    fi"     ')'���''���:      l'i      I.l
Gilley Bros., Ltd.
Wll'il/HiSMjf.  AN'I'  tlfcfAiL    1��-At,KflS fN
Wellington CobI. V��n. Portl?fr I .ffrfl-ff. Roseb-itk lirA', B. C. Pot-
le-y Vitrified Pipe, Drain fill/ ftffi C.tt-. etc.; Cisyburn Pr-p-se-I,
Mantel, ����d f\ft Brl.k, Fire M!a/, Osrtcraig Pirt Briek. Liverpool
Sail,   Forge  Ccal, Comni""   ��- SU    -in-1,  Gra\r��l  i��nd Crushed Rork
Me It,l.  On.
'in n tnirn biir-b in Vptmrint one
(Imp," snlrl _ div-tor, "n bla, hntiky
Irimlipi iii.li piitpred Hip nfllr'p pf a den
tl"t 1 Iuip-- tttid sliW. thp dnr-tor a
bfld timtlt. i'lip ilpritlsit der-lrlpd thtrt
Ibp tnriHl 8-tibld bp b.ll.d.
" 'All rlRlll." oflld thp Innibprmiin
'Rttl Helen ttnw. If ! tell .rrni to .ton,
frm stop i.iniiiti. nr I'll bpfit yon up.'
"litp ilpiillft (ipii-r-r!, nml the louiber-
ipfltt pot lit Hip rbiilr TIip dentist took
tirrlil nf Hip (nritli find lipean pulling.
s i.ni,��, litittied_ib.i| the liimbnnnnn
)re||_d,  M"l'lnn!'
"The defiHet i-olillniiprl to pull 'Hold
lib!'felled Hie !titti__r_inn. The dentist
kprd imlllfic, nnrl tho tobth r-niiif out.
liipti !br> 1'irntiprnifln Jntnped from the
'tutIr itisil.
'"Wh* didn't you stop wlu-n I told
,-fiii tot he n��kpd Rprr-ely.
' -V'iii  didn't  loll   me  to stop,'  finlrl
��,,.. flpnller
"'1   did   trio!    I   yplled    "Mold   onf
"'Oh.' said tiro dpntlKt InnorPiitly, 'I
fhnrieht ynri moant to kr-pp hold of It'
"The lumberman iiciipvr.ii htm an^
ewdei, Off.     I'erivprrost
Bank of Ml ont real
CAPITAL ���14,4OQ,00O.Or>
RESERVE       ��11,000,000.00
Branches throughout Canada and Newfoundland, aud tn London, England,
Ntw York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City. A Jen-
era! Banking Business Transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available wltL correspondents in all .arts of tit-
Savings Bank Department. Deposits received In sums of $1 and upwards,
and Interest allowed at .3 per cert, per annum (present rate) added
four times a year.
Total Assets over $168,000,000.00. ^_
ftasrt-a-'s Hl.torfr Ml*er,
John (;nmden Neild, whose mtxtntlh
eent bef|ne��t to Qiior-n Victoria snp-
pliPd the funrls out of which tbe prince
Contort bnllt the prespnt Balmoral
Mstle, desorres n place among the
grr-nt misers and was'as remarkable s
man na any of tbem. He was edueat-
wi at Won and Trinity college. Cam-
brklfte, nnd was n barrister at LU>
coin's Inn. At the age of thirty-_-_t
his father's dpath placed hlin In po*
session of �� fortune of f'_r>0,Mi0. aud
from that moment he became a confirmed ml&er. Nelld lived at 5 Cheyne
walk, Chelsea. Hla big house was so
meanly furnished that It did not eren
boast of a bed. Two old women, wba
did bis chores, and a black cat wort
bis sole companions. Wben he visited
his large estates In tbe Midlands,
which he did frequently, he generally
walked nnless he could get a lift for
nothing, and he waa not eren above
taking a gratuitous seat on a dung
cart. Sometimes ha waa compelled by
the weather t* taka a seat on th*
stagecoach, and thai* ha voold alt
outside, shivering and dripping, for ba
-ever wora �� freetooat, an object af
commiserftttQ- t�� bte fallow
ti   * n;'.-i
>���������"���   !;
<4  �� i   ���
i'.J-r'f.;#' i
* ^>Mi    |
_ ' -\.  i'i ,
v i
.   ,
* ' -���',V
, '/ v .' (.  !
���'   ' ' ih
Wr^-' ���
DNL_ft__W_J'{k' !  ���'��� I
r r r A?. *     ��.'.:
_ i; i" iT|.-' .'i. ���      _'��� ��� -Jk__l
��� !': .'���>-���"��'^>:fl'-'f'
i��.'~ _jt_;
-&:fei_ 1-.
<������'-.'������ ���
".���''.'   Ui   .���
r tVJ -���        -_- ��
-'    ���      -J   ���   ���**>,'. t      ���
��� ���-. ^s&fij
',. ' ���   -w   "y ���' - *
'J      _>;��HV',5.
' ��� ���������- *' ff. ,a    ���*'
,.V#f :.���������;"
Vi .r'fe',T,ft'??j .
' *"i! _' "     .  -"��' i
���    >      e ji-'��> i'1
- ' '      ���'' - '     'a*     I -  *'
'*    '��� '_''������ _<"*Ii_r '' *
< ���
i_|"*   V'fci   ������
�� j ��� ii>: ��� -?   v.-''f!_��
- '������f.'^C   . -   ��� ����� *' 'ii
+      ^f_k.'-*-_t **._���:�������.     -
,*'*,iK "*'a. ��.���������
r-,1 *V\    J    i|.
At,   'v'--vfr��'
���__.       -'*���-.
��'- *>i ri
�����      ���   *, .:*���'��� i <*
' ___��� I. __M��*i'      .     ,'.
, ..   i->-.,^]f.ii'>'
-V ^��M|r1f   :
.' *" ^^%_Es___.i.^
..  _.    f*   ��r3W|Ji'-'.   ||
���      >     |i . *. , h  i ;.;'^*   'f.i'i#
-��� ���'     'I   '-I " '"'    ���'
riV.*^ w-'a,',..'
.*.J:*/ ���. j2'-       - ��-.,'.-,���   .;.
��� 17.
Spring       |
For Mien
Our stock i.s all fresh, it contains'
all thnt is newest and best in spring I
anrl summer woollens for men.
The latest shades nre Brown, Ele- j
phalli's  Breath, and  Kancy  Worsteds, j
Popmar prices prevail.
Opposite the Post Office.
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth ami Front
streets, N'ew Westminster, ll. C
E.  A.   Paige Managing   Director
Minister of Education yeoman seryicv
in straightening out th;- tangil- anil
u.ion their advice nine clauses out of
the twenty-two discussed have been
held over, while t i many others the
amendments suggested by the. Opposition were accepted as practical.
ruder this friendly guidance the
doctor grew fretful, petulant, anrl al
times, resentful, and even descended to
sa;.' thai our Columbian College wjs
always in the way; this, of course, the
doctor    feels    keenly.    Tue "college
1 ha: sacrificed and straggled an.
succeeded In establishing an educational .n.-i it nt i<ni, with power to confer degrees, being affiliated with Victoria University of Toronto, u has,
done the pioneer work, the hard work,
while others stood hack air! -wa'ted to'
see the outcome and now tUat it Is
rooted here, and will of course
:: s share of Btu lents. the promoters of the British Colum la Unl-
versil wist it to come under the
dictation, if nol tli" direction, of this
new body and we have n > pi porl as
yel of the member for this riding, Mr.
Thomas Glfford, In his place In the
House, Baying one word In lefence
of i his magnificent Institution.
Don't be persuaded !o use
imported salt on the _iounds of
at present prices, is the cheapest
in the end.
108 W
������ . '.;>-.���;���'���;'
MONDAY,   FEB,   17,   1908.
Th i family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal, In supplemenl to Its issue
of Pebruarj l_. L908, publishes scenes
of, cities mi I iwns from Winnipeg to
Victoria, On the front page Vancouver's busj harbor Is writ large, Winnipeg'! crowded Main stre I an ; Portage avenue, Calgary with ita every
day tjus'tle, P ince Ubert, Sask., bird's
eye view, Victoria Is represented well
up to date, Grand Forks the thriving
town ai the base of Observation mountain, Camrose, Alia., a town three
years old with hundreds of people in
sight; these with many others make
up tbe supplement.
Is New Westminster left out ? No!
New Westminster is represented by a
photograph of Columbia street taken
near the Queen's hotel mow the
Guichon) live years before the great
tire; there Is rim- milk wagon on the
streel and another vehicle standing in i
front of the ol I Baker's I akery; the
old Wintemute furniture factory, the
Y. M. C. A. which stood where the
Hank of .Montreal now st mils. \V th
the aid of' a powerful reading glass
you can discern two persons on the
street. Nothing could be conceived
by our won I em m.\ that will nave a
mon- di trimi atal  i ffect  on  till,  city,
"The Country Squire."
Mr, Will.ir I. who appears    at    t'ne
Westminster opera house mi Tuesday l
in the delightful and  refreshing   old
fashioned    comedy,    "The     Country
Squire," belongs to the new school of
actors.   The new school is really the
oldest school of all, but it is t'he fash.
ion to say that the actor makes a de- ���
parture whose methods are    natural, i
j whose eyes are always    trained    ou |
I truth, and  whose triumphs    are    the'
picturing humanity as i    ls,  and  the.
expressing  of  the  gr atesl   emotions
without resort   to  vocal oi   gesticulari
exaggeration.    Such an actotr is  Mr. 1
was partly covered by aisurance. i
placed through White. Shiles & Co., of]
this city, who within fifteen 'lays    of
the tire, gaye  Mrs.  Sandell a cheque1
for the fall  valae of her policy.    The;
following   acknowledgement   of   this
prompt settlemenl baa been received1
from Mrs. Sandell.
Central Pari.. B. C, Feb. 13th, 1908. j
Messrs.  White, Shilt s    <_    Co.,  New
Westminster, B. C:
Gentlemen,���I wish to thank you for I
the very prompt manner in which you i
settled the fire insurance loss on    my
bouse which was destroyed by lire on'
January 29    your cheque for the full I
amount of the insurance on the property was received tliis morning. We
are going  to  rebuild  the  house  and;
will certainly insure our new home in
your company.
Thanking you once more.
Yours truly.
���*��� dence in city, fine grounds, ten-
nls court, best locality, conn r lots.
For particulars write "Owner," P. o.
Box 245, Xew Westminster, 11. C.
Tested Stock Seeds,
Trees, Plants
For the   Farm,  Garden,  Lawn  cr  Co;>;
Reliable vaneths at r aaonaJ Id
prices. No borers; no scale; no fum -
gatioa to damage stock. No windy
agents to annoy you. Buy direct ani
get trees and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers,     Bee    Supplies,    Spray
Pumps,     Spraying     Materials,      Cut
Flowers, etc.    Oldest established nurseries on the mainland of B. C. Cata-(
M. J. Henry's  Nurseries
Greenhouses  and   Seed  Houses
3010  Westminster  Road.
' "^ l
Transfer Co
(fflC9 'Phono 18S.        WTri   r"Dr>n�� II'
Columbia 8t.
3ag_?i��e delivered    pruiuptij   to  m.
part of the city.
On and after
MARCH 2,  1908, No
Credit will be given.
Goods sold
Chas. S. Richmond
Men's Furnishin?s and
For   correi
costs no nn
mon  \ i
Have YOU Seen  The
shade of Worsted,  also the  Grey
Light and Heavy Hauling ! and brown? They are all new and
office���Tram Depot correct in ever'  particular.
Jackson & Morrison
Daily   Nt-v.     2i0Ck
Phone 338
The Oriental Contract to,
of- Vancouver.
Jap.nese Labor Contractor!
New Wesl m nst . h p o
-*- house, excellent grounds, orchard, etc. Apply "Owner," P. O.
Box 24."r, N'ew Westminsti r, B. C.
table gentleman, room and
board with private famil.-. State
terms.   W. E. J., Daily X <vs office.
first class p.''-. - a sash
and door business, etc. S nail i ip I il
required.    Box C. C. DaJ j  N
Leo. Mueller
Importers, Manufacturers, and Dealers In Ladies' and Gents'
Toopes, Wigs, Transformations,
Pompadours and   Switches.
Marcel Wave,  Bleaching    and Dyeing.   Manicure and Massage, Chlrpody
and Scalp Tr^atim nt.
436 Granville St. Vancouver, B, C.
^"^ Well Known
Your inspection invited.
i Massage
facial, scalp, or ��� tents.-. j
Merchant Tailor ,_ ,..������ ,,_.��� .   __    ,,
In your own hou
Columbia St., new Westminster   Por ,.������.,,,,,���,,,,,. , ,,,,
>V     furniture repairing. Pianos   md  I    \J*J  I        L, J\ 3X LJD
organs    tuned    and    polished.    Hum-!
phreys,  Carnarvon  street,  i,   r    Ci ;���      of New Westminster and  dist-iet
On Sale at-
��� '      Sprayms
.praying.   Ord al    ' . t
Side   Groci ry.     ' .'-,... - s    r ason ible.
Satisfaction guar inti ed
i;    PRUNING    BV
r mtract.   E. .J. Plsher, garden-1    frli uds
er, BeuJ'ord House, or phone .9.
Morey'a     Booksto--e     and
at   Gamon s   Cigar   Divan
i_rAdvertise the town  we live i.i   13
���:    ling Picture Post Cards to yovr
ACRES.    Four acres cleared.   Between
this city and Burnaby lake.   Splendid
fruit lanl.    Adjoining land is held at
$400.        PRICE   $200   PER   ACRE,
Very easy terms to parties who will improve.
Wlllard.    Young as   he   Is,   he   ha -
hara-- i the tei Ique ol his art in I    i
besl   i^ademy I actor can command,
the theal re.
"The Country Squin "   v .     \ rltten
WANTED���STO-iE    16   i
Good   location.   Apply
or   20x40 :
pply     R.     A.
Dally Ni n
wood. $5.0 '     - ord d'-liv
e the puhl   hers    tor by j, A   K.nt, a San Francisco news-
' ���     8    ll(' '' ' t;)    ,lil1"    I'11"10" paper man, ,an I Mr. Will .ifl    '
-' b   "��� ": '  thriving city ha     been tnree -���,,. ;i��� ,  . .... .                ,     the
-;'      '���' ���  '"' ! ','-' ''-��� ":i:--   I   irnal3- manj   unique characters thai   wei
'    ie around the city hall ci a   pare make up life ,���  N       : ,    . , ,
:    ia     '" takl   '���      Ini- ag0) frorrl -Hiram Hopl   i             farm
oui  the i     .in.ii .rn ,,    ���       .;,,,,,,. hla a ....    - .-         of
delivered.   T.
li. Foster, 260 Columbia street. Pi	
HARHS ����
18c psr |b-
�����  c*  ������  *���  ������>  *��� ������ ������ ���  *> ��������.������ ������ ������ o* ��������������!
h ri    iecl  to oui
b   i i   Kie   la I   ������'
.   mi ins now used to :���    th i
ipital iow    whal    opporti i:ties |
.   are here.
W '   laj   'l"-��� ii  our arm i  in de p nr
thai we, as a city, are financially an.
��� ��� di   in let  the bomesreeker fro
Middle West know whal  a  beautiful
citj   a,- have for him to make al       ���   Pron1Pt Settlement cf InSliiWiCe C  lim
;.,. aft*!  the : dl ���     i     feUmi,    V e Bv Local Agsr,ts.
9P ,!!   fabulous    uni      on    our       m January 2!) the i stjiesjc   >
'- '���'������  ' '��� '-'���''  s, parks and pu    c   an I   Mrs. Sandell,   o<    Gent
fter    Januarj'.lst-    Corner    Ch
^^ Central Meat Market
'" the world from an op m-moul I
stiiri; oint, to Lot Thorn the i ow-
mindei dgotr _, lo le i Id le i rn
whose ' hurch and family majt-i     i the
sum and sn'siaiK-e of his ��� tistei    ���.
Ave. and fh'.i sire   , All conveniencee. p*"""" Eighth St. and    Fifth ..     i m
" PHONE   37C.
BOWELL & ODDY.  Propri.trors*
W. IN. Draper
B. C. Land
-Hard rtlock.   N>>u>/ Weattnln��ti��r   B _
totallj destro; ed       te. T.
M..   will  he
illding . who knows all ihis but our-
Ivea      ������    evi r  tell   ihe world    to
imi   .nil Bee.
'i men bant   a hi i would  put In   an
��� "-.. and then failed to advertise woul 1 -soon go under, and it la
.precisely the Bame with a cltjj, those
.o a-.'   iwake and "holler" get there      An  eupergenl   ma_t__g
every time.   We know we have those   Lodge, No. 9, A, l-\ & A
hi re who long tor a repetition of the   held    in the   Masonic Temple,   New
sleepy dreamy days of long ago w���en   Westminster, on
the only  sound  that a-.vokc the echos TUESDAY,   FEB..  18,  "908.
was  the  steamer's  whistle once    or  at the hour of 1:30 p. m., Eon 'he pnr-
twice a week. i pose of attending the Bune-_] of our
The energetic citizen of today   is  late brother, .1. T. Sc��tt.
thankful those dreary days are past;       Members   rif sister   lodges   md   so-
we are no longer a village, our pro-   journlng brethren ��x_ invited to at-
gress must not  1 e stopped, a forward   tend.
movement must be made this year and
the financiers who are entrusted with
the city's business must rise to   the
n caslon, and not lei us have a repetition of such as appears in the paper
named nn February 12, 1908.
WK opera house
Tuesday, February 18,
Pfiun-srs. G_s and Hot Water fitters, Etc. \
Repairs uf all kinds given special attention. Sewer connections-made.
Moderate Charges. Phone  A 37.7
Front St. New Westminster
We are showing the newest in M
and   Boys'   Sweaters   and   Jackets.
J. Eugene Brown & Co|
P. S.---1-4 Si_. Collars
*:������;������,������   .��� .0 *���  a.  aa t, *a +a ,)��� ->��� ������
r�� Mil
Mr. Lee Willard        i
and iiis excellent companj
In the iiriigiitfui ami refreshing o:d
Fashioned Comedy:
The Country!
| A Special Line o[
By order ��rf! the  (V. M.
W. A.. DeVVOU-' SMiTH,
Pickwickian Mock Trial
Prices, 25c, 50c. 75c, and $1.00.
Seats now on sale.
��� 1	
Roof of your house or
tarn gone back on you ?
Nr> wonder after the hard winter.
Few can eland it.
Put on a new one of Ruberoid
Roofing.    No trouble then.
Ruberoid is an clastic roofing and
will stand all kinds of weather���
heat, cold, sun, rain, wind; makes
qo difference IO Ruhcroid.
It is weather-proof and fire-re*
Will not melt, crack, or rot.
Most easily applied and requires
no painting.
Call or write for Oil particulars,
samples and prices..
the Tuesday Ev'g, Feb. 25th
Tliis I ill when ii  finally passes
mlttee stage In  the    Legislature! ���in--
wlll hardly i"   recognized when com-  L��CTURE RQ0M OF ST. PAUL'S
pared with th -iginal draft. runorui
Hon. Dr. Young admitted when he K. L. CnUKCrl
Introduced ir, that in committee, some
amendments would have to he made,      ' �����:���      '  '     '      '
but   tin'   Legislature   was  hardly pre-
pared to I'm 1 the draft so crude.
The Opposition have  rendered  the   Entrance���Adults, 25c;  Children,  15c.
1   'J*
Under   auspices  of  Thi
Bible Class.
Commencing at s o'clock
Masquerade BALL
���AT  THK���
Eagles' Hall      j
FRIDAY, February 28 j].]flfl & [0
Beef Tenderloins,
Pork Tenderloins,
Pork Spare Ribs,
A Choice Selection of Prime Meats
Poultry of all kinds.
Reichenbachy Co. Ltd.
Telephone 101
Admission $1.00
Ladea Fr:e. j
Tickets to  be had  at Ryall
New Westminster
THE   P A 1 L _    \ F \V S
��*<__ mi    ��
���-,   ���.
The Cash Stores I      CJ^W NFW^S
��������������� ������__*���!���_*_
k End
-    .. - -
     ��� s .���
..   -      i _   DrM
-    ���    -
Prices pounded down to save
you money on each and
every  purchase.
"BNn e on Spring Coats Too
[uarter,  or  ."Much light Spring Coats     iree styles ��     ndefln
e, l!";i,<s:"in. cut in newesl   -    3tyles,  Bemi    and  l",r.-.
yles, one has back mail-  ?:��� all   hat     stitched  or
;::'= and  notched  collars  q   i: limited, one reason you
������ here quickly, all sizes 32 tr r   e  $6.7.
A Rush for Skirts, at $ 1.95
and $2.75
���'������   ii ake a special SI    I    BEer oui      . - ���>. n rs   knovs   the  bar
n   worth an extra effort    Thi-  chance  i>.  particularly  Invlt-
d  -riu must come early.    Sklrta   ���      i   ���������-  si   Btyles   in   s;n
- .md Navy Cheviot, pleated                   ���������!   with  self-strap]
all -ii    ippearance of a J10.     ;          -    t 'i>. .-al.- as a leader
    $1.95   and   $2.75
1200 Linen Huck Towels
at 12 l-2c.
styles, plain white and red borders   -;i'!,'lil hotel .-:/.". and ex;
il quality, for much laundryl-S;  apodal, pair   25c
Is only, half-bleach Satin Damans   Til-   Linen,   SO   Inches,
ite designs,  regular -".he value, Friday  .nn! Saturday only 37J/_c
$3.50 Winter Waists,
at 95c.
it 1     th   da ly arrivals of new in -.    tock;     tht t'.s    our
In making this ridiculou-,    - I ir oi stance  of
elaborate Waists.    Dlflerenl   -   '��� is   ol  embroidered   Panamas,
. Velvets, Poplins, an-1 fancy  wool   ra terlals.    Many  blacks,
good assortment of staple colors   is navy, ' "������ n   myrtle, green
-v  pretty stripes and shepherd   checks.    All    ilzei    well   n  ire
���   'l up to 42.   Value, up to $2.50,   &3.50   and $4-50  ln   the offer-
and all at the low price   95c
��� -
Dr. - ���<     D -..        hu
. | - . ling,
���    ���        > In i i U| <
O     .il,     . ,r-,-.  !., r    111,.   failUI '    ���
son.'     ��� th   \      ouver
'. ���- al Itm .- were also In i the
>:ill cl is
;   in n :n
...                     .           . . and
two English   Hilar i i t)oiu nion
ock. **
v small Bre nailed ���- . ���;.    men of
\o. i  n-.   hall abou k>u            laj
The trouble w is ��� ��� at th- house
uf  M       alter, Vlcti
a '..^ . blmni ��� �� i
all iliai u .is requln 1 ��� ' i xtln       b I he
A favoi .if of ih.' etli -   mok rs, the
"Brllllante" clgai. **
n est* ndaj   I h c    die | tome
nn  Mc I nims streel a well known lady
in ihr city, Mr.-. Carnilchw I     Hie de
I    lias    been    n sideni   hero  I ir
.   n i lea\ e - .' lm - and and
mai laughter,     V'    rraiiRi ments
. :,     11     [, .1 ll.
For cut flowers, Douquetd or inn
eral lesl ;n a te ephone r I a\ les tt
Sen.  ii  208. '*"
M     .
...   .
< :'.
er.  .(     .   \     \   .-     \
.... - . on 1
-->  ������.
.    ��� ���      * .. ��� .
... ......    ������
.   .
���   -.
' ��� . :-.e in"
..I ... �� l-\, -
. 1,    ) I
on .-���   la d<     ��� ���
layers i .nierli an
.... one or
ill   ; In-   poi
- ��� until llii   trrlval ol the n n
. from   in ...
..    . opr*        s. tIt*
��� . ������   a
.  -    .   .
'     ott _   Hyde a'.iout tlvat lol
try street    -  K>ai
,'.l . �����
UNCONtCKMN HttHOH ikat "r.��x
- o -x" pki   n un
**nr,c 1..\m������� !*-��� rfvl l><-111 fc.fnl t��rrt*.
(rnlitf. \��� tj**.m,9liAA M ililnt �����-..
_%,tM.tt���fl     lliftl     \glflf-l    Mr��\-��l'     lo
Ihr   -.<��>,   ,i   ,h,    t;  .!,. ,,Un>
NO.       . - .    .. cm
���tent oi ������ .  i
...... t writer*
,  s,n-.-.i..-. - . .i.. .   .... ,-'.hs*hi
\ .> ti     ..      ,:. ii fsr
rv.   edi      ���   ��� ;'.i pratok. t] the
iv._j li..\ >...-. ,\i Ihr iv.      v,.\,-,��l
>\> trneili <n   .-.- �� dm h"   t i->*<��
p',(- a-.ui t�� ( ttMM ���������������'������ - ��� '.,><��� eur
s.. , ot ������ I u taM w Itb eer
(.. i mi.,-. \\ ii.i all MM un -���- etttt
v..- .,n,i unreal, w. aw net * dttl  ���  ���
i ',���<.', ir Bow f-ced teUnwe >��� on
and ib-pr,' ���   W lw """���  " ':'   B
i   .  >m> and -     ���������     ���,rv*/i--   bul
.   iiel  tin- i<iv ot lb.-   .\ni*n ..-nn   '.,-r
..    lis    liv.lilv     le,     :-,    l:|V,i:l-,    ��|.   ^.v,    ��
alatiott, ��������< (tond ot  t Jolw s* .r
And the jeKe i-j all the more enjoj
able "hou ii h< apontaneMM C_�� i real
er the strew and strain of llfi ih#
-,.: iter Uj�� need end detnend fot im
I,,,-,, and no one deprectttei the >������ -
ef humor excetrUng those who hav��
;..  ,��� of th -. .-i-n^i uiii to thi it portion
Sunset" lev Mt* ol the " Itt iesl n ���
of his day, saya IB hi* Ivook, "VVhj Vf��
. ij       Eliminate  from   lne titers
���   hat, .v.o.-i)-. e_e r-"->r. > tn*)
>     ��   ,. trtittj   ��,->..
.    -v      ���     ��� if  . ... i-.i   ,,n
... ...   nftfTt nivl ����h*�� Of
oMMI ���   ��� ���   Ik-I    -������--iirt     Kr.i  ������
I .'..v -    .-. i   .l\
>���    .    Kf|)l HI    ' ��� '   ���*
k      ���   ��� ....-.*
-,  .. hi.a*. _M '     ��� ���      -������   - i-*r*II
-   ih*
.e   .-.- M   " ���' ������
��,. .>v.ir.(   M��__��l   . '��������� ���                    ���   .-���   .%>
...e     ;-. ov��.'.. old
-.:-.-   s ��
  - ���                  t
Mt I ������.  >^
.v,...     - h. c ������   '������ li������  ���    ��� -        ���
��� ft
���    ������  �� s�� nr,,.
. . -. .    ������   -���   ���
J1.--0   . v     .    ��
l^alnttn.    IbMlM       i     ' ���- ���    0  4!*
.- ..- , ....
��ntv    ���      .....-;,..    -,.-.    ���   -. I
��-,.'.-,.      ���-.-
��>,'  ...
Thr " : .    .     ...... a ,
At    K   If    ��� .-���'���,, r.MI
,-!��>���.   ,   . . ' .���������   .��   ���
IK'  ,'. il k
ihe S.t ���'���      a.-'i ��� ��� ' ��� t_i   I ��� '
t-Urtfl iu  HM lx����-i.>.'. ���'���  _**.  ^'.iv^
Uo rlunv -ai.-r I'���-
ll,M��   rtp,-kl��*ii  Will   r    .-   Vmn
Helllttg__w     tv .    l.     k
shooting bj boj i o  the city i
proving f.v.Ai ii-,-.-- r.i.'.n.ns to Mr.  H
\   \\ bite  ��ifo of . pfronila
. --.i'it    \ bullet tt-tt >
rifle whl'/'/r-.I p..--t he;   !iT��a.i :\ ���> .
moving about l_ t-. bafti JiM_ of h��r
,'   ii<-.,i   Wbatcom    c--"-"^^     PYed
I'r roil  and  I'.irl  Sl.-uh-lm.-.n   in.- :..m-i
>< ew taken Into cit*wd!
*i>\ fit! v.'-r i\   viii- p .11 \   NRW-
. :��� nt     ol idnei      tnd
Vlr ..;      :.������' 6S1    -        d  01    t  Ml
ati      ��� on the ,       ol tin ee won
ui       .. elj   denii nw   o   \ incouver' ���
i ; district, t'' nettle in some old
��� onlj --' sh n       Lance from tho
ir      lown    Tin- w  i ' :i an   repr
i >     .   moved away a bei repi i ���, uta
li i.i iiei-ii liu.;'. bj  leadtng cltJ
.'���.ii   thej    lullmated tb il other
uu    di ,1'ies    u ei a   looklu i   towards
Ladiicr wiih a view i.i locntliiB ttwire
i Come to the Biff Furniture Store
_ For Estimates On
(.AR^FTS.   WINDOW  SHADl-.S.   UNO. 11'MS.      '
The Atlantas, the girls' hockej team ('hapman's bUllard and  -,'<,>'i room;
of this city, clashed  with   the   girls' flni il   lu   western Canada     Imported
team rrom    Nanaimo   Saturday, win cigars, cigarettes and tobacco    iv'm
ning i'..  a score of one to   nil.   The ini " Trtfsl block.                            **
g ���   .   ��as :i good exhibition of hocki ).
the teams being  ally matched and Vesu.ni.n u ,, ���,                .���,��� i ,
both playing their best " "',' Methodist churrhes, ,������i sped I
-,: limns ��ere in1.-ai hud moi ning   and
Master Wilfrid L. Small,   the   bb) .venlug,   tn the morning Ret   W   n
violinist,  will  plaj   De Berllot'g con Uarraclougb conducted lhe   leinrlcs   li
certo No. 7 at the opera house Thurs tjueou's avenue churdi   and   lu   ths
day evening, Febniary 20.                ��' ev-nlng the sermon was dellvored b)
Professor i therlngtoni  ol   < lolumblan
Price, to Sutt Your Pocket Booli    Catt _nd ln--t ��� > ������
| John A. Lee's Furniture Emporium jj
4, DUPdNt  in 00K jj
Nl u   WI- ������ I mum -si r 11.   ii   i
ds Embroidery, fine ed'-;'--. and   wide qualities al  on   third
:,  regular   4c  and 9:
Tho regular mouthlj meeting of ih
women's auxlllar; of the Royal Colum-
I m hospital will be held in th i bo    I
of  i rade   room   this attoiiii on,   com
meiicing al  3 o'clock,    As matter   o
Ini] ortance are  to  be dl icus ieil,
n     i ers are requested to be pre    i
.1. ll. Brownloe, C. E., Dominion a
li. C. land rn !"��� ��� >or, has opened an ol
Bee In the G   i lion block. Phon. 338. *
i in Wednes I') and Thui   la   of th
week, Jame i  V\,   Ei in    �� 11  produc
1     new mu deal comedy, ' Whirl o'
To'wn." i,ndl I ' i    lei    o   thi   V i
couver r.ii.-.    t a  efl i leal   ca il    h
. I i!   ...-. i.itiI,  and   [irospei I .   for
college, Thu profossoi took foi bis
i.'xi "I .im the Light "i the Worl I,'
ni i delli, red ii powoi ful adtlrei r ���
' ullEction .nn Ing the day w Ml lid di
voted in ihe ml islonarj fund. Quoen's
ivenue church 11 ende ivoi ing ; i ralsi
he sum ol  $1600 thi i yeai   foi   tnls
lonarj  purposi
Tim Royal  Ti'iupi,!i . Intend holdlhK
another trollej   partj   to the   P-nd
, i-i i'i ! olh i    i .ii m ��� i ini    Vain ouvei
in Thursday m ening, when chui tereil
iri ��[Tl leai o lhe tt am depot for Van
, ouver at   7  p.m.,  n tut ning   u  ���alf
pasl ten o'clock    < III,  and Sapperton
��� irs �� hi  moel the excursionists   on
����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������<
Public Supply Stores \
Geo. Adams, Proprietor
i loluml I i   nil-col
Now  Wsstruln.tsi'i 1, 0       Phens S3
Increase Your Appetite
stibcess of the undertaking a their return  to  this  citj      The  rlnl
has boefi rented bj the Tomplnrs for
��� ii" ��'iiiIre   evening, and only   I���������
taking part In the exi ursloo will   ii{
iiloweii mi i ie floor,   'i'i' ket. may be
I !__** ��*������������������������<�����+*��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Fine  modi   n       Idem con
lot,  close  in.   I".1     '.    hi   '
four   i ' ',,.        ,''
,i    ..,    etc.,       st_
,:, ''''i'""1 from the   members   of   tho
��� nmmltte.  In  chai ���      t' less    bi n
Newton  ii   Brow n, Unn     PI
,      o a       VV. .1. Burr,   The p�� ed   of tie ���
,- ndere I last wee '������ ui lion will be appllc i to the H. T, of
��� || I     lm Ipll 'I   I nnl
ruesda snln i
,, ti,.. soccer enthu lasU aru loo
��� ���--���^���-5j^-_^_^i,.*M^_^__?^ S._a_sr   i' -���-'    ���������'���' upward with keen antlclpattott to the
���      the    worl        """i,i:'  '"''"'���''    "'"'    ""'  v.inr.'M.'i
 ��� om, .   -       il,|; �� next totnrda   afternoon. The
Wi-Miniiii toi i,n\| ii in. pui up ii garni
Master Wilfrid  L Sma      ���        ������ well worthy of p i-_8 ,,;  -11 tm
...              Rode l��v(M i of spoi i ihi"i i '"ni ih" >��������� ' ��� ���"'
.\   b. and Cl at t -      -   �� .- , and by Huh' effort* Iwve fought theli
ihursday, F-- rnarj  20 ** ��.'i>   t��. the  leffll hnaU It)  the  B   '
r up leriei    Th-j    hai n   nevei
The grand I of British Col ���  ��� ������ -���~
bla R. T. u:' T  -iii meat ia L�� II     hall
Tim s .'a.. ..       -    .���."'���;
S-r.".;.-;.':;...: i ,...'"' :    '::.:.:::..::.:::..:;:;*
���.-��>-'���     1  ., .,h���, ,,,�� ,...  ^ ���,.,    IUU.I.  ���., M|ta| t, ttAI    ;,m,,'fvi      1
*���-*.,  ..,  ,^,^  ,h,  M-((,,.      _,,���    .  .,  .���...  ,,  .  .,   ....  .  ,���.,,I*     '
,  .   .      .      ���  ... ���m��r>M,->t..ma_Mr>-��--n...-'. ���-" ,.-������l,,',..-.l��
-������-,     . ������ .._��.,^ ���-_��., -i ^i. ..,, k. r������.,-, ���^ i
>����- ��� >
\ -1,,.,i i|,|,i'iiii. ig n boon h l lo be desplsi d, but a ��� j
���!���. " . a little humoring tr) B bottle of oltvee '< ild on tli nd.\ 2
I,- acquainted with this appetising delicacy run oel ������< olives Is J
 doti and would satlifj the mo l exaotlsg
w I- ii.ni' Iumi  lived 8 h"' ������ Import-!lot) ol! tli   chob      eeler    ;
uiirr,, Qiivaa and In or-et1 i" Inttoduoe t_iH in-and to the  publb
lira offering thein al prlow thai  r'1'! ippeal t��� < all economtsi
prom i ^c per bottle ��mci upwarcto |
BC< orclliiK t<> *���*'����� *
��� ���������������������������������������������^������������I'lro.
>���* �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������
1 Acres at
oquitlam Junction
Test for Vlmw? Artttai.��e;
������ $50 an acre on -..a.sy term.-.    Adjoining land
is sold  for $100 an  acre.
Investigate this.
f    Columbia St      NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.      Phone 307
,.-     ��� :      -inong     ���
.   ��� . . -     ���-.'>.:-..-. ��� ,    thi
.,                  Bdl meetlBg o  W' Q'^ORD, Optician. OSlumbU St.
later ; t -_-__-_________.. 1	
ctare will he g        Is the Bin    VwPtiCfifllD   Jt    l���Illff!U/jrL
i.Voria r, al, on T i ���      "tiaUOl-   <X    llUlUTTItn
���J._y rre___gi I'ith tost., at I o'cloch, |j   ... ,  .
_y   Rev    B.    tt   We at.   ..'   Vine .aver HUlldeT*   8 lld
Mr.  West will lecture on  the life oi Contractors...
St.   Paul.    A  collection  will   he ttksll 	
-.,:  help purcliase ho*'ts for %  HfcfSfJ
tot the Sundxy school  of    that dis-1    A11 1{|nds of carpenters work. Gen-
.rict, M.ei'al repairs    and    alterations.    Esti-
1 mates free for all   kinds   of   frame
Eleven-three in favor of N'ew Welti hulldings.   Shacks built on the short-
min.iuer.    The figures tell the sforv of  est notice.
.ame .played Stoturdiy on; P.  O.   Box  815.    Office   St.  Andr?v;s
Ufa grounds t,;';etwe.u,     Street, between 8th and 9th St.
.,-v-_      _������   .41 3
- mm*. ]
v,-V",it!i' ' 1
ii' fc-_ i_ ��� ��� i*y, ���*���_'.>,i
���        ' ','V'i'i, .'i��v ' "'_(*_!
^^������'S!i?-S5ffl PACE SIX
v, . . /��� ���    ' ' '
��� ��������-. 1    ��    ._��� .*
W * kr   !
- ':��� '
"   ��� .',�� ��� -"
til vi *   i �����
��� :,i* ��**���" i    t*i
-.   ,    .   itit jrti t'T
,V . . *r*Ej[*j*t
���T-lJ       ,.ff  J)-l>   i-_!
...��'    ..'.<. ."_g.    Ik*
V."*' .ft- V    .'^_*!r��
'���"��������*!."_' ��_ <  *��� p��"._
���������-,,    -^M.-.'.l - IC-t \tJT,%
-1! ,* I 'i ii  ...    i"'r>    -
_fc ,/ mmti>
,���*!��> VI.*.."'; VV' **,
���--:v   ,  '��� C,y     , w>. i   "V
v *ifi!^.i_
i_F,'$*      __n__    j*L. '���   Tit    *i a   -l
f   l���r'^a\~'i}:^"���������   '
a. i^i*'i'''*H!fp-��L
���   ^ -_k " f ii*''
���'   < ���.���vfc.' '-
in.:'.'    i ��, .-*i"', '
���__.    ,"*l.      ,'.!'    V*S��]   '"r     *l
, ���,. U.VI'',_,!'
1,   <������_'!
'i'��r.;'  ,'.'
*-��-, r-^v;
i   : i-_,    __*.., I',?**     ���
;r^' mm*?
��i"r    - ^:i_hff,'rr__L��l,-l--
sJ.i-1 ���?�����:*,Jh'{���!-..   ;
'���' __f,r-�� I ;*'  -|(s'*
"' '--���'*���"';::c��."
i- '-.-
Queer   Beliefs   That  Were   Held   by  to-
Ancient Mariners.
Birds as Inhabitants of the air were
i.uiii.-ili.i chosen by the ancients as
oracles and augurs nf future happenings. The sensitiveness.to atmospheric changes shown by many birds aided
li. establishing these notions. The n-aJ
Indications often furnished by sea
birds t-f a coming storm or calm were
doubtless magnified by the anxious, superstitious sailor.
The custom of banging the sea swallow so that the hill may point to the
wind arose from the old time custom
of suspending the bird by the feet, ex-
peetiiiK it would renew Its feathers as
if alive.
Divination by the flight of birds was
a favorite method In tlie oldeu times.
Sailors watched their flight for indications of prosperous voyages ami favoring whirls. As they were thought to
fly through the air to heaven, they
easily became messengers of the -will
of the cods.
The albatross is believed by Jack tar
to sleep on the winds. It was at one
time thought that the petrel hatched
Its eggs under Its wings.
The kingfisher was at one time kept
In chests to keep away moths.
The flsbbaw- was esteetne I n brihg-
er of good luck; it boded good or evil
as its cry whs to the right or left.
There was nn old superstition that
gulls were never seen bleeding. Shooting stars were then supp ised to !>e the
half digested food of winter gulls.
Until Saturday (15th), only, a reduction
of 10 per cent, on all our new
The White House
275 Columbia Street
Real Estate Brokers Insurance Agents    Financial Agent
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B C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
The Story of Her Death  From the Bite
of an Asp.
it Ip admitted that Cleopatra killed
herself  to avoid   being  exhibited  at
Rome in the triumph of Octavlus, who
had mnile war upon her und Antony be-
cause the latter had divorced his (Oe- '
tsvius') sister on  the queen's account
Bul did she die from a  snake's bite?
It is better to think not   "If her deatB '
had been caused by any serpent the
small  viper  would rather  have  been
chosen  than   the   large   asp,   but  th$
Story is disproved by her having dock- !
ed herself in the royal ornaments nnd
being found dead without any marks
or suspicion of poison on her body."
Death from a serpent's bite could not
have been mistaken, and her vanity
would not have allowed her to choos<��
one which would have disfigured her
in so frightful a manner.
Other poisons were well understood
and easy of access, and no boy would
have ventured to carry nn asp In a
basket of figs, some of whin.-h he even
offered to the guards as he passed, nnd
even Plutarch shows that the story of
the asp was doubtful. Nor is the statue
carried hi Augustus' triumph, which
had an asp upon it, any proof of his
belief lu it since the snake was tbe
emblem of Egyptian royalty. The
statue (or the crown) of Cleopatra
could not have been without one, and
this was probably the origiu of th-j
vhole stcrr.
The Adder.
A full grown adder may measure
two feet in length and about six
Inches around the thickest part of Its
body. Its in ivements are sluggish, and
of course the idea that It is capable of
transferring Its head from one extremity to the other every six months is due
Simply to superstition. The fact is
thnt the tall of this snake does not
terminate lu fl point, as with ophidians
generally, but is stumpy and resembles the head so much that it is ditQ-
tnlt for an observer situated at a distance of a few yards to distinguish the
one from the other; hence the story of
its being two headed, the fallacy of
which no Intelligent observer could
fall to deti-ct.   Pioneer.   .
Manufacturer* and Dealer* in All Kind* ot
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Door.,
Interior Finish,    lurned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster
New Wellington
NINE LOTS on Brunette and Distillery streets,
Sapperton, $1600; half
cash, balance terms.
Lots -, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 1-, 14, 15,
16, 17. 18, 19, 20, 28, 66, 71. 72, 73, 7-1
and 77 of subdivision 3, in 8ubupba.nl
block  ll, Sapperton;   prices  ranging
from $125 to $200.
6 roc/n house on Hamilton street,
all modern improvements. One lot
from car line; lot*_0xl32. Price ,$1400.
$600 cash, balance in montbr.* payments.
S room house, all modern Improve-;
ne nts, full sized lot, Sherwood street,
Sapperton-    Price $2700.    $1000 cash,'
balance on time.
:i'j  acres land next to  Royal Oak
hotel, has been cultivated, not a
stump on it, now ln grass, 28 bearing fruit trees, all kinds, sufficient
lumber to build good large barn, 5-
room iiouse and barn and iarge chicken house for about 250 chickens;
good well;, ne.ar to school and tram:
all fenced- Price $3500 . Terms $1500;
.ash, $1000 in April ami $1000 April'
following, or $3400 cash.
1 Lot 66XM2 ft., S. >_ of 8, lane ut
back, 3rd ami Queen's avenue. Price
$1250; half cash, bal. C months.
Block corner of Fourth avenue and ���
Thirteenth street 88x132 only $800, a j
splendid investment,
Lot   20,  olock    D   facing    English.;
church, next lot to bridge, Carnarvon
street;  price JCiO,
160 acres less right ot way about 8
acres for railway; 25 acres stumped.
15 acres roughly cleared and fenced;
1 1-2 story house 18x2S, lean too 14x2s. \
arid lean too 10x22; barn 30x32 and,
lean too 32x14: grauary lOxlli; two
chicken houses, each 10x12; wagon
shed 20x30; small milk house, small
orchard, all kinds ot fruit 05 bearing
fruit trees; natural spring well, Price
$6000; $2000 cash, balance easily arranged at 7 per cent. i
Full sized lot on Third street, between Royal and Queens avenue east
side, new house;  $1400.
Two lots, block 34, lot 9, $1000 each.
sized Lot
of   Kcgim   s
avenues, west
$100;   half  .,;
-   Pric*
100 acres, less ::'_ tor new railway.
Township 4, Sec. 11; all bottom land, j
under grass, suits de for dairy farm;
40 acres under-drained, ditched ail
round and fenced around and through
centre; a n om house; ham 40x75,
sufficient feed for about 300 head of
stock.    Price $3000;   terms one-third
i purchase:-.   One mile Sapperton; 6 room   ,
line. '���'"''l''1  '""1   '  ;
���1   Lots    '".'
13th street.   $1200 c.shi        iii!i��;
2 HOUSES   ��� to
s   shed.    $1000 each,,,:,:;;^';
��� '��� ance easy.
77.58  ACRES,  bis      loam lanrt
I Ploughed and clear,       .    Jlji
��   .���'""   B. K Sect. 5.   $75 _er . J ���_'l
*75 P^ acre, one
cash, one-thir.] :: m
cash, bal. to s il
from station on new car
Lot  22,   block     B,     between
Hoftards and Thomson house, Carnal
von street;  full size $1000.
100 ACRES about two  mile
Aldergrove  station,   30   acres   Cle&red
ani partly fenced, good  house,  bam
and Stable.    Price $16 per acre;  $lTri"
cash, balance to he' arranged.
1% ACRFS, Block I). Lot No. 2, Dist,
Lot 8; south side of the river, Dear
Bridge.    $300;   halt cash.
2 I/OTS, 132x132, N.-W. corner ol
10th Street ami St. Andrews. Price
$1050; half cash.
2 lots on 8th St. between 5th and kitchen and tin-1
6th Ave. on east side; full sized, OOxJed; conservator.
132; Nos. 9 and 12.     Price $1000 for ' heated by ;    .
both, half cash, balance easy.
7 LOTS,   ._���,���.-._.  :,.,.,,���
4   lots  cleared,  sma ..   ,���,  \
house, 175 chicken . feaced. lnclw!!ll
price $1500, $1000 casl
6 ACRES go."I     a    soli, g
Lot   16,   ci.m -
and  Brunette  i   i
^   i-1
r *0 teet %
stable; ban'
roomed   house;    parli
15   bearing fruit   tree
.".."...-..���-. ���'���-.���-..���..        ��� ������..".."..���...-'...
-,.-,.-,.-���..-..-���..������,-,-..���...  -,.-.. if .-
1 ^iiitraiii
stock ready to plai .    t,ltee|.
I - aces cleared,        i   .-. ... mn
Block, comer of Auck-   ^8InlDghac,re:i i!'  " **i
from scir     Prici   $3000; half C.J
bal. in 0 months at  J per cent
land & llth St, mi Royal Ave., almost an acre.
1   Ixil  88x1 Vi
$800  cash,
��� 13th St
1C0 acres,  2 miles  from city.
$40 per acre
Two  lots  on  18th  street, be-
���uecn  7th and Sth avenues.
2 houses corner or Merrival and
Agnes; full sized lot; city block 31.
lol 11; one house rents for $2r,, the
other $10; flush elosets and all connected with sewers. Price $3,500.
Cash $2,000. balance iu 0, 12 and IS
months at 7 %.
|     3 LOTS,    6, G _   ;.   ',.   .    A-
| cleared, upper side ol 5th l'.-nue, b>|
j tween 1st and -n . Str   ta.   P i.liM
I each.
4 LOTS. 2 lots froi - reet��||
���6th Avenue ou south Bide, So. 3.1]
'37 & 38, full size.   Price $:'00 for tin |
four, or $300 each;
Double    tenement   house, 4th Ait,!
1st and 2n 1 .St.,   I  lo     Price $1,711;
.���ash half and half In '��� ; - ll ! j
Rents for $10 each tenant
40 acres '_ section 11, X. '-. of �� 11
of Tn. 2, about 3 miles from -ridgeol I
Haworth  road, Surrey;   bouse lSiftf
P. O. Box   345
���Phone   105.
vv.vr ��>��������������������������������������������*��������� 4
{FOR SALE..... *
Dry Fir Wood in 4 ft. lengths, which we will
deliver to any part of the city.
Eighth ave. and Second St. 'Phone 333
18, 24, 30 MONTHS. AT 6%.
!.nn��"li\B  thr-   Ilirclx.
,iv uraiid i- the hawk or the eagle j
sflihiiL' Car away In the blue sky! And ;
how beautlfi I nre song birds, each In
Its favorite po��ttlou to Ring the snug .
sparrow with head thrown back, the
tirib.-llnk sailing down t < the grass with
raised wiug?! Those who have spent
much time In watching birds In the
field know how differently the various
birds perch, By. run, climb or feed.
The warblers catch files, but they do
oot do !t In s.,cl. nn Interesting way as
do ihe t"tir fly catchers. We come to
know n bird by the tii^rht or walk .lust
is wo know other friends by their gait
or even liy thr' sound of their tread.
In flight li.e wings of many different
birds make peculiar sounds whereby
we mar know the birds even il fhey
themselves arc out of slgh<. .It Is not
ut nil necessary to get close enough to
_ bird to sen its exact color or the
s-n;." of Its bill and feel, for Its mov��
menis and outlines can be seen at s
(renter distance. Aud so we may
-UOW the bird even though lt should flj
��� war, as birds often do as soon as ws
try to stalk them for a nearer view.--
Bt Nicholas.
\<>l   Knon.li   Bait.
A Washington official tells a story ot
tbe last fight the late Senator Quay of
Pennsylvania made fn the senate.
Quay was working hard on the statehood bill, obstructing legislation, when
a scheme was fixed up to get him away
from tbe senate for a tirn*.
Quay was very fond of tarpon fishing
tnd had a winter plain ln Florida. One
afternoon he received this telegram
from a friend who thought the senator
might be in better business than pot-
tering about new states:
"Fishing never so good. Tarpon biting everywhere. Sport magnificent
Quay read tbe telegram aud smiled
a tiny little smile. Then be answered
tt thus:
"Tarpon may be biting, but I am
���ot.   11. S. Quay."���Saturday Evening
Willing Sacrifioei People Will Make In
Time of War.
Not   the   only   heroes   of   war   were ',
those who bore the musket and sword.
The women anil children  who stayed |
at home and ^ept up heart In spite of |
th-' privations of siege are to lir- liuiu-
bered  among the   valiant.    A  glimpse
in some of tlie southern domestic economics during the civil war. is given by-
Miss m. ,i. Walsh ln her personal recollections   printed   by   the   Mississippi
Historical society:
Among thosjf'1 rious achievements of
that time the makeshifts at borne deserve recognition, for they represent
Ingenuity and willing sacrifice. Ag
i-arlous articles gave out substitutes
\ r-i-e found. If no substitute could be
lu nted for an article we simply did
Coffee, the southerners' daily beverage, was manufactured from parched
corn, burnt corn bread, even burnt
molasses. Sweet potatoes cut Into
small squares, dried, parched and
ground were also used. The stimulating effect was lacking, but it was all
thr.- better for our nerves. For tea,,
young raspberry leaves dried were
Sugar was a serious problem, and
molasses was as precious as sturar.
"What shall we do when the present
supply of Louisiana molasses gives
out'.-" was a luirnhiu' question, and the
only answer was, "Do without"
Grits were eaten for rice. When
we wanted soda we swept the fii-pplace
clean and burned corncobs.
Mustard and pepper were made of
home grown products. Salt was costly. Every bit was shaken off ilrv
pork and used. All brine was boiled
down and dried. Still thr' supply grew
lower and lower. Some one discovered
that the dirt floors of the old smokehouses were salt mines, so to speak.
The dirt was put in hoppers nnd run
down, the brine boiled and dried.
.Vi  1 . ." clot.b  hid  tn li����  m_n:if-~fri..
ed at home from raw material, lne
dyestuffs were made from roots, bark,
walnuts and indigo.
Shoes were rough affairs made from
the hides of beeves, cured by the nr
groes. Buttoiw were made of coarse
thread or persimmon seedR. Caps were
cut out o/ cloth and hats plaited from
Letters were written on tlie blank
leaves of books, the wrong side of wall
scraps or old envelopes turned and
pasted together.
House and cottage on Columbia St.,
i house rents for $20, cottage for $12.;
| $5,000, easy terms.
27% acres of the best soil, 10 acres
cleared, under cultivation;   200 young
fruit trees, just comencing    to   bear;
new house, IV. storey, 5 rooms;    hen
1 houses,  in  good  order;    some  acres
planted with wheat, oats and potatoes.
Water from nearby spring.      Balance
i of    property   easily   cleared.     Price
$4,700 ;      $2500 cash, balance 6
l and 12 months.
This property is only i_ mile from
; tram line. Over two hundred chlck-
iens and ducks could be sold with the
property at a snap.
Lots  14   and   15 of  1  of 6    of     4
fcleared.)   Price $500; for the two, 1-2 |l% storey house, 3 rooms finished,li
cash, balance 0 months at 7 per cent, i other 3 can be added upstairs; mil
shack;  1%  acres >cleared and iew|
Lot 14 on Sherbrook street Of 11 of  w.th clover, red;  fairly easily clears-
3, cleared     Price $275;  1-2 cash, bal--One   mile  from  shingle mill.   Pri-
�� ... - , $1,200;.   terms  half cash, Li.iance U
unce, 6 months at , per cent. norths at 7  *.
Six lots, 50x150, outside city limits; WesU.rly 4< u 0, t;:i 3ub. Block]
$60 each lot. Fuller, particulars on 132x132 corner 100 feet square; ts
enquirv. houses drawing $28 per moc'ii. Prict
$5,000, half cash, balance in 6 and ll
HOUSE and LOT months.
Centrally located in a commmanding | ... ___. ^ ^.^ ^ mJ
situation; Third avenue, at foot of ; 10 acres.i.artly clearerl: Kanaka creet
Fifth street. Two and oue half-storey running through; good road; raesl
house.   Ten rooms (recently papered)   north   of   Webster's corner:   bImjIi
All  modern  conveniences;    hot   and  mi)1 "**���$; at lhe w"s! ,�����3
her worth $7 per acre; crfiir an.-.
cold   water,   bath,   flush  closet.   lava-  4 mil,.,    from    Port   Haney.   M* I
tory,   electric   light;   nice   lawn;   lot  $2,100; terms $1,100 cash, balanceqg
06x132, with lane ln rear;  part of lot  ranged,
set out with fruit trees.   Price $2,750.      Large  lot and  two cottages onf> I
$1,500 cash, balance arranged. lumhla street, Sapperton.  Both rent-) |
160 acres on the Scott road, 15 acres  at *10 each.
cleared;   harn  50 x 30;   stables, etc.; j     -.__ a_,, 0_..h.,f st0,.py       , .,. I
splendid S...I-   oi,!..-$.0pera. .-.  .*..-..a|f-1   _,._   ^   8ltt]ated   nort_ rfj, J
Royal avenue and corner of McKltw |
street; 9 rooms; hath room, hot 1
cold water, closet; woodshed; y-fl
bearlg fruit trees; streets cn tb*j
sides; fine view. Price $1,800. $��� |
cash, balance easy.
Part, of lot 369, joins Lake Commur,
$25   per   acre
A r,*ent minded.
La Fontaine, the famous fable poet
was a most absentmlnded man. Meeting one day lu a saloon a young man,
he was so favorably Impressed by his
conversation that he expressed his ad-
uileatiou for him in the most flattering
terms. "But he Is your own soul" exclaimed a guest in astonishment "7>
It so?" replied the poet. "Then I am
tbe more delighted to make his acquaintance."
1 1-2 acres, more or
less, in block, corner of llth Street and
Royal avenue, invaluable for industrial site,
$4,500. One half cash,'
balance to be arranged.
! I
A  Itemed?.
"For some time past I've been buying a dozen eggs every week at this
store, nnd I Invariably find two bad
ones in every dozen. Something's goi
to be done about it," said an irate
"Well," said the new clerk naively
and with a quiet smile, "inebhe if you
only bought half 11 dozen you'd only
get one bad one."���Grocer's Literary
The Pri-lle��ce at Peer*.
There is a curious case in Fortescue's
"reports" relating to the privilege of
peers, in which the bailiff who many
years ago arrested a lord was forced
by the court to kneel down and ask
his pardon, though he alleged that he
had acted by mistake, for that bis
lordship had a dirty shir*:, a wornout
suit of clothes and only sixpence iu
his pocket. SO that he couM m,(, b^.
lleve that he was n peer and arrested
him through Inadvertence.���Green Bag
Subdivision of lot 46, block 6, comprising some of the finest residential
sites in the city for sale exclusively
by us. This magnificent property is
situated on the comers of Fourth avenue, First street (facing Queen-
park- and Emory street, comprising
In. all ten 33x120 foot lots facing on
First street at $700 (excepting th^ corner lot facing Fourth avenue ani
First street, held at $1000); two lots
on Fourth avenue, 42 1-2x120, at $600
per lot; four lots, 52 1-2x86, $450;
five lots, $400. Call at our office on
Front street and inspect plans.
House, full sized lot, on Keary
street, Sapperton; rents for $10 per
month.   Only $1,050.
10 acres in sec. 32. Timber, fir, cedar and alder. Good soil; good roads.
Apply for full particulars.
Lots 17, IS, 19, 20, 21, face on 16th
street and 8th avenue; 2 corner lots
$250; - inside lots $200 each. Price
$9-0. cash.   Single lots at casb.
' about   70   acres,   only
, Half cash.    Jump,
7 lots Nos. 81 to 86 and 95, 96 faces
. on Sth avenue, next to Gunns ranch,
.4 lots cleared without a stump; small'    Lot facing 2nd St., between Que-i
house,   chicken    house,    175    choice and 3rd Ave., second lot from Q��ee����
; chickens;  horse and  rig;  $1500 cash.
Lots 16, 17 and 20 of 11 of 3. Price
$500 for three or $175 each; 1-2 cash
''al.nce 6 months at 7 per cent.
Full sized lot on Royal avenue, between Fourth and Merrivale; all clear-
cd. $1,200, $800 cash
Acreage on Vancouver road, corner
| of Gilley road.   $225 per acre.    Acreage Is selling fast at this price.
No. 308.���8-roomed House,   with   bath
room,  etc.;   Agnes  St.     $2,500;   i_
cash, balance 3 and 6 mos. at 7 %,
No.  306.���y-roomed  house,  with   bath
room, corner of Oth and Agnes St.
Price $4,000; terms V_ cash, balance
3 and 6 months at 7 '}'c.
No.   310.���9-roomed   House   and   bath
room,  Agnes   St.   $3,000;   i_   cash,
balance 3 ��nd 6 months at 7 '}',-.
No.   312.���8-roomed   House   and   bath
room, Agnes St.     Price $2,500;   V61 streets,  N��   5   6 and 7
cash, balance 3 and 6 mos. at. 7 %.  | each or |n00 for tte three.
160 acres,  Westminster district, 40 j ,   .,,,, ,   1;,.:���
llton street between Sixth and
streets; $225.
28  acres on   Mara road, ���     j
$160 an acre   FOR   A  FEW  "���
ONLY.    One-quarter cash,  D��"
and 2 years at 7 %.
room. W"
down stairs; parlor, dining
chen and pantry.   Full sized lo'J*
ning back to Ash St.   Price WV
$1,500 ca-_. balance at $500 pW '
at 7 per cent.
Three ful sized lots on Ft ft- ����*
north side between First und ��'
streets,  N��. 5, �� *nA 7-   '   ' '""'
acres   under   cul-ivatlnn,   10   acres   .,;���        Fu]l   BlZed  lot,  north slde^O ^_
Ave.; 52x122 feet; all cleared; m
alongside and back. Prire -,wl;i
half cash, balance easy at " '
150 acres improved land, bulldWj
and sheds complete, near CloverdaW
all under cultivation, $15,000.  If!*!
can   handle  this, don't delay; H'i'1
bargain; terms can he arranged
erFor   the  above  four propertl-J
special price will be made '"vm'
House  30x42, 4th    St., I*1*''0" j*
and 5th Ave.;    2 single and 1 ia�� I
bedrooms    unstairs.    and bath r -1
1 lot No. 24 on 13th. street
side of 4th avenue.   Price f-?00
chard,   %   acre   strawberries   planted
this year; alder bottom land; running
spring; house IS x 22;  Trame barn ;!0
x  .2;   14-post   frame house   ana   coiV
Btables, three in all, stable 8 cows and
2 span horses;  near Mission Station;
schools,    churches    near    at    hand;
steamer lands twice a day; about 100
acres timber, fir and cedar, never been
logged; $2,000   refused  for   standing
timber; carriage house 16 x 24;  hen
house made of hewed timber laid  in |cash��'S-�� 6,12 a'n'd'is month'
mortar, 12 x 30.   A chance of a life-1       ' .. jj It1);
time, $9,000; $4,000 cash, balance at f. L .1 ]��}? ��? ES* ,S.tr(J<,-��o eacn, W
per cent.
Block 12 on 12th St., et�� ��t_(|ffl
HICK   J���   UU    MUI    ���-'-������   jnJ.   ���.��. !
sized lots.   Price $-.*�� f
!8ub. 3 5, S. Blk. 13.     $350.ei!
'cash, balance 6 months ��' ' " r_-
fA���_   STTTX-l      3
Canad y
c.r. 2t  MIS.
���  ��� .   -    I    B     :   .
I[an    ���   ���    -
-  ��� -   - -
.   met
.,  b ile hea I
��� ������    ��� -      - -
:  ..iae-quarte: .-
ire or '������ as.
��� -/.:;.���     must     be
son     y  the  applicant a:
.. |g Agency   or   Bub-
strict  in  which th*
Entry by proxy may.
-   an  agency  on
Lhe father, moth-
I : .-other or sister of
-   -dor.
.CE that ���: ... .-.      .     .;
In Fi
m S. a. ���
��� u ag   late - ��
-    \   D.  '- ��� -
- -        ��� rtaio   ai t . .
: ite, ly-
.   ���:.���   District of N-w
Weil in the Province o!
���-    ..  re    artic ll -rly I
as Lots IS to 25. Inch.
being parts of b
-. 2. Township 16.
i and eac_ of you are r<q:::
to contest the claim of the tax purchaser within forty-five days from the
date of  ���:.    _rsl   publication  of this
notice anon  you,    otherwise  I  shall
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
��� nilih   C-- um.la   Cc��*t   Llns
cf rv ....
B.  C. Cc.-st  Line Ser.xe.
S.S   Pr ncess  May.
��� ���    - leaves
SS    Princess   Victcr.a
Lea ���      .       iver 3
. .        it dly.
���    .        \:. torla 1 a. d ,ir
rlves \ am mver _> a. m.
S.S.  Princess  Beatrice.
I.--...   - Vii toi la 8 in s  ���������   daily e_
regtster Margaret   Dobbie   as   own--.   ' lay;    arrives Si 3:3
idei  Is .-ejulred to per-
.  lies under one
ig plan*'
thereof in fee.    And  I  hereby  direct
'���;a' Hon of this notice for one
:       h  In   i daily newspaper published at Xew Westminster will be good
aonths' residence  an I  a iffl< lent service thereof.
in       Dal   I    ���   -       i.and  R- glstry offlc?
N< --   '" ��� Province of Brit
ish C this 29th day of August,
A. D.
C.   B.   KEITH.
District Regi trar,
min Douglas, Esq.
lit! vat ion   of   the  land
three years.
��� iti   lei   aa iy, if he so
nn re luired    rcai-
Ei\ Ing  un    tanning
him,   n u  less
(SO)   .:i res   m  extent,  ia
,   his homestead.   Joint
.  lac l   will   not  meet  thiS
fathei  I   :  mother, if the
l      .  ,     ;..-������ ii of a homesteader
:��� ildr ���:. ����� on  f inning
: soli ly  by  him,  noi less
���   '���   acres   in  extent, in
:     home --ea I. or lip-
ad  . utered  for  hy him
i . . ���. b homesteader may
f< ��� -.< ii :��� sldence duties by
the father  (or mother).
.   ������ ������ nn "\ U inlty" in the t^o
, phs  is  defined    is
l;. ��� more than nine miles in
E: excl   iii e '" iho  v. I It-
load        wani es crossi :    In   t
I .
ii   a   b mesti ;i Ier   Intend ng    tri
|, ���   rr. I lence  duties   in   ac-
p :i the a. ove while living
or cn farming land own-
elf must notify the agent
trict of such Intention,
t        nths' notice in writing must
;. n to the Commissioner of Do-
Ion I. nds at Ottawa, of Intention
for patent.
\V.  VV, CORY,
it   of thi   Minister of the Interior.
i;    Unauthorized  publication of
���ment   will   not   he   paid
er an I Solicit ir Chamli
ers. i :-.���; idian Hank of Commei co
building, Ni w w i stminsl ir, B. C.
m. dail;   i icej I  Honda].
Leaves Seattle 11:30 . dlj es
'���'.   . lay; arlrves Vlctoi     "a m.
.   .   ���      . |  ruesday.
SS   Tees
ives Victoria li p m  1st and Uth
ich month for Clayoquot, -tosqul
iii'" an i way pr rta;   "th . ��� eat b
month  for QuatslBo and  wi     ports;
2 ith of each month tor Ah  isel Quat- \
slno. C i   i S "tt and �� ay poi ts.
S. 8. Joan
Leavi -   Vani ouvei l  pm   dally,
excepi Sunday. Frlplaj and Saturday
leaves at l p.m. Leaves Nanaimo at
', a. m.
Prom N, \V. Tu., Th., Sat x a.m.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed.. Frl.. 7 n.m
S. s. Transfer,
Steamei Transfer leaves N   a Westminster Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday,  Friday and  Saturday  at  2,
p.m.   Additional trip Monday 5 a.m.
Leave Westham Island Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday ai 7 a.m. Friday 6 a.m. Additional trip Saturday leave Ladner al
���">  p.m.
S.S.   Amur.
I' :���'-.;!! >'l< torla 11 p.m., 1st and ISth;
trom    Vancouver    at    s    rj. m., 2nd
and   16th   of   each   month,   culling   ut
Skldegate on first trip and Beiia Coola
,;-,-i-. ���    ,.,.|   on second trip.
3k,   Colum     RIVERS  INLET, VAN  ANDA,  LUND,
    S. S. Queen City.
a. MYE8- gray, Barrlsi����r, Sollcltoi   From Victoria 8 p.m. every Weflnes-
acd Notary Public, i> 'iracttce since | day, from Vancouver    10   a.m. every
bine standard irtttie
for m_Kln�� ��o��r , lotlfnlm w��1��r.
fcmi'Tlni  eld  p_tm. d I ��ln f �� c 11 n��
��� lt>K��.   cloitii,   drain*   and   lir
m-riT   other   purpose*.       A   c-n
��� qti-1* 20 pounds SAL SODA.
. " R -.,     ,  R
Itor,  etc.    4.   Lome   Street,
iu t House, New WestmlO'
Bter.    i      e 143.
in I dicltors, Blackie Blk.,
Colun i street, New Westminster.
W. .1. whitr s de, 11. L. Edmonds.
tors, solicitors, etc. Oilices,
Westminster, Trapp Blk. corner
Clan rson and Lome Btrets. Vancouver, rooms 21, 24, 1-15 Qranviile street,
'" dl 'I ::.!'.. K. C. .1. W. V" art, W
(J. :.I iQuarrie, ii. A, Bourne. Mr.
M ��� tin ������ II be in the Wesl mlnstei
orfli   - '���.. rj  Friday afternoon.
G.-.ijrt'... i. t,. ivl.iHli.-., laxrr
Solicitor, Guichon  block
Ha and McKenzie streets   N'ew West
���ninstet. 8. ''
IS91  at  N'ew Westrnia-ter   R P..    Ot
fices removed to Curtis Block,Clark
sun   street, opposite   Court  Huuse
P.O   Box 169.    Telephone (54.
.���  notice that an application has'
made   to register    M.  W.  Min-
In- ;i��  the owner  in  fee simple,
pr a tax sale deed from the mayor
|i:- as irer of the city of New West-
ll      to M, W. Minthorne, bearing	
thi   10th  day  Of   February,  A.D.. BOARD   OF TRADE.    New
of ..ll ami singular that'certaln     ster Board-of Tradi
|el or tract of land and premises
lying   and   being   in   the  city
���   tmlnster, in the province
I' Columbia, more particularly
I   ��� icribr .1 a>:    Subdivlsi in
block "A" of the middle acre of
[south  half of  the south  half nf
��� i urban block 12, map 566.
pn and each of you are required to
���        ���  claim of the tax purchaser
|in  forty-five  days   from   the  da
H A N S F 0 R D.    Barrister,
Solicitor, etc., Crescent block,
corner      Columbia     and      McKenzie
streets. New Westminster, B. C.
ineets in the
Board Room, City Hall, as follows:
See-on 1  Wednesday of each month,
Quarterly    meetings on the second
Wednesday     of     February,     May,
Augusi  an 1   November,  at  S  p.  ra.
Anneal    meetings    mi    the    second1
Wednesday    of     February.      New \
members    may    be   proposed    and
elected al any monthly or quarterly!
meeting.    A. E. White, Sec.
Thursday.   Returning arrives at Van
couver Sunday afternoon:  at Victoria
Monday morning, via Ladysmith.
S.S. City of Nanaimo.
Leaves Victoria Tuosday 7 a.m.; arrives Nanaimo 4  p.m.
Leaves  Nanaimo Saturday 2 p. m-;
arrives  Victoria 9 P.  ni.
For   reservations   anil   tarormatlon
j call or address
Aecnt    r>w Westminster.
B. .1. COYLB.
iSHt Qen.  Pass   Agent. Vancouver.
.1. W. TROUP,
��� lonor-Ml  RiiiiPHritfvndent  Vlrlnrts
t" :������ t'p..hiication of this notiqe. <<TL0   Milwaiilrpp"    "THE NORTHWESTERN LINE"
1 shall register M. W. Min-        111C     iTIIlWaUIVV^
!����� owner thereof in fee. And
ir' lireel that publication of this
Pe for thirty days in a daily news-
'ir published at New Westminster
good and sufficient service
r. ���
'''l nt tne Land Registry Offlc.
minster, province of British
'iii   -.'nil day of January,I md
| give
District Registrar. I
ft. i'.ayne.
' ns served with this notice, |
i lalmlng through or under
;   11 persons claiming any in-
said  land  by  virtue of
ti red instrument, and all
laiming any interest in the
land  by descent,  whose  title is
ed under the provisions of
��� I Registry Act," shall be for-
������'��� and debarred from set-
���'-��� claim to or in respect of
and so sold for taxes as pro-
;:"- 'Land  Registry  Act."
'The Pione��r Limited" Si. Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to
Chicago, "South West Limited"
Kansas City to Chicago.
No trains in tht service on any
railroad in the world (hat equal in
equipment that of the Chicago, Mil-
t waukee A St. Paul Railway. They
| jwn _nd operate their own sleeping
ining cars on all! their trains and
their patrons an excellence of
service   not  obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWJ-, General Agent.
134 Third St.. cor AH'r  Portland. Or
he White Pass
d Yukon [.oute
/''-HORSE,   DAWSON   and
Hav, ��� Daily  train*  (e��ept
J ���     ca.rry|n8   Passengers,   mail,
jnd   freight    connect    with
hiait' tr,rcr,5ss and White Horse,
t -ning a through wi_ter servicei
ROGERS, Traffic  Manager,
V.nconrer. B. C
Canadian Pacific
AMERICA, running through first cl l
sleepers, tourist and dining c irs leaves
daily at 3:15; makes close connections for all Kootenay points and also
St. Paul, Chicago and other United j
States points.
Agent, New Westminster
or to B. J. COYLE,
Asst. Genl. Pass. Agt, Vancouver.  ;
|H  -
- IN ���
N E W 8
TR��o- MMW��
.... ConrniGHTS 4c.
.aln.ly a��cert��ln our OP__?_ J***J_____.ua.
^.V.p .a���inn. v***w*.
���ent f rt-e. Olile.t **'<<<-r tor,'rrunng?���*;!'��������
tptcial notUt, without ch-me, ln the
Scientific Hmcricatt
Station ->f anr udentlllc J'"'r"2.��l.    r��rm�� ��g
nana. MM �� )�����_. pofUtt prepaii-    �����" m
��U neH��dc��tot_. .,        U_-_
��6ierr��--r��T. N6W 1011
St, W����-I_it!>-. W *\
light Trains Every Day in the Yeir
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest and best ideas
ind LUXURY. It is lighted with
iiih electricity and gas; the most
irilliantly illuminated train in the
vorld, The equipment consists of
irivate '���ompartment cars, standard
6 section sleepers luxurious dining
ar rrclining chair cars (seats free),
nodrrn day coaches and buffet, li-
iarv  and  smoking  cars.
f-'-r  Time  Tables,   Folders,  or  any
urthcr  information  call  on  or  write
i >o RecnnH Avrone. Seattle. Wish
Spokane falls & Northern Hy Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
ihe onl> all rail route between all
rointa east, west and south ��o Ross-
-,nrl. Nelson and intermediate points
onnccting at Spokane with the Great
N'orthern, Northern Pac'fic and O. R.
_ .'.'. Co. ���
Connects at Rossland with the Can-
idian Pacific Railway for Boundary!
.reek points
C innects  it    Meyers    Falij    with
���t.ige ''lily for Repohlic.
riuttei   s-rvice   on   trains   between j
Spokane and Nelson.
Effective   Sunday,   November    10,
Branch OCDoe, fa F
q.20 a.m.
i._5 pjb.
Day Train Arrive
.. Spokane  7-iS P-*
.. Rossland .... 4.10 p.m.
... Nelson 6.45 p-��-
S   \   KD   rENDERS
thr'    n .. rstgned, -.-...   ,���
Vel ..;:... Cons      .     iu
I at tl e Con
mis   1 of   tin     I'm
R' .u    Ottn\va>    11 iwolvr
o'i noon ot Tuesd I Dl h
of 190S, e work ri qu
for consti ictlon      *"   cords
'* lans, proftl ���   ihr 11
tioi    ������. the C01:     -���-! ��� iei 1. of 1 ''������ foi
low .     section!    '  ��� ml "..".1
tal Hallway, vl
Distrlcl ' \ ' !���' "ni i : olnl de
^���;- te i on thi us ol the Com
nil Ion rs, aboul the 5Sth mile wesl
of doncton, to the crossing of t_e In-
: onlal railwaj si or al out uilh
i'.'. .  ' distance of     1 ul 39 7 miles,
' ��� Distrlcl 'A' Prom a polnl de
Blgn ited on the ; lans ot the rum
ml ioui rs, ni or aho it the cros dug
of the Intercolonial railway by ihr>
Transcontinental rallwa] al mile D7:7
west of Moncton to the Toblque river,
at ��� ;��� about mile 165." less nue mile,
s distance of aboul  67 miles,
1 :1 District 'A' From 0 point de
slgnated <>n the plans of the Commls
sioners, al or near the Toblque river
to a point shuwii on tbe sai 1 plans
a "ii 2V4 mills w al of the Tovtu of
Gi ind Palls, in the Province of New
Brunswick, a distance of aboul 31.5
(I) iiistrici tr Prom a polnl designated on the plans of the Commls
sioners, at or near tlie boundarj line
between the Provinces of Quebec and
New Brunswick, westerly .1 distance
of aboul 52.4 miles.
t."ii District I'' From a polnl rh-
slgnated on the plans 6f the Commit
aioners, about ��� ��� i._; 11 f miles wesl of the
\hitiiii River crossing, In the Prov
luce of Ontario, westerly Cor a distance of aboul   100 miles,
(fii District 'E' From a polnl ric
Ignated <m ilio plans of the Commis
sioners, aboul 19% miles wesl r,r the
crossing nr Mud River, near _<ake
Meplgon, in the Province of Ontar.'o,
easterly for a distance of about 75
Plans, profiles and specifications
may be seen In the office rif the Chief
Engineer of the Commissioners at Ottawa; also in the offices of 'in- 1 >i:-i
trict Engineers concerned, vis: Ouj
C. Dunn, St, .In'm, N B.; A. E. Dou
r-r-t, Quebec, I'. Q.; John Aylen, Acting iii-sirir-i Engineer, North Bay,
1 int.: and T, S, Arm tt ing, Ni p ������ >������
Persons tendering are notified that
1 ndi ra will not ��he considered unle 1
mad- In duplicate   ar I m the pi Ini
i   forma  supplle 1     ������   the  Commls
A sepai ii ��� tends   mu I be submit
��� d for each section
Tenderet 1 - hall nol be In any way
entitled to rely upon the ol 1 llli atlon,
or any other Information given b)
any person on behalf nf the Commls
sioners; and before submitting any
tender, bidders should main- n oMeful
Ozaminatlon rw the plAU, proflles,
drawings nnrl spsciflcattoBS, and read
the forma to be exeouted, _n 1 fully
inform themaslvei mr to iii" quantity
and quality of materia]-, and o(--f
icter rif workmanship required; and
im understood to nocepl nnd agree
-' ba bound by, the terms ami <m'h
I Ihin-i  la  the form of contract, gpsfll
HcatlonS, r'lc., iiniipxral to tho form of
Each tender t mast be signed nnd
iftled by nil tin> partial to tin tendsr,
an l witnessed, nnd he a.-Ot-P&ni-d hy
an accepted cheque cn n chartered
hank of tho Dominion of Canada, pay
able to tha OrdM.t the Commissioners
of the Transcontinental Railway, as
For Section No. 1, District 'A'.J 75,0f0
-'-. O    *
.    ���      '.on
'       a��|
��� tl
���    ' - ��� ll    ,-
.-*������ quea    d     istbH)    tk]
'; of ��� p��rt ol
-' '.-.,.        .;.       .
,' ���.   .,,
ea ,.
���'  ose tvndr | �� "
Utention la oalle I :.> the .
��� In the form ol eontracl
Ml men! li .>rcrs.   ,-      ���   -.-
- ��ona who pei .������ in I ibor fo  "
a o( tin 1 onstrv tlon ot tl ���   -
> ontrm ted foi    sh ill ild
* MP ���  ta ar*- jrenerall}   i.-.       1
enl tor eompi -��� nl woi km
the distrlcl In which the wi rh hi   ���
inn performed and It tin re !�� n   -
rent rat�� lu soch district, then ���������-
and ���..        ible rata; and. in 1 h�� evi n
of ., dispute arii-lr g . ��� to whal I ���
current or a fair and roaaonahh  rale
>: *h:iii be determined bj the Comml
-    \m
��� ���
. .. ���
.,1 N II  I Ml N
mors, whose decision s_nll be One
"Thla agreemtel is aub]eci   to th<    c(t he began talkiittf, and after hat
regulations  m>��   In  fdrce,  ot  whlcl       ! been three vtcoks al  -.1 he wai
maj  at an)    time   hereafter   be   t��
force durtna the construction of thr
works hereby contracted for, nia.tr' un
der Hii authorit) of tha Department of
1     ���   ami which are, or ahall lie, ap
pllcnblo in such works " 1 rhe icli  '���-'-���
of minimum wagea determined up1
b) said Departmenl win form part
Shall   III   ci'iliii r-lion
the .-raid work,   a. ���
use only materl it.
the eontracl 1
"The ��� ��� iiaci.'i'
with the win 1 ��� r T
far as  ;     ctloal I".
machinery, plant! suppllea and rollln.
stuck    111.mui' iC.tUred   or   |iroiluiH'il      In
Canada, provided tha same oan ba ob
lalnr'il   :i
still talking v��lien tin' ship ttol lu
I'.anctt attended 11 mcctitig one
nighl  Inst   winter  in  Washington
which was called for the purpose of
���1: i'.',i'iie\ io purchase a site for
tlie George Washington university
unon  ^'',i',';1' perao_* made speeches, bul
ll.niilt  WAS OVerlookc.     l-'mnllv ho
took tho floor,
"lii'iiilr'iiieii." sai
!.>   a\   a  tew  w Ord I
'   , c I,    \ BR,   .Irlllll.
one.  "but  We   want
��� W'liat  I  desired
mil ci    was
il  h
'I desire
loule.l   mono
;;el    thliriieh
j cheaply, and upon as good   "thai  I w
lerms. in Canada as elsowher
regard to quallt) and price."
't'lie I'onii icior shall conform to th ���
, tin- regulations adopted by the Com
niissinucrs. ;niii also to the laws and
regulations respecting firei Is the dlf
fi'ient provlncet wherein the work Is
being performed,
The rlghi is reserved to rejeo! au;
or mi tenders
By order,
r.   HI, It YAM.
Tin' Commtaaionors of tha
Transcontinental Railway
' Ottawa, 1st February, 1908
Newspapers will aoi be paid for 1 hi
I advertisement  if they In ion  li  with
oui authority trom tha Comml! doner
; I. O. O. F.���AMITY  LODGE, NO. 27.���
The regular meetings or ihiH lodge
ire h-iid In Oddfellews' ball Ooluffl
Ida atreet, every MenHay evening
al x o'cltrcl
\.   O.   U.   W.-fHASEH   LOOOI   No. fl
���Meetings the fimi and 'hlni Tues
day in each month vihimhu
brethren cordially Invited to attend
Lodge room, a. 0 0  "' hall, Odd
felloWS'    Hfrlfk,   <"brrl<sriri   ll rem
:OURT BRUNETTE, Nrj. 4099, I O.F.
.���Mr-el. thS l-'ieii:1' I'rl'liir. Ifl Ihe
'nr-nlh   nt   j   o'l\ ,'f\-.   Ifl   the   f.mall
hall, Oddfellows' i I n
a. o. W. The regular rnr-' Ings of
MiIh Lodge ens beld tm the Second
nnd Fourth T esdaya of ew h mrmth
at % p   rn. in '':���- Oddfellows' Kail
A1 i le  Su. Vi    Mr   ���-( ever    'I'���>'���   ' I
evenfn. a*  I p  m. in the Eagles'
ii-iii,   Columb a      ''���'-'.   A    C
W.   Pr��a :   ll   ScbofUld,  Secretary.
PERANCE rne<-i every Wedneaday
ri 8 O'elock p. m.. In Oddfellows'
hail, Coluai .ia si n -t
CAMP, 191.���Meers on 'he First and .
rniM  TneMay  nt ��vptv month  <v i whispe-ed
K. of P. hall. ' Chief W. Sutherland.! with her.'
I.r    Mill-    ill     lll!>
c.niiiiiui'ii   Barrett,
-av $v per minute for
every minute I talk.
lie iiiiivoii liftv minutes and ooa��
tribute- hii chock for $100 U the
fund,   si. I .mu:; li' |' ibllc ���
The Rule lavsd Hlnii
Marcus Attrolitia Smith, Arisosa'a
delegate to oongresSi li the proil
ili'iil   Of   n   llilllluur  club   iH   North
t '.'iroiiiin known aa tha Smith Ionian
The     An.-oini     '.lali'iiiian    mvni    n
hunting bos in the Tar EToel State
ninl gooa there e^erj two ot three
weeks for recreation, The i tub has
Imi two riilr'M, winch are thai every
member must do jusl what he wants
nnrl shall nol ihr what he do_- nol
likfl or wiinl. to do,   I! Btl;  a eir'iu
ber was hold I" have violated one o.
I he |0 rille:-., aini I hi! ' i;i!> Wfl I taking   ini'iroiii".   I"   CX]   I   linn.     Tli"
accused promptly inv< ked i hat rule
which i]i"-iiirr' i iiiai no member .hall
be reiiuirori to 'I" anything hi> 'I'11"
not like or does not want in do.
Delegate Mmiili tat ns the eourt of
final appeal, He held thai, the plea
was Riiiiicii'iii, nml that the o cused
member waa nm-orl becansa he stood
rin hli ritrht�� as prsseribed by the
rule staled.     He rlnl not want t^i be
expelled, mid t.herr'i'i.re he eould
not. be,
Wnntsd  to  Get   Even.
Alfred ll. Love, the poace nilvo-
r'nte, had bean protesting in Philadelphia againat the greal quantity
rif mihiiiry features In preparation
fr,r the Jamestown exposition,
"I'enlly," he dom 1 tided, with a
smile, "one would think that tlie
whole world was animated nml kept.
progressing by a spirit rif hatred
ami n Bnge and hitter enmity.''
Then be told tins ..
"A pa!", '.in woman on her deathbed said in a weak voice tn her husband .
"'Henry, if I die promise rne one
'���' ���Qladly, my poor __-ling, What
ia it 1 am to promise?'
" 'Promise me that you will marry Mary Simpson."
"The man started.
" 'Rut,' he said, 'I thought you
hated her.'
"T do, Henry.' the dying woman
I   want  to get  even
I. O. O. F,���Royal City Lodge. No. 3
���Meets in Oddfellows' Hall. Col-
uinMa Street, every Friday evening
at 8 o'clock. Visiting- brethren will
he made welcome. CH. Clow, N.O.
CE. Osborne, P. G. recording secretary.
"  'A'.
. 100,000
"  'A'.
. 75,000
"  'B\
. 100,000
"  TT.
. 150,000
"  'E'.
. 100,000
Any person whose tender is accept-
115, SONI OF ENGLAND, B. 8���
Red Rose Degree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each month,
ln K. of P. Hall, Columbia St., at
8 p. m., White Rose Degree, Fourth,
Wednwaday ln each month, same
time and place.
Where He Got Them.
William J. Flynn, the secret service ngont, was discussing a certain
German burglar alarm with a New
York reporter.
"It was this alarm," said Mr.
Flynn, with a laugh, "that a thickset man called on a hardware dealer
"'I'd like to sell you cheap 400
burglar alarms,' the num laid.
'"Arc you a manufacturer?' tht
hardware dealer ask��&    ,.
"'No, sir,' vm tliii reply; ���_*-
ft ,m-("V;;i
���. *,, .-'.fi T-
v ,1
���     "v     '   ' ���_
-    -,-���'*, 1
���'���,; * '-'V -I
"        ��� ii   ��� 1
, ��� - 1
'% "'
I     'if.llt__J_T.J__'!- 1
.i 'J*a__s,Sjv ; -
'       '������ t--i%lg'Jf
. hmm'
i t
���I * I Vi^'-ffffa t' _f*
.���' ~Ii?-li ';"ji1.
i___B.V'iJ_f*r ���  * *     *-
.".!''}'*. 'it
*���������*���   I ?��'
��� ...#-.   %
.    ��-i 4
* ' - ��
'; ':��� '
"f�� 'iii  *
__ ��� ���    ���, i.
���'' -Th'*     '.1
-'     ���      - *-'/ j,     ���
,1     ,_:..'! V
-   >���  ,   .--. ���       .
'.l-**l-l#*"*i��   ���:
��� ���,   -i
' \- ' V     ./���".
���   ' %* "'  ������ ���
�� ��� *! ft, ?K, >�� _j|. i*.*'
: '�����'    ���������'   >-V',
. ��� I ���   ���  iW*.| jii
. r^'
,�� ���*)*)��� ,.�� - ������,
���, ,   " A .!*�����?
.'--   *;; ;ft*-:!;.i!
-5- : -ft  *     .'>_"Wl*',
��*>-! '������* ������/?.''. f-
���"���������    ���"���������'.1,mC,.-���
���. ��<  b iijMjrl
*     . , . ���   SV" ���',���������>'���,,���������
i       *;%. ^._.H__ w
, ��$      - 'VjW"i **
*     .-�����""      *�����������!      I��l*'    '   '
*" ..: i 1h3p.iV B^ji   '
J.j ���____M?;�����iiiL
- ,    '        I    S ' .   " T... 1  t.. X
*'; ��� i'._--' r^kfi,". *���
.- .. ' ���... v-;"i-v3'i�� I*.
%*���     .    ' *Wl<%,i1 '��� ->[-
'  ��, *'**'   .'W<-J-*c- ,'tu/'
-:.; ���"-���;t'?V',:'"r",l.iV'
-...,,- �����* ea.'.if^.'t.-ij.'
''���t,: VrflliS
���>:- wi
,  ��� r: ''.'���: tp **.��#��&���
?�����.; .;' 4iC ������ ^Kvfri'
_.--41 '.-i+t-y.   M.V-n. '
i, 1^;^ ���'
v. V->W-.-,'V'l' i;-
' ���*��;,.-. ��.!��� ..'*��{';
\ '-. ^���'���V'��i!f:
'"'     -,,v:, Vh-V   ..
' fef__tti_i__ftA
r    -!    THE   DAILY   NEWS.
China and
For Your Chick's
Sfurtevant's Cure,
Egg Food,
Lice Paint, etc.
Drug Store
Columbia St.. New Westminster
Telephone 8-
t-r      ADVERTISE      ���_��
��� IN ���
THE      DAILY      NEWS
Apples, $1*50
per box.
Navel Oranges
Best quality
Large size
25c per dozen
��*    ie    ********
The People's Grocer
San Francisco, Feb. li.���Tlie Call
publishes a sc-ns-itional story to the I
effwt thai the hostile attitude of the i
San Francisco Chronicle toward the
graft prosecution In general and
Francis .1. Heney in particular is due
to tin- fact that the Chronicle was
Bubsldi-r I by the Home Telephone
Company, the concern w_ich paid
$200,00 In bribes to -Mayor BchmltZ,
Abe Ruef and the members of the
Doodling Board of Supervisor, to secure a franchise in this city. The Call
charges that M. 11. De Young accepted
the monej on an agreement to use
his paper, whenever the oportunlty
arose, to assist the Home Company to
g-et the franchise. The Call charges
furl her that the money was not paid
on an advertising contract, but wa-
simply an agreed price for the influence of th. paper.
The Call quotes freely from hitherto unpublished testimony taken before the grand jury. The testimony
was given by the officers and attorneys for the Home Telephone Company and all admit t'nat the mone.r
was paid to M. De Young's paper, as
stated. Ever since Mr, Heney began
his campaign to reach ihe "higher
ups" the Chronicle his fought him
and has in every way attempted to
discredit his work. The Call charge
that the explanation lies In the Horn
Telephone Company payment]
�����������r^rr-K==        '        g
B__&_a__��iK7~wv :   ���
Polish Your Furniture 1
-.��� li i Johnson'8 Prepared Wax. Ir preserve)! him brings out natural beauty of
!���- wood, it produces n rich, artistic
finish, in wblch rliri and dnsi will not
adhere, Just try it anfl you will see bo��
much better it is than any other pollsb.
Prepared Wax
is"A Complete Finish und Polish for All
Wood." Use it cn your Boom anrl rvrir.it-
work, too. Johnson's Powdered Wax is
for ..11 danclnu floors.
You can (tet Johnson's free hook. 'The
Proper Treatment lor Flours. Woodwork
and Furniture" and these preparations ot
Columbia    St.,     New   Westminster,   B.   C.
ana other
New spring goods of every description ari  ��� ..  ,��� .
���  " a op m ,i]
departments of our store.    To l. sure the lines an    ������ ,.,���.���,
���"''���'ie j,
yet. but the new goods being shown are jusi -.a .
been demanding for weeks past.
Watch every advertisement:
Read this particular announcemenl and acce ���
eviiiiine our new spring aesortmenta.
New Coats Are Here
Many new and popular styles now being show-       ���       ,    .
wear department.   Among the man) styles 01 .   Co
Broadcloth   Jackets  in  plain colors anrl  light
Immense Range of White Blouses
Hundreds of beautiful styles In white muslin    lousr     with m.
hroidered fronts.   Al] sizes and a large range of pi ectlms
Two Modern Furnished
Houses in ��ood locations
Malins, Coulthard k Co. ua.
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
. Weddir
a .. ���S Presents!
x ��������� :
nnd  last  but  nist  lensl   wp  arp  cr,l*  anpnfc. fnr A"
and last but not leist. we are sole agents for
The Jeweler
Agent Hamilton Watches
Vancouver. Feb. 16.���One of the
must daring robberies that has ever
occurred in the city of Vancouv< r was
pulled off at an early hour t'ais morn
ing, when two men bl w open the
safe in P. Burns & Co's butcher shop
at the corner of Seventh avenue ani!
Granville street, and decamped with
all the cash therein, and all the mon< y
in the tin. The safe-cr: i kers knew
their business thoroughly, as fhey g< '
away with a lot of money and lefl n i
clue behind excejit a glimpse of their
backs as they raped away in the direr
tion of town. The explosive used was
evidently nltro-glycerine, and thi
port aroused the whole neighbOrhi id.
Windows were thrown open, and the
thieves were -������'n running down an
alley to tin- east of Granville
inwards the bushes. .Mrs. .1. P, Smith
saw them "make their get-away," and
. telephone alarm wav at one ��� lent
in the police station In the hope that
they could in. Intercepted before
f ached Granville stn el bridge. The
men wi re very fleet rif font, howi it.
and before the police could get their
dragnet out, they had dl ia i ed.
One excited n si lent took a shr al
tl ��� -a w tth i revolver as they made
down i'iv ail. y. but as thej did nol
stop, it is nol known whether his bul-
found a mark.
White and Colored Silk Gloves
Twenty-five dozen just to hand through parcel ra Lonta
England.    Lengths   shown   are 19 and  23 Inches; coir     a   m-
hrown, cream, grey, cardinal and  black  and  white.    .11   made
heavier silk than usually sold, and all have d	
anticipate an Immense demand for these  extra cni pi
i    pair   $1.25. $1.50 and HB
Westminster Iron Works I   New Muslins for Evening Wear
Removed to Tenth St., between Power House and
Galbraith's Factory.
It is probably early to b i ummer wi..    b I  ' [__
Pus we are now showing are mosl appropriate foi even
Beautiful flowered, striped or embroidered   voilr
siililime (anew flowered in reprized fabric) and  I'' 'J
yard   121 .���: t: ���*
Telephone   53.
New Westminster. i'. u. Box 474
��� W4fHH*<r4H*��<<"" ' .   -������J-0*C-xV->*��*����*<!r<J.<.<i**<>0*��*<,1>
This Dale in History.
AA^AAi.^AA.AQAAAQ.Alfi... ^A ^^�� J ��,(}, j>* _ ^^^^^^ ��"*������������������������������
_��F W-
... AT ...
*��� -J-
t j. J. MAG KAY & CO.
j Electric Railway Service!
L519    Francis,   Duke of Guise,   h   ��� lo1
of the wars of the Sixl     i
' enturj In I    in e, born. Di< :
1 ���   ruarj   IS,  1563.
1G21- -Alilei   Stan lish i ho len   captain
of Plymouth colonli   .
171-    Ma thevi    Tllghr an,   pr nn
M.arj lap i ti ader during the
i' \olution, born. Dl< d Maj ;.
1778���Lord  North's   conciliatory    bill
presented In parliament.
1834-   United States concluded an Indemnity  treaty  with  S
1856-   Charleston,  S,  (.'.,   almost    destroyed by Are,
1866  -l labeas Corpus aci bus]   a a-1 ui
1880���-Attempted assassination of the
Czar of Russia.
Re site for wharf aud boom ou th \
Fraser river, mar New Westmin :
-:��� r, ll. C.
NOTICE  i.s hereby  given  tnat  th
undersigned, ll. G. Barnet aud Hugh
fl-cDonald, loth of the city of New;
Westminster, in the province of British Columbia, mill owm rs, having ap
plir'l in his excel! ncy t-e governor
genera] In-councll, for the approval n
a certain site for the construction of
a certain wharf .and boom, situate on
the south side of l.ulu island, on the
shore ol  the  Fraser river, have    il -
posited wini the honorable the min
ister of public work.-, at Ottawa, plans
of said wharf and boom, which they
propose to construct ou land coven i
with water, lying south of lot 767, in
group I, In the district of New Westminster and province aforesaid, i i-
.. r ���.'. Ith a descrlpt ion of the pro-
po8i I site it" i'of described by m ��� t
and bounds; and have also deposited i
duplicate of each In the oflic of the
registrar of deeds for the said distrl-t
of New Westminster, in which di in i
said work is proposed to be cons rur -
ed; in accordance with tbe requirements of section 7 of the "Navigable
t Waters'   Protection  Act," Chap.   115
[ 11. S. Can. 1906.
Dated  at  New  Westminster,  It.  C.
| the bOth ilay of January, 1908.
h. g. barnet,
hugh   Mcdonald.
���������������.���__��� .
���i ADVERTISE      'M
��� IN ���
THE       DAILY       NEWS
If you've LOST Anything.
White and Colored Table Oilcloth
A large shipment cam. to hand   Saturday    nigl       P
m irbh   and  colors,  In   5 I  i nd 6- I widths.
FREE Embroidery Lessons
and Art Exhibit To-Day
Demonstrating tbe superiority of  Belaing'
i is here today In thi       rlor of the I       '���'���'���
have on display her unique dl      iy <    em roldi   ���
Hours,   10 to   12 a.  m. and  2 to 4 p. m.
jxoiiister a i
' r
I r
lnterurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and wav
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:60 a. m. Lasl
car leaves at 11  jr. in.
(Last car lv. Vancouver 11:30.)
Cars leave the depot every
twenty minutes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
citj line.
City  Line:    Cars  leave tram *
office on the hour, twenty minutes after and forty minutes after, commencing at 8:20 a. in.
Sapperton Line: Cars leave
at ten minutes after the hour,
half past and fifty mi-iite. after
the hour, commencing at 6:30
a. m.
Sunday Service  hair-hourly .e. t
tween 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.        2
j| British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd |
��~ _--_.--------_tflt M.��   New Westminster.
Best part of the city; fully modern and up-
to-date; eight large rooms, basement and furnace.
Price,  $4,000.
Terms ��� One - quarter cash,  balance easy
F. J. HART y CO.
C? -S& "'
���i' -r ?���.';;-��� :-:.ry r .'. THING IN
'If   ��"v^
Norfolk Suits\
With two pain ��� fpanj
one pair made ordinary
style,   one   pair  bloomer
This fills a long ^
want, as every boy weaj
out two pairs of pants1
one coat.
$6,      $7,     $j
and $10
S, Wardrobe (MM


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