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 VOLUME 1. N' Mill.!; 37.
D.U . VPRIL IT. 1906.
io <t.n rs PER w !
Arrest of Disorderly Strikers At Windber Pa., Leads to
A Clash Between Desperate Mob and Armed Authority���Attack on Jail Repulsed With Fatal Effect-
Trouble Caused By Foreigners.
Pa      April    17.    Aftei    il torel n element  who had  I i  la said, mad    I with
t anxiety, the situation brougl     i    i     iting  Easter  Mondaj   a holidaj   ihe miner-   i ol McMullen in-
;!,,   i of the coal  thai always has been greatlj observed   Furiated some   ol them   and   he was
Lawton, 0. T., April 17.   Geronimo,   chief of
! the Apache tribe is critically ill at his home on the
Fort Hill mUitan reservation and the tribe decided
| yesterday that he could live only a few days.
j When his biographer called on him Sunday. Ger-
I onimosaid, "I am praying to the white man's God
| who has made me a man fit for heaven, to spare my
J life for a few y< ars longer until 1 am freed fromcus-
�� tody and see my people in free homes. G.id knows
} my heart is good, bul 1 am telling him my people
! need me here m< I am needed in a better
���       ii"
i world.
-        Geronimo  ��� ,,; ye:   - old.    He is living with his
j eighth wife to whom he was married on last Christmas Day.
Guides    Runaway    Horses    Past    Spvoi.iI   Danger.;    and
Thinks of Everything  But the Safely of His
Own Life���One  Nasty Collision Occurs.
Holding wiili all hl��  itrength to a.wagi ��� ��� was
ti am of runawaj  hoi ses, endeavorin he
-,1th greal  prei   nee ol mind to avert   held to his dangeroii   work, nnd tried
with the operators culminated  In thi
In   a   i lot   ai   Winillier  neai
which finally ended in blood
section '... them,
Whisky to Blame.
v. terday the streets ol Windbei
presented a carnival appearance.
There was much liquor consumed and
many men under the Influence of
liquor. Wle n the trouble broke oul
the state constabulary, that was al
Greenburg, was Immediately ordered
to Windbei and a special was procured and rushed toward the scene of
ihe riot. A f��*w miles wesl of this city
however, the train was blocked by a
, ��� occurred in the earlj hours  flight vn.rl and ,hl, troops did nol
reach Windber until after I o'clock In
the morning.
re di iei and a number are In-
i throughout the night the
patrolled by armed guards.
ooting was brought on by an
ss   ill u]ioii the jail, made by striking
in, attempted to rescui com-
:��� ���!��� - who had been placed under ar-
Night of Terror.
night and continued for several
working the residents to .such
. b. that the nighl was one ot ter-
���  dead are principally foreigners
���   miners    who were   out on
rlke.   They   are  Pletro   Martini.   An-
Mazuea, Paul /.ills, who was ihe
ol thi  mob, and Curtis Kester,
Patrol  the Town.
Ai  ihai  time the town hud quieted
looked on as a spy, Manj ol the men
rushed for him and threats were
made against his life and lie lied taking refuge  In the home   of Charles
Storm  House  and Jail.
The crowd how ��� ���,. i gave chase and
soon a und. of 2,500 surrounded the
Davis home and Btoned It, The occupants were compelled to seek refuge
with neighbors. During ihis riot about
20 of ihe miners were placed under
aires! nnd landed in jail, under the
leadership Of Paul /.ills who wns shot
dead. Subsequently the mob assailed
the jail throwing Btones nnd any missiles thai   were al  hand.
. r <o othei -. and apparentlj ob   to ex.
Ilvious to his ,t  i  er, a i onvti I  the reck
of the British Columbia penttenll Cang into Wall
... all;   distil guli hed    hlmm II    on
Columbia  streel   this morning;.
The convict, accompanied bj ethers ��
and ii guard, was driving a penlten-
tlarj  team down the main thorough
. i]
and no demonstration was made. The
constabulary relieved Bome of the deputies who  w.re patrolling the town
and  ihe h'.ais    were placed    at fifty
were   many
Deputies   Open   Fire.
The deputies    surrounded    the jail
and  wiih  the aid  of the flre deparl
I   tried  : Stori   order. The inoli
Declares Thai He Is Innocent and That Officer Johnston
Is Guilty   of   Misconduct���Bail   Stands   and
Cases Will Be  Heard Next
\. Q, Cook, the man who took Of   cash bail of $r.u be returned and thai
fleer Johnston's batoi from him Cook   be allowed  his  llbertj   on  his
and beat  him over the hind with it  own recognisance,
,      te.'ll
while the later was trying to handcuff
him on Columbia streel early Sundaj
morning, and who waa later arrested
i.\ Detective Bradshnsv, is nol onlj
��� ars old. a bystander during the > ':,K Th""' """' l,,:"��  altercationa|*as persistent and refused to listen to a,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,��� m,{ ,���- ttu ���f the three
and    boisterous   arguments   on   the oooler heads who advised them to dis   ,,,,.,,.,,,,,. ,.,,,, ;l!.;,ins, ,,-,,.,. oui _a _\SQ
sue... throughout   yesterday   but no Perse and go home, and closing In on  ________ if pogBi_ic, to prove to thi    a
serious (flash ,k rred    and    even    a"-"' Jail  began to assail thi   deputies.  |8(action 0f thi   pi  li I    i  that
large mass meeting was held withoiii   The latter tried to stop the onslaught  lh(, ���,���,.,,,. WRg _ulUj   _ ,,,p  .,,���,
who was sho! in the abdo
i was taken io the hospital
i'   died short!',   aftei   midnight
Bodies Left on Street.
tl    di putles fired on the mob
leaving three of their mini
I ������  ground    dead  and  as  the
efu ed in i ei'uiit th.   un.ui
pointing firearms.
Cook  Says "Not  Guilty."
Cook appeared In com i  this
disorder until  Deputy  Sheriff W, w,tn  bayonets  and   when    it   seemed
M.  McMullen appeared. thai   the   deputies   and   firemen   would
co down i.ei'uH  thi  Infuriated men the
Seize Deputy Sheriff. deputies fired. This was not done how       Cook  appeared  iii  couri   tills  morn
Th. foreigners are apparently antag- ever, before Knives and revolvers ap- ing with his com   ���     W.J.Whiteside,
remove the bodies, the lai- onlsUc to McMullen and have an old peared In the hnnds of the strikers, and when asked to plead to chargi ���
Tiled where thej  f.ll until an  Btanding  auttpathy   to  him.   He   was Bul  one volley   was fired and al  the of dlsorderlj  conduct, willful destruc
in,nr this morning. for five years chief of police of Wind sound of the puns the mob broke and  tion of property, and assaulting a po-
loters wer.. for the most pari  ber and during his administration, It  fied.
Schooner Sails Into
Dynamite Laden Ship
"\\'h>"" queried the magistrate,
"Because ths object of bail is to se
cure the attendance of the accused,
and   Mr,  Cook  Is going to be here."
Mr. Whiteside wenl on to saj thai
���her,, was no necessity Iii the flrsl
i laee for Issuing a warranl for Coi k,
thai he wan a resident of the city, thai
he hnd never yel attempted to shin
out, and ihat  the service of a sum
limns would have heen the proper pro
. lure under the clrcumstan I. The
case was nol serious enough to have
111 I , li. ill  held In cash ball,
Cash   Bail   Stands.
The court held thai a charge of as
Baulting a poiiee uiu ��� was quite sei
The   i    .  . .. e  nol
ind kepi  up terrific
pace till, 1 . the
part c i ey were
tho h.n-ses became I      I   ltarPl��  ' ' " '' ;" "'" ""'"' riu '"'
ei-.ed al the approach of the Electric '"'  <*>""* ">; "'" hl"<    ""!   ' '
Railwaj   company's    repair car.    and  ll"1""m '��"< '' ">' l"���;'",  Thi  to
,i,i���;; their bits iu thetr strong teeth nf n"  **����a ��' ' ' >''"'   '"; ""'
iiued  ,,���  a   mad  gallot)    ilmvit    the  "
street   on   which     there   were     s
number ol vehicles and pedestrians
Passes   Several   Dangers.
The driver though unable to oheck
ihe speed of the runaways stuck to
his post and endeavored to guide them! The guard whn was in the Wagon,
oul of the wai of collision which he ami payers! citizens whn witnessed the
did In several cases i,\ the narrowest , Nciieihenl state that.j-Sverul Berious
possible margins.
One Bad Collision.
alter being guided safely past several delivery wagons thai were in their
path the runaways collided with a
learn belonging to T. s. Annandale,
grocer, making a partial wreck ot the
ton i
ble contact with the wall the ronawaj
was gtopi ed ��iiti the drlvei safe on
his   seal,   and   Bhowlng    li irci I)      11]
sign of excitement
Heroism   Admired.
collisions, which nihwr !,����� reeulteC
In Injur; or lose uf life, Mere only
avoided lit'.Hie dproistti ol the driver
and llis in.n-t. ilV handllm ol iln inii-
nwaye. ��� Bis cot hii I thej say, �� it
most  adiiiiiaii.
fine   ol   iIn-   '' iiii.ouhii"  lie   i
delivery rig. and knocking the attach- seriously injured and will regain
.,1  horses down on lhe road. Bid-Table attention  al  'It" '"'i'1
The collision jolted the penitentiary  vetertnar:  Burgeon
Hoe Officer, said li, was nol guilty, Mr.
Whiteside asked thai the hearing of
the eases be Bet  for Tuesdaj  of next   lous enough to justltj the security as
week, roid also thai the casi ��� againsl   ll bI I.
the i,nicer be heard on the same day.      Mr. WhitoBlde said thai the Berious
11,   said the witnesses ror liis elieni  Qega ,,f M���c], ., charge depended on
would be the same tn all of the cases, circumstances, nnd   thai   the ctrcum-l
Chief of  Police  Mcintosh,  for thi
Local Amateur Wrestler Wins Championship  and  Silver
Trophy After Long and   Hard   Tussle���Preliminary Performers Put Up a
Good Exhibition.
Sent i e ol'   11 aveling.
April   111.
Imperiled ln a collision be-  i,,L'   ,l"w"
hanks  off
Si attli
hi, s were
the  Steamer   Melville     Dollar,
carrying twenty-five ions of dynamite
the    halibut    fishing    schooner
'' on Rime Rocks, mar Victoria,
SO   O'clock yesterday   morning.
The latter vessel wit), heal-   ('apt.   l.inilvoy     nl   once    ordered   all
the  straits to  the lisiilng hands to Keep his vessel clear of the
Cape    Flattery,    howling steamer's propeller.
alone on thi- starboard lack at a rapid      Al bf tliosi   on  I nl the schooner
rale. were    thrown    violently    to    the    deck
Cant, i.indvog says he thought the when the Impact came. Capt, Und-
Bteamer would pass his stern, and, as vog was thrown from the wheel, where
he hnd ile   right-of-way, accenting to he  had   been   Btanding, idem-  to the
Ai   thai   prevented  both   vessels Ix-Jrig   lhe   rules.     he   kepi    un   hi*     course,   forward     hatch.     Nearly  all     received
j wrecked with a large loss oi  Second    Mate Barron    believed    the siighi   bruises   resulting, from   being
'   was the tacl  thai   tha dynamite schooner would put about on tie  port  thrown against obstacles on deck.
nol    shin.     The    Melville    lloilnt   tack    before   reaching   his   vessel   in
iii command of Capt C, J. Foam stead of keeping right on.
,-   -, lioii.e   Daisy  In command of!     Just a��. the tWO came within n short
Ubarl   i.indvog. idisianc.   of each other Second   -Male
*     ������    rasUll    of   the   accident.   Ih<-   Barron   ordered   the  helm   of  the   Me)
��� '    Dalaj    is   now   lying   al   the   Villa     DullnV     thrown     "linnl-a putt."
���  :   3uaa   I'TkI,  company's  dock,  with   Thi*  nol   suved  the  sehoiier  from   be
���rn  smashed  tn, her  bulwarks lug run flown by the steamer ami cal
and  spiinteied  ami  her tore- ta
'" ti Juinpled mass on the for-!
Reckoning  Was  Oft. I around  in  obedienci   to her  helm. \hr
leeideni, it  is said , resulted schooner laying over under the force
of  the  gala,   crashed   full   lilt   inlo lhe
steamer's side.    A wthi scramble for
prosecution   of   Cook   agreed,   and
nol   wiirranl  either an arresl  or a  de
magistrate accordingly adjourned
inand   for cash  hail.
cases to the   da''   selected    by
The magistrate replied that, as yel
he could know nothing of the ciroum
Objects to Procedure.
stances, he would order the ball  to
Mr.  Whiteside  then  asked  thai
stand as 11 was.
stances or ihe ens.- in questton did!    By two stralghl fails, both of which man in a rush landed on Cunnlrn 1am
were obtained only attar long and jaw sending him, Bllghtlj groggy, to
hard tussles, Tom Cunningham of tin* Boor on his knees, Fisher attempt-
New Westminster defeated Dave Pish- ed  to follow up this advantage bul
wiih previ uied   bj  the refi ri ���    who
warned  him
er of Vaneonv. r lasi nlghl for amateur
ehampionshlp  honors  nnd   the   posses
slim of n handsome silver trophy pni I such tactics,
uliisi   a   repBtltiofi  of
1 V. 11.
Crashes   Into   Steamer's   Side
Km   ihc    Melville    Dollar
Says   Chinese   Boycntt   Is   Apparently
Dead  But There  Is Yet
Explosion ��)f Dynamite Feared.
Twenty-five tons of dynamite stored
in   lhe   hold     Of   the   Melville     Dollar       Wnshihglon.   11.   ('.     Ap.il   17.    The
caused the officers  I ereW of thai  senate committee on immigration lis
v.ss.i in "sweat iiioo.i" lor tl).- space irnni today to Charles Dsnbj on thi
of a moment.    Her officers say thai  Chinese  boycotl   of   American  8 is.
Mr.   Denhy   who  was  lu  China   for   l!U
years, attached to the American Illation or holding office under the I'lil
nese government, said the movement
New   Officers  Are   Elected   at   Meeting
This Afternoon���AddresB by
up by local admirers of the game of
\s man] people as could Hint any
kind or space in si. George's hall wii-
n. isi ,i ih.. match, ami the unanimous
v.i.llel  of lhe Spectators was lhal  the
besl man won.
The First Fall.
while i! look Cunningham ".7 mln>
iiles and  Ki seconds lo seem.* lhe llrsi
The Final Trick.
From then .rn iiu' gams was id1 Ch-.
ningiiani's and a' Hi" ei"i "! M ml��-
iiies and la seconds Flshei was pin
neii flat on ills back, and the decision
wns given to Cunnlngham,
llolh falls were obtained hj a linir
Nelson and oroti h. He Brsl hold being
changed rrom a full Nelson
Fisher's welghl waa IB1 p is. and
 "l Mate Thomas v-  Barron,
''���Jiiiie D)iiiar, miscalculating
���' d ii'  which 'he Bchoouer was
safely ou board Uie sel,,
"���"J  Man    of Bad    Habits    Ignores
Summons to Attend Police
had   lhe     schooner   been     le    \ i'i,   n
serious accident migbl rave resulted.
Luckily ihe ,i, a.uniie did nol explode,
if it i'ni both vessels and their crews
wung  mould have gone to the bottom.
The Melville Dollar, i ledlateij ar   became apparent in 1904, Unit It had
let  Ih.  accident, passed a line to ihe  heen organized    by some    Intelligent
Daisy and  lowed b) i   to lhis port. The   Chinese who hnd  visited America, pes
schooner wlll be surveyed today and slbly former Minlstei Wu, though he
had im direct Information implicating
While tho boycott il now apparently .had. it inighi easily he stirred to
life nnd fury.
foiiowed.ii.be damage ascertained.
slant watching by officers of the law.
The Charge was only laid against  Mill
after repeated warnings thai his con-
duel was disgraceful and would even-
tually   lead   lo a   prosecution   which  it
was hoped could  he avoided, and  now   Will Reject Absolutely the Latest Pro-
The annual n Iln-. of the Women's
Auxiliary or ihe Royal ('.,1111111111111 hoi
pli.il   was   held   this   al'ieiiioon   In   lhe
Sunday school  room of tha Queen's
Avenue Methodlsl church. Alnml thirty
ladies wen 1 lent.
11.'pons or a gratifying character
were received from the retiring president uud the various oommlltees,
Enaction of officers resulted as follows:
I'rsldeul     Mrs.  ('.   A.   Welsh.
flrsl  nice pTMldenl   Mrs, Dookrlll
BeCOnd   VlOe   president     Mrs.      I.UW-
Third vie- president    Mrs. HrlggH.
Secretarj    Mil  w. Johnston,
Treasurer -Mrs. Ooulet,
tail  yel  there    wns no lime   in ih.. Cunningham's liV.1.
round thai Fisher had any advantage      Fred Lynch was referee, nm' acquit-
li.. ,,1 r e.l .,n the defensive nil through   1..I  hit,, "If I" iiu' entire ���
 ttonally making a oulok grab for
his opponent's neck or legs, but never
gaining un affective Ipnld. Wriggling
..ii 1 he mu' on oue occasion saved bim
of nil   'i  Ed. Hughes was time
Preliminary   Excitement.
\   pi. llniliiiuT  boul  bgtw    \    Me-
riom  being  pinned  down curlier  II11111   \____\_   ,,.,|   \    Wise,  belli  local nuui-
he was.
Becomes Desperate.
i.'urs,  WBS won  hy   Wis" who      I 111    I
ta,, i,,ii 01 th  'i'i'" preliminary
In the earlj part ot thi second round perWrmen were i"1"' ��aicl< .""' ""x'
I'lsher was more nggi essl ve nnd r.ir n   lOUl, and h"'!' "v"" l,ll,K   ''  ''"   ,'"'''
while he fought desperately. Twice he work, Theli oontesl  was .i,,..,    m.i
milled (���iiniiinghiiin against the wall more 1 oltini  fhan that between Ihe
ami   dove   for  his  legs,  culling  for  111-   principals ol     evening.     McDonald
lerferei  1 h time on the pan or secured thi Brsl fall in % minutes, and
wise the other two ln 6 minutes ind
I I     and   IU   minutes     and    '.'I
ihe referee who returned the content.
urns io the center or the mat
un anothet occasion ihe Vancouver
mull re pei lively
Bradshav .
With   a
larche 1
oday   .
11   known
who   i
that lie has disappeared from the city,I
the police are proiuidy better satisfied
than If ihey had hlm in their keeping.
Three women or the restricted dis-
let, one of whom claims the fugitive
1 -'her man" were In court  this morn
'���' ear   in the police conn
;;i- In answer to a summons
was charged wiih being a
:' ': of a house <,r in fame, iuu
"���ch   resulted   only  in  lhe  con-
1  thai   the accused   had  lefl   the
"tartly after the blue paper was
" ! "ti him.
onng man
ng, and Iwo or them were llne-.l for
ki ��� ping ami being an Inmate of a
house or ill fame respectively, The
third was wanted merely .m 0 wltneii
hni her services were noi required,
position  of the  Mine
Honor For King Edward      j
On Franklin's Birthday
belongs   to good
and according i" the poiiee, he
Frenchmen at Athens.
Alliens,  April   17.    Thi
letlc   team   which   Is  lo   par
the  Olympic games  beginning
New- York, April it. 'iiu. anthracite
operator.1 who ar ��� meeting hei.- today
are reported to have deolded to nejeot
absolutely iln- inkers' latest proposition and 10 adhere to their own former
The operator! ars authority for !-�����
New   York,   April   17.    According to |
the Tribune the onnotnoemenl    was
i.-,e,,,h nth- made yesterday on behalf of tha   ��n-j ����'''" "������ Thursday at the university _p- of physios, Cornell university; A
tidpate In  thraclie ooal carrying oonwauitei that observance of the bl-eerjenury of ths  Bread,   Royal Academy   or   Science,
Decision on Divorces
Causes a Legal Chaos
Philadelphia,   Pn���   April   17.���King
, Edward vii or (Jreai Britain through
i Blr Mortimer Durand, his ambassador,
win receive the degree of Doctor of
Laws rrom the University or Pennsyl-
win, professor of astronomy and experimental philosophy of the University ot Cambridge. England; Guglleuio
MarCtml, Inventor; E. Rutherford, professor of physics, McGlll university,
Montreal;  Edward L. Nichols, profes-
here  a Ken.nil  movement Ikis lietn  begun
' ��l Hi" characters who need con. day.
April   'l'l.  arrived   in   llils   city   yesler-   among   Ihem   lo   reiuune   work   nt   the
birth of Benjamin Franklin.
Andrew Crtrnegle, Sir j^Howard Dar. j honorary degrees.
Berlin;   ll. A. Lounts, a illsliugulshed
physician of Holland, wlll also receive
Chicago,   Ills.,   April   17.    II   Is   esll    Hon   over   inheritance   and   the   rights
,     ,      to property,
mated hy Chicago lawyers thai the de-      _________ ()r���minonr _tfor_*7l d.cfar-
Clslon of the supreme couri of lhe rlj (h,1( lhl. (|W.|slon sliunly means
1'nlled Stntes holding Illegal all dlvor-j chnos In regnril to lhe Mtle to person-
Mept ^e where both ^-^^r^tlS
��Blde wllhln the same Jurts-IW'"' ...
diction will make Illegal BOO divorces
that have been granted In this city
alone and pave the way for all manner
of  complications  In   thf
ees .
the suit
Illegally divorced and remarried his
property must of necessity go to his
legal heh-B and cannot be held by nny
children of any woman he may have-
next genera-! married  subsequently  to his divorce.
_i__��� I
H ,
��, 1306.
Easy Terms
Easy Terms
J/ T
Our Cyc/e Sfocfc for 1906
Has Arrived.
From $45.00
To $65.00
Secondhand From $15.00 Up
i -
A Wonder on Wheels.
Better than ever.
Don't Walk when you can
travel on a Flyer.
Swiftness, Durability
and Perfect Finish
Is Found in a
',___~  *j~
���    T ..
.6 hnrj1 &
Li  _i- \*' Utultf M. ��������_  '
.an on the
.     BtOOd
Sermon by Rev. A. J. Brace,
West End Methodist church.
Sunday.  April   15.
' And  as  Moses  lined  up  the
..'���nt In the  wilderness even bo
the Son ot M .a be lifted up ths
Boevei   believeth   In   Him  should  not
lerlsh, but  hue eternal lite."    Join
One in the m".. sugge ttive and
striking dictions of scripture is Paul's
i ruisin "Th ��� wage., of in is death,
bul the gif' or Clod is eternal lire
iiiiiigh ji t . Chi Isi our Lord."
The episode in the lesson or tho
i rening (Numbers 21, the brazen serpen! in the wilderness) is typical of
the crucifixion of lihri-i in al leasi
three ways;
I. The remedy  ror Bin  Is found  In
i he midst or danger.
When   the   rebellious   I iraelltes  bit-
a   with  the fierj   serpents cried to
loses I"  play  tor Ihem and  Ood  an-
���.  ied  the prayer  Mo ie ��� eon I ructed
ei ponl, u|n>n which thej  were i"
i/e i.ii a cure, oul or bias, be. iu
��� r the iiie.ni ince '>r thai metal In thai
��� alii.   wh rein thoy  i .belled againsl
God,    Bo  Jesus  Chris    was  horn   In
the mid il .,r ih.. perver ������ world.   He
nne to di red      lie  v. .... I.ni n   I nd   i
e lav   thai  Hi   n i |hl   redi em   '
the I iv..    Bless. I    pro'. I
which  permitted   Chrisi to be
��� a of woman and live the humble,
i   in, i on'i ��� i Ing Uf" an.id temptal I 11,
.ml   sorrow, thai sorrowing   Im
anily mlghl :���'"��� in Him   a   pa tern
,,i  know  ' ihai   He was tempted  in
��� ��� rj   polni   like as v.o ure yel  with
ii sin."
Whal complete humiliation is known
lo  Ihe Hon  ..r Man  when   He  allows
elf to be compared lo the Berponl
'  ! hiss.
the  dreamed  one nigh
he angel in charg
ol the        md Adam thi need me of his wife an
i lied;    "She c in  go  In  for    ou."
feci    ol     ���.    nd i  store tori   tedi' led  to his    personal de 	
....    ���    ..   Immortality to man.    The cision.    'lod allows no substltut. Race Excitement Runs High in Spring-
;''"n- field, Mo.. Where Blacks
ous sacrifice supplied ihe need.    "Be-  Wortny of _______ ,, the WorcJ ..ufe." Were Lyrched.
Life toi a look.'   Llfi  alwa ��� i m< i 	
...  ;��� can mean nothing else. To Kansas    l '         Mo.,  April    16.���A
produce    life   Is    God's    prerogative. ,neclal to the Star written by a    tafl
Scientist have tried and failed. Man's __ s.,..u^n. ;(1.  M��� .
i rovinoe la to combine and embellish
.... ....   . ng    the    presence    oi
and     son,, times   to   resuscil ite,    bul
never to  produce nr.. either In  the     ::;'"1  tro��P8' "'" f'"''  ,h" a Kr'""1
animal    or    vegetable    or    spiritual ed to indicl the lead-
hold the  I-'imb of God which   I
ll.      .Ifted up thai all migl
p n  was n   le  for  'i,    cure
i '    l! penl    ilte.    The
1.   i -t    was   hung   highly   on
wo ���  o     In i li" .' :i'. r of the
. ..
: - .
' I hold  gloriously    'ru.-  i ���    he
In thi    case.    There  li
en and lower five ol soclet    in
<:      life but no th CI
Men  may    em ner    wheat    on   Wall
Mr.-, i  and  manipulate the bull
ol   Ihi     tock  exchangi.  bul   no
i   oi    -er ���   has   ii   monopoly   of
Chrl '   and   hi i   go pel   ot   love   and
I 'e.ver  and   hope.
, ��� down 'ii date hospitals with
all their modi ri pi enl and advanced medical cli: i are found to
���, lo the pal lent: "Sorrj, bul ������ can
not help ��� The divine phy
:'    i.s ���.���..     .      .     He   CO I'd
.... o uttern
God alone produci i life and   i       ol   Saturday
through    the    vicarious    sacrifice of  lynched  three  negroes, that  the
| !li ��� He has made possible to
��� an ii;. ��� ternal. In regard to the
blessings of the faithful surely pregnant expressions as "everlasting life"
nnd   "llfe   more   abundant"   are   freelj
a ed   in   scripture,   but   for   the   un-
efforr wilt he made to secure convii
Suldiers Pitch Tents.
��� ��� direct ton of Capt. W
ol ilon pan;   li ol Sev ida, Mo., ��
the  offlcei   of  thi   day,   th.    soldiers
i .i    thiir ten's today.   Oul po   -
wer,   maintained .luring the night on
all   the   prim   iei   streets   leadtn:   to
the jail.
Today thi negroes who fled to the
woods returned to iln ir homes, and
manj others who had liidd.-n themselves In tli.ir homes made bold :o
appear on the
Warrants tor twenty-five persons,
night's   mob   which  charging  them  with  being leaders in
RoyaS City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Kctall  Dealers in
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.     Telephone 40.    P. O.Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily News. New Westminster, B. C.
nrnor lias orderd the militia to arrest.
��� ho mob leadi i    tahl I he county pTose-
had promised to I iBue warrants
 ag the  ii,   .md the citizens have
decried thi   lynching, the Btreets are
fuitltfill th.ir future is never referred   full of people who approve the work
life, bul "everlasting contempt"
and "everlasting destruction,"
the mob, were issued this afternoon,
and n fore, or deputies was senl out
to make arrests.
The last  of the Btal    militia  senl
here by Gov  Folk arrived early today
and   six   corap inli a   now   patrol   the
Wilh    ths    fil
The Easter bride with the Incarnation of si.ring. wiih bursting hud and
flowering blossom forcibly reminds or
Christ's triumph and resurrection rrom
 Ip-'iiraiice   or   lhe
of the mob and who curBe all negroes  soldi, i.   las    ev. il       there   came   a
,m.   ,,,,...   b(    ,,,������,���   0(  revulsion  of  sentiment.    Before mid-
All danger of mob  vi-,1 nee  Is  nol
pa   ed.    Hundreds    of    men    openly
���''irj^m^m^ldieri  ^^
ind is the opportune time for showing
���   pi actlcal  appreciation or Its muitl-
dreds of them  boldly utter the threat
nlghl a decided reaction had sel in
and many began to condemn the action of the mob i hal ij ached the three
negroes, Todaj this Feeling gained
. ��� ngi h, . ��� pociaflj when it bee ime
thoroughly appreciated that Mabel Ed-
In    Switzerland   huge    cross, i are  -,\\ j ble   Ingi   bj a personal decision
built i he path d rs n I he i    i p
h  in       :. irn     ���   ��� not    cover
.   ,   h  ...   winter the
��� lit ;.       n        -      ifi cale the
mountains ;.     follov In
Lhe cro  i       So the 11 ��� seller on life's
high   ���..:'  Is evei    afe it: "the way ol
the cro
ill.   "Ufa tor :��� Look."
'i h ,,'. i "i in I.m i.t cur. fi om
'le. vonomu i bite was t > look at
the provided i aviour i li ��� raised emblem of ' i:i on the pole. True today.
Buro i, Hi" cure of the sln-slcV ��� il
who will look al the crucified Saviour
and steadily gaze and gazing believe
and  appreciate the  new  llfe so freely
and   sweating  oT allegiance  to Christ
,i iial  Lord and Saviour.
'.hal if arrests are modi thi eople mondson, the white domestic, had de-
v. Ill arise and ri Bcue the arr. ' clan d po . Ivel hal Duncan and
rn. ii and .Iii. the militia as well as Copeland, two of the negroes lynched,
��� . oi groi from the city. I '������
where this h ea! Is heard:
"Thla town i - too i ll for ni   i
rs ie hi r a lailanl s.
Sends   n   Prosecutor.
Manufacturer  of HaHlCSS and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily Ne vs
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
'lhe serpent Ig terribly suggestive of Riven lo the earnesl seeker,   li musi
thi deadly character ot sin.   The very  he a personal look.   No Israelite could
; iliculnllon  ol  lhe  word sin  seems tO   '""ll   ''"'    another   nnd   thus   cure   Ihe
sound    Ilk.-    tho     hiss     or     what
lohn     calls     "thai     old     serpent,
the     Devil."     We    need     to    em-
baalze the deadly character of sin
,,.day as much as lo emphasize the
love of God. Too often sin Is explained   away   In   the   parlance,   nils
other. Mothers lifted their bitten
children to look ai the cross or salva-
' lon,    husliaii Is   rais.d    their   smitten
wives, friend helped friend, bul each
hud lo look personally and receive Individual blessing. Very true regarding salvation today.   One may earn-
Mininrj  Dividend.
i in,I. April 16.- The Canadian
Goldflelds Syndicate, Limited, hai di
el.,red n dividend or I % per cent, on
II . $600,000 of the issued capital siock
,,f the company. Tha dividend i for
the quarter ending March 31 and I i
payable on May I.
Th.. dividend amounts to $10,500 and
tho total or its dividends to date Is
The Canadian Goldflelds Syndicate
Is the owmr or 1,260 shares of the
Consolidated Mining & Smelting company of Canada, limited, which al the
present   valuation     of   the   shares     Is
equal to ahout $600,000, or ten cents
a share, which Is the par value of thi
Goldflelds   Syndicate,     Besides   this
siock,  the Canadian  Goldflelds owns
several   valuable     mining     properties,
and ls accumulating a fund oul or its
dividends wllh which to oporat
ind   whll m  to  live  In,
ithi ��� mu '   ��� ���
take, error In judgment, etc., and the estly assist . Mend and lead to the
,,,, ,.���,,! terrible character of sin, so cross, hut there mus. be an individual
Boring for Oil.
N'eepawa,   Man.,   April   16.
ted by God, compromised with.   Uh  Seeking    and    seeing    the    crucified boring operations here give most  on-
Chrisi   as  a   personal  saviour.    A  cer- coiiraglng results nnd  a company  lias
tain     iiiini   who   had   listened     lo   his been   formed   lo   develop   the   ptopoi
wife's    pleadings In  vain to   attend Hon. A shall is down 2!io feet, and In
i.ridiv virus permeates society todaj
ml quenches the work of the spirit
This death hy hIii wiih not In the
"tiginni arrangement of the universe;
11 came after creation and was nol
accounted    for  in  the    economy  i
Ono or the     This wi Iieli   I nod bj thi  or
I.    in   Jl iter  on   CitJ   Of  an   a      I
i.e    al torn         I     onl    by   Gov
Threats by  a  N'igrc. ���...,_   .,,   ___6     ,,    ,...,���;.   officials   In
An  lncldeni   showing id        ferreting   oul    and  prosecuting   the
the feeling took place ni ir th    com    member    of  th    mob,   the   names  ol
house today, where hundreds of poo   many of whom are known,
pie were ga berod, walking aimlesslj      Following  the  '    ���    ng  of  Dunca.
about.    A negro, leaning againsl  thi     nd Copeland S       I       Ight some on
oourl   house  with  the  troop    a,   rl Bested   that   v. 11    Mien   and   two
made the remark in a Bwagger, "gl. negroes lr hould, also be
ih.- col i  men  the guns and  w. II lynched.    The a    i     loodthii ty _nd
how  you." '   Bhl up to thi   a'  heal   ill.i ', ol ex
....   ,-,]    white men    ilire.t ned to ���   ement, readily took   ip theory, and
, ,, ,.   r    :: on   the  nogrn   when   the      m  the ' ndj  ...   i     ... I  victim la;
nil,,,    hu lied the man away   o Jail, beeeath tbe Btatue ol the Goddess or
in  anoth r    mln  he  woun    have l-.ll   rl ..   The ��� I eai aped.
been  trampled  to death,    These  are     Allen and u n i Cain wore
the things feared by the con rvat! a '"'lug held upon bu il ion of having
citizens. They know how deep-seated murdered o. P, ;;���������:. Their work
is the hatred here toward  tho whole finally accomplished, tho mob qu!<rtly
negro race and how trivial an lncldeni  dispersed.    But  8 lay crowds filled
,!���.,���   may siari  a  rioi. the Btreets, making threats or further
Judge Lincoln pf the crimaal court  trouble,
today  ordered  a special  grand  Jury     All bul  six prisoners oul  of mine
|convened on Tuesday morning.   The than fifty who were locked in the Jail
urv   will   be  Instructed   to   make  a made their escapo,   The Inside of the
thorough Investigation of the lynching Jail  is completely  wrecked, the mob
and the other nets of lhe m.,li und Continuing Huir work of destruction
to  IndiCi   all   the  leaders   who   may  he   Until   pi'iiel lenlly   all    the   mi..on   lints
apprehended.   The   better   class   ol were down,   About $3,000 damage was
'Phone 101
'I'll.-    Oil-    Jll
and  who told her to "go to dlcatlons   continually   Improve.   TheIcitizens wer.. strong today In their de- done In the prison alone, while In the
rod"' y'.'i' by  it   mankind  was cut Bubstan.ce brought up now, burns read-1 mends thai the'rioters be punished sheriff's residence the damage ls Cully
,f  church   for    him  ami   pray  for    him"   U.v-
to the full extent of tlm law, and every us much.
Reichenbach Company
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Dealers
We Cater to the family Trade.
We have on sale  for the benefil oi
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
and Best Beef ever offered.
Especially stall fod tor our trade.
Columbia Street, Now Westminster. TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1906.
B. .C Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealers in All Kinds of
Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy^Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
'*! :J '
"'*v   :M^' t J.A. Av ; hU
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12.
New Westminster.
;��:��; :���"���"���: :���::��; :���; :*"*;:*ij��"*i; ;���; !���;-��ri-��;:-��; !���: !���: *���; !���; i*;;*; i-��;i-*ii -���: :���: :���: :���; :���: :���: :���::���: :���:?���;:���������"���: :���; :���; :���: !���: :*-~*^-��; ^;i-��;;*i i*;i-��i:-*; -���
1 Electric   Plants I
���:��� >;
j Mills and Factories 1
te =it
;���; ;���;
\        Incandescent and Arc  Lamps. *
We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
Read   Our    Prices
Ly  Pay
A Full set of Teeth
Gold Fillings
Bridge Work, per tooth
Gold Crowns
Silver Fillings
Platina Fillings
Hew   fconlnnil   Iwarmed   With   Tlicm
Dafora It.. Occnpation ity Mi r.
For  ages  before  It-  occupation  by
man Now Zealand swarmed ������        real
wingless birds, which  found
carnivorous enemies, bul au i nci
of vegetable too 1.   'J he ui ias u ulj
existed In rasl numbers and tor thou
lands of years, bul had such illvcrsltj
of form as to embraci uo less tliau .even genera contalulug twentj > spe
.���ie.. ii remarkable facl whieh Is uu
paralleled In any other part of thi
world.    The commone il   I In lb<
North Island were only from two aud
one-half to four teet high. Those of thi
South Island were mostly from four t.
six teel tall, while the giant forms,
. , Lin twelve :u: . ;:...'. eii ... wers
- rare.
li t .���:   ; uslts of moa '��� ... b have
l ,. ,, touud ... ; icalltles to wiili li they
aj pear to have been washed fri :.. thc
bills  ia  i.-i.......   limes,    Skeletons on
il... surface of the ground, with skin
aud ligaments slid attached, have given the Impression Hut these birds have
been exterminated In very recent years.
but ..titer fa.'ts point to a different cou- !
elusion. Tradition seems to show, according t" !'��� M. Htm.ui, 11 int ihe ni.nl j
' became extinct lu the .North Island soon
after the arrival of Maoris in New Zea-
lam! that is, not less than 400 to GO
years ago, and in the South island
about  100 (ears later.
The fresh appearing skin and ligaments are supposed to nave been preserved by unusually favorable conditions.
Knocks Out Numerous Decrees.
:    16      !:.
������  While,  the
c I  th.   United SI  I.
. id.. I the .    .   . ; John \v.
va.   Harriel        :;.
���   .,!,���
idaj   dace  proof
New   Vorl   city, in favor .
w tin I-
Write us for   Estimates   on  complete Plant.
Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried
at Vancouver and Rossland.
Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd.
Lost Teeth Restorer! by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.     Our
Bridge Work is 22k.    Guaranteed for 10 years.
All Our Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
With a Protective Guarantee.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.
Hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.    Remember the Place
407 Hastings St. West, Vancouver.
Crushed Bone as
Produces Big Results
At Prices to Suit the Lightest
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every Day in the Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
'The Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed Information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
Queer  llflirfN  nt  People   nt   Ancient
I'-K> lit   iil.'KllrillllK   Puee.
The Inhabitants of ancient Egypt are
believed to havi- been the flrst people
to attempt to domesticate the wild Bpe-
i cles ot (ellnae now represented by il""'
i common house cat.  This belli f is based
I upon  the  Cact   that sculptured  representations of such animals are found |
! ti)pon   their   monuments   of   the  year
2000  B. <'., more than   1,200 years be-
fore they appear on  European inoiiu-
ments,  Au Egyptian tomb of the year
13 10 li. C, is the first to show a sculp-
tured  representation of the cat as a
j domesticated   animal,   those   of   tho
; greater age first mentioned probably
! representing tho creature in  Its wild
Ptan-.   In the relief Bketch of tha date
last mentl aied, 13U0 11. ('., it is unmistakably a pet. being shown ns seated
beneath   a   chair.    Tin-   Egyptians   of
Unit age mummified dead cms Just ns
they did human beings and  In many
Instances entombed hundreds of thousands of them iii it single pyramid ur
pit.    Uubnstis   was   the   Egyptian   cat
goddess and was always represented
as having a cat's bead.   Among that
Queer people puss wns regarded ns an
emblem of the sun. its eyes being f--1ii>-
posed to vary In color and lu the slzi
of  their  pupils   with   the  progress  ol
thut luminary across the heavens.
Herodotus tells us that when on
Egyptian cat died a natural death Its
owner went Into mourning and shaved
off bis eyebrows.
..evl  hi   Man   Honored- nf  Y*-nr. Ago
I-'or  frONsli.tt   M :-,-n mn.
The towline is doubtless the earliest,
is it Is still the simplest, application of
,i rope for the removal of material. Judge of United States Sup
Hitched to a floating log, the gem la
of all water craft, canoe or sledge, it
was used before history learned i'.i<>
art of writing or mankind tbe art of
The towllne v ai i omblned with thi
suspension cable as n means of ct
ing streams iu the mountains of ll.n
dustan at a very remote period. Tho
suspension cable, often several hundred feet iu length, w.-is made of t
ed fibers or Blender Btalks of climbing
vine . This ������ as solidly ecured t.
large trees or masses of rocks ou thi
lianks of tlie chasms to be crossed. On an.
lhis cable a wooden block, grooved un
derneath, was placed, su pended trom
which was a small rude, platform or al
times a simple loop of rope for the
passenger or baggage. The wooden
block, with its attached load, was pull.
cd across the chasm In either direction
by a towllne attached to lhe block.
This rude contrivance Is the genesis ot
the most refined aerial ropeways of tin
present day and of the suspension
bridge also, which is, of a crude form,
of very great antiquity.
When the Spaniards lirst visited Peru they found suspension bridges which
could be traversed by men and burdened animals.   Some of these bridges
were of over LIHI feet span  and  wen
formed of half a 1i07.cn cables of twist
ed osiers stretched from bank to bank
and    passed    over    wooden    supports.
These cables were bound together by   decreed  thi   I
smaller ropes  and  were covered  with   j     __���_      ..
a   layer of  bamboo,  which  formed a
support for ihe roadway. Pa3   h"r an annuity
The rinding was sustained I    today's
Tne Haddoi .ere married in 1868,
;,,"> lh" '! i and claimed to have
l""' ���'" unwilling participant In tho
ceremony. He says, In his answer
to the woman's complaint, that he left
Immedlatelj aftei the m .-.. rites
were performed and during the time
thai has Intervened has u i bi i only
Ihree   Un ,
1,1 18S1 > red a divorce In the
s,;"' o' Connecticut, whi ������ he then
resided, and In 1882 was n u ed there
to another woman,
I he New   York supreme i   a ���  held
the Connect!   i   foarriagi   .    . illegal,
to l.e  still the
an.l  directed   Haddock  to
Tlu-y Are lliiliiliiully lilli- ami .Mien,
Harry���Tli.-lr  Peculiar  Headdress.
By nature Somali ure alternately
.: He nnd savage, nearly always merry and habitually Idle. Even in busy
Aden ihey work as little as possible
nnd then do no manual work, for their
Inherent pride forbids that. Cab driving, boat manning und grooming are
the general crafts of the Aden Somali,
in the interior of his own country' his
principal occupations are plundering
und cuttle lifting, at which hitter pursuit he Is snld to be unparalleled In
skill. In religion they are all Mohammedans.
The great peculiarity of tho Somali oilier states. Justice Brown declared
la. however, his huir. for, contrary to |n his opinion thai the court had
the  custom   of   most  races  professing
decison, which held thai .1 Had-
dock was without the jurisdiction of
the Connei   ...  . ourt.
Justice While, in deciding ihe c i,
laid down thi I prim       that a
slat.- iii whieh only na,. part] to o divorce proceeding resides ha . no right
tO   dissolve   a   mania;,,   tie   which   all
oi her stales musi  respect.
Justices Harlan. Brewer and Brown
united in dl isentlng opinons, which
were delivered bj Justice Brown.
Thej tool; the position thai tin Connecticut divorce proceeding was regular and is ��� milled io due < redence In
Reichenbach Co., Ltd.
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Westminster, B. C.
I Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
j Manufacturers of
��� Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
> 8
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes. !���!
i Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds           _
_ _
>} Ornamental trees and shrubs Iii great variety, evergreen mid gold- i
,���; sn trom 2 to ti reel.   Roses, paeonies,  rhododendrons,    privet,   over- g
V   '"''ti. and broad leaved for hedges,    Catalogues free >*I
I    D. M. Robertson & Sons    1
Thi-  Ihi-   ol   Buroaflttt,
For many years oue of the Btatet
was represented In the senate by a
mnn who possessed many line qualities,
but who frequently Injured Un cause:!
he advocated uud allcunted th. c whe
desired to bo friendly by his sarcastic
manlier both in speaking uud ia writ
lug.    The  senator   hud   au   IntlmaU
friend who hnd written to him lo urge
the appointment of another friend to ��
position under ihe government. To this
letter the senator returned u very sarcastic answer, declining nt the same
time to recommend the appointment.
lt  Is  said   Hint  he   never   torgol   the
merited rebuke be received from the
friend who hud suggested the appoint
"My Unnr Senator 1 think it would
be well for you to reserve your snr-
cusni for tho rapidly Increasing number of your enemies Instead of offering
it to the decreasing number of. your
friends, of whom 1 am one."
Soon  n l'l er the senator  received  this
communication he brought about Uicj
desired appointment.
no one Knows, lt lias heen suggested,
however, thut It was either a temple of
worship or the capltol of some ancient
government. The walls nnd portions
of the ceiling ure beautifully decorated
with paintings In colors red, while nnd
black, many of them supposed to have
Home symbolic meaning.
Irvine ami  Thinness.
Sir Henry Irving was the lirst OCtOl
to make slenderness acceptable or tolerable on the English stage. Ile was
very thin In his earlier middle age. and
theater goers of that  day  wondered
whether they could endure to see a long
Bgure ami legs, both unpadded.   I'm ii
then fatness had been obligatory. 11 is
difficult to realize now the full convention of chest uud shoulders and calves.
Comparatively lately u man of Btage
experience, wns urgent with a company
of English amateurs that all the thin
women and all Un- lean men should be
made plump. "Nothing," he snld, "Is
so impossible on tlie stage us thinness."
Irving changed nil this because his
genius wus wedded to uncompromising
Denmark I'liilum Nelnon.
The Dunes maintain that Admiral
Nelson wus one of their race, despite
the fact that he was born In England,
They point out that the name Is Danish and that many Danes were settlers
lu Bast Angllu. They coimuled them
selves over their defeat at the battle
of Copenhagen with the thought thnt
the victor wus one of their own race.
At leust one Scuudlnuvinn historian refers to Ills family us "one of the most
brilliant examples of noble English
families descended from the North
Islam, be docs not shave bis head, but
allows his locks to run wild. Nor Is
bis linlr the wool of the negro, for Instead of growing in one dense cluster
all over his head, as is the case of the
Galla, for Instance, lt tangles Into long
cords,   not   unlike   those   of   u   poodle.
which, parted over his forehead, bungs
down on both cheeks, often projecting
almost us fur ns his shoulders.
Not  content  with the show of hair
that   nature  and  neglect  insure  him,
he plasters his head with u peculiar
light clay, which has the effect of
1.leaching Its blackness to a light reddish hue, and u Soiiiuli in a new tobe.
ns their winding sheet of a garment is
called, and a freshly clayed head is the
very acme' of dandyism.���Blackwood's
An r.n-iisii Mantrap,
A mantrap has been found In Alford,
Lincolnshire, England, which shows tbe
barbarity of a century or so ago. it
is probably tbe largest mantrap In existence,    it  is  seventy-six  inches  in
length, nnd Its jaws, with teeth protruding tWO inches, will open fully two
feet two Inches by eighteen inches.
(Ild time landlords who chose to Insist
upon their rights ln their entirety, ns
they often did, were ut liberty to plant
these barbarous engines about 111 the
undergrowth of their inclosed land for
the benefit of any trespasser or possible
poacher who might chance to set foot
nenr them. Their use wns abolished by
law In 1827.
taken ,i  backward step In ilii�� direction.
Justice Holmes also dl i lented from
the decison of the court, bul delivered
an Independi nl opinion. He said the
result of the decison would lie to 11-
legitimatize many i hildren Iml added
thai he would nm go so far as to
predict   thai   civllzatlon  would  como
to an end. whatevei
the case.
Not   II   l.iilli-rv.
Deacon   De  Good���It  won't do;
Newspaper   Men   Desist   Scand.i'    but
Public   Demands   It.
A common charge broughl ug. I
newspaper  i eporti rs Is   hal  thi i
hearties s; thai thej revel In l iyin(    e
fore the wmld the clo el    guarded
crets    of individuals,    ii    constantly
happens thai  a reportei   si do ni.
pleasanl things because otheri have
been guilty of those viol; Hens ol custom, law or convention that n. e
news. The opprobrium thai belongs
io the peal offender is not Infrequently
heaped upon the innocent  news gith-
' erer.
Ther,. is no work a n porb i >;. te its
so much as thai Involving a Boclal
scandal, and there is nn stoiv that ii
l.nge  percentage of readers  will de-
i vnur    more ��� agi rly.   Then    Isn'l  a
good reporter living who has nol been
won't do. We must not have games of b]acke9t   ,,,,, ,  torglv.
chance at our church fairs.
Mrs. De Good But this Is not a game ���<h]" "f ���'" JourlnalisUc crimes.
of chance. ' "throwing down" liis newspaper, to
"Vou propose to sell tickets and give protect s helpless person Innocently
prizes." j involved   in  a  legitimate news story
thai is a mutter of public record. On
At the close of nn address during an
electioneering campaign in Ireland
questions were Invited.   A man was
milking for the platform when he re
celved ll whack over the bead Willi a
stick.    lie wus stunned uml hud lo he
carried out amid an uproar. When order was restored the chairman rose und
blandly asked:
"Is there any other gentleman who
would like to ask u question?"
Needless to say. there wns not.
'Oh, no; you are mistaken.  We shall
sell the tickets, of course, but we can't
give nny prizes, you know, because we
haven't any to give. There is no chance
about It."   New York Weekly.
Heavy Wedding uiii����.
There nre some heavy old wedding
rings at Kirk llrnddun. In tlie Isle of
Man,'such as might be handy when the
flustered bridegroom loses the ring.
Leaning against Uie north wall ure againsl deoeptlon. There is no walk
some very ancient rings of stone. 0_ H||, ;| | reporter Is not corn-
through which, in days of long ago,     1](i(]  _________ or jat0r, to iuvade, and
before tin- Jewelers' windows glistened ' ,, ... .,. .,
the whole the news gatherers are a
tender hearted folk and generous, nnd
thai which often pusses for cyniclsm
is nn Intense hatred and contempt  for
If ihey appear suspicious il is he-
cause long experience bas taught them
i iuu    they    musi    coastantlj    guard
with wedding rings at all prices, tbe  hu v��f\��_,_l
bride and bridegroom joined bands, it compel
is said, and were wedded.
i*i   Tynehead  Nurseries. NEW   WESTMINSTER,   B. C. [���,
'_���...,. .*'
A   Prehistoric   Monument.
iii southern California, in (he county
of Sun Luis Obispo, Ihere Is situated
one of lhe mosl reiiiurkuble prehistoric
monuments known to the archaeologists.    1'ro li i ll distance ft looks like mi
Immense rock rising from the plains of
Ciirlssn, but upon nciircr approach It
Is seen to be a temple uf extraordinary
illmeiiHlous uud of unknown antiquity,
The Inner court hns n level Hour _-o
feel long nnd l'_."> feet wide, and the
celling Is from mi to H��> fwl high, according lo situation. The building wns
evidently uaed by prehistoric mini, but
for whal UUI'DOSO ami l��>w Iuu. ��!""��
ClirUtiiuiM   In   l-liiKlnml.
When Cromwell nihil England lie Is
sued an edict against all festivities at
Christmas. The festival wus altogether abolished, und the displaying of holly and mistletoe uml other emblems of
the happy time wus held to be seditious. In 1644 the long parliament
commanded that Christmas day should
be observed as a strict fust, when nil
people should think over nnd deplore
the great sin of which tbey und their
forefathers hud been guilty In making
merry nt thnt season. This net so provoked the people thai on the following
natal day the law was violently resisted in many places,   Though these
scenes were disgraceful, Ihey served
their purpose und put an end lo un unjust order, when Charles ll. regained
the throne the populace once more
imiile Chrlslmnstlde a tlmo of rejoicing-
mr simple -**���.
For n cultured person to rolhuiiilsh
his wonted mode Of life, to dwell In a
three roomed cottage, to be clad In
corduroy or fusthin und to fare sump
tuoiiNly every day mi beans, cabbage
soup mid black hrcud would not bl a
return to the simple but to ths sordid
life. One enu live a Simple life Jusl us
well In a castle as lu u cottage.- itace
Irate l'arent (Who has been trying to
Satisfy John's curiosity on every known
subject under the sum-Now, Johnnie,
.t you ask me another question I'll whip
you on the spot.   Johnnie (whose undying curiosity overcomes even the dread
of   punishment) ��� Wh-wh-w-at   spot,
nit advantage.
First Man How do you do? Second
Man Hog pardon, but you have the
advantage of roe, First Man���Yes, I
guess I have. We were engaged to the
same girl, but you married her.- Pittsburg Dispatch,
i-'.ir ii*-r Own Proteotion.
"Yes, minium," snld tin- salesman,
"this Is the most exquisite dinner set
we ever bandied.   The price Is $100."
"I'll take It," suld Mrs. lllehley, "It
you'll agree to murk lt 'imitation; price,
$(UM>.' "
"Of course, but-er���Hint's rather an
>bi request."
"Yes, but 1 want to deceive our serv-
ml girl."���Philadelphia Press,
the trying one of being
,1 either to gain the confldenoe
of or outwit tiios, he meets there.���
Hartlej   Davis In "Reporters i
day" in Everybody Magazine.
_ 0	
Invention  Kills Two.
York.    April    Ilk-A
it  To-
'BIlltliiH says there's nothing In these
tragedy In which mother and son v.a re
killed through an electric apparatus
used to operate a chicken Incubator,
ih.- invention of the young man himself, on uncd yesterday at Ibolon
Fulls. The victims ol the I . ��� Id id
Daniel Jeungst, jr., aged "it
and    his   ninth, r.   Mrs,     \nn:i
Ait- affectations of knowledge aro
mora odious than any luck of knowl-
edg�� can bo.���Sprat.
Abunt  Hr.-n thi "u.
iii the ordinary respiration of mun
��tXtee_ or seventeen cubic inches of at-
inospherlc air puss Into the lungs twenty times a minute, or n cubic foot every
live and one quarter minutes, 274 cubic
feet In twenty-four hours. The lungs
hold _.SO cubic reet. At ench rcsplra
ilon. 1,8TB of oxygen Is converted into
carbonic add gas. The nitrogen Inspired nnd expired is exactly equal.
1 Hiring the not of Inspiration the lungs
hnve been found to be the coldest parts
of the body.
get rich quick schemes. '
"Wlint's liapppiicil to blinV' Jeungst,  aged   50   years.
"I   think  bo's  married  to  a  stingy       t_____{   |n  experimenting wiih the
heiress." -Louisville   Courier Journal. lm,uh;i|o].   |.;1���,,,1|   ,������,,  ���r ,  liv��� w,���,
���Tve hnd a lot of trouble during n,j   and   _     volt-  of  oleoui.ln     shot.
Ilfo,"  OD  old  mini  says  In  u  went ��� through lib. 'sidy, killing '��� <<���
book, "bat most Of It never happened.'
Trnr to !'>����� Snjlna.
"All the world's n stage," quoted one
"Yes," replied another, "and It's the
Mime old story. A lot o' fellers that's
SUt ont for supers Is tryln' ter star."
llrmn KxtraTaannvc.
"Don't tho Highflyers live beyond
llieir Income V
"Dear me. why, they live beyond the
���ncome they wish they had."   Life.
!    "Psyche" was the first English opera. : ]th.M���g,
' tt was nroduced In 18TB
ly,    Ills mother, who .ioeompnni.il him
to   Ihc   Incubator,   seized   the   wire  ti>
'< pull   It   awny.    She   too   was  instantly
Crooks In Winnipeg-
Winnipeg, April 10.-Thc police tonight    gathered   In " gam*   of   s,,t
"crOOKS" from south or ths border,
and belleVo Ihey have now In their
tolls men responsible for the recent.
series of robhrlcs nnd  daring  pockl-
f A'&
17- 1306.
sist-i   in  a   :.
he Daily  News Pub-
licbii:-   Compel   .   Limited,   at   their   at ���������   of  the  sunjec
offlce     co      -     ���   Sixth   ar.d   '
Btree       ���      W    tmiiisti r, :;. C.
Editor   snd   Mgr     Edward   D.   Sawytr
Adverti   ng Rates.
Tim: -, ���������   advertising,   10
c��nts per line (n pariel) 12 11
the  ir,rb.       Five ents  p<-:r  line   tor
i nl insert! ns.
Reading notices   bold face type, 20
not a merchant in the city but would  legislation.    In   the   state  of   Mass      *"     ,: ',        '.'���"'
rod i    sitting \i . .   t
triple hi- stock, and taking  cbuBetts  In  1883   "the  percentage  of   e? -        faults -'-' with
-    to not t ;
I  our  city :   was   ( . .     .
. Toronto, Mon-  found to be : nt," In   exi
treal an.; ES, and 1 ���       "
���- circum- -      : cent, and in IS i toI others
cent   The following ���
who pursues a st: _ reg
'      -^ "A    t
a    he   ��� '   :.-.:��� ring the alarming extent to   friction or am - ������
who 1
The Lucky
-   . - ..   .-. a variety
^niTi^lmTt.re.^ornonp^rU.io t from.    At an; -
cents per line.
For    time,   contracts,   sprria!
tons, apply to advertising manager.
Notices    of    births,    marriages    or
deaths, Vie.    Wants, for sales, lost or
found, rooms t,, let, etc., one ceni
word.       No advertisement taken  far
Ipks than 25 con's.
man    the
--      .-'er :
ie ad';. tiger.'
ovi   ��� th    ��� . _ b;
���>.,-.��� .       . .   .        t to        I fs
Into ... scale an 1 ���
'   "
therefore, no other
.  :
the  very     important    economic  and   doing a thing is a I.t
moral standpoints."   The- hygienic as-
of this adulteration is, he says.
You have only to wat-h their st
ar.d fortune tellers in the streets to s
Ively  unim;iortant  ai'.houeh  the   that tbe Cbinesi    ire natural 0
Patent or proprietary medicin" advertisements Inserted at rate of 50
cents per inch p"r issue (displaj    01 ..-. rj ,;
reading notices. 25 cents per line per
Issue.   No deviation from this rate for   ' Heed.       If
teim contracts.
talked of."    K.-om the economic
standpoint  he  view.-   with  alarm  the
Business offico	
If onager's, residence ...
. 22
���     I
Ij on     Is
m  .-.   given this
���  i
rived In the ci
the   summ 1   Beason I    01
e'T.   *:l!    ':������        . .
in 01
TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1906.
bei   b ,. i. of the - _si
which adulteration is prac-
he   says,     for   ex..:
ground  cbcoanal  shells are  sold   toi
extent     tTO       ���   ���
be i   -������  : .��� re  fr. ���
ban o re then
.natural, Inflated value
s  of  value."    Th-   cosl   of
You can see that by their gestures, -
if y ,u do not  ui lers!     I  '    it tl
mj.   They use very apt lltostrati ns -
From "John I bin-man at Home." by
K. .!   Hardy.
, ���   .' e bis pilot  all   classes  of  people   who
ar- tempted to patronize th
, Ltalogue  grafter   and   the h
...:;   use   tl ������   h   ���'      ol   Mi
i ; an i   ��� '".���   o cover
t.i.de.  plants, and protect them
the fi ��� I   :      .t  occur at this.
ol the year.    No   ne
iver the cataloi
.< l| ,i   ���*.;.    ...
the dr.,   goo      march ml
... pi< ��� ol goods that the
ig ie man i anno'   po   Iblj ,     .
. .-   tor   the   ,    ��� ��� '  :   reform.
condition also presenl    It ell   hal you     A cienttsl
liave    ��� il oi  'ed  local   markets    a:..; ;   - r,   o.   Bi  ���
i   i money al homi . Ive art!
__   We ii ��� '���  takei ��� ��� the1 R        r ol
com| -ring    som > of th ��� nee  and   the
prices   with   the   local   one it      Food a"  trom which we
prepared to candidly say, we cannol      ...    ,    ...
. .   ���;,     ,, -.      Ity  at   all  for  leaving       There   Is n
ir own oity to make purchases in the       ;;.    be co ��bo        nol
��� lor mi rchantf  have the .   ��� ess a more o
lea    same designs,    Idei of food  scienci     *  * To
,,    the big dep irtmental s et tl    cfremisti ire, i
,-.   onto    and Montreal and    allot    S and ut    zalion  ol   food tufl    upon    n
I     ! 0    lgl   freight or ... ri     the i me        c i   Ini    bai Ib    is a
exactly the same, or in fad  a   lha on foi oui greatest mer-
In  lave:   ol   the  local   n an      'Tl      I   ��� st ���'���-. :.. . b
local ,:..    banl may noi b  ,   I The   pure  food
Immense     loi I   I i   ���--'"     '������"���'    '':'
tern  man  has and  ao  woi
that   He do:,'- gel the encourag     eni
.  om   the  citizens  to  carry  It,  and  il
Ion wa
on the pari of the townsm'-n
111,.,.!..��   Clever .rh.ri     I ,  Atold GlT-
Ina tlie Baeati  lafamtatiaa.
Lord Harris tells si esi   -��� st irj
of how Colonel Fra- Ithodes outwitted the Boers, It ' '
Matt-king As iei Mahon
proacheil Mafet - trom tbe t
Colonel Piu:: ippi _ II
the north, ai Co Mobon received foil - i fr ������::
c ���: !'..' . ���:��� ' ��� graph: First���
. ..-������-   wi. t     your sbo             ���     ' 1���How
ed   ma'*at    j .   ":    ���"'   H.'v,r,/
i off for stor I ��� ns i
l olonel -tahon I    Ikrw a:.y
jwertobe se;.- for
���ing it on t;
I Frank Rhodes suggested the following
replies, which ���- roved.
,       Is attached In
ber of the Navy      I
even I Piccadilly Is 04
gth of 1 A
many as thi i in 1
ly.    [Lord 1        y br
Is a Lucky number when
it represents an income
of 13 per cent on your
The owner of a Royal
Avenue property has ordered a quick sale, which
means that we must
move, and move quickly.
This is a renting proposition and its net income exceeds thirteen
per cent on price asked.
Only $500 cash required.
Gilley. 'HP-one !-<?-_.
J.  R. Grtl-y, -nron
e 141
Gilley Bro
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement, |
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and j
Crushed Rock.
Aiso agents B. C. lottery Co. sewer pipe, etc. '
Lo al agents Vancouver Portland Cement i   . !
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot '
'Phone l-o i
ar I Anr lals   of all
I lahlias
i reg
. ne AM or    I I Ith Avi
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram   Depot
Columbia  St.
:t.    :������- delivered    promptly to any
[thi ..
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 185.      Bam  fm ne l 17
Royal Bank
of Canada
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve |3,437,162
Total  Assets S-!b.3f^,o/3.
Branches   and    i ndenta   in
-ill  the  principal   cities  ot tne  world.
Ceneral  banking  business  transa:t:i.
��� ad led
B_f yea
:  tea.
)pen    Saturday   nlgl ts   trom  8  to  9
F. B.  Lyle.  Manauer.
English China
Tea Sets from
$6.50 up
H. M0REY & CO.
:i   of   n   -j.!
River, British i
e  ol   -
on   i t,  B \
i   ���
; .      ��� Rhodes
.; i JarvU
g nothing irho was
.  ��� .    Ofl adlng Nbith
lightly al
- ��� .
i ������   :..
:.g   up
-.vith    good   frul .    ��� dly  in  our
"'������    known   as
��� :
��� -! and correctly ��� : ���-". I   !.
Lay Tbelr I     -.   \lne>.i  In  <:.'   ���      .<���
l'l ',      ir    Mler    '. .���    r
Duri:._   tbe   sum iths
May to August tbe big s
their eggs
possll - If nn
��� :��� ��� rds
fe> 8 C'S-E-g-g-^^ CS3E3_fi-S-S
.     .. ���   ������-���   "
of  tbe   same
..t... g -
experience of Ni
.  :      cities.     1
......       I,. '
.    Ize ou i
ossible ibli
ting . ib    bei wi i n  the    gi nuini
ludulent    . ticli   ��hen   tl
.' :.       : es.
then  I
;        .: .       .       detail of th<
���   ���     ���'     ol food   ' leni ���.'
treats  al   much  length
que   lon   ol ed   food   In
. . I]  ;.,    been chei ted by
in-   of   thr
fnm,- of (he Clever EplK
Flowery   Kingdom,
Thebr   provi rblal   pL
ti it tbe i        ���������  t ��� ��� ������.    Hi ... ��� ���   .
Uere are "The besl    Bame place on the shore when a short
and  -" ��� .  ������  ������ ti        l  ,���  .   ,���: | Bn .     ,1:~" l"ce oul ai sea It all looks alike-
tbat he i         tbe two words   Just sandy rldces, with scrub palmette
They crawl up I
. . i i. ike their
e high ws
o ., beh    ! a sandliill l.'tit n
few f. ��� l away.
They  dig  the h ile  with  I h    I
-:     i ���-.   and  after  covi ring   tt  o er,
fir t :.     g h with ue::- go a
few fe ������ an I m :ke another place, I al-
ways thought as a blind, f ir one loo   -
Just   like  tho  other.   They      ���   i
month, usually during tie- I.X-li tides of
that  month,   beginning  in   M y    .:
eu'lin< iu August, from 90 to L85 eggs.
Inirinz tbe ummer I ? .und and
br i ight Into camp 2,758 eggs. I put
Bome i:i tbe sand near our ramp, and
In twenty-seven days the top eggs
hal bed, the rest in three days more.
The little turtles would dig out, raise
their little hi ads and -nlff the air n
Dent, then -tart for the river, irin
yards away. It was always a i::y
tery to me I. iw a turtle could find tho
Tan Shoes are out of fashion
bring them to me and I will
dye them as black as the blackest black	
a Lt
At DeGrcy's Barber Shop.
Everybody Wears Black Uns.
'Si> cootinuaure
"l I .. D ..���     ���    ���    -
and course grass.���Forest and Stream.
�����mnsmzv:,^zr~!&��-J*~'f .-��*-��� - ��y.aw-aBr_Bwv? *�������*
;i^iZE5t-^^*a^^3!e5s_r'rB,^'���1���������������'    '    ' '-"
. ^MSSWMl-g^m^
-r,K. .   .   ".    .-; :������'���   ^r���v���~-r'; .:^.:.'' ������'���������   ' VWitt7Zf&Tim:^-rifsj��*
���    sSJ '
.' ~WK~ff.1~ri- y�� '-Mf&rSSV** -v-"PRir-"r'
OO/)    V
' o
���<'������>���',       ���*����*���       (St-
9 ���.���
p-%kv ������    ���    ' ��� i '-        '"   4
rxf   /1^       Jk-    -<;
' Gentlemen.
":m   ...
y ... '3^a     -
CaiuYas Shoes
fcr I. adies
Be t
f ,
B     . iur Brown Sh i a Here.
Mor  :    ��� lar this Si mm r than e ���
We have them in large quantities.
'������ Ladies' Tan Shoes
In ih" cl icolati hi ���'��� ��� s\ ���
sold more tan i hoe i for ladies
during  Ea ter v.. ���    than  In
:.i ���. other     in tl a  history
of our  11 'Ihey  are
Btrictlj  in . tyle   and   are   sold
by every first class Bhoe store.
This is a sample of
';    our American Shoe
iii Tan and   Black
th    .��� :'   ;'-:-
ii, ��� ard I
I Gentlemen.
New Colors and in
New Shapes
all 1
,;.          \v
an ..
. e
,\e 1.   .. ; ���
of 1
0 S      IS s
have .
oo .. and th
are right.
j .   in Ti  . ai i Blacl   . :    gg _j_n I
i: ���   bt.    ��� hoe on
thc : arkt i for the
:���   ipD.U
The sh
V       we give .'y,}?
'I  the lair      WJ
cater t<   ';;
wants  oi   thi
______mgmmwBmmmammmwammammmmmmmmMmmMmm iwnmv-T���r-a_wkmKi*.7z-xmF.       .   ix__kl\.:Ts__ra_____��-i'._-s
*��� M _*! iS ::$ ffi:r$\��
ki        M __   &    _   ._ _.  ../ ...,.        %?_J-:.} m , :���
^.mMWtmmJ*^**^   I
S. W. P. Saves Money Local News Briefly Told
seeker   and
Is there Paint economj  In buying   s. W. P.?   Sherwin-
Williams Paint Prepared I .- true Paint economy, it costs no
more than b I  Painl oughl to cost. Is always full measure
and has consistent qualttj throughout, lt has a large covering capacity, is easy working and saves the painter's time
and the need ol re-palnting too soon. s. \v. P. a.his to property value iii the hand ome appearance 11 gives and the
protection II affords againsl mn, wind and rain. S. W. P.
saves you money, it insure   you satisfaction.
you Interested In the beBl Pain   proposition?   If so, talk to���
H. T. KIRK, Hardware and Tinsmithing
Just arrived   a now stock of 1
Prices $2.50 up
Also "Blue Yeddo" and "Green Arcadia" stock patterns in Dihnerware. If you are using either of
these patterns and require more to complete your
set, now is your opportunity.
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.       ....        ADAMS & DEANS.
Th, cltj i-iniiicil "-.ill meel for the
transaction of business tonight.
Onion Sets 5c Ib, Wm. Rennle Co.,
Ltd., 66 Hastings St. w., Vancouver.
0. Turner oi this city went up river
this morning on the Bteamer Ramona
to Langley for a slum while.
One can buy a bicycle on easy terms
of payment at Alex Speck's. The sign
of the "Man on the wheel".
Pat, O'Briel returned down river this
afternoon on the Steamer Transfer to
the Industrial cannery.
.lames Trim was a passenger on the
Transfer to Westham Island this afternoon.
.1.  Israel  was a  passenger
of ihe board ot WO b busj  man
da; i since w ed on
iii,   i |g    . wer nne   h    ha    ] rovlded
himself with a handsome horse   ami
as i.i he able i., attend to nil the
calls  uf duty  pjron
Ui\er pilot Capt. Rogi , - ha:- returned from the Bandheads Hghl ship having become tired of waiting for the ar-
AniMtloii     ot     Ilie
Where  n   Led  Bim,
In th. i life a youth Bald: "i
will attain great -    l w ill mount to
the high  places,  above  tie-  grovi
ami weal tii, power ami |
le -s .-Till Le a.l.l.  1 unto i.e "
i., -:..��� , .i-;. ..f Uie morning lie strove
those things.   At b ru noon li ���
bad acquired wealth, ami in the after
in..,n pow ei- ami lame eai ie in bim.   ll
i i   ��� hail Bald, -ave'llial pe. with
oil tin- generations uf men, found 	
1 less.   There had i i friendi li :
ami smiles an.l band eln pa ami em-
rival of tii,- Vallore which he wenl out  Drace9| but none of these things secured
to meel. He will 1, main in the city
until he receives the Information that
it is readj to leave Victoria ami start
nn her up river journey.
A   very   mat   job   was   done   hy   the
Ollley Bros.' floating steam crane this
afternoon ln lowering a Halande wa-
on the  ter tube boiler into the linle tug boat
Should a Horse k Clipped.
Clipping in tlio early spring is recommended by lead-
ing veterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
makes him feel better, work better and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
costs very little more than the old fashioned two hand
clipper, bul does 100 times the work. We also keep in
stock 1902 Clipper and the Stewart Patent new 1904 Model
Sheep Shearing Machine. They shear clean, saving 1 to
\-l pounds of wool to a fleece.
T. J* Trapp & Co, Ltd.
I Account Books
Our Spring Stock is nearly all in.    Comprises the Largest Variety of Rulings We Have Ever Carried.
Booksellers. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
Bteamer Ramona to Mt. Lehman this
morning. ,
The regular summer lime table will
come into force on the c. I'. It. lines
on  May H.
This i.s the regular 'hill nlghl at the
armouries an.l  ll Ilie, is look  for a
full attendance of tin- men.
Tile   Moinvjl  clUb   will   hold   a   soeial
Imp iii Bt. ib orgi  ���    hall    tomorrow
AleN Speck  has  reci Ived an  excellent grade ol blcycli    for the coming
a. attention is called to th.- ml.
in ibis i- .me.
<'. c Dunn r. in. oi ���'. mi | th i <;. x.
It. Flyer from Blaine la I nighl where
lie Bpi nl the daj on I
I.. 0. MeK.un, repre entlng 'In- Atk
in ��� Sa .\ i imp n . efl thi morning
for Portland on the G. N, ::
W. il. McQuarrle li :'; this morning
mi a business nip in Claj ion via the
G. X. K.
i; icycles .-..em to 1     mi of the tav-
mal.es of bicycle i this Buminer,
Alex,   Spei It  ha.  . ��� i tainly  gol   Bome
be ��� il' 1- S.
Rev. .1. I'. I'.oweil returned home
ihis morning on the Transfer after
spending a shorl  time down river.
���I. c. Chappi 1  i��� turned to the city
ibis  morning mi
spending a Bhorl
U. .1. 10. Brodle returned ;n Ladner
this afternoon on ihe Bteamer Transfer  after spending    ihe  morning    in
'I'be little thr e ami a  half year obi
daughter of Mr. I Mrs. I.uml of Ton
Hammond  died  on   the   16th   Instant
Irom an attack of lum; fever.
At ihe Blgn or the "Man on the
wheel" Alex Speck is Belling bicycles
on easy terms, and second hand from
!?ir,.iiu up.
Gilley Bros, have recelvi I another
carload of pipes from ihe B. C. pot
tery winks al Victoria. Tlie pipes will
la- used for lhe new Fourth streel
Lorn owned by the St. Mungo Pack.
inn company. The job which was rather a delicate one was performed wlthoul a hitch of any kind.
The pile driver 1: : tier owned by
Gilley Hros. has jusl .. turned from
Wi    h       Island at ...  repairing
ihe dor i, i I he G North i n company's freight shed. The Job will en-
gap' the driver for a few daj 9, alter
wiucli it will be engaged at tbe Small
.v.-  Bucklln saw mills.
At the ,. alar ffi inthlj draw ing of
the Pacific Loan Company, Ltd., Vancouver, the im I .mo' ��� ai n wa Gi
s. McArthur of Sew Westminster,
mol d n on he B i! i'i it>. Mr. Mc-
Ai thur has ibe refusal of $100. bonus
over all monej a paid In for his matur
. ;  iract. Mr. 'J', it. Pearson is the
local ;.;. n .
Word   wa ���   ��� I i rday   bj
Chief Con       le    Spain      dep irl ment
thai  the  En ei son  Lumbi r company's
new  mill  al     I'm"   Mood;
burned dow n al eh ren    eloi k on Sun-
Tho i. el     ui  i    in
have  been ol   Im       I [gin    as
���       no fin In anj   pai I
of the structure. Thi  ���    eems al  preen!    o be absolu        ao clew a    to
the orlgli conflagra lon.
The following  d made  up the
for him the thing be sought.
Iu the evening he sal l.v an open
grave and pondered. Wayfarers saw
bim there and wondered much. "He Is
one of thf mighty Of earth." they said.
"He has lands and tenements and go ������! ���
He bus friends and Bervltors and fawn
Ing sycophants about him. Though we
seek Iii vain, be musi have found hap
They could m>t know that his palaces
sheltered blasted hopes, thai tares grew
In bis gardens, that tho acclaim ol the
mob Jangled harshly In his ears.   Thej
did    not   :��� e   his   yearning,   the   dead
>'; within  hlm,  ihe ashes  In  his
His search had ended al an open
grave He drew bis mantle nbout him
and desi ended in: , it, while the pass
Ing throng sn Irled by
ai  1., it   a id v, H ..-it hi ��� knovi i. i
id found that happiness which he
long had '-"agin    New York American
��� ������**���>�������*<>���������������*�������� A ������������*���������*�����������>*������*��*��������*���*������������������#������
Hardi-ian $_ Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete line ol  Granite, Aluminum and Tlnwares. *
Estimates furnished on all Classes of Plumbing Work. v
ilumbla Streel 823 Granville Street       <>
Agents Monai :h Ranges. *
��� ���������������������������<>*��� 3-i ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
the Transfer after lisi of the Transfer's morning pasB-
time in Ladner on engers trom down river points: S.
Brodie, Miss Cook. Miss Davies, MIsb
Joi : in, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Follis, Mrs.
Held i:::ie. Mrs. Foster, 11. Trim, E.
Hutcherson, A. W. Whim, w. linker,
Miss Webb, Miss dalle . S, Kenton,
Miss Kerr, Miss Montgomery, Mrs.
McKenzie, S. li. Peele, Mrs, Philpots,
and  Miss  Moffat.
Chief Constable Spain  returned today trom Agassiz whither he had i n
in connection with the aftermath of
the Gabriel Pierre stabbing affray of
recenl dale. M. M. Lemon the saloon
keeper who sold the liquor to Gabriel
and his companions has been given untl] nexl December, when the licensing
hoard will Bit, to get out of the hotel
altogether, Thi - will wind up the case
againsi Lemon, Gabriel's victims are
The  Moore  Preserve company  ship-   progressing   favorably   and   will   soon
peri ii carload of canned prunes this be ready to appear againsi the accus-
. ��� ii to the W.  ll.  Malkin emu- ed.
pany wholesale grocers of Vancouver,  o������	
via tlie G. X. R.
The tug Burt is lying al the Colum-   ��� ,
Vl-cre   11   llclonucil.
bla racking company's wharf under- An amateur authoress who bad sub-
going a thorough overhauling. When mitted a story to a magazine waited
in order it will be operated by one of f.n- several weeks without hearing
the Northern cannery companies. from the editor concerning It.   Finally
.,,,    ,,   ..   ��� ,        .,.,       , ,,  she sent blra a note requesting nn ear-
lhe (1.  \.  It.  car  ferry Sidney  left   ,     ,    . .        , , ��� ,     ,,
ly decision, because, as she said, she
this morning for Sidney in tow of the   ��___ ������,���,. ���,,,,, |- ___ ,,,,..-
tug Fearless, The cargo was made up Shortly after came the editor's reply:
of a ear of paint, a car of canned milk      "Hear Madam    I have read your sto
ry. and  I   shmild  advise ynu to put  it
win li   io,/, i  Shoots  Hi see,i��  A war
Ten or Fifteen Feet.
Do you know thai the witch bazi 1
:. ��� . its seeds ten or fifteen feel? li
you want a brand new sensation, bring
home some branches of witch hazel
having both flowers and unopened seed
pods on tin in and put them In \ i ie
of water.   The pods bursl at the mosl
Unox] led times,  waking you in the
night nnd peppering ynu with their
hard, shiny, black seeds Branches
ihat are to be used for a party must be
select, d w 1th .are to be sure of having
perfectly fresh flowers and seed pods
that haie nol opened, If it Is possible
to do sn, cut them the same day they
are needed.    If they must be cut the
day before they are i led, put them
in a cold place In water and wrap
a damp cloth around the branches In
order to prevent the flowers from
withering and to keep the seeds from
being expelled too soon.
There will be great excitement when
the seed pods open with B snap and the
snd ; come pattering down, li is wed
to rehearse this performance, for natural objects ofteu refuse to "show off"
when you want them to.���Country Life
Iu America.
��:>:��:����"���'->:>���:> ��� * ������"���;�����"���*:*::*::k*7.*.'���::v.>:>:>.>'.>:>:>:>:>:>:>::<>::-��:>:>::��:>u*.>->>--*'*.
���tt .*.
'op, But Slill in the Ring.
And you may poss i carpet.    Wi     ive  the greatest   ran'.' oi
thorn and (   ag   n to  ���< monej and give ynu better satis-
, thn .        can get in  mj ���   . ���    i lace.     For instance, a good body
Bt ,   ela. pi   , ���   i ii ..ib.   tewed and 11 I for one dollar a yard U|
i lid carpel
tl i lai   ���
��� I   ii .
order el
,   rid i    tyed   for ten cent t a yard,   w e
iw rooms i finest p
., will   ay    iu U mt    tock bi fore placing your
!���!  716 ami 718 Col
Four l-'l
and  several  others all  from  the east.
Rev,  Mr. Hells of Ladner arrived in
New Westminster this morning on the
steamer Transfer lo attend a meeting
of the board of managers of the Columbian college.
The home of ll. C. Major is quarantined on account  of diphtheria.  The
vit tim Is lhe little son of Mr. and Mrs.
M ij .'. The all aeh is i very mild one
and I le- little lad Is nol considered to
be  i'i  ...   greal   d  tiger.
The following are registered a the
G : hon: Mr. and Mrs. M. I). Muleu
a \. i in rdale; it. Chancy, Montreal;
Ml . E. D. Mel,arm,. Toronto; Mrs. II.
' . lonell, Vancouver; Ml i Pi nnj. Re
. ;��� i    di    .1. c. Allen, Toronto,
Suporintondenl Furniss, tho toi   ai n
ivilh the other Irons."-  Harper's Week
llei-ely n Trllle.
"I suppose your late uucle didn't fall
:o remember you In bis will?" said the
lympalhetie friend,
"Vuii could hardly call it a i-cniem-
jrance," replied the pour relation.    "Ij;
was more like a taint rec dlectlon."���
Jhlcng i News.
Tho Point of \ lew.
"It all depends on the polni of view."
he said refleel l> elj.
"What do you i  eaiiV" she asked.
"Well, by way of Illustration,'.' bean-
Bwered, "there's Mrs. Jones m-xt door,
whn sings ail day long.   Looking al it
from one point of View, we say. 'llap
py woman!' and from another, 'TJnhap-
py neighbors!'"
We Are On Top As Usual
In ever. way.   W, ha\ d the goods in the variety and at the
price i that    eep us hi re.
Carpets !   Carpets!!   Carpets ! ! !
Hundreds of Squares to choose from   from $4.00 each up to $60 00
Have ynu seen our line of Bruaael       is ards  tor $i."i gen
uine Brussels   easily worth $18 and Bold al  ti Isewhere    We
have them in all sizes. We have also Bome handsome Velvet Milton
and Axminster Squares, all sizes, green, fawn and Turkish. Carpets by
the thousands of yards in all kinds. We do not consider it a trouble to
show the g Is.   Call and Inspect.
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 to  241   Front   Streets.  Uupont   Block,
Lai tig's
Jellied Veal
In 1 and 2 Pound Tins.
Try it. it  is   Del
Public Supply  Store, Columbia  St.
< :< :**:o:>:*:o::o::c*:o:>:^>:��:��:>::*;s>: :<c������>: '���::���:'���'.'���.:���:������> >>;���>>>>>>>_��
Waist Suits
Slimliis nl Blue,    ;i;
Green, Black, Cream s
PRICES      |
$7.50 to $121
Latesl in iillnvi'.r Lace
Blouses, See Tlmm
>; &
':���. �� ��-������;>. *���:���;���������>::* fie*'* ��:o :���:���' :���::��� SBtSKSai.���::���:���"���>��:>: ���'���: O^'CCCC***:**::*';*;*
The  Ply.
The lly's capacity for crime Is extended by its Btrength, which Is relatively nearly seven times that of a
horse, for it can lift twenty times it:
own weight It can absorb enormous
quantities of oxygen and is. In tact, ��
confirmed oxygen toper.
. 'Iln- reprehensible habit of walk'ng
upside down on the celling, to which
the fly is addicted, is due to lis hi bit
of exuding gum from each of the V.IUO
hollow hairs In its feet.
The fly, too. litis an evil eye. Which is
divisible Into several other eyes. It has
nlso 1.70O or 1,800 parts all connected
with the olfactory nerves ami therefore
possesses complete equipment for detecting unsound meat, such as is given
io no other living creature.���Lecture of
IT. Hill lu London.
Mutual   Life  Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount ot Policies now ln for ce exceeds	
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now- exceeds
.?���.', l.nil'VIH)
This Is a company of polie y-holders, by policy-holders, tor policyholders.
oim Min ru:
Possible Outlay.
'tne largest amount of Assurance for the Least
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C. 'Phone 85.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������*������������-�����*������������������������������������
Can Arrange ���
Terms For You.
Novel  llenei-1  Bath.
One of the wonders of the California
desert is the hut sand hath, famous
from the times of the first Spanish
pioneers. The surface water is only a
few inches deep. Beneath Is black
sand, constantly lu gentle motion. The
bather does not touch bottom. Ills
body sinks to the shoulders and with
Uie aid of a crossbar of timber is then
sustained in a position of perpendicular notation.   The temperature is just
as warm as can be comfortably borne.
nnd the sensation, like that of soft
massaging, is delightful.
823���One hundred and sixty iicres.beautit'tilly sitiiatea on the
southern slope ol the serpentina Valleyi HrBt-class land, fronting on
the Clover Valley Road; near t he railroad and river; good road;
land is very productive; about 60 acres in first-class condition.
flood and convenient Dunatngs. All necessary Implements ami stock.
This is well worth investigation.    Price, ?90 per acre.
1027���An unusually good buy. One hundred and sixty acres; BO
to 76 acres under tirst-ciass cultivation; I) acres under hops, all in
good shape; Ill-roomed dwelling in good condition, barn bUXlOU; lop
kiln and baling room in good condition; the buildings nn the place
are worth ill least j::,uiiii. Bert and Creek runs through the property.
This is a most desirable tatm; from $2,600 to $3,600 per year can
be taken off it. Krtce, :K,b00 cash.
��� *
����������������-����� ������������������������������������������*����� *���������������������������������������������������������������������������
The Latest In New        I
John Brown'- Cottonwood.
One day in  ls.",T .lohn I'.rnwii rede up
to the Benton place near Effingham,
Atchison county, Kan., and dismounted,    lie carried In his hand B switch
whieh he h.nl cut from u Cottonwood
tree     This  he tossed  aside,  nnd  later
Mrs. Benton stuck it in the ground ai
the ba.k door of her little house, It
look roi i and grew. 11 is now il huge
tree and is known in the neighborhood
as "iir.- John Brown Cottonwood."���
Atchison i llobe,
.���-�������>������X�� ��� ������>�����:����;>;*>:>;>i
"    .... Front Street,   ;��'
��� ��� ���>"*>:�� > ��::*:���::�����:>::���:������ '���
ock  in  the City.
y   Style     you   D-sire.
Inspect Th m.
Onflrhl in in- iiuiipy.
I'owne   1 hear Marryal and his bride
nm nn longer living at that boarding
bin e of yours, Browne Nm they've
ir-mn in b msekeeplng, Towne Lb,
their home llfe now wlll hi Ing them
much closer together, and Browne -
Vmi bet it will: They've taken a flat -
Boston Advei User.
Itvil   IlllollKll.
There Is evil enough in mnn, Hnd
knows. But II is not the mission uf
.��very young man and woman In detail
snd repotl it all. Keep the atmosphere
is pure as possible and fragrant with
gentleness ami charity.���Dr, .lohn Hall.
('nine and  gel   the choice ol
rii   .  . . : ,, a, e il '..,.������.. heartl
,  ill
n i  -
���-     Co!
���n s oi k of I'n .ler gro-
re ..'ii-.' .   We   keep
,. ,u-.ii   In every rein : i attentive   anil
Rer^. n.;,:.:- e Fk  .....
1 lot n Agnes
1 li red  Ro nue; o\ i
$r.25, l ������,.
2 lott bi , treet n  i    he I ai
; Cash.
-p.   fine  ritual
r ��& Life Intoro
'rir Tram OffU
ta rinee in Natural Hlatory.
��� ,'. on ii bull or a bear?" asked
'���dance of a speculator.
he  replied.    "I   was  an
s'leik Suadi, the Persian philosopher
i   ! i.   said,   "Ten   dervishes   can
. 3-eil  In  peace on  one  nig.   but two
princes cannot live In one empire."
\��� Doubt,
Jack���What seemed  to tie the burned thing to ynu lu learning to ride the
bicycle?   Tom���The ground.
I'Yor ,
iYom the Cell   ���
R. and T  >! n 'limited.
90c, $1 < $1.25
��� )
The People's
P. 8.���Lots of Fruit and C Vegetables
^iy;*:^:*:*::*:^*:^*::*:;-';;*;*;*::*::*::*;^*.:''..*'....'.;>:���>:.;. ...j^^.:.iT.>;:oxo>>;:��:>:<�����jfi;*::��>:>:
Young girl  for  part   care of
nd   housework.     Apply   Wr��.
7lh st and 5th avo. after 6.
>*> i
Addition*!  Want Ads on  Pane Seven,   M^j,fM(,:;t��MW��w*"
.. .���������
: Sporting News:
and Comment.
��� ���
t       and Comment.        *
��� ���
���������������������*������������������������ ���<�����������*������������
will  be receive: ���  T"  convev   iniecuon    ui  ourer-  ana tne n.  vr. ... - -
until  noon on  Wed- w::,,���-   them* \��*h
day of May. 1906, for i. It 1.
timber o.
Hang   Judas   Iscarriot     in   Effigy
Pu-np Lead Into the
Gun  Club   Prize   Winners.
��� wing is the list    I   prin
Id i      I
��� |i
be  New  \v- Gun
. b glee)���i
P.  smith. Frank Trapp, D. Galbraith
v.  .. , n__,   Chrl
i match (ten singles)���Prank
. W. Miller, George Cunningham
and L. A. Lewis.
Third match  for non-members  (fit
Berth No. 471," will  be received    al   el  ss  to  convey   UlfecUon    to others ar.d the N. W. "-. ��ce
De] U ':..��� :.'
:.- - day, the Snd day
a licence to cut
171,   situate  in  the   Rail- 8 01
the   Province    of  British    Columbia,   horses  or  mules '���'>>' 'n    thosi .   . I to th
commencing at  the  south-        i where
of Section 14, Township 5, Range 27,
of    the 6th    Meridian;    thence      8.    Ti. i for first and $10 per mile
N      .   44  chains;    thence  West     50   froi R  > '���''>'   5am��
the river   l
-'.. and sub-
l lifton
chains;    thence    South    20    chains;
with  danders  should, whe                                                                      ,        _
thence West 20 chains;  thence South   he  burn,
24 chains more or less to the North :,,   .-,,,   ..
boundary of Bection 1".  thence Eaat      9.   owners of : | on the base '.ine or
���''"n   along the North boundary of Sections   bn '   with   ihould                                     .   ,j,e    creek    or
:. er p(   1" and 11, 100 chains more or less, to  hear in  mind  tha 1 trs  cannot  _ . .._, fr0m  icoo to
the point of commencement, contain-  recommend  release    from quarantine 2000 f^tt       y placet   claims
with hundreds of bulli
1 cbil-
lng an area of 400 acres more or li -   disinfectioi " bt -.:r> feet square.
The  regulations    under    which    a out in a satisfactory manner and tha'      Claims   are   marked   by  two   legal
licence will  be issued,    also  printed compensation for laughtered  P  sts,  one at (
forms of tender and envelope, may be cannot be paid , ilTS
teen   slngiei     I     tain   Man-on.  Jaa.  ,      |       front  ol    v    small  obtained at this Department or at the cleansing and   disinfection **? m���ea   ,f th.  mining recorder's office.
Sharpe, D. H. Macgowan and George     h      .    ,,,,,   ,.,,   .,   , . ____  office of the Crown Timber Agent at received  by  the  Minister of Agrlcul- , . , f.ir _Ac]_ addi.
McDonald, New Westminster, B. C. tore. ,.  na| ten miles or fraction.
aloft   ' crucifix, rylng      Earn ,,.____   must   __ accompanied      10.   Horse  own.:-  should  have no      _������ ,. .���-.  ..    -      mpany  staking a
Bgy, l end of the   by an accepted cheque on a chartered hesitation in reporting to this De    ���'     |   :,.  must  hold  a  free  miner's cer-
treet   where s tall trei  stands. bank in favor of the Deputy of the ment or to its Inspect rs the exist    ee.i      ;e.
Her( _____|   Minister  of    the   Interior,    for    the of actual or suspec
amount of the bonus which the appll
Holland,   James    McMurtin,   B.   Gal-
hraith and Guy Johnstone.
Fifth  match   (fifteen  single-.���!;.  A
Alien. Jas. Mr Mai" in, F. P. Smith and   when   the   prl-���-���    :. D   B   ttm
Manson. word
Sixth match (fifteen ��lngles)-E. P.  :
:.    D.   Galbraith,   J.   II.   Vila!   an :
K. Reichenbach.
Seventh match  (tan singles)���O. A.
Allan,  I). Galbraith  and  \V.  Miller.
The highest average prize was won
K   P, Smith, and  the consolation
li d  -'i Arthu    Mails
This ended ti.
: illiar  with, 'he  custon
ror to inter!
cant Is prepared to pay fur a licence.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Sec i ���
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, March 20th, 1906.
mine  is
g entitled  to  a  claim     I   tooo   :'���   ���
nd  H  the party ci n
Lacrosse  Meeting.
meeting  ol   I he executive  of tbi
Newspapers  Must  Pay.
Bled  an o
rapidly of lal nd ll Is s mat
ter of public loteri tl il every fresh
centre of Infection -' mid be discovered and deal- with as promptly as
Veterinary Director General.
Department of AgTiculton
Ottawa, March.  1906
N w    West minstei    Si nioi     Lacrosse J the Pios      Pri
I on Th
���  , bi i ose ol Im e di
who    will  attend    the annual county
meeting of the British Columbia  '��������� ere M
teur Lacrosse association here on Sa--     The i
New Ones for Vancouver.
what   Is   known   as   the   John   Day-
Smith law, which forbids the publics-
In i dis of
In districts  wh re the i I
P - rs  Is su   ected i    h
in neit ctual    out-
have oi 'inn of
of  ho: ;:.'��� :��� 3ted   will
read of the
: ���        ind the esta nt of 1
ol Ini i tion.
1.    Hot ies or i ring      nasal
rgi    or other Buplcious    symp-
Synopsis   of    Canadian    Homestead Regulations
An.,  available Ik    tnion L
In the Railway H
ida. may be homi ���  any pi;
bou who Is tl ul of a t i
:w  . 1500 feet altogether, on the out-
:i which no royalty    shall    bi
charged the  rest  of  the  party  0
ms 01
Entry fee Sio.    Royalty :it the 1 ��� '���
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
the  gold  shipped   fi
���   ��� . the rights of all persona
have, OT who may receive enti es foi
bar diggii gs 1 r b< nch claims, except
n  thi ' '��� ��������� in   River,   ��'
the  les
mark '  'Id.
IVt   a   ''red-'
in within one season fri n
-  each five miles
here a per-        t 1   mpany has
than   nne   lcai-e   one
���  - .    h fifteen miles    1   :'- 1 :
tioi        ri   f is sufficient.    Kent
��� num  f ir    each    mile    of
R   ���   '���;.-  at  the  rate  of  two
and a half per cent, collected on the
" it after it exceeds $10,000.
Dredging in  the  Yuk in Territory-
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Leavi   WESTMINSTER  :������
:��� -���>. t Blaln
1   5 pm ham      Burling 9:35pm
M .    Vi :
non,     Eve
Bi .-!������       and
Poi 'land.
4:35 pm Bpol ine,      St 3:00 pm
Paul     mil    all
points East,
ie:" an, \: icoi'.-, 1:00 pm
Rocl p .
3T0O pit: Vancouver 9:20am
9:35 pm ' :;:' I""
Route of the I'amous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul. Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chicago, Bt
Louis and all poll      Easl
l-'.ir    complete    Information,
..   bei th   reservation,   etc.,
call "ti or addn
F, c. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Hank of Commerce Building.
New We   1   aster, B. 0
S. O, Vlilti'.liS.   V G. P. A..
Coiner s.e,,;,d  .venue and Columbia Bt, Beattle, Wash.
"7 Canadian Pacific Rail
lway Co.
British  Columbia Coast Line
(Subject to change wu
VICTORIA t'.ai 11.1.  ,:.,     ,
Leaves Port   i ov n end 12 p m
I,..- res Vlcfc in.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.m.
I.e .  .   Bi I, iu a.in.
Arrive  Port   T,v.   end   12
Arrive Viet,,;.
��� .
any pu       ��� nm   The ni - toms should not be admitted to livery
Box"  Brown,    a  star  player    from
Ontario, has arrived  in  the city  and   . | 0I  thi
has  thrown  in  his lot  with  the    new . _
Mount Pleasant club. McCnaig, Hen
I'.roii and another player whose name
has not yet been announced, have also
heen signed to play on the hill.���News-
Training for Henley.
Toronto.  April   16.���The  Argons
Re Lot 9, 10,   and   13 of Lot 16 of
g i  Block   I".    Map   200,   New
.   : t the loss of Cert
:       I ot Title Number 1074 a,
:,ame  of  Jane   Howaj
been filed in thi   i B
Notice i- I given that 1
of oi nth  from
eai Id '���'���:-
ficate, uni       a tl
or feed  Btabli -  or  yard     blacksmith
-. church or school sheds, railway stock yards, private stables or
'.th.r   places   where   they   are   likely
-. ��� into direct or Indirect contact
with animals of the equine species.
2.   All    stables,    yards,    or  sheds
or  any  male over   1 -     i ars  Of af
the   extenl   of  om section   of  Six lea I five miles each may be
16                     oi      ss. ited to a free miner for a term of
Entry  may  be  made  personally  at 20 V*
the  local  land  office  for the  district
in which the land is situate, or if the submerged  bar  or  bars  in  the  river
homesteader desires,  he may,  on  ap- Wow   low    water    mark, that boun-
Inter- y ,0      fl*       -' lt5 Posll,on nn tl,e
��� 1st day of August injthe year of the
date of the  lease.
Ti '  :-��� -'.:>  '.' IU OVER
very 1 lay in the Year
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
Embodies the newest    and best ideas
The lessee's right is confined to the  ,-or   COMFORT,   CONVENIENCE.
plication to the Minister of th
ior,   Ottawa,    the    Commissioner
Immigration,  Winnipeg  or  the  local
agent receive authority for some one
used for the accommodation of horses to make entry for him.
or mules should be regularly and fre- The homesteader is required to per-
quently cleansed and disinfected in form the conditions connected there-
the manner prescribed below.
?,.   After    cleansing   the    pr< :
Henley   eight     have   already      ettled
down to active training, the crew hav-
een on the water twice sine- Friday. Starting tomorrow. Joe
Will have bis stalwarts out twice dally
and it will not be his fault if thi
fails to show good enough form to
. thi Grand
Challi ngi   cup.
thoroughly, and burning all ���:���   :-. the
fi) At  least six  months'  residence
upon   and  cultivation  of the  land in
each year for three years.
i".  S.  KEITH,
rii 4, 1006.
interior should be well gone over with      (2) If the father ,
or boiling water, adding to fatiu.r u deceased) of the homesteader
the lattei  al  least one quart of crude resides  upon  a  farm  in  the  vicinity
le   i Id to each five gallons after of the  land  entered  :' r  the  require-
which   the   entire   surface   should   he ments ^ to residem.    may be satisfied
thick!;.' coati !  with  a hot  solution of by such person residing with the fa-
lime wash, to which crude car- thcr  0r  mother.
Cricket at  Nelson.
Re  part of Lot 2S0 Group  1, New-
Nelson. April  16.���The Br I  i
i latch of the season ol    he K
Procttf:    vs.    Nelson, .. ,-  2164A, Issued in the :.
: 'die arii) has been added ln the I
���   ined  proi i i
Oul buildings, fi nee   i nd tyini
with    which    Infi have
en 1   - ml ct sho hen pos-
! ���'��� Ible, :'- thoroughly treated In
.   Pit!
(3)  If the settler has his permanent
-  sidence   upon   farming  land   owm
'      him  in  the  vicinity  of his  home-
I, the requirements as to residence
may  be   satisfied  by  residence  upon
the said land.
Six months' notice in writing should
-1 ��� . thc Commis     net    : I
minion Lands at Ottawa of intei
this afternoon, re ulti I In a victory for the fomier by ".", 1
Child   Fatally   Burned.
. '' llaghan has . 1 in Bl   : li
Notice is hereby given that 1    .. .1
.ration of one month from
the date of the first publication hi
Fernie, April 10.���Last. Thursday af- "f- Issue a duplicate of the said Cer-
ternoon at aboul 2:30 little Ethel 1 '   : ln the meantime valid
. , objection be made to me In writing.
d..id. of Blairmore, met   with a  most
painful and fatal accident, li  appears
C.  5.  KEITH
All ordinary   hai :.
ills,  which   I in   contact  to apply for patent.
with infected animals or infected pre-     ^ .... W'W'TC~.
, , .    ., , , ,       .        Deputy Minister of the  Interior
. I i.e thoroughly soaked in
a  hot     ilution of crude carbolic arid
of a  Btrength of one part to twenty.
Materials which might    be injured
by the above treatment such aa valu-
���   harness, robes,    cushions,    etc.,
which have been  in contact  wi'h In-
N. B.���Dnauth rlzed publication of
this advertisement will noi be paid
The lessee shall have one dredge
in operation within two year- from
the date of the lease, and one dredge
for each five miles within six years
from such date. Rental $100 per mile
Yukon Territory to be paid to the
No free miner shad receive a grant
of more than one mining claim on
each separate river, creek or gulch,
but the same miner may hold any
number of claim- by pui :1 I ie, and
free miners may work their claims
��� rtnership by filing 1 - and
I $2 A claim m I
abandoned  and  anotl btained  ' n
the   same     t h
giving notice and paying a fee.
must  1       lone  on  a  cl
each yi   r to thi  value 1 f at least $200
A   certificate   that   work   has   been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
ned,  at id    pi n  to  occupation
and entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
defined absolutely by having a survey
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official   Gazette.
Petroleum���All unappropiated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
Territory, are open to prospecting for
petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company
having machinery on the land to be
S. S.  Pi   T .-
I Lilly.
Leave Vane,   iver  1   p,  da,
Leave Victoria 1 a. m.
Leaves Victoria, 1 a. m,,   I n. ,,lav_
and  Fridays. a>"
Leaves New Westminster, 1 a  n,
Wednesdays and  Sal 11:
Calling at  m ,  _ean rj  Htevi  tl ii.
S.S. .loan leaves Nanaimo daily ei
oepl Baturday and Sundaj , .
���atnrdaj B a. m.
leaves   Vancouver   aaiij    cx,w
Baturdaj an i Sunday, at 1. 0 ��� .
Saturday _'. ;u p, m.
S.  S. Queen City.
Leave Vli tori i 11 p   tn   Isi   ��� _,
and 20th of each month i n   Vh  . ett
and way i.' Int
Leave Vli h   la 10th of eai h moat,
for Qua! Ino
l..   ���.������ \ ..,_
fnr   I'.n .���   bi ;   -...  i      i
Ing Quatslno,
LOWER PR \ SI R p.!'. : TE,
Steamer Transfer.
Leaves   New    Westmln ter   ��� .. rj
Additional   trip   lea ������ -   '.    .   ',',.  ���,
minster 5 a, m   Sundi
Leaves   81    eston    Monday,
rta: .  \\ ��� dm  d ty,  Thursd . -       i Saturday  7  a.   n .     I'i ida ...
ditional trip Sa urday fi p. in.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave  Ni w   Westmln ��� .
Mondaj b,  We Im
Leave Chilliwack 7 a. in. 'I
Thursdays and  Satrdaj j, i i
landing   between   .\,JW   Wi       Inster
and ChilUwai
S.   S.  Tees.
Leavi s Vani ouver al  - p. m. 2nd
and   16th  of  each   month  calling &t
and   LUXURY.     It   is   lighted   with
l.uh   electricity   and   gas   the   most
brilliantly    illuminated    train    in    the
world.      The   equipment   consists   of
private   compartment    car-,   standard
to section  sleepers, luxurious dining   BWdegate on first trip and Bella Coo
^��r, reclining chair cars  (seats free),
modern   day   coaches   and   buffet,   li-
brarif and  smoking cars.
For Time Tables,  Folders, or any
further information  call  on  or  write
.7.30 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash
la on Becond trip.
Times   on   arrivals   and   d
are api roxira
For  Tii kets,  reservatl ���
formation call un or ad I
.1. W. TROUP,
Beneral Si:; ��� I Inti odei t, \
Asst. Gen. Pass   At   ���. \   ,
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept .
New Wi
Agent, New v,
i Northern Pacific \zr -     <
[  J Trains o: bteamers
Leave Ni w Westminster 15
Arrive Ne-   '.'- estmlnster 1
Lv. N.w Wi it. . 8.30; ar. Seattli
Lv. Si ..".'  1": ar, New Wi I
(.:. P. K. WESTR. JUNC1
l.v. N.w We . 10 ai I 17
Ar .New West 9   5 and  It
l.v. N'.-w Wi itmia itei 6.        in-
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a ut ar. Si
-r c.    n      i   tiY. N. W. 1.35 p.m., ar, Bi
loronto, bt. Paul  Lv. SeatUe m.; ar. N
Tra��ns Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Kates.
Quick 'i Excellent Service
New York, Chicago,
Rteamshir Tickets on sale to all Kuro-
New Wi stmlnster, It. C.
March 30,
that tin- little one was with some 0th-   ],iin,i  Registry  Offlce
er children of about her own age near
the family residence, and they having
found  matches    had started    a small
bonfire,  in playing   round    the   flre
Baby Ethel came to near the flame,
and  her  dress  caught  fire.  The child
ran .-<:��� iming and Mr, Vasseur, who
u     working on a building near, hi ai
ing her Cries, came to the rescue. ||,
���n;.. the burning clothes from tin-
Child and in doing so had his hand!
badly burned. The child died next
moi ning,
District Registrar of Titles,   fection should   be placed   in    an   nir Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal  prospected, an area of 1920 acres for  pean pomts
Prizes for Wheat,
eg,   April   16.���As  1
Tenders   addressed to the
signed a: Ottawa and marked on th
opi    ' Tender   tor   the   construe
tion   of  a   Hydrographic   Steel   Twii
Screw S will be received up  ,y ,,.���������, ,���,,��� uged
tighl room and fumigated with Formaldehyde after which ihey should lie
thoroughly  cleaned.
4. In stabh-s where outbreaks have
occurred or where diseased animals
hav. inadvertently or otherwise, been
stabled, even temporarily, the cleansing and disinfection should lie especially thorough and In such cases it is
safes! to remove and burn feed boxes output
and  mangers  when    of  wood;     iron      QUARTZ���Persons
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in sucn   period   as   he   may  decide,   the
Manitoba, the Northwest Territories length of which shall not exceed three
and the Yukon Territory. times the breadth.    Should the pros-
COAL���Coal  lands may    be    pur- pector  discover  oil  in  paying  quan-
chased at $10 per acre for soft coal tides, and satisfactorily establish such
and   $jo  for  anthracite.     Not  more discovery, an area not exceeding 640
than 320 acres can be acquired by one acres, including the oil well, will  bc
individual  or  company.     Royalty  at sold to the prospector at the rate of
the rate often cents per ton of 2000 $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
pounds shall be collected on the gross tract   reserved,   namely,   1280   acres,
will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
of      eighteen subject to royalty at such rate as may
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip
Rates   to   Southern   California.
For full informtion call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore. A. G. P. A.
articles can be rendered harmless by years and over and joint stock compassing them through fire or by Im- Pani(-'s holding free miners' certificates
mersing them for Bome time In boil- '���:v obtain c,,tr>' for a mmmg loca"
ine   water.   All   Utter   from   suspected
cognition of    wheat-growing
leading Industry of Western Canada,
���   |nnl| ���  '    Industrial    Fair   board
to the flrsl day of Ma 1   ni st, for the
��� .rn tt        t   -     :,   ,t . ,   Twin   Screw
���    i; ..!..<���    Bei
vice In Brit      ��� ters.
plana   and   forms   of
wl u>8  rises for the cereal this .. ,       , ,, .,������,,. uS  tne
:   ��� ���   itlng   $a'i".  The lirsi   prize Au,.;i,   ���,       ,    :,        .,���.���.   ,,,    ,hniM
11   1200, which Is believed to be ;i,;i:   p\ herle    al   Victoria,  B. C, at
tin-  largest   award   for  an  exhlbil   of the  Custom   House  al   Vancouver,  II.
main made al ani fall on the contin- c.. ;,iei ai  the Department  here.
ent. This will be for Red Fyfe only.      Each  ti must be accompanied
The prizes will range down to $:b"i tor by an acci   ted  bank cheque equal to
fifth place. Provision win also he made l" per cent, of the whole amounl of
for Alberta Red Winted wheat, but all the nude., which will be forfeited if
A free miner s certificate is granted
animals  should  be burned  or careful-  , ���   ���f ������������.a;������
for one or more years, not exceeding
five, upon payment in advance of $7-0
:..    Farmers    and    others      should, per ;mnilm for an individual, and from
whenever   possible,   avoid     admitting $50 to $100 per annum for a company,
strange horses or mules to the prem- according to capital.
Isi     occupied   by  their  own   animals A   free   miner,   having   discovered
especially of the I inn     pecil      It  is a mini ral  in  place, may locate  a  claim
good   plan   to   reserve   an   Isolated 1500x1500  feet  by  marking  out  the
building   for   outside  horses   or   mules   ��ame   with   two   legal   pOStS,   hearing
location notices, one at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
but where this is Impossible they maj
be accommodated In cow stables, cattle not being subject to glanders
fection, Such horses and mules should
white  varieties  will   be  excluded   I, mn
the honor list,
Mosquito  Harbor  Boom.
Victoria, April 16. The big cedai
mill ai Mosquito Harbor will probably
start cutting In June, and will employ  ment   wlthoul authority trom the Di
the pei sun sending the accepted tender declines to enter Into a contracl
with the Department, Cheques ac-
companj inn lenders which are nol ac-
I   will  i.e returned  Immediately
aftl r a  decision  has  been  arrived  at.
Newspapers copying this advertise-
���< hundred whites al the outset. A hundred and fifty men are now engaged
in erecting the mill and installing the
machlnerj. The plant will be able to
ship ��� wo or three eaigoi 1 per week.
I' win be the lames' cedar mill in
Canada A school, postoffice and customs nlli' e are being . Btablished al
Mo 'p,.111 1 la. bor.
Americans Cheat.
Winnipeg, April IH. Manitoba millers have discovered a ruse by which
San Francisco competitors are endeavoring to evade the Chinese boycotl
and capture the Canadian trade. They
are bagging their Hour in hags stamped ".Made In Canada." The matter will
be brought  to the attention of the Can
adlan government.
partraenl  will not be paid.
Di puty    Minister   of
Fishei ..��� .
Departmenl  of  Marine  and
.   les,
Ottawa,   l!Mli   March,   1906.
In-      ' '"'
fifti en days if ocated within ten miles
of a mining recorder's office, one ad-
be watered from special pails, which   il|liim;i,  (by  a���owcd  for   cvcry  adJ
together with all other stable utensils djtjonal ten miles or fraction. The
used on or aboul them, should be fee for recording a claim is $5.
carefully cleansed and disinfected be- At least *loo must be expended on 1
for., being used for other animals, the claim each year or paid to tin-
Stalls occupied by strange horses or mining recorder in lieu thereof. When
mules should be well cleansed and $500 has been expended or paid, the
disinfected and. if at all possible, left l"l^,or������a^_ "["."]._h^]"!i .lu^^Z
unoccupied  for some time.
6.    Where new horses or mules are
5>l.oo  an acre,
purchased In or from districts where     permi5Sion may be granted hy the
glanders  exists,  they  should,    unless  Minister   "f   t,,c   Interior   to   locate
.   and   carefully tested  with Malleln  prior to claims containing' iron  and mica, also
purchase, lie stabled apart  ami closely  copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an
Fish-  watched  tor some time before being area not exceeding 160 acres.
broughl  in coniaci  with other animals      The   patent   for   a   mining   location
of  ll quine  sped,-. shall   provide   for   the   payment   of  a
Royalty of 2]'. per rent, of the  sales
of  the  products  of   the   location
be specified by Order in Council
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Dept. Interior.
Railway Company
When travelling by ihis popular up-
to-date Railway vou hav.. no worry
aboul missing train connections or
changing cars during the night. We
take you over tlie continent on through
first-class sleeper and magnificent
tourist cars. Transcontinental train
leaves dally  at  II: in p.  in.
For further particulars apply to
C. I', it. Agent.
New  Westminster.
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business cent ers of
PHILADELPHIA, viaJNiagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant (len'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 186 Adams St., Chicago, III.
made and upon complying with other
requirements,   purchase   the   land   at
Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Spokane falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
7.    It   must   be  borne  in  mind  that
while nasal discharge,   or ulceration,
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timber
en Donionion Lands in the Province of British Cclutnbia.
"Tlip   Milwaukee"
I 1IC _miWaUIVCC The only all rail route between all
'The Pioneer Limited" St. Paul to points cast, west and south to Ross-
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha to land, Nelson and intermediate points,
Chicago, "South West Limited" connecting at Spokane with the Great
Kansas City to Chicago. Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R,
No trains in the service on any & N. Co.
PLACER MINING���'Manitoba and railroad in the world that equal in Connects at Rosslanil with the Can-
enlarged glands, the presence Ol farcy &r N w .,.^ except}ng tne Yukon equipment that of the Chicago, Mil- sdian Pacific Railway for Boundary
buds, unaccountable Bwelllng    of the Territory: Placer mining claims gen-  waukee & St.  Paul  Railway.    They Creek points.
limbs and  general  Unthrlftlness Often   erally  arc  loo  feet  square,  entry  fee   own  and  operate  their  own   sleeping Connects   at     Meyers     Falls     with
characterize cases of glanders,    the $5, renewable yearly,    On the North and dining cars on all! their trains and stage daily for Republic,
disease exists  iii  many  animals  wilh-  Saskatchewan  River claims are cither, give   their   patrons   an   excellence   of Buffet
out, for the time lielni?, any external
manifestations   whatever,    the   only
moans of detection in  such  cases be- ,
eludes bar diggings, but extends back   on   any   other   line.      They   protect   Leav
Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.;  ar. N.W.   U
V., \V. & y.���VANCOUVER.
Lv. N". W. :: p.m. and 0.36 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.36 a.m.. and t p-m.
l.v.  N.   W.  B.20  a.m.;   ar. Gull
2.20 p.m.
Lv. Guichon 2. to p.m.;
9.H0 p.m.
Mondays only.
Lv. New West, ."..an a.in.. 6.61
and hourly until 11 p.m., with halt-
hourly between 12.80 and 6.30 P-B.
Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 V-m-
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to 11 P-m-l
with half-hourly bet, noon and " I11?-
l.v.  Vancouver same time throughout
Fraser River and Gulf
IT'  RIV Kit-
From X. W. Mon. Wed. Prld. I "-ra-
From  Chwk.  Tu., Th., Sat.,  1 &���">���
F 1  N. W. Tn.. Th., Sat. 8 a ��������
From Chwk. Sun., Wed., Fri., i i'-ra-
From X. W. dally, ex. Sun., - ' ' P-���'
From .\lt. Lehman. 7 a.m.
From x. W. dally, ex. Sun., -- P-11'
Add. trip, Monday, ���'��� a.m.
From Sleveslon, 7 11.111. (Fri. G a.m.j
Add. trip Satnrda.'    6 p.m.
City of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 a.m.
From Vieloria Saturday 7 a.m.
Mail Service
Close.     Rcceheil-
Seattle, via Sumas 10.00p.m.   I
Sap'n & Mlllslda..l0.00p.m.
Vancouver 10.00 p.m.
Cloverdale, Blaine,
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45a.m.
Van.  &  Cent.  Pnrk...10.30n.ni;   - P*
Victoria 10.80a.m. 10.008*
Fast Burnaby.. .. U5p.m.  1-��P*
Steveston,  etc.... 1.30p.m. ������ ���'���nl'
Easl, via C.P.R... 8.00p.m.   --""J"
Sap., Mill, Coq'm..  S.OOp.m. l:-���������
Van. & Burnaby.. 3.80p.m.
6.45 p.m.
j,00 ant,
3.30 p.m.
C.oo p.m.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
on   trains   between  WHITE    HORSE,   DAVVSl
Saskatchewan  River Claims are eitner give   their   patrons   an   excellence   ol Bullet   service   on   trains   between WMIlh,    llllKM'..    i'-1"" .except
bar  or bench, the  former being   loo service not obtainable elsewhere. Spokane  and  Nelson. FAIRBANKS.    Daily trams I     ^
feet long and extending between high Berths on their sleepers are longer, Effective    Sunday,    November    io, Sunday)    carrying   passenge i   ^.^
and low water mark.    The latter in- higher and wider than in similar cars iooi. express    and    freight    conn .. rff,
                                Ing the  Mullein  test, and  that  these ,,.
to  the base  of the  hill  or bank,  not their trains by the Block System.
SEALED TENDERS   addressed   to occult or latent cases are in   some re- exceed|ng I000 feet.     Where  steam Connection   made  with   all   trans-
the   Timber   and   Mines   Branch,   De-   spects the most    dangerous    because  ppwer  js  lls,.(j  claims  200  feet   wide continental lines in Union Depots,
iartment of the Interior, and marked   unsuspected.    Our experience    showB|rnay be obtained. H. S. ROW.E. General Agent
on  tbe envelope "Tender for Tlmber| that It is possible for animals of this      Dredging in the Rivers of Manitoba 134 Third St., ror Alder, Portland, Or
Arrive   stages at Carcross an
d whib' Rorse.
9.20 a.m.
12.25 p.m.
9.40 a.m.
Day Train
... Spokane   7.15 p.m. maintaining, a through Wintel
...Rossland   4.10 p.m. For information apply t0
...Nelson  0.45 p.m. J. H.  ROGERS, Traffic
H. A. JACKSON. Mackinnon Bldg^
General Passenger Agent Vancouver,
11. C. TUESDAY. APRIL  17, 190G.
, ters, solicitors, eti.       Of-
-,ev,  Westminster, Trapp Blk.,
Clarkson   nnd   l.uriie   si reels.
lUVei. rooms "l to 2'   4 IB Gran-
l���e .,,-,.,.!.   .I iseph MarUn, K. <
��� '    weaii.  W.  U.  McQuarrle,  il.  A
j,Ml||.||,       \1-.   Martin   wilfl   be   In  th I
Westminster offlci    - ��� ������     Friday nf
Manufacturer of
Incorporated   by   aci   or   parllamenl
t'Ai'l'l Al. I VII  paid Up) .. .ju,uuu,000
H.-. ,   l;i:i|i   A-    BOWES,   Harris
iers,   solicitors,   eic,   -il'   Lome
opposite    Couri    House.    New
v estmlnster.   J. H. Howes, P. 0. Box      General
241. :"'"'l-
Hon   Lord Strathcona and Mount
il   ' I.C tf.Q,... Hon  Presldenl
i   ��   si: <;. a. Drummono, President
: Clouston,  Vice  Presldenl   and
General   Manager.
banking    business    trans-
lers and solicitors, 111 ichie Blk.,
i,uni,ia   streei.   New   Westminster,
.1   Whiteside,  II.  !.. I'.dinoiiils.
MIL J. P. HAMPTON BOLE, solicitor oi the supreme conn. Offices
Canadian   Bank   ot  Commerce  build-
,,,'r   Columbia  Btreet, opposite  post-
New   Westminster,    Money to
Gi   iRGE F- MARTIN, Barrister and
g0Hi ,1,11. Guichon block, Colum
; m, Senile streets, New wesl
��� ���   i:  C.
UNION LODGE. NO. 9, A. F. A. A. M.
. The    regulai    meeting   ot    this
Id on the First We Inesday In
I'clock p. in., in
Masonic   Temple,    E
ren are coi dlall; 1 to al
Dr.  W.  a.  DeWoll   E
llranches in all the principal elites
in Canada, In London, Eng., New
York, Chicago, and Bt. .mini, Nfld.,
and correspondents In all pans or the
Savings Bank Dept.
G.  D.  Brymner,   Manager.
B. C. Monumental Works
JAMES   McKAY.   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturei nf
Marble and Granite Monuments,
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc.
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office. Eighth Street,
in home decoration need nol b.   ,...
pensive.        Quiet,    rich   colorings,
making  an  admirable   background
for furniture and pictures,  can 1��
had at res ionable pi ��� -.   if yen call
Wall   Paper   Store
Wanted���Tin ty   i ed. men  to
',,   Ci ���     on    the
Board of Worl
Ilin-rlbti-   I'll.li I   .In iiuiii-hh    Prior
< ,   ^ .-ill-   0 111   \.   1).
Prior to the yeai (MO A   D  the
nese had one of ti. I    rlble I u
- Tit   '   rn   be   ll I���tl
we  have ev,,    found
li  mo       ' "   once to a duckllni   o
goslln ��� chlcl
[I  is clean, nol soiling or til tcoloring
lon "     l: -   li nd doe   aot caui ���
agei   ami en to  th I   cold.    Indeed .       ng Rn tlio Immediate friend
���   ' and its of a ] oi other pei
i lice and ���
line require  ve
edlni    from chl
bo   fed     almosl  entirelj
..  ... b,  Sut
Po:   Sab       ...
Good   I ulldlt
Clure,  Porl  Kell
iii;    Donald   Mc
. Btanding position around tho
e's grave and leaving   I
.'   should
Revolutionist     and    Female
Companion Find It Hard to
Secure Accommodation.
Loot���< >n   or   i  ''
avenue   ami   8th        "       B   photo   0
oung gentle o       h nami on back,  should   ttsi   some kind  of  meat
Finder pie ise re offlci
For Sale���Modern l house on
... ner In Wei I End;  two lots
and trull ti i Cheap.  Vppl,
X. ihis office.
i1      e ,-tb  up   I.i  their necks t.
nf thirst and hunger.
"" i   ,-listen, cam   ��� be sal I to 1
'   mlxetl   '   '      -     general sa late as the dale given,
_0Bt���Small purse with Bmall st
:,i   toot  oi  i leraete j   si reel
u  h   milk   ot o maki
quite  soft,    li you  haven't   mill
I'll!'   I Ile   til'SI    two   w��
1 scraps.     Animal    I""!   I
to duel    ��� inn to any
fowl.    "When    11 ���      a',    given
free range along streamt  and In low
���ass lands thej will capture their
Thej     musi  have  gri ei     food,    if
Write for prices,
New  Westminster.  B.
I     g    -,,.   M      .:
of this lodge are I I on the
> Tuesdaj   In i u h month In
:    ,i:,- Ti I... ������. -.'   ��� v      -   ���'
... thren    ire i ������'������'���
.       D. W. I Bei ���
Still Doing Business at the Old Stand.
r��� ������--���-��������� I
! Merchant Tailor
p,   ',',   k.  of   L,   i i nd   and
onth. at  8
.,   i irani  i  1 co ner   of
. nui     :  i   ' >l'
��� ���   gii .   rdially   in-
'.... E. Dunlop, W.
P.;    I.   E.   M   '
Columbia  Street.
;..   of  En   i'.-h. seoieii and  Irish
twei  Is and  worsteds always in stock
Spring   stock   now   In.     .Make  your
In  0    '   "   ha I   ' t!
... i it 8 p
in.    \ Isiting I retliren ai -dlallj
���   ,  to attend.    ES.  E.  Matthias,
L; .!. Humphrl s, Rec-Sec.
I. o. 0. F.���AMITY  LODGE,  No. 27���
11   ��� lodge
���   id in 0 Idfellows' h: 11, Ci
Lrei     . ..i 5   Monda    evi ning,
al J o'cloi k.   Visiting i i  thren i oi
ly invited S. J. May.
N. G.;  W. C. Coatham, Rec. Si e.
A, 0,  ij. W.���FRASER  LOCGE  No. 1
;   [B the lirst and third   1   -
in     each     month.       Visltin i
thi n cordl illy Invited to attend.
Lodge room, A. 0. U. W. hall, Odd-
.. ���  i loi:..  Clarl    n  Btreet, C.
S, Coi rivan.  i.a ord ii ,   Louis Witt,
:     ter workman.
Belyea & Co.
General I [aiding and Delivery,
Heavy Hauling Our Bpecatlty,
Wood and Coal
Columbia St, below Tram Office.
Telephone   1..U.
115, SONS OF ENGLAND. B. S.���
Red Ri se Dei ree meets Second and
Fourth Wednesday "r each month,
In K. or P. Hall, Columbia St., at
- p a.. White Rose l legree, Fourth
Wednesday ln each month, same
time ind place. Visiting Brethren
coi ' illy Invited. E. B. Stinch
combi. Pres., H, Dlsni .. Secretary.
Dress in Reason \
The [atesl  Mitchell s tasnion plates
have   ai lived. L
So h,t r spring stock ol high-
i ih   ii uitlngs,
Also worsteds, serges, broadcloth
and fancy trouserings,
In la. t We can supply all your Sartorial   wants.
Watchmaker and
Manufactvring Jeweler.
Acquired a knowli Ige of  the
...    Later wi       ye
e watch  repairini 11 ment of
Savage,   Lyma      & Montreal,
II, t    !'ii ger part oi
the time.
English, ' an   and   all
complicated] ��� ined, repaired,
made like ne'
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from I ��� ���    ' Grocery
Nurseries, Greenhouses
and Seed Houses
Headquartei i for P iCIFIC '
GROWN Garden, Field and Flower
Seeds. New en now stocl read;
for distribution; ask your merchant
for Hum in k aled l a< \-' ts. l.r he
due- nol handle them we will prepay
',,     om   ��� postoffice,    Ifi
pacl   ts, oui   :-��� lee! lon  of '-'"'"1  varle-
i .   . for $1.00 i" lntrodm e them.    ,
Large     lock    of    HOME   GROWN
'mil and Ornamental Trees now ma-
iiri'd for the Bpring trade,
No   expi ������  ".   loss  or  delay  of   fllllll-
;atlon  oi   In ipectlon.
Lei me pi ii a j our its! before piac
.���ai.   let  them run  on grs it
monej   al   tool   oi   ueraetery ,.m  ,g  . ^���d   ,
do  that, give the,,,  ha	
len, green
t.    Al   We    have
���     .
itei to drinl
.. ie deep ei
���   their Ml        up to theli ej e
I n  , i.
li thej become i
ckei omi
blind and die,   Never em milk
i   ��� .        be   fed   four   or   five
,:    sc weel    Oio   when
three i   i hi >   will
. -       We ha' well
  ire thej
have tu
.   |
Shadi    is  a  ne. est ity. The]    loi e
their   ap]             ��� times  take
���  ilalons when exposed to the sun
i ...     oi   Dall    News,
Wanted    21 0 I Cord   ol Hen loi i
at   the   Fraser   Hi..      '��� u aer]     I
taken in lots from -6 cordB up. For
particulars applj  to thi
Taio ���        or   I'.   I I        i>      ly~,     Nl w
Wanted- Fre b m li '   i    '-'.    Vpp '   I
Boj    32 o   Dally >   ���    Offici    I
Fcr  Sr.le���i     Eg '   '
, ���.
for tlie .ia;. ' ��� ��� Is pr-..������ that in
the time of the Emperor Sulnln
it i i the burial rites of royal p
ages were sn modified as to partially
abolish former cruelties. Speaking nf
a young brother of Bulnln, who died
and bad his retinue burled standing
around bis grave, the old record "ays.
"For many days they died not, but
wept nnd cried aloud. At las! thej
died, Dogs and crows assembled and
ate off their heads The emperor' ��� c im
passion was aroused, and lie desired to
change the manner of burial. When
the tmpress died, soon after, the mlks
do inquired of Ii - officers If something
in the waj ol a change could not be ,
' Their
I, was si
; ' morning  'rain
;'""      ' ' '     ',i   b.-lieve
" 'rain
"     ' R'lth N'iko-
'     ''               ' 'Pted son.
��� ' "in   lhe
I,;'|J a     Saiur-
,���    ...
suggested, nnd one proposed to n al nn
n" ^z:*men :n'" "'"���" '-
Thri  this did nol entirelj   do swaj
with the former custom Is proved by   hour
nn edict hiiied in the year 646 A   D.,
the dale given flrSt above, Which forbid
the burial ' ( living persens nnd proi i1'.
ed a pen i      for furtl nee to
the aw :'���:'  r   e    Si    Louis   Republic.
i. ,
Foi    -   ���    Old   b
New    '
e   for
Applj  Ni w
For  Sale-
;    cal vi
-Young Cov Calf, new ���
':    . ,  '���. 1 Pli
E li ave
Wanted���Boys tn      :i to it    years
.. work iii Box Factory, also |- ,,,..  weath,      ;.      duckling should
A-Ppl    B   C,  Manufac   [,av,    the   misf0rtune   to   gel   on   Its
Co. end 01               u I bridgr   ,                               ,  ���,, wj .,,���,, help.
1 lucklinga do betti     I .'in small
until           wi old.    Thej
b il a hen need not
. ,   of a life    ���       \
Manager, Dallj   News.
Fcr Sab;���Young
i. ready for
. W. R, Aua
Eggs for Setting���Pure  Barred   Rocl
l | er Betting,  :. W, Austin, B ���:
Whole  Lot About Ducks.
iron      .'i ���   ���������
the   monej making   i - In a
Manj   a   woman   In   thi
vlcinitj  s.-lls ducklings to the amounl
hli  i* to i Ighty dollars In th i
Ing your order. Greenhouse Plants, ,-,.,.. months, beginning In May and
Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Frull trylng ,��� ,,.���,. ,,,,.,��� all s���i,| ,,,iiy in
Fertilizers, etc,    Catalogue
For Sale���Hal! Inti i  i : very bus
i"""'     Seattle,    Wa hington.  with   ,-,,,,,��� ,���������,,,. than  two or three
Some talc   the hen awaj  al
in..-. .   but  the]  ai       ���        chilled  the
weel     'i hell coopi      n 1    of the
\ i   i       a   coffee  box  laid
down   on II    side, I   i red  pa        nailed
'���ii  the front,   The  floor iv eds to be
���   dr-     Sawdual.  probably, n iki
the bi il bedding.   They need fri
\ ... Bii i  inch I "���"'.! "ti each
side  of the coop,  and  1 epl  In  place
bj   stakes driven In the ground, and
ndii ronl of the coop al the
. nd of the two boards and make
I er run In front  of that.    If two
nt. n  Into  one   run   all   of  the
will   crowd   into   one
When   the runs are  dirty   land  they
won*i     '-     .in   Ii ing i,    move  the
coops   and   boards   to   a   fresh   spot.
Tin-?    \re  l'lnul   of   Veal   Blood   nnil
Cnn.o Dentil nt Mnn> Citfve*.
t ample i bn) are found by thou
In Verai I i 'Irlqui.   The;      e ; ir
ttcularly fond of veal b! 1, bul older
itoek and hoi ��� colts, mules and burros all suffer. 1 did no! catch a vampire nt bin work, though I saw hu
dreds of them, but the cattlemen nil
tell the same stony, The vampire set
ties somewhere on the back of the
beast in the pasture at nipht and then,
while Blowly fanning its wings to nnd
fro, cuts n circular piece "f skin one-
er of an inch In diameter.
Through this hole he sucks the blood
till Batlsfisd.
one wound would be of little i
quell..., nor would the loss of blood do
much .' ere that all, but half i
dozen - feast on one poor
calf or on the back of a saddle horse
ln ore night. The calf is badly weakened by the loss of bleed, while a ad
di,. horse so served is worthless until
the wounds an i tirelj I eali 1. But
thai is nol the worsl resull of the bite.
I   ���  region swarms with a pestiferous
that  Boon after daylight finds the
.i   ��� ���
he Victoria was
'    i station
tfi nn.
I odj   would vl   ther or
on 'In
Friends Offered Hous .
" ,: '     wa - re
el   tlu>
Ho lab       ild
v.  what
had become of them,   He was unable
to  communlcati   with   thi   Si   I
the Gorl
By that soon after daylight  finds the ,    '   W���ted  'l'"1'   ;'; ""^  :" '">'
 1 and lays eggs in 11    Dnless thi m that he
wound Is properly cleaned and dres'sed """l'i '"                                   i:' ;'��>'
v.-lrli a waxy salve within forty-eight hotel in th              thi           ��� inlon,
I           after the  vampire's attack  the when It was known thai his real wife
animal will be destroyed by the prog
eny of the fly. The perceutng of
calves thus killed l�� lArge In Bpite of
tlie watchfulness of the cow herders.���
Panama Correspondeni
August.   From three to ten or twelve   When   two or  three   weeks  old,  the
Smnl.'np rnfttntim.
Among the Bechuanas of Africa It Is
tl..- custom ror the people whin sniel;
Ing to take a limber twig, which they
bend Into the form of a semicircle and
then bury In mud. This Is well pounded down, nnd  when the earth  ls sutll
are kepi to ral e from the next yeai.  hens maj betaken away and forty or   clcntly   set   the   twig   Is   withdrawn,
leaving a hole which answers the pur-
pone of a plpestem.  Tobacco is placed
M. J. HENRY, As    ,pi(,kM  (thai   is,  Pekln    ducks,  more ducks kepi together.   They will
3010 Westminster Road,      which are by far the mosl  profitable then  ri lulre a larger yard and larger
Vancouver,  B. C.  variety to raise for market) nnel. Bit   shelter.    When   they    are    feathered
COURT  BRUNETTE, No. -1099,  1.0,F.
Meeta the Fourth Friday  in  the
:. i ath  al   8  o'clock,  in  the  small
hall,  Oddfellows'   block.     Visiting
1  ... are ��� ordially invited to attend.   ,i. n. Rushton, C. R.; F. P.
Maxwell, R. S.
A. o. F.- The regular meetings ol
I., d| a are held on the Second
11 I Fourlh Tuesdays of each month
at * p. m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordlaly m-
l to atten I.   E. C. Firth, C. R.;
K.  P.  Maxwell.  See.
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Gramaphones ana  Kccords.
Zithers, etc.
J. li. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Btreet.
writ**   for   iirlffta.
Peed, Sale anel Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. Rth and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
THE   ROYAL  TEMPLARS  OF   TEMPERANCE meel   ��� ' erj   Wednesdaj
- o'clock  p.  :n, in Oddfellows'
Hall,   Coin...  . i      treat.     Visiting
iren  ire cordially Invited to at
J    B.   ln> son. S. ('.;   .1.  McD.
I,   See.
Carnarvon St., between 10th and Mr.lnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hi in ;.
h, Japanese and Chinese Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
camp, 191.���Meets on ths I
i lesdaj   of everj   month  'n
k.   of    P. Hall.     John    McNi
J. J. Forrester, Rec. See.
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
BOARD OF TRADE.���New    Weslmin-
"  ri iard of 1 ��� ide mei ts In the
i ,; n, '',     . Hows
. ��� ..ne  \\ ednesdaj   of eai b un.ni h
larti  Ij   meetings   in !' i  second
Wednesday    of     February,     May,
1 i ��� isi   and  November, al   B  p,  m,
., :',���;;;;; .-"^ 336 Hasting. Street W., Vancouver
"l""'1'        ''        '     Pr��P��8ed ,^   Commercial,  Pitman and Gregg Short-
' ���'   ���'"    monthly or quarterly   hftnd      Telegraphy   and   Engineering
nesting.   A. E. White, Sec (Civi)  Marine and Stationary)_Cpuraes,
Business Institute
and  are very  prolific, ii lame Hock uf, which   Is at about   six  works  thej   no
old  ones Is unnecessary.    Five ducks longer  ne d shelter    nnd can run al
will average four eggs a day In April large.    We find it  n  difficult  matter
and May.   They lay nearly as many in tb   get     grown   ducks   to     go   Under
March, and  Bome in  June and  Feb- shelter   even in severe weather,   We
ruary.    We  have  had   ducks  to  lay do nor pick them and their thick coata
month  In 'he year except  De- 0i down and feathers are proof against
: ember, but the bulk of the eggs is ,obl nnd net. Their feet are their
: producen In March. April and May. w,.;iU point. Cold feet affect a duck
The price of the duckling varies from in.;,, a frozen comb does a hen.
Hften to twenty cents a pound in From June until January they are
May and June to eight ami twelve fe_ twice a day with three measures
cents in July and August. We have 0f bran, nne of meal and
sold them In May that brought from , shorts mlxoil soft. From January until
to pieces all at once." like the wonder- June one measure of clover and one
ful one boss shay. So In warm ,,f beef Scraps are added. Corn in
weather it may save trouble to look tjir, eaT )s fed once and sometimes
at the nests every three or four days twice a day In cold weather. Orlt and
and remove the rotten ones. You oyster sel! arc kept where thev can
will   soon   learn   I I   detect   them   both   help   themselves.���The   Ilomcmaker.
by sight and Smell.  -o������	
Tin-  little   ducklings   remain   in   the MEDICAL MEN     INDICTED.
shell   much   longer   after   pipping   it 	
than 'he chick does, torty-eighl hours.   Newspapers   Warned  Not    to Publish
WhPn   flrS< Thdr Advertisement,.
Ill  tlie exeilvilt
The Hawaiian natives habitually
swallow tlie smoke, and a few WhlffS
are enough to produce Intoxication.
This drawback, however, Ims IU coni-
pensatlhg advantage, since the exhaustion of ii single pipe la enouKh to produce wholesale Inebriation, as lt. ls
passed frnm mouth to month.
The KntHrs smoke dagha tobacco, a
species of hemp, lu ft water pipe resembling the hookah.
and   children  ����� re In B md 1
think  the " atei Ing
wil1 teach him a li on.   Hi   will find
mn   thai   he  eai mpllsh at
thing In thi i mi I with the
aid of the Boclall I
Abraham Cahai ;"      il the Jewish    Dally    Fnrv      I      B   I    last    night
t '   Corky  had arranged  to go out
o f the ciiy for a tew days and keep
out of sl."Jit in a quid place, where he
could write in peace In thai way.
Mr. Cuban Bald, the Russian author
and revolutionist could gel ready
some speeches he Intended to deliver
In lhis country, and In the meantime
ih.- trouble over bis companion would
Col.  J.  Hamilton  Lewis Sentenced to
Serve Si<ty Days.
Springfield,    111.,  april    16.���Judge
Humphrey in the 1 nlted States circuit  court   today  declared Col. James
A Solemn  Occasion.
WTien a certain well know comedian,
one   of   who prided himself ofi Ids fun Linking    Hamilton   Lewis,   corporation   counsel
ability,  wns  ������starring"  In   Edinburgh   ���f  chl<;ag0   ,n  contempt of court  in
his landlord, who seldom attended any I   .        ,, , . .       ���.    ,   .       ������ A
���inbllc place save the kirk,  asked hl:n    ,he   Alt���    U;l,"r
If  lu? would  oblige hlm   with   a  "pass
sentenced hlm to sixty days Imprlson-
for   the  playhoos."    This   ravor   was ' ment In Hi.' Sangamon county Jail.
readily {fronted, and the "gudo man"      The  sentence is to be remitted if
illumed   his   best   black   suit   ami   wit     ,.(1|    N,,v(.,  dismisses suits,  which he
uessed   the   comedian's   two   great,   t    bt(Jughj   .,, .,_   (>i|i|nIy r(mr, ,��� ,,������.,���.
humorous Impersonations.   Meeting bis
landlord the next morning, the eniuedl-
m asked how be liked the performance.
"Weel," said the Scotsman, "it picas-
of the Boston (Mass.) Water and Light
company againsl the Alton Water
Works company
ind " hers to fore-
hatched and many are killed in the
nest. They spread themselves out so
flat   and   their  necks are so lonR that
he hen is very likely to pul het tool
���r a neck, and then shortly there is
.  dead iiuck.
On ni'"!' rn Kits even   in   bacKward ..i.i
china. We have heard that the Racy-
el.. Bicycle has been seen on the Btreets
of Shanghai, We handle the Racycle
and  Perfect   Bicycles,   the two best
bicycles   made in Canada or the United
States,    Whatever wheel you buy h	
- ei ���   of the early eggs ar nfertlle
The postal authorities and the police
in    New   Ymk   have   rounded   UP   fifty-
i wo    medical" concerns thai obtained
their      ' ime    through newspai er ad
yertiSing.   The N'ew York World. Her
Some  people   think   that   lies   never ;,i,|   ;,:id   Telegram   wore   warned   that
trouble ducks, but they do,   If possible nni0M  the announcements  were  dls
have   lhe   lien   f;    from   lice   before continued at once the papers would be
v..-i  sei  her. at  si                  [et(rld    "f excluded from the mails.    The papers
ninety   coins  to One  dollar  each.  Last    flaeoDti_1ied lhe ails.    Th IveTtiSers
year   our   February   and   March   duck wno   are accused  of announcing their
eggs  w.-i-e nearly  all   fertile,  much  i" willingness lo perform criminal opera-
���d mo in fac' gey weel, and I conseeder   close on second mortgage bonds.
you   played   nhco'   natural like,   but       fnage Humphrey had held that the
lelgh   man, I bad  a  hard Job to keep       { ^^ m   js   ;h(,
myscl   frae laiiglilnsr.' , ,   . ���,
 ;                     property  of  the  Fanners   Loan  and
i. :       company  as  holder    of  first
age bonds and harl Issued an in-
lunctlon  restraining anyone from  in-
. , [ng widi  thi    i       ; ''i  of the
plan .
surprise.    I -��� illy    a   large  pei
i ions   will not
llel !<>,-..   nn   Poet r> .
When I fed Inclined to rear! poetry,
I take down my dictionary. The poetry of words is quite ns beautiful as
that of sentences. Ttio author may nr
range the gems effectively, tint their
shape and raster have been given by
the attrition of ages, lirlug ine the
finest slmlls from the whole range of
Imaginative writing, nnd I wlll show
foil n single word which conveys a
more profound, a more accurate and a
he  allowed to use the   more eloquent nnnlogj-.- "Autocrat of
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers (eight) and the UF.KT of
li. .1. SPROTT, B.A., Principal,
li   \, SCRTVEN, B.A.,Vice-Principal.  sP(>cl( B,,,o;<
ii is valia- for your money, We also do
all kinds of bicycle and '.ther repairing.
Bring your lawn mower to get sharpened and put in shape. Don't mistake
thi  place.
Alex. Speck,
Sign���Man on Wheel.
mails in future.
Vie summer eggs also have a low per -phrc-' of lhe advertisers have been
cent, of fertility and little ducklings jm,i(.t,,(1 |,y ,nf, federal -rand jury In
do nol grow so fast in hot weather. V(,w Y(lrl. others fled to Canada
March, April and May eggs hatch the wh|,n thp.. g0( wlnfl of thp official cm
th.- Breakfast Table.'
Chic ."'.. April 16. When Mr. Lewis
h iard of the isntence thai had been
pronounced againsl hlm by Judge
Humphrey he i ild that he would be
. rned entirely by tha wishes of
his clients.
When von
Bk   for   :,
I' Ith Ave.   Cor, liiih   Street
Np.w Westminster, R. C.
All kinds of Ship  repair
Ship and Scow   Building
or "old sport" a pecialty.
Estimates   promptly teed.
t.i   ti,.. '    ,     t.i.        ,R����Wence:
N-rw wf.stmtnrtf.r, b. o.1124 ElflMll St., New West'ilnst:r, P.C.
want   u   good   smoke  you
Wanufaotured  by  the  B,  c.
factory,   who   also   make   The
bintea" (in th,-eo slims, i
n, alx ducks is sufficient. One
or four is said io give bet! ir results
In February and March. The usual
mating is five ducks to ne drake, but
Ihey  may be kept   in  pairs or trios.
It   lakes  a  god   slsed   hen   to cover
ten or eleven duck eggs.    They hatch
in  from twenty-six to thirty days, the
warmer the weather the sooner they
hatch.    Nothing can become so rotten
as a  duck egg���in warm weather especially, the contents of a rotten egg
| will  onze out  through  the shell, and
j yon can smell It some distance away.
j These eggs have a  facility of "going
I them before th  ducks hatch.    When
i thoy     are   strong   and   dry     we  take
i thorn from the nest and rub each one's
Teacher of tho German | hom]] ^ _n(1 ,,���.���.,, .������, ar0,md the
Laruroago   and   Piano.   vnm  w|th nl(,onnl  |_  which  flsh ber-
German  Conservatory Method, rios have   been soaking, a handful of
berries to a pint   Of alcohol.    This ls
la   May   and   June  one  drake     ,u)|,   ,u,.|ins(   lhon^    0ni,,,s  sUn   WPro
to throe
W. IN. Draper
15. C. Land
ElUrd Slock.    New Westminster. B.C.
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
 __ ,
defiant and are trying to continue
i heir trade by changing thc form Of
their advertisements.
In order to get evidence a decoy
letter was sent from Boston by ihe
postal authorities.
The letter got fifty-two replies, one
from every concern to which It was
Bent. Then all mall going to them in
euro of "general delivery" was stopped.
nnd a formal notice was sent to each
one requlrng identification of the addresses before the delivery of the
mall. The notice brought representatives of fortj'-three out of the fifty-
two concerns to the New York post-
office building. Before they knew
what they confronted the "doctors"
and "experienced specialists" had
confessed damaging facts about themselves.
The Family Sernpbook.
Mrs. Snuers (to Willy, as minister
calls to-see Mr. Snuers) Willy, ls your
father ln? Willy-Yes, he's upstairs
looking over your sernpbook. Mrs.
Snuers (pu7.7.1eiti You mean my family
account book'.' Willy Well, it's nil the
same. Fie and you always have a
scrap every time he goes over It.
Never Clive. C'p.
He���My motto is. "Never give up."
Bbe���Yes; I've frequently noticed It in
i crowded street car.���Philadelphia
Wonum's   llli-.t.l.
Mamie���I believe In woman's rights.
Gertie���Then you think every woman
should have a vote? Mamie���No, bnt
I think every woman should have _
iroter.-Chtcago Record-Herald.
Stabbed to Death.
New   V.-rl;.  April   18.- Antonio  Oril-
". an ironworker, wab
',.,,,.    ;:,ni   stabbed   to   death   at   his
Cherry Street   home early  today.    Al-
phonse lirillio, 24 years old, a brother
Of ihe dead num. is Under arrest.    Al-
phonse      I'ornea.    Salvatere    Ponieii.
: 1,.   era   and   Pietro   Leottl  are  also
locked up In connection wiih ihe kill-
in,..     None   Of   the   prisoners   would
talk   about  the  death   of   DrllUo,  who
Is said to have boon killed ln a quarrel.
Police Barracks Fire.
Prince Albert, Sa��k��� April 1��.���TUis
morning flre destroyed  the R. N. W.
W. P. canteen nnd recre; n room, to-
"The under crust of thla apple pie Is
too tough to eat."
"That's the Intention. It can m> used
again, you know." - Cleveland Plain
gather with the contents, which Inolud-
ed many cups, trophies and heirlooms
,,!��� th�� force, the total loss will be
,������.: $4,000, upon which there Is $600
jr ai ranee. The origin of the fire is un-
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
Reports   Show   Growth   and   Advancement���Resignation   of   Rector
Regretfully  Accepted.
Care  cf  Sick  and   Indigent  Fret   Cld
Country Becomes Ser mi
Bus ness.
Toronto,   April   '
S. AINNANDALE West   End   Grocery
OUR GROCER. D. VV. Gilchrist, Mgr.
The annual meeting of St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal church was held last   trar]e js taklng ���,,
night. The g
Q '        "-sss^-^-s -     can;,,!;,, a prominent member    of
The  bo
undesirable   immif
Fire Insurance.
Life Insurance.
��� ���.
hundred being present. Th-- acting reeJ	
tor Rev.  J. Allan  Seymour  occupied  the board, who  .- :
the chair and the meeting opened with  from England in U ��rard< 1 to
We haye been appointed agents fo
vnich has been carrying on fire  insi
.- bosine
^  the Union  Af
if London. England,   . ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ .      ,
since 1711 A. D., and  which  has  a  capital and accumulated
(20^)00,000. j
The National Life Aanrani e Co. of C Tela, a-.-urance rewrd: ���
Dee. 81st, 1889 (6 months) Assurance     '        J60.400.   I rem. S--..^. ���<> 5
"       1900 Assurance in force  11,792 i Premiums .- ��� _.-      -������   ���
"       WOI " " 2,554,9 I. ,��. -'.,'   t
1902      __��� _���
��� 1,.,, 112 l.-n.t.lidi"
,::l - 1m:.:>4.2u  $
Street, NEW        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
TO LOAN, 1^^^^
186  Columbia
186,884 20
Real   Estate   Brokers
and Contractors
singing the hymn, "Bl he tie
that binds."
Reports were : from the dif-
branches of the church's work
and in every department was observed a gratifying growth and advancement.
The  treasurer -   follows:
Cash      received      from      all
1   irees  11,204 96
DJsbursi    ��� ms     1466.87
Cash on hand           38.09
To'al   assets       4 L'77 '"
 .9-^-l_B 23O.O0
Total assets over liabilities. .$4,047.00
Electron of Officers.
Eli of Offlci        :���   lllti I   as  fol-
Vestry���Messrs. S. J. Pearce, W. S.
24 acres, 7 acres in
thorough cultivation.
100 fruit trees, 1 1-2
acres strawberries,
small fruit and rhubarb. Good house,
pump in house, woodshed, 2 chicken houses
and barn. Close to
school, church, etc.
Price Only $2,400
10, 20 or 50 acre
blocks of the best
black loam in British
Columbia. Ready for
Only $50.00 Per Acre.
A Number One
8 Roomed House
For Rent
At $15.00
This house is not for
Tnts    Its    Speed    Across   the   Bridge
and J. D. Cameron Pays Fine
in Court.
.!.  D.  C   neron Stipei
diary     J gistrate    P
charge of
furious driving a< he F    ser Riv-
.--.':. ��� '...:���-- -   i
being sorry that the affair
harl happened, ill- horse, he said was
a  little  frisky and he himself was a
:��� ��� iclted al the time and the horse
got   the  better  of him.  He proi
would not allow the mar  .  to
occur again.
in  reply, his worship called  attention to the danger of life oc.    - . ,:.- 1
by furious driving on the bridge where
It   was   almosl   Impossible  for  pedestrians ''. gel away from trouble of that   CoiUgtej.  A. Thornber, C. Warwick, F.
description.    Then  again    there  was  Johnston, F.  P. Maxwell, n. Burr, J.
-.-   ���   dangei   of  injuring  thi      ridge  A. Mountain, H. A. Oakley, J. J. John-
ell on account of the rythmical ac
St.   Paul's  Church.
lion  of  the horse's    hoofs    as   .
Hla    worship        I I
penal ty of $;
is a lirst off. aci
| 0 it-    --'. ���������"    ' costs,
amount of the fine wi .- duly. paid.
Weather  Prospects.
Victoria,    Vpril    17.���An   extensive
T. I ...   '-
'   Paclfic  """  tion are already thinking hard  along
"���'  ate  win,is . on the line ots curing a mccessor to Mr.
the coast. Rain has fallen i.i Ca      >o  g( . ,,,,���,,.
Krank   Q.   Morley.   I        -,:������;���:
pings   from   British
the Poor La'   -
ing   paupers   to  C M      M
was Instructed b>  the board to bring
itter i" the at a ol Blr Wil
frid Laurier. The pi
ing that the con :
ferred to the mlnlstei of the it.
The superintend) nt of Immlgi I   n
W. D. Scott, wrote on April 12. thai
the complaint had been sent to the
high commissioner :- London. The
board of trade folli ��� I the i
. no up, ! :��� bi cui li g 'lie co-operation
of Dr. Sheard, mi hi dth offlcei.
who  says  ihat   the a-viva!  ol
or Indigent Immigrants In Torn::'    is
- bi rious.
Mr.  Morley  tod i      ecelved  a letter
from  Dr. Sheard  I it nl thing a
��� : of eleven i . who
have applied as I
maintenance,  ch e   city
since July I,  1906.  Thi
numl er of ats I
whn have
ess  than  threi   months in Toi���
onto, ii- 359. A hire,    aumber of imnii-
���   - dailj  Infest tl ������ casual ward ol
the Hou f Indus!      iver snd abovi
those  included  in  tl
Mr.   Morb-y   sa.'..-   that thi
will, if necessary,    follow  this
itter up to the hi.-l: commissioner's
office in London.
Entries for the  Temple of  Fame  Honors   Are   Numerous.
The Temple of Fain, entertainment
���-I ' ���- given in St. Patrick's hall next
Thursday evening and for which preparations have been in progress for a
long time past proi:.:-- j to I"- of a
most unique charactei and one of the
Inti resting evi -  given in    New
Wi stn Inster.  Thi v. ho  are to
diffe .  ��� rs who
wlll appeal to the Goddess of Fame
have taken great pains both ln the
preparation of their costumes and ap.
A  glance  over the subjoin!
lis!  of        Ie    Bhould be sufficient
te whal   thi   enti      Inment   wlll
Goddess    of Fame  (who    hears all
Nothing so unsatisfactory to work with as
poor tools. Every mechanic knows this.
We carry the best
makes and our stock is
well assorted.
Special Showing of
ll   Will   1"
��� season.
Exceptional Values - Unequalled Assortment
at the prices mention
At 12 1-2 Cents Per Yard
���j.",   pines of  fancy  colored muslins  lu   pleasing   dl   i-
:,.  |. iter goods, and colon are fast, s special ll
At 15 Cents Per Yard
New  lines of colored  spot muslins,  print-,    oaln
ducks,  fane)   ginghams, eto.
See our Bhow window for other values.
Give us a call in our
new office. We can
interest you.
278 Columbia   Street.
Real   Estate   Brokers.
Telephone   170:
Peoples'   Warden���I..   Tho :.
Rector's W irden���S. J. Pearl e.
Si cn tarj -treasurer���J.  J.  Johi
Rector's  Resignation,
Tb.. rectoi  tendeied 1 latlon
��� hat he wish' I to gain
experlenci   in thi   world and Its
'.vays by working i
-..::.   He . ...
In  and  his grea     ovi   :      S     ;'
ind   Its  people.  The  resignation   was compe,ltors and .,wanls the Crown)���
regretfully accepted and the congrega-   Mjss  NI   MilHchamp.
Isabella, Qui i ���   of Spain  (the most
distinguished   woman of her   d i
Miss E. Matthias.
Queen Ellzabi th (well-known In
English  history)   Miss  M.   Mills.
Empress Josephine (the ambitloui
and loving wife of Napoleon)���Mrs,
 bridge:.   ���Tlanigan   (slightly   Irishl ���
Other votes of thanks were passed  Mrs, Nicholson.
and   replied  to  as  follows:     To  Jos.      -loan of Arc (the Shepherd Warrior
New Fog Alarm. Burr for his faithful  work as custo- Mald(  of Orleans)���Miss is.    Winte-
Nanaimo,    April  16.���Harbormaster man of the church, to which Mr. Purr mute.
Knarston  lias  been  advised  thai   the replied; to the superintendent of   the      Hypatla (Chas. Klngsley's celebrated
foe alarm to be placed on Protection  Sunday school, to which F. P. Maxwell
Island  will arrive ihis week and  will   replied; to the choir, to which F. John-
be  Immediately  Installed.  The alarm ston  replied;   and    to the    secretary
will l.e in the form of an automatic treasurer, J. J. Johnston, to which that
ringing bell. gentleman replied in  his usual hum-
 0                                 | orous and happy style.
Young Ladies Take Charge.
The meeting adjourned with the
benediction pronounced by the rector.
The young bulbs of the church then
took charge of affairs and served refreshments and assisied In making an
hour  pass  very   pleasantly,
Every man 'who  is  a  good   dresser   will
enjoy looking over the new Shirts this season.
We are showing the
select from the output of
Star Brand, Tooke Bros.. Crescent Brand, \V. G. & R. Brand.
All the styles are exclusively confined to us.
50c,  75c,  $1.00,  $1.25,  $1.50 to   $2.50
Now is the time to get first choice, and the best time of all tc select your
Spring and Summer Shirt.
DeBeck, clothier!
and in Northern Alberta while from
Southern Alberta to Manitoba, the
'-��� ather i ���  line and warm.
Fori ca I -   for 36 lean - ending 5 p.
m,  Wednesday on the   Lower Mainland:   Light to moderate  winds, generally  fair and  warm during the day.
������ o���������	
Votes of Thanks.
A vote of ih,inks was passed In acknowledgment of the faithful services
of the  rector to which  he replied.
A vote of thanks to the Ladles' Aid
was replied to by Mrs. Levar,
Tin- Beaver arrived down from up
nver points this afternoon with the
following passengers: li. J, McLeod,
Miss McKenzle, .1. Hill, of Chllllwack;
John Israel, Mrs. and Mr. Caddel, Mrs.;
Patterson, Miss McDonald, G. Ven-
netta of Whonnock; G, ll. Turner.
Mi and Mrs, Slmock, Rev. Wilkson,
Rev, ll. Wilson and James Burnet!
of Langley,
Dave Walker's home on Sixih Btreel
was the scene last nighl of tin- marriage   of   ills   brother,   Albert   Wa',  "i
and Mis:, P. A. Simpson, both of whom
are residents of the    litt1" town   of
Ladner. The ceremony was performed
Rev. W. II. Barraclough    In   the
��� .see or a few of the friends of the
contracting parties. The bride was at-
tended by Hub. Miss Ellen Walker,
daughter of the bouse, while .1. Walker a brother of the happy bridegroom
acted iii the capacity of best mnn. D.
Walker gave the bride away. The cou-
1 le will make their home In Ladner.
Report of Bit]  Deal.
City of Mexico, Mex��� April 17. tl le
again reported thai the i lectrlc street
lines of this cltj have been sold to
the Oreai Canadian Llghl and Power
company here which Is reported to
have bough! the controlling Interests
of Wehner, Ball & Co., for eight mil
Ilon  dollars gold.
Poundkeeper  Resigns.
It. O, Patterson who lately resigned from the police force lo accept tin
position  of poundkeeper has  resigned
from the latter position. Mr. Patterson's action i.i in consetpienco of a
dispute over the Impounding of cni'le
In  which  he  was  nol   upheld     by  bis
Tide Table   Fraser River
For Week Ending Apr)
1 22
ll. IB
Wednesday    '
Sunday   |
Is 111
Monday     j    n._7
(U2    o\u
17.49    2.8
Tuesday    -    1.26
7.54    7.:i
| 12.23
is.:,::    3.6
Wednesday   .     2.16
8.61 | 7.1
|   9.3
19.66    4.0
Thursday    ..     3.00
9.89    6.1
11 58
20.62 | 4.0
Friday    |   8.87
10.16    6.2
21.42 | 5.1
Saturday   ...    4.08
in.L'l | 4.5
22.25    5.7
11.07    3.1
1 17.32
28.04    6.1
character I���Miss C. Brett.
Pattl (the world's greatest singer)���
Miss E. Dauphlnee.
Harriet li. Stowe and Topsy (of
Uncle Tom's Cabin fame)���Mrs. A.
E. Stephenson.
Martha Washington (wife of the
Father of America)���Mrs, ('. F. Tup-
Xautlppe (the celebrated Scold, wife
of   Socrates)���Miss  .1.   Marshall.
Pocohontas (distinguished Indian
Chief's daughter)���MIsb It, McDonald.
Miriam and her maids I sister of
Moses)     Mrs.  A. ll. Stevens.
Rosa Bonheur (greal animal paint-
en    Miss ii. Hardman.
.losiali Allen's Wife I who will speak
for herself)    Miss A, Dean.
Florence Nightingale (nurse In the
Crimean Wan    Miss K. Hardman,
Portia (one of Shakespeare's fines!
characters)���Miss M. Sutherland.
Helen of Troy (Grecian Princess)���
Miss M. McKane.
Cleopatra   (distinguished   Egyptian
Queen)     Miss  L.  Watson.
Mother (we all know and love her)
Mrs.  W, .1.  Sipprell.
Jeptha's Daughter (the sacrificed
Jewish Maiden) -Miss k. Woodward.
C ida    ("Our  Bome,    God   BlesB
Her")���Miss M. Hardman.
Tabiiia Primrose (Komlkal Karak-
i. ii    Miss L, Davis.
Grace Darling (the daring life saver)
Miss  V.   Ilenibroiigb.
Harrlel Hosmer (famous sculptor)���
Miss I  Kelly.
Cash   deposite   Secures   this.      Elisabeth-Browing    (exquisite   English poetess)-   Miss L. Atkinson.
Maggie Mucklebacktt  tScotish
wifei   Mrs. \v. Cummlni  .
Laura  Secord  Canadian heroli '
1812)    Miss  M. Cruikshanks
Mrs. Partington and Ike (a writer
of repute, "paragorically   speaking")
Mi.-s   Killiiimi .
Oirl of Twenty-flrsl Century (as she
is siippos.il to in- 100 years hence)
Miss E. Chamberlain.
Goddess Awards the Crown to thi
One Deemed Mosl  Worthy.
Chorus���Coil Save the King."
I Pianist, Mrs.  A.  J.  Brace.)
Additional assistants and attendants,
bugler, page, heralds, guards, maids
and chorus children���seventy persons  In  all,
Is This What
You Want?
and get particulars
Fine corner with stone wall;
fine view; 6 roomed house.
This is a property that will
grow into money quickly.
Rents for $15.00 per month.
The   Sll��.-r  Lining.
The situation is seldom quite as bad
as It might be. Happy Is the spirit
that recognl7.es this truth and takes
comfort to Itself In thc thought of what
Is spared. The Irishman whose tale of
calamity is related In the Birmingham
(England) Post belongs to this choice
class of fortuuntcH.
Cassldy had Just been injured in n
"Poor b'yt" exclaimed o'llara consolingly, ""lis I.nigh luck to have yer
band blowed oft."
"Ochl     Faith,   It   might   have   been
wor e," replied russiiiy. "Suppose OI'd
hnd me week's wages lu It at the
3 Lots all cleared; Chicken Houi e
and run; 6 roomed dwelling, with
bathroom, pantry and washroom.
On car line.
4. I WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone So.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   Iron   work,   including
Fences, Gates, Ktro kiscapes, etc.
and correspondence in-
Mail orders
New Wesl minster. f. o.
Pulverised  DUnnond.
According to the Mohammedans of
southern India, pulverized diamond is
the least painful, the must active and
the most certain of all poisons. According to "Wilke's History," the powder of diamonds is kept ou band (by
the wealthy only presumably! as a last
resource. But a belief In the poisonous character of the diamond also ox-1
Isted ln Italy In the sixteenth een
Yellow Ffvf-p.
There is a  marked i Hilarity about
yellow fever which distinguishes It
from most epidemics. It is essentially
a disease of a hot clliiinte, and il takes
ii certain amount and duration of heat
to awaken it to life, lt is snld that It
can never prevail where Indian corn
Will not ripen.
.... CALL ON ....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, - - - B. C.
$350.00      !
cash down secures new house
on Columbia Street near approach to the bridge.
Enquire at Once.
f.J Kart & Co., Ltd.
Tin-   POOV   Poets.
"Poets are born, sir," said the bard
to the editor.
"Yes, I know they weren't batched
from duck eggs," answered Ihe editor.
"Hut the Question Is,'Why are Ihey
born'/"���Cleveland  Leader.
Suitable for Easti r 1
Old Hens and Chicks, I andy
Eggs, Baskets, Etc.
Complete Line of Candies and
Fruits, Nuts, Kigs and Dates.
Ice Cream, all Flavors, 0
We are Also Carrying a Complete Stock of
Ramsay Bros., Biscuits
Columbia Street
Next II ��� Tram Office.
buvs a -Hi-acre farm at
Hall's Prairie. Rich sou,
good stream of water; on
the proposed route oi Uie
Seattle - Vancouver electa
railway and 3-4 mile fromto
,N. R.'; 1-2 mile from pog
office, church and school. 1-
acres under cultivation; J*
acre in asparagus: 600 rnu-
barb plants and quantities oi
small fruit.   New two-storey
house, barn, sheds, etc.
Malins, Coulthard J Co.
Financial, Insurance & R<'a' Eb    '
Agents.       id. ww.      wi
������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������*****���
j Electric Railway Service |
Sappho (Grecian character* Miss Q,
Mother Qoose (of nursery rhyme
fame) Miss B. Breen,
Media (distinguished prima donna)
Miss E, McCrossan.
Barbara Prhftche (of American
pioneer days)���Miss J, Fisher,
Entices wiu.irii (world's temperance leader)���Miss it. Tupoer,      B
Daaponess tgohig about going good) I ��s.   Here you have
-   Mrs.  A.   P,   llallid.iy. | gossip.
iinnii'ii iii-r Reformed,
Mamma Why did you pray that God
should stop your sister from telling
stories? Smnll Son Because she promised nie she wouldn't tell that I took
tlie cakes, and she did tell.
There  are   more
talkers  than  tlilnk-
the Bolntlon of
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars   for    Vancouver  and   way
Btations at -.oil ana u.bu n.m,.
and every hour thereafter between s a.m. and XI p.m.
Half-hour cars from lzm. to V
Cars leave Vancouver tor Westminster at same hours,
Last ear Hulurday nt 11 p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
li.UU n.ni. to LU.XU p.m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and 'I nnd li and 7.
30   Minute
Service   during ��
malnder na Hay.   'ITanstBI ���'
half-hourlj '"���"
and  1" I1-
Sunday   Service
tween  s  a.  m
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line-lb ����""
vice, except  between
'>, nnd
111 nti'l
, and i. djjnnr***
Sunday Service
tween S n.m-
m  I'1"'
British Columbia Electric Ry- Co,V^


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