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The Daily News Apr 7, 1906

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 ' -c-
���v        '
SI2215^NTS m WEEK.
Revolutionists Prepare to Wipe Out Russian Monarchy
Victoria April 7.   Since yesterday an ocean low bar-
mometer area has spread inland across this province to the
Rockies, it has caused rain on the coast, the Lower .Mainland and in Cariboo and fresh to strong westerly winds on
the strait of Juan de Fuca. The weather remains fair and
mild in Alberta.
Forecasts  ending  5  p. m. Sunday on the Lower
Leads in Movement  and  Declares That Thousands Mainland: (^dually clearing, and colder at night
Of  Men   in   the Army   are   Ready   to  Take  Part
In   the   Uprising.
Victim of Cruel Tyranny Who Has Price on  His Head
Sew York. ,Ajirii 7.�����eme   inside
in  connect ion   with   the   new   re-
oearj  movement in Russia were
. .-! ���rimes reporter yesterday by
> ol Hs chief agents <who   for  ihe
this i vu\ with credentials from the with a constitutional assemblj and s
Russian military revolutionists,    com- constitution.    Now we will    nol  slop
pose, largely ol officers and men from short of a n public On thai poinl there
the army and navy, from tin- League i- c plete unanlmltj  among all the
of Leagues, ami the Russian Peasant revolutlonarj bodies who now for the
party, for the purpose ,,f raising funds flrsl  time are  working  harmoniously
. ������ tin  weeks bas been in hiding in  to  render  effective  the  new  Russian together through a central committee.
Ie dtj  with a price of $60,000 rou- revolution, in ihis he will be aided by     "The underground propaganda   and
.-   on   his   head   laid   by   the   Czar's   Nicholas  Tehalkoffsky,   who  is  known Work  of reorganization  is  progressing
eminent as the "Father of the Russian Revolu- satisfactorily  in everj  part of Russia
Although   only   86   years   old.   tliis  tion," and by .Maxim Gorky the writer and in many oilier countries Including  wint
. in, who for the presenl appears as who has been the soul of   the move- ihis ami when we sel the Bag of free-
van   Naroduy.   has   made   Russian   re-  ment.                                                               . dom  next   fall   we  will  have  behind  It
lolutlonary history for the lasi  seven-      It  is largely  on ihe repn senta'ions men   with   weapons   in   hand   in   suffi-
-n  years  under half a dozen  differ  of .Narodny   ihat  Corky,    who ls due dent  numbers lo make victory assur-
Andrew    C.    Fields    Returns   to
York  to  Challenge   His
New   Objects  to  Vigilance  of   Local   Official
But  Registers Objection  in
Wrong  Place.
New     Voi I,.    April    6.���Andrew     C Joseph      Yoiinghoui I.     tin
Fields,  former legislative agent    for commercial   traveler from
ile   Mutual   Life Insuranci   Coi pany, was  in  ihe city  yesterdaj
who  returned   last   nighl   from  Call- ihe  clothing   merchants  ol
(ni Ilia
Mosl   of
the   cltj
.'  names.
Family  Murdered.
He was lhe leader of ihe Cronstadl
-mt; last October and was head m
In-  provisional     republic,   which,     tin-
nown to the outside -world, existed
.ii the Baltic  proviivt-s    during    the
���   weeks In  November and  Decern
asl until it was snuffed in an org?
��� i.loud and excesses by the Cossacks
. '. i    killed    Nardny's    -wife and  two
ren and burned his home.
ll was ihen that the price was BBl  on
Narodny's head. Prior to that be   had
tour years in lhe fortress of St.
and St. Paul, the baatile of   the
i .- capital.
Strong Revolutionary Movement.
s-.ii>-  'he Allan-  ed. Russia wil] be free.
here nexl week, is
Rebels Will Sweep Country.
"Our nexl move," said H. l.arodny,
in speaking to the reporter: "Will be
more far reaching and entirely differ
em from any of ihe movements that
have preceded il There have been little
revolts, bul this will be an armed revolution. The revolts that have gone
before have bee,, more or less local in "
nature and generally Btarted by some
party or organization. This movement
Will  sweep the country  and   will  have
behind it eve,-y organization working
for  separate  reform.  Its  ultimate goal
will be not a constitutional monarchy,
inn a republic.
Sympathy in the Army.
Here Is a peculiar thing," continued M. Narodyn. "In the coming revolu
tlon we place most ot our chief reliance on ilo- army. If we could not do
so an armed uprising would bc a folly. Hui the army is more prone lo
start revolution than almosl any pnrt
I know ihe
army very well lot 1 have been in Intimate touch with it for many years.
a majority of the officers und the
men iu practicallj every infantry and
ariiik-ry regiment in St. Petersburg
and in Northern Russia are in sympathy wiib our movement now, and oth-
Where   he   remain! !   thi    pasl were made aware of  ihat   fact   wil bin
gave out a statemenl at Dobbs a remarkably   short    time from   the
Perry   today    through    llis    physician, dale of his arrival, and before lhe sun
Dr. .ludson. In which hi   said he never had   risen  lo  its  fullest   height   certain
gave   a   bribe   in   Ills  career;   that   he provincial officials were also aware of
was  prepared     to   vindicate    himself the  fact.
completely;   that  he Intended to tell'    Joe, like the real  of ihe drummer
the   whole   truth,   and   that    he   has fraternity  labors  under  ��   license  fee
saved   the   Mutual   hundreds  of   thou    when   In   Hrliisli   Columbia,
sands  of  dollars.
Fields declares that
cerning   the   House   of
buny  are malicious lie
but   accompanying    him  wus  an    assistant
he Moths con-   whose duty  It  Is to puck and  unpack
Mirth   at    Al; goods,     and   ocriissionalh      help   lhe
ind  that   he   worthy     Joe   lo   round   up   the    nier-
Losers Struggle Gamely in the Rear All Along the Count
And Several of Them Collapse at the Finish
Of the Hopeless Struggle.
London.  April  7.    The (trd  annual* three  Quarterj  irom thi   rtarl   Gam*
lioal    race   betWMn   crows   represent    bridge  iih'.ulv   had  tha  race   -ell     Iii
ing  the universities of Oxford    and band wiih ��� lead ol ovei iwo lengths.
Cambridge was rowed today over the  The Oxford boat al thai si.me of the
usual course from PutnSJ  to Morllako  rftCt   ��M rolling badly.
on ibe Thames, a distance of a little     siiouh  afterwards ths Oxford men
over   lour  and  a  half miles, and  was  spurted  a  little and took  tbell   rivals
won by Cambridge by three and a halt watei  bul from lhal lime on li  waa
lengths after an exciting race. Time merely a procession though the Oxford
in minutes, 24 seconds. oarsmen stuck to theli work In a moBl
Collapse at Finish. persevertns manner.
Cambridge  look   the  lead   from   the Winners Finish Easily.
star! ami was never In the slightest     Cambridge shol  bj  Barnes itridge,
doubl or danger of being overhauled.! a l'"1'' "v''r three and a half miles
The oxford men struggled gamely to fr""1 ""' "art, ahem five lengths In
thi   end  bill   the  work   was  so punish- f,"nl   Of   'I"'   Oxford   bOal     some   of
ing  thai   several  of Ihem  collapsed  at whose oarBmen were showing evident
the finish. signs   of   distress.   Cambridge     could
Seldom   has   the   weather   been     so have practically won hy any-  distanco
perfect    for   the   great    English     'boat 'hei    lilted    hul   their   stroke   slowed
race.  The day  was bright  and  sunny, ,lmvn  ""  nearlng the finish  and ihey
the wind was very light, the waler wns passed  the final mail,  the easiest    of
smooth,  and   there     was   very     littlp winners
choice   in the   stations.    Riuirniiius!   Today's Oxford-Cambridge boat race
crowds   thronged     all   parts     of     the' was   the   sixty third   contest   between
course. crews  of  the  two  greal   English  unl-
! versifies.  Since   1863 the races  have
Steadily   Gain.
Oxford  won the toss and chose tho
Surrey side.   Tlie  iwo  boats got  away
nearly ai 2.03 p .in. Cambridge struck
lhe water Hist, pulling 28 strokes dining the llrsi minute to ihe Oxford's 27.
The nose of lhe Cambridge bout ulilek
 I   ...   :-,.     . lice, who demanded his license, where   ly   showed  In  from   and    al   the half
upon be explained thai in  was mere, mile point Cambridge was half a length
Ij an assistant to Mr. Youngheart, and  '" ''"' R��od, The leaders were rowing
been held annually. Betwc
never bad any business relations wilh   Chants lit   the sample room.    This us-
Andrew    Hamilton.    The  contingent slsl""' ran f""1 of the provincial po
satisfactorily  explain' d.
ment   Mr.  Fields says:
in his state
Narodny who, despite his youth,
te   ot   the  most   Impressive llgiires
I'nderground Russia,"    comes   to sanitation
will  he won over before fall. The
Nothing  Short of  Republic. ,in|v   uncertain   elenienl     ls  the    Cos-
"That   is   tin-   programme.     A     few   sacks and lhe crack cavalry regiments
month.-,   ago   many   of    the   liberal   or-   ot the guards, Hut even the lult
would have been satisfied  been reached by our propaganda
William N.  Campbell Instantly Killed While at Work in
Lumber  Camp on Burrard Inlet Opposite Port Moody.
"All of these trustees of lhe Mutual
who are now pointing the linger of
BCorn at me are aware of all I was doing In connection wllh legislative
work for lhe Mutual, and whin thej
say that lhey were Ignorant of the
character of my work they an- saying
what   Is  untrue.
"I am here to challenge them in
ever] such statemenl they may make
or have made I don't propose .that
the men associated with me in the
Mutual shall destroy my reputation to
further their own private ends.    1 am
  prepared  lo tell   lhe truth, no  matter
P.  R. Officials Make Arrangements   whom   it   may   hurt,    be  hi
With  Civic  Committee to  Have      , M*b ~ ,n*'���"
Hydrant Installed.
ihat   the   latter   held   the   neceBsarj
paper.    This did not  look good to the
police official, but after considerable
discussion the niatter was dropped.
The   asBitanl then reported
chief,   whereupon   the   indignant   Joe.
hied   himself   io   the   ciiy   hal,   where
he asked for the license Inspector, Being informed that the gentlemen was
out at ihat time he informed ihe clerk
lhal    lie   Wished   ��   message   delivered
to ihe Inspector, to ihe effect,  that
the latter was troubled with foolishness, whereupon he turned upon Ills'
heel   and   walked   out.   wilhout   Ihrow
loaltlon '"K l"" ""-x """'' valuable hints
Joseph     should   have    gone  lo
to I heir slrokes.
bad  to a  full length     before
Slops,  about   %   of  a   mile  from
n IS2!�� Ihu
year of the first aquatic contett between these universities ami Dior) Ox-
i ford won ;)4 ami Cambridge '.'7 limes.
The   race   iu   IS77   resulted  in  a   dead
1 heat, last year Oxford won hy three
lengths, rowing lhe course from Putney in Mortlake iu 20 minutes 36 seconds.
Al   the   outset   this  season     Oxford
In lovely style and wllh perfecl  finish:
l-hev  increased their   J*"  r8��"ded   "K  hi"",u    '""
Graven ''h"l,rP "f winning, her oarsmen being
.      superior   in   weigh!   and   phvsique   .o
������  ���i.       -      ����� h..i a.i.i   Cam'  **    '"'   <'"��">"'"="���   Uter   however.
bridge drew awav ,���, every stroke       ^"v",',ll ���������>���� '" ">" Oxford s . ��
were Incapacitated and In the betting
Oxford   Boat   Rolls.
\t Hammersmith bridge, a mile
yesterday   Cambridge  was  ihe  favor
and  it'
Empress Leaves Yokohama. I assistant,  as  the  city   license  Inspec
Ed.   C.onlel,   local   agent   for   the   C.I      Montreal. April   7.-���The Empress of   l"1'  has  nothing  whatever  to .In  with
It., ami T. Btewart  C P. H. build-   China lefl   Yokohama    for Vancouver
provincial   police   with   his   objections
r"'i ning the man who h.id up his Nine Firm* in the Pittsburg District Sign Agreement With
  ing   inspector,   had   B   conference   yes-
���.,,��� ,        . , t, i        J terday   with   the   water   committee  of
"illi.uii  Norman  Campbell, a form-'conducted an  Inquest  this morning at
et  ..side,,, ���f this city, was killed In- Port Moody and was assisted by Chief  ""'  ,'l,-v   council   ,""1   nlai1''    Wrange-
Btantly   at   Robert's   lumber  camp   on Constable  Spain  and  Chief Mcintosh,  ments to be Supplied wilh ciiy water.
rard    Inlel    Immediately   opposite The  verdlot,  after    due    deliberation     Hitherto    the    company's    engines
Purl   Moody   last   evening.     He     was was "Accidental death." have     ,-eeelved     their
'���'������  he rolling tier on a large ��� o������-���
which  had  become stuck  In some QUIETLY  MARRIED.
and was endeavoring to gel  ll on 	
j tlon.
of   Ihe   license   fee   in
have    received    their    water    supply
from Westminster Junction. The press
of traffic and the vast increase of the
skid   when   the  huge  log  sud-  Thomas Dunn  and  Miss Freda  Quinn' company's   business   make   il   an   Im-
!'"l>   gave  way  and   rolled    ou  hlm        0f Vancouver Surprise  Friends.        poaibillty  to  go  so  far  for  waler.   A
When  pretty  Miss Freda Quinn left   hydrant   Is   to   be   placed  as  soon   as
at  1052   Pender| possible ln the vicinity of the round
The    early   trip   which   Uie    trains
killing him instantly.
The  deceased   was   well  and   fuvur- the   parental   home
known In this city aud was one street   this  morning,  she  did  not   in-
'���   Bre laddies prior to the big tire f,,,-,,, h< r lather, Mr. F. ,1. Quinn where
:   I89S, when Captain Ackerman, now Bhe was going nor what she was going
' the Georgia,  was  captain    of the to do. she tripped    gaily    along   the\a<���> '" make "' Millside In the morn-
rlgade. s,,.,���.,   .������,   ������,,   her  |0V9r>    Thomas In* and extra service during the day
Mr.  Campbell  was   u   most   capable Dunn, secretary to the Vancouver col-j have caused during the pasl two years
"uberman   and   during   bis   life   time lector of  customs  and   together     they   .,���  aotual   Increase of  business io lhe
run Beveral large camps   or bis boarded the New Westminster Inter- ,.vl,,riI ,,r |lriy ,,,,,. ,.,,,,
"A"      He   had   only   heen   tor   a   few urban  car  and   were  safely  carried  to1	
" ' '"������ connected with Robert's lum-lthe Royal City.
'"'  camp.  He was  connected    both     Mr. Dunn had in his pocket a mar-
"ith the local Masonic and the Orange! riage licence and a plain gold ring al-
Of   the   latter  lodge   he     was ready adjusted  to  Miss  Freda's  hand.
1   rid    Grand    Master.    Both    the Together they climbed the hill  past
Uasona .md  the Orangemen, it   Is ex- the Roman Catholic church and even-
'""'I. Will assist in the funeral rites.' tually reached the home of Rev. J. S.
The deceased  who    wan about   ���!"> Henderson. They stayed there a few
' 'T of age served his time with the minute nnd   when they left  they  were
'       Highlanders  in  his  younger one In the *yes of the law. Word wai, u ^ victoria
a��M and on leaving the army married immediately sent to Papa Quinn ��"'' [ 0in.tion  is to
Miss   Eleanor   Johnson,   daughter     of the  bride and bridegroom left, on lhe1
,h' caretaker of the local Orange hall flrsl train tor Seattle where they will
who survives her husband, In company enjoy their honeymoon. They will even-
Mine Workers Union-  Railway Employees Ordered to Report For Work
PittSbUrgt,   I'll..   April   7.���Willi  only  agree I
one Idle mine controlled by lhe Pitts-
burg  Coal   compnny   in   the   Pittsburg      Shamokin
dlstricl, lhe disruption  of lhe "sliind-
pat" organisation of the Independents
lbe demands of the  miners
Pa., April 7    a number
of Pennsylvania   railroad   employees
who were laid off I Ills week owing lo
the Suspension  of mining  were today
Per  Hour on Their
Men Accept an   Increase of One Cent Reactionary   Official   Meets   Death   on
Main Street in Town of lilsl   n,*ht'  l""1   B   '"vali   '"   thfl  r��"liK! ordered   lo  report   for duty  next   Hon
or   the  strikers   in   ihe   lowiin   fields, day,
far as the bliu-: The miners believe thai this is an
Indication that the operatorB Intend
making some move which wlll cimso
President Mitchell to order the" men
io return to work.
 o  <������
Winnipeg, Man.
railway strike was
April 7��� The street
declared off at noon
e to reoeiVean advance of one cent  an hour, They  bail
asked   for  two cents.
There is no arbitration clause or recognition of the union Inserted in the
, agreement.
Real   Estate  Men   Meet.
The local  real estate agents met   In
Trunk   Lines   Cut   Rates.
.New York, April 7.���The Journal of
Commerce   says:    In   order   lo   pul     a
Tver.    Province    of    Tver,    Russia,
April 7.    While the governor of Tver.
m. Sleptioff, was passing through the
principal Btreet of the town today he
was   killed     by   Ihe   explosion     of   a
Oovernor Blepttoft was regarded as
a ver\ reactionary official and was held
responsible   for   lhe   healings  iidmiiils
I (ered to the Intelllgenola by the "black-
hundreds" lasi  full.
the  hoard  of  trade  rooms  last   night.
for the discission of routine business,I sU"'  ,0  Ulc  constantly   Increasing  In-
and With the objoci of organizing the   roads of the tiulf and Canadian rouloa
one son, about 12 years or age.
Stipendiary   Magistrate  Pittendrigh
tually   return
10-14   Melville
their  new  homo
si reel,  Vancouver.
association upon a basis laid down by
the property holders of Vieloria. Tho
object In adopting the constitution of
Property   Holders   asso
secure uniformity, and
to  uiaJie  generally    satisfactory    the1 lvc   fr,l!1>   i'hiladolpbla
on  Import   traffic  the trunk  Hues  yesterday   decided   to   make   Home   very
radical    cuts  on    import    commodity
| rales.  Those cut  rales  will   he  effect
lo Baltimore
business  relations of the members of: April III   and   from     New   York     on
the local  association. April 12.
Other matters being thoroughly dii> 0_^	
cussed,  the   meeting  adjourned,   until
Passenger Steamer
Held Up By Pirates
Tuesday evening, al M o'clock, when
the election of officers will take place.
Among those present were: H. T.
Thrift who presided, and Messrs. Hart,
Eastman, Turnbull, Kerr, Vidal,
Baachus, Mark, McLeod, and (Ireame.
""Il     Kong.   April   '
s   "i   April g held
-Chinese  plr- The boats  were riddled with  bl ts.
���   three pass- '  was divested of my clothing, cash
eager h.,o    r and  surgical   Instruments.   I   have  re-
Shul ,,   T n mile8 tWm 3aD ported the matter   to the America* The prlnoJp(_ portfollos nrc
������,    '      f:"   "'"" ( '"""�� ��"" '���""""'' consul  a.   Canton."
' -��� Charles H.  linger, an Amerl-      Dr.   Hager  and  his  wife  reside    In  ..\ndrassy   and   Francis
';'" missionary. Hong Kong. They are Congregational-  ���	
'  an   interview     here   today     Dr. IstS and under the orders of the Am-
^Jfcr said: "Our boat and two Others erlcan   board   of   commissioners   for
anchored off (l village on    the forelgu missions,
fiver   when   they   were   aliiiul- ��������
New Cabinet Formed.
Vienna, April  7.���A  Hungarian  cabinet  has  been   formed  under the  premiership   of   Dr.   Alexander   Wokerle.
held   by-
Count Albert  Appnlnyl,  Count. Julius  rl
Andraasy   and   Francis   Kossuth.
Trade  Increases.
London, April 7.���-The March statemenl  of the board of trade shows Increase of 121)426,000 In  imports, and
J1/,2oi,:ioo In exports,
I ung
l"|""sl'   attacked  at   night   by  forty      Algeclras,    April 7.-The
.^"* armed with maimer rifles. They convention was signed  this afternoon  denly   during
llt ����� ami narrowly missed me. and the conference adjourned
Sir V. Y. Kebals Dead.
London, April 7.���Sir V. Y. Kebals,
president of the Royal Society of llrl-
Moroccan  tlsh Artists, since INKS, died here aud-
the  night    of    heart
Arrives With Refugees.
New York, April 7.���The steamer
Rugla which before the war between
Russia oad Juan, carried Russian
I roups from Vladivostok to Odessa* nr-
ved here today with 6u0 Russian refugees among her passengers.
Completes Contract.
W.  a.  Gilley completed    hla iiiie
driving  contract   for  Mr.   Cousins    of
Hievesion yesterday and the work of
 cling   ihe   cannery   hulldlngH     will
now he rushed along as rapidly us possible. The compnny wlll be hereafter
known un the Greal West Cunning
Company. The pile driver and crew j
arc expected back to New Weslnilnsler
tomorrow, and next week will commence on their new contract of driving the foundation piles for additions
lo the Small (i lliicklln buildings on
ibe miners' strike
inlniious coal fields of Western Pennsylvania are concerned is practically
Following lusi night's action of the
Independents   in   dissolving     the   mu W()|.k on Rc8ervoir.
tual compact not to sign the scale ot    .|.W(,nlv    tT|(,���   .,���,, ,,  ���������,,���,,.   ���f
1808. announcement was made Unlay {mmi. m)i ,������,,,,,,, ���,,���.,, ,��� _ Hpt.w|V
hy the oniclals or the Mine Workers' (,|in|iiI(||(in ^ ,,,��� ,���,���,.,������, Tho
unioiMhal nine Hrms bad pis I thdr1 h(|||.   |g  |M|||n.  |)|(. ,���,,���.,������,  ,lf  Wln,
names to ths agreement. Among those B(Jo| ,(M(| |ii|m j^k8ri> wh��� 1U(, rusn.
Signing   we,.,   the   I'ltlshlllg      llulTiilo1 ,,,���i,i���,
.    ;   ng   tie     oh   a una    wl.    rcuiui kablQ
co mv.  producing   UOOO.OQO and  tlio,"IK ���'
Carnegie   Coal   compnny,   11011.000.   All >�������     T "cavntlon   for   lhe   new
ths  companies   represent   B   total     Of  reservoir   Is   almost   completed,   and
nearlj 3,000,000 tons and employ 5,0001 When Bnished the water will be turn-
""'"��� ed from the old to the new reservoir,
During the pasl  week Ihey have bail .
,I while Hie former Is ihorougbly clean-
Ihelr  mines cleiired   and   repaired  and
work will be resumed on Monday.      ! ""���   " - "lN" ���*��� ""���''"��"�� ��> rnjBe
  ! the Old  reservoir two feet, which will
South   McAllister,   Indian  Territory,  give nn additional capacity of 500,000
April     7.-Th(>       McAlllsler-dalveston
Coal  COUpany, a small  producer near
Wllh  tin
present line  weather, the
here,  signed   I he  union   scale  yeslor
entire   Job
will  he completed  at  a
day, being Ihe lirst   In this section to
very early
Big Business by Wire.
Washington, D. C, April 7.���Alaskan
cubic and telegniph tolls paid tb the
Unite! Stages government In March
aggregated, 114,600 and exceeded1 the
receipts for finy previous month,'"'
Oil Works Destroyed.
Casper, Wyo., April 7.���Snow melt
lag In the foot hills combined wllh
the heavy fall of moisture during the
past ten days, hns caused unprecedented damage In Central Wyoming.
Thc llelgo American O llconipany is
lhe principal loser. Its groat -oil receiver, situated on the Little Hope
river has been completely destroyd
and luti.UOO barrlB of oil lost. The
Belgo-American compuny has sustained other losses which wlll bring the
dairiage high into the thousands.
Strikers Put Price
On Engineers9 Heads
Paris, April 7.���The (laulois today: Another live horse was round but
sayB thnt the striking miners in the no more living men have been rescu-
coal regions of the Pas de Calais are ed.
reported to have placed a price on The Indignation of the population
the heads of the engineers of the Coor- against tho mine managers and en-
riers mines where the recent great, dls- glneers increasea.
aster occurred and to have designated The striking miners are eomparn-
���bose who are to assassinate them, tively calm though numerous sma 1
ned and I depredations continue to be reported.
The numbers of strikers are diminishing in some sections and dlsorder-
I ens France ApriT7.���Eleven morel ly bands who crossed the Belgian fron-
bodles ' were brought up from thej tier were forced back by Belgian gen-
Courrlers mine. I darmes.
Tlie engineers have been wan
have adopted extreme precautions.
is the Home of the World Famed Slater Shoe
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Ratepayers Will Be Asked to Vote on Questionof $10,000
Addition to Central School���Medical  Health
Officer Complains of Indifference.
Several matters of general Interesti dairies under his personla supervls-
cuine before the council in commit- Ion, subject to such examinations,
tee last night, chief among which and tests as he may see lit to im-
iviis a communication from the seen- pose. lie and Alderman Garrett were
tary ot the school board, incorporat- Instructed to Investigate as to the
ing the sum of 110,01
F.omises to Return to Faithful in Zion
With Gold and Parch-
Pr^nlilenl   of   Flrnt   Company   Made
"Daring"   _t_pert_i��nt.
Gas had as much difficulty In making
Its way in New York city apparently
as did the steel framed Bkrscraper. in
each case it required a man who bad
Chicago, April 6.���The Daily News
today says that John Alexander
Dowie   has   announced   in   a   private
hardly to be considered a stupendous
failure.     Land     which   had   eosi     him
less than 1250 an acre he bad never
sold at less than $3,000 an acre, and
some as high  as $12,	
Concerning   the   charges of   polygamous  teachings   Dr.   Dowie  stated
thai in none or his literature publish- _[C courage of his convictions to prove|
ed was .here any support of this doc-' ij,.,t jt Was safe, but when once it was
nine. He said he was a sincere shown that tbe benefits were greater
monogamist, and bad nol content- than the dangers gas and skyscrapers
platetl Introducing polygamy Into his
Mexican colonies.
Nothing,   he   said,   could   keep   him
took their places as necessities. In the
ras.- of the skyscraper tbe designer had
to convince the owner, who had become somewhat fearful of the success
of bis venture because of the com- ,
will  return to /.ion City late Mon-   >'���<!   or  other   chaises  which   had   not   _mu of __, friends, l,y signing a leaso
the slkbiesi basis in fact.
Incorporat- Instructed   to  Investigate
in the school  probable cosl of Intsalllng the appar- of parchment upon which are written
telegram   to  one  of   his   deacons   thai    Irom   going  to  Chica'.'n  to  face crlmi
day night  and "perform a  miracle.
He promises, among oilier things,
to bring to the "faithful" in Zion
$10, ,000 in gold and
Beveral Bcrol
Market   Quotations,
sterday's   market   prlcei
estimates  tor   the  const met ion  q
new wing to the Central school. This l!
proposition places the ciiy in a very
embarrassing position, owing to the
heavy financial difficulties under
which the council is now laboring.
According to the act, ii will be necessary   to  submit   the  proposal to  the
itus,  and  io  report   on  the  same
next   meeting  nl'  the  council.
Second Hand Goods.
Alderman Davies, chairman   of the
lighl   committee  submitted   a   reporl
from   tie-  city   electrician     regarding
the purchase of a number of trans
it   the   live   books   of   Moses.
in the message, which was sent
from the City of Mexico. Dowie declared thai  he is "now greater 'ban
hi    ever   was  believed   to  be."
Dowie's alleged domestic tyranny
was laid hare before Jail overseers.
i Iders,     deacons,    deaconesses      and
people in the form of a by-law, which formers.   The electrician stated thai
it   carried,     will   mean   an     extra  as- he   could   obtain   second   hand   trans-
Bossmont   of  6   mills  or  the  sale  of formers al  about  one-third the price teachers  al  a  meeting in  the    Zlon
debentures to the amount  ot money "f "if aew ones, and that  he would  University building last night. Nearly
required by the board.   On motion it ^commend the purchase-ot the same. eyerj, offlce_ _, ^ c)m|.cli .1(1(1|.,,SM,(,
was   decided   to   submit   the   proposal Acting   upon   the   suggestion   ol    His
lo Hie people within thirty- days, but Worship, Alderman Davies moved thai
it is thought  by  the majority of the ""-  electrician  be  permitted   to  pur-   ">'"'"���   '""���"iiissjon
that   the   affair   will   not   bo cn
the   meeting,  which   lasted   five   hours
Yesterdays  market   prices  wen;
Beet���Hind quarters, 6@9c
pound; fore quarter, 6@6 Vic
Mutton���12c  per  pound.
Veal- 10c per pound.
Pork���9@9%c   per   pound.
Potatoes   9(0 9%c per pound.
Carrots���Per ton, $8.
Turnips-   Per  sack. 76c.
Parsnips-���Per sack, 75c,
Beets���Per sack, 7.jc.
Mangolds���Per ton, %*.
Onions���Per sack, $l.r,u
Hay���Per ton, $111.
Eggs���Per do/.., 25c.
passed by popular vote, owing to thu
condition of the city treasury nt present, unless the rate payers are willing to submit to the additional as^
cessment of 5 mills, which is cone
sldered unlikely.
Sanitary   Improvements,
Five thousand dollars Is also incorporated in the school estimates
for sanitary improvements to tho
schools, and this measure, while looked upon as something of a burden at
the present time, did nol meet with
any opposition at the hands of the
councilman. A regrettable part of the
affair lasi night was thc tact that
neither the secretary nor any of tha
members of the school board weru
present to consult wilh the council,
ihey  evidently  preferring to shoulder
the responsibility of the movement on
the council.
the old transformers, Carried.
Mrs.   Jane  Dowie,   wife  of  the   de-,
'posed   "lirst   apostle,"   told   in   detail'
Lacrosse Club's  Request. Dowie's    conduct toward  her    during
Alderman Garrett stated that he had  the  past two years.    At  the close of
been approached by the Lacrosse club,  her   recital   the  officers  were  called
who   asked   that,   the   council   refund   upon   to  decide  by   vote  whether  the.
Bow Emela-iatloni  Orl��l_��t��.
"Halloo"   and   "hurrah,"   which   are
among  the exclamations  in  common I occupies the site.
I for au offlce  on  the top  iloor  for a
long term of years.   In the case ol' gas,
although it bad been used in lxindon
and   other  American  cities  before  it
as  was introduced into .New York, Samuel Leggett, the president of the com-
pei   pauy that proposed to bring the much
feared Lllumlnant Into use here, had to
j prove  its  harmlessness   in   ids own
house.    This was in lN2a\
Ilia heroism attracted a good deal of
attention and proved to he a guod advertisement, for hundreds if not thousands of persons  visited  Uie house lo
see tin- lllumlnant which was said to be
[ bo imu'h better than candles nnd llsh
oil lamps. Tbe house was In the up-
(dwii fashionable quarter of the city,
jn Cherry hill. It was at 7 Cherry'
street, only n few doors below the big,
siiuare franklin House. In which Pres
Idcut Washington lived when New
York was the capital, and near thc celebrated Cherry gardens. It was a nar
row, three story and attic brick struc-
. ture with two dormer windows. An
! abutment of the Brooklyn bridge now
IB. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturers and Dealer* in All Kinds of
Lumber,   I~ath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,   Doors,
Interior Finish,    Turned Work,    Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy^Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.,
Telephone 12. New Westminster.
nse, can be traced to curious origins.
The author of "The queen's English"
tella un that the people of Camwood
adopted    by     the    overseers; foregt> Leicestershire, when they wish I about   having   tin
ihc   sum   of   $37.50,  the   same  being course
one-half the amount expended on the should    be  carried  out.    Only    one _, hail any one at a distance call out I tbelr houses.
care of the grounds last year.    Later vote   was  tacking  to  make  approval not "halloo," but "halloup."    This, he J have some om
it developed that tho counclljiad paid unanimous.   One   official   asked   for takes  it,  ls  a  survival  of tho times I ment, however
Stories of the explosive character of
gaa had spread without the aid of a
press   agent,   and   persons   hesitated
pipes  run  through
v   were  willing  to
make the cxperl-
. eiirlous enough to
$75   to lbe park ranger for the   care further  time to consider  the matter
ol  the grounds, and that up to date  before placing himself on record,
nothing  had  been  paid  by  the club.
The proposition originally    was, that her husband's alleged efforts to eon-
Ihe   club   should   contribute   $75   for   vert   her   to  the  Idea   of  plural   mar-
this   purpose,   and   that   the   council  riuge.    ll was to further his plans for
Would   be   responsible   for   the   work,   polygamy,  she  declared,  that  he    de-
This    amount  was  paid  out    of  the  veloped    the    "Paradise     Plantation"
! treasury, and now the club comes for-  project to be carried out in Mexico.
ward asking that they be only obliged
to   pay   one-hall'  of  lhe  amount,  and
asking    ihe city to stand    the other
hall',    ll   was   pointed  out   lhal   since
He- club had Ihe free use of the park
grounds,    and   lhal   the     Agricultural
Socletj   had   granted  tin-  club  $1,100
when one cried to another "A lotip! A j visit the house of the venturesome one
loup!" or, as we- should say, "A wolf! j to see  what happened.    For the time
vi,      Howie  Mdaiod   ii   :|���- meotiiig -k-Wott!"   "Hurrah," according to high   being all roads ln the evening seemed
h  authority, ls derived from the Slavonic   to lead to Mr. Leggctfs house. (Iroups
"huraj," "to paradise," a battle cry
which voiced the prevailing belief that
all soldiers who fell ln the fight went
straight tip to paradise. - Tearson's
Dowie   Leaves   Mexico.
Mexico City, April li.���John Alex-
inder Dowie left here wilh bis party
last   night   tor Chicago, where he will
last  season for exhibition games thai   confront   the  local   leaders  who  have
disowned him.    Dr. Dowle was in good
An Err For an Are.
"Mr. Speaker," said tbe congressman, "I have tried vainly to catch your
eye and"���
"Sit down!" thundered the speaker.
"I have tried vainly to catch your 'aye'
several times when it yvas needed."���
Philadelphia Ledger.
So Tllrr no.
"Some men are born great."   Yes, bnt
tin-   grounds,    Tha received many telegrams or loyal as- gracious, how some ot them do shrinkt torloty in his drawing room, saw faces
did nol care to stand ihis ex- nurancea from England and the t nit- -LondonTit-Bits. 1 peering In at hlm from the outer dark
mil   yel   il   did  not   like to stint   "'I   Stales  and   oilers  of  financial   aid 	
...... , ,     ,   if n.Miiiii.,1 The  highest   compact  we
club  in   any   way,  but   several   ol   '���  requirea.
members thought thai the propo-      n"' trouble, he said, came to a ell
max  as  ti  result   In   pail   of  his   Mexi
Health Officer Ignored.
in the report or the Health Officer,
Dr.  DeWolf Smith, the laxity of the, U  waa scarcely fair to ask the conn
se I  board  came  in   for   further ills-   ""   to  hear   the  additional   expense  or   health   and   spirits,   lie   had.   he   said,
cusslon, ami no lit tn- criticism on .he   taking   car,-   of  the   grounde,
pan of the members ot the council, count
It    seems   Ihat   the   health   officer    in   I'""*1'-;-  ������ n���.  ,,;,���������    .,���,���.,   ,.,.  ,,,���   ,���.,,,���
the   pursuit   Ot  his  duties  lS  expected    he   club  in   any   way,    ������   several   Ol   \.    ''        ' wlt���  0���r  Wlow  _\ ������  ,���ere be truth
to Inspect  sanitary conditions al the the members thought thai the propo-      rhe trouble, h^said, camefo acli- ^^ __ fl)r(lvermorp   Bmergoo,
schools, but he nol wishing to step in ""'on  should  be laid  aside  r,.,-  thi
where he  was  not   wanted,  wrote the   "me  being,  and  accordingly this was can   undertakings.    His  wife  and  son
board   twice   suggesting  thai   he   In- ""'����  and Alderman Garrett was re agreed  with  those  who made objeo
sped     conditions     al      tile     schools, 'quested to inform the club Of the nc- 'ions.     He    added   that   his  son.    al-
Up-to-date      no     response    had   been   Lion  taken  by  the council. though  nol  a  had  man. did  not  walk
received     and    consequently he   Bid     The estimates were considered, bul "> his lather's ways.   He said that his
not Iceliustincd in visiting the schools ""'    "'"'"-il    being unable    to    pass followers thought he was going to die.
under Hie circumstances. He had also Anally upon them, the various com- and, in tact, seemed a little sorry
spoken    to   Trustees Crelghton   and  mittees are ft!  present  unable to re-��� that he did not.   He ridiculed tho idea
Cunningham regarding this inspection.  l>��><   anything  but   "progress." that   those   he   had   appointed   could,
but they had shown very little interest Tenders wore to have been sufrj dismiss- him. who,had appointed them.
in ihe'matter and consequently he milled for Iho construction of the He warmly refuted the charge that
considered himself still further justi- Carnarvon Btreet bridge, but no bids he had been extravagant and de-
lied iii avoiding the schools ln the w""' Placed before the council owing elated that ho owned today the ma-
performance ot his duties as health "' the inability or the contractors to lorlty ot shares In the Zion City
officer. I "'"um (Shot
The health officer also recommend
ol thai the council adopt the provin
oinl   regulations  of the  sanitary  act
gathered outside ln the darkened street
to wltnesB the process of "lighting up."
Many a couple from the other fashion
able quarter, State street and thc foot
of Broadway, gave up the evening walk
along the Battery to wend their way
up Pearl street ln the moonlight to 7
Cherry street to see the novelty. There
were enger visitors from surrounding
towns. Mr. Leggett was not averse to
showing people how much better gas
was than any other form of lllumluaiit
by taking them through tlie bouse.
This fact, becoming known throughout the city, added to tlie number or
visitors, and not Infrequently when
Mr. Leggett, basking In tlie light of no-
*J:V.*KM   1
__%_#V       -.' '-->���.
Do you need a Set
r nn      .1  O We guarantee to fit you
or Refund Your Money
ness he would go tn the door and In-
Vlte ibose Without to come In. It was
several years before the prejudice
against gas could be altogether wiped
out.- New York Tribune.,
of    shares   In   the   Zion
Hank  and  Ihat    when  the    accounts
were adjusted he would have a good-
Higher Pay for Laborers. . Iv  |ml.inc.e to his credit.
The same conditions exist in obtain-      He then    took  up the    charge of
Ing city laborers, and Superintendant   tyranny, and  remarked  that, like all
Furniss who was present at the meet- business  employers,  he  did   not  and,
ing,    recommended    that     the    city would not tolerate incompetency. He'
grunt an increase to $2.50 per day for had been charged with injustice, but
common    laborers in the hope    that  ho said he had during  the  last  two:
some men might bo obtained. Thirty-  years    from    his  own    personal   relive  or  forty  men  can   be used  now,1 sources  made  gifts  to his  people again! steady work is assured, and yet gragatlng  $200,000.     lt   was   said   he
the   city   ls   unable   to   obtain   any�� was  extravagant,   when   he  had   not
thing like the number of men desired, drawn  from Zlon City's funds $1,000
Acting upon lhe recommcndalion of during  the  past  six  months,  but  on
with regard to the drainage, and
plumbing systems installed throughout the city, particularly in the case
of new buildings. The provincial act
provides that all plumbing shall be
.subject to the approval of the health
officer, and that the work must be
done in accordance with the plans and
Milk  Tests.
Quarters   In   the   city   hall   will   be Mr. Furniss, ll was moved that he be the   contrary   had   loaned   Zion   City
provided for the health officer, and a allowed to advertise for men Immed-1 from  outside  resources  $10,00(1.
room    ln   the  upper   portion    of the lately, all applications ffeing made to      Dowle then took up the charges of
building will  be provided  for the in- hlm  personally.                                        ' mismanagement  brought against him,
stallation  ol  the milk  testing appar- No  olhor    business   being    before and stated that the creation of assels
atus  to   lit  used   by   Ihe officer,   who the     council,   Ihe   meeting     was   ad-  over and above all liabilities of twenty
will     place   the   product   ol  all     the Journed.                                                     .million    dollars   in   four  years    was
'Phone 101
Reichenbach Company
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Meat Dealers
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We have on sale for the benefit of
our Customers the Primest, Tenderest
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Columbia Street, New Westminster.
A Full Set of Teeth
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Lost Teeth Restored by Artificial Substitutes.
Bridge Work is the most durable of all Dental Work.
Bridge Work is 22k.   Guaranteed for 10 years- ^
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The Daily News
**���  m_��'��  y.i<_-��..  ot o,,.,,,i.,���
��� ail    lie..    II    I.    Ifn.HT..!
I.et a docen or twenty persons take
hold of hands ln a rtn~ Nn.-' la to
pmaa the hand of bit right hauil neigh-
bor as soon as he risi'tves a pressure
from the left. One person starts tin
pressor* going nnd nt the Rami- Instant
observes the position of the second
band of a watch. The pressure passes
all around tlie circle, and when It ar
rives at tbe originator be antes Iiow
many   seconds   were   required   for   tbe
��riv i'ii Dumber of persons iii success	
lo receive an impression and make ui
tbelr minds to act In resp -use Tin
total lime Ik Ihen ft,  hj   the mini
ber of persons, ihis t, .. crude lllua
tratlon of the reaction time which wi
measure with great accuracy on ��� . ���
As ihe mental portion of the reaction
time becomes inure complicated thi
tune  becomes  longer.    For  example
tlie processes of mental discrimination
und choice require times of llieir own
The way we gel these "higher" mental
processes can bc Illustrated In a shn
pie way A person placed In a quiet
room is ui tap a teleirrnph key even
tine he sees n red light, which can Is
produced   at   the   will   of   the   expert
master in the recording room    The in
lerval of time tvetween tbe actual ap
penrui.ee of the light nnd the moment
the key is tapped It nccurntely mens
ured Fur awhile nothing hut tlie red
light Is used, lhis to obtain the slmpli
reactlCd time. Then rod nnd yellow
lights are turned on In Irregular sue
cession. The person bus now to ills
criminate   between  two colors  and   u
choose between action and nonaction
The Increase of tlnm required over tin
simple    renctlon   time   gives   the   ilis
crimination time for two colors,   in an
other set or experiments three colon nn
uSSd, then four colors. As the discrlin
inntlon uml cholee liei-oine more com
plicated more time is required,
Tin- importance of rank) snd necurati
reaction and discrimination ts evident
Astronomers have difficulty In record
Ing the moment nt which a stnr pass,-
a line In the telescope. The sports
mnu must pull the trigger in just tin
proper moment. Tbe fool hull player,
the fencer nnd the lioxer nre brained
In rapidity of discrimination sitd reuc
tlon. It ts very evident thnt n plnyei
or a pugilist who takes n loug time
for discrimination, choice nnd volition
will give a decided ndviiiiiage to a
quick opponent   - Forum.
Every one loves power, even If hi
does nol know what to do with It.
Always have distinguished friends
Never have fools for friends. They are
of no use.
To govern men you musl either excel
them In tlielr accomplishments or de
spise them.
To rule men we must lie men. Oui
wisdom must be concealed under folly
and our Constancy under caprice.
Next to knowing when lo seize an op
portunity the most Important thing in
life is to know when to forego an nil
The divine right of kings may have
been a plea for feeble tyrants, but tin
divine right of governmenl is tlie key
stone nf human progress.
Talk to women as much as you can
This is the way to gain fluency, because you need not care what you say
and had better not be sensible.
'rr.ni.inl.1    With    Whirl,    a    Bo4y    ta
4  lj|n.4   tO    l��r   ilMTr.
When the life of a Mohammedan Is
"hhlng a WSJ a distinguished render of
tbe Koran Is summoned to recite aloud
Its chapter on tbe resurrection, so that
the spirit of the person, on hearing It,
may have an easy dentil. The Mohammedan believes that the vital principles of the whole system are coneen-
tratisl In the head, when death Is the
result    The  watchers at  the bedside
also  read  some passages',  and   then   a
lr in u .-r sherbet  li given to the  pn
tlent to lessen ilie pangs of death As
soon as Hie spark of lile has Bed,  the
two great toes are u<si together with
a  thiii   strip  of  cloth,  the  mouth   is
closed, snd Incense Is burned i r the
The Interment  follows a few bouts
after death. Tbs "washers" are men
and women who wash and shroud ihe
body aud dig n bole 111 the enrlli to
hold tha water, so that It cannot spread
very much, as it is considered unlucky
to tread on this water, The Washing li
a   griilt   eei-etiHiny.  nnd  when   tiiilsheil ,
the body is shrouded with even more
ceremony,  if there is a widow ef ths
deceased, she returns the dowry her
liusbinid bad given her. If tbe dis-eas
isl's mother Is present, she says, "Tho
milk with which 1 SUCkled thee I freely
bestow u|K)ii thee." Thus she rwlgns
Ihe debl of tbe deceased to her. When
(lowers hnve heen placed on the tiisly
It is cnarled to the grave on a bier or.
If Ihe relatives csn afford it. lu n coffin At the grave four creeds are re
dted, and the body, with the head to
the north and the face looking toward
Mecca, Is laid on lis hack In Its tomb.
The grave Is about seven fee! long for
both sexes, but tbe depth for a man Is
measured by the distance between his
feet nnd chest; for a woman, between
ber feet and waist. If the body is too
long for the grave, It is believed that
the deceased must have been a great
Before the body is covered the alo
liiiniincdau takes a little earth and,
throwing It Into the grave, says, "We
created you of earth, and we return
you to the earth, and we shall raise
you out Of the earth 00 the day of COSUr
reel ion." Then a mound Is tuillt lo
keep the earth ln the grave from crush
Ing lhe body, nnd water is sprinkled
on it in three lines. Special prayers for
the safe voyage of Ihe deceased nre of
fered after the bnrliil. As tn the ease
of a Hindoo funeral, tbe poor are not
forgotten, both remembering the needy |
' by distributing money, salt, rice and
wheat among them after the funeral.
\__m__ j
Royal Bank   B. C. Monumental Works Dress in Reason
of Canada
Bank of
Porated   by   act 'ot   parliament
[    ITl'M.  (All paid tp)...S14,UW),UuO
'���'   Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal,  ac.M.C,...Hon  President
���'"'��� Sir c. a. Urummond, president
'������  s-  Houston,  Vice  President  and
General "Manager.
.   '"'>"ial    hanking    business    trans-
������' ted.
: t'Ii-s in all the principal cities
Y panada, in |.ondoii, Kng., New
- ' ' Chicago, and St. Jonn, Mid.,
��i!rhi'"''"s'")n'1(,"ts ln al> Puns of the
Savings Bank Dept.
G- D.  Brymner,  Manager.
M*S. R. G. HILL,
Teacher of the German
Language   and   Piano.
rman Conservatory Method.
Capital $3,000,000.    Reserve $3,437,162
Total Assets ��.l>,!lf3,3/t>.
Branches   ami    correspondents    in
alt  the principal  cltieB ot the world.
General banking business transacted.
'U opens an account.   Interest added
mlf yearly.
Collections made at lowest rates.
)pen   Saturday   nights   trom a to 9
F. B.  Lyle, Manager.
Belyea & Co.
General Hauling nnd Delivery.
Heavy Hauling uur specallty.
Wood and Coal
Columbia St., below Tram Office.
Telephone lbt).
JAMES   McKAY,   Proprietor.
Importer and manufacturer of
The latest Mitchell's raanion plates
have arrived.
So have our spring stock or high-
class suitings.
,,    . . , n      .,     ,, . Also   worsteds,   serges,   Broadcloth
Marble and Granite Monuments, ����" r��"> -���""^
' i     In fact we can supply all your sar-
Headstones, i torlal ^
J, N, Aitchison,
Thrj    Didn't   I'lnj-.
A monster political pnrade was held
iu Philadelphia during one of the cam
paigns. It was headed by a band of
thirty-five discoursing stirring march
Ing tunes. The leader of the band
had contracted In advance lo supply
Unit many players, but when be came
to count noses he found eight missing.
It did not take him long to decide what
tO do. After some hustling he secured
eight men. not one of whom could play
a note of music, and decked them oul
in the regulation hand uniform. He
placed Instruments nnd music In their
hands and paraded the full number.
"Did tbey piny7" was asked. "Yes,"
said the band leader, "but not music.
1 put a cork In each of the eight Instru
nu'tit" "       r ���    __
Vinegar is  fatal  to  many  kinds of
bacteria.   v"' r'-'a(J lllut (,urltlK '-c''
great plague In Loudon a couple earned
fabulous sums ln nursing the wealthy
and that their own means of defense
was swathing the lower part of tlie
face with cloths dipped hi strong vinegar. Rome oue says, "My grandmother used a gargle of salt nnd pepper
with vinegar for all us children, and
she didn't have to go to a sanitary club
to learn It." True, no doubt, a timely
though utterly empirical use of thai
gargle has saved uinuy lives.���St. Isolds
���Jlobe-I lamnerat- 	
That was both n kind and a wise man
��� who, when about to marry for the second time, settled $10,000 upon his unmarried daughter,    "i should like to
have her go on living at home." he snld,
"but who can tell whether she and her
stepmother will be harmonious and
qnlto happy together? She shall feel
that she Is free to go or stay."    The
consequence was mutally happy rein
tlons, since both women knew then-
was no dependence or necessity for
them to live In closer relations than
might prove agreeable.
Thr  Praam* I lurk.
Since the middle of the fifteenth century the illy of Prague bus possessed
a  remarkable clodk,  lhe machinery of
which is most complicated.   The dial,
which is between six nnd eight foot :
across, lias a number of hands. Which
mark   not  only   lhe   minutes   and   the I
hours, but nlso the days, months, years
and   centuries,    Of this  clock   a   poet
tells ns:
At the left of Iho dial a skeleton stands.
And ninft hangs a musical bell in the
tOWl i.
Which In- rings hy B rope Unit hi- hot.Is In
his hands
In his punctual function ut striking the
nut   Ihc   funniest  sight of  lhe   numerous j
Which   Ihe   clerk   has  to  show   to   the
people In-low i
Is thc holy apostles, in tunics and tights.
Who rrvolvu In a ring or proceed  In n
Wondrrs   tlmnt   Skin  I'orea.
Each square Inch of the human skin
contains no less than It.Mill sweating
tubes, or perspiration pores. Each of
these tubes, although wonderfully ml-
inile, Is about olio fourth of an inch In
length. Each of these sweat tubes may
be likened to a liny ilrnlntile. We find
that lhe average adult has about ��.1XK>
square Inches of skin on ihe surface of
his body. Each square Inch of this
outer cuticle Is. as we have said, literally permeated wllh its 8,000 quarter
Inch perspiration ditches. If we could
put cadi of these little tubes end to
end we would Unci that tbey would attend a distance of not less than 301,100
feet. Had you ever before stopped to
consider the fact that the aggregate
length of the tile ditches for draining
the human body is almost forty miles?
gfhll��-mann's l.nek.
It Is told of Sehllcninnn, the exhumer I
of burled cities of the ancient world, \
tbnt lie was .pursued by 111 luck lu llis
earlier Undertakings,     Mentioning the !
fact to a friend, the latter nsked hlm
Which h'g nnd arm be lirst Inserted 111
trousers   and   coal.    Schllenutun   said
he habitually Inserted (he right.   "Thai j
Is the cause of your misfortunes." said
bis   friend.     "You   have   offended   Ihe
left  hand   fairies,   aud   Ihey   take out
their vengeance on you.    Reverse your !
halilt  and   see."     "And,"   snld   Rchlle   I
maim lu telling the Incident lu his later j
and prosperous years, "you see how it
changed my luck."
Nicotian*   Afllnls.
Nicotians nlllnis, the border llower,
which opens about li o'clock and gives
t powerful and pleasant frugrnnee during the nlghl, takes Its name from the
botanical term for the tobacco plnnt.
nicotians, which was named ln honor
nf John Nlcot of Nlsnies, ambassador
from the king of France to Portugal,
who procured the tlrsl seeds from a
Dutchman, who hnd them from Florida.
Tablets, Tombstones, Etc
Write for prices.
New  Westminster,  B. C.
Still Doing Business at the uiu Stand.
j Merchant Tailor
twmwm��ww*m��mmmmm ....... a���it
Columbia Street.
Westminster Iron Works
Ornamental   iron 'Worn,  including
Fences, Gates, Flro'Escapes, etc.
Mall'orders and correspondence invited.
Full line or English, BCOtCO and Irish JOWN'WiEID,
tweeds nnd worsteds ulwuys in Stock ; aSamtt>m*mmistt>
Spring stock now In.    Mnke your bkjuikt s*K��,_,i.
selection. ' "N** .Westminster. f. U. 474.
Thr   l)i> ���>��� I mint   Air.
As through nu opera runs the rhythm
! of one dominant air, so through men's
lives there rings a dominant note, soft
lu youth, strong In manhood and sofl
again In old age. But It Is always there,
and, whether soft In the gentler periods
or strong amid tlie noise of the perl
hellon, lt dominates always and gives
its tone to the whole life.
HU  Plans,
"Did the architect carry out your
"Guess he must have. I haven't been
able to find nny of them about the
house."   Cleveland Leader.
Wl"      Ar��    I* Ir.l.    II... 11.      llnrk
��nd     Sr.    |||r,u      ,���     __mj     , ,.,.(
WMMT-Whj   u���... N,.Hrl%   XIJ ,.or.
plr HI.,..,,,,,. ,.���,.������������. p,,,,,,,.,!,,,
In summi weather ladies, and men.
too, when posall li ,.,,,, white Why!
To keep cool, of  |   ,., | ��� ,11 S11J. '
If this be ao why, theu, are nlmosl all
the creatures thai || , |B arctii regions
clothed  in  white     The usual   n ilj   is '
thai  the white ., io   In t.,.  ,  ,i ,. tlvo
Ptirposi a        ordi |UUke
them Invisible to Un ii enemies u the
midst ot thi waste
But consldi i   again  is th -. teasouu
ble?   From whi Iocs the p ilar hear
need to hide l{�� i ... h ,,.,,, ,,��� ,���
fear. And ns for n;e |m,|, wh.li li as.
simie n white plumage when ihej migrate north, sin-eiv the) also have far
fewer foes |��� the polar regions than
when farther south
Again. If while he ��� ,.,K,| ,.���;,,. tlM��� ,���
surely aimlhei reason sgslnsl the inhabitants of tbe coldest regions turning
white nt thc SpprSSSb of niun-i It la
Ulsy to ���tieng1lu.il (his Hrnuuii-nt Vlalt
the tropics, nnd timi will find hardly
nny white iiiilumls or hlnla In the very
hntttist regions of the glnbe i���.i only I*
limn. a. a rule. I.lnck. but tls- hnd" anil
hensis nre either \ert dark or else ex
treinelj brilliant In color Of tropical
hints the commonest colors run ns follow* ��� Brows dink u i and dark blue.
emerald green  r. iis md fellows
Speaking ol th* birds tgsln, why is It
that   land  birds iir.   mosth   dart  hniHl
while so many s,.��� birdl arc white
Here Is another color pni7.li'    Almost
nil song birds Bre somber In hoe while
the brlghtl] colored species, inch as the
Jnys. the parrots nnd birds of paradise,
hnve naturally linrsh voiced
The colors of Bowen and leaven offer
numbers of Interesting problems   No
one quite linens why the prevailing
tint of early spring (lowers is either
white or yellon Yellow, indeed, holds
Its own to some extent nil throng- the
summer, hut the typical color of summer  blooms Is pink, while ns Ihe SU-
tuniii advances richer crimsons, nnd nil
the rich, glowing hues of rtnhliss nnd
chrysanthemums arc seen
Horticulturists have produced popples of pretty nearly every shads under
the sun. mid with iniiin other flowers
they seem utile tu alter lhe colors al-
mosi as they please Yet the bine rose,
ths black tulip nnd the green cnrnnllon
seem ns fnr off ns ever they were in
spite of Constant  effort]  to arrive at
them. Nearly three centuries ngo
Dutch gardeners Imagined themselves
on the verge of Inventing n blnrk tulip.
The colors of lhe blossom of fruit
trees are limited In while, pink, bright
scarlet and purple. The reason nn oue
knows. Nor In It clear why nearly all
plants with purple blossoms have poisonous properties l'lie deadly nightshade Is nn Instance which wlll be
familiar to nil country renders.
lt used, to be snld nnd many siiii
Imagine that Intensity of color depends
upon Intensity or light The brilliancy
of a tropical landscape seems In seme
measure   to   hear   this   mil.     Hul   any
amount of arguments may be deduced
against  it.    Rubles, opals and other
exquisitely colored gems lire dug from
the depths of lhe earth.
The rnys of the sun hnve never
touched them. The pulp of some fruits
Is more richly tinted thin the outer
rind, while 11 rlmsoii blood of animals Is hidden frnm the lighl What
could lie more rich nud magnificent in
color than tlie wings of many ninths?
Yet these are all night flying ncnlures.
Speaking of mollis, il seems odd that
then' is no blue moth, Very lew show
even a touch or Ipol of bine The colorings of butterflies presenl iniiuy problems, for there si-cms no order nr method In their hues nnd markings, and n
strange point Is the ahsnliUe difference
In these points between spis-ii>s other-
Wile closely allied.
Why do autumn leaves (urn yellow!
Here Is a i|iiestli)ii which Is more easily answerer! than soma thai bava already been Suggested. Tbe popular,
reply Is, "The frnst does It" This Is
only partly correct If a really hard
frost were to happen early In nulumn
there would lie no Uni" "' ajl. All the
leaves would turn htnwn al once. The
really gorgeous colors are produced by
a slow and gradual fall <>f icinperalure.
Of course, Without bin much wind or
rain. The cold causes a chemical ferment which attacks the cotoi- compounds ln tin II" Of the leal'.    H Is
those leaves which contain moid sugar
which   oxidize   mosl    rapidly   nnd   of
which, consequently, l *>r Becomes
most rich und brilliant
& question which Is ofteu OBkod l��.
"Why flo lobsters, shrimps and certain-
other similar shellfish turn red when
boiled?" It seems thai the bln.-K coloring matter which colors the si* H or the
lobster during lire Is un ��"u eom-
pound. We know that Iron nwl Is red.
The effect nf belling Is prn.lienlly to
turn this iron compound in ihe loostsr
sbell ton highly oxidised rnsi
The dislike of certain creatures for
certain colors Is slrniige    if 0 number
of earthworms bs placed In sn oblong
box of which one half is covered with
red'nnd the other with blue f-las-i. tbey
wlll with one accord cruwl awny from
the blue light and take refuge under
the red glnss Many other lih'hct creatures share the snme dlsltlic to blue
rays.-Tearson's Weekly.
A   Trrrllilc   WlstnW.-.
There are women who are mnnit and
Intelligent, yet  they   labor   uno*i   the
delusion thnt no man can tell them a
' Ile nnd look Ihem straighl   lo fhe eye
at the same time. -Mansfield Sews
Columbia Street.
Hla  llapplrat  Hoar.
He���Do you  remember the night I
asked  you  to  marry  me?    She���Yes,
dear.    He���For a whole hour we sat j
there and not a word did you speak. I
Ah, that was the happiest hour of my I
life!���Translated For Tales From Echo
de Tarls. 	
Pain Thronnh   l��norano��.
All our misery, all our pain, ls traceable to Ignorance and misuse of onr
forces.    Enlightenment  ls  the  sovereign cure altye for physical and moral i
Hls.-Horstio W. Dresser. 	
We never see the target n man alms
at hi life; we see only the target be
Arab Steeda aa churns.
Tbe  noble   Arabian   steed   Is  sometimes put to Ignoble uses.    A traveler
with Iconoclastic Ideas said: "You have
beard of the Arabian horse's beanty, Its
docility, its Intelligence, Its endurance.
Did  you  know  that  lt  churned   the
family butter? Among the desert tribes
when butter Is needed the milk is put
In a sheepskin bag and tied by a short j
rope to the horse's saddle.   The horse
to then urged Into a trot, snd this gait
ti kept up until the milk In the sheepskin  Is joggled  Into hotter.    A  flue,
firm, smooth butter it Is."
Joy's   recollection   Is   no   longer  ,1oy
; while sorrow's memory l�� sormw slJil.���
; By roii.
"Home, R-fe~t  Home."
"Home, Sweet Home.'' I'nyiio'x syjig,
was originally a number In.iti*. opera
1 "Clarl, the Maid of Milan," a V___>
I tlon brought out in 18_\1.    T*�� "P"'��
I was   a  failure!   and   nothing  is  uow
: known of It save the one.eoty. which
became instantly popular.    Over 1W,-
000 copies w��re sold Ib tfte Smt ye��r
of Its publication, aud tbs, auk)-In one
form   or  another  tm  ���������   ewwtnnt
ever since tbe first sppSst.-iiM* Of this
beautiful  theme.    The  melody  Is  a
Sicilian folk song and wm adapted to
ttt words by. J'aym* himself. ^    ,
SATURDAV,  A? "ll-   ..  150,
front   door  he  gets  a   view
��� ,,   ,   , ,    ....    .......       _       valley, -a and mountain.
Published liy  lhe Daily News.Publishing   Company.   Limited,   a'   their       5'���'���'���    our    prospects    ar--    bright,
_Z_2. *Z-?__+-{__-*�� I���**   hrlghter   and   surer  than   they   have
ever   been   before,   and   there   is   no
btree's. n,w Westminster, B. ('..
Editor   and   Mgr    Edward   D.   Sawyer
Advertising Rates.
Transient dlspl iy advertising, 10
tents pei line it;- pariel) 12 lines to
tbe ini li. Five -ents per line for
subsequent insertions.
Reading notices, bold face type, 20
rents per line, bre.ier or nonparlel, 10
cents per line
-eason why any cilizen should allow-
bis seal in the city's Interesl to lie
cooled  bj  sn excess of caution.
rhe changes   contemplated In   our
license law    are deserving ol   very
For   time   contracts,   special   posi-   serious consideration.    Many    a good
tlon*, apply to advertising manager.
Notices    of    births,    marriage-
deaths, 50c    Wanis, for sales, lost or
cause    has heen  wrecked bj    undue
bast.-.    H should be the aim of ���
found, rooms to let, etc., one ceni per good citizen to aid in advancing the
word.       No advertisement takeu  for , ,,       ,.  , __...__
less than K cents, 'as well as the material welfare
Paten'  or  proprietary medicine ad- of the communlt)   in  which be Uvea.
Bungarua fasciatus. ot length up U.
four feet, being black with yellow
ring- It is called the "ular Imku tebu
(sugar cane joints) by natives. There
are also sea snakes of many species
The tail of a sea suake Is flattened
and o.irlike."
B   r  wai;  hns  other  snakes:  "Of  tlie
pythons there are two s| les. Python reticulatus jrrows to an enor
mOUS size, over twenty feet. It is
very fond of pigs, but varies its diet
by various animals, including even
children. The oil of this snake is us.sl
by Malays as an embrocation foi
bruises. The oilier species of python,
Python curliis, is Interesting In that
Iu flesh tastes lite that of fowl���at
ieast. so Dyaks say, and they are authorities on snake flesh, for they eat
a number of the largo snakes,"
nayusge, '��-���"-uVe at exercise t > doe ,hf
kiugs service, & you will not suffer us
but the whiles you cutt your nelghboi-
���That oa Sonnda.e. 1 Julij, & on
Soondale _4 Juuij ult.. bee, Artbui
Peyton, aud Edward Ward, tayl.-r. did
daunce  in   the  churchyard   thereof,'1
and Richard Hulvord "plsyed upon liis
Instrument to those that nsuallla
daunce lu the churchyard theare."���
London Academy.
W. R. Gilley, 'Knone !-<:-*.
J. R. Griley, 'Ktione 1-4-t
Gilley Bros.
Dealers in
vertlsements   inserted   nl   rale  of   50
ii. giving this aid men will be guided
cents per inch per issue (display , or if ,
reading notices, .E cents per lino per bj theli convictions. Bul opinions
Issue. No deviation from this rate for |)recBda ,-onvinions and as opinion -
teim contract a.
dlffi .   so  much  on   many  Import ml
Fiuslni -s office	
Manager's residence
SATURDAY,   APRIL  7.   1306.
questions    there  must   be  an    Inter-
.! change of views before men can  lrs��
.,. j ;    ��� i factor)    conclusions,    Men
agree as to the existence oi an evil,
thej  may be agreed In the di -
remove lhe evil, bul thej  maj
 , .-   n the means thai  should be era-
.,'������ ed.    In  discussing  tho ���
the public mind Is enlightened, opln-
rn- changed by the foi
OUR  hopes and    fears. .,,,,. and sound conclusions an
Among the evil effects of the   100m   ll   Is  onlj   when   enlightened   public
which   visited   this  cltj   Bom       are opinion is behind legislation
ago, om- i.s still with us,    A  burned lattei can be efflclentlj administered.
child dreads the nre. and Lhe teai of The Scotl  Acl  was, general       peak-
a  repetition of those days has made Ing, a  failure.    And   why?    Bei mse
manj ol our in-si citizens exceedingly   the public mind  has    nol    ieen  precautious    While greal i tution pared tor it in advanci
essary  when  undertaking    importanl      There is josl now a bill
work,  the result   ol which  It   is dif- Ontario legislature dealing
flcull to foresee, yel aa soon as a man  question   of  high   licen ie   op-
,ees thai  he has the situation  Blsed  ponents  of thi   bill  i intend   th
up    accurately      his    caution     and  will    concentrate  the  trade    In  the
timidity  generally give plai ��� to hope hands of the more wealthy,   alsi
and activity,    Disaster has often foi- price of liquor, force an llllcli
lowed    continued excessive    caution;   Be  in  which  "the  hob- In  the  wall"
even kings have Icon knowi        lo     will  figure as it  did  a quarte
theli  crowns bj  adopting mean   sug    enturj    ago,   introduce   chemically-
gested    bj   it.    Notwlthstai llns     he  made liquor which often Bends those
bad effects of   "boom days,'   notwith- unfortunates   afflicted    with
standing  the  disastrous  Rre   ind    he fevei  to insane asylums, and all this
dull times through winch    . t   :    i   wlthoul lessening the evil o
minster has passed since   h -         re penditure In liquor.
ood   n     tonvlnclng reasons, whj      Legislative bodies dealing  vl
this exce caution should n ������   lis   question   should   feel   reasonab
appeal Bured thai any change made
The boom of other dai - ������ i linplj In the direction of les enlng the evil
an exchange of papei titles and ol Intemperance, and should I el
monej    with   condltlom li III   dou I     issured   thai   it   does  nol   In-
ieieiii  from whal thej   u    i iv     To- crease the evil.   We are nol ex
day   we see  the evldeni t   ioltdtcj   lug out* own views al  presenl  I     oi
md   permanency   In   aev    u >     istlj  againsl  the proposed change, bul  we
isidencos rising   iii   iii   parts ol the maj say 'his much, thai any specula-
ity,   we  sec  industries  springing  up  Hon  uiih this question for the flnan-
n   every   side,   giving   us   increased clal  gain obtainable, rather than  for
circulation of money, Increased popu- the moral effects which may follow, i.-
lation and  increased  values  of  prop- nol  in line with the high ideals ol a
���erty.    We   see   tlie  surrounding   dls- respectable community.
trlci    being  cleared, brought    under     The substance of the Ontario hill i.s
cultivation   and   settled   bj   new    ar- as follows:
rivals at a rate so rapid as to cause "In cities having a population of
astonishment In a tew years at raoro than 100,000 the fees proposed
mosl. when lately we drove through ure as follows-. Tavern licenses,
miles of wild forest, we- sliai; le- :an-'$1,200; shop licenses, $1,000. In
leriiig past green fields and orchards cities spiaUer than 100,000 population
and datntj cottages, all bespeaking and larger than 30,000, tavern and
condoii nini happiness in the home "hop licenses will cosl $700. In places
and prosperity in the country. SVe ol more than 10,000 and not more
see a rush ol homeseekers from other than ::ui.iiin tin- fees tor both class of
lands drawn bete by our mild climate license is $00.   Prom 5,000 to 10,	
and by the wonderful natural re- $450, shop and tavern, From 3,000 to
sources ol our province, and a- this 5,000, I'M. Village tavern licenses
rush is only in its Infancy we cani$250. Village and shop license $270.
scarcely imagine what it shall be TownBhJp tavern license $120; town-
when ii matures. Let us then forgel ��htp simp license $200, In districts,
the mistakes and misfortunes of other except in cities, towns "and villages
days and grapple with the splendid tavern license $120. For a, shop li-
opportunities Knocking loudlj al our cense In any city, town, village, or
,l0(,i other muntclpalltj  or in unorganized
This    is  Ll -  growing  season    tor Lerrltorj  In these districts the tee Is
Canada   ��� ���    elallj   tor  Western Oan- sr,p"    For i r and wini  licenses the
mill and there is no reason wh; Mew roe 1- ihree-fourths of thai Imposed
Westmlnsi should m>i participate In tor tavern license in thi lami local
Lhe genefa   pi isperlty.    We haw no Ity,    The    Lieutenant    Oovernor    In
club to u oi      ������  -  bti have Council may Iflcrease the tees [i th
eight  thousand i pie . everj   >i  lavern and shop licenses iu districts
wh    should   form   him lelf   In o   a '" anj amount."
coniiniti. ol on ��� to ad\ tm e ll - Interesl Vn : each - tn do ��� > In his
own way Everj one may nol be able
to write an artlt le or make a Bpeech
or boh non with artlstoorats with the
object   ol   Invl  ng   attention   to   our
Bome people are simply acting nat
ural when they ure kicking.
Do the right thing by all of youi
friends, aud you haven't anything but
the core of Uie apple left.
People with real troubles do not earn
as miieli for sympathy as they do tc
have their trials an Inconspicuous as
When a man says that he has not n
friend In the town where be lives you
Can d.-peud ou It that tlie town Is not
to blame.
Don't   forget   that   your   actions   are
measured as critically all through life
as is the borrowed butter you return
to a neighbor.
With all due consideration for the
sober second thought, we notice thai
the longer we aim the mure liable W(
are to miss the mark.   Atchison Globe,
The Lucky
Coal, Lime, Brick, Sand, Cement,
Fire Brick, Fire Clay and
Crushed Rock.
Al.-o agents a. C lottery Co. sewer pipe. etc.
Local agents Vancouver Portland Cement Co.
Office, Front Street, New Westminster, B.C., Near C.P.R. Depot
'Phone lo f
barristers, solicitors, eti ot
, flees:    New Westminster, Trapi  1,'ik
comer  Clarkson and  Lome sttee'?
Vancouver, rooms 21 to 24 h 0] '
I ville street. J iseph Martin K i' i
, W. Wean. w. tl. McQuarrle H   L
Bourne.    Mr. Martin wijl  be' In thi
Westminster offices everj PVldai I
I ternoon
HOWAY.  RKlil &  BOWKS   it
ters,   solicitors,   etc.,    i     |
street,   opposite   Court    House
WestmlUBter.   J. II. Howes. 1'  (i   n ,
241. "
ITTovde's v i.,i 11, r,i i TerrOvs.
of the youthful hardships endured
by .lames Anthony Fronde a biographer says: "Conceiving thai the child
wanted spirit, Hurrell, his elder brother, once look him op by the heels and
stirred with his head the mud at the
bottom of a stream. Another time lie
threw him luto deep water out of a
boal to make him manly. But be was
uot satisfied hy inspiring physical terror. Invoking tbe aid of tbe preternatural, he taught bis brother that the
hollow behind the house was baunted
by a monstrous and malevolent phantom, to which In the plenitude of his
imagination be gave the name of Pe
ningre. Gradually the child discovered that Penlngre was an illusion and
began to suspect that other ideas of
Eturrell's might be Illusions too."
tin- Si.rl of Knlrlen They Kept In tht
Old Days in ISngiland.
A vicar, John Printer of Worle, ii
sensed in 1584 of having got so drunk
"at a Taverne in London, being tin
howse and slgne of the Bwann In ole
Kys-ii Street," that he had to be "carted
��� i hla Lodging'', or Bome other conven
tent pl.e-e. (hei being so dronck, mil
liable hym-sealf to goo"���that is. walk
II" is also charged wilh being ��� a
��� .luiiion player at Howies in thr-
churchyard of Woric (bis own parish)
and a common haunter of Tavernes
alehouses, Bearbeatlnge (baiting) and
Bul-beatinge, yen. upon tlie Sabbaoth
dales, and an usual plaior at Tables
(bacUgammoo) & I'anlcs In tlie alehouse-, ami Tavernes."
nn Sept. 23, 1021, .lohn Brock of
Dundry is presented.
"For usuallie playing of the tim's
and cudgllls in the Churchyard thean
on Sabbaoth dales aud bolie dates, as
nam.die Iiee, with others, did soe up
pon St. Marie's dale past, and twlng
reproved by the churchwarden for the
same, bee gaue him a froward answer
Is a Lucky number when
it represents an income
of 13 per cent on your
The owner of a Royal
Avenue property has ordered a quick sale, which
means that we must
move, andmove quickly.
This is a rentingprop-
oaition and its net income exceeds thirteen
per cent on price asked.
Only $500 cash required.
Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Prunes.
Peaches,  Crabs, Small Fruits of all kinds
J "     ters and solicitors, Blackle
Columbia   street,  New   Westminster
W. J. Whiteside, 11. L. Edmonds
Mil. .1. P. HAMPTON BOLE, m
����    '.or ol lhe supreme   ,,���r,  oil
Canadian   Hank   of   Comm   build.
ing, CoiiunJita street, opposite
i oiiice, New Westminster,   m mej ���,
1 loan.
Solicitor, Guichon
bin and McKenxle Stree
minster, 11. C.
Barrl ���
bleu .   C    d
Ls, Ne-  l
Ornamental trees and shrub- In greal variet;   evergreen and gold- 6
trom 2 to ������ feel    Roses, p
green, and i road leave] for bed |
.  rhododendrons,    privet,    ever-a
Catalogues tree, ,*|
D. M. Robertson & Sons
Tynehead  Nurseries.
Tnere  Is a  new  lot  of
Take, notice that the Greal West
Packing Company Limited have deposited ohms and application for the
erection of a wharf on the Fraser
River. British Columbia, on the fore-
siim ��� of Section 12 and Fractional
Section 13, Block 3, North Range 1,
Dated  at  New Westminster, B. C.,|
this 15th March, 1906.
Tenders     iddressed    o tl        mdi
' itrawa and marked on the
ipe   "Tender   tor   thi    construi
ol   a   Hydrograpbic   Steel   Twin
a   S ��� amer,"  will  be  ri i eli ���
1 ��� daj  ol Ma)  ni xt. tor ihe
construction  of  a   Steel  Twin  Screw
tor  the   Hydrograpbic    Bei
di ���   In British Columbia watei -.
Ifii ations, plana and forms ot
can bi ien at the offlce of Lhe
of the  Department  of  Marine
:   I    !';     -   loa   at    Victoria,   li.   ('.,   at
the Custom  House ai   Vancouver,  B.
i        nd al   the  llepaitmenl   here
i; ii tender must be accomp i -
by an accepted bank cheque equal to
i" per co.p. nt the whole amounl of
the tender, which will be forfeited it
the person sending the accepted tender declines to enter into a contract
wiili the Department. Cheques ac
c impanying tenders which are nm ac-
��111 I e ; etui ned immediately
aftei  a decision has been arrived at.
Newspapers copying this advi
men!  without authority from the Department will not be paid
Deputy   Minister   of   Marine   and
Iicpariment   of  Marine and  Fisheries,
Ottawa,   ILMh   March.   1906.
J. H. Todd
Deal'T in
Pianos, Organs,
Piano Players,
Columbia   Gramaphones and  Records,
Zithers, etc.
J. H. TODD, Burr Block.
Columbia Btreet.
Cu]\   nr   writ a   fnr   TirlOP.S.
Carnarvoa St., between 10th and Mclnnis.
First Class Meals at all Hairs.
English, Japanese and Chinese Styles.
From 1 5c. up.
UNION  LODGE, NO. 9. A. F. 4 A   |
���The    regular    meeting   ol
ls held on the Fit I  w i li
each   month,  al   8  o'l loi -    p   i
the   Masonic  Temple
brethren arc coi dlall   In -
tend.       Dr.  W.  A.  DeWoll  -
Si i i star; .
F.   &   A.   M.-   Regul ll    i Tuitions of this lodge ai a held oi
second Tuesday In e i n m n
Masonic Temple, at 8 p. m.
ing brethren are co
to attend.    1). W. Gil'
It.   B.   K.  of  !.,  no-i      nei ni I and
fourth Friday of each month
p.   m.,   in   Orange   ball,  i
Royal avenue and John street
jourtilng  Sir  Knightl    co  I
vited to attend.    W. E. Dunl
P.;   E. B. Matthias, Reg,
���Meets  in  Orange  h dl  I
third Friday In each i oi th a
in.   Visiting brethren an
invited to attend,    '���'.   I.
W. M.; J. Humphries. Rec-Bei
Mrs. Lizzie Chan,
Ilti* Python* Are BInoriuoiui nml Pcoti
���in 1'lim uml Children,
in the Sarawak Gazette Is an artleh
lu the Kiiakcs of i>.;o pari of Borneo
v'K the poisonous reptiles u says' "Th
city, imt ever   one can have a good   cobra   (Nnja   trlpudlans)   .-  o   blue;
word to Bay  tor    it, or he An painl   "uuke which raises its head to  itrllti
Tooke's Collars 5 Cents
White Cambric Handkerchiefs . 5 Cents
35 cent Ties (Men's) .... 15 Cents
Men's Suspenders ... 15 Cents
Men's Suits and Overcoats'. Half Price
Boys' Suits     . Half Price
Nightshirts 55 Cents
Flannelette Blankets   .     .   .    75 Cents
Business Institute
336 Hastings Street VV., Vancouver
Commercial, i'itman and (irc^g Shorthand. Telegraphy and Engineering
(Civil, Marine and Stationarvl Courses.
THE BEST of courses, the BEST of
teachers leighti and the BEST of
R. .1. Si'ROTT, B.A., Principal,
11. A. SCRIVEN, H.A., Vice-Principal.
Practical Piano Tuner
Prices Moderate
I, O. O. F���AMITY  LODGE, No. 27-
The regular meetings of thi
are held in Oddfellows' h
bla street, overs   Mond
at 8 o'clock.   Visiting brethri n i i
dially invited to at - nd    3   I
N. ti.;   W. c. Coatham, Rec Si
A. O. U. W.��� FRASER  LODGE No. 3
-Meetings the lirst and third Tuesday    in     each     month.       V'
brethren cordially invited to att ���������
Lodge room, A. O, I". W, hall  Odd
fellows'  block, Clarkson Btre    i
S. Corrlgan, recorder;   I ouie
master workman.
115,   SONS  OF   ENGLAND.  B. S-
Red Rose Degree meets Becond and
Fourth Wednesday ot cacti monto
in K. of P. Hall, Columbia SI   ��
8 p. m��� White Rose Degree, Fou U
Wednesday   In   each month.
time and  place.    Visit ins Brethren
cordially     invited.      K.   B.  Btlnco-
comb.:, Pres., H   Disney, Becretarj
-Meets the Fourth Friday In '-���
month at 8 o'clock. In the sma)
hall. Oddfellows' block. VtsltlM
brethren aro-cordially Invitisl tost
tend. J. B. Rushton, C. R.: ��� ?
Maxwell, R. S.
Foot of 4th Ave.  Cor. 16th  Street
New Westminster, ti. C.
A. O. F.���The regular meetlngi ol
this Ix)d��e are held on the BecoM
- and Fourth Tuesdays of each monO
at 8 p, m. in the Oddfellows' HaU
Visiting Brethren are cordial- tn-
vited to attend. E. C. Firth, C. R-'
V. P. Maxwell, Sec.
his fence oi his house, or plant a few
ornamental i 'ees, or fake oul a
sunup or remove an unsightly shack
and in any of these humble ways he
can provi  himself a worth} citizen,
when  irritated,  at the    ann-   tlu	
paiullng lhe hood al either sid"   if t
neck, lt spits ai Intruders and lilsse>
like a   cat,  whence ii   \t known   oi
"lllar tetloUg puss;" In snnic parts, t I i
as "ledoiig iniita hari." The word "te
dong"   In   Sarawak   i.s  apparently   ap
Cod migh!   hive made   i nicer place   plied to all large snakes which Malay
on crib than New   Westminster but  (-",'*i'1"1' <" be poisonous, and, as oui
1 Malays   are   bul   ill   acquainted   will,
he did  not, at  least   if he did we have   o���.S(, ,lIlil)ia,K, ,,���!,��� a ���������,,���,,. ot |ftrgl
nevei     seen it   though  We have    seen   but harmless forms arc design:,led hj
cities all along from ocean to ocean.  ">'�� term.   The hamadryad (Naja bun
gariisi is a brown BUatae, consldprabh
Let  the reader transporl  himself In bigger .but rarer than the cobra.   It U
I bought   to   the   home   of   some   rich; rather  Nhy,   but   when   cornered,   llkl
man,  sa^   . in  Winnipeg.    That  home   tl,(? |l,"l,''i"'  ','  ����*��� ."* 1""1'1 :l��"' �����
panda   the  hood   bei ore  striking.    It-
may  be  as   beautiful  as   wealth   can   foo(1 u (.llleaj. otlll.r Klmk(.H
make it.  hul then, where is the view'.':     "Leas   dangerous   than   these   iiaja-
A  few  hundred feet  awav  are  large   arp  u,e  V""'''N'   of   Which   tbe   urns'
coiiiinoii  species is  tne green  vlpor
luilldingB.     Checking   the   vision     and    wU1(.u n,adleH ��� k.I)(.|), ���f tW0 feet 01
giving  one  the  feelingn   of  a   caged   more.   The head is large and shaped
bird.     With longing    he*, I  the visitor1 llk" "" BC<* of ^l""1���-   T1,i' '���'''"ture ll
a  tree snake and  vory  sluggish.   Tin.
would    yearn to gc   back    to New '.-.garus'are. of soveruLsoocles, one
Westminster    where    sitting at    his
They Won't Last Forever.
These prices will be the
Talk of the Town.
All kinds of Ship repair
Ship and Scow   Building
a specialty.
Estimates   promptly furnished.
124 tliilitli St., New Westminster, B.C.
Transfer Co.
Office���Tram  Depot
Columbia Sst.
Ilaggnge delivered    promptly to any
part of tho city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Office 'Phone 1S5.       Darn t'none 137
In   New Westminster
PERANCE meet every WedneSllS!
at 8 o'clock p. m.. in Oddfel '���
Hall,    Columbia     street       Visiting
Brethren are cordially Invited to i
tend.   J. S. Bryson, S. C: ���
Campbell, Sec.
Westminster Clothing Co.,
D. GROSSMAN, Proprietor.
CAMP, 191,���Meets on the Flrsl
Third   Tuesday   of  every   month
K.    of    P.  Hall.      .lohn     Ml
Chief; J. .1. Forrester, Rec i c-	
BOARD OF TRADE.���New   We��tml��'
iter Board ot Trade mee
Hoard Room, City Hall, tie f"ii"""
Secmi  Wednesdaj of each m '���' ���
Quarte-.lv  meetings on the seccnw
Wednesday     of      Pebl -
August and November, ai
Annual  nicolings    on    the
Wednesday     of      l-'cbriiai
members   may   bo   proposed
elected ai any monthly or Quaru
uioctlng.   A. 10. White. Sec.
I carry the most complete
stock in the City. Spring
designs arriving daily.
Also complete line of room
mouldings and plate rails.
House Painter   and   Decorator
Sixth St., Columbian Block
When you want a good -ntoke !
ask for a���
Manufactured by the I> c
Factory, who also make The
lantes" (In three sizes.)
Factory and Office, Brine B1Q<*'
Paint Quaiity-What is it? Local New Briefly ToH
_ Wlial is Paint Onalitv?        Pnint    rmoli'fvr io rUr.
p. 0 Hind  was a passenger on Hie  In u very short time was seen to leave
What is Paint Quality? Paint quality is the
distinguishing mark of good paint over all other
paint.     It is in the paint itself,  the material
Used, the Conditions of manufacture and the skill  steamer Transfer to Grant's mill this! by  w.-'v  of the IJ. C.  Electric Co.'s
of the  paint-maker.      Sherwin-Williams  Paint,
prepared, is paint quality through and through.
ft is made oi the best   Linseed Oil and manu-
factured with the skill of 40 years of the best
ut-making.     Paint quality and S.W.P. are the same.
I.. Bartrtdge returned home on the
steamer Transfer this afternoon after
a   short   Btay   in   lhe   city.
Bystem  stenography  and  typewrit-
offlce, Armstrong
Hacks, a.'ooi  and aim;
l);iiiit--i""'v'"h-      ; ���"! v. "iT" jTZ~ '  lf,K-   The Province
V.ich stands for the other.   If you are about to paint your blook -,,������������ 62,
house these facts ought to interest you.    You can obtain
further information at
S Typewriters...
Underwood���Visible Writing
Empire���Visible  \Vriting
|        J. J. MACKAY,
Booksellers. Stationers. Etc. 235 Columbia Street.
F. McTavlsh was a passenger on
the steamer Ramona to Marshes Landing thir, morning after a' short staj ill
the city,
The stock of spring ami summer
two-piece suits ai Richmond Bros.' are
certainly  masterpieces  in  the arl  oi
Robert Scott arrived I'toni Calgary
this morning on tha C. P. R. with a
huge iniii uf superior beet caiih- tor
the local butchers,
Tin- Heaver broughl down today besides her usual cargo eight hundred
sack-- of potatoes from Chllllwack to
be shipped to Vancouver and Victoria,
D.  W, Holden ami C. W. W I ar.
rived in the city from Belllngham on
���oft l.i">uii(' a-d Tr��,plr_l  Weather
Seem   to  Go   Tnnellier.
Gutturals predominate In Norway
and Kussia, whereas far to the southward in sunny Italy there Is a profu-
slon of such eup-tpnlous niiines as Pa-
lermo, Verona, Ca_OpObellO, etc. I'.ven
ln the llrltlsh isles, covering so few degrees of latitude, there ls a marked
difference between the '"bur" of the
highbinder and the soft speech of the
native of southern England.
A theory which may partly account
for these 'climatic effects is based
upon the contrast of the stillness which
usually  pervades southern   lands  with
the   stormy   Inquietude   of   northern
countries.    Cloudless ikies for months
at a time characterise the climates of
Italy, while a lirinaiiieiit entirely free
from clouds is rare lu  Norway
11 requires, Of course, greater effort
iii be heard In the regions which are
swept   by   winds  and  storms  than  In
     still    southern    latitudes,   and   ���    ���
<;. N. It. ibis afternoon. They w-iu  beard  distinctly  amid  the noise and
employed b;  the Small fi Bucklln  confusion of tl lements words must
which contain  many conso
lumbei mills, I "*'"*     ________
Tli" Reichenbach Compapj   Ltd., Is     _mo_g ������. ,���h:l!li,a.., ,,f ,,,,���-,. trop
offering crushed bones as a fertilizer  j,.:,i   climes  the  tendency   is  toward
for the garden. Those who have used  g0fi and musical cadence, and travel-
this  method  know  how  to  produce a   ers   relate   that   lu   regions   .11   South
: Not on Top, But Still in the Ring. fi
House Cleaning Time
,ou may possibly need a carpet,   We have the greatest  range of
and can guarantee to save you money and  give  you  better satisfaction than you can get in any other place.     For instance, a good body
Brussels, paper for underneath, sewed and laid for one dollar a yard up.
Old carpet* taken up, cleaned and relayed  for ten cents a yard.   We
the largest stock and the finest show rooms and the finest  prices
nn- and see US.    ll will pay you to see our stock before
order elsewhere.
W. E.
placing  your  y
prolific display.
The  Vulcan   boiler  works   owned   by
11. C. Patterson has jusl completed ��
50 fool smoke stack, for the new Cannery   al    Steveston   owned    by    Messrs.
Cousins and Boutlier.
The largesl catches ol spring salmon to be made this season were
caughl lasi night, some boats averaging from fifteen to twenty fish. The
run rn' Oollcans is also verj  large.
A. Archibald, a well known teamster
of this city losi one of his valuable
mares last evening. A vetinary surgeon was summoned from Vancouver,
America, such as Peru and Vene-Uela,
win-re atmospheric disturbances are
rare, the natives almost chant the
phrases of Balutatlon London Saturday Review.
rna.er or mat extravagant bit or mil
llnery probably couldir't afford any
thing so expensive- wairted to rut a
daah at the opera with her bctf young
man perhaps, trusting to exchange the
hat the nest day for u tailor made suit
or something she really needed "-New
York Press.        	
It   In   the   On!)    \ enotuou-   Member  .f
the   t-ettlUer.-u   Tribe.
Among all Uie thousands of feathered1
creatures clussldeil by the trained or
nllhologlsts but one, the rpir n'doob,
or "bird of death,'' ls known to be venomous. This queer and deadly species
of the winged and feathered tribe 1_ a
native of the island of Papua, or New
Guinea. The bird Is dewrlboit as being al'oui the BUM of a common tame
pigeon, of gray plumage uml a tall of
extraordinary length, e-ding In a tip
of bri-Uant scarlet red. It Is a marsh
bird and ts found to Inhabit only the
Immense stagnant pools udjotnlng the
hikes of the Interior of the Island. The
rpir has a hooked lieak as sluirp as a '��'
COCk's spur and hollow. Thc venom ,���,
', with which It inoculates Is distilled ln fi
a set of organs which nature has pro ,���,
rl<led for thnt purpose and which- He ln   '��'
the npper mandible, just  t>oiow the  A
openings  of the nostrils,    t'nder  this j��[
poison secreting laboratory In the roof A
of Ihe  mouth  Is a  small fleshy  knoli. V
When   the   bird   -els   Its   lienk   In   the !���'
flesh of 11  victim this knob receives a J.J
pressure   which    liberates   the   venom fi
and   Inoculates   the   wound.     No  man. J.J
native or otherwise,  wns  ever  known ij
to recover from a bite inflicted by a >J
nilr  n'doob.    The  suffering  In   such J
cases is said to be much more agonlz V
Ing than In  cases of  rattlesnake and >J
1 iiia monster bites. 9
You will exclaim with tie'early seekers after gold. No we have no gold
lying around for you to i/wk up���but you will find something just as
good. You will lind articles at prices that will save you some of your
hard earned cash.    Think of it!
Those $17.50 Sideboards we are Selling for $15.00
Those $16.50 Dressers and Stands for $12.50
Elm Golden Finish, Hest  Mirror. 3 Drawers in Dresser
Carpets-a U-autiful line.   Hygenie Carpet, Underlay and Stair Pads-
Felt-something new and ths bea
236 to 242 Columbia and 229 t o   241   Front   Streets,  umpont   Block,
1      A Matter Of Great Importance     |
Easter Hat
Where   I irnniln   iiiltim.    ll. ��� i   While
Tb.tr   Mother*   Hoe.
I have gone inlo a field In Uganda
and there found one of our women at
work with a hoe, writes a missionary
sister In Don-hoe's. I asked her where
her baby Maria was, and she pointed:
to a spot at some distance where the
banana trees were thick. I walked
under the shade, and lu vuin I sought
J; 716 and 718 Columbia St.    Four Floors.     Rear Extension, Front Street.   [���
Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery
Front St. next Daily News
New Westminster,   -  B. C.
Repairing of all descriptions.
but too late to be of any service. The 0ui _____ j__ motlll.r was greatly
animal has been ill for some time. amused and urged me to search further, assuring me that the little one
was not far away and was fast asleep.
I had to "give up," so the mother took
me by tiie hand and led me to a bit of
bark ''loth on the ground. Under tills
rait was thc crown of the baby's head,
while the body was la a hole deep
enough for tlio feet to rest on the
ground. To my surprise nnd expostulations she said In her own language-
"This is a good custom. When a
Uganda woman goes to hoe lt Is not
good for her baby to be asleep ou the
iuu ground, as lt might Injure Itself by
rolling, or, If it awoke. It might crawl
^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^_^^^^_ away.   Therefore we make a hole like
A   Hindoo with an unpronounclable thu ___ line lt with soft, clean leaves
t'.anie,   in   the   employ   of   the   Fraser   and put our baby safely Into lt so that   Nicholas.   ^
River Mills Co.. had one of his fingers   it can neither crawl out nor roll away,
injured  ihis  morning. A  heavy  plank  and we know exactly where to find It
when we come from the fields."    She
A   I'erNlMleiit   Ne.l   Itnlldi-r.
One of the most energetic nest build
ers Is the marsh wren. In fact, he bas
the habit to such a degree that he can
not stop with one nest, bnt goes on
building four or five In rapid succession. And there is nothing slovenly
about his work either. Look among the
cattails in the nearest marsh, even
within the limits of a great city, and
you will find his little woven balls of
reed stems, with a tiny round bole iu
one side. There is a certain method
even in his madness, for the iiost In
which his wife is brooding her seven
or eight eggs is less likely to be found
when there are so many empty ones
around. Then, too, he uses the others
as roosting places for himself.���Loudon ;
A visit to our show rooms will   repay   you.     Bcautilul
ot Trimmed Hats, made by our sltilled
Milliner. MlSS Taylor.
Ex.prcs- To-day. Latest in
Ready to Wear Hats
Prices to Suit Any Purse.
The Beaver came down river Ibis
afternoon with quite a heavy passenger list. Among them wen-  Mr. and
Mrs. VV. Workins. .1. Clay, Q, I. Ash
well, T. Nelson. II Harvey of Chilli-
is,,ck and  A.  Manser of Ruskin.
The Hindoo forces at the Fraser
River mills 1 llvlded. The Mohammedans an- siill oul on strike, while
lhe Sikhs, wlio are the devotees of
Buddha are staying with their job. The
two fact ions do not interminirh
maintain a dignified aloofness.
Tlie   Amerlrun   ('liumrleoti.
The American chameleon, a small llz-1
ard (Anolls carolinensis), Inhabits various parts of the southern United States.
The little animal bus tbe remarkable
habit of quickly and completely ohaug-!
ing Its colors, varying from brown to !
yellow or pale green.   Its food consists
Of Insects.  The little animal is perfect- i
ly harmless to higher forms of life, ls
often kept as a pet and has been worn :
attached to a chain as au ornament,
The toes are provided with adhesive i
pads, wblch enable the lizard to run ',
upon   smooth   vertical   surfaces. ��� St. |
Saturday Night Special
We will deliver on Monday all order;. Placed Tonight for
90(; No. 1 Potatoes at ��fa
The City Grocery,
Telephone 97.       ....       ADAMS & DEANS.
Should a Horse be Clipped.
fell on the finger and smashed it al
the first Joint in such a manner as
to make amputation necessary.
The following made up the Ranio-
na's up river passenger list this morning: ti. '/.. Smith, Aldergrove; George
Hates, Mi. Lehman; J. W. Stonoy,
Port Hammond; H. Phillips, Chilliwack; E. ('.. Campbell, Mt. Lehman:
C. Conley, Chilliwack: Ralph Chan-
ley. Barnston Island; J, McOregor,
Patterson's Landing.
The following passengers arrlver in
New  Westminster    from    down river
points on the Bteamer
morning: .1. Standen, C. Bassette, Lad
ner;  T.  YVolfendon, .1. C. Deane, Lad
ner; ,). Robertson, Westhani Island; 1
Harllet,   Mrs.   Hayes
Miss  Hutcherson,     Ladner;     W.   Mc-
Kenzle,    Woodwards    Landing:        M.
Smith. Ledner; W. Hain. 0. Peterson,
and  Miss Quaggan, Sunbury.
Officer Patterson last night arrested
Rimiiii  of a Sous.
"Yes, the Die Is Cast." lias a romnn-
,    .,         .    .            ,,, tic history.   It waa written by Colonel.
said  It  was perfectly  safe from wild ,,    , -,   1 ,   ..,    ���                         ���,,���
,            .         '                   ,,,        ���-'-���� Paul Pestol of the Russian army, who,
beasts, because It was midday, ,..     ..                  ,    ,        .        .     ...
                 '                 ; with others, conspired against the Bus-
���   .1    ... .   .. Blan government in 182ii.   The plot was
In the Hlirli  Sierra���. -.                 .   .                            .   ,    ,       _,
���     ,       .         . "    _    _!__ ���, discovered, he was arrested, Unprison-
Coniing down from Uie high Sierras ^^^  on  Jaly  n,  182��,   wus
into  the  losemlte  v. ley  one  passes u betwen
from almost arctic cold to the warmth ������ ..    __, ,        ,             .,       ,          ,
,.,    , ,        ,          T_   .,2           , his  trial  and  execution he composed
of the late spring, and the difference in ..            .        ,         ,      . ,u,          ' ���. *\
,        mx-_     Z,   .    .,_ the words and music of this song and1
temperature ts easily traceable by the ...       ...    , .               . .   .  ,.  "
.   '            , ���    , ,f          T  ". '.r_! with a bit of irou scratched them on
character of the foliage.   On the high .,          ,,    . , ,       ���,      u-��� *t��� . .,���
..,      2    _, ,        .,    j  : the wall of his  cell,  where the  song
peaks no green th ng flourishes.   Orad _____                        ,.,,/, ���.v.
,,      ....            . .             , was found some years after bis death.
ually stunted pines and tamaracks ap-  *	
pear,  aud still  lower the  maple and 1 ���              . .
1          1               .!���_,                .           .  ,, Heart  and  1 on��..
aure    are  Jus    beginning  to  unfold ; The                  ^ h         ,         and d,_
their leaves, and then_ln_a half a days | _Mr9 gygtem u ^^^^ for the
Are you satisfied with the quality of Tea you
are getting for the price you are paying?
If not we would ask you to try our
We are confident that this Tea will give
you entire satisfaction.
35 cents per lb. or 3 lbs. for $1.00
Journey the wild flowers come.    Hun
Transfer this dnHls  aml  hundred)!  0f  them  of  all
shapes and colors are found here, aud
ns you approach the rim of the wonder-
    ful Yosemlte tlie air Is heavy laden
Miss Kirkland, with the scent of tlie azaleas, and the
trail ls lined with wild lilac, wild cherry and dogwood-a perfect riot of flowering shrubbery,. Recreation.
reason that tt ls Indispensable to life
and must be carried ou under all circumstances. If a man had to think of
his heart or had to remember that he
must breathe or that his food must dl
gest he would have no time to do anything else, and If by chnnce he should
forget to keep his heart golug or his
lungs in operation he would fall dead
on the spot
aboul midnight. The man was unable
to give a satisfactory account of himself,   and   was   cacordingly   taken   In.
Before Magistrate Corbould this morning the man staled Ihat he had recently  left   Belllngham, Intending to oh-
���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^nm^B^Hi^^^^Bi^^H In Vancouver.
costs very little more than the old fashioned two hand ing no money he was obliged to seek
clipper, but does 100 times the work
Clipping in the early spring is recommended by lead-
in- veterinaries. Clipping improves the health of a horse,
makes him feel better, work better and increases his value.
Our 20th Century Clipper
Oil in   Hair a  net rarer.
______________________________       Tell the lady w�� can't take that hat
a hoho named Alexander Corley whom hack. It's been worn," said the mana-
he found hidden In a smoke stack load- ger of a department store, handing a
ed on a Hat car ln the railway yards  fragile creation  of lace and  feathers I tome."
....... _.!.,_,_,..   t, _  ,  ,,,���  back to the saleswoman after eX-Blln-1    "Yes,
ing it carefully.
"Will you tell me how you discovered that fact';" asked a curious bystander
"Emily, if William today nsks you to'
marry him you must tell hlm to speak
mamma,  Put If he does not?"   j
"Then tell hlm I  want to speak ta
Mm."���Fllegende lilatter.
We   also   keep   in   the  best  shelter  possible under    the     	
-...[m.,^.1,  uui, uum i��u w��;�� "*��    ""'TV .       ,  ���.���. laA/i M.i.lol   flrcumstances. He was given one hour   l{ lmr,  ,)prn  ���.,���_,  |,_  this slight odor
-Iti ',, 1902 Clipper and the Stewart 1 atent new i.rw motiei �� wWch m leaye th(i cllv, ,ilul wlt)l. ^huhhmlcJnngti)m. |luini{ Th0pm.
Sheep Shearing Machine.   They shear clean, saving l to  .	
L-2 pounds of wool to a fleece.
_______������_- Can It he true, ns Is so constantly nf-
By the sense of smell," replied the' finned, thnt there is no sex ln soulst I
doubt it exceedingly.���Coleridge,
All Settled,
Mistress���Colng to leave, are you?
Tired of working for a living? What
are yon going to do then? Maid -Nothing, ma'am. The fortune teller tells
nw rm going to marry money.
manager. "The peculiarity of macassar oil-the oil that H In the hair- is
that its color is imparted to anything It
conies In contact with, anil, although
there W*_sn't a spot on thai hat, I knew
Crushed Bone as
Produces Big Results
At Prices to Suit the Lightest
T. j. frapp & Co, Ltd. j Honey !     Honey !|
Wanted���Thirty able-bodied, men to
work for the Corporation on the
Board of Works. For Information as
io wanes ami employment apply to
Mr.  Kiirness,  Snpt. of  Works.
Reichenbach Co., Ltd.
Largest  Stock  In  the  City.
Mounted     in   any   Style    you   Desire.1 StI
Come and  Inspect Them.
W. C. Chamberlin
The Jeweler,     -     Columbia St.
)J    For   Sale���10  acres,   15  acies   cleared.
!*i;    (lood  building.    Applj   Donald  Mc-
!��! i    ciitre, Porl Kelts,
On Port Moody Road. The tram is expected to
run through this place, It will then double in value,
*30   per acre.* IOOO   cash.
Also will give lease of a good Chicken Kanch, lots of chicken
houses, 20 acres cultivated, for two years free to purchaser
of Ihe above land.
McLeod, Mark & Co., R'niSs.
Fire �� Ufc Insurance
Star Tram Offict
Don't be Deceived!   All Honey is not the real thing,
but what we have is the
Genuine Article
Comb Honey in 1 pound squares, Strained Honey in
bottles and also in crystallized form in jars.
Try a cake for Sunday breakfast.
Lost���On or near corner of Queen's
avenue and 6th Btreet, a photo of
young gentleman with name on back.
FIni! ir   | les   I   retui n  to  this  office.
C. A. Welsh,
V I For Sals���Modern T mod house on
,���, line corner In We I Knd, two lots
[��[ stable and fruit trei -. Cheap. Apply
J< |     X, this office..
Found���Pair  Gentleman's  Kid  (Move
and a black sllf handkerchief. Owner may have by applying    to    Th
Westminster Clothing House.
For Sale���Young Ayrshire Bulls pure
bred, ready for service. W. R. Austin,  Sapporton.
Eggs for Setting���Pure ftarred Rock
$1.00 per setting. ,T. W. Austin, Sapperton.
S    Thc People's Grocer
is __[ i	
Wanted���Lady chocolate dipper. Competent and willing to teach. State
experience and salary expected. D.
I.. Allen Bcott, P. O. Ilox 11:20, Calgary, Alberta.
Nurseries, Greenhouses
nnd Seed Houses
Eggs for Hatchlng-llarred Rocks, n,,,,^,,.,,.,^ for PACIFIC Coast
Ringlet Cockerel, S. C. W. L��6- 0RQWN 0ui9_, Field and Flower
horns, Wyckoff strain. Large grass -ffeedg New ���,���, m)w ,��� Bto_k ,.eady
runs. Fertility guaranteed or set-1 t(jr alBtrlbutlo_; ask ymtr merchant
lings replaced, %2 per 13.
avenue or Box 557.
1521 6th
Wanted���2000 Cords ot Hemlock Bark
at the Frnser River1 Tannery, Ltd.,
taken ln lots from 25 cords up. For
Lost���Small purse with small sum of
money  nt   foot  of  Cemetery   street
Sappertca. Return to .Mrs. Cigonler,! wrapping (tp parcels, etc.
Front street, or Dally News. I office.
for IhiJn In realwl rackets. If he
does not handle them we will prepay
to your noarest postoffice, fifty 5c
packets, our selertlon of good varieties, for H.00 to introduce them,
particulars apply to the manager nt^ LurKe Btock "f H0MH GI��>W.\
Tannery or P. O. box 1S7. New!Pruit un'1 Ornamental Trees now ma-
Westminster, i tared for the spring trade.
 I    No expense, loss or delay of fumi-
For Ssle���Two fine Jersey cows, and!Batlon or Inspection,
one Shorthorn, fresh milking, One!    Lat me uri��> -vuUr llst be,ore pIae"
two year old  heifer,    and one six 'ng your order.     Greeuhouse Plant-.
months. Apply W. H. .JadlM. Doug- Fl0ral    Work'    Bee   Supplies,   Pruit
las Road, or Dally Nevs office.        | Packages, Fertlll.ors, etc.    Catalogue
1 Free.
For   Sale���Old   papers   suitable   for       ^^-^-_Hf,   M. J. IlKMRY,
Apply NewSj
S010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B. C. THE DAILY NEWS
I' -
Fake   Lord   Passes    Some   More   Bad
Cheques on  Unsuspecting
Boston,      April      7.���Charles       F.
Richards, also knowc  as "Lord  Ash-
Feel  Sore  Becauae  They Are  Not  Allowed to Join  Wild West
Washington, April 6.���The nature of
the   trouble   that   has   been   brewing
pense to which  the club or city  be- West of   the 6th    Meridian;    thence dary to'be fixed 'jL jts position on the   *
comes  subject    in  making    the trip. Nortit, 44  ofculns;    thsoce  West    mi  1st day of   v-pm <_ __ year 0f the   '
The  "Big  Four", can  certainly  de- chains;     thence    South    20    chains;  date oi the   |eale%
liver the goods when It comes to go- thence West 20 chains; thence South     The  *^Kt   shall have  one  dredge
ing up against the Partnc Coast tab 24 chains more or less to the North in  oration  within two  years  from
ent, and there Is little doubt but what boundary of Section 10; thence East '.hf. riate of the lease, and one dredge
they would make a decidedly credit- along the North boundary of Sections   .or eacli  five miles within  six years
able showing should Ihey go after the 10 and 11, 100 chains more or less, t0' frttfn -s-ch date.    Rental $ioo per mile
Canadian championship. the point of commencement, cc^jta|n.
  Ing an area tif 400 acres more or less.
The  regulations    uuder    which    -, i
licenr- -.-in  Ko i ) s ol more  than  one mining  claim  on   |
licence will  be issued,    also pnn'.e(1 _, .,,  5eparate  r!vcr|  creek  or  gulch,
i ..j among  the  Apache  captives  at  Fort   the   National   Amateur   Boxing   as_o-| oMBta2 id envelope, ma y be but  the   same  miner  may  hold
Championships Settled.
San   Francisco,   Cal..    April   7.���In
V-kOfl Territory  to be  paid  to  the
V-   free miner shall receive a grant
ed   sentences   in   several   prisons   In   Sill Incidental to which is the threat elation  tournament  last   nlghl   under
Knglajii)   and   America   for   extensive'of the Indians to forcible break away  the auspices of the Olympic Athletic
,,__.���, , , . club all the championships  went   to
and    clever c#iPdllng,  was    arretted I from   the   post,   is   explained   at   the  ___,���.,.��� ���, ..       ,' ' ,,
members of the cluh, as fallows:
here law  night  on  suspicion of h_v-   war department  as the result of the      105  pounds  class   (bantam)   Jimmy
ing   passed,   worthless,   checks.     Tht   refusal  of the authorities to let the Carrol.
115   pound    class    (featherweight)
Harry  Baker.
hotels   and   was   taken   Into   custody   West"   show. -|,-   Iloun(j  c)ass   1 special 1   William
while dining with several friends. He      These Indians, unite"' their old chief.  L���ql]ar(1
at  first denied that he was Richards,! GeronMno, have  been  terh-ieal    cap-      i;j-   Il0lmd class  ,iightweight|   Lew
lives at the army post for marl? y��ars   powen
at this Department or at __, number of claims by purchase, and
office of the Crown Timber A.gen. _t free miners may work their claims
New Westminster. B. C. in   partnership   by  filing   notice   and
Each tender must be a(.rom,ianied Paying fee oi ?J A l':'lim .may be
by an accepted cheque. on a chartered abandoned wtd^ another obtained on
bank In  favor of t'je DepWy of ,he ^y^^e'and paying a fee. '
hiiii! WM l.ealcd ��*��� *����   ,   .    t-Vliur, ladlaus go on the road with a "Wild
Minister  of    the
amount of the
Interior,    for    the     Wof1_   must   be   done   on   a   daim
bonus which the appll- each vear to ,he value of at least $200.
cant is pre'jared tQ     _ for _ ilcence
No ten
but later admitted It, the  police say.
Richards  is   said  to  have  operated
past, but in fact they have had almost      145 pound class iwelt.;, tpelght'l W
as much liberty  of action as t���e In
extensively    in  this    country     many   ,iia.ns on the reservations.   T'.if-y were
years ago, and more recently to havei not   confined   In   close   quarters,   but
been   in   the   Bank   of   England   and' were only required to s'^y within the
,.    ,     ,     ���,,... military reservation.   Manv of the In-
later  appeared   in   England.    When  a
dlans   were   perr,ited   to   go   oul   on
voiuig   man   he   was   employed   as   a I ������__._  ,,,  ,.0 . ,. ,   .
��� v passes to nr_x other tribes and  for
Clerk  In  New   York  with  considerable   other   ���    -poses
money.     In   Troy   and   other   places ^l\\r\ West  Show  Spoils Them.
he was charged wlih many f
swindles  and   o
, D.  McDonald.
158    pound    class
Henry  Fiencke.
I6S pound "'.ass 1 light heavyweight)
"'M'  Rlordan.
Heavyweight class. Walter Schul
der by telegraph will be en
1    Department of the Interior,
1 middleweight 11       OUawa' March 80th, iS06.
They have been g��''ing along very
-mleiM.lng.   and   In   -**���_ ���\ i!'Jw1' ,h'"  wh*"' l"!
��� ���    -. ' army officers a year ago proposed that
must  lfistanc���� he evaded arrest.       ^ ^ lu,]laIls b(. lurned 0TOT l0 th-, in.
At the lime .lohn l>. Sullivan was In   tfcrtor dei)artment and placed on a res-
lhe ring, Richards posed  as a  tiacker   ervatlon, as other Indians are, strong
former   champion   and   Is   al-   protests  were  made  by  some of the
weji.  Eastern humanitarian    societies,  who
take pride in ihe improvements of the
of   tht
leged to
have  swindled  many
known sports.
Apache captives.
The police say thai In 1878 Rich- ,Ju. ,.1S, year many ���f the Indians
ards, under the name of Lord Ashbur- were permitted to join a "Wild West"
lon was accorded a public reception show, which traveled over the coun-
in  San  Francisco and  that  after his   'ry.    When  they   came  back  to  the
,' Kist it was seen that many of them
departure spurious notes and letters of       ,  , ,,        , .   _ ���,__
11 , had learned to gamble and had pick-
credit with a total face value of ��.50,-   _, up 0lhl.r hiil] hablIK    So when ap.
000 were  found to be  ln  circulation.' plication   was   made  this   spring   for
Two years later he  was arrested  in  permission    to provide    another con-
San Francisco for swindling. tfl*en<   "f   In,lianH   f,ir
Chinese   Monk   Tortues     Himself
Public View in City of
show, the
wl-- department, to which the request
was referred, upon advice of the of-,
fleers at the post, declined to Issue
a permit.
Dreaded Punishment.
There was one exception, and ihat
��� wa3 in the case of Geronimo himeslf,
in He had been well behaved and the
; officials decided that he might go
with the show. That made trouble,
for the other Indians felt that they
had been discriminated against.
New York, April 7.���A new method 1|r.m,(. they are queataning to leave
of raising funds for the erection of a the post, it is not believed thy will
cherch Is furnished by a native Chin- do so however, for they are asvare that
es* in Chefoo, a Taoisi monk or priest, ,hb-v
vrho came down from Chinanfu to
collect money. The incident is related by the Rf-v. \v. 0. Eltherlc-, a
Presbyterian missionary in china,
who says that the monk niadf- a vow w
not to eat, driuk cv sleep until he had
secured     enough   money   to
turned and confined in closetr uqarters,
ami ihat i.s the most Breaded of punishments to an Indian
eicct     8    ���
temple  to  his  pads.     He Bwed   In  a ���
: Sporting News |
and Comment.        ��
Timothy Extra Cleaned
Clover, Red
Clover, Mammoth
Clover, White
Clover, Alsyke
Clover, Alfalfa
Rye Grass, Perennial
Rye Grass, Italian
Red Top
Orchard Grass
Rape Seed, Dwarf Essex
Millet, Golden
Oats, Swedish
Oats, Tartar King
Wheat, Island Spring
Barley, 2-Rowed
! Barley, 6-Rowed
j All Selected &T<ested
i last year the Finest Crops in B.
,; C. were produced from our seed
A certificate that work has been
not, the claim shall be deemed to be
abandoned, inad open to occupation
and Entry by a free miner.
The boundaries of a claim may be
denned absolutely by having a survey-
made and publishing notices in the
Yukon  Official  Gazette.
Petroleum���All  unappropiated   Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and within the Yukon
c , ��� , - ,  Territory, are open to prospecting for
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal tr,,,eum| and the mini5lcr may re.
of Minerals on Dominion Lands in ��_t {or an indivi(luai or company
Manitoba the Northwest Territories ,,avi machincry on the land to be
and the Yukon Territory. prospected, an area of 19.0 acres for
COAL���Coal  lands  may    be    pur-  such   period   as  he  may  decide,  the
chased  at $10 per acre for soft coal  length of which shall not exceed three
and   S20  ior  anthracite.     Not   more  tjmes the breadth.    Should the pros-
than 3.0 acres can be acquired by one  pcC(i)r  rjtge&Ver  oil  in   paying  quan-
, individual or  company,     Royalty  ra  tjtics, and satisfactorily establish such
' the rate of ten cents per ton of -iooo  discovery, an area not exceeding 640
pounds shall be collected on the gross  acres, including the oil well,
-Output. sold to the prospector at the rate of
QUARTZ���Persons of eighteen $1 an acre, and the remainder of the
r��ars and over and joint stock com- tract reserved, namely, 1280 acres,
panies holding free mice:-' certificates will be sold at the rate of $3 an acre,
��� mav obtain entry ior a mining loca- 1 subject to royalty at such rate as may
'tion. be specified by Order in Council.
,     A tree mirrev\ certificate is granted W-. W- <~t^l<) '
for om or mote years, not exceeding      Deputy of the Minuter,  of tjle jn
five, opon payment in advance of $7-5��  terior.
, per annum (or an individual, and from      Dept. Interior.
S50 to 'Sioo per annum for a company, ,	
j acctrdinm to capital.
.*.   'free   -miner,   having   discovered
rr.irrcfal ra place, may locate a claim
r?oexi5Co  feet  by   marking  out   the
same  with  two  legal  posts,  bearing
bcatkm notices, otic at each end of
the line of the lode, or vein.
The claim shall be recorded within
fifteen days if ocatcd within ten miles
of a mining recorders office, one ad-  n
��� ditional   day   allowed  fot   every   ad-
Great Northern Ry.
Time Table
V. W. & Y. RY.
Daih NEW nally
I^ave' WTOTMINBTBHl Arrive
&:20am'Blaine, Helling :,.M pm
i.i'j pni ham      Burling- 6:35pm
[ton,   Mt    Ver-|
Inon,     Everett,
Seattle and
4: JO pm Spokane,       Bt.j3:00pm
Haul    and    all
points East,
H.-o amIAnaoortes, |3:00pm
[W'oolley,     andj
:: pm Vancouver
9:86 pm
t::!5 pm
Route of the Famous
2���Daily Overland Trains���2
Spokane, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Winnipeg, Duluth, Chtcago, St.
Louis and all points East.
For complete Information,
rates, berth reservation, etc.,
call on or address,
P. C. GRIFFIN, Agent,
Bank of Commerce Hnildli _-
New Westminster,   _. q
S. Q. YEItKES, A. (1.   p   A
Corner Second Avene g !ln(1 t^^
Inmbla St., Sealtb j  wash.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
British Columbia Coait Line
(Subject to change wnnout   notice 1
VICTORIA-SEA 1 1 LK  ttuu lljj
Princess Beatrice Dally
Leaves Port Townsend i-t p a
Leaves Victoria S p.m.
Arrive Seattle 5 a.m.
Leave Seattle B.8U a.m.
Arrive Port Towsend i_,-_u D[)0I,
Arrive Victoria 2:m p.m.
S. S. Princess Victoria
Leave Vancouver 1 p. m.
Leave Victoria  1 a, ^
VICTORIA-NE,^ -..,.J, ���
w   w Eh> 1 M1N s tED
T , 8'fR. t'HAKMElt.
.n f K w V ****-��� 1 a. m ,  1 uesday,
and Frlda-��� "
Leaves   is;ew Westminster,  (am
c "!!Tjays Rn(1 Saturdays.
Ca"  ng at Maynean d Steveston.   ,
J.8. ioan leaves Nanaimo .ally, e*
1 ��' jpt Saturday and  Sunday, at 7 a.a
I   Saturday 8 a. m.
I     leaves    Vancouver    dally,    except
I Saturday and Sunday, at 1.30 p m.
Saturday _.:iu p. m.
8. S. Queen City.
Leave  Victoria   11   p.  m.  Ihi   10th
and _i'th of each month fnr A!
und way points.
Leave Victoria Huh of each n at!
for Quataino and way points.
I>'ave Victoria 20th of each month
for Cape Scott and way poin
Ing Quatslno.
Steamer Transfer.
TO SEND YOU OVER      Leavos   New   Westminster   every
will be  ASK THE '.flCKET AGENT
Additional  trip  leaves  New  We
,ght Trains Every Day in the Year   minster 5 a. m. Sunday.
BETWEEN Leaves   Steveston   Mondaj
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
day, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 7 a. m. Friday 6 a. m. Additional trip Saturday 6 p. m.
Steamer  Beaver.
Leave  New  Westminster  8 a. m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
Leave Chllllwack 7 a. in. Tuesdays,
Thursdays  and  Satrdays,  calling at
landing   between   .New   Westminster
S)Tiopsis   of   Canadian  Northwest
cage, or little wooden box. which
was stationed tmtside oi -he poor-
house in  the native  city.
The cage resembled a pigeon cote,
with an opening of a few Bquare
inches 10 aduiii Bufflcle_9 air 10 keep
the fellow from snltocattng, Through
all  the  fom   walls  of  his  house  Iron
Local   Wrest-ing   Bout.
i'evoiet.- of the wrestling gaase
will shortlj be treated to a splendid
v\tijliii.ini) of tin- art, the contestants
being Dave Fisher, of Vancouver,
and Tommy Cunningham, the local
lad, Negotiations hav.- been pending
tor some time, bul ll remained tor
nails about fn inches long had been lm energetic Are chief to close the
driven at an elevation with the man's deal whereby tbe men will meet In
eyes.     The   long,   sharp   prongs   emM8*  Beurgelt hal! on the night of A51HI
rounded     his     head     like  a   halo,  the   ,(i'   Ba8t6r   M'""i;'-V-
Tin- bout   will  be for the possession
points   of   the   nails   being   onlj    an   _f . hand80me ,,,���   ���������. ������ -_,__,-
inch or  wi  from    hlf    skull.    Tlu-i at  -y  QHford's Jewelry Btore, the en-
would   certainly    remind the fanatic _x_ proceeds, alter expenses are paid,
should  be  bceome drowsy. _,   u,.  gj��en ,t(,   j,���,  landing  fund   of
So far us could be seen, there wii* the new Royal    Columbian   hospital.
bill   one   door   in   tbe   cage,   anil   thai    Tllih   wi"   >>���   done  at   ll xpress   re-
_ . , .,  ,        ,.i,������ in,  -������(���,���'  quest or Mt   Cunningham, who states
had   been   nailed   up   when  the    saint
,    , Ihat   be  is   not   after  'he  money,   but 1
entered.     Besides   this,   the   lock   WSJ   ���   ,���,,,,  ���u,   ,���. ������. H|i,���.,  Q. ������, |.V(,n.
sealed  wilh  paper covered With Chin-   \Ui,   ,U1,|  inciileiually the scalp of Mt.
esc characters.    When   Mr.   Elterlch  Fisher.
told of the matter the man had pass-      The  match   bas   been   lung  desired
1-1,1 .   .���.i    ,i.,eU   t���   iv,, ""' "n,v hj .local enthusiasts Imt  by
ed   Seven     nights   itnil     da>s   in   me
,       those oi vancouvei as well, and when
cage  without touch ng food and  with-     .
h the  men  in, 'i   li   means  some  pretty
mil sleep, lie looked sickly and much lilHt worl. p|Bner |j training Bi the
worn out. and spectators were in Vaoc-uwi Bre ball, ami Cunningham
ciineii to believe thai if he continued Is working oul with local talent, of
his  task   he   would   no,   nave  much  which then   Is an abundance  and all
lirsi  class lot,
chance of surviving to see his temple     a_ny  n(gh|  (h
Milling Co., Ltd.
The Front
New Westminster.
B.-K. sr,o
, ditional ten  miles or traction
fee for recording _ claim is $5-
At least Sioo nt* be expended on ,      _   ,  .,
the  cla-.m  each year or paid  to the  .__ _r .^ ,..,
mining recorder in lien thereof. When
$500 has been -expended or paid, the
locator may, -upon having a survey-
made and upon complying with other
requirements, purchase the land at
Si.00 an acre.
section of 160 acres more or less.
Entry  may be  made  personally  at
the  local  land office  for  the  district
in which the land is situate, or if the
homesteader desires, he may, on application to the Minister of the Interior,   Ottawa,    the    Commissioner    of
Permission may be granted by the  immigTati���ni  Winnipeg  or  the  local
Minister   of   the   Interior   to   locate  agent receive authority for some one
claims containing iron and mica, also  t0 ma1<<. enUy for him
copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an      rh(, homesteader is required to pcr-
ar*;a not exceeding too acres. fnrm t1le conaitions connected therc-
The  patent  for  a mining  location  wn.n under one nf the following plans,
skull  provide for the  payment  of  a      (T)  \t least six months'  residence
Royalty of 2'-'i per cent, of the sales   upon   anf]  cultivation   of  the  land  in
ct  the products of the location. eac.n year for three years.
PLACER MIXING���Manitoba and      (2) If the father (or mother, if the
the  N. W.  T��� excepting the  Yukon  father is deceased) of the homesteader
Territory: Placer mining claims gen-  resides  upon  a  farm  in  the  vicinity
���erally are  100 feet square, entry  ice  of the  land  entered  for  the  require-
$5, renewable yearly.     On the North  ments as to residence may be satisfied
Saskatchewan River claims are either  by such person residing with the fa-
bar   or  bench,  the  former  being   100'ther  or  mother.
feet long and extending between high'     (j) if the settler has his permanent
and low water mark.    The latter in-1 residence  upon  farming  land  owned
eludes bar diggings, but extends back! by him in the vicinity of his home-
to the base oi the Mil or bank, not  stead, the requirements asto residence
________________________^^__ exceeding   1000  feet.     Where   steam  may  be  satisfied  by  residence  upon
; power is  nsed  claims  200  feet  wide  the said land.
LAND  REGISTRY ACT. may be obtained. Six months'notice in writing should
Re part of Lot 2S0 Group 1, New Dredging in thc Rivers of Manitoba he given to the Commissioner of Do-
Westminster District. Whereas proof iann the N. W. T., excepting the Yn- minion Lands at Ottawa of intention
of the loss of Certificate of Title; kon Territory���A fTee miner may ob-  to apply for patent
Embodies the newest   and best ideas
and   LUXURY.     It   is  lighted  with   and Chilliwack.
both  electricity   and   gas, ^ the   most 1 NORTHERN R. C. ROVTF:.
brilliantly    illuminated    train    in    the g_  s   Tees,
world.     The   equipment   consists   of;     Leaves Vancouver at 2 p. m. 2nd
private   compartment   cars,   standard   and  Kith  of  each  month  calling it
Any even numbered section of Do-  16 section  sleepers,  luxurious  dining   Skhlegate on first trip and bella Coo-
Lands   in   Manitoba   or   the  car. reclining chair cars  (seats free),; la on second trip.
Northwest Provinces, excepting 8 and  modern   day  coaches   and  buffet,   li-1     Times   on   arrivals  and   departure
are approximate.
For   Tickets,   reservations  and h_
formation call on or address:
.1. W. TROUP,
General Superintendent, Victoria.
720 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash   Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Vancouver.
Gen. Agent, Freight Dept,
,.,.   .........   -    1 New Westminster,
Agent, New Westminster.
The  26, not reserved, may be homesteaded  brars and smoking cars
by any person who is the sole head of      For Time Tables, Folders, or any
a family, or any male over  18 years further information call on or write ���
Northern Pacific i
Trains Daily
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster  15.40 daily.
Arrive New Westminster 11.35 daily.
Lv. New West. . 8.30; ar. Beattle 16.60.
Lv. Seattle 10;  ar. New  Wert. 18.40,
Lv. New West. 10.35 and 11
Ar .New West. B.35 and 16.40.
Lv. New Westminster 6.30 a. in.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Sea:tie I p.ffl
Steamshir Tickets on sale to all Euro- j j^v  j^ ^y  j'jg p.m.. ar. Seattle 10 I ni.
pean points. j Lv; ' j,.,,,',,,'a _o'a,m,i ar. N  W. 3 pn.
Special    Reduced    Rates   Round   Trip   Lv. Seattle 4.20 p.m.;  ar. N.W.   9.35
Rates  to   Southern   California.       j V;   '   ,    ���   V���VANCOUVER
For full informtion call on or write       I Lv. N.W. 3 p.m. and 0,36 p.m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. and ���
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.    Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
number 21C4A, issued in the name of: tain only two leases of five miles each
Daniel Callaghan has been filed In this for a term of twenty years, renew-
Deputy Minister of tbe Interior.
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
4:tO Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Portland, Ore.
i able in the discretion of the Minister
Notice is hereby given that I shall,|of  lbe 7nterl0r-
al the expiration of one month from'    The lessee's right is confined to the
the date of the fir_t publication here- submerged beds or bars of the river
,   , ,    ,,    .       �� ., ���  ���     ; below any low water mark, and sub-
of, Issue a duplicate of the said Cer-1 r     _       ' , ��. -,   ,���..��._
' 1 fnr first year and $10 per mile for each
tilicate, unless in the meantime valid   ,   ,
siiiiMqtit 111    yi-.ir.
objection be made to me in writing, placer mining.
C.   S.   KEITH
District Registrar of Tltlce.
Land   Registry  Office,
New   Westminster,  B. *C.
March 30, 1906.
Royalty   same   as
Railway Company
Grand JTnuik Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London
Lv.  N.  W.  9.30  a.m.;   ar. Guichon
2.20 p.m. ,.   _.
,      .   , Lv.  Guichon  2.40  p.m.;   ar.  N.  YKi
A. t,. 1 . A. ( a 35 p m-
Moinlays only.
Lv. New West. 5.50 a.in - ' '"��� ,
i and hourlv until 11 p.m., with Mil-
(hourlv between 12.30 and 6.30 |i.m.
I Saturday half-hourly noon to 11 l'-m-
Sunday hourly 8 a.m. to 11 l-m-l
1 with half-hourly bet. noon and T pA
Lv. Vancouver same time throng*
; out.
built,     lu   front   of   the   oaK"'   was   a
basket    in    which    Offerings    were   de
posited, us well  as a  book  In  which
donors might Inscribe their names.
hnve     had    Un:
favored   few   who
pleasure   of      seeing
Re Loi  9,  in.    and    13 of l.oi   16 of
Suburban   Block   10,     Map   200,   N(.-w
Westminster  City.
Whereas  proof of the hiss of Ceiti
ficate of Title Number 1074*,
Easter   Holiday
Tommy" work, are heard to express Issued  in  the name of .lane
iiu-ii admiration for the clever way In
whicl   in-   handles   himself,   and   all
has been filed  In ihis olllc
Placer milling in the Yukon Territory --Creek, gulch, river and hill
claims shall nni exceed 250 feet in
length, measured on the base line or
general direction of the creek or
gulchi-Mic width being from 1000 to
8000 Teit. All other placer claims
shall he 250 feet square.
Claims   ate   marked   by   two   legal   .,       ,    ��� ���,��� s ,,,  ;, ,are and one
posts,  die   at   each   end,  bearing  no- - r y
tices.    Entry must be obtained within third.    Sold on  April 11th to
ten  days il the claim  is  within  ten  A     -j j^     Good   to return
null-- 01  the iniuing recorder s office,       '
Howay  om. eJrtra day allowed for each addi    UJ) to April 17th.
tenia! ten mil*- or fraction.
Montreal, Quebec.
Portland, Boston,
Round  trip   tickets   to   all   And all the principal business centers of
by two legal local points at a fare and
I,  bearing  no- r        -, ���
Hamilton, Toronto, i  Fraser mver and.Guif
Notice is hereby given thai I shall.
nn,   although   the  names  of   lb
testants are not  known as yet.
Prefers Death to Idleness.
St.    u.uIh,   Mo-   April   6.~A_t-r B00d  Preliminaries     . 1  also be
spending all day yesterday lit the
headquarters ot his union, where he
learned that Uiorc was no prospect
of a settle ment of the building trades
strike, .lohn McMiuin, a stone mason,
returned  home  last   nlghl   and  swai-
iiniie iii  the Btatemenl  thai  he will al the expiration of one month from
give Fisher B  prety bard deal. Several   the dale of the llrsi   publication here-  tilicate
Thc  person  or  company  staking  a
claim rntist  hold a free miner's ccr-
For further particulars apply to
Also to BUI'TAI.O, NEW YORK and
PHILADELPHIA,  via Niagara Kails.
For Time Tables, etc., address
Assistant (len'l Passenger anil Ticket
Agent, L8B Adams St., Chicago, 111.
pul of, issue ii duplicate of the said <>i
nn-   tilleale,  unless ln the meantime valid
objection be made to me In writing.
C. s.  KEITH,
Vamcouver Tennis Affairs.
The annual meeting of the Vance*  l';"1'1  Registry Office,
ver   Laws   Tennis  club,   was   held   In   NflW Westminster, B. C
lowed carbolic acid after declaring lo ""' rooms of the Tourist association,
his wife thai he would rather be >aal nighl. routine business being
dead than Idle. Hu died within a law transacted, and the following were
minutes. 11,. had been forced into elected officers; C. M. Beeoher, pres-
Idleness for a month because of the 'deni for a tpurth term; Messrs. E,
Hli-il(,.. Lewis and A. McC, f ii'Tv, lirst and
 (J  second  vice-presidents;  and the com.
iniltee  as   follows:   E-   C,   H.   Cave,   F.
Millionaire in Jail. Q, Crlolunay, W. II. Kerr, W, II. Ker
San Raefael, Cal., April 6.���Superior tie, ,1. i\ Nicoiis, Dr. Pearson and T,
Judge  Carroll  Coos   has  denied  the D. Stevens,
aged   t'orte   Madera   millionaire W. 	
1).   Bradbury,   his   motion   for   a   now Oarsmen  May  Go   East,
trial  and  an  arrest of judgment  on a There is a  great ib
perjury   charge.     Bradbury  was  tried aboul   sending  lhe  crew  of  the
and  convicted  some time  ago. A, A. of Victoria,   to
The   discoverer  of  a  new  mine  is| C. P. It. Agent,
entitled   to  a   claim   of  1000  feet  in New Westminster,
length,  aand  if  the  party  consists  of   or
two, t.soo feet altogether, on the out-j __ j   COYLE,
put  on  which  no royalty    shall    bc   Assistant   General   Passenger   Agent,
Dlstricl   Registrar  of  Titles,  charged  the  rest  of the party ordin-       Vancouver.
ary claims only.
Entry fee $10.    Royalty at thc rate'
of two and one-half   per cent, on the
value  of  the  gold  shipped  from  thc
April I, 1906.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry. Co.
Nelson & ft. SheppardRy. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
The  only all  rail  route  between  all
jeet to the rights of all person- who ^"TUp MlllA/aulrf-l-" l"'in,s casl' WCRt and south to Ross-
have, or who may receive entries fori i. 1IC -TillWd.UIY.CC land, Nelson and intermediate points,
bar digging. ,.r bench claims, except! connecting at Spokane with the Great
skat.hewan   It       where      ^.^ ..^   "J^,  ^  �� Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R.
Tenders for a  Licence to Cut Timber
on Domonion Lands in the Province of British  Columbia.
& N. Co.
with the Cantor   Boundary
the  lessee  can   dredge  to  high-water
mark on each alternative leasehold. ,, ,,. .... , ,      ,  ,,      ,
The  lessee  shall  have  a  dredge in      Kansas City to Chicago. CoMMti at Rosslan,
I operation within one season from the'    No   trains  in   the   service   on   any  ����M   Pacific   Railway
date of the lease for each live miles  r'"lro;l(1  ln ,tl,c  w'or J   tl,,:,.t  e'lu:l1  ,n   CrCl'k P<?,nt*'
:but where a person or company has! e'luipmcnt that of thc Chicago, Mil-      Connects at    Meyers    Falls
,,.  obtained   more   than   one   lease   one iwailkcc ,&  St'  Pau    Ra��way,     They  Stage daily for Republic,
dredge for each fifteen miles or frac- i ow"  aml  nV"Mc th,?,ir ��*n  "JeePlng
timi thereof is sufficient.     Rental, $10  and (1","n�� cars ���� M] tlu',r tril,ns '>��''
per annum for   each    mile    of river >glve. tluMr   WjrotH   an   excellence  of
Royalty at the rate of two | ser���v,cc, ,,nt Obtainable  elsewhere.
11 the      Berths on their sleepers are longer,
higher and wider than in similar cars
SEALED TENDERS    addressed
the   Timber  and   Mines  Brunch,  Deal of laiis lately partment of the interior, and marked
.1.  u. on tho envelope "Tender for Timber fe""a"gej
Bt   Catharines Berth No. 47.1," will be received   at and a half per cent, collected
Thc  perjury  charge grew out  of a this summer tu compete for ihe Can-  lhis Department until noon on Wed- output after it exceeds $10,000
civil action between J. S. McCue and ndlan  championship  at    the  big  re- nesday, fhe 2nd day of May, 1906, for     Dredging In the Yukon Territory���   '*.""',""{"'  j"":.    '".L'y  i,rutcc[
Bradbury.     Judge    Cook     sentenced  gatta. A meeting will ba held - tly a licence to cut timber on Berth No.  s'* !<*������ of live miles each may bc     ?!'   "IS!!   y   'c,        -,, sy8fem'
Bradbury to one year In state prison, to consider tho -upject. Ths proposal -m. situate In .he Railway Belt In fL^*__}���_%_\_tm :' "'rm "f continental HneTin Union ulpoT''
Bradbur?   took   an  appeal,  and   pend-   I ns  to  be.  p  good  one,  as tha ad-  the   Province    of  British    Columbia,     fh   I        '   ri3ht l c 	
lug   the' appeal   be   was   allowed   hi)  veitlsing  resulting fr������  trip cer- commencing nt the southeast, corner  .ubrnV^d'Var ir -."Ke^iveJ! H. S. ROW.E. General Agent.'
ficcdom on giving a bond for 110,000.  lalBl.   ou^bl   to pay nny  und  all  ex- of Section 14, Township 6, Range 27, be]ow   low   water   mark( that bonn.  ,,4 Third 8fc> cor Alder> Portiand> 0r
Buffet   service   on   trains   between
Spokane and  Nelson.
Effective    Sunday,    November
9.20 a.m.
12.25 P.m.
9 40 a.m. .
Day Train
.. Spokane
. .Rossland
.. .Nelson ..
��� ������7-15 pm.
.. .410 p.m.
.. 6.45 p.m.
Genera] Passenger Agent
From N. W. Mon. Wed, Frid. * a.*
From Chwk. Tu., Th..  Sat., ' ���>">���
From N. W. Tu.. Th., Sat   I  am.
From Chwk. Sun., Wed-. P        ���' "������
From N. W. dally, ex. Sun., i 15 P*
From Mt. Lehman, 7 a.m.
From  N. W. dully, ev. Sim , J l,n"
Add. trip, Monday. 6 a.m. .
From Steveston, 7 11.111. tKri. �� u.m..
Add. trip Saturday, ���'> l'-m-
city of Nanaimo���
From N. W. Sunday 7 n.m.
From Victoria Saturday 7 am
Mail Service
Close. KcT-..��_
Beattle, via Sumas 10.00 p.m. J.�� PtP
Sap'n & Mlllslde.���1o,00p.in. 6.1.'.'���"���
Vancouver 10.00 p.m. O.Ofa.m.
Cloverdale, Blaine, ���.   m
Seattle, etc..  .. 8.45 a.m. "'il*1���'
Van. & Cent. Park...l0.80 a.m.   -I'"'
Victoria 10.30a.m. l''"|'a"'
East Burnabv.. .- 1.15 p.m. WJ*
Stoveston, etc.... 1.30 p.m. 10..( um.
East, via C.P.R... 3.00p.m. lWWin
Sap., Mill, Con'm.. S.OOp.m. l--���ra���
Van. & Burnahy.. 3.30p.m.
.00 p.ni.
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
WHITE   HORSE.   DAW_t��N   ana
FAIRBANKS.    Daily  trams  [exceg
Sunday)    carrying   passengers,   tMj>
express    and    freight    connec*   "1
stages at Carcross ami White lb 1   ,
maintaining a through winter Ber
For information apply to
J.  H.   ROGERS,  Traffic  Msn.l*'!
Mackinnon BldgT-j
Vancouver, B. L. SATURDAY,  APRIL   7,   1906.
Richmond Bros., Modern Clothiers
Full line of Neckwear.
Hats all sizes in stock.    See our Irish
Poplin Hats in Blue and Brown at
Will Afford
Pleasure in
the wearing.
We have the fullest line
of Spring and Summer
2 Piece Suits ever shown
in the City.
We are always pleased to
show goods whether you buy
or n6t. Come in and let us
get acquainted	
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Royal City Fish Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Frozen Fish
(iame In Season
We deliver to all parts of the City.    Telephone 40.    P. O. Box 72.
Front Street,
Next Daily Newt. New Wettmintter, B. C.
THOS-   R-   PEARSON TermsrfaonrgYou.
823���One hundred and sixty ncres.hcautirully situated on the
southern slope ot tne serpentine Valley; first-class land, tronting on
the Clover Valley Road; near t he railroad and river; good road;
land is very productive; about 60 acres In first-class condition.
Good and convenient buildings. All necessary Implements and Btock.
This Is well worth Investigate n.   Price, ��90 per acre.
1027���An unusually good buy.   One hundred and sixty acres; GO
to 75 acres under tim-ciuss cultivation;  "J acres under nops, all  in
_   good shape;  10-roometl dwelling In good condition, barn buxiuil; hop
I   kiln and baling room in good condition;  the buildings on the place
���   arc worth at least ��;i.uuu.   llert and Creek runs through the property.
1 This Is a most desirable farm;   from $2,500 to S3.5UU per year can
2 he taken off lt.   Price, ��. ,300 c ash.
*��*��*����������+��+����������+���+��������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
Boilers and Pumps.
Before placing your orders for NEW
STEAM PLANT, write for quotations.
We have the LARGEST and BEST equipped
BOILER PLANT in Canada      :      :      :
"Canada" Heaters and Separators
Cochrane   Patents.
"Canada" Return Tubular Boilers
Hanam Patent y
"Canada" Water Tube Boilers
"Canada" Steam Pumps
Full Stock of Pumps carried at
Vancouver and Rossland   :   :
Address:_527 and 529 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
is expected to-be an advance In prions; nrTP    QliT   llr    IDVI IIU
nu  stars.   The Ballard output la about UEIu    Ul) I     lit    A-lLUM
18 per cent, of the state's total.
Shingle  Manufacturers of Washington
Expect   Serious   Trouble   With
Federation of Labor.
Bullets From the Dark Kill Switchman
  in View of Passengers.
Seattle, Wash., April 6��� A fight with!     Chicago, April  ��.���In   full   view   of
Mrs. Day-Woolsey Charges Husband of
"Little Georgia Magnet" With
Carruthers Manufacturing Corny.
Manufacturers of
Show Cases, Store Fittings and Bar Fixtures
J The Carruthers Manufacturing Co.
k���___, _.,,-..____.
Beginning, February 15th, 1906
Through Tourist Sleepers
Every"DajCin the"_Year
Between Seattle and Chicago
Great Northern Railway
"Th* Comfortable Way" Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
IFor detailed information, rates, etc., call on or address
F C. GRIFFIN, New Westminster, B. C.
I Chatham Incubators
Now is the time ts Purchase Them
60 Egg Incubators Costs $14,      120 Egg Incubators $21,
240 Egg Incubatoi. $29.
These terms are Cash with the Order. Terms
can be arranged payable in November, 1906,
on a slight advance over cash prices.
BROODERS  $1 LOO  TO  $13.00
Box 165, New Westminster, B. C.
Write for Circular and Mention the Daily News.
Tacoma .   April   ".���Mrs.     Lulu   F.
shingle mill employes that wlll event- the   passengers on an   outgoing Mc- Daj.Woolsev hlls 8Worn to . wlllTant
...illy spread throughout the state Is, ���on Railroad train, which was halted; chllrglng her hnsl)iiml Myron ���
expected by shingle manufacturers.; at Uie Taylor street crossing '"^Voolsev. with recently marrying An-
The .rouble at Ballard has been fol-j night, Samuel Richardson, f,0 years\_,f A1)|)ott an a(,|re8g known Qn ihg
lowed   by   small   strikes   In  a  do-en old, a switchman, was shot and killed. stage fts lhe ���L,  ,e .G      ,a ��� ..
Kl.ii.gle    mill centers, and eventually^ h , .       -
the effort of the American Federation ; while   he   was   her   lawful   husband.
���Of Labor to control the shingle situ-! anu other Perstms who were attracted; Woolse-y  was arrested the first part
ition   ls    expected  to  affect    all   (he! ''V  the  sound   of   shots  could   reach \_t __, week
manufacturers. him.
Ballard,  the  largest  shingle  manu-<     Richardson,  who  has been eraploy-
��� torturing town In the state, Is bear- ed for more than twenty years by the'
ing the brunt of the first fight. Shingle! Monon    Railroad  Company,    left  bis marTte*1 t0 Mr9' Dliy Wool8e>'-   ln re'
| manufacturers   had   anticipated, that shanty    near    the    crossing at   nild-; ^   to  thls   Mrs-   Day-Woolsey   has
j some of the smaller towns, farther re-  _\g_t t0 wunl pOSgti,ie pedestrians of submitted   to  Police  Judge  Linck  a
| moved from the labor market, would the approach of the train.   The train certificate    showing    that    she    and
be attacked first    But It the struggle halted near the crossing and Richard, Woo,        ^ mml_,  ,_  Sra|Ue ,���
at  Ballard is won, ll  wlll strengthen  son   was  walking   up   the    track  op-i
the mill employees materially. j posite the trnla, when two shots werej
Asiatic  Labor Affected.. lu'iU(1-   WchardsO- fell on the tracks.;    The Day-Woolsey case is a peculiar
A search was made through the neigh- and aggravated one ami has given the
borhood but no trace of any person federal authorities much trouble.
could   be   found,   except   Jules   Roccl.j Sevon|]   y���,u.s   __   woolscy   stopped
nn ltiillnii employed as watchman by ,. , , , , _      ,    .,
_      ,,          ,    , lor a time with a friend here by the
lhe   Monon  road.     Roccl   had   no   revolver, but he was arrested and win ";uu '  l,il-v'    N'"  lon8 a"��"_ra
be belli pending an Investigation. No Day   complained   thai    Woolsey es-
motive tor the crime could be decided tranged his wife's affections and lator
''>'  ,h" I'ollce. |]u,  |W()  wwa .isvo,-,.,.,!.    Then  Wool-
���   " �� ley  nnd   Mrs.  liny  were  married, nc-
Lanflley  New. Notes. ^.^   u<   w|m���SH,s  ;ln<1  (locumant8
Liinglcy.    April    5.���Wm.    Rolhwell  Hh(, __, produced In court, and lived
bail  a  barn  raising ou   Tuesday,    al   together In Tacoma until a year ago.
by federal authorities on
the charge of violating the postal
laws.   Woolsey declares he was never
Shingle and Saw Mill
The Schaake Machine Works, Ltd.,
New Wertminiter, R C.
in   The   News
C. O. Young, an orgnnlzer for the
American Federation of Labor, ls organising     the    shingle     employees
throughout the stale. Thus tar
neither Mr. Young nor those working
wiib him have presented any demands to ths manufacturers, uiid
Young's claim to the mill men bus
been thai he is morel) bringing the
mill employes Into the big parenl or-|
shingle manufacturers believe   the
work  of  the  American   Federation  Ih
111 iiiulclpatlon of a Struggle over lhe
Astatic  labor question.    They  expect' whlch a" ,,,l! ����'->��>w'�� were present woolscy  then   became    the business
peremptory demands m follow the ad-| from  miles  around.    Kvuu  the   serv- manager of the "l.ittle (leoglu. Mag-
JiiHtnii-iit   of   the   big   strikes   In   the! Ices    of  tho   Stalwart    beachen,   Mr. ne|- an(j t0ok to tho romL    Trouble
Bast  thai  are now  pending.    Few of; piston,     were    requisitioned.      Tbe ,���,,���,.������  _<_  a������   Mrs.   Day-WooUey
the mills Iii lhis state are employing
foreign labor now, but mill men understand that there will be an Influx
barn  will bc the  finest  lu the neigh-  broke out and Woolsey had her sent
borhood, being ubout tSOxGIl, Including! to the Insane asylum at Stetlucoom.
Six  weeks  ago  he  was  arrested  by
the   federal authorities and convicted
From two to live years later  Umbers wllh  rafters of peeled  cedar, a|   ___���_  0f   violating   the   postal
of  Japanese  labor   for   new   railroad  sheds.   The frame is made of squared
these  men  will  have completed  their
work, and  lt  Is argued  the American
Federation  is preparing to resist  uu
attempt to keep the Asiatic labor In
this country.
One Japanese Strike.
One of the strikes of mill men was
caused by the employment of Asiatic,
lubor. The Atlas Lumber Company
was employing Japanese In Its yards
at McMurray. The white laborers
struck, but their places have been
filled. At Stanwood the shingle em
ployees struck for more wages. Two
strikes hnve occurred ln Belllugham
mills. The Aberdeen Lumber A Shingle Co. has two mills affected by
strikes growing out of an Increase Ih
wages given packers. At Elmu there
Is a minor strike and trouble Is reported at various points.
Orowltig out of the  Ballard  strike
poles. i Fawil and lined $100.   Then Mrs. Day-
Mr. James Child, who was burnedl Woolsey was released by the asylum
out some three woks ago, has the authorities as cured. This enraged
frame up for a new home.    Mr. and  Woolscy    beyond    measures    and he
Mrs. Chllds, who are quite advanced
ln years, deserve every one's sym
pathy ln their misfortune.
Annadale schoolhouse will be the
scene of an entertainment on Thursday next In aid ot tho organ fund of
the Methodist church. Tea will be
served from 6 to i p. m. and will be
followed by an excellent programme
of songs, dialogues nnd recitations.
D. Robertson of the Tynehead nursery, has a very large assortment of
plants, comprising thousands of
small fruit trees. Tills nursery is
about seven miles from town and
nearby Is the school house and church
Mr. Robertson also keeps the post
wrote what the federal authorities allege  ls  a very defamatory  letter to
Superintendent Van Zandt, upbraiding
hlm for giving his wife her freedom.
Superintendent Van Zandt turned the
missive   over   to  the   United   States
marshal's offlce here and deputy marshals,  after a  long chase around  a
vaudeville circuit, ran Woolsey down
and arrested him at Centralis.    The
federal    authorities charge    Woolsey
also with marrying Mrs.    Day-Woolsey within six months after she had
been divorced from Day, which Is contrary to the state statutes.   The new
charge of   bigamy against   Woolsey
wlll probaly take precedence of tha
Fresh Celery, 10c. per stick. Nice and crisp.
Fresh Lettuce, nice big heads. 5c. per head.
Potatoes, the best you ever saw.   $1.00 per sack.
Sunday.   April   8
Labor  Supply  Is  Scarce in  New  West
minster and  Other   B.  C.
T. S. A1NNANDALE West   End   Grocery
D. VV. Gilchrist. Mgr.
"      " Life Insurance. \
Fire Insurance.
ib Ij     Trint:;      Cm,- dral     Rev.    A.
Shlldrii Morning  prayer, lit-
I:       m.    Sunday
nd sermon
T   ;..   in.
St. ��� Iscopal    church���
Rev.   ('    \v.   Hou ��� ctor.  Morn
ing prayer. Utan   and sermon IJ a. m.
Sundaj   Bchoi I   - Evi ning   song
Ai no time in history of N'e*
Westmlnstei    bi ��� den
labor bi en so - ���
bo   Mm,!!.    Tb.-   di can   n*
workmen    lmm<
abb- io obtain   - ay.    Condi-]
tlons an  thi ���   mllU
along the waterfri
the cr) maj be hi I      lal i
and bi
We have been appointed agent.- for the Union Assurance Society
of London, England, which has been carrying on fire insurance business
since 1714 A. D., and which has a capital and accumulated funds of
The National Life Assurance Co. of Canada, assurance record
Dec. 31st, 1899 (5 months) Assurance in force $60,1'"'.   Prem. *2_,954.60
190(1 Assurance in force  tl,7_&500. I'remiurris S 62.6o5.9ti
19(il " "        '  2.5.54.<��U. " 92,029.30
1902 '��� '��� 3,4_5,897. " l_8,8B6._l
1903 " " 4,086,112. " 150,644.fifl
1<*H           ���'           ������           4,609,754.                  " 166.3M.2u
money   M~AITADDlT   _?-   CC\    Real ��*'��" Brol"rt
TO LOAN.  WlC^UAIVlVlL    <X     l/U.,        and Contractors
186  Columbia   Street. NEW   WESTMINSTER.  B.  C.
Columbia   Street. NEW   WESTMIN
<>    A.  HARDMAN
S.   BRYSON ���
Hardman & Bryson
Practical Sanitarians
Complete  line  of Granite, Aluminum anil Tinware.-.       '
Estimates furnished on all Classes of Plumbing Work.
apparent!) without effect <
Heretofore the been a   i
Olivet Baptlsi Church.���There will to obtain workmen from the ran,.-, ol
be preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. ranch i"1'1 liirm laborers, and f^eher-
by n.-v. m. i.. Rugg, ii ii. Sunday ��""��� bl" the reverse Is thi <;-.*, thli
School and Hi!.!' 'li-T : ::n p. m. V. season. The tarmers ire I- nsily en-
er meeting on Wednesday evening at eaged In clearing land, and other-
* o'clock. Bubjeet o( sermons: w'8e preparing for the Bison's work.
Mornini-'. "Letters of Christ"; even- and the spring run o_ salmon has
bag, The Value of a Man.'' Young been so satisfactory ,ha, j, is __.
People's meeting on Monday evening possible to obtalr, \___f fri,n. the
pi i ..'..lock. rankK   of   ,he    flshermen.     Higher
wages   are   off _.r,.,i   in   thf  city   thun
Wesl   Presbyterian Church���Rev. T. ever before, 'Jll( apparently the work-
Wardlan Taylor, M. A. Ph. D., minis- men are th _ sought after, and nm the
ler.    Sei vic<- nt   11  a. iu. and 7 p. m.   seekers,   4S  j,as  frequently  been    Ihe
Bundaj school and Bible class at 2:30 case in the past.
p. in.   The   Sacrament of tbe Lord's ri.ft._-. s->->.
1 . , Chinese Scarce.
Supper will be dispensed at  thc mom-
Even  the    Hindoos  have    deserted
log  Bervlce. , ........
che ciiy in si-arch of higher wages In
St. Andrew's Presbyterian   Church,.' the various  railroad  camps  through-
���Rev. J. S. Henderson, pastor.   S<>rv- out the interior, and Chinese labor is
Ices al ll a. m. and 7 p, m.   Sabbath oul of the question, even in ihe mills.
school and Bible cuass, 2:30 p.. ra   T.  '' is wi,n the greatest  difficulty that
Now is the Season to Buy
By getting one now you will have
the full season's use of it.   (>ur
We don't care where thc next best   millinery is    we i    the  I, ���
[n nothing is a Woman's   taste SO  distinctly   arbitrary,   and   in   t
have we been so thoroughly successful,
our showing of tine millinery this season discoui
past snd tiie more you make comparison the more you will
our values now.
We're making a special feature of Trimmed Hats ti
prices, with new styles c rniing all the time.
.1,,... I | customs, a large shinmi nl
open .,,,,1 on display.   Tbe ready to m a.     I  lei ol I
��� . ������    .      learch of tl ��� ne
��.  ��� hal -.
stock includes the
Woodyatt, Brockville and
Whitman & Barnes Makes
P.  S. C. E. Monday, s p, in.-   prayer
meeting  Wednesday,  8   p.  in.;   morn-
i ing   subject:       The  Gospel   of  Doing
; Without"    Evening   subject,
j ing in Faith.''
Columbia  Street
S23 Granville  Slreet
Sole Agents Monarch Ranges.
Same  Thing  Everywhere.
Men are wanted on the waterfront.
Mutual  Life   Assurance
Co. of Canada
Amount of Policies now in force exceeds l44,ouo,W(t.OO
Amount of Assets, legitimate and solid, now exceeds J*,OU��,t)U9.00
This ts a company of polk y-holders, by pollcy-nolOers, tor policyholders.
OUR MOTTO;    ine largest amount of Assurance for the Least
Possible Outlay.
S. W. BODLEY, District Manager.
New Westminster, B. C.
'Phone 8b.
There Ls no reason why we should not sell Corsets
as well as whitewear during these busy days. Trashy
Corsets are not only a "delusion and a snare" but a
source of great annoyance to the wearer.
We handle the famous old reliable
Crompton   Corset.
There are none better or more satisfactory.
Hhe White  House
A. J. B1RTCH. 275 Columbia Street
the mills are able to obtain labor, and
it  is with still greater difficulty that
they  ure able  to  hold  ih��-  men  after
Build-  ,hey are obtained.
The labor   famine  i.s  truly  an  his
palling  one.  lo  the  larger  employers,
Queens Avenue Methodist���Rev. W. as every available man, good bad and
II.  Barraclough, B. A., pastor. Regular  indifferent.  Is  being  snatched  up  as
s.: vices al   11  a.  iii. and 7  p. ill.  The  last as he appears on  the scene, and
1 Rev.  A.  Carman,   II.   U.    of  Toronto,   yet   the   cry   of   "Labor,   more  labor"
genera] superintendent of the Metho- continues, without avail.
] dist church, will  preach In the morning, and the pastor    In  the evening.
1 Sunday school and bible class al  2::10    ,
lhe   boats,  the  ranches,  surveys,  and
��� p. m.
in   lie  mills,   to   say   nothing  of  the
Tbe N'ew Gospel Hall, corner Sixth number of workmen required for city
avenue and Ninth street���II a. n_ waA- Apparently the same comli-
BreaJ-lng of Bread: 3 p. m. Sunday tions e*ist in Vancouver, and other
school and bibb- reading: 7 p. m., places, and employers being for-
Gospel meeting. A hearty Invitation to h'dden under the Allen law to Import
all men from the other side of th^ line.
lie question arises concerning the em-
West End Methodist church���Rev. plover, "What can be done?" Even
A. .1. Brace pastor. The morning ser- 1he cheapest and poorest kind of
vice wlll be withdrawn to give ibe laborers are not to be found, and as
congregation an opportunity of hear- for high-class workmen, they are gems
ing the Iiev. Dr. Carman, general sup- of ureal price, practicably unoluaina-
erintendenl   of  the  Methodist  church  ble.
of Canada in the Queen's Avenue With conditions as they are so early
Methodist church. Evening sermon: it. the season, the prospect for the
"Tbe Responsibility of ihe Church."      employer   in   mid-summer   Is   truly   a
 0 cheerless  one,   unless  an   unexpected
supply    of    men drifts into    the city
trom some source at present unknown
CROWS HELP FOX  HUNTERS   ,��� Ulf, ,.|imn ______��
.(fine Lots for Residence site, in
St. Andrew's Square
Tor $500
:! Lots, well situated on Tenth St.
with orchard in full bearing.
_ Comer Lots,   4th   Avenue  and
11th Street.
$275 and $300
1 1-3 Lots on Eighth  street, facing Moody Square,
Only $225
Several more almost as tempting
on our list.      Call and inspect,
Malins, Coulthard & Co.
Financial. Insurance & Real Estate
Agents.        Tel. 106.        Columbia St.
Is This What
You Want?
3 Lots all cleared; Chicken House
and run; fi roomed dwelling, with
bathroom, pantry and washroom.
On car line.
4. t WHITE, 260 Columbia St.
Telephone 85.
Advertise in the News
Tb*>   Follow   thr   Al<-rt   1)1 rd.   ��'_�����--
It. >>n_rd   I.   Iliiuinlnll.
For some reason crows have seated
arid mortal antipathy to foxes. As
crows build their nests in trees, where
no foi can climb, aud as an adult crow
can escape from any fox by dying, we
cannot understand why all crows seek
to liarass aud destroy every fox they
see. But we know this to be a fact, as
we have watched the performances of
crows when foxes were near many
���We have seen crows watch for running foxes on such occasions for hours
at a time, and as soon as a fox emerged from the thick woods and let a crow
get a glimpse of its body every bird
would hover over the running beast
and peck at It and scold It and show
marked evidence of a bitter hatred.
Several fox hunters whom we know
make a practice of following the alert
crows when tie foxes nre roaming
acro98 back lots, claiming that the
birds are fully aa reliable as hounds
and less trouble to maintain���Bangor
I  _   v-
:��: mm mm* n-t���r.apmm-*- ��� |
Electric   Plants
Mills and Factories
Th-  Tramp.
The curse of Uie man who will not
work has always beeu with us. Id
Henry VIII 's reign he was not allowed to beg the bread that belonged to
honest folk, for a statute was made
by which the old and impotent were
grunted licenses to beg, and any one
found begging without one was soundly (logged and sent bome to his own
parish. In tils way as many as a
hundred ln oue day ln Elizabeth's
time were sent "back to the land."
The begglug license seems to work
well enough abroad, where the row of
authorized beggars ls up familiar sight
outside every church and where the
halt and maimed are seldom seen any
where else. Tho rise of the vagrant ln
England no doubt took place after tie
destruction of tie monasteries and before any other relief giving body took
their place.���London Chronicle.
Look   South   and   East.
A few Canadians, who are al presenl across the line, are expected to
jjrrlve here shortly, they having tired
of the life beneath the Stars and
Stripes, and with the advent of these
men, the situation will be somewhat
relieved, although even ihen the outlook will not be altogether as bright
as the employers would wish.
Later in the season it is thought
that men will arrive from ihe East,
and wilh this thought in view the
employers are endeavoring to console
themselves, and await developments
In the labor problem with the best
grace possible under the circumstances.
Extraditable Offences.
Ijondon, April 7.���The Lord Chancellor, Sir Robert Threshie Reld, In-:
traduced a bill In tie house of lords
today making bribery and bankruptcy
extraditable offences in accordance
with the Anglo-American convention.
and get particulars
10 acres of rich black
loam soil, first class for
fruits and vegetables.
All under cultivation.
Pries $500.   Terms.
25 acres, good land,
all under cultivation.
Price $50 an acre
50 acres of No. 1
level land. 40 acres
ready for the plough,
balance small hardack.
Close to school, church,
RO., store and R. R.
depot, all at $2,500.
Fine corner with stone wall;
fine view; 6 roomed house.
, some exertion, hadi dug a; This is a property that will
in tlie contents of tbe side ! .      l      L ...
grow   into  money  quickly.
Rents for $15.00 per month. ,1
How is this for a
snap? 15 acres rich
black loam land, three
acres cleared and cultivated. Fjuit trees
and strawberries, four
roomed house, large
barn. All for only
$550, very easy terms
| Electric Supplies. Wires, Cords, Etc. |
'i        Incandescent  and Arc  Lamps.
\o  Sim   Done.
The customer at the five ceut lunch
counter, will
spoonful from
I "Walter," he said, "this tastes differ-
; ent somehow from the mashed potatoes
i 1 usually get here."
"It Is different" said tie waiter, In-
I spectlng lt.   "It's the chunk of putty
for a broken window pnne that tho old
i man has been making a fuss about for
I tlie last ten minutes.   He'll be glad to
get It back.   Thanks."���Chicago Tribune.
_ Write us for   Estimates  on  complete Plant. _
_ .}
|        Large Stock of Supplies and Apparatus carried ;���;
Ij! at Vancouver and Rossland. $
I Canadian General Electric Co., Ltd. I
The Origin of tt  Familiar Sarins.
When Aurellus 1'aulus, tie Itou.uu
consul, desired a divorce from his wife
some friends reasoning with hlm asked:
"Is she not beautiful nnd virtuous and
of noble family and great wealth?
What fault, then, can you find with
And the consul stooped down, unfastened his shoe and, showing lt to tl.em,
answered: "Is It not of fine material?
In lt not well made? Does lt not appear to fit excellently ? Yet none of you
_now�� where R punches me."
Cash deposite secures this.
cash down secures new house
on Columbia Street near approach to the bridge.
Enquire at Once.
We have the choicest
selection of farming
land to be had, and
cordially invite your
inspection of some of
these properties.
Note our address.
Real   Estate   Brokers,
Rooms 1  and 2, Dupont Blk.
Telephone   170.
It's About
it's jusi about now ik
ly   ever)   Man   has   the  B|
Suii question on hli
Many will comi   to
oul any urging on oui
Sometimes   an   old   Cll I it
drops out;   perhap
high-priced Tailor b H he ��� OH
back again ana telU u
thai    he   likes   oui    clo
llki s the bi ihe ���. i the
fabric���the workman i. i i
our  prices.
Wi   have buill  up OUI
tation  for  selling the |
rioihes bj handling oi I i..���
besi productions "t tic
World's Best
Clothing Makers
Clothing we can hack ��.'_
our strongest guarantee ol
Money back, if anything goes
Come,   see   our   handsome
Spring Suits and learn ho*
much Suit goodness you can
cei here for $10. $12. $u. J18.
to  $20.
On modern lines even in backward old
China. We have heard that the Racy-!
cle Bicycle has been seen on the streets
of Shanghai. We handle the Recycle
and Perfect Bicycles, the two best
bicycles made in Canada or the i'nited
States, Whatever wheel you buy here
it is value for your money, We also do
all kinds of bicycle and other repairing.
Bring your lawn mower to get snarpen-
1 ed and put in shape. Don't mistake
the place.
Alex. Speck,
Speck Block. Sign���Man on Wheel.
Watchmaker and
Manufacturing Jeweler,
Acquired a through knowledge of tlie
business in England with 10 years ex-
. periencc. Later was 7 years manacer
of the watch repairing department M
Savage, Lyman & Co., Montreal,
Henry Birk's business Dianag-1 : art of
the time.
English, Swiss, American and ail
complicated watches cleaned, ri paired,
made like new and adjusted.
Charges Reasonable.
Two Doors from Geo. Adams Grocery
....CALL ON....
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Feed, Sale and Livery
Latest Styles in Rubber Tired
Hacks and Rigs.
W.  LYLE & CO.
Cor. 8th and Carnarvon Sts. Phone 250.
W. N. Draper
B. C. Land
Ellard Block.   New Weetmmsl
Ellard Block,
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
Mineral Waters, Etc.
Aerated Waters,
Advertise in the News
Family Trade a Specialty.
Tel. 113. Office, Eiflhtr. Street,
I Electric Railway Service
Inter-urban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver ami way
stations at b.iiti ana tud) a.m,.
and every hour thereafter between 8 n.m. and n p.m.
Hair-hour cars from tarn, to 7
Cnrs leave Vancouver tor west-
minster at same Hours.
Last car Baturday at J1 p.m.
City Limits Line���Service trom
6.H0 a.m. to tu.:n. p.m.
20 Minute Service���.No transfer.
Between 12 and - and b and 7.
30  Minute   Service   durlni
malnder of day.   TransBH
Leopold Place.
Sunday   Service  halt-hourly '""
tween 8 a. m. and W P- ��'
City and Sapperton.
Sapperton Line-lb Minute Service, except between IS ��
2. and 5 and 7, during *W��
hours    tiie   service  will
Sunday 8ervlce   halt-nouriv
tween 8 a.m. and 1" ''���
I British Columbia Electric Ry. Co.,^'


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