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The Daily News Mar 5, 1908

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���mfo Shiles & Co.
s illative -W^.
rt    ���   t^f, Shiles & Co
MAR 6 . 1908
Sector! a. j^
bia St. Phone 85
I Iks in Optimistic Strain Concerning Development of
Westminster's Expor* Trade.    Has Disposed of $250,-
000 Interest in Fraser River Mills to Jensen,
McRae and Swift.
Nanaimo. Starving Hundreds Will Be Employed
Clearing Cemetery Site.
Westminster wl
soon    be
the    finest,
ye to boast of having
igt and mos!    expensive    mill on
��hole of th'' Pacific coast,
laser River mill
���eatb to tbe
have already add-
Importance of this
i,,   .   - ladustrlal and manufactur-,
[centre, ;"" wna> nas 1)een accomp-
li..;     tlie !'ii-t Is bul a small item
|:hp_red to v, hat   Is yet    to come.
ittamounl of money which is to he
f .iii! on Improvements and   ad-
lioiial machiner,, for use at the rbfg
Elsrepresi tits a fortune by no means
Isli, and Ib j task that could be ac-
:-:., ,' fi w mil] owners at
! present time, yei even with the
at the disposal of the present
ii.,--- if the mills, the undertaking
lone of   ri small magnitude.    The
he oi   me   Fraser River    mills,
|plcl With the fame of Xew We. t-
liter will yet be heralded through-
gentlemen desired to secure colnplete
control ot the mills In order lo immediately commence the large additional improvements which they have
in view, and l_- offer which they
made Mr. Uivid was one which he
d' I not deem It wise to decline.
Although he lias disposed of his
I: tr rests at Millside. Mr. David will
.-till be connected wiih thr' lumber industry, having Borne weeks ago commenced building a new n-!]l at Bon
Accord, which will ;_e completed
within the next six months, He also
proposes securing an Intere it In
other large mill In Mils city.
-Nana i io, March -I.���The Labor s:tua-
I tion bas somewhat improved, as evi-
j denced by ihe following telegrams ex-
' change,   between  .Mayor  Planta and
Premier McBride:
Victoria, B.C., Marco �����
j A. E. Planta, Mayor.
Government arranging work for unemployed and will carry same out it-
| self,    Prepared to clear cemetery site
| If council desires.
(Signed)    RICHARD MeHRIDE.
:    To which tlie mayor replied:
Gratified to know the government is
arranging    work    for    unemployed.
Council desires to have cemetery site
,n I cleared and will furnish powder   and
tools as promised.
Wells Gray Offers to Finance
Outing if Locals Can Beat
Vancouver Y. M. C. A.
>lllV> *!_���>
A I* n day (rip is in Hight iflor H���Ue
New Westminster senior basketball
team, an offer having been made to
thr' manager of the aggregation by
All. A, W, Cray whereby he would
'finance the boys on a tour to .'ce undertaken within the next few weeks.
The offer is conditional iijon the New
Westminster team winning out in the
gaa.e which is to be played against
the Vancouver Y. M. C. A. team, ciiam-
_��ns of the Pacific coast Y. M. C,
A. 13a-
Representatives  of Asiatic Exclusion League and Labor
Party Give Mayor and Aldermen Pointers oa Administration of Public Affairs.   Voters
List Criticized.
Maladministration    of    the    water-   were a number of    such   cases,    al-
works and electrical light departments j though fewer now than formerly, and
of the city, the repeal of the manu-   addlng thal tne on'y nta^ was t0
put through an  amendment    to    the
facturers exemption by-law, the mod-    .     . -,.   >        ��� , ���    ,
1 ' charter.    Other    speakers    expressed
ernizing of  the  methods    regulating! the opinion tl,at the _,ame_ ���n the as-
the placing of names   on   the   civic   sessment roll should be used instead
voters' list, and the publicity of meet* j of the voters' list.
ings were some of the questions that i     J- v- Ta-vlor sP��--e -< some length
,    ,      . . . , a-.,    the   subjects    under   discussion,
i were dealt with at a special meeting . ,
ethall lni'Mie   nnd which Is to " - There was an impression in the city
��� "��� ' ���    nQ wm' '�����,��� the city council last night, wHenr, ..   ...        ...        '    , .,        ..
'        . tha* the cutting off of names from the
tilr   ]Jnce at a elate ,to le fixed   Ho
wards the
of   this   week.     That1
\ deputations representing    lhe Asiatic
The committee appointed by the
| city council to act iu conjunction with
\ a committee from the unemployed, to
! interview the government and explain
lit  for not appearing  to  take
Exclusion league and the labor party j declaration was designed to keep the
the locals will win out In this match j were be.uU ; (0r,Io! of the cjvlc government In the
is   almost  assured,   as,   although   the.     it wus stated that the present sys-  hi-nds of a few people.
This concluded the    case   lor   the
labor  delegatus- aud   the   Asiatic   _--
list was such that if left to the gov-
two teams have not met this year, tie   tem of placing names on the voters'
relative strength  can   be  gauged  by
the victories won by each aggregation,
the showing of the Westminsters be*
Ottawa,     March      I.��� The
treaty and the vote for the Quebec ter-
| eminent of the city in the hands of  elusion league   representatives    were
a comparatively small  body of men. > then called upon, and their case subtile great  amount of trouble required ! uiitted  by Messrs.  Turnbull and Tay-
ing well  above  that   of  their oppon-   *.- obtain a vote deterring many who   lor.    Mr. Turnbull objeifed to the ex-
the situation with regard to the labor I ents. The city seniors nave won every   would  vote  under  better    conditions [ emution  of   the ' manufacturers  from
French! -Ruatlofi in the city reported to Mon- j game in which they nave figured tliis j from doing so.   It was also dangerous j taxation as many of them   employed
day night's meeting of the council that
centenary celebration were the topics! tllt> j,lint  committee    had    met    the
which occupied the attention of    the tDremler aud  *he chief commissioner
the land where lumber is used-   House of Commons yester lay. In con-1 of Ia-dB "nJ "or** ��-d explained that
' neotion   with the  latter,  Sir Wilfrid
the newspaper   reports,    which    had
made the    Interesting   announcement i been  ma,le a ���-lS0n f��1- the  g��vern-
| that nie.ns everywhere.
1 desire tt,    express    my  sincere   ,,   , ,     .    , ,        ...       .   ��� I ment not Undine work for the unem
that he had received notification from l "1IU1UB worn ior tne uueui
Bl to the city council,  board of  ,m. governor-general that  the Prince I l)lo-vt>(1-  were    incorrect.    The    joint
��� and the citizens of New West-   of \S',les would attend the celebration ! c<)I111"Jttee had l>��'nted ��'1( that there
liter for the assistance which    I   ProvldTng the date could be changed j w'as a larg* m"n��er of men in the city
|received during the time I was   from Jul>' 22 t0 Jul^' 29-   He would '>e! who were iu need of employment and
fontrol of the big mills.   That the
nation of the  Fraser   River   mills
I a great deal to do with the   Im-
unable to visit any of the other cities   u,-sed   the   government   to   open    up
of Canada.
On tlie French  treaty being taken
up, Mr. Monk complained    that   Mr.
lements already   made   and    pro- j PteMin* had refused any opportunity
for this mighty river is a fact   for examination of the treaty through
Inoone cjiiversaiit with the state  a committee.    The  treaty  had    been
Jffairs will attempt to deny.    The   hal,od as a government boon to Canadian agriculturists.   What was the use
of deceiving the people ?   France was
Ihe greatest agricultural country    in
ittisls but an indication of the de-   Europe  and  had  carefully seen  that
ement of the export   trade    of  her agricultural interests were not at*
Westminster which is bound to \ tacked iby the present treaty, which
iUy Increasi
Iter of large vessels which   have
pd nere during the past    twelve
In the course of tlie
(ew years.   The lumber trade is aKrip'"t��r!st
|r.ut in its Infancy as far as this
nee is concerned, and the future
IW Westminster is closely linked
giant Industry."���Lester \\.
lervlewed yesterday on  his
| from the east, where he had
would be of no value to the Canadian
Mr. Zimmerman stated that a large
United States manufacturer of Agricultural implements was going to
open a factory in Hamilton in order
j to enjoy the benefits of the French
,.,,_ treaty. Mr. Brodeur followed in defence of the treaty.
some work in the district to relieve
the situation.
At the mass meeting of unemployed
i in the Athletic club, members of   the
! city council attended.    Mayor Planta
remarked that it was a queer way of
| doing  business   that the  government
I had not informed him as mayor of the
I city of its Intention to work in conjunction  wifh the council.    Rev.  Mr.
McLeod took the same view.   The government, he thought, should have done
business through a recognized    body
like the city council.    He    did    not
think  the government ever  intended
to find work for the unemployed, and
season, with the excepi ion o>' one
jjlayed against the Nome team, which
jemied at naif time on account of a
difference of opinion concerning the
interpretation of the rules. The
score then stood several points in
favor of the locals, but is not claimed
as a victory, although the sffowing
male by the home team was far and
away ahead of the work of the
Nomads. The closest game played
here was iletween the Dawson team
and the Westminsters, when the final
score stood 16 t-j 14 In favor of the
.'hould the Westminsters trim   the
ijnasmuch  as it made? it possible for Asiatic labor, whose money was not
Interested  parties to corral sufficient | epent in the city.   This money would
votes to sway an election on way or
A number of the aldermen expressed
themselves in favor of the repeal of] I een  given  to induce  industries
the by-law- granting exemption to   in-  come to the city.    Aid. Garrett
go a long way to pay for the piTblic
works. ..Id. Henley explained that in
tbe  first  place,   the  exemption    had
j dtistries.  and  from  the tone of    the
' meeting, it is p-jpbable that such action will shortly be taken.
Mayor Keary occupied the chair and
called upon the members of the labor
party delegation to state their business with the council. Thomas Turn-
bull briefly outlined ttie matters which
the deputation desired to bring to the
attention  of  the  city    gtoyernmept.
Vancouver team, the trip south  will   -���__ considere(1 that the electric li(-ht
be undertaken a few days later, games | ._(,  w_te_ department8 of &.   clty
being played against teams represent
ing Bellingham, Snohomish, Everett,
Seattle, Tacoma and Portland, and
Victoria on the return journey. A fo0
guarantee will be required from each
city before the game ia played.
The Westminster team will be composed of G. Spring, O. Peele, guards;
Morrison, centre: A. Robertson, C
Spring,   forwards, together    with    J.
lug several weeks In order    to |    Sir Wilfrid Laurier moved the sec-
a 'leal whereby he disposed of on<| reading of the bill granting $300,*
-rter of a   million   Interest  In ! P00 In aid of the Quebec celebration.
"aser  River   mills   nt   Millside,: The money is to be spent  by a com-
rW.David expressed his opinion   mission of five appointed by the gov-
ifuture ol t.is city as an export i eminent, Mayor Caineaii, of Quebec;
e tn the words quoted above. He' Blr George A. Drqmmond, Montreal;
enthusiastic   over    the   greatl Ool.  Denison   and Byron  B. "Walker,
Illtle8 of the Fraser river as on Toronto, and  Hon. Adelard Turgeon,
*y when he firs, decided to east' Quebec.    Quebec province is going to
f'<" wiili Xew Westminster   and'give $100,000, and the city of Quebec
��� a controlling Interest In lhe j will also  give  a   large  sum.    Every
We. wbiri, he retained for over province giving $100,000 will be   en-
? ars, selling    out    about    six : titled to appoint a commissioner.
'S;l"" to a company of Manitoba I     In answer to Mr. Foster, Sir Wilfrid
8braaka capitalists,   At tlie time [ said  the greater part of the    money
���'^���iii" I a $250,000 Interest   would tbe spent on the celebration, and
1,1111 a  few clays    ago,  but little on  the    battlefields    plan,
'1 to thr' requests of the  which  was    a separate    thing,    and
trolling Interests and sold! which might be aided later on with a
tne purchasers  of    his ' grant.    The House went Into commlt-
��essrs. Jensen, of Jensen. I tee on the bill.    When II adjourned It
,i:i;   *. McRae
's^. Swift
I he- ytp
f" itaem
of Jensen,   tee ou the bill
of Winnipeg,' was until Thursday, today being Ash
of Chicago,   These  Wednesday.
 I '<*'���"������,-���--��� ,.������,.-���������-.,--.,������,,--,,-5.,������",,-v>--..",��-<i".i,-���,.-������������-.>������<>'.�� ���<��� " *r-��. *�� ..>
had been pulling wool over the eyes | Gif-or(* as S|)are man and referee. Aid.
of the committee. Aid. Wilson Saiid
the council had spent over $300 on relief work last week, ami had permission to spend $.100 more during the
presen,t week.
The following resolution was passed)
unanimously: ���,-.____-_.,��-���_   ���-_��� ������*_���-*-���-,
That     Mayor     Planta     telegraph fOMMFNCFD  IN  HOUSE
Premier McBride informing him   the |       VVIM.IIL.1V_I/  111  Nl/UJL
council was willing to map out work 	
for all the unemployed here to be carried out at government's expense."
Gray also proposes accompanying the
team on its trip south.
McBride Disclaims Desire to
Make Political Capital Out
of Measure.
London, March I.���Sir William Van
Home, who is now here. Is spreading
cheery optimism regarding Canadian
prospects in financial and .business
circles. Ile asserts thai British joarn-
als have magnified Canada's difficulties from the American financial crisis
end from the winter unemployment
trouble iu Canadian cities.
Victoria, March 4.���(Special.)���The
debate on the second reading of the
Grand Trunk Pacific railway bill commenced today, when Premier McBride
In a lengthy speech took up each sec-
tlon of the bill and stated the reasons
which had actuated the government In
making the agreement with the railway company. He disclaimed any desire to make iiolltlcal capital out of
were not being run on proper principles; the city should not run them
for profit, but should give the public
the cheapest and most efficient service possible at cost. The $9000 revenue from the electric light shown ln
the report for 1906, instead of being
applied on general taxation, should
have been used for the decreasing of
the cost of light to the consumer, or
the Improvement of the service. This
was still more noticeable in the
water department. The owners of
vacant lots voted for the laying of
water pipes past their property, .because it raised that property ln
value, but they paid none of the cost.
The speaker impressed upon the
council the necessity of obtaining
amendments to the charter that would
force every person that obtained benefits from improvements to pay their
share of the expense, if this were
done, lie was confident that the price
to the consumer could be cut in half.
Turning to another phase of the question. Mr. Turnbull spoke of discrimination in the rates In varioii3j>art_ of
the city. The manufacturers got their
wuler at the very lowest rate nnd In
return used Oriental labor, which
took their money from the city. Places
along the lower part of the city obtained a meter rate, mostly working
out nt about $1.25 a month, but the
small places on the top of the hill
were not given that privilege nnd n
small house had to pay as much as
This Is My 46th Birthday"
Frederick H. Newell.
, | . "   Newell, chief engineer of the reclamation service of
"'"'ll  Stair.
was born In Bradford, Pa,, March
|i*'it,. ,f .!""' "u' engineering department of the Massachusetts ln-
1N(l_, and was
1 MiKllea,       ogy '" 1ssr'-   Immediately after the conn
PWoyuiP-,._,took "I' 'rrlgaUon work  in Colorado,    lie entered the
"'" Irrigation survey us a hydraulic engineer in 1HSS
"l haa
'''I i�� tbe service of the government ever since. When
.    '"""ti'ni servie
Newell Wa
Ice mas eatibllsheil by act of congress of June 1".
�� appointed chief engineer, and one year ago he
}s spent '''"'.'* "' Walco" as director of the service.    Mr Newell
|k the
lrvlce 1
"'lil Ian
'be whole of his professional career In .reclaim-
lls Of lhe west.    Under his guidance the reclamation
-0 be n most important branch of the governwen't
Of the service, which  wan  of most  Insignificant
W^vou-eg the
1  v vears ago, now gives employment lo 10,000 perwna
''"pendllure approximately of    $1,000,000    11  month.
'���tl  Irrl
a,l"n  projects have been completed in the we.tern
n'"'ibr.r of others ..ry in progress of construction. |
the transaction,   nssert'ng   that    Ihr
benefit of the province wns the   only | a large business building ln the lowest
intention of the government when thel part of the' city.   While Mr. Turnbull
"There will be uo files on Canada in I term* of the agreement were   undqr 'relieved meters to Tie-?) bad thing, he
1 *-os.    Make sure of that," he  says.  rlisciiKslon.     The debates on the bill   could see no reason why, If the city
Btnllingly to newspaper   men.    "Thej-���,,,, adjourned. granted   them   to one   section, thpy
The liquor license act came In for I eoniil logically refuse tdiem to another,
some more criticism because of the. W. DoMd characterized the present
excessive* powers which the govern- system for the placing of a house*
ment propose, placing In the hnndsj hpldor's name on the voters' list, as *
of the provincial polioe ln unorganized  foolish one.   the  system    demanding
inn greal and permanent difficulty Is
Mu Bcarcity of labor."
lie denied emphatically that any
!c .Climate Canadian enterprise wus
herd up by want of money or by'any
UTltie caution exercised by the banks,
a"d reasserted his belief that a gov-
'eminent heavily- subsidized All Red
scheme, as proposed, is unnecessary
and almost Indecent seeing how close-
l> the Canadian Pacific unci Oth# individual enterprises had hiet and
would' further meet Cnnada's real
Sir William also expressed himself
with the utmost freedom on the
Asiatic problem. Western Canada's
psramount need, he says, is just such
labor us Asiatics provide, apd he hints
���it subterranean and none too creditable outside forces ibelng at work to
keep tf|e antf*Aslatlc movement alive.
districts throughout tho province.
When the civil service ibill again
cr.me up for dlsoirslson, this wns
blocked by nn objection to 0 new
clause on tho ground that the blM was
not the same as when brought down
for Its second rending. Speaker
l-"nerls Is considering the point raised,
���nd wlll probably give his decision to-
'Ihe bill relating to the revenue to
he derived from salmon canneries was
finished' ln committee. Attorney-On-
eral Bowser explaining that the clause
relating to the taxation of packing
estBhHshmenta would not affect the
.mall salting establishments.
that after the nnme has been given,
the perspn shall come and take an
affidavit previous to the election that
he sllll la entitled to the vole. Falling his appenrance, no matter Row
well known he mlglit be, Ws name was
stricken from the list.
Mr. Turnbull again speaking, called
attention to the dangers of the system which admitted pf an Interested
corporation controlling the votea ot
the city. There should be, he said, a
court of revision. ""
Mr, Wilson pointed out that a man
who rented from his wife obtained
two votes. This the mayor admitted,
stating that It was true that, there
plied that there was then no Asiatic
question, and expresses! himself in
favor of the repeal of the by-law.
Aldermen Gray, Henley, Sillies and
Jardine also stated their intention of
supporting the repeal. Aid. Johnston
expressed his pleasure r,t being given
an opportunity of hearing these matte rs placed before the council by the
committees, bnt did not wish to state
"ne way or the other until the matter
had been fully considered, with re-
-?*rd to the voters' list, he believed
that a court of revision was abso-
li tely necessary.
Aid. Shiles stated that many attempts had been made iby former
councils to make some arrangement
by which owners of vacant lots would
be made to pay their share towards
public works.
Mayor Keary stated that there was
a great deal of Justice in the remarks
made and the matters would be discussed by the council.
The question of open meetings was
raised by J. D. Taylor, who asked how
the municipal committee of tho
Asiatic Exclusion league were to
know what matters were to be taken
up by the council. The mayor replied
that statutory meetings were held
every Monday. This did not satisfy
the Interrogate.*, wno suggested that
no Important work was done at these
meetings and the reporters never
knew for certain whether other meetings would be held on the date announced or not. He also desired to
know whether it was a fact that rhe
aldermen were sworn not to divulge
the proceedings of the council; to
this question no answer was returned.
Tokyo, March 4���Information reaching Tokyo ln a round-about way from
India indicates that the steamship und
emigration companies are now turn
ing their attention to India, emigration
from Japan having been cut off by
Japan's voluntary action.
So far as the Japanese authorities
are concerned every day there is additional evidences of the determined attitude of the government. Emigration
to Hawaii, Canada, America and Mexico actually stopped pending the final
conclusion of the negotiations with
the United States. From now on only-
certain classes will be .allowed to
leave tor American ports. The delicate question of Japanese prestige
has been comfortably settled .by the
reiteration from high quarters and
from leading men who h.ive Influence
In Japan that Injury to mat country's
prestige comes in much greater degree from permitting the emigration
of aa undesirable claaa of coolies who
misrepresent the nation abroad, than
from any immigration or emigration
restrictions placed by Amertea er Japan Itself.
fr       it*.       ' '��..    ��� 'k'JJ*'
'   .  "_A,  "f*��V'_
"   - ��s..r* j ���>
. ,p___V * ���*.' -*
*'_i-_i?    _M
;���. K'-'^i
Horrors  of  Peonage  System   Exposed.      White  Victims
Imprisoned   For  Debt  and  Compelled  to Work
For Years by Unscrupulous White
hind him and seized a comfortable
sized rock which he had been carrying
for several day-- to throw At a dog
that Invariably lies in wait for his
horse, startling it. With the rock he
struck Mr. Highwayman In the chest,
knocking him down. Mr. Qilflllan j i
started his horse and the wheels of j i
his rig ran over the "hold-up" before
he could regain his feet. Nothing has
been seen or heard of the man since.
Chicago,  March 4���A specla
Washington   to  the  Chicago  Tribune
lets in some light on the slavery horror in the southern states under the
peonage system, .as follows
from   Alabama may be learned from the report of Mr   Bragg, which says-.
"I have _ot changed my opinion in
re'erencc to jails in this state; in
fact, if anything, I am more convinced
that the ideas of humanity and civili-
The investigation of peonage condi- zation would ibe better carried out if
tions in the southern states which the the torch were applied to every jail
House is preparing to undertake Is
likely to result in some unexpected
There   are two or three   kinds of
in Alabama.
"It would be more humane and far
better to take the prisoner out with
a ring around his neck, like a wild
animal, than to confine him in places
peonage In this country.   In the first   we call  jails,  that  are  reeking with
filth and disease and alive with ver
min of all kinds.    They are not only
harbingers of disease but are unquestionably nurseries of death.
"To see a man, strong and healthy,
go Into a jail in Alabama .and in a
���ew months' time come out a physical
place,   the   la,'orer   wno   promises  to
perform labor at a specified price and
���l fco refuses to do so may be compelled to work by force df he If in a lone-
sittration where he cannot apply to
j_e law.
la  many cases  laborers  are  given
mces of cash    or    supplies,  and   an<l mental wreck, with death staring;
then seek to run away without "mak-1 him in the face, is not an overdrawn
ins good." These people can "often be' Picture,  and  one sees  it   more often
held  by civil process on the ground  than the general public would believe.
thai   they are seeking to get out of!     "The state appropriates 30 cents a I
the jurisdiction of the court to escape  ��ay fpr feeding prisoners, and yet we
liability for the debt. ' , receive prisoners  from    these   same |
fn some case* laborers are right In  jalls **�� are 0n the VCTge ��f C��llapSe I
seeking to  escape  responsibility  un.|for want of nourishment."
. ,     . _ ,        .     a I     On  the  same pace    there    is  this
der an atrocious and cruel contract, '
,,    , -    ui v xi      _���.      ,.i.     equallv significant statement:     T tell
the terms of which they did not fairly | ______      r .,,���. ,    -_-_,.;
understand, and which the, employer |
frequently fails to fulfill. In many I
eases the laborers are at fault.
In all these Instances lt is lhe na- j
tural tendency of the    employer   to
MacDonald  Brothers    Lost    Live*    it-
Shooting Rapids.
Ottawa, March 4���There was a
pathetic sight at t'ne Central Station
yesterday. Side by side in homely
coffins were the bodies of three bro-
thei. named MacDonald. They met
death by drowning at White Fish
river, on the National Transcontinental railway. They were engaged with
a survey party, and in shooting the
rapids the boat was upset. The bodies
were not recovered for some time, but
when they were the weather was so
hot and decomposition so advanced
that they could not be brought out.
They were consequently interred temporarily, some weeks ago the remains
were exhumned and after a long trail
were .brought to the nearest railway
station. They are now being forwarded to Antlgonish, Nova Scotia. By
the accident a whole family of sturdy
Scotchmen have been wiped out.
no secrets when I say that in many
jails of the state men and women remain for months without washing
their faces or hands."
six months old. Answers to the
name of "Trixie." -Tinder pleas, return to J. M. Kenny. Columbia street.
means to re-' HARDY CAPT. AMUNDSEN
resort'to extraordinary
tain what he has.
In all these ordinary peonage cases
the employer is to blame, because he j
uses personal fbrce, which he is not; Salt Lake City, March 4.���Capt.
entitled to do, no matter how honest' Ronald Amundsen, the discoverer of
he may have been in dealing with his   tb.   Northwest  Passage,    expects    to
In each of one of these cases the'
laborer hell in slavery can, if he is
fairly treated and has money enough, I
secure his liberty by means of an ordinary  habeas corpus  proceeding.
But there is another form of peon-
spend the next five years in drifting
from  the    Pacific    to    the    Atlantic
through the polar channel.   In an in-!
tervlew with the Telegram today, he
i   "1  will  have a  strong little  vessel, j
but  little larger  Chan    the    Gjoa. ini
aee which flourishes more particularly ,    ______________________________________________________
.     which I made the passage.    I expect
to have most of my old crew with me.'
Mine will be a purely scientific expe-1
dition and the search  for the  North
Pole will noi be its object.   The dis- ]
co very of "the North Pole would be of
i absolutely no Importance or use   to
in tne southern states, and which
infinitely more artocious It has behind it the local law. Men are compelled to work against their will for
violation of a civil contract by the authority of the state itself.
These chain gang victims, who are ��� .. ._    T .      .      _   .    _.
_.      i the world.    I am going to study the
caarged  with  no offence worse  than;
, , , . _| ocean currents of the great unexplor-
failure to fulfil! a contract, often made'    . �� ,       , ���   ,        ._ .:   .
i ed  waste north   of Bering strait, to
by word of mouth and seldom or never ______,"������__ ,
i measure the speed and movements of
understood  by a foreigner, are com-   ...    .       . ,,.        .     . , .     .
,,  . .   . _      the ice  drift  pack,  take    deep    sea
pelled to work out their debt, and fre-, ,. .    . _ ,    ,   ,
j soundings and  study    meteorological
qucntly arc   leased   to   the employer ....    _    , . ..   _ ..     ._,_. ������.,
I conditions.   I expect that the drift of
fresh May 1st.   Apply J. Rainey,
Fifth avenue and Tenth stree..
housework.   Apply Mrs. Sprott,
738 Third avenue.
in    English  subjects, classics,
science, mathematics.   Box 4S7, city.
furniture repairing. Pianos and
organs tuned anrl polished. Humphreys, Carnarvon street, near City
Spraying. Orders left at West
Side Grocery. Charges reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
from whom they ran away.
Few people comprehend the horrors
of the chain gang system or the awful
the ice will take us over the North
Pole or in  reaching    distance of it.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ From  my observations  made on the
calamity ofthe convict camp and the   fo_mer voy.g.  , th,nk    n w���,    lake
stockaded penitentiary.   Any ordinary   _bout .,���_ yea_. t_ drlft from the Pa.
description of these relics of a long
past generation of legal cruelty would
contract.   E. J. Fisher, gardener, Bedford House, or phone 39.
WANTED���STORE    16   or   .Dx40
Good   location.    Apply    R.    A.
Daily News.
wood, $5.00 a cord delivered. T.
H. Foster, 260 Columbia street, phone
eiflc to the Atlantic'
after   January.lst.   Corner   4th
Are. and 6th street. All convenience*
lie ascribed to sectional prejudice.
Fortunately there has come into my i 	
possession  an official report  written ��� 	
by a southern man. which goes far be-   Nova Scotia Posse Finds Whisky artd
yond anything yet  submitted on  this Materials.
���nl'ject. Sydney, N.S., March 4.��� Headed by
There must bo something radically   Detective li-USgrave, a posse of   three
wrong  when  the  president    of    the  men this afternoon went, oui to Lin-
board of inspectors of convicts of'any   gan    and    raided a   fully   appointed |
BtatS says:    "It    would  be more liu- f n,ilinr still, capturing a large quantity [
inane and far better to stake the prls-   0f spirit.    The- haul comprised ulnety I
oner out with a ring around his neck  seven-gallon casks and a small'quan-!
f,kc a  wild animal, than to confine qty of Cape Breton  whisky, with   a
��� !iim in thr' places we call jails, that practically unlimited supply of   hops
are reeking with tilth'and disease, and and other IngredfentB which arc-   In-1
rally,   with  vermin of all  kinds." i eluded  in  the  manufacture of liquor. |
Thai ls strong language', but It, Concealed in one of the rooms wore j
comes from Shirley Bragg, president found one hundred gallons of molh**
of the board of inspectors of convicts BeB, q-,,r proprietor, one Cameron, a
Of the state or Alabama. This ian-'native of Prince Edward Island, on
gunge occurs In the sixth biennial re- tho approach of the officers made
port, covering the period rom Sept. t, good his escape through a hole In the
190.1 to August  31, 1906. | rear of  the  buftdlng,     llv coutff not
Mr.  Bragg  denounces    the    county   he located1.
convict system In another epigram, In ��
which he snys:
'If the state wishes to kill Its con-
i Ids It should do It directly and not     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
indirectly." i
Some  time  ago  the  legislature of(     Nanaimo,   March  -I���A  holtl-trp  iva'i
Ala'minii pnssed a law In which It was  attempted on the Wellington road on
provided   that  "any   Immigrant    who  Saturday    night.    Mr.    (illlll/un,   the
abandons or leaves the service' of an   well known  Wellington resident, was
employer  without  repaying    all    the   the victim   to   be.   Mr    Ql.nl.&n wis
pii-sage money nnd nil other advances  driving past Wellington towards Nan-
must on conviction, r':o fined in a sum, nose, when* a man stepped   suddenly
of no!  more than double the amount   'rom   the   roadside   and   grabbed   his
of w.tiges for the unexpired term of horse by the head.    ,
sei vice und Imprisoned    nol    long'r,    "Have you  nny    money'."  Inquired
than   three   months   or sentenced   to   the hold-up man.
hard labor to the county for not more     "Yes," answered Mr. Gllfllliin.
thWI three months, at the discretion      "Woll, I want It."
of Ihe Jury." I     "All right," wuH the reply.
Just what It means to go to Jail ln      With that Mr. Ollfllltin reached ibe*
..W.GILLETT ffiflrW
English Watchmaker
Tm* door,  from  Co. Adam., Groc.t
Ladles'Gold Watchea trom 111.75 up
Gentlemen's   Sliver   Watches,   open
face, $6.00.
Gentlemen's Silver Watches, double
case, $7.60 up.
Agent for the celebrated South Bend
Watches, supplied to the Wellman
Arctic Expedition.    Ml warranted.
Chains, Rings, Jewelry, etc.. etc.
Watch repairing; charges reasonable.
Something ForNothing
Lee's Furniture Red Tag Competition
The following 12 competitions are now presented for your judgment.
Look fehese over, make your selections for 1st and 2nd prize at once,
Come to our store, where ballots and ballot boxes are prepared, and
cast your ballot NOW.
Each Voter has a Chance of Securing a Prize
The ballots are numbered in duplicate, and a drawing will be held on
SATURDAY NIGHT NEXT for voters, when the first three numbers
drawn will be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. The voter
must be in our store when the drawing takes place to secure the prize
for voting. For further particulars, see yesterday's papers and subsequent issues.
Red Tags  from  Lee's Emporium are
attracting great attention.
But ibest    of    all    the furniture    we
haven't time to mention;
We're happy now for we are sure, red
banners are a guarantee,
Of matchless,   scratch less    furniture,
delivered safe hy Lee.
There's  a   bargain    in    each    piece,
clothed in simple banner red
AH purses he can fif, and all tastes he
can suit, 'tis said;
There's no red tape in these red tags
In Lee's Emporium, see ?
They   represent   the   latest   cut- in
prices���led by Lee.
Red Tags on  Lee's Furniture display
a wondrous sight;
Great crowds are gathered ther. each
day and also late at night.
E'en Vancouveritis come to buy, and
are making quite a breeze
.lust watch   them  stepping  from  the
tram,  they's making  straight,  for
Lee's Furniture, upholstery is holding
up the town
With Red Tag ingenuity, he's knocking down.
Clothed lightly in a ihanner red���to
every piece the key
Now, if you miss the.ic bargains rare,
don't put the blame on Lee.
In the crowd    at    "..zee's , Furniture,
Red Tag Sale,"
Was a bachelor with  cupld  hot-foot
on his trail;
Ry  his side was a dear,  little fluffy,
brown head;
"One could furnish a home on   most
nothing," It said.
in the crowd at   i.ee's Furniture, Red
lag Sale,"
Jn  the rustle, and  bust.-,  he told tbe
ol il tale;
but,   W.ien  young  cupld   boasted,    "I
ciuised all this bliss,"
Oh, no," laughed the maiden, "Lee's
prices i nil t'hi.s."
tn ,i down  town Btore cm Columbia
Yon can hear a mighty din.
The "Red Tug's" on "Lee's Furniture"
And the I rowds are pouring 111.
"Lee's Furniture" Is handsome,
And you know It's up-to-date,
So let the "Red Tag" lure you on
Hut  min l you're not too late.
LEE'S   REb   TAG   SALE    IN   TWO
"Red Tags" are on Lr-B's Furniture
For everyone to see,
Aie goods and prices lioth nil right?
Why sure���It's John A. Lee. w
Those "Red Tags" on Lee's Furniture
Should fill all he-arts with glee,
So people nil, both groat and small
Go visit John A. Lee.
On the banks ofthe fnmou. Fraser
The Royal City stands,
Lea's Furniture Emporium's there
To furnish nil demands.
For prices, stylo and quality,
"Lee's Furniture" takes the cake,
So look out for the "Red Tag,"
You'll dnd it's not a .fake,
Oh that "Red Tag" Sale '  I        Red
Tag" Sale !
It's  started   us off on  the   10U	
ing trail.
If your things are worn ou ��� ������:
have to have more
.lust slide clown the   hill    ' ���   -
Furniture" store.
My, the Itcd Tag Sale !   li  m i
'^V> think of the smile im  m;     itter
When he hammered  his poi .      ��� ���
said he was gaum
For three times as much whea
Furniture came.
While walking down Columbia streel
the other afternoon,
1 met a friend who sai I to m     We're
not a .lit too soon"
To go and see "Lee's Furniture," the
best ln old B. C.
He's put a "Red Tag" on eact piece
come go along with me,
I   vn:   \   tli   her to  Lee's  big  -
it was crowded full that day.
Lee's Furniture was    Bne   lad 1   B
magnificent display:
A  "Red Tag" hung on everj    piece,
the prices all weie plain;
And looking at them, we remarked:
"Lee's loss ls some one's gain.
i hey were passing by Lee's Furniture
And looking in at the open door
They Just caught sight of an eleganl
Attached to which was n ta? of red.
They Just went ln the price to ate;
They bought their furniture of Lee;
And now they sleep In a beautiful bed
Which once .Ud sport a tag "f red-
Whal though your house
With water, light and a*tha
Tnere^H nought  sue donee al out   the
As    lied    Tag    Lee's    ruin tlire   '��ld
What  though your brain    ������:--'
wl dobt,
Red Tug. Lee's BHirnltun  <  ��� ���   Bl
Th i man aw* ben with a str
\ ill malt your i' ill fen- a-trial
Ah   ,ing and his wee wlf     !'
rp   lolumbla street wended their wa)
"No savey re I tage"   the   '""
"Lee's  Furniture,   heap   'Ii'"1!'
chink replied.
A  big red tag on a  Bit''      ''' c    "
Took the eyes or the Celestial pair.
And ever after when they've m(;"e!
to spend
To  Lee's  Furniture  Bmporlun
way they'll wond.
Where goes! thou, my pretl
"For soma of Lee's Furniture
"The red lag lures me on, you a^
"And a lucky buyer r know I'll l)l)
."There's where I'll get the bi
hii re.
"Thnt none excels Lee's Furniture
"Comn, nolve the Red Tug
'And let .us cheer for J. A  ''''__ ARCH 5, 1906.
FRONT STREET. New Westminster. Telephone 333.
The wonderful progress of Canada is illustrated by the fact that tbe
fin.st Cocoa in thc world is made there.
Is tbe purest and the best and is fast becoming the beverage
for old and young.
Lawyer Engaged to Prose- Heads  of Different Creeds
cute Women Who Pilfer     Meet to Discuss Proposi-
For Fun���No Mercy. tion to Organize.
that comfortable feeling of having a Savings Account?
THE NECESSITY of saving has never been
more apparent than at the present time.
invites you to join the large number of satisfied Depositors.
oui 'money where it fs accessible when you require   it.
Ni ,, Westminsteb Branch.      p.  B.  LYLE,   Mgr.
U ACRES. Four acres cleared. Between
this city and Burnaby lake. Splendid
fruit lard. Adjoining land is held at
$400.       PRICE   $200   PER   ACRE.
Very easy terms to parties who will improve.
New York, March 4���Twenty of ihr- New York. March 4���Closely follow-
largest dry goods and department tog the announcement some days ago
stores In Manhattan and Brooklyn or an organization of "high ecciesias-
have engaged a-artta W. Littleton as tics ol ihe Roman Catnollc and Epis-
oounsel to prosecute shop-lifting, and oopalian, or Anglican cnurches in ATM*
assurances   have   been received   from Grlca, having for its purpose the union
District  Attorney Jerome tnat his of- of the 0hlirch nf Rorne an<] lhe Angli"
..                                   , can Church, comes news of the forma-
fice  will aid  in   securing  prison  sen
ih Pork Sausages Daily
Best of Farmer's Pork
ft Meat Market
Phone 192
|B. C. Mills, Timber and
Trading Company
Manufacturer, and Dtaier* in All Kind, ot
| Lumber,   Lath,   Shingles,   Mouldings,   Sash,  Doors,
Interior Finish,    turned Work,   Etc.
Fish and Fruit Boxes.
Large Stock Plain and Fancy Glass.
Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining.
Royal City Branch, Columbia St.
Telephone 12.
New Westminster
W. a. Gilley���Tel. 122.     office   Tc-I.  li
G.   E.  Gilley���Tel.   291
Gilley Bros.. Ltd.
Wellington Coal. Van, Portland Cement, Rosebank Lime, B. C Pottery Vitrified Pipe, Drain Tile, Terra Cotta, etc.; Clayburn Pressed,
Mantel, and Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Gartcraig Fire Brick, Liverpool
Salt, Forge Coal, Common Brick   Sand, Gravel and Crushed Rock
tonics   tor   "respectable"   kleptomaniacs.
The storekeepers any they have
comparatively little trouble with professional thieves. Their faces are
known and tl_ey arc watche,] from
the time they enter the door. Hut
the combined loss per annum from!
well dressed women with monej in
their 'purses who cannot resin he
temptation lo "lift" a bit of lace or a:
pair of gloves or a trinket from the
counter where it lies unguar.lci is
said  to  reach $500,000.
It has been comparatively easy for e
woman caught stealing in a store to
avoid exposure ami punishment.
Friends use their influence and restitution is niadt^ and the case drops.
All (his is (o be changed if the plans
rrf Hie merchants do not fail.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL |14,400,000.0o
RESERVE       111,000,000.00
Branchea throughout Canada and New fcundland, and  ln  London,   England
New York, Chicago and Spokane, U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A len-
eral Banking Business Transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available wit), correspondents In all parts of the
Savings Bank Department.    Deposits received In sums of fl and upwards,
and Interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum (present rate) added
four times a year.
Total Assets over $168,000,000.00.
tion of a similar organization of other
high ecclesiastics of tlie Anglican
Church in America afid of the Russian
and Greek Orthodox Churches, to work
for the unity of the American Episcopal, Russian Orthodox and Greek
Orthodox Ohurches.    .
The first organization of th. Anglican and Eastern Orthodox union in
this country was perfected at an enthusiastic meeting hell this afternoon
at Hie parish house of the Transfiguration and attended by many well
known Episcopalian churchmen and
laynven, anrl has. it is understood, the
entire sympathy of Bishop Potter and
other high church officials, and is said
to he the culmination of a movement
which orglnated in the house of the
bishops of the Protestant. Episcopal
Church. It follows closely upon the
return to this country of th. Rev. Dr.
Charles C. Grafton, Bishop of Pond
Cubs Start for Training Camp. dn Lac, Wis , who made an extended
Chicago; March 4���Amid the cheers trip ilirough Russia and the East. car.
and good wishes of several hundred Tying the greetings and kindly ex-
loyal tans who gathered at the station, pr'sslons ol the Protestant. Episcopal
Manager Chance and his world's Church of America,
championship club of the Nation.] Tno rhnrch at large, which is not
League lefl Chicago today to prepare advised of the deliberations of the
themselves for this year's pennant ,k)llSp otf Bishops, has alwavs under-
race. Thr. Cubs will spend a week al Btood ,hat n,Bhop Grafton WK senr
French Licit Springs before resuming abroa<* to learn thp Bt-���1I(-- of the
their trip to the training grounds at 'Eastern Orthodox churches toward
Vicksburg. After ten days limbering cloger nnion w|th thP Protestant E,)ls.
up in Vicksburg the team will start co)),,, (���. Ang*,can Cnurrh. Since
on a .barn-storming trip through thej Bishop Grafton's return he had made
South, gradually working their way ���-. ,,,���,��� ,,,.,, his rm,ptlon fron) l1ie
towards home. Exhibition games have bigh officials of the Russian ami
been scheduled for Montgomery, At-' Gn?e|. catholic Churches was most
lanta, Jackson, Cl.atlanoga, Binning- -^1*1, and that their sentiment was
bam,   Memphis  and   Nashville. I After   strong ,��� favo��� _f .,___. _���._���
crossing the Ohio river stops will be ,
made for games at Evansvllle, Terre
Haute, Port Wayne, Indianapolis and
Dayton. The champions wlll stay at
Dayton until the day before the league
season opens.
Dry Fir Wood in 4 ft. lengths, which we will
deliver to any part of the city.
Eighth ave. and Second St. 'Phone 333
**m**%��***+***+**++�� *********************���*+******+**
Vat-key������ w_- or niiiiii *�������_�����,
The land In nil Turkey and her dependencies belongs to the reigning eul
tan aud Is only occupied at his wlll. It
Is divided iimong those who wish te
cultivate It at n nominal rental of onr-
fifth of ihe produce, which goes dlreei
ly to the crown. Three-fifths more nr��
Vil:eii from the lessee on other pre
Herts, nil for the uinlutemiiii
Pope  Will  Send  Special  Delegate   to
Canada  in Answer to  Request
���New Departure.
Wlnui|.a-g, March 4���News has been
received here that the act ot Incorporation sought at Ottawa  by the Order
of th��   of St. Basil the Great has passed *ts
fCTerntuuut, the pusbn In em .1 dlstrk"
havtng tin* authority to lease* thi
ground and collect tbe taxes, wliiel
may be in kind or money. If crops mi
short, they take four fifths of all tb. I ''ulnn  ,mr,sn   '"
third  reading In the House of Commons.    The order ln Canada  devotes
Itself mainly to work among the Ruth-
St.   Nicholas  In the
te Canadian Bank of Commerce
luP Capital, $10,000,000.     Reserve Fund, $5,000,000
It: u' HEI
I6  WALKER,  President
ALEX.   LAIRD.  General   Manager.
a-' Banking business transacted.   Accounts  may bo opened  and  conducted by mail with all branches of this bank.
fr~d ' *' ;""' upwards received.   Interest allowed at current rates and
Ith,, J** quarterly.    The depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
" rawa] of the whole or any portion of the deposit.
Iteturn mails received  received at 1 p. m
[> Our...
rure Spices
Myall's Drug Store
Fyes Tested Tree
Mall Service
Dispatched by 0, P. R, train at 8:36
n. in.: close S a, in.
Sumns and Seattle, via Huntlngdm
Millside  No.   1,   dally   except   Sunday;   Sapperton No. i. daily excr-pf
Sunday.    Mulls Received at 0:81. p.m
Dispatched  by B. C. Electric  rallwaj
Co., 7:4."�� a. in.:
Vancouver,  No.  1,  dallye.xeept Sun
iluys,   .Return mall received 10 am.
Dispatched by G.N.K. 'rain. 8.45 fl.m .
Cloverdale,    Nlcomekl,   Port   KelH
Haselmere,    Hall.   Prairie,   Bonan-
cord, Blaine and Seattle (all points
In Washington and south, also all
points In eastern states), dally ex-
,cept S ii ml ay
at   3.30   p.m.   Uonaconl Wednesdays
and Saturdays.
Clayton,  Tuesdays  and Thursdays;
Tynehead,    Wednesdays  and   Sa'ur-
days.    Return mall received Monday*
innd Fridays.
; Dispatched by B. C. Electric rallwiy.
10:30 a. m.:
Vancouver No. 2;   Victoria. No   1;
Ontnil   Park,   dally   except  Sunday
Return mall received at ?. p.m.
Dispatched by carrier, i:13 o. m.:
Bast Burnaby, dally except Sunday
Return malls received a' 1:10 P. m.
j Dispatched by carrier 12 00 noon:
Tlinberland, Strawberry Hill,   Tuesdays ami Ki'lilays.   Return   mulls   re-
' reived Tuesdays and Fridays.
Dispatched by C. P. R. .hoat l:3Sp.m.
j       dally  (closes dally at the same
1       time during w'ate'" "smiths:
Ladner,    Westham    Island,    Port
Oulchon, Steveston, Sunbury. d.allv
except Sunday. Return tenlls received from 9 a. m. to 11 a. m.
Woodward's, Wednesday and Saturday. Return mall on Wednesdays and
Vancouver,    No.    '���',,    aud    lltirnaby
Lake; doses at 8:80 p.m.; dally except Sunday. Return mulls received
Dl il p.m.
Burnaby    lake.     Return    mall    it
'l p.m.
Dispatched by O.N. Fyler, 4 n m.:
To  southern    points,    dally exceot
Sunday.    Return mail  II  p. m.
Dispatched by CPU. trnln al 3:15 p.
m., mall closes at 2:110 p.m.:
Calgary and Vancouver, No. 96 (0
man has In animals nnd even In house- j Uallelan  ijniiiter.    Beginning   with  a
bold utensils, sometimes nil his posses- ; modest  frame chapel  they  now have
slo.is, to make up tbe deficiency which I a Hue  stone  church  building, corner
Providence has withheld.   Everything  ,������ -jMlu ,���,,,���,���, ,,���,, M..���reBor atreet>
thnt can produce, lie It n tree, bean.   .   ...   ,, ,      ,     ,     ,       ,. ���    ���        ,
- _, * ..    , ,        ,       ' i   paroohla   school,  etc.     Muss   Is  cele-
fowl, worm or the labor of n man nnd ',
his family, Is subject to the four-fifths J brated '" ,,M' R-Wevian language and
tax.    Those who loll at any  tabor i)i',l|n (i,"''l<  <���'" R'-ncrall-   Is observed.
trade other than agriculture nre tnxed j The Basil ian   founders  niv    also    In
also pro Mtu according lo their wuges I charge of several    other    Buthevlan
end must pay or go' tt- prison* Pear | fiongrMatlOfli   In     Western     Canada.
sou's WeeWjv Thelr/lncorporatloh   Wl��* Wttle their
, right to bolrl real properly ami enable
The prln-
How to  Remove ��� Corm Trf II
Expose tbe corn and pass tbe (lugei jt'1''11 '" "Xteiul Ibelr work
tips of ycur rlicbt hand over It slowly
and caressingly, nt the sums time seudr
Ing a vibration from the brain to tht
corn. If It Is a soft corn 41S vibration!
per second will suffice; if a hard corn,
put on a forced draft. Repent slowly,
"I am now sending s current of
thought force Into my core nnd so sep-
elpnl Obstacle is the lack ol priests.
In 1908 Uev. F. Lneombe journeyed to
fifliaeia and Austria eipvolalty to secure pastors for (lie thousands of Oal-
lelnns In the northwest, bul everywhere was told that hoik' was available.    The  (.reek   Orthodox    church
P  R. east, second 'miilll. Return mall! with *��lng Inflection, "Aviiuoi. sr-rttot
avfiiiiitr" Finish by repenting the pass-
aratlng. deducing. <llsln.er_riitlng, rea , nn I  thr-  Protestant   inlss'ons    nt the
derlng,  splitting,   sundering,   splinter-! ������,_. (|fw ,,,���...,, ,
Ing.  snlpptag. dwelllcnfing,  whittling, , ' K '    .
dispersing.. dM^Mtlng, eliding cllvoro j "rft"n��''r",n """"'��: <** n<����hevlans.
Ing, pulverlslug. slushing, slicing and!    T" "ffs", ,hlfi thp Rn'hevlnn Catho-
dlssec-tlng it that presently It will pnn�� | "es  In  communion  with   Rome have
away.   Repeat  It  three  tlnuM;   then   asked for a bishop of their own rite
Sapperton, No. 2; Millside, No, 2;
roqultlam, dally except Sunday. Re-
rnrn mall received at 1 p. m
to direct the work.    This rnquest, It
,   .,.-,       , a       . -.   ,R annoiincwl. has been met by the ap-
word: "The universe is ti��ne.  I niu it . _ , ......
The corn will at first look e__-:nel�� | ���^���"���"���ent of ��� specl.il delegate who
surprise^ then wilt nnd fnrl** heai.tJ'
fully from stgbt.���New TliougM.
Westminster Iron Works
Removed to Tenth St., between Powec House and
Galbraith's Factory.
Telephone 53.
New Westmlns'er. p. U. Box 474
A  ftleo  niat'n. Hon.
A well known Atlaatan has a wifi
with a sharp tongue, Jones had com.
home about !'. In pa* morulug "nitlief
the worse off for n few highballs. A*
soon as he opened tbe door his wit*.
who,was waiting for him In tbe accustomed place at tbe top of the stairs,
where she could watch Ns uncertain
ascent, Started upbraldiim htm for his
wlll reside In Ottawa and wlll occupy
n similar position to that of Mgr.
Sharem, wilh Jurisdiction limited,
however,  to bis own people.
Amusement Gardens for Victoria.
Victoria, March 4.���An arrangement
has been practically completed between the B. 0. Tactile Railway company and __. R. Rlcketts, manager of
the Vancouver and Victoria theatres,
conduct.  Jones went to bed and whee I whereby the latter will shortly take
���W" .".'r0**-f,##P CMli If"* ^ I 'l��w����"ion under a lease of the Gorge
still  scolding  him  unmercifully.   Ue   '   _,    -. ,   ,     ...    ^mM. ..
dropped off to sleep and awoke afters | pnrk' flctor,a' an" 0Derrt* U ** *
couple of houri-. only to bear his Wife "'��������mer enteminment resort, with
remark. "I bo.N> ail tbe women don't I numerous special attreetkny. of the
have to put up with such conduct M1 best Coney Island type. It Is mfaN
this." "Annie," said Joues, "are ft* j B|0ort that Kltsllaao bate*, Vaueoavor,
i talking again er ,wMHi dtp | h .,M im, |o he leeM* * %,
-       ... Rlcketts tor similar nunssss.
n **     '. im ���, ';
'    ��� M '%<%X��
t-frnM ii '. iJS'cy
v   ... hi ' .
i,  ,'' i- ���'�����;.__. '.ti* .
t v     .. rmt*\rt iz Vs.' ��>_>. J.
. **��� 'J-''    .tT'i.U*\
&?... m\Wtl
V*mrwftr\ if '*'( v .'������'���''li'
_���?> -ft
PllWfJWs, :
s.t*l_.'���_____'. ��� ���' *f.f*>
Dress for
Achievement and good clothes always go together. A man who dresses
poorly never receives the same consideration as the man who dresse3
See our spring woollens for suggestions.
Opposite the Post Office.
Panic in Schoolhouse Fire       \
Ends in Awful Holocaust
ought to cost more���it't purer, finer,
mare carefully prepared. But it's
no dearer than other brands of
standard quality. i_4
Published by the Daily News Publishing Company, Limited, at their
offices, corner of Sixth and Front
streets, New Westminster, B. C
E. A.  Paige Managing  Director
His Worship Mayor Keary at the
Council meeting ou Monday night again
exhibited very .ad taste in the words
he let fall, anent the appointment of
a committee to ievise the rules of
order. His Worship must know, If
he thinks at all, that the committee
was appointed, the resolution being
proposed and seconded and put in the
ordinary way and although ifrie voice
was only heard in favor, inasmuch as
there was no dissentient voice against
it the whole council were in the affirmative and His Worship should have
declared the motion caried. Instead
of thus impartially presiding, His
Worthlp very improperly called on
the clerk for the next order of business adding "there was no use malting
a fool of the Council." This exhibition of pottishness does not add lustre
to the high position he holds, and
there seems to he a1 forget fulness on
the part of Mayor Keary as to the
status of that position. The Mayor
is the Bervant of the people and the
executive servant of the Council and
by no manner of right should he dictate or even state his views from the
chair. His Worship does many good
tilings well, but these successes
should not cany him away into a dictatorship which must eventually land
him ��� in humility. Self respecting
aldermen who understand their relation to the taxpayer will not allow
the chair to override their rights,
much leas will they .act on the dictates of the gentleman who happens
for the moment to occupy thai chief
magistrate's position.
With all due respect to Mayor
Keary we state again thai only good
can come of amending the rule that.
has been so arbitrarily applied, and
the committee being appointed, afti
without the slightest doubt they -re,
should act in tbe maWer
Cleveland, Ohio, March 4.���in a fire
which completely destroyed the common school building in Collinwood, a
suburb, today 75 to 150 children lost
their lives. The fire was started by
an i've:'he;:te.i furnace. The flames
quickly spread, but a panic ensued
when the butTHing filled with smoke,
and the 400 children attempted to
escape. There were ibut two exits In
the building that were available. One
soon become choked with the children,
who madly dashed for the open air,
those who fell in the doorway weFe
trampled upon by those behind, and
soon ihe doorway was impassable.
The frightened and panic stricken
children turned to get out through
the windows, and 'any other means
that could lie found. Escape was cut
off by the flames which, by this time,
bad  spread throughout the rooms.
Basement Becomes Charnel Vault.
The building was of brick, yet this
did not retard the progress of the fire,
ln a few minutes the lower floor fell,
precipitating scores of children to the
basement, among the burning emlbeW.
The scene about the building was
Quickly the news of the terrible
catastrophe spread throughout the
village, and hundreds of parents were
crowding about the building in search
of their girls and boys. In a few
minutes twenty bodies had been taken
from the ruins. Plainly the writhing
or stifled forms of dozens of others
could be seen in the basement. Nearby factories dismissed their men and
instructed them to assist in the recovery. These br.aved the fire. and
made heroic efforts to save those who
were not dead.
Lives Lost in  Stampede.
The greatest loss of life was caused
by one of the exits being closed, to
which point scores of the children
rushed. Their escape was blocked by
a door that opened inward. In this
manner they were delayed in reaching the other dqor and windows. It
i.s said that as a result of this stampede alone scores of children lost
their lives.
Piles of Charred Bodies.
The   panic   thai   had  worked   such
fearful   results   inside    the    building,
spread to the crowd outside     but for
i a   brief time.    Organized    efforts    at
i rescue were soon under wary.    Flre-
! men   played  streams  upon   the   piles
of bodfes in the doorway, and   tried
; to  drag  out   bodies  with   rakes, and
! other   implements.     Ambulance     and
automobiles   were  soon  available"   to
take   the   wounded   to  the  hospitals.
After the fire  had    been    controlled
somewhat, piles of charred little bod-
ies&were still visible in the doorway.
In  trhe rear  door bodies, burned beyond   reeognizaCon,   lay    piled    five
feet deep.
Smoke Prevented Escape.
The front exit was jammed full of
fighting and panic stricken humanity.
Many who reached the exit first escaped, but those who followed choked
the doorway. Those who fell were
trampled upon, and many are supposed to have been killed. Those
behind turned, and made for the "windows and escaped. In this way three
or four were killed while others were
more fortunate and escaped with
Slight injuries. The greater number
of those who met death were cut off
from escape by the smoke which
blinded them. Caught like rats in a
trap, in this manner they fell with
the lower floor amid blazing timbers
to the basement below. Bodies were
taken to the morgue at the Lake Shore
and Michigan Southern Railway Company's shops. A few minutes after
the school was known to be on fire
it was surrounded by parents who
were frantic in their dazed efforts to
rescue their children. Very few were
saved from among the children who
were behind the jam at the front door.
The others escaped with slight injuries.
Little   Ones   Terrified.
A man who reached the scene shortly after the fire "uroke out, declared
that the back door was locked. He
attempted to break it down, but failed.
He then smashed* in the windows
with "ffe aid of others, and rescued a
number of children. The flames rapidly shot up through the central halls.
It i.s said the children were terrified
beyond all control, and the teachers,
although  they   struggled   bravely     to
i marshal!  their charges out    of    the
! Ibnilding, were utterly helpless.
Two Teachers Missing.
Of the nine teachers of the school
j seven are accounted for. The two
missing   are    Katherlne    Waller    of
I Cleveland  anrl  Grace Fiske of    East
', Cleveland.
j Principal Frank P. Whitney of the
school estimates tJie number of dead
from 75 to 150. The pupils were mostly little children ranging in age from
9 to 10 years.
Victoria, March 4.���The directors of
the B. C. Agricultural association have
decided to expend $40,000 in the dft-C*
i tlon of a group of thoroughly modern
j fair biTutlings replacing the structures
i burned some months ago.   The outlay
i will    be    distributed    approximately
thus:    Main building,    $12,000;    machinery hall, $6000;    stables.    $51 :
poultry  buildings, $4000;     restaurant,
$4000; dairy building, $2000;   leaving
i $7000 as reserve  in  connection   w.  i
| the operations generally.    A new site
'has been approved, more conveniently
accessible to the car line.
Should Establish Buying Agencies in
London, March I.���The United Service institution discussed the serious
shortage or the horse supply from a
military standpoint. General Sir E.
Hutton spoke of tbe deterioration
noticeable In Canada and Australia,
and said he bad done all in his power
to draw attention to the Importance of
developing the class of horse most re.
quired. In the case of both countries
a horse purchasing agency should be
formed by the war office.
The Morning Post, referring to his
Xew York speech, says if Ambassador
Reid gave the public assurance of his
government having promised to accept
on, reference to The Hague tribunal,
and did not intend to ask a modus
vlvendl of Newfoundland this year,
the recrudescence of distrust might
be allayed. He does not promote that
object when he congratulates this
country upon accepting the proposal
of the United States to go to The
Hague. The fact of the attested proposal to arbitrate was initiated by
Newfoundland, the l'nite'1 States having exerted themselves to postpone or
evade settlement in the manner agreed
Blan.li Walsh III.
New Orleans, March I.���Despatches
from Shreveport, La., say that Blanche
Walsh, the actress, was taken critically ill there last night, and that a private car was ordered to hurry her to
Memphis sanitarium. Nervous breakdown was given as the cause of the
actress' illness.
'"  Oeetnjj
Heavy Train Drawn ,oSarnial)y.
trie   Locomotive *l
Sarnia, Out., \i
comotives  Nos,   L308
this morning  senl '    1
t/nnel from Sarnia , f"^^
On   arrival   thr.,..   .,,. '"  H"roa,
to a sewn hundred ��� JJ^M
Which was in waiting to nmT.^
and the star, f,��� s.,,,', ^ 4
The train consisted  , 19 J?"^,
and was brought from Port h!^
^talesstb u,lf,m!,;^>
the test  proved nnir-
a,tho���.i,t ,,���,,::;::; 53
fore the electrical eq���lprne��� **
put Into permanent use " k
Canadian  Mining Convention.
Ottawa, March I���The tent.
, "' v nt. aunujii
general convention of tv,,.   n I
Mining Institute  bi
the Km.
today with headquarters at
Bell House. The proCeedlnga ,..1
formally opened thla mqrning with J
address by His Excellency tte J
nor-C.eneral, who .tended , CordJ
greeting to the. ,-| ��� , -1)p 1
gramme, which !.��� *l
technical     papen    in.    lllCMJ
covers a period of thr    |      ,_,.- wi|'
close with the an .. ,_ Fr'j
day evening.
Ottawa, March 4.���Deputy Minister
of Labor King leaves tomorrow for
London to urge upon the Imperial. Indian and colonial authorities fhe advisability of restricting immigration
to Canada of Asiatics frpm British
Prince  to Visit  Canada.
London, March I. ��� I; is announced
��� that the Prince of Wales, probably nc-
; companled by the Princess of Wales
i will go to Canada this summer in a
' warship, escorted by a small squadron,
1 to represent the king at the celebra-
I tion of the tercentenary of the founda-
; tion of Que'iec.    It  i.s expected  that
the Prince after his visit to Quebec
I will visit other Canadian cities, going
through to the coast.
Minister of Telephones.
Winnipeg. March 4.���The Hon. .1. H.
Howden will be sworn in as minister
of telephones, and Hon. 0. It. Cold-
well will be sworn in as minister of
education in the Manitoba government. Mr. Robert Fletcher Will be
appointed deputy minister of eSUQft
Predicting King's Murder.
Barcelona. March 4.���Placards post
ed throughout Barcelona announcing
that an attempt would be made upon
the life of King Alfonso on his approaching visit to this city on March
12, were torn down and destroyed .to*
uay by the police.
Morton Plant's Yacht Laun;
Leith,   March     I���Th j
twin-screw yachl  lolande,   built J
Morton  F.   plain  of the   New   vJ
Yacht Club, was successfully la.-chl
ed today at the wards of Ramage
Ferguson.   The lolande will be'onel
the largest ami most magnificent|
vate yachts own-:  In   .merica. ShJ
Is  305  feet   overall, 37 feel 6 inches
beam, and lias a draught of 16 fee?,
inches.   Her accommodations wil
exceptional in  extenl  and   amnio
ment,   the  details  having been tloif
oughly worked out on new lines.
Electric Blue-Printing
Any SI**
Maps, Charts and Drafts
The  Vancouver   Map and
Print Company,
411 Seymour St., Vancocv^
H. Neville Smith, E. C. I.S.
Crescent Bh
WE  have been appointed Sole Agents
for New Westminster City and
District for the Celebrated
The  report   of the Inland Revenue
Department  regarding thr analysis of
drugs is apt to make Ihe users of prescriptions   uneasy.     When   the  coflec* ,
tor of samples i.s served with boraclc
acid    for    bromide   or    ammonium,
Rochelle salts for purified cream   of]
i ni it, and bicarbonate  of   soda   for
cream   of   tartar,   and   one   of  the
samples rrf bromide or ammonium contains nearly IS per eent. of aniiiionlo-
��� chloride or mercury,    il    shows    that
..���'ir-mists are fallible.
Over-production Has Put Buslneas in
Bad Way in Germany.
Berlin, March I���The automobile
call business in Berlin is In u bud way
and one of the leading companies suspended business this week and Is now
trying to arrange for a reorganization
The crisis Is clue to over-pro liictlon
of both automobiles and cab manufacturers h_V% foeen working recently on
American orderB, but latterly even
this business lias been very materially
reduced because of tho financial crisis
in the t'nltod States.
Final Returns.
St. John, N. I... March 4.-The latest.
election results give the Conservatives 111 Heals, tie defeated Liberal
government 12, and tlie Independents
3, The three Independents who wero
elected In*Gloucester on Monday wlll |
support the new Conservative govern-1
ment, bringing tho present majority
of 19 up to 22.
THIS WILL BE OUR STRONG TALK FROM NOW ON. Never before were we in such a position to meet the demands of our customers
than we are this season. THIS WEEK FINDS OUR STORE PILED HIGH
Willi NEW SPRING GOODS FROM THE LEADING MAKERS OF CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES. These goods we SPECIALLY SELECTED for this season's trade. They consist of all the newest lasts
and most popular leathers. TANS WILL HAVE A BIG RUN THIS YEAR.
We have plenty of them, both In button aud lace, with all the popular
!-ri's  and   heels.
See our $2.50, $3.00. $3.50 and $4.00 Oxfords, in Tan, Gun Metal. Vici
and Patent. They are beauties and cannot be equalled anywhere for tlie
Tan and Patent Leather "Pumps"���the "Cross" make- -are among the
new arrivals, and are very dressy.
Men's Oxfords, In Tan ami Black   $4X0 and $4.50 a pair
Men's Oxfords. In Patent and Gun  Metal    $4.50 and $5.00 a pair
Ask to see the "Newark" Shoe, $5.00 a pair
These  are  direct from Boston and right up to date.   Tlie Tan Btitton Oxford, Blucher cut. will
lie  very  popular this spring.    We have them for   $5.00 a pair
This    style   also comes ln  Patent Leather and  Gun Metal.
If you  want something real nifty and up-to-date In Spring Footwear, this la the place.
��   ��fc
���:���;   :������ ���   :h.H:i;�� .
i tis'M
Big  Shoe Mouse,  Ltd
Sign of the Big Electric Boot.
New Westminster
These arc Union made Goods.
Are advertised in all the leading- periodicals and papers
AT $3.00 THE HAT
We sell them at the advertised price,
The cut shown above is one of the
latest New York styles.
, Wardrobe ON jRSDAV
MARCH  5,  1908.
__.G_ rrv_
The Cash Stores
__.��*������������������ ��*�����������������������������������������������<
Smart, Stylish,
- Well Made
.. tr OR..
Monday, Tuesday and
$5 Skirts, $2.75
The following Item taken from the Arthur; Secretary, George; H. s-miu
Cumberland   "News,"   seems   to   indi- i of Winnipeg, and Treasurer John Sto-
See the
new   ties
in J.
wv are particularly strong on $3.00 skirts. We hav. surpassed
evlous records#for quality and good value, Don't, you really
���,.,., _ m ... skirt, when it comes round to March " We are Bhowlng
this special line In plain cloth, fancy check rand stripe, with new
���! id and pleated front with fold of self; also silk braid neatly
ed with button effect. The regularly selling price $5.00. Mon-
_ay, Tie s li,   ���nd Wednesday   $2.75
$2.65 Sample Waists, $1.00
rhey are.new spring styles made of white lawn, India linen, also
pure white French mull, neatly trimmed with pin tucked front and
cuff. Also fronts with rows of Valencienne lace and neatly finished
wit Insertion. The regularly soiling price $2.65. Monday, Tuesday
an.l  Wednesday   $1.00
$1.25 D. W A. Corsets, 75c
Don't miss this opportunity; they are D. & A. regular $1.2").   Per-
IV. t in lit and stylish; they are .straight front bias  fitting  with hose
orters attached on front and hip, In cole;' of drab ,and white. We
ofl ���  these -.t  just aboul   their tact ry ecsl, the regular selling $1.25.
Mon i iy, .Tuesday1 and Wednesday  ��� 75c
65c and 75c French Muslins, 35c yd.
.'.:is  la a sensational  offer in muslins;  these have a distinguishing quallt . .: chic 4nd dressy effect   only  seen  in  French muslins,
the newest creations In soft lingerie a-la Foulard, Xoveauettes,
el     They were purchased for us in Europe during the recent   de-
. n al a tremendous reduction.    We are going to give the Mon-
���1-.  and Tuesday shopper the benefit of the    bargain.    The   regular
I price 65c and 75c.    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, yd 35c
Imported Dress Goods, 35c
We hi
e have purchased a line of tartans, fancy checks, i tripes and
tweed mixtures. These are new spring arrivals and '.ought at a
special discount   To sell Monday, Thesday und Wednesday at yd 35c
Half Price
10c yd.
A. !���;. Jackson, a prominent business
man of Edmonton, Alberta, and form-
erlj proprietor of the Alberta Hotel
in that city, with Mrs. Jackson, is
visiting the city.
Sold by the leading distributors, tho j
"B. ('." cigar. **
��� i
The Canadian Mexican line steamer
Georgia  passed  down  the  river  yes-;
'onl;!, afternoonikound for l.uilysniith,
after loading lumber and  box shooks
at the Brunette mill.
Thomas Rutledge has opened a
groberj and provision store, corner of
Sixth streel and Fifth avenue.        **
A carload of fixtures for the now
i'i per dredge bus arrived from tlie
L-o.son Iron works, Toronto, but the
��� Mies which are delaying the launching are not  included in the car.
Dr. T. H. Levey, Dentlst, has moved
into tlie new Dominion Trust building,
opposite the post office. *���
The annual banquet of the South
African veterans will be held this
evening al lliv St. Francis hotel, Vancouver. A large number of empire
builders from this city will attend.
A favorite of the e.li> smokers, the
"Brilliante" cigar. *���
This is the last day in which tenders will be received for the building
of the extension to the B. C. E. R.
car shops. Over a' dozen contractors
have been figuring on the estimates
during the past couple of weeks.
Ladlfs' and gentlemen's suits cleaned, dyed and repaired. Royal City
Dye Works, opposite Premier Hotel. **
High ma.-s will be -said this morning at St. Peter's cathedral for the
late Patrick M'cCue, who died yesterday In the hospital. The deceased was
a native of Ireland, ITS years of age.
The funeral will leave Murchle's parlors at 8 o'clock for the church.
Chapman's ibilliard parlor, finest In
B. C.    Dominion Trust block. **
!i was reiiorted to the city police
li.n night that a man was calling at
private houses and demanding food,
using threatening language. The
police have not yet located the man.
who is thought to be some drunken
Dr. Manchester lias returned from
l>o3t-gradiiate studies in the east and
opened an office in the Dominion
Trust  block.    Telephone 399.
The last social event until after
Lent In aid of the children's ward .
fund will be a tea this afternoon and
evening at the home of Mrs. C. Pur-'
vis. Seventh street. Tea wlll be
served from 3 to 7 and afterwards a
program will be rendered. Refreshments will be served during the evening.
For cut flowers, .ouquets or funeral designs telephone T- Davie. &
Son. B- 208. *"
The Fraser River Mills, Ltd.,
through the manager of the manufacturing department yesterday posted
an application for fifty inches of
water to be taken from a spring onl
tie- north end of lot 109, to be used
for domestic unci agricultural purpose's, '
Ten acre fruit ranch; only four
miles from town, on good road. Has
bearing fruit trees, also small fruits;;
house and outbuildings. For quick
sale at $1550.   Abbott & Hyde. **
The planing department of the.
Royal City mills was started up again
yesterday after several days shutdown for the Inspection of the boilers.
The sawmill is being thoroughly overhauled ami a number of millwrights
aro at work putting In the foundations
[or a new saw carriage and a new
frame for the big saw.
S-S the new ties in J. El. Brown's
Ari.iii. living, of Port Moody, is reported to Ibe lying dangerously ill at
his residence. T'ne rib] gentleman is
81 years Of age, aud little hopes are
entertained c>r his recovery. John
Reld, a son-in-law of the invalid, left
yesterday for Port Moody arter hearing of the condition of Mr. Irving.
Great auction sale of furniture at
W. E. Fales,' Columbia street, on Saturday evening next, starting at 7
o'clock. Sale will be continued Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
of next week. Stock must be sold.
Any one wanting anything in the
furnishing line should attend the sale.
T, ,J. Trapp, Auctioneer. **
J. Goodfellow, ticket agent  at    the i
local C. P. R. office, left yesterday for
Victoria,  where Tie  will    attend    the
funeral of a relative who died in Spo-1
kane last week, and wliose body was
shipped to the Capital City for inter-:
ment.    F.   E.  Shea,   night   telegraph
operator at Westminster Junction  is
temporarily relieving Mr. Goodfellow.
All kinds of pot plants and cut
dowers; shrubs for lawns. Tidy,
phone 184. **
J. W. Britton, of the Fraser River
Sawmills company, leturned yesterday from Seattle, having taken the
trip south In order to take part in a
marriage ceremony in that city, the
other principal being Miss Leland
Clayton. Mr. and Mrs. Britton will
take����<p their permanent residence In
this city.
J. H. Brownlee. C. E., Dominion and
B. C. land surveyor, has opened an office ln the Gulchon bkwk. Phone 338. ���
John Cort, manager and owner of
: the Northwestern theatrical circuit,
' was in the city yesterday and booked
two more companies for the Opera
House, Taylor's stock company for
i April 2, 3, and 4; and Old Arkansaw
! for March 12. The date for the Royal
I Slave has been changed from March
! 24 to March 26.
t ���   I
The "Auto" cigar is Decoming a
favorite smoke. ������
' ���    The new Harrison river boat, the J-
| P. Douglass, launched on Tuesday af-
; ternoon, is now tied up at the end of
\ the Lulu island bridge,  where it    is
I being loaded with the material for the
finishing of the deck houses after the
engines are installed, for which    pur-
��� pose the boat will  be towed to Vancouver iu a few days.
cute that there la a small war ou in
' ��� iberlandi "During the past week
Mayor Willard, dictator,haa been very
busy, He don't lik,. the letters appearing In this paper to show him up
in his true light. Now that he has attempted to muzzle the press and'
thrown down'fhe gauntlet to the edl-'
tor the 'handwriting on the wall' Indicates stirring tTuies."
W. S. Collister <fc Co. have been for-,
tunate   iu  securing the   services     of
Miss Morris, an expert trimmer,    who
arrived   yesterday to  take    complete!
charge of ther trimming department of'
the millinery   branch   of that    ftjmi.
While  In   the  east Miss Morris  took,
in the millinery openings at Toronto
and  Chicago,   where she  gleaned    a;
number of new  ideas in  connection
with the 190S spring productions. The
result of her observations will be" put
to good use from now on in the millinery section of Colllster's busy store.
The Department of the Interior has
Issued a most valuable pamphlet entitled "Canada's Fertile Northland,"
accompanied iby maps of the territory
described. The information contained
in the book comprises a large range
and full of interesting reading, besides
I elng extremely useful and stimulating and is presented in a niosi readable and Interesting form. The illustrations, of which there .are a large
number, are fine pieces of work and
well selected, depicting scenes at various ]k)ints of the great northland.
This pamphlet ought to have a wide
circulation and aid considerably in
advertising the country and Its resources, being undoubtedly a valuable
vel. of Winnipeg. One of the most im-
pcrtant matters to come before the
present meeting which is to be in session two days. Is the Toronto proposition of organizing a national press,
association to embrace the Whole of
"���        .. IN ..
Infants'  Outfits
We sell them cheaper than you
can make them.
Get our prices  first.
721   Robson   St.,   Vancouver.
Everythinx for  Children
The next Christian Kndeavor rally.!
in which  the  different city   societies!
i will participate, will be held on March
I 12 at the Olivet Baptist church, when \
! an elaborate program will be render- j
| ed.   Among those who will speak dur- j
ing. the evening  wiTl  be  five of the |
, city pastors, these, together with their
|subjects, be'ng:     Rev.  F.   A.   Magee,'
'"Value of Junior Christian  Endeavor
Societies,"";    Rev.    Mr.    MacKenzie,
i "Value of a  Christian Endeavor Society to a Church";  Rev. L. Thomas,
j "Socials to Save"; Rev. Dr. T. Ward-'
law Taylor. "What Can the Christian j
Endeavor Society Do for Strangers";
Rev. A. DeB. Owen, "What Can Chris.!
tian  Endeavor  Societies Do  for   the I
Cause of Temperance."    A large   attendance is anticipated.
Work on the new telephone 'building
is delayed pending the arrival of the
metal sash without which it would
be waste of time to commence the
work. The presed brick for the building has arrived and is on the ground.
The windows are designed In keeping
with tlie fireproof feature of the building. The sash are of galvanized iroa
and wire netting will be rolled Into
the glass panes. The transon of the
same material is fastened by a chain
which keeps the transom open when
desired. This chain has a link of
soft metal which fuses at 104 degrees
of heat, the window released'Trom the
chain automatically closing. Thus, in
case of fire, the windows, even if left
open would of their own accord close
and thus shut off the fanning of the
flames iby the draft.
Roof of your house or
barn gone back on you ?
No wonder after the hard winter.
Few can stand it.
Put on a new one of Ruberoid
Rooting.    No trouble then.
Ruberoid is an elastic roofing and
will stand all kinds of weather���-
heat, cold, sun, rain, wind; makes
uo difference to Ruberoid.
It is weather-proof and fire-re*
I sisting.
Will not melt, crack or rot.
Most easily applied and requires
J no painting.
Call or write for full particulars,
samples and prices.
A proposition is being   engineered
' by George A. Smith, physical director
- of the Vancouver Y. M. C. A., for   a
. basketball tournament to be held in
Vancouver ou March    14 and   16, in
���I which junior teams from Revelstoke,
We have Instructed   our    clerks New Westminster,   Vancouver,    Vie-
to  clear out our  Hand  Bags    AT; torla "and Nanaimo would compete.   A
i valuable trophy and    silver    medals
ANY OLD PRICE.   The fact Is, we wm lbe nung up -or t-,e winsiuc; team.
are overloaded and must turn, then,���
Editors of Western Canada.
Winnipeg, March 4.���The men who
work all day and sleep with one eye
open In order that the people of
Western Canada may keep informed
in regard to the latest happenings in
the way of news were much in evi-
dence ln Winnipeg today. They are
the members of the Western Canada
Press Association and tbe gathering
is their annual convention. The association is twelve years oil and Its
membership embraces the leading
publishers of all the territory between
the Great Lakes In the east and the
Pocky  Mountains  in the  west.
The officers in charge of the meeting are President B. A. Huckell, of
Calgary; 1st vice-president, C. D. Mcpherson, of Portage la Prairie; 2nd
vice-president, F.  B. Allen   of    Port
New Westminster
Re alte for wharf.and boom on th
Fraser river, near New Weatmln
ster, B. C.
NOTICE Is hereby given tUat tn
undersigned, H. O. Barnet and Hugh
McDonald, lotto of the city of   New
Westminster, in the province of British Columbia, mill owners, having ap
pkied to his excellency the governor
ge_eral-ln-coun.il, for the approval n
a certain site tor the construction ol
a certain wharf and boom, situate on
the soath aide of Lulu Island, on the
shore of tbe Fraser river, have   deposited with the honorable   the minister of public works at Ottawa, plana
of said wharf and boom, which they
propose to construct on land covered
with water, lying south of lot 757, in
group I, in the district of New Westminster and province aforesaid,    to
gether with a description of the proposed site thereof described by metes
and bounds; and have also deposited a
duplicate of each ln the office of the
registrar of deeds for the said district
of New Westminster, in which district
said work is proposed to be constructed ; in accordance with the   requirements of section 7 of the "Navigable
Waters'   Protection  Act,"  Chap.  1.15
R. 8. Can. 1906.
j     Dated at New Westminster, B. (J.
tbe oOth day of January, 190S.
HUGH   Mcdonald.
nto cash.    Thi3 is your chance to j
Test for Visual AcufcoMti
��*-��m#iji��iiih-ii��ii   '    ^tk*mA*m****mt***m*gl*i   < >
t*��*tm .���,->_ ft tktmmi *at���^mi *1*****l ���_> I��� **Wwm
.   -> mil l�� _M, .*,m>I.    Ta......���.y..--.���i.aa���"���     im ���      <>
ret a bag at your own price.   Shall j ��-*���-���'*-_2_���"*-������ _"*���������'������'
appreo.'ate  an  Inspection
and trices. I w. GIFFORD, Op.:c.-n, Columbia St
^                             I __�����   "_.-���._.��� _-u -~ _���I.    u_._.r.��������' ��� _ <>
{   *}} '' '_   T*.**tmA.An *?IUA***A U4 Mflhiaf IMblMi.a*a* ..
ion    Ol    litOCIt,  _... ��m. i__��_��i.__*._tt..^i.��_,,, _.���_-,, ih..����i�� II
j    ���-*..--,-*         ���    III         I. I II Hli I   I.HII       I            "        ~t II
beg to announce the
opening  of  thoir
m  j Mrs. Moore and Campbell j [
lUllllj     Millinery Parlors j
Drug, Spectacle 8 Seed Store]    During March
F. W. Heath, late of Ottawa. In charge, Bank   of   Commerce   Building, < >
of the Optical Department.
o;>_0s..c the Post OlUce.
Public Supply Stores
Geo. Adams, Proprietor
Columbia Street.       New  Westminster, B. C.       Phone 92.
Increase Your Appetite
A good appetite is a boon not to be despised, but if your palate requires a little humoring try a bottle of olives. Should you already
be acquainted with tills appetizing delicacy our stock of olives ls
complete and would satisfy the most exacting.
We have just received a large Importation of the choicest selected
Queen Olives and ln order to Introduce this brand to the public we
nre offering them at prices that will appeal to all economizers.
FROM 15c per bottle and upwards
according to size
���'!���'*��" �� '��� it.' _��.l'
J'1  si. 1 ��� *    ."k-ll
*�� ���-.    -vLv^i.
* '���   Y v''**
' :HtSi.
- -    *_>1
��� w*__^y'*V��',\i_
i�� ���> p.t\ -._ik
UTi-pp&G, jm
limited uiwmSm-1
ftps .,..-
'   ��    af'-  'H    t'-^JaSBE*.
���*'Ja 1*H
IS j"!.<hI
... filyxtai,",
'.-"ft  '��'   -',���;''
ill .   Ji:v:4!
1*1 rr
Heavy Penalties Will Be Imposed on Roads Working
Employees Long Hours.
the new law ns the most substantia]
piece of legislation they have obtained from Congress tor, many years, not
excepting the Employers' Liability
Act. They regard the law us not only
a victory for them, but for the travelling public.
Washington, D. C, -March 4.���-The
law enacted by Congress to "promote
(he Bafety of employees and travellers
upon railroads and limiting the hours
of service of employees thereon" went) pawel or tract of land and premises]
situate,  lying  and   being  in  the dis-
Take  uotice  that  application    has
been   made   to   register    Henry    T. |
Thrift as the owner in fee simple, un-'
der a tux sale deed from Surrey niiin;-|
cipality,  to  Henry  T.  Thrift  bearing
date the Hfh day of September, A.D.
1008, of all und singular that certain j
Have YOU Seen The
shade of Worsted, also the Grey
and brown? They are all nev* and
correct in every particular.
Your inspection invited.
Into effect  today.
Is as  follows:
"Thai it shall be unlawful for
currier,  its officer or agents, subject
to tins act. to require or permit any
employee subject to this act to Ibe or
remain on duty for a longer period
than sixteen consecutive hours, and
whenever any such employee or any
common carrier shall have been continuously on duty for sixteen consecu*
tive hours he shall be relieved and not
required or permitted again to do duty
until he has had at least ten consecutive hours off duty; and no such employee who has been on duty sixteen
hours in the aggregate In any twenty.
four-hour period shall be required or
permitted to continue or again go on
duty without having had at least eight
consecutive hours off duty: Provided.
Thai no operator, train dispatcher, or
'"oilier employee who has by the use of
the telephone or telegraph despatches,
reports transmits, receives, or delivers orders pretaining to or effecting
train movements shall be required or
permitted to be again on duty for a
longer period than nine hours in any
twenty-four-hour period in all towers,
offices, places and stations continuously operate night and day, nor for a
longer period than thirteen hours in
all towers, offices, places and stations
operated only during the daytime, except in cases of emergency, when the
employees named In this proviso may
he permitted to be and remain on duty
for four additional hours In a twenty j
four-hour period or not exceeding
three days in any week: Provided,
further. The Interstate Commerce
Commission may, after full hearing
ln a particular case and for good
cause shown extend the period wdthin
which a common carrier shall comply
with the provisions of this proviso as
to such case.
"That any common carrier, or any
officer or agent thereof , requiring or
permitting any employee to go or remain on duty In violation of the second section hereof, shall be liable to
a penalty of not to exceed $500 for
each and every violation, to be recovered in a suit or suits to be brought
by the United States district attorney
in   the District  Court  of the  United
States   having jurisdiction In the   locality where such violation-shall have
been committed;  and It shall lbs the
duty of such district .attorney to bring
such suits upon satisfactory  information being lodged  with him;   but no
such suit  shall be orought after the
expiration of one year from the date
of such violation:  and it shall also be
the duty of the Interstate Commerce
Commission to lodge with the proper \
district attorneys, in formation of any*|
Mich   violations  as  may  come  to its
knowledge     ]n an prosecutions under !
this act the common carrier shall bei
deemed to have knowledge of all fsois
of all its officers and agents: Provided.
That  the' provisions of this act shall
nol  apply to any ease of casualty or
unavoidable accident or the act of God. |
nor where the delay was the result of
a cause not known to the carrier or
its officers or agent in charge of such
employe? at   the time said employee
left a terminal, and which could not
have   been   foreseen;   Provided,    fur-
act,  In brief,
trict of    New  Westminster,    in    the
province of British    Columbia,    more
*n,v | particularly known and described as
lots 10 to 14 inclusive, block  1, and
lots 7 to 12 and  17  to 20 Inclusive,
block    2,    subdivision   of   southwest
quarter of section 11, townshlu 1.
You and each of you are required to
contest the claim  of the    tax    purchaser within forty-live days from the
date of the llrst publication of    this
notice,    otherwise   I    shall    register
Henfy T. Thrift as owner thereof   in
fee.   And I hereby direct that publication for one month In a daily news-j
paper published at New Westminster-1
will be  good   and   sufficient    service [
thereof and  by mailing one copy  toi
.Mrs. Catherine Kirby, Quiney, Wash.
Dated at the land Registry Office i
New Westminster, Province of British
Columbia, this 17th day of February.,
A.D. 1908.
District Registrar.
To Catherine Gerbrlcb, now Catherine
Merchant Tailor
These cheap rates will only last for
a short time. Better arrange your
booking now.
Next sailing date Empress March 0.
For other dates and  particulars,
apply to
C. P. R. Agent.
All persons served with this notice,
and those claiming through or unJer
them and all persons claiming any
Interest in the said land by virtue of
any unregistered instrument, and all
persons claiming any interest in the
said land by descent, whose title is
not registered under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Act." ehall be forever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to or in respect of
the said land so sold for taxes as provided by the "Land Registry Act."
Pacific   |
Trains Daily
Travel on the Famous
Electric-lighted train.   Low Rates.
Quick Time. Excellent Service.
New York, Chicago,
Toronto, St. Paul
Steamship tickets on  sale    to all
European points.
Special   Reduced   Rates   Round  Trip
Rates to 8outhe--i  California.
For full information call on or write
C. E. LANG, General Agent,
430 Hastings St., Vancouver. B. C.
Portland. Ore.
The Oriental Contract Co. j
of Vancouver.                      1
Japanese Labor Contractors         J
New Westminster branch P. O.   ]
Box 645.                            j
,-.-.-------.���.---- AAAAA
Grand Trunk Ry.
Excellent Train Service Between
Chicago, London,
Hamilton, Toronto,
Montreal, Quebec,
Portland, Boston,
And all the principal business centers of
ther.    That  the provisions of this act j Also to BUFFALO, NEW YORK and
SEALED TENDERS    addressed to j
the undersigned, and endorsed "Ten-1
der for Examining Warehouse.  Win-
nipeg, Man.," will be received at this
Office until FRIDAY,  March  20,  190S, |
inclusively, for the erection of an Ex- |
amining    Warehouse    at    Winnipeg,
Plans   and   specifications    can     _e;
seen and forms of tender obtained at
this   Department  and  on   application
to Joseph Greenfield, Esq., Supt, Pub. j
Bldgs.,  Winnipeg,  Man.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed form supplied,
and signed with their actual signa-
Each   tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, made payable to the order
of the Honorable the Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per'cent UO
p. c.)    of the amount of the tender,,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a con- j
tract when called upon to do so, or If
he fail to complete the work contract-
ed for.    If the tender be not accept-;
ed,  the cheque will  be returned.
The Department does not bind it- j
self to accept the lowest or any tender. By order,
Department of  Public Works.
Ottawa, February 21,  190S.
Newspapers will not be paid for j
this advertisement if they Insert it |
without authority from the Depart- '
shall nol apply to the crews of wrecking trains or relief trains."
Efforts to have Congress repeal or
amend the law have been unavailing.
The Interstate Commerce Commission
has lik��wise declined to con-sent that
the enforcement of the law shall be
postponed. A'few railroads have "given
notice to the Commission that they
are prepared to obey the law to the
letter. A large majority of the roads,
however, have taken steps towards
complying with the act and have not
indicated what their plans are.    It is
PHILADELPHIA, via Niagara Falls.
For Time Tables, etc.. adclress
Assistant Gen'l Passenger and Ticket
Agent, 135 Adams St.. Chicago, 111.
"The Milwaukee"
The Pioneer Limited" St Paul to
Chicago, "Short Line" Omaha toi
Chicago, "South    West    Limited"
Kansas Citj to Chicago.
No trains in the service on any
assumed that now that the law has! railroad in the world that equal in
become operative many roads will ap-  equipment that of the Chicago, Mil-!
waukee  *  St.   Paul  Railway.     They!
own and operate their own sleeping!
make ready to meet the retirements I '^Ifii? ""Z*.1 their'r.ains an<j
... , ���,. r give   their  patrons   an  excellence  of1
-     (he new  law.    The act gives  Hie | ,ervice not obtainable elsewhere.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent.
134 Third St.. cor AMer "ortland. Or.
ply  for  permission  ito conduct  their
business as heretofore until they can
Interstate    Commerce     Commission
power to grant an extension of time
In individual cases where good cause
fa shown. The railroads declare that
the enforcement of the law will cost
them $20,000,000 a year and that at |
tbe present time they cannot afford
this extra expense. j
The  railroad employees look upon |
t*T       ADVERTISE       ����
��- IN ���
THE      DAILY      NEWS
If You've LOST Anything.
Re James Taylor, Decease..
NOTICE is hereby given that all
creditors and other persons having
any claims or demands against the
estate of James Taylor, late of Fort
Langley, in the province of British
Columbia, deceased, who died on the
30th day of November, 1907, ami whose
will was proved In the supreme court
of British Columbia on the 23th day
of January, 1908, by Joseph Mayers
and John Taylor, the executors therein
named, are hereby required to sene
particulars In writing of their claims
or demands to me the undersigned
the solicitor for the said executors on
or before the 20th day of March, mo*,
at the undermentioned address, afte:-
which date the said executors will
proceed to distribute the assets of th.
said James Taylor, deceased, amongst
the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands
of which they shall then have had
notice anil the said executors will not
be liable for the assets of the said
James Taylor deceased or any part
thereof so distributed to any person
or persons of whose claims and demands they shall not then have had
Dated this 20th day of February. A.
D���  1908.
Solicitor for the said Joseph Mayers
and John Taylor, Executors.
Hygienic Dairy. Limited
Incorporated Under the Companies Act  (B.C.I   1897 and Amending Acts.
Capital $250,000, in 25,000 Shares of $10.00 Each
Ten thousand shares are now offered for public subscription at $10.50 Der share, in
eluding a premium of fifty cents per share, the whole payable as follows ���
On a block of Ten shares, which is the minimum subscription.
Payable on Application���$15.00, being 10 per ee.nt. and the premium of 50 cents per shai..
Payable on Allotment���$10.00, being 10 per cent within one month of application.
The balance, $80.00,, being payable in eight equal monthly instalments of $10 each.
There are no preferred, deferred, promoters' or founders' shares.
The following, signatories to the articles and memorandum of association and others, hav
to act as Provisional Directors:
M. P. THOMSON, Esq., (Thomson Stationery Co.).
S. .1. TUNSTALL, Esq., M. D.
CHAS. E. HOPE, Esq., (Hope, Graveley & Co., Ltd.).
A. L, KENDALL, Esq., M. I)
W. S. HOLLAND, Esq., (Insurance V__*.
J. A. FLETT. Esq., (Hardware Merchant
11. A. EASTMAN, Esq. New Westminster.
Mr. A. Cruickshank, of Matsqui, will join the Hoard after allotment, In the event of the exercise of tl
option now held by the Company upon certain land now owned by him.
Banker.. Auditors,     > Solicitors,
Eastern Townships Bank, Clarkson, Cross -> Helliwell, Messrs.  Burns &  Walkem,
Vancouver, B.C. Chartered   Accountants, Vancouver,  B.C.
Vancouver,  B.C. \
Secretary,  A.  Farmer,  Esq. Temporary  Offices,   322  Cambie   St.,   Vancouver   B   c.
This company is formed for the purpose of supplying the <"ity erf Vancouver with absolute!) clean im
pure milk of the highest quality, free from drugs and deleterious germs. The need of such a milk supply is
so well known lhat there ls no need lo dilate on this quest ion. the plans of the Company bavins the
earnest support of the Medical Society, the Provincial and City Health Officers, and every doctor la the
An option has been secured at a very favorably price on the well known Cruickshank Farm al MftUoul
close to the C. P. R., and on the route of the Chllliwach tram line. This property comprise- 640 acre* of
which 400 acres nre in a high state of cultivation, and the balance is rich pasture. It is pro] ised to erect
thoroughly modern barns with cement. Boors throughout, well ventilated and lighted, and a modern Ice anil
bottling plant, shipping by special refrigerator car to Vancouver every day.
The' price to be given for the farm is $76,000, or about $117 per acre, a very low figure considering
the quality of the land, the improvements and the situation. It would be hard to find a farm better
adapted for the purpose of a large modern dairy. The terms of purchase are $25,000 cash, and the balance in fully-paid shares of the Company.
From the sum of $100,000 to be realize,!  from  thr' Bale of lo.ooo shares now offered, there wlll remain
?7."),00n after  paying the cash  portion rrf the price of the farm  property.   It is believed that this amount
will  be sufficient for the predion of the necessary buildings .and equipment and thejiiirchase of abi
cows, especially selected after careful examination.
The City has no authority at the present time to Inspect any dairies outside the City,   The Company
proposes io give it this authority, so far as its own .;arns and premises are concerned, and will welcome
such Inspection at all times,   lt also proposes to ask the Medical Association to aptKiint a committee of Inspection.
The City records of 1007 show 14S deaths of babies under twelve months* old, and medical men have
stated their opinion that at least 90 per cent., or say 133, of these deaths are directly traceable to milk,
either drugged or contaminated at time of consumption. It is needless to say that 148 does not by any
means cover the total number of deaths of children, as It is the number of those under twelve months ol
age only.
Out of thirty samples of milk collected in Vancouver during 1907 and analyzed by the Dominie. Government authorities, only two samples reach :!"_ per cent., which Is the average Canadian percentage ol
butter fat), and fourteen of them were officially described as either watered or skimmed, and were below
3 per cent., which is the Vancouver City standard.
The average farmer and milk vendor is perhaps unaware of the need of the most scrupulous cleanllnBM
in every detail In the handling and delivery of milk, and lacks the necessary capital for the erection ot
cement floored barAs, properly lighted and ventilated, the equipment of refrigerating and bottling machinery, anil the employment of men technically trained in what Is now recognized as a business requiring
scientific care and management.
Without a supply of natural ice, or the means of artificial refrigerai.on, milk cannot be kept durlngthe
period of twenty-four to forty-eight hours which elapses between milking and delivery, without the aid of
liowerful preservatives, such as formaldehyde, etc. This drug prevents milk turning sour, even If expOMd
to the sun, but this and other preservatives are Very dangerous.
This Company will- supply milk only of the highest standard1, both as to quality and purity. It doei not
propose to pasteurize milk, which at '.est is a makeshift.
It should be clearly understood that jiasteurized milk Is not pure milk; it is only Impure milk which
has been renovated, and the Impurities to a greater or less extent removed.
The very fact that milk needs pasteurizing is in itself a suspicious circumstance. This Company B8YW
intends having milk on any of its premises in need of renovation, as it will keep only healthy cows, which
will be under constant veterinary supervision; the milk, when produced, will be pure and absolutely clean,
and will be kept in that condition until delivered to the consumer.
Immediately after milking, the milk will be aerated and cooled to a temperature of 38 degrees, put in sealed bottles and delivered at the doors of customers exactly as it left the farm, and at the same tempera1
ture; this will prevent the need of drugs in summer to keep it sweet, and will also prevent the probation of injurious bacteria in the milk, to which is attributable the enormous infantile mortality in the
City and district.
Arrangements have been completed to secure the services of a well known dairy expert as general manager. This gentleman has successfully operated one of the largest creameries in Canada, and has made a
special study of all matters connected with the handling and feeding of cattle.
Paper estimates of profits are some times delusive, so the directors content themselves with jwinting out
the well known fact that all the dairy farmers in the district have been for many years doing very well Indeed, and Ihe milk distributors have been doing even belter, one firm being credited with making a pro.!
of $100 per day all last summer.
ll ls well known that in no part of Cnnada can cow feed he produced cheaper than in the ���j��wer
Eraser Valley, and as similar companies in the United States, which sell their milk at lower prices than
are current here, pay good dividends, there is no reason why this Company should not do thr- same as
the use of milking machines and labor saving devices in handling the feed, manure, etc., etc., should offset
the higher wages of this Coast.
The Company aim to keep 500 cows, but It will be obviously Impossible to get this number in a .v(ur'
and while every effort, will be made to deliver milk by June, before tue hot weather begins, it Is doubtful If
more than 100 cows oan ibe obtained by then and the necessary barns and buildings completed. In selling
the milk, preference will naturally have to be given to the shareholders of the Company, and it Is Ml
likely there will be any surplus for sale to the general public for at least the first year of operation, a'"1
as there will be probably many people of small means in urgent need of this milk, the shares have bean
put at a price, and on terms, within the reach of all.
Prior to incorporation the following gentlemen signified their Intention of becoming sharolicjldc-r-:
r. M. LOGAN.
O. M. JONES, F.R.C.S., Victoria.
J.  W.   BLAND, V. S.
W.  E.  BURNS.
A. C. WELLS, Chilliwack. -
H.  M.  VASEY, Ladner,       ��,
D. R. KERR. Victoria.
L. T. DUPONT, Victoria.
T. W. PATTERSON, Victoria
CHAS. .MILNE, Victoria.
���I    ,1. LOGA.N.
ri. S. ROLSTO.N.
1). THOS.  TEES.
,1. .7. JONES, Westminster,
H, L. EDMONDS, Westmin
���P, ROWE.
H. A. EASTMAN, W��"-,n,tff'
ster. ���
. Prospectuses and  forms for application for shares can be obtained from
HOPE, GRAVELEY & CO., Ltd., 322 Cambie Street, Vancouver, Biytish Columbia��� or���
H. A. EASTMAN, New Westminster tHur
MARCH  5.   1908.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
British Columbia Coast Llns
.    Canadian     North-West
^.-..stead   Regulations.
���,im:r'I'��'d  section  of Do-
B. C. Coast Line Service.
Manitoba, Saakatoh* Alaska route.
,  exeeptlng S and 86, S.8   Princess May.
��� ,,,.., be homeeteaded by     Princess   May    loaves    Vancouver
v h , ,., the sole head of a -February 22, March 4, 14 and -ji and
iale over IS years of j April 4.
not reB��N
any l��'rs""
iiou i" '
to im ��� ��� ';;: "' one-quarter sec-1     VA.*_*.uvER-viCTORiA ROUTE.
r   I	
-, 1)011" * I
ageai'.v B
land l�� Bl
be       ''
SS   Princess  Victoria
Leaves Vacouver  1:30  p. m   daily;
the  applicant ut  arrives al Victoria G:_0 p. m. daily.
ose tender are rejected will
b<  ��� turm d within ten day.-- after thi
^! ol the contract.
Attention is called to the following  Hock
olauaea In the form of contract:
'"AH mechanics, lai orers,    or < 'h<��� i
1      us who perform labor for the pur-
t0! poses of the oonstruotlon of the works
���.  herebj   oontraoted for,  shall  be  paid
English   and  American   Billiard   Tables,   Bowling   Alleys,  etc.     New   an.l
cond - hand   tables  and  supplies  In
S.S.  Prmcess  Beatrice.
Leaves Victoria 8:3b a. m- dally except Monday;    arrives Seattle 2:30 p.
I m. daily except Monday.
Leaves Seattle 11:30 p. m. daily exam.
,,__ entry     must     be
,   jU person
nlnion -ands A.gency    or    sub-      Leaves Victoria  I u. m. daily;    ar
discriot  in  which the ! rives Vancouver 8 a. m.
Entry by proxy may,
,.,,!,��� at an agency on
Lin conditions by the father, moth-
I gon daughter, brother or sister of
J intending b��.mesteadar.
Tbe |���,:, ader is rejuired to per-
i form (lu hom   tead duties under one \ cept  Monday; arlrvn. Victoria
IJajj following plans- Idaily except Tuesday.
.,   A; least si- months' residenca WEST  COAST   ROUTE.
'      ;iIll  cultivation  of  the land  In I SS  Tees
s,.r  f0|   three years. Leaves Victoria 11 p.m. 1st and 14th
\ homesteader may, if he so: of each month for Clayoquot, Mosqul-
ire8 perform the   required   rosi- to Harbor and way porta;   7th of each
.   e jUtjej   bj  living ou    tanning month for Quatslao and way ports,
i oW1 eli   bj   bim. not. less 20th of each month for Ahcuset, Qual
^n eight]   (80)  ;i(Tt's ln extent, In slno, Cape Soott Aid waj ports
-j-e yiclnli   ol his homestead.   Join;     vancouveh-nanaimo route.
ir;,.          ���   land  Wlll  not   meet  this S.S.Joan
require' Leaves Vancouver l:-30 pm. ibiily,
Bather (or mother, if the except Sundaj     Friday and Saturday
,,    .        -ceased) of a homesteader | leaves   at l p.m,   Leaves Nanaimo at
-as permanent  residence on  farming T a. m.
H_d owned solelj   by  him,  noi less UP RIVER
���mi.   acres   in   extent,  in Ramon a���
y of the homes!ead, or up- ^KsW-f ^^
-n i bi.nifsti ad  entered   for  by  him
li-idnlty, such homeeteader may L0WER FRAS" R1VER'
perform bis own residence duties by v s   T,ansf(''-
living with the  father  (or mother
SEALED TENDERS   addressed
""' i:i s'gned   marked on the
v-lope "Tendei for Conatruotlon," will BUch waseB as aiT generally accepted
be received al the office of the Com- :'" '"1T(1|lt for competent workmen In
missionena ol the Transcontinental! th" lH8trlc�� ln whloh the work is be-
Railway, al Ottawa, until twelve!1"' informed, and it there is no cur-
o'cmoli noon ol ruesday the nub ,lay!r(>"; riltl' ln *uch dlatMet, then a fair
of March. 1908, for the wo.u required'! * ��������ahle rate: and, ln the event.
'" the oonstruotlon, In accordance
wltl   ,l"' plans, profiles and speoifioa*
I'b ine A2898. P. O. Box.  1186
Bowling  Alloy,  Pender  St.,
Chained Boat and Broken Locks F gure
in Peculiar Happenings on Coast
���Irishman   Responsible.
",,:'   ol the Commissioners, of the toV
��< "'in-, of the Transcontinental Railway, vis ;
iii    District 'A.'���From ib point designated  on the plans of the Com-.
""''      '   N. about the 58th  mile west
of Moncton, to the crossing of the In-
,l'n : 'al  railway at  or about, mile
'ft',  i dist,ance of about 39.7 miles.
'-'  District 'A'���From a point   de-
of a dispute arising as to what is the;
current or a fair and reasonable rate, I
it shall be determined by the Oomlfils-
slnnors. whose decision shall be final."
Ageui   tor   Messrs. Samuel  May   &.
Co.,   'orotr'o.
Transfer Co
ifflcH 'Phone 18&.      bum 'fauns 187
Columbia Bt.
This agreement  Is subject   to the   aagKH.e delivered    promptly  to any
regulations   now   In   force,   or   which   part of the city,
maj   at any    time   hereafter   be   In
force during the construction of the
works hereby contracted for, made under the authority of the Department of OfHeo���Tram Depot
Labor, nnd which are, or shall be, up- I "
pllcahle to such works." (The soh-dule|      R. rVIILfflS & CO.
Of minimum wages  determined  upon
! Light and Heavy Haulinj
signal id on the plans of  the com-. bJ said Department win form pan of Plumbers, Gas and Hot Water fitter!, Etc.
missioners, al or about  the crossing  the contract 1 d     ���      ...... - _ ��� ...
.,    .     . ,    . , _ roiuuici.) Repairs of all kindsigiven special at-
���"������������>������      ���    H.e        The contractor shall In conn.'etl,m   tenlion. Sewer conneckns made.
Charges.      * Phone   A 877
Front St. New Westminster
(41 The term "vicinity" in the two
^seeding paragraphs is defined as
IgtBanlng not more than nine miles in
I a direct line, exclusive r** the width
ioi road a lowanoes crossed in the
treasure ment
(5)   A   humesteader   intending     to
hertortn iiis  residence  duties  in  ac*
nrdanci  with the above while living
Iwiih parents or on farming land own-
el by himself must  notify  the  agent
|for thr' district of such Intention.
St- .  mths' notice in writing must
�� given trr the Commissioner of Do-
Itiinirm Lands ;it Ottawa, of intention
lo apply for patent
W,  VV.  CORY.
|Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N. B.���Unauthorized publication "A
I this advertisement  will   not  be  paid
I for.
Steamer Transfer leaves Now- West*
minster Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Frida) and Saturday at I
p.m.    Additional trip Monday .". a.m.
Westham   Island    Monday
Wd-n ��� lay, Thuraday, Sat-1
7 a.m. . Friday 6 a.m.    Addl*
p s iturday leave Ladner al
Take notice that an application has
I been made    to  register    M.  W.  Mln-
thortx.' as  the  owner   in   fee simple,
under a tax saale deed from the mayor
and treasurer of the city of New Westminster, to M. \V. Minthorne, bearing
Nate the 10th  day of February,  A.D.
"Ol, of all and singular that certain
[ parcel or tract of land and premises
I situate,  lying  and  being  in  the city
] of N'ew Westminster, in the province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as: ��� Subdivision
5 of block "A" of the middle acre of
the south half of the south half of
���ot 6, su! urban block 12, map 566.
Vou .and e.ix-h of you are required to
contest the claim of the tax purchaser
within fnrty-flve days from the date
of the first publication of this notice.
otherwise I shall register M. W. Min-
ihorne as owner thereof In fee. Anil
1 hereby direct that publication of this
notice for thirty days in a daily news-
MiW published at New Westminster
will be good and\ sufficient service
toN at tne Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, province of British
Columbia, this 22nd day* of January,
A-D. 1908.
District Registrar.
T" Louis H. Hayne.
All persons served with this notice,
ui day  al
tlonal  ti
���i p.m.
S.S.  Amur.
From Victoria ll p.m., Lai and lath, ,
trom    Vancouver    at    S    o.  m.,  2nd
anu   16th   of  each   month,   culling  at
Skidegate on first trip and Bella Coola
on second trip.
S. S. Queen City.
Prom Victoria 8 p.m. every Wednesday, from Vancouver    10   a.m. every |
Thursday.   Returning arrivea at Van
couver Sunday afternoon;  at Victoria
Monday morning, via Ladysmith.
S.S. City of Nanaimo.
Leaves Victoria Tuesday 7 a.m.; ar-.
rives Nanaimo 4 p.m.
Leaves Na_aIi..o Saturday 2 p. m; !
arrives Victoria 9 p. m.
For   reservations  and  Information
.all or address
Aa-mi. New Westminster.
.���!-��   o-m   Pr-si   Aieent  Vancouver.
0#ni-r-.l 8m*r"ntM.dent. Victoria.
transcontinental railway at mile 97:7,] with 'he whole of the said work,   as j M-i.tih
west of Moncton to the Toblque river,* far as practicable, use only material.
ai or about mile 1G5.7 Jess one milej machinery, plant, supplies and rolling
a  O'ttance ,.;   ��� 0u|   67  miles. stock   manufactured   or  produced     in
(3) District 'A'���From a point de Canada, provided the snme ean be obsignated on ih.' plans of the Commis- tained as cheaply, and upon as good
sioners, at or near the Tobique river terms, in Canada as elsewhere, having
to a pbinl shown on the said plans regard to quality and price."
aboul 2H mllee wesl of the Town of The contractor shall conform to the
Grand Falls, In the Province of New fire regulations adopted by the Com
Brunswick, a distance ol' about 31.5 missioners. and also to the laws and
miles. ' regulations respecting fires in the dif-
ili  District   'B'    From   a point  de>' ferent provinces wherein the work   is
Blgnated on the plans of the Commls. ' being performed.
Sioners, at or near t'ne ooundary lino      The right Is reserved to reject any
between the Provinces of Quebec and  or ail tenders.
New  Brunswick,  westerly   a   distance By order,
Of about 52.4  miles. P. K. RYAN.
(5) District  'D'���Prom  a point de- Secretary.
Slgnated on the plans of the Comm!*- The Commissioners of the
sioners, fj^out eight miles west of the         Transcontinental Railway.
Abltlhl   River  crossing,  in the  Prov-  Ottawa. 1st February, 190S.
luce of Ontario, westerly for a  dis- 	
tance   of  about   100   miles. Newspapers Will not be paid for this
(6) District  'E'���-From  a  point .le-  advertisement If they insert it  witn-
glgnate I on the plans cf the Comml-* out authority from the Commissioners,
sioners, aboul  19V_ miles we_t of the!  '
crossing of Mud   River,     near   Lake
Nepigon, In the Province of Ontario,
easterly for a distance of .about 75
Plans, profiles and specifications
may be seen in the office of the Chief
Engineer of the Commissioners at Ot-
twa: also in the offices of the District Engineers concerned, viz-. Guy
C. Dunn, Bt John, N. B.;  A. E. Don- "   ���
cet, Quebec, P. Q.: .lohn Aylen. Act- SEALED TENDERS addressed "In*
ing District Engineer, North Bay. Bpectors of Penitentiaries, Ottawa,'
Out.; .and T. S. .Armstrong, Neplgoflj and endorsed "Tenders for Supplies,"
Ont will  be  received  until    Monday, 16th
Persons tendering are notified that! _taroh, inclusive, from parties deslr-
tenders will not be considered unless] ous of contracting for supplies, for the
made in duplicate, and on the print-, uscal year 1908*1900, for the following
Well Known
of New Westminster and dist-u-t
On Sale at-
Morey'a    Bookstore    and
at  Gamon's  Cigar  Divan
-^'Advertise the town we live i.i ly
mailing Picture Post Cards to yovr
Websdale & Haidwitk
Builders and
All kinds ol carpenters work. General repairs and alterations. Estimates fn e for all kinds of frame
buildings Shacks built on the shortest notice.
P.   O.   Box   815.    Office   St.   Andrews
Street, between 8th and 9th 8t.
| FOR==  S
Albernl,  March   I,- The chiv:  of l>o-
lice was called upon one da) la_1 we k
to   investigate   a   mysterinur-  case   of
lock breaking, Why the looks had
been applied, Borely pussled one man.
mid why they were repeatedly broken
was more than lhe other could under.
stand. The case was sifted down to
one of mistaken Identity anil all the
trouble  was  satisfactorily settled.
Mr Cummerford, whose Christian
name is Michael, ,und whose manner
of speech is strongly suggestive of
Irish nativity, bought e iboat from a
man who was leaving town. He made
th��" purchase wlthoal seeing the goods
being merelj told "' the locatlo of the
craft. He went to the loc ilny. ipled
out a tine looking boat, and concluding thai n was nis. fa tern . II with
chain and  lock  br one 01   til    piles of
the government wharf,
S H, Toy who is ire owner ol i
splendid seaworthy boat, went to the
wharf next day to take some friends
out duck hunting, and finding his property chained and locked, proceeded
without ceremony to release it The
next day Mr. Cummerford appeared
on ihe scene, and after slginz up the
situation, convinced himself that a
crime had ben committed. To prevent
a recurrence of the outrage he procur-
ed two chains and two locks, nnd
again connected the boat with the pile.
Before another twenty-four hours
iiad elapsed Michael discovered thnt
someone had attacked his chains and
locks with a sledge hammer, rendering them useless. Then he sought
the assistance of the officer of the
law. About this time Mr. Toy was
seriously thinking of applying for an
injunction to restrain some person or
persons, unknown, from taking care
of his property, and the two mystified
mrn met.
tight Trains Every Day in the Ye��r
Minneapolis, St. Paul
and Chicago
U-niLOdies the newest and best ideas
.nd LUXURY. It is lighted with
both electricity and gas; the most
brilliantly illuminated train in the
world. The equipment c
private rompartment cars
16 section sleeper.', luxurious dining
,, . ; -ar, reclining chair cars (seats free),
u�� tin.se claiming through or under   mo_er-   _ay   coaches   and   buffet,  h-
Pni and all persons claiming any in-   iiarv and smoking cars.
Wrest In the  said land  by  virtue of |     F"r  Time Tables, Folders, or any
any unregistered Instrument, and all
^jWns claiming any interest In the
Sai" land  by  descent,  whose  title ls
n��t regii:, red under the provisions of
���"Und Registry Act," shall be for-
onsists   of
,   standard
e.l forms supplied by the Commissioners.
A separate tender must be submitted  for each section.
Tenderers shall not be in any way
entitled to rely ujion the classification,
or any other Information given by
any person on behalf of the Commissioners; ami liefore submitting any
tender, bidders should make a careful
Examination of the plains, profiles,
drawings and specifications, and read
the forms to be executed, and fully
inform themselves ns to the quantity
and quality of materials, and character of workmanship required; and
are understood to accept and agree
to he bound by. the terms and conditions in the form of contract, specifications, etc., annexed to the form of
institutions, namely:
Kingston Penitentiary.
St. Vincent de  Paul  Penitentiary.
Dorchester Penitentiary.
Manitoba  Penitentiary.
British Columbia Penitentiary.
Alberta Penitentiary, Edmonton,
Separate tenders will be received
for each of the following classes of
1. Coal. 9. Groceries.
2. Coal OH 10. Hardware.
3. Cordwood 11. Leather.
4. Drugs.   t 12. Milk.
5. Dry Goods. 13. Oils and Paints
6. Forage. 14. Pork and Bacon
'/, Fresh Fish.        15. Sole Leather.
8. Fresh Meat.       16. Tinware.
Details of information as to form of
contract, together with  forms of ten
Go to
The Arrow Press
Windsor Hotel Block.
All supplies are  subject to the ap.
I proval of the Warden.
Inspectors of Penitentiaries
Department of Justice,
Ottawa, February 14, 1908.
ever esti
: i"l and debarred from pet*
^ up any claim to or In respect ot
* Bald laud so.sold for taxes as pro-
,|,!       the "Und Registry Act."
60   YEARS'
urthcr information call on or write
-mi Second Avenue. Seattle. V/*%a
Thadk Marks
,'*nt,���. ij ���?'__,y�� opinion frea wheth-r u
SH*-'?" if im. ., ",tn,��*a ~����-.y.  Umit elf-
UlTii"'"""',; " prul*1'1-   8oW l"
"l" N & Co.ae,B��*-��-
Spokane Falls & Northern (iy Co.
Nelson & ft. Sheppard Ry. Co.
Red Mountain Ry. Co.
''he  only all  rail route between all
���oints east, west and south ��o Ross-i
and. Nelson and intermediate points j
onnccting at Spokane with the Great i
Northern, Northern Pac fie and O. R.|
& N. Co. _   -     i
Connects at Rossland with the Can*!
idian Pacific Railway for Boundary j
Creek point* .
Connects at Meyers Falls WlW
���rtage ''lilv for Repuhhr.
Buffet service on trains between 1
H-okane  and  Nelso**.
Effective   Sunday,   November    10,
Each tender    must   be  signed  and , dei.   wj���  ,J0 furnjsnetl on application
sealed by all the parties to the tender,. ^ tlle wardens.
and witnessed, and be accompanied by!
an accepted oheque   on   a   chartereil |
bank of the Dominion of Cannda, piy
able to the order of the Commission is
of the Transcontinental  Railway,    ami
For Section No. l. District '-v.$ 7".." 0
2, "     'A'. .  100,1100 i
"     8, "     'A'..    76.000
"      4, "      'IV. .   lOO.'.i'O
"     5, "     'D'.. 150.0001
fi, "      _,,, 100,0001
Any person whose tender is accepted shall within ten days after the ac- _h_ SCENIC RAILWAY OF
ceptance then of furnish such addl- AMER1CA( ninn|ng through first, class
tlonal approveil security as may be re-, 3leepe��� tourist and dining cars leaves
quired by the Commissioners; sign the | da���y at 3.15; mak(.s c)08e COnnec-
COntract, specifications, and '>t'"'ri tions for all Kootenay points and also
.documents re.ulred to be pigned l'y|gt, Paul, Chicago and other United
the said Commissioners;  and, in anyjgt-t(?a points.
Manufacturer ot
Mineral Waters, Etc
Aerated Waters,
Family Trade a Specialty.
fel. IIS. Office, Eighth Street
New England Congregationalists.
Worcester, .Mass.,    March 3.���There
j was a large and representative attend*
. ance at the opening here today of   the
two  days'  session o'f  the New   Eng*
j tend   Congregational   congress.   The
j chief purpose of the gathering, as is
1 set forth in the call,  is to   d scuss
plans for broader and  more effective
i work by the denomination.   The par-
; llcipants include leading clergy    and
| laymen of the church,  who will dis-
i cuss the church work in all its phases.
i 8he prominent speakers Include Presl-
I dent    Garfield,   of Williams college;
I President Mackenzie, of the Hartford
seminary; Rev. Dr. Ozora S. Davis, of
New Britain, Conn., and Rev. Jonathan
M. Thomas, president-elect of Middle-
bury college.
Canadian Pacific
case of refusal or failure on the part
of the party whose tender Is accepted
to   complete   and
Agent, New Westminster
execute   the con- ��� or to E   T  COYLE,
Asst. Genl. Pass. Agt., Vancouver.
Opera House Bookings.
Q.20 an,
'2.-5 p.m.
'.40 a.m.
Day Train    *       Arrive
.. Spokane . - ��� -7 IS P-"1-
. Ro.sland ...4 "> Pm-
..Nelson .-������   '���������S P���
H- A, jACf SON.
tract with the said commissioners,
and to furnish the additional approved security within ten days
after the acceptance of the tender,
the said cheque shall be forfeited to
the Commissioners as liquidated dam
ages for such refusal or failure and  A Royal Slave  March 24
all contracts rights acquired by the ac- j 81a ln New York  April 1
ceptance of the tender shall be f.r-l <"�����  Burgo_ia_ter    April ��
feited.    The diequee   deposited   by j San Francisco Opero Co Aprtl 23
parties whose tenders   are   accepted j A College Boy   May 27
will be deposited to the credit of the "
Receiver General of Canada as part of er"     ADVERTISis     "W
the security for the due and faithful j ��� in ���
performance of the contract according I    THE     DAILY
tct Its term*   Cheques deposited byj
If YOU Need  Anything.
Trains & Steamers
Leave New Westminster 8:35, 11:35,
15:15, 17:2u,.18:40.
.Arrive .New Westminster 10:25,
12:43, 16:30, 18:25, 19:35.
Overland express arrives 12:45
leaves 15:15.
Lv. N. W. 9.20 a.m.; ar. Seattle 4 p.m
Lv. N. W. 4.35 p.m.; ar. Seattle 10 p.m
v., w. A  V.���VANCOUVER
It. N. W. 3 p. m. and 9:56 p. m.
Lv. Vancouver 8.35 a.m.. and 4 p.m
Leave New Westminster 3:50 p.m-,
arrive Oulchon 6 pm-
Leave Gulchon 6 a- m-, arrive New
New Westminster 8:30 a. m-
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Lv. New Westminster 6.50, 6.60, 1
md Ile, and every half hoar there
if ter till V p. m.
Lv. Vancouver tor Westminster at
tame henra.
There are still In existence, some Brit
tub bank notes dated 1798 and printed
w satin.
There are 2,500,000 cycles ln use la
tbe United Kingdom, or one for every
twenty,of the population.
There are three Jewish peers in England and eleven baronets, while sixteen Jews hare seats In tbe bouse of
The sale of patent medicines for a
year iu Great Britain averages more
than one package for eacb Inhabitant
of the country, with n f;ice value of
over ��2,750,000.
The London Christian World, the
most widely circulated religious paper
In England, reports the consecration
0.' a chapel by the itrehbisbop of Canterbury und gives token of Its ecclesiastical and geographical knowledge by
tdcUng. "The sermon was preached by
')'. bishop of Rhode Is,and. N. V."
Camplrte I>-*pnivl(. .
"We're often heard about tLo mean
est man, but I happen to know tb*
meanfcst woman."
"Who's she?"
"The one who goes to weddings and
slyly removes the cards from the pre*
ents, so that tbe bride can never know
which of her friends it was who gave
her the plated hotter knife."���Cblcagt
The White Pass
and Yukon Route
FAIRBANKS.; Daily trains (except
Sunday)   carrying  passengers-  nail,
express   and   freight   connect   with
���tagei st Carcross and White Horse,
maintaining a throngh winter service
Fot information apply to
J. H. ROGERS. Traffic Manage!
Vancouver. B. C
Ju*.�� Like Ch....
Hubby���It becomes very trying, my
dear. You're always saying check,
check, check! I feel as If life were $
long game of chess. Wide���Well, Edward, If you den't give me something
I shall have to pawn, pawp. pawn,
and lt would still seem like i game el
chess, wouldn't Iti���Ally Slopet.
"That's my best work," said the poet
after reading tbe vqrses to OrlttloE
Tm thinking of having it copyrighted.'
"Oopyrlgbtedr said Crittlek.   "tt 1
wen yen I'd have It patented."
rrnneiecn Call.
���Ivy* >v. _   _
'��� V
ii *, -<��
��� :r   f ,
"*A* f*%*'
��� Mf^'-V.!'
���   '.vf*J
'������   ��� * �� i'Vv%i -1.1
' L        >
>fr r      ^'A
"AlaS*-   , P|,V~
��  \*m*m   ** i  A, ���.. w ��� ��_i * --
'   J_ ���*-ii_; *'>���'��� '   "I
- h Iff Vl-Vt-t*
rf'-a��*t ���,-_r*��K -. m
'   '.'��'V"J    Mv
r ' _������
f*MS___S?'��*V<_LU *
China and
Thi* Date in History.
; 788-
For Your Chick's
Sturtevant's Cure,
Egg Food,
Lice Paint, etc.
Drug Store
Columbia St., New Westminster
Telephone 83.
1701���EarJ of lli'lloiiionl,    oue   of the
eari\ colonial governors of
New Vork and Massachusetts,
died  in  New  York,    born in
England in 1686.
Dr. Thomas Arne, composer of
"Rule, Britannia," died.
Samuel   A,   Eliot,   mayor   of
Boston and organiser of   the
flrsl    paid    Are   department,
born,   i >ied January _9. 1862.
1817������William fi- Crawford, of Georgia
became secretary of the United States treasury.
1882���Isaac Israel Hayes, who reached the highest latitude   ever
attained by a 81111111)- vessel,
born In Pennsylvania. Died
in New Vork, Dec. 17, 1881.
: 1S11���Daniel Webster became   seer*.
tnry of state.
! 1848���Tunnel under the Thames river
at London opened.
: IS 19���Gen. Zachary Taylor Inaugurated president of tlw�� United
1862���Oen, Beauregard assumed command of the army of the
1S78���Disastrous fire in Hot Springs,
lSOi,���Japanese  captured  Neuchwang.
Large Amount of Money is
Stolen - Robbers Get Clear
Away -Suspects Arrested.
ta      ADVERTISE     "�����
��� IN ���
THE      DAILY      NEWS
Mayor Ashdown Indisposed.
Winnipeg, March I.���The board of
control has decided to appoint Controller Harvey as acting mayor during
tho absence of Major Ashdown, who
is leaving for Hot Springs for his
health. Acting Mayor Harvey and
Controller Evans will lake charge of
the city's financial department during
Hit: r'rsenee of Mayor Ashdown.
Your Choice!
$600 cash and $600 on time will buy
a dwelling and large lot next to a
corner on Sixth street.
$3000 will buy a six roomed modern
dwelling and two full tots, in fruit, on
Second street.
Kl Paso, Tex., March 4,���A special
to the Herald from Chihuahua gives
.details of the robbery of the Danco
Mlnero, reported yesterday. The robbery occurred Sunday night, and when
the thank was opened Monday morning
It was discovered that the robbers
had secuivd 295,000 pesos in bills of
the denomination of 1000, 100, 50 and
20, The building had been entered
by breaking tbe lock, and the money
vault by taking out stone masonry.
The work is supposed -o have been
clone Sunday afternoon and night. The I
bank was capitalised at 6,000,000
peSOB. It has a reserve of 1,700,087 |
pesos. The robbery caused no fear as '
to the bank's soundness,
The robber took the money from a j
vault directly under the study of Gov.
Enrique C. Creel, who has a residence
In tne upper stories of the building.
The lock to the document vault was ]
broken from the inside, and the cur-
rency taken consisted of notes already ;
issued and passing constantly over:
the counters. The numbers are unknown and identification will be prac-'
ticnlly impossible.
A statement has hern issued by the
bank officials calling In all outstanding  1000 peso notes   for  redemption, j
Most of the missing money was of this
.denomination.    A large    quantity   of
Bilver, gold and bills of small denom-
Inatlone were untouched by the rob- |
.hers, although thtry were lying In trie
same compartments  from  which the.
currency was taken.
It Is believed that the robbers had I
accomplices    among   the    bank   em- j
ployees, and that  they were conceal-
ed In the vault before dosing time
Saturday afternoon.    The lock being
broRen from the inside of the vault ���
supports this'theory.
The bank watchman, the porter and
two or three men of unknown antecedents have been arrested and are
held in jail Incommunicado.
.. PUMP..
No foot rest, clamp or other
fastening required to hold this
Pump in position. Solid Brass
suction and valves���no leather
or packing to dry up and give
Columbia   St.,     New   Westminster,   B    C.
New Dress Goods
We Announce the Arrival of Our New
Spring Dress Goods
Among the most popular lines showing are PLAIN and STRlp_n
��e to
After many  weeks of delay, the   New  Divss  lira!.Is    i.,,,. (0,
_R$fH$ft hand-Now on display, MfSW^flfl
Not a   want in NETW  TRIMMINGS    but  what  We feel we can till
18C Per lba
Central Meat Market
Corner Eighth St. and   Fifth Avenue
PHONE 370.
BOWELL 8* ODDY, Proprietors.
5-Roomed Cottage
Barn 18*24.   Lot cultivated and fenced
Near the car line.
Price, $1,200.
Half cash; balance monthly "payments.
Immediate possession.
Matins, Coulthard & Co. w-
J. H. VIDAL, Mgr. Real Estate Department
Fountain Pens
j W. C. CHAMBER LIN- _________
��� _W-.".^��..^."-',*a-.��__,V.-"-i".J'-0'..',.>".."
< f4
i ���#
< ���#
< m
< <:
Post Card Albums
A Large Range of STYLES and  PRICES
15c   to   $6.00   Each.
-,-i 1
=,.=r 1
���:,-< 1
,?. 1
���* 1.
=::-< i
=::-( t
���;:-< 1
���::-< 1
���::-< t
#< 1
w****************w******w**w***********iiiiitw     ;
idonshlp, and being able to play North
i Ward, a Victoria team, which is   the
I assured winner for the Island, for the
championship of B.  C.   Their atten-
1 tion is at present occupied with   thc
] coming (tame   with    the    Vancouver
Shamrocks, now the leaders   In   the
league, on  the llth  Inst.,  which,    If
won, will almost assure the college of
1 coming out on top.
At the las; meeting of the Colum-'    A s����d meeting of the college Y. M.
Irian College Athletic society it    was   ��' Jvla8( evening was addressed by
definitely decided to hold an intercol- ! R' ^ Thompson.
legiate track meet.   The secretary was       Tho colIef?0 paper' tne "Lux CoI,lm-
instructed to write to Victoria    high ', biana'" 'Ppearei this week.    It con-
school and Vancouver high school   to   talns fo,lr verv interesting stories, .two
ask them to parclpltate.   Seattle high ' by J' H' Qrant- onp b-v c- F' Watson-
school' is  not to he  invited  as    wee   an" ��"P by Gk>rd0n R��',SOn'   Thc re8t
originally intended, and it is doubtful | of ,h�� paper is comprised or items of
Whether McGill university, Vancouver I ��,1,re,y'local interest' such as  scho01
will accept if asked.   The two    other, ath,e,1��'s aD(1 soHet-v news-
schools,   it  is   known,  however,    will
Join,   for  Vancouver     signified    their
I readiness    before    the    matter   was
; brought up here, and Victoria informed unofficially through the rugby team
that, they would come.   The meet will
he held in the last week of April, at
Queen's park.    The prizes are to   include a cup for the team securing the
highest number of points, and separ-
! ate prizes for Individuals    for    each
270 Columbia St     NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.     Phon, 307
���������<*�� r
Good   Apples
$1_00 PER BOX
Seattle, March 4.���John F. Miller's
plurality over Moore Is about 5000.
James B, Metcalf, Democrat, was completely lost: Holllng has about 600;
the Socialists got 300.
The    Republicans    elected     fifteen
councilmen, the Democrats one, J. M.
contest. Training has been started al- j Sl>arkma���, in ward eight.   Calhoun is
ready at the college for the event. Yes-
I terday a   little  try-out   was held    in
Queen's park, and a trial meet to pick I
j out  the  collegt.  team   from   will ��� ho'
held shortly before the .big contest.
The rugby team will continue _>rac-
i tiecs anrl not give them up, as was
, Bret intended after tbe Victoria game,
because a return game is to he played
) with   Victoria   when  they  come over
for thc track meet.
corporation counsel; Carroll controller,
and Prosser city treasurer, all Republicans, and all with pluralities from
6000 to 12000. The total vote polled
was 26,Sfio. All charter amendments
were carried.
Auto Race Positions.
Chicago, March 4.���The automobiles
in the New York to Paris race were
Winning   the"   association    football   located last night as follows:    Amerl-
_ame   with    New  Westminster    two   can car at I/igan, Iowa;  French car
weeks .ago has renewed life In th*. C.
M. C. junior soccer team. They 'are
now considering seriously their prospects for gaining the mainland cham-
No. 1 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Italian
car at Ames, Iowa; French car No. 2,
at Chicago; German car at Chester,
ton, Ind.
j Electric Railway Service
lnterurban   Line.
Cars for Vancouver and way
stations will run every half-
hour from 5:50 a. m. Last
car'^eaves at 11 p. m.      !
(Last car lv, Vancouver 11.80.)
Cars leave tbe depot every
twenty mtautes for both Sapperton and city limits over the
citj line.
City Line: Cars leave tram
office on the hour, twenty minutes after and forty minutes after, commencing at 6:20 a. m-
8apperton Line: Cars leave
at ten minutes after the hour,
half past and fifty mtautes after
tne hour, commencing at 6:30
a. m. ���
Sunday Service  hair-noun,  between 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m.
British Columbia Electric Ry. Co., Ltd ;:
The New Tram Line
to Vancouver will make West End property
valuable. Finest building1 sites in the city
on Sixth, Seventh and Eighth avenues.
Some choice Tots,
$250 each.
Also, choice acreage for subdivision.
f. j. hart"-9 co.
New We��.mki��tert
Prompt Delivery
Phone 97.
New Wellington
P. O. Box  345
'Phone  105'
Before beginning to make the Misaes' and Children's Dresses.
Skirts, etc., for summer wear, come and have a look over
stock.   We are sure you will  he   convinced   that  It   IS   in
cheaper to buy them ready-made than to make them up,
We will he pleased to show you everything.
The White House
A. J. BIRTCH  - 275 Columbia Street


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