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The New Westminster News Apr 28, 1914

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Volume 9, Number 46.
Price Five Cents,
President   Wilson   Greatly
Pleased When Informed
of New Turn.
Now   Considered   Friendly
Relations Will Soon Be
Washington, April 27. -Formal acceptance by the Huerta government of
the offer of Argentina, llrazil and
chile- to use their good offices to bring
about an amicable settlement of the
difficulty between the United States
and Mexico were cabled to Spanish
Ambassador Klano here tonight by
I'ortillo y Rojas, foreign minister of
the   Huerta government.
Senor  Hojas  note  was  transmitted
at once to the three South American
diplomats who began a conference last
ing  far into the  night.    Neither am-j
baSIBdor Klano nor the peace envoys j
would   make  public   the   text  of  the j
Huerta acceptance.   It was said, however, that Senor Hojas replied briefly,
accepting the offer anil thanking the
South American plenipotentiaries and
tin- Spanish ambassador for their good
offices with a reference to the "real
spirit of solidarity between peoples of
a   same ruce."
No (Conditions are imposed In an offer Of good offices. It was suggested
tonight that they probii.bly would ask
the Washington and Mexico <"lty governments tomorrow for statements as
to what eae'/i would demand in the
(vent of formal mediation being undertake :i and that upon the nature of
the replies would depend the pro-
'posala next to be submitted.
President Wilson Pleased
Herd and Churchland of the
Burnaby School Board
John H. McLeod Shows Unusual Courage in Attempt to Save Fellow Workman.
Declaring that he had been led on
to thin Ice, that he had finished and
that the sooner the remaining members of tlie board notify the municipal authorities to call a new election the better It would bo, Chairman
.lames Herd of the Burnaby school
board, resigned Ills post last night and
precipitated for the third time In as
many months, a school board election
In   Hurnaby.
The sensation was further increased
when Trustee Churchland halted the
J chairman in his remarks and stated
that It was of no use calling two elections, that bee could not sit e,n the
board any longer and that he felt Impelled to follow the lead of Mr. Herd
und also resign.
The resignations which  were handed In at a special meeting of the board
held at West Hurnaby last night culminated a long drawn out wrangle regarding the retention of the present
I secretary    and    stenographer,  whose
j term of office would have expired on
' April   SO.
Reform Ticket.
Sirl" the sharp election contest held
iu Oei.ember anil January last the sec
I rotary, A. J. Harham, appears to have
| been  the  point of    attack  by  the  re-
It Is altogether probable that action
will be taken ln recommending to the
Carnegie hero fund commission the
name of John II. Mcl.eod, a seaman
on the iireat Northern Kerry running
between this city and Sydney, Vancouver Island.
At the Inquest held over the body
of Samuel Mercer yesterday morning
evidence was brought out that McLeod seeing the plight of 'his fellow
seaman, who fell into the Fraser on
the night of March 10, dived Into the
water wearing all his clothing and his
shoeB. The current at the Great
Northern Blip runs at a rapid pace
but this did not deter McLeod from
risking his own life to save Mercer.
Both Coroner McQuarrie and Chief
Bradshaw speak highly of the action
of Mol.eod and will support a movement to have the man rewarded for
his heroic efforts.
A verdict of accidental death by
drowning was brought in by the jury
at the Inquest.
Governor Notified that Condition Is Beyond Control
of Sheriff.
Federal   Aid   is   Urgently   Needed   to
Restore   Peace   in   the   Mining
Camps of the State.
John Sprott to Be Honored Today for
35 Years of Faithful Public
Is Reported to Have Taken
Refuge in a Foreign
rhe news was given to President form ti(.k(M  whi���n came lut0
U llson,   who   expressed     himself     as   m Jm  ,,,     N() ac���on WM a, Uiat Ume
greatly pleased, although   be   would , ,.lkP11 b   tll(, l)0a:d cni,,flv oll acr()Un,
make no further comment. (if l]l(, <;u.(.til>n betog fleciared invalid
Officiala In diplomatic drchs ex- , th(..,)r,)Vi,1(.ln) authorities owing to
pressed the belief that the success of kj lncorrect interpretation or the
tbe peacemakers so far would have aUchooui Election act, A new election
farorabla effect  upon  tha situation, WM cal|,,d tor Feb n w;i|cn resulted
"','.        ."?'",  ���".""!?',      ","i:'     ,f"fn,< i 1" another victory of the so-called  re-
ultimately label, diplomatic communi-j f tickpt    thrc,   against  two.
cation between the I'nited States and       ljaet  n[),hiH ttct|on  on  the  part of
r'"' I Trustees Herd und Churchland leaves
tbe   Huerta  government  has  been
,-mre el  te mporarlly  anil  the chance.
n t-e-tter understanding Infinitely
pi   II e (1.
Trustee   Burnei  the  only remaining
Vera Cruz, April 2".  -With all c re-
rnony, the firing of a salute and dross
parade, the American flag was raised
today over the division  headquarters
of  Rear-Admiral   Prank  T.   Kletcher.
Rebels Change Sentimto.
The more friendly attitude' displayed  iu  the  capital  towards  foreigners
In the last day or two was in a measure  explained   today     when    it   \as
learned from refugees that rebel .supporters  in   Mexico  City    had     taken
steps to change public opinion.   Plo-y
circulated hand bills calling upon th"
Denver. Colo.. April 'JT. A clash
between strikers and mine guards
late today at the Mc.N'ally mine of
the Colorado Fuel and Iron company,
one mile west of U'alzenberg in
which the camp was taken by the
strikers, one person Is known to have
been shot and several buildings burned, constituted the personal indication that Colorado's Industrial war
Is  still  on.
Sheriff J. K. Farr has notified Governor Amnion that he is powerless !
to cope with the situation and that
he feared further attacks by strikers
upon other mines and upon the town
of  U'alzenberg.
Order to Move Troops.
Ovlers to remove a detachment of
fifty state troopB to Walzenberg, ha i
been sent to Col. W. A. Davis at Ludlow, but it is said the militia will not
report there before morning. Qenei
al Chase has established a camp at
Williamsburg, in Fremont conn v,
near Florence under instructions to
take no action except in ease of attack.
Meanwhile all interests centers ,. i
the federal action, state and mini
officials. "Wrightfuly critical" wj::
the maner in which Horace H. Hawkins, chief counsel for the United
Mine Workers, summarized the situation tonight. A report that further
trouble had taken place al the Chandler mine today was not ere lett-J by
Mr. Hawkins, who said that he had
not learned the cause of ihe outbreak
at the McNally mine.
No Troops for Colorado.
Washington. April 27.- After a Urav
John Sprott. who, for :l.r> years,
made aud superintended road construction on the lower mainland of
British Columbia, will be, today, presented with the imperial service medal.
Mr. Sprott resigned last year and
was presented with an arm chair on
behalf of tbe road superintendent.-,
of the province, by Sir Richard Mc
Kride, the premier. The lieutenant-
governor will present the medal as
representing his majesty. Mr. Sproit
was referred to the king through
the colonial office by the provincial
government for this distinction with
a record of his services and the recommendation was immediately honored.
Carranza and Villa Not in
Accord Over Relations
with U. S.
Situation Acute and One Must Accept
Second  Position or Separation
Urgent  Necessity to  Have  Litigation
Heard  in Another  Part of the
Alderman Annandale. at the meeting of the city council last night,
brought to a head the crying scandal
of the situation of the present principal courts of justice, county court
and supreme court, in New Westminster. The subject had been voiced in
sarcastic  comment   by  the   presiding
HI I'aso. Tex., April 27.���Tha relations between General Carranza and
(Jeneral Villa suddenly became the
one topic of conversation here today
when dissention of information that
was brought In by refugees and tbe
sudden departure of Villa for Carranza's headquarters In Chihuahua.
The two leaders will meet tonight,
perhaps to compose their differences
! over tbe attitude which the constitu-
' tionalsits shall bold towards the United States.
Refugees brought word that affairs
between them had reached a stage
where one or the other must accept
a distinctly second position in the revolution.
Villa had contemplated a longer
stay at Juarez, but last night upon
receipt of telegrams from the south,
announced that be would leave in the
Villa Orders Special Train.
"Have a train ready for me in the
morning," he snapped, and the necessary orders were given. Villa Invited Roberto V. Pesqueira., Carranza's
confidential agent, to go with him,
but Pesqueira, who is the real foreign
minister of the constitutionalists, although he holds no portfolio, pleaded
pressure of business here, and the
train, after waiting five hours, departed without him.
Significance  vvaB   also  attached   to
the departure of Rafael Zubarau, Carranza's   minister of  the  Interior,  for
livery effort was made
judges. The noises of the passing
cars on Carnarvon street, and less bo,
but not  less  irritating, the rumbling I Washington
of dump wagons. These annoyances to conceal fact. With Pesqueria aere
had often rendered the evidence of and Zubarau in Washington then-
witnesses inaudible to the disgust of will be a complete chain for com-
j litigants, lawyers, judge, jurymen and j munlcation with the latter city by
conference tonight at the white home reporters and the audience at large. | agents thoroughly familiar with sen-
between the president, secretary Oar-I Alderman Annandale said that the timent in northern Mexico, with mili-
rlson and Senator Thomas. Secretary I matter had reached the point that j tary politics and the exchanges over
Garrison   announced   that   no   orders I the. Conservative association  had  re-1 the  occupation  ot   Vera  Cruz     "'"
sending  federal  troops  into Colorado I solved   to   urge   the   government """  '    " "'���- -   �����
would be issued tonight,    He said    'I (provide  a  remedy  by  removing
| would be taken up apain  toraorr i     ' ...
member  of  the   reform  element,  the I people to protect   Americans and
latter showing a desire to accept True-1 nounclng  Huerta as the cause or the
tee Coulter's offer to bury the hatchet i landing of the American naval foices
and  let  bygones be bygones at Vera Cruz, and also as the au-ho.
Truste...  Barnes  supported  Trustee of false and   inflamatory  statements
Coulter's motion to retain the services I published  In Mexico City,
of Secretary llai ham, declaring at the |     [n  the   hand   bills  the'people  were:
time  caat  municipal  business was at   called   upon  to join  a  big  parade  to I
���take and that he did not feel like try-1 show disapproval ot lluerta's attitude 1
Ing out a now staff which might make ^^^^^ ._.-_.������. 1
Taxp.-./crs   Saved   Several     Tbous.ind
Cellars of  Registration  Fees on
Water   Front  Titles.
'lie   meeting   Of   the
i venlng  tbe   repori
city council
of the fire
committee that Beagroves ^ Co'a.tender for two Bets of combination hose
.and chemical trucks with ila foot ex-
tension ladder at $16,300, for use al
Nn. 2 and 3 fireballs was considered
Tbe offer was specifically made that
II the bylaw money was not avail
able on July I. the time of
payment would Im extended at ti pel
ot n!
Aldermen Ooulet and Brysou were
opposed to the adoption of the recoth-
_       mendation.    It  would  not Imp���"  "-'
situation of the city to wait for two
months   until   they   knew   definitely
months   un -��
that the bonds were sold and the by
law money was available.
Alderman Dodd pointed out strenuously that Queensbofougb and Sup
perton wanted fire protection, and it
would not effect any economy In the
situation us they  would have to pay
matters worse.
In speaking from the chair Cha.r
man Herd did not mince matters in
stating he was surprised al the action
of Trustee' Burnes whom he bad sup
ported through thick and thin.
Trustee. Coulter in moving Ciat See-
retary Harham be retained pleaded
for harmony in the school board, declaring that whatever harm be had
done in recent events be would take
back so long as the other members
woulei bury the hatchet. This ltd to a
retort from .Mr. Churchland that Mr.
Coulter came at a late hour With his
pleo. He was thoroughly sick of tbe
whole affair and in face of recent
events he thought it queer the "flopping'' of the West Hurnaby representative.
Wight  Be  Another.
It is possible that still another trus-
rll  the'|t,>p will resign before fie special elec
tion Is called, Trustee Burnes reraark-
i ing just bl fore the meeting adjourned
' that there might he another, although
leaving all in the curk a�� to who It
might be.
An Adjournment was then taken until Monday next when the board will
discuss plans of new buildings with
the Vancouver school board architect.
and   to   Indicate   their   own   frlendll-1 ,,, .      ���,.     :,      _..., _  .. . _    .
ness toward  Americans.    The parade ' U,,ler Sltu��tlon sti�� Subiect of Serl-
t> per cent. In any case.
Aldermen   Jardine   and
the recommendation und it
Mi port I'd t
carried. ^^^^^^^_^__
Will Represent the City.
Colonel Taylor. M. P.. will bi
i d to represent the city at the
vention of the I'nited Municipalities
nf Canada at Sherbrooke, Quebec, sinel
alro look after the city's Interests
in the deliberations on l'ie railway
net  now   before   the   bouse  of  com-
took place Saturday and the fact that
it was permitted by Qeneral Huerta
was construed as an indication of the
weakness of his power.
The rebels are said to have been
gaining ground in the territory close
to Mexico City. Pour hundred federal wounded were brought into the
capital  Friday  from   nearby  points.
A train which reached here riis
morning brought many British, German antl French residents, but only
flvo Americans.
Huerta Fears Assassination.
The refugees are responsible for a
report that after a demonstration
Huerta became so frightened that he
bid himself In a foreign legation, fearing assassination.
Refugees say that prior to the
change in sentiment at the capital
lour Americans were seized by one of
the mobs, which insisted on lynching
them. Their lives wore saved by the
intervention of the police, whose commander promised the rioters he would
shoot the prisoners, but promptly released  them.
1.0.0. f. SERMON
ous ConsiLeration by the
Duke  ond   Duchess  Will   Be   in  This
City During the Coming
Inspiring  Address  Delivered  to  Members of Fraternal Order Sunday Evening.
'"���"he communication from the Inspector of legal offices, Vcitorla re
,L registration ol the city B titles
on the water front, free of expense.
^.nKlmntrtorf remarking it' sav-1 ^prairie provinces this summer an
''';���1 rltv sever 1 thousand dollars, i ^cement to this effect having been
"' th<! * of Queens park and the made here on Sunday prior to the
oi   W�� .*  ,,������,,. |   , ,,.��� Governor general to Ot-
Montreal,   April   27. -The   Duke  cf
Connaught will spend Beveral weeks in
Tho  use
.JXiUuTafand Manufacturers duiiq-
fnes tor the May Day celebration was
ings for
The council was unanimously
solved to nccept the Rev. Mr. Kerr's
invitation to attend a patriotic service in St. Andrew's church on May
'   "  works repor'eel  that
ho graded from Brunt an es
granted without comment.
���n   wan
Rev. K. W. Kerr, pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, on Sunday evening preached the annual sermon to the members of the Oddfellows order and their families. The
occasion was both the anniversary of
the founding of the order 95 years
ago, and the anniversary of the establishment of Amity lodge in this city.
The services were attended by practically every member of the order In
London, April 28.���The second cabinet meeting within 24 hours will take
place this morning, although the government has already begun to set additional  forces of the law  to work.
The police in the outlying districts
of I'lster have already been reinforced
and instructed to search all automobiles and arrest the occupants of any
carrying arms. A budget statement
has been postponed until the Monday
following. An amendment to today's
vote of censure on the government has
been tabled by several Liberal members reading as follows:
Vote of Censure.
"In view of the serious nature of
preparations made by privy councillors, members of parliament and
others in I'lster, supported by leaders
of the Unionist party to resist the ad--^
ministration of law. resulting in unprovoked outrages on persons and property, Including obstructions to high
ways, interruption of telegraph service, holding ,up police, customs officials and coast guardsmen in the execution of their duty, this house undertakes to support the government in
whatever measures may be necessary
to vindicate the authority of the law
to protect the officers and servants
of the king In the execution of their
duties and to secure to his majesty's
subjects the enjoyment of their legal
Enforce Crimes Act.
There is still no authoritative news
that the troops have yet been moved
into Ulster. The government is said
to contemplate enforcing the Crimes
act, passed originally dining Mr. Bal
to I rauza still is awaiting a  reply  from
 ^^^^ithe I President Wilson or Secretary Bryan
court room from facing Carnarvon I to his disturbing note of last WeoV
street to Clarkson street. The Bar nesday.
association and the board of trade This note. Carranza's aides have
were also taking action. It was a 1 repeatedly explained, was intended
matter for the whole Kraser valley j as the basis for further diplomatic
and it had been resolved to get up a negotiations. Hut among them an Ini-
delegation to wait upon the pression is growiug that there will
Victoria and press | be no reply. Carranza has asked
shifting i that   American   forces  be  withdrawn
         room,    enlarging i from   Vera   Cm*   and   lUa .president.
and adding accommodation. Tbe pr��e-\ta���� since ����**e H clear that *�� tan
ent court house was not only too \ no such Intentions
small for the legal requirements, but
the city was justified in asking that
a BUrpreme court judge should be in
permanent residence In New Westminster. There was a necessity for
three provincial court rooms In the
present building.
Mr. Oifford, the city's representative in the provincial parliament, had
done  all  be  possibly  could,  but  they
government   in  	
upon theni the importance of
the  present  court
More   Troops   Arrive.
Three  special  trains  carrying   soldiers  and  officers of  the   Sixth  and
Sixteenth  infantry  regiments arrived
here today aud other trains with the
remainder are expected 111 the course
of the uight.    Th situation along the
I Texas. Arizona and northern Mexican
border  was   regarded  as   more   re-assuring.     Refugees generally   reported
that   they   were   not   ill-treated,     although   some  of  them   reported   that
bandit   bands  were  taking  advantage
of the orders to loot property left un-
Uebel  commanders every-
had also requested the support of the
members   for    Chilliwack,     Dewdney
and   Delta  to    aid    him.    There  had
been an  appropriation  made  by    the
government for the enlarging of the I protected
land registry office, but this improve-I where received warnings to treut for
ment was much more imperative. (eigners nnd their property with every
The    mayor    and    aldermen    were   respect  and  not  to  pay  heed   to ex-
unanimous in supporting tho appoint-   aggerated   reports   of   strained   retain, nt   of  a  delegate,  and     Alderman ; tions with the United States.
Annandale   was   appointed   the   city's J     Fighting at  Tampico  continued  as
representative  on   the  delegation.
it has for a week and the advantage
thus far seems to have been with
the federal garrison. The rebel Junta at Nogales, Arizona, reported
that the federal commander
at Cuayamas, General Joaquin Teller.,
had asked for terms of surrender to
the rebels, fearing the approach of
the American sea forces.
Umcn   Depot  Would  Meet  All   Requirements and Give the  Best
The following is the condensed re-1
port of M. J. McCaul, inspector, board I
of railway commissioners, In regard j
to the appl.cation of the V��� V. and E. |
railroad company for the erection of
a new station at the Westminster end
of the Kraser river bridge. After relating consultations that had been
held with various officials, stress was
fact that the proposed
���j-hc board  of
Rousseau street
Rousseau ""���".,��� atreet, at an e��-       just wnai oiuoo ��... u.   ���.��	
nette street to brain        ohargcd ,i,0   not been definitely arranged but W
maied cost  01   ��o>�� H0S   sll0W.   nj eg    ra|gary,   Edmonton   and   V
1913 by-law. and    "'    '       , grades of  00uver have already been decided
in��'Vr��r'b. : en Columbia and1  ^   ���   �����-
^:l!l Precis, be approved,    was
Carnarvon stre	
"?rP(>'1 U\is��� ajtreed thai the city
It was also agree permission
r<irt ,,,,,,1a '"To the Municipality   of
to sell water to work9
coanitlam, pn   "���"*  ,   *ltn the ap
i,, ii,!,,, connection tn��
proval of the
return of the   ^���^^������.i���^
tawa.   The Duchess and Princess Patricia  will   accompany   him.
The  trin  according to the  present, ���   _.-..
plans, wil begin about the middle of ; the city and the edifice was taxedI to
June and end in September. Begin- Its Utmost seating capacity. The seining lime 4 the royal partv will spend mon was particularly adapted to the
a month iii Quebec and then ten days I occasion and made a deep and lasting
in Halifax Prom the latter place they impression upon those attending-
will leave on the western trip. |     Rev. Mr. Kerr took for the subject
itles will be visited has | of  his   text   Matthew   22:   37-39.     He
in-'spoke In part as follows:
an-:     Ninety-five  years   aj-'o  today.   April
 on 12ti. there    was    organized    the    first
and   it   was   Intimated   that   Reglna, i lodge or the    Independent    Order   of
Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, New Westmln- Oddfellows.    Today  there are
Victoria and other cities  would ! 18,000  lodges and almost  10,000
visit. bekah   lodges   with   a  total   mcinber-
       And on  this.
tailOfl    waa   A   kc...Ku.K...    	
On the proposal that the station be
aci, passeu ous.w.w.j   ,,    - .laid  upon the
four's Irish secretaryship, under which   station was a temporary one
any district may be proclaimed.   The I      �����" that the si
government Is certainly receiving encouragement from Its own newspapers
to take drastic measures.
Worships were playing searchlights
during the night on Lame and the adjacent coast. A small steamer Is detained at Ayr harbor on suspicion of
participatiug In the gun-running. The
Ulster volunteers have started a fund
for the widows of the coast guardsman
who dropped dead from heart disease
during   Saturday   night's   excitement.
Writers   of   ���'Pulling"   Ads.   Will   Be
Royally Entertained in the Royal
Yesterday morning a joint confer
euce of representatives of the city-
council and board of trade met in the
L,.. M.w v.~r  office of Mayor Gray for the purpose
20.6x19 feet, the Inspector thought it ot arranging for the entertainment of
should be somewhat larger and that tne Pacific Coast Ad men one day dur-
it would be unreasonable to ask th.   lng their convention in Vancouver nftt
railway company to build a stono jr   - --...- .,__ v^ir,��� m.im
brick strucsture
Just what ci'
As to landing passengers on the Columbia street level. Mr. McCaul stated:
"While I was of the opinion that
the request was reasonable after looking over the ground and taking Into
'"p ���������	
June. Upon the meeting being ca^M
to order Robb Sutherland was etv��t-
ed chairman of the general cotnmit-
I tee and W. L, Darling secretary. The
oemmittee of which these gentlemen
are the head will have entire charge
of arranging for the entertainment of
that  all   wc
ct with the
cltya water superlnten-
ster,  vi
be honored with a
The trip was decided upon, il is sa'd, ! ship of over 2,000.000. And on mis.
following an invitation extended to | your anniversary, throughput Cliris-
his royal highness by Sir Richard Mc-' tendom. a mighty army is matching
Bride, premier of British Columbia, re-1 to tlie hilltop of Zion to bow in gi'atl-
Bride, p ^^^^^^^^^^^
cently.    A similar visit to Che western
cities was made two years ago.
(Continued on Page Four.)
Pushing Bridge Woi*k.
Armstrong, Morrison & Co., are
busy removing the s'eel spans from
the old C. P. It bridge lo the prepared piling on the banks of the Pitt
river ready to be shipped to the new
Pitt river bridge. Tenders for the
foundations of the new bridge will
be called for shortly, Tb'oo spans
have been removed Up to the present
and the two remaining are expeeted
to be lifted to their temporary rest-
ins place by Thursday,
consideration the probable business, 1: the city's guests.
find that the passengers could only j The ad. men, their wives and their
be landed on the Columbia street level 1 families, will have full possession of
by the use of one or more elevators.; New Westminster on tlie afternoon of
The height to he overcome is some-1 Saturday, June 13. It is the intention
thing like io feet; the cost of con- 0f the citizens to give their guests
structlng the elevators would be very   the very best possible time    " * ��� *-
large and  the business did  not  warrant this expenditure'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Not only
will there be an opportunity for them
to see the business and residence part
ln handling a crowd of passengers j of the city, but a trip will also be
it is maintained that elevators are un- taken to the immense Fraser lumber
satisfactory. I mills where they Will have an oppor-
The sanitary arrangements In some tunity to see just how lumber is manu-
respects   proposed   were   contrary   to i factured on a tremendous scale. They
(Continued oa Page Four.)
(Continued on Page Four.) PAGE TWO
TUESDAY, APRIL 28,   1914.
A  $20,000 theatre is to be  built
An Independent morning paper devoted to the Interests of New Westminster and
the Fraser Valley.    Published every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
and Publishing Company. Limited, at 63 McKenzle .��,r��-et. New Westminster, British I
Columbia. ROBB SCTHEKLAXD. Managing Director.
All communications should be addressed to The New Westminster News, and not
to Individual members of the staff.   Cheques, drafts, and money orders should be made j *    *    ���
payable lo The National Printing and Publishing Company, Limited. The city clerk of Kemie  receives a
TELEPHONES���Business Office and Manager, SS9 | Editorial Rooms (all depart- i 8alary of $125 a month.
���enls). Ml. ��_���������*
SUBSCRIPTION RATES���By carrier, It per y.ar, tl for thm* months. 40c per!      _     eiirollmwU in tne puBHc schoolB
month. By mail. $3 per year. 2Sc per lnentn.
ADVERTISING   RATES  on  application.
Careers of Men At
Head of British Army
j as to whom the chief merit of Cnunje'a
! defeat belonged, and the Ill-feeling;
1 that has notoriously existed on the
I part of French towaids Kltch-uier
dates from that time.
Tbe C. P. R. wharf at New Denver
is iu danger of sliding into the lake.
at Notch Hill now numbers 57
Prince Rupert now has a population
of 6.0t)0.    That's going some.
At the) last pay   day
smelter over  $65,000  w
of the    Trail
s    paid    for
government buildings
ueen   Vic-
front of the
at  Victoria.
Victoria  lacrosse  players are  hard
at   work   practicing   to?   the  openin;;
series of games.
��    ��    ��
The residence of  II. Kenworthy a:
Hatzic Prairies burned last week. Los-;
The  V.  M. C. A. at
a campaign the first I
new members.
Nelson  staerteel
if this week fo:
Coquitlam has decided to build a
four-room schco. building with accom
modations for the school olficers.
Dickey o:
have left
The time has pretty nearly come when the Dominion
government will have to take hold of the immigration I   The statue of the late q
question and lay down a method of procedure, not to sat- tor,�� wi" ����� &** ���� ��5?
isfy present needs alone, but to work out through the years
to come the best policy for the country as a whole.  Recent
advices from Ottawa state that this question already is
the subject of serious consideration there but it is doubtful if the federal authorities will take the drastic action
which is necessary to put the entire matter of immigration I $10,000. partly inwi
on a sound basis.   The oriental menace is prominent at I   Thore ig son'(/laik of havmg, a
present and it is said to be occupying quite a bit of the,24th of May celebration at .Mission
thinking time of our legislators, so why not settle the ]rity thls year , , ,
whole affair at once?
Unrestricted immigration is bad; partially restricted immigration is worse, since it leads the people to believe
they are getting a protection which really is not there.
In sizing up the immigration problem there are several self-evident f.&cts available with which to start. First, * * ��� _
, 1,1    ,/�� , �����  u    c i. .���'i. I ue members ol the I base fire de
it may be assumed that Canada, as a field of opportunity, partment are making strenuous efforts
has a'"pull" with prospective emigrants possessed by no [ for the oe-iebration to be held there,
other country; in other words, it has the goods the emi-1   The re,lRnat,on of Reeye
grants are after.   Secondly, it is apparent from past ex-; south Vancouver appears to
perience that, from every standpoint, one good settler or a ��umber <;f "^orij" &��t*
resident is worth half a dozen   poor ones.   Thirdly, if j
Canada is to build on the foundation of her opportunities
a future structure worthy of her name, she must have the
right kind of citizens and to get the right kind she must
sift them as they enter her ports.
If Canada had not the opportunities to offer newcomers she might be in a different position, one which would
force her into the emigration markets to bid for any and
every class of settler, but such is not the case. Therefore,
strict immigration regulations would not operate to he'*
tletriment. It is characteristic of man that what is hardest to get he most desires and a careful combing of the
incoming tide of newcomers to the Dominion would result in the best classes from the old lands heading for this
No set of immigration regulations would be complete
or effective which did not make its first aim the peoplingI !58pe51tlns public works undor
of the agricultural districts and include at the same time s ruc lon        ��  ���  ���
restrictions on unskilled labor and total exclusion of ori-     Miss Jes"ie p- McKenzie of san j
,   , Francisco   has   accepted   the   posi-;
entalS. tion   of  superintendent  at  the  Royal
On all these grounds, the following might serve as an | Jubilee bospitanu victoria. j
outline for a satisfactory and workable set of immigration rules:
Total exclusion of orientals.
Restrictions on unskilled labor, making it compulsory
for every immigrant of this class to have sufficient ready
cash to support himself and his family, if he had one, for I '*r��e ra���8 at~ Aibernia and vicinity
six months after landing. ��  *  ���
Government aid to bona fide agricultural settlers in    The "Cheerful Knave" was present
,, , �� . 1 ,.   ,, 1  j. ,    ed bv local talent to a crowded house
the shape of improved or partially improved farms���not at Duncan.   The proceeds were de
too large i voted to charitable purposes.
A provision that a large percentage, the exact figure,:   An interesting meeting of the Farm-
to be decided on, of the total number of immigrants everv ers' institute was held last week at
_       _ . -,   - ���il l n ��� Hfllmilw     Arm        Tno'o   won    -i    I -i r-,m    at.
month be bona fide agricultural settlers, actually going
on the land.
The strictest possible medical examination and a fair
literacy test.
Two men escaped from the Che
! main US   police,   but  one   was    recap
ture if.
* +    +
Property owners in Victoria are living in hopes of a reduction in (ire
Insurance rates.
* ���   *
H. R. II., the governor-general is ex
; pected to visit British Columbia next
( September.
* *    *
Ills royal highness, the governor
general of Canada is very desirous of
raising a fund for Boy Scout work.
* ��    *
Mrs. Catherine Balfcur MaeDonald
wife  of  Senator   Macdonald,  died   at
Victoria last week.    She had  been a
resident of the city for 62 years.
��    *    *
Minister of Public Works Taylor is
on an extended tour of the Kootenays
l.ondon. April 27. John Edward
Ste-ley. who as secretary ef state for
war has been saddled with the hlame
for the military crisis iu England, and
who has been compelled to acknowledge in the house of Commons at
Westminster that in giving certain
instructions to the commanding officers of the troops in Ireland he had
acted on his own authority, without
the knowledge of the premier, nor yet
of the king, who is the constitutional
he^ad of the army, who appointed to
the head of the war department about
eighteen mont'.is ago on the elevation of Lord Holdane to the woolsack.
Lord llaldane, by reason of his profound knowledge of chemistry, was
an expert in everything concerning
explosives, yet he, realized Irs limitations In milita-y matters, and as a civilian pure and simple was willing to
eeek and follow the advice of professional soldiers. His counsellors, unfortunately, were selected from among
the most wrong-headed opponents of
such of England's foremost generals,
as Field .Marshals Ixird Roberts, Lord
Kitchener, Lord Orenfell and Sir Evelyn Wood, all of whom had commanded victorious armies in the field und
whose ability and experience entitled
them to consideration, it canont be
denied that his administration of the
war department was unfortunate in
the extreme, and that when removtd
to the lord chancellorship he was regarded both in England and by army
experts on the continent as having
gravely impaired the military efficiency of Great Britain.
His successor, .lohn Seely, has not
Improved matters. He has had the
misfortune to have been an amateur
soldier, having served as a subaltern
ot yeomanry in the South African war
with such gallantry. It is true, that he
won the distinguished service order.
His brief campaigning experience in
the conflict With the Boers has, however, had the result of rendering him
i-xtermely opinionated where army
matters are concerned. He has all
the eocksurr-ness cf his friend and
crony Winston Churchill, and is so
convinced of the superiority of his
military knowledge that, unlike Lord
llaldane, he lias been quite above
Beeking or accepting professional
Apart from that he is a very fine
fellow and as admirable in private life
as he is objectionable' as secretary of
state for war. He has plenty of
pluck, and as a member of the life.boat
crew cf Newport, on the Isle of Wight.
has done splendid service, taking part
In many rescues. The French government, indeed, bestowed upon him
some yearn ago the Cross of the l.e-
irion of Honor and the gold life-saving
modal for swimming out with a lifeline through the surf. In a terrible
storm, to a French ship that had
struck on the rocks, just beyond the
reach   of   the   rocket   apparatus.   By
this  means he  was Instrumental  In
saving a dozen lives.
He is a younger son of Sir Charles
Seely. first baronet of his line, and
was married to the late Emily ('rich-
ton, of Netley Castle, Southampton, a
granddaughter of the Earl of Erne.
The other scapegoat of the admin
Istratlon, Field Marshal Sir John
French, spent some weeks in Canada
in the fall of 1912, and has been for
the last ��� three years first military
member cf the army council and chief
of the general staff of the military
forces of the empire, with a salary
of $15,000 a year, iu addition to all
sorts of allowances.
Repression of Kitchener.
Tho position is one which, according to the statements of the Liberal
government in parliament, carries
with it the supreme command of the
army in the event of war. Yet popular sentiment in the United Kingdom
has always been iu favor of entrusting this chief command in the event
of war to Lord Kitchener, and it is
no secret that French's appointment,
and, Indeed, his presence, at the war
department in London contributed
more than anything else to the relegation of Lord Kitchener to diplomatic ami administrative employment
In Egypt.
Sir John, tho son and grandson of
naval officers, was originally intended for the church, was sent against
his will Into the navy, and after attaining the- rank of sub-lieutenant <iult
the Htia ln order to Join tho army as
a hussar officer. He enjoys Fie well-
merited reputation of being the most
capable cavalry 1, ader of the British
army, and won fame ns such during
the Boer war. But with all that he
still rides like a Bailor that is to say.
very ungracefully. Indeed, he is not
a good rider, which Is all the more
astonishing In view of his prowess
while a young subaltern In regimental steeplechases.
Not Wedded to Old  Iceas.
French first saw active service in
Egypt, and took part in the Nile expedition under Lord Wolseley for tlie
relief of General Gordon at Khartoum. Later on, while stationed at
Aldershot, he Incurred a good deal
of criticism, and even censure, on the
part of his military superiors for embarking in cavalry tactics that did not
commend themselves to generals of
the old school, and his career was regarded by many In consequence thereof as ended. But the late General
Sir Redvers Buller gave him his
chance when the Boer war broke out.
selected him as member of his staff,
and ended by placing him In command
of his cavalry.
It was at the head of tbe latter, by
means of a forced march, that French
relieved the siege of Klmberley.' and
further assist';,! Lord Kitchener in the
crushing of Cronje and in the capture of his entire fore,'. There has
always been a good deal of discussion
From the captain of industry to the
bod carrier���from milady in tbe auto to
the woman with the scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of ue
depend absolutely on the accomplishments of our stomachs. Backed by a
good digestion, a man can give the best
that is in him. When his stomach fails,
he becomes a weakling.
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submit. Right habits of eating,
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restore and maintain the full efficiency
of the human mind and body.
N'a-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for the
digest-ion of every kind of food. They
go to the assistance of tbe weakened
stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate aud get the
benefit of tbe food eaten. With this
assistance, the digestive organs regain
tlieir tone, and soon the use of the tablet*
is no longer necessary.
If your stomach is not working properly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
50c. at your druggist's. National Drug
ami Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. 14a
Iowa Lumber &
Timber Co., Ltd.|
We have everything you
need in Lumber. Prices and
service right.
Does your garden need
fencing? Does your sidewalk need repairing? How
about that chicken house?
The provincial government proposes
to find out all possible about salmon
so as to increase the supply In future years.
*    *    *
Dairy Inspector Reeve of Victoria,
made a thorough Inspection of several
Salmon Arm.
The.e was a large at-
The total assessment of the city of
Victoria, as shown by the revision,
will be $X!),131.9S0 on land values,
which  alone are  subject  to taxation.
Sneaking of war. has anybody heard anything lately
about that German menace?
How long would the Japanese stand for a white monopoly of the fishing industry in that country?
New York housewives are out to knock cold storage
food. There are some housewives elsewhere who would
welcome even cold storage food at the family dinner table.
The best kind of watchful waiting policy to follow now
fti Mexico would be to watch for the enemy to reveal himself and then wait just long enough to take aim.
At a school teachers' convention in Ontario one neda-
gogue moved to abolish the twenty-fourth of May holiday.
There's one man with a real mean disposition.
The trial of a thief in Toronto took exactly sixty seconds. It will take the thief three years to get over the
Lightless lighthouses are the latest in Europe. If they
could only fix up some kind of a wreckless ship it would
Boston has turned down a eugenics bill. Probably the
intellectual burg took that stand to protect the bean interests.
Robert   Hunt   was   recently   killed
at North Ilend, being run over by a
I train.    He was an engineer, and had
worked 28 years for the C. P. It.
* *    *
William Walker died suddenly in
the j.'iil in Nanaimo. Heart disease
was the cause, lie was serving a sentence of three months for selling liquor to Indians.
��    t    ��
A monster parade of many divisions
and representing progress and industry, will be Riven at the provincial
capital on Victoria Day celebration,
May 25 and 27.
* *    *
The   Summerland    Review reports
hat  there is no  doubt  that  the  H'>-
ulnion    canners    propose   operating
l.e-ir   Summerland   plant   during   the
coming season.
* *    *
The Nanaimo Free Tress Ib author
Ity for the statement that the. r.,n.
cert recently given in that place- by
the Nanaimo Music club was one ol
the best ever heard there.
.    ���    ���
U is announced that tenders are
being invited for a drill hall for Kara-
oops. They will be receive-d up to
Thursday, May 7. The structure- [a
i expected to be one of the finest of Its
kind in the interior.
* ���    *
Seven Hindus who arrived from the
Orient on the steamer Maru claimed
that they were return men ami entitled to land. Their papers failed to
satisfy the immigration officers and
they were detained for a closer examination,
��    ���    ��
Constable Splller who has been
Stationed at the 150 Mile House for
two and a half years has been move 1
'o l.illooet. Mr. Splller received .11
elegant suit case from the people at
���he 150 Mile House upon his leai Ing
A Captain Gaunt has been named naval attache at the
British embassy in Washington. For the reputation of the
well-set-up Britisher, it is to be hoped he doesn't look like
his name.
Government reports from Jamaica emphasize the fact
that that island produces a lot of hard woods. Most of us
were of the opinion that the hardest thing that came out of
Jamaica was its "licker."
With nn eye to    the    shipping    <
gruin by   '.he  Pacific ocean from
berta, a trade which    is expected
reach   large   proportions   when
Manama  .anal  Is opened, the Domh
ion   government    is  calling   for  :���
dors for a government-owned inter.
storage elevator at Calgary.
���    ���    ���
Three passenger trains    per    wi
now are beins operated by the Gran
Trunk  Pacific  Railway company    b
tween Prince Rupert find Smithers
r i
Jogging Laziness
into Activity
The merchant whose business lags in tlie summer/
has himself to thank.
To slacken the selling pace in the hot season���to j
lessen Advertising activity���indicates a resignation ,
which has no place in modern business.
If we think we cannot keep our business booming in
summer time, we surely will not.
What a jolt it must have been to the fur trade, when
the first mid-summer fur advertisement was run in
a daily paper! Now many fur stores are following
the example of that progressive fur man who dared
to believe that fur sales need not go down as the
mercury goes up.
Energy, linked with Advertising, has turned the
month of January int�� the biggest selling season
for white goods. Advertisements of a high stimulative power, combined with a disregard of "seasons,"
have opened up automobile selling two months
earlier than was once thought possible. Advertising
has started Christmas shopping early in October
instead of the middle of December.
Advertising rises superior to seasons and thermom- *
eters.    The right kind of Advertising strikes a
responsive cord in human nature���and human
nature is the same in August as in December.
Advice regarding your advertising problems i.i available through any
recognised Canadian advertising agency, or the Secretary of tbe Canadian Press Association, Itoom SOS Lumnden Building. Toronto. Enquiry
involves no obligation on your part���no write, i f interested. ., ...       .
TUESDAY,  APRIL  28.   1914.
Let Us Figure Your Lumber Bills
Promptd^ry00 M^LS^aS SS
*'*    S til ui 1.
Telephone or call our Uetall Department and get our prices.
Local Sales Department, Phone 890.
Yuan Shih-Kai and
His Chinese Republic
English    Writer    Gives     Interesting
Views on Situation as it Exists
in Young-Old Republic.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  ths  Province  e?  arltlsh  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dolla: and
upwards received and Interest at the highest current rate paid oi
credited half yearly.
Drafts and  Travellers' Cheques sold,  payable tn  all  parts of tbe
CHAS. G   PENNOCK. General  Manager.
New   Westrrlneter   Branch- a.  W.  BLACK,  Manager
Writing in the Westminster Cazette
(London) Violet .Markliam throws the
following interesting sidelights on the
Chinese situation:
It was an astonishing performance,
indulging in such handy arguments
as were supplied by their inkpots. Unfortunately for me, a more sober spirit obtained while I was in Pekin. At
that particluar moment the various
parliamentary parties who rejoice in
the names of the Kuomintang,
Chinputang, the Kunghotang, an 1 the
Minchuiang had reached a point in
their respective Intrigues when each
I section could only outwit the other
by  playing  the  game of no quo. u,n.
this game of constitution drafting and ! So legislators    stayed  at    home till,
You Can Say
One Hundred and
Eighty Words in
One Minute
540 Words in Three
parliamentary life at which the Chinese intellectuals were amusing
themselves when I reached I'ekin in
.September. The Temple cf Heaven,
unique and marvellous monument, despite the dirt and dilapidation into
which, like all Chinese buildings, it
ha-s been allowed to fall, was the
scene of the constitution making activities of the Chinese republic. Under the wondrous blue-tiled dome
where the son of heaven in former
years offered sacrifices annually to
the gods, the wiseacres assembled
daily who were elaborating the most
ulta-democratio constitution of which
iiny republic is as yet the proud possessor. The precedents and practices
of all nations have been ransacked to
that end. The ve ry pens and Inkpots
Concerned in BO mighty a work were
to be considered sacred henceforth--
so ran Uie edict. And on paper the
results cf these labors are marked by
the fluency and unreality which characterize Oriental ventures of this type
like Pooh Bah. their bribes had reach
ed a point at which family pride was
sufficiently insulted. Several times
1 made ineffectual and dusty pilgrim-
mages through a peculiarly dirty part
of Pekin, only to find the houses in
I a state of solution. "We are making
great efforts to copy your Knglish
oractlce," said a distinguished Chinese
i legislator to me apologetically, by way
| of consolation, when, for tlie second
time, I was turned away frustrated.
"It's a pity you have forgotten the
whips.'' was my tart reply as I mounted my rickshaw to brave the dirt and
smells anew.
Tim glaring^ incongruities of thp
present situation in China cannot fail
to strike the most casual travelers.
When the newest wine of constitutional theory Is poured into bottles of
such shape and antieiuity as thut of
Chinese practice In government,
strange results are bound to follow.
It was a little difficult day by day
In  Pekin to realize if one had stray-
Wen any figures forthcoming it would i ed forward into the twenty-first cen-
bc interesting to know what propor-1 tury and a complete Age of Reason,
tion of the 860 odd millions of China I or if one had wandered backwards in-
are even aware of the passing of the I to the shambles of the Middle Ages.
imperial government aud the estab-' For while the Chinese constitution
llshmenl of the republic. Still less I makers elaborated their theories and
probably do they realize the privileges I engaged In pleasant games of legislative hair-splitting in the Temple of
Heaven, the  strong man  who dwells
speaking slowly and distinctly.
they now possess in the way of purlia
mentary government.
Attends Session.
I made various efforts to attend a
sitting of this unique assembly,
which deliberates in a chamber across
In appearance between a concert hall
and a Nonconformist chapel. There
had been merry times before my arrival,  when  honorable members  wen-
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ti   return   your   money   should    GIN
PILLS not do all that we claim for them.
liuv GIN PILLS on this guarantee,
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bouse iii the Kriu'sb Empire.
51 'C a bec��� 6 for f 2 50���at dealers or
from us direct. Sample l��>r free 011
request. National h����� aud Chemical
Co., of Canada, Limited, Toronto.     171
I within the Forbidden city was carry-
', Ing on a government of a very differ-
! em kind. Heads flew off. parties were
suppressed. Senators and members of
; the assembly found themselves in
prison. ,
Shows  Mailed   Fist.
Finally, Yuan Shih-kai within a few \
weeks of  my departure  put an  end l
1 to the farce by the forcible  supprts-i
j .'ion  cf  the   Kuomintang.  the  largest
an 1 most Influential ��f the   political ,
groups, at the same time abruptly ad-!
journing  parliament  "sine die." Audi
Irreconcilable though such action with '
i the spirit of the paper constitution, it '
I must be admitted that as u result of
i lis strong hand ant! strong will tome- \
I thins like the re-establishment of order  seems  to be  making  its appear-
1 ance In China.
The republic cf which Yuan is pres-
! ident, cs  a  republic  is  a  pure  farce.
EBBentlally   democratic     though     the
Chines,   people arc. it is not a democracy along the lines of European practice.   But this is not to deny the superiority   of  the-  new   government  to
the old, nor that a n-al advance has
1 been made towards administration of
a mere responsible kind than anything
which   existed   In  the  Manchu    days.
The  e stablishment e f the republic his
i-.een a gain in many ways.   The president knows how to give the countrj
tlie class of rule il requires and  un
the minds ef his ministers and vice- '
roys some conception of pubiir duty
and public order, if he can deal firm- ,
ly with some of the more flagrant |
abuses which have brought China to |
the brink of ruin, his name may no I
down to history as that of a great
ruler. j
Is a Disappointment.
The   revolution  has  unquestionably 1
disappointed the many high hopes to I
which  it gave rise.    It has certainly
failed to inaugurate the millenium. It
has inflicted an enormous amount of
suffering   on   ,|uite   Innocent   people. |
.."' j Yet   withal   conditions  have  changed !
1 and   probably  have  changed   for  the
1 better.    Yuan  Safh-kai's cabinet can-.
' not   be   overlooked   in   any   estimate j
cf   the   present  situation.     His   min-j
isters are nol  figureheads, and  some !
of them are the real reforming Influ-
enee  in  the  country  today    more so j
than   the   president   himself.   Hsiung
Hsl   Lung,   the  premier  and   finance
minister, is a man  whose reputation 1
for character and intelligence stands !
high.   The same may be said for Sun j
Pao Chi, the minister for foreign af-
fain, and Chang Ohien, the minister j
of industry.   Li Yuan Hung, vice-president of the public and  general commanding the army in Central China, is |
generally   regarded   as  a   remarkable
and  patriotic man.  but since the autumn   he   has   resigned   his   position.
The future largely turns on the pow-
eir of these men to handle the present
situation   with   hone-sty   and   common
sense.    Their advent  to  posts of authority,  and   the  improved   standards
of administration with which they are
credited, are the most practical fruits
of the republic.   The educated Chinaman   Is no fool.    He  recognizes    the
desperate straits of his  country and
the  imperative  necessity  for  reform.
The president is said to be anxious
tn   improve   the   magistracy,   cne   of
the crying needs of China.    A Chinese
magistrate is the de facto petty ruler
of  a  district,  andthe  corruption  and
in efficiency cf these men. have pressed with intolerable harshness iu many
provinces on the much-enduring peasantry.   The whole question of the military government of the provinces is
involved In much difficulty.    The Tu-
tuhs,  as  they  are  called,   when  men
of charade r and backed by a considerable provincial army, may of themselves constitute local problems of a
formidable   kind.    A   provincial  deputy, with armed men at his hack, Is
in  a  position  to maintain  discussons
rf   1:r>   academic   character   with
central   government  In   Pekin.     Yuan
Shlh-kai, like all rulers in
ous   position,   is  naturally
Watch This
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of the
Western Supply
New, Spare-time Profession for   Men
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Owing to the large number of new
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women of today, a new profession,
namely, that of writing moving picture plays. Producers are paying
from $25 to $150 for each scenario accepted, upon which they can build a
photo play.
$3500 in Six Months.
As it only requires a    few    hours'
! time   to   construct   a   complete   play,
j you  can  readily   see    the    immense
' possibilities in this work.    One man,
who  gave  the idea  a  tryout,  writes
that he earned  $3600  In  six'months.
j It  Is  pcsslble for an  Intelligent per-
1 son to meet with eeiual success.
One feature of the business which
the 1 should appeal to everyone, is the the*
work may be done at home in spare
a prec-ari- j time. No literary ability Is required
depend-rnt ; and women have as great as oppor-
for the moment on the good will of j tunlty as men. Ideas for plots are
these minor autocrats, but as his own constantly turning up, and may be,
positicn becomes consolidated it is ! p���t jn BCeneario form and sold for a'
thought that the president will move in j good price.
directions which tend to restrict pro-I " Particulars Sent FREE.
vinc'al authority    generally.    Yuan is      Complete  particulars  of  this  most
credited with a desire to make a stand   Interesting and profitable    profession
against   the  all-prevailing   corruption '
and to improve the type of official. He
Is U'o shrewd not to realize that unless  China  sets  hei   bouse  ln  order
the task will be taken cut of her hands
���and performed by seme one else.   At
i the same time-, a ruler of his typ? arrives at power hy a path strewn with
byproducts  which hardly  make    for
righteousness.   He is weighted   with
the corruption of his own instruments ;
and fie necessity for placating dubious j
Interests   cr   personalities   who   con- |
t Ibute to the maintenance of a some-:
v   at  insecure position. ,
Nothing  can  be  foretold  as  to the |
near   future  beyond   the  one  obvious
mav  be had  FREE OF CHARGE by
sending a post card to
Photo-Play Association
P O   Box " Daily Newt Bldg,;
of all kinds.
���riri>�� rt��ht.    galiiifacttou ��ei��r��nfe��e*, j
nrsunds-^tronViirm"aid"personal. 1 fact  tn*1.  f;,ii;nK  Yinn Shih-kai. no 5
Btrong man hr.s yet emerged capable
apnari ntly c f dealing with the situation.
[The rebellion which flamed out fiercely In the Yangtse provinces last au-
tumn and left some quarters ol Nanking a heap of ruins has been suu
pri . c). A moment of very real per
II has been weathered successfully,
��� and In the east noihins succeeds like
i success,    if Yuan  Is able  to rouse  li
Two men  from Canada  wen   Bl ed
���"���] and costs for drinking liquor   on
beard   a   Great     Northern
SprinRtlale, Wash.
Sprinu   Suitings   just   arrived.    See)!
hem.    Perfect fit    and workmanship!
train     at 1 euaranteed.     I'rlccs     from   $18.00 upl
\ 7e>i   Front Street.
I %
1    I
1 -\
1 1
���e  -'l
. >
These Wonderful Pictures are being Shown at the Royal Theatre Today.
r  t '
TUESDAY,  APRIL  28.   1914
New laid  Eggs, dozen    30c
"I'urefood" Canned I'eas. tin 10c
"Ihirefood" canned Corn    ..10c
"I'urefood" Canned Tomatoes
2   tins    25c
"Purefood" canned goods are
of good ejuality and we do not
hesitate to recommend them.
Our price, per as.
sorted dozen tins
H. C. Milk, t ot. tins  10c
Peek Frean Shortcake, a very-
fine biscuit for the money.
2  packages    25c
Doughnuts, freth daily, doz. 15c
California   ,'aimed   Fruits   in
delicious    syrup,    peaches,
pears and  apricots,  tin...25c
Clark's Chicken Soup of pleasing,   delicate   flavor,   large
tin    15c
We have a complete assort ment
of vegetable and flower seeds
at   5c,  10c.  and  15c.
Lawn Seed in pkgs 25c. am. 45c
In hulk, per lb 30c
Model Grocery
108 Sixth St. Phone 10012.
East   Burnaby   Branch,   Second
St. and  Fifteenth Ave.
Edmonds  Branch,  Gray  Blk.
Phone 1111L.
Have You
Made Your
do you intend to leave your affairs in such a manner that
when you are gone your heirs
and representatives will divide
your estate after an expensive
Come in aud let us discuss this
matter with you and suggest a
more equitable and less costly
way of disposing of your estate.
Dominion Trust
The Perpetual Trustee.
Good Shooting.
At tlie Port Moody civilian rifle association shoot  on Saturday A. Scho-
field  secured  the  highest  score  with
!>ee.    flood   steady  shooting.
Mortgages���Alfred \V.
Tints and Camp Furniture to suit
your purse and purpose. Denny &
Ross. (3803)
Clearing a Nice Tract.
Oeorge Ferguson, South Westminster, has about half finished the clear
ing of a three acre park on the Scott
read for a gentleman" residing ln
Insure in the Koyal, the world's
largest fire company. Agent. Alfred
\Y. Mcl.eod, tbe Insurance Man.
��nrr  Slock
��hone  386.
"oiumWi   fttrnat.
& - Fhe - News
Damaged the Greens.
Police Chief Pare and hit, sleuths
have reason to believe that tbe Co-
qultlain municipal horses held high
jinks on the golf course at Burquit-
lam on Sunday night or unholy hours
on  Monday morning.
and Dolmage acted as judges, their I is now Deed for that purpose
decision iu favor of the intermediates ! want a new station. The city wants
being a popular one. The members ��� it, the travelling public wants it and I
of the affirmative side took their de I they want it now. The railway com-1
feat In a most sportsmanlike manner, pany is willing to build a new station.
The inter-class debating cup present- l am therefore of tbe opinion that tilled by 1). S. Curtis last year is still plans submitted by the V. V. and i:
retained bv representatives of tbe company���it being understood that the
intermediate class .proposed station is to be a temporary
  ion,,    should   be   approved   subject   to.
Just   arrived.     Large   shipment   ol   changes.
Axminster and   Wilton   Carpets.     We j Special  Meeting  Desired.
certainly    sell   the   rugs.   Denny a \   Alderman Goulet expressed tbe opln-l
Ross.                                                   (.'1302, I ion  that the  whole matter should   be I
                            I considered at a special meeting of the
Bat  at  the  Royal  cafe  Dominion  council as there were one or two mat-i
Trust building.    Good cooking;   Bopd Iters be  would like to go into,
service. (3189) !     Mayoi Gray emphasized the Import-1
  ance of  having  the commencement!
Business Men's Luncheon. and completion of the building sped ;
New Westminster Anti-Tuberculosis : fieallv laid  down and Alderman   Kel i
Society, branch No. ::.    will    give    a {lington was of the opinion that the re- |
business men's luncheon on  Wednes- i talning wall should be of concrete.
day, April 29, 11*14. at 12:30 o'clock, j    After considerable discussion it was:
in  the  Columbian    building,    corner , resolved thai the city solicitor be in |
Carnarvon and Sixth streets.    Dr. A.  structed   to   notify   t'he  secretary   of
J. Procter, of Vancouver, "ill address  the /illway commission  that his re-
the gathering. (3280)   commendations   were   approved   with
  I the additions suggested by the mayor j
A  Misunderstanding Corrected       'and Alderman  Koilington.
Owing to a misunderstanding,  the      it was explained   that   when    t
price   of   admission   to   the   Orchard   structure  became  Inadequate  for the
Players  during   their  engagement   in   traffic und    the    union depot scheme
this city was advertised as $1.50 for
Wood.   Wood.   Wood.
Good factory wood (dryl at Superior
Sash & Door Factory.    I'hone 608.
the best suits. This was an error,
for while this is one of the best pro
fessional companies which has visit
ed the city in many months. Ihe
charge for the lie Bl seats In the house,
are hut $1.00.
did   nol   materialize  the  city   had   always an opportunity to apply  to the
immlsison for a remedy.
:::::::::;:...v.:..v.v. $2.95
Boys'  Running Shoes,  1 to a.
Per pair 	
Cirls' Oxfords, 8, 9, 10.
Per pair	
Misses' Oxfords,  11  to 2.
I'er pair  	
Ladies' Slippers
Per pair	
.Men's   Dress   Hoots   	
Per pair 	
Men's Work Moots.
Per pair	
641  Front Street.
individual   member  holding   with   one   I   coiik,rate our  boy.     I    consecrate
Place your order for strawberry
boxes with us and be sure of getting
the best. We specialize iu fruit packages. British Columbia Manufacturing Co., New Westminster. (;;2f>7)
Given   Leave   of  Absence.
Alderman   Jardine   asked   and   was
granted   six   weeks  leave'  of absence
at the city council meeting last week, j
Alderman Jardine will  visit the east- |
ern   provinces  of  th,.   Dominion  and |
several of the slates over the border!
during his vacation.
See the window displays of Brack-
maii-Ker goods In the grocery stores
this week. Buy home   products (3278)
The Retail Merchants association
has arranged for window displays of
Brackman-Ker goods  In  all  grocery
stores  which are members of the  association. (3278)
"Green" hee-r. scientists s.iy, causes
biliousness. Wlnewelser beer is thoroughly matured before it Is marketed.    Try a case of this delicious bev-   an(]   |n   ndelitlon   a   reception   will   he
arm to the hiving (lod. and with th
other linked to the great world of
'nen who need your help. Oddfellow-
i ship stands for the socialization of ri'-
[ Iglon. You remember the rich young
ruler who came io   Jesus   searching
myself  to these  men !' "
And Thomas Wildey in  lij��, manner
set himself to harness the noble
sentiments going to waste, as Bdlson
set himself to harness the lightning
and make il brighten the dark places
(Continued from page one)
will also be shown the water front
with Its splendid advantages as a shipping point.
Lunch Will Be Served.
or eternal lire, Jesus Dade him keep of the earth. And In B practical way
he Commandments. The young man he formed Ihls great copartnership
replied that he had kept all the Com- society for mutual assistance lul
mandmeuts. and yet was not satisfied, silent charities have fj0wn like
\mi Jesus in effeel replied! "You arelgtreams of living
right, a  man  does not  deserve  much
credit  for being merely  honest, and
respectable, does be ?    Somehow  we
I expect the' ordinary deoi ncles from a
Included ill the entertainm. nt there   man.
Beyond    the     common-place
erage.    Ask  your dealer.
will be a luncheon served which will moralities of   the   decalogue   lies a
he in charge of a special committee ; whole catalogue of social  liabilities.
If you wain to i nter real lif... use the
opportunity of your rich, s    tor    the
|1215)   held In honor of the ladies In the p.n'ty
A   lacrosse  game   is   scheduled   for
Ihls particular afternoon and the vis-
water  to gladden
every  land.
The speaker then spoke of tbe un-
fraternal brother who accepted sick
benefits, but was s stranger to the
lodge room, lie joined for revenue
only. The lodge' was dedicated in
its infancy to the ideal of uns. Iflsb
service, if it degenerate into i	
Ing a  mere sick benefit society It  will
Home From Edmonton.
i Mrs. J. T. Thompson, 378 Keary ! itors will be given an opportunity to
The City Treasurer wishes to re- gtreeti n,turned from a five week's witness Canada's national game as
mind water consumers not using j vjsi, froni np|. b|s,0|. |��� Edmonton on played by crack players. Doubtless
meters that the date for taking ad- gumjay. The weather in Alberta was1 many of them have, never seen such
vantage of rebate for the quarter end-j VJ|.ia|lli; bllt ,am,,.]v, Mrs Thompson a��� exhibition and In that event it is
ing June 30th. expires Thursday next, f u was aummerlike and agricul-   bound  to be Of particular interest  to
April  30th   instant, at  5  p.m.      3296)
Briquettes, Briquettes, cheaper than
coal. Barry Davis & Co., Phones
880  and 411 h. (3190)
tural operations  were going  ahead.
Wm. Knudson Remanded.
Another remand was granted on
Saturday by Magistrate ('lute in the
district court in the case against Wm.
Knudson, accused of be-ing an accomplice In the murder of a Hindu at
Matsqul in November. 1913, Knudson was taken to Abbotsford where
an  inquest  is  being held.
(Continued from Page C..-.0 i
the city bylaws and a new location will
have to he found.
The  placing of  the   front  platform . iiCQuarr,(
under cover could be arranged. As It
Miss Lucy Broad of Cornwall, Eng- j js a through station the cover will
land, one of the world's VV. C. T. II. j have to comply with order No. 12225
lecturers, who has visited many for- : and clear the nearest rail by six feet,
eign  countries,  will  spe'ak  in Queens . The   Waterfront   Plan.
Avenue Methodist    church    Tuesday, (     with   reference   to   the   waterfront
April 28, at 8 p.m,    Subject. "Recent   scheme, the construction of a second
Glimpses and Cleanings from China." \ bridge across the Kraser river, and a
The speaker, accompanied by "Amah" | union station. Mr. McCaul says:
and child, will appe-ar In costume, the |     "it is beyond the power of any ln-
platform being decorated    with    em-  dividual at the  present time  to  sayii,   ,-.,,,,
broid.-ry, scrolls, etc.    The talk  will   when the scheme    will    materialize. \%' Rel?  AwSa^Oonl^nr   n
be historical, governmental, Incident-1 Further, should It materialize there is nerty and Dr   Mackay
little doubt that the G. N. R. company j    Transportation     ' ' Messrs    Goulet
would desire to use- the union station.   purv,s  K,sni]   Arms.rm,L.   ,.���,,.���,.   Mc
Quarrie, Dorgan and Lynch.
Ladies'   reception   committee     Mrs
mil that the proposed station is a long | A    Wells  Qra H
them. '***���'
At tiie meeting yesterday the entire
field of entertainment was talked over j
and tentative plans made. Various
committees were appointed and another meeting will be held on Tueadaj
morning of next week. Maj 5, when
reports will be made. The committees
appointed yesterday were as follows:
The Committees.
Finance Aldermen Kelllngton and
Annandale, and Messrs C. A. Welsh
and I). S. Curtis.
Reception Mayor Gray, President
of the board of trade. J,
G. Kobson, Secretary Wade, the city
aldermen,   Messrs.  Allan   Purvis  and
\V T, Ueid of the ProgreS Ive association. Drs. Doherty and Mackay and
the members of the sub-committees
Lunelle on commute e Alderman T
H. Smith. J VV. Cunningham, W. L.
Darling and Robb Sutherland.
Entertainment committee The
luncheon committee- and Mayor Gray,
well-being of humanity.    Become    a  go tha speedy road to extinction
BOCml  factor!" ^	
Or we maj takes modern instance'
Here- is a venerable, respectable
owner of a departmental store, a
man of Immaculate pi rsonai bablta,
perhaps, too, a pillar in he. church
Moving among bis i mployees he Is
Interested In their souls salvation
As he has opportunity be asks, bis
ladj einploy.es. "is your soul saved*'
not know that such a question may
be blaspheming on his lips until    be
al. Oriental.
Sewerage Appeal.
In   order   to   represent   Hurnaby  at
a hearing  in   Victoria  on  Thursday,
called   for   the   purpose   of  disposing
of   an   appeal   made    by     Vancouver
against,   alleged   over-assessment     in
connection with the Greater Vancouver   sewcreage    scheme.    Councillor
Pau-Vel,   Solicitor   W.  (I.   McQuarrie
and ''li rk  A.  <l.  Moore,  will le-ave on
Wednesday  for  the capital    on    the
midnight   boat.
for the reason  that  Its present  location is not central.   All concerned ad-
way In  advance of  the  shack   which   wJves of memb^.s of (t)e
convenor,     and     th.
Too Late to Classify   I 0 0 F
For house cleaning help phone 5X8.
Our powerful Vacuum Cleaner gives
entire' satisfaction.   Denny & Ross.
perty���e'lie-m lias thoroughly m idem
re'nt.el dwelling at Cudar Cottage; rtiort-
gage only encumbrance. Will trade and
pay cash for any difference. What
have,  you to offer?
(Continued fr-jm paye onel
Per Cent on
New Westminster
606   Colombia   8treet.
5   KEITH,  Ma,-aaer.
We Want to
Remind You
that this is II. & K. week Their products are absolutely the best and guar
anteo   satisfaction.
ll. �� K. Rooled Oats. 7 lb. Backs 40c
Canadian Wheat Flakes, :<. pkts. .$1.00
ii. &  K. Bread Flour,    a    winner
every  time, in  L'4   and -ill lb. sacks
Cream  ol  Oats, large pkts     25c
Oornmeal, Graham  Flour. Rye Flour,
Whole       Wheat       Plour,      Oatmeal
Cracked Wheat, etc., in 10 Ih. sacks
They are the best and help to build
1141 our town.
Dean's Grocery
Columbian   College.
An Interesting debate took place at
Columbian   college   yesterday    afternoon,   between    teams    representing 1
the   intermediates   and   rnalrics,   the I
j subject being "Resolved thai Capital
Punishment    Should    be    Retained."
The affirmative, was taken by Messrs
R. Oben, V. Me ore and W  J. Be
teTins. Five acres all cleared and under cultivation, situate close to Clover-
dale. I lis l-room dwelling, chicken
house and spring water. Investigate Immediately,
tude and re ve rence before Almighty
God. Von are- but one among many
i.i' thren, chey, Hers of peace, thai encircle the globe by hand clasping
hand linked In the triune fellowship
WESTMINSTER j Of frienship.  love and  truth,
;i'tJs'is'    "d'lf'Hows have been calied tbe un I ment bin
business  property
enii" over   I -   per  cent   (net.)
sure- ,1 moneymaker nnd can easily  be   Paid   preachers   Oi   the  Gospel     Tire
handled.    I'r.e-,. ?v     Gospel   .'.insists   of  these   two  great
iessrs|PoR sale- fifth avenue snap- w^T^18 ""   wCh hi1e :,!i ,l'"
���nttie.       Large cleared lot between 2nd and 3rd   '* . prophets.    The    Idea]
lias   first   asked:    "Young   lady,   do   I
pay you enough wages 'A keep your
.-..ui saved '."'
Ninety-five    years     ago     Thomas '
' Wild, y and four others, no 1 together, ���
! They    were    men    In  whose    hearts '
surged the prophecy of the good time
; coming, heralds of the    new    social
consciousness.    They   heard  the  cry j
of  the orphan   and  saw   the  hopeless
distress on the face of the widow, Yi-t :
confident In God, building upon    the
Roe k of Holy Scripture, they organ-
i Ize el the llrst lodge of Oddfellows.
Every man was sworn to play ths
broher throughout the natural
coins.- 01 his life to M' the fallen, ,
rescue the perishing, Illumine the
death-chamber with wends of hope
and comfon th, widow and fatherless
in their affliction.
So the order spread. Soon 'hero
were 100 lodges It spread to Canada, in Norway, to German) Everywhere  hand    grasped    th<- hand    of
.'brother, until  today the  membership
j is almost as great as the   total adult
I population  of Canada.
The second man who came along
was the Impractical sentimentalist
ll" had eyes and loan, he came over
onel looked ,ii the man lying half
dead by the ivayslde; he was moved,
he- knew something ought to be don,..
he wepi and hoped so much someone
ild ' on ��� along and devlae some
me en- of helping him, and heaving a
gi 1 ai sigh foi the miseries of the
��� "i Id In   1 assed on his way,
Thi re Is so much noble Bentlmenl
going to waste in the world, When
Ji bus idi 11 titled the two great Com
mandn ��� n lie' said: "Do not m< asure
ri ligli i, i,. lears but by sweat, do
nol c 11 goodness in terms of sentl-
n terms of loving service."
|Tho Dye that colors ANY KINOf
of Cloth Perfectly, with the
No Onnr* of MIMski*.   I
I A��k your Drunttl or !>*���!,
representing the matries, and the ne-
rratlve bv Messrs H, Sullivan, VV*.
Deans  and   Miss   B.   Fraser.    Logan
SI'. : $1250
��� inly
Wit.I.    GIVE    CASH
for bunga
So was      with William Booth.    II"
heard   tin    rroanlngs   from   the   men
and  womei   lying  In tbe  bottoms of
our greal 1    les and he said:   "I  pnsh-
| which you preach   finds   personlflca-   ed em; into    te midst of East London.
Hon out on the hills of Galilee where   fror days    >    '"od    in    the    seething
One walked  who always had an eye   streets, drinking II all  in and loving
to detect and befriend the needi and   ll all,   Yes, loving It, because' I loved
7-11  S'xth Street.
have   started an  auto freight service
between   Vancouver  and   New   Westminster  ai i   way   points.    A- reliable I
sen ' ������ guaranteed.    Charges reason-'
able.    Give us a trial.
Phone   1254.
Block   wood  per load    $300
'.oeid   bark  slabs,   load    $2.50
Factory   wood   and    dry    cedar,
per   load     $2.50
And  now  is  the  time  to  get  it  in
��� I  have it dry.
Office  Phcne  74 House 424.
rifie'".    Six   rooms,   thoroughly   moil
new   .em!   every   Im ��� nlence.     I   il
si/..' lot : garage nnd lane al  rear; silti
nti  "ii I lublln Btri'ct, clo -   ... 12th. 1 ���
er   leaving   1 il,'   and   w ints   offer.     I
vo��tlgiii 1 till    bin gain at once.
Ci >!(
:    havi:
for   n ���.
ills   e.
Call   .-end   look
' v
st bcl
1 locate,
it win
Eastman and Co.
l'hone>   St 2.
il-ist��r   Trust   riullellnc
When Hungry Look fcr a White Plav
to Eat.
White Cooks
These doors are made from extra selected dry lumber. They are
Put together with hardwood dowels and glued joints; nicely molded
face. The wire cloth of best, possible grade, put in and drawn tight,
with concealed edges; made of four-inch stock, with extra wide bottom rails; complete ��jtb fittings.
Size 2 ft. r, in., by 6 ft. 6 in. a'
2 ft. 8 In.  by 6 ft. S In.    Prices
$1.50 and $1.75
$2.25 to $3.00
25c to 65c
Sizes 2 ft. X In. by 6 ft. 8 in.. I   ->���
ft. 10 In. by r> ft. 10 In. and 3x7 ft
All sizes of Window Screens,
just arrived, from  	
New Westminster.
Phone 69.
ici al Cedar Cot- . -
ii ��� 1... y.i-i te, on ��� -: lonely soul. One    who look    off His
   own coat  to    shield    a  fallen    waj
farer from the cold   Jesus, the '������ 11
Good Samaritan ol   History :
In this parable   a man is lyln    hall
,:""'1     by    the      t aysld >,    suff 1 n i
r. 11 1,  no    fault    of his own     The
��� rrible 1 xtn ...   to wh ch the 01   is
id   widow   are   driven   by   the  hard
nss of po\ 1 . ���     pass  .  before    his
nd and lie    praj i   thai    for    . 1
Ices he may be s ,..������ ,|
"By chance a (    tain prh st comes
wn that  way   i, .,. wag   a   ���,,,, '
lose  very  trad     .��� 1    goodness and
irey,    His verj  garb marks him out
one from  whom attention ami  re- 1
f might be expecti d. Vet he passes
without   noth Ing  that  a   brother |
in  desperate    plight   by  th,.    ve ry 1
idslde,     He   was   not   hardhearted,
��� was blind.    I!e  was  not  the con-I
ious hypo-rile;   but    his    Interests
re with the  white robes and holly
remonics of religion, and he had no I
��� e s for the real problems which real
n and women  were facing In  real
".   He had never known the pangs
hunger, how   could  he realize that
"  problem  Ol   poverty   was a    real
roblsm ?    He    bad    never    worked
������lit hours eve ry day in a coal mine.
w could he realize that the problem
rfle-damp was anything but the ex-1
���d  imagination  of American  agita- ���
i?    He  stands  as a   type of    the i
m  who is professionally  faultless,
lives aloof from the throbbing llf 1
'   humanity;   personally   Immaculate
devoid of those broad sympathies
which he might have entered Into
needs of men    a  n llalous    mag-
11 'ee, biit a social nonentity !
What has  thin  to do with Oddfel-
1     chip ?    In my mind It touches the
basic principle  of    your    foundation. I
''   ir lodge  was  the  first-born  child |
the  new  spirit   of this age  which
. pt across America and revolution*
1 ' I   her  most   venerable  and   sacred
ii   litutions. The object of your foundation   was  to   retain   the  connection
!' ' ween  religion   and   human    needs.
Vi 1 took as your emblem three links
I vlrig  links    In   the  centre   Is   the
the men who made up the muddy
Bti' am The a I wenl home and said
to my wife:   'Wife, I consecrate you,
I!. C. Sugar. 18 lb. sack $1.10
B.  C.   Milk,  per  tin    10c
finest Ontario Cheese, - lb*
for    45c
Fresh  Dairy Butter. Ih  ���35c
Cooked Ham. per lb   40:
Local   Fresh   Kggs,  dozen   -.30:
Fresh supplies of Vegetables
and  Fruits daily.
38   Eighth   St..   Near   Columbia.
Phone 458.
'Nuf  Said.
Believe Me!
For Awnings, Camp Furniture,
Baby Buggies and Go-Carts,
Curtains, Carpets,
Draperies���in fact
Everything in Home
Furniture and Furnishings.
It Will Pay You
To Try
A Store You Can Depend Upon.
6th and Carnarvon Sts. New Westminster.
N.B.���We have a Big Bed Bargain for you on
Wednesday. TUESDAY,  APRIL  28,
.ready   with   the  "Vcu   knew   me.  AI' ' apparatus      work
���tuff. seniors.
It costs
Dismal   House  Causes   Promoters     to j Sends Word to Tom Rennie and Punk
Cancell all But Main Bout���Pat-
ton on a Foul.
^^^^^^^ group Kame-s:
bustle ball; senior .school
money to run an amateur boys, horseback wrestling; internjedi-
lbaseball or lacrosse club. Sticks and ' ates, dodge ball; juniors, horse- races;
.bats have to be purchased. Visiting business boys, spring board and side
I teams' expenses have to be paid, parallel bar work; wrestling and box-
I Every time a baseball Is lost It means ing; senior leaders, parallel bar
j that a dollar or more has to be found work; Hag drill and pyramids.
to replace the sphere with a new The proceedings will open at s
one.    From now on  baseball will    be  o'clock.
Staffed ut  Queens  park    and    Kraser i   I
-Mills until September. Whether the! Go to Vancouver,
fans are satisfied with witnessing; At a special meeting of the City sue
lit niggles between teams from the cer league held last night It was de
lower mainland or whether they want elded to have representatives In at
' to see teams In action re-presi nting tendance at Vancouver tonight where
New Westminster and Hellingham or a liritish Columbia Football assoda-
Vlctorla or even as far south as tion will be formed. II. If. Wilson
Seattle, all depends on the support and J. McMillan were appointed. Geo.
that Is accorded to the local club. Smedley will alio be present with
                         : plans to organise a Westminster team
Wintemute Asking Them to
Name Terms.
Having his man practically out at
the end of the eighth round, Johnny
Moore swung a right cross on Charlie
I'atton of Vancouver last night at
Kraser Mills Immediately after the
gong sounded and lost the decision
on a foul. I'atton was all in and would
hardly have lasted another round bad
Moore showed any discretion In wait
ing for t'lie opening of the ninth.
A glimpse at the house which numbered about 800 all told, impelled the
promoters to cancel all preliminaries
in order to leave enough for the scrappers, rubbers, seconds and referee to
get home on.
Hume McDonald <jf Vancouver was
Standing of the Clubs.
Won   Lost
Spokane    10     ���<
Seattle      s      ��
Portland       :i    10
Yestsrday's Games.
Seattle 4,  Spokane 2.
Portland 18, Tacoma :i.
Vancouver-Victoria;  rain.
St. l.ouis 7. Cincinnati 1,
New York ���!, Philadelphia :'..
Washington  6,  Huston   1.
Philadelphia 6, New  York 1.
Thursday,   April   30.
Drills,   Apparatus   Exercises,  Group
Games,  Pyramids, etc.
Silver Collection.
Two more Salmon  Uellies received
a call from  the east yesterday, Tom
] Rennie,   the   star   defence   man.  and
' Punk  Wintemute, the    clever    home
t player,    both    receiving    communications from Oeorge    Kennedy   asking
them  to immediately    wire    a    reply
J elating    what    terms    are    wanted.
j Wintemute   is  tiot   likely   to   migrate
' owing to family ties and the government   position   he   holds,   but   In  the
case of Tom itennie, it is likely that
the Sapperton  resident  will not  best-
'. tate to jump providing the  Montreal
I promoter comes  across  with  enough
j of the long green.
I iiughle Oifford got busy yesterday
land wired his terms to Montreal,
while Johnny Howard is expecting
word any day as to what reception
his night telegram affected Kennedy,
it is understood that a movement
is on foot with the New Westminster
and Vancouver clubs io reduce the
teams to ten men each, thus follow
ing out tin. experiment to be prac-
tlced by the. Ilig Four in tbe llrst two
games of the season. Ten men a
side, would mean a shortening of the
playing Held in order to make the?
game' faster in centre field. -Nothing
definite has been decided.
Iloss Johnson, who jumpe'd to the
professional ranks last summer with
Con Jones' aggregation, and was
about th" only player in tlie league
who received a decent salary for the
entire season although playing in
only three games, Is dickering, or
rather the Vancouver club is dickering  with him  lo act us goalkeeper.
Johnson is waiting to see' some real
money before he affixes his name to
any contract and was a visitor in
Vancouver yesterday. Hairy Pickering and Mickey Ion have not signed
us yet, although report* d to have
done so bv Milton Oppenhelmer of the
in tbe Vancouver and District league
next  winter.
You  Ne^er Can Tell.
Baseball    Is   a   funny   proposition
after all.    The  uncertainty    of    the
game undoubtedly has resulted in the
widespread   interest   which   is   shown
on this continent.    Today w _ 	
New   York  Giants  and   the  Pbiladel
phia Athletics,    who    fought  it    out
for  the   world's    championship     last
fall  down  ut   the  foot   of  the   tables
while  the  Pittsburg  and  the  Phillies
are cutting  a   wide    swath    in    the
National,  and  Chicago ln  the  Auu-ri-
i can.    The Quakers are tlie one    surprise  of  the   season   to  date.     TheyiORCHARD PLAYERS MAKE  GOOD.
I were raked  fore and aft by the Ked- |    Local  theatregoers  had  th
Can They Do It?
The past students of the high school
are down to play the present students
e find the   tomorrow at lacrosse In Queen's park
PhilHilel-  at 5 pm    .]-|je exes consider they are
comiug back with renewed juvenility.
e'rals, bu: Manage] Doom has gather-itumt
ed as Strong, If not  a stronger team'and "aholesoine "cwn^dj" drama
than  he  had   last  year and  Is  going | sented in ��"������>}   drama
 ^^^^^^^    oppor-
ist evening of seeing a clean
Where em the coast, the Orchard Play
ers are a finished group of artist's
presenting their different parls in a
Clean-cut, unaffected manner which
is a welcome relief from the mum
mcry of acting so often nowadays
served up from the Btage.
The   vehicle   which   they   chose   for
their opening night. "David Qarrlck,"
,, ,. [Offered   them     wide    seoue    both     In
Ernie Cotton will make a place on words and works and in neither did
Victoria   amateur   lacrosse   team ! they fall short.
(By tbe Potter.)
this summer. He is turning out uitl.
the Capitals and should have little-
difficulty in holding down a position
on the defence.
The main prop of the piece was
found In the title role, which in the
hands of William Sauter left nothing
to bee desired. Mr. Sauter's ease and
grace, his stage polish, clear enuncia-
_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���-- | tion and sympathetic interpretation
is the head of a sport Item In B Tor-   of  bis   part   deserved  every   last   bit
J.J.Jones. MAN-DIR.        J. A.Rennie. 5ECY-TRES
If You Die Without
a Will
Your estate will be arbitrarily divided amongst
your heirs in a way most probably you would not
Life, at best, is uncertain and jTou should keep
your "house in order" all the time.
As we will draw up your will and advise you
free of charge, you owe it to your wife and children
or other beneficiaries to attend to this most important matter at once.
"Tomahawk looks like useful tool"
I her ability  and  stage  presence  both
Notts County, which team goes into j lending her valuable aid.    Simon ln-
the first division  Knglish soccer next j g(,t in tiu, hands of 1.. Race Dunrobin
fall,  has   been  enjoying  larger  gates j provid   a     difficult     role    admirably
*v "  """'   " dealt   with.     Mr.   Dunrobin   was  true-
to  every   letter  of  his   lines.     A.   L,
JkPI       Lawn Grass, Onion Setts
fcllylal      NOW IN STOCK
701 Columbia Street    (Druggist and Optician) Phone 57
than many a lirsl division club durinti
the past season. The sister club
Notts Forest, is relegated to the
Umpire   ('Ornish,   of  Fraser     Mills.
j plans  having  an  engineer's   level   on
j deck for the next baseball gain,'.    Silver's  bonie  run   smash  went  2il  feet
wide of the  foul line, but it counted.
The  Griffith  Co.   Present
''Bought and
Paid For"
A  finished anci  artistic  production  of
a $2 play at 15c, 25c. and 35c.
The   World's  Greatest  Comedy
The Three Twins
Two Big  Shows.      Don't  Miss The;r
j Wind  Won't   Pay    the     Expenses    of
Supporting a  Ball Team���Don't
Twelve' bin.drill pcopU; attended a
ball fame at Fraser .Mills the Other
day. the opening coolest of the season. Seven hundred of these fans
found excellent accommodation In a
new grand stand which has boen
erected by the members of the team
and their supporters at the lumbering o< ntiv. And rrom the 1200 people
present a collection of $38.36 was
i.tki'ii in. It will be- seen, therefore
thai many of the fans present failed
to help Men Westminster and district
baseball by even contributing a solitary nickel. The situation Is the
same in all sports promoted in this
city and elsewhere. Watch those
who   are   doing   the   loudest   roasting
and rooting. Keep your eyes on the
man who is periling a certain player
after tbe "chunk of cheese" fashion
or exerting his lung capacity by
ihr. atoning to lynch the umpire for
Bome imaginary raw decision. Keep
...our eyes on blm when the collection
box is sent the rounds and its dollars
to doughnuts that this same Individual Is always too int..rested e "i
io ii: game to evi n gel a glimpse at
tin' pi rson passing the hat. Baseball
is no e \< option io the rule. One can
lind them in every branch of sport.
always on tie lookout to work their
way In by the deadhead route, always
Soames, as Squire Chivy, was well up
to the standard, while the balance of
the company supplied the necessary
filling to a complete and carefully
presented production.
If  "David   Qarrlck"   is   a   prophesy
of  what   may   be  expected   from  the
company's  rendition  of  "The  Truth"
I this eyenlng there should be au S. R.
O. sign  on  the opera house door to-
; night.
Preceding the main rise of the cur-
' tain.   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Arthur   Elw 5-1
'  I handled    a     half-hour    piece,    "The
Con  Jone s   is  likely  to spend  that j QU���eng   Messenger,"   to  the   queen's
$4(111 on a banquet with Harry I'icker- I taste.
at White Rock or Ocean Park
Now is the time to look such propositions up. Don't wait till the season is here, but consult
White, Shiles & Co.      or      ��. H. Sands
Columbia St., City. White Rock.
Arnold   Ai-   Qulgley, the crack  Van-
couvir amateur team, will be the at-
| traction against New Westminster at
Fraser Mills tbe llrst of next week.
ing, Joe Gorman and Mickey Ion as
honored guests. Then again he may
not. considering the law suit  brought
; by   these   players   this   winter   lor   al-
j lege d  ba^k  pay.
Owing to a misunderstanding the
prices for the Orchard Players were
billed as from $1.50 down, but this
should be have advertised as from
Some class to that    man    Jackson, I
Kb ?     Picking  up  ten   yards  lost   by
his   team   mate,   Taber.   the   Oxonian
Much   interest   is  being  manifested
it was pretty lucky that James K.
Sullivan, secretary of the American
A.  A.   17,   was  the  sole  referee.
star just   showed  'em.    Even  at  that   in  the Griffith  company's  production
for Wednesday and Thursday nights
of "Bought and Paid For." and already scats are in demand.
  During    their    two days'  vacation
A. G. I.ytle. president aud secretary   they  are   working   bard  on   the  play,
of the Port Coquitlam Press club, re-land a splendid performance is as-
ports a strong lacrosse team in the : sured. Also some handsome stage
railway centre which takes the place j settings are under construction. In
of the' baseball team, last year's I fact Mr. Griffith is sparing neither
champions of the lower mainland. The ��� pains nor expense to make his pro
lirst thing we know Hill Rout ley will ductlon compare favorably with that
ba  displaying *(he   Minto  cup  along  of   the   road   company   which   made
with   Innumerable  soccer  trophies. such a  tremendous hit  last   winter.
  The play is of interest to everyone,
When You Think oi Advertising
Communicate   vv ltn
Without ccst cr obligation, we will advse you regarding the
opportunities of successfully advertising your products. No chargi
for pla-is. copy, sketches and estimates. Consult us upon all matters  relating to the development of your business. .
302 Shaughnessy Building
Not a word as yet from Willie
Ritchie regarding that $25,000 offer
from 1 be London promoters. The
Callfornlan is requested to meei
Freddie   Welsh   for   the  world's  title.
for besides being a clean, wholesomely 1 njoyable show, it carries a splendid  moral,  forcibly  brought  home.
Special Feature.
The Constancy
of Jeanne
Patheplay  in  Two   Parts.
Edison   Photoplay
of the
Another of the Chronicles of
Cleek.  featuring   Ben   Wilson.
Ottawa  is more likely to ret  back
in tin: N   I..  U. than in tin. Big Four. |
The- players  will be    recognized    as
amateurs, st. Catherines is also anxl-
ous to gi't   back  in  the' seml-profes- '���
sional game, a committee having ask-!
ed President  Murphy, of the N.  I..  U.
for a  franchise'.
BOILERS   Riveted Steel Pipes        TANKS
The proposed  vtsil of the  English I
lacrosse team to Canada this year has
practically fallen through. Con .lone.;
found more difficulties in his way
than be anticipate el.
if any more players   g.'t   jumping
back to the majors from the Federals,
Admiral Ullmore will be asking his'
opponents to salute tbe flag.    Then ���
it   will   he   a   case  of  "you   salute  in ! '
and I'll saluti' you."
K.  J.  Fleming,  of  tlie  Torontos.  is I
after  the  services  of  Harry   Hyland. j
I the ex-New Westminster and Vancouver player.
Y. M. C. A.
I Appet
I "The
I Death,
1 Cleek.'
ring at the Edison  theatre In
Mystery    of    the      Laughing
." another of the "Chronicles of
Spring Exhibition Work for Thursday
Physical Instructor (I. 1. Sovereign,
of the Y. M. C. A., has prepared a
flue card for Thursday night at the
association building when a spring
exhibition will take place, with some
so athletes in action.
The program includes the following:    German  and  .Swedish  drill
Louise W. Gillis,  Manager.
P.   O.   BOX   449
10c I' gji^bHiH��H��H^
Paul  J.  Rainey's
The Leopard Hunt, the
Lion Hunt and the Waterhole
Scene will astonish everyone.
Continuous 2 to  11   p.m.
Van Loo Cigar
Clear  Havana,  Cuban   made.    Sole
! agency for New  Westminster.
603 Columbia St.
A Significant Attempt to Establish a Canadian Drama.
Tuesday, 28th���"The Truth'"
PRICES:  $1.00, 75c, and 50c.
Tickets now on Sale at Box Office.   Phone 961.
No. 7���Cut out and  paste in your
Recipe Eook.
W\ | leup butter. 1 Vz cups brown, sugar,
IVOVal ''KKS'  '* l'UU3  ,iova'  Standard.  1
y teaspoonful cinnamon, l cup chop
ped walnuts. t2 cup raisins, Vi cup
currants. 1 dessert spoon soda, dissolved in ly, tablespoons water.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ji1 Ix butter and suga ��� together then
add eggs well beaten; add the fruit
Rncfnn RrOwHC:nul   "l,ts  we"  floured;   add  soda.
uuaiuiiijiwfTU9UEt,y drop from t,,aspoon on wen
buttered  pans.
Betty Brown.
Betty Brown visits a Boston
lady and is given   the
above recipe.
She was greeted with: "I rave been trying those recipes
>c��n have published in The News. They're splendid. And
look, 1 have cut out every one and pasted them In my
recipe book. Won't you please publish this favorite recipe
c t mine, although 1 warn you that Boston Browns made
with ROYAL STANDARD vanish at our table in a trice.
So tell them to make plenty, ,
Rpftv Brown asks you I'll to try this recipe today���"the
TUESDAY,  APRIL  28.   1914.
I Classified Advertising
c*ived lor The News at the following places'. F. T. Hill's drug store,
��2S Columbia street; A. Sprice,
Queensborough, Lulu Island; Mrs.
E. Larden, Highland Park; Mrs. V.
Lewis. Alia Vista.
at Maple Beach Park, Boundary
Bay.   Apply Box 999 News offiec.
Large Blocks of Granite Lowered into
Place   on   Breakwater���Steady
Progress Being Made.
and saw table complete. Apply at
The News office.
��� RATES. ���  FOR    SALE    oELL     YOUR     PROP
��� ���#���������������#���#�����.#>�����      erty tbrougj an ad. in this column
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
month; 5000 words, to be used as required within one year from date of
contract,, $25.00.
FOR SALE���11.00 DOWN. $1.00 PER
week. Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market   seiuare. (3187)
woman tor g, aeral housework.
Mansfield, corner Even and Sterol r, Queensborough. (3299)
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
house for a term of months,
situated close in. Apply with particulars P, O. box 521 New Westminster. (32S1)
farm sales conducted. Furniture
bo'ight for cash. P. U. brown, 11
Begble street, New Westminster.
Front St. Phone 213. Cash paid for
all kinds of juuk, bottles, sacks, barrels, cast iron, old rags, old rubber
boots and shoes. (3195)
ture in large or small quantities;
highest prices paid. Auction sales
conducted. II. .1. Russell, King's
hotel block, Columbia street. Phone
831. (3184)
ture, cr stocks in trade, in large or
small quantities, highest price paid.
Or Fred Davis will sell your goods
by public auction with guaranteed
results, or no cominission charged.
See the expert on furniture before
you give your goods away. Address
Fred Davis. 648 Columbia street.
New  Westminster. (:i 1 S3
When Requiring
either male or female, do not  forget
that thp Municipal Labor bureau Is in
a position to supply you.
PHONE 852.
Victoria, April 27. Altogether 424
tons of granite blocks, weighing from
five to ten tons apiece, have been
lowered in less than a month on the
weather side of the Victoria breakwater. The task of lowering these
huge squared rocks into place, by
means cf a powerful crane, is neces-
sarilv a slow one. but steady progress
is being made on this section of the
big contract.
At the present time two divers are
engaged In submarine operations of!
Oregon point, but as the work goes
ahead the contraotors plan to have
other outfits under water. Sir John
(3185) Jackson, Ltd.. the contractors, report
J steady   progress   in  rubble'    dumping
 ' operations on the site of tha seawall
| During the past niont'.i 26,135 tens o'
nibble was dumped, and at the "central core" wv.ere finer material is necessary, 15,572 ton- was shot through
the hot loin of he hopper scows. The
No. 4 .dolphin, which was washed
away by storms several weeks ago, Is
being replaced and Is almost coin
This dolphin marks the end of the
present operations b( fore the final run
to tbe end of the  breakwater.    It I.-
being placed 1,700 feet out from the
foreshore and marks the elbow of the
great seawall.   The distance between
the fourth and  fifth dolphin  will  be
700 feet   During the past month 6,21::
| cubic   yards   of   material   have   been
excavated   from   the   foreshore   area.
| When the big hopper barge Hercules
! No. 7 is placeel in service, the contrae
| tors expect to make much more rapi'1
| progress with the dumping of material.   This vessel will do the work of
several scows und is driven under he ���
own power.
The Hercules is now being overhaul-
j cd after her long voyage from Sing;'
i pore and she is expected to be placed
In commission next week
sion  of  views  would  now  only  help
to cloud the situation.
Hitherto, he said, tbe interests of
bis company had been adequately protected, both by the revolutionists, and
by the federal state authorities, and
the company had no complaint to make
as to their treatment by either party.
Canadian Capital.
Asked if he could give an Idea of
the   amount   of  Canadian  money   in-
i vested in enterpries in Mexico. Mr.
Lukes stated that it was impossible
to estimate, and it would, also, be
very difficult to say how many Canadians were in Mexico at the present time.    He understood that, in re-
I sponsi" to a circular sent out by the
British authorities, some considerable
I time  ago.  British  residents  had   reg-
I isted.    The report had  been  sent to
I the imperial authorities, but had not.
ihe   believed,   yet   been   made   public.
Sir  Donald  Mann, who Is also one
| of the directors of the company, said
I Mr. I.ukos knew more of the subject
than he did.    As for himself, he had
j no opinion to express on the matter.
Not  Prejudiced   Company.
A director of the Mexico Light and
Power Company, Limited, stated that,
i up to the present time, the interests
Of his company had not been prejudi-
i cially  affected  from  the situation  in
I Mexico Tlie earnings for last month
showed 8 considerable increase over
these1 e t the previous period. The reduction n the dividend was not due
to any reduced takings, but to the
drop in the rate of exchange. He could
not Bay  what  effect  a war would  be
, likely to have as against the interests
of the company, except that war was
always a had thing.
Had Delayer Construction.
The   Mexican  Northern   Power  and
Light  Company,   Limited,  is another
! company whose control is from this
citv One of its directors statu! that
tbe situation in Mexico bad, for some
considerable   time,   delayed   them   in
i their   work.     The   tearing   up  of  the
' railways, from time to time, had made.
ii   difficult  to   get   materials   in   and
; carry on construction.
The company, be said, had a large
dam at Boquilla, in the state' of Chi-
i huahua, nearly completed, the cost
of which had been very considerable.
I!;.! for the revolution it would have
been finished two years ago. Hee was
ivas not at all In a position to hazarel
a  guess as to  what  effect a  war  be-
I tween Mexico and the United states
i would futher have on tlie interests of
the company.
From Vancouver for Victoria.
j 10:00 a.m Dailj
, 2:00  p.m Daily
111:45   p.m Daily
TO    RENT���NICELY     FURNISHED From Vancouver for Seattle.
four roomed    house, close   in. 711 j 10:00 a.m Dailj
Glouoestei    street.    Apply    W.    B. [11:00 p.m Dally I
���history of this fish family from the
time it leaves frech water as fry to
the date of its first return from the
Vague attempts have been mad" by
many to lay down the age of fry on
Its first journey to the sea. and again
the age of a grilse on  its return  to
the spawning bedB, but in each case
fresh  data   has  constantly  upset  the
conclusions   formed,   and   it   was   not
until the fish scale theory of A. Cald-
erwood and T. II. Hutton was promulgated,   that  observers   began   to  feel
that  they  had  a  solid  foundation  to
work on.    The   first   results  of  this I
scale reading has been suspected from ,
the conflicting evidence' of sportsmen. !
Fry  stay  periods  varying  from   four
to as much as twelve mouths In  the
Spawning   river and   stay  in  the  sea
before   returning   to  spawn   the   first'
time some one, others two and even
more years. I
Mr. Anderson describes the land in
the vicinity cf Uchuckleslt as covered I
with fine timber, difficult to clear, but
believes  when   once  clea.ru!   the  soil I
will attract large numbers of settlers i
along thai  part of the west coast.
Toronto, April 27. -Firebugs are
said to have been busy throughout the
week-end at Weston, causing two fires
early Sunday morning, which, though
not serious, gave cause for considerable alarm in view of the fact that
there had not previously been a fire !
in  Weston for several  years.
The first fire broke out between
1:80 and 2 a. m. in the premises owned by William ('hruickshank and rented by Son firos., who conducted ���
laundry, but the firo brigade., which
was called out for the first time since
its reorganization, was able to subdue *Tie flames before considerable
damage was done. Approximately |800
was lost, including $100 worth of the
Westons' underwear.
The second outbreak occurred sim
iiltaneously with the first one', partially destroying a shed In the rear of
Iteeve Irwin's house. Hut here again
the firemen were able to d< teat the
efforts of the fames.
That thi' outbreaks are the reBUli Of
Incendiarism is conti nded cm account
of the fact that im fire of any kiml
had been used by the occupants for
some hours previous to the outbreak
In the laundry, and that ,-pccial precautions bad been taki'ii on Saturday
night  to   prevent  the  possible  Igni
tion of the inflammable material contained in the. building. The occupants protested that they knew no
possible cause of the fire, and were
at a loss to explain its origin last
The same' mystery surrounds the
fire in the rear of the reeve's house.
Here again no fire had been used in
Ihe building, and no possible cause can
be suggested. Practically no damage
was done to the building.
Ottawa. Ap-il 27. There was no
Irish stew on the menu al the King
Oeorge hotel Saturday night, but in B
secluded and shady spot on Slater
street four merry pieknickers gathered round a vast iron pot holding 125
pounds of compounded deliclouaaese
of beef and potatoes and onions and
dumplings. Hands were plunge fearlessly into the steaming mass to bring
forth  the ^astronomical  trophies.
Sergeant McCarthy was responding
to the telephone alarm from the manager of the King George when he
came upon the quartette, and, waiting
only to grab one last morsel from the
pot, they  fled.
"I don't know how t.hey got It." said
Mr ('ashman, manager Of the hotel,
"but the four must have- come into the
kitchen  while the cook  had  uis  back
turned and just picked up tbe pot and
There will be no May Day parade
in Nanaimo The city council has re-
fused to allow the Dnited Mine Workers to give their proposed demonstration on account of the strained relations which have existed in the coal
mining town for months past.
to rent
Agnes  street.    Apply   6011   Victoria ,
street. (3298) |
three rooms, other two rooms; both
have bath, toilet, wood house; private entrance: near car and work
.-hops; $S each. 230 Eleventh
street, (3205)
leaves at  11:
p.m. oa
mar Eburne car  line.    Apply  1055
Haro  Street,   Vancouver. (32K2i
keeping   and   bedrooms,     420   St.
George  slree t. (3IS2i
to rent trv an ad. in this column.
Throe transcontinental trains daily
v. !. through tourist, standard and
d      Ig cars.
Toronto Express leaves at 7:.">u a.m.
Imperial Limited leaves at S:10 p.m.
Si   Paul Express leaves at 1:25 p.m.
For rates and reservations apply
Or il. W. BRODIE. G. P. A., Vancouver
From  Vancouver for  Nanaimo.
:00   p.m Da,!i
Nanaimo, Union Cay and Comcx.
j  9:00 a.m Wednesday and Fl'idaj
Vancouver, Union Bay, Lowell  River
; 11:45 a.m Every other Saturday
For Prince  Rupert and Alaska.
11:00 p.m Feb. 14 and 28
Prince Rupert and Granby Bay.
11:00 p.m Wednesday--
For Gulf Island Points.
7:00  a.m.  Tuesdays   and   Fridays  foi
Victoria, calling  at points  in   the
Gulf Islands.
BD.  GOULET,  A tent,  N��w  We��tmh.��<ei
4.  W.  BRODIB. Q.  V.  A..  Vancouvnr
Directors  of  Companies  Operating   i
Me/.ico Express Guarded Viewr���
Look to Lon.on for Protection.
Toronto, April 27. Expression of
' opinion on the part of Toronto dlrec
i tors of Canadian companies operating
I in Mexico, is very guarded on the sub-
I ject of the extent to which their In-
! terests would be affected In the event
i of a war between Mexico and th'
: United States.
Lewis Lukes, vice-president and
| general manager of the Monterey
Railway ami Light and Power Cora-
| pany. Limited, stated that the matter
of any expression of personal opinion on the subject had now got be-
ye nd the stage at which such opinion
could  bo  expressed,
p.s to how a war be-
.'O countries weelllil affect the .Interests of the company, and
other Canadian companies, would
now. he said, become a matter for
the consideration of the imperial  au-
Bda. Independent and personal expres-
*nd ^^^^^^^^^^
L.R.A.M.,  A.R.C.M.
Lessons in Pianoforte, Vinlin, Sing I thorlties, and the government of Tan
ug,  Voice    Production,    Theory    (In
;lass or privately), Harmony, Gaunter
joint, Musical Form aud History,
Pupils prepared for the examlna
lens of the Associated Board of thi
^oyal Academy of Music and Roya
.College of Music. Also ProfeBsiona1
jiplomas, Teach, r or  Performer.
For terms, etc., apply 51 Dufferii
Ureet.    Phone -111 It.
Y W f A C0Lu;'
LEI I  TENDERS   addressed  t'
Gi-ls'   classes,   Tuesday   7:30   p.m.;
Adult  clasps,  Thursday,  10:80  a.m.
.imbT^ed jind .'endorsed, '/Tender    for | 3ewlng   Classes,   Thursday,
f:30   p.m
and rMaaied   unit   ennoraea    -lenue-i      i.m i ~- ���    ���.    	
li    I  Hall   KamlnopH,   B   C," will !"��� re-      Boarding and room rates reasonable'
|" nfflc    until   1:0"  P   M. ""Meals served to ladies and gentlemen
Mu>' '������  1914. '"" '''    construe-   3���..._, j,.... i.^;,i������u   n.?n ,�� 1-in
,i   ii,    .,��� aid bull-llng Special dinner Fridays, 11:30 to 1.30
,,.-.     iiloi   unrt form or contract       For  particulars  call   plume  1324.
mil i-.i i , - ol  lender obtained ^^
ofl      ..I  Mi   Win. Henderson, Re       ;_5_. . ���"    	
1    V     B. C, on uppll
I., I       ���      - - .u  i   ...   I ��� bile   Build
t. Kami......      li   e'    and al  this I lep u i
can    ' .   i . nn,el
p n - kii| pile ,1        I algal
I I ��� :,   tin I
1   pi ic      ������' nee .   I
...-;. .
ii ;    ���. firm
Ui nmpiii    el  by
I Choi
that   Re  Pari   I I" I  acre     nf  Loi   '  nf  R nil
m-.-hi   Quarfr Section  22. Township  I1
Map S95, as si'.-", a nn I colore d i- .
on kete di no ted Nn I, In th'
I'.    ��� lei   of   Ni ���'    Wei ti
I      k pi      f of I if Certificate
��� ���'   'nil     :      liei     ���     IP,       iii I  In   tin
lai        el    v  ���   ���  i i   Johnstem,   has   bi ���
...       .       , ,,
in ii chartered hunk.       No        Ih hereby given thai   I  shall
of   ih"   ll"     iruble | the   i    ;      II   i   of   ..in'   month   from   th
i. .������;..  ���       ;.:���" of Un   i rsl  publication  hereof,  In  a
e|i.-,..'.-     i.i- ���   .. ill v.    |illp( i    I ii' I.   he .1     ii   III"   City   Ol
���   '-, in   1,.   rorfe ll    '       in.    M  w We i ttnb  ��������� r. Is   .   n du| lie-it" ol  I   i
person  tende itn .  de ��� line  to e m.���������
���   wi - lied   uppn   to  do     ���    oi
��� , i  unpli te il." woi k ' "' im
If -  ; der be not  accepted  I        ue
i. ��� urned.
.ii. nurtmenl does nol bind li        to
 m   i iwc si  oi   any  te nder.
i nl. r,
-ait  Certificate,  uieb kh  In  the  meantln
-i i.i objection be made t. I tn writing.
J.  ('. CiWYNX,
District Registrar.
Land ReglMrv Office, New Wcstmlnite r.
B.C.. Sis,  March, line. i;)l7V i
W. M. McClOY & CO.
Auctioneers.  Appraises.  Fire   Adjusters,  Live Stock Salesmen, Com.
mission Agents and Erokers.
Office  and  Sale   Rooms:   32  Sixth   St.
Half Block from Columbia St.
We ' ���,: i" Intimate   thai  we have open-
��� d these ��� iii. rim pre mlses for abfei ������ business, including tii" I'riv.ei" s.il" nf .1 an,
better class second-hand  Purtiltin-''.
i  .a igblj
f i"      ��� '   i ",
our  clients,   und   ud\ i""   give n  i the
be it  means of .1:^: ������ ing of any I    oi
property to idvunliufc. e'.esli nfi foi
whole ..I  " 'i nf fun Iturc, stne I
��� tc . will I    ii .1'   If nn auction
.\|."l:.' I   r.\ii:N"l.-'    Wo   m Ic ,.
lions for a    |i  ��� i"      . insurunci
'iill'J.. :��� .1..; I " IJ., --.    i I"
l-'liil-;    AIM  'STKRS-   This   ���
ind i   n       ��� i- - ��� ,ii  ��� upi i-
' ������!���   Of   ������      in ���-   -.-   ,  l-'   . ���;���
ntlng mm     of tin   largest e <
I Tl .I'm;!'    We     h ''-'"    ���'! n   i
i i;ii4"ii,' ntn foi   '��� it" storage of
of i di  .'���      fuvoi ."I" rati ���>.
i !���-:.;>,-:    nl re movals carrli .1 oui
'I'll.-   in "'i-.i. -i   I'nr  quick   re ���
i ifocl Ion  and pronrpl  :->eii lome nts
Victoria, April 27. \i! members of
the royal commission on Indian affairs being assembled, and the pre
llminary business disposed of, they
will proceed on the se ason's work of
inquiring Into the subject of the in-
dlan reserves of the province and the
m III Ion ol the various tribes. Nathaniel \V. White, the chairman, announce i yesterday that the itinerary
for at least a part of the summer had
bi en pn pari d and that a start would
be mud" early neM   week.
The first visitation will be to the
ma nland Thej will go for some, eiis-
tance up the Iras ir river, inspecting
Barnston Island and othor reserves
This is nut expect, d to lake more than
a week or so. At the expiration of
this period the commissioners will
reassemble here preparatory to a longer, a mor.. arduous, and a more im
portant mission to the west coast cf
Vancouver island.
As arrant'' I at present, the date of
departure from this city on the last
excursion will he May .">. The steamer Tees has been chattered to con-
ve-y the party to the different sections
which must be visited in order thai
the- Investigations may be Intelligently
and thoroughly prosecuted. Stays of
varying duration, everything being de
pendent on the amount of work found
necessary, will be made at the differ-
em coasl reserves. The researches
of most vital Impo.'t will be made at
the Kwawkewith reserve', which Is located at the north end of the island
and on a section of the adjacent coast
of the mainland. Because of the
amount of territory tei be covered and
the work to be (bine it is n>11 thought
likely that this portion of the work
will be concluded ivithln five or six
invite  the  ladies of this city  to   inspect   their  sprinc;   stock   of  the
latest   fabrics  and   styles.     Special price for two weeks only t'-'.o and
$4n.   vVe guarantee perfect fit.
Corner Clarkson and Mackenzie Sts.
Effective April 5, 1914.     Subject to change without Notice.
Eastbound: Westbound:
1... New West   9:80,14.00,18.00 L,v Chilliwack    8.20,18,36,18.16
Ar. Chilliwack 12:10,16.40,20.40 Ar New WYst.  11,00, 16.16, 20.88
Every morning except Friday a local leaves New Westminster at
7 a.m., arriving at Jardine at 7:ii0. Returning this train leaves Jardine at 7:5o and arrives in New Westminster at 8:60.
On Fridays (Market Day) the morniiiK local leaves New Westminster at 'i a.m., and runs to Mt. Lehman. Returning leaves Mt.
Lehman at 7:^ei, arriving at New Westminster at 8:60,
SATURDAY EVENING OWL SPECIAL���Thin service will be continued, train leaving Jardine at 6:06 p.m. and arriving at New Westminster at 7 p.m. Returning leaves New Westminster at 12:16 a.m.,
arriving at Jardine at 1 a.m.
MILK TRAINS Leave chilliwack at 7:00 and 15:35 daily, arriving at New Westminster at 10:40 and IS-la. Returning, milk trains
have. New Westminster al 11:16 and 15:-5, arriving at CbllliwacU at
AUCTIONS- Tl."   Her' li
trained  Expert  Auci lonee r
vizirs'   < spe rit-nei
Government Ccnds Man Up the V/cst
Coast   to  i t��rn tbe Salmon's
Mode ci  L;fc.
W. ML McCloy 8c Cr.
Auctioneers and Appraisers
...    ,
l.ii -7
miss li
,-    -        7,
.    . .herb
: li ���     in.i  :   ���
the foci
1 "i,^;i:,;,.vA;:::u\1'..:     Hospital Heating
Ni wspapi'r.s   will   not   !>������  paid  for   thin ���
Plant For Sale
nilvcriis- ii   ni  ii they Insert it without au
tron   lie   I ic'partmeul.���3'J- "
ii .,        .   ,, ,-   ..     ,;        .)������ The    tin    il  ('oh    :' i ui   Hospital   la  Invlt-
i.e  Southeast Quarter oi  Section  23,   ln, , , ,,,    ,,,,        ,   .,     ,,,
,   Township   10,   in   the     District     Oi ling plunl In thi- ..I<1 hi   Id ng, i m . tlnn nf
-    .   Westminster.                                      Vmerlean   I !   .1   -.""" ml   boll       In I HM
1 two sense a ii        .villi   n ulatnrs nn I  I ip-
Tend. ���     '"  '"���  -��� 'i".l   ii!ru> il  "Tend rs
for   II"..;i i PI ii ' '   nnil   to   be   .1       ,  rl
.    I'..     Si e e:M-v    not    1:,'"'-    Mi.en    Q    p.m.,
M".id.i ���    May   t.
10.   B.   WI 1'IIKRS,
Ci'joa) BecrcUiry
Notice to Architect-.
The time lor n celvlng co te
plans i f typical school has bee i ex-
i, nded to 12 o'clock noon. Mi ty
Mas  4th, 1914.
A. .1.  BAKHAM,
1(3279) K'"      ">'���
v. hereas proof of the loss of Cer-
i Rcate of Title Number 2946K, Issued
in th, nam ��� ol Joel Stevi ns, has bi en
i li i In this office.
' - la hen b; given thai I s hall
��� . the oxpli al Ion ol en,: month from
tii" dati of the fust publication h .reef, .i ;. daily m wspaper publlahed in
tlio ('It; of New Westminster, Ibbuo
<i duplicate of the said ('��� rtlflcate, unless in tin meantime valid objection
be made to me in writing.
.1. C. GWYNN,
Distrni  Registrar of Titles.
Land Repfstry Offie ��� ,
New Westminster  !'.���'..  April  21, i
JUl'J. (3301)
Tl  ll.l.'I'S    Will    lee-    I'l-e-  iV"il    I.V    III"    Mini.  I-
siuii.el up to Monday, the tele day of Mav.
lnM, nl E p.m. I<>r tie erection of a fence
around the Pr.iser Cemetery nnd also a
small loolhouse. Specifications, i tc . c in
be   had  at   my   office.
The. lowest iii any tender mil ni "i      irlly
W, .v IJUNCAN, City Clerk.
City  II.ill, April 25,  1914. (.3:^7)
,. . p   , ..���   v,..-r.s 0f Hie Easte rl:   ;
''    ,-,,   N'i'    I'a.i  of l.c"  ��70, '   '
it .   District  of  New Wcstn  .   i
\'.���:,..,.i- proof of thfi  oss ol
,,;    tuio    N, ,,,1,,-r    :,!>-..A     Issued
mimi  nf Tl ins Robert Mclnnls h.
ril -i "i this office.
Nolle is hereby riven tha I r
' the ��� xplration of one month rrn
I,,.,,,. ���,' ,,���. nrsi publeatlon here,,
.I,,,.- newspaper published In h
New SVeBtmlnnter, issue a auplle
the unld c, rtlflcnte unless In the
time   i iii.I  objection  be  made   to
!""""- 3   C. GWYNN,
(3292) District  BeSflstmr of   I
Land Riglstrv Office, New Westm
D.C., Jtili April, 1014,
��� . ���    . ar   1    for
mnd on a
���i      : .     Im   by   J    P
ncial depai tmen!
ii ���  iin  Invi   ;, -a
���   itk n and h ibits of
The si fke el I;" con m rclal .Ja'-
roon ���' ' ������ ' '���' ! :,l',! ' iln tay of
the cannerlec, but ti    li case of all
i ��� | ", rj bi imon '��� I : - kn >������' n
of ih" habits e i the I h an i ll is felt
that  li   ���   di :��� to i      :i a  position  I i
make lav s reallj  ol  -   e in r ird to
British i 'olui i ' i.i f hei i an Important sti p inn.-' bi the collection of data
re!a tine to t: llfi history of the fish.
eepi clall ra . ��� g ird - '!,e' age at which
The fry migrate from the waters in
which spswln ��� i iki ��� pli ce to salt wa
tF.r, ' .'��� ���- i li Is that '��� a|e: e befon
ilvir return to tht M" 7 water again
and the reasons that Ho bahlnd tin-
large runs that ta!;.. pi ice up different   rivers  In  dif'en nt   ; ears.
Mr. Anderson's Instructions are to
collect 800 specimens cf Bockeye fry
from each river visited which will be
labeli d. pi' -I'l" cd In ft rmalln and
sent clown to Victoria for examination and classification, Accurate sta
miotics will h collected al the fylce
nri at the outlet of Henderei n lake a.'-
to the dates of the runs, of any days
on which no fish pass, and close ob
nervations made of different fish seen,
be sides any other Incid nts that tend
]-, throw light on  the history of the
IOI Key" and fish Iii" ae-lically.
Little Known of Habits.
sir.ee Frank Buckland began his
practical investigations into the habit ���
,,. the Atlantic Balmon It haa been
more and mon realized by spe rtsmen,
.. ,i scientific m n alike, how little
knowledge has been obtained of the
Improved Spring Schedule.
Effective  April   1st,  1914.
S.S.      "Prince      Rupert,"      S.S.
"Prince George." S.S. "Prince
Albert."   S.S.  "Prince  John."
Every  Monday at 12 Midnight���
Tee Prince Kupert and Granby
Every Tuesday, 12 midnight���
To  Victoria  ami  Seattle.
Every  Thursday.  12  midnight���
To Prince Rupert and Btewart.
E^ery Friday,  12  midnight���
To   Queen   Charlotte   island
E/ery  Saturday,  12 midnight���
To Victoria and Seattle,
Grand  Trunk Pacific
EASTBOUND Trains leave Prince
Rupert Monday, Wednesday and
Saturday at 10 a.m. tor Terrace,
Hazelton,    Smlthers,    Priestley
(.Mile. ;;;>7i stage service to Port
WESTBOUND Trains leave Edmonton daily at 10:45 p.m. for
Me Uriel.. and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m. tor
Prince (Ii orge.
We represent all Trans A tlantic Steamship lines.
Through tickets via any line to Chicago���Grand
Trunk beyond���Let uo BUbrnlt an Itinerary for your
C. E. Jenney. G A.P.D. H. G.  Smith, C.P.  ��. TA.
E27   Granville   St.,   Vancouver. Phone   Sey.  8134.
We have received a consignment of hydrated lime fertilizer  which  is hishly recommended.
Lime is almost aB important for the successful growth of plants
as sunshine and water.
PER TON, $12.50
Special Rates in Carload Lots.
fmnei 16 nnd 11. *02 Columbia Street VV.
Fir, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phonea No. 7 snd 177. TUESDAY,  APRIL  28    1914.
The daily reports received at The NeTvs
office of results obtained from the use
of News classified
ads. are proof ot their
Property sold and exchanged,
houses rented, lost articles
restored, situations obtained,
help secured; all figure in the
reports received. Results count
and The News brings results.
Phone 999 cor. McKenzie and Victoria Sts.
Down Town Office: Hill's Drug Store
New York Thief Makes Sure of Getaway���Loot Valuec
Close on $20,GCO.
New York. April 27. Six custom- I
i ers were looking over jewelry in Kos-1
; enthal's Curiosity Shop. Broadway,!
j when a young man, wearing a rain '<
' coat and soft hat, appeared outside |
I the show window. I
In the chop, besidese the customers, |
i were  four clerks and a girl  cashier. |
| The man quietly entered the vestibule j
drew a long chain and padlock from ;
, his pocket, made a loop in the chain, !
'and, placing It around the door knob, I
'drew It taut to an iron bar, fastening
! the door so that it could not be open-!
i eel  from   Inside.    To  make  sure  the
chain would not slip he put a padlock
on it.
Chains Door.
Because of the storm not many persons were on Broadway at the time.
After chaining the door the man quietly stepp.'d outside the vestibule and j
ieee,ki"l into the window, where were
many trays of jewelry.
At the same time some one tried to
get out of the store, to find that the
door would not open.    The man then
threw a  brick through  the    window.
The breaking of glass did not sound
| loudly   on   the  street,   but   the crash
j startled   p<  sons   In   the   store.   The
I mas   thtn   calmly  helped   himself  to
i the most valuable jewelry In the win-
��� dow.
The customers and clerks screamed.
| Several of the    men sounded    police
I whistles.     The   robber   continued   to
I stuff diamond  rings and other  valu-
i able articles into his pocket.
Ties Doors Up.
Patrolman   Burdick   of   the   West
I Thirteenth street station, was half a
1 block   away   and   heard   the   wistles.
As he  came  up the  man dashed  to
the  Sheridan   building  at   No.    19C8,
j which runs through to No. 6111 Sixth
: avenue.
Entering, the man drew a rope
from his pocket and tied the doois
shut. He was still tying when Burdick ran up and tried to enter. Finding the doors roped, the patrolman
began to rattle them. The man ran
through the hall, out the Sixth avenue
entrance  and  escaped.
The persons in the jewelry store
were released and a general alarm
was sent out for the robber. Those
who saw the man agreed that he was
not more than 26 or 27 years old.
Rosenthal said that night that it
was impossible for him to name an
accurate figure, but between $15,000
and $20,000 worth of diamonds and
other jewelry had been  stolen.
The police believe that the thief
carefully planned the way he would
rob the window and escape, and chose
tlie storm of last evening as an opportune time.
I portunity to make a defense.
"I chatge  it with  knowingly  fabri-
; eating regulations which have no existence in fact.
"I charge it  with  making a series
of absurd or false statements of which j
j it  refuses  to  give  proof,   because  it I
is  aware it  is  unable to  do  so.
"I charge It with using in a com-!
municution such terms as will cast j
lasting disgrace upon tiie department ;
unless they are apologize d for aud ,
"I charge it  with dishonorably ap-1
propriating, retaining and making public a  private  letter,  the    nature    of
which it has attempted to distort.
"1 charge John Seath, superintendent, cf education, with being the person who designed and carried out
this plan for driving me from the
teaehlng profession  in  the  province."
Accountant. Telephone Mil. Kovoa
tl   Hart  Block.
P. H. Smith. W. J  drakes.
Work  undertaken    ti    city   and   ouuid*
point*,   iill-y.'    Ween .luster   Trust   Bldgv
Ph.me  S<4.    P.   O.   lua  1*1.
That there is a prospect of a revival
of mining activity on a large scale in
the Cariboo along the rivers a/.d
creeks which attracted the placer
miners in 1859 and I860, would appear from an outline of tne situation
published by The Ashcroft Journal.
Mali Sing, a Chinese laundryman,
was cremated and eleven shacks oc
cupied by Chinese were destroyed by
tire at Extension last week.
B. p. O. B. of D. C meet the; first and
third Friday at 8 p.m.. Labor Temple,
Seventh and Roy.-il avenue. A. Well*
0��y, Exalted Ruler; P. II. Smith 3��c-
and third Tuesday in each month at S
p.m. In the Labor Temple. David
Boyle, Dictator; W. J. Groves, Secretary.
regular meeting ut Amity lodge No.
27, I. O. O. F��� la held every Monday
night at I o'clock In Odd Follow*' Hall
corner Carnarvon and Eighth street*,
visiting brethero cordially Invited.
II. VV. Songster, NO.; J. L. Watson,
T. Q.; W. C. "Joaiuam. P. a., recording secretary: J. W. MaoDonald, dnao-
clal secretary.
The World's
Confidence in
any article intended to relieve
the Bufferings of humanity is
not lightly won. There must
be continued proof of value.
But for three generations, and
throughout the< world, enduring and growing fame and
favor  have   been   accorded
because they have proved to
be the best corrective and
preventive of disordered conditions of stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. The first
dose gives quick relief and permanent improvement follows
their systematic use. A trial
win show why, in all homes,
the use of Beecham's   Fills
To Increase
Sold overywhere.   Id boxes, 25 conta.
Tot larieut tale of mt aoltciat.   No oh iWoU
���llllit to rota tkt auottioit woo t��tr�� mi.
VV. B, FAI.ES &. CO., 612-618 Agnes
street, opposite Carnegie library.
Most up-to-date funeral parlors Up
tbe city. Specialists in shipping.
I.ady assistant in attendance. Always open. Day phone 176, night
phone 81.
ter * Hanna. Ltd.)���Funeral director*
and embalmere. Parlors 406 Columbia
street.   New  Westminster.    Phone  III.
ster Hoard ot Trade meets In tbe board
room. City Hall, as follows: Third Friday of eucn month; quarterly meeting,
on the third Friday of February, May.
August and November at S p.m. Annual meetings on the third Friday o*
February. O. H. Stuart Wade, secrs-
rlsters, Sollcltora, etc. 40 Lome S'.reet,
New Westminster. O. K. Corbould, K.
C.    J. R. Urant.    A. K. McColl.
For the Weed Ending Sunday, May 3.
High.   Low.
6:00    1:85
21:05 IS:45
6:20    2:05
21:50 16:25
6:40    2:50
Sand Heads.
High. Low.
Time. Ht. Time. Ht
4:59 11.2   0:17    8.9
20:03 11.9 12:31
5:18 11.2    0:57
20:52 11.9 13:07
5:38 11.1    1:43
Residence:  Room 118 McLeod Block.
Phone 489 L.
at-law. Solicitor, etc. Solicitor for tha
Bunk ot Vancouver. Offices: Merchants Bank Builellny. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone No. 1070. Cabt*
address "Johnston." Code Westers
.V. P, HANSFORD, BARRISTER, Solicitor, etc., Colllster Block, corner Columbia anu McKenzie streets, New Westminster. B.C. P. O. Bos 285. Tote-
phone 344.
side ��� Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust Blk., Columbia street.
NeW Westminster. B. C.   Cable address,
���Whiteside,"    Western   Union.   P.    O.
Drawer   200.     Telephone   St.    W.   X.
Whiteside. K. C.;  H. L. Edmonds,   D.
8TILWKLL CL.UTB. Barrlster-at-law,
solicitor, etc.; corner Columbia an#
McKensle streets. New Westminster,.
B. C.   P. O  Bos 112.    Telephone   71*.
Solicitor and Notary. Offices Hart
block. 28 Lome street New Westminster. B. C
22.45 17:00 | 21:45 11.9 13:45
7:05    3:40
3:40 17:40
7:40    4:45
35   6:30
40 19:15
26    7:45
10:30 20:05
6:04 11.0    2:38 10.2
22:42 11.9 14:26    1.6
6:40 10.7    3:45
7:38 10.0    5:19
23:37 11.8 15.15
0:42  11.8    6:36
9:30    9.3 17:1.8
Barristers   aud   Sollcltora.    COf   to   lit
Westminster Trust Block.   O. E Martin    T.\  Q.   McQuarrie   and George,  U
Cabinet Stirred to Activity When
Arms   Are    Imported.
London, April 27.���A gun-running
exploit of the Ulster "volunteers" stirred the Hritish cabinet Into sudden
activity today. Premier Asquith.
who was on the way to his country
residence for the week-end, was stopped by telegraph and returned to
I.oi]don  immediately.
On his arrival be conferred with
Augustine Hlrrel, chief secretary for
Ireland, and other collegues in the
cabinet Maj-Gen. Sir Cecil Mac-
Cready, of the war office, participated  In the conference.
Belfast, Ireland, April 27.���A consignment of about forty thousand
riflt-s and half a million rounds of
ammunition from Germany was landed at isolated points on the coast of
Ulster last nigbt and taken by means
of 200 automobiles to the headquarters of the lister "volunteers."
The I'lster men. who declare them-
���elves determined to offer armed re-
Blstauce to the Introduction of home
rule, were mobilized last night, and
guarded the landing places and the
roads until the distribution of the
arms had  been completed.
The ixilice were powerless to interfere, and all communications were
Ontario Teacher Aecues Government
Of Trying to Drive Him Out
cf Profession.
In view of the industrial development ir
Greater Vancouver, actual and in prospect, and
to the fact that in the
past many manufacturing plants have been
lost to the community
owing to the exorbitant
prices demanded foi
land, your careful attention is invited to tht
The Coquitlam Terminal Company have for
sale to bona fide business concerns, manufacturing sites, all clear
and level, with trackage
and ample waterfront-
age at from twelve hundred and fifty dollars
per acre, also home sites
for employees at extremely low rates, with
excellent school facilities, city water, electric
light, etc. Address enquiries to
COAL MINING rights of (Us Doralnlesp
n Monitor,*. Saskatchewan and Alberts,
-he Tuki.n Territory, the Northwest Ter~
-ltorl"�� ��nel la a portion of the Prorlntw
if Biltleh Columbia, may be leased tor m
erm of twenty-one rears at an annua*
-ental ot tl an acre. Not more than 3ff*
���ores will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be ma AW
���y the applicant In person to the Area*
ir Sub-Agent of ths district In which tftov
���e��hts applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land moat as),
(escribed   by   sections,   or  legal   snb-dtr*-
lons of sections, and In unsurveyed tar��-
  ihali    BV
���Itory   the   tract   applied    for
out b    " 	
Each appl
��taked out by the a'ppYleant'hlmself.
.Ile-a tion must be accompanied
>y a fee of 16 which will be refunded If
he rights applied for are not available!.
���ut not otherwise. A royalty shall b��
.aid un the merchantable output of that
sine nt the rate of fire cents per fair.
The person operating the mine Shalt*
'urnlsh the Agent with sworn returns-
iccountlng for the full quantity of m��*
���hantable coal mined and pay the roy-
elty thereon. If tbe coal mining right*,
ire not being operated such returns otoSMSV
ee furnished at least once a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining,
?:hts only, but tbe leasee will be par-
tted to purchase whatever available
eurface rights may be considered neeaa-
enry for the working of the mine at th*
ate of fit an acre.
For full Information application abouis)
.e made to the Secretary of tbe Depart-
ei.-iit of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any
\gent or Sub-Agent of Dominion '".�����
W. W. COR*..
Deputy Minister of the Interiors.
N   B.���Unauthorised publication of thts>
.dvertlsement will not be bald for..
New Wellington
Office, 654 Front Street,
Foot of Sixth Street.
P. O. Box 345. Phono 105.
Almonte. Ont.. April ^7.~R. S. Jenkins, principal of f'.ie Almonte high
sechool, whose place his wffe must
take this term owing to the extraordinary atclon of the education depart-
��� ment in suspending his certificate,
has issued the following statement
containing a list of charges such as
have rarely had to be brought against
a department of the public service in
any county.
"I charge the department of education for Ontario with arbitrarily and
wrongfully suspending my certificate
as a teacher under terms which were I
intended to be equivalent to cancella-1
tion, without having given me an op-
Granville Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Office Phone 185.       Barn Phono 137.
Begbie Straot.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
Any Part of the City.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Read The News
TUESDAY,   APRIL  28,   1914.
May Day Week of Special
Values at McAllisters
Bedding of Dependable Quality at
Reduced Prices Today
Bleached Ued Sheets;  in heavy plain and twill weaves; reliable wearing grade; sizes 6Sx!Ui; regulai $1.76 *���!   Cft
Today, per pair  9 ' �������
Kine Bleacher Cotton Bed Sheets; neatly hemstitched; size 70x90; regular $11.75.   Tuesday, per t9  OC
Kine White Bedspreads; In Grecian weave; a serviceable spread for
everyday use; sizes 70x00 and 68x90;  inexpensive and       0>4   Eft
effective;  regular $1.75.    Today   9 ��� e5JU
Cotton Pillow Cases;  made from superior grade of cotton;  free from
starch;  40, 4J and 44  inches;  regular 55c. a pair At%g*
Today,  per pair     "tljJw
Kine Cotton Pillow Cases; neatly hemstitched in 40, 42 and 44 inches
by X! inches; made from pure cotton of close even thread;      CC��*
regular 65c a pair.    Today, per pair    OwC
Special value In Bleached Circular Pillow Cotton:  a grade quite free
from filling; 42 and 44 Inches; regular 30c. 2Cf*
Today, per yard         CsVW
Get Your Awning Wants Attended
to Now.   Our Lowest Prices Given
on Every Estimate
The sense.n is here for covering the ve-randah and shading the
windows. The expense of doing this Is small when you can buy the
I luck as such low prices.
We have a complete slock of both woven and painted duck, in
blue, red or green stripes.
Awning Duck; woven stripe: any color. 9C����
Per yard    63U
Awning Duck;  painted stripe, any color. QO-lfl*
Per yard OC 2 V
White Duck, for tents, flies or awning, 6 oz., 20c;  7-oz., Oft ft
22'.2c;  8-oz., 25c;  lo-oz  OUU
Double fold;  two yards wide, EA��
Per yard      5JUG
Let us estimate on your awnings and window shade-. We have
competent men ami can give you the very lowest prices.
Electrical Department
See the ladies' Home Journal, May number, en sale now and read
The new reflector-type glowing coil Electric Stove.
lines your regular family cooking, operates from any lamp socket and
uses the dishes you now have; regularlyy $6.50, but on special sale
during Hot-Point Week, .Mav 11 to 16 only at (Q  OC
Half Price  ���POsoaiW
Order now and we'll reserve a stove at Half Price, for you. to be
delivered during (lot-Point Week.
Main Floor Giving Exceptional Value
for Tuesday Shopping
We offer on Thursday a quantity of new novelty Neckwear, comprising
i < every style of Collar, Collar Kriils. Jabots, Fichus, Ties, Yokes. Ruffles, Bows, etc., etc., in newest laces, nets, lawns and fancy cottons at
a big reduction of the regulai,- selling prices. These can be seen on
display at the Neckwear Department. The regular values are as high
us $2.00.   Any piece of Neckwear in this lot may be QP.
bought for        wwV
A Lot of Ladies' Windsor Ties to Be Cleared at 2 for 25c.
Cumes in any color silk; some with fringe; others finished OC#��
With hemstitched edge.   Special at two for  CwG
Ladies' Elbow Length Silk Gloves Special at 95c.
These are a very fine quality silk glove; with double finger tips; in
black and white; and finished with two dome fasteners; a regular
$l.j25  value.    Special  at, QCf*
per pair       JJwW
Ladies' Super Silk Gloves;   Special  at $1.25.
A good strong wearing quality silk; also with double linger tips, anil
elbow length, and finished with three dome fasteners at ttl OC
wrist: a regular $1.75 value.   Special at   ^ I ������*#
Ladies' Fine Quality Lisle Gloves, Special at 65c a Pair.
Comes in short length and is a glove that will give satisfaction In
wearing; comes in black and white, and fastens with two CC*��
dome spring fasteners.   Special at, per pair   Vvw
Ladies' and Children's Fine Ribbed  Lisle  Rose, Special at 25c.
A  greap snap  In  heavy    l'n on These Nainsooks and    Cambrics
Crash Toweling; brown nil will surprise you. Hundreds of
cream stripe';    with red  Ixirel.-r. ,       ,    ,
17    inches  wide.;     regularise yards have nlroady b*en seld to
value;   only   100   yards   of   thin satisfied  customers;   42    inches
crash.    Today, 1 flf* wide; regular 22Vic a      1 Cm
Special       lUC yard.   Today, special ..   Iww
Children's Colored Wash Dresses at
Special Prices
dresses "nave just arrived. In this lot there Is every style obtainable
and all sizes are represented. The best ginghams, zephyrs and cottons have been used In the making of these, dresses, and the colois
Will ��tand the severest test of laundering; guaranteed to give every
.satisfaction in the wear. These have been carefully priced so as t-> in
sure  giving  to  the  customer the  be-si       *�� 4    Mf> ft>*}  j"#|
possible value in prices ranging from       ���? I i43 TO    *9s>>OU
M&*,V*__i^ limbec
Odd Pieces of Furniture Marked Down to Cost
.    Solid   Mahogany   Chiffonier;   six   drawers   and   bevel   plate   mirror;
regular $46.50 value. COO   Cft
Special    iPOfc.W
Solid   Quarter  Cut   Oak  Chiffonier;   four  drawers  and   double  cupboard; bevel plate mirror; regular ���*::2 50 CO 1   CO
Special            **������ -'U
Beautiful Chiffonier; golden oak finish:  four drawers and double ctip-
cupboard and bevel plate, mirror; re'gular $21.0U CI C  CD
Special    * ��� 5J-WU
Solid Oak Withstands; golden or fumed finish; reg. $7.n0.   *��j?  ���*��
Special         ��������'��'��� ��� 5J
White Enamel Washstand;   reg. $6"0;  Special $3.95. ����|?  "��j"
Ilegtllar  $7.50.     Special         ��Vt ��� W
Mahoganv Waslistands; solid top; regular $10..'i0. f>>^  Cfl
Special       # ��� i3U
Bird's-eye .Maple. Washstand; rtgnl.tr $15.00. CI 1   Cfl
Special           * I  I iVU
Dsesser;  four drawers:  golden oak finish;  large bevel plate mirror;
22x28;   regular $15.Oo. C 1 ft  T7C
Special # I Ua I D
Dresser;  three drawers;  golden oak finish;  bevel plate      C7   7C
mirror: 18x24; regular $12.00. Special   9 I a I 9
Dresser,  in   princess  sty'e;   three  drawers;   large  oval   mirror;   mahoganv finish;  regular $15.00. CIA  ^C
Special ���? I Us I O
Dresser with tour drawers; golden finish; regular $11.50,     CQ  OC
Special        oPOaoCw
Bath Towels and Towellings Priced Low
for This Week
Extra Heavy White Turkish
Hath Towels; a close absorbent
weave; large. Blze; 2 fix.".': plain
hemmed bordee": regular $2.50
per pair. Today.
White or colored Turkish
Weave Towels; size 20x40 and
21x44; handy towels for th ���
bathroom.    Today, Cfl**
Special, per pair   OUC
Irish Linen Huckaback Face
lerwe'ls; with damask borders
and scalloped edge; a very su-
!>"!-ior towel at a low p;ice; size
I$x36; re'gular 7.".c per ;;air. Today, per
Extra fiiie fancy Huckaback
Guesl Towels; with fleur de lis
lesign; scalloped "dgi'; siz��
15x211; a very dainty towel.
Today, per
Every Carpet is Reduced May Day
Sale Week.     You Save on Every
High  class  Axminster  Hugs;   In  deep heavy   pill   and   rich  colorings;  all  the laitst patterns:
Size t;.xfi feet;  regular $2;!.5".
Sale Price  	
Size 8.3x11.6  feet;  rtgular $45.00,
Sale Price  	
Size 9x9 feet;  regular $32.00,
Sale Price 	
Size 9x10.'! feet;  regular $36.00,
Sale Price  	
Size 9x12 feet: regular $45.00
Sale Price 	
A  rug superior to all others  in  textjure ami  finish, design  ami
Size 6.9x9  feel;   regular  $23.50.
Sale Price.  	
Size 9x9 feet; regular $32.00.
Sale Price   .'	
Size 9x10.6 feet; regular $39.60.
Sale Price 	
Size 9x12 feet; regular $45.00
Sale Price  	
These  rugs  have  a   rich  velvety   pile and   the  color  effects  are.
very  choice.
Size 4.6x6 feet: regular $5.50. ff*    o] ��
Sale Price        ��f)4a 1 O
Siz,6.9x9 feet;  regular $15.50.
Sale  Price   	
Size 7.6x9  feet;  regular $18.75.
Sale Price 	
Size 9x10.6  feet;   regular  $28.00.
Sale Price	
Size 9x12 feet;  regular $32.00.
Sale Price   :	
A very fine quality Wilton Stair Carpet: 27'j inches
wide;   regular  $2.2.">.     Sale   price  per  yard   	
Polished anl Lacquered Brass stair Knds: 30 inch,:; by
3-8 Inch;  complete with eyes     Each   	
HUu:k Covered Stair Pads.
Attend This Sale for Children's
May Day Dresses.    Record
Values Offered You
Three Extra Special Lct3
Children's    Lawn    and     Muslin
Dresses; Regular Values to
$2.50.   Special at $1.45.
This is a choice lot of children'
lawn and muslin dresses, whir
are usually sold as high as $2 50
There   are   a  good   number  n
styles and sizes to choose fron
some   beautifully   worked   with
embroidery and lace  ins- rttom
and  ribbon  trimmed:   others ol
a very fine lawn. In plainer de
signs.    Any one of these littli
dresses   would   be   good   valtu
at $2.50.    Our special   price,  for
this nn 1; ���� ef    a p��
only    4> I .30
A Quantity of Children's White-
Muslin   Dressss;    Regular
Values to $4 00.    Special at $1.95.
There  are  dresses   In   this  loi
that cannot possibly he. equalled
let alone beaten, fur value      All
sizes  and   dainty   patterns  are'
represented;    beautiful!]    trim
med little dresses, which would
orelinarlly cost you to $4.00 are
off..red. Ask to Bee Ihem on our
first floor. Remember there are
values as high as $4. Our Special Price for ��4 Q|-
ihis   week    91 .WW
A  Good  Selection  of Children's
White lawn  and  Muslin
Dresses;  Reg. Values to
$5.50.    Special
for $2.75.
This lot comprises White Lawn
and   Muslin  Dresses of a  high
standard quality material; every
dress    Is    beautifully    trimmed
with  fine lace and  prettily embroidered;  all  sizes and a very
choice selection    of    styles    to
choose from; with long or short
sleeves and   with  collar or  low-
fronts.   See these beautiful little
elresses then   you   will  be  convinced  of their  genuineness as
real good values; regular values
to    $5.50.    Our    Special    Price
for this werk
is only  	
This Is of Interest to Every Man
Men's Pine Mercerised Pyjamas, in plain colors of tan, blue, pink and
white:  also in  fine  Knglish  Flannelette;   in eat stripes;    all    sizes.
r,1)..pr,c:d $1.75 and $2.50
At 25c a Garment���
A line Balbriggan In natural color; exceptional value!  nun's sizeH
At 50c a Garment���
A fine Porous Knit I'nderwiar; in natural Color; with sleeves and
ankle length drawers.
At 50c a Garment���
A two ply  Balbriggan, With  long sleeves and ankle length  draw-
At 50c a Garment���
Mm's fine Nainsook I'nderwear; sleeveless and knee-length drawers.   This line also conies in combinations at $1.00.
At 65c a Garment���
Fine double  thread  genuine   Egyptian  cotton;   in   natural  color;
with long sleeves and ankles drawers.
At $1.25 a Garment���
Fine quality natural wool;  in white, pink and natural.
At $1.25, Combinations-
Men's Pine Quality natural Balbriggans;  with closed crotch, lung
sleeves and ankle' length drawers.
We also carry a fine assortment of Stanficlds Silk and Wool Underwear at higher prices.
Any $3.00 Hat in the Store for $2.00.
These Include all the newest styles of best Knglish manufacture Soft
Hats; in colors of navy, brown, gray, greem and black; with wide
silk bands and bow at back or side. Beit Knglish Derbys in se'ini-
flat rim and full roll rim styles, with bows at side, quarter and back.
Have all size's and can fit any man. CO  Oft
Actual $3.00 values.    Now on Bale   iPsSs.UW
Boys' Telescope Hats $1.00 and $1.25.
Hoys' Soft pell  Hats, in telescope crown, with drooping brims;  colors
navy,   brown,   green,   slate  and   black;   finished   with   silk   W   velvet
bands, and bow at side or back. tffl   ftft Cl   OC
Priced at   9 I *UU AND 4$ I .CO
Suit Cases at $1.45.
(.o,ei brass spring locks and side, catches; riveted corners and neatlj
Waterproof     Rubber Cloth  Suit cases;  steed  frame;  strong handle;
lined;  size 24  Inches;   regular $1.76, ^4    AR
Special           ���9 I .������ O
Bring AU Your Dirty Kid Gloves
Here This Week, Our Lady Demonstrator Will Clean the Worst
Pair Free of Any Charge in a Few
Moments. Main Floor.
Right io the Basement for All These Specials
Buy  Your Screen  Doors now at
These Special Prices:
o,ik   staineii     Screen     Doors;
strongly made and well finish.id.
���ach   at
lish'.ei   wit
and  corne
double stib"
Oak   Grained    and    Varnished
Screen    Doors;    finished  with
dee p   iKittenn   panel   and   corner
all sizes at  	
Oak  Grained    and     Varnished
Screen  Doors,   .villi double stib
and   turned   spindle's; all sizes at
Hard Wood Adjustable Windov*
lv   Inches  wide;   open to 28  1-2
and  Ii-  Inches  long.    Kach
35c and 40c
22   inches   wide;   oen  to  ".ij   1-2
and   42   12   long.     Kach
45c and 50c
The "Thermo" hand-power
Washing Machine; the easiest
running washer on the market.
strongly made and so simple-
that a child can run it. Our
Price   .
The "Velox" Water Motor
Washer is constructed to run on
the minimum amount ol water
pressure; and will do your
washing quicker and better than
any otilier machine_on the mar
ke-t. Our
Special Price
Tlie Royal Canadian Wringer;
Btrongly made of seasoned haid
wood; with 1 1-Inch Bull I . ubber
rolls, and will stand tbe hardest kind ol wear; sold with i
written guarantee.     ClA  Cft
Speolal   ..  ���Pl.Wll
Other  makes at
$3.00 and $3.50
You Save Money by Buying
Your Garden Toolt  Her".
.Malleable' Harden  Rakes  at
35ci 40c and 45c
' Ii" Handle Spades;  each at
$1.00 and $1.25
Spading Forks; *-|   AE
5-tin��; at   ���*��� I ����������������
Garden Trowels at.
15c and 25c
Garden  Weeders,
Sprinkling Cans at each ^Ci*
25c, 35c, 45c and   ��� vfc
All Our Lawn Mowers are sold
with a guarantee; foui knife;
10 Vilncri wheel Dawn Mowers
Ill-inch Blades,
14-incii   blades.
Hi-inch blades,
27  inches wide.
Specials in White Wash Goods for
May Day Dresses
We  have  a   splendid  range  of  pure  white wash   materials   in   both
rough  and  smooth   finish;   suitable  for middles,  blouses or dresses
White Marred Muslins; large or small bars
:!6 Inches wide.    Per yard.
White Dotted Swiss Muslin
Per yard at 15c, 20c and   	
White Cotton Crepes;  liglit or heavy weight.
Per yard at 15c, 25c. and	
White Drill and Duck; strong and serviceable.
Per yard at 17/2e., 20c. and   	
While Vestlngfli  dots, stripes t>r fancy patterns.
Per   yard   n.t   	
White Pltjue; with wide or narrow stripes.
Per yard at 30c, 35c and           ~	
White liuf-weave Poplin; a fine mercerized wash goods
Per   yard   at     .���	
A Very Choice Assortment of Children's Silk and Cashmere Dresses
Now on Sale at Special Prices
A large anil very choice consignment of children's Colored wash
Beautiful little dresses of good quality cream cashmere; daintily embroidered and some with a little' ribbon trimming; sizes :i months to
2 years. A few Alpaca dresses are Inclliil- tf< ftft
e,l in this lot.    Specially priced at     ��P I .UU TO


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