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The New Westminster News Feb 1, 1913

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 Some More Figures.
New Westminster has 19 miles of
cement sidewalks, 73 miles of plank
sidewalks, 44 miles of sewer, and 65
miles cf water mains.
New    Wi
chiefly  clo|
Not much
Muster    and    lower-
n* in temperature/.',/���
��mK ��� >*
��* or o*
^9 ^ a""���
Delegates to Peace Conference Packing up and Saying
Good-bye to London-���Both Sides Say Opponents Arc
Bluffing���Allies Say Adrianople Must Fall Before
They Will Discuss Terms of Peace.
London, Jan. 31���The Balkan allies
and the Turks are making active preparations to resume hostilities ln
southeastern Europe.
The delegates of the allies to tho
peace conference here are saying tare-
well and packing their baggage preparatory to departing from London. A
news agency dispatch received here
today from Constantinople reported
that the Turkish delegates had been
ordered home, but the command has
not been received. The good offices
of the powers to avert a further resort
to arma apparently have failed thus
Even at this late hour each side to
armistice, will be signed after the fall
of Adrlanople, and on a drumhead on
the battlefield. The conditions of peace
will comprise not only a new Thra-
cean frontier Une, but the contemporaneous surrender of Scutari and Ja-
uina to Montenegro and Oreece and
aiso a war Indemnity.
"I do not believe that l shall return to London for the drafting and
signing of a definite treaty, which can
be done more easily at Sofia or Constantinople. However, each of the
Balkan delegations Is leaving one of
its members here to keep in touch
with tbe ambassadorial conference and
to give the ambasodors any necessary
Ottawa, Jan. 31.���In the House of those harbors created since confedera-
Cominons, ln committee today, on Mr.j tlon the foresnore rights are vested
J. D. Taylor's bill to Incorporate the ln tba crown through the provinces.
New Westminster harbor measures, jit waa not clear, however, as to whai
tbe promoter of the bill pointed out'
that It Is planned to transfer tbe con.
the dispute ts accusing the other of | explanations  regarding questions un
bluffing. The Turks declare that in
thetr note to the poww-s Thursday th-3
alliea were given greater concessions
aa a baals for resuming the peace negotiations than they had expected
would be made them at the commencement of the peace negotiations. The
allies virtually admit this, but say
tbe terms which would have been ac
ceptable even a fortnight ago cannot
be entertained now and that tbe Turkish game obviously is to lead them
by the nose for months, counlim; on
i-ielr possible exhaustion and hoping
'hat complications will arise to favor
'I urkey.
Dr. Daneff, head of the Bulgarian
delegation,  said today that the  feel
der -*lscusslon by them.
M. Venlzeles, the Greek premier, In
bidding farewell to friends today said
he hoped soon to return to London
for a definite conclusion of peace as
the second period of the war would be
very short.
M. Mlyuakovitch, head of the Montenegrin delegation, went to Paris today
but will return to London tomorrow
and leave there direct for Cettinje
next Wednesday.
The exchattge of communications
between the representatives of tbe
powers was active today, but thus
far it seems that no practical way has
been found to avert a resumption of
hostilities.    The  British   government
Ings of the Balkan populations must { will be greatly disappointed if tbe con-
be considered. Excitement amor.-;: ference results ln a failure,, ecpeel-
them, he declared, bad reached the ! ally after the optimistic statements ut
highest degree against their "fratidu-1 tered on several occasions by Premier
lent treatment by a handful of 1'oun-* j Asqulth.
Turk conspirators" who had attempi-j Times Is Hopeful,
ed to play with the decision of Europe {    London. Feb. 1.���The London morn
and tbe honor, prestige and lives of j Ing papers appear bopeful tbat some
the Balkan peoples. ^^^^^^^^^^
A comparison between the Vatican I
and the Musselman's holy shrines In
Adrlanople, Dr. Daneff said, was Inadmissible. Tbe Italians, he said, made
concessions to the Papacy after tbey
had taken possession of Rome.   In ad
meana still will be found to avert
resumption of the war. '
The Times publishes a despatch
from Sofia which declares that the
Turkish concessions have made" a
much more favorable Impression there
thsn on the Bulgarian delegates    In
trol and management of the harbor
council to the new board. He said
that It van planned to spend large
aums of money on the harbor to make
it capable of accommodating not only
the traffic ot today, but what the future yeara will bring as well.
Several members raised the question cf the shore rights and on -this
the minister of marine, Hon. J. * D.
Hazen, mode a statement. He aald
that the law concerning foreshores Is
that in those harbors that were public
harbors at confederation the foreshore rights are vested In tbe crown
through the governor general, but   In
might be regarded a> a public harbor
Tbe practice had been, tn the case
of municipalities, to give the foreshore rights at a nominal figure, but
where they were sought by private
parties to rent them and for the gov-
at confederation, whether one which j eminent ln council to fix the rental.
was tben used by ships or one that
was then capable of being used by
ships, If improved.
Clearly a Public Harbor.
Ai to New Westminster, It was
clearly a public harbor at confederation and its fore-more rights were
vested ln the crown as represented by
parliament. Under the common law
those wbo have foreshore rights are
tho e who have tha riparian rights. He
said that the custom Is to grant' foreshore rights only on joint report and
recommendation of tbe minister of
marine and the} minister of public
Each case waa considered on its own
merits and the practice that was being pursued at present was cot to
g'.ve quit-clalma, but, Instead, leases
of 21 years wltb two possible renewals of 21 years each, but tbe rentals
could be re-arranged on the occasion
of renewals and If there was dispute
the exchequer court settled It, he sold
that there were many applications before the department for foreshore
rights, many of these rights having
! greatly enhanced tn value during the
'years. The department was endeavoring to have them all dealt with as
quickly as possible.
Rev. Arthur S. Lewis Takes
up His Duties Tomor
Succeeds Rev, A. F. Baker aa Pastor
of Olivet Baptist Church���Family
Accompanies ' Him.
Rev. Arthur S. Lewis, the successor
to Rev. A. F. Baker as pastor of tbe
Ollvtt Baptist church, arrived in the
city yesterday from his recent home
in Yarmouth, N.H., and will assume
his new duties on Sunday.
According to those who have heard
him preach Mr. Lewis is a man of ex.
ceptional ability and New Westminster may be congratulated on securing
his services, he ls a native of Nova
Scotia  and  waa educated  in  Acadia
""'.^'iL^f,^^^ *** *������> ����� equipped with
Wol and ot the Newton   1 heologi-   most modern machinery tor the
i pedltlous handling ot material.
Start Construction at Once
on Heaps Engineering
dltion,  Dr.  Daneff said, the  Vatican (-London and thinks tbls favorable im
was the  residence of the Pope andjprcasioa  mav  be strengthened wben
| It is found'that R is geners-tly Shared
contained, the tombs of apostles and
former popes, while Adrlanople, with
the exception of Its mosques had
nothing absolutely vital to the Mus-
aelman people. Dr. Daneff repeated
that nothing conld stop a reopening
of the war except the unconditional
surrender of Adrlanople and the
Aegean Islands.
The Servian delegates bade farewell
today to Sir Edward Grey, the British
foreign minister. Stolen Novakovitch,
head of the delegation, told Sir Edward that he considered a renewal of
the war inevitable, aa the Bulgarians
would not be satisfied with anything
short of tbe surrender of Adrianople.
M. Novakovitch aald to the Associated
Press that ho did not believe interference with the allies waa possible.
"This time," ho added, "the preliminaries to peace together with a new
tn Europe. The Times therefore con
elders there still is a faint hope that
peace will be preserved, lt saya that
should tbe Yonng Turks decide to go
�� ���.������������> further to meet the allies It is
likely enough that the allies would respond.
In anv event, says tbe Times, It Is
hoped If the fighting is resumed that
it will be confined practically to a
bombardment of Adrianople and that
the fall of Wat eity will bring about
the conclusion of peace. The paper
adds that It Is believed Germany
strongly disapproves of any monetary
bel�� being given either aide.
The severe winter weather makes
conditions moat wretched for a re-
suinniion ot the war, aays the Constantinople correspondent of the Dally
cal Institution. Massachusetts.
���sir. Lewis was ordained In 1901 and
has held pastorates In Massachusetts1
and hla home province, his latest
charge being that of the Zlon Baptist
church. Yarmouth. He succeeds in
New Westminster the Rev. A. F.
Baker, who now occupies the pulpit of
the Mount Pleasant Baptist church,
Vanoouver. .
Interviewed yesterday Mr. Lewis de-
cared that he was delighted with the
country. "The progressive and optimistic spirit of the west has made a
strong appeal to me," he remarked.
The poetor and Mrs. Lewis, and fam
Uy    who   accompanied him here are
at the home of Mr. Thomas Cor-
on  First  street
Plans have been Died at the building Inspector's office fer part of the
Heap's Engineering Works buildings
to be erected on the site recently
leased from the city on Lulu Island.
The blue prints provide for a ware
housa, machine shop, foundry, pattern
shop, offices, boiler bouse, blacksmith
iliop, fuel house and siding.
The cost of the buildings has been
placed st 325.000, but tills does not
nclude the machinery and equipment.
The pe:mit for tb?' structure!) will
irobably be Issued by the building inspector next week after the plans
bave been duly Inspected.
The various buildings' will be erect-,
ed on the latest and most approved
Investigate   Conditions   of
Labor  in  the  Rural
When Conditions Are Known Empire
Will Be Shocked, Says the
London , Jan. 31.���'The foremost
task of Liberalism ln the near future
ls the regeneration of rural life���the
emancipation of of the land of this
country from the paralyzing grip cf a
rusty, effete and unprofitable system."
David Lloyd George, chancellor of
the exchequer, made this momentous
declaration tonight at the annual meeting of the National Liberal club. The
land question has been one of Mr.
Lloyd George's hobbies snd the Con-
Be-rvatles have accused him ot being
(ambitious to Introduce the Henry
Oeorge system ot taxation in Great
Dairymen's Convention Comes to a Close���Members Mote
Than Satisfied, Most Successful Session Ever Held Is
Unanimous Opinion���Deeply Grateful to
Visitors���Importance of Pure Milk Emphasized.
At the second session of the Dairy
men's Association yesterday, besides
tbe valuable addresses given by the
various lecturers on specific dairy
matters, great stress was laid upon
the importance of breeding good stock
and thereby securing record yields of
milk as Inducements for boys to remain on thc farm. ^^s^salasPM
Time after time
Jersey breeders would ha indueetf logo for stock. ' ����v-
Mr. Macdonald then gave a 1
ous anecdote of bin- Orst i
horse w'hlch caused him to give ng*
his ambition to be a .store clerk aad
stick to the farm. Hla rer-sreac-B to-
the place of Ms aatfvtty. urmta:
county, raised great sums���t. aa.
that county seems to be a anui-e-s of
infinite merriment to Eastern
Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Tolmie I
presented the cups and
by members of tbe o-snods-boB,   tors-
..,.      .---, -��� -���|former giving, those la tha dairy i
mie  was alsj an  interesting feature competition  and the latter
of the day's -.--.eeting. Ithe Canadian record of i ..
Mr.  F. J.  Bishop,  president, occu- {The names of the winners we
pled the chair and there was a large, Ushed in the News yesterday.
attendance present to listen to an ad-     Dr.   Tolmie   explained
mil-able address upon   the    manage-1 record   of   performance
of tbe dairy cow by Mr. van meant.   Certain atandknte
for the production of milk ;
In certain breeds.   The record
_ the speakers referred to tbls as a solution of a question which has often agitated economists as well as parents.
Tbe presentation of the cups and
medals won by members of the association by Dr. ilutherford and Dr. Tol-
cover 365 days and the cow
calf within that period, it waa -a -grant*
advantage for buyers to know the-
quantity snd quality records of the
animals they were buying, aad they
could find that out from the record of
performances. It would also eHsaiaatf-*
Pelt. Tbe speaker treated his subject
in an easy and Intelligible style which,
besides displaying his thoiough knowledge of the d.iimal. Inspired his audi
ence with something of his own enthusiasm, so much so indeed that the
chairman declared he was ready to
sacrifice his dinner to listen to more.
Mr. van Pelt specially Impreosed ,���������,���,. ��� woula ���
upon all the members of the associa-; ������ --me -ow testing cows,
tion the importance of interestm*- j Thev nad als0 explained the doctor.
their boys and girls in the occupation j short tests from seventy to thirty days
cf the farm, and by advanced methods Dut tBeBe ���,���-- not compare, with*,
of  breeding good  stock and  feeding (Continued on Page Four.)
for better results eliminate much of  is-,
the drudgery.
The speaker dwelt at great length   TtLAIiILIi   KLIAKiM
upon the necessity of proper feeding,
and gave an instance of his first   ex- /inAiis-rii *\w   ********
pertinent which had resulted in an in- i-ilfllH III \W~   til*
crease ot milk trom    25   pounds    tol \K\\1111H \fi    Veil
SO 4-10 pounds from a 750 pound cow.\
B. A. �� I. WUfCrORS
tttty Members Meat and Divide Up
Work to Be Done to Ensure Sue-
cess of 1911 JExhlbltion.
The city directors ot the Royal
Agricultural and Industrial Society
met yesterday afternoon for the purpose of appointing the various committees which will preside over tho destinies of tho provincial exhibition,
Hew Westminster?" for 1913. The
selection waa as follows:
Mxecutlve committee���C. A. Welsh,
president; Nela Nelson, vice-president; (1. D. Uryraner, honorary treasurer; D. 10. MueKwizle, manager; his
worship Mayor A. W, Gray; Aldermen
A. K. Kellington, F. J. Lynch, W.
Dodd and J. H. Jardine; John A. Lee,
L. A. Lewis, T. J. Armslt-ong, W. It.
Gilley. K. II. Cunningham, L. Williams,
Er. J. G. McKay, Dr. P. P. Smith, Rev.
J. 8. Sanderson and S. H. -.','iaanon.
Finance committee���His worship
Mayor Gray, C. A. Welsh, president;
G. D. Brymner, honorary treasurer;
John A. Lee, L*. A, Lewis and Dr. J. O.
Special feature committee���T. J.
Armstrong, Alderman A. B. Kellington and W. A. Gilley.
Horse ahow committee���-F. H. Cun-
r'.-n-ham. Dr. C. R. Doherty, Alderman
A. B. Kellington, U W. Williams and
Reeve D, C. McGregor.
Children's day committee���His wsr-
a-hlp Mayor Gray, B. R. McMillan and
f. 0. Canfleld.
Chlldren'a day auto parade and
carnival'committee���C. B. Bourne and
Bd. savage.
Musle commlttee���AldermaB A. B.
White, chairman.
Decollation oommlttee���Alderman 3i
B. Jardine, chairman.
Lacrosse committee ��� Dr. P. P.
Smith, chairman.
Grounds committee���*. Q. Brymner,
tolulrman. ���������-���*
ftoeeptfh commute*���President 0.
ah. omit
��� **��� m
��� ���
Toronto, Jan. M.-r-The Canadian
bank clearings for the month ot January, with tha comparative moath of
last year ara aa follows:
City HIS 1912
Mo-itrs-al   ....$247.��M,102 $207.21*1649
Structure  Over  I .      River  Will   Be
Common cod Thla Year According to Minister.
A, WoUh, cbali-maa.
Toronto       196,781,436
Winnipeg   ...  134,993,462
Vancouver ...   51,431,327
Calgary        20,680.990
Ottawa        19,292,073
Edmonton ...   18,394,721
Hamilton ....   16,936.301
Quebec       13,676,682
Saskatoon   ...      9,096.067
Halifax          9,322,678
St. John ....     8,883.391
' 6.904 516
Moose Jaw  ..     6,996,706
Ft. William ..      3.609.351
Lethbrldge   ..     3,48*1,794
'   2,669.0?5
HruniUm         8.025,814
Brantford   ...      2 891,0*18
Westminster .     2,544,640
Totals   ....8801,819,510 ,"684,955,507
Chicago, Jan. 81.���A bandit, disguised by a handkerchief tied over
the ower part.of hla face; robbed the
safe ot an express oar here tonight
and escaped with a bag of currency,
thought to contain aeveral thousand
dollars, The ear waa attached to a to*
osl special -express train of the Penn
sylvsnta railroad..
The bandit compelled the express
meoseDger to open the aafe at the
point of a revolver. Tba conductor
of tka train aaiaod tha thief aa he was
about to Jump from the ear, bnt the
maa felled him with a'blow of his flat
The conductor Bred two ahota at tha
robber but ha apparently waa unhurt.
Tha robbed\traln la known aa. the
''atockrarda special." It is uaed
carry money aad . valuable aiphaaa
matter between the Union stockyards
snd the downtown dlatrlct
**t*.��, ,,.  �� T^tS? b��tag z*0xU��   Britain.   Recenty they have been m-\Proper housing and shelter trom coldl
and 140x131 feet.    The machine ahop|BerUng -v^ q^ a^^^t    naa    side- rains, heat and nte-s were other vitalW ._ a.
*��,   ���T??!ure *S*xM ln\***,m**Tr tracked his scheme, but tonight's ad-  points he emphaalsed. 1 General FalUn-)
200x80. the pattern shop 94x89, offices ;aress by tbe chancellor indicates that      A number ot queations were put tot
the government soon will grapple with I Mr. vac Pelt on the subject of mixing \
perhaps the greatest  problem, in ita land varying the food and answered |
| extensive program of social reform,  j satisfactorily.
The    unofficial    commission    Mr.
47x41, boiler house (9x23, blacksmith
shop 89x60 anB fuel house 21x29. The
buildings wUL averas* about 45 feet
In height.       '    -,-.' ,
As the Heap's company are supplied
with their own saw mills and pllo
drive-- the work in Ita entirety will
he done by themselves on tha day
labor system. Actual construction
i,peratl-,js would have been started
some tine a��to had tbo weather con-
dl.'ons l-seen favorable. Tbe company's
n 'e drlvtsr fa nt present stationed at
Tlut-v ti unable to get down on account
of  a,*  loo oa  the river,  bnt a tug
OR   to
Civic  and  Govern mas-si OBIc���
for Month at January-
Lloyd George selected to investigate
the relations between landlords and
tenants haa been attacked bitterly by
the Conservative party, which is the
party of the country squires, because
Its probings were In secret Mr.
Lloyd George said In hla speech tonight that the results achieved by
the commission bad been startling.
Speaking of the agricultural laborers, |
the chancellor said: '
Mr. Macdonald, the secretary, modal
a tew observations ln whloh he said
that at flrst he feared he might bei
blamed tor introducing so many
gentlemen from the other side of tbe
line, but from the enthusiastic reception given to them all and the manifest appreciation of the members
present be wss satisfied they were all
as pleased as he. was.   (Applause.)
Mr. J. IV, Berry took up tbe subject
lef comp'en'sation"?or ea"t��o'smug��erM jm"ftth *��J*$X*^.
Civ'.c departmental and government office statistics, indie-stive of
conditions generally, marked time
with tho weather doling J-uoary.
With the exception of the post office
stamps and mouey order aalea and,
the receipts 1.1 the city tro���iirnr*e department tbe Lgurea generally ahow ���
a decrease   Ir-m   tha
���jpjpjpjpsjpjpjpjpjpjpsssssssssssssssss. - -���   . ��� ���'   ��� ii j...-   .'.....    .-a-SH)Bi))))��))sB-sansl *���'* wuitivutmuvu ior cahiu aukugnvcroa i ���'sr
will be d-sipatcbed for It Monday. "When these reports are published   for tuberculosis, end moved that the      -V
a notable fenvure of the new works they win prove conclnsivety that there (association go on record as /avortag ���*���-���**������' ���**���* "������>-'��� '���
il he   t',e   fact that   the   various *re hundreds of thousands, If-not mil-Ithe followlnr scale of comoensatJan. !ti,r tb
building* will be connected by heavy
overlies ' csones oo-rails which will
l*- used In transporting machinery
"ro.-.i :p>' J reartment to another. A
B. C. "hleru-.i aiding will run through
the riant.
In a statement given out yestn-da,
by tha Hon. Thomas Taylor, minister
of public works, actual work on the
bridge aoaoaa the Pitt river will be
slatted thla year. Thla will only be on
the superstructure, however, and It
will be two yeara before the bridge itself la completed. Thla will not hinder tho building of 20 milea of tracks
for the Burrard. Westminster, Boundary Railway A Navigation oompany,
between Stave Lake and the Pitt river
connecting with a alltmar portion running ont of Vancouver towards Mission.
���Ir. William McNeill, general man-
feger of the Western  Canada  ~
Plan to Raise Big Sum for the Next
Ctymolad�����155,000 Mentioned.
Johnny Peter, Wae Serving Life Term
���Efforta Ware Being Made to
Secure Hla Release.
London, Jan. 31.���With a view to
enabling Great Britain to make A better a)u>wtn-> in the Olympic games to
be nela in Berlin In .1918 than they
Power; d.d at Stockholm last year. It Is   an
i.'onipnny, has been 1ft Victoria dur- Inounoed that the   Amateur   Athletic
ing ihe past few days tn connection  Association has arranged a dnahctal
with the Dewdney trunk road over or'plan to assist thc Kngl'ah athlotes ay*
���slonKslde which the proposed railway ��� tematlcally to train for that event.
will mn.    Mr. McNeill also took u;>;    sjjcrtly after>the conclusion ot   tho
���Uth the government the question *t|oivoiplc games Init'vear   Uifd   Des-
the Pitt rlvsr bridge, which braugUt bntotigh. prea'dlng rt a meetiiiff of the i Peter,"an Indlin "truety" convict, sent
lions of men, women and children Hv
Ing under conditions with regard to
wages, housing and the rest of labor
conditions, which ought to make this
great empire bona- Ita head In shame.
They will prove by unchallengeable
facts that this rich country does not
provide decent homes for tha laborers
engaged tn an occupation which ia vital to our very existence."
Mr. Lloyd George alao denounced
what he called the land monopoly of
unus.al   weather
Ithe following scale of compensation: l1"* tb}* eomL','oa of _.^
Majtimum for grade animals 8100. and opei-altons were fiacticaUy
for pure breds 1160, the government \ **",** *-> r;?"'   ���e
White the warden was endeavoring
to oCrrange tor hie return to spend hla | health
tew remaining days at home, Johnny
to pay two-thirds. ^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. Berry was told that the Uve
Stockbreeders' Association had passed
a resolution fixing the recompense at
8150 for grades and $300 for pure
in giving compensation the government waa not giving them any more
than they were entitled to, declared
Mr. Berry. At the sains time If he
had a sick animal it was up to him to
get rid of it It it died tney would
get no compensation. He thought the
stockbreeders were asking too much
and that if they aaked for the lower
rate they would get It
The motion waa carried by a large
majority. ,
Express Regret
Ou the motion of Mr. W. R. MeLeod
It waa resolved that the association.
in session assembled at New Westminster, regret very much to learn of
the unfortunate illness ot the Hon.
Price Ellison, miuister ot agriculture,
and wish to express their deep sympathy with him and his family and
join his host of friends ln hoping for
a sieedy relurn to bla usual good
for the mon lii were away I
ct   January,   1912.   Timber
operations were brought to I
still on account of the snow aod an a-.
result the timber office receipta Cell'
behind accordingly.
Contrary to the general tread ad
things the receipta of tba ett-y treasury as a whole showed a good advance, a 26 per cent inereaaa s-oJp-g
shown ln the water receipta aad 24 .
per cent. In the Ifght.'
Bank clearings for the weal
yesterday  totalled  I295.S0S,
the month $2,544,640.   Thee* aro
first  monthly  clearings
the establishment of Bla
minster clearing houee and
ho comparisons can be ssade.
The building permits tor tba tmtfma*
were 833,725 as compared with Ptlt.-
288 for the corresponding period sf
laat yew. ^^^^^^^
According to the building i
tbe Indications for February ara ��
good, three large permits pensHi-ax
out the above statement from the mln- athie-Tc���' advisory" clr.b   held   to Con
leler cf public works. | ,-.der the poor showing of Great Brl-
Mr. McNeill stated in an Interview, tR ns'athletes, proposed tVnt.a fund
In Victoria that the Stavo lake plant rt $35,000 should be raised In each of
was now selling 25,000 electric hirse ti,, hext throe yearn and BBO.OiX* In
power In Vancouver and New West- i310 t0 ba-imadln preparing English-
mlneter, although the present capa-l ���,��,-, to'c-wii*����le at Berlin,
olty ol the plant waa only 80,000. Next g-. Arthur Conan Doyle anggested
year, howover, they would have 50,000 t-,-- t-?50M hi raised by public ap
horse power In harness. coal
Mr. McNeill left tor Prince Rupel*t  ""-^sfaaaaaaaassssssssssssaaaaaaa*
laat evening where the oompany haa
he will go to New York." to confer
-with financial firms connected with
the power company.  .
On hla return ln. the. early spring
It ls expected that tha general manager of tha company will have'Important announcements to make rogard-
Ing tha policy of the company on tha
lower mainland,
The transfer from tha Old tothe new
telephone cable across the fraser
bridge will toko place this morning at
10:80 o'clock. The new line haa been
Installed above tho bridge while the
old one, which has glvae a great deal
of trouble ot lata, I* submerged to
the waters of the Fraaar.
Tha haw- lino will aarva praeUoalty
tha entire rraaoT rivar dtttriot and
will make eotmaotlM with Haattla and
otter towna la Washington.
������ ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� *********
Owing to the thaw not yet
being sufficient to take away
tha anow from off Qnset-'a
Park oval, the rugby game
scheduled for this afternoon; between Om Westmlnatoraaad
too Vaacoaver Tlnmm* Jem
baah postponed.
A masking ot toe league del*-
gatsa will be held on Taeaday
evening who* a draw win ba
made tor ths TiadaU trophy
It Is andaratood that too Royala
         aitiar ,tto
wm' ha*��* Ml	
Highlanders, the T. M. 0. A.
or tho Native Bom in the Brat
round of tho tawobjeaj cn-apeO-
..tloa.      v ���        ��� .>
*\. ���'���'������:-!
up for life a gocd many yeara ago,
on a manslaughter charge, died at the
penitentiary yesterday from tuberculosis. /
- The warden was unable to tell how
long Johnny Peter had been a convict but It la understood that he waa
In prison about 20 years. He waa a
fairly familiar eight to same Westminster people aa, being a trusty, he waa
allowed logo about with more freedom
than the other prisoners.
Poter became *e(ck with tuberculosis
aome time ago and tha warden observing that he was to pretty bad condition had been negotiating to secure
hla release la order that he might
spend the balance of hia Ufa At home
im Vanoouver Island
; Johnny wae a very dee-sat piisoner
and i-orked hard all tha tlrno. Ha #ae
trustworthy, civil ��adijulei and-gave
no trouble, Hla death la greatly ra-
ky the warden and *,.r"**-o"a at
this coming week aloue.
Some Figures.
The receipts ot tbe city I
office were:
Jon. 1812.
Inn. mt:
Water $��.8M.<Hr
Light 9 ��7i40
I'll Id ng permits..     122.7V
Pol ce department    285JO
'      STgJsB
The receipts from stamp
the post office during Jaaaary wers-
$3091.70, as compared with 13506JO
for the corresponding period las*
year. Tbo money order d^saitmeat
showed increased  aalea,    -Taw total"
dustrles, declared the speaker. Farm-
ara were too ndcpendsnt tn thla re-
cpect and prone too much to Individual enterprise.   They heard that farm-
-���.   Smith Pot* w**wmw
Oonvlot Joseph Smith araa lswged they- QnaW
at ts**,' am, ------- ������������'���************************���*********************-
bar ��� laat
abrni-f fear. I'm
Sk im haa token
J*-*ractoeta of tha
Tbe association then adjourned to
the front pf thc court house where
they were all photographed together.
Tbe afternoon session began with
an address by the secretary, Mr. \V.
"f. Mocdennld. on -'Community Breeding." He s,.'o If they were going to
a<-c3iupllsh anything tbey must en
������pcrate. He referred euloglstlcally to
'tr. 8:r'bner's work In Wisconsin
-.long these linos whero It had proved
-x great success.
This co-operation was more valu- , # ...._, lo_,^ .. . .��� -���*;���-��� - ������-���-
able to agriculture than to other *m\\\^a^lo^J^J^'*l
di-striea declared th. sneaker. ���*��-^^^mfc*50^-,^��-l-��
order sales were $30448
$228.3,*. taa^asl	
fin -euld not WJ-opo-toto and thla waaL-S?-'*!*?!?u ��'2." ^"JS^tiT
tnxivdti open tho fact that many ot ^'~Btor. i^h\*^*\\nJ"ehL K?**S.
foae projScU   had   failed.   On^ tha J***1?* ******** ����� ***** ���,**
other hand ha ahotrad that it trndTmea f^ujiLlor ���*
successful In Joropaan countries ��a,,*Sl*T|^,_11 uxm********
welt   as   ln Wlaconaln.   Community I * Jf* Sro^-?,1'?* 0,BBi
braed'ng did not maan a deSnlte or'JJ^^.JJ"��� "
.a^U^t.c^npurptme.     "�� " ""^L
Stick to Ona Bread, |arr wwt |i|s.n �� aaa--ste**sl""-*BBsb>
Mr. HaodoaaM adrlaad hk hoarera tt04.40 for the ***** %mmT*% fit
to atody ntUlty nttor than beanty. ht Tba mining Und mtSM��MttU
���   ��� $144* for ths mZ-llrmm*'
itJMty tan*t**Jhm beauty. M
n. -toatxwte saarhtMr Ihr, broad to *��� Adrtot waa tha idaal Uat yaar. .      ��� J "W^T^
rtv^+MitM^ *****���' ��* **�� **im*m��.smm-'mm''m
Hjmahowad abontob-r*o ttal.   Um* m*m*m*9 thay   might dirOhs ooenrrM darhag taasamtV.a*
���   "���  Mm ���*** t* *��   -riisXOOBfully   for   tores compared vltl b)a�� T      jj\T
m mwm*.   HO taotsaced Pendar talaad yaar. "Baraat^oavaa thSmSw ��T
^si wbato taay oootOAd thotr iooTsIIsm oetdid aa aaafaai m.-"^^ --
f ;��S��l,,J: mwTmmVw\ml ^^rtSSF^
Wmmmmmj^smmmm    **m     Ws--waw-s����      s-sw-ss-bbbbbi     Bssarm-s-t-a;    ajpaf wm*Tmwmm*hWmm*m**w^  tWthaWrWm HI taamsHL e��ATO" TWO
sis, iadevendfnt mat-miss- paper devoted to the interests of New ires'in'-ssler and
Temper Valley. PubtUncd every morning except Sunday by the National Printing
Pntiiskiny Compaay. Limited, *t S3 McKensie Btreet, Sew Westminster, British
HOB11 SUTHERLAND, Managing Director.
AU s-os-ttnunscatioiM should be addressed to The New tv'es'im-istc'r News, and not
ultiridual members of the staff. Cheques, drafts and money orders should bo made
to The National I'rintinp and Publishing Company, Limited.
rmutPHONES���Butthen Office and Manager, 999,- Editorial Rooms {all depart-
>. 9S1.
SUBSCRIPTION RATB8���By carrier, Si per year, tl for three months, lOo per
th. By wail, |3 per year, lie per montn.
AOi hltllMSG RATKX en application.
TO CORRBBPONDBNTB���No letters will be published (n The News except oner
s-ps-icer's signature. The editor reserves the right to refuse the puMfcattou of ary
The intimation from Ottawa that the Immigration department intends to obtain photographs and other data
relating to every individual Chinaman in Canada, may in-
oiicate that the Chinese Commission held two years ago
in Vancouver has had some effect in bestirring the authorities to take action.
We are told that there are no less than 50,000 Chinese
in the Dominion. In this province alone there were 15,000
two years ago, and even that private enumeration did not
take into consideration numbers of the yellow men who
"were scattered over the province in various.transient occupations such as working upon the railways. It is fairly
safe to hazard a guess that there are by now quite 20,000
in British Columbia.
We believe in a white British Columbia, but we recognize that that ideal has its limitations. If we cannot be rid
of the Asiatic peoples within our gates, by all means let
us control them, although the very act of so controlling
them is contrary to that spirit of democracy of which we
hear so much.
, If now it has been found expedient to have every
"linaman properly registered, so it may be presumed, it
is necessary to have every Japanese and native of India,
also properly accounted for. As a people-the Chinese are
finite the equals, and by many are considered the superiors,
���of their fellow Asiatics.
We recognize that the Asiatic question in Canada,
and especially in this province is of a most complicated na-
We need "radical rlghtings" In Canada, just as much ss the change Is
needed In the republic. We have
copied an immense amount of the badness of the republic, perhaps unconsciously. The right-about-face period
must soon come. All the vicious taxes, the combines, the extravagance in
administration, to say nothing of other
ev.ls, are ripe for removal.���Winnipeg Tribune.
* *
* THIS   DAY   IN ���
* 0
After every other man concerned
n the rebellion of 1S37 had been allowed to return home, Wm. Lyon Mackenzie still remained an outlawed ex-
119 In the United States, because, it
was said, the English ministry believed thst the origin of tho rebellion was
due to him.
But he had a good friend in England ln Joseph name, an untiring laborer In many directions, and an untiring foe to special prlvilieges. Writing to Mackenzie in 1S48 Hume stated
that though he had "condemned the
attempt at' revolution" he could not
forget Mackenzie's endeavors to put
an end quietly and In a constitutional way to misrule and consequent discontent in Upper Canada.
Therefore he had six times applied
to the British ministers to grant a
genera) amnesty to all political offenders In Canada, and at last had obtained a promise that any resolution
from the Canadian government on
Mackenzie's behalf would be received
favorably. Finally, urged by Hume
and others, the Canadian government
originated a measure for the complete amnesty desired. s
This passed unanimously through
both houses, and received the assent
ct Lord Elgin, representing the Queen
on February 1, 1843. On Mackenzie's
arrival in Toronto however, there was
a Tory riot.
��� ���
* ���
Freedom   of   Discussion.
Thc first step toward making   the
Home of Commons of Engand a really
Independent and  powerful   legislative
*     ,u   ,   -.   i ,  -     ��� , .   ,       ,-   . .  ,    body was taken at the instigation of
ture, that it has a bearing upon Imperial relations with sir Edward coke, who was bom 36i
foreign powers,, but, until the man and the hour arrive���
if ever we are to be rid of our yellow incubus���we would
prefer to see the Dominion government institute a department which would have complete control over the Asiatics
now domiciled in Canada.
Its officers should be men who have first hand knowledge of the people they would supervise.   There would I
then be less of the gambling raid laurels to be handed out ItihTnl^SSS ["��?&&**��
���to the police forces, less of the lying and crime that marks ****'" ������ra''inK u" thv ***** Petltion
the path of the fractious Sikh or Japanese. \����� X ^iVyTZt^ h*��
What British Columbia needs is absolute exclusion be��� f<-n*tveu because or his great ser-
'. vices to humanity.   He found (he Com-
| mnns a body of cowards,  subservient
come one of the leading actor-managers of America.
A daughter of England who has become prominent on the American stage
Is Miss Rose Coughlan, who, in private life, Is Mrs. Augustus Pitou, Jr.
Miss Coughlan will celebrate her thirty-seventh birthday today. Her father
Charles Coughlan, was a well known
actor, and her aunt, Rose Coughlan,
once a burlesque beauty, was long a
star in the legitimate"- end immensel}
popular on both sides of the Atlantic.
Gertrude Coughlan studied painting
In London, but, visiting America with
her father, she decided to follow his
Her first appearance, at the age of
sixteen, was In "Diplomacy," at Detroit. Last month Bhe appeared tn
the four star production of "Fine Feathers" in New York, with Robert Ede-
son, Max Figman and Wilton Lack-
��� ���
��� OUR   POET'S   CORNER.        ���
��� ���
When I was a young girl I dreamed
Great dreams
Of giant entitles fashioned on a hill
of gold;
The  gold   ts  but  a   gorse-bush,   and
haply It seems
My castle's but a cottage, now thai
I am old.
Now  that I am  old,  1  dream small
Of tiny feet that falter, and tiny songs
Though I heard the trumpet blare and
saw red gleams
From   the   flying1   feet   of Cherubim,
when I was young.
When I was a young girl I dreamed
long dreams,
Of ever-flowing  rivers  of  earth  and
sky unrolled;
My sky's a window square, the rivers
are but streams,
And the earth is a hedged meadow,
now that I am old.
don are those of children under five
years of age.
It Is believed that notification ��� by
physicians of all such cases may enable the board to bring about an improvement ot the conditions under
which the children live. The national
insurance act is also expected to bring
about great improvements in the London slums, by penalizing the owners
of unsanitary tenements, and its in
these slums that the wblte plague
finds the majority of its victims.
With the permission of the republl-
?an authorities, Portuguese royalists
will today hold memorial services ln
honor of King Carlos and Crown
Prince Lulz, who were assassinated
five years ago today. The remains of
the royal victims of the anarchists lie
burled In the Cathedral of St. Vincent,
Lisbon, where requiem masses will be
Dublin  Fusiliers Attend   Removal
Trophies for Repair.
London, Jan. 31.���The old colors
of the Queen's Own Iloyal regiment
(now the 4th Battalion Royal Dublin
Fusiliers) have been removed from 8t.
Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, to be repaired, as owing to their great age
they were falling to pieces. These
colors were carried by the regiment
for over 80 years, were several times
ln action, and were deposited ln the
cathedral over 40 years ago.
A guard of honor, under the command of Capt. Walan E. E. Dickie, at
tended at the cathedral, and the dean
handed the colors of Lieuts. Persee
and Colles. Captain Dickie promised,
on behalf of the regiment, that the
colors would be returned when repaired, and the party returned to the barracks.
During the period in which these
colors were carried by the regiment
the battalion, or detachments from it,
served in the Peninsular campaign,
the Irish rebellion and the Crimean
British Canadian.Securities, Ltd.
Belln's Invention ls that it Is possible
to carry about a small apparatus,
weighing about sixteen pounds, and
immediately attach it at any telephone station. This renders possible
the telephoning of pictures over long
Sent Over Lcn-j Distances by the New
Method of a French Inventor.
Par's.  JaD.  31.���Edouard   Bella,    a
French inventor, has succeeded In tele
Now   that   I   am   old   I   dream   short |**ranl'lng a photograph from Bordeaux
yearn ago today, Feb. 1, 1552
It was the eminent lawyer who led
the Commons in the decisive action
of entering on the journal of the
House the lmmortil petition of 1621
insisting on the freedom of parliamentary discussion, and the liberty of
speech of every individual member.
For this revolutionary action Sir Edward was thrown into confinement.
Of small warm woods and little path9
I who saw- stretched shadows and the
sun's long beams
On the cedar trees of Lebanon, when
I  was young.
And youth Is a memory with Its long.
deep dreams.
Its  venture  unadventured.   the  glory
still untold;
But I can keep forever, unashamed it
The   small   dear   dreams   of   comfort.
now that I am  old.
Labor Difficulties May Be Solved By
Visits of British Workers.   .
London, Jan. 31.���That a partial solution of Canada's labor problem may
be found in Bending to the Dominion
large numberB of workmen from this
country who would work during the
spring and summer, and return to the
old country ln the winter. Is the belief of Sir Charles Hunter, M.P., who
recently  returned from Canada.
Now that the transit ls growing so
cheap, he believed wc should find a
large number of men going out to
Canada for the summer���say March
to October���and then returning to
This would be a big asset, not only
to Canada but also to this country.
They would come back with their
pockets full and tell everyone how-
much  better  things  were  in  Canada.
to  Paris  in   the ro-.-ord   time of four ACROSS   ENGLI8H    FIELD8
II. Belln's process differs radically ! lxmdon, Jan. 31.���Two cowboys, per-
from Korn's method. Instead of us j forming with a company at Colchester,
Ing selin'om he prepares a photogra-1 engaged in a cross-country race at
phk; plate, the basis of which is bich- ' Colchester, the prize being the hand
romatic gelatine and the surface of j of a lady rider In the same company,
which Ib uneven. She declared  herself unable to de-
A small  metal point  passing over   clde as to the   merits   of   the   rival
of any additional oriental immigration, be it British born
British allied, or not.   This in addition to proper super- ki��s and lords, and he Btarted it on
vision or repatriation of those Orientals now in the r>rr>.\%��*�����^S^%ai?* Z
vince.   The day may be as far off as the millenium, but
we do not think so.
lords   playing   second    fiddle   to    the
triumphant commoners.
Thrace, Thessnly and tho very' capital itself seem now at tho mercy of
tlie Ualkan armies.
��� ���������������^������������������������<
!��� ���
\*   THE    HUMAN    PROCESSION.   ���
��� (By O. Terence.) ���
\* *
Islim hus fcren crushed in Kurope
.-said in Arrica.   The great Mahometan      The  loss  of  political   prestige   will   ****************
anawaanBSt that   threatened  to engulf also be accompanied by a loss of Ma- i ������""������ ���"�� *"* '"'
���*e  world  in Ihe middle    ages    was  hunt'tun   prestige,   for  conquest   cus- j Clara   Butt,   England's   Sweet   Voiced
fet-did T.rf al the battle, or Chalons in   temarily   means  a  change  of  deities Giantess,  is 40 Today.
"Trance by t'harles Martel before the and formulas, so that we are witness-' Fair and forty, hut not fat. although
Xurm-xn Conquest, but Mahomelanism i Ing uot merely the passing of the ! "divinely tall." is Mme. Clara Hutt,
-anil tlie Moors were not driven out Turk in Kurope, bul the decay or Is-; the celebrated English contralto who
���i-sf Spain until a few years before Col-. lam rn the Mediterranean. -Winni
-jmbis* -voyage. m ! peg Tribune.
At the same lime   as Islam   was   being
���driven out of Spain, 1470, the Turks i
-captured    Constantinople    and    have
tii Id  it ever since.    More than  this.!
they pressed upon tho Austrian i and
last month began an American tour
i Mme. Hutt, otherwise Mrs. Kennerly
, Itumford, and a happy wife and mo-
j ther as well as a world-famous queen
| of song, was born forty yearB ago to
i day. February 1. 1S73, at Southwlck,
1 a little Sussex city, and was educai
Men "ho are sitting smugly In high
reached   Vienna,  where    once    more  places,   and   those  who  add   to   their j ed at the Royal College of Music    in
Christendom   triumphed   under   John   ncumes by their power to influence [London
SoM-ski, the Pole, In 1663. ' governments    to    tax    where    there j ' she \3 a  feminine giantess,  stand
aiahometanism in 1470 covered the should be no tax. should give heed to ' |ns ���*., fee- an(- iwo and a half Inches
Africa-*   shore   of   the   Mediterranean   warnings. and hnr commanding    height    alone
sea. inclydlng in itB domain Kgypt. There ure common laws In the: wou*,j be a remarkable figure in any
',Tonis, Tripoli, Algeria ami Morocco world that apply to all nations. WhereIassemblage. But when she opens her
sums spread its Influnence far Into tho common conditions exist, the same|mouth and Rings, everything Is forgot-
interior where the negroes for cen- Common laws will finally prevail.', *Pn but the voice, wonderful in Its
furies were taught to bow to Mecca. There Is a striking similarity betweenI fulness baritone In the lower reglBter.
The church of Mohamet spread over certain laws in Canada and the Unit- i but in the upper tones clear as a beli
Asia with prayer-rug and sword, a ed Stales, the laws that Impose liur-jam* B,vr<,, a3 imagined music of the
lesser Mahomet All conquering the dins on the poorer to benefit the j spheres.
--.���ery'-j-afital  of  Delhi, [richer. Mlnfi/ r*���u   Inade   h(,r   (1(,but   at   a
**"ndia Is still in some danger of Ma- So, when a prophet speaks in the Royal College of Music student's per
hometan swny. lt spread into the ta- ��� republic, the wise man in Canada will formance at the Lyceum theatre in
iilc-lands of Asia to the Gobi desert, ask himself the question, does tills ; London twenty years ago. The I'rlnci
tt seizod title BalkanB and made    the  warning apply to me and my country   ,,f Wales, later King Edward, was en
����n-iit terlltory of the gods of Greece, The prophets Ol old were not British : tranced   by  the  voice  of  the  youuglalso eujoyid n mild January for the
.its very own. I Subjects, yet their Words are as    up    giantess,   and   led   the  wild   applause   most  part.    The   Atlantic   was    very
���lSi*B phenomenon of the successful  plloahle to our times as tliey were ln|that followed her part in ihe program,  boisterous during the early   part   of
-rnnqin-st     of     MahomclanlBni     over  the days of  Klljali. ; she  paid  her   first  visit   to   America I last month, and a number of transat-
CbrMendon  and Bnddah'l realms Is;     United   States   President-elect   Wll-  thirteen years ago, and made as many   Inntlc liners had difficult passages.
attributed   by   modern   historians   to  si n's warning that another orator may ; admirers en this side ef the Atlantic I    If  the  groundhog   doeen't   Bee   hlf
Good fellowship o'er all the earth
Is but an unshed tear;
At home sweet charitv has birth;
Good  friend, your home is here!
I am no preacher;   na-v. nor saint,
But this 1  do betiere;
For all your folly, all your taint,
Give, and you will reprieve!
Who gives his mile, perchance he lays
lTp stores for his own peace;
But here  I think, who gives bat pays
The interest on hfs feaae!
If in your hands a candle lit.
And ynu the holder be?,
The people that in darkness sit
A  sudden  light  mar **e*
-Stephen Chalmers,    Tn New
��� *
��� SCRAP   BOOK   FOR   TODAY.   ���
��� *
Br'er Groundhog Will  Decide   Lewf-th
of   Winter  Tomorrow.
If Candlemas day he clear ami bright
Winter will take another flight;
If Candlemas day be dull and gray.
Winter will quickly haste srway*.
Tomorrow will be GamBemas day,
aud it is up to Br'er Groiuisihog, whose
speciality is to enligteten the world
when to put the furs away* ��*sth the
mothballs. In most parts of the wortd
the winter has been esceptlonally
mild, and few sections ot North America and Europe have known the rigors that aforetime accompanied the
"old-fashioned winter.** In New-York,
Eeveral days in January were the
warmest since tlie weather sharps began keeping records.
In the middle of January the grasB
was green in Cf-itral Park.    London
the uneven surface of the plate,
causes a variation of the electric current, which renders possible the transmission over a telegraphic or telephone wire of the lights nnd shades
of half tone plates and is attended
with remarkable regularity and Bpeed.
The most Interesting feature of M.
��� Euitors, and a race being suggested as
i a way out of the difficulty, the trio
agreed to abide by the result, the
winner to marry the lady and the
loser to be the best man.
The race was an exciting one, and
was won by a neck In the presence of
a big crowd of soldiers and clllans.
f-pcclflcatlons, -u-reements of sale deeds,
bu.hIii--.sh letters, etc.; circular work epe-
clallst. All work strictly ti-iufldentlal. II.
Barry, room 411 W-sstinln-itar Trust Blk.
rhone 10!.
U Q. O. U.. NO. Ml -MEETS ON first,
nicond and third Wwlntssduys In facta
munch II K. of P. lLill at > p.m. H. J.
Is-iimy. dictator; J. H. Prloe, si-crs-tury.
I. O. O. P. AMITY iODQB NO. 17���The
rt-Rular im*ctlng of Amity lodge No.
27. I. O. O. V., Is held every Monday
nlKlit at S o'clock In Odd Fellows' Hall,
corner Carnarvon and Eighth streets.
Visiting brethent cordially invited.
C. H. Bryson. N. (',.; It. A. Merrlthew,
V. O.; IV. C. Coatliam. P. O., record-
In-- secretary; H. W. gangster, flnan-
clrtl secretary.
CENTBR A HANNA, LTD.���I.-uneral
directors and cinbalmers. Parlors 408,
Columbia street. New Wesiinliisier.
Phone iei.1.
W. K. KALES���Pioneer Funeral Director
and Embalmer. BU-61S Agnes street,
opposite Carnegie Library.
I^iw, Solicitor. Etc. 5611 Colunbia
street. New Westminster, B.C. Telephone 1070. Cable address "Johnston." Code. W-sstem Union, orders.
Booms 6 aad 7 Kills Block.
J. STILWELL CLUTE. Barrtster-at-law,
solicitor, etc.; earner Columbia and
MrKensle streets. New Westminster,
B. C.   P. O.  Box  112.    Telephone   710.
There are twelve different subjects to choose
from, every one of them fine examples of high art
color printing and well worth framing.
Any one given away free to customers purchasing goods to the value of one dollar and upwards.
All our regular customers can have one by call-
in?, whether making purchases or not. Also all those
who left their names about Christmas time might
call and receive whatever one they want, as while
we will keep one for them it may not be just what
you would like. So call early^and get your own particular choice.
661 Columbia St. J- Stewart, Prop.
solicitor and notary, 010 Columbia
street.    Over C. P. R. Telegraph.
Barristers and Solicitors. Rooms 7 and
8. Ciulchon block. New Westminster.
O. E. Martin, W. O. McQuarrls aist
OJeorge l. casaady.
and Solicitors, Weatailnster Trust Blk.
Columbia street. New WesUnluster, B.C.
Cable address "Whiteside," Westers
Union. P. O. Drawer 200. Telephone
**.   W. J.  Whiteside.  H.   L.  Edmonds.
AoeountanL Tele. R 12t. Room Trapo
sler Board of Trade meets tn the bssard
room. City Hall, as follows: Third r*Tl-
ilay of each month; quarterly ravelins
on the third Frl-lay of Fob-Mary. May.
Aiisniflt nml November at S p,m. s\a;
IVetrulS^W* ���*�� A*nAM��JaT*aa*ji
The Management
tbe superior temperance I'-achingb Otlba coming Is one that haa linen    ex. | aH  -���   England,   where  her  nhility   Is
the Koran   to   the  absence  of  Inter-. pressed   before.    The  Coming  orator, j universally  recognized,
-nrr'.nr strife* and to thc unity of the  preaching his own caime with power.      when she appeared In Carnegiehal
faith   which rejected  lhe three-lii-ona | telling  Uie   version  of  the  lomathlng j n,>w York, last month sin* was givi
theories   nt   Plato   and   turned   aside , wrong In his nutlon, calling to nrms in :an enthusiastic  welcome mid gr
rrom thn worship of Icons. i the sense at leaBt of a great uprising [with tumultuous approval.    Mine
shadow tomorrow, this winter may bf
on the whole en mild as the wlnte.ra of
1SS91S90, when the average temperature In New York was 41.8, and 1891-
tod |W2, which was exceptionally mild nil
Butt lover  North America
tllowrviT IhlB may be, the Maho-ne-  to attempt Its cure. Is Imminent .It i�� , will   extend   bar   lour  to   the   rail'.* I     Looking hack over tha weather roc
lo spend   sorai
London was Ihe birthplace, f.fit
three years ago today, ot lienry Mil
ler, the distinguished actor, lie ��a
reared nnd educated al Toronto.
tana,  Moorish  in  Spain, and  Turkish   safe to prophesy him. looast,   and   axpecll
in Constantinople, bore the lamps of      "The  conditions are  perfect,"  say3it|nu, |n Calltornla.
sj-nlightrnmeiit, of art, science,  Indus-.a great American newspaper, the New
try and invention throughout the dark   Ynrk  Mail, "to the last faggot, for a
*txs.  So   deep   is   the  Impression   of  naming  tongue, and nothing  is lack-
���t"M>"r clvilizalion  that  from  them wc  Ing but the tongue.    The hardship ot
.derive   our   Oothic  architecture,   our  prices,   the  exasperating  pictures   ot
ntuiical nomenclature, our chemistry, j display   daily  chronicled  hy  'society, I the Ontario metropolis was the teem
spur metal art craft, our Inventions In .-all  tills  ls  waiting for  the  tongue ir.f his dramatic premiere.    It  Is said
s-usvif-atkin, and  a Bcore of other lm- j if the orator.    That Mr. Wilson sees   (hat he determined upon a stage oar
���p-nrlanl   branches  of human   applies-, it, and utters his warning Is because
tisin. lhe has been vory close to ambitious
But the great empire of Mahomet youth In colleges.
tnu crumpled until today not more j "The boy from the ivoods Is now, In
than 259.(100.(100 people profess this re-1 many Instances, ln college, dreaming
lie. cm, and the people who profess It] his dream. But It Is more likely that
-sre markedly Inferior lo tho former i he ls too poor to go to college. He Is
Moor snd lhe early Saracen and Turk, j silting on a rail fence, and while hr
Tlse real dismemberment of the]muses the fire bums, lie Is the born
T-Erklsh empire has taken place with- orator. Ho Is going to get down from
In the r��?t f'.fty years. Crcece won that fence, and when he does there
tier bits. nile!.. ���' '.:i 1830. Algeria will be something doing Ihat all the
web taken by tho French lr, lS!"o. nirnoy, all the police machinery of
STvia iv.i3 granted her Independence government, cannot stop.
in 187S, Roumanla, Montenegro in the "I et. ns O-nnk Wilson and take he--d
atainc year. Bosnia and Herzegovina Let ns get to work on radical right
-sjrCre grabbed by AuBtrla In 1908. Cy- Ings that will leave no texts for cru-
-Bros was taken over by Britain In j sadrs. Remember that thc orator for
s*rnt. reform fears nothing.    Me is ready to
Tunis was ceded to thc French in ; be shot. But to shoot him would be
IIH. Egypt was taken by Britain like scattering burning oil."
ss 1MX2. Crete was granted autou-! How ninny in Canada today are ask-
-��s-s* is 1898. Tripoli and a score of ing the question, when a great reform
to-soTtanl islands in the Mcditi-rran- leader will arise���on Asqulth. or a
*jhm stave Just fallen Into the hands j Lloyd-Ceorgc, or a Wilson? The pre-
ssot   Italy    and    Macedonia,    Albania, sent unrest will yet produce tbe man.
oris for February, we find that this
month 110 years ago was ushered In by
terrible Florins which resulted In dls
astroiiB floodB, eppeo.lally In Ohio, Indiana and Western Pennsylvania.
Three years late r, ln 1886, February
,; i brought a r.nowstorm  which  covered
the whole North  American continent
^ast of the Rockies.   Even the southern F.tates were snowed under.    Rail-
cer after reading an article about tv ,''<��������������' throughout    thn    United States
early struggles of Henry  Irving. The | ��������������   Canada   were generally  blocked,
Iheatrlcal bee began buzzing when Mr  """J "������"���-���' llvrB were lost.
Mllhr was onlv firteen. and for fnie       Europe new knowB nothing like the
he   studied   elocution   and   fro \  Cl*llr l| hlenrd winters" which ln past
quanted  tho galleries of Ihe Torouti
theatres, observing tho methods of all
the famoiiB uctora that visited    that
He was nineteen when the manager
if a stock company gave h'm the
coveted chance to appear on the stage
of n Toronto playhouse. HI* premiere was In "Macbeth" Bed before the
clos'> of the sesson he waa appearing
Fraser Cafe
has been taken over by the proprietors of the Fraser
Hotel and will be run in connection with the hotel.
It will be opened this morning. Both American and
European plan of the first class. Meals very reasonable.
Clark-Fraier Realty Co.
Formerly at 610 Columbia St.. now at
607 Front St.   Pbone It 1031.
Nsw Weatmlnater, B.C.
Real Estate and Business Chancee.
Acreage and Choice Fruit  ljinds a
In  lead.ng  Juvenile  parts  ln   dasalc, No ,nen wintcrg n��� -Jl, have Decn
The following Benson he was with
Mojcska, In minor roles, and soon afterwards he was given an engagement by Adelaide Nellson. In 1882,
shortly after his twenty-second birthday. Aiigiistln Daly engaged him for
"Odette" in New York. His first appearance ns a star waB ln 1896 In
"Heartsease."   Bluco then he has b��-
enturlcs brought widespread suffer-
ng and death In th Ir wake. In the
year 401, and again In 763, the Black
Ben was entirely frozen over, and In
R(W the Adriatic, waB frosen. In 1281
nearly all er the h-nses ln Austria
were hurled under ri iw, and In 1891
lhe winter In Austria was so cold tbat
'lie htarvid wolves, made fcroculous
hy hunger, entered Vienna by thousands and al tacked   the   Inhabitants
known In modern times.
Under a new regulation to be put into effect, today hy the London Isocal
Government Uoard, non-pulmonary
tuberculosis Is Included In the list of
coropulsory notifiable diseases. In ex.
plaining this unprecedented ruling, the
boards points out that more than half
the d'-alhs from 'lial disease In Lon-IJ,
For Vancouver, via Central Park
���At 6:00 and 6:45 a.m., and every
16 minutes until 9 p.m. From 8
p.m. until midnight halt hourly service. '
Sundays���At 6:00, 7:00. 7:30,
8:00 and 8:30 n.m., week day service prevailing thereafter.
Fer Vancouver via Burnaby���At
6:46, 6:45 and 8:00 a.m. with hourly service thereafter until 10:00
p.m., and late car at 11:30 p.m.
Sundays���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
with week day service thereafter.
For Vancouver via Eburne���At
7:00 a.m. and hourly until 11:00
Sunday���First car at 8:00 a.m.,
regular week day service thereafter.
(Connection with cars to SteVes-
ton and other points on Lulu Island is made at Eburne. ,
Fer Chllllwack and Points In
South Fraser Valley���At 8:80 a.m.,
1:20 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.
Fer Huntingdon and Way Pelnta
���At 4:06 p.m.
GULATION8.      .
COAI. MINING slants sf Ih* I^mlnloss
Is Manitoba. Saskatchewan an* Attests,
th* Yukon Territory. U�� Northwest Ter-
i-ltork-s and In a portion ef tbo p-mvlnso
of British Columbia, may bo 1-aun-o for tv
tsrm of twsnty-oao yeara at an sumujU
rental ot II u acrt. Not mors- than, lsen
asms will bo 1-suwd to ons applloant.
Application for a Itut must b* SHuta
by th* applloant In psr-wn to th* Aa-M
or Bub-A-rrat of tbe district In wh*eb ths
rla-ht* applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the lanU ssust as
ds-scrlbea by sections, or leaal sub-div**-
slons of suctions, aad In unsurv*y** territory th* tract applied for -sbiUl hs
staked out by the applloant himself.
Each application must b* acoompaalKj
by a te* of ��5 which will be rafuculed It
the rlshts applied tor are not avals����lst
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output or ths
mine at the rate of five cents per tssm.
The person operating th* mine shall
furnish th* Ast-nt with sworn returns
accounting for the full qusntitV ot ssr-
chaniable coal mined ansf pay the -ray-.
ally thereon. If the coal mlulns Hahta
are not being operated msh returnee*���"*
be furnlRhed at least osoe a year.
The lease will Include the oeal m
rlshts only, but th* Issuer will ������..permitted tn purchase whatever avallahl*
surface right* may b�� oonslderoA men*
nary tor the working nf ths mlns st las
rat* of 110 an aore.
For full InformaUM application sJieuldl
be made to the Besj-r-rsary of ths Depart,
tneut of th* Intertur, Ottawa, or to any
Aa*nt or Bub-A-tMst of Dominion }+*>e*-
Deputy Minister of ths Interior..
, N. B.���Unau-te-rlsed nublloaUon st this
advertisement -Bill not be paid fst.
For Rent
7-ronmed bouse, fully modern
with furnace and kitchen range,
linoleum and blinds. Lease If
required, 125.00 per month.
Broom house, one block from
ear, $16.00 per month.
6-room bouse, modern,- wllb
basement, $20.00
Warner, Bangs & Co.
Phone 1014.
Coldicutt Bile.     last Burnaby,
m**m*'. MassM
How the King Travels ....
By Rail in Britain
lxndon, Jan. 31.���When   the   king I    Even shunting operations on or ad-
and queen and their suite travel by  joining the  lino on which  the royal
train, n t ,-n'y arc the most elaborate 1 spec's! will run have to bo suspended ^HKE ILT's.-T .35? mShtI!
rrecai.icns taken to guard their safe-ilio.f an hdur before his approach, and^l^Tnn^T^Z^ .Wi
ty, b-it tvery effort is made tu pro-! all trains and engines other than pasted their majesties from th�� slight-1 senger trains must be brought to a
est annoyance or Inconvenience. It j standstill before the train bearing Its
Is a time of dreadful anxiety for the I k'ngly and queenly burden Is due.
railway officials, and few of them j Passenger trains are allowed to pro-
breathe freely until the royal special i ceed. but their drivers are expressly
has  passed. - ! forbidden to whistle, and. If possible,
Most minute and detailed  Instruc-! tliey muBt reduce their speed to ten
tlons  nre  issued  to station  masters,  miles an hour.
engine drivers, guards, platelayen,. At the various stations passed en
signalmen and all who have anything [ route, work which might ln any Way
to do with the route over which the | affect  tho   line  on   which   the   royal
royal train must pass. These are
printed in red Ink, must be kept strict
ly private, and must be communicated
only to those In the service of the
company, who, in the discharge of
their duty, require to know and act
upon them.
And  these  persons  must not give
tra'n will run must cease, and nil en
glneering work near to or on the line
whether In the hands of a contractor
cf the company's staff. Is suspended
half an hour before the train Ib due.
Everv driver must prevent his engine
emitting smoke.
All thc approaches to the stations
-   el
any Information  whatever respecting: have  to  be  carefully  watched,    and
the knowledge or which they have be- j nothing Is allowed to pass over the
come  possessed.    Immediately  these:line  at  a   level  crossing   for  nearly
"sealed orders" are received they have hnlf an  hour  b��fore  their  majesties
to  be acknowledged  by  wire to lhe
superintendent of the line.
"Llns Clear" and Pointa Locked.
Thc line over which the royal train
come speeding along.
Tiie most elaborate precautions, too.
are exercised In patrolling the line.
Men are stationed along the railway
rill run has to be cleared, and all at Intervals of about a quarter of
facing points clamped and padlocked r*'le and patrol lt. each man walking
a quarter of an hour before the spe- j about a furlong In each direction and
c'al Is dee. Nothing must be allow-1 meeting his neighbor, so that ln the
ed to foul It until the royal train has j event of anything happening, such a?
gone by.   Often the train consists of good3 falling from passing trains, any
a brake van. then a salon, tbe queen's
salon, the king's salon, a dining car.
another special salon, and another
brake van.
One guard, provided with a hand
lamp and detonators, whose ditty it is
to go back and protect tlie train if
needful, rides with the rear guard
and there is another man, similarly
equipped, whose mission Is to afford
protection forward, rn caBe of necess,
ity.    Artificers, p-rorided with all the
obstruction would certainly be noticed
Each opening of all underbrldge**
Is examined by the patrols as they
pass these structures. The men take
up their positions an hour In advance
and remain there until the train has
passed, to see that everything is in
proper order.
Gu-irdlans  of the  Tunnel.
Naturally, tunnels are a source of
���Teat anxiety to the officials.    But so
strineent are tbe precautions that the
possibility of an assassin  concealing
needful materials and appliances, ac
'  company the train, and the whole ot j himself ts reduced to a minimum. At
���^ the carriages are subjected to a most  each end of the tunnel, a competent
thorough examination before the train  man, with the necessary hand lamp.
starts and nt each place where il calls | is   placed   an   hour  before   the  train
The engine, tn charge oT a trusted   Is due, and his duty is to prevent any
driver, carries four lamps'by day���one
at the foot of the smokestack, one
at each end of the buffer beam, and
unauthorized person being upon the
railway ln or noar the tunnel. Men
are also stationed at the too of each
one ln the centre *oT the beam.   After  ventilating   shaft,  and   remain   there
du r. and  during  foggy   weather  ot  until recalled by the man stationed at
tallies  -.now,  four    powerful    white j the end of the tunnel when the royal
lights -.ic carried In the same posi-   train  has emerged,
tions. [    So far as possible, the people are
The Ttailroaa iPetrol. | excluded from the company's premls-
Competent telegraph men, under the I es unless  they sre on  business, and
charge cf the superintendent of tele- the   servants  of  the  company  have
graphs, accompany the train, with In- strict Instructions to perform the nee
struments   and   appliances   by   which  esRary work on the platform without
-communication can be at once estab-  noise.    Should   tbey  be  desirous    of
iisbod  st any  place tn case of need,   e'vlng  vent  to  those   feelings of en
The  caTl   signal   of the   train  In  any j thuslastlc  loyalty  which  are d'f flcull
case of emergency ls "K.T." and mes-   to   control   when   anyone   catches     a
rages sent from the train are prefix- first glimpse of a royal train,    they
ed  "R.   I.."   these   taking  precedence I muat  restrain  their impulses,  for  In
of  all  other  messages,  except  those | no circumstances Is cheering or any
bearing the prefix "D. M." I other demonstration allowed.
and   many   bigamous   relations  have
been disclosed.
There are many Orientals ln Cana-
d-> whoBe presence here has mystified
the officials and of whose admiss on
there is no record. The records will
do much to prevent the illicit trade
iu Chinese laundrymen, cooks and
Chinamen  who wish   to  return    to
their native land for a short time will
required to apply  to  the nearest
Mrs. Charleson entertained Informally at the tea hour yesterday afternoon.
the man, look up his record and fur
nlsh blm with an identification card.
The holder will deposit this with the
officers at the port from which he
sa Is, ,
It will serve as a complete means
f Identification upon his return and
the Chinaman will then be admitted ! guest of Mrs.Jukes.
without being required to pay the
head tax a second time. The scheme
one of enormous proportions, but
the Immigration officials are convinced cf the necessity cf such ident'.fici
tlon records and are determined ti
give the plun a thorough trial.
Saves  Life of   Her   Aunt   by Giving
Square Foot of Her Skin for
Ml 33   Uorothy    Lloyd,   of   E-jerett,
Wash., is on a visit to her aunt, Mrs.
J. E. Inslcy.
*   *   *
Mica Marlon Martin has becn spending a few days in Vancouver  as  the
Mrs. Lyall who has been visiting her
mother, Mrs. George Cassidy, for several months, has returned to her home
In Winnipeg.
Among the bevy of native daughters
���������ho will make their debut at the
''alive Sons' ball whicb takes plice
on Monday evening, will be he
Viisies Thelma and Hazel Inslcy and
Mas Ralph.
On Monday evening Mies Mabel
Purvis entertained a number of her
friends at cards, music and a contest.
Miss Poster and Mr. Holmes won the
first prizes, and the consolation prizes
were given to Mtss L. Wray and Mr.
J. Mowat.
��� *    ���
Mrs. Corbould entertained at a
small "work tea" on Wednesday afternoon, when those present were: Madame Gauvreau, Mrs. Gwynn, Mrs.
Charleson, Mrs. S. B. Martin, Mrs. W.
Norman Bole and Mrs. Coulthard
* *   ���
Mrs. Ardagh Invited a few in for progressive "rum" on Wednesday evening, when Miss Josephine Martin and
Mr. Pelly won the prizes. Those
present were Miss Corbould, Mins
Rand, Miss Josephine Martin, Miss
Elenor Martin, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Reed,
Mr. Stacey, Mr. Pelly and Mr. Darrell
* *   *
Another hostess of the week was
Mrs. D. H. Macgowan, who asked a
few friends in tor tea on Thursday in
honor of Mrs. Pope (Charlottetown).
Among tlioee Invited were Mrs. A. J.
Hill, Mrs. Collister, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs.
Trapp, Mrs. Corbould, Mrs. R. E. Walker, Mrs. Charleson, Mrs. Crel-rhtcn,
Mrs. Greame, Mrs. R. C. Hill, Mrs.
Ballock and Miss Pope.
��� ���   .
Mrs. Charleson entertained at the
tea tourjon l-'riday afternoon. There
was a contest during the afternoon
when thc first prlie waB won by Miss
Corbould and tbe second by Mrs.
Eddy. Among tbose present were Mrs.
Ixmdon, Jan. 31.���The queen's appreciation of the courage of Miss Lily
Headford of I^odge road. West Croydon, ls shown in the following letter
written to a friend of the young lady
who brought the facts to her majesty's
"Buckingham Palace.
Madame���I have received the
queen's commands to acknowledge the
receipt of your letter, and to say that
her majesty ls much Interested to hear
of the Incident of self-sacrifice to
which you refer.
"Perhaps you may be able to find
an opportunity of privately conveying
to MIsb Headford her majesty's deep
sense of appreciation of the queen's
hope that ebe will speedily recover .1
am yours faithfully, E. W. Walling-
Miss Headford, who is only 22, still
suffers intense pain at times from tbe
effects of her heroic self-sacrifice ln
permitting no less than a square foot
of her skin to be grafted on the head
of her aunt, Mrs. Solomon, of Kingston-on-Thames, who was completely
scalped by a shafting1 accident at ber
husband's laundry last spring.
MrB. Solomon was removed to the
t���00k.a5 "J CU .�� I- 1 V"���* E?mUowau. MU. Pope, Mrs. C. N. Macdon-
her body to graft on her scalp. More aW Mra Cur^ 'Mnu R B -walker,
was wanted It .he wt�� to recover, and Mrs ���������,������, Mr��. Motherwell, Mr..
Miss Headford, directly she heard, vol-Ud MrB.*' Ardagh,    Mrs.    Neville
tinteerc-d  all  the  live  skin   ncessary.   8mlth   Mr8. j. E. AUen. Mrs. Balloch.
On May 30 aunt and niece were placed \ Mrg   Bfldy   MrB     Frank    mUg   M���
Cotton. Mrs. M. M. English. Mrs. Run-
sell, Mrs. l'aines, Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. G
A. Allen, Mrs. J. II. Jones and Miss
For the Native SonsT
Ball and many other
events throughout
the season, it is necessary that you
should wear a full
dress suit When you
buy it be sure it is a
good one, because
good evening clothes
last many years.
It is splendid courtesy to the fair sex to
dress for evening affairs.
Century!! kind
speaks for itself
We carry
everything ne-
cessary for
dress affairs
The Wardrobe Clothier
Ottawa   ikswtaM    Photos
and Records of Those in
elaborate System    of    Identification
Shoald Pis.salt SntBggllng���
Great Vslns ts "NBce.
Ottawa, Jan. Jt���Tlie Immigration
department la completing plans to
provide an effective cheek upon the
movement or the Chinese -population
of Canada aad the Influx and exodus
of the Oilentsl -leoplea.
For some time the matter haa
been undor. consideration and officials are still reticent te discuss
what will be done, bnt It la understood
that an attempt will be made to secure as complete Identification -records
as possible by the BartiMVo-n system.
Including two photographs of each
Chinaman, full fans and proffle, records of age, occupation, financial
atandlng, family connection, marital
relationship, etc. Iteoords -wilt also
be kept of body marks which ma? aa
alst lu Identification.
Indeed, the project la on a target
acale than ever attempted by any
government and Is expected to eto;i
much of the fraud known to extet In
connection with the Oriental lmmlgra
tloa, but for whloh no Affective means
of discovery and protection haa hare-
to-foTe beea offered. .
For some time the work has beei
conducted In a small way.' but the department has been thoroughly aroused
to the Importance of dealing with thd
tiBtics.    There are no less than fifty
| thousand Chinese In Canada.
Two photographs of each will mean
I at least 100,000 negatives. The cooperation of provincial and municipal
anthcritics may be asked to eecur-
these pictures, but full dotalls of
how they nre to be obtained have nol
yet boen arranged. Once tho Chinese
now In the country are photograph
<d. the work will be confined to tne
ports of entry, while records of birth-,
and deaths will be secured from the
locil authorities.
Toronto has between 1700 and MOO
Chinese. Vancouver leads the Canadian cities with ��000, Victoria ls a
Rood second with nearlv 6000; then
follow Montreal, 2000; Winnipeg with
1500; Calgary, 1200, etc.
Scarcely a town- of two or three
hundred people but haa one or more
Chinese merchants or laundrymen. A
number are alao engaged as cooks
and cookees for construction gin**,
on the frontier.
In so far as practicable tho local Immigration agent will be empowered
to conduct the investigation and receive the affidavit. He bas alao power to examine the premises from cellar to garret ot any Chinaman and to
take evidence upon oats. Kcrmcrly
this power was vested solely In a notary public.
Not Easy Here.
The obstacles to the scheme ara
enormous, but not insurmountable, it
Is believed. In cities like Ottawa or
Toronto It la thought that-the records
may be secured without as mucb trouble ai might be expected, but lt will
probably not be ao easy a task on the
Pacific coast.
Advice haa already been aant to
the various local agents that the work
Is to be undertaken and extensive
preparations have been made with the
utmost secrecy.
The Immigration authorities state
that the greatest difficulty In handling Chinese Investigation,���anil much
work along thla line haa already been
dene���Is In securing truthful statements trom tha celestial. Many -applications are received from Chinamen In various parts of China asking
671 Columbia Street
New "Westminster
-fide by side on chairs In tbe operating
room of the lsondon hospital. Miss
Headford was put under an anaesthetic, and 43 pieces of her skin were
grafted on Mrs. Solomon's head.
Miss Headford lay unconscious for
several hours afterwards, and suffered Intense agony during the waking
hours which followed. For three
months she remained an invalid, staving with friends in the Isle of Wight
and at Thorton Heath, only returning
home to Croydon ln the autumn. Until the last few weeks she had been unable to* do any work.
t. ii. Mccormick I
Phene 927.     Suit It, B. C. E. R. Depot, New Westminster B. C.
Powerful    Natlona
Hemmed   In   by
Dutch Hsve* Progressed Fsr In
Paat   Century.
Farmer  Thought  She   Wss  Oesd   So T^��Jt7rReY  Ca"��" ��   C  dK*",ura
Slopped Writing���New Returns te Scotlsnd.
^ln..rp^bTem Ind li determined for the adml.aion of their wive, anfl
to exert every effort In coping with famines.
the situation.   Tha flrat atop Is to secure the records by which the Chinese
may be Identified,     f
Value te Police.
Not only to the Dominion government will the recorde be of Inestimable value, but to tha provincial authorities and the police of every city and
town. Heretofore It haa been found
extremely difficult, If not entirely Im-
possible, to connect suspects with
crimes committed by Chlneae.
The average Anglo-Saxon la incapable of distinguishing with any degree of certainty different members
of the Chlneae race. He only knows
that the man before him Is a Chinaman, with Vie oharaeterlaUc ayaa.
features, pigmentation aad gibberish
ot the Oriental. The difficulty la
onlv Increaaed by the Chinaman a notorious disregard of tha troth, and
low aatlmate of hla oath.
Photography and body martta ahould
assist greatly In the Identlfloatlon of
Chinese crlmlnala and In the admin-
tratlon of jbatloe to theae, the most
.elusive of wrongdoers.
Plfty Thousand Hera.
Some Ides of the magnitude of tha
undertaking mar be obtained from a
eonaldaretion of the the following ��ta-
The cases are carefully investigated and action taken by the department A bona fide merchant la entitled
to hare hla wife and children admitted, bat a laundrymen does not enjoy
the same privilege. Here too much
fraud has existed In tha past, but the
department has devised a very efficient remedy.
A Hat of aome thirty five questions
some checks upon the others, are asked of eaoh Chinese applicant.
The answers are taken In English
and alao written ln Chlnsee In a oar
allel column. Tbe latter ia detached
and aent to Vancouver or tha port of
entry and the same questions asked
of those who are admitted upon the
application of the father or husband
already domiciled here. A very great
deal'of perjury and wrong doing bas
been discovered In thla way.
Swapping Wlvea.
Chinamen ara known to hare aent
thetr wlvea back to China on the
ground that they are "too old" and
to have brought out young girls of
18 yeara or ao, Moreover, they are
admitted, If they can pasa the Immigration Inapeotors, aa wlvea of Chin-
eae merohanU domiciled In Canada,
without payment of the |W0 head tax
London, Jan. 31.���Thla year the little kingdom of Holland celebrated a
hundred years of progress, after years
of despair. In 1813 Holland was a
The nation which haa been one of
the teachcra of Europe, which despite ita small else had been the
cradle of the arte and sciences, which
boasted great painters like Rembrandt, Hals and De Hoogh. great dialecticians like KraamuB and scholars
Ike Grotlus���this nation had sunk almost to the level of a neglected province.
But In the hundred yeara that have
gone by Holland, despite reverses
both at home and abroad, haa reasserted herself, and the Dutch, though
a small people hemmed ln by large
military governments, hold a high
placo among tbe nitlons.
In the nineteenth and twentieth
centuries Europe haa been their
debtor tor lessons In science, In International law, of which the Dutch
were the founders; In horticulture and
Her ancient Unlveralty of Leyden
his produced ln the laat generation De
Bitter nnd Knmerllngh Onncs, who
(���quoded lu-lhun, end at her northern University of Oronlngen the great
Kapteyn sits In the chair ot astronomy
���whence proceeded the twentieth
century theory ot the double drift of
the stars.
It Is not surprising that Holland
should seise.the opportunity ot com-
nv-moratlng her hundred yeara ot remarkable progress by holding a centenary. The chief feature of thla centenary will be the Inauguration of the
peace palace at The Hague.
Berlin, Jan. 31.���It in stated that
the Prince ot Wales, after his present
term at Oxford, will call on the Kaiser at Potsdam, after which he will
visit several German cities.
He will tben be received officially
at'Potsdam by the Emperor, who will
confer upon him the Croaa of the
Black Eagle.
It ta understood that there la ttie
greatest Interest In court and society
circles ln the visit of "the blonde
prince," aa the son of the English
king ia known In Germany, and extensive preparations are on foot to
give him a good time.
Edmonton, Alta., Jan. 31.���After a
nine month's search for her only eon,
Mrs. Martha Poster, a widow, haa
found him at last on a homestead in
the far north, and Is now on her way
back to her little farm at Blackwater
Foot, la Northern Argyleshlre, Scot
Widowed several years ago, Mrs.
Poster bad hard work making a living
trom her barren little place. Two
years ago, her only son, Robert, left
for Canada, and for several months
he wrote home regularly, enclosing
cheques from time to time to make
life easier tor his aged mother.
Fifteen months ago the letters ceased, and all enquiries from Scotland
tailed to reveal any trace of the man.
Greatly alarmed, the mother at
length set out tor Canada, in the hope
of finding her eon alive. Though herself alxty-slx years, abe apent months
in following him from place to place,
her travels Including a three days'
tramp alone ln thc Peace River dls-
tr'et Eventually she located Robert
ten milea west of Fort St. John.
"Robert Is do'ng nicely, but this
country Ms. too cold for me," she aald
adding that she expected her son
home In nine months. She explained
that her son had been told by friends
In the old country that hla mother
waa dead, and as hs wa* far awajr
from pdetal facilities Wa lettere had
Yorfcehlre Pamtlj* That
Served Britain Wall.
London, Jan. 31.���The following remarkable record of hla family's service In the 15th East Yorkahlre- regiment, beginning nearty a hundred
yeara ago, la contributed to The Army
and Navy Oasctte by Pater MoKenna,
who holda aa appointment undor the
education committed of the Beat Riding County Council:
. Grandfather. Joined. 1880. nerved 15
year*; Uncle John, joined IM1, served
15 yeara; Uncle James; joined 1858.
���t-rved 18 rears; father, joined, 1��B*7
served tt *��*��; Brother John'; *>tned
1,871, aerved I yeara; Brother Joaeph.
Joined .4374. aervedtt years; brother
Edward, joined W7��. eerved Jtt
yean; Brother Peter, Jolted 1*88,
aerved U yeara: Brother Owen, joined
1888, aerved 18 yeara; Nephew Edward, joined 18����. eerved ��� -reare:
Nephew Jesse. Joined 1801, aerved 11
years: Nephew Reginald, joined 1*M.
served 3 yean; maWag a total ot 1W
Rev. Ocsorse A. Ray, If.
A., assistant curate. 8 a.m., Holy
Communion; 11 a.m.. Matins. Holy
Communion, plain, and sermon; 1:30
p.m., Sunday school; 7 p.m., Evensong
and sermon. Ash Wednesday: 8 a.m.
Holy Communion; IP a.m.. Holy Com
mnuiou; 7:30 p.m.. Evensong and ser
9F. KAItY'S CHURCH (Church of
England). Sapperton���Rev. Prank
Plaakett, H.A.. vlear. Holy communion
�� a.m.; Matins and sermon 11 a.m.
Evensong and sermon, 7 p.m.; Sunday
school 8:30 p. m.
coraer of F-e-Jrth Ave. aad Seventh Bt
Rev. M. O. Melvls. B. A., mlaieter
Servioea at 11 a.m. aad 7 p.m.
Sunday aehool and Bible class, 1:30
Psrn.; Outld, Monday, 8 p.m..
���Rev. J. 0. Henderson, paater. Bar
vices 11 a.m. aad 7:80 p.m. Sabbath
aehool and Bible clan   at   8:30 p.m.
CHURCH���Services 11 a.m. and 7
p.m. The paator, W. W. Abbott, B.D.,
will preach at both aervlces. Morning
subject, "What Ia Our Alm-T" Bvenlng subject, "Does Religion Pay T"
Sacrament of the jGord'e Supper at
close of both morning and evening
aervlces. Monday evening ex-Mayor
Lee will address the Bpworth League
ou "The Development of Municipal
Resource* by Municipal Bnterpiiaa."
All are Invited. Tbe quarterly official
board will meet at the elose of the
Pnyer Meeting Wednesday night
morning eubject, "Apprehenslbn of
Character and Service." Bvenlng subject, "the Christian Progrnas." The
new paator, Rev. A. S Lewla, will
preach both morning and evening.
Convicted of tending Indecent Prints
Through Malta
London, Jan. 31,���H.   do   Wenton
ronton, the editor of the Birrtlng
Times, generally Known as the, "Pink-
Un," waa fined $-175.10   today   for
sending Indecent prlnte through the
Mr. Ponton's lawyer urged In hla
defence that the "Ptnk-Un" waa a
paper for men bt the world, not for
'Hassam Paving Co., of B. C** Limited
Layer* of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
J. H. Todd's Music House
419 Columbia  Street, New Westminster.
Singer Sewing  Mschlnss.    Small Musical Geeee sf all Kinds. PHONE ���
yean' aervloe roughly let yeara wer*
apent abroad.   The connection of the
family with the regiment la likely to
continue for "
aa the three
are still serving,
four boya to join.
tne regiment ia uaeiy to
W yeara at least Ipngar,
i nephews laat meatioaed
lag, and Mr. MoKeaaa has
Montreal. Jan. t^-flve mlnutee af
ter h* had aakad inr ale msdaia to
he pinned on hla aresat, Mlahaal Gam.
Mr. MoKenna adds that ot thla It* mlaga. a South African -retotan, ��*d
at eoneumptlon
la the Grace .Bart
minga waa a prt^eJ*Mha 18th
i!^sn^th^o���l2f,,tR,, aattow
. . If        -PS ���HBs'Ss-S. . -SS-sSS -SSI tjSss-pssBS .,    .    W-Ssss-, , sssss-sj sisssm w
South African: can-palm, and the Beoond Royal Oaaadlaa reglsaent
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OrtNGllStl CllP
Sixteen Teams Still in Competition���
Many Interesting Games Down
(or Decision Today.
Discuss Methods for
Keeping Boy on Farm
(Continued from page one)
(The Tetter.)
The English cup competition entors
on Its second round    this   afleruooi
tho30 ot SCI days, as tliey had a tendency to mislead buyer3. lie appealed
tu breeder-! in D. C. to take an active
Interest ln tbe work and enter some
llr. Ilullierford advanced the record
cf performances as one of those
thugs that would interest young men
__ . rw���     ���    - (and   induce  them  to  remain  on   the
-when the 82 clubs that survived the , farm Their Interest would be stimu-
first round will decide who shall pas.; j laled by tboso competitions. Let them
on to tlie next. I have charge of the cow, feed and take
There are some especially Interest-' cnre 0- ���[ nn(- keep the record, l
tug games in the second round. Barns-1 WOuld beat Mr. Macdonald's plan of
ley, the enp holders, and tho Black-.buying the colt. (Laughter.)
"bum Ro-rers, last year's champions, I Mr gCrlbner next gave a most in
���and senior cup finalists, will do battle | tcrestlng and Instructive address on
at B*srnsley. This should provide one cow management and received the
ot the titbits of the competition. The!usuai vote of thanks
Rovers have taken a slump tor the
past few weeks, but when the English
-enp is mentioned the Lancashire boys
aure right on tbe Job.
Manchester City and Sunderland, i
���however, should sec the best game
and on this the interest Ib principally
���cent-red. Manchester has the advantage of the ground, but so we<. has
Sunderland been doing not ony at,
"home, but on the road, that tills does
not -rran a great de.il.
Newcastle, for a change, have    to
The evening Program.
In the evening Ur. A. P. Proctor,
chairman of the royal milk commis
s.on, made a most valuable contribu
tlon in a paper on "Ml'k and Its pro
ducts in relation to public health."
Dr. Prcctor said they could not go
from end to end of the province with
out realizing what over 16,000 milk
cattle, valued at $1,700,000, without
including young stock and breed bulls,
meant to the province and the milk
whlcll wSs replied t-6> by Mr. Trapp.
Orl Rutherford toasted the "Live
Stock Interests" in an eloquent and
witty speech in which he eulogized
the great services of the three Amerl
can experts, Messrs. Scrlbner, van
Pelt aud Hanson, who had greatly en
hancOd the success of the convention.
Mr.- A. 1). Patcrson, president of the
Stockbreeders' Association for thc
seventh time in succession, replied.
The "Dairy Interests," was pro-
���josed by Mr. D. IC. M'k-'C. n/.ie and re
sponded to by the president of the
association, Mr. F. J. Bishop, and Mr.
Itowe,' Wit-rotary.
The     toast     of     "Our     American
I Brothers,"   Messrs.  Scriber,  van   Pelt
I and Hanson, was given by Dr. Tolmie
who  eloquently  voiced  the  indebted
ness of every Individual of the ass;,
ciation to the valuable and educative
addresses of these gentlemen and the
deep regard they had inspired in all
MossrB. Scrlbner, van Pelt and Han
son made suitable replies, fully recip
rocating the krnd   wishes    of    then
A distinguishing feature of the
speeches was the number of humorous
stories told, chiefly Scottish, enliven
Ing the orations and setting the table
in a roar.
castle, for a change, nave    w  -ndustrv     Vancouver
-travel to Hull, where  tbey  will.nntl   nua���y ab���ut -,|0ft0i000
consumed an
,iuo.,j au -..i o,vuv,-,w gallons of milk
the Wickers a stilf obstacle. Astou :ftt sometl)ing llke 50 centg a galIoni
Villa, at home, should emerge rat ;which meant about *1,500,000 annually
the third round frcm Westham, a : for lts milk supply.
though it took three games neior- , w]mt tQ ^ Bf eaUer waa of para.
Went Ilromwlch got knocked out; ny imo���^ importance, however, was milk
the lsondon club and this showsI twy. ^ ,tg re-ation t0 publlc health. H.
will ho no mean team for tne ^H' -"> ipaid a tr.bute to the farmer on his
ao tackle. public spirit in his desire to suppl-
Reading  and Tottenham   meet    11 ; n ,      wjth e    m���k
the biscuit town and  the  forme,.  b\
dii-r-islni- of  Stoke   In   a   replay   -V..1	
rnake the 'Spurs hustle if tliey at ��� j**-*    Tnere wna no(. g s,    ,e article   of
win.    I,ast year Beading Unoekil Ol'l
Astoa Villa.
Manchester United are llKJ �� to P?t
knocked out at Plymouth, while Ever-
ton -a/ill have to step lively at lit ir,'. ���
The draw is as follows-
Ilarnsley vs. Blackburn Hnverb.
Hull vs. Newcastle.
Ttrl-rMon and  Hove vs. Everton.
Bradford vs. Wolverh*i*-in'ii,i.
Aston Villa vb. West Ham.
Iludderslield  vb.   Swindon.
Oldham vs. Notts, Forest.
Bristol ltovers vs. NorwK-i.
I'lymniitli vs. Manchester United
Middlesbrough vs. Queens P. It
Woolwich vb. Liverpool.
Reading vs. Tottenham.
-Chelsea vs. Sheffield Wednesday.
Crystal Palace vs. Southampton.
H'-niley vs. Gainsborough.
Manchester vs. Sunderland.
among those wHo suffered serious los
There wns not a single article _.
food of the same value, said Dr. Proe
tor, as milk. One quart of pure milk
was equal ln value to three pounds ol
fresh coffee, one pound cf round beef
steak, two pounds of sale cod fish, or
cue pound of oysters. Good milk was
the cheapest food one could buy am!
people would have to realize that if
they wanted a properly safe guarden
and produced milk supply they would
have to ray for it, and when they un
derstocd the question he did not think
they would object.
Blames the Milk,
Bad milk was the greatest single
factor In the enormous death rate of
infants under one year of age, con
tinned the doctor, and it ngurea
largely In the production of typhoid
and scarlet fever, diphtheria and
tuh-rciilosis, especially under certain
conditions of temperature.
��� ���
* MANX   NEW8. ���
��� ���
The bedy of Margaret Karran, 55,
t domettic, was found on the beach of
Castletown Bay.
The death of Mrs. Clara Cregeen
Woodi widow of the late Albert C.
Wood, the youngest daughter of the
late Dr. Archibald Cregeen, of Castletown, occurred at Brisbane, Australia.   .
The Manx Oddfellows and their
friends of the Kadical-Sociallst Party
are Hill demanding the extension of
the Lloyd George Insurance Act to
the Isle of Man, or, in default of that,
an Insular measure "on the same
The death occurred after a short
Illness, of John Kneale, Captain of
the Parish of Andreas. Up to within
the last fortuight or so Mr. Kneale enjoyed good health, and had been wonderfully smart and active for his *>7
years. *
The distribution of nearly 60 dolls
and over 000 toys by Lady Raglan at
The palace presented one of the
most remarkable scenes ever witnessed in the Isle of Man. The conveyance of the cripples and infirm by
special tramcars. provided free of|J
charge by the corporation, was especially pathetic.
mi im mm
to puv mm.
Sarah Hall Caiue, the mother
The     chief     cause     of     Infantile j of the novelist who died at the��� resl-
diarrhoea  was infected  milk.    Und**" (dence of her_ daughter^ Mi^b LUyHall
a properly produced milk supply kepi
' -'11(1 delivered at a temperature below
;50 fr. It largely disappeared.
Cains, the aclrets, was not herself of j
Manx    parentage,     being    descended |
from au old Quaker family of  Ralph
Hall's,    china    manufacturer    (whose
lustre ware  is  esteenud  of  tbe   collector), and  first settled   in t'umbe
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ssWcsr York Giants  Latest to Try and
Cign Carlisle  Indian���Others
Lay Claim.
.... most ivectuent channel for the
ransmission of tuberculosis was in
icted milk. Typhoid fever had on
many instances been traced to contaminated milk.. The house/fly, one
in the fitlhiest scavengers, was often
the disseminator of disease by tnocu-
lat ug Mi-ir-.tei-U'd milk with, millions\���-""�����������*-.����� ���     --..-���     ���������,,,
er bacteria of various kinds. On th. ��*�� Handling some ( hr.stme.scard^
farm "and in the city protected milk received by the family, when she col-
was the exception rather than the I lapsed, aud diedIn three or four
r. ��� . I hours.    MrB. Corbett was highly liked
As to scarlet fever the doctor said '������ ai��|,"��-i,e",n'ed-va"d. w.a1B a ���",,bver ��,'"
he. need  not    go    farther    than  New i well-known     Norths.de     family,    the
709 Columbia St.
Westminster Trust
INorthslde..farmer,  was  ttagic.      She I
Westminster, where during this very
month tbey had bad from 50 to 55
cases, shown to the p-itisfaction of the
city health officer to be due to an infected milk supply.
Describing the appalling conditions
New York, Jan. 31.���"Thorpe will
"be here tomorrow at 2 o'clock when
}ie will sign a contract st the club's
-office to play with the Giants," said
.Manager John J. Mctlraw today. He
a.K.d that be lirst thought of engaging Thorpe yesterday when the pub-     w
aicify glye.  the  Indians  disbarment junder j^g mifk I3"produ"ced In some
tjetxth the Amateur Athletic Union and    , D    p     t        k d ,
^he   statement  tha    several   western  practicable    reme(ly ,      He   be���evefi
OTsU-ngers were trying te    sign   h>m, |tliere Care     d cleanllne88 an(,
���".'.""VsrS1 ""��      iu'TaserB  lead0 a knowledge of what was necessary l
"t got Thrope on the long distance  Th      did *t f ,��
teh-nhone  In  Carllsle^Pa..    said   Mr     olo      farms    ��� ,        we
McGraw, "and he accepted my offer.  t     ,ow to {^ore*, aafe mlllt ,      ,   l
fcnter I got a telegram from him con- t,       tn , t    _���    .^VK:
a,-,- ****** nl Mr="rr,rhett   wife of i comprh*.ee.-,lrecs,. shruba��Blants, vines,:
rf^^^tT*^ -- ^ - ���
A perutnal of this biijJMin, even by
there wha.do net imp-it"'- or intend to
import plants, will afford the reader
an excellent Idea of the Etrlct super
vision and care that is being eicr-
clscd to prevent the Introduction nf
further insect pects into Canada. More
than hall' of tlie serious pests of Canada are nut native to the country, but
have been introduced or have migrated
The object of 111 is legislation is to
prevent further Introduction aud
spreading and the benefit which is resulting from the cartful Inspection and
treatment when necessary, of Imported plants Ib  incalculable   and   Is thc
Ueef, loi 18c to 22c !
Beef, round Bteak  20c ;
Bqiling beef lt)C to 14o j
Ve"al  15c to 25c
Pork   12c to 121,4c
firming hia    verbal
un nuui ���������, v-v... j t|len tne pe0pie must    pay    the    iu
 ��� ���- .   acceptance.    ���� j creased cost and he did    not    think
preferred to come to New York and I , the>. would obJecl
citle-n-d more money than the others,      ,n tne comml8Blon investigation   it
a**'- was found the farmer'got 21 cents and
McGraw    would    not   discuss   the  the m���k dealer from M tQ 80 cent8
.-salary offer. .     ��� 'an advance ln prico of from 29 to 50
������Thorpe ought to make a good, nil-  ct,nU    A few cent9 of lh.lt ml(,ht be
-round man." Mcl.raw added.     I think  accountpd ,or by freight and handling.
the svill accompany   the   team   south  U)e  rcflt   wag  tlear  proflt  tor  Bom
a-Mi    the    spring    training    seasoi **^*^
         the  rest   was  clear
��isSs asid then we'll try him out nnd' ��n,e70U!SlUe ,^e , fa,r'mer-, ,At   the*"
���see where be can do his best work."      pric0.s ll,e .���,ubl!,c, had a r,gbt t0    de
James lt Sullivan, secretary of the
A. A. V., announced tonight that   he I n���,.,.���_����    . ..  -
liad   received   tbe   challenge   trophies   U!*lr>''"��n 8,A9,a,0caJt ���"������    ,
���eton by Thorpe in the Olympic games I    A By"'P��H>ctlc discussion followed
last year, and would send ibem    to
rmorrow lo Krlsllan llellstrom, secretary of the Swedish Olympic committee.   Mr. Sullivan said also that   the
.ell-round trophy, won by Thorpe    al i    ...  -       .
vOJLic Park last September, had been |%^t*-**jf
���Mat fmm t'nrllsle with  the Olympic
Iropliiea and was now in the posses
sion of the  A.  A.  U.    it   will go    to
tlredo-nim, formerly of Princeton un!
���terslty, who was second to Thorpe In
the- Celtic Park games.
Texas Clalm6  Him,
"Beaumont, Tex., .Ian. 1)1. -The Deau
moot ba: ebiill club of Hie Texas leagui
haa a rcuerve contract claim on James- j aun.'pj
mand a aafe milk supply,    ln that he
knew they had the sympathy of   thi
i    One member said he knew the Jiibl-
I lee hospital in  Victoria  was supplied
with milk from untested cows.
W. T. Korstcr advocated the city
' monopolizing and distributing the
milk supply and establishing large
depots and necessary machinery, just
like tbey monopolized tho water and
other things.
Mr. Scrlbner strongly supported the
(lector's views, unconsciously, as he
was not present when that gentleman
del.vered his address.
A vote of thanks was heartily   ac
corded Mr. Prcctor.
Thn business meeting was tn*u re
Teareif of Ballabene.
To the Manx literary list composed
of T. E. Brown, "Cushag," John Quine.
Will Meyrick, P. M. C. Kermode, Miss
Morrison, J. J. Kneen.W. H. Gill, Arthur Moore, and William Cubbon, one
must IK-.W* add the name of Christopher ft. Sliimmin, the author of "The
Charm" and "Illiam Kodhere's Will,"
two little plays In the Manx dialect
which have been performed In the
''('iite-ibry Hall. Peel, and in Ramsey, with'great success.
M��nV-wil, Jan. 31.���Five minutes af
ter lie-shad asked for his medals to
be pinned on his breast, Michael Cum-
mings, a South African veteran, died
of cons-iuiption in the Grace Dart
CunstSltigs was a private in the 18th
South Lancashire regiment, with
WhlctulsB went through the entire
S'uitir.Afrlcan campaign, and the .Second  Roynl  Canadian  regiment.
P.O. ""we 34     -- Dally Hem* Blag.
m^m^m^m^_ ot all kind*.
PoT*  -���������<��� t0 13'/4c ' i-rices right.   Satisfaction guaranteed
Sugar cured bacon  25c 59 McKenilt 8t.
Mutton  12c to 20c
Dressed Chicken, p��r b 25c
Wholesale Meats.
Veal, large Sc to 10c
Veal, small  14c to U%c \
II jef, front quarter  lie to 12c
Heef, bind quarter  13c to He
Spring lamb  15c j
Mutton   10c to li-Ac
Pork     12c to 13Mi-l
I                            Poultry.
Hens, Bmall, per doz $6 to $S j
Biggest and best line ot Pic*"*-
Cigars and Smoking I'esjuletesa.
Wholesale and retell.
J. I_ Dunctw, Ltd.
tOf Columbia. Bt
eu plants is incaicuiaoie   and  ib the l >"-������������. ""��". i"" "���*"��� �����* ��� ���
means of saving the country enormous ; Hens, large, per doz }H to $10
losses. Chickens, per doz $4 to $5.50
Broilers, per doz $3 to $"
11 lens, live, per lb 20c
I Chickens, live, per lb 20c to 22c
I Ducks, per dozen    $12 to $15
Ducks, live, per lb 20c to 23c
��� Turkeys, live, per lb 33c to 35c
Turkeys, dressed, per lb. . .3&c to 40c
Thorpe, Ihe Indian athlete, according
'to Manager Wheeler of that club.
."Uraumont'n franchise was purchased
tratn Oklahoma City last year and it
is claim.-.! Thorpe was among the
-"players reserved by that club.
Manager   Wheeler  has  telegraphed
"Secretary Farrell ol the National As-
amciation, to protect    thc   Beaumont
club In its claim to Thorpe's services.
Among  the  Alfalfa.
Oklahoma Cily, Okla., Jan. 31���Ab-
oer Davis, president of the Oklahoma
City club ol thc Texas league, when
���file franchise wan transferred to Beau-
-s-tont last spring, could not be reached
to-slght to verify the claim set up by
Use Beaumont club to James Thorpe.
Aeeordlng  to  a  former   secretary   ol
tke club, however, efforts were made
-to eign Thorpe in  1911  but  without
���Tail aa Thorpe refused to play proles-
Sstonai ball,   lie then was louring thi
state with nn amateur team.
Down   in   Dixie.
Rale!***.,  N.C.,  Jan.  31.   C.  II.  Nn
pier, owner of the Fayettevillo base
���sail .dub before tbe dissolution of lb.
Kaatcrn Carolina league, declared  in
jus interview here today that Thorp.
wonld play with Kayettevillc this sea
���tn.   He said that Bun Johm-:on's de
that Thorpe was the property
Ike Kayettevillc  club  settled   Ihe
Mr. Napier Is confident the
Carolina league  will  be  re-
On motion of Mr. D. E. MacKenzie
the constitution was amended so as
to leave the Axing of future places oi
meeting to the directors.
Another motion abolishing evening
sessions was abandoned for one leav
ing the matter in the hands of the
Thanks City Council.
A vote of thanks to lhe mayor and
council for the use of the city ball
and their cordial reception of the as
sedation terminated the convention
of 1013, admitted by all to have been
the most successful ever held In IU
At 9:30 an adjournment was mad'
tn the Iloyal cafo where thc member,
and their guests sat down to and en
joyed a sumptuous banquet. Th:
toasts were very opprepriately drum
n milk, dubb.'d facetiously "���"hun
lion's Best" In recognition of Mpsbib
Shannon brothers, Surrey.
Mr. F, J. Bishop, president, took
the head of the table, and the fieere
tary, Mr, W. T. Macdonald, made an
ideal toastmaster. They were supported by Messrs. Scrlbner, van Pelt.
Hanson, llrs. Hutheifoid, Tolmie and
Doherty, A. D. Paterson, president oi
lhe Stockbreeders' Association, and T.
J. Trapp.
After the health of the King had
been honored Mr. W. Duncan proposed tho City of New Westminster,
All persons who are accustomed, or
Intend, to import trees, shrubs, plants
and other kinds of vegetation Into
Canarr-i, or to ship such treeB and
plants from one province to another,
should make themselves thoroughly
familiar with the regulations of the
Dominion and l'rovlncial Governments hi this matter. If this is not
done Inconvenience and possible loss
may, result owing to the neglect to
comply with the requirements of Do-
lii'nlon or Provincial governments,
wh,nh requirements are necessitated
by the danger, always present, of the
importation of dangcroiiB pests into
Canada: or their spread from one province to another.
The. regulations governing the Importation of vegetation of varloui
kinds Into Canada and the Dominion
and l'rovlncial laws under which they
have been passed have been collected
ln a convenient form and published
as a bulletin with explanatory notei
by the Dominion Entomologist, Dr. C.
Gordon. Heweltt. This bulletin, en-
tltle*r,"*'I.egiBlation in Canada tb prevent "lii'' intrduction and spread of Insects, Vests and Disease destructive
to vegetation with Regulations regard
Ing the Importation of vegetation In-
'<> Canada" is published aa Bulletin
.No. It,. Second Scries, of the Experimental Farms Branch ct the Dominion
nepar-tM-ciit of Agriculture.
II also terms Entomological Bulletin No. 6 of the Division of Entomology, lt may be obtained free on ap
plloatlon to the Publications Brauch,
Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.
Tlie laws and regulations of the Dominion Government and of the government*! of those provinces possessing sudli legislation, namely, British
Colulinblii, Nova Scotia, Ontario and
Prtnce"'"r"dward Island are given. A
full explanation la given of the regulations which must be observed by per
The Popular Shoe Store
Open Evening. TM 9 O'clock 641 Float gwi
 ^ ^^m^^m^^^g^w9i_t9lf>9f^^l*ntfam**,tau^^
sons Importing nursery stock,
- - "* ���"*-���-"��� SBSBSBSBSBSBSBSl
Duo no doubt to reports of .good
prices being secured during the past
few weeks the market yesterday was
loaded with chickens. The ranchers
had apparently cleaned out t>eir runs
in the hope of getting ln while tbe
good prices reigned. Consequent up
on the increased supply poultry fluctuated downward,'a loss of from 3 to
4 cents on the quotations of the previous week belnn* recorded. Despite
the unusual supplies all birds offering
were sold at fair prices.
A sipply ef pr-duce arrived on thp
S:45 tram from Abbotsford and way
points. Inch ried In the cargo were
some 40 coops cf chickens, 70 boxes
ef a;.fie', 11 drcscd hbga and half a
dozen veal. The veal, pork and ap-
l Ic-h found a vrry ready .sale at the
prevailing'] rices. ' uthe close apples
were not prbceralile.-
Tin. vegetable depaVhrent was In
the same dull state tbat has charae
ti rb.cd lt for smm weeks pam. Cabbage found a ready market,'but the.
potatoes grea'ly e-.ceeded the demand.
Taking   It   throughout   the   market
was the largest  since Christmas,    a.
great Imprpver-rntjj, the attoDdaijee,
stocks, and business being shown,    i
is exrocted thnt f' int;!Hj��w on things
will Injprovo gr<��a ly.
rfru.l*f* .��-
Apples, per box ..*.:% .,.'T6o to tl.2a
Vegetables, Wholesale.
Beets, per sack %IM
Carrots, per Bank .'." 7Sr
Tui-nlpH, per saok 60c.
Potatoes, por sack ..* 76c
Potatoes, ;er ton . "JS X ?1S to $14
Vegetables, Retail.
Hcets, r��r bmch o'
OnlotiB, per lb ���*���
i-arrots, per bmch 6'
Cabbage, per lb. .,....,....,...,. .3.
^Turnips, each v">' '���"���*'
Err-s and Butter,
Rsga, -,vho!e.;ale, r��'r dt��..40c to 42e
::-���*, telal, per due. 50r
i:.tev, rc-t;> 1   r>er !b 4uc to 4'
���,-utter, wholesale, per lb 30'
Pink Spring Salmon, per lb 15c
White Spring Salmon, per lb Hc
Flounders, fer lb j 10c
Sturgeon, per lb , 15c
Halibut, per lb 10c
Steelhsad, per lb 15c
8melts, per lb ,...10r
^^^^B               Retail Masts,
which 1 Dccf, bout rib roasts 10c to lXc
Frldsy and Saturday.
Kalem, an Historical Drama tn
Two Parts
"The Wives of
Produced   in   Ireland   and
Jamestown, Virginia.
Coming Monday
and Tuesday
Special���Sellg Presents
"The Kings
of the
The Animal Sensation.
Ladies' Storm Rubber Footholds.   R��f. 75c.
AH Sizes	
Gents' Neverslip Rubbers, Reg. |1.2S. AD Si
Ladies' City Gum Boots.
Men's Gum Boots	
Sole agents for Westminster for the famous K Boete.
Leckle's Boots snd Ahren's School Shoes. ��� \.-ir*"*,
A $20,000 Stock to Select from
Good Buys in City
With Easy Terms
Six roomed house on Alberta Street, Sappettoa, close to Columbia
Street.   Price $2800; $500 cash, balance $2( per month.
Six roomed house, new, on Eighth Avenue, cloae to Sixth Street
car line. Full sized basement, furnace, Sreplace, and laundry tube.
Price $3700; $800 cash, balance arranged.
Three roomed honse on Dublin Street, close to Twelfth Street car
line. Large lot In fruit. Chicken house and runs. Price $1800; one-
quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Kivo roomed bungalow on Hamilton Street, modern, furnace, Are-
place, lam.dry tub-i, electric light fixtures, cement walks. Price
$3800; $800 cash, balance arranged over two years.
451 Columbia Street       Phone 669 sSBSBsaBsaaaaBaassBaBssifaBasBBai
Tom Cribb ln 36 rounds at Epsom Downs, England.
Terrible Terry McGovern knocked out Eddie Sentry ln fifth
round at Chicago.
Abe Attell knocked out Harry
Forbes in fifth round at St.
19C8���Jinimy Clabby knocked out Kid
Leonard in second round at Mil-
. waukee.
1911���Porky Plynn, American, defeated Jack Burns, American, ln 20
rounds ln London.
Harry Lewis, American, outpointed Blink McCloskey In
three rounds ln Paris.
Wc Sell Skates and Skating Shoes
McCulloch and Automobile Tube Skates. Also large assortment of
other makers such as Starr Manufacturing Company snd Bokers
Special Boys' Hockey Skates at 75c per pair. McPherson's Lightning
Hitch Hockey Boots, 84.00 per pslr. Skates screwed on boots free
of charge.
iVI.J. KNIGHT & CO., Ltd.
Vancouver Basketball and Indoor Baseball Teams WllI Take Part In
Events to Be Staged.
An interesting program bas been
prepared by the Y. M. C. A. officials
which will be placed before the public
thlB evening. This includes gymnastics, basketball games between aVn-
courer and Westminster, an indoor
baseball game between the two cities
and Swimming races of all kinds. In
the social room a guessing contest
will be conducted and refreshments
doled out.
The Instructors are now preparing
for an Indoor track meet among the
members of tbe association which will
be run off sometime In February. Med-
Olympiad, to be held in the Philippine capital during the first ten days
of February. China will be represented ln the track and field sports, swimming, basketball, tennis and volley
Try-outs to choose the representatives of the new republic were held ln
Shanghai, Pekln, Hankow and Tientsin, and It is reported tbat their competitors will bave to go some to beat
the yellow men. Japan has sent not
only track and field teams but golf
and tennis players and a picked baseball team. The Philippines will be
strongly represented ln all departments,, the athletes of the islands Including natives, half-breeds, Chinese,
Japs and Americans. Slam will also
be represented, although athletic
sports have not made as much progress there
Tbe Olympiad will be divided Into
three sections: First, games for the
Philippine championship; second, the
Far Eastern championships, open tb
natives of China, Japan, Siam and the
Philippines, and third, a series open
to all residents of the Orient regardless of color or nationality.   Tbe Asia
British Champion Wina the Hsndicap,
Although He Was Pinned Five,
Minutes Over Time Limit.
als will be awarded to tbe Individual
winners while handsome souvenirs | tour Athletic Federation of the Philip-
have .been gotten for first and second j P'nes Is behind this ambitious attempt
in Ihe all round championship. jto ho|d an eastern replica of the west-
The  following  Is  the  program, for iern Olympiad.   It Ib quite possible that
this evening: I the winners In this series of games
Gymnasium. ' w'" ,:0 f''nl to Berlin to compete in
Basketball   match,   Vancouver   vs. ithe 161B Olympic games.
Westminster. Forty per cent of the entire popula-
Boseball match, Vancouver vs. New ; tlon of the world, or a total of almost
Vancouver, Jan. 31.���Although Znys-
zko, the giant Pole, won tbe wrestling
match against Pat Connolly,   the British champion, at the Vancouver Ath-
..... ...v~��� .... ...������.. ,,.���  lettc club   this   evening,   the   latter
i ln other oriental coun-' saved the handicap by staying the full
{hour with only one fall. This came
after lifty minutes of bard and fast
worn. The la-ge crowd gave the Irishman a poo.' band out when he got
past the time limit with only one fall
marked apainsi blm, but the great
strength of f*-e Pole soon wore his
opponent's strength down, the second
fall being secured fifteen minutes
from tbe first, or five minutes after
the hour.
Barney Goes refereed the bout.
Croup games.
Pyramids, Westminster Juniors,
Vancouver Juniors.
Kclay race (obstacle) Vancouver vs.
Swimming Pool.
Relay race (one or two lengths) four
boys each; 25 yard swim Individual;
long plunge or dive; fancy dive; swimming.
Social   Room.
Guessing contest;  refreshments.
1600 millions, live ln the part of the
j globe   from   which   tbe  Far  Eastern
��� Olympiad will draw Its material. Atb-
| lit ir sports have made remarkable pro-
press  n  the Orient  in the last few
years.    On this point    the    Olympic
committee says:
"It seeing well worth while to arouse
thc Oriental millions to a realization
of their athletic possibilities���both
from the standpoint of Individual competition and general athletic development���and to place them on a footing
of athletic equality with the rest of
the world.
time appeared .more at home In caging
the sphere from all angles.
Tbe game opened with a rush,
Storme, the big centre of the Y's netting a foul while Rufus Sangster
came through With-two pretty field
goals. After that the Hustlers were
never in the running.
Storme was the bright star for the
victors, keeping on tbe move every
minute of pay, while bis goals were
all secured from different angles.
Swanson, although scoring the most
field, goals, showed a tendency to
rough things a little which for the
most part was overlooked by Tuck,
the Vancouver official In charge ot the
As a preliminary tbe Columbian College second team defeated the Y.M.
C.A. "A" team by a score of 28-J12.
The following is the lineup and results of the big contest:
Y.M.C.A. Hustlers
Home    R. Sangster
Dougherty   i.  P. Sangster
Storme  W. Sangster
Swanson   L. Sangster
8mith  G. Bangsier
Goas from field���Y.M.C.A.: Swanson 5, Storme 4, Smith 4, Dougherty
2; Hustlers: R. Sangster 2, L. Sangster 1.
Goals  from   foul���Storme    2;
Sangster 1, G. Sangster 2.
Referee, G. Tuck, Vancouver.
(By "Gravy.")
Defeat  Hustlers  Last  Evening  by  a
Heavy Score���Collumblan College
Wins  Preliminary.
Manila will be the scene today of a
gathering of all the athletes of the
Orient to take part In the-mr Masters
��� ANNALS.'. ���
��� ��� -    ' m
-Ji'iii Belcher, who had relinquished the heavyweight title
six years before, attempted to
come back, but was defeated by
Heading their opponents   at   every
stage of th-i game, the quintette wearing Y.  M. C. A. colors defeated the
Hustlers basketball team last evening
* ' on tbe Armories court and also won
��� ' the championship of the city in that
*; line of sport.    Tbe  final  score  was
The defeat ot the Ban-esters was a
score blow to their supporters who
were confident they wonld win the
championship,    bnt    they    were    up
Local Hockey Team Loses Another to
Victoria���Are the Players Doing
Their Best?
Failure to attend strictly to business
as regards training resulted ln -New
Westminster getting another defeat
chalked up against them ln the Coast
Hockey'league last evening when the
Victoria septette on their own lee defeated the Royals to the tune ot seven
goals to three.
Ill-luck and lack of a rink pf, thetr
against a heavier set of players whol own has been mentioned heretofore
took advantage of their weight at ss the result of the local professional
every opportunity, while at the same | team losing out -eftl-i    a    monotony
which is just about getting tiresome
to . Westminster hockey enthusiasts,
but the public ls beginning to get wise
to the fact that unless the team takes
a brace, get down strictly to business
and really do something to the credit
of the Royal City, professional hockey
will get a black eye from which It will
take two or three season to recover.
This makes six defeats tbat have
been handed to New Westminster so
far this season, while one victory has
been chalked up; quite enough for
any team to suffer from without having lt go any further. That they are
not by any means third-raters In the
hockey world was demonstrated lost
season when they won the Patevson
cup and again only a week ago wben
tbey trounced Victoria on tbe Terminal City Ice, having the better of play
during the entire 60 minutes.        ���   I
Next Friday night the firBt game
will be played ln tbe Queen's Park enclosure. Tbe team bas four clear days
to get into the best of shape, will they
arise to the demand and show the
local and Vancouver fans that New
Westminster has a team which while
having no chance for the champion,
ship of 1913, can defeat either of the
other teams that comprise the league.
But to return to the game of last
evening. Advices which reached us,
stkte that the Royals were a beaten
team after tbe scoring of the first goal
by Lester Patrick, who by the way,
was the particular star of tbe evening,
notching four of the seven tallies tor
tbe Capitals. Oatman was the only
man wbo was effective for the lit-vats,
the former Quebec star mixing
things ln great style.. The folio-sing
tells tbe tale:
Goal Summary.
First period���L. Patrick (Vie.) 14;
Dunderdale (Vic.) 3:46; SmalB (Vic.)
Second period.���Dunderdale (Vic.)
3:00; Oatman (West.) 4:33: L. Patrick  (Vic.) 12:14.
Third    period*���L.    Patrick    (Vic.)
1:32; L. Patrick (Vic.) 4: IS; Oatman
(West) 8:58; Mallen (West.) 2:30.
Rowe (Vic), Poulin (Vic.) 6 min.
each; Johnson, Oatman (West.), Prodgers, (Vic.) 3 mln. each.
Officials���J. McDonald and C. K-jn-
We   Have   Moved
into our new office on the Corner of Begbie and Columbia streets, in the new Westminster Trust Building, We cordially invite the public to inspect our
new offices and vaults.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
���Ice Skating���
Two Sessions Daily
Afternoon Session: Children 15c, Adult* 25c.
Evenings: Everybody 40c.
Sailor Comedy Four
Leon Wadele
Reno, Vail and Reno
Warmest Evs-r.
Boston, Jan. il���The warmest January lu the history or the weather service tn' Boston west out today tn
blaze of sunshine with the thermometer reaching; a maximum ter the day
of 63 degrees.
Royal City Decorating Co.
Wall Paper, Burlaps and Paints. Paper Hanging our
Specialty.  Work guaranteed.
Chas. MUnnering    m *mbw�� street.     Phone tea.    Ed. Attcock.
This will be your last chance to secure a "Fashion
mf Craft" or "Society Brand" Suit at these greatly
reduced prices. We must make spacerorneu) goods
"" tVem/* __, s_)     ...... 'as,
already en route. Look at the regular prices plainly
marked or stamped on every suit, then note saving
I ��� ���        t - ���   -  ._  ' ��� >
No. 1
*                                                            W ���   ���. i
���.  ..*��� .i��..
. .   -.'���,��� mi (As*
*. >���
Any Suit in the shop, values to   W*'
$25.00, Saturday for -   -  -   -  ty
Alb. 3
Any Suitin the shop, values to
Any Overcoat in the shop,|Bur-
berry's excepted, values to $85
Every  garment
soldjwith ooiv
guarantee PAGE   SIX
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 15c per
oionth; 6,000 words, to be used as required wlll.ln oue year trom date of
contract, $26.00.
Birth or Marriage Notices 60c.
Death Notloe 50c or with Funeral Notice $1.00. Card of Thanks 50c psr
Apply Fraser hotel, Mrs. Wlthytnan.
housework.   Apply 422 Third street.
on cleared lot on Alberta street,
Sapperton; $050, $100 down, balance
$20 a month. Phone L616, or call
at 1317 Eighth avenue. (58!))
on Princess street, between Sixth
and Eighth streets. Ready to build
on. Price $1000; one-third cash,
balance in 6, 12 and 18 months. F.
A. Rose, 202 Westminster Trust
building. (688)
street. (682)
house on lot 6(1x11!., at Edmonds, or
would exchange for vacant property.
Apply Owner, J. Bone, Colonial Pool
Hall, or Box 797. (676)
keeplng rooms.   1020 Third avenue.
suit, ground floor: batb, phone,
etc., at 224 Seventh street.     (640)
Three roomB, puntry, closet, . bath,
etc. Close to Central school. Enquire at 224 Seventh street.    (535)
rooms. Apply at Coldicutt block.
Sixth Btreet and Thirteenth avenue,
East Burnaby. (632)
TO RENT���FURNISHED Housekeeping rooms, hot and cold water.
Apply room 9, Knights of Pythia.-
hall, corner Eighth street and Agnes
street. (398)
small rooms over the News office
Suitable for club or light manufac
turtng purposes. Will lease for tw.
or three year term, singly or en bloc
Apply to Manager the News,
seller and buyer together.
Mme    Calve    Would    Rather    Have
Crooned    Over    Babes   Than
Achieved Present Success.
Paris, Jan. 31.���A letter from Emma Calve, written In St. Paul, Minn.,
in which the famous diva Bays Bhe
would rather be the mother of five or
six children than have all the fame hor
voice has brought her, has attracted
much editorial attention ln the Paris
press. The letter written to a woman friend, was published In Le Temps.
"Let me aBBure you that my health
ls not bad. My darling, beautiful
voice, always strong and sonorous, is
more touching and Intensely more sensitive than before. Alas, like me, it
Is in the autumn of life. It will go little
by little reluctantly and as lt weakens
I shall weep for lt as I would for my
"I have come to treat my voice as
some winged mysterious being, independent of myself. I believe that even
If I lost it, lt would return to me on
my deathbed, eo that I might sing with
my last breath."
Mme Calve refers to her operatic
successes, and adda:-
"But. after all, that Ib not happiness.
I would have perfcrred to be tho
mother of five or six children, whom
my voice might have lulled to sleep."
Stove,   Canada's   Prldo   Malleable
��� Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
.   Canada Range Co., Market square.
Three snd four roomed suites with
bath, steam heat, $25 snd $30 per
month unfurnished; one furnished $35.
Bradley Apartments.
1218 Fifth Avenue. Phone 750.
Applications for the position of
Engineer will be received at the Secretary's Office not later than noon on
Thursday, February 6th. The applicant must be competent to exercise
general supervision over the Bchcol
heating and ventilating plants ana
general care of buildings and be able
to make repairs on same. Applicant
must possess at least a third class
B. C. certificate and muat Btate age
and send testimonials showing pre
vlous experience. Salary $110 pet
Secretary Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.     (693)
Says  London  Playwright���Cites  Failure of Scheme in America as
Pursuant to Section 7, of the British  Columbia  Railway   Act,  1911,  notice ls hereby  given tbat   there   has
becn deposited with the Registrar In
New  Westminster,  plan,  proilo   and
book ot Reference of the location of
tho Canadian   Northern  Pacific  Railway, mileage 5 to 15, Lulu Island, ap
proved by the Minister of Railways of
British Columbia. (460)
Ch'.ef Engineer.
Curtis Block, New Westminster, B.C
Telephone 295. P. O. Box 777.
$3800 ��sli buys two full sized lots,
each 60x1'!"-, two house; one four
rooms, one eight rooms; sen-j-mod-
ern. $4000 on terms. This is one
Of the biggest snaps In the city.
$2800 Duys 6ix roomed house In-
West End. l.��ut 50x150; all cleared.
One-quarter cash.    Terms.    No, 75.
$1250   buy*i   small,   sll   plastered
house, large cleared lot In East
Burnaby, cm Eleventh avenue. $"150
cash. $2U per month. Renting $10
per month.    No. 37.
$4000 buys good eight roomed
house near Sixth street car lino
and Fourth avenue; excellent con-
dition.    TerniB to suit.    No. 72.
$10,000 and $9s��00��f,��P<-<-t|v*e1y
will buy two of the cholcost modern houses on Third avenue. Fine
lots and generous terms. No. 66
and No. 73.
Fire, Accident, Plate Glass, Automobile, Burglary, Employer's
Liability Insurance.
Hx-vl-w    In     SIiiivIiib,
and Sti.-tilipoolfiK Kiv*>
Main-till Inn
35  Eighth   St.    David  Boyle,  Prop.
a trial.    I--fsur -skill,-,! wiirtmvn.    out* system  nr   treatlns   ths  so.-tlp   for   ilamlniff
.  it..,! falllnj- hair cannot Im- Improved Upon,
Try It
thee Iss-jna-rlng a sp.*.-iaitty.
PHONE   R 1031.
Employment Agency
Prompt attention given to orders.
S07 Front St., New Westminster, B.C.
King's Hotel Pool Room
Best Pool Tnbles in the city. Fine
Hire of Cigars and Tobacco. Sporting
events bulletined.
A. O. BEATON. Proprietor.
Well Built Modern
5-Roomed Bungalow
Just off Sixth Street car line, with
hot water heat. $3150.00; $1000.00
cash, balance to arrange.
Coldicutt Block, Fourth Avenue
Phsss 71CS e.-s -r�� ��...   ts/s
London, Jan. 31.���Henry Arthur
JoneB, the playwright, is back' from
America feeling, as he expresses it,
"like hiB own grandson," after a surgical operation that lias freed him as
K by magic from a long-borne burden
of ill health.
Mr. Jones brought some new Ideas
as well aa health back with him from
the United States. He Ib greatly Interested ln the establishment of a national theatre In England, but his experiences In America have changed
bis mind somewhat on this point.
"I have been closely watching the
history of America's first national
theatre, ItB establishment and its failure." he sayB. "and 1 think it may be a
very good object lesson to use Englishmen.
"Its failure was due to the simple
reason that the American public was
Applications for the position of |n0t re7d**��r ,*" ,dldhno.t ?nt,lt' .U
T-init,-,. ���i ���*,��� i ������i , ������.��� Bri. ? ,,, was a 'millionaires theatre, and not a
*     ranelvJ I,  ,h!n;'Bter, Sc,00,*'m   people's  theatre.    And  are  we  ready
..oti^^-rro^^b k jwsshver>6trong
"No,  I  do not  think  that tho purl-
tanie temperament Is really against a
j great dramatic spirit in the nation.   It
| is merely that  the externals of puri-
i tanlsm ar<> against the externals of our
Applications for the position of
I Municipal School Inspector will be received at the Secretary's Office not
later than Thursday, February 13th.
The applicant must state age and educational qualifications and muat enclose testimonials Bhowlug experience.
Secretary  Board of School Trustees,
New Westminster, B.C.     (691)
Skipper of Tug  Relates Terrible  Ex
perlences In  Big  Blow Off Cape
London, Jan. 31.���Thrilling details
of the voyage from Falmouth to Rio
de Janeiro of a small steam tug were
told when the master (Captain J. W.
Carver) of the boat returned to England by the steamer Orita.
lhe tug, of only four tons register,
was built at Falmouth for towing
canal barges out to steamers calling
at Rio. She left Falmouth on Sept.
22. When within nineteen miles of
Cape. Flnlsterre the full force of a
gale was encountered.
"It was one of the worst gales I
have ever been through," Baid the captain. "On Oct. 1 we shipped one gigantic Wave which carried away the
wheel shelter, wrecked the onlv compass we possessed, and smashed the
"The second engineer had four fingers torn away, thc man at the wheel
had his ribs badly Injured, and one of
the crew sustained a fractured thigh.
At last we got to Brest. During the
voyage I was kept at the partly repaired wheel steering with my feet
for three days and nights.
The only food I could get consisted
of a few biscuits which were handed
up to me. On Oct. 12 I began the second portion of the voyage without my
chief officer and with a foreign crew
The crew had gone below, bo I locked
them ln, and told tbem it was a case
of 'no work no food.' ���--
I did allow them one "biscuit each
i.ny. Within 30 mll-*s ul Tenor* *'i*-
the fuel again gave out, but we were
sighted by the Spanish mail boat Luis
Viviens, a&d this vessel spared us a
ten of coal, which carried us iu;��� the
I got twenty-two tons of coal, but
lost my second crew by desertion, and
as the men who had previously refused to work* also got ashore, .the cook
and I navigated the tub to St. Vincent, where we obtained another set
of men, all foreigners, none of whom
had ever been to sea before.
"We got to Pernambuco, and arrived safely at Rio de Janeiro on Dec.
Professor Dean Advocates Their.Une
for Showing Methods of Farming
Ing and  Dairying.
Woodstock, Jan. 31.���The use of the
moving picture and thu drama for thc
purpose of educating farmers, in agricultural and dairy methods, haB n
champion ln H. 11. Dean, professor of
dairy husbandry, at the Ontario Agricultural College, whose paper on
"Cheese, Investigation of Experimental of College During Fast Three
YearB," was read by Oeorge W. McKay, at the I 'cent Dairymen's convention on Thursday.
���Prof. Dean, was delayed and did not
arrive until nearly noon, and only
dealt with his suggestion very briefly
Prof. Dean's address pointed out the
educative value of picture sbow drama,
with fitting music, which showed all
the different processes of farming or
The stage, he Bald, had often somewhat degenerated from Its original
high standard, but it could be made to
serve a great purpose by showing the
different procecses of dairying from
the hauling or the milk to the consumption of the cheese, in foreign
These would Include scenes on the
farm, In which family and hired man
would take part, the making, refining
and inspection, the loading upon tbe
steamers, the landing In England and
receiving Into the warehouses, and
then the pleasure or dlssatlsfatcion of
the consumer.
Of British  Trade  Processes���Accusation Made at Nottingham Cham
ber of Commerce.
London, Jan. 31.���At a meeting of
Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, a
leading manufacturer, B. F. Stlcbol,
accused certain local d.sinners of accepting bribes to supply American and
continental competitors with copies
of the drawing at the same time as
these wero supplied to Nottingham
At a previous meeting of the Chamber ot Commerce grave complaints
were made of the pirating of English
"designs by foreign manufacturers and
It was announced that an International
conference, representatives of seven
nations, wan to be held at Manchester
to cope with the evil. _
Mr. Stlebel now said that be had
received Information tbat American
and continental houses bribed English draughtsmen to gu|>|,ly ci Jiiei, of
their draughts simultaneously. He described It as one of the vilest and foulest pieces of corruption that could
possibly be committed against the
manufacturing Interests.
Every manufacturer should make
the closest Inquiry, and If It were possible- to Institute prosecutions. It
should be done without the slightest
February l;!th. Applicant must Btate I
age and salary' required und must |
send testimonials.
Secretary  Hoard  of  School  Trustees.
New Westminster, B.C.      (592)
More Shorthand Manuscripts Found in
Archives of Church.
London, Jan. 31.���The Rev. Nehe-
miah Curnock, editor of the new official edition of John Wesley's Journals,
has made a surprising discovery of
Wesley manuscripts. The chief of
these Is a diary ln shorthand covering
| the greater part of the last ten years
i of Wesley's lire.
ThlB diary, found in the old rtrong
I room In City Road, London, where are
kept the archives of nearly two centuries of Methodism, has been hidden
in the last .pages or a little book
known as "Wesley's last account
book," and until Mr. Curnock re-examined It no one suspected that the
hieroglphlci at the end were priceless notes written by Wesley hlmscir
In his old age.
On Aug. 8, 1741, the diaries round in
what is known as the "Colman collection" ccaBed, and the story In this particular rorm remains untold until it is
resumed in a few stray leaves in the
library of Headingley College, dated
I still think John | from Feb. 15, 1790, and continued until within about fourteen days of Wes-
and a portion of 20 feet by 106 reel I ""SIS? "sISS*'"" "1�� ever "v.?a' L      iey'B  deftth'    The  newly-round  diary
markedI "Lane " of'Lot 5   Block II       7h<",'ruth 8Cems to me to be that  carriea the day-by-day story back lo
Man 904   In the City of New- We��    purl,aniBm ~wh,ch ,B' after a11' but a   the close of tne year 1782, thus cover-
Mapi 904, in tin   Uty of New West   .������. j,���n(,rp(j m��� oW_ ,��� Jmn cn   L      a perlcd dur,ng wh,ch the ^^
I form that the grit and stamina of on. . Journal Is Imperfect.
race had taken.   It Ib the very sign of |    The book shows   In
the   strong,   Independent,   self-reliant
man that he should put a check upon
himself, Just as lt is a sign of him that
he should replft external power. Why
or in what connection does not matter.
Tho   international  conflict  or  strong
will and of gtrong Impulse is the very
jeesenco Of drama. It existed In
j Shakespeare, in King David, In BurnB
���in every one who has given up
j great and virile art."
Re Lots   4, a, 7 (except    the    south-
present-day theatre. 1 myself, I need
hardly tell you, was born and bred a
puritan, of puritan stock, a ract for
which I am eternally graterul. There
is nothing anti-dramatic In puritanlBm;
only anti-theatrical.
-natarlv -19 Vssss* i,��� aiu r . V .j 1"'">suu -ineuincai. i sun ttuiK Jo nil
tefn or nnHlon nf int. i a* '?? Bnn-"��* "** one of **>* ******** po-
IVl 2Lffi?S-tfiS?i l**M ttntW dramatists who ever lived.
Whereai proof of the loss of Certifl
cate of Title Number 12868 F, Issued
In the name of Robert I.ennie, has
been died In this office.
Notice ls hereby given that I shall,
at tho expiration of one month from
the date of the first publication hereof
in a dally newspaper published In the
City or New Westminster, issue n
duplicate of the said Certificate, tin
less In the meantime valid objection
be made to me ln writing.
District Registrar or Titles
Land Registry Office,
Now   Westminster,   B.C.,   Januarv
3. 1903, (407)
minute detail
how the old man, almost to the very
last, kept his accounts "exactly," ending the record with the often quoted
sentence, written with a tremulous-
hand, "I will not attempt It any longpr
being satisfied with the continual not*,
vlctioti that I save all I can, and give
ull I can, that is, all I have"
Extension of Time.
Notice Is horeby given that the
time for reception or tenders for
Dredging at False Creek, Vancouver.
B. C, Is extended to Monday, February 17, 1913.
By order
Department  or Public  Works,
Ottawa. January 13. 1913. (534)
Elg.'ity  Room-;,  New and  Mrdrrn.
Tho most oetafortftbla rooms In tbl
city. Hot and cold water and steau
radiator in each. Bar and llrst clas,
care run lu connection.
Cor. Front and Begble St.    Phone 186
Phone R524 619 Hamilton St
d. Mcelroy
Chimney Sweeping,
Eavetrough Cleaning,
Sewer Connecting,
Cesspools. Senile Tanks,  Etc.
for Ladies and Men
ta    I ***a    s-.Ss.s-s>*     Nsw   Wsalmlnstss
London, Jan. 81.���Kelts, county
Month, Is much excited over the coming lo life of a supposed dead man.
I'lilllip Fltzpatrlek, a cattle drover,
dropped, apparently dead, ln a Held,
and the body wan removed to the lo
cal hospital. Tbere arrangements
were made for the funeral, and the
body was afterwards taken to the
workhouse mortuary.
Meantime a telegram had been Bent
to tho "dead'' man's brother asking
him to come to Kells. The message
was considerately worded, "Hrother
dying," lut while on bla Journey he
overhead two travelers talking about
the sudden death In Kells.
He asked the name or tho dead
man, and recclvllng Information or his
suspicion, he hurried to Kells. On hiB
arrival, however, he was agreeably
surprised to learn Ihat so fur from being dead bis brother waa very much
It Ik stated that while a cord which
Fltzpatiick wore rotnid his neck was
being cut preparatory to bis being
"laid out," tbe man woke. lie had
been some three hours "dead" at the
time, and, naturally, his unexpected
return to lire gave those by the bed-
t>i*'��* a more or less severe shock.
The doctor was summoned, and the
supposed dead man hopes soon to be
ablo to resume his ordinary vocation.
London, Jan. 31.--Never has the
launch or a lire boat caused bucIi a
scene aB that which was witnessed at
Appledore, Devonshire, recently.
In response to signals trom a vcbboI
in distress the lifeboat was launched
and Bufriclent men to man It were
soon obtained, badges guaranteeing
payment for their services being distributed. Other men then arrived on
the scene and attempted to take possession or tbe badges.
The rivals fought like madmen, the
second party biting and cutting their
opponent's hands with knives in an
endeavor to make them release their
hold. The polico were called, but it
waa only by threatening to draw their
truncheons that they eventually quelled tho rtnt
Is Talk of London���Body Now Exhumed.
London, Jan. 31.���A second Inquest
was opened today Into the mysterious
death of Hugh Eric Trevanlon, a
grandson or Sir Danlc Cooper, who
died suddenly ufter taking eome veronal tablets and who left all hla money
to hiB male Irlend, Roe, with whom he
shared a luxurious flat. The relatives
of the youriK man are righting his
will whicb leaves all his money to his
frii'iid Roe.
At today's InqiieBt It was Incidentally revealed that hc waB burled lu a
silk nightgown on which there was a
gold bangle and an umbrella-shaped
gunmetal brooch.
Dr. Wlllcox, the analyst or the Home
Omce, expressed the opinion that Mr.
Trevanlon must have taken at least.
150 garins of veronal, and that the
drug was ellther wilfully taken or wilfully administered by some other person.
Went to Bed and Refused to Get Out
for Two Weeks.
London, Jan. 31.���The problem of s
woman who went to bed on Dec. 20
n il refused to -;ct up for a fortnight.
though apparently in good health, waB
dealt with by the Exeter magistrates.
Mrs. Margaret Whatley appeared on
an adjourned charge of neglecting her
two children.
The husband said that his wife
went to bed on Dec. 26, and he h-jd not
seen her up until she came to the
court. It had been suggested that he
should leave her without rood, but he
did not like lo see her starve. As rar
aa ho knpw. there was nothing the
matter with her.
The magistrate sent tho womari to
prison ror rour months' wltb hard labor, specially requesting the medical
orricer and chaplain to look after her
ln the hope that regular discipline
would restore her, mentally and physically.
Many of Them Married and Compelled
To Work Through Inability
of Husbands.
The Hague, Holland, Jan. 31.���
Queen Wllhelmlna ordered the statistical department of Holland last summer to Investigate the extent to which
married wemen are employed In factories and Industrial occupations in
the Netherlands. The Investigation
wag made. Bays the New York Sun,
by women factory Inspectors and the
report has Just been published.
Tho Investigators visited and talk
ed with 5620 married women employed in 1154 working places, three-four-
ths ot whom were between the aged
ut 20 and 40. The average earning
or those employed ln steady work
does not exceed J3 a week while those
employed in -;eaHonal trades do uot
average above $1.93.
One-fourth or the number Investigated work because of tho Insurriclent
earnings or their husbands, thc hua-
banda or 10 per cent, were out of
work' and 20 per cent, were widows
or divorced or abandoned by their
husbands. The remainder worked because their husbands wero either ill
or drunkards.
Eight per cent, worked to save
money, 45 per cent, did all their own
housework, 15 per cent, did their
housework with the assistance of a
woman relative or child, 10 per cent,
did only the family laundry, while
the remainder confided the housework
to hired help, or the mother of eithe;
jusband   or   wlfo. "*
Exploit of French  Girl  While Awaiting Examination���Lady Witness Is Loser.
Halleybury Fire Swept.
Halleybury, Ont, Jan. 81.���Five
thousand dollars damage was done by
flro early this morning to the Ferguson Avenue Block, Halleybury. The
principal losers are R. W. Woods, the
JnmioBBon Meat Company, .Tory ��
Young, druggists, and R. T. Shllling-
ton, M. P. P.
Paris, Jan. 31.���There was a peculiar exhibition of theft In^ the court
here today. Yvonne Motto* aged 22,
was in court on a charge of shoplifting, and was waiting her turn for
examination by the Investigating magistrate under the eye of a sleepy Republican guard.
A well dressed lady who was waiting to testify in another case sat
on tho bench near by. Tho confl-
denco Inspired by her Burroundingit
.-aused thc lady to leave her reticule
by her Bide. There waB great excitement later when lt was found that
tbe handbag had disappeared.
The police started a search and
found that the youthful Yvonne had
succeeded In abstracting the handbag
and concealing It under her blouso.
Yvonne will now have to answer a
second charge or attempted theft In
the palace of Justice In tho proaouce
of a magistrate and the police.
After raiding the hen-roost of the
Bishop or St. Aaph, a fox was caught
prowling round the workhouse, was
put In a sack, and removed to the
Cetn kennels or the Flint and Denbigh
The Great Western Railway has
placed a contract for the rectlon of a
wireless station on 1'encw Height,
overlooking FlBhguard Harbor. The
radius will be 200 miles In daylight
and 400 at nlghL Four or the company's cross-channel turbine steamers
are to be lined with wireless.
A number of archaeologists, Including a Cambridge professor, are engaged lu exploring the caves of Cower in search of antiquities. Their
searches have so far been rewarded
by the discovery of many bones of
prehistoric animals, similar to those
discovered many years ago, when the
caves were last systematically explored.
A mensuge has been reclved from
BuenoB Ayres announcing the death of
the Rev. Robert Jones, or Tryddyn,
near Mold, who went out some twenty
or more yeara ago to minister to the
Welsh colony in Patagonia. Mr. JoneB
who was advanced In years, had Journeyed rrom the Welsh colony to
Buenos Ayres to undergo a surgical
operation. He was connected with
the Calvinistlc Methodist denomination.
C. D. Thompson, J. P., ot Wenvoe,
agent ror the Wenvoe Caallp und Ro-
milly estates, Ikih rent out circulars to
leaseholders or those estates ottering
to extend the original term ot 99 yearB
to 909 years on the same condition as
at present, subject only to a small
charge based upon the present reversion. A large portion or the land in
the town is, however, held by syndicates, and In tlioso caseB the term remains as hitherto���viz., 99 yearB.
The Welch Insurance Commissioners recently advertised for an assistant secretary with, among other qualifications, ability to read, write and
speak tbe Welsh language. No candidate among tbose wbo applied wus
considered suitable for the post. The
commissnoners thereupon Invited
I'ercey Kmerson Watkins, Registrar
of the University College or South
Wales and Monmouthshire, to the vacancy, and he has accepted the invitation.
At a meeting of school managers at
Pontypool a discussion arose on the
question of repayment by parents of
the cost of feeding school children
during thc recent coal strike. A long
list of names of parents Indebted to
the county authority was sent to the
managers, with the request that the
managers should do their best to collect tho money. The county authority
had eerved notices direct through the
attendance officers, and In one district 890 claims were served, but only
12s. 7d. had been collected.
Sank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)  ... .$1 J.MO.COO.OO'
RESERVE    $15,000,000.00'
Brunches throughout Canada nml
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago und Spokane
U.S.A., and Mexico City. A general
banking business transacted. Letters*
of Credit insuod, available with correspondents lu all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Departniunt���Depoalts
received  In sums ot  Jl and  upward,
and Interest allowed at 3 por cent, per"
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over ��1SC,000,000.00.
O.  D.  BRYMNI'R.  Manager.
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves Vanoouver for Victoria' ia ... m.���
2 p. ra. and 11 :45.
Leave* Vancouver for fteattlt* 10 a. m,
anti it p. ni.
IftMWf.H Vancouvur for Nunakno 3 p. nu
Leavea Vancouver for PrtiMo I tuner t.
aad Northern 1'ulntn 10 p. ni. W<������tii<���*>-
Leave* Vancouver  every Wedneaday af
10 p. n
Chilliwack Service
Leavea Westminster I a. in. Mondr, ���*_
WrdneHdaj- and  KrlOay.
Leaves Chllllwack 7 a. m. Tuesday,.
Thur-wlny and Hiilurdiiy.
ED. OOULET.  A-rent, New Weatmlroiter.
H. W.  -wot-li-. o. r. A., Vancouver.
16,880 Tens Rsglstcr
S4,000 Tons Displacement
18,850 Tons Register.
34,000 Tone Displacement.
These new palatial  liners  will  leave-
Southampton on April  1st -and   1,1a/
27th respectively   for   Vancouver   via-
the Suez Canal, calling at  Gibraltar,
Monaco or Vllle Franche, Port   aald,
Colombo,    Singapore,    Hong     Kong,.
Shanghai,  Maji Nagasaki,  Kobe   and
Around the World Tickets From Vancouver, $839.10.
Choice of Atlantic steamahlps rrom St.
John, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Portland. Boston or New York.
Passengers will have the opportunity ot taking many aide trips during
thn GmpresBOB' stay at tho principal
ports. Time of voyage from Southampton to Vancouver ab.n.t two
months. r\\\ particulars, ratos, etc.,
on application to
BD.  GOI'I.KT, Agent
New Westminster
)r H   W.  Brodle, OCA, Vancouve-r
Sole agent for
Hire's Root Beer
Mineral Water*.   Aerated Wateri
Manufactures' by
felevhone ft 118. Office: Princess St
By Working of Association���Great
Success In Toronto.
Toronto, Jan. 31.���Tho statement of
thn governinj; commute? or Imp-rial Homo Uc-utilon -WBOCl.ar.lcn was embodied In the first annual report of
the work of that organization which
was submitted at the annual meeting
today.   It disclosed the following:
During the year 1912 ���}7o.3-)7.f,.'i han
been expended In bringing to Toronto
the wives and families and dependent-.
of the British working men. Of this
amount S9839 was prepaid by the applicants thcmeslves.
Of the amount udvanced $14,934.51
haB been repaid In Instalments, Including Interest, as arranged between thc
applicants and the committee, and
$12,661.13 remains outstanding, but not
yet due.
Malay Statea Battleship.
London, Jan. 31.���The contract for
the battleship which the Malay States
will present, to tbe admiralty has
been placed, and It Is expected to be
ln commission by 1915
Moscow, Jan .31,���Ivan Putokln, the
fencing master, has been killed in a
duel by his own wife. Tho husband
had challenged a lieutenant, who was
paying attention to Mmo. Putokln. He
fore the duel began she appeared and
demanded that Pntokln fight her before  the  lieutenant.
The strange combat was agreed to,
and Mme. Putokln made a furious
lunge at her husband, running the ra
pier through his heart. Sbe nnd eight
ofricers, who wero spectators, were
Engineering Department.
Tenders for Toola and Supplied.
Scaled Tenders endorsed Tools and
Supplies will be received by the undersigned up to 12 noon on Monday,
February 3rd, 1913.
Copy of specifications and form of
tender can bo had ou application at
the Engineer's OHIco.
Tenders will not be considered tin
loss made out on the forms supplied
ind must be accompanied by a marked cheque for Ono Hundred Dollars
W. GRIFFITHS, Comptroller.
Municipal Hall, Bdmonds, B. C.
January "Slat, 1913. (550)
It's the Work.
Use Your Phone.
628 Clarkson Street. Phone 480.
Transfer Co.
Office Phone 188.      Barn Phone  IS**
Begble Street
Baggage Deliverm Promptly to
any part of tha city.
light and Heavy Hauling
��� I .        ���
D. McAulay
Tel. 724.       Cor. Sixth and Columbia.
whe da not receive Tha News before
I a.m. should
��ad make complaint. Onl-- In thla way
���say aa efficient deliver** be mala*
��BlB��4. "
     �����-�������� ssjH
Second Hand Store
Buy and sell new and   second   hand
foods of all kinds.   Tools especially.
a* afcluacs Sirc-rt. Phone 100*
701   Front Street,  Naw Westminster. ���SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1818.
k CO
M"u<*0 'l-'iWlr"-** start cl for the I rail
men morning the shlnlug new spill-
men bus t1n-.li.ii on bis back. The
black ".'liU'kt>N." a mere speck In the
blue, caught the gl.'aiu ut II nnd wou-
sjt-red what It was. Tbe folded oet
hung by i-lie boy's hati-bet, and tb*
bird book was In ibe box. He walked
tbe line and tested eaeb section scrupulously, watching every foot of (he trail,
for he was determined not lo slight bis
work. But It ever a boy "made baat*
���lowly" In a burry It was Freckles tbat
morning. Wben at last be reached tbe
apace be -bad cleared onl and lined up
nronnd bla case bis beart swelled wllb
the pride of possessing even ao tuu.n
tbat h�� could call bis owu.
He bad mnde a large room wltb tbe
door of (be *���*"* set even wltb one side
of lt. On tbi '���'.��� sides tine big bosbtts
ot wild rose climbed to tbe lower
branches of tbe tre**. Part of bis
walls were mallow, tart alder, thorn,
willow *.ad dogwood. Hulow tbere
tilled In a solid mass of tele pink sheep
laurel and yellow bt. John's wort,
while tbe amber threads of tbe dodder
Interlaced everywhere. At one side
tbe swsmp came close and cattail*
grew In profusion. In front of tbem
be had planted a row of water hyacinth* without disturbing lu tbe least
Ihe -unit- of tbelr isure bloom, and
���where tba giound rose hlghei for Ua
floor a row of foi Ore tbat would mod
tie open.
To tbe left be had discovered a queer
-natural arrangement ot the trees tbat
grew to giant else and were set In a
gradually narrowing space so lbat a
long, open vista atretrbed awsy until
lost In tbe dim recesses of Ihe swamp.
A little trimming back of underbuab
rolling oot of dead logs,  leveling of
oor and carpeting of lucms. made It
ay to understand wby Freckles bsd
amed tbls the "cathedral," yet be bad
ever been  taught  tbat "tbe groves
ere God's flrst temples."
u either side of the trees that con-
tuiod tbe flrst nri-li of tbls dim vista
tbe swump be planted ferns Hint
���ew waist blgb this early In Ibe seu-
'U. aud so skillfully bsd Ibe work
bevu done tbat not a frond drooped
because of tba change. Opposite be
cleared a apace aod made a flowerbed
Every day saw tba addition of new
On Ibe line side be left the bushes
thick for concealment ond entered by
* narrow path be and Duncan bad
cleared ln seitlng op tbe case. He
cslled tbls tbe front door, though b<
ti&.il every precaution to bide IL fie
built rustic sests between several of
the tree*, laveled the Sour and thickly
���rarr-cled It wllb rank, heavy woolly dog
-moss. About tb* caa* be plained wild
clematis, bittersweet and wild grapevine* and trained tbem -over It until
It wa* almost covered.
' Tbla morning "freckles walked
si might to bl* cas*. unlocked It and
aet bla apparatus and dinner Inside.
He look out tbs blrdbook. turned tn
tbe section beaded "V." I**st ~v*ery"
and "vlreo" ba went, on down th* line
until bl* Anger, trembling wltb eager-;
ness, slopped at "vulture."
'"Great Mack California vulture,*"
-.be read. ��,.
"lltnnphl Tbla aid* tb* tlockle* .will
do for ua."
"'Common turkey bnaaard."*
"Welt, we ain't bunting commo-j tur
keys.     McLean   aald   chickens,   and
* bat be saya goes "
���"Black vulture uf lb* a-mlh."*
' "Here w* are arrived at on--*."*
Kr-vkle*' ringer lollowvd tb* Hu*.
and be rend scrap* ak-nd.
" -Common In ibr south. Sometimes
-railed .Urn rrew. Neitrnt equivalent
tu C a lbs r-t-e s A t rat*' "
" ���- tbe rhnraoh's chickens of Etrro
rienn species. Foutetlmes stray nurlb
aa far a* vinrinla and Kentucky* ���**���
"And sometime* farther," Interpo-
Isled Fres-kies, "cos 1 got tbem right
ber* in Indiana *u ilk* lb*** picture* I
can Just see me big chicken bobbing
up io get hla ears boxed.   H*y1"*
���"Light blu* *gg*"-���
i "Golly, I got to n* *eelog them!"
- ��������� - big aa a common turkey**, bat
obaped like a beaa, b��avlly aplotcbad
���wllb clux'oial*' "���
I "C*raiu*i-s, I suppose.  Andr-
���������-lii hollow log* or stnmpa.'"
-������Ob, bagginyl Waan't 1 barking ap
the wrong tree though! Ougbl tu bean
looking near lb* ground all tbla lima.
l\ow It'* all to do ov*r. and I eu*p**i
th* aoonar I atart tb* auonar I'll ba
Ukaly to Ond tbam."
rrerkle* at* and drank bla laat drop-
ot water. 0* *at resting a little aad
���waichlng tb* *ky io *e* If Ul* big
ctilrkeii wa* banging up tbere. lyBt
be cam* to tb* earth abruptly, foe
there wer* *lep* corolag down th*
trail tbat w*r* neither llcl��ao a so*
Imuran*, and iber* never bad hota
other*. Freckle*' btart leaped hotly.
11* run a quirk band over bla belt to
yVtH-lt bla r*voiv*r and h*tch��t *****
tbere. raogbt up bl* cudgel ���nd laid
tl arrow bla kpeea. Ibcn **t quietly
���welting. Waa tt Week Jack, or earn*
*n* |v*o wonat rorcod to do soue-
thlng to brae* bla aci-vM, b* puckered
til* stltr-salng Up* and bagaa whlatllag
��� tun* be bad tad lo bla elaar tenor
every -roar of bla Uti at tbo bom*
Vbrlat-Dao exercises:
m isogb tbat ataadtad Um eaaa-dtjgly.
i Throuab tba tm��**m.mx,mmr*J*
glimpse of tb* oncomlftg ngure. HI*
heart flooded wltb Joy, for It wss a
mnn from tbe gang. Wessner And
been bis bunk mat* tb* nlgbt he came
duwn the corduroy. Tbt* was no timber tbtef. Freckles sprang up snd
called cbeerlly, a warm welcome un tils
"Well, It's good telling If you're glsd
to see me," ssld Wessner. "We been
bearing down at Ibe camp you were
so mighty touchy you didn't alluw a
mnn within a rod ot tbe Hue."
"Mo more do I," answered Freckles
"If be's a stranger, but you're frum
McLean, ain't you?"
"Ob, curse McLean!" aald Wessner.
Freckles gripped tbe cudgel.
"And sre you rnllly saying so?" be
Inquired with elaborate politeness.
���'Tee, 1 am," said Wessner. "S��
would every other man of tha gang ll
they waan't loo big cowards to sn;
anything unleaa maybe tbat otber slob
beting old Scotch mnn Duncan. Grind
tug th* lire* out nf nal Working n��
like dogs nnd paying n* stnrvstlon
wager-, while he rolls np bis millions
and lives like a prince!"
Green light* l-egnn io play thronga
tb* gray uf Freckles' eyea.
"Weiwner." be mill Impreiisilvely
"yoo'd make a tine paltern for the fn
��� her ut linn-: F.very man nu Hun
gang Is strong snd hllthy. paid all be
earns end trealed wtlb the ennrteay *l
B n< nlleinnn. As fur the Ik,*** llvlns
like n prince, be shore* fare with foil
���very day of your lives "
I*, i-smner wn�� not a born diplomat
but be saw he waa on the wrong tncs
snd he tried snother.
"Freckles, old fellow." he said. "!l
yun let me give you a pointer I can
pot yon on lo making a cool Ave hun
dred without stepping uut uf youi
Freckle*, drew bark.
"You needn't be uftald ut speaking
be aald.   "Tbere isn't a *ool In
'he Limberi.ist save ihe birds and tbe
beasts unless aome of your sort's come
slung nud a crowding tbe privileges uf
the legal tmints."
"None of my friends along." said
Werner. "Nobody knew I came but
Hia.-k J���1 mean a friend ot mln*. If
yuu want to bear leuse and act wltb
reason be can see yuu later, but It aln'l
necessary. We csn make all tbtfplsus
needed. Tbe trick's so dead small and
"Must be If you hav* tbe engineering
of It," snld Freckle*. But be heard
wltb a sigh uf relief that tbey were
Wessner wns Impervious. "Ton Just
bet It Is! Wby. only think, Freckles,
���larln' away at a measly little MO a
month, and here Is ��� chance to clear
IflUU In a dny! You aurely won't be
tbe fool to mlaa It!"
"And bow was you proposing for
me to stnle It'/" Inquired Freckles.
"Or -m I Just io And It laying In ma
path about the line',"
"That's IL Frecklea." blustered tbe
Dutchman, "you're Just to And IL
Too needn't know ��� thing. Tou nam*
s morning when ynu will wslk up tbs
west side of the swamp and tben turn
round and wnlk bock down tba aaroe
side again and ibe money la your*.
Couldn't anything b* easier than that,
could 111"
"Doplnds entirely oo tbe man," said
Frecklea. Tbe Ull of a lark bringing
abov* the cwnle liealde them wa* not
sweeter than tbe aweetiieaa ot bis
voire. "To aome It would -it-era to
come alsy nn breathing, and iu aome
wrlngtn' the Inst drop of tbelr hearts'
blood" couldn't fore* thlm! I'm oot
th* man Hint gue* Into a scheme like
Ibst wltb Ihe blindfold over me eye*,
fnr. yuu see. li manea to break trust
with Ibe lions, and I've served him
faithful aa I knew. You'll hnv* to be
making ibe tblug tary clear to me
(To Be Continued.)
Saskatchewan  Makes Drastic Regulations to  Prevent  Recurrence of
Frequent Shooting Accidents.
Prince Albert, Sank., Jan. 31.���Some
important alterations have been effected ln lhe game laws and ln tbe regulations tor big game hunting. The
new regulation*- are now virtually in
operation and have been placed, ln tbe
statute book or the province mainly
through the activity of J. K. Bradshaw,
member for Prince Albert.
One of the most important ot the
new regulations Is that all big game
hunters will henceforth be required to
wear a white uniform while out shooting In the foresL
Wesleyan Sunday School Picnic Has
Unfortunate  Sequel���Cream   Suspected as Cause.
lsondon, Jan. 31.���An epidemic of
poisoning affecting nearly 100 people,
mostly school children, of the hamlet
of Now Scarborough, midway between
Leeds and Bradford, has been' reported to the local government board. The
symptoms, according to the district
medical ofricer, are undoubtedly those
of polBonlng, though not ptomaine
A party of 130, mostly Sunday
school teachers and scholars, had tea
together at the Park View Wesleyan
school, and the chapel organist  and
This regulation baa been brought I choirmaster, who acted as host him-
about through the increasingly large j sell shared the 111 effects which fol-
number of serious and fatal shooting j lowed. The chapel keeper was like-
accidents* that have taken place wise a victim, but the children were
through one hunter mistaking another ' the chief sufferers. The majority
for a deer or a moose, and by another , have recovered, but tbere are still two
season a license will be Issued only on
condition that the wearing of a white
tunic and cap be conformed to.
It had been suggested that red
would be a more distinctive dress
than white, but Inquiry by the government from experienced big game hunters, showed that a great majority favored white as the more distinctive.
Severe penalties are also to be im
or three serious cases.
Although the doctor has stated that
he had reason to suspect the cream
In the confectionery as the cause of
the mischief, be cannot apeak with
certainty on that point, as none of it
waa left. The cream was used in a
paste on buns. Tbose who had no buns
were not affected.
The vendor or the buns expalns that
posed on those who_ through careless- j no Ill-effects  followed the   consump-
'i.-i'B or neglect of this regulation
shoot and wound another hunter.
Every person who while hunting or
apparently hunting any game, shools
at or wounds any other person
whether accident, mistake or otherwise under circumstances which would
not constitute a crime under the criminal code of Canada, shall be guilty ot
offence, and be fined not less than
$50 and not more than 1000, and In default of payment shall be Imprisoned
for not more than Blx months, and his
license sliall be forfeited and to the
person so sentenced a license shall
not be Issued for the following ten
Alterations which have been effected tn the season for game shooting makes the season for shooting deer
from November 15 to November 30, instead of December 1 to 15. The reason
for the change is that many of the
deer loose their horns after November
md hunters are liable in shooting such
animals to infringe the law, which
makes it Illegal to shoot does.
The opening date for chicken and
duck shooting will now be the same,
November 16.
tion of buns supplied to other parties
and the vendor of tho cream at a
Leeds dairy states he sold 30 gallons
the same day to other parties with no
evil conr.equenceB. The purity ot the
water used has been questioned.
Can  Tell  Time of Watch  in  Pocket
of Person Yards
Terribly Lacerated by Escaping From
Prison���Dropped In Old Bag and
London, Jan. 31.���The story of a
Liverpool man's escapade was told to
the London and Northwestern railway police at Crewe.
Shortly after midnight a railway
shunter working on the great network
of railways south of Crewe noticed a
figure crawl between a standing train
and on approaching lt, found a man
with only a portion of a shirt covering
bis shoulders. The man wa* bleeding
profusely from the neck and legs, and
presented a ghastly sight.
Hla tag* were lacerated from thigh
to ankles, and there were several deep
gashes across his neck and face. HIb
feet were like pieces of raw meat
Railway police were sent for and detectives procured an old bag, In which
the man was conveyed to the police
It appears that the man escaped
from Nantwich workhouse, stripped ot
all bis clothing, he climbed over the
cemetery rails, and became almost
Impaled, but, succeeding in extricating himself,    s
He crawled through many hedges
and ditches, and his arms and legs
were terribly torn by thorns. At
Willeston he got on the railway and
in bare feet ran along the rough macadam ballast for nearly three miles,
on the way he met three trains and
had to cling to the side of an embankment.
A signalman saw the man rushing
madly along the line, but was powerless to stop him. Reaching the great
goods junction at Crewe he ran about
among the moving trains climbing
over them and- crawling beneath
wagons. When he reached the police
station he was terribly emaciated and
in an exhausted condition.
Serious Costly Sickness
ia far too sure to come when tout bodily strength hss been undermined
by the poison of bile. Headaches, tour stomach, unpleasant breath,
nervousness, and a wish to do nothing sre all signs of biliousness���signs,
too, that your system needs help. Just the right help is given and the
bodily condition which invites serious sickness
Is Prevented By
timely use of Beecham'a Pills. Tbls famous vegetable, and always efficient
family remedy will clear your system, regulate your bowels, stimulate your
liver, tone yonr nerves. Your digestion will be so improved, yonr food will
nourish you and you will be strong to DO and to resist. You will feel
greater vigor and vitality, a* well as buoyant spirits���sfter you know and use
*%eecham% &M
I sssostss,  la baa-as,Us.
ffijj PHONE 890
lUillKAllVlU   fOR PRICES ON :-
Lumber Lath and Shingles
Providence, R.I., Jan. 31.���The remarkable feats of Beulah Miller, the
ten year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
David Miller, or the town of Warren,
have bo stirred the "little country
place that they are a common topic
of conversation ln every household.
And the fame of the little girl who
can Bee through your pocket into your
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ huntingcaae watch and tell you fust
Seattle Jan. 31,--Waii-Hah-Gun-Ta. I what time it is by your own particu-
which translated Into English means lur rel.able timepiece without evei
Wiley Wimpuaa, chief firemaker, the coming within ten feet of you has
131-year-old Blackfoot Indian from ! spread beyond the borders of her own
Glacier reservation, will Boon cele- i town and state until people who are
brute another birthday. Chief fire- Interested In her peculiar gift, as her
maker la said to be the oldest human , mother calls It. have come from as
being In the world, having been born , tar away aa Boston to aee her demon-
In the region now known as Glacier  atrate  IL
Nat'onal   park  ln   1781,  according to |    in the old Salem days Beulah would
*vell authenticated tradition. (have undoubtedly   been  looked  upon I    Hong Kong. Jan. 30.���Code ot man-
He was the first red man ln the ter-, as a candidate tor a "hot stake" by 1 ners Jias  been   issued   by   President!
ritory to visit the great white father, j the superstitious    Puritans,    but ber   Yuan 8hl Kai ot China, including tho
and tbe journey to the national capl- ] neighbors ln Warren, though they re-1 following articles:
Enid,,Okla., Jan. 30��� A kick on the
head by a mule was worth $3500 to
lohn Allen, a farmer living near here.
Immediately after Allen was operated
on today for a fracture of the skull
which the mule's heels had inflicted
last Saturday, be remembered where
he bad buried that amount of money
in the financial panic of 1907.
Allen's memory wae impaired by an
Injury he received when his team ran
away and threw him out of a wagon a
few days after he had buried the
money. It was known that he had
withdrawn the money from a bank and
several persons suspected of stealing
Allen's hoard were arrested, but none
were convicted.
After the operation made necessary
by the mule's kick, Allen recovered
his memory.
3,500 tons, 7,000 horse-power
Sailing Every Monday (12 Midnight)
B for Prince Rupert.
Connecting with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for points east   ot
Prince RuperL
Cennectlug with S.S. "PRINCE   JOHN"   on   certain   dates   for
Stewart Granby Bay, Massett and other Queen Charlotte Island points
SATURDAYS  (12  Midnight)   for VICTORIA and SEATTLE.
S.S. "PRINCE ALBERT" for Prince Rupert and way ports, 3rd, 13th
and 23rd ot each month.
Through tickets to all Eastern destinations and to Europe,
choice of rail and ocean lines.
H. G. SMITH, C. P. A T.
Phone Seymour 7100..
A. W. E. DUPEROW, G. A. P. D.
VANCOUVER. B.C.     527 Granville Street.
Pre*, and Genl. Mgr.
W. r. H. BUCKUN.
Sac. a-td Tr*aa.
���Fir, Cedar  and Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and 877.
tal, when Prealdent Jefferson was ln I gard her powers as a little uncanny,
the White House, was a memorable j are too thoroughly interested In
���vent in his life. He is regarded in i watching her and In testing them to
his tribe as an oracle. | waste time ln superstitions.
At tbe time of his birth, so the In-; The mlnlBter, the family doctor, and
d:an legend goeB, thc father of all numerous friends and acquaintances
-plrts, standing on a mountain, shot,have all taken a turn at trying to
-in arrow near his father's tepee. The "stump" her with some trick or ques-
prophecy as Interpreted by the medl- tion, but apparently unconscious that
cine men Is that be would live for- j there was any attempt to trip her tbe
ever and assist the gods In their coun-
cils. The aged Indian is a chieftain
of his tribe and ln his younger days
was a fine shot and athlete.
London, Jan. 3L���Soon after the
death of the eminent surgeon, Sir Ast-.
ley Cooper, In 1841, hla collection of
1500 specimens Of diseased structures
were acquired by the Royal College
ot Surgeons, ot England, and among
them were two portions of small In
testlne labeled "Incipient Fungus
In the Glands of an Intestine." Napoleon, Barry O'Mearu to Sir Asteley
Coop-it '
Professor Keith, the curator of tbe
College Museum, dellevered a lecture
upon these specimen* before the 11 un-
terian society recently, and showed as
a result of th* application to them of
modern method* ot microscopical research, that they afford evidence of
Napoleon's having suffered from lym-
pholdal dlseaae, Incidental to some of
the Infections current In tropical climate*, before he became the subject
of the cancer of the stomach from
which he died.
It waa an open question whether it
waa the Malta fever or the cancer
which actually killed him, and the beat
that can be aald I* that, whether In*]
St. Helena or elsawhere, th* cancer
must ultimately hft* terminated hi*
Lincoln .Memorial.
Washington, Jan. 80.���Tho Rouse
adopted without amendment late yesterday the Joint resolution approving
plan* of the "fin* arts oommlaalon"
for a $2,000,000 memorial la thla eity
to the memory of Abraham Lincoln.
The resolution has been adopted by
th* senate and will now go to the
president for his slcnature.
Local Train Spill.
Vlrden, Man., Jan. 81.���The east-
bound local ran off the track yesterday afternoon while coming down tlie
Brad* paat Ivan Landing, three miles
weat ot Vlrden. No serious Injnriea
ar* i-sforted. ��� ���
Youth and A** W*tt.
London, Jan. 81.���Sir William Cod-
dlngton, an octogeuarlsn baronet
married Mlaa Almee Josephine Barker
turnkey at th* Chapel Royal, Savoy,
jreeUrday. Th* bi-ldgj-room is 88
years old and Wa bride 86. He to *
very wealthy man and one ot the cot*
ton lord* -tt-tsajneaahlre, ..,
Former Turkish Sultan Knew What
Would Follow Balkan Alllanc*.
Berlin, Jan. 31.���The February number of the Review Nord Und 8ud
prints extracts from the diary of the
former Sultan Abdul Hatntd of Turkey, In which he Is frequently apho
Some of tbe extracts are:
"The English are more to be feared
than any other nation;  there la no
promise to 'holy' them.
"Our rule in Europe ls based on divisions ln the Balkan States."
London, Jan. 31.���An Intelligent donkey waa commended - by the magistrate at West Ham police court Owing evidence agalnat a carrier, charged with being drunk while In charge
of a donkey barrow, a constable said
that the donkey, attached to a barrow, stopped outside the Plait-tow police station, and would not go on till
the man waa arrested.
The witness, going to" see the cause
of th* atop, found that Mia driver waa
drunk. The magistrate fined the man
5b., or fl-re days, remarking: "I think
th* donkey ought to be commended
tor assisting tb* police."
little girl ha* surprised them all by
her answers.
According to Mr*. Miller, her moth
���r, mind reading doe* not run in tbe
family, yet Beulah easily tells one
the dates on coins, which they have
ln tholr pockets, tells them the sum
of money they bave concealed about
their person, and how it la distributed
In the several pocket*.
Already," aald one of the Miller
family'* neighbor* today, "she has the
John and Eva Fay stunt Irshei to
the mast, and If her powera l*icrea*e
ln years lo* come In the same proportion that education broadens her
knowledge, there is no telling what
she may be able to do In a few years
Fortune Found by Plakcr* Whll* Sorting Paper In Mill.
Cornwall, Ont Jan.'81.���While em
plnyeefl In the rag room of the St
Lowrerce Papei company at Mille
Roche*', wer* engaged In their regular o-'-upatloi ot sorting paper and
rags, thev came aeroes one lot whlcl'
contained numerous precious stone.
The waste paper, which ls shipped
to th* factory ln bale*, arlved a few
davs (to trom New York. The find
consisted of a few ring* and a large
m-mbT ot uncut atones. The discovers brought their find to "Cornwall
and n local Jeweler pronounced them
genuine. The diamond* are worth
several thouaand dollars.
1. To salute take off hat and bow.
2. At Important ceremonies, such
as funerala, marriages, and national
festivities, take oft hat and bow three
3. At everyday ceremonies, take
off hat and bow once.
4. When meeting friends In the
street, take off hat without bowing.
6. Women must obey articles 1 and
t. but they will not take off their
The same decree fixes the style of
costumes to be worn by men and wo-
^^^^ SUITS
Ladles' and   Gents' Suits dyed
Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed
Now Velvet Collar 78s
W* do repair* at a small ad-
f'   --nal charge.
3"i Columbia St     Phone RtTft
W. R. OILLEY, Ph*n* 128. G. E. OILLEY, rMM ttl.
Phones, Off lew IB and 18.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
j] which we can recommend for Steam and
j   Furnace use, which we will sell for cash only
1111 i      M      i i.
The Bank of Vancouver
A general banking buaineaa transacted, drafts and letters ut credit
sold payable la aU parts of th* world. Savings bank department at
all branches.
New Wcstmitut��r Branch, Cor. 8th and Columbia Streets
O. O. WILSON, Manager.
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light nanufactjRring, ctab rooms or
*���'     '"a      -
rooming house. WiD give two peers' lease. .Apply
to Manager The Nty Westminster News.
r    '   ""J1      '   '        ���    s-MMs-MMMs-Mss-s-s-s^s-s-s-s-Ms-s-saaasaas^aasssaaasaasasaaaaassaa
| Wnte Ideas For Moving Pjcture Plays!
Wc Will Show You How!
If yoa have Id***���lt you can think���wa will show y*u tha secrets of this fascinating new erotsssltsa.
Positively bo e-tverieaea er llt-u-ary exseUence necessary.   No Bowery language" la wanted. ���
The demand for plsOtoptay* ts practically aollmlted. The bU**tn��n manufacturer* ere ||mo-rtng heaves
and earth" la their attempts to get aeough good plots to supply th* ever lncr*a*lng demand. They an el"
lerrlng 810* end saore, tor eiagU saeasrles, or written Ideas.
We here ranelved many letters fsaea th* fOatiii����*>taetnr��rs, men as VITAOKAPH, MDISOK^ DS8A-
NAY. LOOM, SOLAX, IMP BIZ, REUi*K*��, CHAMPION, OOlOtT. MELIUS, "STC, urgtag us to smut,
photoplays to them.   W* west ttorce writer* and -well gladly teaehh yea th* secrets of/ **���
and   wttl
photoplays te **��������>.   w* Ws-*-i ������ww-..������s.^ ,....,. ���,���. __ .
We are -Mlllne ptietoptay* writ*" by see-rio wh* ****** before wrote a Hit* f*r p-ubllcatlon.
Psirhapa we caa de the same for yeu. It you eaa think ol only eas good Idea every week.
���it-si* It out a* directed by us, and it setts for only 88*. a low figure,
*   riVaLEa OUR 4LlU��Tv!AT^^
Dent hesitate. Doa't *j*i��af Write aew sat leers Just what this new j��n>fe*akin may mesa tor **roe
aad year fotere. '".'���',
Robin Hood Flour���
Per sack .$1.70
Per barrel $6.70
Armour's Pure Leaf Lard;   the
only absolutely  pure lard;    5
lb. tins ..$1.00
Swllt's Silver Leaf Brand���
3 lbs. for   60c
5 lbs. for ��Oo
10 lbs. for *1'80
Eggs, No. 1, guaranteed fresh,
per dozen 60s
No. 1 Cooking Eggs, 3 doz. $1.00
A little better .8 doz. $1.10
Milk Fed    Chicken,   local product, dresBed, per lb 30c
Ayrshire Bacon, sliced, lb. . .85e
New Headcheese, bowl 16c
New' Sausage, lb 20c
Corn on Cob, per gal. can . -80c
All Fresh.
Celery, per head 15e
Head Lettuce, per head ���10s
Cauliflower, per head  20c
Cabbage, per lb 4e
Green Onions, per bunch 5c
Turnips and Carrots.
Grape Fruit 3 for 25c
Oranges, per doz. .. 25c, S5c, 40e
Apples, No. 1  $1-50
Try 3 lbs. of Sprlngbank Butter
for $1.00
Public Supply Stores
\ L. ADAMS       8. K. BRIGGS
Miss Lillian Burns will give a recital in the assembly room at the Columbian college on Friday, February
7, under the auspices of the Women's
Educational Club.
Skatea sharpened and set at Geo.
R. Speck's, 626 Columbia St.      (395)
Dick J. Lawrence, teacher of banjo,
mandolin and guitar.   Telephone 694.
It ts expected that the new aerial
truck for the Are department will arrive some time next month. Chief
Watson has received notification that
It waB shipped from Toronto on Janu
ary 23.
A. Hardman, the cake man. Oet
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 281. (394)
Before leaving for Ireland on Thursday, Mrs. Tubman ln a message to the
Orangemen and True Blues of New
Westminster expressed her heartfelt
thanks for the assistance rendered
herself and family following the death
of her husband.
It will pay you to visit Morey's Big
Book Store any time during the next
few weeks as their sweeping removal
sale is in full swing; but It will pay
you better to look around the establishment at once. Bargains all over
the store, and they are being snapped
up.   707 Columbia Btreet. (594)
A branch of the Union Bank of Can
Ida was opened for business or
Saturday, January 4, ln the premise,
recently vacated by W. B. Sinclair
611 Columbia street (3871
Mrs. T. Wilson, of East Delta, whc
was severely burned about the body
some three months ago, is now report
ed to be well on the road to recovery
in the Royal Columbian hospital. At
one time Mrs. Wilson's condition waB
very serious and it waB necessary to
graft considerable skin on ber body to
save her life.
Do you know we havo a first class
barber shop and pool room In the
Sapperton hotel, corner of Brunette
and Columbia streets. Hands &
Tyler, proprietors. (583)
Miss Anderson Hughes will give her
illustrated lecture on Palestine Friday, February 7, in Sixth Avenue
Methodist church. Miss Hughes Is an
Auckland young lady who has made a
name for herself in Australasia and
Great Britain as a lecturer on Temperance and Prohibition. Come and
hear her.   Admission 25 cents.    (590)
Great Singer Receives Warm Welcome
From Music Lovers of Westmlns-
ter and  Vancouver.
A! t-ich musical treat was provided at
the opera house last night by Madame'
Lillian Nordlca, and as was only to
be expected the nail was filled in
every part by music lovers of this
city and Vancouver.
Aesembled ln expectation of great
things, the fare pro-nlded in the program could not fail to satisfy, lt comprised many styles, ranging from the
brilliant dramatic, the lightsome and
more dainty, to the plaintive and Bad,
and in-eluded numbers, in German,
French end Italian aa well a�� English. In each in Its turn Madame Nordlca has a delightful at-hotse-ness and
she carrle* her audience with her,
whither she will, her little characteristic gesture* at Intervals only helping
in this respect She lives each song
as she sing* it and takes the company entirely Into her confidence in a
charming manner.
Enthusiastic appreciation was the
keynote of the evening and the people
were not slow ln expressing their keen
delight in the various numbers rendered.
Madame Nordica's first items were:
(a) When Cherries Bloomed, (b) At
the Feast of the Dead, two Japanese
songs by Wakefield Cadman; (c) Ich
Grolll Nlcht, Schumann; (d) Damon,
In response to an encore she sang
"The Years at the Spring."
After her next item, a group of
French songs by Vlday, Debuesy and
Demberg, all of the modern school, she
was recalled again and again and sang
"Mighty Like the Rose," and as a
doublo encore to which tlie generously responded, ehe gave "When Love
Is Kind."
The Second Part
In the second part of the program
the Aria from Tannhauser was substituted by the Aria from Madame
Butterfly, at the special request of
pointment of some who were present.
This was received with perhaps even
greater pleasure than the preceding
numbers and after repeated recalls
the prima donna sang "mattinata," by
beoncavala. Her last group of songn
were again very different, also of the
modern school and were much appre
ciated. After this group and a brief
consultation with her accompanist ��he
sang the always favorite "Home,
Sweet Home."
Two permits to the total value ot
"15200 were issued at the building In
specter's office yesterday. The largest
a  $4000  one, was lBsued  to  Thomas
Meredith  for  the  construction   of
The case of Guuder Lande vs. Nels.
NeUon, fishermen, in which plaintiff
claims $1000 damages for a broken
Jaw, alleged to have been the result
of a blow Inflicted by Nelson, occupied
a couple of hours of Judge Howay'u
time yesterday.
While the defendant, Nelson, was
being cross-examined his honor adjourned the case until Feb. 3.
Mr. H. L. Edmonds conducted the
plaintiff's case and Mr. Potter appeared for the defendant.
Is Allowed Bail.
Shezoti Yoshlkawa, cherged with
the manslaughter of Huby Gllroy, five
years of age, was allowed bail by
Judge Howay yesterday, in a personal
surety of $1000 and two collateral securities of $1000 each. The little girl
waa killed ln her home at Beaver
Creek, Langley, by a felled tree crashing thrbn-gh lt. lt Is alleged that ow-
ing te ignorance or carelessness the
tree was cut down In a line with the
Judge Howay, in fixing the ball as
above, said there did not seem to be a
very strong case exhibited so far and
he would Just fix the amount to reasonably assure the accused's appearance at the trial.
Mr. Adam 8- Johnston appeared for
the accused and Mr. J. R. Grant represented the crown.
Set* Judgment.
W. A. Jaynes, gasoline supplies merchant and machinist sued A. Zetter-
man, fiBberman, for $176, for repairs
and supplies to the lRtter's boat. After
the evidence was in Judge Howay
gave judgment for $146 with costs. A
counter claim for $484 for negligence
and damage* to the boat In repairing
it was dismissed.
Mr. Potter appearing for Adam 8.
Johnston, represented plaintiff. Mr.
J. R. Grant represented the defendant.
Cook Was the Attraction.
G. W. Carlson, engineer, Mt. Lehman, sued his employers, Messrs. Rosa
& Lapp, mill -owners, for a month's
wages and board, $125.
Carlson, the plaintiff, was dismissed
upon a week's notice and claimed thai
he was hired for the month and was,
therefore, entitled, to a month's notice
it wages ln lieu thereof.
The defence was neglect of duty
and that plaintiff was tired because
he would leave his engine for 20 minutes at a time and go to the cookhouse. Witnesses alleged that the
lady cook waB the attraction and that
he used to make an excuse that he
had to go up there for water.
Judgment wa* given for the defendant with costs.   Mr. J. R. Grant ap-
The closing item was a very drama- d
tic rendering of Schubert s _ Brlklng.    ��,_-.��� ...    * ���.,���_,,._,���.
PfcsV contrasts of tone and the delight
ful manner of singing the part of The
Erlking himself when he addresses
the child, were specially enjoyable.
Mention must also be made of the
items   which   Madame   Nordlca   sang
with   violin   obllgato,   played   by   Mr.
Rummell.    1-e Nile, by l,eroux, and a
charming work they gave in response
to a most vociferous encore.
dwelling at the corner of Sixth street I    As  a  contrast   and   variety   to  the
and Fifth avenue.   The other, amount   vocal   numbers   in   the   program   Mr
lug  to  $1200, was taken  out by  the  William, Morse Kummell  played
provincial  government for repairs to  eral  violin
Idmonds for tbe defendants.
Five Great Floors Filled With the Most
Complete Assortments of Home
Furnishings to be had in B.C.
We have trained men to hang your shades and curtains; men to lay your carpets and linoleums; men to repair and re polish your fine furniture; men to make
anything you need in upholstered chairs, couches, cushions. A most complete
electrical department, competent to care for any contract they are favored with.
If you need quick service, Phone 73. .    X-53BV"-.*.-*atfjflgRfii
The Cheese Again.
John   and  James  Gillies   who  were
recently lying In durance vile, on a
charge of the theft of cheeees to tho
value of about $13 from George Leaf, j s^***********-" "*'"    *"" *****^^~*"*~**************
merchant, Burnaby, elected for epeedy   ���      ��� ' .
trial, yesterday, before Judge Howay ] intended to marry the girl and I think
in the county court. The trial was | you <������<-. Nevertheless it was certain-
fixed for the 10th Inst.   The men then '
What happened?
-Why, the law stepped
in, sold the property
and divided the proceeds.
A spendthrift to
wh'dni he had meant to
leave a small income got
his share in a lump sum.
,.A wealthy relative to
whom he had meant to
leave nothing got a
share he did not need.
The real beneficiaries
he had meant to proyic]e
for got ��adly reduced
shares, and were left
without the protection
of a capable and experienced executor.
Have your will drawn
after consulting the officers of this Company.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
Piii*.. Up Capital and Surplus $2 500,000.00
the approach to the Westminster end
of the Fraser bridge.
The Hotel Dominion, a fireproof
building, is thoroughly equipped with
modern improvements, including elevator. Moderate rates by day or
week. Corner of Columbia and Sixth
street. *. (538)
Morning Skating Session.
An extra skating session will be
held this morning from 10 to 12 o'clock
so as to enable the youngsters and
also the adults who have yet to learn
to skate, to practice. This was decided upon yesterday by the management and will no doubt be taken advantage of by many who have been
wishing for such a chance. The band
will be in attendance this evening.
j Put Through Large Deal.
Two large waterfrontage deala have
I bfieh put through by the firm of Oadds
I & Itlane during the past few days aggregating half a million dollars. One
Ior the buyers Is said to hall i'om
Los Angeles, although hjs **,ame Is at
preBent being wl'hh"*id.
City theatre Meetings.
Tlio gospel will be preached by J.
H, Kleinlng Sunday evening at 7.30 In
lift City theatre. Subject. "Goodness
of <lod to Runaway Slave."
Ui Cunningham's hall, 30 Sixth
strtrl, on Tuesday aud Wednesday
evenings at 8 o'clock. Subject, "Letters to Seven Churches," Illustrated
by chait.
solos, which were a real
pleasure to all present. The possessor of a fine technique, he plays the
most difficult and intricate passages
with perfect rast and command of
tone. His double stopping and piz
zicato work were very fine and the
smooth and velvety tone of his harmonies waa delightful, Of his items
perhaps the most appreciated were
Berceuse (At-lin), Moment Musical
(Schubert), Hungarian Dance
(Brahms), after which he was obliged to respond to a hearty encore,
His last numbers also, notably the
Tarantell of Sacasate, called for another, a work of sparkling brilliance
and fairly bristling with difficulties,
but which vanished like magic under
'.he capable fingers and bow of Mr.
Herr Homayne Simmons was a brilliant and efficient accompanist.
A small fire occurred In tt residenct
and store at tbe corner of Seventh
avenue and Sixteenth street yester
day, some $200 damage being done
A partition ln the dwelling portion
of the house was partially destroyed
The blaze was extinguished by th*
firemen from halls 3 aud 5. The build
Ing was owned by Mr. Frank Geal.
This fire makes a total of twelve for
the month of January, but thanks t���
the prompt'trd? of the ure department n responding to all calls none
were of a serious nature.
returned to jail.
The circumstances of thc alleged I
theft are peculiar inasmuch as the accused are stated to have picked up the
cheese which had fallen from Mr.
Leaf's  wagon.
In thc afternoon Judge Howay sent
for the accused again and said to them
that after reading the depositions hc
had decided to let them out on their
personal undertaking to appear for
trial on the 10th inst. The judge remarked that that was no time to comment upon the case.
ly a very strange way of showing your
love for her to adopt a course of conduct which Injured her reputation in
the community. You are 24 yearB of
age and she is,only 15. I think, however, considering the good character
you bore up there, that, perhaps the
ends of justice will be met by tho imposition of a sentence of nine months
imprisonment In the common jail. I
must protect the people of the country
and 1 think it will be a warning to you
and other people, hereafter, to leave
the sanctity of the home alone."
CHAGALIS���The   funeral   of   8aviB
Cbagalis, who died on Tuesday will
take place this morning at 11 o'clock
PAGE���The funeral of the late Geo
Page who died on Wednesday, will
take place on Sunday morning at 9:30
to the Oddfellows' cemetery.'
Water  Committee   Meet     Reprccenta
tives cf Terminal Company.
�� Representative! of tlie    CoqulUani j n'.lnv
Terminal Company met the members
if ih" civic water committee yestor*
day with respect to ttie application for, 'aft-jounce the site of the new plan
b supplj ol wator from the city for lft$ as BOon as he can make an Ins-fcc
lhe company a works In Coqultlam. A|.i(���, ,;f ,*lf, comuany's properties. Hi
' '������''������ '       ���"" "'   ���  ""���'    i:   '"���'"    U-M assistant,  Mr. Uoodion, waa assoota!
lur several years in tin
Build Brick Works Here.
Mr. Ti II. Pearson nnd Mr. II. Cord
sdfa have arrived in this city and will
taiic charge ot the erection of a brick
���Vbrlis  for the  It. C. Transport Com
Mr. Pearson recently resigned
a position  in <-li:ir-^o or a l>ir**c briOl
work's in  England and Is expected t<
This Week We Change
Odr Location
But Not Our Policy.
We will continue to give
you better Drug Store
Service than you ever
had before.
After Feb. 1st wc will
be located at
628 Columbia Street.
(Successor to F, J. MacKenzie.)
Chemist and Druggist. Phone 66.
Dominion Trust Building.
New Westminster, B.C.
drawn     Dpi
aud will bo submitted to the manage-  (���, wi( (  ,
ment of the company for approval.      j0|.j c���,.,,���,.
Any agreement the city makes with I
Iho firm will only hold good until lh-> i -Bas
municipality   or Coqultlam    is incor i ,,
Tho rate at which the city propose". \
to supply water to Uie company bat
not been disclosed, but it  is under
stood to approach the usual manUfac
turers' rate.    .
Nine Months for Smith.
For the abduction of Clara Ulrich,
under 16 years of age, from her pa-
rents home   near Chilliwack, Charles , from FW   , ch     , fe a   oddfellows
Smith, a colored man, was sentenced ' cemetery
to nine months' imprisonment yester-1
day by Judge  Howay  in  the county
court.    His honor found  extenuating
ircumstanceB in the case.
In answer to the court Registrar
Cambridge said that inquiries had
been made as to Smith's character.
The chief of polce at Chilliwack gave
him a good character. There was
nothing known against him.
Judge Howay in passing sentence
said the statute provided five years
penal servitude for this offence and
the only thing he had to conBlder
waB what he should do in the way el
reducing that sentence. The Idea of
ihe statute, of course, WaB to preserve
tho mmotity of the homcB of the people
and to prevent anv p-'j'S'-fl from lntttr-
fering with tna BSoralS oi VOuug girls.
"aivlng tho benefit of everything
you said and yon defended yourself
well at the trial; I admit," said his
honor, "the evidence shows that you
BEGGS���John Beggs, a resident of
New Westminster for the past 21
years passed away at the Royal Columbian hospital yesterday from bronchitis. The deceased was 84 yearB of
age and a native of Scotland. He was
well known throughout the district.
The family residence is at 411 lCighth
Forty years Itl ut*, 29 years the
Standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Women's Ailments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
How good it sounds. It has a sting
though if the rent is too high. Why
and buy a home of us. Apply the
rent you now pay to help buy the
home. We can make the payments
easy and you will be saving money instead of helptng the other fellow to do
so.   Call and talk It over with us.
312-15   Westminster  Trust   Block,
snd  746 Columbia  St.
New Westminster, B.C.
feel the need of Glasses today whan
EYESTRAIN Is the rule and not the
Workmen who would have reliable
help for their eyes should call on
Druggist and Optician
701  Columbia Street Phone 57
"�����.'��� H'L   I
Shades, Beading Lamps, etc
Phone 656 63 S'xfch Street
If jrou want Reliability, Silence.
Economy, Satisfaction and Freedom from Trouble f,
The "VA1.E" will meet
s your  requirement*.
Adspted for the Fishing Trade.
Made In  New  Westminster.
The Schaake Machine Works
.Heaps   Engineering   Co.,    Ltd. New Westminster.
The delegation appointed at the
council meeting on Monday to roi|uet-t
the government to enact legislation
legalizing and approving the proposed
newer agreement between New Wont-
minuter and Hurnaby expect to leavo
on Tuesday for Victoria.
The deputation will also call to the
attention of the proper authorities the
congested state of affairs In tlie land
registry office and the lack of accommodation In the court house here.
A deputation appointed by tho Progressive aBBodatton and the Board of
Trade to take up the matter of the
land registry office with Premier McBrlde will accompany the council members to Victoria.
Reduction on all lines.
(except Gramophones and Records)
during the remainder of this
This is a bona fide offer
and it will pay you to investigate.
646 Columbia Street
Phone 453
These are all in good locations and   aro  good
they can be bought for now.
1359���FIFTH   STREET    near  Eighth
avenuet 50x132 to lanes a good buy
at $1,01)5; one-third cash.
1195���SEVENTH  AVENUE  near 4th
street-;'Ewe. lots; upper aide; 60x139
all cleared aud graded; price $1275
each. ,
1387���66 FOOT LOT oorner of Sixth
avenue and Ash street; price $40*0
on easy terms.
investments  at  the  pri-cs*.
66 foot lot In good location; Just of
Columbia street; price $1200 ou
easy terms,        ,
Dear Sixth street car line; 60x150
eaoh; some are cleared; street is
graded; price $3000 on good tenns
F. J. HART & CO.. LTD.
We write Fire, tv.it*. Accident, E mployere* Liability,
Marina Insurance*.
BOILERS  Riv-tPd ��=��*-Eel ^i-es       TANKS
P.  O.  BOX  A\2
Sir Edmund H, Osier, M.I'., President. W. n. Matthews, Vice-President.
C. A. Bogert, Genera) Manager.
Head Office Toronto, Ont,
.$ 9,000,000
. e,000,000
. 75,000,000
A branch of this Bank has been established In New Westminster
���t the oorner of Columbia and Sixth Streeta, opposite the Post Office..
A Oeneral Banking Buslnssa Transacted.
O. H. MATHEWSON, Manager.


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