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The New Westminster News Jul 1, 1913

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 ���MlBaln-g  Number
October   6,   1913,
t '
News Classified Ad
Have proven their wort
results   they   produce,
large    or    small    wants    i
PERMIT ISSUED1  r !��w ������B���LU   P
The Weather.
New Westminster and the IjOwet
Mainland: Light to moderate wirds; |
generally  fair  trday    and   Wcdacs-
day; higher temperature.
Harbor Improvement Document Signed at the City
Government Wlll Not Permit Use    of   Burnaby Doet Not Propose to Pay Old
Symbol In Future���Hits Cevcral Bills of  1910 and  1911   Into
Firms. Victoria Coffers.
Returns for  Juris  Show  Increases  In
Says He Was MlSUndergtOod        Land and Timber Departments
and Misrepresented in
Mayor  Receives  Wire   from    Premier
Sanctioning Commencement of
Foreshore Operations.
A building permit was issued yesterday Uorttlng on the application of A.
0. Powell, harbor engineer, lo the citv ',���, bn art<.eted by thia order ns
of New Westminster, to build a cedar Lj,, arp aM klndg of, pat8nt m(,d;.
pile auay wall on the foreshore op-    ta     und ev ��� ���   orB   bt.uri���g   n,d
posite lo s 18 tO 89, inclusive, al a cost , t k
eg  8102,000,    The   lots  comprise   thet 	
water from   from  the foot of  Eighth'
Ftreet   to   Ihe   eastern   limits  of   the
market  wharf.    The  contractors   are
Waugh, Malsner and Bailey,
Tbis is the Inauguration of the
New Westminster harbor scheme In
which the first pile will bc itriven
next Thursday,
The perio,in Issued for the month
of   June   aggregate   $1311,975,   against  __^^^_^^^_^^^_^_^^^_^^^^_
permits to Ihe value of (88,860 for the I	
corresponding months laBt year.
Por the six iponths ending June ao, Canners Will Pay  Fisher*
1913. the total value of permits grant   '
Much He Owes to  Profito from
Canadian Investments.
:::��� ft ft ������':��� t�� tt # ft ft ft -.'' ft ft ft
ed was 1719,188, Kor the corresponding six months of 1912 the amount
waa $785,57H.
Everything  Clear.
No obstacle or shadow of one now*
stands between the city of New West- I
'minster and the commencement of the
Ottawa   June 110.���The  Red  Cross, I    Business    transacted    in    llurnaby .
"Geneva  Cross."  which     is    very ; three years ago Is generally regarded 	
I widely  used   In  advertising     medical   as a thing of thn past;  the resident.! !
goods and ether articles by  business ��� arc looking  more  to -what  is coming   English   Financier   Points   Out   How
housei cannot  hereafter  be  used  foi .In the future.
any  business  purposes    without    tho |    Not    so    with    the staff of the at |
i permlsion  of   the mllltla  council    of  turney general at- Victoria.
i Canada  Any person or business Iioubo '    Recently they came to d scover lhat j
'disobeying this order will be liable to   during  the  years  1910 and   11)11    the '
a  fine    and    forfeiture  of  goods    on   llurnaby    municipal    authorities    col
i which lhe emblem Is used. lected the sum of $215.1 in finis when ; *
A number of articles cn the mark-Si   there was no magistrate holding down  *
'the office. Two thousand one hundred ';,!
and fifty-two dollars is not such s ;,:
large sum In the eyes of some cf the :":
present day councillors, but Just al ';;:
this sprciflc time, when the ihonled :;;:
men of London and the continent ap* J
p.ar to be hanging cn to iheir board i'j*
ed guineas, franca and marks, this )���'
small contribution tc the coffers ot *j
the provincial government, especially ',";;:
when the aforesaid government is sup. lj*
posed to have a surplus of over seven j:;;!
nillliou d illars. looks mifility big. Bn :jf
big does It look that the council will lj*
send a deputation to Victoria and In- "
form Hon. William .1. Bowser that j
what the 1H10 or 1911 council did. tho i
ccnicll of 1913 is not responsible for. I    London,    June    30. -Home    Payne
Horse  Obsolete.    Neigh I   Neigh I     | whose criticisms of Canadian borrow
If Iteeve Mefitegor had l:"en In the   Ings  have  aroused  so  many  advers
councll chamber lasl evening a
���Abnormal  Rainfall.
Council Jump at Idea of Government
Buying  Eonds���Routine  Mattera
at Meeting.
Figures from tbe land registry office here show that during June just
closed, 1579 applications were filed aud
the caBh receipts were $9782. LaBt
year,  for  the   corresponding  period,
Thc city council held their regular weekly meeting latt night.
A letter from J. YV. Wilkinson, secretary of the Trades and Labor Council   of   Vancouver,   was   read   stating
i Newer  Provinces   Show
Larger Increase Thin
the East.
there were 1612 apllcatlons and re-1 that he had heen instructed to urge j
celpts were $10,000. Although lest-1 upon the city and municipal councils '
than in lust June, the standing is bet-1of Vancouver and vicinity. In view of!
June 30.���Secretary
of the Union of
Municipalities, will
make an official protest against
the statements and alleged
"slanders" of J. W. Horne
Payne, controlling director in
England of Messrs. Mackenzie
and Mann, in reference to the
credit of Canadian cities and
the fact that the provincial government reported a BUrpluB of $7,000,000,
to request the government to at once
purchase the unsaleable civic bonds
������'  Vancouver and  surrounding  cities
Interesting Figures on Canada'* Population���Victoria   Has  Highest
Oriental  Pereen'-arje.
iter than dnriitg the other months of
the present year. According to officials, June, 1912, saw iand saleB at._..,_��..���. B���,oimUouu u> m once; ntfAwn tI1T,�� an���RiiMs-tfn Mr, ta
��� their best and, in consideration of the purchase the unsaleable civic bonds', 0rlho census Imrrss lu��t Imm��L
prevailing quietness, last month's, of Vancouver and surrounding cities lgVe^h, Wrth 2 etotLueTrf
showing is considered satisfactory, land municipalities, bo that desirable San!,, ��?,!��- *%??* .!SS*Jta^
Vital Statistics. public works could be undertaken and   ,ul,"l    ',.    ,.    ^ PV7 4to,'nDe-
Vital  statistics for  the  month  Just  the unemployed problem mitigated be-\      1 y the C nS>'8 W��S tatfcn-
cloBed  In  the district of  New  West-   fore the winter months. of the total increase of 1.S33.22S fa
minster,   and   for   June,   1912   in   the      Alderman  Lynch-1 think that Is a  the Population    In    the    decade.    t*M��
| very sensible idea and I move thlt we | Canadian-horn contributed. 947.W7. or
1912 jact upon  the letter.    Refer it to the]52    Per cent., nearly;  natives   of tbe
69   \ finance committee with power to act. i British   Islands,  394,507, or  21JJO per
���"   '    A letter from R. B. Mackay, of thej cent.;  other parts of the empire. M.-
department of the interior, asking the ,324, or 21.72 per cent., making a total
council  to  locate  the  centre  line  of'increase of  British    born,    including
their pipe line running past the Co-1 British    unknown,    of    1,369.577.   -or
same district, are given below:
Births         88
Deaths    28       43
Marriages      39       41
It will be seen that births have in
creased and deaths and marriages de
Others to Blame.
8 tt #
creased in comparison with a year ago. | quitlam  asylum,  was referred  to  the
water committee and city engineer to
A   communication   from
men Twenty-five Cents
Per Sockeye.
ha^'^^'^^hur^rMyl AHJThi�� " Hi0h W����" M"k f ��P��i"0 | Orego'
that was desired was the certainty of
the provincial government's conflrma :
tion Or sanction of the grant of lhe;
foresh ire rignts. If that were really !
necessary, prior to the harbor opera-
tlons.    That   was  assured   last  night
of Big Run���A Work of Art
from the I. W. W.
monils Ills ears would perhaps have
tingled at some of the remarks pass
ed by Councillor Coldicutt as to thc
rits of King Horse. Reeve Mc
as many people know, is an
nrdent horseman. Councillor Coldi
!cutt said the horse was becoming oh
i solete and that his days were num
;be red.
The discussion arose over the pro
posal to curtail the speed of mo'.ot
vehicles on some of the roads in
Burnaby to 12 miles an hour, aa
against the present statute of 25 mile*'
per hour. The East llurnaby represen
Land and Timber Increases.
At the Dominion land office an increase of $307.13 waa reported over
the month of June, 1912, the figures
being as follows: June, 1918, $887.CO:
June. 1912, $570.47.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Crown   timber  receipts   were   even
Rd   comments, made today the following  better,  as  the statement  will  show
$3833,83;     June,     1912,
statement:    "1  can only say my    re ijune.   1913
marks  have  been  entirely  misunder- '$2378.18.
stood and misrepresented in Canada.1    Mining land returns, which are al-
1  did  not state or  Intend to suggest   ways of a fluctuating nature, took  a
that security for Canadian city bonds  turn    for    the    worse:   June,   1913.
was not good or Canadian cities were   $224.58;  June. 1912. $4CS.3S.
not able to pay their interest, but re       A Blight  decrease  was  also  shown
ferred    to    the    dangerous    financial  in the receipts at the customs office.
Bituation  created  by  spending money   although   the   figures   given   out   are
more rapidly than it can be raised and  considered  satisfactory  in every way
the  great  injury  Inflicted  on   liritish   when  the  time of the  year  and  the
C.    Gray,
more than 74 per cent, ot the tola'
increase from 19J1 to 1911. The Increase of 474,28r, in the nnmber at
foreign born comprised 279,3.92 Euro
Investors and Canadian municipal
credit alike by the consequent continuous depreciation ln prices.
"My life has been devoted to raising  money   for  the . development    ol
present trade slackness Is considered
Here are the figures: June. 1913. $41,
611.14; June. 1912, $47,945.55.
Police Returns.
Transgressors trom    the    paths of |
Twrnly-flve cents per flsh will be
whj��n the mayor read the following | thc starting price canners will pay
telegram from Dr. Young, provincial; fishermen for sockeves in the season
Becretary: j opening today.    This wag decided on
"Tlie executive in session this after- , at a meeting of the I'raser River Can-
noon   have  considered  your  letter  owners' association In Vancouver yester-  tat've, who Incidentally owns an auto
20th to the premier, and have decided  day. This Is JuBt double the price paid  mobile, said lhat 25 miles an hour on
lo Issue the grant as It ls considered   at  the opening of lhe last big run in  a rond little travelled was just a com
to be In the general publlc Interest."11909. when 12Vi. cents was the figure,  fortable   gait,  while  Councillor    Mac
The telegram wat in answer to the 11���   that   year  the  price  advanced   S3  Drnald contended that a bov riding a
following letter from the mayor: : ft. season went on until as high as 30  wheel ln North llurnaby the other day   years
Hon   Sir Richard  McBride,  K.C..M.C... j <,,.���,��� wa!J reached. had knocked down   a woman    pedes   future or againBt the future prosperity jpast rouuui.   w.titi... -*���  ��.�����-�����. ���-��� t bvlaw amendnlent to give his request
Premier, Victoria. I     i*.* yP8r the opining prlc�� was 25  Man �����,i  h��A a.*a���A     ti,��� oh  ���ii.   of her cities   whicb  1 ranrd as    ab-Mbe Motor Vehicle act. n,   Dreac.t  ui .������������, I
Vancouver,  drawing  attention  to  thelpean born. 77,365 Asiatic born, exdn-
crop of Canadian thistles on the dyke j sive  of  Hindus,  and   17C781  person*
at  the east end of l.ulu island, near; born in the United States.
Mr. Somers place, was referred to the | ���Wp.��  , ,In.
board of works to act. wc" L"��s-
An Alleged Station. The net increase in the native j.
E.   H.   SandB   drew   attention   to   a;la,lon ln the ten >'ears "01-1M1
public nuisance at the Great Northern  *���'>���'������'*��� Per c-nt-   pdllc*= Edward !
railway companv'B alleged  station  in  's the  only  province  that shows
the ci*. 'he period 1901-1911. a decrease ta
TheTmayor explained the 'negotia-! number born in the province i
tions, at present pending with the ing in Canada. The greatest I
company /th the. matter of a union \ P>-i province tor native born m ���
station.. The matter was referred to; in the western provinces being imj��
the harbor committee for report after ; per cent, for Alberta and ijasweje
a Bevere condemnation of the nuis-lwau combined; 86.89 per ernes- sor
ance referred to. If the company are I Manitoba and 44.69 per cent, for nru.
! not prepared to join in the union ' ish Columbia.
station scheme they will be required I The large Indian and ortenisi
I to send in their plans tor a new Eta- laf.on in the latter P1,0*1"���??*
tion at once. ** i tendency to keep down the ratio
trian and  had escaped.    The
Sir. 1 beg to Inform you that as | cen(B whlch advanced to 45 cents limit ��tajo��. aJtbomth tbe police will "olutely uncjueBtlonnWe. J *���" �����e**
Ur us Is known lhe preliminary re- i n[>ar ,h��� clolK, of ,he. season. Thc be Instructed to enforce the law nnd ,'ng as a financial mtui. r*��"r!"�� **
qolremonta  have  been  compiled  with       i(,��� of 25 c(,ntg as iUe opening price  pineli all  violator. clusIvely ^ MU^JBVdfaOBB-4^
,  n   the year of a big run  Is a  record. , FUth  and  Iniquity. speaking entlrely on  my own respon
l"t   as prices"have increased consider- I    The Hindus and Chinamen residlnn   elbUllty without consultation with an>*
ably In every other commodity, It was in Hurnaby came in for some caustic   one. 	
not  unexpected. remarks,  following the reading of    nl  ~"
i At the meeting yesterday a deputa- communication from the Duncan, B,
, tion was received'trom the Japanese c. board of trade, petitioning Burns
| llenevolent    society,   who   conduct     a   by's support    for    the    exclusion    of
Canada and every Interest I have is rectitude still abound in the cltv but I ,A lettpr ,rom E- s- McBride. refer-, tbe native population. OI tbe fbu-?
bound up with her prosperity. It the statistics for June show a satis- ����� }�� the refusal ot the license com- original provinces of the IXmuu-u*.
would be a contradiction of every acl I factory    decrease    of  20  from  tbose missloners to  grant him a bottle  "-the greatest increase per cent, in th^
and  word of mine  for the    paBt    23 ' filed  In   May.    The  following    ls    *\f��"��  "J.^eJn^���^.^^\^^J><^^i2rt%j!,^fc 	
* - ���    ��� -      .^-lllnnor  law   floeB  not  orovide   for  the I ~ade by Quebec, with 19.69 per
llowed  bj  Ontario   with  16J5*
The net    increase    of    frnoii
.ord of mine  for the    past    23   filed  In   May.    The  following    is    ai:-"--   TT_-J^_"_rr*_ro""vjQe"ior  tb,.  "".
if I said anything against her : statement of the 108 otfences ,o,-the ^��^}aruc^Hcfn.r^tad Sr *"70'
^r..a!ainBlLh.e WE^���� llffy^iSS^il^SSa SlW& amendment to give his request; J,?,
mlle   of her cities,  which  1 regard as    ab-
l.ord'n   Day  act.
I effect.
In connection with the firBt unit of the
Front street harbor Improvement In
the city of New Westminster and we
are prepared to commence construction work on July 3. The Dominion
government has established a harbor
line and lias deeded to the olty six
parcels of foreshore shown on the en-
^^^^^^^^^^  6:   breach  of  Indian
act,   t:   vagranr.**.  3;   affray,   3;   thettSi        _.   , ���     .,_        ,  ..
from frelgM car. 2: breach of Siuitary  "P"**"1 meeting of the council
bylaw.   2'   ini-tuonrfos   2:   atteniDt  tol     _ _ *���   Busy  Tug.
closed   blue   print
line   marked   A   to
harbor  line.
In  this connection  the city desires
number   111.
Q   represents   Ihe
The -hospital at Steveston for the Japanese  orientals from ownership of land.
fishermen, This was in connection "Kilth and iniquity" were lhe terms
with the usual arrangement made used by Councillor' Coldicutt in de
with the canners, who advance a eer- scribing Bome Hindus and Chinamen
to be advised whether it is necessary I 'ili�� amount for each man employed residing in his ward.
to obtain the sanction of the provln-|hy thai cannery. deducting the "Chasing back to the British North
rial government heTore Commencing amount when paying off the fisher- Aniericj act," was the comment
building operations in  thn river, and | men. Itnade   by   Councillor   MacDonald.
is   it   essential   to   obtain   provincial A  Work of  Art. j    "A matter for the Burnaby board ot
confirmation of the city's Dominion A copy of a somewhat unique circti-; trade to handle." was the murmur ol
quit claim deed to the six parcels of I lar leiter with a stamn purporting to'Councillor Macpherson and the lat
foreshore, in order to legally com- be ef the Industrial Workers of the.ter's opinion ruled. The hoard ot
plete the title to the property and to  World  on  one corner,  was  also  nre-'trade will deliberate on the question
"  "        sented at the meeting.    The circular. | -��� 1���
permit of llie reglBtration of Bame:
If such sanction and confirmation
aro necessafy aird essential, we wish
to obtain them and 1 will appreciate
advice as to the necessary procedure grammar
to  be  followed.     Yours,  etc..
A. W. GKAY. Mayor
AI the conclusion of the counei'
meeting last night the mayor read
the above correspondence. He explained that Mr. Gifford, M.P.P.,
Captain Powell *nd himself had taken
the matter up with the premier lasl
Saturday morning with the result that
he. had written the letter quoted. They
thought that as the city had received
the title rrom the provincial as well as
the Dominion government to the fore-
Hhore that they should get the additional grunt  from the provincial gov-
ernment for the 117 feet out In the
river wsy before they begun operations. The premier thought It was
quite right they should be consulted
and they had nnw granted permission
ns advised  by  Dr.  Young.
As the matter now stood there was
absolutely n .thing in the way to bar
which is addressed to "All BBhermsn j
ind Canneries workers of the  Pacific I
coast."   is  given   below,   the   spelling.
and   punctuation   being   cx-
nclly ns contained In this work of art:
Vanoouver .lune 23rd 1918
To all  Fisherman    and    Canneries
Wl i-liers of the Pacific Coast
Fellow workers: ���
The canneries are now offering von
the enourmOUB sum  of 20c    for    lish]
(renumber they arc yel  making it big :
profit), because it Is the beginning of*
the season and  fish Is scarce yet.
When the run begin, the bosses will
trv to cut down the price of the fish,
ireiiu'nher  that).
You want to keep the prices un *
Dont you ?the only way Is lo strike
when the canneries are the most
bum- vou know that, then get bttsv to
prevent that cut .for It Is bound to
Plshemnn and canneries workers.
gel together ,and demand a bigg r
pr'ce when tbe canneries are busy.
indecencies,  2:   attempt  to
commit suicide, 2; assault, 1: abusive
language, 1: breach of Street bylaw, 1;
breach   of  Contagious   Diseases   Anl-
; mal   act,   I:   contempt   of   court,   1;
drunk and disorderly. 1:  keeping vlc-
1 ious dog,  I;   keeping opium Joint, 1;
| obtaining money under false pretences,
1;   total. 108.
June Weather.
Maximum     temperature    observed
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 82.2, on June 1: minimum temperature
 ^__ I observed, 44 on June 17:  mean  tem-
j perature for month, 59.36:  tctil rain-
Board of Works Report Tells of Work  'all, 4.84; d-iy r.n which raid tell, 13;
j greatest rainfall In 21 hours. June 30
Done in Sprinkling Thoroughfares    j 1.21  inches.    The normal  rainfall  for
I June  is  2.47   Inches  and   the  normal
With Duit Layer. \me-xa temperature, 58.3.
  P.   O.   Increase.
At the city council meeting last eve- j    Last   night   Postmaster   MacDonafd
ning  Alderman    Dodd    submitted    a . put In  several hours overtime  flgur-
lengthy report by the board of works.! Ing up the monthly returns, which he
'including  the  following recommends-   gave   to   The   News  at   a   late1 hour,
tions, which were adopted: Postofflce   figures  are   generally   re-
That lhe hoard of works desires to ] garded as a good barometer of busi-
: fix up the road loading from Brunette j ness conditions in a city and the past
Btreet to the old glass works, provided month's receipts demonstrate the uo-
.flnanclal arrangements can be made.! ward grade on which New Westmins-
KstiniHti d  eost J700. 'ter  Is  travelling.    Here  are  the  re-
fhe letter was referred to the first I from ���le Rr|tish ig|an(jg t0 0
'iflll  over  1901   was   lOtJf
George  Hennie.  1.
operator,  reported  th
j gen   had   broken   three  piles  off  the
draw   protection  on  the  2Sth  and  on
.'"".',    .���  .. ,..      The English born increased? fcr"T5*.7t
ulu   Island  bridge I        cpn(    the Sronish ������,.��� -^ *mjse
nat tne tug .ua.i  |per cenr  The number of per>01ia ton.
in   Ireland  and  living  in Canada  Co-
Sunday,  the 30th"the same "boaThaii'the. census of 1901
San  F.-ancisco Pottmastcr Refuses
Send in His Reslgnaticn as Requested   by  Washington.
Let  no nationality or anything else I    "My torm of office will expiri
tei between you and the price of your ju, 1919, You make no charges
bnt Bushby. street, from Wellington turns as compared with June, 1918
Ito Hoval avenue be light graded and; >���'���' ,',���"
to rocked at an estimated cost of M00, Money orders sold ..8163       8884   |
On account  of the  paving operations, Money   order   ro.n..$   -SSW   $  888.48
lot. Columbia street at Leopold  Place,  BtX  rent         18B.86        14.
all the heavy traffic hns been diverted  Stamn sales  ....... I ������i-^'. ;'���* ""
'vi.. Dufferin and Wellington streets,     Total for June. 1918. twjmor
^m      land has cut (his st. t up ven  badly    in Increase ol 112   fi   mer the corrc-
i   I'ruvided    financial    arrangements spending month or l.'t-.	
Sun FranolBCO, June .'10 -Arthur ('.-lean be made Hint the surplus earth1
Kisk, postinn-ater or this city, refused,from Storm sewer on Queen's avenue,
today to tetidcMiis resignation as re- ; rrom Fourth to Sixth streets, be requested by Postmaster Oeneral Bur- moved and usi d In repairing St.
leson, "to take effect as soon as youi Oeorge Street, which has been very
suceessor,Js appointed." badly cul up by the blthulltbls trucks.
l-'isk  replied   tonight   thai   he  bad part of the cost of which is to he
been-appointed for a definite term of charged  to ihe street Improvements
four    years,    and tiie message con-  and pari to 1912 bylaw,
tlnnes: Oiled  Streets.
fish, li irt'ikn nn difference wheth
you are tt Japanese Chinese or Italian.
India-' or Britisher, the bosses rob
you all nlike.   Kemenber that too ?.
(let together In the canneries where
vou work or on the fishing ground .
and then If the    bosses    dont    grant
me and can with propriety and justice
make none. My office has been con
ducted to the satisfaction of three
presidents and has earned the commendation of six postmasters general
"My record has withstood every attack  that  malice and  political  ambi-
Eelng President of U. S. Tires Wilson
More Than Teaching  Unruly
Washington, June, 30.��� President
Wilson will leave early tomorrow on a
three-days trip aboard the yacht Mayflower, lie had Intended to take a
much needed rest by going to Cornish, NY., to Join his family at the
mountain home that Is to be the summer White House, but his decision to
go to Gettysburg on July -I upset all
plans. A trip on the Mayflower was
suggested hy his physician.
No correspondents wlll be aboard
nnd Mr. Wilson's only companion will
be Dr. t'ary T. Oruysou. Mo salutes
will he filed, no whistles will be
tooted along the way, officers aboard
Ihe ship will refrain from extending
the formnl courtesies of the navy ami
yours demands .tie up the fishing in-1tlon could bftng against it
dustry, strike .t'e every boat and can- "1 have served the postofflce de
neries .you hold thc key to the sltua- ; partment faithfully, even to the ex
tlon  :dont let no man  Cod  or devil jtont of bringing upon  myself mall
*<��ni.d between you and    you    lively
You all belong to one nationality
:the tv-rVrklng cliis. The boss is the
only foreigners .let him "get out of the
country if he dom in-e it. Let hlm
go to work for once in hln lire , Then
he will know what working for wages
mentis .
Remenber that an Injury to one Is
in Injury to all. unite , unite , gel
what Is cimlng to you or know the
���Tiisnti whv ,
Join the I. V,\ W.
Local "22 Industrial Workers of the
World ,34 Cordova st WeBt
Vancouver B.C.
ious charges that have been prosecut-
(Continued on Page Flve.l
Thai the committee beg leave to
report that 11.71 miles of streets havn
been oiled, ui ing 20,901 gallons of oil.
Total cost of oil J934.91. Average cost
ner square yard 1 1-2 cents, or about
$84 per mile.
That the grading gang lie sent over
to Twentieth street to complete this
work, the larger part of which has already been don", so that the government's share of tho cost can be obtained.
Poor Old Royal Avenue
Paroled    Inmate    of    Salem    Asylum
Visits His Wife's Parents with
a Gun.
Snb ta. Ore.. June 30.- Lou W,
DavlB, a paroled patient from the
Oregon state hospital for the Insane
ot Salem, ai  0 o'clock 'this  morning
 _ _. ,  T01A**%   ��-.
run Into the same protection and had aSa|nst 92.874 in 1911, befog- a -de
broken another three piles just below "vase in the decade of SCI per cent
the    previous    smash.    He estimated   This   was   the  smallest   decrease  Ibr
I the-damage at $200. any decjnnlal census since eonfedent
The  matter,   together    with     some  ,ion-    The census of 1901 showed   a
I other  items  referred  to  in   tbe  letter  decrease of 81.87  per cent.,  that    at
I was relegated to the board of works '1891 a decrease of 19.59'per cent, atnd
and water committee, along w'th the the census of 18X1 shoived a tietarettae
city solicitcr, with poi.tr to tr.ke ac-   of 17.43 per cent. In the number   oT
'tion. .Irish  immigrants living in Canada at*.
Letters    came    from    the    Baptist<compared  with the census fisuro ot
church Sunday school. C.dar Cottage 11871.
j an.l Major N'-ttie Simccc  *..' '.he Sal-, Foreign Born.
vatlon army Pnndv school No. 1  Van-1    Tfa    ^^       born numbered 75S.7S2
couver. for permission to use Queen s;|m ,,,���_ M   agajn3t    27H4ig   jm gj^
being a net gain of 170.33 per oent itx
10 years. The population of Buro-p-saB
birthplace resident In Canada it*
creased by 27;,393, or 222.54 per cent.
while those of American nativity fa-
creased by 176.781. or 147.44 pel- oent.
In tl.e decade. The orienlal born. ��
elusive or Hindus, who are claused an
born in British possessions, increased
by 17,336, or 74.65 per cent.
Of the  total  population of Ca-aadu
78 per cent. were, born    within   U*y
Dominion and 22 per cent, were bnaxt���
grant.    Of  the  latter 116  cet; ��iut
were of British nativity andil-��A'pes
cent, were of alien birth. The perraasl
age of Canadian    born   **> province*^
was 43.3 per cent, in British fn hun hire
43.1  per cent,  in Alberta,    SOS   -eer
cent,  in  Saskatchewauvand 58.1  -per
cent, in Manitoba.   In Eastern Canada
the proportion of natives was larger.
: being  over 90  per  cent.     In -Que-bec
and  the  maritime    provinces aad TH
1 per cent. In Ontario.
Of the Canadian born population oT
I Manitoba in 1911 64.50 per coal.
born In that province; of the
dian born population ot Seafca
40.95 per cent, were burn tfinm; 1
of Alberta 45.50 per cent., white l��j,
British Columbia the proportion va.*-.
4,.i.,jS per sent.
City Ponufalforat.
A table Is given showing a pcr-m���i
l'ark  for picnics.    The ririt  application, ror July 10 was granted and the:
second, ror July 20, was referred to
the  Parks'committee   wtth   power  to
A  Sick   Horse.
Alderman   Lynch   reported   a  horse
(Continued on Pnge Eight.1
FIRST RUM       j
Carrier Starts This Morning
on Initial Trip From City
Postofflce. ^^^^
Farmers Across River Will Get Their1
Postal Matter at Their Doers-
Other Uses for System.
The flret rural mail delivery out of
N'ew Westminster will be made this    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
morning   at   8   o'clock   when   Carrier I age basis of the component
llonyithon,   recently   appointed,     will  population ln the    la cities of
start  ou  his  31   mile  trip,   which   in. having a population    of    20.0041
Sot "and'Wiled Mrs." CM. Btewarti | poitof flee  terms,_ will  be  known  ag
The   committee  drew  attention   to [hla Vnothrr-in-hw. ami prcbably ratallv I ltural Koute No. 1, New Westminster
(Continued ol Page Four.) '      *~* ���"   "���"���'" ���""' ���" ��� ��� ���***'* ���*--- *"<
Reports rrcelved up to late lasl
night, showed* that at least 74 persotui
died yesterday as a result of the heal
wave in tho central western states,
which has continued uninterruptedly
for six days. It extended from Den
yer to Pittsburg and as far north as | Cleveland  and  Chicago.
over. ��
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,   In none of theae cities do the *sr-
, a ���.,.. i������n 'mhn'Vttamntad to I Already 100 mail boxes have been putlelgn born reach 25 per cent, of ��*��
founded Ben Ages, Who'jgfgJJJJJJ La, by the farmers, and more are be-I population. The Canadian bona sae
overcome him.   1 he tragedy happenee , , , populatioa eS Qss
at   Alston   five mile . from {��* 'JtVll  take  the  carrier,   who  will I bee   over  80  per  cent,   in  St. John
MJ',PftVil '? h7m-��� VevlZt *. r Me a I""��� <""*-> r1*- ''ntl1 5:''" "'"��� t0' Halirax, Ottawa and Montreal, tai
hi.��band, whb blamed Mrs 8.<tta" ' ; make ���le round trip. He will leave less than 62 per cent. In Toronto. It.
j their trouble     Davis slop    last  nlg.it . We9tmlns,ter pof (office daily, ev | Ult,   western  cities  ot  Ihls clasa the
In a barn ahout 800 yards rr t   tn  i^ Sunduyi at g am   am,  proceed percentage of Canadian bora nuic->
Stewart   house,  and   proci rded   men^    Columb|R    street,    Kraser    river | rrom   4u.95   per   ceIlt_   la  vi-dnria It
bridge  and   Yale  road  to  Scott  road,  fun per cent, in Edmonton.
thence west on Trunk road to Crescent;    Natives of the  British  Islands -rati
Island road, thence northeast on Lad-1 otunto  tit or.  por  Cent.  of  Victoria'.
No Case There.
New York, June 30.   -Prank OrfT and
! Jo'in  K. Alkln, president  anel counsel
of the Columbian Sterling Publishing
company, were acquitted today at thc
���".-"����� -",LT""V.;�� ������������� will hll I Court's   direction  on   tho  charge    ot
so tar as possible every effort *"i ����� L    , th0 mM. t0 d<,fraH(,   in.
mado to give thn president complete ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ company'B Btoek.   F���d.
rest. ,��� .t,���  eral Judge    Mrver    told the Jury the [Chicago.    This gave Chicago a record
j this morning.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  Rltlier  In   Insnne freir'.y,  or   as  he
son, Ariz., where thc tempt rature also I afterward claimed  because he thought
was 108. jbe would be    killed    himself.    DavlB
Thirty-nine In Chicago. she.   his   moilier-'nlaw  once  In     the
Fatalities due to the heat were re-i head.    He then shot    lien    A see.    a
ported at    Nibbing. Minn.;    Blwablk,  teamster living In  Ilnllston, who had
Minn.^Milwaukee,  Itaclne,  l.acrosie. Ibeen   summoned  hv  Stewart,  in    the
W's.;  I'ecriu. St. I.ouis, Grand Unpids. | shoulder,  nrm  and  chest.    The    lasl
In  Chicago j bullet  penetrated a  lung.    Agee, des
Lake Superior. [alone there were 39 deaths officially jperately hurt, was tak.ti to a Portland
From  ��6  degrees nt  Pittsburg, the 'reported.    From    different    points In |hospital.    A  physician  says he  may
temperature through the whole middle
west ranged well into tho nineties.
Marquette, usually cool on the shore
>Vhile House Thursday
leare for Gettysburg early Friday.
Wisconsin, 13 d.aths wcre reported.     live ,,������.���������.������..
Drownings   electrical storms,  high      Stewart and Agee  In his wounded
winds and intense heat were the tea- condition succeeded in getting Davis
of Lake Superior.'recorded 92 degrees I tures of the weather near Duluth. | gun away before My morea��hO0tinj
and It culminated with 102 degrees ln I Heat prostrations were beyond count. |was done, and, with other assistance.
1    Throughout this area, hope of only ithe Blayer was bound and kept until
slight relief ia offered by the weather ^e sheriff of Polk county could .af-
In the United StateB, except for Tue-
ner  road   to  Scott  road,  thence  via
Scott   road,   Yale  road.   Fraser  river
stitute   3      ^^^^^^^^^
population; 43.80 per   cent.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      of   Cal
bridge, down Columbia street to the l^[?,"?: ,'0;" ��er   ��"HL, S& ^?��
postofflce '   *9-'n  p,n  cent' of Wlmrip-eife;
Besides'delivering mall, the carrier i -S-5f�� P" cent, of Toronto's; J8.M **-
will   collect   all   matter   left   In   m;lir, cent<,f Regina s, and 2&.80.
boxes.     Hc   will  carry   a  supply   of |orj.amonton a.
postage stamps, am! take tipplicntlonp
and accept money for money orders
and postal notes for box holders!
Registered mail matter will also be
handled under regulations set by the
postmaster general.
Rural Route No. 1 and others to be
opened out of New Westminster will
Icoine under the supervision of Post-120.60 per cent;    Regina.    8X.CB
master MacDonald, of thla city. ' (Continued on Pag* IWrl
The foreign born are over *tt -parent, of the population of Wicuap-rc
Vancouver. Victoria, Regina aad M
moiiton. and less than 10 per ceqjr_ fn
the remainder of the IS dti-aa vren
Winnipeg's foreign pppuiatloa ia H.Z-:
per cent, of the total rasideats; Van
couver Ib 19.33 per    cent.; PAGt x<*ra;
TUESDAY,  JULY   1,   1913.
��� V ���*
An independent mtarmmt* Softer devoted tn the interests nf New Westminster find
thf finscr Valley. **h**th*ttstt truerfi morning except Sunday by the National PHnt-inp
and PxtblUhttxa Company. lAmUod, at 6S UeKentie Street, S'ew  Wettmintter,  liritish
Cotsmbla Ron it SHTiwiiLAXn, Managing Director.
All ri'mmsnlotitt-mt *h*tsld he aMrrssed to The New Westminster News, and nnt
te ,11 it11-.dual member* of the .tuff Cheques, drafts, and mnney tirders slioukl bc made
-payable  ta The Nati***l r*r**tiny and  rubllshlng Compami, Limited.
1 Kl.Kl'llONBS���lllll  Office and Manager, 939; Editorial Room*  lall depart-
ruilnl, 991.
SIHUCIlirTIOK *ATMB���lly carrier, 14 per year, ��1 for Ifcrce months, 40c per
m"tlh     Ily malt, tl par roar. 2T,c par  m.mth
.mvi-.tiTlHlSQ BATES ��n application,
TUESDAY  MORNINg.  JULY  1,  1913.
The announcement that His Royal Highness the Duke
of Connaught is coming back to Canada on an extended
term as governor-general of this bright jewel in Britain's
crown will be received by all Canadians with satisfaction
and gladness. The royal occupant of Rideau Hall had a
good excuse for cutting short his period in Canada in the
illness of Her Royal Highness the Duchess, but instead he
has.signified his desire to return to Ottawa in the autumn
for an extended term of office.
Any governor-general, and more particularly a royal
holder of that post, naturally has a hard time to find out
just what kind of people he is supposed to generally govern. Everybody tries to be nice to him and most of them
usually succeed in pulling off a grand exhibition of foolishness or snobbishness, but in spite of this heavy coat of
veneer, the Duke of Connaught seems to have been able to
get below the surface during his stay in the Dominion and
learn something of the real Canadian people, those who
are not found regularly standing off their creditors to pay
for fine feathers to trail across the hardwood floors of the
federal capital's drawing rooms.
Had His Royal Highness spent all of his stay in Canada within the set circle that revolves about Rideau Hall,
his decision to return might never have been made. But
he did not. He travelled through the Dominion from end
to end and though, even then, he was permitted to view
the country and its real population only over a screen of
.silk hats and militia tunics, nevertheless he evidently has
gathered enough knowledge of the Canadian people to like
them for what they are. .
That his welcome back will be sincere and enthusiastic goes without saying.
, Ii'Arcy  MoQee were, names conspicuous hy their absence rrom the list, but
th* se two statesmen, who had natiir-
! ally been among the first to be mentioned  tor cabinet places, had volun-
' tarily  withdrawn their names,  ln or-
i drr  lhat  the  new  ���Kovornment  mishl
I Include proper representation Irom all
the   provinces,   as   well   as   Rive   due
'onsideriitlon   to   the   claims  ot    the
French Catholics, the Irish electorate
and   the   I'roteFtants  of   the   eastern
��� townships  ot  Quebec.     Kxcept   for  a
j spirit  oT sell'-sacririce on the part or
many  prominent  men,  the new  confederation  might  have been a source
Of discord and partisan hatred before
!t was fairly launched.
Prince Edward island will celebrate
'ts fortieth birthday as a province of
the Dominion today. The "baby" prov-
nee refused to enter the union when
it was flrst formed, the legislature
having resolved that to do bo would
be "pol!ti"ally. commercially and tin-
anclally disastrous," bul In 1S73 overtures were made lo Ottawa, and on the
flrst or July of that year the prov- j
ince entered the confederation
A Tea   possessing
exquisite   freshness
and  fullness   of
flavour not found
In other Teas.
rt * .
Pure   and   clean
to a leaf.
Black, Green and Mixed.
Important Litigation at Victoria Now
Is Sent Up to a  Higher
Seattle. June 30.���On Monday even-
Ing, Juno CO, doors which lur nine
yiir' have stood wide open In sym-
p*ith"t!c welcome to the destitute sick
of Seat'le and King county, of all
aces nnd i-exes and classes, Wlll close
and the Wayside Emergency hosplfil
will po rut of existence Its work
will he fln'shrd. For nearl) ten years
the Ways'de Emergency hospital has
mini.' ti r< d to the needs nf those
whose misfortune il was not to tie able
to care for themselves and who hid
no one able to provide for them. How
Ihls wonderful work canie to be es-
���ablished is a bit of interesting his-
Last February lhe commissioners of
King county saw fit to divert one-half
of thc appropriation of the Wayside
Emergency hospital to the Providence
hospital, end since that time they have
completed additions to the countv
hulldlngs at Georgetown, and on July
1 will remove all COUntV patients to
the county hospital. Now that tbe
city and county have round ;i way to
tnke care of their destitute sick in
their own hnlldlnirs, the purpose for
which the Wayside Emergency hos-
nital existed is eliminated, lt has
never been a money making institution and will c'.ore lis work with but a
iiiiT.pre balance in the bank.
Speaks of Church  Union and Defines
Position  of  Church  of  England
as Between Extremes.
If it rains today the weather man will likely lose his
Meals may be hard to pay for during hard times, but
no matter how scarce the coin it always seems possible to
raise the price of a drink.
The re-union of lhe Blue and the Grey at Gettysburg
is further proof that it takes a good fight to make a good
friend.   It also takes years.
An example of the irony of fate presents itself in thc
press reports that Harry Gaze, author of "How to Live
Forever," is ageing fast.
A new coat of arms for Westminster: Pile driver and
dredge rampant, superimposed on a groad river argent;
crc t a cornucopia���motto, Deep Enough for the Deepest.
One way of overcoming opposition is to wait for the
enemy to die off. A Presbyterian minister in favor of
church union proposes this as a solution of the difficulty
presented by the determined opposition to union which has
developed within the ranks of the shorter catechists. Slow.
but reasonably sure.
Moose Jaw will be taking unto herself metropolitan
airs with the recording of the tenth burglary in one month.
Further proof of the prairie hamlet's eligibility to enter;
city ranks is found in the time honored appendix to the
���dispatch telling of the robberies, "No arrests have been
Charity of course begins at home and it's perfectly
right and proper for a country, a city or a municipality to
look first after its own, but, nevertheless, the question
arises, if all tMe foreigners in Canada to-lay wer:' thrown
out of their jobs to make room for Canadians, what would
happen? In times when work was easy to get, the Canadians wouldn't take those jobs.
From Maillardville comes word that everything is
lovely since the Coquitlam municipal council decided to
locate its headquarters there. From other parts of the
district there float, in rumors of war and groanings that
cannot be uttered. One ratepayer there writes to ask
The News for an expression of opinion on the subject and'
this journal hastens to assure Coquitlam resilients of its
undying regard for the dove of peace as a thing of beauty,
End a joy forever.
If the law "liTt him who is without sin among you
first cast a stone," had been applied in the case of Bruce
Ismay, the survivor of the Titanic horror who retired
into private life yesterdav probably still would be the
managing director uf the White Star line. The man who
talks much generally does little and the thousands who
rushed to brand Ismay as a coward would, in all likelehood
have been the first to run to lifeboats had they been aboard
the giant liner when she went down. Not one man in a
million knows whether an emergency would prove him a
hero or a poltroon.
Thin I the greatest rlnv III Cana
dian history, for its mark:, lln* hirlh-
dav the Dominion ll was forty-
six years RffO today, July 1, 1MI7, thai
confederation txicainc nn Hci-nttipllfh-
od fact, mill a nation, little lint |*usty,
ami with a rapacity for v,rn��1!i lhal
no prophet yet dan- litnil, was hum
inin Hie empire anil Into 'tne' World
'I In-  original   Domini   n    Minn'iMt-ii).-.   of
Ontario, Quebec, f-fi--*-.- itr-i,* ��� i:*!: .mi1
\"v.*'   Set i ' ih..  . reatlon    of
1 osndleri fa'i    i  ���   .-.:. est statesm in
hip, and a di t ;��� di ...lion to the pub-
I lie wenl iiii Hi" pari oi the "fathers,"
The lint government, headed hy sir
John A. Macdonald, nn premier and
minister of Justice,  was  represents
|live *if all parties, peoples and sec
lions  of  the  couiilri      The    cabinet
i vi;iB comiioiiil principal!} oi iho e who
had worked well and faithfully for
the iniccnuH nf the confederation -
icet, bui It by no means included all
ui   u *        Dr,  Charli e  Tuppi r an i
Newsy News Items From Queen Charlotte  Islands
Queen Charlotte. June "0.���A public school waa opened at Queenstown
on Juno ���). which wai welcomed very
much 1 y the parents in the district.
The survey of Queenstown town-site
'b completed and an soon ns the rov-
crnment selections are made the lots
i 111 bo pt*: rn the market.
/��� ti appropriation of $5000 has been
ma li by ihe Dominion government
for a wharf at Queenstown. When
this is constructed a regular boat service will be ttiven.
The Ci. T. P. steamer Trince Albert
'-.as recently made two tnp3 to Quc:n
town with livestock and freight for
It. I.. Tingley. nnd drilling supplf-es
for W. I,. Uarton. who Is operating
on   the  Vakoun  river.
Many new settlers are coming in
���mil taking up land tributary to .Mas
s. tl Inlet. No greater alltirment is
needed than the summer climate of
Graham Island, coupled with her natural advantages and proffered 'oppor-
tunltli a,
11"* government rond work Is on
in full swing at the various points on
tho Inlet. As a consequence, Charli'
Spence, the assistant road superin-
ti lull ul. Is n very busy man these
diis. jusl a fleeting glimpse can In
had of hm ns he emerges from the
hush, going from point, to point, cover
Ing the huge district under his sup-
��� p. Islon.
General Manager Wright, cf the
Graham Island Coal nntl Timber Syn-
d cati ni'i with serious Injury while
coming down the Ynkoun river In his
launch lasl week. Ahout a mile below the camp lhere Is a bad Jam, nee-
Bsltatlng a drop of fifteen inches and
a seven foot passage to navigate. It
was nt this point that Mr, Wright
v.ns caught on the lop if the head by
:i Jagged limb which lore a deep cut
Ihrough his scalp. Dr. Graves patched Wright up and he is little the
wi rse   for  his  expi rience.
No Room for Arnument
Victoria. June 30, Will n Captain
Chlshi lm. master of the liritish ship
i'i Itlcburn wns officially Informed
Hint his vessel, anchored In the Royal
Heads, wis directly In lhe firing line
and well within range if the big gun-'
which nr'* in be placed In action al
Macaulay Point, he did nol slop to
argue the point with the mil tary
men. but lum ediately bi I aboui se
curing the services of a powerful tug
to shift Irs vessel I" a more peaceful
anchorage S'nce i he arrived In the
Royal Roads from Sania Rosalia itur
Ing ni" early i art t f May, the Celtic
burn has been Bwlnglng al her anchors, which had become firmly wed
Er.-Dress Makes Last Thip
V < ii rla, .inn 30 llv reaching Wll
liam l'c;id by 10.15 o'clock on .l-"n
36, the Koval Mail steamship Bm
prrss of India, Commander Ua ley, u
N. II.. completed one the fasti st trips
she has ever made during her twenty
years of service on the Orlflntal rout"
she made lhe passage frcm Voko
hanin In slightly over eleven days
wli eh brought her within n ooninari
tlvcly few hours of eduslllnc! the re
cord rf the Empress of Jatan, which
held ihe blue ribbon of the Paclf'c
rvht up in the tlmn the twenty kiio'
i anl Empress of Russia shattered
���ill spe<d tests hi covering tho dis-
lance In nine days nnd f ��� * hours
"ini the Empress of ltd i I" n cap
-hie of n'i exira knot during the las'
in. if i'te voyage she would hsvi
heen e"ahled in reach quarantine ho
fore s-mdown. In whi��h cise several
hours' th lav would have been avi Id
Vancouver,    June    ""���Bishop    de
Pencier, today gave a Btatement upon
the ntiiiter of church unity, which is
is ho much to the front In the thoughts
of churchmen of every denomination.
"In regard to tl: ��� question of church
unity," said his I rdehlp. "there is at
present Roing on :i world-wide movement towards thai end, which embraces   tn   ItB   scope  lhe    whole    of
Christendom,  Inclcdlng    the    Human
Catholic and lhe  Russian and Greek
Orthodox churches on the one hand,
and the Protestant den iminations on
the other,  with  the church of  Eng
land, as It appears to me, holding
i   middle   position   between  the   two
"On my return on Friday I read
with grent ini're:- Hev Dr. Mackay's
Btatement, which had been placed he-
fore me. I agree with him thoroughly
in all he said, and I admire very Rev.
much the spirit of his remarkt
Referring to the time ol ho dl - of
the meeting, llishop de Pencier snld
that the meeting in Vancouver took
place in St. Paul's when he wns reel r
of that parish, which w iid be aboul
three yiars ago. The meeting was
one the prime object of whieh was to Afti
make intercessory prayer, so thai lean's
men's minds might be turned to con- ''rank Hlgglns' summing up for the
slder the whole qtioBtlon of the unity Plaintiff, Judge Lamp-man Saturday
of Christendom. The meeting was a found 'hat D. 15. Campbell is nol re-
most successful one, and the feeling of sponsible to the Bub-contractors for
charity and oonslderatlon for the feel    "   neys owing them for work done on
* Ings of   others    wi-   deepened    and   'he   new   Campbell   block,  corner  of
strengthened, ���' ���*'  and Douglas streets.    The case
In connection with the tenacity with  under trial namely, Dickey vs. West
Victoria, June 30.- Important  Vancouver litigation  known    as    l'nited
Buildings,   Ltd.,  vs.  the  City  of Vancouver, was before the court of appeal
here,  their  lordships being evenlj   divided in Judgment, which resulted In
Ihe action ht ing entered as dismissed,    The  case  is   In  connection   with
an extension planned to the Hudson's
Hay Company Btore In thai city, the
company seeking to close a lane tra-,
I versing its property which otherwise
would   be  a solid  block   fronting  on ;
Georgia streel and    reaching    from
Granville   to   Seymour    streets     Although the city council granted permission through n bylaw., the United ]
Buildings, being Inti rested In properly   north  of  the  Btore  on  Granville j
Hireet. and claiming that ils holdings
would be harmfully affected, took legal   steps   to  prevent   it,     Mr.  Justice
Clements   upheld   the   Hudson's   Bay |
Company, In the original hearing. The
case now wlll go to ibe privy councll
Mr. Edgar Mayer, if Bodwell &  Law-
sen. having applied tor and obtained '
leave  to  appeal.
Y. W. C. A. New Quarters.
The Young Women's Christian  As- j
social  ni will open their new quarters j
In tho old Union club building for business  on   Tuesday,     Dominion     Day. j
There Is still much work to be done
before alt the rooms are in order, but
already there have been so many applications fnr accommodation that the
management is confident that all the
available  space will  be occupied,
Marries Naval Surgeon.
One of the prettlesl weddings of the
season was Bolemnlred Saturday noon
and 1:45 al Christ Church cathedral,
���* lu- Gerald Nunn, of II. M. s
Shearwati r. It d to the altar Edith
Florence, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Perclval R. Hrown, of Blrchwood.
* rait '.( 'v. r Road. The ceremony
which waB performed by the Very
Dean of Columbia, assisted by
Rev. w. ii. Dawe. was witnessed bj
a large number of friends of the happy pair, and the smart uniforms of thc
bridegroom and naval offlcera in attendance lent an additional picturesque touch.
Owner   Not   Responsible.
��� the conclusion of 11. A. Mac-
arlilreis  for the  defendant and
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Reierve Fund -
Total Atiittj -
Collections, at Home and Abroad
Manufacturer.*;, Wholrsalers, and ethers, are assured of careful
attention and prompt remittances when they place drafts and notes
In the Dominion Bank for collection. Branches in all parts of the
Dominion and in London, England��� with correspondents throughout
the commercial world.
when you can net as Knofi or belter, manufactured In IJ. ('., viz.: the
the celebrated "VANCOU'*. Kit" Brand, Kuaranteed to pass Standard
Specifications of American, and Canadian Knglneers' Association.
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 in to 24-ln. In diameter, "his is also made In this I'rovlnce and we
consider superior to any Imported article.
We also carry a Btock if Crushed Hock, Watihed Gravel, Sand,
l.lme. I'laBter, etc.
See us before ordering elsrwhere.
Phones 15 and 16.
902 Columbia 8treet W.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Dime Lumber company wan a test.
there being a number of other sub-'
contractors who allege substantial
'liiims against the block. Although
the Itidge expressed the opinion that
the U'esfbilme Lumber company was
Mable. It wna not asked lhat judgment
be entered aitalnst them. For this
reason, thai phape of the matter was
left undecided, That an appeal will
lie entcreil is expected. It cannot
come up now until next November,
the long   vacation Intervening,
which men whole hearted in their
faith desired to rllni; to thu opinions
which tradition had hallowed to them,
as touched upon by Hev. Dr. Mackay,
the bishop waa in cordial agreement,
and said very emphatically: "The
more  strongly   I  hold   to  my  convlc-
. tior.3. the more it seems to me I ought
I to rrgard with great charity the convictions of others."
flirhop  de   Penclrr  tirlifly  referred
ito the history of the movement from
| the time of the Edinburgh conference
three years ago, at which leading dl- !
vines  from  all  denominations  of  the Detai's of Wrscl- rf Curacao
'world were present. Since that con ��� Seattle. June 30 Bringing the deference une of the greatest efforts *:i*l-. of the wreck cf the steamship
made toward Christian unity was the Curacao, which struck *i uncharter-
commission on faith and orders which i ed rock near Warm Chuck, on the
was appointed by the general conven- ' west cast of Prince of Wales Island
j Mon    of    tli"    Protestant    Episcopal  forty six members of the vessel's crew
Church of iiu* United States. reached Seattle on the Alaska Steam
"Another ureal, work is being doneUhlp   Company's  liner   Northwestern
1 towards this end," continued Bishop The Curacao was steaming on her
de Pencler, "by the publication of the regular course from Craig to Swift'-i
Constructive Quarterly, a magazine -.r,.. rv :,i vvnrrn rhtick. She had
which is tlo* outcome of thn commis ,,;ls.<i St, Phillip's island about a mile
slon on faith and orders, the sec ind and a half off shore, when Rhe struck
ssue of which has Jusl heen pub- ,���, her starboard how. The vessel
lished. The objeel of the magazine, passed completely over the rock. The
l.-    '���'.     Minn McBee,  channel  where she  struck    is    three
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shingles ON THE JOB.
Local Salts Department, Phone 890.
It Pays to Advertise in the Daily News
is to contribute something to the general  knowledge of what   Is  essential
Christianity, which is also the object
of all who are striving to I ring about
Christian unity In the pages of this
'quarterly  are  contributions  from  thc
loaders   of   thought   of  tho   Anglican
church   in   England  and   America,    of
the Greek and Russian Orthodox
.church, several or the most prominent  leaders   if the Roman  Catholic
church in England nnd America. Pro-1 Bl.., ,   .
(essor Dent y ai *  others of the Estab-   th0 lcfi
lished church    *  Scotland, and other
di nominations."
-   Hacte.
i-''ee haste  ::i    thn
rii     Pencler    raid*
'���., ...\    ever    1,800
al t ur present po-
1 n< ie that we|f00t ha(nv crushed
i everything we de , '	
decade ��� ************-������ s - -
Milieu wide, with a perfectly straight
course at that point, The.rock Is almost In tho centre of Tonaweka Bay.
In di  .*. *.- ���
mnt'ei      ir *
y *���:*    Ii   art j
Bil    *     snd  It, '
an  goln    to i fTi
:��� re  In tl      i   -���
Seeks $2,000 for Loss of Leg.
Calgary, .lune li"      fudge Winter has
r served  Judgmenl   In  an  interesting
workmen's compensation case after a
couple   of   days   had   been   taki n   up
with   the   hearing   of   evidence.     Olaf
lluehtiii   entered  a   iWim   for    $2,000
Qranl  Smith  ''or the loss  nf
ft leg while working on a rail-
way construction loh at Beaver creek _
on May 10, 1912.   The man was working on a donkey limine for tho de    BOILERS
fondant   as   brakesman,    n-ui    while
standing on the rear end he tell off	
between  the engine  and  the trucks
Ills left leg was severed and Ins right
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches Throughout the  Province of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards received and Interest at the hlgheBt current rate paid or
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable In all parts of the
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General Manager.
New   Westminster   Branch: A. W.  BLACK, Manager.
Riveted Steel Pipes
���      BURN OIL     ���
fptc,    of
We here n i it do nothing thai would
'"* llkel' i ��� preludlce cur efforts in
the direction of the larger unity I i
Which we ar.. all striving.
"in th * l M" synod" contlnuci
Bishop de Pencler. "there war ���������
iinanliiu reeling that in every pes
nlble v. u .v.. drulrod lo work with our
Chrisi m * -, ���>"��� ti of other denoml-
nal ma Thai feelings was etpreps-pd
by almost every sneaker who took
pari in the dehite thai was brourV
up In Hie synod in connection wllh
tl     question."
Referring  to  a  olrucular letter on j -��� ,. ,,-.-.���
unity   which   had  heen  sent       round j ���'""" M. ��� ''���* "���'
f!isltii|i de Pencier said thnt. Ihe point
was   still   strong'-   felt   that  the   twr ;
practical   step?   Wh'nh   were   Hlir'Tos'o'1 '
or implied  In  tlr"   letter, namelv, doing away  with  Hi" necsolty  rf "on- :
linnntlnn  and  thi   necessity  for o-!"   j
copal   ordination     were    steps    th-i
would prejudice the larger unitv w"'-
Catholic    Christendom.    "These    nn
foundation   principles     f  "ie  o'l'ir-h'*
faith nnd orders, and lo these the majority of the Anglican syit"d rtrnngly
adhered," concluded his lordship.
"    O    BOX   442
Ccndlllon Still Uncertain
North Bay, June 2i>. The condition of the two older daughters of
Mr Henrj Morell. M. P P, for Nip-
pissing, hurt In a train wreck ii"ar
Mattawa, was Ht 111 uncertain today.
Tliey were returning from a convent
"t attend tholr father's wedding, set,
for th'- nexl Monday. Il was (eared
:"  firs! that tliey would die.
P   0.  E   W*-r'<  Niir t illco"
t.'.llooot   II   C    .|,:i���   1)0,���n   A.  n->n
kin, contractor fir the section if P
fl, 15. rlght-of-wnt  east of town, now
has work nctlveb commotioed. Three
camps   are   operating   betwlren    the!
l'i hit river bridge and the Fountain, j
others are to i>" Btarted this week.
The   iwo   steam   shovtls,   which   Mr i
Rankin Intended to bring In. will not
ai     in bi nl     h"    requisitioned.    Mr. I
French, nl Burns  Jordan and Welch. !
pllssi il   through   ti  Ml   litis   v.e' |<   i.n   a
tour nf Inspeollon of their campB on i
the   lake. |
The True Sausrce
of Beauty
i3, and must be, good health.
Sallow skin and fr.co blemishes
are usually caused by the
prcf'Cncc of impurities in Iho
blood impurities whith also
cause headache, backache, languor, norvounnesa r.p.d depression of spirits. If, at times,
when there istieed you will use
you will find yourself better in
every way, With purified
blood, you will improve digestion, sleep r.-.crc restfully and
your nc rves will bo quieter.
You will rec >vt r tho charm of
sparkling < yes, n spotless complexion, rosy lips and vivacious
Spirit8, Good for all the family, Beecham's Pills especially
Help Women
To Good Health
Thn ' in*'*.i Miic ot nnv t ladlctno. Thnijlmetlo-oC
!-.tu iivcry bog point i'.j ,.u:' i* . '.' .....il::..
J. H. TcdcPs Music House
419  Columbia   Street.  New   Westminster.
Singer  Sewing   Machines.    Small   Musical Goods of all  Kinds.  PHONE 694.
Wc havc one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent. Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light manufacturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
r"\v.'*u��� ��� ���*, ft��� -;MBMS��� THE NEW WESTMINSTER NEWS.
******* THREE
111   tUl   tn
hundn dwelghl In I'M-.
United Stati s butti r bIi pmi .11h suf-
1 rod also, Falling tr *:.*i 23,01 - hun
dredwelghl li 1 ��� 1' lo 2569 hundn 'I
��� olghl   In   1912.    in  tact   the  vl* tl ���
Imports and Exports for Last Year Show Enormous Increase-United States Consul General in London Makes
Interesting Report of Conditions of Trade and Commerce in the United Kingdom.
world Bi"*tna iu have gone down ir,
butter shipments in the united King
dom, Canada leads in cheese ship-
im n> tu Grpat Britain, with 1 ;:r,:;���~,,.i
hundredweight, and no figures ot
comparison of Hill are shown. United
Stales cheese shipments fell from
160,321 hundredweight to ill,-;;? hundredweight between mil asd 1912.
John I.. Griffiths, United States
consul-general in London, describes
In glowing terms ihe conditions nf
trade imd cum merce nnd general business in the United Kingdom fm- the
year 1912, in a report just mndn 10
the department uf commerce at Washington, His annual review nr liritish
trade. Including figures nf export and
Import tn nntl from the United S'aten
and Canada, shows that a season of
unptir lb >l prosperity has blessed
ihe BrltlBh Isles and that unless nil
sinus fail, the manufacturer, ship-
buildi r.  exporter  and   Importer  will
hnve sev. ral "fat" yeurs b'-fniV' Ihem
Shipbuilding Ih pointed out as the
greatest example of British suprem
mv, antl it is confidently stated tha
the shipbuilders nf the United King
dom will -.tain more by the increased
traffic through tin* Panama canal
than any other net nf men In the
same business.
Consul-General Griffiths paln-tjti a
plcturs cf liritish industry fur lh"
year 1912, which would make highly
satisfactory reading fur irade "boosters."
"Never before," he says in his report, "has sueh a volume of business
been transacted." liis figures reach
a climax in ihe statement that the
aggregate foreign trade of ihe United
Kingdom fnr 1912 was given as t'2,-
270,384,634  inure than in  1902.
cent   were  of  continental   make
lh per cent of American origin.
Russia Ib given as the chief source
Of wood aupi'lv for the United Kim;
dom.    A specific reference ti   Canada ;
shows thai   the  Dominion  Is falling '���
"In   lllll,   nf  lhe   total   Imnnrts    of
I   Electric   Plant   at   Bridge   River���I
ocet Will C-ipply Lower
India   is   give
beat   lllhtltttli-t
Killing  $280,4!
With India
11 as (In at Britain's
with purchases aggre-
350, an  Increase  in a
year Of $28,000,000. Then follows
Oermany. with almost $200,000,009
Australian importations are third, and
the United Stales ranks fourth, wllh
nv* r $14ii.00il.0ui). France Is fifth
with $137,000,000, and Camilla Is sixth
with $144,423,555,
"Evidence of a closer trail" rels
tionshlp." says Consul-General Clrif-
flths. "that haa been established between  ih"  United  Kingdom  and  iis
overseas possessions is Been In the
fact lhat. while a few years ago thus"
possessions took only 3lj per cent cf
British exports, the perhentage in 1912
rose  tn  MC
Imports From Canada
Imports 'o the British iHles from
Canada are given aa $130,818,965, as
againat $199,686,433 for Hill, and exports to Canada are shown as Inert asing from $95,943,380 to $114,423,-
''��� 11 is estimated that OH per cent of
the motor cara aold In Greal Britain
were  uf   British   manufacture,   40   per
wend Into thc United Kingdom, ���17
per cent came from Hussia. while In
mm that empire furnished 61 per
cent,  which  was  12  per cenl  above
the avi rage of the previous five year*
The other countries, with Hn* exception of Canada, which showed 1 short-
n-e of some 80.000 standards (a
standard being 105 cubic feet) suo-
���ftllcd about ihe same quantity in 1912
i"< in lhe preceding year. Th" position of oak Is given us one of units
ual strength, and the ordinary b��o.
piles from Quebec were suld in tit"
United Kingdom before arrival."
British   "hiiyards
A dominant note in the report :s
the deecription of the industry In
BrltlBh shipyards, Passing comment
ia mud*' in relation '-"1 the good year
experienced in lirit'sh shot*���> nm! factories, bui tin- shipbuilding Industry
ia Bhown ns having gone through lh"
year 1912 making an unprecedented
mark, Hov evi r, the Increased activity was offset, saya th" report, in
I'-.*'"- cost nf labor end materials,
nnd the dividends paid an* said 10
In* smaller than the volume of busi-
neaa would bave BUggested, The re-
port says thai the United Kingdom
buill 1373 ships in 19m, British possessions built litis, a total of 1681, and
all the rest nf the world built 2049.
The average tonnage of Britlsh-bulll
Bhlps Increased from li25u Ions in
Hill  to 20711  in  1912.
Anil that is nui all. The report
holds out a glowing prospect for British shipyards, exactly in acci rdance
with the words of .lohn Barrel, di-
rector of the I'an-American union,
who has said that British shipyards
would gain an Impregnable ascendan-
cv because of the trade tn be pm
through  the  Panama  canal.
Britiah electrical exports and Imports Increased In 1912 Bays the re.
port. There is a serious Intention
In the United Kingdom, it is reported, to apply electrlctly to the propulsion uf shipB, which, it la Btated, "will
result in the putting tn sea of two
vessels, one of 600 horse power being hull' In Kngland. and one of 6000
horsepower  being  built   in   America."
Canadian imnuns of butter showed
n decrease frnm 61,936 hundredweight
Lillooet, B. C, .lune 30.���A further
stage t.: development ot an Importani
Industrial enterprise which haa il<
centre In l.illoot district was reached
thla week, when engineers of the
Bridge Hiver Power Co., Ltd., ac
companied by consulting electrical engineer Bonnycastln, of Vanoouver,
and Mr. Smith, engineer of the Water
[lights  department,  Victoria,   visited
Bridge river.
The purpose of the vi.'.:'. was to cor-
rec iv ascertain tbe amount of water
available for power purposes at high
watir.    The record will be completed
in the fall, when similar examination
will be mad" at low water. Engineers of the company will remain at
Bridge river for the nexl three
mot,tha on survey and  similar work.
The objects for which the company
la incorporated are far reaching, and
includes the manufacture of eleciric
power fur transmission to Vancouver
and New, Westminster, as w II 1 *
for use iu tbe Lillooet dlstriet. It.
is the Intention of lhe company to
put in a large generating station and
power plant.
Extensive water records have been
filed on Bridge river, and the license
Btates that the water applied for is
fur use fnr power development purposes on the land described aa Sea-
ton Lake Indian Reserve No. 1,
Ratepayers   Dig   Inartistic   Keel6   Into
Rites   of   City   Planner���Police
Mak:   Clean-Up
McLaughlin Service Covers
the Country.
VITALLY important i:i buying a cur i;
vice���defeature sought by manv but
tainetl by few. Consider then that which
cues with every McLaughlin car. Throuch ita depots located
all over thc country over S100,C00 worth of pmti arc carried
(or tin- purpose of giving quick, adequate nn 1 economic I scr-
11 thc McLaughlin r.iomri t.    Vou may never need i\m
c.iiiil.iiii.ij i j I." ��v th.it it
tcrvics, it iit uc.    A I the tame It's i
ii roiulv when and w-licr: you want ii.
No other company in Canada has an thin,:".'-- * t
fur th ti purpose.    This is what wc mc in i y I lc
all embracing! speedy, convenient.    I: c ivcn i
ic Mine amount inveRteJ
I..i'i'--iilin lervice. lt ii
,c country
Call and see these new models at
our showrooms or phone 691 and
allow us to demonstrate.
We have the largest stock of tires
and accessories in the city:
Gasoline and Free Air Station
Storage Batteries of All Kinds Recharged and Repaired.
T. J. Trapp &] Co.
Mclaughlin vehicles for
Over Ten Years
Calgary. June 80.���"Resolved 'hat
thin meeting approves ot a straight.
high Vvel (concrete bridge tacro-^sj
Centre street." Thus, abruptly and
after fiery debute, a gathering of 300
ratepayers nn ihe, north hill, in
Wright's hall, Crescent Heights, unanimously dug their Inartistic heels
Into the tlbt nf City planner Thomas
ll. Mawson's Bcheiye fur a bridge
across the How river, one I f 'he curves and vlsias tn fit esthetic requirements, une Ormand, an argument-
ive Scut, tersely phrased tin* feeling
of the gathering when lie averred he
had beard il sititl that the town planning commissioner was afflicted with
Valuable  Oysters
W, .I. Greenawny, the owner uf the
Grcenawaj coal mine in Snake Valley
has lately made a discovery that may
resull   tu   Ins own   financial   benefit!
lie has found a number of pearls in
petrified  oysters.    The samples  that
, lie submitted  m a  firm  of Jewelers
in   Calgary   were   pronounced   to   be ,
ii. trifled  pearls if  such  a  thing  can
��� be imagined.    While they showed all
the characteristics of ordinary pearls
thty are  much harder, being nearly
: equal to the diamond.
FavorB Superannuation
Alderman  J.   H.    Harden    strongly'
favors   the  city    establishing    som��
system of superannuation fur employees   who  have  spun   the  belter  part
ul  their  lives  in   ils  service,  and   la
i preparing to take the matter up actively In ihe couucil.   Mr. Garden has
requested City clerk  Miller to write
j to   tho.  cities   or   Winnipeg,   Toronto, i
I Montreal.   Ottawa   and     Other     clli-es
I where such systems are in vngiie and
j secure   data   wllh  a   view   to offering
I a charter amendment   in  Calgary  to
j cover  the  purpose.
Military  Funeral
Private   Marlin   J,  Quinn.  of   the
Canadian   Army   Service  corps,   who
Idled at the Oeneral hospital on Sun
I day from appendicitis, was buried In
St,   Mary's  cemetery    on    Thursday
* with   military   honors.    The  funeral
certe- e   left   Shaver.   Armstrong   and
Mnei'iiersun's     undertaking   parlors
shortly  bl lure ten o'clock, headed by
the band of the lnllrd, and proceeded
iu  si.   Mary's  church,    where    high
mass uf requiem  was celebrated by
Father llalton.
The   bndy   was  tlu n   taken   to   the
i cemetery.     A   firing   detachment     ut
is men and a sergeant from the I08rd
i fired   a  salute  ever   the  grave.    The
pallbearers were all members of No.
14  Canadian  Armv  Service corps.
Illegal   Sale  cf   Liquor
An organised campaign against tin.
|lllrgal selling of liquor In the foreign
quarters of  the city,  which  was  be
I gun away back in  the latter part ol
i April hy Inspector rlodgkin, nf the li
! cense  department,    reached  lis  culmination at the mounted police bar-
racks whin eleven Italians wero fined fur selling liquor wlthOMI a license
by  Inspector Worsloy.    This  makes
'  nti-'eeii   convictions   within   tlie   last
week,  and there are  more cast s  tu
come up .vet.   Eleven have been lined
$100 each, ami two $15(1 each.
Van^C'jver   Lawyer   in  Toronto  Tells
Easterners  z Thlr.g  or Twc���
Red   Flag  Incident
Toronto, Juni' 80.���"1 was very sorry to rend It, and I am sure Vancouver will be sorry too," said J. II. Mac-'
Gill, when seen lu Toronto the other |
day   ami  asked   ahout  the   speech  of!
the Hev. Dr. Pldgeon, and the resolu-
tlon nf the Presbyterian General As-j
sembly  ahoiji   the  vice  areas  of the
Mr. MacGill is a well known lawyer'
of Vancouver., .1 member cf the moral
and socuil reform committee of th-
diocese el N'ew Westminster (Bishop
ih- Pencler) and for man; years Immigration agent at that point, thus
having much opportunity nf knowing ���
Bomttblng about this sore. "The It' v.
Iir. Pedgeon," he continued, "is habitually mosl moderate in nis state-
ments, Anything he saya is always j
worthy cf thn iuoti serious consideration, Inn 1 can only fei 1 that the
general publication hy Hie newspap*
t rs 1 f tin illustration rather than bis
g< aeral ai * iment has not only mis
represented hlm. hut most seriously
misrepresented Vancouver and llri* *
'sh Columbia.
"The -story 1 f the flag raising In-1
Cldent when some unfortunate women
viBlted the  logging camp    has    gnrie
forth  broadcast.    The  general  publlc
would   readily   take   this   Incident   a*" !
n pn.-i 1,ting   the   ordinary   state   cH i
moral ur immoral affairs, and consider
that Vancouver is as Sodom ant! that;
British   Columbia  as  Gomorrah.
"This however. iB not so. and in 1
spile of the unpleasant nature of the .
subject, the misrepresentation should ,
tec re n denial as far reaching as;
the libel itself."
West Always buffers
Ri Crring to the general nature Mr.
MacGill stated that Ik- thought the
west generally Buffered from the way
In which the case was put. The weBt
was tilled with homeli ss, wifeless
men, The lumbermen cf the North
Shore of Ontario spent the summer
ut any rate amid the purifying surroundings of home, but In B. C, the
lumbermen and the miners went out
into the wilderness, worked two or
three months, came to town for a
holiday, and then went back to the
woods once more. Thev knew* nothing of home, and scarcely ever heard
a woman's voice except that of a
waitress In a hotel or a Salvation
Army girl at the street corner.
Again, these men  were the adventurous ones of the land, and winter
spirits who had left their homes some
.times too untamed, sometimes exuberant as schoolboys without constraint
in   the  wilderness.    There  was  nothing meek in their bearing, and th
vices   were   open   to   Heaven.    Their *
men made the  west, and every west-;
ern town in iti day had a  -ice area.;
Many   towns   had   already   outgrown
this state, some were still in process'
of  outgrowing   it,   and  Improvement
could   bc   seen   yearly   all   along   the
Mr. MacOill was Kind to add lhat
.he considered the moral s.'ate ot tha
wes* as much better than might ordinarily   be  expected.
Kast is east and West is west iB
: aa true of Cunada as of the eastern
hemisphere, but while the vice of the
west is unconcealed, it may easily be
lhat vice is more prevalent in the older provinces than the new. and lhat
west   of   the   Oreat   Lakes   tin re   is
ami mt
high   :
ality as
f  purity
Sir Ian  Hamilton and Colonel  Hughes
Leave Victoria
Victoria. June 30. -Sir lati Hamilton, just before leaving on Saturday
with Col. Sam Hughes, minister of
militia, for Manitoba, in answer to a
request for liis Impressions of the
troops at Sidney as he s-iw them, said
that, of course, any report on their
efficiency must be first made direct
to the military authorities at Oitawa,
but this he would say, he saw enough
to assure him of Hie . keen soldierly
���spirit thn.l inspiied all ranks, and
that considering that the review took
place on the first day of camp, he
considered the brigade acquitted
themselves  very creditably.
It would be understood that it was
nol by choice that ibis review had
to be held on so early a day in the
period of training, but that the multiplicity of engagements compelled mat
ters to be so arranged.
Speaking of Victoria's own regiment, the ssth Fusiliers, Sir Ian said
thai he recqgnised at a glance the
excellent lype Of men that were b ���
ing enlisted. Tbey had the root of
the matter In ihem. and no doubt
were putting their hands In their
pockets to serve. On being Informed
that each man paid $5 to join and
turnud back the whole of his pay to
the regimental funds, Sir Ian remark'
id: "Well that is what I call volunteering in excellis. and with such n
spirit tliere can be no doubt of th"
future of Colonel  Hall's  regiment.
She is to replace the steamer Tees
on tlie run on the west roast and is
expected to be in commission early
in July.
The Princess Marquinna is the largest steamer that has been constructed in British Columbia. I; ls a steel
craft, especially designed for work on
Ihe weBt coast of Vancouver Island,
All the decks, with the exception of
the boat deck, are enclosed by tho
steel sides of the vessel. She ia double bottomed and is fitted with five
lankB., tho third, situated under the
cross bunker, being reserved for the
storage cf oil  fuel.
Columbia Street
Phone 57
If you read THE NEWS you get ail the new?/
Vernon  Produce   Exhibit
ernon, June  SO.-���Permission
been received from A. 10. Stevens, assistant general superintendent of the
Canadian Pacific railway by the board
of trade to erect an ornamental kiosk
at the station for tho display of fruits
vegetables, minerals, aoil and other
natural resources of Vernon. The
secretary was Instructed to secure
the lease at a nominal rental.
Neglect Plight on Orchards.
Vernon, June SO. Inspector Cunningham hus returned to Vernon from
Kelowna. Summerland and , other
points on the lake and reports that
fruit prospects fairly good. Mr. Cunningham adds, '-'lhere Is some Are
blight In evidence, whieh might have
been easily prevented if the growers
had carried oul the Instructions given
them lasl season, Very few took pains
to inspect their trees for holdover
cankers, and spraying generally was
neglected. This neglect has caused
many line crops of beautiful peaches
to be lost. Un- tnes being defoliated
by curl leaf, which la easily controlled
by spraying with Bordeaux mixture.
Cherry tries have alio suf-ereil from
the same cause.
Victoria. June Hll.���Within less
thnn three weeks, the new C. P. R,
steamer Princess Marquinna, now getting her finishing touches in Victoria.
will be ready for her speed trials, and
lt Is predicted by marine authorities
that she will exceed her contract
speed  of thirteen  and  a half knots.
Tuesday, July 1st
Will  Lcr.va
B. C. Electric Ry Wharf
Bitulithic Paving
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Is meeting with the greatest fa��i>.-  ���* brevet Uld.
AT 9  O'CLOCK   A.
6 P.
$1.00 for Round Trip
Fraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Ltd.
Phone 164 L.   Office 903 Columbia St.
w Westminster with  Boulevard  Dnwr Bltulithic sn Second Street, Ne
the Centre.
Illtullthlc Is noiseless, non-: llppery, pniwlica��j Oustless. ���������������y on
horses' feet. and. above all, particularly durante. ��m these reasons
llltullthic Is commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, ana city officials lt has bees ait'.pted tiy fifteen cities
In Canada, and over two hundnd lu tbe United Statue.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.      #14-717 Dominion Truat BaiMIng, Vancouver. f*P,Gft  l-OUR
TUESDAV,  JULY   1,   1913.
Freak Water and Salt;PR0V��� M      In Greater
from the aunty
Captain  Hughes'
voyage  from  California.
fluent talker and uuile a
waterfront men. ,
It    was    a
favorite with
1h.it the motor ships of the East
\niatic company wlll come on the
Vancouver run and replace the
steam-sri iv .the announcement made
ynstrrday by Mr. Yelsdrup, who rep-
.I'Ufnts tlie .Tianlsh company on the
���i'acific coast He came In on the
���> rabien.
Mr. Ynlsdrup says that the first
ratter ship lo come will he Ihe 31am,
-.1 ��e��H-nI of 10.1100 tons carrying capacity. She was buill ihis vear and wlll
n im berth al Copenhagen, Antwerp
:ind london in September. The East
\siatic company was the lirst concern
.tii adapt, tlie Hioti r-ilriveti vessel for
long voyagei, and tin* lirst ship, the
s-ivbindia, attracted world-wide attention by Inr notable performances.
K-tSHHimy in operation and greater
erntpo apace are features of the mtor
���ship and so successful hns the experiment proved thai Ihe Hast Asiatic
.���company has now four molor ships in
operation .and six under construction,
'lhe Sfohi will be the tlrst to visit this
coui and as the others are completed
chey will replace ihe steam-driven
��� craft. They present a curious appearance, having four masts, but no fun-
The I'acific Coast Steamship com-
pany's liner Spokane, winch arrived
,-il 111 :tP a.m. yesterday from Alaska'
points was the scene of a wedding
-ten niony when sho was plowing her
way southward, and was in the middle
ot Queen Charlotte sound. First OfTi-
��� ee*r John II Burns was the bride-
tsiooto, and He shipped a pilot for life
���in the person of Miss Amy Stevens.
Tht couple, fir.-t met In Australia, and
Mias Stevehs recently arrived on this
-coalsl trom tie' Commonwealth. As
,the Spokane was making her flrat
Alaska excursion she decided It at-
fiirdcri her an excellent opportunity to
wo the nnrihi rn coast, and incidentally to be near her choice.
Pin*. Officer Hums had a sailor's
-talf-nt for taking advantage of opportunity, and suggested that the trip
might be turned into a honeymoon,
misa SlevcnB consented, and Captain
***] H. While promised to perform the
������ceremooy, but in order to do this the
ship bktt to be on the high seas. Consequently the affair was not celebrated
'until the Spokane was outside the
i-tin-ec-mile limit in Queen Charlotte
sound and the gallant captain united
liis mate and Miss Stevens in matri-
uKuvy in the presence of lot pasBSn
M. Monk & Co. received 1400 pounds
of spring salmon from up river yesterday and Sun from down stream, and
the St. Mungo cannery's catch totalled
about two ions.
UNE PLANNED   Westminster
schooner Riverside,
parrot died on    thiB k-yi res from Heriot Day to Mainland���
The s'earner Trader carried a load
of machinery from the Schaake ma
chine works toibunneries at Steveston
At the Kraser river bridge the following vessels were reported passing
through the draw: The Trader. Mar-
mion and QJlley Hros.' sand dredge
up and down stream; and the Beaver
upward bound.
No change has taken place In    the
height of waler in the river for two
weeks now, the guage at the Kraser
river bridge showing as usual 22
feet clearance nt lhe draw.
The Marnilon came up river yesterday with a cargo of 7U0O bags of
cement consigned to GillSy Iircs. five
thousand of these were unloaded at
Gilley's wharf and the remainder
taken un stream for delivery at the
The 130,000 pounds of
brought in Sunday night
Roman to the Columbia Cold
by the
s docks was unloaded yester-
The snagboat Samson and the
dredge Fruhling will remain at the
government docks here today because
of the holiday and will return to.the
Delta, tomorrow morning.
Tbat Uie ��learner Dolphin floated
at 9 o'clock Sunday night aud proceed.
Cd insi-de tiwAlort bay Is tlie news
���brought Ian mil by the C. 1'. Ii. steamer
:-Princess Sophia, which arrived in
Vurri'iuver yesterday    from    northern
-porta The Princess Sophia got into
Alert bay y**sierday afternoon and tho
���lii Ipluu was then ashore on a reef off
IV-nree island, about 15 minutes' run
���n:w Alert hay. The reports received
t > tv- s-fcnptiiu were that the crew was
tuning difficulty in keeping the 'fires
.-.���ning as the snip was on the reef for
two-thirds of ber length, having struck
���������Unring a rain siiuall and when going
��� nil speed. Af Alert hay the Sophls
fi nad thi  Princess May with the Dol-
���litiin   passengers  aboard   and   several
*��inntry tenders were engaged in
rr.insferring the baggage from the
l>of$hin  to the Princess .May.
Captain Joe Turner III.
\��tnria. Wash.. June 30.���Captain
Jc��t turner, one of the oldest and
t**.i\ known Columbia river pilots, was
.* sfj icki-n with appolexy Saturday after-
��� i.i no 11" is now at a hospital and
���in lie hone is cnteratined for his re-
''.       Becord Halibut Catch.
With  the  largest take  of  the yeat
.-xnd  what  will probably constitute    a
t 'i-orii for   the   season,   the Bteamer
1 *i:-.miu-mi   is   down   from   the   halibut
t>in]u with 260,000 pounds of halibut
���The  .iKiypt r,  Captain   Freeman,    re-
!�� .-is line weather und plenty of tleh,
ind   the   vessel   had   a   capacity   load.
(his   is  Hi     largest  catch   brought   in
*   u  ywir nud  will probably  remain
������unbeaten   (his   year.     The   Manhattan
I   tt   with   125,000    pounds    and    Uie
er     Emma    li.    with    50,000
The tug Fearless brought a scow
loaded with 040,000 pounds of lump
coal from Seattle to J. Mayers -fc Co.
The shipment was made by the Pacific Coast Supply company.
Royal Mail Line.
Victoria, June 30.���With Ihe arrival
of the British thlp Falls of Orchy in��
port the Koyal Mall line inaugurated
their service to Victoria from the
l'nited Kingdom, via the Sue?, canal
and the Orient. The Falls of Orchy
Is now berthed at the ouier docks, tak
lng aboard 1,500 tons of sacked flour,
wheat and other freight for the far
east, and. under favorable conditions
she will finish either tonight or early
tomorrow morning. From this port:
the Royal Mail boat will go direct to
Portland to complete her carpi for
the outward voyage. The shipments
that are being taken out from Victoria
by the Falls of Orchy were disrhTg-
ed hy the British steamer Lord Derby subsequent to that vessel sustaining damage when striking a submerged  reef  in the  Rosario strait.
Cargo of Raw Sugar.
I After n voyage of seventy days from
Matan/.ns. Cuba, the British steamer
Strathnairn, Captain Dunnett, carrying the second cargo of raw Cuban
Biizar tor the B. C. reffnerv. arrived
off William Head about D.-.io o'clock
Saturday night and proceeded on to
Will Repair Canada Mnru.
Temporary ri pairs were made to the
Japanese steamship Canada Mnru suh-
sequent to her stranding when bound
from Nagasaki to Kibe in order tint
the transpacific schedule of the Oskn
Shosen Kalsha might not he disrupted. The Canada Mnru reached port
after fifteen days' continuous str-mi
ing from the Japan coast, with a full
cargo of Oriental, freight for Pacific
coast consignees and a fair passenger
li.-*: Captain Hori, master rf the Can- ,
ad,' Maru. upon her arrival her", slated I'itt he was under orders to proceed to Kongkong upon his return tn
the Orient, when the steamship will
he dr. locked for permanent repairs
to her hull.
��� Continued from Page One I
the fact  that   Key:
very bad condition
Ing.     11  'tight'r. I
doing iif work is
I  avenue was In  a
nnd required roc.k-
The   estimate   for
as follows:   24-fool
Afur  pilt
the   l
H'M.li 1
uk  its
ar   as
���St, t
aplain Joe
(iosse ri
;4<��itj, ye^'itlay morning on ilu-
Priacesi Sophia, The Karluk made a
wtov. triy north, but everyone was
taMpy, says Captain (Iosse lie left
the iiasel in Wrangell, where she
took on meal' and water Captain
Untitle ImiJ nntbecn in Alaskan waters
sinw 19IK! prior lo this trip, and he Is
.-Jvll-glitod with the splendid lights
���move, iti operation along  the coast.
. Miritt'i Coaled Quickly.
Attir the fastest coaling trip made
** j a icssel of ihe Canadlan-AiiBtrallan
���lint!; the Mamma, Captain lit lis, ar-
rivjl at 10 a.m. yesterdas ai Vancou-
wer'trim Onion bay und anchored In
lbe stream, where she carried out
-tM-at and lire drill. She came along
-ytdc pie-v A In the afternoon, Tho
niarama lefl Friday nighl and Blurted
cc-alin-e-OT-i Saturday morning and she
had "2��D tons on board bs
Folly  Died.
Bringing B0,00o barrels or
tbe c. P. it   ibe liritish tank
i-i-ili-*.   Captain   Hughes,   arrived
��lay at Vancouver, and will gel
Hrii.-K lat".   On lier lasl    trip   south
tti rr   Vanci in r  Bbe  passi tl   di Iftlng
��� ��� r, an npltii n< d boal and a ; ang-
,-,   ., ��� v.  i .. i   Mendlc no.   Thli   waa
r Tt-ln-
for California.   She met  head
inniliii   '."rii   nnail   was    eight
roadway,  estimated  cost,  $-|fii!<i:   1fi-
foi t  r way, estlmati d cost, f^uso.
The committee desired  the pouncll'6
Instructions  In  this  matter.
Tin* matter was passed on to the
: nam e committee.
The li c Electric company's plins
showing Bpeclal work al l'.'Mi and ii*b
: iv is in connection with their car
barns, wlll be approved when the
comp.my Bends o letter I In I ihev an
pn nan >l to do Lha planking of thn
roail bo tiie sal i faction of tho board of
C.iblc Under Ground.
'iiie plans of the company showlno
propoped Hacks on 4th avenua and
Mth streel were laid over for further
Another recommendation wns con
corning  a   letter   from   the   West.��rn
Canada    Power   company requestlnr
approval  of  locution  of  a   2000-volt I
underground cable to be laid from o
point on Cumberland    street,    along
Columbia and Brunette streets for the
purpose of  Bupplylns  nowt.-  to   the
Iowa  Lumber  and  Timber  company
11   wns decided  tint I  so ftir at   the location of the cable Is eon terned
board of works le.H  no  reason   why
permission Bhould not be gr.vii tl, m* t
vitlini' the Btreets are mn  bs :k  '������  ...
condition satisfactory lo tl"* board ������*
�� orks, and that further perm .irlon in
'������id  ovi -  until   the  npftroval   of   lh'
lie! t i 'ti.iii '���' " be obtain d.
Thi   mal ti r *.* as v ffm tl tn tl	
engineer and eli ctrlclan for r p rl
Worked   Itfelf   Cut.
I:   ���*, i u,i . .lune 30    The in
Boclntl     of frull buyers, �� hlcti nr ic
tlcally   controlled   the  prices   for   tIn-
past five yenrs In the Niagara |i"nin
sola,  has   I  en   d ssolved   hy  mutual
etttisi'tii.    Tii" ni: ociatlon    will    mil
weekly price lists for the :*"    * ������- and
also quotations to tb ih ri    *   "���
having absolute control of prices, except for fruit and vegetables used by
Colonel Hughes and S'.anley Park
���Attempted Suicides.
Vancouver, June 30.���With a view
���Jo erecting a provincial government
telephone line from Heriot bay across
Valdez Island to the mainland, H. E.
Klsden, telephone expert, lert the city
this morning. Mr. Elsden was taken
to Heriot bay by the timber depart
ment launch Leila 1!., and will mak"
a survey and prepare an estimate of
cost for Ihe government. The proposed new lino will be til) miles in
length and will connect with the
Dominion government line at Heriot
bay, and terminate at Uiughbury Inlet on the mainland, where it can connect with the land lines. Tlle chief
purpose of the proposed new line is
to afford communication to the fire
guards and timber officials who are
engaged in preserving the forest
wealth of the districts through uhlch
the line will pass.
Endorse Park Scheme.
Intima'ting that he was ready to j
formally sanction the proposed beau-j
titication scheme I'or the bead of Coal
harbor as soon us the revised Mawson plans number four had been approved by Major Carey, the department's disirict engineer at Victoria,
Colonel the Hon. Sam Hughes, minister of militia and defence, expressed himself on Baturday afternoon
when inspecting the area, as in hearty j
sympathy with the efforts of the park
board to enhance the s-rcnic environment of that section of Stanley park,
lie forthwith despatched instructions
to the official representative of his
department in the provincial capital to
take up the question at an early date.
Two Attempted Suicides.
Two attempts were made yesterday
to commit suicide; the lirst, by an attractive young girl, Miss Mollle Peter-
kin, was the result of a disappointment in love, whllo the other was the
contemplated rash act of a man
'crazed by family troubles.
Miss l'eterkin. a waitress at the
Commercial hotel, went to her room
at the Waldorf lodging house on
Hastings street, where she and Miss
Martha Ealley live together, and
drank wood alcohol in an attempt to
end her life. The ambulance was sent
for and the young woman was hurried
to re�� hospital where her condition
is very serious, although the doctors
hold out some hope for recovery.
The other attempt at self-destruction was made by a Russian timber
cruis'T. II. Stalnden, but happily he
was s-opred befcre he conld accomplish his design. Following a quarrel
with his wife, he dashed upstairs and
returned with a revolver which he
placed to his temple crying that he
would end It all. John Masharup, a
lodger, sprang upon him before he
could pull the trigger and attempted
to wrench the gun frnm his hand. A
desperate struggle followed, which
might have had a fatal ending had
not Constable Baxter heard the cries
of the excited woman and the frenzied
meu. J-Je hurried into the house and
succeeded In wresting lbe revolver
away from  Staizden.
Body of Suicide.
The diad body of Harry Reid
Jamieson, a camp cook, was brought
into the city this morning on the
steamer Howena from near Newport,
whero eight days ago Jamieson had
gone lo act as cook at Norton & Mc-
Kinnon's logging camp. According to
the stories of the eye-witnesses who
saw the man's death, there is a strong
supposition that Jamieson deliberately
committed suicide, by flinging himself
in front of a train of logging cars, at
7 o'clock Saturday morning.
New Convent Ready.
The ladies of the Catholic Order of
the Sacred Heart will take possession
of their palatial new convent and
hoarding school at Point Grey tomorrow. The structure, which cost over
$260,000 tn erect, is situated beyond
* Kerrisilnle on Dunbar and Twenty-
ninth avenue. Huilt of light colored
stone, it shows a massive front on
Twenty-ninth avenue, the main entrance being at the centre of the
Toronto Editor Speaks.
Belore a  congregation   which  filled
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church   to
capacity, Rev. J. A. Macdonald, editor
of the Toronlo Globe, yesterday gave
mi  sfldftss    on    the    law    tf    the
Neighborhood, In the course of which
In-  traced  lhe  pxad ial  evolution    of
mankind from   the   Jungle   state   or
society up to todav when men live In
a stale of law and neighborhood.
Gets  Six  Months.
William    Woods,     of     Thlrty-flrsl
avenue, S"tnh Vancouver, who receni
ly t* mltted a hmtal assault on W I
Ham Kilby. has been sentenced to six
mi nils' hard labor by Magistrate
.lohnston. in tie South Vancouvet
police courl. In passing ."n't-nee the
magistrate said thai the evidence convinced Inn lhal lie* assaull on Wi t .U'
I in i wa * ;> i rem. ditated one, and ��a*.i
a brute 1 mi i mt rdt reus assault on a
man nearly old enough to in> the
; prlaoncr'a grandfather.
Blue Mountain Pupils.
The roll of honor for the Ulut
Mountain school was as follows:
Proficiency, Irene llishop; punctuality
and regularity. Jane llrodic; good
'conduct,  Nellie  Hamilton.
Yorkshire Picnic.
The Yorkshire society, of Vancouver, will bonrd the river boats Fort
Langley and Mina W this morning on
their way to Fort Langley tor a
Down on Business.
Mayor James Mars, of Coquitlam.
and W. D. F. Godwin, secretary of tbe
school board, are paying a \ islt to
Victoria in connection with various
matters affecting the city and schools
A Kick from Burnaby.
Residents of Burnaby are highly indignant at the action of the B. C.
F.lectrlc company iu taking off the
doubloheaders en Saturday evening to
and from Westminster, Overcrowded
cars and too close proximity to dusky
orientals are not relished by the
white  citizens of  the   municipality.
Many More Voters.
A substantial increase Is shown In I
the revised provincial voters' list for
the Richmond electoral division, as
Issued yesterday by Registrar
Mahoney. The figures total S088, as
against 457S at lhe last previous revision.
New Church Ccntract.
Tlie Bowdeti Construction company,
Rurnaby. are Ihe successful tenderers
for the Burqultlam Anglican church,
Cameron street, off the North road.
As soon as the nect usury contract is
signed the work will he pushed on as
rapidly as possible.
Women Will  Cither.
The Women's Instltuti a nf Reusing
ton Prairie. Hazelmere    and    Clover- ,
dale will hold a join- picnic at White
Rock today.    Several Sunday schools'
of the district will join them In the
celebration.    Sports  and  games  will
be the order ot the day.
The Pierrots, who. during the past
inonth, have been giving evening entertainments in Qui ens park, New-
Westminster, have made arrangements to give a series of performances this summer in the natural
amphitheatre on "The Bluffs," White
Rock; they opened on Saturday evening with a successful performance.
Next to Indispensable
Women's Rain Coats
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Sale Prices
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wiather  conditions.     Our
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Clearance   of   Umbrellas
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Look ! Scotch Ginghams,
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Record Lasts Quick.
Frank MacKenzie, M.I..A.. is proud
of the fact that since Saturday he haa
owned the record of haiing the tallesl
flagpole ln White Rock His nrlgh-
bors held a bee at his home and. wltb
the aid of ice cream and cigars, hoisted the lofty stick Into p"siiiuii. Just
to get even, the customs turn will
have n similar stick In position this
morning, having got on the right sid
of a G. N. R. section gang to do the
Boy  Scouts to   P.irads.
Other than thn holding of the first
official  parade of the Port Coqultlam
Boy Scouts, newly    organized,    there I
will be no public celebration to mark
Dominion  day in   Port Coqultlam  today  and  it   is  expected   that   a  gnod |
many  of  the  citizens   will   enjoy  thl ;
holiday nut of town.   Tbe scouts, who
have just  been organized  by Chief of !
Police  Thomas,  were  uniformed  yes- ,
terday ami were given their fir.it drill
at the citv hall.
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lo  Whit
gers.   th
Cause Annoyance.
accident to a C. N. It. switch
a'     Siipperton     on     Sunday
much delay and Inconvenience
Rock and Crescent passen-
first   train  not   arriving  till
1 p.m. The G. N. It. is also coming in
for much adverse crlticlsn by Its B.
C. patrons, being again this year tin
only transportation company operating in lie. failing io extend the weekend ra'es over Ihe Domini' ti Hay holiday.
Want Larger One.
At a meeting at Porl Haney of tin*
Maple Ridge school board yesterday a
letter was rend (rom tlie provincial
educational department silting that
tin* government wns pn ��� red to erect
:i new ort" roo-'id Bchool in tlle mu-
nlclpallty i ti tho Bite ..: the one al
i.illi-t-et As the board considered a
ont-rooit'd ���.-:,..nl  *���    .  uol  sufficient
Friday aft moon for tin- summer
holidays. The chairman of the school
trustees, Bwen Martin, along with
Trustees  Atkinn  and   Walker,  visited
; Hlue mountain school, where they ad-
dre.-sid ihe pupils in congratulatory
terms on the progress they had made
during the past session* under Ihelr
teacher, Mr. Duggan. Mr. Martin, In ,
wishing the youngsters a happy holiday, gave them a seasonable warning .
as to avoiding dangers of bathing un- |
I attended or indulging in perilous feats *
while frollcing.
I'll' "
���'*���:. vh
* ne,.
'   . f  Iho  offer
Ol :'
.   .   ...
��� **���' - *'--k could
f- -
r  .
1   *     Itli It'll   i'.U-
Hi   *'
..   ,.'
n traction of
B    1 I
o roomed
i it   .1
a t
Ridin-   thc   Drakes,
v Scand nai Ian  ,i hos   name la yel
illlkni " -l'i       | .     * ���   I,, t nVt -I   to   he
wann 'i by the pi line ci lit lllngham
waa taken Into i nsti dj b a White
Rock Immlgrnt nn iiii ** ��� ��� ������ * aterdav
morning. The man was riding ths
lirnl." beams and, when told to curie
from under bv ihe office] tnok lo bis
heels ' n the opposite ��'"!,* t I the Iruln
C. N. Edmondson & Co.
Are showing some very pretty designs In Brass Beds, 4 ft and 4 ft  6 In.
Exceptional bar-gains at from  $29.50 to $53.75
White Knam��i Iron Beds from   $3.95 to $18.50
Genuine Oak Dresser $1JL25 to $27.50
Other Dressers in Golden Oak. Royal Oak and Mahogany finish.
Dining room Suite, consisting of Pedestal Table, extend to 8 feeL
B side and 1 arm chair, anil buffet with It. R plate mirror. This suit!
is un exceptional bargain at $48 00 complete.
Our Dry Coeds section Is attracting great attention.
Cor. 6th Avenue and 12th Street���take 12th St. Car
Democrats     Discharge     113    Customs
Collectors  and  Curtail   Incomes
cf thc Rest.
(Continued from pace nnei
cent., iinii Edmonton, "- l'i por ci nt,
Americana There.
The proportion of  population  born
in tbe United Statea la largt -*��� In Ed
monton, where it is 11.70 ef the 'otal
niul smallest  In Qui bee,  whero it In
���i.   v.  : er cent,    lu  Winnipeg the
��� i   pi rtli "   in   I J.'.   | ���*!    i ��� nt ;   in   Cal
ry,   '.i I*'   |" r   i   It*,    in    lie* tin.    I v.
|. i'ccpI    niul  111   * Ictoi  i.    0 in    pel
'    of caste     '      :��� 'i oronto   and
l lamllK n e:.f ed 3 pi r cent.
Aslntloa contribute a larger propor
'ti of he population In Victoria than
in any other city, lh" percentage ot
ihe tott ! raSldl nts who are Asinllev
i *..- 10.67 per ������ nt.; Vancouver
i " i" : t with 2.20 per cenl ; Calgary   V Ull    I 29   I'el   Cl 111 .   illlll   lilllllt-
i't nl a Ith i it per cent.   No oth' r Cltj
haa ns much as 1 per cent,
Several   shots  from   thi
the officer broughl  him
lodged In tha <*.* Ibi i I
from    the    Ajnt rli in
i volver Of
nntl he Is
t'llng word
*      of    Ilu
ff-ensive  lllurrination.
The v h"|e sea front of While Rock
was illuminated r.n Saturday evening
ii     io and 11 o'cli e.k bv the Mr1-
* hich ii atroyed the   Blaine   foundry
nnd   '* irt'liouse     iir '.;'**     nd.'olnlng
The lire was nnt discovered till ''"
flames broke out of lhe roof when
they soared high Into the s'.;y caslin ���
iinii* reflection acrosB the waters of
the hay and causing the lugs nnd
mills along the wan ,1: til In start
ihe'r \�� histlis blowing lo sound a gen
eral alarm. The building '.���.n*< totalis
destroyed and Incidentally, with the
olher contents thai wenl up In Bmokc
v .,s ii h""c c'r *us It ni and amu io
ment outfit that was to hav* opened
up near the Btatlon during the coming
Teaeher Transferred.
Wilson liuggait. thi Blue Mont lalt
selo ol leacher, 1 ill be tr&nsfi rn ii al
the ' pel In* of the Full n i m to tbt
now school on Porl Moody road, o
arranged hy tho board.
The  Cotiultlam   Bchcols  cl    il
Washington, .lnne 30     Tho in fli'ii
cry by .iiflcii the government collects
[$800,01 1,010 ntiiiuuli*.   in  tariff dutlt a
J will be revolutionized tomorrow by thc
most drastic re irgantzatlon of tl ui
turns serviie ev*r attempted. Treasury officials tonight announced thai
everything wns iu readiness for the
By a sweeping consolidation, the
number of customs districts, grown to
11411 during the nation's history, has
been reduced to 40 and 113 collectors
of  customs   loose   their   positions.
Officials estimate lhal the reorganization win rototit in an annual
saving of between $400,000 nnd JBOO,-
iiiin iu the cost of collecting the duties.
iieenuse of ambiguous phraseology
In the law authorizing the reform, of
flclala are still  unable to determine
whether congresa contemplated a Bav
ing of $360:000 or $700,000 by lhe reorganization.
Collectors of customs on the Cam
iliini bordi r. who for years h*n*i on
joyed |tn nulsltes from the unit nl
nianlft at and other ctlstoms 1 Intiki
to importers, nggn gating, li it* i aid
ni lensi $200,000 annually, wlll he
deprived of this gratuity by the reorganization. These collectors wlll rt
celve now only Ihelr statutory sal
iiiii-s, ranging from J"..riim to Ji1*' ��� n
* tr   Tin ae pri nuh lies, ii in i Ian tl,
in   some   insinue u   netted  collectors
��� i   annually    The governnn nl In
as fuiiii*'' will t*.i n ihe iiinniis ni one cent
each or permll  lmporl.ot'8 to furnli h
or  their own tormB, s
Fast Pacacngcr Train Service by C. C. Electric^'
Greatest Meeting in ULtcry of Northwest
breds irs Mion-550
i ���.������ttuir.a. a   ���
.irax* *a*x��Bn.*ir-iiii TUESDAY,   JULY   1,   1913.
t>ka*. nv��
News'Sport Page That Everybody Reads
How   About   Dominion   Day   Pro.   La-
crcss    Feature?���Harry Hyland
In  a Green  Shirt.
Is N'ew Westminster going to repeat i
last  year's performance .and will the
Dominion    day    game  In   Vancouver,1
wblch  will  be pulled  off at   Hastings
l'ark tliis afteriiuii?
The  many  admirers of  the  Salmon
Bellies, after witnessing the games of
lhe presenl  Season, believe Ihey hive
the stamina and ability to again take
tho BCSlp of the green shirts and. play- I
ing on the new oval of the Vancouvers, there Is no reason to believe that ;
the   .-eor.'   board   will   show  anything
else than Westminster six games and \
Vancouver  one   when   tlle filial   gong I
Lost year the two teams battled to
tin overtime finish in one of the bert
exhibitions seen on Recreation I'arlt,
the Royals coming through with the
winning goal after nearly every player on the field was ready to droit
from exhaustion
Manager Clifford still shows no
signs of breaking up the winning aggregation.
Riddle McCarthy changes his street
clothes every time there is a scheduled game and sticks around the penalty bench, nut enjoys the sight, how-
cvt r.  of his  learn  mates winning.
Harry llyland will make his first
appearance this reason In const la-
crosse, ibis time playing for Vancouver.
Lasl year Harry fitted In well with
the world's champions, being accustomed to the short snappy passwnrk
of the Royals. Whether he will display as much prominence with Vancouver remains to be seen. He Is a
tearless home player and not afraid
to go right in if It's necessary, so
the well known hockey Btar Is likely
to be placed on the score column.
This   afternoon's   game   Bta(tB   at   il
o'clock at Hastings Park.   Westminster fine'  should  take the car to Ven-
ables or Commercial    Drive,    where
Ihey   can   connect   with   tlle   Hastings
street  east  or  Powell street  cars.
this season, New Westminster have
yet to meet defeat in a league match,
although they have had to concede a
win to both Abbotsford and Coquitlam,
Bud   Anderson  and   Leach   Cross
Ready  for  Friday.
Lob Angeles, June UO���Managers of
Bud Anderson and Leach Cross signed
agreements today for the Cross-Anderson lightweight hattle at Vernon July
14, a difference as to rules having
been settled. "Anderson never holds
with one hand and hits with the
other," declared his manager, Dick [
Sam Wallach, acting for Cross, had
requested a clause about hitting with
one arm free. He accepted, however,
Donald asserted.
The  Point Crey Red Sox  who clash   with  the  Moose at Queens park  this    morning.    The    tall    ligure
centre Is Holmes, who is riputed to  be the best amateur twlrler in (Ireater Vancouver.
in    the
Baseball Results.
 . 1 .
to show that the umpire is not the
only man on the field whose life is
in danger.
Daniel Mendoza, tlie first Jaw
to attain hum as a pugilist, attempted it. "come back" and
wrest his old title ef heavyweight champion from Tom
Owen. but. threw up the sponge
ill the twelfth round. The Hebrew ex-champion was then
about sixty years old, while
Owen had passed the half century mark. Mendoza was the
cleverest pugilist that had appeared up to that time, and he
may be said to be the father of
I oxing,   as   distinguished   from
II gifting.
-Joe Jeanette defeated Morris
Harris in ten rounds at New-
Mike Gibbon knocked out Sid
Rums in the fifth round at New
Fancy    Ball    Today   for   Local
Per those who desire to stay In
town for Dominion day. two hall
garni n iin'-e been scheduled to take
place  at   i;.icon's   Park
The morning session will see the
Westminster Moose antl the Red Sox
of Point Qrey lock horns, starting at
1" o'clock. This Is the Becond en-
rntmter between the Iv. a teams, the
' .\U:i': defeating the visitors two
weeks ngo. but Manager Downes Is by
no mcani satisfied and bas combed
Vancouver during the pnst few davs
for the best material in an effort to
down  the  Weatmlnster herd
The afternoon  battle should  be the
best  staged  be-"  f r some time,  the
visitors  being   Port  Coqultlam,  pres
tin leaders i-t the H  C. league,    Sev.
er.il Items tend to make this -in Interesting  encounter,   fer  the   Port   City
boys  are  st'll   smarting over  the  defeat  handed   them   on   their  own   lot
three weeks ngo bv the Royals, while
the close approach of their nearest rival. Hastings A. C, allows them littleIBoston
leeway ir they hope to keep the lead , St. Louis
in  the rice.
N'ew Westminster wiii turn nut a
-strong line-up. which will include
Hilly Welngartner, Len Chaput. Williams, Sayce. Gentry. The battle will
start at  t o'clock.
Erighcuse   Arena   Starts   Busineos
1:15 p.m.
Joe   Bayley,   Canadian   lightweight
champion, of  victoria, ami Frenehy
Valse, of Seattle, will start on a 15-
round battle at 1:15 this afternoon at
Brlghouse. This will he the main
���event of three scheduled battles, the
others being between Reese and Billy
Hiiriilev. which will go five rounds,
while Kriink Barrleau, rf Vancouver,
will attempi to stow away Charlie
Lucca, of Saskatoon in Pu rounds.
.lininr Hewitt, cf VtnOOUVOr, will
lie th" I bin1 man in ''m ring for the
main bout ihls sole-Hon having been
made by ihe '"iin serB of Bayley and
Valse yosterday morning
Ernie Hrrie: u. th1 funnel- amateur
lightweight champion, who made such
n dismal Bhowlng against Bayley on
Victoria day, was scheduled to meet
liarnliv in ih" fm encounter, bm
v,. t. rii*.   iiii  name was serin h  tl  In
place of Rm se, i 'in-; n> ihe Vancouvi r boy h '���'��� Ing tiln n sick.
Seven Classy Events Slated for Mincru
Thousands nre expected to take In
the races ill Minoru park this arter
noon, when seven of the classiest racing events of lhe northwei-t wlll be
run off Saturday and yesterday the
track was in poor condition, owing
tn tlie henvy rains, but If Old Sol
keens pace wllh Ihe bnronieter there
is likely to be the best conditions of
the week when the barrier man Btttl'tS
them going today.
During lb" first two days th" iron
mail Ins nnl In en kind lo those who
-cure In dabble wiih a sporting chance,
liul am ing lhe wise guys II takes bcv-
et-iil days of racing te git wise to the
different stables nnd mounts.
A speolal service will be maintained bv 111'' 1! C. B. II. frnm Vancouver
lo Milium Park, doiiblchender trains
leaving llie llrntiville street depot
every in minutes frnm 13;80.
Special oars wlll he run direct to
ih" track from New Westminster, If
ihe occasion demands, an additional
en-     being     placed   ou   Ihe   1   o'clock
Kburne car leaving this cily.
Bcwi-.rc thc Erurette.
The Nifty Nine biillslers will nieel
Sliiirpe's l.iii-riitierti nl lo o'clock this
morning nt Moody Purk. Manager
Bharpe Is snld to have a dark horse
iii liis siring, lln' name of whom Is unknown  to the Nifty Nine.
Standing  of the  Clubs.
Seattle .
Su. !.line
Yesterday's (inmeB.
Seattle 2, Vancouver ll.
Victoria 8, Tacoma 6.
Portland-Spokane  game  postponed;
Standing  of the Clubs.
W.    I..     Pet
New   York    40    23    .634
Philadelphia  -is   22   ,631
Brooklyn  24   27   .54$
Chicago    i!4    32     ..-.!.,
Pittsburg    30   35    .46!
-it.  Louis   2S    28     .424
Boston    26    -'-18    .396 j
Cincinnati    25    41    .378
Yesterday's Games.
At  Rrooklvn ��� rt    H.    E.
Boston    ������ 9   l"     1
Brooklyn   1     7     0!
Batteries:    Perdue    and     Rariden; j
��� KuekiT,  Wagner and  Miller,  Fischer.*
At  Philadelphia: lt.    II.    E
New York   11    14      r,,
Phi lad t Iphla     10   13     5|
Bait, ins: Teareau, Wlltae, Mathow-,
Ison and   Myers:    Beaton,    Chalmers,
Alexander and Killlfer.
At  Cincinnati: R    ll.   E '
St  Louis      7    12      0|
I Cincinnati      4      8     2
llntteriis*   Sallee anil  Wingn;   Packard, Johnson. Darter and Clarke.
I     At   Chicago: It    H.    E
I Pittsburg       '-'      2      2
Chicago        12    IS      3
Batteries:   Catnnjtx, Cooper.  Bayre
and Coleman;  LaveHder and Arch'r
SlWinn cf lne Clubs.
W.    L.    Pet
Philadelphia   48    '''���      ���'���������'��� 1
Cleveland   4!   28
Chicago   40    83
j Washington   87    32
33   2\
81    47      .2m
Detroit    28    44      .3SS
New York   IS    48      .272
Yesterday's Games.
At New York: It    It     E
Philadelphia       ���      6      4      0
New   York      0      3     6
Hatteries: Plank and Schang; Clark,
Schultz and Sweeney.
At   Washington: R>    H.    E.
The News bulletin service,
which was a feature during the
progress of last Saturday's lacrosse game at Victoria, will
be continued today.
The results of the boxing
bouts at Hrighouse this afternoon and also the lacrosse
game at Vancouver will be
flashed to this city and th" results posted In the dowu town
office of The News at Hill's
Fifteen thousand people witnessed
a rugger game between New Zealand
and New South Wales last week. The
former won 17 to 11.
On good terms, splendid
apartment site. Close to
Albert Crescent. Convenient to down town district. Size 132x132 ft.
J. J. JONES, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
(Continued from page one)
The D.  I.. A. have  refused to dis- |
continue the present system of lining ;
players, although the rule is not popu    	
lar with either the fans or the play, ed unsuccessfully through the posters. Some of the Dig Kour players Ioffice department, the secret service
will be owing the clubs at the end of department and the United States sen-
the season, as 2j benes is not a very ate, and In every avenue of investlga-
big stipend compan d with the high ' tion it was found that my personal re-
cost of living j cord was clean and my administration
  j of the office efficient.
The wind which filled the sails ot I "' have believed that in matntaln-
several of the Vancouver papers vis-iinB tbls efficiency 1 was working in
��. rdav over the Victoria game will be * line wilh >'our Published sta'ements
knocked out  if it  conies  to  a show |that  efficient  postmasters  wouid  be
serve   the  terms   for
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
down over a protest.
Pitcher   Crennan   of   Phillies,   Peeved
at   McGraw's  Ccaching,   Starts
Rcugh Hcuec.
Christy Mathewaon s?nt over 70
balls in a game at Brooklyn last week.
This was just two shy of a record.
lf something doesn't happen pretty-
soon the Vancouver lacrosse franchise will be put aboard a train fot
Niagara Falls (very close to the
that efficient
permitted to
which  they  hud  heen  appointed.
"I can see no reason why 1 should
yield to vour request I. therefore.
respectfully decline to tender my
Philadelphia, .lune 30.���Manager
lohn Mr.Oraw of the New York Nationals, was knocked down by two
blows to the jaw, delivered by Pitcher
Brennan, of the 1 hlladelphla National:.
after today's contest between the two
The New Ycrk manager was Walking acrors the field talking with another Philadelphia players.   Nearly all  dollar bill for a tombstone.
the  spectators  bad  left   the  grounds.  -'
Sudili niy Brennan sprang toward hlm When the horses go to the post nt
and swum: his right to McGraw'a jaw, Minoru park this afternoon, run down
with :��� left blow to the ear. McGraw tc the rail wltb the other birds and
dropped. Later he declared that be get some while paint on your sleeves.
muBt have been kicked cut other play- You've eot to take some souvenir
ers who had quickly pulled Brennan home with you.
awav   said  that only two blows were
Sounds a little fishy to hear cf ihe
Luther McCarty estate only getting
S'iH from the Calgary allair with
Pelkey. The gate receipts were several thousand dollars, of which McCarty was to get ieJ per cent. Hilly
McCarney surely never snent several
thousands transhipping the body to
Lima. Ohio, paying his own and Mrs.
McCartv's   expenses   and
War  Again.
1 nndon.   'une  30.--The    prolonged
efforts of the powers to prevent the
outbreak of a fratricidal war between
: the Balkan allies seems to have failed
'just at a time when it appeared possible  for  the  four  premiers  to  meet
* at   St.   Petersburg   and   submit   their
differences   tor   itussian    arbitration.
Fighting   began   today   all   along   the
lines where the Hulgarian forces are
facing the Servians and Greeks.
Pres  and Oral. MgT. Vtcs-Pr-ssldant. Bee. aad Trias
Fir, Cedar and  Spruce
Phones No. 7 and 877.
600      Brennan declared he was o-taspor-  were wlnn
.M~  "tt d M ovem!   the   limit   of  endurance   terday.
.rt'.i; by  the   taunts  directed    during    the
51 r,  gnme   by   the   New   York   manager  at
1111 mbcrs of the local team.
Renz.   Johnson    and    Gregg
in  the Americans  yes-
Patience  Won   Out.
Moose Jaw. Sask.. June 30.���H.
hundred Johnson, formerly of Itasea county
Minnesota, obtained a Jl5.000 farm
after waiting In front of the' land
office here rdnce May Iin. Purine; hit-
wait torrential rains fell, but Johnson retained his place and his smile.
Johnson almost lost his prize in tin
last hour by eoinir Into the land offio
too soon and finding another man in
his place when he returned. The
police,    however,    lei     him     remain
Washington    3   1��     '
Boston    1     fi     -
Batteries:    Droome,    Johnson  mil
ll-nrv. Ainemith;  Wood and duly.
At   Detroit: it-    H    E
Chicago           1!     4     2
Ditrrit.     '    4      8      S
Battcrier- \Vhitn, Ben-/, and Schalk:
Hall,  s-T'iiih and Stanago.
M   St    I nu:.i: R.    1'     E
Cleveland   :t     ���">     '
St.  1.rails     2     9     3
v  BatterVs: Gregg and Carlsch! H.'.in-
gartner, Wellman and Agnew,
International Leanue.
Roche: ter ll. Montreal 10.
Newark  -I. Baltimore 2,
jt r.'ev city s. Proyldence 4.
Buffalo-Toronto game postponed in;
account  of  Buffalo delay  In  arriving
(By the Potter.)
Bob Oewnr and Fred Cullen will lie
the officials at Vancouver this afternoon. These appointments were made
by President Kellington yesterday
Six firsts for the HMth regiment In
the annual regimental track meet is
pretty fair, considering that the
Highlanders of Vancouver had been
training for the events for several
months. Jack Hoult won a name for
himself iu several of the events.
Jack Hoult, H. C. MacDonald and
Billy MacKay will figure in lhe Dominion Day sports at Victoria this
Sweeney's nn'iie as one of the
officials cf lasi Saturday's game in
Victoria was never mentioned by the
nres'dent ot the association, V'ho has
the last say in handing out such np
polntments. Any man who takes two
minutes to decide whether or not the
ball had gone into th
stand the test ot B. C
Stay in New Westminster
Dominion Day and see two
big games at
A Modern and
Handsome Office
can be fitted up very quickly and
reasonably with the aid ot our
mill work. We hav-a all ready
in stock panels, mouldings and
all necessary fittings to expedite the ruah Job*. We shall be
glad to aubmit drawings and
estimates as w-9 are specially
fitted up for thla class of work.
Phone  473,  Queensborough.
Jack Horne will do the twirling for
the Morse against Point Grey al
Queens park this morning. Bill Sayce
and Jack Gentry will be the battery
for Westminster against Coqultlam In
the afternoon session. Ruyle, the
coming star in northwestern baseball
will bs on the Bl.ib for the visitors.
Holiday Cricktt.
Without the services of th ir star!
bowler, Thom, the Westminster cricket club went down  to defeat before
Port Coqultlaf on Saturday afternoon
at the latter place, the homesters hatting in a total of 125 while the Royals j
net  will  not 1 could  respond only  with  a miserable ,
L. A. official    63.    Cave, the newcomer from Winnipeg,   was  well  set   for   Westminster,
but owing  to the  late appearance of ���
Coqultlam,  was compelled  to  retire
after he had compiled -il in order tc
catch a  train,
This morning the Westminsters take |
on  Bur -irtls a:  Brockton  Point.    One 1
of the strongest teams of the season CoQUitlam   V.   Westminster
will  turn  out  for the  locals,  today's 1        ' -     , -     .
match being a league fixture.    So far 4:00 O ClOC-K.
Morning Game
10 o'clock.
Afternoon Game
B. C. League
Amidst  island,  Mountain, Forest and Glacial Scenery to
Including Meals and Berth for Round Trip.
Permitting side trip over scenic route of Grand Trunk Pacific Rail-
ay at small additional cost.
H. C. SMITH, C. P. & T. A.
527 Granville Street, VancouSSff.
W.  E.  DUPEROW, G.  A.  P.  D.
Phone Private Exchange 813-1
Arr-i at Central P.t'<.
At'tillc-cji n  >'as made  before    th
Burn thy inttnle'pai 1 ouncil lasl ten'
f' r permission fo orebl sn arena, lining a a atlng capacity of over 400
tr* tin puvpese ot.hnldlng boxing and   rorontos,   Con always ��,. :���  1 ������:
ntWetlc   events  at  Centrnl   I'arlt.    .'
Charlie Querrie writes: -'Sn Con
Jon ��� lias offered to pay $1000 for the
release of Hilly  Fitzgerald trom lhi
Hume McDonald, a Vancouver pbysl
cal instructor, Is back of Ihe deal. Mr.
Meiii naid was Informed that tho
councll had no power to grant such n
permit, but that n license for boxing
bouts would have to be taken oul from
the chief ef ltur.ee.
fair ad ver tl Ber atffl ho would just at
soon make It $6000 If he knew thai
bis Offer would not  be accepted."
An official baseball scorer was
killed at Jersey City by being struck
by a foul tip. The batsman was arrested for manslaughter,   it just goes
One of those Keystone Button-Busters.
When it Rains it Pours.
It's a Keystone���Schmitz is Featured
Direct from the Factory
A Two-Reel Feature Broncho.
Showing 22 of tho World's Latest Happenings
A Thanhouser Comedv.
Complete Change of Program Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
The New Westminster
JULY 11-16
Hear and See
j as given by Ben Chapin.
6-Big Days-6
A season ticket admits you to 20 attractions.
High grade, clean, elevating. Everyone"will be proud
of our Chautauqua.
Pert Co.iultlam Baacball nine who  will  meet
park ibis afternoon,
Evening, 6:30 to 11:00.
Season Tickets, $3.00 $2.50 Until Opening Day.
Classified Advertising
WOODS" IN REALITY;   Will COST $600,000 =SSSSSm :I ���
the tl  hla Brat v
n divorce    Not tlil
learn  that  this  Brat
ililalned a separa
ta had obtained
year ago did  be
wife had men ly
i and a i' ���������*    ���
TUESDAY,   JULY   1,   1913.
> ^^m^
celved for The News at the follow-
Ing places: F. T. Hill's drug store,
628 Columbia street; A. Sprlc.e,
Queensborough, Lulu Island.
�� RATES. ���
Classified���One cent per word per
day; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 words, to be used sb re-
���iiilred within oue year from date uf
contract, J26.00.
dental office    Apply Dr. Brett, Cliff
block, opposite post office.     11666)
Irish, on ranch or any work outside
city; satisfaction guaranteed. Apply
box  No. 1661) News office.      (1660)
meeting tlie large and small Investor. You may have had no experience and yet be tlie man wo
require. Call at 4S Sixth street for
particulars. (16410
tors easily earn 13.60 to $6.00 per
day. Call 48 sixth street, Westminster, between 9:80 and 0.       (1649)
wants work, by day. Apply Mias
McLean, 3:14 Seventh street.  ilGilit)
Written applicaiions for the position
i.f engineer for the new hospital will
be received by the undersigned up to
ti p.m. Monday, July 7, 1913. Applicants
must possess third class papers. State
��� bother married or single, and salary
E. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Royal Columbian hospiial, New Westminster, B.C. 1165")
bungalow; five rooms and large at- i
tic; cement basement, with laundry
tubs; panelled dining room, beam
ceilings, built-in buffet, bonk cup
boards, fireplace, electrical fixtures;
on Ninth slreet, with street In rear,
between Third and Fourth avenues;
walk ng distance; a bargain. In-
quire of Owner, 908 St. Andrew's
stre,   . (1822)
Is   Water   Company   Responsible   For
Fire   Damanes?���Montreal   May
Abolish  Board  of Control
Young Children Spend Car Fare; Sleep
in   Park���Doings  in
Winnipeg   Will    Pay   One-Third���Sequel to Suicide���Insects Destroying Shade Trees.
month, price $",75; also new house,
three rooms and pantry, on 66 foot
lot with 12 fruit ireea on. $1660,
$1111) cash, balance to suit. Apply
ti. Waterman, Btrlde avenue and
Twelfth  slreet. (1819)
FOR SALE���$1.(11) DOWN. $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Market square. (14511
Montreal. Juno 80. Whether or not
the Waler und Power Co. can be held
responsible for fire damages when
the water pressure is hi low standard
is a legal ques!lon. which will now
be fought out in the supreme court
of Canada. The ease is that if J. B
Bellinger vs. the .Montreal Waler and
Power   Co.     Bellinger   clalma   $27,000
damages for fire which destroyed his
premises September 26, 1906. He won brother. Charlie, In the early hours of ion grants, or assessments against
his point In the supreme court where Sunday morning, after a fruitless the street railway company, shall he
damages of $16,700 were awarded, but search with the co-operation of the po- j deducted from the total in computing
a majority of Judges In the court of lice of the eity. the Winnipeg contribution,    lt is es-
appeal recently reversed the Judg- it appears that the two children I tlmated that the bridge will cost $600,-
iiieiii. on the ground that individuals went out to Britannia In the early par: 000. SI. Boniface agrees to pay one-
could not held waler company respon- of the afternoon with some spending |third of the net cost ol a subway on
sible for damages of this nature. Two money and three cents each for car|the Winnipeg Bide when II is needed,
of  the  court   of  appeal  Ju Iges,   how-   fare.    As  it   often  happens  the  chll- I also one-third of land damages as Tar
dren spent th"ir car fare
! Ottawa, June 30. -Little Muriel and
Phillip How it/, aged 9 and 7, children
of Mr. Ilowltz, were found in the Britannia woods sleeping peacefully near
the stump of a tree, cuddled closely
together to keep out the cold from
their little bodies, and having their
panda locked in each others just like
"The Babes In Ihe Wood." They wero i third tif the in
found   in   this   manner   by   their   big | meant  that any
Winnipeg, June 80, The Battlement of tlle question of Winnipeg's
contribution to the Provencher bridge
has been agreed upnn. The agreement
which, of OOUrae, is subject to the
ratification of both the St Boniface
and the Winnipeg councils, "Is tbut
Winnipeg's contribution shall be une-
coat, by which It Is
provincial or Domfn-
minster district to meet the lady
demonstrator at 4S Sixth street and
learn something of interest to every
housekeeper. Free demonstrations
every afternoon at 2:30. (1649)
but financially unable to cultivate
write post office box 1405, Vancouver. 116311
where. No collection, no charge.
American-Vancouver Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings street west. Van
couver, B.C. (1149)
Ihree bedrooms, two parlors, bath,
etc., newly decorated; cultivated
garden.    Apply    Mr.    Sutcliffe.    on
t inr,
near Central school I, 711 Queens
avenue. (1635)
street,    apply     A.  L.  bav-ary,    City
bakery. U654t
ished rooms, close to car. Board
optional. Mrs. Stanbi-ldge, Thirteenth avenue., between fourlli and
second   streets.   East   Hurnaby.
For Sale���In Sapperton, close to Columbia streel, car line, five roomed
modern liouse, new and well built.
$50 cash, balance $25 a month. The
price is right for quick sale.
For Rent���No. 609 B**nt street, this
city, eight roomed modern house in
first class condition, house all newly overhauled,    Lease $30 a month.
For Rent���Furnished, Mr. Wamsley's
house, corner Tenth avenue and
Twelfth streot. To careful teiinanl
will give long lease and cheap rent.
For full particulars, see us.
Phone 312. Room 201
Westminster Trust  Buillding.
ever, sided In his favor, wl eh meana
that up to the present three Judges
have been In favor while four have
been against him. Belanger deposited the necessary money I i t iisure an ,
appeal to the higher cour,.
Wate,3d   Mill  .
A number ' i city milkmen who evidently thought the day bettered the
deed are now a llttli ��� Iser. The Inspectors of the City Food department
were up at an earl; hour las; Sunday and gathered In no less than 2JS
samples of milk. Of theBe 31 were
found io be below the city standard.
"They were chit fl. skimmed and watered," was the comment of Dr. Hood,
the chief of tbe Food Inspection department. A batch of prosecutions
is expected  to follow,
May  Abolish  Eoard
Notice is 'o be given to the city
council of another motion for tho
holding oi a reft ten,linn on the question of the maintenance or the aboll-
tit n of the board of control. \ few
weeks ago Alderman Mederic Martin
proposed a similar motion, which was
referred to the legislation committee.
The Martin motion suggested a council of - members, divided Into five
committees, as an alternative to the
present dual system. The motion of
which Alderman Foissant. is to give
mn ice, provides for no such alteration, lt will merely stand for a ���*."!������
on the further existence of the board.
The Polssanl motion is expeoted to
follow in the wake of that of Alderman   Mederic   Martin.
Boys   Drank   Gin
Two boys, both under fifteen years
Of age, appeared in juvenile courl
here and testified that they drank
gin and smoked cigarettes. The liquor  was supplied  them  by  men  the
spent th"ir car fare money along
with the rest, and so were unable to
come home al the required time. They
wandered aimlessly around the park,
not having the presence of mind I
tell some one of their plight. When
they became tired they laid down to
rest anil soon  fell asleep.
In the meantime the parents of the
children were out at a wedding and
did not come back before midnight,
when ihey missed Jhe children and
Immediately Instituted a search, calling up the police, mil running to
friends to see if the wanderers were
there. Big brother Charlie was convinced that they wer.* still at Britannia, so took a cab lhere. the ears being stopped, and after a time, found
Boyr   Find  Body.
Boys camping near Kiver Park, on
the Britannia line, hava found the
body of Fred Bellingham, one of the I the city police court. Francis was
two Englishmen who were drowned convicted under the Bectlon of tho
in tho Deschenes rapids in May 24th. pharmaceutical act which provides
The body was found Hunting In a that poisons shuil not be sold without
log boom and was badly decomposed, a written prescription from a pbysi-
The body of his friend was found clan, or other good and sufficient rea-
abotii two weeks ago near Westboro   son  beit *  advanced    by    Bome  one
The body was Identified by papers known  to  the druggist  for the  put-
In the pickets chase of the deadly liquid.    From the
Sharehciders Dirrntisfied. evidence    il    transpired    that     Miss
Officials of the Morrlsburg and ot- Woods on the morning of the fata!
tawa Electric railway have refused day went to Francis' drug store and
to give out any Information as to purchased trom one of the clerks
what occurred at the meeting of the about four ounces of carbolic acid. Bx-
shareholdera recently.    Judging from  actly  whal  reason she advanced  for
as Main streel. If any. St. Boniface
also agrees that Judge Robson should
be the arbitrator In lhe matter of this
cost. St. Boniface agrees lo bear the
whole coat of maintenance and operation of the now bridge.
It was also unde-fEtood that when
Winnipeg decides to erect a new-
bridge further north, connecting the
two cities, St. Boniface Wlll provide
an approach on the St. Boniface side
free of cost, provided this approach
can ba made from the end "f a city
Sequel to Suicide.
As a sequel to the tragic
Maud Woods, of this city,
June 111 last, committed suicide by
iti.iking carbolic acid while In a tit
of despondency, William S. Francis,
druggist, at corner of McMillan avenue and Nassau Btreet, was lined $5n
and costs by Magistrate Macdonald at
led a divorce to Mrs. Clara L. Sands-
Connor, the first wife.
Originally ( tumor lived in New York
with Ills first wife, They had a eon
and In 1886 n-paraled. He caine wesl
anil In 1903 was told by friends thai
his wife bail obtained a divorce. Eight
years ago be married the present Mrs i
Connor.    They  have no children.
Connor and his first  wire did not i
correspond, and so when told lhe had
been   divorced   lie  felt   free   tu   man >
again. One day some montha ago Mrs. i
Sands Connor,  who  merely  had  been
granted her maiden name and maintenance, st'ipepd nil' In  Kaunas City on
her  way  to Colorado.    Then,  for  the
tlrst  time the  long separated  couple
learned   of   the   compile illons.     Both
employed  lawyers ami  II   was agreed
that iiie llrsl  wife should sue for ill
vurce and that much .if Connor's property should be given to her.
Great secrecy was observed in cn:i
nectlon with lhe Suit. Robert  E.  !'""
ney. attorney for Mrs. Sands-Connor,
filed all the papers and Immedlatelj
withdrew ull copies und took them '��
Judge Bird's courl. John 11. Atwood
appeared for Connor, who waited In
the corridor of the courthouse. No
defense was made and no entry was
put on the records of lhe courl until some time after tin- decree bad
been entered,   Courl   and   attorneys
were most secretive.
COAL MININU rights of the Iliullllloo
lu Manitoba, Saskatchewan and AlliitrtA,
lhe ViA,t,n 'lerillory, lhi' NurtliwHt Titr-
ilti'llt-M tutil lu a [Million nt Uie I'ruvtice
,,< iitiiiiih Columbia, may ba leased fur a
term of twonty-ono yeurs nt an   mutual
rental uf Jl   an tuini.  Nut  more Hum ZtltS
acres win Ih, leased in one applicant,
Application for a [eaaa must !"��� made
by tint ..i I'lt.-.nii iu person io ths Agent
in* Sub-Agent of the district in wlilclt the
iiiti'is at'itiied for ai" situated,
In surveyed territory tbe land must be
>l"Hi*rlltt-tl-.liy BeoUoUS, or b-gal sub divisions   Of   HltCtlollH,    lllll]    III    UIlMlllV.'yi'tl   tlT-
iliory tint tract applied for sliull be
staked out by tie- applicant himself.
Mai-It   apl'llealloii   must   lit-   act "tnimllli-d
uy u iv,' of ti> which -.*. iii be refunded l(
tin1 tliil i" appllod for are not itvnllalile,
nut not otherwise, '*��� royalty shall bo
paid un tin- merohentabls output of the
lulu'' in llie rate of five cents per lon.
The ('"mon "i" '.,111,1 the mine shall
furnish Ute Agent wltll sworn return!
acoounting for the full quantity of mi-.r-
etiiintiiiil" coui mined aud pay tint royalty thereon. If tint coal mining hkm.-i
are mu I" lng i,perilled such returns should
in- furnished nt lenst once u year.
The lease will Include tin- cutil mining
rights only, but the Ii-hh.*,. wlll Im- per-
I tnittt-d to I'liu'iiii*,.' whatever available
surface rights mnj be considered iu-ci-h-
sury for Hi,' working of tlie mine ut uie
I rate of  tin nn acr��.
Kor full  Inloi minion application "limit')
, tn- innde to iiv Becretary of the Deportment of tin-  Interior,  Ottawa,  or to uny
Agent ui*rSuh Am-nt of  Dominion  l-nutl-i.
V.   W.  I'OUY,
Deputy Minister of the interior.*
N. B.���Unauthorised publication of this
|  Klv.'t-tlM.'tn,'tu   will   not   h��   im 1,1   tor
Bn Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
the n marks
ing by those
the railway,
way    ihings
company.   From   tie
tween two of the.
meeting some actli
had not met with i
men at least.   Othi
dropped after ile* meet-
wli" '-. ive an Interest in
S"ii ���'   l'e      Munller
are dissatlsfed  with the
are   proceeding in    the
ed  thf
names   of   whom   Ihey   submitted   t��
the   court.    The   cigarettes  were  got
from a tobacconist whose place of bus  starting work on tie
iness  is  on   St.   Lawrence  boulevard.
Constable Bernard is working on the'
evidence,     lf it  proves to be  correc,'
revelations In regard to liquor traffic :
among children in the north end may
develop,    The   boys   formed   pan   ir
a quintette charged with Bteallng lien*,
.and  pigeons.    Half a dozen residents
appeared   to   lay   complaints   against,
I them.    Three of the younger children
were sent home.    The 'wo elder were
conversation be-
attendlng    -l'e
of the din 'tors
��� approval of one
and thev Boom-
majority of '     ->���  in the little
were Impatient nt the delay |n
ing rooms upstair.-,, phone and bath,   Province of British Columbia, County
close in.    Box  1628 News.      u6-JSi I of Westminster.
, . 'TO WIT:
FOR  ItKNT    FURNISHED    ROOMS,      Under and  by  virtue of a  wrll  ol
bright and airy  hot and cold water,  1 fa to me   directed   and   delivered
12 00   a     week    and     up.     Special  against   tho   goods   and   chattels   of
monthly  rates,    si:,  Royal  avenue   Ralph   Asser  and   Sydney   A .*���*. r,   al
11629) i"1" h"'' "' Columbia Truat Company.
  ' Limit,.,!    i   have  seized  and   will   sell
TO RBNT���$20.00 SIX HOOM COT al Heaps Engineering Company's
lage newly decorated, conveniences premises, Front Street, New Westmin
Princess street I'hone 438, even * <*'r. on Tuesday, the -J4th day of
njnnV (1634)   -'"ne,  1913, at  2 o'clock  In  tlie after-
,    :.  'in,   the     following,     of     sufficient
ilo-reof  to  satisfy   tint judgment deb'
ings, about
housekeeping    rooms,    pantry    and
balh.     Apply   819    Queens    avenue.
���TO    RBNT    (INK    SL'ITB    NICELY
funished  housekeeping   rooms,   first
'   floor, at 224 Seventh siree'.    (1503)
Furnished throe room suite, with
bath. Hot and cold water. f*i7.ft0 per
Bradley Apartments.
titi'l  costs herein:
The cabin cruiser "Cecilia." powered
wiii a four cylinder cycle 1!" h p.
Doni.in engine, 1912 model. Length
over all 35 feel, beam s feet, upholstered in green plush, finished Inside
witli hardwood, sleeping accommodation for six persons and lilted with
toilet, coo Itstove, and electric lights
Terms of sale cash.
New Westminster, June 7, 1913. (lt,ti:'i
Th   above sale is hereby postponed
.,,.,   .... .-,.,���   ""til  Tuesday   the  .Kill     day    of July.
1218 Fifth Ave. Phone 750   ,,���..   ,���  ,���,. K;���n��� |i|T|��� ���������  ������,,���
Telephones:  Office 53.  Residence 429.
J'iiin REID, Proprietor,
Agents      Palmer      Bros.'    Gasoline
Engines,  Marine  Engines  and   Auto
, mobile  Id pairs.
Office  and  Works:  Tenth   St.
P.O. Box 474.    Ncw Westminster, B.C.
P.O. Box 34 Dally News Bld-y
of Hll  kinds.
Prices right    Satisfaction guaranteed
59   McKfn-rte   8t.
Deaf Mutes Will  Gather in  Seattle  in
Seattle, June ilu.-The Washington
Stale association t :' tie* Deaf will
hold its third biennial convention in
Seattle July 2 in 6, Inclusive. A committee composed of s>*ien members
of the local association and beaded by
P. L. Axling as chairman, hns bt * *
at work to:* several weeks and lm -
arranged un excellent program.
The Btnte association was organlz-
id in June, 1909, ai Vancouver, Wash .
with au Initial membership of forty-
five. The Becond convention was
h. Id two years ago in Seattle, and
the active membership Incn a led to
about   si sty five.
'I'he lul:! convention is expected to
report a greatly increased membership as prospcta are ,.-"i"i Cor from
150 -o l'iiii delegates and -visitors being present during the week. Repre-
sentatives will he presnt from To-
coma, Spokan. Wenatchee, Leavenworth, North Yakima, Everett, Bellingham, Mount Vernon. Vancouver,
Wash., and several other places, nnd
visitors from outside tie stati are
expected fiom Portland /nil other
Oregon points. Idaho, Montana and
British Columbia.
Only residents of the Btate of Wash
lire     eligible     tO     llcllle     liieluli   rslllp,
bul   each  convention   is  attended   by
deaf people residing oul  of the state.
Vernon. June 30.���There is going
to be a "fair ordinary crop" of peaches, apricots, apples and pears In Brit
ish Columbia this year, according to
.Mr. W, ll Lynn, assistant fruit inspector.
"A fair ordinary crop" Is tbe very
best kind oi a crop for tin fruitgrowers, according to Inspector Lynn,
who outlined his reasons. "In the
first place," said the inspector, "if
the crop Is a s ' called bumper crop.
tbe quality i i the Individual fruit often Buffi rs The knowledge of th ��� '
big  crop  affects  prices  even  of  tiie
- ���-         ;iud .ihen ���'...   market g ts
* * i -' *:' d, many -. frultgrowi r pre
fei-s to Ii * part of bis crop rot on the
trees rathi r than g ��� to the risk of
l ilng in ney b> picking and packing
and Bit pi ng i- to market. With a
'fair ordinary' crop this year, it will
mean thai the fruit will nil be of
flral el is - quality, there will be less
expenBt In harvesting It, and less for
I *��� Vt Every grower will markel
his entire crop at fur prices and none!
will get caught with coi geBled mar-
kets. The crop this j 'ar will result
In better profits for tlle growers than
the bumper crop did Ins-  year."
its use is not made clear, but it was
proven thai no prescription had been
presented. Francis was nol In tho
store at the time, but as Magistrate
Macdonald said in Imposing the penalty, the druggist was responsible for
the misconduct of his clerk In this respect.
Insects Damage Trees.
According to reports brought in by
Profesor F. W. Broderlck of the agricultural college, who has been out
on the C. P, H Belter Farming special, considerable damage is being
done I i the shade trees and trees
growing In wind breaks In the vicinity of Souris and Mellta, and other
parts of the province by the Spring
Corker worm i I'ale.ierlln Vernatnl.
The insect which is doing the damage
.is what is commonly known as a
"looper' 'or "measuring worm." These
I inpers have appeared in nuch large
numbers ihat the Manitoba maple,
ash and elm trees In these localities
have  been   completely  defoliated.
Wc are continually heerlnc from
grateful people v.lm have had *T*prri-
ences like thai i i Miss Alici E. C-Mper,
of Niagara h'uV.h, Out., who wri���� :
"I wish to express my gratitude to
vou for the benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.
Having taken other nti-ilirin-rs wilKont
having received Uie slightest relief, I
heard of your Na Dm Co Iljsptpsi.i
Tablets and thought I would gtve tliem
a trial. I huve been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will lie only t��o pleanal
to advise any onetroubled wi!hdy��f*-p-fia
to give them n fair trial,"
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets net only
give the immediate relief from heartburn, flatulence, aridity of the stomach
nml bilioie ness, which is so mi a ii needed,
j but if taken regularly for a few days or
weeks they completely cure the most
aggravated cases of stomach trouble.
When for 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist, why go on suffering'
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited, Montreal, 144
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up)    $16,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
Branches  throughout  Canada    ami
Newfoundland, and  lu   London,  Kng-
j land, New York, Chicago and Spokane
U.S.A.,  and   Mexico  City,    A  general
banking business transacted.   Letters
if  Crodlt   issued,  available   with  cor-
: respondents In all purls of tbe world.
I   Savings Bank Deportment���Deposits
received  In  sums of  $1   and  upward
iml Intereal allowed ut 3 p��.r cent ��er
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over $188,000,000.00,
(i. I). BRYMNER, Manager,
Specialty���Treatment of the scalp
i by  Vibro-.VIiissage  and  Glover's  Fain-
'ous Stimulating Tonics.
DAVID BOYLE. 35 Eighth St
I! ft P, O. "f Klks of tl." I' "I l'., nie��
the first niul ililnl Thursda] at K n. m
K. or P. Hull. KlKlttii Btreel A Weill
Gray, Exalted Kulcr, P. 11. smith. Sen
.. O. O. M.. NO. fi.-.l ���.MEETS o;s
nrsi. second, third nnd fourth Wednes
day In eaoh inonth nt s p. in.
In tti" Moose Home. II .1. Leamy
dictator: F\ K. .Junes. secretary
Headquarters of lodge in See House
oorner uf Fourth and Carnarvon street*
G.   T.   P.   SLOW   EERVICT
��� accordid th
glad hand
(Section -iii
Section 348)
Notice is hereby gin >, tbat on the
22nd day of July, A.D 1913, applies
1 on will be made to th ��� Board of
License Commissioners tor the Muni-
<��� pallty nl Lan-ile*., ft 1 ihe grant of
a li'' ��� sc for the sale of llquoi by 1 *
ti ii upon Un* premises known
.-* 1   Hi       Langley   Hotel,"   Bltunte   Rt
Fort  i.nn -.ley, m ilia Munlclpallt;   1 (
1 angli y,  In   tli    Pn vim e oi   Brll
Columb .1   ei en ih"   lauds   di Bcrlbed
more p 11 tlcularly as follows:
A portion, containing by estimation
thirty om hundredths   (30 10 1'   1111
acre, of Ioi sevent) nim* (79), group
two (21, Ne�� VVeBtnt nsti r Dlstrlot,
in the Province 1 1 British 1 olumbia,
and a portion contn ning one hundred
rnd nineteen thousandths (119-1000)
1 f an acre In lhe said lu: seventy-nine
(79). group two (21, New VV' itmlnster
District,  Province aforesaid.
Dated   this   7lli   day   of  Jtiiu,   A.D
Real Etatc and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Weatmlnster, B.C.
New  Spring and  Summer  Suiting!
now on display. See them. Perfect
fit and workmanship guaranteed. 7nl
Front Street.
Fil<ed Huncer strike
.lune 30 Steve Clark t'i"
King county jail prisoner, wbo I"- It
be known thai he was on a hunger
Btrike until the prosecuting attorney's office broughl blm lo trial on a
charge of robbery, mav continue on
his "strike" as long ns lie likes, so
long as lie continues his presenl pro-
j train. This I" the attitude taken b\
Deputy   Prosecuting   Attorney   Edgar
j Wright nnd Jail Superlnlendeni Ter
ence O'Brien after receiving th- report of Iir. .1. W, Crooks, Jail physl
i elan.   The physician finds that Clark
: Is and lias been simply "faking" in
an effort to create an Impression thai
lbe is insane.    Dr. Crooks told  in* jail
I superintendent thai Clark's phyt 1 '
condition showod lhal he wns hi 1 ���
nourish, d from some Bource and ll il
nt present, so far as materially af-
teotlng bis vigor Ib concerned, he
oould ri all} n fraln irom nourishment
until tain n Into courl 111 i t Monday
morning. The doctor says Clnrk is
being   furnished   food   by   .1   frh 1 idly
! prisoner and ia In no Immediate dan-
'ger of a physical collapse, so that
Superintendent O'Brien need nol go
to   tho  extreme   of   forcibly   feeding
1 hlm.
Berlin, June 30 l: rlln, which is
slluati d mill*.' ay bei veen Toronto
and London on the C.rand Trunk, has
bad a poor service of late. The new
' " ��� table - hlcli went Into effect on
Sunday at 1 Idnlght, does nol relieve
the Bltuatloi and Un* five trains each
way dally do not average lt. miles
an hour.
tl al 'h" passenger bust-
1 alone amounts to six
isan 1 dollars, while the
BS eu ettls a million dol-
and   the public  looks  for
if the Grand Trunk train
t" is ol Bet
hundred tin
frei.nl busll
li.* a .1 yeai
n d .. .- '11
spi ed   if 'le
V'cli rl ���   Jet..*  30,    Since the  pn ro
(ration   1 f  the   Dominion   parliament
little   has   bei ti   heard   locnlly   aboul
the application of the various appro
pr  ll "ns provided for in the estl]
is applying to thi-i part of the country,  but this condition  of things  v.iij
agreeably  altered   by   the  arrival   In |
the city of F. II   Shepherd, M   P., for
Nanaimo, who stat d that the pn i m
Inary negotiations connected with the
construction of the drydock at  Esquimau are already under way.
In speaking of this Important topic.
Mr. Shepherd snld that the premier
appropriation of the seSBion, bo far
as this province was concerned, was
thai relating to the drydock: "And
it Is part of my business." lie added,
"In be Mere in the city al this time
to confer with my colleagues, Messrs
c 11. Barnard, Ml', and II !���'. Groon,
M. P., wllh a view In having things
arranged so as to obviate any unneo-
cesaary delay in the tflatter, 1 may
also say that Mr MacLoeklln. the
public works engineer for Vancouver
Island already has the nuttier in band
and Is now entering Into tha prelim
Inary negotiations Involved In the nn
dertaking ;ti this sta-," of the prob
lent ll Is no purl of 1111 busltiesB
nor Is ii really publlc Information,
to go Into any explanations of whal
these 'negotiations are: the Important
thing is that the matter 1 belus at-
ended to, and thai no time is being
lost  ahout il."
1 0 0
of    Aft:
V      lO
lne   Ni
27.   I.
n   held
S o'O
In 0.1,1
Fellows   Hal
and   En va
lii-ni      cnrtl
R.    A.
N\ O :
J   Ri
V     It.
W.  r
'   0.
It'll    H*
.  H
w. sangstei
,   flrtfti
clal m
ter & Hanna, Ltd.)���Funeral dlrectoi
niul emhalmers. Parlers 406 Columbl
street.   New   Westminster.    I'linne  9Pi
W B, FALBS���Pioneer Funeral
ami Hml.iilnier. 813-618 Agnc
opposite Carnegie Library.
rt    litre*
A.    Ill'
I'. I.   It.   I
!8.   rttmin   J.   ll.it*
on ih. Niagara Falls-London division
excei ds thl 1 by from In to 15 miles
en hour, anil the freight and passengers returns are 2T, per cent.  bss.
Whj ti.,. industrial disirict, Toronto t" London, is treated in this manlier is :t conundrum, and will receiv
tin* t-arnest attention of 'he board of
trade al  their next meeting.
stolen Sand Subject of Suit.
Ti ronto, June 30, That sand to
the value of $250.(1(11) has been taken
* 1 tin. water lot in front of the
III *i Canadian Vacht club, on the
Island, for which only a few dollars
has been paid is substantially th"
claim of ihe harbor commissioners
in tin ir action agalnsl Iiie yacht cluh
niul lln- Sand und Su;.lilies Company,
Limited,  which  is  being In aril  by  Mr.
Justice Mlddleton, in tie- non-jury
ass!/., court. Tli" harbor commission
claim ihai 'I"* yat hi club obtained a
21 year lease of tli" property, al a
nominal rental of live dollars a year.
They were given to do whatever
dredging wns neccessary to glva then)
a good mooring niul proper access t"
lhe club house.
Petition to Wind Up
Toronto, June ilt A petition for
winding np of lha l'nlon Life Assur-
a life Company by Froderlck Armstrong Addison Campbell, was made
at Osgoode ball before Sir Glenholmo
Falcouhrtdgo, An offer of reinsurance
has been received from John It lletig-
mnn, president of the Metropolitan
Life tnBUrance Company of New Vork,
and in aubstance the offer Is to reinsure all the existing policies, both
ordinary and Industrial, of the Union
Life insurance Company, in consideration of the transfer to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of the
assets of the Union Life Aaauranoe
Company, but subject in ihe condition ihat ihe Metropolitan wdl only
deal with an official liquidator, who
mum be lhe Buperibtendenl of Insin-
ance or some oiher government officer, niul that no fees or expense he
charged for liquidation, The Union
Life Assurance Compauy was Incorporated on Mnv IB, 1802, wllh, lhe I
head office in Toronto, and u capital 1
siook of (11,000,000, the total amount
being paid up on the company's
shares being $742,706.63,
r. 11. Smith. w .1. Orovei
Work   undertnk tn    tn    cltj-    and   outsld.
jx.liitH.   211-12   Witstmlnntnr   Trust   Bids
Phone 3iii.    I'. 11.  Hex  f,07.
Snle. 11 is,  iiiisitii'SH Letters, etc ; dr
etilttr work specialist Ail wink strlotlj
oontldentlal 11 Barry, room 418 West
minster Trust Hlk.   Paons 7u2.
st,-r Board et Trade meets In tbeboan
room, iiiy Hull, ns follows: Third Frl
day uf e.ieii month; quarterly tne-nluj
011 Uu- thlnl Friday of February, Mnj
Auiei ' and November nt . p *>���. An
���111:11 mootlngs on the mini rrlday c
February, 0, 11. Btuart Wade, st-itr��*
To  Port   Mann   and   Port  Coqultlam
Will Leave
B. C. Electric Ry. Wharf
Dally  Except Sunday.
As Per Following Schedule:
Leaves   New   Westminster  for  Port
Mann  8:00 a.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for   New   Westminster 0:(i0 a.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for Port
Mann and  Port Coqultlam  10:00 a.m.
Leaves    Port    Coquitlam    fof    Port
Mann antl New Westminster IHO p.m.
Leaves  New  Westminster  for  Port
| Mann 5:30 p.m.
Leaves   Port   Mann   for  New  Westminster THK p.m.
Leaves New  Westminster for Port
Mnnn and Port Coqultlam 4:30 pin.
Leaves   Port   Coqultlam   for   Port
Mann ami New Westminster 6:30 pm.
Schedule subject to change without
For further  information  inquire:
Eraser River Ferry & Navigation Co., Lid.
Phone 164 L.    Office 903 Columbia St.
Wi' now have four trains daily and
will give you the cheapest rale going
nol only iii Eastl rn points, but In
Kootenay and olher points. We are
also agents for ell Bteamahlp lines.
For reservation and olher particulars
apply in
K. OOULET,'Agenl.
New Westminster
II   W, lilKHili:. (i, P   a . Vancouver.
B.C.tat Service
. ���
rlstors, Sulicit,us, eta   *������ Lorno sir	
N"w Westminster,    n. K. Corbould, K
I*.    J. n. Umnl.    A.  10.  MeColl.
t'T-at-liiw. solicitor, etc T'-lt'pbor.
1070. Cable address "Johnston.
Code, "Western Union." Offices, Bill
Block, ui.2 Columbia street, New Wesi
minster, B, O,
Ore Production.
Nelson, Juti" S9. dr,- production In
Ihe Kootenay and Boundary district
last week was 48,894 (ons. making a iof Mr8' '��� Chester. The deceased
total for the first six months of the''ady bad b��on a resident of the dis-
year of 1,260,167 tons Smelter re- Mel for some 30 years, ami al the
celpta for the week were tJ.HH-i tons (time of h'-r death was 67 yearn Of
and fur thu year to date 1,105,128 tons. ;Bgi>.
Pionerr   Passes   Away MARRIED TWICE AND
Mission, .lune 30.���The death occur DID  NOT  KNOW  IT
nil on Wednesday last at BllvordaU
Kansas City, .lune Hn. Por seven
yenrs Charles !���'. Connor, 3111!) Warwick  boulevard, a salesman  for the
Thomas  Citsaek   company,  was   legally married to two women, believing uii
.tide lltirrl'ilirf Slid Solicitors,  Wer
minster Trust nili., Columbia stree
New Westminster, H. c. Cable addres
"Whiteside," Western Union. P. <
Drawer S00, Telephone 00 W. .
Whiteside, K. Cl II. L. IdliiiuuilH, I
j. BTILWELL clutk. Barrlster-at-la*
solicitor, etc : oorner Colombia an*
McKonsle   streets,   New   Westmlnste''
II.  O,    P,   O.   Hoi   112.     Telephone    IV
Solloltor und Notary. Offla-JI llnr
blnck, 28 iKJinn street. New WestmlB
ster, B, O.
MrtlUAItllll,   MARTIN    A   CASSADT
Barristers and  Solicitors.   nor>  tn  (if
Westminster Trust  Block,   il.  K.  Martin,   W.   U.   McUuurrlt)   nnd  Ueurs-n  1
i    LeiuvPH Vanoouver for Viotorla 10 a. m..
2 p. in. and it :4B.
Leaves Vancouver for Health! 10 a. m.
ami 11 p. in.
Leaves Vnncouver fur Nanalmo io a.m.
and G::iu p.m.
Loaves Vancouver for Prlnoe Rupert
md Northern P..lum in p m Wednes
dm s umi  Saturdays nt   11   p nt.
Chilliwack Service
l.i'itviM Chllllwaok 7 u. in. TuiiKiltiy.
rittiimtiiy no,i Saturday,
Leaves   Westminster  H  a,   in.   Monday.
\\ > iliti'ii.liiy nml  Friday.
Lie QOUL1I1T, Agent, New Westminster,
M   "'   liltnnno. a. P   A.. Vancouver.
transfer Co.
Office   Phone   189.      Barn   Phons  137
Begbl* Mract.
Baggage Delivered Promptly to
any part of tbo city.
Light and Heavy Hauling
Western  Ontario
The    Investigation    Into      Toronto
school  contracts  revealed  loosa  methods   In   use.
Bishop  Williams  at  thn  synod    of
lluroii  advised rautlon  In the
of church union.
Toronto's magnificent new hospl*
tal, which will cost $4,000,000, waB
opened this week.
Mini   Clayton,  an    Hngltsworaan,
aged 80, Jumped Into the Spited river
a'  (J in liih und drowned.
'.yiuan Kennedy, of Aglnrourt, ex-
reeve, and for many years active In
the municipality, died, aged 69. i
Frank Dell, until lately the dlstrlcj,
manager of the tiunn LnngiolH oompany  at  Chatham, committed suicide.
id v. Alexander MacLurg, of Ireland,   has   been   called   lo   the   Cowan !
avenue Presbyterian church, Toronto.
The Mi'iinoiil'e camp meeting at.
Schneider's grove, Berlin, was attended by seven or eight thousand people.
Harry  Q-eary  of  Oshawa,  left hie
work half an hour after coininenclng
Monday morning and has not been
found since.
C P. Itogers, for the last \2 years
head master of the Seaforth Collegiate Institute, resigned to accept a
similar  position   ut   North   Hay.
Tin' Port i-Irlo centennial peace
committee held an enthusiastic meeting In ihe Brldgeburg town hall, to
arrange for a peace celebration on
duly 30.
Pi lice Sergeant James Iteeve nml
Constable Bolton, Padgett Parish and
Hill of Toronto, wire assigned to
Btudy traffic conditions In London,
Professor l'eter Sandiford, a Urlion
-.*.ith American experience, has been
appointed to the chair st Toronto
varsity, recently vacated by Professor
Mrs. Ludwig, wile of Michael Ludwig. of Waterloo, was found suspended from lhe rafters of the woodshed
by a rope when her husband returned
from work.
Charles Benson, an Ogib-iisbnrg
young man. had one of bis legs completely severed from his body at Mor-
rlaburg bv a towllne of the si amer
W.   II.   Morley.
Aubrey .lohn. the four year old son
of W. J. .Innes. telegraph, express
and licket agent for the Canadian
Pacific rallwa) nl Parry Sound, was
drowned  In  (he  Sequin  river.
Sir William Mackenzie gave Mayor
lloclieti a written statement in which
he offi red n sell to Toronto the
���street railway and the Electric Light
COtapany   for  slightly   over 29,000,000.
Still iii full possession of all her
faculties, and aide to attend to some
of ber household duties as well as
��'Vi r, Mrs. Kauchetta Kodier. of Wind
Bor, has just celebrated ber 102nd
Charles A. Hays, freight traffic
manager of the c, T. It., has been appointed general traffic manager of
the Intercolonial railway.
It Is gootl news for Canada that
ixtril Stratbcona has given $100,000
to purchase it site for a new officers'
training corps for  McGill.
David Lesser, proprietor of a cafe
in Notre Dame street, Montreal, was
shot lo death by Samuel lUdner, a
painter, In presence of his wife and
four children.
Sir Thomaa Shaughnessy had no
comment to make In regard to a Buffalo slory that the C. P. IL would
tune over the Michigau Central railway on July 1.
A fire which swept out three mills
and a score of houses In the village
of Pcribonka, on Lake St. John, originated In the power house of the I'eri-
lionka  pulp  mills.
In appreciation of the good time
given them by Port Arthur and Kort
William, members of the Detroit
chamber of commerce on their return
trip collected $2000 and Bent it to
mn iter ���v,,l>ur Oliver to be distributed among
.charitable Institutions.
Whiles lhe strike In Porcupine camp
has not been declared off officially.
. all union men have been told that
thai tbey mlghl go hack lo wurk
There are many companies thnt will
now resume work. They closed down
lasl fall, preferring to leave the oro
In the ground rather than go to thc
expense of fighting the strike.
Large Profits For Three Months���Hotel Licence Sells for
Toronto, June UU. City hydro commissioners are elated over the financial report for the past three months
of this year. The profltB reached the
large sum of $48,166.28. The departments total Income for the quarter
was $276,522.60. Expenditures were
$282,8(6,88, as follows: Current, $r>7,-
[860.84;   operation   and     management.
$92,962.68; Interest on debentures and  ployed   and   the  number  of  admirals
sinking   fund.   $81,563.10,     Reduction   (lying their flags will be ii!, or three
] In the cost of operation has assisted  "i"re than in 1912.
Air Craft Wlll Play an Important Part
���Three Hundred and Four Vessels
Will Take Part.
The official list of BblpB taking part
In the liritish naval manoeuvres In
July, and the appointment of officers
In command, Indicate that the operations this yenr will be on a larger
scale than ever, and that some Important new features wlll be Introduced. Besides the air craft there
will   be  :!44   vessels of all   kinds  em-
Winnipeg   Man   Suggests   Huge   Steel
Net Across  Niagara   River
Above  Falls.
Winnipeg, June 30. When the two
little lads wenl so helplessly to their
death over the Niagara i-'alls the other day, there was net one who did not
feel a pang of sorrow as though experiencing Home personal loss, and
the general expression of opinion was
merged iu the query;  "is there no
way of preventing the numerous accidents of thin  nature?"
An Ingenious scheme has been
limught out by Clarence Spence of
this city. Mr. Spin'.', who iH familiar
���'lib tiie locality whir" lhe accident
took place, has drawn a plan which,
roughly speaking, is a huge, yet slm-
ple   *-'  "I   net   Stretched     across     the
water,  one  above   lhe   falls  and   one
below it,   Thli* ml la nothing more or | sld
less than a   series of six or more thin j
stiel  cable*-,  stretching     horizontally!
ul oi e  the  water,   joined  at   intervals I
by steel bars, which holds the Btrands I "j"'"
The fleets engaged wlll be repre.
senlatlve of every typo of war vessel In the navy; for five submarine
flotillas will be employed, and the
naval air service wlll be presented by
Ithe cruiser Hermes and three hydro-
gotlatlons are under way for the sale, aeroplanes   of   the     Cauldron     type.
These   machines   are    additional     to
materially to Increase Ihe prollta.
Sell  License.
The license of the McCtirron lliniHe,;
Queen  and  Victoria streets,  Ib  about;
to be Bold.    It Is understood that ne-
thoae attached to the air stations on
shore, which will be Utilized during
teh operations.
The following is a tabular statement
license except when 1 nf th��� ve8Bela classlfled according to
their types:
Super-Dreadnoughts      t;
Dreadnoughts     10
Pre- Dreadnoughts    25
Battle  cruisers        5
Cruisers     37
of the hotel to a former well known
hotel man who has been out of the
business for aome time. The consideration for the license and good will iH
$110,000. This is the largest price
ever paid  for
Ihe Gladstone license wiih mid. Th
MoCarron hniiHe ;s one of the oldest
hotels In the city, and has been In
the .family for nearly half a century.
, Who Threw the Pebble?
Caught on the rail hy a swiftly revolving wheel of a College car, a large
round pebble was shot from tho cat-
tracks at terrific speed, landing
against and putting a hole through the
plate glass window lo the south of the
entrance  to   Bingham's    on    Yonge
street, near Adelaide. Some peop'e
riding in an automobile beside the
car, as well as several pi destrlans on
the crowded sidewalk, fell, the wind of
the tone as it passed them with the
velocity nf a pom-pom shell. II was
a narrow escape for somebody, The
pebble  was  slightly   chipped   on   the
Training  Cruisers   	
Ughl   Cruisers   	
Torpedo-boat   destroyers
Teredo   boats   	
Submarines  ��� ���	
Hydro-aeroplanes (afloat)
Fleet  n-pair  ships   	
Flotilla   cruirers   	
Destroyer depot ships
Submarine depot ships ..
Aerial   depot   ship   	
Hospital ship  	
. 18
. 7
. li
. 2li
.  42
at equal distances apart.
Thla  net  lies  horizontally  a  few |
feet  above tlle  water,  but one  Bide Ib
Grant Right-of-Way.
A right-of-way cf ��30 feet, or space
sufficient  for a  twenty-track viaduct I
the   Esplanade  from   the   new
. 8
. 1
.    1
heavily weighted When an accident
like the riretit. one occurs, a strong
Windlass n each side Ih operated Fn
thai tii" weighted side of the net.
drops Into the wa'er. The net iB then
Btandtng perpendicular clean across,
forming a Hurt of fence which will
block any object that is being swept
toward the maelstrom. On the upper part of this fence, or net, Mr.
Sppnce ha> designed another cable, by
the aid of which a small ferry can be
i iifily piloted to the rescue of those
tinging  lo the net.
Grand total  	
Third   Battle   Squadron.
Contrary to general expectation, the
third  battle  squadron  will   be    withdrawn from the Mediterranean to take
part in the manoeuvres. Vice-Admiral
Sir Cecil Burney, who has commanded
and these of the citv, board of  It ��lnce December, 1911, and is now at
trade, and harbor commissioners. Th-  Skutari.  being  apoplnted  temporarily
acquiring of this wide right-of-way is
Union station to Cherry street, is what
the railways  wlll  git  as part of the ;
terms agreed upon by their represent-
I toing   to   i fleet   a  change   along   the
waterfront  from  Yonge street to the
' Hiver   Don   that  will   alter  the  whole
I appearance and compel some of the ���
i must  Important  Units  in  the  city  tol
seek  accommodation  elst where.
New Fair Building.
The  National   Winter  Fair  of  On- |
tario..   gathering   unto   Itself  all   the
subsidiary associations of agricultural
Interest In the province, will celebrate;
Seeks Damages for False Arrest.
Calgary, June 30.-The case of
Oreenherg against Ihe Kast Calgary
Coal company for false arrest about
Vs months ago on a charge of stealing, Ih being heard 111 Ihe courts here.
Tke plaintiff fucb for the sum of $.*>.-
Hlin as after trial before Magistrate
Sanders In the police court he was
discharged. A great deal of the evidence was concerned with the hearing
t.f !���'. C Fote, the stenographer In the
police court.   Greenberg was arrested
second In command of the Mediterranean fleet, in order that he may remain
there. The recall of the third squadron and of the fllrst cruiser squadron
will leave only one armorid ship, the
Inflerible, in the Mediterranean.
List of Officers.
The official list of officers appointed
for the manoeuvres contains the
names of six flag officers, who will
spedaly hoist their flags in addition
to the seventeen already in the fleet.
The   most   senior   is   Admiral   of   the
its birth In November.    Already steps  jji-jeet Sir William May, who will again
are being taken to make the launch- j act ng  umpire-in-chief, with  his flag,
ing  of  tbe  scheme  one  of  the  most  in th[. cnljs,,r BuryalUB, and will have
successful and representative features
Captain A. C. L/eve'aon, with the rank
of the annual  exhibition  programs of of first-class commodore, as his chief
the  province.     Among other things ltj0l-   8taft.
Is announced lint a new arena which I     im,- commands of the opposed fleets
I would comfortably house ln the n
borhood  of 16,000  people,  wns  under
contemplation   and   would   be  placed
under construction bifore long.
Relieved   of   Seme   Duties.
Controllers   Fost'T  nnd  O'Neill  ex-
on January 18, 1912, for the theft of a   .
carl 'iid of wo, d valued nt $300. whl-"h . In a few davs a plan bv which Com-
w is claimed to have belonged to the Imtssloner of Works Harris will he re-
defendant He denied that ho had ever ilievniof responsibility in the purchas-
stolen anv wood from that company, ing ef supplies fer his department
and staled that on the night In ques-I About  $2,000,000 worth are now  pur-
will he held by Admiral Sir Oeorge
Callaghan, commander-in-chief of the
home flt ets, and Vice-Admiral Sir
John JelliCOe, second sea lord. ln
1912 Sir Oeorge Callaghan commanded the red or attacking fleet, and
pec- to report to th.' board or control ' Prince Louis of Battenbcrg then sec-
' lend sea lord, who was senior to him
In  rank,  the blue or defending  force,
this  occasion  Sir Oeorge  will
tion he attended a "mtjvlcs" show with
a couple of  friends.
Receive Charter of Incorporation���
Markets   Look   Promising
Armstrong. B. C, June 30.���The
charter for incorporation for the Arm
strong Growers' aaoclatlon has arrived frcm Victoria and the local provisional directors nre busy selling Ihe
remainder of the shares in the aso-
Over two hundred shares have heen
That the Canadian  Northern would   sold  here  and  the  stock   certificates
soon have un annual revenue of $3i,.-
(iitil.OOO wns the prediction made by
me president of the company. Sir
William Mackenzie, in Montreal.
A prisoner arrest d by lhe Montreal
olire on suspicion of having stolen
$4000 worth of jewelry, which hc was
offering for sale in the Btreets, has
beiii identified by the New York pollce as ��� tiuHtid Faencb'i, a member
of the raris gang of automobile bandits.
A tragedy i<> whieh there Is attached a suspicion of murder, was enact-
i d al. Three Rivers, when a young
Swede named OlBen, with his 21) year
old sweetheart, plunged lo death In
Hi.* si. Maurice rivrr, before the eyes
of Hie girl's falher, mother and brother.
will  be  issued  within a few  days  to
Manager Robertson, of the Central
Selling Agency, states that everything points to a very prosperous
year for the affilltated associations
and markeiB are opening up well.
Crop conditions throughout the valley   were   never   better.
For the Potlatch.
Seattle. June 30.- Fifteen hundred
children will take part In the playfleld
pageanl on the closing day of the Potlatch. July 19- The spectacle will be
mosl unusual, as It wlll present the
besl known fairy tales, legends and
tnvttis of literature. .,'. Howard Sline,
director of playflelds hns been at
work for several weeks preparing this
feature of the carnival, and training
the youngsters, The official title nf the
pageani la "Once Upon a Time," and
the lirst float will he a play room,
where the children will hear the fairy
tales, which will be shown In tabloid
In Ihe succeeding floats anil sections
of marchers. There will he sixteen
floats in the parade and of thla numlier fourteen will depict son* fairy
tale, legend or myth.
Granted Forty-one Divorces.
Seattle. June 30. -Judge John B.
Humphries, in the superior court Rat
nrday. heard the third lnrgest default
divoroe calendar in the last five years.
He granted inrty-one divorces. Two
years ago the record was touched,
when eight departments of the court,
hlpl before the summer vacation, untied slxty-fcnr mlsinatcd couples. In
The C.obourg News-Argus, publlshedthmn the court, acting in Its several
nt Stirling hns been Hold by James divisions, disposed of fifty-sis' cases
Cttrr'e who has boen editor of the |i one day, but not since the superior
S years, to J. W. Cor-, court   was   authorised   has  one   judge
chased eaeli vein-. Commissioner
Harris has a department that has
about ns much business as all the
other civic departments together, lie
wns recently relieved of the street
clearing branch and now that
detailed accounting of revenue producing services is being demanded, he
will have to be relieved of the purchasing part of liis department. He
has charge nf the railway and waterworks services, which are the principal revenue producing services.
Commissioner Chlsholm has now
charge of considerable of ihe purchasing of supplies and Ins pro'ed himself exceptionally rapable. The board
iof control Is unanimously in favor or
putting Commissioner Chlsholm In
(charge of purchasing supplies for the
'works department And giving him
'qualified men to do the work. His
salary will he probably Increased proportionately
Felt  With  Baby.
Witb her baby In her arms Mrs. W.
Shannon waa thrown from a Btreet car
when   one   trolley   crashed   Into   another nt  the Intersection of Hay and |battl
Richmond streets, late Saturday night
Eastern   Ontario
Henry Caloutt, a resident nf Peterboro for fifty years, coining from Co-
bourg,  is dead.
GUleBple Ileenier, 18 years of age,
Iirb readied Aylmer, having ridden
from Winnipeg, 900 miles, on a bicycle, In  11  days. .
According to a report of J. A. Ellis.
Mayor of Otlnwa and M. 1'. P. for |
Ottawa, Is likely to be taken into the
Ontario cabinet by Sir JameB Whitney at nn early date. |
', The Hon. Martin Burrell, mlnlsler
��� of agriculture, will sail on July 2 for
HJurone to visit the Ghent exhibition
ln the Interests or Canada and to
.visit England,  win re  he  was born.
paper for over
rell, a Now llrunawlck man.
The staff of the Kingston Uoyal
Military college tendered a farewell
dinner to the retiring commandant,
Col, J. 11. V. Crowe, who goes to India in tli" autumn al the closing ex-
ercis,s of the college. General Sir
lati Hamilton was present ut com-
lninceiuent  exercises.
New Ontario
K.  T.   Coihill.   chief   inspector of
mini's  for  Ontario,  lias  acepted the
position  or  safety  engineer  with the
Canadian Copper Co., ihe tirsl cf its
kind in Ontario.
handled the number of defaults that
Yesterday fell In Juilgo Humphries'
Thirty Days' Spree
Sratlle, June 311.���-A. W. limning.
���14 yenrs old. who savs he la ninnager
if the California Vacuum ('leaner
Company, of Oakland. Cal., Ib In tho
city Jail because he called at tiie Pin
kit-ton National Detective Agency
and declared he was a forger, lie
saya his work with the pen netted
him nol more Ihan $150, and that he
forged cheques to raise money to
continue a spree h? started on about
June 1.
She was severely Injured about the
head and body, The baby was slightly   bruised,   but   escaped   serious   In-
but on  .
command the blue -fleet, and Sir John
Jellieoe. being junior tu him. the red
(leei. The Neptune and Thunderer
will again Berve as flagships of the
opposed fides.
Perhaps the moat Interesting ot the
manoeuvre  appointments,  since  It  ls
ere i understood it will become permanent.
is   that  of  Vice-Admiral    Robert   S.
ILowry, K. C. I)., to be senior officer
! on the coast of Scotland.   This is the
| flrst  time  that  such  an  appointment
jhns been made, and is the outcome of
the growth in number and importan��r
Iof   the   naval   establishments   on   the
! coast of Scotland, particularly at Ro-
I syth, Cromarty and Pumice.   The new
���n'->��t wlll correspond to that, of seninr
'officer on the roast of Ireland, which
I enme Into existence wlth'the growth
!of the naval establishment at Queenstown.    The appointment of Admiral
il.owry just before the manoeuvres In-
] dlcatea thai considerable use may he
made   of   the   Scottish   bases   by   the
fleets engaged.
Altogether there will be serving In
I'the manoeuvre fleets, one admiral of
Ithe fleet as chief umpire, two admirals In   command   of   the   respective
i sides,   six   vice-ndmirals  commanding
uidroiis. nine rear-admirals
'ing cruiser BquarcranB,    four
pom mar
Three other passengers In the i <.-|,-l(,f ���f
car were badly shaken  up. one  captain
slightly   cut   from
Struck bv Train.
Harold Cordon Worth, aged 28, of
Kew Bench, and well known throughout the Reaches by reason of the
part he has played In life saving feats,
wns struck by an express train at
Kosebank and died shortly afterward.
Timi"' <res     commanding     cruiser
snuadr ns, onr commodore of destroyer",  OT"  r��*n"i"dpre  as  tlie   umpire's
'iff  and one commodore as
f the fleet In the Neptune,
the  flylPg|This totn'l of thirty admirals and commodores excludes' the admiral of patrols, and the commodore of submarines.
Toronto, June 30.--The number of
marriages In Ontario this month has
so decreased as compared with the
number In June of other years that
lhe pens or the socletv editors on the
dally press are rusting for lack of
"pretty weddings" to write up In
their  columns.
The dearth of June marriages is
ncl due to lack of eligible brides or
bridegrooms. The country Ib full of
both. Rut love who used to laugh at
locksmiths has lost Its traditional
nerve In the fnce of two facts���Ihe
amendment of the Ontario law and
Ihe  money   pinch.
Thai Is the way the statisticians
In the Registrar-General's office explain the sparse crop cf June marriages this yenr.
"We have not got all the statistics
in yet," said chief clerk Manchester,
"but we know there have been fewer
hnsty marriages at Windsor this year.
This, no doubt, Is due to the amendment to the icarriaijo act which re-
qulrles proper notice In regular legal
form before a license will be granted,
But the amendment has also affected
the number of marriages In general,"
Oakland. Cal., June 30.���A discrepancy of B5 vears age had no terrors
for'Miss Ruby Helms of 521 Apgar
street. Oakland, who Saturday was
married to the man who, when ijho
was an Infant, taught her to walk,
Albert W&lkiv. aged 83 years was
the bridegroom who married Miss
Helms, who is 28 years old. Waiter
has represented to his acquaintances
that she was his wife's grandniece.
The ceremony of marriage followed
an acquaintance dating from the Infant days of Miss Melius. Walter, then
past the half century mark, was the
childhood companion of his future
bride. The candles that he brought
her aroused a childish love, and tin-
attentions that he lavished upon her In
later life were the cauBe of a deeper
Appoint Ten Teachers.
Ton additional teachers were appointed to the city puhllc school
teaching staff at n special meeting o)
tho school board held recently. These
additions to the staff are required
in view of tho opening on September
1 of the two new schools In the Oak-
lands and Burnslde section*, in all
about sixteen teachers will he required
additional to the present staff but the
remaining six will be appointed at a
subsequent meeting of the board.     ,.
Thoughtless Advertising
Lost Advertising
(By John C. Freund.)
Neither the daily papers nor the trade papers receive the
amount of advertising to which they are entitled by reason of
their tested usefulness.
The daily papers and the country weeklies are the natural
mediums for the retailer, and in some cases the manufacturer
rust as the trade papers are the natural mediums for the manu-
iacturer and the jobber.
With some few exceptions in the shape of weeklies and
monthlies of national influence and circulation, nearly all other
advertising mediums belong in the parasite class, and while they
consume vast sums give and can give no adequate return.
The competition which a daily paper has to meet is not, as
so many of them appear to think, that of other daily papers, but
that a host of minor mediums, such as trashy magazines, weeklies
theatre programs advertising schemes of' all kinds, which are
useless so far as results adequate to teh expenditure involved are
It is the persistent ignoring or ingorance of the above facts
which is responsible for much of the money which is wasted by
advertisers, and thus many are induced to believe that advertising is of doubtful value and that its results can never be definitely traced.
The problem how best to secure publicity has as yet received
little economic and certainly less scientific treatment/
Many houses hand over their advertising to agents, some of
whom are notably reliable and capable, but most of whom leave
their business to poorly paid and inexperienced clerks and are
principally interested in those mediums from which they can secure the largest commissions.
When advertisers, especially those who expend considerable
sums, organize a publicity department of their own as being as
vital to their success as their buying, manufacturing or selling
departments; when they back every hundred dollars spent for
advertising with at least ten to fifteen dollars spent for brains and
experience organized to discover how best to do their advertising,
the results will be enormously increased.
That the problem of publicity includes much more than advertising in reputable standard publications should be self-evident.
Every letterhead, every billhead, every envelope, check, is a medium of publicity just as well assorted and arranged stock, an attractive store window, comfortable but business-like offices, clean,
straightforward methods, prompt service, reliable goods, willingness to remedy errors or shortcomings are mediums that make
for publicity.
For the present, however, let us limit the enquiry to the opportunities presented by publications.
It seems scarcely conceivable that the reason given by many
concerns, even of standing, why they do not expend more money
in advertising in the dailv and trade papers is that "it costs too
As if there is such a thing as "expense" if that expense brings
in a profit
Theonly limits to the appropriation for advertising should be
the possible market and the manufacturer's or dealer's ability to
meet the demand with his capital, his credit and his organization.
When we see the public utility corporations that supply us
with telephones, with electricity, with gas; when we see railroad, telegraph and cable companies advertising largely because
they have found it pays, should it not be a lesson to the manufacturer and dealer?
Unfortunately the majority of advertisers do not know how
to advertise even when they have selected the best mediums.
The poor results that follow are blamed upon the mediums instead
of being charged to the incapacity of the person who prepared
the advertising.
Suppose a business man were told that thousands of possible
good customers would be assembled in a hall and that he, together with his competitors, would be allowed just two minutes
to make his appeal to them, would he not carefully consider and
perpare what to say in those two minutes?
If even the representatives of standard publications have to
sweat blood to get business it is surely somewhat due to the fact
that the average advertiser when he has selected his mediums
and prepared his copy does not give sufficient space so as to attract
Let a single instance suffice: A singing teacher of high
standing prepared an announcement of a summer school which
he inserted in "Musical America," a high-class publication with
a large ir.nd influential circulation.
He got no replies.
Then the editor and the advertising manager took the matter
in hand as a test. They used exactly the same copy but displayed
its salient points in four times the original space, while the handsome cuts of the school in which the original card had been reduced to thumbnail size, were enlarged three times.
Within two weeks the advertiser had 127 replies from all
parts of the country, secured all the pupils his school could
accommodate and had to refuse a number.
"It pays to advertise!" especially when the advertiser has
something of value to dispose of, chooses his mediums with' care,
preferring the daily and trade papers to all other mediums, keeps
posted as to which publications are rising in character and circulation and which are declining, tells his story in a simple, concise and convincing way, takes enough space to tell it, keeps at it
persistently, creates an efficient organization to handle his advertising, rejects all mediums whose main appeal is on the score of
cheapness and, finally, is willing to co-operate with the publisher
to secure the best results. PAOE  EIGHT
TUESDAY,  JULY   1,   1913.
"PAY    CASH    IT    WILL    PAY
Remember the Place���
33 Eighth Street.
nnd the telephone No. 2
Head Lettuce, 3 heads  ...25c.
New rotatoes, 5 lbs 25c.
New CarroU, bunch    5c.
Oreon Onions, per bunch ... 5c
Qooaobjarrles, per lb He-
10 los. for  *1
llormuda Onions, 3 Ibu 25c.
New Beets, per bunch     5c.
Khubarb, 10 lbs 2��o-
.Cucuipbets, 2 tor  25c.
Radishes, 3 bunches   10c.
Kr-^Mi    hothouse    Tomatoes,
i'i per Ib 25-c-
/.Cabbage, per lb 4| jc.
Strawberries are scarce. The
rainy weather accounts for this
and the crop is very limited.
Wo have a few crates of local
berries to sell at per crate $2.60.
Or 2 boxes for 25c.
Cherries,  per lb 25c.
Plums, 2 lbs 25c.
l'eaches, 2 lbs 25c.
Watermelons from 75e. to $1.25
Musk-melons or Cantaloupes
each    15c.
Oranges, doz. 35c, 45c, 60c, 65c.
Applep. in awfully fine schupe
������ '3  lbs. for    25c.
Bananas, per dozen  30c.
* We specialize in Summer camp
orders. >
i -MV
** Spend     your    money    where
values  demand.
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS       S. K. BR1GGS
i  PHONE 2.
Do you not find that the care
of the estate for which you are
acting as executor entails a
great deal of trouble and anxiety 1
IDo you not find much difficulty in selecting investments
which will Insure regular revenue for those depending on
the estate and at the same time
be absolutely safe?
Do you not find it a good
deal of trouble to supply clear
detailed statements of Ihe position of affairs whenever requested?
Do you not feel that the
time devoted to the interests
of the estate could he spent
much more profitably tn yourself If used on your personal
This company is authorized
to aid you in this.
Yoii may appoint thiB    coin-
��� pany  your agent.
All the details and trouble
'will be taken off your hnnds,
,   You may still supervise mat-
I ters.  even  pass on  tlie  proposed  investments when  presented
to  you   In  concrete  form.
We are now handling a number of estates in this way. and
complete    satisfaction  it.  being
��� given   to  all  coneerui d.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% on deposits
l'aid  up Capital and Surplus
AstMts       4,973^.61,06
Tr.ista under Administration
....,,      $6,217,983 '.'ft
ITrugteeshlps for Hnndltolders
City News In Brief
'would  meet  their  representatives nt
the council meeting nest Monday night
,1111(1 discuss tin; whole bylaw and their
All notices of meetings, entertain
ments, sales of work, etc., In thlc
column are charged for at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
ask members of the staff to break this
rule, as their Instructions are positive.
There wlll be no Issue of The News
tomorrow   (Wednesday)   morning,
Lessons on wnler polo will be given
to v. m. ('. a. members Wednesday
evening at 8:30.    Oeo. Trapp, of .Media college, is instructing the class.
Oet It at the Hoyal Pharmacy. 41
Sixth street.   Tel. 1I>53. (1463).
ln the lists of the pupils of division
2 of the P. W. Iloway school who successfully   rassed   Ihelr   examinations,
the nanie of Louise  Maxwell waB In
advertently omitted.
and it will be several dayt
monthly statistics can be
his Wants
before  lln
it is looked upon ns   certain thai
Mnses Paul, charged with the murder
of Constable Kindness, as   an accessory after the fact,  will come up for  the
trial  tomorrow  mtiruing.    Out of lil
'criminal cases 17 have been disposed year |lus been unusually encouraging
of one way or the olher. and 14 re- aml shows a large Increase over the
main to be tried lit the present courl corresponding months of last year.
of assize.
A Good Showing.
In spite of the linancial stringency
which at present is so prevalent, the
Dominion Trust Company has Tor the
month ending June 30, nn Interim
dividend at the rnte of 8 per cent, per
annum upon their paid-up capital
stock besides carrying a large sum to
reserve. The buBlneSB of this
company during  the  first half of the
We have money for discounting
good agreements of sale. O. B, Milne.
307 Westminster Trust block.    (16113)
Alderman Ilryson nnd the cily engineer met Dr, Pagan, Becretary of the
'provincial board of health, laal week
and discussed the government silpula-
'lion us to the distance between graTi'8
In the Kraser cemetery They reported to the city council that they are
confident the government will waive
their obJectloiiB.
We make awnings, tents and sails
renovate  carpets  and   draperies,    re
make  and   repollah  furniture,   manu
All  applications  for  admittance  tolfacturo cedar dross and waist boxes
And no more eloquent tribute could
be paid to the business foresight and
acutne  of the management of   this
well established company than to
state that Ihey have Invested upwards
of $1,000,000 of clients' funds. This
company's local branch, of which C.
S. Keith Is manager, has, during the
same period, shown a marked Increase
In the business effected.
the V. M. C, A. hoys' camp must be
In the hands of the secretary by
Thursday. The camp at Howe Sound
opens on July 9 aud lasts until the
end of the m onth.
���Tliere will bo Scotch games and
dancing at the Sons of Scotland pic
nlc today. Come and have a good
time. (1661)
ice   cream   grotto,   Eighth   Streot
bakery, telephone '281.    A.  Hardman,
proprietor. (1634)
A meeting of the local Retail Business Men's association has been culled for one week from tonight, July 8,
when further consideration of the
weekly half holiday scheme will take
Money to loan on first mortgages
improved city and farm property,
8 per cent.   Alfred W, Mcleod. (14441
At a speclnl meeting of the board
of school trustees to be held tomorrow night tenders received for supplies for the new Duke of Connaught
high school will be opened and
window    Beats    and    do all  kinds of
upholstery work   In leather or tapes
try.    We are the largest makers
window shades,    draperies    and
terior    hangingB.      Estimates   given.
Lees Limited. (1481)
Gets Off Easy.
Falling  from  a  two Btorey  window
of  the  Central  hotel  lale  last  evening, and Buffering only a twisted ankle
was the experience of Charles Richardson, of Clinton,  who  has  been  In
of the city during the past two weeks as
In- a witness at ihe Paul Splntlum trial,
Mrs. It. Buckland and family left J
yesterday for their summer home, i
"Idmureth," al While Rock.
.Miss May Hamilton returned to the;
eity yesterday after a six months'j
sojourn in I'ortland, Ore., where she
was visiting friends.
O. K. Haverstock and II. Spurr, of
the Royal City high school staff, left
on Sunday for the Peace river country whero they will spend their summer holidays.
City Clerk W. A. Duncan and Mrs.
Duncan have returned to the city after attending the Presbyterian assembly at Toronto. They also visited
Barrle, Niagara Kails and the Great
Miss Ethel M. Annandale leaves today for Victoria on a visit to friends.
After a few days in the capital Miss
Annandale plans a visit with her sister, Alice, to Seattle and will wind up
her vacation at Blackie Spil.
Mra. Johnston, Regina, and her
family arrived in the city on Saturday and will remain on a visit to Mrs.
Johnston's parents, Councillor and
Mrs. Atkins, North road, Coqultlam.
Miss Pear Atkins, who has been on an
extended visit to her sister in Regina,
has also returned home.
/One Million Annually.
Washington,      June      30. -National
banks will pay nbout $100,000 Into thc
United   Slales   treasury   tomorrow   as
Interest for one month on deposits of
the  federal  government.    This Is  the
first,  step   In   carrying  out   Secretary
McAdoo's  recent  order charging    Interest  on government  deposits at  th-
rate of 2 per cent,  per annum.    Tho *
order became effective June 1 and as'
the  interest  will  be  paid on  July   1
and January  1  of each year, the llrst j
payment will be only for the month
of June.   The government expects to '
earn  more  than  a million dollars an
nually In this manner.
Hev. C. E. Wincott officiated at a
quiet wedding on Monday morning,
the contracting parties being Margaret
1 Curry, of Toronto, and Kdward Carmen Hemphill, of Seattle. The cere-
1 mony took; place at St. Paul's rectory.
(Continued from pago ono)
���Open  Saturday  Evening 7 to 9.
OFFICES:���Vancouver, Victoria
New Westminster, Nanalmo,
Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg,
Montreal, London, Eng., and
Antwerp, Belgium,
Developing and  printing
done on the premises.
Agents for the
List prices.
Curtis Drug Store
National Finance Company, Ltd., for
fire, life and accident insurance 521
Columbia street.   Phone 51S.      I li>U7)
Wet weather spoiled the Y.M.C.A.
mountain climb *vhich was to have
taken place yesterday. If conditions
are favorable the trip will he made
lhis week-end, probably commencing
Thursday afternoon and returning on
For everything electrical see W.
nay. Houso wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1443)
The charge against deorge Richards,
Victoria, of passing a worthless
cheque of I'.'O upon Joseph Mayers,
al dealer. In payment of a ton of
coal and diverting the change to his
own use, was adjourned for hearing
until Thursday morning In the police
court yesterday.
Eastern    Star   lodge   will   bold   a
strawberry and Ice cream social at
the home of Mrs. (Capt.) Gosse. Ill)
St. I'at rick street, Wednesday, July 2.
afternoon and evening, weather permit ling. Music and refreshments.
Good time promised. (1862*1
Final reports by committees of the
Retail Business Men's association in
charge of arrangements for the big
merchants' picnic to be held in Queen's
Park on July 30, will be brought in at
a meeting called for Thursday night
in Vancouver, it is expected lhat complete plans will then be decided upon.
Insure with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kinds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Conductor Clappon the Twelfth
treet lino recolved a nasty cut on the
head about G::*" last evening which
nili necessitate liis taking a few days'
rest. He was replacing the trolley,
which had jumped from the wire, when
| in some way the rope caught, throwing
him against the end of the car.
For pressed brick, fire clay, com-
hion brick, cement, lime, plaster,
grave], sand, rock nnd fuel oil. apply
lo lbe II. C  Transport  Co., Ltd. Office | that thc li|tlit eommitl
phone 82|, wharf phono 8S0.     (1664)
Tin- municipal engineer of Surrey
Bends notice to automoblllsts that, owing to re grading operations and re-
cenl ln-iivi ruins, the Scott road hill
I is Impassable, and advises that the
Yale and Johnston roads be taken by
motorists to White Rock, lllaine and
Oth  r points to the south of the city.
Because ol the holiday the general
delivery wickets at the postofflce here
will in- open onlv between the hours
of in and l o'clock today. The office
doors wlll be open all day for the ac-
coini lation    of      box holders.    One
carrier di livery wlll be made al 10
o'clock in the morning and the box
collectionn ���.-.ill ta! e place aB usual.
The Sims , f Scotland will hold their
, annual picnic to Coqultlam today.
Trains leave New Westminster nt
8:20. 9:30 and 11:30 n.m. The Pipers
dnd crowd wll] go with tlie 9:3ti train.
Tickets for the round trip 50 centa.
Thomas Taylor, owner of  No. 2938
car. was mulcted In the usual fine of
.20 and costs in the police court yesterday for I,reach of the motor regulations regarding tho passing of cars.
I An Indian was fined if, and costs for
| Indulgence  in  alcoholic  drinks;   four
white   Inebriates   forfeited   their   respective hulls of (6 and Ihree lirst offenders were given a warning.
A special rain will be run on the
Great Northern to White Rock on
Dominion Day, leaving New Westmin,
ster at 9:50, slopping at Crescent and
Ocean Park, Returning train leaves
White Rock at 8 p.m, Single fare for
round nip. Children over live and
under twelve halt fare. Above rates
good on special trains only. One and '
one-third fare for the round trip on
all other trains, with return limit |
good until July 4th, (164ft)
Boundary Bay i
Maple  Reach   Park,    being    a  sub-1
division   of  the   historic  old   Whalen
estate   on ' Boundary    Hav,   is    at,
last on tlie market in 50x100 feet lots,
fronting  bread   streets  and  with  per- ���
petual   beach    privileges.    This  has ,
| been  the camp ground for retires    of
I local  people  for year".    The lots are t
i selling   fast,   many   peopl"   procuring
i the locations  they  had occupied    aB
tenants   for  years     Trices  $330   and
upwards, easv terms.    Sole agents,
700 Columbia Street. City.
and southern points will please note
that the Scott road hill Is impassible
owing to  regi-ading and recent heavy
People Are Buying-
For the splendid reductions we are making all through this big store are proving mighty attractive to our customers.
We are pleased with the spontaneous
response and shall begin this week again
the price cutting that will keep the selling up to "concert pitch."
We have a big job cut out for us to
convert this mammoth stock into cash
and get in all collections as rapidly as
possible. We are going to ask all our
friends that owe us to kindly pay their
accounts at an early elate and thereby
help our endeavors.
We promise you such real bargains on
dependable merchandise that you certainly will prefer to leave your money
with us when it will do the most good.
We mark everything in plain figures.
Look for the blue mark.
That   .'ill   too   common   person,   the
j procrastinator.   was   well   represented
r.u/A-r/->   e-esnne    atac r*r an mm  at "1'' provincial assessor's of flee yes
Far  PHOTO  GOODS,  SPECTACLES | terday |n a fmi7>(1 a,tompl ���,  ���.lv
and  SEEDS, * i,|g taxes before the expiration of the
time during which rebates are allowed
Phone 4J; "L. D. 71) Rea. 72.
New Westminster, B. C.
of the light department very sick,
too sick for a run on pasture and
asked that he he given a loose box at
the  park.    The  retiuest  wall  granted.
Alderman Dodd, In his report fron:
the board of works, founded a thirst
for information on the sick eQUlne on
a query as to tho government's Intentions i'i regard to granting title tc
the land for the proposed new stables
He was slrongly of the opinion thai
the horses should be got out of their
present unsuitable quarters as r.oon
as  possible.
The mayor said he had taken it
up with the premier who thought it
required legislation. Personally he
did not want to see a building go up
there without the permission of the
Another reiiucit of Alderman Lynch
be empowered to negotiate with the asylum authorities for their lighting al Leopold |��J
Place  for a  term  of  years,  waa also '
gra tiled.
A meeting of the hoard of works
and the light committee to talk over
the establishment of lichts on the
asylum hill was arranged for Friday,
In view of the paving work al pres
ent going on there
Aldermanic Clash.
Aldermen Bryson and Lynch clashed on a Bewage aad water combination.    The encounter took place over
a recommendation by tho water cun
mlttee that a 6-Inch main be laid on
Sixth    street    from   Carnarvon   street
to Clarkson street to supply  the  Me
Lend block and llie Columbian block
In pb.c��� of the l  I -- inch main now
on this street, providing flna
rangt'ineiils can be made.    !���
cost   I'or  this   work   Is   $37"
$160 is for labor and the balance for
Alderman Lynch complained tint
the Columbian building was unprovided with sewer arrangements and he
was very adversely affected and the
chairman of the health committee
should look Into the matter.
At length the recommendation was
carried.  Alderman   Ilryson   promising
on   the  suggestion   of   the   mayor,   to
bring  in a  report  on  the Bewer ar
rangementa before the finance oommlttee dealt with the matter.
Shop  Regulations.
Alderman Dodd Introduced the Shop
Regulation bylaw, which seek*-- to provide n weekly  half holiday  for retail
store clerks.    He said  itli  the clerks
were   In   favor   of   It   and     tbe     majority of the merchants.   Tliere was n
clause   providing   that   the   half   holl-
itlay Bhould be optional lo the different
J rlasseB of trades, either Wednesdays
or Saturdays, not  Optional  to the In-
jdivlduals, however, but to tha classes.
Por Instance, he understood the grocers had gone on record as desirous of
closing on Wednesday and the hardware men on Saturdays lie tiii-uiglii
that if the bylaw were read u first and
���second lime they mlghl have a public   meeting  of   those   Interested   and
j find OUt the feelings us to the days
suitable for the different  classes.
Use Yale and
Johnston Roads
CUFtREY. (1658)
Residence Y. W. C, A        Phone 132-1.
The Ideal   Holiday Resort
Good bathing, magnificent sandy beach, boating, fishing,* driving, etc.
Transportation facilities unexcelled, five trains daily each way, stop at White
White Rock combines all thc pleasures of seaside and country with the conveniences of town. It has daily mail, stores, hotel, restaurant, daily milk delivery, bakery, butcher shop, telephone communication, etc., and water piped to
most parts of the townsite.
Westminster Trust   i<   ': and 746 Columbia Street, and White Rock.
SPECIALS       p_Bu, ns & Co.,Ltd.
New Laid Eggs
Oood Cooking Hotter
Yrash strawberries .
Bananas, per dozen .
Red Spring Salmon
Smoked I lal. but ....
.2 dozen $1.00
 8 lbs. $1.00
....2 boxes 26c i
per lb ������ 10c .
 2 lbs. Hue ������
(Successor to Ayling 4. Swain.)
4-47  Columbia  St. Phone  93.
Suits to  your
SS order and satisfaction.
hone your order in early   "^
ut not before 6 a.m. or
will   not  find   us  there.
always    glad    to    hear
from  you  and
ever sorry to sec you.
o   phone   us   up   vvhen-
ever  yeu   are  hungry
we    will   e ndcavcr    to
satisfy  you  and  your
High   Class
Ladles   and
401   Columbia   St.
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market,  Columbia St., Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
Eighth  St.   Market,  Phone  1205.
Edmonds  Market,  Phone  L883.
No Come-backs.
"YALE" Engines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
are made RIGHT.'
Made   In   New   Westminster.
Schaake  Machine Works.
The    employees    in  that   department!     It   was  agreed   that   the  Interested
wtre kept busy all day attending to  parties  be  notified   that  the  council
Tahe advantage o-f tbe Business Man's Train and make your
home at Cresoent Beach (Blackie spin for the summer months,
Train leaves at 6:38 p.m. dally, on and after June IB, returning in
Ihe morning In tlnn for business. Crescent Uracil affords Ideal
conditions  for Bummer homes, combining   the   best   of   bathing,   beat
ing at all stages of the tide together wltb fine bench.   Artesian well
water to all residents.    Let U8 show you this property.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Life, Accident, Employers'   Liability,   Automobile  and
Marine Insurance,
Round Trip IJare $2.45
Special round trip rates are also offered to all
points on the Fraser Valley line. Tickets may he sfe-
cured from Saturday until Tuesday, good to return
on Wednesday.
The round trip may bc made in a day with a stopover of six hours at Chilliwack.
Trains leave Columbia St. terminal daily for Chilliwack at 9:15 a. m., 1:10 antl 6:15 p. m. For Huntingdon at3;15p. m.


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