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The New Westminster News Sep 22, 1913

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 New* Classified Ada.
Hate proven tbelr worth br '
reaulu   tbey    produce.    Tbey
large   or   amall   wants   at   a .f
coet 8
New  Westminster and tt��e lower
mainland: Light to moderate winds;
fair, with not much' e*haa%*i hi temperature.
U. S. Will Insist That Mexican Leader Does Not Run
for President.
Heard of Trade Instrumental in His Cut in Charges
for City.
Those Who W. J. Gaynor
Helped Pray liesitb
His Coffin.
Change   of   Venue   Means
Miners From Island Will
Be Brought to City
Special Committee Sends
and  City  Council   Will
ably  Act.
n    Re por*:
Pathetic Incidente in City Hall Where ; Chinese   Murder   Case   to   Corre   Up
Cody Lies in State���Unicn Ja:k Today���Dean May Not Be Tried
rjellet at Washington Is That Chan-];
In European Opinion Will  Hold
Statec  In Campaign.
Wnshlngtm, Sept. 21, Administration officials regarded the statameni
made tid.iy by Provisional Presldenl
Huerta tbat "it would ba anomaly f ,r
tbe government to hava ��� candidate,"
hh tantamount tn a doclaratlon that
in- would not ba a candidate himself In
the coming elections
The tenor nf Presldenl Huerta's remarks thai liin govern menl would
rnaintim an attitude of "absolute Impartiality" wub Interpreted by ofli-
dais ns a general compliance, morally al li-iiii in tin" proposals made by
.Inhii I.Iml fur the elimination of llii'-r-
ta and the holding of a fair election
Among   oonatltutlonRltBts   tamillar
with  tin" situation  who have shown a
dlspoaltlon i" doubt General Huerta's
motives, the nawa made little impression,     Tha   view   whs   expert,*il   that
Huerta had pronounced himself as Impartial   merely   to  remove  the  luaplOi
ion of government fcupporl to thi- oan-
iiiii��<-v o| "no whom be might favor
("'���My iii-ni-rai Huerta's mention
���nf tbe i-riiiv as guarding th* poll*
evoked tli<- comment that In audi manner Huerta would exercise '-overt oontrol over tho alaetora] machinery.
Mold Them to  It.
iiv all in admlnlatratlon cirr-ins wh i
h'i'iril tbe iiiwh, it was agreed lhal the
eui'ii rfiiL''- or circumvention ol tha
promises Implied in Provisional Presl
dent Hunrt&'s dec-Brat-ons today
v uld hs Increasing difficult and thai
the United Btates and foreign nation*'
!���<'. probably would be inclined tc
'"-.���rill-, with which ii has Inl-n
hold the Huerta government rigidly
to itn os ii mnounced program.
One  and  All  Go.
The general leal lng that Huerta's
promlaen if '*.'irrieil out, imam the
elimination dol only of himself, bnt
of oilier government offidala, Including
i-'eiitriro Ban-baa, Mexican forefin
mil I ������ r suggested aa the prdbal la
choice "' the ' ietbollcs' part)
'i ii' ���'' ct ol these i"* iml ������ *. though
in'  mads known lu diplomatic channels  li  I Ik el] to be ot considerable lm
portance. aa there la a grow ini* lei 6
<*ni i  e Ron i"- lo acl hsrenfter In ac
cord ��Ith the Unlti d States,
"-'iierta Mvors None
Mi rleo City,  Sepi   .1    "Not
v i .i'i  i*    an  anomaly  tbat  the
������niiin ir sbi uld  lin'.i* iiT:\:,i|  l ���
li  ran be further said  tbat  the
ernmenl  has  no predilection  fi r
will  it aid any candidate."
In these words   Provisional    Pres'-
denl  Huerta  today    replied    to    ih
queation an to whether in* favored anv
candidate In the coming presidential
I I   I'lil.Iin
President Huerta explained the at
tltude wblch the admlnlatratlon would
maintain as "one of absolute Im
partiality," and added thai ll would
only take precautions to prevenl any
dlsturbani i public peace and order
and would suppress anj efforl In thai
Church Mu:.t Not Share in
Government of Mexico,
Say Constitutionalists.
Drapes Casket.
For Few Days.
Interference   cf   Catholi*.
Not  Be  Brooked  by
Say Leaders
Clergy   Wlll
Washington, Sept. 21.���The United
States government ih taking moru
Luao a passing Interest In tbe u>vilop
u_unts ni .rn ...c_ Uily, Culef among
these l.a., liiin the oeBam opposition
i... a majority it tba -.ex.cku cougrts.
in the appointment of -Sdu&rdo 'tama
in*., ini oi the Leaders ol the Catholic
party, to the ministry ol public Instruction.
iiu: opening oi a flght by the Lib
crals iu oongresa u repress thi; in
fim oca tf tin- Catholic party lu gov
, i* imonl affairs in looKi ���) upon  ber ���
Insurance rates in New Westmin- '���*''*' York, Sept. 21- -In a doubb: Hls lienor, Judge Howay, 1
Ster have been reduced nfrom 8 t<. 10 ���M: that never seemed to decrease in I Chilliwack yesterday and will return
per cent., the reduction taking effect length as the day wore on, thousands|on '-Tuesday night. Thereafter he Will
September I, according to a report ot persona today died through the!l,roceed to Nanaimo to preside over
made by a special committee if th ��� Sower-filled rotunda of the city hall il'u' county court there.
board of trade al Its regular monthly a'"J Past the body of William J. (Jay-1 It is slated that the grand Jury hai;
meeting      llobb   Sutherland   report d  nor, lying In state. been resummoned lo appear, new di.
f.r  the   committee,     while    tabulated      About    a llfth of the    crowd    were : velopments having been reported.
flgureo showing    the    ratea    paid    In   women    and children.    Mayor    Klim j    According    to     Attorney     General
olher cities In Canada v.,re prepared, bwued an order to keep the rotundaIBowaer, an application for a ehange
open    until    4 o'clock    tomorrow    if'of venue  for  the  jury trials  in   the
necessary, so that ail who came might
pay their p< rsonal    tribute    to    the
im mory of hid. predecessor,
All  last  night  thc  police cn guar!
around tho city hall purk    had    difficulty  in   keeping the crowds  moving
as  many  tried even at a very early
hour, to get In line to view  the body
Three policemen and three firemen in
SpetpSJtt French to People from Old
lailliardville Yesterday���En-
to Address ��� School Children
Maillardville was rn fete yesterday] As toon as the door opened Uk-
in honor of tbe visit of the postmaster organ played and nine of the saialiest
general, Hon, I.. P. pellet er. Fla;s boys in the school stood up. each
from every house, Canadian fla<?s, holding a large block letter in his
Union .lacks and a sprinkling ef hand which together formed Urn word
tn-coiors gave the little town a "Dieuvenue." while seven of the older
Colo III i     that    caused    the    speeding  girls  performed  the    sami;    ple.iHU.it
by     Mr.
presenti d
The report was:
Ni .*>  Westminster Hoard of Trade:
Qentlemeu,��� .our special committee
appointed to Investigate the matter of
lne Insurance ratea In New* Westmin
ster  begs  ban*  lo  report as  follows:
Prom a comparison of the rates
charged In a number ol clt lei and
towns in differuii paits of the IJ-enun-
Ion your committee co:.eluded that the
rail's charged for lire insurance In
New Westminster wire much too high
us compared wllb other places where
ii .- protection systems were equal to
ii weaker than in th.s city.
A conference was held    with   the
Vancouver island coal strike from
Nanaimo to New Westminster will be
made in the near future, which, if
successful, will probably mean they
will be heard at the preeent assize
court in this city.
In order to re-lieve the congestion
at Nanalmo. his honor. Judge Howay.
will   open   courl   there   on   Thursday
reliefs or half an hour stood on guarj morning, while county court In this
bis:de the colfin, which was draped ,city will open on Tuesday in St. Pat
in Stars and Stripes and the mayor's  rick's hall at 2::,,ij. this change of lo
flag, while beneath could be seen the
Union Jack, placed there at the request of the Gayncr family In reco-i
nitlou of lhe courtesy extended by
the city of  Liverpool.
us  likily   to  l-rce  a crisis   al   to    re   local representatives of the    d fTerent j     The   bier   reBts   on   the   same   spot
ken an Issue bltterlj fought from companies represented on the Main-1 where the bodies of many famous men
time in the life of   the
time to
Constitutionalists bare declare the
Mexican people never will brook a ro
turn of the church to a share In the
ibey   view   the   proposal   or   lluerta
to piare Tamarii in the departmenl
ir publlc Instruction as virtually turn-
Ing ov.r the educational system . t
ths i oun try to tha ch rgy.
it is ���. in rails ">*���!' ed thai tl i it 11
",. i id choice of ind'nei Gamb is
Mexican foreign mlntst-fi u> the ear
.-..,. it the Calh l e party m ������ ��� II
u Provisional Prealdenl Huerta* ml
... ���: thi ��� ghl ' ii rei t ot - linet
v, Ith i .'���"* ' Igor than before It 11
believed berg that such n tight would
tend mors than an*-thine els.- tn unit*
���in   Liberals In the choir., of n man
.v'o   might   prove   iirrlplnlil'*   to     the
i'. nstttntli nallsl and who ml ihi    In
!' ,. * -el make Mich cone SIlCM if
, i    ted .,*-. woul 1 real ir ���  pi ac -.
land Hoard of Kile Underwriters
which the Question <f a reduction
rale   was discussed,  and  three ef
at   have lain  in
In I
the I   Pathetic
Heart Touches,
incidents were
gi i
Gercr.il   Clean
Up    cf
by  Health
Ail  Premls
representatives, Alderman White and
Messrs Malms and Hepworth were
appointed to act wiih your committee
In laying the matter before the secretary ' f iin- board.
This Jr.lnt oommlttee met Mr It' ss,
the secretary, at Vancouver on Tues.
.���:, nf US', week. When 'he whole
question was riii" Into thoroughly.
Th.- Information wa* given bv Sec
retary i;< -.n thst following a reetorvey
if i'v elty a new rating covering mer
canttlfc risks was now being printed,
��� ul would be effective from Beptetn-
b r 1, 1918. Thla new rating shows
a reduction in pr* mlums on frame
building nuks of about 10 per cent
an.i on brick buildings risks cf s.s per
ci nt. \ new rating will alio h*' *_'������"
the residi nti il district, but th" r  I u
tlllll   will   ll"t   ll"  !���'���  gri sl
-i ���"��� -\ ���-���. m tn Rd In * rrivlns ai tbe
ratine was explained nt letr-t'i w> t'"*
i-'-iniiiitii e Brli flv it may be B'a'ed
thai bi far aa the general rate '<���! con.
,, . ne I tl- ��� risks are charg d w th tin-
favi     bl    ���   ��� dltl ni   sn I   ��� it  n rr d I
*���. i  ir. i r ible feat  accordln"! to ���
lr.,l   rule      ll'    the   reanrve--  rr     Ihe
;*,. (,-iii-ietcd a  short  t'i-"1 af-n b*
U. ,\    Maury,  the credit' have  b
sdvai n il  fvv  14.8  '���! :"��� 5, aid    on
i-. i   Incren ������ In credits the reduction
d'irin--  the  day  a��  men  and  women,
whom the lute mayor had bofricd-d
looked upon his face.    Among these
was  a  Hrooklyn  youth    whose    part
Mayor Gaynor took vhen it was   al
leged he was being persecuted by the
police (Kill  which reB-lted In an    in
vesllgation and also a removal of the
boy's picture from the rQgtte'a gallery.
Caved   He-   Boy.
An old lady was heard to murmur:
j"Gcd   rest   hii   s  :;'' "   : I   sii"   passed
h s il    the COlfln.    She explained that
Mayor Gaynor's    order   closing   the
saloons at 1 ovi ck had saved her boy
[from  evil  companions with   whom  he
'leaf'id   In     thete   places.     Two    o'snd
-women who hobbled into the citv ha1!
OU   crutches,   deliyed   the   movement
cation having been found necessary
owing to the assize court sitting In
the county court house.
It Is not likely, after all, that
Dean's case, the Bank of Montreal
robbery, will come up for trial today.
The reason has not yet transpired.
;but will doubtless be fully expla'ned
[in court today. The trial expected to
take place is that of Jay Kam. chargr d
with the murder of a countryman at
Mission. W. J. Hansford, of this city,
is defending counsel.
motorists passing through to ask
questions. One small hoy asked what
the occasion was. replied. "It is the
minlBier and we are to have a holiday
next week." alluding to the most ini
portant fact, in his estimation, that
the postmaster general had requested
tbe Sisters of the Ecole Notre Dame
de l-oudres to grant the pupils a
holiday, a request, cf course, im
mediately acceded to.
Tlle visit was quite unexpected, the I
people only received intimation    that i
tbelr    distinguished    countryman    in-'
tended paying them a visit on Saturday evening.
The Party.
Besides the postmaster general h'm
self the party consisted of Mrs. Peil.-
tier    and    Mrs.   Belleau.    his    niec;. i
Colonel J. D. Taylor.  M.P.. and Mrs.
Taylor,   Mr.   Clements,   MR,   Comox
Atlin, J. R. Greenfield, post office inspector, and Mr. Burke, secretary    to
Kraser Mills. Vancouver.
On arrival at Maillardville they
were met and welcomed by Reeve and
Mrs.  Barth.    Coqultlam;    Rev.    Pere
duly by holding up a letter re-pre-sent-
ing th�� word in English "Welcome."
At the same time two boys at the-
back of the hall held up tlw school
A pleasing Incident was tht* presentation of a short address in Krencfi
by little Miss Beatrice Unpiiii, .a
granddaughter of Mr. I'roulx, wh.c*-��
was as follows:
Au Trea Honorable
Monsieur Pelletler,
Ministre des PoBt--s.
A la nouvelle que Monsieur C M'n-
istre viendrait visiter cet aaile beni
on nous recevont le hier.fait tie l'iu-
struction, bien grande a 6t*\ aotnt
jole. et de tout coeur nous vou v
disona; Soyez le Uienvcnu.
En remerclement de I'bonneur nn.?
vous faites aujourd hui awx elites tk*
l'ecole de Maillardville, Monsieur le
Ministre nous prierons Ie Seigmmr de
vous donner tout le bonhr.ur pess Meet i nous le pla3er de vous revoir encore ici.
Ecole N. D. d r-ourde****.
Mat. lard ville.
Presbyterian General Assembly to Be
Asked to Re-Affirm Its Attitude
Favoring   Move.
.cf  tli
said I
From .rl.rc World,
i'i nighl tbe rotunda of the city hall
was aiiiict filled with floral offerings
from Individuals and organisations
from all parts of Hi* United States
and  forek-" countries.
His Great Honor.
At lhe Qraoe Methodist church, the j
Rev.  C.   V.   Relsner,  tlte pasior.  reml
I* letter from former Presideat Taft.'
In which he said:
"l count it a i-r. at honor that Mnyor
Gaynor regarded uie ns    lon    friend
several Beconds as they
Toronto. Sept. 2].--When the Presbyterian church union committee convenes here In December, it will have
up for discussion all amendments submitted by the different presbyteries to
the proposed tafia of union between
the Presbyterian, Methodist and Con-
gregatlonalist  churches
It  is  stated  i-i  excellent  authority
that the committee Willi ask the general BFSeml Iv Bt IVoodsti ck next June
[to reaffirm its previous attitude In favor of organic organization and sub-
I mlt an amended basis to the member
: ship.    Since a number of the  promi-
imliciul i r executive or legis- 'nent unionists are now in favor of the
latlve, which Dualities did not fit h'm | union, a much more sweeping vote Is]
admirably to DU,    Everything h�� d'd looked for.
Garon. A. Proulx, G.  H. Prouls, local :
postmaster, and A.  E.  Boileau.
i    The whole party then proceed ;d t
(the residence of A.  Proulx, father of
the  postmaster,  where they were on
tertained to a capital luncheon.
At the conclusion of the luncheon
Mr. Pelletler thanked Mr. Proulx for
his hospitable entertainment and
especially complimented the ladies oa
the nice way they had attended to
the  guests.
This agreeable funct'on finished, the
party stepped out cn the veranda, opposite wli.'ch. in the street, nearly tt"''self with great dignity tWe rcadiit:::
whrle population rf the town had as-   tt,,. address, bowing gravely a." proper
semhl.-d. intervals ��� like   a    L'f.fe   irweti    am
This  was the opportunity for    th" Colonel Taylcr observed.
Maillardville band,  which here made      when  the postmaster ironeril *'*;
iLs rtrsf public appearance.    It played   P(] his acknowledgement the little one
a    suitable    selection,    in    excellent  w.,s delighted.
A  free translatlcn i. as foUrw-s:
"At the news that the minister MS
coming to visit this Messed home.
where we receive the benefit of instruction, very great was our joy ami
from our hearts we deefxre to: Ot*
"In thanks for the honor that yon
are bestowing on us, today, the pupils
of Maillardville school shall pray thf
l.crd to grant you every' possible
happiness and to us the pleasure of
seeing you again."
Little   Miss   Duplin   conducted   Iif
Forty-two Strikers and Policemen in Hospital Because of Riots.
About 20,000 Men on Strike or Locked
In   City���Trouble
Locked For.
Dublin. Sept. ill.-Dublin's streets
again were the scene of a buttle between the police and strikers. Muny
heads were broken. Thlrty-llvo civilians and seven policemen are In hospitals bb tho result of the engagements, and many others were treated
for minor Injuries.
The number of men in Dublin either on strike or locked out Is about 20,-
0(10. They have many supporters nre
are In n savage spirit.     -*.
Many rtrlke paradea were held, the
Jeering workmen and their allies,
manning through various partB or the
city,    l.lbertv hall was converted Into
n  strike  headquarters.    Slreet    cars
were held up-nnd nil but wrecked.
Police Charge.
Police rctfi'vvea charged one of thej
processions when peoplo from the side
streetu began to stone the ears.   Severn] were In lured In thlB sJtlrm'sh. The
crowd. wMch numbered 10,000, made j
lis wn'v through the Ftreets, Bitinsiilng,
windows bb It. proceeded, until II  was
met by �� largo Btiiiad or mounted no-,
lice In  Lombard street.    There    tli",
fghtlng liec-amo more furious. The pollen fwlen charged with their batons
nnd finally succeeded    In    d'apersing
Iho* rioters.
A suggestion made by Health Inspector Pearce that the cltUens ol
N, v. ft'estmlnster Join In a clean up
ii.-.-. 11'ore the provincial exhibition
opens on September :i"th Is likely to
i.e   Iii ar.i   from   this  coming   week.
To The News Mr. I'earce mentioned that while this ci'.. v.as Just as
clean, if not more so. than morl C tli '*
on the const, there were many places
which with �� little effort could I" Improved upon, and that the residents
Bhould have enough chic pride aboul
t'n in to beautify their own property'.
"The city garbage collections de-
DPrtment l�� doing Its work, bul un
|e:-s the elllzena take hold anil  assist
us. . u:   efforts wlU  be considerably
CUrl '*'i il."
"Take a walk through the city,"
paid Mr I'earce. "and one will find one
h-use win-re the grounds are k* tv
clem, where weeds are pr*"'I'i\i!'v
rnkni wn and where one can see for
h'mself thai ihe owner or tenant "'
the nlaee is thoroughly embued wll i
the ""itv beautiful" Idea. Rlghl nexl
iloor t > this place, however. Is a hon-* ���
and -'���'���undi where the r-.isb Is left
Standing, where flowers nre few .*r
unknown and where weeds have been
allowed unrest rlrtoil sway. Such ,1
plaoe ns this more than offs"ts his
neighbor and at once etches tho ew
or the out-of-town people who win be
hero in the thousands during the ��x
hll-itlon "
An interesting booklet, entitled "Refuse Collection nnd Disposal" Is being
distributed by the elty health deunrt-
men*, wh'ch hns heen published bj
the onttymtsslon of conservation. Canad''. the contents of which should appeal to all citizens well nre firm be
llivers of civic pr-ld".
it* ��� ne- i-i based
The ��� -per ally  favorable feetv.res in ,T)li _,', ...,���,,��� ���|a(.,, in Xew York stat
\��� -    Westrolnrier,    on    which    the or ollJ   jmI;ri.,i , ,* BTeciitlvc or leels
���������  ;tte    bi:*'-<i.    are:     Ahundant
*  gravity    v iter    supoly:   good
"    '   '    :";   '"   vol,,'-...   ,,r   ���,-,--   a-,] navo_    .  .,.    	
t A-,  agtresslve  and   broadly   1 b ra' '
be and oup.iit to
be li nc remembered."
a,*,-,  nnmner or  maepenaem  -r-u*-���    The nlh'ic    f"'"'ri',
','��������� -i'i  eli.Mate ami    generally   lieh
���.voi-i   movement:   good   regulation  o
..v.'.,. i'.*"s end InflsmtnnWi s,
and said had the flavor cf an attrai
,,   *-.   m Tt   Imp *,. .��� ,,.,���.,,,
. ,..-o��� dijtrlet; moderate av e
lit   of   buildings,   and    relal :->
number of  Independent  wills:   , ,   , ,
Mavi t- Gavt-or  will    t".    I" Id    f-
.Trini'v church at il o'olock tomorrow
-,:������ ming.
The rharee-5  mad* ar'ilnst  th'
'"- unfavorable eonrtttions sre rs
'(.".i'.e: One of the two supply- mtUns
Iro Binn'l. I point: sn:"ll mains in
conrertfd district. 3; rani-Mtv of r��*--
ervolrs in t up :**i standard, n*. hvdrsn^s
lop f*.- ai>n>-| "; low prepsure In high
rervice sore, 1- no Ure engine on i,r"'.
level, 'i. lnsi,ffl,/,|enl pumhsr of fir*
**',ir"i i o'*". 3; less i'i in nine fir""u'-i
i-i ,��� n\\ ties*1 ort. :': beiv> street
tardea, 'i: "h'ef acts ne marshal. I'
rii'orl'v ef streets less thin "0 fn '
pW". ;'; cli-lrlc Irobev system, L'; oil
j and gas uaed for luel. 1.
Sir Edward Carson Makes Speech Ee-
fore Review of Volunteers���Cays
Old  Flag Will  Fly.
# ii i';
Washington, * Sept. 21.���Fa'r
weather generally for tho entire coun'rv Is promised by the
Weather bureau for the coming
it will be wnrii'i*"- earlv In
tlle  week  west  of  the  M'snls-
siiini river Tuesday or Wednesday nnd there la present Indication of decided changes
over the west during the second half of tho week,
Tlierp will he rnlim Monday
on the North Pacific const.
Rev. W. W. Abbott Tells Congregation
the Influence for Cood of Proper
Instruction by Parents.
l/ondon, Sept. 21.Sir Kdward I'urson.
leader if the Irish Unionists, is now
engaged in reviewing the voluuteers
at  various  places  lu  Antrim.
Speaking at a demonstration at Antrim Cnttlo tcday, he pointed to General Sir (lee. Klohardsou, who huldH
(he post of general officer commanding the volunteers and said:
"We have our general plat form. The
radical press Is exhibiting some emotion ut the presence of this great gen
era! among us.    I tell the government
that   we   have   more.     We   havc   the
pledges of some of the greatest gen-
jeuils In the army that will come over
ll foundation for a useful and and help us keep the old flag flying
is the influence of ajwncn the time arrlv.eg,!'
nnd  Instruction in the  .���,
610W IT UP
Man Who Saya He Sent Bomb to Col.
Otis   Promises  to   Destroy
Catholic Cathedral.
I.OS Angeles, Cal., Sept. 21.���St. Vi-
viiina's Human Catholic cathedral was
guarded today by police against Its
threatened destruction by dynamite.
Tho unnamed   writer of a letter, an-
C">oke in   Frmeh.
Keeve llanii Introduced the postmaster general in a few words in
M. Pelletler. who was received with
pnthusiastT cheers, *-' 'if i'i r-etic1'.
There was nothing r< 11 ical in his ad-
dre.-,-*. It vas slmotv the friendly
mee':- i ef mi t'rencb Canadian
l-errr old Ce-^bec to "n asientblv nf
his compatriots far distant from the'r
rid homes and a revival cf old memories.
Th i minister congratn!atM the"!
upon their enterptHse and vigor In
crea'lng such a fine settlement In
such a s'lor- space of time, two cr
three years, from what was then virgin forest exhibiting the noble qualities of tlie first French pioneers.
French  Pioneers.
He sketched the history of old One-
b��c d'iriiii- the last t!""~> eentnrle*.
The Frenrh pioners hfd originall'-
como from Normandy, Brittany n-d
Vendee and proved thev noisessed the
finest pioneering nualit'es. Krom
French domination Canada pass.d to
Kngiish domination
British Fair fay.
Thev should net be Birrv for t'.-i'
because thev had -it that ra'r nlav
which had always characterized British administration. Thev had got rre"-
dom     in     relig;on     and    1'bertv    or
����� ���#
i'.' i'f
The b
successful  llf.
good example
home.   Such largely shaped the life of |
Morcb and made him what he became
the di llverer ot Israel.
This was tlle substance or the force- I
ful discourse given by the Itev. W, W.
Abbott,    pastor    of    Queen's avenue
Methodist church. Inst evening.   Tuk-1
Ing for hls text the words "and Mesei I
ii-ns learned lu all the wisdom of thel
Rgyptians," the preacher reverted tol
the ni'-|i"-t which ban for several re- I
cent Sundays been studied:  the B'orv I
of the lnfancv of Mopes, how he wai.
��ii'-"d   from  the  fearful  death   which
WOP'd have been h's under the edie! j
of the murderous Pharoah,    how    he
wsb  hidden, discovered  by  PhWO*h'��
dnuglitor and flnnlly brought his peo-
nle out of bondage.   Moses must hnve
been a mnn of superior Intellectual attainments and had received tho best
religious and  Intellectual training In
hls younger dnys and so was equipped
to curry to s successful Issue the arcat
(Continued on Page Eight.)
O ft ii- *�� ���**��� -7- �� <? ���* if- Ot *��� ���''/ ��, a
Chicago,    Sept.    21.���Ilnl-ss 0
thero Is an    Incr aie   In    the ":
ment production in the United i'f
Ststrs  In  tlle next  ten  years, <,'
pt rterhoum steak will ba sell- <j
lng rt more thsn a do''ar    a #
pound,   according   to   (iustav >','���
llischoff.    of St, I.O'ils.    p-eBl- fi
dent   of the   American    Meat '";
Packers' aB3oc'at!on, which wlll i,':
begin Ita annual meeting here **"'
tomorrow. #
lf thc> production   of   cattle >'.i
decreases in the   same   ratio >'.*
and the population increases as ity
it has, we wlll see the Amerl- ���*
can workmen eating rice and #
spuds, but no meat, he said. #
���SSI! # # # -tt -t. �����<.����� O �� O ��
uounolng  that  he  had  made  the  at- |language,    He eshrrt��d  them  always
tempt recently on the lire or General
Harrison Cray Otis, said that he wonld
visit the cathedral today.
lie declared that lie might, if so inclined, blow un the hulldlng. Then,
he snld. he nlrhi visit the Los An-
gelea Times building .erected on the
ground where the old Times building
was destroyed by dynamite three
years ago.
Two songs vere al-so nl<a.-;-cl>'
sung, the first ef welcomft la S-t-CKaH
and "O, Canada" in Freii'-i'".
M. Pelletler addresa_BB the cfiTdreia
said he was very plfisr-d Ui see th-*. i
lm king so well. He h.ul i Djovad n ,-..
much their entertainment and *ape*a*
allv tl ose letters still ne wnScwna. H ���
reminded them that. CH�� rc.vetid
Bisters had come at! the wav from
the Atlantic to ih�� Pai-ii-.- io effljcate
them and from air ihat be eooi'l see
the 'ducaticn they were receiving MM
pi rfect���educating them to be P'Od
Christians. The education siven Uitoi
was in bcth Frtne'i and Kimlsfi-
whfeh was well. They Bhould I**.' >Me
to speak both. They should never forget their own language He ocm-pli
mented the Sisters upon tlie a?>*|wreet
results of tfieir instruction ami *xt*ki.'il.
that the children be granted a Holf-
dav In remembrance of this day a
popular re-tuest, whicli waa readily
granted. _
There are 115 children in the mmttel,
.16 of whom are Eng'is-i. s-B<Mk:'u:;..
chiefly from tbe Fraser Millta.
' After viaiting the clasj roouis. ami'
Pere Garon and taking le.avo af hit
hosts the party left, smTdbf tK*. �����-
spectful safutations of the citiscna.
S'lbsequentlv Colonel Taylor cbh-
ducted M. Pelletler and several -g-entU-
men of the party In a motor ear U> tl>��
tall timber area oo the Tale road. 2rt
square miles of virgin forest whirfi
.will soon be under the tax. Tbe minister had exsreesed a keen de-sin- to
view this magnificent forest.
Is Optimistic
of Better Financial Condfti-jw-sS���
Lumber Market Improve*
Police Are Investigating Cause of Fire
Which Destroyed Residence in
Burnaby Last Night.
A spectacular blare which broke out
In a house owned by George Skally,
Fourteenth avenue and Second street,
Kast Burnaby, at about S:40 o'clock
last evening created no little Interest in that neighborhood whl)0 the
flames licked up tho frame building.
Just how the flre started Is a mystery which the Burnaby police are
looking Into, as no person waa living
In the houre at the time.
The building, which Is described as
a six-roomed one, but which was not
finished, waa Insured for $1,000.
The New 'Westminster firemen were
called to for assistance, the Queen's
park brigade responding, but the flre
had nearly burned Itself out by the
time tbe department arrived.
to love and respect the liritish fla*
and if ner-ssity arise to fight fo- tt.
But that duly was not Incompatible
wllh their own traditions. Thev should
never forget their own ancestry, his
torv and language. He araln congratulated them upon the great d>
voloDii'ont he saw around him and
pointed out with pride how they bv
their own efforts had built a church,
a scbool, a convent, and so manv
solendid houses. He compl'monted
the   band   on   the   success   it   had
achieved, taking into consderation the j Minister of Agriculture
fact that they had only  been organ- i
Ized a few weeks. !
The postmaster   m norM's   address j
wns loudlv cheered throurhout. I
After  the  s-eech   the  house  if.rty I 	
was nhotogri^hed on tbe vemrda.      I
Thc honorable ri.r,|i"m-"t a*"d h'�� I twth excellent crops ��?�� the prxrte^.
pirtv tbeii proceeded to the ivnvent I the Blackening of the flnrncial atriu-
school and here met with a delightful fencv in the London market :itk1 tuiu-
receptlon slderatie Improvement noticed ta ���he
j lvmter in'erests, a feeling exists In the
 -cltv a-"il district that British Cefuw-
-)j|i| bla wll! r-.me Into her own again lht*
;:: ".'intc ��� Pv next sprint; oaadT^waa
:������*: ehi-mid r"-atn he normal.
"s Spe��V:'ng to the press in Ottawa ��irt
��� ^iturile;.-, Hon. Martin Burreir. *tta-
-. let-*** of aerlcolture. ami a British Co-
'.. llumMan bis romcthlng to sar cn ���>**��
,. I "bent crop that ihould iatrr>mt Via
.. i noai J nnovinee, which la rely l-i* ms
the   harvest  to  commeaea  a   laaney
�� �� O * * tt i> ft tt tt
Manchester, Eng , Sept. 21.���
R ht'VAS cf the Queoi of
Spain have been ahocked bv
the news that the second
daughter of the queen, like her
second son, will be both denf
snd dumb, rays the Manchester '
Guardian. It Is fenr-d that the'
little Spanish princess is
totally deaf and unless th's cm
be corrected, she wlll probably
never be able to speak.
�����#*��.��������*����� #����-i��*>��*a
J | -ovc-ient which is expected ha njte
the wheels or indastry spia Csater mat.
tndoee more outside capital *a> tnraat
in this province.
Says Hon. Martin Burreir: **Ort*n*--r
In ouantfty, better fn quality Ohm
before, the great tide at wheat te I
tne from the lar distant tal��� ta
, NOsraya, te ilka fttoratom hnt *m+
"^-...M-swmimi t*AQt TWO
There waB a decline In passenger traffic amounting to 81,980,000 as compared with 1911, partly due to the coal
Btrike of 1912 and to the competition
of the motor omnibus traffic.
  The  report  states that   the compe-
Aa mdtaemdeat morning *m**r devoted ��o tke inter tm* of New M>.i< minuter ondjtitlini between railways and tramways
xaUeu.   Publithei ��var�� mominp txcepl Sunday hy tht .Vntionol .'rinHiis   Is shown by the fact  that   whereas In
_ Company, Limlttd, at ��l steKtmie Street. Sew Wrutmlnnlrr, British i lPIO-ltill   the   IncreaBc   of  third-class
Ootamliitx. ROHB SUTHERLAND. Sfananino Director. \ railway   passengers  tell   from  i-i.ti per
au ooeiaMwk-ti-Hoat tkoaltt ke addressed to Tht A'ew (Fsstmltuter Sews, and vot  cent, to 1.7 per cent., that of tramcar
Sa t^dititdual auttabort of th* ��toff.   Cheque; drafts, and money urdert should litmade ! n-'ssciigors  rr.se   from   ti   per  cent,  to
a*va>.le to The National Printing and Publishing Companv, /.imit-d. 7.(1  per cent      florins  1'.��12.  too,    lhe.
TKLMPHONSB���Business Office and Hanover, 9S9,- i'ditortal linoms mil depart    motor   omnibus   services   were   mucli
��� ), Ml. | improved and extended,  especially in
SUH8CBIPT10N RATBB���By carrier, M per year, tl for three months, 40c per  the metropolis and adjacent districts,
and their effect in reducing -ii itdl--
jtnnce railway traveling must have
been considerable.
aaeetth.    Bv auxll. M *** vear, ��6o per monlh.
ADVBMTISWQ RATES on application.
Vancouver    Association    Appeals
Authorities to Bring B. C. Electric to Time.
Rt. Hon.  H.  Samuel and Hon.  L.  P.
Pelletier  Finish  Trip Across
tho Dominion.
Vancouver, Sept. 21.���A   thorough
discussion of ways and means of depriving the British Columbia Electric
railway of the "pound of flesh," in the
way of increased transportation rates
to which it is entitled by tho terms <>f  ,.-���������.���,  0M OUawa.    Thpy  were  ac
he franchise agreement, resulted   In Companied   bv   Mme. Pelletler, Mrs.
Hie decision  by  the Central  Uatepay- b       (,    ,.  tturoomb,
Vancouver, Sept. 81,��� Right Hon
Herbert Samuel, postmaster-general
of the United Kingdom since 1810, and
Hon. i.. l'. Pelletler, postmaster-general for Canada, arrived In Vancouver
early yeaterday ufternoon on the itov
ers' association last, evening to invoke
Is Optimistic in Its September Circular.
Upon the delegate of the Vancouver trades and labor
council to the trades and labor congress in Montreal seems
to have fallen the mantle of that persistent individual who
is bobbing up from time to time with blue ruin prophesies: National city institution of Chicago
in regard to the Canadian West. l
An Ottawa despatch of Friday last contained an inter-!
view with the Vancouver delegate whose name is Trotter, |  ,
in which that gentleman let loose some strenuous informa-j   The NftUonBl       bank of {,
tion in respect to what the labor situation in Western Can-;September circular says in part: "it
-iiiad will hp after the tirairip harvest ils s��nirising how business has kept
<.aau win oeaiicr ine prdiiieiidi vest. i     (i.,���n m Uui aro.. wh(.r(, ye__, (ln.
Mr. Trotter said, or at least the press despatches re- weather has done great damage to
port him to have said, a whole lot of things about the ter- 3.^ ^lans^okSa and
nble conditions as his telepholographic eve views them m Missouri. The crop in this Btate has
the near future, but among other remarks he makes one\%?��&��* Z^XlYV^
that is obviouslv far wide of the facts, which leads to the aggregate loss has been sustained, to
presumption that if one statement is incorrect, there may | ^f �����t,^ tt^M���
"       ' '   '        the _,50n,0QO.O00 bushel
private r
ecretary  to Mr.  Samuel, and
Five and ten acre blocks in the choicest fruit
growing and residential district in Fraser Valley.
Will take revenue-producing city house property
British Canadian Securities, Ltd.
the (Ud of the city council, the mayor , ^"y"',,,^;, private secretary to Mr
and  the provincial government Pelletler
The council  wns  asked  by  resolu- j    Th     _.._,      WPr_   ,-.nt   at    Mission
tion not to grant nny further concas-1, tlon' by Ri (i. Maopherson, post-
aion .whatever to the company his: ,.,_���,���_ |r| v,lncnllvpr, ]in(, .* ���. Qteen-
worshlp to call public mass meetings ,lld w , , offlce |napBotor, who
in each ward for the expression of accompanied tin m to the city. At tha
public  sentiment,  and   the  provincial  ,, |h(,v  wm,  ������,,  ,1V  M.iv���r  nax.
government to strlcUy Insist upon tho u; Rnd  Alderman ('rows.    The two
carrying out  of the recently  nasshd  mi���lsters were taken t��� the Commer-
regulation concerning overcrowding.     cla] club for mncheon na the guests
Railway Rights. iof   the   mayor   nnd   were   afterwards
It wna conceded that the rallwav had driven around the cltv.
a right, legallv, to ask the Increase I Pleaded With -Tall Game.
hut. arguments ���"���gainst their rieral | The pnrtv. including th" two ladles,
right or financial need to demand the were lak'"i to the Beoond ball game
increase were abundant Manv eaat- between Spoknne and Vancouver at
ern railways were able to Fell' trans- the express wish of Mr. Samuel. The
oer'nMon cheaper, notwithstanding Patter followed the play with keen
winter snows having to be cleaned interest and stated he was delighted
from streets and the greater cof( of j that the home kam bad won
powe\ "" 	
The res son n
when you can get as good, or better, manufactured In B. C��� via.: tbs
the celebrated "VANCOIU Kit" Brand, guaranteed to pass Htandard
Specitlcallnns of Americas  and Canadian  Engineers'  Association
We would also call attention to our Vitrified Sewer Pipe from
4 In. to 24-tn. In diameter. Tbls Ik hIbo made in this Province and wa
consider superior to any imported article.
We also carry a stock c.f (.'rushed Kock, Washed Gravel, Band,
Ume, Piaster, etc.
See us before ordering elsewhere.
Phones 15 and 18.
902 Columbia Street W.
However   this
T*. ('. I*. H. had not
earned as much this August af 'as!
wns that nearly 201010 fares differ-
n-i-p resumed frcm holding the evhl-
'iltlon In Septeml"*!- this veer. The
font tbat the usual riliwav bonus to
enncrts were nnt eiven in 191- re- j
suited in a diminution of traffic to j
those extra conci
, i-i i     i    --���  ���-      taRe in corn
the cities hanging about doing nothing, they could not be and 'he actual damage done to cot-
induced to go to work in the fields, preferring rather to gjt saN-rinhtoatand3[reacPUon0labla ef"
loaf about the urban centres in the Micawber-like hope "People throughout the west are
that something would turn up.   Instance after instance j ��&�� va0UeC ^Au^'nT ZVt \
 whi"h had th'a I ,   ,. ...    .,
voir tn be abolished Nobodv wa- Pressed his pleasure with Uie trip
��->rning es much this yesr as last ami !amss ' anBda ���*!*���,, ""),'! 1""i ,K",'"
thee "-ns no rnsinn why the 11 C. "n" Of the I-"""-'' delightful journeys he
V.   Ft. should nm share in.he depres-  ,,n;l "T undc'-t .Ven.   He complained
���"",. as other business concerns wor��"nr'   "'*' K^''*"]. r,-i"7* "f hls a' "
drf-'efl to Canndlsn clubs en route
and hoped tint he wou'd escape simi-
'ar treatment In Vancruver. He Bald
he was glad to hive th" nnp'Ttiinlty
*' studying the Canadian postal service at first hand ami Canadian conditions in general.
He is an enthusiastic angler and
ii'ii r landing in Canada he spent ��
tew days fishing In the salmon
streams  iii   New   Brunswick.     He   It
be others of the same calibre lurking in his interview, crop  below
In working out his program of starvation and want for �����  ____   __
the coming winter, Mr. Trotter says that Western Can-: higher prices prevailing for com, ro-
ada will have to take care of 40,000 idle harvesters after m^9 r^ninSe m cotton has also
the crops of the plains are garnered, of whom 25,000 have | been largely based on the theory mat
, , r r ,1       ������.*��� considerable damage has been    done
been drawn from the cities. !,0 that staple and that the ios��� win
The cry from the prairies all along has been that, be sufficient to  reduce
while there were hundreds and thousands of idle men in KV the'Vtuaf'sho^u    ...  -..
Strong Oono?Uion,
Absolute opnopltlon  in anv conr^*'.-
Ifllons  was n   featurp     nf    iho     p""v
opop'rhP?.     ronrossjons   in^m:. -������[] flic
wilue of  thp  enmpanv's   plnnt     and
has been published of farmers seeking hands to get in^-^r ^
their crops among the thickly populated centres and of movement of grain to primary inter- :"',',p^,'., Tv.he rallway lirrt ,akpn ,7
having to turn to imported labor in the end. ior receiving points has bee,,. help- ^ ; , ^i���,'^
xf        ,, l    , .     _j   ,_ . i    ���      ,, ���   ful factor.    The crop-moving demand ���   ' <^^.ll^  ,u ,
Now those men who refused to go to work in the; j,
fields may have been perfectly right in doing so, but since the  money  market at present and)     ,
_.. ,       �����     , ., .* i  j.u- ���   i. a ���   from now on heavy shinments of cur- -
they have chosen this course and this winter suffer as a rpncv lnto th(. agricultural sections
result of their refusal to take work when thev could get it, ma>' >ip required.   Th" outlook   is.
..   ,        ,, _t   -     -      i i __.-*! xi       xx.         jj    however, rensnirlng, and vhile money
lt hardly seems fair to blame the farmer for the condi- rates are iikeiy to rule firm during
fjojjc the balance cf the year, there is not
��� . _,       ,        , j. ,. nith" te'is'"n teilav that  was looked tor
The campaign of the trades unions tor a cessation ot 0no or thwo months ago.
the influx of artisans from Europe has met with success.    ThP n_one3���ma.'.etlla Bt."1 a, h?lth!
..... , , i      ��� l    i , .    ���   .  .i ���       i c   r'n".   and   while   lhe   inijnlrv   ,s   broad
in that the government has decided to restrict this class ot, ami in some ouarters rather urgent.
immigration and when Mr. Trotter goes east to unfold a.'hPrp, f" notn-ng in the least sensa-
?.,      ,i,i ,,     _-.,_. ���    i ��� -_ii       tional about the demand, but the sit-
yarnhkethatonehegave the Ottawa interviewers lt looks i nation is such as to require careful i
.a little like poulticing a cured boil. j handling,  m other words, this is not ,,���,u'',.;;/;,;;:";-^;;;i
1 fo the  t-me  for  the  undue  evtenslon   of I   h,,n_. rourfh      '       "
������*������������������ credit facilities or for attempting such
Kilkenny Castle is reported to be one of the oldest in- flnanoln* as ^f,"? do with enter.
,     , .,     , i    ' ���     ,i i i i _i     _ ��� ���_       i< ..I i-nre, i.-tiVb  will tnke a long time to
habited houses in the world, and that in spite ot the repu- be worked out The bond market is
tation given it by the animal of the feline species which rB"e.ct'd_. a I��T7h.",.t hP"pr lnves'"
�� ,        , ���'., ��� ,, . .--i.i  .   i        i i ment   demand,   but   the   recovery     is
Tlie party will remain on their prl-
vate car during their stay In the city.
vt'lv-n i-i-rn lssl evening Mr. Samuel
declined to discuss the official pur-
no.-" ef his vi*.-it. bul Mr. pelletler
"ilil th.-t on their reiitrn tn Ottawa
the   iniestinn   of   cheaper   cable   rates
\v"u](! i.e dlsctrssed.
Trio Acrrsa t-intda.
Tlie  lint ish  nosfnaster-general  ev-
BUS.NESS DIRECTORY    fo-J,   of   JJ^^J
MliiS     P.     JACKSON,     PIANOFORTE
'fpacher     Terma moderate;  61  Biacble
i    si .  Phone 800. 12006
lllll    C    C.    l'i S HER,   TEACHER   OF
i    plAnoforte,  harmony and singing.    Pu-
I    pili Buocessfuly preparsd  fnr examlna-
i     tlnn In K    >    M   anil 11. C. M. I'or terms
apply 603 Third avenue
Pianoforte;  8-13 Keary Bt,  New West-
j      minster
Dancing and Callsthrnlce wlll vise. N,-w
!Vi*:iim,ii.i.i' once a week. Classes for
a'tnit" Write or apply fer parttculara
nt Oower nulls'-. Hornby htr.-.*t. Vancouver, rim-,) i
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....
RESERVE   ��18,000.000.00
llrancbes  throughout Cansda    aod
, Nevsfuiindland, and   In   Ixindon.   England. New York, Chicago and Spokane
: U.S.A., and Mexico City.    A general
banking business transacted.    Letters
of Credit Issued, available  with correspondents ln all parts of the world.
Savings Hank Department    Deposits
received  In  suuib  of  tl  and  upward
' snd Interest allowed at 3 per cent par
annum (present rate).
Total Assets over lixt.ontt.fim) 00
0.  D.  l)KYMN-.ll.   Manager.
ful factor.    The erop-movins: demand I "^ h0'JJP��"~""   ' "  "'""""  '"jlookini: forwnrd m some sport at Ills
is,  of  course,   the  chief  influence   in j    Th_v vvp_(, m,klnR r63 non _  ,nn|.,h j favorite pastime on Vancouver Island
ult   of  the   In--���-^   e..-IUlls  week.
 Tease,]    fa rei
and nnvine onl only $SP0 in inc-easen
to t|u,:r emplf.yeefl, whose electric
lleM. bills had nlso heen raised tn
re-ike tm the deficiency. Instead of
paying flat llplit  rates, the men. s^id
ant. Tel   It. KS. Room :', Ilmi
Minister'- Visits.
"Our trip west lias been a pleasure
one." s-'ld  Mr   Pelletler. "bul  on "ur
return to Ottawa we will discuss public nucsttons which are nf Joint Inter
peaker'.Tad'now to pav "meter |^ * ��,�� ^�� ,deJ,*l*���e!Ltf;t _?lr_ ?.tm; i
| ue] is the first liritish minister whlli
.in office to visit tlie Dominion This
lis one of the cntcomeB of the last In
neritil conference wh<>ii It ���.���.as decided that, an interrh-in-ne of I'lsltB of
! reanensible   ministers   would   be   mu-
are supposed to hail from the neighborhood.
(.OUCPrnlng      overernw-H-"     :'       WB*
o'nlr'l   (-0-'   nnp  sneal-ep b-"!   i-irl'len   rn
^^^^^^^^^^                                              , tlie r,r-".'i'-lpw e-,rs for elphf m-irtha.
slow  enouch   to  indicate   that   inves-inr)r| ������, |,p-,,  _v,|��� (r) ���_.  -  -���.,. ,,,,__
(tors aro still tim'il   and  that they are   t���e ���;i������- rf .,iq ,���.n riliiv (r|nf.   Prn
w-aitinc    some    iiefinitelv    reassuring	
The number of car men was
being reduced to make five men de
th"  werk  of  siv.
|.'W--'-   light,   It    .vis   -ille-rd.   "*'s
bo""bt  hv the enmpan'- for less t'> -n
a  cent  ir-i   sold   for  11   cents       The,, ���    h -      , p  , (
ee-e-n-n- had  not cnnsnl'i-d the    City   y.,   empire
eormcll In setting schedules for lines     .!,   -,_���_,,   Englan(1   ,8B)   v���,r   anf)
*******. _,     j   ""held conferences w-'ih \lr. Samuel and
h ,ireT"i r',-->*.rl- -v )    .. .,   ,..   . ,
.   ., ,      '       , * .,   .   ,     l'-thir   Mrifsli   mlnlstPrB.     I   am
n-p.t.  p-iirvfcw,  etc.--as  provided  for
in that franchise.
P   H   SmlU*. W. J. Ornviw
Work   uniierink-n    in    cily    and    ouletdi
nolnle.   lil 1-12   Weatmliieter   TruM   Bids
Phone   3i>4.     P.  O.   Boi   607.
****************. . . j.      , , ,, ""i"1"1      pi'iuo     "nuiw"      i-niujDuruis l vlnQ'al    "e-eivl in e"   reru1->t'onS      Were
Edison says the inventive genius ot the scnoolooy development before employing 'heir:,_,,_��,-,, _, h_, ���,p-p���n_n,.
should be encouraged    Wonder if he refers to the ener-:F,,'������"u, fnndB ln l0"g t>ry.��wr��uo^ |   ��*��. rive, thst the  **^*
.-.Iit'Uiil   ux. *e.ii��-i��uj flnt'ii      n uiiuw   -   I-viIk  and   rcd'.ce   the   revenue cf  the
(enrnn-nv l>v ,-.   millliele nf ��he increase
jretic youngster who is able to bend a pin into such a shape'
that it will sit up alone on the seat of the teacher's chair. SHUSHANNA MAN
China has a new department of agriculture and forestry which should be a popular one, judging from the.
market gardening proclivities of the celestials   in   this;
land of promise.
1 nrovlded by the rallw
."iv's   action.
tremely Interested in the movement to
oeco-e cheaper cable rates between
the twn countries. As n result of tii iss
nec-oii.-itiens there was a cut In press
cable ratea beginning on September 1
last, and a cut in the commercial rates
on Januarv 1 While the reductions
were substantial they wpre not suffl-
Icletit and I cnv�� the British government notice to thai pfferl and thai the
pt-VWt   would   1 ���'   reop 1   hv     the
f'anadian c-nvernncnt   As to whether
Mir. Samuel's vls'1 wlll hear Immediate fruit In that, direction I cannol f:u
:The matter will be taken  up on    our
tl * P. O. .if Elke nf the D. nf C, raw
tha first anil third Thuntday at �� I', m.
K. nf v. Hull. Eighth etreet. A Well,
Uray. Eixlted Ruler: P, H. 3mlth. fi-ar
I. O. O M.. NO 114.���MEETS ON
first, eecond. third end fiMirth w-sdtWS
tlay    lu    i-ncii    Binnth   at    a    p. m,
In the Mn.w Home. tl. J. T^amy
'lictatnr; v, E. .lonee. ssorstary
HendaiirtrterH of lodge tn See Hnuae
cr,rner of Pi-eirlh and Carnarvon atreeta
I O, '1 F AMITY lyODOE NO. II���Th
regular tneettnS of Amity lodge Nf
IT, I. O O P, la heM every Mondn-
night nt ��� o'clock In Odd reNown' Hal
corni-r I'ai-narvon and F-Mghth atreetf
\lelrlnr hrrthera e^rdlnllv 1nv1i,.ii
R A M-i-rtlhe*-. N O. *, II. W, Snngirter.
V. li ; IV C '"cmiham. P <*) IW
Ing sttnvixxrv* J. W. MacDnnnhl. flnan-
clu]    ancm' 41.
Call and inspect our fall
lines and new fall styles and
place your order now.
Ladies' and Men's Tailor.
401   Columbia   St.
Some folks are expressing a doubt as to thc probable
success of that Chicago plan of giving brides cook books
to help their husbands' digestive organs and do away with
internal strife in the newlv formed homes. One cynic
.says it will never work if the ladies use those books.
"-c.-una-.rt t'.e pay-as-you-enter svs-(_r,.,r_ t0 Ottawa.
���"" abolished.  "There is ii" doubl that cheaper ca
  1-les will retn't  In e'oser ties between
COOD THING THE LAW "" aml Npw Zealand "nd Canada and
  DOESN'T AGREE WITH HER v8ry unfortunate position that the 11
  If. .npers should receive a great deal
Mcrrbcr cf Idaho Legislature Tells of       I'aris,   Sept.   21.-   Mme.   Maltrejean,   ��.f th''ir ^T^" news hy wav ' f S"!!
the young woman who figured nroml-l"B' ""(I Winnipeg and other central
W    E.   I-'AI.EH��� PtOllMr  hlineral   tMretto
.nil   i"--'i^iiiinr.   ni:: i'r,*"   Agnee  airee
n;',v>sl   ��� '',. rn'ffli- Library
la Bnivi-i.t. rfttl-TC-BMOB Tn cr.*.
le- A Itnnnn. Ltd I���Pnn"--il director
nn'l embfllmem ftirlnr^ 40* rtnlnmht*
Btreet,    Sev   W^.trnlnMer.     Phon*   it)
Only another month to get aummer
tourist tickets nt reduced ratea. <>b>-
aervatlon, tourist and dining cars on
all through trains. Ker reservations
and ratal apply to
E. GOUI.ET, Agent
New Weal minster
11.  W. IinOPIR, 0.  P.  A .  Vancouver.
Ten   Mm  Taking   Out  $1825  in
Cold  in  One  Day.
nentlv In the sensational trial of the <!��nada papers by wav of Chicago, I
nntortouB   Bonnol   bind   of  criminals.  t,1P government  can do anything    to
and who was acsuitted of the charge  r''n;"ri-v ,he "l"'at'"�� ll v-'HI bo anxious
| of complicity In the acts nf the brl- ;'" 'ln s0-
I gands, contributes  nn  article  to    the
������pt. 21.    M. J Sinclair of |-Matin," in which she states her enn
Cheaper Cablee.
"I have re hesitation In saying that
At the baby show of the interstate fair in Spokane |on mb'return!
Kellogg,   Idaho,   who   joined   In    the|ceptton of the principles nf anarchy cheaper cubic rates between  Austra-
; riifh t'i the Shushnnnn  gold fl'-bls In      "Illngallsm,"  writes  Mme     Maltre- ''" ���""*��� ���N>'l'w ' Z;i'-'""1 "nd Canada and
'Alaska, arrived In Spokane yesterday   ;,..,,  "which Is another terra    for an '''" Motherland are ermine. The ('if-
nrchy,   possesses   thc   quality   ol   r'"'i* f'n:1'.r   I"   ''liR   respect   hithc-tn   has
wler tti.-tM ef Tmdfl meets tn theheari'
room, i'lil'  Iinii. nn followst   Third Frl
nay of each niantb; rraartorly msstlni
nn tlle ll^r.t frlrlnv nf February, Maj
Ainmst ;m,l Nnvernlier ft I p m. Ar.
n.if>l tn��-etlnifs ��-n lhi- Ihlr'l Frldny o
February,  i'.   H.   Btuaii   Wade,   aecre
not a mother differed with the judges when told that her | M^SAv^SauSS ���.;!:,0(',*��� S f��pd;iacr;fand"Tirtuous'''in 1 r;"w >��� W, ��g'w fh^Atiantic: | PUBtio mnmrwhir.
there were a lot who weren't told that who would have admitted it, too.
IM-iCartv. the station on  tho    Copper theory things which In^practice"ord'l-1" "'" '"',,'r ar,> ^0,1",'p,l ,hp All-Red
KaKv wnn n T-Pl'fppt qnecimen Of the rising generation, and   l;i'*''   Northern  railroad     It took  us ���al.v mortalfl regard ,., ,,,.,-,.   .,,,,.   cabin win be a worWng fact,
t.aoy was a pencil Sl-LLiiiiL.i ��u un. 11. mi, j-*-       ��.               ]    twelve days to make the trtn In and "In tbls way swindling becomes   a     Mr, Pellctirrr raid that a hill would
_i  i..x -..*-  x ��..u          we |09| ,.,,,. horge   wh|Ci, te)i 0ver a rlphl   hnrelary Is a duty and counter-   : " '"'*""''"'',! '" parllamonl n��xl ses-
preclplci r,* inlnp   i    mi * I   **-:.**. '"' -wringing Into effect a system of
Gccd Pay Dirt *-.<i...   ���������.   , ,,, ��� .    ���,��� ,,. a9  ������'������'���'I po��ts    The none system v.,nid
six dir.'iT"iit gulches "i in ���  ,  .           ��� ..,..    p'r-rMnep-lnv nn. !v" nattcenrd |e>-cnly after the svrto-m
^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^_    .-a^a^^^^^am                                                                                                                                                              .                                                                                     ]���  the
Ti,��� rtihni* dnv ���! ftiimlo in I'l'iho were married in a wnlrh ���"''���''' ,!ir' ha" '"" r"'!:"'     0n "' "    '    '' *'"'   '    '                                      ' n""* States, although
1 HO Otnei   uaj   a COUpiL  ill  l i-tim   "iiv   "���J011, .         only tvo of these Is work being dom j���  ..- ..    ���-. ..,,,.     ,,..,;      .  .....    rllfrerlnit In fouw respects. The sones
hosmtal    which  prompts  lhe  query  flS  tO  Whether tiiat on   the  James   brothers'  claims,  the bmp  -. i*. ...  --,;..         iMtlste'nce      "''' '"' "'" boundaries of the 'iif
__i    '     1       inn,  iu������ f���H ihrtf r.i.nlrl irnt  volipf original .1'.: "���'���. *-->'. the Mc.'iiM clean arl    ,-.  ��� . ���  .-     .   .        here add    n   ''r'"' nrrvlnoi
was the only place they felt tney couia get renei. lip WMit ,.,��� _���,������, ,,_ n.��� ,,���., ,., ��     .     , ���                             ���:���,.,,.���,*,,  ..rrice.
**le. Deeds, Plistnees ly-ttere, etc.; ctr
culur wnrk ���peplnltet. All wnrk strletl;
aonfldentlal. It Unrrv. room -tin Went
inlneter 'I'ntMt fllk.    I'hnne "O'I
 wo days wcrk.    Tb!-s gold goes $11*.25 j     "|]ir���-t...... ndml'i' rvr-tiun^^^M
! enme before the board   and    prosent  *"'" ����      Carl WIttem, who is work     .j,i - ��� ������,  ,.,*...   ���   i .*,.    .*
their Btatemonl of ti,.* conditions   of  i:i^ hla claim   tool, nut  ion ounces   n   pass th'a I'mH von ; ���  i over th�� cn.
ido n�� man.    rhp.,rtn(��� ,.r !|icpallam  and  you  fill
a day with h!r��elf    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
northern locn-1 Pay  llirl   in   ���'"'  ,','"r   "ulcheo   r"" 11 bandltlsm
��� f_.....    1e   _~��i~   ._   .n   .-   ....         ��.. , I
ill   ell"
In one       twn of ll.^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........,,,���m.,**********mx**m^^^sss^*^*^
tlons   the   Influence   of   the   Indian i fmni 10 cen's f. !-: to the pn.
ai i
Ccmpteted Long Tri,_ on CoaBt���North-  '
am Tribes Inclined to Ce Ag*
rights   agitation    was noticeable, nl-|""^ l�� ff""1  ,i:"' to  ten  fent  deep '-h<.���. v,
though  it  was reported that in    tbe There  Is  no timber ai   the diggings,  o.i*v���-   ,.
area;,  majority of cases ths Indians �������  n'enly  ol  11   si.,  or eight  miles  0f villain."
were  iree  In  their discussion  of the away,
onditli ti   of  things  and   all   matters Frelflhl $1 a Pound.
h-* affect Iheir lives Mr*    Sinclair   and    his   associates,  YANKi.":.
The commission will remain in the , Au'* ''" People, located a itrmp nf sev-
city fer the nexl two davs er so. an-l:0*1 H"l"lfi nn Johnson creek, a Bhort
then It  is understood  that thev will way br'ow lho Jam" brothers' prop-|    Chlcirn,
rii:*.   the   tvpti nl   :������
"i-'.i'i* -iiiv     Mr
-    Mi ml IV   I'M. r
turn '���   '   i'i'*'*i
Ten "to.     Tin
I visit"  the   reserves'in   tiie" Okanagan '. "rl>    n,> wlM f"> ,"<<-k ��������� ab��ut 30days | ski's method ,*���* !ove"-'r.akine'i b
; country, and possibly take ln the Kam- |Jf "*!_���_'!81 ?'_*? winter in getting | to the dnva wh��n -nthronold Po
1'ih'i    ''.V'.'.'lii'i-
Th.memborscf '""P��  dWrtet as  well.    I'i. till  now In supplies for next aiimm-r.   Freight ,lsed to han- hv ��hy tails and enrol
-The members ci       p    are , ,ot(( f���r t!,f, future rpsts fl a pound during ihe   ummer  love songs all night long.   He nut his
the  royal commission on   Indian  df- ,������ ft       ,��� ���v,,rv nkoiihood of   the  y- when It has to he carried    on  theories inte  prtlct'cn and was rlned
f,��� have returned to Victoria after commissioners  remaining  in   harness J""* ,h'.r8P"' "!"'."] '"'.' w"".": w,,hi?r'  "1"  ' ����  bv  .Itidge  RmHh
ver, New Wi stmlnsti r and
Vict irl
"���*   l'i III *  II
lii    i* '   in   '������'*'.���.  -
 i  ind *'*H thi i. r
 ^B ')"* latter n im In  ^^^^^^^^^^
tei,   he   may   rr.t'hr."'a*"good I "rltl '.'   "  *il  "���".'" ''���"''' 7'   n'"   ' '
nol  necessarily a bad sortV "',"  .'"..    i,','i!:"" .'''I', -'*"' inn'\7
������' , .,'] f ���   ,.,  \-f ,.,   .*. ,���;. ,,.j ji,,.  \r-tii--
��� -i on Octnl - - 22, hla entire trip
������*'������;   i wo r-i'-nth".
i'e will n-''iri-"s t'"- C'lnni" . . club
tcmorrow ni"l the Victoria Canadian
rluli on Tuesday,
��� - fi VI   PCWSNCE
Victoria,  Sept.   -1
harm ss
 ^_ ****************        ,, , ,,,      ���j ,, ,,,,, , ,    v.ter-ii-. i"r" r ees can do taken in at 15 cents In-ould  " *''  ���" pvmpathy
,__.,... *>... retst e-vtonslve Itlner- until lb'1 end oi the \"'i-.    N8t.urany, .,     ,        ,
completiiiK th)' n',h'   ,   .. .-,, .    .   ,  r���.���u nl* ,he lonvthv nvncdltlon  a P��und, cr.,-,.-m.-, ,i wooing.
r  Ki"
Ai-'.iOST  LCiT H!S
rlatsra Solicitors, etc to Lorni- Htre-c
N'-w Weetmlnstsr    n   B, Corbould, K
O,    J.  tt. Uninl.    A.  IC   Mc-floM.
M.AM    t- :-��� 1 IS!     JOHNSTON,    BARTIIP
b ^, �� i-i-v I'liieiiei .'c. Telephsn'
i ��� i'.i.i,. n.i.iri.MM "Johnston'
Colts, "Western Onion" Offices, Kill
Rlnck, BO- Columbia elr-��"t. New WSSI
inlnMler. IV O.
���arr-nTKBioh,   ranMONDB  ��  whits
I    et*.        Barristers and Snllrltnre, Wmi
miiiMt'r  'rrMii   n'.k..   Columbia  streel
>'.w WeiiinliiHt'-r tl C, CablS aitilree
"Whltesl*," W'-i'em Unlnn. P. C
Drnwer '.'fi" Telephone (19. W. .'
Whltesids, K. C.: ll. I.. Fldmonde. I
t. M-rit.wni.t. OLtlTB, Bsrrlster-at-las
Holicltnr, etc.; cneii-*r Columbia on
MeKensts strMtS, New Westmkasts
I..  C.    I'   O    R'lV   Uf      Telephone   711
I'.ir's.    Sept.      21.   Comody      was I
���'���sii'-eil   to   trn-'iiiv   the other  day  In
he Paris courts,
Tin- president ������' lho court, In evi
il'i.l ill-hiimcr nt being kept In  Paris'
Bolicitor iffid Nnl-nry. Office,. Iter
btncH.   '_S   U>ene   street,   New   Weelmln
Rnrrtsters not) -Hnllee'.ra. fiir. tn Sl'
West minuter Tnist nbiek. n. B, Mnr
Hn.   1'.'.   O.   McQtinnte   unit   Oeorse   t   j
COAI, MININU righta ot the Dnmlnloa
In .Mini I mint, .--iinkiiteln-wHn anri Albert%
Uie tfiacon Territory, the Northwest T-ar-
rltorli i nml In a portion of the Province
of Hrlnsti Oiilumbia, nmy be leaned for a
t'-rrn of twenty-one yeara at i.n annual
* rental ..f f I en acre. Not moi* than fISS
sores will In. leuaed lo one apptloui-YC
Appllsatlon  for a lenae mu��t  Iw mail*
by  tba applloant In pe-man to the Aa-ant
ur Bub-Agonl er the dlatrlct tn which Um
u:i i i iipillnl fnr are elluutM
In survsysd territory the latut muaC bo
iloscrlbod by B*-*cllpu��, or legal eub illvt-
llimB nf M-ctlona, and In uninrveyM ter
ritory the tract applied for enall b��
"tiiki-d out by the applloant hlmnetf.
B-ich application muat  be [lec.inp-arila-S
l.y a fee of |6 w'nleh wlll he refunded If
iti"  rlirlitn npi'lli-d for ure not  uvallal>l��,
nnl   not   otherwlne.     A   royally  ehall    b��
nald  on  the  merchantable output  of lha
mine r.t tSe rate of five oente [n.r ton.
,     The   peraon   operatlnK   the   mine   ahall
iiiruleh   the   Agent   with   awern   retunui
lei-'iiiniiiiK  for the full quantity of mer-
ti.itiinl.l'-  coui  mined  and  |mv  th* royally   fbereoii.   If   the  conl   mining    rlsdlts
ire nnt l��.-lng operated aueh returnS-Si-auM
I iie  furnlshod at  U-aat  once a year.
The I.use wlll Include the eaul mining
rlghti imly, but the leaaee will be per-
, milted lo purchaae whatever avallabte
iiirfaeii righta may be conaldered neOi��-
tnry for the working of the mine st th*
rule of 110 an acre.
For full Information ai pllnatlon -ahauM
he made to the fiecratar/ of tha IW-part.
( ment  of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Ag' nt or Hub-Agent of Dominion l-snda.
D��nuty Minister oi the Iittortor.
N. R���Unauthorised puhllcailon of thss
I ndvertleement wlll not be paid for.
Transfer Co.
orflce Phons IU.     Barn Phona IV
���sgbla llrssl.
The namea or tnhc_rr<>e'e^eV''--''-'* iFt-tistle-. ar" found In a bin- book lust
t,v the ��?"��'","*2��. CJ Klr-,1 ianued by the hoard of trade, con-
Itlvers Inlet  Bella (onla, Taino  p L.,,,,,,.  rrl,,-nH ���, lh��� oap,tali Uaff!(,
jolt, Bella Befia.JIhtna ^j"^** reCelptfl ������,, working expenditure or
JX%firp"'.no(|th? railway companies of, ft. United
the  Indians comprlaed  In  the forego-
IStradd'ed   B   branch  opposite  SonhU's i itnpnrd her.    "N'-w Ihen. no excuses."
Mr,  Sinclair  Ih  a   member of    the i window and  beean  to "meow"  I'ke p j he shouted.    "I suppce he ls enloylns ,
Idaho legislature.
lng twlong to fiBhing tribes, agricul
ture fermlne u very small portion nf
their industrial life, and. not unnit-
nrally. Ihe question of fishing rlchta
j-iwt nil its various aspects and pliaa-
*���*. had to be gone over by the com-
rnifiHionoi-s in heating the evidence of
'he numerous 1nilian�� who elected    to
cat.    To  th"  itlrl  thus rudely  aw"1-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ened  he  mail"  love   In   a  voice     that
General Comes Ves*. COttld be heard  lor a block.
.���.,,    ,n unl,, ,,, ,. Hl, i    -----re-i. sent. 21. -General Gram-!   Mrs   At>-i  RmmerHng, the    girl's
dlSe In ths^tonnkgeofmercLndlse|!Le]LB.0^_..w^ the police.    Wsdjlnsk
himself nt the srnslde.    Ho much th
worse  for  him,  then.    Judgment  fnr
plaintiff   for  amount,    claimed,    with
cos's.    Next  cape!"
"llut."  stammered  the  woman, "he
uld   net,   come,   M.     In     Presldenl.'
-"���"-  ',     i"-1 foiiinir eff ie Vh,, end of next  month,  but  hla tour will was yanked fr-^m romance tn the ,|MI.. --  - -
and minerals, ami a rail ing o in.  n Include  Toronlo  and   WinnlpeK-  Six davs later he married another girl.  "Dul   I   had   to  come."   snapped   the
number <^ PMatninri,   h   gr��"tr��N yn_. ������������������,!    ������, ,���������-, ���,,������ muohi.. ���-,��� Wad11n. Judge.    "Ves. bui   hut- " lobbed the
Mo  receiPi      i   ring    th.    year   are ^ whore \e will pre- ski In court   "I 1*ntti another girl tn woman,  Te "'"1 "t'a mornln,8-     Thn
* fe   comp'irlson wlib 1911 $1600- Bide over the annual congress of thi marry me before tho week was out, resident   muttered   an apology, re-
000   more  for  passenger  traffic   and I Salvation  Armv    in
$3,850,000  more  from    goods    traffic, j opens November
finnada    which
bul I tors my cinther when 1 climbed Ivoked the verdict and granted nn nd-
out of tho tree."   The finen followed. IJournmest
��� ;.. . S-a-_     .-  .
Telephones: OWles 53.  Residence 42��
.lf)IIN RKID. Proprietor.
Agents      1'nlmer      Brns,'    (laanllne
KtiKines.   Marine   Engines   and   Auto
mobllo Repairs.
Office snd Works: Tenth St.
P.O. Box 474.   r.���� Westminster, B.C.
Haggaga IiellverM Promptly to
any part of tha elty.
Light and Heavy Hauling
CITV Or  "ii */ WPF'MINtTEB. ���.C
'.O. Bo' ** Pa"v News Bldg.
J.  T   ���Btil.NGTT'a PR NT SHOP
nf sll  kind,,.
Prlofis right    tntielaotlon *��� iranlee*.
fit M...ciule St. jHONDAY. SEPTEMBER 22, 1913.
Road      Inspector    Point*    Out    New  Col.  James  Ross,  Retired  Millionaire
Trail���Hss Fsith  In  Sibola
Creek Strike,
Railway Contractor, Succumbs to
Heart Disease.
Vletoria, Sept. 21, The Btrike of
placer gold on BlbOlla creek has practically denuded the entire district between Teikwa and the cuaut of Its
utile-bodied citizens, according to
Walter A. Wllllarriift, government
road Inspector, who Iiub returned to
Ms home In tills city from Teikwa
"Although it Is Impossible at the
present time to estimate the richness
of the new field," said Mr. Wllllscrofi
Inst nigh', "there is no doubt about
Ihe discovery. Before leaving Teikwa
1 saw tin- gold which Kid I'r!-i
broughl in He took out a little inure
than two ounces of coarse gold and
B. M. Hoods ami Colin Munro, prospectors of experience and of undisputed standing   In   tbe   community,
brought hack optimistic reports of the
new find."
Accord'""  to  Mr.  Wtlllscroft, nli'ii'
40(1 men hsd started for tin- new strike
before he '"ft Teikwa last Baturdav
pud pr-v-hiy every Inch of ground In
the vlr'nitv has been staked by thlr
time. Very litil" real prospecting ht*
heen dona so far, as the men who
have gene to the new fields are ha-n-
pered thnwvb being forced constant! *
tn Teikwa for supplies and to recur 1
their c'alin"  .
Tiie ,'c',"i| '..cation of the Dew strike
is at the lr adwaters of the Kewano
river and those who think of going
In will flnil If easier to go up from
the eo,"���*. Making a landing al Gardner   Inlet   It   Is  ease   to  approach   file
district   I--   ascending   the   Kewano
rive-,   wh'"h   empties   Into   llie   inle'
fhe  n* ---  f'elds being  situated  on    fl
c-eek   whlrji  flews  Into Kewano  t.  Bl
ItB  nour""     The  Massage  from  Telk
va   Is   dlf "tilt,   as   Hie   trail   crosses
two summits and according to those
who h-ive traveled over ii i-i long and
"lt wll' be several weeks." aaiu Mr.
Wllllscroft. "before sufficient pros
iMTtlng work has beea done lo definitely determine the value of the
new find but experienced prospec-
.  ...  .... |iK.ri, aro optimistic 0f    the
Montreal, Sept. 111. Col. James
iiosB, millionaire railroad builder, died
hero yesterday of heart disease, after
a two wieks' UlneBiJ. He was lia years
Mr. Ross was one of the dwindling
group of railroad builders whose
names were linked with Hi" construction of the Canadian 1'aelflc. He wan
bom Iii Scotland, came to America In
1868 when he was 20 yenrs old. war
Identified in his early career with tlie
Wisconsin Central, and on doming to
Canada waa appointed first chief engineer and afterward*- general r.iun-
!!���<'��� "f tlie Victoria rallrt ad.
' ������ tiie age of :Ti i'h'i nei Ross was
entrusted with tin- difficult tusk of
building the Canadian Pacific wesl *'
Winnipeg. Two yean- later lie had
completed the line over Via Hooky
mon italni, Belkir): and tho Gold
tin completion of iii.-i task bs was
given the eontracl for the remainlnr;
���i"-iii n of the line and built it.
During tli" last twenty years Colonel
' iss was Interested primarily in traction, power and mining operations,
. V-. ness was in a class nf half-retired financiers. He founded his for-
lune on rock-bottom when h�� dug
d' wn to hii-'t-elf. He started us a contractor 'ti Winnipeg In ISM Previous
to 'hat hi had been an engineer.
li. jt wis who put ih" Canadian
Piclf'c serosa t ie prairies, the Rockies, the Relklrka aud the Gold range,
Not content with thnt lu- came easl
Snd tackled the problem of Inc&t'ng
tli' line from Montreal thr<o;-'i the
state i.f Malm* and down to tldewa-
Minister of   Agriculture    Polnta   Out
Blessings to Accrue From Bump-
si- Harvest.
25,000 MILES
i Englishman Doss a Let of Traveling
to  Ssdurs  a   Rare
Ottawa, Sept. _1.  -That the splendid i
crop In the prairie provinces will have
a more favorable effect on the liritish j
Columbia  business and  trade condi-
tlons   is  the  opinion  of  lion.   Martin
Burrell, mlnifter of agriculture.
"In every Canadian heart," said Mr.
Burrell yesterday, "there Is deep
thankfulness for the safety of the
magnificent crop of our three prairie
provinces is now arsured.
"Greater In quantity, bettor lu quality than ever before, the great tide of
/heat, is flowing from the far dletiint
farms to the railways, to the elevators, to the Bhops, bringing a well-
earned reward to the man who is doing the foundational work of our
country In the far off fieldB.
Renewal   cf  Confidence.
"Bringing relief to thoae concerned
with the financial affairs of Canada
and bringing also a renewal of confidence In tlw* stability and vast resources of our common country. In
(Ireat lirltain deep satisfaction will be
fell in the industrial life of Canada,
Itself, east and wist, and the relief
the stimulus will give will be equally
"To t!ir-(- rf as who have Bpent
years in Hritisii Columbia watching
Its amazing development, faith In its
future is unshakable, tlie magnitude
aud variety of Its resources enabling
such a province to withstand hard
times letter than those countrieB
where prosperity depends i-o largely
e:i one i r two staple Industries.
Immer.ee Effect.
' i!ut In a widi spread time of financial tlghtnesr, the pinch was bound to
tome to a oountry where the phenomenal expansion, though bssed soundly,
necessitates  large  expenditures    and
nriie     borrowings',     taterprovlncial
���radi. alwaya tremendously Important,
's yearly becoming more bo, aud the
.���able   effect  cn   liritish  Columbia
ef   the  splendid  crop  of  the  prairies
can hardly te overestimated.
"It   means   ability  to    purchase
'dally Increased quantity    of    British
Columbia products.    It means an tn
flttX   of   Investors   and   a   swelling
Invi: taenia."
Pullman, Wash., Sept 21 ���Six head
Sept.    Ul.���A    telegram lot horses were turned  to detail  In
from Chicago ravoaled the Interesting  fin  yesterday morning wbie'n entirely
r.tory of a _6,000-mtle chase for a but- Id��*roy��d ���������" ���***���* barn ��"d granary
terfly, told by Mrs  William Carleton
Carelestnecs Nearly CoiU Her Life���
Railrond   Man   Rrrts   cn   Track
Now in Hospital,
Ta " serious ac
ut the emergen
jYauge, wlfo ot an  English entomolo-
.:  connected with the French inFti-
tut" of Entomology,  who is on  ber
v ay I.- Join her liiisLand In New York. :
Mrs    Vang.-   s:ud   lu-r   Inst,and   bad
made the Journey of 26,001   mtles for
the sole purpoae ol catching i na butterfly,  en.    insignificant,   long,   red-
;��� tted   bog   belonging   to   thi    Dom
l,vx family, which Is aald to be mer!:.
as   numerous   us   tba   population    of
i 'i o ;.     Mrs.   Ya'.lg'* saiil
��� We h ne hnd the most extraordl-
nary good fortune    The actual clasgl-
fli   lion of the butterfly f'do not know   on the barn
i.i i know he bas two spots in each   euttrel]     *
ui r wing, which render him exceed'   t <t:il  los
r-i fie farm of County Commiaaioner
M   W,  Whitlow, abou" two miles east
of   Pullman     Aboul   76   tons  of  bay
were stored in th- barn and a fpo
s combustion In the hay is b
x ������ have caused the blare. Five
���   ������ two cits were in tiie I nrr.
fire v.as discovered by Mrs
t-iie< ti
Mev< 'i
win :i the   .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
v, 1111am  D 1yd,    Mrs. Boyd    l"d    out
"ine rf Un- besl  horses, lut two nf
tin "i  broke awaj   and  went back  to
tbelr death.    Ti'" fire spread  to tlie J
r. 'i;1:*)*   In   which   wore   stored   1000
* '��� ks of barley and between -ton and
BOO su'-Iih of oats and wheat.
Mr. Wkltli ���'. <-:irrlcii |1000 Insurance
mil the grain wns al:'" ���'
red by Insurance,     Th.'
Bstlmated  at   $.*.
Spokane, Bepl  -l
eidents   Were   I tellled  ^^^^^^^^^^^
cy hospital last night
l.i living a bottle of alcohol standing on a wsrming oven over n gas
range nearly inst Mrs. .1 I. Hill. 4*1
ye'irs, of tne Touralne botel, her 1if<
wh"n   the threw- * t^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ml*************f***************t****************mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmlMmmmmmmmmm^^^^^
flre over her.   The walsl of her dress ��� '*��� '���' desirable.   Moreover, he is snug-   ����    i,  with  enough  Insurance to re-
took fire and tli" flames were rapidly ;' ' '��� :l" Vl'-' i:> " ' '' '"'x hermetleallj   place probrblj Dne-thlrd of It,
spreading over her clothing when her " ' !' '  ������'*'' w��utd brlnjt Joy to entom- Rorldenee  A'>o  Eu*-ned.
screams attracted other roomers and oloalsu   whose   collections   l.i ���;.    bid      " 'Hd-wi r Sanford Cnad   on
they n ' i ' il to her rescue '   rtlculsr specimen |Hlgh streel wns entirely destroyed
Her rlghl nnn and both hands are      "We  bave   been   butterfly  chaoln     flre at B o'clock this morning.    The
burned severe!,  and slut is Buffering f'  "'  Par!�� '" Kioto, snd -.*��� gol .mr  '   **"  was  va!n��d al  61600 and   Mr
i-i-... n���,.��� i_ .%- ������_.i.,_, n, ..  t.n. ICosd  cirr'ed  JU   insurance.      T
from shock    She was then taken to ��"lfi ������*������������ **��� ���**,*���**<> F��rden ol a Jap
.���,    emerve-i-y    hospital    and    lu-r   " ' itleman's residence at Kioto
v,,..������ds tr. 'ted by Steward* Dnre and   -",���'  Pursuing hltn  twelve aumUu.
Mllburn    Sl e -vas given a col In tho     8     he butterflies in this   on
1-    piial ward mr .:.,* nighl   Her hus-   ttaonl sre the blue, siilphur.cabbage
land is h *"ler on the fir- engine at\*nr. e-vring, painted lady, sehra, swal-
the residi noe,  valued  at
total loss and wer*.   un-
tho  <-ent'-nl   itntiuil        ^^^^^^^^^^^
Tbe fir" department answered th"
el-inn tur--"i| In from the lintel and
succeeded In extinguishing the flames,
which bad snread aboul    tha    room.
Without  tri.ili  iblln.'U'c it Ina done.
Enp!"e  iiiures  flailroiid  Man.
John Gcstlano, n railroad man. re-
aiding nt  llauser Junction, sat down
lev tall, wood nymph, milkweed, tlg-
Bwnllow-tail, mourning cloak nnd
-*. *: k tied pm pie The n iturallsl
could ', : .*:! flrsl find the Bombyx or
the 'nd of butterfly lie sought, bul
i*e dl' cot cense his Bearch i or hls
'..iii-tie'- around the world till h" had
found hla specimen,
contents of
���660, *. * n  .
The tiie Btarted in a closet. The
--'���- tiro e'arni Bv tem w*:is cut of order and the resilience had :ili��'tt
i-prnpd to t!*.e groutid when the fin
i1 '"i"--'nn nt    arrived,    nothing    bc!n
em of'
l��� t��ke -
shortly F
minutes i
table Bl  I
Ing   a   br. '. * **
place picked ly
the juncl'"-'  of
tho railroad  track
7 o'clock  and  a  few
he was on the operating
mi rgencv hospital, hav
iiii   set.     The   resting
nnd the 0 '-v. it. & N . just oast of
fhe cltv, It Is claimed thai engine
No. lOfin of Hie Northern l\. iltlC hit
Mill ail'' continued on without stopping. He wns picked up by n work
trite Hint passed a few minutes later
end broughl to tlie cltv. where he was
transferred In the patrol   ambulanca
nnd brought to the ci'y, where he w-.is
transferred  to the patrol ambulance
imd h-i'tight  to the emergency hoipl-
��� ' c- '��� v- oshe-i ami Steward
Darn set his rib and attended to other
p >��� '���*.,   svpi,    'ii     ���'���    non-e mn In
et      me  n-'iio-  "ioi"*'!    officer   of   nrtlllerv    named
Engstlane was at Georges Guleu haa been arrested   on
Northern Pacific I chsrges of treason nt Versailles.
Detectives are now loo-Kin*.- fur a
gunner who deserted about a week
""o. and also f.r a young woman.
These two persons are alleged to be
accomplices of QuleU.
Some time ago n new  range finder
and ether Important Instruments di-R-
:mi'* .v.'rt,  and   soon   afterwards    tl.e
'w-'-ni'in left Versailles.    Next day her
friend the gunner deserted.
(.Hire, who w:'s known to be on
���rend terms with the gunner, was sin-
dowert,   and   when   IiIb   room   was
IsearChed   the   detectives   found   ilocn-
oii-ili India, Renl 21. \ sy*-
rtlsln'ectlon Is being put Into fi
the Punjab which hss the merit of
, i������ -,ii,-=-v t,, commend it. It requtr
.-.. traveler from a plague-lnecftMl dis
trie to pubmtt his clothes, and b��-
lon'Mnes before entering a village to
an hour''-, exposure lo the sunV ri'.ys.
whe-ebv a'l fleas ore destroyed,
Tiie method Ins been explained to
the native mind bv word of mouth
and by the distribution of leaflets, and
<"'-i  !< ���  l-"'-'i  c!'*'ri"l   frr the  nnr-
nose of 'h's for"i of solar disinfection.
Generally the sites are found on rands
,,,..,,, (��,,. entrnnrtes to vUlageSi eueio-
surrB being made for both sixes.
Those villages were chosen w"i*<*'i
were in the neighborhood nf Infected
ones. The right of refusal of access
to travelers fr.-iu nn Infected arc. if
I thev declined to undergo solar disinfection, was carefullv explained to the
Constable Would Use Que Only aa
Last Resort.
Montreal. Sept 21. -An exciting
scene was w'ttiessbd on Henri Juliette
etreet nt midnight birt night when
Constable Oeareau of the Beaublen
Btreet station, saw a mun standing In
a lane that led down tn tho hakerv of
Marcel M'-milt of ISM Henri Julien
avenue Th" man's behavior was
HUBplc.loUB, und the constable, nfter
vitrh'ng h's movements for some
t'me w��nt down the lnne to Inveitl-
rnte. There h" found that two other
men were Inside the bakery, who nt
the nonrc--���'' n' the officer Immertl-
ptp'v set un-ti hlm and knocked him
lo "*"> grne��,l
The bbbi',��'''i den commenced t"
kick fh" u-'-o-tiinate nnllceman about
the hodv ^t'hep i"��nrlv kicked Into
ii rtile "' uneoiiBelouBncss thn con-
rtnhle. st"i itpshle to rlBe. as a last
resource drew his revolver and fired
-I ��h�� !""������ ef ii*n men. One of the
I'ltlletB took effect. In the ankle of a
man ni>me'l Arthur BISSOn, who lives
nt 2698 toilette Btreet, both bones
belne broken.
The oon��table notified the ��tntlon,
end soon n detachment of polio nr.
rtved en the K��*M). The ntiinulT"'e
fmn th�� Royal Vletnrii hn'ultal
reeehcrt there a few u'lnuten Inter
No  trnee  of  the  olher  two    men
men!?   containing   technical          _         ...
Hon r'.":inllng the newest system of people. This right was seldom taken
range finding. II appeared, too that | advantage of, but the Idea is in its
Oul��u his been    in    correspondence|Infancy, and when it graduallv crows
���"ore use wlll doubtlcca    be
with agents of a foreign power. |��r���ii|i
In  official  circles   there Ib  a    tan-1made of
rtpnev to minimise the Importance of i . 	
tho case. 1 EVIDENTLY
l'h"-iilelnhla. Pa., Pept. 81,���Captain Jensen of the Btcatnchln Admiral
Sehlev. which arrived he*-e from Jamaica, tolls n Btrange story of the theft
of n bar'- by a minliie
London, Sept. 21,���The WoIbIi cus-
iom of repine the road I > levy toll on
the br'de nnd brides-room returning
from the marriage oeremonv rerultid
In n clnrge of road obstruction being
lieird ii".'.1'!'*' thr'" tnen at Purgoed
A constable said one of the drlv
Ancnrdlng   to   Oantaln   Jensen,   the |resentinl   being held   up  and  Bbonted
Norwegian hark Revonsputi under
eommpid rf Captain Duns, wns bo""d
from nunklrlt, Bcotland, to a (lulf
nortfl when one of the sn'lcrs became
Insane nnd wns not secured until after a hard fight, during wblch he
wounded ti"*n seamen.
Captain Huns p"1 ln at Huff t"iv,
Jamaica, nnd placing tho
teen In a boat, stirted for the shore.
In poiaa Inextillcnhle manner the lo
sine min managed to free hltneftlf
from hls shackles nnd obtained 'wn
plptcln. A<"ned With these he rushed
en deck and. according lo stor'eB told
by men who were near the Ilivena-
'vrt. forced Ihe crew to weigh nu-
ehov nnd make sill'. Only once since
tins the Itavenport been reported, Thnt
wna  fmpi  Hop"  bav. Jamaica, when
Let go," nt the Bnme time slashing
hla whip at the defendants. Witness
then found that aome- wlr" had nlin
heen taken across the read. One "*id
wis fixed te i lnnm-nopt and the other
wna held by defendants ���*���)    the
the   ".-Ire.
No   trace  of  the  e lier   iwo    i thought she would
on���ld b�� fni-nrt    hey'bavin    made off     r '      a,  ^ ,__,  m        n. *��
when the wn��ttbl* ItMd Wg'KU^ ' wnB (,|)|ftp(, ������,, ,hnt ��� the ,Blt
Ko'm.nm.nd conUn.telnt SS* U ***** ����2n seen of her.
"ther  side  rr    the    rond.
|-hr"->r.(*|   tn   t^e-1   to   l->rien
wounded | nnd It th"-i flint hick and
of th" horees ro t'i" morth.
It v"iB r-rreod that roiling the ro-tl
WHfl  rn  '"id custom, and  the defend- j
neto snld thev tl'd not think thore i���m I
nov harm In It- Pines wero Imposed on j
nil Ihe defendants.
Tho custom mentioned Ir very general In Welsh country illatrlctB, and
It la usual for the bride and bridegroom to throw money from thp carriage, wberrupon the rope Ib withdrawn. Cinly a few weeks ago the
custom led to an accident at Alier-
avon "'here a llttlo girl wns seriously
It doesn't pay the merchant who claims to be 'too small
to advertise"���and wants to stay that way.
It doesn't pay the merchant whose printed statements
misrepresent his goods or his prices.
It doesn't pay the merchant who believes there are "slac1'.
seasons" when people cease to eat, drink
or wear out clothes.
It doesn't pay the merchant who has premonitions of "off
days"���or who constantly courts visions of
hard times.
It doesn't pay the merchant who advertises once���and then
It doesn't pay the merchant who expects advertising to
take the place of honesty.
It doesn't pay the vacillating or irresolute.
It doesn't pay the slave of precedent.
It doesn't pay the quitter���the crook���the faker���the
simulator. Advertising is publicity and
publicity, like sunshine, is the deadly foe
of all that is bad or diseased���and is life
and health to all (hat is e"ood.
Advertising plus dishonesty, or advertising plus poor
goods and unsound business methods, is
death���sure and quick. The more adve.-
tising the quicker the death.
But Advertising In
The New Westminster News
Plus honest merchandise and sound business methods
Always Pays
It works at all times and in all seasons.   Summer-
winter���spring or fall.
Blaze that fact on your memory, Mr. Merchant.
It works in the light or in the dark of the moon.
A change in the wind from south to southwest does
not affect it.
It works when the mercury hovers around one hundred or when it shivers below zero.
It   Is   Absolute,   Inevitable,   and   as
Certain as the Rising Sun
. -"I'wwiiwpumn **ot f*tm
Fresh Water and Salt
New Mechanism to Be Installed at the | Vessels  From   B.  C.   Ports  Run   Into
Sandheads���Better Than Bells
or Lights.
Heavy  Weather  Off  Australian Coast.
| Thursday after a coroner's Jury had
brought in a verdict of wilful murder
against  Wilson.
Year for Embezzlement.
I    Judfte Mclnnes Friday sentenced 0.
! E. Busey, lain accountant for the firm
,of Cope & Sons, to one year's im
prisoiiment. llusey had been found
guUty earlier In the week of misap-
proprlatitiK  monies of the firm.    He
! pleaded for leniency on the ground
that be hnd a wife and children to
support, liis honor said lhat he had
taken these thitiKs into consideration,
but that, in view of the nature of the
i fiance, he could not impose a term of
less than li months.
Where Is Mrs. Glenn?
Mrs. __, N. Glenn, sister of Mrs, S.
B, Kw, 120(1 Hastings street east,
left the corner of Main and Hastings
to jnake a call last Friday evening
She did not reach her destlnat'en and
hns not been seen since, according to
Mra Kee, who has reported her absence to the police. Mrs. (Jlenn left
Mrs. Kee on the Btreel corner on Friday and took a cur.    She Is described
New York Stock Market Continued in
Steady  Decline of the  Day
Arran^f-menta have licen completed j    Ti,e strong southwesterly and south
tat the fplahlirihmcnt of the first sub-  erly gales reported by the Canaillan-
marinn fignalling bell in British Co- j Australian liner Marama, sweeping tbe
__.       . _     ij..  ,v._. nnA nt .,-...'Australian coast when she left ineon-
taut* water*.   By the.end ot next vealenoed navigatlon to such an ex-,    , ,,      ���        . ,_     , ,
week it is expected that tho apnara- itent that shipping was practically tied  ns heing fairly tall, aged 24 nnd dress
tns will have becn installed on board  up off the New South Wales coaBt.    !��d In a grev suit nnd lame felt hat.
Several vessels bound from British ��� Undesirables Deported.
Columbia to Australia ran into the Mrs. Susan Thompson, who arrived
full force of the gales and were swept trcjrl Bngland the day after her son in
J by the heavy seas. News was brought,| Vancouver was drowned, wan sent
iby the Marama that the British steam- back to Kngland nn Friday by the im-
:er Collingham, which left Cheniainus,; migration auihorities here because of
Hi. ("., with lumber on July 22, en-'her having becoming a public charge,
���countered a terrific southwesterly Ernest Harrison, Hi years of age and
'eale when some distance off the Aus- suffering from tubi rcnlar troub'e. anil
Itrallan  coast, and her progress    was Mugnie Mackenzie, said to be of weak
the S.-i-'ulhivwls lightship. Following
the decision of the marine and fish-
cries department to have these bells
operating In thes-e waters, it is under-
.-hixhI ^hat the different steamship companies will order receiving instruments for all their ships.
The submarine signalling bell is of
in valuables service in foggy weather,
during dark nights or when  blinding
greatly impeded by the huge seas that  intellect, were also sent back to
old countrv.
anowrtorms and drizzling rains are I,,.***���.���*,,,.*,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,*���,
falling, la the case of the bell o-, smashed against her bulwarks. The
the lightship in misty weather it will Collingham. upon her arrival at Syd-
���hek-rwerwl over the side from n davit '"/ reported a featureless voyage unto a certain depth and the machinery ��> s,hP was within 500 miles of her
whtcb cperat.es the dlaphone fog alarm destination, The seas were very
will be used to furnish the compressed , ���w*9Pt dean.    So strong was the gale
air for striking the l-ell. l!, 5,.,,.lK:.!.e'?'n���Pr..���"l!i ??_ n,,akeJm0,ri'
If the department finds that the be'l
proves ol practical iiBsistanee and tha' I
tht* eompHnies will equip their vessels
with the receiving apparatus, manv ofj
these twits will he established at other j
dangerous points in British Columbia '���
waters.     Submarine     signallln-g       is
somewhat an unknown aid   on   this;
coatt,  there  being  only  a  couple  of i
bells cn  the  United  States  Bide.  On
the Atlantic, however, this apparatus i
has been found to give entire satlsfsic- i
tion and b-Mls have been established j
all  along  that  seaboard.    Many  fine
liners have been paved from striking |
the. rockv coasts through tho navigator! picking -on the sound of the bells
When a fe*w -miles nfT. It does not mat- I
toT whether lhe ship is lurching and '
Iilunrtng Into -great seas, or whether j
she is steaming  in  calm  waters,  the
sound or the bell ringinK tinder water !
Is detected by the receiving apparatus j
just as rasily.
heavy and  the vessel  had  her decks
than OH to 100 miles during 24 hours, j
Dunsyre  Badly  Buffeted.
The British ship Dunsyre arrived at ���
Svdney on August fl from Cheniainus.j-|--*-,Cy Did
with   a  cargo  consisting  of   1,896,707
New York, Sept. 21. Hear traders
took the stock market in hand in the
beginning of business yeaterday an.l
succeeded in bring.ng about u continuation of the decline which was in
progress ut the close Friday. Union
Pacific, which was again susceptible
to pressure, was forced downward a
point, and others of the active features receded nearly ns much. Itock
Island common nnd preferred shares
touched new low figures for their
present decline.
Trading was of a listless character
throughout the session. There was a
disinclination to make fresh commit-
stock exchange is nol open Monday
until noon. Professional traders be
Ileved that the shortening of the day'.;
business at the beginning of the ci m
Ing week would result In ton narrow
a markel on .Monday io permit much
margin after profits on either side of
the market.
Tcronto Market Dull.
Toronto, Sept. 21.���The Toronto
market was dun yesterday, and witb
[out much feature. The fact that thl
London market was closed bad :.
��� tendency tn lessen the trading in such
Issues as Brazilian and Barcelona.
'llie  lai ier hardly   moved  at  all,  bul
lows: Lucille has married Kd Wilson,
but still continues to receive visits
from Tom Hughes, a former suitor and
friend of her husband, who works In
the same office with hlin. Tom generally announces Ills arrival by a yo-
deling call outside the liouse, nnd Is
always given an enthusiastic welcome
by both husband and wife.
Estrangement results between Kd
and Lucille when she sees Tom gelling
along In Hie olllce better than her husband. Kd becomes discouraged and
takes tf> drink, and is finely discharged from tbe ofllce. Tom suggests for
blm that the right thing fnr hlm to do
would be to drop out of Luollle's life
and give her a chance for happiness
with another man.
Late one night Kd leaves the house
and starts fnr the west. Chance, In
the form nf n railroad wreck, favors
him. anil he Is able to lose his Identity
by changing clothes and papers with
an unrecognized victim. Tom Identifies the papers and the dead man Is
buried ns Bd Wilson.
Two vears later Lucille marries
Tom.    Kd. meanwhile, has assumed
the name of "Bill Stanton," and is
making good as a forester in the great
northwest Within a few years he be
comes enormously wealthy, and one
day, by chance, he meets a clerk from
his former ofllce. He hears of Luollle's
marriage to Turn and Is told also that
Tom bad so neglected and Ill-treated
her that she had died, suspicion point
ing to Tom as: her murderer, though
nothing could be proved against hlm.
Kd resolves to le revenged on Tom
and starts toward the cltv, sendlns
word lhal he is coming. His lettorr
become more and more Frequent nntll
the thirteenth announces that he Is in
the city. By means of the call which
Tom has formerly used when calling
at his house, Bd reduces Tom to B
Btate of absolute terror He finally
enters Tom's house and  th" final act
A TRIUMPH" mm mun
BLACKl    MIXED     Or)   *'������ S*am��l��a mall** en ���ntitlry.
NATURAL GREEN/ *��"������ "���*""." t.�����..
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bid*.
feet of British Columbia timber. After leaving here on .lnne 5. fine weather was encounlered until FIJI was
reached, when strong gales began to
blow from the southwest and south,
accompanied  by heavy  head  seas.
Tbe shin was buffeted by the heavy
weather for over a week. News was
also brought that the British ship
Strathendricl. from Puget Sound put
into Newcastle, N, S. W��� on August
lii. to replenish her hunkers, bound
for Melbourne. Captain Brown of the
Strith steamer, reported fine weather
until within 200 miles of the Australian coast, when his vessel ran into
ten-y southwesterly gales. All one
night she was bove-to. In 48 hours
the Strathendrick covered less than
IS miles.
C. P. R. Steamer Carries 150 Head ofl
Cattl*, Sheep and Horses From I ���*  Hails  Fr��m  Tasmania  and  Has a
Thia  Port  to  Victoria. Government Offi:ial to Vouch
 . for It.
Tbe PrineesB Ttoyal, Captain Brown, i     .Melbourne, Sept. 21.���The sea ser-
���tkickfid at  the firain  Growers'  wharf'pent has been seen several times off
yesterday morning and  cleared  at   1   Australian coasts this year.    llut tlie
' '    '   p.   m.   for   Victoria,   with   150, secretary of mines for Tasmania, .Mr.
o'clock ____________________i^
head of livestock for exnibit at the fair
Thn shipment included pri-. e horses.
sheep. ���. v.'ne and oatt'e from this district and -Chilliwack. Amontg the
hnr-scs pent were tho six faeicps
heavy llinug-lts rrom the asylum farm.
t*no w.--igiiiTig 1.1*70 pounds, f'T which
three f-pefta. Bets ot harness had to be  stances
Wallace, has received from no less a
person than the state milling engineer, Mr. Conder, the description of
a monster even more remarkable,
which Mr. Conder states has been witnessed on the west coast of lhe is-
I*ind between Macguarle harbor and
Port  Davie,  in  the following clreuni-
Freddie the Boastful Swed;
Is Now Out on a $100 Bail-
Final Act Today.
Hurling a general defi to the night
police force with special emphasis
when he noticed Sergeant Bruce und
Constable Bass in sight. Frederick
Espeland. said to be a Swede reading
in Hurnaby or South Vancouver,
created a little diversion for the
patrolmen early Saturdav morning
which ended in Fred linding himself
kicking his shins in the city bastilc.
Espeland is a big husky fellow and
apparently knows il for he showed ail
kind? of light while standing mar the
river's edge.    A  warning to be quiet
I issued by the sergeant, was ir.'.i with
| a   volley  of  abuse   _.om   the   Swcd.-
followed   by   a   general  invitation   for
any of the police to approach and b?
thrown into the stream.
'    Afier  wielding  a   heavy   steel    bar
! around his bend for several minute?.
by a piece of strategy Officers Bruce
And Bass corralled the unruly one and
the patrol wagon ended the   first act
I The second was when Mag s'ritp F.d
.mends remanded the ease to Tuesday
At  that time tlie third and closin? *
scene  may    be    enac'ctl.    F'oderlrk
while the curtain  is down, being allowed out en S100 ball.
Looking up the man's record, Chief
Bradshaw has discovered that Esne-
land was the self same person who
threatened Constable Johnston alon?
the wa'r-rfrnnt one night last summer
for which he received a six menth'F
vacation at the expense of the government.
Brazilian   was more  active  at  about jof his vengeance is accomplished.    In
Friday's     level.     Some     inquiry
Maple   Leaf   milling   shares   had
parently been stimulated by the Lake
rf the Woods bonus, and tiie pn furred
stock touched 84.
lhe struggle between the two men Kd
Is shot and dies a few moments afier
lib-, victim.
Social and  Personal
Mrs.   Goulet   "ill   not   receive   until
\^^^^^^M the lirsi Monday In October, and aft'i
The Burqultlam Agricultural society ihat on her .is;:al reception days, tin-
first   and   fo..rth   Monday   throughout
lhe season.
in. t on Friday evening and discuss -d
exhibition affair*-. The secretary announced the receipt cf the prize
money for t!,e Becond prize for ils
trict exhibits from the Vancouver ex-
Ihtbltlon authorities, $400, whicb after
Ithe agreed on payment to Mr Whiting
and expenses, lefl $80 to the society's
The fair committees were fixed thus*
Arranging   ladies'   work.   Mrs.   L.   E,
.Marmont   and    Mrs,    Newman;    fruit,
vegetables, etc., \v. Whiting and ll. b
Baker, and Messrs. Wiltshire, Chester-
Held and Newman will see to the
lEtcck and  poultry.
The judges appointed are as fol
I ws:
Ladies' work Mrs. C. A. Welsh and
Mrs. David Walker. Mrs. Marmont at-
Fruit and vegetables���P   E. French
Poultry    F, Garland, Cobble Hill.
Live siock -W. Gibson.
A final meeting of the directors
will be beld cn the night previous to
the fair, which takes place ne:;' Sat
urday, September JT. when final arrangements  will   be ocmrlrted.
The exhibition is expected to su'**-
pass all previous ones on account cf
tho nnmhrr of entries promised.
Al the Windsor- !'. Albert, Murray-
villi . I-', lt, McCharles, Coqultlam; i-i
O. Garstett, Langley; Allan Cameron.
Aniiieville: II. B. Btoodbury, Fraser
Mills; .1. N, Spence. Q. UacOougald
H. l'i Hard. Vancouver; Thomas For-
ster, Glen Valley;   M. .hitman, Gilbert
Clan, J. n. Douglass, i'iti Lake; .1. A
Brackett. Pender Island; .1 A. Fop-'.
Port Hammond; W, Pyie, Vancouver;
F. McMillan. Mr. and Mrs. Prank
I'riee;   A, (iustapscn.
At the Russell ���W, W Armstrong
A. J. Patterson. E. W. Turner. F. E
Abbott. W. B. Brumell, Toronto; A
H. and Mrs. Anson, A. 0. Brydone
Jack, H. Wilson. II. E. Olbbs, Van
couver; A. E. Stewart, Hamilton; II.
M. ..'.teuton, London; J. A. Merrick
J, S. CJIyne. Abbotsford; L. C. and
Mrs. Newlands. Vic'oria; H. Camn-
beil, P. E. Wicks, S"attle; Mrs. J II
floss. Edmonds; A. O. Fletcher. Ed
mends; IL C. Edwards W. J Gilmour, Edmonton; H. C, Wood. A. L,
Wolfe, Victoria; J. M. Wolton, Verticil; Clarence Trafton, George F.
'ii:. v.i_[|]
Out of the Hteh Rent District.
25c. Bottle of Packard's Famous Shoe Polish FREE.
Buy one dozen shoe laces at 10c. the polish will
be given to you.
Ladies' Dress Hoots, every size $1.95
Oents' Dress Hoots, every size   1.95
Leckie Hoots, Slater (F. W.) Hoots, K Hoots; $30,000
stock to select from. The finest variety of low and
high cut boots and rubber footwear in the city.
HHonllrd from Scotland
Next v-ef'k i.ie Princess Koyal will
r-'turn tn this -port bringing, besides
the an'mul- sent, livestock from the
island Tor lne provincial exhibition.
Thr etr-amer Charmer, also of the C.
P. IL line, was a1 Cuison yesterday
nenilire end t<���ik livestock and olher
rxhibiis Trova the inlands Pt ihe
month of the river, and from Ladner.
Llovd's ltcgi.ter return of .
totally Iciet, condemn* d. etc during
the period .lanuarv 1 hi March T1
1913. shews :i total of 170 VffflSeU <*'
225.2T3 tons, of which 102 of 1.7 71"
l"ns |rri��-s were -steamers and HR of
47..r>r.8 I'ma were sailer'-. Tb" muses
wen-: StenmiTH. Burnt. 2 of r,(!42 ton:-:
collision, ir, of 27,182 tons; foundered
It or IL'.ft.s tons: lost, el'- 1 of 2020
ton-s; niissiiiR, in of 22,620 tons;
wn-ekeii. E_ of 107,903 tons. Sallert
Abandoned. 13 of B9K7 tons: broken
up, condemned, etc, il of 1M1 tons:
burnt. 1 nl W\ tuns; coltish.-
xtm tony.- foundered, 1 of 2987 tons'
i-nissin" 2 ol '-i>ir, tons; wrecked, 37
nf 24,ii.r>-9 tonn. The percentage ( f
loss-ail to tonnage owned were Vtiito:
Dutch. 0,02* ltrltii-h Colonies, 011'
AiiRlrian, n.'.'it; United Kingdom 0-n
I'.-nnsn. 1147: Italian, 0.49: Ui'*; *'.
ii F>:,*. Swedish, l.04i l-'nioli nfi
Vnit��rt Stnt'-s. il��M); Norwpglan, Oflfl:
SpanlFh, 1.04: Itussian. 1.42. The
number ol mlaalng steamers during
the perlntl Buy ered by the return i :
c-.pcri-.lly notsworthy or these, pet
lew thin five were in lb" North Air"
iran trade vi/..: Armstor New Or.
leans for Baltic ports oileale: .Turn
(or Whltiinnnmfi, liallimore 'or 1'' '
tirnlatn. nntR*. Morten, U-iiIrI *���- ('
tv, ft><- P\acentla, *���:. I*   ooa': Rl Der
Two    men.  Oscar   Davles,  foreman !
prospector,  and  bis  mate,  \v.  Harris, ;
siw 'he animal  lusl  before rundown
Thev are both industrious, sober and '
Intelligent    They both atiree that fie '
creature was about IB feet  Ions, that
il was the  color of a   well-groomed
chestnul   horse,   tiiat   ii   had  a  verv
small  bead   and  an  arching  iif'-i:.    It
had   four  1ppb.   ending  with   cirri,'--"���.
feet thu. left round tracks ii inches In :
diameter In  ihe .'and     The men got
within   forty   yards   of     the     animal,
whereupon their kangaroo dog made n
d-ili Bt '!.    Por an instanl it rosp and
'���* * * cted  Hi" dog.    Then  it made a '
r--i.li     'av.'inl   for   iv.'.nty   yards,   and
Ftopped,    Presently    It    resumed   its
lournev  at   uv..->i   speed,  and   with  a
verv popullar gait.   It arched its back:
until al! four feel were close together j
aid  then cuddenly expanded Itself.
.Ni--   Pondpr  anticipated   the sallies:
' " the humorists, Imt  when they have ;
done he *-.-!!    the nun of science mn'
!"��� able ���" "conned this aecounl with
8 of others which come forward from time I
lo   lit""   of   Btrange     leasts     in
fCnntlnued from patto nr.f��
At the Theatres
Bowser  Put3    Crimp     in   Vancouver's
Half Miilion  Dcllar Project���
Mur-Jcr Charne,
'it   V
,.,   ���,.
M   1
83: mi
IE t:.
7* ���!!���,
t iii.
2H Iltl
���t  *,*)
Vancouver, Sept. sl, Hon. W, .1.
Bowser, who was in the eity yesterday, siated that he was unaware of
the Intention of the Dominion government to go ahead with a half million
dollar dockage scheme on the Mi sis Iou
Indian reserve. Hefore such was was
undertaken the question of ownership
of ibe reserve would have io be
Bottled between tin- ibi,,,.',,ion and pro
vincial governments, he siu'id.
Committed   fer  Trial.
Ex-Alderman Sidney Miller lias
i.e* i: formally committed by Magistrate siiow on a charge of bigamy.
Hail was granted in tile Bum of $6000
for Mlllei io appear in-fore tlie next
assi/e courl to Btand trial ' ��� the
Charge. The accused haB the option
ef speedy trial before Judge Mclnnes.
For Murder.
iirttiin   4-"i   20     ��"   ;l   *"''!"""   "f   wilfn*   murder,
o��;��7 ni i7.'io la's Oeorge  Wilson,  the  Indian,  who    is
ri r,K 114   6:80  2!8,!'lle���K,;,l "' bave ���|"" """ l<il1"'1 ,'""r|;r'
��!o, B-Mt.-more for Ollvoston. ���*'
raits; Then ve Horn. Mobile and Pn
Arthur ftir  Ttiit*ifTdam,    cotton    sei
r.oes -��o W.r'-.
Thp Fruhling CaptSli Or*----" li -.-,
th-p. ���depar'iToei'' 'f public works 'be
thia merging ep-rty to ro to work
the menth of the river on I'v ni
channel With n fl-nuhln few snd m-,
wn nil burners, big Hi ings are expe:
���ed of the drs-dge.
For WeeV   *���*:-Sing  fin-^iv   r-nt,
UpBtminater. Snnd Head'.
Timr "Igh. Low
I'irh. n*)i".     Tlmp. H'. Tlr��"��. i"
22   1" 20    R-20 ' 11:18 jn.R    8-31    ll.'i
?n*r.r, U-41 ' i��:r.�� 11.4 15:4. in i
21:57 in.7 19:nn 10.4
1:00 in
IS It, 81
���_ r>o ii
is :,n *>*i
1:06 \i
17 -20
i 14:43 11.8
| IIU2 m.s
16:1s 12.1
1:60 in.r.
I 1 r. - 4It 12.3
i 3:03 11.1
' 16:111 1-211
Paul, Watohee tins Charlie Wilson
and Enuna Wilson, near
cannery laBt week, is being brought
here to stand trial at lhe assizes.
Stlklme Joe, another Indian. Is also
committed on a lesser charge aiisi,,K
out of a drunken iiuarrel prim to the
killing.    Magistrate  Hood,  Illvi rs In-
.^4 let, commlti'id both men to trial last
bringing a well earned reward to the
man who is doing the foundation
work of onr country In the far-off
fields. Rringins relief to those concerned wiih thn financial affairs of
Canada and brine+o-g also a r.mewalj
of confidence In the stability and vast
resources of nur common countrv in
Great Britain deep satisfaction vill he :
felt in the Industrial life of Cnnada
itself, en'i and wist and the relief
the stimulus will give wil] bo equuVy
ereat "
ln New WestminBter, 'he clouds are
i'l-glnnine to disappear 'he merchants,
...hlle net, slocking In fall goods to the
ivtiii' lhey did i*.it year, are feeling
optimist;'- of t' i. future and art- of the
opinion llm' ,h*s -inter, despite the
' ntlor k of six months agn, wdl he bet
l'-r    til "I    '111"*    ever   evpe'-terl.
The lumber Industry, of vital lmne,t 1
-I'ice to N'ev* Westmlnntnr, Btirrouuded
:m '��� la by 'nini i - b** I bHIngle mills. Is I
��� *:i ih;* turn of :!..- tide.    H-port bus). *
ness   in  the   prairies,   dead    a    f"w
tnontlis ago, is beginning to ,i'"k  ii"
ihe palesmen **' the Canndlan Wpp-tem
i mni e- <��� "i*   the largest mill In
the wi rid. pending In reports of excel  i
lent   prosneetB  now  thai  t'-e fim"ri
re in ;i poi Hon t" dlpnover that Urn
1013  crop  w"l   bo  the  Ib'itpbI  crop   in
'in- hliitorv i r "���" r ���'i*n'i*.n west.
l,ast year, sltheueh the "ron was ,
'ar/e ind fri'.-h well harvested, it wai
only a lecilii-ei nne t" th" farmers
thenisplvPs, e^'st'ng condition" "n "*',
>r sectlrhs of the globe mitigating
aeiiipsi high orlops, which in the
u��.i'al course of events, ni'evpptpd lh��
wheat BTovera from spending the "ash
thev  Intended
Chartering ratea in the Aitetrellnn
Kngllsli and South African trade b-"-e i
also been ho hleh during the tyist few
���fontloi as to pract'callv prevent the
Praser mills from s"curtn" a pte^lTner
fnr lumber charter to Melhoui^e. be'
the nevt few weeks will -e-'b-.''v pee
n i-ii-mre to the benefit of local maun :
'''hen again, lhe lirlff rpv's'en p'-v-j
i.--oiilg on in Hi" t'-''i"fl Ht-it"" b-."|
"iiisr-d a little u-neftstness amon*r th' :
lumber men nf both ci-n't-ii- n���d will '
continue to do bo until the Democrats
complete   their   work   and   the  public
kn'*W    lbe    results
This tariff  revision  specially inter   |
"-is the shlng'" Industry "���"' b-<* "-u-  |
Of]     a     Hilltop     III     'be     Mni,,'*',,'),,rfn-    r.'j
same  In   both   H-'t'.iii   rnlumb'a   ���i*\
Wasb',i"ton     ti" ibe turjff o��� -uhinelr.B
is wiped oui altogether, th" onlv f"Hr J
of the  H. C,  men   Is tbat  the Bmuller
capitalist   will   Invest  In   shlni'ln  mllla
K'msipiit |,,n,i thn��� f|���(),| ,),,. mlirv,,t with a n-i-
ural drop In prices. Himh a wide
sweep, while allowing Canadian p.om-
peiltlo'i will, American manufacttirprK.
win take time to regulate.   lxi"a] min
are Pitting back and walling d'"-p1on. j
ments, fullv confident tbat conditions'
will take an upward turn.
This afternoon and night th" Royal
s'ock company will present a greal
atmospheric   play   entitled   "In   Mia
souri." This play made famous hv
Nat c. Goodwin, tells a beautiful
story of Missouri life whicb is id mded
wiih laughter and tears, and tlie many
character ivpes keep the audience con.
vulsed with laughter from Mar' t -
finish Mr Hoyal will tlay tho sur If
v.lm lets tli" si:iire robber go because
the firl l"ves h-m. Miss Kil'oit niavn
the college -irl. Mr. <>rav the Mn-k
smith, and llie rest of the companv
will be Bei ii iii tie* many d n ri nt
The scenic artist bas prepared some
b"!unirnl new peennry for 'his gr al
plav and Mr lioy-'l nr",n:se^ the
patrons one "f iin- besl shows he haa
y.*t given,
Choice Fresh
Fruits for Week-
End Shoppers
Table  l'eaches
���i lbs. '-���:."
'i  lln   ..'.!
Oravensl -in A; |:
3 lbs. 2."..*
New Kins in ."'* and
l u*
That is the inducement we are offering the prospective purchasers of Electrical Fixtures.
See Our Hot-Point Irons and  Heating Apparatus
All Madza Lamps at Reduced
Prices, 60c
Shades from  75c  to  $1.50���Now from 15c to 45c
Contractors for Every   Kind .of  Electrical  Work
AT THE r.D''*"iN.
The fall, special, - parts, August 30
is Bhowlng at tlie Rdleon Iheatre today    'I":*.* scene of the play is as fol-   Burr llloci<
(nances,  Dananas, Orapo  rruit.  Pep
pere, etc,
Choice Table Unit, r .., .". lbs. .1 00
Eastern Fn sh Eggs, per dozen       36c
Picnic [lams, i < r lb    17c
Special values In '!'��� as and Coffees, al
35c, 40c and 50c per Ib, Thi y are the
(Inest i btalnable
We solieil  a    trial    and    guarantee
Dean's Grocery
Plione 388.
ColL'mh'n  Strset
���"*. '****'" *>.If *>  l****'
WNSftfli"* ,,!?���*-��� ���'^���.-W*'
'Phone   106*5
Starting Today
A Great Comedy Drama with Splendid Situations.
Mondays (12 midnight) for I'rlnce  Rupert,  Stewart,  Matset,
Tuesdays il- midnight) fur Victoria-Seattle.
Thursdays (IS midnight i fnr Prince Rupert, Qranby May.
Fridays il'- midnight) for Alerl  Hay, Hardy Hay, Rivers Inlet, Ocean
Falls, Queen Charlotte Islands (direct service and fast time),
Saturdays (12 midnight) for Victoria-Seattle
Close connections al Prince Rupert   with   Grand   Trunk   raclfla
Railway trains for Terrace, Cedarvale, Hazelton, Morlcetown,
Through tickets to all polnta Bist via Chicago and the Orand Trunk
I-I, ii  BSHTH, ('  I'  .<��� T. A.
fi-T tiraiiville streel, Vancouver
W,  K   DUPBROW, Q. A   P   li
I'linnti Private Exchange m:u
Moving Pictures, 7:30 to   8:30.   Royal   Stock
Company, 8:30 to 10:30.	
Popular Prices���Matinee, 10c and 20c. Night,
20c and :.0c. '
(Except Matinees and Saturday night.)
We will hold them for you until the show starts.
HOX OFFICE OPEN 12 to 5 a. m. ANI) 6 to 9::i0.
!If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
Provincial Exhibition
Queen's Park, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1913.
$60,000    In Prizes and Attractions     $00,000
Largest ami most extensive truly agricultural exhibition In the west.
In th* beal arena weat ol Toronto.
Special Prizes for Horses, Cattle, Sheep Swine,
and Poultry.
HiRh (,lass Special Features and Attractions.
Dctter Dailies' Contest. Three D-rids In Attendance.
Special rates Otl all rnllmaiis and stoamshlp llneH.    Kntr. s closo
Kepi.  20,  1B13.
C.  A.   WEL8H,   President D.  E.  MACKENIE,
Manager nnd Socrctary.
paoi rrta
News'Sport Page TlicrtEveryboty
Dap pert on and B. C. E.
Games on Saturday���Bleachen
Used st Moody Park.
Lose Their! name agaln-nt the II ('. K. It. at Mood/
park on Saturday afternoon, the Elec-
triCI not only lieldnn-' a '.wait team,
but aeveral of lhe players were compelled to return to work utter the
_____ | aeeond  Koai  had  been  SOOred against
tbem,   The final score was 4-0.
\fter holding down their opponent..'     Weather conditions
lo the lone goal In  the llrst half, the  faat (?ame
S.ippi non- broke badly In the aecond   crowd   In
Won Trophy from J. H. Vidal at New
Westminster Rifle Club Ohoot
on  Saturday.
B. C E. It. 2, Celtics 0.
South  lllll 'i. Itlverview  1,
Highlanders 0. Cedar Cottage 0.
V. A. C. 1. (.'oipiitlam 1.
Cecond Division,
St  Andrews 7, -Colllngwood 1.
(las Co. 6, Sixth Regiment 1
Cedar Cottage 8, Y. M. C. A. 0.
City L'nited _, Kilsilano 1.
with tho n stilt that the llnuneial
Students piled up four more tallies,
the final score in lng 5-0,
Sappertons pres. iited a far different
line-up than thut which assisted llieui
last seaaon uud practically every
division will bave to be strengthened
n tb.* east enders hope to be In tha
i.ini,ing   for  championship   honors
Two of tlw players showed a tendency to rough malters, one being
ordered frnm the Held, which he re-
fused to do, while tha oilier will prob-
abl) be reported to the I. ague for action.
At  Moody   Park.
City had an easy time winning tlieir
Although   Saturday   was  an   Indian
summer day something which  Iirlilsh
Columbians   often   read   about,   but
were agalnsl  a {rare|y  <uijoy,   shooting  conditions  on
played,    even    UM   tha llrownsville rangeB   were    not of
th..  new  bleachers  feeling  lh��� k|nd l0 Ie84j t() rocor<) 8CoreB,    a
uncomfortable under tbe hot tun, llfW ha_��� wUh sil(-|lt mirage show-
riilH was the llrst occasion that the   , , aaT       tlu. aflern0on.
De*  bleacher stands were put In use. I    u  \vlls()n wUh tt 8rore of 94 won
although only half of the aceommoda- th��� w������klv H1)OOI1, posing out from .1.
Uon Is completed, I ���   Vldal, who while scoring the same
All lust week several of the players ,���.,_,���._ ���f ������ ,0Ht out on lhe 600
put In their lime at Moodv park eroo-..
Ing the stand with lumber secured hv
Herb Ryall, but lbe call for assistance
was nol answered In the wsy ll was
Intended by members of other clubs
using Moodv nark. The lumber for
the other portion of lhe stand is on
the ground and it Is up to the b.'neh
to turn to with hammer and nail if
they wish the supporting public to
turn out to the gameB.
yard range.
The following were tie
8 scores made
during the afternoon:
H. Wilson                   20
Capt. .1. H. Vldal ,..80
George Burr  29
A. I'oel  29
II.   I.indahl    80
K. Magee   20
C.  McNeil    2!
T. Todd   24
Two local men, V. C, B. (.'ave, captain of the New Westminster Cricket
club, and Secretary F. A. Bose, have
been selected to play against the Australians for the Mainianders In today's cricket match at Brockton
(Jn Saturday the visitors defeated a
Vancouver fifteen by an innings and
240 runs. Vancouver could only compile 61 In their llrst attempt, the
Cornstalks responding with 365. In
the second innings. Vancouver scored
64, two men ln the whole 3n batsmen
being able to reach double figures.
Soccer Meeting.
A meeting of the city soccer league
Is called for 7:311 o'clock this evening
ln Ityall's office, when plans   for staging a game against, either the  B.  I       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
E. It. of Vancouver or Coqultlam dur- j their founders, which was to create In
ing fair week will come up for die- | ttrnationalfrlends they have had the
Englishmen Claim Present Day Events
Are Semi-Professional Affairs���
Berlin In 1916.
London, Sept. 20��� If the wishes it
a majority of the British sportsme.i
are followed. Great Britain's last ap
pearance In thc Olympic games will be
at Berlin in 1916. This sentiment is
tteadlly growing, and public opinion
would favor withdrawing from thc
Olympic organisation immediately except for two reasons:
Klrst, the Germans might construe
the withdrawal as due to anti-German
prejudices, and, second, other might
construe It that after the poor showing the team made at Stockholm
Great Britain was unable to hold Its
own against the teams of other counties.
Semi-Professional Affairs.
Iiie policy advocated by the most
influential men In the English spj.-t-
ing world is to send a representative
and well-trained men to Berlin anil
then withdraw gracefully. The reasons behind the policy lie in the belief
that the Olympic games are becoming
semi-professional contests and that
inBtrad   of  fulfilling  the   purpot-e  of
Though    Defeated
Twenty   to   Nil
by    Rorvinn    Club
They   Will   Im
prove with Practice.
Lack of co-operation among the
three-quarters was responsible to a
certain extent for New Westminster
taking the count before the Rowing
club fifteen al (Jiiih'ii'h park ou Saturna *.* afternoon, the final score being
fi ir  converted  tries,  10  points,    to
Aiiin ugb defeated, the locals came
in   for   I b   praise   trom   the   large
.-. i.i fo. band, comment on all sides
being i" t'o* effect that the present
formation ol the Royals la rastly
stronger  than  that  which  took  the
' * ! last winter and with u better un-
de landing among the back division
ins'.-ad of individual efforts, several
of ths  senior teams in the Vancouver
uni n will in outclassed when the reg-
ular league schedule is under way.
F.nt Half.
Playing uphill against a strong sun
:������ an unfavorable wind, the Royals
were outplayed In the first hulf. two
goala wer*- second by the Rowing
club. In the second half, with the down
grade in their favor, the play was
mo .* event)  matched, the tough line
of :ii" i isi ior* narrowly escaping lielng cross'd on several occasions, Andrews lacking a f<-w Inches when
downed by iwo of the opposition bucks
Line   Solid.
Tho forward pack of the Hoyals -a as
more than a match for the Rowing
club. Savage and McDonald being
llirrn With the wight, while the former was always noticed in the thick
of the dribbling runs
Davis, one ol tlie nev. faces, made
a good impression on the three-quarter line. Ho win probably be shifted
to full tiiick In the next game, how.
over. Smith being moved un from the
back   field   in   partner   Hoult
ludglng trom the attendance, English n-*.-! y lias taken bold in lhis city
and With the presence Of several more
playi r.i joining the ranks, the for
midable season of 1918-14  will be In
the  nal nre of a come-back   lor    New
Westmin ate?,
Thr Tcamt,
The line up ol tho teems follow;
Oarsmen Westminster,
Cami ron   Bmlth
Mc Lean   l"> -u?
Rills   I niv's
Praser    Ruddock
when the play Is blocked. It Is of the I
utmost   Importance   to   gather   round j
���O .'is to prevent the ball shooting out |
of the ruck ai any old angle, allowing
th" opposition a chance to slip away
with an advantage which they did not
del - n c
Uncovered   Men.
The line-outs twere not us well
watched as lhey should have heen.
Oarsmen were sometimes lift uncovered nnd were able to Initiate dangerous paalsng from lhe line outs.
The backs willMinprovc with practice, bin al present there Ib no combination amongst Ibem It can be remarked, though, that Smith of Columbia college still plays a brilliant
game at fall back and that Jack Hoult
Is Improving nil the time. Once all he
could do was to run fust but now he
Ib gaining In knowledge of when to
kick, and his tackling Is unite good.
When he runs straight he makes big
Are New to Them.
The spectator on the Bide line would
of course notice some crude mistakes
*.vi"ii made, but tliey bave lo remember that a number of men ure playing
the game for the first time nnd to
know the right thing to do In nn emer-
gency comes only as the fruit of experience.
There -will be iwo balls on the field
for  the   work  out   this   week   und   the
forwards   won't    have   to   stand    Idle
while   tbe   bncks   practice.
Baseball Results.
cusslon and action. The sports com
mlttee of the U. A. ���& I. society will
hold a meeting this evening when the
soccer men will make a report.
Yesterday's Games.
W. 1.. Pet
Vancouver     94 65 ,691
I'ortland      83 69 .546
Seattle   85 75 .531
Victoria   80 85 .484
Taooma   72 9- .439
Spokane     66 94 .412
Bellingham Elki Won.
Bellingham, Sept. 21.��� The Spokane
Northwestern league baseball
���without a regular game loday while
en route from Vancouver to Spokane,
dropped a game here today to the
local Elks team by a score of 4 to 2.
II.    J.
1!.     H.
.   -1
1      6
���_t-indinn of City  Le��"u?
K< vera
H  C. B. B.
Sapperton   .
Burnaby ..
1,   I)
F, A. Pa
Yesterday's Gsmes.
At Tacoma: 11
Victoria      3      .
Tacoma      9    15
Barham  anl   Shea;   Kuufman
St cond Game:
Fltchner   and   Hrottem;
At Seattle:
Eastli-y   and   Murray
Second game: K     II
i'ortland       2      7      1
Seattle      2      5      1
Eastlev  nnd  King;   Kelly  and  Cadman    Tie game called.
Saturday's Scores.
Vancouver 8-6, Spoksne, 1-2.
Seattle. 7:   Portland, 1.
Vlctorlu.   S*   Tncoma.  1.
Standing of the Clubs.
 1-      I
.. 2    8     ::
Mclvor   and
W.    I..
Vork      93    41
Philadelphia   ...*  so r,3
Chicago     82 li'
Pittsburg      75 66
Brooklyn   60 78
Iloston      61 77
Cincinnati      63 85
Sl. I.ouis   49 96
,5.. 2
opposito effect     	
Tteo. Cook, who is the most Initial meiSber of the British Olympic
council, in discussing the matter, said:
"Personally I am of the opinion that
as soon as we have decided that a
team can be sent to Berlin, we should
also decide to withhold from the
team, 'games in the future, at a date previom
to the choice of the city at which the
games will be held in 1920. 1 say
this in spite of my belief that preparations for the Olympic games and
competitions are of the greatest benefit to all forms of sport in this ccrm-
' try, because we Beem too much in-
CAME TO THIS CITY ;cline<l  to  take  things  easy,  to  avoid
  I all trouble, and to play    ous   games
Captain    of   Famous   Cricketers Was   among ourselves, whether other pe_-
Wlllinn to Play Here. pie play them better.
Had   the   sailing  of  the   Australian!    The discussion over the apneal for
liner been  set back one or two days I*50n-000 an Olympic fund has brought
..... , ,.  .        I forth   more  evnressions     of    opinion
the exhibition authorities would have , agalnBt  thK  Olympics  than   favorable
had tlie opportunity of engaging    thejto them, most of the opposition com-
' Australian cricket team to play on thej ing from old university men.
(Queens park oval one afternoon  dur- "
ing show   week, and at  a  very  email !
figure at that.
Manager Henjami n. of the Cornstalks, interviewed two members of
the local cricket team on Saturday
during the progress of the Vancouver-
Australian match and expressed his
Willingness to stage a one-day match
at Queens park, but the fact that the
visitors sail from Vancouver on Wed
nesday. October 1. made it impossible
for Secretary Itose to offer any en
F. C. It Cave, skipper of the local
eleven, was on the long distance
j phone with Mannger Beajamen last
evcnlne. the latter promising
in this city certain next fall when
tin- Australians pay a second visit
through Canada and the United
Tickets Everywhere
J. J. JONES, Managing  Director.
Columbia Street,  New Wettmintter, B.C.
Agents for I��.  K.  Brown, Hop*- & Macaulay,  Ltd..  Gtnpral Railway and
Steam hip Agents,  of  Vancouver,  B. C.
BOILERS  Riveted Steel Plp<
       BURN OIL
P. O. BOX 442
Prat, and Q**\. Up.
Me. ud Traaa.
Fir, Cedar and Spruce
Phonea No. 7 and 177.
J. H. Todd's Music House
Seedy   Looking  Perton   Rode  Behind
Bill Gut-lridrje to the City'e Rein.     | Singer Sawing  Maehlnea.
forced Hotel.
419 Columbia Street, New Weatmlnater.
Small  Muaical Gooda of all Kinds. PHONE 894.
A.   E.  Vert  Producee  Communication
From  Provincial  B. C. A. A. U.
Secretary Endorsing Action.
Mel 1
A careful ami -well laiil plot concoct- j
oil by two members of tlie local board
of 'in- R  1'. A. A. 1'. and which If pass-
nl Iiv the lm luhcrs, would have meant
1, r, solution l-elnit kepi from Tho Npkr
was unearthed nt tlm meeting of the'
"���"iliiir union held last Friday even- :
im* I
The   only   cause   of regret   to the
promoters of such 11 plot was (o see '���
'.: defeated  hy a heavy vote, only the
mover  and  seconder  recording  tlieir
voles In support of such a resolution, i
As nn alternative A. K. Vert, Re-ore -
tary or lln- local hoard, stated that the
opinion   of   Milton   Oppenheimer,   see-]
irelary of 'lie provincial executive, an.l
Alio connected with the V. A. ('. pro- j
fesslonal lacrosse club, had explained
his authority for hlm to curry the pro-1
I vincial   championships   In   hls  pocket
and   h"  wan  supported  by  the board
a resull of the show- ',����� having acted within his rlRlils. sole-
���1  lhe Oarsmen,    But]Iv throimb tiei-iiK a member of the pro-
Montreai    .Sent. -1
was spiked ill the lacrosse coffin here
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   yesterday    when    the    championship
Yesterday's Garnet. 1 Bame of the N.  I..  V. between  Mont-
At Cincinnati: H.    ll.    K j real  A.  A.  A. and Cornwall  ended  in
v:"��   Vork      0      fi      :i , a row at the end oTTlrp--secomi quar-
Cincinnati    2    c,     1 ter, both teams leaving the field,
Ti sreau.    Crandall    and    Meyers;)    The cause of the strife was the pro-
Johnson and Kllng. test    made    by    the    Wing-Wheelers
Second game:                     R.    H.    E. | against the  Factorv Town  team,    on
New  York     7    14      -ithe Kround that  the latter were play
Cincinnati    5     6     1 hng men not ellglbl
li'-mareo.  Marquard    and    Mayers, ti,a ^-,(1 ot the second quarter was
Wilson!  Ames, Iirown and  Kllnp. ;     1>r,,si(i(,���,  j|mmy  Murphv
Atrhlfago: R,    H.    E j���t,on )0 RPt,is lh.'trouble
J|a doub'ful character,
will give ln.
R,    H.    E
.   i      S
n        9
Smith    and |
Sa und' "s
.    Itadley
1 lalfl ark
^^M     Melloiinld
X"-""    Andrews
Witter   Decker
Mien   Logan
lb ek Duncanson
Car-r-ient'   on   Game,
lln all sides !t Is agreed that West
i-inster  hns  the  material  fi"-  a  good
rugby fifteen as
Iiu; made again
Brennan and Killlfer;
Archc. ^^^^^^^^^^^
Second gnme: II.   H.    ES,
Philadelphia    2    k     1
Chioagp    rt     5     2
Called end eighth: darkneBs.
Ai  St.  I.ouis: R.
Boston    2
St.    l.OlliB        0
Qulnn   and   Rarlden;   Perrltt,   Tre-
kell and Snyder.
Second game: R.    H.    E
Boston       8      9      1
St. Louis      1      5      4
Tyler and  Rarlden;    l'lelhans    and
Saturday'"   Results.
Pittsburg, 1-3:  Hrooklyn. 0-4.
Other   games   postponed:   rain.
1      TMreOt me to    the    Star    hoar-dine
...W_.T I honae."   was  the  retort   uttered  to P
C.  Bass late Saturday evening bv    a
strange looking individual. One glares
by Bass sufficed him that the speak��i-
'was  a   stranger,   while  a  second    informed him that Columbia street was
]no  place for such    an    Individual at
RTAKERl'hat  time of night.    "Certainly" sa'd
j Bass.     "Walt  one   moment  and    the
Another    nail   hotel bus will be along."
The toot-toot of Bill Buttridge in the
city buzz wagon was soon heard,    in 1
which Bass did the honors by inviting j
the stranger to travel.
At tho polim station-Charlie- Pitten-
drigh was just thinking of whether he
would retire for the night when Bass
and   the   stranger   hove   In   sight.     It
took considerable coaxing  from  Bass
I and Charlie to impress the seedy look-
The  score  at I ing  Individual of  the  new  order    cf
things  in  force at the star boarding
called j house which required a lodger's name
which is of iin the register.
neither team ,    Magistrate  Kdmonds  will look  hlm
lover at 9:30 o'clock this morning.
I ���
H.    E
r>    2
s    11
several nf the players have a lot lo
learn nnd thn team as n whole has
In gain In finish beforo any real Impression can be made.
vincial   executive.
Contrary  to  the  opinion  expressed
Hy a malority of the members of thi
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     II. A   and I. society, Mr. Vert expla.n-
It  Is that  extra lilt  of llnlsh  to an led  himself In  regard to the Sons   if
tittacliliig movement that brings scores Scotland meet that lie had merely sng
mni vlctorv,    A man may run fnr and I bested  the exhibition  authorities ar-
we'l. but if h" does not know the right I rnnglne   Scottish   sports   and   not   as
moment to give 11 pass or If he gives I generally  regarded that of practicaly
r-  forward  pass the entire attack    Is j submitting  an  ultimatum  to  the  so-
rendered abortive. I "lety.  "that  the Scottish  sports  wltll
Pas- First. jthe provincial championships or drop
The best principle for nil pluyers is | both."
to hi-irs before thev nre tackled. ]    0. I. Sovcelgn, physical director of
It Is oulte proper for n forward or the Y.  M. 0. A., in sneaking during
n h-*rk t>, eo all alone for the lino If j diet  discussion,    mentioned    the fa"t
ho han suddenly found himself Isolftt-Uhnt there h"d been a misunderstand-
,',1 r-r) in [t pns'tlrn  to mskii tracks I'"" In the cltv ns to the lotion of Mr.
for   llm   line,   hut   when     the   plaver Vert nod thlt this action had loft 'loin pc+sri-nlnn of f'o I nit in among his i '"lnresr'on   ln  the cltv  hat   Mr.  Vert
fi Hows, ho n"int  \teon hls even onen j
for n ���nn  "ho |>i bettor p'aced t���**"���*n
blm self,  imd   *****   th"  bnll  -on   after |
hn y-n hr---."--'.'  ti"> def��nce <>n him, I
but before be has been tackled.
Another dint ivsentlal Is to look
wh-pr8 one Is nanslnir. One. two, or
th-re,. noon,���������.ft ���n Rnturdny had tie
men ken' Mieir evos on the msn who
ivrni i-mnlng to tnckle them Ins'end of
on the pbyer of their own side to
whom lhey were I'bont to pass.
Thn attempts at pissing wero certainly Ill-timed, but the groat finlt wbs
thnt ench man was for himself alone.
The forwards of Saturday can con-
crntulale themselves on having held
tholr own pretty well, but thev need
more cohesion. "Racking up" Is a
(jreat. fenlure of forward plav.    Thev
wan acting perhans too highhanded.
S-innerHng Mr. Vert's Action.
Anvivn" the resolution was carried
ifi'lnst th" wishes of the two d"le-
..it"s. President J. I. Keary and Tlpi
D**n other natter acted upon tho
mnpHng "'ns '-o change the place of
"oetlnp for the next session to the
Moose 1/odge rooms. Tho meml'ers
'*t**i*iti this "tan explained that Lady
Mcotlne would be only too welcom-i
ivl.lle discussing sports.
Standing of the Clubs.
W.    I
Philadelphia     fl
Cleveland      82
Washington     82
Boston      72
Chicago    73
Dotrolt     62
New  York     B2
St.  Louis     53
No Sunday games.
Saturday  Results.
Philadelphia.  4;  Detroit. 2.
New York, 7: Cleveland, 3,
Washington, fi; St.. 1/duIb, 3
Hamilton Tigers Win.
Winnipeg. Sept. 21. ��� Hn-m'lto"
Tigers gave a pretty exhibition of
the finer points of the game <*t rugbv
here on Saturday afternoon when thev
disposed of tho Winnipeg Warriors bv
the score of 28 to 1 In the flrst game
of their western jaunt. Nearly 3000
enthusiasts watched the teams perform, being the largest crowd which
ever watched a rugby game In Winnipeg. The vlsltom were royallv entertained before leaving here tor Regina.
Entire Change ef Program Daily.
The Call
Tiemendous Interest will certainly -be taken in this unusual story
of a woman's choice between two men���her husband, whom the
world regards as a failure, and his beBt friend. A clever turn of plot
is the husband's change of idei tlty when, after a railroad wreck, he
finds another man has been bu; led for him.
���_,|.MI      li-ill-.il.-     Wl      MM"..,-.      y.m. ,
must movo together in the dribble and fm tn�� 'ocals,
Renin* Takes First.
Moose .law, Sask., Sept. 21.���Regina
defeated the Moose Jaw Tigers In the
opening game of the 8. R. P. II. seaaon hero Saturday hy a score of 13 to
6.   P��glna Played better football than
Newark Grab Pennant.
New York, Sopt. 21.���The Inter,
national league season closed todav
with a game between Newark and
Jersey City, which the Newarka, this
yenr's champ'or- *****1 r" n rcore S
to 4. The scheduled doubleheader between Providence and Baltimore at
Providence waa cancelled because of
New Submarine
 Telephone Cable
Long Distance Calls Now Received for:
VICTORIA and all other Island Offices
Hassam Paving Co., of B. G, Limited
Layer* of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
The Bank of Vancouver
���ranch** Throughout th* Provlno* ��f Srttlah CalumMs.
Saving* 0��p*rMi*nt *t all Branch** Tvpoalt* ot Oa* Dollar *fx*
upward* r*o*lv*d aad InUmt at th* h^ft** eamat nrt* saM or
credited half yearly.
Draft* and Tmvaltor*' Chiqu** mM, payabl* te all Baits of lha
CHAS. O. PENNOCK. Sanaral M*n*p*��. ^HH
Naw  W**tmln*t*r ********'. Avi W. BLACK, Ms
:. ��� ni.*    '
. ������ ., .   .  .
-' www r
**.u* mn
ceived for Tue News at the (allowing places: F. T, Hill's drug store,
Gis Columbia street; A. Sprlce,
Queensburuugh, Lulu laiand.
�� RATES. ���
Classlflsd���One cent per word per
uy; 4c per word per week; 16c per
month; 6,000 worda, to be used as required within one year Irom date of
contract, 126.00.
housework, apply -27 Queens
general housework und partial care
cf children; expert cooking not   re
nnlnan.      ....efen l-Uli AlllllV     M TS      \V
 ing not   .
quired;  references.    Apply  Mrs, W,
A. Peters, 53s Eighth street.   i_0!itj)
iducation  for outside  position.  Apply  room  3,  64-i    Clarkson    streel.
New Westminster, before 10 a.m.
mre in large or small quantities for
spot cash. Will give full value or
will sell your household gooda and
effects by auction. Will guarantee
to realize value or no commission
charged. H. J. Russell. Westminster
Auction HouBe, King's hotel block,
Columbia street. (1981)
half miles from city, 14 acres, 8
cleared; good 10 roomed house,
good barn, 60,000 young strawberry
plants, assorted fruit trees in bearing $5io yearly, Apply Curtis &
Dorgan. <20981
with hot water; cost |10. Apply 252
Burnett street. (2061)
miles out. less than 80 minutes' ride
ou II. C. Electric from New Westminster; soil excellent, bottom or
upland as desired; tram frontage
��� 150 an aero and remainder just
back of frontage lots $100 and $12.1.
Terms quarter cash, two yearB for
balance. This ls a sacrifice; estate
to be cleaned up at once. Sole
agents, Curtis 4_ Dorgan, New Westminster.    Phone 40ti.    No trades.
tbe normal value, owing to the extreme poorness of the lemon crops.
French oil of lavender Is also dearer,
while such a large proportion of the
English-grown lavender is solid in
bunches and so little kept back for
distilling that the price of the oil is
too high to allow of Its use in the
cheapest perfumes.
wood; cord wood $.'��� per cord. Btovs
wood $2.5 u per rick. Telephone
mos. (2026)
finished, and large cleared lot. Edmonds. Clear deed. Cheap for
cash. Apply Owner, George Warue,
Eighteenth avenue, Edmunds.
FOR SALE���$1.0* DOWN, $1.00 PER
week, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges; every one guaranteed. Mar
ket square. (198.1)
side car, lady's black handbag containing small sum of money, bunch
of  keys  witb   owner's   name   plate, i
and lady's gold watch, hunting cas*\
bearing  raised  monogram  M. C* G. |
Finder please return to this office,
Reward. (2068)
Condltiona  In   Many   Mines  In  Great
Britain���Nationalization  la
Edinburgh, Sept. 21. -Speaking at
the conference of the Scottish Miners' Federation at Edinburgh, Robert
Smlllie said that they would not secure the nationalization of mines by
merely drafting a bill and passing
resolutions. They must convince the
public of the national benefits that
would arise from tiie adoption of sucii
B measure.
In many of the mines in Great Britain the qiistlon of profits came first *
and sufety Becond,   If the mines were
state  property  ami  worked  by    tii";
state on behalf of the whole of the
people, for tlie benefit of the nation i
and not for private profit, greater oare
would   be   taken   of   the   lives   Of   llie
Proceeding, .Mr. Smlllie said tho nationalisation of the mines would also
eliminate tiie argument    that    Wages
Should be ruled by the ability to pay
of the worst situated mine.   The state
would pool the whole bill and would!
enable all the mines to be worked, tha
best situated mines making up for the;
worst.     Re   did   nr"   thin!;,  however. '
they would nationalize the mines In a
few years.    Ile did not think it would ;
be a grod thing If they did.
He  thouuiit  they  must  In  the  first
place nationalize  the  legislature,  because he recognized tbat with a Hous"
of Commons as at present constituted !
the probability was that the nationalization of the mines would be a curse
ratiier than n  blessing.    Ills expert- j
ence convinced him more than ever of;
the necessity of their having a party
of iheir own. a strn:*-ht  party, in tiie
House of Commons, absolutely hide- '
pendent of the other two.
Scandal In Paria Over Discovery That
Wheat Operator's Line  Was
Not Private.
rHESE twn very attractive homes must
be sold-    Owner  forced  tu sacrifice  ini
exttarx      ..      Illll.i     ...__.. i
order to ralst
ments, a four roomed suite, furnished or unfurnished, hot and cold
water, electric light, gas, private
baths, for $20. (20911
bungalow:      $16.     Also     furnished
rooms.    Doling. Edmonds.       (2092)
furnished    front     rooms;      private
family; nl Columbia street.     (-H.S7)
ke-eping rooms. $10 and $15 per
month at 224 Seventh street. (1986)
NEW HOME���7 rooms, thoroughly modem, and has never been lived in. situate
corner lot, 100x��2 feet; 18th St Beautiful vi.-w. \ i-ry attractive price untl
DOM new cement block house, extra
��� lot in Itwn and sunn- fenced, situ-
Just    off    Kingsway.    Price    only
10.    Very attractive terms.
NOTE���These iwo bouses were built for
lennes and arc offered :.t ;i priee bss
than what the material and labor eost
to build tbem. regardless of the valuable
propertieg upon whieb they are erected.
Phone 312.
201 Westminster Trust Building.
, ;
Province of British Columbia, County
of Westminster,
By    virtue   of   a   distress warrant
issued   in   an    action    by    Pearson's
Limited,  and   to  me directed  against
the goods and chattels of Seabold &
Jones,  I  have seized and    taken    the
following.    All the furniture, bedding.
carpets, linoleum, etc..  In  sixty-three
I bedrooms and  halls in the Dominion
hotel, and all the tables, chairs, cut
| lery. glassware-, crockery, show cases,
I stock In  trade, linen, eooking range,
. _.���.".,..   ...,r-,.v. |Utensils, etc., in tlie Hoyal cafe. corn, i
UAD  DEBTS  COLLECTED  EVERY- of six,h a|1(] Columbia streets,  New
where.     No   collection,   no  Charge.  Westminster   HC
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag-     A'��� of whi;,h , sha|I es.pose for Bala
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Van-1at ,.���a-arm-s Linii���.d building, corner
Sixth   and   Columbia   streets,  on   Friday, thn 26th day of September, AH
11113, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the
September 17th, 19KS.
T. J. ARM8TRONG, Sheriff,
Bailiff for the Landlord,
ers, 716 Queens avenue. 11927)
fhe Tenderfoot Was Anxious to Get
the Full Particulars.
An Idnbo guide waose services wero
retained by bome wealthy young easterners desirous of hunting iu the northwest evidently took tbem to be the
greenest of tenderfoots, since be undertook to ebatr them with u recital
something as follows:
"It was my lirst grizzly, so I wna
mighty proud to kill blm lu n baud tu
band struggle. We started to flghl
about sunrise. Wben he tlnully gave
up tbe gbost tbe sun was going dowu."
At this point tbe guide paused to
note the effect of his story. Not a
word wns said by tbe easterners, sc
the guide added very slowly, "fur tbe
Becond time."
"I gather, then," said one young gentleman, a dapper little BostouluD. "thai
lt required n period of two days tc
enable you to dispose of tbat grizzly."
"Two days and a nlgbt," said ths
guide, with a grin. That grizzly died
mighty bard."
"Choked to death?" asked the Boston inn.
"Ves, sir." said the guide.
"Pardon me." continued the flubblte,
"but what did you try to get biui to
swallow?"��� Lipplncott'8.
in   Hull!;.-   bought   ��
nil  lie paid.  I   ttlitlk,
couver,  B.C,
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Hoard of
License Commissioners for the City of
.,'ew Westminster at their sitting, to
be held on the 10th dsy of December,
1913. or at any meeting prior thereto
lhat the amplication ean be heard, for
transfer of the license to Bell liquor
by retail Issued In respect of the
Occidental botel premises, Columbia
���reet. N.w Westminster, B.C., from
i lie bolde
Terms of Sale Cash.
Notice is hereby given    that an ap*
plication  will  be  made  to  the   Hoard !
of License Commissioners for the City
of New Westminster at tlieir sitting |
Michael Gowan, to Justus  ,,, -j,. held on the Kith day of Decern !
Swanson and Adolf Oltn Hans'
Dated this 26lh day or August, A.D.
(1979) License Holder.
lie I.. ���- -*< and .*'.. Block  1, H ib-dtvlsion
-I- I  - .up i. I- ei n i .  .   in the
I     trlct nf Nev   (Vi itminsu
When    . nr.ii.i of the Ins*- nf C   * fie iti
of -i ��� ���  ;-.  n b. -   * ISS i'. Issui 'I in ��������� ��������� ������������
ot  Alice   May   I ���orrroin   hus  ��������� ��� n   filed  In
tbl-. nffli
Nol .���.'.-.   ;_i* . *   ���' .*   t  Khali,  nt
11-.- cxplral  I on��   in* ���      froi ii  *
of the flrsl publication hereoi   in   ��� dally
':��������*-*!-1.. *   published   In   the Civ   ot  N'-w
Westminster, Issue n duplicate   ��� ' tbe snld
I-* ni",*....   unlesn   In   thi   mennlli ������  vail ���
object nn  be  mat),  to  me  e.  ��.*,*.* g
3.   <���   i.WVSN.
I llstrlel   tti in-.*   i r Titles
T-nnii Registry ' ��'f'* ���   New Westminster
B.C.,   rub   September,   1913. C20TS)
Coquitlam Municipality,
Please tnke note thai in** efflcei
nhnve   municipality   nre   . n- ��� -..,\
ritt   River  Road,   Mntu   ��� >    *
A.  liAI.l'Bt-RTON
I _<17"i>
B.C. Coast Service
Leaves VHnouver for Victoria 10 a. ta.
t p, m. end 11 :46.
Leaves Vancouver for Seattle 10 a. m.
i a n. p m.
fjpiivep Vancouver for Kanalmo 10 a.m
end ���<  8"  f-.m.
Leavw   Vancouver   tot   Prince   Rupert
Hid   N<>"     Pnlnf*    (ft   fi    m     Weilnns
ilttya   mni   ttuturrlaya   uf   11   p in.
CliHIiwack Servico
'.-���iivfe  Chllllwack   7   m    in    Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday,
Leaves   We-tt nni-tiT   H   o,   ui.   -i* *'.'tnr
i   ��� m.esitiiy snd  KHilny.
lii   OOl'MM'   Agent,  N.w   ir.--tn.ii-"-'
IL   W.   _'.Ili)IJ___.   l_.   P.   A..   VlulOuul'St,
ber, 1913, or at tiny nieetin*; priori
thereto that the application can be j
heard, for a transfer of the license to l
sell liquor by retail Issued In respect j
of the Merchants Hotel, In the City
of New Westminster, B.C., from the
holders. Paul Itoot and .1. A. Malm, t ��� !
the Baid .1. A. Malm.
Dated tills _nth day of August, A.D I
I   A.  MALM,
Lie'-iiHe  Holders.
What  wiih   the harbor  Improve-
ments, the further
the  fisheries and
Ladies' Tailoring Branch
surely Westminster Is coming to
lier own.
Tailor to Ladles and Gentlemen.
Westminster Trust Block.
In London Clubland.
iu some of tbe ultra exclusive elnbs,
says tbe London Tatler, it Is a seritiu*
breach of etiquette for one aieiubei to
speak Ui another without obtaining u
ceremonious introduction beforehand
A painful case has Just Occurred in a
certain old established and extremely
respectable Pall Mail caravansary It
appears that s newly joined member
In callous defiance of custom ventured
the otber nfteruoon to make u remark |
nbout tlie weather to ii gentleman with
whom be was mit personally ii.-.|iiaiui-
eil. The recipient of tins outrage
glared stonily at Its perpetrator.
"Did you presume to address me,
sir?" he demanded, with au awful
"Ves, I did." was the defiant reply.
"I said It was a line day." The other
digested tbe observation thoughtfully.
Tben. after ail impressive pause, nu
turned to Its bold exponent "Well,
pray don't let It occur again." tie remarked as be buried himself ome mure
in bis paper
A Knocker That Meant Life.
Si.   cruel    were   Slilnc   uf   the   pillllsh-
tnents meteil out tn criminals in England  centuries ago  that   It  wns  small
, wonder Ibv poor wretches claimed the
"richt i.f sanctuary."   if tbey reached
a ebiireh or some otbpf privileged pi.no
the law cottid nnl touch tbem,    ,\ curt-
uus  relic  In  eniiuet-tiun  wltb  this ens-
: turn exists today In the form uf 'iiu
I quaint knocker nn lhe door of Imtlinin
i cathedral.    Tbe applicant bavin-.' bum-
j niered at the portal, one of the persons
! Inside would inspect blm through t����
eyes   nf   the   cupper   musk   above   tbo
: knocker  anil  after  duo  parley   would
j admit ibe frightened criminal.
New Imported Fall Suitings now on
display,    Si e tbem.    Perfect  fit and
workmanship guaranteed. Prlc-Os from
$18.00 up.    T'.l   Front Street.
London, Bept, L'I     Blenders of perfume are paying two nr three times
tin-  normal   price  for at  least two of '
the essential oils which enter Into the
composition  Of  many  of  the  popular
hoep t s.
Attar of runs, for Instance, i.s at
present fetching about il cents u drop.
Tli" bulk of tlie supply comes from '
Bulgaria, and to a Large extent tti"
doarness is due io the recent, war atul j
iiie consequent unrest In tlie rose-
growing area.
Ol fi'ect  of tlie exorbitant  figure I
it   which   Bulgarian   attar  ir.  quoted |
has in en tu stimulate the distillers in
the south  of  France  to  produce    a j
simiiiir article, which is likely in be-
come a keen  rival;  another comnetl-
t'.r   Is   nn   artificial   essence   which I
ib.sei, resembles Hi" natural product j
ami   Hells   al   about   a   si.'.tli   of     the
Kssence ,,:' lemon, which is also
' :��� basis of cheap varle-
Cologno and other popu
I largely used ai
, lies of eau de
I lar perfumes, Is fielli����� at. three times
Authoress Tells of Her Adventures In ,
tbe Care ot Feathered Pets and
Pleais Tor Better Protection Foe
Blrda In Canada���Nova Scolis
Prohibit-! the Keeping ol Native
Birdi In Cages.
As  n  member  of the  An lul.nti  So- i
elety. I do not believe in aviaries, ex-1
eept for scientific purpose-., says Mar-
shail    Saunders,   the   widely-known
Canadian    authoress,   in   Canadian
Courier, Mine I-* rather a I ird ii'liue. i
1 rsrelv buy birds, unless lhey nre
in a distressed condition. When n
unlive bird ,- brought tu me, sick.
wounded, or deserted, I doctor it. utid.l
il possible, let it go when le.toreil to
However, sometimes they won't go.
My  six  Int  r.itiiu-.  and  my une tiny'
suiil:  i-parrn-.v.  who  follows  nie abmit
like a little dig, would be very much
hint. ,t  I   put them out in the cold:
world.   Sn |  avail myself "f the per-���
nnt granted mo by tlie Government,
anil let them stay mind the luxuries ol
civilized  bird   life.
Our excellent Nova Scotia,, provincial law forbids the capture ur keep-
inu is captivity ul any native bird, I
wi-li tin-re could l��e all over Canada
i ��� equally kind law forbidding llie
importation uf foreign wild birds, such
as Kir-ii-li l_.rk.. bulllinciic.-, gold-
f'li'-lu--. Iiiineis ami others thnt Mil'I.r
untold torture in coming here. Oue
-ee- them in tiny cages, piled una
above the otli r in liiril .-tures m t'aim-
dian cities, bitiuu tlie nars nf their
cages, clnrpin, tlieir plailitivi pro-
tests, sml eating and drinking in mis-,
eiy ol lit's.rt. There are a lew persons
who mniiii-'c to keep these foreigners]
fur sume tim in cages. Usually tliey
die  within s year.
A baker In
bullfinch fnr
three dollars
"it won't live." 1 saiil. "I have hard
wnrk tn keep these foreigners, even in
my aviary."
He i .ought me tlie bint, ami I cave
lum a canary. "Here." t -mid. is a
domesticated bird I let you have it.
because ynu assure me you trill keep,
it in a very large cage with other
llien I went .1' wn ts the bird store,:
and liniliiiL' another bullfinch, bought
it For a few weeks, tin* Iwo lards
had a happy time flying shout the
aviary, then tin y died. 1 went buck
tn the bird sti re, ami said In tbe kind-
hearted man who keeps it. "When I
was last in Boston. I asked a man in
'.In- lar;.'est Inr I store tliere. why he
liail sn few forei-_'ii birds, ami su many
canaries. He an;wered that tlie Ior-
eigners all died soon, and bis customers were displeased. Canaries are
used tn cajfe lilc. and live longer, am!
sing bolter than any foreigners be
could import."
When I told t.'ii- tn cur Halifax
man. he said, ' - shall import nu mor*-
Here is unri; fnr humane individuals and societies all over Canada ���
protest a.nii:-! lbe importation ol any
liinl tliat is miserable in captivity.
Bird*, ilini we may Ioi k upon as
sein. il"!in'-:, ute I are tin* Australian
1 arakeets, that used to ' : caught ss
thev fed in large Hecks on lhe -i-,-.i-
of tali grasses growing on the plan,--
ol Australia Now they nre rallied in
aviaries in Germany. I had s few i :
these  i :nl-.    v.in-   gladly  exchanged
cat'c   lilc   b i   tli.'lit   about   my   i ���
basement aviary, and up the well t.,
lhe big cane on the rout, where tliey
have tlnrty-tw . i."t by Hftci.ii ol -un-
siiitM*. I "i a nesting place. Ihey chose
a hole ii! tb" ceiling ni the baseim ul
a*, iary. Hiei ��� nn vhe rough boards,
they brought out young parakeet- un
til, v.,il. ..tli. i- given tu i ie, I dually found 1 lia I twenty, Tliey amuse I
themselves fur a time in their partlj
,mti,inl surroundings 51 earth lh".i
shrubs, nnl -mail trees, then lie*-*
youngsters having nn housekeeping
duties waxed mischievous.
Tliey chose i"i victims, not my can
hi..- nor tie* cardinals, pigeons, mi.
bits, the bantam inn who lives wnn
tin.* liinl-, in.i our differ* * dogs, wiu
run in and out of tiie sv inr.. Int .,
numerous family ..l ring- I ,\ s. i in*
gent'J dove i sol U untl sl iry is, ul
course, a fiction, hum- are Ihe i rize-
fighters ol th ��� bird world, a I says slapping an.I l>iiii-'iu- .alii utiu-r between
i.n i- ui In...-, a: 'I cu-uiny, ami look-
in*- like mi-, i- .Niy oldest pan usi 1
ti lifiil ami overcome a purple sain
nule. bm tliey in turn wire inii.-tei.il
b> He-.- parakeets. The . .tl..- greefi
rogues would Ily ruiltlv lu tin* doves'
livads, nibble the leathers, and tiy
awa) again, A sitting dove had �� lino |
tune, fur sii * could not sIihIm.' theui :
oft, i In.- pan,keels dui nnt ent. Ihu
feathers -I t..k-- care that tliey have .*
varied lootl supply���tliey mply nibbled until tliey wre bare B.nt.-. Kill-1
ally I -hut lln- doves in u purt nf ttie |
awary liy themselves, but they moped i
anl became ill, so I let them uut;
_.���'nii! tu ihelr (ireat delight, They
had missed llie other birds, showing
thai, like us, iIn-i are lnml ut company, and wnulil rather have a lew
troubles than be bored to death.
line mull,  iluve Hew stl'HIglil  tu the
iiux  ol  n   big,   white  fauliiil  pig.	
nent in it. and the two . ,.ve become
a liiiiliiul in.'I loving pair. I clipped
tlie win;; n| tni --snr.-t Ai. IiiiIihii. and
ttiitcli tin* utin is. frequently taking
away a dove Inut is t j much -i I
upon, su oti tin* whole both doves and
parakeets gel on nbout ���> comfort
ably as must human beings do Uninterrupted bliss dues not lull to tin-
lot ul birds iiji> mure than it dues to
hitman beings.
Birds aie very like ourselves���bul-
lies and saint-, ami no one all good,
ami uo une ail had. Environment
counts, and heredity counts, ami bro.
ther and sister birds are Bcmelltnt'S as
far apart as tlu* poles in then n-spec j
live dispositions They arc an intensely inlere-ting study, and the
more one learns about tbem, tiie im.ti
out' wants tu kirn*.
Montreal Minister Tells What He Saw
on His Visit to Canadian
President    of    Provincial     Executive
Council  Raised ts the Bench���
Constituency Open.
I'uris, Sept. 11. Great agitation prevails at the Bourse de t'liiiimerce and
ut the telephone adiiilnlstnitlnn about
the discovery, preliminary details of
which have already been rubied that
the   telephone   service  of   one   of   the
biggest wheat operators in Paria,
IlloHch by name, had been tampered
with and tliat a rival operator fur the
last tWO yeurs bad been enabled to
hear everything  said over  M.   Hlno.il'.
telephone,   a doxen young telephone
girls are implicated.
ll seems that the wires of tlie rival
wheat operators were put constantly
In communication with those of David
llloeh. ami that the discovery was
made when cue of M. Hindi's relatives
being persistently annoyed at alumst
every   call   by   llie   reply.   "Pas   libre,"
Hi [uivalent of the answer "Husy,"
Insisted on an official Investigation of Impreeslve," said in* Johnstone, "ibe
the cause of the phenomenon, whicb valley by which ihe railway traverses
was all Ihe more remarkable because 'in' mountain Is ho wide thai the
M.   Illneh  had    six     separate    Bpeclal   traveler has a Splendid opportunity "f
k.itiii wan  in
Sai k it. in wan
.Montreal.   Sept.    L'I.    "Two    things
thnt  impressed mo moat lu this visit
nf  mine  to  lbe  Canadian   wesl."  said
the Itev.  Dr. .lohnston  of the  Ameri
ean  1'ieHliyteriiin church, who Is back
In   Montreal,  "wns  the  hopeful  spirit I p:rlnted Judge of tl
lu the chureh, and the emphasis upon   *grig,p Columbia
Its work as an evangelising foroo.snd
secondly tlu. spirit of British  loyalt)
tbat   Is  particularly   manifest   in    t'ie   U   Elwood,   K
west.    It seetus to me fiat   Iny ul t v In
the empire Ih more iu evidence everywhere today Ihan it has been even In
former years."
Ur. Johnstone has just returned
from a three montha1 trip, lu which
be oovered about 11,000 miles, ami
went as fur north hh Alaska and as
far Boutb as California ll" went west
by the Ureal lakes nml the (irand
Trunk Pacific, passing through 'In'
Yellowheai]   Pass,  ami   was   much   ltn-
pressed by tin. grandeur of mountain
scenery thai lias been lately opened
up to tlle public.    "It   was  grand  and
Ottawa,  Kept.   L'I.    It   wiih officially
announced last  nlgbt  that ilcn   A   K.
Mci'biiiips. president of the council of
iiie McBrlde government, bad been ap.
ie  appeal  cjurt    of
M Bloch's rivals used to nay liberal
sums to the telephone Kirls. Moreover, a detective listener employed by
the police overheard the rival chatting wiib the telephone girls, calling
tbem "sugar plums," "canary birds,"
and using other endearing expressions.
Tills defect in the telephone administration has. of course, put all telephone subscribers on tbelr guard here,
and sensational development* are ex-
pected concerning other private conversations being tapped by interested
persons who are known to huve become possessed cf family and business
secrets Professional experts are now
at work devislns a svstem of obviating what Is called the national and
domestic telephone peril.
Second Largest City in the  Empire Is
Not Self-governing���Commissioner Likely,
viewing the magnificent  heights    uf
these northern Rockies.    Mount Rob
son   Is.   nf  course,   the   king   uf     th
mountains nf that  region, ami from
many points its splendid snow-capped
peaks, often  Indeed,  veiled   in  Clouda,
are  visible.
"I  was also greatly Impressed   by
the progress of western Canada dur-
Ing the Fix yearn that have elapsed
since mv last visit to that part.
"The growth  Is  moHt  noticeable  In
the towns and cities, but the progress!
of the great agricultural regions nasi
beon  very marked.    Although therein
a spirit nf depression abroad at pres
."ii. tliere is a feeling of confidence
lbat it Is only temporary. Th" country is there with its enteudld resources ami abundant wealth, ami I's fu-
ture is assured It is not onlv in
material   things   tliat   there   has   been ;
progress, tbe church has kept    pace
with   the   growing   country,   and   tii"
w( rk of the church seems most hope- ;
fill "
in- Johnston also made a brief visit!
to Portland, ore., San Franclpoo and
l-os Angeles, and in reference to tlie
last of these cities !,e non teased thai
lie was delighted "Although the
whole   life   of   Southern   California
lacks   the   virility   ami   Btrength,   both '
phvslcal and mural, that are found in
northern climea "
Returning easl by the C   P   if   Hr.
Johnstone said be was Impressed, as
always, by tbe unexcelled grandeur of
the Selklrks, and by the magnificent
prairie stretches between Calgary and
Winnipeg, tin-re being everywhere ev-
Idence of a rich and abundant harvest
The cabinet baa aim appointed E.
C,  of  MiiuHinin,  Sal
the supreme court of
W, O, natter ol Alle
������un, Ontario, ba   beed appointed judge
of the count] courl of Dufferin
The appointments were  passed  by
the cabinet on Thursday, bul ware no
signed by iiie deputy governor -., usral,
sir Charlea Fltrpatrlck, until ye ter
dav, and official  announcement   was
made las,  night
The appolntmi nl of Hon. A  E  Mc
Phillips to the apinal court of British
Columbia ii considered a very excellent one, and Bhould meet with general approval,
K..r many years Mr. McPhllllps haa
taken an active Intereal In the p.:'.i>
life of the province. In bis practice
at the bar he has earned a deserved!}
high reputation. His uprightness aa
a man. bis legal acumen ami bis wide
knowledge will fit him admirably fir
tin   bench.
For rome time pas' he has filled
the position of prealdent nf the executive council nf liritisii Columbia In
this sphere of usefulness he baa
earned tbe encomiums of hla col
leagues, and the government wlll sustain a real loss In his absence frum
its councils
Ills constltuonc) of tlie Islands will
find It difficult tn replace him -Ith a
member win. will wnrk ho assiduously
In the interests, of tin- people b" rep-
One   Man'p  Opinion  of   Pra
All   Records  Beaten
Calcutta, Sept, 'Jl Calcutta, with a
population nf more than a million people, is now the second city In tiie
British empire ami une i.f tim twelve
largest cities in the world.
An interesting development has recently taken place in tlie government
nf thiB great city. Owing in tin- peculiar conditions under which liritish
India Is administered it lias not hitherto been found possible to concede
full powers of Belf-govornment to a
capital, the overwhelming majority of
whose Inhabitants are Hindus and
At tlie present time, owing t.i the
Bpread of education snd of western
democratic ideas it has aol been considered desirable to maintain a pure
!*. autocratic or bureaucratic system
:iinl hence substantial powers have
been conferred  upon    tiie    municipal
corpora'1":',  half  nf  whose   m bers
ai*" popular!; eli cted, and which Is
preBldi .1 "*.. r by an official noml-
i..'-. ii by the government.
It lias been found In experience,
however, lhal tbls system is apt to
result Iii deadlock .nnl iu serious com
plaints agalnsl -ii ��� efficiency of the
corporation. The government accordingly has tabled ;. Bcheme for split- trlct, and have had at tllenl noting up the work now d  '1" by til" rnr-   pOrtUnltV  In '.-.!���������  up'  tbe  enp  BitU.1
poratlon Into two ���* iti ���* ghl compart-   tion in ���'��� Uric provh .*.. anl l etc
inenis    Urgent matters are in tiie fu- ennftdenl lhat to use tha RoOBOveltlnn
ture tn be ilea,t with b; a functionary ohrasc, 'all prevloiiB  records will  be
I"  In-  called   i'u-  municipal   commis beaten to a fra��rle' wben the rceuts
sinner, wlin wiii in- nominated bv the  are revealed    l inv .uie an efforl
governmenl and will   enjoy    plenary to i.-< t In I uch with the Bituation bv
powers iu respect to all matter-; tall visiting  t'i"  elevator companies,      I
ing within the Bcope of thla depart- havj Inspected the farmers' fields n J
menl l feci confldcnl In i uylng thai tli   ��� *
Less urgent matters will hn debated pectatlons of lha  mom   optimistic ol
In the corporation, which v ill be pra- our people will In- surpassed."
Montreal. Sep; _l "We are still Of
the opinion that many of the fires in
the city Of late have been of inceii-
dlarj origin. Indeed, certain facts
have enme to light which prove Hint,
but sn far we bave bad no claimants
for lb*' (500 reward   wn have of-""reil
fnr Information leading to the apprehension Of anv Inceniliarlst." said Mr.
K lb iv >���������:������ secretary of the Canadian
Flre  Underwriters' association.
"Your Information is gained   from
the evidence al the flre Inquests?" be
������'. r * asked,
"We have other evidence besides."
The details of tills he could nol  re
"What   ib.   veu   < nrtf ill' "   ,!:"   *, " ���!'���'���
ble smounl of dom-nre done in Mon!
r' -il I**.   It ��� ��� nd arlsl  "" he -*��� i * asked
"We   I' iv"   :,i thing   to   show   that
Nun"   ef   tiie   Insurance     ompanie*
have refused to niy any of the claims
���nr losses, inr tii" evidence in   ���*.. ���
'���i!s*"s  lias  been   \ pry  strong "
.Mr.  llmvi- ii" ssld  thai  lb" $S0 *  l"
ward was still being nffer."!
::. ���*;��� i.
Montreal, Sep:   -ji     \  p.   nil,-  ..
tlon was in .-.rii hefore Mr. Justice Ar
���Inr   I  (In)       'I'li.-   nirtii  i   are   .!     V
Danatil! ������ i   Jul ��� ���*    'I    ' mom      *:>.���������
��� ��� Intendenl   of   the   Canadian  Mb i ���
Sepi    21     'Never   iii    tii"   Manufacturing company     The plain
I havi     penl   lo  ti'"  tiff   claims   through    hie   ;.tt"--i. *. -.
Canadian   wesl   have   l   jeen   a   crop  Messrs  Leranger, l.orangor and Prud
v. hich compares In uuiilltj or In yle I.; homme thai defendanl i iid I ,i. "��� I
.vi:!' 'in.' harvesl "i ti"- present  ������< i    ���   ���.;������������  for the  wnrk ot '���:-������...
ion," said William Mawhinney, Inspi *    ,*."i! traveler for the Canadian Mal
' ���!��� ������ml  vnulator of scb ol  lands foi   Manufacturing   company      He   asks
iin* Domlnli    . ivernmenl f200 damagei     il" Is n I desirous nf
"l  bave had occasion  to travel ol-   obtaining a large sum of mom     bul
most  consfintly from distri I  to ill"    pecks, he di  lareB, to rohabllltati   bin
charncti *
It *.��� * i provi d thi ��� nlalntlfl had no!
been il'.ini* hi 6 from h h situ itlon, ai d
II  vas clalmi i  I".   di*f> Bdanl  lhal   If
! thn rem.'-ri�� mi nl loni ���) a ere made i-
���������������' In ' ridenee    Mr Justl ��������� (Vrcher
���link the case i n dellbero, tho question
��� fur declsli n i ��� Ing whcthi r the remark
v.as ||ki ly 'I   . ur In tl ������ * uture to dam
age plaintiff's r< putatlon In bu ilnets
Bided over 1*'* a non-offlclal chairman
of Its own i h ioi Ing, and which it Is*
proposed to enlarge from n membership of BO to one of 76 The government has Invif il the pul 1* i to exon
it*; opinion on this schema, which lias
already been made trial of In Bombay
Hi" second largi Rl i Itj lo India and
has been found to work admirably.
New Vork. Sppt, 21,   A touring e-.r
containing eight mi ame to n si ip
Bl S 'i'i Wednesday afternoon i"'w i
tin- towers of the Brooklyn Bridge, A
man clad In n 11 thing suit lumped out
and hurried to the side uf the bridge
"lies -.n'tii,' to lump." screamed a
woman In the 'rnll"*.* car.
Policeman Richard Slavic grabbed
blm by the arm Just hh Iiu was about
to loan and dragged him biok, Sergt.
McConnell and Policeman J. B. Rellly
run up.
Bundling the man Into the auto the
policeman din'ted ihe chauffeur to
Irlve tn the Brooklyn terminal    On
An Extended Teur.
liurltm the pis' week  Mr   M iwhln
pey has bad nccsslon to tour through
tho farming
' ��� Prairie ti Weyhnrn. and fr im
Weyburn along the line . i the f P II
to Vi slnlbnla, Woodrow i nd Kim n.l
"I couldn't find d single crop tha ���
in ' in good stripe," said !"��� "Tbe
wheal Beams to be universal'-! good In
ii". countrj 11 rough which i i?i i A
rii" vie;.i win range fro i 26 fo -tn
bushels to t! ere
At  Weyburn  Mr   Mawhinney  mionl
sui"" time watching the welshln
grain al  one of the elevator_
'��� und   thai   the  wheal     was     * i-
from  12 i.i i',|  pun nis  to tb ��� bib
Calgary, s.pt   ji    That  v.'   F   Me
ttlomcnts fnuii Portage  Donald   known to his assoclati    and
the p' Hep as "Tii"    Flounder"    nan
"r   It ',' ii" for :i  : ��� " year spi 'ence
!* Ri glnn, recently Is tho conti nl . ol
Inti rest** worl Ing n hli bpfiall McDonald was Identified bj .. Ri ��� na po
In email ns Ihn ina-i -.-, lm .* horl i hangi il
a woman In thai city, ami na past
igaltii i hlm, be
lm II
iti'ik ��� men -.ure. i"
pnnndfl hlghei thn
sixty  DoundB, and
line   of   lhe   blivers
wiih grilling No. I
record wuh
was  given   I'm  stiff
With  Mn*  Idoti  of applying t . the
I,,  minister  of   Instlcp  fur  n   ni *.   irinl,
, ���  friends nf McDonald t im-ii J   m,*
Klnley Cameron, tho Calgarj i rlmln-
ft- n
: :i.. B'jindnrd
was   Informed   bv
that all the wheal
Tbreehin-j Well Advanced.
Farmers throughout  the whole
tha  southern  country  are  well
vipcui   with  thr��shlng.    Many.
'he Dominion nfflnl-sl,    have    air
threshed oul all ihelr grain, and
the way tlie mnn said he wis Joseph rapidly forging ahead with t'
Mutnliy.  21,  nf  One    Hundred    ami
Eighty-fourth streel nnd  Wishlngton I
nvenue, the ''.mux.    He sai.l  ha bid
Intended  to Jump for a  moving pic-j
inn- company.
Policeman    Rellly   found    Rdwnrd
Hutchinson, a picture machine opn
rai'u-   nn   Pier  iiu.  nml   bPsld"    the
Brooklyn   townr   w-'s   Frank   Morris,
another operator,   In tha mr was n i
rowboat containing Robert  Tnnhlgo'
No.    460    i:."t    (!'i"    Hundred    and
ICIl'lilv-sc! entli    slreet,   nml    W'lllntn !
McCaffrey nr No, :'17n  Bath  nvonm
ibe   Bronx,   waiting   to   rescue   the
fu  the Ad n '*'"'���!  p-i'lce court n
charge of disorderly nntirtuol was
made a-;:.inst ,M ii'iihy, but MaglstrntO
Nash discharged blm,
"I b aped off Washington bridge
hint summer ami also off the Edison
tower ai Klngsbridge," said Murnhy. |
"If they'd lei tne Jump off Hrooklyn j
hridge  I   Intended  to  make  n  turn i
.vork.    Fall plowing slaried a fou
a-.'ii, and within two nr Ihree wceln
tlmn   rrictleallv  all   the   firim"-'-.   will
have finished threahlnff, and will turn
'heir attention to lhe preparation of
���In* icpd fnr next sensen'" crop,
"That the settler" should have bi""i
able to thresh their urn In curl-* will
mean much fi r ni nt voar's orop," Mr
Mawhinney snld. "Thev will bo able
" turn In the wpeds lu ^ond llm". ami
iii" pb'wi'i mi be al nust us good us
summer frl'i ���������"
On  Pcrtaqn  Plains.
Rpenklng '���' lh ��� crnns on the IV"-'
���  plilne,  Mr   Mawhinney doeliiroil
lhal Hn- yi"bi of wheal varied '���* ������)
""> I" (IS iii'iluls to lh" acre. In fleida
lu which the yield wae elnglod mil li
was found after the most, careful
measurement thnt the nil bushels mark
imd been reached, Tha land b'i�� been
farmed for thirty vears, mul although
no manure Is used, und In many l���-
Btanoes the farmers summer   fallcw
ui ini lawyer to work up tho appeal 'are.
of I and Mr Cameron f""ls satisfied from
evidence winch he has personally obtained thai lie will succeed In getUng
i in w trial fur liis ollent In bis defence McDonald attempted to establish an alllil. stating thai he was in
Vancouver al tha time the nffeno, he
was charged with was committed M-.
Cameron hun recently returned frnm
Vancouver, where he learned that Mc
Donald had been registered al a hotel
in the enlist city on the day tho prose-
tuition at his trial stated ho was in
Hegie.-i. lie has documentary and
pergonal evidence to further establish
the alibi a sworn copy of Iiie hotel
register will be produced nl tho new
trial sin uld one bo granti d,
l!irco-uuii,rtrrs of tho wav  down,
wcuid bave been a cinch.' '
[i |only once in rive yearn, ilm yield continues undiminished. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1813.
���Uuie that Won the Battle of Chateau-
quay���When Invasion of Americans Was Turned hy 300.
before  Ihe  battle.     Lower down    the
river, but not within teach, General de
Watcrv'.lle hail a few more troops.
Thero went aluo 172 Indians under
Captain l.amotte who rendered valuable service.    Bnt there were less than
thne hundred In the first righting Una
A  Bugle Ruce.
Oeneral [card, who wub advancing
slowly to Klve ( olonel 1'urdy a chance,
came between In and 11 o'clock in the
forenoon to a part; of French-Canadian habitants oonstructlng a barricade lu from of the defences already
Montreal, Sept. L'I.    Loss than three |
hundred French-Canadians a century j
ago defeated and turned back a force
of Americans numbering 7000 infantry
and 800 cavalry with ten field pieces.
Th-re wire more  French-Canadians
back In the bush ready to come in >
when needed, but tht Kre.it salient fact I
of the battle of Chateauguay, whose]
centannery Is to be celebrated on or
about (>< tuber 27 of this year, was
Dial 'he few huudn-d brave men under Colonel de Salaberrv were the
only   oner   actually   engaged   In     U"'i right
mam battle by which the Invasion   Of  to the  ford  to alack   the  force from
"   '���   ''������'  "������'" I"' ���.���tit'i UU gOUth   when   It   appeared.    It  was
|- o'clock before the sound of cutis on
jth�� southern sld" made Oeneral it.
her husband's name. He knew noth-
I lug of her possession of It. The explanation the woman made to the gunsmith was that as she waa comi.iK
Into actual possession of the |&0,bO0
she wanted the revolver for protection.
Husband'e Peril.
There is good reason to suppose 1 >i .���
when MrB. I'earce found circumstances netting too Strong fOT her, and that
< xpofdre was only a nutter of time,
'he contemplated eliding the lives of
both her husband and herself An
important letter bearing on this aspect
of the case is said to have been I '"t
by her, and In now In the hands of tii"
She is stated to have made n threat
to her husband some weeks ago, a id
during h"r last nlgbt alive she left lier
bed and went downstairs and turned
on the gas of the cooking stove   'I he
mentioned,   De Salaberry had bis men ponaa was full of Kas when the hus-
and some Indians posted ln loose order Ibanl1 a*"1"' In  the morning, but no
through   tin-   WOOdS   In   front  and    at SUSplOiom  were  aroused,
each side of the barricade    One third '     ���������**���   Peftro*   dressed   herseir    and
of  the   little  force  h"  had   placed    atlw,'m  nh""'   x\ttt   household  duties  for
ingles to the rest runniriK down
What Might Have Been.
Blight   as   seem   tn   tiie   people  of   to-
'!-.*> the forces engaged, momentous
Issues were decided on lhal day which
deteribln* the political action of people tn w living, Hy preventing General Hampton from making a junction of
forces with General Wilkinson at Ht.
Regis, ti". latter's movement on
Montreal was stopped     IT It had been
successful, lt is possible tbat the people of Montreal mlKht have been called
upon this year to celebrate a great
American victory. Hut the hattles ot
Chrysler's farm and of Chateauguay
gave notice to the Invading forces is\w-
that the Canadian people were satls-
fled with their relations to Oreat
llritain. io satisfied that Ihey were
ready to oppose ten times their numbers at any time to preserve them.
Th" number of seven thousand ti-
diers given above as compositiK the
army under Oeneral Hampton bas
been disputed by some American historians, but it was the number given
In the official rep'-r' sent by Sir
Oeorge Provost to Karl Unburst Immediately alfr the battle from information mpOlled by American prisoners tak""  in tin- engagement      Bui
.erre of tbe American historians also
admit '1 at Oeneral Hampton had
concentrated from five to seven thousand men In the middle of October of
tin year 1818 at four Corners, a settlement on the Chateauguay river on
tie- American side of tbe border.
Where Battle Occurred.
After the Chateauguay river crosses
the International line it takes an onst-
erlj bend, and flows about northeast
almost parallel to the Hiver St Lawrence, which It ultimately loins Just
opposite Lachine, on the island of
Montreal After it has turned to the
northeast there are two rivers that
flow le'o It. first the Dutard river and
then the English river, both coming
Into it from the south     It wns on the
banks of the Chateauguay between lhe
points ������-.here these 'wo rivers loin th"
iv-ii, >nv   that thl.i memorable con-
1ii'-t took place.
Oeneral Hampton and his forces
atarted moving northward from Kour
Corners along the two roads avail-
able on October 21. Malor Oeneral
Ward ln Charge of the Indian forces.
���m.rorlsed ten Indians on the way One
of these was killed, but tlle others es-
capnd eventually the two forces
cnveri-eil and encamped at Sears
Vt. miles from the present town of
Cbsteangnav Until 'his meet was
made ric Salsherrvhad not heen able
lo d!-**'"" wVi> rout.- tb" American
tteroTtXi would take He did. however,
make all the roads by which it was
likely he would advance so impassable
iVi' tb> American forces had 1" stay
wh��r�� tbey were until thev could re-
palr tb" road b"hlnd them sufficiently
to brine forward their ordnance.
Preraririi*] for Battle
The Csnadlan lead'"- hul thus some
t . .��� ���., ,., ._,. rtlsoosltlnn of his for-'""
on   ih->  Chatesugunv   r'��"r  ent     th��
��� .1   lh-'   run* north '���' it. ns II   was
��� ���        blent  lhat the lino of advance
' i   have   t"   b"   here.     H��   "--tab-
i himself Sl* mile' *<>'ove the cou-
north 'tm bank of the Chateauguay riv-
,    .   ,f th"  Bnirllsh  rl"-**"4 on  th"
':   had an outwork of fallen frees
i ted across the rosd to hal' the
:���   for-es.   and   across     three
���....,  __..:,,,., traversing '*)"   rosd
h,*     i  tructed roo*h    bo^'ades    as
The weik point of h's twltlon
��� Ji-t bel'-w wher" h<> Imd si-
'   hllsh-ed  himself   was   a   ford   nt   the
rive*   which. If o"' t***vnoi* de'r   -1
In the rei-, would -'lb'-   th" Amm-I-
to crers nnd nttac': tho defenders
in th i'
In two days General :la'*-'t"n had
repaired tbn wad nc' br* ��� .ht h's ar-
tii] ��� ������ ����� ���., 1,' i nt ** c- in. ci'l "ii-
iur ������).''��� sch.- me <���' at*" k on th" "Mb.
One i lumn *����� to * lvsne�� along thr
we---, iae'   of 'he ' ''iit'-'UKuav. cross
the tor* am' tab ��� the Canadians   in
the re r. v'-ille he '"tacked from the
fronl wit'- ibe "inln force. There wcre
six cr five-' mil"s of onen country
before the America"* e-old reach the
v-civ-.--*' w*i,ero   ,io   salaberry   bad
placed h's forces
Fiqbt cn South  Bink.
Tbe column  f>n   tb" southern   bank
ii",!. - Co',un I   I'lintv.  s'arted  PB   lb*
picht pf the 28th   Bhortly afterward*
Cem.ral Hamilton learned tint h"
could oTni.ni no co -opera t lon from
General wilklmnn. but It ������ ton 1st"
to opti"tcrt""cd his orders So on the
sim" evening the main force moved
fthoad imd-r C,rn<-''<1 I-.-* ���") crper-
i t""d soldier. Hut Colonel l*n-
was guided all night by men who elth-
i- did not know the way or for pntn
otic reasons refused to know, no that
hv t>imrlse hls force had onlv covered
si* miles. It was mM-dsy of the 2fith
|.,,foro he mede for th�� font. A party
of local mllltla opn-sed him. but he
,!������.�� th"" In. A I'*-"" la'"r he found
front'""' him n cnmp��"v of Col, Mae.
donn.."'-. rcH-e-' v-Vth the latter
lnd i'-" BC'fsa the r'-er. Dvernnw-
eriitc there he moved dovi th" '���""k.
when from the "-���-���s'te plde (In Siln-
bcrr-'s men. nnst-ed for the nnrn"'e
ono-M c dr��i"i'"t,vef')'en'l along his
flan'' This decided the dnv. The
A)'i"<-'<wes hn^f" In "enfunlon. nnd
t-\kll"T ref"C" i'"der cover, censed 'o
���on rt r'-ant-red force, firing hack-
wi'rta and forwards, at avJ other
vnfc- Ihn Impression that lt wa�� the
V"anwhl'n flenernl Ir.nM moved for-
v*"-d on the north hank against de
SaHsberrv. The litter hart under hls
command In addition to Indians, nearly thrne hundred rr-anrh-Cinsdlsns
unde- tho command of Cnionel Mnc-
<|onelb the gallant Glengarry OfflOOT,
who hnd taken Dtrdennburg tie previous spring.   This forco had hurried
some time Then she left her husband at his breakfast, went upstairs
to ker bedroom, and there, befpre a
mirror, she p'aced the revolver to her
temple and  shot herself dead.
enl push forward to the attack. He
drove in the picket;, and threatened
the barricade. There seemed to have
been a tendency among them to retreat still further, but the gallant de
Balaberry told the boy bugler to Hound
f. call.
Then came on* of those inspiration?
Which have bo often In t|,e world's
history turned tbe tide of battle. Ll, u-
tenant-Cobmel Maedonell. tbinkins I
that de Salaberry was In need of SUP- Thel' re
port, caused hla own bugles to an-
Ond Immediately advanced with
two of his companies. At the Bame
time he sent ten or twelve men with
their bugles Into the adjoining woods
with orders to separate and bbnv with i Edinburgh, Sept. 21.���While aocie-
Sll their mlcht The bugles, the war I"6* are being formed In Scotland to
whoops of the Indians and the cheers Popularise the kilt, and the Inverness
of the Canadians lid the AmericansIKilt society, aided by l/ird Lovat,
to believe that they had thousands In-!'-ord Seafield, The Mackintosh, and
stead cf hundreds, opposed to them,IlocMel, bas just drawn up rules for
and they did not attempt to penetrate Ub* correct wearing of Highland cos-
the nbattis. They tried lopR-shot war- jtume. other Scotsmen are writing let-
fnre. at which game the Canadians ters to the papers declaring that the
proved their masters. kilt is ln danger of extinction.
French and Englirh. It is asserted that officers and men
As soon as It  became evident that !of Highland regiments wear the kilt as
Leein'   Aboct  the   Kilt    and
Candyin' Gossip Aboot the Bonnie Sporran.
Colonel Purdy hsd been defeated on
the south shore, Oeneral Hampton retreated for three miles with his
troops, Rnd the fight wns over. I'urdv's
broken forces also retreated, and tried
to cross the river, but failed. They
camped where they had once again
to sustain a night attack. On the day-
after they were reunited.
The American casualties were over
one hundred, Amongst the Canadians
the official report speaks of two as
having been killed, lfi wounded and
four missing On the l!Hth Hampton
retreated to Four Corners, with the
Indians hanging nn his rear On November 7 he was so dispirited that
when be received orders to Join General  Wilkinson, he  sent   word  that  It
little   ns   possible,   and   "An   Officer"
writes to the Celtic Monthly to explain I
why this Is sn.
Tee Much of It.
He says:   "The reason lies directly
, not so much In tbe nationality or up-
Ibringing Of the. officer a3 in the con- I
struction of the present-day kilt and
all its regimental addenda. The elaborate  pipe-clayed,   whalebone,   much-
buttoned   spats,   the   hose   tops     and
: irarters,  which   require  great care  to
put on neatly, are the main cause of
officers and men preferring trews for
barrack wear.
"Many  officers  who  wear  th"  kilt
��� (n  plain  clothes  when  a'  home wear
.trews  for everyday  soldiering.    Th"
| long  hose  of  civil  life,  If Introduced
was   Impossible,   his   men   being   too i into the service, would po a long way
fatlrued and  dispirited  to do so. 'to encourage the wearing of the kilt
Thus  did   the   French   nnd   Fnvlt.h' In barracks.
That's the orders from the Royal Bank cf Canada, the
owners of our premises.   We must obey their orders
and vacate on the 30th of this month, but we are not
going to take any merchandise
with us���at these prices we
won't have to.
The World's Greatest Price Cutter.
of   Canada   piove  to   the   world
they belonged to one nation
Amongs'  those  officers   to   when
credit   was  given  hv   l're-.ost for gal-,
hint conduct were   Capt. Iialv. In cro-
mand of a companv nf the Third Battalion of Embodied Militia, supported :
by Capt.  Bruyare'e companv of oha-
leauguay  Chseseurs,  against  Colonel
urdy;   Capt    Ferauson.   In  command
of the Light Canadian Fenclldes; Cap- i
tains J   R and   Inchereau Duchesnev '
and  Adjutant  Hebda"   of the Vn'ti-
geurs. and Adiutant O'Sullivan of the
8*dentarv   MMttla.  and    Camain    La- I
mott"   with   his   Indians.     Df  course.
the greatest credit goes 'o Colonel de
Salaberry.   Sir   George    I'revost   him-
self arrived  at   th"  front only at thej
termination of the engagement
70c leather aoleB,   wool  lined.    Tbey nt*
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50c  children's   leggings   to  keep    t;)(. nn
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Unenette; to go at   JVaC
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sizes;   to go at  5jC
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DOc;  to ro at  |\J(,
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Ladies' and    misses'    white   dresses.   *\ FQ
values to $15.00; to go at     L.JO
Ladies'   muslin   waists   and blouses;      *lilp
regular $1.50; to go at       Ur
Ladies' neckwear. Jabots and ruffles;      4 An
values to $1.50; to go at        IU
Children's nighties, of   good   muslin;      AQp
regular price $1.00; to go at        ***fD*'
Boys' and girlB' buster suits, all colors      CJtlf
and sizes; regular $1.50; to go at       vJ
Cushion tops for Christmas presents;       *)4f
values to $1.50; to go at        Lr
Children's wool    dresses;    values   to      QCn
$3.00; to go at       J Jb
I-adles'  muslin combinations of  good      QA
make; regular $3.50; to go at        kWC
Ladies'  muslin  night gowns;   regular      *7Q|>
$2.50; to go st        IJ"
Lurilcw  Tells  Story  of  Mythical  Fer-
tune   Left Her���Borrows Right
and LCt���Then Kills Self.
"T-heu, again, the modern regimental filibeg has too much cloth and too
many pleats In Its composition, nnd Is | ���
conseouently   heavier   than   need   be.!���
Also, if worn  much on fatigue duties.
If slept in when on gua-d, or even
M-.-r-.    frequently    whe"n    sitting, th
pleats get out of fold and get crushed
'  the soldier  then has to have his
kilt pressed at his own expense or r"n
i th" risk of being checked for slovenli-
' ness on parade
"Awful   Hairy"   Sporran.
"(It  th"   halrv   armv   sporran   ll   la
I difficult  to write with moderation,  It
is a   monstrosity,  the persistence    of
which is unaccountable.
"To popularise  th"  wearing of the
I kilt In the service, the first, things to
jdp  ar-'   to   reintroduce  the   long  hose
' for barrack winr nnd for walking, but
It some   sort   of  spa'   Is   essential   for
parades,  marches    nnd    manoeuvres)
reduce the nmonnt of cloth in tbe kilt
Itself (this might well be added to the
belted plnldL and issue decent leather
pporrans   instead  of  the  nwful   hairy
things now worn.
"The uniform of the modern Ilieh-
jland regiment la badly In wnnt of reconsideration."
Another corresnondent maintains
that it is a "ratal mistake t" nl'""*
I Englishmen, or Scotsmen with Kngiish
upbringing, or even Lowiandora. to o'*.-
' tain commissions in Highland regl-
:ni"nts." Such officers, he savs. can
take no lntcr"st '" the Highland co=-
jtume. nc- In Highland tradition, with
|the result that the c-prlt de corps of
; these regiments  must suffer.
As a matter of 'act. however. It Is
j remarked  hv the Craph'e, the re'-lval
\-*r the kilt Is largely due to Englishmen,
"The White
Eig  Canadian   Breeder Goes  Out
Cuaincts on Account of Its
Mcntrral.    ftept.    21.--Charles      S.
Campbell, the famous Canadian thor-
OUgbbred breeder, has issued a state-
Intent explaining his action In retiring
from  the  business  of breeding    and
ItralninK in_Canada.    After explaining^
.that he would, undor ordinary condi-
! tions.   rather   go  on   in   Canada   than
: elsewhere, he states that it would be
better for him to get out nnd stay out
' until 'here came a change In the situation.
"The chief difficulty, although there
are others. Is that the law of duty free
Import for breeding stock is so admin-
bration In the American stud book as
a preliminary  to running a horse on
their tracks.     During  the  course    of
my dispute with the customs this association   lent   Its   weight   against   me
by  making an additional  rule calling '
for registration in the record commit-
tee's book as well     The  unfortunate
Canadian  bred  has now to be registered In not less than three different
places.    This step taken at that time
was interpreted by the department of
agriculture as an approval  by racing
men of its attitude, and was no doubt
intended to be so taken,   f pointed out
to  the racing    associations    that    it
might  be better for them  to confine
their activities to racing matters and
not to put obstructions in the way of
the breeding interests, but without result. Appeals for support to the Montreal Jockey  club and  the Connaught
Park Jockey club cn the ground that
mam roads
State  Railway to Be Converted���Engineers Look Over Canadian
. , ...    .s'errd as to be worse than
Ludlow, Bng., Sept. 21. After for tume, nnr in Highland tradition, with Th_ Anuiric.,n i)rPPder gets dutv free
months deluding the town With a Story the result that the Wprlt de corps of |mport !nto h,;s C0untrv as a matter
hat   Van  hid   been   left  a  legacy    Of 1 theso  regiments   must  suffer. , ���, ,.-,_.,,,     \V(, are j-^.p-, |, bv statute.
E 10.000, a married woman, nearly [0 Ai n matter of 'act. however. It Is 1)Ut don't KPt lt ln f](ct At )PaPt i
vears of ago, named Annie PearCB, I remarked bv the Crat-h'c. the re'-lval ^ no( aR|, have f;.il_d ,0 get (, -tter
���ommitted  suicide, "' the kilt Is largely due to F.ngllsh-   moIllns 0f correspondence.
She   was  to have   pone  to  London ! men. ^ Year's Delay.
with a relativo and solicitor to claim 'Tending ruc.h correspondence it  is
the   money,   and   it   is   evident,   that, iHE MADE  MISTAKE IN optional with  'he eustams to require
realising sh" could no longer keep up j ATTACKING CONSTABLE   0r dispense with  the warehousing of
the hoax, tbe preferred death to con-,   1,-,,_ imp-,rtFd anlmnl.    In my case my ^_	
leasing   the   fraud   to   her many   vie-i     Montreal.      Sept.    21��� A      serious j farm tr' bren e bended warehouse for
tlmt /charge of attempting to stab and  do j nearly   i var nast  to shelter n mare , delta E^HtP'TlON SHOWS
Tho  story opens   In  the middle Of |bodily   Inlury   was  heard  at   the re-'re-ist   -ed In the American stud book1
the ihterost or breeding In Quebec was
involved produced no response.
"If the Canadian  breeder had    the
assured opportunity of getting as good
breeding stock  for his  money  as hiB
American   competitor   it   would   be  a
pride end   a   pleasure   to  breed    and
train   in  Canada.     Without   this  and
under  present  conditions  a   fe��*   ne->-
"le may  perhaps make some money,
but there is nothing that appeals  ui
me ss a Canadian to continue with no I
prospect but that of being always in ;
a   condition   of   inferiority.     That,   of I
course, may be one's fate in any event
by the fortunes of war, but, like most i
people. 1 do not like fo be always at |
a disadvantage,   still less do I like to
be fo n'aced by the action of those to
whom I believed I was entitled to look
tor rupport."
Toronto. Sept. 21.���Electrification
of the state railway of Sweden, which
is government owned and has 3200
miles of steel. Is to be undertaken, according to Carl O. Y. Itontelius, assistant chief engineer, and Hugo M.
Itnhmber, electrical engineer of Stockholm of the Swedish state railway,
who have been commissioned by their
government to make a tour of the
principal countries of the world  pos
situated  in  latitude 68,  is the  most
I northern roadbed in the world.
An Enormous Plan.
Power for the electrification of the
I line is to be obtained    from    i'orju*;
I falls,  which is a  third of a mile  in
width,   and   which   has  a  fall  of  180
feet   In this one of the greatest electrical   feats   yet   attempted   is   to   be
undertaken.    Owing to the severity of
he winters at these falls, the tempera-
j ure dropping to more than 60 degrees
! below the zero mark, the power could
; not be obtained in the usual manner
I because of the Ice blockade. In order
: to overcome this difficulty an artificial lake is to be made at the top of
: the fall, which will be entirely closel
��� in by a building.    From this six shafts
are to be sunk '.o a depth of ISO feet,
at which depth the generators are to
be located.    After    passing    through
these the water will be let out through
a tunnel to a point in the river below
the falls.
It   is  expected   to  have  this  power
plant ready for operation by next fall
with a 50.000 horsepower capacity,
sessing power transmission plants, j which is afterwards to be Increased to
and who now are in Toronto. j 100,000 horsepower.   The present loco-
The first portion of the railway to [motives on this line under steam are
be electrified will be that connecting' able to haul a 1600-ton train at the
th" Kiruna mountain, where the great; rate of seven and one-half miles per
ore mines of Sweden are located, to hour. When the system is electrlf'ttl
the frontier, a distance of 92 miles, ithe engines will be able to haul a 23lifl.
they stated when Interview by a i ton train on a 1 ner cent, grade at a
reporter at the King Edward hotel last j speed of 18^ miles per hour and at
night.    This  portion  of the  railway, [less cost.
\A/alter Stanton's
last December, wben Mrs. peafoa clr-|
-ui.-ited Information thst a cousin   ofj
hers had died In  Pittsburg, 0. 8, A..
and lefl her a fourth share of his for-
'nne oi 1800,000,   She personally authorised tbo Insertion of these details
'i'i the local newspapers, and her good
fortune   was   for some time the talk  Cf
the town.   She lived in a small house [
'n one of the poorer niinrters of    the
town, and naturally  she was heartilvl
congratulated on her good fortune by J th
her neighbors.
She Is snld to hnve borrowed si"".
of money right and left on the strength
of her expectations and on promises
to pay liberal amount* for these tern-
nnrsr'v accommodations, snd when
months pnssed and nothing tangible
materialised lenders began to ask for
'heir money.
instruct* Scllcltcr..
To allnv their nusn'-ions, M-n.
tvurce (���"���""ilted i> Inenl firm nf sMI-
���'t-,rn , nd '"���trortri' tbiMh t" eel the
letfcy. -h'ch ���!'" ���aid *��** rtepn"tctl
Inthe 'lank of England. Thi s'llc,-
tnrs. of cut-Mi wantei". sonic Inert-
ment 'tv o'-Mcnc nnrt it wis nrr.twtnd
.f,.i v... 1'enrcn wan "��� I'Ml'l"? tVs
ind If '-nnd In order. th"n a m��mlier
nf fhe firm was to nccompany hor to
In Vow of her sdvsnced a*-e, r.ud
-lso -ter purposed of ld��t)tltv, It was
thourht well that she phnuld slro lm
neeo-n-onnled bv a daughter, who wns
���vcerdlngly rent for from tho nelth-
her!'"t county of Hereford. Tiie
dnt'-hter wns ttmel tn arrive nl < :<fl
In the morning nn.l a few minutes before this Mrs. Penrce shot herself dead
wllh ft revolver.
Tho woman lived with her second
husband st ��0 Corvn street, and It
seems  that  she obtained  a, revolver
Border's court this morning before Mr.
Recorder Sample. William Harper,
aged 40, colored, of ho fixed abode.
wn�� charged with attempting t- ��������������<>>
Constable James Hogers and his
hmtber. Hector Rogers, at Pont Viau.
Th" prisoner pleaded not guiltv
<k>wJ from"klnwton"to help Colonel  and 50 cartridges from a local gun
To ftaUbirr,^ nrrHIng only th* day smith, after taking out a license In
nonstable Rogers In his
-nid hn went out from the city last
"vetting to see his brother, who Is the
nronrtetor of a hotel, to Inform him
t bin uncle was dead, it w>�� 10
o'clock when he arrived. Seated in
the har wa�� Hnrner. who on seelna
Hector Rogers tnke his monev from
the till, asked th" constable If Tt"***)
monev was kept In the house. The
constable's suspicions helnp aroused,
Harper was ordered out or the hom'e.
fhoiit nn hour nnd a half later, the
constable stated he went into the stable to get a buegy rendy. so that he
"-..id rn with his brother to his (inch's relatives.
H��rpc- was 'tending oetstde. and
-���t'ed Hector Rogers tn c,ve him a
rli-te Into town, ftoeers toM h'm to
""mh Into the hack of thn bngRV.
"Tien hennnth a dark pechway. some
���""tnnce from sny heln. Herper. It was
"ite'-ed. iumn-cd nn '-om the h��"V of
'he hwgr". and drawing a thlnMnded
nncket, C'letto, demanded th�� money
<����� r**v "eetor Potter* tsVn from the
till, et the same time snylne. "If you
do not give lt tn -me, 1 wlll *�����> the
color of vour blood " Constable Rogers further told the court how he
closed wtth the aceined snd wrestled
tho dagger from htm. but not before
the constable's hand had been cut ln
thn struggle.
Mr. Recorder "-���-v -**' "-���������..,,. to
Ml for two p-int-ths. and further ordered him to find a aurety ln J100 for
bis good behavior for twelve months,
or mn *0 prison for another twelve
that   1   g< l   direct   from   'he   breeder.;
Tha   custom ���    department    does   not ]
make tb��se regulations which    under
| statute  It  Fvculd   make.    It delegates
i's duty to the department of agricul- ,
| ture, which In turn delegates It to the
j so-called   national   record   committee.
L.dncr,  Sept.  21.-The annual  fair
of the  Delta  Agricultural  assoclat'on
was the principal event of Interest In
the  rich   farming district     yeaterday,
and th" outstanding feature of It was
,    ,      _ ,       , .   the splendid character of the horses
evidence ���.  non-elceted  body of breeders    and , pxhlh|,f(j     The  DpIta   ���.  ,.mr,UK  for
dealers which has no more right to i ���g *Md Md gardrn prn(,uce, bllt nn.
Infrfere with my Imports than 1 have  t���  the  ln_t fe��>.  ,.���_-,,  h���  ���ot  be(,n
with theirs.    One Is passed alona   In i ,lne  to  hnns,  of  ,h��� quallt-.  of  ,tg
turn from the customs to agrlcu ture   h���r8e?     Ther<> wfTe   hcwPVer, no less
and from agriculture to the national   than ;,50 on ,,xh|bltlt,n  )esterdav. the i
record committee.   Over the one anl-   comp(,tltlon In all classes being keen. 1
mal    above    mentioned. I    have    hid       Col. J. D. Tnvlor open��d the fatrand
olnht months of correspondence, and  an agrees was also given by Prank
experience  enough   to  deter  anyone   Mockenzlo,   member   for  Delta.     He
The   original   stage   chanticleer, who   comes as an attraction to the provincial exhibition bere.
from Importing
Recognize Only Themselves.
"I have been written officially to
the effect that the record committee
does not recognise as reliable the
English, French or American stud
hooks. Tbey offer duty free Import
conditional on registration In a book
kept by themselves, the conditions of
registration In which they make, in
this way my importation would depend not on my legal right, but on
tbelr favor. Tbey can hasten or de-
ley grant or refuse duty free Import.!
Co-rider how much such unccrtaintv
handlcrns irs If we wish to buy abroad
In competition with the American
breeder, whose position is assured. It
Is as If the rights of an Importer in
any linn of business were deoendo-e.'
on condition* made by a non-elected
and non-responsible committee of ble
trade competitors.
"Practically all Canadian thoroughbred stock ls registered in the American stud book. It net eo registered
the continuity of pedigrees would be
Inst and no breeder cares to Incur
that risk. Moreover the Canadian
raclnr associations (a committee ot
Canadian Jockey clubs) require regis-
snoke of the Woodward's-Ijadner fer-
rv. He was not able to promise when
it would he ln operation, but pointed
out thst the government was spending the appropriation and going
ahead with the work.
Port Coqultlam'* Big Dispute Aniln to
the For-s.
Port Coqultlam, Sept. 21.���Witb the
date of the taking ot the plebiscite
enlv about ten days off, the station
-question Is again becoming the ab
sorblng topic here.
The plebiscite bv which the ratepayers will say whether the station
ahall remain at Its present location
or be moved about a quarter ot ft
m<le east of the present site will ba
taken on September 29 ln the Coqultlam agricultural hall. Apparently ln
an effort to ln some way upset the
coming vote, a petition was presented
to the council at Ita laat meeting urging tbat some (ten* be taken for the
retention of the depot at lta -present
���Ite. The document wa* signed by 1��
We have one large room above The News office
in the Hardman Block, for rent Suitable for lodge
hall, club room or light mannf uturing. Good locality, well lighted and airy. Lease for term of years
will be given. Apply to Manager, The New Westminster News.
'������*��������'.* ���*m*mmt*tl--X**l
���    ���
:   .. tf    PASB BOHT
Supply Co.
P. o. Box 2 Phonea 1 and 67
641 Columbia St.
Send us your Grocery
Orders. Our prices are
right, our clerks courteous and service prompt
We handle only the best
We carry everything
in the Grocery line.
Annandale's Special Ceylon   at
36c lb., 3 lbs  Sl.OO
Annandale's Extra Special Ceylon Blend, per lb 50C
Annatidale's Imported   Gunpowder, per lb 40C
Annandale's    Imported     Spider
Leg,  per lb SOt
Hlue Ribbon, per lb 40C
Nabob   and   Malcolm's   Hest   at
per lb 50C
Braid's Best Ceylon, per lb.50*
Lipton's A Blend, per li...0Oc
Lipton's B Blend, per lb.-SOC
Tetley's Golden Tips, lb. . 60c
Tetley's Red Sunflower, lb-50C
Rldgway's 6 O'rlock, lb...gOC
Ridgway's Famous Old Country,
per lb 50c
Rldgway's Capital   Household,
per  lb 40C
Salada, per I 40c and 50c
Victoria Cross, lb.45 and 50C
Supply Co.
Nor is he worried
with the fluctuations of
the stock market nor
real estate depressions.
He goes right along
with his work without
We have placed millions on mortgages for
investors and they have
never lost one cent of
principal or interest and
they have made money,
too, because money at 8
per cent, doubles itself
in about 8 years.
We are thoroughly
equipped to relieve you
of all bother regarding
it. We will secure the
mortgage, look after all
collections, etc., for a
very small percentage.
Call in and let us tell
you more about our
Declaration of Trust
Dominion Trust
New Westminster
Thc Perpetual Trustee.
C   S. KEITH, Manager.
4 Per Cent, on Deposits.
Offices: Vancouver, Victoria,
New , Westminster, Nanaimo,
Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal,
Charlottetown, London, Blng.,
Antwerp, Belgium.
.. for ..
All notices of meetings, entertain-1 mi down, was held at the Y. M. 0. A
ments, sales of work, etc., In this building ou Saturday evening. An ex-
column  are   charged  for at  the   ratejcellent spread was put on  under the
of 10 cents per line. Please do not
aak member* of the staff to break this
rule, aa their Instructions are positive.
Big   French  Village.
The first section of the census    of
Coquitlam taken gives tbe population
of Maillardville at 5_o.
For up-to-date millinery at moderate
prices, go to Mlsa Davey's Millinery
Parlors, Carnarvon block, nearly opposite the  Hotel  Itussell. 12095)
arrangements made by a special com
mlttee of the churches who supplied
the provisions. The menu consisted of
Boston baked beans, bam, tongue, veal,
salads, beet, jellies, home-made cakes,
pies tea and coffee. All who were
pre-sent testified to the excellence oi
tbe meal.
New Neighbor.
Alex.   Mullen,   from   Medicine   Hat,
arrived   at   Maillardville on   Saturday
where he will In future reside.
In New Work.
Uev. J, 8. Henderson preached h's
first sermon In connection wltll his
.new appointment of secretary of social
service und evangelism, In tho First
i Presbyterian church in Victoria yes-
i terday  morning nnd  evening.
Colonel J. D. Taylor Enlists First Man
Since Hie Appointment as Head
of 104th  Regiment.
Out of Danger.
The North road  in the vicinity    of
Money  to  loan  on  flrst  mortgages, j t)w   G. N.  R.    tracks    Is    no    longer
improved city   and   farm   property, threatened with destruction, tho Bom-
9 per cent, Alfred \V. Mcl.eod.  UHS9)   P*ny having shifted excavating opera-
_____ tions   to  a   section   of  their  land   far
from  the danger zone.    It  la reported
the work will be suspended from    the
__th of tbls month until the beginning
of the year owing to the appropriation
Gold  Shares. .
J. S.  l-ajole bas donated $">  to the
Maillardville band and one share    to
each of the lt! bandsmen in his    gold
claims In the district.
| money having been eaten up,
[Guthrie,  McDougnll  ���_:���  Co., the  con-
For  all  building  supplies  and   fuel   tractors for the dealing part  of    the
oil applv to the B. C. Transport Co.. | work   have abandoned  lhelr contract
Ltd    BOB Westminster Trust building. : and there is no camp on  Hardy's old
Office phone 8L'G,  wharf phone 880.
property now.
All in Good Taste.
From Old Quebec. That   the   male   population
The meeting of lion. I_. P. Pelletier ! Westminster and district uk.
and Itev. Pere Garon, yesterday, was
a happy one. Both gentlemen hail
from the same place in -Quebec Trois-
I'istoles and old memories were revived.
Insure -with Alfred W. MeLeod, the
insurance man. All kiuds written.
Hundreds of millions to pay losses.
Not Yet���Quite.
The licensing court of Coquitlam
has not yet been formally established.
Although Councillor It. J. C. Atk'ns
has received official intimation of his
appointment as a J. P. he has not ye'
received his commission and without
it cannot act.    lt ls expected daily.
terest In the new fall styles of clothing was evidenced by the crowds thlt
|attended the fall opening of a. t-t. Mills
on Friday and Saturday last week,
when tbe latest models in suits, overcoats and all the necessary accoutrements were displayed in a taste to
meet the eye of the most critical
The latest In the "Society Brand"
for the youth vied with the more conservative "Fashion Craft." all dlBplav-
ed In a manner well in keeping with
any large city. Dr. ,laeg"r's woollen
goods. Burberry coats, the niftiest
ties and shirts added to the quota
which makes this store the leading
one in the city for the connoisseur of
good clothes.
At a meeting of the officers of the
104th regiment on Friday evening,
Colonel J. D. Taylor enlisted Ills llrst
recruit since hls appointment, ex-
Hand Sergeant Arthur Seymour Leslie, whom he Immediately appointed
drum major of the 104th,
The new drum major is well known
In the city, having joined the B. 0.
II. 11. A. us Inr back as 1894, when
Colonel Taylor  was  lieutenant.
Drum Major Leslie was born lu the
army, the liritish cavalry, and aerved
from a boy in his lather's regiment.
the Ninth lancers. He saw active service ln India, taking part in the
.lavakt expedition under Com ral Sir
Harry Husliman und wenl through the
Afghan campaign undi r General |
Itoberts. Altogether be served lii
years in the liritish army.
The drum major v.as regimental
trumpeter and on two occasions rode
behind the late King Kdward VII, then
Prince of Wales, on the llrst occasion
in Dublin and on the second iu India
wben the Prince made his memorable
visit to the great depeirlancv. He is
also a song composer, his last son :
being  "The Loss of the Titanic."
Starts New Pusiness.
J. W. Connor, who has become woll
known in the city as the manager rt
the firm of Lees. Limited, has severed
ihls connection witb that concern's successors, McAllister's. Limited, and will
shortly enter business in the city for
himself in a furniture exchange.
Fred Davis will sell by public auction a large assortment cf household
furniture   and   effects   (removed     for
convenience of sale) at the Westminster Auction House, Kings hotel block |
Columbia street, on Tuesday, Septem I
ber 23.  at  2  p.m.  sharp.    This  is    v. [
very  important  sale    of    high    class I
goods.   See ll. J. Russell for partlcu- '
lars of sale. (2089)
Nev Quarters.
The Coqultlam council will meet for
llie lirst time In its new offices, Pitt
| Hiver road, Maillardville, on Wednes-
��� day, The Office and council chamber
'have been admirably constructed from
two rooms In Chief of Police Fare's
bouse. The furnishings are expected
today and a phone will be installed
A New Jack.
Whether or not it was the visit u1
Hon L. Pelletier. postmaster general
ot Canada, to the city yesterday tint
caused the change patriotic oih-vn*
were agreeably surprised to see n
new I'nion .lack flying over thr* local
Dominion building, replacing the bunting which had flown there for many ,i
day and which was hardly recognizable ;:s a national ensign on account of
irs   I rayed   edge  and  dark  color.
BRADSHAW���Tbe funeral cf the
late James Bradshaw took place on ';
Saturday afternoon with the rites of
the Order of Ancient Free and Accept-
ed Masons, of which the deceased I
was a member, tbe service being carried out by Rev. Frank Plaskett, vicar ',
of St. Mary's Anglican church. The
cortege left Howell's undertak'ne
establishment at 1:30 and proceeded
to the Masonic hall where the Masonic
service was held. At the grave Rev.
I'lask-tt administered the last rites,
while the Mas<. nie honors were con-
.'iictod by Dr. Hackintr.
Kb wets were left by Mr. and Mrs.
W. Walmsley and children, Mr. and
Mrs. A. F. Hay. Mr. and Mrs. R,
Rest. Mr. and Mrs. W. Dauphtnee, Mr,
and Mrs. B. L. Snell, Mr, and Mrs,
Kern. Mr. and Mrs. Wade, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Vi. .1. Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Pool.
Day sessions thc entire year.
Night session Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Individual instruction in Shorthand,
Touch Typewriting. Bookkeeping,
Arithmetic, Spelling, Penmanship and
allied subjects by specialists at either
[ session.
A.  1.
Phone 853.
BOUCK,  Principal.
610 Columbia  St,
!    "Never felt better in my Iif'
the remark  of a  well  known
yesterday.   "That so." replied
Named Aftfr Him.
During the    visit    of    M.  Pelletier
I Joseph  '/..   Lajoie.  from   Lajoie   Falls.
j who is visiting Maillardville, bad the
pleasure of bearing    from    the    post-
j master general that a new post office
; was to be established In his district
and named after him, Lajoie Falls is
aboul   1""  milis  north  of  Vancouver
land the post office v.ill accommodate
i nearly BOO settlers,
They Shook Hando.
Hev. Robert !���'.. Knowles. the minister-author, of Knox Presbyterian
church, Gait, Ont., preached yesterday at St. Andrew's church, Vancouver, After the service many people
from Oalt, now living here and iu
Vancouver, met and renewed acquaintances witli Mr. Knowles (Jn
his trip to lhe coast Mr. Knowles is
accompanied by Mrs. Knowles and
their young son.
Busy Man.
Anyone wishing to see those   connected with the offices of the it   A
���-;   I.   society   today   may   expect     to
meet said  personages attired  la  over
alls or similar garb, for the office is
now being moved from the city  mar-
! ket building to the exhibition grounds.
| After today headquarters will be upstairs in  the industrial  building, and
[ afier  tomorrow  those  in  charge  will
J bo delighted  to  welcome  all   comers,
1 but today���"we are so busy."
The Wind She Blew.
Yesterday  was  moving day  in  thla
; immediate   district,   just  at   the  time
! the  high   winds    struck    here.    The
place   that      everything     seemed     to
want   to   leave   wus  the  Westminster
! Trust building corner.    When the gale
'was  nt  its  height   an  awning  on  the
I Acme store was wrenched loose    and
only was prevented from breaking the
plate glass window by Police Sergeant
Pentland,    who,   after    phoning    the
owner, bold  the iron  frame    for    23
minutes until he came.   The big mall
j box   at   the   same    corner    wus     also
bowled over Into the street. Branches
and deadwood along the avenues were
torn   loose  and   blown  down.
Cil iven
W. K. ('., "what's the trouble?" "On
nothing particular. Sim*" the B. C. K.
II. raised the rates l bave taken n
walking and am savin? s few fares
which I would have used bad the Bit-
for-��.-quarter Bystem been still In -effect "
Funny -is it mav seem, this change
'ti the rate schedule has created more
interests among residents on the lower
mainland thai one would naturallj believe
Th" slx-fcr-p-auarter form of ticketa are pretty near extinct, In fi-l.
many of the residents are hold ng
them as pouventrs Blthough there is
dinger of them bi ;;*.:- used if tha hoi 1-
ers should happen to carry Ihem
around In their pocketl oi k.
Another peculiar feature of the
change is the apathy which some peo-
pi" show towards the present white
and gree- combination slin
"It makes on" look as they ara, ordinary workm-uinon." was the remark
Veer News heard from one person
whose standing In the community is
hv no means of the Independent class.
And so it goes.
We the undersigned agree
to close our stores on Sat urday afternoons between the
hours of 1 and 7 p.m. until
further notice.
._  CO.,  Ltd.
JAMES  &   Mc
T, .1   'IP. 'Vi' ,V  CO., LTD.
ANDERS i\ & LC SB. .
Residence  V. W. C. A. Phone 1324.
Mus. Bac.
Cinoinp.   Piano,   Theory.
For Terms and  Hours Apply at
Studio, 1011   Hamilton  Street,    phone
1319 R. (1B77)
'Continued from pace one
DlM  A jjl 11 Fancy and Evening Dressei
a Specialty.
Room 14. Smith Block.
McAllisters Limited
Ladies' Tailored Serge Suits at $18.50
Ladies' New Fall Suits made in
navy coating serge. Man Tailored, cut in long coat style with
semi-fitting effect, smart shaped
skirts, silk serge lined coats.
These suits are without equal for
the maximum of value that have
ever been shown in the west.
McAllisters Ltd. Special price,
$18.75 Suit.
A new delivery of Ladies' Fall
Tailored Skirts just received and
placed in stock. Each of these
skirts are strictly Man Tailored.
The range embraces Navy Serges, Grey, Hrown, etc., Suitings,
and a pretty selection of the newest tweeds, all sizes to select from
���specially priced from .$5.75 to
Our new Furnishing Drapery Department is now
rearranged and located on the main floor, and a
beautiful display of pretty house furnishing fabrics and drapery, together with all their accessories
are ready for your selection.
Special Sale Men's Soft Felt Hats at Each $1.50
About 100 Men's Soft Felt Hats have been laid aside
to close out at this price. The assortment includes all
shades, including Smart Brown, Grey and Green
Effects, also Blacks. A full complement of sizes is in
this selection and every hat has been taken from our
regular and higher priced assortments.
McAllister's Special Price on  Monday  at  $1.50
rc_-_.7-_r.-i '.
and Miss
I..U..V.M .   All C M
Lessons In Pianoforte, Violin, Sing
Ing, Voice Production, Theory (tn
class cr prlvatelj I, Harmony, Counl ir-
point, Musical Form and iii*-' ry.
Pupils prepared for th- examlna
tions of the Associated Hoard of the
Royal Academj of Music and Koyal
College of Music. Also Pn fesslonal
Diplomas, Teacher or*  Perfi rmer
For   terms,   etc.,   apply   ,",1   IHiITtI'i
Btreet,   Phi ne ill it. cur,,")
tn toMui
o n OSLtn   m p , nm IIDCHT,          w  L  MATTHEWS, viciphlsicjIMT
C. A. COGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up    -       -       .       -          $5,000,000
ffpjrrve  Fund $G,OOO.COO
Totnl Aurtt $70,000,000
Collections A Specialty
The Dominion Bank h_._ exception*-! facilities lor making
collections   not only In Canada   but in ail parts cf lhe world.
Complete list cl Branches snd correspondent:, furnished
on application.
work  into which  God  had  launched
Continuing, the preacher remarked
that some had repudiated ail Intellect
i nal training hr not quite necessary to
Christian activity, and that a groat
deal of the time so spent in rellfilout
[work was unnecessaryi  he dwelt on
I the Importance of keeping the bome
life clean and free from had tendencies, and then if any went astray we
Bhould not have occasion to feel w<
were responsible for engendering the
habits tliat destroyed them. We
should make our homes homes '���'
prayer where Christian lives raised a
iuilwark against dangerous tendencies
children   may  meet.  In   life      Vet   It   is
deplorable how this training Is neglected und left entirely to the Sunday
school.   Parents shunned the responsibility from themelves    even profeSl
Int; Christians relegated this work t<
the church  and  Sunday school
Church   Supplement,
lie emphasized the necessity of ths
work or the church being supplemented by work Iii the home   -the most, po-
Itent place for shaping their characters.
| If the Influence Is had In the home for
six days In the week there Is not very
I much hope for the child.
Kroin hls early religious and Intellectual teaching, hls latter training in
| the highest culture or the Egyptians,
hls heitiK equipped  by nature and  re-
A few crates of choice
peaches for preserving left
at 90c. per crate.
Tokay Grapes, 2 lbs. 25c.
Red Spring and Steelhead
Salmon and Halibut, 2 lbs.
for 25c.
Smoked Halibut and Salmon, 2 lbs. :$5c.
(Successor to Ayling & Swain.)
P. Burns & Co. Ltd.
Palace  Market, Columbia  St.,  Phones
1200,  1201,  1202.
Sapperton   Market,   Phone   1204.
i Eighth   St.   Market,  Phone   1205.
Get our Prices on Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Rotary
("ut Fir Veneer Panels.
Delivered on the Job.
Enquire about our special ntockes, they are money invert.
Local Sales Department. Phone 890.
t47 Cnturnbm  St.
Phone 98. I Edmonds  Market.  Phone   L803.
Thc Boy r of the "Y." '
Tin- boys' division ot the Y. M, C. A.
iris previously had no regular organization, but a move is now being mad.
in tbe direction of furnishing a room Illglous training, Moses became a dis-
Foi the purpose of reading, recreatlin Itln-ct figure among the great men of
ind social matters. This will be put j tho Old Testament, a mighty man nt
Into Shape and carried out under the G-Qd and a great leader of men. All
superintendence of II. II Johnson, tho ought to gather a lesson from this
new   hoys'  secretary,  who  lias  come  wonderful   life,   he   nald,   thai   would
from Toronto lor the purpose. With .1
viciv ta assist in providing tlio nece-v
tary equipment, a dinner, at which 17f>
h"lp  to   make  them   more  efficient   In
the  service of  (lnd   and   reallre   tlieir
respdnslblltles to the young.
Short Term Loans
F. J. HART  & CO., LTD.
Established 10*1.
W�� writ* Flre, Life, Awrident, Employers'
Marlon  Insurance,
Liability,   Automobile  and
Notice to Passengers-Ciiy Lines.
CHANGE IN FARES.Effective Sept. 18, 1913
For the convenience of pasengers, conductors
will be provided with strips of five tickets, good on
city lines only at any time, which will be sold for
twenty-five (25) cents.
Strips of ten tickets (five green and five white)
will he sold for forty (40) cents, good on city lines
only, but the white tickets will ONLY be accepted on
the cars between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. The green tickets
will hc available until midnight.
The rates and conditions previously prevailing
governing transfers, school children's ticketa and the
requirement of a double fare after midnight will
continue in force.


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