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The New Westminster News Apr 23, 1913

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i   even
ing   at  8
The   M
m the
aj Da
*  committee
Of Trade r<
Mainland Moderate       westurly
winds;   generally  fair with station-
ary or higher tempi -..-.urea.
VOLUME  B,  t>.      JER  29..
On Advice of King Government Accepts Proposal of
Liberal Leader.
Men Will Resume Work Probably 0
Thursday���May   Mean  Abdication
of Administration.
Brussels, April 82.���Owing
part to the advice of the king,
ernment today accepted tbe
iii gri
the gl
Sequel to Burning of John Smith's Second hand Store on Mclnnes Street���Plot to Defraud Insurance Company Revealed���Robert 0. Smith, Contractor, Is Arrested
Following Charge Against Howard Walters���Hugh Ness, Alias "Diamond Dick,"
Also in the Toils���Case Adjourned to April 29.
mu,*   |,..|i    ��� 1  by  the  Liberal  leader,1 *' no8e '*���&> ���  May Queen of
M.  Masson, and the great strike for\<>* Itmlnster is rapidly drawlni
close.    She  was  elected  from
Kelvin school last your.
manhood suffrage, which on account
of the remarkable discipline maintain
ed, the solidarity of IIiobc who Joined
In the movement and its sklful organ!
Ization Is unequalled ln history, will j
bo. called off on Thursday. Only a i
week ngo tlie Belgian premier, M, de
Brocquevttle, declared: "No govern-1
ment could yield lo a strike of thll I
nature. To yield would bo to ab j
Nevertheless,   the   strike   seems  to
have sufficient impression on tlle gov ,
ernment to induce it to unbend from ;
the     uncompromising     attitude     far
enougb to ensure  tlle termination of
a situation which haB already cost the '
-country  many   millions  aud   Is  dally
driving away from manufacturers cus-|
toners they may never win back.
The decision to accept the eompro j
mlse was reached yesterday by thei
cabinet and the premier announced in j
the chamber today that the govern
ment had made M. Masson's motion j
Its own.
The Socialists  generally  appear to
he  satisfied   with  the  result.     M.  de'
8tree Bald afterwards thnt thp second
part of the mi tlon
disapproves and condemns the general
���trlke- was unimportant "It waa," he
added, "only tantamount to saying that
the clubbed repudiated the club."
The Situation.
M. Vandervelde summed up tlio sltua
tion thus:
"No doubt yon are not enthusiastic
You expected us to hand ynu universal
suffrage on a silver salver You arc
furious because we could not do so
llut there are people who aro a good
deal more furious than you, the band
of fanstlcB who had to swallow the
premier's dnclaratlons and vote for a
Liberal motion paving thn way for u
revision of the constitution."
"You have gained a victory, but It
is not n qui'stlon of victor or vanquish
<>d. The great fact Is that the morrow
Will bring revision und justice.
It is snld tonight that an extra par
liamentary committee will be appointed by the chamber and king to con
sider and report on the question of
constitutional revision    This commit
|..i> will bo composed of deputies nnd
eminent scientists, jurists and others
A cam ua after the session of the
Chamber decided to cull a meeting of
the general strike committee tomorrow which will convoke a national con-
-grass of the Socialist Labor piirty.
comprising 1800 representatives of ull]
the unions. TbU congress will lie om-1
powered to termlndte the general
There Is undoubtedly much satlsfar-
tjon among  the rank  and   file of the \
strikers, who feel tbnt they must wall
not  wait too long for the desired reform, but  the leaders are unanimous I
In  their wish   to  end   the  strike.     M
Vandlrtnission,  lhe general  secretary i
of the strike,  declared   that   It   was a
more complete  victory than he could
have  hoped   fur nfter only  a  week's
There Is little doubt that by Mon
day the struggle will be ended, except
possibly In thi case of the coal miners
who tu �� threaten to strike for higher
It was reported tonight on the authority of a member of the cabinet
thai tin re wlll be u dissolution of parliament lu 1916 BO as lo (live tlie mm
olectorato system which will It coin
pioted by thai lime, a clean atari
This would I* * Impossible otherwise
as ordinarily the chamber is selected
oui. hall at ��������� time,
Tlie daj   passi d quietly
strike districts,
No   Disorder.
Antwerp.   April   L'I!.    Th'
tlie vote in 'he chamber of
bcci pi. d in re ns justlfl
strike     Anxlet]   on   lln
tu   I
The arrest of Hubert O. Smith
raetor.  and  Hugh Ness,    aliai
noinl  Dick, for arson  was the result
it the partial heari/g of the charge
of nrson against Howard Walters yes
terday  in   the  police  court.
The whole case was brimful of sen
sational disclosures and revealed    :
pretty piece of scoundrelism some
where. The charge resulted from thi
mrnlng down Of John Smith's second
Hand store on Mclnnes street, on
vlarch IS last. Walters was arrested
'iear the store suffering severely frou,
Ness  declared  he   heard  U.   Smith
propose   to   Waiters   that   lie   should
burn down  his second  hand store on
Mclnnes street, and saw him hand $f,
to  Walters  to  go  to   Vancouver    to
purchase  gasoline  for  that   purpose
Hu agreed to take a hand in the job
but they were disturbed before effecting it and he fled before the    incendiarism  actually  took  plac?.
Plot  Miscarried.
Washington, April 22.���Colonel Goe-1    Walters, the accused, made a clean
thals, chief engineer of the    Panama i breast of the whole affair.   Smith, he
canal, in a report to the war depart-: said, proposed and he agreed to burn
ment   today   reiterated   the   hope  he .the  place  for the sake of the  insui-
expressed   some   time   ago   that     he;ance money.    He was to get f600 foi
Chief   Engineer   Reiterates   Hope  that;
Great Canal  W.ll  Be Opened
Before Ckse of 1913.
cjn-ito  Hini'h  and  saying:   "Tin-re  Ib  an-!
Dia | other fellow who knows we burnt It,"
nor Smith  rejoining, "Shut up."
"I did not bet fire to the place," was
another indignant response of witness
to counsel's Insinuation.
,    He did not nsk Smith, "Why he had
��� net left the door open as arranged
i Smith told "Spike," accused, that he
i would leave tin- door of the store open,
Mr. Held���Old you ask Smith why
��� he  did  not  leave  the door open
Witness���I was not supposed to be
j In it. I told Smith all about what they
had done after the    fire.
Mr,  Held���What    did    Smith    say I
.about the money?
Witness���Smith said there was a!
bunch coming in somewhere. "Spike" i
did not have to worry. That was ai
' ftw days after the fire.    He did nct
Montenegrins Continue Desperate Attempts to Capture Fort.
gave accured ?5 to buy gasoline In
Vancouver and you brought it to this
Witness -Yes. sir.
l'roceeding he said accused and he | JE*N   ..icPhAIL
had a SCUfflee after they got off the ��� Elect! d May Queen of New
car as he did not want to go on fur-1 3t,.r for 13*13-14,    She is 12
ther with the Job but accused insisted,
"as Smith had paid for it," he said.
He   only   heard   two   conversations
between Smith and accused about the
fire.    He  remembered   Sin
accused a cheque for $15 on
night  in a saloon on  account  of  the
deal.   Th(jre were five or six present
then,    The cheque was torn up in a
fight  which   ensued.    Witness   never
get any meny from Smith.
Rcbrt 0. Smith
Robert  0.  Smith, contractor,  New | Resentment
Westminster, examined by    Mr.    Mc-
of  the
years old
and is a pupil cf Judge Howay school.
Against   Superintendent
Cause of  Trouble���Mother
Spanks Child.
know how much th*.- building was in-   qmirrie,   said  be   was  owner
sured for. I building known a? 16 Mclnnei
Mr.   Reid���Toil  meant  to  fire  that, It was rented to John Smith.
1 building that night? j    There was $2965 Insurance on  the
;    Witness���Yes; but I got cold feet.      building.   He could not recall any con-j
Mr. Held���If thlB man had not come ! versation   with   accused    about    this |    Pittsburg,  Aprll  22.���The strike  of
along and Interfered with your part   building   before   the   fire.     Hc   never ^school children against S.  L.  Hector
;uer you  would  have set fire t"  this : gave accused any money to huy gaso-Jas [superintendent    of   the   Pittsburg
Place? : unP 0r anything for him previous tc j school  system   spread   rapidly  today.
WltneEB���I don't know. ; the fire.   He had no Idea how the fire  Beginning  yeBterday   when  hundreds
Proceeding, he said they never got 'started, of children remained  away  from the
InBl'e  the  building. Cross-examined by Mr. Held witness ! schools  aB  a  protest   against  Hector
,. ...,,. Mr- Reid���I am Inetructed that you'anid: "I had a fire In thlB building be-j wbo last Friday  was acquitted  by  a
'���"' '"'"''-''J  h,,< iwere seen having whispered conversa-! fore In the upper portion of it.   lt was  Jury of two serious charges preferred
, ��� , ,    ,, ,,,   ,        ,    . , tlons with Smith in different parts of 1 hand Btore, was hiB half brother.    lie i by a domeEtlc employed ln his home.
that the chamber as to whether It would be possible to  lying In Uie store with hla clothes ou *lhe building, before the fire. 'insured for $3500. ithe   strike   gained   great   proportions
grant  the   request  of  Captain   Raold ! Ore and  escaped  with    difficulty    to j    Witness���Nothing of the kind; abso-1    John Smith, the tenant of the second ! today.    In all partB of the city thou-
.mundsen,  tbe explorer,  that he  be Eleventh  Btreet,   where be  was    ar- 1 lutely    untrue.      The    fire    occured I owed the witness about four months'
allowed to take his ship Fram through j rested.
would  pass a Bhip through tbe canal ' the Job.
before the close of tbe present year. I    The  plot  miscarried
The   statement  came   In   response  to I drunkenness.
au   inquiry   from   Secretary   Garrison  flre  to the store
through    his 1"
t nctuttllj
He  fouud  himself !
Close   Frontier   and   Suspend   Pc-eti*
Service���Negotiations tor  Gur-
render���Supplies E/.haus'-acf.
London, April 22.���Pending tli�� coa-
duslon of a formal armistice, covering the operations of all the allies.
the Montenegrins are renewing thetr
desperate efforts to capture Scutari,
the lall of which, according to au
official   report  Issued   at Cetlinje,  ia
1 imminent.
There is no confirmation cf Use;
story from Trieste that owing to lhe
exhaustion of food, the commander
of Scutari Is endeavoring to negotiate
for its surrender, but a Belgrade despatch says the Montenegrins have
heavy artillery before Scutari .-and
have employed It In their present attack, although the Servian troops an-i
leaving or have left thai district, tv.
is said that Montenegro ts endeavor*
ing to arrange with Servia for tht'
purchase of this artillery.
lt is supposed that the Montenosrio
; government has closed thn frontier
and   suspended  postal  and  telegraph
* service In order to prevent any interference on the part et- the powers
until Scutari [alls.
A report published at Buctutresit
says that under thc settlement arranged at St. Petersburg. Itoumanis
will receive Sllistria and about two
miles of territory around tho town,
and the right to erect fortifications.
Bulgaria and Greece are rapidly
drifting towards war over the
tho canal when he starts for the Antarctic regions next winter.
Colonel  Goethals  said:
"The opening of the Panama canal
for  the  passage  of   veasels  has    al-
Smith  denied  all  these alle
client waa determined    to    make    a
iclean breast of the whole affair aud
ways  been predicted on the question Un order tbe more efficaciously to do
Of slides and  the completion  of    thp |this and in the Interests of justice he
to   bring
was    ad-
occured  owed the witness about
about 2 or 3 o'clock In the morning of i rent before the first fire.    Before the
,. egatlons.! March 18, I-second fire he owed him about *B00
Mr. Hamilton Held, Vancouver, who I    Mr. Reid-Was not the whole thing ; and   about  one   month'B   rent.     Rent
appeared for WalterB. Btated that bis:a plant between you aud Smith? ot the store was $75 a month.
Witness���It was not a plant between j    M.r  Reid���How   much  of  the  firBt
Smith and me.   1 knew nothing about' insurance did you get?
it  until  "Spike"   told  me.    I   do  not!    Witness���I got $540.   John Smith In
lock   gates.    The    present     schedule
Contemplated    admitting    tiie    water
Into the Culebra cut early ln October
and the completion of one flight   et
- i-ks  iiii  either  end of  the  canal by
that fame date,    lt Ib hoped that we
will be able to pass a ship before the
���lose  o!   uie  year  and if this can  be
tecum Dllsbed, lliu Fram will have no
difficulty   In   making   tbe   tr-ansli   ot
the  canal  and  every   facility  will  be
ifl-nd lor Ils d.iing so. No as
howi ver, can be given in the
at this lime."
usked for an adjournment
further evidence. The case
learned until April 2H.
Arrests Followed.
At  the  close of  the  hearing  R.  O
Smith and Ness wero arrested. Smith I
sands of school children paraded the  B'on of Saloniki.    according   to   Uie
Btreets. tying up traffic at a number  Chronicle's      correspondent   at   thai
of busy points and necessitating the town,
calling out of police reserves to main-i At Salonlki.
tain order. j    The   GreekB  have   mobilized  every
The 1'ittBburg board of education available soldier and conc-untrstc-d
held a meeting this afternoon at which one army in the neighborhood of
a committee ot seven prominent men Salonlki, while another is being
was asked to investigate the alleged   landed    at Orfani,    in    the Gulf    *cf
Uriani, in order to watch the movements of the Bulgarians at Drama.
and   Kavala.    The   victorious   Epirn-s
Jury   Investigate   Tragic   Death   of  B
C.  E.  R. Conductor Who  Was Hit
by   Interurban  Car.
Hll   the
���   result   uf
deputies Is
���at Inn of lhe
part   of  the
A verdlcl 1 f accidental death
tachlng no blame to any perBOn
i- mpany was brought ln by
uoroner'a Jury at the inquest over
body cf George Maloolm, who waa
killed by an Interurban car of thc
ll. C. K. R yesterday mornlr 1 'I In
nun,-1 v. is held in the undertaking
parlors of Murchie & Son. presided
,,v :* by ii roner A. I.. McQuarrie.
Malcolm is a young man about 2:
years of agi. and entered the emplo)
ot tbe it, C. 13. R, lis conductor In
August, 1012. During tha winter
Malci Im had been 1 mployi d in 1
v,.., 13 conductor and aftor roi rt'.ns
1 ��� ir barns yesterday niornu 1
find v. no wi rk In sigh! tor tl .* dat
*,,.   ,* 1, 1 way  ii   i'i * lu ii**'.. n ��� f tin
ii tcrurl 1 , i.n 1   Cwoltth sti I 1  1 ik-
and ."i in 1' ad  to  h 11 rd  one 1 (   thi
.1 i'i ��� 1,   null   11 * uf thi   ���. mpam
which was coming from Vancouver
i', 1 en 11 .1  mlsai d  his  li otitt [ whll
junii   ... t-i   tin   i'*.ii' step 1 r the (Ira!
, ar, tin 11 *   nd car hitting hlm In tin
,hii h  wa1  :*i* ���!.' n  b,.   tho im
strikers plainly was noticeable today
but then  wa> no disorder.   The loss'
of ihe pun of Antwerp by the Indlreol!
effects of ths strike is estimated af
several inlllh 11 francs.
Mobile.  Ala..  April  22.
wife and two daughters,
of Chaulness and    Miss
In   flee   for    their   lives.
Forcing bin
the Duchi ,i-
lhe $100,000
winter home here of Theodore F.
flltonts, presldi ni uf the New York
York Info: borough Motri p illtan
liaii ii Transit company, was dootroj
ed by (Ire.
Mrs, Shonts and In r daughtera are
und..r a physician's care today,
* 01
11   !
lii   I
First Callfornian   Recall.
San   Francisco,   April   22.    Tlie
application  or California's new
f���r the  recall ot th"    Judiciary
boon successful. By a margin of 815
votes, Police Judge Charles 1. Weller
accused of Incompetence, was removed from office ut ,1 npeclnl elec
linn here  today,  and  Wiley  F. (rial.
an attorney, put forward by women
voters, who were chiefly active In the
campaign,   wan    named    nu  Weller'"
lie was placed on the trn 11
nisiii .1 to the 11. C, K. i'.  d iporl,
dn 1  bi tura  hu  was  llfti d  from
Deceasi d was regardi d among
offli lals of thu company  u*> om
Btead) and si,In r lab is and was
1,11, 1, r 11 permanent position.
la survived b> n niothit* and brothci
residing al Custer, Wash., who havi
heen iidl ill "il.
Clvcn leave to Afpesl.
1,1 udoii, April -'-. l-ieavt 1.1 appeal
.<.,,- .,.,.,. .1 t .day by i'i. privy cum
. 1 ii, tin casn of British Columb n
attorni j general versus lhe Doinln'.i 1
ui >rni ��� ... neial, regarding pro. Ir.cl 0
power lo grant Ashing rights. Thi
Canadian Buproma courl has ruled
thai tho provinces were Incapable of
granting such iinliis.
Victoria Men Electrocuted.
Victoria,  April 22.    Coming In
tact   with   high   power  eleetrli
wire s
was allowed ball, $5000
security and two sureties
each. Ness was allowed
$20no and two sureties of $100 each
Prisoners will appear before- the
magistrate this morning on the
charge of arson.
Mr   J.  P.   Hampton  Bob'  Iuib  been
retained for Smith.
Borrowed Candle.
A number of witnesses were exam
intd   previous  to  the    star    witnesn
Hugh   Ness,  taking    the    slam),    all
; more  or    less    connecting    accused
i with  the  tire.
Two women In adjoining house tc
; the burned Btore deposed to accused
I coming Into their premises lor t
j candle.
Officer Ferguson spoke to arresting
; accused   on   Eleventh   street.
Detective Burrows testified aa tc
I tii"  investigations.
The   locking   up   of   the   store   and
j leaving il aafe on the night of March
117, was testified to by Warren Miller,
store clerk, and  John  Smith   the oc- j
cuplcr Bpoke as to his Insurance poll-'
Hugh Ness said he was an employee1
of Robert O. Smith, contractor, New
Westminster.     lie   met   the   accused.
: Walters, in Seattle and they came to
New Westminster together
He was present when Unbelt Smith
made arrangements with Waiters to
I burn the second hand store down, and
alio when Smith gave Sa to accused
to go to Vancouver and purchase g.iso
Tiny   wml   together  to   Vancouver
on Mar<j)i 17 and returned by the last
cn- early next momlug, Accused
rbnsi il the gasoline in a garag
QranvlIV strei t
They went to the Btore 1. r tho
poso of firing I'  when a man
along  and demanded  to know
Walters what he was doing then
grabbed hlm, whereupon wltnes
1 1 u. d li" "heal It,"
Exchanged  Clothes.
Examined b> Mr Reid, witness nar
rated the continuous drinking on
���Monday. March 17, previous to the
crime. Ho denied telling accused I '
go fur candles nnd matches. He only
Itnow the store was burned down next
afternoon.   When be heard the man
I tackle   accused   he bolted homo to
Lindsay's house.
Sume people having mado Inquiries
I for hlm there witness said he gol beneath the hid.   Later In the afternoon
he changed clothes With another man
After be got  home he slept  with
! Lindsay.    He  did  not   go  near  V.n
Melden's room.    Accused  v.mi known
, by the name of "Bpllte."
Witness dented a number of conver
: iiioii.i siiggeiii d io him by counsel,
Ile admitted, however, tolling a friend
of accused's In Vancouver thai he had
taken him behind a woodpile to Bleep;
that he. accused, was so drunk that
lie could not wake him up. That was
111 lie.    Ho never raid accused had set
flro to himself lighting a cigarette.
When the num came along and ask-
led Wallers what he waa doing there.
I "I Bald good-bye," smilingly  observed
the witness, who did not seem to realize the gravity of ths situation.
Does Not Remember.
know that Smith made thn same sug-  his settlement got $H0.
gestion of Van Melden. Smith always.     Mr.  Reid���Ot that $140 how  much .charges of Immorality against Superin-
seeined to have a lot of money to buy  did he pay you on his debt? \ tendent Rector.
drinks  with. Witness--He reduced ll to a certain!    A score of youthful marchers were;
The Court    What door was it Smith I amount, I  don't know how  much.    1' detained at the various police stations  army trom Janina Is being dlstrib-ite-rl
was to have lei', jpen? | pllt on my last inruranc last August; until their parents cpuld.be notified.'; along the new  strategical front train
Witness    1   don't  know.    We  tried   in the London, Liverpool & Globe. Mr. 1 One  little  fellow   was  run  over   and   3alonikl to Orfani.
i"Wf arc going  to pull  off  a  big job
on the 17th?"
Wltners. smiling���I did not.
Mr. Reid -This is no laughing mat-
I ter. believe me. for you or anyone elBe.
,l)id you till Van Melden, Howard was
burnt up?
Witness --I  did  not.    I  did  not say
II burnt the joint. Van Melden did not
pay, don't fool me, nur did 1 reply:
"Come along to the front porch and
Mr.   Reid   -Am  you   known   as   Diamond   I lick?
Witness���Yes. My real name ls
Hugh  Ness.
Cross-examined by Mr W. <!. Mc-
Querrie for the crown, witness said:
''Robert Smith, aoouseri and 1 nr- thp
only ones mixed up in this case. Smith
broach-tfu it to the accttai ri * * * "��� used
brought me into It. We wcre to get
$500 between the two of us tor Iho
job.   Smith told ut that
Mr    McQnarrli     Vnd   if   the   plact
were  not   wholly  burned  down   what 1
were you to get"
(VltneBs ���Ten per cent of the infiir-
ance money.
Mr. McQuarrie' For some time before this fire, this man Smith was
supplying you and accused with drink!
every day and every night practically"
bt the meantime, adds the . mnw-
perBonal' the back door    I was never Inside the I J. J. Johnston Ib the agent.    1 never! killed by a street car In the    exclle-
of   $2500 ibullding. 1 tried to Increase my Insurance,   lowniment   occasioned   by   one   ot   the   pa- \ pond-ant, tUe Bulgarians taava tses**t**hm-
bail    on!    Mr. Reid���Did you tell Van Melden)the   house   the   LlndBayB   occupy.     l\radeB.    Charles' McCool, aged 35, was\,:d passenger  traffic between  0*<$-��-
don't remember Lindsay putting tire I arrested In front of one ot tho school ,
to the chimney, but he told me about j buildingB and charged with disorderly-
it. conduct. He is alleged to have- been
Mr. Held-- Dill you tell him It was I attempting to prevent children from
a pity be did not let ll go as there was' entering school. William Slater, aged
iriF'irance on it?
Witness-  No.
Mr Held Hid he answer: "What
about my furniture.   It is not insured."
Witness���Lindsay's house ia insur
ed for $2000.
Mr. Reid���Did you applv fer an Increase of thnt  Inrirancp?
Witness    Yes. about    five    months
was taken into custody char-cod
with inciting a riot. Slater and several women attacked two officers who
were breaking up banners carried by
the children inscribed "Kick Rector
Banners of all descriptions, some 0'
them Inflammatory, were In evidenc.
all   over   the   city.     At   a   number   or
ago.    I own two houses on Oak Btreet. points Rector was turned In effigy,
and there is a Frenchman's house at]     In the wake of one procession, hur-
the back of the building burned down I rled an Irate mother.    She reached the
1 nesn
fere  Hi
McQuarrie   On
fin- Smith iu y
day   be-
belonging   to   him.     There   was  $3000
Insurance on it.
Mr.   Held   then   questioned   witness
about  his deallngE  with  accused.
Denied Accusation.
He had lent him $5 but uot to pur-1
chase   gasoline.      He   denied   always1
standing the drinks to accused, Ness,
Lindsay, Van  Melden and others.    He
never  made  any   preposition   to   Van
Melden or accused to fire his property
"I never said to accused, '1 can tell
you   how   to   make  money   e.asy   and
qulok and a whole lot at once.'"
"1 did mu I'll him that I had a stor.-
.11  Chinatown  condemned  ami  thai   I
nautili it burned." said witness.
Mr   Reid    Did  yen  suggest   to him
(Continued on l'nge Klght.l
crowd   as   several   mounted   and   foot
j policemen were trying to disperse the
shouting children.    Blbowing lier way
into   the   centre   of   the   crowd,   she
grabbed  a  youth  off hla  feet,   swung
him  across  her  lap and  whaled  him,
while  his  companions shouted  in  de-j
rlsion.    The  woman  then  started   for
some Of the other disturbers but  they
dispersed almost in u twinkling of an
Washington, April 22.���Deputy collectors cf customs now second in
command at all ports of the United
States probably will retain their posl
tions under the Democratic administration and have direct charge of the
customs offices when the customs re
organization plan becomes effective
July 1. according to officials today.
Deputy ci Hectors now are In the
claa ..in d civil service and .1 ������ the
in �� plan continues their civil t'*r\Ice
protection, ll is said to be the Intention of the treasury dapartmenl t<
'leave ihem unchanged except tor increases in the salaries ol a ii w whoBi
duties win be increased by the    rt
organisation,    The collectors of r.is
iiuiiB wlin wlll supervise, under   thi
I new plan, the work of the deputies in !
direct charge of th" ports In    tin li
rsspi I'tivt- customs districts are
protected by tha olvll service.
tatch and ',5nlomkl and are otHlilnx
the railway tor tbe concentration of
troops in the neighborhood cf Drama
:lcsc to the Greek position.
Stone  Atiacf-ie.
���    Vienna,   April   22.���A  Tr'esti*    dfs
I patch lo the Neue Frei Presse say--**
j the    Austro-llungarian    tnlEtiry    attache at Cettinje, wishing ta pre-e-eei!
1 to Cattaro, fouud the frontier closed
againpt him.    He uas stoned and    in-
i svlted   by   Montenegrins   at   Cettfnj'e.
tustrtan minister hns son* a pro-
'tin to the Montenegrin government.
Negotiations Proceed.
London.   April   22. ���A  Trieste-  tUxt-
j  .alch   to  a   local   paper  reports    Umt
��� negotiations    for    the    surrender   at
'Scuiurl are actually  proceedin/t-
Attack   Scutari5.
Cettinje, April 22-The HbaMSM>riW
forces  made  a   fierce  alfnck  on  Sen
tarl  last  night,  according  to an  olfi-
cial   report. ' Th��   engagement   lasted
the  whole   night..  The   'Uo��tea**S***m
captured   two  lines 01   posts un  SJ����*
west and east  fronts.
Early  this  morning the  Tu.-kw ati
tempted  a counter attack,  but   wm*
repulsed.   Ths    Montenegrin   losses
were heavy.
The  fall  of  Scutari,   is  considered.
London, April 22.   personal    prim :
��� ���uy belonging to Beatrice Harraden
the author, was sold ol auction hen I
; this evening fi'r non-payment ot tin !
Income  tax.
Miss Harraden si,rid that sin* had
; refused lo pay the tax s 1 a prol b
j against   the  deceptions  practiced b;
the government   on the ��� iffragetti
which bad   led   the
militancy   and   SS   a
forcible feeding and
mousi" bill.
suffragettes ti
11 test agalns
the   "cat   ur.t
carrying 18,000 volts, Henry Fulton
nnd Arthur Will Irk, two employees ol
the 11. C. E, It., were killed yesterday
at tho (lolilstrenni  auxiliary  plant of j Does Not Remember. J. J. CAMBRIDGE
lhe compnny. The men were alive; He did not remember a conversation Chairman May Hay committee 1918. Mr. Cambridge has been Identified
fur one hour nnd a half following tli" In the Central hotel, when one DodlOD with the May Dny celel.rations for the past 'i'.l years and lasl year
accident but the efforts of four doctors | came up to him and aald: "You mado officiated In a role lo which he was uo stranger, that of Mustirv of Core-
to riBuncltato thetn were of no avail,  a poor Job of lhal fire," uor turning monies. /
Wilson on Allen Land Dill.
Washlngti n, April 22 President
Wilson after a conference with thi
Democratic delegation from Call
fornle In congress today deckled ti
telegraph Governor Johnson and lhi
executive leaders III California, ap
pealing to them not to enact any
anti-alien land laws In contravention
of treaty obligations of the t'nlted
States with Japan.
Seize  Property  When  Owners Refu-sr
to  Bear Sture of Million  Paso
State Loan.
Nogales, Kelt., April 22.   On ot*x*mWB
I.reel    l'lilll   QoVOmOl    VllSfJi-'ilira.     -ot
Sonora, the big ranches ot Mn-eraix*--*-
nas and  Brlngas,  between  Cowsmm
uni  Nogales,   were  sei. id  liibiy    by
statu military authotltli a.   Tlie ���caUli-
from the properties are being ibiiui
min Cananea and sold.
This action was taken upon thn rw-
i'usai of the ranch owners to tuk.�� uji
their apportlonmt at < I the- miiliou
peso   loan   which   tlle  a   ite   is ��nfur��r
ing on nil corporations ami oompuloa
The Monies ranch near this pair-it
ia being treated likewise with state
troops rounding up the ' catti.- .ind
irlnglng them to market at 4Crt*
D>!;t Eie-tion of OenatOttt.
Washington,   April  2".  Thirty tee*
f  the   "li  States  Which   have   n��l;n'tl
he   constitutional   amendment   i'o��
nei cleotlcn if United State* arma
ors had given formal notion of limit-
���i|in when the slate dopurlitiicot
���losed today. When Secretary llrysn
Bcelved similar official uottcPH f-nom
ilfl home state, Nebraska, he will hie
���oady to proclaim that tbe ���Bvcn-
eenth amendment to the conatltutict-.
.a operative. f>AGt-   TWO
probably thinkB
An lt*xd*s*ndet*t  m"rniilg paper devoted  I" the interests
th.  I^*a��cr Fatten. P-uMtefced every mornlnp esfeepf Bsedtxy
7.1".i, ed.
,\'i ir.s, and ��:*.f
should he hum,''
^MMMm Oompony, Limited, ol 63 JfeKsntfe Street, .Vci*  ir-sttmiMtsr, BrtttaS
<>jhlmfc^ rob/i BUTHBBLAND, Va-malma lure.ctor.
All eomi-.unications should be addressed to rhe New Westml'x
ts HiliiMiiB* me-mfceri of de sfa/f. Ohsfues, droft�� und Money ordi
*m'1r*sS&t*\\&L*sm^^ """"'�� ""'' '"���'""���''
"""���iweokrW/OW RATBB���Bv carrier, ll per year, ��1  for Vine months, 40c per
it*    lln   mail,  S3  per uetxr,  150 jii"  month.
ttli IKIISISQ   RATES on application.
11 of him.   If Bhe dr
. Is her friends that he's "a dear" if
means thai any i i the ether girls can
have him.
But as to advising cur correspond
ent Just what in do th it Is a difi eren!
>/ .veu- iveetmlneter and  matter.    If he offers to call    at her
by tie Kalionat Printing  house   he   may  offend  her:   but  that
making, while the great eat
Spanish writers worked on his
aortal novel.
************************** tr
e * I
i *  fl
��� Correspondence X i
By a happy coincidence, today is both the feast of SL.
George, the patron saint of England, and the anniversary
of the death and presumed birth of perhaps the greatest 01
all Englishmen, William Shakespeare
would probably not offend ber aa much
as if lie doi i- not offi r to call. Matchi s
are made In hi area and there's no telling what the arrangements are conci nines these two. Ti"' beBt way is
to lind Out The best way to find out
is to seek a better acquaintance, and,
if rebuTcd, accept is us an encourage
men1 and try again.
Young men should look about them.
How if: it that i*o many homely men in
Toronto have such pretty wives?
Everybody knows the answer. It was
their'nerve that did 11.���Toronto Star.
The  New  Westminster  News does
I    for    t'u
opinions expressed in correspondence.
Hditor Westminster
This is the eighiy-slxlh birthday of
wrote the Kansas-Nebraska  bill.
Stephen A.  Douglas Centenary.
Stephen Arncld  Douglas, the great
Btotesman who was a candidate for..|       , ,.:i,,  ,., . .     .. ,.   ,
���lie pres'dency Of the United States
against Abraham Lincoln in 1 SGO, was
born In Brandon, Vt��� a century ago
todav.   "The Little Giant." as be waa
called because of his Napoleonic sta-l Editor Westminster Mows,
tue and intellectual and oratorical [ [led ve mere citizens inibuc-d with
power, waa a cabinet maker In his the patriotic ardor of your corroip in
youth, then an auctioneer's clerk In dent of today, signing himself "New
Jacksonville, III., and later taught Westminster Loyalist." there would
school while studying law, Soon af- be r.o necessity for tho efforts put
ter admission to the bar he became forward through the medium of the
activo In politics, holding several New Westminster Progressive Asso-
suite offices in Illinois before his elation to foster a spirit which ap-
ilectlon to congress in lS4il. He was pears sadly lacking ln some quarters
United States senator from 1847 to among men who have prospered in
1801. ihis community,
In the interval, he advocated the New Westminster is unique among
war with Mexico, fathered tho doc- the cities of western Canada when
trine of popular sovereignty in rela- it comes to modesty. This is possibly
tion  to  slavery    In    the
British Canadian Securities, Lil
partmenta   carried   themcelves.   Now I
territories, iarVely""acoounted'for" by "nw"fcto��i|we haTe t0 J"1? interest on outside
shamrock upon St. Patrick's Day than it is to the wearing
of the rose upon the day of St. George. Overseas, wherever
English people have banded themselves together in patriotic or benefit societies such as the St. George's Society
and the Sons of England, the saint as a rule.receives far
more recognition. ,_.,., ,    , ��      _,(l  ''.,��� "l!';*���' "awaltine tbem        "sit Kniiiand was Russell McCoy, of the unrivalled potentialities at this I
St. George first bulked large in English annals during, ���JVen oait with befitting'solemnity', who arrived at Liverpool thirty-two citys
the Crusades    He was about that time adopted as the struck the nm Mow on a great maple
patron saint of the nation, and thereafter the cry of "Eng-! *"��*����� * * ^^ZZn^'"
land ard St. George." was heard on countless hardly con-.   Afterwards the doctor produced
noted B'otchman- Or. Dunlop walked
through the forest from Qall to the
site of the future "Koyal City" of
Eaatorn  Canada.  **
The diet'ince is nbout. thirteen miles. |
but the two Scotchmen lengthened
their Journey by losing iheir way in j
the weeds; however in due time they:
the appointed spot, where :
axes were  awaiting them,
Pltcalrn   Island.
proximity to a city which for a number of years, by reason of more ade-
i quate railway facilities, has enjoyed
a phenomenal growth and has drawn
from her older neighbor a large portion of the young and vigorous blood
which, had New Westminster's position been a rather more isolated one,
would have gone to the up-building
of their home town; but conditions
have changed during the hut tew
years nnd New V.'i stmlnster, ever
cautious  and   ever    conservative,    1?
The first of the descendants of the  surely  over-taking  her   more  specta-
famous mutineer,! of the ship Bounty cular neighbor and  the development
tested fields. His is the broad red cross on the red ground ��-;;, <* *%*�� [*���� wS
which until the union of England and Scotland in 1603,|itn ami they drunk to the prosperity
wa;; the banner of England, and it is his cognizance which ��*��� wSl^toE.' ??y��a.
today floats proudly from the ships of the navy, the white family, because be thought it "an-
ensign they "fly being the cross'of St. George with the -��<���; '��-��;; ����;��*�� m;i>��� ,
Union .lack in the top corner nearest the flag pole. |aii the king's dominions.
Of William Shakespeare it will suffice to say that he
was born in 1564 and died in 1610. His birthplace lies hidden in the leafy heart of England itself, and throughout
his matchless works one may hear the great pulse of the
nation beating.
Shakespeare is essentially a patriot, the name of St.
George is frequently on his tongue, and it is in keeping
with the eternal fitness of things that his name should be ' '������',",.
so closely associated with that of England's patron saint,
for "poets are the trumpets which sing to battle, the unacknowledged legislators of the world."
door  will  result  eventually  In
. ago  today.    In  IT!"! the muti-  New   Westminster    re-capturing    the I
neers,  ten   in   number, headed  by  a prestige   Bhe  enjoyed   when   Vancou-'
ringleader called  Christian,  with  six  ver was "Gastown."    It will be regain
Tahitlan men and twelve women they  cd  on  a  basis  which   will  eliminate
had   kidnapped,   took   possession   of any mlsglvlngB as to "inflated valui b"
i rn island, a s* Utary rock In the or "booms."
Pacific between Australia and South      What Is most essential at the prc-
Aniericn. sent time Is the Inspiration and en-1
According to one acocunt, the white couragemenit   Instilled   by   a  -whole;
n-i.   r:il the Tahitlans warred again- hearted civic spirit which places Nev,   *
capital to extend, extend, und we don't
know where it is going to stop.
Why should we spend money for a
harbor? If lt is necessary, let tho
Dominion government do it, aa they
are doing it elsewhere.
We don't want any more mayors
and kindergartens to run us further
Into debt. We want real, steady, levelheaded men who are not carried away
by crazy notions.
If our merchants get back to whin,
they belong tbey will not complain
nbout persons buying away from
home. They can make a pood livins
without tho fancy stores and high-
priced help.
Let New Westminster alone. Stop
tearing up the streets and let us have
low taxis and quietness, 1 suppose
"Loyalist." and his ilk will call me
by their pet name,
Called to the bar hill' a century ag" ;
he rose rapidly in his profi ri-.ion, and
��� in 1880 was made queen's counsel. As
arbitrator for the Dominion government nnd for Ontario nnd as chancel-
I lor of the high court of the province I
'of   Ontario,   he   gained   a   reputation
The building of a canal from Pitt River to Burrard ��* ����ffi %Twns"h?edd8 ?��|
Inlet is something that undoubtedly all people in the Fra- iS89.  sir John's  principal  literary
'-'������- "���,.]- nnnn   "vcr*i 's a valuable "Summary of ("a-
' 1 tdlan History."
Craven  Langstroth   'litis, 'he poet
was   born   in   St.   John.   N    It.,   sixty
r . , ,   .   ,, . .... ....     vears ago today, and was educated in
of saving manv thousand dollars each year in freight bills that city.   At twenty-six he left st.
conl* not rec-jst each other until at the end of ten  Westminsters Interests in the van :.!!  *****************
*..- only en,'  man,    .lohn    Adams,  the lime.    The  Idea  thai  goods can.
was  1< ft,   with   eight   women   and   a  be   purchased  ei. a-.' r  in   Vancouver i
Later Ihe Mump of the maple was  number of children;   and  irom  tbem   than  tbey  can  bo  In   New  W< Itmin i
nicely dressed, and upon lt waB placed   the present InhabltantB of the island  Bter is an exploded one.    New Wesl
a sundial  which  long served as the  are descended.    The colony  was un-  minster's    merchants    can    purchase
town clock. own   until  1808,   whon  it   was  dis- jusl   as   cheaply  as   Vancouver   mer-
Hon. Sir John Alexander Boyd, the covered by the American sealing ship chants.   They are not under the sami
eminent  Jurist, was born In Toronto; Topaz.   The first liritish shin arrived enormous overhead    expense    which
ir, 1S14. has to bo met out of profits, and were I
Great   Britain   annexed   the   island our New Westminster people to meet
.mu in 1856 nearly two bun-  them on the same cash basis thai In
dred of the  islanders were  transfer- mest   cases   they  are   tcrccd   to   pay
red t.i Norfolk Island, but a number In   Vancouver   ,the   prices  would   be
cf  the.-n afterwards  returned  to  Pit- lower even than ai  present.
urn.    Mark Twain made the Bounty      I venture to say that if New Wesl
mutineers the subject of a humorous minster happened to be a city mor
Bale, Deeds, Business Letters, etc; cir-
oular work specialist All w,,rk strictly
confidential. H. Barry, rwin 418 Westminster Trust Hlk.   Phone 70S.
MR, I-'. T. a WICKBTT, A K C. O.,
[.. I.. C. M.. Supervisor nf Music New
Westminster Schools, Organist sixth
Avenue Mi-thndiHt Church, Vancouver!
receives pupils for the pianoforte, organ*
siiiKliiK and theory. 610 Fifth avenue.
New Westminster.
li. & [>. O. nt Klks of Hi,. D. oi i-��� meet
tho first and third Thursday at 8 t��. m.,
IC, of P. Hall, KiKluh street, A Wells
Cray, Exalted Ruler; P, li. Smith, Kec-
,, O. O. M.. NO, 864���MBETB ON first.
second nn.l ihii-d Wednesdays In ciuJ)
month ln K. of P. Hall ut 8 p.m. II. J.
Leamy, dictator; J. li. Prloe, eecretary.
seventy-six years ngo today, the son
of J, Boyd, n Toronto educator. Kdu
c-itid at Toronto University, he was a
cold medallBt In modern languages.
und   graduated    with  the  M.  A.   de-
Ber Valley, should they look into the future, will
as a step in the light direction.   In the shipping industry
of the coast there is no doubt that it would be the means
*    THE   HUMAN   PROCESSION.    ���
> (By   O.   Terence.) ���
and would undoubtedly be the making of the new city of ����� ^ u" ������ ''  !l ': 1"';;-" n
Port Coquitlam and also that of Port Moody.   It may be,
or '��� -i lati d, as tor example, Nol
. ... C Ig ry, Lethbridge or Edmon-
u -I, ..' - * m mini Ity as a wholo would
be nitre self-contained and moro self.
lustalnlng and her agricultural, manu
facturlng and shipping advantages
.. iid 1. ��� more favorably known
thn ' ;bout  the world.
Low   many  of  your    readers    are
aware   tbat   the  city   In   which  they
th .
His published works include "A Oar
however," that the time is not ripe for the building of puch:""^?/ ^"n"'��;"r:^''���'"'^'"^ been fJi'''-v convulsed with lau
���    ii ii* 1       j*        i * ji ��� i Ij'i *iii        'Li'i, I ill! ? Ul   it uiliririin    J (Iwll,     11 .Ml .,       ,. ^
at the present time, but in time there is no doubt it will be "Fxecswick's Experiment,' 'a novel.
a realization Of those todaV Who Wish it. Robert Belcher, Alberta military of-
* x rn -n- i i ��� e j_i      -n ���   ��       <r      ���   ,      . 1 neer, and for thirty .five years a mem-
At CmiuwacK meeting of the r raser v allev Municipal ber of the Northwest Mounted Poitco,
Publicity Bureau the question was very strongly discussed was b"rn *'*'>���f;*'"; years ago today.
���      ,i r i ��� i  -t *i     i      iii .���        Ho performed notable services In the
by those for and against, and it was onlv by the casting Rtei rebellion and with strathcona'i
vote, of the chairman, Mr. Heaps, that the motion passed HnrR"ln So,1,h Afrira
a.     ti      i > i- i j ii rostai'e  t tamps   wire   first   Issued
���toy the bureaus executive was saved and saved only to hn Canada sixty-two years ago today,
the extent that the bureau was willing to permit the presi- ''.<,v''i years after their introduction
dent to receive information pertaining thereto, wihch is ln ,hc mother country'	
���of course quite different to the bureau working for it.     \ *****************
Various opinions have been brought forward in rc-j*    scrap book for today.    ���
St.   George's   Day.
Throughout the Ilrillsh Empire lhe
subjects  of  Klnp;   Oeorge   will   today
rbserve   tho   festival   of   St.   Oeorfie,
lutel-iry  saint of  England,    The here
of the legendary battle with the dra-jdressid   no  less   than   2.1.00il,000  peo-
gon   was  a  tribune   in   the  reign     of | pie.
. niocletian, and was beheaded on thf
���jgard lo the action of the bureau in clipping the wings
of the president in the above connection, but if our read-
��� ���ts will stop to think for a while it will be remembered
that the bureau was first organized for the purpose of
handing out information to intending settlers, with a view
Ao having them visit the Fraser Valley before deciding to
.settle elsewhere in the province.
It was intimated when notice was first sent out bv the '^ ��' Apri!' '~,<);   ,
. ent ,i    ,   ,i ,       *      ...        J At an earlv d:ite  he  wns honored
promoters of the bureau that thousands of settlers were above other saints by English Chris
arriving in Vancouver to make British Columbia their ''"""��� and ln 1222' d"rinK th0 rP,s"
1.. -       _j   i     , n , r.  .i , ,, of   llenry   \III���   it   was  ordered   that
���tiome, and but a very small percentage of these settlers his feast be kept n9 a holiday, in the
��ever heard a word about the climate, soil and advantages following century the order of the
in ho Vi *r\ in iho FVuiroi- Vollni- Knights of St Oeorge, commonly call-
.io no-Ji.ui in tne r rasei valley. rd (he 0rder of Uir Qartar wag ���,
�� was to be an association of information for incom- stituted with n great joust between
ing settlers and work for the mutual advantage of those *X**%L thai'&,?&"���� ot "St.
already residents of the Valley���but  not  to go into the Oeorge for Merrle England," has been
fcnaineBS of-promoting any large development schemes. ffilh�����6,lfthS,lri0aiiA& -21
Ini;; is tne stand taken by those who opposed the ac- tries win today honor tho memory
tion of the executive in recommending that the president ,,r ""'ir patron sai"_li
"'Work foi'  the Said Canal.���Fraser Valley Record, 8hak��sp��are ��nd Ccrvante3.       Itn California  to recuperate.    Durlni
 , s^^^. ~^^-^^        In an upper room of the little house the 11 yiars of in. Hadley's leadet
en   Henley street,  Blratford-on-Avon,  ship, 'ini'.    has   enjoyed   a greate
��� cuplcs her thoughts.    Our advice to whlch    l8    Hl,���    Btftnd|Dg|    William   growth t*nn In tho half-century pri
him is lhat ho may safely assume that shnkespeare was born 849 years agi   ceding,   Dr, iindiei'n tather was Ui
in* ibis    if he realty admires ber she   od;iv     fifty-two   yeara  intir to    n  greatest  Greek  scholar  of  his tlm
( '     ' ,   ���   ������   r     ���       i    wi,s  probably  aware ol  il   ns  soon  ns   day,   in   hla bnnihoine  home  Opposite   and  country
Depew   Begins  80th   Year  Tcday.
Chauncy  Mitchell   Depnw,    firni<*
United   States   senator,   founder  and  dwell has over sixty Industries repre
perpetual  president of  tiie  Snide-alt   seining cash Investments of $20,000,-
the-whlle Club, and champion catch-   )00,   employing   4*11 ���   men,   wh i   pro-
as-catch-can   after-dinner  speaker    if   dure   annually   $10,000,000   worth   of
ne univtrse, will begin bis eightieth  manufactured  goods   for which   thej
ear  today.    Mr.   Depew  h-,:i  lately   in  paid wages approximating $3,000,-
been gallivanting atiut  Europe with ^jOO?
Mrs.   Oepe-.v  Cnd.  aid  lbat  continent:     l;  ������*,���  many  know  tbat  this exceed.*
h   any other Canadian city west of the
ai his jokes.       "i- li-oat   I.altna except  Winnipeg    and
I'm*  public  men have been so bit- Vancouver?
terly   attacked   as   Mr.     Depow,    bul       now   many   know   thnt   Now   West
thrr.-.iKh it all he has worn the smlli   minster  has  the    largest    industrial
Unit,   wont    come  off.    "Exposures" I output  per bead if population ot any
have nt effect  on the spiriM of the   -ity  i-i  western  Canada  and that n
: -rial Channcey.    It  is with n urin has the largest per centage of popula-
hn-   he   ereets   any   such   statement  tlon engaged in productive work  (16
as the following, from a recent num   per cent, as against Vancouver's Mp
bi r of one of Mr. Hearst's magazines:   per cent . Calgary's '.i\ p�� r cent., and
"In a last reduction, who and what   ,* r.toria's !'*��� per cent.)
was Mr.  Depew?    A jongleur, an af-      Let  our  citizens  digest   these   filer-dinner  vendor <t  slnle  jokes,    a   ���..i nnd reflect with pride that they
Blondel of money to twang a servile  themselves are entirely Instrumental
loot and soothe with Bervll.�� lays thi .   ��� .-s'sbl'shlng Mrs record,   l.et tin m
���ars ot avarice tired with Ihe million  inject into their future business deal-
clinking of Its dollars!" lugs  more of their  famous lacrosse
Such Insinuation:;    tbey might even; spirit   and   we   will   have   stopped   to
���o called more than that���are power-  a  great  extent   a   leak   which   hand!-
less to pierce Ihe armor of optimism   caps   our   retail   business  enterprises
worn   by   the   former   senator   from   and   upsets   the  proper  economic  ad-
New York.    Mr. Depew estimates that   jHstment between the payroll and the
during his  public career he has ad-. merchant.
Do you  knew: -
That   the   flrsl   eitvi y   ef   a   shir
canal across the Isthmus of  Panamal
was mado In  11 27?
That the firs! survey of the United |
Stales government was made by Col. i
uu  lies   In   1.*- I.i'.'
That the French Panama Canal
i'i ���    ������:<������   wsi organized  In   18*f9?
That the Knnch Panama Canal
company began work in 1 31, and con
linni d until 1889?
That the new Panama canal com-1
p-i"v was on pulsed In  IS93 ���'
That the United Stat i paid
new Panama Canal Ci mpany
their Interest  $40,000,000?
That the United states paid the
republic  of  Panama $10,000,000?
That the work on the Panama canal by the 1'nlted Stat'is began May
4.  1H()4?
That  tho Panama Canal zone Is tan
miles  wide,   five  miles  on   ench   side
of the central line Of the canal chin-  ADAM
nei across the Isthmus of  Panama?
That the length cf the Panama Canal from the Atlantic lo the Pacific
oceans is fifty miles?
Thai the course ol the canal channel Is from the northeast to tho south
I ast ?
That the north, or Atlantic entranc
to the canal Is twenty-five miles further wesl than the south, or Pacific
That the Panama canal Is a fresh
water canal? That the water for the
entire locking system Is taken from
the Oatun Lake, which is ac. artificial body cf fresh water with a surface elevation of eighty-five feel
above sea level, and a surface an-a
of one hundred and sixty-four Bquaro
That the Oatun Lake in formed by
the Impounding of the waters of the
Chagres river by the Oatun dam,
eight   thousand  feet  in  length?
There are six pairs of locks In the
entire locking rystini of the Panama
canal, three '". the north, or Atlantic, end; and three on the uouth, or
Pacific, end.
I/ock chambers one thousand feet
long, one  hundred and  ten   feet  widf
1. O. O. F. AMITY LODGE NO 17 -Tlio
regular meeting of Amliy lodice No.
���*-,, I. ii. i). K.. Is b.-lil every M iiidiw
niBiit hi fi o'olock In Odd lr��llow��' Hull.
comer Carnarvon nnd BlKhtli streets
Vlsltlnc I*" ll" rn cordlslly Invlind
n A. Merrlthew, N. i; , J. flobertson,
\. i.i.; W. v.. Coatham, I' i.. recuro
lux secretary; H. w. gangster, finan.
.-Lil secretary,
t,r ft Hanna, l.td.i���Fine mi directors
nn,I embalmors. Parlors 408 Columbia
street.   New   \\'istinin.si,.r.    Phone  tti.
W, E. PALES Pioneer Punsral
and Embalmcr, ��i:-6ih Agn.
eppostte Carncurto Llhrsry.
I llrectos
t   stri-el.
risters, Solicitors, etc 40 Larno Street,
New Westminster <l I*;. Corbould, K.
C.    ,1   ll. Qrnnl     A   b   McC ill
ter-at-Iaw, Rullctior. eto, Ti I* phooe
ln;o. Cable mtdrt-ss "Johnston."
Code, "Western Union," Offlous. Ellis
Li ..-ii, K62 Columbia street, N,*w Wests
minster, li. C
solicitor, i-tc ; corni-r
McKensls strii-ts, Nl
ll. C.   P. O.  Mux  111,
II,u * l-"-.r-nl-lHW
Columbia    and
w \V.*Mlinlnst"r,
Telephone   710
Solicitor und Notary. Offices H.irt
IiIi-h-'k. in Lome stn'i-t. New W'-Mimn-
Stl r.   11. C.
tin,   W.  ii
MARTIN     *
nml   Bolloltors.    t
r   Trust    lllnrk      I
McQuarrie   and
' A .-
.,   ��� :o
ai.l., --- Barristers and Solicitors, Westminster Trust lilk.. Columbia Btreet,
New Westminster, II. C. Cable address
"Whiteside." Western l'r.lnn. P. O.
Drawer   :on.     Ti-b-phnne   69.     W.   J.
H. L.  Edmonds,    D,
H.   J.   A.    BURNETT,    AUDITOR    AND
Accountant.    Tel.  It 12S.    [loom  Ui*
Hart block.
H. Smlih. ��� W  J  Qrov
nnd have n formnl lift of twenty-eight   Work   undertaken    in   city    nn I    outside
Yours Irulv.
W,  L,  HAIILIN-".
Acting   Secretary,   New     Westmin-
Ills  Serene  Highness   linns   Henry   st,.r  Progressive Association.
XV., Count von Hiichbcrg. and l-'rel
herr zu PurstenBteln, Prince of Plest
oelebrates his tifty-sencond b'Tthdi'
today. Tbo Princess, who was Mary
Theresa Olivia inniwall s\Yi.��t. Is a
sister-in-law of the former Lad- Randolph Churchill. The Prince Is a
major of Prussian cavalry, nnd was
formerly secretary to the German em
hassy in  Lcmi in.
New  Westminster, April 21. 1913
Editor New We-stmlnster News:
Hear Kir    I read  with some
amusement the effusion signed "N, W. loyalist" in yonr iBsne of thn Hat Inst.
lt should have been "N. W, Jester." 7.
I am surprised that you would pub-
llcih such  rubbish and  I don't  care  lo
Dr. Arthur Twining Hadley, Yale I havo your so-called paper dellvored to
"proxy" and hind ol a faculty which me In future. One would think thnt
Includes former Pres ib ii Taft, pats- a person hadn't a right to spend his
ob his fifty-seventh milestone today money when, where and how he liked.
pi,,, pr... ,��� ���-, ��� i ' id rh lately Bitffor ' have been a resident of this city
ed  a   nervous   breakdown,   and   went   fpr a greal many years, havcwBnen its
ups  nnd  downs, and  ran  tell "Loyal-
' Noi hall nf lhe really 11 rli ua pn b
no was
Wi  do  *. ' know ho
a girl ilors it.
���o-i-piT'    Thu. conviction   haa   bei n
iinui: ir home to es by a letter wl , n
��t- have  received   from   n  Menu;   :i  i:i
who ��ii>s that be has bCWl reading tho   It   Instantly  just  ns wall, even  better,
Htar for  n  number  Ol  yenrs nnd   now   than  if lie  lii'l   told  ber     Sii.  that. In
���wrkn some advice. 'h's case our correspondent nerd not
���ll. -ihould not hava been specialty hover around In the bni-kgrotitul de-
nece*��*inry to ask for this advice. IT we reiving himself with the notion thnt
tiatl n-ol been remiss In our duly every the girl does not know that rhe Is lhe
Timn;: niiin who reads thin paper|cause or the hovering he is doing
vctiiil'! have been ndvisrd long ago
on -the matter in ijuest'nn.
The young msn Is confronted by one
���nt the real difficulties cf life Ho
knevit; and ailmiren n vonng Icily, bill
��� hi uncertain whether he occupies her
thiiiii'.l'.i   at "ll     He would like to cill
���on her; he would till" to Invite her
���ont; he w ,iitd like to show lur some
tit-U-nt lor.
Rm at   he In haroly acflualntcdwIUi
her ho  tears  lhal   if lie  makes
vancct le*  in iv  fi opar lire li     Inti i
V^tH.     W h ii     li ���     :  i. *, I    il* ���   It
would i '��� nr.ipi - nn ble :��� ���:. i - ������ ���
i< sve f ��� ��� all it It *i* hot ii . or ' '** iid lie
drop a hint along Hi it lln I !��avp it
lo her to pll I;  H   up or 11 It
Wc nn glad he has co e to us *. lib
hi* pel plexltles, because tin
many oilier*, in liin ('*:, and   *     * llmppltll   Met
M well help them all cut nl i .   :      She thinks al  him. but wo do not
���but them all on the road I       *, kno-w what she thinks when she thinks
��r wherever tbe path of i *.*'  I  id about hlm    II she makei  fun or him
rim- c/i.-i, .* pendent admlrei ': ��� nlrl, ll'"  probabl)   thinks  rather  well  nl
hut is uncertain whether ho al all oc him   if she never mentions hlm she
the  Qulld  Chapol,  In  his native,  citv
'ie  died   and  the   world  was deprived       Thomas  N'l win   Pige.   who  was  nf
but if ,1 man admires hor she knows of  lt��  foremost   genius,  although   i:   (ered and refused the pom ot Amer1
still enjoys bis deathless legacy,      iean ambassador t" thc court or St
Today, ns fur many years past, the  .lames, waa born on a Virginia plan
anniversary   will   be   marled  by   per [tatlon sixty yrnrs n ;o tcday. He -sir
She knows nil nbout It, nnd rnn see
through him n* If be wcre n pane ef t<>tiireht
glasa We have not the fnintent Ides
who the young lady is. bul it does not
n'siter, because liiry are nil gifted in
the same wonderful way.
A youth will go to a crtnln church
as If he wished to hear a partlculnr
preacher, and ho may nol even know
hli n that another attraction draws
hlm past mln r ihiirrbiH to lhal one
Bt ��� * lie km v ' A fellow may walk all
around a I Ini Ii looking for " place
i iv ro he (in I u ��� n poriaRe tamp
���' i he di 11 .i nei d, * r hi inaj i tand
Ioi king in ������ ��������� i ... �� al ni cktli ��� in *
thi ��� iirui . tl nil his thotn hli I ul
she i* mos .'ilong with Inr mother she
knows tl .*.i lie is hul lingering in thn
nclghl orln   i   on the bli i Bed i banc nl
.rmancei rif Hhalicspenre's vlnys in
lhe theatre of the Memorial building
nt Stratford on-Avon. In many K.ng*
lib nnd American cities Shakespeare
-Inl  ban niets  nr�� scheduled  for
I if   lal"   ibere   hns   been   n
rowing   tendency    toward   making
Shakespeare's birthday n festival
throughout Hie English rpeaklng
Cervantes, most humorous of natlr-
isls, died nu ibe Rame diy an Shakes
pi nr",  nnd  thr  anniversary  will   be
lawyer in P chmi nd f:ir nearly 2'
yearn before be fnined funic an r*
novellnt nnd poet.
Nol   I  'ig   n.-ii  brt   in./i.r   m   autonin
bile tnur through Northern Africa,
and in enthusiastic about the rum--
of that country, lie Is n severe crll
le  cf "dollar  diplomacy,"   declarin
lbat It has made the UnHed State
"the most universally hated nntV.t
between tho i*.io pi les."
llar-iso".  the nlmnn'
���" ..' "d t'.'bi,  by memorial oxeroises perpetual  mayor of Ch'cs���/i   pas *
,ii "Don Quixote's House" nt Vallado- his fltty-thlril    milestone todav,    Hi
Id   .*' '.iin,    where    Cervantes    lived *. "*. i of d   ilntulshnd  southern  an
'" in   1603  until   his  death  on  April cestry.    Ills father, 'he vlet'n   *r i
_.:   1610. assassin,   was   mayor   of   the   Wind)
This house waa recently purchased City five ' mrs,   Mayer Harrison wai
i'v K.ng AI fon co tor conversion Into editor of the Chicago Times bofon
.i ' . rv.iii'ei museum, while houses on going Into  politics,
' Hii-r side have bocomo thi   proper-
ol  Ihs Hispanic Soi i I .* nf Am irl-
im   at d '���' tl bo usnd as anni tea to the
main museum
1 en intoi. ivlth his wlto and daugli
��� r nli . *��� oiul ��� female cousin, 111
Ml In two :> ill ��� oms t f this hou in
the    mpportlng ilu mi olvos bj
E Iv at d Mi rl ham, the pool �� ho n
.'inr I Inti rnalli nal fame with "Tl:
*���! iii With I bu l lee " and who Is noi
..:i" of Mr, Hearst's young men, wn
be'-n  iu  On *   *   ��� *.'.������. ee  yenra  agnjfor  the extension  or the  wai
today, and w;is a  biacxamlth  In hi:   light systems.   Wo didn't ban
1st" a few tilings. Ile and his ilk are
spoiling our city as a pleasant place
in live. A few* years nro our city w.*is
I unlet and homelike. Our assessment
Iwas high enough, but tbe itiv-i two or
! three  yearn ban  teen  a change     dur
assessment nnd taxes are Increasing
and nothing seems to suit these new
'.lobnnlen    but    paved    streets,    fancy
lighting,   high fnlutin'   notions     about
Sewers, and the last folly. 1600,040 f"r
;a  "frog   pond,"  and     now  "Loyall-*,'"
wants  us  lo spend  all our money  In
j New  Westminster to support  stores
| that are snxloua to rival storm In nth
j cr  cities  were  population  Is  gr^ai^r
,1   would   like   tO   tell   "l/iynllnt"   that
jour  merchants of  yearn  ago  worked
hnrd   to   hullil   up   business     In     New
Westminster and some of them made
money, but thev had no such notions
nbout  palatial department stores and
other such  modern   follies.
New Westminster In nnt ready for
such Innovations. This city In dis
llnctly a Ir t"t cltv and It li n Wisto
of money to try nnd make u e:r.-I u
elre. Our tiireit" were ail Tt-lu till
this so-called progressive crowd gol It
Into tip ir heads th"l something nln
was needed, and Nev Wpstminntor
listened to Iho oily words if tho boos
tern and went crazy, putting money
iii'n the hands of a lol of amati ur
and we have In pay fnr It,
I would caution the eltlsnns '" come
back in earth nud put a ; ti h to ihlo un
warranted expenditure nf money. We
am naked every year to voto money
��� .'md
In do
feet, four Inches,
Lock chambers can be filled or
emptied, raising or lowering a ship,
twenty eight feet, four Inches, in
eight   minutes.
Culebra Cut,    length    nine    miles,
three hundred feet at bottom of chan- j
nei;   greatest   vertical   depth   of   cut
four   hundred  nnd   ninety   four   feet; |
bottom   of  channel   forty   feet   abovo .
Bea level.
Time required to pnss a ship
through the canal is from ten to
twi Ive hours,
Time required to pass a r.hip
through  the six locka, three hours.
Number of men employed In the
canal work. Dei ember 1. 1H12, forty-
thousand, i no hundred and fifty-nine,
the   greatest   number   employed   at ;
any   one   time  on   the   construction j
work;   of   these   four  thousand   were
employed on the s;'"*i gates alone,
Estimated cunt of tho Panama canal, when completed, wlll be ilinc
hundred and seventy-five million dol
act.    P
West minuter   Trust
fi    Hex   r,H7.
ster Himrd of Trade meets tn the luwrd
room, I'ltv Hull, nn fellows: Third Frl
day ef lyich month; quarterly moating
on the third Friday of February, May,
August and November at 8 pin. Annunl meetings on tbo third Friday nt
February. C II. Htuiirt Wade, secretary.
thin  ii few  yearn  ago���these  two  dc-
Completely Cured by 6IN PILLS
Mr \V. O. R��ld, of Hamilton, Ont.,
one of thr bent known and most highly
respected commercial trnvellers in
Canada, was a < ripple from Klifumatism
ami suffered terribly. r.lN l'il.I.S
CUretl him,    Mr. Reid writes as follows:
"1 have been tor the last two years a
rriiiple withM ivuiarami Inflammatory
Rheumatism. I tried almost everything
known to medical science to relieve me
ni ths Ititcnm juiin nml Inflammation,
I iuu<;ht chaiigeof climate In Kentucky
an I other I .ou'.liern points without relief.
Yuur mannger iu Oils city recommended
c,,S l'i I,lh ami I have since taken eight
boles Slid am now cured. I consider
i, ���; l'il.I.s ibe conqueror ot Khi-u-
ittatism snd Kidney Diseases."
Oitt 1'iil" ii sold with a positive
!��� ii-nntic I) cure or money promptly
r mded. Soc. n box, (> tor f I :,"���
!> un; le free if you write National Drug
and Chemical Co, ol Canada, umlteti,
'i'o onto, '���"
COAL MINING  rlKhoi of lln-   t'..million
in  Manitoba,  Saskatchewan and  Alberta,
tlie  Yukon Territory, tl"" Northwest Territories and  In n pfirtlmi nr ll...   Province
nf British Columbia, nmy be leased f,,r a
term of  twi-tity-on,. years nt  nn   huhiiilI
I rental cf $i an aore, Not more thnn iott
, ucreH will be leiieiil In nnr applteent.
,^ i    Appliciiiinn fur a lease must  bo mads
-��� ' by tin* applicant tn  person  In  the  Agenl
or Bub-Agent of tho dlstrlot In -which Uie
. rights i,i,j,II.,I fnr lire Situated.
in surveyed territory the land must l*e
described tiy sections, nr i,,*.*i  suh-dlv|.
��t"MH of sections, and Iii unsurvoyed territory   the   trurt   npplleil    for    ib ill    be
. Staked out by the iippltrnnt  him..'If.
Kuril application must im ac-unrnponled
I by a fr* of It which wlll In refunded If
l Hie   rltrlits   npplled   for  nre   not   ,.*.., lliiltle.
i but not ethorsrisa    a ray-alts' shnii   i��
J paid  on  Ibe  miire.liiintable output   of  the
I mine nt the rute nf five cents per tun
|     The   pereon   fperntlntf   thr.   mine   eboll
. furnish   tin,   A#��nt   with   BWqm   returns
. nrrntiniing for tiie full quantity of njsr-
eiiuntiilile   ennl   mined   Had   P"V   the   royalty  thereon.  If the conl  mining   rhtbie
ni not tieinii operated surii returns snoiild
be   fiirnlnhed   lit    least   nnrr   a   \elli
Th"   pule   will   llielude   lhe   csal   inlnlni
rictus only, but tbo leasee will be i��er-
niitted to purahasu whalover avallabis
surface riitl.ts may bo considered neces-
! sury  for  Ilu-  wnrkliiH Of   lha  mine  nt   tlie
i rate of 111 an aero,
1    For full Information application should
ib" mods to the Beoretary of the Depart.
j ment   of   the   Interior,   Ottawa,   or   I"   nny
Agent or Kub-Awtii of Dominion  Lands,
Deputy  Minister of tin- Interior..
N  rt    Unauthorised publication of ml��
ndverlliii nienl  will noi  h��� puld for
King's Hotel Pool Room
Beit Poo) Tables In the city.    Finn
line til Cigars und Tobacco.   Sporting
events bulletined.
i A. G. BEATON. Proprietor. WEDNESDAY.AP RIL 23, 1913.
B>���MBMMB Jtrr-i. '^.^-i-i*i*-teilrt'*-,-nyy''*,-i'iff,T'f-wttv-'iirn****'* i-*0"* **-
1 m    . 46****
������-���"mm '
.'.'.. .:2Z2.U~--�� ��� VI
20 Per Cent. Off from Beds
ED BY MAY 1st.
I'KiOft S��SJ*Je.*��**fE��!Wv?
20 Per Cent. Off from Rugs
and Carpets.
Twenty (20) Per Cent. Discount Off Our Usual
Prices for Spot Cash During the Coming 8 Days
)% ^S-K-Vixi-^.-vu-g*******;' >i<[
Ice*    J.****
20 Per Cent. Off from
National    Ccui-uit    of    Women    Hava
Long  and   Interesting  Program
for  May   19.
Montreal. April 22 Matters of
great publlo Interest and Importance
will !>.< taken up at the annunl meeting of tie National Council of Women of Canada, which Ih to be held In
Montreal, May 1 to ��. Tha coming
convi ntlon in tln> twentlotb of the Na-
tlonal Council, the organisation hav
Ing hiHii founded by tli" Countess nf
Aberdeen when her husband wiih governor-general.
Since tlint time tin' council has been
Influential l" the education of public
opinion, and thus' bringing about bet
ter conditions. There nre now 31 local councils represented In tho nations!.
The mcit'ncH of the convention will
be ii"i'i in the lecture hull of ^t. James
Methodist church. Tbe morning and
afternoon rcsotons will be devoted to
n-iiric.il business, ami reports of standing nomtnlttoes on education, public
Carlton on Tuesday, May 6, and in the !
afternoon there will lie an automobile
' drive and  visit to tlio Koyal  Kdward
The Montreal local council will hold
a reooptlcn on Wednesday evening,
when there will =1ho be an exhibition
if Canadian handicrafts. A.ddreaseB
will he given bj Mrs. W. a. Macnaugh-
ton, president of the Women's Art As
Boclatlon, und Miss Eliza Ritchie,
Ph. 1)
Tho Wi men's Canadian club of
Montreal will give a reception at the
Rltz-Cartton on Thursday afternoon,
May s, whon addresses wll ihe made
by Lady Drummond and Mrs. l'lunip-
brought into  Bubjection  all the  earn
ern parts.
On hl-a return to England St George
was Informed ot a dragon wMoti bad
CAIWT    I\p    fllfl l|ll\'i Its abode upon Dun-amore Heatb.    Si
dftlftl    IM     LnVJLnnU  George rode forth to kill the dragon,
Appeal Being Made Throughout World   Argumen    Over   Saddle   at   Auction
lor  Funds  for  Great
Sals   Brings  Pair  of  Grey
beards to  Blows.
Anniversary   Being   Today   Observed
By  Sons and   Daughters of
the  Old   Land.
South N'orwalk, Conn., April 22.
Tin young people of placid South Nor
walk are looking for "spooning spots"
and lovers' lanes" beyond the city
limits today ns the result of the ordinance passed by the city fathers
prohibiting love-making on steps,
Btotie walla. porchSS or vacant lots
within the city.
The ordinance was the result of a
BleeplesB night Bpent by Hr. W, ll.
Stowe, a councilman, who declared
tv ii coiipli h had sat on the church
steps next to bis lnniie until 3 in
lii"  morning  and  kept  hlm  and  his
health, rare of tho feeble-minded, su-lwhole family uwnke.
pervised    playgrounds,    Immigration,
iMnl other mutters which the council
arn Investigating.
'i in re will in- four large nubile evi o
Ini  meetings, the llrst on Friday, May
Rrp;rt  Floating  Derelict.
San Francisco, April 20    The Nor
wrglan steamer Trie ilor,    wblch    ar
rivnl hern I"day irom  Union Bay rt-
......  th- subject will he "Prison portf-d It had sighted about eight miles
c   J,  Doherty, |outsido of Capo Flattery what seemed
to be part of a vessel's cabin.
Peform."    The Hon
I-.inlet, r of pustlCO, wlll be chairman,
r.-ii! addresses wlll be Riven by Mr. O.
F. Lowls, general secretary of the
Prison Association of New York
Stale;   MIsb Katberlne Davis, suppr
Intend, nt of tlie New York State He-
for'"'itnrv for Women; Dr. Bruce
Smith. Inspector of prisons and rhnrlt-
ties, uni! by Mrs. W, W, Chlnman. convener of the reformatory committee,
Montreal local council
Monday evening, May o. there wlll
he a nubl'c meeting on "Woman But
frage," with mldressea by Mra. Philip
Sin wdon, and hv Mrs- Leattie��, of To
ronto.    "Cofcoulsory   Education"  will
be the subject of the publlo m Ins
cn Tuesday evening. May tl, at which
the Hon, R- Dandiirand will be chair
An Illustrated lecture nn Hi" "fare
pf the Keel*i.������minded" will lie given by
Mr  Alex. .Inlinson. of the Vlnelnnd In
rtlti'tlon, "ti Thursday evening,   Mav
S.    l'rof. I'.  M   Dei'lck wll Inli-o speak
on tlie same subject
A number or Boclal features have
been arranged, A reception will be
riven i'v Mnfllll Dnlverslty, In ih"
Kovnl Victoria College, on Thursday
i.-e"lnr. Mav 1. There will he an orchestral concert hy the McGill ron-
r. i villi vlu'-' followed hy lhe reception
and an address of welcome from the
Speculation   As   to   How   Irish   L.-.nd *
Scheme Is ti Be Financed.
London, April in. n lo not yet
known  win.t preclBo shape Mr   nir
Irell'n promised measure fir tho expediting of land purchase In Ireland
iwt'i t-.Ve. nt'i, In view ot tne financial
difficulties  involved  in  tlw carrying
mil of tin' provisions of the nets of1
liui'j mul 1808, much curiosity in ex-1
pressed by members on both hUIph of
ithn House of Commons ah to hi w the
Chief Hecelary Wlll meet Hie task of
im i-ai;!"t- the capital payments for
land purchase by means of a terribly
di predated land stock,
dm of a total of )282,600 000 expended on land purchased arc.imt up to
the end nf i.u'i March, nearly jr.."> 0"0.-
[ 000 has been paid In making good the
lies on Block Issued nt s discount and
in bonuncs to vendors. With two nnd
Iwo-quarlera per cent, land Btock
Standing   al   7li   and   three   per  relit.
sf *rk at  82, and  with $500.000,0 r
Uioreaboufs of irisii properties still to
he dealt with, the chiefii secretary's
prnblntn Ih a leriuiiH one.
It Is iinili rstood that his proposals
Will menu an Increase In the amount
to  he  provided  by  the  llrltiBh  trend
Jerusalem, April 22.���Oreat efforts
are to he made in the near future to
establish a Jewish university In Jerusalem.
The in id for sueh an Institution has
quite recently become urgont, At
present the van majority of Russian
Jewish students are not admitted to
the Russian universities, and are compelled to seek the hospitality of non-
llun-lan universities.
In Swltserland, Oermany, Trance
Austria, and, of late, Italy, Russian!
Jewish students by the thousand Joined the universities and technical colleges. In Germany tin re iH nnv a
Btrong anti-Semitic movement on foot i
:.. got the number of RuSBO-Jewlsh
Btudonts admitted to the universities
limited to o small fraction, and the
movement in also assured of govern
nie'U support.
One of the Immodiate corollaries to
tin- three years' service bill In France
was i: similar proposal, and a movement of the same character Is spreading in Austria. Russb-Jewish students,
therefore, are In imminent danger of
liislng all hope of a university train-
ini: in Europe.
Tiie remedy which has occurred to
the J, wlrh mind IS this Jewish university In Jerusalem. Some of the
distinguished Jewish Intellects in Ell-
rope nnd America have approved Hie
. Idiii. and very probably an appeal will
be   made   to   tha   generosity   of   .lews
throughout the world on Its behalf,
Washington, April 21.���A Hm-: bom.
In   which   Isaac   Mctlirr   and   Andrew
Horn,  both  M  yearB old  and  citizens j
of this place   wore the principals, was
pulled   off   an   auction   Bale   In   West
Hike Hun township.
Tbo Blake  Ivan a saddle  which   lhe
auctiom er had knocked down to Horn, i
h.it hia bid
although McGirr claimed
was the highest. In thl
that followed challenges
and  fast
To cet:lo the affair    a
pitched  with a rope and
April 22 hii3 for many centuries
been celebrated an St. George's Day
and today in New Westminster and
throughout the British Umpire tbe
memory of the patron saint of Kngland is being kept In remembrance.
It  Is doubtful, however, If many of j
those who participate In tho celebra- j
arugument I tlon   year  by   year nre  familiar  with ���
flew   thick! the  history of  St.   (Ieorge.
The story goes that after the miring wns gry Oreeks bad ruined the chief city
takes, BOO- of I'hrygla. and turned King Priam's
onils and a referee appointed and the > glorious buildings to a cast nnd de-
old boys told to Kittle it. the winner solate wilderness, Duke Aeneas, ex-
to take the saddle. Umpted   from   bis   native    habitation
At the call ol' time both the "come-' wm, many of lil; distressed country-]
backs"  waded  In.    The fighting was. men,  wandered the    world    to    find?
some happy region where they might
erect the image of their subverted
Aeneas died in Italy before that In-
bor was accomplished, but Brutus,
the fourth descent from Aeneas made
conquest of the land of Britain, where ,
he laid the first foundations of B
new Troy, and named ll Troynovant. i
but  since  called   London.
Othi r cities were built and In the
famous city of Coventry the first
Christian was born, and for his bold
and magnanimous died*-, at arms he
aud in the tignt which resulted In
the death of the dragon 3t. George
was mortally wounded but managed
to get back to Coventry.
The King of England thereupon ordained forever aftcrto be kept a sol
emu procession about the King's
court upon April 23, naming It St.
Oeorge's Day, the day upon which Si
Oeorge was meat solemnly interred
ln the city of Coventry where he was
The anniversary of Shakespeare's
birthday Is also commemorated on
Ihe same day.
m of denuhh
\   \s rat mmm
Wins   Ccveted   Title   of   His   Grandfather���Queen Shares His Taste*
for   All   Sports.
'apt. with both men uppercuttlng and
BWlnging as fast as tbey could work
th ir -vrmB.
Wheu t'.ie bell rang for the ond ofl
the round neither of the battlers hesi-
t.ited   for a Second,  but  kept  smasli-
iiu: and slugging on" another around
the ring.
The referee and seconds tried to
separate the "old timers," but it was
several minutes before ibey succeed
ul In pulling tbem apart. Both were
covered with blood, but still nnd plenty of fluht left in them. The saddle
was finally put ui> again and sold to a
third bidder.
London. April 22.���The Westerham
Society, founded for the purpose of
maintaining the interests of the pleasant little Kentish village where General Wolfe passed tys childhood, is
��� endeavoring to ralre funds for thl
I purchase of one of the ancient timbered  houses   in   the   village.
It it: proposed ;o establish therein
a Wolfe Institute and museum of Relic. Ilustratlng the life and times et j
William Pitt I Karl of Catham) Lord
Aroerberst uf Montreal, and Lord Oeo,
Backville, all of whom were as.ni"tat-
id with the neighborhood as well ao
of Wilfe himself, and others who fig
ured in that glorious and vitorlous
period of British history.
Subscriptions should be s*-nt to the
honorary secretary, Kev. Svdnev I.e
MeHiirier.  iiie  Vicarage,  Westerham,
Iririi Biolicns Oppose Their Introduction Into Country.
Dublin. April 21, H.ilowlng tb" et-
nu'iili. of the BSngllsh bars and g'n
pnlnc.es, Irish BtUooh proprietors have
within tho lasl year or two, been gra
������'iialy Introducing young women into
the'r bars ns n kind of attraction,
Tbo Irish barmaid, wllh her ivi-
tlvn wit and vivacity lias long heen
In demand nomas the channel, where
?'i" oould always command higher
*���. ���' s than tho native product, To
f.i.il a Blmilar occupation for ber In
her own country leeks, however. In
ending In disastrous failure
Aparl fn m the action of temper-
���.!':��������� organizations who threaten to
destroy lhe license of nay BsJoon
���rhera a barmaid Is employed, one or
two of  tho   bishops  have  pronounced
tha employment of young women In
.nuch a capacity as "grossly Immoral"
Washington, D. C., April 22. The
International Joint commission, composed of tour members each from
Canada and tho United StateB, has
under consideration, In session here,,Ql u.ft ,
the question ef whether or nol the'
government of the 1'nited stales
tbail be permitted tn build dykes In
Ibe   Detroit   riv"i\   which   will   extend
over on the Canadian side.
The Hulled States government haa
appropriated 110,000,000 for improve
ment to the Detroit river, made necessary by the Incroase in commerce
cn the Great Lakes.   Engineers found
Makes Better Housewives.
Ann Arbor, Mich.. April 21.���Biology as an aid to the development
i-.f capable housewives was given a
big boost at a recent session of the
Schoolmasters' Club, when Prof- Mer-
three nurses
ier his nativity the fell enchantress
Kiilyb   being the utter enemy of true
nobility,   by   Charms    nnd     witlicrnft
stole   tlie   Infant  from   the  careless
For  twice  seven   years   Kalyb   bail
the noble St. (Ieorge in keeping; thei
,,   - . . ,.u,,.   ., .,. ,,, , .Kalyb told hlm that ho waa the boi
land It wan decided the building ot ot Lord Allien, bum Btewardof Eng
dykes is necessary     In  making the ��<"��>, and she bostowed oertaln pow.
surveys it was tound that the dykes. I 7a upon him by meana 0, whloh he
in, pome Instances would bnve-to ex- delivered ou   ol Kalyb s power   ths
tend to Canadian territory, end near   six worthy champions ol < hrlstendom
Aiis given tiie title of ihe valiant
Knight St, Qeorge of Kngland, whosi
golden garter Is not only worn b>
nobles but by kings, and In memory
of hi�� victories the kings of England
fight under hia banner. ,      ...
According to ancient wrlilngs na ! ris Blgelow, of tbe Teachers College
turn bad planted upon his breast Ihe , of Columbia university, s ated in his
lively form of a dragon; upon his ! address that the Study of biology by
rlgbt band 11 blood-red cross; nnd on girls would result In making them
g a golden garter. They ( better housewives than they wn.ild
named him Oeorge and provided hlin otherwise be.
ba:  not many days af-
On Hatur-idv an afternoon excursion ��ry of Boinathlng like $30,000,000 dur-
1 v Hticclnl (1. T. lt. Irnln wll lhe made | Ing Llie coming year.   This money Will
I by Canadian towns entered objection.
The   Canadian   government   refused
to grant permission to build rue dykoB,
BO  far an  Canadian  territory  le  con-
' cerned,   and    both     governments   referred the question to the Joint commission.
Geneva, April 21. The Ineurano
of Swiss women against Illness and
in view of maternity, us provided by
the new federal law -which measuri
,]! I Ib known In thlp ccuntr yas the "pearl
of the new code" -has received general approval; but po far only 7 per
cent, of the Bwliia women have taken
advantage of the iaw which came Into
force two months ago.
Several women's societies are tlici"
-'.rtt'ania. April 22.���The king a*xd
queen Of Denmark are great lovers
ol spcrt and open air pastimes. Tb��
accompanying pictures shows themlat
lh.��lr best���as the centre of enjoyment
at a bright and happy sleighing -xxi-ty
which took place theother day lest
'outside the  Danish  capltaL
This   preft renoe   for   open   ai'r   lire-
need not occasion much surprise in (*��--
matter of  King  Christian,  who ia   U
singularly   tall,   straight,   strorui an-*
manly looking, but the queen is admit-
tedlv delicate  and   looks at rimes ��l-
mOBt frail.    Still her majesty, toa, i.-��
possessed of the Instinct of tree spwi-t
Is an excellent horsewoman, very fond
of    walking,    and    an    acoompHK��n*
yachtswoman,  who handles Hie. titter
with --treat skill.
King Christian lias always been
feud of cycling, and especially ridia*��
Tie Bpent the greater part of his mili
tary career aa a captain of tht- Hf<?
guards, but to t$g!n with be served
as a prlvat". doing sentry duty cnt-
ride his grandfather's house. He sit**:
his big horse uncommonly well, ami
the famous title of old King Ctn-isitar��
IX., "the finest horseman in KuriH*?."
has lately been applied by exf^rts
freely to him. He is also fomf of
driving, both carriage and Blelgh, :.��kT
ns a prince enjoyed Uibcixi'.uloK su?
mnch as anv schoolboy*
The king keeps a yacht in the soiratK
and is the protector of the Koyal ai>i-
ish V.icl'l club. Their majestiiw mw
aleo much given to boating 011 tiie
small lake nenr their summer clntmu
at Lyngby, Tliey evidently mean taint their two boys have 11 tlioro-awfj
health-giving education, for both Unvoting princes are scouts and the fefmi
himself their riding master- aud a tof-
1 rally exacting one lo booL
The king and queen are Mpo fond of
, hooting, and possess Heme very extensive deer parks and other [K-um
10  Macdonald  college.    The city   will,
l��� hosts "I B luncheon on May 6, The I levenue not tirevloiisly availahli
Montreal Women's Olub wlll have th ,..,,,,
council  delegat is  their  guests  nt |ed, Hie treasury Is gi Ins to get It bnc.k
tholr Charter Hay  lunch  In Ihn  Ullz   Win,
have to t>" provided out of sources of
It Is not clear bow, when It la expend
$5510 for a Dcg.
London,   April   20,    llungowoll,   Ihe
winner of  this  year'B  Waterloo  cup,
brought the record price of $r.E>10 nt nn
| auction of greyhounds In London to-
I day.
A Crimean veteran, Frederick Glair-
ville, who took part In all the naval
operations off the Crimea on board
II. M, B, SaiiB Pnrell, died at Plymouth, agni eighty-nine.
Muskogee,  Oklx.    April   21.    Mrs-
I'n ill rick Kaper, n Muskogee woman.
la wearing a beautiful muff, thp envy
of  h��r   trlendB   und   her  chief  pride
Apk Mrs. Kaper ahout It and sfi" ��iyB���
"Oh, that la a skin from a bobr.it Unit
11 phot a few dayB ago."
\ fere arranging nnd giving conterenci a       Ann it is.    Mrs. Kaper and her hns
' to make the lnw    known,    especially , band,  who  is a contractor,  went oo*.
among    the    women    oflhe    workln;'   Into the Cherokee hills and patablisti-
I classes. ed a camp to do a little hunting.
Tor a minimum subscription then       lt was a moonlight night, and after
St. Lcunls of Prance, St. Jntivs of
Spain, 8t, Anthony of Italy, St. An
drew of Scotland, St, Patrick cf liv
land und  St.  Dnvid cf Wales.
Later St. Oeorge Journeyed lo Egy  \
lit,   where   he   delivered    the    king's I *t provided medical assistance, neces-1surveying   a   dark object crouched iu
daughter from  the Jaws cf a terrible   gMy rrp0B0 aTlu a (\ajiy allowance to   the folks of the tree for tt while, nrv
dragon, which he Blew with his trun- 1 womrn who are expectant mothers or  Kaper remarked, "lt doesn't look like?
ty sford  Ascalon.    St. George,  \iln'n|ttre m     |t |H believed that with   an ia coon to me ,but I am going to tato���
he recovered lu tho conflict, married' Iactive propaganda the    niajorlty    of j shot at lt, anyway."
the beautiful Sabra, the king's daugh- | Swiss  women  will  within a year en-'    She did, and  her aim  was per-fort
ter,  and   aftHrwurds,   wllh   tho  other h0y the benoflts of the new code In thlB [The  skin  was  brought  to  town  ami
six     champions     of     Christendom, I particular. I mado Into a muff.
f.j WDM f-OtlB
\May Day Corner\
Our May Day festival is year b>
year eai.iinij add. 0 lal charm and
Merest throughout the province and
Canada, while" at the same time th;
tact ic. never lest tight of by its workers that it is purely and simply a
children's fes'-ival.
Tbtrefcre reminiscences and sug-
qes.tions from eld timers, native sens
and daughters, from British Colum-
Mans born elsewhere, from any one
���mho can tell his cr her fellows some
thing that may be cf help to the still
further improvement of the festival.
or may be of general or historical interest, will be welcomed as contributions to this column by thc New West
i-mntcr News.
'Happy hearts and happy faces.
Happy play  In grassy  places.
That  was  how  in  ancient  ages
Children grew to kinge and sages."
of  the  amusements,  inch   decor
with tho ordi r of the 'Gold Btar
tachi il to a i lue ribl on, by Capt. IFsh
er  ' * the HyacUt l
r this, the aesen blage p i "I
ed to ei >��� in iii * farli ua Bporta ln
, ., , it porth n i of iii.*i -(tensive
groundi, 1 he little ludii s and gentlemen i f tendi r yi ars tormi d :i tremendous circle ly joining hands nnd
playing kiss In tho ring; the more matured young IndloB nml gentlemen
sought the delights of the 'mazy
"Dr. Black played Ihe part of ihe
traditional 'Bill Stlgglns' and dealt out
'three Bticks for n bit' with all tha
drolbry imaginable, He wore an excellent imitation rf a celebrated edl-
ti rial white castor, which elicited
shouts of laughter. Although the
players were ni i always sucoessful in
knocking off the prizes from the stick-?
the funds of the committee of management rei'i ived n very handsome addition from litis source.
"Long tables were ranged beneath
the ihade of the rustic booths where
Suffragette   Leader   Publi:hea   Slate-
men': that Church Is Opposed to
Vcte-c for Women.
New York, April 22.���A bomb was
exploded in suffrage and Catholic circles today when ti statement was published setting forth that Miss Inez
Mllholland,    famous    suffrage leader,
Tlle Beat sale fur the biggest musical comedy that has ever played in
New Westminster, "The Merry
Widow," is going merrily on at the
box office. It is expected that there
will lie us bin B house to greet this
Show as tbere wus to see Ihe "Prince
of Pilsen,"
Manager Tidy has the opllon of play-
the Mny Day committee will meet i
at 8 o'clock this evening in the Board
af Trade rooms at the City Hall, and.
in rvsponne to the invitation extended ���
tftlaat week's meeting it is understood  ,
that several ladies end gentlemen who   "	
are working on the various sub-coin
���rnittM B will be present
May Day ls now drawing very
mil teachers and pupils are working
very hnrd In all the schools In readi-
nesti for the great event.   The COUntrj
danc-rii   are   now    rounding   OUl
sihapo. while the greatest  Intert
b-einR   shown   In   the   Maypole
Seven  Maypole  Sets.
Int-tead of six schools, taking pari
in this competition as was expected
'Uie number will be increased to si   en
The old Central school is today two
bad made a direct attack on the Catho- j Ing a niatinn
lie church as being opposed to votes
for women,
Tlie   trouble   started   at   the   Hotel
Plaza, when a woman In the audlenc
addressed   hy   Miss   Mllholland   asked
if it were true that the Catholics op
the     substantial     were     profusely  posed suffrage.    Reference was mad,.
spread and where everybody and hisUn the statement issued by CardinalI Berlin, Aprll 22.���A film which Is
wife and family regaled themselves Gibbons, following the visit paid hlm attracting croweded audiences In one
free of charge. A copious supply of I by tiie on-to-Washington hikers. IU of Berlin's beat class cinematograph
milk and cakes was provided for tbe I which tiie cardinal expressed views l;i', theatres  is    that    representing    tin
opposition  to votes for women
if lie bo desires, and if I
tlle seats are nearly sold out. for tlie I
I evening   performance  by   the  middle
I of next week, he will order it played, i
St    It
dan *���
md   viands  In   every   form
lot roast and boiled, for tbe elders, In
I endless supply, with proper accoinpan-
liinent;  to all of which ample justice
was done,
"During the afternoon a party of
gay maskers (feur ladies and four
gentlemen) came nnon the ground,
.-nui after promenading through the
midst of the throng, danced a quadrille with great eclat. Tbey were received with a perfect shout of laugh-
���separate schools and both John R b-
-.soa and .Indue lioway will have their I
(ji.iit.is uf eight boys and eight girls
tripping round the pole on May Day.
Seven is a good number anyway. The
more the merrier.
Through the courtesy of Miss M
Darton of St. Margaret's college, Vic*
���tori.i, il is practically assured thai
Mies l^-na Cotsworth will be able to
officiate as Judge Of the dances at
May Day.    lt is hoped that she will be
here on Wednesday and Thursday of
next week in order to conduct the final
rehearta Is.
Descriptions of the dances and other
information relative thereto have now
beea printed and are bring distribul-
��-d to the children taking part in them.
The dances committee are largely in-
tleliud to Mr. .1. T. Burnett Tor this
valuable help.
The  First   May   Day.
Tlio weather, nearly half a centry
���afco. apiH-nrs to have been quite as ra-
priricus m> it lias been of mor" reci nt
yenre. Hereunder is reproduced from
The. Mainland Guardian the story of
the postponement and the subsequent
wH-tiratirn ofthe first May Hay ever
held in  New   Westminster:
Rained Even Then.��� May 4, 1870.
"Owin-g to the inclemency of the
weather, the May Day celebration was
pout poned till today, when, if the clerk
of the weather is In good humor and
Old Sol deigns to preside on the occaalon, onr citizens, old and young, will
havo a good time.
Celebrated  May 7. ',873.
"Old So! gol up on Wednesdaj
morniriR, rather hazily, as If he had a
"drop in his eye," 1 ut as Dick Swlvel-
lor wonld say. the "old man was agrei
able." and looked down with a sort of
<juii t smile till the amusements of the
rlay were over.
"At nn early bur the tocsin sound
iromt'ie Ily. ���'.*: tower and lhe citv niul
sulinrts wire awak ned to a state of
ttexy prcpattotlon. ln due course the
Hyacks In van to assemble resplendent
in red -shirts, black pants, cups and
'"belts; th.-ir band meanwhile enlivening the precincts of the hall with
merrv v'trutiis.
"About noon the lovely damsel who
���iiari been 'chosen by the people for a
queen.' made ber appearance and was
onb KI) enthroned on the llyack ma-
���chin-e, '.he 'fire king,' amidst wreaths
of ribbons and Rowers, looking a very
'faerie quecne.'
"The band then took the lead, and
the Hyacka, under the superintendence of Capt. Fisher and Thief Kngi-
*��-r John-Kion. formed in marching rider, nnd the procession started for the
crrrked ground; the sides of the road
���h-tita*-*-*: tuBed with people, old and young.
wt'hdiriR their way te* lhe same point,
ttotn the procession had arrived on
tlie ground, the Hyacks encircled the
May pole
"A nicely decora! i d throne had bee::
erected Cot the 'queen,' and in a short
time was occupied by that august
<��dy. ttw attendant maids of honor
���rc-rc  placid   In   two   rows.    The   vast
ti r, and the pi culiar appearance of tbe
'ladies' caused excessive merriment
The masquers were very well got up
and did much to increase the enjoy-
��� -i 'H of the day.
"Mr J. T Scott i-nit off several of
lis beautiful balloons; only one, how-
ner, traveling to uny great  distance,
lowing to the wind being a little too
"We have often participated in similar days, but certainly never 'assisted' at one where the enjoyment was
more universal er mor,. completely
witlent alloy.    For this happy result
iwo :*.re Indebted to th�� Indefatigable
exertions of Hen. A. T. Bushby and
Messrs. \V. J. Armstrong, \V. Fisher,
J. T. Scon, Dr. Black, Hugh Waters.
W, Johnston and a number of other
gentlemen who never relaxed during
ih * while of the day in creating and
simulating the amusements.
"The gentlemen composing the fine
band of Hyacks deserve great credit
for their untiring exertions. From
morning till the close of the day. they
'* mid be heard discoursing sweet
music 'grave and gay.' furnishing the
great source of much cf the day's happiness."
Ottawa, April 22. The nlnns havi
now* been approved for Winnipeg':
new armories on Portage avenue weal
and tenders will be calli d for Bhortlj
so thai the work can be started thi
; summer.
The   plans   an-   tj.���   S:ir.:e   as   hav
been decided on for the new Toronti
-*������������.-.      The   same   plan   will     r.lsr
be  r. Hi"-, i.i   in   Montreal,   thus   s:iv.n.
he txpensi   of duplication  if plant
rhe armories will embody all the lat
-i  idea- .n such buildings,
New  targi ts for the  ranges .".t  Sl
Charles  have  been ordered  and will
.be    Installed.     Colonel    Hon.    Rain
i\ Hughes,   minister   of   militia,   is   ills'
arrang'niK   for   a   street   railway   loo]
from  Portage avenue  to  run  out  to
the   ranges   for   the   convenience   ol
the riflemen,
Leavenworth. Kas., April 22.-- From
a cell in the federal prison lure lo the
British nobility will be the experience
of Convict No. 7427 when he is released on June Hi, after serving one year
and one day for using the mails to
Fred Grey was received last fall
from Texas where iie was convicted
in connection with Mexican land
frauds. Grey comes of a prominent
English family of which he has bien
tbe "black sheep," having spent mosl
of bis time since 1902 in penal insti
tutions. He has a record of having
Eerved three terms in Kngiish prisons
on offences of bigamy, forgery and obtaining money under false pretences,
A telegram was received at the prison announcing -that by the death of
his elder brother in England, Grey
would succeed tu the title and estate
lb   will take the title of Sir Frederick
ln a statement dictated to the Unit-
led Press today, Miss Mllholland said
"My intentions were and are to attack no institution of personal arrangements, except the ones that pro-
vent the full and free play of demo
cracy. That is. the arrangement by
i which women are excluded from the
* ext rcise of the right to vote. I deplore
Ibe fact that the Catholic church forbade access to any source of lntormu
tlon whatsoever, as it necessarily
must, by placing any book upon The
"The priest that I spoke to agrees
that any withholding of information I ������
i regrettable thing, ile maintained
tbat the Catholic church could hold It*
own with the breath of all BCiences
in the world blown upo-i it, and hi
gave me a book to prove bis polr.',
which I believe is called 'The Popes
and the Sciences.' He maintained that
Information about everything added
to and did nct detract frcm the Integrity of the  Catholic church.
"Therefore he believed, too, in votes
for women. The type of Catholic who
often d opposition in the towns of Wis
consln was the one who believed '.hat
suffrage for women meant knowledge]
for women ami rebellion for woman.;
I doubt if nny explanation would be
necssary if I had a short hand repnrt
of my remarks, but perhaps I garbled
my meaning and failed to make it
Miss Milbollar.il was asked if she
was displeased at tbe action of Cardinal Gibbons in opposing suffrage.
"Certainly not." she replied. "II"
votes for women that I bave not to b
a member of the Catholic church.
There is no argument between i'v
church end the suffrage workers lt
ia a matter of Individual opinion on
tb.- part of the Catholics, just as ii Is
i matter of individual opinion on the
part of members of any other church
start   of
IW inile.-
Scott expi dition from tlu
the Terra Nova to within a
cf the  Pole.
This triumph of clnematograplc art
with Its living pictures of lhe English In roes and their milieu of Ice
and snow, hrlda the spectators spell
bound from i tart to finish. As the
end draws near it grows very still
n  the  large  ball.
The final view of the explorers who
nu- their death Is full" veil by a pic
ture of Mount ErobUB in action, while
ibe orchestra plays "Hume. Sweet
ib me."
Bopton, April 21. William J. Sidls.
the 15-year-old phenomenon ot Har
vard, who startled the scientific world
recently by his exhibition of tin
fourth dimension theory, now exhibits
a profound antipathy in the fair se*-
and prides hlmsi If upon bis disdain of
feminine attractions,
"A   nice   little  girl!"  snorts  Sldis;
there is no such anlnn
the  three-foot   limit;
And Makes Poor Showing���Makes Ab
jeet Apology t:> Vaudeville
Audience in Parle.
Paris, April 22. Visitors to Paris
who have recently wandered by
chance into any or the sordid "cafe j
concerts," which arc mostly frequented by that class Ot men who neither;
toll nor spin, must have becn amazed !
and saddened by a very unusual music i
hall turn.
Kvery nighl, between the "sentimental tenor" and the "chanteuse h-
gere," a mournful-looking young man
makes his appearance. Ho is greeted
with derisive yells.
lie sings, or tries Io sing, a sentimental ballad and a comic song, lie
also Imitates animals, the noises of
'tools, and the whistling of locomotives,
The poor fellow does not possess tin
slightest truce of any sort of talent,
and his efforts are greeted with scorn
ful jeers and hissing.
The unhappy clown makes desper
ate effortd to appear unmoved, ana
goes on with his turn to tlle bitter
end. The following feat finishes lii
nightly martyrdom. Balancing himself on bis head and hands, he con
trlvea to hold a mandolin between bis
j legs  and  playB     "tunes"    with    his
rlaa to Apologize.
The effi' t  is so deplorable th".t  t''e
i audience iicently insisted on the "noble clown" apologizing for his lack of!
skill. He humbly advanced to the fun!
lights   and   bowed   t'i   right,   left   run1
before him.  Then,  iu  a  voice, choked j
with   subs,   ie   began   to  express   bis
regret. Before he bid finished a bully
hi uted:  "On your knees."
Tlie last spark of dignity left in the
humtlitated  man   l erst  Into  (tare  at
Hr:  runreme iusr.lt. I ul only tor a eec-
I believe In  ond, Wiih patient resignation he won
by   th"!   11 down   en   bis   knees,   offered   prolUS
Show At
Your Last Chance to See It
Will Be Tonight
apologii r
lack   of
Ills   best
to   pi
for   his
to   do
them in tne futuii
Few win have -eon this lamentable I
mean   this   instance   should   I
lained wtih them.
"To keep this rule 1  never use 'lu
iilbway   in   rush   hours,   and   I   once
waited   three-quarters  ol   an  hour In I exhibition know its origin and excusi
i city cllce building for an elevator This ahject buffoncry is Inspired  by
with  no  women in  ii  tn take me to one of the noblest motives-   Slial love,
the street. This descendant nf one of the oldest
"Every woman whare acquaintance and   nobles I   Families  In   Venice   wu
is  forced   upon  me    1    designate by left alone. ��hen very young, with liis
numbers, not by name.   I keep a cata InBrm antl ruined  mother,
the same right to be opposed to|-|ogue 0f tUese names and numbers In.     For map,   \etwa ibey ban lived *
my pocket diary, and when, ai  rare uncertain 'b*":i;   if friends   bin  tn.
Intervals,  a  new   woman  comes  into toor old Inly Is now In sueh a  pre
my circle  of Intimates, she Ins. s her rii us : *,<.   of I itilth that n-lrns-i'-::
identity as far as I am c -nr. re d : nd '   to   .::  nln.slli i .-*:*  would  be thl  only
becomes number.    You may be sur, m-sans ol  Bavins  her life.    Uu!   thi!
th: ! this,* lumbers de not extend f.:r isnn  i   be  i     aim  i   without   pa/meut
Into tlm 'teens." ���������'-.- i ���*-. 11. und her devo'od i >n
  is ���" *    employing the only   n   nu    i
CAN   EDUCATED  HORSES arcurlng It tptn to him.
Comfortable   Family   Hotel
i an
,rii  minutes run from New WeBtmlnster on G. N. Ity.   All trains
���ii   White  Rock.
Ift)   rooms, lar.ee Dining Hall, magnificent view of Hay and liulf;
live minutes from Hallway Depot; Hot and Cold Water, llooms
be engaged i n bu ;���', suitable for children and families. European
American plan; gymnasium ball in connection, alio a store con-
ng full  line nf groci rles.    l'er terms and rutes upply
e   Rock,  EC. P. GREYELL,  Proprietor.
709 Columbia St. Westminster Trust Bldg.
���assemblage having formed a wide eir Gray and leave fm* England to assume
Qlemnnd thlt centre of attraction, W. his honors i.n release frnm the fed
.1 Jxmix**'-.:i- Esq., -I 1', president of "ral prison. Grey aim claims tn hav
the imrolclpal council, then addressed* 30,000 acres of valuable Ian.I in
a short Speech lo ber majesty, explan-l Mexico.
.-itnry of ,1.'* future acts nf Iut reign
"Meaans'blle a ,"i rn-looklng object,
vthn was stati 1 t i be the 'oldest bach-
t-lo-.-' preeent,  was made i,, place thi
crown on  tl     talr  young head, that i
���waitixi to receive II   The unfortunate
man muttered some words which oui
reporter did'n l think worth while to
���i*Ax: note of;  tut  we thought  it the
liljlliu us'111 Of cri.i Ity lo l>riim the poor J
follow into the midst of such a group
<tt lovely young creatures, who muBt
have nimlr bla    miserable   condition
truer*  glaringly  apparent, to all.
"We bu-pe. ti i the sake of humanity,
laat Mime kindly disposed young lady
will usher him into matrimonial bliss
n*** aapther  May  queen  ascends  the
-*"T��r tuTemouy of the coronation be-
���mir over; tin' band appropriately
���straw; mi. "My I.ove is Hut a Lassie
���Set," and a pretty dance around the
Hay pole casued; each maid of honor
-j��e*romp:wiinl by a 'gladsome swaine'
tidiliii.. a piece of blue, red or while
nWTO attached to tbe May-pole, In
he*- bawl
"The whole affair was beautifully
���iiTr.infTo-d by Mr *, T Scott, under
wtoi-i'��� apeclal guidance ibis portion
of   Uu-   :i:in.:*-   rents   rested;   and   Hi"
acorn-, n>i'*' n iis character here.
will i.-t.-    i lembered by our oili-
xeny *,. i - report will become a
rrieord. *< *-b,;i here append tha
���naini-o. nf thi ) mng ladli s wbo formed
the rt., 1'. court
"The Maj queen, Miss Helen Mr-
i*o>l. maids of honor, the Misses M,
Heic*i. S   Ir Ing, F  Winds, N   Dloken
���a, W.  A. Eklwards,  M.  M.  I   M
JtAneon. B. iiurr. M   Morcy, M   Burr,
l-Hack. Murray,    Bonson,
IteRi-ok.    -  Walsh,       Armstrong,
��T��'bKter, J. Harvey,       Musselwhito,
-"(Thoyoung ladies were al tin* closi
."1P-I0U3     raMiolic   ro'-"*-!    A^-rovei.
Amointmcnt   of   Profecsor.
Dublin,  April :���!    The  demand fm
gliet  standard i f education in ibe
' *   Is   I  colli ges  throughout   Ireland  Is making Us. If felt even in the
fain.mm Roman Catholic university of
Maynooth,   which   lias   always  dlsre-
irdi d pi pular clamor for change.
Although a good few have emerged
::   th*.-   famous  theological  seminary   who  have   since    distinguished
lln ni..i lies    in    scientific     research,
ie ence  as a  subject   has  never occu-
\ pied anything like prominence In  its
While Hie governing body of the
| college has not yet decided to set
Ip a faculty Of science. It bas already
approved of Hie appointment of a dls-
j ingulshed science professor, who
! temps wiih a big reputation from
Cambridge university,
Imprl-scncd   in   Box   Car.
Oakland, Cal, April 22 Two young
j men. who In Philadelphia entered ;i
boj: car that afterward was locked
last and si iibil, obtained tholr liberty
', the Oakland railroad yards today.
I'll-*-.* wi :*.��� nearly starved and
. , ii thai their f*. ble crli n all o *
, sapi d heir..: heard Thoj had lost
all ii ack ot nine, bul said thi y bad
been prisoners tor week*.. For a
while, they said, 'bey subsisted on
canned goods found In the ear, but
that did not last lunn mul they Buffered severely from hunger and
lliir.-.l. They nave the nanus uf ;-uii;h
and Darwood, Tin* police, afur hearing iheir Btory released them from
Rucsia. Derpite Her Vast Oil Beds
Running Short of Petrol.
Odessa, April 'J2. To say that Russia is threatened with a petroloui.i
famine, would, cn the face nf tin as
Bertlon, appear to he equivalent to.
nnd as ludicrous ns the announcement
of a eral famine at. Newcastle, bul i
is a fact, nevertheless.
A petrol famine is already oeing
keenly tilt even cn the Volga and Ons
, plan, the oil region ���' RueBio
state dunia, nn tbe motion of the the
deputy M. Khvostoft. has now under
discussion the questicn of devising
some kind of legislative measure for
ihe control of the naphtha trust. Rightly or wrongly, the belief obtains that
the trust is deliberately limiting the
output of Caucaslon naphtha with the
Inblect of inflating spot and retail
Two years agn 'be market price of
petroleum  was  HI  copecks  (8 centsl
j per pood   (36  lhs.1.  Last  year it advanced to 22 copecks  (Ki centsl. and
'the current  price today is 41 copecks
; 122  cent 11   pc  pood,  and  with ever;.
prospect,  as   M.   Khvostoft     told     tin
duma. of further Increasing to -tii 66
'o 70 copecks.    According to a recent
official  report  tliere  was  last  year a
| shortage of no less than eleven hundred  thousand  tons  of  ray  naphtha,
' owing, it was understood, to the decreased productivity of the Caucasian
i founts
This explanation is generally dis
sredlted and it is M, KhvostofT's con-
���tctlon that if the spot prices of oil at
the wills be controlled by the crown
Hie general output will shortly Increase to its previous and norma! extent.
Olde6t   Pickpc;ket   Arrested.
(Jhioago, April 2.'    Harry Williams
aged   lo  years,   said   In   be  Hie  oldest
pickpocket  in ibe United States, ivaE
arrested  with  August  Stokey, a ccm
panion, on a Btreet c*ir tonight, afte'
a tight with detectives who surprised
them in an attempt to rob a passenger.    Williams,  wlm  waa  in  i ver.n
dress, foughi for   his   freedom   and
knocked nut a detective's [rout te ii
bi fore be was Btibdued,    He ri .*��� .
came lure  frnm  St   Louis.
Paris, April 22.���Can educated!
'... ;-.-, a work out. sums without any
aid from their train, rs? This qu s
tii n w*:is quite Berloii3ly discussed
the ether day by the French Ph lo
sopbical society apr. pos of the "edu
cated horses of Klbi ifl'Id." Tlu- animals are tlie property nf M. Krail, and
be haa taught them reading, writing
and arithmetic, nr claims t.i have doni
The hor-fcs can extract   lhe squ ;r.-
1 be I and cube  roots ef nuinii rs, performing tlu* up* ration ot multiplication, ad
dition, and subtraction which these in
Tin1 French society has endeavori d
to solve tbe problem pn-Bcnted by
these remarkable quadrupeds, and invited M. Claparde, the distinguished
professor ef psychology at the university of Geneva, to addn ss them un the
M. Claparde said that when he hau
seen the horses two Italian savants
had obtained a correct answer from
tbem at a time wben their trainer was
absent. No hypothesis, he went on,
ean sath-factorily explain thn extrai r-
dinary fart nf which h" bad hi en a
Thai  Is why a  Venetian nobelman I
may  be  seen  lure   in  a   I'aris  "cafe
concert" drinking the cup of con tano- \
ly to ihe dregs and voluntarily ��� xpos
ing himself m the ferocious laughter!
��� f a pitiless crowd  for    a miserable
nightly wage.
j-mt*ax��-mj**c~-. .?:'*.*:- z
Guilty of Many Crimen.
Seattle, Aprll 22.- Ilaseil on the confession of Oeorge Rise, afiae Herbert,
Stein and Oebhardt, a former "pupil"
and  accomplice of  Peter  Miller, tin
most spectacular prisoner In the King
county jail, the latter is to be charged
by Prosecuting Attorney Murphy with
the  murder nf  Hugh   McMahon, a sa
; loon man. who was garroted here on
the night of Nov  21, 1908.   Miller was
| sentenced   by   Judge   Clifford   In   T:i
: coma. Saturday io frum 20 to 4u years
I In   the   penitentiary   ns   an   habitual
Washington, April 22- All avallabli
ships of the Atlantic fleet were order
ed todaj to partlc pate In lhe di li .
tion of the Maine    memorial   monu
men! al New fork Ala;. 30. 'lb,
battleships wh ch *���*. II be un bil ��� i d
at the i.aval stat i u iu the N'ortlt
river will Incl .i** tha \ ������ ir. :,,
Florida, N irib Da * 1- ! i... ire V.
i" n . ,i': : ii . j, ,\, ,,, liam i
shire, flansas, v.: ula, Georgia, Nev
Ji i si .   antl i. In d,   Island.
Secretary Daniels announced tha
he could not si : l the naval ac id' in;
midshipmen to take pari. In thi dtd
cation because they would be in tb
midst ol tin i i xamlnatlons.
Sydney, N .1 v,\, \pr,l 22 : I I
banquet tondi nd he di min n
trade   c ult   , n    '!   . ithl    n,   " In I
. rn v had   i. ��� .    ul th-. iron and
works,  Hon   Oi. rgn K   I".   ������ r, I ana
d.an  mlnls'.ci    I  .       ni n      rotert In
to ibe battle i f impi   al Bm, b *.,!
"We bave i ; rii le I In * tagi V\ i*
bought   ii  for   is 1    v. hn. ���    .*   alth '
j Whose ent rprUa ? \nd we havi
grown up with a (lbi n >ral, n i nt i
and physical because v.* ,-,,-,. ���
ib scended. I hi ri fore ivi have
tremendous burden ol obligation am
��� lu y to an ' Id c ill itinii and , m
pire which hns ���'- In ni I In the Isl u,d
of tho northi rn -'-as
"The battb * I'eper :il Bm thi
battle i r I.r,i. h ilvll . atlon i.i ' i b
foughi out In the f i ure ami ...; - ul
side 'I ni 'i oi
--���--���>     -        *"- 7.;   *f-
The Home of the CinemetoQraph
Program   Today  Only
Vitagraph   Featuring  Mm  Edith
Song by  Mise Frances Hamiitcn
I'atbe  Two   P.eel   Feature
Thc Moonshiner's Last Stand.
West! rn Drama
Dclore's   De;ision
picture of intense heart
A  Lucky Mix-up
Comedy Drama
Tickets at Lowest Rates
To   all   Eastern   destinations  and   to
���Mondays    1'iiiice Ruperi, Stewart.  Masactt.
Tuesday's���Victoria and Seattle.
*Thursda>6    Prince Rupert, Granby Elay.
Fridays Alert Hay. Hardy Hay, Rivera Inlet. Ocean Falls, Queen
Charlotte Island idlrect service, fast timei.
Riturdajs    Victoria   and   Sealtl'.
���< bs. connection at Prlnan Rupert with Grand Trunk Pacific Railway  tiains for piiinu* East to llazclton.
H   U   SMITH   C   P. &. T. Aw W. E. DTJPBROW, O, A. P. L>.
Phone  Seymour E134. VANCOUVER. B.C.      527 Grsnvlllt Street.
Hassam Paving Co., of B. C,  Limited
Layers of Hassam Compressed Concrete (Patented)
Pastoral  Lands in  Australia,
i ��� *    '**;     I, W     ' m* i  ::
li :,.,: ni*    tradi    .    ni -    * i'i
���.   '  ' .I..*   iroli  . *.*i|..���.,*.   with resird
tn  the  di v�� Ioi m nl   and  pos3lbllItli i
nf Hn   nor hi rn ti rritory,
In    Ollr ith,  administrator,    alal d
thai tliere  ��   il i ji rea   ol
terrlli ry In Id i tidi r li a ioa | ���
uri np ' number of u hlch ti rmlnati d
in 30 J .'!*-��� Twi ntj llv* tn 11 i.n
acre, �� io under pas ure, tho rent
from whli b v.us ne shilling per
sip.i.n* i i.i.   per annum.
A".-.-,       :
On i.i ind   i
v li b*  at' uji.; i
. no   Dnniln
elope miii iiiii,
Well.*..;..,,   Warn
paroled   fr   it
���  K dnap  Nscri  a
*   i 2k    ���:. .*
.*   io  I   r*'e    Hi    I     1
"   :.*.'  in .**
i' iin* point nf a gun,
er,   a negro, reci ntl
I i laom     penlti iti .*,.
when  ,i   1 -'i I.-, i ���  ., a 'j i youi   r* r
the i'iiii ' *.  ' '    .1*1    tin iblj
will n    i  tui. * '! tc , :  ion     I ho ung
ress ls a t'i ne * - ���   In ihi   In me of .1
V.'.   Stl ' e.is      'I In        *       .,..        nil ::
ii  iiitcd 1��.  Vi ���* *   ���       ':''*.;, ta lo ki I
���.'!*,**:     . .   .i  a. :   . .* ::.
HARRY  TIDY, Manager.
MAY 3rd
Henry W. Savage's
Inn Sli
: * *.\     OP   : ill      al
I* i   r Bt'B,   7 17   Collin
Phot .-iii    i,.
and  Eel  the  le : I
t. ri. Mccormick |
Phone 927.     Suit 19. B. C. E. R. Depot. New Westminster B. C.    i
!'r��H  sml <r*<inl  M*r Vteft-Pr-aaldML Sec. sid Tr����s
Hr, Cedar  and   Spruce
Phone* No. 7 and 877.
'���_��� ������>.������,'
��� 'J,'.' * ���.*���*   ,*  ,m
''."'��� '
-..(.-     ���'dm
i ���'���
v  '^1
'*���' -'��� ���
.. ��� __
w,   ,������:,
m,l'',..i' .^..������.:,..
', Ifl '
4. '*'> .* '(ty
���  ', , *ifC f<R
��� ������ ,
��� o. *j
! 2
' .   .    **
.., .V
���.' ; '*
i ''I
i    /'
x*i'*vt->i   .iJm
Curopran Novelty A iti: t n nt the Royal 'ileaire Today, WEDNESDAY.AP  RIL 23, 1913.
PAGE  *"V��
Private Matter Between Col.:, and
Navin," Says Fultz, cf Players'
Hla First "Invention"  Clown Him  Up,
Out He Is Not a Bit Abashed-
Mrs.   Edison  Speaks.
Henry   AlliEon   Wins   Silver  Cup  i
All-round Championship���List
of Winners.
annual Held day of St. Louis
i. was beld on the college cam-
esterday, the even! bringing out
usual number   of   contestants,
the parents of many of the
on band to add to  the en-
pus y
an in
boya wen*
Two college records were broken,
M Fitzgerald making 4 feet ll Inobes
In the high Jump, an inch higher ihan
that previously made at the annual
meet. L. Mi'MiiUin lowered the time
in in.* 60 yard Bprlnt to 6 4-6 seconds.
The Hiker cup awarded to ihe boy
making the highest aggregate points
In    the    meet    fill    to    Henry    Allison
with a total of in points    I.  McMul
iin came second with ii" points.
.1,11  witli  the n;\nii*
I Relay race won by the following
team: Darrell Williams, Gordon
Darling,   Laurence   McMullIn,   Harry
Professor I). J, Mcisaio, principal
of the college, bad charge or the
meet, being assisted by the other
members or its faculty.
The Salmon Bellies and the senior
amateurs will imid a practice at
Uu""tis park thla evening, the seniors
im sting in 6 o'clock sharp, while the
bunch under Manager Turnbull
gather al 8:30 o'olock.
Every player who Intends to maki
a try lor the amateur team thia sea
Hon la requested to be at the park
evening ��o ihat plans ror   the
New Vork. April 22.���The baseball
playi ra' fraternity will take no ac-
j t ion In the eontroverny between Ty
I'ulib arid lhe Detroit club unless re-
I quested to do bo by the parties, and
'then only uh mediator. In ho announc-
I Ing this afternoon, David L. Kuliz.
president of the fraternity, asserted
! that he regarded the matter as purely a business transaction between
i Cobb and President Navin, and that
It was not only unfair, but Billy to
attack the fraternity for not settling
"This whole affair is a private matter between Cobb and Mr. Navin;
there are no legal Obligations rest ing
on either party. Cobb haa a right li
value his services at $15,000 or $15o,
000 as he chooses, and Mr. Navin ha-^
a right to pay or not, JuBt as be
Bees nt.
"Should Mr. Navin and Cobb desire
the offices Ot the fraternity In tbe
settlement   of   this   difference,   we
Bhould   be  very  glad  lo  do   what
1 ei.uld."
New York, April 82���When a doctor
got through picking splinters ol glass
out of tlie right hand of young Theodore Bdlson In his home at West
Orange, N. J., his father, Thomas A.
Edison, Inquired:
"Well, son, do you still think you
will follow In the old man's footsteps
and be an Inventor?"
His   Father,   an   Irish   Farm   Laborer,
Never Wearied of Talking to Him
About His Schooling.
One particularly interesting case ln
considering new Ideas for child training, Is that of a boy named William
Thomson, *ho was born In Belfast,
Ireland, in 1824, of Scottish origin. Ills
futher, James Thomson, a farm laborer who had fitted himself Ior college
without   the   help   of    either     skilled
"Sure,  dad,"  said    tho    youngster,  teachers or good textbooks, and had
who la fourteen and experimentally ln-1 graduated honors from the University
We Act as Agents Only for the Purchase   and   Sale  of   Real   Estate.
especially for the purpose of acting as Kxecutor and Trustee under
Wills. We can manage yuur affairs after your death to the beat possible advantage to your heirs.
Wo bring to tlio management ol Estates
Business ability, Knowledge of Investments,
Large experience, ContinuoUB service,
Financial responsibility.
All matters pertaining to realisations and Investments are passed
upon by our Board of Directors composed of the leading busineBB and
professional men of thlB city.
Our charges are no more than thoBe allowed a private executor
for the same work and we offer a service that no individual can possibly give.
Full particulars freely given on application.
J. J. JONE3, Managing Director.
Head Office: Columbia and Begble Streets, New Westminster.
Baseball Results.
can   be   thoroughly
coming   season
llin gin i] i.,'..
President C, A, Welsh and other
officers or the amateur club will bt
H, deck.
list  of
1.   11.   Cun
of the winners are aa
60  yard  dash    1,   L.
II. Allison.
Btandlng    broad  junij:
nlngham; 2, 11. Allison.
Ilalf mile run    1. ll. Cunninghai i
2.  I)   Flnlayson.
11 :���>, leggi '1 race   1. VV. Barron; '.
H   Fitzgerald
M   Fitzgerald
jump ��� 1,
1,   I.   McMullIn
backward Jump
i.   McMullIn.
l.  N   Carriere;
1. P.
om -legged race���1;   N. Carriers;
V. Pi roylch.
One mile rut:
li.  Flnlayson
Forward and
M.i*i rma'ck    -
Potato race -
���| hn v. Ing bit ��� ball    1, M  Fltgerald;
2. D   Flnlayson.
441 yard dash   I, fi. Darling;   '-'. I.
Kunning broad jump    1, 11. Allium;
2, M   Fitzgerald,
Fat  man's race- 1. AH. SwenccBkl;
���J. L. Bland.
-  220 yard dash   1, ll. Cunningham;
2, M   1'iL.g' raid.
ii. ah;
Sack   r:i'i     1
A.   Swltin-.il i
si. p lump   i.
Walk'ng   raci
2, G   Darling.
Pop race,    1, .1     Fitzgerald
'J. I.   Mr
1,   AH   Swenceskl;
Golr'cn   dittcr-fly   Brand   in
a run ri' Ii cream put up In
[our ounce tins by Tussel &
Co. of London, England, it la
absolutely tree trom any
germs, therefore Is not
ble t" turn sour '��� ke onl
nary frosh cream, : i can b
m mber
Thai   by  the  lasl  of Hi
wick we will he In our new
store, corner Columbia and
Lorne streets, where we will
be ready to welcome all our
old customers aB well as now
Main Store, 605 Columbia 81.
Sapperton Stcrc, 317 Col. St.
Stcrc. Sixth
12th  Street.
Standing of the Clubs.
President  Kellington     H.13
Meeting at Russell for Saturday
Afternoon���Jcncs Returns.
Fi 111 wing the receipt of a win
froi Manager Con Jones filed at
Portage la Prairie", President [Celling
ton has called a meeting or the British Columbia Lacrosse Association
Ior Saturday afternoon at thc RUB
-��� I! hotel,
Messrs, Jones and Yorke will have
arrlvi .1 back from the Las*  by that
lime and will be present to explain
the results < f their conferences witb
the  magnates of the  llig  Four.
At the meeting the question of Victoria placing a learn In the leagui
ih is Beason wlll be mad.: plain a.-i
Lionel Yorke, who ik representing!
the Capital city, should L" In a poa
tlon lo slate whether enough material
is available to make a nam which
would hold its own against Vancou*.i :
and New Wi snniiister.
Just what attitude Mr. Jonea will
take as regards tbo Westmlnstei
executive appointing Joe Lally SB
their representative ai the Montreal
meeting remains to be seen, but It
li v, ry evident thai if ever he
broacben the question the local dels-
gati .i will ask him to i xplain his ac
tions In suiting to the eastern press
that he held the proxy or the New
i'. ..i,minster club.
Just  a-*   BOt a
��� sit lal . n  in
hedule for th
* drawn up,
The  meeting
as it Is known whal
Victoria really is tho
c  coming   season   will
Is    called    for    2
W.    L.    I'd
Vancouver   t;     2     .750
Seattle     5 4 .625
Portland     4 4 .501
Victoria   4 4 ,500
spi kane  ii & .:;t"i
Tacoma      2      t>      ,250
Yesterday's Games.
Beaverr   Win   Again.
Vancouver. Aprll 22.    Portland met
jits second defeat at    the    hands    <:
Vancouver  this  afternoon,   Ingersoll
iii"  new   recruit,   pitching   errorless
Arranged   ball throughout.   The score;
it.   ll.   Q
Vancouver      2      4      1
Portland      0      2      2
Batteries. Ingersoll and Lewis; ;
Pltchner and  Murray.
Tacoma Improving.
Seattle, April 22.- Seattle won i.
hard fought game from Tacoma 2 to
1 today. Seattle's scores came In
tin* I bird and the seventh Innings,
each time on a single and a two bagger. Tacoma forced Fullerton to re-
tin- in the eighth Inning whin a
base on balls and two singles gave
the visiters their only run. Schneider ;
finished the game without allowing a
hit      The  score:
It.    II.    E. I
Tacoma      1      S      1
Seattle    2     ti     l
Batteries: (Curtess and Byrnes.
Grindell; Fullerton, Schneider and
Close Score at Spokane.
Spokane, April 22.���'"Chief" Cad-
reau made his debut for Spokane 10-
day and won trom Victoria by a
BCore of 2 to 1. Hardin, after a brilliant start, weakened somewhat at
the finish. Powell's double followed
by a similar drive from Yohe brou-stit
in the winning run for Spokane in
the eighth, Manager Ostdelk of Spokane shifted his Infield for the gome
a ,1 th ��� team played errorless hall.
The score:
Victoria    1
Spokane      *
batteries:    Hardiu and Meek
rrau and Alter.
cllned. "That was a bully Invention
I had. but it blew up. Some of yours
did at first, too, didn't they?"
"They certainly did," laughed the
; wizard, "but 1 went back at them,"
"So'll 1," asserted tlio boy.
| Theodore recently guessed all na-
'lions would appreciate a floating bomb
that would explode with tremendous
execution when struck by a Bhip. The
bomb was to consist of a ghiHs container tilled with chemicals that required
only a little Jarring to go off. This
container was to be enclosed In a cork
easing to keep lt afloat
Friendly vessels would be apprised
Of the whereabouts of these bombs;
but the craft of foemen would BUPPOSS
them to be nothing but harmless life-
I preservers or something of the sort,
and l.ung right Into them.   Whereupon
goodnight,  foreign  vessel!
Was  Getting   Ready.
I    This week young Kdison completed
.Ills  mixture  of  chemicals  in  his   fa-
��� ther's  laboratory  and    poured    them
carefully into a little glass bottle. This
|he was going to wrap In cork, float
,on the nearest pond and hump it with
a log.
But he ebanci d to shake the bottle
I a little too hard, or else his mixture
I was a little too strong.   There waa a
healthy cra.h and the bottle waB
Mown   it.to   flinders,   most   of   which
Stuck   to   Teddy's   hand.     His   father
ran to his rescue and found him  cut
: liim
painfully, but not dangerously,
family physician was called to II
"That reminds me of thc time when
my whole little chemical laboratory
exploded." said the famous inventor
(senior.. "I was a newsboy on a train
and experimented In tiie baggage car.
I had a brilliant idea; but, just llki
yours, Ted, it blew up���and it burned
the car. After that 1 had to work in
my father's cellar." ,
Mrs. Kdison issued an ultimatum
about junior invention.
"After this, Theodore," she said,
"you'll work under your father's direct
supervision or you won't be allowed to
Invi nt anything ut all."
Teddy grinned at hli father and got
a sympathetic wink in reply.
Fnvcrs  Woman  Suffrage.
Harrlsburg,    Pa.,   April 22.���By   a
vote  of  26  to  22,  the  senate  passed
the  bill    grantins    woman's  suffraji
��� ANNALS. ���
��� ���������������������*���*�����������������������
i.  e
a     3
8    o
Hay   Ilronson knocked out Kid
Clark tn fourth round at Indian-
lOOS���Lay   Bronson   and   Andy     Bei-
enah fought 15 ruund draw    a'
1908���Mike  (Twin)  Sullivan defeated
Jimmy   Gardiner  in   25   rounds
at i-os Angeles.
1009- -Charley  Goldman  knocked  out
Jack Durance in sixth round at
of (llasgow,  was at the time of the!
boy's  birth  professor of mathematics
in a Belfast school,
Literally us well aB figuratively he |
took his son to himself. He made a |
constant, companion of him, even slept
with him. He lavished on him a rich
Celtic hurtful of paternal love. As
soon as the little fellow waB able to
speak he began to teach hlin his let-
: terB.
He  never  wearied  of  talking  with
i him,  always  BciiBibly,  always    about
j subjects In which he believed It would
be well for the boy to become inter-
Sited,      History,    geography.    Latin, j
niatheinatles���theBe    were matters to
* which he turned  his thoughts before i
h' had reached the age of six.
Then, having meanwhile heen called I
from Belfast to Glasgow to occupy the I
; chair of professor of mathematics in |
I his old university, he encouraged his i
��� son to attend his lectures and the lectures o [other professors, IiIb wish being to discover to which department i
of knowledge his interest   chiefly    in- j
Cllned. Soon it apepared that the study |
of science, and particularly of physics, I
made the strongest appeal to the little j
lie frequently attempted, in a juve-1
, nlle  way.  to  repeat  for his  father's *
i benefit  the  scientific  demonstrations
he  had   witnessed   In  the  classroom.
Before he was ten he constructed for
himself electrical  machines and Ley-1
(den jars, with which be enthusiastically administered shocks to his play-1
mates.   A few months later���to be ex- j
act, when he was ten years and three
months old���he was admitted as a reg- j
ular student in the university.
ln his lirst year he was a prize win-;
ner, an exploit which he repeated  in |
his second year, while in his third and
fourth he headed the prize list, gradu-
atlng with the highest honors and a
special  medal  for an  essay  on  "The ;
Figure of the Earth."    His future? lt
Is written large in the annals of Brit-
tSh science.
For it. was this same William Thomson who at the advanced age of nearly
eighty-four, died three years ago as I
Loid Kelvin of Largs, one of the fore-1
most scientists of tw o centuries. John
I Stuart Mill, the great economist, waB*
! another product of early parental '
Straining, as he himself has relatr-d in ;
.the opening chapter of his delightful
1 auobiography.
When he was three hiB father un
Idertook to teach him (ireek, and before he  waB  eight he  had  read  the
| whole of Herodotus, Xenophon's Cyro-
paedia ami  Memorials of Socrates,
good deal cf Plato, and some of the j
lives of the philosophers by Diogenes |
Laertuis.    lu the same period he road I
many   Kngiish  -workB,  mainly  hlatcri-1
cal, and began the study of Latin and |
By ele\en���difficult of belief though''
it is���he was employed not only in
teaching the classics to a younger Bister, but In writing a history of the gov
ernment of Koine. At twelve he began
the study of logic, and at thirteen was
"taken through a complete course of
political economy," the subject of the
exposition of which be was to devote
Store Fittings
We are specially equipped for manufacturing store fixtures and
will be pleased at any time to submit free of charge drawings and
suggestions for modernizing your store.
Phone 473
Beach St., Lulu Island.
The Bank of Vancouver
Branches  Throughout  the  Province  of  British  Columbia.
Savings Department at all Branches    Deposits of One Dollar and
interest at  the  highest  current  rati'j
upwards  received   and
credited half yearly.
Drafts and Travellers' Cheques sold, payable in all parts"
CHAS. G. PENNOCK, General  Manager.
Nsw   Westminster   Branch:
D. D. WILSON, Manager. Ji
The Most Scientific of all Pavings
Standing  of the  Club6.
1912���Abe Attell  knocked out
Carroll in   seventh   re*
Jimmy  his   useful   after   life.���H.   Addingtoi;  j
:::d    a'tillruce, ln the Lady's Realm.
is meeting with the greatest favor wherever laid.
Whi thi r lhe acl ion of the B. C. A
'. ll In passing .*��� potion regarding
baseball at a recent i u el n: o( that
'i dy was Intended as b thn at re
::i . ii i to b ��� Been, I":: the his, bal
fratci y cf thla city are not worrying ovi ** tho i.i.ntir.
11 il ol i :..* Mlii'i-shlp of nearly 20
tiv, atti ndt d the gathering whet
the warning was Issued,
This was to tho effect that if the
ciiy nnd Inter-city baseball leagues
do not affiliate wllb the amateur
, n mi tbe players in those leagues
wi uld automatically suspend them-
elves from further competition in
amateur sports.
lt has been mentioned in these
i-luniiis on several occasions lhat
the city league and also the New
Westminster team playing in the Inner city league are playing amateur
ball, Not a man has received money
(or playing in any games nud this
son this rule will again he carried
Last year the city league schedule
was carried oul without a semblance
dispute about the status of any
player. One can Imagine just what
will be the result should the loagui s
decido io affiliate with tho amateur,
flames would prolnbly lie delayed,
until the delegate or delegates ol tho
II. C, A. A. 1'. have satisfied themselves that all playi ,-s were of the .
real slnion pure character. If Man
agora Qrahani, Mallen or Welngartner
were short one man a few minutes
, before it game started they would be
in 'lilc to pick nny person from thl
crowd  and  Impress  him  into  service
on account of tho registration rulo
thai exists wltb the union and one
has never In ant of the abbreviated
game Of baseball as in hockey.
Mr.   A.   0.   Beaton,   who  has  been
president    of    the    Senior    Amateur
i oitiill  li :igue, hag ben o  member |
,f lhe  1'.   C.   A.   A.   V. und  tnkes  an
Interest  In all kinds of spoil".    Ho
was vi i tnphatlo when speaking or:
iii acth n taken by tho D, C, A. A
i'. on baseball.
To The Nows he stated that,   the
baseball players would make a Btop
backwards if they decide to affiliate j
wiih    tho    amateur    association.    It  der
New York  	
St. Ixiuls    	
At   Boston-
Batteries:     Curtis
due and ltaridan.
At Cincinnati-
Batteries:      Leitleld
.,   1
. . .   1
..  3
il.   E.
.. . 8 11 tl
... 5 13 1
Cheney    and
Archer;     Brennan.    Kronune,
phreys, Packard,    Mclntyre,
and Clark. Severold.
At St. LoulS��� IL
Pittsburg    1
St.   Louis      0
Batteries:      CamniU    and
Perritt and  Wingo.
At New York-
New York    	
Batteries: Seaton and
reau, WIHse and Wilson,
11.    E.
2     1
B     1
R.   H,   E.
.  2    12      3
Dooin; TcB-
13 innings;
��� (By "Gravy.") ���
Eastern  Association Opens.
An old baseball circuit with a new
name ia the Eastern Association,
which will get away on Ihe long pennant race today. This Is the fifteenth
season of the flourishing class 11
organization formerly known as the
Connecticut league, under which name
ll traveled until the close of last season.
James II. O'Rourke. who is Ihe captain hold, likewise the first mate and
the second mate���or in other words,
president, secretary and treasurer
of this hasiball craft lias been at the
helm s ace the early days of tin
league and has piloted it through
many shallows and around numerous'
dangerous roci.s.
Edmonton, April 22.���Entries fori
homesteads in the Edmonton district
are being received at the rate of 3o
a day bv the dominion land office |
here. the applicants representing
nearly every nationality iu the civilised   world.
More ihan 3000 homeseekers. principally from the British Isles and
Europe, came to central Alberta thl
first ten days this month and indications are that this influx will con
tinue throughout the spring and sum
Most of the newcomers will engagl
in mixed farming. The board ol
trade has received advices from its
agents in London that the village ol
Paradise, nestled amid the hills 01
Oxfordshire. England, will send a
party of fifty immigrants to this district early in May, alao that several
large towns will be represented ou
the eanie  steamship  by  200  families.
Government officials estimate that
150,000 persons will be added to thl
population cf the province cf Allien:,
this year.
Paving \
Standing of the Clubs.
..    ..6
Washington    6
Cleveland     7
Chicago    8
Detroit       6
St. lxniiB     .r>
Boston      3
New York    1
Yesterday's Game.
At Philadelphia .
At   Philadelphia
Now York	
I Philadelphia    1   18     1
Batteries:       McConnell.      Bchultce
and Williams; Iirown and Lapp.
ai Washington H-   H.   E
Boston     s   "'    "���
Washington  8   it     2
Batiiries:    Leonard and Carrlgan;
Groolne, Bohling and Ainsmlth.
At Cleveland
St.  I.ouis  	
Biiiiiiios.    Hamilton
Agnew, Steen and
. ft Q '
II.    U.    E
.  4      il      0
.  7
Bight years ago today the Now
York Hauls occupied second place In
the National league standing for the
last lime during the 1906 season. The
following year Mcf.rnw's men took
the lead and held it until the end
of the race, finishing with the Pirates
a bad second.
i Despite Iheir marked superiority
over the other clubs of the old major
league lhat year, the Oinnts were
humbled when they tried to repeat
with practically the same players and
tlle Identical pitching stall, tlie fol
lowing year.
John Ewlng, who was one of the
greatest pitchers of his time, died is
yeara ago today. The great Ciant
twirler. who name Is all but unknown
to the present generation of fans,
pitched  his last game for the lllanis
late in ix'jl
Soon   afterward   he   was   taken   111,    .
nnd the baseball  world knew him no ! shooting parties attended by the elite
more.    On  the Giants'  pitching  staff ;of  the country,  and  had  even enter
with Ewlng was   the   equally    great talned royalty.
Amos  Itusie, who finished his life    a      He  lived  a  life  of  pleasure,   mad"
physical, mental and financial wreck, friends as much by his geniality as
  'hla  prodigal  generosity,  anil  dispells-
A   baseball record  thai  is likely tried   favors   wholesale   to   the   society
Brussels, April 21.���"The Joyous
Nestor" Ib the latest prize of the Bel
glan police, and they are uncommonly  proud  of  their  capture.
I As a matter of fact. Nestor Wll-
mart Ib a gay Lothario of fifty-four,
I who waa at one time regarded as one
of the wealthiest men In Belgium, lie
was a director of a Belgian railroad
Icompany, part owner of an Important!
Brussels newspaper, and lessee cf one I
of the principle theatres.
He Ib a member of one of the beRl I
| families in Belgium, had several country houses, kept a racing stable, gave
Bltulithic on Second Street, New Westminster with Boulevard Down
the Centre.
Bitulithic Ib nolselesB, non-slippery, practically dustleBB. easy on
horses' feet, and, above all, particularly durable. Kor these reasons
Bitulithic ia commended highly by owners of automobiles and horses,
householders, and city officials, lt has been adopted by fifteen cities
in Canada, and over two hundred iu the United States.
Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Phone Seymour 7130.       714-717 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver.
fe Popular Shoe Store
Open Evenings Till 9 O'clock 641 Front St.
The  Home of Low Prices. Out of the High Rent District.
would moan that an Inferior quality :   At Chicago
of ball  would  be staged al  Queens Detroit 	
park   thla  summer   with   the  conse- Chicago ....
uuenl loss ol attendance, enthusiasm     Batteries:
and gate receipts. Kay;  Scott and Easterly.
il.    E.
...   4
X      t
...  2
S      -1
II.    B.
7     2
... 8
0     8
House,  (Manas and
stand   a   long  tlmn     was     made    al
Battle   Creek,   Mich.,   two   years   ago
tomorrow,   when   the   local team of
South   Michigan   pulled  off two   triple
plays In the oourse of a game wtth
Grand Rapids,
One triple was   made   whon   the
E.  catcher caught  a hunt, throw  lo see
ond   and   tlrat,   and   the   oilier  triple
was  started  by  the shortstop,    who
Mc-1 caught a line drive and retired run-
[tiers at first and llilrd.
women   and   donii-iiioiiilalncs  who  at
tended his court
The crime he is accused of consists
Of embezzlement on a huge scale In
conneotlon With Belgian railroad
bonds. M'he amount involved is various! yestlmated at six million and a
half to twenty million dollars, and
when arrested "the Joyous Nestor."
as he is called, admitted that he hail
ui t away from Brussels with one million duliara.
May Day
The finest variety of Kiddes' Fancy Shoes and
Slippers in the city.  Bargain prices on every pair.
Depot tor Leckie's Hoots and Ahern's School Shoes.
I Class
��� K A: fe b, *
Classified-���One cut per word per
-,i. >, 4c per word per week; ISc per
month; B.O00 words, to be used aa re-
0'iired witb in one year from date ot
ci.nlract, }'.'5.fl0.
ilirth or Marriage Notices 50c.
Heath Notice 50a nr with Funeral Novice $1.00. Card of Thanks 60c per
liii-i'. oak dressers, chil'l'nniere. extension table and diners, carpets,
curtains, portieres, mats, nil paintings,   easy   olifllrs,   beds,   kitchen
furniture.  620 Third  avenue.   (11-17)
good condition, cheap for cash. Apply Burton, l'. O., Edmonds. (1187)
danllii'.ie Investment contract*,
matured or nearly matured. Hive
number, eeries. standing and price
wanted    l'. o. Box 636, Edmonton,
���nds and pillows. Address BOX
1136   News   office. IlKtO)
1.1 fix or seven rooms fnr summer.
VWO in family. Address Box 1136
The News office. (11.15)
housework and two children. Apply 112 Fifth avenue. (1128)
i need cashier and bookkeeper, for
retail meat markel. New Westminster. Call nr write B, C, Market
i o, la Alexander streel, Vancouver.
fillers    wanted.    Apply    Rockwood
sprinkler   job.   Fraser  -Mills.   II.   C.
galow, city, new. Price $1850; {60
cash, balance monthly. S03 Fifth
Btreet. (1138)
to purchaser, 171M: acres, high and
low land, adjoining Nlcomen station
on C, 1'. R. Rich loam, about 40
acres cleared, mostly In timothy,
the rest easily cleared; barn 60x80
feet; good live roomed house;
plenty well water. Price $10,000;
half ca3h. balance In II months,
Reduction for whole cash. Apply
F, Turner, De Roche 1*. O., B.C.
(Chiefly    White    l.eglioniB),    three I
roosters,   and   twelve   chicks   (twoj
weeks oldl.    llox 435 City.     (1130) |
sale cheap. Apply East Burnaby
post office. (1127)
three rooms (rooms for rent). Apply mornings room one, 307 Columbia street, east. (1125)
inside property. Will pay S per
cent, for five years. Apply Box 1116
News.  (U16I
general housework. Apply Mrs. P.
Blrrell, 115 Royal avenue.      (1106)
desk,  nearly new.  Room  41!)  Went-;
minster   Trust   building.     Rutledge
Brokerage Co, uoiioi i
First class teacher wanted nt once
for entrance work.
Secretary of School Board.
,112,11 New Westminster, B.C.
Keeping rooms. Apply 420 St.
George street or phone 1526. 1113'.))
,-lose to Sixth street car, city.
Room 419 Westminster Trust building.    Rutledge Brokerage Co. (1143)
country' needs money, sells 66 fool
lot on Highland cut-off cheap. II
Brac.kman. Seymour Rooms, Sey
mour Btreet, Vancouver. ilt'2!'l
by 120. Five lots from comer of
Richmond Btreet on Batchelor
avenue. $475; $175 cush, balance
easy. W. F. Edmonds, 522 Westminster Trust building. 11112)
Stove, Canada's Pride Malleable
Ranges $1.00 down, $1.00 per week.
Canada Range Co., Market sqnare
where. No collection, no charge
American-Vancouver Mercantile Ag
ency, 336 Hastings street west, Vancouver, B. C, (976)
suitable for oue or two gentlemen.
Apply 407 Royal avenue. (1114)
tor rent anil furniture tor sale; out-I
Bide    rooms,     WcBUninatcr    Trust. 1
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Hide    roo
Box 1115  News.
V O R   R E N T���U N V 11 11 N 1 S 11 ED
rooms.    Apply  311  Columbia street.
Sapperton  car service  baa    been
lulu) \     greatly  Improved  thia week that it
iB now the ideal place to buy.
With   Whom   Premier   Does   Not   Entirely Agree���Sir Edward Tennant
and  Military  Service.
London, April 2.2���Mrs. Asqulth's
brother Is proving for Ihe moment
rather n thorn In the side of lhe British premier. Lord (ilencnnncr- be is
better known ns Sir Edward Tennant,
under which name he figured for
years In the house of commons- has
Just come out with a detlnlte stnti-
nient ln favor of universal military
Bervlce. Ho declares that only by
this drastic method can Inhabitants
Of tiie United Kingdom protect their!
homes against Invasion.
Now the present British government, of which Lord aleticonner's
brother-in-law Is the bend, is strongly opposed to any such measure. The |
necessity for universal military ser- ���
vice Is constantly being urged by lhe
opposition.    Lord Gleneonner Is the
lord high OOinmiSStoner tO the Church
nf Scotland, an office In the gift of the
government,    A�� high  commissioner
Lord Gleneonner is given royal honors '���
when In Scotland,   lie was a member
of  the   liberal  government,  received,
bis peerage at their hands, und holds |
his office at their pleasure,
Demand of  Liberals.
Thi re Is an insistent demand on the j
part nf advanced  Liberals thai  Glen-
Conner's  head  shall   be   immediately;
produced on a charger as a peace offer-
For two reasons this is iinllkelv lo |
happen. In the first place Lord Gleneonner Is the favorite brother of Mrs.
Asqulth. And 'Margot" Tennant nib's
tbe emiiire from Downing street more
surely and more tactfully than Victoria or any queen that ever sat on the
British throne.
She never interferes but Bhe always
gets her way. Her name rarely appears
in print: she Is opposed to all unwomanly luetics of the suffragettes, but.
sbe holds her hUBband and his ministers by chains of charm and intellect
so strong as to make her invincible.
His Enormous Wealth.
The second reason Is that Lord Gleneonner, with his enormous wealth. Is
one of the financial mainstays of the j
Liberal  purse.    The  loss of his  con-,
tributions would be a vital blow to the
government's campaign chest.
lie knows It and has alwaya enjoyed 1
the fun of being independent. In addi- j
tion to announcing himself as an advocate of universal military training,
he has just engendered the hatred of
the I^bor party, his brother inlaw's
Philip Snowden, the Labor member
of parliament, declared that such sort
of military training would "foster and
increase International ill-will."
Mrs. Asquith'B brother���he might almost be described aR "enfant terrible"
of the Liberal party if he were not al
ready fifty-four���retorts:
"There is more ill-will. envy, hatred, i
malice and uncliaritableness in a room !
rull of Socialists than in all the armies I
of Furope."
And the Labor party are hunting-
[quite fruitlessly    for the lordly scalp
Wif the man who Ib to Asiiultli what C.
|P. Taft was to the late president, of
the United States.
the  trade
discussion  with
the  nutter.
A further Important  point  In  the
scheme ia ihat  the bonus ls not dls-
ti'ibuiui annually.   A bonus dlstrtbu-
���.  .   ���,     v.       u.    .,,.-,.,.,,.  .,    ted   year   by   year   should   be   'auta-
}   ���  I   J W'S^ISx^S'Sffi'    '"    '      ' ' -1'1 '"''fcitso ill  wages In the
* VL��-!   II '<:�����    -workmen In the more profitable col
merles, and could not bo applied In
the South Wales coalfield without
producing serious discontent amon.it
the workmen In the leas profitable
(Tie workman must have a living
higher than ill March last year. The Swage whereever he is working anil
department of labor's index number the present system of regulating the
stood at 18B.5 tor March, compared wages cannot well be ab.i:,b,..d. a
with 135.4 in February and 134.8 In ; bonus scheme whloh "cumulated
VIarch   j,,]., Icaplttil for the worker by a definite
'  These  numbers are  percentages of |share  of  profits  would   not   be  open
tbe  average   price  level  of  272  com
modules during Hie decade 1880-1899
Prices   Fairly   Steady   and   Firm.
\\ In I. sale ni'li ��� s in Canada In
March were on the same general level as In  February,  and  only a little
A considerable decline in coke waa
oflaei by advances in furniture and
earthenware, Important Increases
alsu occureil in animals und meats
boots ami shoes, iron and sleel bars,
picks, crowbars, etc., gasoline nnd
coal oil, and lumber.
Decreases were reporled In grains
and fodders, dairy products, fresh
vegetables, brass, copper, silver and
li'ic. linseed oil and rubber. The
feature of the month In retail prices
wns the  general decline  in  eggs, and
muni rous advances In meats In eastern Canada.
Fewer   Strikes   During   March
to this objection.
*        OUR    POET'S   COrtNER. ���
Oh, false, that poetry    Ib    dead!  The
Eaoh human thing   draws    round    it
Uvea and blooms;
A poetry Is born with every birth,
Love  lit,   love  tended,   crowned   with
purling breath
A song of life, a cornnac of death -
Some hand  stl'l  plains the violet on
our tombs!
Earth, ocean, air. beloved Sisterhood
Fresffl from the Gardens
of the   finest  Tea-producing country  in
the   world.
Ceylon Tea.     Sealed Lead Packets Only.    M
Try it���it's delicious. BLACK, MIXED or GREEN.
(Winding Up.)
Industrial conditions  were not  very   Are ye, too. dead���your poems pass'd
seriously   affected   by   trade  disputes j away?
during March, an Improvement being  The forest concord,    the    melodious
���v!dent as compared with tho pre
ceding month, while conditions were
much the same as during the cons
pond inr month of last year. There
were lu all fourteen disputes in existence, involving directly about 212C
Is  there  no  harmony    of    winds  by-
No nightly music of the tinkling rill?
Does  sunset  stint  his  vespers,  ruby-
.Or morn her orisons of headed dew
The' mining  Industry  was consider-   Where Is the noise of rain among tbe
leavi s.
And where the
snow ?
silence of the falling
The husks of peaks,    the    deep sea's
wbisp'ring flow?
Are these no more?
From yonder hazel glen
I hear a voice of water, like a spell,
Faint, dreamy;   morning moves
Her leaves on a west wind, and thro'
tho tnssel'd  li'-,
Over the dewy iticetise-breathing stir,
There comes a sound of does;
ably affected, disputes being in existence In Cobalt and Porcupine, Ont,
Britannia Ueach and Vancouver Inland, ll. C. A satis:''.' ry feature ol
the disputes commencing during
March was that the only ones which
affected a considerable number of
employees were of short duration.
These included strikes of garment
workers at Toronto, textile workers
at Montmorency Falls, Que., and telephone employees at various points
i:i British Columbia.    The last named
strike, after lasting rather more than   Apr*rB prectudin * to the sweet  May
a  weelt,   was  settled  through  confer- ,^rj)^
erces  between  the  parties  arranged gpring's welcome lo ber first-born���
by the department's fair wage officer; Hark!    She calls!
stationed at  Vancouver. /
The  number of  working  days  lost *prom os-|ip banks her tiny trumpets
through trade disputes in March  was I plow;
approximately   46,000.     Three   boards U  pPai 0f bells from Ihe blue under-
under  the   Industritrial   Disputes   In- \ wood
vestigatlon   act  were acting   for  the | King summer; even bo.
settlement of disputes durinn March.IFalse, false, that song Is   dead!   all
Industrial  Accidents Daring  March.   ; these
During the month of March, accord- I Live in their plsce, and beautify their
ing to  the  record  of  .he department 1 hour!
of labor,  480 Industrial  accidents  oc . Kach strikes his poem on the soul of
curred,  of  which  93   were   fatal   and j man- -
Wi resulted in serious Injuries.    This   Yea,  and   that   soul   shall   vibrate   to
is eight more fatal and thirteen fewer tho pow'r;
non-fatal accidents than  were record-   A grand Aeolian,    harping    life    and
ed In February. death.
The  record   for   March,  1P12.   waa Sweet aa of yore, and waked by light-
113 fatal and ?,f,6 nonfatal accidents.' est breath
The   greatest   number   of  fatal   acci- |To volcelesB melody; strains felt, not
dents occurred to employees in steam   ~ "uhr;
railway service. Of the non-fatal ac- '1 <��� unutterd poetries that makes men
"idi'nts. 115 steam railway employees
were injured. In the metal trades
1(12 workmen were injured, while In
Ibe buildtn gtrades 25 workmen were
lujuri d.
In the Mutter of the "Winding Up
Act," Revised Statutes of Canada
���Chapter 144, and
In the Matter of The People's Trust
Company, Limited.
NOTICE] IW Iti;itl-:itv GIVEN tlmt
tha Court has dxe.i the .loth day of Apm.
1013, at loan o'elonk in tha forenoon in
Chambers nt the Court House, vancou-
ver, It, i\ us ihe time and plaoe for tbo
appointment nf Official Liquidator uf the
above-named Company.
THH CREDITORS ef the above nam -d
Company ure reuulred on or lu-fiir.. tin-
Jlltb duy Ol April. 1313, to h -nd in lb, Ir
names und addresses, mul tt,f particulars of their debts und eliiltns. und the
names und addresses nt thetr Bollcltors, if
any. to tie. Weatmlnster Trust. Limited,
.if tlu- City of New Westminster. Province nf Hrliisb Columbia, Provisional Liquidators of the suld Company, and if so
required by notice in writing from the
suld Liquidators, ur,, by their Solicitors in
come in and prove their suld debts and
claims, ;ii my Chambors at the Nmv
Ciiiirt Hsuae, Vancouver, B. C, ut sueh
time us shull be specified In sueh notice,
nr tn default thereof, Ibey wlll be ex-
eluded to'iii Hei benefit of any distribution  made before such iietiis ure proved
DATED tin- tilth day of April. A. D
t D13.
A.   tl    POTTINQER,
Ne��- Westminster, B, C,
Solicitor for iiie  Petitioning Creditor nnd
The   Westminster  Trust    Limited,   The
provisional Liquidators.
'wW B.C.Coos!Service
I/#mm.'i��h Vuncnuvnr for Victoria 1Q n  rts*.
2  p.   in.   nntl   11 :46.
Laavea Vancouver for Beattli io a. m.
unci  11  p. m.
LMVM VSAOOUVHr fur Nunitiino 1 p. m
Laftvn Vancouver   for   Prlnod   Rupwi
and Northern Polnti   10 p, m.   Wodnw
Leftvaa Vanoouver pv^-ry Wednesday at
to p. m
Leavea CbllUwaok   7   a. m.   Tueadapi
��� Thursday and Saturday*
Chilliwack Service
Leaves  Westminster  K  a.  m.   M.,ii,liiy,
Wednesday and Friday.
BD. QOULR1T, Agent,  New Weatmlnster.
tl.  W, DROMB, ii. P, A.. Vancouver.
Do Vou Want
to Sell Your
List it with the
licnpitffe rooms.    224 Seventh street.
small rooms over the News office.
Suitable for club or llRht manufac
turtug purposes. Will lease for two
or tBree year term, singly or en bloc.
Apply to Manager the News.
�� i i ���****
Six roomed house on Hospital street;
for furnace.    Built for home.
Terras.     No.   43.
and    corner  lot,  lot
$1800.    Easy terms.
No.  34.
LOST���A    GOLD     HANDLED     U.M-
brella,   RetunI to 3"8 Third avenue,
any person giving Information tbat
will lead to ill" recovery of ;'. sheet
lined WaUion wagon. No. 26, belong-
Ing to the Columbia Bitulithic, Ltd.
Address above at 67 Si.-.th Btreet
city. I10DS1
Choice lot near new school, practically
cleared, $500. Terms one-half caBh.
No.  42.
Five roomed cottage, handy to car.
I'rice $1600. Terms to arrange.
No.  32.
Lot close to Columbia, with shack
and Btable. Extra big snap at
$1050 lor short time only.   No. 31.
Yet Boy of Four and Girl of Three Ask
to  Be  Married  at  Police
Real Etate and Insurance.
Notary   Public.
Curtis Block, 657 Columbia Street.
New Weetminster, B.C.
Furnished   three  room  i-uit
bath.     Hot   und   cold   water.
Bradley Apartments.
"218 Fifth  Ave. Phone 750
New Westminster District.
applies only
tr  Dominion
to   the
Waterworks  Department.
Applications will be received by the
undersigned  up  to   Friday,  the
Inst., nt  noon, (or    lhe    position
reservoir inspector.    Salary  $100  poi
Applicants must be esperlenc*' li
the operation of i lectric motors a:,,i
pumps.     Th"   duties   will   consist
Chicago, April 21. -He was a boy
! four years old und she was only three,
i und bo���
SergL Volt slowly unlimbered himself from his stool and craned his i
body half way over the desk of the;
Oak Park police station. Thus posed j
lie was able to look down upon the |
upturned faces of tho station's two
"I wanta be married." Davis binder-
son piped upward, "an' .she wanta to I
be married, too."
The  tiny  would-be  bride  bung
head modestly.
"fh,  huh,"   she   whispered  at
ftocr. "p'ease."
"She's Mil-dred Gutereon," Davis explained, "an' if you'll hurry up, 'cause
we've got tin chil-dren an' oh, yes,
an' a piece uf glngi r cuke an' a cup
an' Baucer."
Awed by eucb remarkable preparation    let     wedded   bliss,  S.-rgt.   Volt
���'  only could t;a*-;i out  the single word.
" 'C'auee she ai i mo to," the wi uld
i ��� li 1di Rroon - iid with candi r, and
the little girl admit:,,!  it.
For I.' ent) di llghtful minims.
Sergl     Volt    I Btened to   tho   i
The following
N'ew Westminat
Squatters on Dominion Lands
the New Westminster Agency who
rrc not located in Timber l!"i*:iis will
be given until Monday, the 19th day
i ' May, 1313, within which to appear
end make application for entry.
Squatters whose claims have b"eii
r'leved. who have not yet secured
I'nmeelend entries, wlll be notified
hv the Dominion Land Agent nt their
' ��� ti known address In the event of
my such squatters failing to appear
; .d make application before the date
i nntloned, t,ielr claims will lapse
and the lands will be otherwise disposed of on aud after that date, if,
' nwever, good reason is shown for
f tiling to appear and the Inipi
rents nu the land are if substantial
i line a further period of protection
nay be allowed by lhe Apent In cases
cf merit. Claims i'lil yt dealt with
l.'ttst  be  filed   immediii.'v
.Iqiiutitiug on Dominlo * i -anda without the authority of the Doptrtmenl
will not henceforth be allowii and
Mill result In los.i of claim and fnr-
:' iture of Improvements.
Supt., J). C. Lands,
Ottawa, Uth Aprll, 1913. U0.S9)
Sundays, of all tha city reservoirs
and Venturl meters, and keeping the
same in good condition, the npern'lng
of electric motor ami centrifugal
pump as may be necessary, and any
other duties required by the superintendent. Applicants ar,- required to
rli i'
"An' we'll huve a nice   house   all
painted up pri ������>*," the happy bridge-
groom to be '* infldi d, "an' a baby tb it
rijkk 'squeek-squeek' when y' press 'is i
ui" mj "
MIbb Mildred Interrupted with, "An'
 JU'ili-W      |,|     ���    |       11,Mill      Willi, l\
age and experience and deliver,    an' Jes' loin of pretty mud pics."
applications,    In    Bealed    envelopes
marked "�� outside.
W, A. DUNCAN, City Clerk.
City Hall, April  IB, 1913. 11122)
home,   No
The last bit of ihe planning was
done by the would-be bridegroom, He
rondly called ih" s. ii'i'iiut's attention
to the fact tlnn in ins household there
would be no face washing any more.
"Or in.i  I. bin' th' ears, anyway," he
Wa8 lie,  !:   ;|..;,,.; positively, Wll'l.
Oeorge Out rson, stern parent of the
would-be bride,  rushed  Into  the sta
And thus He* Bhorl honeymoon enme
home,  No.   Ml   North   Park   avenui
ning.     Ai   tho  gale   of   b
rson raised Inr I in;, litis and
i-   almost hiihb:,ml     a     fond
farewi ll
Favors  Irish   Marble.
Dublin,  Apr,l   L'i    The  Connetnara '
marble  quarries,   which   have  had   a
somewhat   chequered   career,   appear |
now  in have entered on an  era of
prosperity.     For   years     ibey     have,
from  time  to time,  attracted  specie.
; Inters, but until the I hike and Duches
I of   Manchester  brought, along  some
.renl  capital   ihey   never  gol  properly
i organized, I
Capital Has Rights.
Lendmi,   aprll   22.    Viscount   llytbe
publishes a special article explaining
i bonus scheme for miners, on alternative to wages based on profits.
As a grandson of Mr. Thomaa Bras-
Bey, the founder of the famous firm
' ci ntrae.u rs he takes *\ keen interest In the Howell Duffryn Colliery
nmpnny, In which the family have
held large interests, and ll is no so-
���ret that he has fer the past two or
three yearB been Tying to get the
management to adopt the scheme
wb'ch   he  now  puts  foward   in   print
Lord Hythe has tried his plan with j
the   most   happy   results   in   the   buI
phtir   mines   ln   Sardinia,   whloh   he
"The scheme Is based on the prin- |
cipnl that capital has a right  to Its *
wages  just   as  the   workman   has  a :
right to his. and that when the wages
of both  have  been  paid  the  worker
has a right to share in the profits.
Lord  Hythe's  Plan.
The     principal     previsions,     which
would   be  applicable  to   South   Wales
are as follows;
1. Tbe workman cannot withdraw
anj pari of the sum standing to bis
'���.'������lit till after be leaves the company's service. Thin Is abaci itoly
2. Th.- workman is furnished with
i bookli t. in which Is set down every
vear lhe ral ��� and amount of tie* bi u
us, the si in standing to his credit,
and the Interest upon i; for the preceding   year.
ti. Only mon ��Im have in en five
���'ears iu the er. Ice of the " impany
ire entltli ���! i * par Iclpate, 'i I q tal
ifying period has beon reo ntlj reduc
-d to four ) ,*ar.-, .md v ��� may pre.
lently rt d n o It li ibr' e years' Ber-
��� ic-, ! ', ��er than thia I do not propose  to go,
;. 'I ne company preserves to Itself
���be right to ra i ry the regulations
governing   tho  fund.
The   wages   of  capital   have   been'
fixed nt o per ccuL, which Is very
low for such n risky business aa min .
The ".urlI'-nn who fulfils the above
conditions is credited with a percentage on  bis  wages equivalent  to any *
dividend above .', per cent, distrlbut
ii to the shareholders.
f/,.i.n Adv.inta-jea.
The man advantages ol n  Bcbemo
n theso llnea ar. ;
l   The   capltallBl   makes   no   bui rl
:* ,��� until  in*  n.ii  receiv d  a  rea
able  rale  ol  li ter  .i  on  liis capital
2, Tbe   wot ki -  i iak< ���  no  sai t Iflci
and   h"  i"*!'' it'.   no   -' I Hoi       and i
there Is. Iheroforo, no ground for anj
I The lone., strong tight for Fame tought
out and won���
;The wrestlings of proud hearts temptation-wrung
The lite-long love of right and death-
lesB hate of wrong.
Helpings of helplessness nnd scorn of
By H. Cholmondeley-Pennell
Sealed tendera marked "Tenders for
Bqui^ment'' for the nc* hospital build
Ing will be received by the undersign
cd up to noon
on Friday, April 2.">th, 1913.
Tenders must be submitted on the
forms of specification which may be
obtained   al   the   hospital.     The   low.
I eat or any  tender let necessarily ae
( cepted.
B. S. WITHERS, Secretary.
Uoyal    Columbian    Hospital,    New
* Westminster, (lOOTi
Phone 1275   48 8th St.
Auto and Marine
Old folks who need something
of the kind, find
most effective without any dlsoonrfort
Increased Aazzx not needed. 25c. s boi
at your druggist's.
lllllMil 3n>f tut CMral Co. t( Ctn-to, liana
' 164 m
Province  of  BritiRh  Colunbia, County
of   Westminster.
Under and by virtue cf '.he writs
of Ki Fa, to me directed and delivered against tbe geodi and chattels of
The Boswell Egg and Poultry Farm,
Limited, at the suit of n. J, Voisey,
The I',. C. Mills Timber and Trailing
Co., and others. 1 have seized and will
eell at The BoBwell Egg and Poultry
Kami,  Pitt   Meadows, on
APRIL,  1913.
At  ll o'clock in lhe forenoon, the fol
lowing, or BUlticlent thereof to Batisfy
the judgment debt and coBtB herein
Don laying   While  Leghorn  bens,   four
brooders, a lol of tools, ,.o'i<i Bhlngles
a quantity of three foot chicken  net
ling, a I'll of miscellaneous articles.
T  .1   MIMBTKONO, Bherlff.
Now Westminster, April 21st,  1913,
li.teiiil:i g purchasers ean leave
Vane mver on the 7 30 ti m train, or
New Westminster on tho 7 BE a.m
train and gel ofl al Pill River Bridge,
when* launches will be waiting to
can)   ib'-.u  in the  Poultry  I'arm.
Corner of McKenzic and Victoria streets, suitable
for storage, light manufacturing, club rooms or
rooming house. Will give two years' lease. Apply
to Manager The New Westminster News.
". CJl'--TW��-��g-��������3-M^^ HIS���T
Quick Servico, Good Meals, Reasonable Prices.
er Co.
AAymir drnnrlrt fnr
It.  Ir ho CUTMOt *n[Tply
tlm   MARYEIt* acTppt no
other, bnt row Rtufap ror flttm-
tr*t��d book~"f����M.  It gtTH fall
pirtlcniam kttd rtirwtfnnn InvWMblO
Ooa-fl.u! AffMita for Canada.
Wlci  Phon*  10ft.     Barn  Phon��  13
d��;b(�� 6U*tt.
RftggAge Doll voj*4 Promptly to
any i>ur( nf thn dl)
Light and Heavy liidJig
ITV OF UT"'   HIsC'i'i-stER, P. C
New Srninfi and Summer SnHinKs
now on dinplay.   flee them,   Perfect
tu and worlcmanibtp guaranteed.   7oi
i'r.'int Stroet.
J. H. Todd's Music House
419  Columbia   Street,   New   Westminster.
Singer   Sewing   Machines,     fitr.all   Musical  Goods of  all   Kinds.   PHONE  694.
BOILCRS   gjvgtgt! Hteei Pines       TANKS
P.  O.   BOX  412
Alfred W. MacLeod, the Insuiancc Man.    Agencies :
Established     Ahhi-is
Railway Passenger Assurance Co. of London ... 1840      ?   8.000,000
Quaranteed by tbe North British      Mercantile
Insurance Co, of London   ison
Palatine Insurance Co, of London   1H8G
Guaranteed i>y the Commercial Insurance Company of I lOndon   1881
NiiiKiiru Klre Insurance Co, of Now York   isr.o
Bvea Fire nnii Life liiHiiramio Co. of Sweden  .. 1S6G
Westminster  Trust   Block
Phone 52.
*�� WEDNESDAY,AP  RIL 23, 1313.
r' ���;>
Corporation of the
listrid of Burnaby
Bylaw No. 153
vlded, however, thai in no cm.- shall oara poratlon   may  deem  advisable,    provided
li,- required t" run between midnight and thai thi Co  ipany shall have a I'nrtii, r and
I r, :::n a.m.    But  nothing In thl* elauM la other  option or options to construct  and
Intended   i ,  prevent   tn.*  Companv   from  operate sni.l dt-ilred lln    linen uni ss
im,nn,*: ii. o.irs nt uny other time  in* as  the c?nslruotlon "i Rnme has i i com-
! mi'ti nn It  niiiy see tit. m*. <*. ,i   within  :i  period   of  Blx    montha
12     [n    .vent   oi'  any  other  llne�� n'l '  '"" Company'! refusal ��'* nogleol to
ht-lnu  bul'.l  by n..* Company during   the ***      "";'���   and   thereafter    continuous y
, rm of ii.i*. Agreement, the fi* lency ol   proiiocuwj In a. bono fide manner, :  Ii>
.i,:,** over ���   .*'. lines si:.,11 from time to   such ���'"" all the Companj ... I ��� - >  '
lime bo ,1. i.n..o;..l by an   tgreemenl  be- such streets shnll I"* In force ns I!  there
ii.  .���  ii���. Corporation and the Company, had been no such refusal "r neglect.
I:,,,.I   in   case   tin-   Corporation    and    'in* so,    During tut Utno of construction ol
Company "hull bo unable to agree upon a  railway and luyliuf tin- rails or there-
'��. ������  during  tbe  repairing   of  some,   a
paw i.;,��� fol  vehicles over .i sufficient
Bylaw No. 159.
Bylaw No. 156.
A ily law t" authorise the execution of
an Agrtsinint with The British Columbia
Kleetrli; K.illwny Company, Limited, tor
uu oltctrlo railway system In tin- Dls.
trlct of Uuroaby,
WHEREAS on or about tlm thirteenth
<t'iy nt October, 1003, un* Municipal Counoil nt tin. Corporation "I the Dlatrlct of
Burnuby finally passed a oertaln by-law
numbered 87, and known ai tho Burnaby
Kliellli: Tnii.iway By-law UOO, tin- Bald
liy-lnw   tulng   a   hy-luw    iiilllinrlzltlff    III"
Reave and Clerk nf the haid Corporation
on hihiiif uf the suld Corporation t<�� algn,
execute anil ufi'lit the dbrporate si-nl to
an.l givo delivery i" tlio British Columbia
Mbetiic Itnllway Company, Limited, nf
Agreement between the Corporation of
in,. District "I Burnaby and t:i" said
Company for tho aonstruotlon nf mi eleo-^
tip-  tramway  sysoin  in  the  Distri
ANH WFJlRBAS in pursuance nf the
authority oonferrod tiy t aid by-law the
Maid Agr-uemenl wus executed mi behalf or
the sunt Corporation and delivered to the
Buhl Cotnpanj on or about tho nm day of
Ootober, [0011
AM) WHBRBAS ihe mi l'i Company In
pursuance of tho i* uus of in,- said Agreo-
iiu ni cauei-il s. in* si i.*n ono ".i :��� ill
,,,11. s .if ehctrlo tramway lo be con-
otrucUd through the District of Burnatiy,
wblch tramway hoo been In operation for
Home llnie post .
ANH WHEREAS Iii Hi" opinion "f i"'*
present municipal council "f ibe said Corporation il" -i"i Agri-emi ni umi By-law
authorising the - itecutlon of same ara Invalid by reason ol Same not haying been
submitted for approval to tho elector! of
ilu* tnsiri'-i of Burnaby prior to tho fin il
passage of said by-law and the execution
of th" said Agrei mi nt.
AM> WHEREAS iii- Bold company la
of tti.. opinion tl at it woo unnec ssai ��� I i
hi,i,nm the Bald By-law and Agra nt nl
tor the approval of the electors of the Dls-
trlcl "f itn.ii.ii.v 1*1 i ir i" in" final passage
���r Bald by-law und i iccull in of saM
Agreement, and lhal Ibu iald liy law and
AKi""inini  aro  valid :
AMi WHEREAS ilu- sum Corporation
bus com-mmo d lltlgatl n n ralnsl the i i
Compan] to I sl the validity of tho eald
Ity law ond  .'.:* ��� im nt.
AND WHEREAS the eald Corporation
has requested Uie (nid Company to conatruct further railway tlm�� In lhe Dlatrlct of Burnaby u ider the terms of the
said Agreement, which the iald Co up
tuts   iteeiimil   1"
Hull   of   III"   I
uus promises and agrees with ths Corporation thut n will fulfil mi tlie conditions, regulations nnd undftrtaklnffs hereinafter contained by the Company to be
y observed niid performed,
3, The Company covenants and agrees
subject to tli- i"iniH unit conditions hereinafter si t forth to construct or cause to
I nstruoted tin- following lliu-s of elec-
trie railway ; namely :
LINK "A." i-'ioin tin- easterly terminus nf tlie Company's railway on iiust-
ln��H Street lu the City nf Vancouver, oast.
oily along said Rasungi strut and Bar-
n't Road for u distuni-" of two miles.
link "ii." Prodi th" northeasterly
terminus "f Uie Company's miiway on
Columbia Hirmt in tin- City of New west-
tnlnst"!-, northeasterly along suid Columbia Btreet and ttie North Road for n -jure I tuner of ono ntlio, umi  to continue   tii*
:..  same tJ������ - question Bhall n- referred i
arbitration  un herolhaft-sr provided.
18.    In th" ivi'iii of a seoond track in
luff required by 'he Company t
sum., in
soon ns
< ouilmi
linns uf Bald Line "A" within on,* month
fmm tii" date or this Agreement, und will
fully oomplete, equip and operate th-
same within eleven months fr un th"
it.it" uf this Agreement; and will oom
iii*-m-" construction *>r Uie Snld Lino "!'.'
wild n om- month after tin- completion "f
construction or a hlKii level hridge suitable i" street railway traffic, ovor the
Brunette River mul tho granting "f any
ii '".-Hs.ii i* permission from the city nf
New W'-Hlmlu.."'i i.. construct lh" suld
I.In" ������li*' along Columbia Btrci i. nml win
fully oomplete, equip umi "i" rate same
within six months from th" c imme-nee-
ni'-ni of construction of Mi" suid I.in.- "tt."
imt In i-us" ih*. sold wmk of construction
shall i"* or vi nted *<r delayed in- reason nf
rebellion, epidemic, fir., sl ������ m or tempest,
strike or olher cause of a tike nature be-
vnuil th" control ',r tin- Company, th"
'ni.. for completion shall bo extended for
so long as the work shall havo been so delayed "i- prevented, tin. length *.r such ex-
t. n .hm, 0, I,.- mutnnlly agreed upon bo-
tw u i ��� '' impany mi 1 the Corporation
I.    Th.* Tracks of ilu   snld street r.Ul-
way shall I i gaug   ol :'<*.r feel eight
and i half Inches, th,. raits uni construction i > In to the '*,*. ...ni.;. lattsfactlon of
ih.* c *'*' ���:: ���' thi ' * iriKiraU in. The tracks
.. || . ni..: m to ih" snides ur ih" Btreets
ns defined by the C unci! mul Hi" wholi
:-., ... ,*: i,. con tri ci .! i.. thc n ason
.,! |. sattsfacUon "f Hi" Council, bul Uu
Council's approval sliull not be unreasonably wlthni hi.
r,    -nu* location of the line ,.r railway
nn un'.   nt in-   su*,*, is shall  ii..:   I��* modi
lo gwlng  i" 'iu* c.i-.i'-n- . |,V ii,.. Company until the   plans   thereol
,ii ,,i* ni- said Corpora-   showlnz thc proposed position "f the rails.
I   wli.-i-
track  Is  first  Inld,  plans  shot]
mltted i" iti" Council for i'i apprc
im-,. ih.  work is commenoed, hot sueh np-
proval  si.mi  not   b"  unreasonably  withheld.
ii. Tin. Company shall hai-e thy right
in make and enforce regulations and
rules r��,r iiu- proper dolleoUon of fares
and for tii" conduct of passengers on its
U. 'I'll" Company shall huve the right
in oharge ami colled from every i" rson
on nr after entering uny uf ils cars for
ilu* |.i:|.|.os" of riding uny dtstonoe within
Hu- Dimrirt ,,f Bumaby a sum not to ex-
ceed five cents for any distance within
ttiri" nill'-s from ilm western boundary
uf th.- CorporaUon, un t fnr eaoh two
lull's or part thereof ridden beyond tin
said three miles the Company shull have
th" right in collect un additional five
cunts, Provided that residents uf nr settlers In lh" "ull District of llurnuby sliull
lu- given special rates which shall not exceed th" rates charged t" settlers on the
the Jim,-iion of ilu- ciurk lt,,mI; Westminster-Vancouver Interurban lln"
tu, i.i, ut warrants; umi th.-jrur proportionate distances, und with Buch
mence   the   construe- [similar transfer prlvliegos ns millers on
after  during  'in-  repairing
free paw ige for v. blctes ovi i
portion *���:  the streets it ml crossings shall
i, ,l   be   maintained;   mul   Immediately   after
l   single  tl 'i'1 'ails hava beea laid   ur repairs
i���.   sii,  . done tin surface of th" streets shall b<- re-
1 1,...   placed  in a oondltlon us nearly us posit :,,..  sun..ui   I.i Hull  hi whloh tbey were
before the commencement of tin- work of
constn "Hon or  repairs,
8] lu case th" Company shull fall to
operate nn*.* portion or th" whole of Its
lines for il," period "f ��lx mi montha ..r
shall 'ia or omit to dn anything, the doing
A By-law to enable the CorporaUon of tho
District of Burnaby to raise by way of
Loan   Hi"  sinn  uf  {Hli,bill).011   fur School
A ny-iuw in enable Th" CorporaUon or
Hi,-   Di.strii-t   of   llurnuby    tu   ruls,-    t,y
way of loin ths sum of 8000.000.UO for
Mi.i'l I'urpoHiss.
WHBREAS theBoard of School True-1 WHEREAS It Is necessary and expedl-
tecs of Burnaby in pursuance of ttu- iiuw-M-nt mat thn Counoil of tin- suiu Corpor-
ers granted to them by Section i,u uf tin- atlon lu- authorised io burrnw tin- sura
"Publlo Schoola Act" us re-enacted by of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (8Cos.-
Sii'iimi i, dt tin- "Publlo Hciiouis Ant * t'Oo.oo) to provide for Improving and oaa-
Ami ii'l'iii-iit Act 1818" have caused to belatructlng oertoin roads umi streets within
prepared  and   laid befors  the  Municipal  the limits of tin- Municipality.
ucil a detailed estimate of tin- sums |    ANU  WHBRBA8   u   is  necessary   to
detailed estimate of tin- minis
mission o'f'whloh under the' provisions I required to meet tin- special or extraardi-1 nils,- tin. moneys required to u.rmy the
ment causes th" forfeiture "f j nary expi rises uf Urn Board. I above expenditure upon th" credit of the
il tins Agre
Hon thut tlm Bald Ily lav.* .uni Agreement   ,���,. M.;��� ,,,   ,|���. n,n  n, i���   ���s.,l  ami  th
am Invalid; |oih,r  works   on   such   *-tr,."ts  have    beei
AND WHBRBAS with n view m avoid    submitted ��������� and approved of_by resolu
in iinu  ii,.*  ���--.,..
onsti iui of   withheld
Hti-MiforT'oiiii"unfriendly feeling   bo-   ti r Uie Council of   the   Corporation
��� tho said cnrpiirnilon imd th"  snld   which approval shall nut hi- unrea onnblj
Company nn.l ensuring .thr
furtaer rallwas lines in m
liurnuhv tin present Municipal Council of
tti,- said Corporation has luggested to tin
tlmt Ii Bhould agree i i con-
ullway nm*-' '* mdl-
ement between
snlil   C
togi iti
eniit Compan,
atruct such  furtl
tlonal   upon   ii   new   Agr
tli" mini Corporation umi  n
puny r.iiai'in.; 11* ctrlo ra
tion   in   l,..       Isl   ICI   of   lluru'ihy
w-lih a i. * law authorising   th1
ti���r".,r. being submitted for approval   ti
 cims Sf ih-   District  of Burnaby,
'.,, ,f .,,,: : ���*���"! beng finally passed and
Sccuted on behalf of th- dfrporatlon.
which suggestion Ins h'sui accepted b)
th- mild Company;
AN..  WHEREAS  in  accordance   wltn
tl..* said suggestion of Hi" Corporation   a
n.w   Agreement   haa   h"'*n   prepared
tween the said <
il. Before breaking "I1, opening or In-
li rfi ring with uny part ur Bald streets fur
Hi" purpose of construcU-ns said wor..s
the Company shall give In tlm cn rk nf
ilu. Council f"r tin* Ume being ten days'
untie" in writing nf if Intention to do su.
il,- said  '  "ii-   and ho "more  ihun fifteen  hundred  lineal
llv.*.iv   const:*,!"-    f,., ,   ,,,,  ilnv  .,,,,. slfeel   sliull  be  lin.'Ki-n  Up
,,.* opened at any om* tlmo unless i��*nnls-
:,i,,..i s, to dn shall hav.* been given I"*
tbe comic:!. And when th" w*..rl< thereon sliall havi  been commenced tt shall be
11 ..|..I  wiih  without  Intermission  umi
as rapidly as tho Bame can I urri.-.l .>n
wllh ilu- regard m the proper nml cfii-
"lint construction of the same.
7 Th" trmks of th- suit Railway
shall until th" temporary roadbed "f lhi
streeta Is replaced hy om- of  n permanent
..zhta hereby conferred upun tin-
Company, the Company shall forfeit nil
p'rlvllegi s, franchises umi th" rights which I amount's to tl.
n shull aoqulre or whloh are conferred upon it under tlie provisions or this Agreement over such portion of Its railways on
which default has been mot", and the
same ail-ill thereupon become nml be vest.
ml lu tin- CorporaUon at a valuation tn be
determined upon liy arbitration! nr ai
th" option of ttu- Council nl suld Corporation  th" comi'iiny shall  remove  lis  mils
i truck or portion or suid truck. | Expenses    oonnected
AND  WHBREAS th" said estimate or   Municipality
li   special, or   ��� xtnionllnury ^xiK-nses |     A-N1, WHKUKAS It will t," noceSSary to
raise annually by special run- the sum of
.r tiii.ooo.iiii accord
ing to nm statement following, which sum j |.-|Vl!' Thousand Two Hundred und Slxty-
together with tin- Bum or noou.oo esU-|0ne Dollars and seventy-five cents H',.-
,.v,,��� , rporatlon nnd Hi" enld   character (the quesUon "I wha: H roplac-
r-nmn-inv for lhe construction of electric   inB n street by one of a permanent char-
���rallwavs   In   tho    District   ur    Burnabv,   ;lrt,.r  ,,,  |���,  p.f,  t��� the   decision   r,r  Ihe
wblch mw Agreement ts hereto annexed,
TED   by  Hi" Reeve   and
-   lh"    "is-
Council   "f   '""   Curporntinn   or
trlcl *t Bumaby In council assembled ns
follows :
1.    Authority   is   K'vn   hereby
ReeVe and ci.-rk of ih
���tn sign umt execute uni affU the coreor-
ntc sc.-il in unit give rt-llvery to  The  Brit-
isi, coiumi.ln Electric Railway Company,
i.imit.-ii  tm ��iii named uf an Indenture of
Ag'isinni  between th.- Corporation   and
Tlm   ll ir'i.   Columbia   Electric    Railway
Ci'muunv   1,1-nlt.sl.  to constnirt  anil  oper
.,,  u, rlectiic railway system w
District of Burnnby, all to tne "tent, on
ih.- terms ami In Hi" manner -t forth In
the  su..   Agn-mint   which   Is   In     *
nexed umt forms pari "i una I
embodied herein, und thnt all n- .
au'rt deed of the -Mid Corporation.
9     This By law shall not go inn
unUI It hns been submitted   for approval
to ihe electors of lh- District of Burnaby.
win. lire enll'li'l  t" vote utsin a hy lull   10
oontracl u debt, and hns received the as-
h. iif not less Ihan thr fifths in number of Hi" electors who shall vote   upon
tills   llV-Ill
J     TII
"BumnBy Electric "
lltine   nml   I  -
���Hevenlli (lay of  April.   HIB.
Reerlved   tl"*   imt'Ot   of  tn
tli- Dtstrlri "f Burnaby on the
Council which sluill be final i be enn
stnictad in Buch temporary manner us
may bo approved by tt"* Council or somi
t���.rs.ui n|,|."in:. it by the Council, i��ru-
vlded no unnecessary obstacle Is offered
the to ordinary truffle during or after
suid Corporation
struition. When. Iwwvir. the roadbed
on such streets is constructed hv the for
poratlon "i a soini and permanent basis,
then ti-" Company shot! at the same time
construct n thoroughly good and subatan-
tlni street Railway to the satisfaction of
the Council or the CorporaUon or nny
person appolntod by the Council, both us
ic'iin'tti" m grades, location, width nnd depth of
rail and mod" of eonstnirtion. Bm when
ill" Council shall rn decide to change t'n
roadbed from a temporary m u permanent one ot anv streel on which Uie Com
. pnny'a truck is laid, n shall give tn the
Company at least nine months, prior none, In w rltln** nf lis Intention to <1" so
provided that In all macadamised ot
gravelled streets a truck construafed with
I "tee"  rails  weighing nol   hss  thnn   rirtv-
six   pounds   Isr   ynnl   shall   I onsldered
permanent construction until  Hi*-   street*
nr" paved as hereinafter provided, hut  If
[any such streel is to be block-paved   *
i phalted  or  laid down  wllh n  pn
ih" Wcstmtnsti r-Vani
Ine may huve from time to Ume, provld-
ii. however, thnt In the event or the City
if Vancouver purchasing Uie Company's
railway system within tlu* pmmmt limits
* lhe ��� 'Itv of Vanoouver the Company
will exchange transfers wtth Hu* City up-
n sui'i equitable basts us may be mu-
luallv as-read upon between the City and
the Company,
;r,. The Company shall carry Infanta
In arms free umi shall cany children under the age of twelve years al Uie rut" of
... o fhll.l:*, n fur one regular fut" nn.l shall
���team 10 Bchool children attending tho pub-
lie si la In tho ������milt  Dlatrlct tickets nt
Hn-  rate  not  to ex d  2f. c-'iitH for ten
runs within thc District of Burnnby, but i
sue!    tlokets  sliull  only  be  used unit entitle sucn si-ii ,ui children to travel on the
railway hi twe< n the 1 rs "f �� a.m. and
', pm. and shull in.i I"* available nn Saturdays and Sundays, nnd other Bchool holl-
4 LV
17. Th" Company shall grant t'.,
transportation over us system within the
:'. trie! of Burnal y to the Reevo und
Councillors of the District and lo tbe
Cl, rk of the Coui clt, Kmflni ��� r, Medical
II, ilth ' in.** r an I Constables of the District   ��� ��� It   IT"'. In.** .
m.    Th.*  Company   shntl   be   liable  fm
���  i Hhull ul nil times Indemnify and Bavi
hs    tha    Corporation     frnm    nml |
u; ii*..-:!   all   damages   arising  oul   of  the
*...*:* ..ion ..:��� operating of Its Railways
within  the Municipal! .*.*
19. The Company shall not by any of
Its works. Interfere with the publlc right
of travelling on or using highways,
streets, brldgcb, watercourses or navigable waters, and Uie Company Hhall   nol
reel uny pole hlghi r than one hundred
and fifty fo> i above the   surface  of the
treed nor fix nny wi:*> s leas than eigh-
i..*ii feet uhi,ve the surface uf the street,
ami ilu- poles snuil he us nearly as poh
sible straight mul perpendicular, ami thij
Company shall not place or permit any advertising signs tn is- placed thereon, nui
provided thnt nfter tlu opening up of tm*
str.*t ts lor the construction of any
..; the works of the Company nml
tin- .'i-.iil.in nf poles or for
carrying tlu- wires und' [-ground, tlu- sur-
face   "f   the   sire, t   shull   111   ull   cms. H    h-
restored to the satisfaction of tin* Coun
dl by and nt tiie expens ��� nr ilu- Company,
umi provided further thai whenever in
'���iso of fti-e it becomes necessary fur Us
extinction or the preaervaUon of property lliul tin- wires shall Is* cut. the culling under sucn clrcumstanoes nf any of
he w'.r, s of III- Company uml'T tli" illr.-e-
tlon .-r th. Chief Imgim-iT or ottmr Officer in charge of th.* Kire Brigade shall
nui entitle the Company to demand or
olaim compensation tor uny unavoidable
.lulling.* thai might be so Incurred, and nil
r,,i-in* so injured shull he restored t"
Its runner oondltlon so Boon thereafter us
reasonably cm: i"* done at ilu* expense of
the CorporaUon.
20. 'i'h>. Company shall pluce and con-
Unue ������ :i snld Railway trucks good and sufficient passenger .-.m for n,'- convenlen.
ami pluce Hi" Hiving nf such street In a
lundltlnn similar to thai In which the re-
miiim'M- of such stre, t may then bs; provided this clause shall nnly apply lu wilful
d< fault of ihe Company.
?.'!.     Al   the   expiration   nr   lhe   term    of
thirty-six years umi six months granted
by this a "n em, nt tin- Corporation may,
u|..m giving ui least twelve 118) months
wr'H-ii notice prior to ths expiration   of
iald terms *.f Its Intention to do so, hush ie iiu- ownership "f mi th" railway
lines belon-rlng m ih" Company wlt.,,11 the
present limits nf th.. Corporation, to-
getnei with nil tho mul nml personal property of ii... Company actually used, in
use ur 1.. be used exclusively In the operation nf :)"��� railway lines und plant wltnin
the limits aforesaid, upon payment being
mi,:.- 1.1 the Company hv 'Im Corporation
,,f the value tln-reof. such vulu" in be mutually agreed upon between the Corporation ami Hi" Company, or in cm f a f.nl-
,,-,   to    ���:  then Hiieh value shull be de-
termini 1  hv arbitration In the following
ted eosts Inotdental to this By-law ami
discount nn debentures amounts to the
Bums of 8.19,000.00.
Estimated   emit   or   new   school
sites 825,000.00
with    thr
Issuance     of    loan
discount on bonds
AND WHBRBAS 11 Is neoessary to
raise the moneyS required to defray tin*
above u;, mlitum upon the credit of the
Municipality,    -
AND    WHEREAS    under    the    powers
1 in tin* Council of Publlo Instruo-  thousand On
ti..n   under  BecUon  Blx   (6)   of  the Bald j (88,4^4,160.1
"PUbllO    SbhOOlB    Act"    the    IxilinilulleH    ol    pn
:!,,* Municipal Bchool District or Burnaby |or
havo been extended so ns ft Include District  Lot urn*  llun,hut and   Seventy-two
(172) Group One ii) New   Westminster
AND  WHBRBAS by  Section   14  of  the
lid " Public Schools Act" where any t
til.7i<) principal and lhe sum of Twenty
five thousand Dollars I J25.000.ull) Interest making together a total ainuuni annually of Thirty Thousand Two Hundred
and Sixty-one DoUars and Keventy-fivo
Cents (830.201.75) fur the term of forty
years for the repayment Of the said loan
ami Interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND  WHKUKAS  the  net  value of  the
whole rateable land in the Municipality no-
cording to tin- last rt'vtsi'd assessment run
amounts to Twenty-two million One hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred
and seventy-five Dollars  (822.111.370.00).
AND WHKUKAS the total existing debenture debt or ih" Municipality Is Two
Million Knur hundred and twenty-four
hundred ami fifty Dollars
exclusive of Iaii-oI Improvement debt secured hy special rules
,,r use, ss.neuts ul* which null" of the principal ur Interest is in arrears.
AND WHKUKAS 10 provide for tin- payment '��r Interest and ihe creation of a
Sinking Fun.I for the payne in or lhe suld
principal sum of Five Hundred Thousand
Bylaw No. 157.
A Hy-law to enable Ttie Corporation of
tiie District of Hurnaby to ruine by way
of Uian lb" Hum of 850,000.00 for tho
purpose of coiiutructing -sidewalks In
the .Mijilcipallty.
WHKUKAS It tn necessary and expedient that lhe Council of the said Corporation be authorized to borrow the sum of
Fifty Thousand Dollars (850.OOO.OO) lc
provide for constructing certain sidewalk**
within the limits of the Municipality.
AND WHBRBAS It Is necessary tu ralso
iiie moneys required to defray tin- abovi-
, xpeiuliliire upon thc credit of the Municipality.
AND WHKUKAS It will lie necessary to
raise annually by -special rate the sum of
Two Thousand Fnur Hundred and Nlnety-
sev n Dollars and five cenls (824U7.0.r��)
principal and Uie sum of Two Thousand
Five Hundred Dollars (825OO.0O) Interest making together a total annually of
Four Thousand Nine Hundred and ninety-
seven Dollars and five cents (84907.05)
for the term of Fifteen years for the repayment of the said loan and interest
thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WIIKRKAS the net value of the
Whole rateable land In the Municipality according to tlle last revised assessment roil
amount to Twenty-two million One hundred and eighteen thousand Three Hundred und Seventy-five Dollars (822,118,-
AND WHBRBAS lhe tOta] existing debenture det.t of th" Municipality Is Two
Million Knur humlred and Twenty-four
thousand One Hum!" .1  unit  Fifty  Dollara
(82,124,i5u.'mi. exclusive of Local Improvement debt secured by special rates
nr assessments of which none of the prin-
i ipal or Interest Is In arrears.
AND WHEREAS to provide for ths
payment nf Interest and the creation of ix
sinking fund fur the payment of th" sail!
Dollars (8600,000.00) it will be necessary  principal sum of Fifty Thousund Dollars
* (860,000.00)  it will be neoeasary tu levy
a   specul   annual   rute   sufficient   to   rals
nil I
-law as If
a the acl
bltratl m
T    Hi
by-law .in.iv   ^ eyed  ����'���':;   -V similar character,   then  "
,  ,���  op." c"mci!   -his | mav I- required to rem
ement   nf
track flrat
1    ii   truck
Ihe   sulls-
rtay of    ,     *    :
Reconsidered   ami
.... ion.
finally    pa"
led    tho
.    1013.
impun v
ol-" AORBEMENT   mid"
A..v    nf     	
Ix.rd one thousand
In   the  ynr   nt   our
Ine hin.ilreil  ami  thirteen
lull   down   nnd   repine    It   Witt
se't int.- t" the new pavement to
faction   of   the   Council   nf   H.,11    ' nnsi, i
tlon  or  to  s imp  persun  appointed   by  th"
Council for thl/ purpose, nml in that case
t'i"   true!-*:   first   luld   down   shall   be   Con
sldsred   a   temporary   one  onlv.   Imt   the
shall  only nnc- t"-  "iilhsl  upon
*   a   temporary   truck   und    re-
j placo ti w-lili u permanent one.
I" j      ��     The   c ,mpany   shall    maintain     Its
H.s    stringers   nnd   rails    In   a    state    or
thorough   repair   niul   sliall   fnr   that   pur-
i-oue remove, renew and replace Cn- siun-
us ct cuni"! i-i- �� mav require, nml as the
Council   of   tie   Corporation   shull   direct.
sn*! Bhall maintain nm! keep th.- roadbed
lc :h* case of permanent truck under tie
ml;-, and elgl t  Inches on either shie   of
��nc'' ml', nm: In th.- cos.- uf u temporary
t-aek bet-ween the rails umt t" a width of
eight   Inches   on   the  outside   of
I   n   suite  of   repair   i
,ncc of BriUsn Columbjn l.erel i ,'t -r
called "the Corporation,
TRIC   RAH. AAY   COMPANY,    uim- ['"'.  ���r   n,e  Company   making   uny   re-
ITED. (FORKnN). being a company        a nr  BUfratlon  m  the   tracks    ties,
tually  u*;r.s*,;  upon  between  tlm
pany   and   ilu*   Corporation   an.l   they   are
unable to agree, the j-etme shall t>" referred   to   tlm   decision   of   iwo   arbltratora
one tn be B.-I. ct'-d til' each "f the partlei
ind l i an umpire who shull lye selected
hy the artiltriitnrs before entering ujs'ii
their duties, the award of the majority of
whom shall he hlmllng un all isirtt, e nnd
shall   he  arbitrated  under ami  according
ch   rull
the re-
mpnnios' Act j!��,',
K   offices   sit
irrv on bust
of Ilrillsh Colum-
uccessora ami  IXH-
c.llled  "the Colll-
inco l��rtil  'I l'ehr the C
1883  nn.l  I8D3,  linvlng Its
inite   In   34   Nicholas    Lull".    - ,
Btreet, m the city of l-ondm,, England
being duly licensed  '
ness In lhe 1'rovliu-
bin.   wh"   will'   l|s
signs is hereinafter
,,any' ol- THB BBCOND PART
WHF.HEAS lhe Council of the i
tion ..as rcnosici the Company
struct und "I" rut" certain ''l'^'<r'���,"'. ,"
railways whhia '������������ ,"MrU;'  ",,' S w t-
mid the Company has express.-d us ��i
Ingm-ss t" d" ������>" "" lhe lerins and conditions hereinafter stated;
and WHEREAS   'he  electors   "f I *"
IHstrtrt  of  Ilnrnal.y  have nHHent*
exeooUon of this Agreement
stringers or mils. It stfall replace thelwr
Hon uf th" slm.-t illslurlie,! f,"* lh" purpose of such repairs or alterotlonB In as
K,vid nrder unil condition us ttie rest of
the street without unnecessary delay-
i     The Corporation shull hnve the rlghl
to tuke up und replaoe the streets traven
r-pora- ,
i eon-1 replacln
.treet  drain/
ed   liy   th"   said   Hallway   lines   nr   nnv    ���
them "iii'r f,,r Hi" purpose of altering ii
armies then-of, constructing, Improving i
or repairing tl"* streets, BOWer
ndulls or wuter pipes or of a-
Pig down or repairing water or gas pi',"
or sewers und for all other rorposea wlU
In the power, province or privileges or tl
Corporation or the Council thereof, win
out !"ln�� llnhle le the Co'iipun
compensation or damage thai n
oasioned to the working "f thi
or the works connected therewith, WRI;
such event nn unnecessary or
fur un'
he OC
indll" d"l.i
tnfiul uf pns.-"iwis. Bach ciir snail
n. nuiul'ele.. on the oulnlite and Inside anil
.in '��� * ii^-ra only sliull iie carried lu Hue!**,
21. Tiie Company may also opcrati
freight c.rs r.u tie- transportation nf ex-
press iuil freight in tne Bald District of
22 The Company shall not be ohlig. ;'.
*. carry in poescngei *ara any packages oi
nug^a,,-��� exceeding In weight 2;, taa, for
ii.v on" passengur, umt It may mtuse p.
Ulow passengers to bring with Ihem on
board lis passenger oars uny package o;
a ataoever nature that would cans,- in-
��� mvi nl. m-. p. oil:' r passengers or occupy
spue.1 destined for the accommodation of
passengera, or soil or damage the clothing
of   passengers   nr   the    Company's   proi
erty and ii may uklK'* nml   enforce   sucn
regulations us  to  packages and  bag-gag
os .. mav deem necoeaary.
23 Tin- Corporation ami the Companv
shall make By-laws und reguluUons pro-
hlblUng spming mi tl,.- Companys Cam
under proper penal I tea.
21 The cars of the Company shall b,
entitled to the uninterrupted right nf way
on the trucks of tbe said railways. Ail
vehicles, however, may travel on. nhmg or
i, im.vs ttu* said tracks, hut any vehicles-),
horses, bicycles, man or f'-.t passengers
ui on lhe Hack shall turn nut al lhe approach of uny car. so as to leave the truck
clear for ttu- passing of the car. provided
Ihls shull not be taken tu affis't or restrict
nm legal rights tm- Company may have
against any persons bo travelling along or
icroaa th" Bald tracks. Hut In case of
fire, the hose of tin- Fin- Brigade, If laid
across lhe tracks on the said streets,
s .all nol be interfered wiih tiy llie Company and the cars of the Company on the
said streets shall be stopped t" allow the
possags "f ull fire engines, fire brigades
and appliances.
2.'.. Tiie ealu street cars shall stop at
crossings when leaving or receiving passengers  in  such  position  as  may   he  niil-
iiuiiiv ugreed upon between tin* Council "I
ilu-   Corporation   and   the    Company,   nml
no   cars   sliall   b"   lift   standing   on    the
stns t at uny tlnn- unless receiving or leaving passengera or watting at a terminus
provided   the   location   of   such    terminus
shall He flrsl assented to by th" Council.
2i,     Tim   cars  after  dark  on   the    Bald
streets shall be provided wilu  lights  bull.
front   und   rear;   und   BUCh    oilier    signal
shall lm attached to thc cars as snfi ty In
operation may from time to time require.   li
27.    The Company shall employ careful.   .���.,ni
,-bcbnved nm! prudent oonduc-      in  wri'NKSS  WHBREO
m: ' ner:
Tl ������ arbitrators Bhall fix tti- then mar-
ket   -.I'**!.-  "f  all   th"  lamia  s*,   1 .   I'-   '.,.:";
over exclusive .-:' an)   Improvements, i
chinery ami buildings th won,
sum so found -i nil be ml.I- d tin* ,'altn  o
the   Improvements,   machln ry,    bulldlni
and -.. rsonnl propi rt ' Ino'adl . : I ie ������   "
,r i��� ;   tn ctlon oi* I'..- said iallwny iiu s
,. i  ,,r  last iiltns ail  the  plant  ami  ma-
,,...,-,.   an I .1 ducting then trom a  n a i-
, lable sum i ��� I��������� th '* rmined by tho arbi-
trnl *i*s r ,r depreciation thereof; blrt such
��� ,-.,    ,, ��� value nhall nol Include anv pay-
��� , ..i ; ir any rranchlae, ror tlie rl mi of
mnnlnq   or    goodwill,      The   Corporation
i; M hn"e eight months after tii- value Is
*i ..*:*��� determined on to  *:���:���' the purchase provided, however, that until the
nurcbn * complete Hi" Companv sh.a'.l
������. , titled in retain possession of the Bald
rallwav lines and property and to ooerats
i. .. i , i. tain all the profits derived
thi '* from.
::?.. The covenants, condltlonfl, regulations .*.:"! undertakings t" be observed and
performed by the Con,..anv and the prlvl-
-,prs  glv.n   ��o  Hi"   Corporation   In   Ui'.s
tgreement  shall   !������  deemed   to  refer  to
md be applicable only to electric str."-t
rallwavs ."��� tramways herein constructed
hv the Compnny upon streets wlihln th"
'ilstric nf Burnabv under the terms of
this Agreement, and shall In no wise he
deemed i" r.-r. r to or be applicable to anv
part of the Company's Westminster-Vancouver Interurban tramwav or nnv eleo-
��� ���!<��� sir", i raliway or tramway which tlm
Com; inv mav construct on lands acquired
by th" Company In the Dlstrlcr "f Burnaby or li any of the property of th- Com-    ..
pnnv    's-d   or   lo   be   used   in   connection   lars   and   Eighteen   cents    (81 .18)    the
therewith amount to lie calcut.il"! annually on lhe
34.    It.the evert   of the   Corporation I whole   of   th.-   rateable
'ailing to exercise the right to assume the
ownershln of said railway and   plant, as
provided In paragraph 32 hereof, then this
Hgreament shall continue for further periods or ten ' 10) years each on the terms
ind conditions her. In contained, nnd   the
Corporation shall have a similar right   to
ourcl , ������  at tl"- end of each period of t>-��
(10)   yeara and to operate tli" rallwav or
cause 11 to be operated, and the said pur-
j chase to be In th* manner and on the
l terms  Bi '.  out  in Section  32.
ritory has been Included within u Munlcl- I,, |ovy a special annual rule sufficient to
pal School District in accordance wltli raise tne sum ,,r Thirty Thousand Two
Section o  'In  ih" provisions or that Act  hundred and Sixty-one  Dollars and sev-
rcupectlng   Publlo schools  In  cities   and- enty-fl\ ita  (830,261.76)   the amaunt
i/istrlct  Municipalities shall  apply  there-  to be calculated annually ou the whole of   tl��9��i,v
i, and sucn territory, fnr all hchool pur-! nm   run all"   land  comprised  within    thelannuauy
poses,  Bhall  be deemed to in-  wlted   to  Municipality,
luch   Municipal   he I   District,   and   an      Sl)W    thk.':i:i'iiRI.
. , , *'      property situate In such territory, shall be council  or  in,.  Corporation  of  th"  Dis-
.1,1,1,* to assessment for school   purposes trlct ,)f  Burnaby cnaota as fellows:
InFL'Tu^aam" ^"fnctudeTln ���e 1. B-M ����� lawful for the Reeve and
puts of ih.* Incorporated City, Town or! <'terk of h�� Council for the purposes
District Municipality^ and in this By-law aforesaid to borrow or ruls. by way of
the word "Municipality" shall be con- loan from any person or .body or bodlos
Btrucd and apply accordingly. corporate who may b.
AND WHEREAS It wlll be necessary to
raise annually by special rate the sum of
rhree Hundred and Five Dollars and
eighteen o nis (8806.18) principal and the
iniiii of one Thousund four hundred and
rlfty Dollars ($1460.00) Inti-mst making
together a total amount annually of One
Thousand Seven Hundred and Flfty-flve
Dollara and Eighteen oenu ($1766.18) for
the term of forty years for the re-pay-
im lit of the said loan and Interest then on
as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the net value of the
whole rateable land In the said Municipality (Including District Lot un,* Hundred
and Seventy-two 11721 Group One tl) as
before n cited according to the last revised Assessment Holl amounts to Twenty-
two Million Six Hundred and Twenty-
nine thousand Two Hundred und Five Dollars  ($22,020,206.00).
AND WHKUKAS to provide for the
payment of tin- interest and the creation
if a Sinking Fund for the payment of
the said principal sum of Twenty-nine
thousand Bollars ($88,000.00) it will be
necessary to levy a special annual rate
sufficient to raise the sum or One Tliou-
umil Seven  Hundred and  Flfty-flve  Dol-
the sum of Four Thousand Nine Hundred
and   Nln'-ty-seven   Dollars  and  five  cents
the  amount  to  he  calculated
l    the    whole   of    the    rap-able
land comprised within the Municipality.
tho     Municipal I     NOW    THEREFORE     the     Municipal
' Council   of   The   CorporaUon   of   the   District of llurnuby enacts as fulluws:
1.     It shall be lawful fnr the Reeve and
Clerk   ut   the   Council   for    the   purjHises
aforesaid tu burrow or raise hy  way of
loan  from  any   person  or  body  nr  holes
willing to advance  corporate who mny be willing tn advance
the sain" upon ih" credit of   the deben-   the same  upun  the credit uf tlm debentures hereinafter mentioned a sum not ex-  tures hereinafter mentioned a sum not excelling Five  Hundred Thousand  Dollars ceeding  Fifty  Thousand    Dollars    ($r.o.-
($800, .00)   and   to  cause   the   sum**   to 1000.00)   nml   to   cause   the   same    to    be
le* placed iii tl"- Royal Hank uf Canada at
il���* City nf New WeBtmlnster, liritish Co
lumblu. tu th" credit "f the suld Corporation for tin* purpose and with the objects
above Bet forth und to Issu" any nuiuh.-r
.,f debt iiturt s of the suid Corporation to
lhe sum of Five Hundred Thousund Dollars ($o00,000.00) In the whole In accordance Willi the "Municipal Act." And the
sunl debentures shull he Issued t" consist
of 1U27 debentures euch of the denomination  of One  Hundred   Pounds   Sterling
l��l.,0)   and one debenture or the amount
of ��3S 14s. r,d. being the Sterling equlva-
nt  of   Five   Hundred   Thousand   Dollars
and to cause Unplaced In lhe Royal Rank of Canada at
the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, to the credit of ttie said Corporallon. fur ttie purpose and with the objects
above set forth and to Issue any number
uf debentures of the said Corporation tu
the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($$0,-
000.On) ln i.ie whole in accordance wltti
tlie "Municipal Act." And the said debentures shall Is- issued tu consist of One
Hundred and Two (102) debentures, eaca
of the denomination of one hundred
pounda Sterling (��100) and one debenture of the amount of ��73  19s. fid. betn-i
, ���  the sterling equivalent of Fifty Thouaand
($600,000.00) at the rate of ��4.S5 2-3 to  Dollars    I$60.000.OO)    at    the    rate    nt
III ie pound Sterling, each debenture he- I 54.S6  2-3  tu the one pound Sterling, each
ng also expressed to be payuble In Cana- debenture being also express-il to be pay-
dlao Currency computed ��l such rate, and I able In Canadian Currency computed at
sueh debentures shall have annexed them- jsuch rate, and such debentures shall havo
lo coupons expressed both In Sterling and annexed thereto coupons expressed both In
Currency for %-he Interest thereon ut the Sterling and Currency for the Interest
rat" of Five (!) per centum .������r annum I thereon nt the rate or Five (6) per cn-
payable half-yearly on the 3fith day of turn i*"r annum payable half-yearly on the
June anil th" 31st day uf December In each 30th day of June und the 31st day of De-
year. And such sterling debentures Shall loember Ir. each year. And such BterBn-g
he delivered to the purchasers uf tlie said | debentures shaH be delivered to the pnr-
debenlures. ami both as to principal and I Chasers of the said debentures, and both
.,���a *.-������,i���.h interest shall he payable at the Office Of as to principal and interest nhall be pav-
land    comprised I,��� Bank  of   Canada   In   London    able  nt  lhe  office  of  the  Royal   Bank  of
ml'VT, iri', on."' iiu. ind and d'KVeSy ^'''"i '-r in Ton^to M'm\r* al S? Va": Canada In London. Kngland. or lu To-
District I-ol On" Hundred una ��uno L.,uvl.r Canada nr In N-'W York, at hold- ronto, Montreal or In Vancouver, Canada,
two  (172)  Group One (1). I tt.m oi;Uun.   And the principal of the said ] or in New  York, at holder's option.    Anil
HE   IT   THEREFORE    ENACTED   by I debentures shall lie payable on the thlr- [ the principal of the said debentures shall
the Reeve and Council of the said Corpor- !.i,.ul dav of June A   D   1053. I OS  payable  on  the  thtitieth  day  of  June
atlon of Burnaby In open Council aaia-m-       ,     Tlwn, sh.in ,)(, rilla(.d and ,rvled an.   A. 6. 1928.
olid as  fo.lows   nanielv . nually by a Bpeclal   rale sufficient there-J     >.     ...ere   Bhall   be   raised   and   levl-d
1.     II    SHALU-,  Oh.   i.av. i ll,   ior    n   , , J| rattle j-ind within the limits   annually by a special rate sufficient ther"-
I'.ieve  and  Clerk Of the  Council, for the ft    ^ Municipality the sum of Five   for on all rateable land within the limits
purpose aforesaid, to borraw or raise b). , ThouBan(, Tw��� Hundred and Sixty-one of the said Municipality the sum ot Tw)
way of loan from any person or body, or | DoUa_ ,inJ M,.v,,ntv.nv,. Cents ($6881.76) Thousand four hundred and Ninety-Bevel
oodles coiyorate, who may In- Willing tol, Ul(; purpo!1(. of furmlng a Sinking Fund Dollars and five cents (82497.051 for the
.advance   tha same  upon   the   credit  ot   in. t|,���   payment   of   lhe   said   debentures 1 purpose   of   forming   a   Blnklng   fund    for
I debentures   hereinafter   n-i.ntlun.-d_ a   sum \ ^n[l   thft   mlm    of   Tv^j^nty.five    Thousand \ the  payment  of   the  said  debentur��s  anil
,....   ..............    .... s.,. ,1 and   llie   sum    oi    muniy-i ive     i houkiiiq , ,���.   ,���..,,,��-,,.   ..,   ...^   m,u   v.��;m^., hh ������   ,��,,.��
jxoeedmg     Twenty-nina    T"ousariui- (ltF.000.001   for  the  payment  otlthe  sum  of  Two Thousand  five hundredl
i $    Dollars   and   to   cause   thel JCJ lntemsl at the rate aforesaid, the said 1 Dollars ($2500.00) for the payment ot the
same  to  be  placed  In  the  Koyal   llank Ol i H;>,.c,.Ll r:lIP to i,,. in addition to all other \ Interest at the rate aforesaid the said ape-
If at any Ume hereafter any dls-
dlfijtcrenoe or question sliall arise be-
i in- s.ii.1 parties hereto, their respective successors or assigns or anv of
th'-m touching t's*' "instruction, meaning
,- effect ,.f these pr- s-*nts, or any clans.-
ir thing herein contained, or the rights
md Hat ll'.ti'H "f tV- said purtlos nsp.iv
���Iveiv or their -successors and assigns,
then .-verv si ch dispute, difference, decision "r question sh..:; be referred to arbl-
36.    Whenever under the terms of this j ^"ntuns siui'l! i��-issui-d to consist of fifty- I purposes as the "HCRNAHV  ROM'  1\I
r."m.ni   anv   matter,   dispute,   differ-  n|na  ,.,,,,  debentures eaoh of the danom-1 PROVEMENT NO. 2 DEBENTURE Hl-
or quesUon is to be  referred to ar-   (nation   of   one  hundred   pounds   Sterling I WW, 1913,"
rhenever under the terms of| (UuO)  and one debenture of the amount       DONE AND PASSKD in Open Council
this seventh day of April A. D. 1913.
R. celved the assent of the Electors at
I to the credit of the said Corporation for
the purpose and With the ob)'els above I
��� - ' fortn and to issue any numb.-r of da-
I 1" mures of the sal.! Corporation to the
1 .u n of Twenty-nine thousand ($29,000.00 i
Dollars in the whole In accordance with
i the  "Municipal  Act."    And  the  said  d<
Municipality during the   currency ot the
said debentures or any of them.
3. This Ry-law shall take effect on
tnd after tiie second day of June A. D.
This  By-law  may  be  cited   for all
ment any matters or tilings are to be   Qf  (6S   Dis.   Id. being the Sterling ,-u.uiva
rate  of   S4.S6   2-3
hnt   of   $j9.00.00  at   lb
to the on,- iiiuiid sterling, each debenture
being also expressed to be payable In Canadian Currency computed at surh rate,
md such debenturea shall have  annexed
then to coupons expressed Isitll 111 Sterling am! Currency tor the inter, st thereon
at the nite of Five (61 per Centum per
iniium payable half-yearly on uie 30th
lay of Jim.- and the 3i��i day of Deem
the proi Isl,,ns of the "Arbitration Act |���.r In each year Sucti Sterling deb. n
being Chapter nine of the Revised 8ta-1 tures shall be delivered to the purchasers
tutes of Hrtttsh Columbia, any amend* of the said debenturea. and both as to
ment thenol' nr any act of the Lefflsla- I principal and Interest shall tie paynhle at
lure   of   til"   ProVtnCO nf   Ilrillsh   Columbia    tbe   office   of   the   Hoyal   Hank   of   Canada
rates to be levied and collected in the said
Municipality during tbe currency ot the
said debentures or any of them.
3. This By-law shall take effect on and
nfter the seoond day of June A. D. 1913.
4. This By-law mav be cited for nil
purposes as the "BURNABY SIDEWALKS   PKBENTI'RE    BY-LAW   1913.'"
DONE AND PASSED ln Open Council
the seventh day of April A. D. 1913.
RECEIVED the assent of the El��H-to-s
nt   an   Election   for   the   purpose   on   tha
 day of April A.  D.  1913.
RECONSIDERED   and   flnallv   adopted
    .     _   by  the  Council,   slgmii  hy  the  Reeve and
by   the Council,  signed   by the   Reeve and I Clerk aud Sealed with the Corporate S-iU
Clerk and Sealed with  the Corporate Seal
an  Election for the purpose on thi
day of April  A.  IV   1913.
RECONSIDERED   and   finally   adopted
all on the .
A. D. 1913.
day of
ail on the  .
IV   1913.
day of.
time being In force In Url:ish Co-
ilimhl.l minting to arbitration and the eondl:  . thereof.
*.,. Any notice to lie given under this
Agreement by the Company shall be deemed sufficiently given and served If delivered  nt  the Offb r the Corporation,
and   anv   notice  to  lie  given   by   Ihe  Cor- | nuajl
poratlon   to  th"  Compnny   shall   be  deemed  sufficiently given  und  served   If nd-
dre����ed   to   the Oeneral   Mimag.-r  or   thi
Conr.inv. Vancouver. B. C. and forwarded
,,, London, England, nr In Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Canada, or tn New
���fork at the holder's option. And the
principal of the said debenturea shall "-
payable on tin* thirtieth day of Jun" A. iv
B      There shall he raised and levlisl an
Take   notice   thnt   the   above   (s   a   !-u��
Tnke   notice   thnt   the   above   Is   a   true   copy of the proposed By-Jaw  upon  which
copy  of the proposed  By-law  upon  which   the vote of the Municipality will be
the vote of the Municipality will be taken   ���  '  ��� ���-   "**
i    The Corporation In consideration or \ -. rpornn���n exercising such right, it shah
the premises and of the company agree >g|   ���hmll   unnecessary  delay   replace    '"'
to   nrrfm-in    and    observe   the    OOVsnWJJS R     ,   u     ���wn   proper   costs    nnd    rt-
K JSTJ2LS ���;.,,,. i,,~t  hereby  er.ntn   unto ,   ������   "'',;,������,   ,,,,.',,   Ihni   the    rights
aars, nml   it
by n-giet.red letter.
31     Whenever   und-i
the won! "st-"et" or "i
sum"  shall  bo t iken  t
I hlghwav. or rom.'s or '��� Ighways.
'39. Nothing In this Agreement ron-
I talned ihntl l deemed to confer or be
I coast Mud mi r uirerrlng uny exclusive
. ru:hi.*i or i^jw*. ra on or lo the said Coin-
I pany.
Ii is agr I hy und between the parti".'
hereto  that   the  Agreement  between  the
Corporation and the Company anted the
lilth ii.n of October, 1909, regarding
I tramway cinstruction In tho District nf
I Burnaby  shall   lie  null   and   void  OS  frnm
the date uf the execution of this Agris*-
tne   parties
hereto  have hereunto caused  these pros-
pedal rule sufficient therefor on ail rateable land within the Limits
of  the  said   Municipality   Including   wild
1 District   1-nt  One  Hundred  und  Seventy-
I-wo    (1T2I    flriuip   lln"    IM    New   V-.
duster  District lhe sum of Three
this   Agreement   dred urn! five Dollara und eighteen
-, is" oce.irs tin ] (S305.1>2_ for ,(l"' ln"T"
include   loud
hertlnafler cm
dallied hereby grants  iinio       nHn   rrnv1ded  always   Hint
tha'fVmpanv   Its  si"-~-ssors  und    iisHlgns | (���,..���,.   rrBI1,M   shall   be   subject   li
the righi. roll permission and authority ie  ,,������������ rUfi.ts. irtatulory or othcrw
.-.instnict   complete,  eautp.  maintain   and .......    	
rS rn��� the dote of th''Y''""���.'*^
delivery liereof for th* pert���! nt tlilrty-
2fx v'aVs and sll  months and for nnv re.
ni wil thereof that may be granted here-
ftVr   a   single   or   diilhlf    tnick    ehctrlc
S railway oi tramway, with all neoes-
miTsiritehra. turn mils and spur trn-ks
5r? oth'f re.,,.hi." appllanoes in connection  therewith,  upon and  over all  or
nnv   nf  111"  BtreCtS   will.In    the   District   or
tiui-nahv InBofar im H" Council of he
i    I   ff.ri-.-.u..   can   legnllv   gran,  the
s   me;   provided,   however,   that    the   < nm-
panv shall not construct any ral w*<v or
Irnmwav   along   K n* s   ��ay   (rormeri)
,n wn a- W'Stmhister Road) betwwn
<-" T-nl Pnrlt and Edmonds Without the cms. nl  of  Hi" Council  by  wuv pf
'.'snl.tlnl, "being   firs,   hml   and   obtalaMi
hul   nelll" r  .his  Chun" nor anything   it
Agreement shall give or I onstrued
i the Company the power of engaging m any other business thnn tl
,-, n-,(riictlng   nml   Operating   el"' rlc
v."v- within the said District, ib"   n ;-n-
,,������ being mat this Agnjmjnl ��hn 11 confer on il"* Company the right  to use the
Zid"sireets and no other Interest therein
In manner nforesnld, so long a��i and provided the Compnny observes the   covci
ants mul conditions herein contnli
i    The Company in conBldorati
pn'inls.-s and the grant of the rl*
the streets us aforesaid   horeby
the    rlghls
to  anv
lois   and   drivers
shall li" the duly of such -conductors and tents to bn executed
drivers ns fur us pracUcable to keep vigi-   The Common Seal of
laut   WOtch   for   all   teama   carriages    or*
persona on foot, bicycles or horseback,
either on the truck or moving towards it.
and on the flrsl appearance of danger the
car rhull be Stopped in tlie slu'riist |kis
sible space uf time.
28, Tl"' conductors on said cars shall
announce to thu passengers llie names of
Ibe streets and public miliums us the cars
r. ndh tin-in
2*9 in the event of tlm CorporaUon or
any olher person or p. rsutis or 1mi.Iv or
bodies corporate proposing or being d,-sir-
mis of constructing u street railway or
���unit railways on aur ot the streets inroads wiiiiin tlu District or Burnaby
other thfUl those upon which the Com-
nany shall have constructed n siri-s-t mll-
i-uy or have a sins-t railway In oourao ��f
nnstructton in aooordanoe wiiti tho pro-
���isions   herein   contatned,   the   Company i
hall   be   reoiiosted   in   writing    to    build
the Corporation of
the District of Burnaby wns hereunto
affixed In the presence of
ns giving to
I  of
of forming n
-Inking Fund for the payment of the Ae-
benturea, and tho sum of One Thousand
Pour Hundred and Fifty Dollars
($1480.00) for the payment of the interest at the rut" aforesaid, the said special
rati to lie in addlUon to all other rates to
lie levied and collected In tli" sn, I
nldpallty during the currency of it"
debentures or nnv of them
3.    Ttils   By-law   shall   take   fffe
i und aft.-i* the Beoond day of Jui
4 Tills By-law may !����� Cited for all
purposes  ofl  th,    "BDKNABY   SCHOOL
Board loan ko. 3 by-law isis."
done AND PASSBD i" op. n Council
this sev, nih day of April A, D. 1013.
RECEIVED  the assent   of the  Elect   rs
at  un   BlecUon  for  the purpose on  th<
 day of  April  A   D.   I9U.
RECONSIDBRBD  and  finally  adopted
A.   D.
n Saturday, the 2Cth day of April. 1913
hctween 9 O'clock a.m. until 7 O'clock:
p.m.. at the following places:
Burnaby   Ihiblic   Hall.   Edmonds.
Agricultural   Hall.  Central  Park.
Mr. Topping's Store, 13th Ave., Kast
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam.
Dundnnald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet  Hall.   Barnet.
Mr. Hrazee's Store, North Burnaby.
The Social Club Building, Capltul Hill.
Burnnby Lake Store. Burnaby Lake.
La&cmere School,  Iaakemere.
Public Notice la hereby given that the
vote of the Electors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on tlie above mentioned Bv-law ut the time and place above
mentioned, and that A. Q. Moore has been
appointed Returning Officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual powers  In that  behalf.
By order of tho Council.
I). C. McOregor. Reeve.
Arthur 0,  Moore.  Clerk.
BdmondB, 11. C, April 7th, 1913.
Ave..  Baal
, of Itu
Take notice that the above Is a true
copy of lh" proposed Ilv-law upon which
tho vote of tin, Municipality will !���" taken
on Saturday, tlie 2Cth day of Aprll. 1913.
between �� o'clock u.m. until 7 o'clock p.m.-,
at the following places:
Burnaby lhibllo Hull. Kdmonds.
Agricultural  Hall. Central  Park
Mr.   Topping's   Store.   13th
that miiv hereafter be (ranted to nny per    gJJJj^J corporate proposing or being desir- I Huniaby.
son or persons or body Borpornto to oprn  0���a ,lf eonBtructfiw n Btreet railway   oi      iiumiiton Road School.  Burqultlam.
or  take  up Bold  "'reels  of  aald   < ornora     ,,.r���,   ���,,,���,,  ,,n   anv  of  lh"  streets   ne I      Duiidomild   Bchool,   Kruser   Arm.
Hon or anv of Hum. Hot in ih" event pi   rilhls   w���,,in   ,iu.   District    of    Burnaby      Barnel Hall. Hum"t.
the  CorporaUon   urantlng  such   rlgnt   '���    ���ni,.r  ,lum  ,(,������.  ���1V(,���  which  the  Com-      Wr   Braise's  Btore.  North Burnaby.
nnv pers-n or pew ns or bod'- corporate II .  ���,i;in tulv,. constructed u sir,*.!  rail- I     Th-  Social  Club   llulWlng.   Capitol   lllll
shall  make it u condition  of sm-h Kraut  *^.,1V ,,r ,.IV1. ��� ,irPei railway In oourao of      Burnaby  l-ike stum.  Burnatiy \ai\u:
that  ihe grantee shall  without  d"iav re-   oonstructlon in aooordanoe wiih the pro-      I ikemere Bchool, l-akemet-".
phu-e   Ihe   truck   und   tn uk"   good   t"   t'-"   vlB|.���,s   herein   contnlned.   the    Ouinptuu I     Puhllc Notion Is hereby given Unit the
Company  any dnmnge thereto   at   suon  rlhMl,  ,,,, m.u,^���.d  i��� writing   to   buildlvotn of the BSleotora of the District   of
grantee's own costs s-.icu desired or proposed railway and op- i Bumaby will be taken on the above-men-
tn The s^.ed nf Ihe ears sliall not nx- ,.,.,-,,,. Hi, sum" upon the terms nnd eondl- I tloned By-law nt the time und pints' above
seed twenty-five miles an. hour, provided tlons In this Agreement oantalned, and mentlonod, and that A. a. Moore has
tiirii the 'uld ��i"'"i shnll, If rionind by , .��� Compiuty shall within sixty (80) days been appointed Returning Offloer to take
resolution of the Council nf said Corpora- therenrter notify the Corporation whethei the vote of suoh "lectors with tlie usual
Hon h" reduced to n rate of speed not ex- ] ��� ,s willing to build and operate sucii powera In tlmt behalf.
"""ding  tm  miles p.r hour   on   bUBlnoBfl   strpot   r.uiiiuv  and  In   tho  event   of  Uie       uy  ORDBR OF THE COUNCIL.
streets and firteen miles nn hour on res-   Company   refusing   or   neglecting   within | |,   ,,   M,.(lP -,,.   u..r.Ve
dentlal simois. -ii  (00) days from Bitch requeat to Big- , Arthur O. Moore. Clerk!
II     The Company wlll causo cars to be   nl..   Its wlllumn-iss to build imd  operate   ,.;,���������ndi..  II. C. April 7th. 1013.
run at Intenwhi of not more than an hour  such railway, or In the event of the ( om-, (lorS)
nl in i��� "evi ii n m   und eloven p.m, each   puny neglecting or refus ng to oommence	
v ,..P Ing Sid.  *    '''which day  the   thc   building  "f  such   railway  wlihln   six   *- ���-'-������-
',;,, ���a,Vv .hall not be obliged to nm the  monUis after oxplrntlon of the suld sixty I
Company snail not '"."":        provided,   (00)  davs, or to complete   same   within
however   ���'��� ".     "   Compnn? shall,  if .*.*    twelve (|j, ,,���,,,,;��� from the date when It
ml to do bo by resolution of the Coun    Blgnlfled Us willing,,..ss to build nnd op
on ���r the Corporation, having regard   to  orato such rallw
whivl th" demand for traffic accommodo    Ibcn have thu .
ilni   hisilfl....   enme   cars   to   he   run    on   erato sn much o
each of snld lines at such more   frequent 1 na shall not hnve I,
Intervals innn hi this olausi
bv   t ��������  Council,  signed  by  th
Clerk and seated with the i
all on lhe   day of
A.  D   lhlS.
Iteeve and
rale seal
B   true
- taken
on Salurday. the 26th day of Aprll. I"��3.
between 9 O'clock a.m. until 7 O'clock
p.m.. at tbe following places:
Burnaby   Publlc  Hall,   Kdmonds.
Agricultural   Hail,   Central   Park.
Mr. Topping's Store. 13th Ave.. Kast
Hamilton Road School. Burqultlam.
Dundonald School. Fraser Arm.
Barnet Hall.  Barnet.
Mr. Braise's Store. North Burnnb)-.
The  Social  Club  Building.  Capitol   IUIL
Burnaby Lake Store, Burnaby Lake.
Lbkemere School, Lakemere.
Public Notice Is hereby given that the
vote of the BleCtOrB of the District of Itur-
nnliv will he taken on the above mentioned ttv-law at the time and place above
mentioned; and that A O. Moore bas been
appointed Returning Officer to take tho
vote of such electors wltli the usual powers In that behalf.
By order of the Council.
D. C.  McOregor,  Reevo.
Arthur O. Moore. Clerk.
BdmondB, ii. C April 7tb, 1913.
right i-.
vi  sluill
I .  c instruct   and  op- 1
desired tine or lines {
constructed by tt-
P.O. Box 3$ Daltv News Bldg
of all kinds.
���ovld.'d and Company, or grain t.. nny poraon or per-  prjoeg r|rht.   Sntipfaetlnn guaranteed
between the hours of 0:30 a.m., nnd mid-| sons or  ly corporate the right to build | '- crt  uil/.���,.  ���,
night of eac ��� day excepting Sunday, pro- |ni,d opi rate sum ��� or otherwise aa Uie Cur-
t-,9 McKenzie St.
Tak"   notice  that   the  above   Is
cony of Uie proposed By-law upoi
the vote of the Municipality will h
n Saturday, the noth day of Aj.r.1   ibis,
cn   0   O'clock   am.   until   .   oclick
at   the following  plains;
Burnaby  Publlc  Hall,  ESdmonds.
Agricultural Hall, Central Park.
Mr.   Topping's  Store,   13th    Ave   i'"1-'":
Hamilton Road School, Burqultlam.
Dundonald School, l-'r:iser Arm.
Barn t Hall, Barnet
Mr. Braxee's store. North Burnaby.
The  Social  Club  Building.  Capitol   Hill.
Burnaby Lake Store, llurnaby Luke.
Uiki mi ro Bchool, Lolti mcre.
Public Notice Is Immhy glv.n that the
v���i.. of Hi" Electors of the District of Burnabv will be taken on tho ubove mentioned By-law at tho Ume und place above
mentlonod. and Hint A. O. Moore has been
appointed Reluming officer to take the
vote of such electors with the usual ik>w-
ers In that behalf.
ity order ..r the Council.
li. c. McGregor, iteeve.
Arthur G.   Moore.  Clerk.
Edmonds, 11. C��� April 7th, 1013.
Bank of Montreal
CAPITAL (Pald-Up) ....$1-8,000,000.00
RESERVE    $16,000,000.00
r.ranchos throughout Canada and
Newfoundland, and In London, Eng
and. New York. Chicago and Spokane
'.S.A., and Mexloo City. A general
hanMng business transacted. I^ttere
,f Credit iBBued. available with corespondents ln all parts of the world.
Savings Bank Department���Deposits
received In sums of $1 and upward
ind Interest allowed at 3 per cent. *et
.iinuni (preaent rate).
Total ABRets over J18K.0O0.O00.O0.
O. n.  IlHYMNF.n.  Manager
Week End tickets on sale to local
points at Single Fare for Uouud Trip
on  Fridays,  Saturdays aud  Sundays.
Kor rates and reservation apply   to
Now WoBtiulnsitu
>r 11. W   Brodle. O P.A . Vanci--:vo��
eSSBB   I        '   *    ��� | MASSAGING SIIAVINO
1    Specialty��� Treatment  of  the  scalp
Hvnil  rPJirl THF, NEWS hv  Vibro-Massage and Glover's Kam-
you get all the news,     david boyle, 35 Eighth st
i, ,.'--.,  ...
"PAY    CASH    IT   WILL    PAY
RemrmbFr the PHone No.
Rcmrmber  the  Place ���
33 Eighth Street.
You are not satisfied with the
EGGS you hnve been getting '
They are not new laid? You
Cannot be sure of a sweet tasting, absolutely fresh egg lor
You have not tried DAVlES'
Mr. navies 1ms deposited With
us a $5.00 bill to he paid to the
first person finding an egg not
us above specified, Every EGi3
is stamped With his name: 3
dozen for $1.00.
Muplo Creamery Butter-The
Butter sold under our own label.
Sweet, full cream butter which
we guarantee pure, 40c. per lb.,
2 lbs. 75e.
Westham   Creamery   Butter
Very good indeed; 3 lbs. for $1.
Try a pound of "Our Special"
Tea." The tea that makes the
''Perfect Cup."    Per lb. 50c.
Springs Lemon Curd ideal
rake filler, or for use in Tarts.
Pure and wholesome. Per jar 35c
Oranges���-Everyone    selected,
at all prices:  18 for 25c;  12 for
25c;   1  doz. for 35c;   1 doz. 40c
Spinach, per lb   8c
Asparagus,   per  Ib 15c
New  potatoes,  lb 10c
Radish,   Green   Onions   and
Parsley,  bunch      5c
Cauliflower per head  20c
Freeh Strawberries, box  .. . 25c
18 Ib. Sax Sugar for . $1.10
Public Supply Stores
L. L. ADAMS        S. K. BR1GGS
Meets a
Real Need.
That need was for an
executor and trustee
who should not die, be
absolutely honest, know
how to handle estates,
be always accessible, be
always able to give
clear, concise accounts
of the trust.
No individual execu-
tot can meet these requirements.
We would be pleased
to see you at any time
and tell you more. It
wilHnterest you, too.
Dominion Trust
Company, Ltd.
'The Perpetual Trustee'
4% oi deposits
superintendent western district, Seattle; M. J. t'ostello, assistant traffic
manager, Seattle; W. il. Portler, as-
Blatant amlilor, Spokane; and J. 11.
O'Neii, superintendent, Cascade divis-'
ion, Everett,
In   The Courts
^L"AB(.L> 4
The Local Council Of Women have
resolved lo co-operate with the I'ro-
!?ress!ve association in the "liny British Columbia Products" scheme.
For ever} thing electrical see W.
Day. House wiring and conduit work
a specialty. (1078)
The council of the Hoard of Trade
met yesterday* afternoon and discuss*
id a variety of matters which will be
reported to a general meeting of the
nance Wednesday evening, 23rd,
Johnston's hall, Sappertun. Rushton's
orchestra In attendance. W, P.
Bowell, M.C.   Ladles free. (1126)
Mr. W. Q, Swan, divisional engineer
of the l'. N. It., left for Cult us creek,
near Vale on an inspection trip of
the line. He is expected to return this
A. llardman, tho cake man. Oet
good bread. Eighth Street Bakery.
Telephone 231, (9CSi
Professor Hetherington of Columbian college, lectured before the members of the Hiver Road Methodist
church at the North Arm school, South
Vancouver on Monday evening. His
theme was "A Trip to Honolulu," and
was  illustrated  by  slides.
Qet your lawn mower ground at
Swanson's, Hegbie street. We have
special machinery for doing this work
Thp members of Amity Lodge, No.'
21. l.O.O.P., will pay a fraternal visit
to Vancouver lodge, No. 8 on Friday
evening next. All Oddfellows are invited to attend. A special car will
leave at 7 p.m.
Second hand sewing machines for
sale from $10 up. C. N. Edmondson A
Co., corner Sixth avenue and Twelfth
street. (1074)
Mayor Gray is in receipt of a handsome donation from Messrs. Small &
Huckllu towards the furnishings of
the new hospital. His worship intimates lhat any similar contributions
from citizens will be welcomed by the
board of directors of the Koyal Columbian  hospital.
On Chong Co., merchant tailors.
Now arrival of spring goods. Ladies'
and gentlemen's suits at reasonable
prices. 413 Columbia Btreet, Iiurr
block and 24 Mclnnls Btreet.      (10671
Drs. P. D. MacSween nnd F. 1'
Smith of this city havc just been elect
ed member" of the Dental Council of
British Columbia for terms of five and
three years respectively. Dr. J. .Milton
Jones haB been elected a member for
two years. Dr. II. T. Minogue and
Dr A Brlghouse of Vancouver complete  the  membership of the council
Don't miss hearing the famous
California Jubilee Quartette, and
especially  the    double    voiced     man.
May Mean  New Trial.
The  appeal  of  Doyli  Singh against
a   conviction   for     perjury     al     New
Mr. J. P. McConnell Gives Address cn   Westminster's last   fall    assizes    has
Chief Political Topics. ,,,,,.��� dismissed hv    the   court   of up
Mr. John I'. McConnell, Vancouver   .���,a|
addressed a  meeting of the electors.   JUitioe Qajnher dissented. Tlu- dls
at Port Moody on .Monday night   In gent|ng juflgnjenl  will permit counsel
BennetfB Hall, under the auspices of ; ,*,,,.   -.*;���>,���,,   gingh   t��� apply   fm-    a   new
See  Our Big Ad. on Page  3
the  Port  Moody   Liberal  Association.
Mr. Alex. Latta presided and there
wan an excellent attendance. Mi.
McConnell dwelt at length upon chief
politieal questions uf the day affeot-
ing Dominion and provincial affairs.
A vole of thankB was accorded Mr.
McConueU for his able address.
Music and recitations diversified
the program,
Arrests follow Startling
Disclosuresin Arscn Case
I Continued from page onei
Agents for
"Try New
Agents for
"St. Claire"
674-678 Columbia Street
New Westminster
Interesting   Addresses  Given  by  Visitors���Important Topics.
Interesting addresses were made at
tlie meeting of the Local Council nl
Women held at the home nl Mrs
Lamb. Third avenue, yesterduj afternoon, Mrs. .1. K, I'nswoi-Hi. ef Van-j
couver, speaking of tlie work in that
city, While Mrs. Rothwell. ot Reg'.na.
oyplaJned the \>nrk being done In tlie!
prairie city.
"Better Protection of Women   and |
(lirls" was th- theme taken h>
that he Rhould burn it down and ynu |
would give him $1000?
Witness- No;   I  never said I would
give him flllfiu to burn il down.    1 said
I  had  loo  many    damned    buildings]
around  here and  he said "Why don't
you burn some of tbe... down?" ! l lne "cepl that
After  further testimony  from   wit- street,
ness, Mr. Held said l"* had a number      Mr.   MoQuarrlt
of other witnesses,   n might seem an
extraordinary thing   for   counsel to ����-l * ��� the place      -.-.
cross-examine to prove the guilt of his
own client
Undoubtedly his line of cross-examination had been such that  It Bhowed
Do     ynu
back, took th
suggest *
I  don't
Witness    I     don't     know,
know how the fire started.
Mr.   McQuarrie -Why   did
into the store,
t'i.sworth. She explained that three |accuBed was accessory before the fact, W1,",';K" ' w.ant?(Lt0 li,",ll"w"
hostels were in operation In Vancou- but it was his wish and the wish of nil ; Mr. .dcQuarrie thought you were
ver which were meeting Mith success. his friends and everybody connected going to make a o ean breast o this
She hoped lu see the appointment of with him, that tl." whole facts should Mr, Held - That is not fair. II.* is
a police matron In this city, who be placed before the court as the bast making a confession.
could work in conjunction wiih tin .way to get out of the scrape he bad.
V. W ,C. A   recently formed. I got Into.
The executive meeting of lhe Local i That was the reason he had taken
Council of Women will be held in St. the step he had and he would go one
Stephen's church on Monday afur- step further and put the whole evidence in his possession, evidence, he
believed which would he of Ihe greatest assistance to the police, Into tlieir  about it
Mr. McQuarrie���You were planning
HART���Mr. F. J- Hart of this city
has received the sail news of
the death of his mother at her residence in St. John's Nfld. Mr.'. Hart
was 88 years of age. The funeral took
place yesterday afternoon.
EASTON���The funeral of the late
Mr. McQuarrie   Please don't Interrupt me.
To witness    Do you mean to tell Ihe
ourt that knowing this place was going to he set on fir", you went Into it
for the purpose of going    to    sleep?
Witness- I    did    not    think    much
hands. , .     .      ,
Some question of adjournment was this Tor weeks with Smith and Nos
discussed but it was finally decided to  figuring it out  for some time.
take accused's testimony,
Met  Ness  in  Seattle.
Howard Walters, who bore traces of
a   severe   burning   on   lhi'   face   and
SIR COMUND a. OSIER. M P , I'm BUI NT. w   ll   MATTHEWS. Vict PRlbicl NT.
C. A. BOGERT, General Manager.
Capital paid up
Raterva Fuad
Total AittU  -
$1 Gives You A Bank Book
You do not need to watt unt.l you have a large sum ol money,
In order lo open an account with this Bank. You can open an
account with $1.���on which interest will be compounded twice a
year.   Thua, your savings are always earning money lor you.
Witness I spoke ahout it to Smith
on three occasions. I never really figured upon doing It.
The Court    I  urn  not  satisfied  you *
hands, then took the stand.    He said  are telling the whole truth,
he met Ness in Seattle on March il last      On application of Mr. Held the case
was adjourned until April 29.
i. o. 43$ o. f.
|The Medicine  Hat   News Bays he has i i,0vett, anchor*. Clark Thomas, spray
Mr. and Mrs.. F. W. Johnson, spray:
Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Cairns and family
wreAthi Mr. aad Mrs. Hanford. spray:
Mr. and Mrs. W. Cairns, spray; Mr. 11
Cairns, spray.
William Clarence Easton, only son of; and they arranged lo come to New
Mr and Mrs. Wm. Easton was held Westminster. They stayed at the Lo-
from the family residence. 313 Kegina , tus hotel in Vancouver and wer" drink-
street at 2::Su o'clock yesterday after- ing hard. On Marcil 7 they arrived in
noon Interment took place in the New Westminster,
new citv cemetery. The services ��.t j Coming down to March 12 he said
the house and graveside were con-.Smith asked him whether he wanted
ducted by Rev. W. W. Abbott, B.D.     ��� to  make  some easy  money  nntl  said
Masters Willie Laird, Morgan he had two places in the city he want-
White. Carson  Hrvson. Tliomas Spen-Jed  burned down
cer. Frank Buckland, Clifford Kris-] There was $7500 insurance on the
man all members of the deceased's two places, a second hand Ftore and a
Sunday school class, were the pall- j bakery. Smith said he would show ac-
bearers. I cused the places.
The floral offerings were many and i On the following day they vera
beautiful, among some of them being'drinking again and he vlFited the seethe  following: ond hand store with Smith.    He hor-
Mr and Miss Peebles. Bpray: Henry | rowed money from Smith at the time.
Jewer. Bpray; Mr. and Mrs. I.ee, I He narrated the various meetings
spray; Sunday school class, wreath;! down until March 17, when he said
Miss Hood and pupils, wreath; Lance I Smith gave him ta to buy gasoline to will assemble al the hall at 6:80 sharp
and Willie Hobson, spray; George El- burn the store. Smith told him that Members of Amity Lodge. No. 27
lis, spray; Miss Melllsh, spray; Mrs. day that the Btore was ready to bn' Royal Ctiy Lodge, No. 3. Beulah He
MeLeod, Bpray; Mrs. Swain and Miss ��� burned down and lhat the door would bekah Lodge, No.
Calblck,'Bpray; Mr. and Mrs. Sherriff. i'���<' left open for him. Purchasing the brothers are
wreath; Mr. and Mrs. Horton, spray: I gasoline in Vancouver he and Ness'tend
Mr Reid, S. S. superintendent, spray; proceeded to the store when they dis-
Magnus Severson,    liert   Polller, Dan I covered   they   had   forgotten   to   get
If you read THE NEWS you get all the news.
The Oddfellows of New Westminster will celebrate the ninety-fourth anniversary of the order on
Sunday, April 27th
by attending Divine Service In thc
, West End  Methodist church at 7 p.m.
The sermon will be preached by Ihe
Hev. Bro. W. S. A. Crux. II. A
The brothers will wear badges and
W. R. GILLEY, Phon* 122. ��. e. OILLEY, Phone IS
Pfionii. Office IB and It.
Gilley Bros. Ltd.
We have a limited stock of COMOX COAL
which we can recommend for Steam and
Furnace use, which v/e will sell for cash only
and  all  visiting
cordially   invited   to   at-
Py Order
IL A. MERRITHBW, Noble Grand.
w. c. Chatham. Secretary
Ithe most wonderful voice ever heard
llin tln-ir city, ln Queens Avenue
II Methodist ���church Friday, April 2r,th,
[at Sj o'clock. I114U)
The executive meeting of the llurnaby Horticultural society will be held
this evening at ti o'clock in Mr. A.
Scon's office. The principal business
to be transacted will be the final arrangement of the prize list which it Is
hoped shortly to place in the hands of
tlie printer. Mr. W. S. Vivian, secretary of the society, has just received a
subscription to the society
president. Sir Richard McBrlde,
coupled with thn premier's wisheB for
the success of the undertaking.
Amend   Municipal   Offices  B/law���Favor Across Canada  Road.
The  Surrey  municipal  council   met
at  the  Municipal  hall, Cloverdale, on
Saturday, April 19, the Reeve and all
in,,::  .he,1";';""'��� beln* Preeent.
1 he minutes of the previous meeting -
were rend  and confirmed.
Communications   were   received   asl
Miss  Davey   Ib  moving  her  mlllin- [    From A.  V. Glenn. .1. A. Ward and ,
"ry   business  from   2U4   Agnes  street [others  asking  that   improvements   be;
to the Carnarvon  block, 71S  Carnar- made to  the  Hose road  west of the i
von street, today, Wednesday.  (1148)  Johnston road,   Received and referred
(to Councillor  Hrown.
The  new    tracks    connecting    the |    From   II.   Hose,  secretary of  I'nion
Sixth   street     lines    with   those    on   of B. C.  Municipalities enclosing cur    ..
now  being used  respondence received by him from the
olunibia street are
,by the
�� Hi"
H. C. K. R.    Yesterday morn-
Sixth street oar-i wer" routed
l.'nlon of Canadian  Municipalities together with a form of resolution endor-
Pan] up Capital ami Surplus
      $'_'  SHI
Assets       4,973,163 OS
Trusts under Administration
   $(,217,983 t ���
Traateeships for Bondholders
OFFICES: ��� Vancouver, Victoria
New    Westminster,    Nanalmo,
Calgary. Regina. Winnipeg.
Montreal. London, Mug., and
Antwerp,  Belgium
over the new cut-over Instead of be- sing an Interprovlncial highway of
Ing sent around by Queens park. It good standard construction across
is expected that the new belt line Canada, niul requesting lhe r. C. M.
will he in uperal inn within the next to secure united action fur the pur-
two weeks as the laying of the pose. Received und endorsed.
cemenl pavement between th" track: Councillor Hrown of Delta, appear-
mil be started this week. ed as a delegate from the Delta council
asking assistance from Surrey in open-
Miss Downham, a professional Ipg the Town Line road on the line be-
....rso of Ottawa, will arrive an the tween Surrey and Delta, from Scott
coas: about t'i.* latter pari of April road tn ihe Fraser river, and :i ,vaa
i.i take charge of the work of the agreed to make a Btart on this by-
branch "l il:.- Victorian Order ol 'ini. municipality contribute .*_* 0
Nurses  here.    A   letter has  been  re for Bume.
eolved   bj   tho   secretary   rrom   Miai A   bylaw   to  amend   the   Mun    p
'���I *"    An:   Mm :,. nzie,   the   i hlef   nu Ofl   ei     bylaw,  191; .  pai.,,:  li    ...  i
perlntcmletil   of  ile*   Victorian   Ordei ���** md  b   I  third  readings,
,:'     Nut  >..    Ottawa,    stating     that The   Surre)    Pound     bylaw,     1913,
II t D. ���;.' im will leave on   Vpril 25 ,.-,'".             . ading,
covered   they   had   forgotten   to
candles and h" went into one of the
neighboring r. d light houses for snme
On hla return he found the gasoline
had disappeared. II" was very drunk
at the time aud went inside th"
house to sleep. The next thing he
'knew was waking up with his cloth
on fire, He ran out sobered by the
fire ami was arrested on Eleventh
! street. He could not get. out at first
ns the door was shut and he could
not open lt.
Cross-examined by Mr. McQuarrie���
i I diil not intend to do anything with
ithe candles. Ness was to do it. Ile
j said he had done it before. First he
i said he would have to get some tools
to cut Into the joists and then pour
gasoline Into the cuts and Bet fire to
^them. Aftem-rds he said he ��-"������'���'
! not. require tools. HfSHBI
Mr. McQuarrie- - You admit n lut ,,.
' tilings, but you will not go as  far.as  wlu, ,ll(.lr in.lirti are cordiallv invlt
to admit that you acttiallv set fire to   .      .,     ,
the building. to attend.
Witness���No, sir.    Ness was to set1        K- A* MBRRITHEW, Noble Grand
re to it.    I Intended to go with him. !        W.  C.  COATHAM, Secretary.
Mr.   McQuarrie You   are   the   one  (1145)
w-ho   made   tii"   arrangements with  _^_^_______^______
Smith? '     '
Witness I made the arrangement:!
so  far.
Mr McQuarrie You undertook to
Bet Nre to the place so far aa Smith
was concerned.
Witness    I was going to do it.
Mr. McQuarrie Vou were the man
who spoke i.i Ness and got him Into
Witness Win n I spo!<" to Ni as that
night, he said  he  knew all about  it.
Witi * - procei ding said his recollect! : *.' ts * * !* i/* thai l: ��� could nol
remen bi i* v hi i*.. he bought the gast *
The officers and members of Amity
Lodge, No. 27, I. O. O. F., will cele
bra!" the nineteenth anniversary of
Amity Lodge on Monday evening next.
April 28
by holding an entertainment and banquet in the Oddfellows' Hall at 8 p.m.
All   members  nnd   visiting   brothers
Our Motor Truck now delivers Lumber, Lath and
Shinies ON THE JOB.
Local Sales Department, Phone S90.
i '
Cor. 6th Ave. and 12th St.
Headquarters for all kinds of Furniture, Furnishings, Stoves, Ranges, Washing Machines, Wringers, Dishes, Glassware, etc., etc.
Headquarters for the famous "Sunset Sewing
llananas,   per  dozen
Oranges, per dozen .
. \ppl"S. per hox  .. ���..
. .   25c. to 50c.
.   ...$1.35 to $2.25
Rhubarb, 3 lbs. for    23c.
Tetley's Tips, per lb    CDc.
Picked Ceylon Tea. '���'. lbs ....     Ji.oo
Sugar, IX lb. saek      $1.15
Phone  03.
Fish and  Produce.
417  Columbia
arrival here
re Idem i   .:. thi
I,.   *.l
take up her
M. i'. A
Ti Builders and Contractor's This
is "Iin. you have been looking for.
now lake advantage of ii.    Wo    an.
carrying in  Btock  rr   1000  ���,, :*	
yards of building material. Tin- following are out retail prices to con.
���uners at th" bunkers Crushed
nirk, pi'.-i gravel and coarse gravel
$1 per yard: coarse concrete Band
and river Hand, ti"r per yard. Wo are
alwi prepared to furnish Kngiish
cement,  hard  plaster and lime    at    a
'I li"   el. ���'..   *.'.,*-   Instructi 1   ' ���   notify  M   W   Mlnthorne to pay up thi
balat . e   "*.*. ii      by   him   on   i     perl
purchased  from the munli Ipallt)
a ..ni*- t*. ih ��� amount i f (811 82
wen-   passi *:   .ii..I   ,.,*,!. r. .   paid
again on Kalurdaj   Ma)  3 a' :.' p ...   al
the   Municipal   hall,   Cloverdale
���^���.tr-f^ry P.-^y
Mai Ih    i:  ������ h    i irk,
dlvl   o       *   ���'        |    .*, rlc
estate at  p ...t  i., berts
l ' ���   m the market la
fronting  I r ad  Btreel
PL-    -I    ��� Il|
, 11  VVhnlei
Wl sh.. |g a
.... 100 feet lot
anil  ivlili   i...,
ind inspect oui
of   Spring
Call nov,'
complete    lint
Vancouvi r,  April  n::
gi nt,  Hi"  y ung  mun
fr.un   the   Vancouver
Clifford  Sar
who    .   capetl
.   police  Jail   on
mom.���ni s notice.   Special prices given  Sunday   morning  but   who  later  i  .-
io wholesalers by arrangement,    We captured by a member of the Dun
have the finest bunkers In It  C. and  police   force   was   sentenced
I" tual    bi n h    i':'h lieges,    This    ha   :
!' ��� 'i  tti.- can n ground for Bcores ol
local  |ii-<-i le fm* yeara.    The lots an* |
Belling   fast,   many   people   procuring   High  Class   Larii-^o  and
Ihe  locatioi a  tbi y   had occupied    ai
JAIL  tenants for yeara    Prices $330 and un-
*.'..* rds, easy lermB.   Sole agents.
70" Columbia Street, City.
No Come
i me I
iingines always   work   perfect
from the start.
It is proof that they
arc made RIGHT.
Mado   in   New   Westminster.
St'haake   Machine Works.
Lome   streel,   .\ew   Westminster
fid-C Main Street, Vancouver
from our iicr-est department. All the latest and
popular magazines and
weeklies kept in stock. Will
deliver if you prefer.
��" invito your Inspection at any time
B, C, Transport Co., Ltd. (1021)
Mrs. James C.
street, wiij receive
again  Hns season.
Loll e,
327   Fifth
and     not
Mt Columbia Street
Phone  453 ,
Visit of G. N. R. Officials.
Coming through on a Bpeclal train
nnd making a lour of Inspection, Mr
Carl II. Oray, president ol the 0 N,
I! , visited this city for a short time
vi sii i lay, leaving later in the ila> fur
Seattle. Accompanying President
Oi.i> wi re Messrs j. M, timber, vice-
president in charge of operation; W
r.  Kenney,  vlce-prealdeni  In  charge
of tralTir:   L. ('.  Oilman, assistant  tol men  walked out  when their demands
the   prealdent;   W.  D.   Scolt,   gc-JUTii) I Tor  increased   wages   wero  refused.
to two
years In thn police courl this morn
Ing Sargi nl pleaded guilts to a
chargi of in aklng away from lawful
custody and was sentenced to two
years II" was also si nt< need ... twi
years for housebreaking, the i. rms to
run   concurrently.
Sargi :.: Is lesB than 20 year ol
age as ,:lso his comp m i n, Fran';
'l homas, who was given three years ...
the Industrial school
Brewer  who  . scapi A   with  Sar
has imt yet been located.
���_-. j, *na*saa *txri,-TM3*i**oit.wmiBtrErsi
Eraser Valley Division H. C. Electric Lines.
Effective April 20, 1913.
(Subject to Change Without Notice.)
In a good  hi
Clay  Workers  Stri'-e.
Perth   Ainhny,   \    J���   April   22     A
Btrik" of the employees of lhe four
clay factories along the Rarltan river
was  begun   today.    Fifteen   hundred
.No    1    Hire   Is   a   splendid   home for sale cheap.
callty near Queen's Park and new school.
lt  has seven large comfortable moms with every modern convenience;   full  basement;  on a large lot. fiiixl.'li fert.
This place is below value and  the  terms  are nuch  that almost
anyoi." can  handle it.
PRICE,  $1400,  $750  CASH,   balance monthly.   If you wain to buy
B  home  let  us show ynu thin p lace.
Agents   for   Pacific   Coast   Stea m6hip Co.
F. J. HART &  CO., LTD.
Established 1891.
We write Fire, Llfo, Accident, Employers'   Liability.   Automobile   and
Marine Insurance.
l.v,.  Vancouver    s
An- Huntingdon  	
Arr chilliwack  	
Lve Chilliwack   	
i.ve Huntingdon 	
Arr Vancouver 	
Express  Milk
8: IB
12:30     8:30
16:00    9:66
19:00   12:66
ixpress  Milk
IS: (Ml
0:10   1X:i:o
I'll: 40
9:30   31:40
10:60   22:60


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