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The New Westminster Times Oct 6, 1860

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♦ 3, foi iii
|ifc P* rfmitwhr, $at»iatr, Sttate 6, I860.
felt*, Is.
(From the London Times,)
Punishment in the case of the Pope's Irish
Brigade has not hobbled up with her proverbially  halting steps,    Tlie old  beldam,  for
I once, has come upon hor  victims s-viftand
; straight its an arrow from ft bow The wretched creatures who were kidnapped by tlie recruiting agents of the Roman Pontiff   have
i learnt, to   their cost, that   there  tire worse
ir.iitiires in the world than thc well-abused
[Anglo-Saxons, on whom Ihey have been vent-
ling their picturesque discontent  ever   since
iwe were all little boys together; and, oh I but
it is grand lo hear the Pope taken in hand by
'• Ilis Own !" it is  not wo who say it—not wc
but a returned ro ruit, who loved the Pope so
|lhat he went to shed bis blood in bis defence.
Hero is a sketch from  !if  for you:—" Rome
lis a small placo, and the streets aro narrow,
and so till by thai cvory one is like a stench-
Ijiole, while tlie beggars that follow you cvory-
rwlicre look bo miserable and wretched that
[they nearly break your heart to hear them
II iv for ' Bread, bread,1 while the priests arc
■en everywhere eating, drinking, and smole-
ling, as if tbey bad nothing else in the world
11 o do.     Oh I how  my heart  panted  for Old
Ireland, and how 1 prayed to be away from
Ilhis accursed place l':    Many other travellers
bad arrived at the  same  conclusion as the
Pope's Irish recruit; but they wcre heretics,
and, of course, their tesli 1110113* (''d not go for
punch.    It is curious enough that just side bv
itlc with the ' impressions de voyage' of the
[rope's Irish recruit wo have a report of some
statistical proceedings which have just taken
place in the county of Cork.     From these it
[ii'i'icais  that  within  the  last twenty years
■there has  been  an increase  in the county of
[Cork of one hundred thousand  acres of land
■producing food crops.     Pigs have slightly de-
Itreased, but horned cattle within the twenty
lycars  have  more  than  doubled  in number.
'The exports of butter in annual value amount
to one million pounds sterling.    Contrast the
■condition of Ireland with  that of the pope's
■peculiar city.     Let us, however, for the 1110-
iiiient confine ourselves  to  tho adventures of
Bthc  Pope's   Own.    One hundred and  sixteen
lot these unfortunates  turned up last week at
the ollice ol the  ' Nation,' bent upon having
bin interview with Mr. Sullivan, who bad b'd
Vhem   to   believe   that il tbey would join thc
rope's army tbey would receive two shillinss
p day and the  'hoighth of treatment.'     Mr.
-"iilliva.ii however most judiciously would have
nothing to say them-    The Dublin priests shut
ieir doors in the faces 01 the star, clings who
■ind gone to fight for their spiritual chief, but
nud returned iu  rags, without glory,   and
1,'ithout having struck one blow for the true
Villi-     The substance ofthe statements made
ly th^fjc  wretched creatures  may be given
is l'nllo\.Ts: They were recruited in Dublin by
Jr. Siilliv.Mi,  s"»d  each got twelve shillings
Ind sixpence as his passage money (0 Liver*
nol-   At Liverpool they were taken in hand
Iv a certain  .Father o'ltcilly, -who forwarded
lii-iii on to Hull-    -It was on an unlucky day
\r themselves that they quitted the shores of
fnglai.d,  for from tiitO  moment tbey  wcre
Btsscd on board the Antwerp steamer as deck
[tssengers their real sufferings began-   From
Intwerp  they wcre  drafted  011 to Koine in
■ie course, but thiy* wero much dissatisfied
f itli their treatment during the transit-  They
fere put to sleep on the floors and stables of
fatch-houses.     Their food was black bread
|nl beer, diversified  with  Macearoni soup,
lid occasionally a slice of ' stinking German
lusago' for a relish-   Even these delicacies
fere administered only  twico   during   the
ity-four hours, and in sueh small qunnli-
|es and ol such bad quality ' that they served
In her as emetics than as satisficrs of the ap-
V'lile.*   The recruits admit, or rather lottdiy
fcclaro, that English work-house paupers are
rented as gentlemen in comparison with the
|etttmont they received  at the hands of the
toman  Pontiffs recruiting sergeants-     All
•lis was hard enough of endurance, but it
[as not until they wero fairly within the Pail dominions that they discovered there was
deeper depth of misery even than this-
°n their march from Maeorati to Jtonie thc
cut her was sn hot that tiiey could scarcely
and  up  against, it-     They say they wore
died upon  to  march  tin average ot forty
'les a clay on one meal of brown bread and
id soup.     This was bad  enough, but,  as
Ough  it  bad  been   seriously  intended  to
ock the  men  in then* misery, there was a
t'tain Dr. O'Loughlin, from Waterfowl, who
t-'onipanicd  the.forlorn  Brigade- but tho
v- gentleman  had  taken care to provide
insolf with what tho poor men called a 'car'
•h tt pair of  horses.   They remained at
"no three weeks in a slate  of utter wrotcli-
"e8s; strong men sank under tho treat-
cot, but there was no redress ; the beggars
Kgeii of thorn na if they hntl anything to bestow, nntl
.l' Pricsta laughed nt them.    How could they havo
jenisneli fools as to conic hero at all.     'The priests,'
' '110 recruits, 'appear to be both hated and despised
to   soldiors and people ot   Home,  and we soon
"',,',to '!lir costi wlmt ll set of hollow wretches they
"■'•      Somothlng of the sinnc sort, though in more
ftrtcons terms, wc ventured to bint before their tle-
rturc, luu, of course, ours wcre merely the suggrs-
•'•*   )l heretical envy, hatred nnd  malice.     Hntl the
Pli known how Infinitely superior was tho position of
"oorest wretch in Ireland to Unit of thousand.
upon thousands of the miserable creatures who live
under the dominion of the prieBts, they certainly would
not have sought to better their condition by throwing in
their lot with the defenders of Pius IX. To do them
but simple justice, we tlo not believe thnt, if they had
kuow:i the real state of the case, they Would, even for
the consideration 3s, per diem and thc 'hoighth of
gOOd treatment,' have given their aid in perpetuation of
such tlirc Buffering and oppression, Where were the
Irish recruits to turn In the midst of their misery 7
They went, as we always supposed they would go, to
the English Consul, although they were told that if
they applied to him they wotiltl be shot. .Shooting or
no shouting, however, they could hold out no longer,
ami so crept lo the Consul a house at night and stated
their case. From thi.-- gentleman tbey found help, although they admit themselves thnt they had forfeited
all claim to it. Some of them feigned illness; some of
them cut their legs ; some of them maimed themselves,
iu order that they might gel into hospital, and be sent
home. They were willing to Buffer anything ' rather
than remain in that horrible service' .Such is the Story
which the Pope's recruits tell ofthe treatment they met
with from his agents.
VATES   STREET.   VI.'T.llllA,
nt    his    FIRE-PROOF STORE,  where  he   is constantly  supplied   with   Nkw  (Jooiis by every
steamer, and hns always on hand a
gpleud'ul assortment of
! Silk, Velvet,  anil   Cloth.    Also a large variety of fine
Silks and Bonnets.
An excellent variety of Alexander's
KID   CLOVES, and a full assortment of Gentlemen's  Furnishing  Goods, line Frock Coats ;   Dress
Coats ; Over Coats; Vests anil Pantaloons
of different colors;   Fashionable Silk
Hats.     Gilt Cornices, Curtain
Rings,   Window    Shades,
of all colors, French
Cnssimeres, Broadcloth, Heaver, nud Pilot.
Also—u  full  assortment  of  Tailors'  Trimmings.
.Shawls,   Alpacas,   Merinos,   DcLaincs,   Furs,   Gloves,
Killing   Hats,  Gauntlets,  Cloaks,  .Mantillas,    Velvets,
Embroideries, Ribbons,Laces, Carpets, Hugs. Druggets,
Oil-Cloths, Paper Hangings, Mattings, etc., etc.,
and all oilier goods pertaining to the
business, at the lowest prices.
X. II.—All orders from British Columbia. Oregon, or
Washington Territory, by express or otherwise, will be
promptly amended to.
ml0-1 y K. GAMBITZ.
P II ILL1 P     II I CK,
Government Bakery,
11ns the best quality of Breads, Pies and Cakes.
KEEPS on hand a good assortment of Flour for
country Trade also Pilot Bread, Soda, Sugar, nnd
liuiter Crncuors.
A good assortment of family Groceries, and everything necessary for Bilkers' use in the upper country,
such as Fruit, Lard, kc, kc.
J     I). CARROLL, Yates-street, between Wharf and
#    Govornmont - streets,   Victoria,   Importer    and
Wholesale a      Retail dealer in Wines and Liquors.
00,  Front  Street,   Sax   Francisco, California,
WHOLESALE DEALERS nnd Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines,  Cordials,  Syrups, and
every article in his line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, may rest assured that we will endeavor to give satisfaction in the
article, nnd dispatch iuj'oi-warding. nlO-tc
New style noiseless
F A M I L Y   S E W* I N G    M A C11 I X E S ,
From l?75 upwards.
TIIEY were awarded Two Premiums nt the State
Fair I One for machine sewing, and the only Premium
for Faney Quilting nnd Embroidery.
These machines sew from two spools, ns purchased
from the store, requiring no re-winding of thread, and
finishing each scam by their own operation, without
recourse to the htind needle, as is required by other
machines. On account of their simplicity, durability,
ease of management, nnd adaptation to all varieties of
family sewing, they execute either heavy or line work
with equal facility, and without special adjustment.
The new machines introduced by the Grovcr k Baker
Sewiiig-Mnchinc Company, arc of elegant finish, and
their operation is rapid and very quiet. Thc case with
which thev can be managed is n distinguishing feature,
nnd the stitch is the strongest, handsomest, and most
elastic of any made.
Send for n circular.    All machines warranted
Silk, cotton, needles, etc, always on bund.
It. .1. BROWN, Agent,
ni21-tc IS, Montgomery street, Snn Francisco.
highest price for Gold Dust. Issue Sight
cheques cui Messrs. Tallant & Wilde, San Francisco, at
ii ,mr." inl0-3m
"       HENDERSON   k   BUR NA BY
HVYE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port lFine, choice, ill cases;
llenncssy's Brandy                      \in ei-isou •
McKcniio's Small Still ll'liislcey /     tft'Q* '
Vino Growers' Brandy, in bulk;
Tnnqucruy's Ginger Brandy, In cases;
&c.,          &c,          kc,
which they offer for sale on thc most reasonable terms
June 18th, lsoo.  ^ ^ ^__ -. tu	
Corner   of   Wharf   and   Johnson   streets,
II. N. Dickson & CiT,     •- -      -      London.
Dickson, DkWui-f, & Co.,      -      -      San Francisco.
j .      HERKIMER,
7-KEl'S constantly on hand it well selected stock of
'     Family Groceries and Provisions.
EL AM    &    HOWES,
IMPORTERS nnd Wholesale Dealers in Wood and
Willow-ware, Fancy House-keeping Goods, Twines
Cordage, Shoe and Saddlery Thread, Nets, Saines
Corks, Floats. Fish-books und Lines, nnd Fishing
Tackle of every variety.
Agents for Barbour's Irish Flax Shoe Thread, Gilling
Thread, kc m . v_
Agents for the American Net and Twine Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass.
Agents for the Dolphin Manufacturing Company's
Sail Twine, Cordage, kc,
The whole comprising the largest stock and best assortment ofthe above line of goods on the Pacific Coast,
to which they are constantly receiving large additions
by arrivals from Atlantic cities. Thc particular attention of the trade is solicited to examine our stot-k before
purchasing elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at
prices to defy competition. j20»4ra
V, King William Street, Strand,
BEG to call the attention of readers of English newspapers in Vancouver Island, liritish Columbia,
nml California to the advantage of s'-'iscribing to tlie
•• Evening Mail" newspaper, which is a reprint published three times a week, of all the leading articles,
essays, correspondents' letters, and news of " The
Times'' London newspaper, everything Imi the advertisements, mid can be sent posl free to nil parts of
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and California,
via the United States, for £1 Is per quarter, or £4
per annum, paid in advance ; thus being " The Times''
at Half Prick.
Subscriptions received at the ollice of the " Xew
Westminster Times,'' Xew Westminster, British
Columbia. m2-ly
I II 0 X     W 0 If K S,     VICTORIA.
DOUGALL & SOX, Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, kc    Machinery
of every description made to order.
Agent in British Columbia, Mr. W. Winn.-ii-d, Langley,
March 21, 18(10. -im"
For thc cure of Dyt^epsia, Indigestion, Constipation
Loss of Appetite <r  any Bilious  Complaints
arising from a morbid action  of the
Stomach or Bowels.
All of these diseases you will soon be relieved of, by
use ot* these Bitters, as per directions on the Bottles.
This great anti-dyspeptic is the result of profound and
elaborate study of one of the most celebrated physicians
ofthe present century, in the accomplishment of which
he has spent both time and money. We tlo not hesitate
to affirm that where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
ure used, a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur. It
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in
the Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed by nine-
tenths of the Physicians of the land. Try them—test
them—on your constitution, nnd go your way rejoicing.
Are you dyspeptic '.'—take these Stomach Bitters.
Are you bilious?—try one of these bottles and be relieved at once.
Arc you annoyed by indigestion or constipation ?—
remove the cause by a free use ofthe Bitters.
Have you fever and ague'.'—cure and prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
The superiority of these Bitters hns indnccd many to
put np a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will bc branded, "X. B. Jacoiis k Co."
And the labels will bear our own signature, without
which, none nre genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters are
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afloat in
the market, and especially against a cheap and worthless article called Roscnschfa Bitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Bio.'s. with the avowed intention o!
preying on the well-earned reputation of Roscnbnuin's
Bitters, as a remedial agent in all eases of Dyspepsia
and similar diseases. The genuine Rosenbaum has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature on each
N. B. JACOBS k Co., Proprietors
m21-Gm Saiisonie St., corner Commercial.
THOMAS PATTRICK, & Co., have for sale in store,
and to arrive,
Martell Brandy,
Booth's Old Tom, in puncheons,
Booths Old Tom, in cases,
Burnett's Old Tom in enscs,
McKen/.ic's Old Tom, iu cases,
Tnnquerny k Co.'s Old Tom, in cases,
Scotch   Whiskey,   in   puncheons,
Scotch Whiskey, in cases
Jamaica Rum, in puncheons.
Wines of every description
Thc finest Burton nntl Scotch Ales,
Bottled do do
Devonshire Cidor, in cases.
March 21, 1M0. 3m
WHOLESALE nnd  RETAIL  Dealers  in   Boots nnd
Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of every description.
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kinds. - mhI7-3m
JONAS    G.   CLARK    k   CO.,
F D R X I T I" Il E     A X D      BEDDING,
of every  description,
128,  Washington   strccct,  Sau   Francisco.
40 and 51, Fourth street, between J. nnd K streets,
Hunter street, between Main nnd Levee, Stockton.
And First street, San Jose. jc20-.3m
COLONIAL     11 O T E L ,
PROSPER k FRANK GRELLEY, would respectfully
inform the public that they have just opened
their New Hotel, and arc ready to accommodate travellers or "residents of New Westminster with the choicest
eatables the market ntt'ords. The sleeping apartments
are fitted up in a style that neither Vancouver Island
nor British Columbia can excel, and tho wines and
liqueurs, while enumerating nil that a first-Kite botsl
should boast of, arc of the very best nnd linest description.
Private dining looms enn bo always obtained, and
dinners, kc, gotten up on the shortest notice.
Ohiipiii k Co.'s Male and Female Employment Office,
under the supervision of thc Young Mens' Christian
Association. Particular attention paid to supplying
private families with servants of nil kinds.
Also, have a llouse Brokerage, and Real Estate
Agency Ollice, collect Bills. Rents, etc.
f'f'-'c N. E. cor. Clay and Kcnriiy streets.
JAMES PATRICK, and Co., Sau Francisco,
mli-1 tc Sole Agents for California.
B E E SI     BEES!!     BE E S !
—FOR SALE   11V—
J .     Y .     AV I L S O N ,
-^*n-   10, Commercial-street, San  Francisco.
OFFER for sale a large number of fine swarms o
...    California Bees, in every kind of movenble-frnme
Hive woithy of mention.
These Bees were bred in Alameda county, under thc
supervision of Mr. N. W. Palmer, one ot the most skillful Apiarists in the State.
The extensive manner in which I have engaged in
the Bcc business gives mc extra facilities for furnishing
Bees in stronger and healthier Swarms, and at a lower
HATE than nny other dealer in the state.
Full instructions for the management of Bees, and
nil particulars respecting them can bc bad by apnlvine
to J. Y. WILSON,
nt the Oregon nnd California Provision depot
No. 10, Commercial-street, San Francisco.
B®* Parties wishing Bkks can have them forwarded
hy -.Veils Fargo  k Co.'s Express to any part  of California, Oregon, Washington Territory, "or British Co-
l«Whia. * jui3-0m
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, White Lead, Camphene
Alcohol, Coal Oil and Coal Oil Lamps,
Agents for nil the celebrated Patent Medicines.
Orders promptly filled at Sun Francisco rates.
ABE the most refreshing and agreeable tonic ever
produced, being manufactured from the pure
Juice nf the tlnipc, imparts to the whole system
health, vigor ami strength. It is a sure preventive of
nil diseases »f a hillimis nature. Costiveucss, Intli-
gostion, Fi-vei- nntl Ague, lind removes from the
stomach all dullness Of action.
For Sale hy all the Druggists and Liquor Dealers
throughout the I'nited States.
San l'l'.uicisco.
Sole Agent for Sau Fiaucisco.
W.   n.   OLIVER",
Johnson street, opposite Wharf street,-
Is in constant receipt, by every arrival, of new nilr}
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in bulk and cases.
Traders, dealers, and Proprietors of Bars, are invited
to call and examine my stock, where tbey will find a
most complete nnd full assortment of everything comprised in the Liquor linn, and nt the lowest prices.
a very choice, light, and pure wino for family use,-in'
cases and packages.    Its purity can be depended npen,-
and is worthy the attention of all connoisseurs.
INFORMS the Traders and Miners of Frascr River
that he  is  now prcpured to furnish all kinds  o»
lamping utensils, in Tin, Iron, nnd Copper, fit for
Miners and Family use.
Also, Cutters and Lenders.
Job Work promptly attended to n43m
Liverpool Wharf'
EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, and the public generally, that they now have on hand a large
stocS of
suitable fof
They will hereafter receive all their goods direct from
San Francisco,
and bc enabled to sell at Victoria Prices.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;'
100   do Golden Gate   do
55   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
25   do Self-rising      do
200 sacks Barley ;
350 sacks Beans ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice ;'
200 mats China, No. 1, Sugar.
Also for sale, Pork, Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Sbapf
Cheese, Coffee, Teas, N. O. and S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Bos-*
ton Syrups, Assoitcd Syrups,-
Hunt's and Collins/
Wrought and'-
Cut Nails, Powder,, shot, and
Percussion Cups, Pitch audi Tar;, all sizes
of Rope, and Bouts' Oars.
Caps,     Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,       Fancy,       nnd        Millinery        Goods.
A large variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, and Dress Trimmings, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints. Oils, and Dye-stuffs,
Carpets, Drugqets, Mattinc, kc, kc.
IMPORTING      » R D G6 18II,
Yates-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choice selection of
Cocklo's Anti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cough Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Stidlctz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstone Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargonel Pears,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar OH,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kalydor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosuell's Cheiry Tooth Puste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes. se22-tc
FOR SALE a large quantity of Pickled nnd Smoked
Salmon, cured this season in the best style, by the
Pioneer fisherman,
Fort Langley,
Any orders left with   tho Purser of the  steamer
Col. Moody, will meet with prompt attention.    Prices
moderate. aul5-3m
J. B. PAiS^ER,
(successor to o'meara * painter)
THANKFUL for the past favors shown the late firm
would respectfully inform Printers that owing to increased*" acilities, and recent instructions from the
Foundry, he is now prepared to sell Plain and Orna«
mental Type, Presses, Priuting Material, Paper, Cards
and Printers' Stock generally, 132, Clny-strcot, near
Siinsoiuc, San Francisco.
mm atmmi'jwm
This journal is published every Saturday morning
al  the ollice, Columbia-street, Xew  Westminster, in
time for the up river and Victoria steamers
copy, price Is., or 2"> cents.
or $2.Do;  half-yearly,   18s
£1 10s., or §7.50.
Terms per quarter, 10s.,
or S4.B0,   mid yearly,
Subscriptions must bc paid in advance.
Victoria—-Wi i'. Hehre, Yntes-strect.
Yale—Mr. HuMi'niiKV.
Port Douglas—Mr. Tnos. Cooper.
Fort Hope—Mr. J. II. Merrit.
San Francisco—Mr. Tuos. Boyce, comer Montgomery and Washington-streets.
Cayoosh—Mr. A. MncDonnld.
Nanaimo—Mr. M'Inncs.
London -Messrs. W. L. KirMand mid Co., (Evcniug
Mail) No. 7, King William-street. Strand.
But to return
of Victorin.'    Did any one eve
It  is thc free port  system, and that
enabled Victoria to retain a vestig.
that system be abolished] ami oltl
land would be the gainer, her ' ,. >
would not prevent her from sinkin
smallest fishing village,     lt i
no which has
of commerce. Let
mgh Vancouver Is-
graphical position'
m a level «iilt thc
i the interest of Nt w
One Inch, ou under—One Insertion...,
'i " One  month	
" « Three mouths..,
" ii Six months	
Two Inches, on less—One insertion....
i' " Ono  month	
" ■' Three months....
" " Six months	
Fnfit Inches, on less—Due insertion....
" " One monlh	
" " Three months....
Advertisements of larger dimension:.
periods as per agreement.
S cts.
..   -.' on
..  in no
..    2 00
..   ii no
.  17 50
..    .10   HO
..   11   (ID
.. I'll 00
for long
prove  immediately bcncficinl  to the colony.   S«ticd at the cost of New Westminster.
1 pi i     i  ci Ur. f 1     to the answer of the query, 'the geographical position
nut tho •iilv-uit:i"-e ot chctvn hind musl uo lol- I , ,
BUS xno aavtinui0o ui <--i<-.i-.. iu. i | of Victorin.'   Did anv ono ever hear such nonsense
lowed up: tin much tts possible ot the available
agricultural hmd should be tit once surveyed,
and arrangements mado by which every intending settler, if even jusl arrived in the
colony, might obtain the most complete information wilh regard to the position, description &c, of the agricultural portions of tho
country. Then assisted immigration might
be legitimately and prolitally encouraged.
"Wo sincerely hope that some steps will be
immediately taken to initiate a regular system of this description of immigration. Wc
do not want a population, as wo have before
stated, that may turn out an cncumherancc
like the recent importations to the colonies of
Victoria and New South Wales, but a class of
immigrants with something more than strong
arms and a scanty wardrobe. Wo cannot,
under any consideration, continue much longer to rely on the great portion of our present
population, who may leave us al any moment,
and so cause fluctuations and reactions the
must disastrous to the interests of the colony.
Wesiminster to depreciate Victoria, and we have no
Intention of doing so, but we cannot help imagining
Unit if the Home Government should change the Xav-.q
Depot from Esquimalt to Burrard's Inlet, which is very
probable, anil ihat that disease mi lata! to the aborigines in
times past—the small-pox—or even the much-dreaded
measles—should attack the Indians in and about Victoria, a subject for a second 'Deserted Village'might
present itself without even the prospect of a modern
Goldsmith to immortalise its desolation. Victoria
surely cannot take umbrage at our following out u
commercial maxim that neither climate mu ' geographical positions' can affect, mid that is buying our goods
in the cheapest market.   I:' \ i
'- avc have
and below them n fewdnys,j>reykus to my departure
with aiiparenth as v..""'. chances as their fortunate comrades.
About five  mil'-' up  the creek   tho   bench   diggings
corameucc- immediately below which, however, several
! chiinls failed after lhc companies to whom they belonged
! laying out a great amount oflabor and espence in cou»
structing wheels and pumps lor drainage kc   Some  of
i those claims arc paying from one to two ounces per day
1 tothe hand, while o'ther companies are drifting or tuu-
i nclliug the hills iu order to ttrikctho lead.   Thosccora-
i panics arc some of them laying in n large stock of provisions  for  the purpose of working all winter in their
Cold has not been found in paying quantities on the
upper pint of the creek, although some companies found
good "prospects," and commenced operations according y, but with indifferent success. Miners generally,
however, arc not at all disposed to complain, many ol
them having done remarkably well, others hate succeeded iu making wages, while a few have scarcely
made a living.
Another excitement originated about the middle of
September concerning gulch diggings reported to have
been discovered at the source of one of the tributaries
ol Keithley's creek. Some 20 or 20 men had just started
en route I'u: this tn".'.' El Dorado when 1 left. As yet we
know nothing in reference to Ihcirrichucss. or extent,
A considerable little mining town has rapidly sprun
said, through her free
cheap as other places.
« » ♦
All Advertisements for insertion in the New Wesiminster Times musl be paid in advance. Those for lunger periods than one mouth arc required to be paid Ior
each month in advance.
isfa f$feteit£ta %mm.
Ivantage3, can supply as
course British Columbia
nother innrkct, Ai any
was can only be tcnipo-
;diculous to expect Mel-
orin tn be dependant on
mania, ns it is t" imagine
ital of a gold colony like
We observe in  the Colonist of the  2Gtll ult., (which | British Columbia, will continuo to receive her imports
through the second-hand process of their first nrriving
at Victoria, the principal town of a small and at presctil
rather unproductive island.
will not be inclined to s ek
rate our "pre. cut relative posi
rary; it would be equally
bourne of the colony of \ i1
Ilobartown, the capit .1 of Tn
that New Westminster, tin en
■Distance' may lend 'enchantment lo the
view ;' but Ave question very much if the position of British Columbia and - its dependencies : has this effect .on the vision-of the llo-
thcr Country—unless, indeed,  tho enchantment, like tho dreamy exhilaration  of thc
opium eater, partakes largely of the oblivious.
Were it not, in fact, for an occasional glimpse
of tho   uniform of  a Royal Engineer, we
might entertain very serious doubts as to the
British Government being cognisant of tin-
fact that an English colony exists in this pur-
tion of thc Western Hemisphere.    Scarcely a
week goes over but somo one or other of the
British colonies is brought before thc notice
of thc Government in the Parliamentary proceedings of the House of Commons, but the
name of British Columbia seems to be as effectually tabooed as a criminal sanctuary in
thc pacific Islands.    \Vhy is this ?     Docs thc
snobbishness that prevails amongst tho weak-
minded portions of society also exist amongst
enlightened statesmen '•'   Is the poor, hardworking, self-supporting colony, like the individual, to receive thc cold shoulder, and
the voluptuous, debt-contracting country, like
ils animate fac simile, to meet with every attention 1   If this bo so the sooner wc get into
debt the better, and thc sooner will two very
important objects be effected : for, every thousand pounds wc obtain in this manner from
Great Britain will not only draw the bonds
of relationship closer, and   render Brilish
Columbia less isolated, but it will, enable us in
tho first place to make the necessary preparation to receive a Brilish population, and in
tho second to obtain that population from the
British Isles.   This is tho only British colony
of importance that does not possess Emigration Commissioners in England.   Every week
vessels sail from thc Mersey and the Thames,
laden with immigrants for Australasia, Canada, and tho Capo of flood Hope, but not a
single emigrant ship has yet left fur Biilish
Columbia.     Wo must at once endeavor to
remedy this state of affairs.     "We have previously shown that wc possess greater inducements to immigration than any of these countries—the climate  itself, with  perhaps  the
exception of the Capo, is better adapted to
thc inhabitants of Great Britain.   All it requires, in fact, to place ourselves on an equal
fooling with othor colonics in the way of immigration is something like vigor on the part
of our own   Government.   Dispatches have
just been received from tho Home Government reducing the price of land, on thc warm
recommendations of His Excellency, to one
tbllar and a quarter an acre.   The announcement on Thursday, at Fort Hope, caused considerable excitement, and numbers evinced
dispositions to purchase immediately various
selections in the Shimilkomeen vallev.     The
Governor certainly deserves o\ery credit lor ] f 'f l!tuta tlie V(lncouvor lijlllllu Government hns been
lavish to a degree in trying lo build up Victoria and
induce settlement in that capital. Thc. steamboat
building over which our neighbors have been lately
making such a flourish, would have been carried on at
New Westminster instead of Victoria had the Government of liritish Columbia acted in a proper manner to
this, colony, and allowed the machinery to come in duty
free—as the Customs duties arc not a farthing benefited
by the present arrangements. This is only one of the
numerous advantages which onr bombastic 'rival' has
by ihe way only reached New Westminster a few days
ago) an article headed ■ New Westminster Rivalry,' ihe
gist of which was a very labored ntlernpt to prove the
commercial independence of Victoria of British Columbia, and the improbability of New Westminster affecting in the slightest degree the ' rapid progress' of
the capital of Vancouver Island. To style. Xew Westminster a ' village' seemed to be the easiest way to dispose of any logical difficulty in the matter ; but did it
not appear to t'.ic sagacious writer something like the
Spanish knight's attack on the windmills to cut and
slash so unmercifully at a • thriving little town' in the
jrospcelive. Surely the arrival of the two innocent
barquss with only 410 tons of merchandise,—an amount
little over what came via A'ictoria the whole two previous months, — could not have culled forth such a
wicked demonstration of drollery and invective. But
then to charge full force upon the ' baseless fabric ofa
vision,' pshaw 1 Don Quixotlc's attack if directed
against an inanimate and, consequently, undefending
object, had nt least the merit of substance ; but here's
a knight, according to bis own showing, running full
till against 'airy nothings.' Xew Westminster, we
grant, is neither a very populous nor a very lively 'city.'
and our eatankcrous and majestic • rival' lias not very
much the advantage of us iu this respect, but still in
order to indulge in a little animus, the absurdity of the
writer is carried out, and a small town with about half
its population Indians, tries to stand on its dignity, like
ti boy on possessing a first pair of trowsers, because of
the recent erection of a few small brick edifices within
its limits.
Tlie funny part of the article, paradoxical as it may
seem, is thc most serious, and tlie serious part thc most
funny. An attempt is made to throw ridicule on the
inhabitants of Xew Westminster for celebrating an
..event that produces an immediate benefit to the people,
in the saving of several thousand dollars in charges on
freight. The Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for attending as nu invited guest, and showing that he
bus the- welfare of Xew* Westminster at heart, is also
coarsely treated:—we do not think, However, that the
inhabitants of Xew Westminster, Col. Moody, or the
city itself, will be very seriously affected by the Colonist's
malicious ' humor.! But we now come to thc serious,
or rather what wc term tlie funny part of the article.
It is said that only 4,0 per cent, ofthe trade of Victoria
goes to Xew Westminster. Xow, even taking this
statement as correct, considering that Xew Westminster
imports almost as large an amount—in fact for several
mouths lately she has imported a larger amount—from
San Francisco, we would thus, by depriving A'ictoria
of her Xew Westminster trade, have the advantage of
20 cent, over our • brick' rival in commercial transactions. Uur contemporary, however, says :—' Say what
you will—allow Ihat a ship drawing 20 feet of water
may safely cross bar at the mouth of Eraser river, still
it is dangerous navigation, and tedious also ;' but wilh
a wisdom that ought certainly to be more frequently
followed by our contemporary the reasons why the bar
is 'dangerous navigation and tedious also' are withheld.
We arc very much afraid the writer lias abstracted a
leaf from the celebrated 'correspondence' of the London
Timet. AVo arc more inclined to this belief when wc
conic to the little excusable exaggeration that'it will
take ten days from thc time a sailing vessel leaves the
oiling of Victoria harbor bound to New AVestminstor
before she rcturus'—Certainly I "it the vessel remains
eight days In New Westminster, thus allowing two days
forgoing and returning; but wc are afraid the Interpretation our contemporary puts upon the sentence just
quoted docs not come so near the truth. The idea,
however, contained in this part of the article sufficiently
accounts for the absurdities pervading tlie whole. The
writer, while evidently under the dclusioh'thnt vessels
coining to New* Westminster must of necessity call at
Victoria, brings forward the most potent arguments
ug inst communication between the two places, and
shows the greater necessity for our having direct communication with Snn Francisco.
Thc question is asked of Xew Westminster ' If it has
any vitality, then why has it not shown itself before ?'
md is answered, to tho querist's evident satisfaction,
is follows :—'The geographical position of A'ictoria is
such that, it is the distributing point for other places
than British Columbia.' Now no oue knows better
than the editor ofthe Colonist that if New Westminster
hud not bad almost a miraculous amount ot vitality its
existence would have been settled long since through
Governmental neglect, and the fuct of so large a proportion of town lots being owned by absentees.   On the
LOCAL    1
Yale ami Spezzem Road.—Thai portion of the Yale
a :d Spuz/.cm Road, which was undertaken by the lloyal
Engineers, we are hnppy lo slate is completed, crcatly
to lhc satisfaction of the
is the intention of the
to.vy".,_('icivi; a public
lloyal Engineers emplo
ye of Yale. We believe it
merchants and others of that
dinner, by subscription, to thc
ed on lhc work, to testify their
appreciation of the manner and alacrity with which the
work has been carried on.
lloimr.uY at Yale.—A robbery wns committed at this
place, one day last week, by lour burglars, by which
nn Indian living at a place called the -Hole iu the
Wall' was deprived ofthe sum of K 10. AVe understand
that tho policcmnu arrested them on their way down
tbo river in a canoe, but, rather foolishly we think,
allowed them lo go on shore to make some coffee,
when Ihey effected theii- escape, aud have not since
lit en hoard of.
Customs.—The receipts for the last week at the New
AVestniiiister Custom House amounted to GD00, being
the largest weekly return that has been made since the
month of July. Owing to the near approach of winter
wc mny expect largo shipments dining the next lew-
weeks. '
SiliMiLKOMKES Tiiail.—The time for completing this
trail has been extended on account of the route being
considerably altered. The contractors are levying
a toll upou all animals that pass over it. Cue hundred
and fifty mules have already gone through by this
AttiuvAL op the Governor.—His Excellency Governor Douglas arrived at New Westminster by the
steamer Col. .Moody, and will start this morning for
Victoria by the Otter at S o'clock.
GovEkxmext PiiosiM'.CTiS'ti 1'aiity.—Dr. Forbes, who
was sent out at the head of an exploring party by the
Government, returned from Harrison hake ou Wednesday, bringing wilh him a numerous collection of
Opposition.—The steamers Otter and Hunt will carry
passengers to Victoria this morning at a dollar n
Thanks to Jeffrey's express for sundry favors.
Assay Office.—This institution has, we are sorry to
say, fallen into sonic disrepute lately through the carelessness of some ot its officcrSi Willi so many advantages over private assay offices, wc think thc parlies
engaged in the establishment will merit the severest
public censure, it they allow this valuable department
ofthe public service to beoomo unpopular, Wc wish
to see the bead of the department—Cnpt. Cosset—at
his post ns soon as possible, as no doubt bis presence
would tend greatly to restore its prestige.
McxioiPAL Council.—This body met on Saturday and
Monday evenings last. A byo-la'w was introduced and
passed confirming '.he Revised Assesment Roll, mid extending the period for payment of taxes till the 15tb
December next. A resolution was passed for advertising for tenders to construct, a bridge across the ravine
at lol, 8. Block 19. The report of the Committee on
Fire. Prevention was received; The Treasury Bonds
having been placed on llie table, were postponed till
next meeting for consideration; A notice of motion was
made by Air. Holbrook for having the stumps taken out
of Columbia-Street between thc bridge and Government
Wharf. Air. Homer gave notice of amotion for cutting
down all the trees ou the Reserved lots, Government
squares, Public gardens kc After some business of
minor importance was transacted the Council adjourned
till to-day (Saturday) at 4 o,clock P. M.
Till-:   HUDSON'S   BAY   COMPANY  AT  fojit
The following communication has been forwarded to
us by Mr. Dallas for publication. Our paragraph it will
be seen, is corroborated in almost every instance In-
the statement of Air. Anderson. The portion taken a.
ccptitm to, wc presume, is the assertion that thc Um*.
sou's Bay Company sold the liquor to the Indians. Mr
Anderson's letter is in all probability a correct Mattfe
ment of the facts, but we confess we are in static doubt
ur tothe position being improved. The difference h»-
tween selling liquor nnd participating in the general
intoxication on iln- pan of the Hudson's Bay Company'j
servants, is we imagine rather in favor of the sellu-1
lor in the other instance the example ot civilized lioinirs
is set before the savages who are only too prone to cdjiy
the vice-of the whiles. Of course it is only the .subordinates of the company who arc impugned :—
Victoria. V. I. 24th Sep., 18G0.
To the Board of Management, 1
Hon. Hudson's Bay Comp. /
Gentlemen.,—1 have tbe honor to direct your attcii.
ion to the following extract from Tiik New Westhis.
stiiii Times of tho 15th inst., recently brought unict
my notice:—■
"The Hudson's Day CoiirANV Sei.uko Whiskey to
Indians.— Letters havu been received from Fort Rupert
from Capt. Richards, It. X., who i.- surveying at t|.„J
place, lo the effect thai upwards of TOO or"800 fntHaiu
upon this creek, where several traders, whiskey-dealer
and (ramblei - are driving u profitable busiu. is.   l'rovi- I vr*te '*""!-' through the most frightful orgies soniediiH
are scarsc nnd the prici s verj high, Hour
being SOcls, bonus do., bacon SI,
dried apples do., bed' fillets with a
ol its being rcdut cd to IS'ict; iu cons
number ofbecfcattle still near the >
boots, and small though necessary articles are exorbitantly high.
A lew claims on Ilcrvcy's creek nre still paying remarkably well, one especially which is located just nt
the entrance of lhc kanyon paid 5>20l)D to live men thc
second week in September, with ground sufficient Ior
next summer's work.    The celebrated llervcy company
une under lhc wild excitement of drink.   ThcCnptuin
attempted i.i hold a pallet with the Chiefs,  hut kulvei
,.,,'.•„ ci    however  I wore brandished and the most violent ilomonstratlons
,.UI ,„,,. u| ||.,,. |;,,..,,. j displayed.   This was thi re: ult of drink supplied tlicm
i   ',,,,.:,   Clothing    •'.' the Hudson's Hay Conipniiy,   The condition of alfnlri
wns greatly  aggravated by the intoxication of nearly
ever} ivhili uinii in the Fort.   A more disgraceful stitu-
of things can    carcely bc nnngin d.    li   is Bald Hint
Admiral   Ilayi  lint reported tho tun Iter to   thc Homo
Government nnd .-::, , sled llie itiimcdiiiti nppointment
of a magi irate to check such sale of liquor bj llie im-
maculate Uuds'in's Bay Company."
(hi   ihe ni ol ill.'  departure  of II. M. S. (i.-nipcs
has  been making Irom bl,n00to!>2,J0U per wock most   mnd     ._, willi Mr. Sheriff Nnylor, it part,,,
ol lhc sens,,,,   but their claims arc  nc irh worked  out.    . ...u |Q ^^ ^ ,.. U;m, ^.^     ,n ,h(. ^  i
Many were disappointed in their expectations ol  Ibis   conYC|.3lU-OD t,,c .-,,[„.■,;,- adverted to thc circumstances
creek.    Thai a portion of it almost entirely failed is i
deniable, but this docs nol prove the  in n-existcnee o
ihe precious metal as il is found in hi: jc quantities boll. .
above and  below  those claims, and very likely   future ! , ,•'■,,;„   ,,.,;,. I*,,,
miners v, il  discover the ancient, auriferous bed
nol in -vi
lo Iln
bancc nt fort Pup' rt, of which I hnd
formed. He afterwards produced
cr, and rend the portions applying
in "i.t"!', in,    Thu I.ii is ol the i aie are siui-
cr. 11. buricll uudi r man) feet
both si les of it.   Thc probal
will  be ali.::; loncd dui'ii g ll
miners  wl o have claims , n .
■ I :
numerous mm."! ou :
ire Hint tins
nt I' .i 't. ni
Tin Plumper nnd Alert, on arriving nt fort Rupert,
found n large i ml I inn II ion 11 rowd of drunken Indian?.
Mr. Weyn'.i n, I'm ol'.i    r '.:. •'... r c, communicntcd willi
:n that ho had serious
,  those on Goose creek will, maiij ol tlicm winter at       •,.,,,„.„,,„„ f    ,,„. . |Wv   f t,    MtttWWl111cni. ulilt
he  l'orksoi   Qiiesi.cle,m,d\\i.iains  lake     I_,   how- I   <^ ( q[. ^^  ^  ^        .^..^ (..jm Vj.
ever, very much fear the consequences of even li* or ioo |
men attempting to puss the winter season so fur from
any cor,, iderablc depot oi provisions; ns there u< rtaiulj
was not sufficient i" supply the wants of even  hiilftliui .
, ,     ,     .       ",- .,   , , ,,        , i ml.ok the Indians o Xniimmo in revenge for Iho inur-
number at the diggings, the corks, ami Alexander coni-
I iji'inging intelligence i f the murder, of their Cliiel.
I'bc nett.' rapidly spread, and the different portions of
lhc tribe had congregated near the tort  preparing to
ngc for the nun
lirol' iheir Chief: that large qunntities of"whiskey lis
, , , , .,., Ml   11/1, II,   ,1V    11,11,      ,11,,11,,,,,'     ■ , ,1,1,1,1 i(,,-t.I1l. ,1, 111  I    , li
mil ihrcc weeks siucc,    there arc, morcoic ,  nu ex- i ,        , , ...■.'       ,.,.,,
. . .        , i    ,i   fe ,.     ,    I    ,■ ,1 heon brought up Irom Victoria, and thnt the servants
i   trams   on  tne route, and hv the latter part   to   the ,    , .     .  ,.
, ,, ,.' *       .,, ,     ,     ,,     ,,   , ihe establishment had surrept t ouslv obtained luiii
escnt month the packing season will be closed so that ,   .   ,. '   .        •. .     '
,       ,., i     •      ,.•    ,   i from the Indians and were, lor the most part, maw
ovisions ore bound to bc scarce, and prices ruinously ,  ,   ,        ... ,    ,    ,. ' '
his untiring porsevcranco iu obtaining this
valuable boon, for tho colony of British Columbia. Tho event could not have taken
place at a more opportuno moment. Just at
a period when tho agricultural resources
of the country wore beginning to attract the
most serious attention- We have every rea;
son,  therefore^ tc   lin..-..; thai lh<i result v*'ll
No. V.
'Where information of any description, If reliable, is
as nccptnblc us it is in Ihe community of which Tiik
Nkw iViiSTMiNSTEit Timbs is the exponent, and its numerous rentiers abroad, no apology is necessary on the
part ofa "Spocial Correspondent" for ranking some remarks and jotting down a few items of general interest
after his return, more especially as two communications
sent from the Northern Mines have not arrived at their
Tlie Cnrriboo diggings still maintain their high reputation for richness, and their vast area is being continually more aud more developed. Over and above
the auriferous wealth in the bods of tho creeks, very
rich claims of unknown extent are discovered almost
daily, ou the benches and in the banks and slides contiguous to tlicm. Notwithstanding the season was far ad-
vane.-'d when miners commenced operations on Keith-
ley's creek, yet it has been fully proved lo be equal in
the richness of its deposits, to the best mining localities
of California in its palmiest days, nnd only lucks the favorable climate and the low price of provisions in the
latter country to enable the more succosful miners al
least to do as well as tbey did there in llie ever-to-be-
reinembered limes of Ml).
After a cout'ce of about 1-1 or 15 miles, Keithley's
creek empties into lhc little Cnrriboo lake. Mostofthis
distance is ai deep kanyon, the lower portion especially.
A flat of about half a mile is still unoccupied as yet by
miners. Several claims have, however, recently been
pre-empted at the entrance of the kanyon, a short distance up which the 1'dack, Smith, Miicdoiinld k Co's
claim is located. This claim, ou the whole, lias paid
more than any oilier In the Olirrlboo district, the richest
on Harvey's creek not excepted. They commenced operations iiliout the middle of July, mid the first week's
work washing dirt brought them $12 n day lo ihe hand
from the timo the claims were taken up, besides paying
all cxpenc.es for provisions, nails, Hunting &c. Since
then il has averaged something over $00 per day lo Ihe
hand, and dill far from being worked out. This is it
crook claim, the gold being extracted from thu dirt and
base-rock in its bod. The extraordinary success ot this
company induced several other;! to take up claims above
high long before trains can get in from Lytton or Cayoosh next spring. Thc favorable nature of the lust
season's operations Will induce many to slay near the
diggings in order to be in readiness to commence '-prospecting" for thc next in good time. Those who have
money will, perhaps, fare tolernhy well, while others,
nol so favorably circumstanced in this respect, will do
wlntt they can at low water diggings "ii th ■ North Folk
of Quesnelle by thawing dirt and rocking it with hut
water. Thus they will, in all probability, linger out a
precarious .-ul sisteucc t:'l spring ngain enables them to
commence more extended operations.
1 am fully persuaded that another season will devcl-
ope more extensive diggings, as thoso creeks that arc
now partially worked, together with several others still
"unprospected," though no doubt equally as rich, have
their origin tit the'foot of a large, bare mountain in
which there are numerous quartz-veins thiitexperienecd
miners pronounce to !"■ gold-bearing, tin the eastern
siop.e of this mountain, Bear river, together with Cottonwood creek nud other streams, represented as being
i it-li, have their origin, and flowing west or BOllth-wcst
discharge themselves into the Fraser. This region is
also rich in several other species of minerals, especially
silver, lead, and iron. There are no indications of coal,
although, probably, it is to be found nearer tho Itocky
Mountain-', nnd, perhaps, at no very great distance.
Those minerals, however, cannot lie rendered available till belter, and more expeditious means of communications arc opened up ; and mercy go to prove thc
immense mineral wealth of British Colunihiiii timely
it is high time for the Government to think of sending
a few exploring parties to this far-oil', though wealthy
region, for the purpose of assisting private and individual effort in developing its vast resources. Another
important object is lo domonistrate tlie existence or nonexistence ofa nearer and more practicable route to and
from that portion of the country, lt is scarcely possible but that liiicli an extensive mineral and agricultural
region as the one in question, dues possess a more legitimate means of ingress ami egress than that of the
Frascr aud Xew Westminster on the one hand, nnd the
Columbia and tbo Dalles on the other. In my humble
opinion such un outlet will yet be discovered west or
north-west to the ocean, lf this great desideratum is
once accomplished, tho distance to the sea-board will
be diminished one-ball', and the price of.provlsioua correspondingly reduced, the inmiediate result would bc
a ten-fold Increase of the mining population in the
The weather was becoming very uncomfortable in
the Upper Country when we left. Alternate frosts and
heavy rains rendered mining anything but pleasant.
On the way down, however, the weather was all that
could be desired. After arriving at Alexander wc concluded to take a trip down the Fraser to llig Bar, as
thero aro but few kanyons of nny importance between
those places. After floating very leisurely down the
comparatively quiet Upper Fraser for several miles,
dropping some rapids and running others, we arrived
wiihin about threo miles of Big Bar. litre n more formidable rapid presented itself, but imagining that wc
could pass over it in perfect safely wo made the attempt,
which, however, came near giving us a bnth, to say the
least of it, in the turbid waters of the Frnscr, uinid fearful breakers and miniature Maalstroms. After two or
three heavy thumps, our skill'spreatl open and half tilled
with water, but fortunately wc succeeded in reaching
the eddy, by the aid of-which u landing was soon effected. Having repaired damages we proceeded to Big
I!::!', and abandoning the skiff we again shouldered our
packs and performed the itunainde, u'fthc journey to
Cayoosh on terra Jirnui.
The banks of Ihe river arc thickly dotted over with
Chinese tents for fully fifty miles abovo and below Big
Bar notwithstanding Ihcir lute iiic'cc witli the Indians al
tho mouth of Mackenzie's river.
The town of Cayoosh is much improved iu appearance since last spring, and business has been and is
quite brisk.
The steamboat arrangements on Seaton and Anderson lakes are anything but sntlsfiicl.oi'y. Passengers
leave the foot of the former lake nlitr.it noun daily, nnd
arrive at the head of the lat ler about dark ; in consequence of which they are under the necessity of travelling L'ome 12 or 15 miles over it rough trail to tho Halfway Houso. after .dark, ill order to arrive at Port Pemberton early enough to take tlie Lilloet boat at 2 o'clock
i'. M., or put up with a delay of iwenly-four hours between the two lakes. This .-late of alfiiirs might Very
easily be remedied by the Seaton boat starting from tho
other extremity of Ihe. lake in the morning and connect
with the Anderson boat, about!) A. m., inslend of oblige
ing the latter to make her trip down before day-light—
lay over while Sontqii makes her two trips—and thon
return after dark. If this (trrhiigomcnt was entered
into, passengers would have, ample time lo reach Ihe
Halt-way House on the second portage during the ufter-
iioini, and arrive nl Peinberton Iu g'.inl season llie following day.   Surely Mr. Tdylor of Seaton lake will sue
•ratal state of intoxication,
Cnptaili Richards immediately landed, and afteriiimli
trouble succeeded in traiiquilir.ing nffnirB. Ho iiilisc-
qucntly demanded the restoration ofa Nanaimo wuuimi
who hadbcen made captive by the party from Victoris
on their way up. They ill firs! demanded a ratisofn of
one hundred blankets, but Captain Richard's Insisttslon
her restitution, and finally obtained her by paying r
trifle to tho Indians who wcre dispatched to ferry lut
across the Straits.
These, c- f.iriii my recollection serves, nre lhc muia
facts ofthe case. In thc cognizance of these. 1 now,on
mi own part, <ind on behalf ofiibscnl relatives, connexions mid friends directly or indirectly connected
with thn lludsons's Bay Company, nml whose reputations aro identified with that ofthe Concern with ivliidi
thev have been so long connected, request that yen will
forthwith adopt measure towards compelling a iclrnc-
nniuii ofthe libellous nnd malicious charge of which 1
I have Iho honor tn be,
your obedient servant,
Alex. C. Anhki-.soX.
On  the 2-lth-.ill.*, by the  llcv. Mr'. Sliocpslirinks, 'dt
the Teiupiii'.ii Church, Camp, New-Westminster, Mr.
lleiry William Smith, lainco Corporal  1!. F,., to .Vn.-j |
Sarah .Sophia Hill.
2ii—str Caledonia, Frain, Victoria.
2D—str Otter, Moiiatt, Victoria; general cargo.
Oct. 1— canoe Wanderer, Gowen, Whatcom, potato?!
Oct. I—str Col. Moody, living,  Hope.
Del.   3—str  Wiison  G.llunt, Welch, Victoria, gen-1
ci'.il merchandise.
3—yacht Templar, T.cnnard, Victoria.
.1—str (liter, Mouatt, Victoria, general cargo.
3—str Henrietta], Millard, Victoria, general cargo.
I!—sir Caledonia, Frain. Douglas,
ii—sir Oiler, Mount., Victoria, general cargo.
5—str Henrietta., Millard, limifeias.
5—str Col, Moody, Irving, Fort Hope.
Sept. 2h—str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria.
3—str Caledonia, Friiin. Victoria.
3—sit- Col. Moody, Irving, Hope.
5 — yacht   Temphir,  heunard,   Xaniiimo   and FortI
Sept. (i—str Wilson G. Hunt, Welch, Victoria.
6—str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria.
■       I ■■ I .      '        .  HL-.-'J1* I
J. J.
BALED lenders will be received until 12 o'clic'i
i**1)   1101111,011 tho 20lh, for constructing a bridge'bvc(|
tlie rn\ inc. ai Lol 8, Block'lf), in accordance wllh'pl-1''!
and specifications to be seen nt the store of S, T. Till-')' I
I'JSq.,. ,[
'fenders to be Endorsed ' tenders for building l.i''u!ot|
and addressed to tin: undersigned.
By order of the Municipal Council.
Now Westminster, Oct. 3, 18C0.   •  -   Town Clcit
II i X  R V     II O I, H R 0 O K,
C OH il, S S 1 0 N     M E II 0 IT A N T,
Liverpool Whml', C.ilmuhiiuitrcet, Xew Westn)iiisW|
British  Columbia. ,
Y)ONI)l''l) STORAGE always ready for •■00 Ions «I
\ ) goods,  and   every nccoinniodiitit'ii   for  lailll,""F
merchandise on his wharf;   wharfage 25 cents per to''|
For Sale ex recent arrivals—.
11)0 sacks Bran,
lot) bales California Oat Hay,
fiO sucks Wheal,     ,
]000 sacks Barley,
III sacks Barber's Sugar-cured Ham**,
20 RrkinS Butter,
10 casks S. 1. Molasses,    .
20 eases Preserved Chicken,
20 cases Roast Mutton,
10 eases San Francisco Pilot Bread,
G cases Java Ground Coffee, kc, «c;,i_ ^ i
;ood> suittiblu lar
II ll N X  \i S V S       li R A N P v
W ii a it ■•* - h t it ii u i,    V i o T o u t a •    j0.Wj
[ovcrnment Notices and Proclamations.
Colonial Secretary's Ollice, 31st August, 1800.
-ii;!; GOVERNMENT GAZETTE for British Colum-
)l    l.jn, heretofore  published in the  Colony of Vmi-
nver Island, Inning been  discontinued as a separate
juaphlct, notice is hereby given that from this date and
1 ■ irther notice nil Government advertisements and
Inanitions, and other matters useful and necessary
.;■. i nernl information und guidance, will be published
„ •;.,■ columns of the Nkw Westminster Times news-
iipcr;    and  such  publication shall  in  all cases  be
iken and deemed as publication  in thc   Government
j!y cuiinnniid of his Excellency,
Acting Colonial Secretary.
(KALED TENDERS will he received at tho offi-e of
"i Ihe Chief Commis■inner of Lands nnd Works,
nviil Engineer Camp, up to 12 o'clock on M.unlay the
ih of October next, for the formation of a Bond from
i.i'i! about four miles   above  the I!. 15. Camp, New
tminslnr,  ncnrly   opposite   Tree    Island,   to  Fort
. -Ie£.
Tin conimciiccmcnt, line of route, nnd termination,
he laid oul by Ihe I hi if Co in miss'on er of Lands and
li . ur his agent.
'i', iitlcrs to lie in duplicnte :—One slating the amount
lerling money jicr mile, if paid for in cash—the
, 11   litting lhc amount  iu sterling money per mile if
,: :'■ I i ne-tentli in cash, nnd ihe remniudcr in British
lumhinn   Bonds,   rcdceninble  in   from  une in three
,   rs,   bearing   interest   al   the rale  of six   per  cent,
r iimiiun.
;, nders to be nddresscil to llu- Chief Commissioner
: i.umh mid Works, B. 0., the envelope being en-
, i ,.1 "Tender I'm- Lnnglcy lload," "Cash," or
!',, nds," ' I' "Cash and Bonds," as Ihe case may he.
i   ■   pecilicntion ami further particulars, apply at tho
I lie h «ci or any lender not nccessnrily accepted,
IJv order of Ilis Excellency the Governor.
Col. It. I'.. mid Chief Commissioner
of !,; n Is and Works, B. C.
stniinstcr, 2f)th S. ptcmber, 1800,
SEW    WESTMINSTER,    UIIITlslI     '.'Ol.l'MllIA.
September i.-t, 1S00.
K   SSAYS   OF GOLD BULLION   are  made  on   the
^   following term:-', and  under  the  following  con-
I, A receipt will be given to llie Depositor for the
n t gross wi i'Jii of his di posit.
..'. The resulting ingot will he delivered to any party
• ruing lhc nforesaid receipt, whether the Depositor
in in... el c, nnd the party returning the receipt will
required to cancel it by his signature at the lime of
, ii ing tin ingot.
::. Each ingot will be stamped with its number, cor-
ipondlng to  its number in thc oflicial  records, with
-   Height, iii   ounces and  decimals of ounces, mid   its
i is in thousniidlhs ; nlso with a Government Cipher,
' j.ie.   ul ti crown over the letters VR,
■:. Willi etch ingot will be given n certificate, signed
. a Government ollicer, of the weight of the  deposit
fore  inciting;   ils weight after;   the fineness j   the
uirge  for assaying;   and  such  certificate will have
lidcs of British' Mint valuation au.l  of the latest San
iitncisco  valuations,  whorcby  parties may calculate
.■ themselves thc  value of the  bar for  English  or
.uiti'icnn markets.
*i. I'm- all bars not exceeding 50 ounces in weight, a
h u'gc nf seven shillings and six pence (Ts. fid.) storing will be made, and for every additional 10 ounces a
tction of same, one shilling and six pence (is. Bd.).
All clips are retained in the Government Assay office;
ll i :i liars not  exceeding   10 ounces in weight, nllow-
ii i will be made oil'the assay charge, for the value ot
I!,-, lip.
Assays or   Onus  (.re  made at  the  charge ot   One
. mil (JE1.) for each specimen experimented upon.
I'tui  a   CuMl'LETK   Analysis  op  any Mineral, Two
mils ( £-.) is thc. charge.
Government Bakery,
Has the best quality of Breads, Pics and Cakes.
LEVI   &   15 O A S
Scott's Wharf.
1 WHOLESALE and  RETAIL  Dealers  in   Boots  and
-—: t]|WHOLESALE and RETAIL Dcalcis in all sorts m | Shoes, Leather, and Findings, of every dc-
nnd a good assortment of Flour for | _fV    DRYGOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOE!?, | scription.
EEPS  on h
country Trade alsol'ilot Bread, Soda, Sugar, and \ kc.   Have always on hand a large assortment of Pro- |     Also—Ladies' Shoes of al! kinds
E lt X E S T      P I C II T ,
M A Y E R .    R E I X II A R T,     k     CO*,
NEW*  WESTMINSTER,  11.  0.,
1VING concluded arrangements for a regular line
of "fcgscls,  to run  twice a  month direct, from j
Butter CracKers. ' visions and Groceries direct from San  Francisco, will
A good assortment of family Groceries, and every-   sell them nt the lowest market prices.
thing necessary  for Baker.-' use in the upper country,       All orders from the country will be promptly attcn
such ns Fruit, Lard, &c, kc. dod to.
 .___ __ j     m.8, 3m
L A X G L G V     I) B 0 T II E lt S ,
I M P 0 11 T IKO      Ii 11 IJ I! C 1 S T s ,
Yatcs-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choice selection of
Cockle's Anti-Bilious Pills,
Keating's Cniigli Lozenges,
Murray's Fluid Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrato of Magnesia,
Superior Seidletz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstonc Pippin,
[•Is, cntial Oil of Pine Apple,
Essenlial Oil of .Strawberry,
Esi t'iiti.:l iiii of Raspberry,
li 6ential Oil of Jnrgonel Pear.-,
Essential Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil,
Rowland'.-: Oilunlo,
Rowland's Knlydor,
Go: ncll's Colognes,
Gosnell's Chc.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosncli s Hair Brushes.
JONAS     G.    CLARK    k   CO.,
F O R X I T URE      A X D      BEDDING,
of every  description,
128, Washington   strceet,  Snn   Francisco.
•10 and 51, Fourth street, between J. and K streets,
Hunter street, between Main nnd Levee, Stockton.
And First street, San Jose. jc20-3m
)ROSPER k FRANK GRELLEY, would respectfully
^ inform the public that they have just opened
Sau FranciSC to this place, would be please J to receive ; tlll."r N_w Hotel, and ure ready to accommodate tray-
orders li.r British Columbia. ^ ; cllers or residents of New Westminster with the choicest
Letters addressed io u.- in care of Messrs. Mayer, eatables tbe market affords. The sleeping apartments
Belnhart, k Co., Victoria, V. 1., John Dewar, and 0. are fitted up in a style that neither Vancouver Island
II. Gchricke, Sou Francisco, Ca., will meet tvith j Ilor IJriti&li Columbia can excel, and the wines and
prompt attention. , liqueurs, whilo enumerating all that a first-rate hot-1
m21-lm should boast of, are ofthe very best and finest descrip-
 _____ . | tion
VICTORIA PRICES CURRENT AND SHIPPING LIST. I     Private dining rooms can bc always obtained, and
dinners, kc., gotten up on the shortest notice.
m 0-3 m
ner.    The prices Curroul contains the
correct  and  authentic rates  and prices of ai! descrip- LIQUORS, kc
tions of articles iu   the Victoria market, its well us re- —
liable reports of the state of trade, shipping, &c.    It is      THOMAS PATTRICK, k Co., have for sale in store,
as invaluable as an index and commercial authority to ' and to arrive,
every  merchant and tradesman  as  it is  a desirable Martell Brandy,
1-JUBL1SHED every fortnight in time for thc California
Mail Sloan
medium lor advertising.     Printed for A.  F. Maix
the oflice of the V. I, Gazette, Victoria.
A isays arc made wilh the utmost despatch.
I mice open  from   10, a.m..to 4' p. m.,' except  on
1 nu r days, when deposits will be received for assay
' -. a, in.
t'\v H'estminster. Aug. 1, 18(10.
C.iliinii',1 Secretary's ollice, V
lillh September, 18C0.     J
THE BUOY oil thc North Sand head at  the entrance
' Fraser River having disappeared, notice Is hereby
|iven that the  same  has been replaced by a new Spaii
civ, painted  in  vertical  lines  black and whito, and
::mum,I'd he a basket Beacon painted red.
'Ih.. buoy Is in the same position as indicated In Oap-
|'.,:  Richard's  notice, of 24th  September, 1 Sot), but is
ill in \2 feet water at low water.
Rw Acting Colonial Secretary.
Treasury of British Coi.umoia, >_
Victoria, V. I., June 1, 1850. J
lOVKRN'MENT DRAFTS, nl thirty days' sight, are
\    tit'casionally issued ou, the Lords Commissioners
Hi Majesty's Treasury, London.    For  particulars
nu    ■',,; Treasurer.
W 1 N E S.LI Q I." 0 It S ,  A L E S , A X D CIO A R S
Liverpool Wharf
)EG TO INFORM Traders and Miners, nnd thc pnb-
y    lie generally, that Ihey now have on hand a largo
A S S 0 R T /■-' D     .'I E R 0 IIA N D ISE,
suitable for
They Will hereafter receive all their goods direct from
San FranciscOj
and be enabled to sell at Victoria Prices.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Culden Age Flour;
100   do Golden Gate    do
tin   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
2,">   do Self-rising        do
200 sacks Barley ;
300 sucks Beans ;
200 mats China, Xo. 1, Rico;
200 mats  China. No. 1, Sugar.
Also Cor sale, Pork. Bacon, Hums, bard, Candles, Soap
Cheese,   Coll'oe,  Teas, N.   O. and   S. I. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, ISos-
ton Syrups, Assoited Syrups,
Hunt's and Collins'
Wrought and
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, and
Percussion Caps, Pitch  and Tar, all sizes
of Rope, and Boats' Oars.
A S S O R T M E X T   OF   C L O T 11 1 X G
Caps,      Roots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,        Fancy,        and        Millinery        Goods,
A large variety of Ribbons- Bonnet, and  Dress Trimmings, Musical Irtslru'ments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints, oils, and Dye-stuffs,
Carpets, Druggets, Mattixo, &c, kc.
in 21'-lin
70R SALE 11 large quantity Of Pickled and Smoked
^   Salmon, cured this season in the best style, by the
Pioneer fisherman,
Fort Langley,
Any  orders  left  with    the  Purser of the   steamer
Col. Moody, will meet with prompt attention.     Prices
moderate. mil "■-Jin
Wc continue to manufacture, at the above well known
(S'lemn Engines,
Saw Mill,
and other machinery, of every description, mid Iron
and Brass Castings of nil kind.-.
From thc long experience we have had, and the superior tools aud machinery, and the very large collection
of patterns at our command, tve feel confident that our
facilities for turning out the best style of work, with
dispatch, and at the lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pacific coast.
Russia Iron Screens for Quartz Mills, made at short
notice. Orders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
ii-_0-_m Late GounA'tn .1- Co.
IRECT FROM XAXAIMO in any quantity to suit
pin chasers.    For Sale by
all-tc Pioneer Wharf.
THOMAS PATTRICK, & Co., have some choice lots
of Seed Wheat on   hand from  Australia, .Mexico,  the
Medillerranean, and Van Dieman's Land.
Farmers are invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government mid Johnson streets, Victoria,
II E X D E R S 0 X    k    B U R X A B Y
AVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from Lon-
Supcrior Pale Sherry, in bulk •
Port ll'ine, choice, in cases;
- Henncssy's Brnndv 1 ■   „„„„„.
.,  ,.      .- ,   .,     ,,-•,..,, ti-, • ,      > iu cases ;
McKenzie s Small .still Whiskey/ '
Vine Growers'Brandy, in bulk:
Tanquerny's (linger Brandy, in cases;
kc, kc, kc,
which they offer for sale on thc most reasonable terms
Julie la'tb, 18i'0. tc
Corner   of   Whan'   and   Johnson   streets,
II. X. Dickson k Co.,      - -       -       London.
Dickson, DeWoli-, k Co.,       -       -       San Francisco.
111'. 1-3 in
Booth's Old Tom, in puncheons,
Booths Old Tom, in cases,
Burnett's Old Tom in cases,
McKenzie's Old Tom, in cases,
Tnnqtierny k Co.'s Old Tow, in cases,
Scotch    Whiskey,   in   puncheons,
Scotch Whiskey, in cases
Jamaica Rum, in puncheons,
Wines of every description
The finest Burton and Scotch Ales,
Bottled tlo do
Devonshire Cider, in cases.
March 21, 18G0. 3m
For the curt'  of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation
Loss of Appetite t.r any Bilious  Complaints
arising from a morbid action  of tlie
Stomach or Rowels.
All of these diseases you will soon be relieved of, by
use of these Hitlers, as per directions on the Rottlcs.
This great ami-dyspeptic is the result of profound and
elaborate study of one of the most celebrated physicians
of the present century, iu the accomplishment of which
he hns spent both time and money. AVe do not hesitate
to affirm that where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
are used, a case of Fever and Ague cannot occur. It
has been analyzed by the most scientific chemists in
the Medical Faculty,' and is now prescribed by nine-
lenths of the Physicians of the land. Try them—test
them—ou your constitution, and go your way rejoicing.
Are you*dyspeptic '!—take these Stomach Bitters.
Are you bilious ?—try one of these bottles and be relieved at once.
Are you annoyed by indigestion or constipation?—
remove the cause by a free use ofthe Bitters.
Have you fever and ngue?—cure mid prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
The'superiority of'these Bitters has induced many to
put up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will be branded, " X. B. Jacoiis k Co."
And the labels will bear our own signature, without
which, none are genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters nre
cautioned against the many counterfeits now nfloat in
the market, and especially against a cheap and worthless article called Rosenschf's Hitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed intention of
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbaum's
Hitters, as a remedial agent in all cases of Dyspepsia
mid similar diseases. The genuine Rosenbaum has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature 011 each
N. B. JACOBS k Co., Proprietors
m21-Cm Sansoine. st., corner Commercial.
J .    II.    P A I N T E R ,
(SUOQE-8PR   TO   o'.Ml'.AUA  A-   PAINTER)
THANKFUL for the past favors shown the late firm
would respectfully inform   Printers that  owing to in- 1
iTca.-cil^aciliiie.-, mid   recent   instructions from the j
Foundry, he is now prepared to sell Plain and Ornn
at   his    FIRE-PROOF STORE,  where  he   is constantly  supplied  with  New  Goons by every
steamer, mid lias always on hand a
splendid assortment of
Silk, Velvet, 'and  Cloth.   Also a large variety of fint-
Silks and Bonnets.
An excellent variety of Alexander's
KID   GLOVES, and 11 full assortment of Gentlemen's Furnishing  Gootls, line Frock Coats;   Dress
Coats; OverConts; Vests and Pantaloons
of different colors;   Fashionable Silk
Hats.     Gilt Cornices, Curtain
Rings,   Window    Shades,
of all OOlfrs, French
Cassiiueres, Broadcloth, Beaver, and Pilot.
Also—a full assortment  of  Tailors' Trimmings.
MESSRS.   W.   S.   KIRKLAXD k 0.,
1, King AVilliam Street, Strand,
EG to cull the attention of readers of English newspapers in Vancouver Island, British Columbia,
and Caliliii-nia to the advantage of subscribing to the
'• Evening Mail" newspaper, which is a reprint published three times a week, of nil thc lending articles,
essays, correspondents' letters, nnd news of " The
Times" London newspaper, everything but the ndver-
liseiuenls, and can be sent post free to all parts of
Vancouver Island, Britisli Columbia, mid California,
via the United Slates, for XI Is per quarter, or £i
per annum, paid in advance ; thus being " Thc Times"
at IIau' Price.
Subscriptions received nt the office of thc " New
Westminster Times," New Westminster, British
Columbia. ni2-ly
,01'GALL k SOX, Iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, kc    Machinery
of every description made to order.
Agent in Britisli Columbia, Mr. W. Winnnrd, Lnnglcy,
March 21, 1800. 3m
J .       II E 11 K I M E R ,
/ EEPS con.-tiinllv tin hand a well selected slock of
l.iinilv liroccrics ami Provisions.
•'   bXDER   the control and  supervision   of
"• B. Wharfage 2fi cents per ton.
(I .    V I G N 0 L 0 ,
MPOUTER    and   Dealer  in    Havana Cigars,   and
.   Oiguritos, Johnson-street' opposite Wharf-street,
fi-toriii. ml7-3m
|VrOTlCE is heroby given to owners of town lots in
* i'i New Westminster, that utiles, they have their
.'';' rod on or beforo tho last «&"£v of October, the
"Diicipul Council will proceed to u-iteM' nil lots reinaiu-
1-!! .uncleared, at the expense of HX- owners, without
fuller 11,dice. And further that all trees falling from
I1''" lots on the streets, squaros, or oilier public.
I'-'I'CTty,  must  be  removed  ut   thu cxiicnco  of the
Hy order.
■ ''•' Westminster, Sept. 20, UJiiO.        T|iwn I'lcrk.
V'MMlSSHiX MERiRIANTS, Albert Wharf, Victoria,
aucouver Island, nnd Battery-stj-cet, Sun Fran-
mental Type, Presses, Printing Material, Paper, Card, Shawls, Alpacnj, Merhios, Debmnes lurs, Go es, IMp0BTERS nU(, Wholosalo T-cmcrs in Wood at
„„d Printers' Stock generally, 132, Clay-Street, near iding Hals Gaun.le L oaks Man ^' )fe^ ^ | willow-ware, Fancy House-keeping Goods, Twin
Sansoine, San Francisco. hiiibrm. cries, I.   .hons  Laces   l 11   1   .  Lug     1)    gget>, > J '.^ Sb.in
SSiE OF BRITISH NORTH AMEK1CA.       ~T      ""^^Z^^^^^       ^t^-^lclT  ^   ^ "'   "**
Incorporated  by Royal Charter in   1K-10.
CAPITAL, $.-■,1)1)0,000
business, at the lowest prices.
N. li.—All orders from British Columbia, Oregon, or
1 Washington Territory, by express or otherwise, Will be
1 promptly amended to.
'     nilo-ly K. GAMBITZ.
Si'KCiAL DurosiTS received in sums of $100 nnd upwards,    re-payable    on   demand.      Charge   for   safe i
keeping, 0XErguARTER oi* oxu per cent, per "month,     j
Gold Dust received for safe keeping, at the rate 01 '
five cents i'tui oz. per month.
Drafts Issued ox London 00 days after Sight, at
the rate of $-1 U3 per ,!■' 1, stg.       _n	
3  days  alter sight, (iu  sums oi  io0, aud upwards) ,     Tl,,7lcrS) (U,,lk,,.Si ,u,d p^^Hetors of Bars, arc invited
S3, per XI stg. („   call  and examine  mv stock, where they will lind a
3  days after sight (iu  sums under XoO)  fS 10,  pel , m()s(. t-o.nj-.letc and full assortment of everything com-
Xl, sterling.         ,   | priSod in the Liquor Uno/and at the lowest prices.
B 11 |. K 11 I O II   0 A L 1 1-0 II X 1 A   W I N _ ,
11 very choice, light, and pure wine  for family use, in
V," .    II .    OiilVJ.E,
Johnson street, opposite Wharf street,
In in  constant receipt,'by every arrival, of new and j
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in  bulk and discs
OnAPTS on demand  or at short sight, issued on the
Caliori jil;
principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
the rate ol'?3 13 per XI stg. ,'".',
Diiapts on the principal Cities in the .North American
Provinces, al '.'• days, as follows :-p-
Xew Brunswick, i      "
NovaSooUn 2i    ,;
Diiai-ts OR Xew York, at'! days,.'! per cont.prcn; .1111,
'»      "    Messrs. 15, Davidsun & May, San Francisce
at sight—par. .■■iii
Ollice hours 10 a. *-|.,to'J p. m—Saturday 10 to 1 0 clock.
1'. \\.  t> 001.),
Victoria, March il, 1860, tc
cases and packages,     llsjiurity can be depended up-li,
nntl is worthy the attention of all connoisseurs.
IXFORMS the Traders mid  Miners of Fraser River
that he  is  now  prepared to  furnish nil kinds ot
camping  utensils,  in Tin,  Iron, and Copper, lit for
Miners and Family use.
Also, l!niters and Leaders.
Job Work promptly attended to 443m
E L A M    &    II O W E S,
Agents for Barbour's Irish Flax Shoe Thread, Gilling
Thread, kc
Agents for the American Xct and Twine Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass.
Agents for the Dolphin Manufacturing Company's
Sail Twine, Cordage, kc
The whole comprising tlie largest stock and best ns-
sortmont of the above line of goods on the Pncific Coast,
to which they are constantly receiving large additions
by arrivals from Atlantic cities. The particular attention of tho trade is solicited lo examine our stock before
purchasing elsewhere, as wo are determined lo sell nt
prices to defy competition. j20-*tr
D. CARROLL,: Yates-strcot, between Wharf and
.    Government - streets,   Victorin,   Importer    aud
Wholesale a      Retail dealer in Wines and Liquors.
truett, Tones,' & arringtox,
GO, Front  Strect,  San  Francisco, California,
"WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines, Cordials,  Syrups, and
every nrticlo in bis lino.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, ntftjf test, assured thnt we will endeavor to give satisfaction in tho
article, and dispatch in forwarding. nlO-tc
BY BATE ARRIVALS,  the undersigned have re
ccived additions to their hitherto well-assorted
stock of Furniture—aud now ofR-i*
Painted sets, ten pieces ;
Extension Table3, 8 and 10 feet long;
Centre Tables, serpentine and round ops, assorted
Curd Table, harp and square pillars
Common Tables, 2<, 3, and '5\ long:
Bedsteads, Mahogany, French, Cottage, double and
single ;
Lounges, spring scats, in damask and leather covers;
Sofas, spring scats, hair cloth, with round and pillow
ends ;
Desks, witli full and door fronts ,-	
Cheffoniers, walnut nnd mahogany carved fronts, 3
shelves, fret work ;
Bureaus, one-half marble top, scroll and painted pino,
4 and 0 drawers ; 	
What-nots, walnut nnd mahogany, 5 nnd 6 shelves;
Mirrors, in gilt and mahogany frames, assorted sizes,
for parlors, chambers, and saloons;
Children's Cribs nnd Cradles, also High and Low
Cliair3, assorted sizt'3 ;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-cloth, spring scats, cane and
wood scut, oflice, oak, dining, Grecian cane, heavy barroom, and common wood sent j
Rockers, spring seals, mahogeny and enne scats snd
bucks, sewing and arm ;
Sinks, Withstands, Chair Cushions, Coverlets, Towel
Racks, Willow Cribs, &c.
B E D 1) I N G ,
ruin, Curled Hair, Moss, Wool, and Start Mai tresses,
best Feather Pillows, all sizes ; in the manufacture of
which wc use none but tho best materials, and guarantee our work.
Broad-street, between Yntes and View streets.
Victoria, V. I., April 11, 1800. 3m
RECEIVED at Stationers' Hall, a large addition to
our stock  of
carefully selected from a well-filled market, containing
many New and Popular Books among them.
both low priced and superfine, of every description, in
lots, to wholesale or retail.
A   Beautiful   Assortment   of
Also,—Many articles  of Staple aud Fancy Stationery,
and Standard  aad Miscellaneous Books heretofore not to be had in this market.
jul3-lm Yates-street, Victoria.
It Expels Disease I
lt is said that all productions of human skill have
their day, and are superseded by new inventions or discoveries. Xot so with this remedy. " It is not fora
day, but for all time, and in all countries." And Why?
Because it strikes at the generic root of all diseases in
the blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing beyond that. The Ointment, penetrating through flesh
mid fibre, like water through a porous substance,
reaches the germ or disease, such as scrofula, erysipelas,
cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcerous discharges
in tho circulation, and eradicates the taint at once and
forever in this climate.
Bad Legs.
This Ointment will cure any case of Bad Leg evon if
of twenty years standing, or however hard or discolored
the tlcsbfe may be, or if swollen the size of a person's
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into tho
whole of the parts nffceted twice a day in large quantities, and the parts kept covered with linen rngs thickly
spread with the Ointment; from this mode of treatment,
a plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor wUl follow,
until the wounds nro all healed on the leg, or other
parts assume their natural appearance.
Old Wounds,  Sores, and Ulcers.
Tho most inveterate cases ot bad legs, scrofulous, or
other sores, are cured, if of 20 years standing, by the
joint use of the Ointment und Pills. The effect of this
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores, is almost miraculous. It first discharges the poison which
produces suppuration and proud flesh, and thus tho
cures which its healing properties afterwards complete,
ore safe as well as permanent. It has a wonderful effect
in the cure of sores occasioned by mosquetos, sandflies, or giggcrs.
This Ointment will cure the worst cases of Piles if
used according to the printed directions even if of 20
years standing.
Eruptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimple.s, dry eruptious, and all irritations
of the skin, fade and disappear after a few applications
of Hollow-ay's Ointment. In these cases brisk friction
is indispensable. Many of the ordinnry eruptions aro
caused by suppressed perspiration, and as this ponetrat-
ing unguent nt once opens tho pores, and invigorates
the absorbents, it dissipates the inflammation by_ a
double process. Ladies whose faces or arms are disfigured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove the
blemish and restore to the skin its nntnral tint, flexibility, and softness, by the use of this safe but powerful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, Fever Sores.
In cases of King's Evil where medicinal waters,
lotions, and every recipe of pharmucopceia have proved
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough euro.
Fever sores heal quickly under its influence, and its
relaxing effect upon contracted sinews is truly wonderful.
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Erysipelas.
These are among the most terrible and agonizing discuses, yet in their worst forms, and when seemingly
incurable, they invariably disappear under a persevering
application of this soothing, healing antidote to pain
and inflammation.
Bulk the Ointment and Pills should be used in thefollowin
cases :—
Bud Legs.
Bad Breasts.
Btcof Mosquctocs
nnd Saud-Flics.
Corns  (soft).
Contracted and
Stiff Joints.
Glandular Swellings.
Sore Nipples.
highest price for Gold Dust. l.suo Sight
cheques ou Messrs. Tullaut & Wilde, San Francisco, at
" par," uil0-3ui
Sold at tho establishment of Professor Hollowat,
244, Strand, (near Temple bar) London ; and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers iu Medicines throughout the civilised world.
8®- There is a considerable saving by taking the
larger sizes.
N. B.—Directions for the guidance of pationt3 in
every d sordcr arc affixed to cacli Pot.
Opposite  Liverpool  Wharf,
Columbia-street, New Wosiminster
Provisions,  Hardware, Croekeryware, Paints
Oils, Farming Implements, Mining Tools,
Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes,
Ax., kc, kc
Agent JEFFRAY k CO.'S Fraser River Express,
100 tons HAY for Salo,
1 -
I   !
CURTIS  k MOORE, Agents,
Yatos-streot, Victorin, V. I.
lll-iti, olll
•• Dyini ?   Yon do but jest !
You smile in the dark. I know!
Surely I should know best
How thc quick pulses go.
Lay your hand on my (beck :
Feel, though you ut no*., the red.
Why, in another week
I shall have- left my bed I
'• It was being so long alone—
So si-*k of the world " vain strife.
"Tncared for; and unknown.   „,..
That sapp'd the springs of life 1
Yon have given a world of lov* .*
Nay. soften that anxious brow ;
Is not our God above?
He will not summon mc now.
" The summer is coming fa3t ;
I can scent tbe rich perfume
Of the lilac by the door,
And the delicate apple-bloom.
Where .-hall our year- be spent?
I long for the- hills of Spain—
We will go to Rome, for lent.
Then back to our home again.
A Mcbdkkkr Focsn Oct.—The mystery of the Cas-
■ tc-rton murder has at last been unriddled, and theper-
• p.trat.ir.  George Raines.—a farmer and the employer
! and neighbor of the murdered pair—has been condt-m-
' ned to death for the dreadful offence, of which  n jury
has  inst found him   -Guiltv."     It will bc in the  reeol-
! lection   of our readers  that  Robert  and  Mary  Hunt.
owners ofa small property at Casterton. in the- A esl rn
District, suddenly disappeared in October I"-."--?, leaving
valuables behind" them, and that no trace ot them could
:- were earlv
Iv excited
,; o.
it \= this sudden pang?
I- il gT wing darker, Will?
Heavily got- my heart—
It i- almost standing still !
Raise mc—I cannot breathe—
Pray for mc-. love,   she said,
" Father into Thy hands 1"
And my young       t
By the Overland Mail wc have received dates to the
17th August.
The Neapolitan Parliamentary c-Iections commenced
on titc 14th. Refugees were prefer.ed by tbe electors,
who openly declared for the annexation of Naples to
The papers publish despatches announcing thc unopposed disembarkation of Garibaldi, near Reggio, on thc
night of the 10th of August. Thc same despatch reports the- evacuation of Sicily by thc Neapolitans. Both
statements are doubtful.
Trieste, August 8.—lt is believed that Garibaldi intends to att.ict Austria, not on the Venetian, but on
the Croatian coast, by attempting a disembarkation.
The Austrian authorities beUeve that he will first endeavor to provoke revolution in Croatia and Hungary
before proceeding to Venctia. All the coasts were
watched by the Imperial cruisers.
A Paris correspondent of the Xew York Times says
Austria has now 250,000 men in Venetia.
Thc same letter says the Neapolitan Government had
decided to pospone the Parliamentary eleelion indefi-
natcly. This step which is equivalent in the eyes ofthe
Neapolitans to abrogation ofthe new Constitution, will
produce a great fermentation, and will only hasten the
crisis which the king wished to avoid.
A Naples telegram states that the Garibaldians attempted to land and were repulsed. Only 200 succeeded
in landing, and wcre pursued into the interior.
Political interest prevails in Paris on the Sicilian and
Italian questions.
Garibalda was expected to attack Venice.
Austria will maintain the conflict alone against all
Prussia will remain neutral while other powers do
not interfere.
The mate-rial at the Austrian arsenal at Venice was
being transferred to Polo. Thc steamer Veloce had entered Castellamere at midnight on the 14th, and fired
several cannon shots. Minorca ['.'] returned without
producing any result.
London. August 17.—The- Paris correspondent ofthe
Times says that the Pope has written a very melancholy
letter to the Cardinal of France. He looks upon all as
lost, and although convinced that he will die by thc
bullet of an assassin, he declares that bc will quit Rome-
under no consideration and for no price.
Constantinople, July 17.—Advices from Damascus
ofthe- loth inst. state that Fund Pasha hnd surrounded
Lebanon with troops, and threatened with the sword
the Druses and Sheiks if they did not surrender in two
days. Twenty Sheiks had already been taken, and
nearly eight huudred other important arrests made. A
thousand camels, loaded with plundered property, had
also be*;n recovered.
The" Sultan had visited the Porte and delivered his
speech to the Ministers, expressing a resolution to punish Syrian offenders severely, and also an intention of
reducing thc list of high functionaries, and of effecting
economy generally. Paper money was to remain in
circulation until July next.
The- Sultan was about to address autograph letters to
Queen Victoria and the- Emperor Xapoleon, on thc subject of Syrian affairs, in which he would express a desire to have thc sole punishment ofthe offenders. The
massacre of Paldare is confirmed, but no details arc
given as yet.
A resolution for raising £300,000 for India was agreed
to in the House of Commons.
Advices from thc west coast of Africa, via England,
state that the captain of the American bark Edwin, of
Salem, had been accused of killing some Kromem, and
attempting the lives of others. The gunboat Lochrea
was at Cape Coast, and the Commander was investigating the affair.
Gikoa, August 15.—The Grand Duchess Anne, of
Russia, sister of King Leopold, died to-dny at Berne.
Chinese advices say that Sow Chow had been sacked
and burned. The Imperial troops arc snid to have
joined the rebels.
John Wild k Sons, manufacturers of Macclesfield,
Eng., have failed for £150,000, and Secross, their London agent, for £70,000. ['.']
300,000 reals of Morocco indemnity had arrived at
., -. jjjit (," rge VV'aines, who bad purchased the property o-" Bant some months previously, aud paid for it
: bra ii.i*i: which would become payable in November of
■ ihat year. f_*1S-'*nsprt: ,»<grew stra93*«,^jLv£re.
< more and men- fixed in the niinds ofthe- neighbours by
the strange- remarks ofWafnes himself. wL'_-«hih<4ed
• a sort of monomania for talking about the Hunt?, and
' who;.- remarks at times almost amounted to an admission of the murder. At length, twelve months after the
disappearance ofthe Hunts, Detect!vc-.ousiabtc Brown
was detached from the Melbourne force to investigate
thc subject on the spot. He engaged himself as a stableman and general helper with a publican in the neighborhood, became acquainted with Waincs. and sought
diligently for a clue to trace thc crime, but for some
mouths "without success. At last he got himself arrested ii- a lieket-of-leavc convict at large, and bad
W.lines apprehended al the same time on suspicion.
Search was daily prosecuted for thc bodies ofthe missing pair, on tlie farm, and about thc house. Brown
taking part in thc search, and Waines nightly pressing
his fellow prisoner ms be- thought him) for information
of what was going on outside. At last a cham ••■ n -
mark, that the river Glenelg was about to be dragged
by the black.-, drew the secret from the alarmed
He had thrown the bodies, in a sack, into a deep water-
hole in the river: and when on bis way in custody to
the jiii. he had made-an excuse for a ievt minutes fn
thc police when passing this water hole, and had sem
that a portion of one ofthe missing bodies I. id • -■
bom the bag, and was Boating on thc surface.
confessed the crime, and begged thc detective.
friend who would not betray him. to remove *.•'•
mains, and save him. The ■rater-hole was immed
afterwards searched, find portions of the two h
were found, one of thc bodies being that ot a ■
and the other that of a man. Tbe prisoner w "
at   Por:!.... !.   I
V E W      G O O D S .
ECETYED at Stationers Hall, a large addition to
,   our stock of
carefully selected from a well-filled market, containing
many Xew and Popular  Books  among  them.
STATION !'■ 1: Y •
both low priced s   I  -  p " ' '-•very description, hi
; -..-.. «■£ . . '• or retail.
A   Bi luiifit!   .1- irtuient   of
<*,OLI>    •- --.    AND    FINE    rOCKET   CCTLERY.
Also,-—Ma_r articles  of Staple nnd Fancy Stationery,
and Stan■!. ~i  aad MU ellaneous Books here-   •
•"■"wfste-mrt u ■■■. ':.-•' in this market.
inl3-ltn ""'      "       Yau's-strett, Victoria.
BY LATE ARRIVALS,  the  undersigned hare  re
t-eived additions  to their hitherto well-assorted
stuck of Furniture-—nr.-I now offer
Painted sets, ten pie.   - ;
Extension Tables, - and 10 feet long:
Centre Tabl s, serpentine and round   op-, assorted
sixes :
Card Tabic '    :•     '
('■ mmon Tal les. 2
Bedsteads.  Ma.
single :
I..   ■_-.-'    .
r- pillare
.'. iong :
ich, Collage, double and
isk and leather covers:
with round and pillow
carved fronts
4 81
the tr:,'.!
man pres
and  he
A r.oc
: tst week, for the murder of Mary Hunt,
ng over several days—Mr. Justice- Pohl-
. *" Ti.e Jury found thc prisoner "Guilty."
sentenced "to death.—Melbourne Argus.
been held in Liverpool to raise funds
■ f fugitive slaves in C nada. Amongst
were ti.e Rev. Dr. Burns, pi  :--  r   I thi
Theological College. Toronto: the- Rev. William King.
formerly a slave-owner in Louisiania, and Mr. John
I Cropper.    There was a numerous attendance, and a !ib-
| eral contribution taken up.
i   .    :_-_
Incorporated by Royal Charter in  1840.
CAPITAI '. $5,000,000
Special Deposits received in sums of $100 and upwards, re-payable on demand. Charge- for safe
keeping, onK-tit*AitTKn or one run cent, per month.
Gold  Di'st  received for safe  keeping, at the rate- o.
five cents per oz. per month.
Drafts Isscbd on London  00  days after Sight, at
; the rate of Si 95 per £1, stg.
3 days after sight, (in sums of £50, and upwards;
; $5. per £1 stg.
3 days after sight (in sums under £5") $5 10, per
£1. sterling.
Drajts on demand or at short sight, issued on '.he
• principal Citic3 and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
j the rate of S3 15 per £1 stg.
Drafts ou thc principal Cities in the Xorth American
j Provinces, at 3 days, as follows :—
Canada 4 per cent, premium.
New Brunswick. 4      " "
Xova Scotia 2.}    '■• ••
Drafts oi: Xew York, at :: days. 3 per cent.prea' Jro.
"      ••    Messrs. B. Davidson .t May, San r ranciscf
at sight—par.
Office hours 10 \. v., to3r. it.—Saturday 10 to 1 o'clock.
1". W. Wood,
Max aoer.
Victoria. March 17, lSCo. tc
An Irish Peer Resident in Canada.—Lord Aylmer,
whose claim to bc ranked among the Peers of Ireland
W.as.ailinittetl by the House of Lords on Thjarsday, the
1 OlU'iaf "8ruI"j"pSctgea_,'i,"-Burke and Mr. Hodgson, ap- |
pearing ns counsel for his lordship, is the desCciiuitut i
nud representative of that gallant admiral the first
Lord  Aylmer, one of the  heroes  of the Victory of 1/
is Ga-v-eraorof Greenwich--He
whose portrait may still be seen among the illustrious
men depicted in thc Painted Hall of the Hospital. The
first Lord Aylmer was the Admiral who escorted George
I. across the seas when he came to take possession of
the British throne, nntl from that time to this the house
of Aylmer has been constantly and most creditably engaged in the naval and military service of this country.
It is a curious circumstance that foremost in rank 11111011"
the millions there welcoming the Prince of Wales will
be the representative and successor of that trusty seaman whose flag was at the masthead of the ship that
brought to England thc first monarch of the House of
Red Riveu Carts.—A Inr.g-ejjnmljtr of these primitive conveyances, with their hardy owners, has arrived
in town. The captain of one of the brigades informs
us that the crops at the Red River settlement are magnificent this year. A valuable load of furs has been
brought down, amongst them several bunches of thc
silver grey fox—tho most valuable fur known. Mr.
Karrington informs us that these ore all sent to Russia
where each skin is worth $150 to §200. The Russians
also pny tho highest price for teas, champagne, and
diamonds, aud there is certainly no country in tlie
world whero extreme squnlor and luxurious splendour
rub) boulders 30 closely.—Toronto Papers.
CANDLES,—Hydraulic, Pressed and Adamantine.
LARD—-J. H. k Co.'s" ID-lb cans, in  120-lb. cases.
NAIL—Old Colony nntl Parker Mills, assorted sizes
X. 0. SUGAR, half barrels.
DRIED APPLES, half barrels.
Have  for  sale, in store nntl  to  arrive-, the following
well known  brands of
Three-fourths  of them are direct from the manufacturers, consequently can be offered al
comparatively low prices:
T. k S. Ilardgrovc's Peach
Tiirpin k Yarbrougb's Apricot;
J. H. Greaner's Pride ot the Union
A. L. Royster's Fruit:
AV. Greaner's Sun;
T. k S. Hardgrove' Golden Gato;
A. L. Royster's Invincible:
A. L. Royster's Mary's Own *,
Harvey Birch ;
Pomona aud Queen of Hearts.
linghl Pounds.
Peerless—T. k S. Hardgrove;
Gold Leaf—John II. Greener;
Gallego—Clopton ;
J. M. Langhorn k Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Gold Leaf;
Murrell k Burke's Sun-Cured ;
Rocknday—Golden Seal;
Girnldn, Wine Sap, etc.
Bright Half-Pounds.
Cold Leaf—J. II. Greancr;
Pippin—John W. Young:
"Wine Sap—George W Gillian
/■'iii'"'/ Tobaccos
Inyi'.ivi'y^'?■'■•>'■•       "-•-•■        '"■   "*' '   	
Planter's Pritlc Twist, in foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cubic Tw'st. in foil;
Perfect Love, ehuiL plugs j
Game Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco.
Ilardgrovc's Peerless, Killikinick nud Riddick's  Gobi
Fine Cut.
John Anderson k Co.'s Solace.
Lorillard's Coarse Rappee nnd Macaboy.
For sale bv single case or package.
By each  Steamer we arc in receipt of the Choicest
Brands of Havana  Segars, selected   by  our   house in
Havana (Patrick v Ca.) especially for this market.
The above geiods are offered to thc trade bv the single case or package,by   JAMES PATRICK & CO.,
mlO-ly Snn Francisco.
COMMISSIOX MERCHANTS, Albert Wharf, Victorin,
Vancouver Island, and Battery-street, San Francisco, Caliornia. Iim3ni
IRECT FROM XAXAIMO in nny quantity to suit
purchasers.   For Sale by
Pioneer Wharf.
11 -:.      ...  rble I •;■■ scroll and painted pine.
What-nots, walnnt and mahogany. 5 and '"• -helve-;
Mil ore, in gilt and 1        - es, assort   I sizes,
for parlors, cli Tillers.       I salo  a-:
Children*-;  Cribs  .*.:. :  Cradles.     '-•  High  nnd Low
Chairs, assorted sizes ;
Chairs, .'•' ih igany, II dr- I. th, spring scats, cane and
-v     I seat. ik.     .::..  Grecian cane, heavy bur-j
R .  .    -0u  ., us. niahoguny and cane seats snd
'•   . lis   -   .'   .    ..      1  .
•*   -.    '-■   -  -■ nds. Chair Cushions, Coverlets, Towel
Pnlu. Curled H ir, M --."■'    l.audStrai  Mattresses,
best Feajhcr Pillows, all sizes :   in the manufacture of !
which we use none but  the   best   material.-, and guar- i
antee our w. rk.
Broad-street, between Vates and View streets.
Victoria. V. I.. April ll, I860. 3m
A X   A S T 0 X I S H I X G    R E M E D Y !
II 0 L L 0 W A Y ' S     0 I X T M E X T .
It   Expels   Disrate :
lt is said that all productions of human skill have |
their day. and are superseded by new inventions or discoveries.    Not so  wiib this  rtmedy.     "it is not forn I
day. but for all time, and in all countries.'' And Why? j
Because it strike? at the generic root of all diseases in
the blood, and medical art can accomplish nothing beyond that.     The Ointment, penetrating through flesh
and   fibre,   like  water   through   a  porous  substance,
reaches the- germ or disease, such 11= scrofula, erysipelas,
cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and tileert us discharges
in the circulation, and eradicates tlie- taint at once and
forever in this climate.
Bad Legs.
This Ointment will cure any case of Bad Leg even if
of twenty year.-: standing, or however banl or discolored
thc flesh may bc, or if swollen the sire of a person's
bodv, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into the
"■whole pf the parts affected twice a day in large quantities, and the p^rts kept covered with linen rags thickly
spread with the Ointment j from this mode- of treatment,
a plentiful discharge of nnhcail!.; humor will follow.
until the wounds are all healed on tilt leg, or oilier
parts assume their natural appearance.
Old Wounds, Sores, and Ulcers.
The most inveterate cases ot bad legs, scrofulous, or
other sores, are cured, if of 20 years standing, by the
joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect of this
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores, is al-
most miraculous, lt lirst discharges the poison which
produces suppuration and proud tleih, and thus thc
cures which its healing properties afterwards complete,
are safe ns well as permanent. It has a wonderful effect
in the cure of sores occasioned by niosqiictos, sandflies, or giggers.
This 0'iitment will cure the worst cases of Piles if
used according to thc printed directions even if of 20
years standing.
Eruptions on Ihe Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry eruptions, and all irritations
of the skin, fade and disappear after n few applications
of Hollowny's Ointment. In these cases brisk friction
is indispensable. Many of the- ordinary eruptions arc
caused by suppressed perspiration, and as this penetrating unguent nt once opens lhc pores, and invigorates
the absorbents, it dissipates tbe iiirlnmmntion hy a
double process. Ladies whose faces or arms arc disfigured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove the
blemish and restore to thc skin its natural tint, tlcxi-
bility, and softness, by the use of this safe but powerful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, Fever Sores.
In cases of King's Evil where medicinal waters,
lotions, and every recipe of pharmacopoeia have proved
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough cure.
Fever sores heal quickly under its inllucucc, and its
relaxing effect upon contracted sinews is truly wonderful.
Rheumatism, Scrofula, Erysipelas.
These are among the most terrible and agonizing diseases, yet in their worst forms, and when seemingly
incurable, they invariably disappear under a persevering
application of this soothing, healing antidote to pain
am] inflammation.
Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in thefullowin
cases :—
Bad Legs. Contracted   and   Scalds.
Bail Breasts. Stiff Joints.        Sore Nipples.
Burns. Elephantiasis.       Sore-throats.
Bunions. Fistulas. Skin-diseiises.
"iUeoTMnM'uetof- C.Tiuii""     —   |Scu--vj*.
anil Sand-Flies. Glandular Swei- 11'ore-heads.
Coco-bay. lings. Tumors.
Chiego-foot. Lumbago. jl leers.
Corns i^oi'i).       j Piles. Wounds.
Cancers. Rheumatism. Yaws.
Sold at the establishment of Professor Hollowav
214, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; and by all re-'
spcctablc Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilised world,
Sfjf There is a considerable saving by taking tlie
larger sizes,
X. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in
every d sorder arc affixed to each Pot,
CURTIS   &  MOORE, Agents,
yatcs-street, Victoria, V. I.
Opposite   Liverpool  Wharf,
Columbia-street, Xew Wct.v.-mnster
Provisions,   Hardware,  Croekciyivnre,  Paints.
Oils, Farming Implements, Mining Tools,
Ladies' and Cent's Boots and Shoes,
kc, kc, kc.
\gcnt JEI'FRAY & CO.'S Frnscr River Express.
m28, iJiu
100 tuns HAY for Sale.
Scrofula,   Rheumatism, stubborn i'lcsrt,  l)ijtp*p*hi,  S,it!
Rhevtn, Feeer .*',"■?*, Erysipelas, PimpUs, Bile*, Mercurial P>i*en*'t, Cutaneous KrupHon*,   I.irer  Coat-
plaint, Bronchitis, FemJlU 'Complaints, Lost of
Appetite, General lit',i-it^. .(•.-.
A ptcnUTuI i-pi-t-r •■!* pur* Mood Is .-.« rstentUI n> uninijl life
_* tight, beat. -f>l c.-iiirii ttiotVera Ar> |.. tii« vegetable Mnialoin.
w .-•.:.>;-v;  - ■ r-.i'.;,."•:-■. •    flut.1 to iiii[-.'K-i!, »lck-
r.<< b iii- :,. •,' ., '■-,."   ■■.':■   -   T.'ti..:'i Lecntne nn-
Li-.ttdy. '.'c liver '•   ■■  ■ .ji-l wi'ii Itminra 1. V, which,
forced I Uo • •• -■ •-." '•:: 1' ■ • Samel ::..- ).' 1. enp n-
lerii -•- : ■: .'n   n      ll        "■ 11 I I      rr dhtoi lent,   The e-lw-
tie owes, null
finUerin. ©untile counlity.
Th. :■■:••":  -retomnti
Mr-re  A   II   k IV
1 llie oldest -lliysl-
-V.'lir   S-iir-flpn-irn
I I .'stiliiiriiig
". f..ri„lt- tilth .in-
>l '.| .,.'. :.■..I ..f 11
', ' .,, rcsbt.il »
-in nmnv 1.1 tlu-iii
1 '■ nt .:.' 1: i- re-
■  ..f jr. al ,111.-t t
,.  .  I;   -.,... ..I
:. Ill >l an-nil, .-
itbct maUlM connected
It  .-  - usuallv In !.i»-.~l
•t'. n. IncmMMifttrencth
..-•: ..;. ol a 111 it\- litaliliy
1 to hi ".'t'i
WM. STKI1XE, M 1).
IVr-are.I and sold by A. II.  As n. SAXIJS, Whotesale
Drug-gists, 1"" Fulton-street corner nf William, -N'-vt Turk.
For sale by DEWITT, KITTLK A- Co.. II. JOHXSO.V v Co
an.l UEDINGTON k. e'...--an Francisco; KICEtt COFFIN,
Marysville; IL 11. McDe.NALD sl CV, Sacramento; and by
Druggists generally.
lions; >■! irged _■
-a it'i .1 deprave i -:■■
wilh Improvement
ant Oesh, better r.-
slate nf inin.i, ami
.■ or Uie SJste
ifapiietlte am
: at night, the
omplete r ■<:,
Trn'.v -,o-,ir<,
for Tin: rvr.E of
Of all the remedies yet divnverM fur •tieli complaints, this Is
ihe most certain, and Imvtrs ne» Injurious effects,
It mnltes a speedy and permanent cure, without the !ra«t re-
ttrtctiou t" die', 'Irink. exposure, ur change in application to
business. Une buttle Is generally rmfllclent to cure an ordinary
eve, which not unrreqiienlly disappears arti-r sij ur rl'r-lit dotes.
Prepared and sold by A. 1*1. dt* II. SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists. I'1-! Fnlton-street, comer of William, New York.
For sale bv DEWITT. KITTLE k C„ II. JOHNSON A Co.,
and UEDINOTON <t Co, San Francisco; HIL'E A COFFIN
Marysville; U. II. McDONALD it Co, Sacramento; aod bf
Druggists generally.
AND FOE f*(E CL'tiK nf
Scrofula, Mercuiii" ii-sen-^. Rheumatism, Cutancota
Eruptions, StubV.-a Vlec-is, Li»C** Complaint. Dyf
pepsi.i, Bronchitis, Sal": R_enm, LumD_^>. Whito
tiwellines. Hip Duease, Enlargement of ii,i
Boncn and Joints, Fever Sores, Female
Complainta, Erysipelas. Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, kc, kc.
It has lung been a most Important desideratum In the practice
3f medicine, to ubtain a remedy similar tu this, and accordingly
we Bud It resorted to almost universally In nil those tormenting
diseases of the skin so trying to the patience, and Injurlntu tc
tbe health.    It ts a tonic, aperient, and disinfectant    !t acts
simultaneously upon llie stomacu, the ciBCULvnos, and tlio
SOWF.I.S, ami thus three processes, w blcli are ordinarily llie result
of Tnnr.r. different kinds of medicine, are carried on at tin- same
time through the Instrumentality uf this oxr remedial .'.genu
Its great merit is, that it incuts nml neutralizes the netite prln
eiple. of disease it-elf, and when that is gone, Um symptoms ne
cessarlly disappear.  The rapidity with which the patient rccov
era health and strength under this triple inllneiice Is surprising.
Lvxx COUNTY, Oregon Ter., March 11,1S5&
Messrs. A. Tt. k D. Bauds, New York: Gentlemen,—In the
Spring of ISM, while on our way from Indiana tu this place, our
eldest boy was seized With a swelling and severe pains In lha
legs, which .lay by day grew worse,Until tils legs contracted,
anil became so painful'Uml be could not walk, and we had la
carry lilm about like an infant. Wc reached Albany nn the 3d
of October, completely worn out by fatigue. Ily this time ha
was reducer] to a perfect skeleton. Here wc were enabled lo
consult » physician (Dr. Hill), who honestly confessed be could
not euro lilm, although he could give him medicine that would
relieve tho pain. In thie exigency something must bo done, or
death wits inevitable. Being recommended to try yonr Bnrsa-
parllla. I procured a buttle. After taking some, bo appeared
worse; but persevering with It, I obtained a secnntl bottle,
which seemed to grapple with the disease, nnd Caused a marker.
Improvement: Ihe swelling and pain in the legs were reduced,
his npiictlle Improved, and Ills color began to return. Thus oil-
conraged. I purchased a third buttle: wbllo taking it, the swellings in his legs broke, and some pieces nf bono one-eighth of
an inch Iiuik came out, alter which his legs straightened and
healed up. Iln Is now perfectly recovered, has no appearance
of being a cripple, Slid enn perform most kinds of common labor,
as all our neigbbois can cerUfy.   Yours, respectfully,
Trepareil and sold by A. I). it T). SANDS, Wholesale
Druggists, too Fulton-street, corner of William, New York.
For sale by DEWITT. KITTLK U Co., II. JOHNSON k Ca,
and I'.ICDINQTON k Co., San Francisco; KICK fc. COFFIN
Marys-.iltc; 1- II. McDONALD U Co., Sacramento; and by
Druggists generally.
The dollcntc structure of the eyelid renders It peculiarly son
eltive anil liable to disease. When, front any csuse, It becomes
affected, llie inner membrane rapidly Inflames, and tbe eyelid
evinces the strongest predisposition to attract to itself biimots
from all parts of tbe body. Hundreds of persons of scrofulous
habit arc disfigured by rawness or redness of tlio eyelids, com-
monly called sore eyes, and tortured wilh apprehensions of Impaired vision, who, by using this BALSAM, may obtain almost
Immediate relief. In all cases, the earlier this remedy Is applied
the lienor.
Nkw Yor.K, July 15th, 1556.
Messrs. A. B. & D. SAxns: Gentlemen,—I havo been troubled
fur years with a» air.^Lej.n nf the eyelids, and have tried a num.
ber of remedies without experiencing any decided benefit A
Tew weeks since I obtained some of your ltOUAK Era V- •.:.".m,
and applied It aecnrilinc to the dlrectl'iuts. The first application
produced a decidedly beneficial effect, and I had nut used it
( i-ek, l^fnre my eyelids were entirely free frum Inflaiiiinatl ,
which had nut been the citfo before for many veara.
Yrurs, fcc, O. B. WILLIAMS, 202 ISuoaiiw    ,
riuc'E, aa cents peb j.iu.
Trepared and sold by A. II. * I». SAXIlii, W'.mesale
Jnigglst", tun Fnlton-ttrect, corner of William, New Y>rk.
For sile by DEWITT. KITTLK .t Co., It, 10IINSVN k Co.,
and UKiUNliTuN & ("n.Sati Francisco; KICK \ COFFIN
Marysville; ";. II. McDONALD 4c Co., Uncraiii 'oi aud b?
Druggists ufk irmly.
M A V K lt,    RBI S IIAllT,     k    C 0.
XKW"  WKHTMIXi'TKB.   n.   l\, '
HAVISO concluded arrangements for a regular lin
nt t'sssels, to run twice a  month direct fr„.
Su. Francisc to this place, would be please 1 to receive
I onle-r.- fur liritish Columbia.
Letter,  addressed  to us in  care  of Messrs. Mayer
le-inliiirt. k Co., Victoria, V. 1., John Dewar, and n
meet witli
II.   Gekrickc,  San
prompt attention.
Francisco,  Ca.,  will
LEVI   i-  I'.has ^
Scott's Wharf.
*!SjP7*4fSi^__ALE and RETAIL P.ealen iu all ,,n-^
Ave. Have always on hand a large assortment of Pro,
visions and Groceries direct from San Francisco will
sell t_«jn at tl..- lowest market prices.
All orders from thc country will le promptly atten.
ded to.
m28, 3in
I-: H N E ST     I'ICIII,
D It E W E U ,
X 1: w   WF. 8TM1XBTED.
i)l'l!l.ISIIKI) every furinij-lit in time fur tlieCallfomii
Mail Steamer, The- prices Current rontaloi ilit
I correct and nulbentic rates and prices of all descrip.
linns of iirtie-li-s in the Victoria market, at tvcllnj rf.
' li.-ililt- reports of thc stale- of trade, shipping, 4c, hi,
us invaluable na an iii'h-x and 1 ommercinl nttibnritrto
every mcrchnnl nnd tradesman as it is a dciirali'i
medium i"r advertising. Printed fur A. K. M.ux m
thc oflice ut' iii" V, I. Gazette, Victoria,
KlltKT-STIlKRT.   S.IX   l'ltAXClsttl.
We continnc to monnfnctnr^nt the above well knoirt
t stiiliii.-liini'iit,
.s'ltiiin Engines,
Saw  Mill,
:'.:;.l  tiilit-r machinery, of every description, anil lr»n
and lint-- (.'listings of nil Kiml-.
From the  lim:4 experience we have hail, and thero-
jn.-rit.r tools and mncliinery, ami tlie- very lurgc collection
nf patterns nt mtr c ninnil, .ve-t'e-el confident that nut
facilities for tu-ning out the best style of work, will
dispatch, and nt ihe- lowest rates, are- not surpassed on
lhc Pacific cniist.
Uu-si.i Iron Screens fur Quartz Mills, made nt sliorl
lnticc. Orders lor all kiml? t>f wWk will receive prompt
jc-0-Gni Late CIoODAHn & Co.
REED Will* AT.
THOMAS PATTKICK, k Co., have sbinc cliolccit). I
of Seed Wheat on  hand from  Australia, Mexico, tlit |
Mcilittermncnn, nml Van Dieman's Land.
Fanners arc invited to inspect samples.
For Sale by
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
"'21-1111 _____
II O L L O \V AY'S     PI I h S 1
Why arc Disrates so Fatal in Tropical Vlin'atul
Merely because wc prescribe for their effect, instest I
of their cause, and try tn relieve symptoms initaultu
strikingat ll.elr root. The action of ihe-fe 1'ill? is |'if
ciscly the reverse. They expel from the secretiveote:
gans ami tho circulation the morbid matter which bw'j
duces inflammation, pain, fever, debility, nml pliy-itdl
decay; ami the basis of dlseruc being removed, ittj
mnnifestatlont vanish. While ordinary remedies o»lfi
afford a temporary respite to thc sufferer, whereat IlKfl
Pills annihilate the disorder.
Ill Health in IJct Countries.
Frequently arises from  nervous  disorders nffectin! |
the action of tbe heart ami deranging thcwIioiCMW
mal economy : these fine Pills will restore the ncrvo^l
systom however deranged, and bring back health :'"1|
spirits when nil other metjieifl? h?8 failrtl,
Bilious and Liter Complaints.
Frcf-ncnlU* Iciiel to the worst phases of human ?nf-|
feriug, yet h'mv many in the East and West Indies, Mil
most of our Foreign Possessions, are thus afflicted, wl
knowing the means of cure placed within their «;r»sp;|
such should take a few boxes of these Pills accordm!I
to ihe directions given in the books, nnd their aihiiciiy|
will quickly leave them.
Dropsical Swilling* and Turn of Life
This is a mosl disastrous period in woman's lii.-lonl
it destroys thousands, the whole of the gross liumonl
collect together, and like a tide sweep away health WI
life itself, it uot timely and powerfully checked, TMI
most certain remedy for all these dnngerons syuipi<lW|
is Ilollowuy's Pills.' Aimed with this great untldotjjl
ihe fiery ordeal is passed through, nnd the suffererjl
once more restored to the possession of uiiimpaiwl
health. Theso Pills arc equally efficacious in all''J
male complaints, nnd obstructions at the dawn «l
w o 111 nn hood.
Stomach and Liver Complaints.
These are complaints of the million, particularly al
those in warm latitudes; few escape them; rii'UI
neglected, tbey lead to innumerable dangerous mftladWj
lint why neglect them when Ilollowuy's Pills nill er»il-|
i.-ntc them as certainly ns water extinguishes uf'F
They relieve the bowels, purify (he Iluiils, and invignf-j
ate tho system and the constitution nt the same tim«--l
They are admitted by virtue of special decrees iuto the!
dominions of despotism, nml thus have become 11 grf,'l
household remedy.
Dysentery and Bowel Complaints.
These famous Pills should be taken once or tffi«J|
week by all classes in this part of the world, by wM*|
menns,"none need fear the attacks of these direful|
A   Word to Female*. |
The local debility and irregulnritlis which arc iw|
special annoyance of thc weaker sex, and which, ivlie,J
neglected, always shortens life, nre relieved un* '"'j
time being nnd prevented for the time to conic,"} I
course of this mild but thorough alterative.
Hoilowaij's Pills an lbs best remedy - -own,;m 1h< <c°•'"J
for the following diseases:— .,[
]!i!ifius Complaints l Erysipelas        | Stone aul C^ I
.IVIoli'livs  on   the . .: Feinalc  lrrcc-..! Wvcr.CpPP«|]t i
skin ulnritics
Ilowfl Complaints   | Fevers of all
Colics kinds
Constipation ot the Fits
Powelg (lout
Consumption Head-ache
Debility ! Indigestion
Dropsy ' Inflammation
Dysentery Tumours
Venereal Affections Worms of all
Piles .  .
Retention of l-'-»fi
Scrofula, or &n»I|
Sore Throat?
Sceoiuhir.- 80:
Tic Doulourtis
Weakness, fr<""
whatever i""*"''l
kc, kc       o,
Sold nt the establishment of Proitks8QB "-'''V1'',!!
244, Strand, (near Temple liar) London,   also 1)'
resp«c<K<bk Druggists and Dealers in medicines thro    1
out the civilized world. "_-*ii«th*l
CfciJ"" There is n considerable saving by timing
linger sizes. .   ts ill
N.  II.—Directions for the guidance of pniK-*1     I
every disorder nre nffixed to each box.
CURTIS * M00RB, Agents, Yatcs-st.,/VMclor^
a      1.. Irci".'-'-"'!
Printed   and published   every Saturday   t'J  "*:   {\tt
Mfi.ii!K, lit   his   ollice, New  Westminster,
Colony of llritith Columbia.


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