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The New Westminster Times Dec 15, 1860

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Array mam.
mini     ■
po 13. ML iii
^__^ Iv •*' -*^___»- ____J' V____-- *
l _ .     * _ H
l /'/-on, /A. London Weekly Dispatch.
"VVluif fidfion woe over so strange us the
muli tluil. oven raw its i!ii|iri.8SHil ii'ion cvorj-
hoiiho, and bonne lunm to ovnrv conviGtidti'
A prosaic ago' Why, .vluit is ottHtorn romnrrce
to -lit* * Robot i-tj'-titiii.y nf \vuk*in£- Uliss' vvliirih
now titiv.-iif- tijiiiii T',111-0]),' -.' Wliuvi;, in 'old r«-
HlllllCl;/  Wills I'VDl' pOO(iicril  jllHUl'l-    HO HI'V("",,I\
jit-tiHiji'vutl '•' IEokoos i tiiurifefc aminvabiil-e baton
in cvory lcini|mii(il.— rvurv trt,<>],,,;• ih n |-ni..'lit
—I'vovv ciinuii 11 iiiilutlii,. Ti,,'(feriiii,in. liulii.,
Italy, luu'i Ki,ii£'l,i mu su_dli num. Iinvi ov/jkoil
nud, douils fitora liiiltl-iiuti-Hliall tn lull private.
in. to crowd tlir gjlaiiifiB ttftitgoB into tin- net* nl
(.iiip'lt yeitrt, WtillingUm luid t,l,e iiii.iioii,lens
Jlt-itiril, pni'BC to r/t, ui—-h lirm powor to (Irtiw
l,ii- Irviith troii,—u oomtnissitvn tvora n grotf.
Sttu.i:. and t, fnl1 licet t.nd t'oinniissarint.. "Nn
piileoii eotild dt-av.' ii'ion fhtunoo to ..lie Ihsi
trniie and tlie las, coiittci'ijpt. Wiit'llx-roiio-l,
had t.lx- t'liHnni'ces nl t.lii- nulir.ai'v conjofi ot nil
Hi.K>t, iise
reecrdf- a
most ir;i'
iwst iiehicTeitH;.; 1!
•.■nl i-(u-t,rir,uiu'<* u at
taikifis dew a ir, slam
1«8MM. ji.nr.t the ci
ii ives and fired l,e.in
,u1 a • Times' eon-espn'id
(ftSK al I he- out of a l,e.ro,
"t.liaiid i,i«- AiniiliaT' et,n.'-
inri's ol" his e.orriT(::'ii>
its ;   i HI* us the swuj 1 lie
in sani'. rti.
he   sflijiw
marks his k.,,lcs. as, lyiris: .quill on l.he dock,
he i> hold, rig' l,is council ol" war with his oww
batri and inidersianijing'-' .races, his fiwal resolve, ins plan of opciVJi.••■>..s. within a lew
days to !,e eorisinrimrijed hyliie emiqin'-sl of
:i kingdom, a-', d.suijssina; his .:l,sir.ieii.,i., he
again starts to his feel, and mingles in i ho
eveiiin _r parly of his -Orniirv.v onion as thoy
insjiire in lover or baftlw.Ki contempt ot .'lean,
l>y singing tbe songs of Uicir country. There
is no attribute of the highest order of greatness that ho does not reach. The very intuition of military genius, infallibility of ' CQttl)
d'oci!,' rapid and precise decision, unfk.Ut-g
sagacity and fertility ot resources, great fore*
cast and administrative wisdom, a prodigious
power of silence and self-reliance, the sweetest temper and chocrfullest humor, tlio most
disinterested self-sacrifice and love of the
human race, incorruptible integrity, enthusiastic magnanimity.a humble and unsuspicious
simplicity, the most collected courage—
A combination and a form indeed
Whore every god hath seem'd to set bis seal
T<, give the world assurance ofa man !
But where is all this to ond ? Naples and
Sicily added to the great Sardinian etniiire.
Low is it possible that the Venetian provinces
can be retained by Austria—bow eau Garibaldi, consistently with tbe declared objects
ol bis mission, stop short of clearing all Italy,
all the land that speaks bis tongue, from the
iron hoof of the foreign oppressor? Can bis
career stop even at that point? .Kossuth lias
landed in Italy. Towns illuminate ns bo enters them—multitudes sing political Host.!.-
nabs bel'oro him. "When Garibaldi bus added
Naples and Ycnetia to Sardinia, will be leave
Hungary out of tbe category of political
emancipation'' Ho has called the heroism of
ill Europe around him. Ho lias especially
rallied to bis standard the missionaries of
freedom, revolution, and republicanism. Will
they disperse after such signal triumphs,
when the Magyar is still in tlie chains of
hated Austria—when their companions in
arms, who hive fought side by side f <r Italy,
ask their help to free Hungary from her letters 7
Can the contagion of revolution stop even
here? Poland is prostrate, but not dead. Russia, Austria, and Prussia are threatened when
rebellion is fomented in their Polish provinces.
Will they not club their fire-engines to put
out a conflagration that threatens to drive
them bouseiess from their thrones''
Vatai. Result of a Practicai. Joke.-—The Imperial
''.art of Paris, last week, beard nn appeal from ft judgment of tbe Tribunal  of C'ouioinmiers, under  ti.e   fol-
niving circumstances '—It •.pj.ear-. that, a man named
V'lflit.  re.iding at Kebab  (Se.ne-ct»Mame),  "/us M
Mmorona tli.it l,e would r,.,l. venture cut. after dark, but
IJ one n,gl,t r.impelled to  return home ftione from |
"n adjoining village,  one of. his neighbors,  named
'"lot, thought it. would be a good joke to frighten him.
I'e a.cordinglj wailed for   Proffit, hj the. w.iysidfi, and
•'''l'l -uly presenting  himaslf demanded  hi-t  money or
life.    The  terrified  man   immediately dealt.  Mnlot,
|h'ee heavy blows with a hoe, whir.h caused the. man's
peath a week afterward...    Ilia widow*, in consequence,
'"'ereil an action for damages  against Proffit, bnt wss
fin-suitcl  by the Tribunal  of Coubrmmicrs,  on   the
Pound that Mnlot'*  dfath   was thc result of hist own
Imprudence.     The widow appealed to the.  Imperial
urt, wliii'h  rle ".iiiert that when a. man indicts injury
another, whether I'roni fear or any other cause., hu is
ln|i.*,'1  tn  make,  repiirafiuc.,  and   it, accui'diiigly  sen-
enced Prortit to  pay Mnlot s  widow  an indamnilj' of
600 tVaneH.
Yesterday wcaft the minister, and others assembled
Jt, the Weslejan CciiL'ga, Didsbury, proceeded to  B.ir-
'" Moor, where. t,Y.o. fonndation-st.one of new Wesleyn.
'"'.lioilisr. rlay and Sunday Schools was laid hy Mr |
l*mes Healr), who has made himself responsible for i
'' df the exp-jnsc of erecting' thc building. j
Cranre t>- KiiA-toB.—A r.rvvannf m_n. only IS Tt:r»
, Of agv, ii;,,,,.-- ,laci|,,e. I',rl„,„jlli. \rai, thre,' ,iuy. ap.,
trie.l by 111- Court of Assize- ol' tb, Iliint-Illii,: for tile
murder ol his broiher. Sebnstian. seren years bis
s .nior. The two lived will, their parent, nt n place
called fluy.tein but tlfeyOUOger entertained great aiii-
iiiii.il, i>, tile elder—-win .vn.- nm known—and often
threatened and struck him.
was lasi year condemned U
and tlii- increased hi. hatred.    ' When  I come out of
prison    said Ik. ' I wil! d,. lOmellllUg terrible ;'   B_.il lli
nii,'rw.i,ii- more then once declared to eertaln persons,
'i in, \.'ili tee 1 shall shorn my brotbei dead !' li, tbe
OWlilqg Of tin hill, ol "tlarcli tbey supped together nnd
tbei, weal oul. Sluirlly nit-., lb.- reporl of n pin, t»nv
heard, and SobttfltllU, \vas found Ivinu on the ground ut
some disiiiuer will, n (r,n,-shi,l wo.in.i ii, his br»,iat : be
died will,i„r, (peiiklllE n v.-ord. As no i>„, but bit
brother bon him ,,ij,, will, nnd iu no one bin be bud
beau witli lilm dl tbe time (here was no doubt that be
was tin   murderer :   nnd. besides, tb.   wtidUlug ol  the
lin, lire,l. which v.'iu piclien up. I,nil b60h linul, of paper
slmllltr t', son,,' In posSBSsefi : tin- ulili* wbleh hnd bit
ih, deoeusotl v>„- nlso like •.„„,. he had Imd ; and
last). > fi,,,. W'bioll lie hud l,,irro>\*r.l from b neighbor.
hot] OiSHJtpPliroH.     Boillg  declared   Utility, '„it v.'itl; ,■:-
" »tlll{ i-i'i'i,,„;.,,iii'i". he was condemned to 'Jti Venn.'
I,arc labor
Government Notices and Proohinmtionn.
n I, t i b i.
olo„ i„l Secretary's Office. :it?i Angnst, l?^o.
UK OOVKItNMbrNT OAZI.-fTK for Brill..!, fcpliith-
bi,i. heretofore  published In the  i'douy of Van-
I'or ill, iiisault on bin, be , oOUver Island, having been  discontinued as u separate
imprisonment.   ?t..ntph1oi. nolict is hereby-given thut from this dad- nnd
until further notice all Coverall"',,! m!.i-r,;,..,,,„,,,   .i,,.,
I'n-x'laniations, and other Ualilters iifel'iil and nc-essarv
for g"„e,'„l information and guidance, will be pub!'Sll'Cu
lu llie col,in,„« of lhe Nt:w Wn.TMiNsr.n '1'imks ncw-*-
pnpe, :    and  sneli   publication shall   in   all cases  be
taken „n<] deemed  as  publication  in  the   GoOeTHMifnt
!!<. co„,,u„»d of liis K_cellenev.
WfrJlJlMI a. c. VfinNc;.
Acting Coloninl -Secretary.
Etu'ope fducocl ai bis .iisjiosui ; bull Swifbi-ltli:
v, 1,v be bus rcjioaied the f'oii.i nf 'Montrose,
"ivho liop-tiii his battle with \\n- atlch'ess, • Y(n\
hnve no lU'tnf,. but the oneinv hnv.- ; take
i lii'ti) from i.be.ti, ' ll is a hio-li -},ri viie_.-( bo
ine im the same ecnmrv wiittlb swe.h n main.
ixisitivelv stiirti i rip: to thin I; that eivilis-
ao iiiir.'ieu or, thai 1.1,e teleo-rnph
c;i!nj'ii.i£'ti as ii v.uukl /, ooniBi(y
;.hiii rej,>,ri.(>'-s are hv ihe side ol th<-
en at the rnomeiil   of their
VltTOltl A I'ltirjiS ffliltKNT AND r-llll'IMNC! l.lf'T.
I"\UBhIStIl-D every fortnight in time for (be California
Mail .VtenuuT. The prices t'nrrenl eolitnins the
correct nml imilioatU fftteei end piles of all ib'scip-
tions of artieles In the Victoria market, ns well as reliable roportd Of the slale of trade, shipping, kr. ll is
ns invaluable as nil hide., nnd .-..niineieinl nnlhority to
every inerclinnl nnd tradesmiin up it is n desirable
medium for advortlilns.    P,i„ie,l ft)f A. !". MAU. at
the office of Ihe V, 1. limelle, Victoria.
11.   WATERS,   TINS-MITII,   Ac,
NKW   wr.STMISST.-H, 11. f'.,
>'-.)UMH lhe Traders and Miners of Frnscr Biver
that ho is now prepared to furnish nil kinds ot
lumping utensils, in Tin, Iron, nnd Copper, lit for
Miners and Family use.
Also, 0litters and headers.
Job Work  promptly attended tn ft .'lm
II 10 N N  I. S V ' 8       II 11 A N ll Y ,
IM   ..NU   liO/KN   CASKS.
WiiAiir-stnuKT,    Victoria.
W. .1. AllM,STI!.ON*(l k BItfl.,
Opposite   Liverpool   Wharf,
f'olumbia-slreet. Mew Wot..aiinsler
Provisions,   Hardware,  Urockerywnre,  Pftinti1
Oils, I'arming Implements, Mining 'fools,
Ladies' and dent's Boots and Shoes,
kc, kc., Ac.
A sent JEFFBAY k CO.'S Fraser Iliver Express.
IOO tons WAY fsr Sale.
m2S, 3m
MAY KB.,    REINHART,     *    CO-,
AVrNO concluded arrangements for a regular line
of '••isse.ls,  to run  twice a month direct, from
SanTVaneisc to this place, would be please I to receive
orders for British Columbia.
Letters addressed  to us in  enre of Messrs. Mayer,
Reinhart, k Co., Victoria, V. 1., John De.var, and 0.
If.   (.chric.ke, Sun   Francisco,  Ca., will   meet with
prompt attention.
DIRECT FROM NANAIMO i« any (i_w»tiliy to suit
purchasers.   For Sale by      ^ ^  scotT>
Pioneer Whom
I, A K 6 I. F V     B R 0 T fl ERS,
I  »l V 0 I1TIK (I       I, I: U 1; 1; 1 K T K ,
Yntos-'ifre.'t   Vicloi-'m.
ATF received, direct  from  London,  n c|,o lee s
b'l'tio,  ol
l(l.rr,S. Clil-iMff'A l,S sTBCff'AL TVSTRt'MEVTS.
..7f.'?.:••<'iVs'   IXf'.'WT'S   pril';SERi,ATIVI';.
i'ockl.■'••■     1,1 i-Bil,oils Pills,
Kali ting's. Cough Lo/.-nges,
illin'rny s Fluid SlaglrijUitv,
l''„i-r,„g's Sparkling Oitnite of Miignesia,
Superior Si-idlctz Powders.
Es-HCiilial Oil oi Rifiutone Pippin,
Essential Oil ol  P,,,,- Apple.
Essctinl Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil <->!' Raspberry,
l.ssetitiiil D',1 ol'.Itirgonel Penrfi.
Ess.'iiiiiil I > I ol Nci-tar.
Bowlnmrs Macisvn,   Oil,
V'i-iv.I .,;■:>  (idonto.
E,-,« -1«1, ri s K (ily dor.
Iri'isrifli's  C'llogncs.
<ios„c;i s r;,e.n Tooth Paste,
liosnell's Sr.f.ps.
{'-osri'-li s Hair Rrn-hes. «22-tc
TlUiM \S rATTt.UK. .< Oo.-, have nime .boi.-e lots
of Seei \\heal on  band IVom   Anslralie, Mevico, tbo
M(-,liticiTi,.ries.n. and Ys.n lliemsn's Land.
I\.'„,ei's arc imili-.l I,, in.-|ie,l saroplf'S.
For Sale b.
Corner (.overri-menl and .Ldinson streets. Yietorift
1 .igfORS, Jto.
THOMAS VATTU1CK. * Co., have for sale in store,
ami to arrive.
Mail ell Urandy.
Booth's Old Tom, in puncheons,
Bootll! Old Tom. in cases,
Burnett's Old Tom in en?*-?,
MrKcnsic's 01,1 Tom, in eases,
Tanqneray k Co.'s Old Tom, in eases,
Scotch   Whiskey,   in   puncheons,
Scotch Whiskey, in enscs
.laniaica Hum, in puncheons,
Wines of every description
— At.SO—
The RuCSl Burton and Scotch Ales,
Bottled        do do
Devonshire Older, lu eases,
March 31, I SOU. 3m
Hl'l'li'lAI. NOTK'K.
i'.''Vl.|;\-MENT ASSAY  OFFICE,.
VI!.,    WI.HTMI..ST,:it,   1IIMTISI,    '"OII'MI,,...
Scptenibc 1st. 1860.
ASSAYS   OF COLD UfLLION   arc  madi-  on   the
following terms, nnd  under the  following con-
i. A r,v,-i|il Ivill life given to the Depositor for flie
. .■•:„cl i'ro^- weight of his deposit.
2. The resulting ingot -will be delivered to any pnrly
I returning the iiforc-'aid  roceipt. .vhetbi'i- the Depositor
I or any one else, nnd tbe pnrly returning the receipt will
I be required to cancel 11   by his signature IU the time ol
reeo'vi,,..: the ingol.
'1. EttOli ingol will be stamped with its number, cor-
; i-cs|,o„dii,g tf,  its  in,,,,!,,,,' iu the oflicial   records, with
it.   ireight, in  ounces nnd   deciinnb of ounces, and   ils
tinenese iii thousandths ■ also wirl, n Ooveriiiiieni   iphe,-.
ni presetit ,i ,'r'iivn over the letters XH.
4. With each ingot will be given a cei'lifii'itte. signed
by n Ooverntncnt ollicer. of the weight of the duposil
before melting ; its weight lifter ; the fineness'; the
charge for assaying : and such oc'iificnte will have
tables of Rritish Mint valuation a.nll of lhe latest Snn
Fram-isco valuitlions. w'hei'eliy parties nmy calculate
for themselves thc value of the bar for English 01
American  marker-!.
6. For nil burs nol eyecedihg SO ounces ir, weight, h
charge of seven shillings and six pence ^Ts.. Ilti.') sterling -nil! be made, and for every addilional 10 ounces a
fracior, of same, one shilling find six pence (Is. 'Id.'.
All clips are retained in fhe't-rovcrnment Assay office:
bnt or, bars not evi-ceding _0 ounces in weight, allowance will be made of,' tl,. assay charge, for the valne oi
the clip.
Assavs of On>:s ;,re made at the charge of One
Round (-£1.) -for each specimen experiment'd npon.
Foi,    A       oMCI.K'I't:    AX.'.I.VHIS   Of   ANV   M'lNI'.tt.M,,   Tv,0
Ronnds :^.'2.'i is the charge.
"W-, REISi-ni, CO^SETT.
Assnvs are made with the utmost despcteh.
Offiee  open   .inm   10. a.m.. 10   ., p. m.. except   on
slcanier days, when deposits will be received for nssWy-
ai 8, e. m.
New We .tmii.?1er, Ang. 1. Vtffo;
ARK  RKOri.ATil.V   IX   THE   nt.CElI'T   of
.'AMM.ES.—llvdviiiilic Pressed and Adamamine.
LAUD—".]. H.'S Co.'s''  D'-!h ,-ans, in  120-lb. cases.
N All Dili I'olonv and Parker Mills, assorted sizes
N. O. SriiAR. half barrels.
iMiiKD APPLES, halt barrels.
Have  for sale, in store nml  to nvrive. the following
well known brands ef
Threc-fomtlis  of them are direct from the manulac-
tniers. eou?e,|„e„1ly can be oll'ered nt
eoinparativelv low prices;
T. k S, Hardgrove's Peach .
Turpin k Yaibrou'iii's Apricot;
J. tt, tlieaner's Pride of the PnloE
A. L. Royster's Friii".;
W. t!rennet's Sun ;
T. k S. Hardgrove' Golden Gate;
A. L. Hoysler's Invincible,*
A. L. Iloystei's Mary's Own ;
Harvey Bircli j
Pomona mid IJueen of Heafls.
Bright I'aunds,
reerless—T. k S. Hardgrove;
Gold Leaf—.lolm II. Gienuer;
Gallego —t'loidon ;
J. M. imnghoin A Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Quid Leaf;
Muircll A Burke's Sun-Cured;
llo, katlav Golden Seal;
Oil-iiltln, Wine Sap, etc.
Ilrii/hi Half-founds
Gold L_ftf=_f, life Greniier;
Pippin—John W. Young;
Wine Snp—George W Gilliant,
k'uiiey Tobaccos
Invincible Twist;
Planter's Pride Twist, in foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cable fw'sf, in foil;
Perfect Love, smal, plugs;
Onrnf Co,'.k Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco.
Hardgrove's Peerless, Killikinick  and Widdiek's  Gold
Fine Cut,
John Anderson k Co.'s Solace.
Loriilard's Coarse Ttappec and Macaboy.
For sale bv single casft or package.
By each Steamer wc are in receipt of the Choicest
Brands of Havana Segars, selected  by our  liaise in
Havana (Patrick y Ca.) especially fo^'this market.
Thc above goods are offered to the trade by rhc sin-
i-.-KSH AGnicri.'rntAL seeds.
TTST UI'i'l'IVKIi iv   •'.; nih
ej     ion bushels Ev.ylu   Qms   S"cds. verv fine.
■ion bn.ihcl, lied Top grass seed,
2..01V poiliia   Alftilft tilofes, pure,
3 010 poiiuids jletj C!i ■■
1.000 pounds White Dtitcb ('bn-er,
1,000 pbllb.ds 1,,0-cMir Clm-cr,
2,000 lionnd- TlrtVottt*.  <'n-> Seed,
1,000 pound ■ Hiihgrrinn l'r,\?;,
1,000 pound- Millet Seed.
500 pounds Mixed Lawn Oras:.,
500 pounds Rye Grass,
500 potimls Suitffbib OrnVs,
1000 pmnni. pnltloritia Wild Da's.
2001) pound.-  lb'!,,), Seed.
ftci, fee;, kc,
Also a liirgc ns.brtmcril of'frcsli Ottrdcn, 'I'rec, Fruit,
nnd  Flower Seeds.  Dutch   Bulbous, l'lowcri,,,..;*Rbofs,
Pruning and Budditiij' Ktih'ei   cold lo suit pill-chaser.-*.
All orders from the cuunti'y promptly attended to.
Address bv mail or cxprc.x to
.1.   P.   SWEENY   fe   Co..
no'i-'-'m IUM. C"!il   -"i .   itreet   S-t, Franci--.-...
sc„„. ,' •■ I"",:  1 ■'  .....v,,-."''
"'*"•.-,,_ ,„r,.-i  ,
.TAMES PATRT.'K. and Co.. Snn Francisco,
rr,l>2! tt Sole Aircnt. for Califoniin.
Tl E E S !     B E E S ! !     T, E E S ! ! !
—T'Otl sat.1; BV—
•1 .     V .      W 1 1. S O N .
No.   1(1. ro>,iMKr.,-iAT.-STi.rrT. Sax  T'-nixcisco.
IGFFEP, for stle a large number of fine  swarms 0
VAi.iror.Mi Bn.s.in every kind of moveablc-l'iame
Hh-c wonhy of mention.
Tbese l.e'cs were bred in Alameda rountv. under the
-,ip,vvi--i,',n of Mr. N. W. I'almer, one 0! the most skillful Apiari--ts in the Slate.
The extensive manner in ivhich 1 have engaged in
thc Bee bhSirt'cSS cive-- nv extra facilities t'ov t'nvnishit;.-
Bees in stronger and hcalihiev Swarms, nnd at a i.owr.r.
nAtv: lha„ any other dealer in thc state.
Full instructions for the m'tr.agemer.t of Bees nnd
nil particulars rc-'pn'ri,-<y t!i>-m 1 ;,„ p bad M IWil-Vliii
W . J. Y. WlLS'OX,    "    n'
nt thc Oregon and California Provision depot
S'p; 1:1. I'oninH'i'cial-s'trcct, Swr, Francisco.
f_a?i" Parties wishing Burs can have them t'orwardcl
by Wells Fargo   fe Co.'s Express to any part  of California, Oregon, Washington Territorv, or   British Co-
Innibin. inl:i-om
ll O L L 0 *W AY'S     PILLS.
Why are Diseases so fatal in Tfcpical Climates 7
"Merely bee,:'.,<c we prescribe for their cfl'cct. instead
"!' thrir .ai;.*e, and 1,-y to relieve symptoms Instead of
triking lit ilic'i,- rot.. The action of tliese'Pills ib precisely the reverse. They expel from the secretive or-
ganfeaiid tin. eircnldtlou the morbid mutter which pro-
diii'c- intliininiatir.n. pain, fever, debillfy, and physical
decay ; and tlie basis of disease being removed, Its
manifestations vanish. 'While ordinary remedies pnly
alfonl :, tcn,;,or:,i" respite to the s'utfererfei.h.r.Ws'tI.e'Se
Pills cmihilate lile disorder.
Ill  Ile-.illh  in   Hot  Counlrirs.
FVe.jiicntly tirlses from nervous di.-orders affecting;
the iicfln;. of the heart ami ih'muglng the whole animal economy , these line Fills will restore tlie nervous
system how, v'er tb ranged, and bring bach health arid
spirits when nil other rticilicine lias failed.
Bilious and Liver Complaints. ,
Frequently lend to the worsi phases of human suffering, yet hois many,in the East and "West Indles/and
mosl of 0',,'.' Foreign Posses.-ions, are tKtis afflicted, unknowing the means of core placed withih their j;rasp ;
such should take a few bu*;es of ihese Pills according
to the directions given in the boohs, hind tlieli: ililmetits
will .|uii:.kly leave them.
Dropsical  Swellings tihd Turn of 'I/ifC.
This is r. itioeH dLnstroits; period ih woman's hldtbi^',
it destroy-1 tiioiisnntls, the whole of the gross!)iitmors
collei', together, and like a tide sweep away health and
life it-*e!f.,il not timely and powerfully Vhccked. The
ino.i i",i'lait, remi'dy for all these dangerous sym],l.oms
is Holloway's Pills. Armed with I his great antidote,
the fiery ordcul is passed through, and the sufferer i.s
once more rifstoreti fo the possession of unifiipaired
health. 'I'licse Pills are equally efhcaciptis jn afl jsj-
'i,."Ie ijon,])h,ints, and obstruetiohs h't the dawn of
Stomach and Liver Complaints.
THcse are complaint.: of the million, particularly ol
those in warm latitudes : few escape them; Vlia, 'if
1,,'gfeclcd. ihey 'cat! t innurnerablc daugero'tis maladies
But why neglei t then, when Holloway's Pills will erad-
ic.'ile them as certainly as water extinguishes fire?
They relieve the bowels, pnrTiy the fluids, and invigorate 'the sys.te'rti and iln cotisiitution ul the same time.
They are cclniitledby virtnt: of speeini deirecs into the
dominion's'of desjiofisrii, k'fra TOM Tiave become a great
household remedy.
Dysentery and Bowel Complaints.
These famous Rills should be taken on^e or 'twice k
week by ftl'l classes in this part of the world, by Wind
mean-, tiotie fieed fear the attiicks of 't*i'es,; oirefnl
A   Ti'ord to Feili'iles.        .
The local debility nnd irregularities which are the
specie! annovance of the weaker sex, and which, when
neglected, always shortens fife, are relieved for the
time being and pveVeViled for the time 16 co'We, by a
course of this mild bnt thorough alterative.
gle case or package, by   J*AJfES PATRICK & CO.,
mlO-ly Sftrt'PranciSc
staple and fancy
A large addition to our sfnelt.
Among them some very'hnndsomo
inlaid -Writing desks.
A beautiful assortment of
With all the recent improvements in style and patterns.
Matbematical Instruments.-, Water colors,  Portfolios.
Cheoker-Bottrds, Chess, Dominoes, etc., etc.
Stationers' Hall,
I i f W11 i
Ai!K fee most refreshing nnd ngreeahle tfipic ever
produced, being manufactured Ir-irn the pure
Juice of the Grape, imparts to thc whole sy.-tcm
hcidth, vigor find streiigtH. ft is a sure preventive or'
all dioM-.es of a Mll'iyrts nntiu-c. Cn-'.'h'eness. Indi-
gC-itton. Fever and Ague, and removes from fl-e
st imni'li ,.ll dullncst, of acliofi.
F"r Site viyn'l th'n Pruggists'UM Limior Dcalcra
throicrh.iat tho Cniicil HI:;:,-..
tjso. t. GRiwms;
San Francisco.
Pole Agent fur San Francisco.
MESSRS.   AY.   S.  KIltKLAND &To>,
1, King William Street, Strand,
LONDON',   -.-.'GLAND,
BEG to call tbe attention of readers of English news--
papers in Vancouver Island, British Columbia,
and California to thc advantage of s'-bscribing tothe
"Evening Mail" newspaper, which is a reprint published three times a week, of all the tending articles,
essays, correspondents' letters, and news of "Thc
Times" Lon<i><n newspaper, everything but tho advertisement., nna <*»•! b, r„-",,t. tuyst /:',*■* to all piU't. of
Vancouver Island, Briiisi., Ci'luinhfo^ nmi Californiu,
Via the United States, ibr M IS per quarter, or £1
per annum, paid in advance ; thus being " Thc Times'
at tt.u.r ittiri".
Subscriptions recivcu at the dmce of tho ".New
Westminster '.t'ini.s,'' ^ew Westminster, British
Columbia, m^-ty
IIoHoiray's Pills arc tlie licst rc/ne.dy known In TVi ivofld
for the following diseases':—
Erysipelas        1 3tobe  AnA Travel
Female  lrreg-, Liver C01115  lints
ularitics i Luinbagd
Feicrs of all     piles
kinds _.efeii't_d!n of XTAiib
Fits Scrofula, oVK'iiCtg'g
Oolit Evil.
)le;ld-ncbc 1 Sore   Throa,^
Indigestion      1 Seeaadary Syinpt
Infiainmittlotl    Tic HouWut-'ctii
Tnmonrs j l'lcej-3
\Vorrus  of all I Weakness, from
hinds whatever cause,
i    S*.i Ac
Sold nt the establislimetit of PnoKEssoa Hoitoiv.-r,
211, Strand, (near Temple  Bar) London.   Also, by all
],--l.r','talj1el)rnggists cud Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world.
^•g"-There  is  a 'considerable saving by taking the
larger sizes.
N*.  B.—Ibrcctinns for  the  guidance of patients  in
every disorder nre affixed 10 each box.
CURTIS & MOOl.E, Agents, Yatcs-st, Victoria.
Bilious Complaints
Blotches  on  the
Bowel Complaints
I'on.tip.-tion ot the
l)y sentery
Venereal .--flections:
FtiisT-STitEET, San Fuancisco.
Wc continue to manufacture, at the above well known
&tcnm Engines,
Saw Mill,
and other machinery, of every description, and Iron
and Brass Castings of all kinds.
From the long experience we have had, and the superior tools and machinery, aud the very large collection
of patterns at our command, we feel confident tbnt our
facilities for t,1'niiig out thc best style of work, with
dispatch, and tit thc lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pccilte coast.
P.ti'sin Iron Screens for Quartz Mills, mado at short
notice. Orders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
jcCO-O-m Late Uoddai!> a- Co.
THE STORE adjoining Mr. TiUey's, Stationer, now
occupied by J. Herkimer. Immediate possession given.
I-'or further particulars apply to J. Herkimer.
The Subscriber will be happy to meet hip old friends
and customers at his new store in Mr. Harris's new
building, Lytton-square, near Scott's AVharf.
0 0 LON 1 A L     P. t! T I. L,
IjftOSPEB & FRANK Q RELLEY, would respectfully
inform the public, that Ihey have juat opened
their Nrw Hotel, and are ready to accommodate travellers or residents of New Westminster with thc choicest
eatables the market affords. The sleeping apartments
are fitted up in n style that neither Vancouver Island
nor British Columbia can excel, and thc wines aud
liqueurs, while enumerating all that a tirst-rate hotol
should boast of, are of the very, best and finest description.
Private dining rooms can be always obtained,
dinners, kc, gotten up on the shortest notice.      3m
, m:)d "
coiuKniA-aTR-i-iT i.-isi. tc-atriK-XSTEn.
THE above Saloon hns boot- re-opeaed by P. Ma-,
nctm, who res,pcctiTitty sottcte R;;stiare"or tlio public
patronage', The best wines and liqueur-, are constantly
kept, and fhe,'i3i|l*ard tibleU of llie saloon are unsnrpas-
sett '.iuy<vhe/e, pu24 3-m
mseam 'U
■_Pa____W_»»lMWBBBglI3^B_lMMW-l»i_iMMi^^»^ ■ - — '	
1   arise between the two sections are those which ,
or  52.50*;   half-yearly,    18s.,  or $4.50,   and yearly,
XI  10s., or §7.50.
must be paid in advance.
On.: Inch, on rKDER—One  insertion	
,, " One  month	
i, ii Three  months	
j: <« Six  months	
xwo Inches, on less—One insertion	
.( " due  month	
., '    •' Three montllS	
i. " Six months	
Fora Inches, ok less—One  insertion	
"i " One month	
ii .' Three  months	
»<y.                                                          „                  , ;„     , in- c- who immediately attended to tvreeii mem nm tne i.o.i  ot battles.'
" ,COmTy ft? h3Vn S-STS. vumeuSt '  ne° ij.      ' Tl    «   »«-u...- man lei. by -.be Otter on ^ w BOl.TI1Bns EX(,TKMKXT.
rules and regulations for their go.ernmeui ai   uie  nij.ni ho.idtal at Victorin.    Hns  is
ir meetings at which there shall be a majority    rriday   morning   »   "    '  ,,',.,.,   ,ms  takcn   place The   Sacramento    Unu.n   contains  intelligCDCC ,„
y enroll,,! members present, and each  men- ! the third «cc, 1 ntoi tbcfcn*. wJ'£ '                J,,, .„ ,,,„, ,-.„„,„,. „, ,,,,. ,,,„  „„.:_                 * "« fro,
lave the right to deliberate and vote at  every   during   the hist ten ». k              .._,,.,,,„ The   excitement is increasing at Charleston    Vni
and on all quesions on which there nicy  bc I each case with most experienced axe-u en. tecr companies ure forming.                          '   Aolu-1'
„,„„,„.,• of totes, the presiding ollicer shall j     A Row Amonost the Steals-A rat er exert ng constantly reci-ed f,',,„, „„..._ _., .
backs which Brilish Columbia has experienced during       ,, y.H,,
the last two years.     Peopled   in the lirst place by a    laws, and
foreign population from a country that had certainly   iny of thei
not   created   a favorable impression for   maintaining   ,    "?",',','
ber shall In
law and order, and governed by an exaggerated idea    ni....;,,,,.
of  the wildness of its people,   it was not to be   ex-   an  equal
pectcil that the laws of the country would be  ixceed- , have the casting vote. , contest  I   place
i,,„v tinged with liberalism,    To this more than any |   ..\\-^« %« »£".&?? SS I uZTZl^o"f goods  which both  eta. I «       The   NVasl.ington Light Infantry took Car,   ,
their special freight.     No serious  injuries we are glad    I . S. Arsenal,  Nov. 13th.    1, was supposed that there
to sav resulted from the combat. ; was an understanding between the Governor and ttZ
^  i_, > ident regarding the mutter
c-tween the men belonging to the i     IHspatchcs ;nc constantly recei-ed from other Stutei
o^e of the Yale, on Thursday nf-   ollering aid. '   ■'■
other source may we attribute both through ihe Home ■ for ,., l|ger .,,„• ,,,■ .,n apparatus such us Engines, Hook
and Colonial Governments that chariness ol grnnting   Ladders, ic, tc.    Provided always that in the  event
representative  institutions   which   has   so   eminently   of the  disorganization of nny Company,   it shall  aud,
,        ,   ,    ,\    . , ..      •    ,, •       ,            i,   ;.       ,,. I may  be  the .awful for the Municipal Council to  enter
characterized , -gishition in this colony,     It   is   only!      ■, .  , ,.  ,, ,   ., ,. '     ,„	
, and take possession of all buildings, engines, and np]
during the last nine months, and principally through    ratus, such as Hose,'Hooks, Ladders, &c,   kc, for the
Ihe inhabit int.-, of New Westminster that a  more in- i city,
Itelligent policy has ben followed out.    The  ensuing       11—The   Fire Department shall report to the  Muni-
I      " .,, ,.,      ,      ,        ,.,,        cipal Council every three months,showing the state nl
Advertisements of larger  dimensions, or for longer i yerr may inaugurate a still more liberal system ol Gov- , ,,_;.,,. .„,,,,..,.,.. „,„', ()f,,,,;,. financial affairs.
nerfodsas per agreement. eminent, but unless the inhabitants of the colony be-       12.—That in the event of a fire taking place in this    	
1 ■• f ,|ie chief  of Mr. Homer, resigned; and as it is a necessnp q ml     „.ouia be held to it.    South Carol
VicToni.t—W. F. llnitiiE, Yates-street.
Yai.k—Mr. IIi'mi'iiiiey.
Pout Douoi.as—Mr, Tims. Cooper.
Fort Hope—Mr. J. II. Merrit.
SiiiMir.Ko.MKix axii Rock Creek.
San Fuancisco—Mr. Tnos. Boyce, comer Montgom- j
ey and Washington-streets.
Cayoosh—Mr. A, MucDonald
Nanaimo—Mr. M'lnnc
I stir themselves they will have as little prospect as th.y   city, and it  shall appear in the opinion  .,
would have a rillgt to [losses', priv
than those they boast of at present.
The bunk, had not suspended, but it was feared ,|
would be compelled to do bo within a wc.k.
To the Editor ofthe New Westminster linns. \ Convention ol Cotton Stales, as is supposed foMb«
Sir—As the time Is rapidly approaching when the   purpose  of adopting uon-intercourseiueasures again,,
rate-pavers of Ward. No. 2, will be called upon to ex-    ihe Northern Slates, is talked of.
ninsler Times.
creise il,eir right in, electing a councillor to represent       Keitt was serenaded at Columbia, Nov, 12th.
them in the Municipal Council   in the room  and  stead j     |(   ,g gftl(J   Bliciianan   was pledged to secession, „j
'•»■>   '''odd shatter
AGENTS FOR THE NEW WKSTMINSTKll TIMES,   j would "have a rihg.'to posses, privilege; more extcnsn'e I ^^y^oitZ migh. bfstayed by"£S ' >"" t'tt'esfofih" Sirin? W h«Jt J   ^ "'"'"'' °      ;
.creoy preventing nn exten-I would  tiiere.orc suggest   ihat   a  public  meeting  bc
s:ve'conlho.Tation!'it'sl.allbclhedutvol*tlie   Engineer   called for the purpose of n lowing  the  candidates  a„
or of his Assistant, by and villi the advice and consent | opportunity to lay More the elfctors the,,,
of the President ofthe council , if > -.-. out i or in bis ab
sence, of any member of the Municipal cuueil, to cause
such  building  to be pulled down, to stop the  progress
On   Wednesday  evening, nfter one  of tho series of I °f-""Mcli fire as aforesaid. ,.,.,.    •
'i   i i •     '      i  ,  i ,, 11 —That   the   ten,,   nt ollice o     he   elnel  bugmeer
opening services held in our laielv consecrated  cathc- ,•"" .       . .
dral, his lordship the Bishop  of British Coliunbiii met. . •'■Pse S1X moutlls lll,er 1"3 ''l''-'"'"'-
l^oxiios Messrs. W.  L. Kirkland and Co., (Evening j ,,l the Court   House, a large number  of those perse ns  '  *   *	
Mailj No. 7, King William-street, Strand. connected with the English Church who had expressed j        R. E. METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY.
a desire to obtain an outline of the mode of transacting !	
parochial  and other affairs belonging to the duties of report for the month of novemrer, 18C0.J
the laity of New \Yesttninstcr. _\,,,v Westminster II. C.
C„l. Moody being  called   to   lhe  chair, the   Bishop I Tbo i,jg],est rending ofthe barometer     inches'
on IM!,.
on Huh
ah Advertisements for insertion in ,.,e New Wes,-    -; ^^^^^^m^^^   :Iht ;,;:;'':•;;; ^;;l;:;.l'7^'',' ■!,,:T,
minster Times must be paidin advance    Those for-Ion-   f •„ England and of its modifications in various   Thl L"-t tempe.aluro, uaa      ;, >.     >
Per periods than one month are required to bc paid lor   .^ nn(J ilfArae'ricaI suggesting points for consid-   SleSi! iTcl'hl 30 000
each month in adiance. I mtjon jn (|l0 ..„.,, trftnsition condition of this colony. : '  T1]e ,-^'rn nf ,,,_. barometer  is  about ,Vt fe<
Of every Description,
Posters,   Circulars,
Labels, &c,
. .eel above
He further alluded to the funds at his command, and I i   t,1(, |,.V(.| 0,- ,),,, <(,,i
the necessity for local aid. to spare the former as much , Maximum temperature of air in  shade    ,r,".n     on 3rd.
as possible, that contingencies, as, for example, rapid   Minimum 22.0     on 23rd.
expansion,  might  be  pro,,,],Ily met, the  necessity for   jfonn 36.9
clergymen and churches iu  places  not nt present con-       T'h(,r-   „.-.r- ,- ll;lv-  on  wj,icj, rnin feil.    The total
t»-„ n-    _.     i -''"'Pi!-"-'1'- !l" "ur mines extend.    It would appear thnt ' nmounl measured 0.200 inches.    The rain fell on 'J days
Bill Heads, i of ihe   Hi  clergymen  obtained   by his  Lordship  from    lvlien   ,,,,.  v.inil  „.fta   gonth:   2  when  South   W. :   1
Cards, England,   7  are  attached   to   Vancouver Island,  7   to    |vhc|) Wo,t.  ,   xortl,East;   2   when    East; 3 when
liritish  Columbia, and  two arc  on  their passage out.   South East; and   0 when calm.
Of these the last one is destined as an assistant to Mr. '<     Till.   „ ,„[-,.. „f Ozone varied from n to 10.    Its  pre-
1 Sheepshanks in New Westminster.    Of thc above two   ,,.„.,. _.,„,,. hardly be detected during the foggy days of
&C,    are supported for a l,;,'.:tcl tern, by   the Society for the    ,,,„ >.uk.,. „..,., ,,.■',>,,. ,„,,,,,!,.
Propagation- of the Gospel, one by the Colonial Climc'i The wind blow from the South 4 div . ■ S W 5-
Executed nt tbe most moderate charges, in the neatest j Society, one by the Church Missionary Society, and *\y 3. N <:.l<t j. ].; ■>'. „„,| SouthE.U. *The re-
two g've their services gratuitously. The handsome ma'indcr'of the month'was calm,
donation Miss Burdctt Coutts is legally appropriated to Th-rc „.cl.0 tw0 heavy gales of wind during this
the support of the Bishopric and Archdeaconry. Th- ,„„,.(,, ,,.„,, .-,,„,, the gouth, one on thc morning ofthe
Bishop's salary being fixed at £000 per nnnunin ; the loth, nnd the other on the morning of the 11 th,
fund at present invested in thc Knglish In,ids bears not !     l>   I   | ,■•>',■,,
Lincoln was burnt in effigy at Aiken.
A copy of the South  Carolina Declaration of lm)..
lhe questions at issue for llie improvement of lbe town,   petitionee was laid before llie President, I'm ,| D.on
and io enrry out  which  tliey are so anxious to be   the United Stutes Declaration, with the list of gri«ruoc«
elected.     In case this suggestion bc not acted upon, 1   altered.
beg leave to propose to tlicm  the  following quesijon,       Qcorgin, Alabama, nnd South Carolina notes art five
which I believe is fully calculated  to  test their ability   per cent, discount at Nashville.
lo fill the oilier of common councillor, nud, also, their
knowledge of British Columbian classics :—
• What Rtnte of the American Union might be called
a sin ,11 ocean.'
If nny of the candidates have sufficient capacity to
ei rrcctfv solve this problem, I humbly submit to the
elcctors'of the above U'nrd thai the person so answering
the question is fully equal lo the task nf representing
them in thc Municipal Council of New Westminster.
A. Snivi'i.i.kh.
miinner, and with the utmost dispatch,
At the Ollice of the
fffb Pf.stmiit.sfrt   fni.f.s.
enough to secsre the services of even our Archdeacon
the requirements in such a dignntnry being age. experi-
ei ce.  and   high  attainments—and   men   of family, ns
sueh   seniors Mould   most   probably be. cannot   be expected '.', expatriate themselves will,out being assured
of at least such moderate means as should enable them
' to sui,port their position in decency and common coni-
NEW WESTMINSTER, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15. , fort.    Of some £7,000 collected by thc Bishop by his
;^T-=rtr-TT-—r——-—. ——    own personal  exertions in behalf of British Columbia,
'The greatest enemy of mankind is man.'    The fer- ! r-;-1""1 lms l,w" !l>ent in  passages, and a large sum in
I oilier  ct  ca•terns, as contributions to churches in New
Lance Corporal. C, E.   j
(signed) R. M. P,
is in no instance more correci man wuen appucu to ine    ""»ni |,,,,,,,,.-..   ,,i  ,uiu,,,>,   .-,,,,.-, , i|,u,,n> on ,,\ >■ 4, eni-
existing forms  of government  ire every country—and   lln?°.,,nti»S to. !,,,nve   *;l'2r00 a P'r',  ih[s  «ith  rents
i arising Irom investment   ol part ot  the  £7.110,1 ,n   the
however much we may commisscratc the serf of Russia, j t.0li>.,i,'s. and amounting to about £300   a  year,  gives
tile source of mis-governmcti-   lies   with the people hyestminster and Vancouver Island, in'aid of tjie local
themselves.    The doctrine of : whatever is. is right." ' subscriptions.     By further exertions his Lordship  obis in no instance more correct than when applied to the \ tained promises  of annual   subscriptions lor five year
or the Chinese : subject.' who ',.  liable at any moment ■ £1,500 per nnntimn.     His Lordship's  ene-agem
to decapitation through ihe whim of his Emperor, we j his clergy, including teachers, amount to abotrl £7,730
must come to the conclusion that were either lilted for    v"'>"lUlO' contributions and pew rents will doubtlesi
,. , . , I make   up  the deficiency, bnt that  deficiency until the ,,' ,    >'       ,
a more eniighten.d form of government be would pos- I colonial investments  vield better returns must rather | ''""'i1  '"' f"1111'1,,    .
sessit.    We have   heard  a  great  deal  of talk  about   increase than dimim.h, as many of the promises for five   wftrds made*    llle lndwn Wns at oncc tllken to,J'uI*
representative government in British Columbia, and ar    years made in England   maybe   never  ratified—denth       Axotiiex Kobbi.Vj..—A few ^ays ago, a Spaniard win
Robberv.—On Tuesday, Messrs. Levi i Pons, missed
from their lill $25 which they conjectured had been
stolen by nn Indian in their en,ploy, but no definite
evidence could bc obtiiined. On Thursday morning a
further 3,,,n ol'S-.'i was abstracted with a similar result. Towards the afternoon, howe er, of tbe same day
an Indian, who had been one ofthe principal witneses
against Mr Trnnfield in the late pig-sho6ling case, was
observed to-teal underneath the desk where the money
,'.,,s deposited. Mr. Boas immediate y rushed to the
spot and caught the thief with his hand in the drawer.
On asking the Indian whal he bad done with the money
which he had previously stolen ho replied he had given
it to his squaw who was then encamped at the Indian
ranch. Seme loss oftii, e took place before the constable could b ■ obtaine I.  d-ifing which the squaw aud
The  Warsaw  Conference   is  generally considered a
failure.   The monarchs merely interchanged  opinions
ou the  state of Europe,    The  stipulations  drawn   up
were not signed, because the monarchs could nut agree
The Bill appropriating $1,000,000 to be used at t|,«
discretion of the Governoi of Georgia for putting tin
Stall in condition for military defence, passed tht
House unanimously.
Main letters had bcu received at Washington, from
the border States, against secession.
The Juarez Goernment  h,,s granted an extension of
ihe Tebiiantepec charter.
The Constitutionalists lost 2,000 men by un explosion
Gunduhiji ra ;
A Paius Romance,—A  grocer's apprentice, n fine
young man, of twenty-live, named Arsenc, who loved
Gorschakriff^ literature neither wisely or well, lately hunghimulfii
Trcntvof 1836.    Russia is desirous of regaining her po-   ll" '"■'•stori! house, 1.1 Pans.    I pon Ins ial.de. amidst »
.iii,',,,',.„  the  Diinube.    Austria asked  Uussin  if she   '"'"I1"1,1 ks, was found the following letter, the or-
would recognize the accomplished f.„t, in Italy: whal thograpliy ol which was not on a par with tl„ style:-
tt-ould she do if Austria wee attacked by Sardinia, ''] ;l1" but a grocer and shnll never be anything else,
supported bv another great power; also what Prussia . ' ^™!s t!"" ' "\xU^ earicaturc representing a fir,»r
would do In"the eve,,, ofa great war touching German *1:';"'"'.- "" '!' thesbold .,1 his door, and making tins
territorv,   The questions were nol answered. reflection-'Born   to ben man and condemned to be-
Mcttcrnicl, explained that Austria,  in the e entra- , '"'"'   ».«t"cer-     tJo who H>Mjndg_rt our calling was
tion of troops at Veuitia, had no other object but re-   "' lll('  ' . hnve tried to Impnre
PYb7Fre.?ch Minister of foreign affairs pronounced I wil!,lr' ,.";',11' unlcntand. All .his muddles my head.
against taking part in the conflict between Sardinia and *|nd l „?,_"» \lM l}^?^^0!^^?^^^,
1, is said that France has placed four ships at Gacta,
her   friends   doubtless obtained information of the   Ir
dian's  capture,   and secreted the dollars,  as no money
in the ranch wlnin a search   w>s after-
immensity of grumbling at the  tyranny and despotism
nnd  other circumstances too freely thinning the same. : il1"1 Just returned to Xew Vfestminster from  the mines
Of his Lordship's remarks Col. Moody then  rose to
of our present autocracy—we hive given vent to a con- , present an epit
sidertble quantity  of discontent ourselves — but  we       Mr.  Armstrong,  senior,  mule  some instructive ob-
really  m„-t  confess  after all  that the ' tyranny' and   servntions on  the  custom  of the  church   in Cam,,In
' despotism' lie more with those who are  exceedingly j "''i'''1 "*? W?HJ"-Reived.
_   ,  .   ,    , ,       .,, , .Mr. Holbrook followed,   invei'.'hintr against the non-
prone to find fault, but who will not take the slightest   res5dence of the Bishop in the capital of the country
trouble, or give themselves the least anxiety, to attempt to rectify a single abuse. What tyranny and
despotism can be greater than that which compels one
fraction of a community to  suffer all the evils of non-
where the name of his see is derived, concluding by
an ingenious process in bracketing tho expected arrival of a steamer direct from Sin Francisco 0,1 Jan.
1st with the necessity for his Lordship's taking up hi.
abode amongst us concurrently with the more secular
representation  through  the apathy and neglect of the I Government.
remaining portion.    Aud vet this tyranny hns been ex- I     Tue Bishop hereupon rose to defend his non-residence,
isting  for month after    month   w.tliscarcely   a single ' "lul "i'1 »•*<• -'-f *»> ^"^ not the  parallel which
. . =     j Mr. Holbrook had drawn (that ofa  non-resident Gov-
Yoice being raised against it. \\ e 1 ave before spoken j crnor), the povernment of British Columbia nnd Van-
in plain enough terms of the curse ot this apathy ! conver Island being two and distinct, the sec being one
which  seems   to be  so  deep-rooted   in the interior of   *"nQ at present indivisible, but added thnt hs was mosl
B.-,- 1  .. 1      ,• 1      ,.  1 • ,, ,,       tu 11 v aware of the  growing  necessity   for  a   resident
ritish ..olumbia. and   which   promises   to   throw  thP    „• ; 1 .1   . «i      _ .   __•      1,     il.  /,.,,.,
1 e    bishop, and that should  Miss Burdett Coutts  fund be
country about half a century behind the age. Not j transferable to colonial investments productive of nny
alone is it confined to the merchant  or trader of the ' approximation to an amount  suitable for the income of ■
interior, who seems so exceedingly bent on the grumb-  ! •■•<* IJisl'"l"' **<- would he the very first persons to ad-   l^l'''t']uXT], iilll j,'''i,'io"vfel-'V "P1>»«1 would
,. ,,       ,,. .    .,      °' .        . ,,    • vocate the appoint,,,,,it by Her  Majesty  of a separate    ll; ll lin"» t°'lie whole community.    Wo sincerely hope
Ung and do-nothi ig principle, but the stigma is equally   Bishop for each colony. »--P"ruu
merited by the delver in the  gold   mines.     With   the  j     Mr. Armstrong,  junior, then  responded,  reiterating
former we   have a line oi conduct   tantamount   to   a  , British Columbia's  right to  his  Lordship's  presence,
total refusal  of  icpresentative institutions; with tlie i Penditiff the division of the see, pointing out in forcible
was robbed, while sleeping at his lodging-house, of
Si'io. ,\ man is at present in jail charged with the
Cuiii'ii Ei.f.ctiox.—A Vestry meeting was held on
Tuesday evening last, at the church of the Ilo-ly Trinity,
to elect churchwardens and 11 church committee.
Messrs. Bnshby and Manson wcre chosen churchwardens, and Col. Moody, 1!. K.. Cnpt. Gosset, It. K.. Capt.
Cooper, and Messrs. \v'm Armstrong, K. Brown, and
Win. Holmes, as committee.
River Naviration*.—Wc understand thnt a petition
has been presented tothe Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, to be forwarded to the Govori or, praying
for nn improvement iu the river navigation between
Hope and Vale. It is high time we think that something should be done t) improve this portion of the
river. What becomes of the Tonnage Dues expressly
levied for this purpose we know not, as no river improvements, with the exception of tbe Harrison dam,
has been made : and we are led to believe that these
Tonnage Dues will have brought to Ihe Colonial Ttr.cns-
ury, sav from the present lime  tii the end of the year,
the  government  will  take  immediate  action  tin   the
Theatrical Kxtkiitaixmext.--We arc glad to learn
that Mr, Seoii will, in the coins;: of 11 few days, have
,,,.„, , ,    1 language the evils under which this colony has suffered   n   handsome  theatre  opened, in connection with Ins
latter  we  have a cla.s ot  men who seem lo nre cr  ah-    ■■„      ., ,     .   ,    , .• r, •,,        •••••• • , .. ,        ,      . ■
1 Irom the protracted absence ot Governor Douglas and   establishment.   A company are shortly expected from
surd, and in many instances,mischievous mining law. to j half the ehiet ollieials from their posts, and urging that i Victoria, who will no doiibt make New Westminster
forming themselves into Legislative bodies, as requested though the effect might not, as in the case of public sufficiently attractive as to retain a large number of
by  thc Governor himself, and drawing up  such  min-   business, be fraught with such disastrous consequences,   mincl's, wl'o would otherwise leave thc country.
.,,      ,        ,  .    ° . yet absenteeism in a Bishop detracted from Ilis efficiency '    ,, ,.,     _• ,,   • ., -.-     ,
ing enactments 1^ will applv lo their par lieu ar oca itv. I ',, ,,„    ,,,,„,,   ,,,,.. •   Vi-t.iV'       Opposition Steamers.—Owing to the opposition bc-
0 " - ' '     and he  now hoped not lo have to rciiiin.   his Lords, 1, , ,„■  ,1,,. 1,  ,      v., , .,     w    •      .1    ,'   ■  ,.   ,•
How, we ask, is the colony to progress if this  political    of this ,1 second time. , t        , -'' "'|l ' ' ill(,*1!""'    '° M!lrln'   tl,c Ux'">-M from
laziness and inactivity arc to continue to be the characteristics of its population. As well might we go back
to the period anterior to 18,",8, when the Hudson's Buy
Company and the Indians rivalled each other in their
gigantic efforts to develop the resources of the country.
Wc have met numbers of intelligent und industrious
miners thoroughly disgusted with their fellow-la borers
on the  gold-fields through their inertness on   matters
,      , ,■ . ,   , • ,      1 ^DW   Westminster to lort Hope is now  nt 11  dollar  „
An observation that were thc see separated, B shon   ,„„     i> ,        ,     ,•        , ,, »,    ,
,,.,, 11. , •   i, , ,-.i       ,,'       ,. "    'on.    I assengcrs arc taken also for a dollar.    Much as
Mills would retain his present title nnd leave Vancouver   „•,,   i;i„   ,1,  ,.   ,,.;,. . ,
,  ,      , r , ,     -.,   , WO    like   cliea ,   Irei'j'ht   we are sorrv to   see   such    a
Island for 11 stranger, met wilh bear v up, 1 ause. .,,;„;,i,,   ,,:,.,',,,, '      ,• .,       ,■„■
rr, ,■ ,,,•,, .    r .-iiicidal   policv adople.   by the owners ol the  , , lerent
rhe meeting concluded with arrangements for a con-     ,.,.„., . . ,• ,
_.,.,, .•„.    ,•,,,,        , 11 . j steamers  who  are  at present not making as  much  as
situation o  pew-holders ut 111 enrlv date. ,..;,,  ,,,-„,,  ,   ,r,i ,•■■   ,     „>i     o. v    •
1 . will delray half the ex pence of fue .    lhe Steam  Navi-
gation Company even while enjoying a monopoly ol tbe
j river have always kept their freights and prices of
1 passage al a reasonable figure.    They have also evinced
The following By Law was passed by thc Municipal a disposition to accommodate the public that, might
council on Monday evening, and sent down to llie i "'''h profit be imitated by other steamer., running'in
concerning the welfare ofthe mines. Ihe excuse with 1 Govcrnor for signature by the Olter on Friday morn- i this part ofthe world. Where the demand is greater
one  party  is the intention of remaining in the  colony   ing:— than   ihe   supply,   or  where extortionate   prices   nre
only   until   such time as they can boast  of  a   certain!     '•—That the Fire Department shnll consist of one: or > charged for transit of passengers or goods, then an op-
amount ot dollars and cents, and therefore Why  should   more Companies-the officers of such Department being j position  becomes ,iol>ly: 'legitiniAte.. wfee   bnsim:ss
a Chu-I Engineer and an assistant liiiigniuer. point ot view out n prolituble speculation.    1 l,e spring,
2.—The election for the officers of Chief Engineer and "" doubt, will afford, through increased traffic, some-
Assistant Engine,',' shall lake place on the second Mon- , thing like rem,,iteration to the enterprising companies
day in January 1861, nnd the candidate or candidates j KU0 ,1:lvc lately constructed the Ilipc, and Vale tint at
who shall obtain the greatest number of votes for either "u' present we confess we do not sec anyhting but in-
of the above-mentioned offices shall be declared duly ! Jln'.v lo themselves and a very questionable benefit to
elected. "    the community.    For the speculative dharacter so  prc-
my   mind ; I   have read, and even  copied  out, buoLi
I don't understand.    All thi", muddles iny bead,
find thai I become more nud more stupid every
The  longer I live the worse I shall be.    Now. I
remember to have read somewhere that a  man should
.     apply  his.intelligence to be useful to humanity  nnd I
tacking the fortress, and to  sink his  vessels, ifneces-    ^fe1 »1"1-  "?ver bo !",!'"' ""ytJ'WB '"" "' welghchcrse
and   duel plums.     I have ui.ide up my timid lo  >■-> tu
' Victor Kmanuel and Cnribaldi's  operations aro con- ' ll»olllC1' w,ilM ?'1,ich,i ,w" upnr(1,of' '""'' B« •vl'"'!',er
fined to preparing for battle. ,hc™ "'"J","01 ' p " !>•*« for mo there.    I  ask pardon
C-puti bus been occupied by Garibaldi's troops. I "'' '"> brethren for speaking disparagingly or our coin-
On the lTib October, the Sardinian fleet catuiounded j mon profession j but I del) them to po nt out a single
the llovalisis   ,,,-ar Gacta,  but  were  stopped  by the "istaucc  ofa grocer.li.ivmg ever made his way to a
Prench Admiral, and returned to Naples much dissutis- ' h,,»h« I,0ls,"on*    '!" •''.'  Bre l,U,">   »' nianufaetiirer.
,.   , ; who have become deputies and arc loaded with all for I
' The Dowager Empress of Russia is dead. I oHionors, but the like has never happened ton grocer.
Tht Loud,,,, 7',, ,, savs that Lord Elden going to Pc-   l"' tlicse rensons I have del, rtnlned to I nng myself.   I
kin  will tan   arm.  is  exactly opposite  to what   he ■''••■: my Parents to erect „ simple tombstone f, ,„y men,
■ < 11 I.. .1...:.. _....! 1...........   I.    .!._....   ....._. I 1
should do to obtnin a permanent peace.
Lord John Russell says England cannot blame N'apl.
for throwing o.T allegiance, nor condemn the course of I _\v Awkward Matmmoxiai, IiiiKicri.Tv.—A New
Victor Emaiiiinl. The object of France in iircvcnting^ Orleans pniier states that Mr. Henry, a merchant of
tbe blockade of Gaeta was to allow the King to escape timl ,.;!v „],„ H-„a supposed to hare bceu losl when tlie
I')' sea. I Collins steamer Arctic foun lered, has iine.-pectcdly ap.
Breiulstuffs quite steady. penred.    When all hope ol his surviving had been e..-
xi;w oiiBXADA. tiiigtiished, his wife married his chief clerk.   Together
This Republic seem- to be in a verv unhnpby polit- ' ll,ey lived happily for several years, and lo their linnily
ical condition, Th- Star and Herald contains several ' ""'''-' children were added. On the 4th of last numln
aceounts of small battles between the government and l thc 'vil'' received from New York a letter written hy lar
revolutionary forces, in which only pnatiul successes '"rmer husband. He had been picked up fronrn p.?.e
were gained on eithorside. "'" 1|"'  """'^   "i,h  fivc  other survivors, and, bcu
i'i;,. and to inscribe upon ii those words, ' Born to be»
man :   died a grocei.'
they  devote a portion of so valuable and prescribed  a
period to politics or the good ofthe country.    Then wc
have  another argument for non-intervention—the  fact
of being, a  "foreigner."    With regard to  the  former
plea—whether it come from trader or  miner—we  can
only se-y that the country would bc as  much  benefited
by a swarm  of locusts, as by their  industrious  enterprises ; and as for the latter—it is far from being a motive meriting our admiration, and is certainly unworthy
ef the  intelligent class who thus shirk the duties and
responsibilities which rest upon the resident  of   every
aountry, whether he bc a citizen of such country or not#
Mini the foreign element of California adopted the same
timid or indifferent policy she would be in a condition
for from   thnt flourishing state in which she stand  today.    The resident British subject has always  evinced
■1 much interest in tbe real welfare of California ns the
.!.—The President ofthe Municipal Council  shall be
the Returning Ollicer.
4.—The qualifications ofthe voters to be Ihe same ns
valent amongst our merchants of the interior, that
there is a very grciitprohability that they will, to a very-
great extent throngh the attraction of low freights,
authorized and provided by tbe " Municipal Council i cripple themselves by inordinately large orders. A
Act, 1860." Provided always that at any subsequent j losing competition, however much it may benefit a few
election of officers that may take place, the qualifica- j individuals is always detrimental to the interests ofthe
tions nf the voters shall only be by having become a ' country. It must result in the end ns nn expensive
member of the Fire Department for the space of one j victory to some party, which in its turn will be n
month prefious to the election. 1 gvv?iVe\-.iurTn.p>,i;,' than ever and less likely again to cn-
,*>.—The nomination and election shall be conducted   counter   opposition when,   perhaps,   legitimately   rein accordance jvith the 17th and 18th  clauses  of the ' quired.
"Municipal Oouncil Act." Ci-stom. Rkvesue.—The  Customs revenue for the
(I.—The Chief Engineer shall preside at all meetings week end',,,!,'Dee. Io. were—Duties -C_>o<; 1 :i • flar-
of thc l'irc Department, and in case of his ab.encc, the bor dues, £3 Ls 1; ; Head money, £'.i 0 0- Tonnage
Assistant -Engineer shnll preside. Dues, .6155 ll 0.   Total. £680 2-6,
There is a possibility of the interference of lhc llrilisli. The com,na-.,der of II. M. S. Cadinus attempted
to enter the city of Carthagena one evening about 8
o'clock, but was refused admittance to thc outer gate.
It appears the 1,cling Governor thought he was about
to make an attack on the city in conjunction with the
government troops, lie ininiedintly issued orders thai
when the first shot was fired by Englishmen to execute
every pcrion belonging to the government party; also
the English residents.
The folio ving din thc comni'iider of the Cadmus
called on the acting governor and demanded an explanation of his refusing him ad nittance the night before,
and if he had really issued the order mentioned,
The governor said he had not ; and supposed lie had
attempted tu enter thc city in aid of the government
We learn that Mr. W. C. Poster was arrested by the
governor of Cartilage,,;,, appointed by tho General
Government, for going from that place to Santa Martha
without any passport.
Two boxes containing $5,000, on their way to Itagota,
were seized by the Ce,,'i'„l Government; the money
belonged to American citizens, Mr. ''osier bad 11 passport from lhc V. S.  consul.
The merenntile classes are making themselves heard
with the administration, for Union.
Hunter, of Virginia, is understood to be against secession.
Stephens and Johnson nre making Union speeches in
Some Union men in Richmond propose sending
Commissioners in order to induce lhe seceding States
to submit.
The notion ol the Southern convention it is thought
will fail.
It is claimed that, four Republicans and three Douglas electors in Xew Jersey arc elected.
The Legislatures of Virginia and Mississippi have
called convention... Gcorgie and Alabama have also
determined to call conventions.
The stingency 111 money affairs and decline nf stock
amount to tt panic, No banks have suspended yet.
There was a run on the Citizen's Bank, at Baltimore,
which was promptly met.
It is reported that Douglas is exceedingly ill, nnd
Wise insane.
On this subject, the Alia California has the following :—' By degrees we nre beginning to arrive at a
knowledge of the actual condition of things on thc
other side of the mountains. As far ns heard Com,
only three Stiles, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia, have, to ii certain extent, taken steps to secede
from the thc II iion. As yet wc havo no advices from
Florida. Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, nnd
North Carolina, composing what ore known 113 the
cotton Btntes. It Is possible that they will make common cause with South Car onia, Alabama, and Georgia,
and attempt to establish a confederacy of their own.
The true policy to be pursued, is to permit any State,
or combination of States, which desire to secede, to do
so peaceably. It is their right beyond question, to sever the connection whenever .heir interests require it.
At the. same time, however, it must be admitted, the,
Union once dissolved, the only questions  which can
taken on board a whaler, bad gone on 11 long VOjrigJ
with her. The ship was subsequently sunk ami 15
of those 1,board saved lhc,selves" upon an island, from
which Ihey were taken by another whaler, and which
only recently returned to New Vork.
The conquest of Naples by Garibaldi, which was effected in twenty-one days, only cost his army, according to official reports, eight men killed, and sixteen
It matters liltle what occupation one has—so there
bean occupation—but it mailers everything how it i»
prosecuted. Take some one thing, put forth all your
energies upon that, and elevate yourself by elev---'ing
vour calling. We care not, whether it is blacking
boots or keeping a bank, when wc see a man steadily
pursuing some one laudable object, surmounting all obstacles, never deviating from the strictest principles of
Integrity, regardless of the contemptnb]* tricks ot his
enemies in their vain endeavors Io pull him down—in
whatsoever sphere in life we may find that 111,111, wo
take him by the hand, call him brother, and bid hi'*1
Cod speed.
T'ne customers ofa well conducted mercantile house,
reap a direct benefit from the good conduct of that house.
if Ihe house have capital, credit and Standing, all are
employed for the advantage ofthe customer.
A. L. Bancroft k Oo. certainly did not aspire nbovo
their ability to perform, when they collected Paper, Envelopes, Blank Books, Pens, Ink, Pencils, kc, embodying all under the term Stationery, nnd laying their
foundation broad and deep, entered upon this ns the
great business of Ihcir lives.
Possesing, in n eminent degree, nil the advantage'
enumerated above, added to which a thorough knowledge of thoir business, and a determination lo g|V0
those who patronize them entire satisfaction, the principles upon which they build are sure, success is certain—and ns wo can never remain indifferent to t»9
culls of true merit, perseverance and obliging manners,
wc earnestly recommend the House of A. L. BancroP-
i- Co. to the attention of our community.
Their fine Stock selected with great .-are from English, French, German nnd American Manufactures, '«
well represented in the neat establishment of our friends
Messrs. llibbcn & Carswell. '
Dec. 10—str Col. Moody. Irving, Hope.
Ill—str Henrietta, Insley, Douglas.
1 I—str Hope, Millard, Hope and Yale.
].|—s|r Yale, Jumicson, Hope and Yale.
13—str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria, general cargo.
Dec   10—str  Caledonia,    Frain,    Victoria,   gen
cargo. " -"-
Dec. 10—str Henrietta, Insley, Port Douglas.
13—-str Marin, Hope and Yale.
13—str Hope, Millard, Hope and Dobglas.
_;.—str   Yale, Jamieson, Hope and   Yale.
13—str Henrietta, Insley, Port Douglas.
11—Str Otter, Mouatt, Victoria.
X  >, T ICE.
i year 1800 is bow ahout to close, ant! as we are
,,„. ol strilraBg li balanc-she.'l at thc end of euc),
vc would respectfully call on nl! persons indebicd
io sell li- the same rm or bclofe the 2Cth inst.. and
cast. AH perscmi having claims against the firie
,eu.-'. hand them in for immediate liquidation.
AV. J. Ak.MHTllo.XG  k BUG'S.
S:.' iXOI.I A   T-l.STAri.ANT.
US. C. LAV, :.!.-'.- v,. i
inhabitants ol New   I
-. vellil •-' public general!
""• ;>—.■:'.;'!, inform the
- *:: ii • tei    miners,   and
I hat she has opened the
.   liW   patronf    can [,, : :;;-
. wii.h I.lie   choicest   eatables,   and   al I
argei tiei .,„
I) 1 S S O L r T I 0 X .
wr.Mrii'AL .N,iTii. e.
■^J"07'J:'T. is hereby given r,:, whom it mny conc.en,-
j_\ that n+n special meeting "!' the Municipal Coun,
cl. 1,-ld on thc Hill: Sepi.einlier las'. ,t wat resolved,
" Thai a!1 panics removing earth trom their town lots
to the streets. Khali apply to lhe council in know where
said curtl, should be deposited j otherwise the earth deposited in the sireet- will be removed by the 00 Ml oil lit
the expense of ihe parry removing the dirt or thc part}'
lit vi, ise instigation such di-t is removed."
Ly order oi the .Municipal council.
Xew Westminster, Xov. 22, I860. Town Clerk.
I'I i'i.,;'  .'lo'fii'E.
COYnriN.Mf.XT AS.-,. V
Assays are made with the utmost
IMice   open   from   lo. „. m    >•■
Sleiilliet   ibuv    wllOD  'l"],0.-,itS    will bt
, 1   -II.  I.',.
Ncu  ircstminsler. Aug. 1. I860.
Opposite   Liverpool   Whnrf,
Columbia-street. New  V, ul minster
I'rovisioii.s,   Hardware,  Orocl-crywaru,  Paint*.
kc.. kc. kc.
Agent JEFFRAY k Cu.'S Fraser River Express.
I 00 tons HAY fit Sale.
m2R, 3m
Oils, Farming Implements. Mining Tool
Ladies am! Gent's Boots and Shoes,
new wi-STStrNKTl'l: UonOWHL "orvr-ri,.
I HEREBY give notice that Mr. Joshua R. Homer  n
member o! ll„ New \\ estuiinstcr Municipal OouocJI
for Ward Xo. 2. having resigned,
At, Election will be hold at the County Court House.
Xew "Westminster, to choose u councillor in his steud,
staple and fancy
A large addition   to our stock.
A mong them some very handsome
A beautiful assortment of
i! A .' '. i;.
E I X I,' A kT,     ic     C ll-,
agreeably  to   Section   20,   of  tbe   Xew  Westminster .Witt all tbe re.-ent improvements in style and patterns.
Council  Act. 18.;.,. I M.itlieiiialioHi   Instruments.   Water  eo'lors.  Portfolios,
Nomination will take place nt noon on  Monday the    Cbecker-Bourds, Chess. Dominoes, etc., etc.
1 Vth. pioxiino. and PriRitig will coiniiiunce al j 1 o'clock, j
a. m., on the following day.
0 .      fl  K  K   \. .
St.itiontr.' Hall.
e   ptttCh.
p. in., exce]
received for
New tVcslmihster. X.
I A". 1>.G ccmcladed arrange,m-nt- for a regular line
01 ''•.:::': I.-.,   to run   Ivcice a   month  uireei. trom
J-   .HE Co-PARTNERS!!!!'heir: fore existing'betwren
G. B. Wright,   J. 11. Soott, a,,d A. Keison. under J 0 X A S     (•' .    (' |, A R K     k    CO.,
Style   of  V\'i;;oin.  Sci'TT.  A  Ni.i.sov.   is   this   day iiieoi:. 'EM   am,  kaki'i actcui.iis OF
,lved—.1. li. Scott retiring from the firm.                 ■ F I" I: X 1 'J   1   15 E      A X I)      11 E D f) 1 X G
San Fraiic.sc to this [dace, would be nlci.sc:! to receive
orders for i'ri;i..l, Columbia.
Letters  addressed   to ns  in   care  of Messrs. Mayor,
Reiiihiiri.. k I lo., 'Vicloria,  V.   i„ John Dewar, and   i».
li.   Gehr-dke,   Sau   Francisco,   Ca.,  will   meet  with     ^-    '"*',•','
prompl attention.
in 2 I -1 m
Chief Inspector of Police,
it. hBoe      .,!
IN Till'; Si'i-i;I'.ME 001 RI   nf I'll ii. JL'STICE OF
Li.i'ifSlI   t'OH'MBlA.
In re the ' Town Lot.- Leases Relief Act. i860,
f'.j im.eh- -William  Anderson, T'etilioner.
I i fcusiuess will in future be conducted by lhc tin-
igncA, under the name of Wuh.ui _. Kelbok, who
also assume all the debts nud credits of the formei
128,  Washington
nn   Francisco.
4S. and 5T, Fourth stree;,. between J. and K. streets,
Port Doijgla?. Dec 1    - ■
Hnnter street, bctv eiu
And Firs! ,i
OUALS'I    COALS!   Ol > VIjS ''' person appearing to oppose the said application it maj
DIRECT I ROM NANAIM.' in any quantity to suit , '"*' _JWlu!toa « /-•"*<*•
purchasers.    lor Sa3e bv
J. T. SCiiTT,
IHO G W. Lee. Thomas J. Sioyell. and L. R. White.
Take „ot:ce that the Petitioner will at the nex.
Assizes at Fori Hope move the Court for a declaration
of title in bis favor to lot "A. block Hi, in the town of
Fori Hope.    And take notice that in the absence of any    and  other  machinery, <(lf every description, and  Iron
I';.!KT-BTIll,ET,  SaJ.   FhAKOidCO.
AVe continue to nin.ntifnet,,r ., at tbe above well known
Steam Engines,
Saw  Mill,
Pioneer Wliara.
Xov. ?ld. 1800.
Counsel for Petitioner.
JMl'Nini'AL XO'Ii' E.
I 0     (  o
T E X H E I: P   i
■ot-nibe,   ni  12 o'l lock
> •• i
;    brnah* "■    .*i   th
i   oi, neri   !••■ i iog  fall
en by the Mtmii ipal,
■ in  M[in,, ipal com oil
■ ■■ :    :'.,'..'■'.■';
J. 01 1.   18, i.' ■:■ .   „:   1
(•   u
•1   I
20, Lo:   2.
21, U.f -i  ami
rr o at
'.' .tidiiy   1 Tlh
.■ping the   timber
",',,ie,r.io,ieil   low,,   lots,
:J,   ,    W,
li  A  L L I)  I     .-'    E    X  P R E S S .
\y from nl! mnigiible points,,,, Fniscr River to
I'icioi'ia or elsewhere bv tbe l'»cinc IksctiavCI Oom-
ir  notict   i.A\V a,oi Ni:,'tim. Insikasc
E   CojII'ANV.
iiiiJer  the   provisions
su-id notice   having  ei-
!_). 1(1. IT. 2C.and 23
7'i cms—(heap
Apjdication n.t, t bt 'made to the New Westminster.
II pe, Yale, Douglas, and Victoria offices of Ballou'i
nol0-.ii! w. T. LAl.LOU.
C 0 N M I S S 3 13 X    M E R C 11 A NTS,
Corner   of  AVharf   and   Johnson   streets,
I^ITiLlSliED every fortnight in lime for Ihe California
Mail Steamer. The prices rurreni contains llie
ciil-ceel i,,-o'l nr.'licnl:( rules atol prices of all doserip-
tioni of ai'i.cie.- in lhe Yieioria marl,el., as well as reliable reports ol the stale ol trade. si..ppir,g, to. ll is
as invalnalde as an index nnd commerciiil milhorui lo
every rni'i'i'l aul and ti.olcsrnun as il is „ desirable
medium For advertising. Printed for A. F. Main at
tbe office of the V. I. Qaxctte, Victoria.
and Brast Castings of all kinds.
From the long experience*•* have bad, and the superior tools and machinery, and the very large collection
of patterns at our command, <i'e feel confident that our
facilities for in -ning out the best style of work, with
dispatch, and nl the lowest rates, are not surpassed on
the Pacific eoio-t.
Russia Iron Screens for Qoarly. Mills, made at short
ioi ice. (.rders for all kinds of work will receive prompt
ie_:'>-f.rn Late Goodahii a Co.
N. DiCKSon k Co..
, - a. i'rWoi.i■•. A* Co.
S.-m Francisco
m:w WES'niiNsTi'.n. n. c
XFliRMS Ilie'Ti-adei-s  and  Miners  of Frnscr River
linn   he   is   ,.,o«   prepared to  i'ui-r,isli all kinds  ol
camping   ntensils,   in   Tm,  Iron,  and  Cojiper, fit for
Mi'iers nnd Fiirniiy use.
Also. Gutters nnd Leaders.
Job Work pro-nip, ly nitcndoi. ,n a.'im
,' tuug
• 1,1    w.
ued ai lhe office
,cd n ....ii. three
iwarded,  otber-
-iim, Hall.
Town Clerk.
BRITISH   .'., i. I * M11 i A.
-' the-To",i   l,.'t- l.ea-e^ ftelief Act, J800.'
partt Relet o'E.ci.' . Petitioner.
10.   C„;.;i. Wiili.nn   McGhie,   R  berl   T.   Smith.
.1 --lm., .'\:. i,"'-- a John T   Smith. Patrick Everett,
-,-:,,),.- ,;   M ;,.  c -Taki n  lice that Ihe Petitioner
■ lhe uc.vt  A--::'. -  at fori 11 ,pe move the   Court
■ i rl irati ,a of title, in his favor, to lot 8, block ..
town  uf Fart  Hope.    That at the same time he
. - • | • :,       ;  ration oi title, in his favor, to lhc
i cm mosl hall •■: Ioi  -,. block 3, in tlie said town ;
:■ ;i ,',-, lar '   :. oi ti* • in his favor to lot 2, block
, the said  1. «rn.     An i take notice that in the allot any person  appearing to oppose the said up-
ptions tm". mny be granted ex )■•! tc.
Counsel for Petitioner.
He, Nov. 3d, 1860. 3t
.Now op ning at
H I r, Tj E X   i-   C A RSWELL'S
a splendid assortment of
A Larger Number of Yolntoes, ami upon a greatei va
rictT oi subjects, than ha.- ever vei appeared in this mar
Those interested are respectfully invited  to  call and
feast   tueir  eyes  to   their   heart.-   conlenl—Gratis—at
S T A T 1 O X E R S'    Q ALL.
nn'M;si"s     B R A N D Y
1S    ONE    DOZF.X    CASES.
THE   SI 'PR 10 ME    rol'RT  OF   l'i\ IL   ,! I >'l HE    OE
P.IOTIMi   rol.I'MRiA.
/;, re the Towt, Lots Leases Relief Act. 1 £60.
Ex parti Ailhur T. ffii'-hbv Pelitionet.
To   L.  Iln-i-on.   11. E. Smith.   Charles   Baker.  John
Bvrnes   or Burns. 0. Wilson AVaddineharn—Take  r,o-
ti'ce.   Ihnl   lheP.-iiiioner-.viII. at the  next   Assires  at HR. ROSEXB.' I'M'S STOMACff BITTERS!
Fort Mope, move the Conn fori, declaration of lille in ^m 'he '""' of Dys •t7,shi, Indigestion. Constipation
his  fn vor lo ihe Nor, hern porl ion of lol  .. Block 1.   in -i'Oss  of Af.petiie  >r  nny Biliotis  Complaints
the  Town ol I ovi Ib.pe. facing lengihn ise on   Wiillnce-j arising from a morbid action  ofthe
street, and ex,ending from the corner of Walbice-.-ircet ! Stomach or Bowels,
and Watcr-sU'eci tor the space ol 20 feel along Mater- j All of these diseases yon will soon bc relieved of, bystreet. And take notice that in the absence of any ose of these Bitters, as per directions on the Bottles.
person appearing to oppose the snid application, it m„V ''""is great anti-'tvopeptic js ihe result of profonnd and
be granted ex jmrie. ! elaborate study >. one ofthe most celebrated physicians
Al-THIR T. BI'SHBY. I ofthe present centnry, in the accomplishment eft' which
Petitioner.     ' he has spent both lime and money.    We do not hesitate
New Westminster. 2flth Nov., lSCO. : to affirm that where Dr. Rosenbaum's Stomach Bitters
   are nsed, a case of Fever «»<d .».gcj ciinrrot oecor.     ft
II   E N   R A       II  (i L P. R O O K, i has been  ni\-h*.od fcy ii,t- most scientific chemists in
C 0 VI M I SS I 0 N     M E R C II A N T, ; the \ledieal ritcnlty.' and  is now prescribed by nine-
Livecpo' . tVharf, Coliimbin-street. Xew Westminster,   tenths ofthe  Physicians of the land.    Try them—tost
British   Columbia.
Wharf- S t ii e ic t .
i r t o n i a .
BONVlE..  STORAGE always ready for 500 tons  o
goods,   and    every  acconimodation   tor   landing
THOMAS PATTRICK. _. Co.. have some choice lots
of Seed Wheal on   hand from   Australia, Mexico,  the
Moi.iii,emii,c.-„. and Van Dicman's Land.
Fanners are invited to inspect samjiles.
For Sale bv
Corner Government and Johnson streets, Victoria.
KSTAB1.ISHR11   IV   1836,
Incorporated   by Royal Charter in   IS.o.
CAPITAL '. '. $5,000,009.
Spkciai, Hi-rosiTs receive,'! in Minis of $100 and upwards, re-payable on demand, '-.-funge for safe
keeping, oxe-quabteh or one per cest. per month.
Cold Dust received lor safe keeping, at the rate oi
five cents en; at. per month.
Drafts Issceo os 1-OXDox tin days after Sight, at
the rale ol ^t  95 per il. stg.
o davs after sight, (in sums of £50, and upwards)
S:..].,-r'£i stg.
ii days after sight (in suras under £.,0) ?5 10, per
£1, sterling.
Drafts on demand or al short sight, issued on the
. principal Cities and Towns in Scotland and Ireland, at
Subscriber will be happy to meet his old  friends   j|u, r.11(. „(- «•-, ] - ,HT c\ ^,s,
ustomers  at   bis new store   in   Mr  Uarris's  new, |i,,AKTS on the principal Cities in the North American
ng, Lytton-sijiiare. near Scott s A\ half. _      _         ; Provinces, nt 3 days, as follows :--
J. HERKIMER. Canada 1 per cent, premium.
 I New Brunswick 4      '• "
C 0 L 0 N 1 A L     I! 0 T E L, Nova Sco'ia 2\    '• "
cot CM bia  street. \nv,' westmixstkb. Drafts or. New Vork. al 3 days,,, percent prcit  im,
|0.SPER i FRANK GRELLEY, would respectfully "     "    Messrs. ii. Davidsou k .May, S.m Franciscr
IE STORE adjoining .Mr. Tilley's. Stationer, now
pied liy J. Herkimer. Immediate possession given,
further particulars apply to .1. Herkimer.
THOMAS PATTRICK, k Co., have for sale in store,
and to arrive.
Martell Brandy,
Booth's Old Tom. in puncheons,
Booths Old Tom. in case--,
Burnet Is Old Tom in oases,
McKenzie? 0X4 Tom, in cases,
Tanqueray k Co.'s Old Tom, in cascs,
Scotch    Whiskey,   in   puncheons,
Scotch Whiskey, iu cases
Jamaica Run,, in puncheons,
Wines of every description
The finest Burton and Scotch Ales,
Bottled do do
Devonshire Cider, in cases.
March 21, 1S(,0. 3W
merchandise on his wharf:   wharfage 25 ccnls per ton.
For Sale ex recent arrivals—
loo sacks Br*>n.
10,i hales California Oat May.
50 sacks Wheal,
1000 sacks Barley,
10 sacks Barber's Sugar-cured Hams,
20 firkins Butter,
lo casks S. 1. Molasses,
20 cases Preserved Chicken,
20 cascs Roast Million.
10 cases Snn Francisco Pilot Bread,
B cases Java Ground Coffee. Ac kc,
and  a  general  assortment of goods suitable for tbis
market. se29-lm
IRON     W 0 RK S.     V 1 C fl* O R1 A .
DOrGAI.L k SOY.. Iron and Brass Founders, prac-
t'lal Engineers, Draughtsmen, kc.     Machinery
ol every description made to c-ler.
Agent  in British Columbia. Mc. W. Winnard, Lantries
March  21. I860. Stft
them—on yonr constitution, and go yonr way rejoicing.
Are yon dyspeptic ?—lake these Stomach Bitters.
Arc you bilious ?—try one of these bottles and be relieved at once.
Are you annoyed by indigestion or constipation?—
remove the ennse by a i-'ec use ofthe Bitters.
Have yon fever and ague ?—cure and prevent this
destroying disease by the free use of these Bitters.
Thc superiority of these Bitters has induced many to
pul up a spurious article. To prevent deception in
future, each cork will be hranded, " N*. B. Jacobs ft Oo."
And the labels will bear our own signature, Wlthont
which, none arc genuine.
Caution*.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitters are
cautioned against the many counterfeits now afloat in
the market, and especially against a cheap and worthless article called Roscnscbf's Bitters, put up in this
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s. with the avowed intention of
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbaum's
Bitters, as a remedial agent in all cases of Dyspepsia
and similar diseases. The genuine Rosenbaum has our
name branded on each cork, and our signature on each
NT. B. JACOBS k Co., Proprietors
m21-6m Sansome st., corner Commercial.
orm lhc  public   ihat   they have jusl opened   at sight—par.
1 Xeh  Hotel, and are ready to accommodate ir.iv- : Ollice hours 10 a. it., to 3 r. m
or resideii".- of New Wcslminslcr with the choicest
ps the market affords.    The sleeping apartments i
• •I up In a  style that neither Vancouver Island I
-tritis;li  Columbia  can excel, and  the  nines  and
rs, while enumerating all that a  first-rate ho'*.
boast of, arc ofthe very best and lines! descrip-
Victoria, March 17, 1SG0.
-Saturday 10 toi o'clock
|vate dining rooms can be always obtained,
kc, gotten up on Ihe shortest notice.        3m
i'ohikhia-sthkkt xkw WESTMINSTER,
above  Saloon   has been re-opened   by  P. Ma-
vvlio  respectfully solicits a share of the public
e.    The best wines and liqueurs arc constantly
mil the Billiard tables ofthe saloon are unsurpns
lywherc. n,,2-l*l-in
wi; st mix stvr.
Minors, nnd tbe pub-
have on band a large
J.ES.-I.E  and   RETAIL   Healers   in    Roots  nnd
SHOES, Leather, and  Findings, of every description.
I—Ladies'Shoes of all kinds. mhlT-.lin
RECEIVED and for sale
II bushels ICy. Blue Grass Seeds, very fine.
o bushels  Red Toji grass seel,
"" pounds Alfalfa Gloves, pure,'
III pounds Red Clover
111 pounds While Dutch Clover,
111 pounds Lucerne Clover.
111 pounds Timothy Grass Seed,
'" Pounds Hungarian Grass,
11 pounds Millet Seed,
pounds Mixed C>,w„ Grass,
pounds Rye Grass,
pounds Sainfoin Grass,
'Pounds California Wild Outs,
' pounds Hemp Seed,
''•> kc, kc, kc
'argo assortment of fresh Garden, Tree, Fruit,
iver Seeds,  Dutch  Bulbous, Flowering Roots,
"'id Budding Knives sold to suit purchasers,
dors from the country promptly attended to.
Ss by mail or express to
J.  P. SWEENY k Co.,
108, California street, Snn Francisco.
li'p'T  ,S|'uhkt,   Sax   PkanCISCO, Cai.iforxia,
rbbALE dealers and Importers of Foreign
rustic Liquors, Wines,  Ctrd.ids,  Syrups, nnd
."■le in his line.
P who may favor us with orders, may rest as-
r   "e will endeavor to give satisfaction in tbe
' •'' dispatch in forwarding. 1,10-tc
Liverpool Whnrl
BEG TO INFORM Traders an,
lie generally, that they now
stock or
_._ S S O R TED     M E Jl CIIA ND ISE,
suitable for
Thev will hereafter receive nil their goods direct from
San Francisco.
and bc enabled to sell at Victoria Pricks.
from San Francisco direct,
200 bbls Golden Age Flour;
ion   do Golden Gate    do
55   do Eureka do
50   do Eclipse do
2o   do Self-rising       do
200 sucks Barley;
350 sacks. Beans ;
200 mats China, No. 1, Rice ;
200 mats China, Xo. 1, Sugar.
Also for sale, Pork, Bacon, Hams, Lard, Candles, Soap
Cheese,  Coffee, Teas, X. O. and S. 1. Sugars,
Powdered and Crushed Sugars, Boston Syrups, Assoitcd Syrups,
Hunt's nnd Collins'
Wrought nnd
Cut Nails, Powder, shot, nnd
Percussion Caps, Pitch and Tar, all sines
of Rope, and Boats' Ours,
A  I.AllRK
Caps,     Boots,
Shoes, Tobacco,
Cigars, Stationery,
Perfumery, Duck, Drilling
Dry,        Fancy,        and        Millinery        Goods.
1. A X G I. E Y      B R O T H E R S ,
IMPORT! Xl-I       I) R ,' G (i 1 S T S ,
Yalrs-street, Victoria,
HAVE received, direct from London, a choices
loci ion ot
Cockle's    nli-Bilious Pills,
Heating's Cough Lor.enges,
Murray's llmd Magnesia,
Curling's Sparkling Citrate of Magnesia,
Superior Seidletz Powders,
Essential Oil of Ripstone Pippin,
Essential Oil of Pine Apple,
Essential Oil of Strawberry,
Essential Oil of Raspberry,
Essential Oil of Jargoncl Pears,
Essentia) Oil of Nectar,
Rowland's Macassar Oil,
Rowland's Odonto,
Rowland's Kahdor,
Gosnell's Colognes,
Gosnell's Chc.ry Tooth Paste,
Gosnell's Soaps,
Gosnell's Hair Brushes.
I'.HK CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existingbctwecn
the undersigned, doing business at Cayoosh un- j LAUD
I der the style of Ni.i-fki.hks,  Pk.arsox,  k Co.,  is this
day dissolved bv mutual consent.
Cayoosh, B. 0.. Oct. lSth, WO.
The business will  be carried on by F. NKrt'Ki.iiKR.
| who is authorised to collect all debts due the late firm
I and pay all claims.
F U R X I T U R E.
\ hiree variety of Ribbons, Bonnet, an.. .Brae Trimmings, Musical" Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery
Paints, Oils, and Dye-stuffs,
CAiir-is, Druggets  Matting, kc, Ac.
BY LATE ARRIVALS,  the undersigned  have  re
reived  additions  to  their hitherto well-assorted
stock of Furniture—and now offer
Painted sets, ten pieces;
Extension Tables, 8 and 10 feel long;
Centre Tables, scrpouliuo nnd round ops, assorted
Card Table, burp and square pillars
Common Tables. 2),. It, and iij long:
Bedsteads, Mahogany, French, Cottage, double nnd
single ;
Lounges, spring scats, in damask and leather covers;
Sofas, spring seats, hair cloth, with round and pillow
ends ;
Desks, with full and door fronts j
Cheffonicrs, walnut and mahogany carved front*.
shelves, fret work ;
Bureaus, one-half marble top, scroll nnd painted pine,
•I and (i drawers:
What-nots, walnut and mahogany, .**, nnd 6 shelves ;
Mirrors, iu gilt and mahogany frames, assorted sizes,
for parlors, chambers, and saloons;
Children's Criba and Cradles, also High nnd Low
Chairs, assorted sizes;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-cloth, spring scats, cane nnd
wood sent, ollice, oak, dining, Grecian cane, heavy barroom, and coinnion wood sent;
Rockers, spring scats, mahogany and cane scats snd
backs, sewing nnd arm ;
Sinks, Wnshstnnds, Chair Cushions, Coverlets, Towel
Racks, Willow Cribs, kc.
B E D I) I N G,
Pnlu, Curled Hnir, Moss, Wool, and Straf Mattresses,
best Feather Pillows, all sizes ;   in the manufacture of
which we use none but tho  best materials, and guarantee our work,
Broad-street, between Yates aud Viow streots.
Victoria, V. I., April 11, 1860. 3m
1  LL PERS'lNS having claims against tbe estate of
f\     ROBERT T. COOPER, deceased, will please present
idem for payment) persons indebicd will call and settle
their claims.
In re the 'Town Lots Lenses Relief Act, 18G0 '
Ex part James Edney, Petitioner.
ri",0 11. T. Smith, .1. Ilerron. Charles Raker, nnd
\_ Wilson Wiiddingham—Take notice that the Pe-
tiiioner will at lbe next Assizes at Fori Hope move thc
Court tor a declaration of title, in his favor, to 20 feet
by 120 being the southernmost ^ portion of lot 4, block
1, in the town of Port Hope. And take notice that iu
the absence of any person appearing to oppose the said
application it may be granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Yale, Nov. 3d, 1800. 3t
In re the Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.
Bt parts John Frcdirek Mitchell, Petitioner.
TltO George VV. Rood, Joseph Coyne, William T.
_£ Hunt, .1. L. Harris, Donald Mcllride, and A'illhini
McGhic—Take notice that the Petitioner will at the
next Assizes at Fort Hope move lhe Court for a dechir
ation of title, in his favor, to lot 1, block 12, in the
town of Fort Hope. That nt the same time thc Petitioner will move for n declaration of title, iu his favor,
to lot 5, block 12, in the said town. Aud for n dcclnr-
lion of title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 12, in the said
town. And take notice that in the absence of any
person appearing to oppose the said applications, they
may bc granted ex parte.   ■
Counsel for Petitioner.
Yale, Nov. 3d, 18(50.
II E N D E R S O N    k    B U R N A B Y
AVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior.Pule.Sherry, in bulk.;	
Port H'inc, choice, in cases j
llennessy's Brandy \
McKenzie's Small Still Fhiskey/
Vine Growers' Brandy, in bulk ;
Tanqueray's Ginger Brandy, in cases;
kc, kc, kc,
which they offer for sale on the most reasonable terms
June 13th, 1860. tc*
CANDLES,—Hydraulic, Pressed and Adamantine.
j.ll. k Co.'s" 10-lbcans, in 120-lb. eases.
NAIL—Old Colony and Parker Mills, assorted sizes
N. O. SI'GA!.. half ban-els.
DRIED APPLES, half barrels.
Have for  sale, in store and  to  arrive, the following
well known brands of
Tlirec-I'oiii'ths  of them are direct from the manufacturers, consequently can bc offered at
comparatively low prices:
T. k S. Hardgrove's Peachy
Tui'pin k Yntbiough's Apricot;
J. II. Greancr"s Pride of the L'tiioE
A, L. Royster's Fruit;
VV. Greaner's Sun;
T. k S. Hardgrove' Golden Gate;
A. L. Royster's Invincible;
A. L. Royster's Mary's Own j
Harvey Birch ;
Pomona and Queen of Hearts.
Bright Pounds.
Peerless—T. A S. Hardgrove)
Gold Leaf—John H. Greaner;
Gallcgo—Clopton ;
J. M Langhorn _t Co.'s Extra;
Brewer's Gold Leaf;
Murrell k Burke's Sun-Cured ;
Rockaday—Golden Seal ;
Giralda, Wine Sap, etc.
Bright Half-Pounds
Gold Leaf—J. II. Greaner;
Pippin—John W. Young;
Wine Sap—George W Gillian,
Fancy Tobaccos
Invincible Twist;
Planter's Pride Twist, in foil;
Wine Sap Twist;
Atlantic Cable Tw'st, in foil;
Perfect Love, sniiil, plugs;
Gamo Cock Twist, in foil.
Smoking Tobacco,
Hardgrove's Peerless, Killikinick and Rlddick's Gold
Fine Cut.
John Anderson k Co.'s Solace.
Lorillard's Coarse Rappee and Macaboy.
For sale bv single case or package.
By each  Steamer wc are in receiptor the Choicest
Brands of Havana Segnrs, selected   hy  our  house in
Havana (Patrick v Ca.) especially for this market.
The above goods are offered to the trade bv the silicic case or package, by   .! A MKS PATRICK kCO.,
ml (My San Francisco.
• in cases;
Columbia Street.
WHOLESALE.and RETAIL Doalois in all sorts o:
kc    Have always on band a i.u-go assortment of Pro.
visions and Groceries direct 'from San Francisco, will
THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
Peter Mancttc, Leonoo Soulee, and Lewis Marshall, In
the El Dorado Saloon, lias bocn dissolved.   All debts j sell them at tho lowest market prices,
will bo collected by Peter Mtinettc, and all acoouuts      All orders from the country will be promptly atttn
will be settled by him. I ded to.
Dated 19th Nov. 18(30. no24-3t    j     ni2P, 3m
W .    II .    OLIVER,
....     mpoHVl.H  AS,, ■tYHOLHSALK  DttALKll JS
Johnson  street, opposite Wharf "street,
Is in constant receipt, by every arrival, of new and
fresh goods belonging to the trade, in bulk and cases.
Traders, dealers, and Proprietors of Bars, are invited
to call and exumine my stock, where they will find a
most complete and full assortment of everythin j comprised in the Liquor line, and at the lowest prices.
a very choice, light, and pure wine for family use, in
cases and packages.    Its purity can be depended upon,
and is worthy the attention of all connoisseurs.
1 .   "Hi. R Kf.M ER,    ■.■■"■"    ~~ .
Grocer and general DmLSM^
r"EEPS constantly on hand -yaell selecto&KtccJiof
Familv Groceries and Provisions, •**«-«.,
M THE N EW   W E S TM I N S T E R    T I M E S
*fe )
All day long in thc corner Bhc sits;
All day long in the corner she knits;
Knt while her dexterous needles play
Her eye,-. 50 liquid and large and gray,
Mark me and watch me around tin' house,
For she's " Puss iu the Corner,'' and I'm the mouse.
My puss hasn't got nny taloned claws.
And white as milk arc her pretty paws ;
.And nunc of the feline cruelty lies
Lurking ivilbin her deep gray eyes;
Yet she lit/Ids mi- mul keeps me about the house,
For she's "Puss in lhe Corner," and I'm thc mouse.
I have heard that a very lung time ago
When the world was young, and the world was slow,
A lusty lion in a nol was caught,
And the Monarch of Beasts was like to rot,
Till ihe woven threads of bis prison-house-
Were gnawed away by the little mouse.
This antique talc is reversed hy me.
I'm a mouse in a net, and X can't get tree ;
Fur crosswise around my pom* heart twines
The net of Love in a thousand lines ;
And •• Puss in the Corner" sits and smiles.
And fastens the knots with a thousand wiles.
Bul I know the way to  break the chains—
A single course for mc remains :
When once Ihe marriage vow.- arc said.
When •• Puss iu the Corner nnd I arc wed,
We'll see who rules all over the house,
Aud which is ihe cat and which is the mouse.
Ax Insiitxt Convict in a Fbexcu Bagse.—One
of the special correspondents of the Constitutionel relates
a romantic episode of convict life nt Toulon :—" Among
t'hc simill number r.' convicts who are still undergoing
their   punishment    in the Bagnes of Toulon    was   one
X , condemned to the galleys for participation  in
the disturbances at Bedariex. Certain indications, certain whispered confidences, bad caused doubts to arise
as to the real culpability of this person; people went
so far as to say that he was the victim ofa judicial error to which he had voluntarily lent himself, and that
thc true culprit was his own brother, employed ns a
mechanician iu the Arsenal of Toulon. Until lately
these rumors had been vague—the affair wns a lort of
tradition among the galley slaves; but a few weeks ago
X , the mechanician, died from the results of an
accident, and then the condemned brother no lunger
hesitated to declare that le was innocent, aud that he
had accepted his wretched position only to save his
brother, who, thanks to his place, earned enough to
support the whole family. These facts having come to
the knowledge of M. de Finery, Prefect ofthe Var, that
magistrate thought it his duly to inform the Emperor
of them, and, after consul ling the Commissary ol th''
i-iignes, who is convinced of lhc innocence of tbe convict, the Emperor at once granted X —;— a free pur-
don, and, moreover, sent bun two-hundred francs."
Tiie Lebanon.—When after years of toil, the highest
summit is attained, then indeed the prospect is sublime.
Far as the eye can reach'are-seen the calm silvery waters of the Miditcrruncan, only undulating in little blue
curves here and tliere where some stray zephyr ruffles
the surface. Farther, under the crimson sky ol
Asia Mi'uor rises cool looking Taurus, alwu, ' cove,el
with snow. Nearer is one vast extent of vegetation—
plains of emerald with clusters of fig trees and wide-
spreading apricots, and, a. dense profusion of mulberry
trees. The ascent from the celebrated cedars is amidst
perpetual snow ; but, once accomplished, wc gaze upon
a grand panorama, the scene of great events during
centuries of past history. Down those rugged declivities the myriads of Sennacherib rushed in tumultuous
array, flushed with spoils and victory. Through thai
defile went the Grecian phalanx, laden with the spoils
of lssus, and exulting in the promised spoils of Tyre.
Through these passes the Crusader chiefs led their deluded hosts ; and up them soon may clamber the Zouaves and Chasseurs of France, to revenge lhe blood of
Christians. Stout British arms and hon.ts, and cordial
British sympathy arc there also.— Corn/till Magazine.
Colonial Governors in Cuunon and Statu.—Our
colonies have forty-six governors and thirty-six bishops.
They are distributed thus :—In North America wc have
seven governors and nine bishops; in lhe West Indies,
seventeen governors and five bishops : in thc Australian colonies and New Zealand, seven governors and
twelve bishops; in African and Mediterranean possessions, nine governors and six bi.hops; and in Eastern
colonics, Falkland, and Heligoland, six governors and
Jour bishops : There arc five bishops in Xew Zealand,
a greater number than in India—which country and the
Ionian Islands are not included in this and other returns relating to "colonies." The salaries of the governors of our colonies amount together to £130,000.
Among them Victoria is the gulden governorship ; the
salary being £10.000 a year. The governors of Canada.
New South Wales, and Ceylon, have f 701)0 a year; of
the Mauritius, £0000; of Jamaica, the Cape, Hong
Kong, and Gibraltar, £5000 ; the other salaries are
lower and shade down to -£500. The incomes ol the
bishops nre much less than the sums just named ; tho
largest is that of thc bishop of Bnrb'adoes—£2500 ti
year. Their incomes are almost all provided for either
from colonial funds or the interest olmoncy voluntarily
contributed iu Great Britain and placed at the disposal
ofthe Church for this purpose ; but seven—the Bishops
of Quebec, Newfoundland, Jamaica, Kingston. Bnrba-
does, Antigua, and Guiana—have annual grants from
the Imperial exchequer.
Tun AitMSTiioxii Gun.—The Select Committee ot
Woolwich Arsenal have for some time past been engaged
in proving a 12-pound Armstrong gun under a series of
the severest conceivable tests, with a determination of
overloading and firing until some portion of the gun
should give way. The experiments, which have extended over some weeks and are now terminated, have
taken place at the Royal Arsenal butt, the committee
having arrived at thc conclusion that no amount of
charge can have tho slightest effect in shaking the
metal. The trial commenced with loading nnd firing
seven rounds with an o/dinary full charge of powder
and a single cylinder shot, after which the charge was
increased, and the length of the cylinder shot was
doubled. Seven rounds were again Ih-cd, and thc gun,
having been examined, was found intact. A course of
trials was subsequently followed up with a gradual increase of a progressive lengthening of thc cylinder,
which ultimately consisted of eleven elongated shot, the
last projecting beyond the muzzle or the gun. In order to increase the severity ofthe test thc cylinder was
rammed firmly home and cemented to tbe muzzle with
molten lead and resin, and every one expected that the
gun must inevitably give way. Seven rounds were,
lired with each increased charge, the result oftho last
seven rounds earning the cylinder weighing 1321b.,
completely through the hugh mound of earth against
which it was fired ; and the gun, having been carefully
examined,    exhibited no   symptoms,   of   injury. III.
Tub Theatre Royal at Melbourne (Australia) is now
regularly used on Sunday even',,its for religions services. The clergy of Episcopal, Independent, Prcsbytc-
tian, and'other denominatico,. have preached in turns
and the services have been crowded.
SPECIE has been brought by the Tasmania from tbe
Bast Indies,, amounting in value to £1,1-0,000, and'
weighing upwards of 150 tons. It was conveyed to the
Bank of England from the Nine Kims station of the
South-Wcstcrn Railway in thirty-six street waggons
and vans, drawn by upwards' of 100 horses.
At the conversazione ofthe Social Science Associa-
ation in Glasgow, on Wednesday week, immediately
after Lord Brougham bad partaken of n cup of tea, ii
gentleman stepped up to the purveyor and offered him
half-a-sovereign for the cup, which was nt once ac-
Australia and New Zealand put in-claims for a visit
from the Prince of Wales,
Gaiiii. u.»i Painted hy a Young Lap*.—A  Young ;
Ladv. writing as enthusiastically as young ladies generally  do,   portrays Garibaldi as " a dear old  weather-
beaten angel."   ' Wc doubt it angels care much about
the wealh.-r.   considering Ihey arc always living in tl
In re the Town hots Leases Relief Act, 1860.
Ex parte Arthur T. Bushby, Petitioner.
To L. Ilcrron, 11. F. Smith. Charles Baker, John
Byrnes or Burns, C. Wilson Waddingliam—Take notice,  that  the Petitioner will, at the  next  Assizes  at
open air, and are not generally reorcscnted as having i Fort Hope, move lhe Court for a declaration ol title in
much clothing about them, though," on the other hand, j bis favor to thc Northern portion ol'lot 4, Block 1, in
ilis agreeable to picture Garibaldi as an angel—an the Town of Fort Hope, facing lengthwise on Wallace-
avenging ongelfor the long-endured wrongs of Italy— street, and extending from the corner of Wallace-street
ihe angel of deljrcrcncc lor the long-suffering martyrs ! and Water-street for the space of 20 feet along Water-
ofNaples.    However, granting (and to a yonng lady we   street.    And  lake  notice that in the  absence of any
are always ready to grant everything, thai Garibaldi is ! person appearing to oppose the said application, it ma;
"n weather beaten angel," it is a con,fort to kuuw  that j bc granted cr. park.
as yet he has never been beaten by anything else.
How to Titir it.—The Prince of Wales promises  to . „ Petitioner,
be. as great a traveller as he is an accomplished dancer.       New W estm.nster, 29th Nov., 1800.
Ilis   next  intention is to go through all lhe Steppes  of
H E X R Y      H l> L B It tl O K,
COMMISSI 0 N     M E It C 11 A N T,
The Loxo Vacation.—The King of Naples has  had | Uv0!.por_ i,viuirf, Columbia-street, New Westminster,
so many  troubles lately, and has been oppressed  with ' qt\i\s\,   Columbia.
so much business ofa most moving and distressing na- tqoNDED STORAGE always ready for 500 tons of
lure, that it is not to he wondered at if he has gone J^y goods, and every accommodation for landing.
into the country just to enjoy n little Gacta. merchandise on his wharf;   wharfage 25 cents per ton.
A Fhikxiii.v Venture.—" Might 1 tempt yon to venture upon this orange'.'" 1 should be happy to oblige
you, Madam," said Leigh Hunt, who wns thus being
addressed by n lady, •'but I'm afraid I should fall oil'."
The Prince of Wales, much in the same way at Kingston uml other places in Canada, wculd not.venture
I near the Oranges ; for fear, nol of falling off, but offiil-
I ling out. 'There might have been a falling oil' of Ilis
popularity, had he yielded to the insolence ol these
-our bigots, i.loi acted infinitely more like in,''Idles
than oranges. If we were asked to say. what were the
Fruits of Sedition, wc should not hesitate for * moment
to reply—"Tbe Oranges of Upper Canada."
Street Scenh in Naples.— A correspondent of one
ofthe Loudon papers describes a street scene in Naples
on the arrival of Garibaldi as follows :—" We had yesterday a sort of political carnival, which was prolonged
till  a late hour.    Toledo was thronged by  an  insane
For Sale, ex recent arrivals-
100 sacks Bran,
100 bales California Oat Hay,
5(1 sacks Wheal,
1000 sacks Hurley,
IC sacks Barber's Sugar-cured Hums,
20 firkins Butter,
10  casks S. 1. Molasses.
•JO  cascs Preserved Chicken,
•jo cases Itdast Mutton,
lu cases San Francisco Pilot Bread,
5 cases Java Ground Coffee, ,..'.. kc,
and  a  general  assortment of goods suitable for tbis
market. sc20-lm
I 1! (I N     W 0 It K S .     VIC T ii II I A .
OUGALL & SO', iron and Brass Founders, practical Engineers, Draughtsmen, &c.    Machinery
,i,Uitude, a prey to a Bacchanalian fury ivhich 1 should   "I every ucseripl.on made to ••-■..■*.
e sorrv to describe even were I able to  do so.   The   Agent in British Columbia, J... W. V. innnrd, Langlct
l mi
: be .
crowd consisted ofthe lowest rabble, with a spnnklin;
of,nen and women of the middle orders. It was a Hag
and torch procession, with cries nnd shouts, such ns
can only be uttered by Neapolitan throats. Besides,
the incessant, deafening 'Viva Garrubaldo 1' 'Viva
Galibalda !' and a hundred other distortions ofthe
j name ofthe hero of the day to which we begin to be uc-
custoi I,  the cry was'I'i,a—una—„I,a.   Viva  l'ltalia
Una IVoglinmo l.l'talia I na I'    There were a few shouts
for Victor Emmanuel, and an occasional exclamation of
• Death to the Bourbons! '    For the rest the huge  mob
i did not know whal it wanted or whal all the noise was
about.    But it did not caic—it swarmed,   and  eddyed,
; and boiled, and bubbled about like the waves of Cliar-
ybdis—throng  of carriages,   throng of men,   throng of
' women—the men brandishing nuked swords, or waving
i Hags or hats; the women bareheaded, disci, cycled, with
j disordered garments, cheering, en,bracing, and kissing,
I as they passed each other, like s» many victims ofa  ra-
i bid drunkenness, ill which, however, drink had no purt.
; There was n mingling nud blending ol classes and sexes:
a full licence to beggars and pickpockets to jostle  honest citizens and patriots; yet thc many-headed monster
wits in bis best humor,    We did not see one case nf actual drunken,less, nor did we hear ofa row or fight,   or
anv other accident or offence."
.March 21, 18G0.
F V R N I T I' 1. E .
I~*jY LATF, ARRIVALS,  the  undersigned lune  re
-y    ceived   additions   to   their hitherto well-assorted
i stock of Furniture—and now offer
Painted .-cts, ten pieces;
,     Extension Ttiblc3, 8 and M> feet long-.
I     Centre Tables, serpentine and round   ops, assorted
1 sizes ;
Card Tabic harp and square pillars
Common Tables. _!.l. 3, and 3J long:
Bedsteads,  Mahogany, French, Cottage,  double and
single ;
Lounges, spring seals, in damask and leather covers;
Sofas, spring scuts, hair cloth, with round and pillow
Desks, with fall and door fronts ;
Cheffoniers, walnut and mahogany curved front-.
I shelves, fret  work :
Bureaus, one-half marble top, scroll and painted pine,
I and 0 drawers;
What-nots, walnut aud mahogany, ."> and fi shelves ;
.Mirrors, in gill aud mahogany frames, assorted sizes,
i for parlors, chambers, and saloons ;
Children's  Cribs  and  Cradles, also   High  and Low
i Chairs, assorted sizes;
Chairs, Mahogany, Hair-cloth, spring seats, cane and
wood seat, ollice. oak, dining Grecian cane, heavy barroom, and common wood seat ;
Rockers, spring seals, mahogi ny and cane seats snd
backs, sewing and arm ;
Sinks, Washstands, Chair Cushions, Coverlets. Towel
Racks, Willow Cribs, kc
B 1. D D I N G ,
Pulii, Curled Hair. Moss, Wool, and Straf Mattresses,
I best Feather Pillows, all sizes;   in  tlie manufacture of
which we use none bul  thc  best  materials, and g.uar-
! nntee our work.
Broad-street, between Yates and View streets.
Victoria, V. I., April 11, 1860. 3ro
60, Front   Street,  Sax   Francisco, California,
WHOLESALE DEALERS and Importers of Foreign
and Domestic Liquors, Wines,   Cordials,   Syrups, and
every article in his line.
Dealers who may favor us with orders, mny rest assured that we will endeavor to give satisfaction in tbe
article, and dispatch in forwarding, nt9-tc
WHOLESALE and  RETAIL   Dealers   in   Bows   and
Shoes, Leather, and   Findings, of every description.
Also—Ladies' Shoes of all kinds. iiilil.-iim
F .   TILMA X,
00 Battery-street,
Sax Francisco,
SOLi: AGENT  for  Tilton & McFnrlnnd's  celebrated
Fire-proof and  Burglar Safes.    This safe is well
known in tht market for its unsurpassed lire-proof tinal-
' ity, having withstood  in  California, as   well as in the
1 East, ihe hottest fires known.    We can refer to endless
certificates from parties  in our mining towns,  where
these safes have been subjected to the most severe tests
of its fire-proof qualities.    The safes arc secured hy our
Combination   Lock.   This lock is in  every  respect tbo
most secure one in use; It requires the key aud combi-
I nation to open the safe.    If thc key should be abstracted
from the owner, il would be perfectly useles to lhe pos-
j sessor without his  knowledge of tlie combination, or
i mental key, which lhc owner curries in bis head.
To those in want ot'u reliable safe we offer the above
cheaper than any other in the tho market.
B&5"1 A large assortment on band and to arrive.
!>(, Battery st.,. Saiv Francisco.
J .      II E R K I M E lt ,
J~EEPS constantly on hand a well selected slock of
Family Groceries and Provision-.. se'-'-'-lc
N 0 T I C E .
ripill'. CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
the undersigned, doing business nt Cayoosh „„-
he style of Ni:rn:i.],i'.ii.  Pearson,  k Co.,  is this
day dissolved by mutual consent.
Cayoosh. B. ('., Oct. 18th, 1860.
The business will be  carried on by F. Neufelder,
who  is  authorised to collect all debts due the late firm '
and pav all claims.
nolT-35n GEO.  RUSSELL.
I HEREBY give notice that Mr. Joshua R, Homer, a
member of the Xew Westminster Municipal Council
for AVard Xo. 2, having resigned,
An Election will be held al the County Court House,
New Westminster, to choose a councillor in his stead,
agreeably to Section 20, of the New Westminster
Council Act, I860.
Nomination will take place nt noon on .Monday the
1 .th.pioxinio. and Polling will commence at 11 o'clock,.
a. in., on tho following day.
C .     B R E W,
Chief Inspector of Police.
New Westminster, Nov. 17, I860, _ id
In re the 'Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.
Exparte William Anderson, Petitioner.
rT.0 G. W. Lee. Thomas J. Stoycll, and L. B. White.
I     Take notice that the Petitioner will nt the ncx.
Assizes at Fort Hope move the Court for a declaration
of title in bis favor to  lot :'. block  10, in the town of
Fort Hope.    And take notice that in thc absence of any
person appearing to oppose the said application it may
be granted ex jmiie.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Nov. 3d, 1860. 3t
X U T 1 C E .
ALL PERSONS having claims against the estate of
Robert T. Cooper, deceased, will please present
them for payment; persons indebted will call and settle
their claims.
In re the 'Town Lots Lenses Relief Act, I860.'
Export James Edney, Petitioner.
rr.0 II. T. Smith, J. Ilcrron, Charles Baker, and
JL Wilson Waddingham—Take notice that the Petitioner will at the next Assizes at Fort Hope move the
Court lor a declaration of title, in his favor, to 'JO feet
by 120 being the southernmost J portion of lot 4, block
1, in thc town of Fort Hope. And take notice that in
the absence of any person appearing to oppose the said
application it may bc granted ex parte.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Yale. Nov. 3d, 1860. 3t
In re the Town Lots Leases Relief Act, I860.
Ex parte John Fredirek Mitchell, Petitioner.
rg*VO George W. Rood, Joseph Coyne, William T.
j[ Hurtt, J. L. Harris, Donald McBride, and .Villiuin
McGhic—Take notice that tho Petitioner will at the
next Assizes nt Fort Hope move thc Court for a decimation of title, in his favor, to lot 1, block 12, in the
town of Fort Hope. That at the same time the Petitioner will move for a declaration of title, in his favor,
to lot 5, block 12, in thc said town. And for a dcclar-
tion ul title, in his favor, to lot 8, block 12, in thc said
town. And take notice, that in the absence ol any
person appearing to oppose the said applications, they
m„v be granted ex narlc.
Counsel for Petitioner.
Yale, Xov. 3d, 1800'.
11 F, N I) F, ll SON    &    I! U II X A B Y
AVE JUST RECEIVED, ex Armistice, from London :
Superior Pale Sherry, in bulk ;
Port ll'ino, choice, In cases;
Hennessy's Brandy 1 .
McKcnzic's Small Still iriiiskcy/1" ca!,cs '
Vine Growers'Brandy, in bulk;
Tanqueray's Ginger Brandy, in cases;
kc, kc, kc,
which tbey oiler for sale on the most reasonable terms
.lune 13th, 1800. tc
LEV I   k  BOAS,
Columbia Street.
TT THOLESALE and RETAIL Dealeis in all sorts o;
&C. Have always on hand a large assortment of Provisions and Grocc-fles direct from Snn Francisco, will
sell Ihein al, the lowest market prices.
All orders from the country will be promptly attended to.
in '.I.1. 3m
"i'T   (   «-"',' .;||&    ■' —i
.. .
i mm
i til J
life ::M \\&l
'       :*.   ':-■   :  'fe! \WgL
-     _,  •   B_31 lift)?
'A •$■-*>, ill A'V\
■                       -Iii' Si c   \    ' . 't
_i »./______.»■ flfJ
_».!? \-*-s>'3i.-<^_>_>ift^,_^
a-- ~J;*i
• vfe5 v
ami ron :,,k cime or
Scrofula,   Jiheumalism, Stillborn. Ulcers,   Dytpepsta,  Sin'.
12/ieum, Fever Sores, Erysipelas, Pimples, Sties, Mercurial Diseases, CuUineoits Eruptions,   I.irer   r,tm-
plaint, BroncJiltU, Female Complaints, Loss of
Appetite, tie:,, rat /leoility, ,Cc.
A j ..-nHfiil supply of pare h'.nuil l_ ns essential l„ nnlaml tlf.
i," lljriit, In-ill. mul pninl sbuwers in- tu He' vegotub'.ekingdom.
Wlicn the proper circulation of the vital fluid Is linpeilcit, sick-
nrss l> the i i:n!iV consequence, tli>- secretions l>c_ouie tin-
lu'ii'ilir. the liver becomes cl,'/ge,l will, hnpnre bile, which,
forced i.iii, the system, vlti;'.t,-n nail Inflames the blooil, eupen-
tiering scrofnln anil cutaneous unit blllnry illi-onlers. Tho experience nl' -i.\t,-.'ii yenrs has fully estnUlsheil thu high reputation
<>f ,l,i> Invaluable medicine: ils curative powers have been
i'i roiiu-bly testeil In  lo„g-..t-in'lliig anil obstinate ruses, with
such In variable siicc, s oi lo call forth tho most flattering c •
iiieniluUuas from rial i nt i-iysle nn< throughout llie coiinlw.
■|,o lollowing rvc.iaiaianilatlnn I- from n
c ■ ii- in .\,■ w London,,
Mes rs. A. II. ,. I). Sasiw; fie, llcnn
has l„,'ii >i rv i,-iv,', :.-. I In ;,, - ell
ol tin' oldest physl
towns. fi:i;l so fur n- my 1
ci'.«s. In n great var et\
verv dlstressliiK nnd da,,';
long .1-, of ,'. medial agi .
vt i, ii complete success, ai
gnrded by the medical pi
In a nun,i rotis clas. of • I
complaints, \, hen Ihe M -
long u-c or abase of nu'i
mr snrsnpnrii r
irmby willi Mic-
ndii if. nnd of a
I. ■•■■■■ rcsbM a
many ol ihein
ii.:,.'   ll Is re-
. crea, ,;'..   i )
in i
m stem : in cl,route . „ ■■>
d' tenses „!'l!i„ lion, -; ub I '
lion*; en urged Jl mil . a i
wilh adepravoil -■-:■,■ , .'; ■
v,ill, imp,,,\emonl of »| pet
and flesh. I,ette, resl nt nlgli
state of mind, and conipt,,-.
'\ fo
■ii"'i. Incren fsirength
■■■ "'i •••' a more licilihy
:  ,"  liril  III
,VM. STERNE, M. t).
IVp.tv,l ami sold by   V.  II.  A- II. SIM1-.,  Wholesale
Druggists, 1UU l-'ulton-street corner or WI Minn. New V,,rk.
Vorsale bv HEWITT, KITTLE & Co., II. JOIIN'SON  . Co
and I:l.i>IN,,T,>N ,v Co.. Pan l-'rancisco;  RICE ._ COFFIN
Marysvlllo;  11. II.  M, 1K'.\ALL) cl Co., Sacramento; and by
'   generally.
W nil the romedios yet discovered for such complaints, this Is
tin- iiin-i certain, an I leaves no Injnrhnis >-n",'i',s.
Tt m.iki's a speedy c.,,.1 permanent cure, wltlintit the lca<t re-
slri.-l'nn 0, Civ,, drink, oxposure, nr chanifo in application to
btisiness, One bottlo ,- generally sultlctenl >" i-irc nn ordinary
case, which not unfren.uantly dtsappenrs allir six or clghl doses.
Prepared and sold I,r A. It. iSfc lis SAMIs. Wholesale
Drni:_:ist.s I.,-, Fulton-street, corner uf William, Now Turk.
Fur auto by DEWITT. KITTLE & Co., II. JOltXSON tc Co
•ml RE111NUTON v Co., San Francisco; ItlCE ,V COFFIN
Marysvlllo; U. II. McDONALD Jt Co., Sowaiueiito: ami l^
Druggi-ta g.uerally.
asd fob r,i:;,vi-.i: of
Scrofula, Mereuriti illaeases, Rheumatism, Cutaneous
Eruptions. Stubbi"_i Ulcers, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Sal* Rheum, Lumbago, White
dwellings, Hip Disease, Enlargement of the
Bones and J.in'.s. Fever Sores, Female
Complaints, Erysipelas, Less of Appetite, Pimples, Biles, General
Debility, &c., &c,
It hns lingticcn a most Important il.-idrrati, n, In the practice
of medicine, to obtain a remedy similar to this, nnd accordingly
we Knd It resorted to almost universally in all thus,., tormenting
discuses of Dai skin so trying to tbe patience, and Injurious to
tbe ht'iil'.b.    It Is a tonic, aperient, and disinfectant.    II arts
simultaneously upm, tho stomach, tbo c,i[cr,.AT,o.N',.n„d llo,
BOWELS, and tints threo processes, which are ordinarily the result
of Tuiir.r. dlflerent kinds of medicine, are carried on at Iho snmo
time through lho lustrum.ntality of tuis onf, remedial agent.
It-, great ,,,1'iit Ik, tliat il meets and neutralises the actiie prln
cipte of dlscnso itsclr, ar..'. when that is gone, tlie symptoms no
eessartly dtsappcar.  Tbe rapidity will, wliii-l, tho pnllent recov
ers health and strength under il,i_- triple influence i. surprising,
Lvks Cocx-it, Oregon Tor., March 11, n,'„r,.
Messrs. A. B. fc 1). Sanus, New York: Oentlomen.—In the
spring uf 1 sr,., while on m,r way from Indiana lo lids place, our
eidi'St boy was seized with a swelling and severe pains in the
legs, which i,ay by day grow wui-se, until bis legs contracted,
and became so painful that he could not walk, and wc bad t.
carry bin, al out like an inSntt, We reached Albany on the 'lit
of October, comploloiy won, out by fatigue. Ity this time bo
was reduced to a perfect skeleton. Uoro we Wero enabled to
consult n physician ,Hr. Hill), who honestly confessed ho could
not cure liini, although llo could givo 1,1m medicine that would
relievo lhe pain, lb this exigency something must be done, or
death was Inevitable Bolng recommended to try yourSnrsa-
pnrillu, I procured a buttle. Alter taking some, ho appeared
worse: but porsoverlng with it, I obtained n second bottle,
which Beemcd lo grapple \. Itb tho disease, and caused a marker,
Improvement: tbe swelling and pain iu the legs were reduced,
bis appetite Improved, and tils color began to return. Thus en-
cotirngcd, I purchased a third buttle; while taking It, the swell-
liars in bis logs broke, and some pieces ot bono one-eighth of
an inch loll); came out, after winch his legs Btraigtitened and
healed np. Me ,s now perfectly recovered, I,as no appearance
of being a cripple, and can perform most kinds of common labor,
as all our uolghbots can ccrlily.   Yours, respoelfllllv,
I'ropnro.t and sold by A. 11. <fc n. SAMIS, Wholesale
Drnggtsts, 100 Fulton-street, corner of William, New York.
For sale liyllKW ITT, KITTLK k Co., II. JOHNSON tt Cf.,
and UED1NQTON *■ Co.. San Francisco; UIOE & COFFIN
Marysville', It, II. McDU.N'ALb __ Co., Sacriuneuto; ami by
Druggists generally.
Tho delicate strncturo of lho eyelid renders it peculiarly sen
sltlvv and liable lo disease. Vi'hon, fro,,, any cause. It becomes
nll'i'ftc't, tho iiiticr membrane rapidly inflames, and the eyelid
evinces tho strongest predisposition to attract to U-'.olf humors
from all pi.rls of the body. Hundreds of persons of scrofuloiu,
habit are dtsflgured by rawness or redness of tlie eyelids, commonly called sore eyes, and tortured with apprehensions of impaired vision, who, by using this i'.AI.SAM, ,,„,y obtain almost
Immediate relief. In all cases, the earlier this remedy ls applied
the bettor.
Nkw TOBK, July 1.111,, TOT,.
Messrs. A.B. -k P. Sanus: flenileuien,—1 havo boon troubled
Ibr years with an nffccllon oftho eyelids, and have Hied a ,„„n-
bcr'of remedies without experiencing any decided benefit. A
few weeks sinco I obtained some of your 1p,man ICvi: IIai.sam,
and applied Vt according to the directions. The lirst application
produced »doctdodly beneficial client, and ! had not used it
, eek, before my eyelids were entirely free from oiHaiiiuiMl ,
which had not bcon Ihe. caso befnts &. w.siy i'tw
Years, S-c. O. li. WILLIAM-', Wi Jlr.OAiw    ,
Prepared mc sold by A. 11. & l>. SANll,,, W.oiesale
Jruggists, '.00 Fulton-street, corner of William, New Y-irk.
For sale by 111.WITT. KITTLK k Co., II. IOIINSVN fc Co.,
ml i;K",,1N'i;T(,n «l Co., San Fr&notscu; ItlOB '« COFFIN*'
Marysvlllo;  ':. II. McDONALD & Co., Sucraui   "o; and by
Druggists gfv italiy,'
t'll i) 1 C E   OLD  W I N KS A.N u
W .    II .    OLIVER,
iMi'iir.rnit and wiiolkhai.e dsalsb i\
Johnson Btrcct, opposite Wharf utreet
Is in  constant receipt, l>y every arrival, of n«»
fresh goods belonging to thc trade, in bulk and   '""l
talcrs, ami Proprietors Of liars, arc ii„"?_
Trailer.-, th
io   enn  ii.i.i vAjuiiim'   in> muck, wnere ll,ey will r  i
most complete and full assortment of evcrythlro^
prised iu the Liquor line, and at tbe lowest pricM n'
H f I' i; 11 I I, ll   (' A I, I I- 0 11 N 1 A   W I X K
a  very choice, light, and  pure wine  for family m  •
cases and packages.    It*, purity can be depended Je!
and i.s worthy tbe attention uf all connoisseurs.
For the cure of Dyt^epsiii, Indigestion, ConstiiiaU
Loss of Appetite , r any Bilious  -"<,i„pini|lt8
arising ffom a morbid action of the
Stomach or Bowels.
All of tbese diseases you will soon be relieve']of i
use of these Bitters, as  per directions on tbeBoui?
This great  anti-dyspeptic is the result of profoundiS
elaborate study of one of the most celebrated p .vsici'.
ofthe present century, in the accomplishment of *H|!
he lias Bpenl both lime nnd money.    Wedonothciitu
to uUii'in ihat where Dr. Rosenbaum's StomachBlttm
are used, u case of Fever and Ayue cannot occur   i",
has been  annlyi.cd Ly the u,,,si scientific chemUu I
iln- Medical Faculty, and is now prescribed bynjB».
tenths of the Physicians of the land.   Try them—ten
tlii-iii—on your constitution, and p. your wayrejoicins
.\,c yo,, dyspeptic?—take these Stomach Bitten
Arc you bilious 7—try one of these bottle* and |,e' r(-
iievcil ut once,
Arc you annoyed by indigestion or <-nnstipation._
remove the cause by n free use ofthe Hitters.
Have yon fever and ngne?—cure nnd prevent Uli
destroying disease by the free use of tbese Bitten,
The superiority of these Hitlers bus induced mantis
pul up a spurious article. To prevent deception Is
future, each cork will be branded, "N. li. Jacobs 4(V
And thc labels will bear our own signature, wilhoil
ivhich, n,ine are genuine.
Caution.— Consumers of Rosenbaum's Bitter; nre
cautioned against thc many counterfeits nowASottii
the market, and especially against a cheap and worthless article cnlled Boscnsclifs Hitters, put upinlili
by Messrs. Turner Bro.'s, with the avowed intention ot
preying on the well-earned reputation of Rosenbasn-'i
Hiitcs, ns a remedial agent in all cases of lH_>j)*pfbt
in,,1 si,nilar discuses. Thc genuine li,,?e„l„utm btuou
name branded on each cork, and our signature on etch
N. I!   JACOBS & Co., I'roprioton
m21-Cm Sunsoinn st., corner Coinmcrcisl,
A N    A S T 0 N S II I I N C    It E M EDYI
() L
(» W A Y  ' S     (II N T M E _>' T ,
// Expels Disease .'
ltis said thnt all productions of human skill bin
i their day, nnd arc superseded by new iuvcn'ions or die-
I covtrics. Nol so wilh this remedy. " It is not fori
I day, but for all time, ami in all countries." And .VI,;?
J Because it Blrikcs at thc generic root of all di.cut.il
j il,,- blood, and medical art can accomplish nothingb*.
yond that. The Ointm.-nt, penetrating tbrongb Ink
j and fibre, liko water through a porous BiibsUnn
I reaches the genu or disease, such as scrofula, crysipelu,
j cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcer, us discharge)
in the circulation, ami eradicates the taint ut once ui
forever in this climate.
Had  Legs.
This Ointment will cure any case of Had Log.mS
of twenty years standing, or however hard or iliscolort.
tlie llcsh may be, or i;' s»vollcn tlio size of n pcr.-on'i
body, provided the Ointment is well rubbed into ll.
ivhole ol the pans a fleeted twice a day in large quss-
litics, ami tbe parts kept covered will, linen ragathi-klj j
spread with lhc I liniment ; from this mode of trentm.tl
a plentiful discharge of unhealthy humor will follow,
until tbe wounds nre all healed on the leg. or utb.i
! parts assume their natural nppenrhncc.
Old   Wounds,   Sores,  and  Ulcers, ,
Tho most inveterate cases ol bad legs, scrofulous, of
other sores, are cure,!. If of 20 yenrs standing, brlbtI
joint use of the Hi,,line,it and Tills.    The effect of lb. |
unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and Bores, i>st
most miraculous,   li first discharges thc poisonThfctl
produces  suppuration   nud  proud   flesh, und thus lbe I
cures which ils healing properties afterwards cotnpltt.
arc safe as well as permanent,    ll ban a .vonderfaletol
in tbe  cure  of sores occasioned by  niosquetos, mi*
flics, or giggers.
This (i'i,linc-nt will cure lbe worst, cases of Piles J
used according to the printed directions even if of»
years standing.
Ervptions on the Skin.
Blotches, pimples, dry ci nptions, and all irrilnlicti
of the sit-in, fade and disappear after a few application
of Holloway's (lint,,,cut. In these cases brisk tricli*1
is indispensable. Many of tbe ordinary eruptions in
caused by suppresse,I perspiration, nnd as this penult*.
ing unguent „t once opens the pores, and invigorate
tbe absorbents, it. dissipates tho inflammation bjj
double process. Ladies whoso faces or arms arc dii"
figured by cutaneous diseases, may readily remove ll.
blemish and restore to the skin its natural tint, te
bility, nnd softness, .by the use of this sale but port"
ful counter-irritant.
King's Evil, Fercr Sores.
In cases of King's Evil where •medicinal lralti.
lotions, and every recipe of pharmacopoeia have prottj
useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough ctP
Fever sores heal quickly under its influence, and"
relaxing effect upon contracted sinews is truly womlc
Rheumatism, Scrofula. Erysipelas.
These are among tbe moslterriblc and agonizingfflj
eases, yet in their worst forms, nnd when Bccniii-.
incurable, they invariably disappear under a persc'C'iif
application of this soothing, healing antidote to pi*
und inflammation.
Both the Ointment antl Pills should be used in thefollofi
cases :—
Had Legs.
Had Breasts.
Contracted   nnd
Stiff Joints.
J Fistula...
Btcof Mnsquctucs.tlout.
nnd ISnnd-FlieK. (ilandular Swcl-
Coco-bay. lings.
Chiego-foot. Lumbago.
Corns   (soft). Piles.
Cancers. Rheumatism
Sold at the (jstnblishment of . ,. ,	
244, Strand, (near Temple Bar) London ; and by nl"*
spectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throug'
out the civilised world. , .   •,
jgfciy There is a considerable  saving by taking
larger sizes. y
N. B.—Directions  for the guidance of patients
every d sorder arc affixed to each I'ot.
  , .      V
Sore Nipples.
■itopK.soi; Homo'*.
Yates-street, Victoria
JONAS    G.   CLARK    k   CO.
F U II N 1 T U RE      AND      IJ B D D I « U|
of every destriptiou,
12ft,  Washington   strecct,   San   Francisco,
49 and 51, Fourth street, between J. and fc". s'rM '
Hunter street, betwetn Main and Lavce,StockWJ^
And First street, San Jose.        J'
Printed   and published  every Saturday by   --.   ,,,
' "M'Ci.i-iit'-,;  at l,rs"",.lu-e;-*-Ne\\'''''1!Vt?tmii.ft,1,V*1*1-'
Colony of British Columbia.


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