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Nelson Daily Miner May 18, 1899

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 *    ���
Daily Edition No. 319
Nelson,  British Columbia, Thursday,  May  18,   1899.
Ninth Year
Great Celebrations at The
List of Commissions and Subjects to Be
Taken  Up by  Eaoh of tho
Various Committees.
Tho Hague, Mny 17.���The city is
brilliantly deoorated with foreign
flags denoting the various national
headquarters. Tins evening M, Vim
Oambeok, former Dutch minister of
Foreign Affairs, gave a dinner to introduce the foreign delegates. The reporters will ouly ho admitted to hear the
inangnaration address ot M. do Beau-
fort who is excluded from opening the
discussion ot the Czar's project.
Throo commissions will then ho
named to arrange programmed for discussion. The first relates to restrric-
tions of armament and miliary expenditures. The second deals with the
laws governing civilized warfare und
the third with the mediation and arid
tratiou. A great mass of diplomatic
documents will bo submitted on tliese
subjects, documents* including Ihe
memorandum of Prince Mettermob of
Austria in 1816 regarding the suggestion nt the Prince Regent nf England
supported by Alexauder the First of
Russia, for an international peace conference. Tbe opinion of Mr. David
Field of the United States as to fixing
a permanent limit to military forces,
the arguments of Merignhao, in favor of
simultaneous disarmament, the proposals of Napoleon 111 to oon vol* e an
European peace conference at Paris in
1868 and similar papers.
The se.'-* d 001 mssion will consider
the deolaftifroilff <JT 'tho '.,(Ingres'.* or
Paris 1850, and the Geneva convention 1884, tbe cbinses of the Geneva
convention of 1888, the nets of tbe St.
Petersburg convention prohibiting Ibe
use of certain projectiles by civilized
nations, tbo minutes of the [Brussels
conference nf IST*I, tbe suggestions of
the Oxford Manual regarding tho laws
and observances uf war, tlie rnles for
tho bombardment of cities adopted by
tbe Institution of International Law in
1896, tbe declarations of France and
Great Britain regarding the unadopted
rules of the Geneva convention, the
viows of the Amsterdam chamber ot
commerce approved by successive Neth
erlacds foreign ministers, urging ibe
adoption of the minutes of tbe Brns-
sels conference of ISM with the laws
and observances oF war which did not
lead to tbo conclusion of any convention, and tbo circular of tbe Dutch
minister of foreign affairs in IS',11 relating to the adoption of tbe principle
ot inviolability of private property and
urging a definition of the term "contraband of war.''
The third commission will consider
the proposals of Lord Clarendon at the
Paris congress in 1866 for the intermediation of a friendly stute previous to u
recourno to force, lhe motion of Siguor
Mane.iui, in the Italian chamber of
deputies in|1876 in favor of arbitration,
the acts of Berlin and Jorieh conferences on compromise and mediation,
Mr. David Dudley Field's plan for
an arbitration tribunal with proposals
for an arbitration tribunal for the
North, Central and South American
States, adopted in Washington in 1890,
the Marquis of Salisbury's letters to
Sir Julian Paunoefote in 1896 relating.,
to the conclusion nf au arbitration
treaty between Great Britain and the
United States, the terms of tbe Anglo-
American arbitraiton treaty and many
siimlar documents.
M. do Staal will open tbe conference
hy summarizing tbo objects of the
gathoriug nnd expressing the confidence of tho Emperor Nicholas that the
powers will support, tbo bouotieiont
object of the convention. After the
appointment of the commission tbo
conference will adjourn for a week.
The Amoncan delegates, it is understood, will carefully abstain from mixing in pettv European questions, but
will tnke an earnest part in the discussion of the application of arbitration aud improvements in tbo Geneva
rules for tlm protection of field hospitals giving also special attention to the
abolition of privateering, Tbis nolicy
being the same as that adopted by
Benjamin Franklin iii negotiations
with Frederick the Great aud successively urg.'d by Presidents .Tames
Mtinroe, James Buchanan, Ben Harrison and William McKinley.
Roosevelt Does Not Approve of Civil
Court Having Power.
Albany, May 17.���Tbe examining
board designated to examine into the
moral character and general fitness for
service in tho National Guard as a
commissioned olll.'cr of Major Clinton
H. Smith, of the fist Regiment, who
was charged with cowardice at Santiago, convened at noon. The investigation, was however,   blocked   by     the
solving of a writ of prohibition, issued
by Justice beaoh restraining the
board talcing evidence until tbemqtion
to make tbe writ permanent is argued
in the courts.
Governor Roosevelt is much put out
over the   Interference   of  the- courts
with the doings of tbe tluard. He
thinks that if the courts ave permitted
io Interfere with (be boards of Inquiry
aud court martinis of Ibe Guard Iben
it will simply demoralize tbe militia
of tin* state Inasmuch as it will strike
at Ibe very root of llio efficiency of Ibe
National Guard. In case Ibe writ is
made permanent lhe governor says he
will light it; out to tbe bi It or end in
fbe courts.
Important Conference Held
in London-
LfliUinDDIDfl fS Wil
How Mr- Hill Deals With
Former Polico Commissioner Hamilton
on the Witness Stand.
Now   York, May   17.���Today's   sessions of the Mazet Investigation Oommittee   woro  not noteworthy  in   any
particular, no   witness   of any promi
nance being called to the staud. .lames
A. Mabnney was one of the witnesses
and be was put through a long series
of question with reference to bis alleged connection with pool rooms in
this city. Mabnney admitted being a
bookmaker and admitted also that he
bad conducted a pool room iu this city
inme years ago, but that it had boon
closed by the polico. Ho declined, however, lo answer the question as to
whether he still oonduoted a pool
room. Very littlo could bo gotten out;
nf him.
Former Police Commissioner Hamilton, whom Mayor Van Wyck yesterday
designated a "Blackmailer" was on
ibe stand for a short timo and while
lhere Oeclared that what tho mayor
bad said was absolutely false.
Polico Commissioner Hess was questioned regarding tbe dismissal of
Chief of Police McCullough and acknowledged that be had voted against
McCullough because be had an impression that Mayor Van Wyck wished
hiin to voto that. way. He suid that
he remembered tbe fate of Police Commissioners Pbilipps and Hamilton, and
bo believed it tbo best thing to do to
letain bis position was to voto againsl
McCullough and he did.
Two witnesses were examined, who
within the past few weeks have been
doing detective work for Counsel Moss,
and tbey gave testimony as to the
number of pool rooms that are being
run in New York City, at tbo present
They declared that the number was
large, that no dillienlty vns experienced in gambling in tl �� pla<
will, and that at no time wus politic
interference thought of. The hearing
will be continued tomorrow.
Proiliotad From Loudon Tint Joint High
Commission Will Moot This
Summer or Fall.
New York, May 17.���A meeting
today between the managers of the
Coney Island Athletic Club and the
managers of Fitzsimmons and Jeffreys
agreed to bold the fight nu June 9 instead of on Decoration Day as previously arranged.
Detroit, Mich., May 17.���Tbe
sohooner Ganges sank in Lake Erie
last night as a result of collision vitb
the steamer Presque Isle. The crew
of eight men w is taken off by the
Presque Isle and landed in Detroit today.
New York, May 17.���North German
Lloyds steamer Kaiser Friedrich, today, broke ber own record from Cherbourg to New York, making the run in
six days nineteen hours and twenty-
five minutes.
Loudon, Mav 17.���Tbo Rov. Daniel
Monro, chaplain in ordinary to the
Queen since 1870, died today iu his
110th vear.
dismissed the apeal.
London, May 17.���Tho Queens Bench
Division of the High Court of Justice
has dismissed, with costs tho appeal
of tbe Equitable Assurance Society of,
New York, against an assessment for
the income lax.
New York, May 17.���Mary Timber-
man, an actress, 110 years old fell dead
today in the Stiutevant House while
ascending tbo stairR. Her death was
caused by heart failure.
New York, May 17.-
Mexicitn dollars, 48;*4
eatcs, (11,
Bur silver, (il ;
;   silver certifi-
Iu a Loudon letter published yesterday tlm quotation of tbo London and
11. C. Goldfields company's shares was
given aa 7s. (id. This must bave
beeu a clorical error on tbe part of tbe
correspondent, as the par values of the
shares is ��1 and tbey were floated at
par and bave uever fallen below par.
It* is probable that he should hnve
written tl 7s. lid. At any rate, the
shares in question wore quoted at that
rate  not long ago.
Washington, May 17. ��� As the result
of a conference at tho Foreign oflice
in London hetweon Lord Salisbury,
Sir Julian Paunecfoto, and Ambassador Ohoate, it can now bo predicted
that tho High Joint, Commission to
adjust issues between tho United Statos
aud Canada will be reassembled during tbe coming summer or early fall,
Tbis outcome is not positively assured,
but Mr. Cbnate's report of the exchanges at the Foreign Olliee certainly
conveys great encouragement to the
ollicials here and warrant the expectation that negotiations may bo again
taken up with some prospeot of reaching au arrangement. It can be stated
that if the coninisision re-convenes it
will only do so upon a complete abandonment of tho old basis, which proved
to be unsuitable to tbo erection of a
complete agreement and the Uuited
States will bave some sort of assurance
in advanoe of the nature and degree of
tbe concessions thnt may be expeoted
from the other side, the lank of which,
it is said, caused the failure of tbo
lirst negotiations.
Washington, May 17.���The boundary
u6stion is said to be the main obstacle
to an agreement, so much so, that the
commission took ils last adjournment
because nf manifest inability to ccmo
together on this noint. Since then
the tw<- governments have triod to Ret-,
lie tbii question and some progress n.is
beeu made.
A final agreement does not appear to
bo in sight and a temporary adjustment n a modus vivendi is still open,
tinder tho circumstances the offloials
concerned iu the negotiations aro favorably considering arbitration as a
means of selttement of tbo boundary
matter. If the plan could be 'fleeted
if is suid tbe commission would not
only suro of re-assembliug but it
would meet with every prospect of
winding up all outstanding difficulties
between Canada and tbe United Slates.
While tho plan of arbitration is most
Favorably entertained by ollicials, il
is not known bow far it bas gone in
the wav of negotiations with Lord Salisbury,
Washington, May 17.���Tho negotiations bave taken a new turn by tha
suggestion that tbs Alaskan boundary
queBtion be submitted to arbitration
independent of the to the issues involved, thus leaving tbe commission free
io resume its work ou tbo many othor
pending questions.
Glasgow, Mny 17.���Tbe dock laborers employed by the Anchor Line and
Allan Line have gone out on strike.
Thirteen hundred meu are idle.
Threo Ancboi Line steamers two Donaldson Line vessels and three Allan
Liners aro blocked.
Glasgow, May 17.���Tbe dockers demand ten pence per hour instead of
eight pence, the present rate. At the
conference of the Anchor Line officers
an offer wns made to the' men of nine
peucn an hour but the dockers' representatives refused to accept the proposition. At a second conference, however, the Anchor Lino ollicials conceded the demands of the dockers.
Detroit, Mich., May 17.���On ueti-
tion of Frederick N. Prince, of Boston,
.lodge Swan, U. S., District Court,
today appointed Percival W, Clements
Of Rutland, Vermont, receiver ot the
Ogdonsburg Trust Co. The company
was organized in Michigau with a
capital stock of 1800,000, Mr. Prince
ri bites in his petition that he holds
(470,000 worth of stock in tho company and the step is taken for tin protection of himself aud other stockholders and creditors.
New York. May 17.���Prof. William
Hale McEbroe, M. D., one of tho foremost authorities on tbereanpeuties iu
this country, died suddenly of heart
failure today at his home in this city.
He received a signal compliment last
evening iu the shape of a message
offering him tbo professorship of Materia Medica in tho New Cornwall
Medical College with a salary of $10, -
000 a vear.
Salmo Station Gone to Oolville, Wash
Liiliculty in Transhipping Coke
From Fernie*
' lore been regarded as tie* head of navigation for Steam vessels, and from tbat
fact has grown to be a prosperous Olty
nf 40,000 inhabitants, consequently
tbe Intention   of   Captain Todd to as-
cciid above lhat    point, caused ennster-
iiaiinn ami when tin* end was revealed
, by subsequent reports   led to some ad'
verse    demonstrations    against    tbe
American consul and against the native pilots wbo assisted the Wilmington to make the voyage.
Captain  Todd   succeeded,   notwithstanding these obstacles lu   ascending
tbe    Amazon    lor    1,000   miles   above
Mannas and bad it tint 1 :i for lack of
fuel be could bave steamed 800 nubs
further. He believes the possibilities
of iho successful navigation of the
vast and hitherto unknown Interior of
South America revealed by Captain
Todd's voyage will, if is believed, be
Of lhe greatest cemmorcial importance,
and tbe navy departmenl probably
will   take   steps   that   thev   are made
known to thu maritime world.
In tbis country nnd ou tbo other side
difficulties aud disputes between railway companies and Inwusile companies are numerous, and sometimes the
towusite people, but usually tbe railway companies, wiu. It is not long
since friction between Moyie City
and the C. P. R. induced the lutter
company to build tbeir station some
two miles out of town, but tho Nelson
St Fort Sheppard Company have recently resorted to still moro drastic
measures at Salmo.
There has been a dispute of ancient
date between the West Kootenay Lam"
Company, who own the Salmo town-
site, and the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Railway, of whioh tho facts appear to
bo as follows. It seems that there was
an agreement between tho two where
by the towusite company were to pay
half tho cost of erecting a depot. The
towusite company also claim that the
depot was to be eroded al a place convenient to tbeir towusite. The
depot was duly nrocted, but the town-
site people were dissatisfied with its
site. Who was in the right, it is
diffloult iu tho light of recent information to say, but the fact remains
that the towusite company, considering
the railway had not kepi to Iho agreement, declined to pay their half. And-
this is where tho "sloppy road" got
iu its deadly work.
Two or three days ago a gang of men
appeared, and preceded In take down
tbe depot, pjrmtjy ll.o piide of Salmo.
It was a substantially built frame
nnilding 75 feet by 20. They took il
to pieces and piled the timbers on cars.
In a short timo it was entirely dismantled, and now only a strip of plat
forin is left. Some of the stuff is still
nn some cars on the siding awaiting
shipment, but the bulk of the remains
of the defunct station have beeu transported to Oolville, Wash., whore tbey
will be put together again as an addition to tbo station buildings there.
Tho Nelson & Fort Sheppard has another small complication on its hands,
this time with reference to the transhipping of freight from tbo Crow's
Nest Pass, which bas resulted iu thrum porary susnension of tbe movement of coke from Fernie. It will be
remembered that tbe Northport smelter uow gets its coke from tho Crow's
Nest, and recently ordered one thousand tons. Previously it got its coke
from Fairview or Pennsylvania.
The coke was transferred from the
cars into a barge, aud from the barge
it was reloaded into the Nelson St Fort
Sheppard cars. This was a cumbersome and expensive process, aud the
railway company bas given notice it
will receive no moro coke at Five
Mile Point owing to tbe lack of facilities there. The easiest solution of the
liiliculty would be an arrangement for
Ihe transfer of traffic between the
C. P. R. nud the American line.
Tho C. P. R has already built up to
Ibe edge of the Nelson & For' Sheppard right-of-way beyond the sampling
works, and of course can go no further. Tbe Nelsou St Fort Sheppard
lino comes within abont 11(10 feet of
where the C. P. R. lino ends, and tbe
connection oould be made at trifling
expense. Negotiations are now pending for the arrangement of n transfer
nf traffic, and before long this improvement should be elfectod.
Some Further Particulars of His Tragic
London, Mav 17.���The signalman
who was on duty at Porter's Bay station statos now tbat 'be saw the Eail
of Stratford "descend the sloping end
of tbo platform, apparently watching
for the train, which was late, and
that as he express passed through the
station the deceased appealed to walk
or full on tho line. There is not tbe
slightest suggestion here of premeditated suicide. Since bis attack of
apoplexy at Windsor, the Earl has
suffered from absent-mindedness nnd
is thought tbat, possibly in   a   fit  of
abstraction be walked on the line.
. ___	
London, May 17.���Sir Henry Irving,
wbo has been suffering from the effects
of influenza and throat trouble, is
muoh better today.
Captain Todd Makes   a Most Romark-
abln Voyage.
Washington,   May   17.���The    Navy
Department   bas   just   received   from
Commander Todd of the  Wilmington,
; an interesting account   of tbe remarkable vovnge of tbo exploration  up   the
Amazon River mude   by thnt vessel in
April last.
Manoas, at tho junction   of tho  Rio
| Negro, with th��   Amazon, has hereto-
Frenoh  Government Making Preparations to   Greet Him.
Paris, May 17.���On bis return to
France, Major Marchand will be officially received at Tnulnn by tbe naval
prefect and delegates from Ibe Ministry of Marine and Ihn Minister of tbe
Colonies. On bis arrival iu this
city he will bo met at tbe railroad
station by representatives and the Ministry nf War, Minister nf Marine, ibe
Minister of the Colonies, the Presi-
dont of tbe Republic and bv a oommittee nf the military club. Tbe Minister
of Marino will place bis carriai*e at
tbe disposal of Major Marchand. It
will convey bun to the Ministry Marino where luncheon will be served.
The same evening a reception will bo
given in life traveller's honor at the
Military Clnb. Tbo Minister of Colonies will also hold a reception in his
On tho following day a commemorative medal inscribed "Marchand Mission from the Atlantic to the Red Sea"
will be presented to the members of
the expedition.
Jibontil, East Ooast of Africa. May
17.���Major Marchand, the Frenoh ex
plorer who has just cross al Africa
from the Atlantic ("oast, bas arrived
here. Tho ingsignia nf Commander
of the Legion of Honor was banded to
bim on board tbo French second class
cruiser D'Assan, without uuy cere
Boy Trios to   Flatten a Spike   on   the
Railway Track.
Pottsville. Pa., May 17. ���Albert Obi,
a lad 17 years nf age living near the
spot, wns arrested and held without
bail today by tbe inthnrities ut Tama-
qua, charged with putting the spikl
on the rail which caused tbe accident
mi the Little Scbuykill branch of tbe
Philadelphia St Reading Railway yes-
lerday at Zohners, whereby ono man
was killed and several injured. Oil]
admitted the charge. His excuse for
placing the spike .m tbo rail wus tbat
lie wantol t > flatten it.
Paris, May 17.���Owing to tbo attendance of tho Czar's Peace Conference to open tomorrow at Tbe
Hague, of Professor Martens, professor
nf International law at ibe University of St Petersburg, and final arbitrator of tho Venezuelan Arbitration
Commission, tbe meeting of tbe Venezuelan commission has been postponed for the present.
Plattsburg. N. Y., Mav 17.-George
Patnode and Earnest Gongin, both
acred 211 years, of West Ohnsey visited
Plattsburg Monday afternoon. Thev
fo.md a bottle of what tbey supposed
to bn poit wine in tb" Commercial
Hotel barn and drank freely from it.
Soon after tbey were taken violently
ill aud died today after suffering terrible agony.
Capo Town, Mav 17.���Tho expeoted
conference between President Krngcr
nf tbe Transvaal Republic nud Sir
Alfred Milner, Governor nf ("ape Col-
onv. has not yet been   arranged.
Tlie President of the South African
League repudiates any connection with
the enlistment of men for nny purpose. The exoitement is   abating
Ohioago,May 17. ���Almost half a mil-
linn dollars worth of of property was
destroyed tonight by fire in lumber
districts. Tbe flames were confined tn
tbe blook bonded bv Loom 1b and Lallin
Streets and 21st place and 22nd Street,
The chief losses will be sustained by
(.undersoil & Son. It is eslimnted
that they will suffer to the extout of
Berlin, May 17.���The bill providing
for tbo oonstruotion of the Midland
Canal, connecting tbe Rhino nnd the
Elbe, has been rejected by tbo specia
committee of tho Reichstag to which
it was referred.
Brilliant Ceremony Held in
Queen Victoria To-Pay Laid the Foundation Stono of tho Albert aud
Victoria Museum.
London. May 17.���Queen Victoria
laid the foundation stone of the Victoria uud Albert, Museum today. She
drove through tho streets lined with
troops from Buckingham Palace, tl e
royal carriagu being escorted by a de-
taclimont of the Life Guards.
Hor Majesty wus accompanied by
several Princes and Princessos, and
Other royal personages met her at tie
Museum, wboro a raised dais was reserved for tbem. The ambassadors
members of the cabinet, and tbe leading state officials occupied a paviliin
ut tbo site of tho museum.
Crowds of peoplo gathered along
tho route from oarly morning und an
enormous number bad gathered at tbe
timo the t^uien started from thep.nacn
at 4:16 p. m, The bouses along the
route wero decorated and there wero
strings of Hags across tbe roads. Tbo
sun shone brightly and a gaily dressed
assemblage witnessed the ceremony,
which tbo Queen performed Without
leaving her carriage, and   amid   much
enthusiasm. Her Majesty afterwards
took the train to Windsor.
Tbe ceremonies resembled a miniature jubilee. Inside the museum tho
Boene recalled tbe spectacle at St.
Paul's cathedral upon tho occasion
of lhe jubilee.
Tht Marquis of Salisbury, Lord
Rosebery, all the cabinet ministers and
tbe diplomatic corps were present,
ii'.'ai'-, ���*,'! of thom wearing brilliant
uniform?- The arrival of the ministers in splendid equipages with footmen was very picturesque Her Majesty
looked remarkably well. Sho wns
dressed in black, exoept for a white
plume iu ber bonnet, She took tbe
greatest interest in tba mechanical part
of the stone-laying, talking lengthily
with the Prince of Wales ou the subject. Tbe Queen was seated in li | four
horse open carriage, aud was) escorted
by outriders. The national anthem
was sung bv pupils of the Royal College of Music and afterwards a madrigal, especially composed by Iho Poet
Laureate, Mr. Alfred Austin, was
sung to music written by Sir Alexander Mackenzie, principal of tbe Royal
\eadomy of Music. Tbe Archbishop
of Canterbury, primate of all England, lead the papers.
London, May 17.���Sir George Chubb
the celebrated locksmith, presented tbe
oaskei to in* placed by the Queen under
lhe foundation stone under Kensington Museum It was made of beaten
copper, with gold enrichments and has
an oblong domed lid, surmounted by
au Imperial crown on a cushion. Tbo
front is divided into three panels, the
centre containing a lunette with a
scroll on which are tbe words, "South
Kensington Science and Art Department," On the upper part ure devices relating to pictorial arts. Tbe
interior is lined with royal blue velvet. There is a snail goltl key of elegant design bearing initials" V.R I."
with a crown above them.
London, May 17.���A London despatch
loan evening paper says; Three batteries i f field artillery havo been ordered to South Africa and will leave
England next Monday. Tbeir destination is the national arsenal in tbe
Transvaal near the Boer republic.
Although the despatch of theso troops
is part of a plan to strengthen tbe
British forces ir. South Africa ihe
hurry orders under which tbey bave,
makes the!I departure is significant.
Tbeir arrival iu Natal will give England six strong batteries at fbe particular point which is easy of accoss to
tbe Transvaal.
The Hague, May 17.��� All thn dole-
gates to the International Peace Conference have arrived. Today wns
silent in a general exchange of visits.
The permanent president of tbo confer once will be M. de Staal, Russian
Ambassador to Croat Britain and tbo
head of the Russian delegation. Tbe
honorary chairman, who will open
Ibe proceedings, will be M. de Beuu
fnrt, president nf the council and Minister of Foreign affairs of the government of the Netherlands.
Gibraltar, May 17.��� In honor ot tbo
birthday of tbe King of Spain, who
was bom on May 17, lKKii, the land
batteries here and the Americau naval
Steamer Hooker, which arrived May
1<", from New York today fired salutes,
,ind the vessels were drossod with
Nelson Daily Miner
Published Uaily except Monday.
Nblson Minku I'hintinu St 1'uiu.ibhing Co..
D. J   1JKA TON, Editor nml Manngor.
Uaily por mrnlh by can'or I 100
por half year    ft 00
por yoar  10 00
por yoar by mall    0 00
por yo*\r foreign  10 00
Nklson Wkkkiy Minkh.
Weekly, pc  naif yoar f 1 25
per vear    2 (XI
poryoar, foreign    260
Subscription i Invariably In advance.
Th money by-laws of which so much
has been said in advnnco, some of
it foolishly and ill-advisodly, we believe, are now beforo tho people and
in a few days thoy will ho asked to
declare at tho polls -whether thoy wish
thorn to go into effect. Thoy will
moan an addition of sixty or seventy
thousand dollars to tho debenture
debt of the City. That will moan in
its turn a slight addition to
the present taxos. We pay a shore
of tho extra burden, and thoso who
oo.ne alter us a share ; for tbey aro long
term debouturos, and as the improvements tho niouoy is intended to provide aie all necessary aud of a permanent character, it is proper that
the next generation of citizens shall
help to pay for them. A little common
sense is all any ratopayor requires to
enable him to take the proper view of
his duty in respect to those by-laws.
Once every year we elect a Mayor and
six Aldermen to look aftor and manage corporation affairs. A fow months
ago this was done, and the selection
has since boon regarded as a very good
one. We havo an intelligent, caie-
ful, und capable Council. They bavo
been chosen to do the City's business.
and having gone into tho matters covered by the by-laws thoy bave concluded that these thousands are neces
sary to provide for the safety, comfort,
and welfare of the Oity. They have
given to these various matters much
greater consideration than the avorago
ratepayer has either time or inclination
to do, and their position enables them to
do this to batter advantage and therefore more intelligently than those who
are not charged with responsibility for
them. If we trust the men, we can
safely adopt their recommendation.
They say the money is required,
and they are more likely to know than
the reBt of us. Wo elected them to
look after these things, believing in
their fitness, and if we are wise wo
shall voto tho mouey and leave them
to expend it in tbo public interest, on
the plan indicated in tbo by inwB.
Another thing: This town cannot
afford to staud still; wa must continue
to progress or drop out of the running.
We desire to attract population and
multiply businoss. To do this we must
put the town iu good order. The
embellishments will come later on ; at
present our duty is to lay a foundation
on which a healthy, thriving town can
continue to grow without dangor of
collapse. We want a good water service, a good sewerage systom, and for
comfort all the conveniences of good
lighting. Theso are necessary if the
town is to continue to grow. If wo
fail to provide thorn, we vote ourselves
unequal to the opportunities which nature and circumstances combined have
placed in our hands.
must know who his correspondents are
before ho can allow letters to appear,
the more especially when thoy presume
as this ono does, to criticise a third
party. This rule is so old and so
widely established that wo would
have thought the very birds in tbe
air know of it.
An A. P. em-respondent in London
is assured that tbe Washington negotiations have not beeu broken off or endangered, and adds that if matters
proceed as smoothly as at present Kir
Julian Paunoefote'S return to Washington will bo signalised by Ihe conclusion of a tmaty retracting evory
question in dispute, in a manner hon-
orablo and pleasing to all concerned.
What Dr. Doolittle has dono towards
providing the town with a bicycle path
affords all of ub a most useful little object lesson. Givon a liberal supply of
energy, with determination to match,
and any person who knows exactly
���what is wanted can set about getting
it in quick order. There was nothing
especially difficult, and therefore extraordinary, in raising in a day a hundred and fifty or two hundred doll-irB
in a town liko Nelson, whoso people
are distinguished lor their i ublic
spirit nnd generosity; all it wanted
was a man with a purpose, aud tho
man presented himself in tho person of
Dr. Dooli*te. Another man with a
similar purpose would havo done the
same, but unfortunately few of us take
the trouble to enthusiate the purpose,
or, having it, are fihy in putting it to
praotical use. Perhaps now that we
see how simple it all is some of us
will be encouraged to imitate the Doc
tor when another occasion presents itself.
Tbe Deadman's Island squabble has
not been an elevating or inspiring one,
and thero wero doubtless follies and
faults on both aides. But there can be
no question of thu entire propriety of
the latest act in the little drama.
Neither Mr. Ludgate nor any other
person cau bo permitted for oue moment to resist the authority of the law.
He may havo his pockets full of Dominion leases, but that does not make
him superior to tho law in British Columbia. The authorities are to be commended for acting with snob decision,
and if Mr. Ludgate is left to cool bis
heelB in jail it will serve him right.
Gets tho Harlem Spoodway Back   For
tlso of   the Public.
The gentleman mentioned below, W.
P. Doll, will bo remembered by many
Oitizens of Nelson. Ho cumo from
Port Perry, Out, to Winnipeg, where
be amassed a considerable fortuno as
a -wholesale jeweler. Prom Winnipeg
ho went to New York, where he bas
speedily made himself well known in
municipal as widl  as  business affairs.
He is a brother of Mrs. Robson of this
The following is clipped from tbo
New York Sunday World :
"This community nnd this otuutiy
need moro such oitizens us William P.
Doll. A eotori" of owners of fast horses
aided ly tbo Department of Public
Parks, hnd changed ono of tho groat,
drives of this city, built by the people
at a cost of about 18,000,000, into' a
private racetrack. Mr. Doll did not
shrug bis shoulders after tbe "go-
easy" American fashion and use another driveway. Hn stood squarely upon bis rights and at great trouble and
expense brought about the condemnation of tho coterio aforesaid by Judge
Gildersloevo. Tho judge decided that
the so-called "speedway" is not a private race track but a public drive, and
that the Department of Public. Works
bad violatetd tbe plain intent of tho
law in excluding froni it all except
owners of race-horses. Tbo racing
coterie professes to bo much aggrieved
that, its benevolent plans for giving[the
people the froo daily opportunity of
seeing how fast its horses can go, have
boon defeated. But fortunately these
benevolent racing mon can if they
will change defeat into victory. Let
them make with tbeir o\v�� money a
private race track of great beauty
and givo tho public free admission to
it. There would bo a noblo revenge
upon Mr. Doll I"
Wall Papers
If that photo is to bn reproduced in
The Miner's Special Kootenay Number it must be in this office before the
end of tho week. Only throo days
Berlin, May IT.���The Local Anzieger
today prints an interview with William T. Stead, who recently interviewed tho Czar for the secoqd time, in
which the newspaper is quoted ��*s saying tbe Czar read with much pain the
pamphlet of Professor Stengel, ot
Urioh University, ono of the German
delegates to the peace con ference, who
defended war and declared that eternal peace ought not to bo tbo aim of
culture. Throughout Russian official
circles Mr. Stead found a conviction
that Professor Stengel's appointment
meant a slight to Russia.
Dayton.Ohio. May IT.���Prank Campbell killed his former wife aud sister-
in-law. and then committed suicide
nt West Alexandria this afternoon.
He had recently been divorced.
There wonld bo no objection to nub
lishing   "A Subscriber's" letter if  he!
had   enolosed  his  name.   The editor
Thirty dnys after date I will make
application to the Chief Commissioner
of Lnnds and Works for a spocial license for a timber limit, situate in
the District of West, Kootenay B.C.,
moro particularly described as follows:
Commencing at, a stake planted on
the north limit of Ten-Mile Creek
about throe miles east of Slocan Lake;
thence nortii lit) chains: thence east
40 chains; thence south Kl clinins;
thence east ail chains; theuce south 10
chains; theuce enst 10 chainsj thence
south 10 chains; Ibeuco east 10 chains;
thouce south 20 chains; thouco oast
10 chains; thence south 10 chains;
thenco east at) chains; theuce south ao
chains; thence east 10 chains J thouce
south 10 chains; thence oust 10 chains;
theuce south 10 chains to the south
east comer; thence following the north
boundary of Ten-Mile Creek northwest
terly to point of commencement, and
containing fivo hundred (000) acres
moro or loss.
Dated at New Denver, B. O, this
10th oay of Muy, A. D. 1809.
We have received
our Spring Stock of
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
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Sample Books sent
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Scotch and  English Tweeds from ?32 to $2:*)
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garments.  Ladies' Tailoring a specialty,
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House Cleaning Time
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overhauling by Painting, I'uper-
litiugine, Knlsomiuiug and Interior Decorating Estimates
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ON X Many things require consideration, the
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Telephone 18.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. VV.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8=;.
All Contractors figuring on  buildings Hint
will rcqulro
Should commit
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who ccrriea the largest stock of Pluto Glawn
/ In Lhe Province.
Hot Soups
and Short Order Meals served from 11 o'clock a. m. Also
Lunches put up lor fishing
parties, etc. "Cousin Jack"
Pasties always on hand at the
Pioneer Caterers.
Ward St.,   - Opposite ilume Hotel.
NOTICE is hereby givon that the first Bit-
ting of tho Court of Revision appointed by the
Council of the City of Nelson for hearing all
complaints ag (.inst tho assessment for the current yenr, us made hy the assessor of the snid
City, will be held in the Council Chamber at
Nolson on Thursday, the first day of June, 1899
at 10 o'clock a. in.
J. K STRAOHAN, City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, April 18th, 1899.
t*NAd I AN *v
pass Rovelstoke every day
to St. Pun!; Tuesdays and Sntm-ilnya
for Toronto; Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston.
Kossland, Trail, ltobson tiud main Hue.
Kootenay lake ��� Kusin Route.
Stu. Kokankic ,
Exoept Sunday. Except Blind:!v
4   p.m.-Leaves-NELBON-Arrivos-ll   a.m
Koolenay River Route.
Btk. Movik.
Mon., Wod., Frl. Tues. Thurs. Sat.
8 a.m.-Leavo8-NKLSON~ArnvcB~ti.50 P 'i-
Makes connection at Pilot Hay with,Str. Kokanee in both directions nnd st KootennJ
Landing with trains to and from Grow s Nest
line poinis.
HiiuiIoii anil Slocan Lake  I'olnls
Ex. Bunday ��*��� Su,"*-*>'
O.OO a. m..Leaves-NELSON-Arrivos-2.20 p. BI ���
Ascertain Rates
and full information   by  addressing nearcs
looal agont, C. E. Beasley, City Tloket Ag't, o
B, W. DltEW, Agont, Neko .
TraSe?9'o9n-A8<1Dt'     ****VK���� NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, MAY l8,  1899
Corporation of the City of
BY-LAW NO. 12.
A By-Law respecting nu Eleotrio
Stroot Kailwny iu   tlm Oity of Nolson.
Whereas, Thomiis J. Duncan nml
Erauois W. Petors, both ot tlio ('ity of
Nolson (representatives of tho liritish
Klootrio Traotion Oompany, Limited)
hereinafter called tho "applicants,
havo applied to tho Oity of Nolson for
the right of oonstruotlng, equipping,
maintaining and operating street railway lines 111 the Oity of Nelson,   and
Whereas, tlio applicants havo applied
for tlio authority, right and privileges
to build,equip, maintain iiiiii operate
and from timo to timo remove and
change a double track or siuglo track
railwav or tramway,witli all necessary
uidetrnoks,switches and turnouts,poles,
wires, conduits, aud all appliances
for tho running of cars, carriages and
othor vehicles on, over ami along the
streets or highways of Iho Oily Of Nelson, and
Whereas, it has been deemed advisable to grunt the request of tbe said
applicants, subject to the terms and
conditions ami provisoes hereinafter
contained, and on tlie distinct agreement thut the fulfillment of cbe suid
terms, conditions and provisos in so
far as the same arc prior iu point of
time to construction and operation of
such railway hue or portion thereof
shall be conditions precedent to tho
construction iinrl operation thereof,
and in so far us the terms and conditions hereinafter containoil iclato to
tho operation, oonduet and management of suid railway lines or system, or
any part thereof, tho same and the fulfilment of the same, shall in i^ll oases
be conditions precedout to tbo continued enjoyment of tho rights and privileges of the applicants under this By-
JNow, therefore! tho Municipal Coun-
oil of the Corporation of the Oity of
Nolson enacts as follows:
1. Suhjoct to the fulfiiineut by tho
applicants of tho terms, conditions and
provisos hereinafter contained, which
tonus, conditions and provisoes and
tbe duo fulfilment thereof are to ho
taken, as hereinbefore stated, as conditions precedent to the enjoyment of
tho rights and privileges hereby granted, the applicants are hereby given
and granted the exclusive right and
privilege to construct and maintain
complete aud operate double aud single
traok railways or tramways, and from
time to time to change a double to a
single traok railway or tramway, and
vice verBB, with the necessary sidetracks, switches, turnouts, poles,
wiroB, conduits, and all applianoes for
the running of cars, carriages and
other vehicles adapted to the same on,
over, and aloug any of the streets or
highways of the Oity of Nelson, and
to run thoir cars, take, transport and
carry passengers and freight on tbe
same, by electrio power or such other
power as may bo found prncticablo,
but suoh power other than electric
power shall, beforo being UBed, be first
approved of by the Oity Oouncil.
2. The linos of said railway are to
be built, equipped andopcratod subject
to tbe following regulations, aud the
applicants aro to conform thereto:
(a) The applicants before entering on
any street to construct auy line of railway shall moke application to tbe
Oity for permission so to do, naming
the Btreet, or streets, across or ulong
which they desire to operate their
works, and befoio in any way proceeding with tbo work shall roceivo the
approval of tbo Oity Oounoil.
(b) The construction of auy line of
railway on auy street or highway
shall not be conimencod until a plan
thereof showing the location oil street,
position aud style ol track, road bed,
rails, poles, wires, and all othor appliances shall have heen submitted to uud
approved by the Oity Engineer.
(0) No approval either ot tho Oity
Oouncil or the Oity Egiueer shall have
any forco or effect if the railway line
for which tbo same has beeu giveu has
not been fully constructed and in operation within twelve mouths from the
time of such approval.
(d) The location on streets, tho position,style and gauge of all the tracks,
road bed, rails, poles, wires and all
other appliances shall conform to and
agree with the plans approved by the
Oity Egiueer, aud the Range shall be
the standard gauge (4 feet, 8)a inches).
(e) No now line or oxteusiou of existing line shall bo opened for trullic
until the applicants have obtained a
certificate in writing from the Oity
Enginoor that tho same bas been constructed to his satisfaction, subject to
appeal from the decision of the Oity
Enginoer in the event of refusal to
grant such certificate.
(f) The overhoad or trolley system
is to be adopted.
(g) All poles ereoted shall b�� so
plaoed as to intorforo ns little as possible with all other uses of said streets,
aud both material aud workmanship
of said poles shall bo of first class
quality, and on all graded streets said
polos shall bo painted; and the applicants shnll havo tha nso of all electric
light polos owned by the Oity for
street railway purposes, provided tbo
saruo are proporly bracod and protocled
by the applicants, with tho approval
of the Oity Engineer.
(h) The couches und cars to be used
on tho said lino of railway shall bo of
the most modern style and construction, suitable for tho safoty and comfort of the passengers; shall when in
operation bo always sufficiently lighted
and heated, and shall have painted
on conspiouous parts thereof in large
plain letters, so that the same may bo
readily seen byjday or night, the route
or street ou which the same are to bo
(i) Each car is to be in charge of a
uniformed conductor, who shall clearly
aunonce tho names of oross streets as
tho cars reach thorn. Oonduotors
shall only receive and discharge passengers ou the right or curb sido of
the cars ou double track routes, Oars
aro not to bo ovorerowdod (u comfortable number of passengers for oach
olnss of cars is to be determined by the
Oity Engineer nnd approved of by the
Oity Oounoil.) Oars shall be stopped
at every orosu street clear of such cross
Btreet for taking up or letting off passengers; provided uo car shall bo required to stop at such oross streot unless signalled by a preson or persons
desiring to board snob car, or by a person or persons ou snch car desiring to
be let off. Oars aro to commence run-,
ning on all routes not later than (I ;I10
a. in., and to run until 11 p. m., and !
eaoh day at least 15 cars shall be run
eaoh way on eaoh  ronte, aud when a I lor,
census taken by tho Oity shows that
the Oity has a population of 12,000,
then nt siu'h InterVah  between II a. in.
ami ii p.in. ns the Oity Engineer with
the appinvul of the Oity Oouncil, umy
from time to time determine.
(j) The tracks of suid railway line
shall be laid, on strecls improved and
graded so that onrriagea and other
vehicles may easily travel over and
across at any or all points thereof with
the least possiblo obstruction and on
streets not constructed nooording to any
established grade, the said tracks of
sa'ii rialway lines may be temporarily
laid, but shnll he so constructed us not
to interfere with or obstruct tbe crossings of any streets intersected bv snid
line, anil on -moll streets between Hindi
intersections the said railway shall be
laid so us to impede as little as possible truffle thereon, and according to
plans approved of by the Oity Engineer ; and n-- soon us such strecls arc
mailed, the snid trucks shall be altered
to conform to such grade, at the expense of the applicants, and tlie suid
tracks shall then be laid so that oar-
riages and other vehicles may easily
travel over or across them.
(k) Upon streets which ure not yet
Improved nnd opened up by the Oity of
Nelson, the tracks or suid railway
Hues may be temporarily laid nooording to plans approved of by tbo Oity
Engineer, and may bo thereafter altered by the applicants, and the Oity of
Nelson will assist the applicants by
paying one-bnlf tbo cost of clearing
trees und stumps and ditching such
lioition of the streets as may bo required to be so cleared and ditched, or
at the option of the Oity, such work
may be done by the Oily, and one-halt
of the cost thereof shall be defrayed by
the applicants, and should the applicants require to do such work in connection with the opening np of such
streets the Oity will give the applicants
the free use of earth and rock on (he
streets, which tbey may need for ballast or otherwise, and which in the
opinion of the Oity Oouncil is not required by the Oity for Street purposes;
but su* b material is not to bu taken so
as to bring the streets bolow the grade
us established for such street or streets.
(I) Ordinary carriages and othor vehicles amy travel, on, over and across
the said tracks, und it shall bo a lawful for all and overy person and persons whomsoever to travel upon und
use tbo said tracks with tbeir carriages, or other vehicles, loaded or
empty, when and so ofteu as they may
please, provided they do not impede
or interfere with tbo cars of the applicants running thereon, and subject at
all times to the right of tho applicants
to keen upou tiio said tracks with
their curs when meetiug or overtaking
any carriage or othor vehicle thereon.
The cars of the applicants shall bo entitled to the right of way ou said
tracks, and any vehicle, horseman or
foot passenger upon suid tracks shall
turn out ou the approach of any car so
as to leave the said tracks clour; duo
warning beiug given at. tho intersection of streets of tbo approach of said
car by the ringing of gong or boll,
(m) Said applicants shall at all times
maintain the tics, stiiugors, rails,
turnouts, curves, sidetracks, pules,
wires, aud conduits in a stato of thorough elllcioucy aud to the satisfaction of the Oity Engineer, and shall
remove, rouew aud replace tho same
as circumstances may require, and
as tho City Engineer may direct.
nu Said applicants shall at all
times keep so much of the graded
streets occupied by their said hues of
railway as may lio between the rails of
every truck and between tbe lines of
every double track and for the space
of eighteeu (18) inches on the outside
of every track in good repair, cleaned
of snow, ico anil other obstructions, and
shall cause the snow, ice and otber obstructions to be removed as speedily
as possible, tho snow aud ice to bo
spread over the balance of the slreet so
us to afford a safe and unobstructed
passage way for carriages and other
vehicles. Should tbe Oity Engineer
at any time consider that tbe snow or
ice so obstrnoting tbe said portions
of the said strcts bus not been properly or as speedily as possible removed
from or about tbe trucks of the said
railway lines or not properly or as
speedily us possible spread ever the
said streets, he may cause tho same to
be removed or spread us aforesaid, nnd
charge the expense thereof to the applicants, wbo shall at once pay the sumo
to (lie City. if. however, the Oity
Engineer is of the opinion that such
snow or ioe should be removed entirely
from the streets so n-s to afford a safe
passage for sleighs and otber vehicles
tbe said applicants shall nt once do so
at their own expense and charge, or ill
case of their neglect the Oily Engineer may do so nnd charge the expense
to thorn, und they shall pay the same.
(o) The Mayor, the Chief of Police
or tho Ohief of tho Fire Department
of the said City mny order a suspension of the running of the cars on the
said streets used by the snid lines of
railway, or any of them, ns he or they
may ('com necessary during any fire
on such street or  streets.   In  case of
tire, the Chief of tbe Fire Brigade, or
all ollicers of the Oity, authorized by
the Mayor, may cut or pull down any
wires, poles, structures or appliances
used to operate the curs on said   lines,
or any of them, or incidental   thereto,
and neither tho City nor such ollicers
shnll be liable for any loss or damage
resulting from the outtlng or pulling
down thereof, but shnll only be liable
for tho actual cost or expense of repairing or replacing the same. The members of the I'oliee or Eire Departments
of the Oity of Nelson, when in uniform, and tho policemen and dectoe-
tives exhibiting a badgo arc to be carried free of charge on all of the street
cars operated by tbe said  applicants.
(p) The line of railway of the applicants, for tbo conveyance of passengers, shall bo oper ited daily, and
should the said railway cease to be
operated at any time for a period of
two (2) months iu any one year,
applicants shall lose all rights
priviloges lnrobv granted under this
by-law. Such failure to operate tbo
said railway lines during the said period mentioned is not to cause a forfeiture of the franchise and privileges
hereby granted, if the same should result from failure to obtain electrio
power, or from any otber cause for
which the applicants are uot iu any
wny liable.
8. Single cash fures   aro   not   to  be
mora than feu   (10)   cents  each,   aud
arB operated after 11
right to buy tickets at tho rati,' nol exceeding six (ii) for twenty-live (86)
co its, to bo used only on school days
between the hours of eight a. m. und
live, p. iu A ticket shall bo deemed
a faro. A class of tickets must be sold
to bona tide workmen at tbe rate of
twenty (2(1) for one dollar, tbo tame to
be used only by workmen When travelling on tho cars between tbe time the
ears commence running in Ihe morning and eight a. in., and between (i p.
m. and 7:80 p. m., such tickets to be
sold only at the olliccs of the company
within the Oity of Nelson, to bona fide
workmen, who must State their names
and occupations, aud comply with
other reasonable conditions. The
classes of tiekots ubovo named, except
workmen's tickets, shall be kept for
sale on the cars of tbo applicants at all
times. In case of failure to supply
such tickets for purchase by passsen-
gcis, then said passengers shall be carried free until such tickets are provided.
4. Tho applicants shall havo tbe
right to charge and collect from every
person on entering any of their cars
a fare, and any person refusing to pay
any such fare may be removed from the
car. Tbe rule of fare for euch passenger travelling on auy one of the suid
lines shall not exceed ten cents, including ordinary band baggage, exoept
on nigh I cars us above provided; provided that no fare shall be required of
a child under live years of ago
travelling under tho euro of another
older person, and provided that when
the same passenger travels over two
or more streets or lines iu tho City,
there shall be but oue fare tor the
whole distance so travelled, aud the
applicants when desired by passengers
shall issue transfer tickets at the point
of connecting or crossing lino to any
passenger wlio has paid one faro ou
any lino operated by the applicants
iu the Oity of Nelson, which transfer
check shall entitle tbe passenger so receiving tbo sumo to a passage on any
connecting or crossing line operated
bv said appioauts in suid Oity. A passenger shall he entitled to as many
transfers for one fare BS shall be necessary to allow one continuous trip or
passage over the lines ot tbo railway
from any one point on the said lines
within theJOity of Nelson to any other
points ou their said lines within the
Oity, and such transfer checks shall
be usod ouly by tbo person reoeiving
the same, and shall bo used within
leu minutes, or upon tbo next available cur departing upon a connecting
or crossing line upon which it is to
be used.
5. Tbo property of the applicants,
consisting of real estate, used iu the
operation of their railway, and necessary for such purpose road bed (which
shall iuclude also the rails, poles,
ties and any part or share of the pave
ment which has
the  applicants)
the applicants unless appealed from
bi hereinafter mentioned,    All repair
and construction shops, offices, car
sheds or barns unit general buildings
(except pi nver buns" i used bv   the   an-
piicauis iu the operation of their railway shall be within tlie limits of lhe
8. The applicants shall be liable for
nnd shall indemnify ihe Oity for all
damages arising out of tbo construction or operating of (heir railway.
9, The Council may, afler tba yenr
1900, by written notice served upon the
applicants, or any oue of tbem, or any
tors being unable or failing to agree
upou tbe snid third ailiitratoi for one
week after their appointment or the
appointment of the one of them who
was last appointed then snch third
arbitrator shall he chosen and appointed by the Ohief .lusitce for tbe time
being   of   the   .Supreme Court   of   the
Provinoe  of   British Oolumbla, or in
the event of the Chief Justice being
flick, absent from the Province or
otherwise unable or refusing to act,
then such third arbitrator shall be unpointed by Ihe senior judge of such
court.    The decision   or   award of any
one of their ollicers or agents resident j two of tin
in the City, or uny person whom tbey | final, snch
shall by written   notioe   to   the Cily
designate tu represent tbem, to receive
notices or process, demand the construction of any new line or lines
vviiilm the City limits on uny street
or    streets  us hereinafter    provided.
Line or lines must be designated us to
route and terminus, und must extend
from line or lines already iu operation,
Al the dale of such notice there   must
be un average actual bona tide resident
I popnlation   of    at   least .'illll persons of
above live years oi' age, for eaoh half
i in lie of proposed line, living within a
I distance of one quarter of a mile ou
J each sine thereof, nud not within one-
'eighth of a mile of  any   parallel   Ime
already in operation, that is; an aver-
| ago of live hundred for each quarter
j square mill', measured as above. The
while applicants shnll construct and operate
I such new line or   lines within   twelve
said   arbitrators  shall  be
arbitration io be   in   other
respects   governed   by   the   provision!
of (he Arbitration Acl.chain* r II of tin
British Columbia Statutes of 1897, or
its amendments.
1-1 Any porsou or ponnus who,
shall iu any way or n-ainu r w llfullj
obstruct tin* free passuge nt oars on
anil ulong the track or tracks npoi
any of the nppllciillls line of railway.
���hall be liable upon conviction befori
the ('ity i'oliee Magistrate, the Mayor
or any Justice or Justices of the Peaui
having jurisdiction tu a lice not ei
oeeding twenty dollars und costs, for
-'.'uh offence, nnd in default uf payment   of   said   fi hi.   and   co-its, to   It**
Imprisoned in  anv   polios  station  oi
look-up house ill the said City fur a period nut exceeding twenty-one days.
unless such penalty and ousts shnll
have been sooner paid.
I.i.  The   Oily will   not, during   tbe
months from such notice.    A bona fide ionrrenoy of   this franchise, grant  tiny
commencement  must be made  within
such reasonable time as may bo fixed
by Council wben giving notice.
I. The applicants shall within four
months after the final passage of this
By-Law deposit with the Oily Treasury
two thousand (|3,000) dollars to he retained by the Oity as .security for tbo
payment of any damages that may ro
suit to Die Oity from   the   commence-
ment of the building of such railway
and a failure to oomplete said two
miles us hereinbefore provided, and in
permit or franchise to any other person
or persons ur oorporstioil fm the operation of a street ear system in tne Oity,
or iu any way authorize the construction of a slreet railway system by nny
other person or persons ur corporation.
Hi. The Oity hereby consent tu
this By law b.*iug latificd by tbe Legislature of the Proviuon of British Oolumbla, und so lung as the applicants
comply with the terms of this By-law
will not consent to nor approve of oi
confirm, or in   any   other   way   assist
case of such failure to complete the said   any other pnrty or   company or corpor-
two miles within the time hereinbefore
limited rho City shall repay lu the applicants iho said sum of two thonsnnd
dollars nnd interest nt tlie rate of five
per cent pet annum, less   any damages
payable us  aforesaid.   Upon  ooiuple-
tio of such two miles of   railway   said
urn of two thousand dollars shnll  be
it ion in obtaining from the Leglsln
turn any rights or privileges tn enter
upon or occupy any uf ll.e streets of
the City of Nelson fur the purpose of
operating a street railway system.
The cost of legislation is to bo paid
by the applicants.
17. All provisions  of   this
repnid to snid applicants, or their   as-1 shall appply to any   extension
signs, with interest in the meantime
ut- the rate of five por cent, per annum.
11. If the applicants comply with
tho provisions of this By-Law and
shall operate the suid line or lines of
railway in accordance with tbe same,
they shnll bo entitled to enjoy the
rights and privileges granted uuder
this By-Law exclusively for the term
of thirty-five (85) years, and at tho
been constructed by I expiratiun thereof the City of
shall   be   exempt for j may on giving   ono   year's
of   this
'railway beyond the limits of tbo  City
j or any lino   orlims   acquired, owned,
I controlled  or operated with or adjoining u City    line   or   lines when   such
| streets or   routes come within thu limits uf the Oity of Nelsou.
18.  All rights und   privileges   under
this By-Law   may   be   transferred   to
and become vested iu a company to  be
formed and   organized   by   the   applicants   and   their   associates and   such
Nelsou j transfer,    and all   benefits and obliga-
notlce   of | tions arising under   this By-Law shnll
tho spiiee of ten (10) years from m'unic- I their intention so to dj assume ou uor- | bo   transferred   to   tbe said   Company
'    * taxatiou, and uo'taxes   or lioenses j ship of the said railway and   personalj which shall thereupon become   and In
property in connection therewith, of
every kind and description, upon payment of the full value of tbo same, including tho value of any pavement
made or done by or at the expens9 of
the applicants, to be determined by arbitration, nud in considering such
value, tbo franchise, rights and privileges granted under this By-Law,
and the revenuo, prolits and dividends
derived or likely to bo derived are uot
to be taken iuto consideration, but tbo
arbitrators are to consider only the act-
shall be levied or collected from the
applicants during said period upon said
property or for operating and carryiug
on said railway.
6. Whenever the City of Nolson decides to pave any street or highway
traversed by any of such railway Hues
the applicants shall at the samo time
pave in a similar manner, or in such
other manner as may be approved by
tho Oity Engineer (provided tbat such
pavement shall not be of a more cx-
penssivo kiud than that adopted by
tbe Oity) thoso parts hereinafter referred to, nud in caso any streets in
which the applicants shall lay a railway track shall bave beeu paved previous to the time of laying of such track
the applicants shall upou laying thoir
track repavo the same aud keep in repair the same as hereinafter  provided.
Tho parts referred to shall be:
In cuse of a single traok; between j purchase the said lines of railway and
the rails and eighteen iuclies on eaoh [railway system, and all the plants, ap
side of them. | pliances and other   property connected
Incase of double track; between j therewith, upon the terms hereinafter
both sets of rails nud eighteen inches * mentioned provided for as to arbitra-
on each side outside of both tracks and I tion, uud the notico required in such
betweeu tiacb inside of both tracks ' case shall be ono year, and until such
oominouly     known    as   the  "devil" j assumption   aud  purchase   tbe  rights
liable in the place of the applicants
for the proper carryiug out uud fulfilment of this By-Law.
II). Nothing in this By-Law shnll
be construed us giving the applicants
any rights to utilize or dispose of paw-
er for any other purpose than tho operation of their railway or incidental
thereto, or to permit any person or
corporation supplying them with
power to have any such rights.
2C. A contract embodying the provisions hereof, and a   covauaut on tbe
uul value of the actual and tangible j part of the applicants to conform to
proportv, plant, and equipments and I and fulfil all the matters and provis-
works connected with and necessary to j ions hereby required of tham shall be
the operation of tho said railway, in- drawn and shall be executed by tbo
cludiug such pavement, if any, and ; Oity and the applicants within four
after the cud of the said term of said months from tbe passing of this By-
tbirty-five years, tbe Oity   shall have  Law.
the right at tho end of each succeeding . 81. In this By-Law the exprassion
five (5) years to tako over, assume  aud  "City" shall mean tho City of Nelson
" "City Council" the Oity Council of
the Oity of Nelson ; "City Engineer"
the enigneer of the City of Nelson,
and the word "applicants" shall include, refer to nnd be in every wny
binding upon Ibe applicants, thoir and
each of their heirs, executors, administrators,  aud   assigns,   where  namei
strip I and privileges are to he extended to tho  and mentioned iu connection with the
The parts   referred   to   as   aforesaid | applicants  beyond   the said period   of : word     "applicants."    wherever    the
shall bo kept constantly in good repair I thirty-five  years    on   and subject   to ' same occurs in this By-Law, and shall
uf the said Corporation, by way of the
Debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from au> person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the sunn* us u loan, a sum
of mouey nub exceeding in the whole
the muu of Ten thousand dollars ($10,-
000.00), and to cause all such sums so
raised oi received tu be paid into the
linn,!* of tin' Treasurer uf the said
Corporation, for ihe purposes ami
with the objects  hereinbefore recited.
���J. 11 Bliall he lawful for the Mayor of
the s.i id Corpora turn to cause any number of Debentures i** be mode, executed and issued fur such sum or sums
as umy be required for the purpose
and object ui u .-aid, not exceeding,
however, ilm sum of Ten thousand
dollars ($1(>,00<>), curli nf the said Debentures being ul the denomination uf
One thousand dollars ($1,000), and all
-neb Debentures sh ill I e sealed with
tbe seal of the Corporation and signed
liy the Mayor thereof,
8, The said Debentures shall bear
dale the 20th day uf July, A.H. 1809,
md shall be made payable in twenty
years from the said dale, in lawful
mouey of Canada, al tho office uf the
Hank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment  sIihII be
designated by I be mild I 'rlientiires.and
shall have attached to them coupons
for the payment of interest, and the
signature coupons may be either
written, stumped, printed or lithographed.
4 The said Debentures shall bear
interest st lhe rale of live per centum
per annum frum tin* dale thereof,
which interest sbllabe payable semiannually at said office uf tbe Hunk uf
Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money of Canada, on the 20th day of
January and the 20th day of July respectively, in each yeur during the
currency thereof, and it shall be expressed in suid Debentures und coupons
to be nu payable.
5, It .-hall be lawful for tho Mayor
of said Corporation to negotiate and
sell the said Debentures or any   of
I belli for less than par ; but in no case
shall the said Debentures or any part
of them be negotiated or sold for lers
than ninety-live per centum of their
face value, Including the cost of negotiating uud sub*, brokerage and all
other incidental expenses.
0.  There shall be   raised   nnd   levied
iu each yen- during the currency of
ssid Debentures the sum of Five hundred dollars (1600.00) for the payment
of Interest,and the sum of Three hundred and sixty dollars ($360.00) for the
payment of the debt due under the
snid Debentures by a rate sullicient
therefor on all the rateable land in the
said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Oouncil to re-purchase any
of the said Debentures upon such terms
us may be agreed upon with the legal
bolder or holders thereof, or any part
thereof, either at the time of sale or
any subsequent lime or times, and all
Deben tines so re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
and no re-issue of Debentures so repurchased shall be made in consequence of such re-purchase,
8. This By-Law shall take effect on
the llrst day of June, A. I). 1890.
Take  Notice.   That  the  above  is a
tl ne copy of the proposed By I.awupon
which the vote of i hu municipality will
be taken, for the East. Ward, ut the
Fire Hull, on .losephino Street, for the
West Ward, at the office of the Fx-
ohequer Gold Mining Oo., on the north
sine of Baker Street, between Stanley
and Kootenay Streets, on tbe cast half
of Lot 9, Block 11, on Monday, the29th
day of May, instant, at 8 o'olock in the
Citv Clerk.
Nelson,!!. ('., May 11 tb, 1899.
uy tbe said applicants, who shall also
construct and keep in good repair;
crossings of similar nature to those I
adopted by the Oity within the limits
aforesaid ut the intersection of every \
railway track aud cross street. In
case the Oity Engineer considers that
tho paving or repairing of pavement
on streets within the lines above mentioned bus uot been properly or sullici- '
cully done, tbe City may direct thnt the
work mny be done and completed uuder tbe directions of the City Engineer
ii,id in such cases all expenses and
charges to which tho City has been put
shall be forthwith paid to the Citv by
the applicants, it being the understanding that any question as to
Whether repairs are necessary or have
been properly done by tho Oily shall
be subject to tho decision of rlia City
The Oity shall upon reasonable notice]
of their   intention so to  do, havo   the.
right to take up and replace the streets;
traversed   bv   the  railway line for the
purpose of altering the grades thereof,
constructing,  or repairing pavements,
sewers, drains or   conduits, nr for lay   j
ing   down or  repairing   water or  gas
Iii))i s, and for all   other purpuses within the powers of the  Corporation,   the
same being replaced by aud at the ex- .
ponso of the Oity without being liable
for any compensation or damage that
muy be occasioned to tho working of
the railway or the works connected
therewith, and such work shall not
he unnecessarily delayed but shall be
oarired on nnd completed with all rca
the terms and conditions   heroin   con- I also wherever referred   to   be  binding
tuiiied. in   everyway  upou a company  to  bo
12   After the   expiration   of  fifteen ' formed and organized by the applicants
(15) years of tho said   thirty-five years I and their itssoointes.
tin- Oity of Nelson may for fifteen
years thereafter, at uny time, ou giving one year's notice of their intention so to do, assume the ownership of
the railway or all real and persona"
property in connection with the working thereof, of every kind und description us a going concern, upon payment
(if the full value of Ihe same, including the value of   tho   pavement   made
' or done by or ut the expense of the applicants, to bo determined bv arbitration, and shall upon the expiration of
such venr's notice pay to tlie applicant!, in addition lo the actual value
of the iictmil and tangible property,
plant equipments and works connected
i therewith aud uecessary to the operation of the railway a further sum of
live years' prospective prolits in connection witli the business as a going
concern, ami such five years prospective prolits shall be arrived at by calculating the average profits ot the railway three years previous frum the date
uf such  assumption   und  three  years
from and after the date of snob assumption nnd such prospective profits so to
be paid shnll be deemed to include all
rights, benefits and advantage conferred under tbo franchise granted by
this By-Law.
Doue aud passed in   Council  at   the
City  of   Nelson   the day   of
 -���A. D., 1801).
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed bylaw upon
which tho vote of the Municipality
will be taken. For tbe East Ward at
the Fire Hall, on Josephine street.
For the West Ward at the Olliee of the
Fxchequcr Gold Mining Company, on
North side of Baker Street between
Stanley and Kootenay street. On Monday the L".lth day of May at eight
o'clock iu the forenoon.
Citv Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, May 10, I8III).
Corporation of the City of
By-Law No. 41.
A   By-Law  tu   raise $1I),(XH) for the
erect imi of Public Buddings,
Wlii'i*ca->, A Petition has bean presented to the Municipal Council of the
The decision of the City Engineer lOoi poralion  of  the  Cily  of   Nelson,
wilh respeot to the provisions of subsections "F," "Q," "H," "I," "J"
and "N," of section   two (2)   of   this
sonable speed,   regard beiug had to the  bylaw shall he   filial   and   conclusive,
proper and efficient execution thereof.      subject  ouly   to   appeal   to   the  City
Tbe privilege granted under this sec- , Oouncil, and should any dispute
ton  is   also   subject   to   uuy   existing
rights (Statutory or otherwise) of any
signed by tbe owners of nt least one-
tent b of the value uf the real property
of the said City (us shown by  the lust I ($15,001
Assessment Boll), requesting the suid
Council to introduce a By-Law tu
raise the sum of Ten thousand  dollars
Corporation of the City of
By-Law No. 88.
A By-Law to raise $16,000 to extend
the .Sewerage System.
Whereas, A Petition has been presented to the Municipal Council of the
|Corporation of the City of Nelson,
signed by the owners of at least one-
tentli of the value of the real property
of the said City (as shown by the last
Assessment Boll i, requesting the said
Council to Introduce a By-Law to raise
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
($15,000.00) for the purpose of extending the Sewerage System of tbe said
And Wherereas It is deemed expedient to borrow the said sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000.00) for the
purpose aforesaid,
And Whereas The wbul.i  amount  of
the rateable land of the said City, according to tbe last revised Assessment
Roll, is Eight, hundrc 1 and six thousand eight hundred and seventy doll-
are ($808,870.00),
And Whereas, It will be requisite to
mine  annually,  by  rate,   the  sum  of
Twelve hundred  and ninety dollars
($1,200.00) for paying the said debt and
Now, Therefore,The Municipal Council of tbe Corporation of the Olty of
Nelson enacts as follows ;
I.  It shall and may be lawful for tbe
Mayor of the Corporation of the city
of Nelson to   borrow, upon   the  credit
of tbe said Corporation, by way of tbe
Debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same us a loan, n sum
of money not exceeding iu tbe whole
the sum of Fifteen thou-aii I dollars
and to cause all such sums so
other corporation   which uow has or
hereafter shall have the power to   open
or tako up   streets  of   the   Oity. such
rights   to  bo  exorcised   with tho permission and under tbe direction of tbe  carrying   out
City Engineer.
7. The applioants shall commence
the actual building and cmiipping of
their linos nf railway in tbe Oity within a period of four   (4)   mouths   after
betweeu the City   and   the   applicants ($10,000)  for the  purpose  of erecting
with reference   to the  carrying out   of Public Buildings in the Oity of Nelson,
any other portion   or   portions   of   the or for extending   nnd   improving the
provisions   of   this By-Law ur   should present, buildings.
there be an appeal from the decision of And,   Whereas,   It  is  expedient  to
the Oity Engineer, with respeot to tbo borrow the said ���mn of Ten thousand
of  any portion ur   por- dollars ($10,000) for the purposes afore-
tlien such dispute or  appeal   shall  b
settled by arbitration and snob arbitration shall be oonduoted bv three  arbitrators, oue to be chosen by each of tbe
faros on any  cars operated niter u   ^: said raiUvay is being constructed
m, are not tube mure t linndo U   the ��0 ram *, B       ^
ordinary    maximum    single  rare,    a   ���'. ���   ,, ,        .,    ���owor
class or tickets must be sold at not gineer shall bave tne power
less than twelve (Iii)   for one 1*1) dol-  opon
Bobool children aro   to havo  tho I oisiou
the final passage of  this By-Law, and parties hereto   and the third  tn be ap-
such  construction   shall   bo thereafter pointed by the two so chosen   us nforc-
carried on continuously   und diligently said.    In   tho    event of   either   party
until the upplioiints   shnll   huve   com- hereto failiug, neglecting   tr  refusing
pleted nt   least two miles of their   line to   choose   an   arbitrator    for   fifteen
of railway in the City of Nolson,   and days   after being requested iu writing
I should any question arise as to whether by tho other party to do so.   then   tin*.
���---������-���'   con- pnrty who makes   such   request    shall
En- appoint the arbitrator for  nnd   in   bo-
to decide
lid question and his de
shall    bo      binding       upon
hnlf of the party so failing, neglecting or refusing as iiforcsuid.and in the
further  event of   tho suid two arbitra-
And, Whereas, The whole amount
of the rateable bind of the said City,
according to the Inst revised Assessment Boil, is Bight hundred and six
thousand, eight hundred and seventy
dollars ($806,870.00).
And, Whereas, It will lie requisite
lo raise annually, by rate, the sum of
Fight hundred and sixty dnllais (|8fl0)
for paying the said debt  and   interest.
Now,Therefore, the Municipal Oouncil of the Oorporatlon of tbo City of
Nelson enacts as follows :���
1.   It shall and may be lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of the City
of Nelson to borrow,  upon the credit
raised or received to be paid into the
hands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation, for tne purposes and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
a. It shall be lawful for tha Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number ��f debent urea to be mude, executed and issued for BUCh sum or sums
as may be required for the purpose
and object aforesaid, nut exceeding,
however, the sum of fifteen thousand
dollars ($15,000), each of the said lie-
bent lues being of the denomination of
One thousand dollars i-fl.Olin.Ooi, nnd
all such Debentures shall le sealed
with flu* seal of the Corporation nml
signed by the Mayor thereof.
8. The said Debentures shall bear
date the 2111 li day of July, A.D. 1889,
and shall be made payable in twenty
years from the said date, in lawful
money of C.inuda. at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said Debentures,
and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, und
\ >
the signatures to the interest coupons
may lie either written, stamped,
printed or lithographed,
4. I'lie said Debentures shall bear interest al the .late of live per centum
per annum from the date thereof,
which Interest shall he payable semiannually at said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, ill lawful money of Canada, on fbe 20th day
of January and the 20th day of July
respectively, in each year uf the currency thereof, and it shall be expressed
in said Debentures and coupons lo be
so payable.
;".. It shall be lawful for the Mayorof
Bttld Corporation to negotiate and sell
the said Debentures or any of tbem
for less than par; Init in no case shall
the said Debentures ur .-my part of
tbem bo negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-live per centum of tbeir
face value, including the cost, of negotiating and sale brokerage and all
other Incidental expenses.
ti. There shall be raised and levied
in each year (lining the currency of
said Debentures the sum of Seven bu *-
deed ami fifty dollars ($750.00) fm* the
Daymen! of interest, and the sum of
Five hundred and forty dollars ($540,00)
for the payment of t he debt due under
the said Debentures by a rate sullicient therefor on all the rateable binds
In the said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said Debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with tho
legal bolder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at the time of sale
or any subsequent time or times, and
all Debentures so re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
nnd no re-issue of Debentures so repurchased shall be made in consequence of such re-purchase,
5. This By-Law shall take elfect on
the first day of Juno, A.lb 1890,
Take Notice, That the above is a true
copy of the proposed By-Law upon
which tin* vote of the Municipality
will be taken, for the Fast Ward, at
the Fire Hull,on Josephine Street; for
the West, Ward. at. the office of the
Exchequer Cold Mining Co., on the
north side of Baker Street, between
Stanley and Kootenay Streets, on the
east half of Lot 9, Block 11, on Monday, the20th day of May, instant, at
8 o'clock in the forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. 0., Muy 10th*
Corporation of the City of
HY.LAW  NO. 43.
A By-Law respecting tho establishment of
Coke and Q s Works in lln: Oity of Nolson.
Tho Municipal Council of tho City of Nel-
Bon enacts as follows:
1. VV, H, Pearson, W. H Pearson Junior, h.
1.. Merrifleld and J. T. We^cott, hereinafter
called the Company, arc hereby granted tho
right, subject to ilm tonus conditions and provisions hereinafter contained, which lewis,
conditions and provisions and tlio due fulfilment thereof are to ho taken as conditions precedent to iho onjoymoul of tho rights and
privilegeshorobygranted, to erect) construct,
matnttiiu and operate Gas Works within tlio
limits of the City of Nelson, and to lay down,
relay, oonneot, disconnect and repair all pipes
along, through and under the streets, alleys,
grounds, bridges and thoroughfares of tho said
City of Kelson, thnt may bo necessary for supplying gas to the oonsumers thereof, and erect
any pillars, lamps or othor works, and do all
other things which the Company shall deem
nooessary for supplying gas to tho inhabit) nts
or Corporation of the said City of Nelson aforesaid, and doing as little damage* as may he in
the execution of the powers hereby granted,
li. The Company before erecting suoh pillars,
lamps or other works and doing mich other
things whlch the Company shall deem necessary for supplying gas to tho inhabitants of
the City, shall make application to the City
Counoil for permission so to do, naming the
street or street \ alloy or alleys, o;* olher place
along, through or uuder whieh thoy desire; to
eroctsuch pillars, amps or other works or do
such other things whieh the Company may
deem necessary, and before proceeding In any
way with any of such works shnll receive the
approval of the City Council.
It. The laying down or relaying of any pipes
or inn ins along, through and under the streets,
alleys, grounds, bridges and thoroughfares of
Bald City and orectiou of any pillars, lamps or
other works and the doing of all other things
which IIih Company shall deem necessary shall
not bo commenced until a plan thereof showing
the location, position and style of such pipes,
pillars, lamps, works and things tho Compunj
deem necessary, shall have heen submitted to
and approved hy the Cily Kngineer. Ami the
location, position and Btyle of such pipes or
mains,pillars,lamps,works and other ihinR-t
shall conform to and agree with tbo plans approved by tin; i ity ICngineer.
4. The Com pan) shall Within sixty days from
the linal passage of this By-Law (unavoidable
casualties of the sea and tire not preventing
commence to construct, eroct and establish
Coke and Gas Works and buildings adequate
to the supply of gus within the limits of lhe
said City of Nelson, nnd such construction,
creel ion and establishment shnll bo carrier] on
continuously and diligently until such works
and buildings are completed sufficiently to
supply tho demand for gas, und within six
months from the final passing of this By-Law
shall proceed 08 the Cltj Engineer may direct
to lay the requisite length of main.-- of an adequate diameter, and -hall on demand supply at
all limes thorofrOlH tO all porsons us hereinafter mentioned nn adequate amount "f gas, of
good quality, "t the houso,shop,establishment,
works or residence of lhe person requiring Ihe
samo. And the Company shall within the
period of two years from the passing of this
By-Law expend upon tho construction of the
Coko and Gas Works and the laying of mains
aforesaid, not loss than the sum of one Hundred Thousand Dollars i-$iun.imonoi. or forfeit ihe
rights granted under this franchlsa.
6. The prlco of gas supplied by the Company
for lighting purposes shnll bo controlled by the
City Council, but shall in no caso without the
consent of tho Company bo less than I2.U0 por
thousand fcrt or luorelhau |3.00 por thousand
feet, and shall supply as much gus as may bo
required for lighting the strecls within tho
limits aforesaid within ilfty feet of any main
laid by the Company, und shall supply the Corporation wilh gas for power purposes if required nt a price nol to exceed $i-"n per thousand
feet. Gas for cooking or healing purposes shall
bo supplied at not more than $2,00 per thousand
cublo feet of gas, and gas required for power by
any person or corporation uther than tho Cily
shall be supplied at nol more than $2.00 per
thousand cubic feet.
0. The Company shall, subject to the provis*
ions hereinafter contained, on demand, introduce into anil through the walls or enclosures
of a house, shop, establishment or residence of
any person requiring the same, a proper service
pipe with stop cock and furnish fl gas meter if
required for accurately measuring the supply
of gas to the person requiring the same, at a
fair market price, nol exceeding for all the
sum of 916,00, and shall lcoep *uch service pipe
and gas metor in proper order and repair, provided that itshall not bo compulsory on the
Company to furnish or Introduce the same ns
aforesaid to nny shop, bouse, establishment or
residence at a d is) a ner of more than fifty foot
from their mains, save as hereinafter mentioned.
7. Provided thai any porson desiring a supply
of gas if the place wherein such gas is required
be distant more than fifty fool from any main
may require the Company to supply such sor-
vice; pipe, stop cock anil meter for the price
above mentioned in addition to a sum not ex*
feeding $1.00 a  fool  on  ench  loot   of distance
over and above the said fifty feot,
8. With the permission ot tho City Council
and according to plans approved bv tin; City
Ungineor ana under his supervision the Company may if found necessary make any sowers
that may he necessary for carrying oil' the
washings' and waste liquids which may arise in
the making of gas, anil for Ihe purpose Aforesaid may remove and raise all inalcrinl in such
streets and bridges and they may in such
Htiecls do all other acts which the Company
shall from time to time deem necessary for
supplying gas to the Inhabitants within tho
limits Specified   in   lln-   -eeond  BCOtlon   hereof,
doing an littlo damage a* may he iu the execu
tion of the powers hereby grantsd und making
compensation for any damage lhat may he done
in thooxeoul ion of SUoh power.-.
9. Nothing heroin contained nhall authorize
or empower the Company to lay down or place
nny pipes or othor works into through or
against anv building or any land nol dediealed
tO public U80, Without the consent of the owners or occupiers thoroof,
10. Rofore tho Comnany proceed to open or
oronkupan*t stroot.bridge or pavement they
shall give to the Cily Kngmcei or olher authority under whoso control or mnuagemont iho
Bamo may bo, notloo In writ in:,' of thoir intention to open or lire ik up the .-nine, nol loss I him
three clear days befo o he-inning such work,
except in casos of emergency nrislng fiom defects in tin; pipes oi- ot In r ���tvorku, whon Im mod-
lute notice shall he given. No pipe, main.
sewer, pillar, lamp or other work or thing shall
he used hy the Company for anj purpose until
they obtain from the t ity Kngiueern certificate
in writing that tho sim,c lias heen orootod or
constructed to bis satlsfnctlon,
11. When lhe Company open or broak np the
rond or pavetuonl of any street or bridgo, thoy
shnll with all oon vontenl spood, oomploto Lhe
work for which tho same shall he broken or
oponod up, nnd shall Mil In tho ground, rehiststo
nnd make good the road or pavement so opened
orbrokenup and carry awav the rubbish occasioned thereby and snail nl nil tlmos when
required while ny such stroot, or pavomonl
shall he broken up, cause n light sumciont for
tho warning of passengers in he hoi up and
maintain ou ex ery night during which same
shall In- opened or broken un.
12. Tho Compnny shall be linblofor and -hall
Indemnify lhe City fur nil damage;, arising out
of tho construction and oporatloit of thoir said
Cokonnd fins Works, Including therein the
construction and keeping in repair of ovory
main, sewer or nny ol \tt-v work in rospoul of
i his By-Law and lno convoying of gas or sow-
ngr* through suoh mains ami towers.
13. If at any tlmo in the opinion of tlie City
Council (he profits on lhe gas sold in the City
he exec -ive   lhe   Company   shall   suluuil    to
arhit iat ion the question of ihe prices charged
for gas supplied und shall produce Iheir hooks
and other papers for inspection nud lhe prices
of gas supplied for all purposes shall ho reduced as the Citv Council shdl direct, according
lo the rate decide'1 hy arbitration, Imi not. in
any caso to reduce the Company's prolits under
16por cent, per annum on the gas business,
SUCh arbitration to he conducted under the
provisions of ihe Arbitration Act. being Chapter 0, lNiiT.nf ihe British Columbia Statutes and
amending acts,
11. The City shall have the right on the exiury
ot ten years from lhe date of Ihe passing of the
By-Law to take ovor and own the aforesaid
Coke and Gns Works on a valuation lo he determined hy arbitration; the city nnd ihe
Compsny to name enoh nn arbitrator, und they
to namo a third, and In tho ovent of them disagreeing on a third tho same in he appointed
hy Hie Chief .lu-tii e of the Province, such arbitration to bo conducted under the Arbitration Act, Chapter il, 1MI7, of tho British Columbia statutes or Its amendments,such valuation
to le hased on the value of Ihe plant al the
time of trnnsforasn going oon corn, ami the
value of lhe Coko business established, hut no
value shall bo determined as inuring In the
Compsny by thoir possessing the franchise to
distribute gns throughout the Cily.
IS, The local ion of such works lo he approved
O.'hy ihe City Council.
17. Tho rights, liberties and privileges mentioned in this By-Law, subject lo olause li.
shall he exclusively enjoyed save us to the
Coke works, hy the Company for a period of
twenty-live years.
17. A contract embodying the provisions of
this By-Lawand a covenant on the part of tlio
Company to eon form lo and fill lil all the matters and provisions horeby required of them
Bhall be drawn and shall he executed hy the
Citv and the Company within sixty days from
tho passing of this By-Law,
18. lu this Bv-Lawthe expression "Cily" shall
mean the "City of Nelson": "(ity Council"
shall mean '"I ho Municipal Council of tho City
of Nolson"; "City Kngineer" shall mean "The
Kngineer uf the City of Nelson", and the word
"Compsny" shall lncludo, rcfor to nnd he in
evory way 1.hiding upon the Company, their
and each of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.
' street, between Stanley and Koolenay Streets,
ou I he east hull'oi Lol 9, Block II, ou Monday,
��� the 20th day of May, Instant, at S o'cloek iu Hie
City Clerk,
Nolson, B. C��� Mav 10th, 1800.
Take Not ice that the above is a true copy of
the proposed Hv-l.aw upon which the vote of
ihe Municipality will he tuken, for ihe East
Ward nl the fire Hall on Josephine street, for
the West Ward i-t the oilice of the Exchequer
Gold Mining Co. on north sido of Baker street
��� el ween Stanley and Kootenny streets, on
Monday the 20th day of May at eight o'clock in
the furetioon.
Citv Clerk.
Nelson, B.C., May Pith, 18!!!).
Corporation of the City  of
By Law, No. 39.
A Bv Law to rnise 815,000 to extend and improve ! lootrio Lights.
WlJKRKAS, A Petition has heen presented- to
he Muniuipal Council of 'he Corporation of
tie City of Nolson, Blgned by lhe owners of at
least one-tenth of the value of the real property of tho City [as shown by the lust A>sess-
ment liolh, requesting tlie said Council to introduce a By-Law co raise fifteen thousand
dollars ($16,0001 for tne purpose of extending
��nd improving the Electric Light Work* System and I'lanl in the City of Nelson.
And vVhbkeas. It is expedient to borrow
���hernial sum of fifteen thousand dollars <��!,">,-
DUDy for the purposes aforesaid ;
And Whereas, ibe whole amount of the rateable land of Ihe said City, according to the last
revised Assessment Roll Ifl eight bundled and
sit i hous md eight hundred and seventy dollars
(|806,870 "hi.
And \\ horeas, it will be necessary to raise
annually by rato tho sum of Twelve hundred
and ninety dollars ($1,200) for paying the said
debt and interest.
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of thu
Corporation of tho City of Nelson enacts as
follows :-
i. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor
of tlie Corporation of the City of Nelson to
borrow, upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way of the Bebenture hereinafter
mon ionod, from any person or pcrsous, body
or bodies corporate, who may he willing to advance the same at a loan, a sum of money not
exceeding in the whole the sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000), and to caUBO aii such
sums so raised or recoiled to be paid into the
ham Is of the Treasurer Of the Bald Corporal ion,
for i he purposes and with the object--, hereinbefore recited.
:J. it, shall he lawful for the Mayor of the
said Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to bo mado, executed and Issued for
such sum or sums a*1 mny he required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, nol exceeding,
however, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars
(115 000), eaoh of the sold Debentures being of
tlio denomination of due thou-sai d dollars (Sl,-
000),and allsuoh Debentures shall be sealed
wilh the  seal nf lhe  Corporation and  signed
by the Mayor I hereof.
8. Tho said Debentures shall bear date ihe
20th day of July A-D. 18D9, and shall bo mado
payable in l weiily years from the said date, iu
lawful monoy In Canada, ut tho ofHoo of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, which
said place of payment shall he design .ted by
b> the said Debeniures, and shall have attached to ihem coupon- for the pas ment of Interest, and tho signatures to the Interest con*
pons may be either written, ���tamped, printed
or lithographed.
1. Tho said Debentures shall bear interest at
I hemic of five per centum per annum from Ihe
date thereof, which Interest shall be payable
semi-annually at said olliee of tlie Bank uf
Montreal at Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money
of i anadn. on tlie 20th day of January and the
20th day of July respectively, in each year duriug the currency ihoteof, and it shall bo expressed in said Debentures and coupons to be
so pa} able.
6. I' shall be lawful for tbe Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate And sell the said Debentures or any of them tor teas than par ; but
in no cobs shall lhe said Debentures or any of
th -in be i egotiateior sold for less than ninety-
live per centum of their face value, including
tin- cost of t.egut ialing and sale, brokerago aud
all other incident.il expenses,
li. There shall be raised nud levied in enoh
year during the currency of said Debentures
the sum of Seven hundred and llfty dollars
(760) for the payment of interest, and the sum
of Five hundred and forty dollars (540) for Ihe
payment of the debt under lhe said Debentures by u rate sullicient, therefor on all tho
rateable land in the said Municipality,
7. It shall he lawful forthosahl Municipal
Council lo repurchase any of the said Debentures upon suoh terms as may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holders (hereof, or any
part thereof either at the time of sale or any
subsequent time or times, and all Debentures
BO repurchased shnll forthwith bo cancelled
amid stroyed, and no re-issue of Debentures
BO repurchased Shall be made in such repurchase.
H. This By-Law shall take effect On lhe 1st
day of June, A..D..18B9.
Corporation of the City  of
By-Law No. 10,
A By-Law to raise $30,000 to extend the
Water Works System.
Whereas, A Betltlon hns been presented to
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the City uf Nelson, signed by the owners of at
least, one-tenth of the value of the real property of Ihe said City las -hown by the last As-
8081-ment Boll) requesting the said Council to
inl reduce a By-Law to raise i he sum of '1 hirly
thousand dollars ($30,000) for the purpose of
extending Ihe Water Works Sv.-tuin of tin-
said Cily.
And Whereas, it Isdeemed necessary and expedient to extend the Waterworks System of
I ho City Of Nolson for the convenience of the
Citizens and for lire proli-elion.
And Whereas, il e expedient to borrow the
said sum uf 'I hirly thou und dollars CKl.lrlHli
for ibe purposi m afore*aid :
And Whereas, the whole amount of rut cable
land of the sold City, aooordlng to (he lafl revised Assessment Boll, is [flight hundred and
six thousand eight hundrcdand seventy dollars
And, Whereas, it will bo requisite to raise
nn nun liy hy rate Ibe sum ef Two thousand live
hundred uud eight v dollars (2,580.00) for paying
the Bald debt aud interest.
Now, Therefore, the Municipal Council of
tlm Corporation of the City of NeUou.enacts as
follows; -
1. it shall and may be lawful for tho Mayor
nf tbe Corporation of lhe City of Nelson fo borrow,upon tho er dit of the said Corporation,
hy   vav of the DoboutUl'CS hereinafter men
I ionod, from any person or norBOns, body or
bodies oorporato, who muy lie willing to ad-
Vance lhe same, as a loan, a sum of money nut
exceeding in lhe whole the sum of Thirl v
thousand dollars (30,(j00,00J, and to cause all
such sums so raised or received tube paid Into
lhe hands or the Treasurer of the Corporation,
for tho purposes and with tho ohjeets hereinbefore rocftod,
2. It shall be lawful for the Muvor iT the said
Corporation to cause any number of Debentures tube made, executed aud issued for sueh
sum or sums ns may be required for the pur-
pOfiOand object aforesaid, not exceeding, bow-
ever, the sum of Thirty Ihumnnd dollars (80,-
000.00), each of the said Debentures being of
the denomination of One thousand doll rs il,-
IMili.Mt)), nnd all such Debentures shall be sealed
wilh the seal uf the Corporation anil signed by
tlie Mayor tnvreuf.
8, The said Debentures shall hear date the
���Juth day of July, A.D. 1890, and shall be made
payable in twout-s yoarsfrom the said date, in
lawful money of Canada, at the olliee of the
Bank of Moutreal in Nelson aforesaid, whloh
said place of payment shall he designated by
the said Debentures, and shall have attached
lulhom coupons fur the payment of interest,
and the signatures to the interest coupons m *y
be either written, (stamped, printed or lithographed.
I. Tho said Debenture** shall hear interest nt
the rale of Jive per centum per annum from
the date thereof. Which interest shall be payable semi annually at said olliee of the Bank
uf Al onl real in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money of Canada, on the 20th day of January
and the20thday of July lespectively, in each
year during tho currency (hereof, and itshall
he expressed in suid Debentures and coupons
tu be so nayablo,
5. It shall tie lawful for the Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or any of Ihem for Ies*- than par; hut
in no case shall the said Debentures Oi any of
them be negotiated or sold for Ies- thannuie y
five per coutum of their faeu value, including
the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage,
and all other incidental expenses.
0. there shnll he levied and raisfd in each
year during the currency of taid Debentures
the sum uf fifteen hundred dollars (1,;'jGD.00I
for the payment of interest, and the sum of
One thousand and eighty dollars u.usu.oui for
the payment of the debt due under the suid
Debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all
the lateable land in tbe said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council to repurchase any of the said Debentures upon such terms as may bn agreed upon
wilh the legal holder or holders thereof, or nnj
part I hereof, either at the time of sale ov uny
subsequent time or times, and all Debentures
so re-purchased shall forthwith he cancelled
and destroyed, nnd no reissue of Debentures
BO re-purchased shall be made in consequence
of such re-purchase.
8. This Bv-Law shall take effect on the 1st
day of Jui.e, A.D. h.99.
Take Notice, That the above is a true
of the proposed By-Law upon which the
of the Municipality will be taken, for the
Ward at Ibe Fire Hall on Josephine Street
Ihe West Ward at tne olliee of the Kxchc
Gold Alining Co. on the north side of I
���Street, between Stanley uud Root
Streets, on the east half of Lot il, Block 1
Monday, the 29th day of May, instant,
o'cloek in tiie forenoon.
City C
Nelson, B. C, May 10th, 1809.
ak ei-
cna y
1, on
at 8
0:30 am.���Train leaves O. P. R. station
for main   lint   and   intop-
mediate points via blocan
Lake route dailv.
8:00 am.���S.S. Moyie, leaves for Kootenay L'd'g ami way points
Monday,  Wednesday and
0:40 a.m.���-Train leaves N. & F. S.
.station for Rossland. Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except .Sunday.
11:00 a.m.- ��S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
4:00 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4;80 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
Bl30 p.ni.���Train  arrives N.  &  F.  S.
station, from Spokane
Rossland and way points
6:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Robson, Trail,
Hossland, etc, daily.
8.'SO p. m.��� Train arrives C. P. R.
station from main line aud
intermediate points via
Slocan Lake route daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from Rossland, Trail,
Robson, etc., daily.
Transportation Companion are requested to
give notico to Iho Miner of any alterations in
Ui? i ii it" irrivul anddoDarturo from NoIhod.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival ad departure.
Take Notloo that the abovo is a true copy of
tho proposed By-Law upon which (ho vote of
tho municipality will be taken, for the Kast,
Ward nl ihe hire Hall on Josephine Street, for
Ihe West Ward nf I he oilice uf lhe Kxchequer
Gold Mining Co, on the north  sido  of Uuker
Provincial Land Surveyor.
*       .N
The Hiner ~
middle of June the Handsomest
and most Carefully Prepared
Presentation of the Resources
of the Kootenays that ever left
a press.
Sixteen Pages,
Containing views of Nelson and
all the Slocan and East Kootenay towns, and the mines tributary to each,
ioo Half Tones
are now being made from photos of the towns, leading business houses and hotels, and
leading citizens.
For Advertisers
This number will offer exceptionally favorable means of
making themselves known to
the people of this district, and
also of bringing their names
prominently before the outside
i   world.
Price Ten
Cents Each
Leave list of names with ten j|
cents for each one at this office and we will |*
do the addressing and mailing. J�� NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, MAY 18,  1899.
Many Children Deprived of
Viotoria CrJ7ornui3!it Has Takra No Stops
to Havo tlio School Put iu
Proper  Condition,
Still nothing lias 1-een dono nli-iut
tho public aohool.   To tho first
10 tho Victoria Government on tho sm,
.loot uo answer wns received. When
word was wired that unless something was done the two rooms for junior children must be clusod, a letter
was finally sent saying to ^ncl particulars liy mail. This was dono and still
the rooms remain as bofore, and [somo
120 or more children who should bo nt-
tending school aro lott. to play in tho
streets all day.  ���
B It Booms strange that such a condition of things can exist in a civilized
cominuuity. In one small town, Wardner, B. 0., before there wns any assurance of tlie iK'i'iiianoney of tho
town, tho Government built a comfortable school house, properly fitted
up and equipped'. Before the sobotl
house was finished, the railway being
finished and the floating population
thnt accompanies railway construction
having  moved    on    there   -were  not
11 ore than a dozen obildren, if that of
school nuo in tho town, nnd of those,
the families of two stayed iu Wardner
bicnuse of the school,
Nelson, with considerably over n
hundred children that, are deprived of
schooling advantages because there is
110 school rooms for them to gu to,
nnd with tlie hundreds that are attending badly crowded rooms, is
pot off from month to month with
trivial excuses.
Most of tho children thus turned out
of school have comfortable hemes nud
parents who cm look after them, but a
large percentage owing to their parents working all day or through sickness and other causes not being able to
soo to them aro simply turned loose in
the streets from morning till night
learning the language nud tastes that
tbe streets teach. Aro tbe parents who
can afford it to bo forced to send tbeir
children to other cities or to the little
mining camps and railway construe
tion towns for education, and if so
what are the ones to do who ct.niiot
afford to scud their children away, are
questions that are asked every day.
Nelson -possesses so many advantages
ns n residential city thnt it, seems
a shame that tbe school, one of tbe
first and principal requirements of an
up-to-date city should be larking.
J (f it wns only a delay of a few weeks
that had occmred since the matter was
first mndo prominent it would not lie
so bad, but one month has followed
another, culniinatiug in tho closing of
the two worst rooms on May 1.
Nearly thrto weeks have passed by
since then, bnt nothing has been
dono. and nt present thore are apparently no prospects of anything being
done in the near torture.
How manv families tire residing in
other towns that would bo living here
if tho school had beeu put in proper
condition some months ago it wculd be
hard to say, but undoubtedly thoy are
not few.
One instanci (and thero aro probably
many similar ones) is hore given. A
railway contractor on tbo Nelson-Bed
lington Railway brought his wife and
children hero from Winnipeg intending tn have them reside here and attend school, so that they would bo near
him. Ho had beon in Nolson several
times and liked it very much aud
brought on his family nover doubting
of the educational facilities.
Thoy stayed hero ono week, nnd then
tbo family wns sent back to Winnipeg, so thnt the ehildien could got proper schooling.
The condition of affairs tbat caused
thnt is ono thnt nIToots not only parents, tint every-business man and citi
zen of Nolson.
adu, notwithstanding the serious proposition of looking after tho other
members of the parly. In* bad had an
opportunity lo observe  the richness
ii e * lean hn
n open to Iho
importance of this part of the t'onti
Dent. Mayor Neelands met the mem
hers of the party and helped to make
their stay hum enjoyable. Ho extended tbem au invitation to remain
hire another day and visit, some of tho
Bnrroun liug mines but as olher ar-
riingements bad been marie it whs not
possible lo comply with his invitation.
The patty left last night for Kossland and will return to Nelson tonight
leaving tomorrow morning for a trip
through the Slo.au country.
Yesterday afternoon a Nelson lady
wi died to show a friend som i of Ho
accomplishments of the handsome
English setter by whieh she was accompanied. She gave him hor handkerchief to carry ami tbo dog slalked
solemnly along looking neither to the
right nor the left, carrying Ibe hand-
kerchief in his mouth over a block,
loner | when a look of distress came into his
intelligent eyes, lie sat down and
Started to gulp and gulp, till the tears
streamed down his cheeks, and just
thou his mistrass discovered that, her
handkerchief was missing. Evidently
a corner of the handkerchief got in
tbe dog's throat, und onio it. started it
bad to go all tho way down.
Ollicials   on   a  Jaunt
British Columbia,
A   Party    of
The steamer Moyio yesterday
brought to the City a party ot prominent express men who aro on a three
weeks tour through Western Canada.
Tho pnrty is composed of the following gentlemen: Joseph Sbepard, general manager of tho United States Ex-
dross Co., Chicago; S. A. Davis, superintendent of the Western Exuress
Co., St, Paul; W. S. Stout, general
manager of tho Dominion Express On .
and the following representing ihe
same company J. A. Boswell, superintendent, Toronto; W. H. Burr, iiufl-
itor, Torouto;Ci. A. Newman, assistant treasurer, Toronto; H. L. Meyer,
of tho Traffic Department, Toronto;
S. T. Stewart, superintendent, Toronto; G. Ford, BUperlntendeet, Winnipeg.
Tho partv came west over the Crow's
NeBt Pnss line nnd stopped at JvariOl s
points en route A representative of
Tho Miner interviewed severul of them
yesterday nnd those who had never
been over this route beforo expressed
the greatest surprise at the evidences of prosperity they observed en
thoir trip Nelson was n revelation to
them and they thought that the natural ndvnufages of the City warrant,
ed the belief lhat Nelson would in the
near future be a Oity of considerable
size and importance.
Mr. Shepnrd hns been iu the express
business longer than any othor man in
tho continent aud what he does not
know about it wonld not givo a novice
much trouble in looking up. This is
the fist time ho ever   came so far west
Aid. Hillyer is expected back from
t'.io Ooast tonight.
There was a clean shoot at tho Oity
Polico Court yesterday.
There will bo prayer mooting in tho
Methodist Church tonight.
Several varieties of flowering shrubs
are in full bloom on tho hills.
The Fern, Captain Dunoan's petroleum launch is being painted and repaired.
The Ladies Onlld of St. Saviours'
o roi'ih meet this afternoon in the Mission Hall.
Tho refreshment committee for the
Library Hall aro meeting with "ery
goi.d success.
Two rafts of logs from down the
lake were towed in for Fisher,Brydges
& Co's.,   mill yesterday.
The dull chilly weather of the pnst
few days has slopped tho rapid rise of
the waters of tho lake.
Thero will bo a brisk demand for
flowers at the local florists today aud
tomorrow,for the Library Ball.
The local soda   water factories   are
vory    busy     preparing supplies  for
thirsty   people   for   tbo coming    hot
The work of completing the Catholic church which wus commenced on
Tuesday will bo pushed ahead as rapidly as possible.
Preparations for tho Library Ball nro
going merrily forward, aud "ull tends
to promise a most enjoyable evening
Mr. Porcv Godenrath, traveling correspondent ot the Spokesman Review
is in (.he City. He will spend several
days bore.
The company which is to operate the
Nelson Planing Mills has been duly
incorporated, aud they will stmt sawing fogs today.
Nothing has beon done yet towards
placing a street light at the comer of
Ward and Victoria, to light up tl.e
Opera Houso corner.
Mr. Phil Hickey, manager of the
Minnesota Silver Mining Oompany,
spent yesterday in the City ou his way
through to Rosslaud from Sandon.
Scores of unfinished buildings,
throughout the Oity, bear witness to
the difficulty of getting iu laths fast
enough to nStarry moot the demand.
Work on the sampling works is being pushed rapidly forward, aud if all
goes well they ought to be ready by
the Uith of June, if tbe machinery
arrives in time.
The cottage addition of the Cri k
may Hospital is now completed, the
plasterers having finished yesterday
and the carpenters starting iu on the
finishing work today.
During tho past three davs the Chief
of Police has been warning tbe occupiers of premises to cleun up their
backyards and alleyways. A noticeable improvement has resulted.
Tho repainting of tho freight deck
ar,*l other parts of the steamer Moyie
was commenced yesterday, a couple of
nainfeis being taken on board here to
do the woik while she is on her regular trips. -^^
A rnce is being arranged between
Captain Troup's new Steam launch in I
tho Flirt, owned by 0. W. Busk, whieh
will come off shortly. Considerable
interest is ielt among boating nun
oyer tho result.
The West Kootenny Brick & Lime
Company are Burning their lirst kiln
of brick for the season. Tho burning
will take about 1(1 days longer, nud
they will bo ready for delivery in about
a fortnight. Tbe kiln contains about
100,000 brick.
Mr. S. S. Taylor, Q. O, who las
recently returned from Edmonton,
stales that while thero ho was informed that Mr. T. A. Gregg,formerly
editor of The Miner, intends starting
up u pnper in that City in opposition
to the Edmonton Bulletin.
Mr. R. Hamilton of McMillnn St
Hamilton, wholesale grocers of Nukusp,
is iu the City. He reports that bis
firm bave transferred their place of
business to Nelson, and their stock
has already arrived. They will occupy
premises facing the C. P. R. right-of-
Tho wind yesterday was such a good
one for boat sailing, although a little
Squally, that quite n few took advan
tago of it. Most of the Nelson sail
boats nre now fitted up for the season
with tho oxcoptinn of the Myth, which
has yet considerable painting to bo
St. Stephens Church, Anglican,
was opened at New Denver, Sunday.
Kev,    Mr. Akehurst,  of  St. Saviours,
Nelson, assisttd in the service. The
proceeds of a collection went toward
tbe purchase of u bell for the new
ohuroh, A largo congregation was
A meeting of the local lodge < f tbe
Sons of England was held in the
Knights of Pythias Hall vtstorduy
evening, and it was decided tbat the
lodge give an informal reeepiion aftor
their   next meeting   whioh takes place
June 7. Tho guests will he entertained wilh music ami songs, aud light
rel'ieslinients will be served.
The Harry Lindloy Oo ."will open a
weeks'engagement at the Nelson Opera
House commencing Monday, May 82.
Mr. Lindloy has considerably strengthened his oompany since bis last appear-
aco hero und has also added a long list
of new plays to bis very extensive ri -
poi-toire. The oompany carries a number of clover specialty artists, thus doing away with any long waits between
the acts. The company has just re-
turned from a very successful tour of
tie Coast cities where tbey havo nut
with the greatest success.
so  call  ana   m-
Are you in need of a pair of Ten
nis Shoes ?
sped our Stock
you tlie vers- best in
Brown or White Canvas
Aberdeen Block.
Ladies'   Blouses.
Phnir-P.    J.    Hickey,
E. Mitchell,   Whitewater
pore, Naskusp, O.    Walby,
M   Keep, Fort Steele; R.
Sandon;  J.
J. E. Pon-
Nelson ;   C.
ti.   Quigley,
Winnipeg-, A. Watson, Toronto,
Hume���J, Sbepard, Chicago; W.   S
Stout, ,1.  A.  Ilosweil, G.  A.  Newman,
W. H. Bun,  11. Le  Meyer,   Toronto;
S. J. Stewart, Montreal; S. A. Davis.
St. Paul; G. Ford, Winnipeg; P,
Wright, Seattle; A. W. Wright, Sandon ; Mr. and Mrs. Riblot, Spokane ;
E. \V. Kuowii's, Silverton; Mr. nud
Mrs. G. H. Linklntor, Salmo; 0. A.
Carman, Vancovor; E. 0. Davisor,
Mot-Borolo-Klcal ���tcp-nri,
(Observations taken by A. H, Holdich
May 10 Weil'duy
May 11 TlnirH'laj
Mny 12 Friday
May 13 Saturday
May 11 Sunday
May 15 Monday
May Hi Tuesday
65 0
l.ow-  KAIN      BAREST      KA1.L   OMK.TKK
30 0
?8 0fl
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates op.
Roofing b
Can be obtained here at Sacrificing
Prices.     Before  buying elsewhere call and see the
.  .   stock   of . .
Baker St.
at $i.oo.
at Si.25.
al $1.50.
at $1.50.
at Si.75.
Martin O'Reilly & Cb
( ).C ZZ ;GOOC
PAINTSbOILS for painters
Two Carloads just received. Try our Prices,
then try our Goods. We guarantee everything we
sell in the Paint Line.
Agents in Nelson for Cabot's Creosote Stain.
We make 11 Specialty ot
Hot  Air, Hot Water   and
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co.,
Importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
WATCHES, complicated or otherwise, it makes no difference tous.
We thoroughly understand them
No necessity for sending; watches
away to be repaired. We guarantee our work to give satisfaction, or money refunded. First-
Class Work only; no better any
Who is your Hatter ?
,   .   .   NECKWEAR, UNDERWEAR, fee?
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you can do, both for style and price, why
can do for you ?    Our Stock is all New
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We have Stetson's, Roelofs and other American
makes of Soft Felt Hats, and are Sole Agents in Nelson
for Coaksey's Stiff Hats.
Underwear of English and German Manufacture.
Mail Orders receive careful and prompt attention.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Box 148, Neison. Emory & Walley
The Realization
I have seven Lets thai I will sell
-separately or all together, fouroftlutn
mi Nelson Avenue, where tbe Street
Onrs are expected to run, ami the others
aii* also well situated.
Terms one-third cash down, anl
balance in 3 and il mos at s per cent,
Otber OhoiceLots.
Money to Loan.
Eire Insurance at Lowest Kates.
Mining  ami   Ileal    Kstiiti*   Trok r
Turner-Boeckb Bloek, Neiaou.
Fancy Dry Goods, Silk
Shirt Waists and Dress
Skirts always to be had at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
Hotel for Bale $0,000, renting tor $100
per mouth.
Haker Btreet property for side nt $P,
00(1, renting lor 8150 pel  month,  leased
Cor ii years.
Twelve Lots in Hume Addition, ebenp.
fur rent, conveui-
A lii-ronmed llmiee
ent to Haker stieet.
Money to loan at 8 p���
Lile Assurance.
eent.   Fire and
Spokane Falls Ul
was far above the
The Bon Ton Restaurant, a well
known and popular place, will be
sold at reasonable terms if taken
soon.    Apply, P. O. Box 127.
we anticipated that on opening up our
Canadian   Hams   and   Bacon
we would have something choice, wn have realized the
fact that they are far above anything and everything
we ever offered in the meat line.   Small Hone, .Mild
Cure,   Lean,   and Sweet
Three Star Flour and Flelschman's Yeast make good Bread.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allan Lino���CovadODga  ���May 27
Allan  Llne-Gallla May 211
Dominion Lino���Vancouver May 20
I'otninion Line���Dominion lnne 3
Heaver Line���l.ake Ontario June 1
From New York
White .Star Line���Cymric May 21
Cnnni-d Lino���Servfa, MayitS
American Lino���St Louis.... Mny 21
Anchor Line��� Ethiopia Mny 27
Allan Slate Lino���Mongolian May 211
Dominion Line���New England.
From Boston
 May 81
Passages arranged to and from nil Htaropea
points. For rales, ticket* and full infermatio
aaplytoO. P. R, depot agent or <j. K Beasley
Cily Ticket Aijont, NcIhoii, Ii. V,
SU)   Gonoral Auont. C P. R. OIHooh Winnipeg.
A good Copper or Gold Property
partially developed.    Apply
Mii.o.g Broker,
Nelson, B. C.
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported   direct  from   English,   American  and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
Keeps a full line of Royal Seals and other Union
made Brands of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg Co.
Factory Prices.
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The ouly all rail route without chang
of ears between Nolson and Bossland and
Spokane anil Rossland.
'���eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p*m
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6*30 p*m
Train that leuves Nelaon nt 9:40 a.m
ninkcH close oonneotioni nt Bpokane fui
���ill Paoiflo Coast Point*.
PiiBKeiin'-rs for Kettle Kiver nml Boundary Creek,connect at Marcus witbStnuo
O. ti. DIXON, (i. l\ StT.A.
Bpokane Wub
Agent.Nelson, B. O,
Koit RKNT.  Tho promties al preoent opcu-
plod   M Tho   Mi fur  Itjlli'u.    I'.i* .������ mn  lwl   uf
June   Apply "it tin' prom Imi.
family of Lhroc
Oirl for general hoiiHowork, tnr
Apply Dominion ExpreaiOnloe<
ML'SIC LB880N8.-On piano ortcan or
KUilar, hy Mr^. W. J. A-nley. ItobHon Htreot
iwodoorn weM of Stanley.   P. (), Hox YAK
MUSIC LKSSONS SiiiKinK and .Piano, by
Mr*. Sydney Oliver, Observatory ntroet, two
door* wu*t of .Stanley.
KOH SALK-Old nswipapOM nt 80 cent* por
100. JuM tho tiling to put under eurpct a
Minor olllco,
WANTED  a boy not younger than U to do
'i.-lr work and loam a (ratio.   Apply Mine
A KINK OPENING   In hii-ine-n for a person
with moderate capital.   Propriotor  want* tc
���-(���11 out on account of leaving for tho old eoun-
AddroMMA< h.,m thiHoiMco.
WANTED   Kvery man. woman and child   n
NohwntOMOd oopio* of Tho Minor's Spocial
Kootenay   Number  to  frlontU   in    tho   Kast.
Urvrename* with LenSoonti for each one
thin oflleu and WO will <h�� the rent.
TO RENT An oltlef and bedroom, furnish
oil. Immediate i- " "hi muy ho had. Ap
ply Harold holoiir*.
B.Tytlor i* now prepared to givo Iomom(either
private or ela*n| InWInii'l wator coloi.   Sketch*
from nii'uro.   Kor '.erins apply H, Tytler,
'ik' 1
Pakor St. wetU   P. <>. Box W4.
YOU RENT Two roomed otllce next to <ho
OperaHouao00 Victoria St., %\b por month
Apply Minor ulllce
Vn\i SAIiK HwyirK liitfh tfrade,
ManHoy-Hnrris '98 make, tlrnt class
order.    Inquire Minor Ollloe. if.
Three Nelson Men Resident
Work Done on the Ivanhoe and Sunshine
Groups���Othor Slocan Notes���
An Explanation.
Tho Pom Gold Milling Company
has linen reorganized, und Iho head
oflioe transferred from Vancouver to
Nelson. Mr. Urigstock is tho secretary of the newly organized company,
aud he is expected here today or tomorrow. Three well known gentlemen have been elected as resident directors, Messrs. J. J. Campbell,
George Kydd, and P. W. Peters. An
oflice has been provisionally engaged
in tho Hillyer block, and a mooting
will shortly be held to discuss the best
method of continuing the operations
of the mine. The Pern, it will be
remembered, is situated at Hall Sid
ing aud is a free milliug proposition.
The ore has changed slightly in char
acter with depth, and last autumn a
chlorination plant was put iu to extract values which escaped the stamps
and the vanners. The miue has already paid several dividends.
Mr. Phil Hiokey, manager of the
Minnostota Silvor Mining Company
was in town yesterday, when a Miner
reporter had a talk with him about his
company's properties. The company
aro operating the Ivanhoe aud Sun-
shiue groups, comprising 10 claims iu
all, which adjoin those well kuown
mines the Ruth and the Slocan Star.
On the Sunshine a cross-nut driven
from the lower tunnel struck a very
good body of ore last winter. A drift
has been run along.this vein for about
175 feet, aud the good values are maintained. This ore body averages about
two feet in width and is a parallel
veiu to the Queen Bess vein further
sonth. On the Ivanhoe about 5,800
feet of development work hns been
done, and a very large quantity of ore
has been blocked out, but no sloping
has beeu done, the ore shipped lust
wiutor baviug boeu taken out in the
course of development work. There is
a largo amount of cloau oro, as well as
concentrating ore in sight*. The ore
of those properties averages about 1(0
ouunces in silver, and no less than (is
per cent. lead. It is intended to erect
a 100-tou concentrator on the properties next summer.
It is also intended to eroct a concentrator on the Slocan Star, while the
uew concentrator at tho Ruth mine has
already been begun, and the foundation
timbers were being hanled in the other
day. The Noble Pivo is lookiug very
well, as is tho Queen Bess. The Payue
is shipping about 50 tous a day, ai:d
tho Last Chauce about 20 tous. The
Idaho and the Reco are not shipping
at present owing to the state of the
roads. It is impossible to rawhide
any longer and tho snow has not gone
off sufficiently to permit of pacing or
hauling oro in wagons. For this reason this time of the yenr is always
rather quiet in the Slocan, though
otherwise everything is   looking well.
As the anuoucomout has been made
that the Governmeut of British Columbia purpose forcing the Amendment
to the Mctalliforous Mines Inspection
Act, making eight hours a working
day for those employed underground
in metalliferous mines; Sec. lit.���"No
person shall be employed underground
in any metalliferous miue for more
than eight hours in every twenty-four
hours;" the undersigned as represent.
ing one of the tw<i parties mainly
affected, consider it advisable to make
publio their views on the situation
created by'this uncalled for legislation,
and to indicate what their line of action must inevitably be.
While the noderslgood am determined to respect and adliero to the laws of
tho Province, it may bo pointed out
that this law is far reaching in the
injuries it must infliot upou tho mining interests of the Province, and on
the amount of wages earned by tlie
It moans reducing the hours of labor
in tho mines from 20 hours a dny to
Hi hours, us mnny of tho mines are so
circumstanced that three shifts cannot bo worked to advantage. This
meuus a reduction of 20 per cent in
the amount of the production of many
mi es, aud a reduction of 20 per cent
iu the development work boiug carried ou in tho mines prepnring for
production and a reduction in the supplies used in tne niiLes.
The most amicable relations existed, and still exist, between the em
ployers and employed at tho mines.
The meu wero earning good wages,
equal to any being paid in ramps in
the Uuited Stutes, and higher thau
thoso paid in many,und they were rendering good    services for tliese   wages.
If unv discontent was rife at the existing state of affairs, it was not generally known. It is therefore deeply
to bo regretted thut the Legislature
has see fit disturb the existing bar-
mony, to interfere with tho growing
prosperity of the miniug diftricts,
to reduce the -wages oarniug power of
tho men employed, and to interfere
with tho free light of contract hithor-
to enjoyed.
As to tho future, after the 1st of
June next, at the minns represented
by the undersigned, the standard rate
of wages that will bo paid to skilled
miners for an eight hours working day
will bo three dollars ($3.00), and other
labor will necessarily bu also paid for
according to the time worked.
The Hall Miues, Limited.
The   Londou   St     British    Columbia
Goldfields, Limited.
The Athabusca Gold Mine, Limitod.
The Ymir Gold Mines, Limited.
The Duncan Mines. Limited,
The Loudon Hill Development & Miniug Company.
The   Exchequer   Gold   Miuiug   Company.
The Dundee Geld Mining Company.
Mollie Gibson Mining Company.
Yellowstone Mining Coiimuny.
Nelsou, B, C, May 10, 1899,
If you see it in The Miner's Special
Kootenay Number it will bo true.
. 3
Trul,i-. it,,,, on radii-' SliiiularU Time.
Wkst Hound
Ij saves Daily
Arrive Daily
8 l'i a. m.
8.33 a. m.
9.:in n. in.
9.15 a. in.
0.7,5 a. in.
10.12 a. m.
10:25 a. in.
10.311 a. m.
1U.10 a. m.
South Fork
Boar 1 ,ako
Paj no Tram
Cody Junction
i.SS p.m.
3.-JH p.m.
2.-.*> p.m.
2.10 p.m.
2.00 p.m.
1.15 p ni.
1:31 p.m.
1.2.1 p.m.
Arrivo Daily
Leave Daily
Leavo* Daily
Arrive Daily
11:00 a. m.
11:15 "
11:10 num.
11:25   "
Arrivo Daily
Daily Leave
The Miner is on sale at the  fol
lowing news stores at five cents per
Gilbert, Stanley
ThoniKon Stationery I
o         Nelson
Canada Drug & Book Co.     Nelson
Hotel Hume News
Stand      Nelson
Hotel Phair News
Stand       Nelson
Humphrey & Hltock
It. Campbell
C. F. Nelfion
New Denver
J. F. Delancy
Linton Bros.
Slocan Cily
J. I. Mcintosh
Slocan Newd Co.
W. Parker
Thomson Bros.
Hotel Spokane
M. W. Simpson
W. II  Ittcr
Lamont & Younff
H. T, Macdonald
H. S. Buvaii
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
rains out of Nelson.
At Office of The Duncan Mines
T. D. Woodcock & Co.
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you aro call and get posted  on
the WHITE Pass St   YUKON   ROUTE,
The best, salcst andcheapest route
Went linker Street
FI,K< Tltll Al. EXPERT,
From the Electrical StandardlslngTeBting and
nml Train*** Institute, London. Lule of the City
& South London IClcctlic Hallway; with Mcski-h.
Scott HroH., KonidiiKloii. Chlof electrician to
Momrs. Wutkin Bros., Northampton, England.
General Teamsters.
Agents imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
FINEORDEREDCLOTHINQ Arrived and Open for Inspection
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
+����*H ���������������>�������
Winter lingers in the lap of spring, but Gardens must be
attended to, and we are Headquarters for
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and Windows.
+���+���<->�������� ��������������
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City-
orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Slocan Ore Purchasing Co.
OF    3STELS03ST,     B.    C.
Is now prepared to buy all classes of Silver,
Gold, Silver-Lead," Lead and Copper Ores.
The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended to the smallest
shipper, prompt settlement and choice
of mode of sampling guaranteed.
Address Drawer S, Nelson, B. C.
Manager. Purchasing Agent.
G-amble & O'Reilly.
W. J. a. UICKS0N
ItouKCftnd two lots, will] seven rooms, on
Ourbonute street, neur Cedar Btreet, J25UO.
Boar-ling House with 27 rooms on Vernon
slreet tor sulu or rent, good business proposition.
New house, suitable tor dwelling or boarding
house, 13 rooms and basement, heated by fur*
mice.   For rent on Ward and Silica streets.
Also a large list of Ihe best Hesidentia   l'rop-
crty tn the city.
AgontB for Addition "A" and "Hume" Addition.
The nrllisli Columbia Permanent Loan and
Savings Oompany, who give tho most reasonable terms lo borrowers, allowing Principal to
be paid oil'al any time without Charging any
Qamble & O'Reilly,
Choice residential lots  and  good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred  lots   in  Addition A are on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
i or sale.
Business property a specialty.
Diamond Core  Drill
Contracts nuule tor development ot
properties. Shares tnkeu iu part puy-
Nelson Employment Agency
60 Men for railroad.
Girl for oulof town,
lllacksmith wants situation.
Haker wants Situation,
Carpenter wants situation.
Cooks want situation.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker St
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. 1). PIBRRR Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Renr of liurkc Hotel.
Peter G-enelle & Co.
Headquarters for first
class Building Material.      We    make     a
specialty of
Well Seasoned Flooring, Rustic nnd
Ship Lap.
E. G. BEER      Agt.
The shipping Point for Goat
Mountain Mines on the Crow's Nest
Pass and Bedlington and Nelson
The Centre of one of the Finest
Agricultural and Fruit Growing;
Districts in West Kootenay.
For information and Price Lists
apply to L. A. HAMILTON,
Land Commissioner C.P.R.,
Or to F. MALLANDA1NL, Jr.,
Agent, Creston, B. C.
GEO. McFARLAND.Agt., Nelson.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
The finest lot of Crockery, Glassware, etc., that has ever heen
brought into Kootenay.    We have the   Stock   and   our  prices
are below competition.
Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons, in any quantity.    Come early   and  see  the
display.    Don't forget we carry the largest stock  of Groceries
in Nelson and our Crockery and Glassware Department is upstairs.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
P. 0. Box K 6 W Telephone 10 Baker Street
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���%������%������%������������ -%%*%^V%^"%%-%^*V%.
J. Roderick Robertson, -
General Manager ���**���*. Tr-<i   /��^.��.i    ^
S. S. Fowler, E. M., NELSON,  B.C.
Mining Engineer
VICTORIA, B. C.      m
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries
IVJI LLSj   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY,   ip. o. box ei> nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   ....   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,2oo,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, showing   the progress made by this Bank iu tin1
past ten years: 1888 1808
Cnpitnl Paid  Up  $ 1,000,(XK> % 1,600,000
Rest  200.000 1,250,000
Deposits  2.802,000 8,176,000
Circulation  'JSM.OOO 1,387,1X10
Loans  8,886,000 8,664.000
Liabilities to Public  4,038,000 9.900,000
Totnl Assets  5.280.000 12,787,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Havings Bunk department hiw been established in connection with tbe Nelson branch of
thifl bunk. Deposits of onu dollar and Upwards received, and current rate of Interest allowed,
���it present 3 per cent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
-^^     From the B. C. Portland Cement Co., Vancouver, B. C.
This Cement is Guaranteed, and is used by the
C. P. R. from Vancouver to Winnipeg.
Turner Beeton & Co.
.... Write  for  Quotations  and   Testimonials. . . ���
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowe? Prion***
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wliolesome meatB and supplies
kept in stock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric   rix-
tures, Lamps, Bells,'Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
86.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwaraea
either personally or by mail to the office of
FRANK   FLETCHER,  P. L. S.,    ,
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker 5��-


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