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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 9, 1900

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 Daily Edition   No   748
|Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, June 9,  1900.
Tenth Year
Let All  Fletcher  Men  Vote Early
House Congratulates Queen
On Near End of the
In His Address Laurier Pays
Canadians a Glowing
Bourassa Opposes Motion and
Is Greeted With Storm
of Hisses.
Ottawa, Out., June 8���The House of
I:.miliums today, on motion of Sir
Wilfred Laurier, adopted an address
to the Queen, congratulating Her Majesty on the .-11>|��i nn, iiinj; termination
of the wnr in South Africa.
There is hut one i,pinion on the extraordinary and lidiculous position
which Mi.Iloiuassa took In the deliate.
He stood alone nnd well deserved the
casligation administered to him hy Mr.
Charlton aud tho Premier,
When the House met Sir Wilfred
lime to move the following address.
"To Ihe Queen's Most Kxccllenl Majesty: Most Gracious Sovereign. We,
your Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, in Parliament assein
hied, desire to oiler to Your Majesty
our heartfelt congratulations on the
approaching termination or ihe war in
Sinn h Africa, as foreshadowed hy the
recent successes, culminating in the
fall of Pretoria, which have attended
the British arms.
"The feeling of pride and satisfaction,
���with which we hail every tresh nddi
tion to the long nnd glorious roll of
deeds wrought hy British valour nnd
resource, Is enhanced ou the present
occasion hy the proud consciousness
that, through the active co-operation
of her sons in the battle-field, Canada
is entitled to shine in a new and spec
ial manlier in tlie joy ot the present
"We rejoice that the conflict, now
happily drawing to a close, will
result in the removal of those
disabilities       under    which      many
of our fellow subjects have labored so
long, and we cannot doubt I hat the
extension of Your Majesty's gracious
rule over the whole of South Africa
will be attended by those blessings
which tlow   from wise  and beneficent
administrations of just   and   equal
"We pray thnt for your peoples'
sail,-, the blessings of Your Majesty's
reign may long be prolonged."
ln addressing himself to the House,
the Prime Minister spoke as follow!I
"The language of this address seems
to me to be sufficiently explicit, but 1
have a few observations lo offer in
support of it. We subjects, of all
races and origins in all parti of the
world, are Inspired with a sentiment
of exalted and chivalrous devotion to
the person of Her Most (Irncious Majesty.
"Thin devotion is not the result of
any maudlin sentimentality, but
arises from the fact that the Qneen 0.
the ninny lands whieli constitute the
Umpire, Is certainly the licst sovereign
Knglaud has ever had, and probably
the best that ever ruled in any laud.
Since war im ahhonent to the delicate
natnro of woman, we mny safely assume, and indeed we know, thnt the
present war has neen particularly psin-
fnl to  Her   Majesty     She  bsd   Imp sl
lugs nnd of bloodshed. It came with
altering periods of reverses and sno-
cesHns, but Sirs, happily peace ia now
within sight. Troops of Her Majesty
aro now in Pretorin nud the British
flag, to ns an omtleui of liberty, is
floating over the public buildings in
that far famed oity.  (Obeers.)
"This happy result is due above all to
that flue soldier who has proved
liini: ell a great general and who on
this occasion has, ns never before,
raised himself to tbe greatest expectations thnt tbe people of the Kmpiie,
had maintained of bim. (Cheers)
Lord Roberts is a great lender.of whom
each soldier can say, as soldiers of
Napoleon said at Austerlitz: 'He won
battles uot so mu.-li by making use of
our weapons as by making use of our
"British victories are due to the fine
character and solid qualities of
the troops who, under the command
of the victorious General, have proved
themselves ready for every emergency,
ready to do everything that was expected of them, ready and anxious to
do their duty to the Empire. In this,
we may remark with pardonable
pride that, on more than one occasion,
when the fate of the battle was trembling in the scales of Destiny, the balance was turned in favor of the British
arms, and the victory decided hy the
dash of our Canadian soldiers, who
proved that, though many years have
passed since lust they were called
upon to take the field against a foe,
they are yet worthy of the races
from which they have sprung, and
that the blood which courses   through
Houston Finds the Working-
men Arrayed Against
Suffers a Shock at the Opera
House Meeting Last
Finds He Cannot Drive the
Workingmen as
The   campaign   ended
two large meetings, one
House,   called by   Dr.  Hall
other iu Prank Fletcher's
rooms.    Of    the    meetings
last night In
at   the Opera
and the
there   is
little to be said. The average voter
does not care to wend his wily on
the morning of election dny through
the report of a political   speech.    The
. The polls will open at U o'clock and close at  7:30 this evening.   The
��� polling bout bs will be in the old Tribune building near the corner of
\ Vernon aud Ward 8treeta.
��� This evening The Miner will receive full returns from all parts of the
��� Province. It has nrrnuged with tho 0. P. R. for a special bulletin Ber-
\ vice and as the returns come in during the evening tbey will lie thrown
��� on a canvas on the Ward Street side of the Turner-Boeckh block. The
[ returns will probably be late iu comiug in but the The Miuer will  slay
��� out ns long ,is it hns an appreciative audience.    During  the intervals
��� between receipts of returns several beautiful views will he thrown Upon   4
r t
[ the cam as.                                                                                                                       T
>��������������� ������������������-������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-��
their veins is the same as that which | meeting at the Fletcher headquarters
inspired their ancestors to gallant was attended by several hundred
deed*.    (Cheers.) voters  and   wns  addressed by Candi-
''Happily, as I said, the end of the date Fletcher, W. A. McDonald and
war is in sight though we cannot hope others. There was a ring of promised
it is finished, muny battles have j victory on the morrow in every speech
doubtless yet to be fought and indeed and when the gathering dispersed
we may say that wheu the war is every man left with full confidence
terminated greater problems will face that the count of the ballots tonight
British authorities. But, even though : would show a good majority for their
the war is not finished, wc today hope candidate.
and pray that the long   reign   of   Her]    At the   Opera   House   meeting there
more be disturbed   was   not   quite   the  same    degree   of
Mujefty may never
by war, and that what remains of her
natural life, may now How in peace.
We pray that when the end of this
long and glorious reign comes, the
subjects of Her Majesty iu South
Africa  shall   have   learned to   appro-
harmony as at the Fletcher headquarters���John Houston suffered a
rude shock. He learned to his sorrow
that even his "lalior leaders'' had
been unable to herd the workingmen
III his direction ns be has   been   wont
elate those British Institutions which ' to boast. He found that there were
in this nge in every land signify | workingmen iu Nelson who placed a
liberty ami equal rights. (Applause.) proper estimate upon his boasted
"We hope nnd pray that when theI friendship for them. Some of his
end   of Her  Majesty's reign   comes It I supporters had continually interrupted
grew angry and gave the audience nu
exhibition of temper that would
hardly be in place in the Legislative
halls in Victoria.
Mr. Houston's reception was a snr-
prisc not only to the Mayor himself
but also to bis understrappers, They
were a mournful outfit when they
left the Opera House and there wns
less Honston talk ou the street and
about town after the meeting than
there has been for several weeks
Knslo, B, CJune 8.���Tomorrow the
electors will decide whether Hubert F.
Green Bhnll go|bnck to the Legislature
nt Victoria, or whether John lieen or
George Kane shall represent them.
Quite a change haa come over the feel-
infs of ninny voters siuce nomination
day. Then it wns felt thnt (ieorge
Kane,'the Qovernment mau, would lose
his deposit, but Kane has secured the
help of two professional political speakers, who certainly hnve done good work
iu his hebtdf and at present there nre
not a few who are willing to concede
that ho will come in second. John
Keen, the busiuess men's candidate,
will poll heavily, His record ns Mining
Recorder is sufficient to show that he
will make u good member, but he has
a. very strong opponent in Robeit
Creen, who is likely to poll enough
miners' and workingmen's votes to
again secure the sent by a narrow majority. This, at least, is the opiniou of
men who have watched the present
contest unbiased by personal leanings
towards uny of the candidates.
Occupies Valuable Strategic
Position at Laing's
Lord Roberts Preparing for a
Chase After General
Victoria, Jnne 8.���At tho close of
the campaign tonight the Opposition
candidates in Victoria, and all over
Vancouver Island, are very confident of
viotory. Tbe Opposition oandidates
in Victoria held a rousing meeting in
tho Opera House tbis evening. The
speakers were E. V. Bodwell, Fred
Petfrs, C. H. Lngrin, Captain Clive
Phillips Wooley and the four candidates. The genernl opinion is tbat
Martiu will not get ten seats in tbe
Handful of Americans Stand Off 600
The Boer Commandant Will
Continue Fight In the
London, Juno 9.���C: 15 a.m.���(Jeuernl
liuller has at length taken the offensive
anl,by manoeuveriug, has seemed a position west of Laing's Neb. by which he
believes be can make the Boer's position untenable. Presumably he will
immediately follow up his success.
Lord   Huberts     has    communicated
were eonvoyed to Nooltgedaoht In-
stcad of Pretoria.
(leneral bonis Botha, with a rear
guard of '.'.ono, left Pretoria during
the night, the British advance guard
entering on the Very heels of tlie
retiring lioers.
liotlui has sworn to carry on the win
in the mountains. At Lorenso Marque?, station a crowd wailed nil Thursday night to see President Kruger, us
it was reported that he would arrive on
a special train to gain au asylum on
board the Netherlands cruiser Pries-
land. Middleburg is said to be full of
Boer refugees and wouuuVd men.
The railway still delivers goods at
Bronkhorst Spruit, forty miles east
of Pretoria.    A   British  column is at
Bremensdorp,     Swaziland.      Eleven
British prisoners have been taken
to Middleburg. The British at llcira.
are moving into the interior iu detachments of -'(JO.
Mr. O, W. Fiddes, Imperial Secretary
oi the High CotrniiBsinnnr, with u
pnit of Sir Alfred Milncr's stall, left
Oape Town, Tuesday evening for Pretoria possibly, as the 'Jape carrcspend-
ent of tho Daily News, thinks, to arrange the annexation details.
The Daily Chronicle, icferring to the
protest ot Mr. Haiold 0. Parsons
against the treatment given the wound-
ed Cunadians. says I
"Uud Struthcona has investigated
the coniplaiut uf Ihe men. and the mat
ter has been settled satisfactorily, the
furloughs being gruntej,"
Lorenzo Marque
States     Consul
ill is,
who      re-
Another Detail of Officers and
Men   Invalided   to
Colonel Herchlmer Sails from
Cape Town on Sick
Hughes Pays Himself a Few
Compliments -Dominion News.
Cnn the business mon of Nelson afford to mark their ballots for any
other than Frank Fletcher? Can they afford to vote for anyone who
will slrWe to Incite further injurious agitation in the Province? Can
they afford to vote for men whose election would keep capital out of
the Province? Can they afford to vote for a man who has, more than
nny other man in tbe Kootenay, lieen responsible for the depression in
business and the continued sgitation between capital and Inbor? Let
Ihem ask themselves theiw questions and answer them at the polls.
shall close upon a united Empire
that tbe olosing years ol ber long snd I wherein pMM nnd goodwill shall pre-
prosperous reign would not have been Viiil among all men." (Hear, hear
saddened hy such a  spectanlo  as  war,   and dicers.)
bnt it was not not in the decree ol the I Rie Charles Tupper then ssid: "It
Divine Provirtenoe thnt tbis hope sud gives me pleasure to second the motion
Irish should be gratified. | which has  just been   moved   by the
"War oame.and it osme with ths snr   Hight, Hon. the leader of the House
roundln^i of honor, of grievous snffer- - coaiieued <m rourt* Pig*
Washington. D. CJune8.���Perhaps
the most thrilling incident of the entire
Philippine war occurred at Catubig, ou
the Island of Samivr, where on April 16
last a party of thirty-one enlisted men
of Company II, 4!lrd Infantry Volunteers held at hay a force of six hundred
insurgents during four days of the
llercest fighting, reinforcements arriving just in time.
According to the reports the attack on the garrison nt Catnhig began
without warning on April loth, from
the hills on all sides, from every vantage point in thu town and from n
deserted chnrch directly adjoining
Oamentif. with a cannon fire of terrible intensity. Tuesday morning
hnndfnls of burning hoiup wore
thrown into the bnrrnoks from In-
snrgonts in tho church and . oon the
soldiers' refuge wns on fire. All
effoits to subdue fhe firo fulled and
flnnlly the little band mnde a (IbbIi for
the river bank. Homo were killed
before thu bank wns reached, others
fell down in a boat iu which they
were attempting to muke tho opposite
shore nud when a trench was finally
dug Willi bayonets, there were bnt Mi
of the 31 loft to man It. Here for two
days inoie. Corporal Carson, handling
his men with the judgment of a!
veteran, held out under a terrible fire
until Sweeny's command, which hnd
been ordered to supply the gurnson at
Catnbig and was on Its way up the
river on the Lnouwig, arrived. ���"
Not until within n quarter of a mile
of Oalubig.nnys Lieutenant .Sweeney in'
his repott, did Ihey hem the noise of
the cngniretncnt. Then be realised thai
he  nnd his men sere Sorely needed and
ordered tbe captain o( the  steamer  toi	
run his hont lit top spied.   Tbestenmer|
eumc to Catnbig under n rnin of bullets I """^
from   both   shores       The small  Isiots
were lowered and a landing effected nud j
the rescuers fought Iheir   wny through
The following is from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of June 6 an
fers to Col. Frank It. Miles uf Unite, Molilalia:
Last June, having reali/.ed his rich copper discoveries, he went as fur
east as Boston to interest capitul in their development, lu this he wus
temporarily disappointed, owing to the timidity of capitalists regarding
investment in Canadian mining properties under the present system of
Government, and the fact that many of the copper claims had been
bonded by the Standard Ull Company. Kef inning iu September, ho
learned I hat his men had iu the me,ml line made much better discoveries
on American soil. luside of three weeks, he was again on his way I-!,i -i.
visiting a number of leading cities on the wny.
"With all Ihe mineral developments," said Col. Miles, "nnd nil Ihe
mineral on the Canadian side of the boundary line, I cannot under the
present Orders in Council, interest capital in Ihe work on thnt side.
Fortunately for us, the deposits of copper that have been so much talked of are in American   territory,    When I discovered  these  properties
on the American side It took me but a short time to Interest nil the
capital necessary for their development.    1 closed the deal in New York
turned here yesterday from tin
Transvaal by special train, had a
two bonis Interview in   close   confer
once with President Kruger at  Mnch*
It is stated that    Mr.    Mollis   is tin
bearer of friendly dispatches from the
United  Mates    Qovernment   urging
Mr. Kruger to treat for peace.
nothing for three daws, nor permitted
the correspondents to wiro what is going on.
London's inference is that he is resting, although be II possibly disposing
his army (or a reach after Commandant
(leneral ilulha.
A blockade of the wire', owing to
the rush of oflininl correspondence,may
account for tho scanty prtss despatches.
Some telegrams filed a week ago, are
only just now arriving. Among these
aro descriptious of Jhe fighting at
Klundsfontein. According to one ol
them, the streets were filled with
women and children. Kifle shots could
be heard everywhere. The British
soldiers would stop filing anil join   in
the chase after ohickens. Tho Ilurghers  occurred.     Cur   cannabic*   were
surrendered   to  anyone,   Kaffirs   went   killed   and thirteen wounded.
London, June N.���The Wnr Oflice Im-
received the following despatch from
Qsnersl Duller: "Yellowbooin Parm,
Juno H���(in Jnne lllh, (leneral Tnlbol
Coke, with the Tenth lirig.ulu and
South African Light Hnrae, seized Van
Wyck Hill. The enemy made some
resistance and a good   deal   of   sniping
about  looting   ihe  Jewish   stoles and   ing the dsy and the following day we
mounted infantry galloped hither   and j got two 4. T and   two   II   pound   nsv.l
guns to VanWyok   Hill, end   two   five
has    a     new   inch gnus on to the southwestern   spur
(SI-KCIALS TO Till.   MIM.11.1
Ottawa June K��� Militia orders
issued today contain the following
notices. The following ofllcers, noncommissioned olllcers and meu of tbo
<_d (special service) Pattalinn of the
ltoynl Canadian ltegimeut have been
invalided to Knglaud. Officers : Captain   J.    li.    Peltier,    Until     .Mount, it
Royal Kiii,- ; Captain A. C.
Hell, Scott's Guards, attached;
Lieutemiut Wilkiu. Koynl Orenadiers,
Nmi commissioned officers and men,
Scrgoi.nl Poppini, Horn! Canadian
Artillery; Corp. Haugli, Koynl Canadian Regiment of Infantry; Corp.
i,rant, 4th Highlanders I Pte. McLaughlin. Pte. Peters, Pte. Warren,
ltoynl Canadian Regiment) Pte. J.
Anderson, Pte, Andrews, 5th Regiment Canadian Artillery; Pte. W.
Brooking, Sixth Duke of Connangbt's
own Rifles; Pte. Corley, Wellington
Rifles; Pte. J. Hay. Uiddlassex,
bight    Infantry;   Pte.   Finch,    vtii
Fusiliers;    Pte,     Pulton,   :.'lst    Essex
Fusiliers; Pte. Kennedy, Tenth Royal
Orenadiers;  Pte. Rooke, Ind Queen's
Own Riflee; Pte. Suit  I.'lth Regiment; Pte. Usshcr. Pte. B, M. Ward,
Hod Queen's Own ltegimeut: Pte C.P.
Clarke. I��� '��� i, 1 Otlnwn nmi Carletou
Ititlrs ; Pte. C. Holland. Pliuce Kdwaril
ltegimeut; Pte. W, A. Martin, 42rd O.
indC. K. ; Pte.lrwin. Hth Koyal Itifles ;
Pte. C. It. Nickle. 8rd Montreal Field
Battery : Pte. A. Martin, .ml ltegimeut
, 'ana, ban Artillery: I'll*. It. 11. Travel*.
_Sth Klgiu KeRiineiil; Pie Donahue,
3rd ltegimeut Canadian Artillery; I'te,
M. ���?. McCarthy. Ith Hegiuicnt Canadian Artillery : I'te. J. A. liar.is. Queen's
Own ltegimeut; Pte. A. I'clky, find
rft John Fiisilcci-. Pie. Fillmore. I'ilrd
Cumberland Regimen). I'te. F. McNab,
lEIid Halifax Itillcs.
The Montreal Star's London correspondent cables aJWer Office report today that Captain llarrisju. transput
ollicer of the Canadian Mounted Hiil,.-
wlni was reported ill "t VYyuhurg n few
days ago. is uow in i, dangerous condition.
      ��wn��ja ���
Lord   Huberts'
In following John Houston the workingmen of Nelson would Im' going
to their own destruction. In voting for him thev will be voting for a
mini who cares not one whit for their interests. They will be voting
foramen who boasts thai he has the workingmen of this city in his
grasp to do with them as he wishes, a man who stops at no promise so
long ns it will bring him a vote, lohn Houston is John Houston's
friend. He is not Iho fiiend of the working mno or of the business men.
Has (.one tu i iidi.ind on Sick Leave,
Ottawa, Ju nn x. ��� Colonel llerchimer,
commanding ollicer of tbn Canadian
Mounted Kiflua.wbo has Imen seriously
111, hns left Cape Town for England on
the transport Montfort The supposition is thut bo hss been invalided
Mr. Hull nnd Mr. Fletcher and when
Mr. Houston arose to deliver his
address he found that there were
those In the audience, and many of
them,  win
hear him.    He   found   that- over half' trenclus, buried the dc
the audience, and it  was an audience I brought buck lo the bout   the besieged  deported   from
of workingmen.   was opposed to him   party, numbering now only 18 men and | that they^werc
jand a* Is usual with   Ills Worship hi  then steamed down the river,
il runs thus: "We're marching
into Pretoria, it belongs to Queen
The Dally Express has the follow-
wore not  over  anxious to \ tboorsm totheirbcsirgcdcornradcsii. the , Ing fro,.. Pretoria Wednesday :    "The
ad within reach, ! one   thousand   prisoners   who     were
Watervall    were    told
Blsiut   to In- given np
IT___*_v_;_r._i A~Z,n >.h_ piwm. ' to Lord Roberts,   They  cheered  and
of   liikewelo.      Under   cover
Ore Qsnersl Hlldysrd today
all   the   spurs   of   the   Ilerg
Iiothas   Puss    and     Inkrwcln.
attsck,  which wss  planned   hy
yard and   carried   out   with   immense  devitrd for years,
Toronto, Ont., June 8 ���Colonel Ham
Hogbai writM to The Qlobe from Cape
Town. MnyU,  as follows :
'' I rasy state   my surprise   that 'tho
House of Commons should havivillnweil
my private letters to lienernl IIniton to
be brought   down   in  the   well  known
^^^^^ quarrel,   without   my     private    dnt��
Hgainst  him   being   nuked  for.    What
of   their   was Ihe object of giving   only Mm tons
nssnulted   brief against  me?    He Wilson   trial   an
between   well ns I wss.  I hnve assisted iu smash-
Tho  jng one of  the most  dnngerons   plots
Hild-   against free government tbet   has been
H.it defeats in Soutb
��� l.i-li by the troops for whom no moon-   Africa for llritish arms have done   inti.
talus   were  too  steep, outflanked   the   nitcly m> re tlmu any one man could do
(iiiiilnunl on Fourth l's��e.
t'uulluuixl ou Fourth Pagv,
���        - am
iNeison Daily Miner
Published Dally oxoept Monday.'
Nki.son Minih Pbintinq A Foblishino Co
I) J.  HKA TON, Kdttor and Manager.
Dally por inonlh by canter I   8s
per half yoar    3 w
D.r,wr    '00
per rear by mall    60��
peryear foreign -   "00
I. 1 ��� k
Nklwin Wkkkly MlNKII.
Weekly, per lialf year I IU
��n��    ,0��
pe. ��ear, foreign    ss0
Botwcrlpllom Invariably In advaaoe)
Nelaon Min >r Printing* 1'ublln MogGO
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.  144.
Idiulon I England] Olllco. 11;". Fleet 81 reel, E.C
Cenlriil Pros* Agency, Limited, Special Agent <
Nelson Daily Miner
June 9. 19O0.
In Peace and In War
CUT out this coupon anil bring
t or send it with 10 cents in silver
]>  for  each   l'ortfolio    desireil,   to
*  the   Portfolio    Department   of
The Nelson Dnily Miner anil get
Parts 1 to 18, "(lllmpsesof South
Africa in Peace and in War."
See announcement on another
represent him correctly, there is no
man in the Province who better understands all the conditions more or
less affecting the labor question.
We would not think of disputing
his opinion of a year and a half ago,
that an eight-hour law would be
premature; that the conditions were
not ripe for it. Very likely they
were not; but how, then, did Mr.
Smith, a lew days afterwards, prevail upon himselt to assist not only
in passing such a law, but in smuggling it through the Legislature and
springing it on the country without
a moment's notice ? The law may
have been premature, but in itself
there was nothing of an objection-
nble nature. An eight-hour day
under ground is probably quite long
enough, and if the miners thought
so they were entirely justified in asking for it. But why should Mr.
Ralph Smith assist in the trick of
concealment to get it passed? Is
he, notwithstanding all the creditable things said of bim, merely a
politician of common clay like the
rest of them, willing to let his opinions go when there is a party end
to gain? A labor leader of that
kind will not hesitate to sacrifice
his followers, if put to the temptation under party stress.
It is risky work to trust the best
of these political labor leaders. The
cause of labor is safer in the hands
of an old and tried historical party
like the Conservatives, as experience
has often taught and, we suppose,
will continue to teach to the end of
time without indelibly impressing
its lesson. The Miner would sooner
trust Mr. Fletcher, with the traditions of his party to keep him in
check than any professional like
Mr. Ralph Smith.
fore many learned that Buller was
given an impossible task. Nttr did
his difficulties disappear with1 the relief of I.adysmith. He has had hard
work ahead of him constantly, Slow
work, work that did not show. He
will come out of it perhaps without
any display of fireworks, but Gen.
Buller is one of the heroes of the
Boer war notwithstanding.
Go out and vote for Mr. Fletcher.
We do not say now that he is a
better man than Or. Hall, or a better man than Mr. Houston; both of
these candidates may be better
looking, and more learned and
pious and temperate. We do not
ask any one to vote for Mr. Fletcher
on his own account. It is the
Province we have to consider, not
any individual. The Province wants
steady, settled, progressive govern
ment, government that will restore
confidence to the people here and
through them to all the outside
world that takes an interest in British Columbia. The election of Mr.
Fletcher will do more towards this
end than would that of either ol the
candidates opposed to him. If we
were to print words enough to cover
a sheet as large as the Kootenays,
we could not say more than this.
Therefore, go  out   and  vote  for
Earlier in the campaign it would
have been interesting to many of
the electors in Nelson if they had
been told of the things Mr. liberts
spoke of at Nanaimo the other day
He let the people there into a
secret. When the suggestion of
an eight-hour day was first made to
the Mining Committee, of which he
was a member, it was strongly
opposed by Mr, Ralph Smith, who
maintained that the time was not
yet ripe for the introduction of such
a law, It was doubtless largely
owing to Mr. Smith's attitude that
the measure was dropped at that
time. Hut then came Mr. Hume's
by-election in Nelson. It was very
necessary that Mr. Hume should be
successful, for defeat meant the defeat of ihe Government. Mr. Semlin was nut firmly enough seated to
withstand the loss of one of his
Ministers. It was a critical occasion, and the gentleman in Montana
knew it���that line labor leader who
talks so lightly of rifles. He got al
Mr. Wilks, and Mr. Wilks got at
Mr. Hume. The latter would
promise anything that got him
votes, and he promised Mr. Wilks
nnd, through Mr. Wilks, Mr.
Boyce of Montana, that he would
trade an eight-hour day for the
votes of the miners.
Moot of the story is old, but the
portion of it related of Mr, Ralph
Smith by Mr. Eberts is new and
decidedly interesting,   If his friends
New Goods!
Just  received   from   the
The very latest ideas in���
Card Cases
Pelts, Elc.
Frank J^letcher.
Stability of Government-
Observance of our Constitution-
A cable yesterday said that Mr.
Hollis, a United States Consul, visited the Transvaal and conveyed
friendly greetings to Kruger, with
an earnest entreaty that he sue for
terms of peace. The conduct of
the American people throughout
this Boer war has not been as
admirable as it might, or as gracious as one might expect, remembering the recent trouble with
Spain; but there has never been the
least reason to suspect the perfect
friendliness of the Administration.
When Secretary Hay instructed
Ambassador Choate to tender to
the British Foreign Minister the
good offices of the United States in
restoring peace with the Transvaal,
The Miner ventured the opinion
that between London and Washington there was an understanding
as to this offer of intervention, and
other events and disclosures went
to confirm the suspicion. We venture the opinion again that there is
a similar underslanding with respect
to the mission of Mr. Hollis. Mr.
Kruger may want a little urging to
get down on his knees, and for
many reasons Great Britain would
prefer that it came from a non-
European Power.
Peace, Progress,
and Prosperity,
Agitation, Stagnation,
and Adversity.
Committee Rooms over Neeland's
.Shoe Store, Baker Street. Open
every day and evening. All supporters invited to attend.
The Miner takes upon itself to
make an appeal to all the candidates
alike. One of them will be elected,
and his friends will no doubt desire
to celebrate. Whichever it is, will
he kindly request those unearthly
steam whistles to keep quiet? Nelson is one of the healthiest places
on earth; but we are subject to the
infirmities of nature, and the sick
we have always with us. The town
is low down between the mountains,
and a little noise sounds loud. Let
us consider the patients in the hospitals and in the private homes.
There are many ways to celebrate
without making night hideous with
the shrieking of shrill or coarse-
throated steam whistles. May we
hope this appeal will commend itself to the good judgment of the
the candidates and their friends ?
Service for the year 1900 will
be commenced JUNE 10th
The   "Imperial    Limited"
takes you across the Conti
nent in four  days  without
change.    It is a solid vesti-
buled     train,     luxuriously
equipped  with  every  possible essential for the com
fort and convenience of passengers.    Ask your friends
who have travelled on it or
Tray. Faun. AgoDli        A 11. P. AkuMi,
Nalarn Vancouver
An exchange is asking what Buller has been doing while Roberts
was active to such purpo.,c in the
centre of hostilities ? As meant,the
question does General Buller great
injustice. When he was sent into
Natal in the first place no one in
the army or out of it. at home or in
Africa, knew what was before them;
it all had to be learned as the war
progressed, and it was not long be-
The Rubens Vest is tho BE8T
undershirt ever devised fur infants. Nu
BUTTONS,    PIN8,    (ir    8TRINCS
required. Nn pulling over the head to
worry email children. lis use is recommended by the most eminent physicians
for its efficient protection of lungs and
abdomen. For tale by all leading Dry
Goods stores.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan ou Straight Mortgage,
Apply to (i. h. LENNOX, Baker St.,
Frank Fletoher
of Nelson
Provincial Land Surveyor
Qeorge Arthur B, Hall
of Nelson
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.IMITKH.-Cornor Vor
non and Cedar Streets, Notion, niumi.
fuuturorH ot and wholesale dealers In aorulod
waters and fruit syrups. Sole agents for Hal-
oyon Springs nilnural water,   Tel Ik)
���.\. M. I'lllniuuiH, Leasee, Kvory known
variety nf Hoft drink*. 1'. O. Box 88. Telephone No. 31. Hoover Street Nolson. llottlors
of the Famous at. I.0011 Hot Springs Mluoml
< ;WV* WW-WW vvwwwt
Johu Houston
of Nelsou
TURING   CO --Alnuiiraotur,
Hoyal Seal and lvoolonry Hollo ��'h-
 irors or the
-    Igarx.   Kac-
tory and olllee, Maker Hti-OHt, NoIhoii, 11. C.
HJ. EVANS & OO. Ilnlier Hired. N,,l
a HO11, wlioiOHuIodoaltirri In liquors, olgars
cement. Ilro brick and II1-0 olny, water pipe and
stool rails and general ooniinlHKioii merchants,
J A. M'DONALD - Maddon Block"
��� NoIhoii. b. ('. Fruit*, loo eruniu,
U. II. Chocolates, high class contact lunuiy,
lco Creun, parlors.
l.i mi run. H hull buIo .mil retail dealers
lu grain, hay, flour, food. Mills at Vlotoriu.
Now Westminster. Edmonton, Alia. Elevators on Calgary & Edmonton Railway. Manu-
faoturora of eolebrated B & K brand cereals.
A     MAODONALD    &    CO.    Oorner
���      Front   and    Hull   strools.
.  wholesale
grocers and Jobbers la blankets, glovoe, mil'.*,
rubbers, maoktnaws aud minora' sun-
Fresh shipment ol
Morrison & Caldwell.
The Bed Front Telephone 134.
"ORBIT" Brand arid
PREMIER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents ton Can��oa ��� JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
To get the best results from a
timepiece it is necessary to thoroughly understand its meohaniem.
We have this understanding, acquired by yeart of study and practice in some of the best workshops
in America- We invite the severest tests and guarantee satisfactory
178 Baker Street. Nelson.
Charles St. Barbe
Stock and Share
General Agent.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Two lots nnil house, 8 rooms, bath
room anil kitchen, all modern Improvements, fj-ooil view, handy to
town, 83,500.    Terms.
New Cottage, Mill Street, 82.1 per
New Cottage, Stanley Street, 8SII
per month.   All mullein conveniences.
Two new cottages, I lore Street, 815
Gamble b O'Reilly.
Merchant Tailor,
Baker  Street,
Opposite the Queen's.
Jan. A. Maciloualui���Architect* and Superintendent*. Broken Hill Block, liir. linker
and Ward Sts.. Nelson, B. C.
Otnco coruur Hall   and Front riiruois.
Nelson, B. 0,   I.umbor, Colling, Flooring anil
everything in  wood  for building   pui poses.
Gol our pricos.   Correspondence Hollcilod.
P BURNS * CO   Maker Hired. Nelson,
���   wholesale dealers ln fresh and cured
meats.   Cold storage.
-Baker hi i eel. Nelson.   Wliolosalo deal
ers in f rewh and cured meats.
V Limitkd���Bakor si [-,-,-1 Nelson, wholesale dealers in hard ware and mining supplies,
plumbers' and tinsmith's supplies.
ile paints aud oils.
Vernon and Jottopnino tilreeu, Ne'.*>n
wholeHalo doaleri* iu liquor, clgara aud-dry
good.. AgenUfor Pabnt Browing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Browing Co. of ('Klgary.
UDSON'S BAY 00.~Wholeo.lo gro-
coritM anallquora. eio., Bakor si.. Nelrton.
fCALIFORNIA    WINE   CO.    Limit*!,
9   corner rront and KaTt otreotK, Nolnon.
holoKalo doalent In Wlne_ [otM and bulk),
and DomoHtio and Imported Cigar*.
JY- GRIFFIN  A  OO.-Corner  Vernon
��   ana Joeepnino dtreeto. Nelson. wholeHalo
dealers in provisions, curod meaU, but tor aud
General Agent for Southern B.O.
for the
Birkbeok Investment, Security & Suvinpi
Oo., of Toronto.
Money Lonned on Straight Mortgage:
Iteal Instate anil Insurance.
2 4-Rooined Oottages.
2 Isits on Ohaervntory St., $275 Oash.
During the heat of the
If you want to keep cool pet n few of
Big Schooners
10   Cents.
The only good Beer in Nelson.
Eoora 1, Tnrner-Boeokh Blook.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
14-room   house,   nil   conveniences, 2
lots down town.    A bargain.
Houses in all parts of the oity.
Bnker ��� Street    improved   property.
Income 15 por oent net.
76-feet beat residence oorner in the
city.   A snap.
A good list of bnilding lots to select
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of seoond hand goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an anchor ton
needle. Furniture, stoves, onrperts,
oooking ntensila, bought In household
quantities. Also oast oft clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. 0.
(lUnv tUrnsf -lliisMr <��tha ^t^tV^f %*,
We can suit you with
what you require in
Shoes, or
We carry full lines
from infants'to men's,
built by the best
makers on the continent, and guarantee
price and quality to
be satisfactory.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in   the   country  at
5oc per cwt
Special rales on carload    lots.      Apply
Baker Street.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Monliwl
Allan Line "i;orlntl.l.ur (��J*A
Allan Lino "I'srlHinii" ;���   ',  '���:,V,���ij,,mII
Dominion Lino [apply litaJbr nl M��"��������I1J
Dominion Uno "Dominion       JV"   ���
lloavor Lino "Lake Megwtta  j_JT||
Hoavor Lino "Lnko Superior ���]lNo;"y0rk
Whlto Star Lino  "Ocoaiilc;' J���' ���
White mar Lino "Teutonic  J,u"   j
Cunard Lino "Klruria'.. f"   K
Cunani Lino "('amiunla. .       ������ i   ,,(
North Gorman   Uoyil     -��''"., JKJh
North Gorman Lloyd 'Travo  j     18
Anchor Uno "Ethiopia     ^   , u
American Lino "SI. Loiim J,ml,, n
Hod Hlar  Lino "Kricsland 4J�� ���
Allan State Line "Sardinian     ,      jj_iMM
Pa��Ha_eH arranged to and frou aII Mjjgg
polnw.   For rates, tickets and f, I BBggg
aplilytoC.P.H,dopotag.onl'or OS ��"���
ffl Paasonse. jPV7ffl||fM    ._,
General Aaeitt C P. K. Oflice- ��Vnudr��
A Boarding anil Day'Seh.jo I eond. cl��dW
tho SlsUim of St. Joseph of I": ;,,,,,,��� Htri*.
atod at the corner of Mil and J.��        ' J} Nd.
Ull and higher branches of a "" ,';��kc0,,i,iK,
education. Iluslnoss OWrw J"*.,, ^.no
Stenography and 1 ypewr 1 ����� ' ' . prtwIM,
-MusTc, Vocn and Ins n ."!"/'|ii)lhc���|w,
oto.-1'lain and Art Noodlo��om, i��"
For tornis no* nartlculare apply
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Vtotorla and Kootenay Bt*
P.O.Bo*��M. Tcl��nhnn.No.��
our -.
p. WHALLEY. J- ?���
withO.W. West*co���cor, Hill
and Baker sts.
Offloe of tbe N��I��d Sod*:*1'1* NELSON   PAILY  MINER, SATURDAY,   JUNE y,  igpo
Thero will bo n sacred concert in the
AVnverley diuii g room lomoriow
Itegislrar Simpklns hns lssnod notice
that there will he n sitting of the
County Court, held ut Nelson, June
l.sih at 10 n. in.
llydoifc Tifsworth yesterday completed the unloading of the lirst
straight carload of lemons over received in tho Kooteunys.
The TreiuoiiL Hotel is rapidly assuming it Metropolitan air. The new plate
glass windows nre in and the old front
will be torn out in a dny or two.
At the Baptist church tomorrow
morning the subject of the senium
will be be "In little and in much" and
in the evening the topic will bo "Vic-
Mr. John Hilbeit, of Nanaimo, is in
the city, ictiiriiiiig'l'ioin a visit to Fernie.    He will remain u   week   anil   in
ibid time expec.s to organise a Uouit
of the Ancient older of Forrester's.
UyJnly 1 the south side of linker
Street will be laid to grade with a new
sidewalk and the stone curbing will be
fin. The roadway will also be put into
good shape and the street will present
a. splendid appearance.
James Kent, telegraph manager for
the 0. P- S, will be in Nelson shortly
accompanied    liy   John    Wilson,
Western    telegraph    manager,
Wilson is making a tour of inspect
���of the 0,   P.   B,   telegraph system
British Columbia.
MeBsrs. Galliher & Wilson have so._
an eighth interest iu the Black Prince
mine, Springer Creek, to J.C. Shook.of
Slocan. The price paid was SS0O cash.
No property in this division has
figured so extensively ou the record
otlice books as the Bliick Prince.
Tomorrow morning; Kev. H. 0.
Sutherland will speak on "Jacob's Ladder" in the Presbyterian chinch, and
Mr. Grizells will s:ng "Remember Me."
In the evening the sermon will deal
with the Ark and the Flood, aud the
choir will sing, "Holy Ohost, the In-
"The Nelson Miner explains that several of its columns which are devoted
<to the canse of Br. Hall, nro prepared
iby Dr. Hall's frieuds and occupy spaco
jporebnsed by Dr. Hall's committee.
���The Miner is more honest than the
Vancouver World. "���New Westminstei
���Columbian.    To whioh   many thnnkB.
Mr. T. (1. Prooter's houseboat is
about completed nnd Mr. W. II Dowsing bus arranged to furnish it next
week. It will be a mngnilicent Bummer
home nud Mr.l'ructei' will probably occupy it as soon ns be arrives from England. It will bo tbe lirst houseboat ot
any pretensions built in the Kootenays.
0. P. It. passengers leaving Nelson
:at 7:1(1 uext Sunday morning will make
iiie same connection for Revelstoke
���awl main line points as tbey would by
leaving at 6V��) Saturday night. The
_iew time curd goes into effect on Siin-
,day nud on and alter that dny the train
;for Revelstoke and the main line will
.leave a I  7:10 a. III.
The Arlington Mines. Limited, has
filed notice for 3<S0 Indies of water to
Vi taken from Springer Creek. The
creek is to be dammed at the Argo
claim, aud the water is to be used for
mining and milling purposes. This
presages the erection of a large mill
for treating the concentrating ore on
the Arlington.
Tho Congregational Chnroh will hold
services in the Opera Honse tomorrow.
Kev. Wm. Munroe will preach at 11
it. in. on the subject "Henvon's Joy,"
and ut 7:!!() p. m. on "Is the World
��� Crowing Better." At the evening
services there will be special music as
as follows: "Neuter' My God to
���Tbee," Nelson Male Quartette. Solo:
Ave Mnrin (Couuod), Herr Steiner.
Everybody will be welcomed to the
Mr. I. C. Rchermarhorn, for several
'years manager if the J. A. Snywaril
lumber business in this City, leaves
Nelsou today tor Dawson City, where
he goes to conduct, the business the .1.
A. Hnywnrd people are now doing at
that point. Mr. Schermerhoro's departure from Nelson will be mourned
by many. During his residence here he
lias mnde a large number of friends all
of whom will miss him nud join in wishing him every suocess iu his new  field.
At the office of the Mining Kocorder
the following transactions took place
yesterday. Transfers: From Elie La
Valley to Josiph Bernard, a half interest in the Hallas and a quarter in
ihe Copper King, both situated on the
north fork of Snlmem River. From
Joseph B. Dabney to 0. D. MoKenale
Ihe original claim, one mile nnd a half
north east of Brie for tlttOOO, the same
claim being transferred by McKonzie
to the HastingB Exploration Syndicate,
Limited, lor a like consideration.
Locations: Ronton, on north slope of
mountain by J. L. Stamford. Assessment. Certiflontea: Annio Rooney,
W. H. MoOonib; Homeslake, Copper
Kiug. K. D. Green and Joseph Bernard | Copper Plate to to Thomas Hy-
land ; Pilgrim to V. J. Siioire.
A meeting of football enthusiasts was
held last night at the Wuverley Hotel
to form a club to defend the interests ot
Nelson, nguinst all ooniers in tne lirst
of July celebrations. The following
biisimss was transacted .Officers I Hon.
Percy Criddle; President. Dr.Stoddnrt;
Vioe President, Li. B, Hodge; Sec-
Trees., W. MoAdnni. II. H. Go. Committee, A. J. Fisher, 0. 3, Dewar and
Dr. McLennan, to aot along with officers
in transaction of business. The selection of a captain was left over until another met ting. Arthur W. Blimey nnd
Wm. Morrison were eleoted enptams
pro tern, nnd it was left to tbem to get
together two practice teams to piny a
match on the ball giounds Monday evening next, to commence at 7 18O sharp.
All Association football players are invited to set in nnd prnctice. the colon.
of the olnb will be white. About thirty
gentlemen have already signified tbeir
intention of becoming members, it is
hoped Ihe committee in charge of the
celebration will see their way Clear to
aid the club iu giving prizes lo the winning eleven, in u tournament wiin ivas-
lo, Trail and Silverton, which clubs are
already in excellent lighting form, and
it will reqtiiro the bort Nelson blood to
step on the Held to meet them,
"The Charge at Dawn," a march
composed by 8, 1). Schultz, of Victoria, and dedicated to the Canadian
heroes at Pmirdebarg, February 17,
I'.mo, has recently made its appearance
nnd has been deservedly accorded a
splendid reception. The march was
Introduced by the Fifth Regiment
Baud of Victoria at a concert, and so
enthusiastic was the applause and so
general the satisfaction that the band
willingly repented the selection.
The number is decidedly a military
production and is pregnant with great
dash and vigor. There is not an uninspiring passage iu the entire selection, a pnlse-quiokenliig introduction
leading oh" Into the first strain with a
splendid swing. Mr. Schultz. is to be
congratulated on Mh production,
which stamps him as being possessed
of musical talents of a high order.
Timely information gtvon Mrs.
Goorge Long of New Strnitsville.Ohio,
prevented a dreadful tragedy aud saved
cwo lives. A frightful oongh hnd long
kept her awake every night. 8he had
tried many remodies and doctors bnt
steadily grew worse until urged to try
Dr. King's New Discovery. One bottle
wholly cured her, and she writes this
marvelous medicine also cured Mr.
Long of a iie.vcie attack of pneumonia.
Such onres are positive proof of the
nniiehlcss merit of this grand remedy
for curing all thrust, client and lung
troubles. Only 50c aud $1, Every
bottle guaranteed. Trial bottles free at
Canada Drug & Book Store.
Do not forget tbn big June sale at the
Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Spring ohicken nnd all tbe delioaoioB
of the season served to you when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberta'
Ranch, two and a half miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Roberts, propiietor.
Be sure you are right, then go ahead.
You enn't be wrong if you deal with
Nickerson, watchmaker and second
hand trader. 257 Baker Street, Nelsou,
B. C.
Get your hnt to pay yoor eleotion
bat at the Wallace-Miller Co., Ltd.
Juue prices.
'A Friend in Need
Is a Friend Indeed."
Too many people never come to
They wait tor the glasses to come
to them.
These nre the people who talk
about bud eyes in old age.
Death and glasses come to all.
Blessed are they who tlie young-.
Blessed are they who use glasses
when needed,
When in doubt about the needful
time, or ignorant ot ihe proper kind,
come our way.
Patenaude Bros.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co
Real  Estate.   Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to  Loan.
Lots 1 to fi, Blook 44 F, Corner of
Observatory and Hall StreetB.
Lots!! and 4, Blook 1)8, next to Oorner of Mill nnd Cedar.
Fivo Roomed House and two well
cultivated lots, neatly fenced, all
plumbing except sewer connection.
$000 cash and $8(io.   Ensy terms.
Mr. Morlty'u Resideuco and about
82 notes across the lake. About 3 aores
fenced and planted witb frnit trees.
Six Roomed House and two Oorner
Lots on Ward Street.   Rented at $25.
Eight Roomed House standing on loo
foot Coiner on Stanley Street, all
modem improvements including
The property on Upper Arrow Lake
known as the St. Leon Mineral Springs
property consisting of about 475 acres
of land with hotel buildings and valuable Mineial Springs, and a large tiaot
of standing timber,;may be purchased
on reasonable terms. Absolute title
nnd nossession can bo given at once.
Full pniticulars will be mailed on application to
Vendor's Solicitor, Revelstoke.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to the 15th of July next
for the sinking of a shaft on the Mand
S mineral claim on the North Fork of
tho Salmon River. Plans aud specifications will be mailed ou application
to the undersigned.
C. G. HOBSON, Seoretary.
New North Fork Miuing Co., Ltd.
P. O.  Box 885,
June 1st, 1900,        Vanoonver, B. O.
BrewerB of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and see us.
NEL80N, B. O.
7-8 inch diam. $13.60 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
1, 0. T. CROFTS.
f, 0. BOX 676, Nelson, B. 0.
To the Electors of the Nelson
Riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District:
'.bdilkmun���As the nominee of tho
Conservative party I beg to offer myself
ns a oandidate at the ooming general
eleotion to represent yon in tho Legislative Assembly of this Province.
The time has arrived when all parties
are fully alive to the faot that the future
welfare of onr Provinoe iIootiiuiIh a
Bound, fair and honest business administration aud tbat any great popular
Party must appeal to other and
higher considerations than those of individual fear of loss, or hope of gain.
I oonBider it the duty of every member
eleoted, to be n Provinoinlist to the ex-
lent of the best interests ot the Province
lirst, last and always, aud to support all
good legislation with that objeot iu view
In Baking you for your support, I will
Btatethatl am opposed to hasty legislation of any kind, hut particularly with
respect to our Mining Laws, as tending
to jeopardize business interests aud to divert oapital: for instance, twioe the Legislature has passed Alien Exclusion
Laws and they are now for the second
time Beeking to repeal them after having
done considerable mischief.and damage.
With regard to the Eight-Honr Law, I
am opposed to any chnuge in tbe law
as it now stands. Shorter hourB for all
classes of labor is no new idea, but in
my opinion the principle should be such
as to appeal to all Sectious of the Community as being not only a uecesaily nnd
beneficial to all, but iu keeping with the
general advance ment ot onr civilization.
I wonld advocate the amendment nnd
strict enforcement ot Ihe Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Act, bo aa to more effectually protect the lives ot workmen
With regard to the Mineral Act: I
would endeavor to have certain sections
more clearly defined, for tbe purpose of
avoiding litigation ; and with regard to
co-ownership, to introduce au inexpensive and Bpoedy mode of mnkiug a oo-
ownerbear his share of assessment or
relinquish hia interest,
I am in favor of an amendment to our
School Laws so as to give Cities the control of the Schools in their midst.
A fair Rediatribntion Aot should be
passed as soon as possible.
I would advocate the bringing into
force of the Ton-en's Aot, provided it is
made optional ; ns the oost in a great
many cases will be excessive and ont of
all proportion to any benefit to be derived,
I wonld urge the speedy construction
of a Court Houbo iu Nelson, eqnnl to
the requirements ot this district,
I would Btrongly advocate increased
Grants for 1 loads, Trails and Bridges
wherever such will upbuild and develope
onr Provinoe, more especially in the
Miuing Districts, and all such expenditure to be placed in capable and experienced hands to be dealt with in a
eyBtematio way.
Our undeveloped natural resources
should receive more attention, nnd be
more widely advertised in order to attract
With regard to cheap foreigu labor 1
believe, where the remedy is an Imperial
matter, in view of the Btand our Proviuce
nud Country has taken in the present wnr
giving both lives nud money, the desired
end oan ho gained if properly sough!,
without bringiug about a Bcrious misun-
dorBtanding with the Dominion Government and entailing deplorable agitation
as we require peace and prosperity in our
I am opposed to any clique or (action
of politioal agitators whose principle aim
is to embarrass and retard tbe business
of the Provinoe for purely personal ad
I strongly condemn the notions of the
Lient-Governor ns being an invasion of
the prinoiple of responsible government
and a misuse ot his power under onr
Yours respectfully,
Nelson, 1Kb May, 1000.
who want a good pair of Shoes at small
cost, should call and examine our stock.
We have special values in your kind--   |i
the best to be had anywhere	
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up*    .   '   ���   *i.i����,ojo.oo 1 Bmi ��i,ioo,ooo.<m
in,iu,1 ��r lilrrctorm  Thomas K. Kenny,  Presldentt  Thomas Ritchie, Vloe-Prealdonl,
Wiley Smith, II. O. Baud, Hon. II. H. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. David MacKeen.
11, ail onn-e. Iltilira-i
Gonurnl Manager, BdbOn L, Pease Montreal.
Superintendent of BranaheB, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, VV. Y. Hrock, Halifax.
Inspector I). M. Stewart, Montroal.
Itl'IOI,���!!<". t
Nova Scotia���Halifax Branch, AntlKonlsh, BriilKowater, Guysbora. Londonderry, Lunenburg.
Mnltland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port Hawkosbury, Sydney. Shulicnniiulle. Truro, Weymouth
New llruiiHWlck���Hathurat, Dorchester, Frederlcton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Muncton, Newcastle Snckvllle, Woodstock. P. E. Island���Charlottetown, Suininerslilo. <in,l>i,Montreal
(City blllccl, Montreal. West End (Cor. Notre Dame nnd Seigneurs Strretn); WoHtmount (Cor.
(Jrceno Avenue and St. Catharines  Streot.   Onlarlo���Ottawa.   Svtt 1 Ilniid   si. John's.
Cuba, West liiiUen���Havana, lulled aisles���Now York (10 KxcIiiuiko Place) Republic, Wash,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
raiindn���Meri'lmntf Funk of Canada.   Boslon���National Shnwmtit Hunk.   I'hlesKo���America
National Hunk.   Snn Frmielsco���First National Bank.   1,111,1,,11, ling. - Hank of  Scotland.
Furls, rrance���Credit Lyonnala.   Bermuda���Bank of Bermuda,   4'bltia aud Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
deneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters ot Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Oertifioate of ImproYeinrnts.
Notice���VeuiWRO nnd Shenango Mineral claim, situate in the Nelsou Mining Divisiou of WeBt Kooteuny District. Where located���On west side of
Kagle Creek.abont 2,000 feet southwest
of Poorman quartz mill.
Take notice that I, Chas. Moore, of
Kaslo, B. O.i acting as aRent for Thus.
R. French V. M. O. No. 11,:105B and
Isbrc Krickson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,804 B, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Miuiug Reonrdur for n Oertifioate of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Oraut ol the above
And further take notice that action,
uinler section ',17, must lie commenced
before the Issuance of suoh Certificate
of Improvements.
Dnted this Both day of  April, 1H00.
Ymir, B. O., May 86th, 1900.
In pursuance with section 1SI) and
lllii, ohapter (IT of tho . Election Act.
I hereby oeitify that the following
agents have been nppoiuted by the
respective cnudidntes, who were nominated on the 2ilth dny of May, I960.
William Walclie, agent for Dr. G. A
B. Hall, whose address is Nelson.
B. O. ; S. M. Brydges, agent for Frank
Fletcher, whose address is Nelson,
B. C. i Alexander McDonnld, iment for
John Houston,whose addreBsis Nelson,
B. O.
Returning Ollicer.
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, of
the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars are sold
they can be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar
Mfg. Co.
B. C.
Trimmed Hats sold at tho lowest
possible rates.
Balance of l'attnrn Hats at cost.
All Millinery reduced.
Also Fashionable Dresunnklng. First
Olass Fit Guaranteed. l'rioes reasonable.
Upstairs in the New Hall Block.
Our Fresh Roosted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java nnd Arnhiiin Moclin. per pound I   K,
Java nnd Mocha Blend, II pounds  100
Klne SanUw, I pounds.,..,  1 00
Santos Blend, A pounds  100
Our Special Blend, II pounds  1 00
Our Hlo ItoaBt, II pounds  1 on
a tiihi oi1kh1 solicited.
Nelson,     -      p. c.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A privuto Hospital, Medical, Hurgi-
cal anil Obstetrical cases nursed in the
Honse. Private room fgu and |lfi n
week. Beds in ward 912 n week.
Narses sent out to private houses at $15
a week. Apply to The Misses Crick-
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, KELSON and LAHDO,
Room  3,  Turne:-Boeckh  Block, Nelson,
Notary Public, Real l -tut,-. Insurance
Mines, Loans.
*2,ihk> will buy lot with furnished
house rented for $-11 per mouth, unit
stable rented for SHI per month. Very
central location.
|900 rash, lot on Carbonate Street.
Saturn will purchase 4 lots and residence, Hume Addition.
.-1 ,:'ii'i will purchase lot on linker Sl
A nice cottage ami large lot l'"ive Mile
Bunch at Pilot finy, 0(1 ncres cultivated.
UJGOhouse nnd lot on Robson Street.
���*'J. loo will purchase 11 loomed bouse:
very central locution nnd easy terms.
Call nl once,
8-11)00 will buy Corner on Baker
Streot.    Easy tonus.
S-1000 will buy Corner on Vernon
t'JiiO each will bny 5 nice residence
lots on Carbonate Street,
$jn a month will rent a H r.ioinert
house.    A snap.
Great Reduction!
imkkWb $9.65 Per Ton
<:"��fv;;HA.rKHT $6.15 Per Ton
Houston Blook,      -      ���      *      Nelson.
Agent for Phoenix Insnranoe Oo,
of Brooklyn, ��. Y.
For Sale or Lease���Large bulldliiK
on Vernon Street, suitable for warehouse, factory or large bo_rdlnghotHn.
Several jro-sl bouses fur rent.
Choice lots for Nile.
Another lot of Children's Silk Parasols to hand in
White, Pink and  Blue.    They are quick sellers.
A beautiful line of Ladies' Parasols in Colors, with
handles to match.
Special prices in Millinery this month. Our Hats have
style about them you cannot get elsewhere, and prices the
Nelson Employment Agencv
2  Waitresses.      1  Cooks  (women).
Oirls for bonne work.
'.' (llrls want Chamberwnrk.
CUKE  I'ltll.l.lNO.
I. B. LOTS, Ag'l     Baler s:
Agent Standard Patterns.
Yourself and Friends
are   invited  by .  . .
Til Home Art Society of Decoratiye
of New York, to view anJExliibitionUof
I    Silk Arl Needle Work
and arrange for a series of lessons
from   May   28th   to   June   13th.
Hours   10   to   12 and  2  to 4, in
Hume Hotel Parlors.
Art  Lectures Mondays,  Wednesdays and   Fridays.    Lessons and
Lectures free of charge.
I MRS. KENLY, Artist and Teacher.
The teacher will inform each lady
joining the class where the Silks
and Linens can be obtained.
Belding's Art Silks and Linens
used exclusively  in these classes.
With the Compliments of
Fred Irvine 8 Co.
FORTY ... I "clll...
cents  Lawn Sprinkler
The cheapest, .simplest, and most desirable ilev'uc for
sprinkling lawns ever made. With ordinary pressure it will
cover a space of from 50 to (hi feet, and is the only sprinkler
011 the market that can be moved from one location to
another without sliutt'mo; oil the Witter Ol Wetting the person
handling It    They're only 40 cents each.
Vancouver Hardware Co., m.
Mara Block, Nelson-
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
This Space has been purchased by Dr. Hall's Committee to be
Used by them in the interests of Dr. Hall until Election Day
Vote for Dr. Hall
To the Electors of Nelson Riding, West Kootenay District
Equal Rights and Eight *
Hours for all.
Ueutlemmi. ���In renpouso to numer-
onsly ainueil requisitions asking me to
bo a candidate for tlie Provincial LiiR-
islatur.i nt tho forthcoming election, I
have oousemud to eutor tho oouteat as
an Indepouiluut Liberal.
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
ymir votes anil mlluenoo, nnil if eleoted 1 shall do my utmost to secure for
tbe Province honest, economical und
rirnpressive government.
A brief outline of some of the principles which I think should be embodied in the Legislative Aots is given
i havo tbo honor to be gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
O. A. B. HALL.
1. The prinoiple of eight hours constituting a legal day's work should be
recognized and strictly enforced.
2. Steps Bhould immediately be
taken through the proper channels to
prevent Uu Immigration into this
country of Chinese aud Japanese labor-
3. Two dollars and a half por day
should be the minimum wage of unskilled In tu ir throughout tbo Provinco
on all government works.
4. A fair wage bill should be intra
duced requiring the payment of standard wages ou ull works to which the
Province contributes subsidies or aid
iu any form.
5. The establishment of a labor
bureau under the direction of a Minister of the Grown, whose duty it shall
be among other things, to collnct labor
statistics, and   to act  as   a   mediator
Exclusion of Chinese and
Japanese Labor.
��� *VWVV\rW</V*N��^*V,*��V>AVV</Ve
between employers und workmen in
all oases of actual or threatened
strikes with power to call and examine witnesses and compel disclosure
of all muteriul facts iu connection
with suoh disputes.
li. I tielievu thut trunk roads should
be built and maintained by tbe government nnd encouragement given to
miners to extend these roads. Such
work should be directed by competent
government engineers. Where trails
tire required to single or small groups
of claims the cost of suoh trails, if
built by tbe claim owners on tho approval and under direction of a government iimseotor or engineor, shall
apply us  assessment  upon the claims.
7. Government ownership of all
telegraph systems and railways where
practicuble by construction or pur
8. The establishment of technical
schools   for   metal If lerous   miners   in
Efficient and Permanent
Civil Service.
connootion with smelters  nt   different
points in the Piovince.
fl. To drnw tbe attention of capitalists anil investors to British Columbia
as a desirable oentro for profitable
mining operations by suitable adver-
tisomout and by the nppointment of
a special agent at London and elsewhere whose ssrvioes shall be free and
equally available for all owners of
British Columbia properties.
10. To encourage the establishment
nt suitable points in British Columbia of
(a) Steel and iron works.
(b) Shipbuilding yards.
(c) Additional   smelters and   refineries.
11. The retaining of the resources
of tbe Province as an asset for tbe
benefit of the people, nud taking effective nioosares to prevent the nlienation
of the public domain, except to  actnal
I The   introduction    of a
Fair Wage Bill.
settlers or for bona fide business or industrial purposes, thus putting nn end
to the practice of speoulating iu the
12. The taking of active measures
for the systematic exploration of the
Province, including a government survey of the provinoe by sections nnd
the preparation of accurate and cheap
maps iu ncoordance with suoh   survoy.
18. The interests of the Provinoe
oan be best served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to which
should be made by reason of merit and
uot of political influence.
14. All unoccupied lands in the Proviuce should be open to bona fide settlers at fair prices whioh shall be decided opon by a government land agent
or vnlnator, and better facilities should
be given for acquiring small areas for
establishment of market gardens and
15. Where mineral claims are held
by joint owners and where one or
more of such owners refuses to contribute towards the annual assessment
work, provision should be made in tbe
Mineral Act for tbe sale of the interest of such delinquent  owner.
10. Tbe abolition of the deposit by
onndidates for tbe legislature.
Redistribution of the constituencies
on an equitable basis.
I will advocate the appointment of
a conciliatory Board to consist of
representatives of Labor, Business
and Capital, to whom all disputes
between Labor and Capital will be
The  establishment  of a
Labor Bureau.
Frank Fletcher, of Nelson
Provincial   Land   Surveyor
< ieorge
Arthur   11.   Hall,
John Houston, of Nelson
(The Miner is not in any way responsible for My
of the sentiments expressed in these columns. The
matter is prepared by Dr. Hall's friends and occupies space purchased by Ilr. Hall's committee.)
There is nothing now but the voting
and it is more than likely every man who
will mark a ballot today has already made
up his mind how that ballot shall be marked.
Hut if there is any man who has not yet
decided how his vote shall be cast, let him
consider well before he visits the polling
booth today. In the Nelson Riding he
has the choice of three candidates, Dr. G.
A. B. Hall, Frank Fletcher and John
Houston. Dr. Hall stands for good government and purity in politics. He stands
for equal rights for all men and special
privileges  for none.    As  a   friend  of all
classes he appeals to all classes for their
support and believes that when the polls
are closed today it will be found that he has
received that support. Frank Fletcher's
election means a return to Turnerism. It
means new life inlo a body the honest electors of this Province fought so hard to kill.
Turnerism is dead and should not be revived. The election of John Houston
would be a calamity. John Houston stands
for all that this Province does not want at
the present time. His election means further injurious agitation and the arraignment of other members of the Legislature
against the Nelson member. To a great
extent the prosperity of the Nelson district
hangs upon today's election. Let the
electors choose wisely. If they do their
ballots will be marked for Dr. Hall.
and Good Government
Continued Kroin First I'ligo.
1 go to the front again in a few days. I
must not inform you of my success and
tbe thanks given me iu my small sphere
or some of your readers will have ft fit
of tbo blues. Some of the sensible officers here have been deceived into tliiuk-
iug I have some good qualities.''
drills, Ont., June 8.��� Kdward
Mitchell, lo years old, was tossed to
death by a bull on his father's farm
at Meiiiloute,
Quebec, Que., June 8���Word comes
from Tndoiisca tbat the lire which started nt 8t, Etienne on Tuesday afternoon
is still raging in the forest. There ire
i')7 families homeless.
Montreal, June 8���James Kent, 0. P
It. telegraph manager, let I. this mom
ing for British Colombia on a tour of
inspection of the company's telegraph
Montreal, Juue 8���The last act ofthe
pathetic drama, in which the Fox Bay
settlers of AntieoBti have been prominent figures for some time, will close
within a week. The Bettlers have
agreed to settle in the Winnipegoais
district of Manitoba and will pass
through this oity this evening enroiite
to their new homes.
Ottawa, Out., June 8.���In an inter
view Major Drununond, who has just
returned from South Africa, and was
at the battle of Magcrsfontein, said
that Lord Methuen could do uothing
else bnt make a frontal attack on the
enemy owing to the suinlliiess of his
force, which did not permit of a flanking movement,
Montreal, Que., June 8.���Jack
Roach, a notorious burglar who, It
will be remembered, was alleged to
have been an accomplice of the Napa-
nee Bank crooks and afterwards acquitted, was this morning found
guilty of entering the store of Mr.
Doliuey, a cigar dealer of this city,
holding up the proprietor and relieving bim of one hundred dollurs.
Toronto, Ont , June 8���The annual
report of the Canadian Bank of Commerce for thu pnst year, gives a remarkable record of earnings. Tlie net
profits for the year are $700,582 and
the dividend $4-0,000, seven per cent,
on $6,000,000. The big balance will be
used to add a quarter of a million to
the rest fund, and $100,000 will be used
to clear oft tbe bank premises. The
rest fund will now lie 81,250,000.
Winnipeg, June 8.-.The new eleotion
act, introduced into the Manitoba
Legislature, provides that all persons,
not British subjects by birth, wbo at
the date of tbe passing of this aot
were not npon the laat revised Hit of
voters, to be used at the eleotion of
Members to the Legislature of Manitoba, or wbo have uot resided in
Canada at least seven years preceding
the date npon which any eleotion ia
hereafter held, nnlesa snch person ia
able to read "Tbn Manitoba Act," in
one of tbe following languages, English, French, German, Swedish, or
Icelander, will not be entitled to registration.
I'tinlimiod From Firat I'ogc.
enemy, who were foroed to retire from
a very strong position."
London, Jnne 8.���A despatch from
Cape Town announces that the work
of organizing the Government of the
Transvaal is proceeding.
A portion of Sir Alfred Milner's
stair has gone to Pretoria to start tbe
machinery, so the proclamation of the
annexation of the Transvaal may be
speedily expected.
London, Jnne 8, II :2I> p.m.���General
Buller baa cabled the War Office that
he hopes bo has obtained a position
from which ho can render Laing's Nek
untenable. gJJ
Cape Town June 8.���(leneral Warren, with a strong force Including the
Canadian Artillery, Is marching
north through Griqualand West. He
camped at Campbell yosteeday, no
opposition being offered. NnmberB
of the rebels are banding in their
arms to the British Commander.
Mafeking, June, 8���Colonel Plumer
occupied Zeernst yesterday without op.
position. This district is regaining its
normal condition and supplies are arriving daily.
Hammonia, Orange River Colony.
June 8��� General Rundle made a strong
demonstration against the Boer positions, employing 500 of General Brabant's Mounted Rifles, two guns and
Cape Mounted Infantry under Colonel
Dalgetty. The Boer outpoati were
driven back and their laager was located but the troopi returned without
A buttle,
Continued from First Puire.
and Government, and to participate in
tbe warmest manner in the eloquent
terms in which be has moved thu address I do not think it can be ft source
of unqualified regret that tbe war bus
taken place. It has been the boiiBt of
the Empire that during the illustrious
reign of Her Majesty, which has never
been surpassed by any Sovereign iu
tbe world, either in regard to the qualities of tbe Sovereign, the great events
that huve occurred or the great expansion of the Empire which ihe has
been called upon to rule, flint right
and liberty should prevail where lloata
the British Hag."
Sir Charles spoke eloquently of the
bravery of tbe Canadians at the front
and predicted that iu a short time we
would find ft happy nnd united South
Africa, in which all races, all creeda,
all classes would enjoy equal privileges
in the eyes of the law, and would become a united and happy population,
loyal to the Crown of Knglnnd."
Bourussu opposed the motion. He
said that he endorsed all that bad been
said of the bravery of tho Canadians
and British soldiers, but that the result of the war did not add ono ounce
of glory to Great Britain (this was received with shouts of "shame'' and
hisses). The war, hesuid, was brought
on by ambitious men and financiers iu
South Africa who wanted large dividends (renewed hisses and cries of
At tbe end of Bourassa'u speech the
Honse gave three cheers for tbe Qneen
and sang "God Save the Queen,"
after which Charleton severely rebuked Bourassa.
Premier Laurier also resented what
Bourassa said aud repeated that the
war was a just one. He denied that
Bourassa spoke for tbe French Canadians. While admitting tbe right of
free speeoh, he said that Bourassa bad
ohosen a very poor time to givo expression to his views. (Cheers.)
The address was then adopted,
Boorasea alone dissonting.
So Leading Missionary Cables State
Department at Washington?.
New York, June 8.���The anxiety
which has been felt in regard to the
missionaries in China in the Pekin
district, wub partially allayed today
hy tbe receipt of a cable from Dr.
J. W. Bendy, one of the Board.
oldest   missionaries   in   China.     The
Board cabled Tuesday for Information
and the reply which came today
reads: "Still danger." This is taken
to indicate that no serious depredations have bceu made us yet by
tho "Boxers." The Presbyterian
Board has ">s American missionaries
in the Bhang Tung Province. The
American Board has also received
a cable stating that all American
missionaries are well but that the
Government is demoralized and
advising tbat help be requested from
the State Department.
A.h'ei 11- ,'Miein Innortod undor thin hood at
tlioratnof onecontn word per iuiuirlion. No
advurtiseruont taken for lotw than 25 oonU.
FOB SALE.-The tnrnitnre in a five
roomed house in the Hnme Addition.
Purchaser will be given the privilege
of renting the honau nt $25 per month.
House throughly modern and furnitnre
need only since last Uutober. Apply
Box 135, Nelson, P. O.
WANTED.���By a married couple with
one child, board in n private family.
Address A. B., Miner oftloe.
WANTED.���An exporienoeri stenographer.     Apply   to   H.   R.   Cameron,
Baker Street.
FOR RENT.���7 room furnished house.
Modern conveniences.    Apply to Mr.
Johu, Royal Hotel.
WANTED.-A flrst-olaBB  general  servant.   Mrs. Taylor,  corner Ward and
ALL KINDS- Of plniu   sewing  done
Blouses and children's clothes a spec
ialty.    Mrs,     llogen,    Opposite Opera
where vou can depend on Rolling tho bosl
hrandHlntns markol and any qimntity Iron,
loc. up,   I 'ii,,-  cannot bo deputed,
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
B*kbr15trbbt, Nelson
Is hereby given that I intend to apply
at the flrBt meeting of the Board of
Lioeniie Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, held thirty days after the date
hereof, lor leave to transfer the license
now held by me for a saloon known as
the Athahnsca Saloon, situate on the
southeast ooruer of Baker and Kooto-
nay Streets, Nelson, B. O., boing on
Lot 1, Block 12, in Nelsou aforesaid,
to Patrick J. Russell in trnst for tbe
Athabasoa Hotel Company, Limited.
Dated this 11th day of April, 1900.
Witness:   P.  K. Wilion.
r. I'. MIKW.H
Civil Engineer*  and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
P, O, iter iu N��Uon,BO
and SEWER Pi'pp  %
lined in the Kootenay. B
Dominion Ale and Porter
Dominion White Label k\t***
His is the finest Ale brewed in Canada.       ^ ^ ^m
Dominion Bulk Ale
Teacher's Scotch Whisky"'^*"*
^      IS  STILL  THE  BEST.
NELSON, B.O. w^��
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
feg ������������������������ ess
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Our  Clearance Sale of
Ih still mi una will be oonturaed until all ib gold,
A Consignment of Linen Oraah nnd White Duck Skirts, delayed in
transit, just opened up, and we offer then
at  these low prices:
Regular 11,98 Linen Skirts nt $ ,75
Begular   2AW Linen Skirts at ], i/,o
Regular   8.BO Crash Skirls at  1*75
Regular   1.60 White Dnok Skirts at    . liis
Regular   2.(K) White Duck Skirts at  150
We are now doing business in ���
(THE   OLD   BURNS  SHOP)     j
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see all our J
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give  us  .t  call. J
������������������������ ���
Telephone 10
P. 0. Box K. and W. J
An adhesive porous wall finish for interior work in every description of
Building.   Tweaty-five tints to select from.
For sale only by
Lawrenoe Hardware Co.
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   G.   TRAVES.   Manager'.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Complete in every respect. .
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it,
lly the week from $5 to Jo-
By the day *ioo.


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