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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 21, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.  1120
Nklson,  British Columbia, Wednesday,  August 21, 1901
Eleventh  Year
The Number of Victims of the
Great Disaster Growing
Sunset Group In the Boundary i GurtlsBrott.a Miner. Confused
to be Provided With a Reduction Plant.
Inhuman Conduct of a Survivor Results in Additional Deaths.
Victoria, 11. C Aug, 20,���The census lists for the Cassini- district wore
on the wrecked steamer Islander and
ure consequently lust. Commissioner
Blue has telegraphed for the census to
be taken over again.
Victoria,   B.   C,   Aug.   20.���Interviews   with   tho     survivors     of   the
steamer Islander   who   reached   here
last night, and tbis moruing   failed to
throw any further light   on   tbe   dis
aster, and none wero able to give any
additional names. Michael, .lock, and
Norman Law, sons of II. S.    Law,   of
Aloerni,   waiters,   some   reports say
are   to   added   to   the   1 st   of  dead,
though reported saved in the   first instance.   The quartermasters who were
at   the   wheel at tbe time of the accident   corroborate   tbe   statement    of
I'ilot  Leblanc   as   to ice having boon
seen   and   also   as to the condition of
the weather, and   they   reiterate  the
stories   of tho coolness of the  officers
and crew, and of the   efforts   to   save
the passengers at   the   risk   of   their
own lives.     Second Mate Powell   has
modified his statement that a   man on
a raft drew a revolver and threatened
him and Captain Foote   in his  efforts
to get them to   leave the rait, and   he
now says that the man simply threatened them and   did   not draw a revolver.     But   the   man   accused,   A. C.
Beach,a member ofthe First Canadian
contingent has come forward and says
he was the   man   who   threatened   to
snoot any one who attempted to board
the  raft, saying   in justification that
the raft was  already overloaded, and
that he did not have a   life   preserver
on while the others   did.    He   admits
having tried to throw a Chinaman off
the raft   because he  was rolling from
side   to   side   und causing the raft to
capsize      Be says Captain F'oote   was
sitting on the   raft   smoking   a   pipe
which had been handed him when the
raft  capsized, and   he   (the   captain)
swam away to a spar.    Captain Ferry,
one of the   quartermasters   says when
the doois of the bunkers   were  closed
to prevent the inflow   of   water   there
were eleven stowaways in there  passing   coul,   and they were tiiken down
in the ship.     The chief engineer who
ordered   the   bunkers   closed did   not
know that these men were still in the
bunkers.     The   <vomen,   the  captain
says,    cted splendidly and  after  they
reache.. shore, worked to restore those
who   woe   brought   in     afterwards.
Captain  Harm,   formerly   a  soaling
captain   and   lately   on   one    of  the
Yukon   river   steamers,    was  coming
down as a passenger.     He   wns  with
Captain   Foote    in   the    dining   hall
when the ship   struck,   and   says that
thc report that the oaptain was drunk,
or   that   anybody   was   the worse for
liquor, is   absolutely   false.    He   was
on tho bridge up to   U.80 with   I'ilot
Leblanc and verifies the   pilot's statement     as   to   the   condition    of   the
weather.     When   the ship stiuck   he
went on the budge with   tbo  captain
and heard hiin   give  bis orders in the
coolest possible   manner.     When   tho
boats   were   lowered   Captain   Harris
went   to   the port side as the  seoond
mate had uot yet been  called, and he
says   that   very person   in sight   was
taking to the boats, he being tbe   last
one   to   leave.      As to what happened
on tbe starboard side he   is   unable to
say.    Every life that was   possible   to
save,     he   says,   was   saved.       Tbo
stewards  did  their utmost, to awaken
passengers,    Seeonfl   Steward   F'owler
giving   up  liis life  iu the effort,   but
the captain thinks many   did not realize tho danger and wont down as they
slept.    As others presented themselves
there  was room made for tbem in the
port boats.
8. Applcbaum, of Dawson, says tbat
he doeB not think that all  tho passengers were aroused, and bo   adds   that
there was a lack of discipline.
Andrew Keating and   his   two  sons
It Will Have a Capacity of 250
Tons a Day.���Mining News.
A. A. Munroe of the brokerago firm
of Munroe Sc Munroe, of Montral and
Nlw York, and Heury   Johcs,   super-
the Hoist Signals With
Fatal Results.
Crushed Against the Timbering by the Raising of
the Gage.
A fatal accident occurred at the
Silver King mine on Monday night,
Curtis Brott, a miner, 45 years of age,
intendent of tbo Sunset mine in Dead-   being thc victim. It wns half past ten
wood camp, Boundary, are at the
l'hair. The firm of Monroe & Munroe
is among the chief owners of the
Montreal & RoBton Copper Co., which
is operating the Sunset group. The
group consists of three claims and a
fraction and adjoin the Mother Lode,
the ledges of the latter being extensions of tbe Sunset. In conversation
with these gentlemen yesterday it was
learned that about 6,800 feet of development work has beon done during
the two years the company has been
in control of the Sunset group. The
main shaft has reached a depth of
100 feet and the main ledge has heen
opened on tho 100, 200, 800 and 400-
loot lovelH. There is 250,000 tons of
ore in sight above tho 250-foot level.
The oie is a magnetite carrying gold
and copper, the values being largely
in tho latter metal. The mine has
reached such a stage of development
and there is so much ore in sight that
the management has determin ed to
erect a smelter as soon as the plans
ean bo formulated. One of the objects
of the visit of MoBSrs. Munroe and
Johns to this city was to examine the
Hall Mines smelter and they will next
go to Trail and Northport for the
purpose of looking over tho plants
there. They spent yesterday in looking over the Ilall Mines plant and were
shown many courtesies by Manager
Campbell. The plant which it ia purposed erecting will be of at least 250-
ton capacity and will he looated in
the vicinity of Greenwood, and will
be up-to-date in every particular.
Messrs. Munroe and Johns left for
Greenwood yesterday afternoon.
At the rocord office yesterday the
following locations wero entered:
Siggins, on Big Horn Mountain, between Hidden and Porcupine creeks,
by W. C. Higgins; Betsey, on north
fork of Salmon river, near the headwater, by A. Misnald; llertha.at the
head of Bond creek, James Westgate;
Delia Fractional, on the east fork of
north fork of the Salmon river, by L.
R. Van de Bogart. Certificates of
work were granted to W. J. Caldwell,
on the Monarch ; C. B. Brown, on the
Peterborough; T. C. Collins, on the
Wide West, and Silas Johns, on the
Cyclone. Transfers, Minnie Eadeth,
JameB Hubbard and \V. A. Cunnell, to
John Grant, consideration nominal.
J, II. Tierney, who returned from
the north fork of the Kettle river a
tew days ago, states that word has
been received that the government
will operate a drill close to the Otter
Flats, Tnlsmoen townsite, to drill for
ecal. It ia supposed that the drill
will be located olthor on the land
owned by' Mr. Jackson, or that of
Tierney & Cunningham. Mr.Tietney,
accompanied by 11. Cunningham, M.
E., nf Greenwood, and R. E. Wolfe,
of the Granby smelter, leave tliiu ovening for the west fork of the Kettle
river to look over tho Bamblerand its
extension. Tho property is a short
distance from the Carmine from which
such high grade ore is being shipped.
It is a gold and silver proposition.
(Continued ou Third l'agc.)
A telegram was received from Camborne by A. F. Rosenberger yesterday
stating that the lower tunnel whicli
had beon run to crosscut No.2 vein at
depth on the Camborne group, had
just struck the ledge, which was ten
feet across at the point of contact. It
is from this vein that the ore which is
on exhibition in tho window of the
Canada Drug  & Hook Co., waB taken.
U. B.   Dougan   left for   F'orty-Nins
creek   yesteiday' with   a load ot sup-
I plies,   lie will   doveloD a olaim of his
I in   that   district whioh has good sur
i face indications.
and the blasts wero being firod. Brott
and his mate had prepared the fuses
and ignited them. It is oustomary
for one of the men to pull the bell
rope three times, when the blast iB
about to go off, to warn tbo man
above to be ready to pull up the cage.
Brott's mate took it [or granted that
this signal had been gWen and Brott
said, "AH right." When the two of
them were in the cago Brott said that
he had not given the final signal. Ilis
companion pulled the bell cord once,
which, if the three rings had been
given as usual, would ha��e been the
signal to pull up the cage. As it was,
however, the one ring meant to the
man above that thc cago was free
and that he could do as he pleased
with it. It was raised a few feet and
then lowered to where it had beon
when the men boarded it. At this
Brott became excited as there waB considerable danger of the blast going off
while the men were close to it. He
got out of the cage and started up the
ladder. He had gone omy a few feet
when, in answer to another signal, thc
car again began to ascend. Seeing
this Brott made un effort to board it
from tbe ladder but only managed to
get half in and half out. The signal
to lower the hoist was quickly given
bnt befoie it could be acte_ on Brotts'
body had struck the timbering which
brought the car to a standstill. By
this time the man above acted on the
signal to lower the car. When it he-
came loose Brott's body tell from it
down to the next level, a distance of
100 feet, and fell into 20 feet of water.
As the blast was expected to go off
at any minute the signal to raise the
car was given and Brott's companion
was pulled up out of dunger. Later
.the body was recovered, a broken back
showing tbat Brott was killed by the
crush he received against the timbers.
Brott was a married man, having a
wife and five children in an Ontario
town. He had taken a house at the
mine and furnished it for his family,
wbo were expected to leave for here
next week.
Mines Inspector McGregor visited
the Silver King yesterday and inquired fully into the cause of the accident.
It does not appear that any blame
can be attached to anybody as it
was apparently the neglect of the unfortunate man himself that led to the
confusion of signals that caused his
An inquest was held at the Silver
King mine yesterday by Dr. Arthur,
coroner, and evidence of Ernest Boli-
tho, the man who was on the hoist
with Brott, and others was taken. A
verdict of accidental death, due to
his own negligence in not giving the
proper signal, was rendered by the
The funeral will tako plnce at 3
o'clock this afternoon from tho undertaking parlors of D. McArthur & Co.
It Will bo under the auspices of the
Miners' Union.
Wholesale Slaughterof Blacks
Results From a Brutal
Bloodthirsty Whites  Pillage
Property and Shoot Innocent Men.
Pekin, Aug. 20.���Tlie omission fiom
the peaoe settlement protocolof a provision for the destruction of the
Chineso forts was due chielly to Li
Hung Chang's protests. He represented tbat it would be a great disgrace to himself who had built the
forts, to sign an agreement for their
desslruction. Moreover, he might be
punished by the Emperor. The omission will not affect their destruction, which will be carried out later
on the ground of military necessity.
The work of preparing copies of the
protocol is likely to delay tli6 signing
for a few days.
San      F'rancisco,     Aucr.     20.���The
I battleship   Iowa  sailed this afternoon
J for Panama.
Springfield, Mo., Aug. 20.���Eugene
Barrett, a negro suspected of the
crime, has informed tho authorities
that .1 man named Flavors, who foriu-
eily boarded with I.aike, was the real
murderer of Miss Caselle VVyld, in
connection with which murder Wm
Godloy and Gene Carter, colored, were
lynched last night. FMavers is said to
be under arrest at Tulsa, I. T., over
the territory line from here, and Barrett is under arrest at Mount Vernon,
25 miles from Pierce City. F'lavers
undoubtedly will be lynohed if
brought back. It is not believed that
Barrett will be molested. Exci'ement
which led up to the lynching of God-
ley continued all night, and morning
found the enraged white people preparing to rid the city and vicinity of
negroes. After stringing young God-
ley up to a pole and riddling his body
with bullets, the mob went to the
house of French Godloy, tbe young
man's grandfather, and shot him
Thev then bombarded Ike Carter's
house in which were Peter aud Robert
Hampton, all negroes. Peter Hampton, who was 7b years old, waB burn-
efl to death when the house was set
afire. His wife and Robert Hampton
escaped through the flames. The mob
then marched from place to place
burning uegro houses and firing into
them. The negroes fled In all direo
tions, many taking refuge in the
woods, while others are coming as far
as Springfield to find places of safety.
The authorities telephoned Monett,
a nearby town, for help,.but at 10 this
morning the eity was still in the
hands of the mob, which finally broke
into the arsenal of the Pierce City
Militia company and abstracted all
the rifles stored there. Every train to
Pierce City is bringing in excited
whites who add to the general confusion. The report sent out last night
that a boy was shot is denied today,
and the name of the man shot today
is given as French Godley instead of
E, A. Carter, as previously stated.
After all the oonilioting stories
from Pierce City have been sified, It
develops that three negroes lost their
lives there as a result of ^the outrage
upon Gazelle Wyld. The dead are W.
Godley, hanged from the porch of the
hotel, and his body riddled with
bullets; French Godley, grandfather
of W. Godlev, shot in his own house;
Peter Hampton, burned in bis own
liouse, but probably shot before the
fire. Eugene Barrett, also known as
Carter, in a confession while a rope
was around _his neck accused Joe
Laike, a F'risco porter,of being implicated in the crime, and Larko was
arrested today in this city. This afternoon he gave a detailed statement as
to his whereabouts Sunday and he is
believed to be not guilty. Some people
think that Barrett told anything to
save his life. The funeral of Miss
Wyld took place today and waa witnessed by several thousand people.
By-Law Before City Council
to Check  Spread  of
Surface Water Giving Trouble
With High School Foundation.
Valdes, Alaska, Aug. 13. via
Seattle, Aug. 20.���The telegraph line
building from this place to Eagle
City on the Yukon has been completed
to Copper Center, whilo the Government trail is fnished as far as the
mouth of the Chestoch'.na river, fifty
miles further inland. Both telegraph
line and trail will in all probability
be completed to Eaglo before winter.
A permanent telegraph office has been
established at Copper creek which will
be of great convenience to the military authorities as well as mining
men. The Government, Millard and
Glacier trail, all centre at this plnce,
which is the only town between Valde
and Eagle. The Governments have a
military roserve nt this point with
barracks,warehouse, ollices and bains,
while it is a central point for miners
and prospectors going to or coming
from tne Copper country or the Chesnn
At the meeting of the oity council
last evening Mayor Fletcher and
Aldermen Hamilton, Irving, Gillett,
Pattereon and Selous were present.
After the reading of tbe minutes by
the city clerk, the report of the finance
committee was read and adopted.
On motion of Aid. Selous and Irving, it was decided that tlie city clerk
be instructed to notify the transfer
company having the contract for
watering the streets to keep the cart
in front of the fire hall, bo thnt a
proper cheek could be kept upon the
time it was used each day.
A letter was received from Dr. La
Ban recommending the proposed bylaw lelating to the prevention of tho
spread of tuberculosis. The gist of
the by-law is to the effect that physicians should notify the health officer
of anv case of tubeculosis, the same
as any other infectious disease.
Householders to give notice of any
case in their household. Teachers
suspecting any pupil to be suffering
from the disease are to report to tho
health officer. Superintendents of
homes, asylums, private tchools, etc..
to report any case occurring in the
institution under their charge.
In case the health officer is not satisfied with the report of the physician
in charge he may demani' a fuller
report, and in the event of his still
being dissatisfied he shall visit- the
patient himself. Houses where cases
of tuberculosis have been shall be
disinfected. Wherever a case is re-
ported from a hotel oi boarding bouse
tbo health officer shall visit such case
once a week, " Inasmuch as
spitting is purely a matter of habit
and is offensive to many and is often
very harmful, and a fruitful means of
carrying disease, it is hereby declared unlawful to suit in tramcars, railway cars, or other public conveyances, or ou sidewalks or Hooi-b nnd
other partB of public buildings within
the City of Nelson." When necessary
houses, hotels, conveyances, etc., may
be ordered to be disinfected at the expense of the owners by tho health
The proposed by law was held over
for discussion until next meeting.
On the question as to how the city's
share of the expense of building the
high school should be met, it was decided that the chairman of the finance
committee should talk it over with the
Government agent and report to the
The attention of the council was
called to the damage likely to be
suffered by the foundations of the
new high sohool buildings from surface water and springs. It was re-
ferred to the board of works to make'
an examination and report.
The question of laying further
water pipes was then gone Into, also
the question of better tiro protection
for tbe region adjoining Water and
Hall streets, Orders were given that
several short lengths of pipe bo put
in. The oouncii adjourmul until Monday August 20.
Novel Means Taken by Non-
Union Men To Escape
Union Pickets.
Only Idle Mill at dark Works
Is Again Running Full
Colon, Colombia, Aug. 20.���The
Chinese assert that among the raiders
of Emprador station last Suudny
night, were several negroes from
Jamaica, who, after flogging the
Cninese traders, demanded and obtained ,230. Exchange ut Ilarrnn-
quilla is rising by leaps and bounds.
An American dollar is now equal to
$41 in Colombia paper money. Dr.
Rico, Colombian minister to Venezuela, publicly read a letter while in
Curacoa denying the assertion of I'res-
ident Gastro that Columbia had invaded Venezuela. ln the course of
the letter ho declared emphatically
that Geneial Range) Cnrbrus, who is
a Venezuelan, was the chief invader
and that it need surprise uo one if he-
were aided by a few insurgent Colombians under the direction of General
Pittsburg Pa., Aug. 20.���Following
tbe rapid moves of yesterday on each
side of tho great steel strike, there
was a lull today, and neither sido
took decisive action. The contest appears to he settling down into a determined struggle, in whicli neither side
will acknowlode defeat while there >a
hope left. Joseph Bishop, the Ohio
arbitrator, appealed here today. Both
sides promptly repudiated the suggestion that another move for peace was
being considered. The steel managers
succeeded in starting the last idle mill
at the Clark plant and aro evidently
planning a series of extensions at
every point where there is a chance
of success. They will probably start
the Star tin mills in this eity and increase the force at the Lindsay and
McCntcheon mills.
An interesting feature of thc fight
at tho lattei mills is contributed by
the cluim of tho strikers that Mrs.
F'red Baugh, wifo of the superintendent, is escorting the st'-ike breakers
to and from the mill. She has always
been very popular with the mill men,
and the pickets sny they would rather
face a regiment of 30ldlers than do
anything improper in her presence.
They sny that in peace she nursed
their families and thnt they cannot interfere with her or the men sho
The steel managers are also nrrang- '
ing for more men fjr the Painter nnd
Monesson mill. Viril Preston, representing President Schwab, is here
today and came forward with officials
of the companies federated in the steel
corporation. Mr. Preston and the
officials whom he met would not talk
for publication. The strikers met tbe
movement to reopen mills with nonunion men with the claim that it will
be simply impossible to secure a sufficient number of skilled men to operate them. Their men there declared
they nre standing firm and must ho
consulted before the mills run. They
say they have tne sitnntion well in
hand nndjdespito tne alleged danger
of .the strike getting top heavy continue their work uf organization with
a view of crippling more plants belonging to the corporation. They
cluim thut Chicago will in the end
cor_o out und thut there is no danger
ot tho Joliet men going back to work.
Chief Lillie of the Local Department
a Vice President.
Chief Lillie of the Nelson Fire Brigade returned yesterday from the meeting of the Pacific Coast Association of
Fire Chiefs at Tacoma, whicli was
held August 11th to 17th. Some of
the topics assigned for discussion, and
upon which nupers wero read were,
''The Appointment by the Governments of the United States and Canada
of a Commission to Investigate Means
of Reducing F'ire Losses, " nap"r by
Ex-Chief Thomas Dcasy, of Victoria;
'Benefits and Advantages of Modem
Fire Proof Buildings," paper hy Chief
Ralph Cook, of Seattle, Wash;
"Chemical Engines and Tbeir Advantages," by Chief David Campbell, of
Portland, Oregon; "Safe Electric
Wiring and Klecliical Hazard Endangering Firemen," by VV. E.
Hughes, electrical inspector. ��T)lO
delegates were royally treated by the
people of Tacoma. In the election of
officers Chief Lillie was made vice-
president of thc Association lor the
Suit Lake City, Utah, Aug. 20.���
Eddie Smith of Salt Lake City, broke
the world's amateur bicycle mile
record in tbo Salt Lake Palace Mincer
track tonight, riding tbe distance in
the ttist heat of a mile handicap rneo
in 1,57 3-0. In a ten mile motor race
Clem and Charles Turville of Philadelphia, established a new world's
record for the distance on an eight
lap track, their time   being 11.2.1 3-8,
* �������"��� _W. ���<r �� ���
*-i00-t0~~m-^r,���__,.... ���_   -,.., q*..**.,,-..^
WBWPM  PAI~V MlNIR,   W. riNB-UAV.   Avavat it, ie��-
The Nelson Miner
1 H~h._fl   Every  Morn line  Except  Monday
fiiily. per month, by carrlor     Ufa
Dally, per month, by mail      50c
_>_.ily, por year, by carrier   $ 7 00
itaily. per year, by mail    5 00
l-aily, per year foreiKii    9 00
VV'pnkly, per half year  $1 M
Woekly, per year    2 DO
Weekly.per year, foreign    3 00
uu ci ipl ion- invariably in advance,
145 Kleet Btreet. E. O.
ntral  Pitta Agency,  Ltd., Special Agent.
Alexander & Co., WI Fin. Avenue, Spokane.
vVa-li.. keop this paper on file, and are our
authorized agents for lulveriiaeroenU and nub-
The people of Nelson were entertained on Monday at the circus, and
it must be admitted, in all candor,
that tbis so-cnlled "congress of wonders, " and "aggregation of wonderful acrobatic skill, " was not equal to
some other "horse operas" whicli
h:ive exhibited in this oity, and still
those who attended it enjoyed it, even
while they made comparisons of its
acts with those of others they had
seen, on other occasions, which were
not always favorable. What is it that
makes the perforances given in the
ring so attractive to the young and old
and the middle-aged? It possesses a
magnetism which draws under its canvass all classes and conditions of
people and is the one amusement platform on which all can meet. The
performances are quite as democratic
when the Circus Maximus was the
leading attraction in Rome and when
the entertainments were witnessed by
from ir,o,000 to 200, 000 speotatois as
these were the only public spectacles
in the imperial city at whioh men and
women were not assigned separate
places. Between the Circus Maximus
to the Oray Sc Sells' congress of wonders there is a lapse of centuries and
numerous changes have taken place,
tho world bas grown grayer and it is
supposed wiser, and yet one thing
that has survived and is as fresh, as
virile, as it was then, is the love of
the circus. Doubtless tho slaves who
sold sweetmeats to the Romans at the
Circus Maximus "shortchanged" them
as uid the freemen who disposed of
lemonade, honey-coated popcorn at the
Sells Sc Oray show on Monday. An
institution which has stood the test
of tiuio for so many centuries must
have something enduring in its drawing powers, must possess a perennial
attraction for humanity, when it is
superior to changing fashion and popular caprice nnd maintain snch a strong
hold on the people of tho civilized
world. The secret lies we think in
the admiration which mankind in all
ages and all climes have for that
which is physically perfect. At the
circus tbe performers must be as nearly
perfect physically as it is possible for
human beings to be. They give exhibitions of dexterity and agility in its
higher forniB. The mnn who turned
the double somcsault from the spring
hoard, the woman who turned a backward somersault from the bareback of
a horse, and the gymnastic perform-
ance of the Eddys represented what
might be termed the summit of human agility and dexterity.
The admiration of the merely physical is displayed in lower lorm by
those who frequent tbe ringside and
witness contests between trained pugilists. It is manifested in a higher
form by those who patronize boat
rinses, lacrosse and hockey matches,
nuM-hall games, and other legitimate
It is evident, therefore, that the
love ol the circus and tlie cause of its
continuous popularity is largely due
to the admiration of mankind for that
which is physically perfect and tho
desire to BQe the higner forms of
human dexterity and agility.
The sinking of the steamship
Islander, by which it of the passengers and crew lust their lives, is one
of those appalling disasters whicli ure
all to frequent to travel by water.
Tho vessel eauie in contact with a
subtnormged iceberg, or rocky reef,
whioh, is Inov'vOd in doubt, n greut
hole wus torn in the hull, and in a
few minutes afterwards the boat disappeared beneath the hungry waters.
Tin- collision occurred at 2.30 in the
morning and most of those on board
were slumbering in tbeir staterooms
and Home, it is claimed, perished in
tbem, owing to tho fact tbat the
Impact  of the collision   jammed  the
frames of the doora so that. It wus impossible to open tbem. Tbo conditions were not favorable for the saving of life, because a majority of
those on board wero asleep and the
faot. that only seventeen minutes
elapsed between the time tbe vessel
struck nnd when she sunk. Despite
this six life bonis nnd four life rafts
were successfully launched and 128
out of the 170 people on board were
saved.     This   speaks   well   for    tho
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been  received  and
wc are selling it to thc Family Trade at
$2.50 per Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.   13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
efforts of the otlicers and crew, who
must have worked like heroes in order
to accomplish so much. Some of the
passengers, however, behaved like
cravens and cut tbe ropes which
held the boats and pushed them
from the side of the vessel before they
were nearly loaded.
The disaster shows tbe necessity of
having boats and life rafts kept in
such position and condition that tbey
can be readily and easily launched.
The steamer was well supplied with
life preservers and many donned
these and jumped into the wator and
were enabled to float until they were
picked up by boats.
Wbo was to blame for the loss of
the Islander will probably not be determined until au official inevstiga-
tion has been made. The night wns
fine and a good lookout was maintained. If the vessel stiuek on a submerged iceberg no fault can be attached to the captain or pilot, as it would
le Impossibleo to guard against an
accident of this kind. On the other
hand, if it is true, as presumed, that
the steamer tan on the rugged reef on
Tantnllon Point it was the fault of
the pilot or captain. Tire official in
quiry will determine this point and
the blame, if any, should be fixed
where it belongs.
An enterprise of much interest is
put forward by Mr. W. K. McNaught
in a pamphlet which he has issued,
says the Toronto (Hobo. Last year
the death occurred of Dr. W. Oeo.
Beers of Montreal, "the father of
Canadian lacrosse." It lias been sng-
getsted that a memorial be erected in
Montreal ata flostof .10,000or912,000,
to show the country's appreciation of
a singularly loyal citizen, who enriched the life of Canada by tbe gift
of tho splendid game of lacrosse. Dr.
Beers did not invent lacrosse, but ho
adapted the Indian game, and made a
white man's game of it, reducing it
to a system, and compiling the lirst
set of laws for it. lie it was who
organized and conducted the two
memorable lacrosse tours in lireat
liritaiu in 187U and 1SH2. Mr. Mc-
Nangh* has placed m a small compass
a sympathetic sketch of Dr. Ileei's
life, and, as un example of tin- doctors' fine Cnuadianisni, a repoit of a
ringing and finely put exposition of
Canudns' determiation to live her
own life upon the North American
continent, delivered in lsss to nn
American audience, It is to be hoped
that thc lacrosse ussociutions will accept the suggestion that every lacrosse
club in Canada play a match before
tbe close of the present season in aid
of the 'Peers Memorial Fund.' "
There is more inquiry for mining
property in Sonth East Kootenay just
at present than over before, says tin;
Fort Steele Prospector. We can safely
count on Increased prosperity as soon
as the north and south railway is
That thc mosquito is capable of
spreading yellow fever has been demonstrated to tho satisfaction of Chief
Surgeon Havard, who bus been conducting some experiments for the
United Mates at Havana. The expert*
cuts bud rather a grim ending ns
they resulted in the death uf one of
the men expermentert cn. The victim
was u Spnniard who desired to become
immune und. therefore, allowed himself to be bitten by an infected
mosquito. The mosquito is ulso a
distributer of other diseases und its
bites should be aovided by those who
desire to he healthy.
The temperature of the earth increases with depth, says the Mining
Reporter. At about loo feet the temperature Is practically   constant   both
summer and winter. Below that
deptii the temperature increase ono
degree Fahrenheit for each fifty-six
feet. These statements only apply
under normal conditions and away
from mineial deposits. Hot springs
also effect the increase of temperature. In the Comstock lode mines at
a depth of 2,000 feet the rock has a
temperature of about 13(1 degrees,
which is not according to the law of
increase given   above.
Among the features at the forthcoming Elks' street fair and jubilee at
Spouane from September 10th to 24th
will be a rock drilling contest. A
fund of St,000 for this feature has
been raised and it is expected that
.200 more will be added. The first
prize is to be at least _.;>()<> and may be
larger, and the balance is to divided
into smaller prizes. The management of the affair is showing its wis
dom in devoting ...00 or moie to first
prize, as tho expenses in a contest
of this kind is heavy on the contestants. In the first place tbey bave
to truin for two or three weeks before
the event and besides this there are
the fares to and from the place where
the contest is held. As teams are ex
pected from Hritish Columbia, Montana, Colorado and Utah the fares for
each team will amount to consider*
able, if therefore the first prize could
be made 8700 it would would not bo
too much. Resides such a sum would
cause a larger number to compete for
it and would add additional /.est to
a fentuio of the Elks' entertainment.
The fame of Buck leu's Arnica Salve,
us the best in the world, extends
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Canada Drug .t Hook Co.
Have you tried���Ironbrew.
The most miserable beings in the
world aro those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. Moie
than seventy-live per cent, of the people in tbe United States are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such as Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache. Habitual Custivcnetss, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrasb, (Inawing and Burning
Pains at the Pit of the Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in the Mouth Coming
up of Food aflor Eating. Low Spirits,
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Coast flooring, and
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Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
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Rates to all railway and
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General Agent
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shortest and quickest ronto to the cnHt and all
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elite ItailwayH in Wag hinKton, OroKon and
Southern States.
Time Card Effective August 1. 1901
Kaslo & Slocan Ky*
8:30 a. 'n. Lv.
1(1:55 p.m. Ar.
Sand m
Ar. 4:00 p. m.
Lv. 1:15 p, m.
Int Nav- & Trading Co-
XI.l-MO-iK.tS.-_--   NOHTR.
5.90 p. m. Lv. Kelson Ar. 11:00 a. ni.
.UU p, in. Ar. Kuslo. Lv. 7:00 a. in.
Connecting at Five Milo Point with Nolson
& Fort Nhuppnr.l Hull wuy both to And from
] _ossii.ni!. ole.	
Stoanior from Nolson Iuavoh IC. It. & N.
wharf, Kanlo, ti. C��� at. for Lardo oa Monday.-.,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 0;aup. m. returning the name evening,
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Canada via Grout Northern and O. IC He ti.
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lincri will be furnished on application.
For further particular.- cali on or address
M%nftirnr. IC uiln,/., c
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If there is anything you reqaixa. ask
for   it   in   Urn cyluuum of the -Winer.
Fisn ind Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Orders by nr-.it receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
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�� The Canadian Bank of Commerce \
f With Which Is Amalgamated
f The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up   Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   .2,000,000 ���
Aggregate  Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President.      B. 8. WALKER, General MBnngor.
London Oflice: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New Vork OHlce; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branchoa ln Canada and tho Unltod StatOB, including:
Atlin Greenwood Nklros Sandon
Cranbrook       Kamloops Nkw Westminster  Vancouver.
Fernie Nanaimo Kossland Victoria
YUKON DISTKICT-Dawbon an_ White Horse.
IJNITKI) STATKS-Nkw York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skauway,
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate 8 Per Cent
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
I Nelson Branch.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. I. -.J-NNOX, B___-. St.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
-.490a 1. O. NKLtoK   Daily Mihbh, W-P>HK~t_AV Auauif II, i__o��
(Continued from First Page)
of Loh Angeles an_ this city, were
not seen after the ship struck, and it
is thought they slept through it all.
The Islander was insured for 8100,
000 hut the company estimate that
they lost 8">0,000 by the disaster and
besides loose their best steamer just
UU business is getting good.
Victoria, Jt. O., Aug. 30.���From the
story told by Seoond Saloon Waiter
Fothergill, wbo got to Victoria last
night on the Farallone from the soene
of tlie Islander wreck it seems lihely
that two more names will have to be
added to th9 list of dead. These aie
Mitchell .lacob, and Norman Law,
two brother waiters of Fothergill. Ho
says that just before the boat went
down he saw them. .Incob had a
small grip in his hand, and he said
in him, "You had better drop that,
you'll be laclcy if you get to shore
yourself." He then turned to Law
and asked him why he had not a life
preserver on. Law replied, " I think
I can do hetter without one." They
have nol, since been heard of.
Victoria, Aug. B.O.,. 20.���The arrival of the 1 .irrelon yesterday added
little to the knowledge already possessed of tbo unfortunate accident
whereby the C. P. N. flagship Islander went to her doom. The arrival of
one of the waiters, Fothergill, and
the story he tells opens the probability that two more names will bave
In be added to the sad list, namely
those of Mitchell Jacobs and Noimao
Law, neither of whom has been seen
or heard of since the accident. Tho
fact that Fethergill saw them on deck
just as tho vessel went down lends
further probability to tbo belief tbat
they bave been lost. Ah Sing, the
Chinese cook, reported lost, turned up
all right on the Farrelon. 'J'!.- ~_��<~a
of the second steward, who wns lost,
seems to have been Horace Walker,
not Horace Smith.
Regarding allegations that the accident wns due   to   drunkeness   on   the
pait of either tbe captain or the pilot
seems   to   be   without   the    slightest
foundation as Captain Foote   had   not
retired and was partaking of lunch in
i the saloon   when   the   shock   o'   the
collision   came,    but all who saw him
[when tbo crisis came   had   opportuiii-
Itics of  observing   his   condition   and
ii mid net and said he seemed   to   be   in
��� perfect command of himself and to be
Isober,     His   reputation   in   the   port
|bears out this statemont for   sobriety.
Captain   Leblanc   was in the wheel
'house when the   accident   took   place
iand his testimony and that   of   Quartermaster Capt.  Ferry, agree perfectly
tin regard to the conditions.   He states
i that   the   night   was   clear, but that
���there seemed   to   be   a   low   mist   on
Ithe water, apparently about three feet
lin depth, which, while not sufficient to
(obscure the land, w~uld   prevent   him
(seeing   an   iceberg   ly'ng   low in the
lwator such as this seemed   to   do.    In
���this   connection   an interesting   thing
���was told to one of   tho   passengers Dy
���the   captain   of   the     little    Juneau
���steamer   Flossie, which subsequent to
���the wreck went to gather up the   sur-
Ivivors.    The   captain    said   that   the
���Flossie was coming  up   the   identical
���channel    followed   by     the   Islander
���early in the afternoon of the previous
���clay when suddenly he saw a low   ice*
Iberg   immediately   ahead, its surface
lmost   flush   wilh   the   water.     The
[peril was   observed   in   time   for him
alter the   course of the   steamer or
|they might havo met a   similar   fate,
of   the   other officers of tho   ship
Remarked to the captain   at  the   time
lint he wondered somo Skagway liner
(lid not come to grief on that berg.
Awaiting the arrival of Purser   llis-
mp from Skagway by the   Hating, C.
'. It. officers will   not even attempt a
Compilation of an   authorized   list   of
dead   and missing      The   matter  of
bringing   down   the   dead   will   also
Stand over until the   ariival   of   that
In connection with the course of
(he ship, it is understood that the
quartermaster had just put the helm
ver one point towards land a moment
eloru.having noticed that by doing so
e would get inoro of the mid channel
Mien he reached a point opposite the
|lpo, Borne distance aheao. Had he
Mil on his course ho would havo just
folded the danger. It is understood
fl.) that reference to tho log of
late captain on the last voyago of
Islander to the nortli shows the
jiunrtermaster was on the identical
Bourse taken ou tho former trips. To-
rrow Mate Neuots-os will file an
Official report of the loss to Captain
���auilin. agent of tho marine and
fisheries department, for transmission
fo Ottawa and Lloyds. In accordance
"th whatever instructions received in
reply Gaudin will conduct un in-
A statement had been mado by
Second Officer Powell which convoyed
he impression that some of the pas*
lengora threatened to shoot  thoso   en-
Recommended for its heal'lifnl   qualities.    Sold by all grocers,
35 Cent Tin 12 Ounces*
Wholesale by
T. EARLE, Victoria, B. C.
deavoring to climb on the rafts. This
is denied by A. C. Heaoh, one of the
men referred to, who explained that
seeing men with life preservers on attempting to clamber on already over-
loaded rafts ho pulled a pipe out of
his pocket and saying be had a gun
thieatened to shoot any man with a
preserver who climbed on. His action
was a necessary and salutary one.
Made by Thorpe Sc Co.���Ironbrew.
Mining   Industry Active Around   the
Ex-Smelter Town.
Pilot Hay, Aug. 18.���Forest fires
aro now burning in many places
around Kootenay Lako, une of the
most serious being at Crawford Bay,
where in the last four weeks portions
of the Lovatt, Sawyer, and Milton
and Erickson ranches bare been burnt
over. A reward has been offered for
the apprehension of the parties respon-
silbe for this blaze, which is still
spreading, and is likely to destroy
some valuable standing timber.
Johnson Hros., who have the contract for a 200-foot tunnel on the Com-
monwealth, are making rapid progress. They are now in 75 feet on tho
vein. The tunnel shows up considerable ore. Three shifts are employed,
and the contractors expect to finish
their present work witbin two
H. L. Sawyer has come in from the
Ureat Dane group, on the West St.
Mary's. He reports that the 200-foot
tunnel, which is being driven for J.
C. Brewery and associaties, who recently secured control of the property,
is well under way, and that the face
is all in ore. Several hundred pounds
of ore has been packed out as a Bam-
ple. It is a bright galena of very
line appoarance, and carries a large
proportion of copper pyrites.
Considerable work is being done on
tbe Mogul group, near the Great
Dane, and some fine speclments of
quartz carrying gold and copper have
been received here. The Mogul ledge
is one of the largest in the St. Mary's
district. E. C. Rose, who is superintending the work on this group, has
been called to Rossland, on account of
the sudden death of his wife.
"The Two JoeB," Rudersdorf and
Schmuck, have returned from Whiskey
creek, where they did considerable
work on properties owned by H. Q.
Rrow and other Spokane men. They
opened up a bigdiorite ledge in which,
ocour quartz stringers carrying good
values in galena, gold and copper.
Of the many good showings in this
district which havo resulted from
work done this season few aro as good
as that obtained on tho Black Diamond and Tiger, on Sawyer creek,
three miles from the Crawford, creek
wagon road. Mike Ryan, owner of
the Mack Diamond, has just uncovered his ledge at a point where it is six
feet wide.a nd has 18 inches of solid
galena in sight, while the balanie of
the vein also shows considerable ore.
Assays of 07 ounces of silver to the ton
and 71) per oent. lead are obtained
from tho clean ore. On tho Tiger,
which lios below Ryan's claim, Otto
Nelson has just completed a fifty foot
tunnel in which he has crosscut a
lead two and a half feet wide, with
six inches of solid galena of fine appearance. This ledge is parallel in.
course and dip with tbat on the Black
ThenowcBt and best summer drink���
Tonight the only performance of
the gieatest pastoral society comedy
drama, which is tbe opening of the
four nights engagein_ut of the New
York Theatre at the opera house.
Popular summer prices, only 25, 35
and 50 cents. Read the following complimentary notice: A delightful audience witnessed tbe new play, "Was
She to Blame," at the opera house
last evening, by the Stuttz Company.
Like Hazel Kirke, East Lynno, and
our groat bard's immortal creations���
Hamlet, Romoo and Juliet���it will
livo long after the actors have passed
away and are forgotten. In it one
loses the picture of fiction and looks
upon stern reality. Bon voyage to
"Was She to Blame," antl the company.���Phoenix (Arizona)  Messenger.
4   NIGHTS   4
Wednesday, Aug. 21
Opening   in   the Pastoral and Society
Drama   from   the pen   of J. (1. Stutt,
in four   acts, entitled
"Was She to Blame?"
A pure play abounding iu comedy and
startling situations
The entire excellent company
in the following cast of characters :
Diane, "Was She to Blaine''	
 Miss   Agnes Anilerson
Martha Ann    Ilopton,   the   Foster
Auntie, loving and kind	
 Miss   Aggie   Marion
Hester Severn, tho Exacting Sister
 Miss  Beatrice Gordon
Lawrence Severn, the Boy Artist,
aged   15   years Max Liughnm
Lord Kurston/f rue in  Heart	
 Mr.   Geo Olmi
Piuno Severn, Exacting and Revengeful W.  L. Harvey
Dootor Alcove, An   Expert	
 Alex    Wilkins
Ebenezer,  Like all   Boys, .Gen. JeSBop
Petitpan, French Butler, Susceptible to the Charms of the American   LaJy Oscar King
Elam Washington Pancake. Son of
Jefferson Adam Munroe Pancake, J. P., of Huckleberry
Township. State of Vermont..
 i. <;. smttz
The only company having the right
to produce   this   realistic life   drama.
Change of play each night. All
new ones. All good ones. All good
ones. Nothing but the best. Big bargain matinee Saturday afternoon.
Patenaude Bros.
|        & CO.        I
|       MADDEN    BLOCK       I
!   Cigars __, j
Phone 117
*********** ***************
For Rainbow Trout
T. G. Procter's houseboat is now for
rent by the day or week. Special rates
for family parties. First-class cook
and attendant in charge. Kates $2.50.
per day. Parties can get off boats
either going or returning from Nelson
The boat for the next two weeks will
be stationed below the Brickyard
nearly opposite Proctor.
Firstclass flshing.swimmingand boating. Apply to T. G. Procter, Baker
street, for further information.
Mines Examined and Reported On.
Mining Engineer.
Boom i. K.-W.0. Block,
Nklson, B, C.
W. H. BROWN & CO.,   .     NELSON
Construction Work
Cooling and   refreshing-, -Ironbrew,
Will pay tbe highest cash prioe for all
kinds oi second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
-ooking utensils, bought in household
qnautities. Also oast off clothing,
Oall nnd see me or write. Addrea
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street, Nelson.  B   O.
lto__siiie and get tiio genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE.nnt
something that looks   like   it.    Lawrence Hardware Co., Agents,
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bro Ut .VaUon   B.C
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring him   to  the   City
Horseshoeing Shop, Jo
sephine Street
East Kootenay's 1st Annual
Mineral, Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition
Three Days  of instruction,  interest
and Enjoyment.
Mineril Exhibit, Bucking Contests,
Agricultural Exhibit, Horse Races. The
best program ever seen in the country.
See posters and circulars for further
particulars. Specially low return rail-
rates from all points.
A. W. M'VITTIE, Secretary.
N. E. T. CO.
By kind permission of Capt.
if fine.
Band Car and extra leave
Stanley street corner at 7:40
p. m.
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
From Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian  Aug. 30
Allan   Line Numidlan     ....Sept.  7
liuaver Line Lako Superior ahmt. 'Mi
Boaver Line Lake Simcoe Sept. (i
Frauco-Canadian Line Garth Castle ��� Aug. 30
Franco-Canadian Lino Wasaau Sopt. 17
From Portland, Me.
Dominion Line Vancouver Sept.  7
Dominion Line Dominion  fc-epc. U
From New York
White Star Lino Teutonia Aug. 28
VVhitoStar Line Germanic Sopt,  i
Cunard Line Ktruria Aug 31
Cunard Line  tier via Sept,  3
American Lino St. Paul   Aug. 28
American Une  St. Louis Sept. 4
French Line T 'Aquitaine Aug. 29
French Line La Champagne  Sept. 6
N. G. JU Kai' orin Maria Theresla Sept, 10
Anchor Line Oity of Home Sopt.  7
Hamburg American Dcutschland Sept.  6
For further particulars apply to
City Passenger Agont, Nelson, B. C.
GeneralS.3. i._<*nb. C.P.R. Offlies. WInnlo-g
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank of B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, B. C.
Write for full particulars.
Spokane Falls A
Northern .R'v.
Nelson *% Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
Advertisement* lnnertod under Mil hoad at
the rate of ono cent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for low than 25 contH.
Situation Wanted advol-t.isomonu insortoil
threo tun,-., froo of ohargo.
FOR MALI..���Corner Hnll and Observatory streets, three lots nnd
Hungalow, erected less than a year
ago. House hus drawing romii. dining room, nail, two brick fire places,
three bedrooms, a large bathroom,
kitchen, collar, outhoose, wide verandah two sides of house, watei,
sewer and electric light, very complete, view unexcelled, veiy comfortable home fur small family. To be
sold with or without furniture at
once. Owner leaving Nelson. Apply
on premises or to Messrs. II. & M
llird,  linker street.
ROOMS TO KENT.-^J.. VV. C. Hl~_~~
Two rooms on suite, on Ward st.,
also rooms facing tho west. On September 1, two single rooms and two
or three en suite facing Bakor St.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. I'\
J. Squire, Koom 41, K.    VV. C. lilock.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in wunt of
Vou'll  net  il.
TO RENT.���Rooms and otlice in   Clement,   Hillyer bloek.    Apply to   the
Nelson Electric Tramway ollices.
ROOM and board in   private   family.
Apply ou Silica  street, second   door
west of Ward.
ROOM for   rent at   Mrs.   Mc Heath's,
Silica street.
NELSON Employment Agency.  linker
street.    Phone 378.   J. II. Love.
WANTED. ���Laborers.      Tie   cutters.
Railroadmen     for   Lardo.       Dishwasher.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WESTERN Canadian Employment
Office.    Phone   270.   II. A.    Prosser.
WANTED.���Railroad laoorers. Girls
for   housework.    Woman   to   Cook.
first-class Cook, out of town.
FBEE Milling Void Properties���We are
aiixlsiu tu Hccure a few Tree milling gold
properties nt once. Tbe Prospector's Exchange, Neluon, B. ���. Koom I, K.-W.-C.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Thu Miner can do
for you.
I.OII'Mi.VKIt .OITKIt l,~AI>    Uini .    and
proHpcr.tH wanted.   Send report and Humpies to the Prospector's Kxcliunge. .Nelson.
B.C.   Boom �� K.-W.-C. block.
NELSON LODGE    No. 23, A. F. &
M. meeta seoond Wednesday in
month.   Visiting brethorn welcome
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
No. 16, meets every Monday night,
at   theii  Hail,  Kootenay stveet
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
John A. McRac, N.G.   D. W. Rutherford, V.Q
Fred J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Royal Arch Chapter No. 123, G. K. C.
Meets third Wednesday, sojourning compim
ions invited. George Johnstone, '/.. K. VV.
Matthews, S. ��.
NELSON LfODOK   No.iJo, K.of P.
Kmeets in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
Jeprstand thlre Tuesday evening of each
^inoni h at 8 o'clock.
'All visiting knights cordially  invite
Wm. Ikvink, C.C.
A. T. Park, K. of K. and S.
N. ~1. Cummins, 1.0.,00-Kvory known
variety or soft drink*.   I'OHoxHS.  Tuloubun
No. il. Huovor birooL, NelSOn.   Bottlers of Die
famous au Loon Uot Spring* Mineral Water
J A. Macdoualdj���Ai-hitocls and suutirin
lyndonls, Broken Hill Block, cornor Hukor anil
V. urd Slrooui, ..oIhou
HJ. KVANS Sc L'O.-Bakcr Btroot, Nol
. HOn���Wholculu iluulers iu Iiquora, ci-
Kihh, -Anient, lire brick and lire olay, water
pipe anil bteul rads, and general cowiuiBsion
I Wholuitalo uud retail dealers In grain,
liuy, Hour, feed. Mills at Viotoria, Now Worn,
minster) Kduiunton, Alta. Klovalurs on Culgury and Kilinnuiuii Hallway. Manufacturer*
ut Iho culubruuxl U. Sc ii. brand eereula.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Cornor Fron
��� and itall -LrooU���Wholesale grocer
uud jobbera iu blaukets, glovo a, uiilt~, boot*
rubbei-H, luackinawu and miners' Huudriut*.
PliUltNd Sc Co.-Bukor atroet, NoUon-
.   Wholesalo deulerb in fresh and curod
mum.!,.   Cold aiorage.
Bakor atreet, NoIhou���Wholesale dea
ers in fre.i and cured nieuU,
atreet, Nolson ��� Wholei-alo deulars in
hardware, minora' supplies, sporting goods
M'LACHLAN BROa. (Successors to Van
couver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker atreet.
NeUon��� VV holeuulo deulera in hardware and
mining yuppliou, plumbum' and tiusmltha' hup
paiut . oil-,  uud gla*-i; mechanic.   toolH.
AgonU toi Ontario Powder Work*; lrnatulto
ry\ URNKU, BEETON & Co.-Cornor Veruou
A. und Jotiephino Street-, Nelnon���Whclo
mho dealera in Iiquora, cigara, and dry goode.
Agents for l'ali.L Browing Co. of Mllwaukeo
and Calgary Brewing Co o? Calgary.
UJJSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale groceries
and liquors etc., Baker Street, Nelson.
Oitice cornor Hall and Front, Streets
Nelson���Lumber, coiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get out
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
rp GALLON ft CO.-Dealer�� in oro sacks
_L ��� and twines. Always a largo stock on
hand. Telephoned.  Room 44, K.-W.-C Block
Nolson Enca pmont No. 7. Meets every 2nd
and 4th Friday of each month, in Odd Fellows
Hall, coiner Baker and Kootenay streets.
Nelson. A. H. Clements, C. P.; 1 >. McArthuf
R. 8.   Visiting brother's always welcninf*.
NELSON L. O. L. No. 1692 moets m Fraternity Hall on first and third Friday evenings
of oacn month at 8 o'clock. Visiting member
cordially invited. W. W. Bradloy, W. K.
A, Minty, R. S. 	
NELSON AERIK No. 22, F. O. E., meets
every seoond and fourth Wednesdays of eaoh
m onth. Visiting members cordially Invtt
Charles Prosser, Rwretary.
Buffalo and Return
Good for sixty days, first
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains between Spokane and Nelson. Buffet
service between Spokane and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
II :00 a.m Spokane 7 :35 p.m
12:25 p.m Rnsslnnd -i '.HI p.m
lo:l() n.m Nelson G ;o5 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wast
Accent, Nelson. B.O,
J. 0. QWILLIM, B..,  Sc,
Late of Geological  Survey of Canada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Baker Street Nelson. B. C.
Kootenny Tent No. 7, K. 11. T. M��� holil tholr
regular muetiogK in Fraternity Hall, 1, O. O. V.
block,on the 1st anil linl Thui-day* of unch
ii.mil li. ViHltinK brethren cordially invited to
attend. O. A. Brown, It. K.; A. P. I'urdy, Hum. ���
K. J.dtool,!). 3. C.
COURT KOOTKNAY, I. O. F��� No. 111:*.
Meeting* ll.h Thurnday cf month. Fraternal
hall. J A Irving 0 ft.   P. H. FJominK. It. 8
Neluon Court Hl.nr of   ICootenay, A. O, F.
Meet*  2nd and    1th    Wednesdays in  every
month.   ViHiting brethren welcome. W. Mac-
Millan, O.K.   Kobert Mo_eod,8oc,
1 nt, iuhI :inl Wednesday cvoninKKOt
oaoh month at Fialorniiy nail,
corner of Bakor and Kootonay
HtroetH. Visiting brothorn oordlally invitod.
Kdwaku Maci.koii. 8ocreta.rv.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
���69 nelson b c
H. & M. BIRD
��Mr. Hen IIo~|?-'n residence on Mill
street witli four lots; five rooins down
stairs, three bedrooms and lurpe
bathroom upstairs. Furnace just put
in���A well built and comfortable
home.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and residences for rent at door of
our otlices next to MoArthur's on Baker street.
Wt-dtrmore Mlnos.   CorreroondenoeSolicited
WINU-.1.MKK1D. A. a.
To All Eastern Points via
Lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via St. Paul or Chicago.
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going August 6th, 20.
Through Sleeping Cars Kootenay Ldg. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For pamphlet, descriptive of Oan*
ailian I .iciHo tours and for Time Tah s,
Hates,  Tickets,  apply
H. L, Brown,
City Passenger AKeut
J. S. Cahtkr,
His. l'lisii. Act.
A. O. P. A.
Vancouver ;
Nelson Daily Miner, Wednbuav, hvavet
ii > ju..u Egm
A touch of warm
r.��>rnm0CKS weather suggests Hammocks. Where can you find rrore
comfort than in a Hammock?
Where can you find more square
inel ol luxury lor so little money as
in thc particular Hammocks we are
selling. Good colorings, well made,
large and roomy, and above all
strong and good value.
Pianos to Kent ul, 87 per mouth.
��� *l-VV%VWV*V>-,^*VVVlk>VVVVVVV%��
The lirst shipment of sweet potatoes
received this aeason reached the local
dealers yesterday.
There will be no band concert at
the I'ark tonight, the next one taking
pluce on Sunday night.
The TVrpsleliorcaii Cluh held another
of their successful dances at the Lake
Park pavillion last evening.
The audience at the opera house to
night will be asked to answer the
question, "Was She to Blame?"
The public school finally opened
yesterday, the children having been
given a holiday Monday on account of
the nircus being in town
L. A. Thurston was examined for
discovery in the suit of Thurston vs.
Weyl before the district registrar at
the court hcinso yesterday.
Considerable shipments of mat
tresses and wire springs have been
sent to the Iloundary country this
week by the Kootenay Wire Works.
'There was but one case in the police
court yesterday that of a traveller who
was brought up for a breach of thc
Trades by-law, re the soliciting of
orders. The case was adjourned till
today at 10.80 a. m.
Owing to an accident at tbe ManS'
field quarry on Monday, when a cog
wheel on the derrick went to pieces,
the shipment of marble for the new
postofiice will not be down before the
end of the week.
There was no change in the strike
situation at the Nelson ISaw Sc Plan
ing Mills yesterday, no compromise
being arrived at. The management
said that tbay had completed their arrangements fur resuming work and
thnt the mill would be running this
In February last Joseph Gill, Jr., of
Kossland, took out a twenty payment
life policy with tlio Manufacturers'
Life of Toronto, paying S71S ns the
first premium on the $2,000 policy
In June lie fell down a shaft in the
LeRoi mine and was killed and a
short time ago tl. A. Hunter of Nel
son, general agent for the Manufacturers' Life, mailed the lather, Joseph
Gill, a cheque for .:;,000. Mr. Hunter has received word from tho com
puny that his buisness during July
stood third on the list of that of all
genernl agents for Canada for the
same month.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 20. ���The shed
and .li loaded and 36 empty freight
cars belonging to the Union Paciflo
railroad were burned at the transfer
depot of that company is Council
Bluffs today, causing u loss estimated
at uoarly .100,000
| U. S. Gov't |
1  on Foods
I See  Below)
T Solve the Problem.
The U. IS. Government has been nt
tempting to instruct tho people re
crardlng the purchase of food thai
would give the best advantage to the
system with the least expenditure of
money, A report bus been made bv
Prof. Atwater, tin- famous chemist,
nnd the subject is of great interest.
This is an age of specialists, and
the work or the food specialist is of great importance. Persons
who do not care to go into all of the
details and statistics.can secure practical results by using draco-Nuts, the
breafkast food, which is probably the
most scientifically made food in the
market. It is made for a purpose and
was originated by a food expert of
unquestioned standing. The elemental principles contained in (.rape-
Nuts are selected for tbeir value in
rebuilding the brain and nerve centers
in the human body. The subject is
worth anv brain workers' attention.
The Kood is fully cooked at the factory
and is ready lor instant servce.
S, II. Snider and It. Angus, Vancouver, registered at the Hnioe yesterday.
A. Jackson, icsidcnt engineer on
the Great Northern at Spokane, is at
the l'hair,
(leorgc Clark, of the Kootenay Win-
Works, is rusticating at Powder Point
foi a couple of wi-'iliH.
Postofiice Inspector J. I!. < Iron fell,
of Vancouver, arrived in tlie clly ves-
terday on au official trip.
Dr. W. S. liallualh, and bride, uf
Lethbridge, wmi are on tbeir wedding
tiip are visiting in the city.
W. E. Bole, a well known mining
man of the Slocan, arrived from Kalso
yesterday and Is at the Hume
A. C.   I'ltiininei felt,   superintendent
of the  Granby  smelter,   arrived  in
Nelson yesterday   and is   stopping   at
the l'hair.
F, P. Hagan, of Spokane, who is
interested in some of tbe Kast Kootenay properties, left last night on the
Crow's Nest b���at.
T. Langlois, manager of the B. C.
Provincial Loan A Savings Co, who
as been in Nelson for a few days left
last evening for the east.
Among those who are now camping
at Powder loint are Mr, A. I. YVal-
ley, Mr J. 10. Annable, Mr. J. W.
Holmes, and their families.
Miss Strong, formerly stenographer
for Dr. Lalluu, leaves shortly for
Spokane to a ttend the fall session of
tho business college at tbat point.
E. J. Flatt, Nolson agent of iho II.
C. Permanent Loan Co. made a tecord
in a two days' sojourn a Ymir,selling
84,500 of ���ho company-' stoek in thut
II. D. Jackraan, who has heen employed at tho Athabasca for several
years left yesterday for tbe state of
Idaho where be intends to reside in
(Icorge Gardner, the middleweight
champion, und the mill is to decide
tbe championship. Tbe contest will
take pluce some time in October in
Kossland. (ioiT and Gardner met several years ago and in tlie Bixth round
ColT threw his left shoulder ont of
joint and as a consequence his opponent won. The mill will not be pull-
I off until the existing match between Qardtel and Kid Carter has
been concluded in San Francisco.
Goff is the mun who met Burns, the
heavyweight, in this city a few
months since and fought a UO round
haw with him.
The R. 11. 11. Hand excursion tomorrow afternoon and evening promises to eclipse all former excursions of
the season. The boys are leaving no
stone unturned to make it a success.
Come along and bring out the family
and enjoy yourselves. Refreshments
at the booth. Dancing both afternoon
and evening.
A   Permanent   Musical   Organization
Which is a Credit to the Oity.
The R. II. R. band which has been
playing professional engagements for
the past six or eight weeks has a per
sonnel of the highest order, its
allairs are conducted in a solid, husi
nesslike manner and it is in the husi
ness to stay.
The bandmaster has had charge or
pluyed with some of the best military
bands in the east, and has his men
well under control. Prominent among
the men are the Wambold brothers
from California, where they played
professionally in different bands in
that state. Mr. Otis, tlie man witli
the big horn, has served profession
ally aboard the liagship Philadelphia
during the war in Samoa, and various
paits of the world. Mi. Mills, trap
drummer, has been continuously a
member of Nelson bands and orchestras for the past ten years. Mr.
Jumei, britone: Mr. Roberts, trombone; Mr. Farqnarson, clarinet;
Messrs. Robie and I'errler, altos; Mr.
Levis, cornet; Mr. Hrown, cornet,
and Mr. Vroom, bass drum, have ail
been permanently engaged with the
bands in the several places where
tbey bave resided.
These men bave served from five
to twenty years in the business,
and the K. M. R. hand has every appearance of being one of Nelson's permanent organizations. They have just
received a huge supply of new music
from England and from eastern pub
Ushers, sufficient to keep tbem going
all the cuinlng fall and winter, he-
sides being subscribers to all the
musical journals whioh make a specialty of supplying all up to-date compositions immediately upon publication.
The coming fall and winter promises
to be a busy one for the band, besides
their own concerts whicli will be
given at reasonable intervals, several
permanent winter engagements are
spoken of, there are several applications from outside towns for their
services, in fact from the way tlie band
is progressing, and if tlie present
membership holds together for the
next six months wo shall bave a hand
hero which will be in demand from
all the surrounding ilistricton festive
and public occasions.
The band is a credit to this or any
-..-thei city in 11. C. and, lhat it is
popular is attested by the way the
tickets are selling for ihe excursion to
Kokanee creek tomorrow afternoon.
The bandmen appreciate this and in
the future as in the past they will he
more than willing to be of service to
the public at large.
Tickets are being sold very rapid My
for the It. M. lt. Hand excursion. He
sure aud get to the boat at tbe city
wharf at _ o'clock sharp, as the boat
goes at that time. The second boat
leaves   at 8. p. m. sharp.
Investigation to He Made Into Sinking
of River Steamei.
���'nducah, Ky., Aug. 80,���The horror
of the City of Golconda disaster at Cottonwood bai, four miles west of Pn-
dueab, last night, is just beginning to
be fully comprehended by the people
of Padueah, as bodies are brought Into
the city and taken to the undertaking
rooms. The boat's register has not
yet been recovered, but it is certain
the death list will number seventeen
and perhaps .2. An official investigation will be made, as it seems that
the most eulpaole carelessness caused
the catastrophe. A. A. Peck, the
pilot, says tho eugineer deserted his
post and that he could not manage
the hoat without the engine's help.
The engineer denies this and asserts
that he remained at the throttle
until the water "'as waist deep. Frank
Enders,one of the passengers, corroborated hy several others, declares that
the effort to land bi ought the side of
the boat around so that the wind
Btruok it with full force, There hnd
been almost a gale blowing for ten
minutes nnd oue man who could not
swim went to the pilot house and
begged tho pilot to laud. When lie
did finally consent to land the hurricane struck the boat as it swung
around in a position least able to resist it.
Early this morning the work of
searching for the remains bc_an, the
party being led by Charles Graham,
county clerk, and Luther Graham,
his brother, whose sister was among
tho drowned. Three bodies were recovered in the forenoon. Tbe boat is
being dismantled in order that the
dead may be recovered.
A revised list of the dead is as
follows: Miss May Fleming, Uiids-
vtlie: Miss Lizzie Graham, Grahams-
ville; Miss Lucy Barnett, Southland,
Miss Trixie Grimes, Grahamsville;
Mrs. W A. Hogan and three children,
Ira, aged 10, Wallace aged eight, and
Lucille aged six, of Padueah; Mr.
WattH Dales, of Livingston county;
Clarance Clayiden, of Loda, Ky. ;
Wallace Bennett, of Tolu, Ky. ;| J.
Jackson, colored, Padueah; Will
Woods, colored, aud Geo. Sandburg,
colored, Golconda,
.  _
An Islanler Man Who Wanled to Go
Off in a Boat by Himself.
Victoria, B.C., Aug. 20.���One of tho
Islander survivors who has reached
Victoiia tells a itory of how one of
the passengers, who embarked at
Skagway, tried to get off all by himself in one of the boats. After the
boat had been lowered and the paasen-
ger clambered in he cut the cable and
started to row off. One of the crew
jumped down and soon caught the
boat. He brought the passenger back,
uilhongh as he did so that worthy
said, "Why don't you let the passengers go, aud l.iok out for yourself as I
Ater having heen awakened by the
shock, J. K. Devlin of this city went
hack to bed and was falling asleep
again when he heurd some one calling
on all to got out. He suys he met a
number of people in the sooial hall
laughing and joshing aud evidently
oblivious of danger. He believes they
I never realized thnt the ship was going
idown until it was too late and were
carried down with her.
stay of proceeding from Judge W. B, j
Hell of the Supreme Court toduy, and
the question is not appealable. Nordstrom for the first time in his ton
year's imprisonment broke down uud
wept when in his cell.
San Francisco. Ang. 80.���-Jim Jeffries
and (Jus Ruhlin today signed an
agreement to tight for the champion?
ship of the world, the match to take
place oither In November or December
before the elub offering the largest
Charlie   Goff,    the Spokane middle-,
weight,   has   heen   matched   to   light!
Dawson City, Aug 13, via Seattle,
Aug. SO.- -A telegram from Eagle toduy aunoiincos that Captain E. D.
Dixon, master of the steamer Louise,
died at Circle City, August 3, of heart
disease. Tbe Louise in enrouto up
tbe river with four barges. The
heavy tows make her progress slow,
but she will be here in a day or two.
Captain Dixon leaves a wife, a
daughter und a sod in Oakland, Cal.
He was formerly in the service of the
Diamond Joe Co. on the Mississippi
river, between Keokuk and St. Louis,
Seattle, Wash., Aug. -0.���Chas. W.
Nordstrom will in all probability be
banged in the gariet of thc King
county courthouse Friday for the murder of Willie Mason, uearly ten years
ago. James Hamilton Lewis, counsel
for   the   prisoner,    failed   to seoure a
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 20.���The ?5th
biennial convention of the Order of
Scottish Clans opened at Erie Hall in
this oity today with 160 delegates
piesont from tho United Slates and
Canada. Tho convention will hist
three days and tho sessions will be
San Francisco, Aug. 20.���Chief
Engineer Hood of the Southern Pneilic
Co., says that he has not yet received
instructions to make a preliminary
survey for the pioposed tunnel
through the Sierras, although a party
of surveyors has been sent out for
work in the direction ol the mountains.
Paris, Aug. 21.'.���Lieut.-Col.   March-
und, of Fashoda fame, has   been   promoted  to   tho   chief   command   of  a
brigade of French troops in China.
Immense     Damage   Being   Done   By
Philadelphia Fire.
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug.20.��� The liro
which began yesterday afternoon at
the works of the Atlantic Refining
Co., at Point Breeze, in the soutli
western section of tho city, is still
burning fiorcely tonight and Chief
Baxter of the oity Ore department bas
given up hopes of saving any of the
company's property. The one hope of
the company's officers and the lire-
men was in their ability to pump the
oil lrom tho tanks not yet reached by
the flames into reservoir tanks in an
isolated section of tlie yard. An explosion late this a'fternoon carried
away the pumping machinery aud
nothing remains now apparently, but
to permit the confiagrntioan to burn
until all Ihe oil is consumed. It is
believed tonight that dve lives lost
in the explosion lust night completes
the list. In the explosion which occurred this afternoon 15 persons were
seriously injured, enough to bo tuken
to the hospitals, and abont 41) others
were treated on the scene by the am
bulance surgeon.
Buenos Ayres, Ang. 80���In the Argentine Senate today Dr. Alliance Al-
certa,niininter of foreign affairs,after
the adoption of lesolution of confidence in tho Government toward the
forthcoming Pan-American congress
in the City cf Mexico,announced that
the fighting Chilian Governments bad
formulated a moral compromise not
to increase their armaments by a sin
gle rifle. lie said it was this lesolu-
tion which had led to the resignation of the Chilian cabinet and he
maintained that peace between Argentine and Chili was assured. In
reply to an interpellation be replied
that relations of Argentine with a"
foreign powers was excellent.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 20.���Ten
carloads of ore, 250 tons, mined in
the Heaver district in tho southern
part of Utah and which were sent to
Salt Lake City for analysis, nre said
to be the richest ever mined in Utah.
It runs 40 per cent, copper. The district is on the Frisco branch of the
Oregon Short line and is just being
Brussels, Aug. 20.���American agents
nre busy in llelgiiim recruiting Belgium glass blowers for service in the
U.S. Japanese agents are also offering
high wtiges to skilled glass blowers
who are willing to go to lapan to in-
tioduce tlie industry there.
The old idea that the body sometimes needs a powerful drastic, purgn-
ive pill has been exploded; for Dr.
King's New Life Pills, which aro perfectly harmless, gently stimulate liver
and bowels, to expel poisonous matter, cleanse the system and absolutely
cure Constipation and Sick Headache.
Only 85c   at Canada Dreg ... Book Co.
No   harmful   ingredients   in���Ironbrew,
I have a large warehouse and am
prepared to stoie all kinds of goods.
Prosser's Second Hand Stoie, Ward
Tor this painful trouble Griffiths'Lihitnont is
anubsoluto pain destroyer-it penetrate- and
lubricates the joints, takes away all the stillness and gives relief in a tew niinnl.es���works
wonders in chronic rheumatism eases.
Mr. H. K. West of Wuter street, Vancouver,
B. 0., was a great sillterer from painful attacks nf llhemiialisin in his shoulders, so severe were the attacks that he could not raise
his trnis. Ilo applied Griffiths' Monthol Liniment, the Kreal, pain reliever, ami in less than
tour hours the pain hud entirely left him. lie
Suva: "lt certainly is a great, pnin rolievor,'
For sale by J. II. Vanstone. Nelson, B. 0.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
rate of        ,
75 Cents per Month
Subscriptions to lie left
with the agent,
D.  J.  YOUNG.
R. fl. R. BAND
Can be engaged for summer months for Excursions, Picnics, Lawn Socials or anything that requires music.
Wambold's Orchestra
Por Balls, Parties, Receptions, Banquet-, etc. Regular
prices. All are members of Looul No III, A. P. of _j,
Musical Protective Association. Apply to,I. B. POL*
LAUH, at E. J. Bohie's Tailor Shop, Baker Street.
Zbe IRo^al Bank of Canafra
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Auiiiori/cii,
HCt.lMIIMMKUMI I   ('llllltul   Flll<l-Il|>.
Kent,       .       .    ���
Hoard of Director*.     Thomas E. Kenny,  President;   ThoniRB llitohlo, Vioe-Prmldonl
Wiley Smith   H. G. ltuulrt, Hon. liuvlil MaoKoon.
Hi-uil Oilier, llalirnx:
General Manager, Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Hranohos, and Socretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Itian    et I
'ova   Scotln���Halifax   Branch,   Antl-OnM
Brld~ewater, (iuysliorn. Londonderry, Lu
unburn. Maitlaiia (Hants Co.), Pictou. Port
llawkesbury, Hydnoy, Shubenaoadle.Truro,
New    KrlliiMWIck ��� Bathurst,     Dorehestor,
Frodorictpn, Kingston iKont Co.l, Mono-
. Jgl ���  .
ton, Noweost.lo, Baokville, St, John,Woodstock-
I*. G. Island���Charlottetown, suniincivldo.
; eboc���Montroal,  (City   Oflice),  Montreal
Wost End (Cor. Notro   Dame anil Stic. II
neurs Streot-); Wostmoiini (Cor. tli-eeuo W
Avenue and St. OathurinoH Street,
Newfoundland���St. John's.
���nl��a, West Id.1I.**���Havana.
United RlntcH���New York (10 Hxcliaiigo l'lu*.
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Nelson,   Rossland,     anconvu,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Corn* ipondenta t
Canaila-Morehants Hank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bank.   Chlengo-llllnoll
Trust, and Savings Bnnk.   Han - r��ncln<:o-Fli_t National Bank.   London,   Bill.-Bank ul
Scotland.   Purls, rrtmce���Credit Lynmmis.   Bermuda��� Bank of Bermuda,   rhino uml Ji.
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation,   Spokane-Old National Hunk.
Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   II. ugh
and Sold, Letters of Credit, EU., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
Oold, Silver-Lead  and  Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale arc requested to semi
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining ir.en are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, l'REPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
0    Tolophone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. 0.
ty ��%inv SV^iAs ��� <&*U>tni. As cuA/
ty ^^^^^/^y^^ i
Every housewife wha
takes delight in a
spick and span kitchen will find what she
wants in our stock of
The shining quality
of the surface is indicative of the superior merit of the
goods through and
Certificates of Improvements
New Year, Amethystine and Tourmaline mineral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where looated���On the East bank of
the Columbia River, two miles south
of Trail.
TAKE NOTICE that I,.I. D. Anderson, P, L. 8., of Trail, B. C, agent for
\V. W, Carlisle, Free Miner's Certificate No. 15 50354, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that aotion,
under section 87, must lie commenced
before the issuanoe of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Hated this 29th day of July,   A.  D
Custom House Broker and Kniplovmcut
Office. Telephone 44. P. O. Box 582
Stanley Street, Nelson, B. ('������
Certilicate of Improvement1!
"Dora" Mineral Claim, situate iii
Nelson Mining Division of West Kootf I
nay DiBtriot. ��� I
Where looated: on Craig Mountain, i>eB I!
Take notioe that; I, John D. An"',
son, P. L. 8., of Trail, B. 0., agent w
Herbert Porter, Free Miner'H <Jj I
tifioato No. B oOl.O, intend 00 W I
from the date hereof, to apply ia A
Mining Recorder for a certilicate |
improvements, for tho purpone 01 " L
taining a Crown Grant of the aW |
And further tnke notice that ncti<*
nnder seotion 37 m-mr,  be comtiit"*"'
before tlie issuanoe of such Gorilla'11' |
of Improvements. n
Dated   this  1st day of July A- v"
1901. ,_
A. R. BARROW, a. vi 1 ����I
Provincial  Land Surveyor
Corner Viotor'_�� and Kootenay St*
P.O. Bon . Talepbone *


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