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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 3, 1901

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 Daily Edition No.  1156
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Thursday,   October 3, 1901
Eleventh  Year
I alsn "���**���'��� '    '       ict the   only   formal
Li ���art';'' I***'-*'��9  ras ,lle presentation
TtlT A 1VT/*'*l,?r0vinC'd  ,      ** *'"K(*ot' bracelet sent down by the
MAIN Ull U UlA j miners of Atlin.
The party embarked   cn the steamer
  shortly after (I  o'clock.     Tin*   maytr
and aldermen were   on   hand    to   bid
Japan's Tribute to the Departed United States
Today   olf    Sandy
Fires Extinguished and Work
Resumed In Extension
Victoiia, B, C. Oct. -.���Nagasaki
papers report that there is in that
city a band of gypsies who were expelled from Russ'a and art trying to
bog enough money to bring them lo
Nine men from the Japanese
steamer Senyu Maru, which left a
Japanese port on an ottei hunting
trip, were arrested by the Russians
on Robben island on suspicion of
poaching and were sent to Vladivostok*, while 350 sealskins taken by
they were seized.
Several of tho native Japanese papers
appeared with tinned rules on the day
owing to the receipt of the news of
the death of President McKinley and
all contained columns expressing
regret at the loss the eountrythad sustained. "Iho Jim 111 in says*. "All civilized nations must mourn his loss,
above all the Japanese, who were
assisted primarily by the United
Status lo enter the cumniunity of
nations and who have to tliank tl e
late president for the kindly and sympathetic words publicly used by him
in reference to their country. American progress will, however, never be
interrupted by this event, howovor,
lamentable It is in itself." other
papers refer to McKinley's death in
a similar strain.
Famine is feared in Manchuria ns a
result oT Hoods ta which iiiilwnys,
crops and all kinds of propeity wore
Franco it is said is ahout to construe! a line of telegraph trom Ton-
quiti to Amoy, and thence lo Port
Aithur, giving France direct communication iu the far east Independent of
Hritish lines.
Australian papers received today by
the steamer Aorangi contain many
references to the assassination of
President McKinley and express horror at the dreadful deed.
i tiieui goodbye, "'iheir 'royai "nigh* j For a Splendid Yacht Race
nesses requested the   mayor to convey
to tlio citizens cf   Victoria   their   appreciation of tlie kind   treatment they
had received from   the   people  of  the
eity.     Thoy   had   enjoyod their   stay
vory mnch indeed,    particularly today
when they had a good   opportunity of
seeing the beauties   of   tho  city   and
its surroundings.     The   Duko   wired
to lion.   James   Dunsmuir, at Exton
sion, an expression of   his
the said   accident   which
place 111 the mines.
regret   nt
bad   taken
Victoria, Oct. 2,���Aoting upon the
repoit of Mr. Morgan, provincial inspector of mines, that the tiro was out
in tho Extension mines, the coinpany
this afternoon commenced work in the
' tuunel and No. 3, shaft which are not
connected with the two shafts in
which the (ire occurred and where the
bodies of tne unfortunate victims are
burned. New fan houses are being
oreotod for Nos. 2 aud II shafts and it
is expected that the mine will be
Worked as usual in two or three
Inspector Morgan, after testing the
gas which is escaping from the mine
at Extension shaft, expressed the
opinion that the lire in tho mine had
beon smothered and in cousequcnce|the
work of searching for the bodies will
be commenced. Twelve families have
been rendered destitute as a result
of thu explosion.
Tho steamer Cottage City arrived
tonight from Skagway. She brought
301) passengers tho greater number of
whom weie fiom Dawson City, the
outward stampede having commenced
in earnest. It is estimated thattheie
was _2oo,(inn in gold among tlio passengers, among whom was Mrs. Hall.
of San Francisco, wife of Jim Hall,
owner uf No. 17 Eldorado.
There appears to havo been a successful "rig" carried through some
time ago on the London market on
New Oold Fields of British Columbia
This company owns the Velvet and
adjoining claims on Sophia mountain,
southwest of Rossland. Hy means
familiar to stock brokers the price of
the stock was gradually pushed np to
��2 ptr share, a premium of 100 per
cent. Tho manipulators accomplished
their objeet and now tho stock has
fallen to 15 shillings. Tho condition
of tlie mine and its prospects have
steadily improved in the meantime so
that there is nothing alarming from
a mining point of view in these fine
tuations. The Velvet has added a
largo amount of plant to ils equipment during the past summer and
whon the spur of the railway is built
will be a large shipper of high grade
copper ore.
Will Sail Every   Day   Until
all Events Are Finished.
Satisfactory    Reports   Submitted to Annual Meeting Yesterday.
I'okin, Oct. tl.���Despatches for Sian
Fu announces that tho Chinese court
13 preparing to start about October ti.
Tho temporary palace thero is being
dismantled and the famishing!) will
be ciilied for use on route. The
olllcials arid servants will number
8,000 to 5,000 with 1,800 cats and several thousands of horses and mules
that have been collected iu the district. An imperial edict has been
issued commanding Li Hung Chang,
as governor of the province of Chi Li
to borrow TOO,00D taels from the other
provinces to defray tho expenses of
court's journey.
A 8400,000 FIRE.
St. Louis, Oct. 2.���Fire that broke
out nt ill a. m. in the plant of tho E.
E. Standard Milling Co. on the river
front at Alton, Ills, destroyed tbat
and several othor buildings causing a
loss estimated at $100,000. A high
wind blew the sparks broadcast
threatening the district or business
centre of Altona. Five different line
freight cars loaded with wheat at the
freight house of the Diamond Joe
Steamship line, and seven buildings
of minor importance were also
Victoria's Beauties Viewed by the
Ducal Party at Thoir Leisure.
Victoria, Oct. 2.���Thoir Royal
Highnesses, the Duko and Duchess o'
Cornwall and York, left by R, M. S.
Empress of India at 10 o'clock tonight
for Vancouver, having again turned
their faces to the east for their homeward trip whioh will occupy exactly a
month, including stops at all the
larger cities of Canada and a short
hunting trip. Today was spent In an
informal way, tho party enjoying a
trip in the Admiral's launch, through
the pretty island waters known as
Victoria Arm and then taking a drive
around the roads which have mado
Viotoria  famous.     The hospital   was
London, Oct. 2.���Moedall, the
scene of the bold attack by Commandant Doiarey on Col. Kekewich's camp
is 75 miles west of Pretoria and 16
wost of Rustenburg. As the wounded
wore being brought back to Rusten-
burg it looks as though Moedall,
which ia close to the Magatos Pass in
the M.igliesherg range had been abandoned. Among the Iloers killed at
Moedall was Commandant Tobias
Roshof, a well known leader. Kemp's
scouts picked up thc body. Most of
the others killed were foreigners.
Quebec, Oct. '?..��� Tho investigation
into tho grounding of II. M. S.
Indefatigable in tho channel between
hore and Montreal on September ISth
opened bore today. Capt. Campbell
of the Indefatigable and Pilot Boullle
both blamed eddies on the rivor for
tho accident.
Now York, Oct. '���'..���At a meeting
today of representatives of Hoyal
Ulster Yacht, club and the New York
Yacht club, tho agreement as to the
days for the races was modified so
that it now reads that the races shall
be sailed ou the following nates until
tho series be complolo. Octobei 11 and
one each following day except Sunday, provided however, that immediately on the conclusion of the raco of
October 1) and each subsequent raco
the regatta committee shall inquire of
each contestant whether ho is willing
to start the next day, and should
cither contestant reply in the negative, one day shall intervene before
starting llio next raco. Sunday shall
not   count,   aa   such iiierveiiing   day.
Land Bonds Paid.���Provision
Made for Pensioning Old
The Right of Way for It Is Be
ing Cleared as Rapidly
as Possible.
j Progress of the Development
in  the  Silver King
New York, Oct. 2.���Yachting ex
ports and the general public are tonigiit expecting a most exciting race
tomorrow. Thoy baso thoir high
hopes on the strong wind blowing
today and which the local weather
piophet asserts is likely to keep up
for 21 hours or moro. The Washington weal her bureau adds to the expectation whicli il is hoped will bo real-
ized.by holding out a promise of a
strong breeze off Sandy Hook. The
bureau says: Fresh northwest winds
and fair weather oil Sandy Hook lor
tomorrow. The wind ought to hold
good throughout tho day.
At Sandy Hook tonight, everything
is ready for tomorrow's race and if
the weather predictions prove true,the
yachts will have plenty of wind, perhaps more than they want. At 9.30
tonight thu wind shifted suddenly in
a squall trom south to northwest and
began to blow hard from that quarter.
At 10 it haC. a Velocity of HO miles an
hou i.
While it was a quiet, day with the
yachts lying at their moorings inside
Sandy Hook bay, the officials of New
York Y'acht and Royal Ulster Yacht
clubs had a busy time of it in coin-
plying with the request of Sir Thomas
hacked by the assent of Mr. Morgan
of tbo Columbia, that in future the
racos should be held on consecutivo
days, not counting Sunday. Iu addition there came the request from Geo.
I.. Watson, the designor of Shamrock
11., for reinoasurcniont because of his
intention to take out ballast before
tomorrow's raco. On the first proposition an agreement was finally
reached between the challenge committee of tho clubs for a race every
day,[.but on the second, Mr. Watson
after further considering tlie matter
decided to let it drop, nnd the yacht
will sail tomorrow with exaotly tho
saino amount of ballast whicli she has
carried in previous races. This will
not prevent Mr. Watson from taking
out ballast al nny tune he may wish
which of course, tho club is willing
to have done at any time. If, how-
over, after tomonow's race, Mr. Wat.
son decides to take out ballast, it is
probable that thero will be no race on
Friday, as under the now arrangements, either yacht is at liberty to decline to race on the next day.
Glasgow, Oct. 2.���It is said here
that if tho Shamrock is not successful
in the present series of races for
America's cup, a west of Scotland
syndicate is prepared to issuo another
challenge for the cup.
Ithaca, Oct. 2-Cornell's football
team won from Rochestor university
at Percy Field today by a score of SO
to nothing.
Montreal, Oct. 2. -Eugene Land},
while duck hunting in Montreal harbor yesterday, caught a seal weighing
110 pounds.
London, Oct. 2.���The Hoer reverse
al Moedall occurred on September
2!)th. Tho Boers aro repotted to have
been 1,000 strong Lord Kitchener in
his despatch says the British repelled
the attack with great vigor. Aflor
the close of tho fighting Col. Kcke
wich was slightly wounded in two
places. Ilo says that all ranks behaved
extremely well.
The woundod were taken to Ruslen-
berg half way betwen Pretoria and
Mafeking. Lord Kitchener confirms
the heavy losss of the Poers. About
250 were killed and ,1ii(i wounded during thou* attack on the forts nt
Italia. There is a prospect, he says of
tho guns recently captured at Vlak-
fontein boing
Montreal, Oct. 2.���The annual meeting of the shareholders of tho Canadian Pacific railway company wns
held today and the old board was reelected unanimously. In moving the
adoption of the report President Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy directed attention to tho excellent result of the
operations tho past fiscal yoar notwithstanding tho loss oi icvcnuo resulting from the serious shrinkage of
the grain crops nf northwestern
Canada last autumn by unfavorable
weather. The grain tonnage of Manitoba and the northwest was only one-
third thai of 1800, and according to
authentic reports loss than one-fifth
the tonnage of the crop just harvested.
A few years ago such a series injury to the crops would have hud a
disastrous effect upon tho company's
revenue, therefore, the development of
other traffic in sullicient volume to
materially reduce tiie comparative
importance of tbo grain business as a
factor in tho gross earnings, was most
As indicated by the annual report
on the land grant bonds tlie amount
of $128,500 had been redeemed and
cancelled since last meeting. The
directors oxpect to reduce the outstanding bonds by a still larger
amount dining tbe current year; land
sales for tbe past three months being
75 per cent in excess of the corresponding period of last year. None of
these sales was in large blocks.
The desirability of making provision for the pensioning of officers and
employees, who after long service
become incapacitated by reason of advanced age, has suggested the propriety of asking consent that !jl!'50,000
be sot aside as a nucleus of a pension
fund as soon as the directors succeeded in formulating a feasible plan o!
administration. It was hoped that
this would be accomplished shortly
but the large number of employees
and Iho varied conditions of service
make it nocessary that details of tho
scheme should rocoUo the gravest consideration before being put in operation. The president expressed for the
directors their appreciation of the
zeal and fidelity of the officers and
employees in the performance of the
duties during, in some respects, most
trying years.
The leases of thc Kootenay Sc Arrowhead railway, the Vanoouvcr &
Lulu Island railway, and the Hritish
Columbia Southern railway were approved, also the traffic agreement between the Canadian l'aoific and tho
Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic, nnd
Mineral Range railways.
The issue of debentures on stock
account for thirty miles of branch
linos in Manitoba was authorized not
tc exceed 815,0(10 a mile, and (1860,000
was set aside for a pension tund,
The meeting was mado special, and
a iesolution was passed authorizing
tbe issue of S. S. bonds not to exceed
At a mooting of the new board, Sir
Win. VanHorne was re-elected chairman of the hoard, and Sir Thomas G.
Shauglinossy, president of the
00X9 pany.
Henry Roy, general manager of the
London and Richelieu Consolidated
Mining oompany was at the l'hair
yesterday, having just returned from
a visit to the properties of tho compuny near Crawford Hay. Mr. Roy
reports that Mr. Riblet has a large
force of men at work clearing a right
of way so feot wide for Iho aerial
tram which is to transport the ore
from the mines of tho company down
the slope to the end of tho wagon
road, whioh leads In Crawford Bay.
I' or 25 feet on each side of the 80 leet
all leaning trees that might endanger
the tramway and poles for the tramway aie also being cut and made
ready. In the meanwhile the buckets
and other portions of the tramway are
boing constructed at the Riblet factory in this city Mr. Roy says that
work will bo pushed on the building
of the tramway lo the end that
commencing the delivery of too 15,000
tons of ore contracted to be delivered
to tho Trail smelter may bo began at
the earliest possible moment. The
*>vagon road from Crawford bay to
what will bo the terminus on the
trawmay has been repaired and is in
Hist class condition for hauling loads
Mr. Roy says that good mports
come from the Oregon group, which
is located on tho summit above the
minus of the London and Richelieu
coinpany. The group is owned by
Messrs. Johnson, Clark and Workman.
Cabins have been erected and the
work of development is in full swing
with promising results. The ore
carries gold, silver, copper aud lead
and is of a pay grade.
Sweep In the Legislature.
been stoadily picking up all summer,
and lhat at present there are more
men employed in the neighborhood of i
thu town than at any fine in its his-1
tory. Among other properties on
which woik is starting up is the Republic, on which   at   present   tenders I
are being called for tho construetion i Ministerialists Make a Glean
of the wagon toad leading from the
mine to the main road to Slocau. On)
the Hlack Prince which was leased for
the last yeai, the owners have received SI, '.'"D in royalties, and over one
hundred feet of dead work- was done
by the company that leased it.
The Canadian Mining Review,
Canada's leading mining journal, illustrated its August number with reproductions of photographs of ins of
the civil and mining engineers mid
metallurgists of the Dominion. This
number by 110 means includes all of
the members of these professions employed   in Canada,    but,    presumably
Two Lone Conservatives to
Perform Duties of Loyal
Halifax, Oct. 2.���The election in
Nova Scotia lias resulted in a clean
swe.'p for  the   government.    The   re-
many who   are members   of tbe ('ana- j '����-S ��r*3 as follows:
Toronto, Oct. 2.���Mrs. Minnie
Woods, today was found guilty of
bigamy. Sho is a Hritish sujbcct,
Sho married a man named Burkardt,
who secured a divorco from her in
Michigan on tlie grounds of extreme
cruelty. She then married a man
named l'endnll. Tho judge charged
the jury citing tho Rns.se 1 case, that
Hritish law did not recognize American divorces obtained by Hritish subjects on the grounds that that would
not be sufficient in England.
At the Silver King mine it is said
that, tho developments are progressing
favorably. On the 000-foot level,
whero a tunnol is being run, it is expected that ore will be struck within
another day or two. From the six and
eight, hundred foot levels the ore is
being shipped daily, and with the
completion of tho tunnel at the 000-
foot lev3l the mine will be in shape
to turn out considerably largor daily
shipments than is the case at present,
although the amount sent out now
eaoh day is said to be the largest in
tho history of the mine.
A. F. Rosenbsrger left for Cam-
borne yesterday to look after tho development of the Camborne and
Oyster groups on which a force of
men aro to bo put to work at once.
As these propertiis are owned principally by Nelson men a good deal of
interest is felt as to what showing
will be madu this season. The ore so
tar exposed in the work that has been
done is very rich in free gold and the
samples that have been on exhibition
in Nelson for some lime have evoked
much interest.
At the Poorman mine at preseut
about twenty men are oinployed, roost
of whom are at work prepaiing for
tlio installation of the compressor.
Fiom ull appearances the coming
winter will be the busiest ono on
Forty-Nine creek that has been seen,
as preparations for resuming work
aro going o*j at all tho properties
there that were shut down und several
now ones will probably bo winking.
Woodbrldge,   Ont,   Oct., 3.���Clark
Wallace's   condition     still     remains
recovered   from   tho I abont   tho   same.     He slept well last
I night, and rested well today.
T. Powell and R. Spence have received very favorable returns from the
assay oflice at Denver to which they
sent samples of ore from tbeir claims
at the head of Bird creek, in whicli
there is a good ledge of free gold.
Tbey intend to uontinue development
work duiing the full and winter.
D. Arllot, who has been in Nelson
Tor the past couple of day:; attending
the county court, in which a case was
decided in his favor yesterday, leaves
for his home in Slocan City, accompanied by Mrs. Ariiot, this morning.
Mr. Arnot, wbo is a general merchant
I status that business in Slooan City has
dian Institute of   Mining   Engineers.
Hritish Columbia's proportion   is   25.
or nearly ono   fourth, and when    it is
mentioned that  there  aro mon' of the
mine managers of  the   province not
included than appear in the   group   it
will   bo readily   seen that    it is probable a similar, or a larger   disproportion exists as regards  olher provinces
lhat are   also   extensively   developing
their mineral resources.     The 25 gentlemen   associated   wilh   the   mining
and smelting industries of   this   prov.
ince are tlio following:    Rossland - -E.
li. Kirby,  E   M., War Eagle and feu.
tie Stat mines;   Bernard   MacDouald,
M.  E., Le Uoi mine.  Nelson-.I.   liod-
eriel; Robertson and s. s. fowler,   l'l.
M.,  Ymir   and   other   mines   of    tbe
London   & it.   C. Oold Fields, .las.  I:.
Gilford, Silver   King,    mine;   Robert
Hedley,    Hall Mines   smelter;   Ernest
Woakes, A. R. S. M.,    Duncan mines;
M. S. Davys, C. E., and M. E, and R.
C.   Campbell-Johnston,   M.    E.     East
Kootenay;    Frank   Robbins,    M.    E,,
Nortli   Star   mine,     Kimberley,   and
Win.    Blakemoro,   M.     E.,    Fernie.
Slocau���E.   J. Field,   Stttdonj.L   II.
Harris, Beep mine,   Sandon;   Howard
West,   A.   R.    S. M.,    New   Denver,
lioundary���Fredeiic   Keflfer,    E.   M.,
Mother Lode   mine,   Anaconda;   Paul
Johnson, E. M., B.    C.    Copper   company's    Smelter,     Greenwom';     Geo.
Guess, M. E., and Jas. I).    Sword, M.
E.,   Greenwood; A.    B.    \V.   Hodge*,,
Granby     company's   smeller,    Grand
Forks.     Cariboo ���John   1).    Ilohson,
M. E., Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic
company's mine, Bullion j Jas. Champion, C. E., and M. E.,   Baruervllle,
Vancouver���Leslie Hill, C.  E. and M.
E., and 11. Harris, A. R. S. M.    Vancouvei  Island���S.    M.   Robbins,   New
Vancouver Coal mines,   Nanaimo, and
J. F. Bledsoe, M. E., Alberni.
Tlio Watorloo Mining & Milling
company will disorganize ami reincorporate as an assessable company
with its old capitalization of 1,250,000
shares of a par value of 10 cents per
share. Tbe new company will give
oue share of stoek for each share in
the old company upon the surrender of
the old stock.
At the meeting of the stockholders
held looently 000,000 shares of stock
wore represented and voted by actual
holders or by proxy.
The amount for whicli the stock is
assessable is fuur cents per share,payable at a rate not to exceed two mills
per share per month. This assessment
will bring tbe company $50,000, and
it was the belief of tho stockholders
reptescnted at the meeting that not
more than ono half of this amount
would be needed to demonstrate that
they had a mine on a dividend paying
The Waterloo property is located in
Camp MaKinney. Within the past
year the stock lias mercurialized in
pi ieo from ono cent per share to 1:'
cent, and brokers consider it one of
the most widely disseminated stocks
on the local market.
The ore is similar to that of tin*
Cariboo, in the same camp. Thc vein
has faulted repeatedly, necessitating
considerable extra work. Tho rcojnt
reports from the property are said to
bo favorable, and although the mine
has beon idle for some time, tbo management is sangoine that a few weeks
will place the propeity in f,ood shape.
The new Nelson-Granite wagon road
makes a considerable difference in the
cost of getting in supplies not only lo
them hut to all the claim owners in
the neighborhood as tho distance to
park supplies has been greatly
Halifax City���(Three mombers)���
McPherson, Lib., 2,025; Crosby, Con.j
8,550; Mitchell, Lib., 2,550; Campbell, Con., 2,485; Stewart Con. 2211;
Keefe Lib., 2488.
Cape Braton���(Two members)���Mc-
K'enzie, Lib., 2, B7H; Gillies, Lib.,
2,803; MoKinnon, Con., 1,855; Mat-
I ins, Con.. 1,511.
Digby County���(Two members) ���
Comeau, Lib.. 1,806; Gidney, Lib.,
1,2114; Tobiu, Con., 580; Hogan, Con.,
Lunenburg���(Two mombers)���Mc-
Ke.in, I ib., 3,710j Davison, Lib.,
2,516; Roberts, Con., 1,807; Wolfe,-
Con.,  1.8S7.
Shelburne���(Two members)���Johnson, Lib.. 751; Robertson Lib,, 750;
Hood. Lib., 2S2.
Queens���(Two members)��� Farrell,
Lib., 1,01.1; Cooper, Lib., !I03; Lib-
boy, Con., .854; Hutt, Con., 188.
Colchester���(Two members)���Lawrence, Lib., I,7:il>; Pearson, Lib.,
1,728; Black, Con., 1,669; Stairs.Con.,
Guysboro���(Two members 1���Sinclair, Lib., 1,0110; Whitman, Lib.,
1.020; Harding, Con., 434; Keating.
Coll.,   102.
Kings���(Two members)��� Dodge,
Oil., 2,085; Wickwire, Lib, 2,575;
Ennis, Con., 1,438;  Ryan, Con.. 1,410.
Hants county���(Two members)���
Drysdale, Lib., 2,257; McHeffoy, Lib.,
2,085; Wilcox, Con., 1,503; Sanford,
Coll.,   1,57(1.
Annapolis County���(Two members)
��� Longley, Lib., 1,452; Hancroft,
Lib., 1,422; Andrews, Con., 934;
Hoaly, Con., 1,023.
Victoria County���(Two members)-
Murray, Lib., 1,135; Morrison, Lib.,
'.H3; Macdonald, Con., 572; McCabe,
Con., 310.
Richmond-- (Two members)���Joyce,
Lib, 1,001; Finlayson, Lib, 1,000;
Stewart, Con., 455; Landry. Con.,
Inverness���(Two members)���J. Mnc-
lonald, Lib., 1,718; Doucett, Lib.,
1,120; Alex Macdonald, Lib., 439;
McDougall, Lib, 1,007; MacNeil,
Con., "77; McMillan, Con., 955.
J Pictou���(Two membir,)���McDonald,
Lib., 4,080; Patterson, Lib., 3,401;
Tanner, Con., 3,101. ; Cameron, Con.,*
3,000; Dowar, Lib., 3,092; Monro,
Con., 2,955.
Cumboiland ��� (Two members) ���
Hlack, Lib., 2,955; McLeod, Con.,
2,954; Tucker, Lib., 2,912; Smith,
Con., 2,917.
In Yarmouth and Antigouish, Leblanc, and st'iiiuiiiau. and McGilli*
vray and Cliisholm were elected by
acclamation. This gives tho Conservatives     two   members   in     the   en tin
J. I.ycnh came i*i from the Referendum mine last evening. Woik is
being pushed   steadilv abend on   this
proporty and everything is said to  be ] Pcnnug.   These are worth only abou
running smoothly.
A Northport despatch to the Spokes
man-Review says: Thoue who art
tn a position to know say that a llnu
settlement of the labor troubles ii
tills district will be madu within tht
next few days as a result of B. J
Freohevllie's elforts. lt is claimet
hy mining men who stand very elosi
10 Henry llratnubur of the Le Boi tha
he has recommended a change o
management and that he expectn Mr
FrecheviUe to act on his advice.
- s.fflTJ
Evidently some ono in British Columbia has struck what is proving 1
small but lucrative mine in tbe im
polling the silver coins of the Straiti
Settlements, whioh are coming in I*
large quantities to the city lately. A
the silver fiom that colony is acoepte*
at only 50 pei cont. of its face value,
much of it get* into circulation hen
it will cause considerable loss to tin
receivers. At lirst only 10 cent piece
were to be seen but during the las
few days 50 cent pieces   have been ap
: pear
outs. r      1
Tlie Nelson Miner
llMi-ii   7.\<tj  Mornir.li   Evept   Monday
IHIlj, ver t_ceth.br ewrior     t****'
In;iy. *> .*  -. -, ,        50c
frtilr. orri  $ 7 Wt
��� ****'!;. i-    .    *    J
ly. ver y-*r lorcisn.
g i
.".KriKJ.Y   MIS* Kit
sv<*o!tly,i  r h-ilf yoar tl __
j�� * _kly, per yr��r    2 OO
Weekly, per yew, forelsfn    3 V)
nlwcri-jtio;.-, Invariably io advance.
uisixis onioi
Ui Klcet Slrect, E. 0.
ntral   !*?&*.< A-tency.  Ltd.. Hpodn.1 A_*ent>,
Alexander & Co ..V_'l Fir-- Avonue, Spokane
**Va'h.. keep thi- jpapm or: tile, anil arc our
anlhonw-1 aKei:'-for advcrU-cmenu *"**
Al Regina His Boysl Highness the
Duke of Corowsli and York said
among other things: "Contrast!eg
th<* free, healthy and u��'.'fii] life,
which is enjoyd in this country, with
the narrow, and alas: too often unwholesome existence of the thousands
in our great cities al bom*, one cannot help wishing thai the prospects
here ofored, wtrc more widely known
and more freely taken advantage of."
In this sentence the heir apparent
sounded a cole of greal importance
to Canada and the empire. In the
Urge centres of the British Isles, in
London. Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin
and Liverpool there are thousands
who aro simply eking out an existence
and are in a condition which it is
most difficult for tbem to better themselves, because of tbe lack of opportunities.
Many hnve ab 'he Duke says a
"narrow and unwholesome existence,'1 winch is simply the result of
overpopulation. The condition of
many of tbe dwellers in tbe tenement
rjnarter in these greal cities is deplorable. These would, therefore, wiil-
inglv change their present habitations
for the "free healthy and useful life"
offered in Canada. A majority of
those wbo escape from the narrowed
conditions and lack of opportunities
which exist in the Mother Country by
emjgiating go to other countries than
Canada, and ihey do this because of a
lack of knowledge of the splendid op.
portunlties which Canada offers
them. It is certain that moie would
seek homes lure if they understood
the situation better. More of an effort
should be made to give those intending to emigrate from the Mother
Country a knowledge of Canada and
of the chances hereof not only making a living Inn of pulling aivay
something for a rainy day, and, perhaps, making aftei a few years of
energetic effort a fortune.
line result of the lour of   the    Duke
and Duchess of Vork will   be   an   increased knowledge of Canada io Great
Britian.      The   leading papers   there
havo  representatives   with tbe party,
antl   they    will send   across the water
many     and      varied     descriptions   of
Canada and 'ts resources.    As the trip
of the royal party i*. a   transcontinental one tho favors distributed will   be
general, as nearly all the well settled
portions   of   the   Dominion   will   be
visited and described.   The advertisement      which   Canada     will    receive
through    the   royal visit should be of
great    benefit.        II     the     visit   will
*���    result in tin- inducing a fcw thousand
to leave "a   narrowed   and   unwholesome existence'' for one tbat is   "free
healthy and useful "it will havo done in
an lndirei.i tvij,  a great good for humanity.    The removal of a few thousand   from   amid    overcrowded   population   to    where   they   are needed to
settle anu develop a country would be
a consummation which,   if the  Dnbe
and Duchess felt lhat tbey bad a hand
in bringing   about,   oven   indirectly,
would certainly be a source of considerable   gratification to   them   personally.    It would be a    benefit   to   both
Great Britain .-uid Canada.
So far as the province of British
Columbia is concerned its chances of
securing a larger portion of the out
llowing tide Of British emigration
will from now on Le linger than ever.
Hon. .1. II. Tumor, ex-premior, leaves
Victoria today for London for the
pirposo   of     taking   ll.e   position   of
agent-general of tbe province there.
Mr. Tumor is an able man and has a
close and char knowledge of the
resources of tiie province,gained while
in business, while in ollice and by
trips made through its every portion.
He Is a man of ripe experience, splendid address and of more than ordinary
ability and it is certain that he will
make the best representative that the
proivnco has ever had in London. He
will make a hetttcr presentation of
tho merit! of tbe province than any
one else has as a desirable residence
place to the British public and will,
we believe, induce more people to
come tu this province than have any
of liis predecessors. A year or two
spent in the British metropolis will
serve to round off a useful career,
most of which has been spent in the
publie sei vice.
NttM-i Daily Mint*, Th!!i^/uv. Owem .-., ?9o>
lAfe Vtiited Stat*"' ar�� calHsg atteti*
t.***n to what they" Maim is a fact, that
fltiancial panics fu. a thing of tbe
tr- : Id support of their contention
they assert tbat the development of
the community of interest idea bas
made impoibible thoso abnormal conditions which during tne last century
brought panics cn tbe country with all their attendant misfortunes. The tendency following the
assassination of President McKinley
was in the dirivtivn of a panic. 'Ibis.
it is claimed was aicrted promptly
by thc gieat financial intercuts of the
eountry co-operating with each other
which prevented sn extended scan-,
and those- who were inclined nn-fittingly to produce a panic by an
hysterical stampede were prevented
from so doing by thoso representing
tbe larger interests.
If this contention is true and far-
reaching and disastrous panics like
the one which commenced in 1893, and
the effects of which were felt in the
remotest part of tbe continent, can in
thc future be prevented it will mark
a new era in financial history. Doling the laet century panics were an-
ticpated In the ebb aud Uow of
trade to come regularly ; after a few
years of prosperity a panic was due
and this was followed by a period of
depression and then camo prosperity
again and at lt. heels was once more
a panic. If, therefore, the combined
financial interests of the United State"
by operating on tbe community of interest plan can prevent panics or even
minimize their baneful influence tney
i accomplish something which a
few year? since was thought to be impossible. Suppose, however, that a
cog should break in the community of
interest plan what then would be the
result? It is a poor rule that will
not work both ways, and if community of interest of the big financiers is
strong enough to prevent a panic wbat
would be the result suppose it was to
their interest to produce a panic? If
powerful enough to prevent they
would surely have streogth sufficient
to bring about a financial stringency
and precipitate a panic should it te
profitable to do so. It is tc be feared,
therefore,that the hopeful view which
tbe financial press of the eastern portion of the United States takes that
there will lie no more panics is a fallacious one.
W^J.     la*nr_.
New fall Goods' Arrived
Tho very latest creations in Laclies'Costumes
Jackets, Skirts, Waterproofs,
Japanese Dressing G-owns,
Parisian Blouse Flannels and Wool Delaines,
American Silk and Satin Waists.
Dress Fabrics d suit lengths) in Newest Shades and Weaves.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Hudson's Bay Company.
prices   t'or
For sale at close
cash or on easton  tl.e   instalment
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that the most complete stock
is carried  by the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
1 Marl O'Reillu & Go'
Fall   and
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
A reply bas been made tn B. J.
I'recbeville, director of the f.e Roi
mine by the Miners' union of H<s*-
land, and several misstatements of
facts are pointed out in the lett'.cr
which be wrote anil in which he refused to secede to tho demands of the
anion. Late advice** indicate that
there is still a possibility, now that
the parties at Issue have a clearer conception of the standpoint of each and
that appeals Ion. ion have been made,
that a settlement may be arrived at.
Tbe strike will be Ibrce months old
in a few days and bv tjia time both
hides must be weary of tbe enforced
idleness. In view of this feeling and
the further fact that a mere reasonable spirit is being manifested it is
possible that meditation might bring
tbe trouble to a harmonious ooni'lu-
uiou. The former strike in the Rossland camp was settled tim.ugh the
intervention of tbe Dominion
and     the       Provincial     authorities.
The     Dominion     sent   lion.   It.     <:'
Clute,   labor   commissioner,   and   tiie
province   was   represented    by   llaplli
���Smith and Hon. .Smith    Curtis.    They
with the   assistance   of   Chris   Foley
and James Devine and the conciliatory
spirit maifested by llcrard Macdonald.
manager   of   the   Le   Roi   and   other
mines,    and   Edmund li. Kirby, man
ager of the,War Eaglo and Centre Star,
resulted     in   tbe   settlement   of   the
strike, which was brought about principally through   the  objections of the
union to the   contract   system.      The
settlement was made on a   basts   that
allowed the miners to   take   contraHs
and   this   system   has   continued    in
rogue in the mines ever   since.      The
present should   be   an opportune time
for the Dominion and   tbe   provincial
authorities to Bend in representatives to
meditate and doubtless would it result
as it did before in bringing to a close
a strike, the continuation of which is
inimical to tbe best   interests   of   tbe
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fisn and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manage*.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward Street, Nklson.
Ciders by m-.il receive careful and prompt attention
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE.
Tramway, Hoisting*, Mining Wire Rope.
Lung's Lay for Tarmways and Underground Haulage
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at rU.OTIUY. Yards, NKLSON
J. A.'raywaed.
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
on arrival of steamer, at the
niU* of    	
75 Cents per Month
Loca! Stock carried, estimates furnished.
IT, E- CROASDAILE Agent Nelson*
trated.     Tbe   box in  Buppt
full   of water under   a good
this   sand    passed through to   the full
capacity,    which   is  calculated   to be
3,000 tons ilally.    The inventor claims
thnt   he   cun   save 00 percent, of   -nil
the Hour or flake gold   which    il   has j
been impossible   heretofore   tn   save. I
The devices   patented   in   tin*   Doited!
atone) if YOUR HORSE
iad   nnd. T        . ���   ,     r
Is   lame    or    interferes
bring*  him   lo  lhe   City
Horseshoeing* Shop,  jo
sephine Street
nipt ions to lie le(-
with the* agent,
D.   J.   YOUNG.
Xbe   eastern   financial   journalb  ol tbe   heavy   carpet where it ia concen
If the claims of C. F. Allen for his
magnetic ooncentialo,. hold good ho
ban aucoeeded in perfecting the most
wonderful gold-saving device known.
The machine is constructed ou the
principal 3f a sluice box with alternating riffles on the bottom. These
are covered with a atrip of heavy
Ilrussels carpet. A hollow cover to
this box contains tbe secret of the invention. It ia claimed by the inventor
that tbe anodes contained within this
hollow cover, in connection with a
hitherto unapplied force, attract and
hold in suspension the black sands as
they are carried throogii the box,
while at the same time the same
forces act as repelliog agents and
force the line gold through   and   into
The   cnttln   king    ol    Australia   is
Samuel McCanghey, nn Irishman, who
went to Australia in J**.r,i*. with piacti-
cilly   nothing,     His   possessions   are
the best   part   of   Australia.    One  of
his farms on the Darling Downs is   31!
miles wide and 411 miles    long.    Altogether he owns   more   than   1,000,000
acres   of   hind   and   leases   about    a
million or more.    His sheep flocks aro
larger than those of any other man in
the world.     Tho meat king of liritisli
Columbia   is   P. Burns who is also of
Irish extraction.    He began his caieer
with no other   capital but energy and
a     determination    to     succeed.     He
made   his   lirst   success in   supplying
with   meat the railway  camps during
the time   of   the   construction   of tbe
Canadian    Pacific   railway and   since
then   has   been steadily climbing the,
ladder of   foi tune.     Should he live to
be '.'0 years oldor he will be ono of tbo
richest,   men    in Canada, as he lias   a
business now which is very profitable.
Mr. Hums is a man of   groat energy
pays   the   closest attention to tho details of his business,    is   a  close   and
careful buyer, and besides has   executive ability of a high order.      With a
well organized and carefully conducted   business,    extending   as    it   doos
nearly all over Hritish   Columbia and
into Alberta, in the hands of so able a
malinger   it   is   difficult to   prophecy
what   the size   of his fortune will   be
in even a decade,    but it goes without
saying   that   it will   be   very   large,
when   it   is   considered    that   he     is
already among tile richer men of Western Canada.
obtained in all countries
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Bank ol" B. N. A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver, Ii C.
Write for full particulars.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Kates to all railway and
lake points
w. r. tierney;
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two  doors
C.P.R   offices.
-_ *���
��        g-l Costumes g
I        X GoIfiCapes ��
��        ^ Skirts. Etc. $
0* IX
of *'
$ Our new Range of These Goods Rep- ��
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5J styles produced.
J. 0. BUN
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in thc city.
Brewers of Fine LuRer
Beer aud Potter.
N. E. T. CO.
Reduction in   service,   taking place
Sunday   29th   inftant,    40   minute
service before   11   a. m.   and  after
7.40 p. m.    20 minutes between.
1 ..hi: 1' .11:1,1:.
V*>lson  B. O
lie   sure and f,*et tiie genuine   BENNETT'S GUTTA PERCHA FUSE,not
something that looks   like   it.      aiv*
rence Hardware Co., Afen
F. O. GKEKN        F. 8. OLEMENTP
Qclal Lead
Civil Engineers and Pro
I'. O. Box 145 N
J ttoanttlttna
7.00 a. t��
1 1.00
I I.20
titnnlry St.
7*2�� a. m.
8.40 '
:ry 20  minutes  Retween, at  the
hour,  20 past and 20 to.
7*20 p.
lai, car.
Stanley 81
7***o p; m.
10 40
last car to switch
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Welson & Port
Sheppard R'v,
Red Mountain R'v.
To San Francisco and Return
$51.50 ALL RAIL
$46.50 BY STEAMER.
This especially low rate is made
on account ofthe Episcopal Convention to be   held   in. San  Francisco.
Dates of sale, Sept. 23rd to 27th
inclusive. Good to return until
Nov. 13th.
*-~������ -k ..,..
Buffalo and Return
Good   for   sixty  days,    first j
and third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
ShnricMt andnu tokos t route lo tho east anil nil
11 ml.*.on 11,00. it. ���_ n. ,.,���i Northorn l'a
sn,*ii     h_.-v,H '" Washington, Oregon and
Time Card Fffectlve August I. 1501
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
10:65 p.m. Ar.
I Kaslo
Ar. 1:1*0 p. in.
Lv. l-.il p. I".
Int Nav- & Trading Co*
m-__HM.-K_.BlO BOVTB.
C'Jn!u'i!il;r"1,'! '*�� all part�� In United State, and
L'-.Tlii,o- Northern nnd O. 11. _*. N.
HuMwinf �� ."'"''A'  ?okobl  ���'1  ���t<'s vi" ""
i'or fnil\ml""":f<" nn i.ppliciitlon.
foi further particular, call 0n or addrfes
U*K lACKABUKY  AK0nt. NolsOll   R I*.
nnd  try  n.  bottlo,  a dozon,   3r n  barrel  of
CALGARY  BEER  *"< It In tho bent und
cIlOaDl'Ht      On       Lhn       mnrUol ��'���     | Ty     qUT
tho    market.     Alao
vvir.ES,   liquor's   *oA   cigars.
T.lcpho,*o 83 H��Vor St., Nelson
10 CEN'15
P. L. S.
KASLO,  B.  C.
Mineral r'yi-'is an-J mines_suive)*ed.J
J- 0. GWEiLIM, B-,  Sc,
Through   passenger   trains   be-1
tween Spokane and Nelson.   Buffet
service    between     Spokane     and
Leave DAY TRAIN Arriva |
9:1X1 a.m Spokane 7:35 p.m i
12:2o p.m Kossland 4 :10p.no. I
10:10 a.m Nelson 6:05 p.m,
Late of Geological Survey of Can
ada.    Six years experience in B. C
mining districts.
Nelson. B.
Aitent, Nelson, B.O
You should'nt   send ont of town for
cards for yourself or your hiisliai:<j
until you sue what The oMini'i- can *<lo
for you.
head office tobonto, ont.
Money to loan on Straight MortgaKe.
nW_FW t*. U UCWNOi, BakK St.
' t^/iV*"* Nelson Daij *f Minsk, Thuhsoav October 3, .901
.iiit.T IfT**���rir''r,'ai- MT-rnrr r��� n-'-''i**i*i'*^i/**''^'-*--*
4,******+****. **************
At tho record oflloe yestorday tho
following transactions wore entered:
Locutions, Uixle.on Bound mountain,
by 0. A. Lovellj Bona Illicit on Quartz
oroek, one mile and a half from Ymir,
by Nelson Cbiaholm! Hlack QaWK.on
Jubilee mountain, two miles from
Yinir, by ('. Northridge; Bella, on
Quailz oreek, abont three-quarters of
a mile from Ymir, by Samuel Miller,
Certificates of work were issued to C.
.). Hitter on Aroado: II. Ginsberg on
thu I'oorninii and Hi*,' Chief; li. 11.
iShruin on Joker; John Riohardson on
llulil i'rospeot and Orenelli A. Campbell on nullum:; U. McLeod on Kim*
berloVi ami A. U. Shaw, i,t,al., on 11
U.  N.
There are a large number of pros-
pecloi's nt work in the hi lie close to
Slooan doing assessment work on
their claims, ninny of which have been
taken np lately. In tho city the
Minors' union is erecting a hall, and
bcvural new resiliences are in course
ol const ruction.
The steamer Kaslo yesterday
brought in 40 tons of American Boy
ore for the'1'rail smelter. tin Tuesday it broilght in 50 tons of Payne
ore for thu Trail amolter ���!() tons trom
tin) IliiinliliH'-Carilioo for the Selby
smelter at San Krnucisuo, am! -JO tons
of .Sunset for the smelter al BveiOlt,
Text  of  the   Party   Politics  Circular
Being Sunt  Out.
A resolution was adopted at the
meeting of the Liberal Association of
Nelson on the 10th of Septum ber and
a committee consisting of John A.
Gibson, John A. Turner, B. 0 Campbell Johnson and S. S. Tayloi appointed to draft the resolution and
forward it to the othei Liberal bodies,
in tho piinco asking for thoir co-operation in flavor of party lines iu tho
noxt provincial campaign. Following
is a copy of the eitculai which the
committee prepared in I which is now
boing sent out:
"That this association declare itself
in favor of running Provincial elections on parly Hues:
"And further resolved that we communicate with all other Liberal Associations in the I'roivnce with tlio object of securing theii immediate cooperation, in order to make apparent
to the electors of the Province the
fixed determination of all Liberals,
and thus avoid complications which
would Undoubtedly arise should such
action by our association bo delayed;
whicli complications might postpone
the successful introduction ol party
lines into onr Provincial political
"In addition to the above resolution
we need hardly suggest that the only
way that stable government, intlu
eneed' and guided hy definite principles, ns against every varying personal oi class interests, can bo obtained, is by party government. Such is
the aeo pted opinion of all well governed countries, and by such means
alone, we venture to believe, can this
Province be rescued from the chaotic
political condition which has existed
foi several years.
"Our Association bollevea that in
order to secure success it is necessary
that,without further delay, the whulo
electorate should understand tba position of our party on this question,
and as a result wo fesl confidant that
the Provincial Liberal party would at
once begin to gather to its ranks
political strength, and effectually
provent dangerous factions gaining
sueh ground as would make impossible, at a later date, the carrying out
of our desires upon tho lines named
"We, therefore respectfully ictpiest
your early careful consideration of
tbis circular letter; and would further
suggest (.j.tt|. ���*. ��� fay()iablo time a
convention of tho wholo party in the
proviuce he called, to meet at a central point (say Kamloops,) to organize a Provincial association, prepare
a platform uud take such othor action
as might bo deemed proper."
notion on tbrefl promissory notes
amounting to $43.88 given sn payment
cf the premium un an insuranc policy.
The defendant, claimed that the agent
of tho Insurance coinpany represented
one thing to hiin white when the
policy came ho found It contained conditions winch he would not accept,
Ilu thereupon returned the policy and
refused to make further payment.
Judgment wasgiren for the plaintiff
tor the full amount. The almost similar case of Allenberg vs. Benson was
set lirst on the list for this morning.
In Whitehead vs.McNeill,the plaintiff
admitted $89 out of *,78 sued for. II
was adjourned fot ten duys to ascertain whether this offer would bo accepted uy the plaintiff, Wbo keeps a
boaiding house in Moyie. Robltallle
vs. Mason, an action for damages for
wrongful arrest, will he on trial
-. . ��� ��r. v**-^
Adrenluros of Nelson Young Men
Told in Verse.
There is a beautiful spot, on the
Crow's Nest rail way, '.'���I miles from
Kootenay Landing, whither four of
Nelson's young men bad the pleasnio
of journeying a short time ago on a
fishing expedition. The following
poetical story was wiitten by one of
the participants in the excursion in
oommemoration of it:
"A FlSII(ing) STORY."
Four enthusiastic anglers
On a lovley August day,
To have a little lisbing
And wile the time away
Went tramping up the railroad
Uf the Crow's Nest, Pass, quite near
To a plneo they call "Gout River,"
Whore the water's cold and clear.
Finch one was well provided
With rods antl lots to eat.
And our old friend,"Pug," the leader,
W'll say, he did look neat,
As he trudged along that railroad
With a slow and easy gait;
And in a big red sweater shining
'Twould bo bard to find his mate.
At the start off "Pug" assured us
That the lish we'd catch np there
Were none of those small fellows
(But we took that as "Hot Air'')
That we'd caught along the waterfront
When business wasn't such
That, we bad to stay antl labor
And sweat to beat the Dutch.
After tramping up the river
With no success at. all
Except a few small minnows
If such they could be called;
We began to feel disoouraged
And each and every man
Decided that "Pug's" fishing-ground
Was never worth a d���.
In spite of  protestations
Which came from every one
lie still tried to persuade us
That, we'd bud a lot of fun.
But v here be got thac notion,
We've never jot found on",
Though he often calls to tell ns
That "Goat River's" full of trout.
To caleh onr train at Creston
We had to walk four miles.
And the sun,"Old Sol" they call him,
Si emed working overtime
By the way the perspiration
From onr bodies seemed to pour
Till    wc    reached     the     big   whito
A*;d dropped down,  inside the door.
Then wo all without exeoptlon
Ordered something cool to drink.
What we got, we've all linen trying
Ever since, real hard tn think.
Hut ono thing we've, decided
.Should W9 ever meet the guys
That gave "Pug" that pool* whiskey
We'll blacken both their eyes.
Our "Pug" is a lino fellow,
And wo like him "awfully" well;
Hut next, limo he invites us
We hardly like to tell
All the trouble he'll got into,
And if he takes our advice.
He'll lind the fishing nearer home
As good, and just as nice.
(Ily One of the Pour.)
A City of Wonder, Progress
and Prosperity.
Its Resources, Attractions and Tributaries.
"1 would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mis. Charles Applegate,
of Alexandria, Ind,, ''and could
hardly gut any sloep. I had consumption so bad that if 1 walked a block I
would cough frightfully and spit
blood, but, when all other medicines
failed, three8i.no button of Dr. King's
.New Discovery wholly cured me and I
gained 68 pounds." It's absolutely
guaranteed to cure Coughs, Colds,
La Grippe, Bronchitis aud all Throat
and Lung Troubles. Price liOo and
81.00. Trial bottles free at Canada
Drug & Hook Co.
Hall vs. Lallau Stand;: to Next Court
���Insurance Premium Notes.
At the openlug of the county eourt
yesterday the ease of Hall vs. Lallau
waB continued. No new evidenco was
produced, but considerable argument
on the difference between the dutios
of a city health officer as compaiod
with those of a provincial health
olBner occurred, .ludgo Forin finally
adjourned thu ease till the next sitting
of the court in December, the costs of
the action so far to bo charged to the
At the afternoon session tbe case of
'/.I'.toni vs. Western Assuranco was
adjourned by consont to come up for
trial upon notice. In Arnot vs. McMillan, judgment was given for the
plaintiff* for the full amount claimed,
880; an application for a ganishee in
the same case was adjourned to next
court.    Allenbirg   vs. Ritchie was an
Jewels, candy, lloweis, man that is
the order of a woman's preferences
Jowols forin a magnet of mighty
powei to the average woman. Even
that greatest of all jewels, health, is
often ruineti in the strenuous efforts
to make or save the money to purchase tiiem. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then lot
her fortify herself against tho insidi
ous consequences of coughs, colds and
bronchial affections by the regular
uso of Ur. lloscbee's German Syrup
It will promptly arrest consumption
its early stages and heal the affected
lungs and bronchial tubes and drive
the dread disease fiom the system. It
is not a ouie all, but it is a certain
sure for coughs, colds antl all bronchial troubles. You c*.n get Dl. G.
I). Green's reliable remedies at W
F. Teetzel & Co. Get Green's Special
Owned by and backed by the payroll
of tins Similiiiimceii Valley Coal Company, Ltd., situated on the hanks of
the Similkameen River and on the
land known as tlio Scott. Lamont ar.d
Stevenson ranches, in all about 1,300
acres, a portion of which has been
platted and known as Copperficld, by
Mr. Smith Uurtls. aud is now owned
by tho company, i
ashnola Is located in the centre of
the Similkameen Valley, about three
miles from Kennedy and Copper
mountains. These mountains are
known to be among tho richest in
copper and gold in Hritish Columbiu.
lu addition to these precious metals
silver, lead and iron ores can be
obtained from Boulder Cietk, Ronoh
Itiver antl 20-Mlle Creek altogether
making a Ii ie Iluxing oro, within
three to twenty miles of Ashnola,
which is underlaid with fine seams of
serai-bituminous and soini-antnraoite
coal, tlncu scams in all, one fifteen,
one twenty and tbo other at least
thirty-five feet thick*.
The oompany have also secured 500
inches of water from VVhlpaaw and
Nine-Mile creeks, which is already
brought on to the townsite, by means
of ditches and flumes, with a fall of
over 600 feet, thus giving power-for
electiic light, in addition to water for
smelting and oity purposes.
The coinpany also hold li,too acres
of lino cjal land, surrounding Ashnola, under which exists the same
Beams of coal, which land is covered
with at least, twenty-five million feet
of line timber.
The promoters of this company also
control over in,Out) acres of line coal
lands, 5,000 acres of Ibis is underlaid
with tho linest of coking coal, all of
which Is to he used to the advantage of
the company and the upbuilding of
the City of Ashnola.
The townsite is all lhat couhi be
asked and a carriage could he driven
ovor the groatei portion of it, without
any grading being done whatsoever.
There are entire blocks of lots that
uro as level as a floor, although as a
whole there is a splendid fall, giving
lino  drainage   to the whole townsite,
to tho banks of the Similkameen
A full force of men is now at work
and will be kept on continually during tbe coming year, developing the
company's coal mine, thus making a
substantial payroll for Ashnola, as
well as putting tbe mine in shape to
ship thousands of tons of coal ner
day, with the advent of railway
From tbe accompanying map, it can
be seen that the coast, as well as the
Kootonay unJ American markets can
be reached with a very short haul and
as a greater part of the company's
eoal land cun bo worked hy a tunnel,
tho company can undoubtedly deliver
coal to the abovo markets with as
handsome a profit as any coal company in British Oolumbia, all of
which should tend to advance the
shares of the company far more
quickly than those of the Crow's Nest
or any other coinpany in British
Columbia It will be noted that the
company have endeuvored to givo the
public tbe fullest information possible, since its earliest conception, antl
now solicit the fullest investigation
as to the above stated facts
Four stakes and u blue print map
are not. tbe only resources of a lot in
the City of Ashuola. On the contrary
sidewalks will be laid, electric lights
installed, water and sewerage mains
completed, business blocks with
modem improvements erected,and last
but not least, to back the entire town-
site, a substantial payroll.
Tho property will more than verify
tho above statements and the surrounding country is one of vaBt resources with almost a southern
The officers and directors of tlio
company aie:
President���T. W. Holland.
Vice-President--P. E.Wilson.
Socretary���S. M. Bryd.es.
Treasurer���H. J. Robie.
Board of Directors���T. W. Holland,
capitalist, Grand Porks, B. 0.: P. E.
Wilson, barrister, Nelson, It. U.;
Kobert Hamilton, Wm. Hamilton
Mfg. Co., Vanoouer, B. C.; D. R.
Young, journalist, Nelson, 11. C.; W.
C. Mo Lean, B. R. oontractor,   Nelson,
B. C.; H. II. Pitts, merchant, Nelson,
B. C.; II. ,1. Robie, merchant, Nelson,
H. C.
Solicitors���Gallibei & Wilson.
Bankers���Hank of Montreal. Managing iii rector-IJ. B. Young. Head
Oflice of tim company���Nelson,   B. 0.
And the following" are the promo*
tors and shareholders in thc Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Ltd.,
���.-.liifli owns the City of Ashnola:
T. W. Holland, Esq., capitalist,
Grand Porks, B.C.; P. E. Wilson,
Esq., barrister. Nelson, H. C. ; Robert
Hamilton, Esq , manufacturer, Vanoouer, B. 0. | E. V. Ilodwell, Esq,
K. C, barrister, Victoria, B. C. ;
Capt. J, W. Troup, 0. P. 11. official,
Victoria, II C. ; Capt. ,1. T. Duncan, mine owner. Nelson, K. C. ; L.
IJ. Dull', Esq., K. C, banister, Victoria, II. C.; W. 0. McLean, Esq.,
railway contractor, Nelson, II. C.; 11.
II. Pitts, Esq., ex-mayor of Sandon,
Nelson, II. v.. ; II. J." Robie, Esq.,
merchant, Nelson, II. 0, ; C. A.
Young, Esq., mine owner, Nelson, B.
C ; ,1. S. Lawrence, Esq., railway
official, Nelson, B, C, ��� Frank li.
Smith, Est]., mining engineer, Ferine, li. C.; s. M. Brydges, broker,
Nelson, H. 0. ; M. L. fliiiiiniitt, Esq.,
Ii, L, II,, Barrister, Sandon, 11, C. ;
W. W. Fellows, accountant, Sandon,
H. C. ; .1. M. Holland, Esq., railway
official, Grand Foiks, It. C.; F. M.
Holland, Esq., financier, Toronto,
Ont.; John McLaren, Esq., chief of
police, Greenwood, II. C.; ltobt. Mc*
Tiiggart, mine operator,    Sandon,    H.
C. i Goo. M. Phillips, Esq., merchant,
Nnlsor, 11. c. ; A. W. Walmsley, Esq.,
nn reliant, Nalaou, B. C.; A. Fisher,
merchant,Sandon, B. C.��� llyron Cliffe,
Esq., journalist, Sandon, H. 0. i J.
Bradslmw, Esq., railway official,
Nelson, li. o. ��� Thos. Stevenson, Esq.,
merchant, Spokane, Wash.; Frank
Aiken, Esq., mine ocprator, Princeton, H. C.
And the official brokers of the compuny are:
B. J. Steel, Nolson, B. C. ; Vedder
Sc Cunningham, Greenwood, R. C.; J.
E. Church, Victoria, Ii. 0. ; O. E.
Douglas, Vancouver, B. C. : W. W.
Fallows, Sundon, II. C.who will furnish any further information required.
AdvortiHomoiil*. Inserted utiriiT Lliis lioutl ,0
l.he rato of ono r*��,u,a word pur Insertion. No
advertisement taken tor Ions Mum 2a oeuta.
Situation Wanted advertisements lnnnrtcd
three Union tree of charge.
FOB SALE.���A tame do,* fawn; would
make   nice   ret,      perfectly   docile.
Apply A. H, S , (Iran to Siding,
FURNISHED Booms,   every convenience! south easl corner of Carbonate
and Josephine streets,
FOR RENT��� Home Temperance hotel,
to bedrooms, dining room, parlor:-.
kitchen, all furnished complete; 175
per mouth. Apply to A. 0. Gamble,
agont, Haker street,
ROOMS TO KENT.     K.  W. ('. Ill,-;,
Tun rooms en suite on Ward St.,
also rooms facing th* wost. on Sep
lenilier I, two BirgiO rooms und two
or three en i,, te facing linker si.
Furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. F.
J. squ.re, Room .1, K.   W. 0. Dlock.
ROOM and board iu   private   family.
Apply ou Siliea  street, second   door
west of Ward.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in warn. of.
You'll Ket ii.
WANTED. ��� A   good,   smart   girl   or
young lady to do paper folding, one
accustomed   to   the   work   preferred,
Apply Miner ollice at once.
NKLsoN Employment Agency. Baker
street.    Phone 2in.   J. 11. Love.
3 WANTED.���Seven  Laborers.      Two
Miners.       Three   mon   for   sawmill.
Three waiters for   mines.      Girls   tor
housework.    Cook.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond   Core
WANTED.- Waitress,Oirls for Bouse-
i wont. Men for Railroad work,
men for sawmill, second cook $r,u per
month, stone mason.
Western Employment Office, II. A.
Prosser, Phone :.'7u.
Storage ���I have a large warehouse
for storing household or other
FOUND���A  M]v.,r emblem, evidently
tin: property of a preeStUttn.    Owner
can   imvtt same   hy   cal I my   ut   this
nii-i:   M-H-iik ��.*>_.-   Proi.crUc*���Wc uro
uii\_(>tir. 141 ic-curs h rv.v free willing [_;����-.i
liriijH'rllcs nl one.'.    Tilt.   Pr<MpectOr*S    l.\-
Clllltlgt'.,    N-llKUIl,     li.     ���_.-,     It.MUM    ft,    _4.-H.--l'.
-;..i.i>.-.iia_.|-< orri.ftt-i,i;.ii> -nines   and
uronpee-iA wanted, (send report ami stun*
iii* sin nn- rr<��H|Kaei.>r*H BxeliNJftge. Jfelson.
IM..    i_o.Mii I k.-H. < . block.
Has Money to Loan at 8 per Cent,
On     improved     Ileal       Estato     in
amounts of .1 Out) aud upwards,
Loans quickly ai ranged.
|Thre6,    four,    live   and six   roomed
houses for rent.
fi-Uoomed Cottage for sale, $1,700,
Two 2.1-foot building lots ,  ...Mill.
Insurance,  Heal Estaie,  lieiitals.
Patenaude Bros.
For Provincial Exhibition New
Westminster, Oct. 1 to Ith. The Canadian Pacific Railway will issue round
trip tickets from Revelstoke at
<;81_.3!i. Tickets on sale Sopt. '_���!), B0,
.Oct. 1 and 2, good for return till Oct.
Uth. .   ���1
West Transfer Co.
Goal a��� Wood
Best  Fir  and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work-
Office on  Raker Streot. Tel. S3
CtTO /HHiA/ <r0 -ZrUru A/ &lA/
rf /{*��4_^tt    ZtXcsU^uJ fLAS
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of Booond baud goods. Will buy
or sell anything from un anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, tsuipurlt*,
-Ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities, Also oast off clothing.
Oall and nee me or write. Addre.s
Silver King Mike, Hox i!00. Hall
tJ*u*ee.. N��!**on.   H   <>
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
���mi-*���*-*���*���   AAiiiAtiii  m **"
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Bandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
order! by mail te on* branch will heve eereful a-ad or-amst attention.
Clone connection Kast and West*
bound at Spokane with trains of the
Spokano hulls antl Northern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul with*
out change of depot, with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto.Montreal, New Von.-
and all points West and .South.
Loaves Spokane daily for East at[9:15 am
Leaves Spokano daily tor West at 7:15 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 8*00 pm
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, Han Francisco, and all potato
on the Bound,
Dining the season of navigation East
bound trains connect nt Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North* West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steam*
ship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern ltail-
Kor further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of .Spokane
Falls & Northern Hy., Kaslo & Slooan
Ry, Kootei at llaihvuy Sc Navigation
Co , or to
City Puss, and  Tkt   Agt,  W  Till   \V,
Riverside Ave,, Spokane, Wash.
G. K. TAOJiAIiUitY, Local Agent,
Nelson. B.O
���V KI.,SON   HtlllA    WATKIl    KACTOItY-
���**���".   *N* JLt 'auimhia, Lomoo���Kverj ���:..,,*.���
variety of ��ofI, drinks.  1'ti Dux 88. Telephon
No. .it. Hoover Btroot, Nelson,  liuitlur,. oi ih��
i iiiiotm mi. Loon Hut SprlDKi Mineral Water
/ 1ANK <_ MAl-l'tlNAUl 111. .Juno, Jiimif
Vy A. Maodonuldl -Arohiteots und -.uu-rin
tondoula, Hrokt-ii Hill Hlu,k, corner llukui und
u uni streets, helson
1 I J. KV AN.** & I O.-Hiiker atreut, NOI
���*-*��� "OH- Wliolcnale dealers In lii|iiur��, ci-
Kara, oetnopt, Bro brlok uud are clnj, water
pipe aud -.led nol-, uud gaoeral ooinmiMlon
AMAOUONALD   tc Co.-Corn.r   Fron
.  uml Hull Btreets-Wholesale arocor
nnil joldiura in  bliinkoU,, kIovus, mittw, boul��
ruiiucra, uiuiiklaaws und minm. sundries,
Ii  BURNS & Co.���Baker atruut. Nelson���
.   Wboloaale dealera in frrah und curod
incuts.   Cold Storage.
Tf    Uajker Btroet. Nelson-Wholesale dca
oi*, in fru*,!i und cured incuu.
AJ  Btroot,  Nelson - Wholesalo d_ului�� In
hordware, minora' _uppllo��, _portiiii_ goodn
VJ'l.Ailli.AN into*-*. ISuoossson to Van
VH\1,,':',!1vv,ll,',J-',"lwil",,*-'u*-'Kl*l"akor Stroot.
nt'iaon-vviiolesalo dealors in hardware uud
u jiiiiiK* supplies, plumbora' und tiiiHuiitlu,' ��up
Vf-BLBON   HARDWARB  CO.-Wholesale
AVnntP"',"���"���.���*-'.���������'',   Kh._S| UloclmoiCH'   toolH
Agents lui Ontario Powder Works- 'ijnauiilo
* 1 * URXKIt, BEBTON & Uo.-Cornor Vernon
j. and Josephine Btreets, Nelson���Whole
��ue dealers In liquors,Cigars,and drygoods,
���Ae?i?, fur �����������������*'. "rowing Uo. ol Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Oo ol Calgary,
RU.wm?'S "AV Co.-WholesaI_ grooerlo.
and liquors etc., linker Street, Nelson.
N B .?,,N BAW -Vy,' "--AN1NO MILL-
i-il^-iS? oorner Hall and  front Streets
.tHon-l.iiinber, ceiling, llooring, und ovory
Udng In wood for budding purposes. Got our
Prices.  Correspondence solicited.
'P GALLON fe CO.-I-enlcr_ ln oro racks
JL, and twines. Always a large nUs-k on
nana, rolophouo895, Itoom It, K.-w.-O "lock
Dominion and
Laod Surveyor.
To  All   Eastern   Points  via
lake Route, All-Rail or Soo
Line, via  St.   Paul   or  Chi
Pan-American Eipsitlon
BUFFALO. $76.00.
Sixty    Days'    Limit.
Good going Oct. i- r 5th
1'hrough Sleeping* Cars Kootenay Ldg*. to Toronto. Arrowhead to Vancouver.
For  pamphlets descriptive of Oan
ndian PaciUo tours antl tor Time Tab
Rates, Tickets, apply
IL L. Brown,
Oity Passenger Agent]
J. H. Oaiitkr,
Dis. Pass. A(.t.
A. ti. P. A.
Wlndarnioro Minos.   CoiT��n>ondon063ollslte
. ^wm- .* %"-
N8U_w Daily Minsk Thi'rj.jay, October 3, 190
Vie hnve on tale tor
a fow da*r** 1 lias uf
Rsmasnti  ot
���i'i.o    enormou- -ale
of our woil know a
ha, left n* with o
tow odds and end-
thut wc wi-1, to dear
Z A dnughtor was born to lhe wife of
Mr. Cathcait. West Baker street, un
A daughter was born to the wife of
W. E. Qrant, Victoria street, ou Tuesday night.
Tho first carload of uric-Its arrived
for the Salvation Army building yesterday and work will be commenoed
on tbe walls this morning.
W. R.igless, who was reported to
havo be.-n killed hy a hor*-e on n
ranch near Spokane, is not dead. He
"was severely injured but is likely to
tleorgo Hull, who had been sent up
for trial for stealing a coat anil hat
from the Victoria hotel, Howser,
elected to take speedy trial before his
honoi Judge Forin. Yesterday Ins case
was called and he pleaded guilty and
was sentenced to three mouths imprisonment.
On Tuesday next the Knights of the
Maccabees give a dance at the Fraternity ball. The committee on arrange**
ments is working energetically.
Wambold's orchestra will furnish the
iiiu.-M' and a goot- lime is assured all
who attend. ��� Tickets enn ho obtained
from the committee on arrangements.
c. Baoher of Procter, was in Nelson
yesterday laying in supplies. He
slates that the railway yards at Procter are being surfaced and put in
ordor by a large gang of men. Grouse
are very plentiful in the woods near
Procter, several good bags having
been seemed during tlie week.
A slight aicident occurred at the
new high school building which is in
the course of election, yesterday
afternoon. Jack Young, a laborer
employed on the work fell from the
top of the lirst story to a pilo of
broken rock twelve feet below, cutting his face aiitl sustaining a number
of severe hotly bruises.
D. U. Young, of the Similkameen
Valley Coal company, limited, brought
ba2k with him specimens of tho coal
from tho measures on the lands of the
company in the Similkameen coal
basin. One speciroen is fiom a lignite
vein and seems tu be of good quality.
The other is cooking coal, Mr. Young
says that the pit was mado and the
coal colted and tlio result was an excellent quality of coke. Ilo brought
back with him some line apples whioh
were grown in the Similkameen
valley, whicli aie so large that three
of them weigh a pound antl there was
not a speck or a blemish on them.
Tl*.r* water in the lakl has now sunk
to Vfithlu oightsot. InohM of the low-
yst ,-tage reached test JfMr, L'bIvm
more rale oomes soon it will probably
sink lowei than it did last year.
Last evening James' I). Wighiiiian,
driver foi tbe Nelson Transfer Co.,
was married to Miss Agnes Bwanson,
by Bev. Dr. Wright. They have taken
up tbeir residence at the corner of
Hall and Carl,-,mile streets where the
wedding took place.
At tbe 1 ei ersl meeting of tbe
Epworth I., ..- ������ societies of Nelson
this week tlie ofllcers in-** ti"' next
���mason's work were elected. They arc
as follows: President, Balph Clark*;
Vice-President. Dairy .lames : Secie-
u.-y, .1. W. Nunn: Treasurer, R. K.
Local hardware men are selling a
docided novelty in the way of sporting
goods consisting of suits made of long
plumes of grass, which totally conceal
the person of the wearer, malting hiin
appeai like a tall bunch of reeds even
at close rang,-. The device is said to
he of great advantage iii illicit
Excavations are in progress on the
big grave] bank at the cornor of Wind
and Front street and lhe gravel is
being carried av/ay to be used in fill*
iugin parts of other roadways In the
city where grading is in progress. It
is probable that the sidewalk on the
south side of Front street will eventually ho connected with that on the
oast sid_* of Ward street, which will
be extended to meet it.
A water velocipede, which has heen
manufactured by J. Uray of Kaslo,
has evoked much comment along the
lake. It is composed of two long
metal cigar shapedfUoats, across whicli
is a liijlit platform. On the platfoim
ia the fiamo of a bicycle without the
wheels. At the rear of the contrivance
are two small paddle wheels, which
are operated by chains running from
the pedals of tho bicycle. The whole
is steered by the handlebars, thc same
an the ordinary bicycle, the rudder
leing between the paddle wheel-.
AmSrican styles. Various blondinpn
of black and white ia the basis for
mast of tin, lending creations that will
110 worn by the ladles this full And
winter although different shade* of
Irown and gray are not uncommon.
It is'considered by lhe milliners that
the fashions this yenr aie highlv ar
tistic, and they doubtless are,although
from tho male point of view the fact
lhat it will be what is called a
"leather season'*, in which nearly all
the ornaments consist of feathers or
else entire birds on the hats detract
somewhat from its effectiveness. On
many of the leading patterns exhibited there aro as many as throe
and four birds of *'i tl-irent rare species
on one single bat, ,'hich will probably do more towards the wholesale
slaughter of tbe feathered songsters
than any one possible Influence could.
However, if lt is fashionable, nothing
else is required.
At Ken & C'o'.s some most handsome
hats are to be seen, tho millinery
opening which commenced yesterday
attracting nearly every lady in town
to view tbem. Among many otlieis
worthy of mention was a fawn chenille turban, with a tall osprey plume
al the side, Cahachcn buckle and fawn
silk ribbons. Another handsome
turban was of velvet and old rose,
draped with Brussels point lace and
silk ro-es in pastel shades. Chenille
lints are numerous, Brussels and Bat-
tenburg point lace trimmings being
strongly in evidence.
Mrs. Enfield's fall opening commenced yesterday. To a Miner representative she stated that tbe Gainsborough aud turban shapes were the
most fashionable for the season. A
Gainsborough trimmed with heavy
olaclt plumes and sequoln ornaments,
was especially noticed, as also a turban of camel's hair cloth, with crown
of black sequoln, trimmed with
natural birds.
At Fied Irvine's where the opening
will comr-ence today somo excellent
specimens of the Duchess of Devonshire ami Admiral styles wero on exhibition, composed of hlack velvet
with feathered tips, besides a ,arge
in jcr of other styles.
1? WW-Ait'-'Vi*-*' ���vt_5"?<-_-i W W ���til'?''.,,.-
I  3
The Northwestern Development
cate, Ltd.
incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.
Par Value $1.00 Each.
��  Capital $1,000,000 in 1,000,000 Shares,
All Treasury Stock.    No Promoter's and
No Preferred Stock.
Cambourne Group, 9 Claims
Oyster Group, 6 Claims.
Located in the Free Gold Fish River Camp, Lardeau Mining Division, Britisli Columbia.
Large  Veiijs, Free  Milling  Gold  Ore,
200,000 Shares Now Offered at 50 Cents per Share.
en of  Grand Forks, is  at
The   Kind That Nourishes aud Supplies
Food for Mother and Ohild.
A. McQui
the l'hair.
Joseph Morris, of the lirm of *>ow
& Morris, returned yesterday to
Pat Welch, the railway contractor,
ariived iu the oity yestorday from
urand Forks, nn.i is registered at the
P. Burns antl bride airived here
last evening from Calgary and are
registered at the l'hair. They were
the recipients of numerous congratulations from their many Nelson
Dr. T. F. RI ulait, L. T>. .*-*., has
returned from -i visit to the east
While ho was it *v he visited Toronto
and the Pan-.. ,., -ri'-ali exhibition at
Buffalo, and i-_ rls that be had an
enjoyable time.
E.Qlilis, J. J, Southeal,
Hume. ���II
Vancouver; \V. I-'. 13uic, T. 1!.
French, Kaslo; H. li. 1). Ford, Spokane; Ii. II. Conolly, Northport!
I'riind McQuaid, John Champion, San
Francisco; Lewis Edison. Spokane,
E, T. llav, Wilbur, Wash.; Louis
Clegborn, Toronto.
l'hair.--Henry Roy, Rossland; (
Baywnrd, Kaslo; II. II. Miller. Spokane; K. (l. Malingren, P. Welsh,
Spokane; G. E. Graham, Winnipeg;
i1'. ,1. Finucane, Greenwood; 11. Coclt-
simtt, Brantford; E. M. Sundilands,
Queens.���.1.   Simpson,    Howser;   11
Calblck, Silverton; I). Campbell, Miss
A.     Keodrick,     .Miss   T.    Kendriok
Ymir;.I. ,1.  Hums   Winnipeg,
Grand Central���Chas. Lindeman,
Hall siding; T. II. Graham, New
Whatcom; -I. II. Gillis, Tenderfoot.
B. (.'.; S. Hugarty, Pilot Bay; W. II.
Creitz, Kossland; D, McLean, ,1. McNeill, Ainsworth.
The Wilhiii Opera company is
boohed for the opera house for two
nights in November, The company
hushecn beloro the public for '.'n years
and has a good Standing. Tlie Pitt*
tier eoiiinnny is to appear at the opera
house during the last week of October.
This company has an excellent reputation and is well known in Hritish
''My husliaiid lias been unable to
drink colTee for several years, bo wi*
wero vory glad to give Postum Food
ColTee a trial nnd when we understood
that hy long boiling it would hnng
out tho delicious llavor, we havo be,-n
highly pleased with it.
It is one of the finest things im
nursing mothers that I havo ever seen.
It keeps up tiie mother's strength and
increases tlie supply of nourishment
for the child if partaken of freely. I
drank it between meals instead of
water and found it most benelicial.
Our five year old boy has been very
delicate since bil tl] and Iiuh dove'oned
slowly, lie was white and bloodless.
I hogan to give him Postum freely
and you would be surprised at the
change. When any person remarks
ahout the great improvement, we
never fail to tell them that wo attribute liis gain in strength and gen,-nil
health to the fne use <,f Postnm Fi
ColTee. and this has led many friend
to use il for themselves and child
I have always cautioned friends to land arti'tie as could be found any
whom I have spoken about Postum. where. Owing, it is thought, in part
to follow directions in making it, for i to the death of Queen Victoria early
unless it is boiled fifteen oi twenty ' in tbo year, and the many fashionable
minutes,  it is quite tasteless.    On the ��� ladies of England who were In mourn*
"I stuck to my enpine, although
every joint ached and every nerve was
racked with pain," writes C. W. Bellamy, a locomotive firemen, of But-
lington, la., ''I was weak and pale,
without any appetite and all run
down. As I was aboiu to give up, I
got a bottle of Electric Hitters and,
after taking, it, I felt as well as I
ever did in my life," Weak, sickly
run down people always gain new
life, strength and vigor from tneir
use. Try them. Satisfaction guaian-
tced by Canada Drug *.t liook Co.
Price BO cents.
[n view of the splendid showings of both high and low grade, ore and the unrivalled facilities for thc
economical developing and working of the properties, it is confidently expected that, not only will the present
issue of stock be sold quickly, hut th it no more will be offered at less than par.
Address all inquiries for information, or applications for stock to
P. O. Box 556, Nelson, B. C.
Official Broker
W <i__*? <��_��* ��'-^��L**?'?a^'-_?r<1L*^
���^^* i��aK��' ���*_h^' *��_as-i' r*_it^' ^s^^^i^^ii^^^^^ii^^Si^^ib5''
There are over 80,000 trees and
shrubs now growing in the Riverside
Nurseries, Grand Forks, embracing
nam !y all varieties suitable for the
Kootenay climate.
New York Herald, .lime 4th: The
costumes intended for the lady members of "A Wise Woman" were seined
by Chief of Treasury Agents Heron
this morning and are piled up i,i the
seizure room cf the Custom House.
Manager Davis called at the Custom
House this afternoon and held a conference with Collector Erhardt and
Chief Heron. The costumes are
valued at $3,000, and the average duty
on them would be nearly 50 per ceut.
It is probable,however, that they will
be allowed to pass free of duty. They
should have been entered at Paris as
"tools of trade," aud it was through
a blunder on the other side that tbey
weio not,
Lipton's   Tea   is   a winner.    Pure,
finest llavor. aud first package lea put
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
because you   ever tasted it
Special Features of the
Florence   Hot   Blast
Our New Idea Deflector Fire Pot greatly increases the heating capacity of the stove, and in connection with tlio deflector^ring forces thc
heat to the lloor. The base is hot, the floor being* warmer than with a
base burner.
The Hot Rlast Attachment takes in the cold air through a duct at the
rear of the fire pot, the heated air being discharged in a circle at the top
of fire pot, over lire, thus consuming all the gases and products of combustion. It can be operated in connection with the front draft door, or
independently, hy a screw register in the rear of base, insuring complete
control of the stcve with nearly perfect combustion.
The large Hot Air Circulating Kluc on the back takes therold air from
the floor and ejects it. intensely heated, through the top adding greatly
to the heating capacity.
Where the stove is operated according to directions we guarantee il to
consume all thc gas contained in soft coal, thus deriving thc benefit of
all the heat in the fuel consumed, causing a truly remarkable  saving  of
"��be lRo\>al Ban!, of Canaba
"ovn   ffcatln-IIa.ifnx   Branch,   AntlROi-i^l
Bridgowat-or. (Jn>r.boro. Londonderry. Lu
enbnrg. MatUona (Hants Co.), Pictou, Fort
Hiiwkur-ibury, Sydney. Bhuboni-ciulie.Truro,
Sew    BriiHHHlck ��� Bathuist.     Dorrhcslor,
Fredorloton, K-mkkloii (Kent Co.), Mono-
(on, NowcfiwLlo.Siu'.kvillc,.St, John,Woodstock-
���1\ E* Inland���Charlottetown, .Suunncmdo.
fuel over any other stove on the market
2_j to 4S hours without attention.
The stove will hold fire  from
Too many tlmoa tho ortgta of n. hoadaoho Is
ini-riilriiliiH-il, and oao liiRins tl'1-.inir I lie stuiii-
iii-h for ii, whon an applloatlon of QrlfltthB
Monthol l.iiiiin, in wniilii draw oui tin.* pain
andttlvo Immodlato rollof, Ii will euro any
tioodacliG no mattor how wvoro.
Km--nln hy J. }' VanntODe V��i.on. II. c.
Latent I'fishinns   Provided Ily Dealera
For Nilaon Pali emeu.
Comraenoidg  yesterday an event oc-
cnrrucl   which   in   always louheii for*
wan! to hy the woman kind of a com-
lmiiilty with great anil   absorbing in*
trrefet, namely    the millinery opening
of fall styles in lints.      In Nelson tin*
il I exhibit ion   of styles for the opeasion,
11 although  not  as extensive as in some
of   the eastern   cities, is as tiandsomo
other hand,  when properly   inailo,   it
is very delicious.  I want to th.'inl. you
ing for   relatives   lost   In   thu   South
African war, a   semi-mourning  stylo
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always Id
Wo carry t* ooroplol
Ming, Inside Finish,
stock of Coast Floorlns
tl Work, Hunh uni
J>oorn.   Special OfdOT wo: k ��ill receive prompt
attention. Mail ordon solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Ilnail OtnOn���rtetAm and Vpinnn  *,t... Nolnon
for the benefits we have derived from copied from the latter country Into
tne use of your Postnm Ooffee." .Mis. the United statiw and Canada is the
\V. W Earnest, 7.7 nth. Ave., I latest, which the recent death of Pres-
Jlelena, Mont. lident McKinley will accentuate in the
A. R. BARROW, a m. i. o.b
Provincial   Land Surveyor
Oornor VinUiria aniT Kootenay Sts.
P.O  Box 560 Telephone No. ����
H. & M. BIRD
Wc have a numb
er of houses in
of the   city  at
and  see
if you
want .
1 house.
Houses fcr sale cheap for cash or on
easy terms.
& CO.
Cigars��� ]
Phone 117 1
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
I! Jill 111     AllllllHj/I'll,
���Si,mm mm.1111
< lllillili   l*nlil.ii|>,      ,     .     .       97.000.INMI.IM
ltml, **,i,*tn',ti<M.n>! I
itonnl of IMrrrior*    ThoiuRft E. Konny,  President)!   Thomas ltitohlo, Vlco-ProHlili-'i;'--
Wiley Smith, 11. U. llauld, Hon. David MacKeon.
���Irnil Ollli-i-, II all rut:
Gonoral Maiii-gor, Eiison I.. Pease, Montreal*
Superintendent nf Branohes, and Secretary, W. B. Torranoo, HallfaT,
Itrnii    en I
eb**r���Montroal. (City Oillcc), Montroal
Wost Kind (('or. Notro llamo and Siiijl-
neurs strcetHl;  VV'o-iLmouiit  (Cor. Ui-et'im
Avenue aiid St. Outharluou StreoD,
-.I'lvi'iiiiiiiiiniiii���8t John's,
Cuba, ��<�����! ladles���Havana.
I uii.'ii Mates���New York (Hi UxohaoRO PlaM
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo,   Kelson,   Rossland,   Vanconver,
Vanconver East End, Victoria,
_, Correspondents 1
cuaiiit-Meiehanto Bank of Canada.  Boston-National Bhawnrat Bank.  eiiie����o-Illinni��
Brast and Savings Bank.  San frnselieo-Flrst National Bank.   L,m i,  Kiig. - Hank of
,.,.������ in,,,,/��'   rf*_r,'"t,,c!Il LL0nn,i!8*  Bermuda-Bank of Boraiuda. t'hma and Japan���UOng Kong and Bhaughal Bauklu** Corporation.   gpokane-Old National Hank.
Oenelal Banking Business Iransacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   B��ugh
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on speci'il
deposits nnd on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Allan Line Tunisian	
Allan Uno Corinthian ".
Allan Line Parisian ,.
Heaver Line Lake Sirnooo	
Heaver Line Lnko Manitoba
Heaver Line Lake Ontario,,
Dominion Lino Vanoouvor
Dominion Line   llominlnn    ','"
Domi lien Line Canilii-oiiian...
Dominion Line N'ew Bngland,
liiiiiiininii Line Commonwoalth
Ounard Line Ivornla.,,,
Ounard Line Saxonla	
From lion 1 real
  Oct   I
 "let, 12
 Oct. Ill
 OcL   I
 Oct, li
From Portland, Mo.
 Oct. 19
 Oot, 10
 Oct. ai
Fiom Boston
 < let. II
 Oot, 2:1
  Oot. 10
 Nov. 2
cunrud Une Campania
Cunanl  Line   I'niln-ia
Ounard Line Luolnlo..
While star Line Uo
Whlto Star Line Majestic,
w bltoStar Line Oceanio...
Aniei-iean Line Phlladolphla
Aliieriean Line St.   Paul...
Amorlcan Lino si. Louis..
From Now York
 (let. 5
 Oct, 19
 Oct. Ill
manlj. n,.*,, 3
....net.  (I
...Oot. HI
��� ...del.  2 I
....Oct. II1
....Oot. 10
> NO. 4 K.-W.-C. BLOCK. NELSON, B. C.
** (1M,1,'!v,si,Tr"IjC?(l and c��PP��r Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
0 I'ltl'jk,   MILLING   GOLD  properties wanted at oncu for Eastern
r investors.
*, Parties having  liiininn*  property for sale are  requested to semi
;�� samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition;
> We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
J elaims in Hritish Columbia,
a cnvS";10''8,"1",1  mining  men   aro requested   to make the  EX*
t tllAMih then- headquarters when in Nelson.
J, All samples should he sent by express, PREPAID
0 Correspondence so.iot.ed,   Address all communications to
* _ ,   ��� ANDREW   F.   ROSENBERGER, J
f lri��phonoNo. 104.   P. 0. Box 700. nflson  b 0.   *
O. Lloyd on applies! ion,
W. P.
Co.. N.
J. S. CARTKlt. D��l"*; A'.:NvLm.i''nipCK' Man*
Shares at 25 CENTS f"r a few days
only when the price wil] be raised to
35 cunts. This is positively the last
chance of obtaining shares nt this
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which I.. Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up  Capital,   .9,000,0001   Reserve   Fund,   .3,000,000;
im�� am   A   &!&%***  Resources Over ��(*,r,,ooo,000.
HUM. OKO. A. COX, President.      B. K. WALKER, Uoueral Mann*.er.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, B. C.
a   a eo,     Ne,w Vork 0f""l l6  Exchange Place.
And 08brniielioa in Canada und the Jnilcil Slntos, Inoludlng*
ati.in OnKKMwimi) Nelson aiNnnv
_^BO0K 1^'*?"';,8 NBWWKSTM11WT.R   V_NCOtv*.R
e-iiiMii nanauo Rossland victokia
���. iraigT^DAWSO.. AND W.llTP. IIOHSK.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Uocelvcd and Interest Allowed.   Present Knte 3 Per Cent
i  Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
1 >'"*��i"i'"*i"-i"��"-iM_iii��..(ii._im)i._(i,**-l���**|i._(i,_|l


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