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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 1, 1901

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 Prny fur
Library 831 co
Daily Edition No.   1130
Nelson,   British Columbia, Sunday,   September i,  1901
Eleventh  Year
manning an Increase
_. to $8,311 per day.
hnve    boen   -.'runted
The  Latter Yesterday Acquired All the
Assets of the Former for the
Sum of $134,000.
in   wages   from
Their   demands
and tho strike
which extended to adjacent railway
campB weie also adjusted by giving
the men the wages nslioil for.
While grading mar   Nil ion, Wash..
(yestorday, fiv.  feet of rich coppor orolGOSSip F-OIT1   UlC  Capitals  Of
wero   uncovered   anil    the   find     was |
promptly     stalled    hy     two   railwa* I ''���<;     LailGS     AdOSS
Extensive Operations Outlined Which In
elude Deepening of Workings and Extension of Stamp Mill.
A shipment of thirty tons of the
second grade ore from tho dump of the
Copper King will be shipped as soon
as it can be loaded, the car having
teen nont down lo the Cherry Creek
siding last night. The shipment will
bo sent to the Granby timelier at Grand
Porks.��� Kamloops Standard.
For a fortnight  past   an   advertise
mciit lias   appeared    in   local   papers
the   Poorman   mine   and those of the
Granite,    This can toadily be offeoted
mooing that tl.e properties of tl.e  b* ��""-"->>i��f? ������>* tnnnel  on the low-
ORt level of tho Poorman mine,   which
Granite Gold Mines, Limited, would
be sold under an oidei of court, tenders to be lodged with the registrar of
the county court by noon on 31st of
August. Yesterday the sale was
effected and the poiperty was bought
in by the liquidator of tk3 Duncan
llines at a price of about $134,000,
being the amount of the indebtedness
of the Granite Gold Mines, Limited,
to the Duncan Minos. ,
The reoonstruotion of the Duncan
Minos 1ms recently boen carried
through in London, and the new company, tho name of which is The Dnn-
can United Mines, Limited, went to
allotment some two weeks ago. The
capital of that company is ��300,00(1 In
shares of ��1 each which ate credited
as IB shillings paid, tho remaining
live shillings being payable in calls
not, exceeding one shilling each of
which one shilling is payable on application and allotment,tha remainder
to be called up as required. The new
company bas arranged to take over
the assets and liabilities of the obi
company and the liquidator of the old
coinpany hat entered into an agreement with them lo this effeot. The
transfer of the assets to tho liquidator
of thc now company will bo mado as
soon as possible.
The first undertaking by the new
company will be Ihe development of
the Poorman mine on twice tbe scale
upon which it is now being worked;
that is to sny, the output of tho mine
will bo increased to supply -10 stamps
instead of 20 (the present number).
This of course, will involve a corresponding increase in the number of
stamps. It is proposed by the engineer, Mr. E. It. WoakeB, lo sink a
shaft cn the lowest level of the present
workings to a depth of some .10(1 feet
below that level and to run from it
threo oilier levels, at equal distances
apart. If the mine bears out at that
depth the shewing in its present lowest workings there will be no dilli-
culty in keeping at least 40 stamps
-Hipplied, but until this development
bus been carried out with sufficiently
good results no steps will bo taker,
towards an increase of tho present
mill, lt is understood tbat Mr.
Woalccs has already completed all bis
preliminary at rangeinents for the
necosssary work and no time will be
hist in commencing up soon as the
necessary Instructions are received
from London. These, it is expected,
will be obtained some time in the
course of tho next month.
This is, nl the present moment, a
large body of ore blocked out iu the
workings above the present lowest (or
fifth) level. This level is about 300
foot from the surface. As is perhaps
known, tbo Granite vein runs parallel
to the Poorman vein at somo distance
higher up the mountain. This vein
has been woikcd from tho surface by
means of au inclined shaft nnd when
work upon it ceased the vein had been
driven upon at a depth of 800 feet for
a distance of about 100 feet from tho
shaft, and showed strongly in the sole
of the level all tho way. There was
then every reason to believe tbat thc
disturbance in the vein whicli had
Occasioned so much trouble to the
Granite compiiry had been passed
through, and that thc vein bad again
been found in place at depth. While
it is intended at this time to proceed
with the developcmnt of thc Poorman
mine alono (on which tbe indications huva been consistently favorable) the directors havo in view a
connection between   the   workings  of
at a distance of 1,100 feet or more
will, according to surveys, cut the
Granite vein at a depth of approximately 40(1 or Boo feet below the workings on the latter. Outeropings indicate tbe existence of at least two
parallel veins between those of the
Poorman and Granite mines which if
they continue nt depth, will be cut
iu tbo course of driving this tunnel,
The directors of the Duncan Mines
while they recognized that the only
course open to tbem was to take back
the properties of the Granite Hold
Mines felt that it was incumbent upon
tbem to give the shareholders of the
lattor company an opportunity to continue their interests in it upon the
same terms as tluse which wore offered to tbeir own shareholders. The
reconstruction, however, being ono of
their own compuny alone, it was impossible to offer the shares in the
new company for subscription to the
shareholders of the Granite (Inld
Mines in the same way that, they
wero offered to the shareholders in
the Duncan Mines, 'ilii.; legal difficulty was obviated by the liquidator
offering the shares in the new com
pany for sale to Ihe shareholders of
the Granite Mines pro rata to the
amount of their holdings at n nominal
premium of 3d. per share This was
accordingly done as soon as the new
company had gone to allotment, and
although the limit of timo ill whicli
those shares can be taken up has not
been reached a number of the sha-o-
holdera have already purchased tneir
On tlie allotment already made the
now company possesses ample funds to
carry ont tbe programme above indicated, and there seems to bellow ovory
reason to believe that that company
may look forward to a successful
future, ln addition to the properties
of the Granite Gold Mines the new
company will possess a large interest
in tbe Queen Hess mine as well as in
a number of properties throughout
thc country.
Of the directorate of the Duncan
Miner, three gentlemen, Mr. Alexander McNab, Mr. C. E. Shepherd and
Captain E. Ironside liax retain their
places on the hoard of the new company, tho first named being the chairman, and Mr. .lames Shepherd, Mr.
Ilaminersley III" ,ian and Mr. C. S.
Druminond, retire Their places have
been filled by gentlemen connected
with Hritish Columbia mining in
London, and well known in that
At the record office yesterday tbe
only transactions recorded wero the
issuance nf certificates of work fo
Thomas Bagley on Shamrock 1 .1. W.
Thompson on Alert; .1. Uerton on
Katie II. ; II. W. Keech, on No. 80,
Tiger, and Owl; Kdward Hoy ward,
on Hidden Treasure.
The shareholders of tho Venus Gold
Mining Company are in receipt of Unreport made by tho treasurer and
manager of tbo company setting forth
the general   proceedings   of the   com
pany   since   its   formation,   and
financial condition.
Such Is Supposed to Bo the
Political Situation at
Hon. Mr. Turner Preparing to
Leave tor London This
Victoria, 1>. C, Aug. 31.--It is not
improbable that the present week
will practically see the completion of
the labor of Hon. .1. H. Turner at
(finance Minister. It is understood
that the Premier's decision in regard
to a successor to Mr. Turner bas
been communicated to Hrown of Now
Westminster, ami that that, gentleman
will bo sworn in as a member of the
Cabitet ear'y in tbo Doming week,
possibly Monday. Mr. Turner vacated
his residence on Pleasant street , and
with Mrs Turner hns taken up bis
residence at tho Mount linker hotel,
pending Ihe completion of preparations for bis journey lo Loudon. Ilis
libtniy   and   other    effects     for   the
the Sea.
Extraordinary Precautions to
Protect thc Czar In
Paris. Aug. 81.���Elaborate precautions to ensure the Cj-ar's safety during bis stay in Fiance are being
taken. All undesireable foreigners
have been expelled from Dunkirk and
the Chateau at Compiegnc is closely
guarded by troops. It was at first
proposed to station troops along the
entire railroad truck from Dunkirk
to Compiegno but tbis was abandoned
owing to lack of troops. Tho greatest
cause for fear on the part of the police
is the close' proximity of dwelling
houses to the railroad in Dunkirk.
Bach liouse has been examined and
the occupants have beon compelled to
give detailed information regarding
themselves. All a.-cess of visitors to
Ihe Chateau at Coinpiogne is now forbidden except to holders of special
Elootrlc light is being installed and
tbo generating still ons wired whicli
will pass through the park and will be
tvatcticd by sentinels. Military engi
ueers are constructing a light track
from Ihe railroad to tbe tribuues on
the roview ground at Retheny. Grand
stands capable of accommodating SO,*
OllO spo-ittitors   are now being erected.
Immense crowds of people are ex-
poeted at Dunuiik and the railroads
���ire arranging excursions. A fleet of
pleasure steamers will gather in the
roadstead. The townspeople intend
to make hay whilo the sun shines
I'or bedrooms which can usually be
hired for a dollar a day, thoy are now
asking Sir, and fancy prices for windows overlooking the scene of the
Czar's arrival. The same conditions
prevail at Cumpoigne. The Parisians
will be greatly disappointed if the
Czar does not visit the French metropolis. Efforts aro being made to
induce His Maajesty to come to Paris,
September 30. It is proposed that ho
should arrive here in time to tako
lunch at the Russian smbnssy and
drivo to tbe Alexander bridge wh_re
certain ceremonies will be carried
out There wonld bo a banquet at
the Elyssee Palace in the evening and
tho Czar could return to Compeigne
thc same night.
Street   singers   and   hawicorJ   have
already made   their   appearance   with
wail's     including    patriotic
rights of the Papal See and German
Government in the selection i i
bishops, the latter being muroly the
right lo vote aud not lo make positive proposals. The letter is goner-
all interpreted as a lofloction upon
the Emperor, who took too active an
interesting Hie selections mentioned,
The Gcinianiii hails tbe letter as
confirm in it own critics of ihe Prussian Government in tin' selections of
bishops, and comments on the letter
Agent-General's    ollice,     aro     being
packed   at   the   parliamentary build-(topical
and will be shipped   shortly  to! Franco-Russian   ditties  and   colored
portraits of the Czar and Czarina. The
most ingenious article is a transparent
card representing tbo Czar in the
uniform of a Russian colonel When
the card is hold up to the light, His
Majesty appears in the uniform of a
French general and wearing tlie sash
of the legion of honor.
their destination. Dr. Fagan, Secretary of the Provincial Hoard of
Health, h s purchased a large amount
of Mr. Turner's furniture and has
takon a lease on his house. Ilis effects
are now luing moved into tho Finance
Minister's residence.
A private despatch fiom Vancouver
Ibis afternoon stales that, it is believed
theie Hint the advent of Drown will
mean Hie disiuptlon of the Cabinet,
Mclliide is expected to return tn
Victoria tomorrow.
Orand Porks, Aug. 31.���The oro
tonnage treated at the Granby smelter
for the week ended today only reached
2."til tons owing to the closing (town
for six days for overhauling of No. 1
furnace, which had been in operation
continuously for over a year. The
total tonnage treated to date is 20s,-
418 tons. The enlargement of the
plant is being rushed to completion.
The new furnace and converter buildings ure receiving their finishing
touches while the water wheel, pump
and generators for the enlarged powerhouse bus arrived. When all the additions are   finished tlie Qranby   will
have a daily capacity of 1,300 tons.
A recent   shipment of ore from   the
l-on Mask mine near   Kamloops,    W'ns
treated here and gave  a   return of   15
per cent, copper.
The laborers employed on the V. V.
Philadelphia, l'a., Aug. 31.���Tba
list of the dead as a result of thc explosion on the steamer City of Trenton
in tlie Hi'lewan1 river last Wednesday
has now reached 31, Sixteen bodies
have been identified and live sliil
await identification at the morgue.
Four bodies wore recovered today in
tlie vicinity of the disaster. Nine
persons are missing and the live unidentified are probably among Ibis
Halifax, N. 8., Aug. 31.���Tbe British cruisers Psyche anil Indefatigable
nearly came in collision (luring tin-
naval drill olf Halifax early yesterday
morning. The fleet was approaching
tbo harbor and the cruisers, having
misunderstood orders, swung around
in the same circle. Moonlight showed
ships approaching each other aud
engines were reversed and tholr
courses altered, otherwise it might
have been another Victoria-Camper.
down disaster.
Grand Valley. Ont., Aug. 81.���
Samuel Cummings, III years old, ;
Rarnardo boy,East Luther, commictci
suicide by taking Paris green yesterday. No cause is known for the boy';
Once Mere Columbia Grosses
Line Ahead of the New
Shamrock Shows Wonderful
Speed ln Satisfaciory
Trial Spin.
Oloan, N. Y., Aug. 31.��� Two large
oil tanks near tins place weie struck
by lightning this evening nnd were
totally destroyed. One of them,owned
by the Standard Oil Co., had a capacity of 35.000 barrels and was nearly
full of oil. The othci tank burned
was owned by the National Transit
Pipe Line Co. The total loss is about
Meuoinine, Mich., Ang. 31.���The
mated factory of A. W, Clark & Co.,
also   a   mill,    were   destroyed by lire
..   E.   railway   tunnel   near  Cascade, ,_,*���-,_    j.JSB [J.0,000,    partly   covered
went on strike a  few   duys   ago,   do* J by insurance.
lin, Aug. 31.���The annual Catholic diet, at Osnahmo, this week attracted an unusual amount of public
attention and newspaper discussion.
The attendance was very largo and
the enthusiasm was great, for all the
speeches were, of a controversial
A remark of President Triinmon
win is a prominent member ofthe
Reiohstng, lhat a new kulturkampf
was about beginning, was much ap
plauiled and widely dismissed in the
newspapers pro and eon. The newspapers confine themselves cblofly to
the political aspects of the question
in expectation of a period of greater
activity on the part of the centrists,
with sharper controversies over all
matters discussed. Another Catholic
question occupying attention is the
final settlement of the bishoprics in
the Relslislande by the appointment
of the Abbul of Maria-I.aach, Dr.
Bender, as bishop of Mel, and Dr.
/.on. Von llulach, ns eonseereloiy
bishop of Strasburg. The Cologne
Volks Zeitung admits that the appointments givo much dissatisfaction
iii thc Roichslnndfl. In connection
will. II.0 appointments a letter of Cardinal I.ampnlli, the papal secretary
of state has been published and widely
printed, and commented on.
The letter is addressed   to tbe Prussian cathedral chaplain   defining   tho
Ilatcnians Point, I!. I., Aug. .11,���
After two long months of bard preliminary racing, during which each
boat defeated the other eight limes,
tho Constitution and Columbia went
out to Beunton's flagship today fur
the first of the serins of trial races to
be run to decide winch should be the
defender of the America's Cup against
Sir Thomas Llpton's Shamrock II.
Both left the harbor in the very pink
of condition. A seven knot breeze
blew from the southeast. After the
decks had been washed down this
morning tho working head sails of
both yachts were sent up in stops and
at !1 o'clock thu two big main fails
went aloft. On ihe Constitution much
caru was taken in "getting np this big
piece of canvas and it was fully half
an hour before it wus in place. The
regatta commit tee announced that the
yachts would bo n-ut over a lB-lnilo
windward and leeward course under
the regular America's Cup conditions,
wilh a timu limit of aK hours,
Tbe trial resulted in a decisive victory for the old boat Columbiu, which
outpointed and outsailed Constitution
at ovory leg. Experts now pink
Columbia to meet Shamrock II. in the
international races which commoncu
on September 21st, riio trial race:-
will be continue on Monday and Wednesday and on thi; result of these the
defond.i will be  chosen.
The olllcinl time of the start W0H;
Columbia, II. H :i.'.; Constitution,
Columbia crossed the finish line it
Constitution crossed at 3.00:03.
Columbia won by three minutes.
eight seconds elapsed time, ami foui
minutes, 10 seconds corrected liiu".
Constitution allows Columbia one
minute   and 11 seconds.
Montana Disaster Friday Night Resulted in
Death of Superintendent, His Son and
Thirty-Four Workmen.
Freight Train Breaks Loose, and Rushing
Down Heavy Grade Collides With the
Rear of Passenger Train.
(SPECIAL TO tiii: >iim:��.i I injured.    The wreck took lire and tlni
Spokane, Wash., Ang. 31.-  Hotweon   remains of   all   except   five   of   thoso
,:ai ami 0 o'l lock last night Ihe Groat
iorthorn passenger train No. 3, west
bound, was run into from t'e rear at
the Nyack. Mm,Una. water tank a-
the train was   polling   out,   resulting
In an appalling loss uf life. An ens
bound train of 28 loaded height cai
i. repotted to have gotten away frou
I he train men at Essex, 17 miles onm
of Nyack, and broke the coupling! oi
thc head end of the train and follow
ing No. " down the mountain ever
took it at tho tank. The Bpeed wui
very high nl the time. A coach on the
rear of No. 3 had 40 laborers in il
going to Jennings for railroad work
Only 18 of the 10 got nut alive, tin
balance, 33, are Bald to have been
burned. Assistant Oeneral Superintendent Downs,with his son and cook,
occupied tho superintendent's special
car just ahead, but no teste has heen
round of Downs or his son. The noxl
ear ahead was a sleeper, all the occu
pants of whicli escaped, although thc
car was damaged hy Ore. No other
eais iu the passenger train arc reported   Injured,    fifteen   or  eighteen cars
f the height train and throe cars of
the pilBSenger train were buried, ill
the 13 laborers lhat escaped with their
lives several are said to have since
'lied. The identity of tho laborer-, Is
unknown at thin hour.
Killed v-'ii' burned and it is therefore
not positively known bow many
fatalities resulted. In addition to
those killed, 12 laborers and Brake-
'nan  Burke wore injured.
"Mr. Downs entered the ralwav ser-
vi, e. April 1, 1808, as n hrakeiuau on
the Central Vermont railroad. In
-i, he became master of trains ou a
li vision of Ihe Louisville ifc Nashville
ail way and aftor holding various
tositions with southern and western
nads. entered the service of the (Ireat
Northern in 1^07,"
New York, Aug. 8 I. ��� The Shan,rn
II. sailed over the inside courso today
with Captain Jameson aboard, sie-
left her moorings In Sandy Hook bay
at 10.30 a. ra., nnd at 11.12 passed up
tho main ship canal under mainsail,
club tolisail, jib, staysail and jib top-
Ball. When sheets weie trimmed
down to the south east breeze, she
jumped away at a 12 knot clip for a
time. At owls Head, the challenger
luffed and started back. Passing the
new west bank lighthouse at 1.12 p.
m. with oil her crew huddled aft on
ln-r windward rail. she slipped
through the water at a 13 knot  pace.
helped along   by a    strong    ebb    tide.
None but the Erin, which can ied   Sir
Kalispcl, Muni., Aug. 31.���Thirty*
six lives weie lost and 13 persons were
injured in tlie wierk last night ol
(Ireat Northern passenger train No. 3,
at Nyack, 30 miles west of Kalispel
Nunc of the passorgciB were, injured,
the fatalities having been confined to
employees of the road,
Kalispel. Mont., Aug. 31.���A westbound passenger train on the Ureal
Northern was wrecked about B.3II
o-clook last night near Nyack stntion
4(1 miles east of Kalispel in the mountains.     An   easlbound   freight   train
bai Led Olll  of tbe sn itch Ut l> il X MH
broao in two, 28 car.- going down the
mountain, crashing into tno nassengi i
train without warning, The special
car of Assistant Superintendent II, L.
Don ns, and a day coach of Inboreis
were demolished aud caught Bro and
burned, Superintendent Downs am1 his
son were iustnntly killed, as was .,1s"
their conk. Many laborci a n "
killed, and burned, but the i
cannot I e i slimBlod. The slocpi i
caught tiro, bul ii is repotted that all
Iho passengers got onl safely. It Is
uot know n the extont ur uumbei ol
Injured among ihe passungc
All the physician- In Kalispel olid a
wreck ing crew have bioon seni to the
Kccne ul ih" accident. Ten D u - ol
shinlges and othor freight - aughl lire
which added lo the horror .3 lin
disaster, A train loadi d w ;; h d< atl
and injured "ill arrive in a (un
(Continued on Third Page.)
��� i.  Paul, Minn.. Aug.   31,    lieucral
Superintendent   Ward govo mil to Iho
|,l  Pies-, tic    fulluw in|
in oil I
"About 8.30 not evening ai !
Mont . eighteen cars broke loose from
he tear end uf the fr. ighl train and
ran down ihe hill, 10 miles. In Nyai k
station wber,' it uu rtook passi ngi i
train Nu. 3, which " as just start" g
out from lhat station. In the collision 1'. T. Downs, assistant general
superintendent, was   killed,   togethci
wilh hi-, sun Kirk T.D i�� ns, hi- i k
llcniy Ulalr, and   about 25   Inl ��� i-i i
who were moving   west   in a com h at
the rear of the   train.      None   of   the
regular passenger.,  on the train   were
They Say Tbey Have Caused tho Shut
Down of n Large Mill.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 31.���The steel
strikers are claiming tonight the biggest victory since the light began , io
the clusing down of the open hearth
department of the Duquerfno stool
works. Tho Amalgamated people
claim that the open heurtb, men havo
.truck and the entire plant will havo
tu close down when tbo men fail to
return Sunday night for work. Tho
Carnegie steel people make light of
iho matter and say the close down of
ihe open hcaith department today was
merely Ihe usual Saturday afternoon
close and maintain tbat tbo men will
he on band Sunday evening, as here-
tofore anil that no stoppage will
Aside fiom the Duqucsnc incident,
tic roportod conference by longdistance telephone between President
Schwab nf the Steel Corporation and
Simon Hums, president of tho Win-
dow Glass Worker's Association, was
ihe only other happening to cnusci
comment, lt seems tbat the two men
really communicated with each other
by telephone, but what the subject or
result was, is not known.
Mr, Hums called ou President
Shaffer '.bis afternoon, lie refused to
-late what passed at the conference.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 31. ���It is
learned tonight from reliable authority, in spite of the great secrecy maintained l.v Messrs, Barns and Shaffer
concerning the telephonic converan-
tion idween President Schwab and
President Burns, that something de-
ei ive may result. It is said that
Ih, i li nt Schwab declined to havo
an;, cui. fill ono* -villi President Shaffer
,,f lin- Amalgamated Association on
tne ground that he no longer represents any uf thc men employed by tho
������������������   .    ki.ivJJ
Port uf Spain, Island of Trinidad,
Aug. 31.���There arc masted near San
��� ;���! and Cucuta on tho Colombian
frontier 9,500 Venezuelans under
Generals Eohoverrls and Ravtla In
e, ntdnut readiness to the support of
I olombiaii revolutionists. It is rani rted thai Colombian regular forces
tu ihe number of 5,400 are near
('inula and serious coinplieatiuns aie
car ,
l- kin ,
���y Mi
o   sr .
a pei
gh  i
st tb
t th.
e b>
nosl '
fan- -
Pottsville, Pa., Aug. BI.---The powder mills at Kiebs station wero
totally destroyed by an explosion
today, .ind two   men   wero   instantly
lied, They are Ii is Kupert and
liicbard Ilouscr, both residents of
Kn ns station.
Parkbam, Out., Aug. 31. ���While
sented at the tea table on Thursday
evening, Mrs Anthony Ilondon wns
instantly killed by a flash of lightning.
. 0-
���   I
nes, .
���ty)   |
ill)' *|
��� <*
'   ' .- ..,,,..
'    .    ���
- _
The Nelson Miner
lllsbod   Every  M-rniiii!  Kxcopt   Mondaj
mily..'" carrier   .
Dally, poi 11     Hi, by i
Dally, i' ' oarrioi
Dolly, i ��� dl	
Iiaily,1" ��� yi "  ton Iki	
Wookly, poi I dl year	
~*oekiy, poi    ��� 	
Weekly, pi
.,,,., I ly ui advance.
I 7 Kl
-, DO
si as
.    -' IH'
.  :i oo
lis f; B, >'���
ninii Pre- Ami i          . Special Aftonta
M,., mdei >: Co '������������ nno, Bpokano,
Wtwh . ki i     thi ooa on oui
.,,.,..,., ... nls and nun
-ei i;.l ii.I,-.         	
.   ���; ,       iV_ON,
pri -ent month
.... ill bi    ont io and
,. ,,., i an ���  i  over   the   2,000
mile .' ��� iii n ti legrnph line con*
���r | . metropoli ��� with
V:i o . Four yi ir�� ago Dawson
u i most iiiaccet ibl ��� place and ihe
joumoj : ",!"'1'   tbare was
,i!.,. r by ' in and rive,- route,
which co nly traversed at iter*
ta;n   ..... ��� ���'   the   vai. or hy the
alfflcti t roi by way of the White
;,,,,; ! , . Pai ��� . n hich was a hard
one to tarvi i owing to the height of
the im unl -   the  roughness  of
tbe trail over a portion of tho way.
Now, hov.. .. r. the tr'p from tho coast
oities can be made under favorable
cricumstuncefi In even days via tbo
White Pas the entire distanse being
traversed !���.', steamer and railway,with
no more disci ra rt than is attendant
on a trip acroi the i onl inont, Ne\t
the people of tin Kondike arc to have
the benefit ol a telegraphic service
over an all l anudian route.
The construction nf the line was
begun In April. 1000, and it was bulll
from Ashcroft to Ila?,elton, Ilazclton
tu Atlin. Atlin to llawson. Dawson
to Port Egbert on the Alaskan boundary lino. Besides tlie main line spurs
have beon run t" Fort Simpson, lo the
Omineea gold fields and other points
making the total mileage considerably over 8,000, in fact thu length of
the main line from Vancouver to
Dawson is '.', 173 miles.
Much of thro country through which
(lie line run- Is wild   ami rough   and
Ihe task of  putting   it   up   has   1 n
une full of dlflieulticB. The construction gang- had to pack their supplies.
tools and wires, and make trails
i In null a country which had ncvci
bof re been vu Itcd by white men : in
places il waa neci Bsary to build biidgcs
ovi; unforduhle streams and one nl
tin . i- lin net In length. Altogether, II i- one of Hie must (11 fill-Illt
i, leg raph lines evi r const ructed.
The line will connect with the
United States telegraph line running
to SI Michael and Cape Nome,
With the completion of the lino to
Dawson and st Michael the iiorth-
wostern portion ofthe North Amcil
can continent, hitherto isolated, i;
brought within speaking distance of
the rest nf the world. This will facilitate the transaction uf business and
the sending of news dispatches
and tho people of llawson will
bo able to read in thoir morning
pipers as much of tho news of tho
woi Id as the owners can afford lo give
them. It will make life there the
ploasaoter to bi in closer touch n Ith
the rest nf the world,
The m xl i lep In the (olographic extension will  f tin- I'no   north   and
west from Noini to the .hore- ()f ller-
ing .-'raits, v. ie ., a cable will bo
used to connect il   with   Siberia  and
from th '��� ,..;,,,,   ,.:;u|,|   i���.
made by buildlun oulli to a Junction
with the Bu lai I I rjraphlo system,
and then tin ilrcni i the early telegraphers   ..l ���..    ���   ..    rlually a land
(ill    have been
realized,      I    i : ,,   materialize
' ��� lis the
i   ��� large,
Ixtii h  the
nil   Company
I ullding a   land
I the   world, via
Herlng . ' a,   n  il     porl i n uf   It   was
actually . Ir, r, (,j .i, Colum*
nb       Hi-hides I ������ in, mare surveys
>'���'  'h ��� !��� ��� ;���' '   , nb    I,   >,|h( i ia.
'��� ���    and    upei-a-
tion uf u i ible   -��� -     the Atlantic and
which, il   was
>'������ in Ibi  vray of the   sucoossfnl
I uildii ; ti nance and   oporutlon
of tie  lin  led  ���, an  abandonment nf
the , ,,: This time  when   it  is
taken i will he carried   to a   boo*
cossful ii    ii     the   teicgraph   lino
"������������-������ ! illl   witli the  Trans-
Sl1" r' '".man nnpurlant
linl1    '" I                               l 'lain  which
w-*l ' ' ' ' ilcil    A  in  and   Europe
Sir Wilfrid Laurie, has a happy
knack ol nuyinji | ,|,, MBg .,, ,,,',.
right time, nnd tin- faculty wns
���hown nt the dlrccli , ' |���nch whioh
preceded tho o| i ing . ' the Toronto
exhibition on 'J i In . ���-,. wn,
the chicl figure .  , ,.   ,,,   ,|):l,
occasion and In io-p miling to Ihe
toast,  'The   Houjiiiioii   Parliament,"
hfl alluded 10 ih-' genera! disappointment of patriotic Canadians with the
returns of the last census. '-We are
not," he sai'l. l'si.\ million, only
abont live million and one third. Our
neighbors to the south, onr kith and
kin, tell uo we have not done well.
that we cannot do bettei until we
throw in our lot with them. It is
among nations as among individuals.
If you have a good friend and he
sees you are in trouble, be will commiserate with you, but his commiseration will be tinged wilh joy if no
himself is suffering from the same
trouble, So with tlie American people. 'Tbey are commiserating with us,
but they sny the Dominion has nut
grown su ropidlv as thoy have,
lint I look nn the ligiires of-uir trade
ami li ml that in their last fiscal year
tbey exported and imported $2,125,-
000,000, that means with a population
nf 75,000,000���11 trade of about 826 per
head. Canada exported and importod
tn tne extent nf 8380,000,000, which,
with a population nf live and onc-
Ihird millions, means a per capita
trade of about Si's. (Applause) Su.
you see. even with our limited resources, we can trade man for man
about two-thirds inure than our
American neighbors, sn that wo are
not disposed to take much of their
commiseration, but we shall say to
them : 'You try tu do bettor, nnd
then conic nud loll ns where we
fill.' "    (Laughter and applaUBe.)
There is a great ileal of consolation
in the figures in favor of Canada
quoted by the piemierfoi the patriotic
people of this country, as tbey reveal
that mere numbers do nut spell general prosperity, as. if this were the
ease, China would b: rich beyond
measure with ber 400,000,000 people,
and dial there aro many compensations lu living in a rich country like
Canada, even if the population is only
five ami a third millions. Premier
Laurier, with his usual acumen, took
nolo nf Ihe above .ict in favor of this
country and when he made use of it
in public it was nu wonder that he
made a hit-a palpable bit���not only
with bis audience but with the majority cf tlie people nf Canada,
N_.t80_. Daily M__.!.__.  ��v..w._   __.E_>t__:M'afin U 19��*
__��--_���-���_ a ������ ������ ' ������ ��� * ���-M^-r*
H & !>:;'__ '" - ���    r-_ _& �� )_ >_-%_      ST sS  I
UiJound m
A carload of this Famous Beer has just  been   received  and
we are selling it to the Family Trade al
$2.50 por Dozen for Quarts.
$1.50 per Dozen for Pints.
Delivered  to Any  Part of the City.
Special and very favorable terms to the Trade.
TELEPHONE    NO.    13.
Come and See Our
New Arrival of
Beautiful Framed
Art Productions.
Call Early.  They are
Selling Fast.
""!"���'    "
J. G. NELSON, Manager.
Furniture Dealers, |
Undertakers and Embalmers.     1
"^pecial'sale"    I
IS Oak Center Tables, - -          Worth $3,50 for 2.50 g
��       ��       ��' - - " $5.00 for 3.75 g
-.3        "       "        " - - ' $6.00 lor .- 50 ~-
'.*L Oak Leather Seated Fancy Rockers " $4.50 for 3.75 5
2 Elm Folding Tables - - "��� $5.00 for 3.75 ��
9     "        "        " - - " $6.00 for 1 25 _f
9 Cniic Verandah Chairs - - " $6.00 for j.. =0 J
yS       "           "       Rockers - - !' $6.50 for 4.75 fi
���*�� Io malic room for our Pall Btoek of Carpets and Ruga will go at  Z:
^5    Cost.   To clear,  Haliy Carriages and (lo Carts,  Iohu. than com. J
^.?>'.X(?. .?> ft> -���?>f?. ^>!-?>^^ ^*>f?>^'?>??>^*>^1*'^^*>'-O ff> ^f. ff. ff. -"��\i|
Hudson's Bay Company.
Ube lRo*.al Bank of ffianaba"
incorporated 1869.
Capital  Authorized,    .     .    8W,U00 000.001
Rotinl of nirfciurH     riioniafl E. Kenny,
Wllcj'.Smith   H. O. Buald, Hon. David MacK
Head omcc
Oeneral Manager, lut-un U PeaROi
Ejupuriatondoul uf lir.inclic . and
'flvn   Etentla���Halifax   Hr.incli,   AnU.otii .'
Brldgewator, Quysboro. Londonderry, l.ii
enbui_, Maitland (Hants Co.), I'ii'tou, Porl
Iiuwke.ltiiry, Sydnoy, Bhubonaondie.Truro,
New    Kriniriwlch ��� Batliurst,     Domheator,
Freilerieiuii, Klnffaton tltont Co.), Mono-
ton, Nowoastlo, Backvtlle, St, John,WoodKtook*
r. 1.. Ulanil���Charlottotown, Uuniinerfido.
Capital r.'iiii-iii-,    .   .    .     ii'.'.-.i-aa.iiii'i.c-i
Uert Ittl.llNl.limMill
Prosidonb;  Thomas Rticldo. Viea-Proiildonl
, llnltfaxi
Secrotary, W. B. Torrance, Hallfav,
m 1
;.el��cc���Montreal, (t'itv Ollice), Mun1 real
VVcril Knit (I'ur. Notre liuino and Sei^--
neuni StraotB); Weatmount (Oor. Groour
Avenue and Ht. Catbarlnoa atreot,
Newfoundland���St. Jojin'si.
Cuba. -Vi-H�� luili-'-s--Havana,
Hutted Rtateii���Now York iiii UxchaQKQ Placo
Hepubllo, Wash
The Mining Journal of London in
an articlo on "BritisliColumbia Economically Considered" among other
hlngs advocates tlie employment of
cheap Asiatic lahoi in tlie mines,
wliich it sajH is easily obtained,whito
nun to lie employed as overseers or
contractors and it doclai'OS Unit it lias
no doubt it would greatly stimulate
mining activity, although whether,
on I he wlinle. it would add to tile
prosperity of the province is doubtful,
as tlie groat linllf of the wages received hy the miners would undoubtedly
lie sent out of the country.. ,\..i
The Journal views the situation
from a distance and has not that clear
insigbt of the Asiatic question whicli
the majority Of the people of the
province have. Heie the Asiatics arc
regarded as an unmixed evil, ami the
legislators of the province arc endeavoring to devise some moans of getting
i*ld of or of abating what they consider to lie a menace to the well being
of the country, but so far thoir
eil'oi'tH have nol heen successful, The
Australian colonies long sinco put
laws into elVeet which virtually prohibits the entrance of Asiatics into
their territory and thc United States
line an exclusion act which prohibits
Chinese from entering that country.
Man;,' reasons can and have been urged
against them, hut the principal of
these arc that their competition degrades white worlii t'S   for   Ihe   I'Ottson
that thev toil for compensation so low
thai tIn- Caucasian cannot liveon it;
they either send llicir.wngcs ont of
tic country or when they have accumulated what to them is a fortune
they tal.e it with them to China, thus
causing a constant drain on the province; they seldom bocotne permanent
settlers and are nol, owing to their
nun progressive ideas and generally
degraded condition, the proper material out of which good citizens can
he made ami with whom a great commonwealth could tic built up; ill time
of war thoy could not lie relied on to
I f anv service in I he way of defend-
in;' Ihe country i" which they inalie a
living,  and    in    tin f    pea,"   their
pt-OHonca has a tendency to drive into
other countries many of those citizen., who ordinarily could be depended on lo talin up arms.
Il Hi" Milling Journal had a nearer
view of the Asiatics of British Columbiu and of ihe elfeets of their piesence
than it has, it would not, we believe,
advocate their employment in the
mini's here,
I.AlKii: HAY.
as It,
lorrow will he   Labor Day. and.
���   a    lognl    holiday   hanks   and
will   close,   Industrial   plants
ceiisu   opi'i.ilions   and    workers
will have a rucu from toi Nelson
will not bave a set eclc"'alion hut
the residents will lalie excursions on
tne lake, ludulgo in hunting and
fishing, or remain al Inure and enjoy
themselves a- fancy dictati-s. A number of oihci cities are to have celebration   with   elaborate  programmes of
Grand   Forks, -.anaiKo,   Kelson,   Rossland,     auccKver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Curreapondcnta 1
Canada���Morohantu Hunk uf Canada.   Ilinii.in -National Hlmwniut. Hoik.  I'lilcittco���lllliiok
rrUHt and Savings Bank,   sun IVbiicIico���lfirst National Hank,   -imilmi.   Knit, -Bank  ol
-Scotland.   Paris, Fi-auco���Credit Lyonnata.   Kermnda���Bank of Bermuda.   China and Ja
pan���Hong Kong and Shanghai H.uikiuK Corporation,   ftpakaiie���Old National Hank.
(leneial Bunking Business Transacted; SterHnj-; Bills of Bxchang.   ��<*> ugl-
nnd Sold, Letters of  Crsdil, KU., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tlie most favorable terms,   Interest, allowed na .peoia
deposits anil on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson. B.C.
mo /{h4ji/
Canada Drug and
Book Co,, Ltd,
Reynolds' Livery   Stable
Will Be Sold Cheap
Three years .case on  ground
property   at   $10.00
per month.
Apply to
Baker Street.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heat-.
���IfLltri^   il/ C-Ll/l,-'
rf /P-LaM-^    -M/C^CC^hJ  fLAS
NO. 4 K.-W.-G. ULOGK, NELSON. B. 0,
(lolil. Silver  Lieol   ami   Copper Mines wonted at the MXCllA.NliK.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted al once for Eastern
Parties having mining property for sale are vcquestcil to send
samples of their ore lo the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in BritiBh Columbia.
Prospectors ami mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE tholr heail'inarlers when in Nelson.
All samples Should  he sent by express,  PREPAID,
Correspondence Bollcitcd.   Address all communications to
0   Telephone no. 104.  v. o. imx 7oo. nelson, b, o,   J
spoils Intorsperscd with literary exercises. Scores of speeches will he mail"
on tin- isMir- of the ilay from the
labor standpoint ami such questions
un ihe Alien Labor law. Oriental Immigration, and arbitration of labor
troubles will have  considerable   liuht
Koolenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
ShorlOtfl unit'inli'ki'-i rotito to tho oaril unit nil
pnlnUontlioO.lt, fc N. ami Norlliorn I'll-
thrown upon lliein by the orators,    Il      clllo ItallwayH In \Vaklilnnton, Oroii mil
IS only by ii lull   ami   free  dlsousslon
of   these   issues,     ami   from   diverse
stiiniipoint,'.   ihni   the wisest plnn  in
pursue   in   regard to tbem can hear.
rived al.     Thc pronnee, and parlleu
lai ly tlie iiiliilli;.r portion of il, has
boon oonsltlerably disturbed hy labor
troubles in the last two or three
years, ami Ihe sooner some plan is
arrived ill lhat will BOttlu those which
arc in existence anil prevent as much
as possihle their recurrence, ;,o that.
work on the minis ami elsewhere may
ho continuous, tho uottor it will
Im for all oonoernod,
If he'il ha.I Itching riles.    Thoj 'ru
terribly    nnnuylng;   hut    llucklun's
Arnica Salve will cure the worsl
ease of piliiM on earth. Il has i-urcil
t hnusaliil -.       For    I ti |iiries. or
Bodily Ernptlons it's the bostj al in
Ihe world, I'riee 35c a box, Cure
cnaraiiliiil. Hold hy Cnnadti Drng A
Booh Co,
TlineCanl Effective Ain-ust. I. 1.01
Kaslo & Slocan Ry*
S:30a, ni. I,v.
Hi:.V, iein. Ar.
Ar. 1:00p, in.
l.v. 1:1.-. p, ni,
Int Nav* & Trading Oo
M:i.so.v- KASLO ROUTE,
S-SO p, m. Lv. Nolnon Ar. U:00n, in,
0:10 p. in. Ar. ICiulo I,v. T:nna, in,
Connooting at Flvo Milo Point with Nolnon
Ji Kurt I'happaru  Hallway i.nili in ami fr	
ItOl -lanil, I'lc.
Stoniaor   fl-Oln   Nelson   li'avr:   l\,    II,   ,y    \
wharf, Kh.-]m, ii. O., at, for Lardo iiii Moiulay
Wwli,owln)*M and Krldiiya at 0:110 p. in. rolurn*
Ink III- wiinu iivanliiK.
TieLeis snlil mall ii.iri- |��� Unltoil S'lali'-uml
Ciiiiii'li vni Uroal Not'lliorn un, 111. it ,v _,
rn.'- Inn'-,
ii".,n Htoamnlilp l.lokcL, anil raloi via all
lin, - will lioflinilslinil nn tiniiilrall	
loir furl her iiiirii, iiliii-��oa|| oaor nililriM
RUllKKT il-.vixo
M��i*_Knr, IC. .11,11, ('
II. K  TACICAllUliV   A~0llt. Ni'l-  II.C.
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
Rates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent,
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors wesi
C.P.R   offices.
West Transfer Co.
Goal an.>-Wood
Best   Fir and  Tamarac   Al
ways on hand.
All Kinds of Teaming and
Commission Work*
Office on   Ilolf-ir Street. Tel, 83
_.SLS0_. V/IKS CO.
aiid try u bottlo, a iln-en. ar a liarrnl of
RALGAi.Y BEER ���� It i- tho boat mid
DlloapiMl nn ihe ni.irkel. Al-n try our
WINES,    LIQUORS     ami     CIGARS.
IVli nliieii. :>:i OV-nrSt., Nelson
Delivered to any poini
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete slock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber.
Mill Ri  I'll.OTItAV. Va.-ilH, NKLSON
uml LA lil (1.
Mimm Examined and Rniioii-   On.
Milling F.nginoiir.
Room I. K.-W. 0, lilock,
Nui.siin, 15. (J.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. o.B
Provincial   Land   Surveyor
Ounicr Victoria ami  Kootouuy Ktn,
P.O. Box BOO ~_lc. limn. No. ur,
Fisn nnd Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
K.-W.-C   Block, Ward St_.eet, Nklson.
Oi tiers by tn-'il receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant.
��--_��- i~****** *.-_=.--_)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail., Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tlxrt. e Forks, New Denver and Slocan City,
ordera by maih ro ai>v branch will have careful a-*d oramst attention.
Our stock is now complete in the above lines.    Call and be
convinced that thc  most complete  steel-
is carried   by the
_.{i��!i-��>'i-S,ii'i_,i_,.',i'ii,il'- >��*.*�������� ai ����������� e.����. m. ������_-..������&H1 iti ������iifciti'. i'j
NYflN & 60.
We have the Largest and  Finest
Assortment in the eily.
i,ii,ii'i-.'ii'i;*iiti<iii'iA��" *���' it- ilk ? ���.*_*��� i��*i��* ������'������- ���ts.itAti'ii''*'
.l*T��?T.?Ts. W^Vtfi.1!.   .rfViW .iTV V7��? V*i? W-t*
tit -'
\ r��Qr��0"��<i������i,��,i>.,6>������*-_we��.0*>iO����.iOii��ii��ii��ii����i��"������w*"*"*"|
I! The Canadian Bank of Commerce
IVItll Which la AmnlnamilU-d
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capital,  W,ooo,000j   Resorvo  Fund,   .8,000,0001
,,    , Arercgato llcsourcos Ovor 808,000,000,
HON. QUO, A. COX, IVi'siilrnl..       IJ, H. WALKKK, I. onuriil MnniHJ'
f Lomton Olllcoi on Lombard Street, B. C.                                f
1 .    , ���        Ncw Y,lrk OlflCBI ift lixchnnnc Ploce.                                           t
r Anil DS lininiliiH In Ciiniiilii nnil llio Unlliiil HbiUw, Innlucllnit:                     ���
j. Ati.in             GnicRNwnoD           Nki>o.v                  Bandon
f niUHllROOK          KammkiI'S                     Nkw VVkhtminhtRII   VANOOUVUll
( I'KiiNiit             Nanaimo                 KosatANU               Viotouia
i l.v!.'S, '!,',. 'I'lMC'l' -llAWKIlN AMI WniTB llMKHK.                                        0��-.nWAV,
L UMlli.li STATIIIS-NBW Yiinu, Kan FHAN0I800, Skaiti.k, 1'oim.ANii, BKA0W��~
\ Savings Bank Department.
-. Ili'iiiiBllH Iluccivcil anil liili'i'i-��t Allnwcil.   l'losnnt Kute 8 l'��r Cm''
j Nelson Branch.         (JllANWB V. HOLT, Manager.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
iikad office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Morti?ii(-o.
Apply to l>. I,. LENNOX b_��k.v Bt
Nol hod.
Brewers of Fine -U*~M
Hoer anil Porter,
B��1bo�� K 0. ftgisof.   Daily Miss.-., Sunoav SjOTiMtffl. i, igct
W**M*��B*^3��. _���*!-!->��-V������>��*_, .VURMiSatN
... aatwfewi -     ���    ��� -
Architect Overseeing Post Oflice Building Objects to
Marble Work.
Tells Contractors to Either Do
It Right or Leave It
li is reported that considerable fri.-
tion hns arl-on between the superin-
tomlinR architect, J. A. MoDonakl,
nnd the contraetorB on tbo new post-
oflieo biillcling, an to the stone being
used, and ns a consequence tlio arohi-
t,.i I has issui'il orders that unless the
specifications aie strictly adhered to
tin- work must shut down immediate v. and Im has retused to sign Hip
monthly estimate.
The trouble is principally ovn the
marble. Tho specifications stated
that all the stone should he chiselled.
Instead of -liioh it has been bush
hliliimcrod, and, it ia said, nut properly cut. At. the oorner of the
building where the marble should bo
���jl indies wide, owing to a largo cornor of the marble being missing the
bed I'm' the next course is only an inch
and o half wide at one place and nut
more than six inches wldo for some
feel, leaving a large sp-in- tc be filled
in wiili mortar and rabble stone. As
this m practically Hie corner mono of
lin bulling, on which art immense
wci|{ht will rest, it can bo seen how
Important tlio matter is.
The words of tbo specifications
which apply to this pint of tho work
road us follows: "All stonework to
lm of Ihe host quality. In ease of
iliinuigi' the same shall ho cut out. and
replaced by new stones. No filling
up or stopping will be allowed, AM
stone to be worked and set in the best
and must workmanlike manner, nil
joinings, bonding, dwellings, cramping and selection of stone to be rogii-
lab'ii by tbo architect or party in
charge Cut marble to bo chiselled,
rounded margins to lie tooled."
It is stated that the blocks of marble
aro not of a uniform thickness, varying in some cases as much as throe-
eighths of un inch.
As Mr. l.i'Moinc, the contractor,
has gone, to Ottawa, anil the foreman
of the works to Kaslo, it was impossible to interview them as to I heir side
of thu case. Tin- timekeeper refused
to any anything on the matter, anil
intimated Hint the less the papers bad
to say on the subject the bettor for
It is probable that this ineons the
cessation of operations on the building
about Tuesday evening, until tlie
difficulty has been settled nt headquarters.
AMI Mil l
taiict- cf 1(1 it.ii:-* al fl '������������-; of 13.000,'
000, with Ihe object of sotting counter
propositions before tho cities Interested. It is thought, however, thnt now
that Mos-rs, Stone nnd Webster have
taken tho mallei- in band till big
dam at Stave Luke will l.e construciud
at once.
Practically all the ore lhat is ship
pod fiom fslneaii lake points for tin re
mainirg four months of the year will
be that much In excess of the total
shipments of last year, says the Sil*
voi'toiiiaii. Tbe record for 181-0 wns
passed some time ago. This yoar 1,8110
tons have been shipped, eompui-ed
with 1,0311 last year. Next month the
Arlington, already Slocnn's biggest
shipper, will hegiu on u contract of
supplying l.ooo tons a month to iho
the Nelson siuellei ; thu Enterprise
will soon bo sending out concentrates
at the rate of 200 tons a month as veil
as 100 tons of clean ore; the Hewitt
will contlnuo to ship 400 tons n
month, nrul a carload a week can be
eounted on from thc Rosuin. Besides
these steady shippers tbe smaller
properties will togcthor add consider
able to the total, so that by the ond of
the year our list should shew a total
well over 10,000 tons.
This week 200 tons   were   sent   out.
the Bosun coining in   again   with   ui'
ions,    the    Hewitt    adding    '.Ml    to   its
score,    the   Arlington    110,     and   the
Enterprise 20,
(Continued from First Page)
Thomas Lipton, could star.d tbe pace
she set. Although durivg tbis run
-.In.' showed mon' of her b.onze under
body than on uny previous occasion,
still her lee mil was not ul any stage
of tbo journey under the water. She
seetiii'd to he a very stiff boat.
Now York-. Aug. 31.���-The sixth
trial spin i f the Shamrock II. toduy.
thanks to a still' breeze from the
southeast, developed into n spied
trial over a measured course, the re
suits of which ure considered satisfactory by Sir Thomas Lipton nnd his
friends. Sir Thomas suid yesterday
that when Mr. .lanio-on arrived, he
would be in absolute charge of tbe
yacht. He wus on board Hie Shamrock today, and in charge eve:*y
minute of her trinl. Instead of <-oiii��-
OUtdido to sen. he bud bis yuchl, sent
twice up nud down tbe iiinin ship
channel, from tin- southwest spit to
Stuten Island nnd buck, and the. yacht
travelled over certain portions of the
course uL thc rule of 11 knots nil
hours. Sir Thomas Lipton,gaging her
ipeod by that of the Erin, claims half
a knot more. Sir Thomas I.iplon,
wlio remained on board the Ibi-i nil
dny, seemed particularly pleased with
liis yacht's performance.
Mr. Sullivan of Revelstoke lo lie Head
of Public School.
Mi. Sullivan of Iiovoatoko, has been
appointed principal ol' tho Nelson
Public school in succession to 3. II.
Suady. wbo resigned to take up the
sluily of medicine. The Revelstoke
Mail says: Mr. Sullivan, principal of
tlie Revulstoko schools, tendered his
resignation on Tuesday last, having
aoocpted the appointment of principal
of tlie Nelson Public schools. Mr.
Sullivan leaves this eily at the end of
September tn assume his new duties.
'I'lie news of Mr. Snl'ivau's resignation will he received witli regret by
parents of children attending the
M'liools uud by the many friends whom
Mr. S'lllivan has mil lu (luring bis
Htlty in the city. Wo wish him all
the success in his new duties, lie is
one of tlni best school principals in
the province and his loss to lievels'.oke
"ill be u ilociiled guin to Nelson.
I'or   Slave
iiiliture    of   .000,000
Luke Power Co.
(SI'KCIAI, TO Till': M1M.H.I
Vancouver, Aug. :il ���Messrs. Stoi
���'Hid Webster of BoBton, have innde n
ptoposition to the promoters of the
Btttve Lake Power Co., who intend
under franchises already obtained to
supply cheap power to Victoria, Vancouver and way points, to construct
and operate the plant, under certain
conditions. The offer ban been accepted, Stone and Webster will issue
bonds fo. a million dollars. The
plant, it Is suid, will cost $000,000.
The un alignment, innde between the
company and city is thnt they must
deposit $80,000 to bo forfeited If Still),*
mill worth of work is not dono within
a certain lime. Rival concerns have
done everything in their power to
cause delay, even staking the f'equit-
llllll liver whose waters woulil huvu to
he brought bodily to Vancouver a dis
John Burtt Morgan,
.lust here we. may   panso to   observe
that any definition   of   Qod,   however
complete, must in the nature of things
prove seriously imperfect.     The   sub-
���i.'t. is so vast  ihut   thought   stagaors
ml   language   fail'-,   and yet the attempt must be   made.    The very   fact
of His self-revelation   in   nature   and
in the Hook,   suggests   a capacity   on
man's part to   frame   a   concept  and
shape" a   definition,   adequate to  the
Icinands of mind uml   spirit,    of   the
Hod who must be known to lu' serve.l.
Ofthe   many "definitions   which   hnve
been   formulated, perhaps   none  surpass, for simplicity  of expression and
faithfulness to Scripture thought,that
of William   Nowtou Clarke,  D.  lb, of
Colgate University.     He says    -'Ood
is the personal Spirit,  perfectly good,
who   in   holy   lovo  creates,   sustains
and guides all.'' Analysing Ibis statement he hns shown thai  it covers   the
essentials of the case us   follows:    (1)
The   nature    of   Clod���"the   personal
Spirit."    (2) The  charaoter  of Ood������
"perfectly good ."     (3) Tbe   relation
ofUod to all othor existence���"ciealcs
sustains nnd ordi      all.'' anil (I) 'Ihe
motive   of   Ood���"holy   love."     For
the purposes  of  svMom uml clearness
in our brief examination of this greatest of all themes, we   jiny not be able
to do bi'ltci tba,, follow this analysis.
5(1) "Hod is Hie   pei-Bonal   Spirit,."
At the very initial point,    tbo   Christian oonooption   of the   Supreme   Being takes   a   unique   position    in    the
world of thought.   "Hod is a Spirit,'
said Hie Heveuler   and  shattered at  a
blow   for all who aocept tho authority
of Ilis word, every   form of materialism,    Hut Ilis  representation   of  ihe
Father did moie than clothe llim wilh
immateriality,    lt showed llim to the
world as the great   Spirit   who thinks
and will and   loves,   a    scl(-conscious
and solf-directing   Personality.    Yea,
moie!      Christ    declares    llim   to   be
"the only true God,"   and   materialism, pantheism    nnd   polytheism   are
excluded from Christian    thought forever.    And    what   conception   of   the
Supremo can better meet tho demands
of reason or bettor satisfy the Instinct
of the   spirit'.'     smely   nothing   b'ss
than   u  personal    Intelligence    can
account for the fuels  and   pbonoiuonu
presunleil to onr consciousness.    Moreover, man nn a personal   spirit is   the
highest order of being   known.    Him
he thon be gruutoi than his GotlV   Lol
every honest soarcher  for truth Interrogate hia own inner self,  and answer
for It if nny other concoptlou of Unity
 ets  the conscious demands of mind
ami spirit.
Nations! League���Vhlliulelphla B,
New York:.'; Brooklyn 0, Huston .';
Cincinnati 4, St. Louis lfi| Chicago B,
Plttsbnig 1; Chicago "., Pittsburg 5.
American Looguo��� Philadelphia 1,
Milwaukee b; Boston 5, Dottolt 0|
Boston 1, Detroit 1; Washington 1.
Cleveland tl: Washington 4, Clove.
land HI.
New York, Aug. ill. ���Tbe Shamrock
made two fast trips up the bay and
back today instead of going outside.
Between the buoys in the ship channel, sho travelled twice at tho rato of
I.'I.'.. miles an hour, and tho remainder
of tho time, while the breeze continued fresh, she made betwoon 11 and 12
miles. In tbe last reach for Coney
Island Point to the southwest spit
her lee rail wns awash ail the time,
and her decks were wei clear np to
the mast. She carried club topsails on
this reach. After passing I ,, southwest spit buoy the club I ^isail wns
taken in and soon after --be mad
lo hor mooring for the night.
lean   Canners   Will    Not
Salmon to England.
Vancouver, Aug, 31. The Hritish
Columbia Canners' Combine claim to
have received word from most reliable
sources that nol a ease of salmon will
bo shipped from Puget Sound to
fjnglnnd, Tbe news bus been roecived
here with grtiiit satisfaction,
The Puget Wound eaiineis, owing to
their ability to pack sookeyo salmon
cheaper than the fraser river canners,
bad it in their power to lower the
price of salmon below what tne Fraser i-ivor canners could sell them ut.
and still make money. They could, i
so disposed, ruin the industry on the
Canadian side. It. has been announced, however, thnt Hie entire
Puget Sound pack will be maiketoi! at
home at better prices than could be
obtained abroad,
'The liritisli Columbia puck, including ihe northern rivers, will be
1,100,000 ill round figures and as the
Canadian dinners only hnve a small
shipment of 50,000 cases from Alaska
to com polo wilh in England they will
market their salmon judiciously, only
sending about 400,000 cases to atari
with and in the meantime endeavoring
to create other markets in Australia
and elsewhere.
9 _��_��.__ -_rr>   ^.rt..-. .-.sr-i-i
ties     t
cd for its hcnl'hfiil
ild by all  grocers,
o nal i
35 Cent Tin 12 Ounces*
Cun bo hud from any Wholesale Orii*
i-ers In licitisli Columbia.
Mi. .1. II. McGregor reports that
Iho Globe Mining Company, which is
now operating the Leviathan group, is
pushing work on thut property. A
crosscut tunnel is being driven for the
purpose of tupping tbe ledge, 'The
group is situated on the cast side of
Kootenay Luke, opposite Kaslo.
Sometimes a fori line, but never if
you nave a sallow complexion,a jaundiced look, moth pntehe", nnd blotches
on the skin,--all sitrns of Liver
Trouble. Hut Dr. King's New Life
Pills give Clear Skin, Rosy Cheeks,
Kioh Complexion. Only 20 cents at
i aiiadn Drug St Hook Oo.
German Syrup is the special proscription of, II. A. Hoscbee, a celebrated German Physician, uud is acknowledged to bo one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly Clues Coughs, Colds and all
Lung troubles of the. severest nature,
removing, ns it does, the cause cf the.
affection uud leaving the parts in a
strong and healthy condition It is not
an experimental medicine, but has
stood the test of years, giving satisfaction in every case, whiih its rapidly increasing sule every season confirms.' Two million bottles sold annually. ItoKchee's German Syrup wns
introduced In the United States in
1808, nnd is now sold in every town
and village iu tiie civilized world.
Three Hoses will relieve nny ordinary
eoUgh Price 7a ets. Get Green's
Prize Almanac.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tia it's
because yon   ever tasted it.
Die Delmonico has changed  hands
and in future   will   he   inn   strictly
up-to-date in ever) particular,
To BUILD Till''. ROAD,
Nanaimo, H. C, Aug. III. ���A muss
meeting of Ihe omployeeS of ihe colliery company tonight, after a red hoi
debate, crushed by a huge majority,
a movement to oust Dr. McKcehnic,
who has been colliery surgeon for
seven yeurs. lie is a well known
Slieepsbend Race Track. Aug. 81.���
The Futurity wus won by W. 0.
Wbitnev's Ynnkee; Lux Casta, second;
Baron,'third. Time, 1.00 Lib Tne
race is worth $40,000 to the winner.
Money Put   Up   I'or  Construction
Vancouver-Westminster- Yukon,
Vancouver. II. ('.. Aug. 31���11 is r
ported that a large sum of money has
been received from the Groat Northern
Railway interests for the piiiliminiiiy
expenses in connection with the con
stilielioii of Ihe Vnnciinvoi-Wesliuiiis-
ter and Yukon railroad, nnd bus been
deposited In Ihe bank al Victoria,
i\li .   Hendry   bus met    the councils   ol
Victoria und Vancouver, nnd stated
Hint be would submit plans lis soon ns
terminal silcs in both cities bud been
arranged for. Purveyors aro now on
the route botwoun Vnnooti'Hr and
Meals Served in First-Class
Style at all Hours.
We will keep in stock a variety that
cannot be excelled in Ihe Kootenny
3 to 8 p. m.
r���:'.__i- ! __g__)
& /%'-._a��__.-- -_,._..:-"to*_ at., ~R.
pi- -
Patenaude Bros.
N. E. T. CO.
20   Minute   Service
Cars leave lop ol Stanley street and
the Park at Hie hour, twenty past
and twenty lo.
Late Car 10:40 each End.
The Company have many jjood
building lots lor sale.
Apply at the Oflice; 011 Vernon
Atlantic S.S. Sailings
Frani Montreal
Allan I,inn Tunisian  Ann an
Allan   I.inn Nlllllllllllll Sept.   .
I leaver Line Lulcu Huiiorlin- aiu. ,��i
Heaver bin,; Lako Bllneuu Bept.   li
I'ViiiieoCaiiuiliaii MudUnrUi ('main.. .Aim. .to
I''runcu I'iilinili.ui bine   Wns all     Soul. I.
Krom 1'iirl.laiiil. Me.
Dominion Line Vancouver   Sept.   ,
Dominion Lino  Dominion Kepi. 11
i'luin New Yon
White Shu* Lino Toutnnl i  Aug. 28
Wliii.eai.ir LinoUui-iiiiuila   '""'���"���.,!
lluiiiuil l.int'Kii'iiri.i     Auk .11
Uttttanl bine  i-ur'.-iu bopt, .1
Amorlcan Lino at. I'aul  Auk. 88
American Line BU Louin i*<*i-t.   I
Kronoli Lino L'Aqiiltaiiiu Auit.2U
Kronen bine Ln Oliainiiiurno  Bupl. a
N. II. 1,. Kill Olln Mara, TlidlOSia Supt, Hi
Anohor Lino Oity of Homo   bopt.   ,
lliuubum Anioilciui buuUchliuiil        -opt.  .,
for turtlior particulars apply in
City Passongor Agont, Nel ion, II. C.
QonoralS.S, "..fit, V, I'M. Oiil-i-. Wlnnln-*g
3 S
onsoinnie a la Kineiere
slici'd Tomatoes nnd Cucumbers
Salmon Killets, Saratoga Potatoes
HOI I.I'll)
Ox Tongue, Sauce Piquant
Voal Fricassee, a  la Mode
Lamb Pot I'io
tjuoon l''i liters, Rum ..aue,
Prime Ribs Beef au .Ins
Sliill'ed Turkey
Pork uml Apple S^uco
steamed and Mushed Potatoes
New String Ilea ns
ilrceii Apple and Lemon Pies
Chocolate Ciuani Pudding
He  sure and get the genuine   BENNETT'S (lUT'l'A PERCHA  FUSE.n.t
something that loobs   like   it.      aw*
nee Hardware Co., Agents.
ai1-.i.tii-i.ii-..    in .i-ii'.i unrtor tmihuadni
thu rate of oui I.awonl per Insertion.   No
tutv-iirlluoinnnl lakon lei lu - than -'���'> oontii
Hit mo inn VV'tiii,od ndvenlsoincnts lusortod
tliroo ti ��� ii"' ol charge.
till:    SALE. - il ir   Hull   an.I   Observatory   sii is,    three   lots   riml
Bungalow, erected k-hs than a year
ngu, Hum e bas draw ing room, dining room iiul 1. two brick lire pin n
three Inoijjotns. a large hathrooiii,
kitchen, cellar, outhouse, wide vor-
anilah two sides ot house, w uloi,
sewer and electric light, veiv complete, i i.ov unexuelled, very couifiii -
table home lor small family. '1'" i��'
solo wiib or without furniture nl
once. Owiihi leaving Nelson, Apply
on promises or lo Mess is. II. ~ ai
Bird,  Baker   tie. ..
Are you in want? If you are, tell
lin people through The Miner want
ColUIUU,   what     you  are    i��    wail*,    uf.
Vou'll    .el   il
lino MS  in BENT.    IC. W. C. Hlook-
Two rooms on mho. on Ward st..
also rooms facii'g the neM. On *-,ji
leuiber I, two   singlu rooms   uud   i\\o
or three
Purn islie
,1. Sijtlin
on   suite   facing   Uakur   si.
I or   unfurnished.    Mrs.   F.
Koom il.   K.    ',V. I'.   Block.
BOOM  and  board
Apply on Silica
wesi. oi Waul.
iiOOM  for
rent  ut
private   family
'cot, seeoinl   don
Mis.   Mcllealli's,
TO I.Hi'.- Four roo
i he lake, Furnis'ie
li ix s -.
���il cottag
WANT fill.���Situation as hou
lor n ieiencc apply   Miss I.
cl-.ee per
J'oii nes
Nelson.  II, I .
WAN I'ljU. -At once
girl.    Apply  Hum.
a i.limn
WaNTEU.- ���Pusilion as timekeeper
iti inn,!1 nr engineer's or a.-s-iyer's
olliee. Knowledge of ���nine buokkeep*
in;, arid assnying. Practical under*
giounrl expei ieni e. Willing to be
generally useful in small mine,
o I pint,  .Mitier Olliee.
WANTED.- Billets lor the convention
delegates.     The  intiors of the -'if-
f.ieiiL churches ure hereby advised
that the committee of the Christian
I'.ube.ivor Society will call on Ibelll
iii tlm next tow days I" ascertain \\h"
will ontcrtain the visitors to tbe con-
vunl ion from nu to -ib Septeiuhei.
Any ii.l'oi inalion will be thankfully
received by I'.. .1. Flatt, Chairman "I
grocery     wagon.
ucqiiaiiilod n ith eity.
class me ed apply
man     to     drive
Must   in-   wiil
None but iii.-l
iio.s III"   oil y.
Ntl.SON. IS. t.
Nl.:. "\    SODA    W \l i.H    lACl'llKV-
.X.   .11. i milium  ,   I, ��� ... ,.���    l.v or j   known
\.oicii el  uii iiioo. .   1-UliuJtSS.   1'olophon
No. 31. lloovur .-ui.-. i. Nolson.   lSuUlurnol tho
toiioii. Bu Loon Uut :-|niiis- Mluorul Wuter
ARCLU'J :.. I 8
/ lA.Nl. ,x MACDONALD ill. t'.ino, Jiiniii
\J   A. .U ictloutU(li--ArchitooUj ami Hiipcrni
���  ...i ii. -. uroaou Ilill lilucK, oornor nukei aud
>... . Nolson
i i'..I.MIsslo.\ MEKCHANTS
UJ. l.v \.x.- k CO.���Bakor Stroot, Noi
t, sou ~ hull ���.'' it. . i ��� n, Uquors. ol*
s ' . ,'ie ., ei i brick an i tire cluj, Uiilur
I -. i*- ami   !��������� i rallM.und gouurul coiauilAilon
V      MAU1JONALD   tc Co.���Oornor   Kron
x��   and   il.iu  Dti-oolri���Wholosalo  grooor
.mo .i
t neat
bla ikot ���, glOVOil, nulls. l,uuU+_L
.oui mini i. ,-tiiiili'iuH.
J>   IU littil tc Co.���Bakor atroot, Nul��m���
.   ���    \\ holosalo Ui .iui's in  fresh uml cureil
-.        I   MM   .- ..II ���   .
i;.-.i   Choi 'UNA v   iu I'liKH  t:o.-
,,..:.,���: .- ;,..;  Nolson- Wholosalo don
it.--1. .,.��� . i un ,. moats.
jj .���."���!. Nolson -Wholesalo tlealars In
ii.iiuivrM .,  minors'   .tipple.-.-,  Bportlug numl-i
-> 1 l.Ai'lll.AN BROS. (Suooossors to Van
i..L oouvoi lfiu-dwaro Co. LUl.1 Bakor Stroot)
.on��� Wholesale  lloalora in  ii.oiiwiuu uud
hulling nuppUud, plauiborti anil tni-unltl
I    ���:-.
vl KI.MIN HAItlin Aki'l ro.- Wholesale
jJN |~unl~, oils and glass; uioohanios' tools
/VgonUi foi Oniarlo Powtlor Works; Ufnamtte
'j lUllNKlt, BKKTON JtCo.
X   unit Jo*>ophino BtrootH,
Oornor Voraou
Nolson -Wliclo
dealers in Llt-uorn, elgoni, and dry goods.
Agonts lor l-.ib-t HrowingOo. ol Milwaukee
and Calgary Browing Co oi Calgary.
j ; L'DaoN 3 n >.v Co.   Wholosalo grooorios
I 1   .net ilquoifl etc.. Hiker Stroot, nelson.
NELSON Employment Agency. Baker
street.     Phone :.'is.    ,i.  II. Love.
WAN 1*1.1)      I.-u pollers,    'x luce Waitresses.     Two gills   for   housework.
Bailroari  n for Lardo.
Contracts taken   for   Diamond  lore
Is   lame    or    intetferes
bring   him   lo   the   City
Horseshoeing Shop,   |o
scphine Street
a month .
month : tori
if'.'.all a dii
dish washer
Will I' ess, for ol town, ,::.'.
���.-nl lor housework, sf'.'o a
e men I'or cutting mails,
y ;    one man    for    haying '.
Western   Canadian   Em-
ploMllel.l    idle
Phone 370.
Storage   I hnve a   large
for     storing       household
k'~l.-'iN SAW ami  PLANING .Mll.L-
r Hull and  rrout H
umbor, oolllng, flooring, ami ovory
utlh-u cornor Hall and tfront Btroots
1 every
Got mil
thing in wood for building l
prious.   Corrospondi
rji   (iAI.I.iiN it- cn.   Doalorn In ore sucks
*. ���   and twines.   Always a large stock  on
11.11.1. Tulophono -".ia. iloora U.K.-W.-0 Block
Ilo<v things do inovc iu tins free
and Strenuous west. Ten years nno
Nelson wus a wide-open fiontiei' town
built, of loirs, chinked with gunny
sacks, lloori'd with road metal ami
roofed with sod and shakes. I.asl
week Hie construction of the first marble building w'lis ciiniineneed and Nelson is soon to become more beautiful
than Athens and more substantial
than Troy.
lt took four eenturios to advance
Rome to the marble stage and Egypt
with Hn Hi.01II) years of history has
not reached it yet. Nelson has reached   the   nun hie   age  in    ono   decade.
Egypt, Rome nnd all the known ancients who loved beauty and revelled
in architectural grandeur will have to
hand    over   the   Inure],    In  empire
building Nelson w ins. --Sandon 1'ay-
The Loading Oauadiau Whisky   Try It
To be had wholesale in bulk,
2, 4 and 7 years old.   In cases
'83 and STAR
from the warehouso in Nelson
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Limited
J* C. GWILLIM, B-,  Sc,
t null. C
Late of Geological  Survey i
ada.    Six \eiirs experience i
mining districts.
Nelson. B r
Baker ..erect.
Will pay the highest cash [irico Tor all
kinds ol seoond band goods. Will buy
or sell anything from un anchor to u
needle. Furniture, stoves, cnr|i.'rt-\
-ooking utensils, bought in household
quantities, AMo east oil' clothing
Oall and sen inn or write. Add roll
Silver King Mike, llox 3-0. Hr3'
Bsreet, Nelson, V ��J.
I Itl.l'.    ..1111I��K   l.nlll     rin-ll l-lll".    Hi'   un
,iii\i -ii- in -i-iiii- ii r��-�� I'ri'i' miiilm* k��i*i
|tri��|H-rll<-N ui I'm'',   ilo'   ���'��'���*-tpeclor'n   Hi
ohniiKC  Nelson,   I*.   ������   Boom I,  K W.-C.
linn-ii \n: i oi-ri.ic iiio   nin.H   nnd
lii'iisio-i'i'. winiicil.  m'ihI report anil uni
i>ii-s in ihi- l*ru-|M'ri,ir's Kxcliiiugo. Nelson,
in.   it in, io I K.���*,..���<:. hlui'k.
Dominion and
LaDd Surveyor.
B". O. UKKKti        If. S. OUKMBNT.
Civil Linglneer-t and I'm   uelul l^nd
1'. 0. Hox 1 Hi N    ""' l! '
lJ.  (I.  llox b21
Vou shouldn't send mil, of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Tit. Miner can do
for you.
Notiee is hereby glvoil that I bine
assumed sole control and lunntlgemotil
uf the flume lintel umi thai I - ill pay
all liabilities of the said hotol and
collect all aooounls,
.1. t'Kl.H HUME,
Hiited at Nelson, 11. C, Au;'. 21,
Spokane Falls *%
Northern i:i''v.
Kelso:-.   &  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain Wv.
Spokano Interstate
Spokane and Return $9.50
Sept. 9 to 20, Inclusive
Buffalo and Return
Good (or sixty -.bys, first
ami third Tuesday, August,
September and October.
Through passenger trains bo
twccii Spokane nnil Nelson. IHilTel
service between Spokiinc und
obtained in nil ommtriei
Registered Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineer and Draughtsman. Hunk ol B. N A. building,
Hastings St., Vancouver,  B,   t'.
Write lin full particulars.
will i-stie return tickets to
Going Saturday,   Aug.  ,31 st,
return Tuesday, Sept. ,v-'d.
Fare ana One Quarter
Popular   Prioe  Excursion
s. s.
'.i:(.) n.in.
ilium'   ....
'.  .:.. p.n
la :'.'."> |i. in.
B.lnnil. ...
i iio p.n
Ill 111 II.III.
. ...Ni
1, .0.1 p. Tl
II. A. .I.'.r .SON, (I. I'. -:T.A.
Hpok.'iiie   WftPI
(1. K. 'i'.M'KA! HKV
Ai;e,ii. Nelsun, B.O
About    lliit -oi'ii'i'l liniul    nitii'l"  of
yOtirS.       Voil'li   -.I'll   it   if    VOU'11     U'lVor
Use It in The Miuev wunt eu1 iiiiu
Leave City Wharf al
in. arrive back at d.^o p.
2    p.
II.   I,.   HltllWN,
City Passenger Agent
.1. S. CAltTI-at, l'"��� .1. Ci'YI.K
Dla. 1'ie-H. Agt. A. <i. 1'. A.
Nelson. Vancouver
-e kin
.    Tl
>y Mi
tO    61
m pei
ct th
ib dii
f tb
ot re
! 1��.
HINIIta BBOKBB, Mil lin 11 iiik
Wliiiliiriiuiro Mluoi    CnrrflHUuiiiltinoBHoltcltiMl
WlNI)KitMt._.l~, U. <J.
I  ol
I Nelson Daily M.-
Ow, SEiJTfiMiu:r<  i,  1901
This cut il-
]UHt i a t 6s
till'      Minplt'
w;iv which
this popular
pen ;.- ill led
witli i- iv ;
no unscrewing of th,:
pen bcctiun,
no inky fingers, and always an even,
regular flow cf ink. Made i:i all
grades of points���fine, medium, broad,
coarse. Absolutely ijuwrauteed, S31"
95, Money back if not sai Isfied,
Strangers are welcome ta look through
our Btore, ami your welcome Is not
dependent on a purchas ���.
nelson. b. g.
Pianos to Kent ,11 ~1 per month,
* i
Bush fires bave again started up 111
places along the shores of the main
The steamer Movie's trip to Procter
tomorrow wiil provide a pleasant outing to those who like u trip up the
Two barges lo.-nleil with limestone
from the Kalso auarry wero brought
down yesterduy to the Nelson smelter,
by the tug Hercules.
During thu week D. .1. Robertson
shipped goods to .Slocun City, Now
Denver. Three Forks, Sandon, Kaslo,
Vancouver und Lardeau.
The opening of the school conducted
hy the Sisterhood of St. Joseph of the
Peace, will lie on Tuesday, September
3rd. There urn no changes in the
stuff from last session.
Tomorrow being Labor Day the
steamer .Moyie will leave the city
whar. at '' p. in. for Procter, The
fare for the round trip hus been
placed at fifty cents. The trip will
provide a very enjoyable outing.
An order lins   been   issued   by   tbe
conn terminating the duties of   David
Morris   us   1     igl ve    in the ��.":t:tte   of
,olnting .1. M,
H .01   Bro9., the
e estate,in hin
.  ������ jasterday took
��� 'i    number  of
1 ..in being   those
'...'��� .1    . Ivactage of the two
1 og "Hi; r   to enjoy a
c, sport      in      East
bai'i ��� .
wen. iv
at '" '
the Nel,
the   (,;
0' To.
Bummei ���
,   ...   came in yesterday
having   in   tow
' dimension   logs and a
illi firewood.    The logs
noeth ofthe Kootenuy,
iding,   consigned   to
..  Planing Mills,  and
to   u   lirm   of   Chinese
A nombei of Nelson people. Including some of tbe locul athletes, are
going over t' Pho 'iiix and (ireenwood
.Monday to take In the Labor Day
A drunk who hud gone to sleep 011
the wbaif was brought up before Stipendiary Magistrate Crease yesterday,
by Constable Young of the Provincial
police, and was fined .' and costs.
A carload of horses arrived in this
city yesterday from .Spokane. They
weie consigned to Wilson Sc Feiguson
ami among them was one horse for tbe
fired department to replace the hay
horse which recently died.
Forestell & Sraelser have purchased
tlio Delmonico restaurant. The new
proprietors ure experienced caterers
ana sny that they will keep in stock
eveiythlog th it the market affords,
and meals will be served ut all hours
uml in first class style.
liont miss the chalk-talk to children
tit the Baptist church this morning.
The scholars of tbe Sunday School nnd
their purents are urgently requested
to be present. Sunday School at 2.'Ml,
pastor's Bible class at 3.45, and public
worship at 7.:i(). Strangers welcome
at ull services.
Monday being a legal holiday piae-
ticaliy all the places of business in
Nelson will be closed, und it will
probably he the quietest duy the city
has seen for some time as the opening
of tho shooting season and the numerous excursions urrangd for the day
will doubtless take a very large proportion of those usually seen on tbe
The following lifle team has heen
seleoted to meet the Rossland team at
the local ranges 011 Monday: Capt.
Macdonnell, II. Bird, E. Weir, A.
Carrie, I). 0. Lewis, A. Grant, N. T.
Macleod, J. MoKenzle, L. tiobie, H.
A. Langford. J. line, scorer. The
Rossland tenm will airive this afternoon and shooting will commence
shurp at nine o'clock tomorrow
Lying in a drawer in Prosser's
second band store on Ward street yes-
teiday morning, among a collection of
pipes, knives, cigarette holders and
truck of ull kinds, was an old battered purse, llotl) moth and rust had
corrupted it, anil where the moth had
miiile his in-ision through the lining
was a little tip of green paper, whioh
on examination proved lo bo a neatly
folded one dollar bill. The purse
hnd been in the store a long time,
having come from some house witli a
lot of other small articles.
The results of the contest played by
the Nelson Quoit Club for the brass
quoits piesented by J. A. Hoiievninn,
was as follows: First series, Purdy
12, Wallace 21 j Hardie 7, Lillie si;
lull Hi. Telford 21; Newlitl3, Watchorn 21, Second series, Lillio 111, Wallace -Jl; Watthorn 13. Telford 21;
living :.'(), Ed Irwin 21; Gillett 1:1.
Smyth 21. Third series, Wallace 12,
Telford 21; Irwin L'l, Smyth 21.
Fourth series, Telford li, Smyth 21.
E, G. Smyth thereby becomes tbe
possessor of the handsome quoits.
ment growing on the Island In favor
of confederation with Canada. Some
of those who were strongly against it
are now in favoi of it.
. f the l'i'lliam Nurseries,
. reports that during the
��� as taken ordi rs for fruit
trees lor Nelson a: 'i immediate vicinity up tu nearly 4,000 trees foi the tall
delivery. As tiiis only represents one
of the nursery companies thut have
been doing business in Nelson this
anmmer, it louks us ir in ,1 few yearB
there should b, many good orchards
near the eity.
A practice cull was given for the lire
brigade yesterday morning nt 11
o'clock A rather comical feature in
connection with the mil was Hint as
the chief went to give the aim in the
bell gave one not'- and then stopped,
refusing to ring, The Bremen stop-
ind lo I'm,! out tie trouble, us it was
known thnt it was only n practlco
run, and it wu ni - usury for a couple
of tbem io go up Into thu tower to fix
He' rope that wus out of order, lu
the meantime quite a crowd hud collected 011 the corner of linker and
Josephine streets to see how quickly
the Ure engine would i���. out after the
bell rung, mm te, mlunto after minute
pa.sod ill,.ui tl,,. I,!,,,, emerging
from the fire hall di or, the surmisi -
were muny and rai li tn .0, to the cause
of ilm delay. As soon as ihe rope wus
fixed iiir alarm was run,; again uml
this 1 inn' there was uo room foi oom-
plain! as to Uu- time   .1 11 ;���' in getting
lb 11
,OI. 1
I _ ' - t ; v���� .��������.-,.-.<.* -t****t * t**
i I 00k to fi
your food *
1 .
Mr. and Mrs. (.. D. Curtis left yes
ter (lay for 11 vacation at Banff.
Mrs. R, J Hnnnington left last
ovening foi- St. John, N. 11., to visit
her parents.
A daughter was Horn to Mrs. II. F.
McLean, of Ihe Hume Addition,
Thursday night. August '-".'.
.Mis-.    Kh-iuseliiuiilt.     of Sandon,
arrived in Kelson yesterday, to attend
the opening   session   at   St. Joseph's
M, lii'slli i-ny, n woll known business niui: of Ymir, is in the city on a
business trip ami is a guest at Hie
Wu-.' 1 ley hotel.
S. A. Kelly, of the Kootenay Cigar
Co., left over Ihe Crow's' .Nest llli.'
yosterduy f"'' Ottawa, where he is to
he married shoitly.
.1.   M.   I
edley.of the Bank of Com
merce; 0, Swuri ville, ot tho Hudson'
liuy (,,., and c W. Taylor left ove
Hi,' Crow B Nest last night foi a trl)
tMIMtl 1
- Hume     A,    I''.    Frew, Toronto
Lambert, Brantlord,   "nt.
ilm in--. Toronto ; M. Long
Phair.���1. C, Drowry, Rossland; E,
It, Hird. Greenwood; A. Fowler ami
Mrs   Fowler, Seattle i  C.   I''.   Nelson,
A.    W.    11 ->.    Now    Denver;   C    .1.
Smith, wife and son,   Spokane; W. E,
Husband and wife,  Hamilton,
some tiine ������
AMI Vol, A
From London lo t
Evel ing World.
The following despatches appear in
the Rossland World concerning the
action of ihe Le   Koi directors;
London, An;.'. 31.- "Meetingyesterday very harmonious. Entire new
board. No endorsement whatever of
Hie Rossland management. Such a
thing impossible as now dhootora
cannot meeu iiii Friday. Committee
of investigation appointed ful l.v
realize their tesponsibilityand will act
fiee from ptejudico. The general
meeting was strongly in favor of making reasonable terms with the unions
ut Kossland nnd Northport, the general expressed opinion being that a
policy of conciliation would have
averted all the trouble."
London, Aug. 30.��� Everyone i�� satisfied witli the removal of tlie Whitaker Wright directors at the Lo Koi
meeting yesterday. OQloials in Loudon
us well as iu British Columbia will
remain in olliee pending tlie arrival of
Frecht-ville uml either Sir Henry
Tyler or Director Ilill. These will
have lull power to investigate the
business methods pursued at Kossland
and lull authority to confer with the
unions witli a view to restoring harmony. Hud a vote on the general
management been taken yesterday it
was estimated that at least HO per
cent, would have east their ballots
in favor of a complete change,
London, Aug. 30.���"A meeting of
the Le Koi directors took place today.
A mutual exchange of opinions resulted in tlie agreement of the investigating committee to sail for New fork
en route to Rossland cn Wednesday,
September 4th. .Meanwhile a committee of directors has been appointed
to prepare a statement of all points
in dispute and sucli evidence as is
before them bearing upon the issue
involved. Le Koi shares have stiifon-
ed in consequnco of the change of
directors. "
The following appears in the
Kossland, II. 0., Aug IK).���"I hereby
offer to place in any bank in Kossland
$2,0o0 as a wager witli Governor
Mackintosh or uny of his friends that
the cable appearing in today's
Spokesman'Review is true and was
received as stated," said Bernard Mac-
donah! last night when asked as to
Governor Mackintosh's statement appearing in The Spokesman-Review of
today to the effect that he had information us to new directors indorsing
the strike policy was untrue.
Mr. Macdouald continued; ''Since
the shareholders' policy with regard
to the strike has been made known
through two directorates, each fully
indorsing tho policy of the other, nobody need be longer deceived with
fake rumors diligently circulated in
"The mines have now opened up and
shipments have commenced, There
is steady employment for 1,200 to 1,400
men at the best wages paid in any
camp in the Rocky mountains,"
AS'i'i.'v 1
Queens.���-O.   B.   Appleton,   Ei
Mile Point; .lohn Russell, Sandon; 0.
11. MacTlor, R. Mowat, Slocan; II.
Pen.ycook,. Boundary Falls; li. ,1.
Ku, hut.  Rob i "io 1   Sirs.    II.    Ander'
The Latest Combine is That of Laun
dry Machinery Factories.
Pittsburg, I'n.. Aug. 31.���A syndicate composed mostly of Pittsburgers,
headed by Mr. Chin-. A. Painter of
this eity, has just succeeded in effecting a combination of no pei cent, of
the laundry mneliinei'y manufacturing
plants of tlie United States, Mr.
Thomas A. Belt, lute president of the
National Loiindrymen'B Association,
who secured tlie options for the Syndicate, says '.is per ceut. will be secured
within a shorttiuic. It is the purpose of lin- promoters of the combination to organize under the laws of
New Jersey. The title of the compuny
will ho the American Laundry Machinery Manufacturing Co., and will
huve a total capltalzutoa of $10,800,-
lliil); (8,000,000 seven por cent, preferred (I'li'iiulatve,) nnd $8,500,000 common. Subscribers for preferred stock
will receivo nn equal number of
shares of common,
The financing of toe company is
assured. All the properties have been
purchased on a percentage earning
basis ami no compensation given for
tho valuable patents and good will,
thus covering the product and elimi*
ii.,: Ing 1 oiu] etltlon,
MONDAY being Labor day we will be closed all day, if there I
is anything you are in need of just put it off until Tuesday |
We expect a large shipment of PLUMS FOR PRESERVING.
Place your order early if you don't want to be disappointed.
Have you all the Fruit Jars you require.   Jars are going out fast now;  if you want any
we would advise placing your orders at once.   Pints, quarts and half gallons.
Pure Wholo Codfish now in stock, it's fine.
McPherson & McCammon
H. & M. I
JMr.   Ken Hodge's residence on TNI ill
street with four lots; five rooms down
stairs, three bedrooms and huge
bathroom upstairs. Furnace just pul
in���A well built and comfortable
lionie.    Terms of payment   easy.
See also list of houses and lots for
sale and resideuees for rent nt door of
our otlices next La MoAl-thur'fi on Baker street.
Having been appointed olllcinl
broker lor the above Coinpany I will
offer shares for the next tifteen days.
These will undoubtedly advance as
rapidly as did the Crow's Nest I'ass
Coal Company.
For further particulars and prospectus
apply   to
|        & CO.        1
T  , -. , _  ^
t       MADDEN    BLOCK
0T    00,(^.00.00 .00 . .!& ,**00.
1__    8_-^!^S^J^��^S^i_^S��^3^"��**'-jO��_--
��� 0*1 . 00 .0*. 00 .00 . 0=*
-<fi_��* <*to- ��S>'<*0*' S!?*  ^*-*-W
Here is your chance to get all kinds of Winter Clothing- and
Gents' Furnishings at your own prices. During the past two months
I have made a special drive in Summer Goods and have succeeded in
clearing out the bulk of my stock. For thc next Thirty Days I will
endeavor to run off my large stock ofWinter Goods.    This sale willmean
AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE COST.    This may not sound like
business but it is a drive to clear out my stock, as I   am  retiring from
* Phone 117 *
**************���������-,*-���>. ******
Subscribers in Kaslo
Every morning Immediately
ou arrival of steamer, at the
rate of ,
75 Cents per Month
m, I'. I. Ful
.1 1 .
v.   ir
ill;   I'll
1         l.l
food is
(Irond i'i nlr I,
,1. I,. Clark, Sn
Monro, Itossland
mi- K Ing,
II. Ilii-I:-.���". Slocan ;
l-riinelsaoi   0,    I..
II. li. Langon,   Sil-
�� i Ci
[\iltS X
Halifax,    N, H.i  Aug. 81.- Hon.
1.1.00.   K. Ci   forinoi premier
'���.'. I' .     foi mil
Newfoundland, at North   Sydney yes-1 tbe match  be  played
++*+******** Iterday said there   was a strong senti-(early in November.
A Ti
1 Iiii ago, HI. Aug. 13. - ��� eorge Sutton, the Canadian hillinrd expert,!
has oocepted the nhnllenge of Ueorge
SIo.smiii of New Yerli, to piny a mate!)
nt IH'lncli hulk line, "no shot in,"for
the championship of America, tn
Button's acceptance, which was wired
to New York tonight, he agreos to
piny for .1,000 a side and nslis that
New   V01
Spent Hundreds of Dollars to Obtain
Freedom from ABthraa��� Was I'ei-
inaiiently Cured by Clarke's Kola
Mr. Albert Dixon, contractor, Nana*
inio, It. C, writes: "for nearly nine
yeurs I have been a constant sufferer
from bronchial asthma, night after
nighl having to slei-p bitting np in a
chair. 1 spent hundreds of dollars
1 Hi ii. tors and remedies, hut g,,t
only temporary relief, My druggist,
Mr. Mcariiiaii, recommended Clarke's
Kola Compound, 1 took in nil ii..-,*
hollies of this grand medicine, und
am today completely cured, I em
now sleep well every night, and now
play my Instrument in the eily hand
once more." This reinurliubie Cure is
ill-rn certified by Mr. V. ('. Steraan,
Phut. II., one of N'anaimo's leading
driiggistH. Sold by nil druggists, or
"ihy tlie II. Sc. Co.. Limited, 1.1 Church
11     ut ...I
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, $15, reduced to $10.
mirs of Blankets, from $1.50 per pair up.
Men's Scotch Tweed Suits, _ 13,  reduced to $S.
s Blue Woolen Shirts,  reduced   from  $1.75
Men's Blue Serge Suits, reduced   lo $7,  $8,   $9
and S10.
0 $1.
s Heavy Kersey and Tweed Shirts, reduced
Double and  Single Breasted, sold  formerly  at
rom .j and $1.75 to (11.25and $1.
if 15 and $30.
Grey Underwear, reduced  from $1  lo 60
Men's Worsted Suits, $15, reduced lo $8,
cents ench.
Men's Heavy Woolen Socks, 0 pairs for $1.
Hoots und Shoes below cost,
s Huts, nil shapes, below cost.
Natural Wool Underwear, reduced from $7
.0 $5 a suit.
is a Genuine Clearing Out Sale. ��
  -         f\\
Baker Street, Nelson, B, <___.
��� "*-_
*___. '-*.'-�� ^'-^ *-S'-��S -^$$'-_S .-S'-S _��____. --S i�� -0o\%^^%^
ae*��� 00- 00������ 00-...1.00^^%x^S,r���ir^^^^0rmSTa9T00.00-0*
Btreeti Toronto.
For Httlo by J. Ii. Var.Hloii" Nolson, U. C.
There   will   be   a   meeting   of   ||m
parishioners of St.   Saviour's   church
in the S'tnday school  on   Wednesday
September lib at h P. m,   It is Important   that   all     parishioners     should
Church Wardens,
Manufacturers of BEST STEEL WIRE ROPE*
Tramway, Hoisting, Mining Wire Rope.
Lang's Lay for Tarmways and Underground
Loca! Stock tarried, estimates furnished.
H. E- CROASDAILE Nelson Agent-


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