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Nelson Daily Miner May 19, 1899

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 . .<-,
Daily  Edition-Ill ^    fo
Nelson,  British Columbia.  Friday,  May 19,  1899.
Ninth Vear
Only the Governor's Uniform
Was Saved.
Gold Ooirniisaioiier'a Office Transferred-
Tenders Callei for���-New Companies Incoiporated.
Viotoria, B. 0., May 18. ���(Special)
���Ciii-ov Castlo, tho Lieutenant-Governor's official resilience was totally
destroyed Liy lire today the family having some (liiliculty in escaping, and
losing all their personal effects except
tho Governor's uniform. Mrs. Mclnnes lost several thousand dollars worth
of jewelry, The fire started from a
defeotive chimney. The loss1s$25.-
000 with $13,000 insurance.
Thn Gold Commissioner's office has
boon transferred from Osoyoos to Fair-
Victoria, B. C, May 18.���The fire
which completely destroyed Carey
Castle, tlm ofHoinl resilience of the
Lieutenant Governor,this morning was
the fourth that has ooourrad during
Mr. Mclnnes' ooanpnuoy, all from the
same cause, a defective flue. Attempts
to remedy tho defect have been made
but without success, the ago of the
chimneys uo doubt causing many weak
spots. Tho tiro was discovered by the
private secretary who heard the crackling nt' flames in tho attic and telephoned for the brigade, but tbo old
house burned like tinder and the
firemen could do little, lieutenant
Governor Mclnnes bail lime only to
get out with Ihe clothes be had Oil"
"I de uol think I have any maw. than
1 stand in'' ho sain, "save my uniform, whioh 1 managed tn throw om
when the alarm was lirst given. 1
have lost all my dialling and a great
deal else besides."
"How muchV"
"I really could not give any information on that point. Some of the
furniture was saved quite a lot.tnani;s
to the workers who helped to remove
it. Some of that in the bedrooms and
tho tipper parts of tho building,
though, will bo lint. Mrs MoIuuoh
has lost considerable besides ber clothing, aud othor things she lias, uud
"As to what papers havo boon lost 1
cannot say now. Bome of tbo offloinl
papers havo been lost and some were
Thos amount of insurance is .-512,000,
14,000 of which is on the furniture.
The value nf lhe building aud contents
is placed roughly at $25,000.
The building destroyed was built in
18511, by G. II. Carey, lhe Attorney
General, for the crown colony of Brit
lsb Columbia, at a cost of fiili.OOO. Il
was lirst. occupied us tho Governniciil
Houso by Lieutenant-Governor Kennedy, who succeeded Governor Douglas. He lived at Ibe old Drlard until
tho Castle was completed. It wus designed anil built by Fred Waller Green
The ball room, the only saved portion of Ihe building was added to the
main building by Governor [Seymour
iu the early sixties. The Provincial
oxocutivo met this afternoon to consider
the question of providing a residence
for the Governor but no decision has
yet  been arrived ut.
Viotoria, 13. 0., Miy 18.���The Pro-
viuciul ollieiul (Inzotto for Ibis week
coniains notioe of the appointment of
Robert H. Collins of Soda Oreek to in*
a coroner for tlm Province.
I [fenders for the supply of olotbing,
bread, meals, milk, groceries, coal and
wood to the Provincial Home at Kamloops will   be received   by the   deputy
Provincial Secretary up to .Tune 8.
Tenders for supplies for Ibe hospital
for the insane al New Westminster will
be received up to lue same date.
Tho following companies have been
incorporated: Enterprise and Anchor
Mines Ltd., of Greenwood, capital
$1,001), 000; Pleasant Valley Placer
Mines, Ltd,,of Bossland, capital $100.-
000; Kossland and Boundary Mines
Development Co.. Ltd., of Kossland,
capital, |1,600 000; Hlaokeook (Ymir
11. O.) Gold Mines. Ltd,, nf Kossland.
capital, * 1,000.01)0; Carpenter Creek
Minos, L'd , of Kossland, capital $75,-
manned by Republican Guards. The
police beat'i'he strikers off after a severe fight OS vVhich several policemen
wero bun and a number of sinkers
In tho Chamber of Deputies, today
there was great animation, The Minister of Posts and Telegraph said the
regular delivery wonld he resumed this
evening, adding that the public should
not be allowed to. lio at tho mercy., of
the few ollicials nor could 'he latter
be permitted to impose their will upon
Parliament and the Government.
Premier Dupuy said the state of tho
employes wus not such us tj allow any
of them going on u strike, and if tlio
postmen did not resume work they
would bo replaced bv others. The Government* would yield to uo such intimidation.  (Renewed cheers).
A voto of confidence in tho   Govern
ment was passed.    The Socialists minority shouted and cheered for a general
Paris, May 18. ���M. Mougoot and the
Paris Prelect of Police havo issued a
circular to the postmen individually,
announcing that all who fail to resume
duty tomorrow morning, will bo
irrevocably  dismissed.
The   Silver-Lead    Mines   Also    Off6r
$111)0 a Day   Prom June 1.
Tho following announcement from
the mine owners of the Slocan bus
beeu minded to The Miner for publication :
Owing to tho action of the British
Columbia Legislature in enforcing tbe
eight hour law in the Slocau.the silver-
lead Mine Owners of the District consider that they owe it to their employees, who aro affected by tho change
tendered necessary hy the operatiou
of the Aot, to place their intentions
with regard to it ou record.
In tho first plaoe, the miue owners
of this District were uot consulted in
any way aa to this radical change in
the mining law, aud on being informed of the passage of the Act, made
overy effort iu their power to havo the
law held iu abeyance until it could
he oarefnlly considered by thoso interested.
It wus pointed out that the standard
rate of wages for miners, $il.5u for a
ten-hour shift, was as high us paid
anywhere iu tho United Slates or
Canada, and tbat this rate was satisfactory to both miner owners and employes.
it was further poiuted out that by
r*;dn *;m' *h* Jjpuri of work flail) t***i
ro eight Boui'S tiio wage earning ca-
paoity of the miner would be more
Ulan proportionate!, reduced us far us
ihe mine owners aro concerned.
To givo greater force and unanimity
to the expressed opinion of the mine
owners, a meeting of the (Silver-Lead
Miue Owners' Association of British
Columbia, wus convened in order lo
get an expression of opiuiou about
which there would bo no   uncertainly.
The purpose of this Association is to
foster and protect tho mining niteresis
of the Province, and it is not iu uuy
sense a combination of employers
against employes, as the relations between tho wage earners and the employe! s huve always beeu niosi
friendly, und it is hoped will so continue.
The miue owners wero for their pail,
quite willing to contiuuo to pay ��,1.50
lor ten hours work, hut the enforce,
ment of tbo eight hour law having rendered tins impossible, tbey now otfer
to pay miners at the rate of $3,00 per
eight-hour shift, this rate being
higher in proportion to tbo hours
worked than the old rute.
To give effect to this Intention,a resolution was passed at the meeting 01
the Silver-Lead Mine Owners' Association held in Sandon on Muy tho 8th, as
���'Thut it is tho sense ot iheMmo Representatives of this Association   thut
tlio standard rate of  wages  paid  to
Minors be in future $;j.UU por day  of
eight hours. "
This resolution wus signed by tbe
representatives of the mines whose
names are hereto appended.
Theso miues wish to state that us
the eight hour law is to bo enforced
not later thau June tho 12th, lliey are
ready to hire miners on and after
Juno 1st, ul tho above rale.    Aud tbey
further wish  it to be understood thai
iIns change in tho working hours and
ibe consequent contraction of the
-v*,iigooutning capacity of iho miner,
was forced upon them by tho Aot of
lhe li. C. Legislature and was entirely
unsought for by them,
R.  E. LEE
All the Postmen Have Struck for Increased Pay.
Paris.Mav IN���Owing to tbe refusal
of the Senate to voto un increased pay-
bill, passed bv the chamber, 800 postmen refused to work this morning.
It is expeoted that the strike will ox-
tond to tho whole I'orco numbering !),-
0011 men.
Paris, Mav 18 ���Tho cabinet met today, considered the strike and decided
to severely punish tho leaders. M.
Mougoot ordered Iho postment to instantly return to work under pain of
dismissal, but the strikers refused to
do  so    und  attaoked  a  post wagon
EMILY  l-.iil-ill
Their Troops Are Scattered
and Flying.
State Department'^Tliirks the Insurrection
Is  Now  Over���Strength   of
the U- S- Forces.
M. de Staal Presides Over
the Meeting.
Washington, May 18. ���War Department ollicials ara (irmly convinced
that tho ond of the insurrection in the
Philippines is at hand, and that the
representatives of the insurgent cabinet and of Aguinaldo who ure to meet
General Otis tomorrow will succumb
lo the inevitable nud surrender.
Their forces it is said, at the Department, evideulty aro so demoralized bv
the persistent advance of the Ameri
cans, that they nro ready to accop.
peace on the besif terms they can obtain. Drivni northward to tho foothills of mountains, as tbey have heen,
they are flying and scattered forces,
and discontented and disheartened, uo
longer can ho made to face the Americau advanco. ,
Less than a week ago, General Luna
was reported ]ust uorth of San Fernando, where General McArthnr's
*roops are concentrated, and in the
neighborhood ot Bacolor, wilh about
0,000 rebels. Today General Otis reports that tho remnant of this foroe
about 3,SOD men, hns withdrawn to
Tarlac, over twenty miles north of San
Fernando. It is probable that tbo remainder of this force moved east and
���joined tho main body of the insurgents
'���.>���!*,.*': abandoned Sau Isidoroyesterday
and lid northward to the point from
which Agninaldo is now sending his
commission! rs to sue for pence. If
this is a ruse to gain time, which none
of the ollicials at the War Deportment
believe, it wll avail thorn nothing, as
the Americans will utilfze Hie period
during the negotiations in reconnoiter-
ing fbe country ahead of them, urepar-
fory to the resumption of operations
the minute the negotiations fail.
The 2'lrd Infantry which yesterday
took Jolo. the principal town in the
Suln Aiohipelago is the fourth military
expedition detached from the main
body of the troops at Manila. The
Snlu Archipelago isa group of 17 small
islands extending ill the form of a
crescent liko tho Aleutian Islands,
south of tbo Philippines. Thoro are
no insurgents as fur as known in the
Suln group. Tho population of the
islands consist of aborigines, Chiuese
and negroes.
There is nn absolute information nl
the War Department concerning the
present strength "f the American force
under MaoArthur and Lawton nnd
Kobbe which have been operating
against tho insurgents north of Manila. The number of men if ea-'h organization were up to its maximum
strength would bo 16,600, bnt it is
doubtful if tbeir strength totals 11,000
men. MacArthiir's troops, except one
regiment, are volunteers. All of
Knlibe's men nre regulars recently nrrived Three of six regiments under
Lawton nre als.i regulars, There is
one difference between volunteer nnd
rogulnr organizations. Losses in Ihe
former uro permanent, while tho gaps
in lhe ranks of the regulars aro being
constantly filled by new' recruits. It is
estimated tbat Mac Arthur has about
4.500 men for active service. Lawton
about 6,000 and Kobbe about 1,600.
He Pajs a Compliment to the Queen of
the Netherlands in an Extremely
Graceful Speech.
LABOR   IS    IN     BIG     DEMAND.
Girl Fell Into a Tank���The OccuuautB
aud Sho Equally Frightened.
New York, May 18.��� A young woman, named Margaret Quinn, this afternoon, fell into tank full of alligators at the electrical show   in Madison
Square      Garden,    Tho     spectators
shrieked and for a few seconds Hie
crowd expected to seo tho woirnn devoured. Attendants hurried up and
seized the woman. Tho alligator!
meanwhile had all huddled together in
a corner of tho tank. Thoy wore
badly scared. Tbo woman was
di'Hgk'ed (ait and takeu to B hospital alio
suffering from fright. She is in no
Workmen of All   Kinds Are Needed in
tho Boundary Oonntry,
Tho following, which explains itself,
bus been sent   to   Tho   Miner   by   the
Grand Forks Hoard of irade:
Grand Forks, li. O., Muy 17.���The
demand for labor here is far greatei
than lhe supply. This applies in the
same degree to seven 1 other points in
the Boundary Oonntry, The class that
are especially wanted   nro miners, cap-
iblo or handling ateatn drills, wood
choppers, laborers and carpenters,
There ure not enough of Ihe latter owing to tho activity in building circles
here. Wagos to minors and carpenters aro |8,50 per day.
J. P. Graves estimates that. #75,000
in wages will bo expended here tins
summer in connection with the building of the Granbv smelter, Manv carpenters ond brick layers will be needed. At least ,160,000 Will bo devoted
to the oonstruotion of a (lam and Hume
in connection with Ihe proposed smelter. The brick required for the offloi
buildings and smoke stacks will be
manufactured hero; likewise at least
8,000,000 reel, of lumber. Thoenm-
���piuiy will also erect u largo wntelionse.
The smeller will he completed late in
Ihe fall. Its pay roll will average
if THO a day. It is estimated that the
smeller comiiany within the next your
will expend in building operations
nnd in wuges to employes not loss than
Brick layers ure   puid   $0.00   a  duy
The Hague, May 18.���M. de Staal.
ihe Russian Ambassador to Greut Britain and head of the Russian delegation, in formally assuming the Presidency of the conference suid his first
duty was to express to M. de Beaufort
his sincere gratitude for the uoble
terms in which he had referred to his
august master, adding that His Majesty would be deeply touched, as well
as by tho spontaneity with which tho
assembly had identified itself therewith.
Continuing, M. de Staal suid :
"Though to the Czar is due tho initiative of the conference, we owe
much to tho Queen of the Netherlands
for inviting us to her capital. It is
a bappy augury of success that we
have mot under the auspices of the
young sovereign whoso charm is fell
iu a wide circle, whose hoart is open
to everything great and good and generous and who has displayed sneb sympathy with the cause which brings us
here. It is on the historic soil of the
Netherlands that the political problems
havo been discussed. Here is the
cradle of scionce and International
Aftor a roforenee to the bis! .
pence treaties concluded ut The Hague
ind expressing regret thnt M. de
Beaufort, had uot accepted tho Presidency of the conforouce, M. de Staal
snid in conclusion:
"I can not consider ray election
otherwise than inspired hy my posi
tron ns plenipotentiary of tbo Emperor
who wus the initiator of the conference. On this ground I accept with
deep gratuitude this distinguished
honor, and I shall use every endeavor
to justify your confidence. But I am
perfectly aware that ndvnnced age. is
nlas, n sad privilege aud a weak auxiliary. But I h )p*i that it will at least
constitute a claim upon your indulgence. ''
After making his address, M. de
Staal, in behalf of the conference, telegraphed to tbe Queen of tho Netherlands as follows:
"The memhers of this conference,
assembled for the first time in this
beautiful Huis Tonbosch, hasten to lay
at the feet of Your Majesty their best,
wishes, praying you to accept to accept their homage and gratitude for
the hospitality you hnve so graciously
deigned to offer them."
The rondiug of this message was
warmly applauded. M. do Beaufort,
was appointed Honorary President
aud the loading Dutch delegate, A. P.
O. Vau Knrnebeck, former Minister of
Foreign Affairs, and Deputy, was
appointed Vice-President. Aftor the
appointment of nine secretarys, M. do
Stuuls proposal thut the session bo
secret was adopted. The next session
will tako plaoe on Saturday whon tho
delegates will arrange a programme
and appoint committees. The conference then adjourned.
Tho session today lasted only 25
minutes und ibe apparent unanimity
displayed wub considered to augur
well for tho outoomo.
London, Mav in.���Tho correspondent
of tbe Standard   at Tbo   Hague   says:
"A more peaceful corner of the
world it would bo hard to lind thau
that in which stands tho palace where
the conference sessions will be held.
The octagonal hall 1 ends itself to an
admirable  arrangement,   the    centre
aisle     dividing   rows of  green   baize
desks marked with the names of the
nations alphabetically. Thn hour 0*
assembling was two o'clock and M.
do Beafort, followed by His Excellency
Yany Yn, Chinese represenative, in a
rich robe of peacock blue, was the llrst
to arrive.
A little later came Sir Julian
Paimcefote nnd Mr. Seth Low, whoso
viows regarding Anglo-American arbitration encourage hopes of a wider
slicemo. Aftor them came Sir. An-
drow White and Captain Malum, the
latter wearing thro dark blue uniform
of the service of which ho is Iho liter-
arv export. Tho other delegates came
in'na the taps of tho gavel opened the
London, Mny 19.��� Tbe correspondent
of the Times nt The Hague snys the
seating arrangement of the conference
gives the United States Ihe tirst bench
on tho left and the president ot tho
German delegation the front position
on the right.
Nicholas,   the Kaiser toasted  the Czar
in the following terms:
"With the toast to tin*: C.-ar's health !
which I propose every year wtfil heartfelt sincerity. I would todav couple
my hearty good wishes upon the opening of thu oonfeienoe at The Hague,
which owes its ongiu to His Majesty's
Then turning to the Russian Ambassador, Couut Von Osteusacken. lie
"Honored Couut, it is my sincere
wish thut tho two tried and experienced statesmen, M. de Staal and
Count Von Munster, ucting iu uccord
ance with tbe old traditions uniting
my house with His Majesty's and the
Geruiau with tlie Kussiun people, and
carrying out identical instructions
given them by tho Czar and myself,
may so conduct tho conference that tbo
result will satisfy the Czar. To tho
health of His Majesty,   Hurrah I"
Washington, Muy 18.���The following
cablegram was addressed by President
McKinley to the Emperor of Russia ou
tho occusiou of the opening of the Disarmament Conference:
"On this day of good omen I send
my heartfelt congratulations ou the
opening of the conference at The
Hague, which had its origin iu tbe
eulighteued aud generous initiative of
your majesty."
Loudou, Mny 18.���Tho Archbishop
of Canterbury, the most Rev. Frtder-
ick Temple, authorized tbe clergy to
use the collect for thu 5th Sunday utter
Trinity aud to make a pause after tbo
words in tho litany: "May it please
theo to givo tho nations, unity peace
and coucert," at all services during
the progress of tho  Peace   Conference.
Strikers Induced to Break
Their Promises.
Feared That the  Commerce of the Great
Lakes Will Be Permanently Crippled by the Strike.
Result of the Inquest Upou  Remains
of Earl of  Strafford,
Loudou, May 18.���The iuquest upon tbe remains of tho Earl of Strafford
who was killed by the Cambridge express train ou Tuesday evening while
retutuiug from Wrotham Park, his
couutry Boat, resulted todav in a verdict ot ������Dentil by misadventure. "
Later.���London, May is.���A signal
man and a groom testified to seeing
iho Earl beyond tbe platform bounds,
stopping on the truck in front of tbo
nppronchiug train. Sir Richard Doug
las Powell, physician extraordinary to
tho Queen, aud another physician,
gavo evidence to the effect that tho
Earl was liable to cataleptic, seizures
recently, and thut ho wus then liable
���*������ lose his mental control.
A butler und otber rfitiiesses deposed lo seeing tbe deceased in this condition. The jury therefore declared
itself satisfied that   tbo   deceased   hud
not walked   on   the truck with the Intention cf committing suicido.
Union Citv, Tenu., May 18.���Reports of nu extraordinary tragedy at
Piunes Hill near ���.Tipionville, bine
reached hero. Threo women, Mis.
Muttox, Mrs. Edwards aud Miss lirog-
dou waylaid a Mrs. Covington and attacked her wilh clubs, whereupon the
latter drew a knife, stabbed Mrs. Mat-
tox through the heart killing her Instantly, She then plungedtbu weapon into the back nud lungs of Mrs.
Edwurds, inflicting fatal injuries. Tho
trugedy grew out of u quarrel among
tbe children of the women.
Pretoria Transvaal Republic, May
18.���Presidout Knigcr's reform proposals have been presented to tho Rand.
They suggest that tho franchiso ho
conferred on aliens live years after
eligibility to the second Hand instead
of ten yours after such eligbility, as
now is the caso, thus making a nine
years residence iu the Transvaal ne-
cessury to qualify for thu full franchise.
Buffalo, May Is.���The strike of
grain sbovelers, freight handlers, ore
dock men, elevator machinists and
coal heavers ha- developed iuto a struggle between Bishop Qnigley and the
strike leaders. La.it night the Bishop
secured a promise from all of tho men
who aro on strike that they would ao-
ceiil the concession that he billisecond
for thein and would return to woik
when he gave (hem word.
Today, however, a few of tho nioie
hot-headed leaders of the grain **hr.v-
elers, notably President McMahon of
the grain sbovelers union, sucoeeded
in getting tho men to repudiate tbeir
agreement with thu Bishop, and ii -
night the prospect of a settlement if
the trouble is more remote (ban ever.
Today at noon tho firemen of rhe Lai e
boats now in port struck aud they say
that thoy will not return to work un-
t i the grievances of thu other slrikeis
aro setlted.
A public investigation into the cau.* e
of tho strike is being held by the State
board ol mediation and arbitration,
and at tbis investigation tho fact wi.s
brought out mis afternoon that not
only lhe port '*!' Buffalo, bul tbe enli:o
commerce of Ihe Lukes is in danger if
being permanently crippled by tie
strike. Gibson o. Douglass of tho Went-
ern Transit Company testified tint
vessels owners already bad sustained tl
lo-s if over (100,001), that ngenls were
refusing to load vessels fur ibis port,
nnd lhat Iho oorameroe was being diverted into olher rout* s.
lie said as a result of ibe strike,
western grain shippers had discovered
lhat thev could ship grain by rail
from Indiana, Illinois and other sections cheaper than it could be shipped
by boat to Buffalo. His opinion was
lhat if tbe dock troubles   eoulinued,    a
���.'ood   portion   of  ilie lake commerce
would be permanently destroyed.
Port Tampa. Flu., May is.���A cable
just received   fiom the Admiral of the
British float iu Bermuda stales that
the British warships intrepid und
Pearl bine left N'ussau for Port Tampa
to participate in the Queen's Birthday colobrutiou.
ObioagO, Mav IS, ���A cablegram from
Miss Agnes Slack, London, England,
lo the offloers oi the National W, <'. T,
U. received today, announces ibe reelection of Lady Henry Somerset to tin*
presidency   of   the   British    Women's
Temperance Association.
At Louisville-Louisville, Oj Boston, 11.
At Kansas Oity���Milwaukee, <);
Kansas City, 5.
At St. Puul���St. Paul, 0; Minneapolis, 4.
Washington May IH. ���At the request
of the Secretaiy of Interim Secretary
Alger agreed to order troops lo tbe
Mouqul Indian Reservation in Arizona to force tbe Indians to submit to
vaccination. The troops will be sent
from Fori Wingalc,  New Mexloo,
Found in a Bottle off tbo Coast of Iceland.
Leith, Scotland, May 18.���Tho Norwegian ship Viking has brought news
of a letter written by Professor Andree
which was found in a bottle early in
April near Rifelung, on the north east
coast of Iceland by a farmer named
Jobann  Magnussen,   The  letter  was
in a bottle addressed to the Polar
Expedition at Cootberg, and bore Andree's own slump with the request that
it be placed in the nearest post office.
Magnussen, it is added, gave tbo
letter to a merchant, Sveinn Eiuarsen
at Tl.inilford, who mailed it, nnd it is
expeoted to arrive at its destination in
the course of a few days. The letter
brought by the Viking was addressed
li au Icelander uow in Loudon, describing the finding und forwarding of
Andree's letter.
East Troy, Wis., Muy   Is. ��� Juo.   F.
Poller, Hn* famous  abolitionist nnd   a
former congressman, (lied todny from
a paralysis stroke, aged BS yours. Mr.
Potter was one of   the founders of   tho
Republican party,    While a member of
OOUgreiS,  Ml.    Poller   was   eliiilleuged
by Roger A. Pryor. then a representative from a South Carolina district, to
light a duel. Poller accepted, nnd
named Bowie knives of an extraordinary size us tho weapons. The duel
was not fought.
London,    May  is, ���Iu   tbo  Divorce
division of lhe   High   Court of Justice
today ihe Right Hon. sir Francis
11,'uiv .lenne, president of the pTobute
divorce and admiralty division grained a divorce lo Mr. Jobu Blnndell
Leigh because of adultery of bis wife
Lady Rose Leigh,    a daughter   of   tl 0
Marquis of Abergavenny,and the young
Earl of Oottenham. The caso caused
gnat inl'Tist owing to the aristocralio
lonnections of the two families,
Havana, Mny 18.���A telegram   fiom
Oitmugucy says that 50 armed brigands
Wiesbaden, Prussia, May  in. ��� At. a have attaoked a plantation near Ouay-
luncheon  given   by Emperor  William   Rj,a*-( ht]loci six nieii und sucked a reft-
today, in accordance with his custom,   (|em.e,
iu honor of the   birthday   of Emperor |
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Weekly, pe  naif year i 1 25
pi.r year    2 00
per year, foreign ���    2 50
Subscription* invariably in advance.
their own lives wero worth, judging
from the popular clamor for it. it
now only remains to vote it through,
and th6re will bo an extraordinary revulsion of feeling if this is not done
with practical unanimity.
Wall Papers
The ratepayers have really nothing
to consider in connection with the
coke aud gus by-law. Dr. Doolittle
has introduced to them a Oompany
who agree to expeud oue hundred thousand dollars within a reasonable period j pull their carts out of the mud." Cun-
iu establishing coke   and gus works in  ada may be in need of  population, but
The Ohief Clerk of the United
States immigration Bureau at New
York, whose experience has given him
a good know lodge of all classes of Europeans, says: "The Gnlicinns as a
whole have nothing to do at home.
They do some farming und raising of
sheep and swine, but they know nothing of manufacturing or trades. They
rarely become farmers whon thoy arrive in agricultural sections, uud DO
por cent, of them go to mines wherever
located. They ire undesirable for tbe
roasou that they never brcome citi-
Z3US, bul run back home the minute
thoy havo acquired a sufficient sum to
the City, and all tbey ask in returu is
to be protected in thoir franchise for
a term of twenty-five years. Directly
at least the enterprise will not oost
the ratepayers a cent, and the City
will get a largo industry that will bo
the meaus ot supporting a considerable addition to the population. It is
true we had the extraordiuary aud heretofore undreamt of spectacle of tho City
Council cnrofully legislating to* provide that the people should uot have
cheap gas; but that was due to the
fad or municipal ownership, iu submission to which a former Council thought
it incumbent ou them to invest in an
electric light plant. The present Aldermen thought they were obliged to
protect the purchase by stipulating
for a very high minimum rate. The
Miner will forever after eschew prophesy if, before tho expiratiou of the
franchise, the citizens of Nolsou do uot
wish that they had voted instead to
pitch their eleotric works into the
Lake. As it is, however, better high
minimum gas thau uo gas, and as we
are getting coke works with it the
City on the whole will be a substan
tial gainer by ronson of the urrango-
meut. The by-law will probably be
voted without opposition. The works
will help very largely to lift Nolson
into a Crty of growing importance,
and that is what we all want. It is
riding today on tho crest of a vory considerable wave of prosperity, and it
should be the effort of all of us to keep
it there as loug aud as  far as possible.
thi Immigration Depart ment at Ottawa will not go wrong if it takes a
quiet quarter of an hour beforo breakfast to consider whether it has not
now enough of these people, for tho
preseut at least.
A questiou of civic by-laws is ulso
agitating our neighboring City of Rossland. There thoy are voting on two,
one for money to improve tho streets,
and the othar to purchase and enlarge
the present water and light works. For
the latter purpose a sum of $150,000 is
required. There is very little objection to the street by-law, but the opposition to the other is rathor formidable aud threatens to ho too powerful
for it. Thero is a widely prevailing
opinion that the price to be paid for
the works is excossivo, while another
considerable section of ratepayers profess to believe tbat the sorvico should
be continued as a private enterprise
for somo timo louger. Wo can, of
as it does not concern Nelsou, aud at
auy rato tho circumstauces are uot sulli-
ciently understood to warrant a judgment iu the case. Fortunately there
are no grave objections of similar
nature to the by-laws here. Both tbe
wnter nnd light works are already
owned by tho corporation, and what
the ratepayers uro asked to do is to
vote money enough to make them efficient Unless efficient there is little
use in having them. Tho people quite
understand this, aud as the whole
mutter losolvos itself into a simple
business proposition they havo no (liiliculty in deciding how to vote. The
only opposition comes from a faction
who desire to defeat all the by-laws,
in the hope that thoy will obtain
control at the next municipal election
and then havo lhe raising and spending
of llio money in thoir own hands,
It will be a great disappointment
fo the poncil sketohers aud calculators
to learn that the Redistribution Bill
does not affect British Columbia.
Those who took such pains to give
pointers to Mr. David Mills, in response to his request for information
and suggestions, will wonder what
it all means. But this perplexity will
be as nothing in comparison with the
feeling of relief aud contentment that
will suffuse all Victoria ut tho knowledge that for one more electiou at
least it will have its two members.
Londou, May 18.���The Pekin correspondent of the Times, says: "M. de
Giers, Russian Mini iter to China,
declines to accept the refusal of the
Chinese Government to grant the railway concession to crnnect Pekiu with
the Russian railway system in Manchuria. He will insist upon the
grant. He is supported by some other
nower. China will yield to Russia.
She is surrounded with calamities
brought, upon her by Italy, Frauce and
Germany, while England's hands
aro tied by tho Anglo Russian convention.
As it will havo the largest circulation in tbe Kootenays of any issuo
of a daily paper ever published Tho
Miner's Special Kootenay Number
will bo tho host advertising medium
that Nelson merchants huve had un
opportunity to avail themselves of.
Public. Notice is hereby given that
the votes of the Election of the Municipality of tb3 City of Nelson will be
taken on Monday the twenty uinth day
of May instant between tbe hour of
*���> o'clock a, in. and 4 o'olook p. m.,
ou the following By-Laws namely:
Bv-Law No IIS. ���A By-Law to raiso
$15,000 for the extension of the sewerage system of the Oity of Nelsou.
By-Law No ill).���A By-Law to  raise
$15,000 tor the extension and Improve-
, merit   of   the   Eleotrio   Light  system
have no opinion on tbe matter,   phmt ,md ,vorkS| of the 0Uy   of  Nol.
By-Law. No -10. ��� A Bv-Law to raise
$110,000 for the extension of the waterworks system of the City of Nelsou.
By-Law No. 41.���A By-Law to raiso
$10,0000 for the erection of public
buildings in the Oity of Nelsou or
extending and improving thu present
By-Law No. -12.���A By-Law respecting an Electric Stioet Railway m the
City of Nelson.
By-Law No.43. ��� A By-Law respecting the establishment of Ooke und Gus
works in the City of Nelsou.
The votes of tho ehctors in the East
Ward of the City will be taken at tbo
Fire Hall on Josephine slreet, and of
those in Iho West Ward nt the olllco of
the Exohequer Gold Mining Oompany
on tbe north side of Baker Stroet between Stanley and   Koolenay   streets.
Auy male or female beiug of tho
full ngo of twenty one years who is
the assessed owner of bind or of real
property within the Muilc polity shall
hove a voto either confoiiniug or negativing the said By-Laws or any or
either of Ihem, on each Ward in which
ho or she may bo assessed for land or
real property.
By Order,
City Clerk und Returning Ollloer.
Nolson, British Columbia, May 17,
The tramway peoplo have driven a
good bargain. They havo little reason.
indeed, to 00mplain of the conditions
of tho franchise thoy uro ubout to have
conferred upon them. If they did not
get all they asked it was because thoy
asked moro than they know would be
given them, iu order that they might
appear gracious and uniinblo by yielding a point now and then. At tho same
time it is only fair and right to suy
that the Aldermen did hotter than publio opinion demanded of them. If they
hnd listeuod to tho populur talk they
would have voted blindly evory thing
that was required of them. Instead of
this thoy insisted on conditions that,
on tho whole, make as good a bargain
as could reasonably ho oxpoctod under
the circumstances. It would be an
easy matter to criticise and pick
holes in a number of tbo clauses; but
Nelson is not a largo Oity yet, and as
both construction and oporution will
bo expensive affairs tho Company woro
entitled to much more than tho usuul
consideration���thai is,if wo wore bound
to have a Iramwuy, as appeared evi
dent from tho reception given] to tho
proposal when lirst mado. The Aldermen had either to make the liberal
concessions thoy did or kill tho scheme
outright, und the latter was as much as
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Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
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Ward St.,   - Opposite Hume Hotel.
NOTICE is hereby given that the first slt-
l inn of the Courl of Revision appointed M ���
Counoil of Iho City o( Nelson tor hearing all
complnints un'inst, the aaaBSBtnont for the our-
rout rear, us made by the auiessor of the muu
Olty, will be held 111 Un- Oounell (hum oor at
Nolson on Thursday, the llrst day of Juno, i*���1
at 10o'clock a. in. .. ., ....   .���,���.,.
.1. K STRAOHAN, City Olerk,
Nelson, B, O., April 18lh, 1889.
puss Revelstoke every diJ>
to St. Paid; Tuesdays and Satnrdaye
tor Torontoi Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston,
Rossland, Trail, Kobeon and main lino*
lU0p.m.-Leave8-NKLSON-Arrives-10.*i P '��
Kootenny lake-KiihIo Beute.
STK. KOKANKH- ,s������,|,v
Except Sunday. soS-Arrlves-ll ��*'��
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Kootenay itivor BouM.
STR. MoYlii*.
Mon., W0d.,Krl. T...*,. I *��"*
8a.ni.-Loavo.i-NKl.SON-Arr.vos    J>  V
Makes connection atPUol '''j1',;]'1 |-;,ot'.*.my
kaneo in both directions   ����,;,*, Host
Landing with trains to ond from uro
Une poinis,
landon and Slocan ������<���'"��� ' '"
Kx. SundM
Bx, Sunday .r,.iv,*s.r*ii*"'-
0.008. m.-Lcnvos-NKLSON-Anlvu*""
Ahoichtain RATBS
and full information  by JjM"""[%&
loo.il agont, O.B. Beasley City rioket-M
U. W. IlllKW. Agont. N"1*-"
Trav. Pass. A*ent,
linn of tho powers hereby granted and making
compensation for any damage that muy bo done
in tbooxocution ,*l such powers.
11. Nothing herein oontained shall authort-so
or empower the (!ompauy io lay down or place
uny piped or nth,*!* works into through or
against any building or any land not dedicated
1.1 im 1,lie u'*<*, wil limit ih** consent of the owners ���r ocoupiei-s thereof.
10. Before tho Company proceed to open or
Droak up any street, nriuge or pavoinenl they
shall give to the City Kngiueci or other author-
fill money of Canada, on thu 20th dayltty under whose oomrol or manatsemcnl Uh
., , .,1 ,,,,. .>i,,i, .1.,,, ,,c   T���iv Bfiniomay be, notice in writing of lln ir inirn
of January and the 2Uth daj  ol  .lulj   tlon to opon or break up the sanio, not less thai
respectively, in enoh yeavot the currenoy thereof, ami it shall he expressed
in said Debentures and coupons tu be
so payable,
5,  It shall he lawful for Hip. Muyorof
tho signatures to the interest coupons
may be either written, stamped,
printed or lithographed,
4. The sai.l Debentures shall bear in-
terest at the .into of live per centum
per annum from lln* date thereof,
which interest shall bo payable semiannually at Said office of tin. Bank of
Montreal   in Nelson aforesaid, in law-
said Corporation to negotiate ami sell
the suid Debentures or any of them
for loss than par : hut in mi ease shall
the said Debentures or any part of
them be negotiated or told for less
than niiiety-livi* per centum of their
face value, including the cost uf negotiating ami ki.Ii*. brokerage and ull
other incidental expenses.
li. There shall lie raised nnd levied
in each year during the currency of
-..tid Debentures the sum of Seven Im i-
dred nnd lifty dollars (8750.00) for the
payment of interest, and the sum of
Five hundred and forty dollars ($540.00)
for the payment of the debt due under
the said Debentures Ity a rate sulli-
eient therefor on all the rateable lands
..-. the said municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for Ihe said
Municipal iN.iincil to repurchase any
of the said Debenture*) upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with tho
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at th * time of sale
or any subsequent time or times, nnd
all Debentures so re-purchased shad
forthwith he cancelled and destroyed,
and no re-issue of Debentures so repurchased shall be made in consequence of such re-purchase,
S. This By-Law shall take effect on
the first day of June, A.D, 18D0.
Take Notice, That the above is a I rue
... i    ,,    i bv tho Chief .lu^tico of tho Province such nr
copyol the pronosed |,y-l,*iw upon initiation to be conductod under Ihe Arbitra-
whloh the vote of the Municipality tion Act. Chapter 0,181)7, of the British Colnni-
will be taken, for the East Ward, at,: biaStntutosoi'itsamoiidnients.sunb valuation
,. .-,. i, ,, , Ki,t���� c. , , . *' .. to bo hnsoit on the value of the iilnnt at. Ihn
the Fire Hall.on Josephine btreet; tor timo of tfunsfor ns�� going concern, and Iho
the West. Ward, at the olliee or the valuo of tho Coke business established, but no
Exchequer Gold Mining Co., on the value shall bo determined as inuring to lhe
north Lid,* of Baker Btreet, between ��ffi^a^VBSy5SS^^^*'*,MM~ *��
Stanley and Hootenay Streets, on the- | 15, Tho location of such works to bo approved
east hnlf of Lot 0, Block 11, on Mon- j o^byjtho (/ity Counoi��
day, the 29th day of May, instant, at
8 o'clock in the forenoon.
three clear days bofo 0 beginning such work,
excopt in rases of emergency arising fiom detects in tlie pipes or oilier works, whon immediate notice shall bo givon. No pipo, main.
Bower, pillar, lamp or othor work or tiling shall
bo used by the Company for any purpose until
thoy obtain from tbe City Engineer a certificate
in writing thai tbo san.e has beon erected or
constructed to In- satisfaction,
11, When the Company open or break up tho
rond or pavomonl of any street or bridge, they
shall with a'1 convenient speed, com plot 0 tho
work for which tho same shaH be broken or
openod np, and shall lib in tbo ground, reinstate
and make good the road or pavemenl so opened
or broken up and eavry away tlio rubbish oc-
c;isionod thorehy and shall at all t'mos whon
required while ny such stroot or pnvemont
sin II In- brol en up, cause 11 light sumcient foj
the warning of passongers lo be sot up anu
maintained ovory night during which sumo
shall he opened or broken un.
12, Tho Company sii ill be liablefor und shall
indemnify tho City for Ml damages nrieing out
of the construction and operation of their said
Coko and Gas Works. Including thcroln tho
construction and keeping in repair of ovory
main, sowor or auy other work in respoct of
this By-Law and tlioconvoying of gas or sow-
age through snch mains anil sowi i*s,
13, If at any time in tho 6piuion of tho City
Council the profits on tlm gas solil in the < Ity
bo excessive tho (' nnpany shall submit to
arbitration tho question of'tbo pricos charged
for gas supplied and hall produce thoir books
and othor papers for Inspection and tho pricos
of gas supplied for all purposes shall be reduced as the City Council shall direct, according
to tho i'��to decided by arbitration, but not in
uny on so to reduce tho Company's profits under
15 per cent, nor annum on lhe pis business,
Buch arbitration to be conducted under iho
provision* of the Arbitration Act, beiug Chapter i>, 1897 of the British Columbia Statutes and
amending acta.
II. Tbo rily anall have the right on the expiry
of ten ye irs from thedato of tho passing of tlio
Hy-Law to lake over nnd own the aforesaid
t'bke aud Gas Works on n valuation to bo determined by arbitration; tho City nud tlio
Company to name eacli nn arbitrator, nnd thoy
to natuo a third, and in the event of thorn dis-
Ing on a third lhe snino to bo appointed
Nelson, B.C., May 10th
Oity Clerk.
Corporation of the City of
KY.LAW NO, 43.
Ally-Law respecting the establishment of
Coko and Gh s Works in the City of Nolson.
The Municipal Council of tbo City of Nelson enacts as follows:
1. W. H. Pearson, W. H Pearson Junior, h.
L. Herrifleld and J. T. Wc-ooii, horoinafter
eallod the Company, are horoby g
right, subject, to the tonus conditions and y,
visions horoinafter oon tai noil, which terms,
conditions and provisions and the due fulfilment thereof arc to be taken as conditions precedent to tlio onjoyineiit of tbe rights and
privileges horoby granted, to erect, construct,
maintain and opomte 'tan Works within tbe
limits of tho City of Nelson, and to lay dowu,
relay, connect, disconnect and repair all pipes
along, tliTOUgh and undor the streets, alloys,
grounds bridges and thoroughfares of tho Raid
Cily of Nelson, thai muy bo necessary for sup*
plying gas to the eonsumors thereof, and erect
any pillars, lamps or otber works, and do all
other thing- which tho Company shall doom
necessary for supplying gas to tho inhabitants
or Corporation of tho said City of Nolson aforu-
Baid, and doing as littlo damage as mny be in
the oxooution of the powers hereby granted.
'L The Company beforo erecting such pillars,
lamps or other works and doing snch other
things which the Company shall deem nuccs-
Bttvy for supplying gas to tho inhabitants of
the citv, shall make application to the Cily
Couucil for permission so to do, naming ihe
stroot or streets, alloy or alloys, or other place
along, through or under which thoy desire to
eroctsuch pillars, amps or other work-; or do
such olher things which tho Company mny
deem nocossary, und before proceeding iu any
way with any of such works shall receive the
approval of the City Council.
:< Tho laying down or ro laying of any pipes
or mains along, through and under the Rtroots,
alleys, grounds, brldgos and thoroughfares of
said City and erection of any pillars, lamps or
othor works and the doing of all otber things
which the Company shall deem ueee- airy shall
not bo commenced until a plan thereof shnwlng
tho location, position nnd stylo of hitch pipe*;.
pillars, lamps, works and things tbo Company
deem necessary, shall bin n been submitted to
ami approved by lhe City Ki ginoor. And the
locution, position nud stylo of such pipes or
mains, pillars, lamps, works nnd other things
shall conform to and agree with tbo plans approved by the City Kngineor.
1. The Companj shall within sixty days from
the final passage of thin By-Law (unavoidable
casualties of iho sea anil tiro not prevontlug)
OOtnnienco to construct, erect and e-tahlish
Coko and Gas Works nud buildings adequate
to tho .-apply of gas within tbo limits of Lhe
said City of Nelson, nnd such construction,
erection and eslab {aliment shall bo carried oil
continuously and diligently until such works
and buildings are completed suffioluntly to
qupply tho demand for gas, and within six
months from lhe final passing of this Hy-Law
shall proceed aa the City Kngineer may direct
to lay the requisite length of mains of ail adequate diameter, and snail on demand supply at
all times Ihoiefrom to all persons us lu-rein-
after mentioned an adequate amount of gas, of
good quality, ut the house,shop,establishment,
works or residence of tho porson requiring i he
same. And the Company shall iVltllill tbo
period of two years from the passing of this
By-Law expend Upon the construction of tho
Coke uud tins Works and Hit: laying nf mains
aforesaid, nol less than Ibe sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars (flOO.OOO.uO), or forfeit the
rights granted under this franchise.
,   5. The price nf gus supplied by tbe  Company
for lighting purposes shall bo controlled bi tho
City Council, but shfll In no case without tho
consent of Ibe Company be lc8l   limn &.M0 per
thousand lector moro than &1.110 per thousand
foot, and shall supply as muoh gas as may bo
required for lighting ihe BtrOOts within the
limits aforesaid within fifty foot of anv main
laid by the Company, and shall supply the Corporation with gas for power purposes if required at a price not to exceed SI.00 per thousand
feet. Qua for oooking or heating purpose* shall
bo supplied at not moro than 12,00 nor thousand
cubic foot of gas, and gas required for power bj
any porson or corporation other tban tho City
shall bo supplied at not more than $2,00 por
thousand oublo feet.
(i. The Company shall, subject to the prOVts*
ions horoinafter contained, on demand. Intro
iluce into and tbrougb tho walls or OllclOBUro*
of a bouse, -shop, establishment or roBidonoo of
tiny porson requiring thosamo. a proper service
pipo with stop oook and furnish a gas meter If
required foi-accurately measuring the supply
of gas to the person requiring the same, at a
fair market price, not  exceeding for all tho
sum of $10.00, and shall keep such son Ico pipe
and gaH meter in proper order and repair, provided that itshall not, be uunpulsnry on the
Company to furnish or introduce the same as
aforesaid to anv shop, houso, establishment or
rosidonoo at a distance of mqrothan fifty fool
from their mains, save as hercinufler men
7. I'roTidcd thai any person desiring a supply
of gus if Ihe place wherein such gas js reipiired
bo distant moro than fifty foot from any main
may require the Company to supply suoh sor-
Vice pipo, Stop cook and meter lor the price
above mentioned in addition to a sum nol ox-
cording 11.00 a font on each foot of tllstanoo
over ami above lhe; said  tlflv feel.
K. Wilh ihe permission or tho Oity Council
and "eeording to plans approved hv the Uitj
Kngineer and under his suporvlsiotl the Company may if found nece-savy make any BOWOrfl
that may be nceessary for carrying ntl' the
Washings and waste Ibn-als which may arise in
tho making of gas, and for tho purpose aforesaid may remove and raise all material iu hitch
Streets and bridges and tbey maj in such
hi 1 eels do all olher ads whieh ibe Company
shall from tlmo to timo doom nooessary for
Mipplvlng gas to the Inhabitants within the
limits specified in tho second sectiun hereof,
doing as littlo damage as may be in Ibe exeou
17. The rights, liberties nnd privileges mentioned in this By-Law, subject to cl-tuso it.
shall be exclusively enjoyed save ns to the
Coke works, by tbo Company for a period of
twonty-fivo years.
17. A contract embodying the provisions of
this By-Law and a covenant on the part of the
Company to conform 10 and fulfil all tbo matters and provisions hereby required of tbem
shall be dr 1 wn nnd shall be executed by tbe
Citv and the Companv within sixty days from
the passing of this By-Law.
18. in this By-Law the expression "Cily" shall
moan tbe "City of Nelson'": "City Council"
shall moon "The Municipal Council of the City
of Nolson"; "City Engineer" shall mean "The
Kngineer of the City of Nelson", and the word
"Compsny"shall includo, rofor lo and he in
overy way binding upon tho Company, their
ami oach of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.
Take Notice that tlie above is a true copy of
tho proposed By-Law upon which the vole of
1 . tha I tho Municipality will bo takon, for the Kast
Wardal tlie Firo Hall on Josophlno streot, for
the West Warded the otllce of tbe Exchequer
Gold Mining Co. on north side of linker Btroot
between Stanley and Kooteuay streets, on
Monday tho 20th day of May at eight o'clock in
the forenoon.
Citv Clerk.
Nolson, R C, Maj 10th, 1809.
Corporation of the City of
street, between Stanley and Kootenay Street?
011 theeasl half ot Lot 9.Block 11, on Monday,
the 29th day of May, instant, at 8 o'olock tu the
City Clerk
Nelson, B. C, May 10th, 1899,
Corporation of the City  of
IU  Law, No. 39.
A Hv Law to raise Sln.000 lo extend and improve t' loci rio Lights,
Wiikrkab, A Petition has been presented to
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the City of Nelson, signed by the owners of at
least one-tonth of the value of tho real prop*
erty of the City (as shown by the last Assess*
ment Roll), roqueting 'he said Council to introduce a By-Law to ral-ie fifteen thousand
dollars (915,0(i0) for the purpose of extending
and Improving the Ulectric Light Works System and Plnnl in the City of Nelson.
anu VVnrcuEAS, it Is expodleni to borrow
tho said sum of fifteen thousand dollars (�����!.),-
G00J for the purposes uforoeald i
And v, noil as, the whole amount of tho rateable land of the said City, aoeor ling to the lost
revised Assessment Roll is eight hundred nnd
s v thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
!������   ,870 00).
And \Vhoreas, H will he neee--ary to raise
annually bj rate tho sum of Twelve hundred
andniuetj dollars(81,290) for paying the said
debt aud interest.
Now Therefore, tho Municipal Council of Iho
Corporation of the City of Nelson enacts as
1. It-ball ami may be lawful for the Mayor
of tbo Corporation of tho city of Nelson to
borrow, upon tho credit of tbo said Corporation, by way of iho Debenture* hereinafter
men loncd, from any poivon or porsoas, body
or bodies corporate, wbo may bo willing to aa-
vi: 0 tho same ns a loan, a sum of money not
exceeding iu the whole the sum of Fifteen
t housand dollars (91AJH)0), and to en use nil such
sums ��o railed or rucoi odto be paid Into the
bands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation,
for be purposes und with Ihe object-; herein-
boforo recited.
:'. It shall be lawful for Lhe Mayor Of the
said Corporation to cause uuy number of Debentures to bo mado, executed and Ironed for
suoh sum or sums an may bo required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding,
however, tbo sum of fifteen fbou-and dollars
iSl.'i imii), each of tho snid Debentures being of
tho denomination of one ihousai d dollars (81 ,-
until, and all such Debentures shall he scaled
witli tho seal of iho Corporation uud signed
by tho Mayor thereof.
8, Ther-nid Dobohturos shall bear date Ihe
20th day of July A.D. 1899, and shall in; mado
payable in twenty years from the snid dale, in
lawful monoy In Canada, al the oflttoo of tho
Hank of Montreal  in  Nolson aforesaid, Willi ll
said plaoo of pay men I shall bo design tod by
hy 'he said Debentures, and shall havo attached to thorn coupons for the pat ment of Interest, and tho signot imi to ihe int ores t oou-
pons may be cither written. Stamped, printed
or lithographed,
1. The said Debentures hIiuII benr interest at
the ratO of live perrenl mn per annum from t he
date I hereof, which Intorest *huil bo payable
somi-aniiually at said olBoo of tbo Bank of
Montreal ��t Nelson nforesaid, in lawful money
uf Canada, un the 30th day of January and iho
ZOtb <lay of July respectively, In each year during the currency tnoieof, and it Khali be ox-
pressed in said Debentures ami coupons to he i
ho pin able.
6. h .-hull  be lawful for the  Mayor of said |
Corporation to negotiate ��nd soil tho said Do-1
bonturos or any >>( tliom for h s-t than pur ; hut !
In no caso shall tho said Debentures or any of
th m bo 1 ogotlateior sold for Loss than ninety
live per centum of thoir faoo value, including
tho cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and
nil other incidental oxponsOS,
it Thero shall bo raised and levied in eaoh
yoardurtng the currency of said Debentures
tho suni of Boven hundred and llfly dollars
iTftii)forthopnymonl "f Interest-, mul the sum
uf ITlvo hundred and forty dollars (610) for Die
pay mon t of the debt undor tho said Debentures by a rate sullleiei.t therefor on all the
rateable land in tho said Municipality,
7. Il shall be   lawful  for the said   M   nicipal
CounoU to repurchase any of the said Doben-
turosupon suoh tonus as may bo agreed upon
with the UiKiil holder or holders thereof, or any 1
part Ihercof oithorat. lhe liino of sale or uny |
subsequont time or times, and nil Dobonturos
bo repurchased hhnil forthwith be can col led
nud d sfriiyeil. and no ro-lssuu of Debenluros,
co rcpurehosed shall \>r, made iu such ropur-,
8. This By-Law shall take effoot on lhe M
day of June;, A.D.,1899,
By-Law No. 40.
A Hy-Law to raiso $10,W)0 to extend the
Water Works System.
Whereas, A Petition has been presented to
the Municipal Council of tbe Corporation of
tho City of Nelson, signed by tho owners of at
least one-tenth of the value of the real property of the said City (OS -hown hy the last Assessment Uolll requesting the said Council to
int rodm 0 a By-Law to raise the sum of Thirty
thousand dollars IJ30.0001 fur ihe purpose of
extending the Wafer Works System of tin
said City.
And whereas, it is deemed no !OHsary and ex*
pedieat to extend the Waterworks System of
tho City of Nelson for the convenience of the
citizens and for live proti ctlun.
Aud Whereas, it is expedient to borrow the
said sum of Thirty Hum and dollars (30,000
tor the purposes aforesaid:
And whereas, the whole amount of rateable
land of the said City, according to tho loft revised Assessment Roll, is Eight hundred and
six thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
And. Whereas, if will bo requisite fo raise
annually by rate tho sum of Two thousand five
hundred and eighty dollars (2,580.00) for paying
the said debt and Interest.
Now, Therefore, the Municipal Council of
tho Corporation of the City of Nolson enacts as
follows :-
1. It shall and may be lawful for tho Mayor
of tbo Corporal ion uf the ('ity of Nelson to borrow, upon the cr ditof the sa d Corporation,
by wny of the Debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, wbo mny be willing to advance the same as a loan, a sum of money not
exceeding In Lhe whole the sum of Thirty
thousand dollars (30,100.00;, and to cause all
such sums so raised or received to he paid into
the band of the Treasurer of the Corporation,
fortho purpose-} and with tbe objects hereinbefore roeited.
2. ll shall bo lawful for the Mav or cf the said
Corporation-to cause any number of Debentures to ho made, executed and Issued for such
sum nr sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, notoxceedlng, however, tbo sum of Thirty thousand dollars (30,-
OHO.0U). each of the said Debentures being of
iho denomination of One thousand dull rs U.-
iwe.iD). and nil BUch Debentures shall bo sealed
with tbe seal of the Corporation and signed by
the Mayor tuureof,
li. The said Debentures shall bear date the
20thdayof July, A.D. 1899, and shall be made
payable in twenty years from the said date, In
lawful money of Canada, at the olllco of tbo
Hank of Montreal iu Nelson aforesaid, wh oh
said place of payment sba.l bo designated by
the Bald Debentures, and shall have attached
to them coupon- for the payment of interest
and the signatures to the interest coupons to y
be either written, Btamped, printed or lithographed,
1. The said Debentures shall hear interest at
the rate of live per Centum per annum from
the date thereof, which interest shall bo payable semi annually at said oilice of tbe Hank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money of Cai ada, on the 20th day of January
and the 20thday of July respectively, in each
year during the currency thereof, and itshall
bo expressed in.said Debentures and coupons
to bo so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate and sell the said Debentures or uuy of them for less than par; but
in no ease shall the Bald Debentures 01 any of
tbem be negotiated or sold for Ies- than ninety*
tlvo per centum of their face value, including
the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage
und all other Incidental expenses.
li. there shall be levied and raisrd in each
year during the currency of tahl Debentures
tho sum of Fifteen hundred dollars (1,600.00)
for the payment of Interest, und the sum of
Une thousand and eighty dollars (1,080.00) for
the payment of Iho debt due under the said
Debenluros bj a rate sufficient therefor on nil
the rateable land in the said municipality.
7. it shah bo lawful for the said Munloipal
Council to re-purchase any of tho said Debenture! upon such terms ns maybe agreed upou
wbh the legal holder or holder,, thereof, or anj
part itiereof, cither at the time of Bale or any
subsequont time or times, and all Debentures
bo repurchased Bhal) forthwith be cancelled
and 0 fiil roy ed, and no reissue of Debentures
so re-purchased shall be made in consequence
of such re-purchase,
8, This By-Law shall take effoot on the 1st
day of Jui.u, A.D. b09.
Take Notice. That tho above is a true copy
of the proposed By-Law upon which tho voto
of the Municipality will bo taken, for tho Kast
Ward at the Fire Hall on ,losephino Street; for
the West Ward at tne oilice of tbe Kxchoqucr
Gold Mining Co. on the north sido of Haker
.Street, between Stanley and Kootonay
-Street**, on tho east half of LotO, Block 11, on
Monday, the 29th day of May, instant, nt 8
o'clock in tiio forenoon.
Cily Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, May 10th, 1899.
ir.'M) ain.- Traill leuves C. P. U. station
for ittiiin   line,  and   Inler-
mediate points via blocan
Lake route daily.
8:00 anu���S.S. Moyie loaves for Kootenay Ld'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday nnd
0:40 a.m.���Train leaves N. & P, S,
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. 8, International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���tt. s. Kolcanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
���1:1 M p.m.��� S. S, Kokaneo leuves for
Kuslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4-j80 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kuslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday*
5:110 p.m.���Train arrives N.  & E\ B,
stal ion,     from    Spokane
Kossland and way  points  I
6:60 p.m. -S. H.  Moyie   arrives from
Kootenay  L'd'g and way!
points,  Tuesdays,   Thursdays and Saturdays.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves 0. P, R, station for Robson, Trail,
Rossland, etc , daily.
8.80 pi m.���Train arrives C. P. R. I
station from main line ami
Intermediate   points    via
Slocan Lake route daily.
10(80 p.m.���Train arrives (!. P, R, Bta-!
tion, from Hossland, Trail,!
Robson, etc., daily.
Transportation Companies are requested to
give notioe to tho Miner of any alterations ta1
the Unit'of irrival anddeuarturu from Nelson,
Si earn tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, Imi have no regular times of arrival ad departure*
Takfl Nol ice I Imi llu* ul-im* i*. li Inld OOpy nf
thopropoBod By>Law upon which ilm vow of
lln* i.i,-i|,,li* .   will bu   Ink  fur   lln   Km I
Wiuil nl ilm Kin* Hull on .Ini i.liim* Htraot, fur
Un* W1-1 Wardal tho olllco of iho Exchequer
Gold MininK Ho on *.ho north  lido of Baker
Provincial Land Surveyor.
The fliner
Will issue
about the
middle of June the Handsomest
and most Carefully Prepared
Presentation of the Resources
of the Kootenays that ever left
a press.
Sixteen Pages,
Containing views of Nelson and
all the Slocan and East Kootenay towns, and the mines tributary to each,
ioo Half Tones
are now being made from photos of the towns, leading business houses and hotels, and
leading citizens.
For Advertisers
This number will offer exceptionally favorable means of
making themselves known to
the people of this district, and
also of bringing their names
prominently before the outside
i   world.
Price Ten
Cents Each.
Leave list of names with ten
cents for each one at this office and we will
do the addressing and mailing.
Corporation of the City of
BY-LAW NO, 12.
A By-Law respecting nu Electric
Streot Bail way iu the City of Nelson.
Whereas, Thomas J. Duncan autl
Ernncis W. Peters, both ot the Oity of
Nelsou (representatives of the British
Electric Traction Company, Limited)
hereinafter called the "applicants,"
have applied to the City of Nolson for
the right of constructing, equipping,
maintaining and operating street railway lines in the City of Nelson, and
Whereas, tho applicants have applied
for the authority, right and privileges
to build,equip, maintain and operate
and from time to time roinovo and
chango a double track or single track
railway or tramway,with all necessary
sidetracks,switches and turnouts, poles,
wires, conduits, and all appliances
for the running of cars, carriages and
other vehicles ou, over and aloug Ibe
stroets or highways of tho City of Nelson, and
Whereas, it has boeu deemed advisable to grant the request of the said
applicants, subject to the terms aud
conditions and provisoes hereinafter
contained, aud ou the distinct agreement that the fulfillment of die said
terms, conditions and provisos in su
far as the same are prior iu point of
time to construction and operation of
such railway hue or portion thereof
shall be conditions precedent to ihe
coustructiou and operation thereof,
aud in so far as the terms and conditions hereinafter contained relate to
the operation, conduct aud manage
ment of said railway lines or system, or
any part thereof, tho same and the fulfilment of the same, shall iu all cases
be conditions precedent to the continued enjoyment of tho rights and privileges of the applicants under tbis By-
JNow, therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Nelson enacts as follows:
1. Subject to the fultiime it by the
applicants of the terras, conditions aud
provisos hereinafter contained, which
terms, conditions and provisoes and
the due fulfilment thereof are to be
taken, as hereiubefore stated, as conditions precedeut to the enjoyment of
the rights and privileges hereby granted, the applicants are hereby giveu
aud granted the exclusive right and
privilege to coustruct and maintain
complete and operate double aud single
track railways or tramways, and from
time to time to chango a double to a
single track railway or tramway, and
vice versa, with the necessary sidetracks, switches, turnouts, poles,
wires, conduits, and all appliances for
tho running of cars, carriages and
other vehicles adapted to the same on,
ovor, aud along auy of the streets or
highways of the City of .Nelsou, and
to run their cars, take, transport and
carry passengers and freight on the
sarno, by electric power or such other
power as may be fouud practicable,
but such power other thau electric
power shall, before being used, be first
approved of by the City Council.
2. The lines of said railway are to
be built, equipped aud operated subject
to the following regulations, and tlio
applicants are to conform thereto :
(a) Tho applicants before entering on
any street to construct any lino of railway shall make application to the
City for permission so to do, naming
the street, or stroets, across or aloug
which they desire to operate their
works, and bofore in any way prooead-
iug with the work shall recoivo the
approval of tho City Council.
(b) The construction of auy lino of
railway on any street or highway
shall not be commenced until a -plan
theroof showing tho location on streot,
position and style of track, road bed,
rails, poles, wires, and all other appliances shall have heen submitted to uud
approved by the City Engineer.
(c) No approval either ot the City
Council or tho City Egiueer shall have
any force or effect if the railway line
for which tho same has been givon has
not been fully constructed nud in operation within twelve mouths from the
timo of such approval.
(d) Tha location on streets, the position,style and gauge of all the tracks,
road bed, rails, poles, wires and all
other appliances shall conform to nnd
agree with the plans approved by the
Oity Egiueer, and the gauge shall be
the standard gauge (4 feet, 8Va inches).
(o) No uew line or oxtonsiou of existing line shall be opened for traffic
until the applicants have obtained a
certificate in writing from the City
Engineer that tho same has been constructed to his satisfaction, subject to
appeal from the decision of tho City
Engineer in tho event of refusal to
grant such certificate.
(f) The overhead or trolley system
is to be adopted.
(g) All poles erected shall bn so
placed as to interfere as little as possi-
hlo with all other uses of said streets,
uud both material aud workmanship
of said poles shall be of first class
quality, and on all graded streets said
poles shall be painted | and the applicants shall have tha use 0/ all electric
light poles owned by the Oity for
street railway purposes, provided tlio
same are properly braced and protected
hy tho applicants, with the approval
of the Oity Engineer.
(h) The coaches and cars to be used
ou the said lino of railway shall bo of
tho most modern stylo aud construction, suitable for the safety and comfort of the passengers ; shall when 111
operation be always sufficiently lighted
and heated, and shall havo painted
on conspicuous parts thereof in largo
plain letters, so thai the same may he
readily soou by'day or night, the route
or streot on which the same are to   bo
(i) Each car is to bo in charge of a
uniformed conductor, who shall clearly
anuouce the names of cross streets as
tho cars reach thorn. Conductors
shall only receivo and discharge passengers on the right or curb side of
tho cars on double track routes. Cars
aro not to be overcrowded (u comfortable number of passengers for each
class of cars is to be determined by the
Cily Engineer and approved of by tho
Oity Council. ) Cars shall bo stopped
at evory cross streot clour of such cross
street for Inking up or letting off passengers ; provided no car shall be required to stop at such oross street unless signalled by a presou or persons
desiring to board such cur, or by a person or persons on such car desiring to
be lot oil'. Ours ure to commence running on all routes not later than 0:110
a. m., aud to run until 11 p. in., and
each day at least IB oars shall be run
ouch wiiy ou eaoh   route, aud   when   a
census taken by tbo City shows that
tho City has a population of 12,000,
then at such intervals between (I a. m.
and 11 p.m. as the Oity Engineer with
the appioval of the City Council, may
from time to time determine.
1 j) The tracks of said railway linn
shall be laid, on streets improved and
graded so that carriages aud other
vehicles may easily travel over and
across at any or all points thereof with
the least possible obstruction and on
streets not constructed accordiug to any
established grade, tho said tracks of
sa'd rialway lines mny bo temporarily
laid, but shall he so constructed as not
to interfere with or obstruct the crossings of any streets intersected hv said
line, and on --uoh streets between such
intersections the said railway shall be
laid so as to impede us littlo ns possible traffic thereon, and according to
plans approved of by tho Oity Engineer ; and as soou as such streols are
graded, the said tracks shall bo altered
to conform to such grade, at tho expense of the applicants, aud tne said
tracks shall then be laid so that carriages and olher vehiclps may easily
travel over or aoross them.
(k)  Upon streets which are not  yet
improved and opened up by the City of
Nelson,    the   tracks  of   said   railway
linos mny be temporarily laid   according to plans approved   of  by the  City
Engineer, and may be thereafter altered by the applicants, and   the Olty  of
Nelson   will assist the  applicants   by
paying   one-half   tbe  cost   of clearing
trees   and   stumps  nnd ditching   such
portion of tbo stroets  as   mny  lie  required to be so cleared nnd ditched, or
ut the option   of   tbe Oity, such   work
may be done hy tbe City, aud ouo-hnlf
of the cost thereof shall be defrayed by
the applicants, and  should   the applicants require to do   such work in connection with tbe   opening up  of  such
stroets the Oity will givo the applicants
tbo   freo use of earth aud rock  on   the
streets, which tbey may need  for  ballast or otherwise,   and   which   in   the
opinion   of tho Oity Council is uot required by the City for street purposes;
but such material is not to ho taken so
as to bring tbe streets below tbo grade
ns established for such street or streets.
(1) Ordinary carriages and other vehicles mny travel, on, over aud   across
the said tracks, and it shnll be a   lawful for all and   overy   person aud persons whomsoever  to travel  upon   and
uso the   said   tracks  with their carriages,    or  other   vehicles,    loaded     or
empty, when and so ofton as they may
ploaso, provided   they do   not  impede
or interfere with tho cars of tho applicants running thereon, and subject  at
all times to tho right of the applicants
to  keoD upon tiio    said    tracks   with
their cars when meetiug or overtaking
any carriage or  other vehicle thereon.
The cars of the applicants shall be entitled    to    the  right  of way ou   said
trucks, and any vehiole,   horseman   or
foot passenger upon  said  tracks   shall
turn out ou the approach of any car  so
as to leave tbo said   tracks   clear; due
warning beiug given at   the   intersection of streets   of the approach of said
car by tho ringing of gong or bell.
(111) Haid applicants shall nr all times
maintain   the  ties,    stiingers,   mils,
turnouts, curves, sidetracks, pules,
wires, aud conduits in a stato uf thorough efficiency and to the satisfaction of the City Engineer, und shall
remove, renew and replace tho same
as oiroumstances may require, and
as the City Engineer may direct.
(11) Said applicants shall at all
times keep so much of the graded
streets occupiod by thoir saitl lines of
railway as may lie between the rails of
overy track and between   the   lines   of
very doublo   track   and   for tho space
���f eighteen (IS) inches on tho outside
uf every track iu good repair,   cleaned
f suow, ico and other obstructions, aud
shall cause tbo snow, ico nnd other obstructions to be removed as speedily
as possible, the snow aud ice to be
spread over the balance uf the street so
as to afford a safo and unobstructed
passage way for carriages and other
vehicles. Should tho Oily Engineer
ut any time consider that tho snow or
icu so obstructing tho suid portions
of the said Btreits bus not boeif properly or as speedily as possible removed
from or about the trucks of the said
railway lines or not properly or as
speedily as possible spread over the
said streets, he may anuse the same to
be removed or spread ns aforesaid, nnd
charge tbe expense thereof to the applicants, who shnll at once pay the same
to tlm City, if, however, tho City
Engineer is of tho opinion thnt such
snow or ice should be removed entirely
from the streets so ns to afford a safe
passage for sleighs and other vehicles
tbe said applicants shall 111 once do so
uf I heir own expense and charge, or in
caso of their neglect the City Kngineer may do so and charge the expense
to them, and they shall pay tbe same.
(O) Tho Mayor, the Ohief of Police
or the Chief of tho Eire Department
of the said City may order a suspension of the running of the oars on the
said stroets used by tbo said lines of
railway, or any of them, as he or they
may deem necessary during any (ire
on such street or streets. In case of
fire, the Chief of the Eire Brigade, or
all ollicers of the City, authorized by
the Mayor, may out or pull down any
wires, poles, structures or appliances
used to operate the ears on snid lines,
or uuy of them, or Incidental thoieto,
nnil neither tho Oi.ty nor such officers
shall be liable for any loss or damage
resulting   from   the outtlng or pulling
down thereof, but shall only be liable
for the actual cost or expense of repairing or replacing the same. The members of ibe Police or Eire Departments
of the Oity of Nelson, when in uniform, nnd tho policemen and deetec-
tivos exhibiting a badge are to be carried free of charge on ull of the slreet
cars operated by the said  applicants.
(p) Tho line of railway of the applicants, for tho conveyance of passengers, shall bo operated daily, and
should the said railway oease to be
operated at any time for a pi riod of
two (2) months in any one your, the
applicants shall lose all rights and
privileges hareby granted under this
by-law. Suoh failure to operate the
suid railway lines during tlie snid period mentioned is not to cause a forfeiture of the franchise and privileges
hereby granted, if the same should result from failure to obtain electric
power, or from uny Other canso for
whieh the applicants uro uot iu any
wny liable.
3. Single cash fares are not to be
more than ten (10) cents each. al)d
fares on any cars operated after 11 11.
in., are not to be moro than double Ihe
ordinary maximum single fare, A
class of tickets must be sold nt not
less than twelve (12) for one (-Jl) dollar.    School children uro   to havo   tlio
right to buy tickets at the rate not exceeding six (6) for twenty-live (35)
oe its, to bo used only on school days
betweeu the hours of eight a. in. aud
five p. m A ticket shall be deemed
a fare. A class of tickets must bo sold
ro bona fide workmon at the rate of
twenty (30) for one Hollar, the same to
be used only by workmen whou travelling on the cars between the time the
curs commence running in the morning and eight a. in., and between (i p.
m. and 7 :80 p. 111., such tickets to be
sold only at the offices of tho oompany
within the Oily of Nolson, lo bona lide
workmen, who must state their names
uud occupations, aud comply with
other reasonable conditions, The
classes of tickets above named, except
workmen's tickets, shall be kept for
sale on tho cars of the applicants ut all
times. In case of failure to supply
such tickers for purchase by passseu-
gors, then snid passengers shnll be carried free uutil such tickets aro provided.
-I.  The   applicants    snail   have   the
right to charge and collect from   ovory
person on entering any   of   their  curs
a fare, and any person refusing to  pay
any such faro may bo removed from tbe
ear.    The rate of fare for oach   passenger travelling on any one   of   the suid
lilies shall not   exceed   ten   cents,   including ordinary hand baggage, except,
on night curs as above  provided;   provided that no faro shall   be required of
a child under live years of  ago   while
travelling uuder the   caro   of  another
older persou, aud provided that   when
tbo same   passenger travels   over   two
or more streets or   lines in   the   City,
there shall   be   but   ono   fare for  the
whole distance so   travelled,   and   the
applicants when desired hy  passengers
shall issuo transfer tickets at tho point
of connecting   or crossing lino to  nny
passenger who bus  paid   one   fare  on
uuy line  operated   by   the   applicants
iu the Oity of Nelson, which   transfer
check shall entitle the passenger so receiving the sumo  to  a passage on any
connecting or  crossing   lino  operated
bv said appioants in said Oity.   A pis-
seuger shall he  entitled   to   ns   many
transfers for oue fare as shall be necessary to allow   oue   continuous trip or
passage over the   lines ot   the railway
from any  oue  point  on the said    l.ines
within thejCity of Nelson to any other
points on their said Hues   within   the
City, and such   transfer  checks  shall
be usod only by tho  person   receiving
tho sumo, nud   shnll   be   usod   within
ten minutes, or upon the   next   avail-
nble cur departing   upon a  connecting
or crossing   liuo  upon  which it is  to
be used.
5. Tho property of the applicants,
consisting of real estate, used in the
operation of thoir railway, and necessary for such purpose, road bed (which
hall include also the rails, poles,
ties aud any part or share of the pavement which has   been   constructed  by
the applicants unless appealed from
as hereinafter mentioned,    All repair
and construction shops, offices, ear
sheds or barns aud general buildings
(exoept power house) used hy the applicants iu the operation of their railwav shall be within the limits of the
s. The applicants shall be liable for
and shall indemnify tbe City for nil
damages arising out of the oonstruotion or operating of their railway,
9. Tho   Oounoil mny, after   the yoar
1900, by written notice served upon the
applicants, or uny 0110 of them, or any
one of tbeir officers   or agents  resident
in tbo Oity, or  any person whom they
shall by written   notioe   to   the  Oity
designate to represent them, ro reoeive
notices or   process, demand   the   construction   of   any new   liuo   or   lines
witihn tbo City limits  on   any   slreet
or     streets   as hereinafter     provided.
Lino or lilies must bo designated as   to
route and   terminus, uud must   extend
from line or lines already in operation,
At the (Into of such notice thoro   must
he nn average actual bona title resident
population   ot    nt  least 600 persons of
above five  yours  of  ago, for each half
mile of proposed   lino, living within a
distance   of one quarter of   a   mile   ou
each side thereof, and not  within one-
eighth of a mile of  any   parallel   line
already in operation, that is ; un   aver-
ago   of   live hundred for oach   quarter
square mile, measured as   above.    The
applicants shall construct nnd   operate
such new liuo or  hues within   twelve
months from such notice.    A bona lide 1
commencement  must be mndo   within
such reasonable time as may   bo   fixed
by Council when giving notice.
1. The applicants shall within four
months after the final passage of this
By-Law deposit with tho Oity Treasury
two thousand ($2,000) dollars to be retained by tbo City as security for tho
payment of any damages that, may re
suit to the Oily from the commencement of the building of such railway
and a failure to complete said two
miles as hereinbefore provided, and in
tors being unable or failing to agree*
upou tho said third uihitrator for one
week after their appointment or tho
appointment of the one of them who
was last appointod, then such third
arbitrator shall be chosen and appointed by the Ohief Jusitoe for the timo
beiug of the Supreme Court of the
Province of British Columbia, or in
rho event of tho Chief Justice being
sick, absent from the Province or
otherwise unable or refusing to aot,
Iben such third arbitrator shall be appointed by the senior judge of such
court. The decision or award of any
two of the snid nrbitrutots shall be
filial, such arbitration to be in ether
respects governed by the provisions
of the Arbitration Aot.oliaptor 0 of the
British Columbia StatuteH uf 1S97, or
its amendments.
14. Any person or persous who
shall iu any way or manner wilfully
obstruct the free passage of curs 011
and nlong the track or tracks upon
any of Iho applicants line of railway,
shall be liable upon conviction before
the City Police Magistrate, the Mayor
or any Justice or Justices of tho Pence
having jurisdiction to a fine not exceeding twenty dollars and costs, for
oach offence, and iu default of payment of said fine nnd costs, to be j
imprisoned io any police station or
lock-up houso iu the said City for a period not exceeding twniity-onn days,
unless such penalty and costs shall
have bivn sooner paid.
15. Tho City will not, during tho
ourrency of this franchise, grant auy
permit or franchise to any other person
or persons or corporation for the operation of a streot oar system 111 tne City,
or in any wny authorize the construction of n slreet railway system hy any
other person or persons or corporation.
16. The Oity hereby consent to
this By-law being ratified by the Legislature of the Province of British Columbia, and so loug ns the applicants
comply with tbe terras of this By-law
will not consent to nor approvo of ot
confirm, or in   any   other   way   assist
of the said Corporation bv �����
Debentures    hereinaftei���,nyt?Hi*
from anv person a"-personl"'" ���
bodies corporate, who ,
to advance the Bam,
of money not exc-edii
mny he
IS ,-|
."������">* **l si,
the sum of Ten lhoused'!!���!!''; "'I';1
000.00), and tb cause , si ch . ''
raised or re eivedio h ', ""'
,, 'Of the Tr, ,*,,,���,, '"'
Corporation, for *,],
with the objects   b, ,..
I,al"1 "'���    -.���'���'-in* ,*  ���,* ,|
���    purpose
16 -M.-IVlil.,,!-
>i-|>oraticin Io cause,,,,/"
benlmes to  l���*   , , i ' "'""���
'���'���'������.lundiss*.,.,,,*,,..^,,,,,    ^;;x.-
as may   be  11  m*   :*,,,. .,��� '   ' 8"ms
however, lh0 .,������, (ll* j V ' ' l;-;
dollars (110,000), each ....,"_ tll0.1��'ma
betaui'Bs being of tl,.
the said (
hor* of   I) bentu
One thousand doll
V1   H'"  said I),'.
11 nomination
,  ,, , "'s (1-1,000), ,*,,,,*
such Debentures shall be seal
the seal of the Corporatioi
by tbe Mayor thereof.
3. The saitl Debentures
date the 20th tiny ,,( July
and shnll be made payable
years from the said date,
money of Canada, nt, thi
"I all
'1   will,
nml Signed
shall   I,,,,,
case of such failure to complete the said j any other party or   company nrcorpor
in   twenty
in   lawful
Bankof Montreal'in Nelson afore,lhe
which snid place of payment  sludl
desisted by Ihe subfilcl,,.,,,,;,,"''
shall have attached lo thn,, ,.,���,��� ,
bu- the payment of Interest, ami tl
signature   coupons   may   1
lamped,   printed
all ii,.
4   'The said
mil; of
two miles within tho time hereinbefore
limited the City shall repay to (be applicants the said sum of two thousand
dollars nnd interest at the rate of five
per cent per annum, less any damnges
payable as aforesaid. Upou coniple-
tio of such two miles of railway said
sum of two thousand dollars shall be
repaid to said applicants, or their assigns, with interest iu the meantime
at the rate of five per cent, por annum.
11. If tho applicants comply with
the provisions of this By-Law and
shall operate the snid line or lines of
railway in accordance with the same,
they shall be entitled to enjoy the
rights nud privileges grunted under
this By-Law exclusively for tho term
of thirty-five (85) years, nnd at the
expiration thereof   the Oily of  Nelsou
ition iu obtaining from the Legisla
ture any rights or privileges to enter
upon or occupy any of the stroets of
the Oity of Nelson for the purpose of
operating a streot railway system.
The cost of legislation is to he puid
by the applicants.
17. All provisions of this hy-Lnw
shall appply to any extension of this
railway beyond the limits of the City
or any line or lines acquired, owued,
controlled or operated with or adjoining a Oity lino or lines wheu such
streets or routes come within the limits of Ihe City of Nelson.
18. All rights and privileges under
this By-Law may be transferred to
and become vested in a company to he
formed and organized by the applicants and their associates aud sunn
transfer, nnd all benefits and obligations arising under this By-Law shall
be   transferred   to   the said   Company
property or for operatiug and carrying
011 said railway.
(I. Whenever iho Oity of Nelson decides to pave any street or highway
traversed by any of such mil wny lines
tho applicants shall at tho sumo timo
pave in a similar manner, or in such
other manner as may be approved by
tho Oity Eugineer (provided that, such
pavement shall not be of a moro ex-
penssive kind than that, adopted by
tbo City) thoso parts lierein.iff.er referred to, and in case any streets in
which the applicants shall lay a railway track shall have been paved previous to the time of laying of such track
the applicants shall upon laying their
track ropave the same aud keep iu repair tlie same as hereinafter provided.
Tho parts referred to shall be:
In case of a single track; between
the rails and eighteen inches on oach
side of them,
i any rights to utilize or dispose of paw
I er for any other purpose thnu the oper-
I at.ion   of   their railway  or   incidental
thereto,   or   to   permit    any person or
'corporation     supplying     them     with
are   not j power to have any such rights
but the I    2(. A contract embodying   tho   pro
file  applicants)   shall   bo   exempt for j may on giving   one   year's   notice  of
the space of ten (10) years from mimic-   their intention so to do assume owner- t     -
ipal taxation, and no taxes   or licenses \ ship of tho said railway and   personal \ which shall thereupou become   and be
hull be   levied or collected   from   the j property 1,1 conuectiou    therewith,   of j liable in the  place   of tbe   applicants
applicants duriug said period upon said j every kind and description, upon pay- | for the proper carryiug   out aud fulfilment of the full valuo of tho same, in- 1 ment of this By-Law.
cludiug    the   value of any   pavement      19, Nothing in   this   By-Law   shall
made or done by or at the  expense   of | be construed us giving   the   applicants
the applicants, to bo determined by arbitration,     and   iu   considering   snch
value, tho franchise, rights   nud privileges   granted   uuder    this   By-Law.
and the revenue, prolits aud dividends
derived 01 likely to be derived
to bo taken info consideration
arbitrators are to consider only the act- [visions hereof, and a covanant on the
ual value of the actual and tangible ' pnrt of the applicants to conform to
property, plant, and equipments and j and fulfil all tho matters nnd provis-
works connected with and necessury to ions hereby required of them Bhail be
the operation of tho said railway, in. drawn and shall bo executed by tho
chilling such pavement, if any, and 'City and the upplioants within four
after the end of the said term of said months from the passing of this By-
thirty-five years, (he City   shall have  Law.
the right nt tho end of each  succeeding      21. In   this   By-Law   the expression
live (6) years to tnke over, assume  and   "City" shall mean tho City of Nelson
purchase the said lines of  railway and ""-���**"'
rail wny system, nnd nil tho plants, appliances and other   property connected
Incase  of  double   track;    betweeu  therewith, upon the terms   hereinafter
both sets of rails and  eighteen  inches mentioned provided for as to   arbitra- ���        ..-,
on each side outside of both traoks and   tion, and the notice  required in   such 1 binding upon tho applicants, their and
betweeu   eaoh  inside   of   both   tracks  caso shall be one year, and until  such   each of their heirs,   exeoutors,   admin-
oommonly    known    as   the  "devil" j assumption   and   purchase   the  rights  istrators,  and   assigns,   where  name!
strip. and privileges nre to ho extended to the  and mentioned in connection with the
Tlie parts   referred   to   as   aforesaid | applicants  beyond   the said period   of j word     "applicants."    wherever    the
ball bo kept constantly in good repair j thirty-five  years    on   and subject   to ! same occurs in this By-Law, and shall
who shall   also ! the terms and conditions   herein   eon-1 also wherever referred   to   be  binding
111   good  repair i tained. |in   evory wny   upon a eompauy  to   be
nature to   thoso!    12. After tho   expiration   of   fifteen j formed and organized by the applicants
tho limits j (16) years of the said   thirty-five years j and their associates.
.  , , "tares shall  bear
intei-estiitl.be ml oof (he per centum
per annum from tho da;.* tli
which interest, shlla be pnyabl
annually at said office of the I
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid in lawful
money of Canada, on the 20th de '
January and the ��)th day of July���
spectively, in each year during the
currency thereof, and it shall be ex
pressed in said Debentures and counom
to be so payable.
5. Itshall be lawful for the Mayor
ofsattl Corporation to negotiate and
sell the saitl Debentures 01
them for less than par ; bul i
shall the said Debentures or
of them be negotiated or sold
than ni in
auy   of
1 im case
anv pari
"Oity Council" the City Oounoil of
the City of Nelson ; "City Engineer"
the enigueer of the City of Nelson,
and tho word "applicants" shall in-
I elude,   refsr   to nnd be in   every  way
hv the said applicants
construct und keep
crossings of similar
adopted by the Oity within
aforesaid at the intersection   01   every 1
railway  track   ami  cross   street.   In years thereafter
case the City Engineer considers tbat ling one year's notice of their inten-
tha paving or repairing of pavement tion so to do, assume the ownership of
on streets within the lines above men-i the railway or all real nnd persona'
tinned has not been properly or stitfici- property in connection with the work-
ently done, the City may nirect that the 1 mg thereof, of every kind and description as a going concern, upon payment
work may be dene ami completed un
tier the directions of the Oity Engineer
a.ul in such cases all expenses and
charges to which the City has been put
shall be forthwith paid to tho City by
the applieauts, it being the understanding that any question as to
whether repairs are necessary or have
been properly done  by the City  shall
be subject, to the decision   of  tho   Oity
The Oity shall upon reasonable notice
of their Intention so to do, have tho
right to take up ami replace tbe streets
traversed bv ihn railway line for the
purpose of altering tlie grades thereof,
constructing, or repairing pavements,
sewers, drains or conduits, or for lay
ing down or repairing wator or gas
pipes, and for all other purposes within the powers of the Corporation, the
same being replaced by and ut the expense of flit) City Without being liable
for nny compensation or   damage   that
the Oity   of   Nelson   may   for  fifteen!    Doue and passed iu   Oouncil  at   the
at any timo,   on giv-! City of   Nelsou   the day   of
 A. D., 1899.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of tho proposed bylnw upon
which the vote of the Municipality
will be taken. For the East Ward nt
the Eire Hall, on Josephine streot.
For the West Ward at the Office of the
icty-llve per centum nf their
face value, including tbe cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage ami ail
other incidental expenses.
6. There shall be raised and levied
in each year duriug- the currency of
saitl Debentures the 1sum of Five hundred dollars (4600.00) for the payment
of interest,and the sum of Three hundred anil sixty dollars ($360.00) for the
payment of the debt thu* under the
S'dtl Debentures by a rate sullicient
therefor on all the rateable laud in the
said municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for the snid
Municipal Council to re-purchase nny
of the saitl Debentures upon stub terms
as may be agreed upon with the legal
holder or holders thereof, or any purl
thereof, either at the time of salu 01*
any subsequent time or times, and nil
DebentUies     SO     repurchased    shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
and no re-issue of Debentures su ir-
purchased shall be made in consequence of such re-purchase.
8. This By-Law shall take effect on
the first day of June, A. D. 1800.
Take Notice, That the above is a
tine copy of the proposed By Law upon
which the vote of the municipality will
be taken, for th,' Hast Ward, al the
Eire Hall, on Josephine Street, for the
West Ward, ut the office of tbe Exchequer Sold Mining Co., on Ihctinrlli
sine of Baker Street, between Stanley
ami Kootenny Streets, on the east half
of Lot 0, Block 11, on Monday, the2))th
day of May, instant, at 8 o'clock in (he
Citv Cleric.
Nelson, B. 0., Mny 10th, 1800.
Corporation of the Oity of
of the lull value of Iho  same,   inolud
ing tho value of  tlie  pavement   made
or dono by or at the expense of the ap
plioants, to bo  determined by arbitra- lExoheqoer Gold Mining Company on
tl,...        .....1   ..1...1I       -,__    ___,        .- V....II.   ..i,,..     ~e     ��_,      nt .     '.      .
may bo occasioned to file working of |tlliB By-Law
thu railway or the works connected
therewith, and suoh work shall not
be unnecessarily delayed but shall be
earned on and completed with all reasonable speed, regard lining had to the
proper anil efficient execution thereof.
Tho privilege granted under this sec-
ton is ulso subject t'l any existing
rights (Statutory or otherwise) of uny
other corporation which now litis or
hereafter shall have the power to  open
tion, and shnll upou the expiration of
snch year's notice pay to tho appli-
ennts, in addition (o tho actual value
of tho actual and tangible property,
plant equipments and works connected
therewith aud necessary to the operation of the railway a further sum of
five years' prospective profits iu connection with tlie business as a going
concern, anil such live years prospective prolits shall be arrived at. hy calculating the average profits of the railway three years previous from tho tlato
of suoh assumption uud three years
from und ufter the date of such assumption ami snch prospective profits so to
bo paid shall be deemed to lncludo all
rights, benefits and advantage conferred under tlio franchise  granted by
North side of Bakor Stroot between
Stanley and Kooteuay street. On Monday tho 89tb day of May at eight
o'clock in tho forenoon.
Citv Olerk.
Nelsou, B. 0., May lfi, 1899.
Corporation of the City of
18,  The decision of the City Engineer
with respect   to the provisions of subsections "E, " "O," "II, " "I, "   "j"
and "N," of section   two (2) 'of  this
bylaw shall be   final   nnd   conclusive,
subject  only   to   appeal   to   tho  City
Council, and should nny dispute   arise
between tlie Olty   nud   the  applicants
with reference   to tho carrying out  of
tiny other portion   or   portions   of   the
provisions  of   this By-Law or   should
nr take up   streets  of   the   City, such ! there be an appeal from the decision of
rights   to   bo   exercised   with tho per-j the City Engineer, with respeot to the
mission autl under tbe direction of the | carrying   out   of  any portion or   por-
Oity Engineer, * tions of thn provision's of this By-Law
7. The applicants shall commence I then such dispute or appeal shall be
the actual building und eituipping of settled by arbitration and suoh arbitrn-
their linos of railway in tho Oity with- tion shall be conducted bv three arbi-
111 a period of four (-1) months after trators, one to bo chosen by each of the
the liual passage of this By-Law, and | parties hereto and tho third to be ap-
suoh oonstruotion shnll bo thereafter I pointed by the two so chosen as a fore-
carried on continuously   and diligently j saitl.    In   the    event of   either   party
hereto failing, neglecting cr refusing1!
to choose nu arbitrator for fifteen
days nfter being requested in writing
by tho olher pnrty to do so, then the
pnrty who makes such request shnll
appoint tho arbitrator for iintl in bo-
half of Iho party so failing, neglect,
ing or refusing as aforesaid,amf in the
further  event of   tho said two arbitra-
until the applicants shall havo completed ut least two miles of their lino |
nf railway in the City of Nelson, nnd
should any question arise as to whether
suid railway is being constrticted continuously und diligently the City Engineer shall have the power to decide
upon suid ipiestion and his do 1
cisiou     shall    be      binding       upon
By-Law No. 44.
A By-Law to raise $10,000 for the
erection of Public Buildings.
Whereas, A Petition has betn presented to the Municipal Council of the
Corporation  of the City of   Nelson,
, signed hy the owners of at least one-
tenth of the value of the real property
of the saitl Oity (as shown by tho last.
Assessment Boll), requesting the said
Council to introduce a By-Law to
raise (he sum of Ten thousand dollars
($10,000)  for the purpose of erecting
! Public Buildings In the Oity of Nelson,
or for extending  and  improving the
1 present buildings.
And,  Whereas,  It is expedient to
I borrow the saitl sum of Ten thousand
dollars (110,000) for the purposes aforesaid.
And, Whereas, The whole amount
of the rateable land of the said City,
according to the last revised Assessment. Roll, is Bight hundred nnd six
thousand, eight, hundred and seventy
dollars ($80(1,870.00).
And, Whereas, It will be requisite
raise nmiiially, by rate, the  sum of
Eight hundred and sixty dollats (jwoo)
for paying the said debt und interest.
Now/Therefore, the Municipal Council of tlie Corporation of tho Oity of
Nelson enacts as follows :���
1, It shall and may be lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of the Oity
of Nelson to borrow,  upon the credit
By-Law No. 38.
A By-Lavr to raise $15,000 to extend
lhe Sewerage System.
Whereas, A Petition has been presented to the Municipal Oouncil of the
Corporation of the City of Nelson,
Bigned by the owners of at least one-
tenth of the value of the real property
of the said City (as shown by lhe last
Assessment Roll), requesting the sniil
Council to introduce a By-Law to raise
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
($15,000.00) for the purpose of extending tlie Sewerage System of the said
And Wlierereas It Is deemed expedient to borrow the said sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000.00) for the
purpose aforesaid.
Ami Whereas The whole amount of
the rateable land of the said Cily, according to the last revised Assessment
Roll, is Eight hundred and six thousand eighi hundred and seventy dollars (1806,870.00).
And Whereas, It will ho requisite lo
raise annually, by rate, the sum of
Twelve hundred ami ninety dollorB
($1,-290.00) for paying the saitl debl und
Now, Thorefore.The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Oity ef
Nelson enacts as follows ;
1. It shall and may be lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of the Oity
of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit
of the said Corporation, by way of lhe
Debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may bo willing
to advance the same as a loan, 1, stun
of money not exceeding In the whole
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
(115.000), and to cause all such sums so
raised or received to be paid Into the
hands of the Treasurer of the said Corporation, for tne purposes and With
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number ef debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sunt or sums
as may be required for tlie purpose
and object aforesaid, not exceeding,
however, the sum of Fifteen thousand
dollars ($15,000), each of the said Debentures being of the denomination ot
One thousand dollars ($1,000.00), nnd
all such Debentures shnll be sealed
with the seal of the Corporation 8MI
signed by the Mayor thereof.
8. The said Debentures shall bear
date the 20th day of July, A.D. ��
and shall be made payable In twenty
years from the suid date, In I**'"'1,"1
money of Canada, at the offloe or tne
Bank of Montreal In Nelson ufoi'i-sai'l*
which said place of payment shall ej
designated by   the  saitl  DebentUl'
and shall huvo attached to tbem
pons for the payment of interest,
All Arrangements Ave Concluded, and the
Affair  Promises to   Be  a
       Great Success.
Tbe Library Bull takes plaoe this
evening. It is un event which has
been looked forward to for some time,
and tho indications now uro that it
will be a huge success Last night
there was a meeting of the general
committee iu the Opera House and the
final arrangements wore made. Decorating such a big and bnro place is a
largo proposition, but it is progressing
well, and by this evening the houso
will presont a very pretty scene. The
tickets are being soltl rapidly, and Ihe
indications nre thnt the attendance
will bo a large one, but as the tlancirg
spneo is also large there will he no
crush. The reasonable price of tickets,
two dollars, for gentlemen, und one
dollar for ladies, makes it possible for
all to attend and tho worthy object to
which the funds will bo devoted is another incentive to purchasers of tickets.
This morning all those who so kindly
promised to provide provisions are requested to send them to the Opera
Houso so that they will be in plenty
of time to be properly arranged and
placed on the tables. The refreshment committee bus met with very en-
oouragingjsuooess in providing delicacies for the supper. All the ladies and
gentlemen on the general comniilt e
aro requested to be at the Opera House
a? soon after luncheon as possible today. There will bo threo or four
hours' work in placing tho furniture
in position nml putting the finishing
touches on tbe decoratious. This work,
of coarse, must, be done and peoplo
must be there to do it, so it is hopet1
thut nil the members of the committees will be on hnnd.
The entrance this evening will be
ou Ward slreet where a largo light
will be over the door. Tho main en-
trnuoe will bo closed. The door to be
used will take tho guests into tho
dressing rooms without making it necessary for them to go through the hull
room. The first dunce will be played at 9 o'clock. Everyouo is request-
ed to have tho ticket ready before the
door is readied.
Enough  Powder     Storod  Across
Kiver to   Destroy  Ntlson.
There tloes not seem to be much use
of drawing the attention of tho Pro-
vueial Government to any grievance
in Nelson. It mny bo that other ministers besides Mr. Hume, "havo it iii
for Nelsou" or it may be that they
are so discouragedjwith their failure nt
mining legislation, of which the
eight hour law is au evideneo, thnt
thoy are afraid of doing anything
else that effects this district for fear ot
a general explosion. It is just this explosion that Nelsou ueoplu fear, and if
the Provincial Government would see
that their laws nre carried out tie
danger of tho explosion would disappear.
In the powder magazine directly
across the river from the City there
are stored at present 4b tous of dynamite and six tons of black powder. The
law stales thut. no powder is to be
stored within two miles of uu incorporated town or Village, Vet this serious menace to life and property in
Nelson is allowed to exist without
any effort being made to remove it.
The awful consequences of nn explosion are bind to contemplate. It
would destroy every Jbuilding in Nelson and would probably kill every in-
hnbitnut of tho City. Something
might happen auy minute to cause an
explosion as the danger is real and
not imaginary. The question will be
brought before tbe grand jury nt tbe
npprtmohing assize, und tbe indictment
of nil thoso iu anyway responsible for
the dynamite aud powder being tin re
will not be an improbable result of tho
graud jury's investigation.
The Merchants There Are Not Placing
Thoir  Usual Ordors.
Mr. W. Hunter, the woll known
merchant of Silverton, wns in the City
yesterday, aud was interivewed by a
Miner reporter us to the feeling in the
Hloean regarding tl-e eight hour question. Ho saitl thut the legislation oame
ns a groat surpriso to everyone in the
Slocan, and that, several miners hnd
told him personally that thoy pieferrtd
the old regime of $8.60 for 10 hours,
to $3.00 for eight, or to an Interruption in thoir work.
Although he was au uctivo supporter
of Mr. Green in tho Inst general election, Mr. Hunter appeared to strongly
deprecate the roconf, eight hour legislation. He snid that before this came
everything pointed to a mst prosperous summer iu the Slooan, but now
none knew what would happen. If
tho minors accepted tho mine owner's
offer of $3.00 all might yet be well,
but. a strike would throw tho country
back terribly. Already the uncertainty
was having Its effects. The merchants
in the Slocan wore not nrdoring.nl any
rate not ou their usual scale,for four of
being left with largo stocks unsaleable.
Business men do not act thus out. of
sentiment, and suoh an action spunks
louder than anything elso as to tho
harm done by oven tbo fear of a conflict between labor and capital.
The upper part of the man's face was
badly hurt, and one of tho eyes injured, while his whole face wus badly
powtler burned. He wns brought to
town on yesterday afternoon's train.
He was resting fairly eiu-ily when
seen Inst evening at the Kootenay Lake
General Hospital, but it is considered
probable that au operation will be
necessary to save the sight of the eye.
The doctors have every hope of saving
the sight.
A   Miuer   iB   Seriously     Hurt  While
Handling a Rifle.
A painful accident whloh may yet
have sonous results occurred about
1 :30 p.m. yesterday, at tbe Royal Canadian mino. \ minor named William
E. Truran was endeavoring to insert* a
shell Into his rifle, but tho shell wns
too large and it  suddenly   exploded.
H. H. Davison a well known Toronto drummer is among the arrivals nt
the Phair.
Skilled workmen were busy most of
vtsterday in preparing the floor of the
O 'era House for tho ball tonight.
The familiar tre.ik of the lawn
mower oan once more be beard throughout ihe residential portions of tho
Mr. P. Burns, the oattle kiug,
arrived in the City last evening, nnd
is registered at the Phair. Ho will
spend a few days iu Nelsou.
An ice cream socinl will bo held this
evening in the Baptist Church at 8
o'clock. A short programme of music
has boeu prepared.    All aie invited.
If thnt photo is to bo reproduced in
The Minor's Special Kootenay Number it must be in this olllco beforo the
ead of the week. Only threo davs
A surface drain has beeu mado for
tbe little stream that, diverted from
its course along Silica street threaten-
e I to tear up Hondryx street completely.
We are requested to stato that the
first dance of the Library Ball this
evening will commence at 9 o'clock
3. 3. Feutot, attorney for the Excelsior Cold Miues, and Ernest Mans-
lield, manager, oame into town from
Kuslo yesterday. They report that, the
snow still prevents tbem from gaining
access to tho mino,  the Joker group.
There are still some tickets unsold
for the raffle of the Purdy gun at the
"Oilice." A cartridge magazine ease
and some 300 cartridges me included
with the gun. The draw will take
place as soou ns the 150 tiokets are
There will bo no drill for the Nel
son Rifle Company tonight. The next
drill will bo heltl on Friday evening
next and a full attendance is requested
ns the measurements for uniforms is
to be tuken. The uniforms will arrive by this afternoon's barge.
The boys of the junior football teams
aie practising every afternoon on the
baseball grounds. The youngsters ure
in good shape for a mutch on the 24th,
hut so far none of the rival towns get-
tiug up celebrations for the 24th have
discovered what a splendid opportunity they are letting slip.
The lacrosse team are practicing
steadily and ou���ht to put up u good
game on tbo 24 th. The team as at
present constituted is G. Henderson,
1'. Lynch, F. Grant, J. Thompson, J.
(.'oisholm, H. Howtlen, C. Perrier, A.
Jeffs, F, Meueury, \V. G. MoMorris,
W. Eraser, B. Archibald.
The map committee of the Eotrd of
Trad4 hold a final meeting yesterday
a tornoou, when thoy selected the
views thnt will bo incorporated in tho
naraphlet��� there will be tight iu all.
The pamphlet will be sent to Winnipeg
on Monday to be printed, where the
map will also be lithographed.
An eleven and a half pound dimwits brought into town yesterday. The
lucky fisherman stutes that the lish
did not light at all, but suffered itself
to be dragged to the shore, when he
put; au end to its sufferings with a
club. He wns fishing off' tho shore
below tho rapids with a light rod und
It is to bo hoptd thnt somo of thoso
who stumble across tho corner of Ward
and Victoria streets to-night on their
way to and from tho bull and pick
tbeir steps over broken sidewalks und
ruts iu darkness will bo sufficiently
impressed by the need of nu electric
light nt the corner to press Jthe matter
on thoso in power.
A verv ingenious li'tle device has
been put into effect to assist in the
excavating necessary for the foundation
of the Hudson's Bay block. One of
the tracks on which tbe dump ear
rims has Vieen mado nil inclined roadway, high enough to permit the ear
crossing under it, with a round hole
over the centre of the tracks so that
the scrapers can lie driven up and
across, discharging the earth earned
down into the cur below,thus effecting
a eousiderablo saving of time and lu-
John Cholditch St Co., a branch of
tl e wholesale grocery firm nf McMillan
St Hamilton of Vancouver, havo open
ed thoir business here. Five carloads
of stock have arrived ami nro being
placed iu the ware honso rented from
Turner, Beotou ,fc Co., nml situated
on Water street. The company will
Immediately commence construction
of a two story -warehouse on the two
lots adjoining and will curiy ono of
Ihe most extensive stocks in the Kootenays, Mr. Hamilton will remain
bore ns manager and will bring his
family hero shortly.
The party of prominent expross com.
pany men returned to tho City last
evening after having spent tho day
iu Bossland. Tbey leave this morning
for a trip to Sandon ami intermediate
points and will continue their trip to
the Coust. Thoy still think this country is about the greatest one on earth
and are considering (he advisability of
buying up the Pnyno, Le Roi antl a
fow other B. O. mines and settling
down here. Those who recoivo parcels
by express from tho East think that
the companies are making money fast,
enough but perhaps a few paving
mines would bo attractive to tho ollicials.
The arrivals at the  Phair yesterday
were. \V. Hunter, Silverton, ; O. A.
Mortimer, Spokane! ,1. E Poupore,
Nakusp; J. 0. Oumstook, Rossland ;
Miss Oumstook, Rossluud; E. Oar-
rnlhcrs, New York; R Stewnrt, Spokane;'!'. P. Mclntyre, Winnipeg; H.
H, Davison, Toronto; \V. H. Aldridge, Trail; P. Burns. Onlgarv ; Joe.
Sbeonrd, Chicago; W. S. Stout, Toronto; J. A. Boswell, tl. 0, Newman,
W. H. Burr, H,   h.   Meyer,   Toronto;
S. T. Stewart. Montreul; S. A. Davis,
St. Pnul; G. Ford, Winnipeg; C. A.
Farquharson, Brigden; Thos. Mai-
oney, Sarnia; B. A. Briggs, New
York ; Frank Buyer, Fort Steele ; F.
H. McHoag, Boulogne; A. T. Arthur,
Creston; John Babbitt, Mrs. White,
Miss Johnson, Miss Buell, Cranbrook,
M. Cowan, Creston.
tlel.in olof-|CU 1 IC'port,
(Observations taken by A. H. Uoltltch.)
DAY         HIGH
Mny 12
Friday       53.0
May 13
Saturday   55 0
30 0
Mny 14
Sunday      64.0
May 15
Monday    (17.0
May 10
Tuesday    53.0
May 17
Wcd'day   bti.O
May If
Thursday  01.0
?7 95
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates or>.
Roofing b
We make n Specialty of
Hot Air, Hot Water   and
Steam Heating,
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
Shelf aud Heavy Hardware,
That all work entrusted to us
will be well done.
Anything" worth doing
worth doing well.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allan Line���Co vadonga May 97
Allan  Liuo���Gallia Muy 20
Dominion Line���Vancouver.. May 20
Dominion Line���Dominion  ..June3
Beaver Line���Lake Ontario Junel
From New York
White Slar Line���Cymric May 24
Ounard Line���Servia  May 23
American Line-St Louis May 21
Anchor Line��� Kthiopia.   Mny 27
Allan Statu Line���Mongolian May 20
From Hoston
Dominion Line���New England May 31
Passages arranged to and from all Buropea
pointH. For rates, tickets and full informal io
apply to Q. P, R, depot agent or C, E. Beaaley
City Ticket Agent, Nelson, B, ii.
5io)   General Agent. O 1'. H. OfneoH Winnipeg.
Diamond Core Drill
intiile fm- development of
Shares tukeu in  pnrt pny-
Nelson Employment Agency
,r)0 Men for railroad,
Girl for out of town,
Blacksmith wants Situation,
Baker wants Situation.
Carpenter wants Situation.
Cooks want situation.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker St
aamble & O'Reilly.
House and two lots, with seven rooinH, on
Carbonate street, near Cedar street, $2500.
Boarding Houae With 27 rooms on Vernon
street for sale or rent, good husinesH proposition.
New house, suitable for dwelling or boarding
house, 13 rooms und basement, heated by furnace.   For rent on Ward and Silica streets,
Also a large list of the best Hesidentia
orty in tho city.
Agents for Addition "A" and "Hume" Addition,
The British Columbia Permanent Loan and
Havings Company, who give tho most reason*
able terms lo borrowers, allowing Principal to
be paid otr at any time without Charging any
Gamble & O'Reilly,
And think that there will he no hot weather
this year, because we are having a few cool
days. T. e warm weather will come with a
rush, and find you unprepared unless you get
your Summer Shoes and Oxfords now.
Our lines are fresh and complete. Come and
get first choice.
Aberdeen Block.
Can be obtained here at  Sacrificing
Prices.      Before   buying elsewhere call  and sec the
.  .   stock  of .  .
Baker St.
Two Carloads just received. Try our Prices,
then try our Goods. We guarantee everything we
sell in the Paint Line.
Agents in Nelson for Cabot's Creosote Stain.
Who is your Hatter ?
.   .   .   NECKWEAR, UNDERWEAR, &c?
If you are not satisfied that you are doing as well as
you can do, both for style and price, why not see what we
can do for you '*** Our Stock is all New Fresh Goods and
Prices are Moderate.
We have Stetson's, Roelof's and other American
makes of Soft Felt Hats, and are Sole Agents in Nelson
for Coaksey's Stiff Hats.
Underwear of English and German Manufacture.
Mail Orders receive careful and prompt attention.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Box i48, Neison. Emory & Walley
Before going, call at DesBkisay's, where you will
get promptly and profitably outlined. Goods packed in
cotton sacks and re-packed in gunnies ; or packed in
boxes, if preferred.
We can fix you up in any style, and all jou have to
pay for is merely the goods. No extra charge for packing
or delivering.
Largest and best selected stock in   town   to   choose from.
Prices right.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported  direct  from   English,   American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, li- C.
Ladies'   Blouses.
at $1.00.
at  $1.25.
al Si.50.
at 81.50.
ai Si.75.
Martin O'Reilly &Cr.
WEST B&l���*������.-[ SI
S '.CQ
I hnve seven Lots lhat I will sell
separately or .-ill t* getber, fourofthrm
mt Nelson Aveuue, where tin* Street
Ours are expected to run, uud the others
tin* also well situated.
Tit in*, one-third cash down, and
bnlance in :i and ti oiOH at S per ce tt.
Other Choice Lots.
Money t*> Loon.
fin* Insurance af Lowest Rates.
Mining ami  Real   Estate   Brok v
Turner-Boeckli Block, Nejsou.
Fancy Dry Goods, Silk
Shirt Waists and Dress
Skirts always to be had at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
Hotel for sale tP.000, rentinp- for $100
per mouth.
Baker street property foi sale nt $s,
iw, renting lor Slid pet month, leased
for b year*-.
Twelve Lots in Uuaie Addition, ohenp.
A lii-roomed House f* 1 rent, convenient to Baker Btreet.
Money to loan at 8 p..  cent.   Fire nml
Lit,* Asstii'iiuce.
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &   Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The ouly all mil route without chaug
of cars betwuea Nelsou aud Kossland and
Spokane aud Kossland.
!*eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5*30 p.m
"   11*55 "   HOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6*30 p-m
Train Hint leaves Nelaon nt 9:10 nm
nniki-H olose oonneolione at Spokane tot
ull Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers tor Kottb* River and Boundary Oreek,connect at Marcos withstand
O. (i. DIXON, (i. P, &T.A.
.Spokane   Wiutli
Anent.Nelson, 11. O,
Keeps a full line of Royal Seals and other Union
made Brands of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg Co.
Factory Prices.
Foil RENT,  Tho premlsee at present  u-
|,l,*,l   uh  ThO   Miller   (Mil**,*.    PollfliiiOl*   IM   of
Juno,   Apply on tin* premises,
WANTED. Qtrl for general housework, for
family of throo. Apply Dominion Expressl nil**,*.
MUSIC LE880N8, ��� On plnno organ ur
guitar, bjf Mrs. W. J. A^tloy, Holmou utruo'
rwo dour** west of Btanloy,   1 . 0, Hox 1*40.
MUSIC I.kssons--singing nml Piano, liy
Mrw. Sydney Oliver, Obncivatory Htreot, two
doors wiiii of .Stanley.
Knit BALK iiM newspapers at U conut -por
itKi. Just tlm thing io imi under oat-pot���
Minor offloe,
WANTED  A boy not younger than IS to do
Hull! wink   nml loam a tnido.   Apply Minn*
A FINE OPENING in business (or a parson
with moderate capital,   Proprietor wants tc
*ell nut on in roiinl nf leaving foi* Iho old country,   Aililre*.* "A. ti.." I hi*, ofMco.
WANTED Kvi'i-y mini, woman and child n
Nob-on to send ooplM of Tho Minor'H special
Kootenay Number to Mends in the Bast,
Lewename* wiih tonSoonts for eaoh ono
tlllH nfflOS anil W0 will ilolln* r,"*l.
TO BENT   An offloe and bedroom, furnish
i'il.    Iiniiii'iliiili* po-KC-Mon muy ho hnd.   Au
ply Harold Scions.
B.Tytlei Is now prcpamil lo give Ici-hOns tell ber
private orouusl in oil an*! water ooloi,  Bkotoh-
lug frum untuni.    Kor term** apply  S.  Tytlor
Maker SI. We.i.    p. l). Hux .',71.
KOH KENT Two roomed olllco next to .ho
Opera House on Victoria St., ��I5 per month
Apply .Miner ulllee
\        KOOTENAY jfe
The Ymir Gold Mines. Limited.
The Duncan Mines, Limited,
Thn Loudon Hill Development & Mining Company.
! The   Exohequer   Hold   Milling   Com-
A great deal of development work
with the most encouraging results is
being douo ID the ,St. Mary's district
Of East Kootenny. Steady work has
been prosecuted all winter ou the
olainis operated by the Pyramid Kootenay Syudicato on Pyramid Creek,
���whose B. C. representative^ Captain
Petty. Adjoining these is the Blue
Peter on Alki Creek, on which some
80 feet of work has been doua. This
claim belongs to Mr Pollen,Jwho leaves
in the morning to resume work. The
claims belouging to tho Pyramid Copper Syndicate were also worked all last
summer with satisfactory results,
and work will be resumed on them at
an early date. The oro on these
claims is coppor and pynhotite. There
are two distinct series of ledges
through that part of the country, one
consisting of copper, pyrrhotite and
quartz, und the other of copper, galena
and oalcite. The Government is building a trail, which branches up from
the trail from Fort Steele to Pilot Bay
through the Wliiro Grouse country,
coming out to the lake again at Stinky.
The Government last year also built
several miles of a wagon road that runs
up into tho St. Mary's country to the
Sullivan group near tho North Sim-
mine. A considerable amount ofwork
is also being done on a number of
claims on Crawford Creek, 011 White
Fish Oreek and on the side of St
Mary's Lako. A great deal of work-
has beeu done on tho Sullivan group
whieh is about 14 miles east of the
properties first, mentioned, while the
North Star adjoining may be called a
mine. It belongs to Mackenzie &
Mann, and a branch line is ro bo uni't
to it from Cranbrook. The ore in the
two latter properties is a galena, and
of good grade as may bo judged from
tho fact that considerable North Star
ore has been shipped by wagon IN
miles to tho Kootenay river aud thence
to American smelters, and then has
yielded handsome profits.
* *   *
Silverton, May 18. ���(Special)���Mr.
Dawson of the Essex and Edinburgh
group, near Silverton, on Wakefield
Mountain, start work thereon for the
season today. He spent the winter in
Montreal where mining excitement is
entering the blood of its moneyed
men. The showing ou his properties
here is good and his confident expectation is that this season will see it pass
into a paying property.
* *   *
New York May IS.���Bar silver 61 ;
Mexican dollars 4S3;,'.
Copper dull; brokers' $11); exchange
Lead dull; brokers' $4.25; exchange
$4.40 to $4.SO.
Tin dull aud easy; Straits $S5.ijO to
$25. (io ; Plates steady.
ndee Gold Mining Company.
Mollie Gibson Mining Company.
Yellowstone Mining Company.
Nelson, B. C., May 16, 1899.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and see   us.
B. f
The shipping* Point for Goat
Mountain Mines on the Crow's Nest
Piiss and Bedlington and Nelson
Tlie Centre of one of the Finest
Agricultural and Fruit Growing
Districts in West Kootenay.
For information and Price Lists
apply to L. A. HAMILTON,
Land Commissioner C.P.R..
Or to F. MALLANDAIN1-, Jr.,
Agent,  Creston, B. C
GEO. McFARLAND, Agt., Nelson
w. j. a. DICKSON
Choice residential lots   and  good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred  lots   in  Addi*
tion A are on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
or sale.
Business property a specialty.
At Office of The Duncan Mines Limitui.
Paris, Mny 18.���Tho counsel of
Colonel Picquart, today formally requested the public prosecutor to relonsi'
his clieut provisionally.
London, May IS.���Mr. Andrew Carnegie bas subscribed ��10,000 to the
Gladstone memorial fund.
As the nnnoucemont has been wade
that the Government of British Columbia purpose forcing the Amendment
to tho Metalliferous Mines Inspection
Aot, making eight hours a working
day for those employed underground
in metalliferous mines; Soc. 18.���"No
person shall be employed underground
in any metalliferous mine for more
than eight hours in every twenty-four
hours;" the undersigned as representing one of tho two parties mainly
affected, consider it advisablo to make
public their views ou the situation
created by this uncalled for legislation,
nnd to indicate what their liuo of action must inevitably bo.
While the undersigned are determined to respect and adhere to tho laws of
the Province, it may be pointed out
that this law is far reaching In the
injuries it must inllirt upon the mining InteieatS of the Province, and on
the amount of wages earned by tinmen.
It means reducing the hours of labor
in the mini's from 20 hours a day to
Hi hours, as many of the mini's are so
circumstanced that three shifts cannot be -worked to advantage, This
means a reduotion of 211 per cent ill
the amount of llin prinliiclitin of many
mi es, autl a reduction of 20 per eenl
iu the development work being carried on in tho mines preparing for
prodnotion and a reduotion in the supplies used in Die mines.
The most amicable relations existed, and still exist, between the em
plovers and employed at the mint's.
The men wero earning good wages,
equal to any being paid in camps in
lhe United States, nud higher than
thoso paid in many,and thoy woro rendering good   services for tliesn   wages.
If anv discontent was rife at the existing state of affairs, it was not generally known. It is therefore deeply
to be   regretted   that   tho   Legislature
has seo fit disturb tho existing harmony, to Interfere with the growing
prosperity of Iho mining dletrfotS,
to reduce tho wages earning power of
the men employed, nnd to interfere
wilh the free light of contract hitherto enjoyed,
As to the future, aftor the 1st of
June next, at the mines represented
hy the undersigned, the standard rati*
of wages that will be paid tt) skilled
minors for au eight, hours working flay
���will bo three dollars ($8.00), anil othor
labor will necessarily be also paid for
according to the time worked.
The Hall Mines. Limited.
Tho   Loutlon   &     British    Columbia
Goldfields, Limited.
The Athabasoa Gold Mine, Limited.
T. D. Woodcock & Co,
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you are call and get posted   on
ihe White Pass & Yukon  Route.
The best, salest andcheapest route
West Baker si nel
i:m:< riti-.ti. EXPERT.
From i In* Kleotrioal StaDdardlslnsTcating and
and Train*** Instil ute, London, Law of tlio' 'Hi
& South London KloctrloUailwayswItliMossrH.
Boott Bros,, Konslnttton, Chief olooti-ioloii lo
Mews. VVatkln Bros.i Noi'tluimpton, Kngltind.
NELHO.V, ". ��'
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
Tralui ituii on Ptielflo Atanilanl Tlmo.
Loaves linlly
8,00 a. in,
8.89 ii. in.
l)..-t(ln. iii.
11. l.'i ll. 111.
!l.;',.i ii. in.
10.12 a, ro,
10:ii it. in.
10.80 it. in.
10.111 it. III.
Arrivo Ilully
Ko In
Bouth Kink
Boar Lako
Paj no Tram
(/inly .limt'.tion
I'.ASI   ill,I'M*
Arrivo Dally
:-..-,.-, il in.
3,20 p.m.
2.25 ii.lll.
2,10 p.m.
'.Mm Ii.m.
II.* |, in.
1:81 p.m.
I.I.i p.m.
Loavo Duily
Loiivoh liuily
Arrive Dully
11:00a, in.
11:40 a.m.
11:15 "
11:20  "
Arrivo Dully
Dully Loavo
FINEORDERED CLOTH ING Arrived and Open for Inspection
We have a fine assortment of woolens -always
on hand. Goods* made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything" is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
Winter lingers in lhe lap of spring, hut Gardens must be
attended to, and wc are Headquarters for
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, See Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and  Windows.
������������������ �������� ��� �����-��*>
;!ELso^3        kaslo        sktmom.
Wholesale md Retail Meat Merchants
avz> ���������������� ++*+*s*s
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
locan Ore Purchasing Co.
OF     NELSON",     IB.    O.
Is now prepared to buy all classes of Silver,
Gold, Silver-Lead,' Lead and Copper Ores.
The careful attention given to large contracts will be extended to the smallest
shipper, prompt settlement and choice
of mode of sampling guaranteed.
Address Drawer S, Nelson, 13. C.
george M. Mcdowell,
Purchasing" Agent.
Telephone    Apparatus
The    Northern   Electric   &  Manu=
factoring   Co'y,   Limited
�� w riontreal w **
Manufacturers, Contractors for and Dealers in Electrical
Apparatus aud Supplies "I" every Description,  including
Telephone Instruments, and Central
Office Equipments
also Telegraph, Fire Alarm and Police Patrol Systems.
The Northern El > * ic & Manufacturing Company, Limited, is prepared to com . ci for tlie construction and equipment, and if necessary, the operation of Telephone Exchanges and other systems above mentioned.
Pur prloes nud otli it informi t ion apply to
The Northern Electric & Manufacturing Company, Limited
Peter  Genelle  & Co. j Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
Headquarters for Brst
class Building Material,       We     make     a
specialty of
Well Seasoned Flooring, Rustic and
Ship Lap.
E. G. B���.
S. I). PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
in in- nr Clarke Hold.
The finest lol of Crockery, Glassware, etc., that has  ever been
brought into Kootenay.    We have  the   Slock   and   our  prices
are below competition.
Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons, in any quantity,    Come early  and  see  thp
display.     Don't forget we carry the largest slock   of  Groceries
in Nelson and our Crockery and Glassware Department is upstairs.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
P. 0. Box K 6 W Telephone 10 Baker Street
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
+,%&<*! <4^.-%'V**��'4*-'W-S^V-*vi***.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager     \    VTrj,   cr.-vT     r>
S. S. Fowler, E. M., i    NELSON,
Mining; Engineer
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries
Agents to.*  CGLUIVlBtA   FLOURING
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en  nelson, s. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   ��2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Cum putative* Statement, -showing   the progress made by this Bank in the
past ten years: 1888 1898
Cnpitnl Paid   Up  $1,000,000 | 1,500,000
Best  2ik 1.000 1,250.000
Deposits  2.802,000 8,175,000
Olroulation  !'0:-!,(H)0 1,887,000
Loans  *     8,885,000 S,bb 1,000
Liabilities to Public  4,088,000 0.900,000
Total Assi'ta  6^86,000 12,787,000
(Ieneral Bai'ki--g Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on them    t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on Bpecinl
deposit3  nd on Saving Bank accounts,
Min, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rosslaud, Vancom er
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Pavfngs Hunk department has been established in connection wilh the Nelson brnncli of
this biLiik. Deposits of ono dollar and upwards reoeived, and ourrcnt rate of Intore ��� allowed,
at present ;* per cent, pur annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
-^i^.     From the B. C. Portland Cement Co.,  Vancouver, B. C.
This Cement is Guaranteed, and is used by the
C. P. R. from Vancouver to Winnipeg.
Turner Beeton & Co.
. . . . Write  for   Quotations  and   Testimonials. . . ���
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
OiimjiH supplied on shortest notioe and Lovroi Prion-*
.Mail Ordera rooeive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Kootenay Electric Supply nil Construction Co.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission mid lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric  Fixtures, Lumps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
The Hon Ton Restaurant, ;i well
known and popular place, will be
sold ut reasonable terms if taken
soon.   Apply, Pi O. liox 127.
A good Copper or Gold Property
partially developed.    Apply
Mining Broker,
Nelson, B. C.
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be] forwarded
either personally or by mail to the olliee of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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