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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 28, 1899

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Daily  Edition No. 302
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, April  28,   1899.
Ninth Year
It is Proposed to Erect Coke
Works Here.
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars  Will be
Spent at Once aud a Large Number of Men Employed.
This boom busiuess still keeps, up.
It is in the air indjwill not down. The
up-to-date citizen picks up tha Miner
every morning now anil looks for the
latest big scheme chat is being hatched
out to help Nelson along. Tlie
Miners this week have boon a suones
sion of ivnnounceiueuts concerning the
street railway, big mining deals, ex
tensive railway construction and important *.real estate transactions. It
licked as if the supply of these choice
morsels was running short but it was
net so for The Miner can add another
delectable dish to its readers' breakfasts this morning. This timo it is a
coke making plant. It will be remembered that a few weeks ago the
Economical gas apparatus construction
company ol Toronto and London. Kng
land applied to the City Counoil lor a
franchise to put in a gas plant in Nelson. Since then Dr. P. E. Doolittle,
who is representing the oompany here,
has looked iuto the matter anil liuds
that this would lie a most advantageous point for cokeworks. At the spec
ial meeting of the council tomorrow be
will be present to urge the Aldermen
to grant the franchise asked for. In
the manufacture of coke a groat deal of
gus is generated and tbis he aims to
supply to householdi rs for heating
nnd cooking purposes, thereby using
all the output of tbo works. To dispose of this gas it IS necessary to lay
mains ami to do this the franchise is
sought. His company is prepared at
once to proceed with the construction
of the works wbioh will involve the
expenditure of $2(10.0(10 which, in itself, to say nothing of tho operation
of ilm plant, will do Nelson au immense amount of good. If the Council
favors the application,the by law will
be submitted to the people together
with the money and street railway
bylaws. One feature of the coke proposition that will make it popular
with taxpayers is, that uo exemption
Ironi taxation wiil be asked. The
eompauy will enter Nelson to do business,aud will do it on busiuess principles, bein:: prepared to add to the assessable value ot tho City and pay its
full share of tbe taxes as soou as it
is called upon to do so.
Tie Economical Gas Apparatus Construction Co . propose if the City
grant tin m a franchise allowing them
the use of the streets for laying
maius, to erent a lar-io plant for the
manufacture of coke and aro prepared to spend at least $200,000 in erecting aud equipping a thoroughly up to
date coke and gas plant. Of this
amount at least }76,000 will bo spent
in Nelson for labor in eroding the
plant, laying street mains etc, and
when completed it will givo continuous employment to at leaser 25 bands,
Gas will lie supplied whore wanted
for lighting but it is expected that tbo
main output of gas vill be for cooking
ami heating and tbe supplying of power for manufacturing purposes.
The establishment of this industry
will mean that tbe coke used in tbo
smolter will be manufactured here in
Nelsou and tho money earned in wanes
in its manufacture will be spent here
The supplying of gas power will enable small manufacturing concerns to
operate cheaply, and will greatly
help iu building N"lson np as an Industrial centre. So largely is gas now
used for heating and oooking that in
Toronto where ton years a*o over 140
miles of streets wero lighted by gas
which has sinoo been displaced by
electricity which is also largely
used for lighting, tho gas consumed
has doubled in quantity, With onr
short hot summers the advantage of
gas for cooking can scarcely be overestimated, and this is a point which
should appeal to every householder.
Anyone who has had a houso in tho
East fitted with gas oooking and heating will realizo that this means more
to tbe comfort of the citizen and the
lightening of the burdens of domestic
duty to his wife than any publio con- I
venienco we have heretofore enjoyed, I
This company has a splendid record j
as constructors of gas and coke plants
both in Groat Britain and in tbis country, and are prepared to immediately
eonimenco operation and supply gas
before tbo cold weather sets in. A
Miner reporter interviewed Dr. Doolittle yesterday aud in a conversation
on tho coke question lhe Dr. suid:
"The establishment of u o.iking plant
here is one of the things like the discovery of a new mine winch greatly
benefits the locality and does uot in-
jure any other business. As the pros-
Bnt coke ovens are run by tbo initio
owners thoy will bo paid for their coal,
so will ho no losers wbilo tbo railway will get, haulage on coal instead of
eoko, a distinct gain to them, The
employment   of over a score of  hands j
will mean tho addition of quite a dozen families with tbeir trade genu* lo
the butcher, the baker and the grocer.
This means more houses to be built and
furnished and these with tbo value of
tlm plant will add considerable to tho
assessable value of the town, With an
electric lighting plant already installed here gas cannot compote with elee-
tiicitv for light,but in tbe matter of
oooking and healing there is no competition   whatever   between   them, as
i heat in only   generated   by electricity
as an accident of friction or resistence,
I and so can   never   become a factor   in
these  most important fields of domes-
I tic comfort and   eciinoinv.    Of   course
jin tbo production nf large quantities of
; coke, gas in excess *f tho   amount that
will probably be   n-ed for boating and
cooking will bo produced aud we   will
be prepiiron to supply   it to   any   who
may   want it   for light.    As  gas   has
largely   boon   replaced   by   electricity
for lighting purposes we do   not   come
in as   competitors   with    the   City's
lighting plant, but   will be prepared to
supply if desired   supplemental   power
lo the present   water   power for oases
of emergenoy or low water.'"
Large Number of Provincial
Another Battle in the Philippine Islands.
After Departure   of   the   Philadelphia
Ihe British Went on Alone.
Berlin. April 27.���Au official de-
sputoll dated Apia, Samoa, April 18.
has been received. It says that after
the arrival of tba last mail the Uuited
States Cruiser Philadelphia, flagship
of Admiral Kautz,loft Apia and proceeded to the Americau treaty port of
Pnugo-Pungo, while the British warships continued alone the bombardment, of the ooast villages of the
northern coast of Upolnw V bile sight
engagements occurred on land. The
despatch adds :
"On April 17 there was a collision
threo miles from Apia, which ended
in tho retreat of the Tanu people. The
number of kilbd and wounded was
ubout 70. No Europeans wero injured.
A British detachment lying in reserve
took no part in tbe fight.
Tenders Called for a Ferry���Manageis of
Coal Mines  Must  Pass An
I The United States Tn-ops  Traverse  the
Broken Down Biidge in Gallant Style*
A      FATAL       SHERIFF'S     SALE.
Machinery   and    One   Hundred   Meu
Fell Through the Floor.
York, Ohio. April 27.���While a slier
iff's sale was in progress on the second
floor of ,1. F. Snyder's implement
warehouses at Onldsboro, in this
county today, the floor gave way and
i,bout 100 mini fell to the floor beliw. A
quantity of machinery fell on them
and pinned some of thein fast. Twenty
three were slightly injured and several had limbs broken. John Fctrnw,
a farmer, had both legs brokn and was
otherwise injured and is still unconscious.    It is thought ho   will die.
A Wide  Swath Out Through  the
a':d between Fifty and Sixty
Persons Killed
St. Louis, April 27.��� A speoial to
the Globe Democrat from Kirksville,
Mo., says:
"A gathering storm chut had been
threatening all tho afternoon broke
upon Kirksville at 6:80 o'clock tonight in all the fury of a cyclone. A
path a quarter of a mile wide and as
clean as the prairie was swept through
the eastern portion of the city and
���loo buildings, both homes and mercantile, were levelled to tho ground in
scattered rums. In tho heavy rai n
that followed the people that had
escaped turned out to rescue tho injured. For two hours not much was accomplished as all was confusion, but by
H o'clock, 2S dead bodies bad been
taken from the ruins.
It is confidently expected that the list
of dead will roach between oil and (it),
if it dooa not exceed lhat. Almost a
thousand people were more or less injured, Daylight will bo necessary before an adequate estimate of the loss
of life and property can be had. The
list of killed ro far as known is as follows: William II Howells, Mrs. N.
Kheibourn, James Weaver, sr, Theodore hrigliatn, Ed. lineman, Mrs W,
W. Crecr and daughter, Miss Bessie,
Mrs. Homy Billinutnn, Mr. A. W.
Claze., Mrs A. W. Clazo, Mrs. Ben,
Green, Mrs. John Larkin, sr., Mis. T.
MabatTey, Mrs. C. Woods, Mr. A.
Little, ' Mrs. A, Little, J io Woods,
Mrs. Joe. Woods, A. W. Kainchott,
Mrs. A. W. Bainsohott, Mr. O. A.
Gibbs, A. O. Heal, James Cunningham, Mrs. Mitchell.
Amerioan Tenders For Kails Delivered
in an   Irregular Form.
London, April 27.���The Daily Mall
says tbis morning it understands the
Amerioan tender lor 40,000 Ions of
rails for the railway tn be constructed
by Mr. Cecil Rhodes from Buluwuyoto
Owelo and Mafungnbnz was many
thousands pounds below any English
tender, but it was uot accepted because delivered in an irregular form.
Viotoria, April 21.��� The official Gazette of this week contains notice of
the following Provincial appointments :
Robert M. Smith, of Vauoouver,
to be a notary public for the Mniu-
James Maitlaud Dougall, of Duncans, to be collector of votes in Cow
ichau, vice H. O. Wellburn,
J. ti. T. Alexander, Kaslo, to be a
notary public for tho Mainland.
Thomas A. T. Boys, of Laduer, to be
a notary public for Westminster uud
Vancouver counties.
O. A. Holland and R. L. Drury.to be
directors of the Royal Jubilee hospital
vice George Byrnes, deceased, and
John Braden, resigned,
Mark Sweeten Wade, M. D . of
Kamloops, to bo coroner for the Province.
Alex. E. Garrett, of Vancouver, to
be a notary public for tbe Mainland.
Charles Ernest Costerton, of Ver-
nou, to be clerk iu the offloe of the
Government agent in tbat city.
The Minister of Mines gives notice
that an extension of the time during
which all placer mining claims legall.i
hold in the Atlin Lake and Bennett
Lako mining divisions are laid over,
has been granted to tbe first of July.
Notice is given that the John Irvine
Navigation. Limited, proposes to build
and operate a tramway from Taku
City, thende to the western shore ol
Atlin Lake, theuce to the eastern
shore of Atlin Lake at or near Atlin
City, along Pine Creek to the west
ond of Tueinah or Surprise Lake.
The undermentioned parcel of land in
Omineca has been reserved for Government uses, ooramenoing at a point
situaloil near the junction of the H.iz
elton, Manson and Findlay river trails,
on the north bank of Shite Creek
thence westerly up the Creek. 100
chains, theuco north 100 chains,theuce
east 100 chains thence south 100 chains
to the point of commencement, containing 1,000 acres,   more or less.
Sealed pr iposals will bo recoived by
the O* muussioner of Lands aud Works
up to noon on Mav 20, from persons
desiring Io operate ferries uerss Bridge
river at Jacks Landing and across the
same river at the mouth of Sucker
Creek. The privilege to be for a term
of five years.
The Minister of agriculture has authorized the organization of a Farmers
Institute in the Langley division of
Westminster and also for the Mission
division of Westminster.
An examination for certificates nf com
patency as managers of mines,under tin
"Cod Mines Regulations Act" will
he held at Nanaimo on June (i
Candidates must bo 2iS years of age and
must tile notice of their intention of
competing iu writiug with Thomas
Morgan, ohairmnn of the Board of
Examiners at Nanaimo before May
20. Tbey must also present certificates
of at least two years service under
ground from (heir employers. The
curriculum includes mining act and
rule*, mine gases, general work, ventilation, mining machinery and surveying and levelling.
International Sunday School   Convention Does Not Draw tbe Color Lino.   )
Atlanta, Ga., April 27.���The race
question was a disturbing feature of
tne morning session of the International Sunday School Convention. It
made its appearance in two ways���The
endeavor of Georgia and South Carolina negroes to place colored men on
the committee on nominations with
the whiles, and by tho reason of the
fact that thn convention in permitting
negro delegates to be seated with the
whites is violating not only a city ordinance but a state law whioh requires
ihat. the whites and blacks be separated in all public gatherings.
The police called the attention of
Colonel Asa G. Candler, chairman of
the entertainment committee, to the
mutter but after a discussion it was decided to let tlm delegates sit as they
Madrid. April 27.���Tho Marquis de
Novillas, seoretary of the Spanish em-
luissy at Paris, arrived hero this evening and delivered the Peace treaty to
the Premior, Souor Silvela.
London. April 27.��� Tho Peel handicap of 100 sovereigns was won by Mi-.
,1. S. Curtis' Pearl Rover. Sir J.
Miller's Korosko, ridden by Sloan,
finished second.    Ten horses run.
New York, April 27.���Tho Rev. Dr.
Alexander H. Clupp, editorial secretary of Hie Congregational Home Missionary Sociory, died today at his residence iu this Oity.
Manila. April 27.���General Law ton's
advance has been a remarkable demonstration of the resistless energy which
characterizes all his undertakings.
The last troops forming his column
ouly readied Morzagaray today. The
men were badly played out and said
the last few days they have dragged
bullet carts over roadless jungles and
through swamps cutting their own
ivay for miles. They will rest three
days aud then with Colonel Summers
command, consisting of the Oregon
and Minnesota regitneuts the troops
will resume their march westward,
co-operating with General MacAr-
ihur's forces in the important enterprise.
The ambulances today with a strong
escort, are bringing in General Law-
ton's wounded and a few of these who
have beeu prostrated by the heat.
icross the country to the railroad. A
report lias gained wide currency
iinon*. the volunteers that the Government iuteuds to ask that there be no
lighting after Calumpit is captured,
and that it is the intention to replace
iheiii at the front with regulars which
ue beiug brought here on board traus-
ports* The committee of Filipinos
���rguiii/od lo mediate between the
Americans and Aguiualdo fears to ap
oroaoh the rebels after the refusal ot
he latter to receive the Spanish cotn-
nissionrs who were bearing a white
lag. The committee aftor consulting
>vith the American commissioners
propose to tell Aguiualdo that while
io terms except unconditional surren
Ier could be offered after the length
ro which the war had beeii carried,
;hey could assure tho rebels that tbey
>vould be treated according to the
\mericau traditions of leniency to the
lonqnered, and that there would bo uo
junishmeuts or confiscations of prop-
Tty if they laid down tbeir arms. The
oadors of the committee told U. S
Consul Williams that they would go it
iie would accompany them, believing
Die rebels trusted Mr. Williams. The
atter, however, refused, having no
mthority in the  matter.    He said :
"I do not believe the Filipinos would
harm mo, but they might detain me
for mouths."
The Amerioan oomnnssiou is hampered in its work of enlisting the sup
port of friendly Filipinos by the fear,
expressed by many of the latter, that
the "Anti-Expansionists'' may obtaiu
'ontrol of the American Government
md cause the withdrawal of tbe
Americau troops from the Philippine
Islands thus leaving tho natives
,vho have assisted the Americans to
iho meroy   of   Aguiualdo's   followers
Under tliese oircuinstauces men
of property aro reluctant to risk there-
suits of becoming identified with the
American regime.
Manila, April 27.-0:45 p. m.��� General MacArthiir's division crossed the
Kio Grande today and advanced on
Apalit, completely routing the flower
of the rebel army Most of the rebels
tied to Apalit statiou where two
trains were awaiting them. Tbey left
hurriedly, presumably for San Fernando. The towns of San Vinccnte
and Apalil wore burned and evacuated
by the natives, Twenty prisoners
were captured, including u Spaniard
The American troops also captured a
lirass cannon and u quantity of arms
and ammunition and they captured a
maxim gun on the railroad.
The fighting lasted from noon until
���1 o'clock. The Americau loss is one
man of the Montana regiment killed,
uud three officers and six men wounded. Tho enemy wero very strongly entrenched on the river bunk uear both
sides of the railroad bridge. General
Wbeaton seut Col. Funstou across
with two companies of the Kansas regiment, a couple of privates swimming
the swift stream with a rope under a
galling fire for the purpose of guiding
the raft. The meu crossed in
squads of 20 and attackod the left flank
of tho rebels. The rest of the rogi
ment was compelled to cross the bridge
iu single file along tbo stringers. All
Iho wooden work and muoh of the
iron work bud beeu removed. Tho
first Montana regiment followed tlm
Kansas across tho bridge. The first
Nobraska regiment, acting as a reserve
attacked the rebels on three linos of
trenches driving them out, killing 18
and wounding many. In the moan-
time u lurge body of Filipinos, estimated at no fewer than 8,000, led by
Geuoral Antonio Luna on a black
charger, that was evidently coming to
reinforce tbe rebels who wero engaged
with the Nobraskans, appeared in the
open field abont two miles to the left. ,
j Emorging from the jungle, the enemy |
formed in open skirmish line nearly
two miles long, with very thick reserves behind. They then advanced
at double quick till they were about
200 yards trom the American line
when General Wheaton ordered the
troops to fire. The rebels who were
evidently unaware that the Americans
had crossed the rivor, luoko and ran
in tho  direotion    of  Maoubelo,   The
other Filipinos fled toward Apalit
station. The heat in the early part of
the afternoon was terrific but a
drenching thunder s'orm which came
up later greatly refreshed the Americans.
Washington. April 27 ���Tho war department did not receive any information today from General litis respecting developments in the, campaign
about Calumpit. It is said now that
while it was part of the plan for Law-
ton, moving westward from Morzagaray, to take the rubles in tbe rear at
Calumpit, aud crush them between
his force and that of MacArthiir's
suoh was not the purpose of bis expedition, The principal object was to
clear llio country back to tho foothills
of the numerous small bodies nf insurgents who have been harrassing Ibe
country and making life miserable for
the American troops by forays at unexpected times and plaoes. It is believed that Gen. Lawton has fully succeeded iu this and that when he has
effected a juuotiou with MaoArthur
north of Calumpit, it will bo possible
to establish a comparatively short lino
of works across the oouutry and prevent tho return of tho insurgents
from the north.
Council Meets Tomorrow to
Consider it.
It was Unveiled Today at Philadelphia
1 eFore a Distinguished Assemblage.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 27.���The
equestrian statue of General Gram
presented to the oity| of Philadelphia,
by tho Fail-mount Park Art Association, was unveiled with appropriate
ceremonies tbis afternoon by Miss
Rosemary Sartor is, granddaughter
nf the dead horn, in the presence of
President McKinley, members of tin
cabinet, representatives * of foreign
governments and n large gathering
of distinguished citizens nud guests ol
houor. Amoug those present was Mrs
Grant, widow of tho general, and
other members of the family,
NewV-rk, N. Y., April 27.���Mrs.
Justin Huntley McCarthy, hetlei
known by her stage name of Cissii
Loftus, was today granted a decree oi
absolute divorce from her husband, tin
former member of Parliament and the
sou of the famous Irish leader.
He Forced Them Back to the Fighting
Line with his Eevohei-.-Greeted
with Cheers-
Auckland, N. S. W., April 27.--U
Muliaugi, 12 friendly natives refused
to retire when ordered au I charged
into a burning village driving a number of rebels before them with splendid
reckless bravery, (jaunt's party then
returned to the assistance of tho friend"
lies and tbe whole party tired all its Nor-
denfeldt ammunition during the
light aud the Porpoise frequently shell'.
ed tho bush. Tbo rebels had eight
men killed and many wounded.
Only oue of tho bine jackets ill the
cutter was wounded.
On April 17th a second battle was
fought at Vailele. The lighting was
desperate, tho rebels holding strong
fortifications which wore Ineffectively
shelled by the ships. The friendlies
advanced to tho attack with Kalioalcle
and Dana ou the left, Gaunt in lhe
center with 120 men and Tuamasanga
on the light. Gaunt's party delivered
such a heavy lire that the rebels retreated to a second and stronger fort
about ISO yards back. Tho Tuuniasan-
ga friendlies bolted but Gaunt crawled
out to tbo tiring line and drove them
back at Ihe point of his revolver. Tbey
then advanced to attack tlm second
fort but found the position too strong
aud lost several meu killed and
wounded. Ten shells from the rebels
sang a war song. After tho explosion
ot each shell, Gaunt again returned
the attack, and heavy and continuous
firiug on both aides followed during
which tbo attackers suffered further
losses. Gaunt sueeoclod in crawling t.j
within ii0 yards of the fort but found
it too stroug to capture us the friendly
Supports were unreliable. Tho party
then retired in good order with four
men killed and eighteen wounded of
which number three were mortally
WOUnded, The rebel loss was not Its-
ccrtaine.l, but was probably small.
The Tauranga and Porpoise shelled tin
position at sundown, but the result of
the tiring is not known, (taunt's brigade and a portion of (lie friendly support stood the tiro splendidly.
During the engagement i*aunt succeeded iu capturing a Geinian Hag,
which was flying over tho lirst fort.
On the return of the landing party,
Captain Stuart, of the Tauranga, signalled, "Well done Gaunt's Brigades" and the Americans and British
cheered tho returning party, whoso vi
vamliers (sutlers) wore proudly carrying the cupturod German colors.
The Oompany   bas  Already   Commenced
to do the Preliminary Work of
Tbat the company applying to the
City Council for a street railway franchise meaus business was evidenced
yesterday when Mr. Halifax Hall,
civil engineer, took levels on Raker
street and Stanley streets with a viow
to preparing figures from which an
estimate of the cost of construction
can be in de So confident is tho company that the necessary franchise will
bo giveu. tbe preliminary work is being proceeded with us rapidly as possible so that no time will be lost in
starting actual construction as soon as
lhe people of Nelson p ss the bylaw
graining the frati.hiso. Tlie appearance of lhe transit and line on tbe
streeis made everyone talk street railway,and the greatest satisfaction was
expressed lhat there was an opportunity of securing such an enterprise,
not thai anyone was particularly tired
of walking bnt because a stroet railway in operation would be a good advertisement for Nelson and place it
undoubtedly at the head of any of the
u tenor  cities.
While everyone seems to be very
anxious to secure tho road, the general
lei-ling is lhat the Council should go
s!-".' '*. -is dealing with the Ooin>
i* mv ..nd see thut nothing s giveje
rvjH) m baste that v. ill he r.j-tut..*. ..?
leisure. However, those representing
the company have shown a disposition
to meet the expressed views of ihe
Aldermen and it now appears as if
there will lie uo hitch iu the negotiations, The question of the length of
[he franchise is freely discussed. At
lirst i!.ri years appeared to be a very
long time but it is now- mooting with
more support as it is considored that
tbe only salvation of the eompauy
lies in a long franchise, The company,
too, does not seem disposed to be willing to accept a franchise for a shorter
period aud thut is thu one point iu
tb dr application that they cling to
most persistently. Theit request for
exemption from taxation for 88 years
Iocs not meet with any support and
the Council will not grunt it,as a compromise exemption for teu years will
oo offered and will bo accepted. The
Couucil will insist upou a comploto
transfer system, cheap rates for school
children,uud other small details that
will protect the intcri-sts of the public. Tbe company \, i ! N> a'-ked to
commence construetii..! im. ill B0 days
after the bylaw is passed a*i 1 it ia understood that tbey aro perfectly willing to agree to tbis. Tho first line
oiiilt will be from the O. P. R. depot
aloug Baker street to BogUStown with
a branch line up Stanley street. This
will make up the two miles that thn
company will bo asked to havo completed and in operation this season
Ultimately another line will bo run
aloug Vernon street, forming a belt
line thut will include Raker street,
the cars running one direotion ou on1'
streot, and the opposite direction on
lhe other. A special meeting of thn
City Council will be held tomorrow
afternoon to discuss tbe matter and
come to un understanding regardiug
the contract to bo entered into between the City and the eompauy. It
is pretty well settled that tlio terms
will be in accorduueu with tho points
outlined above.
UK     WILL      NOT     BE     FIRED.
Captain   Ooghlan Escapes  thu   Conso-
quence.s of His Foolish Speech.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 27.���A u
authentic statement was made this
afternoon after his arrival in the city
ihat President McKinley hud uo intention of removing Oaptaiu Ooghlan
from the command of tho United
States cruiser Raleigh.
It was also defined by the same authentic source that thu admiration
hold by tbo President for Cuptaiu Cog-
hlau's participation iu the destruction
of the Spanish fleet at Manila, oom-
pletel overshadows any desire on bis
part to administer a rebuke tu IhoRul-
eigh's gallant conimuuilor for his German inferences.
New York, April 27.���Sheridan
Shook died today at Red Rook, N. Y.
Ho was 77 years old. For many years
Im was proprietor of the Union Square
Washington, April 27. ���It has beon
felt proper to admonish Admiral Kant/,
to be more careful iu writing suoh letters as that published yesterday from
Cincinnati or in guarding his letters
from publicity and a letter of that
character lias been uddressed to him.
T- D
Nelson Daily Miner
I'ublislietl I.ally except Monday.
Kelson Minku I'kintixu st I'mii.isuiNQ Oo.,
I). J   BEATON, Editor and Manager.
Hilly por 111. nth liy oan lor S 11"
per hiuf >our    5 00
por yoar  10 0"
peryuar by mall   800
por yoir foivlsrn  10 00
Net son Webkii Minkr.
Weekly, pel half your t 188
game if it can be done. Wo may look,
therefore, for a particularly hot contest in Manitoba this summer, in
which Federal blandishments and Federal intimidation will figure more
conspicuously than in any former experience.
When it was announced some time
ago thut un American firm had obtained a contract from the British War
Olliee for a bridge in Upper Egypt,
there wore many who lamented tlm departure of Britain's industrial greatness. What were English men coming to when they could let Americans
Pvryaar   aoo.tako a contract of   that character from
peryear, foreign	
Hnbsorlpiion i Invariably in advance.
Nolson was never more hopeful than
it is today.    A   busy   season is  ahead
of it, und tho  activity of which there
aro evidences on every side means substantial prosperity.    The   new railway
construction to the north will not only
give us present benefit, but will   op* n
a country   that will always lie contributory to this City.    Important railway
work is in progress   to   the wost, aud
before the seasou   is   far advanced   we
uood not be surprised   if   aclive   construction   is   resumed   ou the  Crows'
Nest.     All   tliese   make for  Nelson's
permanent good, and   they all point to
the fact that this is and  will   remain
the great   railway centre of  Southern
British Columbia, and day by   day its
position as the miuiug  centre is beiug
more assured.    In addition to tlio railway enterprises already under way aud
in sight, there is   the promise of great
mining industry in the transaction just
concluded looking to tbe  development
of the mineral wealth of Toad   Mountain.    At   the  present   moment,    too,
there is before   the   Couucil   aud   the
people of the City a   proposal to introduce a tramway   system, that will involve the   expenditure of  many thousands of  capital.    All   these  indicate
a busy season. Aud   they   all poiut to
the    continued    growth   of   Nelson.
Looking forward to the expausi-jn  we
may reasonably expect,  it becomes the
citizens to stir themselves iu preparing
for the   increase   of    population.    No
one any longer has the least doubt that
Nelson is to be the leading City of the
interior.    In   this     expectation   it  is
our duty to put it in   order.    First  ot
all it must be well   watered   and well
draiued.    These   aro   essential  to the
health of the place, and if   we  cannot
promise health we do much   to  retard
tho growth of   the   City.    Wo   caunot
affpwl to staud haggling over the price.
A splendid   future   is  awaitiug     v.?..
aud we should   show by our enterprise
tbat we are prepared for it.
Comprising the newest Designs and Col-
undor thoir vory noses? It turns
out, however, that tho British iron
trade is so congested that uew contracts aro not wanted. British tirtn
have already so much ou band thai
they cannot take any new busiuess.
And through this simple explanation
wo have restored to   us   onr   faith   in I 1 20 JnttPTT)<**l
Wall Papers
We     have   received
our Spring Stock of
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
you know thai you can save money, and, what is doubtless of much more moment to you. have greater satisfaction
������������������������^-���.���*���-��������������� in the decoration of your home hy per-
t    SELECT your     > M;mv things req
t WALL PAPER. X lighting of the room, the furniture that
���������������������^���������������������������.���^ is in it, the woodwork. The paper on
your wall has more to do with the harmonious blending 01
all these than has perhaps anything else. See all that are
to be seen, but SEE OURS before buying.
�������� in tlie necoiaiiou o: your numc ny *jci-
| sonally selecting your Wall Papers.
X Manv things require consideration, the
Britain's industrial superiority.
A disputoh in Tho Vancouver World
says that Mr. fetors had returned to
Ottawa from Vrinco Edward Island,
whioh ho had visited in time to save
his seat in tho Legislative Council of
that Province. This ho was enabled to
do by tho courtesy of Sir Louis Davies,
ivho put a Government boat at his
service. Now we have the explanation of Sir Hibbert Topper's hurried
departure from Ottawa. His partner
was in danger of losing his Councillor-
ship and ho hastened home to relieve
liim in order that Mr. Peters might
hasieu East to save it.
To Select From.
Sample Books  sent
on application.     .   .
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, *l
WatcliillK lhe [-.outlier*.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
A Speciality.
There have been some notable general elections iu Manitoba, young as it
is, but the campaign that is expected
to open soon promises to eclipse all
that havo preceded it iu interest aud
importance. It will be less a Provincial than a Federal campaign, and
The Toronto Mail may rest confident
that the Governmeut atOttawa will give
Mr. (Jreenway all the assistance it can.
And if tho Provincial Premier were
to express his mind frankly, he would
admit that he wants all   be can get.
Because Mr. O. O. Moody has seut a j
dollar to the City Couucil for the ereo-
1 ion of a mint here, tbe Colonist
thinks that there is no good reason
vhy the work should not be begun nnd
carried along as far as the money will
allow. The Globe has no objection
lo this, but it certainly will object if
money is squandered 011 au expeusive
site. There must be no boodling���
Victoria Globe.
For Mn* lllll.* Ours.
The play grouud is as distinct from
1 lie park as the freedom of childhood
1*1 from tbe conventional routine of
daily life. An effort has beeu made to
establish such small parks or play-
! rounds iu Vancouver, but it will be
remembered the proposal was voted
down. There is no doubt that those
v. bo were instrumental in the burking
of the proposal will rue it, bnt unfortunately for the present the evil has beeu
done. To have healthy children they
must have healthy places to play in and
tlie public streets with their microbe
laden ilnst is far from that. The
World ventures the hope that the idea
is not yet dead.���Vancouver World.
General Broker.
for Building Purposes. Definite contract giveu. Firp,
Life and Accident Insurant*;*.
Keal Estate for sale and to let.
It does not matter which Order you may
belong to I can Supply you with a Pin
or Charm for the Dedication Ceremony
on Tuesday Evening.
il  so,   come  and  sec   our
assort ment ol'
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St.
Stumped iii*. lull rlnruliir.
The British Columbians, who lost
thoir representation iu the Government when the Liberals "came in"
h ive given abundant signs from tima
to time that they were not too well
pleased at the ohange land the otber
day Senator Macdonald recurred to
the mutter by askiug tbe leader of the
Government in the Senate (Hon.
David Mill-1 whether it was the iu-
rention of the Government to restore
to British Columbia this lost prestige, lu reply, Senator Mills mado
what might bo called "an evasive au-
s ver" in the course of which li3 uro-
p lundod a remarkable question for the
consideration of his interrogator.
"Did that gentleman," ho asked,
"wish some member representing
British   Columbia   the    ill-fortune   to
Many Suits oi Clothes.
I have ninrto many suits of clothes ami [want
lo iiuike many more, and have concluded to reduce tlie price for 30 it-ys.
���-''���otcli and English Tweeds... .from $32 to $2b
Illueand Blaok Hell Wbarp Serge
Suits from ?.!0lo$*2I
black Heavy Serges  $2ti
Heavy Scotch Tweeds, nice pattern
for Business Suits 820
I will leach Ladies tho art of cutting their
��� wn garmei ts. Van D-ime World's Fair
Premium System of tu-ess Cutting taught in 11
few hours 80 tbat any lady can ont her own
garments.   Ladies' Tailoring a specialty.
5 St 0 Clement Block.
The   interest  in    the     approaching 1 be a member of   the   preseut   Govern
election is due entirely to the fact that
the Opposition is led by Mr. Hugh J.
Macdonald. Whether he or Mr. Green-
way should be leader of tho Govern
ment of Manitoba is not particularly
interesting iu itself, excepting to the
peoplo of that Province. It is the
widely prevailing belief that Mr.
Macdonald would not stop at the defeat of Mr. Green-way that attracts so
much attention to tho occasion. His
friouus who kunw his mind will say
that persoually he bas little political
ambition, aud they are probably right.
If left to himself bo would prefer tbe
quiet duties of his law practice and
the Booiety of his friends ami intimates. But he is not only the Bon of
hiB father; he ifl also a man uf brilliant
parts and much politioal sagacity, and
beiug loyal to his party he could not
resist the importunities of his friends
to take the leadership of the Opposition
in Manitoba. And should he be successful iu the coming contest-, there is
tbe prospect that the same influences
will carry him a step further.
Among his friends outside of Manitoba as well as in it there is a strong
desire to sou him the next loader of
the Conservative party of the Dominion. He muy draw the line at that,
and, -win or loso, positively refuse to
budge a foot out of Winnipeg, We
suspect they ure very i��w who know
his mind on that point. But there is
nu opinion throughout the Dominion
thnt he would tako the position if
pressed upon him, and that it will bo
pressed upou him is certain if he Should
be successful in his contest with Mr.
Greeuway. Thoy know this at Ottn
wa as well as it is kuown elsewhere,
and therefore it oomns that the next
fight iu Manitoba will not bo so much
to keep Mr. Green way in the Premiership as to keep Mr. Maodonald out of
Dominion politics. Going fresh from
a victory in Manitoba would make him
a formidable leader of the Conservative party, and tlio ruling power at Ottawa may be reokouud on to spoil  tho
Montreal Star.
Charges kiiii Alive.
Sir Charles Tupper replies to the
demand of Major Walsh that ho shall
prove his charges by making new
ones and putting them in as definite a
f* inn as anvouo could desire. Ho also
dcch'.rcs his readiness to prove them,
if a suitable court ot enquiry be
charged with tho work. The objection
made to Mr. Ogilvie is that, besides
now occupying a subordinate position
under the Government, he has not the
lrgal knowledge necessary for the
oondnot of the enquiry. The question has dwindled down to what sort
of commission shall have charge of the
business. Mr. O rilvie, it seems, is n
relative of tbe Minister of the Interior, but even those who mention the
fact in connection with his want of
qtialificatinu do not impeach bis lion
osty, aud ir they suspect, that tho oon-
iii'ciinii would produce a ceilain bias,
which is evidently what thoy mean,
they do not quite say bo. ��� Toronto
Monetary Times.
All Contractors figuring on  buildings that
Will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carries the largest stock of Pluto Glass
in the Province.
Baker St.
Metropolitan   Opera   Co.
Same identical company that made such
a big success before.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist ynu iu the annual
overhauling by Painting, Paper-
Hanging, Kalsomining and Interior Deoorating Estimates
cheerfully given.
,1 iflephlno
St. 0pp. Clarke Hotel
The Bon Ton Restaurant, a well
known und popular place, will be
sold at reasonable terms if taken
soon.    Apply, P, O. box 127.
Qamble &  O'Reilly.
House end two lota, wilh seven rooms, 011
Ciu-lionute street, near fediir street, $2600,
Boarding Home with 27 rooms oil Vernon
street for sale or rent, good husiiiess proposition.
Now house, suitable for dwellingor boarding
houso, IB rooms and basement*, boated hy furnace   Kor rent on Ward and Silica streets.
AlsoaluruoliHtof tho best Hosidonttii   Properly In tho city.
Agents for Addition "A" and "Hunie" Addition.
The British Oolumbla Permanent  Loan and
Bavlngs Company, who give tho most reasonable terms to borrowers, allowing Principal Ui
ho paid otr al any lime without Charging any
Qamble & O'Reilly,
Two Nights and Matinee, Commenc=
ing Friday, April 28.
including Sydney Roherer,   Baritone.    Introducing the latest -Novelty "Edison's Dream Realized.
Friday, "Mikado" Saturday, "Bohemian Girl"
Matinee, "Olivette."
Prices, 75 cents and $1.00.    On sale at usual place.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. VV.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8s.
General Teamsters.
to B, G, .Oil Cf
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengt)
to order. One car of Fres *
Spokane Lime just arrived.
pass     Revelstoke       every      day
to   St.  Pan!; Tuesdays nnd Saturdays
forToronU.; Thursdays for' Montreal
and Boston,
Oue of the bent paying hotels iu Yini*
at b bargain to a respouiible party.
Dining room, kitoheu ami ronmi all fur-
lisbed ootnplete. Bur reseived by proprietor,    Aiidresg
Ymir, ii. O.
Kossland, Trail,  Kobsou and main line.
B.lOp.m.-Lettves���NELSON���ArrlV88-10.80 p.tn
Kooteuay Lake���Kiwlo ltoiite.
Except 8und.*iv
NKI.SON���Arrives-11   a.n
Kxocpl Sunday.
4  p.m.���Leaves*
huolriiii,  Kiver Bonle.
Stu. Muyik.
Mon., Wed., Kri. Tuoh. TluirR. Sat.
8 a.m.���Leaves���NIDLSON-An*ivon--0.r*o p n*..
Miikcs eonneotlon at Pilot liny with Str. Ko
kunee in both dlrootlone unil nt Kootonay
Landing with trains to and from Crow's Nest
line points.
Hiiiiiinii mni Blocan i.niir  I'liintH
Kx. Sundny Ex. Sunday
li.ooa. m.-Leaves���NEL80N���AjrlTee-8,80 p.m.
and full liiforniatiun   by  addressing nearest
local agent, C. K. Boasley City Ticket Ag't, or
It, W. DUEW, Agent, NolnO
Trav. Puns. Ak-uiiI,
IJIhI. 1'iikh. Akoi.I,
hi mm. RBOKEB
Windermere Mines,  Correspondence Solicited
I will state for tlie benefit of any
one contemplating purchasing the
Hon Ton Restaurant, that it is some
of the fixtures and not the business
that should be advertised for sale
by the party I have leased said place
from, as I have no intention whatever of goin-.*- out of business. On
the contrary I have leased the building from the owners and will furnish it newly throughout as soon as
my present ease expires with Miss
M. Duffy, which will be June 1st,
1899. D. E. RIORDAN.
Is now prepared to fill orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
Melton    Mowbray     Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, nnd Pork Pies,   AU orders
promptly   attended   to.
Ward St..   - Opposite Hume Hotel.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   88.
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you are call and get posted on
the White Pass & Yukon Route.
The best, safest and cheapest route
Went Baker Street NKI.SON
NOTICE In horeby Kiven that tbe Brit lltr
time at the Court of Revision appointed by tbe
Coun* ;l of tho Olty of Nelnon for hearing nil
oompininU against the assessment fur the current 1 r, as mode by the wosaor ol tbe mni
City, \.nl he hold in ihe Council Chambers]
N'ofnon on Thursday, the first day of June, low
at 10o'clock a.m.
J. K BTRAOHAN, City Olerk,
Kelson, B. C��� April 18lh, lBirj.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S. U. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear of Clarke Uatel.
We, the undersigned retail merobapti
of the City of NelBim, hereby ngree lo
cIobc our respective place* ol bnsiuBil
st seven o'clook each evening, BUMP'
Saturday nights nud the nights preceding Statutory nud Civic holidays, and ilso to keep our places of business closed
on Sundays and all legal holidays.
This sgresmont to take effect Mny lot,
P. Burns & Oo.. West Kootenay But,
Co., J. A. Uilker, U. O. Ross, U. N.
Heudriokson, J. F. Weir, V. MoArlliur,
J. J. WHlksr, Fred J. Squire, A. Fer-
land, Nelsou Furniture Co. Geo* *���
Motion, F. H, Luring, PatenBUde Bros.,
A. G. Show, Hyde & Titsworth <"���*
Theo. Madsou, Fred Irvine St Co., M��r
tin O'Reilly & Co., Emory & Wnll'-y.
Wallace St. Miller, H, M. Vincent, J, A*
Irving&Co., Kirkpatrick & Wilson, W.
DesBrisay & Co., Morrison St OalawBi'i
Lillie Bros., Thomson Stationery * "������
Ld., Neehiud Shoo Emporium, J* "���
Wray.T. J. Bosnian, Hudson Bay Co.,
Jacob Dover.
Furnished House for Sale-
Situated on Ix>l 13, llloek ,7, In the 0}%?},
No1ho��, In alleyway between linker and vu
torla ��treotn.   Kor particular-it apply
0 miicil Will Try and Settle the  Dispute
with the Msoii Land Improv
ment Oo.
A meeting of the Board ot Works
was held late yesterday afternoon nl
the City Hall, at which there wore
lu-ns'iit tlm Mayor, Aldermen Thomson anil Fletcher, uud Oity Engineer
MoOulloch, There wns not a great
(leal ol' business trnnsnoted, several
matters being laid over until tlio uext
sittings. A oontraet for laying 3,200
font of sewer wns, however, let. Josiah
Thompson being sui'i'i.sst'nl with n bid
of $1000.
It wus also deoided to lay a wnter
pipo to Mr, Theo. Mailson's bouse ou
Mill Street, This request has been
before the Oontioil for somo time.
Six thousand one hundred feet of
four and six ineh pipo have been reoeived by the Oity nnd wen being unloaded yesterday, aud it wns deoided
to start, at once liiyiuR the proposed nil-
I'itinns to tho distribution plnnt of lhe
water works system. The pipes will
be laid by day labor, and John Muuro
will be foreman in oharge. It will he
remembered that Mr. Monro secured
the contract of lay ing the pipes last
year, and the year before be was also
in charge, so ha thoroughly understands the business.
The next question was that of compensating the Nelsou Lunil Improvement Oompany for the land oooupied
or supposed to be damaged by tbe Oily
reservoir. The matter has been dragging now for nearly two years anil the
oompany is pressing for a settlement.
It will be remembered that in Ihe
early summer of 181)7. when the reservoir was being built, Mr Joshua
Davis, the representative of 'he Company, approached the then Oity Counoil asking compensation for the tlnin-
nge whioh he alleged was being done
to his company's land, and also for
the land actually oooupied. the oity
made him an offer, which he refused,
Negotiations ensued. Mr. Davies constantly putting np his price with the
rosult that it was impossible to do business with him. After a wbile the
matter came before the courts.ami the
City paid $700 into court. Tho case
never came lo trial, as arbitration was
decided upon, and the SfioO was rntiiiii-
ed lis the then O'ty Solicitor in payment of costs due him. After Rome
disouasion it was decided yesterday to
submit the affair to arbitration aud
this time to try and get the matter
To give some idea of the exorbitant
demands of tho company it may he
slated that ouly six lots are really
affected, which would make the Oit\ 's
offer equivalent tn over ��\'M a lot. In
1897,abont tbe rime the troiiido originally arose Mr. Joshua Davies held nn
auction sale of some of the lols
held liy his oompany, ami those in the
neighborhood in question did mil
average $50 apiece. Thus tho oitv
offered more than double the inarki;
prioe of the land at the time it was
taken up. The oompany, it is true,
alleges that a much larger extent f
land, was depredated in value
but those who know the grouurl
and the facts, are of the opinion
that the offer was a handsome one. anil
that the company wns endeavoring
to bleed tlie Oily.
tlio tenants to disoover sc suddenly
anil rudely that thev live in n hole.
Another sample of the eccentricities
of the levels of some of Nelson's streets
was discovered yesterday, A will
known oitizen, of hu enterprising nature, bought a couple of lots and pro.
posed ereoting a resilience for himself
thori'O;. He was quite sure about
the ievel question whim bo made the
pnrohase but now he discovers that
to niiike the sidewalk strike tlie proper
part of bis bouse he will have build a
stone wall sixteen feet high ami erect
his house on it. He is not infatuated
with this lighthouse style of architecture so be is endeavoring to quietly dispose of the lots to some unsuspecting
individual of lottv ideas, while be
looks about for a sidewalk of a less
ambitious nature beside which he can
build an ordinary looking residence,
The   sheet   level question is one Hint
should receive the close attention of
builders so that a greal many ups and
downs will b * avoided The several
miles of new sidewalks that will be
la ii io grade ibis summer will no
doubt lead to many complications as
thers are semes of ihe older buildings
in Hn* Oity Umi have been erected
without any regard tn Ihe slreet level.
Contractor Poupore   Comiiioiic.es Work
on the Road Today.
Vestorrlay afternoon James Poupore,
of Poupore St McVeigh, left for the
Lardo district with u gang of over
thirty men to cnnimonce work ou tbe
O. P. 11. Hue which will counocl; Arrowhead and Lardeau, 'Ibis gang
will bo put. to work clearing the Hue,
and next week a large construction
gang will be taken in and set to work
building the road. About three hundred men will he required in the near
future. Thoso wishing to go to work
on tho line can apply at the Nelson
Employment agency and Mr. Love,
the manager, will look after their interests. The wages offered are $'i per
day and $5.2b a week for hoard will
ho charged. Free transportation to
the scene of the work is provided.
Another uang ot two hundred men
will shortly bo required on the Columbia & Kootenay hranoh of tho 0 P. R.
VV. P. Ticriiey & Oo., ��� have secured
the contract for straightening the rond
and fllling in the trestles. There will
be considerable rock cutting nnd it ih
estimated that $500,000 will lie spent
on the Tiernny contract. Every dollar ot thin money, bo Mr. Tiernny informs The Miner will be spent in NcIhoii which will be another boon to tbe
City. The work will be in full blast,
Inside of two weeks.
Mr. John A. Finch, tho well known
mining man, is in the Oity.
Mr. ,T. Craig, who for some time
has beon teller in the Merchant's Dank
of Halifax hero, Iiiih beeu promoted to
the position of accountant.
A telegram was recoived at the local
O. P. K. offices stating that the Great
Lakes will not, be open for navigation
until May 10. This is much later
than usual.
Messrs, W. A. Macdonald, Q. O.,
and F. \V. Peters, who with Oaptaiu
Duncan are engineering this end of
ihe slreet railway enterprise leave tonight for Victoria on busiuess connected wilh Iho company.
Mr. G. McDowell, representative of
ibe syndicate which is erecting the
Nelson Sampling Works is seriously
unwell and has been confined to bis
bed all the week. As -non aa he is
sufficiently recovered to travel he will
take a trip to the Springs.
Mrs. Graham died yesterday afternoon ot blood poisoning at her bouse
ou Koolenay street, where the burial
service will be conducted tbis afternoon at 2 o'clock by the Kev. O. W.
Hose. Tho funeral arrangements
are in the charge of tho Nelson Furniture Oompany.
D. McArthur & Oo who have the
contract (or driving the piles foi the
Nelsou Sampling Works are working
vigorously and expect to be through by
the ond of the week or the beginning
of next. The lumber is ah on the
ground, the maohinery for the plant
is expecled shortly, nnd in about 00
days' time the plant should bo in operation.
Mr. J. H, Vanstone yesterday received the account ol the marriage of
bis brother Mr. Kichard Vanstone,
Darrister-at-law, to Miss Nellie Bell iu
Wingbnm, One, on thn 18th inst. The
ceremony was performed in St. Paul's
church liy the' .Hev. W. Lowe, after
which lhe happy couple let', nu an extended honeymoon trip through New
York, Philadelphia   and   Washington.
Tbo fact that the Nelson athletic
teams have decided to go !o New Denver to celebrate the tjueen's Birthday
does not seem to worry the Silverton
people who are. preparing for a very
l*ay time. There will bo three horse
races for which large purses are to be
given and the prizes for tbe othu
events are on a scale which shows
that, the enterprising Silertoninns .u-e
not backward with I hen- money when
it is needed to make au affair a success
present, and this goes tn slu.w that, i
the attempt to oust Mr. Birmingham
from bis position as the organizer has.
so fur failed. Nothing was seen of |
Mr. A P. Wright, tbe candidate
of Mr. Clarke Wallace nnd Mr Mackenzie Bowel! for the position of organizer, The political prospects of the
party were discussed and a considerable variety of opinions expressed as to
what should be done to rehabilitate
the party in the Province of Ontario.
Ii is the pretty general feeling tbat
Mr. Haggart can uot ho regarded as a
leader, and that Dr. Montague must
not lie so regarded, There does not ut
present soein to be any oue in tbe way
of Mr. Clarke Wallace
Por Ladles
Ml'tl itrnl ii til, *i.l ICf |H,rl,
(Observations taken hy A. H. Holdiob.
Apr 21
Apr 22
Apr 23
Apr 21
Apr 25
Apr 26
Apr 27
til 6
Lew- BNOW     llAK-
27 115
Extra Special
and Gents
Moreen   at  $2.50
Don't stop to think of where to buy your hIuh-k when iu need of a pair, but
��� come direct to Lillie'B .Shoe store and we are quite sure
you will no away satisfied
Aberdeen Block.
Watered Moreen all Colors
at $3.00 each.
Striped Silver Silks,   extra
jgood wearers, $3.50 each.
Watered     Moreen,     extra
wide, with Large Frill, $4.50.
and those aboul to build
should enquire of us lor
estimates on
Roofing b
Specialty ..f
Hot  Air,  Hot Water   and
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd,
Importers of
Shelf ami Heavy Hardware.
Will soon bring up the big Trout. We
will outfit you with the best of everything in the Fishing Tackle line. Our
stock speaks for itself.
Neison Hardware Co.
Satana   Underskirts,
as silk and belter to wear
$5.50 each.
,   at
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Suits to Suit Everybody
At Prices to Suit Your Pocket.   ALEX STEWART,
A large consignment of the newest designs in  Keady-tri-weur
Clothing juat received.   Our goods are nil new and fresh.
No old sto.'k or shoddy suits a* Emory & Walleye.    We have
bIhj just opeued a full line of John  B. Stetson Hats.
The Canadian Mutual Loan & ln-
I vestment Company advance   money
on easy terms.   Low  interest.    No
I shares required.
The Hub Furnishing; House.
Emory &  Walley
Where a Sidewalk   in   Playing  Havoc
With Two Tenants.     "
Building sidewalks to grade will
load to some complications in the
Oity, At prosont an eight foot walk
is being constructed up Joseph inn
Btreot and between Oarhunutc and Mill
stroet it crosses a dip. At tho bottom
of tbis dip and on a level with the old
siilewalk, are located an Italian fruit
store uud a cottage. The new sidewalk scorns the bottom of the din and
likewise tbe fruit store and the cot,
tags, So tho way iratters stand at
present, the walk is 011 a level with the
top of the door of the fruit Store anil it
is quite an eaay matter to sten from
tbo sidewalk to the roof of Iho cottage.
Whether tho Italian will put in a hvh-
tom nf trap doors and ladders for the
convenience of his customers, and the
cottage owner will rot a holn in his
roof to provide a handy means of in-
gresH and ogress, or whether both will
pnt their liuildings on stilts and bring
them again into civilization are iiucs-
tions that are boing warmly discussed
by the residents on the streot. All
agree thnt it is rather  bard   luck  for
Tlio funeral service over the remains
of Walters, Ashpitel was held yesterday afternoon by the Rev. H. S.
Akehurst, in St. Saviour's Ohuroh, a
large number of the friends of tho deceased beiug present*. Tbe coffin was
a handsome oak 0110 covered with
floral offerings in the l'oriu of a wreath
and crosses. The be.irers were six in
number���Messrs. J. J. Cuinpbell, H.
Bowden, O'Drisnoll, T. R. Arohboid,
O. Patterson und Dr, E. O. Arthur.
After the service the mourners follow
ed, the cortege ou four, to tbe ceinetory
The side of seats for tbe Mikado bas
been large also for tbe Matinee and to
morrow night for the "Bohemian
Girl." The cast tonight will bo Miss
Alilricb as ��11111 Yum, J mulatto Liu
coin as Katasba, Maurice Hageuian .is
"Mikado," Eddie Smith us Ko Ko,
Sidney Koberer us Po Bu. Lillian
Kimble, Blanche Alilricb aud Aggie
Millard for Ibe Threo Little Minds
The oompany appear tomorrow night
iu the "Bohemian Oirl" and the Matinee will be "Olivette." Tbe Metropolitans will meet, with the same big
success as before, The wardrobe is especially good in both operas. Thu
chorus 111 enlarged an'! the Oompany
is much stronger than 011 their previous visit. Edison's Dream He.uized
will be a novelty new to Nelson.
Cured without medicine
A properly filted pair ol
glasses will do it.
Eyes Tested Free. D.
not delay but come al
Just reverse this word and you  ha
greatest words in connection w
e   before   your   notice  three  of
th the Three-Star-Flour problem
Any Lady or (i-entlenian Oook
who has the  use   of both hands,   Mid is endowed with an ordinary shar.
of common sense, cannot help turning out good bread if they use
k, Wo have a 50-foot Lot on linker street ��
[A fur Bale One of of the bust simps in (,
Si  Hie City. i
>!<���*.! V TO LOIX &
f)       Stook  r.Tid  CuHtnniH   Brokers.       v.
jF Real Bfet&te ami *
7m Insurai co Agents. Jt.
i,u:( nn* ai, I'xri'iiT.
KniinUii' Etaolrlon] Standardising Tenting anil
a* il Truing Institute, London. Late of ilm i'ii*
& Sunili London IClocfrioRailway'wiUi Meuni
Hcott Brim.. Kensington, (.'hiuf eleotriotan i*
Met rs. Watkln Bros., Northampton, England
NEMOS), i'. 0.
Gilt Edge Soap is chi ripest and best.    If you
haven't got the Dough to buy the Soap,   you
can't make bread before you knead it.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
ul  Real   Estate   Broke)
Turiiei-Hoeckli lilock, Nelson.
large   and fine   stock   of  Sailor
Hats and Children's   Bonnets just arrived at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed. etc.
Write for Quotations On Car Lots Nelson, B. C
Hotel for Hide$6,000, ieutin�� for *t>,00
per inouili.
Baker street propTty for Hide nt $s,-
000, renting tor jfltitl per month, leasid
for li yearn.
Twelve Lota in Hume Addition, cheap.
A 12-roi>med House for 11 lit, convenient to linker street.
Money to I0HI1 at 8 percent.
Lite Assurance.
Fire and
Spokane  Fails &
Northern R'y.
Neison  &  Fort
Madrid, Apr. 1 21.��� The Minister of
War, (leiiernl l'oluviejii, It Is niiiioiiiie-
ed lins reeeived   advices   to the   ell'eet
thut, Aguinalds  intends  "To retain
the Amerioan   and Spanish prisoners,
ns in the event of a Cessation of hostilities,   it will  enable hitii  to demand
better tonus of peace."
A good Copper or Gold Property
irliully developed,    Apply
Mining Broker,
Nelson, B. C.
I    SMALL 1JUX IN U1SRMANY.     ...
'    Berlin,    April   21.��� Virulent   small
pox   has   Appeared   simultaneously in
various pints of   Germany, notably  at
I Iserlolin,    Hanover     nnd     Mneziidleo.
The   Prussian   authorities are taking
i prompt steps to prevent its spread.
Widlaee Likely to Be Conservative Leador in Ontario,
Ottawa, (Int. April 27. ���It ih learned on oxctllent authority that Messrs,
Shaughnessy, Angus and Judge Clarke
have purohased the Great North West
Central   Ruiiwuy.   A  hill   afteotlng
this road is now before the house.
The Conservative members fi 1 Ontario, to the number of about ;m gathered in oanous tins morning, The
meeting was oalled for organization
purpose),   Mr.   R,   Birmingham wus
Nelson Employment Agency
Baker Street,     .1, 11. i.ovk. Prop,
If so read all the "Fi* hing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported  direct   from   English,   American  and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B. C.
When You Ask
For a.
Red Mountain R'y.
The ouly all rail route without clian*;
of cars between Nelson aud Rosslaud aud
Spokane aud Rosakml.
I-eave 9.40 a.m, NELbOB Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a*m. SPOKANE   "   6*30 p.m
Train thnt  leaves  Nelson ut 9:40 a.m
niiiken elnHe oouueotions nt Bpokane (o>
nil l'ueitie Const Points,
I'lieHeiiK'TH tor Kettle Itiveriind Boundary Creek,couueot at Murcus witliKtajje
C. (i. DIXON, (i. P, &T.A.
(Spokane   Wash
(). K.
AKi'iit.Nelson, B. O,
oiri for private family*
liluckHinilh WttRtl niuinMon.
Carpenter wunu situation*
#   BUY IT    #
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at live cents per
Gilbert Stanley
Thomson stutlom
lo       nelson
Canada Drnstt Book <'o.    Nolson
Hotel Hume News
ind      Kelson
Hotel Phair wows
n<l      Nelson
Humphrey & imii
i> Campbell
0, K. Nelson
New Denver
J. K l)(!lunt!y
l.liitini Hro-i,
Blooan Olty
.1. I. Mi'lnt.OAh
Blooan News t'o.
w, Parker
Thomson Bros.
see that is made
by the
MUSIC   l.KHHONH. ��� On  plnno   ornmi   nr
Kiiiliir, liy Mm. W. J. Amluy, lUitwon mxoo1
1 wo itoiirM wont of stealer,  P. 0. Hox inn.
MUSIC I.KSSONS SliiKini* iiiiii Plnno, by
Mr��. Syilnuy ollvur, Oliwjrvutory Hlrout, two
doom wumI of HLunley.
Kootenay   Cigar   MTg  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on tlie market.
OfTFIQES nml Koo'lmto rent, imwly ilocol
utmi umi painted. Apply Thomson Stationer
Co., l.ui.
' A youim luily, ooropetent mni fulllifiil win
be np'-ii in an engagement u** Btenogrnnber and
typewriter in two or three wuuuh. unexceptionable reforenoos, Address, stating salarr, A
in*, Miner offloe,
There are some very line ones In slock lhat will
be disposed of at cheapest prices. Wc are receiving new shipments of Plants and Cut Flowers
FOR BALK 1 He newspapers ut,19 ������untx por
100, jiibi. ilm tiiinK 10 put under curpois
Miner office.
WANTED A tioy nol youiiKi-.r II11111 l,'i to do
light work mni luiuu 11 tnnlo. Apply Mlnei
WAN'I'KII   Small  rott��i<ii   anil lot,   Mum
Imi dump for riwli.   Apply poil ollkn box WS.
Frank A. Tamblyn
���   a WNK OPENING���In business for* petsen
with moderate oapltel. Proprietor wants to
11 .i.���_ u*���������i.  -on out on luxouutof leaving tor iho old 1*01111-
Baker atreet w. Address -a. ����������� as* ow���.
/ z>
Review of the Operations for
the Week.
0- H* Thompson Explains how the
Vein   Was   round.*���Kelson
Mining Transfers-
The stook niarkot this week has
maintained a healthy tone, and a fail-
amount of business has been done.
though tho transactions havo been devoid of any sensational features. A
uotatilo feature of the local market bas
been tho KrowiuR demand for Republic and Boundary stocks, more especially the former. Several local speculators have made money out of them,
and they are viewed with considerable
Probably the best buy in the market
today is Athabasca at their preseut
price, 46 cents. This stock has considerably stiffened of late, aud the
mine never looked better. Two thousand two hundred and fifty shares have
changed bands at tbe above price in
the past two days. Exchequers are also firmer, and a block of 1,000 was
sold yesterday. Palo Alto (RepublicI
are also a good buy, aud are rising
steadily. A block of 7000 was suid ill
town the other day at tliree cents,
but they have since risen half a cent.
Little Cariboo (Bouudary) is also considered a good ijbuy, aud is in strong
demand. Several blocks of this stock,
varying from 1,000 up, have changed
hands recently at 8Jjj cents. Slocan
Stars at $1.30 are also attracting attention, and a big block of these was sold
this week at the above; price. Winnipegs (Boundary) have also stiffened
considerably of late, and have risen
from 27 cents to 80 cents in the last
few days, and there has beon considerable inquiry for this stock.
There has been considerable interest
aroused over the recent strike in the
Wonderful mine, and Oaptaiu O. H.
Thompson who has just visited tho
mines gives the following interesting
account of tha strike :
"Some one who worked tbe mine iu
former days discovered the vein and
then covered up the discovery. I iln
not know who did it, so am uot reflecting upou any one iu particular.
We camo upou it by accident. We
were led to explore the old working.*-*
through having our suspicions aroused
that something of value might be in
them. Not long ago a miner came
to Superintendent Davis and wanted
to secure a lease upon a specified section of the mine, agreeing to pay a
royalty upou all the ore "he could find
there. The lease included tho old workings in the drift. Mr. Davis told him
a lease was out of tho question and
after he hud gone the superintendent
began to think about the matter and
at last he concluded that au investigation was necessary. He cleaned out
the drift, taking out much dirt that
had evidently beon carted in there,
Finally he came to a point where the
lagging along the wall of the drift was
fastened up with big spikes. That
looked suspicious nnd ho opened it up
aud fouud that ore had beeu stoped at
tho side of the drift three timber BOts
high and 18 foot wide. The sills n*st
ou vein matter and ore. The stupe
had been partially tilled with dirt,
which Mr. Davis thinks had been
wheeled in there,as the timbering was
too close to permit of its having fallen
down. It wns no easy task to clean
the place out, hut wo have about got
through with tlio work and have taken
out two carloads of shipping oro which
we found bidden in the stupe. Aver
ago assays uf this ore show it to carry
188 ounces of Bilver and 70 per cent
"Tho vein there is clearly defined.
Its presence at that point proves tbat
tho tunnel was run away from it
rather than toward it. The vein has
also heen exposed liy tho hydraulic
work that has boon done upon the
olaim, It shows there exactly where
it should bo if our calculations as to
its presence near the portal of the old
tunnel is correct. Ah soon as weather
will permit wu shall start a force of
men at work upon the surface of the
vein at this expused point. A drift
can lie run into the hill gaining depth
ou tbe vein. Hut we are nliout to
tap this vein at a vertical depth of
Ilia feet. I expect to have the news uf
the strike at any timo. This tunnel has
boon running in fur suine time and
has reached a point 600 feet beyond
the portal It has crossed a clay seam
ami is io feet Into porphyry formation,
This is a duplicate of the formation
through which the Ruth tunnel passed
before it came into the vein. Beyond
an feet of blue porphyry the Kuth
tnnnol ennio into the vein of clean
shipping oro. Wo aro in the same porphyry, and aro Hearing a point wher,i
we expect thn vein to be. Altogether
the outlook for the mino is inust favorable.
Among tho in Toad Mountain   prop.
citios that have recently lieeu bonded
by a British (.onipany and which will
be worked extensively this summer,
as already stated exclusively in Tho
.Miner, ate the Ullie, Hoval ('hnrtor
and (Irani! View in tho Dandy group,
and the Starlight, Great Saltern and
influence it will havo on the silver
camps of the Province if the prices do
not go down again.
New Vork,    April   37.���Bar  silver,
oat;,; Mexican   dollars, 48}j' to 50; silver certificates, (iiS7��� to 64.
Copper, steady , brokers', f!)1^ to $\0% ;
exchange,  |19^[.
Lead, steady;   brokers',   $4.10;   exchange, $4.30 to $4. 115.
April 19.���
Venus, Cosmopolitan, Jupiter, Astral, Saturn fraction, Onion, Cambridge���J. L. Stamford, R, Heddle,
J. Phillips aud Frank Fletcher to L.
L. Merrifield and W. H. Pearson ou
16,000 bond.
Victoria���R. Brett and J. B. Thompson to B. B,  Dnnlop, }3.
Marv Bell, Lena���W,   H. Seaman to
1j. K.  Larson,   t,'
April 20.���
Camile, Bunker Hill, Napoleon���J.
G. Beaudoin to N. Gagnou, $100.
Willie. Trumpet, Elk, Floience G,
Bellerupbon, Roval Arthur, Invinoi*
hlo���S. Johns to J.  McLatchie,    18-31.
Same���Same to W. G. Robinson,
Gerald F. Fraction���J. McLatchie
to S. Johns and W. G. Robinson, 8-21.
April 31.���
Berne���Max Heckman to H. K.
Richmond, >.i'.
Same���Same to H. Clever, k'.
Swiss���O. Faas to H. R.  Richmond,
Same���Same to H. Clever, j^.
Orinoco���T. C. Collius to B. R. C.
Walbey, $100, W.
Nui*��et   fraction���B.    R. C. Walbey
to T. C. Collins, }i2.
April 24.-
New York -, Mackinaw, Maria.
Queen���E. D. Page and J. H. Campbell
to   W. Coffey and F. J. Kennedv, |600
Independence, Independence Nc. 2.���
E. L. Pago to Mrs. Lima Jackie. 1-12
J New York, Mackinaw, Maria. Queei ,
Independence���E. L. Page and J. h.
Campbell to W. Jackie, i^.
Grizzly Bear���J. Mack aud F.
Amantea to J.  Andrews, $500.
Eldorado Fraction���Same to same,
Montana, Idaho���A. Chisholm to J.
J. Wilson, i3.
Same���Same to N.   Chisholm, J3'.
Josephine, Maggie���J. Holm to August Johnson, I-o.
April 25.��� Blue Bell���E.    Wnlshe   to
F. Flannery, U, $50.
Highland,     l0 ;   Buffalo,    l.,,     Iron
-J. Sturgeon   to P.   Sylvester,
Highland   Chief-H.    Stege   to    H.
Clever, i-4.
April 27.���
Same���H.     K    Richmond   to  Max
Heckman, \��.
Swiss���C. Faas to same, J��.
Nevada, J-4, Early Sun, fef:
',,���W. H. Brewster to A. G.
Monterey���R. M.   Reeves   to  Same,
M. $25-
Ida Frac���J. P. Swedberg to O.   W.
Anderson, }�����
Jackpot Frac���Same to O.   Johnson,
San Fraunisoo, Cnl., April 21. ��� After
tho Unitod States steamer Badger
sailed yesterday for Samoa with the
.Sainoan commissioners aboard important ordors arrived. A boat was sent
after the steamer but was unable to
overtake her. Tho transports Ohio and
Senator sail today aud the latter will
try to reach Honolulu before the Badger leaves.
New York, April 27.���Rudyard
Kipling is to sail for England on May
i and has already engaged a passage on
the Steamer Cymric of the White Star
Line. His rooms at Lakewood, N.
J., have been taken until May 7, and
after that date it is understood that he
will be entertained by friends on Long
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  see   us.
B. f
West Kuotenay Valley, B. ('., on   line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Nelson St Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Oreston may
he hail of GEO. Ivf FAKI.ANJ), Agont
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Readers of The Miner   will   observe
with gratification  the steady Inorease
in tho price of silver. Today it is
quoted at. (ill*., cents, the highest price
during tho past two years. It is impossible   to exaggerate the   liuportaut
From Montreal
Allan Mini   Nillnlilliill Aliril   -.1*
Aiiim l.iiii*  Callforntan Mni* ii
Dominion Line   Dominion April x.)
Dominion Lino- Bootiroan  May 18
Beaver Lino��� Luke Huron  - May 3
From Now- York
Wlilli* Slur  Mms- MujOHtlo May  3
Ounard  Line   Luoapla,   May tl
Aiiniiit-iui Linn   st Lou in May  8
AnohorLIiiii-  .Anohorm... May 1)
Allan Stato Lino���State of Nebraska ..May :i
I'-i-oin MoHlon
Dominion Line   New KiikIhimI  May   3
Passagos arranged in ami from nil European
points, Km- rates, tlokots and fall liifcrmiuion
ui'l'ly ini'. 1'. It, depot iiki nl or 0, K. MuiiMloy
ultfTlokel Agent, Nelson, B O.
��� 'l**l     liriii'iiil   Annul. I'     .11. lllll'***'*   WllllllpC'K
We have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
We want to tell you about our Spring* Styles   this
week ot" which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come.and see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District. You will always
find our lines up-to-date  and  at  popular
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale j   a   All j(PD
To clear a few lines at half the usual
price.    All in Uress Lengths  of 7
yards each and no two ali'-e.
8 Pieces Figured Dress Goods at 40c. legnlni price 75c.
7 Pieces Figured Drehs (iuods st65e. regular price $1.25.
10 Pieces Figured  DressGoodt   BID   * ���,'i i *   prioe 11,7 5
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A.  FEI^LANp   & CO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes  Priuua
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh nnd wholesome meats aud supplies
kept in stock.
���Markets at Nelsou and Ymir.
h. byers & co.
Keavy ar-jcl Shelf  Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Hose, Steaijt Packing **-�� Wire  Hope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,  Gur-
ney, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
5= Real Estate and Insurance Agent.                       3
g The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 3
B and Savings Co.                3
���fc: FOR   SALE���Corner,   50x120  on   Mill   St.; 5   lots  in   ;���*���*���
EZ Block 44; Corner Block of 6 lots on Observatory St.                      ZS
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniersand Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries   and  Crockery.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
"V*-**-** *%%-%*^-'%**'W'*WV*.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS.   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip o. box en  nelson, b. c,
Wholesale and Retail Meat
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Co in punitive  Statement,  -showing   the progress made by this Hank iu tin-
past ten  years: 1888 181)8
Cnpitnl Paid   Up  $ 1,000,000 $ 1,600,000
Rest        3K1.000 1,250,000
Deposits  2.802,000 8,175.lliKl
Circulation  098,000 1,887,000
Loans  8,835,000 8,554.1100
Liabilities to Publio  4,088,000 9.900,000
Total Asset,"  5.280,01)0 12,7:17,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, 1.utters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Hossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Savings Bank department has buuii established in connediun will, Iho Natron branch o(
this bank. Deposits of one dollar aud upwards received, and current rale of Interest allowed,
at present 3 per eent. por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Telephone    Apparatus
The    Northern   Electric   &  Manu=
facturing   Co'y,    Limited
*�� �� Montreal �� ��
Manufacturers, Contractors for and Dealers in Electrical
Apparatus and .Supplies of every Description,   including
Telephone Instruments, and Central
Office Equipments
also Telegraph, Fire Alarm and Police Patrol Systems.
The Northern Electric & Manufacturing Company, Limited, is prepared to contract for the construction and equipment, and if necessary, the operation of Telephone Exchanges and other systems above mentioned.
*   Por prices and other Information apply to
The Northern Electric & Manufactur-
Another carload direct from
Pabst Brewing Co'y, Milwaukee
Capacity 2,000,00 barrels
per annum.
Turner Beeton & Co.
NELSON. Agents.
Kootenay Electric Sily aii Constrnction Co,
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric   Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St. NELSON, B. C.
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
i-��/v.    -TU,~~~ T^,'i��J A11 or*-Iers n.ust be accompanied by cash and should   bo   forwarded
mg   (jOmpany,   Limited Ieitlier Penally ��r by mall 10 the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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