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Nelson Daily Miner May 16, 1900

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Daily Edition   No   728
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday, May 16, 1900.
Tenth Year
Gen. Lord Roberts Has Now
Occupied  That
Boers Make a Final Desperate
Effort at Mafe-
British Army Now Engaged
in   Very  Extensive
London, May IB,���1 :B0 p, in.���The
War Office has received the following
dispatch from Gen. Buller. dated Dundee, May l.i. 1 p. iu. We have occupied Dundee.   About 'MO of the enemy
left yesterday for (Hellene, where they
entrained. Their wagons also lcfl
yesterday by Dejaggora Drift and the
Dumiabaiisi'i'ltoiul. Their Kaffirs said
they were going to Lolngs Nek, Almost every house in Dundee is completely looted. The navigation colliery is all right, The machinery of
the Dundee collieries is destroyed,
The houses of tile town are damaged
but are structurally inlael.
London, Mny IB.���A dispatch to the
Dally Stall; from Lorenzo Muiqnez.
dated Tuesday, says: "There is now
no doubt that there wns fighting nt
Mafeking Oil Saturday,bill it is believer! to have been in favor of the Harrison. All Ibnl enn be ascertained of a
reliable oharncter follows: "The
Boers, using artillery attacked the
town on Saturday. Very soon the
Kufllr locution wns in flames, ..-omo
say at the result of u fight, others as
the result of treachery. Fighting nt
close quarters became general and iu
the midst of the ennfrsion, tlio Doers
gained possession of the Knflir location.
from whioh point of advantage they
liroii|:ht their guns to hour on the town
at close rnngo.
By an adroit niovo tho gnrripou,
despite its attenuated numlirrs, succeeded in surrounding the party of
liners who had capturod the Knllii
location. Severe lithium followed,
bnt accordini; to the latest reports,
the Boers still hold the location in
whioh they are  piobubly  sutrounded
The truth ii. I believe, thnt the Pretoria authorities, knowing of the progress of the relief column, gnvo orders
to General Snymun to storm the place.
As miiiii as the loaution was in flumes,
Boer bulletins of vintory were flying
about everywhere to encourage the
weak l-ii. .-it burghers.
Boors, who oume down here yesterday from Pretoria, produce for the
edification of incredulous Britishers
two tolegraniB, one of which was signed by Snymun, nnd said " I was lucky
enough to cnpluie linden Powell with
mi'" iMiiuiieil men tins morning."
London, May III -lilll) a. m.���"Fo<
Will last until about .lime III" is I
latest official word from Colonel Bad
Powell, the British   commander   ...
Mafeking, sent lo Lord Roberts uiidei
date of   Msy 7.    Kive dH)s later the
Soars attempted to storm the town and
It is possible thnt they succeeded, although nothing is known of the attack
or of its results except through Pretoria sources, which have no countenance hore. The British relief oolumn
is due there now. Ten days ago General Hiiym.iu was having dilllciilly in
keeping tlie Burghers together Owing
to the approach of the British nud,
when the last Associated Press despatch left Mafeking on May 7, Hie
liners had killed mi the previous thy
one of the Horse Guards and captured
S'"4 ���nil of Colonel Biiden-roweU'H few
Hi mining 1 ten,
Major F. I). Builty has sent the
Morning Post, this message from
Mafeking May 7: "This morning the
Hours attacked us.   Result us usual.
There is nn uchiug void here.    Pass
the loaf."
The Transvaal Anny hns taken a
position nt Baluawnshdort Pnss, near
Heilbren Bond Station, BO miles north
of Kroonstadt. It's rear guard is still
holding tho hills north of the Vaalach
liver, while the Boer sconts are in
touch with tho British reconnoitering
purtier twenty miles north of Kroonstadt. The Boers have held a council
of war at Dinglay, and the British
spies havo learned thnt tbe Boers de
oitled to hold Harry smith as long as
possible. Lord Roberts infantry are
still nt Kroonstadt. The railway
laborers are at work and engineers
hope to have the line repaired within
three days. The prairie has pat on its
winter onnt. The nights are bitterly
cold but the dnys are hot. The Free
Staters nro surrendering in larger
numbers than after the occupation of
Bloemfouteiu. One officer of the
Transvaal artillery sayB: "There will
be no serious fighting this side of Pretoria as Beringen on the Vaal is indefensible, Heavy guns are being mount
ed at Pretoria, but Generals Botha and
dimmer are agreed that ultimate success is impossible.
It is estimated that the Trnnsvoalers
can still muster ,'10,(100 men iu the
fighting lino. General Buller's advance
as his telegrams indicate, was iu accordance with Lord Roberts' instructions, and it will cease or go forward
ns Lord Huberts may direct. Comment
tutors, afflliattd at the War Office, say
that General Buller's orders to keep
the Boers employed have been supplemented by an order to drive them
completely out of Natal and then to
move on llarrysniith.
General Bundle and General Brabnnt
are taking possession   of wide sections
around Iiadybrant almost with opposition. They find the country still
plentifully supplied with cattle, feed
and Hour. General Bundle is still reducing bis transport aud feeding his
men largely on the country. The
Boers ill that quarter surrender daily
and It the expectation of the correspondents on the sp.it Hint the eastern
Sectlo i of the Free State will soon be
us quiet as the western. General Run-
dle's front is thirty miles long hut
his forces are disposed so that if any
point should be attacked, the troops
there could be quickly reinforced.
Record of the  Day in the
Dominion Parliament.
London, May l.i.���The Express today
advocates the ostracism of Richard
Oroker In England In retaliation for
Tammany's attitude on the Boer War.
It says: 'it. has not escaped notice In
Ibis country that an American welcome lo the Boer delegates has been
inspired and encouraged by Tammany
Hall, which Is controlled by the notorious boss/. Richard Croker. The records of Tammany are already black
enough without the addition of this
new infamy. But what makes the actions of Tammany particularly Infamous now is the fact that Oroker, who
claims (he hospitality of an English
domicile, professes to be an English
country gentlemen and runs race
horses on thej English Turf is aiding
and encouraging the worst of England's enemies, If OrokerJ finds that
the bracing air of the United States
does not invariably suit Ills constitution he should secure the calm seclusion of au Italian villa within reach of
the Duke of Orleans,  whose company
he will probably find congenial."  ***~
Kroonstadt, May M.���It Is reported
that the whole of the Boer forces   are
concentrating on the Vaal and withdrawing from Biggiirsbcrg and the
southwestern borders.   It is computed
that more than 9000 Free Staters will
fight on the Vaal, Railway communication with this place is expected to
bo open ou Thursday. The transport
is working smoothly,  tbe troops and
horses arc receiving full rations, water
is plentiful and the health of tile
I roups is excellent.
Politics the Chief Subject of
Discussion Yesterday.
Latest Political News from
the Capital of the
is brought down to a very narrow circle indeed, and we believe it to be the
duly of these, who desire to be represented by men in whom all can repose
perfect confidence, to cast their ballots
for Messrs, llehncken, Hall, Yates and
News has reached here by the Tees,
which reached port this morning, of a
meeting held by Messrs. Clifford and
Irving at Port Essiug, a short time
ago, About, sixty electors were present nnd the meeting was strongly
Maseru.    Biisutolaiid,     May    18,���A
portion   of    Brabant's Horse occupied
Ladybrandt today,  ami another portion is pushing on to (llocoland.
London. May IS, ���A special despatch
fi i   Lni'cii/ii   Marques,   says  it has
been reported   that,   a   large   force   of
Boers has been captured by the British
nt Mafeking,
Brands Drift, Sunday, May 13.���
General Bundle has Completely checkmated the attempt of the Boers to
eoine south again, ami the enemy are
retiring before the persistant [advance
Of tho British. Many have been captured or are surrendering. There
were 1.10 of these yeslerdny and today.
Among than was President Steyn's
Ottawa, Ont., May 1.1.���The supplies
for the House of Commons and the
Senate being about exhausted, Mr.
Fielding presented the Bouse today an
additional amount to meet the necessary expenditures to carry on the
work of legislation.
In reply to Sir Charles Tapper, the
Minister of Finance said that the supplementary for the current year would
be down to in a couple of days aud
others some days later.
This being done,   Sir Louis   Davies
proceeded to   reply   to   Mr.   Borden's
motion to refer the   West   Huron   and
BrocUville election cases to  the   Priv
ileges and Election Committee.
The Minister of Marine and Fisheries said that no one recognized more
than he that it was through the ballot box that staple government was to
be secured and, therefore,that punishment should follow those who interfered with a free expression of the
will of the people in that way. While
this was correct, care should be taken
as to punishment that followed the
mode of proceedure.
In this ease Parliament, in his opinion, had acted hastily in referring the
West Huron election case to the Privilege and Elections Committee. That
committee was not the one to which
ought to be referred a question of
facts. Questions of law might well
be referred to it. It was composed of
the best lawyers in the House. The
British Parliament had withdrawn
from that committee all questions of
fact relating tc contested elections,
because it was felt that partisan feeling would enter into the proceedings
ami overbalance all other considerations.
Sir Louis Davies then referred to
the Queen election case in New Brunswick, when Returning Officer Dun de
olared Balrd elected, although he was
In the minority. In that case Sir John
Thompson laid down a principle that
all questions affecting the Election
Act should be referred to the courts
with one exception, namely; as to the
disqualification of Members of Parliament, Be, Sir Louis, voted against
the motion which Sir John Thompson
then advocated. He said there was a
conspiracy to steal the elections, lie
read an affidavit from Mr. Pritehett,
M. D., In the United States, saying
that he was in the constituencies teaching the deputies how to to substitute
Mr. BrittOU, 111 reply, saitl that the
Conservative organizer, Barker. Hamilton, purchased this affidavit. Mr.
Bennett replied that the Senate had
another political tussle today with tlie
Flax Bill and the Liberals came out
Victoria, B.C., May 15���The meeting
which wns held in liiilhariiionio Hall
lout night, was not very largely attended but it was nevertheless one of
most Important that has been held
since the beginning of Ibo present campaign. The four Opposition candidates
distinctly pledged themselves in the
event of the defeat of the present Government, to oppose the formation of an
administration composed entirely of
those iu favor of the Introduction of
Federal party lines into British Columbia politics.
The Times will not support all the
Martin ticket and it ssys; "Our choice
Ottawa, May 15���A Fire By law affecting the entire city of Hull has been
passed by the Hull City Council. By
its regulations, .nil dwellings, stores,
factories, etc., erected in the transpontine city in the future must be fireproof. All sheds, etables, outbuildings,
etc., if built within sixty feet of the
street must also be fire proof.
Tho Jury empannelcd to enquire ia-
tn the death of Joseph Bolduc's child,
who was killed by an electric car in
Hull yesterday, returned n verdict to
the effect that the Hull Electric Bail,
way was criminally responsible for the
death of the child, inasmuch us the car
was not provided with a fender, nnd
owing to the fact that there was only
one cur on the line the motorman was
forced to run hi* car at too great a rate
of speed, in order to comply with the
Company's time table. Moreyer the
car was considered unsafe for use on a
public street when running at a high
rate of speed. The verdict contained a
rider exonerating the inotorinan, N.
Ottawa, Out., Mny 15���Joseph Ger-
vais Carter, of Hull, met with a fatal
accident while driving u loud along
Adelaide street. He fell off his wagon
aud one of the heavy wheels passed
over him and broke his neck, cusuing
Immediate death.    Gervais was  ;u
years old and was married.
The Plumber's Union has prepared a
scale of wages. It calls fur a regular
wage of $l!.n0 per day of nine hours to
i$o info effect ou June 1st,
Work on the C. P. R. Depot
and Sheds to Begin
One Hundred Thousand Dol
Iars Will  Be Expended.
Pembroke, Ont., May lu���Andtew
White, M. P. P., for North Renfrew
and brother of John P. White, ex-M.
P., died at his home here this morning. The deceased was a Conservative
and was elected over Henry liarr, Lib-
end, at the last contest by a majority
of 153.
Montreal, May 16���The annual stat-
tueiit of the Bank of Montreal, issued
today, shows net profits for the year��
11,044,488. The amount to the credit of
profit autl loss lust year wns $1,10:2,702,
making a total of $2,027,150. This baa
been divided into two dividends of llye
percent, if 1,200,000, carried lo the rest
account $1,OOO.OOO nnd the balance to
the credit of profit and loss $420,180.
The Rest account isnow seven millions.
The statement is a very goad one as
the profits show an increase of nearly
$200,000 over lust year.
Ottawa, Out,May 15.���A bush Are
two miles is raging east of Ohapleau
on the C. P. R. main line. It is irresistibly sweeping everything before it.
Other fires ure burning near Lac Pou-
liu doing great damage lo the timber
The Improvements Will
Completed by Next
Montrcnl, May 15���A Port Colborn,
Ont., despatch says: "Two suspicious
Characters were tired upon by the soldiers guarding the Welland cauul at
Port liuiiiiii.iiii nt midnight, Saturday
night,    The men escaped in boats,"
Ottawa, Out,,   May   15���The   Canadian Patriotic Fund to date amounts to
Within a week or ten days work will
bays com mm icon on the new O. P. R.
depot, freigbt sheds, engine bouse,
machine shop and oonl pockets of the
O. P. R. in this oity. In all sbont
1100,000 will be expended and all of
tho extensive improvements will probably be completed by the time snow
Vioe-Presidem McNiohol and other
oflloers of the C. P. R., who are iu
Nelson at the present time, including
superintendent Marpole, went over the
matter yesterday aud considered the
plans submitted. The result was as
above mentioned aud Superintendent
Tronp was told thnt the work should
ootrmence at once. The depot whioh
it is proposed to build will be the
finest in the provinoe with tbe exception of tbe Vancouver building. It
will be 400 x ill foet, floor spaoe and
two stones high and on tbe ground
floor will be a general waiting room
thirty feet square, a ladies' waiting
room, a geiitleiueut's smoking ruom,
offices for the agents, ticket office, baggage and express offices and lavatories
and on the upper tlnnr will lie the offices of Superintendent Treup and his
staff, dispatchers' olfioes, engineering
department, port captain aud port
steward. The building will be an
elaborate one from an architeotiuul
standpoint. It will have a stone
foundation aud will be frame.
Tbe freight sheds will lie 260 feet
long and amply able to care for the
rapidly growing bnsiness in this city.
The engine house and nun nine shops
will be complete iu every sense, nnd
the new yards will have a I unit three
miles of traokage. The depot will be
on the north side of Baker street near
Kootenay and tbe freight sheds on tbe
south side. There will be a large
vaoant space between the two build-
ings to permit of tbe passage of almost auy number of vehicles at one
time, and tbeso v-hides will not have
to cioss any tracks to reach either the
dopot or tbe freigbt sheds. Tbe oourse
of Cottonwood oreelc will be diverted
and will be made to run iu a direct
route from tbe vicinity of the gas
house to the point above the small railroad bridge near the present depot.
Vice-President MoNiohol and his
party go to Greenwood this morning
aud will return to Nelson on Friday.
Montreal, May 15���Tho local pnss-
enger rales on the Great North West
Central Bailway, in Manitoba, now
operated by the Canadian Pacific railway, have been reduced from 4 to 8
cunts per mile.
Halifax, N. 8., Mny IC-Mayor A.
F. Hionemnii, Liberal, was returned to
the local Legislature tislay without opposition.
London, May 15���The War Office
announced this afternoon that Pie.
0. Thompson, who was wounded at
l'anrdulicrg, but who had rejoined his
regiment i�� dangerously ill at Wyn-
herg. Pte. Thompson enlisted in "A"
Company, British Columbia and is now
a member of the Fifth Regiment of
Canadian Artillery.
New York,"May 15.    There is nnother
match between James J.   Corbott  and
James Jeffries in Bight,
The C. P. It. Will Now Have an American Terminal.
New Whatcom, Wash., May 15���The
attempt of the Northern Pacific to shut
the Canadian Pacific out of an American terminul ban failed. At the close
of 11 three day's conference between tho
Northern Pacific officials ami President
P. B. Cornwall and the officials of the
Iiollingham Bay and British Columbia
railway, President Cornwall announced
that this Compiinv had refused to sell
to the Northern Pacific and that closer
traffic arrangements had been conclud-
with the Oaiiiulian Pacific and that
smut Canadian Pacific trains would be
tunning into New Whatcom,
New   Vork,   May   15.���Copper  very
doll,   broker's  III?,,;   exohsnge   111%.
Lead,broker's $8.HO; exchange |8,ll? 1-3
f i Oil 1-2, Tin, straight ��JM6 a IDU.OO
Plates,   quiet.       Spelter,   very  dull,
domestic $4.50 a St.55.
Slight   Fire   Yesterday Afternoon   at
the Chateau D'Eau, With
Small Damage,
Paris, May 15.���Fire occurred at the
Exposition this afternoon. The flumes
startod iu the basement of the Chateau
D'Eau, which was intended to be one
of the leading features of the Exhibition. Intense alarm was oreated by
tbe Idii/c, bnt the firemen succeeded in
keeping tbe ontbnrst from spreading
and after an hoar's hard work tbe fire
was extinguished with sligbt damage
to u portion of tbe wood work beneath
the Chateau D'Eau and a few tapestries.
The news of the fire at tbe Exhibition ground spread qniokly through
Paris and aroused considerable anxiety,
owing to the recent severe criticism
of tbe inadequate arrangements to cope
with a condagratiou. The fire was
dno to the fusing of wires which Ignited the scaffolding underneath the
Great excitement prevailed among
tbe visitors and they flocked to tbe
scene. Tbo foreign electric section, ia
which the United States has an Important exhibit,was filled with smoke.
bnt beyond tbo blackening of tbe ceiling and the walls no dnmaga was done,
The workmen in the basement bad a
nairow escape. Three wore rescued
in a half asphyxiated condition.
Greeted By   a   Body of Sympathetic
Politicians at Dock at New York.
New York.Jfay 14. ���The peace euvoys
from South A frice to tho United States,
Messrs. Abraham tuber. J. M. A. Wel-
inun- ��� aud C, If Weaseli, arrived
here on the ���teumabip Maaadam today.
They were met by a commit tee whioh
went down tbe buy to meet them, and
later were greeted by a body of of Boer
sympathizer! gathered on His pier at Ho-
I oken.whine the Maaadam docked. The
Mayor of that city extended a wsleome
to them and tbe party took carriages for
the Hotel Manhattan where the envoys
will lodge during their stay in this oity.
When thecouimit.ee boarded tbe Maaadam down tbe bay former Judge Van
Nosaeu delivered an address of welcome
to the envoy*.
Mr. Fisher responded as follows: "I
thank you most hanrtily for this welcome which you hnve just extended to
us. Tbe u 111 mlh of a welcome does not
lis iu the strength of the wordi used hut
in deeds. We believe the Ameaioan people will will also extond us a welcome,
for ours is a cruise that is dear to their
hearts. We are lighting for our country. As soon aa they come to understand
our case they will, I believe, echo tbe
welcome you buve just given us."
The envoys were eager to hear the latest news from the war. When told at
the Hotel Manhattan of the rsrerse to
their amis and Die advanoe made by
Lord Roberta I hay shrugged their
shoulders. " Suoh news," said Mr.
Piahsi, " doea not diaconoert us in tbe
least. We read theae despatches between the linei, bat what difference
does one or a dozen revsraes make to
us, We never promise to atop until we
have gained what we are lighting for,
our independence."
       Iks'   I    i
BadenTowoll Tells Lord Roberts They
are All  well.
Loudon, May HI. - The War Office baa
received the following from Lord Roberts, datdd  Kroonstadt,  May 16, I p.111. :
"Biideu-Powoll reports uuder date of
May 7, 'All well. Favor is decreasing.
The garrison is cheerful nnd the food
Will laat until about .tune 10.'"
Lorenzo, Marques, May 15.���The
Boers on Saturday occupied the Kaffir
location at Mafeking. They were In
turn attacked during the night of
Saturday, and on Sunday fouad themselves   sin rounded.      The   Boer���    loet
���even dead ami sersnteen  wounded.
The British loss Is   reported   to   have
Wen heavy.
Makes the Announcement Suddenly In
the I). S. Senate.
Washington, D. <> . May 15.--Mr.
Clark, of Montana, fairly swept the Senate with sin prise today by a formal announcement thnt he had sent his resignation as Hetintnr to tbe Governor of
Montana, Tbe aunounoemeot came
without preriuus notice. NELSON DAILY MINER. WEDNESDAY, MAY (6, iqoo
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Nelson Daily Miner
May 16, 1900.
PORTFOLIOS 9 and 10.
In Peace and In War.
CUT out this coupon nnd bring
or send it with ��0 cents in silver
to the Portfolio Department of
The Nelson Daily Miner nnd get
PnrtsO.t lOofOlimpsesof South
Africa in  Peace and in War."
See announcement on another
page. S
It is well to have the views of a
candidate on such questions of legislation or administration as are
likely to present themselves, but it
is not always or even often that he
can give effect lo them of his own
will or motion. Without disclosing his mind, however, we should
be asked to vote for a candidate
whom we did not know. Political
addresses, therefore, have come to
be regarded as a necessity. We require to know in advance from our
lepresenlative if he will vote for
compulsory inspection of hencoops,
although it is possible the question
itself may not arise. On the other
hand the candidate may have his
head full of theories, hobbies, and
policies, which ho desires to expose
to the electorate in the full confidence of commanding their admiration. It is proper and customary
to give him the opportunity,
There are candidates and addresses in abundance. And the addresses as a rule take a very wide range.
They embrace all the living subjects
of the day, and many that are so
extremely cmbryotic as scarcely yet
to have assumed shape. Anything
is made to serve that will strike the
fancy and catch a vote. Of the
practical issues, a great deal of ingenuity is employed to present
them in the most attractive light
possible. It can hardly be said that
in the present election there is a
dearth of practical issues. The
Province needs many things, some
of minor and some of very great Importance, before il can be regarded
as properly equipped for the grc.il
work of development in which it is
now engaged.  No one will  feel dis-
mous. Tho factions are at it yet,
and many of us may think that
there is no end to the turmoil. But
the electors are stronger than the
politicians, if they only have the
sense and determination to act.
Should the Martin Government be
sustained this Province would not
know a moment's peace in tbe next
four years. Here in Nelson, however, where there is no Martin candidate, we have not the opportunity
to vote directly for it even if disposed. How much better off would
| the Province be with Houstons
enough in the Legislature to influence tho Government? A riding
can but elect its own member, but
the riding should be careful as to
his character. Do the business men
of Nelson think that it would be a
step towards public tranquility to
elect Mr. John Houston? Would
his election inspire that confidence
which is so necessary to an industrial revival that will set us once
more on the road to prosperity?
A majority ol Dr. Halls would perhaps be satisfactory, but Dr. Hull,
if elected, would find himself alone
and helpless, a man crying in the
wilderness. There is no Independent Liberal party in this campaign,
and it can have nothing to represent in the Legislature. Here is
the vital issue of the election. Before we can expect a flow of capital,
wc must cease this turmoil and regain something like stability in the
conduct of public affairs. Let each
elector for himself debate in his
own mind whether, of the three
candidates, the return of Mr.
Fletcher would not do most to restore confidence and thus bring
about a revival of business activity.
The people in Manitoba and the
Territorities must regret that tbe
Canadian Pacific did not pick up the
stray railways long ago. That corporation has recently taken over the
Manitoba & Northwestern and
the Greal Northwest Central, and
the first thing it did was to reduce
tho passenger tariff from four to
three cents a   mile  over  both lines.
Several months ago a Pretoria
financier said, "When it comes to
the last alternative of war, Kruger
won't climb down, he'll jump
down." It looks as it were about
time the old man was spitting on
bis  hands.
Advert IrtomctitH lnnortod under this hoad at
tbe rata of one cent a word per limerlion. No
advertisement taken for loss iban 25 oents.
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Barrow, corner Josephine nnd  Kohsou
TO LET -For three mouths, furuished
cottage. Five rooms, piano, modern
conveniences. Apply mornings on the
I'M mises, Mill Street, Three doors west
WANTED���Youug girl 14 or 15 to  assist with   child.   Apply  Mrs.  II. M.
Vincent, Mill Street ueur Cedar.
LOST���Left in some store or other
buaiuess place in town, an timbrelhi
with crook handle, silver tip, steel rod,
bought at J. F. Weir's. Return to Alex
Stewart, Turner und Iioeck building,
LOST���On Saturday Vi, betweeu tennis
ground and Silica Street, golu wntoh
bracelet,    Finder  will  he   rewarded by
bringing siiine to Mrs. K. W. Duy.
BOARD AND ROOM���$5613 per week.
Carbonate Street, second door east  of
Josephine.   Table hoard, J4.
WANTED-.Respectable youth  of good
appearance   nud   milliners.   Apply  to
Steward, Nelson ('Itib.
TO LET���Furnished bouse.    Convenient situation.    House oontnins eight
posed    to   disparage   the    least   of, rooms,   cellar and bathroom,   electric
A'ltliess "M, " Miner  Oflice.
There is one, however, that! _R__.l
transcends all   others,   not  only   in   WANTED.���Oirl for honsnwoik.  flood
    u , ���   ,i ,'   wages for gnnd girl.   Brjqolre Front
WANTED.-Servant   gi>l.    Apply   to
Mrs. .1.   H.  Wnllnoe, Mill Street.
I .     ��� .1 f ��� T*"K��;n    I'll     UlllMt       I'll
importance but in the emergency  ol ( street, near   McNeil
it, and   the   wise   elector   will   give
this his first thought.
The one supreme issue of this
Campaign is public tranquility, a
Complete cessation of political turbulence. For two years the Province has been in a turmoil of excitement and   agitation
s   grocery.    Mrs.
FOR RENT���Cellar. Apply  at Office
of O. W. West & Co.
FURNISHED ROOMS-To   let;   new
fnrnitnie.     Good   attendance.    Second door  enst   of   City Hall, Violorin
Political   fac-! *�����""'���
tions    have   been   wrangling   and OHLLAB TO RENT���Newly   floored;
mitler   Mcrehniits Hnuk of   Halifax.
struggling and tugging for supremacy. The .situation has been one
prolonged crisis. Can any one
reckon in dollars the harm thai has
been done to this Province during
the past two years through the
.scheming and plotting of ambitious
Apply in the bunk.
WANTED���A   ninlille ngetl   woman to
assist   in   Mining room   nt Wnrdnnr,
II. ('.    For   pnrticulnrs   nddress "A,"
Mi tier oflice.
Holders of Hall Mines, Limited'stook,
either preferred or common, will   plcnse
ciiiutiiuiiionte with me, ns I am Initmct-
political leaders i   Wc do not think >,l |0 buy up same in   any quantities.
the readers of The Miner require to | wi,e me "t,,n5,,"P'n���,,��������� . * ���
__._���_,_____��� , O, M. ROSENDALE,
pe tola that the Ions lias been etior- p. 0, Box KH Portland, Oregon
Lot thoso who are judges seleot the
designs that wonld be most satisfiiotory
for yonr wall paper. Let those who
nre uncertain about their ttisto in
choosing wall paper come to lis and
mnke the selection. Onr stock includes
tho most attractive wall pnpers nt tlie
most attractive prices. Onr designs
are graceful antt effective. The coloring is such as to insure satisfaction
always. A dollar spent in paper nt
our store goes further, makes morn satisfaction and yields a bettor return
than the same amount spent in wall
pnner elsewhere. There is more beauty
to n single roll of onr 10 cent paper
than yon could get elsewhere for the
same price.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
U'Monoy to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to G. L. LENNOX, Baker St.,
Nelson Employment Agencv
Miieliiiie Men.    Haminersmen.    Five
Waitresses.    Chambermaids. St.,
Two Printers.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker S?
Is hereby given that I Intend to apply
nt the first, mooting of the Hoard of
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, held thirty dnys after the dHte
hereof, for leave to transfer the lioense
now held by me for a saloon known as
tho Athnbnsoa Saloon, situate on the
southeast corner of Kiiker and Kootenay Streets, Nelson, K. 0., being on
Lot 1, Ulnck ia, in Nelson aforesaid,
to Patrick J. Russell iu trnst for the
Athabasca Hotel Oontpnnv, Limited.
Dated this 11th day of April, 1900.
Witness:   P. E. Wilson.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from tin nnchor to n
needle. Furniture, stoves, caiperts,
cooking utensils, bought in household
qnnutities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street, Nelson, 11. C.
Nklson, II. ('.
A Boarding and Day Sohool oonduotod by
tho Sisters of St, Joseph of Poaoo, It iH situated nl. tho corner of Mill nmi Josephine streets,
in one of the best, residential portions of Nelson, nail is easily accessible from all parts
of the oity.
Tho course of study Includes the finidaliion-
tal und higher brunches of u thorough English
education. Business courso ��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography nnd Typewrit ing. Science course
���Music, Voenl and Instrumental; Drawing,
etc���Plain and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
For tonus an'! nurticulars apply
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in and Bee us.
we [are  showing   the   tintost  Correct
Styles in Millinery at
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
Josephine St.. Near Baker.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in   the   country   at
5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload    lots.      Apply
Nelsou Coke & Gas Co., Ltd.
Baker Street.
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, of
the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars are sold
they can  be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar
Mfg. Co.
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
YEAR   1899:
on t-iirei'iilly se-
loected itml unimpaired lives only
[nolnding Impaired
or nub - standard
Doduotlng  poHoic.i
ISV"" "��' 149,731,910
The Mutual Life is the only one of these three
companies chat does not insure impaired lives.
If you are desirous of insuring in a Company
that requires a most thorough medical examination
and accepts only carefully selected and unimpaired
lives, application may be made to
SHERWOOD GILLESPY, Manager for Mainland,
Vancouver, B- C-
^\4/ ^A/\*/ >/ \./ \i/ n^ viz vi/ \i> \*/ \*/cS ^/ **/1*> \*/ v*/ \*/ \.> n*; ii*> H4, a*/ \*> ^
5 WE   HAVE   SOLD   75%   OF   ALL  THE
!^     Used in the Kootenay.
���j   Steel Mining Rails,
�� Blacksmith Coal.
Sewer Pipe, Etc.   f^
x ������������ S
I        H. J. EVANS & CO.        I
���~�� NELSON,   B. O. ��J
H   Call and sec
itml luspeot tiiir
stork of
whioh you will find to bo of Iho beat quality nnd at, mom reasonable
prices than yon 01111 liny elsewhere in the idly.
linker nnd Wind Htrcets.
H    [J
Did yon Bee
New Schooners
Fresh and cool,    Old My!
Try one.   ���
The only good Beer in Nelson.
Touch   the  Button
We do the Rest,
Only give us the hint thai xm ��j
��?"*��*����� <KBi?i_
be glad lo give you estimate*_Jb_
measurement* nnd wli ntibiad *
We intilie ami ;,���( ���,, i!|i���(,  _
at prioeaibat will ontoli the triiJe,
All Garnets sewn nnd laid io 1 Bin,
olanmanner without Bxtracharw
Wo oloae our yen,- Mny Slatnnd to ��
dure our stni'k offer during the nZ
May UthtolOthaMalbarVtotal.
Carpet Department
English Brussels Carpel Iron ji 1010
J1.6U   New Coloring nndi)^
Wool   and   ftiion   OnrpeU, ltenmiljl.
from 860. per yd.
Special prioos on Arohwaj Cartaioi
Our Derby Curtain ot 13.60 pit par ii
II FHIll).
General Agent for Southern B.O.
for I he
Birkbeok Investment Siiiirity & Savings
0o., of Toronto,
Money Loaned on Straight Mortgage
Renl Estate and Insurance,
2 -.Boomed Cottages.
2 Lots on Observatory 81., $275 Cri-sli.
7-8 Inch dlam. $18 per 100 feet For
Immediate delivery in Vmioouvet
P.O. Box076.Nelson,B.C.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax,
Incorporated 1869.
Capital I'ni.iitp.     .    .    .     >si.'"--.. 11:11.mi I   Km) (I,!*,"*.*
Kiimi.i ��r ���tlrrrlorni   ThOIUM K. Kenny,   PmldeDti   Tlioiiian Itilrliir. Vicel��r��id��l.
Wili'j Smith, II. G. lliuil.l, Hon. II. II. Fullnr, M.I. O., I tun. lluviil MucKirn.
II, nil 0111.,. Hi, 111.. v 1
General Manner. Kdhon 1,. Venue, Montreal.
Hupurliilcntlnnl of llrnnchcx. and Secretary, W. II, T'oinini'i", lluUhi.
Iii-li,'. 1 in . \V. I\ Hroek, II uif ,\.
lir-i'i 1 1 pi I). If, Stewart, Montreal.
llriuirll. - :     , ..B.nlintf
Nova Kri.lla   Hnllfaj llraneli, Antluonlnli. llrlilnowat.fr, (ltir��l>oro. |jinilojili"m.M��"3.
MalUanil (HiintH OoJ, I'ii-lon,   Port linn konlmry, Sydney, shubenaoadle, 'Irnro, "<'"?,.
New Branawlrk-KatlinrNt,   Doirlnmter.  Kreilmli-I  KIukMuii iKeol 0M��!_W___|
cftHtlo.Snckvillo, Woodst<H'k. I*. K. lnlaMd-Cliarlotti'lowii.Kiitiitni'n-iili". <t"r''" ",, �����,
(City Office), Montreal. WchI. 1 ml (Cor. Noire I lame ami Belgntun Btreeta)!!�������_"_���___
Oreeno Avenue and Wt. Catlmriiies HtieeU onlinlo lillawa. Neiirniimlln.il .'��. .
tluba. Weal IdiIIck-Havana. I'aitrd aialen -New York till Kxeliango I'lacel Itfliuuia." ���
Atlln, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
I'urrrNiMinflrlilN t
4 urrrN|MimlrtllM t imerlr*
��'ana<U-McrcliaiilnBank of rnnailn.   Bonlnn- National Sliawnuit Hunk- ,,,,,'l,r"V t_59
National Hank.   San  FraaelH*���Flrtt Natloud  Hunk.   IkiiiiIoii, Knit. - UnnK �� '    vm
Parln, Franrr   Credit I.yunniilH.   Brrnimla   Hank of licriiiuda.   ��'hlna aail "T"
Kong and HhaiiKlml HiinkliiK (Corporation. pjuiriil
(leneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange rami
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on spe:
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts. ^
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.0.
We are now doing- business in
(THE   OLD   BURNS   SHOP)     j
all o"r I
Next to  Nelson  Hotel, where we hope to see
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give  us  a   call.
K. ami"'
t   Telephone 10 P. O. Box
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season    .
E.   C.   TRAVES.   MANA'Ifat,
Bakkr Street, �����
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 190Q.
joint Donate by Messrs. Houston, Hall
and Fletcher.
Frank Fletcher, Dr. O. A. I'.. Hull
and John Houston all visited Ymir
yesterday. Mr. Fletcher was accompanied by Hugh Cameron and Charles
Hurt, Hi'- Hall was alone and Mr. Houston had Mr. S. S. Taylor to assist him.
Mr. Houston found the situation just
as reported liy Mr. ,1. Fred Hume and
neither he nor Mr. Taylor were able to
improve it. Mr. Fletcher was more
fortunate for his reception wns n most
cordial one and he returned last night
verv well satisfied with the day's
work. Dr. llnll was also cordially received. Each of the candidates spoke
at a meeting calkd at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon and it wns here tlint M
Houston found how far ho Is out of It
so fur as Ymir is concerned. Both he
and Mr. Taylor did their best towards
arousing some enthusiasm but their
efforts were fruitless. The Mayor has
not yet given up hope, however, nnd
remained in Ymir over night anil will
spend another day there. The remainder of the party returned to Nelson last night.
The following transfers; locations
and assessments were recorded at the
oftice of the Mining BecorderTuesday.
Transfers���From F. .1. Bradley to
John W. Falls the I. X. L,, Yellow
Jacket, Little Joe and I. X. Infraction
claims all ou the fourth south fork of
Porcupine creek, for a nominal consideration.
Locations���May Flower on Bear
Creek by James Westgtvte nnd Hunk
Noll. Golden Sunset on Whitewater
Creek, by Robt, Lee, Slocan on the
divide between Rover and llird Creeks.
by Oust Nelson.
Assessments���Ily John Stinson on
fhe Daily claim and by A. 11. Kelly on
the Red Top Fraction.
Mr. P. Burns arrived in Nelson yesterday from Calgary and will remain
here for several days.
The Biograph Concert Company will
appear at the Opera Mouse on the first
four nights of next week.
The J. C. stutls Theatre Company
will not play Thursday night as advertised In yesterday's paper, but will
appear on .Saturday night at 8:80
(leorge Beer has rented bis house on
Silica Street to li. ('. ltililct who will
occupy it. this summer. Mrs. Beer is
going east to visit some relatives and
Mr. Beer will camp across tho lake
during the suiinueU*.
Dr. Hall Is ont with a banner across
Baker Street from the front of his
committee room. It bears the inscription "Workman's Candidate " and
at the headquarters last night were a
large number of Nelson Liberals.
George Werner, the well known pianist of Vancouver, is in Nelson on a
visit to Heir F. Sleiner. Mr. Werner
is here in the hope of benefiting his
health and if be finds the climate beneficial he may determine lo make his
home here.
The remains of P. J. Atinelf, (beman
who was drowned in Kootenay Lake
last Saturday, will be interred today
by the Knights of I'ylhins of which order the deceased was a member. The
funeral service will be held in K. I'.
Hall at 2:SU this afternoon.   No word
has been received here from the relatives of ihe deceased.
The supporters of Mr. Frank Fletcher
are more than ever confident of the
success of their candidate and they
are going iuto tliu fight with
renewed vigor. The reports received from other points in Ihe Riding
are most encouraging. Tho committee
rooms were ugaiu well filled Inst nigh!
with willing woikcrs and the committeeB
were all hard at work.
Mr. J. Fred Hume takes exception
to the item in yesterday's Miner telling
of his experiences at Ymir on Monday.
He goes so funis to say that the statements made iu the Miner were untrue.
Mr. Hume's memory must be bad if
lie cannot recall his remarks to several gentlemen, friends of Mr. Houston, at the Hume Hotel on Monday
A general    meeting   of   the  Nelson
Amateur Operatic Soolety was held in
the Board of Trade Rooms at ."> o'clock
yesterday. The rules formulated by Ihe
committee were read to the meeting
and adopted.   One oj the roles rends;
" Any persons forwarding their iiain.i
ami a subscription of one dollar to the
treasurer, Mr. II. B. Haines, Bank of
B. O.i can become members, subject
to the approval of the committee."
The case of Blgolow vs. Labiiu,
which came up again yesterday til I lie
Assise Court was concluded and the
Justice reserved   his   decision,    Later
in the afternoon he bonded down his
decision us follows; Judgment vs.
Laban for |870 and costs, and Judgment vs. (lie estate for the full amount
of the claim and Interest, Several applications in Chambers were adjourned
until today   and   will    eonieiip    this
The contract for the Irani nl fhe
Iviuihoe Mine has been   let   to   li.   0.
Rtblet, n; will be of the smile pattern as the Last Chance Irani except
that it will have an iiuluinatie loader,
The train will be 7,N00 feel lung   with
n drop of j.oOO  feet.    Tin noclty
Will be 180 tons in 10 hours. Theiv
are no long spans nud lowers will be
placed every Pro feet,    Work Is to be
comnieiieed on Ihe right of way Immediately.
tomorrow T. II. Brown will open bis
jewelry store in the old Geo. Hell _ Co
<iuurtera. Mr. Brown oomei from Toronto where ho was employed with Hv-
rie llros. He is tin experienced wafclt-
pwker and has been connected with
some of the largest jewelry firms in
the east. Mr. Brown bits purchased
fhe slock of jewelry, cut glass, silverware and souvenirs of the Canada
Drug it Hook Co. and will offer them
at special prices on Thursday nnd until (hey rue disposed of.
Mi" H. Mcpherson, Western Manager of the Ontario Powder Co., recently
made a trip to several properties in fhe
vicinity of New Denver and Silverton
and reports splendid showings everywhere. The Bosun has about SO men
employed, the Marlon 12 and the Hart-
ney 15. At the latter property new
camps arc going up and work will be
pushed, Mr. Macpherson also visited
A. J. Mark's California and brought
back with him some ore which runs
runs 1(11) to 1IX) ozs. in silver, aud 70
o/.s in load,
Mr. A. J. Matks is back from his
property, the California, and reports a
most promising outlook. Twelve men
nro now at work nnd this number will
be looreafed in the near future. Mr.
Marks expressed regret that he was not
here to meet Oity Clerk MoGuigan of
Vancouver, who fared so badly at tho
hands of Nelson's Chief Executive. Mr.
Marks and Mr. McGuigan are friends
of several years standing and the hitter,
Mr. Marks says, is ever ready to entertain Nelson gentlemen who visit Vancouver.
The grading of Stanley Street, between .silica and Victoria, is going to
leave the Stanley Street side of the
Phuir Hotel a considerable distance
above the sidewalk. To remedy the
trouble it is proposed to excavate beneath the hotel and add another floor
to the building. In the addition, or
or ground floor as it will be, there
will he the bar room, the billiard
room and the office. Mr. Marpole,
one of the owners, is now incomniun-
niunieiilion with the others interested,
and it may be determined to go ahead
with the improvements in the near
A man at present in Nelson, but
whose home is elsewhere yesterday received a letter from his wife asking
him to send to Eaton's for some goods
which die desired. The husband duly
wrote the letter and enclosed a draft
lor the required amount. On his way
to the post oflice he happened to see in
the window of one of the Baker street
dry goods stores an article which
had been included in bis order. It
struck him flint perhaps he could get
what be wanted in Nelson and he went
into the stoic, When he came out he
be had purchased every article he hud intended to order from Eaton's and had paid less money for the
goods than the amount of the draft
which would have been required to get
them from Toronto. There are some
Nelson people who would do well to re
member Ibis incident when they are in
need of dry goods, etc.
A startling incident of whioh Mr. John
Oliver, of Philadelphia, wc.b the subject,
is related by him  as follows:   "I was iu
a most dreadful condition.    My skin was
almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coat
o.i. pain continually iu hack and side, no
appetite-  gradually growing weaker doy
by day.    Three physicians had given me
up.    Fortunately a friend advised trying
'Electric Bitters:' and to my  gnat joy
ml surprise tlis fii-at bottle made s decided improvement.    I   ooutiuued their
use for three weeks and nm  now a well
mnn.    1 know they saved my life and
robbed the grave of another victim.   No
ne should fail   to   try them.   Only  50
Is., guaranteed,  at Canada Drug and
Book Store.
If you have not secured a "Qltrnpsa
if South Africa, " do so rt once. The
Miner now has on hand the complete
set. from one to sixteen, which may be
secured for one coupon and ten cents
for each portfolio. If you are in
lotibl as to the value of these portfolios call at The Miner olllee and see
them. We will bind them for you for
two dollars If you so desire or you
nay dike (hem loose.
Be snre yon nro right.then go ahead.
You can't ho wrong if you deal with
Niekerson, watchmaker nnd second
hand trader. -57 Baker Street, Nelson,
B. 0.       	
If you have not scoured "Glimpses
nf Smith Africa,"doso at once, The
Miner now bason hand the complete
set from one to sixteen, which may be
seemed for one coupon and ten cents
for each portfolio. If you are in
loubt as to the value of these portfolios call at The Miner olllee and see
them. We will bind tbem for you
for two dollars if you    so   desire   or
vou may lake them loose.
When  yon  want to enjoy an onting
si it tho Florence Park Hotel, two and
one half miles up the river.   Excellent
meals    served.     W.    M.   ROBEKTS,
'Glimpses of South Afiica," portfolios Nob. !) and I0,aro now on sale at
The Miner offieo. One oonpnn and
thirty cents will secure both of them.
The Miner now has thirteen numbers
in all. Those wishing n full series
hould make it known at once.
is second to none in America.
Wc have made a. study of the
principles upon which watches
are constructed, We are
equipped with the most modern tools and machinery tor
dointf line work and, as the
majority in Kootenay know,
are capable of ^ivinj4" satisfaction,
Patenaude Bros.
Wliniri Hutu Mines.  Corrcap * enoeSol'olted
��� WW^rWrWWWWrVVWr^WiU%v��V%WVvwWWWWt
This is the season for these Goods and
we have a large stock to choose from,
Conic in today and let us supply your
..The   JVfeW.,,
Dry Goods Store
io dozen   new
May Be Controlled by a Chartered
Company Under Danish Flag.
New York May 15���A Copenhagen
cable says that the Vooiland, the organ
of the Danish Government in that city,
states that Denmark is considering a
plan to do away with the Danish West
India Islands muddle, by placing the
islands in the bunds of a chartered
company, which will conduct their at'-,
fairs under the Danish Hag, and therein cut off Germany as well ns the
Uuited States from obtaining possession of them.
The Celebrated Novelist Improving In
London, May 15.���Stephen Crane, tbe
American novelist, who has been in ill
health for some time past at I Smile
Place, Sussex, is now better. He wss
removed to Dover today iu order to derive benefit from the change of air.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery Vo Nelson
Canada Drug &Book Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume Neww Stand Nolnon
Hotel Phair News Stand Nelson
1>. ('miij'lifll Ymir
Oi F. NeiHon New Denver
J. K. Delanoy Kosoberry
H. A. Bradfib&W Slocan City
Slocan News Co. Sandon
Thomson Broa. Vancouver
Laniont & Young Kaslo
II. A. King & Co. Greenwood
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
One  Night  Only!
Saturday, 19th.
Prices 35c, 50c, 75c.
Seals on sale nl usual place.
poiji't WorriJ.
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Remodelled and cleaned.   Opposite
Mr. Hewitt's, Water Street.
whoro you can depend on getting tho best
Drawls in ths market aud any quantity from
10c. up,   PHcoh cannot be disputed,
'PHONE !��.'{.
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
A. R. BARROW, am.'. c.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Comor Victoria and KooLonn; Uta.
1'. O. Hoi 650. Tolophono No. !B
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and LARDOj
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Fraternity Hall
Cor linker A ttonlrnay Ms.
ean lie rented  for Concert*,   Leotnres
I inn .���(���������, I in in 1 iM-i 11 am! every kind of entertainment. Good iintc-rooiiiH, cloak
POOmi, Kitchen nnd dininfr room fnr-
Dlihedi   For terms apply
DR. E. 0. ARTHUR  Oity.
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Hclioilulo of Time.      I'nclllo Blaixlnnl Time
Klfcetlvo Kubninry 1.1, ll����l
I'ii. monger train for Siuulon and wayHlallonH
Iciavim   Kiwlo nit n. m��� dally.    Itotiirnlnit,
I. .'ii   ������' imliiii ��i  l.U P.m.. arriving at Kanlo
OporatliiK en Koolonay Lnkoand Klvor.
HIT. "Inturnatlonal" IpaveH Kimlo for Nolnon
at II ��. hi, ilnl'y SXOSpt Sunday. Ki.'UniliiK.
Icinvoa NclHon at 0.10 p.m., oallliiK ai llalfnur,
Pilot. Bay. AlnNWO'tli nnd all wnyiHilnlM, Cori-
ni'cU with S. F. ft V ii  to and from Spo
kano nt Klvn Mile Point.
Btr. "Alberts'1 U'iiviim Kanlo for Lurtlo and
Areiinlaal H:30pin WudncwIaiM
SloninerH call at principal landlnKH In liotli
dlroottoiiH, and iHolhor point* when HiKnalliHl
Ticket" nold to all polnta In Canada and tho
United Btatoa, ��_.���..
To ancorlaln rat** and full Informal Inn  ml
Manager, Kanlo, 0,0,
The   Old   Miner   Office.   Above
Neelnnd's Shoe Store.
has   been   engaged   as  permanent
campaign headquarters of
Mr. Frank  Fletcher
All Conservatives and others in
sympathy with that party in the
present tight are invited to call.
Office with C. W. West & Co., Cor. Hall
and n.iKri  sts.
Oity Office Of tbe  Nelson  Sodn_Wntor
llnlldiT" will rind It to  lliolr lulvanlairo to
figure with llradloy ft Co. on I'aloUnu,
just  to  hand,   with   Sailor  Collars,   all   the very newest.
See them and have first choice.
Agent Standard Patterns.
Watch for Mi) Opening
I will then offer at cut prices the stock of Jewelry, Cut Glass,
Silverware and Souvenirs purchased by me from the Canada Drue 4.
Book Co. b
I will carry a complete line of the latest things in the market.
178 Baker Street, Opposite Lawrence Hardware Co.
Our   Clearance Sale  of W
has been a sucocbs but we still  have plenty of  Bargains   to offer.
Here ure some of tbem.
ji Ladles' Tailor-made Suits to clear nt $(i.oo.
���i Ladles' Tailor-made Suits to clear at 17.00,
Nee our (I, 8 nnd Kir.    1'iints nil fust Colors
White Plqne Skirts at $1.16.
Silk Underskirts' at ���3.25.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ft.<g- ������������������������ 3_.,��)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Customs Sale by Public Auction.
To be sold hypnhlie auction, under the provisions of the Customs Act.
at Nelson, British Columbia, iu front of Customs Mouse, on
Thursday, Mny 17, 1900, at 1 p. m.,
the following (roods, which have been forfeited, or which are in default for
1 >.i vim'"! of duties under the customs law, vi/.:
Packages of General Merchandise, etc., etc., to the number of 57, more
or less, and other articles as per list on file and to be seen at ('untiinm House
Nelson, B. (!, '
Terms cash.   Pale subject to Continuance next day nnd until eomnletod
Dated nt Nelson, B.C., Hlh day of May, limn '
QBOBGE JOHNSTONE, Collector of Customs.
CHARLES  A. WATERMAN  b  CO., Auctioneers.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
The Miner Book Binding plant is
Installed and In full operation.
If yen have :i full set of "Glimpse
Of South Africa" brine; them lo The
Miner ollice and have tin m bound.
Great Reduction I
(A.vriiUAiTiKi $9.65 Per Ton
CK,,cNoV'KHT $6.15 Per Ton
Room 1. Turner-Boeckh Block.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
11 in""i honae, nil conveniences, j
luts down town.    A lmr|(aiii.
BoOSes in nil pnrtu of the eity.
linker Street Improved pioperty.
Income Ki per cent not.
',:��� li't i.ini resldonoo corner in the
oity.    A sunp.
A Rood Hit of boUdlng lots to select
To the Electors of the Nelson
Riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District :
Gbntlkmkn���As the nominee of the
Conservative party X beg to oiler myself
as a onodidato at tbe ooming general
election to represent you in tbe Legislative Assembly of this Province.
The time hrm nrrived when all parties
are fully alive to the fact that tbo future
���welfare of our Province demands a
Bound, fair and honest business administration and that nny great popular
Party must appeal to other and
higher considerations than those of individual fear of loss, or hope of gain.
I oonsider it tbe duty of every member
elected, to be a Provinoialist to the extent of tbe beat interests of the Provinoe
first, last and nlwnys, and to support all
good legislation with that object iu view
In asking you for your support, I will
state that I am opposed to bnsty legislation of nny kind, but particularly with
respect to our Miuiug Lnws, as tending
tojeopardize business interests and to divert capital: for instance, twice tbe Legislature has passed Alieu Exclusion
Laws and Ibey are now for the second
time Beeking to repeal them after having
done considerable mischief.and damnge.
With regard to the Eight-Hour Law, I
am opposed to any change in the law
as it now stands.
Shorter hours for all classes of labor
is no new idea, but in my opinion the
principle sbonld be such ns to appeal to
all Seetious of the Community as being
not only a necessity nnd beneficial to nil,
but in keeping with the general advancement of our civilization.
I wonld advocate the amendment nnd
ntriot enforcement of Ihe Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Act, so as to inure effectually protect tbe liveB of workmen.
With regard to tbe Mineral Act: I
would endeavor to have certain sections
more clearly defined, for tbe purpose of
avoiding litigation ; and with regard lo
oo-ownership, to introduce an inexpensive aud speedy mode cf making a co-
owner benr his share of assessment or
relinquish his interest.
I am iu f nvor of au amendment to our
Kohool Laws so ns to give Cities the control of the .Schools in their midst.
A fair Redistribution Act Should be
passed ns booh ns possible.
I would advocate the bringing into
force of the Torren's Act, provided it ia
made optional ; ns tho cost in n grent
many enses will be excessivo nnd out of
nil proportion to any beueiit to bo derived,
I would urge the speedy construction
of a Court Uouae in Nelson, eqnnl to
the requirements of this district,
I would strongly ndvocnte increased
Orsnts for Honda, Trails nnd Bridget
whorever auch will upbuild nud devulope
onr Province, more ^specially iu the
Mining Districts, nud nil such expenditure to be plnced in cnpnlile and experienced hands to bo deult with iu a
systematic way.
Our undeveloped natural resources
should receive more attention, nnd lie
more widely advertised in order to attract
Willi regnrd to cbenp foreign labor I
believe, where the remedy is nn Imperial
matter, in view of the atnnd our Province
aud Country has taken iu tbepresenl war
To the Electors of Nelson
Riding, West Kontenay
Gentlemen. -In response to numerously aigned requisitions asking me te
be a candidate for the Provincial Legislature at the forthcoming eleotion, I
have consented to enter the ooutest as
an Independent Liberal.
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
yonr votes nnd influence, nud if elected I shnll do my utmost to secure for
tho Province honest, economical and
progressive government.
A brief outline of some of the principles which I think should be embodied in the Legislative Aots is given
I have the honor to be gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
G. A. B. HALL.
1. The prinoiple of eight hours constituting n legal day's work should be
recognized and strictly enforced.
2. Steps should immediately .ho
taken through the proper ohiiunels to
prevent tho immigration into this
country of Chinese and Jnpanese laborers.
3. Two dollars nnd a bnlf per day
should bo tbe minimum wage of unskilled labor throughout tbe Province
on all government works.
4. A fair wage bill should be introduced requiring the pnyment of stand-
aid wnges on all works to which the
Province coutributea subsidies or aid
in any form.
5. The establishment of a labor
I bureau under the direction of n Minister of the Crown, whose dnty it shall
be among other tilings, to collect labor
statistics, and to act ns a mediator
between employers und workmen iu
all oases of actual or threntoned
strikes with power to call nnd examine witnesses and compel disclosure
of all material facts in connection
with such disputes.
(j. I believe that trunK roads should
be liuilt and maintained by tho government and eneonragement given to
miners ,to extend these roads. Such
work should bo directed by competent
government engineers. Where trails
are required to single or small groups
of claims the cost of suoh trnils, if
built by tbe claim owners on the approval nnd under direction of a government inpsector or engineer, shnll
apply as assessment  upon the claims.
T. Government ownership of nil
telegraph systems and railways where
practicable by construction or purchase.
8. Tho establishment of toohnicnl
schools for metnllflerous miners in
connoctiou with smelters at different
points in the Pioviuce.
!). To draw the attention of capital-
ists nnd investors to British Columbia
ns a desirable centre for profitable
mining operations by suitable advertisement and by the appointment of
a special agent at London and else-
whore whose^ services shall bo free and
equally available for all owners of
British Columbia properties.
10. To enoourago the establishment
at suitnble poiuts in British Columbia of
(n)   Steel nnd iron works.
(b)   Shipbuilding yards.
(o)   Additional   smeltors and   refineries.
11. The retaining of tbo resources
of the Province as nn asset for the
benefit of the people, and taking effective meuarei to prevent the alienation
of the public ilmnnm, except to netunl
settlers or for bona fide business or industrial purposes, thus putting nn end
to tbo praetuo of speoulnting iu the
ia. The taking of nctivo measures
for the Hysteinatio exploration of the
Province, including a government survey of the province by sections nnd
giving both lives nnd money, the desired ! the preparation of neenrnte and chenp
end  enn  be gnined if properly Bought, ��� umPH iu accordance with suoh   survey.
without bringing nbout n serious liiimin-
derstanding with the Dominion Govern-
im-iit rind entailing deplorable agitation
ns we requiro peace aud prosperity in our
I am opposed to any clique or fnclinn
of political agitators whose principal aim
is to embarrass and retard the busincas
of the Province for purely personal advancement.
I strongly condemn tho notions of tbe
Lieut.-Governor ns being nn Invasion  of
the principle of responsible government
18, The iuteraats of the Province
eon he hiiHt served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to which
should be tniide by reason of meiit and
not of politioal influence.
II. All unoccupied lands in the Province should be open to bona fide settlors at lair prices whioh shall bo decided upon by u government bind agent
or valuator, nud belter tncilities should
be given for acquiring small nrens for
establishment of market gnrdons nnd
IS,    Where mineral claims  aro hold
I by joint   owners   and   where   one or
more  of  ninth   owners refuses to oon-
aud a  misuse of  his power  under our | tribute towards tho animal  assessment
work, provision should bn made In the
Mineral Act   for the   sale   of   the iu-
'   .ini.t lllllinn
Yours respeot fully,
Nelson, lltli May, 1900,
terest of such delinquent  owner.
in.    The abolition of tho  deposit by
candidates for the legislnture.
Redistribution of the constituencies
jou nu equitable basis.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.iMiTKn.���Corner Vit
non nmi Ueaor Streets, Nelson, ininni-
faoturers of and wholosaUi dealers In aerated
wntorn and fruit syrups,   Hole agents for Hal*
cyon HpriiiKH ininci'iil wtilnr.   Tol 00
���N. M. Cummlni, Lessee, Bvory known
variety nr soft drinks. P. o. Ho* 88. Telephone No. 81* Hoover Street, Nolnon. Bottleis
o( the Famous Bt, Leon Hot Springs Minorol
KOOTENAY    CIGAR     MANUFACTURING  PQ ���Maivufaoiurors ol I ne
itojnl .^cul una Kiminnry Hello ClgurB.  Factory and olllee, linker titrost, Nelson, 11. ('.
HJ. EVANS -l CO.- HriKor cstrout, Nol
��� BOO, wholesaletluiil(t|-K In liqnoi'H, oii/als
Dementi, tiro hriek mill lire elny, wilier pipe nmi
steel rails run! general commission merchants,
J A. M'DONALD - Madden Hloek,
�� Nelson, H. IV I'l-uits, lee ereum,
(i. 11. Choeolntes, high eluss eon feci ioneiy.
leo I'reun. parlors,
liiMi'i'icn.��� Wholesale iiiiU ictnil dun Ion*
in grain, hay, Hour, feed. Mills at Victoria,
Now \VoMiiiiinnior. Kdinoiilon, A It a. Klowtl-
orson Calgary & Edmonton Kuiiwuy. Manu-
faaturera of celebrated B 5c K brand eoroals.
Baiter street, Neuou,  (CRjorge F. Mo-
Lion'd old stand.) Flour, Food, Uralu, Hay
and Produce, Car lot�� a specialty- Uor
responaenoo solicited.  Phono 20.
A MACDONALD & QOi-Oorner Ver-
��� non and Jtisophino trcoU. wholesale
Krooers and,jobburw in blankets, gloves, milts,
booth, rubbers, mackinawti and miners1 nun-
CANE   &   MACDONALD   <H.   Cine,
Jus. A.  MacdonaldT���Architects and .Su-
porintendentft.  Brokon Hill block, Uor. Baker
and Ward Sis., Nelson, U. 0,
Offloe   corner   Hall   and  Front  Slreeis,
Nolson, u. c.  Lumber, CoiUng. flooring and
ovurytliinK bt wood  for build ing   purposes.
Gel our prices,   (.'orrcspondenre solicited.
P  BURNS A CO-Maker Street,  Nelson,
���   wholesale dealers in fresh and curoa
moats.  Cold storage.
���Baker Street. Nelson.   Wholesale deal
BT8 in fro-b and cured moats.
Limitku���Baker Street, Nolson, whole-
nalo dealers in h.mlwaro and mining supplies,
plumbers'and linsmilh's supplies.
sale paints and oils.
I     Vernon  and Josephine IS.
Wholesale dealers in liquors  cigars and dry
Koods,  AgentriforPabstBrewing Co. of Mil-
wackue and Calgary Browing Uo. of Ualgary.
CO. Corner
Streets, N
UDSON'S BAY O0.-Whotosals ��ro-
ourius und liquors, our., Hnkor til.., Nolson.
iiornor Front, mill Hull Sir.
WINE   CO-   1-iiiiil'il,
ml 11.iii Streets, Nolson.
\\ holosnio dealer, in Wine, (ease ana bulk},
nnd Itoinrslie und Imported Clours.
JY GRIFFIN 4 CO.-('orncr Vornon
��� and JoHuuhino tslreots. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, cured meats, butler and
Scotch    Whisky
R. P- Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
Agents   for British Columbls.
A. U. DRAY, Box Si\, Nelson, Kooten.y
Room  3,   Tunier-Boeckli Block, Nelson.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance
Mines, Loans.
Some One Residences, oonvenlently
situated. Modern Improvements.
8:2<hi ruhIi, lot on Carbonate si i<* t
$2,000 will pnrotaase I lots and residence, Hiinii' Addition.
8l,2(iii will purchase lot on Baker Ht
wanted,    residence,   Government
townslte, nee. Stanley Street,
Agent for Lancashire Fire Ins. Oo,
Owners kindly list >our properties
with me ns 1 have piiirhnsei'-.
12,400 will purchase I l-i coined Iioiihi-;
very central location aud easy Urine
Oall ut. once,
House to rout, tarnished, Front nt.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v,
Nelson  & Fort
Sheppard Ry
Red Mountain R'v.
Tlie only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Noitliem, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \�� ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lv, 1020a.m.SPOKANE Ar.680p.m
Lv. 11.15 11.111. ROSSLAND Ar 6 IS i.m.
Lv.   8.45 11.n1. NELSON, Ar. N.00 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, ��. P. & T.A.
���  _ Spokane  Wash
Acnnt,. Nelson, B.O
Houston Block,    -    Nelson.
Lnrp;e threeftory framo building 0OII��
venieutly attested on Vernon street.
Suitable for a fsotory, warelmuso or
Inri^e hoarding limine
!i lots, Mill Street, SSOO.
11 lots,   oor. of   Hoover   and   Ward
Larue 8-ioomed house, all modern
improvements, stone foundation, lingo
collar. Electrio hunt ami Kas. Will
he ready iiliont middle of Juno, 8315.
House near Smelter, :i rooms, furnished, 815.
Fire proof nellnr below Bodega Saloon, 815.
7-ronmed bouse, STO.
ll-ronmed bouse, Sjo.
Ten acres, with lnrRn house close to
Nelsiui. Fine Situation for keeping
pnultiy.    nnml fowl hrir.se.    Aimlv X
liox 688, i'ii��t Offloe, Nelson
F. ��'. i.ir��� i N p, S- < 11 m:\ i���
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
Pi O, 0oi ui Nslepn.BO
Oeitificate of Iiuprovennnts.
Notice���Venango and Shenango Mm
ernl chum, situate III tbo  Nelson Min
iiiK   Division   of   West Kootenay Dir
trict.    Where locnted���On west side of
Engle Crecli.n'nont 2,000 feet southwest
of Pnorniitii qunrlz null.
Take notice thnt I. Chns. Moore, of
Kaslo, 11. 0.. nctiiiK as iiRent for Thus.
R. French P. M. O. No. ll.KOSB and
Isnao Eriiksnn, Freo Miner's Certifi-
oate No. 11,1104 13. intend, sixty ilnvs
from (be date hcrwof, to apply to tbe
MiuiiiK Hecordor for a I'cri iiicnte of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining u Crown ili'iint of tbe above
And further take notice that aotion
under section 117, must  be oommeuoed
before the issonnce of ench Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this SBtb dny of  April, 11)00.
Notice of Apjilioation for License-
I hereby give nntiee thnt I intend to
apply to the Board of Licensing Com
missinners of Ihe O'tj of Nelson nt its
Qexl silting for nn hotel license for
the premises situated upon Lot 111
Block 66 (north side of Vernon Street
between werd and Josephine) in the
Oity o( Nelson.
/Pacific Kt
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepers on all trains from
TOURIST OARS puss MedicincH.it
dnily for St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal nnd Boston.
Same cars puss Uevelstoku one dny
To and from Robson, Rossland.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun,
8.00 Lv.        NELSON Arr.11.40
18.40 Lv.dally NELSON daily Arr.22.1<l
Morning trnin connects for all points
Evening trniu connects to and from
Main Line and points north, nnd (ex.
Sun.) from nil points in BOUNDARY
Daily. sir. Moyio Dnily.
21.110 Lv. NKLSON        Arr. 17.ai
Conuects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Sim. Str. Kokunee. Ex. Sun
Ki.(K) Lv. NKLSON        Arr. 11.00
Saturday to Axgenta nnd return
leaving Kiislo nt 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4hrs NELSON to ROSSLAND brs 4
Kpr mte^ nrnl full Inforiuiitloii aildross near
Putloonl agent, or
O. IC. HKAHLKY (Illy PMnongor Agenl
It. W. DIIKW, Agorn, Nelson
Trav, Paw. Agsnt       A O. P. Agent,
Wei��cn VoMCaver
Prize Contest.
We  will  give a Ladies' Tailor Made Suit, valued   ,  e
first person answering the following problem correctlv hv i .    Sl t0 the
A procession extending from O'REILLY'S STfiRp
school house, the distance being one half mile, is travel      '�� lho Public
Hall  Mines   road.     Our   messenger  boy start's  simi,h""K S��.U"' llP the
rear of the procession. ,l8 "'muitaneously with the
On  returning he  meets   the  rear of  the  procession
school house,   then   returns  to  O'REILLY'S exactly at the
How far did he travel to and fro, and how much faster dl i.
than the procession? u m he travel
It is easy.    Figure it out and get a suit FREE.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
To the progressive and onrefnl housewife the preservation of (orul
is a very importantmutter indeed. The pensou of refrigeratnhih
here and we have a big Hue of them lo cbnosefrmn, in nil the ���.�����
tionl family sizes, We can safely recommend 'The Leonard" Olem
able as n perfect refrigerato'. It m generally nodersUiod thnt nmi
to economy of ice, tlie most iniirortiiut requisite of n refrigerator is
that it should be oonstrooted ns to be easily kept clean.
The old style refrigerators are deBciout ami imperfect iu this im-
portnut feature. The Leonnni system of refrigeration is unequalled
snd Ihe stylos for 1!K)(I have nil the op to dnte improvements. Tbey
sie tbe very best ou tbe market today, and the best is alwara the
cheapest, especially so iu reftige.alors. Come iu and look nt the
Vancouver Hardware Co., m.
Mara Block, Nelson-
An adhesive porous wall finish for interior work in every description of
Uuililiug.   Twealy-Rve lints to select from,
For sale only by
Nolson,   B. C.
TheK elson ElectricTram way Co.Ltd
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots, House, 8 rooms and attic,
all modern improvements, #1670
cash or $1700. terms $700, $1000
easy monthly payments to suit
Ranthe on Columbia river, 320
acres, 2 1-2 miles from Burton
City, one mile frontage on river,
good opportunity for anyone
Wishl"g to start a farm.
Gamble b O'Reilly.
Mtotag Stocks
Bought and Sold.
I' rcriniiliiiii Trenmiry Stock.
Hnmpter Mocks 13,000.
Kiohlinn 1000.
HiK Horn 6000,
Peoris 5000-500.
14-Room   House,   cheap;   terms
easy;  close in.
H. A.
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool ana
Asbestos Co-
Real  Estate.   Fire Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
EiRht-rooni  house, all ��M_��5'{X
!imI coM Water upstairs. ��*J
100-foot, corner on BlftOlej BOTTO ,
out with fruit fees, flower l>eu�� ���
Lot and Warehouse on Mnker$] 200
Street , :V.nrp   600
no-foot corner, Stanley and Oo��
60-foot lot on Robson ������;;
all-foot,   corner,    Lfttlmer   ana
I lend ry x ��� ��� ��� ��� y " "'j
100-foot     corner,    Wind    ana
Riohards ��� ,���;;,'.��� j.aot)
100-foot corner Stanley and\BM >'
50-foot coiner Ward and Hoi"    ,
ton ���1 ���:	
2 lots, Mill nnd Cedar ������������������'���j
50-fuot corner, Observatory ana
Atlantic S, &M
Allan Line ^nW��*
Allnii Lino "Niinilillnii ..
Allan Line! !'N��"',',' 1 v iirl'�� foi-Ki'r.niimol MW ^
DominionUnsfsopiJ ���81?'*'} .. ���""'.��
Basvor'Llno "Lusltsnla"-;-;.
WlilloSUirl.Ino' T'1      .lie''
White Star Lino "Oonnanio
Ounard Line '���Iveinm,,
Clinni'il Lino "l.no.inln
M��> '
Cuiiaril Lino "l.iicaniri ��������� ;; ,,���JW5
North Oormrin   UW '   fvolirn-k*'_��_*
Allan StotoLirro ������BtaM 01 > j^-gU
uointn.   For raton, HOSSB��"    c g, im*
'��#�� ���*


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