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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 28, 1900

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Array v.: m. J If
Daily Edition No. 687.
Provincial Library       ?0
son, British Columbia, Wednesday, March 28, 1900.
Tenth Year
Foster Makes a Strong Reply
to Minister Fielding's
Declares There Is a Waste
in Many Government
" Ottawa, Maroli 3V. ���It was li:!!() today
when Foster rose in tlio House to reply to Fielding's budget speech. There
wiiii a good attendance in the Chamber nud the galleiios were pretty well
filled. Fosfor oornmouoed by saying
thnt tho Finance Minister's speech
van a mere collection of figures which
should be none by any clerk in the
public service, but it wns Bafe to say
if nny member of the sorvioe hnd used
them iu such a disongenons way he
would not be left long iu   the service.
Tbe speech of Fielding would not
give oiiy correot idea of the history of
tho oonntry. The refraiu of Fielding's
speech was 'behold how great a people
we are." Foster went on to complain that Fielding did not sollicien tly
explain the admission of Canadian securities to the trustee list in England,
nor how extension of free trade in
Trinidad wonld affect the business of
this country. Fielding said that revenue for the ourront year was to exceed
the fifty million mark, but be did not
explain tbat this means fourteen millions of taxation. Mr. Foster then
read extraots from a newspaper which
were made by tho Liberals in opposition aud which he said were not fulfilled. He then proceeded to deal with
the question of expenditure, aud said
tout the average total expenditure
from 1892 to 1898 was 142,580,000,
while that for 18119 was over fifty-one
million dollars. He estimated the cost
per capita to he 9.12 per head foi the
latter year and iu so doing admitted
tbat be had no time to make "fancy
calculations" as to tbe population.
Dealing with Holding's figures Foster
complained thai it was not fair to
compare 18 years of Conseravtive rule
witb Liberals beoause tbe periods were
wholly dissimilar. He said Const rva-
tives had paid (05,000,000 on Canadian
Paoiflo Railway, and the Liberals only
$28,000; then there was an expenditure
on the Inter oolonial and Northwest
rebellion. "Is the hon. gentleman opposed, " said Fostei, "to having quell
eil tbe rebellion." It was not fair,
Mr. Fostor went on to say, to ooinpare
tho period from 189!) to 1895 with ths
years of expnnsion as existing at present, in dealing with surpluses and additions to tbe debt as the Fiuance
MiniBtet , did. Foster Baid that Field-
iug did not givo the Conservatives
oredit for remission of taxation and if
he bad done so it would have done
away with the betterment which he
had showed in connection with statistics with a surplus and publio debt.
Turning from the larger items, Mr.
Foster took up the different departments of the Government,hi said there
was uo economy but an increase in all
of thera. He gave au array of figures
to show that from 1898 to 1890 there
WIS a reduction of taxation of abont
18,000,000, while from 1890 to 1899,
there was only |2,485,000 of rednoed
Mr. Patterson���Bnt we oompared
with your reduced figures while you
morely compared your reduoed figures,
'be higher figure of your own.
Foster proceeding said that the reduction in taxatioa from 189U to 1899
was ninety-two one-hundrodths of one
Per cent. He produced this by a set a
figures nud by similar process he said
that tho averamge roduoton of taxation from '90 to '99 as oompared with
W to '95 was eleven one-hundrodths
of one per cent. Taking up statements
of Fielding in regard to prosperity,
Foster said that he bad heard that the
country wbh prospeions during the past
three years and he also agreed in tbe
main with, the- evidence which wrs
Hubmittod hy tho Minister of Finance
bnt the Minister of Trade did not always accept such as evidenco of pros-
Parity. He (Foster) attributed increas-
"il prosperity to the nntional polioy
��nd the turning tide whioh commenced" in 1804. Tho inorease in trade flg-
��'����, he admitted, wero snob that any
Oovernmnt ought   to   feel   proud, but
,B Baked that some consideration
should to given to trade   values.   The
prices bad increased and therefore the
trade ou that aacount had increased
greatly. Having delivered $84,000,000
for increased values and taken it out
of the figures of whatever did not enter
into home consumption aud every
other oonoeivable item whioh the
opposition flnnuoial critics wonld
think of.und till he gave them,his calculations were all oxhausted over $80,-
000,000 of an increase in Canada's
trade in '1)9 as over '90. That he added wns what any adminiBtratiou might
feel proud of. He did not want to
dsdnot from the prosperity of tbe
country. Governments might oonie
and governments might go, but unless legislation was pighaaded and had,
it wonld not interfere with the general
trnde conditions.
Foster resumed after reoess with figures of trade with Great Britain. The
small differential tariff in favor of
Great Britain was offset by the longer
distance as oompared with the United
States and the longer time it therefore
took to fill orders. Tbe percentage of
inorease of imports from Great Brit-
aiu, under preferential tariff was leBB
than that' from, the United States, and
wns almost lowest ou tbe liBt. Ho
cluimed tbat it was the same with regard to the exports to Great Britain
bb compared with those of other countries. Mr. FoBter then contrasted the
speeches of Liberals ten yaars ago
when udvooating reciprocity with the
United States nnd their utterances on
preferential trade witb Great Britain
today, and read many extraots from
speeches of members of tbe Government as he also did earlier in bis
speeoh ou the questin of expenditure.
If they had come iuto power and bad
carried into fotce their theory of reciprocity, where would Imperialism be
today. Hte reaffirmed tbat tbe opposition to preferential tariff was without something in return. The efi'not
of the 881.} ,.���t wonld be to let articles
of luxury in at a lower rate of dnty
than articles of every day use. He pro-
claimed bin abiding faith to be in the
policy of protection by which tbe Conservative unrty would stand. (Opposition cheers). As to preferential tariff,
Foster undertook to say what course
his party would take if they were returned to power. Certain faots he said
when accomplished could not be repudiated but Conservatives wonld
take care tbat the interests of the manufacturer were adequately proteoted.
FoBter concluded with a lengthy peroration which was enthusiastically
chsered by his followers, finishing
abont ten o'clook.
Ottawa, March 27.���The Kettle Valley Railway bill will be up before tbo
railway oommittee on Thursday next.
Tbis is tbe third time the bill will
have been before the House. It is
feared by those favorable to legislation
of this kind that tbere in not sufficient
force behind the proposition at this
time to push it through. However,
thnt remains to be Been. So far no oue
in favor of the bill has been seen here
working for it while on the other band
the Cauadian forces have been at work
from the beginning of the session.
The bill has many friends in Parliament and many ootside, but so far no
one linn put in an appearance here wbo
is identified with the measure. Bills
do not generally pass in  that way.
Ottawa, Maroh 27.���The annual report of tbe Indian department has been
reprinted and is now ready for presentation to Parliament. Friendly
relations between tbe Indians and tbe
Government continue to exist. The
only unusual event of extended interest during the year nas boon the successful negotiation of a treaty with the
Indians inhabitating the provisional
district of Athnbasoa and parts of tho
country thoreto adjacent. The following table of vital statistics will show
the respective increases and dsoreases
of popnlation in tbo various Provinces
to have been as follows: Ontario, 185
inorease; Quebec 18 increase; New
Brnnswiok, 40 inorease; Prinoe Ed-
wurd Island, one increase; Manitoba,
99 increase; North West Territory, 2,���
898 inoreaBe; Nova Scotia, 74 decrease;
British Columbia, 277 decrease, out
side treaty limits, 2,442deorease. Total
inorease, 2,081 ; total deorease, 8,798.
Net deorease of 1,112.
Montreal, March 27.���Alfred Perry,
for many years one ot the most foremost figures in tbis city's life, died
at .i o'clook this afternoon, aged 80
years He was au Englishman and
served in suppressing tbe rebellion
of 1887-88. He also took a very prominent pnrt in the events whioh led up
to the burning of tbe Parliament
House in Montreal, in April, 1849. He
had charge of  the   fire  engine  whioh
went to the Crystal Palace exhibition
at London, in 1801 nnd also took nn
other engine to the Paris exhibition
of 1855. Here bo suooecded -in uxtin
guishing a Ure which hnd threatened
the destruction of the outire exhibition
buildings, for which he was personally
thanked by the Emperor, Napoleon
III, who offered him many honors nil
of which he refused. Tho Emperor
then presented him with n large oil
painting of the scone of the lire, All
his life Perry was identified with the
working of fire brigndes here and has
saved many lives His interest in the
oare of the insane also brought him
prominently to the front.
Elmira, Ont., Mnroh 37.���Rev. Dip-
thell, probably the oldest and best
known clergyman in tho couuty of
Watorloo, died today hero. He bus been
in iho pulpit over (10 years, boing at
one time missionary of the Evnngelicun
Association in Bruoe Poninsuln.
Ottawa,   March 2'
Patriotio   Fund   to
.���The   Canadian
date   uniounts  to
Montreal, Mnroh 27.���Police authorities have began a crusade against
what is called the Canadian Artistic
and Musical Academy, au alleged
gambling institution, which hns been
operating iu this oity for some time.
Twenty-one men who were employed
iu connection with the institution
were arrested last evening.
Canadians   Wanted  It and
Lord Roberts Gave Way
to Them.
northward   General  Gatacre    will   be
left in ohsrge of Bloemfontein,
The Colonial Government has ordered the Onpo volunteers to withdraw
south of the Orange Hiver for fear of
accentuating racial feeling.
English   Correspondent
Writes of Cronje's
Toronto, March 27.���According to returns brought down in the Ontario
Legislature yesterday 4,015 immigrants
sottlad in Outnrio last yoar. Compared with 8,858 the previous year. The
oost per head to sottle these immigrants was $1.04, as compared witb
$2.11 in 1898.
Toronto, Ont. March 27.���The Cnn-
adian miliary institute last evening
passed a strong resolution urging the
Government to equip and dispatoh a
field hospital to Sonth Afrioa as
speedily as possible.
Halifax, N. S., Marob 27,-Tbe entire Leinster Regiment embarked for
Aldershot today on the troopship Vancouver, excepting 90 meu and two officers of the regiment who were left behind, tbey having been detuiled to go
to tbe Barbadoes.
Otttawa, Maioh 27.���The supreme
Oourt adjourned this morning as there
were not a sufficient number of jndges
able to attend to form a quorum. The
adjournment ia until Monday next,
April 2 for tbe purpose of rendering
judgments only in such cases ns are
now under oousideiation and then further adjournment will probably be
made until April 18, whicb it ia expected a quorum will be obtained.
Montreal, March 20. ��� Montreal's
quota of volunteers to make up Canadian garrison regiment at Halifax,
left tho Oity today.
Winnipeg, Maroh 27.���It is announced here tbat L. A. Hamilton,land commissioner of the C. P. R., has resigned and upon bis resignation being accepted be will leavo Manitoba to reBide
elsewhere. Mr. Hamilton is oue of
the most popular men in the Canadian
west and his departure will be greatly
Captain Gardner, formerly with the
Yukon R. O. O., force and n well
known resideut of Winnipeg and Toronto has boon uppointod to the command of tbe Winnipeg militury district and "B" squadron It. C. D. He
will immediately commence to recruit
the Bquadrou up to its full strength.
St. Johns, Nfld., March. 27.���It is
thought hore that tho determinatiou of
Mr. Bond, the now Premior, to revive
the Bond-Blaino reciprocity oonvnn-
tion will not bo acceptable to Cnnadu.
Tbe negotiations will probably awnit
the issue of the coming elections in
Newfoundland. Tho Bailing Btoamer
Iceland, with 2,500 seals and Aurora
with 8,200 anived today, both confirm
the earlier reports of oxcollent catohes
by the steamers that have not yet come
Peterboro, Ont,, Maroh 27.���Dr.
Richard King, who has practioed here
for 20 years, died todny.
Montreal, March 27.���At a public
meeting held nt the Bonrd of Trnde todny it was decided ns fitting to erect a
monument iu Montreal to the memory
of the Canadians who have fallen in
hattlo in South Africa and organization     committees    were    nppointed.
Continued on Fourth I'ago.
Toronto, Maroh 27.���Tho Evening
Telegram's London oorresponent cables
that The London Times correspondent,
in writing of tbo battle of Paarde-
berg, which resulted in the surrender
of Crouje, says General Hector Mao-
Donald, and General Coiville, who
commanded the division in which the
Canadians were brigaded, reminded
Lord Roberts that February 27 was tbe
anniversary of the battle of Majuba
Hill, suggesting to the Commander-induct a plan of attaok, but Lord Roberts demurred, fearing the plan would
result in tbe loss of too many Canadian lives, the Canadians, however, insisted, and this insistence, says the
Times correspondent, broke down
Lord Roberts' reluctance and tbe Canadians were sent to repeal the blot on
the name of tbe Mother Country, and
to avenge Majuba Hill. The correspondent continuing, says tbe Boers
ndroit that the aoenrata fire of the
Canadiuns compelled them to fire at
London, March 28.���Mr. Spencer
Wilkinson, in The Morning Post says:
"There is nothing to indicate the
early move of the main foioes in either theatre of war, when it comes, it
will be unexpected for Lord Roberts
is not in tbe habit of announcing bis
movements in advance. Tbe latest telegrams give grounds for a hopeful
view as to Mafeking and suggests the
liklibood tbat Commandant Olivier's
force will make good its retreat. Tbe
opinion telegraphed is tbat the Boers
at Ladybrand were covering the retirement of their convoy toward Seneka,
00 miles north. If the convoy has escaped the oommandoa can scarcely be
prevented from retreating. They being in s:.mil parties, it ia next to impossible to stop them.
London, March 28.���A dispatch to
The Daily Chronicle from Kimberley
dnted Monday snys: "Fonr hundred
Free Staters have taken possession of
the road between Kimberley and
Paardeberg. They have seized a farm
near Pnndam's fonteiu. It is rumored
that their object is to raid tbe railway
by way of Jaoobsdal.''
London, Maroh 28.���The correspondent of The Dally News at Lorenzo
Marque'z, telegraphing Sunday, says:
"The Transvaal War Offloe announces
that the southern commandos from Oc-
lenso and Stormberg will join the
main body within 48 hours. Some
apprehension exists that Commandant
Olivier and Commandant Grobelaar
may be ont off.
Mafeking, March 14.���Tbe Bours
recommenced the bombardment ol
this place Maroh 18, a six inch gun
which had been comparatively silent
for n woek, fired the shrapnel used
against tho troops in tho open. Tbe
projectiles woro ineffectual against
cover, but were dangerous to pedestrians. One shell bnrst in the conrt
house, - killing several natives and
wounding four persons. Several women were nlso slightly woundod.
Oarnnvon, Tuesday, March 27.���It
is reported thnt a British column had
been unable to advance from Van
Wyksvlni owing to tbe floods whioh
have been without precedent for decades. The rouls aro quite impassable.
It is reported tbat the rebels are still
gathered at Refburg, waiting for the
British troops to go further north so
that they may raid Carnovan.
Colonol Herchmer, of the Canadian
Mounted Rifles is proceeding to Cape
Town ou sick leave.
London, Maroh 27.���The Cape Town
correspondent of The Daily News telegraphing todny.Tnesdaysays it is improbable tbat tho advance from Bloomfontein will be made for another
month. (ii-nernl Clements is advancing to Bloemfontein in   fonr oolnmns.
When Loid Roberts begins the march
London, Mnroh 27.��� Reconnaissances
of slight Importance continue to be
the only feature of tbo war in South
Africa. Lord Roberts wires to the
War Ollice as follows: "Bloemfontein,
Monday, March 20.���Capt. Slouue-
Stanley, of the Sixteenth Lnncers, was
slightly woundod in nn nffuir at the
outposts north of trio Modder River,
March 25."
This bare statement is all that comes
from the Oommnnder-in-Chief. A
dispatoh from Bloomfontein, dated
Maroh 20, says: "A oavHlry reconnaissance was mnde yesterday townrdH
Braudford. The Sixteenth Lancers, by
skirmishing, drew the Boers from
their position iuto the open, when
the Ninth Lancers attempted to outflank tbe oiiemy, whilo they were engaged from the front by a dismounted
section of the Lcncors, the Sixteenth
Lancers. Our cusuallies wore reported to bo few."
Advance to Pretoria Delayed
to Increase Forces and
London, March 27.���In reRpouso to
tbe executive committee's roquost that
tbe. Amerioan hospital Bhip Mnine,
be permitted to remain iu South Afrl-
onu waters, General Duller hns cabled
as follows, from Lndysmith: "We
think the ship in going to England
confers tho greatest beuofir. upon the
sick and wounded, as with her excellent medical Btnff, she best aids in that
way the evaountiou of our congested
hospitals of bnd cases. The Trojan
nnd Spartan are ample for local transfers. If the Maine goes we hope she
will return as soon as possible."
General Olivier Believed to
Have   Eluded   Lord
London, March 27.���Advices from
Cape Town say: "Rains are genorul
throughout South Africn and the rivers wbich have beon dry for years are
being flooded, aud many camps nro
being transferred into swa-ups. This
will still more militate against an
immediate British advauce. Sickness
among tho Boer prisoners on tlio transports is increasing their deaths, several deaths oconning March 20. The
bodies were buried by the British
with the Transvaal ting on tho collins.
Tbe leading Dutch of Simonstown attended ibe funeral. Typhoid fever
alone claimed one buudred viotims
among the prisoners and the population of Simonstown fear nn   epidemic.
"A meeting of the bond was held at
Pearl, March 20, and was attended by
several members of the Cape Assembly. It passed resolutions regretting
that the Cape Government was not
consulted before tbo war, and declaring that any settlement which did not
respect tho ludependeuce of the Republics would ho ili-ierimi ntnl to tho highest interests of the British Empire.
Mr. Hargrove tbe chiof spenkor proposed to have another war in six years
unless independence was granted and
Assemblyman Maris characterized
tbe war as a contiunution of thu Jame-
ssn raid. Genoral White was presented
with an address hy the mayor and
municipal counoil of Cape Town today, asBuring him of thoir sympathy
for him in his enforcod home going,
and declaring that the records of the
eiego of Ladysmith were among the
brightest annals of tho nutions history.
It is announced tbnt Lord Roberts II
going to Cnpe Town to moot Lndy
London. Mnrch 28. ���(4. a. ro.)���The
Boors are having a littb good luck
nnd nro allowing Borne boldness again,
as a raiding party estimated nt 400 is
believed by tho British foioes at Wnr-
renton, to have crossed tho Kirnberley-
Bloemfontein wagon road Monday,
and to have headed for Jacohsdal witb
the intention of outting the railway
three miles to the west. Commandant
Olivier appears to have gotten his 500
men and 25 miles of wagons into
rugged country where ho cun make au
eBBy rear guard defense. Mr. Charles
Williams, the military expert says:
"If this column gets through substantially, Commandant Olivier will have
carried out the great feat of the war.
.Seeing that he ran eiory chance of being ground between the upper millstone of Lord Roberts army and the
othm millstone of tho broken BnBnto
He will have done it within 500
milos or so of Lord Roberts main
strength. It certainly looked for a
week as though Lord Roberts held Olivier in the hollow of bis hand. If
Olivier gets through to Krooustadt
With oven three thousand men it will
bo uu important addition to the Boer
foroes gathering there. His escape is
attributed to the woru out condition of
tho British cavalry horses. Lord Roberts' transport appears to have been
badly distorted by the loss nt Riet
River before Cronje's surrender of
tbe wagon train,aud in addition to tbis
the nrmy with which he purposes to
advance toward Pretoria is nearly double tbat of the earlier rapid movements. Ten thousand animal transports for the cavalry aud the guns are
duo to arrive nt (.'ape Town any time
during this and next woek. It is given
out at Cape Town that Lord Roberts'
advance may be delayed for mouths.
Although such statements should be
received with resorve.it seems positive
that he intends to go to Cnpe Town to
meet Lady Roberts who is dne to arrive there in 10 days. Tbe War Office
has i ii. 11 another table of British
losses showing an aggregate of 10,052
which does not iuolude 4,004 who have
been invalided home.
Washington, March 27.��� It is said at
the State Department regarding the
story thnt Great Britain had apologized to the United States for tho action
of tbo censor iu opening letters in the
mail addressed to the United Stales
Consul at Pretoria, that tho United
States Government has made uo demand upon Great Britain for an apology, and mado no ofliciul complaint on
tho subjeot. Tbe British Government,
however, voluntarily took notice of
Mr. Macrum's pubhsbetd complaint,
und finding that us au incident us to
tbe latge quantity of mail for Durban
to Capo Town, which resulted in
great congestion, there had beon an
indiscriminate opening of lotteis
which probably had affected tho consular moil, with others. Lord Panuco-
fote, speaking for his Government,
disavowed the action of tho censor
and snid that tho censor had not boen
authorized in respect to Mr. Mucrum's
mail. The assurance was given long
ago and some of the members of tho
House committee on foreign mi.ni
wero acquainted with it at the timo.
A printed fac simile letter to Macrnm
alleged to have been opened, was given to Lord Salisbury, by a press representative hut ho marts nu comment,inn
did he direct that   nnytbing bo   douo.
London, March 28.���Tho Morning
Post bas the following dated March 211,
from Burghrsdorp: "Dutch disloyalty
is now very strong and tho Dutch are
tumbling over euch other in their
efforts to give information to tho British authorities. Real loyalty, however, will be a plant nf slow growth
in those districts. I have travelled
with Sir Alfred Milner and I bolievo
his policy towards tho rebels favors
tempering justice witb moroy."
London, MBrch 28.��� A dispatch to
The Daily Telegram from Blcemfon-
toin, dated Monday suys: "Tim Trans-
vaalors havu arrested Commandant
i'rinzliio, who had their pass permit,
but had settled upon a farm 20 miles
north of Hloeinfontoiu, wishing to enjoy
peace under British rule."
Ho Appeals to tbe   Working Men   For
Support by Ballot.
Victoria, B. O., Mnroh 27.���Premier Martin held a big meeting heio
tonight which went lmgely in his fa-
voi. Ho mnde n most dcuingogin up-
peal to tho working men for their support and attacked all those who con-
tendod that tbe Governor was acting
unconstitutionally in permitting bim
to bold office. He made a strong defence of his position.
Viotoria, B. C. March 27.��� Premier
Mnitin announced iu his speech at the
meeting tonight tbat the elections
would lie held on or about June 15,
and tho House would most early iu
I r.
jNeison Daily Miner
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I Nelson Daily Miner
March 27, 1900.
In Peace and in War.
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or send it with 10 cents in silver
to the Portfolio Department of
The Nelson Daily Miner nnd got
Part I of "Glimpses of South
Africa in  Peace and in War."
See announcement on another
Where Tbe Toronto Telegram's prejudices are in tho least concerned, it
will not do to place the most absolute
reliance on what it says. And it is n
papor of many and strong prejudices,
some of them unaccountable. Mr.
Charles Wilson, louder olect ot the
('onseivntive movement for the adoption of Federal party lines in the
political nffuirs of this Province, was
in Toronto recently, and was interviewed by The Telegram, Mr. Martin and the elections nnd the delay in
completing the Cabinet were the principal subjects of the interview, and
among other things Mr. Wilson is reported to have said that ho "did not
see any hurry for a general election iu
this Provinoe."
Now, it is more than possible that
Mr. Wilsou did not sny this. Oue of
the strongest of The Telegram's prejudices is that In favor of Mr. Martin,
and it is not unfair to assume tbat in
reporting Mr. Wilson if purposely
gave a twist to something he said in
order to let its friend down as easily
aB possible. If tho leader of the party
that is most opposed to Mr. Martin cun
nee no reason for tho earliest possible
clearing of tbe political atmosphere in
British Ooiumbia, then it will be expected that Mr, Maitin mny justly lie
exousod for the procrastination that has
already proved so irritating. Tho Telegram would only be too glad to quote
Mr. Wilson to thin effect, and unfortunately it does not enjoy a reputntiou
that puts it nbove the suspicion of deliberate distortion in its auxioty to
make n point against a political en.
emy or in favor of a political friend.
We aro fully warranted, therofore, in
entenaiuiug a very grnve doubt
whether Mr. Wilson expressed the view
attributed   to him.
On the other hand, it is possible
thnt he did excuse Mr. Mnrtin in delaying the elections. That would not,
however, establish tho soundness of
Mr. Martin's position ; it would only
go to umphasise the unfortnunte fact
that too many of the public men of
tho Proviuce are willing to take tboir
politics as they take tbeir ploasuros,
with as much ease aud freedom as
possible and with an entire ntsenoo of
u sense of responsibility. There was
neither reason nor preoedent , for the
selootion of Mr, Murtin us Premier;
the only explanation the circumstances
will admit is that he was the Governor's favorite. He had not a singlo
follower in the House, nnd it oould
not be known that ho had more than
a corporal's guard of them in tho
country. Once chosen, however, tbe
only possible next step , towards the
justiQcntion of the Governor's pnrtial-
ity was to insist that lio should complete his Cabinet without delay and
make an immodiato appeal to the people. As it is, a man with no known
following, and with colleagues in his
Cabinet of whom it is safe to sny
three-fourths Ol the people never henrd,
is permitted to have absolute control
of tho nfl'airs of the Province for n period of four, five, or six months, nnd
without groiin 1 even for a reasonable
snppositiiin tiiat tbo electors would
tolernto him for a day. A grosser disregard of every   principle   of   resionsi
bio government it would be impossible to conceive. Tho excuse of revised
voters' lists ia an insult to the public
intelligence. Better a hundred times
vote on lists n year or two years old,
than to do violence to that principle of
Ministerial responsibility which we
hold as the very foundation of our system of Parliamentary government.    1|J
With Mr. Hume in tbo field as a
Cotton candidate, uud with the certain
prospeot of a Conservative nomination,
poor Mr. Houston is in great distress.
The respectable Liberals will not
touch him with a pair of tongs, and
to get a nominntion at all it must be
as a Martin candidate. Tbat iB not
palatable, but if it is the only way,
why,so be it. A candidate be is bound
to be, if not in the interest of his choice,
then iu whatever interest it will
please the Fates to loave him. He is
disturbed nt the notion thnt the Con-
servntive nominee will be a lawyer,
and for weeks past be bas been holding up lawyers as examples of depravity, wbo havo corrupted our political
morality from tho beginning und will
continue to coirupt it to the end. If
Mr. Houston wore a lawyer and bin
probable opponent a newspaper man,
he would be quite as severe, and probably with more reason, on tbe depravity of tho press. Tho abuse of law-
yors, however, is a favorite occupation of one class of fool, as theie is
rather a numerous class of other fouls
who drink it all iu.
This is from The Sandon Mining
Review : "It is said that n number of
Ooeur d'Aleners uow in tlio country
intend to take ont their pupers to bo-
come Blitish subjects. The sirvice of
bluo papers ou a few of them would
best serve the country's iuterests. It
appears to us tbnt tbe authorities
ought, in the country's interest, to
hunt up in tho Coeur d'Alouo country
the records of all those applicants, and
prevent those whose records there
made them undesirable, from becoming undesirable citizens here. The attention of our Judges called to this
matter would have a salutory effect.
We want good, reliable settleis for citizens, whether American or European,
but qnestinuuble cburacters of the dynamite and riotouB order should be given their conge." It is uuderstood thut
a number of these people are beiug
naturalized in Nelson, primarily in
tbo interest of Mr. Houston and incidentally in that of Mr. Martin. If there
is any way to prevent tho consummation
of this outrage, steps should bu taken
to that end in the most effective manner possible.
Will Mr. Stewart Potts speak up?
The Rossland Record persists iu the
statement that he was offered a portfolio m tbe Martin Government, declaring that tne offer oame by wire
and that the dispatch was shown to
several persons in Rossland. Mr.
Smith-Curtis, through Tho Miner of
that city, says that no such offer was
made. It is not a matter of crying
importance, but a word from Mr. Potts
at tho present time would bo interesting.     	
A London cable which did not reach
as far as British Columbia, snys that
tho Queen will raise Sir Wilfrid Laurier to tho peerage. It is very doubtful
if Hor Majesty has any such intention, and qnito as doubtful whether
tho Federal Premier would accept the
distinction if offered to him. Sir Wilfrid Laurier is too poor a mnn to support tbe dignity of n peerage, and a
poor peer is n pitiabln object, and most
of nil to himself.
An exohnngo seems surprised thnt,
with the exception of the Premier
himself, Mr. Martin's Cabinet is made
up of meu of no previous experience
or staudiug in public life. tIionb who
know Mr. Mnrtin should not bo surprised at tbis. He will himself constitute tho.Onbinot. He will brook no
rival to his throne, hence ho is curoful
to siiirniiui! himself witli nnneutities.
The Now Westminster Columbian
culls him, Father-of-llis Conntry Bee-
be, But where bus Father been so
long, thnt his own children do not
know him?
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Palijter,    Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office.. Ward St, opp. Opera House
whore yon nin dopond on gOttlng thfl bout
nrandts in lhr> nmrkttt find any <|Uitnlily from
ns . Up.    I'm <    cannot lx dlftpuUtd,
���mora is,
Fkank A. TAMnLYK, Mgr.j
RfVKBR Street, Nelson
For the Times
From Cap Town to Lafly-
"By (late) (i. W. Steevens
Forty-one Years ia Mi
Both Sides of the .Smith African
ill tiia Latest Curat
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yivrils, NELSON and LARDOJ
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Gamble & O'Reilly
i Lots, fi-Uooni House, corner,
onOartonate st let $2,000
2 Lots, 8-Booin Huns a Cnilion-
alo street     2,150
Agents for Hume Addition   and a
Ittrge number ol Addition " A" Lots.
Accident and Sieknesp.    Special Health
Policy issued liy
Head   ollice,   Montreal.       Costs only
$10 a year.
Gamble 6 O'Reilly.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Brewers of Fine linger
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in  and  see  us.
H. II. I'lKltllK .1. T. 1'lKltHK
Nolson   Tailoring,   (Heatiing  and   Dyeing
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans 1
dyed, altered and repaired.
Bear Clark* llolil. mim
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice is hereby given that all persons resident within tlm Oity of Nelson who luivo not been utcciniited
within seven years are required within seven days trom tbe publication of
this notice to lie vaccinated.
fersons requiring to be vaccinated
free of charge may attend at any time
daring the next seven days between
the hours of !< mid u oVloek p. in., at
my office on Josephine .Street for tho
puruoso of vaccination. Upon the
eiRhtb day following the day on which
any person has bucn vaceinated, he
or she shall attend tlio medical prac-
tioner try whom tho operation was performed in order tiiat the medical pruc-
tioner may ascertain by inspection the
reinlt of the operation.
Auy person failing to comply with
the reqniremouts of this notice will
he liable to the peualties prescribed by
the Publio Health Act.
1). LABAU, M. D.,
Medical Health Ollicer.
Nelson, PS. O., March 30th, lflOO.
THORPE & CO., I.iMiTKD.-Cornor Ver
non and Codar titreetH, Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesalo dealers in aorutod
waters and fruit syrups. Hole UKonta for Halcyon .-mii in;-;., niinoml wator.   Tol fiO
���N. .M. Ouiiiii  Lossiit.   Kvery known
variety of soft drinks. P. O. Box 88. Telephone No. 31, Hoover Street. Nolson. BoUlein
of the KanioUB St. Loon Hot Spring Miuoral
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Notice is hereby given that the publio ts informed that rule No. 61! of the
regulations of the Provincial board of
Health, approved hy order of tho Lieu-
tenant-Governor-in-Oounoil, is in force
in the City of Nelson, by which every
person of an age to make bim or her
legally responsible, who has uot been
successfully vaccinated within Boven
yeais, or who does not bold a certificate of bis or her insusceptibility at
the present time to vaccination, is required to procnro the vaccination of
himself or herself within seven days
after pulbio notification by the Medical Health Ofiicer directing general vaccination. D. LAHAU, M. D.,
Medical Health Officer.
Nelson, B. C, March 80, 1000.
Heated by Hot Air
Finest   Dining   Room
in the  City.
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of ihe
Great Reduction!
(fflffitfflti, $9.65 jw Ton
onow* nkst $6i15 per Ton
Koora 1. Turner-Boeck Block.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
Two   lota,   onrner,   (l-rooiu     all
conveniences $2,200
Two lots, 8-roomH, Carbonate St. 2,800
Two lots.coruer, H-rooins.all conveniences  2,1100
Two lots, oorner, 8-rooms, stono
foundation, all conveniences. .. 2,000
Two lots, best corner ou Staulev.
Three 1 jta. best corner on Ward.
Two lots.ohoice comer on Stanley.
Threo lots best corner on   Josephine.
Houses and lots in   all   parts   of tbe
Prices RiRht.    Buy Now.
Wholesale Houses,
V/ .hi;-. A. Macdonald) - Architects and BU*
piirintemlenls. Broken Hit) Block, Cor. Baker
and Ward Bts., NcIhou, B. C,
HJ. EVANS & GO. -BiiLi-r Street, Nel
��� Mm, wlioicsuli: dealers in liquors, cigars
cement, llro brick and fire clay, water pipe and
stool railrt and general commission merchants.
Limitku.���Front Stroct, Nelson, whole-
Hale dealers in flour, meals, etc., and nay
and grain. Mills at Kdmouton, Victoria and
New Westminster. Ele\ators on Calgary Be
Edmonton Railway. ____
ROSS. LEE 4 TAYLOR-BaKer street.
Nelson.   tOeorgu F. Motion's old stand.)
Flour,  Food,  Grain, Hay and Produce   Car
lots a specialty.     Correspondence   solicited.
in.,,,,,, i��!
A MAODONALD & OO.-Oorner Ver-
��� non and Josephine Streets, wholesale
grocers and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts,
boots, rubbers, mockinaws uud miners' sundries.
P  BURNS A CQ-'iuker Street. Nelson,
���   wholesale  dealers in fresh and cured
meats.   Cold storage.
-Baker Street. Neluon.   Wholesale deal
ers in fro��h and cured meats.
Limitku��� Baker Street, Nolson, wholesale dealers in hard ware and mining supplies,
plumbors'aud tinsmith's supplies.
sale paints aud oils.
Vernon and Josephine Street*;, No'son
wholesale dealers in liquors cigars and drj
goods. Agents for Pabsi Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Co, of Calgary
UDSON'S BAY CO.-Wholetmlo groceries aauliquorri, etc., llaker 8t., Nelson.
JY GRIFFIN A OO.-Corncr Vernon
. nnu Jusepnlno streets. Nelson, wholusnle
dealers in provisions, curod meat?, buttor and
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real  Estate.   Fire  Insurance
Private Funds to Loan.
"The Bodega," 25-foot lotanrt boilrt-
inRB on Baker Street.
Mr. Morley's reHideDce and 82  nores
of land aoross the lake.
Five-room honae and two lots
on Victoria Street. Piutly
furnished |2,100 00
Eight-Room house.fiO-foot oorner Silica and   Hall  2,500 00
Cottage on Stanley Street, sink
and sewer connections. Possession April 1 fl5 00
B-rooni House ou Corner Hoover St.,
well finished, *800.
I    2 Im-.-hii il'nl Lota on   coi-uer,  close to
' Cni' Line almost ��i vcn away.
Fire, Life Accident and Sickness In
surauce atTected on best terms.
Money lent on improved Heal Estate
Next door to New liank of Montreal
on Kootenay Street,
Nelson, B.O.
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlorv
The leading shop. Large
^ lock. Hest (issorted stock
on hand. Harness, Collars ot best makes. Sad-
dlos. Blankets, Bells
Whips, Brushes, Combs
Frtcos satisfactory.
1   Call and boo.
Cor.  Ward   and   J.akor
iliiniiieii Blook,     -    Nc'son.
Some Choice Lots and Houses for Pale.
agent Montreal Loan A Investment Oq,
Fraternity Hall
4 or Under A- Koolrnny HI.,
can he rented  for Concerts,   Leotnres
Dances, Banquets aud every kind of en-
tertalnment,   Good anto*roomsi cloak
rooms. Kitchen mid  dining room furnished.    Kor teiinpply
DR. R. O. ARTHUR^ City.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Me.
Allan Line "Numidian" Maroh .11
Allan Line "Parisian"* April 7
Dominion Lino "Dominion" April 13
Dominion Lino "CambromAn" April 17
From si. John, N. B.
Beavor Lino "Lake Superior" April 4
Beavor Lino "Lusitanfa" April It
I From Halifax, N. U.
I Allan Lino "Nnmldian" April I
I Allan Lino "Parisian"  April H
! Dominion Line ''Dominion" ..April 11
Beavor Lino "Ltkc Superior" April ft
Beavor Lino "Lusitunia" April VI
From New Vork
White Star Lino "Germanic" April 4
White Star Line "Oceanic" April 18
Cunard Line "Lucania" April 7
Cunard Lino "Ktruria" April 14
American Line *'St. Paul" April 4
Red Star Lino "Frlesland" AprlU
Anchor Lino "Kthlonia"  April*;
North Gorman Lloyd "Saalo" April.*)
Allan Suite Line "Coroan" April 19
Passagos nrningcd to and from all Kuropcan
points. For rates, tiokots and full infcrmatlon
apply to C. P. R, do pot agont for C K. Beasley,
City Panricngei Agont, Nolnon, B.H
Qennnl Agent. C P. It. Offloee  Winnipeg
Board and Room.
First Class Board and Room;
Todd's old stand, in rear English
Church. Tabic Board, $4; Board
and Room, $5 and $5.50.
Ten notes, with   larRo honse close to
Nelson.     Fine   sitnntion   for   keeping!
iKiultiv.    (Jood fowl honse,    Apply X,
iox Olilt, Pout Ollice,  Nelson |
Civil anil Mpchlllllcill ! nr im ' ;   .
Hiipiiliix] nml KriM-U-tl.
AOKN'IB for tlio Itlwlon Iron Work", Ilnliro.k
4 Wilcox Holler Co., Cooka'H YVii-nltouo
and HopiiwarH, Etc., Ktc.
We have all, some time
during our life, read that
sweet little ditty, "The
Brook" and will remember
these lines:
"For men may como and men may go
But 1 go on fortver."
This describes the situation
as regards the Hudson's Bay
Co. to a dot.
No matter if Joe Martin
does not succeed in filling his
We can fill all your
If the mines do not shortly
open up
We are opening up
new goods for you
every day.
What though our local politicians can not agree on a
platform which will catch all
the stray votes on both sides
You will agree with us
that our values and
prices are the best in
the Kootenays.
A. A M.M.A. AAA.
Compare these with others:
Plain, 8-4, 20c per yd
Twill, 8-4, 25c per yd
Plain, 9-4, 25c per yd
Twill, 9-4, 30c per yd
Plain, 8-4, 25c per yd
Twill, 8-4, 30c per yd
Plain, 9-4, 27j^c per yd
Twill, 9-4, 32^c per yd
Twill, 8-4, American,
30c per yd
Twill, 9-4, American,
35c per yd
Twill, 10-4, American,
40c per yd
Best Pillow Goii
40-inch, 20c per yd
42-inch, 22c per yd
44-inch, 25c per yd
46-inch, 27c per yd
Nothing special about these;
you can take advantage ol
them any day, at
Telephone 13.
"**W*^Ps���� w
��� ii.   ������������  ...      -    ���fiTfurt-vnr'Mr.-i ������   ���
from the
f    Seat of War
.?.. ...->-..
Battles, Seiges,
Artillery Duels,
Desperate Sorties,
Hand-to-hand Conflicts,
The Wrecking of
'^.Armored Trains
and Bridges
with Dynamite
5 Big Guns, Camp Life,
O Boer Laagers,
0 Corps of
0 The Red Cross and
5 Army Hospitals
Interesting Throughout from Cover to Cover. British-Boer War
Pictures.   Views of South Africa.   Splendidly
Described by a Noted Author.
The developments of the war in South Africa, its serious conflicts, the deeds of heroism of its participants, the great massing of Boer Armies and the unprecedented forward
movement of British troops to the Cape, coupled with a universal desire for information
concerning a country cf which very little is known, have intensified public interest in the
subject to an extent hitherto unequalled. With characteristic enteiprise, this paper will
supply the dernand for South African Literature that present conditions have created. To
this end we now offer our readers the first number of a magnificent art series to be issued
in weekly parts under the title of "Glimpses of South Africa in Peace and War." Illustrating and describing the current military events of the day and the sights -and the
scenes throughout South Africa by aid of camera, pencil and pen, presenting a pictorial
history of the
British-Boer War and Countries from the Cape to the Front
tions of...
The Scenery,
The People,
Tvpes of the Natives,
Their Daily Life
Diamond and Gold Mines
The Cities, Parks,
Cemeteries, Monuments
Thoroughfares, Public
Buildings, Churches
Places of Amusement, etc'
'     * ����� >. * * ���
Every reader of this paper is entitled to participate in this distribution of "Glimpses
Of South Africa" Portfolios. Bring or send 10 cents in silver to cover postage, wrapping,
mailing, distribution, etc., together with an order cut from page 2 of this paper, and you
will receive Portfolio No. I, containing 16 pages of Photographic Reproductions, 914 x
12 l-��inches in size, of "Glimpses of South Africa in Peace and in War."
��� v ...
h ���
Portfolio Number   One Contains:
iTontispifice;  The   Legislative  Assembly  Building,   Pietermarilzburg;   St. Johns   River;
\ ti    '-,e Entrance to Durban Harbor; Traveling In Natal;   Howick Falls (Artistic group).
Ihe Right Honorable Joseph Chamberlain;   Paul Kruger, President of the South African
-,,.  ��� Kep^Iic.
"te RWdzaal. or Government Building, in Pretoria;  Vereeniging, First Station  in  the
Transvaal  from  Cape  Town;   View  in Burghers' Park  in   Pretoria, the  Transvaal
Capital;  Market Street in South Pretoria.
Ihe Boer Demonstration at the Paardekraal Monument; General Joubert Leaving Paanle-
ti    ;raa,;  The Rush for the Wagons After the Meeting.
��he fountain, Joubert's Park, Johannesburg.
,��Waui and Richksha;  Royal Hotel, Durban.
..WlllS Atl Efatidslaagte.
Canadian Troops Asserrtl'iled at Toronto, Canada, Before Leaving1 for Service in South
Africa;   Col. W, D, O'tter, First in Command;  Col, Buchan, Second in Command,
Armored Train Sortie from   Ladysmith,
The Gordon Highlanders,
Picturesque View of Town  Hall, Durban;  The Durban Railway Station.
Kruger's Waterfall, near Johannesburg; Telephone Tower at Johannesburg; Basket
Trick, " Over Wego;"   Light House on the Bluff at Port Nati.l,
Naval Brigade at the Battle of Ladysmith,
Balloons Used in Military O) ie rat ions in South Africa; Taking Observations from a Military Balloon in South A. frican War.
Zulu Police of Natal;  An Hi iviablc Zulu Physique,
Playing the Boer Game,
p; 11
*$f*H^-irfif^^ Hfc"
M s��
""���i"^���������-������     ���.T<\..:,..-, .-..������������.���
How He obtain* (he Ilaw Mntrrlal
Kor the II. Ill-.li Army anil Wliilt UU
l'er.UHMlve Miinner Adil. to 111.
l'ur.e���Military Mcknninc.
According to the British system of enlistment, a "queen's shilling" is paid over
to every mini who enters the service.
Thu "queen's shilling" Is so termed liii-
ciuiao its acceptance from u recruiting
sergeant makes the receiver a "queen's
man," body nnd soul.
The British recruiting sergeant���tlio
man who gives the shilling���is generally
tall, erect, broad of shoulders, deep of
chest, Bupplo of limb, with the healing
of a conqueror, tempered by geniality,
and an ideally persuasive tongue. Always In uniform und white gloves, with
cap a-tllt on his head and baton continually lu evidence, he plays a most Important part lu the nrmy system of his
country. He generally hunts in couples,
nnd his chosen walks are either in the
vicinity of some great barracks or in tho
poorer quarters of the town where he is
stationed. The favorite stamping grounds
of the London recruiting sergeants are
iu the neighborhood of the Ilm-uo guards
nud in Trafalgar square, on the sides
fronted by the National gallery und St.
Martin's church,
Those who take the shilling there are
initiated into tfte service of her majesty
at the recruiting depot of St. George's
barrncks, just behind the National gallery. This is the largest in Great Britain, and probably one-quarter of ull tho
British recruits are tbere enrolled. Other large depots are found at Woolwich,
IIouuslow and elsewhere, In fuct, there
is a recruiting depot in every towu of
uotu In all Great Britain,
The recruiting sergeants who work in
the square nnd near the Horso guards
have n far easier tnsk to perfoin generally than those who do duty elsewhere.
Under the splendid stimulus furnished
by the crack cavalry's appearance the recruits rarely have to be subjected to
much persuasion nud often offer themselves unsolicited, Recruits are easily
obtained also iu many places on occasions of groat parades. But in ordinary
circumstances securing recruits for her
majesty's service is uot a tusk to be
lightly undertaken.
Fortunately crimping and the press
gang are uo longer necessary in order to
keep the army ranks fairly well tilled,
but It is truo that the recruiting sergeants for the militia and the ordinary
foot regiments nre sometimes obliged to
resort to rather devious expedients.   It is
also truo that a very large percentage
ot the recruits are picked up iu the city
slums, where a glass or two of ale and a
good jollying from a splendid fellow like
a recruiting sergeant are tar more likely
thun anything else to produce the desired
results, ltecruits obtained iu slum neighborhoods uro mainly youngsters out of
work, often without family ties nnd
sometimes quite willing, if well persuaded, to get away from their present surroundings even if the prospects be fuirly
favorable for service against half savage native rebeis in India, the still more
savage blacks of Africa or the Boers,
who nre more dnngerous because of their
superior marksmanship than either Hindoos or other blucks. A guarantee of
the recruit's good moral character is required ostensibly, but thu regulations
upon this poiut nro not administered with
great rigidity in many Instances, and the
contingency of rejection upou the moral
record of tho recruit is reinotu indeed.
Very many of the men recruited iu tha
mora crowded sections of the cities go
iuto the militia, which is about as unlike
t In- n n 1 inn nl gunrd here as can ensily be
Imagined nnd whose members nre ro-
gnrded with less fuvor by the middle
elnss populntion of Grent Britain than
those of auy other bruuch of the service.
It has been commonly supposed both In
and out of England that the militia
could not be ordered to do foreign service, but this is 1111 error. The militia
may bo sent out of the country if occasion arise, and, furthermore, if its ranks
be not filled by "volunteer enlistment,"
limited conscription may be enforced.
This has not been resorted to in ;(0 years,
but the Inw authorising it is still on the
statute books and would be effective any
year In which the customary militin ballot suspension act was uot passed by parliament.
Kccruitlng sergeants are pnid GO cents
for every ordinary recruit. I'"or n recruit
suitable to enter tbe Scots guards, thu
cavalry, the engineers or tho artillery,
whose qualifications must be of a higher
order thun those of n recruit for most
regiments of foot soldiers, the pny is
$1.25. Much more is often allowed for
a man fit to be n Life guardsman. The
equivalent of $15 is not unprecedented,
and there aro some other regiments recruits for whicli bring fancy pay to tho
sergeant securing them.
The nickname "Tommy Atkins," which
outside of the British empire is generally
supposed to apply to all British soldiers,
in reality applies only to the Infantry of
the Hue. To cull an artilleryman anything but "gunner" would bu to Insult
him. Tho enlisted cavalryman would
not recognize nny title suve "trooper,"
and the engineer la a "sapper."
Should the raw recruit repent he mny
be bought off within n certain definite
period, uud British mothers, who hate ru-
crultlng sergeants intensely, frequently
secure their sons' release in tliiH way.
The duties of a British soldier In timo
of penco nre fnr more arduous than
those of the American soldier, n much
greater degree of attention being bestowed upon tho condition of arms nud ue-
.���iiiiii-nii.ii!. trlmnOSS of uniform, etc.,
thnn here. On the whole, the cavalryman
bas more work in peaceful times than the
foot soldier, for the cavalryman has his
horse as well as himself to keep lu condition.
The .1..i ii.nl pay Is a shilling n dny, or
24 cents, while the normal daily ration,
varied sometimes to suit conditions* is a
pound of bread nnd three-quarters of a
pound of meat. Of course. Ihe actual
fare of th. British soldier has more variety than this would Indicate, but In-
hns to pay for the additions out of his
wcunty stipend. His clothes cost liltn
nothing, but he hns to pay for his wnsli-
Ing. It is claimed by the authorities
that his "net" Is larger than the avernge
artisan class In England,    Morn than one
British   regiment   has   mutinied   I iiuso I
of poor miiinleiinnre, but complaints of |
Insufficient ami bail food have been rare
of Int. years. The poy of soldiers serving In India and Ihe colonies Is generally
supplemented, sometimes doubled.���Mew
Xtk Evening Bun.
Tho fubll  whlcti 1 lluw |>rm-ut
Ci-curreil to me I',.- iiooidont
Am), whether bail or im-cllcnt,
1. merely .0 by ���ccld.nt.
A itupid urn this morning wont
Into . lii-M by accident
Anil cronnod hid food and waa content
Until Im B|>tcd by accldt-nt
A lints which Bome i/liJU-ious gent
Had left behind by accident,
When, anllllng it with eager scent,
Uo breathed on it by accident
And made Ills hollow inhtruuicnt
Kndt a sound by accident.
���'Hurrah, hurruh!" exclaimed the brute.
"How cleverly 1 played the liutel"
A tool, in Bpltc ot nature's beat,
Miy fllunc tor once���by accident.
-From   tho  Spanish   of   Tomas   Vreartu   by   R.
Nervous Person. Often Ylotlm. of
Needle.. Suffering-.
The keen suffering which some undergo
just in udvnuce of or during a thunderstorm is of u dual nature. The sense of
Impending danger alarms und tei'l'lflos,
but there is also a depression of spirits
which is physical und real brought about
by some ns yet unknown relation between the nervous system and c Iltlons
of air pressure, humidity and purity. Tho
suffering due to depression and partial
exhaustion requires from those who are
strong sympathy rather than ridicule.
The Buffering due to alarm and fright.
however, is unnecessary. It is largely
the work of the Imagination, To u nervous nature there is something appalling
iu the wicked, spiteful gleam of the lisht-
uiug nud the crush nnd tumult of thunder. But such a one should remember
that the flash is nlniost always fur distant nnd thnt thunder cnu do no more
dnmage thau the low uotcs of n church
The question Is often asked, "Do trees
protect?" The answer is that the degrees of protection will vary with the
character of the tree and its distance
from n wnter course. An oak is more liable to lightning stroke than n beech, The
character of the wood, the nreu of leafage, the extent and depth of root, will
determine the liability to stroke.
Another question which is often asked
is whether there is danger nbunrd a large
steamship during n thunderstorm. Ou
the contrary, there nre few safer places.
Sufficient metal with proper superficial
area is Interposed in the path of Ihe
lightning nnd its electrical energy converted into harmless heat and rapidly
Accidents occur chiefly because the victims generally place themselves in ihe
line of greatest strain and thus form pint
of the path of discharge. For this reason
it is not wise to stand under trees, near
flagpoles or masts, in doorways, on porches, close to lireplaccs or near barns.
Those who nre uot exposed in any of
these ways may feel rensounbly safe. It
should be remembered lu the event of accident that lightning does uot always kill.
It more often results in suspended animation than in somatic death. Therefore, in
case of accident, try tu restore animation,
keep the body w-nrm nnd send for a physician without delay.���Century.
The Self llellnnce of Amerlennn.
Above nil the American is personal. He
is responsible to himself. He is ready to
declare at any time, "My deeds upon my
head." Some of us go to church. Wo
read in our service books, "From all evil
and mischief, from sin, from the crafts
aud assaults of the devil, good Lord, deliver us." We know that this is only a
form of words. We rely upon nothing
intangible. We have th. words and the
hubit of repenting them by Inheritance.
We trip over them while we accept nothing Dei gratia, nor do we shirk our own
responsibility in nlfuirs by pleading a special order of Providence, The child is
taught that if he walks into mischief and
is caught at it the excuse that he was unduly persuaded into evil doing will not
save him from the retributive slipper.
The school and college boy und girl pay
the piper personnlly for all unlawful
dancing. The muu behind the plow, the
mnn behind the counter nnd the mnn behind the gun know that results depend.���
Self Culture.
Could Se. a. Well I 111 li-r Wny.
Out nt the locnl school where the blind
children nre tnught the little ones become
very expert in running about und avoiding danger. They piny games together
nud displny remarkable dexterity, dodging trees nnd persons in u most remarkable miinner.
When a Plain Dealer representative
was visiting the school the other dny, his
nttention wns nttrncted by a bright faced
little colored girl, who was dancing nnd
dashing nbout the ynrd in keen delight,
despite tho fnct thnt she is entirely blind.
Pretty soon she started to running
backward. The suporintendcut noticed
"Bessie," he snid, "don't run backward
or you'll get a fall."
" 'Deed I won't, sir," was the rendy response. "I kin sec jest ns well biick'uid
as for'nrdl"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Hurt Her Vanity.
It Is the respectful belief of the young
people In the advanced yenrs of their elders which iidininistera to the latter the
severest blows to their vanity. A young
Woman was entertaining her niece, not
such a very small girl, though she hud
not attained the woman's estate. To her
the aunt, whom she bad known always
as a grown woman, seemed old, quite old.
Bo when the mint, showing her u beautiful box, expatiated upou its nntiquity and
that It had been in the family 50 years,
the maiden, auxious to be appreciative,
exclaimed with something like reverence
iu hor voice:
"How well you have kept It!"���New
York Times.
rira..hnp|>��r  Olncler.
Among the glaciers found in the Kooky
mountains Is Grasshopper glacier, whicli
derives its name from the enormous quantity of grasshopper remains that are
found on and in the glncicr.   Periodically
the grasshoppers take their flight southward and must cross the mountains,
Their favorite route seems to be across
the wide glacier, and In the passage
scores of thousands of them succumb tu
the rigor of cold nnd wind, fHll helpless
upon the snow nnd are finally entombed
in the Ice,���Cincinnati Enquirer.
If the sultan Is going to hare some
wnrshlpB built here, why, that's another
cuse where Turkey is n enuse of thanksgiving.��� Philadelphia Times.
No army is complete without a press
censor. He gains moro victories and reports fewer losses than nny otner sort of
an officer or soldier.���Cincinnati JSn-
After nil, football appenrs to bo an Incentive to education. After n man has
beeu so badly crippled that he can't walk
ho has nothing to do but study.���Philadelphia Ledger.
It will be un Instructive episode to
mark to what extent Passenger Agent
Daniels will lie able to abolish tips ou
dining cars of tha New York Central.���
l'jluiii-a Qasette.
Tho mau who snid thnt the only geography one really knew was learned from
the plnces one visited forgot whut could
be done in this respect by a lively foreign
War.���New York Evening Suu.
An attempted bullfight at Puebln resulted iu the bulls turning upon tho whole
show uml driving the spectators out of
the place. Tho bulls seem to be "getting
on" to the game, There will be no more
of it at Puebln.���Boston Globe.
The Sioux warriors who did tho Indian
congress uct nt the exposition yenrn for a
sonsoii at Buffalo. The rations nro snid
to be better than the reservation fnre,
whilo the opportunity to sell trinkets
brings nmple pin money.���Omaha Boo.
Tho Now York -clergyman who is
preaching n series of sermons on matrimony pointed out to his congregation Inst
Sunday that married men outlive bachelors. Probably this preacher never hoard
the Hon. Goorgo Mnrden's conundrum us
to why married mon live longer thnn single ones. They don't. It only scorns so
to them.���Boston Hernld.
Dewey's engagements are always brief.
���Utica (N. Y.) Observer.
Wc would liko to know if it isn't nbout
time to bo handing a sword or a house or
something to Fitz-Hugh Lee���Minneapolis Times.
"An honorable denth is the knighthood
of life" is what Miss Mary H. Wilkins
wrote in nn autograph album once. Probably she is iu uo hurry to be knighted.���
Boston Globe.
Kudynrd Kipling has written another
great war poem, which it is hoped his
genius will enable him to live down. No
ordinary man would ever recover from it.
���Chicago Inter Ocean.
Gencrnl White mado a gront blunder
when he went nfter Nicholson's Nek instead of jabbing him in the slats or forcing him to the ropes with a Sharkey
rush.���St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Sir Henry living's remark on his arrival thnt ho is plensod to find that the
country is prosperous nnd thnt money is
plentiful ngain is one of those things that
might better havo boon put in some other
way.���Providence Journal.
If Hadji Miram, sultan of Sulu, enroa
to change his mode of conducting n harem from the job lot to tho installment
plan, ho might get some useful pointers
from the experience of Mr. De Wolf
Grass Widower Hopper.���St. Louis Ite-
At last Alfred Austin, England's official poet, has successfully wooed his stereotyped muse. We recognize in "Afric'j
shore," "Inflexible as fute," "unfaltering
hands'* nnd "fettered stnte" our old
friends of vencruble whiskers and prehistoric value. We extend to Mr. Austin
our awostricken congratulations.���New
York Journal.
The average salary paid to Methodist
preachers in tho United States last year
was $473.35.
Ira D. Sankey, the singer who used to
be associated with Mr. Moody, is to become an evangelist on his own account
nnd will conduct a series of revivals in
vurious cities this winter.
In a church at Birmingham, England,
U is the custom to disperse thu choir
among tho congregation and to arrange
ns far ns possible thnt tho congregation
shall be grouped together according to
the parts they sing.
Father Osborne of the Episcopal
Church of St. John tho Evangelist, Boston, who has spent seven years nniong
the lepers of South Africa, is raising a
fund to establish an American medical
station for tho benefit of the sufferers
from leprosy in that part of the world.
The greatest distnnco to which wireless messages have boon sent is 43 miles.
A scientist hns cnlculntcd thnt the eyelids of the avernge man open and shut
no fewer than 4,000,000 times in the
course of a single year of his existence.
Geographical statistics show that 52
yoleanic islands hnve risen out of tho sea
Since the beginning of the century. Nineteen ot that number have since disappeared, and ten uru now Inhabited.
The icebergs of the two hemispheres
are entirely different in shape. The nrctic
bergs are irregular in form, with lofty
pinnacles nnd glittering domes, while the
niilnreltc bergs ure flat topped and solid
Students govern their own dormitories
at the University of Pennsylvania.
Columbia university has added two professors to its Gcrnian department.
At Illinois university a Saturday courBe
for public school teachers engaged during
the woek has opened.
The University of California has established a chair of Cuntonese, the principal
dialect of the Chinese language.
Wesleyan university, nt Middlotnwn,
Coup., on account of high rntes of board
iu the town, has opened "commons,"
where students can obtain meals at Jfli.50
a week,
About 1,000 trotters and pnccrB have
entered thu standard ranks this season.
David Ilaruni, the horso that John
Bratton has won so many prizes with, i>
a hackney.
Through Centric, 2:18%, and Hess,
2:20, both good race horses, old Dauntless has come into uotico agnin this
Kinginond, 2:00, Is the fnstost new
trotter of the season of 1809, aud Billy
Andrews is the fastest uow pacer. Billy's
record is 2:0G1/1'.
The greatest reduction of any pacing
record of tho season wns that for 4-year-
old pacing mares. The Maid cut It from
2:07>4 to 2:05%.
Dr. Brophy, whoso farm Is Bltuntod
near Fox Lake, not fnr from the city of
Chicago, recently sold n yearling colt for
a cool thousand dollars.
Octuvlu, 2:18, record taken nt the Inst
Righy park meeting, is by Bnron Wilkes,
out of old Sapphire, the dam of Nominee
and Nominator, whose records ure 2:17%.
At Salt Lake City Autocrat, Jr., waa
recently driven for a record and on the
second trial stepped the mile iu 2:291.4.
He is owned by Dr. Hosmer, Nephl,
Thu 2-yenr-old gelding trotting record
was tho one that suffered most severely
during the season just passed. Endow
cut that from 2:18. whore Fred S. Moody
left it in 1895, to 2:14%.
Tho pacer Sunrise, 2:21%, was two
years ago used in Kentucky under the
saddle. He was bought and is now owned by II. W. Davis, Camden, N. J. Sunrise took his record at Tluiouluiu, Md.,
this season.
From calculations hastily made it
scums thnt Electioneer still lends the list
of great sires of stnndard speed with
15S performers, Nutwood is second with
180, Onward is third with 147, Red
Wilkes is fourth with 145.���Horseman.
It Is generally better to keep extracted
honey in bulk.
Cork is said to be the best material for
packing bees in winter.
Y'ucen brushes nro very convenient for
removing bees from the combs.
Dysentery nniong bees mny originnte
from impure honey, from disturbance or
from very long confinement.
Good Bcnlcd honey nud thnt gnthered
during thu first part of the senson are al-
ways the best for winter feeding.
Honey dew is not gathered from blossoms, but is a sweet substance found at
certain periods on tho leaves of trees.
Decrease tho size of the entrance to
tho hives as soon us the honey senson la
over. It will help in preventing robbing
nt this time.
To introduce n strange queen Into ���
hive, put her in a queen cage and cover
with sugar paste. The bees will eat tho
sugar und, fouling the queen, will accept
her at once.
All unfinished comb honey In supers
should bo carefully removed from the
hives und plnced awuy securely nud kept
clean and bright for use uext season.���St.
Louis Republic.
The head of the tree should always be
cut buck to correspond with the roots.
Handle the fruit Intended for long
keeping ns little as possible, taking care
not to bruise it in any way.
The elenner und ncntor tho appearance
of tho pneknge and fruit the quicker it
will catch the eyes of the buyer.
Onions will keep much better if they
can be spread out in a thin layer where
there is good ventilation until they are
well dried out.
So far as can be done, nothing should
be loft on the ground in th. garden or
orchard under which insect pests can
harbor during the winter.
If there are fruit trees that are not
bearing as they should, stir the soil thoroughly nnd npply n good dressing of well
rotted manure, prune well, cutting out
all the dead or diseased wood.
British marksmanship Beems to be
quite up to the slumlord of Alfred Austin's poetry.���Baltimore American.
Ladysmith is still the cynosuro of all
eyes, as It wore. She looks quite captivating to the enemy.���Boston Herald.
It appears that the Boers Instituted
tho lu mining in process before the British
were ready with their busting thread.���
Washington Post.
In South Africa the seat of war Is not
unlike that ot a mnn who sits ou a powder keg while another bores into it with
redhot iron.���Philadelphia Times.
England's ultimate victory Is certain,
predicts the secretory of Btate for India.
But it begins to look ns if there would be
truth, too, in Kruger's prediction that the
price would stagger civilization.���Buffalo
England la just learning that Oom
Pitul had diagnosed the situation clearly
and cleverly when ho snid thnt crushing
the Dutch republic would be secured
only ut such terrible cost ns would make
htimnnity, "Anglo-Snxons" included,
shudder.���Youngstowu Vindicator.
The nerve that never relaxes, the ey.
thnt never blenches, the thought that
never wanders���these nre the masters of
Moro than 500,000 sewing machines
are made lu this country annually, which
Is IK) per Cent of the production of th.
Use sen unit in the hath wnter of a
delicate child ot one whole legs ure weak.
A baby should never be frightened
with stories told by an Ignorant or
thuiit-htless nurse.
A child mny be mnde gentle or rough,
according to tho manners nnd notions of
(hose about bim, for his greatest doBiro
is to imitate.
If you should have n nursory, it should
have u Southern exposure. Babies, lil.r
plants, need plenty of sunshine lo make
them \ iroiuu. aud In-uUby.
The Orinoco river is 20 miles wide at
Its mouth.
For over 1,200 miles tho Nile docs not
receive a Blnglo tributary stream.
Hiver, sea, rain nud snow water all
contain more or less alcohol. Ouly pur.
spring wator Is free from It
The deepest lake in th* world is Lake
Bniknl, in Slbcriu. In some parts it ia
5,201 feet deep; its length is 397 miles,
with an area of 15,000 square miles. It
is the largest lake in Asia, and the sixth
largest in tho world.
Chlnn hns evidently been syndicated.���
Now York World.
Great Britain Is the best hated country
lu the world. And alio loses no sleep
ovor It.���Hamilton Spectator.
France's desire to hnvo her big exposition a success will probulily keep that
country out of mischief for the next year.
���Kldgcwood (N. J.) News.
Japan, the orient's dusky England, I*
busy punching the bag In preparation for
her tussle with the big bear.���New York
Keep Off the Grass!
A neat fence of Wire Netting
will prevent your neighbors'
dog-s and chickens making a
recreation ground of your lawn
or ga.den.
We   have  the   netting   in  the
.    following widths :
12,    24,   36,   48,   60   and   72
Call and get prices.
Vancouver Hardware Co., l&
Mara Block, Nelson.
Codfish, Win iii- mid iu Bricks
Salmon Bellies in Kits
lliill.-iiiil Herring in Kits
Mackerel in Kits
Fresh Canned Salmon
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Tomato Snuce
Fresh Canned Kippered Herring and Hhiiinp Suuce
Fresh Canned Kippered Mackerel
Fresh Canned Bioiled Mackerel
Fresh Canned Ocean Haddies
Fresh Canned Parsed Bloaters
Fresh Canned Shrimps
Fresh Canned Oralis (Deviled)
Fresh Canned Sardines
Fresh Anchovies in Glass
WE   HAVE   SOLD   75%   OF   ALL  THE
'�����     Used in the Kootenay.
g ������������
��   Steel Mining Rails,
Blacksmith Coal,
1 Sewer Pipe, Etc
Turner Beeton& C
Just arrived from Milwaukee
��� prod Rltonie, o( KoBiilsnd, spent yesterday in No!'0"'
..���,. "Glimpse of Sonth Afrioa"
l0, I owron uud ten emits
Hr0oii White is wjkeotBd tome'today
after an ausenoe
of several Wbeks.
Crease    held   a   small
Jffwurt yesterday  afternoon and
disposed ol several minor oases.
u,.nnrd H, Oowan arrived iu Nel-
"SthiiOrow's Hest boat last night
"d will leave for Spokane this morn
ii. Stanley Johnson bas MoeptaB a
, inii in th"   freight dtipurtmtiiit of
1"""!   > It and will  outer   into  his
,"w duties during the present weok.
H A. Vim liuskirk has given notice
thnt lm olalniS
11 iiulf   interest   iu   the
claim   u"d a qnuitor inter
the Allmnihttt Olaini, both lii'iiiR
filedI on Wild Horse Oreak, near
linu't overlook tbe page aunoiinco-
Jnt elsewhere  In   this oppy  of  The
1 ���> Cut out the oonpon on puge two
B bring >t with tou cents to Tho
Minor ollice.
Tin' Hudson's Uny building has lieon
equipped by Ibeo. Maclsou with as at.
tMotive awnings as oodld bo tonnrl any
where The oanvas was put in plane
msternay snd adds greatly to the up-
pcnmiici) of thu uteres.
Mr R. McUnire, luannRer of tho
Moliy tiihHOii mine, received u tele-
ursai yesterday from a brother of Patrick Mct'iinn, the mnn who wuh killed
ou tlm Molly Oilisou load. Baying he
would be beie today to take ohuigo ef
tho remains.
H Bnsbois ha�� transferred a third
'igtsrast in the Centre Star olnitu, n
qunttiir iiitcrnst in the Smuggler claim
sad �� bsll inteiest in the Como claim,
���II on the fiuitli fork of Wild Horse
Orenk tn Herman Plendei fur a nonii-
unl considsration.
dipt. Ttoup's oflice furnitnro wns
moved yestrday from tbe Stun ley
Street building to tbe quartern formerly occupied by Superintendent
llmslcy. The entire local 0. P. K.
upeinimg department is now in the
inker Btreet building.
The (Inn Oompany hns already disposed Ot nearly nil of the chandeliers
recently reoeived and Mnunger Burnett has ordered n new lot to supply
the iiicrmsing demand. Now oonsom-
etBare eoniiiig in daily and the oom.-
jiany is doing a rnsbiug business.
/ Several pnities were ont whipping
' tho lnko yesterday and some fnir
csteht'H wore made. Mt'ssrs. B. S.
Ariuit and L P, Wolfe were out to-
geter snd brought in 11 fish weighing
about three to tlio pound. All ware
taken with fly but two, they being
landed nu u spinner.
J. V. Welch, who hns a contract ou
the Bailout extension just ubove Seven
Mile Point, was iu town yesterday,
Mr. Welch rejiorts splendid progress
and expects to bo through with bis
portion of thu work early in Mny, the
��� :irlv spring weather hnviug mnde
rapid work pussible,
Tbu newspaper situation at Cirnnd
Forks bus taken another turn. The
suspended Daily (iuzette has been revived, and together with Tbe Weekly
Miner will be conducted under the
niauagemcnt of F, H.McCurter & Son.
The daily edition is au extremely
creditable ptoriuction, aud should become .1 favorite with the new renders
of tlm Urnnd Forks district.
Rehearsals of "My Turn Next," are
well advanced. A chnuge hns been
made iu Ihe cast, H. W. Dny taking
the place of Mr. H. A. Stewurt, who
hus been sntforiug fiom la grippe.
Other members of the oast hnve nlso
been victims o( thn epidemic nnd for
hie reason tho production of tho play
has bi'un delayed. It is expeoted,however, that it will be pnt ou next woek.
Mr. B, O. Siggers, patent lawyer,
Washington, repoits soveral Caundinus
as having obtained patents for the
United States during the past few
days. Several are from this Province.
1). liriiwn, Vaucouver, has patented
��u electric light burner; J. M. K. Lot-
boii und P, W. Burpee, Vancouver, a
tlBh-iulting machine, and A. M. I.yon,
New Westminster, u gold-saving devise.
The Miner has received an invitation
to atluu.l a banquet given in honor of
Mr. Simpson, editor of The Oran-
biooku Herald, on the occasion of his
departure lor Nome. The curd further
Intimates that it Is also n oelebrntiou
ot the second unni"orsary of Tbe Her-
���Id. The Miner regrets that it will be
unulile to be present, but it can wish
Mr. Snnpsou a prosperous venture nnd
The Herald many happy anniversaries.
Mr. B, Nelon Fell.of the Athabasca,
is at the Phnir, and says that matters
Me moving along very smoothly at tho
mints. The Union, however, bas
Pickets Htatinned ou all the trails ap
preaching the mine, who nre endeavor-
"i�� to keep men from going tbere to
work. These piokots hnvo a large tent
'�� which they sleep and all meet there
at n.cul hours. In all thero are about
twenty men stntionod atvurious points
with headquarters at the tent above
A party of local fiBhermen composed
of Mosbh. H. 1). Hume.O. W. Kiloy,
K. li. Armit nnd L. P.Wolfo, on their
return form a flsblng trip to the rap-
���d�� yesterday, not only reported, but
R��ve satisfactory evidenco in tbe wny
m �� public exhibition of a oatch uum-
wing 4(l Hpeckied beauties, averaging
nail a pound euoh, the largest | Hlightly
exceeding oue pound and a half. The
nauiirinuii reel proud of their grent suo-
obsh as thn catch is the first of the sna-
"''����� and considering tbo time of yeur,
fwlly remarkable,
n��u V*J N"lson contractors wnxod
quite indignant vesterdny when they
can in Th��� Miner's nceonnt of the
'" til .".. ""'eting of Monday night
mat ihe only bid reeoived for lumber
,'���i." "Uy wm,rf wns thrown out
,, " wasdeoidait to buy thn mater-
"I in Im psen mniket und huve the
work done by   day   lalior.    Thoy com-
plained that tenders had never boou
advertised for through tbo daily papera
and that they wero therefore not
iiwiire that tho Council bad decided to
ask for tenders the second lime. "1
bear today," said ono contractor,
"Unit a notioo was posted in tlio post-
ollloo, but aa we are not in tho habit
of looking there for requests for tenders it was overlooked by evidently
all but tho Itim which put in its tender for the supply of lumber, For
my part 1 wuh prepared to put in u
tender for the work bnt did not know
that it wnu wanted, nnd there were
ninny others in tbe same boat."
The Ontario Powder Company's factory opposite Five Mile Point will begin operations this morning. The I'm-
COty will start with abont 15 men ou
its puyroll und with tbo prospect of a
lingo business. Mr. 1). Smith, general manager of tho Ontario Powder
Co., has been iu Nelson superintending tbe work of completing tho mill,
nud will remain until everything is
completed. Tho daily output of the
mill will bo "nn cases, sullloiont to
supply the domand for some time at
least. Mr. H. Mucphersou is tho loonl
manager of tho concern and Mr. A. J.
MoUibbon is Ht tbe head of  tho   mill.
Tho C. P. R. has dcoided to take
the building at the corner of Stanley
and Baker Streets, now ocoupied by
The Bank of Montreal, when it ia va-
oated by tbe bunk. Mr. J. A. Maru
the owner of the building, will raise
it to the street level and the City will
raise the sidewalk to the same level.
Only tho passenger, freight and telegraph departments will occupy the new
building ns Capt. Tioup has rearranged the old building, formerly ooenpied
by H, K. Beasley, in wbich his othoes,
those of Capt. Gore, T. P. Gnlelis,
resident engineer, and Port Steward
Moe, ure now located. The 0. P. R.
expeot to be in their new quarters
about the first of May.
"Its bad enough lo have the women
of Nelson soud to eHstern cities for
goods that they could buy in Nelsou,"
snid a dry goods men-hunt to a Miner
man yesterday, "bnt when they come
in nud ask you for the latest catalogue
of some eastern firm it is very much
like rubbing it iu." Then the dry
goods merchant explained. He had
been approached only a lew momenta
before hy n lady who wanted "Eaton's latest catalogue." She wanted to
send an order to Toronto and thought
that tbe Nelson merohant could surely
supply her witb the catalogue. She
was surprised when she found slie
could not get what she wauted and left
the store.
R. MaoRoberts, secretary of the Big
Horn group, in tho Ymir camp, waa
in Nelson yestetday. Mr. MaoRoberts
hoastH of the fact thut there nre more
men working in the Ymii camp thnn
in any other camp in British Columbia. He bolieves, too, that thore are
to lie more mines iu the camp in
which he is operating thuu in any
other. Tbe Big Horn group will start
shipping in u month, the Nevada is
nbout ready to ship, tbo Wiloox will
begin shipping nt onoe and the Black
Cook is already shipping. Tbe Tum-
arac will build its mill tins spring,
and now hns a big body of ote hlooked
out. Mr. MaoRoberts returns to Ymir
George Washington Beebe, tbe now
Proviuoial Secretury, whose parents
were evidently ardeut admirers of
"The Father of His Country,'' has
beeu located. A Nelson man has come
to the front with nn answer to the
question all British Colombia baa been
asking since Joseph Martin made his
Inst move on the Provincial oheoker
board. George Washington Beebe is a
rancher and a carpenter. His ranoh
comprises four acres of Agaasiz soil
and, weather permitting, produces
cabbages and the like in abundance.
Iu the carpenter line he wns, a few
yenrs ago. what is known as a "jaok-
knife carpenter.'' The gentleman who
located him for The Miner, says Mr.
Beebe wns a failure as a carpenter,
rather suooeBsful as a market gardener
and will be an awful failure as a Cabinet Minister. He aleo handed The
Miner man the following verse, whioh
had been penned for him by a friend:
Thore waa a deal ranoher from Agaasiz,
By bis friends thoogbt a bit of a wag
as be
Went to join Martin'n fieaks,
Bnt in less thnn two weeks,
He wished he had never left   Agassiz.
Sheriff Tnok bas poBted tho following uotices of suIob: In re Graham vs.
Stewart, he will offer for snle 250,000
shares of Noonday Curley mines
stock, to recover the sum of $160 and
oosts at 11 a. m., April 6. In re
Hunter Bros. vs. estate of Wm. Cal-
lagan, he will offer for Bale tbe estates
interest in Cody Fraotion, Joker Frao-
t'on, Freddie Lee and Battle Axe
claims, to satisfy a judgment of |91.17
and coats. Sale on April 3, at 11 a.
m. In the oase of Jobu W. Powere
vs. the Dardanelles Mining & Milling
Co., to satiBfy a judgiueut of $1,427.-
457, there will be sold tbe entire outfit
of the above company including 18 tons
of silver-lend ore, oompressing machinery aud building, 400 cords of
wood, tools of various kinds, and
many other appurtenances of the business including complets hoisting apparatus. Sale to tuke plaoe at II a.
m April 2. In re P. Burns & Co., vs.
tho Dardanelles Mining & Milling Co.,
a olaini for $887.08 will also be recovered hy snle at the same time from the
same goods. In re F. W. Graham vs.
Andrew Stewart, 250,000 shares of
Noonday Ourloy stook will be exposed
for sale on April 6 at 11 a. m., to recover a claim of $75.05.
Victims to stomach, liver and
kidney troubles, aa well as
women, and all feel tho results
in loss of appetite, poisons in the
blood, backache, nervousness, headache, and tired, listless, run-down
feeling. But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to J, \V. Gardner,
Idaville, Ind. He says: "Electric Bitten are just tho thing for a man when
he is all run down, and don't care
whether he lives or dies, It did moie
to give rao new strength and good
appetite Mian anything I could take.
I can now eat anything, and have a
new lease on life. Only B0 contH at
Canada Drug & Hook Store. Every
bottle guaranteed. 	
And do it right- Wo can put on half
soles, heels, patches, or sew up rips, as
as good as any man in town, and a great
deal better than some, and charge no
more than they do.
The Shoeists
Bring Your Repairing.
*5    The  New Town of  Procter,   lerininus  and   Transfer   Point   of  the   &
-2 Orow's  Nciit Eailroad.
ThlB Old established and well known Hotel is offere .1 for sale;
a Bargain. Hotel contains 16 rooms, Lawn Tennis tirounds, Summer Houses, Bonis, etc. Steamboat Landing on the Grounds; including Furniture) Bar Fixtures, Bedding, Linen, Stoves, Cooking
Utensils, etc.
Two hundred men are working on Construction, Townsite. aud
Wharves at present time.
Plans of Townsite, Depot, Wharves, etc, can be shown to
intending purchasers;   also Photographs of Hotel.
Easy terms will be made to responsible party.
For price and full particulars, apply
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.	
First Portfolios of Smith African
Views Going Rapidly.
The first portfolio of "Glimpses of
South Africa." went like hot .cakes
yesterday and only a few more remain. The Miner wns oompoiled to
refuse many ten cent pieces because
the persons applying for part oue did
not bring the necessary coupon with
them. This will be found at tbe head
of the editorial column. Cut it out of
this paper beforo you lay the paper
aBide and when yon pais The Miner
oftico drop in and leave it with a dime
and get a"GlimpBe"of the conutry
to whioh ho eyes of all Britishots are
now turned.
Phair-James V. Woloh, Seven
Mile Point, J. C. Drewry, W. H.
Jeffrmj', J- Bitohle, Rossland; E. F.
BnrnB, Procter; M. H. Cowse, Spokane ; R. MacRoberts, Ymir; Boyer
Thompson, Toronto; W. A. Turner,
Ymir; E. Nelson Fell, Athabasca.
Hume.-Hank Noll, Northport; D.
W Moore, Trail; Frank Dodd, Toronto ; F. W. Clenies, Hamilton; F. E.
Morrison, Montreal H. M. Flinn,
Because a Watch has
run for years is no indication that it does not
need cleaning. Many a
watch is ruined by being let run too long without it. The oil becomes
dry and invariably the
little machine becomes
cut and worn. We have
every facility for leplac-
ing any part, or making
a watch throughout if
necessary. First-class
work only.
Patenaude Bros
Lot on Baker Street, east of the
Queen's Hotel.
6-Roomed House and 2 Lots,
with lawn, garden, trees, etc., in
good location.
C Good Building Lots, only one
b ock from school house.
4 Lots, with Improvements, near
Opera House,
8-Room House and Lot, close in,
only   1650, on easy terms.
New  Dry  Goods  Store!
Ladles' Tailor-Made Suits-Wednesday
There is variety enough here for anyone���Suits enough tor
everybody, Each day brings new additions to our stock, Today
we have singled out three lines for special mention:
LADIES' Suns in Light and Dark Homespuns and Covert Cloth;
Eton Jacket, Box Plait Skirl, both Appliqued; per suit,
$18 00, 23 00, and 25 00.
Ladies' Suits in Light Homespuns; Double-Breasted Jacket,
Habit-Fitting Skirt, lined throughout;  per suit, $15 00,
Ladies' Suits in extra fine Ladies' Cloth, in Lighl and Dark,
Navy and Green; Jacket lined with good Satin and Skirl
with heavy Percallne; per suit, $22 00,
3 Houses for Rent.
See Annable
F. L. Osier & Co.,
i��!V.flV^V.^V.^V.^VflV.^vflVAlrtV^\ TH^JfVflv^flV *v W,^\ ^V *,Ht* *v,
$12,003 Stock of Now Goods Selling at Wholosale OoBt.
Wc have deckled to sell out our Dry Goods
and continue exclusively in Clothing, Hoots, Shoes,
and Gents' Furnishings, and now oiler all our Dry
Goods stock at wholesale prices. This includes all
our Spring Goods now in stock and in transit from
the East. It is the first time in the history of
Nelson that a stock of this size has been offered to
the public at such a low rate, and all wanting bargains should not fail to sec our prices. To the
ladies of Nelson we would say that this is a good
opportunity to get your Spring and Summer Dress
Goods at a bargain. Here is a sample of some of
our prices :
Dress Goods that were 40c, now selling at ffic
Dress Goods that were Ofio, now Belling at luc.
Dress (IikkIs that were $1.00, now selling at ooc.
Dress Goods thai were |1.25, now silling at 75c.
Hlnek Lustres, in plain and figured, thai were 60o, now selling at 'M:
Black Lustres, la plain and figured, that were 7fic, now Helling at 45c
Colored Dress Ginghams, regular 20o goods, now selling at Mikta
Colored Dresu Ginghams, regular I60 goods, now selling at 10a
Colored Dimities,regular 16c goods, offered at 10c.
Elliot Block, Baker Streot.
I. C. B.
A. R- BARROW, am
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootonay Btn.
I'. O. Hoi 559. Telephone! No.!��
Capitol and V. C,
Cabinet Cigar Store,
1. <:. <;ui:��a
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, O. Uox 115 -Hi,,,, b. c.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Palil'iii mi.!is.-,,u:ii.ihi |  Kcsi si.hhi.ikhi.iui
iihiii-iI <>r lllrri-torn :   ThOmasK. Kunney, 1'resident;    I In.111:1.  Uilrliie. Tlos-PraaUenl,
Michael llwyur, VV'iloy Smith,  H. G. Uiiuld, Hon. II. II. Knller, M.I..C, Hon. David MacKeen.
Head iini,.. iiniiraxi
General Maiiapor. Kdr.on I,. Peanj Montreal.
Superintendent of llranchen. W. B, Toi-rulico, Halifux.
Inspector, W, N\ Hrnek, Halifax.
Secretary. 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova Scotia- Halifax Ilranch, Antiifoninli. Ilrldaewatrr, QnyabOrD, Londonderry, Iaiiicnliurp.
Maiilaud tllaniH Co.), l'tetoii, PortBawltwbury, Sydney. Baubonagadlo, Tram, Weymouth.
New ni-miNwirk���Bathurst, Dorrhestor, Irredoncum, Km.:   iKer.t C0.1. Moncinn, Now
caHtle.Sacbville, Woodstock. I*. B. Inland���t'linrlottetown, Uamnifindde, UiiHM-c-Monlrenl
(City Ollice), Montreal. West End It'or. Noire llame and .Scis'iieui-n SlrcctB); WchIihoiiiiI (Cor.
Greene Avenue and St. Catharine* street. Ontario-Ottawa. \. >, i.niit,lin,,<��� SI. .IoIiii'm.
4nl,,,. Went ladles���Havana. Halted Pl��l��-:Now York (Hi KxcIiiiiiko lined ltcpiiblie, Wash.
Atlia, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
* 1111, * point,���iils :
Canada���Merchants Bank of Canada.   BokIoii���National Shawniul Hank.   I'lilraKo���America
National Hank.   Hhii  I'runclMcn���First Nntional Hunk.   London, 1:11 u. - Hank of  Scot land.
Tarls, France   Credit I.yonnais.   Iterniiida-Itank of llerinuda.   I'lilna and Japan-H011K
Kong und Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchango  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on specia
deposits and on Saving Bank accouulB.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For that house you have erected:
Sideboards, Cheffoniers and Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets. Nelson, B. C.
Headquarters For
Port(ai)d Ceipeijfc, Fire pricks
Fire Clay, American Cumberland Coal (Blacksmiths').
Special Quotations (liven for Carload I-ots,
a.B.quay.r.o.Box521,  n  d   DITUCT if   f*r\
Kelson, B.O., K. T. Kl  I Ut I    Ot OU.
Kootenay Airunl LTD.    VICTORIA.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary ���������������������������
Continued trom [Flrel I'ukU.
Liant-Ool. Heuahaw Iior Rtarted the
ball rolling with a subscription of tout)
and wants a mnnunient to cost at least
Oue of the boldest and most de-
Htmotive of tbu mount series of bur-
glarios in Montroal was committed
during the night at the ottlcu of tlir
Imperial Uil Company, Ltd., Colo St.
Paul. The burglars, five in number,
went to work iu a particularly daring
111:11111.-i. seizing the watchman, gagging uud binding him hand and foot,
twice blowing up the safe and
eventually making their escape, notwithstanding they had aroused the
neighborhood by the noise of tho dynamite explosions. The snfo coutained
(400. Tbe Heoond explosion was so severe that iliu ties eh and olliue linings
were completely wrecked. The outer
door of the safo wns blown oft, but the
safe itself full face downwards and
when tbe robbeia entered to secure
thoir prize ibey woro unablu to move
it. Seeing tbat the neighborhood hnd
bcou aroused they ran off.
Tbe operators aud agonts on tbe
western division of the O. P. R., Fort
William to Vancouver, and brnnohos,
have served notice upon W.Whyte, tho
western general manager, that they
will present a new schedule of inorease lu salaries. The rate of pay ou
the Canadian Pacific while entirely
satisfactory to the men ou the eastern
divisiou is ueeuied insufficient by tho
western men, whose living expeuses
are much greater.
Moutreal, Maroli 27.-The Ogilvie
flour milling interests reorganized today and Fred YV. Thompson, of Wium-
peg, has been uppointed general mini
agor witb headijuarters at Winnipeg.
Montreal interests will be under tho
control of a local board of directors.
The newly reorganized company under tho numu of W. W. Ogilvie Milling Co., will enter iuto direct competition with the American Cereal Co.,
whose headiiuarters aro in Chicago,aud
will ship to Oriental aud Occidental
Winnipeg, March 27.���The Winnipeg
Sohool Board tonight received a pin-
position from the Catholic Separate
Sohool managers to take over the Separate Schools of tho city. The delegates submitted that while paying
tbeir share of taxes towards tho public
Bchools of Winnipeg for the period of
10 years thsy have had to assume the
additional obligation of providing and
maintaining schools for the education
of their own children, and that despite all their efforts and sacrifices the
double tax thus imposed has pressed
so hoavily upon them that their
sobools ure now burdened with a
heavy indebtedness. The oity separate
"I'lioiil are uow provided with teachers
holding certificates from the Proviu
oial department of education. Thu
Catholics are willing to aocept the
public school system of inspection.
Therefore they requested the board to
runt their schools, retain tho teachers
now employed tu teach in Mini schools
and to assume tho payment of tbeir sal
aries and tbe expenso of equipping aud
maintaining the said schools with the
understanding thnt Catholic children
shall enjoy the right of attending
theieat. Tho matter w��s discussed ut
some length and finally refeuud to a
oomrnittee to report at a latoi meeting.
That Thore Are Any Cases of Smallpox in Greenwood.
Greenwood, March 2(1.���It was recently stated in The Nelson Tribune
that a case of smallpox existed iu this
city. There is absolntely no truth in
the statement, Incoming pnssengji
trains aie still met by Dr. Schon,
medical health ofiicer, aa a precautionary measure only.
J. O. GrifllthB, a prominent smelter
expert from Salt Lnkn City, Utah, lins
arrivod in Greenwood. He proposes
spending some days hern examining
tha ore deposits in the various camps
in thn distriot.
Again the timo card on the Colombia <fc Western has beeu altered,at least
so far as Greenwood is concerned,
Hereafter tbe passenger train will
leave bore at 2 :8S p. in. Tlio difference of time will allow half an hour
more on tho road. Tho trains will
cross at Ebolt, owing to tho condition of the road bed in all probabil.
Seventeen men nre employed at the
War Englu in Greenwood Camp. The
main shaft is down 110 feet. The new
compressor and hoist aro working satisfactorily.
Grand Forks, H. O., Mnrch 86. -Tho
Jewel mine in Long Lake camp recently sent un experimental shipment
of one ton of ore to England for treatment. It is owned by an English
Company. Drifting is now in progress a the 100 foot levol on the Norfolk mine in Central Oninp, owned by
tho London   &   B.    0.   Gold    Field".
The 0.   P.   R.   freight and treatment
rate from tho   Boundary   to  tbe Trail
nmulter is II per ton. Development
vvurk will be commenHld shortly on
tho Red Ituok and Bala Eagle olaimn
iu Greenwood ennui. Now offices have
just been erected at tha B. O. mine
in Summit Cump. Tho uew boiler nnd
engine house is u'aring completion,
Sixty miners are engaged, and the
working force will be doubled as soon
as the plunt from Montreal is installed. Tne 2u0-foot levol has been leached. Work will bo rescued shortly on
the Winnipeg in Wellington Camp.
Ovor two thousand foot of work has
boon done on the property, aud the
SOO-foot level has been reached,
Nine carloads o.' oie hnve boen shipped
to the Trail smelter.
A Clash Hetweau Russia and Turkey
Seems   Unavoidable.
Loudon, Mnrch IH. ��� (5 a. m. )���The
Standard gives double-leaded prominence to the following specinl dispatch
from Odessa: "There cnn be no longer any doubt as to the objeot of the
warlike preparations now being completed in South Russia. Nearly 2."it),-
000 troops have already been mobilized
for activo service. The Black Sea
Squadron with the transports is held
in instant readiness. Tho tension in
tho ielntious between St. Petersburg
aud the "Sublime forte" liecomes
every day more acute. The position
is looked upon with tho gravest appie-
"If tho Ottoman Government, supported by Germany, should prove stubbornly intractable with regard to Russia's concessionary demands in Asm
Minor, serious complications must inevitably ensue. The Russian garrisons
in the Cnucnsus nud along the Armenian frontier, have been increased fonr
fold and equipped for   aotlve service."
I.  O. O.  F.     Kootenay bmlun
No. la, masts every Monday night,
at   their   'bill,  Kootenay stroot
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
John Seoley, N. G.   John A. Meltae. V. G.
I). W, Kill liei lord. Sec,
Nelson Kncnmpinent No. 7. Meets every -'nd
and till Friday of eaeh mouth, iu Odd Fellows-
Hall, coiner Baker slid Koole ay strei-Ui
Nelson. A. II. Clements. C. P.j II. SfoArthUi
It. S.   Visiting* brothers always welcome.
COURT KOOTENAY". I. O. F., No. :i 1:��"
Meetings 2nd and ttli Tlitiri-day, Fraternal
hall, J A Irving C. II.   W. 11. Shaw. It. S,
NEI.80N L.O.L.NO. l(i!8 meets in  Iho  Ml
Donald   block  every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock.   Visiting members cordially invited
It. Robinson, w. M.: M. Crawford, It. s.
M. moots second Wednesday ill each
month.   Visiting hrothern welcome.
NKLSON    I.OIIOK   Nu.    'ii,  IC.    ul  1
tlmeels in K. of I��. hall, Oddfellows block
TBVorV   Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
'All vii-iting knights cordially  Invited
G, Jov, K. ot R. and S.
first and third Wednesday of
eaeh month at Fraternity hall,
comer of Baker and Kootenay
streets. Visiting brolhei'ii cord'
iallj invited.
John Watson. SecreUu-y.
s. saviouu'b [English! Church���Corner
Want and Silica Sits. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. in.; aud on the 1st and :ir<l Sundays
in tho month aftor Mattins; Mattln- at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m ; Kvensong 7.80. Dally
Mattins at !l.:in a. ni. Thursdays and Sainl'f
Dayst Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
Kvensong7.H0 p, ni., followed'by choir prao*
lico. H. S. AKeliurst, Hector. Fred Irvine,
Goo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catiioi.ii: CnuHcn-Corner Ward and Mill
streets Mass eveiy Sunday at Band 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass overy weok day
at 7.15 a.m.   Hov.   Father Forland Hector. ���
Pkkshvtkiiian Chukcii���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.:w p.m. Sunday School al 2.110 p.m.
Prayer moeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Mon
day evening at 8 o'clock. Hov. It. Frew.
Mkthoiust Cuuhcii���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets.   Services at It a.m. and 7.30
fi. ni. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer mooing on Friday evening at 8 o'clock: Kpworth
League C, K., Tuesday at 8 u.m. Hov. John
Cult uu, Pastor,
Baitist Church ��� Bervtoea morning and
cveningat 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor meet
Ing vVednesday evening at 8 p.m. tho P. Y.
P.U. Monday evening al 8 o'clock. Strangers
eo dially welcomed. Hev, C. W. Hose, Pastor
Salvation Akmy���Servlo s every evening
at 8 o'clocb In barracks on V otorl stroet
Adiudant Kdgeconihe in chargo.
Oldest and Best Made in
Now's tbo time to order.
F. MidlNN, Agent,
Merchants' Hank of Halifax, Nelson
Iluildoi-Hwill find 11. to thoir ndvanUKO to
fllturn with Hradlev & Co. on I'niritlnK.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Hchodulo of Time.      Paoiflo Standard rime.
RffOOtiVO   I'Ybrimry  M,   HNJ0
I'aHnong(T train for Sandon and wfiynttUinnn
IcavtiH   Ivanlo   lit K a. in., dally.     Italuriiiiiu,
loavoHHandon ut 1.15 li.ni,, arriving at Ktinlo
at 3.66 p.m.
OporatitiKon KootiMi-iy Ijiknuntl lllvor.
Sir. "International' leaven Kit-do for Nolunn
al fi a. in. dally except Sunday. KeturiilnK.
leavoM NeiHon at 1*80 p.OI,i calling at Ilalfonr,
I'llot Hay, Ainnwonh ami all waypointn. Cnn-
neetM with H. K, k N. train to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
Str. "AllrcrtV leavrM Ka-lo for Lirdo and
ArK��tilual H:30pni Werlncstliij*
HleatmTM call al   principal landlngN in both
dlreetlniiH, nnd ,vt olner poinlH when riffDnUfld
Ticket* Hold to all poinl* In Caruula and the
United SUiton.
ToaMcertain ratenand full Informal Ion ad-
drnM :
Manager, Kaulo, fl.O,
��� & SL ��� iSLSL ��� SL00 ��� SLSL 2L6L& &��;&��; SL& m\im\l && ��L4L &ST-
(>> �����>.��� fr ^������ST'- ^>C< <���*������?��� ** -Sr^sT^ >��. ���<�����. ������0<!^ ��� ^. ���<*.��������*, -^. ��� ���*��, -S^ C -^ ��� �����. ��� v*j��v
Interesting Specials
The excellence of quality, prices so uniformly right, and the large
assortment, have been the means of making many sales during the past week
in our Ladies' Tailor-Made Costume and Ready-to-Wear Department.
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits
S|ieeinls at $10.00, 12.60, US 00, 16.50, 18.60, 20.00, 22.00, 25.00, 28 00, 80 00, 85.00.   See our Lander nt
11.00.   This mil is a Heather Mixed tirey Homespun, liox Plaited Skirt with t'eroiiline lining,
ladies' Tailor-Made Skirts
Specials at $3.00,'.
is a specially good
Ladies' Blouses
Specials at $3.00, 3 50, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, 0 00, 7.00, S.60, 11.00, 10.00, 12.00,13.50.    Our Leader at 3.50
is a specially good one, made of the Hard-Finished Serge, Navy or lilack.
Specials at TOq 75c, $1.00, 1 25, 1.50,1,75, 2,00, 2.50, 3.00.   Sen the 1.00 Special���a White Muslin
with Yoke and the new (JuITs. ���
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
P. s.
Houston Block, Baker Street.
DRESSMAKING.    Our new department,    Satisfaction guaranteed.
Advartlsoiaoats Insortod under t hi�� heivd nt
Llio rule of one cent a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken for less tliun 'la contn.
WANTKU���Twn or   three   room   furnished house or housekeeping rooms.
Address,  S.   L., Miner.
LOST. ���Plain Kold   bracelet.    Hewarrt
on returning to R.   M.   Maodonald,
WANTED-Fiirnishu'.   hrrso   to  rent
six to nine rooms.    Mu.i ,...       mod-
nrn   improvements.    Apply   to M.   M.
(X, Miner oflice.
WANTED.���Position as  stenographer,
Apply nt this orliee.
TO   LET. ��� barge,     nioely   furnished
room     with     conveniences.    Apply
Northeast  corner    Lnke   and    Cedar
SEWING G1KLS wanted at tho   Hudson's Hay Stores.
WANTED.-Hoys   and   girls to   strip
tolmcoo.   Fifty cents   a day, und  us
much moro as they  can earn.    Kootenay Cigar Oompany.
A meeting of the Liberals of the
Nelson Hiding nf West Kootenay Electoral District will bo held in the Odd
Fellows' Hall, Nelson, on Saturday,
tho 81st instant, at 7:30p. m. Business: The election nf delegates to the
Vancouver Libornl Convention. By
order of the executive.
Acting Secretary.
NK1-80N, B. Oi
A Boarding and Day School conducted by
the Sisters of Si. Joseph of Peace. II, is hIIu-
ali'diit ihe corner of Mill and Josephine street*,
in one of iho best, residential portions of Nelson, and ia easily accessible from all parts
of tbe oily.
Tbo OOUrro Of Study includes tbo fundamental and hlgbOC brandies of a thorough English
education, Bustnou course ��� Bookkeeping,
Stenography nnd Typewriting. Science course
��� Music, Vocal and Inst rumen tnl; Drawing,
OtO,���Plain and Alt Needlework; Calisthenics
Kor terms aiH tmrUc.ulars apply to the Sistor
Windermere Mlnoa.   Correup - encoSoltoited
Owint; tn the depression caused by
tho labor troubles I nm prepared to
buy or sell all kinds of second hand
gimils furniture, oarpots, stoves, etc
Call and see me Apply to Silvor
King Mike, Hall Street, next door to
Asboroft's hlauksrnitb shop.
Orders by mail promptly attended to
Auction Sale
To be sold, pursuant to a judgment of the
Supreme Court of British Columbia, made in an
action, Firman vs. Macclesfield, with the approbation of a Judge of the Supreme Court, by Mr.
Charles A. Waterman, at the Auction Rooms of
Charles A. Waterman & Company, next door to
Bank of British Columbia, Baker Street, Nelson,
British  Columbia, on the
11th Day of April, A. D. 1900,
at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, in separate parcels, namely, Lot 3 in Block 5, and Lot 10 in Block
9, both in the City of Nelson, according to the
Official Plan.
Particulars and conditions of sale may be had
of Davis, Marshall & Macneill, Solicitors, Vancouver, F. M. Chaldecott, Solicitor, Vancouver,
and of Davis, Bowes & Ward, Solicitors, Nelson,
and of the Auctioneer at Nelson.
Dated this 22d day of March, A. D. 1900.
District Registrar.
��� TAILOR   ���
Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done.
Clothing Made to Order
Corner Ward and Baker.
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker S'
COltK   Dltll.l.INO.
Waitress,       Chambermaid.       Shirt
Ironer.     Plain     Ironer.      Girl    for
Apply at
Nelson Employment Agencv
Twonty-lhroo Minora] Claim*, from ono to
t.ln-eo 111 Men from Siuulon, in Ihe fiunoiiM
BlOOitlj for -nie ohOAp! Will well for cash or
bond from onr to live your*, *Vill tnkn oro
for pny. Bloknora forccn mc to oiler the abovo
ntenny !*nke Hospital. Nelnon, H. 0,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful and promot attention.
They are made in your midst, of the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where (,'ood  Cigars are sold they can be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay Belle.
Union made.
I   Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.   I
Mining stocks
Bought and Sola.
Silver Star Mining Stock of
Sumpter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus
5000 Big Horn Treasury. A snap
1000 Noonday   600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock, Soli!
ou installments 7^0., l^c per montl)
House and Lot in business por-
tion of town, $3500.
14-Room House, cheap; terms
easy;   close in.
poi)*fc Worn).
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Six room Cottage opposite Nelson
witb more than an acre of land.
Young fruit trees, strawlwrries small
fruits and cultivated laud for garden.
Creek running through gai'den, Excellent, spring water lead into house.
Grove at buck Apply J. J. CAMP-
BELL, Smelter Office, Telephone 21).
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First-Class Sleepers on all trains from
TOURIST OARS puss Medicine Hat
daily lor St. Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays for Toronto, Fridays for
Montreal and Boston.
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
To And from Kobson, Rossland,
Ex. Sua. Ex. Sua,
8.1)0 Lv.        NELSON Arr.11.40
18.40 Lv.daily NELSON daily Arr.22.1U
Morning train connects for all poiDts
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points north, and (ex,
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Moyie Daily,
24.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 17.2U
Connects Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both wayB.
Ex. San. Str. Kokanee. Ex. Sun
10.00 Lv. NELSON        Arr. 11.00
Saturday to Aigenta and return
leaving Kaslo at 20k.
Ex. Sun. Ex. Sun
0.00 Lv. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4hru NELSON to ROSSLAND br��4
For rates and (all information Address near
out local agont, or
C. K. BKASLEY City Passenger Aural
a W. DREW, Agent, Nelson
Trav. Pass. Agent       A O. P. Agent,
Nelarn Vuoonf.r
Spokane Fall* A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route withoul
[change of care between Nelsou n"1
Rossland and Spokane and Rosslaud
Lv.   0.15 a.m. NELSON. Ar. 6.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.25 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar.3.00 p in.
Lv.   &15 a.m. SPOKANE. Ai .n.lft p.m.
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:15 s.m
! mokes oloBe oonneotions at Spokane (ot
. all Coast Points.
j    Passengers for Kettle River snd Boand-
nry Creek, connect at Morons with Stag*"
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wm��
Agent, Nelson, B.C
The Beat thai; Mor,oy cai, BU��.    Take tfo Other
Maniifaclnrcil by this BraoknuuvRer Milling To   l.ul
Viotoria, Vuncouvur, We.tmln.tor, Edmonton, RoMland, Nolson.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Htanler Nnlxon
Thomson Btatlonory t!o Nolson
Canada liniK ttllook Co. Nelnon
Hotel lliimo Nowh HIaiiiI NoIhoii
liou.! Phair Nowh Btaud NolBOn
1>. Camp'ioll Ymir
O.K. Nolson NowDonvor
J. F. Dolanoy Rowborry
R. A. linulsliitw Slooan City
Blocnn Nowh Co. Sejidon
ThniiiMin Broa. Vanoonvor
Laniont & Young Kaslo
H. A. King & Co. Orconwond
and  News   Agents   on boats ant"
trains out of Nelson
fev s


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