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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 1, 1900

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Array v	
I I.,,!
, Edition No. 664.
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, March i, igou.
Tenth Yea
Hfl Reports the Success of
Biilisli Arms About
Succeeds in Carrying Pleters
,,11!, but Willi Terrible Loss.
.���  ,,,,,,    aK.-Tbe   Wnr  Offloe
. ''",:.   :,.,   tne  following dispatoh
;   1   nnil Bnller: ������Headquarter-,
1 v,..ii,i. feh. '.s, 8 ...   iti.-H.i-i-
'  ������,��� p��Mflge of Langewaoht 1
Li.it was covered bv strong entrenoh*
JSS   i reoonnoit/req  for   another
.. '*, of the Tngela.   Oneiwai found
f .' ,.. |���,|e��' the   cataract by   Colonel
.,,  ,���.|i. nl   the Royal M.ginoers,   on
,    .1-.   we commenced matting en
,',',, ;���,;��� thereto and on Feb. 1)0, find-
'"��������� 1  en.il.l  make  the  pB!iagr
iuiaiile 1 orossed the gnns and bag
,;,;,i���i,.i'.n the south i?de of th
nolo, took ""
Mll^VTortWovvitbe point
nsrW Oataraot. Dnring al tins time
,,���. uooiis IiiiiI been Honttarntl. crotich-
ln�� under  hnitily   eonstriieteil   smnll
"one shelters and otposed to the gall*
ins abell and rifle Are, and throughout
thev maintained the most exponent
uniriti Tuesday General Barten,
with two battalion! of tho Sixth Brigade and the Dublin Fuilleeil wero
abont 'i mile nml a half down the
banks o( the river and aoending nn
almost preoipice ollfl of "bout 500 loot
ini assaulted and oarried tbe top ot
Pioter'i Mill- This bill, to a oartaln
Bitenl turned ihn enemy's left, nml
Brigade,   under  Colonel
Miner Man Tells of lhe F
Engagement of the
London, March L���The War Office this morning officially gives the information
that Ladysmith has been relieved. No particular have been received, but it is understood that some fierce fighting occurred prior to the splendid British victory.
The above dispatch was received in London just 30 minutes before its delivery
at The Miner office and Ladysmith was relieved but a few moments before the dispatch
was received in London.   Therefore The Miner had word of the relief in less than an
about   -111   milos   fiom   here nud of   nn
hour, direct from Ladysmith.   This is a record for the C. P. R, Telegraph which hasten
Deo, 81, "0" Oompany of  tbe  Royal
been seldom equalled. |,',,m,,li"l,s-um"" Ca*" ",,,k,,r- "���������
Three Nelson Men Under Fire
but Easily Dodge the
, Miner Special Correspondence,)
Belmont, Booth Afrioa, Jan, 0.���.The
weeii att*_ Christmas peraletent rum*
nrs ol ii loroe  of Hours being laagered
about   III  miles   fiom   here and of
 ,���, inline ^^..i London, March L-The War Office has received the following report from Gen.
;FSKIsf Buller:   "Lyttleton's Headquarters, March 1-General Dundonald, with the Natal Car-
lRElMaiel?y?dat- ^bineers and a composite regiment, entered Ladysmith this morning.   The country between me  and Ladysmith is reported clear of the enemy. I am moving on Nel-
Buries Dead and Succors
iln Fourth  Brigade,   under
Nmiiiiiir. nml Um Eleventh  Brigade,   ,,  ,,      ._       .    ,_.       .,,, ,,     ,.
nndorcoionei lutei,,.,... the whole Buller Grants One While He
nndei emmnnnd "i Oeneral Warren, nB-
wiili'tl the enemy h poattlon which was !
magnificently earned by tbe South !
i.aurai-iiiiiM  Regiment abont  sunse*-. '
Wi' took abont sixty prisoners nnd sent- j
imed the enemy in nil directions, j
There seems to be still n considerable
';  ,iy i,|   than]   left on Hiul   uuilei  Hub \
waiiii  Mnuiitain.   Our   losses, 1  hope
are nol large. Tbey oertalnly are much
less than they wonld  bave  been, wore
it not   (nr   the   iidniiriibln manner  in
which iin artillery was served, espeo-
iiilly tbe khuii manned by tbo Royal
Naval foroe and the Nutai Naval vol-
He Is Now Near Ladysmith
and the War Office May
Have News.
London, Keb. .8.���Riohard Harding
Davis sends the following diapatob to
the Daily Mail from Platen describing
the desperate light nt Railway Hill.
It ie dated February 34: "Last even-
ni(t the Inniskilling Fuillesrs, mixed
with seine of the Uubliii h'usileers
mul the Connangbt Bangers, attempted to carry Railway Hill fiom Fiot-
era They were under it continuous
liie through which they passed up tbe
heavily broken ground lo Ibe lirst, Boer
tritirh. Half way up the hill tbe
Boers retreated to the rrest and then
oame bsok nn either flank of tbe Irish
troops enfilading tbn captured trenoh
with a savage eross as well ns direct
lite. All nigbl und unlil ll o'clock ill
the mom'ng our men held the pcsitinn
iiiiib-r n ei useless lire anil at a terrible
eoht.   At roll call only live ollicers and
one  In,i,nnil     men   answered     their
names. Colonel Thaokeray and Major
Binders, of lhe InniskillingH, Col.
Bltwell, of the Dublin Fusileers, Cnpt.
Maitland, of Ibe Second Gordons, and
Colonel Thurnld, of the Welsh Fusi-
leers, were killed. One hundred and
litt.-tv.ii of the rank anil (Iln were
killed or wounded. General Lyttleton's
Brigade relieved tbe men nt Hi o'clock,
when the Boer artillery pounded the
troops holding the centre kopje without nan-,, hut With littlo effeot-."
i nv
Londnu, March I,���A dlepach to The j whioh oanscd Ihem to ret ii
Morning Post from Paardeberg, snys: until tbo engineers bad dn
" The Canadian! were only prevented I waB splendid, The greatest admira-
from earrying (ienernl Oronje's laager tion expressed for their gallant valor
with tbe point of tbe bayonet by im- and it is felt that a new era has been
perative orders to the contrary.   Their I opened to tho Empire,   now  unit tbe
gallantry   is   the  univorsi.1   '.home   of | Canadians have sponged Mnjuba."
Lnndou, March 1.���A dispatch to1 London, Mnicli 1. ���According to a
The Times from Paardeberg dated Panrilebnrg special, tlio Canadians
Tuesday says:   "The   performance  of  were lighting in   Hoer   trenches   when
(.'nnadians  under a  withering   fire, Cronje surrendered,
" ���V|,r'1" He Is the Man We Now Have
as Premier of This
No fewer than five different kinds of
exploding or expanding bullets have
been found.    Ho also asserts   tbat   the
Boers ure employing armed Kaffirs and
adds:   "I   have    died  always   to  be
It is suggested that a celebration of the
, Maroh 1.���(4:16 n. m.) ���
Ueneral Buller's distinct success iu
Storming Pieter'S Hill brings the rescue   of   Lailysinitb   near   but the War , ���_--������ _,    ,
Offloe intimated last   evening   tbat an  adds!   "I   have    Hied  always   to  be     "-���oo i j__m_n_i_iii. u. _._���__..  ._.__..	
immediate    annonnoement  of   relief 'air toward tiie Boers, bnt after max*-relief of Ladyswitli be  held in Nelson torfa. becoming   Provinoial  Beoretary
need   not    be    expected.    ThB going!   Ing every   allowance, it  must  bo said "���                                           nnd at present  Chief Commissioner of
to   and   front   midnight, of   officials : tbey show when  iu  stiengtb,   a  very tonight.   The Kootenay KiHes, the .ulva-, Lllll(ls uurt   Works, and   Smith-Curtis
nntXThTb^8���!.^.*   iW; H*****80*0���1'"^^ Army Band,  and   fireworks would ! "f K���^\ [Martin ","'" >����� JR*
Hnt DOW!   Has Oeen   recclveil,    It   tins                                J                                                     net), receiving the portfolio  of   Mines
were tbe case Lord   Lunsdowne   obvi  ]    Loudon,   March   I.���A   riismitch   to assist   enthusiastic  citizens  iu   properly  and tit present; that of Finance   Minis-
niisly oeslred to   sloep on it before tuk-, The   Duilv Mail from   Bidets'station, .                            .                                tor.    The policy upon   which   the new
mg tlm public  into  bis confidence, as dated Bnnday, Feb. St, and describing marking suoh nu auspicious event in the Qovernroent will  go at once  to tin
. ���,,i   i-i���l,.,,..,_ I ,u��� �����.,   Auoh'   rni                                        " '                                                                                    n
bis nu'ssuge reveals. General Buller's
Hocccsstnl attack came afier the bar,I
lighting of Friday und it was improvised nud its execution began during
the niniistico of Sunday. In proposing thu nrniistice tbe British commander   stipuluicd   tbut    both    sides
the five   days'   continuous fighting, Of 10    ��i   ... ���        nr
which the  attack npon Hallway  Hill | *=outU African War-
by tbe Koyul Inniskilling Fusi leers was]
one of supreme   moment, snys:   "The
Inniskillings joined the   column   with   _roiip then dismounted and Lord  Kol
twenty fonr officers.   They have five I erte ��tepped forward end shook bands
meu   left.    That    tells  thn   tale.    No "* '���*<����-
with   the    Boer    commander.   "Von
mat    ouin    biubb | mui   "**-'���    *���������������    -���      ',__   nn made a gallant  deft nee, sir!" was tin
!hO-ld"be   fVee   to  move, but   neither   map, no penned   nceount   can g ve   a . salutlltion 0f Lord Koberts, to tin
s ou d do any shooting.  He was there-   idea of  tbe difficulties  of   tbo      Will ljslu,ri ,ioi.,. ,,,.���,���.
fore Within bin piivilcges in   Immedi-   and ridges which succeeded each ot hit 1 	
Lte.1 b-Minning  to transfer bis troops, i |ike waves in   a heavy sea   one giving
Ueneral     Buller's    tidings      come   way only for another. iMttmp ha en*
.='.,:. _k�� Sfl^^-_^_A!S;_S.*^^,S3S"
Victoria, Feb. 98.���This  afternoon's
session of tlie Legislature  was   us   re
a ii Lai,I   in Severn] ways as anv   thnt,
St.  Petersburg, Peb.  '.'s.-Tho news-   has gone before it in this jiiipiirnlleled
nent'il   press   in
Crnnje'H    defeat.
Berlin, Peb. HH.���Genernl Cronje'l
tnrrender continues to interest tbe
German press. Nearly all of the pa-
peri ti day admit the Importance  of
the event.    The official Nord Deutsche
Allegemeln  Zeitnng,   discussing   tne
iltuatlon, says:  "ft! importance lies
less in  the  number of   ciiptured   men
thun in the  revivifying  ot   initiative
among the British geuetals. The
biggest military injury which it hss
none, in sn fai as tho Boers are con-
cerned, la that hereafter, nnd overy-
w here In the sent of the wnr the Brit-
j��U will dictate the law to the Boers
11 Is Impossible to estimate now the
"'-I ' of depression among tbe Boers
onl undoubtedly the impression is in -
"n-i1. Reports do not tell wbeihe- the
i losses previous to the surrender
were large. If tbey were even tbe total
lninry  is  ^till greater."
ii'i     Willi   ll 1H   UJUU   lint U*     -*_-��n_.i..        ni,1.1' n   i.��-'   -.��_-.-  - - 	
ties.    H,e    _____   in low  attempts lo   pnssil.le oven for the keenest   scouting
sTssHr"" **B,"","'" i L*____**.--W5S
Hsj: w,s:_A iss: s r�� -���TT5.*a\_
w"*_,��?_..^ij,?eas^a s.i'sStt.r'iAiA.* h ��. ����,��._ ri., ,.
piusumiibly that of  Lord Wolsley, i in ii; to "*"'*���"' ' ** ' >     ,       nniforms  heen   extravagant   rejoicing   In   Cape
Ueneral White's force is  al.nos   nt   its , ,���,luy.    for   18   bqnw  tne    '�� ,,|"1)v ,,  ,1 Natal   nt the surrender  of
Ot which is yet   BXhaneted. "��������"��"  0�� ��>e e'��,"'-V'  I'lngs hnvo been every wberc displayed.
of tbe poisonous waters ol Klip   "'y1-1 'I'he wnrshiti anil   mercbanl'iien   have
uml the evil effect of the  bent  on   the I    London.   Feb. _-.-(8 P-   m.l-The   Um warsiup am
terrain.   The water of the river is uot |
i to  know   what   fortunes   no   d.jtuuu. , i.ru.ijo n    ,.v.,���..    ^...j   ...rr. ..
Tbe military problem ohangei as the | the bait help for the Boen wonld be to rtoni were not realized in tbe matter
- - -_u ���j.  ~��_��i.i�� i cmi,0 B dirwsion   uaniuBt Great Brit-  ,,f prorogation,   a   message  from   Hii
uin hern. Honor   being received a   few   minutes
  before the assembly   biiui, announcing
,p ���There hns Postponement of this ceremony. The
Bones met, however, and heing unable lo proceed, divided their time between censuring ufrosh the net ions of
tbe Lieutenant-Governor mul indulging in light bantering aoross tbe floor.
The only definite, or important happening dmn,_ the afternoon  was the
; wm
available for  drinking   and to lunl   it! *,V" Y\"V 	
is impossible   on   account of the  ncnt-AlU]mt^\iVZ'    r      WLW
* - -    Tt is thick  with  pntiid ! ���?",!;��: -l"'���,��� *������, -(-'"!'-i" ��itb hii family
��� ���?.      _   left here yesterdny in chnrgo of   Major
General Pretyman and   under   the BS-
London, Peb. US.���In her dispatch lo
Lord Roberts, following tho smrender
A ' irnl Cronje,   the  Uneen  snid :
Accept for yourself and all under
.yniii command, my wannest oongratn-
"ll"11- nn this splendid nows."
'���'"l Roberta replied ai follows: "All
iiinl.r  my   command nre  grntefnl for
 ' Maji -iy s aioit gnu ions menage.
"Igrotolntlons from their yueen are
mi honor tbe soldiers dearly prlsie."
Ueneral Bnller has wind thanks to the
.in"i, lor her   telegram   of   "grncious
"���"pithy |,nr| encouragement.'
oity of fuel 	
animal mutter. Ten nuiilc of it has a
suspended fibie, something like beef
tea. It is oanied by sewage from Boer
Tlio Boers ns it now nppenrs, have
built a railway from Huriisinitb to
Kroomstad to facilitate tbe movement
of their troops between Natal and the
Free Stnte. Mafeking wns holding ou
F'eb. 16, At tlmt time tbo Boers were
showing   unuauul activity   end   firing
inflammable shells. Tub Boers who
hold positions south of Orange River
have weakened.
Office ims'recei^ tbi'  ___/._..__. | _Sm ��*��*��&   bunting and ttlnte.ISS^SS'^SSS  t_S
-     -   --     �����-._!hum Iimi,   fi.,,,1.    At   Durban,   N itnl.    IU* Miy disult ,iy   oon eiMitiom,   tlmt
be hud accepted the tusk ol  tunning a
Ministry and hoped to report   mange*,
in.'i,is with reference to his cabinet on itug
bave heen fired. At Durban. N Hal,
the Stars und Stripes have heen living
alongside Ihe I'liioli .lack over the
town hull.
London,  Maroh I.���Winston Church
ill, in   a dispatoh from Colenso   dated
Tuesday, says:   The Condition   nf   the
wounded   who   were  altemled   en the
hillsides Bnnday  was so painful that
General Buller sent u ll.ig of truce to
tbo enemy and it was. arrnugeil. that
throughout Sunday military movement! should eontinuo on both sides,
bin. that there should   bo   no shooting.
TbiH truce  terminated nt dark,   Th"
cort of the  Citv   Impeiiul  Volunteers
and Mounted   Infantry.    Later  in the
'[day the remaining   prisoners went   ill
' charge nf Ihe   Karl   of   Hi roll and escorted by the Gloucester! and   a   hundred   Imperial   Volunteers.    The   wo
men   aud   children   arn being sent   to
their homes.    I understand   Hint great
dissatisfaction was felt by the Boers nt
Cronje's refusal to  accent my offer  of
safe   conduct   to   the women and   the
children   nnd   medical    cam  for  the
i wounded, 170 of whom are now in our
hospital.    Very many ot them   urn   iu
a terrible   plight for want  of  care   nt
an   earlier    stage.      1    inspected     the
Boers' laager yesterdny  and was much
struck   by the  ingenuity   nnd  energy
witli which   the   position   wns   mnde
almost Impregnable to assault, "
Cape Town, Feb. _8.���The Governor
if  Cape   Colony, Sir   Alfred   Milner.
Deo. iii, "C" Oompany of tbe Royal
Canadians, nndei   Cnpt,   Barker,  the
two Maxim guns,    under   Capt.    Bull,
alio of lbe (.umitliaiis,  a section of tlm
Koyul   Horse   Artillery, "P" llnllery,
|-.'on of the Queensland Rifles uml abont
Juki of  tbn  Mounted   Infantry,   three
I ambulance   wagons   and  six   or eight
I transport wagons on which Ihe Canadian Infantry (100) and 10 of tbe Max
im section, were to be transported so
as to keep np wilb the flying column,
but owing to the   very heuvy sniid   we
bud to maroh through, they bad  prao-
tloally tn walk the whole   way.    Ool
unci   Pilcher   wns in cominuud of the
oolnmn leaving nt  -.'  p, in,   The  first
four miles Of Ibe road   wus goml.    Af-
'ci tbut the ruuils beoame  very   heavy
wilb   Mind   and   our   camp   wns   not
reached till dusk, Cook's   farm   being
where we bivouacked.   The  neighboring   kopjes   were picketed, horses and
mules   watered   in   a  large  dam and.
after a sorntoh meal of hard   tack  and
bully  beef   we   turned   in, a blanket,
nnd overcoat to each mini,aud a waterproof sheet   betwi'Hl two.    The nights
are generally   very cold and this night
wus no exception.   As we bnd marched
over:;-.'  miles throngh  heavy gains,
nnd ii long day ill   front   of ne, uo one
wus   iii n nnioil to see tho   old century
mn an,! the new in. Ihe  sentries alone
enjoyed   thai   distinction,   Tbo  rou��o
sounded nt  I  n. m    a- f__ i.t if .;..
,:y     liicl.   il.uk   ii nl no   lights   and
ovor I-''" in; i- ami mules to water uud
feed made it   no easy matter.    A hurried  breakfast  af hard tack  and ',.*a
and we moved oil' in the early dawn.
Tho Qneenelanders were out in skirmishing order in the advance. The
Royal Horse Artillery, followed by
"C" Company of the Royal Cnnad
inns and the two Maxims, the ambulance transport and infantry bringing
np the rear. To surprise the Boors in
their laager Bt Snnnyside we had to
make a detour of about 10
miles across the veldt in and out
aiming the kopjes und over very rough
and heavy ground. The Royal Cnn-
ndiana heing on foot hud their work
cut out to keep up with the mounted
men, but did their part well. Halting
nbonl in o'clock, the Queonslandere,
the Horse Artillery nnd "C" Company
mul Maxims ei Canadian! moved forward, leaving a small guard with the
transport wagons and ambulance wagon!. Arriving nt the crest of a low
range of kopjes the laager and white
tents of tho Boers could be seen at the
huBe of il range of kopjes ubont a mile
on our left. Tho country being undulating and bushy, facilitated our ad
vnuee which was now at tha douhle.
The laager being at the north end of
the kopjes, when within 1,800 yards,
tin* Royal Horse got action front and
almost immediately they had dropped
n shrapnel shell over   the   tents,    that
in ing the first warning the Boers bad.
As we got the order to advance ("C"
Compnny mul Maxims) the Boers
could be plainly seen scrambling np
thn kopje, The Qoeenslauders were
out on the left Hank nnd the Mounted
infantry on the right flunk. Advancing at the douhle to gam tbe cover of
n rise iu the veldt with numerous
boulders strewn over it, the first bul-.
lets begun to nrrive from tbo Boers on
the kopje Tbe dust flying up ou all
sides seemed lo put now life into our
men who having gained the sheltei of
the ridge in question were not slow iu
sending several well directed volleys
amongst the enemy who from time to
time enold be seen dodging from one
Stone to another. Onr Muxims were
doing good work unit hud the advau
   luge of  excellent   cover among  the
Thursday.    For the rest of sitting pro-' houlders which served   them   in   good
oeedlngi were of free mid eaay cimr I stead, the bnlleti from tbeenemy itrlk-
Lieiiteiitinl-Govei nor Cntrusls
Him With Task of Forming a Government,
(SPECIAL!   io   I'm   MINBR.l
Victoria. B. C, Feb, 88.���Late tonight Premier Martin announced his
Cabinet so far as completed, he himself directing the Attorney-General's
Department; J. Stewart Sates, of Vn
-    *r> !.._;..i    ��,, ,,���,.
people contains  as its  chief plank th
public,    ownership  and  operation   of
railways,while it also provides for cancellation of the   Alien   Kxclusion   law
and retention   of   the principal of   tbe
Bight-Hour law.
conii-   parliam-nliiryB   week
,.  No_|  business
bewailing    Genernl   w,,s   transacted.    None could In with-
They   snggest   thai   mlt "   Government   and  yot   expectn
aoter.    ;
It is geiierullv agreed that if  Martin
of   Cape   Colony,  Mr   Allien    in,mer,       .v ������ ..--
has further postponed tbe Oape I'arlia-   succeeds in getting nil   administration
Dient to April 8,    He  bns also issued a  together, it will be  an   ull   Grit   COD*
proclamation annonalng thai the mill* ecru and the uppeal Jto the country,
inry authorities are authorized to im- that is promised Immediately, will he
press wagons, horses, oxen, provisions I on part] iin-s.   smith turns, of Ross-
and othei necessities In southern Col-llsna, iiiiii T. P. Huff, of Victoria,
ies, tbn articles thus tnken to bo paid | have heen asked to join tbe new part?,
for at a lair value. This is taken to I but Dull', nt leust, ha*< declined,
nieun thnt Cou'iicl Blinitner'"   column ] while   Cuitis'    reply is   uol     known.
advancing to the relief of  Mnteklng Martin was not the first ool led on by
_ ������,,... , j|((l Lieutenmil-t .iiveniiir. tin-    amnions
in ih.  Prairie politician   only   coming
after -i   0.   Brown  bnd  declined  the
Since the dismissal of  tbe  Government, only two resolntiom  bavi
Paardeberg, Tuesday, F'eb. _7,-Mu-
job- 8 a. in-Cronje's face wns absolutely lm
will he enabled to seise supplies
London,   March  I.���The Dally Mail
says:   The   reopening or  Robinson's
Hank ill Pretoria is due In thn good
olfiCOS of MV. Hay, United States Secretary, Mr.Chimin, nnd liny,the American Consul nt the Trausvaaal capital,
When    Kruger   closed    the     hank   I
tried to commander the   llriii~i,  it
ing nil round.    Captain   Bell   kept  ns
..veil Informed with the movement! of
the enemy, being more engrossed in
Watching them through bis glass Uinn
to obtain covci for himself. 1'rivute
Harrison, of Victoria, wbo Works No.
; Maxim, nnd myself were therefore
the lirst of tlm British Columbia contingent tube In action aud 1 think it
; wus the best way to spend tho New
, V, ,ir. Private Lee, though on the Maxim lection, wns left ou duty at Bel
n.nni. while yonr other representative
oi NellOD, Corporal Dickson, was left
kicking his heels in camp at Belmont
with "A" Company, much lo his chagrin. Meanwhile the (.Queensland.rs
nni ing disrni nnted on the left Hank,be-
Boers then resumed a furious  musket  Ins inn ''�� ���'.,���,' .    Lord Bob*
Are on the British. The attaok wai *^d ��^���ndedby bis stall wh.,,
repulsed. Fighting continuesi vigor. gttJJ" pjetyman, addressing the
, ously. We shall see who can Hand Genu"��*JMj ,,,,. '���Conimaudaiil
Leniicn, ^b _8-(8i08 n m 1-Rn.ketlng*' belt, the Britiih or the Field> Manhaii sn. coimiian(lll���t
^Rnb.rt.tbl$* "RensbPur���wnH Boers Mr. OhWObiU mI OP to ��g ^Xl bis hat in salute and Lon
�������� ed yesterday by   General8 Ole-   ^g^^&jHK Roberts saluted IO return.    The whole
missive, exhibiting nn sign of  |lu(i ������ r,..���.nl   to   comply   threatened
..���iv at consideration hv  the  leaderlest gsn storming tbn  kopjes Bt the point
House, iiii" heing carried by the   v.,ies oi   the   bayonet,    sending   the   enemy
na of Semlin's old support, augmented by back from ridge to ridge.   "O" Com-
,.(T Irving, Helmckeu nnd linker,   a-  foi- puny with ('apt. Barker were now  or-
Helmckeu and Baiter,  as im-  puuj nm, mM
"Thai this ll.iuse, JJheing fully dered to advance on tbe kopje, attack-
i tlie L'i'..at   Ion,   in.tinvi'iiicnec  iuj* from the  southwest   corner, while
������--I       -,.l..������,.���,l
i'licln With expulsion      Mr.    Hay   Mnti"""'' t0 the 8re*V   !      '    "" o��v. inenc-, ,,,��� ���...... .������   n
-  ���         -jf ,||f| Bank  end expense to tbe OOOUtn   any   inter    ( npl. Hell and the   Maxims   advanced
ruptiou ul the business of  this  House across tbo Hut  to witnin 800 yard! of
nt   tbe   prcBuMtJimc. begl   to express   the lunger to prevent tbe enemy   from
its  regret   thnt Hi.- Honor  bus  K.cn escaping in that direction.   The Royal
lit   to   dismiss    his    advisers   ns   in   Morse all   this time hud not been   idle
the protest of the manager of
to Lord Salisbury through   Mr   Clionte
with the rose It thnt  President Kruger
liberated the  bunk stuff  nnd   restored
tbe I'oiiiiiian.h ,��� .I gold.
Continued on Fourth Peg*,
C'oiiUnu-il on Kourih Pig*.
C'onliuusd on Kourih Page.
I \
IN olson Daily Minor
Cublllbod HKlly ox.miil Muwlay.
I n Miifin I'liiN'ii.ii it i'i'hi.imiiin.iOo
i>   1    lii.A TON, I...I anil Managor,
The ipeotaole presented  at   Vict,,iin
Is not 11 healthy one,    11 inu-,1 have mi
ivIii'llli'lV .1.'III.,lllll-ill|: I'lllal.   A GOV'
i.i'iiiiiiint is defeated", nud tbe Preminr
_o,'s I., Ilm I,Unit..|innt(l,,-,-(,nn,r with
the story that be bai patolied up ��
truoe wiih sufiioieut members  of  the
Opposition to Rive hi good working
majority. The Governor Is suspected
of having hii own designs as a Oabi
nm milker, refuses to listen lo tho re-
habilitated Premier, and dismisses
1,nn This leaves the Province for
the time being wlthonl n Uoverurueui
M.aiiwhii igtlntions,    liitriguos,
nml oouspirnoiea are in ictiv.- progress,
Mr, Mnrtin, who lui- no following,
and Mr. Dnnsmulr, who hini never
l���.,ii regarded as a leader, are eloseted
with the Uovernoi, supposed to be
advising with  hini  as  lo a new Gov.
.1111111.nt.    The Governor's mui.n  ni.
ber ol Parliament at Ottawa, hastens
to the -"'ni' tn take pari In th,' intrigues. Governmenl by party i- thrown
to tlm winds, and Governmenl by na-
imi is to l", installed In us plaoe. It
is purely a personal scramble for
office, with principle relegated to tbe
Tbe whole spectacle Is disgraofeful,
nnd gives the uncomfortable Impression thai tbe Province is in the Imn.is
of political pirates, Tbe outcome is
not unlikely to be startling, ll Is more
than suspeoted Hint tbe relations between the Governor nml Mr. Mnrtin
bave been of a friendly and confidential oliarnotet ever Binoe the last gen-
oral eleotion, The Governor's son nnd
Mr. Martin wero hunting In couples
Inst summer, when it was given out
that the ferinei was about to resign his
sent at Ottawa. The son has hastened
to Victoria, and Mr. Martin hns been
holding pourparlers with tbe Governor, in the midst of a Ministerial
crisis. A blunt, bonesl member of the
Legislature, Oapt. Irving, does not
hesitate to suggest that the Governor
Ib endeavoring to form a Oabinet, of
which his sou is tu be on., of the main
pillnrs. Mr. Martin, in that ..vein,
would he Premier, and he would oonnt
on Mr. Duiisninir s interest. A Min -
liii-lJniisiiiuir Administration! That
wmilil be nn nll-sui)ii'i,'ni explanation
,, Mr. j��i���. ,,i.'��� ily.:..; journey to the
/.apitni on 1 In- opening dny of tl"' session,
Wc sbnll kuow very soon, for a orisis
uf this kiud cannot be prolonged.
Bnl whatever the outcome, tlio events
of the paal few days must be tt sharp
lesson to the people of Hritish Columbia. Not until wo have responsible
government on straight party lines,
government responsible to party, will
the Province he saved froii the hands
of political pirates,
Mr. Mnrtin has. been culled ; it remains for tho people to say II ho  shall
i llOHtlll.
cquivaleul oi thousands of dollars
��,.,ii, ol pulp Is iiuuunll} ii 'ro. ed bj
lire. Win 11 Lieut,'.innt i lovernor Mo.
tunes is good enough togivi us an.,11,
ci Administration, tho members of it
would do mi 11 to give an oyi to thi
prott. tion of our pulpwood And In
ih, mm..unin,,, attention might be directed to the spIci,did opening offered
by HtiH Prov luce for the inanufin tore
of pulp.   _______________
Fonr days ago 1 It neral Bnller was
sai,i to he within two miles of being
in tonoh m Ith Ladysmith, but tbal
there wns hard ground to cover ia fore
he could oompletc the conneotion, We
iiiiiiii-h tins morning ihe Intelligence
that he lms oaptnred Pieter'B Hill.
supposed lo 1, ��� the most formidable ol
remaining obstnoles, Wo should hear
any time of bin being In Ladysmith.
Hnller's part In this drama has nol
heen one 1,1'   display,     Iln   has hnd lhe
hardest kind ol work and it required a
vaei .leal  ui   ,1 t.i make any show  ni
all.     When il is all ever, and   w��� linn
inn,, to reflool .villi deliberation on
the various phases of the oampaign,
the general verdict will be that Bai lei
maintained tbe best traditions  of  the
Hritish army.
B) Andrew  Lang
Mr. f.w i<   11 a.m i.in's M i.n 1 _-
1 ion:
1'iii   llarte
!       They nre made in your midst, of the (inesl Havana Tobacco,
,,-', Where yood Cig-nrs ore sold the) can be bought.
The Royal Sell and Kootenay Belle.
Union made.
ii (*"*     r-jj
Then, are two ci.ndit inns nndei
which n newspaper is liable to break
out Into whnt is knuwn as a circulation war, idiooy and desperation.
The must remarkable development of
tin, lever engendered is au inordinate
capacity for lying, And tho display
nn in bes the best illustration of the
degrees of lying, ns established some
vears ago by a clever English writer���
positive, lie; comparative, d���d lie;
superlative, statistics,
The management of Industrial Exhibitions hns become a regular business, some successful and others not,
At Torouto they hnve been falling
behind, and at tho reoent annual meeting there was a grand row. They do
heiter ai Winnipeg, Mr. Heubaob
manages to keep tho balance on the
right side, and from tho annual re*
port.jusl received, we observe that the
general affairs of the Exhibition are In
as good shape as tho finances.
I ,ouis Creswicke
The Bitter Vintage;
K. I louglas King
An Akuican The ".sure;
J, Mitel..ueii Cobban
Prospectino,   Lot ai im; and
V \l 1 im, M IM s;
Engineers' Examinations;
NewCa*] li HISM OI-  I III: Si I  \ M
M .xims and Instructions kor
1 hi: Bon kr Room;
The Mineral Industry*;
Life of Napoleon III.;
By Archibald Forbes
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.   fl
t^*��.��..��..��"��..^.��..��..��..��.'����'>'*^*'<'***��'***_*<*'^''*��''*''-��*'*0''<-"*��'1 ���''-'���' 1
____ _ .
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
Blolchwl and Hidlldio 8y8_ ������,-.
llnbiiiick nml WUoox. etc.
Paper Hanger,
We have just recei\ ed
a carload ol cho'*e
MIMIC 1MMII,      AIU till  I'lllLM.
Wlndermero Minos.   Con-op  ��� ocoo Sot'clU-d
flexible metallic tubing, ��� 1.   Glazier,   Pai_)ter,   Etc
��� >"' J. C.T. CROFTS, ..1....M.1,
BK&_rys.��r NELSON. B. C.
Or to Fergusson & Orofts, Vancouver
estiMaS^^NS-^^RTS, Office, Ward St. opp. Opera House
Chimney Sweeping.
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Bakrii* St., Nelson.
Tulophone 13.
..tt^i* .0��'0* ���&��� -00.0*-0"-00.0*0-���**��_���*'__*-fif-.**^"LiS*-iZ^i^-'SL'lS'-'SL-<^-0t-0B*-^!-'B'-'^ 0".
Iln tin* lllltlliil'ity of till' (ai'lltliniai,
himself, thn announcement is uiiidii
Hint Colonel llaker will retire from
politios nt tbe oloBe oi thn preseni Bes-
uinn. Tlm Miner will only remark
tbat fioin what ii was ai Viotoria the
Province is uol bo neb in pnblio nun
ol bigb oboruater and respectable iibil-
iti.'H lltnl i*. ,.,,n i.lVnid to toflQ in,ai 111..i
Colonel Baker.
These nre ��tiniu��� times. Between
Moildm River uml Victoria the attention of our readers mny hnve beiiu sp
distracted tlmt, they ilid not observe, oi
if observing did not mark, the intelli
genoe printed iu these columns a few
days ago, to the effect that the paper
makers of Eastern Canada hnd combined and advanced the price of nesvs
print twenty-five per cent. Anil if
���narked, it ii i[uite iioHsitiln tho full
signiflonnoe of it wan not realised. A
practical effeot to newspaper publishers is thnt tim prioe of their principal
raw material hns gone up with a
bound. Bnl as lon.; as the printed pa-
pet does not go np, the pnblio will nol
experience any deep concern over this
fact. The pnblio can stand n wonder
lui amount of hardship Hint is confined
strictly to the newspapers.
iiut it is not of the newspapers we
set out to speak. The paper-makers
sui they were obliged to udvnuce
prices, lor the reason Hint, their raw
material, pulp, hus gone up. Anil
pulp hus gone up,  because   there i.-i   an
unusual heavy demand on the Canadian supply by the mumifnilurerH in
Hie I'ni ted .States. PnlpWOOd in that
oountry is rapidly uearing exhaustion.
Kutt of the Mississippi, where the
consumption Ib greatest,there is said to
bo not more than live years' supply in
sight. There is thus a heavy domain)
for the Canadian article, of which the
supply '8 supposed to be limitless. It
is uol lim it loss by any means, but we
act as if we were endeavoring to persuade ourselves thnt it is. At tbe
present rate of consumption it will not
be many years before ne begin to see
the end of our own resources, Onr
own consumption Is nol grent, but
with the United States aud Groat
Britain drawing on na we shall soon
realise tbal there may   be  un end  to
pulp as well us to other things.    Pulp-
wood is a valuable resource even today, and u few yenrs hence il will !������
more valuable, Then, nre vasl quan-
ttios ol it in Hritish Columbia, and
there is reason to fear tlmt It is nol be
j ug husbanded as carefully os wisdom
WOOld suggest.     Wlmt    would   be the
Th.. appropriation   for immigration
this year is to I 6 $806,000. Will 11 Mr.
Daly was Minister of the Interior he
osteemed himself luoky if be got 1100,-
000, yet 11 wns un,i,r bis administration that the foundation ,'.���-.- laid for
Hie largo immigration i the ] asl thn s
.',ears nnd the entire en ,lit for which
lias bi en appropriated i j the pn sent
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
ki/ We are making our store look bright and attractive with spring-time beauty.    Our  WflStl Goods
\mt    Department le"s 'ls o*vn *a**--*    We take pride in inviting you to come and see the beauty of this stock.
Hi   Prints, Ginghams and Piques
New Prints in light and dark patterns, last colors, nl 8c, 10c,
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lL"..,e, 1.1c. 18c, 30c, 25c.
New Piques in fain y strip,   and spots, 16c, iSe, 20c, -'.*,.���
Ladies' Tailor-Made Costume Department
This season limls us in 11 posiliou to offl I- STERLING VALUES
iii nil hues of TAILOR-MADE SUITS ANI) SKIRTS in superb
styles of hiiest  designs. AT PRICES THAT TALK.   A look
through will be convincing.
.. vi Tniloi Mn le ' nits 111 H roes, Hoc ispun    ��� ���
' Cloths. Tweeds and whtpfeord
,.    ...'.,. ���        ,,-.     ....
New Tail -,-'-la,le   Kkll'tS  ill 8ergP8, Ol'Ppoil  . I     .viols. Solids.
Twee,   , Co'       , all colors mul designs, al 0 , ". ,.,i
���0.00, -V. I upwards
.'��� I
New Duck Shirts.   New Linen Crash Shirts.  New Wliite Pique Shirts.  New Spring Coats.  New Sprint? Capes,
Space will nol permit us to quote prices further, but a word to the wise is sufficient.
First-class qualities and iiiiii prices make our goods invincible.
Martin  O'Reilly &
Houston Block. Baker Street.
!':   :
P. S.���Special attention given to Mail Orders.
���.   _-....._. /
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
T. lepbone 118,     P.O. Boi ....    Bai
Mall Orders Promptly Attended To.
fining StOCkS j Remodeled
Bought and Sola. Ref U I'll !*_. lied
silver mi,, Miiiin, s.ock o, Heated byHotAir
Sump ter, Ore.   Call for Prospectus,
5000 Big Horn Treasury. Asnap
moo Xonnil.'A    600 Richelieu
3 Good Companies 3
Delivered to an any point on'     London & Lancashire Life Ass. Co.
Finest   Dining   Room
in the City.
: Ocean Accident & Guarantee Oornorutioii,
Pliosnix fire Iiisuranco Oo.
I hi e's a g-ood buy i
Referendum  Treasury Stock,    tSr.lil
on installments i'.u;.. ii._... per month.
House and  Lot in business portion of town, $3500.
Atlii'i'l,'-,',,,, ,.;- ir,-- rro.l   undo,   thi
il,,' ratfl .a  nl n ���-���-..,., por i,  .,     i
advortlMmenl lakon far le.  tli,,, it <
WANTKD     readier (Iatly)   for   Pilot
Ilnv Pnblio 8ohool,     *.pp]v to  John
Allan, Secretary, Pilot  Bay, B, C,
WANTED,���Por    tin,,,    pooplo,   Iwn
ronins with board In contra!  pan  of
town.    Witb bath  pn Corn I.    Arldri ���-
li, Miner Office,
WANTED, ���Boys   and girls to   strip
tobaooo.   Fifty oenta a day, uml nn
mnoh more aa tbey enn earn,    Kootenay Cigar Oompany,
��� ���
I WANTED   Famished _ .;abonl ���
��� four roomsi uot too far from Baker ���
��� aud  Water :.,; eets,    B     ���   with t
��� bath-room preferred.  A "B, v
��� Minor Office. ���
������������������������������������������������. ������������f****^��
11. A. PfiOSSER.
w.M.'li BT.
Cor Baiter a Rootenaj *-i-.
.������an i��' ret ted for Ooni erlB,   Lectures
Dan ies, Banquet   and every kind ,,l en*
terl alt 1,1.   Good ante-rooma, cloak
rooms. Kitchen and .lining room liu-
iiished,   For tennpply
Temperance Hotel.
The Family Resort of ihe       INSIDE FINISH.
Mill al PILOT BAY.
Van-is, NELSON and LABDO
Kootenay Lake.
I have .1 complete stock
on hand of j    .. , ,       , ,
Mine you seen the uev three dol-
PllllPU  A Vlti ''"' yearly Accident and Disease pi I-
HOUGH  AM) icy issued by  the  Ocean  Corpora-
DRESSED  LUMl.i<:' .   ti��n?     Includes $iSoo   travelling
v.HIVi'1 I.V '   ,'*'"lu-'-v   P��lic>'   and    weekly    pay-
aS. ments for illness caused by  St
Pox  and   twelve   other    comnn
Fraternity Hall   F. J. BRADLEY & CO.
Geuoral Agt.        Opp. Oddfellows' block.
Baker Hi., Nelson.
innnl ....     I     Hilll'l.'r^i.ill lhal  ,l  to  th.-lr ii.lv,iutii_o lo j
till, a, O. AK1111,11^ Oity, ! Bmiro with Bnuller ft Oo. on P ling,
Houses for sale and rent.
Nelsou Cleaning and Dyeing
8. 1). PIBEBB Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing1 cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired..
��ciir of < 1,,,-ii,. ll,,!,-!. ,V1IMIV
Promptly and neatly done.    Special
attention given to . hitdren's clothes,
I Third door book <>.  Odd FoUowi   BuMdlng,
Kootonay Btreel,
Nelson Employment Agencv
Iwelvi .. al nun. i-   \, iltn sb.  Diih*
wo   lor,
Ip of all ki       1        ,.��� 1
CO.NTI1AC1       l*AKI [o.VD    R \kI'K Sn
COM-'   llllll    . '  1K1 "     ' *' u'
J. H. LOVE, Afj't      E.i   .
wi,en, 3..11 c.m depend on Rotting tho bail       A i,,,.,,   .,.,, ;,,,,   n,,;,,-   i.,,,.;,,,
Dtudafnlha markel ���,���l anj quantlt) !,.������    ,,,.,��� ].   ,. K ���     ,       OMlnMI   in
 ,ap,  I'riia'-,������,���,���' 1,,,,n |���ii,,i,                  tin-1 ne. 1, nl   Pernio, B. O.,   will  soil
���poombm. T ,/ " ":^r"'"    ^''v'" ������'���������"-���   horse,
"���"   nnnn,   i n  , very,
Frank A. Tamblyn, M,m.,       |'Wiik 1h*Iohbuik i
..' mil   htablo,    Ann]     i
.  BL-ON     |6*J. iv
When the Men arc All
Goije   to War
Business Women
Will Be Needed
D    1  ,      .,- i '','i. go ,
TrulniiiB  School  for ynuug wonii
Tbe  Budnol -
i.'in mnl 'J ry it.
Board and Room. ,
Firsl   Class   Board   nnd   K
I      I's old stand, in real   I ng'Iish
Church.    Table   Board, ':.,
and Room, $5 and $5.50,
KffnyVATv/fi   Asnsv   irMriS \^Ot%y
N Ii LSO N DA I LY MIN E R, T H U R S D A Y,   MARCH  i, 1900
censured lot
1,1( K of interest In the
fveiian m His oon
conservative Meeting Passes a Resolu-
m to That Effect Last
,   mHotlna   of  the Nelson
Ihe annnn     ij|�� BA88O0,atiOn  Was
l.|,l|,,jl' ,    u 'nil   of Trade rooms lust
held nt tho Bmira
'*���_!''��� v,_,,k Fletoher'.Vint Vlce-Pres*
Mr. ' '  '   .\...,���',uti"ii, was   iu   the
'"    Al. M.   Brydgos  was seore*
,,���,, the minutes tbe  eleo*
TOiii  proceeded   with
      ,.1IT,., are: President, Fred
I ���""*.: 'viia-l'rcsioent, F.nnk
Irivinc i ' Vioa.President, .lohn
"'"'ll,,r.: , l-'li-ciis....'.', 8, M.
I0)'8I ' ' ,',���rll|ive Comnhttce-
���WJ**-. Alien, " Hlllot, W. A.
������''T  1,1     \ld    (.'.  Morrison,    J. H.
��^*U��Vh O. Neelands,
n M Oailey.   D.   MoAr.hur, A. Fn<
��� invi'ii   bv   W.    A-    Mnedoiinlil
,l,,r, lllvr| thnl in the opinion o
,1,1 mestini! theie should be uddiltonnl
eS, afforded to the silver-lend
, dustry of tin Province by the nn
I. ���i��� .,f increased dutf on lead pro-
,,.,,. imported into Canada. Also,
��� ���. |,���,���ii���-i in the Dominion
Parliament ba condemned for bis lack
;,, [ntereat i*i tins and other matter!
niiVriiii" Ills constituency."
M, Macdonald spoke at length on
the nhove resolution end snid that the
Boat��� of Trade had passed auoh a reeo.
lution nun stronglj urged the odvla*
nullity ol protecting tbe Interests ol
the l'riiviiii,..   He also   took   occasion
.,, ,.,,,,, n   idomn tbo policy "I tbe
ineinbei nml Iiii lack of interest end
lailure to promote the interests  of bis
h was then innv.d by .1. II. Bowes,
_UI| seconded by 0, Newling: "Tlmt
this meeting ol Conservatives desires
t,i|ik.',. mi iif'.i'ii its keen appreciation of the loyalty and patriotism die*
playei iv the Conservative Party un-
der tbe leadership of Hit Charles Tup-
in r with ui'in,, n to the wur in South
Africa." Mr. Bowes warmly urged
die ndoption uf this resolution uud it
was carrii ii �� ith applause,
A  tion was   introduced   by   O.
Newling iud a ided   by P. Lament,
-Hint whereas, nndei the British sys
timet Party Government, Canada and
other i ttioin oi the Empire ba.t
l���',.i,i . then fore, I e it resolved,
that in ii: ��� opinion of this meeting the
, rltlsh Colombia upon part. I - ��� cold be benettoinl to
ll Pri rit , en ate stability in oui
id mi.I to remove anj
rivalry hetween the Island nnd  Main*
Messrs. Newling, W, A, Maodonald,
,1. II.  I    ��� .     .11  Kill,,I    spoke in
lain a ami it was carried Qunn
II waa i a.-- ., by John Toye nud
seconded by (J. Newling: '"That this
meeting aiiv-s   of the   Citj
ol S,,- n :a, n si - its pleasure at tbe
in .guilicent mi eting held here
bj our distinguished leader Sir Charles
Tapper, Bart., and expresses Its entire
:. ' ;u liis leadership, ii also
��� ipn - ��� .,   i   that the m-xt Ren-
etui election  will  witness  the overthrow ol ihe  Luurior-Tarte   Administration, and thul the destinies oi Oan-
iiil.i will once  more   i e placed   in tbe
tho t in lervative Party.''
'll,, resolution railed   forth   a good
'lun ni ...       o     ami wns   carried with
theemlorseuitnl of the me.ting. A resit was nan   introduced by  J. li.
Annable and aei onded hy .lohn Toye
'" the effei i, "'inn this  meeting ii'
ceed to the seleatlnu of  10 delega*"
������'   II I -,   ''liv. nn,ill 'ii be held .'
or so in ..��� .. ��� central ���
n candidate  in the Oi
inteiesl to contest   the '
tricl ut Yule, Kootenay
'��� i at si   Dominion  ..;
tesolntion was carrii d
legates foi owe,1
were: Messrs, John
ilouald, Ji I,,,  Xo_
Ifreenian Ls.
"HiUt,  T, I,
rink and l ri
re  tht
with       i   ���
ulso a
holders bul to tbe future as well, it
Is not only tho fund from whioh divi.
fiends nrii paid, bnl il is the fund
which guards and protects the Interests of nil those who have dealings
with the society.
The Kiinitable Booh ty rank-, ai Iho
lending Life Insurance Souioty In the
,.<ii 1,1 nnd i i ospooially noti rl (ot In
prompt paymoiil of ileutb uliilms,whicb
nre paid Immediately upon rt t elpl ol
proofs of death.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
t'nplfnl ral.l..i|,.
Incorporated iHoo.
Wi.tisMio.ec i Heat,
���VWvvVWyWvVvVVW. .VWVVVWV*VVV*V*VV'W*-r-WVV\*-*/**��V*-'***-**V'***V���
i i
There were no cases iii the police
com i yesterday.
William Burns, school inspcct-ir for
the li. ('. Mainland is in town.
It. L.T. (liilliruitli, Indian Agent for
East Kootenay, from Fori Steele,
is nt the 1 liiini1.
Yesterdny the maximum temperature was MS degrees and the minimum
:;���-!.     H:iitil'iilI was ,:i inch.
The chorus of the opera "Pinafore"
hnd u successful rehearsal Inst night,
about ii,"' members weie present.
A new open cur for the Tramway
Company arrived yesterday nl the ().
1'. U. depot, and will be unloaded tomorrow.
The work on the cxiension ol the
main sewer outlet will commence todny. About six men will be employed
on lb" WOlk.
The ollices of P. Bums were moved
yesterday from their temporary quarters into the new Burns building. The
now ollices will bo must elnlionle ones
when completed.
The lnluiid Revenue collections for
Pebrnnry, 1900, were: Spit iis, i'i,-
(���,111.117: mult, (874.78! tobacco, *489-3'_!
raw leaf tobnooo, fllil.40; oignrs, 11)1)0.
rota), |_,.1(J.77.
The new beniing plant nt tlm General HoBpltal bus been completed uud
the building ia now heated by hot
iva'er, The plant was installed by tbe
Vancouver Hardware Co.
E. 3. Clayton, the smallpox patient
ut the isolation hospital,hns almost recovered, but will be detained for two
or three weeks yet, He has been out
of bed for two 01 tinea days.
Mr. Andrew Johnston, for the past
live years a prominent mining man of
Kaslo, was in Nelson yesterday. He
was on Ins return trip Iron, a visit to
bis old home at Olympic, Wash.
Beginning today   Mr.  .1.    H.    Howes
will be a member of tbe  law  Brm of
Davis and Ward, the new firm to be
mown as Davis, Howes and Ward,
with ollices iu ihe Madden block.
The local curlers can procure inform-
ition  at the Hudson's Hay  stoic  aud
lelson Hardware Oo.'s office us to the
condition   of   the  ice at the rink  nnd
the schedule ol games arranged tor.
A sixth interest In the Friday olaim
in   the  north   fork  "f Salmon  River \
.as tranfern i yeBterdav from Kdvmd j
Cole, of Phoenix, to M.   K.   Graham, I
il Bode, for a   nominal consideration. !
Sanitary   [napeotor  Thompson   and
rhntuas tjvmas, foreuiun of tbo Hi alth ,
irtment, will commence toda) the
work of having the  Chinese and Ital
iau  quarters cleaned, na was advised]
by Medical Hea tb l Ifflcoi LaBau in  a
letti i- to the Connoil.
The following telegram wai received
.aatordny ftom the Uovernor-General'8
Secretary, in leaponse to a congratula-
lorj mt Bsage nl alter tbe snrrender
ut Cronje: "T_onr telegram received.
i h. Governor-General la foi ward ing
your congratulations to Her Majesty."
Tbe Kootenay   Cigar Miinnl'actr
Co., yesterday broke its rjoord
day's  shipment.    Nineteen
Dinars were Bhippi ,1 to ���
main line, a territory
Nelson oigar  com'
iiiily    up, rati"1
shipment   nv
their I'ii"'
Wiiaiil (if lllieetiirsi   ThomasK. Konnoy, l'r,  111, lh, llltchle,  Vlco-l'msldonl.
Mlclmol Dwyor, Wlloy Smith   It. 0. liuuld, lion. H. ll.l'iill..   M.L.C.lloi   David Ma
ll.-ait Ollice, llanla.
0. net il   i      inL.Pcns,   Montr, il
Hupt'i-lnteniie r lloiii. lir , \V, II. Ton-    Ibillfux,
In po, Lor, \\ . t . Ilroi ,.. llnlll isc,
Boerotiiry, II. M. Sti ivurt, Montreal.
Nova Hciitlu -Hulltas Rranoh, AnUiionlsli, Bridgewntcr, (Jursboro. Londonderry.I.uiianbiirKi
Maltliiii.I illuuts Cu.,. l'i.-,,,,,,  r,���'i Uuwkesbury, Bydnui   tfliiiboniwiullu, Trui-o, Woyinouth,
N<*�� it.....~i,i. I,   lliithurst.  liorehoator, Frodorlol  Iii���j;.ii���, iK<a i Oo.l, Monoton, Now-
ou��Uo,8iiokvilla, Woodstock. I*. <:. i.1,...,) Chovlottutoivn, tuiuiiionlde, ni"-'....' Montreal
(City Oilli'i'i, Montrunl, Wo i Uml ,i or, Notro Daroo and Kuli m iirsHtrei ts); �� uKtmounl K.'or,
(iiii,,,i Avouuo nnd Ht, Cnlharlniw Blreot. Wnlurlu (ittawa, Ni-wl'iimiilliiiiil si. .lulm'..
('ulin, IVI'M InOles   Havaiin, I uilod *tnn-   Nov, Yuri. IHI hlxcliangs I'lacol lluiinb)le,\\ ash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
���a,nii.li.   MorohuuU Bank of Canada,   lloston���National Bhawnuil Hunk.   <!.i.a���..   Amerloa
National Bank,  sun fmnclaco���First National Bank,   l.iiniiuu, r.n_.   Hunk of Scot land.
I'nrIn, franco  Orodll Lyoimnls.  Ilermiidu-Bank of Uor da,   (lilua and Japan   Doug
lioiiB ami Bhniighal BankingOoriioratlon.
'-,.',n-i.il Hanking Business Transacted; Sterling; Hills of Exchange   BoukIiI
and Sold, Latter! of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   Interest allowed on epeoln
deposits and oil Saving Hank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Fot that house' you have erected:
Sideboards, Oheffoniers and  Dressing Tables.
Combination Bookcases and Desks and Ladies'
Toilet Tables.
Have just unloaded a carload of the finest and best
finished Furniture ever received in the Kootenays.
Baker and Ward Streets, Nelson, H. (.'.
Liilie Bros.' Shoe Store
*? _.>tir clerks are at your service
and will show you any Shoes
I you   may    wish    to   inspect,
i   Wc   invite   you   lo   visit   ns   and   yd   acquainted.
| Bring Your Repairing.
�� s
Turner Beeton & Co.
____________N ELSON���i
Baker Street, Nelson. ���
��� iGeortre F, Motion's Old Stund.) ���
���  _ _.  _    ���
Taylor |
Phone _0.
.���������������������������.������<������������ ������4*-. ���.������������������4- ���������������.*������������.������������������������������������.
' -_������������������������-���*'
I list arrived from Milwaukee.
"Tin.   ni'V.s   tlml     Ci"" ft   in,'I   liis
troopH had nl   lnnl surrendered t�� '
Koberts  wns  reoeived   in   Nel'
'wn���!,     I !     llllll     I"     -I i-In ''
iiiornliig. '   ild The Trl'
liny. The statement
as  it   relates   '
The Ti'ilMin.
ivi-r, '
A ,    .   ,
i ,il ,
���   '
1 \
Continued Prom I li I Page.
London, Feb. as.���Tho rapidly kiow-
in�� casualty lists an) being classified as
.|uii*kly as possible.    Thev   show   that
up to this morning the total number ot
casualties was H!._!M of which 8,8111
woe added dnring tin. fortnight. Ten
of eleven Hcnteli regiments last about
J.JOO men nml eight of the Irish re^i-
incuts _,000.    Then   come the (..louc-os-
tt'i-s  nml Northumberland!  while of
nearly 800 colonials, the Koynl Humid
inns lost INI, mul Victoria Mounted
contingent, 88. 'Insanities are classed thus, killed 1,998, woniuled 8,888,
missing 8.170, disease, 8110.
Kimberley, Tuesday, Feb. 87,���Ool,
I'ei.rinnn. with a monnted foroe and
Maxim.proceeded to Harklcy where he
was     welcomed   warmly.    He   left   n
strong  guard  there uml prooeeded  io
Longland'l Windsoiton uml Klip Dam.
There were  ruinois   of   Hoers   in   the
neighborhood, hut   no demonstrations
The     Diamond      Fields- Advertiser
draws  pointed  attention   to  the fact
that although Kimberley was relieved
about two weeks ago there has been no
amelioration iu regard to the food supply. It is still Impossible, us it wns
during the Investment, to piooure a
tin of condensed mi Ik.or ooooa without
medical certificate
7 Belfast,   Feb.   88.���A   rumor    that
-uilyHinith has   been   relicviid   led   to
street demonstrations in Belfast today
whioh brought on conflicts between
the Orangemen and Nationalists.
There wns considerable stone throwing
and many persona   were   injured   mid
property damaged,
< imiii il from Firm I'mn:
.   .1,11!,.,, .1  lli.la   I 1,-1   I',,.;,'
und were   placing   llicii   shells   with
great   nccuraoy.    On    the   right flunk
Onpt.   Ryan     with   the Mount nil   In
lillitiy   did good work, but   owing   to
the heavy hush,   a   considerable iiiiiii
her of the    Hoors   mminged   to   escape
mounting  their banes  barebaok, dis
pensltlg with bridles, u ruin round lhe
neck (rawhide) sutllcing for the Int
ter. While advancing acioss thu flat
and crossing u dongu or nullah, one
of the Maxlrns limhoiH turned com
pletely over pinning the mule down
and snapping onn of the shafts across,
lmt 111 a few minutes with the aid of
two or three rawhide straps, tho shaft
was spliced and the limber was able to
proceed. Hy It p. m. tho white Hug
was up and our success was complete.
Sixteen Hoers were killed and wounded and on onr side three killed and
live wounded, ull nmongst the Queens-
landers, u  seotion of whom were flred
on in the brush ut close range.
Letter From Passengers  and Crew   of
Steamer Moyie.
Not only the passengers, hut those of
the ornw aboard tho Moyie, aro anxiously awaiting tomorrow night. Then
they will receive certificates from
Health Otllcei Lillian which will per
mit Ihem to wander where thoy will.
They will be released from their two
weeks imprisonment at about midnight Friday.and the majority of them
will probably leave the boat just as
quickly as they receive their release
pnpors. That the crew and passengers
are thankful to The Miner for its
,11'oits iu tneir behalf, the following
letter   received   "last   night   testifies:
Steamer Moyie, Feb. 88, ItHJO.
Editor Miner:
Sir���Before separating alter our enforced sequestration we are desirious
of expressing our thanks to vou tor the
No Drugs
To men suffering from the effects
of youthful indiscretion or later
excesses, having Lnine, W'cnk Hack,
Varicocele, Weakness, Nervous Debility, etc., those who are tired of
useless noil harmful drugging, who
have been Injured ami swindled by
quacks anil humbugs with their
trial and Free medicine deceptions,
and who would oare fo, nn In bi,
intelligent Opinion, linsed on thirty
years' experience, 1 offer my services free of charge. I use no drugs.
I give you a remedy ns simple as it,
is effective, I employ Nature's
strengthened   I give you
nnd I give il, in the proper manner.
I administer it scientifically. The
only way to reach proper reBiilfs is
to apply the ourrent in a considerable volume for seven or eight hour8
out  of  the twenty.four.   That is
what you gel when you wear one of
my famous appliances, the Dr. Ssn-
ilen Electric licit, with attachment
for men, now known nnd used in
every part, of Ihe world.
Apply it Yourself
You adjust the Belt to your body
nt night, when retiring, anil take il,
off next morning, There is n pleasant sensation when you heve just
enough current., and this may he
obtained hy using the little iTgnln
loi* sci-cv, whioh ynu  tuauipulnte
while th.. i cli is on, in..sin..' current
si rung or mil.I al, pleasure. If there
is any weakness iu hack, benefits
are often felt there from lirsl. hour's
use.    It takes sixty to ninety days
to return lost, st rength. < jver 0,000
cures dui'ing 181)8.
Free Consultation
Free Book
Drop in at my ollice mid consult
me lice of charge, or write for free
book, ''Three Classes of Men,"
which explains all Sunt in plain,
sealed envelope,
DR. M* SANDEN, 474 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba*
Office Hours, I) a.m. to (I p.m.
Wholesale Houses,
NbLSON, li. C.
THORPE & CO., I.:miii.e.   ,,���,���,. Vi���
nun uml i .'iii.r Streets, Nelson, inanu.
faoturom of anil wholesale dealers l��� a,','
watora and trull syrups,  Bolengenta .,,.    .
oyon Springs mineral water, Tallin
viu'lut-y of soft, drinks, P, n Bon B8 tv.i��
phone No. 81. Hoover Btroel Nolson iin:,],,'
ui the lonimiis hi. Looa Hot Springs Mineral
"!��/_.     ll __.,#-__     ____
!-_ _.A
HJ. tVANS fi
m   son, whole.nl,
cement, hm teick nml UroQ
stool mils mul genurul oomi
Bailor Si root, Nel
S��lnllquc ��� nlgu._
lay, water pipe mul
Qtasion tnorouauu,
Limitbu. - i.'n.iit, BS'eot, NsBon, wKSo
solo dealers in Hour, mi'iils, oto., uml |,...
und grain, Mills ul lMiiionton, Virion,, ,,,,
New Westnilnster, BUovators on Culirart ^
nil,,,, Hullwnv.
I ���!,,,
A MACDONALD & CO. im.,,. '...
. nim iiinl Jiispphlno Streets, wholosalo
groaers and Jobbers In blankets, idoies, niltpi
tiools,  rubbers, inuekitinws uml minors' sun!
P BURNS 4 OO-Huker Street,  N.-l.-,,,,,
���   wholosalo dealers In .rush uml cumi
ItlOlltS.     I-'Olll HtOI'llKO.
Baker -treat. Nelson.  VVfiffeSiTo _!"
ers in fro-h uml onred meats,
Li.Miria>   linker SLroot, Nelson,   wno'o,
saledehlora in hardware nml mining Buppllo
i'ln,,,ii,t . .,,,,, tinsmith's supplies,
snlo paints unit uHh.
TURNER,   BEETON   &  OO.   Ooraei
Vt-riion  nml Josephine Stroets,   N. ' on
wholesale dealoro In liquors ..Ikiu's u,
goods.   AgentsforPabst Browing Co. .a Mil
waukee and Calgary Brewing Oo. of Calgary,
UUDSON'S BAY CO.   Wholes*


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