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HiKlllllIllllllllllr     ''llilil
S REVELSTOKE      ~'\.. <*|
g Railway    Junction and   DL     ^ a
1«1 ional  Point.   Headquarters tor   ,
|aj Columbia    River     Navigation,   'L«j
g Hub oi   Timber    Belt, Mineral   S
|«| Zone,  Agricultural    Lands and   H
H Vast Water Powers oi B. C.        H
11 s
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's .Alps.'
The Mail-Herald
usiiniiiii iiiiii as a
a a
[g           THE MAIL-HERALD g
1 Circulates  twice per  week am- 1
1 ong  the  prosperous citizens  of 1
H Canada's     Premier     Province. 1
1 The      recognised     advertising 1
1 medium for Kootenay and In- 1
1 terior British Columbia. g
g B
Vol. 19   No 38
KEVELSTOKE, B.-C. MAY 14, 1913
$2.50 Per Year
To-morrow, Revelstoke's Picked C. P. R. Team
will Contest Young Okanagan City Team.—
Opening Interior League Match.— Big Game
at Revelstoke May 24th.-Get Outand Root
for Your Home Team.
Tomorrow     the    Revelstoke C.P.R.  aghast.   What must that aggregation
baseball team leaves for Kclowna for  be- or w1mU haB Franlt *oa» l0 »cur
., ,    r,   ..   i   t their displeasure
thc opening game m  the B. 0. 1. Lea-        .*..,,.
Geo. Weill) will l>c ou the mound for
gue.   Although  the  players are     not   (he cp R   K>am tWB year   His ti,am
lounded  into  shape yet,  tho game  in nmu,s (,,„[ smo  that George will     de -
ithe  Peach  City looks like a win    for liver the goods and George has con-
Revelstoke. tidence in the boys behind him.     You
The  boys will be out for linal prac- will know lvim by the Golden Smile he
tiee this afternoon, and although    we always  wears.   George  pitched Ender-
have no sure line on ihem, it looks as by 10 the top of the Okanagan league
if they     will    till  in as follows'.—Herb last year.
Pulley  the hard  hitting backstop  will 'llie  Urst  league  game  to be  played
be behind ihe bat to receive the otler- in  Hevelstoke will  take place ou May
ings ot" our long friend Slim,       whose 2 Itli  between   Vernon  and  Revelstoke.
pitch.ng ability nio^t every Kevelstoke The  home league  ollieials are  to      be
Married Men vs. Single.—
Score Favors Benedicts by
53 Runs.
A good game was played last Sttt-
urday afternoon at the grounds between a cricket team ot single and
married meu. The resull was highly
favorable to the benediccs ihey securing   lul)  to  47  runs.
The following is the individual store
Batsman Runs
J, Faggo, b.  Wallace   8
El. A.  Uoyle, run out   3
J. D.  Sibbald, jr.. b.  Wallace   0
E. Young, b.  Wallace   0
E.  C.  Harry,  b.  Maley   12
Hardman.  b.  Wallace  .IU
Maley,  b.  Maley  	
Kay, b. Wallace 	
Lit.le, b.  Wallace 	
Anderson, b.  Wallace 	
Monu. not out 	
Leg Byes 	
as this meeting was primarily called t0
hear from Auditor Stein, he would
like that ollicial io appear before the
council. City Clerk Gordon then called ia Mr. Stein.
Mayor Kilpatrick—Oan you give   us
fan knows.
Goosie Bruce hist year's cat'-her will
bo covering the initial suck, and Philips, the cne best bet of the year will
■be covering sJeond, and being .aptaiu
complimented o.i geiting this date,
..n.l n good crowd is expected in from
outs';de point-. As lhe l'rince ot Tonight is being put on at the Kmpress
theatre  that ni,ln,    with a compauy
will be telephoning the orders io   the  oi some lifty artis,s.   There will  be a
rest of his team  mates.   Steele Fisher   lug  band parade and a lnige      ciowd
will be ambling in ibe big gap be -
tween second an.l third and Ucru
Deere will le gathering all thc bunts
should  turn  out   to  root  their    home
nam to victory.
Kvery resident of Revelatoke worthy
and drives around the la-t and mosl of the name of citizen, should make it
important sue k. a poiut  lo cancel  all     oth. r  engage-
Si..rev, Wilson and Webb, will be iu ments tor Victoria Day, May 21th,
the outer garden robbing the batters and lake in th.- I u-'eball gam'-, We
o. th^ir long bits. waut to see Thn.' Thousand spectat-
It is rumored Uiai Revelstoke will ors at the ball grounds that day. tip
bo up against Kris-ler, the star twil- to the present time, the indleotionB
cr oi Kamloops last. year. The big are that there will be one thousand
speed king lias a harder nui to crack visitors. Hundreds are expected [rom
in this year's ReveWtoke team than he Kamloops anl intermediate points as
bad  last. well as the mill towns Tait an.l Three
lt is common news that Frank Valloy, and Comaplix wiil send huad-
l'tirdv, the speedy Kamloops short- reds to Revelstoke that day. lie sure
stop, is loo slow io catch a place on aud be a router for your home team,
the Windy City's team this year. Watch the Mail-Herald ior further par
Knowing Frank as     we do, we stand  ticulars of this' big match.
Imporianc te       [Frovinciai CanserVdtivj
for iieyJstoitel      mm\m feeeii
Larger Fores. Reserves. - 10,000
Square Miles Added to Present
lit iwa. May 13—Hon. T.Wl Crolh-
cis, acting minister of the interior,
will introduce a bill this week to amen,1 the Forest Reserve and i'ublic
I'arks A' o as to increase the total
area of the loresl reserves from 25,-
UI2 square mile- io 35,767 seiuarc miles
The iii'rease includes lbGti siiuure
miles in the railway Iii'lt of British
Columbia, fill miles iu Manitoba, 8tH
miles in Saskatchewan) and 7700
square miles in Alberta.
The Ko'ky mountain reserve li increased by 2683 square miles and a
new reserve is established around the
IjesEer Slave Lake in the Peace river
country, amounting to 5023 square
The ae t Is also being changed to
allow th netting apart of public parks
ii..t   ; i.-  , I   I -i   rei erve  ana-.
CflNiitfflfM i.i IfMUlifl
Mmleod, Alta., May 11—Robert Pat
tcison, the' Conservative candidate,
was declared elected at the recount
yesterday of ths ballots cast at the
Provincial election.. Thn majority
given by the returning ollicer was 31,
but 14 Patterson ballots were thrown
out today, because they had pencil
marks on them.
All changes ol ads must pos- [*]
itively     bc   handed Into this g)
iiiiie.■ by Monday evening   in "i
order     that the change slmll g)
appear ln  Wednesday's  Issuo, B
nnd any  changes intended lor 3
Saturday's     issue must     bo g)
handed    in     not 1 ator than IS
Thursday     evening o!     ea'h H
wih'I.         llu iiieiH men pleaso r«]
take noie ol the above. U
IBHHlfflHllHlill §'*.§
To Have Traveling Secretary—
Mr. Theo. Wadman Kcs.i.ns as
A.-,oiht„nt Secretary.
Vancouver, May 14—The executive oi
the British '.'olumbia Conservative
Assoe iation held a well-attended meeting in the roo.ns of the Vancouver
Conservative club yesterday alter -
'lhe members uf the executive present were Mr. John A. Lee, New Westminster, president of the association,
in th" chair. Mr. J.D. William:on, of
Vancouver, secretary; A. E. Planta,
Nanaimo: Mr J.B, Merryfleld, prince
Rupert; Mi. L).E. McKenxie, Dewdney, Mr. H. L Edmonds, New West -
nun ler and Mi B.F. Andrews, Van-
■ ouver.
Alter considering lhe reports ol
growth in  ihe various districts it was
e Ided to aci ou the; suggestion thai
was made at the Kevelstoke conven-
tion and to appoints tiavelling secretary at oU'c. the executive was
given power at the conven Ion tu
make tht appointment as soon as it
ivu- deemed necessary and the members yesterday expressed the opinion
that the need of sue h an ollicer now
was a proof of how the vaiious organizations had grown spontaneously,
as no speeial organisation work had
been done -ince the convention. The
choice of an incumbent for the office
was left to the president and secretary and Mr. Leonard Tait ol Victoria. The 'esignation of Mr. Theodore
Wadman, as assistant secretary,
of the Assoiation, was then
accepted with regret and Dr. Schar-
■ ■■hmidt   was appointed  in his  place.
Right Hon. R.L. Bordm wrote acknowledging the receipt of copies of
tb.' !■■ oluUons paassd at the last Conservative convention suggesting mat
ten ihut would be ol benefit to the
province as a whole. The Premier
expressed approval of the recommendation-' and premised his best efforts
ue parliamentary a> tion on
thm at as early a date as possible.
| (Continued on Page Bight.)
Batsman Runs
H.  II.   Morgan,   b.    Hard.nan     2
L.   H.   Homes,   b.   Boyle     li
C. W. Field, b. Bo/le   1
p   U. Wilson, b. Boyle   li
.1.  Maley, b. Mon*  24
i,. Cartwright, n   Boyle  11
B. R. Reynolds,     b. Moua   S
."tir.  Han is,   not   uut    IS
W. Gardnier,  b.  J. Mai y   0
Wi Oxford, b. Monk   3
W. H. Wallace, b. Boyle 11
HVe-            b
Leg Byes   3
Wi le  Balls   1
Total  100
In the single mean's team the best
.- ms were made by ,1. ia _o, . . C.
Barry and Mr. Hardman, The rest of
the i am na-d -.1 practice sadly, al-
though there is good material among
those  whose scoi ■ was  the lowest.
In the Benedicts team noticeable
playing «a- done' by J. Maley, who
made :1 runs while Mr. Harris and W
II. Wallace, w,re next highest in the
score. It is quite apparent that some
E| tionally good cricket players are
, n icking  about   Revi Istoke  and     we
m t expe i thai the local team will
gi.e a .ool aco.nt of themselves
wh n contesting outside teams.
"Forest Conditions in the Rocky-
Mountain Forest Reserve" is t'ae title
o.'a pamphlet (Bulletin No. 33) just
is ii .1 by the Forestry Branch of the
irtment of the lnteiior.
lt contains the result of Investigations made by Mr. T.W. Dwight, M.
F., on the forests oi the Southern part
oi th • reserve, which extends along
the ea-tern side of the Rocky Mountains from the in eri.ntional boundary
lor -one' J,-tance north of the lati -
of Bdmonton.
'i. bullet a ti. ats o.' the pri unit
i-eneral rondit on oi the torests oi the
reserve anl if th ■ Influence on ihem
of various ia'tors suoh as tbeir It-tight
a'o.e sea-level, ihe number of i*.'.*ees
per acre, etc. The elfe:t of lumbering,
tire and other agencies on the 'ortst
is then discu< sed, and alter a short
-ci-ntific discussion of the dideivut
spedes and the manner in which they
nre growing up to form the new forest, the management of timber-suiting
operations is considered. Among the
topics treated under this1 head tire tbe
disposal ol the brush, the method ot
marking trees for cutting andthcost
of maintaining forestry methods. A
short consideration of the practice on
the U.S. National Forests in Montana
where th' ft rests are very similar in
ebarB'<t»T to those of southern Alhertn
is given, and thc bulletin concludes
w.th a number of technical forestry
tables The pamphlet is illustrated
with over a do/en half-tone illustra -
tie ns. Thc study is b."irrg continued
this summer.
Copie- may be obtained gratis from
the Director of Forestry, Ottawa.
Auditor Stein Before Council.—Will Finish Report This
Week. — Trades Licenses Discussed. Delinquent
Licenses of Prominent Citizens Handed to Chief of
Police for Collection.—-Meeting Adjourned till Auditor's
Report is Ready.
There was  an adjourned  session  of j       AUDITOR BEFORE COUNCIL
the city council on Monday evening in      Mayor  Kilpatrick  then stated that
the city hall at 8 p.m.   Present Mayor      Kilpatrick,   Aldermen MeKinnon,
Howson,  Abrahamson and Bourne.
Mayor Kilpatrick—As this is an ad-
journed meeting, we will dispense with
the reading of the minutes of the pro-   any information about the audit,
viotis meeting,  but you can let       us
hear any communications there are.
City Clerk Gordon then read a letter from Canada Ltd., regarding a
book they wer ■ offering for $3.75 also
a letter from the Businessmen's As -
soeiation of Vancouver, which enclosed a very lengthy petition strongly op
posing the present banking system,
and recommending that ths government should conduct the banks. They
set forth in pari that under ihe present Do.iiaion Banking system a periodical ti,htU'-s of mon'y was ex-
pi ri. n ed and quite frequintly this resulted in the ruin of many businessmen throughout the country. The idea
of the govern.nent owning the banks
was to provid.' for a more liberal
treatment of the banks clients1 and to
provide again-t the periodical tight -
ining of the  banks.
Mayor Kilpatrick—I don't like the
tone of that letter it appears to savor oi politics too much.
Aid. MeKinnon-- There are -ome
good points io it. but the council certainly e-an't undertake the securing oi
signatures io that petition.
Mayor Kilpatrick—In my opinion
the present banking system is a great
-ate valve, it prevents over real estate speculation and business men un-
ing their business cash for speculation. It doe's them good to be cheeked
up once in :l  while'.
After ;l general discussion that was
freely indulged iu by all the council.
All. MeKinnon moved, seconded by
Aid. Hows'on, that the petition above
r< lerr d to be referred to tho Board
of Trade.
The question ot pure basing the book
from the Canada. Ltd., was next dis-
cu .1. Mayor Kilpatrick did not approve ol it, did not thins, it would lie
of much use Aid. Abrahamson was
inclined to favor it, ihotight it w,,uid
be a lomI thie, io remain in the city
h ill. Aid. MeKinnon did not think
mile h of it. Aid. Howson thought the
Mayor's suggestion should be carried
mu, that ihe letter bc liled, which
wa- accordingly done on motion
The question of the extension of thc
water main to the llcll aud Miller pro
perty was next  taken up.
Aid. MeKinnon usked if there was
going io be anything dune ahout it
now. Tho Mayor though I that the
Water   and     Light committee should
U.o., mto it moro carefully and report  motitn put last year to enfot
at the next meeting.   Aid. Abraham-  lnin, 0( the licenses,
son thought a  temporary pipe could
be put  in.    He was in favor of it.
Mayor Kilpatrick thotighi it would
I c Illegal to extend pipe lines out -
side the city  limits.
Aid. MeKinnon If it is illegal, it Uf
Auditor Stein—We will be through
I this week.
Mayor Kilpatrick—llow lar arc you
Auditor Stein—Kight throu;h the
taxes we will show you jusi what are
in arrears.
Mayor Kilpatrick—Are the accounts
correct as far as meter readings, etc.,
and about the police books. 1 think
all public accounts should be audited
and whin will you have the audit ■ o.n
Auditor Stein—1 will stay here now
till it is lomplete of course' there are
a number of doubtful ite ns which I
will simply have to put up to the
council for disposition.
Muyor Kilpatrick was oi opinion
lhal all the work on the' sewer and
flume should  be checked up.
Aid. MeKinnon—I took ihe mailer
of the sewer and tlumo up with Mr.
Stein this afternoon.
Aid. Abrahainson—Can Mr. Steiu
get out a statement of the work on
the line out to the dam.
Auditor Stein—Ve-'.
After more discussiou Mayor Kiipat
lick said all right Mr. St, in. you
just let me know a couple of days
before you have your audit completed
so I can call a meeting.
A gene al discussion on the -ewer
question followed, when the Trades
Licenso was again dealt with.
Mayor Kilpatrick—1 would like io
see all licenses i--uod Iron) th" i ity
Aid. MeKinnon—In the past there
hf-s been a sort ol mild clashing between the eity poliee and the- '-ity clerk
when the police collect licenses thay
w.uit their department to get credit
for them and likewise .vuh the city
Mayor     Kilpatrick — All     li
should  be  issued  from  the  city  hal..
There is no use- trying tu keep books
ti^ht unless ihis is done.
Aid. McKinno.i—1 know ihere arc
a number of licenses that are never
Clerk Gordon then icad a list of licenses of business men which had not
bein  paid.
I    Aid. M Kinnon—What  Would  you ad
vi>e if these' licenses were not  pai.I.
Mayor Kilpatrick—Enforce payment
or let them go oiit of business. If
there is ,,ny charitable cases the council can deal with them Individually.
Aid. MeKinnon—There wu- a lot of
people cut ofl la»t year's licenses.
Aid. MeKinnon—Wai there not      a
For Public Works Department
Secured Through Influence of
R. F. Green, Ivi. P.- Designed
by J. P. Forde.
The Department ot Publie- Works ol
Canada is having a laun-h built at
Nelson for use on inspe -tion trips and
surveys on the Columbia River anl
Kootenay lake, ti. W. Hale of Nelson
is in charge af the building of the
buat, and the work being dune in his
The lauae-h will be oi Bemi-cruiser
type-, 3."> teet long, 7 feet beam and
will draw 2 ieet li iuch s of watei.
There will oe a glasj ca.,in, il ieet
loug und ti feet ti Inches wide, divided
into a pilol hOUtte, engine room, cabi'l
and gailey. The seats in these rooms
will im ■ ■ -A., viiij.f Into bir.hs and
w.ll have u e^.'is ;.naeriaat.i. The gal
ley Mi.l be lined with a iasoHne r.on
sink, etc.
ih.' i oat will be driven by a OU h.
p. six cylinder Roberts gasoline ev-
gina, aii.iis expected to develop a
speed oi -'J miles per hour. She will
,e luh.id bj electrici y taken from
soia.e battcr.es ch ,r^ i ;.e,:. ,, dy-
n .n.o operated by ihe engine whilo
running, The sear.blight wil. be run
direct oil the dynamo, whi b w.ii also
i.i . ■'  .b.'  s .I . tarting  batteries.
Sh-' has been de. i n-.i by u.i'. Ko.-„e
Dominion government engineer, with
.be view of pro.Iding accommodation
for th- special servia i:i which she
v.h.11 le. 'i .1. Ihe mini h.n . oi th.s
laun h to ena le th- .ngiu'cr of the
Department ot Public V...r.s loi tills
ri' i  and  his  stafl  lo K"cp a better '
;,-I vision over th; wor^s undei their
i . ii.e,    is one mo ot  thf
. n in:■• ■• sc tak n in the district by
our member at Ottawa, Mi. R. F.
Green, whose enden\or- io do everything possible to ha.-c th. appropriations whi.h he has been o ~u .essiul
in securing -pent to the • ■     ,, l-
vnnta.'e'     are     already  baring much
. i s. T
Mayor Kilpatrick—It might be a
good ilea for some OUS to make a
moi ion that ! would introduce a
resolution or bylaw dealing with the
enforcement of licenses.
Aid. MeKinnon—There was a bylaw
put  last year  to collect licenses,  but
Mayor Kilpatrick  thought it   might goma ()f om. |)rjn„ll)al cilj,,,.n,  refused
be possible lo get thc government to to ,)fty Hl,en^ llIul u Was dropped.
help in tho matter. Th .'uucstion of enforcing the present
Aid. Abrahamson—Ws will take this ,|(.|jni,llcnt Ust of lioenses was >i
matter up tomorrow     and if possible ed.   A',i     Hows„n  was  in  laVOI     ol
get   the  government   to help  in     the llunding it to the Chief of Police   lor
mittcr- collection.
Aid.  M Kinnon moved, Fccowled by
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Aid. How-'on, that tho city clerk hand
The Mayor then introduced tho New tho present list of delinquent Ib-enscs
Trades   License   bylaw  for   discusBion, to  the  Chief  of  Police for  collection,
when  a quite  lengthy discussion lol- After which the meeting adjourned to
lowed,  dealing  with  real estate    mon the call of the 'hair to hear the aud-
untl others. ilor's report.
Aid.  MeKinnon  was of the opinion 	
that  the real estate men worked  under each other, and he would like to Mr.     Chai*.     Lindmark loft for the
block that if possible.   The bylaw was coast last evening, on a business trip
finally laid over. ol a week or more.
Vancouv r.  May l'—w.th its characteristic accompaniment of    janglmg
i r     b lis,    I ill iwing   Bmoke, t
guards and  alarmed but ic po-
emblem,, "Vol ■■
me n'' made- iis initial
iit- rno n  al
D  Stanley  Park.     Owing,  however, to the rain ..nl the eflorts
i'i .il m n tbt Are and the- sign
n-arby  were both extil not,
tore tb." .n nates   o!     the
hou-e    were    given a
It was jui a'.out two oMo-k when
ll ling from the in
teiior o." a hollow tre-e nsar tl." me nkey
Th i brigad
taker .V' N Con table Dunn.     und
.-ia   wiil.n; spectators  turned oul
ii |  up th* park  i re npp.ir-
ati-. Which   m nsisti I ! B   ban I c  ■
i   ths monkey   cage,    sx-
tin;uish  I  th- I'.: i'. wbich had been
I  ,• 1" ..! p.i-
i er-.     i i   nn
a cri ed :i    i"   in- militants,
.ml coon     '"   red the -..n,   "Vo>s
lot  W.nm.in.'' i.i ked . i -lie
ol  thl   tre".
Mi       W.    B.   McLnu -liiin     returned
.   ..    iv from (intor.o.  Mr.
hlin wen*, east -ome w.ecks ago
With the tody of the lat"  Mr. Tbo".
Waleh.  and  ha* been  visiting sin'* at
his old home and with Iriends.
KKII    l.H.ll^Iji;
Tonlsrht. iWislncsday) Irom
8.:W to 10 10 p m.. we will
have tbe Orphani orchestra of
eieht piec.s playing their usual up-*o-!a*e mu-ic. Ooms
anl har th"in and enjoy some
of our delightful refreshment*
WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913.
For  Quick  Sale
House, Corner Second and McArthur, 50
Feet, Easy Terms  $2950
House,   modern,   Fifth   Street,    50  Feet,
Easy Terms  $3000
House, Corner Robson and Fourth Street,
50 Feet, Easy Terms  $2900
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN D, SIIH1ALI), l'Ki'S. J. 1). SIBBALD, JR., Site.
Consisting ol every conceivable size anil make of
Hats, Gloves, Shoes anil Underwear; also a most
extensive stock of Neddies of every shade and
We have also a specially fine assortment of samples
for our Spring Clothing Order Departmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
At the Busy McIntyre Corner
B^aris. small, white, easy to cook, 3 lb. for  25c
Japan Rice, finest, cooks soft u lb. for  25c
Stephen's Cho.v Pickles, per bottle  35c
Sliced Lemon Clincr Peaches, small tin  20c
John McIntyre & SOX
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Ml Market, Ltd.
SWIFT'3 . . .
Blood and Bone    1M$*]
H. C. McLcod, formerly manager ol |
the Bank of Nova Scotia, who      has j
advocated  lank    reforms    for    years, '
paid Hon. W.   T. White, Minister     of i
Finance, a high compliment when   on
thc stand before the Banking and Com I
mcrce Committee,  for  the progressive
measiii-! which be had  drafted.        He
frankly slated that he had given    up '
agitating any reforms  owing  to    the
indifference and even hosiility  of    the
Laurier     government.   He     was told
thai there would be n0 changes made,
and   the  Act      which  was  drafted  by
Hon. W. S. Fielding and which     Mr.
White found when he came into office
showed that, the former minister   had
made  practioally no changes ir.     the
Act a* it stood.
When one follows ihe Banking and
Commerce Committee he is not so sur
prised at the stand of the old government. It is a striking thing that practically all of the stand-patters and
i dictionaries on the committee are
Liberals and they have steadfastly opposed any progressive changes.
As a result of     the  taking ol   evidence from all over Canada and from
all classes, Hon   Mr.  White is preparing      to s:ill further strengthen     the
Bank Act, and particularly the claus- I
cs  referring     to  lank  audit.   As  for
bank Inspection the evidenoe all wenjt
to show that an inspection to be thor !
ottgh at all would have to include   an
inspection ol every hianeh in the Do-j
minion, a costly, cumbersome and un- '
satisfactory  system.   What is    known
r.s tlie share-holders'  audit,  tbe Scottish s'ystem,  will  be followed.
The plan which will likely bc adopted will be for the general managers
ol the various lmn;.:s to name a list
of possible auditors, reputable' lirms,
This \\<t will be passed 0n by theFin-
an v Minister and from this list the
Ishareholders will pick the banks' auditor for the- year. In addition when a
further inquiry is desired into a banks
affairs, ihe' minister will have power
to -i n I some outsider.
Forty years i i Ubo ' yea s
the stancl.v-", proscribed and
recomm'ndctl by physicians.
For Women Ailments. Doctor
Mariei's Ftm;i!e Fills, at yeur
The first severe electrical storm     of
the      i - i perhaps the wor-'t that
bas   wepi   In    lisl       In a great many
| an 1 cattle and tore
' up   tree ,    bu u ns,      damaged
. . | nge
'i'h"  ; al'.  ol    be rainfall, wh i h it      the
t,   e'Ven le'd
Of Leading   Montreal  Daily
indorses GIN   PILLS
IVE long years of
su fit-ring from
Kidney Trouble—
two boxes of GIN
PILLS —and it's
nil gone. That has
beeu lhe experience
of Mr. Eugene
Quesnel, Chief City
Circulation Agent
of La I'ntrie, of
Montreal. He
describes it
feelingly :
May 3rd, 1912
'I have been suffering Irom Kidney
Trouble for over live long years. I
had also Rheumatism in all my bones
ami muscles, could not sleep nights and
011 senile occasions could hardly walk.
I hail been treated by some of our best
I'hvsicians but without relief nnd I lost
over fifteen pounds. One day I met
one of mir leading hotelkeepers, who
had been cured by your famous GIN
I'l I.'.S, .1111 be ailvi-ecd me to try them.
So 1 bought two boxes at my druggist's
and before I hail used one box I felt a
big change. Before I finished the
second oue 1 was completely cured.
I era assu-e you I can hardly believe
it for if I had only known what I know
now 1 would not lave spent over One
Hundred Dollars for nothing when two
boxes of GIN PILLS cured me."
GIN PILLS are gaining a world-wide
reputation, by the way they conquer the
mo-t  obstinate cases' of   Rheumatism
and all kinds of Kidney Trouble.
50c. a box, 6 for I2.50. Sample free
ifyou write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.      149
Come an I look al mir Tri ncle Pail
Irons -jtuaranteeil for e< 1 r
PRICF.    b LU. IRON. $ 5.90
Estimates given free
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd,
  A.1 \
." '
DiMER-4       J£
■~nBHP!»MfrJ ■ \£y^
e ■
um jermen
It will pay j ou to
make a call at
F.   B.
Phone 41 Bf       '
are   beinjr  constantly
which ins ■■ .-■       >-g re-
ceivii tly freah articles.
We nly  the   best anrl
kind lurts,  ai
them at bed pricrs.
Hobson's Bakery
. :,x
you  cannot (jet at the ordinary restaurant litj   "f   Ihe   food,   the
• the cooking and  the  per-
. ol its serv ng make a dinner here
mbei eil svith pleasure.
0   ;'■• i 1 ke eating Bome-
e.i I-     We  ' an   gratify  you
Ci me- alone it" yon
end if vnu can.     A Bood
ouglil   t.'   be  eaten   in
\    t i.    ! IIIAKI8ON   M mager.
Record of Progress for Five Years— 1906-1911
Capital        ....       | s.iKio.otiO -   1,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 1,600,000
Deposits      ....       28,677,780 85,042,31]
Loans and Investments         -      27.4r>7,0.% 38i854 S01
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48, ^7.'284
Has 83 Branohes In Canada, antl Agents and Correspondents In all "*
the Principul Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rati.
Revelatoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Managor
Plymouth Bocks
BARRED    R JH].   pLANg t,,t ;.,,,a plumbing diffei
Hth; 15.00 ] tl Vou   inn   ieet
hut even
Exhl   tion Stra I .ill  give
WHIT   ■ I   w rl in.nr.bi|i
dttwb*   annua                                                                            '   '" '"'* ""'
"' Vf •   the   job ms     I    nevei
D       '.'ra  -i MM '.ll'I.IJMIIINtiWOKK.
Pet Betting of I '■ HI
My Barred White Bufl Rock ■ •■. i  ■
r      hown   nt both Provincial   J   p  SUTHERLAND
Hhnwi   I  won es I
Transfer      Dr.-iyin^
Handling Pianos a   Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
A Pail, With Water—
a Brush—and a Pkg. of
WW. transform tlie ugliest walls Into walls of bcauty-of art
—of refinement.    Alabastine walls are  pkasiiiK to the
most cultivated   tastes.   Anyone can apply
Alabastine by following tbe directions.   All
you need is a pall, with water, and a flat
brush.   The rest is easy.    Alabastine, uiili'e.e
watt p.iper atiel'lcalsomine, hirdeus, and becjiu.'.
part at the wall itself.      Atatmstine flicks to the wall
permanently. It is the ouly absolutely sanitary wall covering.
ap [
A''"'-* (tfinttHf
Without littlt
Chunk on Label
A new coat can be applied without removing old one. Alabastine is made iu
white, and twenty-one charming tints.
Come in and get the Alabastine tint
book. We'll show you how really beautiful Alabastine is.
These free Stencils are worth from 50c. lo
$1.00. They enable you to more beautifully decorate yonr home. Call
in for particulars.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
. . It Miqht Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor.
Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
The Kootenay Brewery
Now Is the Time for Fertilizing Vour Garden
Have a Car of Fertilizer on Track.
Save money by buying direct from
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
$50—Cash (Special) Prize—$50
Given  in Log  Rolling   Contest
TO  A Q"C,"0 ATT Revelstoke vs.  Vernon
JZ5/\oJ_/X5/i.l-/J—t    -      -       Bnderby     vs. Salmon Arm
vs. Armstrong
vs. Bnderby
Open to All Owners.      $10 anil $.j Cash Pri/.es.
I N    A T T K N I) A N C H
B. C. Horse and Boy Scouts in Parade
Numerous Special Features oi interest to all,  and everything
l'KiltitiK lo the entertainment and comfort of  visitors  will   be
Special train from Revelstoke and Okanagan Landing and way
ii'mils.     Excursion coaches will alto he provided on the regn-
l.ir train leaving Revelstoke at 7:03 a.m.. returning same night.
One fare and a third f ir round trip.
Pot any further information address:
Secretary Celebration Committee, Enderby, B. C.
k-%.'%'%^^'%%-v^^^%-%^'%^%^'%.'V'%-%.'%.^'%.^*v-%.-%.-a>^v^i WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913.
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
Six Room Modern House, Corner of Robson Avenue
and Fourth Street _._$2800
Six Room Modern House, Fourth Street _..._ $2200
Eleven Room House,  Fourth Street,  near McKenzie
Avenue  $3000
100 Feet Seventh Street, near McKenzie Avenue  $1500
Store Building McKenzie Avenue for Rent.
Give in Your Listings if You Want a Quick Sale
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
W. H. HOROBIN, Manager.       Local Agency American Casnaliy Co.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Another Shipment to hand of Spring
and Summer Styles in
Voiles, Panama and Lustre
20 Per Cent. Discount for Cash
Laughton (& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly Fi>st Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly nnd monthly rates to be arranged.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LKVKSQUE, Proprietor
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigar"     Rate" $i a day.    Monthly rate
J\   .A-LBE^T     ST01S5TE3      PEOP.
Steel Bridge, Thompson River, Lytton,
B.  0.,  (To Be Built Alongside Present Structure)
Substructure and Erection of
Sealed  Tenders,   superscribed   "Tender  for Substructure and Erection ol
Superstructure,       Thompson       River
Bridge, Lytton, B.C.," will toe received by  the Hon.  tho Minister of Pub -
lie Works up to 12 o'clock noon Wednesday, the 7th day of May, 1913, for copy of the specifliations for the sum
the   complete   substructure  and  erec
Concrete Arch, Thompson River, Lytton. B.C. (To Bo Built Alongside Present Structuro).
Alternative Design.
Seulod Tenders, superscribed "Tenders for a Concrete Arch across tho
Thompson River, Lytton, B.C.," will
be received by the Hon. the Minister
of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon
Wedn'slay, the 7th day of May, 1913,
for tho complete structure across the
Thompson River at Lytton, B.O.
Drawings, specifications, contract,
and forms of tender can bo seen at
the o31ce3 of the Government Agents,
Ashcroft, New Westminster, Vancouver, and at the ofllce of the Public
Works Engineer, Parliament Buildings
Intending tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
copy    of     the   drawings,     and     ono
tion of superstructure of a bridge across the Thompson River at Lytton,
B.  C.
Drawings, specifications, contract,
and forms of tender can be seen at
the offices of the Government Agents,
Ashcroft, New Westminster,V ancouver, and at the office of the Public
Works Engineer, Parliament Buildingn
Intending tenderers can, by apply -
ing to the undersigned, obtain one
copy of the drawings and one copy
of the specifications for the sum of
twenty-five dollars  (?25).
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted 1 ank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works,
for the sum of $1,020, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline
to enter «nto contract when called
upon to do so. The cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tend-
eiers will be return d to them upon
the execution of the contract.
The successful tenderer shall further-
of twenty-five dollars  ($25).
Each tender must be ao-ompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
Canada. made payable to tho Hon.
the Minister of Public Works, for the
sum of $1,000, which shall be forfeited I
if the party tendering decline to enter
into contract when called upon to do
so. The cheques or certificates of deposit of unstii-cessful tenderers will he
returned  to them upon  the execution
of the contract.
Tho successful tenderer shall furthermore furnish an accepted bank cheque
or certificate of deposit 0n a chartered !
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works for
the sum of one thousand dollars for,
the due fulfilment of the contract.
Tenders   will  not  be  considered  unless made  out on the forms supplied,'
signed with  the actual signature     of
the tenderer, and enclosed in tbe en -
velopes furnished
The lowest  or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer
more furnish an accepted bank chequo  Department  of Tublin Works,
or certilicate of deposit on a charter-     Victoria, B.C., 2Cth March,
ed bank of Canada,  made payable to   i      W)J- t0 j\p. 30,
tbe     Hon.   the     Minister of     Public   __________________
Works, for the sum of one thousand
dollars for the due fulfilment of the
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplie<l, signed with the actual signature of the
tenderer, and in losed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sarily accepted.
Public WorkB Engineer
Department of Public Works, w-  H-   WALLACE,   M.13.C.S
Victoria, B.C., March 2Cth. 1913. ARCHITECT
Box 205, Telephone 313. Revelstoke
O.  B.  N.  WILKIE
Steel Bridge, Thonpson River, Lytton
B.   C, 1T0 Be   Built Alongside pre-ent Structure)
Superstrue-ture Metal.
Sealed Ti nders, superscribed "Tender for .Manufacture and Delivery of
Superstructure Metal, Bridge at Lytton, B.C.,'' will be received by the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works up
to 12 o'clock noon Wednesday, the Tth
day of May, 1913, for thc manufacture
and delivery f.o.b. ars at Lytton, B.
C, the steel superstructure of a
bridge across the Thompson River at
Drawings, specifications, contract,
and forms of tender can be seen at
the offices of the Government Agents,
Ashcroft, New Westminster, Vancouver, and at the office of the Publio
Works Engineer, Parliament Build
ings,  Vi toria.
Intending  tenderers can, by apply-,
ing  to  the  undersigned,  obtain     one
copy of the drawings and one     copy
of the spe'locations for the sum     of
twenty-five dollars ($25).
Each tender must lie a co.npanied
by an a 'eepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
Canada, made payable to the Hon.
the Minister of  Public Works, for tho  aeg„]ar
Barriit.Te    Bolliltor«,   Ktc
Imperial   Pink  Building   Rrvj)-
ttokp, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offlc»»—Revnlitokn.    B.    O .     »■'!
Cranbrook, B.  O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A
MT.      BEGBIE.
OF I. O. F.
No. tm.
Meets In I. O. 0. F. Hall ntit to
Tapping's Opera Hoime Rvery §econd
and fourth Monday ln month. Viaitlng- brethren cordially welcomed.
WM. 8. CAMERON. Ruc-Bec
SELKIRK     LODGE  12,  1. O. 0. F.
At Prices Never Belore Olfered
to the Public of Revelstoke
We are offering some of the many seasonable and attractive lines and hope to enlarge the impression that we are
ready with the goods that are wanted, as they are wanted,
and at the lowest possible price, consistent with good
Screen Doors $1.50 to $2.75
"     30c to 45c
Step Ladders $1 to $4.50
Hoes, Rakks, Spades etc     from 50c to $1.25
Lawn Mowers  $650 to $10 50
"     Rakes     50c
"     Hose      $4.50 to $11 per 50 ft.
Sprinklers 40c up
Grass Cutters $1.50
Alabastine in all Colors
The Famous   MINERVA Taints—The Hest in Canada.
SPORTING GOODS of all kinds
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
Men's Suits,—latest European r
and American models, $20 to $
$40. Every shade, every style 9
and every pattern,by the lead- jjj
ing makers, Coppley,Noyes(®, 9
Randall, the  House  of Hob- %
berlin and the famous Society j?
Brand, now  being  displayed 9
by McRae Mercantile Co., the
J     home of good clothes.     .   .    .
►<KK><HH><X>0*0<KKKH>0-0<><KVO OOO 6
Mceti every Thurr..1ay evening ln
Helklrk Hall at 8 o'clock. Viiltin.
brethren cordially Invited.
r.ei'l  A.   M.
U A. K.
O. W. O.  w.
Mountain View CArop,
Fum of $1,000, which Aall lie forfeited
ii the party t"ndering decline to enter
into contrart when called upon to do
to.   The cheques or wrtifloatei of dc- Cordi_n7 welcome.
po-'it  of unaUC06»aful  tenderers will bo
returned  to them  upon the exe.-ution
of the contract.
The suc-e~stul tenderer shall furthermore furnish an accepted bank cheque
or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable to
the Hon. the Minister of Public Works
for the sum of one thousand dollars
for the due fulfilment of the contract.
Tenlers will not be considered un -
less made out on the lorms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accL'pted.
Publde Works Bngtneer.
Department  of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.,  26th March, 1913.
meeting* are held In MASONIC TEMPLE.    Oddfellows'     Hall
on the Third Monday In each month
t 8 p.  m.     Visiting brethren      art
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
No. nn
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wodn««
days    in  each  month   in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting Woodmen  ars
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
Meets     every first and third Tuesday   In Oddfe.lows   Hall.      Visiting
brethern  cordially Invited  to attend.
A. Grant, Dictator.
H. L. Haug, Secretary.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
New S.S. Laurentic. (15.000 Tons
First-Class—$92.50-      Second   $53.75
S. S. Teutonic
582 feet long.
Twin Screw
New S.S. Weoantic
Third   $32.50
S. S. Oanada
."11 feet long.
Only One Class Cabin   II   $50.00 and Up
and Third Class $31.25 and Up, Carried
For Sailings, Illustrated Booklets, etc., apply to
C. P. R. Ticket Acknt, Revelstoke
Read" Mail-Herald*" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps
WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913.
Just Arrived, in Great Variety, our Complete Stock of
See the Latest in these Lines
The Combination Screen and Storm Doors
Beautiful  in Design and Workmanship
Screen Windows
35c to 75c
Screen wire
All Sizes from 24 inches to 42 inches Wide
Fare and One-Third
for Round Trip .   .
HIV 22 to 24, 1913
Return Limit
May 27. 1913
R. G. McNeillie
District P'.sv->ns?fT Agent
roc nDau»iDei:alv>
sah kii.o a r
RHVE1.S roK&.  B.   C
interior ||>ul?it*btny) Company-*,
ri\jx.tKi-**..5naam^ Jeaan;,
J.  K.   JOHNtfUN,   Manager.
RM.I'H   0.   SUMP'roN    Hid! toi
• -n
tj-o^ 4**^ ^*^^^<i-ii
' WW^!$m$<&
(m -
WEDNESDAY, MAY  Uth, 11)13.
It is indeed a K(i°& As.a ol lhe l'meS
to see so many real   estate businesses
starting in     this     city.   There i- no
ilass ol  busings     man tan compare
with the in al estate m n, as a booster
He continually  adveitl-es tlio attiac-
i [veness' ol hi   district and in this re-
;.ei ba* all other classes oi business
ai   . I ie i ih- map.   What would Oal-
,    .  i-.i'.i.-n on or Saskatoon be 10-
uaj  with iui  ieal estate men.   The' one
brm ol F.C.  Lowes nn.l Co., ol Bd -
onl in        .   ■ .e. ■ irj.  has done more
single han l.'l t.e advertise the resource   VI! orta  towns'  iban     ona
|   other     i   ness   men.   It  is a
tate mon
the m< rrier.
By an ■'■ this Issue
line, it  will
.       ■ ommitted
ime   at
Ladies Tweed Skirts
Ladies 1-piece Dresses
Ladies' Suits
Only a few Suits left to clear at
Special Prices.
in   White    Lawn,   and  Muslins.
Regular $4 and $5.    Your choice
for _ $2.00
White Wash Skirts
Prices $1.75 to $2.50.
Women's Spring Hosiery
Women's   White Underwear.
Ladies'House Oresses
Res*. $4, .$3, 53-to clear at $2.00.
Spring Wash Coeds
On* stock  Never Bitter.    Prices
marked down from 40c. and 35c.
Now 2er>c.
We are keeping in touch with
the Eastern Market.     You can
depend upon the  latest styles,
Afg. m^^sm^^^ss^cEsm^.
I Homc Portraiture
J~. Douglas Tourner
Those who find it inconvenient to got round to ihe photographer's, can have a lirst-c'ass portrait taken at home, in
almost any stvle, .•md with unique and pleasing effects.
Drop a card or call in at the TRUEMAN STUDIO and an
Y..2 T,■.::■.: t *: fiulio    appointment will at once bo m ide.    l-lxterors also taken.
■.ttnsssa sn   ■ - ... strat.
:':3E!!MaS£'««iTl*ifBKEBfflrSE?: ■. litiSOt.? SKHl.S
The Nov/ Gui    y-Oxford
Range Has Solved The
"Hc p Problem"
.... • ■ • • :-.icn are copi; same
A Gurney-Oxford with  its wonderful d
>r enables y<   I
.     r choice y   I
Ut a ccrva:::.
Thu . listributes thc heat evenly
throughout :'..c oven, and by means ofthe Economizer th pt constant,
or changed easily controlled by a
little lever workin           . I six noti
Dough   and   batter-mixtures will always bc
ligh*, thoroughly cookc-J, and nicely browned.
Thii c:<v 'ireaded black leading
process for it has an . op.
Ifyou must do your own work y it to
yourself and to your family to spend less time in thc
No worn.-.:-, need be a drudge with et 'mrney-
Oxford range.
It   f. An ■:   I.f dl '■ :   .   m   eel.   :   ;.   :l   I".   11      I .1
■    tl 'ev   run   ff.i-f.   ■    ■
11 <i with the tlnni quality e.f dui
le.r  :'
ah  :re ■ ■.  plant i.  rtocs,  beri
: l v us uro guar-
TRUE to n.\'.:;:
It 1
.. e\ 11.1 -,-. am ! ■; n . HOOK-
8c   WHAT TO  PLANT" „
32 PAGES,        lOnSTAMPS)
■-> efTisxai
Hi j!i Class Decorator
Painting and Paper N<
!esidence   =   Victoria Road
BOX    V»4 Itslimates Given Free on Application.
H Hardware Co., Ltd.
t^^^^^^^^^^^*^        ill
T!.e    ,'lPn of   tliif   lime   limit (or  the   'Iny;   of  mi'lBiimm' r,   RCnUorlnn      dlt-
ix Is a eiOt\ on*, i' WSblel    tht
au>h- ri*i»8 to rid the city of a lot of i
iii-t that othcrwiso     would ,
  .      ' The   family   remedy   for    Cougha   and  Cold*
be 'oimlae at     will during the doi? i "Shi:oh com to little  and doca bo muchr
u-ill refreali \°ou witb iU  bright,   spicy
(1 ivor a»l inj-i 1'ioy.     S iM   in   1   11).
■    '      | '   'I''-   l>,'l'S.
Price, 35c., 40c. and 50c."per Ib.
G«OCER & PAKER Phone No. 23
t ti ■■■■■■■■■■■■B HI
[*I»I*lJiJ»]*T«M«r«ili ....... ■!■!■!■)». . «:h'«>|»I«ii«Im . . .. ... ■,»;■:«!■)
L.i,t   evei e
rlential ploti lhal ire
veililf in the II>;.r fol
i :ill .it oni   '       md
aboul Kewan i Ion,
A. B   Kim aio, Manager,
This is of Interest to You!
Tlio i'.in,uli.iu limn' iiivcs'iiii'iit  Company,
Ltd., the oiiii'^i .iml largeal (."i  ) Bva p« r it
loan company In Canada lms appointed ,i
resident n^ „t in Revelatoke «lm will in;
plvaied lo explain whereby thia established
Compan) me making6 percent, loans t" Ils
t'niii.ui l' ll-is fi-oiu Cotut to Coast.
you wish to hi n.i) p
'     Vi tn w.wr T i \i VKS A 8APH INVB8TMBNT?
./. fi. Watson fr Co.   • Resident Agents.
Hevelstoke, B. C.
Mi Kim   e Avi     '*•   ■' inl r, 11  i'.       £
■ ■■■ ■■! miie • .m.i r.i. lorj . Toi into, Oil!     I
Phone, 262
Thc Canadian Home Investment Co.
I, I M I T B D
Head 001m Paelfle Building, Second Floor, Vancouver, H. C.
Branches Throughout Canada.
wraTiilfMWI»T«|Bai»WgBrgIin«Wliii|»iaiia» «
WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913'.-''''
During This Month There
Wi.l be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
Radium Hose
Ladies Black and Tan, a fitting compliment to the
finest shoes—loud  pedal on  quality; soft pedal on
price.    You can see this advertisement sticking out
of every paper and magazine like a sore finger.
"Worth advertising,  worth  having.   Same  price in
Revelstoke as in Montreal, Toronto or New York.
$1, 50c, 75c.
" Rest Room," Second floor up—take
the  Elevator.     There are  plenty  of
nice, comfortable chairs, writing table
and telephone.    C. B. Hume  <& Co.,
Limited, provide them for the use of
the public.   You can get a good view
of MacKenzie Ave. from the window
while you wait for me.
Children's Wash Dresses
Four dozen Children's Wash  Dresses and Rompers
to sell on Friday next.      They are worth 75c and 91,
fit children up to five years.     All at one price	
50 Cents
A new lot of Children's Wash Dresses, fit girls from
1 to 10 years.   Worth looking over, at	
$1.35 Each
Sewing Cotton
Six Spools  of Standard  Sewing   Cotton,   black or
white, any size	
25 Cents
Towels     Towels
A great, big, dandy towel,   fast colors,   large bath
size, English goods.    A 40c. towel.    Friday bargain .
25c.   Each
Torchon Lace
Five hundred yards of real Torchon  Lace,   selling
IOc. Per Yard
      - -
Cotton and Lisle Hose
100 Pairs of Womens' Lisle and Cotton Hose,   fast
black, doable heels, toes and tops. Friday Bargain
•T". ^
IN the years we have been handling
20th Century Brand garments we
have never had such fine clothes from
these famous tailor shops as we are now
showing this Spring.
They are smartly styled, beautifully
tailored and produced in the choice of
the world's best fabrics.
We are exclusive agents.
PRICKS :    S-^O TO S%io
The smartest line of slippers and pumps ever shown in the
city. Sizes from infants 2\ to children's 10* or misses' 2.
All the new leathers on the nobby* little wide toe lasts. Black
Patent leather, black gunmetal, chocolate, kid, and white buck,
both turn and McKay sewn. Tan, Calf and Patent Leather
Pumps in Goodyear Welt, Roman Sandals and Barefoot Sandals
in patent leather.   Ask to see them.
PRICES:    Sl .:$.">   TO   SIMM)
MEN'S WORKING BOOTS at a price which will make any
man take notice. All pegged or standard screw. Genuine
solid leather.   All sizes from 6 to 11.
Oun Grocery and Crockery" Department
The Best Medicine on Earth for Colds
JOHNSTON'S FLUID BEEF, (16 ounce Bottles)
BOVRIL, 4 ounce bottles,
BOVRIL,  2 ounce bottles,
A Large  and Well Assorted List of Pickles
Crosse & Blackwell's Walnut, pts.
,, ,,            Mixed pts.
,, ,,  Chow-Chow pts.
,, ,,         Gerkins pts.
,, ,, White onions pts.
,, ,,   Imp. Relish pts.
,, ,,        Oriental pts.
,, ,, Sweet pickles pts.
35c qts.
35c qts.
35c qts.
35c qts.
35c qts.
Swan Bean Chow-Chow and Mixed	
 20 ounce bottles, 35c
Victoria Cross Chow-Chow and Mixed 35c
Heinze's Sweet Sauce and Chow-<~!how and
Indian Relish in Bottles.
Gillard's Relish, Chutneys, Pin Money Pickles
Steven's White Onions, Mixed,  Chow-Chow,
Walnuts and Gerkins.
Flower Seeds, in bulk and in packages.
Vegetable Seed
Lawn Grass Seed
Lawn Clover Seed "
Timothy, Red Clover, in bulk and in packages.
Sweet Pea Seed in the best varieties.
ftl l$l fll l|l l|l l|l •^■^^•^^•^-^H$»<|f<|t4$»l|t^^«$H-|»<$^4»<|» l|l *|t l|l l|l t|| t|| t|| ||l fofo
Specials For Friday and Saturday I
Y young Herrings in Tomato, per tin  Wc 9
X Two Tins of Cowan's Cocoa  15c T
% Meata Whole Wheat Flour, Six Pound Sacks  25c T
S Three Tins Quaker Pork and Beans  25c «£
*3+ i-ti .j*. ,*t .Ti i*t*i ii'i ii'i 1*1*1 i*t*i A* '***■ ■***■ •***■ **** ttt i*fri i*i*i 1*1*1 .*i*. »***. _fa* _fa _fa t*t .l'i i*_*i i*ti I*!*, .l'i _fa .I*, iti iTi ii'i tti iTi
+ *r'X M TjT 'X1 'X 'X 'X1 'X1 * * * X X X X X X X X  * X X X X X X X X  X X X X  X X ^?
House Furnishing Department
Reduction Sale on Carpet Squares still on.. Do not wait but buy now.
VERANDAH SCREENS-Something everyone requires. They will
keep out the sun and at the same time let the air in. We have them in all
Sizes and colorB.
WALL PAPER- We carry a complete stock and can please every taste.
We also handle Beds, Mattresses, Comforters, Pillows, Curtain Shades, Curtain Roda, Linoleum, Carpet Sweepers.   Goods and Prices are Right.
I     ■ ■-.    • PAGE SIX
WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913.
Present "De-Vetopment Warrants the Assurance tohat it is Coming to Its Otvn
The  Reasons:
Railway developments alone within the next four years will put into circulation in the vicinity of
Revelstoke forty millions of dollars. This^City will Le the Pay-Roll town for the distribution of
the bulk of the wages paid out on the double-trackirm and the big six-mile tunnel through the
CROWN LANDS-The rich agricultural lands tributary to the town are opening for settlement and will mean much for the future
prosperity of the district.
TIMBER RESOURCES~'ri''butary to Revelstoke is a timber wealth estimated at about fifty billions of feet, situated upon the Columbia River and its tributaries.
Within a radius of thirty miles of the town are five large sawmills  with the offices   of the   Forest  Mills, Limited, situated within
the corporate limits.    This Company is admitted to be the largest corporation of its kind in the interior of British Columbia.
TOURIST CENTRE-"The Capital of Canada's Alps," has been chosen by the C. P. R. for the location of one of its world-famed tourist
hotels. The Park Reserve on the summit of Mount Revelstoke, known as Victoria Park, makes scenic attractions unequalled in
any part of the mountains. The scenic Auto Road, from Revelstoke to Victoria Faik, is in itself a unique attraction not found in any
other part of Canada.
What the Empress Hotel has been to Victoria, such will the above attractions be to Revelstoke.
This Tourist Trade will mean to Revelstoke about one million dollars per year.
REVIVAL OF MINING The financial world has awakened to the opportunities now offering in the mineral realm, and never since the
golden days of the nineties has the mining industry had such a favorable outlook.
Thc Lardeau and Fish Creek Camps to the south, the golden Big   Bend district  to  the north, are tributary assets which mean much
for the prosperity ofthe town.   The new mining camp on Shuswap Lake, to the west, cannot be overlooked in this connection.
PREDICTION "Within five years the railway development and exploitation of natural resources will make of Revelstoke a town of twenty
to twenty-five thousand people.
I take this opportunity oi asking the public of Revelstoke and those owning property here, to give ne tbeir listings,  or, if in search of property, to give me
an opportunity of showing my lists of inside and district bargains.
REMEMBER that I am handling only local property and ask the support of all citizens loyal to the interests of Revelstoke.
Having a wide connection throughout the country owing to my" association with the lecal newspapers for the past sixteen years, I am able to place before
the investing public the claims of Revelstoke for consideration.
Art. Johnson
Offices :   Macfien&ie A*Ve., Opposite City Hall
How Concrete
Work Was Made
Easy For Yoa
This ljil.fl u ynur tusmranc. of
t.itttfact.ry cuncrtit murk
UNTIL a few years ago farmers considered concrete a rather
mysterious material, that could be used successfully only by
experts. They knew that upon the quality of the cement
depended much of the success of concrete work. They had no
n 'e-jting cement, jui.Ii as I :.f contra 'i so could
not lie sure of its quality.
Vet the farmer needed concrete.
1 le was kept from using this best and mo*t economical ol rr. .("rials by
I.   Lack of knowledge of how to mix and piace concrete.
2. Lack of a brand of cement upon lhe quality of which he
could absolutely rely.
Canada Cement
bas supplied both these req
We employed men to make a thor ugh ir the farmer's
requirements; to find i vrit^
profit to himself; to discover d 1°
solve them.     This in But when it was
; we had the mai l    a "
how and where to use concrete   ind  •■ ' 'he
F.irmer Can do Wil t ft i
mikes every farmer wl I  I concrete ex
are concerned.    He find? ■
that a few simp ppry aU the knov* ired.
At the same time we met the fanners' second objection    b
test the quality of cement    by producin ■   - 'hat
erd to be te
The I       • • i ' emrnt that you buy by the bag ii the same <" .Anuria
Oment that is sold by the tr.nn-load for pre ind
Tlitr* n ■ Caa.tm Ccmtnt DmI«
n Y.ei, N»i|SKftrho«wl
■   ,:    h.i
iii  I    nth
Canada Cement Company Limited
Dominion  Security Co., Limited
ber to   announce that  they  have opened up ofFi
corner of First Street  and Connaught Avenue for  tbe  pur
pose of handling real estate, timber, et<,   1 , m to
call aud get particulars, and get  in  on  ground floor pri - .
We also make a specialty of lifted property.
A. McRae,
T.  Kilpatrick,
Sec. Treasurer
I'. O. Drawer No. 4.    Telephone No. 321.
Plumbers find Tinsmiths
Ropalrs,    Hot Air and Furnaoe
work a 8pocialty
Oonnaught   Ave.    -    Rnvnlttohn
quickly atoiii  coeigtn,  cuo-i  cold*, and  hrili
the throat and lunil. ga centa.
Ottawa. May 'J.—What interest rale
the bank- shall be allowed io charge
on loans or discounts wa' the first!
problem ta kle.l toilay when ihe Hank
ng Commission resumed consideration of the bank Act. The clause as
;t stood in the bill Bled 7 per cent.
a ' the maximum charge. |
lion. W.T   White stated that, iu tho
J, a limitaiion  would
recoil on  ihe borrowers.   He was ag-,
oi  any one oi ihese courses—
i iuse to stand, to strike '
nake  the maximum rates
minister,    lt he  thought
■,,,,,tionaic, the reel, ii     hands.
e,.[,..    protested that:
.merest rates would '
* ;l ibird ol !
ive   " be   h it.
.   • i to give
bi inoii
lie I       lllUlll
' pulaU
li b  rales
mi1 '• any
ite e,f intcr-
.tinurii   shall
I    1111T . 1
mding that
• .stums as to
I th'n be tecon-
Heact OtFico
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
O (K>00-0<>00<><HK>0^>0<><>0<HK><KK>p
Smaaeria! Bank of Canada. §
Toronto, Ontario. V
6,000,000.00 $
Branches or Agents at all principal points In Canada,
Agents in Great Britain una United Suites London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago First National Hank, Corn Exchange National Hunk. Seattle Seattle National Bank. San Francisco Wells Fargo Nevada National Hunk. Spokane -Exchange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, uiul  Interesl  allowed at
Q   current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
9   Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
6 CKKKKK>^<>0<><K>0<K><^^
To Our Friends and Neighbors
Railway   will
of telegraph wire
tie' oom-'
I ttii  foi   western Canada,  nnd  it     is
, ultima
pbonc sly throughout      tho
/.••ef      with      tli"    oo ij ie   nf  small
! eimrh Hue i The- ii a of telephones for
conduct,n,'   Ihf   Ia,  in .'    I     |.nlr-h -
Ing train nnl oarrytog commercial
fnnisa!""' wifl |«> adopted In the courso
of lhe Mil lew roars, Two thousand
two hundred „neI itghty mllei of linos
wlll be operated thii year I.y telo -
You know us. You know we
afford to — go back on our word
this money-back-if-not-satisfied
We' honestly believe we have tho
lwst bowel remedy ever mude — tho
most pleasant-Uptake, most por>
mancntly beneficial laxative for relief
from tie' miseries and dangon arising
from constipation.
We wouldn't say this if we didn't
believe it   tO lie Inle'.     Wo Wouldn't
risk mir reputation by making mich
statements did u1, not feel sure you
would liml tli'iii true.
• mr faith is lmili both on the
knowledge of whal Rexall Orderlies
nre niiide of and iiii observation of
very ninny severe eases in whieh they
hove proven their merit.
Try them at Our Risk
If they do not iiluindiinlly provo
thsh merit   with yuu also — if ynu
are nui entirely satisfied with them —
we will refund your money — and wo
will do thnt on your mere say-so.
We don't nsk yuu to risk n penny.
Isn't that fair?
Just let the IkiwcIs fnil in properly
doing their work — junt lei iheir
seiiiin   be   delayed   and   incomplete
and tho entire system [iii'l every
Other  organ   suffers,   Wastes   that
CAUTION: Please l>onr in mind that Rexall Orderlies nro not sold by all drug-
gift".   You ean buy Rcinll Orderlies only at tho Hexall Stores.
You can buy Hexall Orderlies in this community only at our store:
would not — that we could not
. Nor can you afford to Ignore
offer on this splendid laxative.
should have I n dispelled remain
to poison the system.
Headaches, biliousness, nervousness iuui other tormenting nnd serious ills ore common when tho bowels
fnil to iii't. daily as nature Intonded.
All this may be avoided, if you will
accept our advice.
taste just like enndy. They aro
soothing nnd ensy in nction. They
do not rnuse griping, nausea, purging or excessive looseness. They
tend to tone and strengthen intestinal
nerves and muscles. They promptly
relieve constipation, nnd help to permanently overcome it.
Hexall Orderlies promote better
spirits nnd better henlth. In all of
these things they nre vastly superior
to old-fashioned, harsh salts and
other purgatives, which arc not only
unpleasant to take but which usually
leave tho bowels in worse condition
than before. We particularly recommend Rexall Orderlies for children,
ni" '1 and dclicato persons.
Rexall Orderlies come in vest-
pocket tin boxes. 12 tablets, 10c;
30 tablets, 25c; 80 tablets, SOc.
The 35___££_S Store    B
Iritish Columbia
Thw in n Retail Store in nearly wry town and oity In the Onited SUtea. Canada and
Oreat liritain. There ia a different Retail Remedy for nearly erey ordinary human Ul —
each eapeoially daaigncd for tbe particular Ul for which it u recommended.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest Drug Store* ■WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913.
Brownie's $1 to $4.00
Folding Brownie's $5 to $12
Kodaks $10 to SB5
Winter or Summer
You Can Kodak
BEWS  The %MaJ& Store
and Feed
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co.'y
Second  Street
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
McKENZIE  AVE. Revelstoke.
B. C.
Phone 262.
Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity. Call it BINCHAM'S MUSIC
STORE ami inspect tin.- large stock ol Mandolines. Violins, Guitars, Acrord-
eons, Piccolos, Flutes, Multi-Flutos, Harmonicas, Sheet Musio, Albums,
Player Piano Rolls, Silk Piano Drapes, Etc , Selling at Bastera Prices.
Edison Phonographs and Victrr Cramophonos with Cood Stock ol Records.
Also 250 Edison Wax Records selling at 40c. to clear. (Usual price, 63c). Ask
le.r Catalogue oi the.New Edicon Blue Soal Unbreakable Records.
Come Early and Get First Choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a Specialty.
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laundry.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80 EARL BARRACLOUGH, Manager.
0.   There shall be levied and raised quired to make up the amount of the adopted by the Council on the
in each year     during   the currency oi annual interest and sinking fund up-
the said debentures the sum of Eleven cn the debt hereby created is nil;
Hundred Dollars for the payment    of Be it therefore enacted by tho Gor-
dnterest and One Hundred and Thirty- poration of the City of itevelstoke as
One Dollars for the     payment of the follows:
baid debt under     the said debentures 1-   The sum of     Fifteen   Thousand
by a special rate sullicient     thereior Dollars or so much thereof as Bhall be
on all the ratable real property in tho nooessary shall be expended in improv-
said Municipality. ing and extending the     water supply
7.   It shall be lawful for the Muni- system and   electric    light system of
cipal Council 0f tlio said Municipality
to repur.liase any of tho said debenit-
i res upon such terms as may be ag -
reed upon with tho legal holder or
liolders thereof either at the time   of
the said Oity and it shall be lawful
■for the Mayor of tho said Corpora -
tion of the City of Rovelstoko to bor
day of May. 1913.
City Clerk.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
A By-Law to enable the Corporation
oi the City of Revelstoke to raiso
by way of debentures the sum of
Twenty Thousand Dollar'-' for tbo
purposes of the Board of School
Trustees of the City of Revelstoke
WHERE\S tbe Board of Sehool
Trustees of the City of Revelstoke
have in pursuance ol the powers conferred on ihem by the Publio Schools
Act, caused io be prepared and laid
before the Municipal Council of ihe
Corporation oi the City of Revdsitoke
a detailed estimate of the sums required to meet special or extraordinary expenses which may be legally incurred by the Board, and such estimate has been considered and finally approved by the Council;
AND WHEREAS tbe -aid .siimate
provided foi' ihe erection and equipping
oi a new school building part of
Dlo.k numbered Six between Second
and Third streets and between Garden
Avenue and Government Street, Revelstoke, B.C., and the acquisition of a
part of said Block for a site for such
s -hool building; I
AND WHEREAS to meet the expenditure as provided by said estimate it
is necessary that the Muni.ipality
.-hould raise the -ta of $20,000;
AND WHEREAS it is deemed expedient to raise upon the e-redit of the
Municipality ihe sum of $20,000.00 for
s.hool purposes as aforesaid;
ANU WHEREAS ihe total amount
required to be raised annually by special rate for paying the said debt and
interest thereon and for creating a
sinking t'und for to pay the daid principal de'bt within Fifty years is for
interest •■•llOii.OO and for sinking fund
•M31.H0 maving a total ot $1231.00;
AND WHEREAS the amount of the
whole ratable land within the Municipality including the territory comprised within thc Revel-toke School
District for shool purposes according
to the last revised assessment roll is
NOW THEREFORE the Munieipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of Revelstoke in open meeting assembled enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful ior the Mayor
of the Corporation of tbe City oi
Revelstoke for the pin • ose aforesaid,
iiiii he is hereby authorised, to bor-
ie.w an the .-relit o' th'' Municipality
ly way of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any person, persons, firm
1 ody or bodies corporate, who may
te willing to advance tb' same as a
loan, a sum of money, no', exe-eeding
in the whole the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollar- and to cause all such
-.im- -o raised or received to be paid
into the hands of tbp Treasurer of the
Corporation oi the City of Revelstoke
ior thc purpose aforesaid and with
tbe objeci hereinbefore recited.
2. It -hall be lawful ior the Mayor
of the- said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to '•nise any number of
debentures' to be made exe uted and
is-ui'ei foi such sum or -urns as may
!• re Hired for the purpose and Object afore«aid noi exceeding however,
the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures Bhall be of the denomination of One Thousand Dollars each
and all ot whih debentures shall be
sealed with the -enl ol the Coipora-
tion of the City of Revelstoke and
Signed I.y the Mayor an 1 Clerk thereof
3. The said deliontine- shall bear
the date of 2nd ol June, 1013 and
shall be payable in Fifty years from
tbe *aid date in lawful money of
Canada at the ollice of the Molsons
Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid, which
plaee of payment shall be designated
by ths -aid debentures, and -ball have
ntt.i h-d to them coupons for tne payment of interest, and thc signature to
the Interest     coupon"    may be either
I written.     printed,    stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear in-
ter.-t at the rate of Five and One-half
I'r r.-nt. per annum from the date
thereof, which interest shall be paid
semi-annually, at the office of the Motions Bank at Revelstoke, aforesaid in
lawful money of Cannda on the 2nd
.lay i.f June nnd nn the 2nd day ot
December, respectively in each and
STtry year durine the currency thereof and it shall lie expressed in said
debentures to be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
ol th" »aid Corporation of the City of
nerelatoke to negotiate nnd sell the
said d<»b".iturefi or any of them for
last than par.
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
true copy of the By-Law upon which
the vote of Lhe Municipality will     \»
taken in the City Hall, corner of Second    Street    and    McKenzie  Avenue,
Revelstoke,  B.C.,  on  Thursday,    May;
row on thu   credit of     the   said City ! 22nd,  1913, between the hours of 9 a.
end on the security of the rates   and ' m. and 7 p.m.
sale and at any Bubsoquent time, and charges  by  way  of debentures herein- W. A. GORDON,
all debentures so repurchased shall be after mentioned from any person    or  Acting Clerk for the Municipal Council"
forthwith cancelled or destroyed    and persons, body or bodies, corporate wh0 May Oth, 1913.
no reissue of debentures shall be made
in consequence of such repurchase.
8. In this By-Law the word "Municipality1' shall bo deemed to extend
to and include all territory and properly comprised within tho Revelstoke City for the purposes and
School District and all such property objects hereinbefore recited
shall be liable to assessment bereun -
der as provided by tho Public Schools
9. This By-Law if passed shall lake
e.icct and come imo force on and after the 2nd day of June, 1913.
IC.   This By-Law  may bo cited for
all    purposes   as   tho     " Revelstoko nomination of $1,000.00 and all
(School Board) Loan By-Law No   debentures shall  be  sealed  with
may bo willing to advance the same, j
the sum     not exceeding in tho whole j
the sum of $15,000.00 and to cause all
such sums so raised to bc paid   into
the hands' ot the Treasurer of the said
with     the
■>. It shall be lawiul for the Mayor I
to cause any number of debentures to
be made executed and issued ior sucb
sum or sums as may be required for
the purposes and objects aforesaid not
exceeding Ihe sum of $1'5,000.00; each '
of said debentures     being of   tbe de-
11. This By-Law shall before the
f nnl passing thereof receive the as -
sent of ihe electors according to the
provisions' of and in the manner prescribed by the Municipal Act.
Read a first time the 2nd day ot
.May, 1913
Read a second time tbe 2nd day of B»nk at Revelstoke, aforesaid,   which
May   1913. • place of payment shall  be designated
Read a third time the 2nd day     of  ljy said debentures and sheill have at-
Seal of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke and signed by ihe Mayor
and  Clerk  thereof.
3. The said debentures shall be
dated the 2nd day of June, 1913 and
shall be made payable in fifty years
Irom the said date in lawful money of
Canada at  the otlice ot     tbe iMolsons
Tbe Police have been instructed byr
the City Council to prosecute all persons keeping or harboring a Dog without a License.
A Dog that is not worth paying ai
License for is worth nothing.
Dag Taxes can be paid at the Polio*
Station or City Offices, up to May 13
After that date action will bc taken.
May, 1913, and passed with the unanimous cons.'nt of the Council.
Received the assent of tho electors
the   day of May, 1913.
Reconsidered     adopted and    fimilly
passed by the Council tbe  day
of May, 1913.
City Clerk
taehed to them coupons for the payment of interest and the signature of
the coupons may be either written,
printed, stamped or lithographed.
•!. The said debentures shall bear
inter..'st at the rate of 3J per centum
per annum from the dale thereof,
which intere=t shall be payable semi-
  annually at the otlice oi the Molsons
Mayor. Bank at ReveUto.ce aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada on tho 1st day
ot June and 1st day of December respectively in eaeh and every year dur-
TAKE NOTICE that the above is a
ir.ie copy of the By-Law upon whieh
the vote of thc Municipality will be
taken in the City Hall, corner of Second Street and McKenzie Avenue,
lievelstoke, B.C., on Thursday, May
22nd, 1913, between the hours of 9 a.
m and 7 p.m.
Acting Clerk for ihe Munieipal Council
May 6tb, 1913.
Corporation of ih City
of Revelstoke
Examinations for the position of
Inspector of Steam-boilers and Machinery, under "Boilers Inspection Act"
will be held at the Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing June 9th,
1918. Application and instruction
^^^^^^ forms can be had on application     to
ing tho currcny thereof' and it shall the undersigned, to whom the former-
le expres-'ed in said debentures and must be returned, correctly filled in,
coupons to be s0 payable. not iater than May 22nd, 1913. Salary
5. it shall be lawful for the 6aid $145 per month, increa-ing $10 per
Mayor to negotiate and sell said de - month per annum to a maximum ot
debentures or any of     them for   less $200 per month.
than par. JOHN PECK,
6. For the     payment of   the   said chief Inspector of Machinery,
debt there shall be set aside and with Xew Westminster, B. O.
drawn in each year during the curren-  igt ib^ j.r.7 t0 jj.21.
ey of the said debentures from the an-  ' — — =
nual  current  revi nue of the  Municipal-! -mt
ity as derived irom said water     and itfzi.j&'Qi
1 lee trie  linht rates and  charges     the1
sum of $98.25, and such sum shall be
transferred front     the annual current j
revenue account and be paid into     a
special account to form a -inking fund
for the purpose mentioned herein.
7. For the pmioe oi paying the
intere-t on .-'aid debentures as tho
same becomes due and payable there
shall be set aside nn.l withdrawn in
each year from the annual current revenue  of  the  Muni'ipality  as derived
, fro-n the said water anl electrlo light
rales and charges the sum of $S25.00,
' which sum shall be transferred from
the annual current rev.'nue of ihe account of said City and be paid into a
WHEREAS the Municipal Council special account tor such purpose and
ol the Corporation of tho City of to be disbursed when and as the in-
Revolstoke deem it necessary
nd ex-
1 e-elii nt in ihe interests oi the City ot
Hevelstoke that the present water supply system and electric light system
Of the said City should bc improved
and extended;
AND WHEREAS lo defray thc costs
Inlments of interest become due,
8. During the currency of -aid debentures said rates and charges to the
extent aforesaid shall nol form part
of the annual revenue ot the Municipality.
9. It  shall  be lawful ioT  ibe  Muni-
ihereof it will be necessary 10 borrow cipal Council of said Corporation fr0m
the sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars, time to time to repurchase any of said
which the Council of said Corporation debentures at such price or prices as
proposes to raise by the iisue and sale may be mutually a _-ri"'.l upon with
of debentures secured upon tho rates the legal holder or holders thereof and
and .barges which are chargeable and a|] deben 1 uie-'so repurchased shall be
•■niorceable for the user of water aud cancelled and no ri issue of any such
electric light under the Water und debenture or debentures shall be made
Electric Light Regulation By-Law 1903 ■;„ consequence o! -aid purchase,
and amendments; |    ,„    As adujtional sool,rity the cred-
AND WHEREAS  the estimated am-  it „, the SRid Mlinic[pailty ol lftr(,e is
ount of     the   said rates nnd charges  ,„,,„,,„ pMge6 U), ,,,, wment 0, lhe
chargeable and enforceable for the year
in which this By-Law    is passed     is
AND WHEREAS the amount charged on thc said rates and charges is
the sum of $17,488.21;
AND WHEREAS thc debt hereby
created is on the security of the said
water nnd electric light rates and
charges and is further guaranteed by
the Municipality at large,
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
the said principal money and interest
during the currency of the debentures
to be issued if is necessary to set
aside and  withdraw  from  the annual
annual interest and sinking fund required for the extinguishment oi the
debt . rented by this By-Law and the
Municipality hereby guaranty payment of the same to the lawful bolder or holders of Baid debentures. ',
11. This By-Law shall come into
force and take effect on the' 2nd clay
of June, 1913.
12. This By-Lew may be cited lor
all purposes a« the "Water and Elec-
tri.   Light  Rates Lonn By-Law No	
Read a first lime the 2nd day
May, 1913.
Bead n second time the 2nd day
current revenue derived from said wa- ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ii r and electric light rates' and charges  Mfty* 1913'
annually the sum of $923.25, the spec-)    n"ft<1 » MrA time ,ho 2nd da7
May, 1913, and passed with the unnn
ific annual  sum  required for  the payment of interest being $826.00 and for
the payment 0' the debt $98.35;
AND WHEREAS  the estimated do-
imotis consent of the Council.
Received the assent  of the Electors
on the  day of May, 1913.
ficieney in said rates and  charges re-     Reconsidered and  finally pimsed and I
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
I berta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased ior a term ot
twenty-cue years ut an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leased to ono applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by tbe applicant in person to tbe
Agent or Sub-Agent of tbe district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease will include the coal mia-
ing rights only, but the let-see may
be permitted to purcbase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ot
tbe mine at the rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
be     described    by sections, or   legi^l
Hub-diviuioni of sections,  and in  un-
I surveyed  territory   tbe   tract  applied
j lor shall  le staked out  cy the    ap -
l plicant  himself.
Each applicant must be accompan-
I led by a fee of $5 wbich will be refunded il the rights at plied for aro
I not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at tbe
rate of flve cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
(urnisb tbe Agent with sworn returns
accounting for tbe full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay tha,
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining;
rights are not being operated, suah
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department of tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Bub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 14th, 1913.
H. Roos of Vancouver  is in lown.
Frank AUwood paid Golden a visit
last week.
June  28—"The  rose''   by Opera Co.
Bmpress theatre.
Mrs. Wm. Allen, oi Rogers Tass,
spent Friday last in town. I
D. W. Lucas of Winnipeg, is a guest
al  the King Edward today.
The i ;    t        b   Tennis Dance will   ClOSC SCaSOll f OF FifCS
appear i i Saturday s issue.
Conservatives Meet
(Continued from Fage One.)
The nexl meeting    of the executive
is to be held in New Westminster    at
the call of the president.
Mr. Theo. Wadman ot this city has
been offered the position of travelling
secretary of the association. Upon bo-
ing interviewed, Mr. Wadman would
not commit himself one way or the
other, regarding ihe above dispatch.
It is apparent from the above that
the Conservative party are determined to embark upon a systematic organization ln  the  province.—Ed.
Mrs, li. '/■■ Crawford has taken Mrs.
Fred j/rick who is ill, to her home iu
Alex  Math   on ol Golden -pout the
l.t- ••!  part of last  week visiting Rev-
.... and Vicinity.
Archie Mclssac of Nova Scotia, is
paying a visit to Revelstoke ibis week
He is at the King Edward.
The Forest Mills .-awmill at Comaplix is now running full capacity, and
turning out on" hundred thousand feet
Mr. Cecil Cutten, relieving teller of
Royal Bank of Canada, spent a Jay
in town with his old friend R, Hod-
son, en route to Rossland.
Miss Monton of London. England,
and Miss Mai shall of Victoria, arc
visiting Revelstoke this week, the
guests ot Mrs. II.  11.  MeVity.
The Star theatre is now showing
day-light pictures, you can se'e ihese
..   tion     pictures     with the    electric
lights  on.   This  is something new.
Mr. N.C. Stewart, C.E., of Vancouver, ac om;...uied by bis mothei- .-'pent
Thursday with Mrs. J.C. English,
while on their way to their home iu
'lhe C.P.Ri are  giving   very  liberal
rate- for their Victoria Day excursion
I ,,:.. third fare round trip. Tho
ng  dates  are  from  May  11  <o 21,
i    irn liir.ii May JTih.
Tb'- Lalic-' Auxiliary of St. John's
chur. h will give a tea on Wednesday,
May 21st, in tli.' Howson Block, from
to " p.m.   A culinary tuhlc, dot
and.    a lea will in i vidence.
Mr. Moid Millar and wife of     Cal -
ry,  were visitors  in  the city     las.
"  ■ 1 iy an ■ Ti -elay.   Mi   Millai wa
a resident   of   RevelBtoke som.'        ?'ix
yeai- ago, being manager of the Ideal
.   in   Store.
Mr. Harcourt,     who has    bi.
Bt  clerk  in   ihe  Imperial B..uk  tor
i-  ri eived a  promotion
to Letl tchi d him
F     ,. .■ and he left ih.it e>
Th-    i. -.v   bright   ui kei plated   num -
th ■    of OU    :
: ?ement as
Thi   ;
ad i
Mi . Fori
. the
Mi -   ,..   Imark. Mr
here I He ha
■ -   b      ty '■' Mrs
.     '  .
0 the
-.   ■
Mr.  Tho    .
: '
Victoria. May 13—Settlers throughout British Columbia may with advantage be once more reminded ihat.
according to the regulations of the
Forest Board, it is now illegal to
burn slash and general accumulating
as a result of clearing operations un- ■
less a permit for such burning is se-
eiiiid, this order continuing through
the dry season—until October 1 It
i- noteworthy that Briti-'h Columbia
is the only Canadian province' whi.-h .
thus controls and regulates sla-h burn I
ing throughout thu summers, and in
consequence 0f this precaution the per
eentage of loss and danger through
-ettlcrs. Land clearing is lower here
lhan elsewhere in the Dominion.
1 IOc. Line   ::   Minium 25c
WANTED—A Chambermaid ai the
Hotel Revelstoke.
WANTED—To Rent, furnished bouse,
Write P.  0. Box 914,
FOR RENT—A small Hunch for Rent
next to Willi- Armstrong's. Apply
to Revelstoke Hardware Co.
NURSING—Maternity and other cases
taken. Apply Mrs. A. C. Lee corner Fourth St., and Orton Ave.
Special Sale Ladles Tailored Suits,
to order $40, balance Spring and Sum
mer Goods.—Cressman & Co. Ap.304t
Tho flrst Canadian contingent that
went to the Boer war were insured for
if 1,000,000 in the Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation. Tho Revel -
stoke Fire Brigades are also insured
in this company. The special agent
tor this company is Chas. M Field —
Best policy in the market issued to all
especially to railroaders.
You make no mistake by coming in
to the Moose now.   Tho charter is op-1
en, and the rates are low.   You can't!
I eat it for a good, s'ound order.
Have you  seen  it  yet?   The Edison
Amberola V.   Drop in at the     Music
Store and hear it.   lis Edison's last
"big hit" a Cabinet [.hornless) phono- i
Only four companies settled their
losses in full in the San Francisco
earthquake and fire, ot which the London Assurance Corporation was one.
This company paid out $7,000,000 in
that disaster, their policies aro written here by Chas. M. Field.
Forty years in use, 20     years     tho
standard,  pn-si ribed  and  recommend,
ed by physicians.   For Woman's Ail -
ments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills,    at
your druggist.
Railroaders, beware. Do not put on
I life or accident insurance without first
■t looking over the attractive and     low
priced policies offered you  by Chns.M.
J Field, in his sound and reliaMe companies.
We    aro  pla ing    2r>     Ladies    Suit
Lengths on sale for thr.'e weeks, bal-
' ance of Spring and Summer Suitings.
| Pri'-e ?10 a suit —Cressman an.l Company. Ap.30 41.
GALT COAL is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agen.ies, Ltd.
While in the Music Store inspect the
stock of Newcombe Pianos. Ask for
a little music on tho Player— Thou
you'll realise what it really is your
home has' been lacking so loug.
NAVAL BILL'*~~~*~**~***~%~%~
Ottawa, May 0—Sharp j.1 1 j :1cck
this morning, amidst oppositi >n cues
of "Now for the gag," 'B.'iUf; cn
your gag," the voting iu be Uo" to
Are you a Moose? If not, why not? ' 0f Commons on the various cerusci of
This Five Dollar Initiation Fee is'the naval bill commenced,
something you don't get overy day.— The debate was closed oy B.M. K« 0-
Remember,  it raises to Twenty-five as  donald of Piotou, and during; the last
Mrs. W. 1. Briggs will not receive
on Friday the lGt'h inst.
Mrs. J.E.B. Dickson Fourth streot,
will  not  receive again  this seas'on.
Mrs. J.W. Stevenson had a muuh
enjoyed holiday to Vancouver last
Mrs.  G.W   Edwards will not  receive
soon as the charter closes.
Coming the big show "The Prince of
Tonight" at Revelstoke. opera housa,
May 22nd. Iss. M.3. to 22
tlve minutes of his speech there     was  on  Saturday the 17th, nor again un-
some disturbance.     At 1:50 Chairman  til autumn.
Blondin rose and said that he had
spoken 20 minutes. Mr. Macdonald
denied this. He said that he rose at
1:40 and was entitled to speak until
2 o'clock. Amidst cries of'time" from
the Conservatives and "Tako your
medicine" from the Liberals, Mr. Macdonald s'poke with fervor until tho
hands of the clock pointed to 2 o'clock
When he sat down he was cheered hy
the Liberals, who commenced to call
he closure. So
great was the noise tihat when tho
Ap.30 4t. chairman put the motion ho was not
heard, a fact to which the attention of
Now that the snow is oil the root.—  the house was called by Premier Bor-
Ho is doing it again—Who,  the Chim  den in moderate  tones.
ney Sweep, at the Oriental hotel. |    Chairman  Blondin then  put Mr. Ger
man's amendment to clause 2 calling
Seo Chas M. Field about that Life
Policy you aro contemplating putting
on in the company of which Lord
Strathcona and the President of the
Hank of Montreal aro directors.
Special price on Ladies Tailored
suits $40, balance of Spring Goods.—
Leave your order early and have your \~ The a     m     ,.,.  .„
suit made by  expert ladies    tailors.-
Cressman &  Co.
It only costs you a Five Dollar Bill
for Initiation Fee to become a good
Loyal Moose. This is for a short time
only, so make hay while the sun shines
Remember tbe date of ths Opera
House Ball, May 2.ith next, given by
the Management. r.t.d.
The Moose Lodge No. 10S5, are hold
ing a Smoker after their regular meet
ing on May lith, in the Oddfellows
HaU All members and their friends
aie cordially invited. Lodge business
at 8p.m. and smoker at 9 p.m.       3t.
The great Two-Reel Feature—" The
Stolen Symphony" and Pathes Weekly
showing the world's events in motion
pictures, ai th.' Star th'atro tonight
and Thursday.
Mrs. R. Howson will receive on
Friday, the lGlh, and not again till
Sepl ember.
Mrs. J.K. Johnson will receive on
Saturday the 17th inst, from 4 to 6,
and not again this season.
Mrs. Hurry Cooke, is home from
the hospital convalesing from her operation of two weeks ago.
Jack McCarty is doing well since his
operation for appendicitis and will.be
home again in anothei' week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Keliie will ptob
ably lonio,e to Victoria in July and
make their home there in future.
Mr. Sanderson, a well known old-
timer oi the lower lown, is in the hospital  with a bad alta k oi grippe.
Mr. W. A. Foote has bought Mrs.
Kellie's residence on First street, and
intend- holding it as a speculation.
Rev. Mr. Huntley from Penticton.
has arrived to assume charge of the
Baptist chinch pastorate and may remain permanently. He is rooming
now at  the Y.M.C.A.
Mr. L, W. Wood lias I ecu promoted
clause- of the bill. Clause B, 4 and 3, to Mr. Harcourt's former position as
to each of which the German amend- discount clerk. Mr. Lang will lill the
mont was attached, weredteposed of as  vacan-jy as Ledger keeper caused     by
Mr. Wood's promotion.
for the supervision oi the proposed
expenditure by parliament. This was
negatived on a vote of Di. to 03. a gov
ernment majority oi 33. A. Bellemare
Nationalist, voted with  lho Liberals.
Hugh Guthrie's amendment culling
for the spending of the money in Canada was rejected on a vote of 9G to Tel
a government majority of 32.
Clause 2 was theu adopted on a div-
sion of 90 to 63, a government majority  of 33.
The voting then proceeded on other
FOR    SALE—Two    Registered York-
hiiM  .,.1,1 Nine  l'i.-s,  ten  week*  old.
Apply to Box i'.. Revelatoke, B.C.
FOR SALE—Good White Potatoes, 2
to 3 cailoaels, iu first-class condition
Any reasonable ofler a.-ccp'.-d. --
i has.  Wright, I'ano., B.C.
i'i iR SALE   I *     . .-•• Baby Carriage
i in   lai ■•   Sidel oat d.   Thi se articles
good as new  at one-third   e'-t. Ap-
ii   Evan*, First  street, Rev-
.1   . M.n. 2t.
TANNING—Calgary Tannerj   C     Ltd
Eas   i
and hides of every  lei Work
guaranteed .■•  tnonej  refunded,     \\'i
tan ain-r>.
paid    i
1 i
Meets IS    Wil
'.I r. : •
Per John
I lm
Prince of To-night
Gorgeous  co-tumes,    Ja/ziing  spec-
t.i ular effects, high cla-s mu-'ic, siun-
ning show --iris an.l dashing broilers
form the background o.'  '.hut     most
tr  ot     musical  comedies   " The
ii 'ii .   of Tonight" which will be th-.'
iheatre on
la . May 24th.
The • by Tom Arnold,
.n ;..- hap] test mood   in
The story tells oi    tho
Mr.   A a   snanded   college
li .       .th and     is
d by a tl hi iresa whom
bile a tm.- as u.e Baver at
.   ach.       She
.    iforms
,v. alth a:.
hance at all.   Hut h       ifl
i     .   g ut. who
him      into
rom th
hich   he
e       e
Poultry News
A meeting of the Revelstoke Poultry
Association was held at Smythcs hall
la-t n.glu. Members present were:—
J. Mathie. in the hair, F. Laing, F.
i ■■■ i lam, H. SelghCried, R. Ballard,
F. Somes, CE, Young, J. Devine, E.
Somerville aud Sec.  Roy  Smythe.
Th minutes of lasi meeting were
read and on motion were adopted as
i' ad.
new  members were elected,    P.
Levesque and J. Boyle.
a lettei received trom the Dominion
the handling oi eggs,   and
an advantageous plan was
.   till next meeting  io lind out
If su bstore was opining up in RevelBtoke.
\   uo '  Interesting judging competition then took place and ended a very
-ai'.  meeting,   Any  member wish
to any oi the above' meet
ire invitc>d to do so by the Rev-
...   Poultrv Association.
Clause 3 amendment rejected 64 t.o
'.M;  clause carried 05  to  64.
Clause 4 amendment rejected G4 to
PC;  elausa carried H6  io  66.
Clause 5 amendment rejected ti4 to
'.17;  clause caiiied %  to  I'.I.
'lhe clause introduced by Premier
Borden la-it nighl and providing for
an annual statement to parliament *;o
which Mr. German moved an amendment t'bal contracts should be let by
public tendei- was then voted on. Tho
amendment was rejected. The clause
was then adopted without division, it
1 ein%  acceptable   to   the  opposition.
Then a storm arose. Premier Bor-
iltn not |,p ,0 move that lbe bill be
reported, but his attention was drawn
io Uie fact that W.F. Carroll of Cape
Breton was speaking and be sat down
Mr. Carroll proposed a new olauae
that the material sofar as possible be
purchased In Canada. A discussion
rose as to whether Mr. Carroll had
the right to make such a motion.
Premier Borden contended that undrr
the new rules he had not.
Sir Wilfrid raised a point of order,
The college l.oys from .McGill, Mr.
Bert I.awn nee and Mr. Fred Ureiu-
bait, are expected home on Friday.
licit finished hi-' Eecond year exams,
iu medicine on Monday evening, and
Fred completed his semi-final-
Mr, Jack Nixon, contractor of this
city, was overcome by a severe at -
tack of appendicitis/ when across the
river at Big Eddy last Friday. He
was immediately hurried to the hospital, where the doctors found it neces
.-'ary to operate a' one He is doing
very well -ince. Mr, Nixon's gang
are at work on a big contract at Sicamous.
Mrs. Dent received .he good news by
wire this morning, that h.-r son Charlie has finished bis three years course
and graduated with honors trom ihe
college oi dentistry In Portland, ore.
Charlie h.is hosts of warm friends here
who send him congratulations and
best wishes for the future. Ho will
qualify now for practice in B.C. by
pa-'sing lhc provincial dental examination in June.
li is learned with ihe deepest regret
and maintained that a member had a tnat Nurse Campbell, who has been ill
Juvenile Artists
I. ■ \:i/■ 1 I, Cal., May 13—Nil
Iren, seventeen of her own .m.I
two adopted, have le-en reared uy Mrs
May C, Koch ol thi.- ity, yet -he haa
let-taken ihe taBk of bringing up
another. A petition sign"! by Mrs.
Ko h foi 'he adoption of an eighten
months-old girl, Helen Shirley, ves
i.o(ore Judge McCormick in tho Hip-
erior courl   today.
'While 1 U-lieve I have ilrealy Cono
my duty,'' said the petitiowr, "1
might just ns w.ll rear an iven Se'tre
of them."
All the nineteen children roared f-rm
babyhood by Mrs. Koch are living      j
. :■:'■:.
Noti ••■   i hei ,v  'h"
n loard of
i .f'-n tog Comml Doners  ior   ...
of  Uevelstoke  to be  held aftei   :hc expiration of thirty days from  ihe dato
hereof, applica'lon     will   be made by
the undersigned for on     to
fohn Caley to transfer to .IC. Tapping the Hotel I.i <tiho to sell UqUON
by retail at tbe premine.i known as the
City  Hotel   Revelstoke,   B.O.
I>atod this 2nd day of May, PI13.
John Caley, by his al'ornoy in fact,
W. H. Pratt.
May Tth, 30d.
0   ■'    •
•v Co .     at
Opera MouM     e tho
Confu 'ion.    by looti Dram-
mdei   iuspiM   of
Club, Empress theatre,
.lune   ith   * The    Rod   Roi "    a'     the
'i|"Ta Ifou-iei
.I nne —"—"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Coming—"Rnynl     Players,'' at   the
Emprmfl theatre
minently as a Juvenile organiza
t.on - i   iv i.i> i  Juvenile op-
. npany  which has   included this
of ii    fifth world
1 ,uli.fui  it ever  t)lc
orj   of   ...I .-    has     heen
• b      Ong   dl     i'i •-   i.'Cords      en-
\u iralian . hii -
'   whom  is     now
netl   a-   Some
i(   the   pn s in com -
around the
i i
■ i i but
:,     e
■ ..ill as
ist evi niiul   ,,nel
tp '.   ui'l     a
.,(  re i.       'rin.i
.th,-' on.pany   ol
■   phi  the patrons ol
Sg  an engage
meBt h      and    Wednesday
Ain Ii  open    Monday  with    a
it  presentation of "The Toy-
maker    f with     " The
Mikado"  on T day and      Wclm   .lay
.   .'leui,'       '   il -ir,   Herald.
At   'be.  Bmprefl   theatre  .m Friday,
M . I    'I'd.
right to intiodu ed a new auicndmei.t
There was nothing in the rules io bar
him out, he maintained.
Amidst much disorder Hon. William
Pugsley rose to speak lo his leader s
I oint of order. The' ex-minister and
Chairman Blondin stood facing one
another for a couple of minutes, but
what Mr. Pugsley said eould not be
beard from ihe press gallery. Finally,
bairn an  ru
for some time m the hospital, wub
pneumonia, Is not making satisfactory
recovery. Lung trouble ol a serious
nature has set in. If .Miss Campbell
is able io -land the journey, h.r brother intends taking her to the sanitarium at Kamloops, hoping that she
will benefit by the air theieand the
tuberculosis treat ment.
d   lhal   the poiut cf st-  Jobu's young     people's society
order    might  be    discussed  and    sot llave baer) boldin^ monthly  -ociul cv-
elown.  and  Mr.   Pugsley  proceeded    to enings all winter with groat ami grow
saj   lhat   the new rules  were degrading iuB success.   Last uight  was  the  last
and    d shon ning     parliament.        He
maintained that tbey  eould   apply on
ic li  clauses  0f  thc   bill  as had  beet
BU |" nil.-.l    but not   io    a new    clause
v. hi. h  any  member  might make.   Alii sirien   of somewhat
i.   .  in   which  various    point-     o:
. i d t  were  raised,   P.B.  Blondin    t.n
ally moved thai Premier Borden's mo
Ion thai    the bill   be   reported   be   put.
Mi.  I'm: ley moved tbat the   chair-
'i.iii  leave  lb.' chair.      The chairman
of tlle seas'ou and was enjoyed by everyone present, from start to finish.
About fifty filled the Lecture room and
listened with deep interest to a pat -
lioti.. program winch wan very Instruo
exciting live. Mr. I'aicr-o.i, o. the high school
ii ad a fine paper on "Tho Flag," and
illiis'iiaied it- biuny and (jo.vih
with colored drawings. Mr. R, ('his
holm spoke on "England"; Mr. Henry
John-ton ou "India" giving a clever
summary of its history.     Mr. Milos
ignored this motion, and amidst loud gave a brief talk on tho strategic im-
Liberal protest* tho ministerialists portanca of Gibraltar, and Miss Gow-
ro e to voie for tbe motion. While an followed wiih a good paper on—
iley  were  being counted the Liberals   "South  African  Colonies."   Mr.  Pag-
h ed  derisively, but  were  motioned den sang  "Flight of  Ages,"  and  Mr..
down by Sir Wiltrid Laurier.     • A. Thomson     "The Veteran's Song."
A rousing chorus by the ladies musl
not be forgotten. Mr. Ainslie, chair -
man, then announced that tho good
time would be continued down stairs,.
Council a'ler ft lively game In which every
one joined, sides wero oho^en for a
spelling match with Mrs. Stevenson
and Mrs. Sturdy as captains. Nobody won. Sehool teachers, graduates, and pupils fell before the awful array hurled at their luckless heads by
Mr.  Paterson from the   public school
Plans for ihe proposed creche building on Ilaro street, Vancouver, were
approved ot by the Associated Char-
it ies Committee of the City
nnd lhe calling for tenderswas authorized. The building is to be two
torlei In height and absolutely flre-
proof.   It will  have a frontage on Ha-
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aird Is leaving tomorrow morning for also considered the planB for the Old
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with the lion Ufattabsr of Public not ripe yet, however, for calling for fosial evening closed about elev-en
Wark-» and it. F. (iroon, M.P. tenders. It is said. _ o dock.


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