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The Mail Herald 1908-03-28

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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use Ihcre is nolhing so
wholesome anil so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
f$*  V
^30 1908
The Mail-H
Fur ense of operation aud perfection
iu reea.'ts prrsduced, this Machine
is nnsnrpisscd —Prick: $60 00 cash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14,-No 22
,,<-,*, Vtt«
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
ies' Sloes
for SDri
O.ir new stock of 1S»')8
Spring Shoes is rapidly
c lining to hand. We are
making a specialty of the
following high gpides:—
the J. A T. Bell for ladies;
lhe Edwin C. Burt, ot New York, tor ladies; the Inetructor
" Stars " lor children. These are the highest grade of Shoes
produced in America. You cannot conceive the quality and
style of these without examining them. We will welcome
the chance to show them to you.
Just to hand an advance shipment of the new
Summer Blouses in Lawns, Swiss and new Egyptian
Muslins, beautiful creations. You will fall in love with
them at ftrst sight.
There never has been such a showing of the New
Voiles, Panamas, Poplins, in this section of the country as we have at present.    Come and see them.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
reprint CtXMta Arriving Oalty. Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, ".nd floor
We have as usual our full stock of READY-MIXED PAINTS
—50 shades to choose from.
We have added for this season Berry Bros, celebrated Varnishes, including Liquid Granite for floors or oilcloth, and Luxe-
berry for Interior finish.
Berry Bros. Furniture Varnhih—$1.60 a gallon.
Alabastine and Agate Wall Finish iu all shades. Fresco*
and Tenting Colors.
Bath Enamels and Oxidized Enamels-all colors. Baplac
lhe world's best.
Varnish Stain-easy to apply-hard to wear off.
Liquid Veneer—Large Bottles, 80c.; small bottles, 35c. Ask
^Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited^
At 8 Per Cent.
Big Tournament at Vancouver
Next Month .
Vancouver, Maroh 27.— Bowling
champions from nil pnrtB ol the province will gather in Vanoouver next
month for tbe individual champion-
sbip tournamant. Tbo tournament
will be open to any man in the province, eaid Manager Clibnrn yesterday.
I have received inquiries fivm New
Westminster, Revelstoke, Nanaimo,
Victoria and one from Nelson regarding the tournament and expect that
we will have about 30 entries from
neighboring cities, while every bowler
in Vancouver has signilled bis intention ol competing. I will denate a
bsndioms prise, emblematic of the
uharaptonsbip ol B, 0,
Big Earthguake Disaster—War
Clouds—Fatal Accident—The
Grand National Steeplechase
Won by Rubio.
Mexico City, March 28—The town
of Ohilsps in the state of Guerrero 1ms
been slricken by an earthquake anil <s
burning. The loi-s of life if great but
the toial ia not kuoan. The population of Chilapa is 15,000.
London, March 28.— Britain is getting surer and surer that Japan and
China are bound to fight. There are
reasons L,r anticipating troublo between Japan and tbe United States,
but there are better ones for counting
on a clash between the Japanese and
the Chinese.
Ati.in, B. C.,. March 28.—A fatal
mining accident occurred at Spruce
Creek, Wednesday evening; resulting
in tbe death ol W. Alliott and A. St.
G. Bowly, two well known miners ot
tbis district. .
LiVEKi'OOl,, March 28.—The Grand
National steeplechase ol lluec thousand sovereigns, including a trophy-
valued at 125 sovereigns, on the Grand
National course, distance about four
milea, 856 yards, was won yesterday by
Major F. Douglas Pennant's Rubio.
Devoured by Wolves
Winnipeg, March 27.—A dispatch
from Fort Fraoces, Ont., says that
American settlers living up the Big
Fork River, opposite the Canadian
boundary, report that a nine-year-old
boy who was kept in alter school and
did not start for home until after dark
was killed and eaten by timber
His mother, getting anxious, started out to search for him with a lantern and wae horrified to find torn
shred ot clothing and boots with the
feet frozen and still in them, the rest
of the body having been devoured by
wolves, who have been unusually daring ai.d rapacious this winter.
the facts that tbe quarletlo nerc
building a fire at the time for warmth
siks', and Ainswortb, who is an elderly
man, was stabbed iu the back neai
tbe right side. The man who is
chirgeil with the act is an American
villi an alias He is only a young
ail 16 years of age or thereabouts,
I'he weapon used waa a big jankknlfi,
..-ith a big blade nearly four inches.
long His name is Fraser. Tbe other
hree carried tlie unfortunate nmn,
Ainswortb, over to his quarters, and
an alarm being raised u bunch of the
C.P.R employees proceeded to hunt
up the man. Thy quickly rounded
i he whole bunch up, aud the R. N.
W. M. P. at Banff. Ainswortb was
raised on tbe wire. The injured man
together with the four oaplurtd men,
were taken to Banff. Aiuswuith was
taken to the sanitarium, uud hie
wounds attended to at once. Medical
opinion in bis case is that be is doing
well at present, although nothing can
be said as to complications which
might result.
Twelve Thousand Men on G.T.P.
Edmonton, March 26.—A force of
over 12,000 men will be employed this
summer by the contracting firm of
Foley, Welch A Stewart in grading
the right-of-way of the Grand Trunk
Pacific in Western Canada, and by far
tbe greater proportion of this force,
and after July all the force, will be
concentrated on that portion of the
line between Edmonton and Prince
Battleship Without Funnels
London, March 27.—The Admiralty
have a surprise in store for the nation
—and tor other nations—it ia stated,
in the solitary battleship to be built
in tbe next financial year.
It is said tbat she will be fitted
with internal combination engines of
great power. Funnels will be abolished, so that the whole ol ber big
guns can be trained in   any direction.
Drank Formalin in Mistake for
Winnipeg, March 27.—D. Manaon
Webb, aged thirty-eight, foreman of a
C P R. switching gang, is desd, snd
Charles Clark is dangerously ill as the
result ol drinking a solution of formalin yesterday afternoon. Both bad
taken drinks before they discovered
tbe dangerous nature of the fluid.
They were at ones removed to the
General Hospital, but Webb died
within a couple ol hours. Clark is
still living.
They were working in the C.P H.
yards and eecureil possession of a jug
to Clark, who also swallowed a small
portion of the liquid. It is said the
formalin was drunk in mistake for
May  Be Three  Daily C.P.R.
Trains Each Way
The rush of passenger trafffc over
the C.P.R. has been remarkably heavy
nil winter, and Ihe proapecta ol a still
heavier traffic during Ibe summer
months than was the case last year,
will, it is expected, result in a three
train daily service east and west. At
present there are two transcontinental
trains each way as far west as Calgary
and tbis service will soon be resumed
through to the Coast.
In addition to this, however, it is
stated that the Trans Canada Limited
whirh last year wts run every second
day will be put on the dsily run.
Successful Function in Aid of
Widows and Orphans Fund
"Time, place and the girl!" although
on this occasion there happened to be
the man too. Time, 9 p ill on Wednesday last; place, the old pint office
hall; the girl, well she wns I here alright but in large numbers, ihe occasion being that of the lir-t annual
entertainment in aid of the widows
and orphans' lund, held under tbe
auspices of the Knights of Pythias and
Pythian Sisters. Tbe movement from
its inception, has taken hold of the
popular feeling and well over 200
people attended at the old poet office
on Wednesday to take part in the
proceedings. One hundred and four
people sat down to 26 tables and
played out a very interesting "whist
drive" till 11:30, the lucky winners
being Miss Muriel Buck, Mrs. T.
Lawrence, and Messrs. H. Graham
and J. Walk-.-r, the pr zes being very
Supper was then served and tbe
crowd wended ils way to the Opera
House where dancing was kept up till
early hours, to tbe excellent music ot
tbe Independent Band. It was gratifying to eee the interest taken in the
affair, as the cause is a noble and deserving one. It it understood that a
handsome sum will be turned into tbe
widows and orphans' fund. The committees of Pythian Sisters and Knights
left nothing undone to insure the success of the entertainment ai.il it has
been decided to make the affair an
annual event. All sections of tbe
community were present and there
existed that harmony of friendship
and genial bonhomie that are the
chief pillars of tbe great Pythian
"Friendship olt would longer last
And quarrels be prevented,
If little words were let go past
Forgiven not resented."
The success of the first movement
in aid of the (und, will be an encouragement for still further endeavors
next year for an even better attempt.
Tbe Reveletoke publio have reponded
liberally ts the call, and the cause,
coupled with the popularity of the
Knights of Pythias and Pythian Sis
ters in our midst will be a double incentive to the charitable public to help
in a scheme which is of such infinite
value, not only to the Pythian Ordor
but also to tbe country at largo.
C. P. R. Locomotive  Foreman
Wounded at Laggan
OaIsUBY, Alts., Maroh 27.—A very
serious affray occurred on Monday
night at Lsggan, resulting in a very
terieua stsbbing. On Monday night
the locomotive foreman at Laggan
went into the interior of the snow
plow at thai point, discovering lour
young men inside, evidently of the
"Ride the Bumpers" order, waiting
lur their train weBt. The convcr
tatiun which took place between
Foreman Ainswortb and the trespass
er* bss nut yet been  published, but
The Arrowhead Dramatic Club gave
a splendid production of " The Chimney Corner" on Saturday evening
last. Mr. T. H. Dunne as P. Probity
was fine, especially in the scene where
he discovers the loss ot the money. In
fact his acting all through wan excellent, and Mrs. Dunne as Mrs. Probity
pl.iyed her part to perfection. Mr.
Harkins as Solomon deserves special
mention as we were inforired that it
is Mr. Harkiu's first attempt on the
stage. The other characters wore also
well eustained. The people of Nakusp
who attended the performance all
speak in tbe highc.t praise of the production, The only regret is tbat
Nuku*p did not turn out better, but
we can assure the Arrowhead Dramatic Club that should tbey visit us
again we can promise them a good
bonne.—Slocan Mining Review.
Raising Grapes in Kootenay
NkluON, March 25,—A large number of houieaeekjrs arc Hocking into
Nelson purchasing fruit land. An
Italian named Corlaui, who located
two years ago on Crawford Bay on
Kootenay Lake, und who Las planted
three acres in grapes, declares tbat he
has succeeded beyond his expectations
and confidently expects to clear $3000
per acre alter tbis season,
R. C. Brock Gives Some Sound
Advice on Fruit Culture—An
Industry With a Bright
Future Befoie it.
Nklson, March 27.—The address
given by It. C. Brock at the meeting
iu the court house of the Kiotenuy
Fruit Growers' association, was admittedly of so high ii chtiiactcr, aud con-'
luiiieil so much ot general interest to
the community at large, that the Daily
News obtained a verbal im report ai.d
this morning places the same befure
its readers.
Mr. Brock bus been appointed secretary of the K. F. G. A., and bis first
public utterance 1ms made a deep impression
In bis address Mr. Brock said:
I am going to tell you a story that
may be interesting to you. About 16
years ago there was an elderjy gentleman in the eastern states who had met
with financial disaster. No doubt
sum.' ol us bave had the same experience. He decided he would go west.
He came to Portland, Ore., got on the
boat and went up tbo Columbia river.
At Hood river au old man got on the
boat with a basket of bright red apples.
They attracted tbe eye of tbe visitor,
and be walked over to the old man
and asked him where tbey were grown.
"On the mountain tops there to the
right," the old man said (that was
about all yo« could see, at any rate.)
He went on and stopped over night at
The Dalles, Ore., and on his way to
Tbe Dalles he continued to think
about those apples. Next morning
be arose bright and early, having
made up his mind the night before
tbat be would return to the place
where those apples were grown. He
went back; the place was Hood River,
Ore. He got off the boat; there were
only about a dosen people living in
Hood River at that time, there were
not a dozen farms in the valley, Tbe
valley and the mountains round above
were covered with a dense growth of
immense timber, the pine trees averaging three to four feet iu diameter,
very little ul tbe ground was cleared,
just a patch ol one or two or tbe most
five acres here and there. He got a
saddle horse and went out to tbe place
the old man had described to him on
the boat. I. was a warm fall day. He
rode up to the feuce that surround, d
tbe little orchard, not more than 36 or
40 trees, and found that it waB very
much neglected. The trees were heavily laden, home to the ground, the
weeds were right up to lie limbs,
stumps all around, and a general ap
pearance of ack of care. The question
came into his mind, if they can grow
that kind of apples in this country
witb such culture as this, what could
they do if tbey would take the care
my o il father did hues iu Ohio, where
he had bis truck garden. That visit
resulted in the coming of the pioneer
grower of apples into Hood River
valley. He went east, brought his
family out and bought a small piece
of ground. Wilh a tutal capital of
$360, be began to improve and build
up an orchard of 160 acres. He went
to work and cleared a little patch and
planted 108 trees 20 feet apart, or ex-
I actly ono aorc. He had to buy seconds
from a neighbor because he did not
feel that he oould afford to buy first
class trees. Those seconds are today
without doubt the finest specimens ot
trees in the whole Hood River valley
Why 1 Because tbis man's whole
future depended on what those trees
would do, and be cared for them, cared
lor them so that his family often said
lhat he was more careful ol the trees
than of the children. Day alter day
he would walk around those trees
deciding juat how the different
branches should be trained, how the
roots ot the different varities should
bo fed, and in tbat way ho studied out
the orchard system that is being
followed in Hood River valley at the
presMiit day and that has made Hood
River apples famous the world over.
It may lie interesting to you to
know tho history ol the lirst apple
that grew on those trees. When one
ol the trees was three years old it
brought (orth one apple, and that was
a Ben Davis. Somo of you have very
little use tor the Bon Davis apple. But
tbiB Ben Davis apple was hiicIi a curiosity to this Ittinily and to the neighbors wbo bad no fruit and were wondering what would be the roault of this
experiment, that tboro was soon a
solid beaten path around that tree
| where tbey had trumped it inwn
[watching that little apple grow; 1  tell
'■:'■'':/■':. -V".v
So simple is Alabastine to
andle that anyone csn decorate his
or her own home with it.    By following the simple direction given on every
pscsefe you. yourself, ess reproduce s«y tint combination., not only h>
the plein lints, but also in lhe wells decorated with stencil.. Ws would
like to tell you more aboul what Alaba.liss will do tor your homo, how
essy it ia lo apply, and bow beautifi.l are its results. Aels. us to shew you
e linl card end copv of "Homes, Heelthful snd Beeutiful."
When House Cleaning Time Conies Round
If you want Alabastine. Whiting, Plaster Paris,
Furnttni-e Polish, Varnish Stains, Hold Paint,
Bnaniels, Floor Paints Varnishes, Crack-filler*
Paint Brushes or anything else u»eil for Painting
and Decorating. Brooms, Mops, Scrub Brushes,
Wash Tubs, Wringers, Mangles, Curtain stretchers
Chloride of Lime, nil kinds of Soaps and cleaning
preparations. We are here with the goods and
will be pleased to do business with you.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   *9.00 per ton  is the etteapest
Coal on the market.
They start Ure as easily as dry wood and last as long at hare! toal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  SeK P**d*r* and
open grates.|
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will'flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
McKioooo & MeM
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Fust St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office)   Toronto, Ontario.
Hratiolies in the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberts, Ssskslehewsn,
llrltiab. Colsmbia, Ontario, Wvebee.
Oapital Authoria*Kl ... •1O,OOO,0OO.O0
Oapital Paid Up ....    •4,t35,ooo.oo
Rosorv* Fund .... *M,02S,ooo.t>o
D. K. Wii.kik, President; Hun. R. Jakvbat, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts wiliI available in all  parts of Canada, United Statea and
Europe.    Special attention given to Collection!.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed un deposits from date of deposit and credit*.)
Reveletoke Branch, B. C—H. T. Jeffrey, Manager
you, that apple looked good   to  tbem. j thete hguret are grots,   beeant*  in  a*
Now, 1 will Jump to tbat same orob-h1"^"*!™  "«'"••   •'•"•««"
ard in it. Improved condition, . little i'' *•» were ne,1'   »ut ,ht ""•«• '-
n~.„  ih. ,i. u.i, ,.i e""18 P*r Mre 'or lllB» P*riod ha* b*en
over a year ago.      Ipon   the Ueatn ol ■ ,      .       .   ,
Mr Sear., the pioneer grower ol apples W80' "•*• Th» •*•"«• ,or th« "•»<•
in Heod Ri.er valley, th. lather ol tb.|Perio<l ,rom tbe »im« th» '*•"" «■
apple industry there, hi. book. tbow*d I «»til ths li». apok.n of would he
lhat 1« acre, ol be.ring apple tree* •*■» WO per fsflft, net. You ca«
had brought in 107,732, grott. Aa I nt""M tht ",ae °' *hrt Vro*~'iJ •*
said a little while ago, there were   108 I ?«* "«*'D *"• S«u'" °' »«»   «"•»-•'
i    .„. ;., ihn  i.r.s  ,..,   shnni i' ra»)' e»y l"»' nearly all tb*   mostly
trees planted in the  first  year,  about '     . .    * .     TT
i    i   ii „...,. ~.r„ ,.!.,.....I  ,..,J that haa been mad* ba* gon* back •»•
two and a ball acies were planted l»o.        ... ".
■ . j .„„...i,;„_   ui,.   i„,,,l to tbe development   ol   th*   remain
years later, and something   like   lour >
acre, next year, and ao on. Thus, tlie
lirst 108 trees are Ul year, old now,
other, are 14 year, old, anil oth*r. 12,
making the average age ol tb* treee in
the orchard aliout IJ year. They
bore very little Iruit until they were
six years old. According to that basis
ol figuring, in ">* year, ol bearing
that orchard has produced a gross income oi 167,000.     i state plainly tha*
ing portion of the I bt) acres.
Tli* r*.ult ol Mr. Mwar'a work has
not only been success (or himself, bit
lor the whole Hood Rirtr v»ll*y. H*
Started out to follow id*alt and plans
•ntirely new lu tb* Irnit growing industry of tlie sattern Hates snd Ihss*
n*w idesl. and plana had been pet
into hia bead by looking at tbat  iittl*
Oestlnued on Pskc Three THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Cbe fl&ail-lhcvalb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
CnAS. McarHY.
Hakolu Fishku
hju-.'istara,  Snl r tins, Etr.
C- 11. aiu.*. J. 0. Ki.i.iott.
Orricae:   In khial   Bank   Iimick,   Hkvki.
.*tok», H. C.
M",t->  10 lo*0.
Orrk«: Rercl.toke. B.C.; l.'iaiibrueli, B. C.
a.. M. HiaaitAJ..
rU-vulstoke, U. C.
1. M Scott I.L.II
J. A. Hahvkv,
Oliinliruisk, 11, * ,
W, I. HriKVa.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
Solicitor* fur MOLSONS Uank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Assay  ol all Ores,   Samples by mallor depress
rect-tv*. prompt attention
Term. Moderate.
A prmsj       -      -     -      Boi «.' K 1.1,0. B. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Hutveying
McKenzie Avence,
Box lOo, Kevelstoke
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and Unlvertity Examinations.
STUDIO-At   Mrs.   1.   0.   Hutchison's   Con-
ssDght Avsnse.
Mining, Keel Estate, Busir.e*,;-., Financial and Share'Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
A pent*.
Maps, Plana, Blue Print* and Reports
compiled on Mine*, Land and Timber.
B.  C.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
JLhc flI>aU*1beralb
Tsars is so mush bad iu ths b.-i uf af
Aud so msch fsid iu the worst nf us.
That it hardly behooves any of ll.,
To talk aboul lie rest of us.
at which any member ot the house-
bold is in attendance; nnd shoul I
it not l,e evident that said member I
1ms not been exposed to said disease or any of tliem, the teacher
niust forthwith prevent sucli further attendance until the several
members present a certificate stating lhat infection no longer exist", j
as provided in tho preceding subsection:
Whenever a teacher in tiny
school has reason to suspect that
any pupil has, or that exists in the
home of any pupil, any of the
above-mentioned disuses, he shall
he required to notify the Medical
Health OHicer, or where none such
exists, the Local Board, on forms
supplied hy the school authorities,
in order that evidence may be had
of the truthfulness of the report;
and he shall lie further required to
prevent the attendance of said pupil or pupils until medical evidence
of the falsiy of the report has been
From this it will he see that the
parents themselves bave obligations
not only to their own children, hut
also to the city and unless parents
conform to the rules oi the act they
nre virtually liable. It is the duty
of parents, besides being in fact
mere common sense, to notify the
medical health ollicer at once of
any indications of this infectious
disease, and also after the sick nets
is over to obtain a clearance certi-
liciile. In no case should children
from infected houses he allowed to
mix with other children or attend
school and even after the patient
has passed the convalescent stage,
which is really the most dangerous
one for the spread of the disease to
others, the patient should be still
confined to the house for a period
sufficient to allow of all infection
to disappear. Parents should have
the common sense to know this and
to lake care of their children both
while the disease is at ils height
and also after it has passed. Nothing can be gained hy allowing
children out too soon after convalescence and on tho other hand much
danger and harm will invariably
It cannot be denied that the
present generation thirsts after the
sensational and to satisfy their inordinate desires the fourth estate,
or in other words the press, have to
scour around for everything that
may rouse this form of excitement.
Although the sensational journal,
the almost fanatic speaker, or the
brazen-mouthed preacher may appeal to certain classes, the mass of
humanity will concentrate more
thought and more attention upon
events, less morbid or vivid, but at
the same time, every bit ns interesting and without having passions
McDowell hull wus splendidly decor-
atul for the occasion with Hags, t'lint
ing and evergreen, and reflected g'eut
credit on the decoration commit ice
for the artistic manner in which Ihis
work wan orrried out.
The galaxy of gorgeous colors and
pleasing design of the Indies' costumed
mingling with tho very grote.iiuc and
unique costumes of the gentlemen
("rineil a very brilliant spectacle in
which about eighty maskers took
part. Some coming from as far as
Ferguson, Trout Lake, Arrowhead,
Comaplix und Leaton.
After a very tasty supper which waa
served in the hall the spinsters took
charge of the dance, Miss Holly Price
acting aB mistress of ceremony. The
ladies then selected their p.irtneis for
the dances. This gave the gentlemen
an opportunity of seeing what it feels
like to be wall Mowers and their only
solace is in the thought that they will
have from now until next Lea. Year
to get even.
Much credit is due Mr. Edge, of
Beaton, and his well known orchestra
supplemented by three violinists and
a guitar front Comaplix for the man
nor in which the musical part ol the
arogramme was rendered. The dance
broke np at 4 a.m. and was admitted
by all to have been one of the moat
enjoyable events of the season and the
excited by such things.    One hears
little about yellow preaching and I Camborne hockey olub takes this op-
yellow pulpitism, the yellow is con-; portunity to tbank their many friends
lined solely  to  the preaa  ami it is   who came so fur snd contributed so
stories of harsh treatment ileulijout to
the natives by their fellow subjects of
the King in British Columbia.
L. O. T. M. O. T. W.
HiiM tlioir regular fortnightly Reviews the
Second and Fourth Thursdays in uunh niuulli,
Ri:i|i.iu. in lhe Miisoiiic Hull, Second Strool.
L. McDONALD. Lady Commander,
J. M. MORAN, ltociird Koouor.
I.   O.   F-
Court Mount Begblfi, N'o. 1*461, meets 2nd Rnd
4th Mondays iu Oddfellows Hull, next to Opera
House. Visiting brethren cordially invited to
Wm. Garland, C.h.
H. W. Edwards, RS.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 22P.
Meet* Second nnd Fourth Wedne days In
each month, in Selkirk Hull. Visit in Wood
men cordially Invited to attend.
W. D. ARMSTRONG. Con. Jom.
J. MelNTYKK, Clerk.
$5  TO  $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Allan
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs in carpets, Our si nek is
t'l'tnpli'tc, ..till the colors rich
nnd effective, the designs artistic, and thu "tout ensemble"
Is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such it wide
variety of patterns, and we
hnve tn'. or placed such low
pri'M's upon so murli liijrli
ipiuliiy before,
fs^ •%*•/■*•%%-** *^W%*,'%**l%>%*W%l**%*/*™%/%*' ^*
For Agricultural Implamonts. Carriages. Wagons Etc., John
Doero Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies I'liMiet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shooing a
,   P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. J
HKAJ) OKKICK:   CALGARY,   Aliihita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Cork Packers nnil Dealers lit Live Stork.   Markets lo all I he print'!
pal Cities and Towns of Alherta, British Oohiniliit and the Yukon.
Puckers if the Celebrated Brand "Imprint r" Hams and Ban m,
s    mil "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard, a
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    AH modern convenience.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
F. O. E.
The regular meetings are held in thefSelkirk
Hull every Tuesday eveniuB at 8 o'clocc. Visiting brothren are cordially invited.
J. LKriLIK. President.
Kc itenav Lod*e No. IS A F.& A.M.S.
Tho regular meet*
,ngr are held In the
Mat-onlc Temple,
jdd Fellows Hall.on
tht third Monday'o
jach  month   at    I
,m. Visiting broth
SAT!P.DAY, MARCH 28, 1908
Now that measles appear to be
so prevalent in the city and lhat
there seems to be but a rather faint
idea of what is required by tbe
provincial health act in regard to
the precautions that are lo be taken for the prevention of the same,
it will be oi interest to the general
public jf Kevelstoke to know just
what tne act save and we publish
herewith Section *7, which deal*
particularly with infectious and
contagious diseases:
Whenever a case of stmill-pux,
cholera, .-carietina. diphtheria,
whooping cough, measles, mumps,
glanders, or other contagious or infectious disease, exists in any house
or household belonging to which
are persons attending school, the
householder shall, within eighteen
hours of the time such disease is
known tu exist, notify the head
teacher ol such school or schools,
and also the Local Hoard, ol the
existence ol such disease; and no
umiiilser of such liuusi bold ibtll
attend school until a certificate b.-is
been obtained from ibe Medical
Health Offloer that infection no
longer exists in the house, and
that the sick person, hotii-c, clothing and oilier effects have lieen disinfected to his satisfaction; and
until such certificate shall have
lieen obtained, it shall be the ilutt
oi every member of the household,
and of the teacher, to use all reasonable efforts to prevent the association ol member" of the said
household with other children:
Whenever the Local Hoard, ol
any of u» officers or members, know
ol the existence in any bouse of
smallpox, cholera, scarletina,
diphtheria, whooping Dough, measles, mumps, glanders, or Other COTI-
lagions or infections disease, tiiev
shall at OOCe notify the head r.i
other master of the school or schools
inordinate tlur.-l afti-r such Dews
by the people that to satisfy them,
the press bus to make the mosl il
every sensation. There is sensa-
tionalism in the pulpit as well if
in the press, and yellow pulpitism
as well as a yellow journalism. It
has been BO from the lieginning of
preaching and will likely be so to
the end uf things. The methods
of the mild appealer to what ia
good in man -serve their purpose,
as does the plain, concise ami
straightforward policy and opinion
ol the press, which probably do the)
most for mankind, but tbe tier>
zealot, the sturdy denouncer of
wrongs, the indignant protestor
against all forms of sin, has DO
doubt a useful place in this world.
There are people who can he awakened only by shouting in their ear-
and even that is nut alwai - IU<
eessftil. Hut the tendency "f bum*
an nature in these degenerate ilui -
—if they I"' degenerate—ia to fear
th*- open mouth of the loud talking
exhorter. His methodl aro not
satisfactory. Than is always fenr
that in order lo secure triumph   f
his view, and opinions, he will resort to the prison, the scourge and
every conceivable form of punishment and there are very many
people who rerogm/.e lhe fact, that
tbflW methods entirely fail. And
yet can we afford to dispense with
them entirely, or at lea-i lhe remembrance ol them?
Kdllnr M.u 11 r it as i..
Ill All     Hill :    The     I   lliml'iK,
may I f Interest  to « o nl
reaib r«
Tin' winter season justoloittl wiili ,i
uraiul ma.ipier ih' and l.'iipVi'ui
hull iiliieh wns held March '2Vml al
Csniborne, It (J, under tue stisplcer
ul the Camborne  hockey  club,   The
largely to the en >pment of tbe even.
CAMBORSl    Ho- ~l V   i
English   Press Views  on   Intricate Situation
I."■•.■•' ■    M irch   2~. —Mr    Morley,
tes-retary ol  state   !..r   India,   bat
ceiveil a   tfls-xrum   from   the   Hriti-h
Indians residing at Vancouver, >■"kI■,«
for protectii n st Britith sut :•  11
The secretary is husily endued
with Mackenzie King, the envi y
deputed to Qreal Britain by Ibe lio-
minion Government in the bopi
I ringing to an end II pi sstble tli ia
extremely   difficult,    intricsts     snd
possibly dangerous situation
The Ouardlan says tin    ict thai
lapanese have been admitted  to B il
ii.ii    Columbia     «bile   the   I nd sn
• Ctt "(   tht   Kin,;   Imve   Iseei.
.'lo'leii   Aiii    be    widely
throughout India, and the deduction
will In' drawn  11. it   prec •<' -   be.
ilu'y are fellow lulijscti and   in pro
tooted by any foreign government tlu.y
bave i I'm exolod d     I   -     oral bat
ol our rule   In   India   has   ' sen  violently assailed already, m 'I « ill ii"t I 6
[ortided il sin l> com Ictin   takes  ro< I,
The Pall Mall Q izetle lay i rn       ...
cm   answer (or   tli"  liability   of   our
role in   [mil \    if   the    minds   ol   tht
people »ir Inflamed i.y well  founded
K11BK.E, S.O
E   NO   111. I. O. O. F.
Hoot* every Tburadsj
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren oor
ilinlly Invited to attend
.1. MATHIE, Sic
tu'.i Ran,-,, Lodge, K. Of   P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
. . ip| n.'i.i Wi nnestla; ol
each 1.1..mil. in tlm ts'l.Hs'llsswa'
Hall nt 1 u'elocli. VMllim
Kntgtua ar. cordially  in-lied.
\| MlIIK I'
',   H   lllt'li K, K   ..f   HAS
Wall, ,S,te
if K
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens j4otel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
All Kinds of Light and H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Plume 71. House Phone 7
. ii.-i.i.   ie.ii       , i . ■
Mul N I I'll 1
Animal   ItnK" Mount -a.
i> u  Bo)
•       • ■   nisi Roils Ava
llrvat'lnke. II. I'
I .ai -  Hovel  '     'I. kind-*
in   \' im-..over — Largest
r act   ry A.'ssf ol   Winiii-
peg      ||. nse  cleanii g  and
.' .  s easy with itsl 'lip.
\mi ths money saving li the
Premium System
Booklet tells *hHt rre give for
''rum, Wrappen   Bt n<l
for    it—**r*C   Also   try   the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vanouver, B. C
who ciin sat Manning's onudlei
vilhotit Iiiiviiik lom* little [eel-
IUK "I gratltllds lor i lie donor
' »f Bourse you've gut lo light   your
own love       , . rig mini,  hut
our confections yi u'll ll ml to he
a strong ally in  y.ni   ivooing.
Mannings Cdndy Palace
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
'"» SAIL1NCS F'™
Si. John
Sut., Mill.
I-Vi..    Apl
Sul..    "
Kli .     -
■JH. Lake Erie,
'<. Kmp Ireland
ll. I.k. Manitoba Mch.38
17. Kmp. Britain Apl. it
SB, Lk.Chaiuplain "    s
Winlflp Season From St. John
1*1.   l   liiss   md.   tlilSS    |lil.  t'lllHH
i.i. Class ind. Class jrd. t'l.iss
|6j .as       $|^ fa       $^7 jo
(lllll H  I.AKI    ItllAIH
ind. Class jrd. Class
$|S on        #.-; go
(Iheap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with iteam*
-t.i|. tlokets
Passengers booked  to Norway,
Svri'ilen,  Antwerp,    ll.unln.ig   nnd
.ill ot Iki i out I no  Inl purls,
Por further Information apply lo
T. W. BrarJjhaw,    E. J. Ceyle,
Agent, A.o.l'.A.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, (Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers, No Seale. No fumigation
tn ilu mage nt nek. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy dtreot and (ret trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland ol' I). C.   Catalogue free,
M.   J.   HeNl/'S   NURSERIES
Greenhouses and Seed Houses
VANOOUVER,      •     -      -     B. C.
Timothy hay"
jKirst-C'i.-is's ClovcrJ anil Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kind;, of Garden Produce.
Meals »t  aM Hours
Everything UptoDi'.e
Stewart McDonald,
TAKE NOTICE thai the shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
change the name of tbo Company to
••Kevelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and Intend lo apply to the
l.ie'ilctiant Onvi'i'iiiit'-in-Oouiicil for an
Older changing tbe name accordingly.
Duied llib January, hum.
A. Y. Aniikiiron.
feb 8 3m Secretary.
h la the liiloiitlmi ofllin H i\ Qovornmont tn
lime iutii fttirfl tho following niiiniiiliiiuiits to
111. Art as rileil liol.'iv, at Ihe unnl sittins nf
the l.nnisliitiirn.
Hon. CiiiKr I'osrMisaniNP.R
No. S5 l I m*
An Act  to  nraend  the  '• Highway
Traffic Regulation Act."
IS MAJKBTY. hy and with the advice ard
consent of the Legislative  Assmnhly nf
ish ('olmnbin, enacts an  ollows: -
1. This Act may hn cited aa th* "Highway
Truffle Rogulatiou Act Amendment Act,  1908."
2. Snrt mn 8 of the " Hiwliw.lt Traflic Rr«iila*
tion Act.' hoiiiR (hitpter 92 of the Re\'if>ed
Statutes, 18.17, us enacted by Kecttou 2 of chapter
HO nf tho St ai ut e« of 1002, is Imrchy repealed and
the follnwiiiK seetiou is suhstitutod therefor:
'8. It shall be unlawful for auy waggon or
vehicle carrying a load of mure than two
thousand pounds to he drawn or driven nn any
public hignway unless the tires of such waggon
or -iehicle shall he at least f- ur inehos in widtn.
3. Section lOof said chapter 02 ia hereby repealed and the following section is substituted
therefore :—
"10 11. shall be unlawful for any person or
persons to drag logs or limber over or along any
pnhlle highway "
4. This Act shall not como into force so fur
ns that portion nf the Province of Hritif.li
Columbia situate east of tho Cascade Ranee of
mountains is concerned, until the 1st day of
Jnnunry, 1909.
Cariboo Lund District.
I>i.-i.riet of Cariboo.
Take notice that I. Alexander McKae Latimer of Kevelstoko, occupation Cruisur, intend
to apply for a special timber licence over the
followiug described hinds:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Bmoky Hiver. about one
mile from the mouth, theuce west li»0 i-haiu*.
theuce uorth 40 chains, thenee oust 160 chains,
theuce aouth 40 chains to poiut of commence*
inoiit and couuinintc 040 acres more or less.
2. Commeuciug ut a post plumed ou the left
bauk of Little Smoky River, about on* mile
from the mouth, thence eait 100 chains, tbeuce
uorth 40 chuius, theuce west 100 ohains, theuce
sonth 40 chaius to point of commeneemetil and
eontaiuiug 640 acrea more or less.
3. Comm«uciuK at a post planted ou the
right bank of Little Bmoky River abuat Ut
miles from the mouth, theuce 160 chains west,
thenee nor": 40 chains, theuce east 160 chaius.
I hence south 40 chains to poiut of commeucement and coutaiuiug ti40 acres mor* or lent,.
4. Commeuciug at a post planted ou the left
bank of Little Bmoky Hirer about IJ miles
fi*m the mouth, thence eaat 160 chains, theuce
uorth 40 chaius, theuce west 160 ohaiua, theuce
south 40 chains to poiut of coiumeueemeek aud
containing 640 acres mure ur less.
5. Commeuciug at a post planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, .tbout I miles from
the mouth, thence eaat 80 chains, theuce north
Su chains, thence west 80 chaina, theuce south
W chaina to point of commencement, end cuutaiuing 640 acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of Little Smoky River, about 2 miles froHi
the mouth, theuce west Wl clrnius, theuce uorth
80chains, tbHnce east 80 chaius, theuce south 80
chains to poiut of commeucement, coutaiuiug
640 aores more or leas.
Duted Dec. 17th, 1907.
To It. F. Reamy, Mrs. A. B. Nock andO. P.
Reibel.or to whomsoever they may have
truusferred their inturesis:
Take notice, thut we, the uujlersigued co-
owners with you iu the following mineral
claims, viz.: Viviau's Luck No. l.Viviuu's
Luck Nu. 2, VWiau'fl Luck No. 3, Vivian"* Luck
No. 4, Vi vino's Luck No. A, Vivian's Luck No. 6,
aud tlie Hilver Crown situated ou Uoat Mountain, Liir.Iouu Mining Divi-icni ..r West Koote*
nay Dintrict of tbe Province of British Columbia, have doue the reuuired work ou tbe above
mentioned mineral claims for the year ending
October 2Vth, 1907, iu order to hold the same
uuder Section 24 of tb* Miuoral Aot.
Ami furthor tako uotice that if within 90days
from th* first publication or this notice, you fail
ur refuse to contribute your portion of such ox*
penditure, together witb the coat of this advertisement, your interest iu the said mineral
claims will become the property of the under
signeut uuder Section 25B of the Mineral Act-
Dated at Camborne, B.C., thia ilnt.day of
January, 1908.
but juu £> Co-Owners.
Restaur*n'< and Kurniabed Rooms
Meals (ran 2nc. Up,
Second Street, • Eaat End
Certificate of Improvements
Klg Hopo Fraction Mineral CIumii. situate In
tho Trout Lako Mining Division of KoelenAy
DisLrlct,   Where .ocatcd.--Poplar Crook,
Tako nation thut l.Chtirlu-i John Allan Newton Pudloy. of Nolrton, B.C.. Free Miner's Certi-
li.'atu No. elittitl B, nituud, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown tirant of tho above claim.
And farther take notice that aetlon, under
Section 27, must bo commenced before the
Issuance of m.u.. Cortifluatu of Improvement*.
Dated this 9th day uf January, A.D. ion*.
W djanlfl v, .1   a. N  PAD I.K Y.
Certificate (f Imp tvemen:^.
Revenue Miuoral Claim alttlSte in the L ifdoAU
MiniiiK Divinloll of Wd-t K'luliMiiiy I) strict.
Where located :-(ln  fonl  Creek,   heinu nu r>i*
t.iiisinii  of  tho  Taritl   mineral rl iim. and
parallel with tho Moscow andMohnnkfM
lhe south-westerly side.
Tako  notice that  I,   R.   Smith,   FM.C. No.
H-.i:li.   agout   for Otta Aheling, Special Free
Miner's  ('ertlHente No. NOB] Inieuo, siity dnys
from the date   hereof, to npply tn  tlm  Minion
Recorder for n Certificate of Iinproremonts, for
the purwise of obtaining a Crown Grunt of the
above claim.
And  further   take  notice that artion, iindnr
Aeotlou 37, must be oo:iimouced before the issuance or such Cartitlcuto of Im in m •menls.
Dated thin Iflth day of Mnrch  A D. 1908.
inch 18 wnd
Kuvelsloke Land Distrlet.
Ihstrlctof West Footenav.
Mruiufnttured  for all clMMl of buildings
"I'lashllghta on Human Nature" FIRE  CLAY AND FIRE  BRICKS
»ti In-alth, dlsoaso, lovn. inarrli
M.nni,  dootod
ili'spilii-        "Don't   do
Ihlna" Uiiiini noei loai
«.|mt> la's! li> alii nf
rrliii/i. aii'l |i.inniinr
Tiill. ulial vu.. il nsk ii doctor visit 000 t Iiiii- in
'Hi|iiK.s, intlatratM.MoSntll Inn Inlnlrisliiis.
il «.. aflllil une unly In im)  ii'l'ill for |KsstiiK".
I'I   I'l'lllS.
ll* «••» 1*«H *«r**t, NBW VORK.
fur sulo in liirira nr imsll i|iiantitles
at the ["west pneMforrosh,
huililllisT and pta.terlria
e Land Distrlet.
f West f'ootenav.
Tiik> notiee thnt GO days after date I intend
t-< apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to ptirehase tho following described lands:
Commencing nt a DOfJ p|anto<l nt the northeast eoruer of Lot 7«fi (I l on Pish River,
theuce east 8 chaius more or loss Ui west Hue
of A.  A.   MacKlnnon'n   pye*emptlon, thenee
Commencing nt a (Mist pjaittn<| nt the north-
_...     * - •  —- River,
^^^^^^^ 1st line
pre-emption,  thence
  __, — es|8 chaius  more or
loss Ui ea«t line nf Lot 780S, O. 1, theuce north
60 chaius to point of commencemeut.
Located thin 8rd day of Pel). 1908.
sntfebB.       THOB  W   WILL1AMH, Lonntar
RsvslstOkO I Jiii'l Dlatrict,
I lisl rli't. of Weal Kisili'liur,
Talie notice that I, [»«i.nM Duuarnf ..rriiahrnil,
>irru|iatliiri Cruisur, Intend t.i apply fur pi-rnilsslmi
In vnroliasii the [iiIIhwIiik ile.criliiiil lnnil -
Cuniinnnrltig al the simtli-wast enmrr nf 1...I
Mil, iiruii|i t. In aalil illatrlut, thenee »est w
,: . un-, 11."ii' • north 10 I'linln.. iheiira seat |H
chalna, thenoe south 40 rhalna, theliea east 40
chali'a, tlniii'. ii."'ti "ii nlinm. I.. 1,1. ini ..| ,:,„„
Haled Jen. Itth, lWe.
! 31 l!'J
i iiniiiiiii'il from Page Ono.
old, ragged, neglected orchiirJ when
lie brut came there. He said to li'tn-
►elf. "If Iruit of that grade can l.e
grown with ihe s nt of culture, or lack
of it, what cun be grown with intensive, careful culture ? When lie lind
his Iruit growing be selected the very
best; nothing went out of tbe valley
that was not perfect. He shipped the
first carload of Spitzenhergs and Yellow Newton Pippins that went Irom
that sect ion to New York city. Ho
pack, il them carefully, making them
uniform in size und color, and absolutely In e from tiletiiiahea- the blemished apples were fed tu the hugs or
made into apple bin ler or something
like lhat. This was an i xperiineiit
with him. He hardly knew what the
result ivo -Id be, hn he considered
«hat the remit, bad beeu iu other
line'. Hia motto was "Honesty is the
beat policy.''
Along ihe same lines be used labels
such us you sec before you on that
table. They were attractive.; a man
seeing a box with labels like that on it
would ihiuk tbat a man who had snf-
Huient ideals to cause him to bave
tbat Iniiel on bis box would cause him
to put unly first class Iruit inside the
box. That policy lias been followed
over since by the Hood River Apple
Growers' union and other Hood Hiver
institutions that have followed its example, and today you can go to almost any part of the world and say
"Hood River" aud they say at once,
"Yes, that ia the place where tbey
grow the fine strawberries and apples."
Along tbe same lines, in the early
history of the Btrawberry trade tbey
found it necessary to confine themselves to one or two varieties. Why?
Because by sending out au indiscriminate collection some would not be so
satisfactory as others, and these would
reflect discredit on the valley and its
products as a whole, because when
people got these soft berries, they did
not pay attention to the particular
variety, but called them all alike,
"Hood River berries."
Now, apply these principles to ourselves; it will not be long before people
will talk about berries from this district, not as Maguons, ur Clark Seedlings, or whatever variety it may be,
but as "Kootenay berries," and that is
tbe way you want tbem to do. I,often
have to correct people who say, "I believe I will get some of those Hood
River Berries to plant." The same
thing applies with regard to apples.
They have made a specialty of a certain line of apples, and now "Hood
River apples" are famous all over the
world. They grow largely, as you see
by those labels here. Yellow Newton
Pippins; also, they have made a specialty ol the Spitzenberg apple. The
other tarieties are being cut short, no
more being planted, a few being held
to produce au income while the younger orchards uf the first-named kiedo
nre coming into bearing, but in time
they will be eliminated. Now gentlemen, it is only a question of a little
time before you will have to determine upon a few special varieties that
will grow bei-t in this district, and
that are acceptable to the market, aud
confine yourselves very largely to
those varieties. At present you figure.
"Well, it does not make much difference what we grow, we can sell almost anything." But you are not the
only ones who say thai. Your neigh*
bors are thinking the same way. Some
like the Baldwin, some the Northern
Spy, some the Greening, etc. After a
while you will have an indiscriminate
lot of fruit, and when, later on, it
grows into a large quantity, where
are you going to market it ? Kootenay district is not going to have a
population in 15 years large enough
to consume all the fruil. you can produce when these new orchards begin
buaring. You will have to look (or
your market outside tbo Kootemiys:
it is usually desirable lu havo a market
imtsidc, anyway, becauie the outside
market* are those that pay the largest
pi ices for fruit.
Iu determining the varieties tu
which you should tlcvott most ol your
attention, th. re arc many things to be
considered. Tlie last thing of all is
what you like yourself. I: Is i.ot
what you like to eut, it is what the
purchaser will buy, that concerns you.
Now, in apples, thero are not mine
than a dozen varieties probably tl at
are standard and in universal demand.
And those I'osen varieties are the ones
that bring (up notch prices. Why,
then, are you growing .-something else
that will not bring mo e than hall as
much, and that later on you may not
bo able to sell nt all? It duos not cost
any mure (0 raise the best varieties,
and alter you get them well advertised
they will sell themselves Hood
Uivnr Iruit has made such a name for
Itsell that today a man does not look
inside a box witb the Hood River label
on it to see if the fruit is good I
know of an Instance of a man whu
bad never before bought applet of the
Hood Hiver onion coming in one yi ir
am'say in l', "Have you amy apples of
this variety?" "Yes, we hnve 50DU."
"What do you want for them? ' They
told him lhe price. "I'd tukeall jou
have." "Would you like to look at
them?" "No, I knmv what Hood
River apples me I have seen them
many times." Now, when you bring
Kootenay to that position you will
not be obliged to take a dollar, or $1.50
or $2 for these high grade varieties.
You will get everything thut is coming to you in the market, and you will
not have to go to a lot of trouble to
Ilinl buyers, either. And it will not
take you Ion); lo reach tbat position
if you si art right. It took a hard pull
to get the Hoi.d River Apple Growers'
fellow. And then every man who hus
not the interests of the assooiat.on nt
heart, instead of going to the office
and tl.id mg out what is wrong, he goes
out and s iva, "T ey beat me out of
ad much down there," and he knocks
it. That is not the right spirit to Save
in a thing of this kind (Applause), if
you were entrusted with a sum of
money to invest for me, and you make
an error, bu lung as you did tbo best
yon knew, I should uot jump ou you.
I dwell on this feature, because then
is not an organization that gets
through ils first few years of work
without mistakes here and there, aid
the people who pull out because of
them are just the kind we do not wont
in.    (Applau.-e.)     II they are not prc-
-■ '• • ^a '>s--V>/?&•*■; > •   '.
7  •      ' "*.   7&  " ■ -i*A, *ssK%"     ^
* V" •"- "^,«**if^--.GJssF■■*•*■ """■    '-   '
•*ir>     -'4P&) dB*0>--«""         •'5'-
: '■ . '. '•
' / *"'.   *.' ■'
'^J-*L£«lHMO"V^^3^9Ev>YCJbX*   ^Si   " *
\ ^^k^nK^BHLi"-IwksT»eMs^^HB^tWL^*NCssg
-^wVrSL. «Vlw2aMBl*r«jMSi!*
•1           rlars*sv 9s*r> ~ 4-\£Wrj*sBEr?a.siBV9-
' U<'".   fTJ *nLt**hh  BwBp*^
•• 'yKmSEBBF*b& E2&&':'.
Ar  .'•,
r'''7*BBB& wafe,* XffiL      mw..*^.
■ ^ iSiSSWB^wSKSSSS 58
'^'Infi^lS^Ni      19
^^B^BSmfK^a^LnBmiK^M^P^^RStBm^f^S^^1' ^^rff^iwir
'*'■■-•&: fT*  .fv i? 9JwM«iiwI-vsv?ffi,,7«-!t*'7?S(.: 'i&T&QP*''
flf? Mj.- ■'■ f   -)V^ «W a? B2B*36E'f    '« •■f      -\^ *-wf*^   **e-,Tp^**%* *
•,   .    >-,.                                   .                                                .- .     ■
union started. The first year it
started nearly everyone joined (I will
tell you this because you may have
had your own experience in the past).
At the end of the first year a few mistakes had been made.
In one instance two carloads ol Ben
Davis apples were shipped to San
Francisco and not a cent came back
for tbem. Nearly everyone in the
valley bad some apples in those cars.
So they said, many of them: "We
don't want anything more to do with
that organization. That manager
robbed ue," and there were all sorts ol
stories. II they had taken the trouble
to go to the ollice and enquire, the
sheets were there to show what had
happened, and while there might bave
been robbing somewhere along the
line, they would have seen that there
was nothing wrong in the office of ibe
organization itself. However, as a
result of one or two mistakes, nt the
end of the first year fully 5U per cent
of the members dropped out. Next
year they tried lo get along by themselves, but alter experiencing the benefits and conveniences of the organization, after one year of idependent
operations tbey were among tbe first
to come aud sign up their contracts
with the association, and at the pres
ent time there is hardly a man of th*
original members wbo is not in good
Btanding and doing business through
the association. Who is there among
you who baa not st least made one
mistake a year in business? Is there
one in the room? II there is, will be
hold up his hand?     I  will venture to
pared to stand hy the organization
even when it fulls into a mistake,
they are of no use to the organization.
But I will guarantee, if I have 15 or
20 first class men behind me who will
back me up and go through the next
two years' work with me, that we will
put pou on the road to make tbis district as famous as Hood River.
But one man cannot do it all. He
has to have tbe loyal support, not
only of as well. Every member must
work for the large growers, but of the
small ones and have at heart the interests of this association. A little
while ago we had a discussion as to
whither or uot the directors of this
organization thould be paid their ex
penses. ler attending its meetings, etc.
Some of I lien, took a praiseworthy
stand, saying tbey did not think tbe
organization was able at the present
time to do this. But, gentlemen, il
you do not pay I hem for their time,
do you treat tbem right iu other respects, do you give them thanks for
what they are doing, which is of more
Vrtlue to them than the money invented. They come and Bpend days
and days during the year for the good
of the organiz.tion as a whole, while
you are out on your land growing the
fruit. Does it, in one sense, make any
difference to them whether you sell
your fruit in the right way or not?
When you are at home, remember
those things, and remember tbat all
the work is not done with tbe shovel
and the plow.
Now to show yon what a man who
understands bis business oan do.     He
tay one mistake will not begin to
oover it. A dozen mistakes is at tbe
door of every one ol you. If the asso-
glut ion should make a dozen mistakes
iu the year, does it mean as much to
you as individuals as a dnzi n mistakes
on the part ol each of you? Isn't Ihe
association in a better position to
avoid such mistakes than you are as
individuals? Bat when sn association
make* a mistake everyone ia perfectly
ready to lay it at the door of the other
can save you thousands ol dollars Not
this year, not next year, but in the
future. Ynu are not making an investment for the present alone, you
are making it for all time to come;
not for yourselves alone, but for tbore
who come alter you. Gentlemen, if
the Hood River growers had known
18 yetri ago ttbtt they know tialay,
where might they have been now, bow
much might tbey have Bnved? Yju
can begin   now   with   tbe   result  ol
'heir sixteen years
perience It may seem fo
ot you to invest $-00 i
a man just to go around
V irk and ex
uii ih to some
i month iu
und look al
your orchards mid tell you what
should be done and what should not.
But I will cite one Instance in tl-nt
connection, from my own personal
knowledge. A certain manager was
employed with the understanding that
it they happened to have Irosts tiny
would he at liberty to bu relieved ol
his services beoause they would have
no fruit aud therefore would not re-
qut'e ii mui) .ger. This manager had
sufficient faith in the weather man to
agree to lhat arrangement. However,
about the usual time the frost came,
and most of tbe fruit was gone. The
manager went to a nearby Diehard and
investigated. He found on close investigation that only about two-
thirds of the blossoms were killeit.
Now in this particular Hia.rict they
had a great deal of trouble with the
eodlin ninth. You have not got this
pest to consider yet, but when )•• n gel
it. I leel sorry for you. It requires
more care to keep the orchards nee of
this pest than of any other there is.
However, following up the atory, the
president of the association was ol the
kind tbat always loses ail the crop,
'everything is gone, there is nothing
left." lie culled up the manager and
said, "1 buve no Iruit left in the
orchard, not a thing," Well, early
the manager happened lo have been
out early inqestigutine, aid tbe orchard at which be locked wits in a much
worse place for frost than tbat of the
president of the association So be
said he hardly thought it likely that
everything was gone. "Oh, yes," tbe
president replied, "the entire crop is
killed; there is no use thinking of
epraying for Codlin moth; I am just
going to let it go." The manager
pleaded with him to continue his
preparations for spraying, but be
would not think of it. Next night
tbey hud another frost that destroyed
about half the blossoms that were left
from the first or.e, but still there were
a few left in the lower orchard when
the manager went to examine it in the
morning. Well, the president came
to town that day, and he was about
the bluest man you ever saw. He
declared he would not spray a tree.
This manager was confident that this
man had Iruit enough in hit orchard
to justify spraying that after talking
it over he went to the hank and deposited enough money to cover the
cost of spraying that orchard, with
the understanding that if there was
sufficient fruit raised on the trees to
pay for the spraying  he  should  have
upp] is will be greater than can be so'd I
loci Iy H es it cost anything o,
griiit, a tree brought tn bearing age?
I mu not going to tell you anything
yet about what, varieties you should
plant. Jinny lutvu have asked me,
but I have not been hern long enough
to tell ut. present. There is plenty of
time to learn but one thing wo nms'
do, and that is to decide on say about
half a dozen varieties, not more, anil
confine our planting to these varieties,
I am speaking at length on Ihe apple proposition liecatiie it is probable
tbat apples and pear will become the
slnplo fruits of this district Most if
you are growing strawberries simply
to keep going until your treeB begin
bearing. It is not desirable tu grow
such perishable fruit, because there is
b i much trouble, and ao much loss;
thoy must be harvested within a very
limited time, when pickers are hard to
get, but with fr it like uppleB ami
pears you have n goal long peril d it
which io dispose of ibein. 8u it re
solies itself into a question of whet he
or not you shall grow the soft varieties
of apples. I would say no. You have
lo dispose of them in the fall, tin
others you can sell in the fall if you
wish, and if yon do not wish you d"
not have to. In Hood River ive begin
shipping Spitze ibergs as soon »s they
are oft' the trees, and we are shipping
this variety ustil the middle of January, I venture to say, most of yotu
apples of all varieties arc gon* before
that time. From then on we ship
Yellow Newtou Pippins, until the following June. I have seen many shipped all tbe way to England that weie
started on their way about June 1.
This is the quality of apple you want
to grow. You can sell them in tbe
fall if you wish. Generally we have
them sold by the beginning of November, but tbey are not shipped until we
have time to get then, in proper shape
Tiiut takes care of the help problem,
keeps, tbem employed all the year
around and it is easy to retain help
thut way, but when you try to pick up
help for a month's work or two in tbe
rush season and then let them go,
then you find it difficult. As I said
before, I am uot advocating these
varieties, or any varieties at present,
but 1 know where there are a number
of these trees in bearing and I shall
speed the coming season in careful
study of them and then I shall probably be able to tell you what varieties to grow, and what will bring the
growers the must money, and until
then I wish it to be veiy clearly understood that I have not recommended anv particular variety.
Where Style and
Value Meet.
**"\NE man said, "I buy
^ Fit-Reform Suits
because I can depend on
them being in good
style and holding their
shape." Another mui
said, "What I want in a
suit is good, honest wear.
I get it in Fit-Reform".
Whether YOU \my
for looks or wear, jroo
get both when yon buy
Fit - Reform garment!.
Let us show you the
new styles in Suite tt
$18, $20 and $21.
Reveletoke, B.C.
bis money back, but if there was not
sufficient fruit even by a single box,
he lost it and the president retained
the money.
Now, have you any idea what the
result of that man's crop was that
year? He had 8'I0 boxes of peaches
and 1400 boxes of apples, that sold ut
$2.25 a box. Did that manager's advice do anyone any good? Did it help
to pay his salary? That one fruitgrower had made mure through his
advice than the entire year's salary of
the malinger; be was getting $1 (HI a
year, and 1100 boxes at, say $2, makes
$2S00 And I will venture ti say lhat
iiiiiii nitter remembered that the manager bud done him any particular
good. If lhat orchard had not I ecu
aprayul tbe fruit would have been ut
leait 75 per cent wormy, and wormy
apples are unsaleable at any price in
that locality.
You will plit it certain varieties ol
apples lhat I might name or rather I
will ask someone here to mime sonin
brand that is pretty generally planted
(Someone names "Spy," "Yellow Newton," "Mackintosh Red.') That ia
what I wanted lo hear spoken. Now
why do you plant Mackintosh Red?
Is there anyone hero wbo likes that
apple? I believe Mr. Johnstone had a
preference for it at one time. (Mr.
Johnstone: "I had until 1 found it
dropped of the tree.") Now, as I said
before, there are many reasons why
you might grow certain varieties',
but the reason of chief concern to you
is because the market wants them.
Mackintosh Red ia not generally want
ed in far away markets. This yenr
no doubt, ull you have will be sold at
good figures, but they will be sold
locally.     Before long  your output of
I think my recommendation will be
ready in time for next year's planting,
In that connection I suggest that you
wbo bave ideas as to four or five suitable varieties, plant them and let them
grow this year, then if at the end of
the year we lind they are not the most
desirable we will have them grafted
while they are young and small, and
small, and you will uot be much behind, while if they are of the kinds
found to bo the best you will be just a
year ahead Hut it is not necessary
to try a great number ol varieties. I
think I shall make u list of the best 10
or 12 coinmerci il varieties to which
you I'liu limit your choice; they will
not neeesaiiiily be tbe brat in ull re-
tpeott, but tbey w.ll be nuchas are
good sellers. As for the other varieties you have planted, continue to
take good care of them. It may in
ti rest you to know lhat in thll orchard of which I spoke early this evening the variety grown was piincipatly
Bon Davis, and the variety bringing
in the most money per sere waa the
Red Cheeked Pippin, The next was
Hon Davit, next the Yellow Newton
Pippin, tho fourth I do not remember
tbe name, and the fifth was Spitzenberg, Now, the Spitzenberg that
brings tlie greatest price in Hood river
is one that has the lowest yield per
acre. It ban been fotiad advisable
sometimes to plant a certain amount
of Ben Davis (or pollcniziug, (or ir
stance; it is very prolific iu pollen.
A sum of $72.75 has bsa*n netted
frum the Pythian entertainment in
aid of the Widows' and Orphans
Fund on Wednesday, although returns
have not all come in. It is probable
that this sum will be largely increased.
Local Agents
Bourne Bros
Hobson ft Bell
r   nUUBUU   Ob   OBU
I Woolsey. Lefeaux A Co. Limited
Chines* Groceries aael all kinds of Fmit and V*g*tabl*s.
Board by Week,
jHackenxi* Avenat.
Best Local Grown _^^>
Fruit Trees for Spring Pl.anting
Most suitable varieties for this soil and climate. One »nd Two
Tear-Old*. Prices ICJ and under 2Tk\ »«eh; over 100 20c. each.
Varieties are: Duchess. Gt-nvcnstein, JefTery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter Kt. Lawrence, Laurenca, Jonathan, King, Northern Spy,
New Tork Wine, Red Cheeked l'ippin, Spilzenberg, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin, Tork, ltup«rlal Apple*.
Hyslop and Transcendent Crabs.
Orders Received hy
Inoorporatsd b» iet cf Parliament, IW.
Wm. MriuioH MAtTHKRsrm, Pree. S. H. Bwi»o,;Vic*-Pr»*.
Jamb* Elliot, Orneral Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Hixty-t.ro   brunch*.*,  in   t'aaadu   •.net   Agcntim   in   all   parts *f th*
Interest rrivlitml four times u   year at rmrent rat** *n Having*
Hank deposits, until farther uutice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager, - Rttr*i*To*f», B. C.
Import direct from Country *>t •rifiu.
tUTfllltoki Uml D'-.rict
sBlftrid "f W e«l Korttena*/.
Tnke notice tba. I. J Roifsl •>/ Nakrtip
Opt uu intend te m.|..y for yurmimou to par*
clu-t tht followiic deMrifeed Uedi;
i'uuiriiisniii.-f ii a (wit ul an ted et ibe M, W.
•orner of Lot yo. J4I4. rauu;u*> noutb Webelm,
thence wetk 2»> ebaini, theuce imrth »chi]ti<,
theuce en at S)rb«iOi to pout ef •OMMMUMOt
Dated De«- 19th, UU7.
■in.ivi imjvsal.
ian 4 tat V   Dowar, tiffBti
To Tr a frpers
Raw Fura Bought
Oaah Prioea Paid
F.   B.   WBLLS,|
Yon limy depend upon  tho newest   novelties
—We receive bj express every few days direct from
the American markets the newest Straw Shapes,
UNDERSKIRTS seUincr al 50c. each,
Shirt Waists
Selling for $150
S'le    " *■>                        '..'us -  ... ■   •..     ■
i^.)   1
L'nrsrl   Cover   Komi' ideiies  fur  Hue,    Ynu   can
hut > Hem lien-uo.v at ihil price,
av iiiles Special Prices on this line,   It
, ..,■ you tu Investigate,
Bo :ts and Shoes
Ladles'Oxfords, turn sole.   Regular $2.00,   Now
Out    Prices   are the   Lowest,    We   invite  your
Inspection In v ited
reid <&
iT.   iTl   it.   iTl   it.   iti   sTs iti   iti   it.   iti   it.   e'frs
Pure Drugs
Careful Compounding
Prompt Delivery
Canada Drug & Book Co. Ltd. fy
3L     Mail Orders Promptly Filled     5jj
•Jl ijl -tjl 'PIjl !jl IJl ijl ijl Iji i Jl rJ**J*
Weather Forecast
Saturday, March 28th.—Generally
lair, niuaerate variable windB, frosty.
Temp.-. Max., 52 z , min., 28 = .
Local and General.
The U-iik of England has reduced
its discount rate to 3 per cent.
R. H. Trueman is in the city and
will be at the Studio for 10 days.
A meeting of the Ladies' Hospital
Guild will be held in the City Hall on
Tuesday, March 31st, at 3:30 p.m.
e<eii> ioi Manager Richardson, of tbe
Dominion Fair, at Calgary, has
booked tbe flight of an airship as a
drawing card.
There wouldn't be half so much
trouble iu this world if tbe people who
ought to be listening didn't insist on
doing all the talking.
A Liilliaul aurora borealia illuminated tne Nortuern sky last night, the
fan labile and evercbuuging shafts uf
ligni making a liue display.
For    information     regarding     tbe
measles and the Health   Act   in   con
nection  with   lhe  same,  turn to the
Unit leading article in this issue.
A meeting of St. Peter's church
committee will be held ou Monday,
March 30lb, at ll a.m., in the otlice
oi E.W.b. Paget, McKenzie avenue.
There will be no moving picture
exhibition un Monday next, March
80th. The usual ebo.i will be held ou
Tuesday and V, edneeday, Match 31
and April  1st.
H. B. to.j'.gii, editor of tbe Vidette,
Indian Heau, pa.*., brother to Horace
(jough, luruierly ul mi: city, has been
tivctsrii vict president of the Canadian
Pice: Association.
The Mbool trustees  have extended
tbe }■•■:... oeiv...-t:u inoruiug a. <i ,., >
d< ou ecijoui o) io uiuiutes.     lh«t le
i... -*j ,  ll.': c... .,: I'll   gu   out    at    Uuuli
snJ u-turij si 1 16 p  iu.
Tht tuuiu train did not get in nil
tWu ii Cu.Ca. iior murniiig, being Ue-
no'l at Anuwnead by toe steamer
Ikuutenay, wtiici. broso ilu.u and bail
to oe towed lo Nakuap. The ucciueoi
waecsueid by the OiuWiug out ul a
cynnder hea'l Milch emiouo.y injured
a Chinaman.
lis'. ■ ,•;.... -...iiiil turn out eu nl****
to mtnesa the Gymiiaelic Display in
the Y MCA. gjiiinaauin tu ll.i.rs-
day, April 2nd, The boys have gone
to Oeii.sideii.ble trouble in practicing
and preparing lor the entertainment,
a»d tne |*--uple will bate au opportunity of teeing 1. * tbe physical instruction and health exeroite bat benefitted
Revelstoke'i  young   men,     A   very
interesting programme  bus   been   ur
mg..: Including b.iekelbail, etc.
You ennnot imagine anything more temptingly delicious than our bread, rolls
and fine cukes. The mere
sight is enough lo make
the most dyspeptic forget
his trouble. Come and just
a glance will tempt you to
try our baking. And jusi
one taste will determine you
eat none but one colls, bread
and cake hereafter.
The  Good Housekeeper's
is a olosetful of good groceries.    The kind   she can depend   on   when  unexpected      \
guests are to stay for lunch
or dinner,   That is just  tbe       j"
kind of groceries we supply.       j.
Your first order will prove
it.    It will  also  prove  that       V,
our prices are as right as the
INSURANCE:—Fire,   Life and
K I N C All)     &    AND E R S O N
I- I R S T   S T K E E T
Social and Personal
Mr. and Mrs. E. A, Until li y are visit-
Ing at the const.
.1, M. Doyle led ou Ti ursdiiy ft.r a
visit t& Calgary.
Mis. MoEittriok, ol Nakuap, was in
the city on Thursday.
0, S. Dont lias letiirr.ed from a boll-
- ii y \ isit to Yiti'O itiver,
Mis. S. Needhani, ar., is danger, ns y
i;l from internal c. replications.
Mrs. .1. It. Robert Bun is suffer irg
from an attack of the mumps.
It, A. Upper, manager of the Monarch holel, Field, is visiting ill the
Mr Oodil.iid, of the Imperial Hank
'tall', has returned froin a visit to the
0. D, Ho\r, superintendent of lhe
Yoho   National   Park,   is  iu lhu oity
Hies Itichmlson arrived on I'ht-rs-
lay ir.iiii a visit io lll'l' mint,   Mia. W.
l'oBtmaster     McRae     retinoid   on
Win nesduy (iiiiii a vi.it to   lhu  Okau-
gau aid western points.
The Kev. C. A. l'loeunier returned
in Tbuibday from attending Ibe meet,
tug of the diocese executive at Nelson.
J. Hercbmor has  been  relieving K.
long,ml on tne run between Sic minus
nnd Vernon during the hitter's visit in
be oity.
Miss Gladys Urquliart entertained a
number uf her young friends l.ist
'veiling at her home, being the occasion ol her birthday.
J. G. Marshall, of the Canadian
ieneral Electric company, is in the
dty arranging for the installation of
;he new city power dyuamo.
Mrs. G. M. Clark gave a very enjoy-
ible progressive whist party yesterday
afternoon, ihe fortunate prize winners
being Mra. J. M. Doyle and Miss
White. Recherche refreshments were
oerved at the close of  the game.
The Hon. James Dunsniuir, Mrs.
Dunsmuir, their three year old daughter Dola, Mrs. Robin Dunsniuir, a
uaughtci-in-law and Mr H A. Bromley, private secretary, passed through
on Thursday in a private car attached
to No. Slli, en route for England. They
have booked passage on the Empress
of Ireland.
A pretty wedding took pluoe at San
Francbco on M.ucli 18th, when Miss
Doris Seymour; daughter of Mr. and
Mn. E. G. Stedhitni of 'hat city, was
married to Mr. Walter V. T. Green,
eldest son of Rev. A. E. mul Mrs
Green, of Vancouver Kev. Dr. Dennett of Wesley Meth diet Episcop I
Church, performed ibe ceremony.
The bride wore an imported wedding
gown beautifully embroidered, and
carried a botiqni t of white roses. Her
travelling dress was a handsome tail
ored suit of Copenhagen blue, with
bat to match. Mr.Green is one of tbe
nest known of the Canadian Pacific
engineers of the interior, and altera
few weeks' visit here the young couple
nill take up their lesidence in RevelBtoke.
'we know
We   have    made  a    thorough
study of perfumes,   We know
how Iii  take  eare of them  so
that they retain   every  iotu  of
th*it delioecy end sweetness ol
Cloire de Paris
is o*»B ur urn LATKHT
WALTER BEWS,  •  Phm. B.
Druggist & Stationer
Vs..-,    ■— ie, ■■    mm*
Large crowds are nightly attending j
the Edison l'arlorTheatre in Selkirk!
Hall, the pictures being generally in- |
leresting. There is a complete change I
twice a week. Tbe management should i
however, arrange that the two doors j
on the soulh end of the build;■ ._•
should be made tu open outwards ii
case of any emergency arising.
"A Royal Slave' wa' .ro.'ed nn
Thursday   night   «t   T  'ii   .     Ont-ra
Hou-e, intt c il ■    u
nett.      Tb i.m er«     ■.   .■
well a .. n ■ o - hi.- powe [nl
ne : .. i e in i i .'nt. ed round
Ago ;he Keys! Slave of tbe Montezuma,-, unu is written in Old Mexico
lhe pnoluction was interesting and
well put on and pleased a large
The annual meeting of tbe Golden
Lawn Tennis Club waa held Monday
night. There was a large atteiidancs'
Ollicers were elected a» follows Dr.
Taylor, preaident. I. Batman, aecre-
ta y treasurer. IJ. H. Parsons, S
Haoioly   and    H.   P.   Hope,  work.nx
committee,   i'!uoB   for   the summer
m ,nth« were discussed nnd it was ue-
cided eu allow the fee. f. remain as
before hut thai every member be required to purchase belle,
The I itest Copy of the B.C.   Gazette
innouncet tbe following appointments
— Elon Eyru f'hipmau, of the   city   i f
ECaalo, Eequlre, B, M , to isu gold com
liiissiiuier for the Trout I,like mining
i division from the 1st ..[ April 1!I0H( in
I the place of 11. Gordon. Hurry Seig-
Ifr.ed and Wallace W. I.e Fmhux, of
1 K.ivelstoke, to lie commissioners for
Unking    affidavits    in    tbe     Supreme
In bis forecast of  the weather  (..r
I April, Foster says .    " I am expecting
April to be a   warm,   sluggish   month
in   all    tbe   United   States   loath   of
pantile!   If und    In   Mexico.    Not   so
I warm  in Oanada,   Montana, Oregon
'and   Washington,   The   weather  of
April will he unimportant n« to
storms; noi, enough danger in it to
awaken the sleeperi But It will be
an ideal month for the farmer, planter
truck gardener and ice man. Af er
tlie rough weather in March is aH in
nature appears to have planned a rist,
for iiiiiii and u paradise lor the vege
■ table world,   Tbis condition, however.
will    not   continue    throughout     tie
A me- ting oi the Revelstoke Cricket
Club will b» held on   Tuesday,   M.r.
31, ut 8 p.m. sharp in the   City    Hall
Important business
Capt. J. B Bcott, V B K P, baa
called a meeting ol the Uniform Bai
Knights of Pythias, in ihe old posl
office lodge o m n Monday, March
3''. al *. pm A fii. attendance il
D J. McKensie, of Nelson, C.P.K
bridge inspeolor, was inaUntly killed
on Tl orsdsy Bl ;i midge near Cascade,
K C, by oeing crushed to dentil be
neath a steam derick which eollapeed
while engaged in hauling some dis
placed cara onto the tr.iek.
The Kevelstoke General Agencies
are supp ying tbeir clients anil patrons
with a neat and novel telephone directory cutisistii g of an aluminium
case with cards on which is written
the city telephone directory in alpha
helical order Any lefts r or number
em at once be found by pulling down
'lie miti.l iinmher at the    top       The
rard when not in aee  i.   returned   to
tbe case automatically.
The ft. v. Tremaj ne I lui tttn, wh i
liives Ins leetur' "nts rtainmeot .n the
Methodist church next Wed needs)
evening, April 1st, ims irrived In the
city.    He has  drawn   Immense   audi
encea   in    Victoria,    Vancouver    and
Seattle, and the press comment!   Iiaie
invariislily lieeri most   favorable       Ml
DnnsUii has mad* a great   rep Itatll
us n humorist and his companion   Mr.
'A ills.,n has been moat, popular as u
Gymnastic Display.
The V.  M.   C,   A.    will    hold    their
annual gymnastic display on Thursday
night next, aiart.ing sharp at   8   p. m.
A good programme bus been irranged
and lhu buys and soniors are doing
hard practice to make the different
drills and pyramids go off iu the heal
possible style. Keep this date open
it is ii orth  while.
The athletic li lid is drying up nicely
snd should he ready fm use by Wed
nesduy next.
The   semi linuls   in    the   challenge
seri's of basketball, will be played   off
on Wednesday night between the
Hhuruiijck*. and Koud Team,
Catholic. — Rev,   Father   Cnucola
pastor. Services even- Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Musi; 10:30 a in High ass
and Sermon; 2 p.in, llaptisms; 2:30
p in. Sunday Se-hool; 7:80p.m  Rosary,
Instruct ion ami Hctiedlctkn.
St AnUREW'h I'ltKHiiY'i I'KiiN—Kev
VV. 0. Calder, pilsl.r. Sunday, Mch. 21)
Services II a.m., 7:30 pm, Sunday
Sohool ii id l'n-t ir'a llible Class, 2.30
P in Young People's Meeting Mon-
lay 8pm P ie meeting Wednes-
day 8 p.m. Choir practice and Teach
ers' meeting Friday 8 i m.
Methodist—Kev, r.W. Hall, pastor.
Services mi Sunday as follows •—
At II a.m., morning service; 2 30. p
m., Sunday scho .1 and Bible class;
7:80 p.m eveuiug Bervioe, Morning
subject, "Pishing." Evening, "What
will ye do with .le-iis-?" Kev E. Tre-
ni iyne Diins'itn, of Sydney, Australia,
will preach both morning and evening
and Mr. P. li Wlllson, the Au-tuiliun
baritone, will ►ing a ape i.i sole, Mr.
Dnnstan viili follow op Sunday's wmk
on Monds) and Tuesday, inch of lh«-e
c iniiigs at 8 o'clock, a nl Mr Willson
will sing.
St. Peter's Anouoak—Rev, 0. A
I r cunler, M A,, rector   4th    Bunduy
Lent      8 u. in. II .le Conimuuli n,
II a.m. Maiius, Lit my and Sermon
.80 pm, Evensong Sunday school
:30 p in    Wednoaday nnd Friday at
30 p.in Evensong*.
Knox PRE8BVTEKIA-.—.1 K Robertson, li. D, minister. Sunday services
11 a m and 7:30 p in. Sunday
Bcbool at 2:30 p.m. Morning subject,
'A Bible Reading." Evening, "The
Unlit of the World." Young People's
Society on Monday at 8 pm, Prayer
meeting on Wednesday night and
choir practice on Friday night. A
cordial invitation iB given to all the
Baptist—-Rev. W. P. Freeman, B A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m Sunday school at 2 30 p. in,
Morning subject, "The Building of
the Church. Evening, "Emmanuel," being the second in the series
of messages from leai'h to the Twentieth Century. B.Y P.U. on Monday
at 8 p.m, Prayer meeting Wednesday
at 8 p.m. Everyone is invited to
these services.
Business Locals
12 foot linoleum at Howson's.
Nothing; better than Our "Speolal.
Fishing Tackle ut Bourne Bros.
Easter Novelties and cards at Bews'
drug store.
a  package  at  Bourne
Machinery to be Installed When
Building is Erected.
Plane are being prepared for the new
addition to the power house, in order
that the building may be pioceed d
with at once. The new dynamo,
shafting, etc., are un the ground and
will be installed as soon aB the build
ing is finished. J. G Marshall, of the
Canadian General Electric company,
who are supplying all tbe machinery
fertile auxiliary gas producer and
power generator, i\a« in ihe city yes
terday completing final details for the
installation as soon as everything is in
The work of erecting the power wires
to the city is now under way and
Kev Isloka will very shortly be able to
pr. cue what they bi.ve hitherto
de-:ieil und been promised, namely
•i. up powei.     Several firms hue sig
iBed tbeir intention ol purcbsilng
power .ind this fact of cheap power,
slone, will lie another advertie ment
(or Reveletoke .md an additional in-
li.e. ne o: to tbe establishing of other
industries in ihe city. The gas pro
'bicer plant will lie here in May anil
set op immediately on arrival. This
large incrs'iise to our hydro electric
plain will mark an epoch in the in-
dustrial history of Kevel.toke, and
denote* the enlerpriae and progress of
her citizens
Opera House
Tb* advance agent snys .—"An
opportunity .viil soon be given loc.il
t tie t re goer" to witness tbe laugh
prodaeing hit of the aeaa.ni, "No
Mother 10 Guide Her, wiitteu by
l.nlian Mortimer that | op ll ir author
.mil sctresa The part ol "lluiico" is
in r   '■ hirol-   .f Mi-s    fentiette  Curew,
I Wl .ii all over   the   cou
'ry aa one of the most tOOOmplishtd
lOmmsdienne* we have; and the hal
ince of  Ihe    roles   are   in   Competent
Sand.    The leenic equipment ib far
ssyond the ordinary. There ia lots of
lOmedy tn ttie piece and also runner
oils specialties. '1 hia play will be
leen at the Optra House on Monday,
Hatch rOth.
The Anyel and the Ass.
Tins is the subject of an ad Ircas by
Rev P. Treyiouyi.e Diinsliin, of H;d-
icy, Australia, in the Y.M.C.A Hun-
day nt. I o'clock. Mr K. II Willson
i.ill sing a solo entitled Show pity,
Lord " This Interesting service ia
I pen t.o all men.
We have just received iu stock u
nice Inl. ol Japanese imitlingi, rail
und sen tliein.—C. II   lliiine A Oo.
We guarantee every buttle of our
pure maple syrup  Woe nothing but
the best ami reiisonal.l.  m price at BOO
a buttle,   C. II, Hume A Co,
Industry.     Smoke
Patronize   Home
Reveletoke Cigar* ^^^^^^^^
Discount Bale on carpi t squares and
rugs at Howson's
Bews' Cold Tablets for colds and
fever—25c. a box.
Selling off our wall paper—Howson's
furniture store.
Flower Seeds (special named varieties), at Bews' drug store.
Rakes, hoes, spading forks, gardening sets, water cans, at Bourne Bros.
New stock ol carpets and linoleums
at Howson's.
Naiel orange*, bananas and eating
apples arriving daily at C. B. Hume
A Co.'e.
Revelstoke Cigars —Union Made—Our
Speolal, The Union, and Haroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Freeh rhubarb, lettuce, water cress,
parsley and celery to-day ut C. B.
Hume A Co.
Go to Bournri Bros. lor Hower seedi,
vegetable seeds, farm seeds, onion sets,
grase and clover seed, fertilizers, etc.
Looking Around EVERY
,the best)
rV.rvRit?HTilo4. *VT*Ht r\ur.TrRBrflWNCo.CHiCACo.
SPRING OOAT8 AND SKIRTS We cull especial attention to
our Spring-Coats and Skirts made of the best and newest materials
tailored in the very best style, workmanship and finish in advance of
eastern made work, and at prices about two-thirds of miide-tossorder
LACE CURTAINS    You will he needing some Curtains and  we
can show   you   prices and values, the  best yet.    Nottingham   Lace
Curtains from 65o.  per pair to  $6.00.   Swiss   Applique  Curtains
dainty designs, the prettiest curtains made,   llcaiitiful  Ecru Madras
Curtains with silk worked designs.
CURTAIN MUSLINS of every kind. Uur Madras Muslins come
in while, cream and cathedral glass effects and you can find nothinK
prettier. Bobbinett with lace edge and insertion—just what you need
for bed rooms.    It washes well and wears for years.
BED SPREADS -We have a few sels nf Swiss Applique Spreads
and Shams to match.    We will show them to you.
ATTENTION — Men and Women
wanted to learn hiu-her trade.
Free. Colleges in all lending Aiiu-ri
can cities. Beware of Imitators—Moler
Bather College, 208 Currnll St., Vancouver. B. C.
la the
Sketches ot Cornish Life
Music and Mirth
Laughter and Tears
Rev. Treraayne Dunstan
Raconteur and Traveller
Australia*] Bahitonh
Admission.      •     -    25 Cts.
Imperial   Development ,$480 (Kl
r.. nk of British Columbia....    llonn
Nicola Coal and Coke   Um nu
Columbia Kiuil nnd   l.nnil  ,,.,   jlKHHI
British Canadian Wood I'ulp
and Paper           Hhi 00
Ki.VllI Cofliel'lea  'Si
ll. 11, Copper  I 7fi
Consolidated m. a h  n ixi
Diamond Vale Coal  Hi
International Coal     ho
Sullivan       66
'Urn Hayes Coal Mining and
Development    Mi oo
Above subject to confirmation.
Particulars concerning any of these
i lompanlei ou application.
Maokemie Avenue.
J\_ and inieliil attention to Rents
Settlements of Rents made monthly
Collections made everywhere by ex-
perl. eolleciniH nnd adjusters—Columbia Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Ave.
Revelstoke, B. O.
Coat, new, size 38; two Ladies'
Costs, one fur, size 30; lady KniiiK to
coaeti Applv immediately lo Mail-
IIkkai.ii Office.
FOR SALE OHBAP—Four gasoline
lamps, am, 000. TIM) and 800 candle
power, all in good working order) will
light 100 feet building each. The
reason for selling Is the electric linht
iu all my buildings. Apply to Chief
Young. Comaplix, B. C.
IO.ST- Ladies' Fawn colored  Moire
J   Underskirt.       Kindly    leave   al,
Maii.-Hekai.ii Office,—Reward.
f OAN WANTED for responsible
Ij client, of $1,800 on first.dm.* freehold security. Apply lo Columbia
Agencies, Limited, MiKenzie Avenue,
MATERNITY Oases taken  at  my
home or  otherwise.     For  par.
Oculars apply Mrs.  A.   E.   BenniHon
Second St.. West, or P. O. Box 211.
lib. 12. Im
IO LET—Two blouses, npply to Columbia Agencies, Limited,
rilO RENT-Five Rooms, suitable for
X living rooms, over Knight A De.
vine's  tailor shop.     Apply lo Knight
A Devine.
ANTED—Fllttl   Olass   WailresH.
npply ni Union Restaurant,
WANTED—By famllv ihnp adults,
Imnis-hoil   house   for   Minimcr.
hum 1st April.    Anson i P. O. Mux 207
VV    South African Scrip, Apply tn
Columbia Aienrles, Limited.
Apply tuCoi.i'M
I.IMI'I l.'ll,   Ki-vi'lsluki',
-A Hull Safe
hia AiihM'ian,
7 11-14
 TO  8ELL-A   snap   in
fruit, lands at (lalena Buy, 100
',„. i.,,..,..mi M,i      .(.,..i..
I,        , 1,1,1. (iiii.in   lie i»^^BBsa--i'-	
acres,   Price for In tbi est. $800,   Apply
Colombia Aciknciks. ltd. Reveintoki.
WANTKD-A First   Class   White
Cook   for Siiwmill     Buaidiug
House, 100 men. Wages nn object to
lhe r|ghl  limn. Apply Hox 017, Alt' niliinil, II  C.
lUAN'l IC.l—Three   or   four  girls  to
work at Revelstoke Steam   l,aun-
dry.   Apply at  tho office, corner of
MoKensl! Avenue and Second  Street.
WANTED KNOWN-You can gel
line of the best '-naps lo be bad
in City house property from ue. Two
houses and 100 ft. fionlage to 2nd St.
ill for S2,.vm of ..hith only $1000cash
is required mil balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply at once lo Columbia
Agenciea, Limited,
HUI.IIKN   IlllllH.   A   KllW'AHIIH
Lillian   Mortimar'a
Clean, Pure, Moral
Every Woman  Should  Hen
This Play
iOverytbing reproduced ou
the Stage that Is Pictured
on Die Billboards.
PRICES,  25o. 50o. 75o.
Our special ssle of meal ol wheat, il
packages for 36o, closes to-day, so
don't delay toa long. C. II. Hume A
Ocod paint looks better, lasts longer
and doer not cost much more than
poor paint. We carry a largo stock
nf Sherwin WilliamB paints, varnish;
raw and boiled linieed oil, etc, at
Bourne Bros,


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