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 " I. noire" Typewriter
Kor esse of operation and perfection
in tri-ftln pniliiccd. Ihi. niHi-hine
is uurih |i,-seil      l'i us,-, |lio IMI Cisli
Interior PublishingCn..   -    Agents
The Mail-Herald
Shecinl Prices on
Five Cord Lois
E. W. B. PAGET, llioKsiuk. Avs.
Vol. 14.-No 76
T{*°}*1 Lib...
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Air .wheat! and Revelstoke.
Make yourself comfortable by
wearing a Suit_.f Warm  Under-
Boys' Natural ficeced lined wool,
Jersey neck, fits close up, all
sizes, for boys up to iS years.
Selling at per garment
Men's Elastic Rib, pure wool,
unshrinkable, natural color,
high neck, fits close to the
body, very warm. At per
Men's Blue Cashmere Underwear, a standard English
line, pure wool, high neck, cuff sleeves, very fine
and sott, and will not irritate the skin.
Woolsey Gn«.ran*eed Underwear, unshrinkable. The
greatest wearing underwear produced. Will not
irritate thernost sensitive skin, and heavy enough
for any climate.    Per Garment
artot-M _-.t1._V---tat._i and Arrowhead.
Stoves! Stoves!
Ho not wait until the first cold snap comes, but come
right in and pick out your heater. Our men are very
busy and we cannot set it up at short notice—so give us
the chance in plenty of time.
We have our usual fine display of coal and wood
heating stoves and at, prices to suit the purse. Remember
we set up all new stoves purchased from us free of charge,
using only our own hand made rivetted pipes.
iStove r.nanl-, Goal Hods, Fire .Shovels, Ash Sifters.
A tine li f Fenders and English Coal Cabinets.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OrTIc-   Toronto, Ontario.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed en deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.   A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
jgj    . .,•■•.' '    ' ■  '_l
- Ladies' and Children's Winter Goats
Flannelette Blouses, Cheap
Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
Big Eddy Mill Man Killed by
The dense fog this morning wss
responsible for a fatal accident which
occurred shortly after six o'clock, a
little west of the C P. R. bridge. It
appears that R Brill, wbo is employed
at the Big Eddy mill, was on his way
to work at the mill and had crossed
the bridge. Brill was very hard of
bearing and was evidently unconscious
of the danger which threatened him
as an eastbound freight loomed up
ahead of bim. He was struck with
terrific force on the head by tbe engine
bis face and skull being smashed, be
sides minor injuries," and the train, all
unknowing ul the destruction it had
caused, passed on. Ddath must have
been instantaneous. Tbe body was
found later by some men, on the south
side ol the track and was immediately
conveyed to Howson's undertaking
parlors pending an inquest. The
deceased is well known in Revelstoke
and has been employed at tbe Big
Eddy mill for about five years. He
bas two brothers in the city.
The provincial constable Iisb taken
charge of the case, and sn inquest will
be held this evening at 8 o'clock,
The funeral will take place on Monday.
Banquet to Sam Sutherland at
One of those functions which does
not oome to every mao in his life time,
wns given to one of our respected citizens on the evening of Oct. 3rd at the
Balmoral Hotel, Ferguson. ' The occasion was the expression of our. esteem
in the form of a banquet for our old
time citizen and merchant, Mr. Samuel Sutherland, before bis departure
from our midst. Mr. Sutherland, in
company with Mr. Msckinnon of Revelstoke, have carried on a mercantile
business in this district for tbe last
eleven years, and during that time
have not only won for*tbemeelves the
reputation of being thoroughly up-to-
date and reliable, but also tbe confidence of the citizens, which is a very
important element in the success < f
any busiuess. We as citizens and
friends are only sorry to hear of his
departure, but we hope that our loss
will he some other body's gain, and
that wherever he should locate be will
win the esteem and confidence ol tbe
people  as   he   bas   done in tbe past.
Mr. Sutherland's successor is Mr.
Ware of Beaton, and we hope that lie
will enjoy the same confidence and
success as bis predecessor. We, as
friends ask Mr. Sutherland, wherever
he might be, to ever retain a warm
spot for his old associations, and that
"Time will but tbe impression stronger
make as streams tbeir channels deeper
Before saying farewell, just one word
of advice and that is: That his sight
might no longer be obscured by the
clouds of bachelordom, but that be
will forthwith take unto himself a
helpmeet to assist bim in bis labors
on the b. lance of bis journey through
life and we are sure tbat fortune and
happiness will ever be his.
Arrowhead Masons Visit Local
The ollicers and brethren of Arrow
Lodge No. 47, A.F. A A.M. were entertained last Thursday evening by
Kootenay Lodge No. 16. There wae a
large gathering of Masons, who were
very much interested in seeing tbe
Third degree exemplified on s candidate by tbe ollicers of Arrow Lodge.
At tbe conclusion of tbe formal
meeting the brethren were invited to
adjourn to tbe supper room below
where Mrs. Hanbury had vary tastefully prepared an appetising eold collation to which ample justice wss
done; alter wbicb the brethren hsving
charged tbeir glasses s health was
dtunk to His Msjesty the King, followed by the Grand Lodge which wss
ably, responded to by Bros. Reid, Howson snd Coursier. A toast was then
drunk to the visiting brethren and
met witb s hesrty response from Bros.
Johnson, Cap',. Fraser, Hamilton and
Buck; and Bro. R. Gordon spoke very
feelingly in response to a toast to the
craft in general. The last toast was
to the baby or newly initiated candidate who spoke strongly and feelingly
with regard to his astonishment and
surprise on beiog brought to light in
Masonry. The tylers' toast brought
ths happy meeting to an end.
Vancoi vkk, Oct. 10.
iValkem Sentenced — Unemployed Millions —- fiaggen-
heims Again—European Crisis—Gold Strike.
-Nine months'
it in the common jail at
New We,i minster was the sentence
passed on George A. Walkem thia
morning by Judge Lampman after he
had refused a reserved case to Mr. Jos.
Martin, K.C., counsel for the defence.
London, Oct. 10.—The general
federation of trades anions has issued
a manifesto that there are 1,500,000
unemployed in the United Kingdom,
with dependent.* numbering; 7,600,000
suffering thereby.
The federation recommends the
creation of a minister of labor and a
permanent Unemployed board, and
that all memliere of labor unions refuse to work overtime.
Kamloops, Oct. 10\-»-The Guggen-
heims will likely porch me the controlling interest in some of the more
prominent mining properties in Kamloops district which are regarded as
among the richest in the province.
LONDON, Oct. 10—Ens-land to-day
ordipd the Imtilphhips Glory and
Prince ol Wales' andthe cruisers Diana
and Lancaster to priiceid at once from
Mslts to the TsIhihI of Leiiinos, which
is a Turfci-b possession and is 1,,en ted
in the Grecian Archipelago. England
is taking this action upon Ihe representation of Turkey that only the
presence of English warships can
calm the Turkish population and prevent the destruction cf the empire.
Winnipeg, Oct. 10.—The greatest
discovery of gold in Western Canada
between here and the Great Lakes was
made this week by Peter King, an
explorer, at Sturgeon Lake d is trie',
near Port Arthur. He brought five
samples of ore ss being taken from the
property. A stampede of hundreds to
the new district has begun.
Ottawa,Oct. 10,—Secretary of State
Scott gives an authoritative and explicit denial of a New York newspaper
report thst the Grand Trunk railway
is trying to wriggle out of tlie G.T.P.
contract. The statement, h» says, ia
void of any foundation. Apart from
the many millions which the G.T.P.
has expended on the line in Ihe west,
and the branoh to tbe great lakes, the
government holds $5,000,000 of Grand
Trunk money as security for fulfilment of tbe bargain.
Suggest Men Should run Business to Suit Themselves.
London, Oot. 9—Labor delegates
representing the employees of the
great shipbuilding firm of Furness,
Whitley A Company today are considering the proposals of the employers
to permit the workmen to buy tbe
plant or enter a profit sharing agreement with tbe fir.ii, provided friction
between the meu and company is
stopped. The offer was made by Sir
Christopher Furness, head of the fi: m,
during a meeting witb the labor representatives at West Hartlepool.
Furness told tbe. delegates tbat
strikes must be stopped or tbe works
wou'd be compelled to sbut down. He
suggested tbst if trades unions thought
Ibey eould carry on the business themselves, the firm would sell to tbem at a
price set by impartial assessors. His
proposition was tbst if tbe unions
would not buy ths plant, tbe firm
would admit tbem to a profit sharing
basis, providing a council be formed to
ssttle disputes by referriug them to
Shareholders Annual Meeting
Montreal, Oct. II.—The prinoipal
feature of the annual meeting of C.P.
R. shareholders wss ths fsot tbat tbe
shareholders gave formal authority to
the directors to increase the capital
stock of the company -from $160,000,000
to $200,000,000, the extra fifty million
dollars' worth ol stock to be issued
(ro n time to time ss required
Another important item that was
approved by the adoption of the report was the action of tbe directors in
securing st an approximate cost ol
$2,000,000 substantial control of tbe
Alberta Railway A Irrigation Company, with whioh IhsCanadian Pacifio
Railway has been interchanging a
considerable amount ol traffic.
The retiring directors were re-eleoted
for a period of four years.
Mountain Millmen Say That 90
Per Cent. Will Not Operate
Vanociivbk, Oot. 9 —Ths coast
mountain lumbermen at a conference
held yesterday afternoon in Vancou
ver, failed to come to the arrangement
for tbe re-establishment of a price
agreem-nt for the northwest market.
The subject wss discussed in its many
phases, but the coast men decided
tbat in order to permit some of the
large Vancouver mills to work off
their surplus ot rough lumber it would
be impossible lor au agreement to be
concluded with tbe mountain mills at
this time. It was stated during tbe
conference that though the capacity of
tbe mountain mills, workiog ten
hours per day during eight months is
660,000,000 feet of lumber, the output
last HCason was but 260,000,000, and
thst was the best year in the history
of that trade. At present tbe mountain mills sre refraining from attempting to sell tlieir product because the
low price quoted by ooast mills on
rough lumber bas taken the market
Tbe representatives of the mountain
mills stated that it was probable thst
90 per cent, of Hie establishments and
plants in the district would be closed
down dining the winter. The owmrs
took the view* thut Ihe stocks already
on hand would fully meet even tbe
good demand whii h was expected next
spring, and there were no use in
fiirthrr increasing their supplies, it
was intimated that a similar line of
action on the part of the coast mills
would lie advisable for the general
good of ilic busiue-s, but no definite
nquest for such action was preferred. *>
Railway    Commission   Draft
Ottawa, Oct. 9—Tbe regular mem-
hers ol the I oard of railway commissioners, with Judge Mabee as president
sat tbis morning on tbe monthly
session of tne board. None of the
recently appointed enmmissioners
took any part iu the proceedings. The
first matter which came up was the
resumption of the consideration was
tbe ie.uiiipt.ion of ths proposed new
rules for trainmen and the regulation
as to the equipment of trains.
Railway men from all parts of
Canada were on hand to discuss the
suggestions :d the board, which,
among other things suggested that all
freight cars to be built after December shall be equipped with an operating lever on both sides. The board
mokes some proposals in respect to
the equipment of locomotives and
tenders with lights both in tbe front
and the rear, and another suggestion
is that no light tiain on the main line
shall run more than 25 miles an hour
in one direct inn with.nl a conductor.
Other proposals made by the commission arc that all emplnyees on
trains undergo the color test, that a
train consisting of more than eight
cars be provided witb two brakemen,
tbat railway telegraphers be compelled
to pass an examination, and that tbe
putting of crippled cars behind the
vans ol a freight train be punisbsble
by a fine of fifty dollars.
It is understood that with four
minor changes ths railway men will
agneto tbs new rules.
Governor-General Had Terrible
Chanhrook, B. C, Oot. 11.—Earl
Grey, ihe governor general, bas arrived at Cranbrook from Windermere.
After leaving Argenta tbe party then
traveled to near tbe summit on horseback, where they were stopped by a
snowstorm snd landslides. After this
Eirl Grey and tbe party took their
packs oo their backs snd mads a
perilous trip over tbe mountains on
foot. Tbey were brought back to
Cranbrook in a motor car and suffered
much hardship.
Goodeve Meeting
Owing to the lengthy report entsiled
st the public political meeting last
night at the Opera House, when A. S.
Goodeve; conservative candidate for
Kootenay, in the approaching Federal
elections. Thos. Taylor, M.P.P., and
W. W, Lefeaux delivered addresses on
the issues of tbe campaign we aie
forced to bold over tbe same till
our Wednesday's issue when a full
synopsis of tbe meeting will be published.
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting goods.
We are showing the best line of Heaters, Ranges, etc., that
bas been seen in Revelstoke and our increasing soles prove that
we have the right goods and prices.
Our Plumbing department is up-to-date and we are doing
the best work lhat IS dune in the city.
Bourne  Bros.
nil. Swell
In the cool evenings to come, no' only will one
of our tony top coats look--well hanging from your
shoulders, but it will keep off that chill.
The earlier you buy your clothes the longer you
have the use of them.
Fabric, fit, finish, style, prices—these are the
five things to look out for—one for each finger and
your thumb.
When you go to buy an Overcoat, Raincoat or
Suit of Clothes, look at your thumb and let it remind you that it is a duty you owe yourself to come
to our store and see what good clothes we can show
We also carry the best assortment oi Men's and
Boys' Shoes in the City.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branoh• a.
lnt«r_et allowed at hlghMt current rata.
BEVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
At 8 Per Gent.
Local Strike Situation
The entire gsng ol strikebreakers
employed in tbe local shops quit work
yesterday and left the C.P.R. premises.
Applications for work from tbe
strikers at the offices wereall taken and
it is expected tbat by Monday tbe
(ull number will be at work again.
The strikebreakers will get out of tbe
city in all probability as fast as tbey
can aa their position now here is do
sinecure. Revelstoke is to be complimented oo tbs perfect behaviour of
the strikers, disturbances of soy kind
or violenoe on tbe part of the men
being conspicuous by their absence.
All through tbe liplii (lie loeal man
bave beld a quiet yet firm a'limde
wbicb bas strongly appealed to tbs
Zbc fl&a.Mbcralb.
ll.VY  AT
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
Parliamen^-ity,    Departmental
and  latent. Oflicc Agents
Practice before Railway
Cms. Murphy.        Haroi.ii Fisher
;:i,\ KL-STOKE
'-: 11 ; i.ss
s.ili, iu.rs,, etc.,
sb TROUT 1 AKK ll 0.
,i,.". i.t.i.ii.
hakkisri-jts, BOL101TOK
Mt'KKiAI.    I (AMI
iJTi sK K,  11. C,
>1 IIIII.   tO luati.
OfBoe.   ltoveIa.oke.Bi      Cmnbrook, 1
bo. S. McOabtir,
.   Al      I'l.SKHAM. .!    A.   llAKVK-i,
Kevelstoko, H i        Cranbrook, IJ
J        I     -      Mi    l.L
W, I. HriKK-.
M.s.VKV   'I'll   I.1IA.N
- ii ii fruits i--int Miit-Hiiys-
t Street,
''.Kltr SMITH
Rev i
,i„c n.i
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Smveyi-r
Engit.e, ling
Box   ilHi,   fiiiVKLSTOK G
Banff Hard Coal
Wc arc now receiving n full- supply of the
cliff .rent sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
iss il. E. CREIGHTON
Certificated Teach
l'i,mu.    Vocal Theory.
Musical   Kindergarten
t 'la-is,,'* loi' young iiniiiiiii.
St iid'ni over
The Name of
Slack Watch
On a Tag on a Plug of
Black Chewing Tobacco
Stands tor Quality.
Zhe flfoafUlberalfc.
on ii machine and then go away,
makes a mistake. Citizenship
neans to ttike tt reasonable cognizance 'i the ideas, which make
for the civic, betterment both in the
local Beld and in the larger Held of
the country, the province and the
Dominion, It menus to know
something of measure., and of men,
to study the force culled radicalism
and to know what it, is that is of
value in the future, to study the
force called Conservatism and to
see what it is in the past that
should he conserved and what
thrown    nut.
Political campaign the people paper should be one of the first to
should slinly the issues widely and cry down (lie evil on the principle
well and put common sense ant
tlieir own true feelings anil   wishes
able advertising contracts for the
sake of its home merchants, and
when mistakes or errors of judgment occur, erroneous conclusions
should not be jumped at. There
are few classes of business men,
other than newspapers who would
refuse business to help their friend.-!
The mail order business should lie
stamped out from any city, when
goods can lie bought in that cily;
the department stores take money
away from a city and thereby
lessen the circulation of currency
which   munt   be   the  mainstay of
lii the  approaching every cooiniunitv, and   the
before those nf tlieir advisors who
in most cases have a motive behind
tlieir benign expressions of goo.'t-
There is sn mucii bad in lho best nf ns,
Aud so much _■.,.,.! iu the wural nl us,
Thai il hardly behooves any of us,
Tn talk iti> m;i Lhe rest of us.
" The twentieth century   belongs
to Canada," and this fact   whioh is
beinir demonstrated  almost  daily
in all js-irtss ui  the   Dominion  and
particularly so in   British  Columbia, must be ail milted by  even the
most cynical ami pessimistic, Canada i- advancing.    To ever}'nation
a; some lime comes  the  discovery
of themselves   .uui   of   tbeir own
powers, and Canada's advancement
!.- due to  ,i   series   nf experiments
well thought out ami triod, brought
about by the evolution   of  government,  whose argumentative  prin-
ciples   have   resulted   in   the   de-
re opment nt those things which go
rich    a    nation.    To   err    is
.. ■    md  governments   are   no
exception !"■ tin-   ruie.   and  errors
.   i ■■     ■    in-   inception   nf   any
iking   invariably   lead     tu
ite knowledge ami the direct
■- if these mistakes and experi-
l i-i in the face of difficulties
ears   good   fruit.    But to
individual  come.-   the  idea
'....■-•. after   labor   there  should   be
:•-*.,     Mn. !- prone tn believe that
with advancing age there should he
peace ■    . lei.   ■•    -.it.-;   work   and
ment      f     goods     acquired. CATALOODE    HOUSE..
:.'   • ••-   il   _•   ernmenl    in-  iike      There  are but few editors in tbis
ord :. ■ )     nd   ..   ai-     and     with | province   who   have   not   made a
_   •      ■ .••'   do not keepIvigorous    and    continuous    tighi
--   irp look   nut   for   dishonesty I against    the   mail    nnlcr   houses.
■ the.    mce did. Their  minds This has been
There was an amendment to the
Dominion Elections Act passed at
the last session of the legislature
which directly affects the printing
business and the nature of it makes
it important that every printer
Bhould become acquainted with its
provisions.    It reads as follows:
"Kvery printed advertisement,
handbill, placard, poster or dodger
having reference to any elections
shall bear upon the face thereof the
name and address of the priliter
and publisher thereof.
"Any person printing, publishing, I aud-Diillur I
distributing or posting up, nr cans- v.Imac name
ing to be printed, published, distributed or posted up, any printed
advertisement, hand hill, placard,
poBter or dodger having reference
to any election which does not bear
upon the face thereof lhe name and
that the more circulation of currency there is in a city the better
support the newspapers get ami
the more satisfied are the mer
chants lhat they are getting lhe
full value nut of their advertising
Westward Ho!
Thi.   magazine  se.nis   tn know nn
limit to its power-"   of   expansion and
improvement; aud the October issue la
certaiul)   its   beat.   The fiction almie
rui.s. to nine ehnrt stories covering the
sentimental, the tragic, the comic, the
philanthropic,   the   serious-,   and  the
amatory.    Among them are'The Helton   Case,"   by    Arthur   Davies,   ani
aiitlinr  of already   attained celebrity,'
"Beneath    the   Old  Puke Hnunot," by j
Agnes I.n,'Limit Hughes, whose works,
both   prose and   verse, are   always ap- I
pteciative mul sweet;   "A Kitty Thous-
ugh,"   by llillee Glynn, i
i.-   synonymous     with
humor   and   pat hoi'    "Black    Hawk
Hunk,"  by Mrs  Ruth Everett    ' The
Dollar   and   the   Cruaa,"   !•    .i   Iky,
Donehoo; "The Measu e of His Love,'
by Isabel H.   Macdimalil     "TIip Trulh I
of Pretence," ami oibers,
Tbere are two excellent articles,   ne
Chicago Wins National Pennant
Nkw York, Oot, tl.—For the third
consecutive time Chicago won the
National Lean iiii pennant by defeating
New York tnd iv, by a I to 2 score.
The game, which was one of (liegreatest in baseball llistorv, was witnessed
by a crowd nf .'111,000 within the Polo
Grounds, while thousands more eaw
the struggle from adjacent places of
vantage The Chicago victory was
fairly earned, their heavy hitting in
the third inning, scoring three runs.
Hismil's   carpet   sweepers   are
best.    Sold at 0. B. Hume A Co.
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord   wood-
General Agencies   Ltd.
I.  O.  F
Court M,,uni Doable, Ni . nil. tii«(ii» 'Iiul aud
llll Mondays iu Oililfollnwa Hull, unit In Opera
lii.iiMi Vi.i'iug brethren ciirilially invited t,,
H. W. Eiiwikim, R.S
C.   VV.   O    W
Mountain Vlow Camp, No. 119
Mcntt  Second  and   Kairth  Wednei-days In
oaoh month, In  Selkirk Hall.   Visll.ln   "'
inon cordially liiviii'il to .ittond.
w. ll. AHMSTHQNO.Oon.com
J. MclNTYHK. Clerk.
F. 0- E.
The regular meetings nre held in the Selkirk
Hall evnry Tnondny  evening    at   8   o cluck
Visiting brethren nre cordially invited.
J. I.KKI.1K. Prbsidrnt.
W. B. McLADl'HlilN.SEC»ETi»i.
Kootonay Lodge, Wo. IS, A. T. & ». M,
reputation is a poteni factor to lie con
filtered us it. is synonymous with I he
quality, merit snd prices of the goods
sold. If yon deal at Hastings, Doyle A
A Hum's you will know you will he
treated f ii i liy, i o "auer bow yon may
be lacking in technical knowledge of (be
value and quit lily of jowels of any kind
Wo keep m Iy the be«t and choicest.
Where unlil is used it is marked wilh tne
ears' Stamp, wilh silver it is sterling, ii
gems and precious stones theii quality i
fully guaranteed.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum, Limited
A New Carpet
from our choice and handsome
stock of Axminster, Wiltons, etc,,
will give you both pleasure und
satislaction when you see the rich
and beau:iful effects of tlie colors
and patterns and the durability
of the fabrics Oar carpets arc
made by the best manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
aa to luok wall.
The'regular meetings are held iu the
Oddfellows Hall, ou
tha third Monday in
•licit month at %
\i in. Visiting breth-
riu oordlally welcome.
,-.s!?W:_t.- -..-_'
it. fi. I'ltiK'HNlKlt, Skckktakv.
Moots every Thursday
vtsniiiK In Selkirk
Fi at S o'clock'
VlHttiim brethren cor
■Hal     iuvlled to M-
(1. It. KN1UHT, N.ll.
CoM Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 28, Revelstoke, B. C.
,KV   W    IiNK-li.l i
,   III    M.'.ltlt-S.l   V
• "l.lltsll'.u
I'C 'CK. VI-ll. i
irliHily    livltod.
tl. II. UK'I' K   K. of K. *__ |
J. It. SCO l'i',   it
Boarding   School   for    Girls
Children of all Denominations ad.
milted, Complete Preparatory Studies,
High School Course. Music:—Piano,
Instruments, For terms and other
particulars apply lo—Sistkr Supbrior
OPENING     SEPT.    1st.     1908
Import direct from country ot origin.
BEVELSTOKE    __..  O.
__   P.
HEAD OFFICE I   Cil.OARV.   Ai.iikht*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pink Packets und Dealers in Liv Stock. M nkeia iu all the priori
pal Cities and Towns of Albert.i. British Cnliinibii mid the Yukon,
Puckers i.f the Celebrated Brand " Imperil i" Hams nuil Baton,
jttl "Shamrock" Brand lleuf Lmd,
l%r*V% *%^%«v%s -_r%^%%%^%^%.%.*.-sv«>*v%% *%♦%. »V
Kor Agricultural l.npiouieuL-*. Uarrlngas, Wanous Ktc., John
Du.re IMiiukIih. Mollne Wuguus, ('niiatin ('ttrrtage (Vmipunj's
BugglU. >Pli»U»i Jr., (".union Seaderti ami r.iltivatnrs, Whoel-
wrtnlit uml HlucksmilU Work ntteudtd tu. Hurso IihoIuk a
Central Hotel
_________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built        Kirst-olass in every resjiect.    All modern coffvenletioe.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales SI.60 per Day. Special Weakly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
Sale of Mineral Claims in Revelstoke Assessment District
address of the printer unl publisher by Bonnycastle Dale on "The Owning
thereof, shall be liable to a tin.- notLj   tbe  Season. '  and une on tl it.
exceeding   .200   and  costs  and in [pine Clnb of Canada," by S. H. Mitch-
default of payment of such tine and
cnsls   in imprisonment  for a term
ell.    Under diversified articles we li
"Sim .n    Krawr,"   liy  E. (J. 8. Bchu
not exceeding  >ix   months with or field,   Librarian ol   British Columbia
without bard labor." | whose   intimacy  witb toe subject hm
Bv   .-some    this-  is  interpreted as I enabled   him   to give to the public a
meaning official document* having I" lhe  ^""^
direct reference to the election, and
that the object js to prevent false
and   malicious   statements
I Inieliv (jive untie, that 011 .MONDAY, the SECOND DAY ot NOVHMBBR, A. II., 11108, al lhu hour of HI
o'elock in the forenoon, at the Court House, llevelsloke, I shu.ll oiler for sale nt public auction the mineral claims
in the lisi hereinafter sel out, of the persons in the .said lisl hereinafter set out, nf which Crown Grants hnve been
issued, for all unpaid taxes accrued and due and payable on the 80th .liine, IIH1S, and for tbn expenses of advertising
t Iii-* mil Ice,
If l he ta_es and expenses of advertising, as set out ill said list are not |niid to mo on Ol'before the day of sale,
the claims may he sold to the highest bidder, and u conveyance executed to the purchaser of all I'iicht and interest
in suid liiinis legally alienated by the Crown by the Crown Giants theieof.
In the event of there being no purchaser, or if the price offered shall not be surllcient to pay the taxes and
■ mui,-- nf advertising, the hind shall revert to the Province and the Crown (leant, theieof shall be deemed void.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Cardan Lawn
or Conaervatory
Reliable varieties al reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation lo damage slock.
No windy agents lo annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cul
Flowers, elc, Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of It. C.    Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed Houses'
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
m sawn .s „s_
Sat. S.p.ai I.k.Miiniti.lia
Fri. Oct. 2 Emp. Britain
S»t.   "   l.'lik.Chmnplaiii Fri. Scp.__
KiH.   •• 16 Emp. Ireland Kri. Oct. 2
Sat    " 34 Lilke l_iie     Wed.    "   7
Fri.     ""   4 limp. Hi it.iin Ki j.    •• III
Iitemediaie Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class jrd. Class
$90 00   $48 75 $.3 75
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$72 50       $42 50       $27 50
Otiikr Lakr Boats--
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
('heap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points   in connection  with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden. Antwerp, Hamburg mid
all other cdhtine tal ports.
Foi forth r Information uppl    to
T.W.Bra-Jsliaw,    CB. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
D raying
Storar e
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
TENDERS are requested Inr the
purchase of Lots 12 and 13, Block 57,
situate on Eighth Street near McKenzie Avenue, in the City of Revelstoke. TbeBe line building lots belong
to the McDonald Kstate, and will be
Bold at a sacrifice to close np tbe
estate. The highest or any tender
not necessarily accepted. Forward
tenders on or before 1st of October,
1908, to the undersigned.
Barristers, Vancouver,
ltw, Iws.
land    W.
Young.    "The
I Clothes."    by     Madams
,eln8i "Mural    Decorations,
Morale   of
I_IST  ABOVE  mentioned:
MAKE 1 IK   I'KHKiiv   AH8BHHls-.11
AM Drain, I-'.M'Catiy, B.W.Northey
circulated    without   being able  to I f>ray,   A.K.CA..    'B    I...   Bell," by-
truce   tbe   name   to a responsible William   Blakemore.    An   article on
source.      In   any event it would be \ Revelstnke, B, C, describee: something
well for   printers  to keep thn^e two  of the Interior.
. tuses in mind.
  _.— editorial,   poetry, etc , while   the illiu
by Claude VV. , Florence McCarty
There   are also the usual features of |Geo, I»,  Brynnier
.Inhn Brown, \\   i.
trat.inns tbroughoul are numerous and
l  I.irk.  el   -ll
Children's Eyesight.
11   e
pt to  be otni   fossilized, they
progress.   A nation
■ '1 r>Mo-- thing The guidance
! ni 11 1 - '■.' requires keen
mini -. ■ rt attention nnil pow r-
ful energy. We,have reached ..i.
era ol modernism wrhi ,e people
think quicker ami act with fire;,'.' r
•jT'-cisior, anil leave behind the
constructive energy ol lhe long
ago. The responsibility of n nation
and it? advancement rests as much
iv ah the nation itself as with those
tbat govern it and on great issues
of the day the people who have it.
in their power to sway tbe balance
should think more nincerely of
what tbey aie lining when thev
cast their ballot. The man vim
thiuk.- that citizenship means to
drop a bit of paper in a box on .1
.'•rtnin 1 Inv or to move a few levers
me in the interest,
nf the home merchant, and without
money anil without price If the
editors of th" land had received
regular advertising ratos for all
they have aairl against thftHe enemies of the countrj merchant,, they
oould ;. m be wearing diamonds.
I; ij the duty ol the editor to protect, as far as po-fible tho business
interests of hi? town merchant and
frequently tbat protection takes
tbe form of a refusal to accept advertising from large firms who
make a specialty ol big advertising
and pay a large price, A city,
however, oannnt, exist without its
merchants and the city paper could
not keep its doors open without
the support of the merchants, consequently their aims should he
mutual. An average country journal bas to refuse big  outside   profit-
(,. M.Co. Lid
Metropolitan!" -hS.M Oo.of I_M**_sanLd
M, E, King
Align- M,-\t -ii
Tbe eyesight ol ach..'.i  children  in  Columbia & Chiib<
the I'niteil States is   receiving   «|*!cial
attention   and   a ladies committee in   <,,,,.  Vlexaiider, et al
connection with achno'sand educatii n
have tried lately In supervise the vision
nf school children in   New   York,   and
thny ask that hereafter no  t*it-b<s,k
hn used in the schools printed on calendered paper, which casts a glare,
that none of the illustrations tn the
hooks or eleewhcrc t,e printed from
halftone cuts; that, no electric gloiws
except frosted one he used in the
schools; that, all lights in night schools
be provided with   green   shades,   and
that each pupil be required to bold bis
honk when atudyirig at an angln nf 16
degrees, and that, when reading aloud
he lie rerpiired to Irmk up frequently
from tbe page.
\ -durtwaist danOfl will be he'd in
the Opera House on Tuesday, October
20th, under the auspices of tbn LuiUcs
of the Maccabees. It. Cordon will
officiate aa master of coromoniss.
vv. N. Brayton
A. W. Gray and T, It Dave
Hugh Sutherland
Smith Curtis    	
Diilphne M  A. I lev. (In	
I llll nl ill  ltevelsliike
Cana ian (iii 1.
Lot No. 47a*i       Crimp 1
!    52 00
2 OO
54 00
JAB.             "   1
05 00
2 00
67 00
Victoria IV
27HI              "    1
06 00
2 00
67 00
27"J.*i              "    1
02 60
2 00
64 50
Maple I^-af
27rKI              *'    1
15 00
2 00
17 00
27(57              ..   i
(15 00
2 00
87 00
27«8              "    1
20 (Kl
2 (HI
22 00
2701I             "   1
02 60
2 *)
«4 50
,1408              •*    1
III 00
42 00
Mammoth No, 2
.■HII               ••    1
17 00
2 00
19 00
."i842              "    1
15 50
2 00
17 50
,*iK|-               "    1
4 00
S 00
0 00
58411            "   I
10 50
2 00
12 50
Silver Tip No. 2
5817              "    1
20 00
2 00
28 00
6848            '•   I
15 50
2 01)
17 50
6866            "   1
31 50
2 00
33 50
Butem King
182(1             "   1
180 00
2 (HI
132 00
l.itiie .lue
2728              "    1
111) 00
2 00
101 00
272.             ••   |
143 00
2 00
145 00
Molly Fraction
272H              "    1
10 50
2 00
18 60
Wm eagle
2588            ••   1
Ifl 50
2 00
I8 60
New  York
■.Si".             "   1
27 75
29 75
"    ivae         ••  1
33 75
2 00
38 75
5.M27              "    1
28 50
2 00
30 60
Mi ml real
."-.._.          "   I
23 25
2 00
25 26
Sun Frainisiu
682-            ••   I
39 00
41 00
.kMI              "    1
30 00
41 00
Metropolitan Fraction
."■.sin          "  1
4 50
OblOSgO Fraction
1VS.S2         "  1
6 25
4H52              "    1
17 50
10 60
,",(181               "    1
25 50
27 50
."■("82              "    I
25 HO
2 OU
27 00
Silver Chief
6088            "   1
18 50
2 00
20 50
Kainlniips Fraction
6684             '•   1
3 00
2 00
mwii           "   1
10 50
2 00
12 50
1 X 1,
1727               "    I
25 50
2 00
27 50
1 X I. Fraction
(.Kill               "    I
25 00
2 00
27 00
48li                "    I
30 00
2 00
41 Oil
481(1                "    )
.81 00
2 00
41 00
mi'2              "    1
28 00
2 00
28 00
< upper King
..K^                •    1
20 00
2 00
28 on
Hig Four
mm          "  1
25 50
2 00
27 60
8887            "   1
26 00
2 00
28 00
Silver Tip
HHHl               ••    1
26 00
28 00
Oot by
6840            •■   I
26 00
2 00
28 INI
Mountain M
;*sM          ••  1
30 75
2 00
32 75
Meadow i.'i'-en
:_.«».*.           ••   1
23 00
2 00
25 00
Fm ma
*'      5407            "   1   1
66 00
2 00
57 00
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described
Beginning at a post planted at the
south-east corner of Lot No. 8509 purchased hy Julius Dougal, running
west 20 chains; thence aouth 20 chains;
thence east 20 chains; thence north 20
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 24th, 1908,
Edward Wolf, Applicant.
jly 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
II. O.i Oct.. Illh. Ils«
Deputy Assessor and Collector Revelsteke Assessment District.
Certificate of  Improvements
Mum K. mineral claim, .Ituatelln the Trout Lake
Mining Division ol Weat Kootenay District.
Whero located:--At the head ol Ooat Creek Basin
adjoninf. the Folsum mineral claim. Lot If,.;,
Oroup 1.
Take notice that I," R Smith, F.M.C. 13B1SB.
acting aa agent (or J. B. Mackeniie, F.M.C. Nn,
IlWi'iB, intend, sixty daya (rom the dat- hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder ior a Certificate ot
Irapro vemeuta. Inr the purpo e ot obtaining a
Crown Grant ol the above claim.
And further take notloe that action, under
Section S7, must be commenced before the issuance ol such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of June. A.D., IMS.
sa    W B. 8MITB.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that G. Brink, of Unl-
cyon, B. 0., Cruiser, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the follow-
ing described lands.
Commencing at a post planted on
the east side of Upper Arrow Lake, at
the south-east corner of Lot 2451, and
markod "G. K. Brink's North-West
Coiner Post"; thence east 20 chains;
thence south 20 chains; thence west
20 chains to the lake sbore; thence
northerly along the lake show 20
chains more or loss to the poiut of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less.
-._._,. GK" BRINK,
Dated August 5th, 1908. THE MATL-UEKALD. RRVELSToKE, tt C
The crowded above top—
haven't you often wished
for more space ?
pipe-hole may be
used if preferred but—
Uhis pipe-arrangement leave*
tiie top of range free for pott,
paw, etc.
Granted: -The
wish for more top
space. Grantor:—
"Sask-alta" Range.
Granted:— The
cutting in half of
washday. Grantor:
"Sask-alta" Range.
Granted: The use
of a top space sufficient to prepare
a meal all at one
time. Grantor:—
"Sask-alta" Range.
"Sask-alta" piping
adjustment is
easy, but you will
not find it on
any other range.
W. Claiy's
Marti* T-M-Mst., Mm. tr mi, wirmlKl. Vmomvct. ft J* ha, htmllUfl, Canary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
This Trademark Guarantees
that Fit-Reform Suits and
Overcoats are always in perfect
style and taste—that they will
give excellent service—that they
are the best values, for the
money, in Canada.
This trademark guarantees that every garment
bearing it, must give complete and lasting
satisfaction or your money back.
Behind this trademark is the Fit-Reform
Company, founders in Canada of hand-tailored
Fall styles are ready.    $15 up.
Revelstoke.  B. C.
suitably lurnished with the choicest the
market -il'liinls. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.     I .al ■•"_ $i a day.    Monthly rate.
cr.  j_*.t___b:___-_r.t   stohstie    prop,
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, Eastern Sur, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Knreka mineral
claims situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District. Located on lhe North side of the North-east
branch of Laforme Creek.
Take notice that I, Guy L, Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B1J265, as agent
for Charles Walsh, free Miner's Certificate B94>66; for Ed. Adair, Free Miner's
Certificate B94251: Samuel McMurty, Free
Miner's Certificate 11^4.62; Walter Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate II94265; F. G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94.264;
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
B942I11, and R, F. Grerr, Free Miner's
Certificate 694263, intend 60 days from
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements
for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
ol the above claims,
And further take nolice lhat action under Section ,17 must be commenced before
I he issuance ol such certificates o( improvements.
Dated this 17th day of September, 1908.
sep ij.nov 2,) Cl'V L. Williams.
f_ A 111 IX MAHRV,   DOCTOR   or
II II il I despair. ••Don't da •
11 11 ll I thine " till you wm clearly
UUI1      I W|ml*; best by aid ol
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, illaeaao, lovo, marriage anil parentage
Tells what you'd ask a durlor, Iiul. don't llko to
MO pages, luustrated, _. minis; hut to IntroduM
It wo send one only lo any adult (or postage,
10 oenUi.
I Jt laurt _•-_ _-r_-t, NIW VO_t_
Certificate of Improvements
Skookum, Di-iiiiiliiiiiiiiiui and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Revelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located; On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. Bi iggs
of Revelstoke, B. 0-, Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. BD4288, acting
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty- King Edward VII, in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.B94287, intend sixty
days from date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown ("rants of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 87 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July. 1906.
jly 4 W. I. Bilious.
Notice is hereby given that Hastings, Doyle Ac Allum, Limited, will,
three months after date, apply to the
Lieutenant-Governor In Council for an
Oiiler-ln-Council changing the Company's name to "Doyle A Allum, Limited."
Dated the __K h day of June, 1908.
Hakvby, Mr!'aktkii A Pinkham,
Solicitors   for Hustings,   Doyle A Al
lum, Limited jly 4 8m w
Citizens   must Co-operate  to
Make City Attractive
Perhaps this is not a very opportune
time to indulge in a scasonnble word
about the sppearsnee of llevelsloke
streets, fur our thoroughfares may be
truthfully described as in a state of
evolution New cement sidewalks are
being laid which necessitates a ceitain
amount of confusion and untidiness
while the early stages of boulevarding
give sn air of "upheaval" to the city
as well as an appearance of disorder
which must of necessity take place
while improvements are under way.
Thin' under these circumstances it is
inevitable that our thoroughfares
should present an aspect of bedrsggle-
ment and dishevelment, In course of
time these works will lie completed to
the ultimate beautifying of the city
To quote Irom a contemporary: 'Cun
you not picture to yourself a city
where every unsightly spot has been
transformed into beauty? Can yuu
not sre a city where every street has
its rows of stately trees and every
house iis gttr.h'n plot and flowering
shrubs, and every will its mantle 1 f
creeping green? Cm you not think
of a city where every hateful billb.iard
and every tumble down sbsck have
disappeared " This is tbe work of
good citizenship and a condition of
things for Kevelstoke to emulate. It
would lake very little to make Revel
stoke beautiful. Koine of our people
might hold back fiom doing ih ir
share, in.der the iih-u th it the condition of the street aud -iilowalk in Iront
of tlieir premises ib none of their
special business, but everyone, we
think, would fall iu line, if 1 nly lor
shames sake, after a little, and pre-
83iilly we would hnve a city neat and
As we havo said, it is possibly not
the right lime now to begin setting
our streets in order by having all
grasses and bushes cut down and vege
tation of all species removed from our
public places. It is to be hoped that
the incoming Cuum-il will follow along
the line of the present administration
and enter upon Ihe coining term fixed
in tbeir determination to have the
streets and roads repaired and cleared
and made as pleasant ss possible to
the eyes of residents and visitors slike.
A reform can be brought about in
many ways, even to seeking power
from the legislature making house
holders responsible for the condition
of streets In front of their premises. If
we make Revelstoke a clean, beautiful
city, it will do us all a lot of good.
One of the first results would be that
we would all become more public
spirited, a virtue which Bhould be more
prevalent in RevelBtoke. A great
many of us are too self csutred and
concern ourselves too much wilh our
own affairs and ends, and too little
aliout those things that promote the
general welfare ol the community.
We need something to unite us all as
citizens in the furtherance of B me
common object and if we take pains to
each of us do our share in making
Reveletoke a beautiful cily our sphere
of intl cure and cooperation will
visibly increase.
Kootenay   Millmen   Ask  Perpetual Title for Bonuses
Vancouvek, Oct. 9.—A deputation
of Kootenay lumbermen waited on
the Provincial government tbis week
and asked for legislation to extend the
special timber licenses until such
period as the timber areas thus b. Id
shall bave been logged off.
Its members comprised Messrs.
Lund, Lacbmund, Otis Staples, Lind*
mark and John Hanbury.
The visitors also urged the govern*
ment to amend the Bush Fires Act eo
as to make it unlawful for settlers to
set out fires during June, July, August and September. Hon. Messrs.
McBride and Fulton promised consideration owing to the dangers of
flames spreading to timber limits.
Tbe main requests of the lumbermen are embodied in a memorial
presented to the government last
February. It ii argU'd that tbere is
great insecurity of title st present, as
the licensee only run for twenty-one
" I am in hearty sympathy with the
views of the deputation wbicb asked
tbe government to adopt a policy that
will provide perpetuity of title in
regard to timber licenses," said Mr.
W. C. Wells, ol Nelson, ex-commissioner of lands aod works.
" The mistake was made in closing
other avenues for acquiring timber,
and io intro mciiig the special license
system only without any restriction
•s to area. In the former administrations of which I was a member, two
systems were in force. One was
peculiarly adapted for the larger
pr, prietor, and tbe other fur small
holders wbo had the right to acquire
only up to t_o square miles. The
leasing system, however, was done
away with, snd tbe door thrown open
by giving the right to acquire  unlim
ited uir.i« uuder spools! licenses, and
this in fact was the only way left,
" facilities fur acquiring timber
wero thereby i-iiliaiH.il. This being
the case timber holders who were led
to apply for large areas for support of
their plants for the purpose of safeguarding their timber reserve, should
certainly havo some protection in the
direction of perpetuity of title nnd if
there is anything in conllict with
public interests it is certainly the
polioy of the government that is at
fault and not the timberholders,
" The great objection to protection
is tbat it applies to speculators as well
as to tbe bona fide operators, and if
some discrimination could be made 10
protect tbe public interests in dealing
with these two classes of timber-
holders there is ample justification for
Fdison Parlor Theatre
The 10 siing is the programme at
the Kdison Parlor Theatre tonight;
"Justice of a Redskin," an exciting
frontier drama. "Hide und Seek," a
tilm fur tho children. "Spurts of the
World," hosing wrestling, burse racing, skating hockey, eto, lllu-tratcd
song, "I'm afraid 10 cume home in the
dark,"'tin Hevelstoke favorite. "Billy's
on Fin," ur fun with a policeman.
"The Frog," a beautiful colored pic.
ture. ''Dinah's Iream," a comio
drums in the kitchen.
DRESSMAKING    hi      reus title
t. nn-.   Appiy Mm, 6, \\ .Green,
Fourth Street.
IjiOR SAI E-Oi.e 2- aire block and
,! one 10 iuih block of ctlliiC" frull
aud farming land situated nil Upper
Aiioiv Lake. Apply Julin Nrtlson,
Galena Bay. sep301m
FOR SALE—Arrowhead Drugstore
for Sale, possession Noveinlier 1.
Apply to M.J. Donovan, Arrow hmid,
B. C, sep 1(14i
FOR SALE- Two gmiil  Milk Ooivs
Apply   to   Malhisnn   A    Ciowe,
South Track,
FOR SALE-CHEAP- Nine first-
class Dairy Cows,   Applv tn Box
008, Arrowhead. Silt 12 Hud
WANTED-Up-tain, work  or dill-
■ ■■groom hy experienced woman,
Apply at once to M. Abel, Golden.
FOR SALE-Smull On il Self Feeder
Stove in good condition.     Applv
MAIL-HkHALU office.
PARTNER   WANTED  to   travel.
with about$75.    Paying concern.
Write "PariHer," office this papet
ri .0 LET-Good furnished room wiih
__L    or without board. Apply Box 306.
WANTED—A  good   servant   girl
fur  family   of   two.    Apply at
WANTED-Scwing   liv    Ihe   day.
Apply to Miss Nellie Beck, 3rd
street west.
WANTED-Yiiutig girl to take car*
of childirii in private residence,
Apply Muil-lleiald office.
WANTED-Aliimt lty_ or ten acres
of iuiid near Revelsluke tn purchase. Improved or unimproved.
Send particulars to Mall-Hel'iilil.
WANTED-To purchase from 2 to
20 acies of cleared or uncleared
good level bind, within 2 miles nf the
Revelstoke uosl office, Owners unly
reply. Give full particulars—R Ilockly
General Delivery, Vancouver.        tc
-yOUNU MAN desires hoard anil
X room, or ilium separate. State
terms.—T. Vernon, earn Mail-Herald.
THE   EVANS  00'0  t,'.E   INSTITUTE
The Evans Institute (or the cure nf
ilm drink mul drug; habits, esliililisiho'l
ill WiiinipeK llyeai.-. and in VancoUVOl
t year, with eutin. success. Non removed tu more commodious quartern at
ii.Vl Park Driv, (irundview, coruer of
Parker street.
Prospectus, testimon'ttls. istc, sent
privately on applioatiou. The superintendent or secretary may be consulted
at any time.   Phono B1030.
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.   -  $.500
The Steamer ! . "»h Five Mile
Landing (duriof stage of high
water) at 6 a.m. on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd , on Mondays snd
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must bs
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for tbe Boat Landing at 5:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steal, „ on arrival
back in the evening, end makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Frida;- mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
sailings may be changed without
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.00
Single   meals IB c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Miinufaotnred fur       classes of build.uka
for bhIo lu liirKO or :.m.il! -juantitiea
at the lowest prices for cash.
All kl ml. of hui ItliiiK and planter! u*
All   kinds   uf   new
II ulers in
Wall Chung, - Front St.
r. O. Hi IX, 2HII.
Phone 2'i
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bough .
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
In thi' mutter uf an application for
the issue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Til le to Norlli _ of Villa Lot 20,
Town of Revelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention tu issue u.t thu expiration of
one moil 111 after the lirst publication
hereof, duplicate Certificate of Title to
the above iiien.ioned lands iti the iiiime
ol John Larson, which Certificate of
Title is dated the 1st dav of September
1008, and numbered 2711 A.
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.
'ith Octolier, ID0H. oct 10 lui
Notice of Sale
Pursuant to the Oriler of lhe County
Court ol* West Kootenay, hoi den at Kevelstoke, mail*,* in the action of Big- Rend
Lumber Company, Limited, v. Columbia
and Kooteuay Railway and Navigation
Company and Charles B. Kirk and W. J.
Kane, there will beofferr.l for sale wilh
lhe approbation of VV. I_. McLauchlin,
lis-.]., Deputy Registrar oi said Court at
the Court House, in the City of Revelstoke
on Wednesday, the _.ist day of October,
19.08, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
all and singula* thai certain parcel
or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C.i and being composed of Lot No.
Four (4), Block No. Seven (7).
On the lands is said to be a two story
frame building 20x26 witti seven rooms.
Further particulars may be had from
Harvey, McCarter iV 1'inkham, Solicitors,
Imperial I.auk Block, Kevelstoke, B. C,
or from
W. E. McLauchlin,
Deputy Registrar al Revelstoke.
Dated   at   Kevelstoke   this   1st day   of
October, 1908* oct 3 41
Revi .stoke Land District
District of West Kootenay
TAKK NOTICE that I, Samuel
James H 11 low. ul'Niiku-p, B. (_',, ocl u
patiou, farmer, Intends io apply for
permission tn purchase the following
ilesciilied laud •
C'o 1111111 ■ 11 (• 11.i_r al a p,is-t planted at a
txiiin ttvinitj (20) (hams east of a point
eighti chains -oulh of Lhe southwest
cornel'of Lot Nu. 8.140; tlience south
-10 chuins, Ihence easl 10chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
to point nf commencement and containing one hundred and sixty (100)
acies more or less.
(Si.'i) Samuel James Harlow.
Dai ed .Inly 11. 1008.
Kevelstoke I aut THalrict.
District nl Weal Kootenay.
'lake notice thai I, Norman T. MacLeod of
Lethbridge, Alta., oooupatlon Broker, Intends
to applv for nermlaatuu to pnr.hasc the (ol low
inn described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the southwest corner ol Lot 8148 in roaths 11 Valley
almut 8U milo. West nl the v '.. shore of Arrow Laic and marked "N I Mais'. N. Vi.
C'irHcr," thence 40 chain. ■" ttli thenee 20
chain, eaat, theace 40 chain, n rth, thaDce&l
chains weat, containing 80 ac u, more or lean.
Hate Sept. 4, HUM.
acpl2_0d By John £. Taylor, hia agent.
Revelstoke Land District,.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Michael Doyle
of Revelstoke, B.C., Manager, intends
tn apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
the easterly bank of the Columbia
Rivor at the north-west corner of Lot
2771 Group 1, Kootenay, ami marked
"John M. Doyle's outh-west corner
post," thence east 41 chains; thence
north 40 chains; thence west 40 chains
more or less lo the easterly bank of
the Columbia river; thenco southerly
along the bank of said river 10 chains
more or less to the point of commencement, containing 1(10 acres mo.ie or
Bv his agent, Oeo. S. McCarter.
Daled J une 28th, 1.08. J27 Odd
So Clear, So Shining And so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
Kor ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
Tin) "EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE "needs less
care Iban any other machine
becuuBe there are fewer parts
to bo cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part, of tbe machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1896, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" Freneh Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Re > elstoke intends
to undertake the construction nf
Boulevard8 on  certain   streets within
the City of Revelstoke, to wit: McKenzie Avenue on Imth sides from the
north side uf Third Street to the north
side of Eighth Street; andonlsith
sides of Third Strett, Fourth Street,
Fifth Streetand Sixth Street, from the
east side of McKenzie Avenue to the
west side of Vernou Avenue, and ou
both sides of Douglas Strce' from
King west to C.P.R. ri^ht of way,
according to specifications and estimates prepared by the City Engineer
appointed for the put pose, and to
assess the expense or cost thereof upon
the land or real property abutting on
tbe parts of such streets as above-mentioned and to be benefitted thereby;
and tbat a statement showing the land
or real property liable lo pay the
assessment therefor, and the names of
the owners thereof, as far as they can
be ascertained, together wth the specifications and estimates of the City Engineer, and the proposed assessment
and report thereon of the City Clerk
are now on tile in the offlce of the City
Clerk and open for in <|>ection by all
persons during oflicc hours.
The estimated cott of the work is
$4120.04, to lie home Ly the owners of
such properties as abut on the parts
of such streets as above mentioned.
Any objection to the proposed undertaking and assessment theicfor
shall be made by petition to the City
Conncil within FIFTEEN (15) days
from the date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being the owners of
the lands affected thereby.
City Clerk.
D ited this 10th day of Septe 1008
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will, at the expiration of one
month, apply to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a transfer to
Coronation Hotel Company, Limited,
of the hotel license now held by me in
respect of the Coronation Hotel at
Camborne, B. C.
Dated this 3rd day of August; 1008,
aug 6 lu       Cory Mbnuinick.
West Kootbnay I_and Di8Tnic-r
Take Notice that 00 davs after date
I Arthur E. Evans, of Beaton, B. C .
occupation, prospector, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated on
Fish River, in West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east corner of A. D. Maikny'spre-finptinn No.
7,805, and marked "A. E, Evans,
North-west Corner Post." i hence 8
chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; thence 50 chains south,
tlience 8 chains west to MacKay's,
thence north 60 chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more
or lesa.
Located August "ii-d, 181K.
A. E. EVANS, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. 8,  Vivian  Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No.  5, Vivian
Luck No. (I and .Silver Crown mineral claims, silu.-i(ed in the l.udean
-Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where    located: -At   Head of   Kidd
Creek, a tributary of lloyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE lhat   I,   O.  B.  N.
Wilkie, acting   as  agent   for   Hector
Poirier,   F.M.C.   117481.   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. Ii05051, intend,  sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Recorder   for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Daled this 28tb day of May. A. D.
w my_7 Trout Lake, B. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCarter,
Sr., of Revelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands;
Commencing at a posl planted on
the west bank of the Columbia River
at the south-east corner of Lot 8285,
Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"George McCarter, Sr„ north-east cornel post," thence west 10 cbains:
thence south 20 chains; thence east 20
chains more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia river; thence northerly along the west bauk of the Columbia river to the point of commence
ment. containing 25 acree more or less.
By his agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Dated June _-th, 1808, j 27 OOd
for the h«uo of a duplicate Certificate ol Tltla
to Lot lilir. Uroup Oae, District ol KooU-na.'.
" Tru c Ftf.uro'' Mineral Claim .•XpMtttg an
undivided one-twelfth Intel-cat therein).
Intention to isauo al the expiration of one
month after the first publication hereof a
iliiplioat.. of tho Certifloate of Title for Lot
lOVi. (iroup Ono, Hlstriot of Kootenay "Tnio
Fissure" mineral claim (eioeptinK an undivided
one-twelfth Interne, therein) in the name or
Thoouut Down . which Certificate Is dated the
17th of March. 1-17. and numbersd IXI ('
.     _, „    , _. District Registrar.
Land Begistry NfBce, Nelson. B. C.
September ISth, 191*.
Powerful tar, seats five, for hire by
the day or hour at reasonable terms.
Kisjrular street trips all day.
BTAMD8—Union Hotel. Phone 27.
Oriental Hotel, Phone 18.
C tuuimm, -roprtfter.       FImm si THE MAILHEIIAI.I), REVELSTOKE, Rd
Bargains! Bargains !
BUY  NOW !    Don't Wait 1    Hny when stock
1. at Its beat.    Read tills ad,  uud  tnke  uutice
■ the Bargains thut aro offered here.
Men's Suits
Special Itlue uml    111 ick   Worsted   at   $11.50;
Men's Odd Pants from $1 25 to 1(14.50.
Men's Overcoats, regular .-.12, now $7.
Handsome Mantles
At   special   discount   prices.      All   the   new
models, tight nnd semi titiinc, garments,
Boys' Tweed Suits
Speolal Tweed Suit $2 51).   Sizes   24   to   2.H.
$3.li0 Imyaii Tweed Suit, sizes 28 to 32.   Every
Suit new und this season's goods.
Fall Millinery
An- ynu  wearim     ne   of   our   Huts ?   Vou
ihouldl   Thej  Using  worn hy the Imst
dressers.     It   oobt.-   no   mors   to   have  tho
Boot and Shoe Department
Sec   unr   It i.ys'   School   Shoes.     Every   pair
Ooine tilling and see what we can dn for yon.
Fall and Winter Underwear
We cany nil the best  makus—natural  wool—
white   and   grey   knit   goods     Drawers  nud
Vest to matob     Ladies' sud Children's lllaek
lights.   Prloes mi Underwear range from Wc
to $1.50 per garment
Blankets and Comforters
All-wool blankets, full size, good weight, at ifl.
Reg. $8 all-wool blanket for $0.50    Blankets
that were $9.60 now  selling  at  $8,    A   good
range of Comforters at all prices.
*"$M$r|.+|» "|njnjvr$l *-&-$H$»||
§ FOR ▼
Tan and
V   Get a   Buttle   ol   nnr    Elder
S  Flower   Cream.     .Inst what
you are looking (or
t& Rkvei.stokk, B. v..
  """  "*
Weather Forecast
Saturday, Oct,
..:  foggy nights
Min. 37°.
in.—Generally loir.
Temp. Mux tit - ;
Local and General.
Returning ollicer John Keen, of
Esslo, was in the city on Thursday.
R H. Trueman will be at t*e local
Studio Ior two weeks, commencing
Monday, October 12th.
Sir Thomas ShsugbnesBy left Montreal this morning lur his annual tour
of inspection of the Q. P. R. Western
I'he Independent Band will furnish
the music for the Ladies uf the Maccabees dance iu the Opera House un
tiie 20th inet.
lir II ivvpy. the eye specialist, uses
the I'm st Imported lense material in
all hia prescript inns. Consult him at
The b.s. Revelstoke has, finished her
-ea- ui's running and is laying up for
the winter at her berth below the
win.: dam.
In satisfy our customers. It
}p)^ wonderful huw much of our
bread, cuke and pies people can
cul uml still wunl more. And
utility of unr best customers  ure
women who are fli'St-olusi linkers
themselves, Rut us long as ihey
inn gel such excellent things
here they wisely avoid tho bother
for ii luok at uur groceries. Nut
alone dtes it give them an Idea
uf the cleanliness with which our
table delicacies aro handled. It
also affords us a chance of showing them something new und
nice in tlie eating line. Won't
yon visit us. to-dny i We huve
something we know you would
relish it' yuu tried it.
Karn is King
The righl Piano at the right price,
Call uml see us heforeyon buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
The sitting <•< tbe Supreme Conn
for civil and criminal cases which was
gazetted to have been held yesterday
lis- tsc.n cancelled
Crop reports from Calgary -state that
man) farmers ut Inuisfail uml othei
list riots have farms yielding fr.>m li.'i
to 75 bushels of nats ts) the acre and
weighing 60 Iba to the bushel.
Cold Range Lodge, Knights uf
Pythias, held a third rank initiatory
a Wednesday nigbt, wbicb wsb well tions at Quebec
attended. Light refreshment! were
sserved at the close of the work and the
members, spent a very enjoyable time.
fiuriug the visit of Dr W.J. liar's ey yuu can secure   the services of one
f Canada's leading eye sight Specialist's without the inconvenience or e.t-
;eii-e   of   visiting one of   the eastern
Tbe  Ladies'(luilil "f   the   hospital      The   new
are  holding a progressive whisl torn     Charlotte,
I' lt. tlyer Princess
lin-     Vict   iia-Seattle
nunient on Thursdaj Ocl 22, in the j route, will leave tbe Clyde ou Novem-
i City   Hall   iii   mil   of   lho   hospital   tier   1-t    fur   Victoria, sccording   to
1'ickcts can  be procured [rum any ol advices received from frlssg_.«  to-da;
the members nl the hospital guild.
The programme fur Monday ind
Tuesday at the Edison Parlor Theatre
will include a lint film showing scenes
at the recent Tercentenary celebra
tVrrivsl of the Prince
of Wales, the    British, American   and
The local referring to the conl act
work .sn the rool ,( the Northern
' wn Hani; by D McCarthy, which
■ i pesred in Wedoesday - Issni ihonld
read ; n peris I Bank instead of   N
• ■-:. ' Ir   •.-. •
rhe I       .ing ii  reported
Krench Heels, the review i I the troops,  been 1 the wall  ol a
etc.      This is the  latest picture made
and should tie interesting to all.
stated   last
Thomas Taylor, M.P.P
night at the public
Opera lluuse, among other things that
the plana for a handsome trartic bridge
o be built across the Columbia here.
are now uuder consideration with the
government ul Victoria, and thai
tendt r- will very shortly be called lor
the work, which be stated will com-
mei •'• almost at once.
meeting in the   fr"n1' * ra"r;'i"1' ''"'>'"""<• '"»«■
. er    uait a mile  frum walet
The Railway
ti" hv
t'  iiiinissiuii    ire   just
I'r. W. J. Harvey of Turouto, whooe
recent discoveries in connection with
marked astigruatisni have astonished
tbe optical world, will visit Revelstoke
'■n Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct 20
and 21st, and may t-c consulted on all
matter, pertaining to defects of  sight.
We note, with significance, the
f 1. wing advertisement  appearing in I
a certain newspaper Wanted by
young man, Uiard   snd   hedging   in
.-eeptotai'ie family  where   his Christian   example   would   l-e   considered
sufficient recompense !"
Arrangement, are being completed
ior the holding ol the convention ol
tne Sunday Schools ol eastern British
Columbia in this city on October 27,1 The average editor has to take eon-
2s, d'.i A large iiiiriitser of delegates jaiderahle abuse at times frum his
are expected frum outside snd the I clients fur printing articles which
1 val branch ol the International Sun- certain parties ti,, not approve uf, but
day School Association ire working rarely does the abuse tnke tlie form
hard to make the convention a com- of the following Angered beosuse ol
plete success, '.a news item   printed   In    the   Merrill
—=rrr- : (News yesterday I'erry Royer, marshal, of Merrill, K'an , "lint, and killed
; W. II. Schmueclier, aditor ol ths News
land   then    coiiuuittnl   suicide     The
■booting occurred in the main street
ol Merrill.
The following incident ocourred lbs
other day at the residence nl one nf
our citizens: A gentleman 'if the hobo
fraternity called at the house tor a
meal. The lady resident, who believes.
in the principle of making ,i man
work for his fund said, "Vnu |,„,k tn
bust, aro you eijiial to the task ol
sawing wood?" The hobo, with un
air of offended dignity sxolalmed,
"Equal isn't the word, mum, I'm superior tu it.   Uoud morning."
ha vi
•.•■n ■ te :
cabin in ttie heart uf Nebraska   ""■' re
miles frum    a    naber;    sixteen
frum B   p -t  -lice,    twenty-five   miles
bless uur bomi     We re  gone tu Bnt-
'       ,;•','    {et a fresh  Htarl   '
The   C P R    bave  doted  tbe mail
which crosses r.ueir track about If
miles west ,,i ihe Colombia bridge
This road is the Kagle Pass wagon
ruad constructed many years sga by
ths provincial government ss a coach
mad    (rom    Kainloop.   and BiMmous
nsidering   the      test        .- to  in,| although badly m need ol repairs
telegraph   ind   telephone   poles  yet it li very little  need now     The
Bhould not be Classified as   lumber   by I ro,d   orosses   tbe   I   PB   : ranks   at a
railway companies   instead  ol  being  ourve and to avoid
charged higher rates,     Il-.r.   ,        ,,   <",win„   down for tbe orossing the
i adduced by tha railway   C  Dipaolel - mruud company have closed the road
that there wis more risk   md .ia igcr  (|,- jrtffleaoross ih" track
in carrying |>ole« which had to be
loaded 9n two cars and cnn-r te lily
increased charge over ordinary lumber
was justified
Eaton   Hurlbut
and Crane's
Note Papers
* Urffr itock ju*.! received
Pric« on Bulk Goods
Krorn   15c.   10 75C|   * "I1"1'"
Knvelnpfv I -.i , lo ;,■>. . p\i)i
Special Juvenile pAckdges.
Special Wedding Sta-ioncrj
There are un view at the City hall
sume tine specimen. ,f loOal grown
potatoes .weighing fr im -j t .'I lbs
The potatoes come [mm the garden ul
E W li Paget anil also frnm what
tba lalatl term, the Bsla Estate,
which we take to mean the city gaol
These latter are specimens oi the first
cro grown r n that soil which -[icak-
well Ior Kevelstoke vegetable culture.
In direct contrast tOfthtSS large tuber-
is a little une, IscStloUily called "Kev-
elstuke's   first,   potato     from    Stump
The I!    ('     fmit   exhibit    which is
oeitig sent to   England by the I'rovin
cial Oorsrnmeot will bs on exhibition
al Edmonton frum Oat. 12 (O 17, alter
which Mr Brandrith, secretary n( the
II (!. Fruit Drawers' Association, will
turn the fruit over to Otheri to be
placed    in evidence   along the   line ol
the C.P.Il and »t, other exhibition
points till shipment fnr (treat, Britain
is mads, Tin1 itndrirtaking marks ,
0Ompiste   .ulviiiice, almost   a  new de
piirture, in tin. methods of the 0 ovarii
merit in aevertismg the resources nf
the province.
School garden Mowers wit hunt oust
may ba had (rom M steed, Janitor,
ifiipl'li"! fur mi Monday next The
Bummer lluwi-l'H me being Milieu np
ut.il the Surplus nut iii|liiltd for Heboid
ginned purposes need uut ha wastid it
citi/rus who have fiicilil ies fur taking
care   uf   thnill   during tha winter will
avail theiHselves of this opportunity
extendi il lu them by lhe trustees
We h ive been requested to announce
that the statement printed in the
Vancouver Daily Province, regarding
tin gnu accident to (i. W. (ireen, was
incoririjt, iu detail. Mr. (ireen wa»
not. a C.I'.It. blacksmith as that paper
stated, but had entered the employ of
S. McMahon long before the strike
cummenced, although he used a while
ago to work for the C.P It. We would
mid that Mr. (ireen is progressing as
fiivnratily as can be expected.
The opening dance ol the season
under the anspites uf thu Kevelstoke
Quadrille ( .ub took place Thursday
night at the S Ikirk hall, A large
number of enthusiasts were present
mil took advantage uf the occasion,
the new club having   already   u   large
membership, Dancing was kept up
till the small hours of the morning,
nut the least pleasant feature being
the ihiin'y refreshments. Tin."' dances
will be held at intervals dining Ihe
winter months and should line.', renie-
ly popular ss a pistimc. Tho club
starts ont under the most auspicious
Social and Personal
Miss Eleanor Paget left hist night
on a visit to Calgary.
Mayor Lindniurk is expected hick
[mm lhe coast tomorrow.
Mr. ami Mr- It. M. Smythe have
returned from a trip to the coast.
K A Bradley h-.s returned from a
trip to the Eastern United States.
K. M. Cooke returned last night.
froin mi extended visit, to the east.
Ms. (I. M. Clark is the guest of
Mr. nnd M's II. A. Lawson for a few
lays Ivlore her departure fur  Nelson
Mrs. C I). Munis of R geis Pusb hss
ri tiii-ii, d home aftei' u visit tu bur
parens, .Mr. nud Mrs, Ohas Hymons
nl. Vu  ," uiver
A s (jonde-iP, ol It ssiunii. left this
morning fnr Arrowhead where he will
a 'il ess a public meeting to night on
lhe political campaign.
The Y.M.C A. basket ball seasut
opened Tuesday night in a swift game
between the Gym anil Road learns
Close checking wss noticeable, every
man seenud tu have a fierce ambiliui
tu he silling upon his check, and
therefore the referee had a hard juh tu
keep the game from being tough
However, fnr a lirst game it was good
although all the men weie poor on
shooting biskets. I'he Road lean
wun bv a M'lir" of 22 tn 20. The lineup was"—Run,I team—(lieen, Carpen
let, Russell, Newsiuiie. Lynns, (iyin
team—World! ml,Watson,Mnlhotlahd,
Burridge, Cameron. The next game
will take place n" Wednesday 14th,
lielween Intri'incdi.nt .-and Shamrocks.
The Thanksgiving Day   Road   Race
I to i c   held   In i i   November 9th
I promises lo be a   very   popnl.tr  event
i and a    nimilx-r   ul"   outside   men   :
I expect nl to   take   pail.    Have ck,   nt
! Malakwa, has already entered as  well
i as  several   local   nun       Kanilnops   is
ex pi ct ed to  enter   a   cuiiple   of  goni
sp-ini r-      Th"'   local    runners    are
bits) g.'ting into   shape  as   they   in
j tens! to creite a rec ird.
I i.i   .   \l  t'  A, gymnasium  classes
; tre being   well   attended   and   a   large
uber ul new nu inbeis have   started
tt   ■ season and are making goi.d   pro
 mingly taking lively   interest
in ihe virions games and uther  forms
"I recreation
I.oeal sportsmen, devotees ol rod
and gun. repoit -several line bugs being
.Next Wedm i-da*. night u league
basketball gam" will lie played lietweeii
the Interim ilii1 en and Shamrocks
This prom i-es to le a gnud match
While the former 'earn have been
putting in a largi amount of practice
lately, the lattci r»ly utl their weight
t" pall them ■ brr.ogh
A fust game -.(   .,. r --e   was    played
yesterday afternoon un the V. M. C.A.
,■.,.. .-.,.ary delay j gro'inds, U'twnen the High and Public
■eh - tbs Huh school team cum tug
out. at last, With the hig end uf the
score Tbis ist Iiei' lirsl victory this
is tbeir lirst victory this season Butt
team, played g'.'td lacrosse and in a
few years Revelstoke will have a line
bunch of "'ick handlers to pick from
as any city in H C. Ilu -core was
.'{ tO 1
Dominion Elections
The following are tht polling bootbl
in the Kevelstoke electoral   riding   lur
tht>. Dominion elections on November
Kevelstoke, :i H g Eddy, Clan
I William, Greeley Creek, Albert Can-
I yon, lllecillewaet, Glacier, Three Miln
. Board, Wigwam, Twenty   Mile   Board.
Hull's Landing, Arrowhead  Oomaplix,
Beaton, Camborne, Galeos Buy. Hal-
oyon, St. Leon, I'iiigst.im Creek, Krnnch
Creek, Downie ("reek, Strawberry
. Ists.
A warm "mile front everybody in tho
huiiae using Cuusier's coal.
Sunday School Convention
The   second    Provincial    Stn day
Sell .ul C invent i in is to be belli in lhe
City of Hevelstoke nn October 2f 28 2',).
The principal speaker will be Mr.
W.C. Pciirce, International Superintendent of the Adult Department. Mr
I'eurce is a very interesting mid practical speaker He is the leader of the
Adult Ilepui intent, the greatest movement of the Twentieth Century in
Sunday school work. It is practically
through bit efforts that this department has hei'oniii so ptominont during
the past few years. Thousands of men
through the work of the dep rtmont
have boen gathered into tbr Sunday
schools iu all parts of the North American continent. At the recent International Convention held at Louisville,
Ky. under Mr, Pearoe's leadership
1200 business men belonging to the
adult classes marched through the
streets ol that oity, and demonstrated
to the public that the Sunday school
is no longer to be regarded as simply
for little children, but that it is fur
men also, and men of thu highest
caliber. The Sunday school workers
of the province should make a special
effort to boar Mr. I'eaice.
This promises to be the greatest
religious gathering ever held in the
province Tho general theme ia " The
Twentieth Century Sunday school organized for effectual work." The
different phases of the organization
and work ot the up-to-date Sunday
school will be discussed. Tho Sunday
school should be the right arm of the
church in all lines of Chris.ian effort,
hence this convention will endeavor tu
show hit the Twentieth Century
Sunday school should do in training
workers in soul winning, in character
building, iu in inl reform, in reaching
the homes, in reselling the neglected
masses, and many other live questions.
Kach school cun send th" pastor ai d
superintendent, uml one additional
delegate for each fifty of the enrollment oi fraction thereof. The Pm-
vluoial Board hopes ihul all schools
will send full delegations.
G. T. P. Route
We note with in let est that we have
OBOe mine started the bill rulling uu
the choice ol loiiies io Ilia north for
Iran jporlnl |..n to the OOUStrUOl imi
camps nf lhe (.ill'. Kamloops and
Gulden are gelling busy agaiu and
bulb realize that in Revelsluke tiny
have a formidable rival, Tbe Ktiui-
limps Staudard in an editorial considers that she iih me should have the
choice and that. K'amluops' claims
alone are just, The following extiact
from the Standard shows thai Kamloops resents the fact of Revelstoke
and itolilen "butting iu." "If justness
of claim would set tire it then we
could rest assured uf success, but iu
the face uf such strong opposition us
RevelBtoke and Gulden are offering
Olir claim »h.'iiiil lie bucked up by
ability ant! judgment in presentation
and I his is only ul•luinuhle, through u
vigorous campaign."
Scandinavian Society
Ohas, Erickson, of Rnsslaud who
has been visiting iu the city fur u few
days, has succeeded iu organizing a
lodge in town of the Scandinavian
Aid and Fellowship Society. A large
number of Scandinavian residents
have signified their intention of joining the new Ijdge and Mr. Krickson
will bold a meeting this evening at
8 o'clock in the Oddfellows' hall over
the old pnstoltice and organize a lodge.
All Scandinavians are cordially invited
to attend and become members. The
Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship
Society was incorporated at Ispein-
ing, Michigan, 20 years ago and now
has a large number ol members all
over the North American continent. A
better explanation will be beard tonight at the meeting.
Found Guilty of Manslaughter
Kamloops,  Oot,  li.—At   tbe   fall
assize- here helore Justice Martin, an.
Indian named Martin Andrew was
found guilty uf manslaughter in the
killing uf another Indian, Billy Jules
The charge against him was murder
The crime was committed in the Indian resorve at Shuswap on Sept. 4,
and was the result of a drunken brawl.
lull-was shut through ihe body and
had his face smashed, the latter injuries causing death. Tbo case aroused
deep interest, aod there were many
India na present at. the trial from the
SliiiiAsap reserve. Andrew has nut yet
lieen sentenced.
Tlio well knuwn Goodwin c.asii from
Vernon   will be beard at thit sitting.
This is a case in which Goodwin is
charged with stealing horses and cattle and obliterating brands. It was
tried at Venmn last spring but tho
jury disagreed.     The entire interior is
In terestod In tbe result.
Curtains and Curtain Muslins
at Sale Prices,
Now i.s the time when you want to freshen up the
windows and'we will help yiiit to do it at a very low price.
We have a splendid lot of Curtains full length and full
width, but at a shori price.is we are selling them at 20 per
cent. off.
Bobbinett Curtain Muslin
With a frill of lace and a wide lace insertion, ,}o lo 42
inches wide,    Regular ».sc. to 40c.    Mow 20 per cent. off.
Is in charge of MISS McLJONALU  and she will  he
pleased to have your work and guarantee satisfaction.
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"       paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President Sir 1). H. McMillan, K.I'.M.G,   Vice I'rcNidents-KdH'urd tillP
ney and Oapt, Wm. Robinson,   Oen. Man.—J. W. deO, O'Grady,
Special attention paid to Savings Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date nf deposit and credited quarterly.
Open every C P. R.  Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 p. m,
A Cenerai Banking Business Transacted
Tin' sin illesl  account, receives  I10111  iih the sume careful attention
us 1 he largest one. I
Office   Corner First St. and Connaught Ave.
A.  F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branoh
Itipe tomatoes, cauliflower ao I
celery, eati.ig penrs, peaches, grapes
and plums, today at (MI. Hume & Co.
Briquettes manufactured from Band'
hard 0'*l is ^rapidly displacihg all soft
cnals for domestic purposes. Leuvt. a
trial order with Revelstoke <ienerel
Agencies, Molsuns Bank building,    tc
Catholic.— Kev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held 00 ihe First
and Third Suudayl in every month
al the following bonis: H a.m. Communion Mass; lUi.'lll a.m. High lass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Ilaptisms; 11:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:3l.ip.in, Rosary,
instruction and Benedict ion.      . ,.,
Knox Hrkhhyikkian—J, K. Robertson, B.O., minister. Sunday services
at ll am. and T.'ill p. 111 Sunilav
Scbuiil and I'a.tul's Bible Class at 2-SO
p.m. Mnruing subject, "A Personal
Covenant." Kvcuing subject, " How
tn Make a (lieut Nation," with special
reference to Oriental inclusion, na inn-
al education and religious life, (iuml
music. Prayer meeting on Wednesday night 8 o'clock A cordial welcome
tn all ami strangers specially   invited.
BAPTIST—Rev. W. P. Freeman, II A.
pastor. Servicesatlla.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible classal
2.30 p. m B. Y. I' II Monday at. 8
pm. Prayer inec , •_, Wednesday 8
p in. All tire invili'l in these services
lu the mulling thu pastor will preach
a sermon to children, and iu the alter
noon the Sunday school will hold, i's
"rally day." A special programme
has been prepared Evening subject,
" The question of the Hour."
St. Anhkbw's Pkkbbvtkbian—Kev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Oct 11
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Suinluy
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teach
era' meeting, Friday 8 pm.
Mkthohi-T— Kev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services ou Sunday as follows.:—
Morning service ut 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.
in. Evening service ai 7:30- p.m.
Morning, "Conquest of tbo Spirit,"
Evening, "Memory iu the Hereafter,"
Epworth League. Monday at 8 p.n.'
Prayer meeting, W'ednesday-at 8 p.m
The anniversary festival ol the church
will Lu held on Thursday, the 22nd of
this month, instead of the 20th.
St. Petee's (Anglicanj—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M.A., Hector. Services on
Sunday as follows: 8 a.m. Holy Communion. At 11 a.m. Matins, sud
Sermon. 7.30 p.m. Evensoug. 2.30
p.m. Sunday School. Special Harvest
Thanksgiving services morning snd
Business Locals
Dry lire wood at Coursier's.
Furnished bouse to rent near McKenzie avenue. Apply Revelstoke
General Agencies. to
Mu you need blankets. We have a
splendid range from $4 to $10 per
pair    C. B. Hume A Co.
Tbe most satisfactory coal on tbe
market is Banff hard ooal. Three
sir.es—broken, egg and stove.
Wc have a select line of Dag Dag
and Axminsttr hearth and, sofa rugs.
Call and see them. C. B. Himie A
Have yuu bought any yet 'I Any
what? Why any MacKintosh red
apples. See our corner window—C.B.
Hume ,V Co.
The last shipment uf preserving
pears are now iu. Leave your order
before tbey all go. Forty pounds for
(2.26—0. B. Hume A Ou.
Make a very appropriate
Oift at this particular
Season of  the year    ■
Our Stook Is Complete
We invile yuu *to call
and inspect our handsome
stock of  these goods    .
Ollicial Issuer of Marriage
City Bakery
Cull and see our cake. We
bundle everything in the cake
uud pastry line. Just arrived a
beautiful assortment of Ikiu-
quets and trimmings for wedding, birthday and other cakes.
All kinds of icing and trimming
done. Stock of fresh bread and
buns always on hand. Ilye
bread made Tuesdays and h'ri-
days. Tea and Cake. Lunches
put up.
To Rent
Mrs. J. M. Moran will rent her farm,
just smith uf the lllacillewaet traffic
bridge. The property contains a comfortable frame bouse with all modern
conveniences; twu storey frame stable
14x20; good chicken houses snd runs
for ISO chickens; hog pens, etc. Over
seven seres for easy cultivation; a
Isrge pasture run for horses and cows
An underground irrigation system insures good crops, garden produce, eto.
Apply tu Airs. J. M. Moran, on the
Liberal Committee Rooms
Md Salvation army Hall, First Strttt
AH interested in the election of Mr.
Smith Curtis as member for Kootenay
Riding in' the Dominion House of
Commons, cordially welcomed.
Open Dally frame «.m. to II p.m,
Rock called coal don't burn,
sier's coal is Fuel.
Bissell's   carpet
best.   Sold at C. B.
sweepers   aro
Hume A Co.
.fast re-eived, another shipment of
Cowan's icings and chocolates try
some and you will use no other—C. II.
Hume * Co.
A shirtwaist dance will bu held In
the Opera House on Tuesday, Ootoher
20th, under the auspices ol tbe Ladies
of tbe Maccabees. R. Gordon will
officiate as master of oeremonios.
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord   wood—Rovelstoke
General Agencies Ltd.


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